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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1911-01-21

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 The rnnce Kupert Optimist
DAILY EDITION    ^   'o>   ~~ - ^   ��';'     *H|
I ������s���-===== V��*��, //
���a******-    ~- N**^ *.- ,.>   r V	
IfOL. II. NO. I7 PR-NCE Rupert, B.C.. Saturday, January 21. 19tt^__-^ Price. KiVB (
Prince Rupert, B.C., Saturday, January 21, UJtTr-
Price, tivE Cents
|rondale Steel Company to Locate an Auxiliary Plant
Somewhere on Fraser River���Money Loaned
by English Capitalists���One   Million
Dollars Ready February First
(Special to the Optimist)
j Seattle. Jan. 20.���A ten million
hilar loan on properties in the Western
Iteel Corporation, one million of which
Ust be paid over here on the first day
M February, and the arrangements
Irovided that the balance will be
Ivailable when necessary, was made
ksttrday in this city by James A.
lloore with a bunch of London capitalist!.
I The money is being raised to increase
{lie rapacity of the plsnt of the Iron-
lie and auxiliary steel plant in British
Columbia, a site for which has been
-cured, according to thc latest reports,
lomewbere un the Fraser River near
(iew Westminster. The final con-
luy.rr.:.'���.���ii of the deal will be made in
-ondon whither Mr. Moore has gone.
e sailed yesterday.
The specific plans and location of
lie Canadian pUnt will not be revealed
until after the return of  Mr.  Moore
from London.
Preparation*   Made   for   ���   Memorable and Enjoyable Festival
Scots one and all in Prince Rup>rt
remember utiat the Burns' Birthday
Banquet provided by Mr. Peter Black
on Wednesday 25th, is going to be a
rouser. Proprietor and staff of the
Central Hotel are on their mettle to
make this the success of the season, and
thc St. Andrew Society members to
. man mean to make the entertainment
worthy of the memory of Robbie
Burns. Conviviality and good cheer
will not flag throughout the festival.
Bc there if you can. This Burns
Banquet will be one to write home
Pn to Vancouver It Requested
to Attend thc Court���Cava Inter-
I ��i��w to Pr,��� and Made Sweeping
Charles of Graft.
Spsdti to the Optimist)
Vancouver,   Jan.   20.-Mr.   Joseph
fl����i��. at. P.. for the East St. Pancras
rtituensy ol Undon, England, who
���now visitinj. hj*, home here, has been
iubpo i,a.,|   ,���   m-y,   evidence   before
I" Royal  Commission   which   is   at
"'���nt hiring ��� trying time investigat-
1 *���" -'ni'  Immigration scandal.
Mr. Ulrtin'l advent in the witness
���� h be 11 |,wiked forward to with
P�� torn      i.oth by  the press and
f* public,   lot   his  utterances   upon
T ndlcats that he msy be
J ' ' M>'"e light on the dark
r" '  investigation.   Last night
T* *m t   \.,| i*.*,( Kiving an interview
t " which In* made sweeping
���FjJ ttttX,    The rounscl for the
wtninior, iMvernment believcB he knows
"wWn��  about   the  subject   matter
��� w�� Inquiry that ���ught to be brought
|0"' in optn rourl.
J ��� ^Express Company Announce
"���-���luction at Conference
ItftW.!^' Jun'  21-��Special)-The
lEx.,r ,* ' <'i*nadilin "nd American
IwZL m,"nny a,"1(""'��d at their
Lv ", 'y ,hul ��� reduction would
I r��,,hh,'M|yuk��,��*-Mtu|iot. all through
icfife &    21-(Speci.l)-The
PKrfH  in, ,mlWay  llwty^made.a
Ul ������ w par ont,
Proponed Line to Take in Vancouver,
Aukland and Sydney Premier
Hope* for Better Trade and Tariff
with Canada.
(Special to the Optimist)
Wellington, N. Z., Jan. 20.���New
Zealand has stepped into the breach
caused by thc backing out of Australia
in regard to the Aiikland-Vancouver
steamship service. In a statement
today Sir Joseph Ward, the Primce
Minister of New Zealand said that the
New Zealand governement subsidy to
such a steamship service between Vancouver, Aukland, and Sydney would be
$100,000 a year.
At the same time Sir Joseph expressed i
the hope that after thc conference in
London between the Australian and the
Canadian premiers a solution satisfactory to both in regard to tariff and
trade affairs would be brought about.
No One Seems Anxious to Claim the
In reference to thc dynamite found
on Third avenue yesterday some controversy is now going on as to who is
the owner. Mr. Shocam, a representative of M. Gurvitch, telephoned the
Optimist today to say that the dynamite
referred to was found in the area of D.
Horrigan's gang. The City Engineer
is still acting under the assumption
that it was found on Gurvitch's contract.
Just how much loose dynamite is
'lying about the streets of Prince Rupert
is not yet clear. The police are on the
track of several contractors, who arc
alleged to have been guilty of negligence
in the matter.
Mr. J. D. Wells Hat Enough Ore in
Sight to Ensure 15-ton Capacity
Cyanide Plant Being Operated
for a Year.
J. D. Wells came to town again this
week with specimens from the Golden
Crown property. All of these specimens
show free gold, and show that if the
vein carries such values to any depth,
it is indeed a rich one.
He states that he has enough ore
in sight to insure a 15-ton capacity-
cyanide plant being kept in operation
one year, on ore that will average $100
to $150 per ton, and that the lowest
values he has so far taken out will not
run under $12 per ton.���Inland Colonist.
Victim   Won  the  Affections  of  His
Sweetheart   but   is   Now    Dying
from  His Wounds  in   Hospital.
Waited Outside Her Home.
(Special to the Optimist)
Toronto, Jan. 21.���Ludwico Longom.
an Italian of handsome build, who
lived at .16 Agnes s��r,tl is now dying
slowly in the city hospital as a result
of a series of vicious knife wounds in
the groin, the abdomen and back.
In addition to these all sufficient injuries the four fingers of his right hand
are almost severed from their member.
His terrible condition is the result
of the mad attack of a fellow countryman who is now wanted by the city
police for the crime. His name is
Joseph Gaciage.
It is understood that jealousy was
the cause of the crime. The unfortunate man won the affections of
Gariage's sweetheart. Gaciage waited
for him outside the girl's home and after
following him into an unfrequented
place worked his terrible revenge upon
How Wm. Templeman Has Grievance Investigated���
Instructions Issued to Increase the Contract
���Will Have Railway Mail Service Inaugurated Soon as Possible
The question of shipping mails between Prince Rupert and Hazelton
is one that has disturbed the minds of
many people around this district.. Hon.
William Templeman, the member for
the district, has been instituting an
inquiry into the matter and has forwarded to the Optimist a report on
the matter from the office of the Controller of the Railway Mail Service
in which it iB clearly pointed out that
if the instructions of the department
are carried out there should be no
accumulation of first and second class
matter at the Prince Rupert post
office for points between Hazekon and
Prince Rupert. These instructions were
issued on December 28th und providi
for the limit of weight to be increased
from 400 lbs. to 600 lbs. and arrangements made for the despatch of mai
from the close of navigation over this
Wealthy    Lumberman     Takes    His
Life without Cause
Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 20.���(Special)���Harrison P. Grow, . wealthy
and well known lumberman, committed
suicide in the cellur of his home today
by cutting his throat wilh B razor. His
body was not discovered till long afetr
the deed had proved its effect. No
cause has been assigned.
Contractor   Gets   a    Big   Stake   for
Wrongful Dismissal
Calgary, Jan. 21.���(Special)���The
City Council of this city lost the case
against the contractor, W. Davies.
Davies sued them for wrongful dismissal and was awarded $116,000.
Husband and Father Was Away in
Chicago on Business- Maidservant Escapes Death by Leaping
From Window.
(Special to the Optimist)
Toronto, Jan. 20. - A terrible tragedy
occurred in this city today involving
thc loss of four lives by lire. Mrs.
Percy G. Brooks and her three children
the oldest of whom was five were
burned to death in their home. The
maid servant saved herself by leaping
from the window to the street. Mr.
Brooks, the husband, is away in business
at Chicago. The fire spread with
lightening like rapidity. Thc bodies
of the victims were recovered in a
horribly mutilated condition. The house
in which thiy live was completely
The report mentions the railway in
connection with the service. It says,
however, and with a degree of truth
that cannot be denied, "that to utilize
the trains for this purpose under present
conditions would be useless as the
trains may stop urywheri from 10 to
90 miles from Prince Ru| crt, and the
contractors for the winter service would
be at sea as to where conn. *ct ions are lo
be made with the train service."
The report goes on to say it is possible that towards the end of the current
month trains may bc operated under
a regular schedule to a point about
a hundred miles east of Prime Rupert,
in which rase a regular mail service
would be established. This idea, however, passed out of the sphere os possibility with the advent of the hard
weather which put a stop to the ballasting till the spring.
Will Be in Operation Around   Nome
Within  Five    Years
"Fifty dredges will be in operation
around Nome within five years and
each dredge will be extracting gold to
an average value of $76,000 or a total
of nearly $4,000,000 annually," said
Gerald Hutton, manager for the Rii-
don Iron Works, of San Fransicso.
Mr. Hutton represents the Risden
people in the north during the summer,
superintending the work of installing
the dredges. Eighteen dredges are
now in operation on the Seward peninsula, according to Mr. Hutton, and not
one of them lies idle throughout the
summer season.
Hawthornthwaite Jollies Jrrdine a
Bit -Debate on Address Concluded Chilliwack Member Wants
Dominion Covt. to Build a Canal.
ISpecial to the Optimist)
Victoria,  Jan.   20.���The  debate  on
the   address   was    concluded   in   the
House today.   The speakers were Hawthornthwaite, Cawley and Fraser.
At the conclusion of the debate Mr.
Hawthornthwaite moved the first amendment to it. It was the socialist amend
ment and it was promptly voted down
by a huge majority. The mover and
Mr. Parker Williams being the only
two members of the House giving it
In his speech which was delivered in
sarcastic tones Mr. Hawthornthwaite
sarcastically congratulated the members
of the Liberal party upon their "contribution to the address.
Mr. Jardine, he said, reminded him
of the dove that lirst flew from the ark
and which Mew about a long time
before it found a place to rest its foot
on. Mr. Jardine had at last found a
resting plate in the Conservative Ark.
Mr. Cawley, the member for Chilliwack, intimated his intention to bring
in a resolution urging the Dominion
governement to build a canal from
Pitt Meadows to the Burrard Inlet,
In his speech Mr. Fraser predicted
a great future for the Cariboo district
with the advent there of the G. T. P.
and the C. N. R.
On Monday the consideration of hills
before the House will be proceeded
...A Place to Buy At and Save Money...
8UCAK-B. C. Granulated, 20 lb. sack $1.25
CREAM - R. C. Large !c0 oz. tin 10
B. C, Large 20 oz. tins, case  4.50
St. Charles or Jersey, 9 tins   1.00
St. Charles or Jersey, case  5.00
St. Charles or Jersey, hotel size  4.75
Wethey's Mince Meat, per package 10
Davies Pork and Means, 2 lb. tin 10
Mixed Peel cut in drums 20
Spanish Olives, 40 oz. jar 75
Spanish Olives, 1-0 oz. jar  1.35
FINKST TABtaR APPIaBa���Spitzenburgs, Wine Saps,   and
Arkinsaw Blacks  2.50
Other Varieties, 1.75 and  2.00
Chillawhuck Potatoes, per sack  1.75
JUjI   RfcLtlVfciD,   Car of Ashcroft Potatoes, lb 24C
-=        a
��� a|tt-M ���***���* ***
paper, which from day to day will be devoted
Any and all of thc ladies of Prince Rupert
This is a little section of the pi
to subjects of special ii.t.Test to women.   _ 	
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Social Notea
The reception being arranged for
Thursday, January 26th, by the Queen
Mnry Chapter Daughters of the Empire promises to be a great success.
The Kaien Island Club has kindly
given their rooms free for that evening
and thc following gentlemen have
consented to act as stewards, the Acting Mayor Mr. Vernor Smith, Mr.
McMullin, Mr. Christie, Mr. Clancy,
Mr. Barrow and Mr. Naden. Gray's
Orchestra, which has given so much l
of its tine free to the different charit-
able objects of thc city, will again
furnish the music. The members of
the Chapter have the tickets for sale.
Say  you  suppose  you  ought'nt   to
talk to him.
Say you'd be afraid to go with any
one else.
Say it gives you the strangest sensation.
Ask what is the propeller.
Ask what is the rudder.
Ask what is every part you can sec.
Inquire about the parts you can't see.
Talk on no subject but aeroplanes.
Ask if you are nearly there.
Say you are glad you aren't.
Begin all over again.���Carolyn Wells
in Success Magazine.
Major George E. Gibson left for the
south last week for a short trip.
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges
Graniteware, Hotel and Bar Supplies
Shelf  and   Heavy   Hardware
Paints, Oil and Glass
Afternoon Tea Fad
Sails for
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.
ss. BRUNO for Stewart Weaneidn
after arrival of Prince George, Fot
Port Simpson. Naas, Masset :m<l Moresby Island pomes, Including Queen Ck*
lotte City, Pncoli, Rose Harbor, alio
Refuge Bay, every alternate Friday tl
12 o'clock noon, commencing Dec, sth.
The Grand Trunk Railway Syilrai
sonnecting with trains from ttio l'acifc
coast operates a frequent and convn>
ient service of luxurious trains over iti
double track roate between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Phila*
delphia. Information ami tickets obtainable from the office hereundw mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by d
lines arranged.
I        A. E. McMASTER
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN, Manager
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
Laura Nelson Hall, thc actress who
made herself famous as Elfie St. Clair
in "The Easiest Way," is in real life
the anthithesis of the light hearted
Broadway favorite she represented. She
is a devoted mother and decidedly
literary in her tastes. She has just
written a book called "Thc Boy Whom
1 Love," and this book is a biography
of her ten-year-old son. In this book
Miss Hall has written several true
sayings nbout motherhood, showing
she has studied the subject deeply.
Some of them are:
"Every mother wishes her son to
develop into an ideal man, and with
this ideal in mind She indulges and spoils
"Motherhood is essentially selfish.
The best of mothers lies to her son
stupidly. Throughout her life she never
realizes the gross injustice of these
"Many women desire children just
as a little girl craves for a French
"Too many women bring children
into the world as a sort of insurance
against loneliness and poverty in old
"A boy's first passionate craving is
Ifor friendship, and few mothers take
j thc joyful position of a loyal truthful
! friend."
"A mother should teach her son that
thc greatest sin before God or man is
' an untruth."
B. C. Cusl S.S. Stinks
88. Princess Beatrice
Northbound Jan. 23-Southbnund Jin. 211
(.rncrsl A|��t|
Time was, not so very long ago, when j
a scornful, and it may bc, unenlightened,
American   public   made  good-humored
sport of the Briton's "afternoon tea," |
says the Philadelphia Times.       t/lt*?*
"Tea" in this country was a formality '
of only occasional occurrence.   "A tea"
WM an affair of severe social significance.   It was a little like a reception.
It was a function.
It had to be prepared for and liter- I<r*rain for Winnipeg and Toronto leartt
ally fussed over. One sent out invita-j Vancouver 9.00 a.m. daily
tions. It was as different as anything j Train for Montreal and iwinU Eait
could be from the easy 6 o'clock tea of' leaves Vancouver 8.45 p.m. dailj.
English famil'es. Through tickets to European Points
And most markedly a change is com- in connection with the Unset Atlantic
Ing over thc spirit of our dream as re-        amer8.
gards the afternoon tea.
We are "having tea," too.   Men and *������ *���*��� McNab
women both, we arc following an example that we once lightly scorned.
In thc majority of fashionable families this winter tea iB served at 6 o'clock
Callers drop  in  and  have  tea.    Rcl-      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
atives stop to chat, and have tea.   The     WORKING MAN'S HOME
men of tho house join the little group ' ,	
in  the drawing room,  and  have tea. Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 2x1
In  quite  the   English  fashion   we  all
of us drink lea in thc afternoon and
talk with our hostess as we watch her
make strange passes with a teaball and
pour steaming amber-colored liquid into
fascinating little cups.
Instead of being in itself a formality,
the custom of serving afternoon tea
has made the stiff "call" of a few years
ago a far less formnl matter, a far more
friendly affair.
^^B      Rooms 50c
Labour   Bureau  in connection
All kinds of positions   _Drp
funished    l'KtX
J. GOODMAN, Proprietor
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, BC
******.'.    ������    ������ <.,.B*.t,*V   ���********���!* *****!  **************
25 Cents Buys 8 Papers
They Sell Like Hot Cakes
A few pennies and "just a tittle effort" will mean
dollars at the week's end.
Remember : You don't have to create a desire for
the Optimist. It's "first with reliable news" and always in demand.
Call tomorrow for papers and make money, rain
or shine.
'0********** ****************** *********it******t * ill*)* 1
Rules for Aeroplane Guests
Now that aeroplanes are becoming
so common a few hints as to thc aeroplane etiquette may not be amiss.
We will assume that you are the guest
of honor and sitting next your host,
who is driving his own machine.
It is advisable to keep up a running
fire of conversation, as there being no
obstacles in his path to turn out for,
he can have no reason for keeping his
attention on the steering gear.
Ask him what make his airship is.
Say you think that it is the best make
after all.
Ask if it is a dirigible or a biplane.
Say you thought so.
Ask its name.
Appear surprised that he hasn't
named it yet.
Suggest (1) Skyscraper, (2) Comet,
(3) Meteor, (4) Rainbow,
Tell him you will christen it for him
whenever he likes.
i    Ask him what really makes it stay
Pretend to understand.
Ask him if there is any danger of
nn accident.
Remark that you never expected to
be so high up in the air until you went
to heaven.
Say it's like a bird in flight.
Admire hiB getup.
Baked Onions
To prepare onions for tea, butter a
deep baking dish of the desired size.
In the bottom put a layer of thinly
sliced raw white onions, the mild Bermuda onion being a good kind to use,
and sprinkle sparingly with salt and
white pepper. Over these put a layer
of finely broken soda crackers, dotting the latter with bits of butter.
Continue until thc dish is almost full,
and then carefully pour in milk until
the latter reaches the top of the scallop. Cover with a final layer of well-
buttered crumbs. Bake three-quarters
of an hour, or until the onions in the
scallop are soft.
Builder and Contractor!
Plans and specifications prtp��"
Household Hint*
By soaking oatmeal over night it
can be cooked in fifteen minutes and
have the flavor of cooking many hours.
To remove Iron rust, dampen cloth,
rub on cream of tartar, rub well, and
let stand nn hour, then wash.
OFFICEi-Corn.r 5lh Ave* & Ot**** |
Phone  No.  228 Green
SIXTH  STREET prince *Ktt*\
that he must strain his eyes o
his head to see you.   0***g.*-il
rangeof his vision, oo that h;"', |
you comfortably.   Never whuf*
If you have a saucer of caul'dowa-l    To destroy red ants, grease ^
loft over, boil two or three large onions | with lard and put them on t" ^
cut Up cauliflower and onions together j a few sticks for the ants j"*. v\._
and serve with a cream gravy.                 |soon the  plates will be <*��'' ug��r,
ants which  prefer lnrtl e''"> , hot
Turn the plates upside flown
Never sit on the edge of a sick per-
I son's bed, and never place your eyes so THKHRI1JCB    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
r Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
Come and see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
Royal Bank of Canada
Hkaii OFFICB! MONTREAL. Established 1869.
Capital, $5,000,000
Surplus, $5,700,000
Total Assets. $70,000,000
Savings Bank Department, $1 will open an -account.
Bnnchet throughout Canada and Banking Connections with al) parts of the
United States.
Agents throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON, Manager. Prince Rupert Branch.
ot Tar and Cod Liver Oil
This famous remedy is made
of two curative agents of proved
efficacy in diseases of the throat
and lungs.
Beech Tar directly relieves a
cough or cold, and at once begins
to heal the delicate passages: Cod
Liver Oil strengthens,and builds up
the system. These two ingredients
are scientifically combined in the
pleasant tasting Mathieu's Syrup.
Mathieu's Syrup does not merely
suppress the symptons of disease,
it removes their cause. It not only
relieves���it cures.
There is nothing better for
children. They like it, and should
take it on the first appearance of a
cold. Keep a bottle always at hand.
When feverish take Mathieu's
Nervine Powders as well as the
Syrup���25 cts a package, containing 18 powders.
Malhlcu'n Syrup
'sruc bottle 35c.
Nervine Powders
18 in box 25c.
I Edmonton
This is the most important of the
fundamental principles of fob
Printing and is embodied in every
piece of work bearing the stamp of
The Optimist Job
$200,000,000   Merger   Is  Planned   in
People arc already beginning to think
in round numbers [or 1911, but as yet
nobody Seems to worry over where the
money is coming from to carry out the
magnificent plans. News comes from
Wilmington, Del., that the United
States Properties Company of California has just been charted in that
state, with a capitalization of $200,-
000,000, in a merger ot the utilities companies in Oakland and Berkeley, Cal.
While undoubtedly a large part of this
capitalization will represent exchanges
of securities, there is bound to be a
considerable actual increase in capital.
Another recent incorporation is that of
B $50,000,000 cotnapny in Winnipeg.
The company is authorized to do almost
any kind of business. In connection
with these ambitious plans for the
future it is interesting to note that the
Journal of Commerce computes that,
taking into consideration only million-
dollar companies, concerns incorporated
in the Eastern States alone during
1910 represented a capitalization of
over $1,900,000, and in thc whole
country, including companies of $100,-
000 capital or more, the total amounted
up to $2,H<>9,073,742.
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Roat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made nt short notice.
Our prices are as low as any,
Call on us before ordering.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
A Lover of Birds
An honest lover of birds, whose
joy is to hunt them without a gun.
Such is John Burroughs. "John O'-
Birds," as Richard Watson Gilder once
called him. Every nature lover in
America it is safe to say, knows or
feels that he knows John Burroughs,
the gentle sage of West Park. He
understands the plant, the flower, the
bird, the animal, in B personal son
of way that is all his own. An investigator and philosopher by nature,
lesiurely and tranquil student, seeing
poetry in the smallest, homeliest thing
he is, to use his own phrase, "almost
as local as a turtle, fond of poking about
in a narrow field." Mr. Burroughs has
written a good deal - books, monographs,
magazine articles. On the third of
April next he will be 74 yeail young.
Latest   Quotations   Front Vancouver Exchange.
(Aa rcum-tcd by S. Harrison & Co.)
Portland Canal  14 1-2   143-4
Stewart M. & O. Co    2 60      11.00
Red Cliff     1.311.371-2
Main Reef  -29
The Bank of
British North America
Capital and Reserve ever
Unexcelled facilities for
transaction of all kinds
of Banking business.
The Accountsof Commercial, Manufacturing and
Business Finns solicited.
Prince Rupert Branch���
Grand Masquerade Ball in the  honor
of the 12th Anniversary of the Fratern
al Order of Eagles, February 6th, 1911,
in the Kaien Uland Club Rooms. $75.00
to be given in prizes.
Electric  Wiring
Prince Rupert.
As its name indicates
The   First Hotel in Northern
British Columbia
Both in cuisine and appointments. Electric lighted
throughout. Baths on
every floor, free to guests.
Hose reels throughout houae
with ample pressure for
fire protection.
European and American Plans
Commercial Rates.
J. L GILMORE -   -  Manager.
A. T. Parkin & Co.
Centre Street.
Timber Cruisers   and Mining Engineers
Can Hire From The
Owned ami operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
steam heat, electric light, nnd all
modern conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every respect.
The appointments and service
are equal to any hotel on tht
Rates: $1 to $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Rover Boat House.
GOOD. RELIABLE  :::     ��,        u ,      l
��� ���"���****""*��� None but sober and
Western Fuel Co/s
' ' 'y>     ll
|��]   /J
1 ^~'-���--���f
Universal Favorite
Represents   the   last    word    in
Range construction
Hie Thompson Hardware Co.
1 0mH*mmmmmmmm>*m*m
1 he new steel Passenger Steamer
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
Northbound, leaves Vancouver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
Steerage Fare
The "Camosun" is the only steame
on the run having water-tight bulkheads and double bottom, thus en
sm inn safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
General Machine Shop and Ship's
Carpentering. Also agents for Fairbanks-Morse and Knox Gasoline
Engines. Gasoline Engines and Accessories carried in stock.
