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Twenty-four hours ending
5   u. m.,
Mny 5a
alAX   TKMI-.         WN.TEM1-.           BAK.
r'l.r.        :n.r>     BOW
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Vint South 4
Camosun .. t���_ ^^^.Sunday, 'J ua
____**\~_         . FuM Ml>KTll"\
TM-inV.es* Mfiy :.'. .'.W^jdji��,, (i p.,
~"���~���" "*r-
.i i
V(,l��� U, NO. 100
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, May 5, 1911.
'���'?���: ,.'"iA,
i t'.S'
rice Five Cents
W ***?
77 **7*T?
Three Hundred Citizens of Cordova Start Another "Boston Tea  Party"���Angered
the Way the Country is Chained to the Coal Speculators, They Dump Three
Hundred Tons of Imported Coal into Harbor���Mayor is Powerless
to Preserve Order and Has Appealed to the Governor
for Assistance-���Citizens In Sympathy
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Cordova, Alaska, May 5.���In-
ci-iim-iI iii the action <>f tlie United
States government which lias re-
in-ril to deal with the ooal lease
question, three hundred men arc
now busy on the wharf of the
Alaska Steamship Company, emulating the heroes of the Boston
I't-.i Party ol 1773, by dumping
three hundred tons of Canadian
coal iiiin the sea.
'^Authorities Powerless
Ilu* feeling here is intense over
i'ii- situation. There is r.o ani-
inn-ii\ towards the steamship company, .iiiil gereral feeling is behind
ilu* three hundred citizens. The
Mayor and local authorities arc
powerless to afford protection to
the company's property) and have
appealed to the Governor of Alas-
la. * in send aid.
Cause of the Trouble
Ilu- trouble begun this morning
when thc news of the receipt of
a message at the company's office,
from its agent nt Washington
leaked out. The message stated
that the government had reported
against taking any action in re-
ganl to the coal land leases, as
the Supreme Court had not con-
siilercil the appeal from the decision of Judge Hanford, quashing
the indictments against the claim
ants in the English group of
Alaska coal claims. The Government report added that nothing
could lie done towards opening
the coal fields until alter the court
had passed on the case.
Coal from Nanaimo
The people from die Copper
Uiver tlistriet have been greatly
exercised over the question. They
point out that while Alaska is one
greai coal field, the people of
Alaska   are   sport   lor   die   coal
speculators and millionaires who
have blanketed the country, so
that it is impossible for the people
of Alaska to touch the coal at
their doors. Kor a long time
they have been obliged to import
coal from Nanaimo in Canada,
over a thousand miles away to sell
here at $25 a lor.
Rush to the Wharf
The coal on the wharf had been
shipped in by thc Alaska Steamship Co. following the receipt of
their agent's message that nothing
would be done to open up the coal
fields this year, li is valued at
*8,000. Al a secrei meeting of
citizens it was decided that the
best way to show the indigantion
of thc people was to follow the
example of the heroes of 1773.
The work of throwing the coal
into the sea is still going on.
Practically every able bodied man
in Cordova is on the scene.
Mayor and Aldermen Pleased With New "Red Devil"
After Given Joy Ride Yesterday���J. E. Gibson
Appointed as Driver��� Machine Showed
Up Splendidly in the Test
Prince Rupert owns that fine
$7,850 red fire-fighting auto-car.
Al .i special meeting of the city
council Um nighl the final stages
iii I lie purchase were completed.
Reports of lire Chief Mclnnis
1 ii the machinery and equipment
"i ilu- car, and on its performance,
were  read  ;i*.i|  approved.     Then
'in- motion   to  accept   delivery
"i ilu- cir was carried.
Imoprtant Document
Before the cheque in payment
1 the car is signed and sent off
tlii* council on the rocomtnenda-
""������ "i Alderman Smith will have
; I m nl    io    them    the   original
'���'br lur the car, in order thai il
be tiled for future reference.
Hie names of  those responsible
lor thc ordering of the vehicle
lire liahle to be handed down, to
posterity in short. Mr. J. K.
i.iIimi-,1 will be engaged for a
probation term of sixt> days as
driver of lhe car.   His credentials
'' good, and he is a trained
mechanical engineei with marine
- Well as motor car experience.
He ran repair a breakdown.
Trial Run Yesterday
��� lsi   night's   special   council
"tooting was the result of a spectacular speed and efficiency trial
''���'   which   all   the   civic   officials
���iiin could be crammed on board
'""k part.   There were the Mayor
''I   council.     There   were    the
minions of the press armed with
"pcedometcrs and stop-watches.
I here was Fire Chief Mclnnis, aad
'������I Imt not least there were
Smmeti   P.   Browning;   western
ll<�� manager lor the W. K. Sea-
8��>vc Co., Walkerville. Ont., who
l""1' the car, and William Fee,
��� company's mechanical expert
;" the Wheel and levers.
Everything    went    splendidly.
The car behaved like a million
lollar steam yacht in smooth
water. It obeyed the driver's
every touch on the steering gear.
It started and stopped to order.
11 took lhe steepest grades with
never a sign ol hesitation. Right
out to Seal Cove it spun with its
heavy load of civic mechanical
and journalistic genius at an
average speed of thirty miles an
hour. The car is capable of doing
up to thirty-five miles an hour
if need be. It took only seven
minutes to make lhe trip to Seal
Cove. In another seven it was
back again al (In- lire hall. Here
genius and civic dignity dismounted in front of a camera waiting
to take a picture of the party
beside, and in the machine. Everybody tried to look pretty, but
the car in its Irish youthful
glory of rich red enamel outdid
them all.
Fit for Fire Service
Fifteen hundred feet of hose
can be carried by the new car. It
is equipped with a large tank of
chemical for the speedy extinguishing of newly started fires.
This saves property from damage
by water. Gong and loud warning
homs are attached to clear the
path for the auto on ils way to
a fire. Everything about the
machinery is in excellent shape.
It is a six cylinder engine, developing 80 horse power. In every
way the new car will be an improve
ment on the old Bystem, so trying
on the men. Had it been in
operation when the Hays Cove
Circle fire happened the other day,
there would probably have been
far less loss.
The title of the new jigger in
curbstone vernacular is the "Red
Building   for   the   Police   Will
Cost $600
To build the proposed new
police offices and court house
on. Third avenue and Fourth street,
will involve an expenditure of
$000. In adopting the report of
the streets works and property
committee on this last night the
council considered the first idea
of renting a building. Mayor
Manson stated that to rent a
suitable building, such as say, the
old Bank ol Montreal woultl cosl
!>")() per month. Il was decided
to proceed with the new police
station antl court house.
Rev. Ebenezer Robson Is Dead
at Vancouver
He Was the First Methodist
Missionary to Enter British
Columbia��� A Brother of the
Late Johnson Robson, Once
Premier of Province.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Vancouver, May 5.��� Rev. Ebenezer Robson, the pioneer Methodist missionary in British Columbia, passed away at his home here
this morning. He was in his
eightieth year, and for over half
a century his name had been
closely identified with the history
of thc Methodist church west of
the Rockies.
He was a brother of the late
Hon.. Johnson Robson, who was
Premier of British Columbia from
1880 to 1802.
Prince Rupert Will Outstrip All
Coast Cities
Convincing Impression of Progress and Prosperity Made by
the City on Mr. J. P. Graves
of Granby Consolidated Mine
"I'rince Rupert am take care
of all the business o| her surrounding tlistriet."
The words were said confidently
and with all the convincing decision of a far seeing business man
well satisfied wilh his first impression of our city. The speaker
was Mr. J. P. Craves, managing
director of the Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co.,
president of lhe Spokane Inland
Railway Co., and director iof
many flourishing concerns in the
Eastem States. Mr. Graves is
well-known in business circles in
New York and throughout Canada.
"What most impressed me on
my journey to this city," said
Mr. Craves, "is the magiificent
water route lo Prince Ruperl. lt
is as valuable commercially as
it is beautiful. And the certainty
of rapid transfer of goods via
the Giahd Trunk .to the eastern
markets is another gre.it factor
which has favorably impressed me
about Prince Rupert.
"Never before in tlie history of
the Pacific Coast has there been
such an influx of population. Men
and money are pouring in steadily.
Seattle, Tacoma, and Vancouver
sprang up fast, but they hatl not
behind theni a lythitig like the
tide of immigration which is setting towards Prince Rupert. \\ hile
it is Impossible for a coast ciiy in
the making to .avoid .s dull
spells in the time of waiting for
the completion of transportation
facilities, I am convinced (hat
Pri ice Rupert's growth is going
to break all records for coasl
cities. The great wave of inflowing
population greater now than ever
before iu the history of the West
makes this an absolute certainty."
Paying for the New Fire-car
Payment for the new auto-
chemical hose wagon just accepted
by the city will not be made until
thirty days after date of acceptance
of the car, that is in a month from
Will Develop Claims
B. 1-'. Stanwood, the well-known
prospector is back in lhe city from
a trip to California. He will
leave here shortly for Copper
River to develop his valuable
calims there.
Real Estate Moving
Some evidence of the fact that
real estate is moving in the city
can be gathered from the monthly
report of Mr. t). M. Helgerson
who closed deals hist month amounting to $3-1,200. Most of
the lots sold were in Sections 1 and
fi and were to people living away
out of the city.
Northwestern League
Vancouver ,s, Portland 5.
Tacoma 2, Spokane 1.
Victoria, Seattle (rain).
National  League
New York 7, Boston 2.
St. Louis 1, Pittsburg 17.
Brooklyn 0, Philadelphia 7.
Cincinnati 5, Chicago 0.
American League
Boston 2, New Vork 0.
Philadelphia li, Washington 2.
Detroit 1, St. Louis 2.
Chicago 7, Cleveland 7.
Pacific Coast League
Sacramento 7, Oakland 5.
Los Angeles Ki, T'risco 8.
Veteran Minister of Agriculture
III.    Sinking Fast
(Candaian Press Dispatch)
London, Opt., May 5.- Sir John
Carling who was Minister of Agriculture in Sir John Macdonald's
Cabinet was overcome today by a
sinking spell, and is not expected
to survive the hight.
Going  South
Severty-five passengers went
souih on ihe S. S. Prince Rupert
this morning,  85 of whom were
first class and 40 second class.
Waking UP
Another dollar haa found its
way to the fund to buy King
George a coronation souvenir. This
is the second dollar subscribed by
the local < ieorges and it came Irom
Oeorgc Frizzell.
Aldermanie Candidate
Mr. \V. J. Alder has consented
to be nominated as an aldermanie
candidate in Ward 2 to fill the
vacancy caused by the resignation
of Mr. T. I). Pattullo. Cily Clerk
Woods has not yet received the
official -,'omir.alion. This must be
done before two o'clock Monday
afternoon.   George Phillipotts has
not  yet decided  whether  he will
consent to run.
City   Engineer's   Contract   on
First Avenue to Start
Tenders  for  Supply  of   Rails,
Pulleys,  Car-wheels,  etc.,
From Three City  Hardware
Firms are Before the Streets
Trice Declared in Reciprocity Struggle from May 23rd
to July 16th��� Members Will  Have   to  Com.
Back to Work in Dog Days Without
Any Extra Indemnity
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
(Ittawa, May 5. - It is now practically decided tlmt Parliament will
adjourn from May 23rd until
July Kith. The decision has been
come to after a conference between
the two leaders.
Fielding to Lead House
11 has been agreed that Hon.
\V. S. Fielding is to assume the
leadership Of the House during
the absence of the Premier in
.England attending the Coronation,
For Sir Wilfritl to have given up
his visit  to  London on  this oc
casion  was felt would nol  reflect
io the credit of Canada, and though
lhe Premier was ready to make
the sacrifice in his fight for reciprocity the declaration of a truce
is welcomed.
Heavy on Members
ln :i general way, ilu* truce is
admitted to be a victory for tho
opposition, but the terms will bear
heavily upon the members all
round. They will have to return
to the House in mid-sumnier to
complete their work without further remuneration.
District Ministers Will Discuss
Church Union Next Week
No vote was taken on Church
union last night at the concluding
session ol the Methodist ministers
of the district. The matter was
left over until next week when all
the ministers of  the Methodist
Church of British Columbia confer in Vancouver.    The pastors
of this district will meet there and
vote before the matter is discussed
at the conference.
This morning most of the delegates who attended here left on
the S. S. Prince Rupert to attend
the conference. Rev. J. C. Sing
will leave for Vancouver on Monthly morning anil will be away
for iearly two weeks. On Sunday-
May 14. Rev. G. 11. Raley of
Stewart, will preach in the First
[Methodist Church.
Two and a Half Million Workers at First Will Be Safeguarded Against Unemployment at a Cost of
$35,000,000 ��� Extension of Scheme
Will Involve $100,000,000
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
London, Eng., May 5, -Lloyd-
George introduced to the House
today his system of State Insurance of workers, the most radical
legislation ever yet undertaken
by the Liberals. The measure il is
estimated will involve an expenditure of 186,000,000 in 1012 13
riiang to 1100,000,000 in 1915 16.
Bill Is Approved
General approval of the bill is
expressed by the representatives
of all parties, though some ol
ilu- details are criticised. It i>
admitted tlmt a system ol State
Insurance is likely to meet wilh
success and the wide-spread approval of thc great mass of the
people.    The measure is of course
aimed at the problem of unemployment.
Two and a Half Million
Al firsi ilu- system of State
Insurance against unemployment
.i- devised by Mr. Lloyd-George
will be .applied only to the engineering shops, the building, and
house-building trades. These trades alone, however, are represented
by aliout   twu .rid a half million
Shop early on Saturday so as
to pick up some of lhe snaps in
shoes at Scott, Frond & Co.'s
Bargain Counter.
Another step in the establishment of a Public Works Department in Prince Rupert was taken
by the council last night. Contract "B, 0" on First avenue on
which the Ciiy Engineer bid lowest
has not yet been Started, and
before it can be begun a regular
outfit ol contractor's tools must
In- purchased. These will form
the nucleus of the Public Works
Department equipment,
Tenders  for  the materials and
tools  required  wen-  called   for
the oilier tlay by tlie City Clerk,
and last night these wen- opened.
Three of  the city hardware firms
tendered, but not all as completely
as the Council desired. The funis
tendering were lhe Prince Ruperl
Hardware Co*, Messrs. Handasyde
& Hurl, and the Thompson Hardware Co. The tenders were refer*
red to the streets committee.
Lonely Watchers of Our Coast
Will   be  Wealthier
Taking effect from the beginning of the present year, an
increase has just been granted by
ilu- Dominion Govcmmcnl by
which salaries of ilu- lighthouse
keeper- of Canada have been
raised from 2(1 to 85 per cent. The
men who keep lonely vigil over
lhe waters of this coast will receive
their arrears since January 1.   In
every   instance   the   increase   has
been a substantial one.
lt is nol very long since the
lighthouse keepers were awarded a
G.  T.   P.   BOYS  WON
Beat F. W. and S. Outfit Again
In the bowling match between
Foley, Welch and Stewart's office
staff and the G. T. P. team in
Morrison's Alleys, lhe G. T. P.
boys came out champions. For
iiniking Hit highest individual score
if lhe evening Mr. Mailer of the
('.. T. P. team, was given a box o
cigars by Mr. Morrison. The railroaders won by '.im points. The
scores wee:
Melville    ....
