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 The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II,  NO. 81
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, April 13, 1911.
Prick Fivk Cents
Alderman Pattullo Decides to Make  His  Headquarters at Victoria Owing to Important  Business  Pressure���Will Con-
tine  His  Office  and  Real  Estate   Holdings   Here-
Says he Can do More for Prince Rupert   "down
below"���May Mean  an  Election.
A letter of which the following is a copy, announcing Alderman
Pattullo's resignation was received by the City Clerk this morning:
Dear Sir:
I beg herewith to lender my resignation as Alderman represent ing Ward 2 of the City of Prince Rupert. I am not sure
as to whether the resignation of an Alderman calls for the payment
of a fee or whether the fee is chargeable at the discretion of lhe
council and shall be glad of your advices in this connection.
You will permit me at this time to thank the electors of
Ward 2 and the Cily of I'rince Rupert generally for the confidence
lhat they placed n me in elect ing me to ollice and at the same
time lo express my keen regret thai owing to new business connections I am unable longer to serve the City in the capacity of
Alderman. My linn will continue to operate in Prince Rupert
as heretofore and I am in hope that my new connections may
result in a greater measure nf service to the Cily of Prince Rupert
in  the near future.
I wish also to express my appreciation of the services of the
various city niini.il- during an arduous year. Their attention
lo duly, their earnest desire lo further the best interests of the
city, and the spirit of helpfulness which characterized their work,
was very gratifying.
1 may be permitted also to publicly express my tinbounded
confidence in lhe future of Prince Rtipcri. While the city may
be laboring under some disabilities which are temporarily disconcerting yet there is cause for nothing but cheerfulness. When
I sec what is being accomplished elsewhere and the reasons for
it. the better do I realize the wonderful resources of Prince Rupert and Northern B. C. Willi the near completion of the railroad it will be but a short time until Prince Rii|ierl and district
will be a beehive of industiy with thousand, of contented and
happy homes.
Faithfully yours,
It was Unexpected
To many people in the city the
news of Alderman Pattullo's resignation will come as a great surprise. Even among many of his
friends it was unexpected. It
was known he had some important
business deals to put through in
Victoria when he left the city
three weeks ago, bill his intention
then was lo return. In a private
letter he intimates that it is
the enlargement of his business
in Victoria that has decided his
removing his headquarters to Victoria.
A Useful Alderman
His loss will be felt on the colin-
cii, for he was a hard worker, and
brought to his labor there an
exceptional knowledge of procedure
and business routine. As a critic
he was scarcely less useful than
in originating work. He was
always a booster for the city.
Still Boosting Rupert
In his letter covering the above
he says: "I hope to be of some
service to the city down here. I
have under way a proposition
which should result in the establishment   of   a   new   industry   at
From the Dominion  Government  Wire
leas Stations
(At SA. i\I.)
From the wireless stations generally along tlie coast the weather
report this morning is favorable.
Most points report cloudy weather,
li(^ breezes, and sea calm lo
moderate. Point Grey and Cape
Lazo report clear weather.
Triangle spoke the S. S. Northwestern al (i.30 p.m. seven miles
south of Triangle southbound.
(At N(X)ii)
Tatoosh reports the S. S. Northwestern in at 4 a.m., also the out
schooner Gamble in low of lug
Wanderer at 11.2(1 a.m.
Point Carey spoke the S. S.
Princess Mary at Nanaimo at
Rush Work on Hospital
Six men and a quantity of
lumber were sent to Digby Island
this morning by Anderson & McKinnon, contractors for the building of the new Quarantine Hospital over there. The work will
be rushed as fast as possible.
Council Meet Tonight
As a committee of the whole
the city council will meet at eight
o'clock to look over the plans
prepared by City Engineer Davis
for a sewer scheme to meet the
needs of the inhabited area of
the city during the next few years.
Mr. J. A. Leduce of Montreal,
is in the city to inspect his property
After a look around Mr. Leduce
savs his lots are not for sale.
Terrible Havoc Done in Middle
Two Towns Wiped off Map.
Telegraph and 'Phone Lines
Down all Over District and
Details Maegre.
(Special to the Optimist)
Chicago, April 13.���Tremendous
damage and considerable loss of
life has been done by a tornado
which swept over Western Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma today
Accompanied by rain, hail, thunder and lightning, the storm broke
over the district with scant warning.
Thirteen Killed
Th rteen persons are known to
have been killed outright, and
over a hundred injured. There
may be others buried beneath
the w reckagc of the scores of houses
which were torn down by the
furious gusts. Helpers are busy
among the ruins, and the houseless victims of the worst effects
of the storm are being sheltered
bv those whose homes got off
Towns Wiped Out
Two towns are said to be practically swept off the map, the
most dreadful damage being done
at Big Heart, Oklahoma, where
the devastation was tremendous,
and eight people lost their lives.
Every single telegraph and telephone line was put out of business
in the disirict, but the first meagre
reports that got through gave
out that the whole lown was dearly
wiped out of existence.
Died from Effects of Lye Mistaken for Cream
(Special to the Optimist)
Nelson, April III.���Lasl night
the baby child of Mr. and Mrs.
William Miles died here in great
pain from the effects of drinking
the contents of a tin of lye which
lhe child had mistaken for cream,
livery effort was made to save
the poor Mule thing's life, hut
unavailing!)', and the parents are
overcome with grief.
Twenty-four houro ending 6   u. m.
April 13.
��ia  una.     MiN.TiMr.       iaii.     in. asm
39.6 32.0       30.U6H     ...