Launches nnd Boats for Hire   N.E. end of Wharf
The Light lhat Rivals the Sun.
Local business men recommend it.
This well-known gasoline light is  sold
exclusively by
A. T. PARKIN & CO. '1 li K   P It I
Interesting   Programme    of   Music
Delights Large Audience
Thc Salvation Army Citadel was last
night the scene of an enjoyable concert.
It was very generously attended, and
the programme was of a high order,
meriting all the praise it evoked. With
the exception of little George Johnstone there were no children performers.
Among the features of the performance
were the concert solos by Miss Gray
who was accompanied by her brother
at thc piano. Other notable per-;
formances were the duets taken part
in by the Army officers and thc humorous recitation entitled "The Inventor's
Wife" rendered by Mrs. Johnstone.
Monogenarian Dead
Winnipeg,   Jan.   20.��� (Special)���Andrew Mowat, born in the Moose Factory  on   the   Hudson   Bay,  died   this!
morning.     He   was   ninety-one   years
of age and the son of a Selkirk settler.
Bwiggs���Funny thing! My customers
are always knocking my goods, but
they come back for more, just thc same.
Twiggs -What's your line?
Bwiggs -Bolts and nails.
"She swore she'd get even with him if
he divorced her, and she did."
"She became his second wife's dressmaker."
Perfection Oil Heaters
Rayo Lamps
Has earned its reputation of being the most popular
bottled beer in the world solely because of its superb
Quality and Purity. Its absolutely in a class by
Bottled only at the
Anheuser-Busch Brewery       Clarke Bros.
St Louie, Mo., U. S. A. Distributors Prince Rupert, B. C.
���'   -~&
\t_~*~*m%tqeS__\iaW ���
Section 1
Block 7, lot 14, $1840; $150 cash,   $100
Jan.   29th,   $890  six   months, $100
Jan. 29th, 1912.
Block 16, lot 80, 14.000; cash $1,000
Block 20, lot lx, 16600; cash $:(S00.
Block 2G. lot 28, $3,760; cash $2,000
Block 2M, lots '.' antl 4, $I.(UH) ea; terms
Block 29, lot 9, 11,800; terms
Block 81, lot 27   with   three   buildings,
17,600; cash |4,000
Section 5
Block 27, lot .12, 1760; terms
Block 28, lot 24, $7011; terms
Block 89, lots 19, 2(1. $1,860 pr; terms
Block 42, lots .I and li, $t>r>0 ea; terms
Section 6
Block :t, lots :i and 4, $2,.r>00 pair
Block I, lots 21 and 22, Sl.UIHI each
Block 7, lots .ill and 81, $1300 each,good
Block 12, lot ii, $l."ilMl
Block 17, lot 21, $1,200
Block 21, lot 20, 11,000
Block 28, lot 20, $1,025
Block 28, lot :w, $r*75
Block 28, lot 3:i, $025; cash $325.  Small
cash payment and easy terms.
Block 31, lot 16 with house, $850
Section 7
Lots  on   Eighth   Ave.   $350.
Lots  on   Seventh   Ave.   $235.
Several good buys on Fifth and Sixth.
Section 8
Double corners   on   the Plaza at $550
per pair.    Level lots on Tenth  Ave.  at
$175 each.    Easy terms.
Furnished house in good location $25
per month. Several unfurnished
nouses in all parts of the city.
F.   W.    KEELEY
Sales Agent
Phone    200
Cowichan Eggs
Every Egg Guaranteed
How Children Spend Money
Miss Candis Nelson, A. M., general
crit-c state normal school, Valley City,
N. D., writes: There ar. few children
but what have some money to spend.
Sometimes it is a gift from the parents.
It is a wise thing, when at all possible
for children to have a regular allow
tinct, even though very small, and then
be taught how to spend i" and how to
lay by some for thc proverbial rainy
day. Where children ci-n ci'rn their
own spcnd;ng  money, otd'narily  they
ire wiser in its use. Under our present system of allowing children to do
plan to spend it mostly for candy and
gum. Thc desire for sweets often leads
them into questionable methods of saving, for example, an investigation made
a few years ago in one of our Western
cities revealed tho fact that candy and
gum dr��i rs did a better business on
Monday morning than any day of the
week.    Thc supposition  wps that the
children   conceived   their  needs   lo   be
grafter than those of the heathen and
so, instead of putting all thtir money
in the colletion as tlir. ctcd  they saved ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
a little for Monday's purchases.   Cheap I   S*2*2E?i "!'i"K,l.'Yi222P ',h?*- KSU2*SB
*      ' 7,     ,        , w"- ���** """'* '" ,ho  Parliament of Canada ul the
shows have also, rather suddenly, bc-  present session thereof, for an Act to Ineorpontta
1 ��� trtllway company under thr nnmcof '*"������*'���'-
Power Plants
Steam and Gasoline Supplies
and Repairs
Stewart & Mobley - Agents
Alex. M. M-ina..... B.A.    W. E. Williams, B.A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
I'rince Rupert, B.C.
Rupert Marine Ironworks &
Supply Company, Limited
OFFICE:   In N.den Block. 2nd A...
WORKS   At Hays Creek.
Skeena Mining District
Notice to Deliquent Partners
J. A. Robertaon
executor for the estate of ll. A. Robertson,
take notice that you. having failed to contribute
yuur prupurtion uf the expenditure or work required to be done, untler section 24 of the Mineral
Act on the Bononza. Emma. Emerald, North
Star, Princess Louise and Muena claims, known as
the Bonanza Mining Partnership, situated at
Goose Bay, in the Skeena Minion District, your
interests in the above claims are hereby declared
null and void,
(Snd. by) NED DONAHUE,
Pub. Oct. IS. 1910. W. D. NOBLE.
Jan. 16
Roger's Steamship m
Through  tickets  to all pototMM
United States and Canada b) th
Northern   Pacific   Railway*    W
Finest Train acrossithe �� onUrM
connecting at NEW Yj0RK. ��8
can, Dominion, White Sttr, W
minion, Cunard, FW*J9
North German Lloyd* II."*"
American and CanadianiNortM
Steamships. For all into���8"0"
write me or call at office.
 ._-   .*  s.  AG*
Custom Broker
Office: Third avenue, 2 dooi
Optimist block
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real Estate and Insurance -   Third Ave
come  a  Kreut  source  of extravagance
for children.
It is not a difficult thine to arouse
an interest in children in putting aside
for another day money so often so unnecessarily and foolishly spent. The
ordinary toy bank is a good thing to
encourage economy. Care must be
taken that children do not develop
selfish or miserly habits. Train them to
recognize their responsibility to their
neighbor. To set aside a certain per
cent of their savings for a sunshine fund
is commendable. With this they may
send a postal card or a flower to the
sick, they may buy a needetl spoon or
cooking utensil for their mother; they
may put it in the church collection, or
give it to some organized charity; in
fact, they may spend it in many helpful
ways, even though it should be only a
penny or two.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hudson's
Bay, Peace Kiver nod i'n.-illc Railway Company"
with Dower to lay out, conatruct an.l nperat,* n
lino or lines of railway from Port Nelson on Hudson's Bay; thenci* In a northwesterly direction tu
Fort Churchill on Hudson's Bay; thence weaterly
between the tlfly-ciphth and sixtieth parallels uf
latitude tu. at ur near Kort Vermillion on the
Peace Kiver; thence in a southwesterly direction
to, nt or near Fort St. John; thenee westerly nnd
northwesterly to Laurier Pnaa; thence westerly
but sliathtly south though ktsptng north of the
fifty-sixth parallel to a point nt or near where the
Naas Kiver crosses the lifty-aixth parallel; thence
down either the east or west side of the Naas Kiver to a point at or m-iir where it enters the Pacific Ocean and from thence to the Pacific Ocean at
or near Port Simpaon. also from n poir.t on the
aforementioned coura** at or near Fort St. John
southeasterly to the city of Edmonton in the Province of AlberUi, and from n point on the said line
of railway at or near where it touches Cochrane
river, southeily nnd southwesterly tn the city nf
Prime Albeit in the province of Saskatchewan;
with power to construct and operate ttlfffnph
and telephone and cnltlp lines for ircnornl public
purposes; tn carry on, construct, maintain an.l
opernte boats and ferries for thi* purposes of the
railway and other purpose.; to acquire ami make
use of lands, wnterlots. wharves, docks, dockyards, slips, warehouaea. elevators anil other conveniences; and with power to enter Into agreements with other cnmpnnics.
H. W   Alimt-K.
_             , , , for the Applicant.
Datod at Winnipeg this twenty-second day of
December, 19111.
d.11 6w Smith a Johnson, Ottawa, Agents
Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd.
Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.
All   classes of  Electrical Apparatus,
Railway  Supplies.   Pumps.   F.nirinea,
Boilers, Cuncrete Mixers, Ornamental    Iron    and    Bronze    Work.    Etc.
W. CLARK DURANT     ���     Agent
Call 'Phone 1
Orders Promptly
Attended   to.
Office: 6II1 Ave. and Fu
Lot 21. Blot* '*���
Section 1.
Section 5, Lot B,
Block 19*
R. G. Hulbert, Vancouver.
D,Ap-W T H K   I' K 1 N C E   RUPERT    0 F f 1 M I S T
Uma Interesting Facts About Transportation Problems in Canada and the Grand Trunk Pacific
by Senator J. P. B. Casgrain
}*?*�� tlStl* people of
L -, ' ind of Prince Rupert in
fetrS. been splendidly ex-
ESS bv Senator J* P. B. Casgrain
f 1 it recent addreaa before the
BfSi 1 pronto on Transpor-
, problems.
tThe authority of Senator Casgrain
Ik on such a subject la unquea-
b for ��inc�� he first helped as an
t�� Suet the OaP.R*^
8 y.liw yean "K". he has been
fcjy in touch  with   transportation
hfa   addreaa   Senator   Casgrain
|id in pari:
��A11 nations that have  become great
ay, realteed tha importance   of easy
innunication.    The  famous  Roman
Lover which the edicts of the migh-
TtaPerial Senate were  carried to the
���BBOrt parts of  Europe   and  Asia
| ben witness to the   greatness of
. Roman Empire.   What Rome did
thousand years  ago   England  is
���t today in India, Nigeria and   U-
oda; 1 think you will agree with mc,
.at there is no better example for us
Canada lo follow-no better   legacy
L can leave to our posterity than good
���ansportn.ion lines uniting the various
ovinces in this hreat Dominion.
"There is no use reminding you in
litario, of the gnat boon the Grand
(runk Pacific  Railway   was  to  this-
ovince.   I' created centres   through
It Ontario,   and  to  a  large extent
] has made this city what   it is.    It
I tl��� only means it had, especially
. . ra*l	
fad of it ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"N'oi only has il done good to Quebec
I id Ontario, but ii has virtually created
lanitoha it has created Suskatrhe-
in and Alberta Last August in
ictoria I had t he good fortune to meet
p Hon. Mr. who has been for
as possible cuts and deep fills, and there
was  little   considt*ra< ion  for  the  cost
of operation.   The C. P. R. have rebuilt .from Port  Arthur to   Winnipeg,
and from Winnipeg to Calgary,    You ;
can see the old road as you go along!
in the train sometimes on the one side
and   sometimes   on   the   other.     But :
they cannot re-build their lines in the j
Rockies and the Selkirks or along the
north sliort" of Lake Superior, or  after
you pass North Bay on Lake  Superior.
"The C. P. R. cannot compete with
a  modern  road.    Near Field,  B. C, \
there was a grade of 4 feet anil four-
tenths, or 220 feet to the mile, and it
took  several  locomotives to  push  up
a small freight trnin, and three or four
for   an   ordinary   passenger  train.     A
very  clever  piece of engineering   has
been accomplished to "reduce this grade,
and it has been cut down to 2 feet, j
and  two  tenths,  or  llfi frot   to the j
mile,   by   means  of  a   double  spiral
tunnel.     A   considerable   grade   "till I
you will say, but there was no object j
in   having   a  smoother  grade   ns  the
grade in thc Selkirks is equally steep.
You must remember thai '.he C. I'. R.,
in the Rockies has to ascend to a summit of 5,320 feet, and after climbing
to this height it goes down again across'
the Columbia River to 2,500 f,*ct, and I
then rises again to go over the Selkirks !
to 4.361 feet.
ShortCut to Winnipeg
'If you leave Quebec on the Transcontinental and go to Winniptg, you ���
have travelled only 1,350 mips, but if
you leave Montreal by C. P. R.,   you
^ ^^   have  travelled   1,422  miles   72  miles |
���Ainnr, u( communication.    Then I more.   It seems very strange to think
tbcC.P. R.  And I firmly believe I that the people in Quebec will lie 70'
no enterprise has done more to | miles nearer Winnipeg than the people
Iwrtta ut) develop   Canada  than I in the city of Montreal.    Or if you.
le C. I'. R. and the able men at the I leave by  C.  P.  R. from  Qu-bec  for
' Winnipeg, you have got to travel
1,585 miles, and by the Transcontinental
line only 1.350 mllea 235 mllea less.
If anyone will take the trouble to look
up the map you rnn verity this very
  The Great CUy Belt
���������--������-���-    -----���.- "From Cocrane Junction   where the
��ir. Heaven who has been lor I _    .. .   -j.*...*.   ,,���,..,;.,
iim> e,.nr. n.;      ��� t r, ��� ��� ,   Temiskaming   ami   Northern   Ontario
���"������' >i'.irs I rum* Minister of British i ,.  ., ��� ���        ,*,     ���*....,.,..,���;������.,,,.1
'olumiii., .,���ii    .ii        .l . l   i .. I Railway    joins    ihe   Tr��n-<c<*
ami he iiiltl nie that had n *^^^*mm^^M
been for th,. construction of the
Railway   joins   the   Tran-cntinemal
-���          _   .Railway  the distance to   Torinto  or
or the construction of the I -rwj,���, js practically the same.    I hew-
(���nadian Pacific Railway, British Col- j j*^ th(i li___fpit via the Trail- t-ontint-n-
nbiu mn.ld.ln all probability today j ta, lQ Winnipeg from Quebec or Toroi to
part ami panel of the United States 1 wj��� l)c a|)0Ut the same.
thai the United States would have'    ,.(-0(.hranc Junction, as you probably ___ 	
medthc  Whole   Pacific   coast  from                ���   silulUo(1   on   ,   magnificent                         .                dl>, Und then 21  tons and take off one-third   which is a
iMka  to   Mexico.      Delegates   who. ta*b,eBnd  or   plateau,  extending  some   b SI  miles of <��������  K���u*��� rent   lih(.rn|   allowance   for  weight   of   the
W in sympathy   with   joining   the I    ��� mileS in ,ho province of Ontario i milv  with  ��� ��*T        y. Kiver. ' cars, there remains a net load of 1 466
turn came to Ottawa   and asked for I      . ,,nri mi.p. In Quebec, almost level,  along  toe banks  ���������*���      .,., *)U1)h(.,8 l0 lhc t0n;  you will
b���a-asjai���i    ��fillileantl   or   piaicuu,  t*��v> .��������������������   -- ������   -���  ������ .        . .   .  cent   1 hern    allowance   i"'   .����._���   -	
 --.   With   joining   ^ SnSi in the  province of Ontario ������,,.*   -.1,  a grade   ,f ^""J   _�� there remains a ne, load of 1 Ml
:ame to Ottawa   and asked for       , _������ _,__, in Quebec almost level, along  toe banks  ol tn ,_, al .,., biuheh t0 th, ton;  you will
njon  mad   to   British    Columbia! which the   Transcontinental  line Here you have   spen . hllV(, nearly 50.000 bushels of grain, in
***** ����� -���*-ll_ w pass-there is hardly any grade which could  be U    �� (rajn        |lpd   hy  on    ,���comolive
whatever.  This plateau has an elevation ex,-enM. toe ectr f> lh s |, I _f  ^  whol|i ,
T,     100  to   1.200  tat  and  descends Fron, Ote Fra-r Ri er ,o Joj      J, ^    ^ ^ ,_       ,    ���,h
"        >K- ****** ******__ "u ������*rm'"*; '     :���    tho  ���.,rl of lhe whole system.   You cannol
E���glnecrln,A����v.���t.,.. ��*___   ���>���   ��J"   ��P   **      '- ^#;       ���,   ^   _,   __,  ���,���,,   par.   0    th.
!"..h"n ,'��.i*i ui I*' i. i^i. \jv.*,...�������
nowiiiR that this would be unaccept-
Me to the colony. That shrewd
Mtevnatl, Sir John A. Macdonald
��id. 'A wagon road!
A.    Miicflonaia,   Qj   j joo   to   1,2011   leel   aim   >������
..   I'll  build you a    raduai|y t0 MO feet at Winniiieg.
�����ilroail.' I ���     , i Aaia-.nt.e
G. T. P. 1�� "Beat Ever"        I	
us to the Qrand Trunk Pacific  ^   * 16 t0 20 feet in depth
1 VlrtTle   180 miU-s from Prince Rupert
and firtile   *     .   ..���   ,.-_*.     i   r��d��
l'l.,*   ���    ��>S   a a.	
ramcontlnentali I WUl refer Im^ _jfnHnha. and anyone
I   tell you right now
(nd the
��� liter   on.   i   tell you ngnt now i that
���M the Grand Trunk Pacific is being
higher stantlard than any
���ami  length ever has been
Highwiay to tbe Orient
"A French writer who has jus: completed his tenth annual infliction
of Canada lor the Government of
France, in an interview in Montreal
only last Week, that Qrcat Britain
was always ahead of every other nation
of the world in looking tint for trade ind
commercu; and Groal Britain ���*..  the
firsl   to   realize  tha    trade    v>ie   fast
'   Atlantic,
nd li ruie I----__...     ...      |   rort(,  through
^"���'tlirStg^ti m,*
good   wheat   can   be   grown    in Bnil lh)>n. ,��� rich farming land along the
! Manitoba.   From \Vinni|��g to hdmon- ^^ rf ^ ^^ Kjv,.r
' ton there is a beautiful roadjOlJJJJ H..,Iin|f Pow��� 1. C.t.r
pitta ��n<l very few curves- .�������� tr^e , ^ ^ Yl,llowll,ild p��
,     -�� * * | and from E.lmonton to * ol e BWer. a ^m ^ -^       hollt
according to the   reports | distance of 126 miles, where i he  prairn ��������   ��     _a    ^���j���   nnv   of   more:
engbleen  it is  an  absolute ;      j -      -*--* "��� *" "**"
(I.    On the New YorK tent rat aim.
Pennsylvania Road, they   have no i moving from the Pi-t ilic tn th
��� lU'l.h   th,    marvellous   tit vclt
I III*   a T���-mj    .���	
such grades for any like distanc, ��� they
have on some sections, but not tor thi
entire system.
"ill on a higher standard than any ' [������ 7here is a beautiful road, of easy  '     - ^_u���nf Power U Gre.ter Some Pertinent F.ct.
���"1 nl the same length ever has been | ���.A��� onrt VPrv few curves-783 miles, |      ^^ __ ^ ^ Yc���owhcad ivhs        ^  ^ ^^ ^.^ ^ thl
��r,  ;      , "   ., ,         |anu ir��...   . :.: ant| g0 to tide-water at Quebec withou  ' ���      ,        |,;,d together on the
- on.   ut according to the  reports  distance of m miles, where r-   ��     .8     ^^   ^ ,r        -,,    ,   gn. ^   ^
d h,* 1,.. , ,.,li:llu.t.r!,  ltta  an absolute      (lil    After that it ,s called iu M��->�� J ���.���,,  ��� J    tat CWM  ITW�� tid(,.waU.r  on   the
W    N" wad of this length  has been i ��_, g^^, but is   not really so   W    han hing  which  people  on   the  FafflJO (|_
;;',,, Wd ^   *^' ��r ^jlhe grade is only 6-10 of 0JJPJ ��* J^^ ���ave B^ tet��to S^'^    the   same
T�� or 32 Ieel Pfir m    ���'   ���       1    ,708 feet, years ago.   When the late John Charl ��� ._3000 fl,el.
C P. R. No Longer Modern the G. T. P. summit ta Otdj'W���* f_n _, , ���I)eech in Parliament said tha    points __   ^^.^   _   ^
spoke o( the ('. P. R. a few min- i or  280  feet  higher  than  the cay [    .. ,_ __. ,,������_, would be built . .   , __ .������.,������
'������y do today.
V. i h tin marvellous development of
Japan and tic awakening of China,
an i nom.otis antl growing trade is
being carried on or 11 I'm ilic ai d old
England hae spent m mcy, or turn hed
it. to be correct, for Lhe Improvement
of tranacontincntal routei acrodai Can*
ada. In them the has a valuabh link
with the Oriiii.. Dy them i. would be
easy for her tu land her wares on the
shores of tho Pacific or, in en*.* of
emergency, land her troops eight tlays
after their departure from Great lirit-
tain. It would be of the utmo'it import ante to Great Britain and the
Empire Bt large to have this uninterrupted communication between bases
on the Pacific and Great Britain, should
any occasion arise on the Pacific."
Read the Daily Optimist
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia,    it
has grown up with the city.
Reading Notices and Legju. Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all-25c per inch each issue for display
matter.   This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES- Daily. 60o per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
WEEKLY. $2.00 per year.   OUTSIDE CANADA-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.!>0 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Saturday, Jan. 21
Jack Johnson and Jim
The world has been so entertained of late with news of Jack Johnson that
it is lime for some one to put in a word for Jim. Ever since that large sized "cul'lud
pus'son" cleaned up Jim Jeffrie! and a king's ransom Bt Reno last July, the newspaper readers of the North American Continent have been edified almost daily
with some moving incident in the hero's life. Thc size of his collar, thc width of
his smile, a diagram of whut he cats, descriptions of his home, his automobiles,
the way in which his mother spanked him as a youth, and now prays for him while
he fights for glory, nothing has been deemed too trivial or too private for narration in the press.   But who has heard a word of Jim?
This is not intended as a knock to the redoubtable Jack. We have mot both
Jack and Jim, and they are both good fellows to meet. But their genius lies in
different directions. And with all raapecta to Jack, we think Jim's prowess more
worthy of a nation's homage.
Someone has snid that the man who makes two blades of grass grow where
only one grew before, is a national lienefactor. Jim Johnson's case is different.
His claim to be a national benefactor rests on his success in making one apple
grow where two grew before. Only in his case the one apple is worth a dozen
of the old kind. Not very much at first sight, but enough to bring fame and comfort to the county Jim was born in, and If nd zest 10 the dinner tables of a nation.
Jim Johnson was born anti reared in Norfolk County, Ontario. Like many
another Norfolk county boy, he left the old homestead as soon as he could and
dug out for the States. In Chicago he entered the fruit commission business, and
among other things got a grasp of the science of apple culture. Twelve years ago
he returned to his old home to recruit his shattered health.
For tour years he talked in vain to thc local farmers beautiful theories on
how lo grow good apples. But when it came to pulling those theories into practice
those fanners were "from Missouri." So al last Jim Johnson bought twelve acres
of poor looking orchard and turned in lo show them.
No one had ever got more than $76 worth of apples from that orchard, and
when Jim Johnson (tatted in lo show the natives, by spending $400 in cultivating,
spraying and pruning the first crop.some of the natives thought the joke was on
Jim. But strangely enough Jim picked $1200 worth of big luscious apples olf
his trees that fall. That wu.** enough. The farmers started in to cultivate, spray
and prune their neglected orchards.
Three yeurs later, seventeen of them organized an apple growers' association,
with Jim a< their selling agent. Lust full when the writer sat down with the Norfolk Apple Growers at their annual banquet, they filled a large hall. They were
all in good -.pints for they hud just divided up $129,000, thc result of the sale of
Condensed Advertisements.
���rt- to buy. or si'll. or hire, or loan/ lry ine
Optimist Condensed Ad. ruute.
TrXPERIENCED Lady Stenographer, B���k-
*-> keeper and office assistant ilesires position.
Aoply c-o Optimist. *7***��
POSITION WANTED-As cump took or housekeeper by a woman of experience.   Apply at
Koom 29, Hoyal Hotel. �������"
WANTED-To buy a Harbor Shop.   Box li"9
I'rince Rupert �����*-���"
ANTED-Itoom nnd board in private fnmliy.
