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Twenty-four hours  ending
May l*
MAX. TUMI'.         MIN. TKMI-.           I.Alt.
61.0         M.O      29.818
5   u. m.,
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Monday, May lnt at 6 p.m.
VOL. II.  NO. 96
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Monday, May 1, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Area Two Miles Long and a Quarter Mile Wide is a Barren Waste
-Loss $5,000,000--City Under Martial Law-Armed Soldiers
Standing Guard Over Treasures of The First National Bank.
��� Special lu the Daily News)
Bangor, Maine, May 1. Following a u-rrililc lire here last
nighl ilu' area ���>! which was two
milts long and a quarter of a
mill- wide three people are killed,
fifty arc injured, two hundred
dwelling houses are destroyed and
hundreds of people aro destitute
and homeless and tin* loss is five
inilliiMs of dollars. The city is
now under martial law and soldiers
armed wiUi loaded rifles arc guarding the half burned treasure vaults
of the First National Hank
Just what caused tin.* fire is at
present unknown. It started down
in a little frame building near
the center of tin- city and fanned
by a still wind began t" spread
with incredible rapidity, Early
iu thc progress "I the fire tin*
electric  Ii14.l11   plain   was   burned
out and the only light the firemen
had to si-t- in light the blaze was
tin- reflection <>f the flames. They
fought like hemes and every aid
possible was given by citizens.
When the efforts of the fire
lighters failed to check the outbreak dynamite was used to blow
up some of the buildings in the
path of the fire. This, however
proved ineffective, Then fortunately the wind changed and a
light rain began to full shortly
after midnight and this undoubtedly saved the city from lieing completely destroyed.
Ambulances and doctors wen-
kept busy attending to the injured
and the Buffering <>f some of the
Women and children who were
driven from theif homes into the
liilter cold night scaniily clad, was
pitiful.      For   miles   around   the
reflection of the lire could he seen
i 1 the sky and people from every
town and village in the disirict
hurried into Bangor to see the
Rain is falling today and doubting the flickering embers of the
largest lire this city lias experienced
Most of the loss is covered by
lt may be your turn next. It
matters not how up-to-date and
efficient the fire fighting apparatus
is, if you are not insured you arc
not fully protected ns much as
is humanly possible. See the
Mack Realty &��� Insurance Co
Their Policies stand for the promptest possible settlement of claim.
Baptist Brotherhood Social to-
nipht at 8 o'clock. You are invited.    Bring a friend.
Increase in  April,   1911,  Three Times Greater Than
In April, 1910   Expected $20,000 Mark Will Be
Reached  This  Month���Warehouse  Is
Full of Dutiable Goods
By leaps and bounds the customs
receipts at this port are growing.
For the past month the receipts
.ire almost three times greater
iliatl they were for lhe same
month iu HMO and almost double
what they were in March of thisI month wil likely be clow on $20,-
yi-.ir.   Here are the figures' 000 as there is a steady stream of
Receipts for April,1011    sS.7SO.77 got da now coming in and the ware-
Receipts (or April,l'.H/\ . 3,720.30 house is being taxed to capacity.
Increase for April 11)11.16,060.47
Receipts for Mareh 1910.$6,848.41
Customs  Collector   MacDonald
Bays   that   the   receipts   for   this
Frank Mobley and Assistants Will Have About Quarter of a Million Square Miles to Cover to Register the 15,000 People in Comox-Atlin
Mr, Prank Mobley is preparing
'" go south iu a week's lime in
""'I wiih ihe chief census officer,
preparatory to embarking on the
1 i-*k of col I eel in p the census re-
���urns in Comox-Atlin, He will
return to I'rince Rupert im thc
"Wi May, and meet with his
assistants, ll is hoped to have
���he CCll.ua completed by the end
"1 June,
Mr, Mobley will have the largest
add   of   any    census   officer    to
"iver and perhaps the fewest
population in it.    His territory is
outlined by parallels and meridians. Roughly calculated his
nine assistants will have to cover
240,000 square miles, his district
measuring some 80(1 miles by 800
miles, 11 starts 011 the Yukon
'""���I'-r line following the 12-lth
meridian southward till it strikes
j ,Ih' 66tll pamllel some 430 miles
-"uth i,i the Cariboo country, and
l|""-1 continues south on the 123rd
parallel, taking in Port McLeod,
"nlil ii joins the 61st parallel
which cuts across the country on
"level with the north of Vancouver
ls|a'"'l*    In addition  he has  the
Oueen   Charlotte   Islands   in   his
territory. V<-i In all this vast
territory, it is unlikely thai more
than 1 ">,()()() people dwell, 5,000 of
whom are in I'rince Rupert.
Wild Stampede Down Third Avenue.   Stopped on McBride
Between one and two o'clock
this afternoon the handsome grey
team belonging to die Union Transfer Co. got scared al the top of
Third avenue and rushed frantically down towards McBride street
After narrowly escaping a plunge
over the high trestles close by
McBride street, the team turned
towards Fourth avenue, and over
threw the wagon which was damaged. One of die horses fell, and
Injured a foot. Several pas
sershy helped put matters right.
Have you seen Reilly's Bakery
Lunch Menu?
It will lie in tomorrow's   Daily
Local Order I. O. O. F. Held
Annual Church Parade
Explaining what constitutes real
neighborliness, illustrating the principles of true friendship, exalting
the beauty of charity and picturing
the impelling personality of Jesus
as the most charitable neighbor
antl friend, were the chief features
of  the sermon   Rev.   F,  \V.   Kerr
preached to the I. O. O. F. yesterday illuming when the local lodge
attended divine service in accordance with the rules of their
Mr, Kerr took ns his subject
the parable of the Good Sanialiran
and compared the action of the
man who belonged lo a clnss
hnted ami despised by ihe Jews
with the work of the Oddfellows
today. He eulogized the good
work donO by the I. O. O. I-"., and
contended that as an organization
much more good could lie done
than by Individual effort.
Aboul  sixty  members of  the
order were present under the inar-
shalship of BlO. (ieorge l.cek.
All were attired in full regalia.
Ensign Johnstone of the Salvation
Army and Noble (irand of the
Lodge was present.
Donald McRae Recovered From
Cerebro Spinal Meningitis
After several weeks illness, for
part of which lime his life was
despaired of, Donald McRae, the
son of Mr. and Mrs. William
McRae of Seventh avenue, is
now recovered from an attack of
acute cerebfo .pinal meningitis
and has returned home from the
Hospital.. The parents are very
grateful to Dr. McNeill and the
nursing staff of the hospital for
restoring their little son 10 health
again. It was necessary for Dr,
McNeill to inject serum into' him
nine times to effect a cure.
Gone Away
Thirty-eight first class anil twenty* two second class passengers lei I
for the south this morning on the
S. S. Prince (ieorge.
a|a*^.. ^..^..���^.��. .���l>*^.t>-^��.-^��*��aafc��.^a...^...^^^.
Games Yesterday
Tacoma 2, Vancouver 1.
Seattle 3, Portland .">.
Spokane 6, Victoria 1.
Will Spend Only a Few Days Below, Then Goes to Hazelton
By the Prinn- ('.corne Judge
Young left for Yiiyiria. Ile has
some matters to attend to there
before going up river. As soon
as he returns in Prince Rupert,
which will be in a few days,
Judge Young will lake the firsl
boat for Hazelton when- a good
ileal of work awaits him.
Welcome Back
Thc S. S. Prince Rupert will
arrive from Vancouver with passengers, mail antl freight on Wednesday morning and will Icavl
for Sttwart on Thursday morning
at eight o'clock and for the south
again on Friday morning at eight
On Business Bent
W.   J.   I.arkworthy  and   R.  S.
Sargent, two well known business
men of Hazelton are in lhe city on
Weather and Shipping
From all the coast wireless
stations this morning come rc|wirts
of cloudy weather, mist, drizzle,
and down right rain. Probably
the moisture will reach Prince
Rupert eventually though appear-
adces this morning indicate more
fine weather. Triangle rc|x.rts
rough sea. Smooth to moderate
is the general report from the oilier
Tntoosh reports considerable out
and in shipping. At 6.80 p.m.
a three-masted barquentine out
At   '.i  p.m.   thc  schooner  Alice
Bartlett in. At 4.25 a.m. the S. S.
Hyades out. At 4.80 a.m. thc
I". S. lighthouse tender out. At
At 6.40 a.m. the S. S. Atherick in
At 1.40 a.m. the in S. S. Park.
Out bound in at ('. a.m., a two-
masted ['. S. steamer.
Facts  and   Figures   of   Waterworks on  Way  to  Seattle
With a go.nl sized grip packed
'nil of papers on which are facts
and figures abuut the waterworks
and sewer plans of (his city, Mr.
Carver, assistant to Mr. R. II
Thompson, city engineer of Seattle,
left this morning on  the S. S.
Prince George for Seattle.
Clever slulisticans antl engineers
will take Mr. Carver's papers and
with his assistance and under the
supervision of Mr. Thompson will
make out a rc|x��rt that will be
presented to the city coiitlcil sonic
lime this month.
Such Is l.ovc
St. Petersburg, May I.���(Special)
���Princess ScachivosCOS who secluded herself in two rooms of
her palace at Moscow on the death
of her betrothed twenty years ago,
tlied  yesterday.    In  her  rooms
were found half -million of dollars
in coins.
Provincial Chief of Police Mad-
!and*Dougall of Hazelton, left on
the S. s. Catno.un for Vancouver
yesterday with ten Ritncsscs who
will figure in the Cfosby murder
trail. Chief Maitland Dougall will
shortly take up the position of
government agent at Duncan, Van,
couver Island.
Pennsylvania Railroad Tied Up To-day---Los Angeles Carpenters
On Strike for Eight Hours and $4--Labor Riots in Spanish
Capital���Givic Laborers and Teamsters at Havana Go Out.
(Special to the Daily News)
Customary with other years the
advent of the lirst of May this
year brings with il strikes and
rumors of strikes from all parte
of lhe world.
The following despatches re.
ccived at noon today are self
Madrid, Spain, .May I.- De-
termiiHil to put down all unruly
demonstrations on   the part of
ibor men in the cily, troops, fully
armed, are parading the streets
here today. Late last nighl the
most prominent lain r leaders were
arrested antl lodged in jail because
it was feared they would stir up
strife today. These men will be
kept in custody until tomorrow.
Trouble in Havana
Havana. Cuba, May 1.��� Claim
ing that they are working unties
Worse conditions than any laborerr
in the universe the hundreds o
teamsters ami street workmen
struck today. As a result business
in the wholesale districts is completely lied up. The men demand
more pay for less hours.
Pittsburg, Pa., May 1.���Dis"
satisfied wiih conditions and demanding mure pay 1,500 workmen
of all classes on the Pennsylvania
R.iilroae went on strike today
along the line to Altoona today.
Several traiii crews have joined
the  strikers  and   the   leaders  say
thai before night the total number
of strikers will be over S.000. The
men Bay they are prepared lo
put up a big light to gel the terms
they demand antl assert that thev
an-  in  a  position,  financially   lo
hold out for a long lime.
Carpenters Strike
l.os Angeles, May I.���To further
the  unsettled   slate  of   labor   the
market  here  the carpenters went
on strike today. They demand
four dollars a tlay for an eight-
hour day.
Ail Quiet in Boston
Boston, May 1. The usual May
Day labor celebration was observed
today but no strikers are reported.
Victor Bergen, the well-known
labor movement leader was the
principal speaker at the meeting
of the workers this morning.
Getting  Better
Alderman Hilditch is rapidly
recovering his health in the Gen-
eral Hospital.
Will  Complete   His  Course   in
Law in Vancouver
For the past two years Arthur
MacFariane has been articled to
Mr. 1.. W. Patmore. the well-
known lawyer of this cily. I hiring
that time Mr. MacFariane has
gained the goodwill of everybody
who knew him and almost everybody in the city know shim.
"Mac" has left the city. He
went away this morning on the
S. S. Prince C.eorgc. Ile is going
to complete his study in law in
Vancouver, and if he passes his
exams n.-xt December he will
then be called to the bar. Ile may
return to Prime Rupert again
after he is entitled t" wear the
"Mac" goes away with the best
wishes of all his friends. He is
an erstwhile newspaper man, having worked on the Toronto I laily
Star, Winnipeg Telegram and other
newspapers in lhe west, therefore
knowing lhat Mac has trod the
lips and downs of the mail of the
Fourth Estate wc wish him even
more success antl  happiness  than
he wishes himself.
Royal   Lunch    Restaurant
The well-known antl established
"Royal Lunch" between Central
ami Grand hotels, has been thoroughly overhauled, redecorated .mil
renovated and will open for busi-
(less on Wednesday next. The
management is in the hands of
two capable young men and their
patrons may be assured of every
satisfaction. 1-2
Second of Series of Sermons on Socialism by Rev. F.
W. Kerr-Sketch of Methods and Two Great
Predictions of the Way in Which
Social Reform Will Come
will   the  end   aimed   at |
who   call   themselves,
Peace   or   War?
Of these twn mediods, as the
h   ibebroug -|Rev* Mr' Kerr P��intcd out' t,u'
ing that  the end is the improve-1 hrst ,s t,,c method ol ***** ,lisiil,k'
ment   of   Social   conditions   par
ticularly conditions of industry,
labor, wages, and the production
and use of wealth?" The question
was answered by Rev. I". W.
Kerr last nighl in the second of
his scries of three sermons on the
subject of Socialism, by an eloquent summing up <>f the respective ideas on lhe matter of the
two great schools of socialists.
Peter who was ready with his
sword ai the hour of the betrayal
of Christ, and sought to save
his Lord by violence. The other
method is that of The Christ Himself, the method of peace, the
method towards which the sympathies of Christian men and
women wilh the cause of social
reform at heart would incline.
The Pastor Himself
Leading   up   to   his   sketch   of
A Great Upheaval ! ilu- iwo predicted climaxes of the
One school of socialists predicts, Socilaist movement abroad in the
md  even dates for,  tin- sudden world today, Rev. Mr. Kerr drew
culmination of the gradual organ- a brief outline of tin- purpose and
isation   of   the   workers  of   the|tnethods   of   socialists   generally,
Tomorrow night.
The Kaien Island Club vs.
Roller Rink Tigers.
A Championship game of basketball at the Auditorium.
Game called at 8.30 p.m. sharp,
ssion 'il* cents.
world in one huge general strike.
Every wheel will stop running.
Not a particle of produce will be
turned out    Commerce will be
nl a Standstill, The capitalist
captains of industry will brought
lo iheir knees antl forced to
capitulate to the armies of labor.