Ti.iids2.V21.    .8*15   881    848
good increase.   The government
however, has sited the proposition j'J'''"'V
up rightly, in iheir belief that the |''���">'���
nun who tiike up positions on the
stormy   shores  or   barren   islands
should be well paid.    The highest I     F.W. & S.
silary on this coast is 11,770, audi Malmburg 108
this dass Includes Race Rocks,iLevenhrfgen 175
Cape lle.ile, Carmanah Point audi McArthur 144
Pine Island. Johnston 11)0
 ��� Stenstrom 108
For  the  first   time  this spring
sw-allows were seen in the city. *        Totals, 8428     800
783   831
_______ THE    DAILY   NEW
I h
II'.a   I
tht* e
fur b
full i
tin- 8
I ra
,\    I
w 'till
ness   i
title* I
t.i tl
He \
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publithing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 5Hr per month, or $5.1X1 per year, in sdvance,
Weekly, $2.00 per year. OUTSIDE Canada���Daily, 18.00 peryear; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVERTISING-BO cent* per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building. Third Ave., Prim*.* Rupart, B, C,    Telephone 98.
New YORK���National Newspaper Bureau. 819 Bail 23rd St., New York City.
Seattle   Puget Sound News Co,
London, Enclasp-The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building, Trafalgar
"The newspaper, with the law, should assume the accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, nut the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the Invader of private life and
tha assailant of personal character. It should be, as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience. " ��� Henry Wattenon,
Fruit    :   Produce    :    Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
I.aat.- 5 and '''. Hlock 2*-,
Section 1.
13000, 25 per cent. cash,
ll ce 1. 2. 8 years.
7 ner cent.
107ti Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
"Ii is a globular shaped ball
set on a pedestal all made of brass
.unl nipper and plated with nickel,
says   a   contemporary  deseril. -
the new steriliser at ihe Hospital*
The   advantage  of   havh -   -���
"globular shaped ball" is
than you might at tirst appreci ite
Nn three-cornered, rei tangn ��� '��� "'���
octagonal shaped 1 alls ne< 5
S. ���-
,���,    Tbe temptation to charge "stiff
It's  the  same as with othei  good  wing __^^    .,   alwuyg   lmtm.a,
prices"   for  high  class   things,   or     *        ^ ^  {_   a[-   artisailslli|)
But   it's   not   always   JJMtlflaDie- commonplace   is   pro-
nowadays the standard Is ^7^J^a_ work |. not apt to cost
nounced. So that, as to P "'>"* h�� JJ ���ull,. ,',, ��� at some places
vou  more   than   Us   worth;   still.  JOU  tan  I   * ,       ��� .       .
;hBn   at   others-   and   this   shop   ll   one   of   th.       OtheM.
..     ^     ���      v    r,       n/,,���>,* nn Him     If he Deceives You Twice, Shame on You"
ll a Man Deceives ) ou Once, Shame on mm.    tj
Daily Edition.
Friday. May 5
Every few days the newspaper readers .are treated to an item ol
news about the tri.il ni the Cammorrists i.i Italy. It is probable diey
will continue to be so regaled for a year more at le.i>t.  The Cammorrists
are on trial n-ra crime committed in 1900, and most ol them have be
in custody sir.ee that time.   Some !--lk whose opinions an* not I
sneered -it think the trial will drag on until the Judge and jurj ai
most ���'!' the prisoners die of old age. It is a matter i" be deferred as
long *i> possible, this trial of the Cammorrists, according to popular
opinion in Italy.   The phenomena of thc Cammorra is a matter ol
interest to young communities where law and order enforcement m.:>
conflict with the interest ��'t local authorities.    For the Cammorra
is the outcome of conditions, created largely by those who ..re hired
to preserve law and t.riler.
The Cammorra, unlike its kindred societies the Black  Ha
and the Mafia, is a v.ist secret society comprising all ranks ol societ;
in li.-' .   In ~iine a*,' it- sections none but those >*i noble birth are
admitted.   These art* the Raffles, the  Arsene   Lupins  ol   Southern
Italy, the Smart Set ol crime.    Iheir speciality is the extortion ol
blackmail from .gambling dens and the like though they t!" not si
at deeds ol violence.     Iheir operations are winked .it by the authorities, Lasl year, indeed, thc Government selected Gcnnaro Cardinale,
a Naples lawyer and *tn ait.ithe of the Cammorrists,to study Italian
schools in America.    The Cammorra is stronger than the Government,
and holds the police   and   heal   authorities   in   tear.     Even   the
visitur in Naples who loses his watch nr pocket book soon learns that
it is of im avail t i limk t" the police t��- recover his valuables.   Instead
he goes to the local agent of the Cammorra who for a suitable' fee
returns the \**< '*r stolen article.
Within its ranks the Cammorra has it.*- own ethical code. The
"barratollo"���the proceeds from thi garni - Itouaes -and the "sbruffo"
���the pr ������'.- ni railil't-ry ami extortion   are apportioned every week
ur two among its members, alter ., portion has been deducted for
social purposes and legal expe
Th..t the civic police ol Naples were in league with the Cammorrists is beyond ilmilit. Nut until the carabinieri, the military jviiin
from the north, cami ��� thc scent was a genuine effort made to arrest
any 11 the lea ler-. Since their arrest, it has taken nearlj five years ���
bring them t<i trial, and how long the trial will last no one can -
prophe >
That they are a band of desperate charai ers goes without -
The fierce impotent hate which prompted one of the prit
takeout :.i- glass eye and hurl it at the Judge is noi merely a hutm ��������� -
incident; it is an indication of thewihl ferodt) ol the caged men.
Thriving upon die licensi iccordcd them, the Cammorrists ol
Italy have initiated an era of Anarchism. Anarchism a~ a philosophic
���doctrine among professors is .. singularly easy and ideal condition to
argue for. But as a condition ol existence for masses of people under
present economii systems i- proves a failuie. It is a truth that before
we n<-t a New Jerusalem, wc   eed some s. To administer tin-
law "without fear **t favor" i- the onl) safeguard for communities
yet awhile. It i*. for her laxitj ��� >regard in times p.i-i. that Italy
i> ii--w reapi g a ��� -r..ri-m ai -I .rime.
Society must be remodelled from within, without letting down
the barriers of govts      nt until a   ew |   * t.ttinn -..rt'w, -
1 Rochester &
���jp   ������ Monroe
*:' Ladysmith
k^V     *CoAL
N ;*    --va.-
\V Phone ns
i Northern Produce Coy. I
l ������������ {
Nearly   every   .game
grown popular on  the surface -'I
the   "globular   .shaped   ball"
which we live is played with ���
of   some   material.     L'p   to   tin-
present they have .ill had a marked
tendency towards the "glol
But as there evident!>  are -
new   styles and shapes kno
about, the public must be o   its
guard   against   tlu*   base  substitution   of   triangulai   and  other
awkwardly shaped balls which thi
unscrupulous   might   attemi i
palm off.
st...."ta Un.l Dstrict-District ol Quoon I. harlotta.-
���aTata  noUn  thai   Q��orn  FrtetU  ��l  Pnnoa
i    ���, -   B. Ci occupation butcher, mtcn.ls to ippll
���ton to purchaa* tho lollowini dacrlMd
tndol ut  a pa��t  plantod about  Mvao
.   anal tvao raiia-a south ol tho mouth ol
Sunlay   Creak   where   it   empties     into   Naden
-    I   .iraham Island, thence 80 chain! south,
,    -    chaine  ��''--'.  thenco  SO chains nJrth.
���   chant east to point ol oomminoemint
ud eontalnlnj 640 acrw mon atau ...,
ireh 17, 1911        QEORGE Fiil/./KLL
Pub April? Nmn�� Dwnan, A|Mt
,U  IDItrtct-DlitricttrfOoMt
��� |. Mr.. Jnlin I *.rl.*y  of   I "nn*
��� , , .,  ipntlon married woman. InUndi
j.       ,|on to purohaao tha followini
, pctplanwd Britain. Mit
i him tho wuthw.it cornar of
1-;: i- n-t District. Ranw 6, thonco aouth sn
.     . ,  i,. ,������������*. thonco north 80
chain* thonco wait 40 chaini mm or tag to tha
. f eommencamant, containing .>-'" ncres
"'""' "r '"" MKS. JOHN iLottlol COHLKY
la,-.. Mar.ao, Wil
Tub. Apr. I. i'.'ll
j Send for our Weekly Price  List J
| Phone 151    -   Phone 151 j
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnithed and
Steam Heated Rooms
PO. BOX 37
A   particularly   i   satisfactory
type of ball is that designed in the
form of an isosceles triangle.   1*
not be liil into the purchase i
obtuse-angled equilateral parallelogram shaped ball.    It will prove
erratic.    An   oblong   ball   never
makes good, and drical
style while not bo ' ad one way is
awkward the otha r,
Do not,  however, coi fuse th<
yt-aiiiine   "globulai   shaped   ball"
with the Masked Ball, I n  Fa
Dn-s- Ball, or ilu  i I u t's Haul.
They have in> relation whatever.
Ynu can tell wl il sei tioi - ol
the city are devel ii �� fastest by
looking through the real estate
ids, Wherever there is real esi iti
activity���there must be real estate advertising. And the more
real estate advertising, thc more
real estate "activity."
Quaan Charlotte Islands Land District���District ol
.** lata:.. I
Take notice that I, J. ti. McNab ol i'rinco. Ru*
���. rt, .aeeupation general agent, intend to apply
lor t-tfrmtssion to prospoct lor coal and potroloum
0.-. the (olloaa-ing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted a*, the ao ��;��������
Co.���e- ol Section 3, Townsh p 2 liraham Island,
ar.d marked J   G. McN., S. E. Cl.-��� I
*.   chain..  Ihence  north  M) chains,  tin
. N chains, thence south Ml chains to point ol
eommonomont. .   ,   ,,..,���
Dated March 9.1911. ���.,      J,, o. McSAl
Pub. March io. WJson tiowing, Agen:
<ka*~.a Und District-District ol Coast Range \
Take notic* that Jack Uedlo.-d ol Kdfhlayi
Y.rKsniraa. England, occupation ove.*-!ooker. in*
u*r.ls to apply lor permisaion to purchaso the
lollowing ja��cnba\l lands:
i. ommandnf at a post planted at a t*o;nt .n the
easterlv boundary ol timlier limit   *-.-.* and in
*..*.,   souv.erly limit ������! lot .i:-9.'.  IA:.;-       Ca ���
Dutnct, where the said limits Intera
a.or.g *.::*   aoutharly limit ol lol      ���    tlaati   i
ar.d ::.*��� j'ro].*��lon thereof in an *..-:.:.
90 cnatr.s more or leas to the uraatarly lit. : ol
aior.g  *.r.e  last  mentioned  limit   ll   G
or less to the northerly limit ol timtaer lin
. : ..*,        .. .. --. ���.,   :.--���.   ���   ll     .:     ��� -a*:  DMO-
.    nit 90 chains mope or .* -
Un*.:: ol timber limit 3*3'2\*. ther.ce In a I
11 chains more or lasss to t*.
Pub. March iS
Skoona Land Dlatriel   Diatriet   : I   a.*: Ranges
:.ce tna: I, Clan May Little -I 1'nt.ce
l.-;vr:.   li.   C,   ....
a;;.;    I r   ;j-.-::.isjion  to  purchase  the  .' ..  -a.i.g
. :
Commencing at a paat planted at the north
���-..-. .* ::..*: ol Lot ITJ.'a. Ranfo '*. Coaat i-.--.net
there,   vast   -to  chain...  thonci   :   *'���    -
:r..*.cr   waat  jl  chain' thooci       rtl   -
thance mat lo chains, Uioooi *   ith ;"* chains to
point   ol  eommonOHMOl,  containing  11-  acraa
more or les*.
Daud April 4, ISU.        CLARA MAY LITTLE
I-ub. April 15.
Skaana Im.I in.trici���District ol Coaat Ranfa ��
iSn notice thai Mary Hell lleaton ol \aucou
nr   Ii C. occupation s|iin��ter, intends to apply
tor permlialon to |.urehiue the lollowing doscribed
ring at a poat planta-d at tha* north
cast comet M Lot 'l.'*>. tbence abuut 30 chaina
Lot 1723, thence 911 chains wa*at I*   Lot
' a- |, :���. ;a*e lb .ut JO chains south to Lot 39H1,
thence 10 chains eaat. thonea* ;!U chains aoulh to
Lot 6-:  thenoa M chaina eaat. thenco JO chaini
north, thence -���' chains .aast  to  polnl  ol  com-
ti ,*      ai-iiiig J-iiacn-.a m.,ro ur loss.
Post mu.*k.* i M. II. 11., S.K. Corn.T.     .���_,_,
Dat.-ileb.14. 1911.       MARY  BELL BEATON
ub. .\larch 4
aim .'ia Cliurlotlo Islanda Land District    1 a:. - r.
T'ake notice tlmt 1, John Mcla'oil of Yano
nocuiiatiiin broker, intend to upply lor ponnl
to |iros[H*cl lor coal uml petroloum on tin* l.,,:
ilesaTiboil lands:
Coinniencing at u post plumed aliout Iwo
soutli ail tha* Tl-e! Kiver unal marklll John
N. K. Curner, No. 32, thonce south feo c1
thenco wa-at HO chuina. thence north Jul d
thonea* oast 80 chains to point ol commence
etititiiining 640 acra's, mora* or !a*sa.
Dated Feb -JJ. 1911. JOHN ItoLBOD
Pub. Keb. 24. Leslie E. Wultfr, Ag,.nt
���,a... j. Charlotte lilandi Land District���District a,(
Take notice thnt 1, John Mct.a*od ot Yaiicnuver,
occuiiution .-r.'l.ar, intend to apply lor pa-: ;
to prus|iect (or coul und petroleum on tlu< laa!laiwine
.lit erlbed lands:
t'omtnenciiig al a poat planted aliout li.e ___m
north and una* mile wawt ol the mouth o the
IT-el Itiver and murked J. McL, N. r. ���
Nn. 84, thelica* aouth HO chains, tliencr ���.,���! _\
cliaiiui, thencv mirth HO chains, thenc* ea-t .0
cliains to point ol commencement; natal .
ocr,***. mora* or la**w.
Dated Keb.26, 1911. JOHN  Mcl 1 uC
. ub. Ka*b. 29. Claronca* McDaiwvil. \ge:u
New     ;
Hotel     I
The N< i   K-   *   Bottl l�� run on the Eur-t-nr.
Flan.   Firtt-clui Mrvtoft,   All the LfttMt M -
ent��. ���;..��� Bl DS hfc UP
\ ter 1 liaz, what?
Problem : ir the guesser
He'll In*, like ,i> not,
Merely Iii- successor.
���Toronto Star
Al'ttr Hi.nli   . wlm?
Problem for the Tory.
I It'll be certain to
Be shorn ol .-11 his glory.
���Prince- Rupert Daily Newi
House of Good Values
���Wc have juat r*
New Tailor Made Waists,     Irish Linen Waists
"Royal Purple" Shoes for the Ladies
"Traveller" and "Palace" Shoes for the Men
We i-arry a large ��tock "f LadltS1 ami Men's Footwear of all descriptions.
101 I v.km v KtiR "BUTTBMCX" PATTERNS,
The House of Good Values
JABOUR BROS.   -    Third Ave.
Letters to the Editor
Help! Help! Help!
I >i-.ir >ir:
\\ ho i9 the dead one that earni d
the "epitaphic sentiments?"
What  art-  the  aforementioned
 adjectivic sentiments?
.' "  ���- '������������ '     Who is Mike?   What relation is
a--*  * - ���  \   . .   .-  ���    if por-
.ii' auto i" .: wheelbarrow?
\\'h>- the ge (graphical refen
in Scotland ai il Italy?