X.M., Optimist Olllce. l'l
The public are warned to ki*ep nway from thc
works while blasts are being fired. Persons Persisting in approaching after being warned do so
at their own risk. ��� .
B.P.McMORDlE&Co. Contractors
To Water Consumers
The cold weather has practically stopped the
supply of water on the mountain. Since the loth
inst. water hns been supplied to consumers by
pumping, this supply Is ut present sufficient for
nil necessary purposes, but >>n account of numerous taps beinK left wide open, tbe pump cannot
keep up the necessary pressure to supply the
higher points in the city.
The chairman of the Water Works Committee
hopes the consumers will assist the Water Works
Department by curtailing the wnate of water and
avoid the necessity for cutting on* the supply ut
Chairman Water Works Committee.
Engineer of Train Identifies One of
Them and Others Tally With Description���Four in All.
their naaon'l apple*.   And the end is not yet.
��� 4 ***
$12'J,(100 is approximately the sum received by Jack for pushing Jim Jeffries
round the ring for forty-live minutes last July 4th. But it needs no essay in
economics to make clear that lictween the sums earned by the relative abilities
of Jack and Jim Johnson last yeur, there is a distinction with a marked difference.
Red Caps for Deer Hunters
The customary list of hunting accidents at this lime of year gives point to
a bill which Mr. Ned I-cwisot West Huron introduced into the House of Commons
last we>*k to amend the criminal code hy inserting the following section:
'Every one is guilty of nn indictable offence and liable to two years' imprisonment who injures by shooting any |��erson although the person charged believed
the object he was aiming at was a deer, moose, or other animal."     1  1  J- ������ J ��
The tame warden of Wisconsin has recommended that all deer hunters wear
red BBpB while out hunting. Red is a color so different from thc prevailing lints
in the forest during the deer season that he feels confident the wearing of rod
cap* will prevent hunters from killing one another in mistake for deer. If the red
rap results in 11 lessening of mortality, he intends to apply to the legislature for
a law milking it compulsory for hunters to wear red raps.
The suggestion is worth trying nt any rale.
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
hs et.' existing between us. the undersigned,
aa fruit, vegetable and fish merchants in the city
of Prince Rupert, and known as the Prince Rupert Fish Market, has been dissolved by mutual
All debts owing to the said partnership are to
be paid to The Prince Rupert Fish Market of
Prince Rupert aforesaid, and all clnims against
the said partnership are to be presented to the
ssid Prince Rupert Fish Market of whom thecon-
tinulng partners It. J. Haconand F. S. Evans constitute the firm and by whom same will be settled.
Dated at Prince Rupert this 12th dsy of January, 1911.
11-1 mo F.S.EVANS.
Ogden, Utah, Jan. 18.���W. Lewis*,
Pete Murphy, H. Shaffer and Thomas
O'Dell were arrested today by Chief of
Police Browning, Captain of Police
Brown, Detective Pender and Sheriff
Harrison. The officers believe that they
have the men who planned and committed the hold-up and robbery of
twenty-five passengers on the Overland
Limited of the Southern Pacific at
Reese, nine miles west of this city, on
the night of January 1, when William
Davis, a Pullman porter, was killed
and A. W. Taylor, another,
wounded. The meft were arrested this
morning in a local rooming house, where
thoy were caught in bed by the officers-
Murphy and Lewis tally with the descriptions of them furnished by the
crew of the train, who will arrive in
Ogden tomorrow morning for identification purposes.
Engineer Rouse of the train positively identified Murphy as the "tail"
Take notico that the annua) meetinR of the
Prince Rupert General Hospital Association will
be held at the Court House, Prince Rupert. B. C.,
at the hour of einlit o'clock in tho evening on the
31st day of January, 19tl.
All MH'tnU'i - are ie.|uested to attend.
12-26 A. CUTHBERT. Sec
W/ **rt���*      Toil pes.   Transformations.
WW  EcIOa.   Pompndours   Combings made
��     7   into   Switches   and    PulTs.
Leave your orders by appointment to
Agent B.C. Hair Goods. P. O. Box 1MB.
Latuchcuin. the military and naval expert of the Vancouver Province, says
regarding Earl (irey's Rilles    I'rinre Rupert's own regiment: *r
"A frientl of mine who has just returned from a trip lo Prince Rupert recently
told me of (In* splendid body of militia in that northern city. They are called
the Karl (irey's Rifles, and my informant stated their uniform was one of tho
most attractive and neatly gotten up outfits he had ever seen. The corps was
only a small one just al present, but that with the growth of thc Grand Trunk
Pacific terminus it would increase, and he predicted a bright future for thc Governor-General's Own."
There can be no doubt that the prediction will bc fulfilled, as arrangements
are now under way for the erection of a new drill hall for the corps, and energetic
recruiting for the spring.
The Optimist
If it's news, you will find it in
The Optimist
Frit-Mil's. New   Butcher   Shop   Carries Only  the Best
Since opening his new meat market
on Third Avenue, in the Mclntyre
Block, Mr. Kri/.r.ell bin made it a point
to have his meat arrive on certain
boats and to have only the host meat
obtainable. Tims far he has been successful. Not only are his heavy meats
of the beBt, but the poultry he carries
cannot bc equaled. They arc all Ontario raised fowl and in fine shape.
They have not been lying in cold storage for three or six months. If you
have not yet tried Frltiell'a meat do bo
now and you will be pleased with yourself. i5.i7
To Our  Customers
Owing to the heavy demand made on
us for New Wellington Coal during the
recent cold snap, we exhausted our reserve supply and was obliged to buy
some inferior coal to fill orders from
which we have had some complaint. We
now have 5(10 tons of the best household
screened New Wellington Lump Coal
and can supply our customers with reliable coal on short notice.
Men Helped  by   Ensign Johnstone
Have Shown Themselves Grateful
Perhaps it is not fully realized how-
much material help is rendered by
Ensign Johnstone and his staff to men
who find themselves "up against it"
right here in Prince Rupert. A glance
into the Ensign's letter wallet today
would reveal the fact that not only
has Ensign Johnstone rendered timely
and generous assistance to penniless
men, but that the men so aided have
got to work and sent back the money
advanced to them with interest. As
everyone knows, thc funds of the
Salvation Army in Prince Rupert are
not burdened with any surplus. Tho
facl that Ensign Johnstone is some
limes called upon to render financial
aid should be noted by those who
believe in supporting the Army in its
useful work.
Next week H. P. McRae purposes
going down lo Vancouver on a business
visit during which he will make preliminary preparations for opening a
branch oflice in that city. Mr. McRae
mot with a very large number of
enquiries for I'rince Rupert lots during
his recent trip below, and while the
Vancouver branch of this firm will
deal with local property also he anticipates a very large business in Prince
Rupert real estate among the Vancouver purchasers.
During Mr. McRae's absence the
Prince Rupert oflice will be in charge
of Mr. F. R. C. Brown who is now a
member of the firm of H. F. McRae
& Co., and will specialize in its Prince
Rupert interests.
Burns' Banquet
Don't miss the Burns' Anniversary
banquet in the Central Hotel on Wednesday evening, Jan. 25th. It's going
to be the event of the season. Tickets
from members of the Society.
���i GRAND :-
Scotch Concert and Dance
Monday, January 23rd
Cone, rt starts at 8 p.m.   -  Tickets SXk and 75c
Dance at 1II.30 p.m.   Gents $1.00. Ladies Free
We have a splendid stock
of 1847 Rodgers' and other grades of Cutlery, Imt
we have a special line
made for our own trade
that excells anything w-e
have ever had. If you
will give us your order
for your cutlery we will
stamp the name nf your
house   nn   i*vi rj   plsce,
Extra Special Price to Hotel:
w. j. McCutcheon j
Carries complete stock of Hru>*a   Sprtial ^
attention paid to filling pianl-ilbra,   i
Theatre Block i'donr No. ������������ Second An..
H.  F.   McRae  &  Co.  Extend Their
Heal Estate Business
There  are   eggs-ffsli egp,
strictly fresh eggs,  al I gOM* \
teed strictly fresh eggs.   " sth*
guaranteed  strictly   fresh i'FP
that concerns us - ami you **
well as us.    For we give "iinron i
clad  warrant that  tin  egg" **l
sell are the
Guaranteed Strictlv Fresh
kind. We keep BlrWIebjg-
yes, several hundred MjMH***
supplying our demands. In f��"
winter and summer, the Uniicr*
has a standing order f"r nil ttjj
guaranteed strictly fresh ��W''
can produce.
Ideal Provision House
Phone 190
Third httt
*fci tt\ il ~h ll > ll  a il  ��� ii   i -..-*-���
Better than the best on tl��- n"'-
ket.   Try it
Centra   Street
Twenty-four hours  en<lm�� ���'
January 20. -���
MAX. TUMP.    MIN. TEMP.     ��*���"���     "' , I
26.0      29.B88
..-���.���, j, jrf THEPRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
. Fiel�� Sure That King George
Will Sec Thnt the Colonie.| Are
Adequately Represented- A Priceless Privilege.
London. Jim* W.-Lord Strathcona,
aldn. ;"''nl  tlu'   suKBpstion that
���oninl reprisi'titativt-s should have B
in in the coronation ceremonies,
ivs thm moh would be hailed by
kndiana M a priceless privilege, and
told mark a further advance along
he path ���>( Imperial union. In Canada
ivalty to the crown is the outstanding
aturc of national life, and the Im-
ierial Idea has gripped in Canada as
(ever before.
"How (ar the suggested innovation
i possible 1 am unable to say, but I
m jure Hi* Majesty will sec that the
olonists nn* adequately represented.
Dr. MaNeill and Hia Bride and Mr.
Wm. Manson Were Among the
Faa.engers Great Crowd Seen
Them Off.
lutput This Year Aggregate. $4,-
100,000 Againat $3,560,000 Laat
Year Refvra to Canadian Ykon
Territory Only.
Fiuures just obtained show that the
totr gold out put of Yukon Territory,
hit is atrictly the Canadian Yukon,
pt the year nf l'JIO to date aggregates
I The output last year was $3,560,000.
(art is shown by the published
byalty returns, given   in the federal
jlue hook as lubmlttSd   in thc statc-
t ol the  i omptroller   of   Yukon
m.tots to the tittawa government.
| The figures quoted in the foregoing
i to the Yukon output for the present
tar are equally reliable, and show that
������is >i ar is ah, id of last fully $600,000,
r roasiderahly more than a half million
Newly Furniahed and-
Steam Healed Rooms.
[�������  CLASS  BAR   AND   DINING    ROOM
"ATM    ",0c   AND    UP
fobt. Ashland, P.O.Box 37
The depart ure of the I'rince George
on Thursday night waa made ol more
than usual importance by the doparttlle
oi Or. McNeill and his bride on their
wedding tour, and Mayor Munson and
his wife on their way to Vtctorlt! for
the legislative session.
The scene at the boat side was a most
animated one. Mayor Manson and
Or. McNeill and his bride vied with
one another in the number of friends
who were there to indulge their limpid
eyes in the "last loving look. The
competition became so keen and the
congestion of the two parties so gnat
that when Mr. Manson linked up both
battalions by conversing with the doctor,
everyone was relieved. The bridal
party had descended to the waterfront
in a sleigh equipped with jangling
bells and the eccentric movements
of the horses standing nearby lent a
delightful touch to the wintry aspect
of the scene. Showers of confetti
were insistently hurled at the young
couple as they smiled back at their
well wishers from the rail of the boat.
When at last thc Prince George
moved off from the wharf with princely
grace and silence three lusty cheers
were raised and the doctor smilingly
raised his hat in response while his
happy bride laughed merrily.
Among the other passengers going
down were Mr. G. C. Emmerson,
Captain Babington and Mr. Robson
of the Hudson's Bay company.
Work performed by experts only.
A lirst class job is guaranteed in
every instance.
A large stock of Chandeliers  and
Fittings carried.
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
Third Ave.
Near Sixth
Liberal Association
A general meeting of the Prince Rupert Liberal
Association will be held in the
at 8 o'clock sharp
tr,'���'!,,,!n.K is i0T the Purpose of electing officers, and for the IK
a    i"u of ,BUch othcr business aa may come before it. W
'���ii Liberals, whether members of this Association &V,
or not are requested to be present. 77]
P. W. ANDERSON, Sec.-Treas. jjfj
Quoen Charlotte Islands Lund DUtrict���Diatrict ol
ittko notice that 1, Thoa. R. Davoy of guoen
Charlotto, occupation notary puhlic, intond to
��Pply for permiasion to protMOt for coal and
petroleum on the followinK doacribed land:
Commoncing at a post planted nine milea north
and two miloa oaat of Section IK, Township 7,
Oraham laland and marked No. tl, T, R, D., S. E.
corner, thonce weat 80 chaina, thonce north 80
chaina, thenco Hit SO chaina, thonce south SO
chains to point of commencement, containinK 540
acres more or lesa.
Dated Nov. 5, 1910. THOS. R, DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Cowing, ARent
Quo^n Charlotte lalanda Land Dlitrict���District of
Tin notice thut 1, That It. Davoy of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect for eoul und
petroloum on tbe followinK described lund:
CommencinK at a poat planted eleven miles
north and two milea oaat of Section 18. Townahip
7, Oraham Island and marked No. 42, T. It. D. Is.
E. corner, thonce weat 80 chains, thence aoulh SO
chaina, thenco eaat B0 cbains. tbence north SO
chains to poinl of commencement, containinK 640
acrea moro or less
Dated Nov. 5, 1910. THOS. It. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson OowinK. Agont
Queon Charlotto lalands Land District ���District of
Tako notice thai 1, Thos. It. Davey, of Quoen
Churlotte, occupation Notary Public Intend to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described lauds:
CommencinK at a poat plantod eleven miles
north and three miles eaat of Section 18. Townahip
7, Oraham Island and marked No. I;!, T. It. D., N.
K. corner, thence woat 80 chains, thonco south SO
chaina, thence east SO chains, thence north 80
chaina tu point of commencement, containinK 610
acn*a more nr less.
Dated Nov. 5, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon OowinK, Agent
Quoen Charlotle lalanda Land Dutrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, Thoa. it. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupaliun notary public, intend tu
apply for permiasion to prospect for coal tami
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a poat planted eleven miles
north and five milea eaat of Soclion 13. Township
7, Graham laland and marked No. 44, T. It. 1 ���**. V
E. curner, Ihence west 80 chaina, thonco' wuth SO
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenco north SO
chains to point of commencement, containinK 640
acrea more or lesa.
Datod Nov. 6, WW. TIIOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon, Gowing, Agent
Queen Chariotte lalanda Land District���District of
Take notice that I. Thoa. It. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply fur permiasion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the following deacrilted land:
Commencing at a post planted eleven miles
north and five miloa oast of section 13, Townahip
7, Graham laland and marked No. 45, T. It. 1 >., N.
W. corner, Ihence eaat 80 chalna, ihence aouth 80
chaina, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing G40
acres more or leas.
Dated Nov. 5, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land District���District of
Take notico that I, Thos. It. Davey of Quoen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a post planted elevon miles
north and three milea eaat of Section 13, Township
7, Oraham Island and marked No. 46, T. It. D. S.
E. corner, thenco weal 80 chains, Ibonce north 80
chains thence aast 80 chaina, thence south SU
chains lo point, of commencement, containing 640
acres more or leas.
Dated Nov. 7, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Oowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land District���District of
Take notico that I, Thoa. It. Davey of Queen
Charlolte, occupalion notary public, intend to
apply for permission to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a poat planted eleven mllea
north and three miles east of Section 13, Township
7, Oraham laland and marked No. 47, T. It. D., s.
W. corner, thence eaat SO chains, thenco north 80
chaina, thence wesl 80 chains, thenco south 80
chalna to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more or less.
Dated Nov. 7, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Oowing, Agont
Queen Charlotte Islands Land DUtrict���District of
Take notice that I, Thos. It. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation noury public, intend to
apply for permiaaion to prospect for coal and petroleum on tne following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted elevon miles
north and Hve miles eaat of Section 13, Township
7, Oraham Island and marked No. 48, T. R. D. S.
E. corner, thence we.L 80 chains, thonce north 80
chains, thance east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more or leas. _��� mm..*****
Dated Nov. 7, 1910. THOS.  B. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Oowlng. Agenl
Queen CharlotU Islands Land District-District of
Taka notica lhat 1 Thos. It. Davey of Quoen
CharlotU, occupation notary public, Intend to
apply for permission lo prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following   described land:
Commencing at a post planted eleven miles
north and five miles east o| Section 13, Township
7, Graham Island and marked No. 49, T. It. D S.
W. corner, thence east 80 chains, thenco north 80
Chalna, thenoe west 80 chaina, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, conUlning 640
acres mora or leaa. fc , .__���
Dated Nov. 7. 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 8. Wilson Oowing, Agent
Skeena Land District���District af Coast
Take notice that Sarah E. Alton of Port Simpson,
| II.   C,   occupation   nurse,   int��n*ls   U   apply   fur
permission   to   purchase  the  following  described
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest
corner 140 chains oast and '20 chains aouth of the
nort beast corner of Lot 1116 (Harvey Survey),
thence 80 chaina east, thence ��0 chains south,
thence 80 chainB west, thonce north 80 chaina to
post of commencement, containing 640 ncres, more
or less.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. SARAH E. ALTON
Pub. Doc. 17. Fred Hohlor, Agont
Skoena Lnnd District���District of Coast.
Take notioe that L. W. Sloan of Prince Kupert,
occupation housewife, intends to apply for per- .
million   to   purchase   the    following   described j
CommencinK nt n post plnnted ut S. W. coiner
l��t 17u7 marked L. W. S. south east eorner nnd
running north Hii chaina, thenee west 20 chains,
thrnee south 80 chains, thonco eaat 1>0 chnins to
point of commencement, conUining 160 ucres.
Date Dec. tt, 1910.
Pub. Dee. 31. 1910. LU RECTI A W. SLOAN
Skoena Land District���District of Coast Range 6
'lake notice that Harry Lever of Prince Rupert,
B.C., occupation plasterer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted 10 chains west
of the northeast corner of John Furlong's surveyed
pre-emption (Black's recent survey August 22, 1910;
on the east aide of Lakelse Lake, thence wost 30
chuiiis more or leas, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 30 chains, thence aouth -10 chains to point of
commencement. conUining 120 acrea more or less.
Puh. Nov. 5. Chaa. M. Wilson, Agent
Skwna Land District���District of Coast Range B
Take notice that Charlw M. Wilson of Prnce
Kupert, B. C., occupalion real estate agent, intends
to apply for permiasion to purchase tho following
deacrincd lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the northeast
corner of Johnson's surveyed lot No. 684, thence
west 30 chains mora or law to 10 chains east of
Pete DeBoor's surveyed pre-emption (lllack's
recent survey August 25, 1910) on the east side
of Lakelse Lake, thence north 80 chaina to the
south lino of William Gainey'a lot surveyed August
20, 1910, tbence eaat 30 chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, conUining 240
acres more or leas.
Pub. Nov. 6.
Skeena Land Dlitrict ���District of Coast
Take notice that May Dineea of Port Simpaon,
B. '"., occupation stenographer, intonds to afply
for permission to purchase tite following deacntmd
Commencing at a post planted at the northweat
corner 106 chains east and 20 chains narth ef the
northeast corner of Lot 1116 (Harvey purvey),
Ihence 80 chains east, ihence 40 chains south,
thence 80 chains west, thence 40 chains north to
lhe post of commencement, conUlning 320 acrea,
mere or loss.
Dated Nov. 14. 1910. MAY DINEEN
Pub. Dec. 17. Fred Bohler, Agent
Queen CharlotU lalanda Land Diatrict -Diatrict o(
Tako notice that I, Thos R. Davey of Quoen
CharlotU, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on tho following deacribod land:
Commencing at a post plantod two miles north
and five miles east of Section 13, Township 7,
Oraham Island and marked No. 13, T.K.D.. N. W.
corner, theneo east 80 chains, thence south SO chains
thonce west 80 chains, thenco north ������������ chains to
point of commoncemont, containinK 640 acres mora
or loss.
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing, Agont
Skoena  Land  District -Quoen  Charlotte  Islands
Tako notice that 30 dnya after date I, Kerdinand
O. Tapert. farmer, of Skidegate, H. C, intend to
apply lo tbe Chief Commissioner ef Land-*, for a
license to proapect lor coal, oil and petroleum on
ami under tho following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planteil one-half mile
east of the southeast corner of Lot 503, Ore ham
Islard, thence north 80 chain**, thenee east 80
chnins, thence soulh 80 chains, thonco wost 80
chains to point of commencement, ami containing
640 acres.
Dated Nov. 14 1910.   FERDINAND O. TAPERT
Pub. Dec. 10.
kcena Lund Dutrict ���Queen CharlotU Islanda
Take notice that 30 days after date, I, Charles
Helmer, farmer, of Skidt-gnte, B. C-, intend to
apply tn the Chief Commissioner of l-and--, for a
Icense to prospect for coat, oil and potjjloum on
and under the (ollowing doscribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted two m.los south
of the southeast corner of Lot 501, Ornharn lsiand,
thence south 80 chains, thonco west 80 chains,
thenre north 80 chains, thenco Mtt SO chnins to
fnilnt of commencement, nnd containing 610 acre*.
)ated Nov. 16, 11)10. CHARLES HELMER
Pub. Dec. 10.
Skeena   Land   Dstrict   -Queen   Charlotto   Islands
Take notice that 30 days after dato 1, Cha .-let
Helmer, farmer, of Skidegate, B. C., intond to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of Land*, for a
liceni-e to prospect for coal, oil and petroloum on
and under the following described lands:
Cnmrnoricing at a post planted thn.0 mil-1
soutli and one milo west of the southeast, corner ol
Lot r>01, Graham laland, thonco east SO chains,
thenco south 80 chnins, thonce wost 80 chains,
thenre north 80 chnina to point of commencement,
and containing 610 acres.
Dated Nov. 16, 1910. CHARLES HELMER
Pub. Doc. 10.
Skeena   Land   District -Queen   Chariotte  Islanda
Take notice that 30 dnys after dato 1, William
J l,ear>. trader, of Skidcgnlo, B C, intend to
apply to the Chief Commisi*loner of Land-., for a
licenae to proapect for coal oil and petroleum on
and under the fullowing deacribed Unds:
Commencing at a post planted al thc southeast
corner of Lot Mil, Grabam Island, thence south 80
chains, thenco west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains thence caul 80 chains to point of commune��- I
ment, and contaning 640 acres.
Dahl Nov  14, 1910. WILLIAM. J. LEARY ]
Pub. Dec. 10
Queen Charlotte Islanda Land District    Dial ret of
Take notice that I, Thos. R. Davey of Quean I
> ('harlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   inund   to '
I apply  for   permission  to   prospect for  coal  and I
I petroleum on the following described land:
j     CommencinK  at  a   post   plantod  eleven   mllee .
1 north and aeven miles oaat of Section 13, Townahip ,
| 7. Graham Island and marked No. 68, V. It. D. S. !
; W. corner, thence aaat 80 chaina, thenee north 80
! chalna, thence  west 80 ehalns, thenr* south  80
1 chalna to point of commencement, containing 640
! acrea mnre or leaa.
Dated Nov. 9, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I Pub. Dec. 3, Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Skoona Land District���District nf Coast
Take notice that Hume    Bablngton of  Princ*
Rupert,   master   mariner,   intends   to   apply   for
permission to lease the following described land;
A small island in the Skeena Kiver ahout four
milm above Telegraph   Point conUining about 60
Dated Dec. 14, 1919. HUME BABINGTON
Skoena Ijmd District-Diatrict of Nnaa Valley
lake notice that George Wilson, farmer,intenda
to npply for permisaion tu leuec the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted ibOQt two miles
east of Nans River at Alyansh und nt aouth oast
corner of A. F. Priestly's pre-emption, Ihence 40
chnins soulh, 40 chains west, 40 cbalna north, 40
easl to point of com mencement, containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated Nov. 1. 1910. GEORGE WILSON
Pub. Nov. 17.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast
Take notice that Hume Bablngton of Prinee
Rupert,   maaur   mariner,   inUnds   to   apply   for
permission to lease the following doacribed fore*
Commencing   at   a   poat   planud   on   a   small
Island in the Skeena River about three miloa above
Telegraph Point thence toutheriy 2000 feet.
