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The Prince Rupert Optimist Apr 21, 1911

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 The Prince Rupert Optimist
i. Joseph Tweddle is Impressed With Fruit Growing
Possibilities of Kitsumkalum���Gives Some Practical Hints on How to Treat Soil for Best Results
May Establish Great Nurseries Up the River.
\ll over Canada, wherever fruit
wers assemble,  the  name  of
eph  Tweddle is Well known.
is  one of   the   most   famous
the  authorities on  scientific
ii culture in tite Dominion.   He
kcs no secret of the fact that
fortune  has   been   made  by
ciiiion  to cultures and bacilli,
t tubes, chemical mixtures and
!��� microscope.    He has been a
lit grower for thirty-five years.
���r the first twenty-five he failed
make more thun a living at it.
���n years ago hc started  again
approaching the subject from
| scientific sid'.     The fact that
iihas made a big fortune by his
Bards   at   Stoney   Creek,   On-
.rio, and (irand  Rapids, B. C,
ve his words weight.
Visits Kitsumkalum
j.ast year, Mr. Tweddle bought
ig tract of land at Kitsiiinkaluni
li a view of starting another of
big orchards there. This year
is visiting the property. A
lc ago he "mushed it," up
m Mile 42. Yesterday he ar-
i'd back in town, and to the
tiniist gave an exclusive in-
view giving his opinion on the
I nn.l proepw ts ai Kitsiinikaliini.
From such an authority as Mr.
Tweddle the opinions expressed
have more than ordinary interest.
All Small Fruits
"The soil at Kitsumkalum will
grow all small fruits. There is
no question they will do well,"
said Mr, Tweddle. "But," he
added, "it will be necessary for
tlie growers to treat the soil
properly. Otherwise, as in the
case of the first growers at Nelson
and other places, they will not
do well with llieir land. It will be
necessary for them to treat the
land to bring it into proper condition to get the best results. If
this is done it will be as good as
any land in the Province for the
fruit grower.
A Timely Warning
"Some men," said Mr. Tweddle
with a smile, "seem to think that
they can grow fruit by merely
planting the trees and then casting
the burden on tlie Lord. But
they never get good returns that
way. To get good crops they must
see that the soil is right. The
best of land will always retpiire
treatment at the start.
Campbell Johnstone Well Known Mining Engineer
Returned Last Night After 350 Miles of Mushing
���Found Some Coal���Big Railroad Developments.
After an eight weeks' trip pros-
ting  for coal  in  the country
I from   Bella   Coola,   half  way
ween here anil Vancouver und
slung during thai time on snow
tes   a   distance  of   350   miles,
C.    Campbell   Johnstone,    a
ning engineer of Vancovver, but
Highland Scotchman first, every
di  of  him,   mushed  into  the
T. 1'. Inn last night garbed in
long   black   slicker   coat,   top
"its and a  real Tani o'Shanter
l.u with a big bright red toorie
on lop.
Six feet four in his socks, with
��� i pair of shoulders that would
touch lhe sides of any ordinary
doorway and a hand as hard as
-i ship's biscuit and a heart as
soil as a boy's.
Mr. Campbell Johnstone left
a reminder with the Optimist man
about ilu- grip of his hand and the
size and softness of his heart.
Eight weeks on snow shoes with
the Hi ennometer llirting round
the zero mark and only two
nights' sleep under a tent, the
rest out in tlie open in company
with his trusty mini James Scott,
an old miner with an experience
'if twenty years in the Yukon
behind him.
Mr. Johnstone had little luck
H his tour. He found some
ignite coal but nothing lo speak
aboul. This summer he said
work will commence on the con-
si ruction of the railroad from
Bella Coola to Peace tyivcr coun-
I'y. This road is to be built by
French capitalists and will be thc
best means of getting to Prince
Rupert and Vancouver from that
country with a great future ahead
��f it. Bella Coola will be lhe
terminal thai that place has prospects of being something soon.
The road will bc called Hudson
Hay, Mid Provincial and Neehacho
Peace River Railroad.   The survey
��� ���; tinmnlatatl    il.��� ,.l.arinr anrnrvA.
and all is ready for construction
when lhe weather breaks.
In June Mr. Jonhstone will
begin to get things in working
order for building the railroad
along the Skeena and Naas rivers.
He is chief engineer for the project.
To get back to Vancouver from
Bella Coola Mr. Joh.istone had
to take the S. S. Venture bound
for here. He left her at Metlakatla last night and came here
on a launch with all his traps and
but one complaint which was, "I'm
as hungry as a pack horse after a
hard day's work.
During the trip one of the
mares on the pack traiii had a coll.
Mr. Johnstone had three assistants
with him and whc.i the Optimist
ma i ventured: "Any sickness?"
the answer was "Young man, do
I look like a sick man? 1 don't
know what it means." The speaker stroked his eight weeks' chin
growth which greatly amused his
old friend, Mr. ('.. H. Collins whom
he met in the hotel rotunda.
Owing to the severe weather in
tlie interior many of the fur-bearing animals have been frozen to
death, particularly the mtiskrals
on account of having iheir air
holes in the snow frozen over.
Mr. Johnstone left for Vancouver this morning on the S. S. Prince
Big Machine Plant Purchased
for  Transfer   Across   Inlet
(Special to the Opiimist)
North Vancouver, April 21.���
Today it is announced that the
McDougall Jenkins Machinery Company have purchased ihe equipment of the Ross Howard Company
of Vancouver, and inlend lo move
the whole plant to the north side
of Burrard Inlet. The plant was
purchased for 1150,000.
Gramophone and Broken  Records Picked Up
Launches Still Patrol Scene of
the  Wreck  and  Wreckage
Drifts Ashore.   Trial of Captain Sears Is in Progress.
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria.   April   21.���Still    the
launches   continue   lo   patrol   the
sea iii ihe place where lhe illfaled
Iroquois went down, but no other
bodies have beer discovered.
Wreckage still comes drilling
ashore, and a pathetic piece of
flotsam picked up oil Mary Island
today was a gramophone and a
few broken records. The machine
was not damaged beyond repair,
and will be kept wilh other sad
relics of the disaster.
The trial of Captain Sears is
proceeding, bill so far the business
conducted has been merely preliminary.
(Special lo the Opiimist)
The following are ihe results of principal baseball
matches yesterday in the
North Western League:���
At Seattle-
Vancouver    - I    :i    1
Seattle         ��� 3      I    2
Batteries���Cates, l-'nuriner ;
Furchler, Shea.
At Spokane���
Batteries��� Frick,
Willis, Hasty.
At Tacoma���
Victoria       -     2
Tacoma -     0
Batteries ��� Thomas
:\   l
:i    5
Steamship Line to West Indies
Must   Pay   Its   Own   Way
(Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, April 21. lhe British
Government has informed the department that it will not renew
its share in the subsidy of the
Pickford and Black Line steamship service between llalifa and
St. John and British Wesl Indies
which expires June 30th. The
British and Canadian Govem-men
ts each contributed $07,000 annually lo this subsidy.
wood; McCanicni, Devogt
Charged with Shooting
John Mosca, now in custody
charged with shooting with intent
to kill at Angelo Gregoria two
weeks ago will be arraigned for
his preliminary hearing this afternoon.
Will Know Today
All the evidence in the preliminary hearing in the case against
the Hi sirikers was concluded this
morning and Magistrate Carss
will decide who should and who
should not be sen I for trial this
���t. aniciii, I levogi.   i
Premier and Mr. Bowser Will
Discuss with Laurier
Will Ask Government to Ack-
knowledge Water Records by
Old Timers Made before Privy
Council Decision Regarding
Water Near Railways.
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 21.���Attorney-
(at-neral Bowser leaves here oil
Friday lor Ottawa, en route for
the Coronation. He will be joined
later by Premier McBride and on
May Sth the party will sail from
New York.
While at Ottawa the Attorney-
General, and lhe Premier will lake
part in an important discussion
wilh Sir Wilfrid Laurier on various
Platter affecting lhe Province.
One highly Important matter
iii particular which will be discussed is thai the Dominion Government shall acknowledge thc
old water records in the railway
belt. This move is in protection
of the rights of the old settlers
who recorded there under the
B. C. Water Act, before the decision of the Privy Council thai the
Dominion had the sole rights of
all water iu the railway belt.
Jury Found Negligence Caused
Boy's Death
Inquest on Twelve Year Old
Thos. Foran at Vancouver.
Driver of Electric Train Not
Blamed. Shunter was out of
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 21.���At the
investigation of tlie little boy
Thomas Koran who was run over
and killed by a freight train on
the B. C. Electric Lin* yesterday,
the jury brought in a verdict that
the company had been guilty of
carelessness in nol having the
shunter properly equipped.
No blame, however, was attached to ihe motorman, who
had evidently done all he could to
save the little boy though without
New Engine Stored
The new motor fire engine is
being stored in a warehouse near
McBride street. She will stay
there until the specifications aud
form of contract arrive from the
makers. The agent, Mr. William
Lee, left the city this morning. Hc
will not return. An agent of the
makers will come from Vancouver
lo release the engine when the
papers come.
Will Come and Go
Some time this afternoon the
S. S. Princess May will arrive
from the norlh and leave shortly
afterwards for Vancouver with
passengers and mail.
Caught a Wolf
Prowling up the edge of tlie
Skeena River last week were four
grey timber wolves. Carl Whit-
more, an old trapper, saw them
and managed to get one by scttieg
a trail. It was a line big fellow
and ils skin is now hanging up in
Stewart & Mobley's warehouse
and any person can have it for SO.
Most of the Settlement Goes to Alberta Because B.C. Territory Is
In Hands of Land Grabbers���One Speculator Has
Staked 260 Square Miles of Land
If you haven't seen Kelly don't
bother about him. Reilly can do
vour baking.
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 21.- Just returned from the Peace River country and the Lesser Slave Lake
district, C, S. Arnold, barrister
here, reports that there is a great
rush of settlers on now to the
Grand Prairie Country via Edmonton and Athabasca Landing.
Most are Americans
The bulk of the newcomers are
Americans, and they are very well
equipped wilh all necessities, and
are also taking in many line stock
horses.   Settlement is apparently
taking place more rapidly Ofl the
Alberta side than on  lhe British
Columbia side.  This is attributed
chiefly to the fact lhat such large
areas  of. British   Columbia  land
have been staked by speculators.
One man has slaked no fewer than
2110 square miles.
To Cope with Immigration
The flood of Immigration  to
this attractive country is already
ahead of means of transportation
for all who waul lo come. Three
railways are being hurried on into
lhe best districts, and settlers
are following lhe sleel almost fool
by fool, with iheir properly.
Additional steamers are being
put on lhe rivers, and every possible means of conveyance is in
use. By next year communication will be very much easier.
The present difficulties do not
iu the least deter settlers.
Real Estate Soars Up
There is a tremendous increase
in the values of real estate in the
rising centres at the main gateways into the settlers' coii.itry.
While main are going in to take
up land for farming, there are
always numbers who tlrop oil at
the cities, and these are mostly
ready and able to invest substantially. As a result, doubli
corners at Athabasca l.aiuli.ig are'
now    valued    at    110,000,   while
property oi Jaspar avenue at Edmonton is going at $1800 lo 12200
per front fool.
The weather in the whole district continues wintry. Thermometer registered IS to 20 below dur-
During Heavy Gale Off Queen Charlotte Islands the
Vessel's Boiler Blew Up Under the Heavy Pressure
Amid Scalding Steam Crew Made Temporary Repairs and Saved the Craft from Shipwreck.
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria, April 21-After a terrible experience oil lhe wesl coast
of the Queen Charlotta Islands
the little steam whaler Brown
limped into this port today. Her
captain and crew tell a thrilling
story of peril, ln the gale which
has recently raged oil the coast
the little vessel was Hung about
in heavy seas until the coal stored
on deck for her trip norlh shifted.
and only splendid management
saved her from a fate like that of
ihe Iroquois.
Burst in Engine Room
Keeping up a tremendous steam
pressure to get every ounce out
of the engines, the tiny steamer
was driven ahead against wind
aud sea. Jusi at the critical
moment another most serious mis-
hatp occurred. The cylinder head
blew off under the steam pressure,
and the engines were disabled.
Still struggling, and unbeaten the
crew   fought   to" keep her  afloat.
but she drilled helplessly now
before the gale,and drove nearer
and nearer to the rocky shore.
In such deep water it was useless
to attempt to anchor but all lhe
cable available was joined up and
the anchor let go. Still the boat
drifted, the crew endeavoring to
get the coal shifted back, the
engineers working determinedly in
the engine room filled with scalding
steam, trying to make repairs.
When the whaler was less than a
mile from shore, by good fortune,
tlie anchor held. Fifty fathoms
of cable were out. Oul of wood
tlie carpenter made a cylinder
head, and this wiih a temporary
backing devised by lhe engineer
oul of a metal door, made it possible for the boat to make steam
again. Very slowly she limped
into Victoria, her captain and
crew jubilant at their BUCCesa in
saving lhe ship.
The Brown was bound for Kyu-
quot and Naden Harbor when she
met with her terrible experience.
High Tide Next Week Will Move It- Then Navigation
Will Open- Said to Be Little Water in River This
Spring Owing to the Severe Winter.
Stretching for fully ten miles
from Mile 54 east of Kitselas,
along the Skeera River is a solid
mass of ice waiting for the aiext
high tide, which will come probably
next week, lo move il down Btream.