Also, what, oh what ire "frau-
Mai j *i time I have had i"
lt-a|i hi^li i.i thi cold wel atmosphere i" v.-ra��|> tin- drift of some
ol your o*. temporary's utterai 11 -
.md .it last they have put one over
that beats me.
11 worries me.
Won't wtiit* one, for the love of
Mike, and the honor uf hi*, name,
come across with an explanation,
ii��i\v, while the explaining is good,
in   ���..   iMiiaii'M-i  <<i     i "i��
- ����ter. inund t ��� ��|>-
,***,***   th.-   f.ii mint   d����
���:.-���.!,���������'.*.   n
��� w��trr mark.
���*   water mark  .'*���   chair.*
\,W . ���     ���      ���
.   .    ��� �� ��� - mon
��� ���    ���' and C'T.taintnir
��� '.    .
;���  \\\ XANDBR iai.1.1 slip!:
..Grand Hotel..
SkMM Land Dutrict���Diitrict uf Coait Rant' 5
Tak* notice that Btdon S. I N ' .��: I llerlin,
Ont.' occupation doctor, intend* to apply (or
permiMion to purchaae the {oUu��ir.�� deacribed
Commer.cir.g at a po��t plar.ttd at the wuth*
! *eit corner of \ja\ 1424, tlwne. ea��t 30 chaina
1 more or \*tu, thc.ee south ih chains more or U'sa,
tht-rct' mvtx 80 chain more or 1pm, ihence north
,iini more or lesa to point of c
eontaininf U*j acre* more or lew.
Dated March dl, lyil    fcXDON & DETWILER
I'ub. April 15" John Camplwll, Agent
Skeena Land DUtrict-Uiitrict >t Outtw
TWt. notio. thnt 1 Andraw Cummlnti ui Vnn-
couver. B.C.. occupntion cook, intends to ftpplv
for ptnnlislon to purchase thi foUowtnsdnMnb>
cd lands:
Commencinir at a post plnntod  three and one
���   .   ��� .-������������        ���  tion from the point
on Naas l: ��� ;.i..   trail m��t1li
MnrthotrnU, IIubm nml ��� chninn, thenee south
ni chains, thence ea��t *** chain*, thence north KI
chain* tu point of i i'ii men cement, containing 640
Date Feb. 3, i'.'ll. ANDREW CUU1UN08
Vti\>. Mat. 1". !  M ph I^'Uvav. Atfvnt
Bl   *   ' I and District���District of Caasiar
Take notice that Christian .\. Tervo of BtlktM
H  C . occupation cu>:oms of* cer, intend* to BPply
for pvndnon to purcha.��t: the lollowing dt->crtU<d
Commencing at a port plarte.i aliout 18 chains
nnrth aeat of the customs warehouse at Sti* -.������,
li. ��' , :(.t-r.ci- w.-.- 80 ehnlnti thence souti 80
chair.*, thence eait 2" chains, thence north 20
chains to |>oini o( commencement and containing
4u acn- more or less.
Dated Keb. U, lull. '  CHRISTIAN A. TERVO
Pub A|,ri T
SkMM Unit Ui-trici -DUtrict ol guevn Charlotte
Tnka notloa that Ono. II. Uu* ol Princ** Rupert,
. occupation barber, intends  to apply  for
*-.on   :u   purchaw   the   follnwing   daoonhnd
ruencing   at   a  \n>*\   planted   about   seven
nnd oni inflo -*imH ln��m the motith
if Stanly   Crook, Nadu Harbor, thanco ��mth t-o
>���,-  mM   ID chains, thence  nurth .^o
������ eait 10 chains.
March 17, 1911. GEO. H. l..\l\
Pub   Vpnl 22. Numa iVmers, Agent
Skeona l-j*nd Dtetrict   Dlatriel of UmiL
Take notica that t J  11. McAujrhay of Prince
RuOOTt, occupation mlnw, Intends to apply for
permission to purchnse the following described
C'.mmencinjr nt n pust plantcl at lh.' snithwesi
i-.-rner of lot 2JV. thaOOl  .aal   N  ehuins.  thence
��� uth ,; chaint) thanco wmt N chaini) ihence
north6chalna t" polnl "f eommwcarowti eon*
tainimr 80 una mora ��>r less.
Date Fob. 16,1911 J. II. MeAUGRBY
. Pub. Feb. 2a'>. I'.'ll. Andrew Kennedy. AKent
,<K.'��-n:i Land Diatrict���Diatrictol Caaaiar
Tak. notica that I Bolcom McDonald of Prince
Rupart, B.C., occupatloa taborar, intends to ap
t>ly fi-r t'ermi?-!-i"ti to purchase the followinir de-
Mribad landi
i   ���    ��� ���.  ���,- at a poat plan^��^l throo and dm*
halfmllaaln in oaatorly direction from tho polnl
n Naaa River whom th. Lava Laka trail boglni
and one mile in a notthorl] dlracthm from tho
. ' a '. thmea nm th  80 chains.
.   ureal BO chalna. ihence aoatfa B0 ehaina,
th^-ni-e east chains  t>�� point  of OOOUMacomont,
bolcom McDonald
Puh, Mar. I . Jtwph Helwav. A|*nl
Skoona Land Dlatriel   ���Dlatrio uf Coast Itange V
Take   notic**   that   Kdith   Alice   Cruwthvr   ol
^ orkahln^   Entjand.  occupation spinster,
Won  to purcham* the
���.: daaennod Iai
Commencing at a i>ust planted at the aouth ea��t
corner of aurvayod lot tnt, Itange 5, Coast Dis*
trict. thence nurth along the easterly limit of the
said lot 85 ehaina mora ��r tern to the southerly
limit of Lot 8888, Itange ft, c*~m**i district, thrnr'e
oast along the southerly Timit of the la*t mentioned
lot 6U chains to a point, thencv in a southerly direction 88 chains parallel to the said
easterly limit of lot 8891, thence In a Wmt-
eriy dalroetion ���**�� chain* mon- or le�� to
the point of commencement containing 210 acr��v
morv or lew.
Dated March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 8ft.
BkeenaLand District-District of Caasiar
Tak-  notloa that   I.   IVrr>   tjmenan nl  I'rince
Ituin-rt.  li. C., ivcupatinn pr^|a*ct*tr, Ultond to
apply  for  permission  tu purchase  the folloaing
descrll'et Un 1��:
Commencing at a |>o��t planted in the \imiiv
of (loo*- Hay, ai-out thre��-eights of a mile aotith
of the mouth id the Hunan/a Cp-ek. and Uitig
on the oaatarh boundary ol Timln-r lumit No
86881 or No ���:- - thono miuth 40 rhains along
the eaaterly llmll ol --;���! Tlmm ��� I In li '..- - :-\
i r N". 88880 l1' ehaina, theno- east to the ihorr of
 I'ny, a dlatanoo ol \*> shaitta mon* oi u***,
thanea northorl) along the more of titrate May
10 shall ��� mon - k **. thonet woatarl) 10 al m;^
mope or loM to ; otnl ��>f aoaUBOMOOMBt, containing
���   mot a ur lew.
Dated March 7, 11*11. PKUUY QUEBNAN
Puh. April 7
Spring Btdt, eltan WMU fflittu 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
uinl 148.76 paysblf Oetobtr 80th, 1011
ami rii.T.", payablt Oetobtr :tnth. 1912
avin Meurt either of thei* lota
'���'i'- UJ-H |ti���ck 8        Beetlon -
Wi- art aganti fur the old reliable
j iiaannix. i.iv.*r,���H,i ami London and
uiobe and Brltlah America Plre tnaur-
The Daily News
50c PER MONTH gr-n^company
"111- ' lailH|iainiia|a.
Busiest When Quietest
No .'.i-r* in the police court
for thc past few dnys. The- fact
may be taken as an Indication
thai tin- police .ire not idle, but
tli.u they are watchful. A well
behaved city i- always a ruin:
plimcnl to the force.
The Weather
Weather conditions along the
coast .i> reported by wireless continue fairly favorable, I'rinci- Ruperl i.i glorious sunshine for thc
pasl few daya, fairly puis thc
frequent "Cloudy" and "Over-
eaat" note from ilu- down below
si.iiiiiiis to shame,
Seconal Ave..
Prance Ruperl, B.C.
lf you "Keep Boarders" al all,
why nit keep enough boarders to
in.ika- it PAY? A small campaign
nf classified advertising In The
Daily News will keep you busy.
.- ��������� * I.na l Dlauiel -Diitrict nfGutlu
T.i-.a ���   ll ���  tniat 1. J lan  Ml Don .  .        I
Ruiaral. B.I        .    ,1 at aa -ta hotellteepfft, inn 1
a|a|al> :
1    *  ���tipiia'tna.'at a i tl r.-a�� an,I  oo*.
.��� ��� .-���' r'a> dlmttam li-iiii :ha
on Naaa- !';.������ *a n.-r.* UH  I... .a I. *..*���  trail
���  ui a niirthorly dlreetloii fi
I . . I ike trail, tl ���
a a,-. tha*na*i* nnrth ni chain.,
thei   t Mat      ��� a ��� - ���   |    ��� ���   ���  ���  mi . a  .
r.antainirair -*|n ai*ra*��.
i'.'* I* J'iIIN Hi DONALD
I'uh. Mm J.-a;,!, Ilaiway. Atfi-t.t
* 1.,, .|  ]..-,at    lii.irict uf t'a����
I ... a. noi- tl.iat iala*nn McArthur nl Vancaauaer,
II.  t .. nccu|iatlnn ri*al   MUtf  :.,:��� a i   im.
apply  lor  licrtnunlun   tu  purchaae  thi* (nllu��inc
dcaacrilia-il liar.ila:
���r.aT.cng at a pta.t talantcal In chain. aaT.t
and ^0 chain, nuuth ul the ��uuth��a*��t cnrniT oj
Lot No. 17:J:l marki-al ailenn McArthur'. mirth-
aae.t correr, thence nuuth 10 chains, thenee aia-.t
bl) chain., thence north tu chain.., thencc woat
el) chains to Don ol commpnca*ina*i.t, containing
320 acra*, more or lean.
Hated March 211. IUll.       QLENN McMlTlllll
I'ub. April 15. T. I>. Ulrt, A(M
Skeenn Lianal lJi.trk*t-I)i,trii*t .af ('.,;,.t |:;,n..,. -.
C'aaiaat l)i'tria*t
Take naatiaa* that Win. La-lie uf SappaHton, B.C
oeeupatlon Oov.rnmtnt Ouatrd, InUMi to appla-
for pernilsiaton lo purclin.a* tha* fdlowtflf ila -. m~
ed hand,:
Commencing it ��� pott planted 10 rhaln. aao.t
land UO chain, aouth <af the erttt rmiiiT of lol N.a
IT:'..!, ranire Ta const dl-trirt. marki.l Wm. LMlle
N.W. caaa ner. thencc .outh tu chain, thcni-i* oii.t
���*" chnina. thuni'i* naarth In vhnln.. tin.nri* weat *"
chain* to [mat of commenca-mont. containing -.'"
acre i in.ire or lets,
_ T. D. Lnlril. AKcnl
Dnlail March'.'"lh. lull
I'uh. April 2'.Hh. lull
Sknenn Land Dlltrlot-Dlltrlcl aaf Caaaiar
Tak.' notlc. that I Charlea Morrli of i'rinca* Ilu-
pi*rt. B.C., oeeupatlon taborar. Intondi to apply
for |ii*riiiiaaiain to putclia.i* tin* faallaaaAi,,^ draa-rila-
i*ai landn
Commmdnt at a poit piann**! thra. anal mm
half milea in an i*aati*rla olractlon from the inaint
on Naai River whirl tne Lava Laka trail lax*ailna
anal ami* mil.* In n northiily direction fraam thc
ani.l   I.nvn  Lake trail,  thmo. -aaiilh  -n rliain.
I'uli aat  -n ohalm,  Ihetifp north so chain..
thenee well so ehalni to point of eommencemenl
contnininK B40 iiiTia.
Data Pab, I, mil. ru aim. ES Miimiis
I 'ul'- Mar. in. .loaeph llihany. Amnt
Skeenn Lund Dlatriel    Dlltriet ..f l'���n.|
Take notiee thai I. Ullll E. Walter, of Vnnc.au.
ver, Il.l..  aaeeupntion pi.a.peilor. Iiit,.,���|.   ,������,,.
ply forpeiiiii.aioiito Durchaw tho following dit
crilaail landa:
a ���(teB.!"*fftin��!j " '""" plonted and marked t.
i I*,. W. a S.I*.,  comer ami   IaaaaaaaHlint.-lv  nilia.ininaa
1 ,....! anarkial W.A.'a N.W. ,*..������.,. , !���.���,..!7.,'l llo
ehnina. thene. weat mi ehaina, thene. aouth i
chnina. them i.i mi ehaina, to polnl of e..m-
mem-ement, oontalnlng :i2o acrei, more *ir leea
- ���  na Land Dittrtel   Dliukt ef C*t*i��r
I .. ��� noUM thnt I J..��-t>h llrlwa> ..f V..-
It C, ��������� ��� ipstlon i'T-..i"- tor. Intendi t.�� up)] f,.r
��� pan   i-" tin- foil -huih hkHImi]
���      -m ncinit nt ji pott pUntod iwo nn.l on��*htl(
miln In an oMteriir diroetlon front tti��- polni pn
NaaaRlvtr when- th<   |.4vn ImW** trnil liruui*.
wt-t n chaini. tin ��� ��� ���   ���   ith iu ehalni,
h ao ehalni t ���
polnl  of eomnM noenwnl   eonl iln        I     .   ,
.   n let*.
Data Fab JOSEPH Hi \.\\,\\
I'ul.. Mnr. I"
Bkaana Ijin.i Dlatriel  Dlatriel ofOonri
i ika notiea that I. William Andarton. of Van-
������ ��� ar, B.C oaeni n clerk, Intendi to apply
: ! i< iniiMi..n tai i. irth ������*��� tin- following deaerlbed lnni|��:
(���..nniem-inirnt n i> it planted and ran ��� tw
A. northwwt eorner.and about i mile from \u*\.
ander   Hm-han   northern boandan line; thenee
���' chalna, Um i **t m . halm   tl ���    .
rmrth to ehaina, thenee wettttehalne, t.. poinl nf
rinnmcnrrnuMit. eontalnlna M ��� icm mora tr !.-.��
Dated Iai Keb. 11*11 Chaiiei H, Stark. Ae*>nt
I'ub. Kelp. J.O.
Skivna ljind DUtriet   Dbtriat ol tju.en Chariotte
Uke nntice that Frank U-\irk ��.( \\uo.|��inck
tint., occupation bookkeeper, inteml.- to mlt,|v'
("r parmlaaon to purcha*? th��' tollowing dmrnbed
('ommencing at a t-wt plantetl bIh.uI aeven
milw *t**\ antl Iwo milw mvlh o( the rhouth ft
Stanley ("reek where it efflpUei Into Xi,|rn
Harbor, (iraham I*lan<l, thence B0 chain. -Hmti,
thenw t*i) cliain* pwi, thenc- mi chain* north
thenee Ml chain" ��.-.( ���.. poinl ���>( cori1!M,,nCpm .'
nnd cnnianlnit **\-- acr- . mora nr lan
Fub April 7. Noma Demon \,���,;
Skeena ljind Dlltriet*Dlttriel of <���,*��.(
(Jut^n Charlotte Inlumla Land Diitrict���Dutnct ot
Take noticv that I, John McLeod ol Vaaeoanr,
occupatiun broker, intvnd to apply lor i��rmiv��ii,n
tu pri��|H>et tor cual and petroleum on the loUowbg
de.-eriUsl landi:
t'omtnvneing at a poit planted about twu milte
south ��I the mnuth of the Tl-vl Hiver ur i mark i
J. McL S. K Cornvr. No. ill, thvnce ���
chains, thencv north SU chaim, thenn- out >u
chainn, thencv nouth 80 chalna to point o! com*
mvncvmvni: containing tito arn-. man or lea
DaUHl Kvb. 22. 11111. JOHN Mn Lull
I'ub. Kvb. 24. LHttaXaWaha \.���������>
iJuevnlCharluttv lilandi Land DUtrict-DUtrict o
Ske n.
