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Twenty-four hours  ending 6   a. m.,
May 26.
MAX   TKMI'.        Ml*. TKMI'. BAR.        IN. RAIN
"     llll.i) 43.0       30.194
The Daily Newsj:
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist *��Tof?
#**_   Le��'S|atf|/fl 7^\, PoR soirnj.
Hlj\i 1} p., .. *.,.:?��� ������
Prjuoepa M a&-.
inday, 9 a.m
Monday, May 29
/A,  B. C��
VOL. II.  NO. 117
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, May 26, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Startling Proposal to be Voted
on Tonight
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, May 28. A proposal i" have a general strike of
all organised trades in Vancouver
Starting on June .r>th lias been
made, It will conic up for dis-
cussion and action tonight before
the Trades and Labor Council.
"|*|ii- resolution has lieen prepared
.unl endorsed by the executive
committee of that body.
At noon tomorrow the Slate of
California is due here from the
north.    She   will   lake   mail   for
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, May 26---A11 Toronto is alarmed today over the discovery of a huge quantity of dynamite
under the cables of the Hydro-Electric System on Front Street. There was dynamite enough in the cavity to
blow up, not merely the Hydro-Electric property, but the entire downtown neighborhood.
The police were keeping the matter quiet in the expectation of catching the culprits, but the matter
leaked out. The public are at loss to attribute the motive which could have prompted any fiendish plot
to injure the Hydro-Electric System, which after great public expense was opened for  service a month ago.
the south. The Camosun arrives
tonight with mail from the south,
and the C. P. R. S.S. Princess May
is title from Vancouver on Monday.
The G. T. 1'. S.S. Prince George
comes in tomorrow.
Col. Alden Blethen of the Times, Freed Yesterday, has
Three Esteemed Contemporaries Put Behind
Bars Today   Sues Post-Intelligencer
Canadian Press Despatch)       criminal libel of the editor, chief
Seattle, May 20.���A great light owner and manager of the Post-
in thc "'iiris between thc rival Intelligencer.
editors of  thc Seattle Times and      Last   Tuesday,   Colonel   Alden
Si attic  Post-Intelligencer  is; Blethen was Indicted by the special
It is an outcome of the I grand jury on three charges arising
ice campaign that since last out  of   the  anti-vice  campaign.
October kept the public mind  lie was vigorously excoriated  in
- title agitated. the etlitorial columns of the  Posi
This morning, Colonel Alden Intelligencer. This editorial is
Blethen, editor of the Times en- the chief ground on which Colonel
tcrcd action for libel in the criminal Blethen liases his action for dam-
court, claiming from the Post-ages. He was only released from
Intelligencer $100,000 damages, custody on bail yesterday after-
.unl also causing   the  arrest   for | noon.
Searching Sermon Preached Last Night by Rev. T. S.
Bartlett, M.A.    Is Head of the Methodist
Epworth League Movement.
"Prince  Rupert   is  your  Jcru-
���alcm  jusl  ns the Jewish  Jeru-
mIcih ��.,.. to the Apostles," so
said lhe Rev. T. S. Bartlett, M.A.,
'**] the   Methodist   Church   last
"inlit toa large audience interested
the  work   of   the   Epworth
md Sunday Schools of
,!" Mi 'ii"dist Church in Canada.
i "ii have your Jerusalem in
"��ii   heart,"   went   on   the
r|' r,   "and work  you   do in
''"""   Ruperl   is  of   far  greater
importance than  lhat you might
1   the  larger   centres  of   the
Speaking of the Import-
'i work amongst thechildren
he said, "I never knew a man yet
who was so bad (hat he ditl not
want his children t<> be good, and
1 never knew a man who was so
good that he did not want his
children to be better."   The lirst
I k  a  boy  reads is his father's
life," declared Mr. Bartlett.
He spoke of the test applied liy
the psychic const of every
congregation to its pastor as expressed by the Rev. J. Campbell
Morgan, showing that a preacher
who is not real cannot convince
his hearers. Towards lhe conclusion  of liis address  the pastor
referred to the danger besetting
exican President Has Outlived His Welcome    Resignation Accepted by Chamber of Deputies
People Cheered His Downfall
l< wadiatl Press Despatch)
'      'City. May 26-At last,
m fulfilment of repeated   pro-
"',s,;''csident Diaz has resign-
doeument making his
'nation was received
j��� President of the Chamber
���>"* late yesterday after-
""""���   I' was brief and formally
"(',! 'hat the maker.  Porfirio
11,7 Signed the Presidency of
,    ""While of Mexico.    It was
.""""'"'"'.v read   aloud  before
"bled deputies,  and at
,.'," '' m. its acceptance by the
rj"* "f Deputies was announced,
News that the Chamber  had
assembled spread like wildfire,
and while the Chamber was in
session the peop'e thronged so
that every road to the hall was
packed solid with masses of
When the news was shouted
out over the crowds that Diaz
was no more president, loud
cheers and frantic shouting took
place. From their belfries the
church bells were rung, and in
the open squares salvos of cannon
were fired. On every hand were
manifestations of joy that Diaz,
for over thirty years the dictator of Mexico, was no longer in
Mr. Duncan Ross is in the city
today. He returned from up
river yesterday, and intends spending a day or two in I'rince Rupert
on business,
Northwestern League
Spokane I, Vancouver 2.
Portland 11, Victoria 7.
Seattle 7, Tacoma 2.
Pacific Coast League
San Francisco4, Portland 0.
Los Angeles 3, Sacramento 2.
Vernon 1, Oakland 1.
American League
Boston il, St. Louis 5.
Chicago :$. New York;2,
Cleveland 8, Philadelphia 12.
Washington 0, Detroit 2.
National League
Pittsburg 7, Brooklyn 2.
St. Louis 2, Philadelphia 4.
for pure ice cream. Third avenue,
'phone 274.
Premier Ward Wanted a Central Naval Board to Dictate Policy of MAKfcS SCATHING CHARGES
Imperial Naval Defence-Premier Asquith Supported Conten-      AfAIMQT WF^TFRN MORAK
tions of Sir Wilfrid���Conference Starts Deliberations. ItUfUnOI    TL01LRI! MUIUILO
(Canadian I'ress Despatch)
London, May 20.- The Imperial
Conference opened for business
this morning all lhe colonial Premiers being in al tendance. The
first communication read was a
letter from his Majesty thanking
the members of the conference for
assurances of loyalty they had
conveyed to him on the previous
Unify Naval Defence
Premier of Ne\v Zealand Ward
urged on the conference the need
to   create   an    Imperial   Council.
He said the need was apparent
by the fact that two ol the Dominions had already embarked tm
national policies of their own.
Ile   said   it   woultl   Ite   necessary
to co-ordinate and harmonise a
policy of naval defence for Imperial purposes
Idea Was Opposed
The suggestion was opposed by
practically all of the members.
Sir Wilfritl Laurier spoke against
the proposal of Premier Ward,
saying ii would create a body with
power   to   create   expenditure  for
naval defense purposes, but without power to provide the necessary
Premier Asquith Agrees
Premier Asquith agreed with
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Baying thai
such a scheme he feared would
impair and perhaps destroy the
authority of the Imperial govern
ment on such grave matters .is
the continuance of a foreign policy,
the conclusion of treaties and the
declaration of peace or war.
Premier Ward w ilhdrew his resolution.
Brigadier Graves, Editor of the War Cry, Handed Calgary Interviewer a Big   Bouquet    Blames
Responsible Men of the Cities
present day society of externals
being ex.dtetl at the expense
of internals. "Bits of creed, bits
of catechism, bits of Bible, bits
of doctrine, do nol make a Christian. You can make a Methodist
that way, or a Baptist, or a
Presbyterian, but you cannot make
a Christian," he said, and concluded by warning his hearers
not to neglect the great work they
had before them in Prince Rupert.
Have you tried the strawberry
ice cream and the ice cream cones
Thinl avenuc?,'phone 274 2t
Stoke's ice cream soltl at the
Palace Ice Cream Parlor, Second
avenue, next door lo Ihe old
ollice ol" the Optimist, is made from
pure   cream   in   Seattle   and   not
from canned goods. 21
City   Clerk   Woods    Appeared
This Morning.   Case Adjourn
Iu the police court this morning
City Clerk Woods appeared to
explain the matter of the alleged
biting of Jack Christiansen by
his dog. Complainer did not
appear aud the case was adjourned. Mr. Woods will enter
a plea of "Not Guilty" on behalf
of the dog which has not been
known lo bite on any forintr
Seems a Bit Queer
A man named Prank Perown is
detained under surveillance at the
police station today. He will be
examined by the Medical Health
City Hall Notice Board in   Position This Morning
lu a commanding position  in
the City Hall this morning there
appears a new ami highly burnished black notice board. This
is the lirst tangible evidence that
the Mayor's Procedure By-law
has come into force. The line
new board has a reminiscence ol
happy school !�����> days about it.
It looks like a blackboard for the
education of obstreperous aldermen.   Aldermen Hilditch, Doug-   .mil    Newton   are   suspected
of  being  in   conspiracy   to  cm j
their   names   on   it.   antl   Mayor
Manson, it is said, will invest in
a cam.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Calgary. May 26-"Your Western country gives me a jar, when
I look over your population and
behold the number of depraved
young women in your midst."
This was the praise that Brigadier Graves of the Salvation
Army, and editor of the War
Cry, bestowed upon Calgary and
Western Canada when he was
interviewed here last night.
He said he blamed for this
condition   not    the   thoughtless
boys but the responsible men,
who should be punished with the
maximum penalty of the law for
their crimes against society. He
said it would be impossible for
him to forget the startling conditions he had found, not in one
place, but throughout the entire
western cities.
Brigadier Graves leaves this
morning en route for the Pacific
coast cities.
Buy on Sixth Street for $1500
Cash.   H. F. McRae & Co.
In the Past Eight Days She Has Travelled 1070 Miles,
Landed at 28 Ports, Loaded 600 Tons of Coal
by Hand and Towed Two Vessels
Pantorium Pionwr ' I annrn. Tlione 4
An official assurance for communication to thc Indians of the Tsimpsean Peninsula has been received by Mr. Charles Clifton Perry, the Indian agent at Metlakatla,
to the effect that the Dominion Government is taking the necessary action to submit to
the Imperial Government the report of the interview of the Indians and their friends
with the Dominion Government and the Provincial Government of British Columbia.
In the letter, it is understood that Sir Wilfrid Laurier states that he thinks it is
only right that a decision should be obtained as to the rights of the Indians, and that
if a way can be found to force the Provincial Government into the courts on this question, it will certainly be done.
This communication is in reply to a deputation of Indians and their friends which
waited, first on the McBride Government, and later on Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Sir Allan
Aylesworth, Minister of Justice, and Hon. Frank Oliver, Superintendent General of
Indian affairs at Ottawa, to present the claims of the Indians in relation to the land
title, and to ask that the question of the land title be submitted to the courts.
Premier McBride refused to allow the matter to be decided by the courts of justice, but according to his verbal reply to tho deputation, and the official communication
to the Indian agents referred to above, it is the intention of Sir Wilfrid Laurier to force
the issue and allow the courts of justice to decide the matter.
At an early date the men of the Indian tribes will be called together and the contents of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's letter made known to them.
To have covered one thousand
and seventy miles, made landings
at twenty-eight ports, loaded by
hand lillil tons of coal, and tnwed
tWO vessels long distances, besides
doing all her ordinary freight and
passenger work is the achievement of the G. T. P. S.S. Prince
Albert for lhe past eight days
according to the plain entries in
(apt.tin Wctrmoiith's log.
A Busy Steamer
Any steamer experienced in
coastwise traffic knows that this
record means a mighty busy steamer, and a mighty busy crew.
Every one of those twenty-eight
landings must have been smartly
made, freight antl passenger traffic
must have been tpiiekly and cleverly bandied. Crew and officers
must have been working in unison
for the credit of the boat and
their own satisfaction.
Two Heavy Tows
All in the day's work was the
lowing of tne big North Bend
to Skidegate from Prince Rupert
for a cargo of 500,000 feet of
lumber, and the towing out of
Skidegate harbor of the schooner
Thos.  P.  Baird.    To tow a big
Ottawa Evening Journal, Which Has Inside Information, Says Positive Assurances Have Been
Given Conservative Leaders
land early in July, .Earl Grey will
announce the prorogation of the
House. The leaders would then
commence active steps to campaign through the country.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, May 2ii.   The "Evening Journal." which is recognised
as the Conservative mouthpiece
.it    the   capital    stales   that    the
leaders of the Conservative party!
have received the most positive!
assurances   that   there  will   bc  a ���	
Federal election some time either (Formal Notice of Appeal against
in   August   or   September.     This!     Assessment Entered by Co.
statement was conveyed to the 	
Journal   from    the   party   head-      Mayor Manson mentioned this
quarters, i morning   that   tbe  formal   notice
The opinion is vouchsafed that lof appeal against the G. T. P.
Parliament will not meet on July Assessment bad been received by
18th as arranged, but that before the Cily from tbe Grand Trunk
that date. Immediately after Sir Pacific Railway company, The
Wilfrid Lautier*! return from Kng-|Court of Revision will sil June 6. th;e  d ai l y  news
The Daily News
Formerly The T-*rince Rupert Optimist
Published by lhe Prince Ruperl Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily. 60e per month, or (6.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Octside Canada -Daily, $8.00 peryear; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-50 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Buildinp. Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. C.   Telephone 98.
New York-National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 2,'lrd St.. New York City.
Seattle   Puget Sound News Co.
London, ENGLAND���The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coiut [Unit 5 SkMM UJ* PftS'teJSllMUttW A -Wm
. Take notiee thtt I, Frank Hick, ol Pol* &��� Take Mtte. thMA ��> ,��� PJS, tl) ���,HC
inflon,  occupation   merchant,   intenal  to  igpljj   RupB^ftjjjH^jgJjJJJ ,|���, lollowing described
For Having a Bull Terrier Which
is Believed  to Bite
lor permiaaion to purchaae the following Of
icribed a i.,
M fx'l
ra: .--
Daily Edition.
Friday. May 27
The London "Daily Telegraph," .1 well known journal which
has no leanings in favor of public ownership, recently commissioned
its correspondents in eighty British municipalities to report the profit
and loss of the public utilities operated by their respective municipalities.
On April first ihe paper published the seventy-five reports that
had been returned.
It is significant ihat a city like Birmingham, where municipal
ownership had been scarcely less successful than in Glasgow, should
be omitted from the report.
But the returns must have proved as disappointing to the editors
as they are gratifying to the friends of public ownership.
Had the "Telegraph" been an American daily whose stock was
heavily owned by stockholders in privately owned public utilities.
it is not probable that the report would ever have seen the light of
print, for it showed that of thirty municipal gas plants reported on, all
are being operated either at a profit or without loss.
Of fifty-six electric light plants, thirty-nine are showing a clear
profit. Of thirty-five street car lines, twenty-four are being run at a
clear profit.
Of thirty-four municipal water-works, twenty-eight are profitable.
Ii should be remi mbered that these figures come from an authority
unfavorable to public ownership, and, furthermore, we should bear
in mind that in many instances towns have installed public plants
where no private company would  undertake  the business, knowing
that for some \t.irs it would be impossible to secure satisfactory returns
But the citizens, desiring the utilities,  voted  for the municipal
plants, feeling that the convenience and the benefit would overmatch
tiie loss that might be sustained for a few years, and also realizing
the fact that a public utility grows more and more valuable as population increases,so that a plant that is operated at a small profit,or
a loss, for a time, will ultimately become a veritable gold mine to the
municipality owning it.
