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Twenty-four hours  ending 6   a. m.,
May 2.
.,,,'   nMI*.        MIN. TKMI-. HAS.        IN. IIAIN
66.5 4H.0       29.487        .13
The Daily
I'lll. ���   Hupert
Friday, May 5.. 'fe     ut 8 a.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist ^��toria,
a, G-V
V01- II, NO. 97
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, May 2, 1911.
Five Cents
**7 W
Mayor and Members of the Commission Look Round
Buildings   Chief Vickers' Report for Past Month
is a Varied One���Police Complimented
���Truants Will be Watched
Truants, beware. The police
have their eyes <>n you. At the
meeting of thc Police Commis-
sioncrs yesterday afternoon Chief
Vickcrs wus instructed by the
Mayor i" co-operate with the
school authorities in preventing
youngsters from playing truant.
t'liiii Vickers will Bee t<> it.
New Police Offices
Another new matter brought up
yesterday before the Commission
w,i* tin- need for a better police
station. In the present little
shack it is impossible to keep
papers and appurtenances of the
force as they ought to be kept.
Thc Mayor with Commissioners
Stephens and Kirkpatrick accompanied by ilu- Chief of Police went
round to the police shack, and had
.1 limk ai one or two likely places
for iiiiii'i- commodious police quarters. Nothing definite was decided
yesterday, Among the buildings
considered were ('. B. Schreiber's
Btorc on tin* reserve, and the old
M.\ k nf Montreal building. Notice has been served upon Miss
H air- who iiw, s ihe shack now
occupied li\   ilu- police,   that  the
premises will   be  vacated  at   the
end of the month.
Chief Vickers Report
There was something quite metropolitan about Chief Vickers' report for the mouth of April. It
referred to the Hoscovitch case, to
the first disturbance on Kelly's
cut, the Bending of R. I.. Gosden
to Westminster for three months,
the shooting case for which John
Moska is serving a year's imprisonment, the arraignment of the
strikers thirteen of whom are to
go up for trial, two being committed t<�� be tried ai Vancouver
for at templed murder. Tin- report
also makes mention of the theft
(af |400 from a shack on Eighth
avenue, and of the opium ease
decision in which was given out
The Mayor complimented Chief
Vickers on the orderly condition of
lhe city at present after the
strenuous times passed through,
and Chief Vickcrs put himself
on record in his report in complimentary terms regarding the
behavior of every man of thc
force and the specials employed at
the Kelly's cut incident.
Council  Will  Strictly   Enforce
Traffic Regulations
Death of Horse Yesterday and
Danger to Women and Children Wakes up City Fathers
to Need for Strict Measures.
Uu- noise of the only auto in
Prince Rupert yesterday afternoon
terrified a team left unwatched
���" the top of Third avenue. One
ll"*-'' w.'.s hurt m. badly by the
""I'-i'i when ilu* team brought
"I' against ., rock pile that it had
10 be shot. F. Kelly of the
1 "'''���' Transfer Co., owner of
"" horse, at mt,. last nighl to the
"���uncil io have something done
" ,l"'   into.    11 was proposed
'lie matter to the Chief
"I   Polici
Morrisse) was Btr0ng for the pro-
[mio" "i women and children
���" ���'������������< from runaways con-
wacring the condition of the streets.
AH ilic blame was not attached.
'" thc auto by Alderman Smith
*'h��kncw that lhe team had been
''" "'watched and untethered.
After sonu* talk on the subject
""' ""'I'cil decided to leave the
"''"";' With Un* Chief of Police
*'ho " lo warn the owner of the
l""' ���'���"1 al��0 to get after the
"Wl" of teams and drivers to
^ ' 11icir horses watched or prop-
">��� weigh ted when left.  Alderman
layton was emphatic on the
**���&��� question insisting on the
regulation weight.
L��cal Labor Men Held May Day
I his   was   Alderman
suggestion.     Alderman
that mound of ground near the
Oucen's Hotel and heard speeches
by Messrs. Morse, Montgomery
Denny and others. The event
was the celebration of May Day,
a tlay lhat is a red letter one in
the world of labor.
The rostrum for the speakers
was a slump of a tree which sto,��l
on a high knoll of ground and from
this the speakers explained the
advantages of labor organization,
condemned the capitalists antl in
short, gave instructive addresses
to the live hundred odd men and
boys who formed the audience.
In the background on the highest
point of the hill the red tlag of
socialism antl labor fluttered in
the breeze,
The meeting was closed by A. 0.
Morse singing "The Red Flag."
Mr. Morse is a gootl singer anil the
sighl of him Standing on the tree
stump with the shades of night
falling antl all his hearers listening
attentively was a novel one.
English   Sculler   Defeated   Albany by Five Lengths Today
(Special to the Daily News)
London, May 2.���Before 60,000
enthusiasts who lined the course
from Putney to Mortlake on the
Thames river, Barry, the Knglish
sculler and holder of the championship, defeated Albany by five
lengths in 23 minutes 2 seconds.
Barry was the favorite on the
M^Ws of the P. R.I. A., and
urcrsm sympathy with the labor
'vcm�� t, all wearing red badges,
grouPed together last evening on
Royal   Lunch   Restaurant
The well-known and established
"Royal Lunch" between Central
and (irand hotels, has been thoroughly-overhauled, redecorated and
renovated and will open for busi-
tless on Wednesday next. The
management is in the hands of
two capable young men and their
patrons may be assured of every
satisfaction. *'*
Deal in Naval Stores Followed
by Fines
Victoria, May 2.���The Victoria
Machinery Depot and John Day
of Esquimalt were each fined
11,000 this morning by the Collector of Customs. The company
had purchased from Day a quantity of stores from the Naval
Yard, on which duty had not
been paitl.
Estimate of Loss in  Blaze at
Bangor, Maine
TOTALS $3,000,000
One Hundred Business Blocks
and Three Hundred Houses.
Seventy-five Families Destitute.   Two Deaths Reported.
(Special to ihe Daily News)
Bangor, Maine, May 2.���The
adjusters for lhe fire companies
are on the ground here today, and
fix the lire Ion at 18,000,000 of
which one and a half millions is
covered by Insurance.
The lisl of Injured buildings
shows that one hundred business
blocks were destroyed by thc
flames, antl twn hundred antl
eighty-live houses. A large number of families are homeless, seventy-live of them being quite destitute. Two bodies have been
recovered this morning. This is
believed to be the entire death
mm***.���~~~ ^.+
Northwestern League
Vancouver (i, Portland 3,
Spokane (i, T.icoina 3.
Seattle   aS,   Victoria   7,   eleven
National League
Philadelphia 3, Boston 1.
Other games postponed (rain).
American League
Detroit 14, Cleveland 5.
Boston II, Washington 2.
Other games postponed (rain).
Unknown   Gent   Professes   to
Have a Reliable Tip
(Special to the Daily News)
Vancouver, May 2.    A speaker
;it the Ward Liberal meeting lasl
night declared that the Dominion
elections will be on in two months'
(ime. He said he hatl reliable
information to that cITccl.
One of the Best Known Miners
in the Province
(Special to the Daily News)
Vancouver, May 2. Tom Flynn
one of the oldest and best known
miners and prospectors in the
province died in the hospital here
last night. Flynn owned some
valuable claims ii the Kootenay
and was Interested in the Bulkley
Pacific Coast League
No games (rain).
Dominion  Govt.  Gives Handsome Subsidy for Dry-dock
(Special to tin* I )aily News)
Ottawa. May 2. lt was ollicial-
ly announced today thai the Federal Government will pay a three
antl a half per cent annual subsidy
on 13,600,000 foi a dry-dock antl
shipbuilding plain at Esquimalt
Plans for the plant have been
prepared and approved by the
Government The dry-dock will
have a length of 000 feel.
Mr. P. Mullen, late head barkeeper of the Royal Hotel, has
accepted a similar position at the
Central Hole! (Mr. Peter Black).
Pete will be pleased to have all
his old friends call on him there.
Vancouver Employers Want to
Find Explosive Fiend
Still on the Hunt for Man Who
Wrecked the Dickie Building
with a Can of Nitro-glycerine.
(Special to the Daily News)
Vancouver, May 2.���After waiting a week without receiving any
word as to who blew up thc
Dickie building on Seymour street
with nitro-glycerine, lhe Employers' Association antl Builders Exchange this morning increased their
offer lo 14,000 from $2,t)(M) for
information, lhe police an- following up trails, but so far the
whole mal ter is shrouded in mystery, with little to poinl to the
identity   of   lhe   guilty   parly   or
Seventh  Ave.   Plankway  to be
Done by Public Works Dept.
The cily council last nighl at
the request of Messrs. Denton &
Williams, relieved them of their
contract to plank Seventh avenue
from Fulton Btrcet to Dunsmuir,
and passed a resolution to have it
done  by   the  new   Public   Works
Polling Next Week to Fill Aid.
Pattullo's Place
Motion Accepting Aid. Pattullo's Resignation and Declaring Office Open Passed. City
Clerk Woods Returning Officer,
On Thursday May I Ith, polling
will lake place at the City I bill
for the election of an alderman to
occupy the seat at the council
board left vacant by the resignation of Alderman Pattullo. City
Clerk Woods has been appointed
Returning Officer.
On Monday Sth nominations
will be received at the Ciiy Hall
in connection with this Bye-Elec-
Alderman Pattullo's resignation
was accepted formally by the
city council lasl night. The motion
was made by Alderman Kirkpatrick and seconded by Alderman
Newton, the office declared vacant,
antl steps taken to fill it.
C. P. R. Places Contract This Morning With  Paisley
Firm, for a New Princess, to be Ready for the
Prince Rupert  Run Next Spring   To
Cost Nearly Half a Million
(Special to the Daily News)
Victoria, May 2.���A contract
was lei this morning by the
C. P. R. steamship company for
a new boat for the Prince Rupert
run. She will be a fast modern
vessel ol sleel construction, handsomely fittetl up ami driven by
oil burners. When completed and
put on the run, she will have cost
nearly half a million dollars, The
contract has been given to Bow,
MacLachlan & Co., of Paisley,
Scotland, The new vessel will
measure 240 feet long with a beam
of   11  feel.
The new boat will be ready for
service for next spring, and will
ply between Vancouver, Victoria
and Prince Rupert She will lathe finest of the Princesses in
the northern waters.
Horse  Had   to  be   Shot  After
Runaway Yesterday
As a result of the runaway of
the team of horses belonging to
the Union Transfer Co., yesterday
afternoon, one of them was so
badly injured that it hail lo be
shot. It was worth $250 and $">()
damage was done to the wagon.
The horses were Standing near
the police station on Third avenue
and it is alleged they took fright
at lhe automobile and boiled.
Just at the corner of Third avenue
and McBride street the wagon
turned over and pulled one of
lhe horses down. One of the
animal's hoofs was torn off.
Heavy Criminal List
New   Westminster,   May  2-
(Special)��� At   the   spring   Assizes In the case of the new born infant
which   open  here on  May   Kith found dead in a ditch here ,t coro-
An Unknown Murder
Vancouver, May 2. -(Special-
there are eight criminal cases antl
one civil action set down for trial.
m-r's jury today returned a verdict
of   wilful   murder   against   some
The former includes one murder I party  or  parties  at  present  uncase, that from Hazelton. known.
Ministers from Big Bay District
in Session Here Today
Today the district meeting of
thc Methodist Church is being
helil in the church near the Ca. T.
P. Annex. Several ministers from
the district which covers lhe territory bounded by Rivers Inlel,
Hazelton, Bulkley Valley, Queen
Charlotte Islands antl Stewart,
are here.
The lirst meet ing was held this
morning. Tonight an opening session will be held. The chairman
of the conference is Rev. Ca. II
Raley   of   Port   Simpson.     Other
ministers and laymen in the city
lo attend the conference are:   Rev.
C.S. Reddick, of Port Kitamaat;
Dr. J. C. Spencer, <��f Skidegate;
Dr. R. W. Large, of Port Simpson;
Rev. W. H. Pierce, of Port Ea*
sington; Rev. J. Nixon, of Stewart; Rev. Mr. Butler, of Alder-
mere; Lewis Edgar, of Port Simpson; and Rev. C. J. Sing of Prince
Coastwise  Report  with  Movements of Shipping by Wireless
Ex-Editor Dan MacGillicuddy of Calgary, Hints That an  Ottawa
Minister Whose Name is Not Given, Accepted $50,000
Bribe to Let a Railway Company Exchange a
Tract of Swamp Land for Prairie
Reilly's Bakery Lunch sells tin-
best bread and pastry in town,
as well as lunches.
(Special lo the Daily News)
Toronto, May 2.���lt is slated
here that a charge has been made
by Dan McCaillictlddy, until recently editor of lhe Calgary News,
against a niemner of the l.aurier
Cabinet, in connection with a
grant of western lantls. The charge
is lhal for a sum of 150,000, said
to be traceable on the credit side
of   a   certain   bank   account,   an
order-in-Council was put through
at Ottawa, permit ling a railway
company to exchange (Hit),(HID acres
Manitoba swamp land for 060,000
acres of fertile prairie land in
.Saskatchewan. The inference iii
Mr. McC.illictiddy's charge is lhat
the minister charged,accepted the
sum for his services in recommending thai the ortler-in-Cotincil
be granted.
Weather conditions are rougher
along the coast now than they
have been for some days. Rain is
falling, and there are strong winds
and rough seas at Skidegate and
ikeda. Fog prevails at Triangle,
rain at Tatoosh and Pachena,
Cape Lazo and Point Grey. Prince
Rupert is evidently faring better
than most other coast points as
the weather today though cloudy
is not wet, and there was sunshine
in the forenoon.
Triangle reports speaking the
Pri.ice George at 6.16 p.m. in
Milbank Sound southbound, also
the Zealandia at 10.30 p.m. 600
miles off Cape Flattery eastbound.
Tatoosh reports the out steamer
N. S. Clapp at 5 a.m. and thc
Northwestern out at 2 a.m. Cape
Lazo reports U. S. S. revenue
cutter Manning northbound ai
H.'M), Prince Rupert northbound at
11.20, steamer Dolphin northbound
at 11.35 and Prince George southbound at  11.46.
Will Carry Freight North Calling at All Way Ports
Grand Trunk Will Cultivate
Freight Traffic Along Route
from Vancouver to Prince
Rupert. Pioneer Boat Henriette Begins the Work.
Responsible officials who have
been approached here for an explanation say thai the accusation
of dishonest dealing is an improper
inference from the fads. They
say the company is question was
entitled to select 660,000 acres ol
land, and finding none suitable in
Manitoba, applied iu the usual
way for an ortler changing the
territory for selection to Saskatchewan.
Willing to make war on Prince
Rupert's ral population foi' -t
retaining fee of Slit) per month and
5 cents per rat killed, T. Reid has
applied for th ��� post of Cily Ratter. I left over for the Henriette
Believing that there is plenty of
room in the trade to Northern
British Columbia ports for another
steamer, the Grand Trunk Pacific
Steamship Company has just completed arrangements for die placing of the Henriette on the route.
lt is the intention of the company
lo   give   a   scmi-inonthh    service
by du- Henriette to all pons as
far north as Prince Rupert, in
clinling ihe northern canneries
According lo ihe schedule which
has been arranged lor (he Henriette, she will leave here every
ilternate Wednesday, making her
first trip on the run on Wednesday
of this week.
Hitherto the G. T.  P. lias not
had   any    vessel    calling   at    the
various pons between Vancouver
and Prince Ruperl, the large steamer running direct to the northern
city. Ihe Henriette is well known
is a freighter and besides being
able lo handle general merchandise
she will be well equipped for the
carrying of lumber and heavy
freight. Much of the freight which
is now carried by the Prince
Rupert and Prince George will be
He is prepared to supply at his
own expense all the. necessary
appliances for the campaign antl
poisons or whatever may be needed
It is the intention of the company
to use the Henriette on the ncw
run lo work up the trade for tht
Prince Albert, which will com
according to the plan he adopts, jmence the work in June on llv
It was understood by some conn- arrival of the Prince John fror
cillors lhat Mr. Reid intends to England for the Queen Cluirlolt
use ferrets and traps. His ap- Islands run.
plication remains meantime with I Repairs to the steamer Print
the health committee who havclRupcrt are being made in Seatl
repotted in favor of the appoint-1 and it is saitl thai she will i
ment of an official rat-catcher.        ' norlh again shortly.