Dated Dec. 14. 1910. HUME BABIGNTON
Queen CharlotU Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
CharlotU, occupation noUry public, InUnd to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
pertoleum on the following deacribod land:
Commencing at a post planted thirteen miles
north and three miles oast of Section 13, Townsnip
7. Graham Island and marked No. 50, T. It. D. N.
E. corner, thence west 80 chains, thenco south 80
chaina .thenoe east 80 chains, thenco north 80
chains to point of commencement, conUining 640
acres more or leaa.    _   -....���_,
Datad Nov 7, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District���District of
Tako notice that I, Thoa. R. Davoy of Queen
Charlotte, occupation noury public, intend to
apply for pormlision tn prospoct for coal and
petroleum on the following deacribod land:
Commencing at a post planted thirteen milea
north and three miles cast of Section 13, 1own-duo
7. Grsham Iiland and marked No Bt, T. B.D*. N.
W corner, thenco eait 80 chain", thenco south 80
chnins, thenco wost 80 chains, thonco north SO
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or Ions. mnna  n   n.vrv
Dated Nov 8, 1910 THOS. R. DaVBY
Pub! Doc. 3. W'Iron Gowing, Agent
1 Queen CharlotU lalands Land Diatrict���District of
I     Take notice that I, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
' Chariotu,  occupation   notary   public,   intend   to
'< apply  (or  permission  to  prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a pnat planud eleven mllea
I north and seven milea east of Section 13, Township
| 7, Graham Island and marked T. R. D. N. K.
1 corner, thence west 80 chains, thenca aouth 80
: chains, thence east 80 chains, thenco north 80
. chains to point of commencement, containing 640
\ acres more or less.
[ Dated Nov. 9, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Queen CharlotU Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that Thoa. R. Davey of Quoen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, Intend to
apply for permiasion to prospect for coaj and
petroleum on tbe following described land:
Commencing at a post plantod eleven mllee
north and seven milos oast of Section 13, Township
7, Graham Island and marked No. f>7, T. R. D., S.
E. corner, thonco north 80 chnins, thenco west 80
chains, thenco aouth 80 chains, thence east 80
chains tn point of commencement, containing 610
acres more or le-a.
Dated Nov. 9, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Do?. 3 WUson Gowing, Agenl
Skeena Land District  -District uf Quoen Chariott
Take notice thai Catherine Bowman of Vancouver, B. C., occupation spinster, intends to apply
for pcrmissior to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a post planud on the shore near
the mouth of Juskatala Bay, at nbout tho northwest corner of Timber License No. 30895, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 20 chaini more or \**m
to the shore, thence westerly following the shore
back to the plsce of commencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 7. 1910.        CATHERINE BOWMAN
Pub. Nov 6. A. E. JcaMip, Agent
Skeena I.-m-l District-District nf Coait
Take notice thai  Henry  Macartney ��f Prince
Rupert, B.C., <>ccupntion miner, inUnda lo apply
for permission to purchase the following described lamia:
Commencing nt a post planted on loft bank of
Ex-chinn-aik Kiver nbout two nnd a half miles
11 Min iu mouth anil about "*,,��� hutf mile above
rapids, thence north Ki> chnins, thence Mai 4o
chains, thonce aouth ,H0 chains more less to river
bunk, tbence west 40 chains more or less along
river hnnk to point of commencement, containing
,:'" ncrea. more or less
, Date Dec. 10. 19111.
Pub. Jan. 7. 1911. HENRY MACATNEY
Skeena Land District -District nf Coast
Tako notice (hat Edward Thomaa of Vancouver*
B. t '*, occupation limber man, intends to apply
for permiasion to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on the west shore
of Lakelso Lako about 60 chaina in a north-easterly
direction from tho outlet al the lake (La Kelae
Riven thonce north 20 chns, ihence west 40 chnins,
tnence south 20 chains to the lake shore, thenee
following the l:��k�� shore lo point of commencement,
conuining 80 arrcs more or lesa.
Cntod Nov. 7, 1910, EDWARD THOMAS
Pub. Dec. 10
Skoena Land District ���District of Cout
Take notice that  Lionel   Dineen of  Brandon,
Man., occupation teacher,   nunds to    apply for
permission   U  purchaae  tie   following   described
Commencing at a post planted at the aouthweat corner, 40 chains narth and 40 chains eaat
of the nertheaat corner id Lot 1116 (Uarvey Survey), thence 60 chains north, thonce 60 chalna east,
thence 60 ehaina aouth, Ihence 60 chains west U
poat of commencement, conuining 360 icrm, mora
or leaa.
Daud Nov. 14, 1910. LIONEL DINEEN
Pub. Dec. 17. Fred Bohler, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Cherlotti
Take notice that C. W. SUncllffe of Vancouver
B. C, occupation consulting engineer, inUnds t<
apply for permission to purchaae the followini
described lands;
Commencing at a post planted at the aniitheaa
comer of Timber License No. 80895 about on
mUe aouth and one mile east of the entrance t
Juskatala Bay, thence north 20 chains, thence eaa
80 chains, thence aouth 20 chalna, thence weal K
chaina to the place of commencement. conUinln
160 acrea.
Dated Oct. 7, 1910. C. W. STANCLIFF1
Pub. Nov 6. A. E. Jeasup, Ageti
Skeena Land District -District of Coast
Take notice that Donald Clachor, of Brocket
ridge landing Prince Rupert, B. C, occupatio
farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchar
the following descrined lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about Ave mlh
In a aouth easUrly direction from Brocket
ridge Landing, and at the southwest corner <
Lot 3065, thence south 80 chains, thence east t
chains, thence north 60 chains more or less to tl
aouth eait corner of 1 /it 3062, thence woat 40 chati
more or less, along the lot line 3062 thence nort
20 chains, more or leas, alons lot line 3062 <
thc south east corner of Lot 3065, thenco we
10 chains more or loss, along lot lino 3065 to tl
place nf commoncemont, conuining b60 acr
iiinri- or loss.
Dated Oct. 20, 1910. DONALD CLACHE
Pub. Nov. 17. IHE
Queen Charlnttelslanils Un.l District -District ol
Take notice that 1, John McLeod ol Vsncouver,
B C occupation broker, intern! to apply lor permission to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
lolloninn descriled lands; .
1.��� Commencing at a post planted at the northwest comer Lot  171 lieiiut the norlhuest corner
marked J. Md.. N. w. Cam*,   watt BO
chair.., thence south SO chairs, ��eat  Ml
chains, ther.ce north BO chains to point ol com-
menceteent. aaatravl   al*l BTIf,
Dated Dec. tS, 1810. JO IN  M LEDD
Puh. Jan. 21. V.. Dass, Agent
Quwn Charlotle Islands Land District District of
Take notice llmt 1, John Mcl-cod ol Vancouver,
I). C, occuiialion broker, intend to apply (or permission to prospect (or coal and petroleum on the
follow ������ K i.escriloil lunils:
2.���Commencini; al a poit planted at the northwest corner Lot 171 hcinit the northeast corner
marked J. McL. N. B, lomer, Ihence west 1*0
chains, thence south BO chains, thence easl Ml
chains, thence north BO chains lo point of commencement. ���.,,.. ,,���..,,r,
Dsled Dec. 28, WO, JOHN M LLOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Dass, Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islanda Und Diatrict -Distriet of
Tske notiee thai I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. ('.. occui atiun Iroker, intend to a| ply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on tho
folluuir.g described lands:
3.���Commencing al a post planus! one mile
north cf the i.ntl��iM einer ol 1 ot 171, n.arkod
J. Met.. N. W. Corner, bring the N.W. corner,
thence eaat BO chaina, thence south BO chains,
thence west  BO chains,  thenre north BU chains to
Eoint of commencement,
latiil Dec. 21. l'JIO. JOHN  M-I.K11I)
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Dass. Agent
Queen Charlotle Islands Lind District���District o
Take notice that I. John Mcl.eod ot Vancouver.
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply for |er*
mission to prospecl for coal and petroleum on tha
lollowing ileacril.ed lands;
4.���Commencing at a post planted one mile
north ol tbe northwest corner of Lot 171 being the
northeast corner marked J. McL. N. K. Corner',
thence west 80 chains, thence south BO chains
tbence east BO chsins, thence north BO chsins to
point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 21. 1010. JOHN M'l.KOD
Pub. Jon. 21. W, Dass, Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islands Land District- District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, inlend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following aescribed lands;
o.���Commencing at a post planted one mile
north ot the northwest corner of Lol 171 being
lhe southwest corner marked J. McL. S. W. Corner, tbence north BO chains, tbence east BO chains,
thence south HO chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement.
bated Dec. 24. l'JIO. JOHN M'LKtID
I'ub. Jan 21. W   Dass, Agen
Quwn Charlotte Islands Land District    Disirict o
Take notice lhat I, John McU-od of Vancouver,
If. Ca, occupation broker, inlend tu apply for permission tu proapect fur I'.ial and lietroleum on the
lolluwing described lands.
t>. Commenring at a poat plantod ore mile
north ol the northwi-at corner of Lot 171 Iwir.g the
southeast corner marked J. McL, S. K. Cor. er.
tlience north BO chains, thenw west BO chain*.
thenw south 80 chains, thenci- eiet Ml chains f
point ot commencement.
Datlsl Dec. 84,1010, JtlllN  M'l.l.Ol)
I'ub. Jan. 21. \\ . Daa-a, Agen
Quwn Charlotte lalands 1 ..ui.l Diatrict - District of
Take notice that 1. John Mel d of Vancouver,
B. ('., occupation broker, intend lo apply for | ,-r-
mission to prospect for coal ami petroleum on the
follow li. | ..t-M-nl id  litr.l.-
7.��� Cnmineiu-iiig at a post plumed oil chains
west ol t1.- uorthcu'il corner of l.ot -I*. being th.
northwest coriier und inarkiai J. McL. N. V,
Cor., thence east Ml chains, thenw soutli hii
chains, tbence west BO chains, thence north 811
chains to point of cnmmonwmcnl contuining 610
Dated Dee. 20. 1810.
Pub. Jan. 21
Quwn Charlotte Islands Land District Dlitrict of
Take nothe that I. John Mel cod ot Vancouver,
It. C, occupatinn broker, ill' ��� it lo a| ply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following descriled lnnds: ...I-,
12.-Commencing at a port Ptatri Motato
west of the northeast corner of 1 pt 478 hcine.J*.
southeast comer marked J. McL. S. E. Cor., hence
west 80 chains, ihence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chairs, thence south 80 chairs to point ol
commenwmei.l containing 840 ���������   , .,,. ..,.-
Juwn Charlotte Islam's Lund District- Disirict o
Skwna ,, *
Take notice lhat 1. John Mcl.eod of Vancouver,
B C occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to irosrect for coal and petroleum on the
following descril ed lam s: ,
.r Commencing at a post planted at lhe north-
east corner of lot 41 being the COTO*
marked J. McL. N. W. Cor. thence oust 80 chains,
thence south 80 chairs, thence west 80 chairs
thence north 80 chairs to point of commencement
containirg 840 acn s. ,nnv  in Kflll
Dated Dec. 28. 1010. J��" n��i. Age.
I'ub. Jan. 21. "��� Dass.Agu.i
Quwn Charlotle Islands Land District- District o
Take notiw that I. John UoLsod of Vancouver.
It. ('., occupation broker, intend tn apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
followirg diarrlled lands: _-__.]
11. Commei.cir.g at a post planted at the north
east corner ot Lot 12 lieinK the northeast corn'r
marked J. McL. N. F. Cor��ttWM_Mt#ctatae,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chairs,
thence north 80 chaina lo point of commenwmenl
containing CIO acres.
Dated Dec. 28, 1910.
\V. Dass, Agat.t
I'ub. Jan. 21.
W. Dass. Agent l
Quwn Cbnrlolli* I Inula Lund District District ot
Take notice thut I, John Mcl.eod of Vancouver,
B. C., occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prosp.-rt lor coal and pflrolotnu on the
(ollowing ih'tTihod lands:
8 I'o'iimeiicing at a pout iiluutcd in chains
weat of the northeast corner of I...I l.'i being the
northeaal corner murkisl J. McL. N. K. Cor.,
thenc* west 80 chains, Ihcnw aouth 80 chains,
thence easl  81) chains, thenci* north 80 chains to
Folnl of eommeneement colli iilnlng 040 acres,
lalcd Dee 18, l'JIO. JOHN  MXEOD
I'ub. Jsn. 21 \V   Dass, Agent
Q.i.. i, Charlotte lslunds Lund Diatrict    Dislrici of
Take notic. tliul I, John fcicLwd ot Vancouver,
II. C, occuprlion broker, intend to upply foi permission to|H.fl for coal and petroleum on tne
fullowing i|,-scribed lands:
0. t iiio'iienciiig ut a poat plunted :lo chains
weal of th. i.orthenal corner of 1,01 478 being the
nnrlhwesi corner murkisl J. McL. N. \\ . Cor.,
thence east 81) cliuina, thence south 80 chains
Ihence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement containing 610 acres.
Dutod Dec. 88, HMO. JtlllN  M'l.KOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. V. . Dass. Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islam's Land District*   1-iatrct ..
Take notice Milt I, John Mcl.i-od of \ ;..,<���. nv.T,
B. C., OCOUpntlon broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect lor coal nnd petroleum nn the
followll g described lands:
10.--Commoncing at a [mat planted BO chains
west of the nnrtlieasl corner of Lot 473 being
the northeBst corner marked J. McL. N. I*;. dr.,
Ihence west 80 chains, thenw houHi 80 chains,
thence east BO chains, thence north 80 chaina to
poinl of commencement containing '.Hi acres.
Dated Dec. 26, 1010. JOHN M'l.KOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Dass, Agent
Queen Charlotle lslunds Lund District - District of
Take notiee lhat I, John MclaCOd of Vancouver,
B. 0*i OCCUpntlOfl broker, Intend tn apply for permission to prospect for coul and petroleum on tho
following described lands:
11.- ('ommencing at a pirnl planted .10 chains
west of the northeast corner of Lot 47;! being tho
southwest corner murkeel .1. McL. S. W. Cor.,
thence east 80 chains, thence nnrth 80 chains,
Uienre west 80 chains, tbence south 80 chains
to poll t of commencement rnnlalning (140 acres.
Quwn Charlotte Islands Und District-District 2.
Take notice that I. John Mcleod ol \ ancouver-
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for per
mission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following described lands:
IB.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner ot ]M 41 being the northwes
corner marked J. Met.. N. W. Cor., thence east
80 chairs, thence south 80 chaina, thence west 80
chairs, thence north 80 chains to point of com-
menwmertcontslrirg 640 acres.
Dated Dec. 28. 1910. JO IN  M UtOD
Pub. Jan. 21. VI   Dass. Agenl
Queen Charlotle Islands Und Diatrict- District of
Take notice that I. John Mcl.eod of Vareouvrr,
B C. occupation broker. Intend to aptly for per
mission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following described landa:
16,-Commerclrg at a |ost planted at the
northeast corner of l.ot 41 being the northeaat
corner marked J. McL. N. B. Cor., therce wist
80 chain, thence soulh 80 chains, thence east 80
chaiis, theice torth 80 chali a to point of eom-
menwment contairing 640 acres.
Dated Dec. 28. 1910. JOHN M'l.KOD
Pub. Jan'21. \V. Dass, Agent
Quwn Charlotte lslnnds Land District    District o'
Take notice that I. John Mel cod of Vancouver,
B. C., occupation broker, irterd to arplv for permission to prospect for eoal and lietroleum on the
followirg discrili.l lards:
17. Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of l.ot 11 lieirg the southeast
corner marked J. McL. S. C. Cor., therce west
81) chair a. tlience north SO chairs, thenee ess
BO chains, thenw south 80 chairs to point o
eommeneement containing 640 acres.
Dated Dec. 28, llllll. JOHN  M'l.KOD
Pub. Jan. 81. '    \V. Dass. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islamls Land District    District o
Take notlc.thut I, John Mcl.eod ol Vancouver, I
II. ('., occupation broker', irtetc! to a| pl\ for par*
miasinn to proapect for coal and petroleum on the
following ib-scriled landa.
18.    Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner of  tl l*eitiR the southwest comer
murked J. McL. S. W . Cor., thence ,-ast Ml chairs,
. hence north  Ml chaiis, therce west   Ml chains, |
thence south 80 chairs to point of commencement;
conl uinit g 6111 acres.
Dated Dec. 88,1010. JOHN  M'l.KOD '
I'ub. Jun. 21. \V. I i���as. Agent
Queen Churlott.,-lslunds Ultid Disirict     District of
Trite notiw ihul I. John Mrl.e...| of Vancouver, i
H. ('.. occupation broker, intend to apply for permission lo proapect for coal and lietroleum on the
following discrihod lends:
t, 10. Commencing at a post planted al the
northwest corner of Lot 10 lieirig tin. northwest
corner und marked J. McL. N. \V. Cor., thenw'
east 80 chains, thenw south 80 chains, tbence
w.-st sn chains, tbence north 80 chains to itoinl
of commencement contuining 610 acres.
Dutod Dec. SO. 1810. John  M'l.KOD
I'ub ,lnn|2l \v. Daaa.
Have Acquired   School   Building on
Second Avenue
The local troop of lioy scouts have
been successful in securing the old
school building for tluir use mid are
now at work getting it into shape for
a club room antl drill hull. Besldw
the regular work of the Hoy Scout-;,
thc new building will enable them to
have a gymnasium which is most essential in a city like I'rince Rupert where
there are no playgrounds for outside
The work will go on along the lines
that have been followed so far   elementary first aid to the  injured, drill.
semaphore and Morse code signalling,!
gymnasium work and all that tends io
make a boy self-reliant and resourceful.
Although the Boy Scouts are self-
sustaining they woultl not refuse any
oilers of furniture, books or magazines
or anything suitable for their rooms.
Anyone wishing to so contribute could
notify the secretary, Dr. J. 0. Reddle.
or the Seoul master.
An incident occurred a week or so
ago which showed resourcefulness on
the part of some of the Boy Scouts. A
man had caught his foot between two
boards on the sidewalk on Second
Avenue and was unable to extricate
himself. A numbi r of men went to his
assistance but were not successful
Two or thrw Hoy Scouts noticed the
man's predicament and by pushing
down the two hoards instead of pulling
on the man's fool they soon had him
free. They were offered money for
what they bad done but refused lo take
anything, for it Boy Scout is on his
honor to do some good deed each day
without any thought of reward.
This is an example of the effect the
training is having on the boys, and the
result will soon lie evident by a general
improvement among all the boys connected with the work that will be seen
aid appreciated by the residents of the
Quwn Charlotte lalsnds I uml District- Dutrict ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
It. ('., occupation broker, intend to apply for per*
mission to prospect for coal and |*olrolcum on the
following described lands:
2.1. - Commencing at a post planteil at the
northwest eorner of Uil to l*eing the southwest
corner, .narked J. McL. S. \\ . ( or., thenee cwt
80 chains, thenw north 80 ehains, thenw wesl
80 chnins, Ihcnw south 80 chains to point of
commenwmont containing 610 acres.
Dated Dec. M. 1810, JOHN  M'l.KOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. W. Dass, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und Distrirt    District o'
Take notiw that 1, John MfLeod of Vancouver,
11. ('., occupation broker, intend to apply lor permission to prosiiccl for coal and |K*tmteum on the
following described landa:
21. Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner l,ot to being the southeast
corner murkisl J. Mrl. S. I, Cor., Hence nest 80
rhains, thenw mirth 80 chaina, thenw east 80
chains, thenw soulh 80 chains to point ot commencement containing 6tn acres.
Dated Dee. ltd, 1010. JOHN MI.KOI)
I'ub. Jan. 21. W.liass. Agenl
Maying Perfect Garments
The final operation of examining garments for any Imperfection in tailoring is a most important one, and, in thc 20th tVotorj
Brand tailor shops, is done by a staff of eight competent und experienced examiners who are given plenty of time to do the work thoroughly. Their examination is a most critical one and tin gornml
must measure up iu every particular to the 20th Centur) Riial
standard or back to the tailor shop it goes. When once the ganatfjl
has been passed by tin* linal examiners it is boxed and made r<at!y
for shipment. It is also ready to fit and ready to give entire l*&*
Sloan & Company. 6th St.
Queen Cl.ailolte lslunds Lund District    District o
Take untie,, that I, John M.-l .., I nf Vancouver,
It. Ci occupntion I roker, Intend to m plj fnr permission to proapect for coal and petroleum on the
following deacrlled lands:
���!0. (ommencing al a post planted at the
southwest cornr of IjiI to being tbe norlleast
corner and marked .1. McL. N. K. Cor., tbence
west 80 chains, Ihence south 80 chains, thenw
east 80 chains, t hence north 80 chains lo pout
nf commencement coot uitiing 610 acres
Dated Dee. 80,1810, John MXEOD
I'ub. Jan.21. \V. Dass, Agent
Quwn Charlotle Islands land Diatrict    District o*
Take notiw that 1. John Mcl,,-i>d ���( Vancouver
| n. C, occupation, broker, intend to apply for |H>r'
i mission lo prosnect lor coul and iN'troleiim on the
I (ollowing described lands:
I 25. Commeniinir al a [-��� -t planted one mlk*
north of the i,.,rl! ... . comer of l.ol :i!' tiring the
northeast corner marked J. McL. N,,K Cor
thenCC west 80 rhaina, thenw aouth BO cbalna!
thence easl 80 chains, thenw nortli so chains to
point of commencement contuining 6to acres
bated Dec. ill, 1010. John Ml'.KOD
I'ub. Jan. 21.
Quwn Charlotte lslnnds Land District    Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John M.-l, ...| of Vancouver,
B, 0��, occupation broker, intend to apply tor permission to prosjiect for coal and petroleum on tha
following described landa:
21.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northweut corner of I.ot 40 being the northwest
corner nnd marked J. McL. N. w, Cor., thence
east 80 chnins, tbence south 80 chains, theneo
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement containing 840 acres.
Dated Dec. 110, 1010. JOHN M'l.F.OD
I'ub. Jan. 21. W. Dass, Agent
W. Dass, Agenl
Queen Charlotte Islanda Land Ilialrict    District of
Take notice that 1, John McLwd ol Vancouver
U. 0��� occupation broker, intend to apply f���r permission lo pro��|*eet lor conl an troleum on the
fullowing described lands:
26.    ( ommencing at  a  post  pluntcl one mile
north of the northwmt corner of l...t BS Im-Iiiie the
southeast  corner  marked   J.   McL   s    y    (������,,
thence west 80 chains, thenw north 80 'el ai, a
thence east 80 chains, tbence south h0 rl   ,   ' , |
Emm. ol commencement containing 610 acre.
IsrfftJJV-'*"5 "ohn'm'LKOD
Iuh���'">�����. W.Daas. Agent
Dated Dec. 26, llllll
Puh. Jun. 81,
Vv. Dass. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District -District of
Take notice lhat 1, John McLeod of Vancouver -
II. C , occupation broker, Intend to applv for per
miaslon to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on the
fullowing descriled lands:
22,-Commciiclng at n post planted at the
northwest rorner of Ixit 40 being the northeast
comer und marked J.  McL. N.  K, Cor., thence
west 80 chains, thenc tit I, 80 chains, thence
enst 80 chnins, thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement containing 640 acres.
Dated Dec. 110. l'JIO. JOHN M'l.KOD
I'uh. Jan. 21. W. Dasa, Agent
quoen Charlotte Islsnds Und Dial rid-District of
Take notloe that I, Thos. U. DaVev ol o...-���
Charlotte, occupation notary public, Intend^
apply for permission to prospect lor coal and
petroleum on tha following described land-
Commencing at a post planted three milos
north and seven miles east nf Sa*clii���, 1:1 Kamaahh!
