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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1911-04-14

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 The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 82
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, April 14, 1911.
Pkice Five Cents
Says He Would Not Wish to Alter Today Anything He Did Then---Gives Graphic Description of the Wreck and the Incidents Afterwards---Story of Feud Between
Captain and Purser is Revived���Witnesses State That Vessel Was
Overloaded and Top Heavy-���Diver Locates the Wreck
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria!   April   14.���Today  investigation   of   the   Iroquois  disaster is proceeding at Sidney, and
already  Captain Sears is making
his defence against the charge of
cowardice, and  abandonment  of
the passengers in his charge.    To
the Court of Enquiry, lie said:
I  emphatically deny
that  I did  not do all
that a man could possibly do to aid the passengers.   Looking back
upon the events of the
wreck    I   would   not
wish to alter today anything at all which I did
then.     I  did  my very
best  as a  man   and  a
sailor to save the lives
of all on board.
Captain Sears repeated his account  of the voyage of the  Iroquois up lo the time of the wreck.
The weather, he said, was squally,
the wind from Ilie south east.
"Hut." said Captain Sears, "I
have been out in the Iroquois
in far worse weather in perfect
The Captain's account of the
actual moment of the wreck, however, throws more light on the
cause   of   the   boat's   capsfarfng.
She had a mixed cargo including
hay, which for its hulk is light,
and rails which for their bulk
are heavy. The rails apparently
were on deck.
Rails Rolled to One Side
"At the entrance to Canoe
Channel," went on the Captain,
"the wind struck us on the beam,
and with the seas gave the vessel
a slight list. Then she gave a
lurch which sent some of the
cargo sliding lo the lee side. I
sent men below to shift it back,
and put her head to the wind.
She would not right herself, and
I headed her at once for Ruben's
Bay. We had not gone far,
however, when she began to settle
suddenly, and I ordered the boats
First Boat Swamped
Into the first lifeboat 1 put
the three ladies who were aboard,
and six o the men passengers.
They could not manage the craft,
and she swamped. Most of those
who were aboard of her were able
to regain the boat. As the Iroquois settled her upper deck broke
away and many of the passengers
got on this as well as other pieces
of wreckage.
Called for Volunteers
"The   other   lifeboat   came   to
Brilliant Young Canadian is Now One of the Leading
Men in British House of Commons���Sketch
of His Career���Will Arrive Here
Some Time in May
he cries, "A horse, a horse, my
kingdom for a horse."    Hut when
Greenwood goes into battle he will
probably want a shire stallion.
He told a cheering House of
Commons lhat he did mil object
to fight for his country bin he
preferred to light from lhe back
of a horse.
In Ontario llaiuar Greenwood
is well remembered. He with
his brother \V. H.���now managing
editor of the Toronto World���
were educated at Western University London, Ontario, and the
annals of the college are replete
with tales of lhe doings of thc pair.
When Hamar Greenwood went
to Kngland, many people thought
they were saying goodbye to the
young barrister. An experience
as a literary hack round Fleet
street, a brief experience on the
stage playing as a double lo Mr.
George Alexander whom hc most
powerfully resembles or resembled���arc among his list of experiences. Very rapidly he won out,
and wilh his entrance into British
politics lhe young Canadian barrister rapidly established a place
for himself. Al lhe lime he
Contested York for the Liberals
it was looked upon: as a forlorn
hope. Hut the breezy style of
lhe young Canadian look the
fancy of the electors, and England
woke up wilh a start at the result,
and Greenwpod woke up to lind
himself famous.
Now he is looked upon as one
of the marked men on the Liberal
side of the Mouse of Commons.
I'rince    Ktiperl    is   lo   have a
visit from Mr. Hamar Greenwood
M. I\ for Sunderland in the
British House of Commons. It
i- not announced definitely yet
whether his visit is to be one
of business or pleasure, though
some rumors have whispered the
words    Honeymoon  trip" in  T"f
erenco to Mr. Hamar Greenwood s
journey.  This the popular M. P.
himself does nol yet either confirm
or deny, but his presence in I'rince
Rupert may be expected in Mayor June.
Hamar Greenwood is a man of
forceful charactcrislscs, {and a
bright and popular 'speaker in
the WestWinster House. He is
it Canadian, and there is much
of the freshness of the prairies
about him. He talks like a man
used io liv ng in the Open,
He is a bit of a soldier, a bit of
a barrister, a bit of a journalist
ii bit of a Freemason, a bit of a
politician. Join the bits together,
and you get Hamar Carecnwood.
He is two yards long, bulky, and
is still adding to his weight, litis a bachelor, but he is going to
slop that in the merry month
of May. He sat for York City
for a time, and expects to sit for
Sunderland till he is made a peer.
He displayed a Rift contempt
for the way ihey do things in tin-
British Army and the young soldiers Ofl the Conservative side
of the House cheered him like
Mr. Greenwood is a horse soldier, and like Richard in the play,
the surface about twenty feet
from where I was on the upper
deck. We soon secured it, but
I discovered that it had been
stove in.
'I then called for volunteers
lo eave the upper deck of the
ship which was overladen with
people, and the chief engineer
and the three Indians came with
me in the badly smashed lifeboat.
I did not leave the wreckage
until twenty minutes alter the
vessel sank.
Anxious to Get Help
"When 1 left the boat then-
were a large number of passengers
on the upper deck, but most of
them had on lifebelts and I did
not think that they were in any
immediate danger. 1 told iheni
that they wou d be as safe on
the wreckage as we would be, and
that is the reason why 1 called
for volunteers to man the boat
to go ashore and seek assistance.
I did not know at that time
whether the news of our foundering had been received in Sidney
and was therefore very anxious
to get help. When I was on
thc shore, however, 1 noticed
that preparations had been made
anil thai they were dispatching
a vessel to our assistance."
Over-loaded and Top-heavy
Already a number of witnesses
at today's enquiry have slated
that the Iroquois was over-loaded
and top-heavy. Some passengers
it is asserted, actually refused
to taki. passage on her before
she left on her fatal trip. This
Captain Sears of course, discredits.
A witness, G. Neeves, of Sidney,
who actually saw the Iroquois
swamp said:
"I was standing at the railway
station, waiting to catch the train
to Victoria, 1 noticed the vessel
keel over on her port side. Those
with me cried out, 'She's going
to sink.' We watched her for
about  live minutes when she slid
denly disappeared,   The distance
was so great and the mist so heavy
lhal we could nol see what had
been taking place on board. In
about half an hour's lime one
of the Ixiats from lhe wrecked
vessel came ashore with Captain
Sears and  the two Indians in it,
bin I left then for Victoria."
Bad Blood Existed
A strange circumstance which
may have rather an important
bearing on the wreck, came to
light al the inquiry today. It
turns out that though ihey were
joint owners of the vessel, Captain
Sears and the Purser A. ('���. Munro
were on most unfriendly terms,
For years bad blond had existed
between them, and it is declared
that they never spoke a word
to one another all lhat time,
though neither would sell mil
lo  the  other  his interest   in   the
As  a  clear  understanding  is
always supposed to exist between
captain and purser in regard to
mattes relating to the cargo,
stowage for convenience in dis-
clia ging at particluar ports, etc.,
the effect of the feud between
thc men may have indirectly
brought about the disaster. Purser Munro was drowned, so his
version of lhe matter can never
be obtained.
Diver Locates Wreck
News was brought in tulav
that a diver named J. Hardy has
located the wrecked vessel in
about fourteen fathoms of water.
No bodies have lieen brought to
the surface by him as yet, and
no more have come ashore or
been seen drilling. It will be
part of the purpose of the enquiry
now in progress to fix if possible
thc exact number of passengers
on board the Iroquois at the
time of the disaster.
Captain Defended Boat
At    the    lime   of    the   Sechelt
tlisaster the statement was made
lhal the Iroquois was a boat
of lhe same type This statement
was vigorously denied by Captain
Sears who declared lhal his was
a much heller and more seaworthy craft. In a litter to the
press ;il the lime he said:
"I have been master of the
Iroquois eight years, and have
been in all of the bad storms
during lhal lime, and I have
always found her a staunch little
boat, behaving splendidly in the
worst weather. The Iroquois has
made her trips aud landed her
passengers even when lhe Princess
Victoria had lo take shelter under
James Island. Also the night
that the Clallam was lost. I was
out in the straits off Smith Island,
with the seas coming over the
passenger decks so thai the lookout could nol stand on deck, but
had to take shelter in the pilot
house, and the Iroquois went
along perfectly safe and comfortable."
Ile now maintains thai it was
the shifting of the ca go that tank
Ladies o   the First Methodist
Church Make Good
Attractive Stalls and Most Attractive Stall-holders. Candies and Aprons Tempting
and Useful. Delicious Afternoon Tea.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the
Methodist Church, all ladies of
lhe Dorcas c ass decided to give
a candy and apron social in the
church building yesterday afternoon and evening for the purpose
of augmenting thc funds of the
auxiliary. It was a success. Winn
the receipts were totalled it va-
found  the coffer   of the auxiliary
had been strengthened by $w>.
Everything on sale was home
made. There was no charge for
admission    but    if   one   got    oul
without spending a dollar or
two he should have enough nerve
to  look   a  woman   stiffragellc  in
the eye and not blink an eyelash
The first stall inside lhe door
was where the candy was vended.
There we e fully a dozen kinds
of delicious randy on the stall
made by lhc two young ladies
ill charge) namely Misses Kergin
and Mercer.
Timothy Eaton in his most
palmy  d.nys never  d splayed  on
his counters such a variety of
aprons as the variety spread over
that counter yesterday. Tin re
were cute kinds about as big
as a gent's handkerchief lo those
gingham, ones that are so useful
for rough work in the house. The
ladies at the stall were: Mesdaiues
Kergin, Nelson, Sing, Martin and
Button and Kergin, Sr., and they
took in about ��00.
Mrs. Allison and Misses Bea ty
and Connor si'-rved afternoon tea
at 2.1 cents per sitting. The
ladies are to In- congratulated on
lhe sue ess of the social.
Will   Refer   Coal   Dispute   to
Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King at
Request of Mass Meeting of
Miners is Now Appointing
Arbitration Board.
(Special to the Optimist)
Frank, Alia., April 14��� By a
decision of the miners at a great
meeting here today, ihey will
ask the Hon. W L. Mackenzie
K ng, Minister of Labor, to appoint  a  Board  o   Arbitration  to
look into the   circumstances of
the present difference between tinmen and the niine-owners.
This means that no Royal Coin-
mission need be appointed. Advices just received announce that
the Labor Minister is now appointing the Arbitration Board,
and no lime will hc lost in preliminaries, so lhal the difficulty
may be speedily settled.
Appointed under the provisions
of the Lemieux Act the work of
the Arbitration Board which must
consist of men thoroughly free
from the remotest suspicion of
hi.is or prejudice, gives its decision
fairly lo the best of its judgment,
but this division is not necessarily binding upon the parlies
iu dispute. Only its effect is
usually lo bring about the desired
Hon. W. I.. Macken/ie King, the
appeal to whom ill the present
situation in the great mining district of which Frank is the centre,
s so important, has to hi  credit
the reputation of having been the
This Time it is to Talk About  Sending  for the  City
Engineer of Seattle���Are They Now
in a Fog Over the Waterworks Question?
Kor the purpose, it is said, of
consulting with Cily Knginecr Davis, on the proposed sewer scheme
to supply the needs of the inhabited area of the city during
the   next    few    years,    the   city
engineer    of    Seatt e    wil
be engaged by lhe city council.
At a meeting of the council last
night as a committee of the whole
the  sewer  work  proposition   was
discussed. It will be fully dealt
wilh on Monday night. The
Seattle engineer will also it is
said, assist Colonel Davis on the
plans for the I'rince Kupert waterworks. Last night's meeting was
in camera. The press���the representatives of the public���were
excluded, and this morning the
Mayor hung up his receiver when
asked about lhe meeting.
Babich Committed
Dan Babich, lhc striker who
was charged in police court with
shooting at Sergeant l'hillipson
dining the trouble al Kelly's cut,
was committed for trial yesterday
afternoon by Magistrate Carss.
W. E. Williams, of Williams &
Manson. defended Babich. All
the other strikers under arrest
were remanded until tomorrow.
Riflemen  at Ranges Today  to
Shoot for Stork Cup
Friend Visiting Friend
Rev. C. R. Sing is in I'ort
Simpson today visiting Rev. Geo.
Rally, chairman of this district
for the Methodist Church. Mr.
Sing will be back tomorrow.
Musical Services
At   the   Methodist   Church   on
Sunday   s|>ccial   music   will   be   a
feature.    A  song  service  will  be
held in the evening.
This morning Karl Carey's Rifles
left by launch for the ranges
across ihe harbor to commence
ihe marksmanship competition for
the handsome silver cup presented
to the company by its popular
Commanding Officer K. Siork.
Though cloudy the weather is
dry, and good shooting may be
expected. The announcement of
the scores will be made tomorrow.
Il was understood this morning
that lhe competition for the cup
might not be completed by Unlays
shoot, and a further visit will be
paid to the ranges by the best
shots to shoot off the final.