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Compuny, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, BOc- per month, <>r $5.00 per yt-ur, In advance,
Weekly, $2.00 per year,   Outside Canada   Daily. $8.00 peryear; Weekly,
18,60 par yt-ur, strietly in utlvaiice.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVBRTISING-BO cents per Inch.   Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Rupert, B. t'.   Telephone 98,
New York���National Newspaper Bureau, -lit East 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle   Puget Sound News Co.
London, Enoland���The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
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"The newspaper, with the law, shoultl assume the accused Innocent
until proven guilty; shoultl be the friend, not tin* enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the Invader of private lift* anil
the assailant of personal character. It should be, as it were, a
keeper of tlie public conscience."-Henry Watterson.
Daily Edition.
Tuesday. May 2
The spectacle of an affrighted team in lull gallop along Third
avenue plankway yesterday afternoon, at a tinn* when women and
children are likely to be on their way to and from town, is a sufficient
reason for leaving the far off field of foreign politics, anil turning our
thoughts to things nearer home. Had the team not fallen al the
corner of McBride street, a worse accident might easily have befallen.
Instead of a valuable horse lieing killed, it might have been a much
more valuable group of children. Knowing thai McBride street
plankway on a Bunny afternoon, is a favorite walking ground for
mothers antl children, it was with a sigh of relief that many people
saw the unfortunate team antl wagon go to destruction on the rock
There is a regulation in lhe Streets Traffic By-law passed by thi-
late city council to the elicit thai every horse left standing on the
street must have a sixteen pound weight attached to the bridle. It
is safe to say thai few in Prince Rupert have seen a horse tethered
to a weight on our streets. No attempt has been made to enforce
the regulation. Indeed, the Mayor when asketl about the matter
Ulis morning did not know there was such a regulalion in the city
Whatever necessity there may be to enforce such a by-law in other
cities, the need is doubled in I'rince Kuperi. With no wide streets
for leeway, or pavements to take refuge on, our women and children
are at the mercy of runaway teams. Even to the strong man who
may attempt the task of slopping them, the personal hazard is increased
by the narrowness of the plankways.
The regulation is entirely to the benefit of the teamowners. As
iu yesterday's accident, the loss of a valuable horse and the wreckage
of a wagon, is ihe penalty which is liable to fall on the owner, whose
team is unprovided with the regulation weight.
Luis i< nml 0. Block 2S,
Section 1*
s::i , 2fi per cent, cash,
balance l, 2, 3 yeara,
7 pet cent.
NEWSPAPERS    | , p   .*    Costs Too Much, Too
ARE PRAISED    Yes; Some hood rrmttng v-^^^^^_____l_^
President   of   Big   ^enisiti,  ^ ^ T1,e temptation tJ*^JJ
Firm Decides Best Medium      I H��j���   j*   >        ^   .^   ��� h,gh  class  "J**   ta .,   all'ttrtiann8llip ||
  ,_K,_,V     ) But  it's  not  always Justifiable-not ev.      *.... y ��� M  ,8  pro.
RESULT OF EXPERIENCE     + nowadays the standard ia hlgher - the doom c (g  ^ ^  cost ��n
  t nounoed.     So that, as to printing, high grao r |t at Mme plaoei| ';*;���..
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
President   of   Big   Advertising
Firm Decides Best Medium
Newspaper is Quick Action Rap
id Firing Gun That Gets Results       Influences       Public
Mind in  Remarkable Way
Good for All Classes.
Chicago, April 28, Daily newspapers as effective advcrdsing mediums wen- given unstinted praise
by President David L. Taylor
of the Taylor-Critchfii
tising Company at o
given in his honor b;
vertising men of Chicago
than at others
.    , ,. ���       The temptation to charge
tLSs8tff'cla9Tssorv.cPe,   is   always   nat.,,1
always justifiable - not   even
the standard is higher-the
S��� that, as to printing,   high  grade work
its worth; still, you can pay
-ami this shop  is one of
mors for it at
the  "others."
"If a Man Deceives You Once, Shame on
Him.    If he Deceives You Twice, Shame on You '
the  adit  the
*jp   v Monroe
\\   Phone us
Skivliu Uml Dstrict -DUUlM "1 QlMW C Iwrlailla*
l,l���.   ,a���,i,*a*   Hint   llaiirm*   Prilled   A   Mnct
KlIIKTl. II. C, aaccliputiaan liulchl-r, intend, til upply
la* pwrnWon io puKhue ilu- lollowini dwcrlbod
'"commtndoi at  �� posl  ptwtajd ibout  **t*B
������u, mal uml two mlta south ol tin* mouth oi
" iiil.v Ctttk when* il empties mi" Ntden
Harbor (iridium Islund, thence SO chums south,
,|ia<l.av Ml clillllll ��'��'��� thencc SU damns llnrlll,
tli.*iu*i* SU chains 1'iaal  tO IHiint 'it ci)lllllli'liax'iili*nl
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Northern Produce Co'y.
Sentl for our Weekly Price  List
Phone 151    -   Phone 151
i Phone
Blackstone   Hotel   dns   evening.
These statements by one ol the
recognized advertising authorities
of the country, after .1 discussion
of magazines, weeklies, bill boards
aud  other advertising  mediums. J Quw. clarion. ����^^ Dutrfet-Duirict oi
were received with great applattst
���,i oonulnlM .ao torn mate   ..,,,...,.*,,
itttd Mirth 17, lull       QKORQE I RIZZEU.
Pub! April 7.
Numa lia*im*ri, AKiaiil
if   their
The interview which Bishop DuVernet gave the Vancouver
press on the question of Indian title, reproduced on another page, is
well worth reading and paying attention to. The question of the
Indian title is one that will not down. The efforts lo misrepresent
die question, to make it appear as if the Indians are laying claim
to the whole of the land, or that they are asking anything other than
that the courts should decide the issue, only aggravates the situation, so that not merely justice-lovers, but truth-lovers are compelled
to enter the discussion.
Most contemptible of all, is the attitude of the lickspittle press,
of which British Columbia has a .goodly share, which for the sake of
the pap that comes the way of all who care to keep in line, echoes
the refrain of "Indians are only Indians.'' As if dial is a reason why
honest men should deny them justice?
The white passengers <>n the Iroquois who were rescued by Indians
after lhe white captain aud officers of the vessel had left "to go ashore
for help" luckily for themselves were not troubled with the finely
aristocratic   perceptions of die lickspittle press.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furniihed and
Steam Heated Rooms
iiatiis nun to quests
P.O. BOX .17
by the advertising men present.
"I am for the daily newspapers
strong, because I anorcciatc i
wonderful vitality
incuse circulation,'
Taylor, who as head of a great
advertising agency pi.ices millions
of dollars' worth of advertising for
over six hundred ol the leading
advertisers of the l nitcd States
and Canada. 'The daily newspaper is a great and i|iiick influence
on the public mind, lieing the carrier of the everydaj news in which
we are all interested, the advertising it contains naturally becomes
a part of that new.-.
"The metropolitan daily newspaper can no longer be considered
an exclusive city proposition. It
is a great big portion of the
country within the radius of the
city in which it i- published. It
is a quick-action, rapid-firing gtm
that gets immediate results.
"I recommend the daily newspapers not only in the general
advertiser for publicity, but to thc
mail order and agricultural advertiser who waul- to reach not
only tin- sin.ill towns, but also the
farming communities within the
radius of each city."
Among the other speakers were
Senator Young, Editor Robert N.
Davis and Prof. C. W. Burkctt.
Tain naaiiea* thot 1. J. 0, McNab ail Prinot Ru*
per'., occupation tfenerill UUt'lll. illta'tnl 111 lipplj)
lol l" rniMuli to praasperl lur coul nml |ii*ln.li*iiin
un tin* lailluwins ilasacrilical lunda:
I aiaiitiuaiicitiii nl ia posl |iliant<x| nt Uu* aua   >'-���' ��-
curnt" ot Sfrlloli t, Townsh P 2   liruhnm isluinl.
un.i muted J  0, M��N, s. i:. Corntr, thenc
waft SO chains, tha-nca*  mirth  SU chuinn.  tlumv
Ota su chums, thenca* auiulh SU chums to point 0.
. commencement. ,   _    .,..,,,
President ' D����l Murch S, 1911. J* 0, McNAd
I'ul. March 26? WUwn tiowlns. Aiwnt
BkHM Und District-DUlrict ol GoMt limine 1
luko notica* that Mary Murusrat lidlls ul Mc-
loriu, U. I'., occupulion hnuimkeepa-r Intend- to
uppt." lor pa*rmUualon lo porcluam; Ilu- followini;
lUitfrilMil lamls: .
Cuinmcncir.** ut u post plantail at tha* north a'tul
corlur ol Lot ll��6", thainca* 20 chuinti wu.1, thonea.*
20 chuins wuth, thonco "ill chain, wasal lo 1. I.
-   '.. thvnco about SU chulnu norlh In Laka'laii*
liiaa*r. llivnca- ma*uiiila*tiin! uuiil riaiT up utraaam in
U  aalUtltfiUlorlv   .in. ��� : . ���:.   taa  Ijtki'lm*  Ukl*.  U.a'IICai
moanalorins uuiil luko In point ail ciimiiii*iicvini*nt
caintalnlnil IHU arrt**, tniira or !-���*���
PM markisl M. \l. <i.. N  K. t nni.r.
1'.i.j.I Kali. H, l'Jll.
I'uh. March 4.    MAKY MAU(iAUET <iu.us
Sko na Und District���DUtrict ol Coaul ItunB 0
Tak. nonce that llanjuraiu Huaual Ilic. ol
l'nnc. Kupert, 11. C-, aacCU|aatmn aanltw. Inlen-l*
to uppljr Inr parmUsion to purcliuue Ih. Inllowine
il��*ril*l lunali: __. .
Comm.ncmt It a pout plunwJ U chuinn saiulli
Irom th. south .a��l cnriu* ol lyit WS0, ll'incaj .u
cliuin.. aa.nl, thonea* H chains nurlli, tin nca* ail
chains eust, thonc. Ufa chuins uaiulh la, point ol
caiinmi*nca*ini*nl; conlulnln( III ucr����, moro aat
las.   1-o.t naukial II. It. .1, S. E. Cor.
Duu*d Kah. ia, mn.  ,.
l-oh Murch t.        UKNJAMIN RD8SBL RICH
Skocnu Uml DUtrict -Dlitrict nl Caiail llaniw 4
Tako noUc* that Duall Mcl<*ini4ii ul I'rinni
ItuiuTt, II. C. occupulion clerk, inlenils to upply
lur |n riniasKan tn purchu*u tha* (ollai��-|nc alaaaacriliasi
lanals: ,
Caimmi-neini*. ul a po>l plunl.-l 1*1 cliains sinllh
Iron, the south most corner aal U.l SM, tlienc* lu
chains a-aaait, thenca* iu chains nnrlh, thenca* III
chsm> avaa,t, llienas* lu clian m -aail.'i lu i-aiul  aal
euiiiinetns ui,    caanuimntf   ISO acres,   ir.ory  or
Iraaa.   I'nat nuiki-l 11  M.. S   \\ . i '���*,
llal.-l Keh. IS, Ull DAVID McLI.NSAN
I'uh. Murch 4.
Skoon. Lanal 1'iHirlei  .|ii��irWotCoiit
Tai tl��  nm   Hume   Halilnslon  ol . I n ��e*
ItuLr t    .,,*.-.i|.ali.'liniu��lerniur:iiar  ilileniU
S'lauJ-   tO   leina*   th.   follOWlM
\Zi, iWclialn. along *����� to th.Rewv.lIwh
.i���lllV m , .ai chaim "mn* ur Im. to t
I,,,,,,,. i,.a, chains ulnni! ihor., th.ne
Xtl. mot* or lw W P.��>. oonwlnlng M0 ucma
;';;;;: r^,:.;,....,..,,.    hums babinoton
Pub. April IS.
t  no
nriiaapector;   inteliilii
iellia,*   lhe   lailiiwillK
ska.n.i Umal Hint rid-Dislrici nl Cmisl
r���ko i'.ii.v  lhat   William   MuntoralJ   . lWnC
Human    I),  d   iH*i*ii|'iiiinii
iaa spplv le* pMtnbnon to
"cSSSidlJrtl I Pl.ni.sl almut IHU (total
nuth el the Indian ttmmrn >." tht eu��. sula- 01
Qoom lluv mill .'ii lhe tm* i-iil", "I thi- |ii-nin��ula.
Ihence nuth N chaini along shun-. '.Ilenci* ��>'��
in chains to Doom Boy, ihenc* nunh ulnim ��h..n*
mi chain., Ihone. ��.*��t *" chuins nmra* or IH. 1"
pnaat. raanluinine :l'.'U ncres mun* or l,*ss.
bail I Mitr.li a imi
I'uh. April If'*
BkMM Unal District-District of Cout
Take nutlet* thot 1, William Anilersnn. of Viui.
ei'iiver. H.C occuiiation clerk. Intandi to apnb
for pi'i-mission to purchaae the fullowing ,l...a.riij.
a*(l undu
CninmencinK ut n pnst planteil nnd markod ���
A. naarthwest corner, nnd abuut 1 mile from \]vx'.
uniler lluehan northern laoundiary Una; ihence
smith Nl chiains. thenee enst Su ehiiii.a. ih,.nM
nurth 1*0 ehiiilis, thence west WI chnins. ta, ,aa,int of
euiunieiu'enu'iat. containinK 114.1 fteres inaare air !,���������
Dutiil 1st Ka*b. l'Jll Charles 11. Btark, Auent
I'ub. Keb. 26.
Ska*a*na Land District -District ol Quoon Chlriottl
'1'aki* naitice that Frank Levick ul Wiimlatoek,
(Int., occujmtion bookkeeper, intemls tu apply
[nr iHTinisiaion to purchase tho lollowinK th-acrilieti
Commencinu at a post plnnted aboul nvu
miles wa*sl und two miles souih ol the nouth ol
Stanley Creek where it empties Into Naalen
llurhur, tirahuna Island, thence NO cliain*a saaulh,
thenci1 HO ehains east, thence HO chains north,
thenca* HO chains west to point til comnienei'maant
und enntuning tilll acres moro or la*ss.
WfijJAlTMUNfORD    Daleal March 17. IHU. FRANK LEVICK
! I'ub. April 7. Numa Demon, An��n
Skeena Land Distrlcl-District of Ctmst
Take naatlee lhat I. Peter Iteid, of Vani-aniver.
H.C, occupation teamster, intendi tn npply for
permission to purchase thc following deaeriiieil
' I .a'liinencini; nt u post planltsl ulsiut n nuartor      OimniencInK nt a post planted nnd marka*d P.
ol u mile Irom lhe nurth wesl  cnrner ul Oiliaon   K.'s S.W. enrner nnd immailinlely idMnlni pint,
Idand a.n Ilia* suiil (iibsam Island, thence soulh 10   mnrka*al J.M.'s N.E. cornor nml A.H.'s S E ���
eli.iii.*.  il'.-nce a*ast   -0 chnini.  thenca-nor"''  '  '���'	
Sk.. nu Un.l District    District ol ( uus |
Take   notic.   that   Otis   J.   Htnsnn   ol   I nnce
I,       a    K. i'.. ircupation prospectair, llilnnils te
a|i|ila Inr |H*rmii��iain In lease the (.allowing descrllie.1
chain, iluiica* west ill chuins to point oleum-
meiaii'iiieiii. containing !*0 ncn*s mure nr lesa.
Datodtlth March. 1911
Water Notice
Uoain Churliitle lslunds Unai Histnct -Hislriel ul .,     .      .
Skeenu Ntitia*a* i*a lu.*ri*liy jjtvi-n that nn Bppll-
Tuke nolice thai 1, Juhn IMmt ul Vuncouver ration   will   In*   lllllili*  lllllliT I'lirt  V   <lf
occupation lariikir. inteml to apply (nr permissinn tl, . ,. aa*.., ...  �� .,      ,...... ���*   ���        a .���:
tn ptSpM lur coal ami pelruleuiu on thi lollowing .'"       "ill, I* Aft.    lllllli.       tn   aililltlll   11
dwcnu-ii lamls: iiiinsi* m tin* queen Clinrlntto Division
Commencing al a liaast plunteil about two miles ,tf .Sk.'i'lia District.
aouth snil two mila** west ol the muulh ni the
Tl-atl lli.ar und murked J. Mc.L. N. B. I asrinr.