Snow 2 1-2 ina-liiM
Barkeeper Fined $300 or Nine
Months' Hard
(Special to the Optimist)
Nelson, April 18.���For selling
liquor to an interdicted person
W. II. Moore was loday ordered
lo pay a fine of $300 or to go to
jail for nine months, with hard
labor. This is thc maximum penalty that can be inllictecl on a
barkeeper for supplying a si-washed
subject with the longed for liquid
Not-nettled thing are SALEABLE, if still VALUABLE, Classified advertising is the market-
Pacific Northweat Fisheries Co. Erecting $10,000 Buildings on Princess Royal Island   Will Employ 60
Men   Prince Rupert Will Be Their
Supply and Exporting Station
Prince Rupert will benefit to
���i large extent by lhe new industry
i(> be started al Drury Inlet and
Princess Royal Island, by the
Pacific Northwest Fisheries, Ltd.,
"I Victoria. This company will
'Kill and export thousands of
tolls of herring and second | radc
salmon to China and Japan, where
I here is a goml market for the
commodities and Prince Ru|>ert
will be the supply station for the
needs of the plant and the 00 men
employed there and the exporting
To settle and arrange some details for the company and lease
���">,Us P. E. Mitchell, its vice-
president, arrived here yesterday
Md left for Princess Royal Island
dus  morning  with   Captain   M<-
Coskrie in the launch Kthola.
Mr. Mitchell says the work of
erecting buildings to cost over
SHUHX) has started and 20 men
are on the ground but the first
piece of business will be done
by thc new concern next week
when the first consignment of
4,000 tons of fish will be sent to
Vancouver and Victoria. When
the plant is ready for salting the
fish in six weeks' time a rush will
be made to fill a 15,000 ton order
for the Orient. The new concern
will have a serial licet to harvest
the waters al its doors and claims
that success is assured.
There is $50,000 behind the
Pacific Northwest Fisheries, Ltd-,
miiiI some of the leading men of
Victoria are the financiers.
Democrats Agree to Offer no Amendments���Subject  is Received  at Ottawa���
Claude Macdonell, Conservative M. P. for South Toronto Offers to
Resign   and   Make   Test   Fight   in   his   Constituency  if
North   York   is   Opened   Also.
(Special to the Optimist)
Washington, April 111.���Within
a week the Canadian Reciprocity
bill will be passed by a large
majority in the House, and sent
to the Senate. The bill comes
up on Friday.
Full Debate Allowed
Chairman Underwood remarks
that there will be no attempt
to limit the debate unless the
minority demand unreasonable
time. In the opiniqn of Chairman
Underwood the arguments against
the bill should be concluded within
two days. Probably not more
than four days' debate will be
given   to   the  subject   altogether.
No amendments will be offered
from the Democratic side.
Aspect at Ottawa
Ottawa, Ai>ril 13.---In the House
today the reciprocity question was
the principal subject of discussion,
and was gone into in various
phases. Members freely expressed
their views for or against the
proposal and new aspects of the
effect of reciprocity upon industries and centres of industry in
Canada were brought out.
Tariff on Manufactuers
Hon. W. S. Fielding took occasion lo announce that for thc
present it is not proposed to
effect any increase of the British
preference, and thai no reduction
in the tariff upon manufactured
articles is contemplated.
Challenged Government
A. Claude Macdonell, M. P. for
South    Toronto,    thing   down    a
challenge to the Government to
open  North Vork.
"If this is done," he said. "I
will willingly resign my own seat
and contest it again on the reciprocity issue, in order that the
feeling of thc electorate may be
fairly tested in both country and
city constituency at the same
House Adjourned
Whether the challenge is to be
taken up or not is not stated.
Meantime the House stands adjourned for the Faster Recess
until April  19th.
Popular Ex-M. P.  for  Yale-Cariboo is  Going Up  to
Hazelton on Private Business���Tells How Cost
of Living  Could Be Reduced in B. C.
���Will Address Meeting Here
Wants Reciprocity
Looking the picture of health
after a trip to the east and west
extending over several months,
Mr Duncan Ross ex-M.P. for
Vale-Cariboo, "came back" yesterday afternoon on the S. S. Prince
George from Victoria. No sooner
had he walked the ship's gangplank and landed in Prince Rupert and among friends than he
was kept busy shaking the hands
of the latter anil acknowledging
their cheerful salutations.
Goes to Hazelton
Mr. Ross will go up to Hazelton
as navigation opens to superintend
his contracts there, meanwhile his
adtlress is the ('���. T. P. Inn. Of
course he said it was good to be
back in Rupert and volunteered
that the possibilities of this section
of the province are being talked
about back in the "effete" east.
"British Columbia," he said, "is
going to get a good share of the
excellent class of British immigrants coming from the old land
this year.
"Best tiling this province could
get is reciprocity," said Mr. Ross
when queried about the subject.
"Why Mritish Columbia is the
greatest importer of food stuffs
in Canada, therefore reciprocity
would be beneficial to a wonderful
"We import around $15,000,000
worth of food stuffs every year
and the abolition of the tariff
would mean a saving of aboul
13,000,000. The greater portion
of the saving the province would
get would be on (he food stuffs.''
Will Address Meeting
Mr. Ross said he found the
east the same old delightful spot
as of >ore but the west for him to
He will be in town until about
the first of May. It is expected
(hat he will address a meeting
of   the  Young   Liberals   Club   on
reciprocity.        His    magnificent
speech on the subject at Victoria
two months ago is still fresh in
the public mind.