Taka not he that t, Jo n McLv d ut Va eouvir,
BCCypnUoB brokvr, intenl   o at'ply lor pr
to pron|>ect fur c al and petrolv mt o   th<-!.:loi q
da oribad landi:
Comnivitotal at a p it planti'd about (our ml i
Mut i and tw.i mile* wv t ol the miuth ol thi
Tl-vl   Hiver and marked J. Mcl*. N. R   >
No. A'*, thenci-   outh  N) chaini, tin- c.- >*
chain*, thenc -  north  Ko ehaina, Ihenre ��� .
n .* it- tu pc> t of comm*ncvm 'tit:    ontai tug 640
acn*s mon- or baa.
Datei. Kvb. 21. mil. HS U'LEOD
Fub  I.     26. Clarancv McDowell, Aafrttt
Vurvr Charlotte Iilan ?a Land DUtrict���Duv.rct U
Sk ena
Taka noticv that I, Juhn .\(el^<��d ��>f Vancw\fr,
oecu alio    broker, intend to uppl   for into prm]M<ct (or coal and petrolvum on thai
drier b il land*:
Cummencing it a |M>it plantnl fo :
an i two VM �����( tin m.'Uth ol t *   TM It   ���
markid J. MrL. S | Corner. No. t��i, ihence n rth
I    c ain . thenc    ��i��( Mi chattll. Ite or >outh Ml
c at**,  t ance v**t    0 chai      t    point  ot cum*
nun vm- nt    ��� ontatmng f��40 acrvi. n\it*   r !.- ���
!'at.-l Pab,   :l. I91L JOHN M Lt.nl>
, Fub. Pah, 25. Clarance McDowell. Agmt
gueen Chatlotte lalat ri L ml DUlr.ct���Dutrict 4
T.ke notice tha- I. Juhn M L   d of W
occupatio.i broker. Intend to apply for pt<mi>>��n
t   irop-c   nr fat.il i d i*tr ileum on   -���
d ��Tit*l I  i.da;
Commencing at a p et | lent d al ������ t '�� rmtln
outi and two mite* wv t of th mouth f the
T.-v Vmixf ani ��� *r-vl J. M L W. i .��iwf,
no IV tiietc nonh ad ehalni. here
chaina. thvnev nutn 0 eha*i tha I *��it H>
r , i'ii�� o t< mt of c.in ii tcvm ' t ntanrc 10
* t***t mure or Ita.
D.t.dF.b. :3, 1 11 J      N MI.I ol)
Fub   leb. .:-. Carer. iM  I'O-.*       .
Queen Caarlutte Mandi Land Dmrkt-D ��tr ct ol
Tak ��� noitce that I, John McLeod of \V
ociupation -roker, intend to apply for pe
to p c*pv-t for c ul and i*-troleum on 'h H
dee ribad landa:
Onmm nrmg it a poit planted atwut i ur in �����
muth and twu milen we i uf the m uth ot the
Tl-vl Rlvar ard marked J. McL. N. W. C m*.
NO 0 tlwne��� nouth M) chaint. th<-n ��� ���
chaini, thencv north H chiim, thenrt- *����� M
balm to po.nt . I commenc m-nt: co taming '-10
nrn*. morv or lvn��.
Datnl Kel.. 2,|. I   ||. JOHN M    1 PD
I mb 2 . Clara tl McDow
sk.-enn LaodDhtriri -Dlriitel pfQoaaai   i
Take Mitm* that Catherine Harrison, el I       '*
Allwrta.   neaupaUoa   aptnitvr.   intend*   ��
f"T pamWon lo purcha��> the followir-.^
RWMlM  at   a  |HHt   planteil   .*���������
���   I half a mile miuth from !!<��� meuth
��t KtanU   i rvek,  when* tt  vmptn
Oraham Dland, tbenrr 4" gMlM *   -'
���   ��    I"  chaim wl.   thvno*   I"  ������' ��
i" ihatni -mm to (mint ut mm
i & ii.o Brrv* morv or le*.
Da'i-I March IT. 1911.
Pub Apr. T. Numal>vfi-
��� Land DtaoM -Dutnct ot Qaaat R
Take rm ice that (ivorKel^vick of Fnno    ���
I1   '   .  '���rruptiion clvrb.     lnt ndi    to M��p
KrmiHion  to purchaae  thv  followine ��������� '
('"inmencing  at  a  poit   planted   M
UkflvUkeaiKi-it tin chain* north ea*t In-it .n -
ot  laid   lake Mahalti   River',   thenn-  3
north,  theno- about   fit)  chain* va*t   lo
Uke. thenee meandering aaid lake *hofe in a �������*
iire.iion to point of commenceme
k. more or 1 em.   P��t matkel (��� U
Ulnlni ao acre*.
�� W. Corner.
Date I Feb. 11. 1911.
Puh M.rch I.
Take notiee that I. Petei ReW. of Vaneeover
B.<.. oeeupatlon laamater. Intendi I
i��erinliilon to  purehn��e  the fotlowlni  ,]..,*, t'\
landi: ****���
cmmenrinirata noil planted ind marked P
IL tgjfo cornel'and Immidlate �� nl loin Ine potti
marknl J.M. *  N.K. eorner  n,,*\ ,\ ||   ��  < t-    , "
ner; then.- north �����* chain-, thvnce eail (���, |)n.
thenee aoatn 80 ehalni, thenct ���
point of  eommeneement, .     ,
more or laai \) , ll; ,., ,,, "'*
i.i,,,ii.,K.....ini    .',.,���,.��� .v,i!.���XrM
Runrt. H. i'��� Mupa i *i,\,        .. ___**
��,.|.ly  li.r |i,.rnila��|���n t��� punhaa.   ,l1(* |���||,' ''.'
ilt'.a*riliaa.l Uiiili.: aaiimainR
i-iiraiiT nl .uraiayiail l.al MM, I;,,,       , __ .    ,"'
Ska*,*!. Und District-Iltatrlct ol Taaial Han*"- s
I'akn i���,'-���, thn  William  Prinklin I *
"I   I'rii-aco   Rupm,  II.  I*.,  aaccupltlian  *���������"���"
knpi-r.lniraida io apply lor parmlaalon to i* i"" *���*
Hi' I *ll,iaaini( deKrital land :
I iiiiimaancliaa it a MM planlad it Ik. '" *
C'rwr nl .i,raa.yrd Lot 1711, there, ���"
���"i'h. llioairr ilanut H chalna we��t I" I
UMIM. N eh.ln. niarth. thene. 45 eh.H ���   *"
iliene, ilmiit U chain, north lo Lot MM
.'"int SO chain, out to .outh put cornrr
���lOe". th.nco ibout H ehilm north to Lot ML
���lime* ��l~.iii *,;, chain, cut lo point ol com
nient. cuntainina 4��0 acrw more or le*.
I'lta-I I'.li |L un
I'ub Mirch I.
Sk.aen. Lind llialrirl     lii.irict nl Dm*
��� , laalanal,
Tako notin. thn J. ||. Murphy ol Va*
I'   <  . aircaip,i|nn  comma>rclal  traveller,  n ��� ��� '*
Iii lppl>  Inr |��*r\M,ion lo purchiae Ihe fa.ll->*"1.
leacrlbad land.:
I "'iimpiwinl il ��� |M��I plinted ibOBl
mila*. *���., and nm- mile eouth Irom thi
nl Manly I'ri-ek. N'aalen llarlmr. there.* I
chain,, thenca* waa,| 40 chaina, thence ���
elaiin., ihrneeeaat 4l)e    Ina. ,,.-
I'i"-I March 17, l!.|| J. H. MIIU'IO
an Mttatarl)
' "i*i In..'
Numi ItenuT".
aa'va,     .ll,*nn*    III    nil    l'H*II>riV     *liri,*l aaala     -.1    .
���OMtariy llmll ol Itlrvaayeal'ln,   .,,,'.���."'',"�� 'he.
' lection Ihereol  In el., '   WJ{ Skeena Und  lii.irict-Dlitrict of fo,.l
piarnllial In ll���* ,*a*t.rl.   llmll  ,'      .,,.'.  ,.,.,,",,,    ,, T "ka   ai.atire  that   Mri.   L.   C.   IMtnim   il  "'
��lon-aid III) chain, mur,. ot laaa i  .'.,.'   J aui.    Minnia,,i|a,   occupation    marrliil    ���
'iili'i.l. l.a apply tor permiaaion lo purcha*  "'
li.llnaalliK ,l���,n.,|,���|  |,n'j,.
I ommrnclmt nl a po.t plinled al th'* H
eorna. ���i i,��� N��� ,7:11 ���,���',������, M��� . ,*. Putnam!
nnrthen.t  enrner, ihence we��t   10 chain". th��-n���
M chain,   Ihence  eaat   40 chalnr.  l����"
"""'^���n "   a-ln.1111.   aan'ria   aar    |a>,   (, . '
limil nl a tlmlKT limn   So. ��
4ii chalna mnro or la*.. I. a poll
...utherly  a,l   lhe  eia.i, ,K    ���, ,       '    ���
IK'M. thenc.* In a nmiwrii   . *. _  '��
lirnjecllnn   n|   ,|,n   ,.,i���   |,m
limit fill chain, more ur I,
mural     m.aal a.l,.l��., 'I Ila       . ' '    "'   ' '
ment, ennlalnlnc -Jtn urn , m,,
 io   ��o  chalna   Ihenee  eaat   40  chalnr.  tn"��"
nnrlh Ml rliain, to poal ol commencemerl. **
lainini; :|20 acra*, mora* or leaa. .._.....
I>��t.*.f March 20 mil.      Mils. L C POTKAII
I'ub. Aiaril ir,. Oeo. It. I'utnam  Alt" THE DAILY NEWS
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
I    '
This ia a little section of the paper, which from day to liny will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the India's of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Thundayi, 8.00 a.m.
: ~+~
Designed  for the Girl with a
Pretty Neck
Department Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock  in  Northern  B. C.
fg*M*j*0t**mnmw% i ty\*mm*\f* fr"^���^/���<Vr���^w/^���^��t I
-kmiaUiaal Dlatriel    llislrict ail Queen Charlotta*
.*.   tliial   (hofgt   W.   Arnailt   air  Prince
a'.,   iK't*ii|iialinta   real   eialale   lirok.-r,
.:���!���;>   lair   f_*_\__���_   to   purclliaraa*   llll'
ral��*.| lanila:
��� ll n   at   ia   |iikiI   |ilaalitail   aliout   na*\*aan
:*< liiall mil,* waeat  anal ona* anila* wiutli
liaim th. miHitli nl Stanly   Cra-ela, Naila'n llurliiir.
10 chain*. lln*nca* laoulh   hi)  cliains,
��� *n rhains, thence norlh no chains.
���li IT, IUll. OBO. \V. AKNOTT
I'uli. Ai'til *J^. Numa Dement. A|lcnt
Jka*M Laml I nslricl--District ail Coaat Hanuo 5
Tala* naatiraa I Imi \nnus llaaaton aal I'rince Kiliaert,
It', aacrat|a4ti,in miner, inla*nds to apply lor [aor-
< parch**�� tha following iloscrllieai laml.:
Oommanelllf it a paaaat   plantcl  at   tha. aouth
��� il Lit t>3T, ihcnco  la) chain, vmal,
thenc* lu chalna aaauth, thenee alaout tit) chaina
���art to IjalarlM- Lako, lh,*nca* ma'antlcrm? uid lako
aliaw in an norlhrrly illraactlon to point ol caam-
menwanent;   containinR  170 acraaaa,  morv or laaa..
I'ort marknl A. II., N. (���;. Corner.
Iiatcl Pita. 11. 1811. ANGUS BEATON
I'A. Mirch |.
IftllUI Unl lll.trtcl-lltltrlrl aif C.a.ist.
Taki- naitin* thnt I. Jnhn Miller, atf Vancouver,
1     occupation  litilehcr.  inta*nala to taplily for
Ul  pUKhu.  Iha*  fullowinK  ala*si*rilaa*al
Minn nl n posl plnntaxl nlanut  1 chain
" i   * a. at.*r ni tin* hi*aal uf l.tmcaimtac liny, anal
I I M '. N.K.cnrniT. tlicnccwcil Nlchalnta,
.ill -*i i-laialns.  tin-lira* rnat hi) ch.ina,
li ***i i limns, in point of   commenca**
"em, nariialnloK a'.lii t,.*r,*s mnre nr le...
Datad In ivi,. Ill)
IM    1,
Charlea II. Slnrk, Aaonl
' bariott. Islands Und Dlalrict   -Disirict of
T , Ska'ena
iai,*' i...iic. thai I, John McU*aaal ail Vancouver,
u.ki'r  Inland to apply Inr pa*rmi*aaion
* i-nal and tM>lraila>um on the followina
i* al a poal planted it Ilia* mouth ol
'   Itiair.nd lnark.il J.   Mcl..  S. K. turner.
    nnrth   Ml  chaina,   thenca*   Wasal   tail
'.ca*   saaulh   Ml   chains,   thenca*  a*aat   hll
*  la  |h*ii,i   ill   riiiiiiii<*nca*mi*nl-    eonlaining
mora nr litis,
' ���'��� -I. IUll. JOHN Mcl.KOD
Clarance Mcl)aawa*ll. Agent
ll,*. I
���j 1
1 hvlotie Manila Und Dislrici -Diatrict ol
-���''in* iIi.i I, John Mclieod aif Vancouver.
Iraakir. inlend to apply for laermiaaion
'"i anal ataa.l i . a ,,.l. ,,,,, ���,, t|u. lulluwing
I    I.
/ al a put! planted alaout two milea
0 mill's ��i...i   ail the inoiilh of lho
���'**r and markail   J. Men.. N. K. Cornir,
���Inc.   s.,1111, hll chain., Ihi'iica* wa*sl  hll
   north   hll  rhaln.   llience eiaal   Ml
Jo point i.f raiinnii'iici'ma'nl; cnntalmnu till)
��� I le���.
** -I I'larmce McDnwall, Agent
a l..���i,| DiMrict    Di.trict ol Coiat
'"   thU  Hume  llaliinglnn  ol  I'rince
�����'  . '��� |.iaii..i, nm,ii.r mariner, Intenil.
Inr   lairmMon   lo   leaa.*   Ihe   folluwlnK
1   landi: *
IK "aa* hi �� parsl pl.nleal nlHiut lull chnina
' In. Indian  Mm ���n the east aide ol
��) mi tlmi-ast aiala* ol the IVnimula Ihonco
' ' > ains iiliuig shora* lo the Itoaervc line,
'-I I*" chains mora* air loaa lo fionna* llay,
���"* cliains  along  ahore,   lha*ncii  ooal  110
'" "i Ims lo po.1, eonlaining (110 acre.
