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 e Prince Rupert Optimist
11, NO. 60
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, March 14. 1911.
Price Five Cents
Le Generous Offer to  Protect the Strike-Breakers
[Free of Charge���Offer Was Turned Down by
Council���Aid. Clayton Hears Voices
From the Dominion Government Wireless Stations
notion was carried at last night's'
III meeting agreeing that the con-
rs refusing to pay the 45 cent
shall have police protection of
works in order that men willing
the lower rate per hour may
I unmolested.
Contractors Made Demand
three contractors involved wrote
- council   tusking   for   protection
Iday.    Thc   advice   of   the   city
_or was obtained, and a meeting
Idly  called   in  the   afternoon  to
i it.   The finding of that meeting
(lini it was high time the street
in the city was pressed on. Pro-
n should lxi given the contractors,
��� penalty clause in their contracts
]itl<'i la* enforced. It was proposed
the contractors be notified that
Ity engineer is to be instructed to
in the jobs and that policing of
rwks will be provided until the
ut time limits are out by which
It is hoped the work will be done.
liTiiiin Clayton put this in the
ui a motion, and added that as
pntractora had been badly handi
capped they were entitled to a reasonable
extension of their lime limits.
Clayton Heara Voicea
Just then it seemed to Alderman
Clayton that someone in the City
Hall murmured "Scab." Instantly the
alderman appealed to thc chair to keep
order, saying "I refuse to be called a
scab at the council board "
"I didn't hear the word," said alderman Hilditch, and a voice from
behind cried "It wasn't from this eorner,
doctor "
lAt 8 A. M.)
Triangle Island -Cloudy weather, sea
smooth. Spoke steamer Humboldt at
6.15 last night in Queen Charlotte Sound,
northbound. Steamer J. S. Chnnslor
at 12.15 a.m. Let. 56.43, Long. 132.45
(At Nooni
Ikeda Spoke Amur, northbound at
10.30 p.m. last night.
Tatoosh- Outbound S. ('. Wilder at
11  a.m.    In, bound out, four masted
Cape Lazo���Spoke 11. M. C. S. Rainbow at 10.10, whereabouts not disclosed.
That is the Real Meaning of the  Mobilization on the
Texan Frontier Declares a Special Despatch
from Washington���Policy Criticised
(Special to the Optimist)
Washington, March 14.���Thc real
reason for the mobilization of the
United States troops on the Mexican
frontier, is said to be the protection of
over a billion and a half of dollars
invested by United States capitalists
south of the Rio Grande. What happens
tO Diaz, and all other political considerations are said to be .subordinated to
this phaae of the situation.
It is stated here that President Tail's
brother, Henry Taft, is acting as counsel
and director of the International Rail-
Mm..in.n   waa   Made   by   Lieut.
bv. Patcrson, and Reaponded to
1 Commander Stewart on Behalf
I the Navy.
TRY TO oet ,^-r*^S^r^ MADE
.    .aiii>.i   ���    r.n.ila Here to Protect the Strikebreakers
S.y. H. Will ^^^^��$��SiaS�� Pr.��n."Counci. Deny
" NKT.7���7��I Woraaiminl, But Didn't Produce Tehran,.
way and oilier Immense Mexican interests. In addition General Wickeraon
is a former member of Henry Tuft's
legal firm, and is Intimately in touch
with Mexican financial interims. Prior
to accepting office under the present
administration he wu attorney for the
Illinois Central, which later became
a pari of the Harriman system, having
enormous interests in Mexico.
The revolution has rained tht business
of Mexico, and lhe action ol the military
authorities is destined to reslore order
and promote business.
Action   ia   Criticised
Milwaukee, March 11.    Relieving he
' voices the sentiments of the  working
! classes of America Congressman Berger
'says   Taft   aud   the   government   are
going  back  on  the  best   t radii ions of
the great   Republic when they mobilise
an army in order to uphold in a neighboring country a machinery under which
even  the  elementary  rights  of  civil
government   are   denied   lo   the   great
Special to the Optimist)
oris, March 14.���Liuet-Gov. Pat-
mi behalf of the Government of
th Colombia presented a handsome
"f silver plate  to the cruiser
iiitm today.
Jiniiiaiuler Stewart responded on
ill ni ihe navy while Premier Mc-
��� nconded the Governor's remarks
Mlogiaing the vessel and her crews.
Federation of Labor Welcomed
by Premier McBride
Spedal to the Optimist)
ttoria, March 14.���The B. C. Fed-
li.'ii uf Labor opened its firs: annual
loi here today. Fifty-eight dcle-
h* representing  thirty-three   unions
lugboul the province are present.
Wilier McBride attended this mom-
1   ."ii and  gave  an address of
tome to the convention.   The day
i occupied in receiving reports and
khi" -iili resolutions.
Wit*** in lhe Match for the Stanley
Hockey Cup
S|iecial to the Optimist)
<'orontO, March 14.���The results last
ht in the Stanley Cup Hockey match
Ottawa 7, Gait 4.   Half time score
"i in favor of Ottawa.
fantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4.
Before the city council last night was I
laid a letter from the Prince Rupert I
Industrial Association asking if it were
true that in the wire asking for the
Rainbow to come here, the council
had stated that the strike was led by
three criminals.
A lenghty discussion of this communication involving the whole Rainbow business, resulted in instructions
being given the City Clerk to draw-
up with the assistance of Alderman
Hilditch, a letter stating thai so far
as the members of thc council knew
no such reference had been made in the
Several l of the aldermen explained
that of course they did not know what
actually was said as they left that
in Acting Mayor Smith's hands after
instrut ting him to take steps in the
Thinka Smith Might Know
At considerable length Alderman Newton spoke against  the  announcements
in the Optimist that the Rainbow had
been sent  for  after  a  secret  meeting
I of the council in thc offices of Mean's,
Foley,   Welch  & Stewart.    He talked
about   "flaunting   articles   in   print,"
said he knew nothing about the mention
of  criminals,  and  did  not  think  any
member of council knew more, unless
it   were   Acting   Mayor   Smith.    Thc
secret meeting referred to hc said hail
been called by the ex-Chief of Police.
who had stated'that if stiike-breakers.
were to come in by the Camosun or
other steamers hc was up against It.
He had nol force enough to handle a
disturbance,  and asked  that  red-coats
be requisitioned.
Wanted Rainbow Handy
Believing that the Rainbow was in
Northern waters the council decided to
wire to Mayor Manson with the request that she be asked to keep in
touch with thc wireless at Digby so
that in the event of serious trouble the
bluejackets could bc summoned to
aid the civic authorities.   It was agreed
said Alderman Newton, that no armed
men should be invited to our shores
lest the mob should become inflamed.
As for the idea lhat the Rainbow should
steam into this harbor with the intention of landing bluejackets to shoot
down the working men of the city, that
WM absurd.
Thinka He Waa Given Away
Alderman Newton said thai it wits very
unfair to himaell that he should have
been quoted as the councillor who
asked who was to bear the expense
of bringing in the navy. He felt certain
that the whole information regarding
thc secret meeting had been given
lo the Optimist by thc ex-Chief of
Police who, he said, wits disgruntled
at the council, and bad a grudge against
Where Are Telegrama.'
While saying that he was glad the
Rainbow had not actually lieen summoned to Prinee Rupert to shoot men
down, Alderman Pattullo wanted to
know exactly what instructions were
given to the Acting Mayor, why the
meeting was secret, and why the tele-
Helpf ul Talks to Business Men
Mr. Storekeeper
Do You Know?
That time is valuable- your
time, and your customers.
Aim to economize by consistent, adequate and detailed advertising in some paper which
goes into the homes of thc
That  kind   of   advertising
brings business.
Consult The   Optimist
Krams sent were still kept secret.   Could
not a copy of these telegrams be found'.'
Alderman Hilditch who occupied the
mayoral chair for the evening declared
that if such a copy existed hc did not
know where to find it.
For the Men's Sake
Absent  himself from  what  he called
"this caucus" Alderman Morrissey ruth- i
er inclined to the opinion thai ii might \
be in the Interests *." ihe Prince Rupert
Industrial    Association    tn    have    the1.
Rainbow here to exercise a restraining |
influence.   In "ending for the navy the;
council   were  not  going  beyond  their
Here Alderman Hilditch hastened to
say that it was not a meeting of council'
at all, but simply a consultation with'
the   ex-Chief   of   Police   the   outcome
of  the  announcement   that   McMordie
was to bring up 100 strikebreakers.
"It seems," remarked Alderman Pattullo, "that the members nf council are
trying to shunt the blame on to ex-
Chlei McCarvell to get out of the
difficulty themselves."
Brave Boy, Clayton
At this Alderman Clayton came ill
with his view of it. He had btvii at
Ithe secret meeting. The only instruc-
| tions given by the council to 'he Acting
Mayro were as slated. For his own part.
Alderman Clayton said that he believed
there were men in this town who were
willing to work for the :I7 \-2 cent rate-
beCaUM they had wives and children
lo support and needed the money.
"I will have these men protected,!1
he thundered, "1 do not care if it takes
all the militia in Canada to do it, I
will have the militia here." This
declaration of opinion was received
with boos from tbe strikers present.
"1 am ready to stand by this," added
Alderman Clayton concluding.
Were Men Deceived?
It was here ��� suggested by Alderman
Dircctora of the Alberta Live Stock
Aaaociation Send Written Opinion* Fifty-one in Favor to Six
(Special to ihe Optimist
Calgary, March 14.    The question of
the reciprocity agreement between Canada  and   the   United   States  has  been
taken up by lhe directors of the Alberta
Live Stock Aaaociation. Expiessing
their opinions in writing, up to the
present time fifty-one favor the agreement and six oppose il. A resolution
has been forwarded to the Minister of
| Finance favori.g the proposal.
Semi-Finola for the Aaaociation Cup
to be Played on March 25
(Special to the Optimist)
London,   Jarch     14.-Thc   matches
for the semi-finals in the English Association football contest are to he ph.yed
on March 86th. The draws are Brant-
ford City versus Blackburn Rovers, aud
Newcastle I'niled vi mis Chelsea. The
games will lie played on the grounds of
lhe lirst named elul s.
Vancouver Firm toSupply Six Million
Feet to G.T. P.
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, March II. Tht Canadian
Western Lumber Company of Fraser
River near Westminster has been awarded thc contract for supplying six million
feet of lumber to be used in building
,126 stations for the (i. T. P. in Alberta
and Saskatchewan. The annumt oi
Ithe contract is $140,000. PRINCE   RUPERT   OI'TIMISI
Teas For AD Tastes
���i : ��� I - THE COSY CORNER
"Twininris" '9 not a new '"���"d of Tea.
_____^_���_ Many Old Country people recognize it as an old time favorite and high grade
Tea.     We have it in 1-2 and 1 lb. pkgs. at. lb.. .40
"Twining't Three Star,"  highest grade,  per lb. .50
Blue Ribbon Tea.  Nabob Tea,  Victoria Cross
Tea, perlb W
Tstley's Yellow Label 40
Tstlsy's Sunflower Ked 50
Upton's "A" half and one lh. tins, per lb 60
Upton's -'B" half and one lb. tins, per lb ba
Ridg\vay*s Old Country half lb. tins 25
Ridgway's "Five O'clock" half lb. tins 30
Llpton'l Tea in three lb. tins 1.00
Tetley'a Tea in three lb. tins, Brown label 1.00
Tetley's Tea In three lb. tins. Blue label 1.16
Victoria Cross Tea, live lb. tins 1.75
Empress Tea, five lb. tins 1.65
Good Bulk Teas, per lb 25 to .35
* * *
Yakima   Potatoei,   none   belter,   per    lb.    2   3-4c.
This is a little section o( the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Departmental Stores
Phone No. 2
Us^D^*^���V|r ******* r&mtSljf %m**ism**?fy*mt*_itmm*^mt**\*f**
THE OPTIMIST will furnish correct information tu all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city      :      :       :       :      :
There is no time like the present. Send us
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail       :!::.::::
Optimist Information Bureau
P.O. BOX 1545
Queen Charlotte "alands Und District���DUtrict ol
Ttke notice thtt 1. Jnhn MM . .-I of Vancouver,
occupttmt. hrnkrr. intend to tpply for permission
tn |in��s|M'ct Inr cnal tnd petroleum on the following
,l,-i**;l'<.'. Itndt:
Commencing tt t pnst planted tl thc mouth of
the T1-.-1 KiviT tnd marked J. McL. N. E. Cor
ner, No. 10. thence snuth r*0 chaina. thence west
*0 chain*, thencc north oil chaint, thence eait SO
chaina to point of commencement; containing 640
acrw, more or lent.
Dated Feb. 21, lull JOHN  McLF.OD
Pub. Feb. ''3, Lctlir B. Waller, Agent.
Queen Charlotle lalanda Land District ��� DUtrict of
Take notice that I, Juhn MrI*r<M of Vancouver,
occupatiun broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospecl Inr cual and {H'troleum on the following
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted about two miles
woat of the muuth of the Tl-el Kiver and marked
J . McL. K. VY. Corner, No. 29, thence south 80
ehains, thence cast 80 chtins, thence north 80
chains, thencc west 80 chaint to point uf commencement; containing 610 acrea, more or lesa.