Ten thousand workmen employed in the Singer Sewing Machine
works Kilbowie, have gone on
Furious Conflict at Agnaprieta To-Day Strews Battlefield with Dead and Wounded   Defenders are
Forced  from Trenches   U. S.  Troops
Intervene   One Killed
(Special to the Optimist)
Vguaprieia, April II. Todav
man wh<>sf influence really brought j the city surrendered to the rebels
lo an amicable settlement lhe after one of the most spectacu'ar
great Grand Trunk Railway strike battles of the Mexican insurrection,
iu the eastern provinces last July. Tremendous   efforts   were   made
That strike was considered a par*Ito  hold   the  place  against   thc
liciilarly unpromising field for arbi-Ifuriou-   assault   time   after   time
(ration and  lhe fact that it  was of the insurrectionists.    In hastily
settled to the entire satisfaction oi contrived trenches, from buildings
both parties is considered a triumph
for the l.abo   Minister.
Krom the various wireless stations along the coasl this morning
the weather reports are all fairly
favorable. ('U-ar skies are reported
from Estevan, Tatoosh and Pachena. There is some rain al Ikeda
and Triangle reports rain squalls.
Sea generally is niodcr.ile. I'oint
I .rev reports cloudy weather.
Movements of shipping to hand
are as follows:  Taioosh al h a.m.
reported in steamer Queen ai
7 id a.m..  and  a  three-masted
steamer out bound at I.I.') a.m.
Al   noon    Ikeda   reported   the
schooner Jessie in the offing. Ta-
ioo>.h reported in sieainer Skipton
Castle at 10.60 a.m. Out bound
in   a   two-maslcd   steamer  towing
.i sloop,    ln at  Port Crescent
the ste.unci S.mti Niachaus. Oul
bound in -learner Loch Stewart
Cape Lazo reports it iwo masted
freight steamer with a black hull
southbound al !l a.m.. also the
steamer Cow it ban norlh bound al
0.10 a.m. lhe steamer Princess
Mary is at Nanaimo.
and from behind sandbag barricades lhe defenders fought stubbornly.
Withering Rifle Fire
Ammunition  was  plentiful  ai
first, and lhe defence poured' into
thc attacking parties a withering
fire, til the rifle barrels got too
hot lo touch. As fierce a fusillade
was kept up by lhe rebels who sent
forward iheir hardies lo try and
dislodge the defenders al close
range, while from lhe main lines
repeated volleys were poured into
the trendies to cover ihe inch
by inch advance of the slormers.
Dead Strew the Ground
trenches under a slorm of bullets,
and drove the Stubborn defenders
backwards into the streets of
iheir town, the scene was one of
wildest confusion. Men Struggled
hand   to   hand   and   ammunition
giving out, rebels and defenders
fought with rifle-butts and clubbed
Yankee Troops Intervene
l In lhe American side it was
thought thai things wer going
loo l,ir for lhe safely of V. S.
interests in tin- neighborhood, ami
a detachment <>f American troops
ciosx-d lhe border and after a
lough   lilssle   put   a   stop   to   the
fighting.    The  American   troops
operated from the town of Douglas
which was under constant fire
for ihree hours, and one American
soldier w.is killed while a number
were severely wounded.
j Taken to Hospital to Undergo
a Serious Operation
Soon thc effect of the almost
continuous lire was u-rribly evident for dead and wounded strewed the ground in .ill directions.
Those wounded in the tnnches
were carried under cover into the
city   for   hospital   treatment,
the   women   iVM   ventured
into the defenders'  lines to look Inhere he will  undergo an opera
for Iheir dead  while the lighting  don.    Willie   M.inson   is  as  well
Young   Will am   Manson,   son
of the Mayor, was taken ill  the
other day,  and  yesterday it  was
i,1(|lfound necessary to have him re-
,���,( I moved   to   the   General   Hospital
Was in progress.
Awful Final Struggle
When ;it length wilh a furious
known aboul  town as his father,
and many friends have enquired
about   his   health.     There   is   no
intncdiale cause  for  anxiety  rc-
final effort the rebels rushed  the gard ng him. T H E
PRINCE    RUPERT    0 P T 1 .M I S T
The Prince Rupert Optimist
HE OPTIMIST in the K-ailinf; nvwypHpL-r uf Northern British Columbia,
hua grown up with the city.
Reading Notices ami Leoal Advertising art- ioc per line.
A DVERTISING RATES art- one price to sil   io* per inch each Issue for display
matter.    This rati- applies to ill advertising without ilistinction of quantity
or time- of contract.   Transient advertising will be charged at luc. pa-r line,
This catalogue will contain a partial
list of gaioii- in stock and   will  contain
SI!Ha;rijii'Tiaiv ottr-ra    i, ....   - __________ special nhVi-iiigs in leading lines
1 i'.' i.H lin.N KAIh.s   Dau.v, ,iic par month, or $6,00 per year lu advance I      > V  .    . ..
���'      ���      ...    , ,  ��� , are l>a:i^r inarKa-il   at   price
F. W. Hart & Co. \ musings
The Big Furniture   Store
an- compiling a new catalogue
"Made in Prince Rupert"
WEEKLY, 12.00 per year.   OUTSIDE Canada
$2.'ail per ya'itr, strictly in advance
Dally, 18.00 peryear; Weekly,
that  will
Hand iinuu-diate sale.
��� - '-,*
Friday, April u
Thi regrel expressed by Mayor Manson at the retirement from
the lity council of Alderman l'attullo, is being widel) echoed throughout the city. Now the election asperities have had the rough edges
smoothed from them by the hand of Tinn, the citizens generally
.in- iu the riyln frame of mind to give a generous reci gnition to meritorious services generously n'^''". And Alderman Pattullo w.is one
whilst- election proved that his personal merit outweighed any opposition to liim based on party affiliations.
tp , A member ol a well known newspaper fan ilj reared in an atmosphere of public lilies Alderman l'attullo brought to hear on his duties
in the city count il a mind steeped in prtx edure and alert to seize upon
the relevant issues of debate. The same qualities which have earned
for his distinguished brother a plan- among thc leading writers ol
North America were noticeable in his work. Hut in his case, several
years of close association with political events in the Yukon had
quickened his alertness, so that his ability showed more in the a{ res
siveness ol debate than in the careful phrases of the penman.
Because he had been usually a severe critia- of Mayor Manson,
the Mayor's expression of regret al losing the services of Alderman
Pattullo in the council, came with especially K""d gran-. In our conduct
of public matters we have not always modelled mir -tyle on the besi
examples. Verbal courtesies have um been worked to death bv .my
means, li i- to be Imped that ihe general expressions ol regret at
Alderman Pattullo's leaving may herald a hitter state of affairs.
"Lei us .-ink our differences and boost Prince Rupert," was thc
message which Alderman l'attullo sent to the citizens two weeks
ago, at .i time when he was expecting to return hen-. That message
was well received, and came to support a timely movement to brine,
about a better condition "t affairs. It was one of the best pieces of
advice thai the <it> has received. It crowned thc service which the
alderman has given the u'ty rince it- incorporation.
Prom the Manchester Guardian
In two ways can Canada render greater service to England as
a Power negotiating separate treaties with the United States than
-In could as a member oi .t Uriii-h Empire Customs Union. She can
draw closer the bonds betw en England and America. Reciprocity
between Canada and thc United States has long been a plank of the
Liberal platform in Canada, and almost everyone who hus studied
the question i.iirly has nunc to the conclusion that in, the long run
England could offer Canada nothing at .ill commensurate with the
advantage ol an open market in thc United States. Wc could only
bid against that market by increasing the cost ol food in Engltmd,
thid would In- a rickety foundation on which to erect any edifice of
lni|>cri.il Union. Very wisely, therefore, Conservative as well as
Liberal opinion in England has name around to approval of reciprocity
between Canada and thc United states, li <l<m- not involve am
weakening of the tics between Canada and England.
Canada, in Hriiish world-policy, is a gage of friendship between
England and America. England gains a friend by every act that
brings Canada into closer relations with the United States. Then
is no rivalry between England and the United
States for tin- affections ol Canada. She will lust serve our |x>liiy
by broadening the basis nf Inr own prosperity .md by a cordial policy
of friendship with the United States.
11 they want to settle that riot in France, thev should gel Hill
Lynch to go there inr ,i holiday and -end the troops back home.
Little's NEWS Agency
:: Periodical! :: Newspapers
jp     Monroe
^ Ladysmith
L&-   '*C0AL
\v Phone 115
*-_*m-.-   ��� ���������   ..    *m *.***. ���
\ ...WANTED...
A   Girl   to   learn    Preii-
feeding and Bookbinding.
i Apply al
The Optimist
OFFICE     :
For nil kinds nf help, cooks,
waiters, dishwsshers, hotel porters, nil kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
{ or call at the
j Giand Hotel Free Employment Office
j Headquarters for cooks a waiters
Sergeant Phlllipson said a great
thing in the polite court the other
day when he was being cross
examined by Mr, Williams over
that "tumultous and disorderly
mob" business. While admitting
like im honest man that he
learned the phrase in
on certain occasions when it was
peeu iarly apt, he stoutly refused
rn admit thai Buch scenes were
frequent in the Emerald I>le-
"I would not disgrace my native
l.uul by saying such a thing,'
he declared sturdily in denial
of the insinuation.
Right you were, Sergeant. True
to vour native land, and true
to vour own instinct ol personal
responsibility for the upholding
of its good name, you are the stuil
to make Canada proud of you,
too. I doubt very much it a
really sjoixl Canadian by adoption,
was ever made out of an immi-
grant who couldn't stand up for
his own country first.
G. T. P. Handbook a Beauty-
Several Pictures of Rupert
There is a shortage in the crop o( Raster lilies, hut the other glories
of the day will In- undimmed, unless it rain-.
New Jersey i- trying in uryi them on. A bili hi- been presented
in its legislature providing life imprisonment fur ihi wearer of the
li.m in skirt.   Women who hadn't thought "I wearing such garments
will now pin iheni on and -how thai ilu > ��ill not take .i  I.ire.
Prince Rupert Young Liberal Association
will hi- held in the Kmprt-ss Theatre on
at 8 p.m.
Duncan Ross, Esq. Ex.-M.P.
Is Still Going on
���   1   1   ���
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
C. B. Lockhart, Assignee
Spring is certainly coming. I
met ;i friend of mine lhe oilier
day with a patch of blue ptdnl
on his forehead, a eoat of many
colors like Joseph's, on his back,
and an aroma about him like
lhe innermost recesses nl a ship-
candlery. He was steering his
homeward course from one ol
the boat houses, and wore what
seemed to me most a unusually
toil-worn expression a- if he had
been doing a hard day's work.
Knowing him for a real estate
man 1 made a few anxious enquiries. The answer was the one
word, "Launch." My toil-worn
friend turned out to be the first
harbinger of spring iu Prince Rupert and I hailed him accordingly.
He said the weather had already-
been doing enough of that for the
month of April, and plunged into
,i graphic description of a day
slient in the bilge of a gasoline
launch, scraping and painting, and
preparing tin- boat generally for
the season. I sympathised with
him, remarked that he was looking
thinner and watched him like
the ploughman, homeward plod
his weary way.
This morning I met him again.
He was wearing his business suit,
bill the shadowy tinge of the
blue paint still adorned his manly
brow. He also wore a vexed
expression. Again I ventured an
"Confound it " he said, "I can't
think  why  women  want   to start
(spring cleaning. When I got
home   last   night   the   place   was
; topsy tttrvy, and I had the dickens
of a job to get my clothes changed
and escape lo the club. Just
when I was about all in with
cleaning tip ihe launch, too. I
tell you, these women don't know
! much. They are the most illogical,
unreasonable creatures that ever
Being masculine myself, of course
I sympathised, but all the same
I sort of fancy a girl might have
had  views of her own   to express
i about it. There's not such an
awful lot of difference between
house cleaning and launch cleaning,
,  s there?
With ii
tare  of  th
autifully colored pic-
S. S. I'rince Rupert
the cover, the new thirty-six
age handbook of the (irand Trunk
Pacific Coast Steamship Company
ha- been sent to the Optimist
office by Mr. A. K. .McMaster,
lhe local agent of lhe company.
Tlie bonk is what Keats would
describe as "a thing of beauty and
a joy forever."
There are several pages devoted
to this city and district with
pictures of some of lhe best
residences, wharf, the harbor, docks
and business section, etc. Then
tlure is a large map of the roast
,,i British Columbia and Alask.i
in the back.
Ihe handbook is the second
issue got out by the company. It
will be distributed across the con-
tineiii and will no doubt do much
ia, advertise I'rince Rupert.
A copy of the new publication
can be had on application to Mr.
Ml Master.
Ski I I .at aaa I Dlsllia't    Dlitrict all' Caaliaal.
Tako notice Uml I, Leslie K. Wulter, aaf Vancou.
VOr, 0.0,1   iia'i-niinlinn  proinOOtOTi  illta-nalaa   laiil|a.
ply fair portntlllotl In pUrclllalO Un* following lloat.
' I....I ).