Still further, the publicly owned and operated natural monopolies
frequently secure for tbe citizens greatly reduced rates and incomparably belter service than thai which they supplant, and in these
ways vastly overbalance any possible loss.
The sword of Damocles in the
shape of a police summons is
hanging over ilu- head of good-
natured i'ity Clerk Woods today.
The trouble centres around liis
terrier which is .ic-
l'ar forgetting itself
child. The young-
Mr. Christiansen,
lolice today that he
lold  -Mr.  Woods re-
ihe deeds of the dog
and the circumstances will pp>l>-
ablv he investigated tomorrow.
Commencing  at  a  post  planteal  on  tha
bank  ol  (he  Kxchumaika  River anal  about  fa'ur
miles (rom ita confluence with the Skeena Kiver.
thence SO chaina  weat,  thence SO chairs  north,   .
thence  SO  chains   easl,   thence south   SO  CMlM   Qbtini
to point of commencement, containing t.; 10 acrw   chains
more or leaa. . .
Dated April 21. 1911. FRANK  HICKB
I'ub. April 29.
���ine at a posl planted on the south
:.'.'.msiks Hiver. about S M mile,   rom
faithful  bull
cused of so
as to  bite a
ster's   father,
notified the 1
intended to I
sponsible for
Rupert's Coronation Representative Joined by Others
The  following  despatch  comes
to hand from Color Sergeant Ceo
Leek on his way  East with  the
Coronation contingent:
Glacier House B. C, May LOth
To the Daily News, Prince Rupert
In excellent weather and the
best of spirits the Coronation
contingent of British Columbian
regimental representatives left here
at 2.30 p.m. We were joined by
two men at New Westminster, and
two more joined the detachment
at Revelstoke. At Glacier House
we were welcomed another stalwart, and we are now twenty-five
nun strong. The company consists of men of the B. C. Horse,
Engineers, Infantry, and RifiVs.
Great gootl humor prevails. There
was some little excitement today
when a freight train jumped ilu
rails and fell over the bank at
four in the morning, but no one
was hurt.
"Daily News" Correspondent
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Coast
Take notice that William McTavish ol Vancou-
ver, B. 0, occupation physician, intends r
lor permission to purchase the Mlowm* deKTbad
Commencing at a poat planted at tho K
corner, 40 chains north and le ch.r.n- a.a-: -
northeast corner ol Lot  lilt'..  Btmy'l
Coast   Disirict,  Kange 6,  thoaeo '"   chltw ****
thence 60 chalna  north,  thenw fiO chain!  mt* .. ...,.,,, , ... -  . - -
thence 60 chains aouth to post ol eomnwewni ni Ni   il - ��� hi ������> 'o point ot oommunmini, con
containing :I60 acres more ol lw. ,.��� I uWnj l��0 ***** ������� '" "���*
Dated May 2, 1911.      WILLIAM A.  McT.\'���>���->'    ,,.;,.; Ipril a. Will,   ,
Pub. May 6. Fred W. Bolder. A��Ml WILLIAM
tpril l>.
' ;'  !i��iCn��nSth"lS;ikSni Hiver and about
' ', .;."���:: V.'m Kachumsilu. rapids, (hence SO
ecartV ihence 10 chains easl, thence 80
.v .'l ' ihence 40 chuins wwt to point o
wmmonwment,  conUlning. M0  acre-   more  or
|M     Pal ��� srked
Dated ll rll
Pub. Apnl '-
"II.M. S.W. cor.
SkMM Und District-District ol Coast
TatowtlM  thot   1.   William   Me Wile  CorlW
I   Toronto,   I'mario.   occupation   clerk,   (mend
MrmlalOn to purchase the lollowini!
1 JSu'll a post Planled at the northwest
,a.;.!   6. toast District. Ihence
,   ,, ihence north 40 chains. Ihence wesl
,    ���   .   ;      Hell's   liate   slouiih,   ���
ihenee alotut
Skeona Land DUtrict���DUtric. ol Coast Ru* '    (.', :i,t l.unal District   -District of Skeena
B.T�� %^1���te��  ���        "     Take notice that 1. Paul Brendler, of
apply for permission to punbtM tht foiv ������ -��� porcher Uland, occupation tanner
described lands:
Commencing at a post pUnttd t\
wwt corner 100 chains east md 20 cht
from the northeast corner of __0\  i'.''r    ,--"'" '
Survey, Coast District,Range o.thenct? ,*i chain*
Bttkln.UndDt.trl;] rfjf^W**
Take notice lhal    hrWI.    A;   .        ,, ,��� u(,,,b
B  C i'u' 7 .'   , I'llaaauni! described
lor iHanulsaion to purehu. I" ,0"u
lanal: .. _,   nlanted   iitaout   three-
Commencini!  .1   "    '"..,,,   dinner SlHt
quarters ol a ml'' BOTth (WtlIr. t lis.
and on lhe east  |J ��   ���"�� k ",,,'   .   .,,���-,, ihenca
aoutu .1.10 oi thomouth rt �� ";,,,������������, ���,���������,
eut  40 chains.  thWM      �� ' ���, Bhlllll ,0 point
ihence north
'������'-���  """������'    ": ^nulnha MCI ****** mow
ol commencement �����''
or leas.
Doled Feb. 10, Ull,
I'ub. April ��� ���
Und Dlstricl -Dlitriot ��' ������"��� Chsrlotte
PSllUrphy,0l Vancouver,
Commencinu  *}   ���JRT.Jg] ,n,.n  tht   muuth
Skwna I
Tak*- notioe thn
wMt  uii-1   0119   mil*'
llience north M
chains, thenn'
chains, thence ft
Daleal March *..
I'ub. April -'2.
To Lease
22, 23, 24, 25
7, 8
>t IOC
j. H.  Ml'KPHY
Numn iVmi-ni, Agonl
south, thence SO chaini east, ther.ce ��0 chair.i
north, thence 40 chains west   then*   60
south, thence 40 chains west to pos: <*i com
-koena I >-iriot     I'lslric( "I I asslar
Tak.'   "olioI   I'��'   I.   M'1"   Cirin Ol  ftjWMt,
li (    oeniMUon mtrrtod woman, intend  .. apply
'*1\in,n���.ncinc al  a  pest  planted  two l2)  mllea
uh, .. iul Fta   rlwn, ihence M chalna north,
Vu MTehatna ML   thence   SO  chains  aouth,
Bt a post pianwaaDOUiusiewirom ��|jg;jft! ''
location poat of lot 1301 on Porcher IB- a \,ttt���,, A|���ii:o, 1911
Second Ave.,
Prince Ruperl, B.C.
tend to npply for permission to lease
ring foreahore:   Commencing
planted about 12 feet from the
land, thence  in a  southerly  direction
followini;  high watermark 1200  feet;
cement ronuinini.400 acre,in ���, nm '���-..,..,���,,   ther.ce west to low water mark; thence
rT.i.-V-mi-        ��ftft��ff2��!  northerly   following low  water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of com-
Skeena Land District���Distric: ���������'��� *'���������'
Take nolice that Grace MeTavtsh. ���' v-��'
B. C.| occupation married won...:   ll U '
(or permwsion to purchase the following dflOO '������'���
Commencing at a post plartwl a*, the south**:
corner  100 chains east and 20 chains north uf
the northeast corner of Lot 1116. Birw'l Sumyi
Coast District,  Range 5, ther.ce -10 chaina east,
thence M> chains north, thence  10 chains wwt,!
thence 80 chains south to port of commencement i
containinR 320 acrw more or less. ...,���
Dated Mav 8, 1911. GKACK McT.W 1>H
rub. May 6. Fre.1 W. Bohler. Agent
mencement      pAUL mi:m)lER
Dated March 7, 1911.
First insertion March 11
Skeena Und Diatrict���Diatrlc: a I fca--' V.-t .������ ���
Take notice that Alexander Mcintosh Of Vt�� | [0 ,���p|y
The information received by the Registrar of the Supreme Court
yesterday that a sitting of the Supreme Court to try civil case? will
open in Prince Rupert on June 15th, is an aggravation of the annoyance
felt by many citizens at the refusal of the Attorney General to allow
the criminal cases from Prince Rupert to be tried in thi;. city.
At the time, it was assumed by most people that the decision
was forced upon the Department by the arrangement of thc Supreme
Court judges dates. Now it is made clear that the decision was an
arbitrary one. of a kind with the spirit which struck its pen through
Prince Rupert':- request for the Initiative and Referendum in its
charter, and knifed its democratic aspirations.
Now the citizens of Prince Rupert have to face this annoying
anomaly, thai at an enormous expense, and in defiance of their wishes,
the witnesses in the fourteen strike cases must travel all the way to
Victoria and stay there from June Sth until the end of the trial,while
a Supreme Court judge will be sitting in Prince Rupert heating civil
cases from June 15th.
In the case of some of the counsel, tlie hardship is even more,
, l      ^  . ,. .     . ........    more or les.. thence eaat to S.W. caarner of lot
Keenly   It'll.     N'lllc  ill   them   ate   to   appear   in   DOth   the  criminal   and    1*6. thence n.arth al.Hls hlnh water mark (beinir
l ���    ���. . ., i     i i i ..... the westerly       a ,| ,; ���, of lot 13JI2I 85 chains more
tile >l\ll CBS! I, ami ll, ,'IS 1- prnli.tlilr.  tin- criminal Sitting- are not over I or le.. to point of commencement anal  containing
; all foreshore in front of lot I3"2.
Date.1 March'.'. 1911.
I'ub. March IS.
His Head Shattered by Shot���
Murder or Suicide?
Winnipeg,   May   25.���James
Swan, .in old man of -ixty. who
owned quite a lot of property
here and at Swan Lake, was found
dead today in his shack with the
top of liis head blown off. The
body \v.i> found by Swan's companion who at once informed the
police. It is not clear yet whether
death was self-caused or whether
the old man was murdered.
Skeena Land Dlitrict-Di.trict of Coast Ranire
Take notice that 1 Severin A. Tallanaler of Por
cher tilanal, occupation ship master, intend to ap
ply for permission to loose the ��� de
scribed foreshore:
Commencing al a post planteal at the K.W. corner of lot IV*.. thence weat to low water mark,
thence Muth atonic low water mark 25 chains
more or leia
in time to permit them to return t" Prince Rupert by June 15th, ihey
will be obliged to let some of their cases go.
Tinn is no reason why the Supreme Court judge who will bc sent
here to hear the civil t .i-e-, could nol try the criminal cases. All thai
is necessary, i* to issue to him .1 commission of assize. To have done
so in the present case would have meani a saving to the public funds
ol lomi 15,000 to 110,000 in monej the tax-payers' money���main
hours and d.i\s .,| time to many citizens who find it to their disadvantage t" have to have iIk dty at thil time **i year, and would have
given mere assurani c to ihe min on of being able to call evidence
for their defence.
As it i\ the capricious order of the Attorney-General, means B of from 15,000 to 110,000 of the taxpayers' money, the taking 3?Si^ri'nnr,t"'on "'purchaK the'��il���'in"��
away from the t ity for several days or weeks of business men at a time
when it is most unprofitable for them to be absent from their businesses, and makes it more difficult for the men on trial to defend themselves, owing to the Increased difficulty of obtaining witnesses.
It is a hardship on the tax-payers, a hardship on the witnesses, a
hardship on the counsel, and a hardship on the prisoners.
What has Prince Rupert done that it should be so dragooned
by it* "friends" at Victoria?
Skeena Land District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that I Arthur James Welsh of Vancouver. oeeu|aatia,n  bniker.  intemls to apply for
permission taa purchase the followinir described
I'airnmencinir at a post planteal three and cne-
half mile, in an eai-terly din-ctiaan fraim the point
.an Naas River where the La��va Lake trail commences near the trail, thenee east eiKhty chains,
thence saaulh ^a chains, thence west HO chnins.
thence n.arth 10 ehnir.s to point of commencement
a-ontaininif Mo acres more air less.
Date Feh. :l, I'.'ll ARTHUR JAMES WELCH
I'ub. Mar. lo Ja.seph Belway. Airenl
Skeena Land District-District of Coast
Take   n.atice   that   1,  Alexander   Buchan, of
ccupation butcher, intends to
Vancouver, B.C..
The Daily News
Commrncing n post p!nnte<] and marked A.n. .
S.K. corner, antl adjoining pOttl marknl J.M.>
N.K. corner and P.R.'s S.K. corner; thence WMt
Ni chains, thencn north N) chainn, thence ea��t mi
chainn. thence south 80 chains to point of commencement, eontninintr MQ arres more or less.
Dated 1st Feb., 1911 Charles H. Allen, Agent
Pub. Feb. 0
Skeena Land District-District of Cassiar
Take notiee that I Joseph Bolway of Vancouver
B.C., oceupation prospector, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
CommencinK nt a post plnnted two and one-half
miles in an easterly direction from the point on
Naas Hiver where the Lnva Lako trail liegins,
thence west BO chnins, thence south B0 chains,
thence east SO ehains, thence north Wi chains to
point of commeneement, containing i'Ait ncres
more or less.
Date Feb.... 1911 JOSEPH BELWAY
Pub. Mar. 10
Skeflna Land District-District of Caspar
Take notice that I Hugh D, QllHl of Prince Ru-
pert,   occupation  lalmrer.  intends   to apply  for
permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted three nnd one-
half miles In an easterly direction from the  point
on Naas Itiver where the Lava Lake  trnil   liegins , ,r . , ,     , ,, -
and  one  mile  in  a  northerly  direction from the [   w P*;rmlw,lon t0 P^flhttB the followinR describe.
1 said  Lava Lake trail,  thence north km  chnins. ,     TCfL���HAiM ��*������,.    ,    ���   ,
1 thence  ra-t  Ml rhains. thence  south   KM   chains  L����^ner of li,t\?S,,',1��nto'   ���*' ,llG, ?��Uth"
thence west BO chains to point of commencement.   SSJaFSIk��\n,  liffi   fEK   '' SSFUOT81
conuining 040 acres. thence west M chains.  -..,���.,.  nutfa  GO chains.
| thence east 40 chains, thenoe north (iO chains to
eouver,   B    C.f   occupation   real   Mttti    bFOkff
intends to apply  for permlaiion to purCMtt tM
followinR described lands:
Commencing at a post planted U* ch-ur> I0U��
from the soutnwe*t corner of Lot W6i 80
chains south, thence 40 chair.* *est. thence MJ
chains north, thence 40 chain* tast to point of
commencement containinR 3-0 hcm more or le*s.
Dated AprU IT, 1911.
Pub. May 6
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Coast Range 5
Take notice that 1. Lauchlan John Shanahan of
Victoria, B. C occupation teach.r, ir.tend to
apply for permwaion to purchase the followinR
d?scribed landa:
Commencing at a post pluttd 66 chains south
from the southeast corner of Lot 3060, therce 40
chaina south, thence 40 chair.* ����*:, ther.ce 40
chains north, thence 40 chains east to point of
commeneement, containing 160 acres more or leaa-
Dated April 17, 1911.
Pub. May 6.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Cout Range 5
Take notice that Mn. L. C. Putnam of St
Paul, Minnesota, occupation married aoman
intend* to apply for peiroiaaion to purchase the
following deacribed landa:
Commencing at I post planted at the iouthw��t
corner of Lot No. 1733 marked Un, L. C. Putnam't
northeast corner, thence weat 40 chains, thence
louth 60 chains thence east 40 chains, thence
north SO chaina to poat of commencement, con
taining 320 acre* more or leaa.