Dated Feb. 21, 1911 JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land DUtrict���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupatiun broker, intend to apply for permissiun
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
describe.! lands:
('ommencing at a post planteil about two miles
west nf the mnuth of the Tl-el Kiver and marked
J. McL. N. E. Corner. No. 49, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to point of commencement: containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 21, 1911 JOHN McLOED
Tub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotle Islands Land Dutrict���Dstrict ol
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupalion broker, intend to appl. for permunion
I to prospect (or coal an . petroleum on th- following
.ie-rnl��*i land:
j    Commencing at a pott plant **d abuut eight milo
I south and four west of ihe mnuth of Tl-el Kiver
I and ma k d J. McL., N. E. Corner,    o. Ts, thenca
I W. SO chains, t a-ice aouth SO ehains. thence north
8ii chains, thence east no chains io point of com-
mencemi'nt    containing 64U ucres, n ore or leas.
Dated Feb. 24, lull. JOHN McLEOI)
I'ub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell. Agant
Quee.. Chariotte Island   Land District���DUtrict of
Take notice thai I, John Mcleod of Vancouver
occupalion broker, intend to appl for permission
to prospect or coa! and petroleum on the lolluwing
dwcrilied Ian I:
Commencing at a post planted about eight
mil��� south and four wist of the moulh of the
���l-el River and markos) J. McL., S E. Corner,
No. HO. then��*e north 80 chains, thence Weat 80
chains, thenca south 80 chains, thence east 80
chain* lo point uf commencement; containing 40
teres, mor   or li-so.
POb.nb.tr C. McDowell. Agen.
Queen Charlotte Islanda Land Diatrict���DUtrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply for permission
to pruspect for coal and petroleum on the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted ahout iwo mlltm
norlh from the mouth of the Tl-el River and
marked J. McL. N. E Comer. No. 2. thence
south 80 chains, thence west 8 chains, thence
north 80 chaina. thence eaat 80 cha na to point
of commencement: containing 640 acres more
or less.
Dated Feb. 26. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
A Talk About Play
The good that organised games for |
girls in the schools may do in bring-j
ing students into the fresh air and In
I'urnishin     wholesome   excitement   and j
variety  into  their  lives,  many  teach-j
ers    know    by    experience.     Outdoor
sports,  properly managed, furnish one
of the  best  correctives for the  fault.-*
peculiar to girls.
There can be too much, however, of
this as of other good things. Thought-
lul observers have disci vered that it
is a fallacy to believe that physical
exercise is a cure for mental weariness The man or woman whose brain
is tired needs rest just as much as
the person whose muscles are overstrained. It is true that before the
stage of weariness is reached, exercise is a help to study, just the case
rise is a help to study, but the case
is very well put by a woman physician who writes for the London Express. She says that "Girls as well as
boys, require moderate, regular exercise in the fresh air if they are to keep
in health. School game are excellent
so long as they are played judiciously,
and do not entail mental and physical
exhaustion. The great danger is that
school girls' athletics���by causing further fatigue when the girls are overtired with study, worn out with the
strain of concentrating their attention
on one lesson after another, from breakfast time until afternoon���do considerable damage.
"It is a medical fact that excessive
mental and physical strain means loss
of vitality. The hi. her the type of
girl the more she will try to accomplish mentully and physically what is
expected of her. When the brilliant
student suddenly breaks down for no
apparent reason, in nine cases out of
ten the real cause is over-athleticism
und over-pressure at school combined.
Any exercise that is to be beneficial
must be obtained regularly, without
excessive strain or fatigue.
"Like most good things, physical
culture can be overdone. Let girls
play games and enjoy physical exercise in the gymnasiums by all means,
but guard against anything in the
shape of excess."
pion of pork and beans. Hs says this
dish contains more of the ingredients
of nutritive food than any other, and
Ito meet the objection that pork is indigestible, he says it should be minced
fine,  until  il  disappears  in  the cook-
I ing, ir. which condition it is as easily
| digested as a piece of steak and of
much more value as a food.    In view
| of the high price of everything, if pork
and  beans  could  become  popularized,
! a good many housekeeping bills would
j be materially reduced.
The little childer in the street���
It's shipwrecked sure they are with cold,
There's some of them not eight years
And ne'er a boot upon their feet.
To beg a copper they go far
In rain and frost, in snow and sleet.
The little childer in the street���
You'd pity them the way they are.
There's other childher warmly clad
That live in houses in the Square,
They all have coppers and to spare,
The sight  of them  would  make  you
A nurse, be sure, is never far
To shield them from the rain and cold;
They're guarded like a bag of gold���
You'd envy them the way they are.
Now them that look so rich and grand
And them that shiver in the street���
I wonder will they ever meet
And walk together hand in hand.
I do be thinking when they're small
It's like they are as peas in pod;
Maybe they're like as that to God���
It's sure enough he made them all.
���W. M. Letts, Westminster Gazette
When  Buying  Fur
To those who wish to avail themselves
of the opportunity thus offered, an
expert recently gave good advice. First
of all, he said, do not choose white fur
unless you are a ravishing beauty and
a moneyed woman. The white is very-
trying to the skin, bringing out all
hard lines and showing by contrast
any little defects in the complexion or
features. For youth the soft white fur
is appropriate, if you have money to
keep it in a state of snowy cleanliness,
and if you are the possessor of another
tet fo.- morning wear or for stormy-
Of course you must not wear ermine
or fox with business suits or with storm
coats. And, above all you will not
wear white furs if there is any doubt
as to the whiteness of them.
Chinchilla is another expensive fur
from which th" women of limited
means should resolutely turn. It is
beautiful, and, being grey, combines
so well with any shade, that it is apt
to tempt the unthinking. But it is
perishable, and does not "make over"
with much success.
Cranberry Fritters
Cranberry muffins are a delicious and
novel variation for the daily menu; sift
together two cupfuls of flour, three
heaping tablespoonfuls of baking powder,
one-half cupful of sugar and one teaspoonful of salt. Beat two eggs and 1 1-2
cupfuls or sweet milk and stir into the
dry ingredients, then add two tablespoonfuls of melted butter and one cupful of halved berries. Bake twenty
minutes in a hot oven. They may also
be served with a sauce.
Sir Hiram'a Advice
Sir Hiram Maxim has appeared in a
new role.    This time it is as a cham-
Stewart    Citizens   Appoint    Messrs.
Aviaon, Metcalf and Turley
Stewart, March 11.���On the recommendation of thc fire department Messrs.
H. Avison, C. F. Metcalf and E. E.
Turley were this week elected fire
wardens for the ensuing year.
Jack Smith, A. Woodcroft and A. G.
Davis were the three delegates chosen
by the Citizens' Executive Committee
to accompany P. F. Godenrath to
Victoria and endeavor to obtain from
the government the additional grant of
$15,000 necessary for the continuation
of the main wagon road on the east
side of the forks of American creek.
Whist   Club  for  Stewart
Stewart, March 1.1.���A whist club
has recently been formed in town and
it already enjoys a large and enthusiastic
Read the Daily Optimist
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m,
aa. Prince   Albert for Stewart Waiaafl
gWigfter arrival of Prince GeorwjS
Port Simpson. Ni.as..\!, tarA'oJJI
by Island pom ..,,���,.. C1"J
lotte   City.   Pac, ......   HarMfl
Etefuge Bay, every alternate Fritoif
a o clock  noon, c n n encing Ihm'
The Grand Trunk Railway Syii*, i
connecting with trail - from ii.-f__b\
coast operates a v.. : and jxra.!
ient service of. a .... .- trainsortrjai
double track roate between Crjcutl
Toronto. Montreal, i,'..:>,<*. Halite I
Portland, Boston. New York indBS'l
delphia. Informi and tickets eb*J
tainable from thi ;-:i>iim��|
tioned.    Trar.��-A: . : l|
lines arranged.
a. e. Mcmaster
FREIGHT   AM1   PA88EN0EB t,._s.
B. C. Coul  Si. Srmi
Northbound Mar. 16*5nuthbcund Mu.ttl
Train for Chicago, W nnipeg, Tonus
leaves Vancouvei i.OO an:. Mr*. I
Train for  Montreal  New, Y.rk ai\
points East leavei  Vancouver 111
p.m.  daily.
Through tickets tc European Ng
in connection with the : nest Atlaatk |
J. G. McNab
General Al*
The Westholme Lumber Ci.|
Firat Avenue
Telephone l>
Ska na Und DIMM -1     :r'   ._"'&*.���
Taka notice thai  Um U       ��� *"�� "����
Princ. Rupert. II. C.  ����� ",T' :j3
to apply (or parmission to purchan tM 1*** j
ilaicril*) landi: ,.���,.,*_ n*
��� Commancirip u��| ' :..".,]
from tha south e��*t <" " . ,.., :t
chaina west, thence ���    c* ���   ��� .,*�����-
chaina run, Ihir.c- SS i _ " *��� ,
e immeneemeni;   tontali -*;"��� "~
laaa.   I'oat marki-l H- I: '��� ���
Sksena Und Distra"    I ": ."rSi
Take    notic* ihs*. Pavil
Rupert, D. C
for i** rni. *      t*i r ���*'
lands: ,-.*A
Commencii.it al a I
from thc smith ����� i*M> *
chain,  east,  tMMl ��� i
chaina we��t, ther.ce .     -en*
commeneerren::   i
Iras.   Poat mark.sl 11. . XNtS
Dated Feb. 1:1. l'.'U -���'���*���������
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Und District-P;'-*"
Take notice that All <
ver. II. C occup.it lu-    ���
for permission to purchaa '
Commencini! at a p
from the soulh mm* < -
marked A. B.. H. W, C��
aouth, thence H *tm*
north, thence M cha
mem-ement; containing ."���
Dated Feb. 13. 1911*     tU��\/l
Pub. March t.
: \rfl��
,   0 IfjjJ
, _ *__\
.-  r��t
.     i (OS*
Skeena Und Dislrici    I>;
Take notice thai OaOCf  '
B. C, occupaliun
permisaion   to  purchase  :
lands: ,    ...
Commencing  at   a  pos.   !"-
Ukelse Uke about 60 chsi-i-
of  said   lake lUkelse   River.
north,   thenn*  ab*ut   '���'
Uke. thonce maamlenri:
arly dira-tion to point o. ci
in ine 80 acros. mora orle*
S. W. Coriar.
Data! Fab. 14,1911*
Pub March 4.
I Coul R��rfl,
.l.-rt *
���' _%$
" :*' tZ
rindsor Hotel
Newly Furniahed and
Steam Heated Rooma
P.O. BOX 37
Ing Beds, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
���abour  Bureau in connection
All kinds of positions
I Cunished	
J. GOODMAN, Proprietor
PI...ui* 178, Prince Rupert, B.C.
|. are in a position to save you
. n.-y tm all classes and grades
Building Material.     A com-
. te stock of the following ma-
jli i! ii-always on hand:    :    :    :
f.       il.inliv.ill   Platter,   Clay   Owen
r Brick, Common Red Brick, Buffed
med Brick (any tint), Lumber of all
Icriptiont. Lath,   Shingle,,   Sath   and
pr., Cnnent, Lime, Sand Gravel,  The
Domeitic   Coal   on   the   Market.
\. ronduct ��� General Transfer and
Itorage Business.   Our prices  arc
Ignt and wc guarantee satisfac-
|   .   All material handled are of
|t;ii dard.
Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
G. T. P. Transfer Agenta
���Man promptly filled.   Pricea ro-uonible.
WH   II. H. !.������, |i,.,i,t. Centre St.    Phone 68.
Kniilish and American Billiards
���Ive Tables Second Ave.
(tile's NEWS Agency
Igatinss :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
���BARS   [���  TOBACCOS  ::   FRUITS
o Lease
18, M
18, 11
8, 1
li, Is
J. '.
i,  8
1, t, S
I Limited.
���cond Ave.. prfne. Rupwt, R.C.
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of Britlah Columbia of lie. Ontario, Sn...
and Manitoba Bara. kalchewan   and  Al*
llsita Bara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office���Exchanice block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth (tract. Princo Ruuert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental o|it*rntiiina akllfutly trvntt-tl. Uaa and
local anaalhetics administered for the palnleaa extraction nf tocth. Conaulmtion free. Olllcea: 19
and 2U Alder Block. Prince Uiii.,-i l. 11-12
AOKNTS    HIB   STKKI.,    M V III*. I 1:1
...AND    roNTKACTlIRS    SUI*l*I.IK-t...
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
P. O. BOX 2:1
l-ITII. OF WH.   I ,*\. .*..  SSQn A.R.A.M., I.IIN., KNO.
SIXTH STREET prince rupert
==e. eby an Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
Fruit   :   Produce   :
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Prince Rupert Lodge, IMF.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in thc city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
Flral Are.
Near McBtid.
Forwarding,   Distributing and
Shipping Agenta.
Storage of Baggage and Household Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Bo* 907 Pbone 262
Now That the Sensational Boom is
Over, the Serious Work of Mining
Has Begun���Outlook is ��� Promising One.