, ..ImhI Ileitis:
Cianili I'"!"1   ��  I
B, W.'< 8.B-
put I'm'1'
i pi"
0,.���or nml Immediate!
I W.A.'i N.W. ..oi
thenoa wut w *.��**[
thenee edit 80 i;1'""
I nnd mnrked I
.thence north 40
thence wuth 10
to point "f  	
Dnted Ut Feb.. WH
Pub. Feb. 88.
aaa loss.
. n. Allen, Ana-ail
UU'lU't'llli'llt, I'lHltllihilltf 32(1 Ut-ivt*	
LESLIE E. WALTEfi,      \ S40 acre* mow
ska-i'im Land Dlatriot- Dlitrict..
Take noUea that I Bolcom McDonald of Prince
Bupert, B.0,a occupation Inboror
lily fan taermlssl
icrlhed landai
am topurchai
Intendi t,a
. followina ili-
ii Nim"
o I
Captain   Hackett   Now   Ready
for  Trip  to   Cocos  Island
Seattle, April 14.���Equipped
with a complete hydraulic plant,
one of sufficient size to wash
away the entire island, the bark
Hesper is outfitting on Puget
Sound for a treasure-seeking voyage to Cocos Island, where close
lo    Sl.r).()()0.(IO()     is      believed     Io
have been buried by pir.ites.
The expedition is in charge
of Captain Hackett. who says
he has the original plan of the
location of the treasure, having
inherited il through several generations, and he will soon make
his third attempt to locate the
hidden wealth.
He said that a landslide prevented him from reaching the
money on his former trip, but
now that he is supplied with
hydraulicing machinery, he will
beal ^^
His equipment is sufficient to
level the island) and he intends lo
use il until he gets the money.
a northerls "ll���* '"",",.
-      ��� nan 111   M'   ' '���"
. wuth N chai
UU1,.��� Chariott. l''-"[5��k|^d Dlatrtat-DUtrtei ol
Take nnlii-i' Iliut l.'jiili" McU-od "f Vanco,,.,.,
,    ii a. broker, Intend to apply tor permit 	
;,;;"r',"i,,',i!." ��>** ���*>"! mwiim ** a** loiiowuS
''���T^lnitl'"!"'.."'"'   " I""1  '''"".""'a ���***" l.W�� !""���
.a    ....    laaii  lllllaw  *'"l  "'  th"  l"uulh  "I  Uu-
ffilVlvi aTd miriadV. .Mo.Ia.Jf. Fc.riw
L' wi thenee eouth ho cliiiiim, thenoe wait ml
tlioneo nortli 80 ohaloi, thoneu mist gQ
polnl   'it  commencement;   conlni ,.
TV-"l,".,.::r"..'i'.ri!"'"' JOHNMoLEUli
!'"lV' IVlV -jr." ClaTanea McDowell, A,.,,i ;
Quean Charlotte lalandi Uml District-Dial tin ol
val" Bkeena
Take lliiliri' Ihul Ii J"1'" MoIaOpdol Vunr.nn, r.
.     hanker Intond 1" upply (air norm  ilun
^p^t/AW^oKnthotol J
'''e'r!,!ml.m'ni!ri.i a poat planted about iwo milaa
I'llltiUS    l
s���i,l Uva Lake U-all, thenca
thence weal 80 ehaina, then
thenco oaat chaini to poini oi
containing 840 acroa.
Dato Fab. 8a ISU.
Pub. Mur. 10.
nvi Itiver and m
So. 48, thonco nol
attalni to polo!
bolcom McDonald Mfif'11
B jci,ph Belway. Agent  1Mb. wo. aa.
rth HI) rliiiinM. tlivncti weal
a    ������       ala.aaaas.   Haaillll   Hll   ClliainH,   thl'ncaa   ,.;,v|
ehaina, thoneo 7;.l,;ml,1,.���r,.im.m: oontalnlng i
JOHN Mrl.l
U'Mi' B, VVulliT. v,���.
Bkoona l.unal I >ia-tri.-i  Diatrict .>f Caaaiar
rake notice that 1 Charlea Morrliot Princo Itu-
B.C., oeoupatlon laborer, intendi i" appl)
cluma. tin* Following daaci ib.
faar pen
tsi liana!
siura tn puron
mil i
Commencing ut n poat i.liaaatasi throo un
hnlf mllea in nn eaatorly dlroeUon from the polnl
am Nam- Rlvar wlii-it- ilia- Lava Lake trail boglni
uml aana' mile in u northerly direction from the
Luvii l.nka- trnil. thenoe aouth mi chalna
ihatna, thence north BO ehaina,
nt of a eommeneement,
thence i-n��t M1
th.'lu'a- Wa-I j-ili'luain. l"l'"l
a-untiaininx 640 aoroa.
Datonb.8, mil.
I'ub. Mur. 1"
Joaeph Belway, a\gonl
Skas-lili l-nnal Dlltriet    Oiltrirt of C;ia--ijai
Tukr naaiia-a. thnt I. John McDonald aaf Princ
Rupert, U.c.. oceupation notolkoopor, Intendi I
u a a I a I > liar laaTiiaiiasiian  taa |aura-hniaa' tin- failliawin
da'aicribaal lur.alia:
Ciantiiirna-im: ut a post Dlantod  throo uml 11111'-
iiuaf mllee in an aaatorly olrootlon frum the point
aaai Naaa Rlvar when the Lava Liaka- trnil bogii 1
andonomlle in n northerly direction from the
buiil Lava Lake trail, theneo eouth eighty ehaina,
thrnri-wa-at BO rhninia, thenee north ni ehaina,
tha-ncr rust B0 ehulnaa tu point nf ciinilna-na-a.tiii-nl,
a-amtaininar 840 urra-n.
lima- Pob. ��������� Ull. JOHN MCDONALD
I'ub. Murch In. Joseph Ui-lwny, Aua-nt
Queen Charlotta L-1""'^^���1 Dlatrictr-Dlatrlci  i
Take noUeo that I. John WeLaod m Vaneouwr,
������.���,,;,���,���, broker, Intond t.. apply to jaralatJoi
toprapeel !���" coal and potroloum on the lollo.,- (
*�����&!,. post planud about two mil-a
.1 l.-s w.-si  ot tha muuth i.t thi
stall ll   lall'l   'aa' ""   *'   ,    .,    ,     ..    ..    ..
Tl-a-l River and minimi   J- Mc.l.. v H, 1 ornn,
n���   1    thoneo aouth hii cliiiim, thanea weel
8X.ni'thence north B0 ohtlni   thence aui  W
chuins to polnl ol eommancomontl containinu ��� ,-i
aerea, mora- or Irss.
li.iirtl Keb 32, 1911.
Col,. Feb. 84
Clurence McDowell, Agl
Skrcni Lunil District��� Dtatrict ol fousl Itunfa- 8
Take nuiice thut Mary Hell lleatun ul Vnnrou
ver, 11. C., occupulion aapinaata-r, intendK to apply
fur iH-rmiwalon to purchtuac tho (ollowin); tleucrilia tl
Commrtii-ina; ut a |iudt pi
rail curner uf Lot H'.isO, iha-t
norlh to Lot 17.1.1, iha-nca- HO
Il'.is-. llirnca' alanul 30 chuins uoUL.
thrnee 10 chaini rut, thenco -JO cliuins suulli lo
Lot 6H'J. thrncr to chaina rait, thenca- 'JO chiiit.i
nurth, tlaiia- '20 chaini eait to point cf com-
ma'rccnu-ni; eontalnlnjj 880 ucra^a in.,re aarloma
I'ust makaal M. II. li., S.K. Corner.
Dut.sl Feb. 14. 1011.       MARY  IIKI.I. BKATON
I'ub. March 4
QueonCharlotte lalimdiiLiind Diitrict-DUtri.-i
!     Tuke l.aatice that 1,'jullll MoLopd alt VaUOOUVl
! occupaUon broker, Intend to apply to parmli.-
I to proepocl l�� caaul uml petroleum on the la.lla.u li
!'l''c;lun-n'.-,nk;':.at    u   post   planleai   aboul   ta
' ,���,,.'���-������i two m.le�� ���� ol the mouth .
I   I...   Tlrl   ItiaiT.   liruham   lilunal.   anil   mur,
J  Me I     N   W. Curner. No. 04, thonco loutli ���
, ciiu'ins thenee mm ho ebaina, thonco north i
: cuiitis, thonco ��e-i 80 ehalm to point ot ,-.-.
fefe*^   "^��^^
vSi i-vi.'-J" Oamioi UeDomU, km
DUMB Chariott* Wtndl Und DUtrict���Uistru-t 1
M Skwna
Toke noUeo il"" Ii J,,l,n McI-ihmI of Vanmuv
teeupatlon ninltWe Intend ta apply fur pannla
.�� pmtpwtf (nr eoal and itt'tnilcum on thi- !..ii,
ConunMclni m �� pott planted about twn
l��ntwl at lhi' tn>rtli *��utli lii.i1 Um mllte mtt ol tin- muuth of ihs*
net alwut :iu ehaina Hivir mul niurki-'i J. Mcl., S. \V. CorniT, \
i chaini ��Mt t-   I^'i I thenw  north  Ml chains,  itaaOM fMt  80  cl
i aouth to Lol 8881,1 tbanw ^����ut u BQ chain, Uwnoi waat so chm
iM*aUHMM| ��� i-atlit .llllllll'      (i 10
Quwn Charlotte Uandi Lund hi-tnn   Diatrtct i
Take notiw that 1, Jnhn McUi��l of Vancouvt-r.
occupntion broker, Intend to apply fur permhaion
to pnwiK'Ct for coal and iH'truU-um on thi- foUowtni
dfjtcnhiil landa:
Commi'iicintf at a post plantisl ahout thna nDw
north ami ono milw w��it of Xw tnnuth of ihv ll tl
Kivi-r nnd marked J. Mcl... S. K. CorSOT. No. :'"���.
tbenw north 80 chains, tbenw *WI Sii chains,
thenci' nouth 80 chaint*. thrnn* taat 80 efaalna to
puint of rutninri.t'tm-iai; eontelnlng 840 acn-��,
moti' or U"i*A.
Dated Kih u'<;, l'Jll. JtHIN MeLEOD
I'uh. Feb. UH. i ],.-��� ;,.. MclMmi'll, \\ivut
Queen t *....'.* n** Island" Und I��i-trict - Uiatrict ol
T.ii..- i,t,nre that 1, Joh IfeLeod of - anoouver,
occupatmn hroker, Intend to apply tw penntaeloD
to prospect for coal and pctrotrun'. un thi' folluwiui;
difcnU'il landa;
Comnn't citu; at a pout plantitl ahout fuur mil* -
. . north snd thnt- mil��i eraat of thi' mouth ol Un
e to make hia quest complete, ��� tu-i euvw ami markiii j. ucl., n. k. corner;
-********* '��� No. (iti   thi-nci' wuth .st) rhains. tfaenw  *'"���!  80
chains Mime* north so chains, thonn- wal so
chains to point of rornnirncvnum; eontebUn| 840
acn-s, mort' or Ivne..
Dau-d Fnb.se, lull. JtHIN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 28. Clarenw MeDoweO, A��i*nt
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'IMioiip-I
Quwn Charlotte Islanda Und DUtrict-District ul
Take notice that I, Juhn Mcl^-od of Vancouver,
occupation hroker. Intend tu apply for |>ermi*sjim
* - i -        a.i.       D��. .:, o I to prii.-pi-rt for cual and |>ei,*oli'Um on the folluwinif
(irand   concert   at   the   DapU8t|dMSadtanda]
Church. Thursday, April 20th, at
8 p.m., music, tableaux, etc   Admission 50 cents, children 25 cents.
Commencing at a poat plunteil ahout four miles
north ami three rnih-s wost of the mouth of the
Tl-el  Kiver and  marked J.  McL.. S.   B. Corner
^ ^^^^^ ham
point of n��mmeiin-mini;   containing i;io
nutn- or less .,_.__,, ..  . ,
Hated pab.8S.MIL J��HN MeLEOD
I'ub. Keh. 84, Claranw McDowell, Atwi
Quitii Charlotte Islands l.and DUtrict���DUtrict _4
Take notice thut I. John McU'od of VanOOUVM
occupation broker, inteml to upply for pi'miix-., ;
tn jirtHiH-ct for n.al and patroleun un lho follow i: |
deMTibiHl lands:
CommencinK at a post plunted about two nu;.-*
aouth of the TW Kiver und markisl John MeL
N. K. Corner. No :U, thence aouth HO chui- .
thenn* wmt SO chums, thenn' north 80 cha;:,-,
thenn' east SO ehum* to poinl of oommencem* |
nintuininn 840 aerw, nutn' or losa.
Dated Feb tt, WW. JOHN ICoLEOD
Pub. Feb. 84, I*r��lio K. Waller. Ktm
Quean Charlotte I slam Is Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol
Take notiw that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouv.r.
occupation brokir. Intend to apply for pornn-
to prospect for eoal and petroleum on the follow n ,
doMcrilHtt landa,
CommencinK at u post planted about two nt.'., <
south of the mouth of the Tl-vl Kiver and mark' i
J.   McL   B<   B    Corner.   No.   :U,  thenw   wt-i   |
chains,   thenn*  lu.rth  M  chaina,  thvnev vaat   su
chains, thenn' nouth (it) chaina to point of BOB
menwment-  mntainmK *��tU acrea, more or lev.