Prince Rupert's Affair Only a
Kid to It
Cavalry   Brought to the Scene
but With Little Avail-  Rioters  Set   Fire  to Vineyards
Whole Districts Terrorised.
(Special to the Optimist)
Epergnay, France, April l!L���
Riot, flame, bombs and bloodshed
are rife throughout the wine growing dislrici of K|)crgnay in the
province of Marne today, ll is
the most serious disturbance that
the authorities have had as yet
to face in the champagne riots.
Angered at the decision of the
Senate of France to delimit lhc
area of the champagne manufacturing disirict, thousands of
the peasants and small growers
who will be put out of work by
the legislation broke out in desperate rioting.
Knew no Bounds
Their frenzy knew no bounds.
Five establishments for thi' manufacture of champagne they burned
to the ground. Proceeding to
the cafes in the district thev
forced the proprietors to close
their establishments.   Where there
was any  reluctance to obey, and
sometimes where there was none.
Ithey   dismantled   the   interiors,  of
ithe cafes, and  piling  the fittings
in a heap set lire to the mass.
Destroyed Wine Presses
Proceeding to the great   wine
establishments   they   rushed   the
buildings and destroyed the wine
presses, breaking them with crowbars and leaving them a mass of
riuns. Last night the sky for
miles around was aglow wiih flames
In every direction burning cellars
could be seen.
Bombs were Thrown
In desperation the authorities
ordered out a regiment of cavalry.
The) charged the crowds with
drawn sabres, and Inflicted injuries. In return the rioters, who
were evidently prepared for the
light, hurled bombs among the
ranks of the horsemen, killing
and wounding both horses anal
I riders.
At ihe village of Ay, the conflagration was fed bv the in-
Uendi.iries. until now ii threatens
to overwhelm the whole village.
The inhabitants have fled terror
stricken for safety.
The French Cabinet met at an
emergency meeting in Paris this
morning, and passed an order
pulling it the disposal of the
Prelect of .Marines all the troops
he needs to quell the uprising by
force,   Much bloodshed is feared
before the disturbances are quelled.
Promises R. Brutinel of Tsimpsean Power Company
When Grand Trunk Line Gets
Through Tsimpsean Company Will be Here with Juice
Enough for All Comers.
Mr. R. Brutinel, engineer of
the Tsimpsean Light and Power
Company, arrived by the S. S.
Prince C.eorge yesterday, and will
remain in the city for a day or
The purpose of Mr. Brutinel's
visit is simply to look after some
ning at the power site on the
Tsimpsean peninsula the charier
over   which   is   owned    by    Mr.
Brutinel's company.
"I am going to be here only a
few days," said Mr. Brutinel.
"The business I have in hand is
only lhe completion of the planning necessary so thai the erection
of our plant can be put in hands
early in 1012. Certainly il is our
intention to have abundance of
power ready for marketing by
the time the G. T, P. goes through,
and we have no doubt that there
will be a demand for all the power
we can supply."
Mr. Brutinel had nothing more
to say for publication, but reaffirmed his confidence that the
Tsimpsean Power is the best,
indeed, the only considerable water
power in  the Prince Rupert dis-
Startling Revelations Seriously Affecting the Methods   of  Conducting the Small Passenger Steamer Traffic on the  B. C.
Coast  Expected---More   Bodies   Found---This   Brings
the Total up to Twenty-one---May Be More Yet.
Victoria, April 13.��� Very serious
revelations regarding the condition
of the small steam passenger packets thai ply on the B. C. coast
may be expected from lhe preliminary enquiry into the circumstances of the Iroquois disaster. Early tomorrow thc enquiry
is to begin at Sidney.
Captain's Conduct
Captain   Eddie   of   Vancouver,
Are There More?
These bring the total number ot
close  attention   will   be   paid   to I
every detail that may throw light
on   the  suggested   abandonment 1
of the ship by Captain Sears and  kn,w"   dead   UP   {"   twenty-one.
his  officers  while   there   still   re- Search  is still being kepi   up. as
mained persona to be saved, |it is thought that several more
More Bodies Recovered
'today, two more bixlies were
discovered drifting ashore. They
were those of:
Sidney Clark   Colwood.
passengers booked by the Iroquois.
Much adverse coniiiient is made
on the fact that it apparently is
not  even   known  how   many  pas-
engers   were   on   noard
at    the THE    PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIM1ST
The Prince Rupert Optimist Little's  NEWS  Agency '   **,[ j CJAITQ
  u.n..in.a .. Periodicals:: Newspapers       Ivl \J O 1 1 y \J *^
THE 01'
hus gn
Northern British Columbia.
riMIST   IS   tlla'   la'alalillR tH"WsjailJ10T laf
rown up with the
Rk.uhni; Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
AL)\ ERTISLNG KATES are one price to all���25c per inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction 'if quantity
or time aif contract.   Transient advertising will be charged at 10c per line.
SUBSCRIPTION KATES Daily, 60c per month, or K.00 per year, in advance,
Weekly, $2.00 peryear, Outside Canada���Daily, $8.00 peryear; Weekly,
J'J..r>ii per year, strictly In advance,
Magaiinea n Periodical tl Newspapers
Daily Edition.