With the passing of the ice will
come the opening of navigation,
then skippers of the Skeena River
fleets will get their clearance papers
and the rush to the interior will
Old timers who have nnished
down from the disirict say the
ice pack is the largest they have
seen ill years.   They say the sight
of tlie scene scintillating on the
glacier and shooting up long arms Early in May there will pass
of prismatic color would send ,in ! through I'rince Rupert on his
artist into cstacies,
On account ol the severe winter,
Mayor Manson's Endeavors are
Will Bring 800 Apple Trees to
Distribute Among Growers
in Lakelse and Kitsumkalum
Valleys. Means Much to Rupert.
it is said, water will be very low-
in the Skeena for some lime
without an unexpected rise conies,
and ii is likely thai steamers will
ti.ld it difficult lo navigate.
Quite   an   army   of   people   is
wailing here  for  lhe steamers  to
start and the accommodation will
be taxed for some time after the
start is made.
Mr. Jay  P. Graves of Hidden
Creek Mine Is Coming
way  lo the Lakelse and  Kilsiini-
kaluin Valleys, the Provincial Horticulturist, Mr. VVinslow, secretary
of   ilu-   British   Columbia Fruit
Growers'   Association   on   a   most
import,mt enand.
During the l.i11- session of lhe
legislature Mayor Manson used
his Influence wiih the government
lo have the fruit possibilities of
the valleys lo thc east of Prince
Rupert properly tested. As a
result, Mi. Wilslow will make a
trip to the Lakelse antl Kitsuni-
kaliini valleys during the firsl
week in May, with the object o
distributing eight hundred appl
trees to those settlers who wi
properly care for them. TV
varieties Will be selected from tho
deemed must suitable for thc
Mr.   Winslow   will   also   Ik
Mr. Jay P. Craves, vice-president and general manager of the
Granby Company, is on his way
noith to inspect ihe company's
property al the Hidden Creek
mine, seventy per cent oi the stock I meetings, deliver lectures and g
of which is held under bond tol practical demonstrations in  t
the Granby Company, I planting,   These valleys are
The property has developed ton-1 lieveil   lo   le   most   suitable
nage more rapidly even than hoped I fruit growing owing to there In
for, the ore from the lower levels'!no late frosts, and being adja
being of higher grade    than was! to lhe Prince Rupert market,
known to be in the neighborhood I will nol be long before the Gal
at   the   lime   lhe   properly   was! will be bringing milk, bullet, ���
bonded.   Kverything indicates that  poultry, fruits and  vegetabh
the property is the best the Granby j Prince  Ruperl  from   the ���
���K-V.a.l^V-. ���
��� :-*r*
-J.:-.-r. -.' .;.-.. *.:-t.-]l
���~-^   ������
as T H E
The Prince Rupert Optimist
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has grown up with the eity.
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Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Daily Edition.
... jcftSiti
Friday. April 21
Every good citizen, irrespective ol party, should make a
point ol turning out to die public mectinc in the Empress Theatre
tonight io hear Mr. Duncan Ross speak on the question of how reciprocity will affect Prince Rupert.
Outside of the question ol the Grand Trunk Pacific Assessment,
there is no question upon which so much ol our future welfare or ill-
fare depends upon rightlj settling, li is thedut) of the conscientious
citizen to useevery opportunity of finding out what die reciprocity
question really is, so that when the time comes he may deal intelligently
one way or the other with it.
And the iii.in or woman who from motives of public responsibility
turns mn rn hear Mr. Ross's address will be more than well rewarded.
As an orator he ranks high among public men ; few speakers approach
him as an exponent of economic principles. Many years ol newspaper
training have given him thc art of condensing his thought without
sacrificing lucidity while his extensive experience both in and oul ol
Parliament have given the personal touch to his voluminous knowledge
of the history of political events in Canada. He is a man ol v. I om
Uriiish Columbia may well be proud.
Every timid citizen irrespective of party, should make a point
of hearing Mr. Ross in thc Empress Theatre tonight,
Almost two years ago ,i start was made to build a government
wharf at Prince Rupert. Ii> sin- was fixed ol the fool ol what is i ov
McBride street, and at the sale the McBride street lots brought tlie
highest prices of all, owing to tlie representation that they were
nearest to tlie Government wharf "whieh is just building.'
Much water has flowed round Kaien Island since then, but little
work seems to hate been dole Inwards building the wharf. Some
false work has been put up, but not a single permanent concrete pile
has yet been driven. Many citi/.ens in private express thc opii ion
that the work at the wharf is being deliberately delayed,
Last \ ivember when Premier McBride visited the city renewed
assurances were given that thc work den overdue would be rushed
to completion, but apparentlj no pressure has been brought on thc
With the growth of the shipping at thc port the need of more
wharfage than the Grand Trunk wharf affords is obvious, to say nothing
of the hope entertained 1>> the city merchants that the completion
ot the government wharl will mean a reduction in the present wharfage
charge of 50 rents a ton.
The publie have been very forbearing in the matter so far. Hut
their patience i- becoming exhausted,
Prince Rupert Yorng Liberal Association
will In- ln-Ni iii tlie Empress Theatre on
at 8 p.m.
Duncan Ross, Esq. Ex.-M.P.
TOR YALE-CARIBOO will sddreu ths meeting on
"The Reciprocity  Agreement   and
What it Means to Prince Rupert"
All Interested In the future of Prinee Rupert dial   Invited.
.$'��������� > Monroe
\ 'It-'-i^afv
\^ Phone its
+ ��� ���
OFFICE     :      :
j For all kinds of help, cooks,
\ waiters, dishwashers, hotel por-
[ ters, all kinds of laborers or me-
I chanics, call up
i Phone No. 178
1 or call at the
( Grand Hotel Free Employment Oflice
Headquarters for cooks .* waiters
���^��� ~ Mwaji
Is Still Going on
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
C. 8. Lockhart, Assignee
t!3Y   MACK-
ijuumi Clinrloiti! Wanda Und Dlitrict���Dlrtrict I
Take notice (imi t, JoEnMeLopdot Vanoouver.
oMunutlM orokor, Intend lo apply tor-pwrrataton
Li prwpect lor coal and petrolebm on tho tollowin��
deacribed landai
I Dlatrlot-Dljtrlot at Cweler
Metlakatla must be a peacli
of a place. I've never been there
myself, but I know sonic people
who havi', and they all admire
I've seen some ol
who live there, too.
as il they liked lhc
There must be somctning
lioul il.    Tl
'"cSSnTng it �� port planted about thru mllea milei In an eaaterly d roe Hon .1. . iomt on
,���ri   .Xn5 mllee Seat o( the rnouth of tta i 'l-el  Naaa Rlvw ��':���,.'���;,!���,,. wuth BOohalne,
It nml marked J. MoL., S, E. Oomer. No. 86.   ihence a��ea: w  h M| Mn, ,���
ffia north 80 ohaina, tlienoe weet sd ohaina,   thence roatMc ;;   ,'     c.,1���t���i���i���>. 640  acrea
���,-i. aouth 80 ohana, thenoe aait 80 ohaina to   point ��   eomnwiuw
mmi   .Mm...    ��           _���_.     ���.,���,. ,������  ,-sn.    .,,.., al'av
ihe people
They look
t of commoncementi  oontathlni wo aoni
Pub. Feb, 88, Clarence MeDowell, Agent
���Diatrict ni
 OOr la'UH.
Date Fob. 8,1911
Pub. Mar, in
Skeona Lond Diatrict- DH��rtot^t.gj**&.���.
Take notiee that 1 Arthur JifeiWelahof Van
aanuvw txnunatlon broker,   ntenda l.i mii-i>  ������"
|���i*��Tiil.�� the following (Tenor I
something origin
ere's generally
mi diem.
What k<" n"' started aboul
Metlakatla this time was thc
fact that Metlakada was most
refreshingly broughl to my nolice
tin- other night, li is Spring in
Mctlakaila. They have flowers
there, Some of tlie flowers came
in Prince Rupert and "hen I
first saw them I was ignorant
enough to insult diem and Prince
Rupert too, by thinking they were
paper.    1 apologised lo the llowi is.
and I apologise to Prince Rupert.
But they were the first real live
flowers I'd seen since UlC tall-
Way hack in October I remember, someone left a pansy in
the Exchange Grill, and Frank
Bowness carefully put it in a
gla.-s of water to keep it Irish.
Everybody stopped and admired
the little blossom. Nobody dreamt
of abstracting it surreptitiously
to adorn his manly buttonhole,
To some of us ii whispered of
far away places, anil far away
laces. To some it appeared prophetic of the trim well kept lawns,
grass plots, and gardens of the
I'rince Rupert ol lhe Near after
next. Perhaps to a lew the little
pansy face was just a flower and
nothing more. Even .it that, how
refreshing ii was. If rock fragments and dynamite would grow
flowers, we'd have a regular Metlakatla in Prince Ruperl this afternoon. It has to be dynamite
first, and pansies afterwards though
a.id already some of our dynamite
gardening is beginning to show
marvellous promise for this season.
Meanwhile,    may    Metlakatla
flourish.      The   more   pailsie-  and
honeysuckle, and roses tncj grow
there thc I utter.. Prince Rupert
at present is ai ine stage when il
thrives beat upon dynamite, l ul
we haven't the slightest intention
of letting slip die fact thai the
gardens anil parks of Prince Ru-
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District
Take notice that la aloh   MoLood ol   anoou
occupalion broker, Intend to apply lor pernilul
1            a   I. . .    I . . I I . .    .   I , . , |    llllll">   III   11 -���   ���
,,n Nun- River whore ("' Law
id ni ii poat pliuiii-il iilimii (nor mllea  moncea near tho trait, theni
��� "���-   Hi,'ii,
Commencing at�� poat plantod three and one-
u moaneci forcoal and ,ettoleurn'on the tollowing  half mile. In an eaaterly direction from tho, ">'"
*       .a a .. .1   . . .ail    M ',',.    I
north wid throo milw ftoot *>l the mouth t.f tha
Tl-ol Rlvw Mid nmrkt'ri J. Md... N. K. Corner.
Nn *'i�� thonco oouth 80 chaini, thoneo wool go
ohilnn thonoo north 80 chains, thonoo oul 80
ehilni ii�� poinl ol oonunenbemont] oontalnlng ���������������
ncM's. mun1 or IfXH.
Dated Ptob.86,1811. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 28. Clarence MoDowell, Agent
Lake (mil >'
i eighty chalna,
uth so ehaina, thenco weat * ohaina,
 rth Wl ohaina to point ol commencemoni
^,b!r3T��lire,TnTllUR,JA_ME8 WELCH
Pub Mar, I" ���'
uh Belway, Agenl
I'lllirlnltu laallinclaa Lllli.l llislrict     District ol
1:, e na.t ia-a-1 Imt I. Juhn Ma-lrf-oil ol Vancouver,
Skoena Und Diatriet -Diatrtct ol I oaat Ranra 6
Take notloe thai Mary Mnmm i OlUla or van
toria, li. c. oecupatlon houaekeepor. mttnaa to
apply lur permiaaion to purchaae tha following
inoSig al �� pett planted al the north oul
irnttiiK an   .* j    i  ��� -   ���
,,.   ,-. ,.( Lol 3987, thonoo 80 ohtlni woot, thoneo
occur��titin broker, Intond to apply for permltfjon  .,��� olm|nH MUy,( thoneo 80 ehuni wool to i. i*
td pri p.ii fm f*>ul **nt\ iH'i.uli'urn on tin* foiiu.unK  "*.,*.*���-  ti,,.,,,.,, uUinii so ehiini north t" UOKOBO
,',   ii bed tandii \^,.r' thoneo moandorlnB utd river upitrMm "'
Commeneini ut �� poit pUnted sboul four -������������'���'���' * Huthoaiterb dlractton tn LikoUo Ltko, thonco
h ami throo mill**' wool ol tho niouthol the   Illl',1,Ml|1.r.nv. S1i'i,i iuk<* tn poinl ol oommonoomont
l'l-.-!  Kivor uml murkoil J.  McL., S.   K. Ciirm-r   ;."t"��muVnitiii" \M iiw*. ��>����' ��r U-hs.
dctu'i*  north  HO  chuinn,  thence  WOOteO :      ].(|Nl mlir|;,.,( M. M. (i��� N. B. Cl
No   ...
chain:    :!iit!Co south  MO cl.inns,  ihi'iin- oust   MI
chain   to polnl of conuni'iiccnii'nl;   contuininu *�� 10
tcroi mow <��r less,
Pair! Keh. 86, 1011. JOHN UeLBOD
pub, l-\ I'. 2s. Qironoo UeDoweU, Aifont
urlotto IslandH Land District���District ol
rake aottoo that I, John UeLood ol Vanoouvoi
Dated FW��, 14, 1911,
Sko na Land District-District or Coust Rsng   6
Take nonce thut   Benjamin   RuMU    tttce  ',"
I'rinco liii|iori. M. ('-. occupution wnitor. Intondl
to upply ror permission to purchuse tho foil' WWg
ilo-crilwl lundu: ,
Comroenclnn ut �� post plantad i.r. chuins sout
occupation bmker, intenil tO apply lor permiaaion   from thi south eust OOrno   of Lot BOOT, thence ^
ui proapeet lor oool and petroleum on tb�� (ollowtni  chain- west, thence 65 chains north, thence ru
dweribed lund; chuins east, thence ���!;*> chains south to point  -l
Commanotni at a post plunteil ubout twomloi  eommeneoment;   oontaimnt 4M ucres, more or
north and two miles west of the muuth  of the   m��    |'���st murked ll. It. It., S. L. (.or.