Dated March 20 1911. MRS. L. C. Pl'TN'AM
Pub. April 15. Geo. R. Putnam Agen
Skeer.a Land District���District cf Coast Rar.Re 5
Take notice that Mary Beaton Gildersleeve of
Victoria, B. C, occupation housekeeper, intend*
to apply for permiasion to purchase the following
deacriWd lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at the southwest
comer of Lot &M, Range 6, Coast District.thenee
SO chains south thence 40 chains east, ther.ce M)
chains north, thence 40 chains west to point of
ommencement. containing 3-0 acres more or leas.
Dated April 17, 1911.
Pub. May 6.
Skeer.a Lar.d DUtrist-Diitrict of Caasiar
Take notice that  I.  Perry of  Princi
Rupert. B. C, occupation prospector, intend to
apply  for  permission  to purchaae  the following
deacrbei Ian is:
Commer.cir.g at a post [lanted in the vicinity
of Goose Bay, about thre��-��ighu of a mile south
of the mouth of the Bonanra Creek, and being
on the easterly boundary of Timber Limit Na
352sl or No. WSSflL thence south 40 chains along
the easterly limit of said Timber Limit No 86S81
cr No. 352s0 40 chains, thence east to the shore of
Goose Bay, a distance of 40 chains more or leu.
thence northerly along the shore of Goose Bay
40 ehains more or leas, thenee westerly 40 chains
more or \*s*t tn poir.t of commencement, containing
160 acres more or less.
Dated March 7. 1911. PERRY Ql'EENAN
Pub. April 7.
Skeer.a Land District ���District of Coast Range 5
Take not ee that I. Joe Jack of Pnrcc R: p:rt.
B. C.. occupation carpenter, Intend fo apply for
permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted about threejand
one-half miles distant in a Kiuth westerly direction
from a blind slough from Observatory Inlet where
the same touches the Indian Reserve thence MM
fcO cha ns. ther.ce   -orth 80 chains, thence WMttO j
chains, tbence routh  80 chaina to point of com-1
mencement, containing 840 acres more or less.
Dated April 14, 1911. JOE JACK
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Frank Levick of Woodstock,
Ont., occupation bookkeeper, intends to apply
for .permission to purchase the following d*>scrit>ed
Commencing at a post planted about seven
miles west and two miles south of the mouth of
Stanley Cn-ek *here it empties Into Naden
Harbor, Graham Island, thence ��0 chains south,
thence fcO chains east, thence SO chains north,
thencc SO chains west to point of commencement
and n :���.',-.;���.- 640 ������������"������ more or leas.
Dated March 17. 1911. FRANK LEVICK
Pub. April 7. Numa Demon-. Agen
Skeena Und District--District of Coast
Take notic*' that   pTtd  W.  Bohler of Kitaum-
kalum, occupation  farmer,  intends  to apply  for
permission   to   purchase   the   following   described
CommencinR at a pmt planted at the nnrth*
east corner of A. McLeod's pre-emption, thenco
20 chains south, thence lu chains east, thence 20
chains north, thence lo chains west to pout uf
commencement containing 20 acres more or less.
Dated April 10,191L FRIED RICH W. BOHLER
Pub. April 22. Fred Hampton, Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Coast.
Take notice that I, John Miller, of Vancouver,
B.C.. occupation butcher, intends to apply for
permission to purchase thc following doscribed
Commencing at n post plantnl nbout 1 chain
from tidewater nt the head of Luscombe Bay, and
marked J.M.'s N.E. corner, thence west SOchnins,
thence south ni chnins, thence eaBt 80 chaini,
thence north 80 chains, to point of commencement, containing 640 ucres more or less.
Dated 1st Feb., 1911 Charles B. Stark. Agont
Pub. Feb. 26
Skeenn Lnnd District���District of Const
Take notice thnt I. William Anderson, of Vancouver.  B.C., occupation clerk, intends to apply
for permission to purchnse tho following described lands:
Commencing nt a post plnnted nnd mnrknl W.
A. DOrthWHt corner, nnd nbout 1 mile from Alex-
nnder Buchan northern boundary line; thonce
south HO chains, tbence east SO chainB, thence
north 80 chnins, thence WMt90 chains, to point of
commencement, containing640 ncres more or lesi
Dntod 1st Feb. 1911 ChtTlM B. Stark, Agent
Pub. Feb. 26.
Skoena Land District���Dlttftot of Coast Range 5
Tako notice that I, Llond Klngsloy of Vancouver,   Bi  C,  occupation   miner.  Intend   to  apply
Skwna Land District���District of Coait
T....   DOtlM that   William  Munford f ���   Princ*
Rupart.   B.   C,   occupation   prospector,
���   to  lei
for  permisaion
lease   the
'foi owing
.. mKn lands.
Commencing at a post planted about 100 chains
south of the Indian Reserve on the east side of
GMM Hay and on the east side of the peninsula,
thenee south SO chaini along shore, thence Wt
40 chains to Uoow Bay, thence north along shore
B0 chains, thenee WMt 40 chains more or leas to
poet, containing ;120 acres more or I����.
Dated March a, 1911. WILLIAM Ml NFORD
Pub. April 15.
Pub. Mai 18.
Francis S. Preston, Agent
BkMMUDdDIitrld  -LHtrict of gueen Charlotte
Taki notiM thai CathwiM Harrison, cf Calgary
Alberta.   occupaUon   spinster,   intends   to   apply,
(or ptfOlalon W purehtM the (olluwmg described
'"commencing at a post planted about ti 1-2
miles WMl a' I ��� >*' u '"'���*���' l*outh 'rom lho �����uth
of Btanlc\ i ���������������. ��hen�� it empties- into Naden
Harbor Graham Hand, thence 40 chain* south
thenw *40 ehalM east, thenco 40 chaim north,
thence 40 ehaiM ��est to point of commencement
and contair.t!* ICO acres more or leas.
Dated March 17. 191L
Pub Apr.
Numa 1 'em, r-, Agent
Skwna Land District���District of Coast
Tako  notice  that   1,  William John  Corley  of
PriBM Rupart '*��� *-'������ occupation rancher, intend
to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the southwest
: rw r "f Lot SuiW, Range .'), Coast District, thence
���outh 20 chains, thepce eaat 40 chains, thence
north 20 chain;', thenci' weat 40 chaina to point
jf commencement, containing SO acrea,  more or
Pub. April B9.
EnKliBh and American Billiurdn
Twelve Tables Second Ayr.
Skwna Und District -DUlrict oi c'omi R.n��f b
Takr noi cv thut Murdock McKw nl Vancouver
It.   l'.,   occupation real estate broker. Intends lo
applv  tor permuaJon  11  purchase the  lollo��lnv
Skeena Land Distnct���DUtrict ol Cout
Take  notice  that   OtU  J.   Btnaon   ol   Princ.
Kupert. B, t", occupation prnsnector. intcrtis te .,
apply (or permission to lease the lot!owing desenbed u.��cril��ad landa:
landi: CommencinK at  a nr.l planteal  en  the sou.h
Commencir.a; at ��� port planted about a euarter' |���n|, 0| Kva river about live mll.�� (rom
ol a mile Irom the nonh wwt eorn.r .1 ,, eom|u,.r,c�� with the Skeena river, thence -10
Island on the said Uibion Island, thence south 10 ehllim ��,.,,, thenn. 20 chains norlh,  Ihence 40
chains,  thence  east   20  chains,   thenw north  40 ,.(.������,  ��,.,,, thence  40 chalna nonh, Ihence 40
ehains. thence weat  20 chains to point olcom- ch���jn, ,.a>l- thenc 20  chain, south,  thence 40
mencement, containing^ acre, more or I'**-.. chain, east, ihence 40 chain, soulh lo point ol
OTIS J.   UKSftON. commencement, containing :120 acre, more or leaM
DateJ;9thMarch. 1911 Hated April 21. 1911.            Ml'KDOCK McK.XK
; I'ub. May It.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam H���t��d Room,
P.O. BOX 37
-DUtrict ol Cost
T^tflWnSXrSK&S S^   Skeen. Und D^*--^ jt CJ* Rwg.
tSg&Pmt: sr��r�� 5^;SSk ,
Comn-encinc at a post planted aliout led chains   descr tnsi Unda. .....
with 5 the Irdian IWrve on the mm side ol       Commencing M a post planted about tosUJ
\_tm. Bay on the ol the I'enir.sul. thence   J ne -hall mile, d slant in i, south we. erlv .Hrect Ion ;
nonh 100 ch^ns along shore to the lt���, rve line.   'n>m a blind slough hum pbMTVMoo  Inl.r��here   _
ther.ce west 60 chain, more or lea to linos* llay.   the aame tnucho. the In.l an K���T>e. ftMM
thence   100  chains  alnng  -hore.   thenc ea.t   (.0   .-0 chains, thenc south S0ch. ns. Ihence east SO
chains more or less to , **, containing 610 acre,   chains, thenc north W cha ns to pn nl ol commenement. eonlaining bit) acm more or lea..
Dal-d Apr I 11. 1911.       J. HAROLD McKEAN
Hotel Central S3 &���*&
I:.i.. ��� i.. .,aa and American plan, steam
hente.1, modern convenience..   Rates
���:���'!...<..'i'.r .in..       :      :
more or lei
Dated March S, 1911
Pub. AprU 15.
Water Notice
Notice ll hereby given that an abdication will be made under Part \ . of
the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license in the Queen Charlotte Division
of Skeena District.
(a) The name, address and occupation
of the applicant is George \oung,
Victoria, B.C.
(If for mining purposes)   Free  Miner's Certiticate No	
(bi   The name of the lake,   stream  or
..Grand Hotel..
BkNBtUadDbttto    DUtrict of C��wUr WORKINGMAN'S HOME
Takv nuiice thtt 1. Alice M. Knou��r of I'rince! Spring Hotls,  clean White Sheet*   _ioC
Kupert, It. C. occupation marriinl woman, intend *
to apply for permta��u>n to purchue thc following | Rooms    50c
Commencing at a poit planted about two mile*   BEST   IN   TOWN    FOR   THE    MONEY
���outh and t��o mile* WMt of the forkp of White rnnnu.N   -      ���	
and  Flat  mer��. thence  north  N) rhaina. thenre, J- UOOOMAM.
eut   m) chains  thence  aouth  hU rhaina,   thenre
weat no rhatnt.
I��ate,i April'JU, lyil. ALU K M. KStU'tiK
Pub. Ma> U. Francis S. Treaton, Agent
BkatUl Land OUtrtct -Di*trict of Coait lltngi* &
Take not ce that 1, John l>an I'etcrnof I'rincv
Kupert, It. C i ccupat nn clerk, int'-nd lo apply
for permiaaion to purchaae thc following deacribed
Commencing at a pott planted about three an
one-half milea diatant  n a aouth weaterly d red on
from a blind alough from Observatory Inlet where
the   aame   touchna   the   Indian   Ke��erve,   thenre
source   (if   unnamed, the description   ���***���* BO chaina, thence north Ml chain*,  thence
is) Ain Lako and Ain River. , ^���2S!5 ,S��i��fiw5!l,,m!i,!!!,i��
rommencement, containing �����!*' acn^ more or lew
(c)   The point of diversion at  or near   bated April u, 1911.      JOHN IVAN I'ETKKS
Ain Lake. ''ub' M*> 13-
(tl) The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) 1000.
(e) The character of the proposed
works, dam, flume, pipe-line, power
engines, plant, etc.
(fl The premises on which the water
is to be used (describe samel at or
near mouth Ain River.Masset Inlet.
(g) The purposes for which the water
is to be used is for power development and mill operations.
(h) If for irrigation, describe the
land to be irrigated, giving  acreage.
(i) If the water is to be used fcr power or mining purposes, describe the
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between the
point of diversion and point of return.
At or near mouth of Ain Kiver.about
150 feet below lake level.
(j) Area of Crown lantl intended tobe
occupied by the pro|ios<'d works....
(kl This notice was posted on the
2i!th day of April, 1911, and application will be made to the Commissioner
on the 20th day of May. 1911.
(1) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who nr whose lands are likely to be
affected by the proposed works.either
above or below the outlet.    None.
H. Bdenshaw, Agent
P.O. Box 2sr., Prince Rupert, B.C.
NoTE-One cubic foot per  second  is
equivalent to Jio.71 miner's inches.
Pub. April 29, 1911. 4w
Scaled tender, addressed to lhe undersigned
and endoreed "Tender lor I'uhlic Building, tirand
Forks, B. C," will bo rSQllved at thi. ollice until 4
p.m., on Monday, Mav 211, mil, (or the construction ol a Public Building at Grand Fork.
I'lans.spcclflcation and form of contract can bc
seen nnd forms of tender obtained at the ollice
of Mr. Wm. Henderson, resident architect, Victoria, B ,C, nt Ihe po.t ollice, tirand Fork., and at
this Department.
Persons tendering are notified that tenders
will not Im- considereal unless ma-le on thefprintad
lorm. supplied, and signed with their actual
signatures, stntlng their occupations and place, ol
n-sldence.    In the case ol firms, the aclu
Stikine land I Mst rict���Dstrict A t'aular
Take notic* lhat S>dney Hodgkin*on of Telegraph 1're.k. U. Cm�� occupation clerk. Intenda lo
apply for pcrnitarion to purchaae the following
dcwtl��ed land:
Commencing at a post plantesl aliout a quarter
mile north tttsl from Glacier Uillle and on the east
bank of Stikine Kiver. thencs! east 20 chain,
thence north 40 chain., thencc wesl 20 chain,
thence .outh 40 chain, to point of commencement
and conta'ning SO acra* more or less.
Dated Feb. 11. 1911.
Pub. April 7. CA. Tervo. Agent
Slikine Land Di.trict���District of Caaiar
Take noUce that Chriatian A. Tervo A Slikln* I
H. G , occupation customs otbeer. intend, lo apply '
for ',-rnii si'aia to purchase the following dewcnbe.1 j
Commencing at a post planted about IS chain. '
north w<-*t  aal the customs warehouse al Stikine, I
H.  C, thence wvst 20 chains,  thence MUlb  20
chaina,  thence tvt   20 chain.,  thence  nonh  20
ch.ins to point of commencement and containing |
40 acres more or Iom.
Dated Feb. U, 1911.       CHIHSTIAN A. TEHVO !
Pub. A:f  7
l)ue*n Charlotte laland. Unal Diitricl���Dlalrict ol
Take notice lhat I, J. C. McNab ol Prince Ilu-
i a rt. occupation general agent, intend lo apply
faar permivion to prospecl for coal and p��trolvum
on tne following dtsicribed land.:
Commencing al a poal plantesl at the an > h-eaat
corn*' ot Section J, Townsh p 2   Graham Island,
and markesl J   li.  McN.,  S. E. Corner, thenc*   NADEN K
weet  SO ch.ins,  thence  north  SO chaina.  thence
���an so chain., thence aouth 80 chalna lo point of ' \	
commeneement. ^���*^mm*************mm^
Dated March -. 1911. J. G.  McN AH
Pub. March U, Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Two Itaax IUll Alleys. 42 feet l..-._ I Wall
eum and counter, chalra, card table., etc.
I2i.i lake, lhe outfit for quick m)c. Apply
H. E. ROSS, Kmprwa Hotel Pool Hoom
Third Avenue - Prince Rup.rt
For Rent
Partly furnished House on
Hrd Ave. 7 rooms with
bath.        Electric    lighted.
G. C. Emmerson
I)��teFoh. a. 19U.
Pttb. Mar. Hi.
Joiicph Bulway, Airent
Rkeenn Lund Dlatrlot-Diatrict of QtUltf
' hM \\W*2__thnl l ^ftrloa Morrltt of Princi; Ru-
for^ ''OPC,'*mtU,n   ,alK>"""-   Inlpmla   l<-   KtmU
nnr^i"'rnupatU,n  W*r��r,  intern!*  to imply
fiSS i'ur<*����<' tho followlnit dnnrfb*
"nd one mile
point ol commencement.
bated March 24, 1911.