Dated Keb. Bt, mil. JOHN M>'i '
Pub. Feb. 24. Ladle B, Walter. Afi M
Queen Charlotte Inlands Und DUtrict-DUtrict d
Ska n -
Tuke notiw that 1, Jo n MeLa d of Va cmtu ���
it cu'iHtien brokir. Intend   o a; ply fnr ecu.
to proapect lot o ui and patNtean o i the toUoa ���.
de irilteil landn:
CoounnadM ut a p st piHtnni uUiut four md *
out and tWu nnhit we-t ul the miuth o' *i*
TU'I Kivor utid markeil J. Met.. N. K Cor . |
No. 48, thenn' outh W chaina, thence wwt Ml
chains tbenw north N chaina, thence eaat M
chains to poi t of cummonwment; ontait.inK 8t0
acn% more or leaa.
Datet.Peh.SS, i��n. Ji UN MLKui-
Pub Keh. 26. Claranw McDowell. t\|Wl
Qoaao Charlotte Islan'��� Und DUtrict���DUUic: o!
Sk ena
Take notiw that I. John .McLood of \ .m.-���-..
occuinio    hroker, intond to appl    for perm ��.on
to priM[>ect for coal and petroleum o i   he toUowtl ^
'li    iT ll   (]   l.ir..| .
Cumrneiicini: ui m pt��t p.at,ted fo r ml ea Muth
No. 6.1. thence north su chains, thence WwtSO t ������,! ,wn weal uf the m .uth oi t a  Tl-el Rtvti I
chains, thenee south  80 chains  ihenn- eaal   80    mark.tl J. Mcl,. S. B. COTOW, N... 16, lh��nc�� n
chains to point of commenwment;  contuininK lilo i h,  C: ,���,s ,|���,n(.. Wwt w %.tuim, Uie ee aouth
SS%fS?sS Sn ���<������>* ��-��� �������   Ic *ini' l ence "il"t "�� *���   l p"1"1 ��-f ���"���
Pub. Keb. 88.
Clarenw MeOw
j c ams. t ence   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
men eitu nt;  eontuminK (HO acres, now ur lo a.
AT,Agant  Dated K.b.
Pub. Feb. 26.
Claranw McDowrll, Agan)
Qui en Charlotte Islanda Und DUtrict���DUtrict!o[
Take notiw that I, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply for |Marmiaaion
, .., . . .    ... ________   , \ Queen Charlotte Islanda Und District��� Di��tr*ct ol
Queen Charlotte Inlands Und DUtrict���DUtrict ot   **        *��� Ski^-n-i
_, . ,��� ..   .  r uffii.i  ..�� vm***...*.*'*    Take notice lhat I, John MoLood of Vanco iv. r,
Take.notice that I, John MflUod.Ol \ancouver ] OClU1,tttion .,rok(lft imi>mi 1(l m,ly ,���r p^nWoa
to p mpect fur c ul and |h troleum on th   tollowit |
dcs.ntwtl lands:
Comm< ncitiK 11 n ; -��� t planted al>hut ( ur tn -
���uuth at.d twu milw M t uf the mouth of il"
Tl-el Kiver and murkeil J. McL. N. W. Corner,
No. 116. thonc* aouth Ml ofaaltta, ihenw e at M
chains thenw north H    ehaln, thonw ������'   *"
hains to point of mmmenc m-nt; containing 840
acrw, now or lw-.
Dated Keb. 88, 1' 11. JOHN   M'l 1.-   : ���
Pub. Keb. 8 -. Cteranw McDowell, Agent
occupation broker, Intend to apply for permiasion    to pros|w>ct for mal and petroleum on the following
to prospect for coul ami |ioiroleum on the following   descrilied land:
described land: >     Commencing at a post planteil altout two m lw
Commencing at a |tost planteil about eight ' north and two miles west of the mouth of ihe
miles nouth und four wost uf tho mouth of TU'I Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., S. K. Corner,
Kiver antl marked J. McL., S. W. Corner, No. 77, * No. 52, thencv north HO chains, thenw wwt HO
thenw mirth HO chaina, thenw euat HO chalna, J chaina, thenw aouth 80 chains, thenw eaat HO
t ence south Hi) chains, thence w. st HO chains to 1 chains to poinl of commenwment; containing 640
point   of commenciment;    containing  610  acroa  i acres, more or law.
more Of Um , Dated Keb. 25  1011. JOHN McLKOD
Dated Feb. 21,1 11. JOHN MeLEOD ��� Pub. Keb. 27. T. K. Walter, Agent
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell, Agent _
Queen Charlotte I -lands Un 1 District���District of
Take nolice that 1, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
occupation broker. Intend to app y .'or   permission
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol
Tak notice thut I, John McU d of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to npply or permission
in pnepaej 'or coal and petroleum on the following
deacribad land:
(ommencing ut a pent planted about eight milea
eouth and four west of tno mouth of Tl-vl Kiver
and m�� kill J. McL., N. W. Corner, No T8, thence
���OUth 80 chains, thenw eaat HO chaina, thence
north HO chaina, thenw w at M> bains to poi t of
ommenwment;   contuining 840 acrea,  mure or
Dated Feb. 84.1BIL JOHN Mcl.KOD
Pub F.b. 2 . C  McDowell, Agent
QueenlChurlotte Mafia Land DUtrict-DUtrict of
 r .,__,_ ��..1.^,.W1   ���,..,���,������      Takonoiiw tl.a  1. John \\ |,   d of Van ouver.
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the fnlluwing ! I*0���!"11'0'1 brokiT. intond tc. apnty for permU�� <"
doscribed land: 1 P JgSfWJ ��������� ** p��>ir,.loum on   M lofTowtng
Commencing at a post planted about three mile* "~
wwt and twu milw north of the muuth of thi
d scribed 1 mis:
*>rtii   nun   iwu   mum  nunn  oi   im-   nmuili   <��l  the V.  ,  r ���   "  i'""'
Tl^.| Ulva-r .nil morka^l J Mel.. S. B. f.anair. Su i'1",'1 ""'l '*", ""l" ��" > ��'
(17 tha.nca. north bo chaini. tlvnca v.o.1 HO chain. I 13* ,5"JI n" ' "' i'1 J M
thencc awautli SO chaim, tha-nce a'a.t M) chaini tai     ."'.   '���,!     "' " rlh   '    c''aa
point of commcnca.tna.iit.
miira- or Ipm.
Dulcil Feb. 25, IUll
I'ub. Feb.:27.
caintniiairm tilt) .cnx
T. R. Walter. Atfa-nt
ijai..'ii CharlotU' Iilanali l.timi Dlitrict -Dwtlret aal   Quaaen Charlotte laalamla Lan.l Di.trict   -Diatrict ol
SlaiHiaia                                                                               Ski.-nu
Taka. notica* that 1, John Mci^aoal ot Vancouvrr. '     Taka- notico lhat I. John MeLgDd ol Vniti-uaiaa-r
aaccupation larokaT, InlaMiil to a|i)aly for |Mll)Wuu   occuiiation larokar. Inumd lo .,,,:. lair iKTiail��iiiri     eeuoation l,r���l<..." iV,.'���'.i'. ,   .
lo propMt tor co.1 anal pelraaleum on he lollo. log   to pr���.,��t lor co.l nn, ,r,.l,,i���, ������ the full,,.,,,,,   ,��� b}"'Z tofSSt. 23��5|^w^|SiotN
a |i il i lam ai ah.' t'o rmila-
t of th   miuth    I 11"'
W. Corner,
         . .���.m..   henc    a-ai   -o
chain. Ihenc,. aa..ut>i n ch. a��. the ae mm* 88
��� .aim u ta j;t tit noqima ra.m..nt ��� ntaining I 40
a re*, in. re or la. .
liaii.ir.h.  :i. i ii I  ,lN M'LEOD
luh  I ela. 2fa. Culi.iM  I o.aeli. Vk.- t
Quean Chariotta lattuj* Uad Dlitrict���Dlnrict oi
_, Skt.-tiia
lake ii.tice thai I. John McLaxiil ol Vancoua.i.
aifscrilieil lamii: " : alatacrilaeal lanali ^^^^^^^^^^^^
(.'ommencing at a pint plantar] almut ill milaai l     ('omma-ncing ut a p...- ;.: .���,., i almut tour mil,,
laauih anai IhrtH- miles aveaat of the mnuth of the1 nairth anal three mili^* wa..t aaf tlta> moulh ot tha
Tl-a-l  Kiver anai marka.il J.  McL.  N. K. Corner, ; Tl-el Kiver anal markail J. McL.   N. \V. ('laraier    J
! No. 7G, thencaa loulh 80 chaini, tlience weit 80   No. .1:1, thence aaoiilli  HO ehaina, thence
le.i-irlH.I laml:  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
(jam men cm |   at a i������- ,,]���,,,,.,) a|,���ul two milt.
Mth ol ihe mnuth ol the T -el r ver an inarka-il
aa�� hii , ti ',cl-,s- *��� Corner. N.,. ,|, thence north -'
ail no | chaim,  thencaa    --------
will inlilrt'iH the mooting (iii
le Reciprocity   Agreement   and
What it Meana to Prince Rupert"
All   InUmttd   in   tin.   future nf PritlCI Hupurt cairtlially invited
Read  The   Optimist
 a  ������- .** ____*_.
Windsor Hotel
Newly  I ainii.lieil nnd
Steam Heated Room)
IIAT11H   khf.F.   TO   QUBOTR
Swift's Premium Hums anil Bacon with
Cowlchan K^ks 86c, at
J. W. Williams        -:        Proprietor
chaim, thence north 80 chaini, thence Hat 80 ��� chaini, thence north 811 ahalne, thanee waal BOlehaltaa ! ""��" ''M', h" *_*** thenc aouth hii
chaina to point of commencement; containing J chaini to point of eommeneemenL containiiiaar.nl aaa,.,.' ""'"''' SM*." rha Im tn point of cairn
1140 ocra*  more or Iimi. acrai, more or law. ,   '"',',"''i    .."'"'aituiig III ��� acra��, more or lew.
Dateal Fell. 23, 1911. JOHN  M'LKOD , Daleal Feh. 26, 1911. J()l|\j  Md FDD     >?l' a- iPirn** '""��� 'OHN McLKOD
I'ub. Foil. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent   Puh. Feb. 28. Clarenco Mcl lowell ATOM I T- * Waller. Agent
)owell, Akiihi
CJut*n Charlotle lilinili Laml District���Diilrlcl ot
Tuke notice that I, .lolin Uelaeod of Vancouver,
Queen Charlotte Iilamii l.unal D atrlct��� Dlitrict ol
Take notice that I, John Mcl,cotl of Vancouver, ,  _,   ., ,Hmn
occupation broker, inlend to apply lor permisaion | occupation broker, Inteml lo tnnly for   tm__y___. I
to proipect tor coal and petroloum on the following i to prospect for coal anal patroloum on the fofloaha.
dawcrllied landa: a aii.sciihasl landi: aomnraaj .
Commencing at a post planted si* miltw aouth I     (-'ommencing at a poit planteil about four n..l.unal three milea weat of the mouth of thc Tl-el I north and three milea Weft ,,[ the mouth, ���I ,iZ
River and marked J. McL. S. K. Corner, No. It,, '. Tl-el Kiver and marka.,1 J   NIcI.SW   (���,,,'
thencc  north  80 chains,  thence  wa��t  80 chaina, j No   fi', thence north 80 chaini' thane. i..7��n
theneo nouth 80 chaini, thencc eaat 80 chains to   chaini, thence muth 80 c ains   thenca. m ia
point of commencement;   conuining (140 acra��. I chaim to point of commencon enf  eonudnlaaa cao
more  Or   lesi. I  aero*     aa.a.r,.   ,���   I.-., ua.ia.aiainK  U.,o
Dated Fell. 23, 1911
Pub. F'eb. 25.
Phone No. 200 P, O. Box 5X0
Clarnce McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Island. Lind District���Diatrict o
Tako notice that I, John Mrl.nil of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply fnr paarmlmion
acres, mora- or lesa*.
Dated Feb. 20, 1911.