Tl-el Kiver un.i marked J. McL., S.  K. Corner    Dated Keb. 18, -���l**',.M....... DimQ��,   piriG
No. 52. thoneo north B0 chain , thenco mat B0   pub, March I. BENJAMIN Rl BSEL RICJS
chuinn,  Uunco south  KO chains, tbence east  *s'1
chuins to point of commencement;  conlainini! 640
ncres, mor*1 or less.
Dut.'.l Kelt. 25 l'Jll
Tub. Feb. 27. T.
ns, tnence east  wi
cnti conuining 840   ^^ Um| ^.^^ _mMa ���, ,.���������( ���������,,.. g
JIIIIS.'   Mrl lull        Tttm    lia.1 lea- dial   Dllvi 1   Ml-l/-nilull aaf 1 rl'ico
r ��� Wttitar u.-ni   Rupert, B. C . ucciiiuiiUiti cl.-ri:. Intendi in apply
i. b, waitar. waa   (|r' Tmwllin ,��� |mrciULW ua followini deeertbed
landai .   ���   .  ,        .,
QuaK'U i li.,:!. in- 1 laiiilia I :,ii i Ilistricl ���HL.trirl ol
'1 akf iiutia-a* Iliut 1, Juhn Mcl^anl ol Vuiicuu.it,
occu|iulion l.rokaT, inta-lltl to appy tor patHllaelon
to priwpa-ct lor .n.i una] |n<irula'uni am ilu* rolloaamit
deaeribed land:
Commi'iiciiiK at u poiat plantial almul thnv initio
waiat and two milaaft north uf ilia- mouth of thr
'I i . I iii .n uml iii-trK. .1 J   McL. S. K. t*ornt>.-, Nu.
thi-nci- nnrlh Ml chaini., llia-nec ua-si Ml cha.ti-..   <. M
Commando! al ��� pust planted 10 riminn su-ih
(rum the wiuiii w,-.i oorner ot l^it 994, thenoe 10
chuina i-ital.  Ihi-ntv   1(1 chuin-  norlh.  Ilii-nc.-   Ill
cimins Mata llu-nc-  10 chuiiiH s.nilh to point  ul
oommeneement;   cainiuininn  Kin ucn-n.  moni or
laaa,  Poat markod D. M-8. W. Cor       ������..,
lliala.l 1,1.. II. l'.ill DAVID Mcl.l-NNAN
Pub. Mara-li I.
Queen Charlotte IbIuihIb Uml Dlstricl���Dintrict J
Take notloe dm1 '���Juhn McUod ol VancouviL
occupation broker, Intjnd to apply lor permlull
io pnmp.'i'i for cnul and petroleum on the tollowil
d8COT>monofng al a poet plantod about three I
wwt ���f tho mouth ol the ri-ol River markf
1 Mcl, N. B. Corner, No. 70, thenoe aouth
cimins, thenee weat B0 ohaina, thenoe north
cliins thonCO I'i'sl s" i,|m,nH *�� i""nl '" co
moncementi oontolnlni 840 aorea, mm* or low
Dutod Fob, 21, 1911. .��,��SN MoLE
i'i".. Fob! 23. Claronoe MoDowell, Agt
Quoen Charlotto lalanda Und District   iHstrictl
Skoona I
Tuki- notiee that I, John MoUpd ol Vanoouvl
occupation broker, Intond to apply for pormlaall
i��� proapeet lor cnul uml petroleum on the folic
deaerlbed landai ,   ,  , ,,
ronimi-ncini! ul u pus   planted Oira-aa milo,
of il inutli ol tin- Tl-el nlver and marked I
Mcl ' s E. Corner, No- "'��� thenee north
cimins, thonoo weal 80 ehaina, thonce inuth
cimins. thenoe eaal 80 ohaina to point of u
menoement; oontalnlng 810 aorea .more or lw
linti.il Fob. 21, lilll. JOHN Mi-I.Ku
Pub. Fob, 23. Claronoe McDowoll, \t.
Oueen Charlotte lalanda Und Disirict
Ihctico aaa ut *0 chainn. tha-nca. a'usl Ml cluaii te
point of caiinina-nca-nii'lit; caitilaiuini; 610 atra-aa.
morv Or laiaaa.
DatcilFob. 36. l'Jll JUHN  McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 27. T. E. Waller, Aiia-ni
Ijiml District-District ol Coaal lUns,- B
Mn notioe tail Meander Beaton of Vancou
acr, ll. C., laceupation cur|K'iit,-r. inla-nls lo apply
(ur la-rmiauaiun lo purclm*- tin- fullnwini; .leucnlieal
Unils: *
l-omm.-ticini: at a tuiat planta-J SO chains south
(nam Ilia  miuiIi  west corner ol  Lot  8088      I'-'sl
marki-al A   11., N. W. t'orner, theOOO SO chains
yua-en Charlolte Islumls Un.l Di-irii-i    lii-trietul   ,ouih. thi-m-e SO chums east, thenc,. ;10 chuins
Bkeena north, thenca SO chains  west  to point  ol mm.
Take notice thai I. John McUsi.1 ���l Vsncinr er.   meneementi containing 200 nera-s. mon- or i -ss.
occupation linikr. inteml lu apply f..r parmlaaloB   Dutasl K.-b. IS, lull.     ALI'.SANDEIl BEATON
lo praas|aa-ct lor ca.il nnd pa-lrola-um on ihe lollow inn   I'ub. Murch I.
alescrilieal lamls:
Comtnencing nt a laaast pUulisl nlauill four milea ., .      ,..,.,...,     , .   .,.
north ami three milw ��.-.��� ol ihe mouth ol the        ****** Und Dtatrict   Diatriet of Caaaiar
T1-.-1 Ki.a-r ami m..rkisl J. Mel.   N. W. Comer,      hkc notioe that I Andrew i ummlnn "f Van-
No   SS, thanca. ��ou:h  SO chum, lii.-tia-.- a-as-  .-0   COUVCT. B.C.. aaccupntion cook, Intend, to applv
chains, llienw north KO chuin.. thenc* WM   SO   <������' peiniisaiim lo purclinsa- the faall.awing ales, iil-
chaint to laoint ol commencement:  conlainin,- old   ,sl hiiuls:
acra-aa, rn,.-,. or lew. (atiiimenclnir nl n |...-(  plnnlisl th,,.,. llnil ..'ie-
Dinsi Eel-2d, lull. JuHN MeLEOD   half mllee In an eaaterly direction from the P��nl
l"ub Feh. 2". I'lara-nce Mc niaaell. A- -ni   on Naaa Riw where tho Uva Lake trill Ih-uIi.��
iient ih.- trnil. iliem-e weat BOchalpa theni uth
M'ellnlil-. Illa'lli eatSOCnalne,   Ihenc.'  ninth  -a.
(juern Charloue Uanda U.���l DMriet���Dhnriel ol *j|" ''' ****** "r eomrnmioement. oontolnlni 840
Skea-na ?;','",. ,
Tuka- noliav thut I, John MrU al ..I Vane u .er      ''' '' ''.''" ���'���
oa-cu|aalion tiruker, inla-nd to npply lur   i. -n.    . n   ' ""��� ������*��� ��� ���
to praasp.nl for eaial anal jsirul.uni on ihe fullov..ng
,li M-iiU-1 lamls:
('uuimer.clng it a | eat planti-aJ altout lour n ile.
north ar.d thn.- milaa. w.m of iIh- mouth a.( the
TNI Rhnr ant markail J. McL., S. W. loi.ier.
Joaeph BeWray. Aaenl
ii Uui.l lilstrict-Disirlei ..f OaaaNu
Take notioe that I Biurh D. Olllla of Prince Itu-
pert, oceupation bthocer, iaa-.-aa.l-. t.< upty for
N���(C"'iHenc-' i.'.��iT'"m"'eh_uT ih.-iw .-_.', "so   {**"!" n" pur.liuse the Mlowtni .l,-.cril��vl
chain.,  tha-no- mhiiIi  mi c anus Iha-nan-  aa >i   M
chum. la. i-.ii.i ,.| mii.mci.a-e  mm cainlairina'iiin      ��';��iin"-n.-in��- nt .a pool  planted ,|������. .l:, | ������,.
.������   mill mill- III llll ������ua.terla iliaavli   u f,.���sa  Hi,.   |���,iiil
aerraa, mora- a.r mcb,
ll.il.-l l'eh. M   I'll
I'ub. Feb. J.s
t'lnreiica- McDowell. .\_. nl
on Naaa Rivor eri  the Uva Lake trail beirini
ami   mile in .a northerly direction fr the
sai,l Lava Lake trail, them rti. -. ehaina,
iheme , a *  <ai chains, ihame.. ..|H,   f_  ,-l .......
thence weal -i ehainn to point of a- .inmcnc'lui'iit.
."iiliiinii.,- ..to n.-ra-.
Ilnta-r.-l, ..I. llll. Ill'liH II. Illl.l.lS
I'uh. Mar. III. .(...;.', II. i��...   Aireoa
port arc nnini; to
the city.
In- a i i.i i ti ti nf
Quc*n Churl... tc Ulanlo Und !>i->tncl-hulrict ol
Take nniirrilmt I Jnhn Mcl^il of Vancouver,
occupalfein brokrr, inivml to appl> (or pcrmu>^i<.n
to pfMpMt (nr coal ami pctrolrum on thc following
tN-Tnu.i land:
C��mn)i>:.rn.itai apnvt (llanivO about thrrr u.tlm
****** ami i*.i milna n��r*h irfths-mouih I Ihe a ri
Rlvw mt.tl fnaritcd J. UlL*. N. K. ( orm N *%%
Ihn.o *��� 'h *0 chain*. UMM* WMl -0 ch;tiiw,
thenc** txerth >0chain*, tn9nO'<*a��t ctialnn 10 |x int
��(comtwicvmcnt; cun I ah ln( fill) acrm mon' or
IiatH t-Vb.35, lull. JOHN Mcl.KOD
I'u . Frb.S7. T. K. Walter. Accnl   ��*a-t   10 chain*,  (hrnn*  north   10 chain..  MttBCa
*f*t   Iii chains thener nouth   III chains to polai
��l commencement antl containing \-'<i) acre* n on
Queen ChaHolir IfUmln Land OiMtlct -Uifthci o(   cr lem.
Stem Dated Feh. 10, mil.    chiustian A. TBRVO
Take notice that I. J. ti  McNah of Prince Uu    \*\\b* April 7.
iwn, ocmpattnn irmrral aitent. intend to applv
(������r pormlMloflj lo | r<**|M-rt for c<��l and |M*tntlrum
on the lollowini; dfaeril**) lan<U
Toko notice iliut 1. J��>i"" McUod *>f Vane
occupation brokor, Intond to apply (or porn
to proipoot for coal and potroloum on thu roll iwti
CofnmonolnB "l ������ J,,,Hl Pj��ntod about tw���
weal "l ti"' mouth <>( the ll-el Kiver ami mark!
J   ' Mcl.   8. E. t'orner, Nu. Till, thence noith I
oiiuiiiH  thenca wool 80 cimins, thonoo aouth
chuins  thenco ewt 80 chaini to point uf i*o
meneomenti containing 840 B0roa,moro orle.
bated Fob.21, 1911. JOHN M I Ri
Puh Fob. 88, Claronoo MoDowell, \g\
Quoon Chariotte lalandi Land District���Di^i net j
Tuke nutice Lhal I. Juhn Mcl.eod ofVann
oceupation broker, Intend to apply foi'porn ImU
to protepet (ur cual ami petroleum on the roll iwul
described landi! .    .
I'onimenciiiK ��' �� l,,wt plunged alwut twt iml|
miuth nnd two mitoi wesl ut  lho mouth u
Tl-el Uiver und marked    J- N.c.L. B. B. <
So.  71, thence norlh 80 chuins, thence Wc
chuins,  thence MUth  80 chuins,  thonco ea
chains to point of cuiniiiencement;   oontalnlng ,;|
acres, more or less. 1(llll,  ,.  , ,,   a
Datwl Feb.M, 1911 ,    n JOHN Mci,ko|
Tub. Feb. 84* Loollo h. Walter, Agftj
Queen Churlotte talandi Land District��� Dintrict I
Take notloe that l. Jnhn McU-od of Vancouvq
uccupation hmker, intend to apply for permit
to proipeet (ur coul und petroleum on the follow
deocribed lands:
t'omment'inti at a uo-t planted ubout lour nnlJ
smith and three miles weat of the mouth uHll
Tl-ol River and marked   J. Mc.L. s. K. runuf
Na 78, thence north 80 chains, thence weal
ehuins.  tlience miuth  B0  chuins,  thence  east
chains   to   puint   of   commencement;    coniainir(
till) acres, moie or less.