7, Oraham Island and marked No Tn T |H> \T
h. corner, thence south 80 ehalns, thenw mmi M
Chans, tnenm nnrth 80 cha,,,., thenw 55^ 5o
chains to point ol commencement, enntainine 610
acrea more or loss. *���
bated Nov. 11,1910. TIIOS  R   HAVtv
rub. i**.a. wSwQoSlrcAwirt
Phone 86 P. (). Box 177
and you will
get Publicity
that will pay
FEED . . ���
Miss   Henny' Wennersten
Scientific Electric Fecial Mai'��l��
EUctric Tre.tmenl. �� Spec"1"
Room. No. 4,    Exchange Blod
A   new   line   of'   "**��**
Natural wool. m.nnil
Flannelettes- anil OutmK ^������nn"'
Lailics'   Fancy Waists*
Boots,   Shoes  anil  M.-n,<-^��*hfJ-
Third Avenue   ���   Between 7th a" I' H B  PRINCE RU PERI    U PI 1 MIST
i 0
���' ��W UutDl.trlct-LUtriUo
���. luitiiTii-a'
,n to pn ���!;'���''
Inl ".'""
rommenclfig ai
���f a mile aouU
I j0hn McLeod ot Vancouver.
.roker, inund to apply lor parlor calami petroleum on thc
In i
uust planted about on��;
ul lie northwest corner ol
_6_B  marked  J.M.N *  W.
��� south 80 chains, thonce east 80
'   i    ,  north 80 ''���"���i"9' 'hel,c0 **���**' 80
:<':''l'��'':l;'l1';''",r,,"C""'l""jOHN M'LEOD
lUc-.'J.lnl. 1910. K. C. Elliott, Agent
.Ctetott. WoadoUnd DUtrict-DUtrlctol
. . __.__*, 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
*"�� u��tr broker, intend to apply lor par-
iTim'i"�� to ����' *-nd Pa**������ln on tho
', '.Tm,eiottt" ul tic nurlhwcat corner ol
Kril, 1. ShaDia, thence eaat 80 chaina,
Z .S M chains, thence west 80 chain.
,4U�� ..ird. Uiw.        F,c. Elliott, Agent
i.Jan. -i.
���Charlolte lalands Und Diatrict-Diatrict ol
tkl notice that I, John McUod ol Vancouver,
fLoWPat&l hroker, intend to apply lor per-
,��n t" |.rtMv*t  lor coal and petroleum on
Ulaatni doVtrlbad landa:
-Tn"enclng at a post planted about one-
ri.1 a mila aouth of tl.e northwest .corner ol
Jl2m��No. 1630 marked J. M. S. E. turner.
,-v i.-lh M' chaina, thenco west 80 chaina
���� ,lUti, BO chalna, thonce east 80 chaina to
at el commencement.
BBf*1* P.C.E..iu,��.Agent
��q Cb��ri��t�� Manila Und District���Diatrkt o
Tiki-tunic* ami I. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
r   ixcuimiii'Ti hroker, inlend to appli (or |.er-
��k>n 11 .inftjK'ct (ur nw I and jwlroleum on ttho
lkiv.ii.ic oiSbed lands:
4-lomnnr.nnit ut ��� post planted about one-
irtj ol u mill' louth i'( tfct uortl."*efit ccrtitr li
Ml UcMtca No. 8580 marked J. M. N. E. Corner,
kur wulh Mi rhains, thence ��est bU chain*,
fit* mrlh M rhains. thence east hO chaina to
Em tl ommcnrenieM. ���*__<__*_  __,_ _���,,___
Lud Dm. Ord, 1910, JOHN M LLOU F-c* BHtott. Agent
pnChlrioUt Mauds Land District��� Diatricto 1
Tike notice thai 1. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
t..oftU|*tU'n broker, intend to a^ply (or *M*
not. tu i na ����� lor *��uil and petroleum on tho
��� inn Mscnwd lumls:
lonuMOdnl at a post planted on the Delia
watum 1 I-'- mU�� Irom its mouth marked
M.N \\ ' orwr,thenwiOUth bOchains, thence
0 chain-, theute i.orlh M> chaina, thence
i* tl un i tn ] otnt '���! commencemciila
Md l ��e lESrd, r.'IO. JuliN M'LEOD P. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte IhIuihIs Ln d District    Dlatrictol
s eons
Take notica lhat I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,'
It. C., occupntion Inker, Intend tn appl) (or per
miauiim to prospect for -oul nnd petroleum 'in the
(ollowing doacribed landa:
18.���Commencing ��t n post planted ut  the
northeast ton er of Com Licence No. :tKw1 nt rked
J. M. S. W. Corner, thence north Sti chuins Uenou ,
euHt so ohftiniithencs m th hu chains, thonce west
80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 26,1810. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub Jan. 21, P. C, Elliott, Agent
Queen Churlottc Islands Lund Disirict    District of
Take notice thai 1, John MoLood of Vancouvor,
B. C*i occupation broker, inlend to apply for permiasion to prospect lor coul uu I petroleum on Die
following described lands:
14 ���Commencin ut n post panto at the
northeaat corner of Conl Licence No. 8481 tmrkod
J. M' N.W. Jjr-i-r, ttience.-wuth SO chains, the co
east SO chains, thenc nort h 80 chains, thence ���.vest
SOcliai s to point of c.i mencn^nt
Date Jjc.ii.lOlO. HMIN  ML  OD
I'ub. Jan. 21. F- C. Elliott, Agent
Queen CharlotU lslnnds Lund District    Disirict ol
Take notice lhat I, John McLeod of Vancouver
B. C, occupation broker, Intond to apply (or \ t*r-
mifsii.ti to pro; pect for coal und petroleum on the
fallowing oescribed h.i ns:
15.���Commenc ng at a posl planted about one
mile easl of the southeast corner of ��� < ;il Licence
No. 8477 marked J. M. S. E. Corner, thence north
80 chains, thence wisit 80 chains, Ihence south 80
chains, thence rust 80 chutns to point ot commencement.
Dated Dec. 20, 1810, J< M'   I OD
Hub. Jan. 21 F. C. Ellittt Agent.
Queen Charlotte lslunds Land District- District of
Take notice thai I, .1. Ln McLeud ol VttkVCUCel
B. C., occupation broker, Intend to apply for |tr
mission to prospect fur conl and petroleum on the
lollowir.g described lunds:
16.���Commencing at a post planted about one
milo east of the southem-l corner of Coal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. S. \N . Corner, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains to point of commencement .
Dated Dec.29th. 1010. JOHN    M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlolte Islands Land District-District d
Take notice that I.John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C., Occupation broker, it.lend to apply fur per*
mission to prot-pect lor ccal and petroleum on the
following described lands:
17,-���Ct.inmeneii.g at a post planted about one
mile east ol the soutleast cormr of Coal Lice, co
No. .1477 marked J. M .N.W. Corner, thencesouth
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thenoe north 80
chains, thence west Mi chaint ti j i it. w lcommi*nce-
Lated Dec. 29th. 1M0. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
QUWR Chsrlotte lslnnds Lund District ��� District o-
Skeei u
Take notice that l.John t&cLeod ofVuncouver,
U. C., orcupation broker. Intend to apply (or i er-
mlaton to prospect for eoal and portoloum on the
following descrilied hinds:
i!5. Commencini nt a post plantod about one
mile north und two miles cusl of tie inrlheast
corner of Conl Licence No; 11477 marked .1. M
N. \V. Corner, thence south 80 chuins, thonce BUt
80 chnins, ihence north BO chuins, tl.nnce west 80
chains it. point of eommencemenl.
Dated Jun. 1, 1911. JOHN* M'l.KOD
Puh. Jan. 21. F.C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte lslnnds Lund Disirict    District qJ
Tako notice thut 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B, C., occupation broker, intend to npply (or per
mission to prospect (or coal and petroleum on the
following described lands:
26 ��� CiTvnP-iCing at a post plunted about one
mile north and two miles enst of the northeast
corner of Conl Licence No. .1477 marked J. M. N.
K. Corner, thence aouth 80 chnins. tl ence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenc*' enst 80
chains to point of commeneement.
Dutod Jun. 1, 1911. JOHN M'l.KOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott. Agen.
Queon Charlotte lalands l.and District -District o(
Take notice that 1, John Mcl-eod ol Vancouver,
B. C��� occupation hroker, intend to apply (or permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on thc
following descrilied lands:
27.--Commeneing at a post planted about two
miles enst of the south east corner of Coal Licence
No. HI77 marked J. M. S. W. Corner, thence north
B0 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence snuth 80
chains, thonce west 80 chuins tn point of commencement a
Dated Jan. 1. 1911. JOHN  M'LEOD
Pub.Jan.21, F.C. Elliott. Agent
Queen Charlotte lslunda l*aml District���Diatrict ol
Take notice that I, John MoLood ol Vancouver,
II. C., occupation broker, intend to apply lor permiasion to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
following described lands:
B0. -Commencing at a post plained alwut two
miles north of the northeaat corner o( Coal Licence
No. .1475 marked J. M. S. B. Corner, thence north
80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Datod Jam 4. mi. JOHN M'l.KOD
Puli. Jan. 21. "aO. Elliott, Ancnt
s-ti i boriotU lotoada Und Diatrict���Liiatricl ol
hit noun thai 1. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
I .omtpallon brokar, ii.tcna to apply lor |t*r-
0M t.. [.r.i-ia.-i coal and pt'trolcum on tho
atmir., ileariiUal
i ..ii ncbelai .ii a ).ost planted on the Dena
District ol
Queon Charlotto lalsnila Land District    llislrict ol
Tako notice that 1, Thus. It. Davey ol Queon
Charlotte, occupation notary puhlic, Intend to
apply (or permiaaion to prospect lor coal and
lietroleum on the {olttiwillR* deacrihed land:
CommencinK at a posl planted nino milea north
and seven milea eaat of Section 13, Townahip 7.
llraham Island and marked No. Bt. T. It. I)., S. W
corner, thonce eaat 80 chaina, thenco north HO
chaina, thenco wwt RO chalna, thonce south 80
chains to point ol commoncement, containing 640
acrea more or loss.
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Doc. 3. WUaon Gowini, Aiont
Quoen Charlotto lalanda Land Diatrict���District at
Take notico that I, Thoa. 11. Davey ol Queon
Charlotto, occupation notary puhlic, intond to
apply lor permiaaion to proapect lor coal and petroleum on tho following deacribed land:
Commoncing at a poat planted nine mllea nortli
and aeven miles eoat ol Section 13, Township T
Graham Island and marked No. 61. T. It. D. S. K.
corner, thonco north 80 chans thonce weat 80
chalna, thonce south 80 chaina, thenco oaat 80
chains to point ol commencement, containing 640
acrea moro or laaa.
Datod Nov. 10, 1910 TH03 R. DAVEY
Pub. Doc. 3. Wilaon Gowing, Agant
Queon Charlotta lalanda Land District���District ol
Tako notloe that 1. Thoa. It. Davey ol Qtaeao
Charlotto, occupalion notary public, intand to
apply for permiasion to proapect (nr coal and
petroleum on the following deacribod land:
Commencing at a p..-t planted throe mllea
north and sovnn mllea east ol Section 13, Townahip
7, Graham laland and marked No. 71, T. It. II., s.
W. corner, thonco eaal 80 chains, thenco north 80
chains, thenca wost 80 chaina, thonce aouth 80
chalna to point ol eommorca��ment, containing 640
acrea   mora   or   leas.
Date.1 Nov. 12.1910. TIIOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. ��� Wilson Gowing, Agont
Quoen Charlotto IaUnda Land District���District ol Quaen Charlotto lalanda Land District���District ol
Skoona Skeona
Take notico lhat 1, Thoa. It. Davay ol Quoon | Tako notice that I. Thoa. II. Davey ol Queon
Charlotte, occupation noury public, intond lo j charlotto, occupalion nolary public, Intand to
apply lor ponnlsalon to prospect lor coal and apply for permission to proapect lor coal and
petroleum un the following doacriba*d land: | petroleum on tho lollowing doocrilwd land: j,
Commoncing at a post plantod nine milo. | Commencing at a post planted three milea
norlh and seven mllea cost ot Section 13, Townahip I n0rth and seven miles east ol S����tlon 13, Township
7. Graham Island and markod No. 63, T. IL D��� N. 7, Graham Island and marked No. 72, T. It. D., N.
E. corner, thence weal 80 chalna, thonco aouth 80 | *.-.. corner, thenco oosl 80 chains, thenco anuth 80
Queen Charlotto lalanda I.and District���District ot
Tako notico that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouvor,
11. C, occupation broker, intond to apply lor permission to prospect for coal antl potroloum on tho
lollowing deacrihed landa:
37. -tCommencing at a post planted about two
miloa north ol the northeaat corner ol Coal Licence
No. 3475 marked J.M.8. W. Corner, thonce north
80 chains, tl once eaal Ml chains, tilt to south U
chaina, thenco west  80 chains to point ol ccm
mencement. m. . ���	
Dated Jan. 4, 1911. JOHN M'Lt-.OD
Puh. Jan.21. f.C. Elliott. Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islanda l-and Diatrict��� Diatrict o
Take notice that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply lor per- to prospect lor coal and petroleum on I lie
following deacrihed lands:
38.���Commencing at a poat planted about three
miles north ol tho northwoat corner ol Coal Licence
No. 3475 marked J. M . N. E. Corner, thenco aouth
K0 chaina, thonco weot 80 chaina, Ihence north 80
chains, thenco east CO chalna to poinl ol commencement. .. .
Dated Jan. 4. 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21.                              F* C. Elliott, Agent
Queen CharlntU* lalands l-and Disirict
Take notlc that 1, John MeI.��*od ol Vancouver.
It. C, occupation broker, intend to apply lot I cr-
missinn to prnspect lor coal and petroleum on the
(ollnwirg described lands:
28.���Commencing at a post planted about two
miles cast ol the southenst corner nl Coal I,Irene.'
Nn. 3177 marked J. at. N. W. Corner, thenre
aouth  "0 chairs,  thence east  80 chains,  thenca*. ..
nnrth 80 chairs, thence west  80 chains to point! chain.,  thenco oast  80  chains, thonce  north  80 i chalna, thenco west 80 chalna, thenco north  80
nt commencement. ' chains to point ol commoncomonl, conlainlng 1.40   chains to point ol eommoncoment, conUlning 640
Dated Jan. 1. 1911 JOHN M'LEOD j acrea moro or loss.
Jan 2i F. C. Elliott, Agent ; Dated Nov. 10, 1910,
Pub. Doc. 3.
_  __,    , ,    .  ,     .-_,    .     ���, I Quean CharlotU Islanda Land DUtrict���District ol
Queon CharlotU lalanda Und Dlstricl���DUtrict ol | **""~ Skwna
^     .^-J?"*  ..   .. , au Tako notica that I, Thos. K. Davoy ol Quaan
Take nolle thai I, Thoa. IL Davoy ol Queen   d,,.*,,.,,,,  occupation   notary  public,  InUnd  to
Charlotte,  occupation  notary  public,  intend  lo        .    for pwmiBaon  to prospect lor coal and
i acroa more or leas.
T. II. DAVEY Datod Nov. 12,1910.
Wilson Gowing, Agont   pub. Doc. 3.
Wilson Gowing, Agont
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���Disttictol
Take notico that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouvo
11. C, occupation bro ker, intend to apply lor per'
mUaion lo prospect for coal and petroleum on thu
following ueacnted lands:
18. -t ommencing at a post planteil about one
milo east ol tl.e southeast corner of toal Licei oc
No. 3477 marked J . M . N . E . Corner, thence aoulh
, _   80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
i I . mil.s Irom its mouth markod I chains, thence east 80 chaina to point ol comnience-
jJL N.i. Corner, thonn south 80 chains, thenco I mont. ,��������� ...unn
it Mtchan.s.11.... to 1.01th bO chains, thonco east   Dated Dec. 29th. 1910. ^.ou.\*. M. **��2S
ciauM. |.,n,. ..I n.inmcncemor.t. I Pub. Jan. 21. F. L . Llliotl. Agonl
"!"   ��� "il'l" JOHN M'LEOD I ru......
A.Jan. Jl F.C. Elliott, Agont   Quoon Chsrlotte Islands Land District- Distnct o
Tako notico that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
H. ('.. occupation broker, intend to apply lor por-
mtooion to prtapecl lor ccal and petroleum on tho
following .i.miiI ni landa:
19.���Commencing at a poat planted one mio
north ol the northeast corner ol Ctal No
3i77 markod J. M . S. W . Corner, tlenco north 8
chaina, thence east 80 chains, the. co aculh 8
chaina, thenco west 80 chalna to point ol ccm
Dated Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F.C .Elliott, Agont
nChat'...'.'. Uand. Land Disirict���DUtrict ol
fl���������...   ...nn McLeod ol Vancouver,
1.. o*ut*iwi, btun.-r, intend to apply lor \ cr-
���i.'t. i.. *t*mmtl f..r coal and petroleum un the
T��la| iKKiila-a Itit.oa:
-1 timm. i.n.i: ji .i jkisI planted on the Dena
Iv.r about I lu miloa Irom ita mouth marked
IM 9 K Conor, On*,ice north 80 chaina, thence
1st edchsii*. thance south 80 chains, Ihence east
Icbau,, ig |,oii,t ol c.mimencvmonL
���ixliit Bid, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
|o.J��t..JI K. C. Elliott. Agent
Jwml'batliiti,. Mar,.la Und DUtriot���DUlrict ol
, :*kccna
|itu notic.* tut 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
..occuiatiiu broker, intend lo apply lor pcr-
asm tu -ta-oapoct lor coal and potroleum on the
"""���r. nl.'.i Ui.ns
*   IOVM BCtni at   a   |Hial  plantod   about   6
UUaeat u| u,|. northeast corner ol Timber
>u. II,..: marked J.M.S. Vv.Corner,thence
���lb mi chaina, i bene, east 80 chalna, thonce aouth
Tclan,, p.,;.,.,. ..,.���( ho chaina to point ol com-
l*crca-'i.tT ���
W Dee. 14, WO, JOHN M'LEOD
f- F. C Elliott, Agent
���M Charlotta Island. Und Diatrict- DUtrict ol
��� . . Skeena
I ���"��� "oik* that I, John McLeod ol Vancouvor.
"""I..t broker, inund to apply lor per-
.     '. t" 11> ipaet l..r coal and petroleum on tho
P"MI,   ...,,.I,,|  |���,.,:
'.' '"i: ,1 i post plantod about 5
ui., ��... ���| ,,,. ������r,hea.t corner ol llmbor
rm" >*" IJ W marked J. M. N. W. Corner,
f*���� .mtb -.i rhains, thenco east 80 chalna,
,   ,   '' I sn ., thence wool 80 chaina to
S*l't "1 en,.,,.: ,.,,, ltt
;",".' '     I.IM0. JtlJIN M'LEOD
*"'*" -1 F.C.Elliott, Agent
""" karlolta Land District- District ul
. , l-keei a
.... r..,,r.. tl a. I, Jili, I rind ,1 \ininit,
ilkn, Intend to apply lor I er-
.1. l��� pnanael lor coal and tiotrolnuin on the
*��lt| ���!��� .tiI.,1 I,,,,!,.
ni. ncing at  a  pint plantod  about  6
I tin* mirthi-asl corner ol Timber
i. markul J. M. N. E. Corner,
'> cliaiim, thence wesl 80 chalna,
Int ol*- '"' c'"1""- thenco east 80 chalna to
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und DUlrict -District nl
Take nntice that I, John Mcleod ol Vancouver.
B. C��� occupatinn broker. Intend to apply lor per-1 chariotte,  occupation  nutao' public,  inund  lo ci    |	
mission to prospect for coal and petroleum nn the | spp|y   |���r  ,H,rmlssiun   lo  prospoct   lor  coal  and   -^roleum on the lolloairing dwcriliod land:
lollowlrg .l.*srrlhed landa: ... .       I potroleum on the lollowing described land: . I     Commencing   at   a   po��t   planted   three   mllea
29. Commencing at a post planted about three , Commencing al a post planted nine milo. north niirth ,n() mvm m^m M���t ���| Jiecrion 13, Townahip
miles easl and nne mile south nl the southeast j _ni m������ m[[��� east ol Section 13. Townahip 7. , ,*,r,h,m Uand and markod No. 73. T. R. D., 4
corner ol Coal Licence No. 3177 marked J. M . !���*. W Graham laland and markwl No. 64, T. It. D., N. w crner, thenco north ��0 chains, thenco oast 80
Corner, thence north 80 chains, thenc* easl 80 i Wi ���,���,���. thenca* east 80 ehaina, thence south 80 eh,, thence snuth 80 chalna. thonce went 80
chains, Ihence snuth 80 chains, thenc,* west 80   chalna. thenos west  80 chalna. thenor north l>0   et,alna t��� point nl commencemont, conuining 640
chalna to point ol commencement.          chaina lo point ol eommoncoment. conuining 610 or lf<<L
Dated Jan. 1. 1911 _g>lH MTJOP   acros more or losa ,,._   -
Pub. Jan. 21. K. C. Elliott, Agon, i i),,^ Nov. 10.1810. TIIOS. IL DAVKY
Pub. Doc. 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent
WiUon Gowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict - District ol' quwn chariotu lalanda Und DUlrict���DUtrict ol
Skca-na Skeana
Take notice thai I.John Mel-ood ol Vancouver.       Tako notico thai I, Thos. H. Davoy ol Queen
It C.. occupat inn hroker. Intend to apply lor per-   CharlotU,  occupalion  nolary  public.  Intend  I
Dated Nov. 12,1910.
Pub. Dae 3.
Queen CharlotU IsUnd. Und Dictrict���Diatrict ol
Take nolle* lhat I. Thos. II. Davey ol Queen
Charlolte,   occupation   noury   public,   intend   to
apply for pertnlasaon  to prosp��*c.  lor coal  and
mWlnVii"pr"os,>ecllor coal and pctrojoum onthe , ^"ui  permW;.,    to  pro^ lor   coal  and   I*****���. ��� J*'M*��g **_^__*_, m(1,
fnllowirg described landa: | potroloum on tho lollowing deacrlba*<l land: I
30.���Commencing at a post planted about Commancing at a post pl.nt.*d eleven mile,
three mile, cost and one mile south ol tho sourt- north and aeven milea eaat ol Section 13,1 ownship
east corner nl Coal Licence No. 3477 markod J. M 7, Craham laland and markod No. 60. T. IL D.. N.
N W Corner, thence south 80 chains, thence east \\\ corner, thonc* eaat 80 chains, tbence south an
80 chains, thence north 80 chalna. thenco west 80 chalna. Ihenc* -afoot 80 chalna, thance north 80
chains to pnlnt ol commencement. ' chains U point ol eommenc*m.nt. conUlning 640
ii.i.mI J.n  1   1911. JOHN M-I.EOD   irtn m���re or losa. ___.
"ui  Jan  2 F. C. Elliot.. Agonl   BgMBJ. 9. 1910. THOS. R   DAVEY
Pub. Deo. 3. WiUon Cowing. Agent
. mtn-nencomonl
I."* I'" ���.'
V*b. Jan. *i.
F.C. Elliott, Agent
��� lalands Land District���District o
ll 'i.'*1 tlim I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
J��sa>fcaaVUp*    �� ,""1<l'r. intendi tn npply lor pcr-
���j^JSSta tontU?1""' p",r,,i,}um ��n the
Queen Charlotte Islands Land DUtrict���DUtrlctol
Tako notico that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B.C., occupation broker, intend to apply lor permiaaion to proapect tor coal and potrolium on tho
following 1.1 will <���.I lands:
20.���Commencing at a post planteil one mil*
north ol lhe nortleast corner ol Coal
No. 3477 markod J. M . S. E. Corner, thence nurth
80 chalna, tl ence west 80 chains, thence aouth .0
chaina, east bO chalna to point, ol commencement. ,���t,a, ,���. ,.,,|,
Dated Dec. 30, l'JIO. JOHN M UPOD
Pub. Jan. 21.                          F. C. Elliott. Agent
Oueen CharlotU lalanda Und DUtrict���DUtrict 0
Skeer.a     .
Take notice that I. John McLeod ol \ancouver
II. C, occupalion broker, Intend to apply lor |cr-
misaion to proapect lor coal and petroleum on the
lollowing lands:      	
21.- Commencing at a poat plantod one mil.
north of the northeast corner of Coal LI tone*
No. 3477 marknl J. M. N. W. Conor, thenc.*
snuth 80 chains, thence oast 80 chains, thenc.