No, 12, lha-nce saiulh HO chuins, lhenca> wa>st hii
chuins, Ihence marth Hll chuins, thence east HU
ehains to point nl ciimntenctncnt, containing
610 ucres, more or less.
Duted Kel. ':;!, l'Jll. JtHIN MeLEOD
I'uh. Tib, 21. Clurence McDuwell, Aga-nl
yaji-n Churlotie Islunita Uml llislrict ���Districl ol
Take notice that I, John H*Lt**S nl \'uncouvor,
occupation broker, intend to apply lur permission
to prospect lur coal and pelroleum on the lulluwing
deaacrilied lunds:
Commencing at a post planteal aliout two miles
south und two miles west ol the mouth o( the
chuins, thenoi south HO chuins, thence east HO
chsins to point ot commencement: containing lilO
acres, more or lisas.
Iisi.il Kel,. ������:.'. mil JOHN MeLEOD
Puh. Feh. 2*. Leslie E. Waller, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District���Disirict of
Take notice thut I, John McLeod of \ancouver,
laCCupation broker, intenil to apply (ur per*nl*a**,iin
tn proapect for coul and petruleum on the following
descirtia-d land:
Commencing at a post pl*anta*d aliout twu milei
north ul the mouth of th* Tho! r ver an marked
J. Mel... s. \V. Corner. Nn. 4, thencc north HO
chsins. thence east HU chains thenc south HO
chasins, thenee Wiat HO chu.ns tn puint of cum
meiieemt.nl; containing Gl'i aeria*. more or It-.
Da-nl Feb 29, mil. JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. Ktb 117. T. E. Wall'T. Agent
(ii) Tin* name, address and oceupation
of tin- applicant in George Young,
Victoria, B.C.
ill' for mining purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No	
(li) The name of tin* lake, stream m-
source (if unnamed, the description
in) Ain I.aka* anil Ain River,
(c)   The point nf diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
Oil   The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) 1000.
TIVI Hiver and marked   J. Mc.L. S. E. Corner,    fa)    *]*|R,   character   of   tin*   !ironn*ta*il
No. IH, ihence north HO chains, thence west  SO    '   '      ,        ,"J"    '" .  '"',.   P���poSl'U
work . dam, Hume, pipe-Una, power
engines, plant, i*tt*.
(f) The prrniist's on which Che water
is to In* useil {describe sume) at or
near moutli Ain River,Masset Inlet.
(gl The purposes for which the water
Is to lie useil Is for power development ami mill operations.
(h) If for Irrigation, describe the
land to lie Irrigated, giving  acreage.
(i) If the water is to be used fcr power or mining purposes, describt the
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel,   antl
the difference In altitude between the ,
pnint of diversion and point of return, '
At or near mouth of Ain Uiver.about,
160 feet below lake level.
(j) Arm ..f Crown lnnd Intended to he
occupied iiv tbe proposed works	
Bfi��s^le^.��& %?& "fr zu,_s��*-**.,m uil'
\_V-*L'SSS ���0".i.,^,," _*****. "isnca* eu, no.    ��W1 day ol   April, mn, and ai.plicii-1
who or Whosj \-S_u lir��� ,ikl, , ��� "* gj
QaiMn.C.harle'-' t-i*���.-.--...... .    .. .���.*.:,...\,.,l ...   ;\  v '
Qusen Churlotte l.lumls Um! Dbtrlct���Dlitrict
Tske nnnre Hi.i |, J���hn Mel/iu I ul Vancouvair,
oeeuiaslii.n broker, intenil to apply liar permiasiain
tai paiaapeet loa Coal aaat pettuleum nn the li.lliiwins
descnlieal \mn-l:
..^a.m!I!'.^e)n, *   * I"���1 Plunteil almut Iwu miles
���mmm ,-.,;K ��*��. 1>talrict(,    ^Stlyhnmi wo&.rtth��'
otic that 1  j���h��� kUUod ,,l Vancouver es-2       U,,t-     None-
a. laa.aker   Intenil taa apply Inr permlwiiim I QEORGE   YtHINfl
ft Inr coul unil lietriileum on the lolliiwlnv \ It    RataMtol. ,*'
I***"*". . Ml'.O. BoxSBS. Pel,...'..','.,ml H*'.Agent
Is Still Going on
T��kft wrt.lt'
ti> (irt��tt��r(,
dencrtticd I     _
CurnrnciiCinK at �� t"*t PUBtM rant two mUt ���
north awl two milo* wwl ol the mouth ol Tl-*\
��� . . .
Pool Block,    3rd Ave
Uncle Jerry Put Through  Big
ILand Deal on Saturday
Intending t" um the land for
speculation xhih* Vancouver capitalists have purchased tlim- hundred iintl twenty acres adjoining
the townsite of New Hazelton
from Uncle Jerry. Tin- deal \va>
closed <m Saturday by Fisher iV
Wharton for thc Vancouver people
and Alfred CarasforMr. Kugler,
The sinic people an- uIm, tlick-
eriiiK for ;m additional BOO acres
near the New Hazelton iiu.i-ih
and l'ncle Jerry say* thc deal
Will likely lie closed tlii- weak.
The Nile price of the I.mil \v.i��
*.">(> ;m aero.
Sko.-t.ii Uml District- District of C.wst
Ttkt notin that I.Mrs. John Corto >*t I'rinee
Itiilierl. H.C. aarrupntiun nuarriisl wuman. intemls
tu apply for piTtliissiun to pnrehnse the fnllnwinK
.la     a a al. .|   lj't,.l
C.aiiiineneiiiKiil n port planud in a*hnins easl
anil li' ehalns s.uilh (rum the s.aiithvaest eorner nf
lol l .. CoUt Di-lriet. Run .'*. thenee suuth Mi
ehains. thenea* east in i-hitins. thenee nurth so
ehalns. thenee wa-st 111 chainsniura-air less to the
point  of  eaimmeneeineiit.  a-ontainlnir *12" area's
mora* ur less. _   _	
MltS. JOHN lleittlel COK1.KY
Data* Mar. in, Hall
I'uli. Apr. 4. UU
Skeona Land District���Dislrici ot Coast ItanRe I
Tuke iioiica* ihat Mury lla-ll lleuton ol Vuncou
ver, 11. Cm occupation spinster, intends to apply
lur i-'mi.i*   to purcllaise the following deacrilieil
Commencini; ul a post planlitl ut that north
east ruriier nl I��ot It'.a-aO, thenca* ahout ill) chuina
north to tot itU, theno* til) chains west I' Lot
.lias*.!, thenc alaout 30 chains aouth to Lot 39H1,
thnn PI chains easl, thence Jn chains south to
I ���! li- ' Ihence 20 chains a'lasl. Ihence JO chaini
...   north, thenco 20 chains east  to point ol com-
tJSSRKttCS Xt^tluZ ��?j35 - -��siLsni ^irA
oaNattRlwwhtn DwUvaUka trail Im>ImIrJSSSSAtix.   *&&$*$&'}  nn irat.
a.,.1 DM mil- in n noMh.*.ly dlwcUoft from tht I mgy^ **11*      MAln   UKLU "ATOM
���.ml Ijivb ljikr trail. Uwnoi n-nh m ehalni,   l^J" ���-T-n *
theme ��*:i-i B t'h.uti". ihrmv wuth   -, rhaint.
SSuTni^W SS? to ,,mnl "f r"mmrnc,"m",t'!      Pmm Und DhtrM - DUtrkt of UmM
Data Krii. -i'vAl.
Puh. Mar. 10.
.Skrrna Un.lDlslritt    Dlatriel of OUblar
Takr nuiirv that ! Iluuh O. Gllllaol Prinea KO*
i.��'U, iw*t*ii|.iit."i. taborar* Intandi t��* upciy r<>r
parmlaalanto iwrchaw thv f.*lltnvimr iiciriiUii
III ��� ll l' I'll lis      Take rmtictMhnt 1. J   11.  MrAmrhey of I'rinci*
Jtwuh Urlwv. Attmt! Kuwrt. i��uj.ation miner. Inu-ndi to apply for
pi>rm:*-ion t" pur.-hiiM' lho following ilc^i.*rtlM<��l
CnmmrnrinK nt n p.����i ptnntrtl at thi< *,.ut hwr��i
rornrr of lot 22lit, tlnmct* cant 4<> rhainn, UMACI
-������i��th ri chain*,  thonce waat 40 ehalUi   lh��nco
lo purchaiw  lho (ttHuwing   north ri chain* to point of commonromont, con*
lainim* '__*��� nm*** moro or lo����.
Skeena l^ml I>intrict -IhMriet *4 Coaat
Tako tioiin* that tilunn MeArthur of VancoU\cr,
11.  C, occuiiation real  ontato agent  init*nd�� tu
appi> lor pandn
<ii-��ril^<l lands:
(Kititmncng al a t��"t plar.lo<l 40 chainn *"*>i Dato Pab. V*. I'.'ll
and Mi chainn wuth ���>( lho nouUiwim cornor ol j'nl, VVh. 2-*>. l'.ill.
Lot N��. *"*������������ Btthad lilotin McArthurV north-
woit corner, ihenn> Miuth IU chaina, ihencv vkl<i
Ml <���!.;.r. . thonco mvth 40 ehxin-, thenci* Wait
Ml chaint to |m��m o( commencement, cuntainini
m2ii acn'K mnre ��r Iran.
lut..! M.tr.i,:., I'.-u.      lil.KNN M,-\iiTHi i;
Tub. April I.'-.
Aii'ltew Ke'mwly, A won I
nor; thonce north WI chains, thonce eant 4" chaini,
thanM lOUth WI chains, thonco west 40 chains, lo
pnint of commoncemont, containinu 8SQ at-rei
moreorloM. I'KTKK UYAU,
Ihiitillit Feb. 1911 Charlea H. Allen. Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skwna Land Diatrict -DUtrict ol Quoen Charlotte
Take notice that Cioorge W. Arnott nl l'nt,ce
UuihtI,   II.   CL   occupation   roal   estate   broker,
intends to apply for permission to purcha*-* the
(ollowing doaonbad laubi
Commencing at a post plantisl abuut Mm
milea and ono-hatf milo woat and one mile south
from the mouth o( Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor,
thence wont HO chains, thencu nouth SO ci.titu,
thenci* east Su chains, thonco north SO chains.
Dated March 17, 1011. GEO. W. A KNOTT
I'ub. April 22. Numa Demers, Auent
Skeona Land Dintrict���Dintrict ol Quoon Charlotta
Take nutioe that J. H. Murphy of Vuncou wr,
1'.. C, uccupation commorcial traveller, intendi
to apply (or purWiaion to purchase the followini
described landa:
Commencing ut a post plantod about ^vtn
miW west and one milo south (rum lh.' mouth
of Stanly Creek, Nation Harbor, thenci* north *t)
chains, thenci' wiwi 40 chains, thonce south M)
chainn, thenco easl 40 chainn.
Dated March 17, 1��11. J. H. MURPHY
Tub. April '22. Numa Demers, Agent
Skoena Land Af (strict��� District of Queen Cbarloue
Tuke notice that Coo. 11. Laux o( Prince Huju-rt.
lt. C, occupation barber, Intendn to apply for
iMTmiHMon tu purchase the following OMlribld
Commencing at a pott plantod about MM
mil<�� weM and one mile nouth (rom the mouth
o( Stanly Crook, Naden Harbor, thenco south Ml
chainn, thenci1 weal -10 chains, thenco north N)
chains, (hence oust 40 chains.
Datad March 17, 1911. OBO. II   I.AIX
I'ub. April 22. Numa Demers, Agent
Skoona Uui.l District���District of Coaat
Tako notlai lhat  Fred  W.  Bohler of Kit-urn-
kalum, occupation  farmer, intends lo ��j.p]\ (or
iwrmhnion   lo   purchaae  the  lollowing  tle^criM
Commencing at a post planteil at thi north-
east corner of A. McLood's pre-emption, th��*n��
20 chains aouth, thence 10 chains oast, UmomSI
chains north,  thencc 10 chains wont  to piM n
Skeima l.iit.il Distrit-t-Dintrict of Canniar
Tako notice thai I Holcom Mel lonnld of  I'rince
llopvrt. ll.C.. oei'tipatiuii lalmror, intends to ap
i%   oly foi |M<rtiiission to purchase the followinK de-
T. D. Uirii. Agent   **���& �����*��
l *nnmoncii,i! at a post   planted   throe and  one-
half miles in an easterly diroelii>n fr��m tho point
Cout Kangi* 5 Land DMriet on Naan Kivor where the Lava Irfiko trail begins
Tako nutice that I, Juhn Hepburn ol KU- and one mile in a northerly direction from the
sumkatum, i��cupation farmer, inlend lo apply said Lnva t��ake trail, thonco north Hi chains,
(or in-rniivioii io purchase ihe (olluwng descrilied ihence wail v. chain*-, thonce south ni chains,
lunds: thence east chains to |H��int of commencement,
Cumtiii ncing at a post planteil at lhe northuL t   containing rilo acres,
cornor *A Un WM, therm* east 20 chains, thonea   Data K-*b   t. \\*l\.
noulh   10 ohains  thence  west  10  cl.atJ,   tlience   I��nb. Mar. lo,
nurth to chains to place ol commencement-
Datisl March \\ 11*11. JuHN  IILI'IH |(N
I'ub April 16.
iuii.coM m.dosai.d
Joseph Holway. A|{enl
Skeena Und District���Dutrict of Coast lUnge 5
Take notic.* that Ab*\inbr lh?alt>n ol Vancou*
yir, II. ('., occupaUon MPMtafi intends to apply
Skivna Un.l DUtrict    DUlrict of Coast Kango V
Take   muire   lhat    Kdilh   Alice   Crowther   ol
lkli-g.    Yorkshire,  Kngland,  occupation spinster,
talandi to apply for |M*rmUsion to purchase the
following doaarwad lands:
Cnmmencing at a |mst planted at the south ea��t
lor permission to purchaae thv lolloering deacrilieil corner <���( nurveytil lot :I01H, Range :��, Cua-t Im..
lun.ls: trict. thonco north along the rasterU limit of the
t ummencing at a |��ost planl.tl SO chaini south said lot  U chainn mon- or h*s to Um wmiht rlv
from Km  nuuth wvsl corner of Lot MM,    Pint limil   nl  Uit :M��h&, Kange ft, coan district. thrn<v
markeil A.  II., N,  W. Corner, thenoe JO chains a*st along the snutherlv limit of the la*t  mantlonad
south, thenre ***** chains east, thence Mi chains lol  00 chaina lo   a   point,   tlirmv in   a nouih-
Queen Charlotte 'slands Und DUtrict     District o!
Take nntln> that I, John McI^mI of Vancouver,
north, ti*-   .i   au chains w.-*t  tu  i-omt   of com*
DMMMnintl containing JdO acres, mOre or h-as.
Hal.il Keb. IS, 1911.      ALL \AMH.K HKATUN
I'ub. March 4.
commencement containing 20 acn-n mon1
Datad April io, mil.
I'uh. April 22.
Fred Hampton, Ajent
Skeana Land District   LKitrtd of Cassiar
Taka notica thnt 1 Andrtnr Cununlnsi uf Van-
.*ouvor. it c , a,,-,->iptiti,,n ��-.��.k. Intmoi  to applv
occupation hrnker,_ laland lo appl>  for pmW��i    ^JES*"*��� '" """ *"'*" '''" '"""*'"* 'W*ctiit'
lo prospect (or coal and petroleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the mouth ol
tho Tl-el Kivor and marked J. McL. N. K. Corner, No. BOi thence south SO chains, thence MM
SO chainn, thonco north SO chains, thonce rait no
chair,.. ;o (mint of commencement; containing Md
acren, more or less.
Dated Feb. 21, 1911 'JOHN   McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. *��__ Lmiiv J*;. Walter. Agent.