Datad Feb. 22. 1911. JOHN Mcl,i:ui
I'ub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Agn
Queen CbariottO Islands Land District��� D strict
Tuke nuiice th.it 1. John McLeod of Vancnuvt
OOCUpatlOO broker, intend to u|plv  f>��f p'Tinijai- H
to proapeel for cual un: potroloum on the toUowbW
.jescriU'! land:
CommenCUtK ut u \ ost pl.inl d ub nit > icht mil
south and tour wwl ol the niiiuth <if Tl-el Klv- j
und mark d J. Mcl... N. K. Con or, o. 711. thenr
W. >0 cbalna, t-.e ice south so chains, thunce nor
B0 ehuin.-, theml ''u-t m�� chain*' io point of com
tnencem nt. mntaininK ,iiy acres, ore or loss.
Dated Feb. 84, I -1'. JOHN McLKOl
1Mb. Feb. BT* C. Mc Dowel L Agei /
Quean Charlotte Islands   und District ���District o
Take notice thut I, Juhn Mcl-eod o( Vancouver
occupution broker, intend to apply for penm --u
to pltapOOl (or cuul und pel roleum on the fol'owin
(lescriU-d lands:
CuniTtienciniT ul a post planted nlviut thre
mflaa north und urn* nnh* mtA uf the mouth of tl:
TM Hiver and marked J. MrL., S. \V. Cornel
No. 18, thencc nurth Ml chains, thence east b
cliains, thenee south M) chaim, thenw west ^
chains to point ol eommoncoment; containing tM
ucn-s, more or less
Dated Feb. 86, HUI JOHN  Mcl.KOI
Pub. Feb. '2.H. Clarenco McDowell, Ac-n
Quoin Charlotte Islands Ijtnd District��� Distric* h"
Take notice thut 1, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver"
occupation broker, intend to apply for permitt-icf
lo prospect (or coul und pelroleum on the follofirJ
doaorlu d lnnd:
Commandng at u post piunte<i about tlL)l
miles nnrth and thns* milen west o( the moutl i|
the I'M Kiwr and marked J. MeL.. S.W. COfM
No   61, thence nortt. 80 chains, thence east E
chains, thence south  >o chuins,  thence west 't
chains  to  point  of  commencement:    contain ntj
GIO acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 'J*, IUll. JOHN   Mel.Kl i
I'll!)     Mn.'l.  ti. h    !..,.  .,..,.   M..1 1 II.     \pr
MikineUnd Di-trict    Dintrict of Cassiar
Take notlrv that ChrbUan A. Tervo uf Stikine,
II. Cm orcupatum n^toms offlMT, intends to app1>
for permission to purchaae the following daetllbeil
wS^??��s Zo& usuSS iSi, ���   ���".���I-    ���      ��� 'j-.i-
and on the ra-t hank of Stikine River and on the'
wonh -eh- of tl.o mouth of a little eroek.  theOOl
(Juiwn Churlotto Islands land District���Diatrict <���
Take notice that 1, John McUod of Vancouw-H
occupation broker, intend to appljfor perniiva fl
to p.*.' pi .'i for coal and petroleum on tho follow ii ||
:���     rit-'l land:
.'���liUne l��and District -Dstrict of Caviar
Comn.enctnifai a jmrt planted at the *.    h �� ��t       Take imhice that  Sydney  llodckitison  of Tele-
M* �����* Btwra  t. low-ophp 2  (iraham Uland.   *ral,"t t reek. I*. ** .. occupation clerk, iniondv to
"    MeN-  s.   B,  Conor,  thonor   ���l'l''*   '��'r   li-rneUelon   to  purchase  the   follo��in��
Mine Operator Calin of McLeod  '���*',!,.',',', r~'."���'.!_ """"" M'u,h h0 r,"u'" lo p��1"' "'
Windsor Hotel
MUST AV1.M I   \1   | la;l,TII STKIIIIT
Newly I .iiMi.l,. .1 nnd
s(. .am II. ..!��� ,1 Room.
KATHS nil CKNTfl ash ur
MATHS   h'llKI:   T"   QURSTI
p.n. pox n
The House of Good Values
forConciliation Board
(Special lo the Optimist)
Calgary, April 10. Mine Operator Calin ol McLeod mine, lion
been selected by the Mine (i|��r-
.iiiii- in represent ilu in nn ii1(-
Board ol ( om illation.
and   inatVi.l  t   ..
.���X  mi rhain*. iba-nir naanh Ml claaia^,  (hrncr   '"H1^"1 *****
mi rl.a.,.  ih..,���. ....,_ sii .i..ih. i. ........ ���      * umanrrarina a( a |na.i iil.nloil aliaiul a nunrtaT
mllr niinh a-a.l Iraina l.laari.T llillla- anil un tie .��������.!
I��nk  ul   Sllklna-   Itaaa-r.  iha-ncn-  part   -'il  chainn
llaia-l Mairh a. lull.
Pah. M.rtli s.V
J. (1    MrS Ml
Wal��a,n (auwln,. Arpnt
Queen Chariaaii* U.n.l. land lii.irirt���Dualrkl aal
Takt-naHk* lhal I.J.ahn Mcl^aaal ol V.nc.auapr,    I'ul.  April 7.
occai|aa(kan lirokaar, intenil lo cap,al>- l.ar |N<rmiM.nn
llit-nr-  nairtli   1(1 ctmin..  Iha-nca- a*a-.t   '���'ll chain,,
ihenca- Niulh Hi chain, tn |mjni aal cumniamca-napnl
uml cmlHliinii: Ml ncrai. main- ur lew.
n.i.il Keh. li. lull.
BYDNBV BODOK1NSON   |ia't.,7 ivi',. M m
CA. TerVO, Am-l.l     | Pub, March 3.
orth and thn-a- ....'.��� t*itt ot tin- muulh ol il BL
Tl-el Itiver and marked J. Mcl... S. W. Corna-iH
No. 62, thence north Ml chuinx, thenca- eant >H
chaina, tlii-nr,- eouth l-O chain,, thenca- aaeaat h |
chain, lo puint of comnii-nca-nieiit; containin.
tilo acra-j., mon- air la-.sia.
Ilalwl Feb, 2ti. 11)11. JOHN Mcl.KOI
I'uh. March 3. C. M.-l well. Ago
Qui*n Charlolle Inland* Ijatul Dirtrict���Diatrict a!
Take notice that I. .tulin M.-l -... 1 of Yancnuvrr I
occupation hroka". intend In applj for pcrmuaslo:
lo |.r...|,. rt for caml and pa-lrnle nn on the following
daiviilH-d land:
 "��'��Tt at a pu��t plantcl annul nine mili-
north and thn-a- mil... aayrt ail Iha. moulh ol lh.
Tl^al Hiver and inarka-al J. Mcl... S. K. Corner. |
Nn. tl;l, ilia-nca- nnrlh Ml chain., tha-nce weiat bo
chain..  Ihenee miuth  Ml cha im,  thence eant 80 |
chain,  tn  point   of  commencement;    containinR !
61(1 array, mnra- or lem.
JOHN Mcl.K()l>
CUlaoee McDowell, Ajenl
lilt'   nCXI    lllllc lll.lt   Mill   Want Wtawn Ch.rkalie Wand. I..n I Di.irict-DUtriet o
... " ^k.������lla
MMIII'llllllK   HUT   1"'  Cat,   Imt   llnn'l T*1"' n,",rr lh" I.J<*�� Mcl<.-I of Vanenuaer.
,                     , aTTaapalkan l-faaker. Intenil to a|,|,|a law ,aermi��i,in
know   What    \,,��� want,    go   we '^Bg^i^[g,,^^-*�������*--aflBSrW SleieaiUnrlDeUlet-DUtriclttQneenCharioUe
Kt'illv.     I IC ll.l> il ill  I he  I in,,i, .. <Vmm.ne,.,�� .. . ,.., abated .-..���, ei��M mile.   ����2 ^o^*^5ehJJ'S^to^<;
baa. ment. S'L'S-TiiX tf.\F��SS WtSS EP5* ��������'"��� * * S?8SSW5SS
Killed by Electric Train in Vancouver Last Night
���ut h Ml eh.il.. ihewe a-ael Ml chain., then.-.- north
mi rhaln*. th-nee ae.- t* chain, lo |nunl ���1 r.,.i
me ea-naenl i  eaanla n n, 61   a re., more aar leaa^.
I>nteI f h ;i III . J���ns UeLaoD
1        '���''    ' Ca Mel) aar.ll   A��enl
Skeena Land liinlnrl    Dirtrlet of Cna.l
Take   nanlee   lhal    (Hi.   J.    Ilenann   aaf   Prleca
Jn7!!^!!^ni^mS!^0n,lgL*L'i r'""""""""''"   1*�� ,**������ M ���*****] iheno. north KO chain. I"
and c.til amine Hill arren annre air leaa. , point n   caimmenc, mini
T.a,���. M���ei. IT. ISU. Ill BP11T ..   CIIKW \ b.teal Dee. MJSMl JOHN  M'l.KOD
lul.. Xl'ial .. Numa Da-mem. A��a-nl    Peb. Jan.21. W. I aaaaa, A|tc n
*i ��',(��� ���ri���ii,. Uhand Und Di.irict DMriet Ol
rakenotio that I, Jobn MeUod ol Vancoum
���eeupai ,���, l,r,i���.r. ���,i,.ni| ,��� ���,,,,, |���r ,|1.l,ninj.i,ni
t" l'i...|��c , r ena al , ot ���|eu,i ��� , ,,.,. lulliiwirii:
��� h-cri'ial   "-
Commencina  al   a  ,,.~i   plaam^l   ataa.ut   .ea.n
mil,-. ��,-.t  ami two it iili i,f ihe mouth nl
sianh.)   (reek   when-  n   etnpttai    lni,.   Nedan
MarUir. liratiaui i.i.nid. tbaaea so ahalne aoulh,
Ihenea-  mi ehainn  mat,  Inenca-  Ml chaim  nurth
Ihence mi rhan. ,-*���! ti, polnl ,d eommeneement
and cnnlaitiin�� lilll arra* miaap ..rl,-���
Dated March IT. 1'HI
I'uh. April 7.
'��� niHiliCiK .al    ;i   punt    p|   nie I    .ilKl.lt    Olfll
n I ��� aaiuth .. ,1 f.uir *-,- ,,t ii,. m.'.h el ilu
I - I Rltn, ii d murk I J. Mcl... S K. Cr '���
x" "��� thi'ti-j aanh mi dial ��, ihe.c- v��e��t M
atnn. tiivme Math I shall . tlience cut 10
.hai.a . p.il.il .1 iMinme ,c ment caantnlnm 40
a r .. mur   n. i ..
Numa Dem.'rV. A Cent    | ������ '    '���" 2:'|J
JO IN McL nl
. McDiiwel,   Alto
Sk.-cna I
Take ni^'i^r^r^l.^T^K " Ch"r'"U,��� '"'"'^ -** '"""" -*�����"����� <���''
��� >ni .   "crupulinn   lM*okkii|��iT.
Jabour Bros. For Sale
li. C, Electric Railway and
instantly killed.
I'uh. April 7.
LBVICK    or lea,.
Numa Deii-.r,. Au-n    l'aleal Keh.
��� �����.,,->, reu. _b
Puh. Ke|, 17,
Wi- have no rait u
LoU ll. 15, 16, block 28, sertion 5
pries *ii(Ki each, tsrms half cash,
Lot t. tiiiM-k ic,, notion 8, Driest?..
100, terms Imlf cash.
Lots 18, li. 15,  block 8, ssetion 7,
Third Ave.
jenownt to pay; ye buy Cor caah in the very best 1&*St*S5Sf��
ii.viKtis, wo look alter the business ourselves 7, m1cet8,8B0sll, t.Tni�� 11,800cuh.
_'!''"  ''.*' ,'''"',< tt,    Mi-i-ti<ala    7.    prlCS
And Our Customers Get the BENEFIT
Roots. Clothing Dry Goods, Everything to suit the Coun-
U'\  ,   lUKl   till'   t,l-ilM>S.   111-!,   riarlat
11,760 pair, tarms half cash,
Young Scotsman Ends His Life
at Vancouver
GOUI Land District    llialriit aaf Skeona
Slikine Unal Di.irict -Dialrici ol Caaaiar
Take nntiee thai Chriatian A. TeTTO nl Slikine
II  (   . urciipatinn eualoffli oSicw, inten.l. lu aim v
Inr laermlnlnn tn purchav the fnlluwinit alnaenM
Commencinc, al a paa-t l,i.���.'���.\ abou, |g 0||Pli|]<
T. B, Waller Aaei I
liK-iili,,ii |^,m ,,f |���|   180] on I'nrili.-i  I
land, thanes in a southsrly direction
tollowing high water nark laWO t**v,
ttienca- wi-al tn low WBtW mnrk; Ilu nn
N.m. a  young fellow not  long "grthtrhi following low water mari!
arrived from Scotland coriimittcd ????---' ?*WI1 a't i* point of com
(Special to the Optimiat)
Vancouver,   \pril 19,   William
Skeena Lanal I Hal rial    Dialrirt ,,f r.���i���t
T.k,- mu�� iu, i. i-,.rf> ���,���.;;;��**��*���
ltii|��rl. II ( .. aeriipiadnii ;.,,, ,,.,.
a|.|.la f..r |wn. i- inn In purrlia^.