If need be, there will be violence,
but in any case the whole machinery of production will become the
property  of   the  nations,   not   ol
The Gradual Process
The oilier school believes lhat
the whole process will be accomplished by a much more gradual method.    Little by little the
education of the people will  pro-
lle referred io the inevitable comment   which   has   been   directed
towards   himself   by   his   undertaking to preach this controversial
subject.    Some of his good friends
in   ihis  cily,   he  said,   are  afraid
lhal iheir pastor will be in danger
of being mobbed should he preach
against .socialism, and on the other
hand   others   are   afraid   lhat   he
may turn mil   lu be that dubious
sort   of  being,   a   socialist.     Rev,
Mr.   Kerr   maintained   his   reputation as a preacher by his handling   of    the    subject;    explained
clearly,   tersely,   antl   eloquently
the methods and ideals of socialism
as discovered by him in his study
of it, without losing for an instant
the   deeply   religious   aspect   thc
Skating after the game
Visit of Cold Wave
Chicago. |May   1. - (Special)���A
cold wave swept down the centre
oi ihe continent today.   Alberta
ceed.    Their leaders will be men. I subject   of   social   rehirm  has for
wilh  the interests of  the masses I him.    The  Empress Theatre was
at   heart.     Measure   by   measure I thronged again Inst night.    Rev.
will be pnssed in the parliaments Mr. Kerr announced that he will
of the nations which will advance! preach his third and last sermon
lhc Ideals of  thc saner socialists! on    this   subject   in   about three
until   at   length   these  ideal's  are weeks.     lie   goes   to   Vancouver
actualised   and   the  nations   own I this week   to  attend   the Synod,
their every means of wealth pro- and his place in  the pulpit next
and  Manitoba  reports say  crops
are not damaged,   Missouri, Kan-Iduction, while the capitalist wholSunday evening will be taken by
s,is   and    Nebraska   has   sudden  used   them   selfishly,   will   be   a  l-nsign Johnstone of the Salviition
dropof fifty degrees in temperature creatine of thc past. 'Army.
mm_____m.*__________t____________m, w**
t ii.i. .*mmm
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c psr month, or $6.00 pt-r yenr, in advance.
Weekly, $2.1)0 per yenr. OUTSIDE Canada- Daily, 18.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.60 per year, strictly in uilvunce.
Daily Edition.
Monday, May 1
Fruit   :   Produce   :    Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
After twenty centuries -twenty centuries of bloodshed and tht
arbitrament of the sword���it looks as if die song of the angels is to
be realised. Nations, like individuals are strongly moved by the
power of a good example. The Guildhall meeting described in our
cable despatches on Saturday, when Premier Asquith moved and Mr,
Arthur Balfour, the leader of the British Opposition, seconded, a
resolution favoring arbitration with the United States, is one of the
must significant advances since the Magna (.'liana.    Il is the token
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
Wi* lire selling sliart'S in the
At B price that will make you money
of a new day in the history of nations, when disputes shall
For $55.00
by peace instead of by war.   The acceptance of the proposed treaty I      payable $13.75 Cash
by both governments is a foregone conclusion now. Belaneo 3, 6 ��nd 9 Month.
Cheering, too, is the information that the negotiations between ^.lvs (lf t|H, ore run from $25.00 to
France and the United States for the conclusion <>f an arbitration $2000 per ton.
treaty are quite as far advanced as the negotiations between Great u wii| p.^. v������ to investigate this prop-
Britain anil the Cniletl States.   The arbitration treaty in view between osition  at onee.
France and the United States provides for arbitration in .ill cases ,^______m_
including those in which the honor of the contracting parties may _F()K prospectus apply���
be at stake.   It provides for what is known technically as "arbitration
integrate," in other words, for compulsory arbitration, so that if France
and the United States were ever involved in a dispute they would be 2nd Ave. Prince Rupert
subject to the necessity of submitting it t>> a tribunal.   In ihis respect. . *-*-*. :������
the projected l-raiiiii-Anu-ricaii treaty resembles, of course, lhe treaty
0. B. Bush & Company
nitcd Males.
���American and
the Franco-
..Grand Hotel..
*|>  *-***Am***mm***   l*)**m^*-*mAt*m.*****.**
in view between ('.real Britain and the
After the conclusion of  the Aug.a.annua.m .m..   ,,���   ..........1 workingman-s home
American arbitration treaties respectively there will probably be an I spring Beds, dean White Sheeta 25c
arbitration treaty between Great  Britain and France on identical Rooms 50c
lines.   This would mean that Great Britain, France and the United BEST IN T0Wn for THE money
States woultl be bound together in a triple league of peace. j. goodman. Propnasior
That the league of peace cannot stop here is obvious.   Germany I. ������ -                     ���=
already perceives this.   Indeed the war-party in Germany is using!   .4,
��� * AI  mt %9m*_A*r**m f~m-t-~~ " "    *   m     ' '**   '***   *****  **   *****   *"'
the treaty as a text, by [minting out that the triple league of  peace 1 j
may desire to impose die arbitration principle upon the remainder 1 Northern  PrOOUCC LOV. i
of the worltl by force.    This is not an unreasonable deduction, for   , ������������������������i^���^""^"^���^
so long as great powers like Japan, Russia, Austria and Germany WHfllFSAIF PROVISIONS
maintain huge armies and  navies,   the league of  peace cannot run rnillTC     A VEfPTiRIFS
the risk of reducing their armaments.   Antl the fact must be patent im" and 'tlitlABLM
in everyone, that ii is not sn much the angels' song that is at tlu-i \ glini| for our Weekly Price Ust
bottom of the desire for peace, as the rigid consequences of economic   1      prompt attention given
law;   that it is not idealism, but the burden of taxation that is com-] J BHIPP1NG orders
pelting the nations lo the better way.
The Conservative party in Germany regards the idea of com- Phone 151 - Phone 151
pulsory arbitration with something approaching very nearly to abhorrence. Patriotic Germans consider it unreasonable and intolerable
that great national issues involving the honor of the whole German
people should compulsorily be submitted to an international tribunal.1
Thav i> .1 conviction that in the present condition of international
politics, there must certainly be many questions on which no self-
respecting nation Could consent lo take lhe verdict of foreigners, bin
must be determined to have its own way, even at the cost tif war.
The views held in Merlin an* slianil in Vienna antl St. Petersburg.
Russia, for instance,  il  i- pointed out, has adjacent frontiers with
the race that personifies ihe future of the Yellow Peril, antl even if.
there were a league of peace iii  Europe and America, lhe Russians
woultl not venture to disarm or iu any way to undermine their position
in front of the hordes of yellow men who would rush westward as
a devastating torrent the moment the barriers of European armament
removed were or even weakened.   < hi the other hand there is a rapidly
growing Radical ami .Socilaist party in Germany, with some fifty
members in the Reichstag.   It is to the growth of this party of inter-!
national rather than national ideals, lhat the peace movement looks:
to in Germany.
The Millenium is not to be accomplished save by slow ami painful
steps. The consummation and successful working of the hoped for
triple league of peace between France, the United States ami Great
Britain will do much to help lhe peace party in Germany ill iheir'
difficult t.isk of convincing die' icrman nation thai the peace movement
means her no harm.
Letters to the Editor
Wants the Motor
Dear Sir,���I believe there is a
motor lire engine and chemical
wagon in Prince Ruperl, also
that thc press were wishing for a
lire so that the motor could l��'
tested. There was a lire on
Seventh avenue early Friday morning, but where, oh, where was the
much talked of motor? Now
it is time something was done I"
give this city .ample lire protection.
Citizens of Prinee Rupert, wake
Tes; Some Good Printing Costs Too MmKTt.
.        n-i���, ti.mntiition to charge   "stilt .JJL
:���: , ���<;���
The temptation to charge   "stilt
same as with other good ����*��� ^        ,B   alwliys   natural.
for   high  class   things,   or  Wgn  1   �� ^   ,n   a���   artiaUna!np
not  always  justifiable - mit  ever     * commonplace  is  pro-
drd  h ^her-the dooff11 t  t0  c08t
to printing  high K^work^       ^   9^
It's the
But  it's
nowadays the
nounced.     So that
you more  than  its worth
than  at  others - ami   this
you can pay more  i��'
I,   one   Of   the   ���'others
Wake to the fact th.il it may
be  your  residence   dial  may
destroyed by lire tomorrow.
Hoping the motor will be in at
tendance at the next outbreak,
Yours truly.
" If a Man Deceives You Once, Shame on Him.
If he Deceives You Twice, Shame on You"
A. (
A survivor of the
am lire on May 27,
S. S. Coquit-
Government Sending Agricultural Experts Through B. C.
Hurry It Up
Prince Rupert will soon
new telephone directory.
badly needed. The city is growing
much faster than a healthy boy.
Fully half the names of people
who have telephones are not in
the directory which was issued
last December, li is hoped t<>
have the new volume on the press
inside of a month. The Council
will do what they can to hurrj
the publishing of thc new book.
... em-li ,
ilfa-rnlafal lanal'
��� , pa* planted about WOdalai
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furniihed and
Sternal Heated Room.
P.O. BOX 37
Queen Chorlotte Inlands Land District   Disirict ail
Take notiw thnt 1. John Mi-laitd nl Vancouver,
occupation liroki'r, intend t.i apply d-r pormi-aion
to prospect lor coal and paboteUO OB tin- [OllOWUH
deticrilicd landa: .
Commencing al ia Iioat Minted almut two miles
went ol tha* muulh of tho Tl ���'! Kivir anil marked
J . Mcl.. N. W. Corner, K.a. 89, llienca* muth Ml
chains, thencc east HU chain**, thenca* norlh SU
chaina, thenca* wa*��t 8U chains to point ol com*
menci'ineiit; containinu tiln ucn-s. mora* or leaa.
Dated Fell. 21, l'Jll JOHN Mcl.Ellll
Puh. Feb. W. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotta' Islanda Land Disirict    District ol
Take nolice lhal I, John McUod ol Vancouver,
occupation hroker, intend i.i npply lor permission
to prospect (nr coal and pelrnleuni on the lollowinK
descriraed lands:
Commencini! at a post plantad ahout two milea
wa*at ol the mouth ol the 11.1 River and markeil
j. Mcl.. N. K. Corner, No. IS, thence aouth Ml
chaina, thence west HO chains, thenca- north 1*0
chains, thence east 80 chains to point ail OOffl*
mencemenl; containing (ain acrea, more or less.
Datad Feb. 21, l'.ill JOHN,' Mcl.tlKD
I'ub. Feb. 2U. Clarence McDowell. AKent
nml $48.76 payable October 80th, l��ll
and $��.75 payable October nuth, 1U12
will seeurt- either of these lots
Lots 18-14 Block 8 St-ction'
Wi* are agenta for the ����l��i reliable
Phoenix, Liverpool uml London and
Globe and liritisli America Plre Insurance Companies.
Water Notice
quaen Charlotte lalanda Und Diatrict -Diatrict ol       ......        .
Bkeena Notice is hereby given that an appll-
Take notice that l.John Mcl<-nd ol V.ncaaiiyer cation   will   111-   ITiaila- under Part V. of
occu|'Stui't taratker, intend ln apply Inr permissinn ,i���,  ..ta���,   ���   A    a      laaiui  "a         ...I
Uapr.ispecil.ircalamlpetr um on the (..Pnwinit V"       Water Ajt,    1809,       til   iilltilin   It
deMTilaM lamia: licenae in tin* IJna*a*n (.'liitrltitte Division
Cii'iiiticticing at a poat plantail about two ntlla*a ,,f Skeenn l)i*att*ii*t
���outh and two nulea, weat ol the muuth ol the ,,,,
Tl-el Itiver and marked J.   Mcl.. N. I., tamer, (al     1 In- name, address and ni't'unatiou
of the applicant is George Young,
Victoria, B.C.
No. 72, thence aouth au chaina, thenn* we.t su
Chalna, thence nnrlh SII rhaina, thence eaal HO
chalna lo [Hunt ad commencement; containing
640 acre*, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. L'2, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Aga.m
Queen Charlotle lalanda Und DUtrict���Diitrict ol
Take notice that I, Jnhn MeLaod ol Vancouver,
occupalion bruker, intend to apply (or permission
to ; r< ��� ;a a- for coal and lietroleum on the billowing
doacnlieal landa:
Commencing nt a post planted about two milea
���outh anal two miles wait ol the mouth of the
Ti'el Kiver and markisl J. Mcl,. S. K. Corner,
No. 48. llience north 8U chaina, thence wt-al BO
chains, thenca* south an chains, Ihence eaat 80
chaina to point of commencement: containing tilO
acrea, more or leaa.
Dateal Feb. 22, 1911 JOHN Mcl.KOD
Puh. Feh. 24. laaalie �� Waller, Agent
Queen Charlotle Island! Und District���District ol
Take notice lhat I, John Mclrfod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply lor permission
to i r ; ��� < a for coal and itetroleum on the following
deaadrbed land:
Commencing at a post plaatad about two milaa
north ail ihe muulh nl th' T -el r va'r an marker!
J McU, S. W. Corner. Nn. 4. thence nnrth sn
chains, thenca* eaat 80 chains thenc ��� anuth 8U
chain", Ihence w<st 80 chaina lo polnl uf cam
mercemenl; cnnUining Glu acres, mnre nr lesa
I'a'i-1 I*..!. It, llll, JOHN Mcl.KOD
Pub. Feb 27. T.K. Walur. \g.i,t
Queen Charlolte lalamla Und District- Dlslnrl
Take nuiice that I, John Mrl .coal ���| Vancouver
oecup.il,,,, brnkaar   inten.l ta apply lot permissinn
toSSSfflaSt        *     l"-"'"1'""'! "n the Inll.awi,,,
^a*S9^ * . ���"'" I'*""'"* ��1"IUI l*�� nillea |
Tilt ifi w".""'" -***"��� "' **i�� mmal ol the
Ni? i\ ", ~- m*"!'"1 J' Mrl- N' w. Coral?
!_*��� *a, Ihence aoiath Hll ehaln.   ihenn. mm  tia,
&s-i��E n,""h h **** *s�� *P So
SU ��, '{__Tmm""x'"-^-' containing n,���
__**_*__    U, 19U.
Pub. Feb. ���__
(If fnr mining purpoaea) I'ree Miner's Certificate No	
(h)   The name of the lake,   stream  or
���ource (if unnamed, the deacription
isi Ain Lake and Ain Kiver.
(c)   The pnint nf diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(tl) The quantity of water applied for
(in CObic feet per second) 1000,
(e) The Character of the proposed
works, dam, flume,   pipe-line,  power
enjrlnea, plant, etc.
(f) The premlaea on which ihe water
is to be usi'd (deaeribe same) at or
near mouth Ain Hiver,Masset Inlot.   I
(g) The purpoiea for which the water i
is to be used  is  for power develop-
ment and mill operations.