Queen Charlotte Inlandn Und DUlrict���District ol
Tako notice lhat I, John McUod ol Vancouver,
occupaliun brokor, intend to apply lor permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted aboul two miles
west pf Um mouth of the Tl-el Kivor and marked
J. McL. N. F. Corner, No. 49, thence south SO
chains, thsnee WMt so chains, thonce nnrth HO
chains, thonce east 80 chainn to point of commencement; containing <>I0 acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 21. 1911 JOHN McU��KD
Tub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Qxnmandnir at a pool plantad three and ..n<*
half mltn in an aaatariy dliwUoti from ihe polnl
on Naaa Klvtr whatv tna Lava Laha trail baftM
naar tin* trail, thrnn* waal ay chalna, thanM south
BQ cbalnit thanea aaat ���> chains thanaa nonh *���
chain* to point of OOmtMnoaflMftt, t'onlaininK tHo
I'ub. Mnr. L0, Joseph Holway, Aaent
erly direclinn :i"�� chains purullel to lhe said
easterly limit of lot :I991, Ihener in a weit-
erly 'lirect ion fin ehalni mon* or \t*m 10
the (mint ol CMmnienivrni-nt emitaining 210 acri*'
���OH or loaa.
ts     ...     , - !i?lTH A,lt:K CROWTHBR
Dated March H, 1911,
I'uh. March 2ft.
Skivna Und DtatHH    Ih-iriri of Cas-iar
Take  notin* thai   I.   p. rr)   QtMMMB -J   I'rince
Kui-n. li. c, oeeiipatlon proipaeujf, Intand to
applv  lor tiermUsion  to puroMM the lollowini
��� li -crii*** I lands:
Commencing at �� pnM  plantnl in the vicinitv
o| U,*r*v IUv, almut  tlr Ightl i,( | nu!.- .,.*,||,
of Hh- mouth M the H..nan*a (>i*k, and  being
on the easterly boun-larj   o( Tlmbaf  Umlt  No
north and iwo milns wiml ul lhe mouth ul Tl-e\ 1      NOTK    One v\\\_\v f������t ,.������   u,���,   ,   .
"liver an.l marked J. McL.. S. W. Corner. Nn. B\��qUIVfcUnt tO 86 71  m ,_S       IV00*   U
thence   north   M   chains,  thence  east   W  chains. 1 i,,lVl    *.   ���,   , "MMrt tnOB��|,
then^ ��!S HO chains, thence west B0 chain, ^ \* W.  April B0f  1*��U. Aui
JkwiT 3 eoroinei,ci.ment:   conUining 610 MM,I- ,"
n,ore AJf%a ion' JOHN McLKOD i      ., I
KKtfW' T * w'ltc" Agpnt    Viml,,rium **m ewr��. -Photic i\
ntul 148.76 payable October 80th, I!U1
and M8.78 payable October 80th, 19U
will itcure either of thtM loU
LoU 18-14 Hlock K Section 7
Wc are agenti f(.r tha old rollabla
Phoenix, Liverpool nml London and
Globe and Itritisli America Fire ln��ur-
anca Cotnpaniaai
Mil aar Nai. ��tW. Ihain nuth III chmna alone
tha* a-at-ta-rly limit Ol ��� iM Tlnalat Limit Nai   IVM
. r No   ;MO 10 claiiiii.. ali-aic* OM i��� 11,,. .i,���r,T'���i
(iiaii*..* llay, �� ilialnana   ���l   HI r|������n mon. ���r ,
..    Ilirnaa* iinnhiTly aali.ni* Ihi ��liaara* ail lioa^.  R|��
II. C . aarctilaaalmra OUaftOOM DflWW, lnll*nil�� Iai ,|i|iiv     I" rlnlin* nmra* nr la ...  11 .,.,,���. ��,.,|,.r|y   |u ,(,,!,.���,
Inr (mrnii .i.an m imrcliiuw ilu* lullawlnit ili��ciiii**l   """*��� "* M m linini i.i oommencnntml containin.
lilll arn*a tnnti* air laiaa.
Slikinp Uml Ilialrict -Kialrict til C,
Talao nmla^* lhal ("hri-lnaaa A. Taarvn a.i Sliklno
I laiiitni-ncine al n poM iilaailail alimil IH chalna
north west ul llir cuMnm** *a.ara>hiiii*>a' at Stikina*,
li. 0a, thencaa aaa*��t 2H chaina, Ihi-nca* aanult ^11
chain*, thence a*a*il 20 chaina, thencaa north "JU
chainn tn |ailnl nl MUMMTaflMtf anil cainl.ininK
40 acn-a morn nr laawa.
Ilata-al Feb. 13, IUll.       ClllllSTIAS A. TKUVO
I'uli Alirl 7
Skeenn l^an.l Ditatrirt- Distrirt nf Cmaafnr
Taki'niitica* that I. John  Mclhannhl ..f  I'rinci*
ltii|ai*rt, 11.,'.. ihi iipa,inn laia,��*lkt*a*|acr. Intrnil.  tai
nt*|ily IOT lii'riiiiaiaiiin   taa  |iura*hniae  thn  fnlliiwlntt
ill nriilical lamls:
t'limmenritiK at a (mat (ilnnt.il three nml nna*.
Imlf inileaa In an eaaterly ilirectinn friam Ihe nailnt
nn Niiiiii ItiaaT wha-ra* tha* I,avn l^lke trnil lieailma
ami ime mile In ft northerly ilirectinn frnm tin*
���aiaial l.iivn Lake taail, thenre miutli a-itrtity ,-hiiiii.,
llii'ii.i* weal Ni rhtunaa. tha-nre na.rth 1.1 rhainn.
tlienre eiaat H* rhnin. tn paaiiil nf a-iiinrnenceinent,
riintninthK M0 acrea,
lliilil.l. .1. lilll.                    JOHN* MillONAl.D
I'uh. .Mara'h In. .1 ,.h Itelway, A^enl
Skinana Ijiml IJiatricl -Dlalrict ol Caul IUn��n
Take notico that 1, Lionel Kinc������!*���. nl Vaiatau*
vet, 11. C, occupation miner, inteivl in aplv'
fur tNTmiwiion to purcha*ac the followinR aleaacribed
CnnitnencinK at ft paast planted ni':ar thi ****
aaast cairna-r ol Lot 9112, HanKe 6, Cnaat Diatrict
thence a,t*nt 40 chains, thenco south 80 rhaina,
tlieiicai eoat 40 chains, thenco north tiO chaiM to
pnint aif commencement. ....
Ilnlail March 24, ISU,        LIONKL BN08U1
I'uh. April 22.
Skeenn Lnnil District- District nf Casaisr
Tuke naillct- thnt 1 Chnrles Morris of PrlM" ***���
liert, ll.t'., iipniia.ti Inborer. inten.la taa apply
fnr permiasion to purchnse the fiillnwina w *a'nl>-
eal lamls:
I'ainimencitirf at ft pnst plnnta*al thra-a* sn'l ainc*
half miles in nn enaterly tlirectinn frnm the s***
��� ���ii Niuas Kiver where the Uva Lake tr.i i I"*'"'
ntul una* mile in n nairtherly allrectinn fr"Hl tw
������iai.1   __*!**  I^aka* trail.  thena*a* snuth --1 **nsmt-
Ihenn* enst Mil ehains.  thenca* nnrtl n*'1"**
Ihenre wa'st 1*41 chain, tai point of cinntlii-naa'ini-nt.
rooulnlnt M0 na*re,. ��� ,���_���
Dat.. leh. :i. 11)11. CHAItl.KS MUKRIS
I'ul. Mar. 10. JoarphHelaa.ia   A.onl
Sk.*a*nn Ijaml District-Dlalrict ..I I
Taikia iintice thnt I. I*slle K. Wulter. ���
va*r. II.t'.. aiccupntlnn prnspeclor, inlc
l'U faar piTmlssinn taa purchnse the fail!
��� tils.I lamls: .,
,*.aiiinn*aai*inrac at n paist pUUitod MO mftl-MOu
K. W.'s S.K.  cnrner aim! imme.linl.-ly W��"
p.,1 mnrka*al W.A.'s N.W. cnrner: Ilu'' " '
ehains.  tlience west 80 chains,  theni-'* "' "" *
chnins. Ili'iice eftal HO ehaina,  tupaaa-i
'iii-iiceiniaiit, a-nntainiliK 1120 acres, in""-   ' ";-'���
Dnliil 1st Mi, lilll Chnrles II. AH-
I'uh. Keb. 2.I.
. Ak��"
HkWIII Uml District -Diatrtct ol ()iii-"i '^flL
Take   notico that  Hubert   II.  Cun "   '
I lat nil March i
I'ub. April 7.
Skeenn l.-iml District-District ,,f C���..i.,r
Take noun thU I JoMph Itelway of Vancouver
ll ( . ocoupitlon iitn.pwi.ir, Intondl t.. tonlv fnr
iiennissiiin  ti. imriliiise Uu*  Ml*��|n��t| rlb��d
|-..i,.naeneinK nt n m| p|j���������| ,��� , ,������| ���n,..,,���|f
mile, in tn tutorlr dlnetlon from ih.- ������������ ,���,
Nftl.. Hiver   Where   ,|���-   l.���va   |,���|���. ',,���;,"; ','.���"
te222flfi.5,,!SBft  """''" *'."">' ���"chnins!
Iheaac* east K chains. II,.-,,,,.'north"'.'.'a chains'"!"',
pnlnt   nf   c,inimi*i���H*i.,ei,t.  etmUlnlni i;m   acre
.int  nf
inaare aar less.
Dale Kel,  :l. lull
I'uli. Mnr. 10
���Ml I'll BELWAY
Skeenn Lnml District    District ,,f,'.	
<���'������������ h��tu .i.,".\tiirVnn
 "on broltw, Inlend, SJ|3|/ta
to wrtattt tht SffiwiSJSSfiw
Till."* nr.iii
cmvpr. ITP1II
I>frnii^"|iiTi   t
('Mtnmi'nelncr nin punt HmiiH  \\__mm ....
half mllM in ��n w.teH, ,\u"%, ���'        ,;,,,t 	
,,nNnn-Hiv,rw|,..,.'  &i   ,  ���|?$��$& P0""
nntlco that  Hubert
ltii|��*rt, II. ('., occupalion agent, inteml* '"-jj,,
lor pormiviion to purchnao the lollowina- -l���"1
llnnil,: . |.j
'     ' jj-jjj jaiaa-ana:   at   ft  post  planted   loot.   '   J
niia-. west and hnll > mile aouth ol IM """J!",M
Sianley   Crea-k   where   It   empties    ImJ  ������*?
Ilarlmr.  Craham  Island,  Ihence a*asl    '   ����
thence  norlh   10 chaina,  Ihence *****    _ '"'.
Ihenee south 40 chalna to point of eonm *****
nml cnntaininK 100 acres more or less. ,.iia*tt-
Haled Mnrrh 17, 1011. IIUHKHT U  ' '��' ,
I'ul.. April 7. Numa DW"* s"
RkMM Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coasl,IWI'
Tako notico thlt Wlllltm  Krftnklin I "I*"'
nl I'rince  UupiTt,  [I. C, oecupfttion r'"*"[J-
k��p��r, Intondl to apply lor pormisnlo" I" I'irc'
the followini deacribod Und : hoUt
( ommencinK nt n poat plftntnd at the s"u'h,in,
corner nl aurveyod Ixit 1712, thonn* ;" r5Ja
smith, thnnco about 85 chains weat t" '���'���'_,$
thence 20 chaini north, thenct 4.ri cMam' ���
thencc aliout 25 chaini north lo Lot ���!"" ��� JJ a,,
���limit 30 chnina east to aouth mat eon�� '..^
HOOS, thnnce ahout 35 ohaina north to '*'.(,.
thence almut 55 chalna oast to point "' c,:in"
went; containinu 4H0 acroa, moro or lc**
Iliilid Kelt  15, 1911.
I'uh March 4. . ������,.v-Tt:R
Stcond Ave.,
Princt Rupert, B.C.
ea-ni-rly boundtry nl timls-r limit :lia:12!l and in
the southerly limit nl hit MSt, lUnle I Const
Districl, where the snlil la-iaai. inicr��*ct, tlience
aloaan the sanllherly limil ail lot MW.) i Inn-said
nnd Un* prnlaar,laan Ihera-nl in an easlerlv d,<cliiin
Hll chains mure nr less tn ilu- wnstcrly lit, It nl
Hinls-r limit IU01, Ihenc ,��� ��� aouthtfU dlrcllaan
nlonaj lhe last menlli.ii...| limit II chains n,nre
nr li��is tn the nnrtlu-rly limil of *'
thence In a westa*rl
tiained limit HO i-lia,
Skeen. Land III.,,,,.,    ,,  ,,,,*������.,
Tnke   nntice   thnt    I.  Al. ,,....��..,   ���    ,
Van. ...iver. ll.C.   OttUMtlo,   fan"    "B! ''"'*   "f
Vimcnllyer. Il.l...   ,aee���|aft,i,���   | I,,   ', , ,'
sftfisesr1 ���'   ��� ������ fisft
imtarlimititm*, B.gSSS?B��5l!3Ui'IS; "'a.i..*,
rly aliriac.i,,,, thin, tht |W. me,,:   N |'i eon"; anII-"'    i      ''        '""*"���* **������*.'
mTm\-mi\m_m**_[^.m_im   ��,'hnl,,.'    hem-e  "  	
DaleilMarch H, lull
I'uh. March 25
thence north n   i ,
...-���nee.nuth  Mchilli
puint o,   mencement. cimtHinliin a'.lai a,
JACK  HBDKOBD   patnl lat Keb, inn
limit aal limlmr lln ��� '���"*"" ""}"���'   ""cnnlns.then.-eni.il i, ��� ' -" wesl
I'uli. Keb. 26.
 -I   nf ,.,������.
. ----niiirenr less.
AI.I.N    ..  ill    |���-niAN
<->"��l-H. Ail.-,,. Aient
ll P
k'-ena Land District���District ol Cnsl '
, Take nulla, that Chtrlaa P. l>",r "'
Ruptrt,   H.   C,  .a^upallon  aurveynr, m!',. ���,���,
apply  for  imrmiasion  to purchasa*  I"1'
descrilml Innda: n���rthea��t
t ommencing at a poat planteal al l"'' ,' , pi*
cnrner nl surveyed lot 3I>��4, Hanne ���'. < ''��� ,_,
.net. thenca* in an easterly direct."" ; ,h%w
southerly limit of surveyod lot 3II1H ami *" .,;ulh
le"Ion therecf 40 chalna to t polnl, H"'", , i*H
,,\ lol
iwrallel laa the easterly limit of siir'
���il..r.,iil,| DO chnina mnro or loss I" ".", .,,.
limit of a Umber limit (No. WWW._*_**_i*lW*
40 cliains more nr leaa to a point in H>'- 1'J | |*
"iiilherly ol thn easterly limit ol."" > ,M
MM, Ihenc In a nnrtherly dlrecli"" ,��'"������i'
liroli-clion ail lho said limit and WO". '" ntP.
limit (io ehains mnre or less to polnl "' """'"
iii'iit. rontninlnn 240 acrea mnre "rl,1"'",. (WlB"
Dated March H, 1911. CIIAIU.K- P* ""
I'ub. March 26. THE   DAILY    NEWS
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
Department Stores Prince Rupert, B.C.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest Stock in  Northern B. C.
^m^m*mm*m*mnm*\fym*��*A I ./^tt/^t j:w\i^t^/a��^*,A^*^rwyW3
House of Good Values
���We have just received a shipment of���
New Tailor Made Waists,     Irish Linen Waists
"Royal Purple" Shoes for the Ladies
"Traveller" and "Palace" Shoes for the Men
Wi carry ��� large stock of Ladies' and Men's Footwear of all descriptions.
The House of Good Values
Third Ave.
l.l.ii,i-Unil llislrict-Dlalrict o| Cuaitr
Taka- niatira* Hint ChrWian A. Tervo ol Slllaini*.