Pub. April 22.
Skeona Land Dintrict -Dlrtritf of queen Charlotto
.._ actual alK
natutc, the nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member ol the firm muat I*
Kach tender must Ih* accompanied by an accepted UMUI on a chartered bank, payable to
the order of the Honorable the Minister of I'uhlic
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.c., ���( the amount
of the tender, which will be (orlWted if the person
tendering decline to enter into n contract  when
VMM Land Dlstricl���District ot Queen Charlotte
Take notice that (loorge W. Arnott of I'rinee '
Ru|<ert,   11.   Cm   occupation   real   estate   broker,
intends to apply for permiasion to purchase  th* I
lollowinK dewrilRii lands:
CommencinR  at   a  post   plantetl   about   seven
*������'������������ and one-half mile ���*���*.��������� and one mile south I
from the mouth uf Stanly   Creek, Naden Harbor, '
thenci- west  ho chains,  thence aouth  NO  chains,
thence east HU chains, thence north 80 chains.
Dated March 17, 1911. OBO. W. AKNOTT
I'ub. April 22. Numa Demers, Agent
Coast Uange 5 Land District
Take   notice   that   I,   John   Hepburn   of   Kitsumkalum,  occupation   farmer,  intend   to  apply
for Permisaion lo purchase the followng described
Commencing at a post planted at th�� northeac:
corner of Lot 39&), thence east 20 chains, thenca
aouth 40 chains, thence west 20 chana, thence
north 40 chains to place ol commencement-
Dated March 18, 1911. JOHN III I'll UN
Pub April 16.
Skeena Land Dstrict���District of Queon Charlotte
Take notice that George Kritzell of Princ*
Rupert. P. ('., occupation butcher intenda to apply
for permission to purchase thc following described
Commencing   at   a   post   planteil   almut   seven
miles west and two mllea aouth of the mouth of
Stanley   Creek   where   It   emptier     into   Naden I
Harlxir, Graham Island, thence 80 chaina south,
thence  80 chains  west,  thence  80 chaina  north, ���
thence 80 chans eaat to point of commencement
and containing (140 icres more orles*.
Doted March 17, 1911 QEOROE PR1ZZBLL |
Pub. April 7. Numa I>erners, Agenl
a what a lady shoultl wear at this time
of the year.
Wc have received a ncw shipment of
Waists, Skirts and some Lovely White
Underwear at  prices  to   meet
the most limited purse.
Main from tho point
.  a l.nWe trull lieirlns
thencn eatt m>
mence wi
mle*(wcstnand hall a mile nouth of tho mouth of
"nto   Naden
htWnn   ihVnVo \7_tmVC, Z,\ r,'B',ni- I Harbor,  Graham   Island,  thencs oaat  40 chalna,
ine"^w��'t���� chain" to iSSSinf chains,   thence  north  40 cha'ns,  thence west  40 chains
conUin,nR 640 ai.res.      D��lnt uf "'""""ncoment,   thence south 40 chains to point of commoncement
_5m**Tii_.*-m-?*V aeren.
"ate 1-eb. a. Ml
I'ub. Mar. lb.
keena Land District���District of Coast Range V '
Take notice that Charles P. Otter o( Prince!
Rupert. II. C, occupation surveyor, intends to i
apply for permission to purchase the following I
dpscrilied lands:
Commencing at a posl planled at the north east
corner of surveyed lot II98I, Range 6, Coast Dis
trict, ihence in an easterly direction along
aoutherly limit nf surveyed lot 3991 anil the
jectlon thereol 40 chnins to a noint, thenee L���
parallel to the easterly limit of surveyed lot :i!��f<|
aforenaid fiO chaina more or less to the northerly
limit of a timber limit (No. 18868), thence west
40 chainn more or less to a point in the pro ection
southerly of the easterly limit of mirveyed lot
3981, thence In a northerly direction along the
projection of the said limit and along the aaid
iiimrirr M   riM'u I     New��P��P����� *��i not Iwpaid for thia advertl--   ?2��*  * Sfftf m?-T-VT ___* ,n ,,oi"' "( commenc
ssfSA^as1 ssiS'"��"ii ^m .swots tewt,im,,,"jaw
��       Pub. Much 25.
Takn  notiw thnt   Hubnt  O.   t'raw  ol   I'rinco I ��B��d liwntO^ do .0,0V RS tO~��OBIrtrt?tS work
Rupert, V.C_, OMUpttlon ufont, .Int.nd. to ��Wly | contracted  lor, . II  th..  l,.ml���,  il!*'.   ,cw"t*
1 imoll to accopt
[or permisaion to pUrehtM the tollowln�� dncrlbod   the choiiue will he rrtumod.
***m**: i ... The Department does not lilnr
Commonclnlt  at   n  post   planted   alwut  f,   1-2   the lowest or any tender.
Uy oraler,
It. ('.
Department ol I'ulillc Works
'������iiAiti >. ��� m,..��� ,o 1 ���""* containing K.O unanVin  I    ..9**<**">* AP^!! u* i��"
*____?____ M0'��<IS    Datod March 17, 1911. HUUKR'
Jo~PhB.,w.y,Ag(1���  \Vub ApfU7> N��.D.^Aii   U^S,
The last hoat from   the  south brotiu'it
u�� a big new stock.     We  find
they are good, also cheap
;�� House of Good Values
J.bour Broa., 3rd Are., Phone Black 243
i commencp-
General Merchandise
.Largest Stock
Lowest Prices  in  Northern B. C.
Little Paragraphs Grave and Gay that Linger in the
Memory of Rupert's Happy Day of
Some Encouragement
WE ��� HAVE ��� FOR ��� SALE
Section 9
Township 1
Range 4
This is an excellent section and was one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
Stan Uad Diaairict���Diatrict ol Coaat Ranico V
Tslae i.aa'.ica- t hut Jack Hertford of KeiKtiley,
Yorkshire, Bnglud. occupation over-looker, In-
Itnaij tu apply lur permimion to purchrao the
lullmini; daeBrmd lands:
dai ..: u post planted at a point In thc
eutrriy hounilury of limlH-r limit ;i(t;l'J'J nnd in
tbt aiutherly limit of lot :iSoll, Range 5 Coaat
Dutnct, .l.ara- ihe said limit, intersect, thence
iigta( the Mjulherly limit uf lot IHISU .lorceaid
111 tbe pnieetion ihcreuf in un easterly d.-oction
bv cirnni mure or leaa to the westerly lir. it of
timbsf limit 38601. tlience in a aoutherly dirvuion
lioci the Ust mentioned limit 11 chain, more
orlosluthe northerly limit uf timber limit 36776,
Ittaet m . ae^terly direetiun along the lest men-
twra*l liniai mi chuins mon' or loaa to the easterly
lout ol timber hunt t__tt, thence In a northerly
too lain 11 chains more ur lean to lho point ol
Dt:e.lM��cha, l'Jll. JACK DEDKORD
hii. M��rrh :���
Sknna Uml Pistrirt    lii.irict ol Coaat limine
1... i.a.t...'that 1, Clara May Little of I'rince
Ruisart. II.  t\,  occupation  siiinaler.  intend   to
l��4j tor paTniwaion tu purchane the following
flarnbcii l.nds:
lomtm-ncini; .t a pawl planted at the north
so: r.riar af *_n L78S, Range 5, Coaat District
ara a.i-i  IQ chain.,  thonce north  BB ehaina
tbfccr aest al chain' thence north '.Q chain.
X. .est 10 chains, thence south 45 chain, to
;t ol cotimu'iicemenl,   containing   112   acre*
Pin April ii,
I, l'Jll.
���>���-���- lan<l I'i met Hisirict of Coaat Range 6
I Ii.i mice i hat Kldon S. Delwilcr of Berlin,
| Oct* occupation  doctor,  intends to   apply   for
��nrj*iiota tu purchase  the  following  deocribed
lomm.nciiig at a po.1 planted at lho aouth-
nst comer uf Lit loss, thence eaat UU ehaina
matt or ma, thence south 46 chaina moro ur lesa,
thstrv mm :iu chain, more or leu, Ihenee north
*i tKairai more or les. to point ol commencomonl
���tuimnn Uu ucrta more or lesa.
b��*l March ill, IUll ELDON S. DETW1LER
tm. April 16' John Campbell. Agent
���*.���* a Uad llislrict    District of Caasiar
Tikf niatire  lhal   I,   Thomaa   Macgovern   of
>:r��irt. ll. c, ttccupation miner.intend to apply
w t.rniL��iun lo purchaae the following described
Commencing at a post planted on the right
?*Jk ol lhe riicr about lour milea above the
trti ol the Saas river, thenee Miuth bO chain.,
la-o- .. i mi cliain,, ilienc north bu chain.,
MM nai mi chains to point of commencement,
miair,itig iim acna. mere or liiw.
int"!I March U, lull. Sidney Krank Wright, Agl
��� ub. May 17.
!jk'vn�� I anal District -Dlalrict of Caasiar
___** '���"'!"��� that  I, I'ercy Kranci. liodenrath
*******, ll  i', occupatiun journalist   Intend lo
��> lar perm Mon  to  purchane  the  following
*��friN-l lands;
Commiiacmg at  a pusl planteil on  the  right
nf the Naas river aliout aeven mile, above
':���.-���! ii,a Naas river, thence .outh HO chains,
mi chains, ihence norlh 80 chains,
���ii chains to point of commencement,
""ttainmi; i.iii acres more ur lens.
��        I'hllt'Y  FRANCIS (il)DENRATH
b��.-l M.rrl, ���*:,, mn.   K������k si,lrM,y Wright, Agl
���'i'i HiMrid     District of Cassiar
'��"' notici th.l  I. James Millar Johnston ol
,:.,,. I    I   . occupation storekeeper, intend to
<**' Ismiiwion  lo  purchaae  the   lollowing
. po.i   plantnl aliout one mile
ui il,.  N',���, rlvi,r uni| ,1>oul n|n<1 m���m
... ol ii,a N������, river, thence north 80
re weat ��0 chain., Iheneu aoulh  80
��� '-I ��0 chains lo point ol commence-
"���'.eoniainirig i,lu ,<.���, mors, or la
MM '.;
M.I��U.  Krank Sidney Wtlght, Agt
I'l'tricl   -District ol Coast Range 6
"������"   1,   Churls   A.   Vaughan   ol
l> <. occupation merrhant. intend
"i-iili to purchnse the following
��l  i< port  | hinted on tho south
ln.m "   lta ***** and about lour mile.
��� 1*1111 the Skeena River, thence
l, Ihenn 80 chains north, thenco 80
twnm.., '   ' ****** "I chains south lo point ol
li>i,,U?'',",",'',c"w"'"l'iK ****> ��"<����� more or lesa
Skivna Land District���District ol Caasiar
Tako notin* that  1, James Webater Esplin ol
Stewart, 13.C, occupation    auctioneer. Intend to
, apply for pcrmiiuiun to   purchaau   the   following
decribed lunda:
CommencinR at a post pianted on the right
bank uf the Naas river abuut nino milea above
the forka ol the Naaa river, thence aoulh 80 chaina,
thanM west 80 chain., thencc north 80 chaina,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing ii lu acres more or lesa.
Dutod March 14, l'Jll. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
I'uh. May 17.
Skeena Land District -District of Caaaiar
Take nutice that I, Sydney Fitlgerald of Stewart,
It. C, occupation cuuk, intend to apply for permission to purchase the [ollowing described landa
Commencing at a post planteil aboul live milo
south and one mile of the forka of White
ond F'lat rivers, ihence south 80 chaina, thenco 80 chains, thence nurth 80 chain., thence
east 80 chains.
Dated April 18, l'Jll. SYDNEY FITZGERALD
I'ub. May 13. Francis S. Preston, Agent
Skeena Land District    District nf Caasiar
Take notice that 1, John Robert I'acey of I'rinco
Rupert, 11. (*., occupation cook, intend to apply
for pcrmaaion to purchase lho following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted (2) two milea
south and '.) two mileo wust ol the fork, of the
White and Flat rivera, thence aouth 80 chain,
thenco eaat 80 chain., Ihence north 80 chalna,
Ihenc weat 80 cha na.
Datod Apr I 20, 1911    JOHN ROBERT PACEY
Pub. M.n IU. Franc . S. Pre.ton, Agen
Skeena Land Disirict���District of Coaat Range 6
Tuke not ce that 1, Martha Leek, of t-rlnce
Rupert, H C, occupat on nuirr ������.! woman Intend
lo apply for permiaaion to purchaae the following
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat planted about three and
one-half milen distant in a .uulhwealerly direction
from a blind .lough from Obaervatory Inlci where
the Mme louche, the Ind an Ileaerve, Ihence eaat
80 chains, thence aouth 80 chans, thencc weot 8
chalna, thence north 80 cha n. to point of commencement, conta n ng 640 acrea more or tea..
I "iite.l Apr I 14, 1911. MARTHA LEEK
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Und District���Di.trict of Caaaiar
Take   notico   that   1,   John   Unwln   of   Princo
Kupert 11. C. occupation laborer, intend to apply
for iiermission to purchaso the following doacribed
Commencing at a post planted aboul (2) two
milea aouth ol the fork, of the White and Flat
rivera, thencc aouth 80 chaina, thenca cant 80
chaina, thenco norlh 80 chain., thonce we.t 80
Dated April 18, 1911. JOHN UNWIN
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preaton, Agent
Skeeno Land District���Diatrict of Cassiar
Take notice thai I, Alfred Hcrryman Williame
of  Prince  Kupert,  I). C occupatiun  merchant
Intend  to apply for permission to purchase the
following deacrilied land,:
Commencing at a post planted about (2) two
mllea aoulh of tho fork, of the White and Flat
rivera. Ihence 80 chains south, thence 80 chalna
weat,  thence 80 chain, north, thence 80 chaina
Dated April 18, 1911. Francia S. Proaton, Agent
Pub. May 13.
Skeena Und Di.trict -DUtrict of Caaaiar
Take  notice lhat  1,  Isaac O'llrlen   Forbea  ol
Princo Rupert, II. C, occupation carpenter, intond
to apply lor permission to iiurchase tho following
deacrilieil landa:
Commoncing at a post planled about flv
aouth and one mile west ol tho furka of thoWhito
aud Flat rivers, thencc nurth 80 chain., thonce
weat  80 chains,  thence muth 80  chain.,  thence
""ted��Aphr*l"l8. l'Jll- ISAAC 0'HRIEN FORUE3
I'ub. May 13- Francis S. Preaton, Agent
Und Histrlct-Dlatrlct of Coaat
�����!����� ,'.'!.' "'"ll. Mr.. Juhn Curley of Princo
banl.r        til>nl��m married woman, intend.
il'vril.,1     >;,T'i""��ion tu purchnse the followinK
'' ��� Post planted 40 chain, ea.t
lotlT; ,' ' ""h from the Buulhweat cornerof
chain.'ti ���'"n't. llnnueG, thenco aouth 80
chains' ii" , '   **** *' ohaina. thenco north 80
burnt of " " *"** 4" ''balna moro or lea. to thc
"" "cement,  containinK  320 ncrea
bat.M���r     MIm   'l()IIN (l-ottle) CORLEY
Tak* 'f"' "'"I'let-DUtrlct of Coaat Rango V
���Um. v,,a ���"��� "'",l t'AI**, Alice Crowther of
i'attnil. t��� ' ""', '-"Uland, occupation aplnater,
lollowini. I '    i   ".' P''rml���lon to purchaso tho
a . . . '"I land.:
'-..., ���' " a posl planled nt tho aouth east
"In. tbtnc, " ', '"l ****** Kange 6, Coaat Dla-
"il ��� .,'"'1 along the eaaterly limit of tho
Wu  b| . ""ire ur leaa to the aoutherly
f*" ��lnr,it tl.' L'a.'i'i ,n?,"r!' **'"*-* dlalrict, thonco
te 6ii ;", ; """liorly limit of tho last mentioned
"1/ din
Won an
"IV "'lir 1"  "',. *��*
��   point,   thenee in   a nouth-
lot  3991,   ..
rhainn   more
parallel   to   tho   aaid
thence   In a went-
"   ciiaim  more    or     loan    to
"lore or |��, '""""'nf-ment containing 210 acrea
' " '  ' '''-"id   -Dirtrict uf Quwn Charlotto
.Taiwan,,.,, ,i  .     '.lnnds
���"tlintCo... II. |,���u, r, ].,.,���<.<. Ruport,
��! Stai,
��� nu
'"'  I'urlair, Intend,  to apply  for
""I'liasu   th���   lolluwing   described
itwing   dencribiid
. ml  planteil   about  .oven
Obo mile Bouth Irom  the mouth
5K"> 'he,,,'. ;   ,l|,n "arbor, thonco Bouth 80
��Kffe:?V�� Iff*thm,co north 80
Skeena Lnnd District���Dl��u-|ct of Coaat
Take nutice lhat Glenn McArthur uf Vancouver,
B.   C, occupation real  estate agent  intenda to
apply  for permiaaion  to purchaao  tho following
deacrilied land.: ..__.,        - .