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to point ol
commencement. ���to��� 111 um
D.lnl Doc. 30, 1910. JOIN  * UJ���
I'ub. Jan. 21. F.C. Elliott. Agmt
Queon Charlotte lalanda Und District- DUlrict ol
^ Sheet a
Take nolice that 1, John Mcl-eod ol Vancouver,
II. C��� occupation broker. Intend to apply lor | er
mission to prospect lor nml and p,tr,l,um 011 IM
lollowing descrllnl lands: ,
22. Commencing at a |*o.l plai.tnl "i - ��"���*
north ol the northeast con.7 of Doll l*loen.-e
No. 3477 marknl J.M.N. E. Corner, tl onn. aoulh
n cncemei.l.
Dated I ec. 80,1910
Pub. Jan. 21.
Queen Charlotte lsiand. Und DUtrict -District o skr>n,  ljiml  Dutrict-Queen CharlntU Island.
Skeena Dla-iolnn
Take notico that 1. John McI-cod ol Vancouver. |     _^ --ja��� lhat m a,>, ,((,, dau I. Ferdinand
B. C��� occupation broker, inlend to apply lor per- G  T,|lwt  ium���. ,.1 SkidegaU. II. C*. Intend to
mission to prospect Inr coal and petroleum on tne ^ g ^ c(l((,( Commlsaloner . 1 Un.U. lor a
lollowing described lands: license to prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum on
Sl.-Commenclng a. a posl nlanted annul three m<| min ih_ ,0,lowln|( dwrihexl lando-
mllea east and one mile south ol the s""lbo�����, Commencing at a post platted 20 chalna north
cirner ol Coal Licence No. 3477 marknl J.   "��� ������ thp M���|h��.��l nimcr ot Lot .'.42, Graham lalond*
N. E. Corner, tlience south 80 chains, thence wwt lhrpw,  north  H0  chains thenc* a��t  80 chains.
80 chains, thenco norlh 80 chains, thence easl nu thrnw ���|Utll K0 ch,|nl, thence weat 80 ehalns to
chains tn point ol commecncmer.t. ( t o( .���mmcnccmc:.t, and cinUlnlng 640 acn-s
Dated Jan. I, IBM.                  bJ-?"imii .. ��    1! Datnl Nov. 14.1910.   FREDINANDG.TAPERT
Pub. Jan. 21.                              F. C. Elliott, Agent Pu|)   aJJ^ ,���
Oueen Chariotte Islanda Und Disirict -District ol
Take notice ttat I. John Mel/rod ol Vancouver,
Skeena Und Qu.on CharlntU Islands
Take nolle* that 30 days alter dat* I. Chari��a
B^^SHSfg"KJg��*j; 1 "^-.o T c-huV S 7&Lt
misaion to.proaRoet lor coal and petroleum on lh.   tgntmtmtmm �� jj��� - .     ^^^ _
j u '��� "'""'"��l Licence No. 3482 marke
.,., . 1 " ",':. "..IM nort'i 80 chains, thenco
10.1 ,    l;"t:'!'':'*";0"'''.'-i ��0 chains, thence oaat
bit-ai I      .!!! .  "' ""nmeticcmei t.
Kb    '.'";,*''���'-"'I* JOHN M-LEOD
"���'��� F.C. Elliott, Agont
*����� Chariotta l,l�����l, ,,,���,, DUtrict-DUtrlct ot
f_L i^kiH'tia
I:.,'     , '',","'"l';'"''" McLeut ol Vancouver,
' " mi broker. Intend to apply lor per-
-;;y-c,��l and petroleum on'the
','    "'''���   -.r'.'.lV"1, ,", l""t   I'Unl"'   ��*   th0
I, I        jmm d Coa Lleoneo N'o. 3481 marked
".Hi...,,-,, north 80 chains, thence
,    ,'    " ",'" ""'f' ��0 ehalia, thonco eaat
'��'"I I) '.'. 1'..,',','���'""���"���"���.eetnont.
t. C. Elliott, Agent
80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north "
chains, thenc* east 80 chains to point ol cm-
p. C. Elliott, A,ent
Quoen Charlotle laland. Land DUtrict-District 0
Tako notice thnt I.John attUsd ol Vancouver
B C occupation hroker, ll tend l�� "IPly '��r l"'*
mMonftoS for coal and pctrol-um on the
following tlcKcrihed lands:        ���.���,,���. .,.���,,, on,
23.-Commoncing at a post plant el alio one
mile north and two mil��� east ot t,' nn rt Last
corner ul coal Licence No. *__.**\VI,' 1'w,,.
S. E. Corner, thenco north 80 chains, IJ,1J��rw..1
80 chalna, Hence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to Polr.t.lcomrr.encene,..()HN
PuTja^i:1 F.C.EIlio-   v
Queen Chariotte Islands Und District
T.ko notico that I. John Mcl.-od j'WJJ
B. C��� occupation broker, Intend      ��IP > " ' I
mission to prospect for coal and on
lollowing described l��n''";     . _____ about one
24.-Commenclrg at a post l'l��" ���h,h,t
milo north and two miles ���'���*/. '���/���'��� J, JM*
comer of Coal Limnrn talW ��' ��������� 1J,,,���,
S. W. Conor, Mlth W <'�� ,
east 80 chains, tl ence south *��""���;������
wost 80 chains tn point ol comm.' jJ*j,N M*|,KOD
Dated Jan. I, 1911 ��� c. Elliott, Agent
Pub. Jan. 21. "I"
- DUtrlctol
following descriled lands
32. Cnmmencing at a pnst plan.ed about one
mile north ol ll e northwoat correr ol < oal WM
No. :II7�� marked J. M.S. E. Corner, thence north
80 ohains, there* wet 80 chains, thenn* south so
chains, thenee east 80 choirs to pnlnt ol com-
B2nS!'��,lMl. JOHN M'LEOD
PubJ.nil. F.C. Elliott, Agent
I   Skerna   Und   Diatrict��� Qu**n  CharlotU   lalsnds
Queen Charlotle ...and. Und IMstric.    DUtrict o        _^ ^ Jfifo _,__. ���.,. .   8l)F,n
���ary, msrrtad woman, nl SkidegaU, It. C. intend
tn th. Chlet Commiaaioner ol Unds. lor
I and under th* following described landa:
Commencing at a post plan.rd one m.'e soulh
ol the southeast corner ol l^it Ml, Graham l-land,
thence soulh 80 chaina, thenc* wnsst 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, Ihenee east 80 chsins to
, point of n.mmeneemenl, and cnn.nlnlns* ntn srr����
dat.**! Nov. IR, 1910. CHARLES llEI.MER.
i Pub. Dec in.
Sk.a.i a nolice thai 1. John Mcleod ol Varanum.   J��r>,
imt.-.l J1.11   I. 1911.
I'uh. Jan. 21.
F. C. Elliott. Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islands Und Disirict    I li.tricl o
Qu.*n Charlotle lalanda Und District���Dhlrtet ol
I I Sk.-ena
Take nolle* that I, Th>��. It. D.vey ol Queen
Chsflntte, occupation notary public, Inund a*.
Take notlcothet I. John Mcl,*od of-.onniuvcr, ' j ,ot p,riliuw|���n (0 pnajiport lor mol and
II. t:.. nccupatlnn broker. Intend tn apply lor par-, .".{roleum nn lh* following dosa-riba-l land:
mission to prospect lor and petroleum on the , ,.,)mnwndnf lt , p������ pl.nUd live mile* north
following descriled lards: ,ni)  eleven  mile* east ol Section   13, Townahip
S4*-t?nnimonclnit at a |��at plantn   lbou�� one 1 ?%��__ ,,,,���,, ,nH marked No. 68 t. ll. I)., N.
mile north ol the northwoat corner ol < oal I iechce   a ���,.���.,  ihence south 80 chalna, thence west 80
No. 317:. marked J. M. N. E. Corner, thence soulh' | chlln     ln���nc, n���rth 80 chains,  ihence ***}*>
"-' "   chsins to point ol n.mmeneemenl. conUlning 640
mi rhniiaV thence wist 80 chalna, thenco north 80
chalna, thonce oast 80 chains to point ol com-
D.tedjMl4.1911 -"'"N M'1*Kn"
Pub Jan. 2. F.C.EIIIntt, Agent
Queon Charlotto lalands Und District - District o
Tako notice 11 at l.John Mcleod ol \anmiiver.
11 0. occupation broker, Intond to apply lor permiasion to prospect lor coal and ,��troleiim nn the
mis-ion to prospect
lowing described i��..n��:
15. -t-ommenclng at a post planted al��.ul
th ol tl e northwest ol (oal 1,1,-ence
No. 3479 marked J. M. N. W. Corner, t'icncc aouth
80 chains, t .ence cast 80 chain., thence north 80
chalna, tfence MM 80 chalr.a lo point ol com-
Pub. Jan. 21.
F.C. Elliott, Agenl
acres more nr less.
I> Nov. 11, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
Wilson flowing. Agent
Quaen CharlotU Islsnds Und District���District ol
Take notlc* that I, Thn.. II. Davey ol Queen
Charlolte, occupation notary public, Intend to
apply for permission to pros|��*ct for cosl and
lietroleum on the lollowing deiarribed land:
Cnmmencing al a post nlaulnl three m lc��
norlh antl seven miles east nl Section 13,
7, Oraham Island and marked No. 69.1. II. D., B.
E corner, thenc* north 80 chalna, thenco west 8(1
chalna, thence south 80 chaina. thence east 80
chains to point ol commencement. conUining HD
acre, mnre or less. ���..,,.,   ���   r-..trw*t
i.Rt-i Nov. 11. mio.      _J__*- 5 m&yn
Pub. Dee. 8. Wllaon Oowing, Agent
north and eight mile, esat ol Section 13, Townahip
7 Graham Irland and marked No. 56. T. R. D.. .N
W. wrner, thenc* easl 80 chains, Ihenc* south 80
chaina, thence ��<-i 80 chains, thence north 80
ehalns U point ol commencement, containing 640
acres mor* or ssaa. ^ ..,__,
Daml Nov. 9, 1910. TIIOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Dec 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent
Skeana Und District���Queen Charlotte Islsndo
Take notice that 30 davs after dale I, Ferdinand
G. Tapert, larmar, ol Skidegate. II. C. Intend to
applv to lh* Chie* Commiasioner nl UntU, Inr a
llcensn to prnapayt lor n,al, oil and potroloum on
and under lh* lollowing dcrribnl lands:
Cnmmencing at a post planted a. the northeast
corner ���! Lot Ell, Graham Island, Ihence a.uth 80
ehaina. Ihence oosl 80 chains, ihence north 80
chains, thence weal 80 chains to point ol commencement, and conuining 610 acre*. _.���,.�����,
Dated Nov. It, 1910. FREDINAND G. TAPERT
Pub. Dee. 10
Skwna Und DUtrict Queen Chariotu Islanda
Take notice that 30 dn\*�� alur dale 1, Ferdinand
G. Tapert, larmer, o SkidegaU, II. C, intend .0
apply to the , ' ��� I Comml-aioncr ol Unda, lor a
and under the following daarctbed lands:
Commennng at a po��l plantod 20 chalna north
ol lhe aouthaat n,rn*r nl lot 1.42. Graham la'and,
ihenc* wuth 84) chalna, thence mat 80 cbalna.
thence nnrth 80 chains, th;nc* weal 80 chains, to
rolnt ol eninrnenc*nv*nt. and conUlning 6111 acres
.atnlNnv.14.1910. FERDINANDG.TAPERT.
Puh Dee. 10.
Skaws Und DUtrict -Quwi CharlolU lalanda
Take nolle* lhat 3U da>s altar d.u I. Charlw
llrlmrr, larmer ol Ski.l.i*ote, II. Oh Intend t<
apply to the Chiel Commissioner nl Unda. Inr I
license lo pr<ia|>.*ct lor ninl. oil and petroleum nl
and under lh* lollowing 1l.M0nl.ed landa.
Commennng a. a imxi pl.ntr.1 thn** miba
aouth and ��n* mile wast of the aoiilheas. corner n
Lot 801, liraham Maud, thenn* w,*st 80 chain,
thanea* south 00 chains, thenn* east 80 rhains
thence north 80 chain, to point il niminencemenl
and containing 610 acraaa .....
I,.,. 1 Nov. IB. 11.10. CHARLES HELM El
Pub. I..-   iu
Hkeenn Uml Diatii.t    Hi Irlct of Cna.1 Kanvc I
Tak* notic thai alaty 1 aya from data* that
HiiKh Patrick R.l,*y uf II. r.clton. II. C, miner, ,1
Ultenil .0 apply ." the en.n.laal,.tier of  ll.lid .  f.
permUsion to purchaso the followlno* desrrllH
l-..mincnclnir a. a P"S. plitntnl 4,�� chnins soul
from .lie .,,u,li ...t corner of lot llfst, thence en
411 chnins, thrnee samth 411 chains, thence west
chains, thence north 411 chnins to point of Nt
mencemenl. con.alnlnar Its! ncres, mote or leaa.
Dale Nov. lal. 1910. HUGH PATRICK KILE
Pub. Nov. 2nd. Robert Jas. llri.'kdnle.AKO
Skeena Und District District ol Coast Range
Take notlc* lhat Dan McDougall ot Princ* H
pert, 11. C, occupalion carpenter. Intends lo apt
lor permission u. purchase the lollowing draaerlli
lands: , .   .
Commencing at a po-t planted two chains w,
ol lhe wiuth essl corner ol William McPhe
surveyed pureha�� (Black's recelil survey al..
Augual 20 1910) on tho east side of Ukelae U
thence west 40 chains mnre or lean lo P. U' Hie
purchaae (Blacks survey August 20, 11.10) the,
south 80 ehaina, thence east 40 chains, the,
nnrth 80 chaina to point ol commencement, e
Ulnln, 320 acre, moro or In-.^
Pub. Nov. 6 William Mcl'hoe, Ag 10
I 11 _  PRINC IS   I* M I i* I   " ''
'1 I M I .����� I
queen Charlotta Wanda Uad Dlotriot-Dlotriot o!
Take notice th.t I," Thos. R> Davoj "I y"^"
Charlutu*. uccupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect (or coal anil
petroleum on thc (ollowing described lain :
Commencing al a post planus! two milw north
and live miles east ol BfOto 18. 'I'oWntUp T,
Graham lsiand and marked No. 18, 1 ���It-l'-. N* �����
corner, thenco east 60 chains, ihenc.. south 60 chain,
thence west 6(1 chains, thence north BO chnina to
point ol commencemunl, coMaininit MO acres more
DnleToct. 29, 1910. THOS. It. DAVKY
Pub Nov. 17. WUOOB Gowini!, Agon.
apply   lor
,ing aaaeribad
SkcT.s Load District- DUtrict ���! Coaat
Take nolici* that Saruh B. Alton ol I ..rl
H.   C���  occupaliun   nurse,   ll
parmuoloa to purchase tha
'""'ommencini! at a pool plant.* I at tho SO***-*-**
crner III) chaina eaal an.l 'JO chcina ���Nthaflhe
northeast corner ol Lot 111" 'Harvey Survoy,.
Ihence 60 chains eaat, Ihence M chains aoulh,
thenc 60 chaina wool, thence north 80 chains lo
pool ol commencement, containing 010 a.T.w, more
DatffNOY.14,1810. *4__*___i___\
Pub. i>.*c. 17. PlOd Holder. Agent
.Skeenn Uml District-District of Coast.
Take notice thai 1.. W. Sloan o( l'ri'ici* Kupert.
occupation housewife. Intand, ta apply for permission   to  purchase   the    following   ile
Charlotte Islands Und District-District ol j yUMn Chariott* UlonraUnd DUtrict-Utatnct ol
* intend   to
fur   coal   und
yueen - _
Take nolice that I, Thus- K. Ilavey ol Queen
Charlolte, occupaliun nolary pulili
apply for permission to pnopoet
p ��� roleum on the lollowini* dooerlbod land
' Ommencing a, I ptftBUjnWd d""^??
an.l two miles eaa. ol jfcUon 18. TOWMWP 7
Craham Islam! and mark.Hl No. II. 1. It. I'-, n* '������
corner, thanca west 80 chains. Ihence nor 80
chains ihence rust 80 chains Ihence south 88
chains lo point of conimcnccmonl, conuining t.iu
acres more or jam JW)).   ,(   1)AVKY
Dated Nov
Pub. Doe, 8.
Wilson Cowing. Agent
Take notico that I, Thos. It. Dovey ol Queon
Charlotle, occupation notary public, intend to
applv (or permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described land:
Commencing at a poat planted thirteen milea
north anil live miles cast ol Section Id, Townshh)
7 liraham Island and marked No. 7f>, T. D. It., f>.
\V corner, thenco easl 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, Ihence west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains lo point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less ������mm   ���   hlllL.v
Doted Nov. 12, 1910. '1 HOb. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 8. Wilson Oowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District - District of
Take notice that 1, Thos. K. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, inlet"! to
apply lor permission to prospect for coal anil
petroleum on lhe [ollowin.. ���'*'     *'������ ' '- ���'
Skoer.a  Und  DUtrlct-Uueon I i,,,,,,,,,, ..^n.
Take nolice thai :I0 day, alter data \ t-i I
G. Tepert, farmer, of s'ki,l.r... , \*_f*_\
apply to tha Ohio   Cu,,.,,,,*.,.,,.'..,; | S*W
���cense t prospect lor coa oil -������i,,,"-1
ind under tho Mowing ,1 rallied|M*��^"**"
Commencing at a pool plantcl ,i th.,
corner of Lot ">U, Grahnni Island, the
chains,   thence out  8'1 chnina, t|���,
chains, thence wesl 80 cl,;iir.s t��� V-i*.;
ment, and containing 840 acres.
'��� �������� aortk *(
re atiuth |
I ^.irni-,.!
Kn*2S.v\o'mo   VVMm^"'nin-l
.leacrroed land:
Commencing at a posl planual ���*���"������"
lorth and two miles east of Section 18, roWUWP
. Graham Island and marked No.   -. I ��� It. U. *>���
Skeona  Und   Disirict-Quoen   Charlotle  Islands
Take notice that 30 days after date I. Ferdinand
hUnse to prnspect Inr ����_^^___f*m ��n 1 ru���n ng Tr h i'chidns.  th.,��*e wet 80 chains, j ���������,,
taduriarth.L,<^tn*!sS^a^t^Ba.|iaU raU* thiio*aouSMchalaa. thanea out U chains to I ? _*___. _____ ���	
_SV--mUmm\ 8V?i%3S*|rgC; Point M-g- *����� *���**����� ��*****      I iffSJW'V'ttSS? nTi'n' So
...    ,i������.   ���...,,    so ahaaa   thence east   80    DHL' Uec. ��., IVIU. ,,,,...,..,.,.   as,   vmhan:    chains, llicnce a...*i    ov    *-<*>     * -,-,���- nio
80 ! I'ub. Dec. 111. l'JIo. M'llhIHA W. SLOAN   chains to point ol eommencemenl. containing nto
���.    ,      . ,.   - a r   acres more or loss
' Skeena Und District -District ol toast llango .,
Take notice that Harry LOVOC ol I'rince Kupert.
B ('., occupation  plasterer,  intends to apply  lor
permission   to   purchase  the   lollowing   described
Commencing at a post nlanted 10 chains west
of the northeast corner of John Furlongs surveyed
pre-emption I Black's recent survey August 22. 1910,
on the easl side ol Ukelse Uke. thence west 30
1 chains more or less, thence north 40 chains, thence
east .10 chains, thence south 40 chains to point ol
Uueen Charlotte Islands Und Diatrict���Diatrict at
Island, thenco north 80 chains, thonce essl
chains, thenco south 80 chains, thenci* west
ehalns tn point of commencement, and containing
DatadKov.14 l.MO.  FERDINAND 0. TAPKRT
Puh. Dec. 10.
Dated Nov. ft, 1810,
Pub. Dec. 3.
Wilson Gowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land liisiri.-i   ____
..    ,. . ,, Tak�� notice that 1, Thus. It. Dltsi ol
Take notice that I, Thomaa R. Davey of Queen | charlotte,  occupation   notary public i��LS
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   intend   to   ipply   tor  permission   to   |)r'���s,,.,., ,���'"*���"
npply for permission to prospect tor coal and petro-   ~X-., .w.. ,..n !,. ._'_,. '.!"."��
leuni on the lollowing descrilied land:
Commencing ot a poat planted thirteen mllea
north and seven milea oast oi Section 13, Township
7  Craham Island and marked No. 76, T. R. D��� S.
K. corner, thenco wmt 80 chains, theneo north 80   v_    	
cnains,  thence  east  80 chains,   thence south   80   cha|nH ^ poi���t ,| commencm."
chains to point ol commencement and conUining | lcrM moro or i^
610 ncres more or leas. ���������--   ���   -..���mem
Dated Nov. 13, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dee. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agont
petroleum on the following daacribad land'
Commencing   at   a   post   plantad _���_ _
north and seven miles east of Beetlon 1'Mqsm
7, Graham laland and marked No. ,;*>, f. It D L
E. corner, thence west 60 chains, ihenc. mii_
chains,  thence east   80 chnins, ttwim, ___ *
'  *  '    ' conlainjag gj
Dated Nov. 10, 1910.
1 Pub. Dec. 3.
"ilson (iowinr, I
Quoen Charlotte Islands Und Dlalrict -District of
Take r.oiice that I, Tho" K. Davey, ol Queen   Queen Charlotte Islands Und Dtatrict���District of
Charlolte. uccupation  Notary    Publie  intend  lo Skoena
apply for permiaaion  to    prospect   fur coal gad
Skeena  Und  District ���Queen Chariott. uu
Take notice that :)0 days afli-i data I. F��i,ri
G. Tapert, farmer^.,(_ Skidegate, ll I'., intttdij
Skeena Und Dlstricl-District ol Coast
Ru'pirt. "n0.a.u,lhl "n^" Inu^C atl'""."   ^omnlencemeni. conUlning .20 .c^ moreorJpj,
Take notice that I, Thos. R. Davey ol Quwn |
oeiroleuni on'tiie iuiiowing'di*s'cril*e.l lands: Charlolte,  occupalion   notary   public,   intend   to   apply tt tha duel Commissioner ol UedgH
Commencing  at   a  post  eleven   mUea   app|v  (���r   permission   U)   proapect   lor   coal   and   license to proapact for eoal. oil ami patllsagl
nonh and three mil.a. easl of Sa-cti.m 13. Township   D,.tr;,loum on the lollowing described land: and under the following deecribed landa.
......   s        commencing at a post planted thirUien mllea'     Commencing at a pimt planted 20 rhiiiii
permission to lease the lollowing d��Kribed land:
A small island in the Skcna Kiver altout four
miles above Telegraph   I'oint conuining about oO
Pub. Nov. ft.
("has. M. Wilson. Agent
acres. Dec 14, 1910.
Skeena Und District-District nf Naas Valley
Take nolice that lieorgo Wilson, farmer, intend,
to apply for permission to lease the following deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted nlsml two miles j
east of Naas ltlver at Alyanah and at south enst I
corner of A. F. Pricstly's pre-emption. Ihenee 40
chains south, 40 chains west, 40 chains north,
esut to point of commencement, con'
acres marc or less.
Untcd Nov. 1, 1910.
Pub. Nov. 17.