11 ' .. '���rriipiiiinft cilaslnmaa olllcaT. inta>nala tai apply
���I pan is-iun tn piircliUM' tin* followini: iMMBM
���-'Hii;   in   n  post   plantnl   alioiit   thw
'atari nl a mill* nnrlli MM (mm dliac-tiT  WIHa-
a,..i  bank of Sliklair River anil on Ilia*
*   ail tin. mouth ul n little cra'ck, thence
���   I" rlialim.  tha-nce   nunli   HI chainn,   thenee
a'aauns. tiniica* aaontli 40 chalna lo point
 MtmaM iiml conlalninK llio acraw more
j       ' lit'* 10, 1911.     CHRISTIAN  A. TERVO
Xmu Und llimrict-Dwtrlct ot ComI lUmce 6
tut nuiice lhat Angus Uoalon nl I'rince Kuiatrt,
- Wupttlon miner, Intemli lo apply lor per-
'" l*iirchaiie the lollowinK ilcucrihcil lanala:
"iirmi: al.a pint planted  ��t  tho aouth
. -"i*t "f Lot BUT, thenco 40 chalna woat,
WWW in chain, aaiuth, thenco almut  til) chaina
to l.-al���.|.|. l.nko, thenco moandorlnir aiid lake
rm", '" "n """heriy aliroctlon tn point ol com-
wic,,,���.,���.   containinu 170 acreaa, more or leaa.
�� narked A. B   N. K. Corner.
"eill-i-li. 14.1911.
nib. Mareh I.
This iB a little section of the paper, which from day to tiny will lie devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladles of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in ita discussions, Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Very Effective for the Tall Grace
ful   Girl
Here wc show a stylish design
for an evening gown ol white saliu
over which is a tunic of white
chiffon embroidered in black and
white lic.itls. Bauds of passementerie also in black and white
beads cross in front and hack on
bodice, as shown, over pink satin
ribbon which is fastened at top
under a jet ornament and a similar
ornament finishes al bottom. Shoulder drapery of pink ribbon is
held in plaice on top under a band
of bead embroidery*
i l.ninl Dlatrirt-l)l,lrict of Caanat.
, !   '"'-thnt I, John Miller, of Vnncouver,
,;,'������   "I'Mi'in butcher, Intenda to npply for
UnJJl l,urtl">��e the followinK deacrilied
������".���mit nt npant plnnteal nbnut 1 chain
, ',".;' "r.,"! *���" ���"'"'* "< Lilacnmtao llay. and
1 ���' M.al N.E. earner, thenceweat SOchalna,
lla.aa ., _" ._ 5 ���_*��**���  thence enat WI chftlna,
 '    .""��n *ich,,lna, to point of   commence-
"<* "intnlniriK Mil ucrea mure or loaa.
Ii.iti.ll.ii* i    ,,,, JollN MILLER,
\.;Z;\\\] ���>*. I'J" C.harle. II. Ulark. Airent
(l��"" Clmrlotte lalanda Und Di.trict -Diatrict ol
***.*��� Skea*na
iicruiinii!",  I��� Lh,t !��� J"h" Mclacoal ol Vancouver,
, J |���'���|,co"' ���""' Petriilouni on the lollowing
,,' :.'. ""'n-ini! at a post planted at the mouth ol
. , ' ' 1 River and marked J. McL. S. E. Corner,
ehalni' ���"' n"rl' B <'">"��'. "ience weat Ho
'���HI in,'.   - ', commencement:    conuinlnj
in*.T,- -, .';ro or '''""���
I'm, ������..!, ilT - UU*       . JOHN Mcl.EOD
i.,���      "'   '' (larance McDowell. Auent
I"""* I liurlottc I.land, u���_ Dlalrtct-Dlatrlel ol
'I..-, ��� ��� ,.      , Skeena
'' III lllm ff [ l ,'��� J"hn Mc,-,M"1 "I Vancouver,
'������ I' 'is ,',-i "r'i ln"iml '" *',''l-v **" Permiaaion
'''���'''il'i'l liin,l,����" l"*tr��iloum nn lho followlnit
��**.iiT'','.'.'','r'."K "' ?, """ I'ltnleal ftliout two mllea
ftl It, ���", m""r V"\ "< th" """"h "' the
No. 47'���'!*���"* murkeil J* Mc.L. N. E. Cnrner,
,. ���- henee muth Hll chain., thenco we,t WI
,.|, ���,���������,      ���'";  north  HO  chi.il,.   thence  tut   SO
i'"*. mon "r i'.'.��!'r"r"T"""'<'m"nl; c"ntulnl,,i<,M0
l-fiMV2'1"1,       ,        'OIIN MeLEOD
'  "* Clarence McDowell, Agent
Sk.s-iui I ii'l Diatrict-Dlatrict ol Coaat llance A
Take naillce thai Henry Macartney ol I'rince
Kiil'a it. II. (*.. occupation miner, In.enda lo apply
lor piTtm-* inn to |*u rr haa.*.* the lollowing deaacrilieal
Commencing at a poat planteal on the aouth
-il* of Kxchum.ika River, aboul .'. I-'J mile* (rom
ita conlluenee with the Skeena Riva*r and about
1-2 milea we.t from Kxchumaik, raplala, thenca* KO
chaina north, thence 40 chain, eaat, thence hO
chaina aoulh. thenca* 40 chalna wet to point ol
eommencemenl, containing 320 acra*" more or
leaa. 1'o.t markeal "II.M. S.W. cor."
Dateal April 22. IUll. HENRY MACARTNEY
I-ub. April 29.
Skeena Und Di.trict - Di.trict ol Cout
Take   notice that   I,   William  John  Corley   ol
I'rince Rupert, 11. C, occupation rancher, Intend
to npply for permuwiun lo purchaae thc following
11. - filial' I land,:
Commencing al a (tost planteil al Ihe Miailhwe.t
cnrner ol Lot :I06H, Range 6, Coaat Di.trict, thence
niitli 20 chalna. thenoe eaat 40 chaina, thenee
norlh 20 chain,, thenee weat 40 chain, to point
ol commenci*mt*nt, containing 80 acre,, more or
Dala*d April 8. 1911.    WILLIAM JOHN CORLEY
Tub. April 29.
Skeena Land Dl.lrlcl    Diatrict nl Coaiat
Take  notico that  I,  William  Melville Corley
ol   Turonlo,   Ontario,   occupalion   clerk.   Intend
to apply lor permiaaion to purchaae Ihe following
deacribed lanal.:
Cummencing at a pont planted at the northwert
corner ol Lot 11055, Rang 5, Coant Di.trict, Ihence
eaal 110 chaina, thence north 40 chain,, thence we.t
20 chaina lo Hell'a Oate .lough, thence along
.lough Miutherly to point ol commencement, containing 160 acre, more or leaa.
limed April li, 1911.
I'uli. April 29.
Skwna Und Dialrici -Di.irict ol Coaat Range 5
TBke   nntice  lhal   I,   Chnrtee   A.   Vaughan   ol
l-rince Rupert, II. f'., occupation merchant, intend
to apply lor permiaaion to purchaae the lollowing
aleacribed landa:
Commencing nl a imi.I planteil on the aouth
bank ol Exchutn.ikn River and about lour milea
Irom Ua confluence wilh the Skea*na River, thence
Hll chalna eaal, thence 8n chain, north, thenee HO
chain, weat, thence 80 chain, aouth to |ititnt ol
commencement, containing 610 acre, more or le��.
Haled April 21, 1911 CHARLES A. VAltlllAN
I'uh. April 29.
Skeena Und DWlrlrl -Dlalrict ol Coaat Range t
Take niulcc that  I,  Frank  Hick, ol I'ort  Ea-
.inglain,   occupation   merchant.   Inlend   In   apply
for tieritiiHainn lo purchaane the lollowing OMHBH
Commenring  ai   a   poal   planteil   on   the  aouth
bank   nl  the   Eachumalka   River   and   almut   lour
mill', from ll, confluence with the Skea*na River.
Ihenee  Hit  chalna  weat.  thenee  80  chain,  nurth.
llience   CO   chalna   eaal,   thence  aouth   80   chain,
lo point ol commencement, containing 610 acrea
mure or lewi.
Daied April 21, 1911. FRANK HICKS
I'ub. April 29.
Social Notes
Miss Grace Davis of thc Government office staff left on the
I'rince George yesterday for Victoria to undergo an operation.
After she leaves the hospital she
will visit friends and rest before
returning to lhe city.
Mrs. William S. Hall will receive
on Wednesday this week for the
last time this season.
() soul of mine, to life's iuw rapture
Can'st thou forget the splendor of
that morn
When, through the chill antl silence
of tlie night,
Stole  thc warm  radiance of  the
Easter light!}
Did not thy Lord, before the dawn
of day,
Unseal  thy  tomb,  and  bid  thee
come away?
And in tlxit sacred garden, cool and
Amidst  the IlliflS didst   thou not
walk with him?
Then why shoultl thou, all trembling and afraid,
Still bring thy spices where thy
Lord is laid?
Unto the heavens lift thy downcast eyes;
Thy Lord is risen, and thou wilh
Him did'st rise.
Not for the trump of doom and
judgment hour
Wails,   through  years,   the resurrection power.
Today He lives;   today His life
may be
Etemal life begun, 0 Soul ill thre.
���Emily Huntingdon Miller
Adam or Eve?
Was man created first?
Did womankind precede?
For knowledge I'vea iliirst,
But here I'm balked, indeed.
Some say that woman led.
But I cannot agree,
No book that 1 have read
Confirms that theory,
Man must havi- been the one
Who got here first, I guess.
With woman here alone,
Who buttoned up lu-.r dress?
���Louisville Courier-Journal
Useful   This   Spring.     They'll
Save You Worry
White felt hats can be successfully cleaned with a paste of
magnesia and cold water, which
shoultl be applied with a brush
and allowed to dry <>i\. When the
magnesia is perfectly dry it can
be brushed off ami lhe hat should
be perfectly clean.
To clean while marble, wash il
thoroughly with Boap and water;
then brush it over well, especially
in thc crevices, with whiting,
mixed with a litile blue, as useil
for ceilings. Allow to dry thoroughly and then rub with a clean,
dry cloth.
ss. Prince George
Saila for Stewart, Sundaya, 8.00 a.m.
Sails (or
Mondays, at 8.00 a.m.
���a. Prince Albert suilw for I'ort Simpson, Naas Kiver Points, Massi't,
Naden Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Hay,   Skidegate,   Queen
Charlotle City, Lockeport,  I'a-
oaili, Jedway,   Ikeda Bay,   Host-
Harbor   and   return   via   Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
Connecting With trains from tlie Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  track route   between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets  obtainable from the ollice hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
CMidiiti Pacific Railway   -   B.C. Cout Steamship Strain*
princess May
Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle
6 p.aaa.. MON.. MAY  Ut
To wash chaim iis leather, make
B weak solution of sotia and warm
water, put in tin? leather and let
it soak for two hours. Rub well
with soap and rinse thoroughly in
warm, spoapy water. Wring in at
rough towel .tntl dry quickly in
the open air.   Pull until soft.
Mary Had���
Mary hail a li tth-curl
That hung beside her car,
Bui when she went to lied it hung
Upon the chiffonier.
���Philadelphia Times
Mary had a figure plump
Thai made the Johnnies stare,
But when she went to bed she left
He plumpness on a chair.
���Toronto Star
Mary had some pretty teeth
So becoming to a girl,
But when she went to bed  they
A place beside thc curl.
���Prince Rupert Daily News
City Council Did Some Business
on Saturday
An extension of time ,o return
the atsscssment roll was granted
by the cily council on Saturday
night to City Assessor McLcllan.
He will return thc roll by May .*>.
It should have been in on S.itura y
but owing to stress uf work he
wiis unable to gut all thu rate
payers notified.
For thc purpose of hearing
complaints from ratepayers about
their assessment tlie Court of
Revision will sit on June 6, at 10
a.m. Three numbers of the council will preside but who these will
bc is not yet settled.
Thomas Reed, the applicant for
the porfdon of official rat catcher,
Came With data about rats lo the
council, but hc was advised to
prepare a report ami submit it
tonight Hi��� w.tuts to he appointed
official rat catcher.
*j____J_*_____W    Tniin fur Wiimi|it*ar uml Torain-
W     V to la'aa a'. VlaiaiMiuver at
^^^ ���) u.m. ilail;*
^^r Imperii] Limited fur Chlcuwro,
Montreal anil Ni'av York. Hi'tit train aernsB tha*
continent, leaven Vuncoimer alaily al :i.45 p.m.
I'nrrieia compartment olworvatliin cars, the fineiat
car on any roail anywhere.
Atri'ttt for nil Atlantic Steamship linen. Tickets
to anal f rom European points,
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Otfice.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
ot British Caalunabla of B.C.. Ontario. Sal
ami Manltaalia Bars. kntchewan  anal  Al
berta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exchange block, corner Thlral avenue and
Sixth ���treet. I'rince Runert. 8
*���**,**>}**-���**** *-**__**-^*m*****,**m.ii****.t ***** *******
] ITEMS   OF ..  ,
|S? O RT|
A New York promoter has
succeeded in arranging for u match
between Albert Palsor, New York's
most prominent "white hope," and
Carl Morris, the giant Sapulpa
locomotive engineer, who is the
most widely-heralded western hope
and late conqueror of Mike Sch-
rctk. The battle will be staged at
Tulsa, Okla., <m the Fourth of
July. Palsor is regarded as one
of the nioM prominent heavyweights in the east. He stands sis
feet two inches in height and weighs
212 pounds. The Tulsa fight will
go twenty rounds.
New York, April 20.���A speed
never at mined before, it is believed,
was made by Mrs. John Newton
Cuneo of Richmond, Long Islaiul,
this afternoon at the Long Island
Motor Parkway. Driving Louis
Dishbrow's record-smashing car,
Mrs. Cuneo swept down a half-
mile straightway course first in
seventeen and then in sixteen and
one-half seconds, according to A.
A. A. stop waiihes, or at the rate
of It)!) miles an hour. The rule of
the A. A. A. against women drivers
bars Mrs. Cuneo from participating in races, so the record does not
officially count.
Instead of visiting Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto and Montreal, as
was iit first planned this season, the
Haverford College Cricket club
of Philadelphia, has decided to
make a tour in the vicinity of
New York this summer.
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All denial operations skilfully treateal.   Cas and
local anasthetlcs administered for the pninless extraction of teeth.      Consultation free.     Ofllces:
llelirerson Block. Prince Ruoert. 11-12
...ANI>    CONTRACTOR!!    HMMaa
P. O. Box 436 ��� Office 3rd and Fulton
P. O. BOX El
runt, or wu. roxoN, Kay.. a.r.a.m..*i.on., kno.
George Stone, champion batter
of the American league in 1006,
will   soon   pass   down   into   the
minors, having been nipplanted by
(ins Williams in the Hrowns' outfield. Waivers were secured on
Stone from every club in the
American league, and the former
Heel mil fielder will leave St. Louis
M I00n iis ;i plan in the minors is
obtained for him.
Al".\ Munson n.A..     W.E.Willlama,n.A.,L.L.D'
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
Battling Nelson and Eddie San-
try, each one-time holders of championships in iheir class, have been
matched to meet in a six-round
contest before a Fond du Lae
athletic dub on May '.���.
Consecutive Victories
Enquirer: The .greatest number
of consecutive games won in the
National League was twenty, won
by Providence in 1884. Lancaster,
of the Atlantic (minor) League, won
twenty-one consecutive games in
Building  Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaater, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Prosed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
^hone Nu. 200 P. 0. Box 580
+ w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete itook "f Drugs,  Bpftcltl
itttcntiun paid tO lilliriK iircucriptions.
Theatre Block phone no. -;. Second Ave.
G. T. P. Transfer Agenl.
Ordei-6 tirnmiitly Ailed.    PrloM rcasunutale.
OFF1CE-H. li. RoohwUr, Centre St.    I'hone 6b.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
Swift's Premium Hums ntul Bacon with
Cowichan Krits 85c, nt
J. W. Williams
==E.   EBY   C&   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
The Westholme Lumber Co.
Finl Avenue Telephone 186
In his career as a league player
outfielder Joe Jackson, again in
the Cleveland outfield, has been
charged with 1,888 times at bat
and has garnereil 475 hits, which
gives him thc sweet average of
.355 in four leagues in three years.
Jimmy McAlecr figures lhal few,
if any, clubs in the American
League this year will have a pitching stall outclassing lhat of Washington. Johnson, Hughes, Walker, j J^Rl^E
Groom, Gr.iy and Busaey are six '
strong pitchers. Busscy ln-g;m
pitching in the Canadian League in
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Heljrerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
OFFICE    :     :
"Old Cy" Voung denies that litis too oltl for the national game,
although he is just starting on hi*
I5ih year.    He has a lot of good
PHONE 294 OtlEEN P.O. POX 700
Plumbing   :  Steamfitting
.. lot of gootl
baseball left in him yet, .ind can
teach a lot of the youngsters how
to shoot theni over the plate al
the right angle and proper speed.