Pub. Feb. 28
Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Lnnd Dlstrlct-Dlitrlct ol
_ , Skeena
.iSMSflBJft!1!  Joh." Meti'oil ol Vancouver
Qui.n Charlolte Isiamis Ijlm| District��� Dlltriet
���v.,       .,     .        Mka^-na
iH-ru .a',;"' r fi*1 '��� J"h" Mpl-mi1 "I Vancouver.
ut,,on I to nr��� i ��� " "r'. """"' "' "I'P'y I* permimion
,wi"K | JlweKi lan'l " ****-***_! on the (ollowing
naaai'l',"',?!", r.'",! " ! t""" ',lan,��l alaout two miloa
mr h and t����, male, ��e,t ol lhe moot ol the
l-el Km a���,| ���,���rkp,| j   gj^ N   w   Cn_.e,
chain'", a 1 ' """l1' S" chal"�� thence eait 80
rl�� ,'���,"r" ",or,h K" *m*S, Ihenee weit 80
��rTmX,'':;l|lCOmn't'n"'""'"^  Mn,1""n|' 6'"
l-uTFebo?'''""1' JOHN McLKOD
I Uh. Feb. 27. Ti E w,lterf A|I���n,
Queen Cliarlott,. Islands lmn Diatrict-Dlatrict ot
_mS��*XSt Ugt, �����"���' ������ ����""���'���
For Sale
Lota Id, 16, 16,   block 2H,   sertion  6,
price 1600 each, terms half cash.
Lot 7, block Ifi,   section fi,   price $2,-
400, terms half cash.
Lota 18, 14,  16,   block   H,   section  7,
price SfilMI each, terms half cash.
Lots 8, 7, 8, with house, block B6, sec. ! �� , ��� ,  ,. ������
7, price |8,860 all, tetma $1,800 cash.    , KRWj 27
Lota 7, 8, block 86a   section  7,   price
^r.fa ....I-    l a.    taa
me. cement; containing 610 a-rei. moro or leu.
Datoil Feb. 24, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 27. C. McD iwoll, Agenl
Queen Chnrlotte lalanda Lnnd Dlitrict���Dlitrict ot
Take notice that I, John McLood ot Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend lo apply fo permlailon
to prospect for coal and pelroleum on the following
alaaicrlbed land:
Commencing at
ne N i lis j thenee north wi u t '. Y* v ornpr, oo. an
thenc, gWMHftS^,.^ ftg" ����� �� AfrjAn
ofjnmmencement; containing till) ���Cr��� ,������r,;,"",'l'r   moreaaP 1,.���"""'"*""''";   <���tainlng 640 acraa,,
Dated Feb. 25, 1911
IV . Fob. 27.
.VVjgUOD ttWi��f,wl
I. K. Hnliar. Agenl
T. K. Walter. Agent
lioit pl.nted eight mltoi ao>
^niltavnwaaat of the mouth of Tl-nl  Klvor
markiHl J. McL, N. W. Cornor, No. 41, thence
Queen Charlotta lahac^Uitd Di,t,ict-Dl.triet ol
"I pert, oeeupatlon m>n| "ijSI'TK^������,-   JS~ BBSSSSr ����V|SSSSS
Queen Charlotle I.Ian,!, Und DIltriM -Dtatrlol of
, Maailiai ""���' "I
.a,"k,'L.rS^"iii,,ii****** "i Princ. Ru.
I1.760 pair, terms half cash.
north 80 chain,, thence eait 80 chaini to pnlnt | and marked J   (i.  McN    s   P   ,,r:''""" >al��">,   ��'""'   t,v" "'"I markanl J   ��___* af?, '!
of commeneement:  conUining (140 acne., more or ! ***** 80 chain,, thenc ���'���ni, % ' '.'""���'��� "���'������"���-   Ife'l '''' l.h"n"" ��"���"��' ��   ha ni   then��� tmtTSi
eait 80 chaim, Ihenee ,,��� t    ' ,        '""""���  ,ll""''i'   J,i" ""'  ******  north  80 clam' Omm- !aS  __
��� JOHN McLKOD ! comm,.������.n,eni. """'' "" *��" ' .int of , P.1!"""' __   polnl   of   con, ,, , ","m nl    ���nt.l.ln��
C. McDowell, Agent   Uateal March 8, 1911. ,,. \l_[ *_*_*&*_ m.iro or \m.   '""nrimi nt   containing
Pub. March 25. i,M���   '��� 0; McNAB  E***tE*i?��M��ll, JOHN Mel FDD
��'l"in Lowing, Agent I Pul>. Feb. 27. T. k! \V^lt"   Aga-nt
| Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Dlitrict���Diatrict ot I
I ui.	
P.O. BOX 37
l-'or  l-'ire   Insurance  in   Reliable
Companies, call on
... . , Skoona
hAiiS! "nTift!* 1______\&_��\**-* -0( Vancouver,
Queen Chadotto I,,.,,,,, u,,,, ��� ^^ - j QUo.��� ch.t|otUl ,,_,��_._lm.lcl o,
"oe1|M��|':,;;li,';;',,kl.,;, id^**'*** ���' Vancouver
1" Pr"" it e ,'l '"i"'1 '" "''I''!' ,,,r l��rml��lon
describe,!M,.,���I     "  "ml l"""leum on the follnwing
-outh 80 ift SS ffaf�� lh^��� I J'
lw   mllisi
' murki'd
*. **__* ��*' ennini, thence aaat 80 chain, ,., rZSZZ IH """a. "- M (orner N.. -a .a i"' mm
^nmmoncoment: l-lJfcTlflftWft�� $XS SfS Pi"'' ***** SS
Dated Feb. 24, laiL J0I,N ��� . ,,,m ! mencemen, *J_S___\ llttL?. " ��/��
lescrilieal land:
.���j marked   I   Md     lJ'",?""'.lh "' T'-'l K'vcr and
11 I?   nnrlh 80 clm���,",.;���.,     ' '"ner. No. 80, thenca.
80   .oul   HO cl,".,,�� a amm-* **. m eluainn.  thence
,   "em-   commencen',    ���' 'MHi V K ��Wm to point ol
P3".'��Wta.       ||,..'nencan,,.,,l.   containinR  (Mo acre.,  mom or CT^^��a'^^iiwiW^^��^^'^^*!{!a>��iiV(/W��aa��/^<��^i��^H>^i|^/w/^<]
I ������""k-..-"^,e.-^.i��-^..o-^.ii
Department Stores
Prince Rupert,' B.C.
..^.^.~.+ a
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
,*t Stock in  Northern B. C.
This is a little seqtion of the paper, which from day lo day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladlea of I'rince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take pari in Ita discussions, Sug-
gestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. Thn hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
���Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
Nay, Mary you have nought to
Your glass you needn't slum,
Two chins so nice as yours, my
Arc twice as good as out",
Don't blush, nor wonder what todo
It's really nol a sin
Kor any shvle girl like you
To have a double chin.
Why,   all   your   crosses   are   but
If this is like the rest,
For   second   chins,    like   second
Are very often best;
To chuck you under one, ere this,
Your love was nothing loth,
And now, 'twill double all his bliss
To chuck you under both.
glycerine of borax, 1 ounce; oxide
of zinc, half .111 ounce; simple
tincture of borax, quarter of an
ounce.   Shake before using.
Language   of   the   West
Late Lamented
So sigh no more for anti-fat,
Nor pay for alien palms
To  give  you   massage   treatment
Could but reduce your charms;
Kor if you take your features in
Till one of them's displaced
1 might suspect a double chin
Had made you doudle-faced.
���Arthur Rutland
ss. Prince Rupert
Sail, for Stewart, Thuradaya, 8 00 a m.
Saila (or
Fridays, at 8.00 a.m.
aa. Prince Albert sails for I'ort Simpson, Naas River l'oints, Masset,
Naden Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Kay, Skidegate, Queen
(.'harlotte City, Lookeport, Pa*
coli, Jedway,   Ikeda Hay,   Hose
Harbor and return via Queen
Now I ("harlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway Syatem
J connecting with trains from the l'acilic
"Slip me a brace of Cackles!" or-   coast operates a frequent and jonven-
ala.a-a.rl    it..,   ,1,    ...   i     i' I l*nt service of luxurious trains over its
dtred   the  Chest)   looking   young double tra,.k r()Ut��� bctWl,���n chiau,(,
man with a bored air as he perched Toronto, Montreal, Quebec,   Halifax
on the first st
"A what?" asket
ITEMS   OF . .
Mr^..^..^. + ..
Building   Material,    Cement,   Lin
Hair-fibre Plaater, Coke, Blaekanii
Coal,  Common Brick)
Pressed Brick
Denver.April 12,   Afterpassing Shineics, Lnth, New Wellington Co
the lie on the floor of the Senate At*L orders promptly pilled
and   Irying  to get  at  each  other, I 	
Senators Hecker and Blakey have, Ste Us for Prices.       .       Phone No. 1
through seconds, arranged to settle  _____
their troubles with lists in the big
If the Mayor will allow them to
use the building Ihey will charge  '
admission and d.-nate the proceeds Pjrjndg Rupert Lodge,
lie perched   Toronto, .
���ii       i ! Portland, Boston, New York and l'hila-
n m lie lunch room,  delphla.    Information   and  tickets  ob-
ine waitress, as
of Wilier before
on   their
Conscience Testers Very Easy to
Many a man thinks he is pious
who is only peddling other people's
The Optimist
It is better to be killed by hard
j times than lo have to work hard
I to kill time.
she placed a gl
"Adam  and  Eve  Hal
backs.     A   pair  of
said the young man in an exasperated- tone.
"You got me, kid," returned
the waitress, "\\ liatcha want?"
"l-.ggs up," said the young man.
" 'E-g-g-s,' the kind thai come
before the hen, or after, I never
knew which."
"Why didn't you say so in the
first place?" asked tlie waitress,
"you'da had 'em by this time."
"Well, of all things," said the
young man.
"I knew what he was driving al
all the time" began the waitress
as the young man departed. Bui
he's one of them fellows lhat
thinks they can get by wilh
anything. He don't know that
the're usin' plain English now in
tainable from the oflice hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
lo Ihe Slate Home for the I
Ilecker wieghs 217, but is only
'i feet '2 inches tall, while Blakey
Btands li feel I'i inches, Inn weigh-
only  123 pounds.
Legislators have already begun
selling pools on lhe result.
The fact that you are displeasing people is not evidence that
you are pleasing the Lord.
It seems as though heaven might
be a dull place, remember they
have an inside view of all our
THE Ol'TIMlSTwill furnish correct information to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most nourishing city      :       :       :       :       :
There is no time like the present. Send us
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail        :::::::
[imist Information Bureau
You cannot always trust the
motives of the man who thinks
he can tell you'all about the
motives of the Most High.
Woman   Holds    Important
Railway Post
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
-a*^- B. C. Coaa.t  S.S. Servacaa
Northbound Apr. 17-Southbound Apr. 21
Train   for   Winnipeg   and   Toronto
leaves Vancouver il a.m. daily.
Imperial Limited, best train across
the continent, leaves Vancouver daily
3.45 p.m. Carries compartment observation cars. The finest'car on antrum! anywhere.
Agent for all Atlantic Steamship
lines. Tickets to and from European
Ever since Tom Longboat beat
Barney O'Rourke's horse from
Hagersville to Caledonia in the
spring of l'JOK, Aif Shrubb has
been trying to beat a horse in a
10-mile race. He failed at Winnipeg a year ago, and at Philadelphia last week. Sol. Mini/
says that to beat a horse a runner
must be able nol only to run fast,
but to stay the distance.
August 7 is the date chosen lor
the start of the s2,">(|() trophy race
for the power boats from Detroit
to Buffalo, under the auspices of
the ('.real Lakes Power Boat League.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
members  of   the   order in the cit
All   members   of   11
are requested to visit tl
H. MOKTON. Secretary.
==^E.   EBY   C&   Co.
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
J. G. McN.b
General Agenl
The Hero of This Story is in
Rupert   Isn't He,
On the occasion of a presentation a worthy alderman delivered
himself with great pomposity of
the graceful remark that he was
not there to pour forth a paregoric
on the recipient. Sonfebody whispered to him "panegyric," whereupon the alderman continued, gaily
"My friend says 'panegyric,' but
as the two words are anonymous
it cannot mailer very much!"
The railroad woman has the
charm of novelty. Miss Daisy
Oden is said to be the first woman
in the United Stales to be appointed io an important post as
railroad official wilh one of lining line*. After iwcnty-fivc years
of service wilh the road, she has
been named district passenger
agent of the Chicago, Burlington
& Quincy Railroad) with head-
quarters in Rock Island, Illinois.
She has for years made a close
study of railroad methods, traveling all over the country in connection wiih her work.
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
P.O. BOX 1545
l)UM>n Charlotle Inlands Laml Diatrict -Dintrict ol
Take notice thai I, John Mcl-cod .ol Vanoouver,
occupation limker, Intend to apply or permltelon
In prawned tor coal and petruleum on the tollowing
ila-scrllied lunalia:
Commencing at a pont planted about all miles
south anil Iwai west ot thai mouth ol the Tl-e
Hiver and markatl J. Mcl.. N. W. Corner, No. 118
Ihencn south SO chains, Ihenee east SO cliuins
thenca- nonh SO chains, thenee west SO chains lo
Point ot ciammcnccmi'nt: containinK 840 acres,
m.ire or lens.