Thursday, April 13
mblic will
There are many things t" la investigated before tht
be satisfied that the authorities have done ;In.ir iluty iu
with the inquiry into the wreck of the Iroquois    Con    ~ so soon
on thc heels of the Sechelt disaster the travelling publit  havt ever)
reason tor feeling alarm lest their safety is not beii g propi ���> looked
It will be recailled that shortly alter the Sechelt disaster, .i Vic-
tori.i paper drew attention ta' the alleged similarity of build and disproportionate upper works which the Iroquois bon u> the Sechelt.
The inference w.is that a similar fate might befall the Iroquois.
To this article Captain Sears ol the Iroquois at once replied in
an indignan1 letter nearly a column in length, scorning tht "odious
comparison" between his boat and the Sechelt.   In accordance with
legal requirements and journalistic custom, the letter was prit
in full in a prominent place.   But which -���...���anient was the coi
aim' it is not necessarj now to point out.
The statement has been made thai lhc boat had only recent!)
been supplied with a new and target set of deck cabins and
upper works in preparation tor the summer trade.   It this is
the two facts (a) that since 1900 with the a>Kl uppper wi rk she had
s.iiU-d without mishap, and b that si  n after 1 eing outfitted with new j
and larger upper works she capsized, �� ��� indicau
that the fundamental caust    I        traged)  w.,s that the crafi w.i-
Cairrying upper works larger than the margin of safety alii ws.
It is understood that Mr. George Cunningham, the well knowi
merchant and ship owner ol Port Essingi n, refused an otherwise
tempting offer to charter I is I oal the "Chieftain" for service . n ilu
Victoria to Sooke routt - summer, becaust ol the demand thai
she be allowed to be refitted with large deck cabins and upper works
His reply was in effect: "I have lived .i!l m\ life along thest
and 1 know what ..> !i called ..;  t I   stand.   I di not think
it is safe to build big house aa small steamers."   His
refusal terminated tht  negotiations, and the Sechelt was charter*
instead.   !':> rest of the story is well known. j
l"a' tht >:u^as:: in that Captain Sears rowed away \n saf�� :\ '., ..\ it .  j
helpless women passengers     nt 11 them an invalid with a bal >    I
perish, i: is devoutl) to la hoped for the honor of thc British mercantile marine, that the captain will have a complete and satisfacti  >
answer.   Until that is given the public nu\ be excused    i wsu
to know how i: was that the officers camt ashore when tht wot et
"The captain was the first to reach the shore," i- a new phrase
in the annals of the sons ���  seas,
���$  v Monroe
* Ladysmith
\V Phone ii s
The Westholme Lumber Co.
-wi IIANN !   Ml. KINDS OP-
First Avenue Telephone 186
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phew 125        Naden Block         2nd Ave
j... WANTED^
A   Girl   to   learn   Press-
feeding and Bookbinding.
I Apply al
��� The ' Optimist Artist is dead.
He died of a broken heart when
The Editor consigned his lurid
impression of the battle of Kelly's
Cut to the waste-paper wasket.
The Editor might haw believed
the stuff if he hadn't chanced on
the bit where the late lamented
Artist described himself .is charging the mob with .1 bullet in each
hand, when as every one knows,
the mily man who had a bullet
in the hand was Hill Casey.
In    vain   did    the   poor   Artist
produce the bullets, The Editor
was obdurate. His decision spelt
Wa P. B. for the Btory, and something else for the Artist. To a
v;a h >t] newspaperman the Editor's
instructions are of course law, so
the poor fellow had to make
tracks fair his ultimate destination
rather prematurely. The .Office
Devil buried him. the Other One
welcomed him warmly.
1 am sorry he is gone, in fact
I was Chief Mourner at his interment. The reason for my extreme grief is that by Ordar a I
the Czar���I mean The Editor��� I
have to till his vacant space. 1
mean place���and scribble fantan-
tastic impressions ol life in general
anal Prince Rupert in particular
under the head oi "Musings From
Mack." And. well, the thought
vi where the "Optimist Artist's
efforts landed him, makes me
feel like the place.
The Optimist
Letters to the Editor
After going in a body five hundred - ��� ng with a demand that thev
be arrested, the attitude ol the strikers in ��� fferii - $2,000 to Mr. S. S
Taylor, K. C, to come and defend them, seems a little inconsistent
I*a<r al'. k'.r.ais of help, COOkS,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel |vr-
ters. al! kinds of laborers or mechanic*, call up
Phone No. 178
or car at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment  Omce
I   Headquarters ft       Its a waiters   ]
The story in yesterday's Optimist oi Ri\   J. D. Morrow, the
athletic Presbyterian sky-pilot of Torot        ���    - .   ���   deal of
interest.   Before J. D. became si expert with tht .      ���     was quarter-
mile champion of Canada    ndhisn -       - uched.
Once the laugh was tun       .   nst J  D. all right.   1Kw.i>-:
inv: on his motor-eyclt ::���. 1  rot t this tit     lul year -during
the height of the hydi scat a dog r.u: a.in and bit
him .: j.   J. D. got sea        He left for t     Pastel i 1
in New York in a hurry, ar scaptun .���;���������
under observation.
Tin jokt was that i en was i       ng t     mattei with .1   P.. but
three days after taking the fateful bite ai .1. D.'s leg the ut
canine keeled i lied.
Is Still Going on
Pool Block.    3rd Ave.
Between Tth and 8th
C. B. Lockhart. Assignee
Pear Sir.���A very-
ion took place at Monday
night's council meeting .is to the
lis-, methods of dealing with the
rat problem. Alderman Newt
m ved that the city clerk pur-
- from the boys rat tails at
ti:;\ cents |xr dozen but Alderman
Morrisse) favored buying the skir.s
and trying to sell them at a
profit. I think that Alderman
M ���[:���>> should get encouragement for promoting an industry i
that cannot fail to have "some
- rl of an md" under the management of the City fathers.