(h)   If for Irrigation,   deaeribe   the'
land to he Irrigated, giving  acreage. ���.
(i)    If the water is to be used for power or mining purpoaea, deicribk tin*
place when- the water is to be returned to some natural channel,   antl j
the difference in altitude between the
point of diversion and point of return. I
Al or near mouth of Ain Kiver.about!
160 feet l.elow lake level.
li) Area of Crown land Intended to be
occupied by the proposed works    '
(k|   Thia-   notice  was  posted   on   the
!��th day or  April, 1011. and applica-l
lion will be made to the Commissioner
On tba* VKMi ilay of May. lull.
*.WftffBr-SlB*"!"������ ���MwuMi ot
s.���'ww,rs;,t""ur l,cmMM
*,"nCl,",'l,*,",*"5;L��"t)i.lrirt-.i)ul,tclol\  ^^^.^"rtwwLrtthar
*���_. ,.; .'v   ��""''"' l"r" or neanaeea i
win, or wlinse lands nre likelv   to   ha '
<'.Kt)l��-,E YOUNIi,
Ui.v 9tar   at i    ' ''-densbaw, Aiaunt.
"ox iHf,, l>r������.,a Hiipcrt, B.O.
Is Still Going on
Take notice that 1 Joh,, Mcleod ���l Vancouver
occupation broker Inteml tat apply l.��� pmSSSl
to proajia*et l'ir coal anil petroleum on the laalloaai'a
(loacnhed lands: *""��� 1 p.()
Commencing at a post planted about taati mtlea \     vi
north aod two milei* weal ul the moulh ol Tl-el 1      NOTK.-- Dm* Cubic [,���,,  ,,���_   ���
Hiver and mirked J. McL.. K. W. Corner. No. it I equivalent to lir, 71 , S    ���   ��!co*>d   iai
thence  north  N chnina. thence east  m,  chain..   ,,,     .,.,,.���    "'\ ******** * lnchet.
thenco aaiuth ��0 chalna, thencaa west 811 chalna tail1 ""*  /Minl KB, l'.ill.
pount af commencement;   conuining C40 acrea. I
more or. Ij0%  ]0|,N McIjKOI)\
T. E. Waltor. Agent
Dated Feb. 25,1011
Pub. Feb. 27.
1'iintiiriuni V
**timt Claanon, 'Phonal
��� ��� ��� ���
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
CBaloddnrt, Assignee
Second Ave.,
Prince Rupert, B.C,
Messrs. Wier and White are
Two Agricultural and Horticultural Specialists From Ontario Every Possibility of
Land Will be Noted and Re-
port Made.
To look over the agricultural
possibilities of Northern B. C, to
address meetings of farmers on
educational subjects, t<> learn everything about the snil l"i horticultural pursuits will In- the chid
objects of the visit of Messrs. I
���\. Wier, an expert agriculturalist
and horticulturist from Ontario,
and E. W. White, a snn of Rev.
Silva Whin- of Ncw Westminster,
have been specially corn-
by the Provincial Department <>f Agriculture to tour
the country between lu-rt- and
Hazelton via thc valleys of thc
Naas and Skeena rivers, and especially investigate the auricultur.il
and horticultural possibilities ol
that region-
Going via Hazelton
Messrs. Weir and Whin- will
thoroughly explore the entire cm-i
and adjacent northern territory,
travelling on horseback antl by
canoe, and making daily memoranda nl the area- explored, tho
character <��f thc wil, thc m.ix-
iiniiin, average and lowest temperature, frost conditions, precipitation, extent and character ol
timber, approximate cosl of clearing, etc., etc., mailing these memoranda back t<> tin* Department
at Victoria at every opportunity,
in the same manner that similar
reports will be made in future by
all Provincial surveys engaged in
the field.
Both Mr. Wier and Mr. White
an- Bpokcn nl as exceptionally
capable nun, with thorough, practical knowledge <>f agriculture and
all ils related industries. They
intend going in hy way of ll.t/el-
!tr mm* ��"�� mwUm cnuininil 840 .era.
BKuSUwn.        ""'MB IIA1I1NUTON
I'uh.  \|aril l.i.
.   ,,., u.j.l HWrtct    I'islrict ol Coast
I ,k. nolice thai  William Munliinl l-.lrinc-'
ii���i,'.r    n   c. owupaUon pmiiMMq,Intgw;
Oi'nHa'h   ler   penSSKa   W  leas.'   the   lolowtng
"���SfJlSlSal .n*a��i��l about leortaiw
���������i, ���i tha lii'lmn Raaarw oa If**** *****
1'n.Z It] ,������i "ii tha mm si.h* ,.l "'M"'""'^;
,!���.,���.,. ..aiiil, a0 cliains ulnng shun*, then"* ��J��
Pub. April 18.
notiee  that   Otta J.  ll��n*ni  ��t   I'nnco
ISSJToc p��mUon to hw Ehe fSowtai dwriM
'���cSnmendm *���* * !������ i��Um��l i__* JWj"
of m milu fn��ni tht- nurth w��i corntr <.f (��� Iwon
UUnd on Un witl titbwn \*Am*\. lh���� "">;'���> ��
riKtiti- Uwnoi ��*a-t 10 ohalm. Uww north <o
SS tli.net> writ 20 chaintt to point nfcom-
���MoeMiMiii.oontalnlng80 "^."'TVti.N'siiN.
\\-\,*\ .'.uii March. 1911
Bkoona I-m��l nMrlct-l>iMricmf t��w��
i;.k.* notlc*that I. Mia. JohnOorlai ol Pnneo
Rupert It (X.occupation tnarrW woman, Intanda
bo oppli tor portnlaalon to purchaaa tl��- following
deacribad In mln:
Commandni at a i****** pl����t��^i ��������� >'nnin* i>ih
���nd ISO chalna pouth from the nouihwrn mrnrrof
i..i I73S, Coasl Diatrict* Ranaa6. thanea w��uth m
otMlna, thence aaat *�� chmnn. thmcr nunh m��
rhaim>. ihracr we*t 4" chmu* mOCOOf MM t��> UM
polnl ol oonunaneaoawt i"ni��mtntt san ��m*��
m.,r.*,.r ���'" MKS JO||N ,,������,,., coKI.KY
DataMar.10. Ittl
l��ul��. Apr. I. I'll
Sklent Uml Dirtrlet���Dlrtrict ol t'owt lUntv 8
Tiki* nottn* tlmt Mery IU4I lleatun ��| Vancuu
ear, It l'.. occupatiun uplnatrr * mi* mi' to amily
(or iNTnUaalun lo purcha��c the folluwinc ileocrihot)
Cuminmrin^ at a |M��at plantfd at thr m��rth
rmtti eofMC uf l^u BNOb ihencv alwul :W chaini
n< rth to l^��t LTtti tiMM *��0 chaini wvat t- U��t
I98S, thanOt almut UO chaina wuth to Lul .1981,
thonoe m ehaha aaat* thanoa H ciiaina auuth to
l/.t 6VJ thonoo 00 c.'iaina OOati ihcnep -0 chaina
north, thfnc* *H chalna nul tu point ol com-
inoncinimi: OOntalnlnf OaO acn-* m.*** **t Itwa
Poat markp.1 M. It. II., S.K. Corner.
DaM K.I. 14. l'.ill.       MAKV UKIX HKATON
Pub March 4
Skrrna Uml iHaltirl-lNatrirt of Coaat.
Takr hultcf thnt I. J II. McAuirhey ol I'rinc*
IttiiM-rt. .ht ii put tun miner, internls lu npply for
I'l-riiu n tu purrhnM* the fulluwinir ilpacribed
OomnondW nt n p��al plnnteil ��l tho M>uthwe*t
COrnor Of lot.tttt. thenre en��t 4" rhainn. thenre
MUtfa I ObalnOa thenoe WOOt 10 rhaihn. thencc
tintth ���* iluiiii- tu p��iinl i��f r��niinenmiM*nU c*m��
tiiiumi- Si BOrOi in.in- *>t le��i>.
Date Kel.  18, l.'ll J. II.   M-  M -.Ml V
Vuh. Keh. 25, It'll. Andrew Kennnly. Airrnt
SkeenA Und Dirtrict - Dintrin ��f Caviar
Tnke notice lhal I Iktlrt.ni Mi-D.nnkl nf  I'rince
Raport* BXh occupation laborer, mteml* to .%\*
ply f>'i parninolon tnpuivhaw lhe fulluwlntt tit"
���Tlll*1*'l   lilll'l-.
Coitunencirur at a |m��i plantnl three and one-
half mile* in an earterly <lirrcti��n fnwn the tM��int
un Nana Itiver when- the t*ava I .ake trail begin
and one m*\<* in a northerly direction fr-��n the
Mill \*\* Lain trail, thenre nurlh B eham*.
ihence weal BO chain-. thoBM wmlh Mi chainn,
thenre ea<t rhaina tu IHiint of commencement.
rantnlnlni 'Ho arrea.
it.t. i. i. :, I'.'ii, noi.roM McDonald
I'ul.. Mar. In. Juaeph llelway. Auent
Bkaana Lund Diatrict-Dlatrict of Cout
Take notice that  I. William Anderson, of Van-
eouvaTi ItC, oooupatlon olnrk. Intandi to apply
for permisaion to purchaae the following denribi
ihI lands:        ���
CommencinK nt a post planted and marked W,
A. northweat comer, nnd ubout 1 mile from Alex.
tinder Huehun northern boundary Utir; tlwure
���OUth Wi chains, thenco oast 8(1 onathf thanca
north BO chains, thence west W) rhains. to point of
coin mencement, containing ��40 acres more nr 1<>��i
Dated 1st Feb. 1911 Charles B. Stark, Auent
PUD. 1'cb. 25.
Skeenii Land District���District of Queen (liarlottr
Taka notice that Frank U>vick ot Wooditod^
(int.,   occupation   booatoapOTi   intends  to  tmh
(or ts'rinission to purchaso thu following dflKrtbco
landai ,
Commencinu at a t>ost planteil about nvoa
mill's wc-! nnd two miles south uf ihe mmith ol
Stanley Creek where it empties into Ntdce
Harbor, (intbum Island, thenci. KO chainn nu-jth,
thenci* HO cbains easl, thenci* HO chaint t,,trth.
thoMB HO chaina west to point of BfflftmOTHMmal
und contaninK ,;lu acres moro or loan.
Datad March 17, 1!U1. FRANK LKVICK
Pub, April 7. Numa Dtnan, htm    i
Skwna Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coast
Take notice that  1, l'eter Held, of VanooOTOr,
B.C.. uccupation teamaier.  intenda to apply f��
permiaaion to purchaae the following deecribed
Commencinir ��t a poat planted and marked P.
K.'s S.W. curner and immediately adjolnine tuista
markeil J.M.'a N.E. curner and A.B.'a SK tat*
ner; ihence nurth 80 chalna. thence east tochains,
tbence south MO chains, thence wesl 40 chaina, to
point uf commencement, containing 880 acrsa
more or losa. PBTBB REID,
Dateil 1st Keb. 1911 Charlea 11  Allen, Atfsnt
I'ub. Feb. lifi.
Skeena Land Diatrict -District of Quoen Charlotte
Take notiw that tieorvo W. Arnoit uf I'nr.cr
KuiH-rt, H. C, occupation real estate bruker,
intends to apply for permission to purclixie the
lolluwinK diwcrilted landa:
CummencinR at a post planted aliout MVtt
milea and one-half mile wont and MN mOo Miuth
iri'tn the muuth of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor,
thence wiwt HO chains, thenoe south HO chains
thencv easl HO chains, thence north HO chain*
Dat.il March 17, 1911. GEO. W. AUStiTT
I'ub. April 22. Numa Danan* AfHl
Ski*cna Land District���Diatrict of Quivn Charlutte
Take noticv thai J. II. Murphy of Vancouver.
B. C.��� occupalion commercial traveller, intendi
to apply fur pcrWialon to purchaae the fulluami
dcscnlmd lands:
Commencing at a poal planted ahout a*v.*n
mili"i west and one milo aouth from the mouth
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thenci- north M
chaina, thencv ��vat 40 chains, thenci* M.uth m)
chains, thenei1 * .*���. 40 chains.
Dat.il March 17, 1911. J. II. MURPHT
I'ub, April 22. Numa Demio, An.nt
Skivna Und Mtstrlct���District of Qutiit Charlotte
Nan tin
Take notice that Ceo. II. Laux of I'rinn* i. .��� ��� rt,
B. C-, occupation barber. Intends tu apply br
l-rii.isMon to purchase tbe following: ib-wTilxil
Cummencing at  a  poat  plantnl  UOUl
mil** wmt and one mile aouth I mm thi nrnuth
.4 Stanly   Creek, Naden Harbor, thence ���
chains, thenee weat 40 chains, thence north N
cliains. ihencv eaal 40 chaina.
Dated March 17,1911. 010. II   LAW
Puh. April 22. Numa Ifcmi-r*. AR.nl
Skeena Und Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coaat
Take notio* ihat  Fml  W. Bohler of Kit*um-
kalum, occupation farmor,  intends to inq  ("j
nermMdon  to   purchase   the   following  descttM
Commencing at a post  planteil at the north*
east corner of     A. McLeod'a pre-empt km. taaaat
20 chaina anuth. Ihence 10 chaina east, UM
rhains north.  Ihence   10  ehains we��t   t.>
rommencement containinK 20 arre�� morv   -
Datod April 10, 1911.  FIUKDB1CH W, lUiMl.KK
I'ub. April 22. Fred Hampton. Agent
Ski-ena Land District���District of Coast Itange S
Take notice that I, Lionel Klngaley ol \arn��u-
vit,  H. Cm occupalion   miner.  Intend  to app.y
(or iH-rmiwion to purchaae the following dl
Commencinf it a po��t planted near Ihi ���oat*
wofit corner of Lot 992, Range 8, Coaat   pMtnrt
thence ��v��t   40 chains,   thence south t^O chain*.
thenre i-asl 40 chains, thence north 60 chain* t��
tMiinl of eommeneement. ....
Datod March 21, 1911.        LIONEL DN08U1
I'ub. April 22.
Skivna Und I'ftnrt
Take   notice   thai
r, and ii, Bloi
Sa*ctiiin 1.
$:|(hiii, '>ii per cent caah,
balance 1,1, ,'t yi-ars,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
lot Ho chains in a point, ihenn* in a southerly dlrvctkin :i.% rhaina parallel to the said
oaM.-rly limit of lot I'.eii, thenr* In a westerly direction AO rhain* m.in> or lew* to
the point of commoncvmi nt containin�� 210 acn*
mon- or leaa*
Dated March H. l*.|i.