Thinking  hall  players arc  hard
to find in these days, according lo
Manager John J. McGraw.    The
crop of boneheads is growing larger
every year.   11 was ever thus.
For  nil  kinds  of help, cooks,
waiters,  dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or me-   .
chanics, call up |
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free  Employment  Ollice
Headquarters for cooks �� waiters
PTaaCK  a'aauri-FT,:
Third Ava-., ba*twe*i*n 7th nml Sth Sin.
Ovor H.C. ltaktrv PKINCE IIUPEHT, ll.C
Dance    Weekly    dance    every
Saturday in the K. of P. Hall l-'Jiim
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phone 125      Naden Block       Second ht
Tarn llm Hull Alleys. 12 NM Innii; W��ll
rial"* nml rmitatrr. rhnir*. cnnl taalilr*. a*ta*.
J2IXI Uk?�� thi- nutlH fur ipilck mla*. Al*ply
H. E. ross, ImpcM Uiiti'i Pool Boon
Thlral Avraiua* - Prince Rupert
l( You Are Even Half-ready
To Buy Property, Study
The Real Estate Ads!
As  soon   as   the  property-
ownlog purpose gets a foothold
with you bcKin to read and
answer ami investigate the
real estate ads!
Antl by the time you are
half ready to buy a home,
learn all that the ads car.
teach you of property-values
���all that ail-Biiswerinn can
teach you of desirable places
to live.
Your interest in real estate
advertisements may be responsible for your securing a
a better home than you can
imagine you can afford-anti
for your securing it sooner
than you had hoped to do.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: l-eriinlicnls :: Newspaper*
Firaat Aaae.
Forwarding.   Distributing  and
Shipping  Agents.
Storage of Baggage and Household Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. box 907 Phone 262
' BOWLING, __\tm
4 Alta*' 7 Th1��1pp.    A k��k*I exer-
<?\*p,    Aclpnn��tH��H.    LSdlM ffftVy
ftafttfltOOBj      Nrwmnn   Bfotfci   l��e*
Iwwn *'*ih nml 7th St��
TFi�� ROMMQMi     IVoprlrtnr ami MnnR^rr
���__i- THE    DAILY    NEWS
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared to answer it
The occasion may be what
it will; it is our duty to be
ready to supply you, and we
can du it too.
With pleasure to you be-
causa- of the size of display;
with profit to yuii because of
our ability to sell close.
When tin* gift question presents itself let us show you
how easily wa can match your
Heintzman Pianos
S condemned    Classified  -   -  Advertisements
I nrnrmrrO   V^A****��J*�� ********* ��|aaalfled advertisement columns.
KhSLK VL J One of the best services the modern newspaper gives the if;1'';.;;;/".,   ,��3 of other, meet on wm-
ntiUUiv t uu There buyer snd seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant, ana �� �� wjl| reduce lls
C.  B.  WARK
Bishop DuVernet Talks on Indian Land's Question
Loyal to King Owing to Efforts
of Church Bishop Advocates
a Commission to Investiagte
the Serious Problem.
liHin gt(
to a nominal price of a cent a word per im
Here is om- Classified Advertising Column
(for today.    Wstoh  it  grow,
Though Bome
of tlif besl la
they are not -
Buit the Indian
they are forca
f the reserves are
1 in tite country,
of tlie kind thai
Yet like children,
in live upon them
Olive OU
A Pure Olive Oil
1   Watch the Window
The Pioneer ftinviil
PHONE    :    ;   ;    82  j
*^tftftt_*^*f>tm*t*^tf*t***f��ii��f��t*^0*ti0*^^ i
A local representative is wanted
for a territory tributary to I'rince
Kupert to sell the hardy non-irri-
gstaed nursery stock (frown by the
Oregon Nursery Company, Ort-n-
co, Oregon, Liberal terms. Party
must come  well   recommended.
Oregon Nursery Company
Orenco ��� Oregon
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
e n u
a I L'l
Chocolate, Jelly Hull, Whlta*.
CookIm ..,	
Plain. Fruit. i;iai��a*r. Carmway
Drop Cakes	
I.iuiy Plngers	
llaat Corn braid	
Qrahsm Gems	
Hot Huns	
Pla|ll "i* linking
Bread anil Hotter	
I'lmii nr Ilulta'nal
Cold Meat 05
Fried Egg 10
Sardine 15
(hipped Beef 10
IVanut Hutter 10
I'i.- 05
SHc-tnI A|a|alia, l,.aiinaii. Cuniiaril. Pumpkin. Mlnra*. EtO.
('up Custard lo
Charlotta Rasss  Hi
Jellies, nil flavors  06
R        .v Jelly 06
Marmalade  05
���lam   Id
Ha.iaa made Assorted
RlCt 1'ream 05
l'aal��l'ai.r  I'a.l,', ..-.
aoupt, changed dally..
f\m Belli (Friday only).
UlbStM Sialiul
Saltnnn Snlail
Com MiMiti ,,li(
i-i.i       . .!u"i'****!��� Pork
i mnpea Beef	
fork ��nd Beani,
y.K\i-, any aatyla*
Break fiist Foodl	
Tea, Coffee, Cocos	
interview Kriinl(,(' '" Mr
George M. Murray of tlie Van-
couver World hist Thursday, Bishop DuVernet who is now in Vancouver with his son on a visit to
friends, discussed the situation ol
tlu* Indians in Northen B, C.
The interview reads;
"Through the Influence of the
Church of Christ, and that influence alone, the Indians of northern
British Columbia remain loyal to
His Majesty King George V.' "���
"In litis striking sentence, His
Grace the Bishop of Caledonia,
whose diocese covers one quarter
of a million square miles in northern
liriiish Columbia and under whose
eye falls the spiritual welfare ol
over 10,000 Indians, closed an
interesting interview.
"Bishop Du Vernet, who is in
the city after seven years in thi
nortli, is probably as well qualified
to discuss the Indian problem now
facing the nation on thc l'acilic
coasl as any other man.
" 'Intelligent l;nli.c,is in British
Columbia should bc enfranchised
and placed on an equal footing
with the while man on the Pacific
coast,' " he declared.
Reserve Policy Bad
" 'The Indian reserve policy in
the nnrth country blocks individual
enterprise on the pari of the red
men. I ntier this system, the
lands which the Indians have
lieen allotted are held iii common
by the people. If the Indians
were given individual free holdings,
they would greatly benefit. This
would encourage enterprise on ilt<-
part of thc more intelligent of
" 'Under present conditions,' continued the bishop, 'the Indians
an- treated like children and not
like free men. They havi; serious
grievances which should lie looked
into and righted.'
Get Queer Notions
" 'In   the   N.t.t-   Kiver,'
Bishop DuVernet, 'there has
a particularly bad feeling among
tin* Indians. There, our missionary
McCulloch, is doing
lo promote loyally to
And it is a difficult
i.isk. If thc missionary attempts
to combat the resentment which
the Indians bear the land .grabbers, the natives get it into their
heads thai thc miwionary is against them and aiding the white
men who are making it unlivalile
for them along the river banks.
Has No Treaty
''Tin- Dominion government,'
went on the bishop, 'has treated
the Indians of the province very
kindly, I nlikc thc prairie provinces, though, thc British Columbia
native receives no treaty. The
province did nol consult them
aboul thc reserves given lo
r go without altogether.
Looks  to  Ottawa
federal govern-
Imp DuVernet,
protection and aid
,ple in the north.   They
guarded from Ottawa.
icing ilispossed ol their
lands by
ind  they are
homes.    Vet
������ 'Ii is for tlie
ment,' avowed Bi
'in come i" i
ni these pt
should be
They are
hunting  li
vat let's
he white in-
I   tlo  not
Rev.   J.    B,
his utmost
the king.
a 111
.  .10
.  .10
l(uoa*n I'laarlulto lialanataa Und Dlmrict -District ol
Taka- nntiri' thai I, John MeLeod nl Vancuuver,
occupation brokir, II.la '.'I lo apply for ,-��� ��� rra,i i-.ra
to proapeet faar coal ami petrulifUni on thi lollowing
dcscnliisl lamia:
('munii'iicing at u tmst plantasl almut two raillail
want nl Una mouth of tin- Tl-a-l ItlviT ami marked
J. Mci..  N. w. Corner, Nai. 2'.,, thenu miuth so
chainn, thinn a*a,l mi chainn, lha*ncc north  SO
chalna, tha-nci* aac,t   1*11 chains lo  point of cum-
niiaiiriaiiii'ial.   contain!!!!! 1,11) acra-i. morn or loss.
Ilali-I la-la. 11, lilll JOHN MCLEOD
I'uli. Ka*b. 211. Clarence .McDowell, Annul
BkOMI l-aml liiialrirt District of Coast Range 6
Taki* iniliri' that I, Clara May Utile nl I'rince
lliilaort, ll. I'., nrriipatliin sninsler, Intenil to
apply Inr pinnissiun In piirclnLie tlie lulluwing
described lamln:
Commencing il i pm plintid at thi north
..A   a-i,rlllT  laf   bat   1788,   lllltl^l-   .'..  I'llllll   District
thinn a:i i   lu chaina*,   thinn nnrth it chaim
thinn   WUt  III   i'lmii!" thenr.*  north  20  chalna
thinn wut in ehalni, thinn south 48 chalna to
point   ol   cnmniencemenl,   containinK   112   acm
mora a.r lnt,
Dated April 4,1911,       fl.AUA MAY LITTLE
I'ul,. April It,
BkeenaLand Hi;irict    lllnlricl nl Coul Range 6
'Ink*  nn hi- thil   l.lili.n S.  Delwller aif llorlln,
Out '  Meupetlon   aliH-ta.r,  Intend.  In   apply   for
iTmlmion   ,���   purchase   tlM   fnllaawing   ilajacrlhea]
i pmmertlng el u pnl plantod ai tha* smith-
wi-,1 ca.ra..jr nl  Lol   Wi*. ilai.nr ���t go chaina
���""" "'J.':,"'.,','","���' ***** ,:' ''ll!""�� **m >���' SS
w.1.1. BO chain mora or Im, thrnn nonh
 WiiWJT ' "
IMarrli-ll.,..,,,     ,,,., ��� N .   ,,,.;,-w,, jV;, t
p " " John CimpM, AR.anl
the    Indians   own
the norlh.   This was
in   the  proc-
King George
reason tli.it
the kinds of
probably set forth
lamation math* by
III. But I cannot sec why they
shoultl be recognized as the lawful
owners of the province. Yet they
are lieing encroached upon. They
are nol getting their rights.
" A commission shoultl
inted   from   Ottawa,    1
le ap-
suggest,' said the bishop. 'The
whole question shoultl be gone
thoroughly into by ihis commission and the reasonable claims of
the Indians granted.'"
Lost and Found
A clu,sliisl advertisement will InttoduM you to
thi haai'ii.r the article you've fiiiiiiil-iin IB���
dilution of mutual iuiiiin litn'i*.
FOUND���On theatepa. Iiclwcon Fraur luul.' '
ton Sts.. ii half set uf I'ul-i*
Daily New, Ollice.
Appl) ui
For Rent
House with   I riauiia ami bath, *���*'"",'���'"'"
ulao L> raainu rurnlihnl.   Dunsmulr. bejwee
ami 7th Ave.   Applyiui promlx ���    ******    "
1-ri.nt OfflOM In Alaler Uliu-k.   Apply W.J, Udll
Help Wanted
Ur. and Mrs. Kergin Honored
by Port Simpson Folk
Limil DUtrlol
lhal   lliuii'*
DUtriet nf Com] .
iiiiiiitiitiui of.' *****
""I'  ,"," r" . a"! p.,I       iimaier ".urim"> |Jlt��
SnlyVr'^SXto to l����" the folio*
ilia��i*fiiu*il landi
aoulh ul tho Indian
IIiiiimj llay un th* OUI
SSAftllttl. 1'1'MIO 1.AH1N11TON
I'uli. April ID*
uum prnp
ti iu loan
Bknna Und Dbtrial -DUtrlol
Take   notlOO
Rupert, B. C, ��cu
to ippl) tor pormla
dncribixl landai .
Commoncing an a pi��*i plain
.,������l,,,i tha 1 an Rewrvo.on
GouaM liu.a i""1 un tho i
thonn wuth 80 ehnln
lu ohalm i" '
ii i*iuiit)>. th
ia>i. i ilnl
l.ila a M .r.-l.
I'ub. April 16
of C.
nl (
< IUll
,   intondl
tho blowing
Wunteil-A Hoy for ilellveriiu.' irr
\tu    .illian ,\a C.a.. ..Ill An.
liny \Vinitial.    Apply ot Optlmlit Ollia'i*. M-U
Cuaik-At  Ivea Hotel,  N 11.  Cmlnu"   Wj��**
m pir month.   Applv ChW Stownnl. Pnn��
Allaa-rt. '���'���-"
Houses Wanted
Took Place on
Mrs. Kergin Got
Set. Doctor Received Beautiful Dressing Bag
Illuminated Address Was
Silver Tea
till  ol
eight years
was mt'ilic.i
the General
practitioner in
Dr.   W.   T.
Hospital and
Port Simp-
HOUSES   WANTED-Fiirni-li'il  '*r  imfurnioh-1
aal. 2 to li rooma.    If location and Pi
VltnCt1,    l,a,   11,1I1I���K,    MV mVIIB}, ...--.
Hliiek 59-Unelaa Jerry. '-11
WANTED-Thra-c. four or tin* room houn,  fur;
nlaliaal.  mialern conveniaiiii-. mm*
Iii  those eight  years  tin
|     |H    II     linillin. II   i'-a ��i	
will rent tlii'inmynlf ami puy r'"1  '" ,!"'-   ,|.,,|,���*   ind his wife loVl'll ani   Wel'l
,*. no waiting no lla.li...*.    Kom m__tt_tit.   iU" l"i ami I lis W 111
Uni'Io Jerry.
'phone 151.
Board Wanted
WANTED-Haaim and bonnl in print,
X.M.. Optlmlit Olllae.
Fire Insurance
The basket ball game billed for
tonight has been postponed in- j
definitely owing to difficulties in
getting the teams together.
OUR SPECIALTY-Klra* In-iniiiu.. WV ra'pri-
aa*ntele\*en alronir Flrn Inraimnn UHnpinln,
We want your bllllro ���-. Iran* ami am.ill
I..I ua'iniite you ralei. Ihi* Marl. Ila.;alt> uml
Iniuriinc!'Company, em   iai Aaa. MM l-'iilliiiiSt.
THE llritlah Union anil Sm nai I'm* Inauranea*
I'.imptany aif laindon, Ktullallil. with a'.at-itul
of t2.radlMin.lii. Seen- (or MP The Muek
L, uii > .unl Imurancrt   ipany. Tn-tf
Thirty Thousand Soldiers May
Revolt Today
Assassinations and Executions
Every Hour. Grave Fears for
Safety of Foreigners in City
Two British Gun Boats on the
Real Estate
a-l.lti* -all--
I'tioiiatli "to
A elailllleal ailaa'rtla��ma*!i*   .- n
man.   anal ilia*l  not ofta-n cot
aaaunl" tn thc net maul,.
WANTKIi-Tia purchaae loll In Seal Cove Dli-
Irirt. -...-linn 7 or H. a'.aall liaymrnt alaaaa n uinl
monthly lermi.   Appl, I'.n. Ki.m".      -���*.'.'
Situations Wanted
A claaailieal mlM'rtlaem.iil ia a llrrltll work-
IninliT   ani! tarlilnm fm.
ll> i-xpi ni'iireil man anil aaifa* aa eaaik ami lu-loa-r
In mlniinr camp or caaunlry lintel. Apply II. I-
T.. Oiilimln. IMI
(Special to the Daily News)
Hong Kong, May 2.��� Desperate
conditions prevail at Canton today.
The rebels are massed aliolll the
city, and though there are thirty
thousand soldiers within lhe city,
it is feared that they will join the
insurgents. The situation is growing graver every moment   Asstssi-
naiionsantl executions are happening continually, some say, every
hour. The gravest possible fears
are entertained now for the safety
of the foreigners in the ciiy, but
the presence of two British gun
boats which are anchored close
by the cily tends to relieve sonic ol
the anxiety.