"A Disgusted Ratepayer"
Third   Avenue  a   Rapidly  Expanding District
Keen Business Man of Wide
Practical Experience Planks
His Latest Investment Here
as Best Opening on Continent
tin three centrally situated lots
on Third avenue opposite the
Municipal Central Telephoned
Emad of Montreal, will erect
immediately three fine stores. A-
bove them there will be commodious apartments equipped in
the most modem manner and
designed for renting to tenants,
Mr. Emad lias been in I'rince
Rupert for .i day or two making
arrangements for the planning and
erection of the building. He leaves
before the end of this week, by
which time everything will be iii
shape for the work to go ahead.
In Mr. Emad's present step a
splendid indication is given ol
the attraction of Prince Rupert's
pro] sects to a keen business man
of wide experience in all parts
Canada, and many centres
. utside the Dominion. Emad's
Candy Stores are established at
all the principal places of amusement in Montreal. Winnipeg, and
the other thriving cities of the
eastern provinces, as well as in
many United States centres. With
his wide knowledge of business
opportunities on the American
continent. Mr. Emad pays Prinn
Rujxrt the soundest tribute of
c ntider.ee possible, by establishing his latest branch here, putting
up his money, and getting busy
making good with it.
Another fact worth noticing is
that I esides starting to build <n.
these Third avenue lots right away.
Mr. Emad has further invested
I I .'aim in Prince Rupert 1"'- in
Section Six. ar.d will have secured
- me more rea! estate here before
li aving to lo k after his wide-
si read I usiness interests.
Takenot iha   ������''��.;:,,   , i,,���l, loap.
ay ,���!;,' .larSionrtiinX:'. ..;.���'��������-'����������� ���'���������������
I   *>     I I I... .1.11
E, W.'
taint 1
1 landi
; Iha'
i    n. thonco eait Ho chalna,
mtalnlng Us" ac-
Dat it >''<���''��� ��M
puh. Fob. tt.
,1 markod L
north 40
thonco south i"
lo point "(' '���'���"*���
Chnrloi H. AHon. AiW
..,���������, charlotta Illandl Und District���District a.l
'im . I,a riua
Taalaaa malice (hut I, J"1'" McIkhuI ail Vancouver
,  ' "���i rokor, Intand W apply far ptrmWon
I, iiii.'i|i.a'i lot coal and petroleum on the tollowing
''fJmmoioliui'al �� i>"��- P'snH ubout tw" Nl"
,.i'i   a.i.,1 I waa mill'" �����t "I the anaiuth nl Uu.
SVC and EiHed J. MaX. N. E. Carni
tin it thonco i"1"1' M c|min"' thonce woat hii
Kins thonco nnrth HO chuins, thence east Hal
LhSlna  l"   I"1""   "'   C'liinienci'lnent;    aontalnlng
���m.\m' .'PIN McLKOD
a. iii ncres, m
Dnloal Keb. 8
|'���1,   VbI.. 14.
Clurence McDowoll, Ana
,.i Cai    il
Skeana UndDlatrlot���Diatrtct..
Taka^cathatlMe^J^'WS,  ,
when tho UyaUko   rat   b
In a northorly dl ""'"',������
trail, thonco north *" *  ���
halni, thonco aouth ���'"'",
f commencement,
rn Charlolto lalanda Unil District���District ol
,i    ollce Unit I. JaEn MoLapd ot Vanoouvar,
,���.,,���',.1U������ hroker, Intand to apply tot.pwir ��������
ipocl lair cnul ttii'l I'a'lriili'iiin un the following
two mil
he   T
lasacrlbod luli'lnl ,    .    a    a
Commencing al a poat plantad about
,���l, said two miloa west  ol the  mouth  ill the
T vi    'r and markad   J- Md.. s. E, Cornor.
tl     111    ������     ��� ,       u|.     ,,;,,,, (I,..in...     ........      a.,.
No.   IK,  lhe
chalna, thonce
chuinn lai point i
larriM, ma",' OT   '"���"���
Dutad I'VI'. 'i'i. I'-'"
rll, SO ohalna,  tba'ncai west  Ml)
aouth hii ehaina, ihenee esa.t ho
i oommanoamaniI containing oio
JOHN Mcl.Klll)
b*lie K. Walter, Agent
half mltoa In
aan Nulls Hia''
uml a'lia- mile in
sui.l Lava Lake
lh> aaa-.'  west   80
tlia-n,',' ,':i-t chaina to polnl c
contalninaSU>acroa, ,  ,. .. .iuin,\i,ii
bfifei���1, BS��lDSn. ���*��
Quoon Charlotta lalanda lJ""! District���District ol
hat I, .laaiiii MaLaod ol Vancouver,
Intend to Hpi>ly lor parmleolon
I iii'traili'iim am the following
f0, parmlailontopurcnaaoam ��"������        __S___6 landai
llandai ,      . ,,,,,. ���,���i ,������.     commencins at a poat plantadabout two milaa
Commencina at a poat planted tl.i.-. ��� �����i  '"'   :      ���"'"".' '        ,,., ���,,,, ���, ,|���. mm.h at ������,
h,lf mi|��� |��� an eaaterly direction from thopont wuth ana iwo N       {,
,',"Nlu.��Kia.'r where the l.,,v��l...l,e OT.    - >'     ,    gW   ">     ���   ]'   ^ f, ,��� ,,,���,���,, .hence west  Bll
and ono mile In a nmrtharll dlrecUon from.in   no. ar. inaw M, _]mim  thl,nw _M ,���
%;^:;.t:^. tZ- SIS S cnal!   t&m, *; jr. m -��-*��� ��o
Ihl.nce ����at Bfl ' halni to point of commencement,   mm. mora �� hga. ,Qmi McLE()I)
conttlnlna ttOmm. CBAmxB jjoRKIS   !,',V. Fob, 14" taaraitea McDowell, Agent
eul,"Viav  li' Joseph Uelway. Aa.-e.it!