I'ub. March 2'��.
I Rochester^
f;,]F   *��� Monroe
l.      \\ Coal
\A. Phone iis
l>iaalai�� nl <'..��.! U.laajr V
I..I11I1    Allan*   IraiatlhaT   ill
llilatat,    Vnrk.hirr.   KaiRl.aail,   aarru|i,liuti  pla,n��t.*r.
ii.i* a.al. t.i aipiila   l.��r  \* milium lo liurrhaiM* tha*
1(111,   til   SpOlld   till-  Cillirc   SCalSOll   III ' l��llii��Hil! ili~a-ril��.l lan.l.:
. * (I'tHlllfljrilia: ��t   ��� |tia��l   iJ.lllfl .t  Ua.- *a.atltr,  ,av.l
llll- north I'lilllllrv ai'il  l�� ��-<>011>l<U-   rairnit ��>l ��urva*>a*,l lul  WH. lUnta* :., l�����.i ll,^
, ' Inn. lha*MV natrih ��l,in�� Iha* rxtarly limit a^ thaa
.in aunt ullural Mirvt-v nl ilu- wliole  >��i'i im II th��in�� mam* at, i��� t.i Uh* mtujtmt.
. , ,,������,' 'Im"   "���   l��it I'.'^'i. IUti��a* .'.. r..nat ila.ttlrt.tha.nfaa
III    nOrUlCm    liritlSh    t (lluillln.l   III ;��wl��lnn*Oie��aaulh��l>liaa,ili.ltha.|��.l ma-nllunnl
bo far a> possible. Front thc data
which they will collect during tlu-
season, a full and completely informative report will bc made with
respect to the producing capabilities nf ilu- .several districts; al
the same dme, these two expert
representatives ol the Department
will hold conferences with ilu-
Farmers and settlers at every opportunity, advising them as to
what crops nr fruits their lamls arc
most suiii-al for, and the methods
in In- adopted fnr thc securing of
the best possible results,
Taking Seeds
Messrs. Wier ami White are
[also taking with them a quantity
of sugar licet seed, and extensive
experiments will In- conducted with
a view to testing thc suitability
��f ilu- northern districl for ihis
particular crop and the related
industry of sugar-making.
Ski.��� l.an*l DialtiJ'    llimict tai I'aual.r
T.lt.a  nnllca* that   I,  r.aty lj,��*anan ���l   Print.
Uupa-M,  B. I'., aNU|Mlloa lini-M-Tiiir, inl.'nil tu
appl)   fair   MUlWUU   I..   |H,rchtaa.*   IIh*   liilliiaainat
ili<M*lll<a*l hall I.:
raimnapnrint at a \.mi fla.nt.-l in tha* vicmiiv
i.i UOOM llay, allOUl tl n- -a-iclal. aal a mila* ����au!h
nl tha* iniiuth a.| tlia-  Itunanra 1'p.ala. an*l  laainR
nn  thi' aa.tttly  Imimlary  nl Tniil-i   Until   Nn.
WU\ nt Nn. lUlO, il.aa,  aaainth III rhaln. alnntt
Iha* aa.laaly limit nl    n.| 1 imlm Uinlt Nn   I'.'JM
nr Nn. [ItaiiD III chain.. Iha Mt i>.l I,, tht* .hum nl
t,...... llay. a aliatanc* nl tu chain, mora* ,.r l,.��
llaaim r.i.rtlt.rly alm,e Um ��h���r.. ���| Oaoa Hay
III rliain. naittaa uf I... IIiiin ai.1,.,1,. |[i rta.ln',
i.mri aar MM In fnml i.i ctainni|anfaa|na',at. cnntairinK
Kin am*, mitra* aar la-w.
Ihaiial Marr'i 7. lull PRBRY QURRNAM
I'llla. April 7.
Skaana Und Dlatriel -Dlttritl a.r r.n..iar
laika ii.allir thai I .l.a.i-tih lli-laany ���f v.,,,. . ,., ,
III    . ������* ��� ll|llltilin |llu��|llTtiaa. mll'lnl. taa ||,.,,U    f���r
jti*a,ni..i.iia t.a |atira<ha>- tha* fotknrln*dewribad
Otmnwnrina ai n |a.~i phnlad ta>-��� .,,,1 _n*AM
mil,*. In nn a*n.trrly iliraM-tl,,,, fr.,���i th,. ,���������t ������
Nnn. Hivir aahrri* tha* |.;,a��� Uk, tlni| )��.,,,���.
Ihnnca* avp.l  Mi chain.,  thrnrr ...aitli  *..,,,,.,,,'
jhanaaaaat 10ohaina,uwnM nonh m chaim t',
tiiiint nf euniinaiwoiMiit, mialnlni tta  aa*,...
anaara* nr la*...
Ihttn Mi. .1. l'Jll
I'uli. Mnr. in
Skwna U-anal Dl.lrlct-Di.lrlct nf Ca-.'.ar
Takr nutica* that I Ch.rlca Morrl. "f Pllaea Rf
|ta*rt. B.C. a*ra'ii|i��llian l.b*ara-r. Inteml. I" "I'l'n
fatr |ta*rmi..lon In purchase thc ftillowina* *
a*al lanals:
I'.aiiiinrnrinir at a paast planteal thrav sn i aaic-
half miles In an easterly ailrectlnn fmni th.* paw
nn Naas Rlaer where the Ijiv. Uke trail I**""*
nml une mile in * northerly allrcciinn ttm** i"*
*-a"l   l.a\ i   l.jilai'  trail,   thenee .until
thenca* en.t as) a'hains.  thence nnrth *���" ��� 1 aina.
tlienri* aa..t Ml chains ti. Mnt nf cinilni '
enntaininx HO acres. M   ,..���.
I'm. 1.1...i. IMI. CHAKI.KS MOBRB
I'uh. Mar. 10. Jowtah IM.sy. /nern'
Skeena Uml District-District "I '
I ak.* m.lire that I. Leslie B. Waller, nf I anei*
ver. ll.C, ia.. ii,i.tinn pntspecttir. im*
l*l> fnr |ta*rmissinn taa purchase the [agRoWtl -',|''*-
enliod lands:
r-.iiiini-n.-i,i�� at a laaaal pl.nlcal anil tu
H w.'l SK. caarner anal Immeallalclv .
I��wt marketl W.A.'a N.W. cnrner: the,.. ���
chain.,  thence west Hll chains,  Ihence
i liama. Ihence east  HO  chains,   la, ttninl *  '
niencenti.nl. containinK W(l acres, ni'"*'
Dateal Isl Nl 1911 Charles II. All. "��� A
PuS, Keb. iif,.
Skeena Uml Dislrict-Distncl ol Ourcn '
notice lhal   Hubert  O.  ('tew
nccupalion aaent, internl** "'
Cubs Meet the Tigers
On Tuesday nighl there will be
| a ureal Basket Ball match between
ilu- Kaien Islaiul Club Cults and
ilu-  Tigers!   This  will  ba   tlu-
third match between these, the
pioneer basket ball teams of Prince
Uupurt.   Each has a victory to
BESNER & besner, |PnoBuWon��|the good, and the fight for the
vantage will l��- hoi stuff,   The
etc., will in* announced
| Tin N,*w Kntix HoUl la run nn Ilie K,irn|i..nn
i plan.   Flnt-elaaa aervleo.   All the Lateet Modem
Improvements. -:.;. ggfjjj Wk, U1,
line up,
Skcna Untl Dlttrlct-Dl.trtcl nf Cas.iar
Take li.ilice lhat I Arthur Jifflei Wel.h ..f Van
ci.iin*r. aiceiipalinn bn.knr. Intend, i,, iDbls  f,���
lnn,'i's-"'''n     *'"���������"'"' m* '"����������las taaribS
r.immenclnit at a |.t..t plaatad llaarc and one.
half mil... n an en.t,*, y dlrwlhn, l,..���, ,hr $*.
im Nuns Ilivcr where the Ul . Lake |,���i| '.,,"
mences near the trail, theme ������., ,,���,,,��� h .���
���hence suuth w chains. Ihence ,.,.., in .v.
thence north sn chains l.t polnl .1 ,,���.,,���.���.;
contalninaM0acre, more wl. '"m""'"'"'"ni
llialeKel,:;  IKII All I III I, MMI..SWK.I.CII
I'ub. Mar. 10 j���.e,,|, ���,.|w���y JJ*����
Take   ..
Ulipetl, II. t
Inr liermisaln.. .    ,
lands: .. ..
Commencinu al   ���  post   planteil   alanil   '   _���
mi.-- west ami hall ��� mile aouth ul lhe ""'V ,.irt
Sianley   Cn*a*k   where   il    empties    inn'   >���'
llarl.iar,  Craham  Island,  thence easl   '.
ihence mirth   10 chaina,  thence went   I" *n-   j
l hence soulh III chains to point ol comn.a i ���a
and Containin, IliO aerea mnre (ar less. , ,.a-u
liaicl March 17, lilll. IUHIKI1T "  i ��"
I'uh. April 7. Numa Demir*. Al���
Skeena Und District-District of Coast �����*
'lake notice lh,t  William  franklin i s*-,"'
nl I'rince  llupert,  II.  C, occupatinn ra ������ \
kas*p��r, intend, to *p*,lr tor parmlMinn to p im
the ItillnwinR .le-.crilaa.il Istitl  : ,. pUt
Cnmmencina at , poet planted at the to       i(ll
corner ail surveyed Lot 1712, thonc i-11
south, thonce about 85 chain, sret I" ''
thence 20 chain, north, thence 15 chair
Ihence alannt 25 chalna north lo Lot ll'"'
alaanii io chain, eaat to wuth east corn. ���
li"aH, thence about .15 chalna north in la
Ihence almut 55 chain, nasi lo pninl of cum     *
menl; containinu 4H0 acrea, more or lea".
Daleal F.b 15, 1911.
I'ub March 4. . _.������,.uTgl
al  IM
keana Und llislrict���Diatriet ol ( oast WJLg
Tske notiee that Charlea P. """."' 'j, w
Kiipeft, ii. c., occupation surveyor, I" '     jBj
spply  Inr  iiermission  to purchaae lhe ""
descrilied lands: .thr,'1
I'ummencinn at a pnal planteal st the mar^   ^^
enrm-r nl surveyeal lnt H98L Ranlie r*. I "������     ,M
Irlct,  thenar  In  sn  easterly  directlnn  alon��  ^
snillhrrly limit nl surveyed lot 3991 and "   ��� ,��
iee'lon iherenl 40 chains to a point, I hen J'  3,jt
psrallal in ihe easterly limit o( survcyc'i i"     ,v
sliiraa.siil r.O chalna more or leas lo lhc n"    ^
limil ..I a Umber limit (No. I26ra.il. theivm
40 rhains maire nr Inw to a nnlnl In lhe pij. ,,���
nenre nortn sn chains, ihence^a'aV   *',"","',l>'  "' 'he easterly  limit <" siirae)
ce ...nil,  -in i ,������. ,��� .������",,'""'""   gM.  "'ence In  a  northerly  direct inn  al n��    ,a
c..nlaii,li.a,r,|i,,���.f���. ,������.,,     |r""'-   pri.iecllnn nl the said limit am   slonK '';    ^
ltm�� N chain, more or loas to polnl nl con""
menl, funtalnlng 240 acre, maare 01JS*.  __ttm
isle.l March K, Kill.        CHAHLLS I* ""
Pub. M.rch 26.
 *       '-"'lilt  ��� t C..a.|
,.���!��� A'-smier  Bochan. .,f
���patlon butcher.Intcmfeta
i '" piiail,,,.,. UN fnlluwln.
Skeenn Land Dlstai.l    Dlatriel dfOoai
Tnke   naatlee   thnt    "
Vnni'iniver, ll.C.  nee
npply fnr peroti..iitn
deecribed In,ail.:
Cnmmencina n p...i nlanted aad markad A H ;
8.K. comer, ami adjtdnna pnsu mark��jju'a!
N.K. enter and I'll'. S.K.   ,,���,���.',,,,'     M  '
"Oehalnr, thence northw ,,,.""' ."��'""��� we.t
elinins, then
llliancetnenl, i,������������������,
Puh. Feb.26 ��nanaau am,,,. A���.���t
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
,     Department Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our  Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock  in  Northern  B. C.
f*A*m***\*m*Mllll* ***** ��<tyWo/^f fr*V*"^/"l'V~*\_*****/*_^**^m*^i
[Tie sparrows are building,  my
tlt-art-st one;
And  the skies arc wind-swept
The shy green blades of grass peep
So I know that spring is here!
The Spirit of Life awakes and sighs
In flower and budding tree.
riu- unchained snows break up and
Away to the lake and sea.
The tri-etops sway, and the wavelets play
And break on the river's shore.
The river that winds like a silver
And the falls that spray and roar
The   winds   that   blow   and   thc
things that grow,
The bright stars watching late,
The birds that sing, and, oh! the
I'or flowers and spring 1 wait.
I li'-   ice-floes   are   breaking   and
floating away
t>n lhe river's cold deep blue;
And the Secret of Life conies near
to me
And I know that God is true:
And the moonlight gleams on the
waking land
And ever lhe wild things sing
I he old sweet truths they know of
And flowers and joy in the spring.
���Vera Reding
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies uf Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
.Social Notes
Miss G. Thomas and Miss Wood
of New York, arrived on the
Prince George on Saturday morning, and are guests at the Prince
Rupert Inn Annex. After a short
stay in town they will proceed
to Alaska and other points of
interest in the west.
Mrs. Frank McArthur and Mrs.
George Abels, who have been
guests at the Annex for several
weeks, left on Saturday on thc
Inlznder to join their husbands in
Mrs. Hcnning and Mrs. Konkey
left on the Prince George this
morning, on a trip to Vancouver
and Senttle.
Fashion's Latest Fad Wins Its
Way into Westminster
Since Guy Fawkes' Day it has
been reckoned as easy for a camel
to squirm through the eye of a
needle as for a person unarmed
With thc necessary pass to enter
'he inner doors of thc Houses of
Parliament. But it has been done,
M��d by a pair of pretty "harem
skirted" girls. It was not a
���Uffragette movement. They were
nmply iwo pretty Irish mannequins from the Palace of Fashions
Who  wen*   out   to   bc   seen   and
"hey arrived in .in automobile
���i( lhe strangers' entrance to the
"""so of Commons, and, not
having the necessary tickets, were
���topped by the policeman.   They
��mlled, cajoled, made the stem
''"''I'V blush and simply told him
*ey wanted to show the members
of the House how nice their wives
would look in harem skirts.
Whatever else they said, they
managed to pass, and made their
way to the lobby. Hard working
legislators started and stopped,
blinking their eyes as they saw
these two pictures of loveliness
quietly strolling about between
the Kings anil Queens of England
in Westminster Hall.