Woman   wanted
loved by the people of tlie town
mil disirict.
Lost January the doctor and hi>
family decided to come to Prince
Kuperi. As soon as thc folk ol
Port Simpson learned this thej
started to talk of giving presents
in the Hoc and his gootl lady
The doctor left before .ill was
ready for the presentation though
neither he nor his wife knew
.iinthing about it.
Summoned the Doctor
Last Saturday the doctor and
Mrs. Kergin were summoned lo
Port Simpson. They went. Dr.
K. \\. Large, now medical super
iiiieutleui of the hospital, took ilu-
visitors in charge. Mr. J. l'lewin.
president of the hospital board, and
all the whin- residents of the place
thai coultl get around after supper
to l>r. Largc's parlor did so. There
were some informal speeches from
several citizens, some music am
refreshments then Mr. l'ltwin rcai
.ui illuminated address which praised the doctor and his wife for their
good work while iu Port Simpson
and regretted their going away.
Mr Flewin on behalf of thewhiit
residents of the place presented
Mrs. Kergin with a solid silver
Ullivn   Anne   tea   service  with   .
Boarders Wanted
A claaaitleal lulvi tlL.-iiai-nt aaall lullii- tOyoU uPpli*
canta faar that vacant room, a.r for lhat vacant
place al your talila*.
Well fiirnlahral raaam In private h-ana*.   Saul  two,   ' . ,     ...      ,-
m-ntlrmcn.     hull  l.aaM   if   a.-, .,.. I       Mr.. ' lll.lgoll.laty    lra\     .111*1     Mr.    Kflglll
Kirkpatrick. 4lh avenue.   |-ho���, SSI ,.,|       Ht I   .j^    .  ^y  y^  ....^ ,|,,.���j., ^
Hume caikaal meali anal hii*el>  furiiialuil I'.ami
fur lhra*a* lieraona.     Applv   Mr-. Jin* ���
lllala- .  aa.l Ave., I��*l�� m*o aih ami Uh Sl -     ��� -< f
rrivate lloanl lay III.- wea*k **r month, llmne
caailalnir a apeclally. Mta- K. M. t;ira-��aaa. :'-r.i
Ave., between "th ami Mli Su.. phaane 171. -'.'-tf
For Sale
bag fully equipped with valuable
T-was  Unexpected
Kergin and his wife 'Mil
or  suspect   any  such
A claanlliaal ailvertiM'iiient. peralata*ntly prlntaal.
will aell nnythinK of a aim-
t.aaollne Kn-rine, .1 li<arM*-|Miwer.
at Keeley'a DruK Spur.
cheap.    Applv
llmiaeholal QaQodl, Itaaaaina to In* lot. Apply Ml-
Kvjen, alh Ave. nml Taylor Sl. m*ar Summit. ���-'.
Nice little home on lin*w ovorli-aililiie hnrlaair.i-l	
in. only tlUti,caah f.:.,.   W. J. AMer.      *.-.-1 ���-.
Wa*ll lillilt 11 fiait nminar laaat. laa-k.T i*a<nt.iili*
ilia'   full equipment ca'nafallntr of una* pair aaf
���apa-aiililaili* *U*,  V*. pair-  ��|Ha. nlala.1 II*
one pair nail nai-. taaaa pnira raaa.laa.-k-, ma*l.
lialiance.1 Im* anil. I��� Minn anchor. :MI feet a - .,-.*.
laiu-kl-aanl. rua|a|i.|. t ll.-r an.l yoke. Only ball
in town which nvvau'r can uaa1 willmut hi" -if
linn* li-okliia* f"! hll i*'*ar "r rarivma' it ffOR, hi-
houae. (In vi.-wal Jaalinion'i limit Dim llnai*
Creek. P. O. Il*v ������ '.'7-lf
Money to Loan
cla-ailiaal llilva'allai.tti.'nt will llnil you llll*  ,li..i*.
a with which to pn, your plan liipn-ll.-1
hibition of ilu* esteem they wen
helil in by tin- folk ol Port Simpson.
Tin- doctor tried to express his
thanks Imt hadn't enough vocabulary. Mr>. Kergin was -o grate*
lul and happy well, like a tun
woman, she cried.
l ibout in" philni
tin* i*iiiii lido of
lile nl tlie peninsula,
along ihoro, thonn wnl
thonn north along nhori
III chuina limn* air liaa lu
'lOWltlB   liSSfajJlj
Skeenn IJinil Ditrlct-
Tulio   notice   that   Qoorgl   .  .
Unpen, li. U., occupation butchiT, Intondl
lur iii-rmlaaion to |iurcbiue the [ollu
Ciiiiiiiieiiclint ��t a poal plumed al,,,,.,
milea weat and two mllua auutli ol u���. n,,,,,,^'*"1
Slunloy Crook wheru it ompik-a im��� v',,01
llurlior, llraham Islund, thencu uu chaim i
thinn ��l) cluuna wesl, tlicnco bu ohalni _*_\*
thinn hd chain onst to point ol common-. ��� '
und contnininK till) ncraw mure orleas. "'
Hilled Murch 17, 1911 QEORQE KUlX/i*,,
I'ub. April 7. Numu Daimna/A^
1 'isinct ol
lliaalricl  ol CoiH
.1.   Ileimui   ol   I'rinci
Ski'unu Und Diialricl
T��ko notico thai  Oth
lliaia.rl     H     I  .,   I'l'CUPllllOU   prOlll ..
!;,:;:;':;;,/,; r���; ..;���..',. inn nn* f->u..��-..�� .i���-rd..'d
'"'it,,,, m ,��� a post planted ihOUt �� Oljgto
���[ a mil.   Ir.ai.i Ilie north wesl  enrner ol l*'l'*""'
i'bi", in ifi s-ii.i iiii'��"" l-l"'"1* ""���""' m*a* ffl
i Om aat 10 chains, ihenc* north 40
,.,��� wnl   ^l chains lo puint olcoin-
���' lng80,g?i��T!lBN86N.
DlWdtSth Murch, 1911
chuins.  tha
nwnnmi ...
Skeenu Und Dlitrlct-Dlitrlct of Const
T ,'���.. ,i .li.. iliut I. Mrs. Jolm Corley of I'rinca'
Rupert li c. uccupation mirrln woman intemls
I.. ipoll   P'l  | a llllissiiill taa piircllllSi* tilt* fnlliiWIllK
,i,..,.iils.I landai ,       , .,   .   ,
Comnwnclncit n post iduniaal in chaini ���
ui.l ISO chaini saaulh from tin* smith* st corner nl
Coait Diitrict, Run 5, thenci aouth sn
el,am- llieme east W chains. thoi.JC north SU
chaini thonn wnt 40 chaini mon or lna to the
polnl   ol  iiiniiueneement.  contnininK  HO ncrea
'""r""rl,'"MltS. JOHN (Lottie) CORLEY
Hale Mar. in. lull
I-ub. Apr. I. It'll
Skiaini Und llislrict���Districl ol Coasl llanitc t
Ttkt nailia*'* lhal Mary Hell liealon ol Vancou
ver, 11. C occupalion aplnaier, intends to ujiply
faar laarmiiaiou lo purchase the fiillaiwin,: describa>d
' I'.aiiiuieiirini; ul ii post ptantod ut the north
earn enrner H Ut llllnO, tlience ubout :I0 cbuini
inrlh to I>it LTOS, tbence HO chaim weal t* aLot
J'.lsi, thence nlioul 30 chuins soulb to Ut 8981,
thonn in chaini eusl, thence iO chuinl south to
l.aat 0*2 tlience io cbalna .'aat, ihence io chaina
nurlli, thence SO chains east to point ol coni-
ini'tici'iiieni; eaantainliiB SsO acra-s inure orleas.
Poal inj.ke.1 M. II. II., S.K. Corner.
Datod l-eli.n. 1911.     MARY HKI.I. BEATON
ub. M.irili 4
Chicago   Man   Has  Just   Been
Is Vice-president of the Company Controlling All Departments.   A. L. Berdoe Retiring
l-i-i'  BttTttlni liiutlrinl   Ity
riitrn.    I'linin' l"l.
It* .i-MTiiil.l.
S. O. E. B. S.
Statin Laml DtallW    l��i*irici of Quii<n ChUtotU
Tnke neUdi (hut Qtorn \v. Araoti of Pitaoi
Ku|"ti. li. ('., iicctiiialion real ii��Utc l.rnktr,
UlUndl i*> ��tt)il> for |N-rmiv.nni lo purchaw tin*
following -I, criiMil Uii'l-:
OunHMOdUg at a imw( plunto*! ulmut M-vi'n
mila* ami ��m**half mil** *\\~*i ami on�� mile HMtll
fn>m tho motiih �����( Stanly ('n��-k, N'ailrn H.nl-.r,
lliitm* ��i*M sil rhains thi*nr��* MMlUl M) ofatlM,
(hi-no-iwi siichaim��. ihonri* riorUi Ml chain*.
Dttad Marrh 17. lull. <*lit��. \V. ARNiiTT
Pllb) April 22. Numa Ucrmns Aiii'iit
Ski��na Laml HiMrirt    Hintrirt o| Quii-n (harloiti>
Tak*- mUttl thai J. II. Murphy of VlBOMVW,
It. ('., orrupKiiim roiiuniTrial travolh-r, {standi
In apply lor pttWlrim Ifl purchaw* lht> folluwitiK
ihwriU-*! lamln:
i OmnwMlni   at   a   inrnt   plnnl*-l   ibwt   m-\vn
���m\*-~. ml   an.l on*'  nil KMth  from  I hi'  nxiutli
of KUldj t n-i-k, N.i.li'ti Harlior. Ilirnw m-rth B0
rlnitin,   tbmei   *n*mm\   lu  rluiinv,   Oi'iKV <uiulh   hO I
chain*, ihence ea��t IU c    inn,
liat.-l Mtnh W, 1911. J. IL Ml K1M1Y !
i I'uh. Aprfl B. Numa Dnm^ Auent
Bkteni Land Diitrict���Dlitrict of CmiL
Tnka notion thnt 1. J. H. ICeAushay ot Piinen
Uuto'it. occupnthm minor. Intandi to upply for
normltdon to purehaia tin following dMenbtd
OommonelnR ��t ii post plantisl at the i*outhwe��t
COnwr Of lotttttt thenee Btlt 4"> chains, thence
Miuth ��> ehainn,   thenee went -10   chnins.   thence
northSchnlni to point of canunonoainont, con*
tnininir 2*- acres nmre or lenn.
Datr Pab. IK, 1*11 J. H. McAl'tillKY
Pub  Feb.S6.UU. Andrew Ketitusly. Auent
Skeena Laml l)i*liii*t - District of Canniar
Tnka notloa that i Boloom UeDonald of I'rince
Rupart* n.i'-. oooupatlon laboror. Intandi to np
uly for iH-rutission to purchase the ftillowim; de-
-ml* .1 lamln:
Commencing at a pont plantisl tiiraa nml one-
half mile- m ui Mitorly dlrnetlon from tho point
PO Hnai Uiver where the Lav* LaltO trail ngini
anil one mile in a northerly iliiection from the
saiil Lava Luke trail, thenre north ni chain*,
thanca west so chaini* thence nuth mi chaini,
thenca Nil chaini to point of oommnncatnont,
fi'iit.iinim- 6400000.
Data Lei,.::, mi. HOLCOM MclJdNAl.D
Pub, Mar. lo. Joseph Uelway. Auent
Skn-na l-aml Diitrict Dintrict of Coa.il HutiKe V
Take not \cv t hat Ktlil h Alico CfOWt her of
Ikletl. Vorkslun*. Kniilami, occupation spinster,
intemls to apply for perminsiuii to purchane tlie
following ilenrrilNil lamln:
Commencing; ut a po>t planted at the nouth eant
corner of MUViyad lot 8wl, Rang! 5, Count Dwtrict. theiice north along Ihe easterly limit of the
naid lot *.'t chainn more or Ir.- to the southerly
limit of Lot M***;*. lUnKe fi, count district, thend*
east along the southerly limit of lho la-t mentiomsl
lot tin chain* to a point, thence in a southerly direction M chainn parallel to thu nuid
��� a t* rl> limil of lut '.���.���'.*], thenci1 In u wu.it-
erly direction (Hi chuinn more or leas to
the point of commonccim-ni containing 210 acren
mon* or 1cm.
Dated March S. l'Ml.
I'uli. March 2'*.
Skivna Land Dimriot -Dwtrict of Caasiar
Take  notice thul   I.   IVrry IJuccnan ol   I'rince
ItutM'M,   H.  C.  occupation  prMpnotOf,  intend   to
apply  f<>r pcrmisnion to purchax1  the following
��� i. a-;\* i' I lan I.:
Commencint* ut a pont planted in lhe vicinity
of Gom Hay, almttt thn>i-eight.* of I mile wuilh
of thi* mouth of the lloimtwa O'ek,  and  luiug
on the easti rh  boundary of Timber limit Nn.
M381 or No. US80. thenee nouth 40 chainn along
the easterly limit of suid Timher Limit No. BU81
or No. 8HoQ 10 chainn, thenci* east to the shore nf
DOOM Hay, a distance of .|tl chninn more or lens,
Ihence northerly along the shore of Uooso Hay
to chain* mon* or len*, ihenc*- westerly 111 chainn
more or lc-*I in point of commencement, oontalnlng
li o ;,, ri��� mote or lesn.
Dated March 7. 1011. I'KUUY QUKBNAN
I'uh. April 7.
Bl na Lind Districl-District of Casniar
Take m.liee that 1 Joseph llelway of V.uie.mver
B.C.. ocoupation pmpoetor, Intindi to apply fur
pormlatlon to purchase tho followlnc dweribed
Commencinu nl ti posl planlisl iwo and one-half
milen In OO easterly direction from the point on
Naai Kiver where the \j_*m Luke trail In-winn,
Ihence WW!   Mi chain*,   ihence south  ho chainn.
thanea eait 80 ohalni* thenoe north MO ehalni to
point of emnmonoentont, oontalnlng 04Q acre*.
mora or les*.
Date Feh. :i. IUll
I'uli. Mar. I"
Queon Charlotte Inlands Lund Dlltriet
Tuko notico that 1, J. tl. McNub ut l'rmc�� R,
pert, occupatiun |[unurul ugoni, intend ll( 7*
[or permiaaion to prospect fur coal uml potr^ui
on the following deacrilati lunda: ra
Commuucing at u post planted ut the *>. h.��..t
cornu' of Section X Townsh p 2 tirulmm ui��,i
and murked J- C. McN., S. K. Con,,- t��S
wesl SO chuinH, thenco north 80 ehalm, u,,,
oaat ��U chuinn, Ihence south HO ohllru to |.U1 1 1
Datad March 8, 1911. J. Q, MeMiB
Pub. March 25. WiUon tiuwmg, aJJJ
Skeena Land District���DUtrict of Coast lutnte 5
Takl notice that Mary Murngret Otllla o|m
toriu, u. c��� uce.iputiun bounkaeper. Intendi to
apply for permisaion to purchase tin- tollowlM
deaerlbed lunda: K
i��.Commencing at a poat planted ut the north,.-,.
corner of Lot 3U87, thunco 20 chuins west, tiiimJ
20 chains south, thonco 20 chains weai to l'\
B859T| thunce ubout 80 chaina north lu UkiU
Kivor, thenco meandering said river up itnara in
a auulhousturly direction tu Lakelse Luke, ti^nct
meandering aaid luko to point of oommeneuniot
containing 11)0 acrea, mora or luus.
Foat markod M. M. G., N. I). Cornur.
Dated Feb. 14,11)11.
Fub. March 4.
Ske na Land District���Diatrict of ('oaat liana 5
Take notice that Benjamin Rues.nl ::lk.��� ul
I'rince Kupert, ll. C, occupation waiter, intatiiU
to apply for permisaion to purchaae the [oUovUm
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poet plantad ti& chains soul(,
from the aouth east corno. of Lot ;J0ti0, ; ��� ,-tice To
chains west, thonce '>���"��� chaina north, thenco 7u
chains east, thenco 65 chaina aouth to pumt ^|
commoncemont; containing 455 acres, moru ur
lusa. Tost marked 11. K. li., S. K. Cor.