pub'' Quoon Charlotte Isi.indal.uii.l Dhtr.ct-DUtrict
IJilH'll I lllirliilll' aa.au
Ska.naI��dDI.Wot-pl.^ct of Caaaiar 	
gSmmESSESmm* \&&.\
Skeena Und District   Dlotrict of Caaaiar
Take noUce thut I. J.'lm McDonald of 1 rince
Hup, n. B.C.. occupaUon hotelkeeper, Intcnoa 11
apply for permiaaion ta, purchnse the following
described luiiais: .   ,
Commencing at a poat planted three and one-
,.,. ..,.. |n ai ��� latarly dlrecUon from the i.,,int
on Naaa River where tha Lava Lake trnil begins
and one mile in a northerly direction from tin-
.ai.l Lava Lake trill, thenc- smith a-u-hty chums,
tlia-nce west B0 cliuins,  thanca- nortli BO cliuins,
th, tic ���.,-: ���     l.ains Pa paiint aif ca.niineiieei .1.
containing 640 acraa. ,.,,.,,, nanus a n
pob. March 1". Ja.s.ph Belway, Agant
Take .aalica- llmt 1, J aa ti ta UoLaod ot Vancouver,
occupaUon brokar, Intand to apply for |aormi��.sia,n
i��� protpeel ler cnul uml petrowuin on tba lollowing
dMeribed lumls: ,        .     .
t',������m,-i,ci..i: ul ii posl plant��i about two
milo, amita and two mllea aaat ol the mouth o
ii���. il-al Knar, Qranan Island, and markeil
J Ma-1 N \v. Corner, Nu. :n, thence eouth Ml
ohains, thenoa cum m chains, thenar north u
ehaina; thanca ��a�� ho chains lo point ol com-
,,,,,,1, BO chuins   ������,,,,,.������.,.,��� containing640acroa.m��aorlaoa.
Dated Feb. U, MIL
Pub. I.I,. -I,
Clarence McDowell, Agent
oueen Chariotta lalanda l-��nal District���District o
Tako i "iice ihat la J"'1" MeLaod ol Vancouv
ver. ii- C., occupation spinster, intends to upply
lor permission to purchase the following descrilml
���pact lor coal and petroleum on the following
deecribed iumls: .
Commencini ui a poal plantad alaout two miles
Commendr,,- u> **  post planted at the north   ��uth and t��j^wg����Fwtt^^tlia
corner of Lot BstaO! Ihence .bout N chum,   {gj^^*&Jmt  ilw-ncv 2*   Si *hS*S,
thence south ��0 cliuins, thiiice ��a��t bO chains to
point "I eoramaneanHBtl   caaniaining BIO acra-s,
gattkim   .,      i\TV\Km
I'ub. Mi. -4. * Ummtm MelJowell, Agent
r -
*' ���   the full useful-
���  m  of classified  ndx^rtising  a
:n "pushii . j -      I usiness,"
managing your affairs, is
: sse&s real   busii eas insight.**
Par.toriutr. Pioneer Cleaner. 'I I obi 4
eut corner ot ...
ncrth iv Lot KJ.i, thenw ��0 chaini weat i* IM
'S<*y2, thenc* ahuut KO chaina aouth in 1/it 8981 (
ther.ce 40 chaina eaat, thence HO chaina nouth to
Lot 6-"-. ther.ce 20 chaina eaat, thence HO chaina
north, tN-r.ce He chaina eaat to point >:t eon-
Dtnmmilti contuininK WlM DMrfV *>t leaa.
Tost ravktd M. H. U.# S.K. Cornur.
Ditfri Feb.14. Wil.      MAKV HK1.L BEATON   guwn Charlotte lalamla Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Pub. March 4 Ske!'n\. .      . _�� �����
Take DOtlct that I. Juhn .McUod of Vancouver
occultatton broker, intern! to apply for permiaaion
���    pect for coal and petroleum on the following
titMTai-ol lands:
ComiMOdni ut a Mil planted about two milea
���outh of tht-  l\-*-'. Kivit and murked John Mcl..
Na K. Corner,  No.  ,.��,  ihence a*>uth  80 chaina,
Uunce MM   SO ehatm,  thenw north 80 chain*
QtMU) Churlotte lalanda Land Di��tnc!-���- Di.-inet   I   _m*m iu.-t BO chains U> point of commencement;
Skwra eoi taloiM 640 -ttm nu-re or !������.
Tmm*M r.otiw thnt I, John .McU-od of Vancouw    DtWd M�� -.2. mil. JOHN MeLEOD
occupation broker, intend to apply for pern .Won   pub, fvb. 14, t*e��lie K. Walter. Agent
to ; .-"-pect for coal and petroleuni on tre foliowmt:
described landa: _        _.   .       , ,    ,   ,      ,*.,._.    *-.*__.