At least one cabinet minister
took a .surreptitious peep at them
from one of the doorways leading
to the chamber itself, but scuttled
away to safety as they approached
him, with a look of dismay on his
face. No member had the effrontery to put a "question to the
House" about the unusual visitation, but members forgot the
business of the hour to talk about
the remarkable dresses of the pretty
.Fitzgerald and O'Brien in thc
Whatever else happened, the
girls certainly came from the House
smiling and happy. Cheered by
the crowd, a wag started singing,
"Fall in and follow me," and
his invitation was accepted to
Unite an embarrassing degree. But
they passed through the "Row,"
with the rubbernecks in their
train; had tea at Prince's and
walked home without any of that
ridicule with which the "harem"
or even its freak predecessor, the
"hobble," was first greeted, which
recalls Lady Russell's remark when
the "harem" appeared, that, notwithstanding the sneers of Unfashionable modiste, it had come
to stay.
Mrs. A. E. MaeMastcr was the
hostess of an exceedingly smart
Bridge party on Saturday afternoon. The rooms were gaily decorated with a profusion of spring
flowers and presented a charming
appearance. Mrs. P. I. Palmer
was the winner of the first prize,
Mrs. Tremayne the second prize,
while the consolation fell to Mrs.
Cade. Miss Martin, Miss Brown,
Miss DuVernet and Miss Mac-
Master assisted the hostess. The
following is a partial list of those
present: Mrs. DuVernet, Mrs.
Roberaon, Mrs. Burrett, Mrs. Mcintosh, Miss DesBarres, Mrs. James, Mrs. Christie, Mrs. D. G.
Stewart,   Mrs.   McLennan,   Mrs.
McMullen, Mrs. Vernor Smith.
Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. Craig, Miss
Craig, Mrs, Morris, Mrs. McNeill
Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs.
Pillsbury, Mrs. II. L. Johnston
and Mr.s Keen.
A complimentary dance is being
arranged for in Mclntyre Hall
for Thursday evening, in honor of
Mr. Horace DuVernet ami his
bride,   who  are  expected   in   thc
city on Wednesday,
art dear to the heart of the sturdy
The Society is making a special
effort at present to bring all the
Scandinavians in the ciiy into
Whispers    Wafted    from
World of Dress
ss. Prince George
Saila for Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a.m.
Saili for
Mondays, at 8.00 a.m.
Kilted skirts are promised for
girls' wear again; also kilted lloun-
ces under one-piece loose frocks.
Another idea is the "band" flounce I lines arranged,
trimming on girls' dresses of plain
Beads are used everywhere.   No
kind of trimming is so popular.
Where the coiffure is concerned
there's a rumor that the little|
straight fringe- light, and very
short���is being revived again in
Paris. Some time ago it was
tentatively introduced, and how
many girls are frankly adopting it,
especially in cases where the hair
is firmly banded round the heat! a
little above tlie forehead as a
support to the dusters of curls on
the crown.
�����. Prince Albert sails for I'ort   Simpson, Nans Kiver Points, Mussct,
Naden Harbor,   every  Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Hay,  Skidegate, Queen
Charlotle City, Lookeport, IV
coli, J cd wuy,   Ikedu Buy,   Rose
Harbor und return viu Quean
Charlotte City every Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The   Grand Trunk Railway Syitem
Connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates n frequent und convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  truck route   between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Huston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets obtainable from the ollice hereunder men-
| tioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
Cuudiu Pink Railway   *   B.C. Cusl Steamship Service
The Little Things You are Apt
to Need Now and Then
In making tailored buttonholes
always wax the thread and linen
before beginning. Let linen thread
run along edge of buttonhole while
working with silk, and change for
every buttonhole.
When making a meat loaf, place
three hard-boiled eggs in the middle, end to end. When the meal
is cut a slice of egg is in the
centre of each piece. It makes a
very attractive luncheon dish.
Princess May
Vaancouvaar,  Victoria,  Seattle
6 p.m., MON.. MAY lit
Tt'aln fur Winni|ii*it anal Turain-
lo Icavtta Vancuuver at
D ji in  tlnily
Imperial LinillaHl fur Chicntto.
Matntrenl anil New York.    Ht*��t train acrtms the
eaintinent, leaves Vancnuiier ilaily at 3.lit ii.m.
Carrlea compartment ulwaarvntiun carta, the Uncut
ana on any raaail anywhere.
AKent fnr all Atlantic Steamship lines. Tickets
to anil from European points.
J. C McNab ��� General Agent
Second aveiue and Thii-d street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Ottice.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. .280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
Mrs. R. Ross aud Miss Mathe-
son left this morning on a trip t��
Mr. and Mrs. Holien arc guests
at thc Annex until their new
home on Fifth avenue is completed.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Long of
Victoria, arc guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Stanley Long.
Princcss Victoria Louise, the
kaiser's only daughter, is not quite
nineteen. But she's colonel of
a famous British regiment of hussars���tlie "Death or ('.lory Boys"���
so named because of their gallant
record antl the grewsome insignia
of skull and crossbones worn by
thc officers on their busbecs.
Of course, thc princess' commission as colonel is honorary,
like all those army jobs exchanged
between European royal families,
and doesn't require her attendance
at drill every day. She hat an
especially sunny disposition, is
the best looking of the kaiser's
family, and possess in marked
degree the domestic virtues characteristic of the German fair sex.
Mrs. C. B. I.ockhart entertained
a few ladies at Bridge on Saturday
afternoons The hostess was assist
ed by Miss I.ockhart and Miss
BrowA, Mrs. Arnold was the
fortunate winner of the star prize.
The guests included: Mrs. Austin,
Mrs. Stork, Mrs. Dawson, Mrs.
Reddie, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Brandt
and Mrs. Anderson.
Win. Keei't-of Metlakatla, is the
guest of Mrs. DuVernet.
The Scandinavian Society
Yes, wc love with fond devotion
Norway's mountain domes.
Rising, widespread o'er the ocean
With its thousand homes.
Love   and   cherish   while   we're
Thoughts to Fatherland;
And thesaganight that's sending
Dreams upon our land.
Bjornscn, the great Norwayan
poet, brings in these lines a picture
of the Northlands with thc impressions that a weird ancestry
has left an the minds of the
old Viking's descendants.
From the days of I.eif Kricson
and his Vikings, explorers of Vine-
land the Canod, the sons of Scandinavia have been more or less
with us in upbuilding of this great
The Scandinavians' Society on
PrfalCfl Rupert is a gathering of
men for mutual aind and fellowship among the Scandinavians of
Prince Rupert and for preservation
of gems of anrient as well as
modem  literature, language and
A delirious salad is made from
different nuts, white grapes, a
little shredded grape fruit, pineapple cut into cubes, and shredded
celery. Mask in mayonnaise or
serve with a cream dressing.
When a boiled egg is the usual
breakfast dish, vary- it By breaking
it raw into the egg cup, and
cooking in hot water to thc desired consistency. The flavor is
quite different than when cooked
in the shell.
Save thc narrow pa|>cr that
strips of ribbon come on. When
stitching on thin materials use
these papers to place under the
goods to avoid puckering. They
arc much easier to use than strips
of newspaper torn up.
Pierce each end of an egg and
blow   content!  out.    Fill   with
plaster paris (warmed); let harden
and you have a nest egg that will
last for years. Moreover, this is
much better than the white china
egg generally used.
Skeena Boats Stranded
The Skeena River steamers Operator, Conveyor and Distributor
which left here for Hazelton laat
Tuesday and Wednesday are tied
up at about Mile 02. Thc water
is three feet eight inches below-
zero, but there are hopes that il
will rise quickly. The weather
at Hazelton and district is clear
and cold.
of British Columbia
anal Manitoba Ran.
of B.C.. Ontario. Sa��-
katchawan anal Al*
betia Bart.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Kschsnte block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. I'rince Ruuert. 0
.* p
A proposal to abolish the hammer throw from the list of track
and field championship events is
receiving serious consideration at
Yale as a result of an accident
last Saturday to "Pete" Francis,
one of the university's athletic
stars. The wire hammer handle
broke when Francis was throwing
the weight, cutting his cheek and
narrowly missing his eye. Francis
is a son of a former Ambassador to
The Handicap Committee of the
Women's Eastern Golf Association
nis placed Miss Dorothy Camp-
ic-ll of Hamilton, Out., the U. S.
and Canadian champion, and Miss
Fanny C. Osgood of the Country
Club, Brookline, Mass., the association champion at plus one at the
John K. l'orsythe, the new-
president of tin- t*. L. A., is the
first Toronto man to obtain the
honor since Fred Garvin was president in 1892.
Odd Cognomens of Some Men
Who Figure in Baseball
Building  Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, Ncw Wellington Coal
Ste Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Phone No. 200 V. 0.  Box 580
* w. j. McCutcheon
Curries complete stock of DruKB.   Special
attention pttid to tilling prescriptions.
Theatre Block p��onk no. 79 Second Ave.
LINDSAY'S c\*?o-%>t
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Oralers promptly lllli-al.   Prices reasonable.
OFFICE- H. B. Rochester. Centre St.     Phone 68.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and Sth Street
WM. S. HALL. L.D. S.. li.D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dvnutl ntaaaraticnt sttllfailly trawled. Gas and
laaral snasthpllcs aalnatniaalrreal for the i.iaiiile-" ex*
tratrtliin of lerth. Cammillallim fn-a*. Odlcat:
llrlra-rsnn Block. l*rinw Rupert. Il-U
��..! M      Halt   STKKI.,    aiaa IUM 111
...ANI1    CONTRACTOR*       I lilll
P. O. Box 436 ��� Office 3rd and Fulton
p. o. box a
rurik or wm. koxon, nm.. a.r.a.m.'lon.. kno.
a;. . M m ,��� . .   �� a..    W.E.WIIIIanM,n.A.,k.k.D
Barristers, Solicitor*, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
What's in a name? What?
Well, it might be cursorily mentioned that there's a bin lot in
some names, both in tin- number
of U'tti-rs and in the vowels,
diphthongs and consonants. Viewing the perennial question from
that Standpoint, allow ns ti) submit a few given publication in
J. II. I'arrell's latest bulletin of
the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues:
First come corrugated handles
such as these: Jamagin, Me-
Whirter, Vyskocil, Welsenstein,
Coughanour, Woodyatt, Kossuck,
Traillkill. Dahikamp, Sihamburu,
Nagt-leisen, Favereau. Ye gods!
enough! I'atiess we haven't a
few tongue throttlers in this national game?
You may josh about "One
Round" Hogan, "Knockout" Brown and "Cyclone Johnny" Thompson and such cxiccmcd gentlemen
of die prize ring, but who will
gainsay that these illustrious names
h.tve more distinction about them
than a cosmopolitan list beginning
with ("any Featheroff and Ransom
Which for you, S. Gordon Mc-
Dull or Hauling Kelly? Or would
you rather come when the manager bellows William Stump or
Sam M. (hiss in preference to
"Fighting Dick" Hyland? Have
it your own way.
O, what romance weaves itself
about such genteel monickers as
these: Samuel G. Fritz, l.ige
Woolcy, Pembroke Finlayson, O.
M. Bagwell, ("Icon P. Kilburn and
Percy I.ing. What a fine team
could be composed of L. I-". Wisdom, Merie D. Spaid, W. B.
Rudisill, Bud Moe, Harry Killalay,
A. H. SchnelTe, Glade Warrick.
Melvin Legates and Arthur Chir-
And they call baseball the great
American game?
Swift's Premium Hums and Bacon with
Cowichan Eggs 35c, at
J. W. Williams -: Proprietor
===E.   EBY   C&   Co.n^
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 186
City Council Tonight
To grant au extension of time
to return the assessment roll to
City Assessor J. C. Mcl.elland
from April 30th. the lime ni|iiiriil
by law for it to be in, to May Ith
the city council will meet tonight.
Before the roll is returned every
taxpayer has to bc notified and as
the assessor has had such a volume
of work lately he has not had
time to complete the roll hem e
the extension.
rilONE 2M OREEN P.O. BOX 700
Plumbing   :  Steamfitting
Thin! A via.. ba*lwa*a*n 7lh laml Hth SU.
0��*r B.C. B��kerr PIUNCE HUI'EBT. ll.C
English anil American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Dance    Weekly    dame    every
Work pcrformetl hy experts only.
A first class job is guaranteed in
every instance.
A large stock of Chandeliers   anil
Fittings carried.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.   63
Meets in Ihe Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   members  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment  Oflice
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
Quwn Charlotte 'aland* I*and District���DUtrict ol
Ttke notice that I, John Mcl,eod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prn-i-.'i-t for coal antl petroleum on the following
i)i-rriliii| landa:
Commencing at a post planted at the mouth of
the Tl-el Hiver and marked J. McL. N. I. Corner, No. 30, thonco south HO chains, thence west
HO chalna, thence north 80 chains, thence easl 80
chains to point of commencement; containinR 640
acres, more or leaa.
Dated Keh. It, 1011 ��JOMN  Mcl.KOD
Pttb. Feb. 2.1, Leslie E. Walter, Agnnt.
rtock owmni
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
If You Are Even Half-ready
lo Buy Property, Study
The Real Estate Ads!
As soon ns the property-
owning purpose gets a foothold
with you -begin to read and
answer and investigate Unreal estate ads!
And by the time you are
half reatly to buy a home,
learn all that the ads car.
teacli you of property-values
- all that ad-answering can
teach you of desirnblc places
to live.
Your interest in real estate
advertisements may be responsible for your securing a
a better home than you can
imagine you can afford���and
for your securing it sooner
than you had hoped to do.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Firit Ave.
Near McBride
Forwarding,   Distributing  and
Shipping   Agents.
Storage of Baggage and Household Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907
Phone 262
Saturday in thc K. of P. Hall l-2t��m I Third Ave.
Near Sixth I
4 Alley*. 7 TuMe*.     A  |00d ��'xer-
clse.   A cleun sport,   Ludles every
nflorniton.     Newtnnn  Bluek.  W-
twrenfith nnd 7th tUa.
tlS MoliKlHON,     Proprietor nnd UlMfltf
' S.*��4444444444444444a��*4��44' THE    D AI 1. Y    NEWS
it   out   ol  Ihe itTOBfCSl Iratuias ol our store
gj   |
Wa* aim t" carry every
style nl' Stocking tlntt is
likely tn be called for, and
keep our pricea pruned
ilnwn tn the loweat .pos-
silih* price.     \\ e handle
only abiolutely depend*
ableGoodi.iimlmil' "Fait
Blacks"   are   real  fust
lilm'ks   *giiaranteeil.   For
children we carry thecal*
ebrated "05" Brand of
hosiery. This is a line
we have handled for years
and when purchasers once
learn the value, the wearing qualities, the dependable dyes of this line they
will taka* im substitutes.