Stewart, March 11.���The Portland
Canal Miner in its current issue says
in regard to the mining outlook at
"At the present moment there are
nine working mines in the Portland
Canal district, of which two resumed
work just recently, but before the summer season starts this number will be
increased to fully two dozen. Last
year the camp was the sensation of
the mining west and thousands passed
through Stewart, the gateway to the
mines, expecting to pick up a fortune
in a week. Scores of companies were
Hunted, and many went out of existence before the ink was hardly dry on
the stock certificates, ln brief, Stewart
experienced a touch of an old-time,
typical boom. Since then it has sobered
down to a straight, legitimate mining
proposition where only those properties
that can 'stand up' under investigation
receive consideration from thc mining
operator. When it is seen that out of
some two hundred prospects at least
two dozen will be represented this season in the development class, that the
Portland Canal mine is now practically
on a shipping basis, that the Red Cliff
mine found ils copper ore in the long
1400-foot tunnel, proving the continuity of the mineralization down lo 500
feet, and that three smaller properties
will ship ore this winter, the outlook is
promising indeed. With spring the
thoughts of the average investor in
British Columbia turn to the possibility
of mining stocks, and it looks as if the
various issues of Portland Canal companies, that have for weeks past been
stagnant, will once again come to the
front. This, too, is the period when
thc prospector and the mining operator
are out for the necessary money to resume development or to seek new fields
to conquer, and those who have stood
by Stewart, as well as the Stewartite
himself, will show their loyalty lo the
camp. With thc completion of a
railway as far as the Red t'lilf and Unbuilding of ii spur to the Portland Canal
mine concentrator plant, costs of mining wilt be inateriallly retluced and
transportation facilities afforded, and
as the government expenditure in road
and trail extensions will be a .substantial one the district should again be
thc mecca of the operator. Though
the ore bodies are nol as high-grade as
one was led to expect, yet thc camp
appears to have not only substantial
commercial values, but a diversity of
mineral contents that few others pos-
leai in this province. Based on whai
mi accomplished last year, the season
of lilll should prove a substantially
profitable one for investors in that
Survey Party to Leave Early in Spring
May be All Rail Route from Vancouver to Alaska in Few Years.
Paragraphs from Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lins returned lo
town from Victoria last week.
F. S. Wright and T. McGovern started for the Naas on Monday last. They
expect to be away about thrw weeks.
P. F. Godenrath was a southbound
passenger on the last Camosun after
having paid a (lying visit to town on
Publicity Club's business.
(*,. H. Hancock and M. R. Jamicson
of the Northern Hotel have dissolved
partnership and this comfortable house
will from now on be run under the
management of Robert Jamieson.
J. .1. Grady was a Vancouver passenger last Saturday. He expects to
bc absent about two weeks and on his
return will open up oflice supplies and
typen riter agency business in town.
Fort George, March 11.--Survey parties will be despatched north soon to
locate the line of the British Columbia
and Alaska Railway between Fort
George and a point in Southeastern
Alaska. This was the announcement
made by Mr. L. M, Rice, C. E., of
Seattle, principal of the Vancouver and
Seattle, the engineering firm which
bust summer located the southern portion
of the route extending from Lytton to
Fort George. Mr. Rice stated that the
work will be considerably advanced
as his instructions are that the surveys
must bc completed as quickly its possible.
The railway compuny was incorporated by the Provincial legislature last year
and a Dominion charter is now being
s'.ugh at Ottawa owing to the international character of the project. The
men behind the enterprise are well-
known New York capitalists who havt
large interests in Alaska. Mr. Rice
explained that under the powers grin.ted
by the British Columbia legislature
the company also Secured authority to
build a branch line lo Vancouver from
some point on the Eraser above Lytton,
Thus far he had not received any in-
itructions to proceed with the survey
of that portion of the route. Mr. Rice
j is enthusiastic about the possibilities
of an all-rail route from Alaska to
Vancouver, owing to ihe vast region ll
will open up for settlement and development. The northern terminus
has not yet been selected.
Famous Scotch Soldier Who Wai Reported Dead by His Own Hand, in
Declared to be in Service of the
Chinese Army.
Snn Francisco, March IU.- According to news brouiilu lure by the Oriental
liner Asia, General Sir Hector Macdonald, formerly of the British army,
who was suppo^'d to have Committed
suicide in Paris in a lodging house in
lDO.'t, is engaged in drilling the troops
of the Chinese army.
Officer! of the Asia learned the
story, Ihey said, from officers of the
British cruiser Kent, now in Honolulu,
who got word of Sir Hector's whereabouts while on the China station
Sir Hector Macdonald WIS a famous
soldier who had seen service under
the British flag in many lands. At
the height of his career, he wa rr
called from India tO answer grave charges
He got as far as Paris, and then the
world was startled with the report
that he had committed suicide.
The charges, however, were Investigated, and the board a few months
after announced that they had not
been substantiated, and that a brave
man had been assassinated by scandal.
At various other times Sir Hector
has been reported seen in Australia,
Tibet, and Russia. These reports,
however, have never been verified.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast
Tnke notice thnt  Henry  Macartney of prince
i Rupert, B.C., occupation miner, intendi te apply
I for permission to purchnso the followinK deserted lands:
Commcnclnjr. at a post planled on left hank of
Ex-chum-afk River ahout two and a half miles
from its mouth nnd ahout one half mile above
rapids, thene* north Wi chains, thence oast 40
chains, thenee south SO chains more less to river
bank, thence west 40 chnins more or less alonK
river bank to point of commencement. containinK
HO acres, more or less.
Date Dec. 10. 1910.
Pub. Jan. 7. 1811. HENRY MACARTNEY
Quwn Charlotte Islands Und Distriet -District of
Taki- notice thut i. .lolin McU-od uf Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to applv for permission
tp prospwt for cowl und petroleum on the following
described lunds:
Coronttti cing tit u pail planted ahutlt four miles
north and one mile easl of the mouth of tho TM
River and marked J. McL.. S. B. Corner, No. (10
thence north SO cimins, thence went SO chai s,
thence south Ho chains, thence east SO chains
point of commencement: containing MO urnh,
more or teas
bated Keb. 86, 1911. JOHN McLEOI)
Tub. Feb. 2H. Ch rence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotle Uandl Unci Dstrict ���District of
Tnke notice that I. John Mcl.eod ol \ ancouver,
occupation broker, intend to upply for iiermission
to proapact for conl and petroleum on the following
described lands !
Commencing at a poel planted nttuut four miles
north and one mile east 01 the mouth of the TM
Hiver und marked J. McL, N. K. Corner, No ft,
tlience south SO chaini-, thence west SO chains,
Ihence north SO chains, thenw enst SO chains to
point of commencement! containing G-10 acres,
more or U*ss.
Dnted Feb. 86, 1911. JOHN UeLBOD
I'ub. Feh. 1��H. (larence McDowell, Agent
Queen Churlotte Islands Uand Dlitrict ���Dwtrict of
Tuke notiw thnt 1, John McLeod of Vnncouv er,
occupat on broker, intend to apply for permit-iaio
to proapeet (or coul and petroleum on the fullnw ng
described alnds:
Commencing at a post planted about five miles
north nnd one mile west of the moulh of the
Tl-el Kiver und narked J. McL., N. W. Corner
No. 17, Ihenre south M) chains, thenw eust KO
chains, thence north BO chains, thenw mat SO
chains to point of commencement: containing C-10
acren, more or let*.
Dated Feb. 86,181L juhn MeLEOD
Pub. Feh. lis. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlutte Islands Und District- District of
Take notiw that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver
occupation broker, intend to applv for |ierndssion
to in- ������!" i-i for coal and petroleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted two milen west
of tbe mouth of the Tl-el River ami marked J
McL. S. W. Corner, No. 88, thenre north 80
chains, thenw east SO chains, thence south SO
chains, ihcnw west M) chuins to point ot com-
menwment i nntaining 640 acres, men* or less.
Dated Feb. 21, HUI. JOHN UeLBOD
Tub. Feb.2.l. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte islands Und District District of
Take notiee that I, John McLeod of Vnncuver,
occupution tinker, intend to apply for permission
to proopect for cnal and pett oleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted id ��� -ut four miles
south and two miles treat of tho mouth ol the
ll-el Liver aid markeil J. McL. N. K. Corner.
No. 74, thenee south ho chains, thenes west ko
Chains, thenw north Mt chains, ihence east M)
Chains to point of commenci nicnt; wntiuiiii ������ I IQ
ace*, ti on* or less.
Dated Feb. SS, 1911. JOHN UeLBOD
Pttb. Ml 24. Clurance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District -Distrirt of
Take notiw that I, John McLood of Vancouver,
occupation bmker. Intend to apply for permission
tn prospect for eoal and petroleum en I hi- following
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a :��������������� planted alsnit four mites
south and three miles wist of the mouth of th"'
TM River and markeil J. Mc.L. S. K. Corner.
No. 78, thenw north 80 chainn, thenw wmt xo
chains, thenee nouth Ml chains, thenw east KO
ch ui i is in poinl of commencement: containing
f.10 acres, more or less.
Date.) Feb.88, 1911. JOHN McLF.OD
I'uh. Feb. 24. Clarenw McDowell, Agent
Quaen Charlotte Islands Land District- DlBtrict
of Skeena
Tnke nntice that I, John McLood, "f Vaneuuwr,
B.C.. occupation broker, intend to apply f"i permission t>' prospect fnr v**��\ und pelroleum un the
folk-wing described lands.
1. Commeneing at a poet planted at the SOttth*
east corner of coal llcem e NO, 8888, merited J.M..
N.W. corner; thence south 80 chains, thenee east
N> chains, thence north wi chuins. tbence west Mt
Chaim in point nf commencement.
Dated Feb. 1, 1911 Wilson Oowtttf, Agent.
Fub. Feb. 11
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District    District ol
Take nntice thnt I, Jnhn McLeod, of Vancouver,
B.C., occupation broktr, inlend to apply fur pm*
mission to prospect for cnal and petroleum on thc
following desertl��iJ lands.
2. Commencing nt a poet planted at the south*
east earner of eoal licence No. 8888, mnikid J.M..
S.W. curner; thence north Mt chains, thenee eust
80 chalna, thenee south B0 chains, thenca areat 80
ehaina in pumt uf oonunanoament,
|��nted Feb. I, 1911 Wilson OownUT. Agent.
I'ub. Feb. 1).
Queen Charlotte lalands Und 1 >lstrlct ��I Ustrici of
Tnke notice thai I. Jnhn MCLood-of Vancouver,
B.C.. occupation bruker. intend to npply fur i��*r-
mtseton to proepael for eoal and petruleum nn the
fniiuw Ing ueeenbed lands,
8. Commencing at a poet planted at tha north*
east corner -f c-at licence N" Bttft marked J M,
S.W. corner; thi nee north 80 chains, thence east
"ii ohains, thenee smith 80 ehaina, thenoe weat 80
ehuins to puint nf commencement,
Pntcd Feb. 1.1911. JOHN UeLBOD.
I'ub. Feb. 11. Wilson Cowing. Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islands Land District-   District of
Take notiw that I, John McLeod of Vancouver.
occupution broker. Intend to apply lor |MTmi*vtion
to pr��is|K*ct fur coal and lietroleum on tie following
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a poet planted al the mouth of
the TM Kiver nnd mnrked J. McL. S. K. Corner.
No 1, thenw north HU chains, thence went BO
chains, thenw south 80 chainn, thenw east M
chaina to point ot commencement1 containing
tilO acres, more or lens.
Daied Feh. 21, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Tub. Feb. 88, Claranw McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotttf Islands L nd District���Diatrict o
Take notice that L John MeLood of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply fur permission
to proajiect for coal and patrwSBBI en the following
eseriiieil land:
Cnmmencing nl n post plnnted aboul eight miles
aouth and two west of the mouth of Tl el Liver
and marked J. McL- N. W. (orner. No 10, thenee
aouth HO chnins t hence eaat 80 chains, thenw north
80 chains, thence wesl 80 chains to point ol commencement; eontaininglCtt) a��*res. more or less.
Dated Feb. 21. 1911. JOHN  McLKOD
Pub Feb. 27. C. McDowell, Agent THE    PRINCE    RUPKKT   OPTIMIST
'(   ���
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia    It
has grown up with the city
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all���25c per inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.   Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
Daily Edition.
Tuesday, March 14
A Study in Misrepresentation.
The front page of last night's Empire is an object lesson in the art of misrepresentation. It has two prominent articles.one on the strike situution.and the
other on Mr. D'Arcy Tale's interview at Vancouver. Both of then are flagrantly,
and wilfully misrepresent alive. The wilfullness of the misrepresentation is so
apparent, as to suggest '.lie purpose in each.
The article dealing with the strike has a headline referring to the strikers'
meeting, ll reads "Mr. J. S. Cowper Delivers a Speech of Inflammatory Nature."
Not a word of the speech is quoted. The Empire had no representative at the
meeting. The real purpose and nature of the speech is seen by the following resolution moved at the end of Mr. Cowper's speech "Resolved, That this meeting
of the Prince Rupert Industrial Association pledges itself, win or lose, to
continue to conduct the strike in an orderly and law-abiding manner."
The other piece of misrepresentation is of more importance because it is less
crude, and has more bearing on the future of the city. The article purports to
be a reprint from the Vancouver World of Mr. D'Arcy Tale's bombastic Interview.
This article is artfully cut in such a manner as to mislead the publie, while the
headline reads "His Remarks Guarded."
In thc lirst paragraph, where the original reference to Prince Rupert should
read, "a trail little cily dependent on the Grand Trunk," etc., it has been altered
to read "a city dependent," etc. The difference is obvious. The editor of the
Empire would have reason to resent lieing called "a frail little man," instead of
"a man."
The worst misrepresentation, however, is where the following insolent reference is entirely deleted from the Empire's report:
"If the matter cannot be adjusted, is there a possibility of the G. T. P.
���erminus being changed?" he (Mr. Tatet wus asked.
"Construction will be delayed until it is adjusted," was the reply.
This was the whole pith and kernel of the interview. To suppress this, und
then headline the article "His Remarks Guarded," is a wilful inversion of the
The citizens may well question what is the motive behind all this.
The Demand for H.M.C.S. Rainbow
The best commentary on the action of ihe city council in sending for H. M. C. S.