Commencir.ir at a poat plant*! al-out three mJtai Qu.-en Charlotte Wanda Und Diatrict-Dlatrict ot
onth and rat milea west of Uh mouth of Ui�� U-*       ���. . . W��fj .     ���   * ���*���
R ...- ud marked J. McU s. E. Col er, No 2 "" noUeoUart l.John McUod of Vancouver,
thence north BO chair>. tWa ���**���*��� - I el ill - occupation broker, intend to apply for permmion
ther.w south B0 chain*, tbeoca eaal - ��� ri ilu lo l" l'r����l>*Ti fo: coal and petroleum on the following
point  of wmmenwmir.t;   containtof 640 uen- , di*erilK<��i landa: ... ,.__
',-,.-;,-, t ommencing at a (MWt planted about two mile*
Dated Feb   '���'  I'll JuHN Mcl.KDD   "outh ol thi- moulh of the TM Hiver and marked
Pub. Feb. Jn  ' Clarenw McDowell. Agent    J-  McL   S.  K   Con.tr.  No.  BI,  thence wwt 80
. chain*,  thenw  north  Ml ehaina,   tbence eaat   >0
chain*, thenw noulh no chaim io point of com*
���� Chaste todaUU DUtrict-Dbtric. ��   \]*S^^*mUSn. Mo ��.jggj^g,,,,
Tak, notloo thai 1. j"" Va-UoH el V ana*uv..r., l'u,,��� ��*. 2<- tAAI.. K. \VJ(,r. A��.nt
occjpauon larolaar. intend to apply faar taarmiislon   ���        _ _.. __.      ... ,
to pro.f*�� for eoal and petroleum on the lollo.mt ��"���*". * Karlotte Uand- Und IJUtrict-District ol
deacribed lar.ds: >���>' n .
c.. -rer.cir.t a; a post planted about (our mila-a. "ske notira- ihat I. J.a n McU d ol Va couver.
aorta aad v.rav atDeo a-est ol tbe mi'uth ,a[ tbe aa.a-uaatian l.raik.r. Intend aa .ia ply tor iMrmiasuaa
TU1 Ravar sn.; rr.sr.~i J. McL.. N. K. Corner, IJPJW'"' ol and peuoh nt oia IM lullowinj
No. 60  thence south M cr...: -. thoMa *��� t BQ   aiearenbed landa:
cha'.r..    ther.ce  r.onh   v  ea.a;r...   lh. ttm  ���    '   h"       l """a-a't a-init at s \. at plai!t>-al atKiut faaur milas
������* pomt of con ��� K' t.lt'   "aauti. a-aai tw.. mala. *e l of the miuth of the
acra~. rr.ore or latas. 't'.i-l   Rival ;an-l marka.l J. Mci.. N. I   Corner.
...������.��� JaiMS McLKnIi, :>;"-  ,:'- Ihoane   outh **> chsins, thence weat HO
Pub. Feb. tt, Clarence McLloaeU. Aea-nt   chain., tha-nc  in-rlh  N  chains,  thaanre east   DO
cl.a:n. taa poi t aif romrtaa-ncement:    otilaining 640
Grand roncen at tho Baptist
Church. Thursday, April 20th, .���.;
8 p.m music, tal leaux, etc. Ad-
mission 50 cents, children 25 cent?.
On   rtiursday  afternoon  nest.
April   13th.   the   Ladies  Aid   of
the Methodist Ouroh will haw |
a salt    ��� aprons and home-ma
candy.     I': p   will   begin
at thru k    The ladies trill
*****   ������ ���   luring  thf  afti n
a,uoea Char:���� Islands Lar.i DlaMet���D-:r.**.;'
Taiae cct;c�� that I. .\r.r. *,'.cIa* : af Var.cvu-.er.
eccupsr.a r .r.Ker ar-terj t.^ irr y for pe.'T.:��aor.
'    ; - -:������" : *.*...-: pt:; .. .-    ::!..'.      . ��� -
loactfted jar.i,
���.'.-r.rr.tT.e-.r.t a: a por. ��� lir.ta-i ltout riae t.^s.
north ar.d or.e r:> a-wt .-.' :���- mtmth c   the
..- .- I ���   .--~i 1   '..'.<:    N. R. '��� r-....
Na it. tboeM o -��� N rhai-s.  Uaneo �� oi -
chains. :r.er.ca   i   ���      -       ..ta. theen east SO
er.a.r.* la petal af c\rr.roeteern*r.:.   cor.*-s:r..r.f ot
icr.��. &or�� or Wee.
Dsra-f Feb "... Ml. JOHN  UcLEOI
ub. Ft:  U. C'.arer.r. McL>c��eJ. Afer.t
Qu.en ���      ��� -.��� Land rvia-.n�����Diitnctjof
Take ��� ��� a thai I. Johl V.cLea-.; c! Va-couver.
ocr-;a::.r. :r;a.<r. .r.r.r: i;-... ':r ;'r-r.��;:r.
to prospwt f.-r coav *��.* petrole-m on tM f.^oaatnt
loaerfted   .��� :
Com.T.er.c.r.<   a:   s .   atv^t   ,:��.'.:
tr.i��� �� -������ .- . : D a^aat ef tt�� a��.:> c! T;^.
Riaaer a.-: narkad J MrL. S. w. Ceraor, No. ::.
there* i - ��� sbalaa, tbtrce eas- K e*__-o.
fer.c  ��� .-.. thenc, aa.,: M  ca-a ���,
point cf a?:r-.T.er.��siect: oonta.r.ir^ SM acrw
racr. cr less.