Dated Feb. 13, 1011.
Skoena Land District���Diatrict of Coaat Run a
Take notice that David McLennan uf i'rinca
Kupert, B. C, occupation clerk, intendi to apply
(or ixTimsaion to purchaso tho following : -.criliwl
Cuinnwncititf at a post planted 40 chains nouth
from the south west corner of Lot 894, Uimica 40
chuina euat, thence 40 chains north, thencu -HI
chuina west, thunco 40 chains south to paint u|
commencement; containing ItiO acres, more or
less. Fost marked D. M*. S. W. Cor.
Dated Fob. IS, 11)11 DAVID McLK.Nn'AN
Fub. March 4.
Bkaana Land Dlrtriot���Dlltriet of Gutlu
Take notiee that 1 Hugh D. Gillis of Prince Ku*
pert, oceupation laboror. intends to apply fur
permission to purchase the following dMerlbld
Commeneiiik' at a post planted three and one-
half miles in un easterly direction from the point
on Niuis Uiver where the Lava Lake trail begin
uinl one mile in u northerly direction frem the
said Lava Luke trail, thence north ED chaini,
theme eust BO chains, thence south BO chaint
thence went M) chuina to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres.
Date Feb. X 1011. HUGH 1). QlLLffl
Fub. Mar. 10. Joseph Belway. .Wnt
Skeenu Lund District���Dintrict of Coast
Take notice thut Glenn McArthur of Vancouver,
B,   C,  occupution  real   entute  u^ent  intendi to
upply  for  ]s-ni,i>.-iiin   to  purchase  the following
dencrilH.nl lands:
Conuaanoni at u post planted 40 ehalni *'*
and t*0 chains south of tlio southwe.-t correr 0!
Lot No. 173:1 murked Glenn MeArthur'n north*
west corner, ihence south 40 chains, thencv wrt
BO chuinn, thencu norlh 40 chuinn, thence mri
Mi chains to po*t of eommencemenl, cuiiiuiniDf
B80 acren more or lean.
Duled March 20, I'UL GLKNN McAKTIUR
Fub. April 15. T. D. Luird. Af��
Coust Range B Land Diairic;
Take notice ihut 1, John Hepburn ui Kw
numkalum, occupution furmer, intend to upply
(or permission to purchane iho follow nt; dneriDM
Commencini; at a post planteil ut the northwl
corner of Lol ;1M8;1, ihence east 20 chains, thenci
nuuth  4U chuinn,  thenco west 20 clmus, thence
north 40 chainn to place ol commencement
Duled March 18, OIL JOHN  HEPBURN
Fub April 16.
Skeona Land District���District of Coast Rlfifl I
Take notice thut Alexander Boa ton of Vancou*
ver, B. C, occupation carpontor, intends to aw1!)
tor permlalon 10 purclmso tho followinn dmnM
Commencini! at a post planted 80 chains south
Irom tht south wost cornor of .Lot BOBS, !'��t
marked A. U��� N. W. Corner, thonce :1U chiiu
south, thence SO chaina eaat, thonco 80 chaim
north, thence 80 chaina woat to point of com*
mencoment; contuininu 200 acres, more or leas.
Doled Feb. 13, 1911. ALKtANDfcllt BBAT0H
I'ub. Murch L
Skeena Land District-Diatrict of Caviar
Take notice thai 1 Andrew Cummlnfll ut �������
couver. B.C.. occupalion nook*  intend*' to applv
for permission to purchane the following Scribed lands:
Commencing at a pont planteil three and *-M
half miles in un easterly direction from the I'"int
on Nuns Kiver where the Lnva Lake trail I**"'*
near the trail, thence west W) chairs, thenc* ���������������*���������
so ehuins. Ihence east WI ehainn. them*,* BOTtl vl
chainn to point of commencement, OOntalnloS ,v*1'
Date Feb. :i, ion. ANDREW CUMMINGS
Fub. Mar. 10. Joseph Itelway, AK*nt
Stikine Und District -District of CaflW
Tuke notice that Christian A. Tervo nl Stikine
B  C , occupation customs ofheer, Intandi WIPW
for permission to purchuso the followini; diM:riw��
Commencinu ut u pont plantwl ubout I**?!)*
north went uf the custom* warehouse at Si'J01)^
It. C, Ihence west 20 chains, thenn* lOtttt g
cliains, ihence eosl 20 chains, thence north,-"
chains to point of commencement and contain"1*
IU acres mon; or leas. .,,,-,,
Dateil Feb. iy, FJM.       CHIHSTIAN A. ILU*0
Pub Apr! 7
Bkaana Land Dlltriet -District of Ooait
Take noliee that   I. William Andi'i-mii. of  Vnn-
uver,   B.C., pooupatlon  clerk, Intandi tO npply
has,, the following deserib-
Manager   Will
End of May.
While V
Route haa just recel
the appointmeni <��f
Mr. A. I
iger f��f tin
TjBSMns i!.'^:^';' 0****.
NOTEa -No ordir l.aa ll,,,,, lOr
marHaa.aia.1  r,,,,,,.,,     ,.,,,"'���,.'," I"  '':* ,* ''"Himil'l .
 ���*��* 'Sssiwiiftaa
I'uli. Ataril Ki.
general man*
ui & Yukon
vi-il word "i
his micccnor
in office in ilu* person <>f Mr. ". L,
Dlsckeaon of Chicago. Mr, l>irk-
(���-mi, who is expected i<> arrive
in Vancouver early In Mas, haa
just resigned the port <>f special
inspector of transportation <>( i\n:
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad, In connection with liis
appointment to the White Pass &
Yukon Route, Mr. Dickcson has
been made vice-prcsldenl of thai
company. Hc will have juris-
diction over all departments.
li K unlikely thai Mr. Berdoe
will sever his connection with the
[White Pass till  the latter pari
"I   Mav bi he Will have  lo niaki*
Tha*   l-riliii*   llupprt  Lanltra*.  No.  1l*a.  S,an��  nl
Klaitlanil. Hla*a?lia tha* Ural   aatail  thlral   Tlir,ilaayn  In
,'airli inaaiitli in ilu* r:ir|ii*nt,*ria Hill, aat H |a.m.
t, V. CI.AIIK. Sa-a*..
I-. O. Ban H2. I*rlnc>* Hi rt
Municipal Notice
SrnM Undo-. mlilra*awal to tha* Cily Cla*rk. will
bl rara*iva*al up till 5 <aYla*a*k |i.m. May Uh. IUll,
fur thr iall|i|ily naiil ili-livpry nf NO I'falnr I'll,*!..
S|ii*iilnaai*"ii' -mal fi-rni nf trnilrr tn la.- nlitiaiaiP,!
fratan tha* City <'l.*rk. Tpnilpria naupt I.* n,*,*.itai-
luiiiia -I lay It pprtllipil rh,i|iia*. or ranh, fnr .' lipr
rptlt. aaf thp tntlll lirirn t.na'aTail.
112-31 City Ktaailn.aa i City Clark
Tenders Wanted
TpnilPm will Iip ri'rpia *al lay Ihp unilnrolaanaa*.! aif.
In Krlalny. May Tath. faai Hip pxrlavHtlnti nf ia Inirl
��� if tlip .rhiFil ground, ni al fnr la>inaf f.laaa.k aaai Hip
aarna*.    l'lann ami ��i IfJaaUOD. mav  Im* ���a*i*ai al
llip City Etaiflne*r'ii tilli.-p.
C. II HAW I. v..
!��; IflO It.  KiIii��iI lla*ral
(llmlpr Npw
Complete   Chnnge of Programme
Latest Pictures   -   Besl Music
Adults 15c
Children 10c
fair |iprnii*i*aiiitt In |
���d lnniN:
Commmctng nt a po.1 planted and markod w
A. northwoat eornor and aboul i mil. from Ali*x-
iiiiiIit   Hui'han    niirtlinrii iKaun.larv linn- ihi'ticp
nuth mi i-hiaiiiii, tin nn mi ,-hiii,,,  thonc.
north -n ��� iniiii,. thane, wo.1 )0 chain., i ii,t���f
riiiiiiin-iirpiiipiit, containing 040 aero, mam* nr Iprm
!!"!"���   *''.'   ''a!'''-  1'"1 ,'ll",l"��  "��� *Sl"'k*  AXPllt
lull. rpli. 2n.
Skoona Und IH-inci   l>i*.irict ol Quoen Chariotta
laka* iintlcp thai I'rniik Ix'vick ail WiiihIbIuck
tint., nomination bookkeeper, Inipmla to .nolv
jnr Mrmhaoa to purohaai the IiiIIhwuik daMbad
t ommpnemg  al   a  port   planted  iboul
mil,., net ami iw-n mil,, s���,.,i, ���| ,,���. ,��� ,
s aiil.-y Cnak where It emptle. Into Naden
Harbor, Oraham Uland, thenw N ehalm nuth,
thenco 80 chain, out, ihenn BO chain, north
thoM. Ml chain. ��..,! t��� ,k,|���| ���f r.ii,���������,,P,,,���.���
, ami cnnlanlni! II in ncrpn mun* ur |p��,
|ii.i,..l VlarPl, 17, lilll. PRANK  I.KVII'K
Nuniii Demon, Agra
naif I"
Bkeena Land District-Diatrict nf l
Taka notice that I. John HoDonald
Rupart, H.C, oooupatlon hotalkoopor,
apply for Miinlaaton to purcha,i* th.
deaerlbed latndai
Commandng at a poat piantinl three
hiuf miloa in an i*usta*rly allrpctinn frnm
��� an Nan, Rlvar wlinrt* thai Lava l.nl.i- " ���
and one mile in a northerly dlreetlon f"*1" "
���aid Lava Laka trail, tha-nce eouth avhty *"'"'���
thenoa wait 80 chnina. thanoa north W tn
thonea aaat BO chalna to paiint aif comme
containing imi acrea.
Date Pob, :i. mil. JOHN M
Pub, Murch 111. Joaeph Helw.u. "��""
j, i,I
ill   lia'
kaena Und Diatrict-Dlatrict ol Coeft R"JJj
Tako  nolice  that  Jock  llealloril nl   KM"1 HI
lorkahlm,   Uniilanil,  occupatinn ovl!r-lollK'.,'. '
InnilH lo apply  lor pairmiaaion to purclu''
lOUpwlng ilawcrilaoal lands
Commencing at a post planted at u pnin
u'vpn j eiwla'riy lioundary ol timbor limit BSW '
in the
nil H
I'uli. April 7.
Bkaana i.iaia.i Diatriet-
- District uf Cout
Tak. notico that I. Peter Reid, of Vancou
-ctinniliin taametar, iini*i���i, tnnnnli
tin* following draer
-H'rmiMlun to purehui
CnniiiipniiriK nt a Mat planted and marked P
R. sS.W. carna-r nnd mmedinlplv lull i���  !,       .'
nnr; thenn niiriii -a. .1,1,1,,.. n,���, ,., ,,,'���;,;-
thonn ,..,.ii, Bo ohains, thonce *,������ u, Sain, n
rnimenoement, nntaining KM acre.
,.,    ft-JfA REID,
Oharln 11. Allen, Agonl
*1S5.Twn^m'SSS'A,^"*\"   ["?,. .nor*1  visiting Skagway
nr lfwa.
MltS. 1.. n,
it. l-iitnain Aii���n I alfiiirMil hisoffico al ll
to close up ilu
lose points,
Skppna Land Di.trar!    Iliatrirl of OoUl llntiafi' t..
Coasl lliatrlcl
Takpniillpp thnt Win  Loom of Sappprlnn. B.C.
ocaupatlonOovrnmoni ijunni. Intenda to apply
faar parmlaaton to inmltaai the faaiinwinK daasnba
eal lanals:
Commonelnr at a put plamiai in rhaln- wpai
nml ISO rhaln, nuth of the aaral rnrnnr uf lnt Nu.
ITH. rang. Be0Utdlllr1.ta  mnrkpal   Wm.   Irf*a>lla*.
N.W. oot nor. thoneo nuth 40 ehaina thonn i*n.i
80 plmins, thenn north 40 chalna. thonn wp,t n
I'hnln, tO pnst  Of  ruinliu'licpanpiit. riaiitainilnr 8B0
acre i innria aar Ipss.
I. I), l.aird. AatPiit
Dated March Pith, llll I
I'uli. April80th, mil
���    ��   ���   ���   ���      o
General Hardware
Builders' Hardware
Viilvi-n & I'iprs       Oxford Stnvt-n
* * *--*-*-
poinl uf
inurp ur 1
I i.,i..! 1   a   Fell
I'uh. l'eh. ���X,.
the naiulherly limit ol lol :)UH9. Rangl
Districl, where the sold limita IntOWCta WJB
along tho southerly limit ol lot 88M klaJH
nml lhe projection thereol In an easterly ' ' ff 0|
80 chnins more or loss to tho WOrtorl) "' '.
limlier limit 112501, Ihcnco In u soul her y *l"n".
aluni! the lust montlonod limit 11 *tl*lmJ2K
nr lan to lhe northerly limit ol timlier llmll ���'
tlience in a weaterly allrectlon oloni! the '-'"l |(,r|y
liimeil limit 80 chalna moro or less to He*
limit of timlier limit 38321), thonce iu a i>
direction ll chains moro or lass to th. I
DiitealMiirch 8, 1911. JACK BB1
I'uh. March 25
,rl lat-riy
aallll  "I
a.f   VllS*
ani)'   '*
keena Und Disirict    District nl Ci  n        ,.
.     Take notin thai  ,, " ��� ���"', , ''���" **miV
I   !  Kuperi,    II.    C Tai,,;,,,,,,    .,,,.'',','    l!'"'*
i    apply  (ur  permiMam  lu |,a���i   ,,i��� "","'",U'
'    alaiscrllioal lanals: ' '      "" f0ll0Wln|
Commeneini al a pool planted
��� ��� ������
cnrner nl surveyed lol llliVi'    i.'.',,!!' V'",M"rl.h !'��>l
Met. thenn in an .uuft, _]___��� c_��** 6f
sui.lherly limi, nl ���������.;������" ���,    ! ," '  f'0"!  'I'"
lection thereol Hi chain. 10 ��� ���,i,,  '"' "" WS
parallel u. u,��� aaalal "llmll ,     V, l,l",",1'"""""'
aforeaald 80 chain, mn',   r I"1  m*
iin.il .,( a timber llmll s,, ,������ , " ' northerly
40 chains mnre or lea. to I imi nt ha a* "'"'" ****
I southerly Ol the OUterly limit , " !"""nl1""
MM, ihenc,. in a n..nlaVrlv ,|,r,Sion
projection of the uld n���
limil lil) chains mnre
menl, cnntainlUK
Datad March H, mil
I Puli. March 26.
Skeenn Land District-District uf CM
Tnke nuiicp thnt I Arthur Jnmcs �� 8I��
couver, oooupatlon  broker, intends to i
liermlsslaan tu purchase the following '""
lands: . cnt.
I 'nliillienclng at n pnst plnnted three limi ,
half mile, ln ���n easterly direction from IM. \.M.
mi Nun, lllver whpre the Lnvn I'""1', " .,,11111.
iiii*lices near the trail, thencc I'list eiglil* ' ������,,
I hence smith Hll chains, thence wesl -" " nl
Ihenre ninth ml chains tn puint nf cninuicii1
containing B40 acre, mon* or loss. ...., ij||
Data Peb. 8, mil       ARTHUR JAMES w '���'   ,
I'uli. Mar. ll) Joseph HcKvnj*. ���*<���
that   I, Alexander   Bjiehjjf,,,
nccupntliin butohor, '["n.min.
;:';;""'; ��*i rion, tho..lu
"-n.'ia1,;:,!::;;:^ ��� -'-
Bkaana Land District-District of <'���
Tuke   nutice
Vancouver, H.c... 	
apply for permission to purchnse lh
dueribed land,:
Commencinir n pnst planted nnd marl
SK. curner. nnd niljnlning posts marK"
N.K. corner ntul P.R.'s S.K. cnrner; Il"'";;>.���i *)
lad A
of i
���-"cliuins,  thonce north 811 chnln". thon���M
chnins. thence snuth WI chains to POlm
mencement, containing 840 aoro. "*���",':,",,\m,
Daleil 1st Feb., 11)11       Charles 11. Allen* A"
Pub. F.b, 25.


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