,l.ariila..l    .-��� I
      ,i   ,,      .     .       - .'.i.uiaii ua an," l   ������ ��� --;
,'' '"' l','-'- thei  weet to ow wstor mnrk
nenee aouth iiIuiik 1���w water mark IS chnina
,f lot
-.  lOW  wnter mnrk  ���   ���
1 ;","������' l"��>. thenee eul t���vs.w. eorner
ia* thence north nlunir h]fh wnter mnrk (Ih'Iiik
tlio prices nre right.
Come and see,our nw consignment of Footwear. Every. ****** a*.
thiftg from Dancing Slippers to Prospectors Ironclad boots
"The House of Good Values"
Pot Kin- KniuruiM in Reliable
Compnnlsi, call im
Prince 11,,,,.������ i. B.C.
suicide lure il,i^ morning. He
hud tried to obtain work without
success, iii- died throe hours
after firing two hois M|��� hia
li dy from a revolver.
lliilcil Mnri-li 7. 1911,
Kirat inai-rliian Man-li II
ISO ,,(  I'rinre i,;.    ,'"   '""" ninnirhlirh wn(er mnrk loe
OT,  Intend 5 .    ,   '",    'U.'""'"l-'n-y "f id! IM) 2* clinlna m
III-  fullnaai,,., ,,n ,,���'��� ,,'"""l "f ''"intneiieeiiienl nml  caintnln
���'a nil Inla'alinra. i��� fr���nt ,,f |(l( jg Y_
Cnmn,..nrinB nl  ��� pn,  |,1���,������ h���       .
,.l I,.*.,,  llay,  alaillt   Hira-Mltf|,u ..I a ��.u 1
"' "'���' n S ..f the li *!, .
    "i-frla   Imun.lan   ,,l  *n_S fjaSlI  ��"*
msi oi No mm. ti.,.,,'���. ���,���,1,���\ ���""" ,N"
.1 No. t**m Ki chain . i,���.,in.,..,.,    ,   "-,   '���  '
Owe Bar, ajlla,��ne?Jd .",
(henc.. nonherl) alone         ' "' '""���
III ehuin.  .....    _    .. ""    "1   I     HaV
"ntc! Mi,,-,. | p  ]<,,,
I'ul.. March II.
t'.ii.ii.ritni. Plonsor Clsanaia,'Phoni i
KiiRlish mill AmiTican llilliartla
Skeen. Und Dl.lalcl   -Dlal-iel nl 1�����,|   |l,n��e S
ve^'n' "."""��� ii��im��'> imi Oiaton m Vint**,  sk.,',;, Und D.irw
gf��smmBJURai ^-
I" ehBin. more or len, n,,��� ij . ',  nay
1 RRsmms! !?i!i? " ^sStSSft Sk,���""', ������>*��<* District-- Dintrict of Coast
Da)a-ii Mareh ?. rm
I'ul.. April 7.
Rangs r,
r.c��AN     rake notica that-1. Pred Carton, ot
i'i im,. Rupert, B.C., oecupatlon at*
|'r    itdi ,i���, ""'i'. Intandi to apply for permission to
( ..mmena-in.   at   a   |��aat   planted
eaat enrnar a,f l^rt aaiaaO, Ihenee
utiowina aiwerihed ml na. ner,:,,,,,,,,,, .,;.'    ' -' (nk-aiv, purchase ths following (tcHciiiicd lands:
**i ., tta ������,,��� |M ""'""" ******* EBajlSj    ��;;i.ii.ii'i.cii,��;at a post plMtsdattts
isx-iSM*. .<;��������������� ������-;"(. c ���,    '_^*&2_x_i__&2*B��i__*_, I;
'.'A'- iiAn,m.snv..   Jiatfd February Mth, 1911 THE   PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
Department Stores
Prince Rupert, P.C.   ,
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest Stock in  Northern B. C.
*t-t****m*m*mm,n^*-m_t, . ��a^Wa/^^W\^iar,^��i^aaa<^..aM/^.��a,aa/\r>Q
��� - ,.m-   .._.       ,��� ,m_.    _-m- 1   ! ^     n__l     .l._u     .j^
This is u little section of the paper, which from day to iluy will lit devoted
to subjects of special iuterest to women. Any and nil of the ladies of Prince Ruperl
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its .discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. Tlie hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Snila for Stewart, Thursdays, BOO a m
Social Notes
Mrs. Marshall English of Ea-
Bington, is ai tlie Annex the uu*'*'
of Miss Milligan.
Dr. Fraser, Massett, is visiting
Bishop and Mrs. DuVernet.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewatt Land Company,   Limited
into small pieces_before cooking,
Never hurry to your bath whin
you are exhausted; rest a bit lirst.
When packing, every delicate
garment should be wrapped separately.
Water in which potatoes have
been boiled is good to wash tar-
nislicd brass.
A small amount ol chopped tins
will greatly improve a mil and
apple salad.
Written  for Women at Work
and at Play
I can see you now, even lho' the
years have rolled���
Coming across the fields in the
twilight singing your song,
I can feel your caresses still, slill
tho' you turned cold;
And life has been long.
In dreams, only dreams,  I  walk
once again by your side,
Down the lull, o'er the bridge, up
the quaint little streel.
Why were those moments so sweet,
dear, and why the hours so     Blotting paper saturated wuh
fleet? turpentine is a sure preventative
I can see your face, your face in against moths.
the moonlight again��� 	
I can hear your voice, your voice in      The older a woman gets the more
Saila for
1 T EJV1 S   OF
To freshen blue serge, sponge
it in blue water and hang il in
the air to dry.
Clothes can be made extra white
by adding a little kerosene to the
wash water.
my ears���
Then  the picture fades, only
leaving me dreams;
Dreams, dear, and���tears.
water she should drink and  lhe
more fruit she should eat.
Fridays, at 8.00 a.m.
aa. Prince Albert sails for i'ort Simpson, Naas Kiver l'oints, Masset,
Naih'ii Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Bay, Skldugate, Queen
Charlotle City,  Lookeport,  Pa-
cnli, JedWBy,   Ikeda Hay,   Hose
Harbor and return via Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway Syatem
connecting With trains from tlie Paolnc
coast operates a frequent and sonven-
lent service of luxurious trains over its
doulile track route  between Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets obtainable from the office hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
^���"^^ B. C. Coast S.S. Service
For Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle
Friday, April 21st at 9 a.m.
I S P O R T |
r~*fcij|iJ��i��*^liisai��^il-��ii**sjn**^u**sLii^_iiF^|t|l|W |
New York, April'.'(). Sam Langford, the colored heavyweight, who
is just hack from a three months'
trip abroad, before leaving for
Nova Scotia told a party of admirers here of his experiences
in Europe and hi^ aspirations for
a championship contest with Jack
"1 really heal MiA'ey in Paris
two weeks ago, Ii wasn't a fake,
although it may have looked queer,
I tried to knoch him out but he
|hung on and clinched for the last|
eight or ten rounds so that 1
couldn't hind mi him.
"Will 1 fight Johnson? Sure'
1 will.   He cap have a mill wKh|
me in London or Paris, but 1
don'i believe he warts to I'irKi
me. I'd just like to get into the
ring with him for fifteen or ten
rounds. That would be time
enough for me to prove that 1
could whip him."
New Westminster will have a
separate senior amateur lacrosse
team to represent the city this
year instead of picking a team
from the different amateur teams
throughout the city. The franchise in B. C. A. L. A. will be
transferred to the Westminster
Senior Amateur League.
Building  Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-filare Plaster, Coke, Blackamith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shinslea, Lath, New Wellington Coul
See Us fnr Trices.
Phone No. 116
N. ni Mi I',,,!,.
Firal Av,-
Forwarding,  Distributing and
Shipping   Agents
Storage of Baggage and House-
hold Goods a Specialty.
���   o	
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907 Phone 262
J. G. McNab
General Agent
Give it
ing the
For it is important
Perhaps more Important than anything   "on   hand"    lor  today.
J\nd when you find him, and arc sure of it;
and when you "annex" him lo your interests
you will have done lhe best day's toorl. in
"a   month   of Sundays."
i'or printing lhal i, different,
ra, /nan r design, and tasle-
fid effect, see the    .    .    .
Optimist Job
koMa I.unl District Dlalrict nl Coasl Range 6
Tako nolle.) that William Franklin <'ariaa-ntaar
pt   I'rinc-  llu|aa-rt,  11. ('.. occupation ri-itanranl
 r. intunila tai apply lair laarniiuinii lia purchase
���'   -.lowing doscrilaeil lanal I
'   "'iinamcInK at a pinal planloal at the- millth a,aat
rear nt surveyed I.01 1712, thence ko chains
inli  thnncc ahout tir> chains wa-sl lo Lot ::i..,i..
tlii-tia-i> 2lt choina north, thenee 16 chains waast
i-tico aliout 25 chnins norlh taa l.<n llllflK. tlia-no-
lialiimt yo chalna aiant to smith a-aaal cairni-r ol Lol
UHis, iii.i,,-,. ahout :l!i chnins norlh to Lol  1711,
I (liiinci- almut lift chaina a'aatt lo polnl ol conamenec-
I iiu-nt; containing -INI) acres, mora- air laass.
Dated Pab, is, mn.
I'uh March (,
Skaena I .nnd District -District ol Coast Range Ii
Pan I otica- that t leorgi' I,evick ol I'rlnci- Rupa-rt
II- C. ti-cupalinn clerk,     int mis   to apply lor
j ��� niiiiasiun  to purchase tho  followini: ila-se'riWed
('"nami-nclng at a post planled on shoro ol
l*kalao 1 -uke ahout fid chains north eaat Iriiin oullet
"I Nd lake (Liikelso River', thence 20 chains
north, t'innee ahoul fiO chains east to Laki-lse
Like, tha-nce maundering said lake shore In a weaterly dire-tinn to point ol commencement; containing do ucrea, moralor lava. Post matkeal (1. L.
B, W. Cornar.
Dated Fah. 14,1011. OBOROB LKV1CK
I'uh. March 4.
Skeenn Lnnd District���District nl Coasl Range 6
1 uke notice that Angus lleatun ol Prince U-n ,-ra,
la. L., aii-rutiatiun minor, Intends to apply lor par*
mUMon In purchase the lollowing descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planteil at the oouth
e��sl comer ol Lol 39M7, thenco 10 chalna west,
iliami, tu cimins south, thenco aliout (10 chains
�����( (o l.nki-lsi- Lnke, thi-nce anoanderlng said lake
"TOt in an northerly direction to point ol mm-
nii noamonl; containing 170 acres, moro or lesa.
I wt marked A. II., N. \;. Corner.
ll��la-.l Ma. 14, mu. ANGUS HBATON
'"I'- Murch 4.
Skoona Land Diatriet���Diatriet nf toast
'lnke   liollre   that   1,  Alexander   lluehan, of
a'T, ll.C. itrcunntiiin hutchi-r, Intends to
3 v,l'" Iiermission  to purchase the following
Described lnnds:
Commanolna ��� post plantad ami markad A.n.v
"���li owner, and adjolnlna posts mnrkeal J.M.'s
Lvt;"mar and IMt.'a S.E. corner; thence west
' ilinlii". thonoo north WI i-liiilns. thenre east sn
'    """""'iii uih Nii-halns to point of coin-
-r-eeiii-ot, cnnlnlnina 11411 na-res more or less.
,.���,,,     , ALEXANDER HUC11AN.
ll���  a,l |,i |.-,.|,, ,,���, ci.ari,., H, A||en, Aarenl
I uli. tela. 25
Ske ma Lnml lllslrli-t   District of Coast.
Lilii. notice tinn  l.John Miller, ofVaneouver,
' . o .i-upiiiiian butcher, Intenda to npply for
landai l""l'h""' *��� Mlowlns merited
I iii.in.-iicing nt nposi plnnta-d nlsiiit 1 chnin
m' i I ,-V!u'r "i 'I'" head of Luaeombe llay. and
ll'   '""" *���*__* N.E. a-orna-r. theneo west Wlchnlns,
in- south Kll ,hnlns,  thence east Ml chnins,
men      "".rt ' f* ahalne, to point -if   cotnmonce-
ni. oontalnlng 840 acreo mme m leas.
Di.i.vli , a.. , ",IIN MILLER,
"'' p"l'. I""        Charlea H. Stark, AKent
i,iui.|.ri Clurloit.- 'slanals Land Ilialrict -Dlatrlrt u.
Take nolica- that I, John M, 1 . ��� i ot Vancouver,
occupation hroker, intend tai apply (or iH-rmission
lo praispa-rt (or coal and |n-troleum on the lollowing
di-scriliisl landa:
CommencinK at a posl planla-al at the moulh ol
the TM River and markeil J. McL. N. E. Car
ner, No. .In, thencaa south hU chains, thence west
00 chains, thence north 80 chains, Ihence past nu
chain.. .0 point ol eommencemenl; eonlaining till)
acn-s, more or less.
1 mini Feh. II, 1011 JOHN McLEOI)
I'uh. Feh. 'ill.                      U-slie E. Waller, Agent.
gueen Charlotle Islands laand District - Diatrict ail
Take notici- that I, Juhn McU-od ot Vancouver,
occupation hroker, intend lo apply (or permission
lo prospect (or caial ami lietroleum on the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planteal ahout two miles
woat ol the moulh of lhe Tl-el River and marked
J . McL. N. Wa Corner, No. IS, (hence aouth mi
ehalns, thence eaat HO chains, ihence nurth HO
ehains, ihence wa-sl ao chains tai point ot commencement; containing 640 acra-s, moro or less.