Commencng at a post plonted 40 chain. w7��t
and 80 chain, south of tbo aouthweat corner pi
Lot No. 1733 marked Glenn McArthur'. northwest corner, thence .outh 40 chain., thonco eoat
80 chain., thenco north 40 chain., thenco woat
80 cbalna tu po��t of commoncement, containing
320 acrea moro or leaa. ���,���.,., ,, ,���_,���,���
Daied March 20, 1911. OLENN McARTIIUK
Pub. April 16. T. D. Laird. Agont
Skeena Lond Diatrlct-Dl.trict of Cunst Knnito 6
Const District
Take nutloo thot Wm. Leslie of Sapperton, B.C.
occupation Government Guanl, intenil. to apply
fur permiaaion to purchase tho following doacrlb-
��� Commencinir nt ��� pust planteil 40 chnins we.t
nnd 120 chain, .uuth of thc southwest curner of lot
No 1733, ronno 6 coa.tdistrlct,mlirkod Wm.Leslie,
N.W. comer, thence .uuth 40 chain., thencc oaat
80 chain., thence north 40 chains, thenco west 80
chalna to po.t of commoncement, conUlning DW
ocroumoreorle...        WMI���SUE
T. D. Ulrd, Agent
Datod March 20th. 1911
Pub. April 29th. 1911
Skeona Land DUtrict-Dlstricl ol Cj"ta      .
Tako notico that I, Charle. Fn'dcrick Metca
of Stewart, U. C, occupation Ire.gli er, IMM to
apply  for permiaaion to purchuse  the  following
described landa: ,        ,        ,.     _.���|,,
Commoncing at a post planted on *���"����
bank of tho jjaa. river about six n,lie. above lho
forka of the Naaa river, thenco .uuth 80 cas,
thence we.t 80 chain., thence north 80 chains,
thenco oaat 80 chain, to point ol commencement,
containing 640 acroa more or Ig*. w pit A l F
Dated March 26, 1911. CHAKLES !��� METCALF
Pub. May 17.      Frank Sidney Wright, Agont
Skeenn Land District-District pi *���****��      .
Take notice th.t 1, Bertie Edwin Badger of
Stewart, H. C, occupalion |.luml..-r. '"''YowinE
npply for permisaion to purchase lho lollowing
deacribed Innda: ,     . -ii,,
Commencing at a post planted nl-out ono n lie
north of the >)aaa river ond aboul JWM mile.
, "'ch IV
aura i-l.
mtm GEO. H. LAUX
Numa Demer.,|Agont
So��� the to k. of tto Naaa River up re, n .
thence north 80 chain., thence *m*Kjjfft
thenco aouth 80 chain., fhWOi W��rt M OMIMW
point of commoncemont, containing 1140 acres
more or leo.. ���FimE BDWIN BADGER
Dated March 23. 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
"Now yer can git married" Bung
out a small liny lo one of the
athletes us he received liis Ik>x of
silver spoons and cutlery from
the hands of tlie Mayor.
Gallant Bill
It was great to sec the way Bill
Casey flung himself unarmed between the combatants in the clinches of the schoolboy contests.
A Coming Champion
Frank Holland who won the
boys' 100 yds. in 11 2-5 has all
the marks of a coming champion.
He went off like a shot from the
Chief Vickers, Alderman Clayton.
J. J. Sloan, and Jack Beatty wire
Identified. Several newspaper men
were quite unrecognisable.
Gets It Honestly
Little Milton McLeod who won
the wee tots race, gets his running
ability honestly. Mis father Rev.
W. H. McLeod is an old-time
champion of Nona Scotia and New
Bruns2ick, Three times he touched 10 sees, flat, and his record
made fourteen years ago at Acadia
College still stands.
Don't Lift It
When the prizes were being
given out, someone looketl round
for Jack Beatty's pri/.e to hand
over to him. It was nowhere to
be seen. Then it was remembere+
that the hero of the fat men's
race was to get a ton of coal.
Not a Boat to be Had
One of the effects of yesterday's
weather was to create a boat
famine along the waterfront. So
many people went picknicking over
the harbor that the late comers
were compelled to embark in all
kinds of arks.
Rifle Club Shoot
The Civilians' Rifle Club went
over to the ranges and had a
successful shoot in the afternoon
yesterday. A competition shoot
is planned for Sunday.
Hit This Man
Here's one that was going the
rounds yesterday: The Inlander
is the Operator and Conveyor of
passengers and freight in Omineca
distriet between Port Simpson and
One on the White Men
The Indians don't need to have
orders shouted through a megaphone at them, when they march
they know thc language of the
Made a Good Grand Stand
The roof of the G. T. P. baggage
rooms served as a grand stand
during the Sports on the wharf,
Mc Deserves Credit
Have you Stopped to think that
much of the success of the fun
on the wharf was due to the
kindness of Mr. A. E. McMaster,
thc local agent for the (1. T. P.
who had the wharf put in shape
for a race track. The kidtlies and
the grown tips thank him.
Man and Megaphone
Quite the feature of the course
during the children's races was our
old friend Jack Beatty armed with
a megaphone the size of a good
average cement crusher funnel, and
with a voice to match. It would
take a mighty big megaphone to
eclipse Jack's genial smile when
there are youngsters around to be
made happy.
Chief Vickers' Element
On ordlanry days a  terror to
evildoers Chief Vickers on Empire
Day became a regular joy dispenser. Hc also dispensed programmes with great good will, and
was everywhere on the sports
ground where his well-known experience, and willingness lo help
came in handy.
Under the Panama
The panamas new and old blossomed forth on thc heads of our
friends.    Some  of  us   had  quite
a  job   to   recongisc   each   other
Spirit of the Day
"We didn't win any prizes, but
we went antl saw them all" was the
gleeful remark of a group of jolly
little girls as Jack Beatty bent
over them just around dinner time
when the boys were jumping.
Jack looked as pleased about ii as
he did when he won the lat man's
Threw Money at Kiddies
So delighted were the audience
at the concert with the singing
and acting of the two little girls
of J. S. Cray that a volley of
silver money was fired on the stage.
Happiness Supreme
Some  poetical   man   remarked
this morning in speaking of Empire
Day:    "And   the day waa filled
with music and the litres that
encumbered the day ditl fold up
their tents like the Arabs and as
silently steal away."
Well, It Was Wonderful
So charming was the weather
ami such an atmosphere of happiness permeated the city that
even the city councillors forgot
their differences ami had a gootl
time.   Is it possible!'
Better than that even the citizens
forgot to say hard  things about
the city council or about anybody
Little Did Big Business
Arthur Little, proprietor of the
famous news antl refreshment
Stand near the wharf was the busiest man in thc city. Ile hatl
something less than a hundred
boys on the road for him all day
selling everything from peanuts to
Deserves Praise
Every man who hatl anything
to do with the drawing up of
Wednesday's programme deserves
a lot of praise.
Greatest of All Things
It is a great thing to make a
child happy for a day. The
committee men in charge of  the
events of  Wednesday could not
wish for any betterrewartl than to
know they made hundreds of little
children happy.
One man spent thc holiday by
letting anybody throw three rotten
eggs at him for 2.") cents.   He was
not a colored man at that.
All Talented
Evidently the most talented
family in I'rince Rupert is J. S.
('���ray's. Every one is an instrumentalist, dancer or singer of
Bravely Be-Decked
The C. T. P. S.S. I'rinee Rupert looketl gootl to us as she
steamed in to the wharf with her
brightly colored bunting all a-
flutter while the races were
Horrible Fate of Powderman in
Mine.   Four Killed Instantly
Hibbingi Minn., May 25. ���Four
men were horribly killed here today
by a dynamite disaster in Sellers
Mine. They were simply shattered
tO fragments, the head o( one being
hurled   fifty   feet  away  from   the
blackened remnants of his body<
The men were placing a charge of
powder when it ignited prematurely. It is impossible to say whether
or not an iron tamping rod was
being used as the whole scene of
thc explosion is blown a do/en
Skwmu Lund Dimrict --District uf Count, Kuiiko &
Tuku imi in- thut 1, Hfll Mull Kuiinuy uf Yur-
niuuth, Nnwi Suuliu, occuputiun murricd womun.
intuml to upply fur perm Union tu purchuuir tlin
followinK dtuicrllicd lundit;
CoiniuonciiiK ul u pont plimtrd ut, north uuhI
corner of T. I., Init .iHU'lH, thencu running wunt 4U
chuinH, thunco north KU chuitm, thonco Mit 10
chuinti, tin-in-.' nouth Hii chuinn to pluco of coin-
mencuriiunt contuining B80 ucrun moro or lenn.
My pont is on nouth oust oorner of lund uppliod
for, murkeil lettem S. K., uhout one milu wonl of
Lain- Lnktilnu, nouth sale of Skeenu tivor Diitricl
of Count Hnnuo 5.
D��tert April89, nm.    BELL hall kknnky
I'uh. Uiy IH. John Huvorty, Agtnt
Skoona Lnnd Dhitrict Dintrict of Cunniur
Tuko notico thut  I, Jumen  Dunlup  uf I'rince
Kupert,   II.   C,   occupution   toumntor,   Intond   to
upply  fur  pi'i'im ������ hut  to  purchuHu  tho  followinK
duHcrihcd luntln:
CnminencitiK nl u pont plunteil ubout two milen
nouth of lho forks of the Whlto und KlnL rivers,
thunco north  HO chuins, thonco wont  HO chuinn,
thenco smith HU chuinn, thonce eusl HO chnltm.
Duted AprU IH, lilll. JAMKS DUN LOP
PubtMU 13. Francis S. 1'rtwton, Agtnt
Skoonu Luml District -Districl uf Cuunt Kuiiko :'
Tuko imi if.- Hut Annie Munnulloni uf I'rince
Rupert, ll. ('., occupution murriod wotnun, intends
to upply for permission lo purchune tho followinK
dencriued hinds:
CommencnK ut u pont plunted at u nont ut lho
nouthwent corner, (i0 chuiim etinl fro*n N. li. corner
of Lol 11 Hi, Hurvoy'n Survuy, Coant Dintrict,
ItuiiKc fi, thenr" oast 'JO chuinn, thonco nurth IU
chains, thonco wont 40 chuinn, thonco nouth 'JO
chuins, thunco euHt 20 chuinn, thonco nouth 'JO
chainn to point of commencement, containing l'JO
ucren  mur.' or  lenn.
Dltod Muy H, 11(11. ANMK MUSSALLKM
I'ub. May l'*_.
Skwna Lund Dintrict -District of Cnnsiar
Tako   mil iff   thul   1,   Thmr.un   McMcukin   of
Princo Kupert, 11. C, occupulion clerk, intond to
upply  fur penninion  to  purchuno the  following
dcficribod lundn:
CommencinK at u j>ont planted alwut two mlloti
nouth of tho forks ol tho White und l-'l.u rlveni,
thunco north HO chainn, thonco oust HO chuinn,
thence south HO chains, thonco wont HO chainn.
Dated April IH, lilll. THOMAS McMKKKIN
Tub. Mu- LL Kruncin S. I'rcaton, Agent
Skevna Land District���Dinlrict of Canniur
Tuko noiico that 1, Charltw L. DolKrovo of Stewart 1). C, uccupation prnspi<ctor, intend tu auply
for perrninnion to purchane the following doncribod
Commoncing at a pont plunteil uhout nix mtlon
nouth and one milo wont of the forks of Ihe While
and Flat rivem, thence aouth HO chuinn, thence
oaat HO chainn, thonce north HO chainn, thenco went
HO chains.
Dated April 'JO, 1911.     CHAKLKS DELQROVfl
Pub. May IU. Francis S. Prtwton, Agenl
Skoona Land Disirict���District of Canniur
Tako not lev lhat 1 Francia S. Pn<nton of Princo
Kupert, li. C, occupation pronpcclor, intend to
apply  fur |H>rmbtsion  to  purchase tho  following
tli>fril" '1 lands;
Commoncing at a post planted about three
milen south and two milen went uf lhe forks ol
tho White and Flat rivura. thenw south HU chuins
thence oast HU chains, tnuncv north HO chains,
thencv west HU chains.
Dated April 20, 1911.     FRANCIS S. PKHSTON
Pub May 13
Skeena Land Districl���District of Cassiar
Take notico that 1, hronlon Jurdon Moore of
Prinn* RujMTt, II. C, occupation contractor, intend
il.-f.-iii .| lands
to ap;
> Kuiiert, I
ily for p��*i
nnisaion to purchasv tht* following
Commencing at a post planted altout til) three
milea south and {'D two mdrs tmt. of the furka
ot Whlto and Flat rivers, thenn* bO chains south
thencv HU chains west, thvnev HO chains norlh,
thence hU chains oast.
Datod April 2*0, 1911. Francis S. Prvstun, Agent
Pub. May 13.
Skivna Land DUtrict��� Dislrici of Cassiar
Take   noticv   that   I,   Charles   M.   Knouao  of
Prince Kuperi, H. C, occupation farmer, Intend
to apnly for permission to purchase the foUowing
doscnoed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about (3) thrcv
milea soulh and (2 )two milns wvst of the forks nt
White river and Flal river, thence south HU chains,
thenco weal HU chalna, thenco north 60 chaina,
thencv east hO chaina.
Dated April JO, Ull,     CHARLKS M. KNOlSK
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preston, Agent
Skevna Und District-Districl of Cassiar
Take notin that  1. Swan  Hallvn of Stewart,
B.   C .   occupat 1,.n   carpenler,   Intond   to   apply
for permiaaion to purchase lho tollowing descrilied
Commencing at a post planted about t&) miles
south and one\l) mile wvatof the forks of the White
and Flat rivera, thenco bO ehainn aouth, thencv HO
chalna vast, thencv 80 chains north, thencv HO
chalna weat.
Dated April lb, 1911. SWAN  H.W.I,I.N
Pub. May 13. Francia S. Preaton, Agent
Skevna Und District -District of Caasiar
Take notica that 1, John I.   Mitchell of Prince
Rupert. II. C, occupaliun bookkeeper. Intend to
apply  tor permission  to  purchase the  following
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about (6) five
miles south and (1) ono milo *v��t of the forks of
the White and Flat rivers, thence north HO chains
thencv easl HO chalna, thencv south HO chains,
thence went HO chains.