Rainbow to quell the riot in the excited brains of certain members of thc city
council, is that a dozen people at least have inquired of thc Optimist whether the
disclosures in yesterday's paper were true, or were they a gigantic houx at the
expense of the council. The suggestion was perhaps quite pardonable to those
who have no occasion to consider the serious consequences to a journal which
would ensue if the fucts on so serious a matter were not true as reported.
Fortunately the council has���though with great reluctance and with much
obvious shuffling and evasion���last night admitted the truth of thc accusation.
Indeed their shuffling and evasion was very eloquent on those pointa where they
did not make an open confession.
This was particularly noticeable about Chairman Hilditch, who at the outset
told ihe workingmen that he knew absolutely nothing about the mutter, and twenty-
minutes later to help out his collengues.mude u speech in which he admitted being
present at the secret meeting and taking part in the discussion about procuring
the services of Ihe war vessel for Prince Ru|iert.
On top of this, came the offer of the men���heaping coals of fire on the heads
of the men who met in stcrct and planned to have the Rainbow brought here to
overawe them to give a hundred men or more lo thi. city f ee of charge to act
ns special constables, und guarantee protection to any men who were willing to
go to work as strikebieakers.
It was the most effective reply that could have been made lo the men who
would have brought armed force onto the scene.
By exposing the attempts to bring in armed force, and thus by lhe pressure
of public opinion making such inflammatory measures impossible, the Optimist
hw gull'- a lung way to undo tho effect! of the council's burlesque treatment of
the strike, ind pave the way to un honest und peaceable settlement of the issue.
Condensed Advertisements.
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to buy, or sell, or hire, or loan?   Try The
Optimist Condensed Ad. route.
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worth of heavy brass electrical fixtures, chandeliers, hall lamps, etc., at half price. Sutherland,
Scott Hlock. 3rd Ave. and Sth St. W-iil
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X.M.. Optimist Oflice. 14
WANTED-House. 4 or .1 rooms nnd bath, furnished or unfurnished, at once.     Apply at
Optimist. Box X. &"-tf
Tenders Wanted
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to Monday, the 27th
day of March, 1911, for the purchase of
the stock of Husband & Beauchamp,
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Full particulars may be obtained by-
applying to
Stuart & Stewart, Law-Butler Building.
w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete stock of Druirs.   Special
attention paid to flllinff prescriptions.
Theatre Block phone no. 79 Second Ave.
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box 580
Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon with
Cowichan Eggs 35c, at
J. W. Williams -:- Proprietor
Nobody Else in the Council Heard
Anything���Mr. Carroll Suggests
That the Alderman was Troubled
With Imaginations.
The new*, ol the council's request for the Rainbow has stirred the desire of
some of the local poets, to immortalize the event in verse. The following lines
were received by thc Optimist this morning.
Ship ahoy!   Ship ahoy!   A warship in the bay.
Her guns are loaded, decks are cleared, what can it mean, I pray
A strike is t n in Rupert and the devil is to pay.
Take the telescope and look, tell me quick and true
Who are in command of this vessel laying to
In the waters of Tucks Inlet where the waters are so blue?
I see upon the battleship as up and down they go
Thc trusted friends of labor, our city council��� Ho!
Smith and Clayton, Morrissey, Hilditch, Kerr and Co.
And Newton on the poop deck of thc old Rainbow.
If it's news, you will find it in
The Optimist
When at last night's council meeting
a recommendation was brought in by
thc finance committee that Mr. E.
Bratt be appointed accountant to the
engineering department Alderman Clayton moved that the matter be laid on
thc table until after the enquiry into
the City Hall staff generally by the
committee appointed for this purpose.
The committee is only waiting for thc
return of Mayor Manson to go ahead.
As an amendment to Alderman Clayton's motion it was moved that the
report be adopted. This motion was
put to the council and Alderman Clayton said "No." He fancied he heard
an echo or something, and started to
his feet demanding that order be kept.
Alderman Hilditch looked about him
and pricked up his ears but heard
J. Carroll of thc P. R. I. A. ventured
the opinion that Alderman Clayton
was troubled with imaginations. This
was thc second time Alderman Clayton
had heard voices when there were none.
In this opinion Alderman Pattullo
was inclined to agree. He remarked
that Alderman Clayton had rather
touchily imputed quite wrong motives
o him once or twice thai evening
The motion adopting the report was
Rogers & Black, in addition to handling New Wellington Coal, are now
carrying Building Materials, such as
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Brick, Shingles,
Lath, Blacksmiths Coal and Coke, Etc.
Phone No. 116. it
Letters to the Editor
Choral Society's Thanks
Dear Sir,���May I on behalf on the
Prince Rupert Choral Society publicly
thank M. Denholm, Esq., for his very-
kindly gift of the following books as a
nucleus of a library for the above
The collection is a very valuable one
and as he suggests will help our musical
committee considerably in the intelligent
selection of works for our study and
public presentation.
Yours respectfully,
W. J. Kennaugh, Secretary
List of Works
The list of tvorks donated to the
Choral Society by Mr. Denholm comprise:
Oratorios- The Seasons, Hayden; Samson, Hercules, Hercules (choruses only),
Judas Maccabeus, Handel; Naaman,
Costa; The Light of the World, Sullivan;  Creation, Haydn.
Masses���Twelfth, Mozart; Requiem,
Cherublni; Solcnnelle, Gounod.
Sacred Cantatas���Martyr of Antioch,
Sullivan; God's Time is the Best, Bach;
Woman of Samaria, Bennett; When
Israel out of Egypt Came, Mendelssohn.
Glees���Novellos Standard Glee Book
No. 1; Sudd's Part Song Galaxy No. 1.
Cantatas���Acis and Galatea, Handel;
Earl King'- Dangh.er (2 copies), Christmas Eve, Zion, Gade; Song of Miriam,
Schubert; Evening Hymn, Reinicke;
Lorelei, Mendelssohn; Paradise and the
Devi, New Year's Song, Schumann;
Lay of the Bell, Romberg; May Day,
Macfnrren; Rose Maiden, Cowcn; Fair
Ellen, Max Bruch; Jackdaw of Rheims,
Fox;  Wreck of thc Hes|>erus, Anderton.
Comic Opera���The Bells of Corne-
ville, Planquette.
To the psrsos WMlta| Mlmt (h(
length nf time the
Eight   Day   Library  Clock
now showinit in our window til ������
wilh one v.ini|jnBi
we will        FREE Imt
m���_______         fr.''!��cJ
Tiiilel Sim                        ;.,1(li
Bilver M, i, Bag
Ladle*' Bolld iiki. Ooid
Watch tnd Qiitnl    -. .
('���rill's j:; j* .i.;> ii ,..,���.,,
]>iiii!n.!..l Km,-.                *, ,
Dismond I'm
Bilver Depoi Art Wins
Ben                  | ,
Ont Glut Van
ONE fH'KSS WITH I.Vlin   fj.i.1 rt'Klia
p.o ni
Building Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Planter, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
Plumbing   : Steamfittinj
Third Aviv. Mwii-ti tth and'tkSn.
Over B.C. Bakery        PHISCF. RUPERT. U
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
To thow rtasMaS ��� <-hiti*r tti *>
otter lh.* .orrwiinsttt
j    $7.50 per ton, Delivered
I I ml. -milli C����l !
..^..^.���ss.'-^ ..-���fc.**1**"'^*"''^"
50 Houses
3, 4, 5 and 6 Rooms Each
I Will Rent 50 Houses; Will Take 10 Each
Guarantee to lease them at a price
that will net 12 1-2 per cent, on the
investment. Am ready and willing to
deposit cash in any bank in Prince
Rupert to protect anyone who will undertake to deliver to me 10 houses
per month.       :       :       :
Chinese Labor
tractors and Employment Agency Oflice
I  for all kinds of good,  strong
laboring men suitable for:
Ssli Canneries, Saw Mills, Railroads,
ddinir Koads, Mining Ore Sorters,
il Mining, Laborers, Farmers, Gard-
LSi |,ami Clearers, Loggers, Wood
t,.'rs, Packors for Prospecting
���ties.' Etc., Etc.
BMt class Cooks and Disli WasherB
lintels, Restaurants, Private Fam-
Boarding Houses, Steamships,
liiii; Camps; and general House and
c, cleaning work.    Office Boys, Bell
WiiU'ra, Porters, and all sorts
Shut Job Workers, Etc., Etc.
Ii,*ii you need any of them to help
y are sure to give nil satisfaction
| no trouble to you at all.
tents Office   -   7th Ave.
Connected with Kins Tai A Ca.)
O. Box 5 Phone 197 Block
ince Rupert       -        B. C
|Thursday, March 23rd
toiler thc nuapiceaof the Hoapltal Committee
Lti.ta-Miss Holtby. Soprano; Prince Rupart
Qiaiictic Party. Miliar. Da��ey. Scott.
I rood, Clapperton and Fletcher. Mr. r.A.
Fibs. Elocutionist; Selections by Chorus.
Ir J. E. Davry Mias E. Froud, A.L.C.M.
tickets 50c    at Orme's    Reserved Seats $1
thy is Acting Mayor in Vancouver
|Whcn Assessment in Under Dii-
���Hiaeion;    Who   Grades   the   Men
|tmploycd by the City.
On  what  business  did  the  Acting
yor proceed to  Vancouver leaving
riiy   without   an   official   head?"
������'I Alderman Pattullo at the council
��t night.
It sri>ms a very wrong thing to do
leave the city without a head, es-
dally ;it a time when the city council
inks the outlook is so serious that it
Hd i for the Kuinbow," he continued.
\ MCond nuestion asked by Alderman
tuillo wits;   "Hy what authority did
��� chairman of the streets committee
ve instructions that certain workmen
ployed in one class of labor should
paid ;ii the rate for a different classi-
Itlon?   Why should certain workmen
clataad   itn   sewermen   though   not
B 'ruriing sewers?   I understand that
' building ins|M'ctor and Chairman of
��� *iri*i*ts committee together fix the
m** '���( any man, and have arranged
'i all lhe men laboring for the city
nil in, claaaad as sewer men."
Iii reply to the first question Alder-
in lliltlitch stated that he understood
ting  Mayor  Smith's  business  down
���� was private.
" Ktinny thing," remarked Alderman
ttttlllo "that the G. T. P. assessment
���>uld be under discussion down there
"' now, too."
Aa fur the second question Alderman
Mitch when told by Alderman Pit-
Mo that the engineering department
Jj"'   furnished   certain   information   to
I1"!   remarked   that   the   engineering
ppartment like Alderman Pattullo had
���holelot yet to find out.
'^'s."   replied   Alderman   Pattullo,
I hW is so, nnd so has the public a whole
o lind out which it can't easily find
Pm tiwinu to secret meetings and so on."
Alderman Morrissey was in favor
of the extension of the time limits but
Alderman Newton said, "No, not if
the contractors are going to bring
law suits against the city."
Want Conditions Improved
Said Alderman Pattullo: "The carrying out of this motion means that the
boys are noing to lose the strike. Therefore 1 ask that we take steps at once
to see that the men working here get
some sort of improvement of their
Alderman Hilditi-li pointed out that
one contractor (Watson) should have
had his contract finished by the Tth inst.
"Then," said Alderman Newton, "if
he had had his work done he would
have been clear of this trouble now,
and not need to ask (or police protection."
The motion was then put to the council and carried.
Men Make Novel Offer
On this, J. Carroll, one of t he P. R. I. A.
men presort, asked leave lo s|>eak, and
made thc offer that the P. R. 1. A.
would undertake tie picket I ine of thc
jobs and would see that no violence
was offered the men who might want
to go to work at the old rate. He
remarked that this would save the
city from $60 to $70 per day besides
the cost of lumber for tending the jobs.
Alderman Newton highly commended
the plan. He said that it the P. R. I. A.
would picket the works as stated, they
would rise !I5 per cent in his estimation,
and thought that their suggestion should
be acted upon.
Offer Waa Turned Down
Alderman Clayton, however, did not
approve of its being acted upon at all.
The city was quite able to conduct its
own affairs without assistance from the
P. R. I. A.
To Alderman Kerr it did not seem
as if thc city needed to employ police
protection for the contracts, and Alderman Pattullo was of the same opinion.
Would Not Accept Pay
A brilliant idea conceived by Alderman Morrissey that the city should
engage as s|>ecial constables at wages,
only members of the P. R. I. A. was
quashed by P. Fisher of the P. R. I. A.
who in a word by permission, stated
that the rules of thc P. R. I. A. precluded
iU members from acting as policemen
for wages.
Liquor  By-law  to  Come  up  Again
Next Monday Night
Though opposed by Alderman Hilditch, the city council last night on the
motion of Alderman Newton decided
to defer the final ratification ot the new
liquor by-law until next Monday night
when Mayor Manson will ba home.
Vacant house?   Tell Helgerson.
Quoon Charlotto lalands I .uml district���District of
Take* nulico tluit 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver
occupution broker, intenil to upply lur permission
to prospect (or coul and pelroleum on thc followinK
described lands:
Commencini; nt u post plunted about two miles
south und ;...< miles west of the mouth of tho
Tl-el itiver and marked J. Mc.L. N. E. Crner,
No. 72, ihence south 80 chains, thence west HO
chnins, tlience norlh SO cliuins, thenco east KO
cliuins to point of commencement; contnininK
640 acres, more or less.