Skeena Und Disirict -Diatrict ol Coast lUnge 6
Tako notico that Charlm at. Wilson of I'rnce
Rupert. II. C. occupation real estate agent, intends
to apply lor permission to purchase the following
descriU*.! lands:
Commencing at a poet planted at Ihe northeasl
corner of Johnson's surveyed lol No. 684, ihence
wia.t 30 chains more or leas to 10 chaina eoat of
PeW iyoBoor's surveyed pre-emption (Black's
recent survey August 25, 1910) on the east side
of  Ukelse Uke, thence north 80 chains to the
,, Graham Island and marked No. II. 1. It. D-. M
E. corner, ihence wmt 60 chaina, tnence south 80
ehaina, thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to |*oint of commencement, containing 040
acres mora or leaa* ���.���mv
Dnied Nov. ft. 1910. TllOS. K. DAU.i
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agenl
nortli and live milos east ol Section 13. Township   nl the southwest corner of Iait .Ml. lirahubg
, Oraham Island and marked No. 77, T. K. D., S.   thence
  thence   north   80  chaina.  thence eaat aO l
W corner, thence easl 80 chains, thence north 80 thence south 80 chains, thenee ��M *-n tmai
chains thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 point at commencement, and eonUdnlef (M ,*J
chains'to point of commencement, containing 640. bated Nov. 14,1910. FREDINANDU Tt.'ERi
acres more or leea. ���.,__    Pub.  Dec.  10
Datad Nov. 13.1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub Dec 3. Wilaon Gowing, Agant   Queen Charlotte Islands bind Insirict  DiitinJ
]     Tako notico that I, Thos. It  Dtnfrfttg]
t'liarl"tte."i>ccupTi*io'n'  noiiary"public,' intend  lo   Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District���Dtatrict cl | CharlotU,  occupation   noury pulifc, kM I
apply  lor  permission  lo  prospoct lor coal and   ' Skoena \ apply  for permiaaion  to promet or tod i
petroleum on the lollowing described land: Take notico that 1, Thoa. R. Davey ol Queen , petroleum on tho following descrilied land
Commencing at a po��t planted elevon miles   CharlotU.  occupation  noUry   public,  intend   to      Commencing  at  a  posl  plumed ona
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und District -Disirict of
Take nolice lhat 1. Thos. It. Davey of Queen
.   .    ...      ...    ���**   ���*****r*~   **-*���*���   ������   ,        .   ,    ���    .   .   _ v oniiiirii.iua   ..   .   yv..    p..��ii.���   ..��^. ;���    i niiri.Hi*-.    laTuyanu,,    ....,-...     , ....    . ���    -- i       ���  . - ,
! P ,"-,.! I south line ol William Gainey a lol surveyed August   north and fi>-e milw easl ol Section 13, Township   ,nD|y  {or  permission   to  proapect  for  coal   and   north and seven mill*, east of Section Id, Tone.
Ulnlng na' | 2p_ ,910   th,nw ���_i ;io chains, thenee souu^ftO   T> t;rmt,���n |k|�����H ,pd marked No. 44, T. R. D.. N.   pjjtroleum on the following doacribed land: _    ] 7, Graham lsiand and marked No. W.T.R.D ���
..   chains to point ol eommencemenl. conuining 240
acre, more or.-. CHAS. M. WIIil0N
Skeena Und District -District ol Coast
Take nolice that  Hume  Babington  of  I'rince j
Kupert,   rnnsur   mariner,   Intends   to  apply   for ,
permi-*ion lo leas, the following described  foro-
Commencing   at   a   |*ost   planted   on   a  small
island in thu Skeena Kiver about three milm above
Telegraph I'uint thence southerly 2000 (eel.
Dated Dec. 14. 1910. IICMF. BAIlKiNTON
Pub. Nov. 8.
Skeona Und DUtrict    District ol Coaat
Take notice that May Dineen of Port Simpson,
., Graha... .
E. corner, ihence wmt 80 chains, thence south 60
chaina.  thence  eaat   60 chains,  thence  north  80
chains to point ol commenca-ment, conuining 640
acres more or leas.
Dated Nov. 6, 1910. THOS. It. I��A\ hi
I'uh. I ��� c 3.
Skeena Und Dislrici -District of Queen Chariott
Take  nntice  thai  Catherine   Bowman  ol   Van-
Commencing at a poat planted thirteen miloa E. corner, thence wost 60 chains, thenn *satk
north and live milea east of Section 18, Townahip I chalna, thonce eoat 80 chaina. Ihenc nuts
7. Graham Island and marked No. 78, T. R. D., S. chaina to point ot eommencemenl, cor.uinitg
E. corner, thenco wwt 80 chains, thence north 80   acres more or loss.
chains,  thence eaat  80 chains,   thence  aouth   80   Datod Nov. 11. 1910. 7 Hlb. R. DAT
Wilson, Gowing, Agent   chains to point of commencement, containing 640   Pub  Dec. .1. "���I*"' '",-���l
f__i____^>\m\Smmi^t^^ Im^   ��*��� Ch��,0"�� '^0^ *>**^**��****�� �����   KSg"^H -__^��LhJ^SLl   *>��" Charlotto W.nds Und iiiairic, *tM-t
T��ke notiw thai li Tim*, ll. Uawy of Quwn
(.'harlottr, orrupatton nutar> public, intend to
apply for permimion i<> pro��pt*ct fnr coal and
pt'trolrum on thc fultowtns <i�� *<���[ii���< i land:
('ommencinx  at  a  poit  phuiitnl  **levt.*n   milw
Commencing at a |��o��t planted al thc northw��t
corner 100 chaina pant and 20 chainii n��rth of the
northeaat corow of l^ot 111*3 (Harvey Si.rv-r.Ti,
thence mi chainx eaitt. thence 40 chain* aouth,
thenca HO chaina rat, thance 10 chaina nnrth to
the po*t of commencement, containing UQ acrw,
more nr laaa.
I i-ai.' I Nov. 14. 1910. MAY DINEEN
rub. Dec. 17.
WUaon <.owing, Aitont
couver. H. (*., occupation npinnter, inlendii to apply
lwi9   "
for pcrmiaiion to purchaae the fullowintt dfwnlM-*!
CommencinK at a p<��� : \>' \-*'* i on the ahore near
thu mouth of Juftkatala llay, at ahout the north-
weat corner of Timber LtSHLM No. :10S.i.*��. thenc*:
cant HO chain*-, thenn* north -.0 chain* mon* or Icm
to the *hore, thehce aotterly followini Ihe nhore
ktena  Land   Im-tm    ��j���*��� *-��   Clmrlotin   Islanda
Take notice that :i�� da>a after date, 1, Charlv*
Helmer.  farmer, of  ^��.*.-l. ,*.t*<.   H   C,  intend  tu
apply t<> the ('hi)'f ('ommt-aoincr of l.utid". for a
Take notice that I. Thoa, It. Uav*.- <t
. | Charlotte,   occupation   nuUry  puhlir, mi#ad
Queen Charlotte laland* land Diatrict���District ol , ��pply   for   permiaaion   to  |>r��ia,w:t lor Ml
Skeena . petroleum on the followinK deaenbed land:
Take notic* that  I, Thos. R. Davey of Queen       CommencinK at a post planted flWJW
north ar.d live milea nut of section 18. lowmbip   Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public.   Intend   to   ^.-j aoven milea east of BaeUon tl \\mkm
7, Craham Uland and mark��*d N0.45,T. U. D., N.   apply   for   |>ermiaslon   to  proapect   for  coal   and   QnliaiB Island ami marked N��>. iiT.T. R. U,l
^   W, corner, thence mat hO rlmiiu, thence aouth SO   pet^.ieum on the followinK descrilMnl land: corner, thenee  north  HO chain*, ttvntv tmt
Krrd'llohler'Agent   ch��*rul*  *���*���*'���*���** w,*,,'   M( chains, thenco  north 80       CommencinK at   a post  planted  thirteen mllea   chajnr.   thence eaat  HO chalna. thence mtk
chain* to |K>int M eommencemenl, cmitainlnK o40   nort��, and three miles eant of Si-ction 18, Townahip   cni|nB (0 point of OODUDMlOBBMt, MtiUniBf
7, Craham Island ami marked No. 79. Thoa. K. D.,
S. K. corner, thence east HO chains, thence north 80
chaina, thence west HO chnins, thence aouth 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or leas. Queen Charlotte lalanda land In.inr: dura
Dated Nov. 13, 1910. TIIOS. R. DAVEY , w Skwna
Pub. Dee. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent |     -*j'ukP notiw lhat  I Thos. It. Duty-M ,
| Charlolte,   occupution   noiur>   publie, ol*ad
apply   for   permission   to  proa wetj****
acrai more or 1im>.
Dale.1 Nov. *'.. ,���',*>
Pub. I>ee. 3.
Wilson (iowing, Agent
acres moro or less.
Dated Nov. 11, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
TllttS. It. DAM
WiLwin Gowing. A
��U     KIT      '    ,      **������   ��� ..  ���        HWTII,I       IWIKiaaing      a...       -.,.... ...
back tn thc place of commencement, conuining ��� ���**���'���"������--��� ���n pro*|iert fnr nml. oil an    prHmleu.-n on
160 acre** more or I***. i ���"'l under Ihe followiiig descrdH<d land"-
Dated Ocl.7, 1910.
Pub. Nov 5.
A. K. Jnwup, Agent
Sk��*enn lan.l llislrict-Diatriet of Coaat
Take ntitn-i' thnt  Henry  Mh   *rtney ��if Prince
Kupeit, B.C., ���*!��� np;iti'iii miner, intends tu apply
for |terniis*iiin to pun-hti*e the ftdluwing ile��crik*
ed landc
Oiniinmi Inir nt a pout planted <>n  left Imnk  nf
Ex-cliuit.-mk nloiit  two ami a half mtleo
fmm it�� mouth nml ibout *���*-*- half nUtabovo
rapid', thence nnrth wi rbnins. thenre **j| 4"
rhuin . tiieiu-e Miuih Wlehmn* mnre less In liver
Um!.. theme wi-l |ii rhaln* more or leaa ... i .-
rlvei ImtiV, I" p.iint nf i-t.nimrn��enn'nl. '*nnU��in��nir
:tL'��" tOTM. mnre nr les*
DnleDec. 10. 19111.
Pub. Jan. 7. 1911.
Commenring al a p*t*>t nlaniel two m.lm ��outh
of the aouthea*>l n.rrer of .'/ii. Craham Island,
thence muth Ml rhaln>, thenr.* mm M chaina,
ttn-i-r, nnrth ���"�� chain*. Ihence ea*t M) chnina to
ptitnt of mmmer.rement, and contalnirg ��>lo arnv.
Dale.) Nov. lfi. 1910. CHARLBfl HKI.MKR
pub. m*. io.
Skeena   land   Mitel  -Uun*n  Chsrlutte    Island*
I >iv( ion
Take nmice lhat :l�� day* after date I. Cha lea
Helmer,  farmer, nf Skid<vnie,  It. C,  intend  to
apply tn the Chief Commisaioner nf land*, (or
Queei, Charlotte Uland* land District���Db-trict uf
Take nutii-e thai I, Thot. R. Davey of Quwn
Charlotte, orcupation notary public, intend to
apply for permmton to prosjreci for coal and
)M'lro|��um on the following de*crilH*d land:
Commencing al a post planted eleven tnilua
north and three miles ea*t of Section 13, Township
?, Graham Island and marked No. 1G, T. R. D. S.
K. corner, thence west Wi chains, thence north 80
Queen Charlotte Islands land District���District of
Take notire that I, Thos.  R.  Davey of Queen
Charlotle,  occupation   notary   public.   Intend   to
apply   for  twmlaston   to   prospect  for  coal   and
chalna  thenee  m*1   ���-������  chains,   thenn*  aouth   80   petroleum on the followinK MMribMl land:
chaina to point of eommencemenl, containing tilO
arrea more or lew. Nov. 7, 1910. THOS. EL DAVKY
I'ub. I ���*���*��� 3. Wilaon Gowing, Agenl
Queen Charlotte l-dand* land Dlalrict -District ot
Take nolin* lhat I, Tho*.  R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte,   occupation   nolary   public,   Intend   to
apply   for   |iermiasion   to   pro*|tect   for   coal   and
Commenring  at  a  post  planted  thirteen  milm
petroleum on the following descriM Ua*
CommencinK  at  a post planted ������?��*_*
north and seven miles east of Seen..;*K ���^m3m
7, Graham laland and marked Na M.T"ItSkF
B. wrner. Ihenee west 80 ehaina, JJJ'
chains,  thenco  east   80 chaini*. V.
lin-nse m mm* l.��r coal, nil Hnd pHmliiim on   -*-&��** on lhr ��^*___\ *^**___\ ������!"-���
and under the following dMOHM lands: t ommencing   at   a   |K>st   p anted   eley
��� i-l nf the wuthem.* WW of! 1^<1���h*m ������� ���"�� markrd No. JT, T. R. D.. rf.
south and one mile w
, L<"l  ���'���Ol, Graham Island, Ihence east *0 chaina,
HKNKY MACATNKY i thenr..  -Miuth  **.. chain*,  thenre %r*-i  HO rhaina,
I thence nonh BO chsin** In point of HMMMMMMOti
Skeina land District    Dittrirt of Coast
Take not in* Ihst Kdward Thomas of Vancouver,
H   ('., occupution timber man. intend* In apply
for iM-rmpwinn to purchaie the followinK described
Commencing at a ������<. t planted fin the si*i shore
of lakelw* take about '>U rhainn in a north-eaaterly
din-tii'.ii from thn outlet st the lake la Kelse
Riven thenn* north 2u rhn*. thenee weal tn chaina,
thenee soulh 20 chain* to Ihe lake *!..*.. tlience
following the Uke *hnn> to point ... mmmcnremcnl.
cnnlaimng mi ��tw mon- or U-na.
Cate.1 Nnv. 7. 1910, KDWARD THOMAS
Pub. 1 i.*r 10
and mnlsining ''.io rct-i-v
Dated Nov. Hi, 1910.
Puh. Dec. 10.
Skerna Land District Queen ChaMitte Islanda
Take notice thai 30 days alter date 1, William
J I<eary. trader, of SkideKtUi-, It C , Intend to
apply to the Chief Comnit-vinner nf Ijmda, for a
nMBM t-t prtwpi-et lor coid oil and petroleum on
and under the following diwcrilted landa:
Commencing al a poat plantnl al the soulheaat
corner ot Lot fiOl, (iraham Island, thenee south 80
chains, thi nee wmt HO chains, thenc* north 80
Pub. t)M, 10
W. corner, Ihence east HO chains, thence north 80
ehaina, thence weal 80 chalna, thence aouth 80
chalna to point of commencement, containing 610
acrra more or less.
Dated Nov. 7, 1910. TllOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Cowing, Agent
Queen Charlotle Island* land District -DUtrict of
Take notice that 1, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, Inlend to
apply for |M*rmis*iun to prtmix-ct for coal and iwtro*
leum on the following deacribed landa:
Commencing al a twist planus) eleven mllea
north anil rive milea eaat of .Section 13, Townahip
7, Graham Island aad marked No. 48, T. R. D. 8.
i    .' i;     til     ���     inmi     1 '..a t     . 'in wti.     humv   ,      ,      ,       ��� _ , ,    ���,,,,,,n|    ai* llir.l'g
north and thm* mil��� iast ol Section 1:1. Township ' -*1'-"'" *" P��in', ��< ">'"���*�����"""" '"��� " m-1%
7. (iraham lalsnd anil markod No. 80, T. II. D., S.    ���crH,.n'oru "r 'S^n TDM H- DAV
K. corm-r. thenre wpst 80 chains. th.*nw nnrth 80 ! Oataxl Nov 8, IH10.
chains,  thence oast 80 chains,  tlience south  U I 'UD* Ur** ''*
chains to point ol commencement, containing 640 .
acres moro or less. ' queen*Clmrlotte Island* Uml Hirtrirt   "��"��
Dated Nov, 13, 1910. TIIOS. II. DAVKY i Skwns
Puh. Dec. X Wilson Oowlng. Agent        .'ake nolice that  I. Thee. It   I ">*> *_,
S Charlotte,   occupation   notary   potll* ***
1 apply  lor  permission  to  proai-eci i��. tm
Sk��>na  Und   Disirict -Queen  Charlotle  Island,   Mtntssim nth, foUowing daoeribea w*
Take nolle,, thai lit) days alt<*r date I, Ferdinand
0. Taper!, larmer, ol Skidegate, II. C��� Intend to
apply to the Chlet Commissioner ol Unds, lor a
license tn prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the following described lands*
Commencing st a post planted at the southweet
corner ol Ul 118.1, (Iraham Island, thenco north 80
chalna, thenca* east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence weat 80 chains to polnl ot commencement, and containing 640 hit...,
Datod Nov. 14,1910, FERDINAND O, TAPKRT
I'uh list. 10
Commencing al a pool lilaim-l *tff��*
north and eleven mill's east ol S.ftum i;'. ���*��� M
7. Graham Island and mark"! Nn. ;. _*>���** A
W. corner, thence cast 80 ehaina, ttj" ��� ,,
chains, thenca north 80 ehalns, Immtt m
chains lo point of eommfnement. cmt��iiw��
acraa mom or leaa. ,.  .. ,.,���
bttad Nov. 8, 1910. ,, 1 ��M w u*���l
I'uh Doc. II. Wllaon lei*"** ������*��������� I
Queen Charlotta) Islands Uml I>.^tr.c*t -
Take notico that 1. Thos. II   l's��>' "J
inilihr. H*PJ
ns, in, nee west nu cnains, thence north no ehalns thenca* gg*g
na, thence ea,t no ehslns to poinl ol comment* ] chains'to point ol .
it. and cintatiina MO acre*. _--_ ,_--: .. ,__
-Mt'\r! '��� ,91n �����"-������'*". J   I.KAHY   \ZmtsZ.l mi,
Diatrct ol
Qimn Charlolte Islands Und District
Take ........ that I, 1 hus. II. Davey ol yu	
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   puhlic,   Intend   to
Skcone Und Ilialrict    District of Coast
Take  nncce that   l.inni-1   Dineen  ol  l.randon, I
Man., occupation teacher,   ntenda to   apply  lor   in   purrhaaa-   1'ie   lollowing  dnserHaed
Commencing at  a post  plante<l al  Ihe   south   j
west eomar. m ahalna .*������-.i. ami io chains .., ���
of the i...ii .-.. ��� cirmr of Ul 1116 Marvin Sur
veyi, thenc M chaina north. Ihenee fill rhaina eaat.
thenr.. fill chains soulh, thene,- 1,11 rhaln. aiai l.i
|k..i ol omimoncomonl, containing U6(. acrea. ,M..r,.
or lesa.
Datod Nov. It. lilt, l.ltlNKI. DINKKN
I'uh   Dec. 17. Pred llnhler, Ag,*n.
Skcna Uml Disirict-Dlalrict ol Qusen CharlotU
Take notice thai ('. W. SUncllfte of Vancouver,
II. C, occupation consulting engineer, intends to
apply   for   permission   to  purchase  the  lollosrlng
daacril>od lands-
Commencing at a nost planted at Ihe southeast
eorner nl  Timlier  License  No.  :I0H9*�� ahout  one , ,.
mile south and one mile east ol the entrance to ! ' harlotte,   iH*cupa.lon   notary   public,   Intend   to
Juskatala llay, Ihence nnrth 20 chains, Ihenee east' *PW  ",r  iwrnlsslon   to  prospoct  lor  coal   and
SO chains, thence ��uth 20 chains, thonce woat 80 i I""!roleum on the lolluwlog doscrlbeil land:
chains to the place ol enmmencement, containing I     Commencing  al   a  post   plantod   eleven   milee
160 acres. I nurth and seven miles esut ol Section 13, Township
Dated Ort. 7, 1910. C. W. STANCI.IPFF.   7* Oraham Island and marked T.  It.  D.  N. li.
Pub. Nov 6. A. E. lejwip. Agent   ""nor. Ihence weat  80 chains, thonce south  80
| chains.  Ihence east   80  chains,  thence  north   80
chains tn puint ol commencement, containing 640
Skeona Uml Distrirt-District ol Cosst fSSL*tE! *I ffla -ttr.a   ��   ....,*���
Take nolice that Donald Cl.cher, uf llrvcken* I j,',*,1**!��.*���*,��� 9' 1!'10'  T,I(?S' U' "AVBY
rldgo  landing   I'rince   Kupert,   II.  ( ., occupalion    '
I'ub. Dec. 3.
thence  east   80  chaina,
1 commencement, conuining 610
Charlotte,   occupation   uu,��,,   i :���        t
apply   lor   permiasion   lo   pniap��-t   "* ""
petroleum on tho following ili*arrila-l lann
Commencing ot a posl pnatad ' ****.
north and tlvo mllea naat of HCUon ij "���
Skeena   Und   District    Queen   CharlotU  Islanda
Take notice that 30 days after date 1, Ferdinand
(',. Tapert, farmer, nf Skidegate, II. C, Intend to
,      ii..,,.   ��.,  *.,i,.i��,;     ,i mL'S   apply to the Chief Commissioner of Unds, lor a   asirtii and live niins. ��a*i m    ������
���'��.���       chains ihence m���th 80   lieen* lo pr,*ap,rt fur c.,al. oil and petroloum on   7, tireham Island and Nn  ;.'. T^Kj^
il,... ��� ��,uth 80   ,n,| un,|��� ���,,. following dea.-rilKHl lands: I, corner, theneo west 80 dm ns, *��**"5
Cnmmencing al a |>ost planto��l at the aouthweat I chains, thonce oast 80 chaina. ili.*nc�� n��
corner ot Ut 28,r>, (iraham Island, Ihence soulh 80 ! chains to point of conisinw
chaina,  thence eaat 80 chains,  thonce nnrth 80 I acres mora or leea. ������,,,,.  ��� ,uv
chains, ihence weal 80 chains tn polnl ol nimmonee-   Datod Nov. 8. 1910. 1 ��">  "
menl, end cunlainlng 6111 acrea. Pub. Dse.'1
District ol Nov. 14. 1910.   PBRDINAND O. TAPKRT
I'ub. Dec. 10
Wilson (iowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Uml District
Taka notice that I   Thoa. R. Davey ol Que,
���.���int. ���'
"J | Charlotte,   occupalion   notarv   nubile,   Intend   lu
ami  j  .nn|v     (���,    nnnnla.i.n    (a    ........     ...     ��� .
^n),l.���m:..,nM;hM:M?,.l;Vd^^Jdu���d"'���, ���n"!��pp'-**1 s mmh '��'--��<���* **�����,,.
!"������.     .1   .U-5TSSd   ."oven   mile. ' **__*Z��^_1-f**   "T ,"T' K5
north and seven mil. m.i mfmtmmm 13, Townshir       {"m',"nnn��  ���l  ���   "*"*   ��l��nteil   olevi
plsntn!   eleven   mites
Skea*na   Und   District    Quwn   Charlotte   Islands
Take nolle,* thai 30 days alter dale I, Kerdinand
',. Tapart, farmer, ol SkidegaU*, II   C, intond to
niirin ami seven miles eaal ul Serin,n 13, 1 nwnah p : __,_ -nj .��� ���,.,_ -       ", V.    .        ,_-__���   :      - , ������  ���;���
7..liraham Island and markesl No. uH. t It. II. if   "'"air.h.m Islam       , m. 1| v '"���W7"^-?   ,*.""ly '" lh" ,'h"���' '���"���nrnWoner ol Unds, lor a
W. curner. th.nce i*aat nu chaina. Ihence north HO   i!  ���*_"..   .'"���   .. .'. *5.1 HP1, No- ,4"* ��� ��� "��� " J*   license u, prospeet lor coal, oil and petroleum on
W. corner, them
acm, more or li
I i��i.-1 Nov. 9, 1910,
Pub   Dec. 3.
immencmcnl, conUlning 640 i VhalV,.' ��o poin,   ,f co. imencVne'nt
acres more or less.
Daud Nov. 7. 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
Wilson (iowing, Agent
Quen Charlotle Islanda Und District    District ol
Take notico thai I, Thoa. It. Davey ol Qui
ehains. thene,   west no chains, thonce soulh 80   _\___\���.l,.Z     ., m l^f    '.I     "" """," M   ���""' u",l,'r ���'"��� '"lluwing di-cribed lands
chain, lo point of eommencemenl. eonUlnlna 1,40   V*}H": .'���h���^.   ..*Lm. ch"ln'* "��������� wuth  HO       Commencing at a post nlanto.) at th". northeo.1
ement. conlaliilng 640   comer ol I^.t iW, Crakam Island, thenco north 80
TIUN   ii   iiivi.v ���',  thenc  west   80 chains,  thonn* smith  80
Wilson Y;nwi������ W...   rh-"n"' "'rnrn W "u ch"in" '" l'oint ��t commence-
vtllson Lowing, Agent   menl, and ninlalnlng 610 arn*s.