Daied Kela. 23. lilll. JOHN  M'LEOD
l-uli. Keh. _*. Clarnnce McDowell, Agent
IJucen Charlotte Islands Und Dlstricl -District ol
I ake notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to applv tor jaermlsslnn
tai prospavt for conl and petroleum'on the tollowing
ala.jarnlaa.il   hindt
Commencing al a post planted about six miles
siiiilh anil two mill's west ol the mouth nl tlio
��� l-el lllver anal marketl J. McL. S. W. Corner
No. 117 thence north HO chains, thence east 80
cituns, thenee south 80 chains, thenco went 80
chains In point ol commencement: containing 040
acros,*moro or lees.
one    r url te aluada Ijtnd District���I'sirctol
Ske. a
Tiakt- notice t a I, John McLeod ot Vancouver
occupation broker, intend to apply tor permiasion
to j ro pect lair co al and pn.roloum on tho lollowing
ai rii... i jan ill
Ol mmcncl t! at a port plant d about si. miles
south and two mi'os wesl ol the mouth of ihe
Tl-el lllver and marked J. MrL. N Iv Corner
No. 48 lhc,ic south 80 chains, thence a��est 80
c aina, thenca. nairth 80 chains, then e east 80
chainn to point of commencement; containing 40
acres, more or leava.
Data.al Keb ' 11, 1011. JOHN  M'LKOD
I'ub. Fell. 25. Clarance M. Dowcll, Ag nt
Queen Charlotte Islands Ltinal District -Diatriet nl
Take notlcc that 1, ohn McU'od of Vancouver,
occupation br ker. Intend to apply lor permission
to prospect lor coal anal petroleum on t he following
i escribed land: *
Commencing at a post planted about nix milei.
noutli antl two mllea west ot the Tl-el Itiver ami
mnrked J. McL. S. E. Corner, Nu. 41, Ihence
nortli 80 chaina, thonce west 80 rhaina, thence south
80 chninn, thenee east 80 chainn to point of cum-
encement;  containing 040 acrea. more or less.
For Afternoon Tea It is Simply
To make take one pound of
sugar, twelve ounces of Hour,
twelve ounces of chestnut meal,
two teaspoonfuls of baking powder,
eight eggs, one teaspoonful of
vanilla. Heat the egg yolk and
sugar till very light; add the
flour and stiffly beaten whiles, the
nut meal, vanilla and baking powder. Put in small oblong pans,
dust with powdered sugar and bake
in a moderate oven.
Treatment   Will
You One
The girl who Witnts to have
a clear complexion should 'go in
for a rigid diet which leaves out
Indigestible! such as veal, pork,
rich pastry, and gravies, and nearly
all sweets should be followed.
Drink half an hour before breakfast a cup of hot Witter, into which
squeeze the juice of a lemon. Eat
sparingly, and at regular meal
times only, drink two or three cups
of water between meals and exercise in lhc open air a couple of
hours daily. Use the following
otion:    Disli
When sister's beau tomes Sunday
We always turn on all the lights,
And pa and ma and sis and me
We entertain the company.
He sits across ihe room from sis
Like i his.
Our bedtime's  nine  o'clock,  you
(I just pretend, but do not go).
The lights ihey seem  too strong
for him
And so they turn 'em awful dim,
And he sits mi the couch with sis
We are selling sham in the
At a price that will maka- you money
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Balance 3. 6 and 9 Months
Assays  of  the ore run from $25.00 to
$2000 per ton.
It will pay you to investigate this prop,
osition   at once.
A new automobile record of
3.53.33 1-2 for 300 miles was
made List week by Driver Dis-
brow in a I'ope-llartford car at
Pablo Beach, Florida. He went
lhe lirst "tO miles in 37.23; anil
JIM) miles in 2.34.12.
The British Columbia racing
program for this season Includes
thirteen slakes, some of S500 and
the others $1,000 each. A weight
allowance will be given to horses
folaed in this province.
Pastor Would Shoot Girl With
Harem Skirt
0. B. Bush & Company
Prince Rupert
2nd Ave.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Danny Shea siys that Victoria
has picketl up a wonderful young
pitcher in a kid named Thomas,
Rho was grabbed down in Cal-
fornia. Danny saw the boy
lasl winter, and says he has
everything lhat a pitcher needs.
\round lhe circuit some of the
folks h.tve been feeling sorry for
Victoria, thinking that Householder had not picked up many
gootl players. They should "can"
iheir sympathy. The Victoria
folks don't want il. They say
they arc just us much ready
for the gang as any club on the
circuit and think Householder is
going to be in the hunt right from
the start.
Russell Ford, leader of American
league pitchers last year, is at
work on a new curve. Last year
he had the only spit ler lhat would
break both wavs at will.
First Ave. Naaiar Ma Mud.
Forwarding, Distributing and
Shipping  Agents,
Storage nf Baggage and Household Goods ii Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mijr.
P. O. Box 907 Phone 262
..Grand Hotel..
Sprint* Beds, clean White Sheets   25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Plumbing   :   Steamfitting
Thilal A\i'.. lat-lwopn Tth Ittlal ".ill Bt*.
w. j. McCutcheon
, ,   Carrie* complete tttaat'Vt of Driiir*.   Staeclaal
attention paid  to I lllln- prescriptions.
Theatre Block phonk No. is Second Ave.
Fruit   :   Produce   :
~^.. .-*... -^... -
(Special to lhe Optimist)
Kingston, April 13.���The much-
talked of harem skirt has reached
Kingston and although on ex-
hiibtion in a leading dry goods
ACCOUNTANTS -:-   VIM la nts
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
of Britlih Columbia of B.C. I it laaa... Ru.
ftnd Manitoba Bara. laatchewan
Iberia Bara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
lias    not    appealed    Oil    the   Ot��lc��--Enchant block, mraaer Third avenaae araai
K. ���  a . . Sixth street. Prince Hiiaaert. 8
mgston  girls take  to it
Visitor Your . stenographci
Menu very much taken wilh her
new in.icliine.
Lawyer Yes. ll has a patent
chewing-gum-wad   holder,   flower
receptacle, bon-bon shelf, rat-slot-j
age.   pin-box   .ind   a   few   other
i- things attached.
English and American Billiard-
Twelve Tables Sioond Ave,
all  right,  bill  one is wailing for
the other lo make a start.
Rev. Ti E, Burke, pastor of
Brock street Methodist church,
has no love for the new creation,
WM. S.
1). I). S.
IIA 1,1,. LD.B.
ClOWn and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All alental operations talailftill)- treatcal. Car and
'neal anasthetirt aalminltateml for the painless ox-
ami IMfa tla-al no ...,..,,., I,. ,,ll faction aaf la-cth. Conciliation free. Office,:
lilll    sa>S    I licit     HO  Woman    hllOlllfl    Helgerson Block. Prince Raitaeal. 11-12
Iress with  one.     In   an   address _________________
given  before  the congregation  of:
the     Princess    street     Methodist   HANDASYDE    A   HURT
church,  Rev.  Mr.  Hurkc said he
would   shoot   ;i   Kingston   girl   ifj        ...and mmuoTMi mus.
he saw her wearing a liarem skirt,    p. 0. Bo��� 436 . 0ffic. 3rd .ncl Fu,,on
"What do you charge for your
"Five dollars up."
"Hut I'm a student "
"Then ii's live dollars down."
and POOL     | t
I Alley". I Table*.    A ar-t>l mat.
ca*.'.    A clean-paart.    Liitlieatevera
afternt*.ii.     Noaarmiati   Block.  I-'-
ttttili '.til lata,I Tth St-
T) I- atiililllsuN.     rrt-iaiirtatr land ManairiT   J.
Hospital  Ball
Don't forget the Hospital Dance
on Tuesday, April I Sth, iu the
Mclntyre Hall. Tickets 13 from
any of the ladies, Ormes' or
Keeley's drug siorTs. u|
To indicate good business sense
in the way you advertise for work
P.O. box a
lam, Of WM. FOXIIN. SSQn A.R.A.M..   I.OK., MUG.
"The   woman   across   the   hal
from us is dead. QBALKD TENDERS iddntwd t.. the umler-
"llttaa  .tail vtnt tin,I  i It a a mil  " ��inneal, anal en.laaraaa*!   Tentler for Examining
HOW  (11(1 yOU  IIIHl  lll.lt  OUt. Warehouae. Va,iea,���vor.   H.C.     will lae  aeceiveal
"Wliv     1    laaaaaaeaatwl   laa  t...,.   a) In I until *.0n |a.an. tin  Montlay.   April 24th,  11)11,  for
tMl>,   I   Happened   to MC   It IH IX, c.m��tr.tctlaan at H��*��.tmlnltH  Warehouae.
ilic nanar" Vancmivei. it c
Plantt. r|ia>aaiticBtiitn anal form aif etintt net can tap
| peen antl form* aaf tentler olataina>il at the t.flice* t,f
Mr  .I.E. Cyr.   Sii|aerinteaa.la aat   a.f   Public   Uullat-
Wiaavv la.       U'la.-ia    Tit.lilaa   aal     rntU 1 *****fOTlUlrttObt,   Paaat  Ollice   BulMtnC,   Wlnnl-
UlgW.lg      WIHIl      llglllW.Hl    lells    ���e)i. Man. Mr. Wna. Hentlea,,,),.  Ileaaialeni  Archl-
toct. Victairln. II C. at the Pott OHicc, Vancaiuver
antl at thita Department.
Persians temlerltiK are naatili!<tl thnt tentlern will
not tie cttnniileretl tinle.it niiatle on tlie printed
faarmtt Ftipplieal, nn.l nititieil with theit netiml aiR-
nature*. r.tntintr their aaccupatlaanta anai placpa taf
resilience. In thecnoe nf lirniia. the ttcttml alirna-
lure, the nature of the taectitintloti anal plnce of
resilience of each tnemlaer of the linn BUM, lae
Ent-h teniler tntml lie ftccnmi'ntiiaHl by nn nc-
eoptoa! cheapo- aan a chnrteraxl  Ititnla, pnynhia' to
the filler .af the llaattaatirftblf the Minister t.f   I'tila-
llc Works, cpml t.i len per it   Mn (..cl  aaf  the
atmiunt of tin' tentler. which will  lie fatrfcltail  ir
the persaati ta-inlerlnar aleclina1 to enter tntti n ootl*
trnc! when cnllaxl uptat, tit tin  ao,  or  fall  I lli-
plote the work cntitriicteal fair.     If  tlw   tender la'
nut ncca.pttsl the ehflqM will lae relurnaxl.
Thc Depnitment lines not liilul  itself t.i :i |.t
the lowest air nny tentler.
By tinier.
It. 0, DESKinlll.liS.
a story is it always iit some other
fellow's expense.
Gunler- The same condition ex-1
ist>. when he lakes a drink
lir Purchaser    Your eggs
very   small   today.   Mr.
The I
are all
Mr. Jones -Yes'm,
but I'm sure I don't
We tarry a Complete line of
Condensed Advertisements. REJOICINGS WERE HELD
Popping Sounds Accompanied the Fixing in Place of
<tu suit.   Style
Prlcei ta. please
Briefly, that'i our argument
Don't Forget Big Ben
Finest alarm i lock a ver -..i'i.
He's in our window,
Heintzman Pianos
**��� to buy, or tell, or hire, or loan? Try The
Optimist CoitdMlMd Ail. route.
HOUSES WANTED-Pumtih��d or unfurnlih-
��d, 2 to 6 roonu.   If Incuti-m and  1'rice suit
me I will ���"���nl th��m myself ami pay rent In ad-
\ance. no waiting, no listing.   I'hone ine today'
Black ���'>��������� UncUJtrry, 18-tf
THK Brtttth Union and National Kire tniurtncfl
Compunj of London. England) with capital
of *J ""��."'���" Sm ua for rates. The Muck
Really .ir-i I' -unmet1 Company, 7u*tf
WaNTKI'    Room and board in private family
>>    x U . OptimiatOfflea. 14
TX7ANTED- ll im, *\ or S roomt and bath, fur-
'* nlshcdorunfumlibadtatonca. Apply at
Optimist !1     X 57-tf
URANTED   Woman or young man toa��8istin
kltchei     Wmtn 135 par month with room.
^^^^^^ M-tf
Apply P. R.
. i n ipltal.
tna Rlvei    Good wagM paid.
���xparlai w    \i ���  ��� V ���* Box U,
filK BPECIALTY   Flro Insuranca.   Wa ttp**t*
^   Kent �����;>������.���: itrong Flrt Inturanca Compaq*
ion.   Wa warn    �����- builnaM. !r��.- and unit). .
Let LU quote you ri.;.'-     The Mack Realty and In-   ^nilltt'u
turanci C i rd Ave. and Fulton Sl   Tn   .
| few  mon
Chief License Inspector of British
M^rv.GB^itS|tHvVAPP^!columbia     Y i��  had  the
 hanging been accomplished by Pr7s
idem J. II- R gers than there was
  .1 sound of guggle, guggle, guggle,
Th.- Princ- Rupert I. ���!�����. NV IM, Son.   ���' i ,,-    ���)���..���.    ... ...
Buitand.n ������        ti ind third TuMdtyt in ami   .1   number  oi   glasses   were
..!.'!���   nth In ���...��� Carpenter! Hall, at -p m. .       , a     ,|J_|,_J    ������|    ������c.,.,.