Dnted Feb. SS, l'Jll. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 21. Cluronco McDowell, Agent
Queen Churlotie Islands Und District���District ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouvor,
occupution broker, intend tn upply for permission
to prospect for coul und |*ctruloum on the followinK
described lunds:
CommencinK ut u post plunted ubout two miles
south und two miles wi-sl nf the mouth of lhe
Ti'cl Itiver and markad J- Mc.L. B. K. Corner,
No. IS, thence nonh so chuins. thence wost HO
cliuins, thence south HO chnins, thence east HO
chuins to point of coinnienceiiieiil: contuininK 1*10
ucres, more or less.
Daied Feh. 22, l'Jll JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Uvslio B, Walter, AKent
Queen Churlotte Islands Land District���Dislrici of
Tuke notin* thut I, Jnhn McLeod ol Vuncouver,
occupution broker, inlend to npply for permission
to pnapaot for conl und pelroleum on the lollowinK
descrilied lunds:
Cninniencini: ul a post plunted ubout two miles
smilb und two miles wi*sl nt the mouth uf lhe
Tl-el Itiver and markisl J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner,
Nn. IT, Ihence south HO chains, Ihence wi*sl HO
chains, tbence norlh HO chains Ihence east HO
chains tn poinl of commencement; cnnluiniiiK ''10
acres, more or loss.
Dated Fab 88, UU. 'l,HN MeLEOD
I'ub. Fib. M Clarence McDuwell, AKent
Queen Chariotta IslnndaLaml Diatrict���Diatrict of
Tuke notice that I. John Mcleod nl Vancouver,
occupatinn bruker. intend In apply for permission
to prospect fur coal and jiclrulcum un the billowing
descrilMi! lands:
CommencinK at u post plunteil about two
miles south and two milea west ol lhe moulh of
the Tl-el Itiver, Uraham Island, und markisl
J. Mc.L. N. W, Corner, No. 31. thence south HU
chains, thence east HO chains, thenco north HI
cimins, tlience west HO chains to point of com.
mencement; containinK 610 acres, more or has.
Daied Feb. 22, l'Jll. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, AKent
Queen Charlotta Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod nl Vancouver
occupation broker, intend to apply for iiermission
to prospect for coal and lietroleum on the fullowing
doscribed lands:
Commencing al a post planted about two milea
aouth and two miles west uf the muulh of thc Tl-el
Itiver and markod J. Mci., S. W. Corner. No. 33,
thencc north HO chains, ihence east HO chains,
thence soulh 80 chains, thence wesl 80 chains tn
point ol commencement;   containing GIO acres,
Daied"Feii���22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlolte lalands Land District���Diatrict ot
Take notice that I, John McLood of Vancouver
occupation broker. Intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on tha following
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planled about two nulus
soulh ol the Tl-el Kiver and markeil John McL.
N. E. Corner, No. 32, thence aoulh 80 chains,
thence weat 80 chains. Ihence north 80 chains,
thencc east 80 chalna to point ol commencement;
containing 010 acrea, more or less.
Datod Feb 22, 1811. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 21. Leslie E. Walter, AK'-nt
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und District���Dlalrict ot
Take notice that I, John McLood ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to npply lor permissiun
to prosrs-ct for coal and pelroleum on the following
dcscribi-d lands: ,
Commencing at a post planteil about two mike
south of the mouth ol the Tl-el Itiver and morkrsl
J. McL S. E. Corner, No. 31, thence wesl HO
chains, thence north 80 chains, thenci* easl HO
chains, thence south 80 chains to point of commencement: containing 640 acres, moreor.less-
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 24.                         1-eslie K. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotto lalands Und Diatrict-DUlrict of
Ska n i
Take notico lhat I, John McLo d ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend o apply for permission
to prospect lor c. ul and petroleum on the following
dercrihod lands: ....      _n���
Commencing al a p st planled about lour miles
aoulh and two miles west ol Ihe moulh ol the
TM Hiver and markod J. McL. N. E Corner,
No. 46, thenco south 80 chaina. Ihence west HO
chains, thenc* north 80 chaina. thence east H
chaina to poi t ol commencement; onlainlng M0
acres, more or less. _���_���_ _tnm__\_
Date I. Feh. 2:1, 1911. J *HN M LKOD
I'ub Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lslunds l.:iml District��� D strict of
Ski- u
Take notioe thai 1. Jnhn McLeod nl Vuncnuver
occupation broker, inlend to upply for permission
tu prn peel Inr coal and petroleum on the (ollowing
di*scribe I lands:
Ommonei r at a post pluntul nltnut six miles
south and iwn miles wesl of the mouth of tho
Tl-el Hiver and marked J. McL. N K. Corner
No. 43 ihenc south HO chains, tbence west HO
c uins, ihence nnrlh HO chains, then e enst 80
chuins to point nf commencement; containing 140
ucres, more or less.
Hilled Feb 23, l'Jll. JOHN  M'LKOD
I'ub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queon Charlotto Islands Land District -District of
Take notice thut 1. ohn MaLaod of Vuncouver,
occupation br ker. intend to upply (or permission
tu prospwt fur coal nnd petroleum on the following
described lnnd:
Cnrnmencing at n post planted ubout six miles
south nnd twu miles west nl the Tl-el Itiver und
murked J. McL. S. B. Cnrner, No. II, Ihence
nurth HO chains, the nee west HO 'hains. ihence MMth
HO chains, thence east HO chuins tn puinl ol enm-
eneemont: enntuinini* IMO ucres, inure nr less.
Datad Keb. 88,1911 J"HN M'LBOD
I'ub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lslunds Und Disirict -District of
Take notice that 1, John Mclssul .ol Vancouver,
occuputiun bruker, intend lo upply or permission
to pros|M*ct lor cnul nnd petruleum on the following
di*scrilssl lunds:
CnmmencinK ut a pnst planted ubout six miles
soutli and two west ol lhe moulh of the 'l'l e
Itiver and marked J. McL. N. \V. Corner. No, 38.
Ihence soulh HO chains, thenci* MM 80 chains!
Ihence north 80 chains, thenw wesl HO chains to
|mint of commencement: containing tilo ucn*s,
more or loss.
Dated Feb. 23. l'Jll. JOHN  MI.IO'i
I'ub. Feb. 25. Clarunce McDowell. Agent
Quwn Charlotte lslunds Und District -District of
Take noliw lhat I, John Mcleod of Vnncouver,
occupation broker, intend lu apply fur iiermission
Queen Churlotie lslunds Lund District ���Disirict o(
Take nuiice thut 1, John Mclx'od of Vancouver,
occuputiun bruker, inlend lu apply (ur permission
to prospect fur cuul und petruleum un the billowing
described lunds:
ConinienciiiK ut u post plunted nbout thrw mileo
wesl nl lhe muulh nl the Tl-el Itiver marked
J. McL. N. K. Corner. No. 70, thence south HO
chains, thenw west HO chuins, tbence nnrth 80
chains, thenco east HO chains lo point nl com-
mencemenl; contuininK 840 acres, mure or less.
Dated Feb. 21, lull. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands l.un.l District- Disirict ot
Take notiw that I, Juhn McLeisl nf Vuncouver,
occuputiun broker, intend tu apply (nr permission
i to pruspect (ur coul and petroleum on lho fulluwing
( described lunds:
CommencinK at a post planled thrw miles west
of the muuth nf the Tl-el Kiver and murked J.
McL.    S.   K. Corner,  No. 2'.i,  thonn nunh  HO
. chains,  thence west  Hll chuins,  thenee aouth  HO
chuins, thenw east HI) chuins  to  point  ol commencement;  contuininK 610 acres, mun* nr less.
Dated Feb. 21, l'Jll. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb, 23. Clurenw Mclluwell, Agent
I Queen Chariotta Islands Und Disirict  -District of
Take nntiw ihul I, Juhn MeLeod nl Vuncnuver,
nccupulinn broker, intend to upply fur iH-rmission
I tn pnopoet for cnul nnd pelruleum nu lhe [iilluwinK
Commencing at a posl pluntisl ubout two miloa
wesl of the mouth of the Tt-cl Kiver uml mnrked
j. McL. S. B. Corner. Nn. 50, llienw nurlli 80
chains, llienw west Hll ehuins, thenee snuth 80
chains, thenw easl 80 chains lo puint nl roiil-
menwinent; cnutuining 6 lu ucres. mnre or h*ss.
Dated Feb. 21. l'Jll. JOHN  M'LKOD
I'ub. Keb. 23, Clarenw Mclluwe!!. Agent
Cuwn Charlotte Islands Und District���Disirict ot
Take nol iw lhat I. Ji tin McLeod nl Vuncnuver
occuputiun broker, inlend toapply for permission
to prospect lur coal and petroleum'on lhe following   to prosepct for coal and petroleum on the billowing
difcribcd land:
Commencing at a post planlisl about six mill's
south and iwo miles west of the muuth nf the
Tl-,1 Kiver and markisl J. McL. S. W. Corner
No. 37 thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chuins, thenw soul h HO chains, Ihence west HO
chains lo poinl of eummenwmenl: containing (140
acn*s,*miiro or li*ss.
Dal.sl Feb. 23, l'Jll. JOHN  M'LKOD
Tub. Feh. 26. Clorunw McDowell. Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islands Und District���Disllrct of
Take nolice thai I, Jnhn McLeod of Vanenuvor,
occupation broker, intend to apply fur permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on he fullowing
descrilied lands: i
Commencing at a post plantcl about sii miles
south and Ihree milm weat ol the mouth nl tho
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL. N. B. Corner,
No. 76, Ihence soulh 80 chains, thenw west HO
chains, thenw north HO chains, tlience easl 80
chains to point ol commencement; conuining
f,40 acres, more or leas.
Dated Fel,. 23, 1911. JOHN MI.EOD
I'ub. Fob. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agenl ]
-District of
descrilMsl lands:
Commencing ai a |>ost planus! about Iwo mibsa
soutli and iwo miles west ol the mouth nt lho
Tl-el Kiver and markeil J. Mc.L. S. E. Corner,
No. 71. thenw north Hll chain., ihenw west HU
ehains, Ihencu south 80 chuins, llienw east HO
chains to point uf eummenwmenl; containing 810
acres, mon* or less. _.
Dated Feb. 22. 1911 JOHN  McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 24. In-sllc K. Walter. Agent
Quaen Charlotto Islands Und District-District of
Take nuiice thai I, Jnhn MoLaOd. uf Vancouver.
B.C.. occupation bniker. Intend tu apply fnr permiasion to urosiieet fur cnal and pelroleum on the
fullowing described lands.
4. Commeneing at n poat planlisl Iwo mllea
weet of the northwest corner nf ooal ltconoo No.
3473, niarkid J.M.. S.K. crner, tin nee north 80
chains, ihence west D ��� hum-, tbence si.ulh HO
chnins, thence east Hd chains, tn point "f ���"">-
,,������. .ment. JOHN McLKOD.
listed Feb. 1, 1911 Wilsun llowing. AirenL
I'ub Feb. 11.
Queen Charlotte Islands Und D strict
Take noliw that I. John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupaliun broker. Intend to apply for iiermission
lo prospect for coal and petroleum nn the following
described lands: . ,.
Commencing at a post planteil si. miles south fnlluwing descrilied lanils,
and three miles wmt ol the mouth of tho Tl-el . _. Cummencing al a oust plantcl twn miles
lllver and marked J. McL. S. K. turner. No. 76, , west of the soulh-wesi corner uf c.*al licence N,.
thenw north 80 chains, thenci* west 80 chains, 3474, market J.M.. N.K. corner, ihcnoo south HO
thenw south 80 chains, thenw east 80 chains to chains, thence west 80 chains, thenw north HO
conUining  640   acres,   rhnlns,  Ihenee east HU chains In point   ���
Quean CharlotU Islands Und District���District at
Take nntiee thai I. Jnhn McUssl. ,,f Vancouver,
B.C., occupalion broker. Intend In apply fnr permissinn to prospect for conl and pelroleum nn tho
point  of  commenwment;
Twenty-four hours ending 6   a. m.,
March 13.
lilN.TF.MI-. BAR.        IH. BAIN
a6.0       30.075     3.84
MAX. Tl Ml'
Heldrn al Prince Ropcrt
>D Ik Ctarlr Court ol Allan
lo the Matter of the Estate of Law Miloserich
Tnke notice that by urder of Hia Honor Judge
Y,!ungm��" in Chambers the 2.1th jftaUSj
1011 it wee ordered that Jnhn Hugh McMullin,
Officii Admini.tra.ur. shall lie jsfcgVflgg
to the de ith of the above-named decease,!, as nnv
ng occurred un the [0th day "f ���'��"" Vr'.,'9, nbh
the exiilratinn nf fnur weeks from the lirst pub"-
wrMingtotheitegl.trar of the County Oiurt uf
Ml'., at the Court Hnuse. I'rince Kupert. B.C.
Solicitors for Official Administrator.
more or Ils
Dated Feb.
rub. Feh. 21
a, i'jii
,   ��� m-'ncenieiit.
JOHN  M'l.KOD   |,;l���,| i.t, mil
Clarnco McDowell, Agont   ���>_},. |.*rh. u.
Wilson linwuig. AgenL
Queen Charlotte laland. Und Diatrict-Dislrict ��l   ^^ .^ .^^ _..._._._. _, ,.������, .___.. _
T.ko notice th.l I. John McLood of Vancouver  |     Take ���tm**��*'*>'}*^****m "f Frince [lupjft.