Dated Feh. 21, 1011 JOHN McLEOI)
Puh. Feb. IA. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Uueen Charlolle Islands Land Disirict   Disirict ol
Take notice that I, John McLa-oal ol Vancouver,
occupalion hroker, Intend lo apply lor permission
lo prospect lor coal and petroleum on the (ollowing
doscribed lands:
Commencing at a posl planta-al ahout two miles
west ol tho mouth ol the Tl-a-l River and markeil
J. McL. N. E. Corna-r, No 10, thence soulh Nl
ehaina, thenco west 80 chains, thence nairth HO
chains, thence easl HO chains to point ail commencement; containing (140 acres, more or lens.
Dated Feb. II, 1011 JOHN McLOED
Puh. Fob. 23. Clarence McDowell, Agent
queen Charlolte Islands Und District -Dlalrict ol
Take notice thai 1, John Mclx-od ol Vancouver,
occupation hroker, Intend to apply lor pormlwloi.
to prospa-ct lor coal and laelroleum am the faillowing
descrihed lands:
Commencing al a posl planted at the moulh el
the Tl-a-l River anil marked J. MeL. S. E. Corner.
No 1, Ihence north HO chains, thence west HO
ohains, thenca- south K0 chains, thence east B0
chains lo point ol commencement1 containing
640 acres, more or leaas.
Dated Feh. 21, 1011. JOHN Mcl.EOD
Puh. Feb. 211. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Been Charlotte Islands Lnnd Dialrici -District of
'lake notice thnt I, John Mcls-oil aal Vancouver,
occupation   hroker,  intend to apply lor pormls.slo
tai prospect lor coal and petroleum on the lollow ng .
daeeribed nlmis:
Commencing at a posl planted aliout live null's
north and one mile west ol the nioulh ol lho
Tl-el River ond marked .1. Mel.., N. W. Carnal
No. 17, Ihenee soulh Ho chains. Ihence east HO
chains, thence north HO chains, llience wesl HO
chnins to point ol cnmma-ncenii-nt; containing 610
acres, more or less.
Dated Feh. 26, lllll. JOHN McLEOI)
" '   "" a-u^nay McDoweli. ___\
How Girls are Proposed to in Visit Paid to Engine Room of
Six Languages S. S. Princess May
Even iii Prince Rupert you may NEW SYSTEM GREAT SUC-
find a luckless swain in love with CESS
a Kirl Imi in doubt how to propose 	
to her. In proposals more than Three Tanks of Oil Are Carried.
one would think depends on nationality as you may see from the
lollowing collection of marriage
proposals typical of different nationalities:
A Russian: Natasha, my little
dove, soul of my soul, I love you
with my whole heart, with my
whole lieing I love you madly.
I will love love you unto death,
and should troubles befall us, my
love will conquer everything. Be
mine, oh, Natasha!
A Frenchman: You are divine,
ideal. Today I will press my suit
before you parents, and you, my
fairy, you will become my wife.
An Englishman: 1 am about to
start on a long voyage, and 1 shall
bc very lonely. 1 wonder if you
Would care to piarry me and let
us make this journey together.
A German: Fraulein, you are a
notable woman. You have read
and understood my hook. 1 cannot
tell you how much 1 admire and
esteem you. May I dare to offer
you my hand.
An Italian: ("ar;i mia, you are
fairer than the blushing dawn.
Your voice is more niclodioils than
the soft west wind. Oh, let me
kiss those dark locks of yours, and
let those heavenly eyes not spurn
me,   for   otherwise   I   must   die.
Live without you I cannot.
A Montenegrin: You are a
handsome and a good girl. If
you will marry ine 1 will cut
off two Turks' heads and lay
them at your feet.
Each Tank Holds 72,000 Gtl
Ions���Cheaper, Cleaner. Better in Every Way Than Coal.
Along several narrow passages
the Optimist man groped his way,
then down several clean, but slippery ladders until he was in the
engine room of the S. S. Princess
May- the holy of holies of every
ship. Entrance had lieen achieved
hy permission of ihe local agent
of the C. I'. R. The object of
the visit was L> see oil burners
with whieh tlie Princess May is
now equipped.
Chief Engineer Renton and Second Engineer Sullivan acted as
guides and informants. There's
been a good many inquiries made
around the city about the oil
burners on the Princess May.
Whai the Opiimist ma learned
ibout theni is given.
Advantages of Oil
There are a number of advantages to the new system over coal.
It is cheaper; the first consideration. It takes just half lhc
staff to run oil burners as it does
lo run coal burners. Then oil
is cleaner, and does nol belch
out thick opaque clouds of smoke
like burning coal. Better lime
can be made with oil and it i>
sifer. With coal it used lo lake
three boilers of the Princess May
all their lime to make enough
Steam to speed 18 knots an hour.
With oil this is an easy task.
When only two oil boilers are
burning 11! knols can be made.
Flash Point 190
The oil comes from California
in oil boats and is pumped into
tanks in Vancouver, where the
boats are loaded. The oil is a
low grade kind and has to be
healed to Pit) degrees before it
will Hash.
In the Princess May it is stored
in three tanks, placed amidships.
These   tanks   measure   11x16x28
feet and each holds 72,000 gallons.
That Flame a Reminder
From  the tanks il runs into a
heater in the engine room and is
joys of country life combined, for there healed to 150 degrees.   From
the houses arc lo be built with all i the heater it runs into an atomizer
Mrs. Russell Sage will Start One
Along Long Island Line
A model colony will be established in Forest Hills Gardens, on the
i Long Island Railroad, three miles
beyond Jamaica, by Mrs. Rusell
' Sage.   On 142 acri's of line properly
the Forest Hills Gardens Foundation will provide homes for 1,500
| families  and   they   will   have  all
the comforts of city homes and lhe
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
Ws are selling shares in tho
At a price that will makaa you money
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Baalanca- 3, 6 and 9 Monthi
ABsays of the ore run from $25.00 to
$2000 per ton.
It will pay you to investigate this proposition   at once.
All the 102 boxes for the Vancouver Horse Show to be held
on April 21, have been sold for
S7o each.
Spring Song
0. B. Bush & Company
Prince Rupert
Any little game that's a nice little
Is a nice little game for me.
Any kind of play
Looks to me (lass A,
And 1 yell with fiendish glee,
1 don't care a curse,
If it's bad or worse,
Or class 1'. O. or 1).
F () R
Any little game that's a nice link
Is lhe right little game for me.
The offices of the National
League in New Vork are now-
located in the new Metropolitan
sky scraper, tloor Ki.   Good night!
2nd Ave
W,  1,. HARKEK
Second aveiuc and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork HuildiiiK, Second Avenue.
Improvements, and  the land is
to be laid out with an eye to sceiiic
attractiveness, as well as to the
health and comfort of Ihe colonists.
Household   Helps  Compressed
Into Tiny Hints
A little alcohol on  a  rag will
make windows brilliant.
Turnips shout
which throws it into the healed
furnaces. Then with continual
heat over 100 degrees there is a
continual flame which makes the
To look at that llame puts one
in mltld of a certain place often
spoken about.
Captain MacLeod of the Princess May, says that the vessel
behaves splendidly with the new
system and can make a good
deal better time than she did
tlways be cut when she burned coal.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of Hi it nl, Cailunatala ot B.C., OiaUrlo, Sm-
nnd Mnnltailaa Baria. katchaawan  anal Al-
llaa-rta Bara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
OlSca��� Exchange hloa:k, cornor Third avenue and
Sixth street. I'rince Ruuert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., U. D. tf.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
AM denial ..|..-inti.-ns ulailfully treata-al. (lad ana'
local : a a,: i ��� a I,, ��� a a. ��� - - aalminliatera-al fr>r tho laninlena . x-
trarllon of ta-eth. Consultation free, OnVa-fl!
llelltcrBon Block. Prince Ruuert. ii-1?
Springfield; O., April 20.���A season pass lo a blind man that he
may "hear" thc Ohio State League
baseball games at the local park
was the novel presentation thai
has been made by President Wat-
kins of the club. The recipients
of this favor is Professur Karl ('.
llouck, vocal director in the Wit-
tenborg College Conservatory of
Music. Prof, llouck enjoys "hearing" ball games. By means of
the umpire's calls on strikbs ami
balls, the sound of the ball hitting
the bat, the shouts of joys or
groans of the crowd and with
someone to explain the intricate
plays, he follows the game with
surprising accuracy. However, he
has lo be told when a player
steals a base.
P. O. Box 436 - Oflice 3rd and Fulton
P. O. BOX n
rum. uk wm. KtixaiN. y,m-. a.it.a.m.. loN., BMO,
Not the One You Thought of at
First, Though
For months probably for a
year, there has not appeared in
Prince Rupert a more beautiful
rainbow than the one at three
o'clock yesterday. Those who
saw it stood for minutes looking
at its ethereal loveliness. People
going westwards turned round lo
look and remained looking, forgetting their haste.
All thc mountains to the northeast of the harbor over Lake
Shawtlans and Woodworth appeared through a fairy mist of
prismatic colors. The deep bands
of marvellous hues tilled every
vallev,   and   the   distant   snows
i w. j. McCutcheon jj
Carries cotnitla t,-Bl,a-k aaf Druitia.   S|aa-a-iul   ,\
attention paid ta tilling tarcflcriptiom.      , ,
Theatre Block phohb nu. 79 Second Ave. !'.
H++++++++++++++++++++++++' '���
G. T. P. Transfer Agentt
Orden promptly filled.   Prlcet NMOBahl*.
OFFICE-H. H. Riacha-fctor. Centre Mt,    Phone (a
Reilly's Bakery Luiich
impress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
Phone No. 200 I'. O.  Box TaSO
The Westholme Lumber Co.
Firat Avenue Telephone 186
Swift's Premium Hams ami Bacon with
Cowichan Eggs :t*>c, at
. W. Williams        -:        Proprietor
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the HelgOTtOtl Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lod^e.
H. MdKTON. Secretary.
-      E.
EBY   C&   Co.
Kitt-iimkalum l.mu! For Sale
KlTSt'MKAH'M ��� ��� K. C,
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean Whit. Sheets 25c
��� Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Propridlor
OBALED TENDERS iddtMMd to Ihe under-
W taliim-al, and a-nalor*od "Trndor for Examlninff
Wara-nouw, Vana-amvor, B.C.." will lie rorotved
until .1.0(1 p.m.on Monday. April 2tth, um, for
the conatraictlon of an Examining Warehaauae,
Vaneoilvr-r, It. C.
l'ian".. a,|H'i:i1ia-ation and foi an of contract can lae
aeon and form* of tcnila-r athtnina-al at Hip otllrea of
Mr .I.E.. Cyr. Siipi-iintonili-nt a,f 1'uhlic ltullal-
Initia fur Manitoba, l'aaat OdW-a- llullalinir. Wlnnl-
lia-ti, Man.. Mr. Win. Hcndcraon. Resident Architect. Victoria. B.d at tha- Post Ollice. Vancouver
seen through them were tlnitedl*>i��*tttitwpMunmt
, I    1 ernona tcnda-rlnir arc noli!ia>al that tonaleria will
Willi   lliauil'ill   lints. in��t be conaldcra-al unlr��a made on the  printed
*       '    ���"���'"' 1 forma aupplleal, and aittna-al with their actual aiff-
l\()    COUIltry    111    the   World    bill ItlStOm, statin* tha-lr OOjnpatlOni and placca of
rcaidi-nce.   ln the case of llrma. Iha-actual uliina-
Untisli c olumbia could produce	
such marvellous effects. No city
except Prince Rupert is placed to
such advantage for viewing them.
and POOL
4 Allcya. 7 Tulila-n.    A Rood exercise.    A clean sporta   Laalia-s every
afternoon.    Newman Block, between llth and 7th Sts.
TF.n MomiiBiiN,    Proprietor anal Manntrcr
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton
3rd Ave.
Uiri*. tho M&Utl of the MQttWUotl nnd plnco of
roaidpiuM* of Mftn mcmln-r of tho firm imi*fct>o
KiU'h tender mult bl ni'conipnniod hy an ac*
cop ted cheque on n chartered hunk, pnynhlo to
the urder Of the Honourable the Minister of VuU-
11c Works, eqiml to ten per cent. (10 p.c.) of the
Bmount of the tender, which will \k> forfeited if
the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when enUed upon to do so, or fail to complete the work contracted for. If the tender lw
not accepted the cheque will bo returned.
The Department HON not hind itself to accept
the lowest or any tender,
Hy order,
Department of Public Works. Secretary
OtUWa, March 22nd. 1911.
Newspapers will not he paid for this advertisement if they insert It without authority from the
Vt-T.-*...��������� -n -��
���*>* *** W.* ft-tVX
*.*____*_____, ��� Watches
We carry s complete lint' of
Sites tn suit.   Styles to satisfy
Pricea t" please
Briefly, that's our argument.
Don't Forget Big Ben
Finest alarm cluck ever
lie's in our window.
Heintzman Pianos
A Natural Cathartic
Weather and Shipping
Weather reports bj wireless art-
all favorable, though the general
state of die weather is cloudy to
the soutli. There is some foy oil
I'oint Grey. Light winds and
calm seas prevail mostly, though
Triangle and Pachena report a'
swell running.
Taloosh reports the in steamer
Cit> of Puebla at 5 a.m. In S. S.
Alamena 0 a.m., and in S. S.