Dated April lb, 1911.        JOHN I.. MITCHELL
Pub. May 13. Francia !��� Preston, Agent
Skctna Und District -District of Cassiar
Tako notice that  William  Frederick < ameron
of Princ*  Rupert,  B.  C, occupation  carpenter,
ntends to apply for permiaaion to purchase the
following described landa:
Commencing at a post planlisl about three
miles south of the forks of thv White and Flat
rivm, thence aouth bO chains, limn- *n��i M)
chains, thence norlh bO chains, ihence east HO
Dated April lb, 1011.
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preaton, Agent
Skeena Und District- DUtrict of Cassiar
Take notice that I, Alfred Kyle of Prlncv Rupert,   II.   C,   occupalion   electrician.   Intend   to
apply  for permiaaion  to  purchase the following
described lands:
Commenring al a post planted about <3) throe
milm south of tho forks of the White and Flat
rivera, thenre HO chalna aouth, thence HO chains
east,  thenrr  HO  chalna  north,  thence  HO  rhaina
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a.m.
Mondays and Fridays al 8 a.m.
���s. Prime Albert lalll fur I'ort Simp-
Kim, Niiiis Rivor Points, Masiet,
Naden Harbor, every Wednei-
day, 1.00 p.m.
and fori
Refuge Hny, Skideeate, Queen
Charlotle City, Lockeport, Pa-
loii, Jedway, Ikeda H��y, Roaa
Harbor ana return viu Queen
Charlotte City every Suturilnv,
1.00 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
Connecting with trains from the l'acilic
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York ami Philadelphia. Information and tickets obtainable from the ollice hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Winnipeg  S'.iiiiu St. Paul....   Htt.00
Toronto llf.Kl Chicago 104.60
Montrm! 124..VI New York.... 1:11.01
For full i>.,! iaa ..I.aa call on or write
J. G. McNab          - General Agent
OFFICE    :     :
Kor all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment Office
Headquarters for cooks _ waiters
Building  Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Piaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
Sec Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Phone No. 200 P. O. Hox 580
w. j. McCutcheon
��� >
, ,   Carrie* complete Rtook of DrutrB.   Special   , ,
�� .      uttention paid to filling prescriptions.       , ,
!'. Theatre Block ph��nb no. -.*.> Second Ave. ! I
Coast to Coast
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Soconil Ave. Phone 116
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly filled.   Prices reasonsble.
OFFICE-H. B, Rochester. Centre St.    Phone M.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
^Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
Tuko the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
\ Rochester &
f,7   x Monroe
��� Lady smith
l .   '���$ Coal
\  \   .-v��.i
\;s   Phone ns
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent
Second avetue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Offlee.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
--_   E.
EBY   C__   Co.=iEi
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
i'.i.l April IH, 1911.
Pub. Mu 13.
Krsncis B, Proston, Agent
Read The Daily News
Skwnn Uml D|mH<*t - DMriet <��f Ottrigf
Tnki-ii'.l'i.' I, Jnhn M'l'M.iiirl .if Print')-
Ruprrt, H.C. "ocupMiun bOtWtMpOT�� Intend* to
m<i>K f.T |rtMii-i,iii tu iiurchHM1 the following
ilrtfriUM lundn:
Commencing nt a i��"i iilnMiM ihrvr nnd nne-
half mili>* in an iwtcrly iliroctinn from thf* tmint
on Niuih Ilivcr when* thr \ .*���-������* 1. ������ ��� trail .*��� ���������u,-
anil one mile in a northerly direction from the
Raid I .:i\ ;i Lake trail, thence pouth eighty chainn,
thence went ho chainn, thence north HO chainn.
thence eait Ml chainn to |>oint nf commencement,
containing MO acre*.
Date Feb. a. i-li JOHN' MrDONALD
I'ub. March 10. Joneph Helway, Agent
Skeena l*nnd Dintrict ���Dintrict of Canninr
Tnke notice that I Andrew Cummlngi of  Vancouver, B.C., occupation conk,  inten.l* to applv
for perminninn to purchane the following riencrib-
<-i lands:
Commenring at a pont plnnted three and one
half mile* in nn cnnlerly direction from the point
on Nnan River where the Ufl Lnke trail begit.n
nenr the trait, tbence wesl m chnins, thenee nouth
Wl chainn. thence eant t*V chainn, thence north Ml
chainn to point of commencement, containing MO
Date Feb. 3, 1911. ANDREW CUMM1NG8
Tub. Mar. 10. Joseph Helwny, Agent
Skeenn l,and District-Dintrict of Cnnslnr
Tnke notice that I IMcom McDonald  of  I'rince
Rupert, H.C, occupntion laborer,  intends  to np
ply for permissiun to purchase the following dc
scribed lnnds:
Cnmmencing at n post planteil three nnd one-
hnlf miles in nn ensterly direction from thc pnint
on Nnan,Rivcr where the l,nva Lnke trnil logins
and one mile In a northerly direction from the
said Lava I,nke trnil, thence north Ml chninn,
thencc west Ml chainn, thence south N> chnins*
thence ensl chainn to point nf commencement,
eonlaining 040 ncres.
Date Feb. 3, Wil. BOLCOM McDONALD
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph belway. Agent
BkMM Lind District���DUtrict of Cout
Rtngt ft
Tnko notice that I, Krrd (isirton, of
I'rince Rupert. B.C., occupation farmer, intemlR to apply for pcrmisRion to
purchase the following descrilied lands:
('ommencing at a noat planted at the
north cast corner of surveyed lot 1987.
Range 5, Coast district, thence north 60
chains to a slough; thencc west 28
chains; thence south &'��� chains; thence
east 2K chains to the point of commencement.
Dated February 25th, 1911
First insertion Mar. 11
Uw-Hutler Building      Phone No. 280  AH  mt>mbers  of  the order in the city
Prince Rupert
P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C., Ontario, Sai<
and Manilot>a bam. katchewan  and  Al-
hcrta Ban.
Barhistkrs, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exchange block, corner Third avenue and j
Hlxlh street. Prince Ktinert. 8
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gas and
local annsthelicn administered for the painless ex-
traction Ol teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
Helgerson Block, Pnnce Rupert. il-12
AHKNTS   rn��   HTF.KI..    MaM'HINKRY
...AND   CONTRACTORS     Jl'lff it      .
P. O. Box 436 ��� Office 3rd and Fulton
P. O. HOX 2.1
rant ot wh. rotON, **%, a.r.a.m..?lon., eng.
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspaper*
Lots 5 ami (>, Block 28,
Suction 1.
$3000, 25 per cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, 3 years,
7 per cent.
GEO. w, morrow"!
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.  |
Fruit   :   Produce   :
and POOL
4 Alloy*. 1 TablcH.    A nwxl exor-
rtne.   A clean i��port,   Laillea every
afternoon.     Newman Block, between 6th aud 7th Sta.
TF.n MonuisoN,    Proprietor and Manager
H.H.Morton   -   3rd Ave.144����.����*��44��444444��*4*��44
'.���-. -,-'.-._. THE    DAILY   NEWS
Pure let  I :���������������   with   ail .the
The f'lonter !)"_._> ���'
PHONE    :    ;    ;    82
Mr. Wm. H.   Magee,   Special   Correspondent   of   the
London Daily Telegraph and an Authority on
the Panama Canal is in Town    May
Give Lecture on Subject Here
Mr   W, H.  Magee  who i*. in compl -': ������***���   the   ~-imv
- lectured ar.d time    i thi  Gr nd Trunk P
I) ..lx;ut the Pan- Ra ��� ������-'    ���  -
��� . in thia continent deal i ������-'���������  'r���      '��� '    '��� -
nd            .  .         It ii  poeeil le u] ���"     levelopmenl    I
the  subject Prii ce 1 rt ii ������ ry p
while her      rhe Hoard of Trade Mr    M .               looki   : ir  the
id ring irrange- time ���'- **il   '"'  sailing
���   ���         ternooi from I ���       rt direct to Eu-
As l      I      ma Canal will be rojx ( thi Panama C i
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
ViaOOlilvU _ui:_   . :_   .     .,,.., ...:,,.t columns.
One of the best
There buyer
mon jfro'j
rate to  a DOB
Here  is
you a lot in Section 6, 7      '      ���'��� sm2"
cash payment and easy terms.
i apply
II     I       a"
\       Lost and Found
Skeena Und District -Dlitriot ol Cou.,1 �����������. ,
Take nolice that Henry MMIrtnoy ot SSI
Rupert, U. C., oeeupatlon miner, Intendi ,��� "
lor j>ermia.-iun to purchaM: tho Itallowina, ,|,
Commencini; at  a ,xisl  planted a,a, ,_.  ,
���Ub ol Eichumslks Itiver, Ibout 1 1.9 ,, . ' '
itl c.Jtilluenco with the Skeona River ai> 1 ,| ",'
14 miles west from Kxchumaik., raptdi i ���, ''
cnains north, thence 40 chains eaat 'it,,.,���.''.
chains south, thence lu chains *,.,;
commencement, containinu -l-'l acr
lev. 1'ost marked "II.M. S \V. cor '
Dated April 2S, l'Jll. IlKNitV MACAItTV
Pub. April 29.
I   plliail |
inure  a
a^.a^a    afr
.  ts
Listings of houses  ar.
all sec:. .--.
I have parties who want I
ty in Sections 5 or 6 : ;. r
For quick sa.--   -���
Elegant n��rai   newly furr
tl A.-    -.-ar FattM.    1	
For Rent
Dutrict of Cassiar
b i
.- -    Sot ���-������'
Open Evenings E
���'���      a re just re*-- .   .
t of Um
ind latest
in li/li- -    . '
er Hand  Bags.   v.    ���
apedally i.'.vite yoa to call
an'l  let  oi  .sho'A' .   . OUT
new  kvxIii	
;:;  __      *****
tt 5
j: PAID UP CAPITAL >.'    00
Farm and Fruit Lands
Fort George Townsite
jle agents of
Massett Townsite
Local Office:
Alder Block
Sixth Street
���  ���
Ste* r*r-th*t Booaoa.   Apply Mr, K     t. A   JJ
.;-:a:ri ��r.*.r*.-.ce. Thini Ave.        .. ���--'
iareral to-*'. ' and ���> room houi�� with t��th. ti.
;-���-. nth    0. M. Ht!*en<>n.  LiM **    '
������' ''"
We ha'.etwoeoar housekeeping rOOBtf '��� t root
-     H  F. McRae 4 Co.        lU-tf
.;��*, -.   . - .-    *.^e  Ave.  ;arvy  for
tot OS.     Apply on premisel vr B lIH
:'. -*.'���
.- ouuide roomi.
r.ear Fulton.
K   ua I .-n'.��b��d for houeekeeping.
v   r.rvo ol Slikine.
"tendi to ippli
Bm<~mm :;;.;0Ai��_ti��<*rii*.i
..     .
weal   M  C: ���>
I   ���
Skeena Land Disirict���District (al Coi ���
Take   notico  that   I,   William   Uolvtlli   Coi
ol   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clorit    Inland
to apply lor permission to purchase tha lollowina
. ���, I   about   three-   described lands: '���"**
. tiUcier Kit'te      Commencing at a post planteal at tli.  ,        ., ,
.  River ati'l on the   oorasr ot Lot SOU Kan 9, Cout Dlatrii
...  crook, thence   l4��t *iu chains, thenee north It) chain., u,.    .
rth   iu  chain*,   thence   ���_()   chains   to   Hell's   t.ale  .lough,   tr..
I    ehslns to point  ��|���ugh s<iutherly lo poini ol commencement eon
..aning 100 acre* more   uinlng lli't acros moro or 1mm.
Dated April ti, l'Jll.
I'ub. April -.1. "
Bolklo i
'. '.-lrr.
room*. 11* '
Data.: I
. .
Skaana U' ",'r'ct "' yuei'" CK,rlo"���
",    '(   ���    .  . .; Vane iver,
,   traveller, lattBdi
'      ������'������-  tholoUowim
i*l-__*t_.n'r_  _���  a poat planted  about  seven
ith from the  mouth   at ll DOlt planted BDOUt 12 f��6l from tlio
_. ot, thence north JO , |ol.aliun ,)ost 0f |ot  i;)���i on |��urc|,   . r
_-.a.-a.               ���   *mt<*> ***<*<* wulh ��u; ia���d, tbence In a southerly StoUm
'���.V;c  "*    j. ii. Miui'HYj following high water mark12 ,,f
; .:. \:"v. .. N"um* Demcm, ARent , t\.,.ni.v west t0 |ow watl.r mar^. d,,,,,^
northerly   following  low  water mark
t'.iast Laml District District ..I" Skeeni
Take notice that I, Paul Brendler, of
Porcher lalandi occupation farmer, intend tO apply for permission to lease
the following foreshore:   Commencini
*k��na L.r.: Duatet���Diatriet o( Caasiar
.    I.   Mary  Ciiin  ol  Stewart,
th; tack ���f rink.     Apply Lawyer   Ta. ���^^wominrinlend to apply
,���..:.. .rchaae the d.��ribed
������ : - ���m�� singleor for housekefi
,-ese! Rooming Ho'i��e.  . M   A  ���
Help Wanted
_, +
at a post planted two   'tl millo
. milea weat ol the forks ol the
���ra,<a  -o chains north,
.-^v  ���    .'  ���������'  -"'-'I' thence su chains south,
Francis S. l'rcston, Ajent
Pioneer Laundrv. Phone 118
��� Wanted at Reilly ��� Bakery I.
7 neatre Basement. U4��ll"
i-.nct Mar.a��r for ftnt class Health a-     I
:-r: I-iirar.ce Company.     St'.mr..-. :
*;.,:..'.  salary  .-'..:������*    ���
Apply to J. L. McComb. Health and Accider.t Empire Life Inaurance < ��� ��� pool
5'.l W;r.:h Buil-imr. Vancouver. B.C    IM-1*
l'JUO feet; thence east to point of
Dated March 7, 1911.
First insertion March 11
;:;.��UQU8aoa��x��c8tX}��nnooc!KXW(ffitt��������toououuuut a ttuttaaHi
Com.panlonhalp. thorouirhlv imm u��cM7l��lT
 p'^mcook.   Boa C. C. Daily New..      L1WU      0*fa MitOB a, ""jy
Skeer.a Ls- ID.i'.nct��� Liitnct of Queen Charlotte
Taac r.a -..>��� l?atr.ehnc Harrison, cf Calgary
Alberta, occupation  spinster,   Intenda  to  appl>,
foe ptmiwon to purchaaa the following described   Rupert,   B.   C,   occupation   prospector,   i
_- .. to  apply   for   permiaaion  to  ieaae  the  (ol
ndM at a post planted about b 1-2
m^es west and half a mile aouth from the mouth
!'. ��� reek, where it empties into NsdM
Harbor, l��iand. thene* 10 chains "outh
t.-.e.-.ce Ifl chains east, thence 10 chains north.
*.: CO c:.s:t.s we��t to poinl ol commencement
...  .���: '.ai acres more or leaa.
�����**.* **���**��� ?*.*���*. ******.* ?*.*?** j*.**-*.*****
Clarmont Rooms {j|
l.'.��� mini nn Sulh  A**., nmmt   Fullon       i**j
tr* ti ���'.-..
t*>*f.   r����'wiy   rvmWMri   f**tt.*
H'.t ������.] "..-I m%\.*r, t��th tad
��� - v�� mar ur*m*f)l.