,    .,  , ,,     , , ,n>   east in lakelae Uke. thenci* meandering sail laka
' ���������������' '���chalt't^ ST'SbM !hen��   rrc'inan northerly dirt*^, in pninl 3 .sim-
r_"���.t-._._. .a .1..:.. is ��nisi nl   mencemenl;   containing 1,0 acres, mon*
north  80	
south 80 chains, thenco weal HO chains to point ot
commenement:   conuining 010 acree, moro or
IMri Feb. 24, mi. ��� JOHN ��aU��D
I'ub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell. Agent
Queon Charlotto Islands Und Disirict-District ot
Tako notice lhal I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupaliun hroker. Intend to apply fo permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
described land:
and two weal
markeil J. Mel
south   80 chalna,  ...
north HO chains, Ihence east 80 chalna 10 point
of commencement;  containing 610 acros, more or
,.������������ r���  oescriissi isn
I at a post plantod eight mil��� south ���,:<,,'",""^J',c'.r
' ill the mouth ol tV-I  Kiver and ""' ? g��* .
���Ia, N. W. Cornor. No. 41. thence *.���,:',{,,,
Ins. thence west 80 chains, thence Ki^dS
Dated Feh. 24, 1911.
I'ub. Feb. 27.
Queen Charlotte laland. Und Diatrict���District of
Sk ena
Take nolice thsl I. Juhn McLood of Vancouver,
occupalio broker, inlend 10 sppl for permission
to prnsjiect for coal and pelroleum on lhe lollowing
descrb d lands: ,
Commencing al a post planus! four mi es south
and two west of Ihe mnuth ul t n IW Kner anil
msrkisl J. McL. S. E Corner. No. Ill, thence n rth
H 1 cl sins, thence wesl 80 cl.alns. the ce south Ho
c ains, I ence cast 1*0 chai t puint ul com*
mi-moment: ronl.lning 610 acres, more ar��s��,
Dated Fob. -.':), iSll. {01)-*   5Il!2H
I'ub. Feb. 26. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Ialande Und Dint rill���District of
Take notice thai I, Juhn McLeod of Vancouver,
oceupation Irokcr, Intend to apply for permission
to p os|MH*t for c al and **clroleum on lh ��� lollowing
des ribed l.nds: .   .  ... .       _..
Comminring ul a post planted about lur m les
south and two miles wo I  of thc mnuth of  lhe
Tl-el Kiver and markeil J. McL. N. W. Corner,
No. 36, thence south HO chaini,    Ihence e st 80
chains,  thence north  8    chains,  thenre  west   HO
hains to point of commencement:  containing 610
acres, more or less. ,���.,��� .... ..,,,..
Dated Feb. 23, 1011. JOHN M LKOD
I'ub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Quoen Charlotto lalands Land District���District of
Take notice that I. John titlt ��d of Van ouver,
occupation broker, Intend tu apply lor permiss nn
to pro peel or conl a il pelroleum on   In billowing
d arrilied I nils: ....      _n
Commencing at a p st plant d alio t lo r miles
outh and two mile, we t of th.* mnuth I the
T.-cl Kivor and mar 101 J. M L. . W. ( orner.
No. .IS, ihence nurth HO chains, ihenc 1 eas ho
chaina. thence sout 0 cha ns, lhe m west a��
c mlns o p int of eommoncoment; nlaining *>**>
s res, mure or MM. _   tt_, ..,, .....
listed F.b, .3. lull. J "IN M'LKOD
I ub. Feb. 26. C arnnie MDowell, Agent
C. McDowell, Agent
-Disirict of
Quean Charlotte lalands Und District
Take nolice that I, John McUod of Vancouver,
I'nst marked A. II., N. E. Cnrner.
Dated Feb. II. 1911. '   ANOLS BEATON
i'ub. March 4.
Queen Charlolte Islands land Oniric! -Diatrict of
Take nolice lhal I, John McI^ihI ol Vancouvor,
occupation broker. Intend lu apply Inr permission
lo pn��,|>ecl lor coal and petroleum on the fiil'owing
lescrilssl lands:
Commencins  al   a  post   planlisl   alsiut   three
and one mile west ul the mouth nf I lie
and marked J. McL.. S. W. Cnrn  r.
.hence north 80 chains, thenci* **ast   80
Chains,  thence south 80 chains, thence  wnst   HO
chains to laiint ol commencement; containing 040
acres, more or lis*.   ..,,r\
ll.lHFeb.2H inn.    _ J "is gaUgOD
IV*. Feb. 2H. Clarenco McDoseil, Agent
Quoen Charlotte lalanda Und llislrict -DUlrict of
T.ke notice th.l I. John Mcl/*o.l of V.ncouver,
ocnipalinn broker. Intend In apply fur permissinn
_.    *  ���       .     1 ._.'.....    ....   .1...   I. .1 I, ��� ^ 1 t.m
occupalion broker. Intond to apply for permission        tJmjS* lot coal and iielroleum on lhe lollowing
111 pros|iocl for coal and iielroleum on lho following   Jgijgjj |,n,|.:
described land: Commencini ai a |iost planiH about live milaa
ncing l
nnrth and one mile wi��t of the mnulh
n-cl Kiver and markod J McL. N R. I nrner.
No 24, thenc,* south Hll chains, thence wi*si HO
ch.lns, thence north Hi) rhsins, iiienei* east ho
chsins lo point ot commencement; cniilainmg Httl
acres, more ur leas.   ......
Datad Feb M, mil. John tjaUjOP
, ub. Feb '.I- Clarence Mcllnsill. \gont
Commencing at a post planted eight miles south
and two west nf the mnuth of the Tl-el Kiver and
markod J. McL., 8. E. C rnor No. 42. thence
north 80 chains, Ihence west 80 chains. Ihence
south 811 chains, thence east 80 chains tu point
of commencement;   eonlaining 640 acres, more or
Da'cd Feh. 24, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell. Agent
Queen Chariot,, laland. Und Iliatrict-Dlatrlct of   Queen Carlo,,,* I-J..1.1-I Di.'ri-. -Di.trict of
���JS^sffifWSss ~=sS=SSfSEs
to prospect tor coal and lietroleum on the lollowing   10 pro l***t   ' ���' "'-
fcSSSV.  ..........' dr^U'cinndg"a, !
point  ol  commencement;
more or leas.
DalH Feb. 21, 1 11*
I'ub. Feb. 27.
containing  640
C. McDowell. Agenl
Queon Charlotta Islands Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Take nolice that I. John McUid of Vancouver.
chains to point ol eommencemenl:
acres, mnre or less. ���,,.,.  ,
Daied Feb. 20, l'Jll.     _ J"H>.  M��S25
I'ub. Feb. 2H, Clarence Mc. mwell. Agent
Queen Charlnlle Islands Und District    District of
Tske nolice lhat  I, Jnhn Mcl,.*nd nf Vsnciuver,
AaJnihod land- desciilml l.nds:  _,    , __,
l"mmenc"ng .1 . post planted about eigh. milea Cumm-ncing at a I
���ith ami four west of tie mouth of Tl-ol It,ver ! north and throe mil
and marked .1. McL.. N. W. Cnrner. No 7h, hence ll-el &**** "2
south   HO ehalns,  thence eut  HO ch.lns,   .hence   No    ,* *'^ '   '
Commencing .1 s |mst planled about lour mil���
miles  west  nl  the mnuth  nl  the
m.rked J.  Mel... S. W   Oirnif,
80 chains   Ihenc east   H3
soulh    BU   cnains,   m>-nce   sm   n��   gl'l   >*���*-*���*-*;     *r���. ���.... ��� z   mmth
nnrth 80 ch.ins, thence w st ntl -h.ins to poi t ol   MH Ujjfia *KM
commenement;   containing 640 -acres,  mure or   cbam. Mipolljl Mam
D?t'ed Feh. 24,1911. JOHN Mcl.EOD I Dated Feb 26  MIL
I'ub. Feb. 2',. C  McDowell, Agent
HO  c  sins,   Ihenee   wesl   HO
commence   eul;   containing 610
' I'uh. Feb. 28
.ions Mal.BOU
CUreni-i* McDowell   Agon THE   PRINCE   KUPEKT    OPTIMIST
IN the production of the better class of Office
Stationery of every kind this department has
earned a merited reputation for taste, individuality and promptness. During the last few weeks
several large shipments of high-grade papers have
been received by the Optimist Job to supply its
many customers. Several lines are included in the
lot that are new and quite the best on the market.
Our man will be along in a day or two, so you may
be able to judge of the excellence of the finish of
these papers. Herewith we reproduce some of our
recent work, believing it will stand on  its merit.
hwoiaaaia j��r;t"s
P. SCt *.'_**
��� e
^orthrni Jntrrtnr
tanii <��mn*jant*
aai'is��  c:.. ��a .
��l*.::.:i: '..-���� s* *���; cs .i:i.*is.[.:m :;..t.|     ��.:   !.���;�����..   si>:..,.: nits   s.��
Georgetown 5aw Mi'.l Co
\crth Coasl Towing Co
Boscowitx 5.5. Co.
Cas.isr Parking Ca
Dominion U sod Pipe C��
Fire���Colonial Fire L nder-
srnters Agenrv
Pcleware Fur Insurance Companr
Mannc���Psuhc Msnnf In*
MHM Coenpar..
Casual. -Maryland Cam-
ahr Company
Bonds-L 5    Fidclitr  and
Guaranty Company
Cable Address-' Mcrpec"
Codes-"A B C . ith Edition"
'Western L'oJon"
6rurral iBrnkrrs
Prince Rupert. B.C..
��� i *���::.: ��� :s c * �� ��� i -1 * t
��.   *:���������; s
���i ��*��: ����:s:i i.. t   *,* c
******"��-      ,;:���.*:,:-^
to prospect for ena! ., i ..... ''' '"'Punas- I
described Ian*!,: fwomini on __. Wi.
Commencini; a: . *,,
north and ont* nuii
River and marki-l
thencc south ei ��,,
thence nonh5.JCU,,:..L1,.^,;;^
point ol eomn��5M..,: ...;./.',l 'Jf,���tt
more or les��. oomair.ini 6|�� ^
, Dated Feb. -.:. tan. inuv ��� ,.
i Pub. March 1. iWete.iJWi
Queen Chariot*., Ua-. *., U, | u.-.-ic-.-bi,���,, I
��. , ���      ,        Sanaa "** I
Take notiee thai 1. J, ���.. y..-,,,. a ,.
occupation brou. r   ::.*.���    ���    ,    . ��� . "S
to prospect for c a, a: -'-.WJ'S
described landa: *".ioii��ti| I
Commencins at a p al planteil ibom _, _.
north and. .ne rr..,..     * .-^ift
Kiver and matin : J   Mel- :���  �� Cors.^..
thence  nonh  -  r*. ������ c*".�� si'dLi
thence south -u cr.a.: ,   ..    ....... .,,,**
point of comr... :.<������ *. . ��� c*: ���.,-, S_\*
more or l��s-. '      "*
Dated Feb. 27. 1611. JuHV \Mm>
Pub. March 1. g^*��jH
Queen Chariot*, I.-...:     :,     '.'.������:~-Uaai
Take notice thai i  .       Mcl*d t*f Ylasssl
brok.r. *"?HrJ5 I
occupation ..
to prospect for coa  .
described lands: *
Commencing  a*,  t j    t plantad ixc ,m
milea north and ont mu
Tl-e! River and narkfi
No. 15, thi-r.c*
cbains.  there   I   ���
chains to point
aervs, more or leas,
bated Feb. 27, IV.:.
Pub. March 1.
S �� CaS
'���^aal [
' Ktt|i
Queen Charlolte latal ���    -'.'j**it*|
Take notice tt-.* ! ... : '\ua-rt,
oecupatior. broke ������.-���Mm
to prospect for coal _��� :>'._���_*
deacribed \___v.
Commencing a*, a ; . ���.: i.% aja
nortn  and or.   : a nl d j, ]
Tl-el Riv.r a: *. * * W.Cl
No.  16, thi * *.r * I
chains, theme* I > *. a
chairs t��* p* ..* t ot col ���*-,.*(W j
acres, m. :���
DaMd Pab. ��7. Ill] .'* MtUOO I
Pub. March 1. '���..: Im
Queen Chariotte 1. _��� ������* \
!    Take notica that I.J . ��� ..i I
occupation :r *������ --.
i to prospect for    .... -v.*t |
dcacntied land..
Commencing   a:   .
rr.iies nor.h and *
TM River ir : ��� I Cam
No. ij. thcoea ��� �����]
chains,  thi-r.c^  *   -
c- a:r.* to point ol ': I I
Dat.si IV:   ." '  Mil****
I-ub. March :
Queen Cbar!*���:���      - -������-���*' I
Take not.-** I .
occupation I -
to prosp��ct '..:. - -
deaenbed lar..:*
Commencing a: a
north ar.d ,--
Tl-*1 Ri.*r a
No. 23. ther.ce nod
Chains,  ire-ce  j- -'
chains M ;. ���"
.   v
acre., ir.i re or laaa.
Dated Fei.. J". .-..
S VtlB*
Pub. March. L
Queen Charlotte Uat :��� -httttli |
Take notice thai I. .'
occupaiior tr ir*  liu
to prospect foe coa' ��r.;,.
d��scntsj**i '.��' :���
Commerce( at a ;- ���
north an.l thrw
, Tl*��l Ruer a*
��� No.  5S. there
chains, thenc.   r. r:
ehains to i
acres, mora or .*-*a
Dated Fe:   .'"   Wil
Pub. March :.
��� ��� �����
��������� it**]
Wucaa Charle-.t* la.