Northland at 8 a.m. Also ou ttlie
steam schooner Olympia at 0.5fi
a.m. ,uul out the schooner Men
Dickson al 11.56.
t'ape   LaZO   reports   the   S.   S.
Cowichan westbound al 8i>(l a.m.,
the S. S. I'rince George northbound at 10 a.m., and the Princess
Mary due at Nanaimo al 1 p.m.
Birmingham University is in
(lebi to its bankers to the extent
of 1500,000.
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
\mSlm\*ml%JM.M. ivva ���,.���iflBd advertisement columns.
une of the best services the modern newspaper gives the public III in^the* '^YoTottlsri meet on com-
��� and seller, employer and worker, landlord and <*/>��*'�����a "lie Optimist will reduce its
Minimum charge of 25 cents.
Watch   it   Brow.
Here   is  our
There buyer
moii ground,
To put this mi'dern convenience in reat'li of everyone
rate to a nominal price of a cent a word per InserHon
Classified   Advertising  Column   lot'   today,
During the coming season tlie
('.real Eastern Railway Companj
will provide a hand on Sunday
evenings at the south pier. Lowestoft.
50c The Bottle
���OM IHSTaiBt-TalKS
I'arlaa-. Dai is a Co.. Wialka-raill.-. Ont.
j C.   H. ORME \
[ TL*    O: ���    tWmmommlm. '
The Pioneer Druggist
82  j
P.O. BOX 710
Plumbing   :   Steamfitting
Thlral Av,-.. batman Tlh nnd "111 Sts.
Over B.C. Bnkcrv PRINCE RUPERT, ll.C
Cod liver oil is now being supplied to ailing and necessitous
school children in London, under
the Provision of Meals Act,
May Settle Here
Dr. Martin J, Conley, an eminent Chicago dentist, is in the
city to consider the advantages
of the Skeena disirict lor investment,
It is highly probable Dr. Conley
will, together with his ihree sons,
settle here.
To Boal and Gasoline Launch Owners
1 havi' t! lots for sale on new 1G foot
road by Hays Creek, all very cheap
$425 to $525; easy terms. View from
the entrance of the harbor almost to
Tucks Inlet. Ideal little sheltered cove
for boats outside the grade, and easily-
for your summer resort where the rainfall is one third that of I'rince Rupert,
the soil perfect and the lieach delightful. Those on the spot have eagerly
bought and it is the only townsite ever
two thirds sold before the survey was
C. M. Wilson, Room 14, Alder Block
Phaanratt Blue. P. 0, lioa. 2. or nl Ci-nirnl Hotel
The Total was $7
Harry Wilkinson looked on ll e
whisky when il was yellow loo
often yesterday with the resull
that he became obstreporous, I It-
paid the forfeit of 15 and costs
this morning.
Left on Time
Thc S, S. Prince Ruperl lefl for
Vancouvc at eight o'clock this
morning. The S. S. Prince Albert
leaves for Queen Charlolte Islands
tomorrow at noon
Back in a Month s Time
Mr. Raymond Brutinel), of the
Tsimpsean Light and Power Co.,
left the city on the S. S. Prince
Kupert this morning, He will
visit Vancouver, Edmonton and
Montreal while away and return
in a month's lime.
The time for the closing of
tenders for the collection and
disposal of garbage and ni^ht
soil has lieen extended to 5
o'clock p.m., on May 1st.
Ski-a-na l-and District District u! Cout Kanit,- \
Tnke nulici- lhat Jack llasllainl "I Ka-iishl,-.a.
Yorkshire, KtiKlund, occupation ���\��T-li>oka-r, intends to apply fur pa-rmission to purehu..,. Ihi>
folUminu d.-.-crilaa-,! lar.'L:
Commi-neini! ut n post plnnta-d ut a point in Iha-
aaatariy boundary oi linbar limn tmttt und in
tha- Kiutha-rly limil nl lut 119SU, Banjo 5, Coust
District, wha-ra- the said limits inli-rsect, tlii-nca-
alumt the samlha-rly limil ol lot BBSS aforaaaaiil
und Iha- proja-clion thereof in un a-asla-rly ilira-clion
HU chuins more or 1mm to the wi-sterly limit of
lim'aor limit 88601. thenca- in a soulha-rly direction
���long lh,- last mentionr-1 limil 11 chnins mure
or lav., lu lhe northerly limit ol timlaa-r limit 3677.*,,
thenci" in n wa-storly dm-elion alonn lhe lasl men-
tiont-d limit st) chains mora- nr 1,-ss to th,- eusterly
limil of limlaiT limil 88889, ll,,-nce in u nairtherly
direction 11 chains mora- ur loss lo tha- point o(
Dal.dMarcl- \ l'Jll. JACK  BEDFORD
Puli. Mnrch 2'..
Skeenu Lunal District���District of Const lUnRi- V
Tnke  notice  thai  Chnrles  P.  Otter  of  Prince
Kupa-rl.   II.  C,    n],.i-i..n  surveyor,  intends lo
apply  for  isTmission to purchase  the  following
da-acritaed lands:
Commencini; at n posl plant.-,] al lhe nnrth a-ast
corner of surva>ya-d lot ll'.lsl, llangi- 5, Coasl District, thenca- in an easterly dira-ction nlong thc
soullu-rly limit of surva-yca! lut :lll'.ll nnd the pra>
ja-ctinn theraKaf 10 chains lo a point, Ihenca- suuth
parallel lo lhe aaatariy limit uf surveyed lol H'.iM
afuresaid (ic chains mnr,' nr lain to Iha- nnrthrrlv
limit uf a timU-r limil Nu. US68), (ha-nca- WMt
10 chains mura- or la-ss to a point In the pro a-ction
..outha-rly of the aaatariy limit uf surv,->,-d lot
8964, thenca- In a nnrtha-rly dira-ction along the
prolan ion of tha- said limit and nlong the said
limit BQ rhains mnr,* or 1,-ss to puint ol commenement, containing 210 acra-s more air la-iua.
Daied March S. lilll. CHARLES P. OTTKIl
Pub, March 25.
.Skivna Ijand District���District ol Const Range V
Take nutice that Kdith Alien Crowther ol
lkli-g, Yurkshira-. Kngland, . ..-.;..,-,..i. spinster,
inta-nds to apply fnr ptflBMoa lo purchnsa- tha-
follnwing da-scrilieal lnnds:
Commencing nl a post planted at the south i-asl
corner of surva-yad lot :lll'.il, Range .1, Coasl Diatrict, thonco north along tha- caxta>r!y limit of thc
said lot 66 chains mon- or la-ss lo Iha- southerly
limit ol l.ot il*.,*'.. ltangi- .1. comm dlstricl. thenc-
eust along the southerly limit otlhe last mcnlloncal
lot 110 chnins to n point, ther.ci- in n southerly direction Bfl chuins parallel to the suid
eusterly limit of lot 899L, thenca- in n weaterly dira-ction (111 chains mor,- or less to
the point of commencement containing 2111 acren
mora- or l.-sn.
Dnted Murch I, l'Jll.
I'uh. March -J'..
Skea-na l.nti.l lii.trtot-Pislrlet of CnasI.
Take notice that I. J 11. McAoirhey of Prince
ituoert. occupation miner, Intends to apply for
pormlulon to pumhlM the following da-scrilaed
Commencina: nt .i post planta.l at Ihe amithweat
cornar of lot 8349, tlu-nce east to chums, thence
south B chains, thanea weal 10 ehaina, thence
nofthBchaini (<�� point of commencement, containing 80 air,-, mora or 1,-sg.
Data Pab. 16,1*11 J. II. MrAt'CIIKY   make
Puh  POh j:.. Kill Andrew Kennasl>, Agent
stanced a larm he bought thret
Fruit Grower Here
Continued from page 1.
Feed  the Soil
"Tin11-unl at Kitsumkalum after
being burnt over will require feeding with nitrogen, To do this
with commercial nitrogen would
cost -u tlie rate of 25 cents a pound.
Th,' best and cheapest way would
In- 10 plain BOme of the legumes
clovers, pea.--, or vetcnes���and plough these in- Professor Craig
when at l In.iw a demonstrated thai
from planting and ploughing in
vetches he added as high as 260
pounds ni nitrogen to an acre ol
ground. This is ihe licst method
ol enriching the soil with nitrogen,
am! once done the soil will keep
in condition for all time after, wilh
proper treatment of crops."
Nature of Soil
Mr. Tweddle described the soil
at Kitsumkalum as being composed of a top layer of from one
io two feet of volcanic ash, with
one to four feet of sand beneath,
and below that again deposits
of gravel. Mr. Tweddle has USD
acres of  burned over lands  upon
wnich he hopes io plant a nursery
under the charge of his son-in-law.
Help  is  Needed
"There is one great problem,
ihat of suitable help in the berry
season," he said. "The strawberries at Kitsumkalum grow very
large and plentiful, but they require a lot of work to pick them.
11 is expensive to engage ordinal*)
labor ai up-river prices, and I
am trying to get the Indians to
let their women go up there in I
the berry season and pick. The
Indian women are very expert
at the work. In the East I have
Indian women who have picked
800 baskets a day. If ibis is
done, and arrangements made to
ship the berries at the right temperature lo Vancouver, there would
be a big profit, for the berries
would come in when southern
berries would be unobtainable.
They would have the market to
Big Profits Certain
"('Merries, apples, pears, and
plums have been grown up there
by Mr. Smith, and large quantities
of raspberries and strawberries
by Mr. Weeks. All small fruits
will do well, and the orchards
after being put in shape and
planted should bring big profits,"
said Mr. Tweddle.
As an instance of the rapid ris ���
in fruit lands he instanced his
own fruit farm al Grand Rapids.
Five yean ago he was one of three
men who put !?.">,0(H) into it as a
start. Now Mr. Tweddle's half
inlcrcst in it is valued al *".'>.(Hill.
"Unl," he addetl, "attention must
be given lo the scientific side to
iig   money;    and   he   in-
Lost and Found
A a-liiBKilia-al advertisement will Introduce ypu I"
Ihe loser of the article you've found-lin Intro-
din-tioti of mutual Importance.
I POUND-A bunch of Key�� on King.   Apply at
Optimist Ollice.
Help Wanted
you want
Try The
to huy,   or   sell, or hire,   or  loan
Optimist Condensed Ad. route
A gissl (ieneral Servant.     Appl)   to Ml*C. V.
Bennett, r.th Ave. '*���"
Houses Wanted
lllll'SKS WANTED-Kurnishod or iiiifiirtii.h-
,-al. 2 to 11 rooms. If locution nnd Price IUll
me I will rent them myself and pay rent in advance, no wailing, no listing. Phone me (-Ins ���
Black B8- l'ncle Jerry. '-���"
W'ANTKD-Housa-. 4 or B rOOrtlinnd bath, furnished or unfurnished, ut onci'. Apply al
Optimist. Box X. '������"
WANTKD-Throe, four OT Sve room hoi,.,., furnished, maslerii conveniences, close In. t mi
phone 101. ia-t'
Board Wanted
WANTKD-Room and board   in private family.
X.M., Outimiit Office. ��
Fire Insurance
(llll SI'ECIALTY-Flrc Insurance.    W pre-
sent a-la-aa-ii slronar Fire Insurance Colnpania-s.
We wnnt your buniness. largo nnd -mall.
I.a-1 us aniote you nates. The Mack Realty and
Insurana-a- Compnny, cor Ural Ave. and FullonSt.
THK Urltish Union and National Kire Insurance
C..mpnnv aaf London. Kna.-laiid. with capital
of S3.rani.ia0.nl. Sec u> for rales. The Muck
Itenlty and Insurance Company. ?"-tf
Real Estate
A clmuMtirtl mlvprtlwment 1* a nai ramtc m|p��-
man. nnd doe* not often count * ..-h "lo
count" In the net result.
WANTEP-To purchase lots in Sea! Cove I>l*.
trict Miction 7 ft \ mini! p-tymvnt down nnd
monthly term*.   Apply P.O. Ihut ��*>.      IW-HJ
Situations Wanted
A* clasollird advertisement Is a tlrelras wnrk-
hunter-and seldom fails.
Stenographer and Ollice Assistant. .'��� years experience.   Miss C��� c-o Optimist Ollice.
Yountr man wishes tx**itinn. any kind; ttvno-
irrapher. book*keeper; capable, suher. Apply
Optimist Ollice. ^���*,(
Boarders Wanted
A classified ndvertiscment will httnir lo you applicant* for that vacant room, or for that vacant
ilst i* at your table.
Home cooked meals ami nicely furnished rooms
for three |ierson>. Apply Mrs. Jatnea. Scott
Md*.. 3rd Ave., between tith and >th Sta.   tt-tf
For Sale
A classified ad vert i semen I. persistently printed,
will sell anything of value.
Money to Loan
A clas-ltlrd advertisement will nml you the mo*
ey wilh which to put your plan into effe*u
S. O. E. B. S.
The Prince Kupert l..liie. No. 31 a. Sonn of
Kniiland. tneets the Brat and thlral Turaadays in
each t���. nti, in the C irpeni, r. Hall, at 8 p m.
F. V   (T.AI1K. Sec .
I' 'I  BoXlU, I'rince Hup, rt
Ska-a.na I.in,I District- llislrict of Cainl
Tak,- notica thai I, PetertMd, of Vancouver,
hc. occupation teamitar, Intandi toapplyfor
permiaaion t-- purchaaa th,- followinK deacribad
''..o.in, inirnia poat planted and marked P.