We are now showing new
Spring   Style,   in   ladlea'
Lisle lliisa- In fancy patterns such as polka dots,
checks, embroidered, lace
Hale, etc, and in fancy
colore, priced from 46c t"
76c a pair.
H. S. Wallace Co'y. Ltd.
Dry Gooda, Chinnwnrc. Etc.
Fulton Street nnd Third Avenue
Skeona l-und Dstrict -DUtrict of Queon Chariott*
Take  notice  ihut  George  Frluoll  uf  Prince
Rupert) B> C, occupation butchert Intendi to apply
lor uernilialon to purchase tlie lolluwinK' deecribed
lit in Ih .
CommencinK ut u pust plumed about aeven
milei wwi ana two mila smith af tin* mouth <>[
Stanley Creek where it erapttoi Into Naden
Hwbor, (iruham Uland, thence 80 ehalm Boutb,
thencc   80   Qh&WI   WOiti   thencu   80 chuina   north,
thence 80 chatu oail to point *>f commencement
nml containinu 040 ncres more orleaa.
Dated March 17, mil        GEORGE PJUZZELL
pub. April7. Numn Demon, Agent
Queon Charlotta lalandi Land Dlitrict ���DUtrlot uf
Take notloe thut I, J. c. MoNab ol i'rince Uu
port,  oceupation  bi'iktuI auent
lor peruUmlon to proapect lur cuul
on tin* tollowing deaerlbed lands: ���
t ommonolng al h punt planted al the to** taut
eoroo* ��'i Bection B, Townabp * Graham Uland,       ,,.,
uml markod J   ti.  MoN.,  S.  K.  (.'orner, thencu I
WOBl   B0   chain*,   thencu   rori.li   hO  chititts,   thencc       ..
oaat B0 chaina, thence aouth hi) chains to point ol   ptlCS
Datod March 8, mil. J. ti. McNAB   I
i'uli. Mareh ->>. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
, it  ���  :,, ti,,. classified advertisement oolumns.
One of the best services the modern newspaper gives the public 18 m ' '      ��        .     , ,t ���,, eom.
������������� ,.
���( Coul Usiim- *
nl Prion
Ska'unii l.iinil Dlltriet���Dlitrlot of Cout
Tsko notice that I. Willium Amlenton, ol v��
There buyer and seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant,jana an --   -       ff)1| n,d{lw
mon ground.    To put this modem convenience in ,l-i^'1,1 V.!;.\.\t   Minimum charge of -'.r> cents.
rate to  a nominal price of a cent a word per insertion.
Here   is  our  Classified  Advertising  Column   for  today.
Watch   it   grow.
iii uf I'rincai Uu* ���
Intond tu apply I
il uml petroleuni   |
nv  MACK.
Skeena l-i I DUtriet���Diatriet ot Coeit Range ���*
Take notiee tlmt Miary Miirunnl Qlllil aaf Vic-
tuna, it. Ci occupation houaoKoeiier Intondl to
uppi.a lur permlulon tu puroluue tin.* foUowlns
deacribed landi:
Commencln, ut n past planted m tin* nurtii uunt
oorner *<! Iaii iii'.^v, thenoe 20 ehelni wait, thenoe
80 chsini Miutia. tnonoo 2n chsini wost tu T. 1.
B8A9T. thenca obout 80 ohmlni nurlli to Lskobe
KiuT. thence meandering suiil mnr up strajuin In
u nutbeulerb direction to Lukula*' l.ukii, ilu*iaco
meandering nunl like tu puint ul ooramoneooient
contsining 160 acree. moro or luun.
Tost nisrked M. tl. li,, N. K. I'airnur.
Ileluil I all. 14, lull.
I'ul,. Much I.
11* work of setting the cement
in! the government wharf
proceeding, This work is attended with much difficulty, a
solid foundation must be found
for each pile."
My friend tlie Empire again.
I am real glad t<> learn mi such
reliable authority that the pile
placing is proceeding, We'll all
��t, down some fine day when tlu-
tide is good and low, and help
hunt  up some solid  foundations
strict of_Cosst B"W o��  ,,���.  ,i���. piles.     It would never d(
lake laaaucai thut llonjaiiiin Uuaa-al Kice
i'rinco Unpen, U. 1'., ooeupstion waiter, intentH
taa iipialy fur permiaaion to purcliaaie tlie totlowlflg
ile '     a ; lainlb:
Commencing ut a punt planted 66 cliuins oouth
frnrn tin.* -.aiuih oaai curiiu of Lot 8060, tbence Tn
ehsini met, thenoe ti.'i chains north, tlu-nca* 7u
Chsini Mit, thoooo 66 chalna snutli to puint uf
eommenoemenl* containing 4.*i.'i licroa, moro ur
lorn 1*001 iiiarka'.l 11 ft, U., S. li. Cur.
Iiati.l I'.n. IS, 1911.
in  nave  i
ones even
Voung housewives just starting
oul to make hubbies happy in
Prince Rubert will hail with joy
the ubiquitous appearance through-
... THE...
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared to answer it
The occasion may lie what
it will: il is our duty tn In-
ready to supply you. and we
can ilu it too.
With pleasure to you lie-
cause of the site <af display;
with profit in vim because of
our ability to sell close.
Whan the gift quaation pre-
sents Itaelf la*t us show you
hnw aajlly wa can match yuur
Heintzman Pianos
Skaviiu Ijiinl District   -Ilialrict nl Const Kami** 5
.....      la.ilaa.-,*  Iliut   DSVid   \lcl>'ll!l;i!l  Ol   Trial.v
Rupert, li. C. ooeupstion elerk, intends to spply  ou.   .iu,  .niisU-t'i'  tif   the  succulent
lur l��riiii.-aai,.ii lu purclnuau thai lullu*mi; aloacril-il , "'        "USKll,   *.'.
; lamls:
Commencing at a posl plsnted  III cliuina stntlli
Irom the -until woat corni'r ul Lot D'.H, tlnancaa 10
I chains net,  thenca'  40 chains  nurth.  thenoe   10
chun.s  wa-sl,  lli��-ria>*   10  chains  - mth  lu  point  uf
ciiiiiiin ncini'iil;    eontelnlng   160  ncra's,   n.oro  or
len   1*. st msrked la. M.. S. \v. i'or.
Ilalasl F��b. II. l'Jll DAVID McLKN.N'AS
I'uli. Merch 4.
Skeens Lend District���DUtrict of Csssisr
'laia.a* notice that I llaik'h D. Glllloof Prinee Rupert. occupsUon Ini.'UT. Intondl  taa apply liar
permlnlon te pureluue the fullowing described
 netnv at a poet pi,mini tim*.* ami one-
half null*- in sn eaaterly direction from iho point
on Nsss River where thi LsvsLake trail beslm
in-1   null- in a northerly dlrecUon from the
-.n.i Leva LaiKi* trail, tlian.-a' initli sil ehalni.
llu-n a-t   s.i I'hiuns. tlifiu-i*  s.  Uh   su   rhains
tiii-iici* ava*-t sn chains to iiaami ut eQaunoncemont,
eontsintna*;i" sews,
Dste l-vii.... IB1L HIGH D. U1I.L1S
I'uli. Mur. In. .liisi*|ih Ua'lwiay, Aiiant
Ska*a*nia Laml Districl     District uf I'uasi
'rukt* notiee thsl Qlenn SfeArthuref Vuncnuver,
It. i'., uri'upuiiiiii ra-.ii estate egent Intendi tu
.ijaj ... liar HTiiiia-siiiii ta, purclia.-i* tiio [ollovains
an-rrlliasl luuils:
t iiniim-iiciitt ul a post planu-al 40 chuina w7lt
.a: .I so chuina auutli uf ii,' " .il.ui-t curner uf
D>t No. I7.ui msrked Qlenn McArthur'a northwest CairnaT. ttSMUS saaulh Ul cllllllia, tlia*iaCa* aaaLst
SO CtlUltUa, I I alar BOTth IO cilllillS, lllllli- VVCbt
B0 I't.aiir.a lu poS| nl coilllliolica'nil'llt, colltuillinK
I :I20 urri*i* lunra' ur leiSi
Deted Msrch <0,1BU. QLENN UsARTHUB
Tula. Alaril l*. T. D. Laird. Auent
Skunk Cabbage. The beautiful
golden hui-il frondage of ihis dc-
lightful herb upspringing all over
the townsiii- gladdens tin- eye
giving us assurance thai Spring
is here. Few varieties nl esculents
possess stronger claims i" die
attention of the epicure, or make
their presence felt more effectively
iu their season. At .1 tinn- of year
when even the humble Seatde
cabbage is perhaps less attractive
to the shopper ili.ni ii might l��-,
comes the Skunk Cabbage redolent
with all the fresh fragrance f<��r
which it is famous.
Unrivalled as a salad vegetable,
the Skunk Cabbage may also lie
boiled, fried, Btcwcd, toasted, ���i.rW-
led, steamed or baked.    Its at-
Kit- tractions as a table delicacy remain
rpvmMon u purehSM the lollowngdeeeriM I equally   powerful  nn  III.liter  what
I  commencing ��t > [mst piumoii st iha* northssri method ul cooking may be adopted.
ruriaar nl  Laat  .I'.asl. iha-na*.* ,.|l.i Jii chuina, lliotica i .,,.  . . .    , ,
���outh lo ciuaiia-. thanes *���������-! SO chans, thsnes   I Ills aniinalu- vegetable possesses
���a chuina lu pluc ul cumntunc'ini'llt. , , .- ,
iiaiasi March is, imi. juiiN iiLi'ULits a paiiiiuhii- iliiinii tor the young
I'uli April la. , .. *.   ���       i       ,    .   i c
housewife, as it is absolutely proof
aSkssns Lsnd Diatrict-District ot Cosst Rsais 5   -,,, ,;,,ui ,.,1*11  tht* niii^t i*viii*rii*iii*i*(l
Tiim* ii.uici- th.il Al. taiil.'.- llual.m uf Vuiicu-   agWHSI   l\lll   llll   IllOsl  t \|ll I ll I I 111
vir, 11. l\, aaccupjliuii curismtor, intomla to apply ' ,..,| j,,..,-,-    ntfnrlrs       nitl     iin*si*rvas
tor |H*nni��uon lo purchuaao lho follo��in�� alcacril-uii ' J UlUiai >      .It l.lt KS,     .11111     prtstrv CS
. '""omnioiiciiiK st e ,���t plsnted SO chsina aouth itS <m" l��''-��ll>'ir delicacy of IlilVor
from thL aaoiiili west curnor of I^at 30iai.    I'nal ,...,.,,   It ],,(. ,,.,   *l,��� ^,,,,.,.  ,;||   ,1,,.,-,.
mark.il A.  II.. N.  W. Cormar, thuncai 21) chuina l X t11  "   lclt "ll   tlR  ht(,X '    ""   llUlt
iBouth, thenee M chaina cast, thonoo no chuma ���    hnrnlv  -i pinrlnr aaf ita    frinrini
nonh. lliv.ca* su chaina aval to |aolnt ol com- IS   ','ir*-l>   -l ' liUU-r  Ol   Its    ir.ll;la.ll
meneementi oontalnlng Jiio atw, more or loaa. fi,li*,���.. I,.fi PI ,��-,.. I  ,,,,  aa   i   linli<
Dstsd Ka*b. 1:1, 1811.     ALK\ANDLIt I1KATON K'IMgO l��t. 1 IIl> 111   lip  *ls .I   III III
i-ub. March 4. j surprise upon the young husband
Skeena Land District-IHitrietof Castlsr      !:, ;   .... nnfailinn annrrn n( rlnmoarir
Take notloe thai I Andrew Cummlnsl of Vun-   " ,a **" Unl.llllllg soliri ,'ol Uiunrslli
eouver, in. occupation cook, Intendi to nppk- *. ������ i- .;. t,    ,,r,.t,..,,.,. in   ila.* hnmn
fori    km to purchaae the following datecril).  lei'Cliy.     I is present i   111  UH   noun
���.,,. .i niutsd ii,, ,���,! one jis :"> influence that lingers,
I hslf mala- In an eaaterly direction from ths EKdnt        1,,^, ,,.,,, I,:,,, ,,. ,1... ,.,,,,,,,, l.,-;,l,.
on Naaa River aviui. u���. 1..,,., Lik.* nail I.*, u.-       .I*[>1 "'le Unit to tlli-JDUllg llillle
o trail, tltenca weat so chains, thenoe south ...,..;,,���.   ...   ,r,. .1.*     ,,,,..,.|   c,.r;,,,,
SO cliains. I ti cast N> chains, thence north 80 **nMoUs   to   II\ tills   novel   Sprmg
cliains to polnl *��i eommeneement, eontslnloa *>i" Heltcarv
Lost and Found
A olussilisl adyertliement will Introdi  .v:"' '"
theloiorof thesrtlcle you've found-nn Intro-
iliii'linn of mutual iiniii'ilnini'-
r un.l I'lil*
Apply al
FOUND���On thoitepi. between Fri
tun Sis., a half sot nf  Fulli
Daily Newi Ollico.
I'OIIND-A hunch of Ke
Optlmlit oilico.
Ring,   APP'l :''
For Rent
Iliiust' wilh   I rooma uml both. MWi I com
sing rooms turtlllhed.   Dunsmulr, bciww
and Tth Ave.  Apply on premises,   Uutior.
Front Office! tn Alder Block,   Applj W.J. Al
Help Wanted
ynu want
Ttv   I tu*
to huy,   or   eell, o*' hiir.   or   I'
Optimist Condensed Ad* route.
Bodi Dlipenitr Wanted.   Apply C. H. Ormo.
Rupert, B. Ci j
fur pormiailon i
heloliowlni doMnuBd
the south
,    jmonclni sl n poit plsnted on     	
,ldeol Esohumslta  . *y. d ���,���������
|aj ,.������ll,.,*,liv  with    hi   hk       ' ,    ||,,.|i,*a* Ml
1  -  1"'1"    "?'    [���",',.   ���"     "as       II.   I In-Ill-"   80
ohains  """'���     ,'        , ',   , .saaus,  t, nl ol
aa aaiina  siilllli.   llli'iui     '.'-'"   ._    ���..,p..    nr
ohsini south, t
eommoncoment,  5"J��u
loss.   I'aist marked   u-V.-.
Dated April --. It"1-
i'ul.. VprllDD.
1UU   acros   mnr.*
.IriPt    llislrict ni I onst
William John. Corley
liny Wanted.    Apply nt Opiimist Office.