Take nr.*i.-e thai I
occupation bfohw
' to prospect !.a c . ���
daacritvd :��: at
Commaocing at a
north and three n   ���
Tl-el Hiver a* I I
No.  i��. tbence -   rU
chaina. Ihaaa
ehaina to point of c*
acres, more or less
Data* Fab. tr. I����
Pub. March 1.
toucan Char'.tte :���
Take ronrs
occupat io**. '
��� deacribed .*��� U
l'o-.Terc ��� .* .*
north ar.d ttrve -
Tl-��l R:>er a-
N o. ���' * ��� t her
chains   th*-.^
chair,* ti
arrea. more or '.ess
paaaiPat -" '���'���'*���
Pub. Math 1
Queen Charlotte Uaa* ���
Take no; {��� *
occupat I
to prospect ' ' -
deWTlbesi ia*
Cooimeccir.g ��i �� '���
north and th.-* mOt* s
Tl-^ River aad aarki
No M, ther.ce *���*���-'���'
chair... tbene* r:" '
chair.. -.. ���*������-:��� r " '
acre*, more oc it*
I��aied if tt. -.-'���'���
Pub. March 1.
queen Charlotte Ua
Take notic. ***** I i
occupatK.n brokct. ir.t
io prospect for cva. a-
dem-r.t���i   a-i>
Cocnmeocing  at   s   .  ���
mUm north and thrrs -
thell-ei Ri>*�� ��
No.  .IT. thenc* K��Ji  '
chains,  thencs  tjtrth   ���
cnains to point of cpaaB*^
aer*e*. more or isss.
lvatedFeb 27  Ull*
rub. March t.
. .--'A
. ��� .*
���   . I
. . .* M ���**
...: -I
��� _m
. ��������� **
. ,.: *
s -��� ��� I
.-.* ���**���
- "**
.-���������ft THE   PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIMIST
(Subdivision of Sec. 9) about 200 yards from waterfront
This  Subdivision  is  the  only  inside  subdivision  not owned
by  the  Railroad Company.
Lots from $700;   Very Easy Terms
ISamuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, 8. C.
AgenU for Stewart Land Company, Limited
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
"Wan your husband a bear in Wall
"I think sn," replied young Mrs. Tor-
kins. "He certainly acted like one
when he jot home."
"Men who always wear their hats
soon become bald.   I've noticed that."
"You're mixing up cause and effect,
What you've nol iced is ihat bald men
sire always careful to wear their hats.'
"I hear you have secured a line press
agent," said Yorick llamm.
"Beet ever," declared Hamlet Fatt
"That fellow used to he with a prominent breakfast food."
"Do you and your wife play cards
"No, we have plenty of other things to
quarrel over."
he Optimist
Horrowell���1 tell you, it's hard to be
Har.luppe���Gee. I lind il the easiest
thing in the world.
Wife I verily believe that lhat Mrs.
Nexdore has the most contrary nature of
any woman on earth.
Hub -Contrary nature? Why, if
(hat woman fasted she'd get fat.
"An easy job will suit me, Senator."
"How about winding the clocks every
"I might make that do.   But what's
the mailer wilh tearing the leaves oil
the calendar every month."
Warns  His  Son   Against   Acquiring
Reputation as Humorist
There is a certain dignity of manners absolutely necessary to make even
the most valuable character either
respected or respect able.
Horse play, romping, frequent and
loud fits of laughter, jokes, waggery
and indiscriminate familiarity will sink
both merit and knowledge into a degree of contempt. They compose, ut
most, a merry fellow; and a merry fellow was never yet a respectable man
indiscriminate familiarity either offends your superiors, or else dubs you
their dependent and led captain. It
gives your inferiors just, but troublesome and improper claims of equality.
A joker is ntar to a buffoon, and either
of them is the least related to wit
Whoever is admitted, or sought for, in
company, upon any other account than
that of his merit and manners is never
respected there, but only made use of.
We will have such a one for he sings
prettily; we will invite such a one to a
ball, for he dances well; we will have
such a one to supper, for he is always
laughing and joking; we will have another, because he plays deep at all
games, or because he can drink a great
deal. These are vilifying distinctions,
mortifying preferences, and exclude all
ideas of esteem and regard. Whosoever is bad, as it is called, in company,
for the sake of any one thing singly, is
singly that thing, and will never be
considered in any other light, consequently never respected, let his merits
be what they may.���Chesterfield's Letters.
St. Patrick's Night
To celebrate St. Patrick's Day there
will be a grand concert held in the
Express Theatre on Friday. A good
programme of local talent is arranged
and a good time promised for every
one. Reserved seat tickets are on sale
at one dollar.
0.   M.   Helgerson,     Limited,    have
houses to rent.
Queon Chariotu Uland* Unci Dintrict-Dwtrict of
Take notice that 1, Jnlm McLood of Vancouver,
occupation hroker, inteml to apply for iiermission
to pros|M*ct for coal and petroleum on the following
lllBMI Iliad lands:
CommencinK at a [lost plumed about light
miles north und three miles west uf tin. mouth of
the Tl-el Uiver and markeil J. Mel.. S. E. Corner.
No. 64, thence north SO chains, thence west SO
chains, thenci* ttouth SO chains, thence east K0
chains to-point of commencement, contnininK 640
acre*, more or loss.
Dttad flab.87, Ull. John McLKod
I'uh. uMrch 1. Leslie E. Wnlter.lAgent
Queen Charlotto Islands I.and Diatrict- Diatrict of
Ski ena
Take notice that I. John Mcl-n-od of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to pru (i-i-i for coal and petroleum on the following
described lunds:
CommencinK at a post planted a limit eight
mill's north and one mil* east of the mouth of Ihe
Tl-el Kiver and markeil J. McL., N. K. Corner,
No. 9, thence south KO chains, thence west hO
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence east K0
chains to point of commencement; containinK 840
acres, more or hits.
Dated Feb. SS, lUll. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. March B, C. McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands I jind District���Dutrict of
Take notice that 1, John Mil. mi uf Vuncouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permissiun
to pruspect for coul and petroleum on the followinK
descirhed lands-
Commencing   at  a   post  plunted   altout  eight
tniliw north and one mile east of tbe mouth of t he
Tl-el  Kiver and marked J. McL., S. E. Corner.
No.  10, thonco north hO chains, thence west KO
chains,  thence south  Kit chaina,  thence east   KO
chaina to point of eommencemenl;  containinK 840
acres, more or less.
Dated Keb. 2S, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. March 3. Clarence McDowell. AKent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John McU'od of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend tn apply for (termission
to proHficct for coal and petroleum un the following
descrilied lands:
CommencinK at a po*t planted about nine miles
north and ������:,* mile east of the moulh of the lit-!
Kiver and marked J. McL., S. K. Corner, No. II,
thenw north KO chains, thence west K0 chains,
thenre ��� uth SO chains, thence rart 80 chains to
point of commencement; containing 640 acrea,
more or lews.
Dated Keb. 28,11)11.     ... JoHN McLKOD
I'ub. March 3. uVenee McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrict -District of
Take notice that I, John McLood of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to j.r-���-[������.n for coal and petroleum on the following
descrittcd land:
Commencing at a poat planled about nine miln a
north and one mile west of the mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., S. W. Carner,
No. 12, thence north 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chains, thonce south 80 chains, thence west K0
chains to point of commoncement; containing 640
acres, more or less.
Dated Keb. 28, l'Jll. JOB N McLOKD
I'ub. March ... Clarence McDowull, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islanda I .und District��� District of
Taken notice that 1, John Mcl^ood of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend lo apply for permiasion
to proapect for coaland potruulem on the following
described land:
Commencing at a post plantod about nino miles
north and one mile west of the mouth of the Tl-el
Kiver and marked J. McL., N. W. Corner, No. 13,
thenee aouth 80 chaina, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to puint of commencement; containing 640 acrea,
mure ur toss.
Dated Keb. 28. 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. March 3. Clarence McDowell, Agont
Queen Charlotte Islands I*and District���DUtrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permisaion
to pros|tccl for coal and petroleum on thc follst U ���<.
to pros|>ect for coal and petroteum on the following
de.-cnU'd land:
Commencing at a post planted about seven
tiuli- * north and ono mile west of the mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., S. \V. Corner,
No. 14, thence north 80 chains, thence cast 80
chains, thenco south 80 chains, thence west SO
chains to point of commencement* conuining G40
acrea, more or losa.
Dated Feb. 28, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Tub. March 3. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlolte Islands Land District-���District of
Tako notice that I, John McLeod cf Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroloum on the billowing
described land:
< u i moncinK ut a post planteil about nine miles
north and one mile west of the mouth of the,
Tl-ej Itiver and markeil J. McL., S. E. Corner, No.
\'>. thence north 80 chains, thencc west K0 chains
thence south 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains to
point of commencement; containing 640 acres,
more or lesa.
Dated Keb. 28. 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. March 3. Claronco McDowell,Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John Mcl*e*��d of Vancouver,
occupution bruker, intend I" apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
��� Ii tenia <i land:
Commencing at a post ptanted about nine
mile* north and one mile west of tin- mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., N. K . Corner,
No. 20, thonce south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thenee north 80 Qhalns, thenee east KO
chaina to point of commencement; containing 640
acrea. mure or leaa.
Dated Keb. 28, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Murch 3. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���Diatrict ot
Tnke notire that I, John Mcleod of Vancouvor,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect tor coal and petroleum on thc following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted about seven
miles north and one mile weat of the mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., S. K. Corner,
No. 21, thenco north 80 chains, thence west 80
Chains, Ihence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to point of commoncement; containing
640 acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 28, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. March 3. Clarenco McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vnncouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply lor [icrmiss'on
to prospect b��r coal and petroloum on the following
de cubed land:
Commencing at a | t*t planted alwut eight
miles north and three milos west of tho mouth of
the Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., N. W. Corner,
No. 60, thenco south K0 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement; containinR
640 acres, mor or lesa.
Dated Keb. 28,1911. JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. March 3. Claronco McDowell, Agent
Skeena Lnnd District-Distrirt of Const.
Tuke notice that I. J. H. MeAunhey of I'rince
Kunerl, occupation miner, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted Rt lhe southwest
corner of lot 2219. theuce Mat 40 ehains, thenco
smith 6 ehains. tbence west In chains, tbence
north 8 chains tu point of i uuem cment. containinK 80 acres more or less.
Date Keb. 16, 1H11 J. H. McAUQHBY
Pub. Feb. 85, 1911. Andrew Kennedy. Av.-nt
Skoena Land District-District of Coast
Tnke notice that 1, Peter Keid, of Vancouver,
B.C., occupation  teamster,  intends to apply for
permission to purchase the followlns described
Commeneing at n posl planted and mnrked p.
K.'s s.W. comer and Immediately adjoining posta
marked J.M.'s N.K. corner and A.It.'s S.K. corner; thenee north B0 chains, ihenee aaat 4"'chains,
thenee south ko chains, thenre west lo chains, to
point of commencement, contnininK 880 acrea
more or less. PETER KKID.
Dntiil 1st Feb. 1911 Charles H. Allen. Auent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeena Ijind Distriet- District uf Coast
Tnke notice thnt 1. Willinm Anderson, of Vancouver,  B.C., occupation clerk, intends to apply
for iiermission to purchase the fulluwinK deseribad lands:
CommencinK nt n post planted nnd markad W.
A. northwest curner. and altout 1 mile from Alexander Buchnn northern boundary line; thence
south Ni chains, thenee euht Ml chains thence
north mi chains, thence west Ml ehuins, to point of
commencement, contnininK 640 ncres more ur less.
Datafl 1st Feb. 1911 Charles II. Stark. AKent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeenn Lnnd District-District of Const
Take   notice   that   1,  Alexander   Buchan, of
Vancouver, B.C.. occupation butcher, intends to
apply for permission  to purchase  the following
described lands:
CommencinK n post planted nnd marked A.B.'s
S.K. corner, anil adjoining pusts (mirked J.M.'a
N.E. corner and P.K.'s S.E. corner; tbence west
Hi chnins, thence north mi chains, tbence east 80
cbains, tbence south KO ehuins to point nf commencement, containinK 640 acres more or laaa,
Dated 1st Feb.. 1911 Charles II. Allen, AKent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeena I^ind District-District of Const.
Take notice that i, John Miller, of Vancouver,
B.C., occupation butcher, intends to apply for
Iiermission to purchase the followinK described
CommencinK nt a post planteil about I chnin
from tidewater at thehend of Luaoambfl Bay. and
marked J.M.'s N.E. corner, thence wesl mi chalna,
thence south Ml chains, thence east H) chains,
thence north mi chnins, to point of commencement, containinK 640 acres more or less.
Dated 1st Feb., 1911 Charles B. Stark. Auent
Pub. Keb. 25.
Skeenn Land District-District of Coast.
Take notice that 1, Leslie K. Wulter, of Vnncouver, B.C., occupation prospector, intends to apply for permission to purchase the followinK described lands:
Commencing at a post plnnted ami mnrked L.
E. W.'s S.K. corner and immediately ndjoining
post marked W.A.'s N.W. eorner; thence north 40
chains, thence west 80 chains, thencc south 40
chains, thence east 80 chaina, to point of commencement, containing 32u acres, more or less.
Dated 1st Feb.. 1911 Charles H. Allen, AKent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Queen Charlotte Islands!Land DUlrict- District of
Take nonce'that I, John McI>od of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on tin* fullowing
described land;
Commencing at a post planteil about eight
miles north and three miles west of the moulh of
the Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McU, S.W . Corner,
No. 61, thenco north 80 chains, thence ea-t 80
chains, thvnce south 80 chains, thenci' wost 80
chains to point of commencement; containing
titO acres, more or lens.