... v'clark, Sm raised and clinked and    success
Kaien Island Club License Last Night
Improvements to be
The official hanging took place orderly welcome,   The Prince Ru-
I.im night,    IT had been placed pert Wholesale Liquor and Supph
;n  a  neat   black  frame and  set company donated a case of chain-
in a promident place.    IT staled pagne for the occasion and E, .1
whereas   the   Kaien   Island Morrow gave a go.Kl sized barrel
a liquor license and whereas etc..     There-S  going  t0  be a  tran>.
the   Attorney-General   had fonnation   scene   worked   in   ihe
the  applicadon   then  a cllll)-_. quarters.    It  was decided
whereases under which
was the signature of F. S. Hussey,
W'ANTI'Ii   Exparitnctd wttehimtkar for Ska* _______m        a-     .��� a- r i
��'    .na Rlvtar    Good waarea Daitl.   Must ham   C Hll>    had     made    application     lur    nl   PCLT
S. 0. E. B. S.
G. T. P. Tran.fer Agent.
Orda'ra promptly " .."I.   PrtCW reasonable.
OFFICE-H. P. RoclxaUr.OntnSt    Phone*
The Westholme Lumber Co.
Firat Avenue Telephone 18t
quarters, it was aec
last night to purchase an English
billiard table ami a pool table. I
to enlarge and fix up the smoking
room, to furnish two card rooms
and also to make a number ��� .1
other alterations. When the annual meeting of the club was held
some time ago it was agreed to
issue debentures. Since then nothing was done. Last night a move
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ was made in the matter
The   license   arrived   by   mail;0' the debentures were .-old.    An
yesterdax  irom V'ctoria and the Mor will be made to sell more.
members of the club after a busi-     There's a bright future ahead]
ne<     meeting    gave   it    a   quiet
Companies Will Sell Through
Tickets   Again   This   Year
The withdrawal of through
freight tariffs between Vancouver and points in the Yukon on
the rail and river lines of the
White Pass & Yukon Route is
not expected to bring about any
change in the ticketing of through
passenger traffic. At the present
time the White Pass & Yukon
Route and connecting ocean lines
are discussing the passenger situation, .md ii is expected that this
>ear. as in the past, travellers
from Vancouver and intermediate
points will be able to purchase
through tickest.
Advices from   While  Horse  are
to the effect  thai navigation on
the  upper Yukon  River  is  not
Pel,Me June  I
lhal  the rivei
fm ten
i\l ,u ihe
;ind these
that   point
as  lhe   ce
will  carr)
foot  ���
expected lo a'p
and  ii  is  possi
will not be free from ici
days .it tti thai dale.
Three steamers wintet
foot oi lower I n Barge
will  gei  awa)   from
for  I >a\\ sou as soon
stalls.     I'hese  boats
few   passengers,   being   loadrt
capacity with freight carried t
While Horse to the
lake over the ice during I
lew months.
An epidemic ol grippe has :. i it
raging this spring among Loin
Five tiny children have for two
months conducted n series of well
planned thefts in Liverpool, flu
eldest is eleven, and thc g.mg w.is
led by a baby of seven.
i -.ii ctmrlotto,'ilawli Und DUtrict -Dbtriotoi
...,,. ,������,,,., Imi ..John MoUpdot Vancouver,
,,,,.., i.r.'i.ai. Intond i" apply tor permWon
'",.'..'' ."i'i l" ''i"1'"'"' i"'1"11"111" o"ll"' loUowini
'In".'"'"''1.'".!" r:.., ,. ,���,.,! pluntud at tho mouth ul
Tilaa'al   lalllla!
,,,|1C|HJ III II I"
('..iiiiiii'iia-ii'K I" '��� ' : ������;���|
tii..-1'l.l lUvorind marli.'il   J-
,,,.. \,. so, Honco Miuiii) ou on
i'i ������   ��� .1    ,rt I, Kll ailiulll
Mcl., N. B. Cl.
. __  _.    halna, Ihonco wa'-at
airih hll chaina, Ihonco cunt 80
chair��� io'lioliil of commcnocmcntl containinu 1110
���craw, more or lojf-
l-lll-   I'al-   ISi
a-hllllll. III!
JOHN   Mcl.Kola
Ia'Mb 1-1. Waller, Agont.
aittti CkwIotW Wondi l*nd nimrict-DUtrlct ut
���a , ,. ... :���.,��� ihai I, Julia McLi'iiil ul Vaiiciiuvcr,
oceuutlon orokor, Intmd to apply or PfmWon
,,,!,, eod md potroleum on tht following
mea'SgM a poll plaiiti'il about twu milvs
j    Mcl     N   W Cornor, Nai. It, llifncai auutli hU
thenco anal   su I'liaiii". llicncu  nunh  ho
thenco ��cal  hU a-haina to puint ul cam,-
i, i,.:'.!. ' Clirtnoe MoDowtll, Ajwil
Ouean Churlotto lalnndi Und Ilialrict -Ulatrici ut
Tako nouco tlmt I. John .McUml pi vtaotvavw,
occuptU irokor, Inund lo tpply lur pumWon
tupmpwi i.r c.aul uml petroloum on Uu loUowtruj
Commoncing at ��� pool pltntod al.uut twu mllta
���,.���, ���| Hi,, mouth -I tho TM Ilia'T anil markril
,        U_|        \     I      1  aarllaT,   Ntl.   IV,   llll'llC!'  BUUtll   hll
ahtatni   thenco *ool 80 chalna, thtnot north no
chaliui. thonco oaal 80 chalna to point of cum-
mencemonu conuining 840 acr���. mora, or lens
Dated Keb.II, 1911       ��� B.ffi?*}WBI.
Pub. Fob.Ma I lari'lict) McDowell, Attttl
a  mn
..._...._^_____________,        raist\l  and  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
l>. a t^Vill Prince Rupert   (()    ,|H,    \Kl]..n    \.lm.\    Qub"    \\ .1-
the ti asi
of the K. I. C. say the directors.
I Northern Produce Coy.
Send for our W,
Phone 151
If you are requiring any kind   of
Pig��    or    Dairy   Produce
Write   direct   to
363 Cordova Strret. East
VANCOUVER.      -      B.C.
The L��rge��t Dealer in Live Poul*
���-try in  Western   I anada    ������
Home of L. W. Patmore Blessed
by the Arrival of Twins
Tornado Wrecks Homes at Valley Mines
rwvntv-fnur hours  emiing 5   a. m.,
April 14.
Haal. Tl��r.        KIN. TUP. BAR.       IS. RAIN
41.4 :��.6       30.12>     .   18
Twins,   two sturdy little  sons,
arrival  at   the palatial  home of
I.. \Y.  Patmore yesterday.    The!
boys  are  doing  splendidly,   and ���
  Mr>.   Patmore   is   making   good
Storm Swooped Suddenly Down  progress.       Congratulation      are
White Men and Negroes are showered upon Mr. Patmore.
Killed in their Homes with
Their Women-folk. School Closed
The   publie  school   closed   yes-
Special otheOptimist tfr_jay   afternoon   until  Tuesdaj
St.   Louis.   April     14.���Eight
French Toilet Waters
Pass Egg Dyes
death- resulted at Valley Mines
today when a torn-ado struch the
place hurling down a number of
buildings and doing other damage
 to property.
About twenty other people were
'������re: .la'caul Kacft V   ���   . , ,
Tjka. r.titjav ihit J��fk IWlanl cf  Knthla-j.   "l.Hired    more    or    les>    seriously.
Many are Working
Though many of the store- are
closed today outsde work is go ng
on as on other week day .
^J.-^.a.iu i.^a.^1..^^.
.��� .���. ���.-.   t* ��� ���-.'.'
��� w w and...
Your Family
,,:;:      .<-y
. . .
���'. VV
. ���:-.-
will maka- money, and real mimt-y, by
each of you making a small Investment in
Bitter Creek Lots
You can buy thtin eheapsr now  than
you will at any future  time,  as yam
buy   tha-Mi  direct   from tho  original
owners  and   Bt   the  airiginal  pries.
Bitter Creek Has a Future
Lotl  ci.-;   r.a-w   !.���   Knight for JlOO.nil
and  up;  quarter cash,   balance four
eight aril twelve months at seven par
cent.   Write or ask me for descriptive
pamphlet which tells you all about it.
Chartotto blandi Und Dbtriot���Dktriot uf
Tnki- nniirt' iliut I. John McLood pi Vaaoouvw,
ooeuutlon broker. Intend i�� apply fur pymwrinn
to prwpvel f"f cotl nnd petroleum on Um rouowini
dowribiHl Inndi:
Commenetni ��t �� i"'-*1 pUnted at tin- mouth of
the Tl-cl KIw end mirkod J. McL. S. K. Cnrner,
No I, tbence north Ml (')>ai"��. tlivncv wt��t ���-���|
ehtlnt, tbence louth 80 chuim., thence eant h'J
Ofatine '.o point uf oonnMOOnMBV containinu
dip iicrt^, inori' or len*
Dai Sk.ll. ww. JOHNICfiLBOD
Pub. I'I'- -;*- t'luriiiirt- MrI)owi>ll, Ajc*-iit
Queen Chariotu talandi Land Diatriet -Dlitrict of
Tuke nmiiv tlmt I. John Mcl aim! of Voncouvcr,
(innp.ition bro4ter, Inund to apply for MfmlvoJo
to \ ������ i��t't fur cual ami petroleun ����n the fullow me
dflMribed alnda:
Cooattwneltti at �� imwi plantad tiwui five uBai
north and''one mile mal  of thu mnuth of thc
, Tl-el River and markad J. Mci.., N. w. Conor
Nu. it  ihenee Miuth mi ehaina. thunce eaat ho
| chainn, thonoe north  B0 cluunx,  thencc  wtwt   Mi
! chain- iu point of commencement;  containinR 'ill)
��� aeroa. mun' ur leaa
Dated M' 86, 1011. -1--HS McLKOD
I Puh. Pal. B& Clarence Mclhtwdi, Aicent
M F. G. Dawson   -   Prince Rupert  ��|j
storm  ii'nk  th
town  with
and   those
York��hirr.   1 ��� * a- I.   a.-cu; ��-.., ���    ...... v.r.   irr -a-i.
-���  U  -;;..   tm  !-rn.;^ion to tmrchwap th. I*'1
���rUll J.awnl-I  laar.Ji; trtllaa..         llrltla'aial..*
u-..l��r>   ol  ;;���    ���                  ���  W  snd  in ���.; a a. ��� 1   ���..���... a-raajlawl   ita   lha-ir  llll))ll-��
tha. wutiwriy limit oi :       ���     .. .   s. eo��.: killitl were irtt>lK-(l in tiuir noraes
'"-   "���   ***** I,;..1,    1, ,,,.,-.���|   ,���,| rrllaatltliwl   lliliM'
allaanc  th.  KUtr.--                                   ������   lioIMlal -M" " I-ll.lt toral .Hid CrlllllKllXl .UHl\ I
and th* prvlmior. '.bem.! ;r. *r. rmft.r ,t    ;    a        a.
��� .����� :o :t. ���Mlwll limit ot tneir llcul?-.
,   .                                    . rSS Six   of   ihe   dead   are   colored
.      . Et people,  two negrecscs,  and  four
-                                                 ���   ������*���''���* Tn.M     ..K.'to      mmi      H.T.-
-                          .        - nogroe>,     Iwo  white   nun   win
r* cr .**** to the point ol
The Midland Railway Com|
has   entered   iniu   a   f'rl.^!^: nai
agreement to take over the er.:::i
undertaking of til Ti!': ur;.
and Southedn Ra
also kille-el in an effort it is l> lieved
to save life.   Close search among
I Com Htm v ''u'   ruinul    liuililinys   failed    to
-T.k. 5PI". i*- 1 iannt. ....
������   :. to "���
������-���'.��� '
���*.*���   ���
i .   -���: .���    . .
Tht I'Sontt* D-Vffttl
PHONE   :    ;    ;    82
tor *.m
'��� ���*r*d,:   ���������________------������������
��� ��� . ***���. *..-.���.����� �� ._, r_Rh ,!_,
 B_n Du-
.    ....'"���      ,*    '"''",     ; "���"' '   *    .��� ���������
"ldtr.* pr -
Uiy othe   l��>d e>.
Br;-.. ��� ��� have
proached   thi States
��� ^ - ��� ���   . ��� .
the m -������...���
1 commercial treatief.
i    ...
tn��c Mit:t
The bird
| at  Ktain  Colles
toTs&SSSSttl Famine Relief Committee Make j uPP��r  lorm   ���
Kits . '.tMC*
i In ���
������ei  lot
��� Mt lh*
I   ��� .���
" Tlrr.ca*
���:.   a
-    far as
���  -rneci.
an Appeal
..Easter Flowers..
Frvth Cut Bloom* fto - VkIoH*
ARTIC    ���    STUDIO
The committee for the Cliin.i
ctuins '' """ Famine  Relief  have written  the
tmmt*\  l,l"iini-t   asking   that   an   appeal
.' be made i'a>r funds fnr their work.
���*���**-*'t** Tluy describe the conditions as
tb of Spring.
hut *w. ��� ter fur.