Ilatnl Nov. 14. 1910.   KKRDINAND (i. TAPERT
Queen CharlotU Island. Und District -District of      u ' **** ,0
trnXSt,1****. ,h,,lI '��� Th""- 1 "avey of Queen   Skcna   Land   District    Quoen   Charlotto  Island
Charlotle,  occupation   notary   puhlic,   intend   tol DlvUion
����S I' PfffTSS "* B5BS? ,or ���"" "nd , f'-i" notico thnt 30 days alur date I, Ferdinand
pertnlcum .m the lollowing doacrilaMl |and: (i. Tapert, farmer, ol Ski.legaU, 11. C    InUnd lo
���el^STthSS i!n" S  ,''5"":' {MnrTn mll��   f.pply l0 th'' 0U* '���nn.mlaalonor ol Unds, lor a
fir.r.T' b  ,S?li'-n -l- T""n��hln   license to prospoct l-r coal, oil and petroleum on
l< ���SSg' ,hi"n^ ""'l,m��n'k^'.No' t0' '' "' '-��� ��*���   ,n^. un,lCT ""��� '""���������vlnK describnl lands:
c'ha^a Thene, m.1 in ^.kI'.""""'-. L*,*',,c** ""ulh 80 I ' ���"""l""'''!'"! "' " t""1 ���,l"nt'-"- ������* llm northeast
chsina thence east 80 chains, ihence nnrth 80 comer of Ut SOfi, (raham Island, thence north 80
ch.ln._toj.olnt ol commencement, containing 640   ehalns.   thonc easl   80 chains,  thonco south   80
! chains, thence west 80 chains to point ol commonco-
larmer, intendr to nii|il** 'nr p, rmiaaion to purch
the (ollowing descrilaal lands:
Commencing at a post plantnl al*out 6ve miles
in a south easterly dircliun Irom llrecken*
ridgi* Unding, nnd nt tho southwest corner ol
Ut 306.-,, Ihence south 80 chains, ihenc east 80
chains, Ihenc north 60 chains moro or leas to the
anuth nasi crner of Ut in',,:, thenc west 10 chains
more or less, along the lot line 3062 Ihenc north
10 oi.-.lns. more nr lose, along lol line 3062 to
tho eonth east nirner ol Ut 30fi.-i, thonc woat
40 chains more nr Utm, nhng lol line 306fi to the
plac nf cnmmoneenient, containing HO acres
moro or loss.
Dat.-I O-l  20, 1910 DONALD 0LACHBS
I'ub. Nov. 17.
Wilson Uowing, Agent
Quen ( harlotte Islands Und Dlstricl    Dlatricl of
Tako notire lhat Thos. II. Davey ol Quoen
( harlotte, occupalion notary public, Intend u
apply for to prospect lor coal and
|.. ii..I*..... on lhe fulluwing -!.  ,���nl..,.I land:
Cnmmencing at a poat planted eleven miles
north snd .even miles nut of Section 13. Township
7, (,raham laland and marknl Nn. r,7, T. It. !>., S.
B, corner, thenc north 80 chains, thonce west 80
chains, ihenc south 80 chains, thonce east 80
ehslna lo polnl nf commencement, nmtaining 610
acres mure or lew.
Dslnl Nov. 9, 1910. TIIOS   ll   DAVKY
Pub. Dee. 3 Wilson (lowing, Agenl
acres mora ot Ions.
Dsled Nov 7, 1910.
Pub. Dee. 8.
Wilson Cowing. Agenl
Queen Charlotte Islands Und Dlstricl    Diatrict of
Take nolle that I, Thos. R. |���v���y o( 0
(harlotte,   orcupation   noUry   puhlic,   Inlend   to
apply   for  perml-sion   lo  prospect   for  cosl   ami
petroleum on the lollowini; Innd*
Commencing al  a __j  ,,|.nt���| thirteen  mllee
north and thee miles easl nf Section l'l  T...  .      J    r\-*-.-T.* ������ "���  -"" >-*"���'
7. Crahnm Island ami mnrknl Nn  ',1  T  11 Y,il    **n.\ mA��� tht' '""nvlng doecrlbod lands:
aniiSs'.Si    *"W*l.l�� ivm*HmSs��T35
ment, and cnnUining 640 ncrea!
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. KKRDINAND G. TAPERT
Pub. Dec. 10
Skcna Und Diatrict -Queon CharlotU lalanda
Take notice that 30 days alur dale I, Ferdinand
(.. Iapert, farmer, ol SkidegaU, Ll. C, InUnd to
apply to tho Chiel Commiasioner of Unda, lor a
llcnso to prupsect for coal, oil and petroloum on
Qu.*on CharlolU lalands Uml "��   |,0"**1
Skmna ,,
Tako nollco lhat I, Thoa. II��� I's-j' *�� ,
I   M "����� '
Charlotle, occupation notary pu'
apply lor p i Ion to Miu*.|..a''
petroleum on the following d,-crii��"i ����� _ ,
Commencing at a  post   pis I *��f~Jjm
north and five miles eaal of Swim" >*. ���   {flM
1 (Iraham Island and marknl No **ll!Jatli|
W   corner, thenco east 80 chalna,   *'���*!3f
chain.,  thenco  west  80 chain-. 0_**__ ���
chains to point of eommeneement
acroe moro or loss
Datnl Nov. 8, 1910.
Puh. Doe. 3.
THM ..��'��2l
Wilson ti"*""' Ar^
Queen CharlotU Islands Uml Do** *1",ln,,
Skcna | Mt<
Take notico that I. I'hos. II. "���"'-,.,,.���
Charlotto,   occupalion   notary  ]""""���,  nj pe��
apply lor permlalon to PNOMM lor tm   **
leum on the following ilescrlhnl __a'__mm t_\
Commencing at a post plani'-l '"rT,�����l��
north and eight miles oast of Set l��|' j ��� p 1
7, Graham laland and mark.*d No. ... ^ wttJ
W. corner, thenco east *_*_^__mm+l_\
chalna, thenee west 80 chains, tlnn*". ...Ill
chains to point ol commencement, com
acren more or lose. naurn.  It WS
?TdI��V2- mo-    w��2?8��S*��Ata
Skoena   Und   District  Que"  CharioW
Division . ffra,riiii4
Take notice thnt 30_ M)faaft�� nw"^ |n���,d��
W. corner, thonce M: 80 chains, thonco wulh 80
chans. thonc west 80 chains, ihence north 80
chains lo point nl commencement, containing (110
acrea mnre or leas. "   *"
Dated Nov. ��. 1910 TIIOS R. DaVF.Y
Pub. IU* I, w.lson (iowing, Agent
Q, Tapert, farmer, of Skidek-n t. I      ^.. lo,���
apply to th. Chief p**__f*S*l-A rwatm** *
llconso to prospect for coal, ��l��      ,
and under the lollowing WWJ'E n���rtW*
.- planted at tho northeast
corner of i*t fill, Graham Island, thonco north 80
cha na, (hence treat 80 chalna, thonce south 80
chnins, thonc east 80 chalna lo point of commencement, and conuining 640 acrea.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. KKRDINAND O. TAPERT
I'ub. Dec.  io
and under
Commoncing at
I'm. iinm: i"i 11*,'"1 PS" ��� 'haoei��""hi
corner ol Ut 506, Graham Island,, tn     n(rt^
chains,  thenco  wost  80 chain��.AW f,
chains, thonco coat 80 chaina lo poini
ment, and conUlning r; '.""'inWI'1''"
Datnl Nov. 11,1910.   WBDINA
Pub. Dee. 10.
ti JH��
��� +
"There is neither marryinu nor giving
in marriage in heaven."
"Thut being the case, I suppose we
muy safely conclude that there is no
Reno in heaven."
F. B. Deacon
Open F.venings       Alder Block       SIXTH ST.
(8ubdivMon of Sec. 9) about 200 yards from wuterfront
Thin Sulitlivision   1b   thu   only   inside   subdivision   not  own��d
by  the  Railroad Company.
Lots from $700;  Very Easy Terms
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Und Company,  Limited
ead The   Optimist
King Solomon was having his curs
sealed up with red sealing wax. "Why
such precautions?" asked the correspondent from Egypt. "Do you expect
any heavy firing in thc Immediate
vicinity?" "Oh, no," replied the ancient king, with a sly wink, "but the
time is approaching when my 700 wives
will begin to talk about spring millinery."
| And then Solomon retreated to the
wine cellars and locked l he doors.
Lot 3, Block 6, Section 1,  $1850
Agent���Madam, have you a piano?
Housewife- -Yes.
Agent���I  am selling an attachment
which 1 am sure���
Housewife   We have one.
Agent    What make is it?
Housewife-- Sheriff's.
He was an optimistic soul and a
sportsman, a. combination that made
him a good friend to bookies, both directly and indirectly. His pals, whom
he infected with his enthusiasm, followed his tips blindly, with more often
than not, disatrous results.
"See what you've done," wailed one
of his friends after a race, "and you
told me I could put my shirt on thut
"And did you?"
"Yes, worse luck."
"Well, then," replied the optimistic
sportsmun, "sec the money you'll save
on laundry bills!"**
Inquest  on  Victim  Adjourned  Till
Next Tueaday Evening
The jury und a number of others
interested assembled last night in th.
Provincial Court Room for the inquest
on Eric Kauri, victim of thc recent
dynamite disaster. Coroner McMullin
was unable to be present, however, and
the inquest was adjourned till Tuesday
at 7.30 p.m.
Church Services
Methodist Church services by the
pustor next Sublmth, January 22nd, St
11 and 7.30. Sabbath School nnd
Adult Bible Class ut 2.30. Subject al
morning service: "Oreut Gain; How-
to Get It." Evening service: "The
Lure of thc City."
Surrenders   to   Police   with   Vague
Story of Distant Crime
Here's a curious case come before
the |��)lice court. A man named Wilson
Clarke who has been working up the
river till recently has given himself
up to thc police convinced that he has
committed a crime of some kind.
Whut the offence is he does not know,
but 1��"(re Magistrate McMullin this
morning he declared that the attitude
of his mutes led him to sus|H-ct himself.
A few direct questions by the Magistrate and the evidence of thc Chief of
Police revealed thc fact that Clarke
has been drinking pretty heavily of
late, and thc inference is that the
whole trouble is a delusion of his.
He look* quite a quiet fellow unlikely
to have done anything very dreadful.
Meanwhile he will bc detnincd, his case
being adjourned (ill Monday.
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Oflice.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law- Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 851
ot British Colombia of B.C.. Ontario. Sns-
uiul, Bars. kut.'liewiin  and Al-
brrui Bars.
BARRISTERS, Notaries, Etc.
Office���Kxcha'nK.' block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Iluucrt. 8
Civil antl Minim* Enirineera and Surveynra,
Reports,   Plana,   Sp.*citlcatiot>s.   estimate.,
Wharf Constructor, Etc.
Office:   2nd Ave, near First Street,
P. O. Boa S2 fRlNCE MJHM
p. o. box a
John   v..   davry
rt'.*... UF WM.  KUXON.  K.1U... A.K.A.M.. I.I.N.. ENU.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 186
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
WM. S. HALL. L. D. S., U. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operatlonc skilfully tr.*att*al.   Gas nml !
local nnusth.*tlcs administered f.*r th.* painless *>x-
traellon of t,*a*th.   Consultation frw.   Oflic��*s: 19
and 20 Alder Block. Prince Rupert. 11-12
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
These are the beverages that
make health, strength and happiness your lot. Prices are
very reasonable ami your order will receive prompt attention,     a     a     .     I	
All  varieties   ot  Wines  and   Liquors
also kept in ntt-clt.
Sutherland & Maynard
Fraser Street and Sixth Street
G. T. P. Transfer Agenta
Oi-dera promptly filled.   Pricea rcasonn'tle.
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.    Phone 6K.
Comfortable B roomed house, section 6 $-20.00
3 roomed cabin  12.50
Harry Rochester, coal dealer, left on
the Prince George on I business trip lo
Vancouver and the south.
Pantnrium Pioneer Cleaners. Phone 4.
Liverpool & London and Globe, Phoenix Assurance Company, British America Company.
Second Ave.,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Plumbing.  Heating
and General  Steam  Fitting
BIIOl' -l.aa.mrnt of llelirerson Block
Notice is hereby given that an appli
cation will bc made to the Legislative
Assembly oi' the Province of Hritish
Columbia nt its next xcssion for an act
to incorporate a company under the
name of the "Naas and Peace Kiver
Railway Company" with power to
build, construct, maintain nnd operate
a railway of Htandard or narrow gauge
to be operated by steam, electricity or
other motive power from the head of
Nasoga Gulf, in the Province of Itritish
Columbia, up the Naas Kiver to its
junction wilh the Kitmancool Kiver,
thence following thc Kitmancool River
easterly towards the Babinc River,
thence easterly up and along thc Ba-
bine River to a point at or about its
junction wilh the Ncelkitkwa Kiver,
thence northerly and easterly to the
Nation River, thence easterly ailing tho
Nation River to the Pine River, thence'
easterly along the Pine River and
through the Pino Kiver Pnss to thc
cimterly boundary of the Province of
British Columbia; with power to build
branch lines and with power to construct, acquire, own nnd mnintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith, and to construct, nrquirc, own,
charter, equip and maintain steam and
other vchscIs antl Units and to opcrnto
the same In navigatible watera and with
all the powers Riven by the "model
railway bill" and with such other powers and privileges usual or incidental
to all or any of thc aforesaid purposes.
Dated the 20th day of December, A.
D. l'JIO.
Solicitor for the Applicant*
D 22-J24
=E.   EBY   Ck.   Co._
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
B C.
English and American Billiards
Eight Tables SECOND AVE. 12
a aa^a. a. ,, ��i ,. a u * " * ���' * '���
So Many
Tl Pleased Customers \\
���_, ������.
I I expressed    their   satisfac- I '
na. a-*****
aj*s tion  over  the bargains in r***
tl Dry   Goods   they   secured ' '
at  our
. g . .^i
a-^t "***���
j { that  wc  have  decided   to ( [
^ carry it on one day more ~���
j { and   are   adding to the al- ( (
~ ready    numerous   bargain !^1
| f line.*,  a  number  of  extra { (
^1 special sacrifices  for ~
u u
tt Monday, 23rd Inst fj
��� -as..
& V v v v *V-<fct> iii" V1 (����� "J*.'
..*-.*       mm.
i, H. S. Wallace Co. ���,
1 I Ful.oa SI. and 3rd A... 1 1
WiMwt. rt.Btli.Ki- l��l*t! <!' land DUlrict    1'i-inrt of
lm\t- notic* thnt t. Thoa. K. Ilavay o| queon
Chariott*, ..11 i ...i i j. . notary i ��� - * -1 = -. inland tu
��� I'l'i. (nr pvrnUMlnn tu pro��|**cl (ur ctral and
Hrt*..l*-ut.i un tha follu-Mng tlracrilMd land:
CommandnR at a pnat plant*! thirteen milaa
aorth antl tiw< milm rant of S+rUon Ut, Tim*n��hi|��
7, Graham laland and markad No. 76, T. ll. It., S.
W. corner, thene* rait ho chaina. thane* nnrth HO
chainii, thenc* wort MO chaina, Uianc* aouth HO
chaInr tn i . ii t n( commancrmrnl, containing WO
acre** mor* or law
I-at-I Nov. IS, !��10. TIIOS. It. DAVKY
I'uh  D*r. 3. Wilwm Gowln|, Ag*nt
iju'-n Chariott* 1- ."!��� land DUtrict -DUlrict erf
Taka notic* that I, Thomaa ll. Davay u( Quaen
Charlotte, iKsnipation notar>' puhlic. Intend to
apply fur iiertntMlon lo pnraperl (or coal *nd pn m
kum on tn* lulluwlni d*Mrin*<l land:
Comm*nctn*| al a prat plantad thirt**n milea
nonh and leveii milm <**at of Sertiun 1.1, Townahip
7, (iraham Mind and marketl No. 76, T. H !>.. H.
K corner, thenc* w**t htl chalna, th��nr* north HO
thaina, thenr** eaat HO chain*, thene* aouth HO
th*in* to iNtint tti commencement and containing
440 acre* more or leaa.
Dated Nov. I.l, 1010. TMDS. K. DAVKY
I'uh  PMl Wllaon OovOfi Af*nt
Had It Taken to Jeweler to Mend
but Bucked Again Willing to Bet
Now That He Can Stop It.
William Carr, .Ir., a farmer, is 11 wn
us the I an \'hn stops1 niches. This
peculiarity of Carr's temperament dove oped about ,11 year ago, when a
watch he hud been carrying suddenly
stopped. It was laken to a jeweler.
After the timepie e left Carr it started
running again. Two hours later it
had stopped again when Curr took it.
Carr weighs 200 pounds, has a head
of curly hair, nd in other ways impresses thc observer as a man of extraordinary vitality.
" ou are loo magnetic," said the
jeweler. "You seem to have charged
this watch. My prediction is that it
will be running within an hour after
you take it off."
Since then Carr has owned ten other
watches, all with the same result. Today he wears a twenty-one jewel watch
which is well regulated. He bets $40
against the watch that he will stop it in
two days, this being the longest time
any limepeice has run for him in the
last year.
Let   Down   Lightly
It wus a surprise to George Houston
this morning to find himself arraigned
before Magistrate McMullin. Certainly
he had had a few drinks, but surely
he had been quite well behaved under
the influence? George didn't remember
ruising any particular row und asked
to be let down lightly. It was his
lirst appearance, and he was allowed
to go wilh a warning.
He Insulted Her on the Street While
She Waa Walking to Her Hotel
With Her Huaband.
Cincinnati, Jun* 17. -Margaret II-
lington, the actress wife of Edward J.
Howes a prominent Tacoma business
mun, distinguish. <1 herself In a new
field here last night when she qualified
as a real lighter.
Miss Illinglon. who tired of darning
socks" after a year's retirement, is appearing at a Cincinnati theatre under
her husband's management The fight
took place late last night, andjtoday a
certain bibulously inclined young man
is uncertain whether a bear cat had
pounced upon him from one of the
trees in Fountain square or a street car
had struck him.
Miss [Ulngton simply gave him a few
slinging slaps from her hund and her
husband landed B couple of Pugct
Sound rights to the juw. Then the vie
tim broke and fled. Miss Illinglon was
on her way to the hotel from the theater in company with her husband, having eaten at a downtown restaurant.
It was a little past midnight, and this
young man and two companions had
followed them. As he passed Miss
Illington he jostled her and winked at
Hudson's Bay Boat  Will Be in Cood
Shape  in  Spring
The steamer Hazelton of the Hudson's Bay Company's licet on the
Skeena RlveT is being repaired this
winter and when she leaves the ways
next spring will be in much better shape
than for years. Among oilier things
the stern of the hull is being rebuilt
which will put a stop to the vibration
which has been so noticeable for the
past two seasons.    Omineca Herald.
out that'll mean something. One nino-j
ty-eight, eh? Well, I'll knock off the
$1.90 and for two weeks marry people
for eight cents, just to show them you
can't beat Tennessee for gallantry.
"I'll take stamps for pay also;   preferably twos.   They're handiest."
Liberal and Democratic Elements of
the Country Outraged by His Supercilious Disregard of Paramount Issue before the Nation.
Camoaun Arrives
The steamer Cumnsun reached Prince
Rupert last night on her way north
to Stewart. For this port she carried
a few puxsengers und a quantity ol
mail. She left for the norlh again last
night and will he hack al I'rint-t* Kupert tomorrow morning on her southbound trip.
Squire Weakley Makes Desperate
Cuts to Show Other States There
Waa  no  Embargo   on   Tying   Up
Blissful  Bundle*-.
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 13.���If you
have uny idea of getting married in
the nexl fortnight, come right on down
to Nashville, Tenn., and Squire J. L.
Weakley will tie the knot nnd charge
you only eight cents for the job- eight
cents, and he'll take postage stamps in
payment at thai.
Time was when the Squire's charge
for uniting love-lorn Tennessetans in
the holy bonds was a two dollar bill.
Today, however, he saw a newspaper
despatch from Youngstown, Mo., which
said ii magistrate there hud mnde n
holiday cut in Ihe murriuge market und
wus tying up souls in blissful bundle*
of two fnr |1.98 per lie. The Squire
broke forth fiercely.
"Missouri cun never get ahead of
Tennessee that, way!" he cried. "If
they start cutting I'll meet 'em wilh a
Berlin, Jan. 17.���The Kaiser has
done the Social Democrats another
favor by ignoring the burning question of franchise reform in his speech
from the throne, in his capacity as
King of Prussia, which was read at
the opening of the Prussian Diet.
The Liberal and Democratic elements of the country are outraged by
this supercilious disregard of the paramount issue before thc nation. The
Emperor's inaction, which is due, of
course, to the complete subjection of
his Ministry to Agrarian and Roman
Catholic influences, is certain to cost
the ruling class dearly at this year's
general election for the Reichstag.
The new Prussian Finance Minister
announced the Prussian Budget for
1911. It shows a total expenditure of
$1,021,328,686. Prussia has, therefore, become what Tom Reed once
called the United States: a "billion-
dollar country." The 1911 deficit of
$7,200,000 will be covered as usual by
u loan.
The Prussian public debt now amounts
to the colossal total of $2,375,000,000.
Salvation Army Services
Commencing at 8 o'clock tonight, the
local Salvation Army officers will conduct a song service to which every one
is cordially invited. Ensign Johnstone
will preach, and Lieut. Wright will
conduct the singing. Tomorrow's services will be ns follows:
11 a.m.���Public holiness service, Ensign Johnstone.
1.30 p.m.���Sunday School.
3 p.m.���Public song service led by
Mrs. Johnstone.
7.30 p.m. -Big salvation service, singing led by Lieut. Wright. The lady
ollicers will sing some favorite solos
nnd duets at each service. Ensign
Johnstone will preach at the evening
service, subject: "Reach and Take."
! Everyone cordially invited.
Drop in this evening and sec the
Majestic Picture Show. It's good.
The Optimist enjoyed it lilst night.
Films interesting and amusing are
excellently displayed, und the theatre
is cosy these cold nights.
�����������. . t*
Insurance |
Is vour
Is your
Is your
We are issuing ull .-::,.-..
of Insurance pollclei ar.d
would be glad to quoit
rates at anytime	
OFfKlt-Aid,, Bis... Suth Sm
llll'N   t\| ���.;���..
?!!����������������������� **********
50c lb.
\ C.  H. ORMEi
I The Pioneer / >'.'*���*>��'
PHONE   :      ���  s2
i    Free Information and Prices on Lots in Principal Divisional Points and other Important Towns along the
r t
I    Naw  plant   lor    I
f    bringing buyrri    (���
a-fc. ~ ���m-..-m...*m-..-.
ml **-.* ��� -mm* I -**fc.l ****** * I **mt I'm-, t*<m_tt*~%-,
��� 1    I"**-     ���"***    "���    -**** -"*-    *������-   -*���- ****���- "**��� "** "*      **"*yt*l-"���*-"*m.- ..m^ ,    ,.-ll    n-**,_ i i -���*,_ , ,    ���_,
He Buys Leasra   | j   ASK UNCLE JERRY-He Buy. Contracta
1 i     ^
X���m it-n_i|-si_iis%_ ������aq_il^_H^_lia��_H^_na*ai M ���*> al *** "~
ASK UNCLE JERRY-He Buya Lota     j
���j,, Your P***
.)   arty   ��������-"* |
I for K,"U".!^-I
Will Pay H per cent, on agreed valuation for lease
Will I'ay N per cent, on re valuation at fixed times
Will I'ay Cash due on lease quarterly in advance
Will I'ay Cash for approved leases in any  part of
the city
Will Buy LotB in Section 1, between 5th and 11th
Will Lease Lots for huildin-* Cottages
Will Lease Lots for Bungalows
Will Pay Cash for Options in Section 1
Want Lenses on Lots on l!nd Ave. and 3rd Ave.
Want Leases on Lots in Section 1
We will upend thousands of dollars with Newspapers and Magazines advertising Prince Rupert Opportunities.    We expect hundreds of liv�� investors
this campaign of advertising.    It coBts you nothing to put your property in live hands.   Look us over; come in and talk to "Uncle Jerry."
of the facilities nnd equipmentof this oflice.   We own and offer 99 year lease on 50 x 100 feet corner, Second Avenue and  Sixth  street;   9S
street; also*.��9 year lease on 75 x 100 feet on Fulton street at Fifth Avenue.
List your property with us ami Uke ad ^^
Hank references in abundance.    Why  not  *��
year lease on  50 x 100 feet  on Third   Avenue


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