Dated Feb. 28, 1911. JOHN* MeLEOD
Pub. March 3. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Quoon Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John Mrl-. nd of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to appljfor iiermission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planteil abuut nine mileo
north and three miles west of the mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., S. W. Corner,
No. 62, thence north 80 chains, thenee east 80
chaina, thonce south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement; containing
640 acres, morn or less.
Dated Feb. 28. 19U. JOHN McLKOD
Puh. March 3. C. McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
��� ccupntion broker, intend to upply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
d. eulml land'
Commencing at a posl planted anout nine milm
north and three miles wi��t of the mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL., S. E. Corner,
No. 63, thenee north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, tl.ence south 80 chains, thonce east 80
chains to point of commencement; containing
640 acres, more or le��.
Dated Feb. 28. 1911. JOHN  MeLEOD
Puh. March 3. Clarenco McDowell, Agent
Quoen Charlotte Islands I-and District���District of
Take notice that 1, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend tn apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following descrilied lands:
3.���Commencing at a prat planteil one milo
north of the northwest corner of uA 171, marked
J. McL. N.W. Corner, being thenorth-we l corner.
tnence east 80 chains, thenee south 80 chains,
thence west  80 chains,  thence north 80 chuins to
Eoint of commeneement.
lated Dec. 24, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pah. Jan. 21. W. Daas, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotto, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted nino miles north
and two milos east of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and markeil No. 41, T. K. D., S. E.
corner, thence wost 80 chains, thence north 80
ehaina, thenco east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commoncement, containing 640
acres moro or leas. _   .  ..,_,,
Dated Nov 6, 1910. TIIOS. U. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent THE   PRINCE    KUi'ERT   OPTIMIST
Suggests in Letter That Work on Contracts be Completed at Old Rates, and a Proper Inquiry be
Conducted in Meantime----No Action
March 1.1, 1911
To The Muyor nnd Council,
Prince Kupert, B. C.
Dear Sirs,���On my return trom a
trip south, I exceedingly regretted to
find the state of affairs that now confronts thc city in connection with the
lahor situation.
Frankly I believe that the situation
was aggravated by the action of the
council. Equally frankly I believe
that the action of the workers in going
on strike was ill-advised. However, the
situation is here and must be faced.
It is my opinion that the strikers
cannot hope to win the present strike,
in which event their status certainly
will not be improved by reason of the
action which they have deemed advisable to take. This would be extremel;
regrettable. I wish to suggest, therefore, as follows:
The city shall pay the same wage
as has heretofore existed, with a minimum wage of 37 1-2 cents an hour until
all contracts, already let by the city,
are completed; meantime a committee
of investigation should be appointed
who will thoroughly look into the
whole situation in an expert way, to
try and arrive at what is a fair remuneration for thc workers of Prince
Rupert, in relation to the workers of
other coast cities. When the contracts
are completed the new scale of wages
to be decided upon will go into effect.
The council should meet the Industrial Workers an.l advise them of this
course and urge upon them the desirability of acceding to it. At the same
time, if the Industrial Workers do not
see lit to accept the situation, they
should be (irmly informed that they
will not be permitted to interfere with
work carried on by contractors.
This course will protect the contractors; will show the good faith
of the city; and will be fair to the
workmen, as they may be assured of
a higher scale at the end of a few months,
assuming that the present rute is, as
claimed, Inadequate.
The workers, by accepting this course,
will not only do a great service to the
city, but they themselves will be money
It was my opinion that the select
committee, appointed to consider the
wage scale, did not conduct an exhaustive or expert investigation, and, in
urging the appointment of a new committee, I need hardly say that 1 do so
with the most absolute and bona Ode
intention of a thorough and ox|>crt investigation, with a view to providing
adequate and proper remuneration for
the workers of Prince Rupert, in order
that ihey may live here in comfort and
happiness. It might be well that the
new committee should consist partly
of men outside of the council.
I have the honor to be,
Your obedient servant,
Why Put in Writing
When the above letter from Alderman
Pattullo was brought before the city
council last night in the regular order
of business there was some doubt about
what should be done ubout it. Why
not simply receive and file it? suggested
Alderman Morrisey. Alderman Hilditch
thought that Alderman Pattullo could
have done as well by stating the substance of his leiter in council.
"Perhapi so," said Alderman Pattullo,
"but this is a very important matter,
and therefore 1 preferred to reduce it
to writing so that there may not be any
misapprehension about it."
Clayton'a Opinion
"To me it looks like a bit of cheap
advertisement.'' suggested Alderman Clayton. "If the mailer is so very important, why did Alderman Pattullo
go away down to Vancouver when it
was being settled before?" To Alderman
Kerr it seemed that there were valuable
suggestions in (he letter, und hc moved
that it be held over for consideration
at next council meeting.
Council'a Handling a Burlesque
Remarking that the whole question
had now got beyond the |)eii-nut politics
stage, Alderman Pattullo said that the
labor   situation   was   one   whieh   the
people of Prime Rupeit must handle
properly. Up to the present time it
seemed to him that the handling of it
had been a bi of burlesque.
Burlesque was a word which did not
please Alderman Morrissey. He thought
Alderman Pattullo had used it unwisely.
The handling of the labor situation
in a cautious manner by the city council
he thought a wise policy. Already there
were women and children in the city
who might get nervous if there were any
suggestion of rioting on accoi nt of
the strike. The quiet way of handling
the mailer adopted by the council,
was, he thought, the best, and it ill
became any alderman to style it a
Someone Doesn't
Alderman Hilditch fancied that Alderman Pattullo did not quite understand the situation.
"I understand it quite well," retorted
Alderman Pattullo. "The trouble is
that others don't understand it."
Eventually on the motion of Alderman
Morrissey seconded by Alderman Newton Alderman Pattullo's letter was
recei ed and tiled.
Line Will Run From Fort George���
Work Will not Start Until the
Main Line of the Road is Completed.
Engineer Gunn, of the Grand Trunk
Pacific, last week completed his portion
of the survey of the railway line from
Fort George to Vancouver. The portion
of the line under his charge joined that
of the engineer working from Lytton
a short distance below Soda Creek. This
completes the survey for the complete
distance to Vancouver. According to a
statement of Vice-president Chamberlain work on ihe Vancouver branch will
not be commenced until the main line
of the railway is completed. It is believed by many, however, that trade
interests of the Pacific Coast have
brought lo the attention of the railway
directorate the loss of trade coast cities
will sulfa in being shut out from the
markets of the northern interior for
such a iieriod, and that the Vancouver
branch will be commenced early in the
I Pattullo that his letter on the strike
| question  might  be  referred  to  again.
| It was a mistake he thought, to have
had it filed.   Clearly the men had been
deceived   by  the   promises made them
that they would get 45 cents an hour.
This evoked from Alderman Clayton
the remark that the thought Alderman
Pattullo had a lot to learn yet, to which
Alderman Pattullo retorted that there
were others.
Could'nt Trust the Clerk
Alderman Hilditch thought it time
now  to  refer to the original subkect
of discussion,  the  letter  from  the  P.
R. I. A. about the reference to three
"criminal" strike leaders.    He declared
that  the term had  never to the best
| of his knowledge, been used at all, and
1 Alderman   Newton   agreed   with   him,
i moving that the City Clerk be instructed
! to write to the P. R. I. A. to this effect.
! On the suggestion  of Alderman   Mor-
i rissey   it   was   agreed   that   Alderman
Hilditch  should  help the  City  Clerk
concoct the letter.   Carried.
Wharfinger is Wanted, and Question
of Sewage Plans
Stewart, March 13.���At a meeting of
the Citizens' Association Executive Committee, held in the Chamber of Mines
building on Thursday evening, called
to discuss the advisability of having a
wharfinger at the dock, it was decided
that the committee meet the different
transfe compa ics in town and after
consultation with them to draw up some
from of agreement by which thc transfer
companies should pay thc wages of a
wharfinger, this agreement to bc submitted to a general meeting of the
Citizens' Association to bc held on the
24th of March. It was also decided
to write to thc Steamship companies
regularly entering this port and ascertain whether they would help defraying
the cost of keeping a wharfinger.
The next general meeting to be held
will be a most important one as several questions of vital importance to
every citizen will be brought up, including that of the city's sewerage
system, the plans of which have now
been received from the government,
and it is hoped that all who possibly
can will be present.
j Northern Produce Co'v
J   Send for our Weekly Price List
Phone 151
Phone 151
Opp. Bank of British North America. New loggers shoes 14 in.
high, made to order at $8.50,
Men's soles $1 Ladies' soL-s 70c
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Drug Store
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PHONE   :   ;   ;   82
This advertisement clipped from the
Boston Post gives the story of the
wonderful development now going on
in Canada. Look out for British Columbia. The profits to investors in
Town lots in all Grand Trunk Divisional
and Terminal Points will astound the
world. Buy now. Ask Uncle Jerry
for price lists and full information.
Western Canada
From thc most accurate figures obtainable, over One Hundred Million
Dollars was made by real estate owners In growing cities and towns of
Western Canada last year. This vast
wealth was exclusive of improvements
and represented actual increase in land
values alone.
Original records gathered by the
Winnipeg Free Press prove that in
eight western Canadian Cities the value of land alone���not counting improvements���increased 562 per cent, for the
last five years���an annual increase of
112 per cent, for each city during the
last live years. These figures indicate
that investments in live, growing cities
in Western Canada are as safe and
sure as an investment can be, and that
100 per cent, profit each year is almost
a certainty.
000,000   MORE
You have an opportunity now to
participate in these immense profits by
being one of the original purchasers of
town lots in the (irand Trunk Pacific
addition to thu fast growing Western
Canadian cities, otherwise known as
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Division Points
The Grand Trunk Pacific offers in
these splendidly located, fast growing
Division Points and in the townsite of
Tolield an opportunity for the investor
to share in the large prolits that are
sure to accrue as a result of tbe rapid
and substantial growth that characterizes Grand Trunk Pacific Division
Points and well located cities and
towns in Western Canada.
The Grand Trunk Pacific does not offer townsitcs or additions so located as
to make investments in them of questionable value. The object in selling
then lots at the low prices at which
they arc offered is to encourage tbe upbuilding of these cities from which the
Grand Trunk Pacific will derive vastly
more benefit thin from the sale of lots.
Now is the time to buy. Choice lots
range from $100 upwards on easy payments of 10 per cent, cash and 10 per
cent, a month. You make your purchase direct and secure title from the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company.
Write for literature and "make your
selection while the prices are extremely low and the possibilities unlimited.
Land Commissioner
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Co.
Daily Messages From
Ask Uncle Jerry "NCLE jerry
*        Ug.     .     Crnn    Infnrmntillll   Hclliirtmfnt
Jeremiah H. Kugler, "Uncle Jerry,"
Agent for Grand Trunk Pacific Lots on
Main Line. Prices are fixed by the
Land Commissioner and our best services are at your command.���Ask Uncle
Jerry, P.O. Box 906, Prince Rupert.
No. 13
My messages are not for the crowd.
They are for you���YOU. And if you
should lind anything in one of them,
about Which you want more information, come over and I'll tell you.
Real estate has been the means of
making many poor people rich and
many rich ones millionaires. But buying real estate is like buying pictures;
unless you know what you are buying
you are liable to be disappointed.
Don't buy real estate anywhere just
because it is cheap. It may always be
cheap. Buy real estate that is good,
that is, property which is in the path
of the city'B growth You may not always be able to judge the value of real
estate, but if you could have the services of an expert real estate man to
help you in your choice you might look
into it, wouldn't'you? I offer you this
service. I do not misrepresent, for I
am not here for a day, and the town is
too young yet not to treat everybody
right.   Think this statement over.
If you contemplate either the sale or
purchase of business property, or residence property, or a lease, better see
me. I may get you together with the
man with the money. I may not. It
depends on whether what you have is
what the other fellow wants.. Anyhow see me and we'll discuss the
On January 15th and 22nd, Eastern
papers on Jan. loth, Western papers
on Jan. 22nd, our Prince Rupert Opportunity advertisement appeared in
papers in New York. Boston, Providence, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul and 37
Sunday issues of big U.S. daily newspapers in all. On Feb. 25th our Prince
Rupert advertisement appeared in 26
Canadian daily newspapers.
Has a Free Information Department
for strangers in the City ami for nonresidents by correspondence.
He Buys Leases      II.- Buyi Bulldingi
He Buys LoU He Uny- ContrtCH
He has Stores t.> Rent
He  Buys  Lands  in  BkMM ami Na��s
River Valleys.
please take notice and list your property with a good live broker, if from the
above you think our equipment should
produce the best results, you should
come in at once.
We advise everyone to get in the
market this spring and summer. Sell
when you have a profit; buy again.
That's the way to make money. You
can make many times as much money
if you will buy and sell and not hold on
so long to property. All of you put
your shoulder to the wheel and boost-
keep on boosting���that's the way we
will make a big city.
He wants 50 Houses to Kent
He Sells Leases        He Sells HuiMinP
He Sells Lots He Sells Contracts
He wants Stores to R tit
He  Sells  Lands  up  the Sk ena River
He will build you a dwelling on easy
payment plan.
He will lease or sell you a lot on easy
terms for you to build B dwelling
store nn.
He will sell you a house and lot ^
you can pay on monthly payim-nt P'��'
He will take a lease on your lots "j
make your investment pay >'��" ' K
per cent.


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