I     I*.   rK'll'.S INVITKIi
;fred. stork
General Hardware
Huii'i. r-' Hardware
Valvi   ���'. i' 'ixfofi Stovea
Orai ,'��� arara      Tinware
*  *   .  *  *    ******
���   m^^^m.m.^.^m.m.^.^.m.
scow in tow there was no water
in hc-r. But when the Rainbow
approached the wharf ther- were
three feet of water wa-hing about
Methodist Church Had an Anx- the horses' legs, and the animals
ious Time of It Last Night      were getting scared.    To add  to
  the difficulty it was not possible
Wayward .tre the ways of the to make a landing at once a?
wild an<! woolly west, ��� ���-;������ i ill) the wharf wa- occupied by two
the waterways aa Rev. T. S. steamers just at the *.\i\>. Bob
Bartlett discovered last night. Hanna took the ��� ������������ is quickly
Hi-rein Prince Rupert an au'li' i ���* ��� ; --Me to the Foley, Wd
uaembled in the Methodist Church Stewart wharf where just in time
������:   ��� efore eight o'clock the horses weri - I is    re.
lear   him   give   an   address. IN SLIPPERY PATHS
:  .  ���  o'clock came.    There was 	
no   preacher.    The  .tu'i ��� Police Raid Last Night Rakes in
quiet.   Eighl ten came.   Still the Three Doubtfuls
audience   waited,   but   now   the
��� -'���,��� iren   were   growing   un-      In the dim dawn thin morning
They went u> the church ��� hief Vickers Sergt   Phillip-
door   and 1   the   horizon son,  an'!  Constable  McArthur
east, west, south, north, seeking swooped down on the realms
missing   divine,     li"   came 'he   underworld   and   unearthed
not   Mayor Manson arrived, bui  there   three   notables   by   name
The Insurance People
tVtiO  <":   l.-.aa|   -.'..     h.'-. i*        r.-.t'r-
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
'. -  -���n youni men to uk<  cosy noat In the   Pub Apr. 7.
Bulkley Block, near Fulton.
Numa iHrmers, Agent
Boy Wanted.       H-tf
Wanted���An   A-l   solicitor for th-   I
Frat-mal Orders in the world.   Call room
EmpnaaBetaL   I. F. Madlem.
Wa-ted-'" rood men to jo(n the Order   I
Cal. r.arr. 2-.  Empress   Hotel.    I.   F.  Madlem.
Board Wanted
s Land District    tlistriet ol Coast
Take  nutice that   I,  William  John  Corley  ot
i.-apert. H. C, occupation rancher. InUnd
..   to apply for permiaaion to purchase the following
l desciiiaci lands:
Commencing at a pust platted at the southwest
���   .- ������ -, Rat.k'" 'a. I'aa-t District, thence
louth  20 chains,  thenca  eaal   40 chains, thence
oortn -u chains, thenee aest 10 chains to point
ol commencement, containing IQ acres, more or
Dated April -.
Pub. April 1*J.
N  "    I    -   '-.-���-���   ������ a-.   :   :, mill be open
( l Um sale of itotk of Sim .-. , Fa:.* to the high*
eit bidder.    Slock consiiti of Cr^ker.  ���
ware ar.d  Hardware.    Bids will be open until
June I, UU.
U5-tf IV.x IH. Pr.r.c.R.;ert. B C.
X M . '':���'.
Fire  Insurance
rd   in pr.vate family
*   Skeena Land District -Di.trict o. <"<aa<t Range 4
i     Take not ce that Murdock McRae of Vancouver
I a-l S'Mional Fire   Insurance
Company af Lond' _
t tl.'       S-e us fa.r rates.
Keaitv and Insurance Company. H -tf
England,   with   cai.iu.   u,,^ A[1,
���-���^..^.....ja^���. ���
A local representative i- wantsd
fur ��� territory trib itarj to Princi
��� t t>i wil Um hard) non-lrri-
lock grown liy ths
Oregon Nuntry Company, Orm-
co, Oregon, Utwraltanna, Party
muat corns  will  recommonded,
Oregon Nursery Company
Orenco ��� Oregon
i*m**_K*^^^_w^^^^V^^^f^^^^^^^^ +
no minister.
Now ui-ji*. arrived I
left l''iri Simpson where hc had
bi-i-n vi-i'ing. at '.i p.m., iii .'i gasoline launch. At the word "gasoline" one of thc office-bearers
looked anxiously heavenwards as
though thc expeced the reverend
gentleman to arrive thai way.
.\< lasl roiijul aboul nine o'clock
there came a (dad cry from the
rs by the jvaterfront His I
Reverence had been Bighted urging
thai gasoline launch with all kiml-
ortation to get in before
���lark. Once ashore hc lost no
lime in reaching the church, nor
was hi- address in any way in-
jun 'I by the delay and exposure
io  the perils ������!   thc deep  in  a
rratii gasoline launi h thai i hose
lo loiter by thc way.
S''itll   i lolllCS  will   neer
ifti i ilu holiday, Panatorium < K
ancrs will do it. Semi your
i lothi i down io u> if you .trr going
111��� river.   'Phoni   I. 2)
G. W. Hill, Arnold Hall,
J'r.ii.t: Tolley. Th'-��� worthies
were assembled in the police court
later and warned sternly. Hill
vamoosed on the Prince Rupert,
the other two are under surveillance having promised to itraj
no more down the paths to destruction.
boat like the North Bend meani
heavier work, reduced speed, and
clever handling yet the work did
not hinder the Prince Albert from
making her good ro ord.
Two Extra Trips
During thc previous week the
Prince Albert made two extra
trip^ nm to Goose Bay and one
io Stewart 420 extra miles, and
loaded 100,000 feet of lumber at
Queen Chariotte City,
^w-i LkT.i Usuiet���Dutrict of Cout R&Qft V
TaJu cotioa tut jack Bedford of K��(&i��>-,
Vofiuf-ire. hr.aglar.d, ntiinittnn ov^r-looktr. fr
-**.*���_�� to apply for pcrmuaion to purc^-rw tin*
following tiocnb��4 landi:
Cor.rr.*r.c.r.j at . po��: pteSUd at . yrnr.t ',?. Om
���aaurly boundar>  of ttafatf Umit   .'*,-* atd in
- . ' ttS, Kar.s�� i   Coait
DtatrisL nm Uh Hid ������ .'---ct, ther.v
ikM| ua RMtlmly lur.'. .' . ,��� ������.' ilurauid
��-.: ir.*- ;..--j��-c-ion '.benrnf .��� a-. ��� * ���-.. :. r. -.
��� *:_-������ .r.or* or Um u_ th* **��t*rl) it ���/.
timbar ...-:*. 83M1, Thanee [a a southerly dirtvtion
a..-.j -.'.- .*.--. aBaattaMd ttaait 11 chaim n.crt
' '.imber limit 36TT5,
B. *.'., occupation real aauta brokar, intrn��l�� to
apply for ptrmbalon l purchnw lhe fulluwint
dweribed lands:
' -i-endnf at a tw��t pUitrl oa \h* ��������� u fa
bar.k cf Lichum��ik�� rivrr aU ut tit** mile* from
:l�� ojnrtuvnc* ��ith tfie Skrrna rlvar, thenci' 4M
chaiu waat, UMM -" chaina north, thence IU
chaini ��e��t, thence 40 chaina north, thence 4f
cr-aim ea��t, thmcv SO chaini *outh, thence 40
chaini i-iu>t. tlawnca 4u chain* aouth to point of
eommene��mfr;t, contalnina 3'JO acr��i mnre or tew
BkMBA Land Diatrict���Diatrict of C'.m,i
Take  notice  that   William  MurifoM i     Prinel
de*crilie<] Ianda:
Commencing at a poat planted about Urn cl.ami
aouth of th*; Indian Raaam on Um aM il la al
Oooae Bay and on the eaat aide of tht> pasimuU
thence aouth hO chaina along ahon-, thenea tittt
4U chalna to (iooae Bay, thence north along ahore
bO chaina, thencu wert 40 chains more or 1>*�� tu
poat, containing .-" acrea more ur Wan.
Dated March ��. 1911. WILLIAM Ml'NFUllD
Tub. April 15.
Situations Wanted      ;
m**m*MW*m___t\ *���*-_- ���****__ _***m*M ***** I t*mm*m***mm*m\
A   claatifled   a<iv^rtia*>ment
hunur-ar^ teld-^m faila.
-...*:.:,*: Unit  :���*.?���, thanca i
direction 11 cta.rj mora or laaa to tha point
tarefa i, l&ll. JACK BEDFORD
Pab. March 25.
By experienced man and wife aa cook and heiper
in mining camp or country hotel. Abply If L
T.. Optimnt. ���'-���'.
Boarders Wanted
Home cooked m#>a]a and nicely furniah^l rooma
f*��r three pamol, Ai>ply Mra. Jam***. BooU
Bld��f.. 3rd Av*-., between -th and Jrth Sta.    "Vtf
Tennis Club to Organize
A meeting is called for next
Tuesday niKht at 8 o'clock in the
Indian PriSoner Sent to West- ol(J Presbyterian church  for  tho
minster Todav purpose of discussing the organ
BkMM Land Diatrict���Diitrict of Cout Range a
Take notice that I, Clara May Little of Princ
Rupert, b. <:., f<c i;.aiK<n nUMMT. intend to
n;; let pnmjiaion to tha following
iaacr.r*d landa:
���MtDf at a S**. plar.iad- at tha north
waat eomer m I��t 1796, Range j. Cowt Dinrict
ther.ce ean 40 chalna, thanca north 'ih chaini
tner.ce %*_%_ :il chain' thenca north 20 chaici
ther.ce west 10 chaim, thanca aouth 45 chaina to
point 'A aOfBttMOMMBt, containing 112 acrea ,
more or leaa.
ftftiSfl*-lla     CLARA MAY UTTLE! p��v^ ����^ * ���*"> *��* ��� n,onth- ����������
fub. April is. j    BooktataapMtaltr.   Ulai F.   M. Olmnn, Ird
A.m.. between Tth and sth Sta.. l**.***.** 171. DlKlf
-Sk��na Lar.d Dutnct ���DUtriet of Cout Flange 6
Take notice that EUoB S. Txtwilar of Barlln,
Ont.' occjpation doctor, intenda to apply for
permiaaion to purcf.aae the following deaaihed
Commencing at a poat planted at the aouth^
**-��t aarMT *! Lot I9t& thanca aaat 30 chaina
mora or leaa, thenca aouth 45 chaina mon or leaa,
thence ��(���� SO chair.i more or leaa, thence north
'*'_ chain mi re or leaa to pofnt of commencement
containing 1 tO acrea more or laaa.
Datad March il, 1'jll ELDON S. DKTWlLKR
I'ub. April : I John Campbell. Agant
Skeer.a l^r.d Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coa��t Kangi* 5
Take MtlM that I, J. Haruld McKcan of I'rince
li. C , oceupat on bUckam th, intend to
appt>   for perm aaiun  to  purchaaa  the  following
Commencing al a poit planted about thnt* and
: MaftSl  ir. a wiuth *e*terlv direction
from a blind klough from Ofaaamtory Inlet a here
���,r,** aame touchoa the Ind an Rca4-r>'e. thence ��eat
SO chaina, thance aouth ���**) cha n.��. thence MM  *"
chaina, tnmce north m> cha na to pont of com-
mencement, containing tiW acrea mure or leaa.
Dated Aprl 11. I'.'ll.        J. McKKAN
Skeena Und District    Dutrict of Caaaiar
Taka notice that I, Alice M. Knouar  of Prince
Rupert, H. C, occupation marriol anmin,intend
to apply fof parawm to purchaa** the following
deacribed Unda:
Commencing at a poat planted about two milea
aoulh and IWO mil*-a ��i**t of thp forka of White
and Flat riven, thencv north Mj chaina, thence
8M| n chaina, thence aouth M) chaina, thencc
waat t*\) chaina.
\i.iif; M   KNOI OB
Francu S. Treaton, Agenl
Skeena Land District -DUlrict of Coa.-t
Take   m>tict>   that   UtU  J.   lianaon   of   1'rtncc
Rupart, H.  C, occupation prnapector. tr,-
apply for permimion to lease tha following i-
Commencing at a poal planted abuut a "uartrr
of a mile from thc nurth west corner of Qlbm
lsiand on the amid Gibaon laland, thence wr.n h IU
chains, thence 'Ju chains, thence nurth \*_
chains, thence west -0 chaina lo puint oleum*
mencement, Containing **) acrea more or U����.
Datad 29thMarch. 1911
Skeena Land Diatrict���DUtrict of Coaat
Takv  nutice that  Hume  Habington of Tnnce
Rupert. B. C*t occupation master mariner, ;        ���
to apply  for  permiaaion  iu leaae  the  follo��inf
deacrilied landa:
Commencing at a post planted about lu" chaim
aouth uf the Indian Heaervv on the eaal side U
Gouae Ray on the eaat aide of the I'eninaula thence
north UH) chaina along ahore to the Rttana IIm
thence weat tiO chaina more or leaa to Gooae llay,
thencv 1U0 chaina along ahore, thenc<> MM I
chaina more or leaa to poat, containing M<J acna
more or leaa.
Dated March S, 1911. HCMK IIAUIXGToN
Tub. AprU 15.
Water Notice
Dated April 20, H'll.
Pub. Mai  U.
ftMM Land DUtrict
Take not c* lhat I
Real Estate
Skwna Load Dlltriet - Diatrict of Caaaiar
Taka   notin*   that   I,   Thomaa   Macgovcrn   of
Stewart, It. (,., aoaopaUOB min��T.intend to apply
n r pamlarion to purchaae the following descnlieti
Commercing  at  a  ^>at  plantH  on  Lha  nght
bank of Uh  S'aai ;... r about four milea above th��-
fork- of ir..   Nau rltrar, thi-nee w.uth 00 chains.
.   tbanM  north W chaina,
���  n ���  ���<.�� chains to point of commeneement,
containing 8 '**. acr-- mora or laaa.
Datad March ��;, y_\\   Sidney Frank Wright, Agl
Puh. May 17.
BkMM Land DUtriat - Di-itrict ol CaMiar
Take  notka  that   I.   Percy   Francis  Godenrath
of    laMrt, li   C, orrupation journalMt   Intand te
appl)   for permWon  t<�� porafaaM lha following
dearnbe<i lands:
( Mnmandai  at  a  post  plantcl  on  the  riuht
,banh ���,*, w.** Htta rlaar about Mvan mile* aoova
tM forki ��.f tha Nau nver, thenre MUth *0 chains,
ihenre *e.i -<i rhiii',., thenee north Wi chains,
Umom ';��������� -'j ehalm to point of commencement,
containing >i 10 tctm rnor** or U**.*..
!'-���'' i Marrh Ia, VAX. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Puh. May 17.
A etaalftad advertiaement ts a real estate W_W**
man.   and doM   not often count  enough   "to
Dt" In the net reault.
tllOCuh bi> a twolotP facing the Park-fine aoil
for a Harden.    II. F. Mr Hat & Co.        11-Vlf
N MtOaa younir men WlDtOd to rent roa> furniih-
ei| in the Hulkley KoOBta, ''th K\*-.. near Fullcn.
For Sale
l*;.trici ol Coast Range 5
John 1-an PttSfBOf Princo
Rupert, IC C-- ' crupat on clerk. Intend to apply
(or permisaion to purchase the fullowing descr,bed
Commencing at a pnM plar.te-l about three an
one-half mile* distant n a aouth weaterly d mti on
from a blind alough Iron ObaaC*>tOCy Intel where
the aame ttiuchm the Indian Rewrve, thence
*'-t N chains, thence north t*i) chains, thenct*
eost hU chaina. thence south M) chains to point o
commencement* containing Clo acre* more nr lesa
luted April 11. l'Jll. JOHN IVAN PKTKRS
Pub. May U,
Stikine Und iDsirict    Dstrict of Caaaiar
Take notice thai S>dney Hodgkineon of Telegraph Creak,  II. C, occupation clerk, Intenda tu
apply  for  fiemilaaion  to purchase the following
de��cnl>e<l land:
Commencing at a post plantetl almut a quarter
miie north east from Glacier Rttlle and on lhe east
l��nk of Stikine River, thence gut 20 chaina
thence north 40 chains, ihence wesl JO chaina
thenee south 40 chaina to point of commencement
and containing Ml acrna more or leaa.