''archil, Hill. gull! IIAHINliTON
��� I unl Disirict    Di.trict ol Coo.1
;;'�����   that  William  Munlord i     1'rlnc*)
in .tiii't    i     "   "ccupallon   tinm|H>rtor    intenda
I   I i'ln|,'"'rm'""1""    '"   ''''""'    U"'    ,"l"win��
 *��� '" �� poal plantnl al.nul 100 chalna
,    "'��   l/Kllaa   IIlialll on  the oaat aide ol
."'""," "I aiala* ol lho peninsula,
-ll chains along shoro,  Ihonco west
'", ���* "ay, thenn* north along ahore
Inenn* aa���l 40 chains mnre or Ica. to
���'   ���.'"nno. mnro air loaa.
I'1'1' "|.rd ir, "'        W��'LIAM   MUNKOIII)
' Land  Diatrict    Dlalrict ol Carnal
J'"in*  that   on,  J.   |i,n��,n   ol   1'rlneo
anplv I,', ,'      : "cciilialion |irosi��*ctur, intends tc
lan.l,       '"'""laalon lo Inane lho following ili*acrllieil
'���' ."'nTT'"* "' ��� I"*1 I'linlnl almut a anmrler
I    . I    '   '""" tho mirth wait  eorner of (lihson
'   "id lllhaon |H|Bnj. ihonco aouth 40
 asl   20  c|���in��,   t|���,���p��� n,,rth  40
'      *���-'���   2', ch.ln.  to  point  rifcaim-
"'��� ciintalnlng hO acroa moro or leaaa.
(JaU,| ,.,__     ,    . OTIS J.   1IKNSON.
" ' 'HhMiirch. 1911
Skas'im Und District -District of Coast Kange i'i
Taka- naitiw that Henry Mucurtncy ol I'rinca'
Ku|H'rl, II. C., occupation minor, intetuls to apply
for in-rmiia.aion to purcluasa' lho lulluwing deacrilieil
Commencing nt a |aost plunta'd on the aoulh
side ail Kxchumaika Kivor. ubout 2 1-2 mile, from
ila ronlluenca* with tha Sk.-.n.i Kivor and alaout
1-2 miloa wa*st from Kxchumaika napida, thonea* 80
chaina nairth, thenca* 40 chaina oust, thenn* hll
chaina aoulh. tha*nca* 40 chains wa*st lo point ol
commonn'lnenl. containing 820 ***** more or
less. I'aist morkaal "11.M. S.W. cor."
Duted April'.'2, lull. HKNKY MACAKTNKY
I'uh. April 29.
Skoa*nu Unal District -District ol ('oust
Toke  noun*  lhat   I,   William  John  Corley  ol
Mm. Ku|H*rt, H. C, aaccupalion rancher, intend
to apply (or |M*rmi*tsiun lo purchusa* the following
da*aciilia'd lanals:
Commencing at a jaist plantad nt tht* southwa'al
cornor ol Lol Wilis, Kange 5, Coaal District, thencu
south 20 chuina, thenee eoat 40 chains, thenco
north 20 chaina, thenco wa*st 40 chaina to point
ol comnienca'tna'nt, containing 80 acres, more or
Dated April 8, 1011.    WILLIAM JOHN CORLEY
I'uh. April 20.
Ska'ena Und District���District ol Coaat
Take   nolice  that   I,   Willium   Melville  Corley
of   Taaronlo,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk,   intend
to optily Inr i.. riinv.ia.n tn purchase lhe lolluwing ,
aloscrnM'il lands:
Commencing at u paast tilunlcd ut tho nurlhwa*st
cnnii-r nt Lot 8068a Ka.ig 5, Coual Diatrict, thenw
cost lio chaina, Ihenn* llaarth 40 chains, Ihenn* wost
20 chain, tu Hell's liale alough, Ihence along
slough nouthorly lo point of commencement, containing It��t. acra*. more ur losa.
Dnted April li. l'.ill.
I'uh. April Bt.
.skeena Und District���Districl ol Coaat Kunga' Ii
Take nolice thai 1, Chnrlea A. Vaughan of
I'rlnn- Rupert, ll. C, aiccupation merchant, intend
to apply for laermiaaion to purchuao lhe following
doscrila'd lunda:
Commencing  at  a  paast   |iliitita*il on  lho uaulh !
launk id Kxchumsika  River unal aliout  four mile. '
Irom Ila eaanlluence with tin* Skaa*nu Kivor, thenn*
80 chnina east, thonn* 80 chuina north, thonn* .**"
chains wa*st, Ihonco hll ehains south to point of
niirima'riccmcnt. containing OKI ucn*a more or loss.
Dated April 21, 11)11    CHARLKS A. VAl'liHAN
I'uli. April 21).
SI... i,.i Unal Di-lriel -District ol Coast Range Ii
Tuko notin' that 1, Frank Hicks ol I'orl Ks-
aington, nra'tipulinn maarehunl, inti'iid to upply
lor lacriniaaiiili Iai purchaso thi' (ailluwing aiisacriliasl
t'oinliioticing tat a post plutiti'il on the south
lunk ol lho Kxchumsiks Kivor und uliout l.-nr
nai!. - Irom Us eonlluetii'a' wilh th. Skaamu Kivor,
thonn- hll chuina waatt, thoneo hll chnins north,
Ihoiin- hO chains oiast, thoncaa soulh ht) chuina
taa IHiint ol nimma'tm'ina'iit, cuntuining till) ncrea
maira* or li-aa.
Dialed April 21, lilll. FRANK HICKS
Tub. April 20.
Skoona Und Diatrict -DUtrict ol Coaat lUngo 5
Tako notice that Mary Maragrot GUI!, ol Victoria, II. Oa, occupatiun houmakneiuir. intond. to
npply  for  permiaulun  to  purchase thu fullowing
all ���al'lllaail   lllllalja
Commencing at a poit plantotl at tho nortli oast
cornor ol Ut M87, thonco 20 chaina woat, thence
20 chain, aouth, thonce 20 chains west to 1'. L
82597, thenee about 80 chaini north to Ukul.u
River, theneo meandering snltl river up stream in
a aauutheaaterlv direction to Ukelsii Uko, thonea
meandering aaid lako to point ol eommencamant
containing  160 acre., more or leu.
l'oat markeal M. Ha U., N. E. Curner.
Dated Feb. 14, 1911.
Tub. March 4. , ,,,, , ._
Ska na Land District���District ol Cua.t Rang 6
Taka notica that Hanjamln lluassl Rica ol
I'rinca Rupart, II. C , occupatiun waiter, Intenda
tn appl* lor parmiaslon to purchaaa the following
ale.a-nlaoil land.; .._���___. ,L
Commencing at a poat plantad 88 chnln. south
from tha louth aaat corner ol Lol IWUO, thonce 70
chain, west, thonco 66 chains north, thonce 70
chains east, thenco Of. chain, south tu point ol
commencement; containing 466 acres, moro or
lev. Post markeal II. It. K.. S. E. Cur.
Dated Feb. 13, 1911, .,������������,   ���,,...
Skaena Und Dlitrict���Dlitrict nl Cnait Range 6
Tike    nutice that David McLennan ol I rince
Rupert, 11. C, occupation clerk, Intond. to apply
lor permission to purchasu tho following deacrilied
llltials. .
Commencing at a post planted III chains soutn
Irom tho soulh west corner ol Lot 1)114, thonc. 40
chain, aiast, thunco 40 chaina norlh, thonce 10
chilru waast, thence 10 chnins suuth to point ol
commencement; conUining 160 acres, troro or
Ion. Pint markod D. _U S. W. Cor
Dateal Fob. III. 1911 DAVID McLI.NNAN
I'ub. March 4.
.Skeenn Lnnd Dl.trlct-Dl.trk't uf Cu.slar
Take imtlco thut 1 Hugh D. Olllll A Princo Rupert,  nrciipnlliin  Inboror. intends  lo apply for
permlmluti to purchu.e the following dcscrioeal
I c.aiiiiiiiJiiiiiii* ui ii in.jai plunloil throo ntul inu-
half mile. In nn aaaaterly illrvctlmi frnm the point
un Nona lllver where tho Lavn Lain* null  la'atlna
'nnd one mile in n northerly direction frnm the
anld Liivu Lake trnil, thonce north BO elm ns.
thimai* i'iisI hll chain., thenci! MUOI hii chuins
th.no. west hii chninn to point nf ciiniu'oncoini'iit,
a>ntitnlninK lilll acre..  ,,, , ,_.
Date Feb. I. loll. HUGH 0. GILLlb
1 Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph Belway, Agont
Colored embroidery will he much
ir evidence -as trimming for suni-
iiii-i- frocks and a dainty model
for a simple but elk-ctive dress
where its use is an important
feature is shown above. In this
case the material is a white lawn
with . double pin stripe of blue
and the embroidered bands match
tin- stripes. Note the pretly arrangement of neck, an ideal finish
for warm days.
These embroideries appear in
all colors and are easily applied
as a majority of them are finished
with a scalloped edge. Another
pleasing feature about them i>
that they are exceedingly reasonable in price.
Alas' must ye utterly vanish, ami
cease Irom amidst us,
Sails of the olden sea?
Now dispossessed by the stern and
stunted ironclad.
Wingless and squat and stern?
Purple sails of the heroes hired to
the westward,
Spread for the golden isles!
Sails of a magic foam with faery
Wafting the wizard gold!
Sails  of  lhe  morning,  come  like
ghosts on the sea-line,
With midnight load of ihe deep!
Sails of the sunset, red over endless
For the furthest Orient filled!
Sails of the starlight, passing we
know not whither,
Silent, lighted and lone!
Sails of ihe seaman accursed, and
cruising forever,
I loist hy a spectral crew !
Sails set afire by ihe lightning, r*
sounding to tempest,
Thai   drum   aud   thunder   and
Sails   that   unruffled   repose  on   a
bosom of azure,
Glassed by a placid Hood!
Alas! must ye go as a dream, and
depart as a vision,
Sails of the olden sea?
���Stephen Phillips
Holding a  First  Reception  in
Prince Rupert
In a town the size of Prii'ce
Rupert today the simpler lhe
dress of the hostess lhe more
correct. The French idea has
always been that a hostess should
never be more elaborately dressed
than her guests. Of course this
woultl not apply to an official
entertainment, but would at your
first reception in a small town.
Wear a pretty gown of some
soft shade and material, and no
Tea, sandwiches (sweet and savory), maccarooiis and cake are
quite sufficient for an afternoon
reception; ices are not necessary
al all, unless you wish lo make il
a    reception    by    invitation.      A
clever maid could, if trained, easily
announce your visitors without
the cards.
lu a small town ihe .society is
not very large, unl therefore the
callers would imi In- sn numerous
as to necessitate ihe giving of
cards to the maid. The cards are
always left in ilu: hall, with
addresses in full, o.i tlie occasion
of a first visit, so that there should
be no difficulty in knowing when
lo    return    your    rails.
Even though .1 very young
hostess you need eul be in a
"muddle" if you ju*.l do your
best to be kind and gentle, and
thus make many friends.
Mr.   Martin  O'Reilly and  His
Bride Now in Rupert
A very pretly wedding was
celebrated at the Church of Our
Lady ol the Holy Rosary in Vancouver ou Wednesday when Miss
.Monica Lee, daughter of Mr. a.ul
Mrs. Lee of Homer streel. and Mr.
Martin O'Reilly were united in lhe
holy bonds by the Rev. Father
Welch. Miss Ocrtic Foley attended the bride, and Mr. S. A.
Morley of Abbotsford acted as
groomsman. The bride looked
very charming in a dark blue
travelling suit and hat of Milan
straw  with  a   large  white willow
plume, and carried a bouquet of
bride roses. During the nuptial
mass the Children of Mary, of
whom the bride w.is vice-president.
sang a number of exquisite selections, and Mrs. Klcptford and
Miss Collins and Miss Green rendered solos. After the ceremony
a dainty wedding breakfast was
served al the home of lhe bride's
parents, and later the young couple
left on the Victoria boat for a
honeymoon nip to the .Sound
cities, after which they proceeded
to Prince Rupert, where Mr.
O'Reilly is a well-known merchant. A very large number of
handsome gifts were received by
Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly, Includiug
a substantial cheque irom Gordon
Drysdale & Company, where the
bride was bookkeeper for a number
of years.���Vancouver  Province.
Mondays and Fridays al 8 a.m
���>. Prince Albert suits for Port   Simpson, Nuns Itiver l'oints, Masset,
Naden Harbor, every Wednesday, l.HO p.m.
anil for:
Refuge Hay,   Skiilegute,   Queen
Charlotte t'ity,  Lookeport,  Pa-
t-oli, .letlwuv,   Iketla Hay,   Host-
Harbor and return via Qussn
Cliai-lolte City every  Saturday,
1.IK) p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
conneetiiij; with trains from tlie Padflc
coast operates a freiiuent anil convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  track  route   between   Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets obtainable from tin- ollice hereunder mentioned.   Truiis-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
ITEMS   OF .. ,
New York, May 4.���James J.
Jeffries   is   ready   lo   annoiiiici
through   a   "friivd"   that   he  was
forced lo enter the ring at  R
OFFICE     :     :
I.i��t July, hungry and ill nourished (
through   ihe  treachery  of   those (
he trusted in   the  training camp,.
j For  all   kinds  of help,  cooks,
j waiters, dishwashers, hotel por-
t ten, all kinds of laborers or me-
| chanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or cull al the
Grand Hotel Free  Employment  Ollice
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
was a repori
aroused much
interest among the Bportirg fra
lernily here.
According in an old-time racing
man who has known Jeffries intimately for years, hut who declined
io have his name useil, Jeffries
will go lo B ulcii-Madcn shortly lor
lhe sole purpose of priming him-
sell lor ;i second go with Johnson.
"Jeffries has only one object
in going in Europe," said the
racing man. "Thai is to pull
himself together and whale the
life out of ihe black man when he
gels hack. Thai thought is his
meat and drink."
Ruilding   Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Canadian Pacific Railway   ���   B.C. Coasl Steamship Service
^^PuK^^m     Train fur Winnipeg nrnl Tnnm-
��|     |F tu It'nxrH Vancouver ut
X^^P ��n.m.
^^^ Imperial Limittil fur Chicatro.
Mnntroal nml New York. Uent train ncrom the
continent, leaven Vanrotiuer daily at IMS p.m.
Carrie* compartment oluervatlon cam. the finest
err un any road anywh. .v I
Airent fur all Atlantic Stcamihlp linen. Tlcketi
tu nml from Kuropenn pointa.
princess May
Northbound, May 8th
Southbound, May 12th
Paris, May ���!.���A prize of ��10,-
()()() was announced today hy the
cities of Folkestore, England and
Boulogne, France, for a passenger
carrying iliglu across the channel
in an aeroplane lhat arises from
and alights on the water.
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box 580
J. G. McNab
General Agent
Second nveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Oflico.
To signal following automobilists
thai he is going to slop his own car,
a Londoner has invented,a semaphore which swings into position
automatically as he applies the
Stork BuildinK, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
The Portland Tourists have a
catcher who revels in the name of
S'looks.    The fans are calling him
Snookums.    He is a reliable receiver, Inn the name must he an
awful hurden for the young man1
| to hear, especially when  the fans
keep reminding him of it.
++++++++++++++++++++++-H+ +
i w. j. McCutcheon |
Ciarrii'sciimiil.'tt* atiu'l.'uf Druirs.   Spa-cial   T
attention tun.I tu llllinir preiacrilitiuns.       a,
Theatre Block phoim n... n Second Ave. +
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly fillip.   Prices reasonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Korhesler. Centre St.     Phone 68.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
of British Cailunalila of B.C. OlaUariaa, S....
and Manitoba Bars. katrhewan  and  Al-
laerla Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Olflcf - Exchange block, corner Thlral avenue and
Slxlh streel. Prlnea* RainerL 8
The  hig  league  scouts are all
out on the joh and eager lo gr.il>1
the youngsters lhat look good.