Mils la
can a.r jar;
From   Califorala'i
Art:   i'.i
Vaiu'ii nl ���     'a- rs' toll
fr..m llnney Lawson.
..-. Pi-
\ cane ni.t>   ' ��� --���.;���.
the clothing.
The lower form       -  howe\-er,
still mav be I
The ll>e Ol -
at Eton date? back tn 1*70.
"     " .���.   -I
������  moi*
appalling,  with   the  harvest   .ill
: ��� \ i I bj the great flood, and
no food available from the soil|.ct!rPorate
Wales   iu
��� *
met. a. mm.
������.::       .
I'ui,. Much :������.
ill later June.    It  i- estimated
��� r-mi- will starve
to ai- .i:h unit ��� help is sent, and
that .i iloli.ir .ii.il a half will -a\<
i life. Aii effort i> living made
to send 1100,000 from Canada.
ri��H8&&��&��i Mr s ���' Moore. 445 King St. VV.,
foronto, i> the treasurer.
king has di lined to in-
the Red I ��� ��� ��
the Royal v'
and the coinagi. but has dirt i ������ i
ihat amis of Wales should be
included in some form in th��-*e
of the Prince of Wales.
V   a
�� ��� p.v.1 |:,.,,..! at (lit *.utha....
���    .. th. ���  .
thai.,   th.t.-.
n a-ncrmrnt. c.��n.
: ... l.i
i ��� :
Analra-aaa Ka-a-.ra-aly. Airrnt
\ aurcrtn   PKnn*��  1 ^S       swau-ni-���������; Dt.Matt.fOMM
Ldwwn, rnoiie ioo   t,k, m ,M,rR
1   '   ������   TICK
H.1kt el Crt tunsr S  %_**_'*'?$_.  ,.,,
���������'_���_'. :        ���  'r ...1
A baseball team composed en*
tirely of clergymen in Grand Junction, Colorado, is the latest acquisition. This team is made
up of pastors of various churches
and includes some former college
stars The ministers practice daily
Prime George left  for -   that  is six days a week   and
ir.t. pa^t piaantH and marked p.  Wuicouver  this  moriiiiaU  ami   the have i~Mieil ,t challenge to anv team
R iS.W.i r .n.i irr.m��liaata-'.r fadjotnlnc i-.f , , -
mwkftdJM. ne. rorner ��n.i a ii ��� _s t: cor- State   of   ( aliloriiia   lor   >e,uila' in,iilc up ol nieinliers of one pro.
5. S
Sailed   Away
Amur will leave this after*
���are that  I. I'rter K��; I. ..'. Vancavjver.    niHlll  lur <'llee!',  ('harlot te   1-1.lilll-
���   tnaMnfta-r. Intend, to apply for
t ar.'h.w the folaWlnfl tlefcnbed     [he   9
hai-.. Ihinw. ea.t 4t>ch.ina.
���  .*,-., t��..t 4   a-hair... to   jtll llere !.1-1  nigl
I ��� ���    ���  ��� ar   ***"   tcrvt
, V. Kill). 	
1'h.rle, It. Allen. Airent
j   QOMa (liurlaitte t��laiial.. Ijantl Dintrict -Dutrict ol
Taka. nntitv llaal I, John Mcletitl ol V.ncouver
aaCfatl.lallt.il   linik-T,   illlfllll   tO .|l|l|y   lilt   |vrillll.-lllll
lu |ira��|iaTt lur ctaaal .nil iielroleum on tha. lollowini
aja..frilat.<l land.:
Cummi.ncili|l at n |"-l |'lantt*l twu milea wa*t
uf 11..- iiiuuili ul tin- Tl-a-l Itiva-r .ml m.rkoal J
Met.. S. W. Cnrnt-r. Nu. -S, thence north SO
chain., thenc a-aant Ml chain*, thence aouth MU
Chain., tlicnca* aat'-t Ml ch.ina to paaint of com*
��� . dMBMt: cunt.inui),' lata) .cra-a. more or letaa.
1 Datca! Feh. II, llUt. JOHN McLKOD
I'uh. ftbSt, Clan-nci' McDowell. Ajent
a,....   Charlotte Inlands I ... '. Ilutrict -DUtrict  ot
Tiki naatice that t. John Mel-eotl of V.ncouver,
occuputiun laraikaT. inta>ntl to appl > (or |aermiaaaion
to praaaptTt (or caaat and in'truleum on the followini
tle.cril.e.1 land.:
eiinimt' cin| at . p��aatt l)lanta*t .bout four milaaaa
nurth .nai one n lie a<auat ail the mouth ol the TM
Kiver antl marka<ti J   Met... S. K. Corner. N'o. till
thenc,- north HO  ciitiia*.  (hence ua-.t   Ml chai a,
thence *.mth   BQ cha.n*.   iliftica-  ea-t   1*0   chain.
I. :i i of f-'ia la.r ca tt:a:,i.   cuhtaininit MO acr a,
irure air !e^
I......- I.:    ������. e.:i JOHN MeLEOD
Pub.F*4>.tt Cl ranee McDowell. A|a-nt
i uavn Charlotta. I-land* ljind Diatrict -Di'lrict ol
T.ke naalica that 1. J,aim Mcla��aa.l ol ancouver,
occuiiation iToi.t-r. tt.tei,,l lo atn-la Inr itermtwdon
U )iru.|*Yt lur cual a:ul [ t-truleum tan the followini
dMOrtbul land.:
Commencini at . |iaa.t plante I about four mllea
nonh .nai one mile ea*t tit the mouth ot the TW
Hiver anal marke.1 J. McL. N B. Corner, N'o ft,
thenre Mtuth mi chain., there- wa-at mi chaini,
thence north *0 chair., tha'tice t��*t Ml chain, to
poini of commencement, caintainmi CIO aereat,
more or leaa.
Date.1 Feh IS, lull. JOHN McLKOD
l-uh. Feb. S>. Clara-nce Mcl laawell, Aient
Queen Charlotte laland. Unal Dutrict    Di.trict of
T.ke notice that I. John Mcl^utl al Vanceuver.
aiccupatlun hraiker. inteml lo appl} f..r i��rml��alon
lo pmapeel (or coal .ml p.tr '. um tm ihe followini
alrecnl-ed tantl.-
Commencini at . port ptanesl alaout fnur mile.
Jtiull. ami Iwaa milea we-l ul the mouth o( th*
llel Itaaer anal marked J. Mc.L. N. E. Corner.
No. 74. thence aouth I 0 chalna, thence wwt KO
chain., thenee north: 0 chain., ihence eut *0
ch.ina lo poinl of comma.taca.ment; caintainini 610
acre*  more or le*.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. Jll||\- Mcl.KOD
Tub. Feb. SI. Clarane. McDowell, Aient
Skaena Land IM-trict    Di.trict of CaaaMt     *
T.ke   nonce   that   Oil.   J    llcn-m   aaf   Princ.
Kupert. II. C. occupation promt-tar intenda le
apply lair t*.rm)a*ion to lea*a-1he (ullowini aleiacrilae.1
t'aaninia nelng at a poat i litnia.) almut a a-u.rter
A a mile (rum the north ae.t ctari.tr o( (iibaon
l.lanal ain the aaid Oihaon Nlar.tl. thenee Miuth IU
Chair,", thenee eaaal 20 chsin*. thence norlh 40
chain., thenca- we.t 20 chain* to poinl nfCotn-
mer.cemer.t. Contatntnl-0 acn-* tnnreaaf laaa..
Date.1 .i��th March. IUll
Advertise in
C��ut Land Distriet   District of Sk.
lake     ������������
ViirtXZ    '" '��� ' ���"" BaTTOdtaP' of
iii ii mmi ni,,,! t i      ��� pomnwodng
'"���� .' -, i, l',0'-��'���'���reher I��-
folloWlng h|Bh-".tl?!.*'1* llire<li��"
ll���ii.���w���       |lV;"''rillilrk HOO  feet;
.,..e.i....;:l,,i \,, i,.w w,,,,,,. mark t.
northerly  r.,||0wiV,���"'i"    m*_t'< thenco
'���-'""f'-.t  i, i,.     K l,,w  wat,,r  mark
nunc. n,.,,!.    ,u- to point of oom-
Datod Mitr,.,, .'Vi*\ ,,,{KNf>LER-
�����t Insertion ������h u
I'ub. March I
"���   ".it.    * ..���
wii.uvm fmnkum uimrn
Sktjena 1^-. 1 [a,ef
Ta,. ���
II    I   .
C��oan**ne ��� I   at
Uk-'aael...     t
ol MM
S. W. i ornor
Ktai Fob 11. IHI.
b. - ���-*****���
\.   . -.  ���   of Van.
a: : y
; ....       - ..
irkrtl W.
���  .    .
a       ��� -. th.nce
���   '
.   - .... -  ...
1 Charle. B Stark. Aaenl
I AskUncleJerry5��
���-��� Hii-tt       Tali.   n.a--.   that   I. Ai-aaad.r   Ituch.n. aaf
ar. HC, ---a a atlon t.-atcha r. intend, to
air |   at-eeril-^    *i ���      '  ��� .��       "a-m  ^��� purchaae ah. *��
I""*��M UHfaiTtalllM
ub. March I.
.     - a .r^oT leaaa
Al.l.XXNIil.K lie. H a-
rt I.-    mi        i t.atle* 11   Allen. Ae
Skc-.U- | li.tiaat   tliatn.trfr,,,,
Skean. Und  DWt�����DMrlH tt i.a.t   IU-e-15       TWa. I   UMIbM I. J.hn Miller   ���t V.
Take n-tiee thai An|u.He.tnnn!i'ri-.f. II:-..-     Bl pa '.i.b.1. ... ??."."V'
B. C . .t��v-j|��taa-n miner. Intenal. lo app'v [.�� |*r-   i - .,. haa- th. f��� \.���,., ,u���'.��3
mtoton tn purchaae the'-ii^arina ;e��-!~i :,m.    Und. -awinr aea��Mr-a
********   'l.Kliiml I
Commencini at �� p-at  nian-el  a'  Ihe ��.utb      C-��nmenein�� al ��i>r��t pUnta.i ,|. ,.  , .._,.   as
it cwner of Ix-t 3<"<'. th.nce  m chain, .ml.   Inn ta.l.waler_M ihe hmdaaf Laaeatenb.Bn.ud   X7
please take t.ntiee ami list your 'aroper-
M^   tlla-
alaove you think   our  equipment should
On January 16th   nntl  2'jnd. Eastern   produce   the   liest   result!,   you should
papers on Jan. 16th, Western papers coins In at once.
on Jin. Snd, our Prince Kupert Op- We advise everyone to get in the
portunity advertisement appeared in market this spring and summer. Sell
papers In New York. Boston, PrOVl" when you lave a profit; huy again,
tlence, Kansas City, Denver. Sun Fran- That's the way to make money. You
cisco, l,o�� Angeles, St. Paul and 37 can make many times as much money
Siinalay issues of laiu I'.S. dally news- if you will huy and sell and not hold on
papers in all. On Feb, 2"ath our I'rince so lung to property. All of you put
Kupert aalvertisemi-nt appa-arcd in 26 your shoulder to the wheel and boost-
Canatlian dally newspapers. keep on boo��ting-that'��   the   way   we
will make a hig city.
Prince Rupert
UNCLE JERRY U it,   ,      jj
Has a  Free  Informatn ,.,pi,rtm ���.   ��MV    UllCIe   JfirrV     ^
for strangers in the City and  f���r ���������. %,m * J      ~~
residents by correspondence.
He Buys Leases
He Buys I/)ts      ^^^^^
He  has  Stores  to  Kant
He  Buys Lands in Sk
River Valleys.
g:*"w Brings ...!!:,*:,".:,:;: .-�����>�������������im����..��.y
���*��� Boys Contracts itoreon ,""M !1 dwelling or
wm and Naas
"I- llay. and
thenee 10 ehaina p-uth. thenee alaa-ut 10 chain. marKH J.M. ��� N.fc      .r^r. then. __
rnrnt to Laatelaae Lske, thenee meanderinr ....                                        an., thenr. ea.t sn ehainaZ
ahor. In .n northerly direetlon to point of a..���, thence north ..chain*, t. i      -    I -nn.nce.
���ell   rontainlnf 1T0 aere.. mofe or lea
ment, cntaininr ***" acre, m-.re t-r le...
| Ask Uncle Jerry
Uncle Jerry
"^..^ JERRY"     .'"-T***T "u"",m""1 w""i
He wants RO Holl,e, t��� ���
He Sells Leases He 1*11. ia   ,
He Sella Lots Ht 8 I     ���""* *
tt u* t ontrnoi.
He wants Stores to Rem
He  Sells  Lands
pi'':,:;'!,,:;;;:1"^- ����������*
II.   IV,
ms fc
-t..i-,. ,,���   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
V,,!!;:1;,.;;11 : - ��-.d io, and
��� He in        '""y ,"'v,,,,,,,t '"""���
��������"�������� y'lurt.::,1:::':"" >���"���"��� '������-����i
.Von  eight
____%________! _f\ __ iiiii
up tha Ski
'   i I;
Ask Uncle Jerry


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