Datod Feb. 11. 191).
Puh   April 7. i   A   Tervo, Agent
All kinds rtf serond hand g'usls Itoughl and Mid,
F. M. Croat?, Third Ave., between 7lh  and   Ith
rtroata, H7-tf
No.l8tarOn1t8tova In perfect rondition. plpf
OftOUfh for 2 sto\e��; all for 110, Applv at
lt'<"rn 21, Fraser nnd Tlh Streets. BOTOB to ei^ht
in evening. llT-wi
Hou��ebold Qooda,    It'^ims to
Iv. jen. 7th Ave. ��nd Taylo
���lei       Apply Mr
t. near .Summit, i
lat Are Kou Eating?
to. ttt i,    .*������' ' Itl*  _**_   UK)   li Hlmrt
 lllVI a' ���'        |'l    t     ��"      Will
'���nt tht bost
Thiay'ri- tb��ap too.
A l���n  ni'W nUick.
tat Fruit
��������� rwh Vnww. tlim w,.atl,(.r
******* M.y **,��, ������) ),������ |y, )lil0,.
Heal Provision House!
Third Av..., mm Sixtl, >t    ,,t���mr  ^A
Mike Dudan, the Indian whol
w;i-, sentenced by Judge young
lo pend two yean ,ii Westminster
for criminal assault wenl below
today in charge <��f Provincial
Polii' (Nonstable Harvey,
Por row boats and launches
telephone 820 green, liavis*
Boat House.
ization of a tennis club. All
persons interested, ladies included, are invited to attend.
Secretary Wanted
Appllettkmi win i.< weri rid f'ariia.a poiltlon --f
.a.a ,.t;,rv a,f t||,' Dttblifl MahOOl  lla>MFa|  |,y    _*,,   Un,]. \
-r'ivi..:l  Dp  Ul Monday  noon.      DuuMtQMglfl
Jllfl.a   I ���, I.
c. ll. sawi.i:,
IIT-IW Siacnatnry
cow   Sprang    a    Leak    While
CrOMtni from Digby l��lant|
o����m����um��xxx>��xxxxxxxxxx o
Does Your Watch
Keep Correct Time ?
If tmt, get a itandard
movement Rtted In any ityle
Advertise in
The Daily News
Owing to the leaking ol ;t kow
in  whi.i,   three   valuable  hoi
were  i,(.i,1K   liroughl   over  lr.,n,
Digby liland yentcrday, Bob II,,,.
���������*  who  wu   towing   the  ecoJ
wrow had an anxloui time ol It
Bob rum the  Rainbow gaBollnc!
I launch  and  when  ho took  ihe
ram?  yrm deilre.
i" trnlrl lill.arl nnrl lolld Kolil cusch.
R. W. Cameron  & Co.
Official Watch tnipeeton
for the Q.T.P.
w��, '!<i, st. and Second avenue
Skifana Lanal DbUM->DbtHgj nl Ctalu
Tak.' riolicia lhal I. Jimiai Millar John.lon ol
.-ata-AnM. II. '., ���rriipal inn ItONllMpffi Inli-nfl to
apply for pirmbaloo t���� purchaaw tho (ollowioR
diierlMd lan'laa:
Commtnelni at a post plantoal ibout oni�� milo
rarartla from tha- S*,_, rivor anal aliout nino mile
ibova tho forkn of lho Naaa rivor, thonco norlh MO
chain., Uwnn wo-it R0 chain.., thi-nco aouth 80
chain., thi-nco oa.t HI, chaina to point ol comrni-ncca-
mi'nl, containinK ''l'l acrna moro or Ion..
IliHi'l March 14, I'lll.   Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
I'uli. May 17.
���Skoona Uml Oi.-ilrict    Di.trict ol f;oa..t Kanm- .'.
'lak.' notice that I, i la;,:'... A. Vaughan ol
I'rinco lluport, H. 0.. occupation morchant, Intonil
to H|.[.ly lur iiormiiwion to purchaau. tho following
ilonrril,oil lamln:
Commencing at a part planted on lho aoulh
bank of Kxehunmika, Ilivcr arul about four miloa
Irom ila cunfluonco with tho Bkeana lllver, thonco
Hi chainH ca��i. thanea 10 cbalna norlh, Ihonco HO
chain, wait, Ihonco hii chain, noulh to point ol
cororoiancornorl. 010 acre, moro or loaa.
Dated April ul, lull    i IIAIU.KS A. VAIJUHAN
I'ub. April ���:.*!.
Tako n'.tico that the partnechip en.i.ting of
I.nabaro lira, anil Mairri. Saa.kin, carrying on
bu.ino.a In tho City of I'rinco lluport. tinalor the
| nainiJ a,f liro'.iuan A Saa.kin. I. hereby dlaeoWod,
aaof thoU2ml ilay of May, lull,  the aaiil  laailoro
| On...mnn I. to continue the bu.ino.a anil  to col.
. lect all account, anil an.ume all liabilitie..
1 Dati.l at I'rinco Kupert thia UUnil ilay of Mai,
l'Jll. IIMUI
Municipal Notice
Application! will Ih- retained be the ondenlfa.
od.up tO f, p.m. On Ma.naliiv, Mav Ullth, fair tho
poaitlonof Cily Amlltor. Snlnry ii:, por month.
Full particular, fraain the f'itv Clerk.
lH-llfi l',iv Clerk.
Slikine 1 jn.l lii.irict    Di.trict ol Caaaiar
Take notice lhal Chrtitlan A. Tervo ol Snkine
H  I  . Kcupatiun cu.lom. o'heor, mtenal. to lp|>ly I
(or i-ti i, to purchaww thv lollowing ,|e.crilo.l
l aonmencing at a puei planteil aboul 18 chain,
norlh **vm ol lhe cu.torna warehoiwe al Sliknte,
li '.. ih.-nc wo.t M chain., thence wiuil 'Ju
chaina, thence oa.l it, chalna, thence north Uu
chain, to laiint of commencement anil containing
40 acre* more or h-aa.
11.Ii.i Feb. 13. IDII.       ( IIIUSTIAN A. TBBV0
I'ub. Aprl 7
yjeen Charlotte lalamla Uml Diatrict���Diitrict ol
Take nolice that 1, J. (i McNab ol I'rince Kupert, occupatiun Benoral agont, Intenil to apply
lof i- ra'ii--i-aia lo pra,.(.a n for coal anil pelrcleum
on tho lolloulng ilvacribeil landa:
raaaaaitioncing at a pmt planteil at the fo h-eait
corne' ol Section :l. Tnwn.h |i - Oraham I.laml.
anil marked J ti. McN, S. K. Center, thonce
went  faO chain.,  thence north  80 chalna,  thence
ea�� M) chaina, Ihence aouth 80 chain, to polnl of   Puh. April 29, 1911
Dale.1 March 8, 1911. J. (i.  McNAR
1'ail'  March U5. Wilaon llowing. Agent
Notice is hereby given that an application will be mmle umlrr I'art \. of
tin-" Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license in the Queen Charlotte Division
of Skeena District.
(a) The name, address and occupation
of the applicant is George VninK,
Vii'tnrin, B.C.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No	
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed, the description
is) Ain Lake and Ain Kiver.
(c) The point of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(ill The quantity of water applied fur
(in cubic feet per second) WW.
(e) The churacter of the prop"- 1
works, dnm, Hume, pipe-line, power
engines, plant, etc.
(f| The premises on which the water
is to be used (describe samel ut nr
near mouth Ain River.Masset Inlet.
(r) The purpose* for whieh the water
i* to be used is for power development and mill operations.
(h) If for Irrigation, daaerlbe lbs
land to be irrigated, giving  semge
(I) If the water is to be used fl r power or mining purposes, describe UM
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, SM
the difference In altitude between tl"'
point of diversion and point Oi return
At or near mouth of Ain Hiver.aboiit
I'lll feet below lake level.
Area of Crown land Intended lobs
occupied by the pro|ioseil works.
(kl    This  notice  wa*  posted   on  the
16th dav of  April. 1911. an.l I
tinn will be made to the Commission*'
on the80th day of May. 1911.
(1) Give the names ond iddressss "'
any riparian proprietor* or licensees
wliii or whose lands nre likely to ik
affected by the proposed works.i'itniT
above or lielow the outlet.    None.
H. Kdonsliaw. Age""
P.O. Hox 2X.ri, Prince Rupert. B.C.
Note-One cubic foot per second l��
equivalent to :V>.~1 miner'* inches.
Skeenn l,nml lii.irict-Dlalrict of Coaat
luko notico thni I. M,a. John Curlcy of  I'rince
'   n married woman, intenda
la, purchase the fa.llowing
Rupert, H.C. oceupat
l��� illaply for permi.Hta
ilo.rriln.1 laml.:
Commencing nt  a
tll.ll li'l Chnlll. .aalllli
lul INS, Coaat |j|alri,<
ehSlnl.   theore  olmt
chiilna, thoneo we.t l
point of eoinnteneei
inure or loaa.
Unto Mar. SO, lull
Pub, Apr. 4. UU
Skoona laml AflltrlC
|...t 40 rhnln. oaat
r .io the .laulhwo.t rorner of
'. Itnngo *a, thenre noulh HO
���' chalna thanee north so
- halna more or lean to the
oita.-nt, oontalnlns im" aero.
JOHN (Lottie) ciiiu.KY
S. O. E. B. S.
Th**   PrinM   llutirrt  l/n\ue.  No.   31K,  Sona  nf
��. nn-cta "
farh month tn t
Skeeni Uml Oirtrict  -Dwtrict of Quwn ('hirlotte
Take not to; that (mirjt? W. Arnott ol I'rince
Kupert, B. Cm occupatir��n real i*Mat.. broker,
Iniemla to apply for permiaaion lo purchaae the
following (lesorilKtl lamls:
OirnmenclnR at a poat planted about aeven
milen and one-half mile weat and nnn mile afruth
from the mnuth of Stanly Creek, NadM llarlmr,
thenw weat HO chains, thenop aouth 80 ebaina,
thence Paat Hll chainn, thence nnrth HO rbain^
Dated March 17, mil. OBO. W. ARNOTT
Pub. April 22. Numa Demera, Auent
Sealed   tendera
"iti- ��� i ��������� i^js^fts
nd MKlorMd "Tender for Public guDdtoj, Ofjjjj
will be received at _-)k&_\!P_\\__l
Coaat Itange 5 Land  District
notice   that   I,   John   Hepburn   of
Knirland. lllMtl the fir��i  and 'thinl  TUMdtn  In   aumkalum,   occupation* farmer, lilttd~to"'ftndJ
t.arprntTa linn, al I p.m. 'n* m>��"ii���1���� *** ���****____���___>. iu��� *-����� .��� \* %
t. V   CI.AHK. See ,
P. 1). Ilox H12. I'rince Itupert
lliatrlct of yumn Charlotlo
_ ,       _, laalanil.
TUB nolice thStQeo. II. I.aux ol PrinM ll���p,.rt
It. (.., onupiliain blrber. lo ,pp|v' ,
laarrniaalnn   Ui  purcham.  lho   fullowing   ili'��e,lb,
j     Commencing  nt   a   poal   planted   aboul   .even
mllea met MS om n  nuth  Irom the moutn
o  Slanly   (.rook. Sttttt, Harbor, thenco ��,,,���",
cha na. thoneo  *,.���   ,���  chaln���   lhoncl|      n" J
chain., Ihenee eaal  III ehaina.
Ilate.1 March 17, 11)11, OBO   11   ill-vie
i fub. Aom 2z. Num. i,���,.,,,!^^; Sam Gowen, Prop
in the purest nnd host tnitile in Sentttle.
Thin snam in used solely In
1 Palace Ice Cream Parlor
! BeSOnd A\ S, next tO Optimist olil office
Fruit end Candy, wholesal
lor tiermiawion to purehaw the followng ileseribe-l
i ..,,.-. . r.r-ir.E at a poat plantnl at thc northearl
cornor ot l.ot ;19K.1, thenco eaat 20 chnina, thenca
aouth   II) chaina,  thonce  wwt  20 cliatia,  thence
north In chaina to place ol commencement
l>al��l March IS, lull. JOHN IIKI'IIUHN
I'ub April 15.
,,   Mav  29,   1011.  f*  '*",.CZ
Public flulldlng at liranil T*m
Korka, II. t .
p.m., on   Monday
.tmrtion of
'pia'n..��pecl(lcation ind form of SJBtpft^im
aeon and forma ol lender obtalne.1 a   tne i"
of Mr. Wm. Hendoraon, rwiilcnt SjrtlMet. ��^
toria, II.('., al the poat oflice, tirand PWi >r"
thi. Iieparlment. ._  .   ,%__.   _���___,_*
Poraona   tendering   arc   notified   that .
will not lie ciin.idereil unleaa made on thill'",
forma aupplie.1. ind algnod with their �� j
algnatiiroa, .latlng their occupatlona a
residence.    In Ihe caae of firm., the ��c....    -(
nature, the nature of the occupation, ami I ���'    |r
keeni Land lli.trict    Di.tricl of Coast lUnge V   realdence  ol each  memlicr ol thc  lirni  im.-->
lake  notice thai  i I,aula     p.  niter  ,,f  pr,nPe   Kivon.
lluport,  11.  C,  occupalion aurveyor.  intenda lo
apply  for  |iermimion  to purchaw  ih,. following
di-acrilioii landn:
nml   ret hi!
Phone 350
Commencing al a post plante.1 al tho north eaat
corner of .urveyed lot ISM, Hange :.. Coa., ,,,,.
Irlct thenco In an ea.terly diroction along thc
aoutherly limit of aurvo>e.l lol SMI anal the pro-
lection thereol 40 chain, to a point, llionoe aouth
parallel lo tho oa.lorly limit of .urvoyeii lot :|iiHI'1 flo chaina more or leaa to the northerly
limit ot a timlier limit (No, I8S68), Ihonco we.t
40 chaina more or lea. lo a point in the pro eeliaan
.olllhorly of tho eaaterly limit of surveyed lot
SSM, Ihence In a northerly diroction along the
projection of Ihe aaid limit and along the .aid
limit r,ll ehaio. more or le~ io poinl ol commencement, containing 240 acre, moro or Ica
Dated March S, 1911. CIIAKI.KS P
Puh. March 2ti.
Riven. ,   i   I .   an  ��C*
Kach lender muat be accompanied ojr_����� u
cepte.1 chooue on a charlereil bank. P";,|.,.|,lic
thc order nl the Honorable Ihe Mlnliter ot i ,
Work.. e.|iia! to ten per cent 110 P-e.-ol lhea
conl aa'i
ipial lo len per
of the lender, which wf
tendering decline to enter Into _
called Upon lo do ��o.or fall to complete I
contracted   for.    If  the  tender  lie  not  an a
the choline will be relumed. ���.,,!
The lleiaarliiniit doea not bind Itaclf t" ��r
the lowoat or any tender.
Hy order,
It. 0
t ITT Kll
Secret!') ���
Department ol Public Worka,
Ottawa, April 2B, WU. . .   .,i,~,ti��-
New.papera will nol I* paid foi���Ihi" ��        ���,���
ment If they Inaert it without authority iron s


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