!( s s.W rna-r and Immediately ndjoininit posi,
marked J.M.'s  N.K. corner and A.H.'s SK cor.
ner, thenoe north SO chalna, then ut 40 chaint,   amtasvorl   il S3 i Mill
tlieaceav.iitli>i>clinins.lh  west 40  chains. l���ia>M>>M1  '"   ���-���'-"""
*'   * mencement. c,���,laini.,y :i:-o  acre,   11()1 Sl.|| j, f,,r S 10,000,'
more or wai
Dated l.t Pab. I'.'ll
I'ul, Feb. U.
Charlea H. Allam, Aarent
years ago in Ontario. Before lie
bought ii thc whole 100 acres
was assessed al 14,000. Now
the KI acres ol orchard alone arc
"And I would
said lie.
Northern Produce Co'y.
Si'iul fur mir Wi'i-kly Price  l.iat
siiiitim; ORDSRS
Phone 151    -   Phone 151
Baptist Ladies' Aid Entertainment Delights
Pretty Programme of Musical
Pictures and Quaint Characters Carried Out by Young
People with Signal Success.
A lareg audience gathered at the
Baptist church last evening and
thoroughly enjoyed tlie entertain-
menl provided by the Ladies' Aid
nl Uu church. They watched with
interest and pleasure the many
excellent tableaux given by the
children and young people ol the
Sunday School. Several adults
assisted with songs and readings.'
Among these may be mentioned
a piano solo by Miss Froud; dim
hy Mr. Fletcher ami Mrs. Magar;
solo by Mr. Ilavey; solo by Mr.
Russell; solo by Mrs. Cray and a
reading by Mrs. Morgan.
Many characters, etc., were represented in the tableaux such as:
Tom Thumb and his wife, the
Sleeping Beauty, the pretty Milkmaid, lhe Seasons, Little Miss
Moffat, Little Mrs. Gamp, Three
Little Kittens, Little Boy Blue.
Little Jack Homer. Little Red
Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, a
Grandmother Washing a Dirty
Boy, Queen Elisabeth, Robin Hood
Topsy Turvy, Three old Maids ��'l
I.iv, Bluebeard's Wives, and the
Nations A Scotch Lassie. A Welsh
Maid, Miss Canada, John Hull
and l'ncle Sam. The Nations led
die audience in singing ihe "Maple
Leal    Forever"    thus   com hiding
one  of   the   best   young   people's
entertainments ever held in Prince
Washington Cafe
! Range, Di.hes, Chairs, Tables, Couaat-
... ers, Cookinaj Utensils,  Etc. Etc. ...
Store Room, 2-story addition and Cabin lo Rent
Ask Uncle Jerry
Store Room Corner
Second Ave. and Seventh St.
Just vacated  by Optir ist OFice.
Uncle Jerry
"H00 HOO'S"
Order   of   Owls   Held
Lots E anil l>, Block 28,
Section 1.
$:iikio. i!"i per cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, 8 yours,
7 per cent.
Farewell   Send-Off   for   M.   E.
Rugg Late of Optimist Staff
Many friends in Prince Rupert
and especially the Optimist staff,
regret the departure for Winnipeg,
of Mr. M. E. Rugg. monotype
operator, who has been in the city
for over a year. He lefl this
morning for the soulh by lhe
I'rince Rupert, and a band of
stalwarts attended from the Optimist ollice lo make sure he got
off in good shape. Last night,
too, they held a little junket in
his honor, and did noble justice
lo the guest of the evening in
-pile of the sorrowful circumstances, The last best toast was
reserved for the wharfride at eight
a.m. when lhe gang-plank was
pulled in. M. E. Riirk. M. 0., is
hiking (or Winnipeg. TheOpiimisi
|na\- wish him all kinds of success.
On Way Back Home
Last night Mr. Tweddle lefl
for lhe Soulh. After calling al
Grand   Rapids  he  will   make  hi)
Sketna Land Dlitrleta Dlltriet of Oowt
Take node* that I, William Andaman, of Van.
couver, B.C., oecupatlon elark, Intandi to apply
f���r permlailon t<> purehua the foUowinf daaorlt*
cd landi!
CoinmeneliuT at a poit planted and mackad W,
A. northweat eornera and about 1 mila from Alex* i..
an.icr  Buehan   northern boundary line; thencc A\,i\    DECK   home   to   Ins   Onlarn
nuth BO chaim, thence eait BO chains, thence1/... -,   t  ...        i    . ., ,
nnrth Ml cliiuna. thenca- weit Ml chaina, to pnlnt nf | e��Ul I    liirill.       I..ltcr   111    UlC   year   111
oommeneement* contalnina M0 aerea mora or leaa* IM ���-.,.- a, ,
William ANDERSON,       expects to visit I'rince Rupert and
Dated lit Feb. 1911 Charlea B. Stark, Atent   i-;, ,.    i    i
PubTFeb.M. : Kitsumkalum again,
Ola S. Humphrey, an American
actress, and I'rince Ibrahim llas-
Ran, a  cousin of   lhe  Khedive of
Egypt, were married at the registry
A  special  court  of  ihe  Halm-  ollice in London.   The bridegroom
dashers'   Company   was   held   lo is described  as a  bachelor,  aged
elect Prince Alrlnir of CoiUiatlgllt182, and a prince of the Ottoman
a livcrman and freeman of that!Empire,
ancient institution. 	
Bedford is proposing lo sell lhe
11 ha- lieen decided to increase copy of I'ox's "Hook of Martyrs"
the number of school garden-[which belonged lo John Hiinyan,
used for nature Study under the and was used by him during his
London County Council by twenty imprisonment. The object of the
a   year,   the   average   cosl   being  sale is to raise funds for lhc Bed-
fifteen pounds each.  Then are al ford General Library, where the
present 171 of these gardens. in>ok has been since IMI.
Large Audience Witnessed Ceremony and Enjoyed Musical
Programme and Dance Held
Afterwards in K. of P. Hall.
In the Knights of Pythias Hall
last night the members of lhe
I'rince Ruperl Nest of the Order
of Owls held a social and  public
installation of officers which was
i great success.   A large company
of guests witnessed the installation
ceremony  which  was  conducted
by Bto. I. Madlem, the organiser
of the Order in Northern IL ('.
Office-bearers for the I'rince Rupert "Nest" were elected as follows:    President,   Hro.   Ben   Self;
Vice-President, W. II. Cook; Past
President, ('. Stewart: Treasurer.
J. S. Gray; Secretary. W. II.
McLeod; Invocator, F. McMillan;
Warden. E. Briggs; Sentinel, ('..
Brace;  Picket, W. Doreen.
An excellent programme of song-
and instrumental selections was
given every item ir which was
applauded   heartily   and   encored.
Gray's popular orchestra contributed -elections. There were songs
by Messrs. Fletcher, Melliar, Russell, I'.lluni. Brown, and Ellis,
all popular I'ritiic Ruperl enlei-
tainers. Mis- Ethel < irav gave .i
neat dancing turn, and sang later
in the evening, aud Miss Mabel
Gray's cornet solo was much appreciated. A very pretty violin
solo was given l>> Miss Cora
Barker, and little Miss Lottie
Daughtry delighted everybody,
The evening's entertainment was
billowed by a dance in which
about thirty couples look pari
and the merriment was kepi up
until the small hours.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Spring Work on G. T. P.
The G, T. P. lias made a start
on the spring work from this end
"f *���''��� line.   About inn men have RCKSS
beeni sent  today  up the line  ..,    JM��id#��*^iSi*i-etai.
ge. iimgs in snap.. f���r carrying out ��� ^i^e::::!,:,:;;:!;;;^^-!;1,,;;: ��*
uieblg programme ahead.
Skeona Land Dlitrict���District of Gout
Taki1 notlOfl tlmt 1, Lotllfl K. Walter, (if Vnncnu- '
ver, B.C.i   OCCUpttlon prmiiortor, IntcmU  to up-
I'ly for parmliiion to inirclmsi* thu followlntr.tk'iu
cribod lund*:
Commencing at ��� poit plantad and markad L. I
H. w."�� s.K. cornar and Immedlataly adjoining'
p�� - marked w.a.> N.w. eornan thanea north 411
chaint, thonce wait BO chains, thanca nuth M
ihiilnp. thenca aast wi chain*, to point >>f com-
mencement, containing 820 acres, mora or Im*.
pstedjsi Feb., 1911       Diaries H. Allen, Agant
Police   are   Making   Rigid   Inquiries about Them
Every Effort Being Made to
Arrest Men who Filled Holts
with Steel Result May be
be Very Serious.
Hiniil inquiries are being mad<
11 ��� the police with the object nl
getting some evidence that ��ill
lead In the arresl of lhe party <>r
parlies that filled two holes one
thirty-six feet antl the other thirty-
two  feel   with   pieces of  steel  cu
Tuesday night in Mclnnis & Kelly'*
These holes were filled wilh two
cases nf dynamite and were nearlj
ready to be charged and the
resnii of the interference* mean
thai Mclnnes iS; Kelly have lasl
$1,000 and if any of the me i tt1
work in thc eul accidentally striki
any of that dynamite everybodj
and evcrj tiling within several yard-
will he blown into the Greai
The contractors an- offering UM
reward for any information thai
will lead to the arresl of lhe guilty
persons.     The seriousness ol   il'i*
mischief cannot be over estimated
Twenty-four hours  cndinir  6   a. ">������
April 111.
MAX. TKMI-. Mnt.TnP. DAK.        IN. KAC
���lh.ll 39.0        HO. 174        ,98
I Ask Uncle Jerry ���
i-ly f���!
Getting Better
Niak Pavich, ihe
rlboaHiHd ���   ��n '" """���'"""' tho loUowlng al'a-
i���(,ii",';"l""i"""" """:* ft******* tl""" anil ona-
,��, Nl,   .'?.   ' "" 'u'"t"r,v '"'"tl"" fr-in th"  point
triker who ws. fiffM AfesSlS ����
shot dunng the strike rims, is ��^nln?e��t*w.ta """" "' """wtaaniaiS
on  tne road  to recovery  in  the pSSfilr.ib.   '       ~.\��S_*JJ��"onau)
,1, -,    i ,,        .       ,     .        I -)"��"l'h D.-lway. Aki-iiI
(aencial   Hospital,    lie  is  being
'I&*StlJ?Ji?.?l,M��rflj��fl "'.'l-i-l-r
lia-rt. B.C
attended to by Dr. Eggert
'" thM I Chaalr. Moral, of KJbh 1,���
r.   Durham wa
Ml    the    Warren    v,i"
killed a skylark 200 yan
playing ,���,,
inks   at
I landa:"" ...mm ano loiiowinii daanib. \'
Coiiiiiia.nrlmt at a ���,���l   ,,|��nl���,  ,hr���       ,
_.. . ,^,, |   please tako notice anil Hat your property with a good live broker, if from the
above you think  our  ciniipment ahould
On January Uth   and   22nd, Kantern   produce   tin-   best   results,   you ahould
papers  on   .lan.   16th, Western pipers   come in at once.
"ii .lan. 22nd, our I'rince Kupert Op- Wc advim- everyone to gut in the
porttinlty SdVSrtlssment Sppssrtd In market this spring and summer. Sell
papers in New York. Boston, I'rovi- wben you Imve a profit ; buy again
deuce, Kansas City. Ilenver, San Fran- Tbafs the way lo make money You
dieo, Lot Ang��l��S, St. Paul and tti can make miinv times as much money
Sunday issues of big U.S. daily news- if you will buy and sell and not hold on
>"'i"    '���������������'     "i Keb. 2:.tb our Princ-   so long to property.      All   of  you   put
your shoulder to ths wheel and Irooat-
keep on boosting-that's the way we
will make a big city.
Prince Rupert
UNCLE JERRY JU, I|nf|p |prrv |
Haa  a  Free   Information Department **OIi    WIIl/IC   JC1 1 J      ==
for stranRi-rs in the Cily ami   for  nun.
residents by correspondence.
Utipcrt advertisement   appeared   in   2(i
Csnsdisn daily nswspapsn.
�� "'' will build you a dwelling on easy
payment plan.
"ASK  UNCLE  JERRY" ..      .��� ,
.,  n ... H�� wi" lease or ���all you a lot on ran
Hi Buyi   .eases       He Huys Buildlngl  terms for you to  build  n dwelling  or
lie Huys Lots Ile Huys Contracts  store on.
has   Stores   to   Kent,
hands   in   Skeenu and Nans
jL^-��aS��|iQS}K!9BafiiE|i Ask Uncle Jerrv
sk-end, he drove a ball which iJaaaffsS^*^1'*'���^������. J " vvtl J
Mal��� Pab, 3, 11)11
I'ul,. Mar. 111.
Jaaawph Uulaaray, ARaiait
Uncle Jerry
He wants 5(1 Houses lo |{e���t
He Sells Lusts      He Sells Buildings
Rl Bllll Lot! He Sells Contracts
He wants Stores to Kent
He   Sells   Lands   up   the Skeona Rf���
He will sell you a house and lot and
you can pay on monthly payment plan
He will take a lease on your lots nnd
make your investment pay you eight
per cent.
Ask Uncle Jerry i
���  *-"�� uivrr ay f��


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