No hrides can travel with the
Athletics. Connie Mack sa\> th.it
his players must leave their wives
at home. And Connie hiinsell a
bridegroom.   Can you heat that?
WM. S. HALL. L.D.S.. 0. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work t* Specialty.
All denial aaperatinnl skilfully It-rated. Cas and
local anasthetlcs admlnlstetral for the painless extraction of ta .nh. Caansaallatinn free. Offices:
II.���la-iT.a.ti Block. Prince Rupert. li-lt
Swift's Premium Hams uml Bacon wilh
Cowichan F.irirs :15c, at
J. W. Williams -: Proprietor
=e=E.   EBY   C&   Co.===
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
kitsumkalum -        B. C.
If Jimmy McAleer's Washington !
o���,���t en hold fas. to their prestn, ^ Westholme Lumber Co.
speed,    American    League    learns
A   Helpful   Cleaning   Hint
Plain hoiled linseed oil is a good
finish for the kitchen Moor, li
should he put on when the lloor is
new or clean of other finish and
applied as needed afterward.   Such
a lloor will havi; a pleasi.ig, lighl
blown color, will not show marks
or scratches, antl kept well oiled,
hut not SOpI with grease. Ileal
the oil and appl) at night, nibbing
il iu well. In lhe mornirg wipe
with cold water, and the lloor is
ready for use. Wash il wilh
warm water d.ished with a Ml lie
aa.l *.! .   rna   HTKKI..    MAI-IIINKRT
...AND    CONTBAaTtalUt    HPI-I-I.IIM...
P. O. Box 436 ��� Office 3rd and Fulton
will noi he able to jam lhe Nationals down in the second division
and keep them there.   No, sir!
P. O. BOX 'Zl
l'l 111   air WM.   I nai'-..  I -ij . A.H.A.M..?t.t)N.. I **������.
Gasoline Boat Owners in Rupert Read This
First Avenue Telephone 186
Ales.M MsiiPam II.A..      W  I   Willminaa.i, a.. I .1   la
Barrister*, Solit-itona, etc.
Box UB
Prince Rupert, B.C
Wife   of   J.   Mcintosh   Passes
away in Vancouver
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.   63
Meets in Ilie Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  memliera of  the ortler in the city
nre requesti-il taa visit tlie lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
Very  sad circumstances at lend
the death of Mrs. John Mclnlosh
which  lock place at Vancouver
the  other   day.     Mrs.   Mcintosh |
was well known in Prince Ruperl.
I ler husband Mr. John Mcintosh,
was teamster wilh lhe City Transfer Co. until six weeks ago, when
with his wife he moved to Vancouver. On April 26th Mrs. Mc-
In tosh became suddenly critically
ill.     She   was   removed   lo   the ^
hosiptal hul died on the 2(ilh, her
newly   horn   baby   surviving   her
only hy a few hours.    The news'
reached   Rupert   through   l.iisign
Johnstone of the S. A.
Some of today's ads perhaps
several of them���contain GOOD
NEWS FOR YOU. And it's
the tort of pocket-ti uchi'ig good
news that's WORTH looking for.
If  Ilie voyage from  Seattle  tt
Situ Francisco just begun hy the!
Nautilus is successfully completed
it will go down on tho annals of:
marine history as one of the mosl
remarkable ever  undertaken  on
lhe   Pacific   Coast,   as   the   little
launch is only forty-five feel long
anil has a gross tonnage of 1ml
fourteen Ions. Tht: Nautilus lefl
Mallard on Thursday ami, according to ihe figures of her Seattle
owners, she could reach San Fran*
cisco by Sunday morning. When
the Nautilus lol I Ballard her jaunty
appearance and trim lines were
hidden (or (he time lii-ne.illi lhe
generous coat of lighl lumber
designed to protect her from the ��� ���
heavy seas sin- is certain to en- hpiijp    i
counter outride Cape Flattery.     '   Little S    NfcWb   AgenCV
of her windows except those i i hei
pilot house were hoarded OVCT and   Marines !i Periotlicals ,,,,,r.
everything made shipshape for the CIGARS
long jaunt.
HTaai'K  com-i.KTK
::   TOBACCOS   ::
Visitor from Digby
Mis. Harris whose presence al
lhe wireless station to t.iki care
of lhe house-keeping for her son First Ave
there, and the other hoys has
ii-i-u so much appreiacled, is paying a visit to Prince Ruperl. Mrs
Harris is (he guest of Mrs. A.
Near McBride
Forwarding,   Distributing  antl
Shipping   Agents.
Storage of Bandage anil Household Goods a Specialty.
A   store   that   advertises   must ��
he a store of VALUES���oi Lar- Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
g.iins    .ir   the   advertising   would P. O. Box 907 Phone 262
not pay. \^^--������-���-----���---���������
Dance -Weekly    dance    every
Saturday in the K. of P. Hall l-'JOin
Knglish anil American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
Mr. P. Mullen, late head bar- S***** _*"'_.,_    nilll/,Rnc   !
keeper of the Royal  Hotel,  has | BOWLING, TpoSl
accepted a similar position at the '[     * Aiiey��.. tuMm.   Agocdwitr-
r. , ���   ,   .  ,.,      r,   .        .-,,      a \        i clue.   AcleiatiMinrl.    LatdlMevery
Central Hotel (Mr. Peter Hlack).   [      Bftem,���.   Newman Biook, u-
���.   . an i a J a.    l_ -tl      * tweeai il'la ntul "111 HU.
Pete will he pleased to have all   I TE1) M���nill!)���N,   ,.,������r|rtnr ������,i Manager .
Ihis old friends call on him there. IJU����4444����444444444444444��
aramuM' '
"Hill ���m���mm^m^������mm-
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared to answer il
Tha' occasion may   bait will;   it  is our tltity
iady to supply
can tlo it too.
to I'e
you,   anil   we
With plsaiura tO you because of the size of display:
with profit to you became of
our ability to sell close.
When the i;ift question presents ilsi'lf la't uu show you
how easily we can match your
Heintzman Pianos
s.s   'inlander" Classified  -   ���   Advertisements
 ^  ***sA*\A.*m***m*m.m. 1VM * iigggifled advertisement columns.
One of the best services the modern newspaper gives the public Is in the < a     ^ ot(jgrl ,,���,,,, 0n corn-
There buyer and seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant, '" ' ' |u.'News  will   reduce  lis
mun .wound.    To put this modern convenience In reach oi ever;���* c|iarge of 25 cents.
rate to  a nominal price of B cent a word per Insertion,    mu .    |(   Krow_
Here  is  our Classilied  Advertising Column  for toaay. _______	
For Hazelton
SUNDAY,   MAY   7th
Take the fast light-draught
steamer '"Inlander."
���Matting*  ^.ftSJffl
i I'liiailiiii"
nl   I'Mlit'i-
Tttkai   noUGQ   t Imt    UOOriP   riMw
K',|HTt. u, Ci, oeeupatlon butohota Intend, in apply
*..  auarl|i|aanloil tO PUri'llll*!'  tllC  f nllaa\\ |ll||  lIl'HCrilltHl
.riiiiimitnl lu I1
. nort  |.liiiiti"l  "'"'A "''''",'!
tt- .naith ui the mouth nl
...   n,ll'T " ,  i,,   mill Nml""
*'lit?r�� .il..'".".'.'.!"8ai chiiiim miiitli.
lutlals: .   ,   _.
Commonclnl at
miles WMl in"1 lvv;
Stanley   l"'''"
nil I"
H. B. Rochester
Passengers and Crew Escape in
Lost and Found
FOUND-A 11111111 auni of nu v on !nd Avenuj.
Apply Ma-Han', ���hountlur, Fulton st.       UM"
'^SftSS'soohalD.       .
,,���!,��� ���i oommanoimanl
Hartor, Graham
thanoa so mum
Dated M,Kh l" ''' Numa Darnels, Auent
Puli. April 7.
For Rent
Sunday Observance
Quiel warnings have been cir��
rill.Ueil   l>>   t'hief  X'ii'keis  aiming
the proprietors oi billiard saloons!
and bowling alleys thai they had | Steamers Aletha and Glenwor
[better keep their premises closed
on Sundays.
A local representative is wanted
for a territory tributary to I'rince
Kupert to sell the hardy non-irri-
Rated nursery stock grown by the
Oregon Nursery Company, Oren-
co, Oregon. Liberal terms. Party
must come well  recommended.
Oregon Nursery Company
Orenco ��� Oregon
Social and Personal
Mrs.   Kergin  accompanied  by
lu-r daughter Miss H. Kergin, left
this morning on an extended visit
to trio,n!s in the Okanagan Valley.
I     Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Law who
I have been in Seattle for the past
month, returned to tlu-   city on
th  Ashore.    Aletha  Badly
Wrecked with Burst Steam-
pipes    Glenworth   May   Lose
Wheat Cargo.
Nii-a' fumlahad rooma for rant,  .APt'r
Rooming lliuiM-, -'nil Av.'.. mill Mil"""'
May 8-lmo
Hiainaa- with 4 roomi ami bath, lower eonnaet��l:
ulmi 2 rooma turnlihad, Uunimulr. l*t���� 111 ���**
and 7th Ava.   Apply on promlaaa,   Sutler, ww
Front Offleai in Aider Block.   Apply*'1   A  	
Help Wanted
Waiter wunta'il nt Central Hot'
Haiy Wantad.   Apply at Optim
I 100-tl
��� um.'.'.     '���>*���'���
Rev. Mr. t'aiinl of Claxton who
has been visiting in ilu- city,
ri-tiinuil hoine yesterday.
He Deserves It
Tonight Earl Grey's Rifles give
.i farewell concert to Color Ser-
gi-.tui George Leek who is leaving
ncxi week to represent the regiment at the Coronation. All
I friends of the soldiers are invited.
I'antorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone .
Steamer Bulletin
Tho official bulletin on the Skeena River steamers reads:
Kitselas. Mny ">.���Sam..,cloudy,
calm, mild, water one foot three
FRED.     STORK [   i��'lii'>M,.\v/,-r.>, rising.
General H.rdw.r. Il    Operator by 1 lole ill the Wall en
route down river.
Omineca at Camp 17 er
up river.
Distributor   by
route down river.
Conveyor    by
route down river.
I'.irt   Simpson   in   Canyon   rc-
*   *   a -���-
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford Stoves   .
Graniteware       Tinware 4
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Ogdensburg, N, Y., May 5.
Twn vessels were wrecked in a
wind storm which swept lake
Ontario today, The steamer Aletha met with serious disaster, She
struck submerged rocks near Kingston, and shortly afterwards her
steam pipes burst disabling the
machinery and flooding the engine
room with steam. The passengers
and crew were forced to take to
the lifeboats, After a batik- with
wind anil wave they reached shore
At the same time the steamer I
Glenworth bound for
with a cargo of wheat ran fast
aground, and it is doubtful is she
can be got off. Her plates are
badly Btove, and there is serious
risk of damage to her cargo.
C.K,k-At lvei Hotel. Uutett, Oraham Wand,
tn par month,    Applv Chief Steward, l rmtx
Methodist Church Takes Drastic  Attitude
Rules That the B. C. Conference Were Correct in Refusing
to Admit Women Representatives Elected by the Quarterly Boards.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Toronto, May 5.���The Court of
      Appeals of the Methodist Church
������������r��� ,���..������ ,   .,   ihis morning considered the issue
HOUSES  WANTED-Funii-lii'al  or  unfiinii-li-
od. a te 6 rooma.    Hlocatlun nml l-net- >ujt  r.ui-t'il  I'V   the   H.   C.   Couleriiiife,
l will rent thaam myself and puy rani In aa-
' -���*���"��� where women elected as representatives by the quarterly lin.irtls
ni the churches were refused admission by the 11. C. conference,
lhe Courl of Appeals ruled that
under no circumstances are women
delegates to be permitted t.> at-
leiitl as representatives al the
National Conference,
ii o mm ^;;",wricl""wric:;1
,    i , i i I- Ma-Null rn Prlnoa uu-
���"',C'i.'.'iT"��i"�� ''"������"���"'"���".,|:;;;;;:,i ���, n,,.��. ��� h-����n
Comminolnii ai a l|:' W'" ._ arihim i.un.l,
.*** .v ....'   l>   i' ..a-   aluiiiee
oorpe- oiajrtjon
,���.! marked J  '������J^: ^ ,��� chtllll
WOlll    M)    ctllUILS,    tlll'IIU'    1 It'll...    HV    	
ihem*e miuili M) chuiiiH in puitii nl
jiui BO ohiiwi
, aoinnionoemcnt
, patad Murch 8,
pub, Murcli �����
Wilaon Qowitlt, Am��nt
Mlowtni dueribed lan.li
Bkaana Land Dbtrlot-DlitriototCoi
Taka notloa that I. Mn. John i',,i i,., __ V*
Rupart, ll.Coccupiitiuii ������iiirriasl woman i,i' ,
tai apply fm' parmlaaloii tn purohaaa iiu>'-'"- i"1
doaorlbad lun.li:
mora or lata. ,w"
liiiii-Mar.l!U, imi
Pub. Apr. I. IUll
Bkaana Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol Com k,������., ,
Tuko notice that. Mary Ball Hum,an ol"'.���, *
vaar. II. On occupation ililnalair, Inti'inK ,��� JJjl
lor iiernaliwlou tu purcham the loUowlng datenbd
lamia'. ^
Oommanauui at a poat pUnted at tha naath
aaat eomar ol Lot nusu, thanea ahout an ,h,u
nurth to Lot 1723. thenn. SU chum, ���, ., , _*
;l!isa. tha'nee almut 3U chaini auutli to !,,,, ,f.,"j
lhi>iii'i'  III chulni eait, thuncaa '2U elm
Lot ssa. thiinco	
north, thi-noo ao chaini i-ait In point .,( ft
menement: contutnintl 2sU ncni in,,r..   r |..���
I'oit markeil M. II. II., S.E. Corner.
DatadFeh.U.ltUi     MARY BELL BBATI
uh. .March 4
:U chaini ..an, thenea"w"tlallS
Houses Wanted
vanco, nowaitinK, no [titlnff.
lllnck 59��� Uncle Jerry.
WANTED-Three. four or tiv
Dllhfldi modern eonvoni'iu'
'phone 151.
phone me today.
r��>t>in hoUMt  fur-
It, close in.     I all
Umber limit 32S0l�� thenee in u Houtherly dilution
ul.un: tbe Imt meaUoned limit 11 chuiiu n>on>
or lea to ti��<' northorix limit of Umbor limit BSTT6|
tlience in 11 weiteriy tlirertion ulnnn the lut men*
tumeil limit m> chainn mon* or less to thu easterly
limit o( Umber limit :tS32l>, thence in �� northerly
tlireoiioii 11 ehalni mon* or lens to the point o(
DatedMarch B, 19U. JACK BBDFORD
Pub. Marili 18
Skeen. UPd Di-uict-;��!*"�����.? i'Sff^X*
Board Wanted
WANTED-Rnom and board   in private family.
X.M.. Optimiit Ollice. "
Fire Insurance
Moiltrea    OUR SPECIALTY-Kir.' Iniuranee,    Werepre-
* a    __m>1(?ven �� Fjrii i,,..,i:1,���... Companlea.
\S'e avunt your buaines-. ln-a.-.' and small.
Let in tiuotc yaau rat��. The (lack RMltt ana
Inaurance Company, cor ltd Ave. and fultainM.
THE Britiah Union and National Fire Iniuranee
Company ol London, England,  with   capital
of *2,BlXl.im0.lit'. See il-Inr rules. IheMin'K
Realty and Iniuranee Company. Iv-U
The tan button Queen Quality
shoes have arrived and will beat
anything in B. C. for $5.50.