BOY WANTKIi-To deliver parcel; si
himsolf a.-1'iionilly uaofiil.   Wnirel Kll a
to start with.   U.S. Wallsced Co Ltd,
I make
Houses Wanted
HOUSES WANTED-Fumlshed or unfurnished, 2 to il rooms. If location nml Price lull
nii*l will rant them ma-a If snd psy rem In nd-
vanco, no wuitinir. no li-unar. rhone nto I day.
Ulnck Bt-Unele Jerry. *--tf
WANTKD-Hiiuso, i or :. roontssnd laath. fiu-
niahoal or   unfnrnisha.il.   It  aaiici*.       Apply   nt
Optimist Uox X. tt'tt
WANTED-Throe, four or live room house, fur-
niahod,  miaiorn convoiai* ma -. ��-l" .- in.     ( n"
'phone 151. ���'���''-''
Board Wanted
Coast  Italic* *fi Land Diatrict
Tsks  notka  thai   1, Jut.u  lleptnirn ail
Date Feb,.:. 1*11
Pub   Mail. in.
Jo ��� pn Belway, Akoiu
Olive Oil
Beaumarchand   i
A Pure Olive Oil '
Watch the Window   '(
The I'ioneer Druggitl
I'HONE    :    ;
82 J
��� ���
I** 1"'"*|l Mpl :il��liv i�� waiiloil
fnr at.rntaary trilmlitry tn Prtne*
Rnptrt ta, sell tlie Imr.ly in,.,-ini
K'U'ii nuraaryatoeh Brown bj u���.
Hr.*t!.,ii NurBory Company, Hr..ii
ao,Oragon. Ubaral trmna, Patty
must I'l.tiii*  ,��.���,��  noommandad,
Oregon Nursery Company
Orenco ��� Oregon
Slikine IjihI lu-'riri     Iiisirict ol Cassiar
Take niitin* that I Initial! A. 'I'orvu ol Stikine
II   t'. uccupaliiiii cu-tiaj.. aa-'i-ir. uiiemis to spply
lof is-rn.i .mn lu purchase Uae la.ll.aaiiria^ i|i-scrilll*il
CommsBdU at a pii.1 planteil sbout 18 cliains
north in-t aal the eustotm msniliouao st Stikine.
Bi i . thenei weal  i^n chain.-, thenm mutt   M
ciaaiin-, nut SO chaiiis. thatmes nunh ^u
chains laa |*.ha.l   aaf ciiiiiiiiiiias'ineril   ami culilainlm;
lu aensa mun- air li*ss.
l-uli Ai ri v
I and I'ii: a-t   District of Cssilsr
i > ��� notica  it.ai I. John MeDotutld of Prince
Rui    t, Il.l telkeeper, mi.-nils to
l-i  pilrchaaaa*  the  fulliiwiliK
at, -a III- ll
i   l- t.ai three anal one-
n   a.   a   a    I    a.   ���     .    din  'll   -II   ftOOl    Ull     llaallll
���   I   .   a I   tke   trail   Im'i'iiis
in a northerly direction fraam the
- 'l'l I. ���       '       ��� i iiahty . liain-.
a' ���    ���   i "tih  halna,
Hit*!    a   I .  BtaapulntOf    l'iilllllll'IU'l'liaa'1,1.
I'aala. Mai. h ]���'. I     , |ih Hi hvny. Aaai'iil
kea-na l^and Disinr*     Distriet "f CoSSt ItnnKe V
notice   that   Jacii    li,,ll,,ri|   a,I   Kei^hlay,
hll ,   l.n^lanal.   Dccupstlon  iiver-looker,   In-
leii'l-  lu  apply   (nr   |Hriin.siuii   in  purciu*.m   Ilu*
Toilowins dawirlbed load
Commeneing at * paa.t planteil at n poim in ths (
bounder)   "I limber limit 3838B ami m
ile- aiulherly limit ol lol  898S, Uam:** ."i   Coast
ilialrict, whin- i'.,���    a; i  limits Internet, thenco
slong  Hi"   -miliar!..'   hunt   ���t   lul   ;l!ts!i   i lora-aiual
and ile proleetlon tltoreol In in esstasriy da-eetlon
-'I    ria.ll- mOPJ    -af     |a-..    |,|     | |,.'    Wesll-rly    lil.it     of
tillllaT lllllli  :l--.'.lll. Ill I, h siaiillierly   i]ireitiiiu
alauiit the last mentioned limit 11 chains mora*
<ar la- ;a, tl,a- iiunliiTly limit nf tiinlaT limit :lC77.a,
thonea in a aveetorly .Jar...-, ,<.,i slong the last men.
tloned limn su chsina more ur h*ss to the isiterly
limn nl timtier llmll  ;*������:���., thei In s northerly
direction  II  cliains mnre ur less tu thy puint aal
i'i' im i ��� ' -. rill. JACK BEDFORD
I'uli. March -'"i.
Skesnu Laml District     I'islnol nf CoSSt  Itange 5
Take n.atan- lhal I, ClaMS May Little nl I'rince
ituis'rt. ii.  C, oecupstion ipfiiBter. inienii to
apply Inr laiTiaaiaJH.il |.. purcluo-e lhe lnlluwinit
le-irilsal lanal,;
Commencina st a p'*si plsnted nt tba north
an il Lol 1705, Rsnge 5, Cout District
Ihenre esst   In  chains,   tttoneo  linrtli  2*.  chains
���   ai-si  :)!  ehsin' theni nl, mi chnina
thi-nci    nt 10 i   i    , thei - > aa.au i, \*_ ehslna to
Int ol i,t.  eonulning   118  acres
., ,,, ,.
Ill led   al'iil i, 1011. I LIRA  MAY  LITTLI:
Pub. Apill 1.*..
I'    laaa   l.,l,.|    I I,     ,���l       DUUtel   'I   I   MBt   lUSgl   *
i-ii.i notica  ii ,i i Ma,a ,-, Detwllei ..f Berlin,
" '    ""' ipatloti  doctor,  Intonds in  apply  lor I
a-'.a:  I., putehsea the lialiimains .loscriliod
in ^tncring tho Skunk
Cabbage use a sharp, very long-
handled knife, wear a thick pair
of impervious gloves, and a respirator. It is also advisable to
keep to windward of the vegetable
while cutting it.
All members of the Scantlana-
vian Society are requested to at-
their meeting on May 2, in the
Prince Rupert Tent anil Awning
Go's store. 96-96
Social Notes
Mr--.  Angus Stewart  who  has
**|uiii   the winter abroad, was a
passenger by die Prince George,
Mrs. Benson has returned after
it pleasure trip to Vancouver.
Miss Davies was a passenger
on ilu- George this morning en
route to Victoria to spend Borne
WANTED-Rasam uml I.
X.M.. Optimist Ollice.
nl in private family,
Fire  Insurance
OUR SPKCIALTY-Flrc Insurance. Wen-pie.
sent eleven strunir Kin Insurance Gompsnlaa.
We want yuur business, la-ne nml small.
Lit us quota you rates. The Mack Realty ami
iniauriiiicoCnmpiiny. c*     a.I Ave. anil FultonSt
THK British Union nmi National I-'ira* losurancs
Cttmpiiny nf l^indon, liiii'laiial. aa-itli capital
of USOObOOOJlO. Sea* ii-!'>r antes. Tha* Mack
Realty ami luminance C< mpiiliy. Tn-tf
Real Estate
A elssstfled sdarartisemeni is a n*al a*stat.' sjilea-
num. anil iiis*s not u'lcii count ennUKh "ta
a*ount" in tile net res.ilt.
WANTKl'-T.i purchuse lots In Seal Give His.
trict. section 7 or 8, imall payment down and
munthly terms.   Apply I'.n  llux li'.m.       H-S8
Situations Wanted
A classified udvcrtiaeincnl is a tin-loss avnrk-
hunter-and si'laluiu fails.
Hy expi rlenead man and wife as a-isik nml helper
in minimi eiamp orciiuntry lintel. Apply II. L.
T., Optimist. '.'-'.';
StennKi apher ami Ollice Assistant. 6 years experience.   Miss C . c-o Optimist Olllei*.
Boarders Wanted
A clnssilia*al ailvertisementwilllirinc to ynu nnpli.
cants fnr thnt vacant raaom. air for tlint vacatil
nisce nt your Ualile.
Well fiirnlshisl risam in private hnma*. Suit lavn
irentlemen. Full Isaanl if required. Mrs
Kirkpatrick. 4th avenue.    I'lnaiie l-.'al red       '.'all
Haame 1-aa.akeil meals ami nii'oly furnlahsd nsaiiis
forthree pstsons, Apply Mrs. .lames. Sr*.it
Illillt.. ilral Ave.. laa'Uvecn Kb ami nth Sts.   s.'a-lf
Private llnanl lay til** WSSk ur laiiuitii. Ilaaim*
fisikim.' n specialty. Miss I'.. M. Olei���ui. "I
Ave.. Is*t��a*en Tth ami Mh Sis., phone 171. s'.'-lf
For Sale
A clsssilieal nilverlisetni'tat. litarslstenlly prinl.al.
will sell sntthlna nf value.
Oaaollno Knirliie. :i hulas powsTa clieup.   Apply
nt Kis'leyV Dinar Si..te. ta-S-101
Household Ooode,   Rooms labs 1st    Apply Mis.
Kvjen. 7lh Ave. lilnl 'laylor St. near Summit. B6
Nice little home on lirnw ova*rli*a.ikina* hai bor.eloei
In. only $ls'si;a*ash aT'ail.   W. .1. Aider
Money to Loan
Scene of Livest Life but Lately
Dwindles Sadly
Bright Outlook for Gold Dredgers this Year and Output Will
be Big. Iditarod Country is
Rather Over Estimated.
"Dawson's former glory has departed," says Captain T. A. Wrou-
ghton, commander of 15 division
ut ilu- Royal North West Mounted
Police iii Dawson who will be .1
member of the police contingent
representing the force at the Coronation.
"The town has .1 population ol
less ilian one thousand, tlie mo
jniity being Americans. Law and
order prevail, the polite having
ittle to do beyond routine duties,
Ilu- dance halls which flourished
i,i the 'sourdough' days when tlu-
lown sheltered ten thousand people
lave lieen closed and gambling
ias been suppressed," continued
Captain Wroughton.
"The outlook is liriulii for thc
dredges and die output tlii> season
promises to surpass thc figures ol
recent years. There are eiormous
areas of ground available, and
in fact the Bupply of gold is almost
inexhaustible. At least twent)
dredges will be in commission diis
season, the majority operated by
ihe Yukon Gold Company, controlled by the Guggenheims. The I
Boyle outfit lasl fall completed
.1 ijilil dredge which has die dis-
tinction of being the largest i.i
existence. It will o|>cratc
year for the first lime on Bear
fn-ek where thc pay dirt U rich,
"The >iaiiie> of ilu* richness
of ihe new camp at Iditarod on tin-
Alaska side have lieen greatly
exaggerated. It will never In-
another Klondike. There is .'.
small section of rirh .ground, but
the majority who rush dicre expecting to gel rich will 1" disappointed. Quite a number of
people bound there wintered i.'
Dawson. They ��ill go down the
river in die -|iri.in."
The police force in thc Yukon
now numbers only 45 men. The
officer intimated ihat ii u.i- likrK
io bc further reduced. Before
leaving Dawson hc heard reports,
apparently well founded, that mv-
inu iii the little work in thc courts,
Judge Dugas ami Judge Craig
would in- withdrawn from thc
North, leaving Judge Macaulay
iheit- as the sole judicial representative.
ski'i'ini Lsnd DI
J^tSSS ll!BC.;,o��u,Srtion ���ch��, intend
rSmmenSnt, containing B0 wm, mom or
I'li.tV.i \prll8.1 'I'-
Pub. April 88.
Bkwrai Und Dlitrid    Dlrtrict.or Coirt
T.ke notiw   thai   I.  WI lam  UolvtUa ��� orlw
ntiilon t��. purobaM tha louowim
In-.!   I..     *
l|   ���
oouver, Ht'-. ticcuputlon olork. Intonds to Bm
for permlialon to purchaae the following Ox     '
ed luntln:
Commendng at �� pott plantod and marl
A, northWMt curner, uml about 1 mile 1 v,,,,
ander Buchan   northern boundary m>.<
���outh 80 ohilnii thonoo oaat 80 ohaina'
north 80 oh&lnii thencc woat ho ohalm, tut
eommoncoment, containinR tl-Iii ucrei* mun.,..
Dated lit Fob* 1911 Obarloi B. Starh a
I'uh. Keb. 80.
���d W.
Skecim Uml District    District uf Queen fi
Take notice thul  Frank  Lovlok of Woo
Ont, oooupatlon bookkeeper, Intenda in
for permiaaion to purohaao the following do
Commenting at u post planted ebeui
mill's wesl ami two nulcH aoulh Ol the m
Stanley Creek where it empties Into
Harbor, (Iraliatn bland, Ihence HO ohalni
thenoa SU cliains east, Ihence HU clmi:,i
tbence SU chains west lo point of eommoii
aud oontanlnfl '��IU acren more or I cms.
Deted March IT, L9U, PRANK l bvick
Pub, April 7. Numa Urn,.,-, (JJ
i poal planted al the northwei
.,  ,. i;;l iB ft.Coaii Diatrict, thenc
��� boel >h    Ihence north 40chalna, theneo wj
llvll'i Gate ilough, ihonco along
,,:, h) point ol commencement, containing 160 - m'- moro or leaa.
"VffiJlAM    MKl.VII-l.lMOULKV
Pub. April ::������'.
Bkeena Uml I" "in    Hi-tru-i of Coast lUnge U
i-.i,,. aotlce thet  I, Charlaa A. Vaughan oj
���i. B. C.. occupation merchant, intand
u ipiilj for permWon to purchase the itiimwing
dneribed lamU:
I ,,*, mcnclng at a port plume,   on tn��
Imnh ol i Kehumriki River and aboul rour mllea
I*  ;   confluence with the Bkeena River, tnence
.,. pi   . thence 80 ehalni north, thrnee bo
,i,, -���.,- RO chalna nuth to pmm of
commencement, containing,040 acrea more��pr ley.
D.u.l April 81,1911   CHARLK8A. VAUOHAN
Pub, April SO.
glteoni Land DUlrirt   Diatriet ofCoart Range B
Take notiee tb.it I, Frank Hlcka of Port  B*
���tngton, occupation  merchant,  inteml  io apply
t���T permWon to purehaae the following dcecnbftl
lanoai .      .       .i        si
Commencini at a port planted on tne eoutJi
bank of the  K\rhum��iks  Uiver ami  about   four
mill- from lu oonfluenee with the Bkeena Rlvw,
��� chalna woat, thence BO chains north,
- chalna oaat, thenee aoulh n> chutm.
I., |���-iit ni oommeaoctnent, containinK 540 aerea
D," l��Apri)Bl, WH. PRANK HICKS
rui*. April'-"��.
Stikine Uml Dbdrlci    Dbtriel of Cewiar
Take notice that Chriatian A. Tervo i* Stikine,
|1 C, occupation cu��tom��i ulllcer, Inteml* to applv
l< r iH-ni.is.-.ion lu purcbase the following deeCnoOO
Commencini; at a poet planted about una*
quarten ol a mile nonh ooal from Qlactor KiiHe
and on tlu* ea-t bank of Siikirr Uiver and on tbe
���outh ride ol tbe mouth of a little creek, tbence
m .    IQ   chain*,   thenco   north   IM  chaine.   tbence
w,*m lo ehaina, tbence ��>uth tu ehaina to |n��ini
ot com men o* men l and coniaininit 1*10 acre* mon'
or leiw.
Daud Fob. 10, lull.    CHRISTIAN A. TKRVO
Pub. April 7.
Skeena Und District -District of Coaat EUttgO 5
Take notice that Annus Uuaton ot I'rince Uup4*rt,
It. C., OOOUpaUoa miner, intendi tu apply for pu*
minion tu purchaso thv following dvkcribrd landi:
Commencini: at a post planted at  thc south
���ait corner of Ul SOST, tbenn> 10 chain* witit,
thence .0 chains aouth, thenc��> almut lit) Chulm
tills i eait tn Llkataa Lak% thenoe meamlerinc aaid lake
Nhnre in an northerly direction to point of cvm-
nM'in-ement;   ooatalawi 110 acnvi, motv or laH.
Pint market A. It, N. K. Corner.
Dated FOb. 14,1911. ANGUS ItKATDN
Pub. March I.
Bkeena Land Dlatriet-Dlatrtctof Ooe^at
lake notlOO thai  I. John Miller, ofVaneouver.
lie. ocenpatioo butcher, intend* to appt> for
peiliileahni lo purelmM' the folluwinit drucrilvd
Oununaadng m a poet plantixl ah-m \ clmln
from tidewater at theheadofLueoonbeBajr.aiid
markeil J.M * N.& corner, thoneo wool 10 ennlna,
tbence BOOtfa BO '-bain*.  thenrt> cast   N�� chaina.
thenes- north nchalna, to point "f  eomtnvnce-
ii nt, Oontalnlng 040 aen** nmn* **r It****.
JOHN Mill it;.
|i��lr.l 1st Peb., It'll Charlea It. Stark. A�� . nt
I'ub. I. b, H.
guein (harlotte Inland* Uml Diitrict -DUtrict of
Take notice lhat I. John McI.^pod nf Vancuuver,
occupatiun bmker, intend io apply for permiaaion
to pm*|NTt (or cual and i>etrolcuni un the following
depended laml*:
Commencing at a po*t planb-d Bt the mouth of
the TM Uiver and marked J. Mcl.. LB. Corner,
No I. tlwr.ee north M) chaini, thencc went KU
chain**, thenc muth mi chain*, tbence eaat KO
chain* to (Hiint of commencement coniaininit
i��lu acre*, more or lea*.
Dated Keh. II, 1911. JOHN' Mcl.KOD
I'ub. hii. tt, Clarane McDimvll. Agent
(Jucen Charlotte Uland* Und Di��trlct--Diitrict of
Take notice lhat I, John Mcl-eod of Vanc��iu\i-r.
occupation broker, intend to apply for |tcrmianion
to proB|*cct lor coal ami |*etroleum on the followinR
deaerlbed land*.
Commeneing atn |mmI planted al>oui two milia
*>uth and mo mile* Wool of tin* muulh of thc
Tl-el Uiver ami marketl J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner,
No.  47, thencs- Miuth  KO chain*, ihence  m**i   mi
chain., theneo mirth M) rhalm  thonea eenl  mi
chaim io |Hiint of commencement; eettttlnlag 640
arn**, mom or lew.
Dated Peb H.Wll. ��OHK McLKOD
lub  1.1.   M Clarrnce McDi.aell. A|p-nl
Skeenu Land DlHtrlct-District of ('.,�� (
Tnke notice that  I. Peter Raid, of Van to
H.C, occupation  teanmter.  Intendi to itp[>|<
permiaaion to purohaao tho foUowing detci
Commending at ��� p<>��t plunted andtnarki
It.H S.W. eorner ami immediately adjolnlnn ,
marked J.M.'a N.E. oorner andA.B.'i si,
ner; tbence north KO chnina, tbence out 40eh
thence eouth 80ohaina, thunce wost 40 chain
point of commencement, contuininu 880 i
more or leaa. PBTER REID
Dated l��t Peb. l'Jll Chnrles H. Allen, A
Pub, Keb. 25.
Skeenu Land District -Diitrict of gueen Chariott*
Take notico that tioorttu \V, Arnott of Prince
Rupert, li. Ch occupation real aatata broker
Intenda to apply f��r permiaaion to purchue the
followim: described lunda:
Commencinu at a post plantetl aboul s.-ven
milt* ami one-half mile wost and one mile louth
from the mouth of Stanly Creuk, Naden Harbor
tlience west K0 cbains, tbence south M) chaint,
thenre east SU chains, thence north SO chains.
Dated Murch 17, Ull. QEO. \V. ARNOTT
Pub. April 22. Numa Demote, Afent
Bkeena Lend Dwtrict���Diitrict ol Queen Charlolte
Take notice that J. IL Murphy of VenODUVer,
I). &, occupalion commercial traveller, Intaeodi
to upply tor perWision to purchaie the followlR|
descnlietl landa:
CoiumencinB at a punt planted about eevee
miles west and one mile south from the mnuth
of Stanly Creek. Naden Harbor, thence north SQ
chuins, ihence wont 40 chains, thence south MJ
chains, thence east -10 chains.
Dated March 17. PJ1L J. IL MURPHY
Pub. April IL Numa Demers, Auent
Bkeeni Land Afistrict���District of Quwn Charlutte
Take notice that Goo. IL Uux of Prinn- Rupert,
It. C., occupation barber, intends to upply for
IH-rmission to purchaae thu following oeeeribed
Commencinj: at u poat plantisl ubout seven
miles wert and one mile aouth from th<- mouth
of Stanly Creek, Nation Harbor, ihence soutli *o
chains, thence west 10 chains, thence north mj
chains, thenn- eaal 10 chainn.
Datisl March 17. IUll. C.Kt). II. LAI X
Pub. April tt Numa DomenJA|eel
A claHPilbil advertisement wilt find you the money with which lo put your ulan Into OlToot
II. Li Johnston who has beeji in
thc city for a few weeks, returned
SOUtll '>n ihe ('amosim.
Luce curtains liiuilrinl   by   hnnd.
rates.    PhonoML
S. O. E. B. S.
Thi* Prlnoe Rupert tain, Nn. ms. Sn.,. nf
Bnsland. tneata the drat aanal tliiril Tueedain In
a*nch month in th*' Carpeaten Hull, at I ii.m.
V. V. CLAKK. Bee.,
P. o. Uox *ai2. Prince Rupert
Municipal Notice
Miss M. I'.. Thompwn left this
morning to spend a few weeks In
thc  winner.*.
Inli draw
i .ni.
a'll.     Mini...,,!,,.    ,,;.,,;,,'|-   ('   '"I'ln'"    "t   Sl
inaaii* in m.i'i. I.., ,..',"":?   """""'   wman
laallanrlni .l.,,.,il,,,| I,,,1" ""i""1"n  l"  Imrrliiu,,,  _\
���   laai.liai.||l||,.a   ���,  .    . ,
'���������ral. hii eli.lni i��� ,,,1, .i ehaina, thunco
iiiiiaaua* ikh ..���, ���,,,,."'.�� eommeneemeBt, c.,n
D.li'il Maaai'lilili |i,M ,,",',���    ,     ,.
l-uh.Ap.il tr,. M'U- '������ ,'.- "-IITNAM
II I'll 1.
8,   F. li. Wal
0.   ,|. Johncox,
10,   J.M.Dablng.
11 ���  Ed. Johnson,
William   Alible.'
18 will be ready t<�� draw
l.'i.. U. 1-ulaaaaaai   Again I IHIXt   Slllunlliy.
SciiIinI lenders ndilri'snod to tbe City Clerk, will
bo received op till 6 o'elooM p.m. Hog Mh. mil,
for the itioply end delivery of BOO Oeoar Piien.
Bpoolfleatwni and form of tender to i��e obtained
fmm tbe ('(ty Clerk. Tender* nnint Im* nccom-
panled by ��� eertlftod ehoquoi or nmh, for 2 per
cent, of the total price ti-ncered.
ui��-!ii       City Bnaineor City clerk
Tenders Wanted
Tendon will lie received by the underehmed up
In I'ridny. May Mb, for the exciivatlon of a pari I
of the eehool irroondl and for InyiriK plank on the j
<oime.    Plnn* nnd ppecttii'ationn  may   be Met) nt
the City Bnfflneer'i Office.
00*100 Sec. Behool Board
Stalker & Wells
Head Store Second Avenue and McBride Street, Phone  187
Carrying ��� choice ^ t.n-k ��f Staple and Fancy
Groceries, Fresh Fruits ami Vegetables,
Hams, Bacon, Lard, Canned Meats, Etc.
Owing to the recent fire at our   Hays  Cove   Circle   Branch,   all   orders   from    our    pat inns    there
will he executed from headquarter! with the utmost despatch.    PHONE OR CALL.
Bkeena l��and District���IM.sirii't of Coaei
Take nOtlOO that   Fred  W. Uohler ol Ktt.-tum*
kid ti m, occupalion  farmer,  intends to anph   (or
pennWon   to   purcham*   thu   following  'ii-rnU-d
('ummencini{ at a poHt planted at tbe north-
eant corner of A. McLeod's pre-emption, thenw
20 chaini* Miuth, tbence IU chains east, thenOB JO
chains north, thence IU chaina weat to \*n*i ut
cotmnenciMnent containinK 20 acn^ mon* or Ing,
I '..���. -i April IU, 1911. KKIKDKICH W. BOHLER
Pub. April 22. Fred Hampton. \,,v*u
Ski*ena Lsiii-I District ���District of Cua<t I, .��� .-
Take notice that I, Lionel Kinjtnley of Vancouver, lt. t\. occupation miner, intend to Ufflb
for permi.sMon to purchase the [oUovtng deeenOM
ConuaonelM at a [M��st pbuttad near tho southwest corner of l^it i��!(2, K nny ft, Coasl DiMrict
tlience went 10 chains, thence south (itt ehains,
thenn* east 40 chains, thenee north (>0 chains to
point of commencement.
heioil Mareh 21, 191L       LIONEL KINGSLEY
Tub. April 22.
Skeena Land DintHct���District of Ca��*��iiir
Take noliee that 1 Charles Morris of Prince Itu*
perti H.C., occupalion  laUirer, intemls to apply
for permission lo purchuse the followinir deocnb*
ed jamls:
Commencinir at a iK>st planted three and one-
half miles in an easterly direction from the punt
on Naas Kiver when* thi-Uiva l^ake irnil Isvini
and one mile in a northerly direction from lhc
said .Lan Lake trail. thcnc�� south -1"1 chains.
thonoe enal B ehains. thence north so rhains,
tbence met ni chains to puint of commencement.
contnininK iiin aerea.
Date Feb.:(. 11*11. CHARLKS MORRIS
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph Uelway. Airent
Skeena Lnnd District-District of Coast.
Take m.tire that 1. 1-eslic E. Walter, of Vane ���>
ver, H.C, occuputiun prospector. Intemls leap*
ply for permission to purchase the follmvnurdescrilied liind< ;
Commenrln* nl n post planted and marked L.
B*W.*e S.K. corner and immediately adji-tninit
pool markod W.A.'a N.W. corner; Ihence north at
chatM, thence west SO chains, thence MMIth R
ehelnaj Ummo east t*a clmina. to point of oonv
mencement. conuiinlnir 3ftl acres, more or let*
Dated 1st Feb.. pjll Charles H. Allen. Airent
Pub. Feb. 2.*..
Skeenn Und District���District of Queen CharUtc
Take nolice that Hubert 0. (rcw of ftW
Hu|K'M. It. ('., occupation agent, iniendf to M W
for pern<iv<iun lo purchaae the lollowinK deacniiH
CommencinK  at   a  poat   planted   almut  I  >���'���
mil* went and hall a mile aouth of tho moiitv "'
SiiitiU-v    (nek   where   il   empties     Into   Naden
Marl.,-:,  tiraham   Uland,   Ihence east   l�� rhaiw.
(hence  north   IQ chains,  thence wnt   1"
thenci< Niuth IU chains to [Kiint of comm. t.
nn.l eoOtalntni IW acre* more or leas.
Dnted March 17. Mill. IIUBhltT O. ' RJ J
Pub. April 7. Numa Di-nier-.
(Under New MBnnKenlent,
Cnmplele   Change of Programma*
Latest Pictures   -   Best Music
Adults 15c
Children 10c
��� General Hardware��� ���
Skeana Land Dlatriel   Dntrlat of Caul Rann '..
("aaiint IHiatrlrl
Takl notloe thai Wm Ixnlla of Sapperton, B.C,
ocoupatlon Oovarnintnl Ouard. inirnilH to npply
fur poimlialon to pnrehaaa tin* ruilnwinat doaoib>
a-al llllallai:
Coimntnolng at a pool iilnait <*.l HI rhnlai** ava-nt
aaaiil IK rhiilni. louth aif Ilia* avi*��t rnrniT nf lnt Nn,
l":i:l, riiinaia B OOUt dlitrict, iniirlaiHl Wan. I,i*taliia.
n.W. owner, thonaa aouth 40 attaint, thenee eaal
i-'i ehalni, thance tmrtli in plmian.. thanee waa.t nn
������iiiiiiii tn iiniat nf eonnnoneamant, riinttaiiiiiiia:i2n
laailaai mora iir li'Bia.
Dntoii Mareh nth, Mil
Pab. April wh, mn
T. I). Lain), Anant
The firsl boat
for    Hazelton
Take the fait
Sat, Apr. 29
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipe*     Oxford Btovel .
Oraniteware       Tinware        ��
APRIL - 29th, -  19J1
a     ���
Two Boa Hull Alloy*. 12 foot Iiiok ; B
i'ii" nml Counter, ohltlrn, citrd tnlili'H. '
Htn titkoia tin* nutflt fair ipilck ��nli*. A el
H, E. ROSS. Kmprriai Hotel Pool "'���"
Tliiril Aai'tauo .
Prince Rup"1


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