Birth- On Wednesday, May
at Chicago, to Mrs. 1. Director,
Skeaana Un.l .llhatrict -Diitrict ail iju , i \,_.\M
Take notin- that liuo. ll. l.iiux nl Prinao lluiii-n
11. C, occupatinn barlaer, intandi to appll l.i,
pafmuaton iu purchaiae the loUowlng oewQiS
t'ommencinK at a poat plauteal ahum __���
milei waast and one mile iniillt Iraim iha. m.,.ta.
ol Stanly Creek, Naden llarlmr, theneo Mull) H
chaini, ihonna wait IU chaini, tlnnee north Ml
chaini, ihenca' eait -IU chuins.
DaUd March 1", 11)11. l.'Kll. ||   _jfle
1-ub. April ir-'. Numa Denun,|A|ait
Skeenn Uiml Dlitrict-Diitricl nf !.���...,��,.
Take notice that 1. J. II.  Mi'Aiiarliea  ..i  ]*,.--,
Ilntia'rt, oooupatlon miner. Intanda taa <,!.,,*,, iur
permiiilon  to purchaae the following oeacriM
Caiinineneiiur nt n poit planteil nt the sa.anln.,.,,
corner of lot 2'2ll). tha-nt-e a-iasl PI etinin- il.,.,..,,
louth tl chaini. thence weit III ehains thenoa
north G chaini lo point of oonunencement. nm-
tnitiii.tr 10 nerei more air lain.
J. 11. Ma-Ali.HKV
Andrew Konnedy. Atnt
T-u'.'. nTi'irr'litiiV 1. Clara May Utile ul I'rince   tnlninir J'l nerei mora-
lake n tic. mat a, a ,J���,._Tl  intend   to    Data-Feb. 16. 1911
;;!iyr,|,i,> pomMkn " Sitofi" the Mlwtal   Pub. Keh. KUU
SSSintf i.t a l-t ftoUd "^jflSj* !       skt���.na Land DI.
-are vis IS ISH S ahe ssJiu,.,.,., w ��
point   oCi_eommencament,   containlnil   ll.   acrai      c<,mm,,���cinK., n ,������, ,,|antn| ,hroo ������,| ������,
Bkaana Land Diatriet���Diatrict ofCanlai
Tuke notiee that 1 lt.ilei.m Mellnnialil of prince
more or lan.
Dated April 4. IUll
I'uh. April 15.
Situations Wanted
A classified ndvcrtiwnn-nt || n tirelei* work-
hunter���ahti cehlum telle.
By txperitncod nmn and wife as GOOh and lu'lper
in mining camp ur country hotel. Auply H. L.
T., OptimiBt. 95*i��7
SkiH'iie Und Ditttrlct    Diitrict of Cout lUnp' 6
Takv notiw that Kldon S, IH-tnilcr uf Iter I In,
(int.* occupatiun  doctor, intend* lo  enply   (or
l��TniU��itin  to  purchauv  tho  (ollowjni:  di*criUod
William   Corrigan,   a   Settler, 1"1.,-:
- . ��� ���  i ��� I'H'i: at
i'i.un. i thrw anil i
half mllM In nn wwu-rly dlroetion frmn id | *,\
un Naa�� Kivor whoro tho Ijiva Like trail l-vin*
and ono milo in n nurthorly dirot-tiun fniuthr
wild Lava Utkv trail, thonco nnrth v. chum*,
tbonot WOrt S(i chainn, thonco MUth 80 chaini,
theneo loot chaina to point of eonunenccne&t
i '.nt in mm: iMOncn'*.
Dot* rob, ��������� iuii. hoi.com McDonald
Pub. Mar. 111. Joseph IMway. Ami
Saved Woman
I>i*t planted at thv muth'
^���."'corner ol Uu I92H, thonco eut M chaim
,,.���:,. oi Im, thuncr aouth 4ft chaina more or Im,       ._         _c*T'i"r "    -*-
ihonco ***ii :U) chaine more or leu, thonce nortn ceuver, B.C., occupntion clerk, Intondi t   ipojy
I', t'luiina morv or leu to point of commencement
.���''...'.!.;: MU iirii 1 n,nif ..; I. ��� -.
Dated March ;il, lull    KLDON S. DBTWtLBR
Tut'. April 15* John Camphcll, A Kent
Boarders Wanted
Going Out of Business
Home cooked meals  nnd  nicely  furnished  rooms
ft.r three persons.     Apply   Mrs.  James.  Scott
^^_ BldK.. ard Ave., between Bth and Bth Sts.   >:.-tf
Mr.   Wm,   LaWSOn IS Selling OUt    Privilto Bonn! by the week or month.     Home
caxakinir a spoclnlty.   Mi-s K. M. OlaH'sun. Ilrd
McHugh'a en | his stock on 3rd Ave. All Roods
must be sold by the 10th of the
month and can be had at cost
until that date. 100-102
(Canadian Press Dispat
Nan ton, Alberta, M.iy ���">.
terday afternoon a demented Italian was shot and killnl l>\ William Corrigan, a settler here.   Cor-  ; -T-.---V IH." -VC-. ai_-a j,     --.��� -:
fur iivrmtimlnn to liurch,i*p Ilia, fulluaatnaf ila'Mrili.   t',,1,, }___
riijan gave himself uu immediately. adUndai .,.,._
��� �� B^H a unamaanclnu ill al |an.l   |ilAlata.l   llin-a' .mil   aaiu
BkaaU tatad Ul.lr|pt-l)l.tria*t uf Ciamalnr
lu.-- iiaaliiiJ Haul I Atnltaiw Cumnalnu. of Van*
couver. B.C.. aicrupatlim a-a.ila, ititcnalai lo ap|ilv
M,.-i'li.l  I ..ll.'l  I H-l I.. 1      I l.-l a a. I Of Co��|
TaKai notire thai I, William Anili-r.un. aaf Yin.
for paTinltatiun to purchiwa' tha- foUowing daaorlba
an) lanal,:
r.imiiit'ni'lnK nt a |aiaaat lalaaatasl ntul mnrl.i.1 W.
A. northwoat oaavor, nnal nlmul I mill- frnm Met.
nnalar llua'hnn norlhi'rn laounalury lina>; Ihrnc
miuili ni I'hniii., thpiu'a' i'ni.t SII a-hiimia llirnc.
north Ml rhaln*. thenca* west Bl. chnim. In imuit nl
i'iii,inaa'na'a'n.a'nt. contnininKIVttl acra'. ni"ir 'ar Iraa.
Datnl lul Keh. 1911 Chorion 11. Stark. Aural
suiii'ii that  the  Italiai
gol   violently   insane,   and
attacked a woman   liviiij; near.
The affair ti.uk place .u .1 ranch
about sixteen miles e.i>i nf here.
,   .-:;-,-,���-,"__.-_,   j, ., . . ...    .   ...   Skeena Ijnil IH*tnct--l.l-tricl ol yuopn 1'hirlnli,
Kill   hialfinih'11 I" an 1-a.lerly iliriH'tii.nfiaim lhe paint       T,k(, ���,,������, ,hll  K���nk  Uvi(;k ���, Waoa��Wt
on Nnn. lllver when- th.- Uva Lake lr.ll l.-,-.. -   ������,     wcu.alion   ^..KH-ia-r.   Inlenil��  to apply
fnr jaerniUaalon to purchaiae the I * 111,. v., a.,- ili-*rnt*ij
la ia|   near the trail, thence wa-t Nichair��. thenre aaaulll
K< chalna. thence awl ��a chalna.  llience north sal   |,n,afj,
chainH to poinl of caiinmenavtaienl. eontninintr Wo      I'onamcncinii   al
OmeVeh. :i. I.'ll. ANDIUCW I'l'.MMIMIS
Pllb, Mnr. 111. Jawph lleU-nv. Aaienl
Ave., ba'lween Tth and Bth St��.. phone 171.
Hn:-iri..in's    en
Olive 00
A Pure Olive Oil
I   Watch the Window
Money to Loan
To Port Simpson
At '.l a.m., <m thu S.S. TOPAZ
Kni'llKSTER & MilNKDK,
The l-roneer Dnjttiit
PHONE    :    ;    ,-    82  \
Complete  Change of Programme
Latest Pictures   ���   Best Music
Adults 15c
Children 10c
Twnll.,�� ll��l| All. ... I.' fral |..n�� . Wall
'/"" ��nal . ��� .ii.lri. . haiav ma.l lalil... a-lr
t����i lake. II,. .,a,,i,| f,��� ,,,,���.��� ,���!,.   All,,|,
**   t-   ROSS. 1.a,.a...   Il.l.l   |a,���l   H���
e Rufae
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
'Ihtrd Av��mi*>
I'lAl. NliTICV,
Slikine Uaaal Dtalftal     lalaarleaaala-.aM.iar
Take nmire that r.hrtatlan A. Tetvia .rf inlaim-
11   C. iacrii|iati'aii ria��a,iaaia nnirer. Imenali. u> _M_*.
laar lieriniaalon tai paiarliaaa- the lu'luwirat .|Mr,il��.|
( ommenrlna   al   a   po^t   plaaiaert   ahanal   ahaee-
aauartera ail  a mile n-Tili ra��a  laiain lilaa-aer  llillle
anil on the ***** ImnV nl stikine Itiver ami on the
aol.lh ai'le nf tha BlOUlh ol a little- rreek. Iheere
eaal 40 chain", thenee naarih W rl.ain., ahehee
���eat to chain", thenee aOllUl I" rhainn lo polnl
Ta conamena- .iienl and contalnina Ut *xtm mon-
or lea**'
Iiaud Keb. 10, lilll.
Pub. April 1.
t'aku Of.
i -aW.ilate, Jell, Roll. White, Plain
I'uaakla".  "���>
Plain. Irian i.ia.aer. C��rroaa��a��
IiiiiiKhniita  05
Drop I'iaka'ia  U'a
Lady KiiiK'-ra 05
Macaroni 05
Hut ('urn liri'iiil 05
liniham Ga-ms  05
Hot Bum 05
l-lain or llakitia I'oaaraler
llrii.il anil Huttcr 115
Tiiiiit      06
Plain or llutlared
Cold .\k-at 05
Mad Kkk '9
Sanlim- 16
Chipped Bei-f 10
Peanut Hiitter 10
I'i.-    05
Sllceal Apple. I.i'iii'.n. 1'uatar I.  Pumpkin. Mime. Kle.
Cup Custard 10
Charlotta Rtuaa io
.li-lli<'S. all fliivuni 05
Rainbow Jelly    or,
Marmalada or.
.Inn.     10
II   a. a. la-   a ���. 4
Kin ''ream 05
Cream 10
McLaren'! 15
Saltnl     05
l'"'ataa,-r I'alaliaue
Soupa, changed dally 10
nyaiir Statu tr,
Kiah Balla (Kruinv only) 16
Lobatat Balad :tn
Salmon Balad 20
O.l'l Ma-ala IT,
,., - ,   lliam. IWf. I'a.rk
* liilipeal Beef  15
Pont ami Bi-ana ir,
l-'KKa, any ntyW
,'""    10
Two ir>
BraaktaatPoodi, in
Piirrii||ti- }j
Tea, r,a,lTi-i.. (������,.,,���"'   -"���' 'w
I NOTb -No ���,j���t,mt |h>11 )0t
Prince    Rupert    in    Sunshine.
Rain at Point Grey
Weather watchers in Prince Rupert will l.t- interested i<> know
that it is raining at Point Grey,
and cloudy with threatening rain
all along tin- coast except at Prince
Rupert where the sun is shining
and the skies are clear. Sea is
smooth everywhere along the coast
Shipping movements reported
are: Tatoosh <>ut S. S. Watson
8.25 a.m. In schooner Luzlo 0.26
a.m. Triangle: Alameda passed
southbound 8,39 p.m., U. S. revalue cutter Maiming passed al 's
p.m. northbound. Chicago 8.30
p.m. position nol stated.
City Smithy to be Built
A   ii\ii   blacksmith's   shop   has
becomi    necessary   and   <m   tlie
recommendation <>f Superintendenl
..1   Worka  McNeil, "'  '
constructed .11 iin-
Markcl Place. Thc
cosl 8)00.
\ A ebuilflad idYtrtiianMnt will And you thr mon��
ay with which to put your plan iuuu-lTivt.
Real Estate
A clastsiiiotl ailvcrtlit'nwnt is n real estate ttlet*
man. and dOM nut ofti-n COUDt enounh "to
count" in the nut result.
For Sale
Gaiwdine Engine, :t hortt-pOWtr. cheap.    Apply
at Keeley's Druif .^Jtore. 98*101
HouMhoM Qoodt.   Iti-.m* tu ba let.    Apply Un.
Evji-n. Tth Ave. ami I'ay lor .St. near Summit, it-*'
Nice little home on bmw overlooking hartxir,clo<te
in. only }lS5ti;eash *TS*��.   W. J. Aider,      96-106
N. J. Helmers, Contractor lor
Concrete   Work
Mr. N. J. Helmers ol thc Johnson, Carey a.v Helmers Company,
St. Paul, Minn., is in tlie city.
Mr. Hclmer's firm have lhc con-
ir.u'i fur a laige quantity ol
concrete work lur the railway and
he will reside in Prince Ruperl
havirg leased Mr. Schrcibcr'shouse
al thc corner of Sixth avenue and
McBride street.
in B    Will    hi'
i ii>   Yard,
building will
Office Wanted
WanUd ta hire, nmull ipaec in nlliop.   Apply tu
P.O. Ilux T.-.i. 99-llia
Municip^ Notice
All citizi'iis of Princa Rupert. !(.(!.. nre renuesl-
et) to obiarva the mah ooonanclnB May lth,1911,
as n time for plvlllfl ipaetal attention  to eleatnn^
up their outiida pramlMh
100*101 City Clerk
Tenders  Wanted
Some snaps arc being offered
.a Scott, Froud & Co.'s tomorrow
Wc have a few pairs left in some
lines t<> clear below cost.
Skeena Land Dl�� tr lei -Dlftrio] <ii Quotn Chariott)
Tako notice that CithaflM HarrwoPi of CillKnry
Alberta,   occupatj<m   Hpinnter,   intends   to  apply,
[or uarntalon to purehm ihe followlns descrihed
CommencinK at a post plnnted nlioul 0 1-2
mile* wati and half a mile miutli fpmi the mouth
. of Stnn'i'v Cnaki where it umplii�� into Nuden
. flarhor, (traharn Inland, thenc<' 10 ehainn nouth
I thoncv t() chains vnri, Ihnoi 10 ehalni north,
thence 40 ohalm t*ttm\ to poinl of eoRunanoatnant
and containing lfitt 10m mon' or lesa.
1 lialed March 17, 1011.
I'uh Apr. 7. Numa Uotnur... Auent
Tandan will ba racrivad hy tha undaralntod op
in M.indity.Muy Mh.f..r the excavation Of u pari
of tlie Mhool aflWindl and for laying plank on the
name.   Plana and lapaclfloatloni may he Man at
tha City Km,'' r'i I ntiee.
96*100 Sec. School Board
S. O. E. B. S.
The   I'rinee   Kupert   LtNlite,   No.  :ils.  Boni  of
Kmrland. meat! tha first nnd third Tuaadaya in
each month in tha Carpenters Hall, ut S p.ni.
F. V. CLAKK. Sec,
1*. O. Box US. Prince Kupert
Skwna Land District -District nf Ciwat Uanitn fi
'I'ake notice that Oforn l^'vlck ol I'rince  Rupert
B. C., occupat ion  clerk,     Int-inln
rinrmiaaion   to   purchase  the  folloi
('ommenrinu at a pont planted on shore of
i.ik<i ���*��� Ijike aliout (ill chainn north na^t from outlet
ul said lake (haki'lae Rivi-r', thencu 2U chainn
north, ihenre ahout r,(i chaini eait to Lakoln
' '*���'.'��� ' ��� '���'.������<��� meandering -mid lake nhora in 11 wMt-
���rly dtftetton tO point ol commancamant; containinK HO acrei, mora fir lass. I'oet rnatkad Q, It.
H. W. Cornar.
Datad Keh. u, 1011.
Puli. March t.
to applv  for
Skeena Und   DUMol     District ol Qoalt
i.T?k".r.c,lip"  th,lt   Mr"-  '������   '������   Putnam   of  Ht
1 aui,    Minnaaota,    oooupatlon    married
intend, to apply i���r (nrmlailon t
lol uwintt daaortbad landai
aoS2?37l2liS MX~,!m ���>���������'���*'���'��� �� thaaouthmal
corner ol \_*A*Au I    :i marked Mrs. LC Putnam'. ,  _	
1 ��tnl' iVSS!S *""' M (*hft|"". thanoa thenoe north ko ehalni, thenco
nam*   tnencit  ��-n��i   au  mv***���-,   >��� l .* ���..   ��...       ��� .
purcluiHo the
guceti Charlotte Islands Land Diitrict-District of
Take notice that I, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to proapect for coal and petroleum on the followinK
deacrihed lands:
CommencinK at a poat planted about two milea
west, of the moulh of the Tl-el Itiver and marked
J . .McL. N. W. Corner, No. 29, thence aouth 80
chains, tlience east ,s0 chains, thenco north K0
chains, thencc west  HO chaina to point of com-
mci ment;  contuininK ���>��������� acres, more or loaa.
Dated Feb. 21, IUll JOHN McLKOD
Tub. Fub. 23. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queon Charlotte IslitndaLand Districl-District
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupatiun broker, intend to apply for permisaion
to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on the following
described lands:
CommencinK it �� post plant 8d about two
miles Mouth and two miles \uwl of the mnuth of
the Tl-el Uiver, (iraham Island, and marked
J. Mcl.. N. W. Corner, No. Ill, thence south M0
chains, tlience east ko chnins, thence north HO
cliains, thencc wiwt KO chains to point of commencement; contnininK (MO acres, more or loss,
Datod Feb. H, mil. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Fab* 24. Clarence McDowell, AKent
Police Court Parade
Three notables made their Ixiw
before Magistrate Carss U>U morn-
irg on a charge of drunk and
disorderly. Their names were John
Mosko, Angus McLean, and Frank
Lockwood. All found lhe necessary five atul costs. A fourth
accused of the same offence rcmaii -
in thc cells this morning still
Ladies!   Vour tan button shoes
have arrived.   Call Scott, Froud
& Co,
Stikine Land District - District of Cwu
Take notice thai Christian A. Tervo of Slikine
It C , occupation customs othcer, intend* tu apply
for ("TtniaUion to purchuw the lullowinK taWBM
Commencing at a post planted almut IS chains
mirth west of die ruKtutnh warehouse at Stik ne,
It. ('., thence ��e-t 20 chains, thence sout I M
chs ni", thence ensl 20 chains, thence ncr.h 20
chains tu |H>int of commencement and ConUininK
���10 ucres more or lem.
Dated Feb. IS, 1911.       ClMliTIAN A. T.iHVO
Pub Al ri 7
Sk,-��*na Ijtml District -District of Cassiar
Take notice thnt I. John  McDonald of Prince
Kupi-ri, H.C. ooCQpatioa hotelkeeper. Intem|n to
apply for parmtaaloa to purchaae the followintt
descril>eil lands:
Commencintr at a lMnt planteil three and one*
hnif miles in an easterly direction frum the point
on Nans Kiver where the Lava Lake trail begin*
nnd <me mile in n northerly direct km frnm tba
said I jivr Lake trail, thencesouth elirhty <lmin��.
tbence west hi chains, theme tu>rth y*\* chains,
thence east Ml chains tu point of cummencemetil.
ctmtainintr itto ncres.
Date Feb. :\, l.dl. JOHN MrPONAI.D
Puh. March in. JoM'ph Itelway, Aitent
tHMi plnntet) ahout icvtn
mileK aest and two miles south of the mmM- di
Stanley Creek where il empties into NadM
Harbor, tiraham laland, thence K0 chains touih,
thenci* Ml chains eaat, thance SO chains horth,
thence SU chains went to point of comnienerT.rnt
and contamr.K 610 acre* more or less.
Dateil March 17, 1911. PRANK LEVICK
Puh, April 7. Numa DtaHn. \(��
Skeena I.and District    Dintrict uf Coaat
Take notice that (ilenn McArthur of VancitU\cr,
U.  C, occupation real   estate auent   intends lo
apply  fur iiermission  to purchaw the following1
.1. i'ul-.i lands:
Commencnu at a \*w\ planted 40 chains wTM
and SO chains south ��� l the souih��vat comer of
Lot Na IV . i marked (ilenn McArthur'* north-
west corner, ihence south 4ti chains, thence easl
HO chains, thence north 10 chains, ihence wmt
SO chains to post ot commencement, containinK
ISO acres more or lew.
Dated March 20, IHU.       OLKNN McAKTIHU
Tub. April 15. T. D. Uinl. Afient
Skeena Land DlstHct-Dtitrtcti
Gout Dlatriel
Tnke noti.-e thai Wm. t^**l f Sappt rton. B.C
iwcupalioii liovernment (iunnl. ititi ixN i�� applv
Skeena I Ami Disirict-Districl of OoOM
Tnke m.ilce thnt  I, Pelerltehl. of Van
B.C.. occupation teamster,  intends to apply for
permission to purchase the folkmlnu deKrihed
Commencing at a post planteil andnaitadP.
It * S.W. oonwt and immeiliately adJolnlni 1 -*'.��
marked J.M.'a N.E. ei*rn��r and A��B*'l S ��. cw-
ner; thence north S(�� chains, thence aatl 4 >'hsmi.
ihence south b*i chains, thence west 40 chsln^ to
point of eiwntnenceinent. containinu BO scrr*
more or leas. l'l: III; REID
Dated 1st Feb. 1911 Charles 11. Allen. V ��� ��� -t
Pub. Feb. 2A.
IMM Und DUtrict���District of Coast Itsnte V
Take  notice  thai   Charles   P. Oiler ot Pnm
KupvM,   M.  C. occupation surveyor, IntM ���* H
apply  fur  jiermlssion to purchase the feUosinf
dnscrilied lands:
Commencinu at a post planted at tin north fi*
corner "f surveyed lol 3!��S4. Itange :��. C��s��i l'ie
trict. thence In an easterly direction along tht
southerly limit of aurveyad lot Will and the pro-
iectlon thereof 40 chairs 10 a point, tbano
parallel to the easterly limit of surveyed l<n ���������*���*������
alnnitsid GO chains more or less to (he nertherlv
limit ol a timlier limit (N'o. 4SS6S), thanM -���*���
40 rhains more or leas tu a point in tin1 i>r����ciioi
���ottthcrly of the eanterly limit of surv.yl lot
nU, ihence in a northerly direction alnnR ths
projection ot the aaid limit and l)ott| the **m
limit 60 chaina more or leas to point ol oommMfr
menl. containinR 240 acnw more or less. ,������
Datiil March H, IUll. CHAKLKS IV OTTLR
I'ub. March 26.
Coast K a 11 ti ��� 6 Land District
Take   notice   that   I,   John   Hepburn  *i  *"'
sumkalum,   occupation   farmer,   intend to >IW
,���        ,. lor iH-rmiwion to purchase the (ollownK dwen���
11 oast Itange :,.   Unds:
CommencinK at a post planted ai the narth��ri
corner of Ui ML thenco east 20 chains, tr.er.es
south  40 chains, thenc* weat 20 obtta, ���������f'it
for permimion to purchase the FoHowllll daacrib-   north 10 chaina to place ol comnicnfemam
<""imi emini- nt :i l".-l plantitl   4��  rhaln*   we-t
and ISO chain* south of the west corner of l.t N.i
IIKLntifo ft coaat dlatrioti mark.il Wm. LaaHa
N.W   corner, thence soulh 4'i chain*   tlurne  . u��t
Nicliam-. thenee north 4U chain*, theme  mat   -������
chain* to post  of eornmenrement. OonUUnll
nerei m ire or less.
T. D. Lnitd. AKent
D'lt-d Minii.'"i. : Ml
Puh. April 29th. 1911
soul h   HO
1 nnrlh  80 chain* l^'HSSf  ff*!   i?   chiins",   thence    thencn sot'ith So'chiiinsT'thenci' went HO cliain* td
I **��*,*_ ****** w Pim ��icommenement, con     poinl of  commencement;    containinK  MO  acres,
uuttmno aaraa motac
Datad March 20 \ii\\
I Pub. \m\\ 16.
Queen Churlotte IhIiiiiiIs Und District���District o
Take notice lhat I, John McLeod ol Vancouver
occupation hroker, inlend lo upply (or permission
lo proHpert Tor B0BI and petroleum on lhe followinK
daaorlbod lunds:
Commeneini at, n poat planted about, two mlh��
aouth and two mllea wesl of lhe mouth of thf Tl-el
Kiver and marked J. McL, S. W. Corner, No. BB,
^^^^^^^ asl  so ahali
,,   . I more or less.
Oao. U. Putnam   Aaon \ Pub. Feb. 24.
('larence McDowoll, Auent
\t��mZens ^
^ �� ^mirj5_Ma
\veve just received our new
Queen Quality" styles for Spring
and they re beauties. Wi? did not
believe such footwear possible at tbe
price. The makers nave outdone
themselves. Smart, snappy styfes with
plenty of comfort and service���just
what you have been Jooh'ng for. You'll
buy here eventually. Why not to-day ?
I aa.tn.1 M W(h IN, 1911. JoHD Bt*BVW
Tub April 16.
Slawn. Unal Diilrirt-DUtricl ol Cool U��.P>
T.ke notion th��t Ala-ainnJaT lla'��lon aal ll��"
an, 11. C., occup.Uon c.riwnler. inli'ii '��� ! 'I���,
lor parmlMlon lo purchmo tho lullowinii la��nw��
lt*n.f*: _���,l
1'omnaa.nriiaK it ��� |io.t pl.tal.-,! N eW| ��� ����"
Irom the -a.nl,  .,*,, awrnaar ol l/'i
taiwlaasl A. II., N. W. Cornor, W
aaa.ulh, thpnc*  hO  chiain, ml,  ll"""
north, thamr. SO chlln. ��na.l lo laoirat oi ��
��� ana-nra-naa-M; conlaalnlnj 200��craa<-"ia^
ltala.1 Fob. U. 1911.      A1.F.\AMM-I' Ul 'l"N
I'ub.   M..aa 1     |.
UM Unal Di.trict-I)i��lrial ','  '
TaM-matin- Ihul I Arthur Jnniaa W��
ii.ii\.-r. i<a-ii|,aliiin  broker. InU'ii'ln V     *       ...
pmnMoa t�� iiurch����c iho Mwwluw
lanila: .   r(u
I'linmnnHiiKal n pniil planti-1  i]��"
half mila-. In an a-a.ta.rly allrrctl.-ra from tin  I''"
' "ii Sua. Hlvrr wha-ro UM Uva UJ�� I""' <
na an a , na-ar Ihr trail, thama-c oa.t ami"
ila-iin-rnmt I,-^1 rhaln..   thrnca'   **'**l
i li.-n..- nnrlh hi rhaln. to point of a-mmm na
, i-aaiitfllninirlUOariea mnra. or lo.ia.     ,a a n'll
llaliFola II. IUll AKTIIIIKJAMI>�� !���';
. I'til. Mar. in aTonphBelwl , **>
I a.a *.
Skoona ljinil Dlitrict-Dlitrict of I'"''1
'    Tuko   nntico   that   I.  Aloxan.l.'r   BuMK>"
| Vancouver. ll.C, occupation l.utch.'r. "*':"l^f
���pply fur pormUaion  to purcham' It** >'"
��� '!��� Krlbod lanala: i \ |: ��
i    ("iimnioncinir a poat plantoal nnal innrM-u .
I S V.. a-i.rnor. anal aHjolninir pootl m����i ���' ���    ',,
1 N.K. cornar anal P.K.a S.K.  corner. II. ' "       ,
-"cliain.. Ihonco north WI chninn. ttm ��� ���'
I rhaina. thenco aanaith Hllchnln> tta I't""
" i iiiiiiient. a'aantninlnir MO ���CS'J'nitrTilN'
| Unl A lat Feb., 1911 Charlea II. A"' "  <���'"'
| I'uh. Feb. 2B
Skeen. Uml Dlalrlct-Dlalricl .'I '   ���*[
Take  nolice  that   Freal   W.   Ilohler ��' ��j"|5
.-aailinii, uccupation larmer, Inlenila t" ���'    ���. twj
pamlatofl  to   purchwa  the   lollowini! ""'
' '.ftllt: ..     racarth-
Commenclnii al a poat planteil il)" . nW
iiMI cnrniT ol A. McLooara pro-oni|itia"i. .j
to rhaina aoulh, Ihence 10 chalna ""���'��� "'*" , ol
chain, north, thenco 10 ch.ina weal "''.,.,
caimmencemenl containinu 110 acra-a mop- ��� ... |||
l'nli"l April 10, 1911. FIllF.DKH H ����� ��� '"V ���|
I'uh. April 22. Freal ll��ml'i"""M!'_
nil Diatrict -Dlalrict ot I'naal H>J^
nlco that I, 1-lonol Klnjj��]"y,"',' .,���,!)���
Scott, Froud & Co.
occupation   MfeWa.JsfSR?. MOW
Tlllltl) AVKa.
SkaH-n. Ui
Taka- not
ver.   II.   C     ���,V.M.���,    .. .
I-T iiermimlon lo purchuao tho lollowini! m
liinalaa: ( ,ruin-
1'iimmeticing at a paaat planta'il near In.     ^
W.-.I n.rnir n[ l/it !I!I2, llan|(a- I, 1 "���'- ..' h,|ns
Ihenre  �����i   lo ch.ina,  thonco aoulh       �����    ���
thenee a-a��t  II) chalna, theneo norlh oil c����
iniillt ul commeneement. ....   .mv.SI.KV
, I'aleal M��rrh 21, 1911.        LIONI.l. HIM'
! I'uh. April 22.
Skeena Uml DLtrlet -Dlatriel ol ���jiieo" 'i'"!'^!!"
, lake   nolle* thai   Hubert  0. f ""*-,.,��� ,,.,,1)'
tuiietl, II. I'., oeeiipalion .dent, Inlentl"   " ^
lor tiorii.laa.liin lo purchaae Ihe [0U0W1HI
Inraila: ,:  \4
CommenrinK al . PS* pl��n<��->J ? ""������th **t
MM ��i.4| ami hall a mile anuth nl lhe "' NB,|,,n
Slnnley Creek where ll empties "".��� a ,itii,
Hnrliur,  (Iraham   lalaml,  Ihence  want h>i���,,
thence  north   II) chalna,  thence  weat   >"    m,nl
thencn aouth 40 ch.ina lo point ol commi "
anil containing ISO acroa more or Wh-      rnK��'
pale.l Mareh 17, 1911. MIUIKIH  O. ,
I'uh. April 7. Num. DW** ���


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