C. McDoaeei!. Ajent
if-**. Charictw Uaia-is Ur.i Distnct���D��tri�� o-
. ������   ���  '.:* that I. John McLe d of Vancouver
���"    ."   " ���-���-: to apply  or p��nusaatoc
'��� r tral and petroleum , r. th, fax-oainr
.'���.    - .
��� .- . post r.ar.ta*: a:- .���
i four *,** of the moutn ol T>: R *tt
������������������. ���   H ims ..-   Bacon �� i
"���.    N. W. Corner. N     "    ���    ���
crains.  thence *r.  SO chains.   :r<r.ce
-   -    .   .._ .._ ther.�� m r. *0   nsune to poa t ot
reneec.*-'    iwnolala| **A:   acres, more or
w   w ������*-��� ���'��� Prorrietor
r-ate-i Feb. It.l.-IL
; .
Mt:��. (jert
������ "����� No. MO p. O. Boi t*U
UtMt   Quotattona   From Vancou-
**t  Eachanga.
As reported by s Ham*-* at Co.a
BID    ttW
!  "     I Cms ...    io 1-2      M
irt M. & D. Co.   .
iv '   r *    ,ea
Main P.eef 05
Windsor Hotel
Nea.1, Furntihed and
5��e.m He.t^ ���*������-,,
""" txtm bar un nmm
R'-.m ,s comtacntm
For Sale
I.'its :; 16, 16,  b  sk 28   Metlon 6.
I noo *���'���a esei). Um ��� half osah.
1 ��� ' ���   ��� J2 ���
���00, tenoi half caah.
Uu.;.'. M, ;���..  block *X action 7.
1 h, t��rmi half a.-a?h.
Loll 6, 7. g, with house, block 35. sec.   ,
'. I>n.a  18,660 111, terma *1.3tA>caah.      ftrtaS^}4, ������"���
. I...ts 7. v block :w.   action  7.   price   """"*���*���'
Waeeen Chariott, lalanii Laoi Ia��rict���Dutirct 0/
a ake notice thoa 1   1 ��� ���  MeLec.) of Va.-.ce,jver.
lead I   app.y for per-r.uar.rr.
to prospect fcr ^a. arai petraSeaim on be foOoviag
i*er.-���i a.* it
OoaOMOaSBt a: a pre*. pUnted ai>cu( six muss
���_ -���- a." -. ;:..-��* -TAres ����; ^f ;*., bmbU ol the
rVel P-ver ar.d marked J. MeL N. E. a' nor
"��� taeoM aeaaS M alata, t-.er�� �������. H
���lao, ther.ce north N ehaaru. thence eaat ^>
chains to point of eoaxmencemcr.t: eor.ta.-:-*
MU acraas. tr.ore cr leas.
Dateai Feb ��, 1S11. JuHN  VLEOD
rub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell. Ajent
Queen Chariotu I .la.-, it Land D strict���Distnct o<
��� ���   .
Tak, nctice that I. John McLeod of Vancouver.
oee-iratier traa'aer. intend to applv for permiaainr.
to p-a��pe�� for coal and petroleum on the lo
laaeriBod lands:
Comrrerori at a poit pUntci aat ra.lee wuth
ari rh.-w *r..w> vest ol the Tr.aitr. of the Timl
Kia-er and narkef J McL. r. E. Comer. No. TS,
inaaei aertl M a--a.:rj. tBeaea ��-5-. n cra.-j.
teaeaei south -i* chsirj. ther.ce e%t*. M chains to
pcir.t of commencement; eonta r.ir.j ���" t ' acres.
more or less.
[''>''!'<��� j* 1*11. JOHN M'LEoD
F\ib. Feb. SS. Caraea. MeDoaseU. Afent
*ie*n Ckarlotte liainis L.nd Dtnrict���District 0
- r'Kf-ra
Take nttice that I, John McLewi of Vancouver
Metlpetiea broker, intend to appl> for perrr.uaior
'���; ������ - a;��ct for coal and petroleum aa th   fo..  -   .
eecr.beU land:
CaoajBaaeiat at a r-.-st pUr.te-i abcut eifht BsSoa
south and t��o *(,-. ,f tr.e mouth ol V.mi Rja^r
��� ��� I - i-ked J. MeL. N. W.Cenar, No. 40. ���.-������cr
' :��� ��� ���*��� ��� ������ tr��rc��ea��t SOchain... thence north
������- eeaalea, thence aae,: �� ehains to point of com
^'T^'""   ccr.-ar. r.,- 61   ares, more or'.ess.
rak.ret.IT, c. UaOovaO, Arert
ue��n CharUitte I^as fi Und District���District of
_ , Skeer.s
Take notice thai I, John McLeod of Vancouver.
^H-'Z!.; tm^-'i '"a"4 �����*fw*l> fo p��rmiss,on
d��nSd^ ._        *r'd lM<rol""B on the folloarinj
..!a<,!!im"'���nn, *,' V0" P;a��ted ei.-ht mile, south
JSikJtVu 1 &��*m* "' "**���** Raver and
���t"1',Jl<1- *   *��� Coaom Na. tl. ther.ce
r^Ji�� $ii-~ .te" ���"" *�� ****** I-**-*
north ��0 ehaira, thence east So chains to point
of eommeneement;   roatalr.lr.| 61u acres, more or
Queen Charlottt L��:��r it Lar.d Distrirt���Distr.c ol
Take r.ot:ee that I. Jcha McLeod of Vancouver.
eeoopetJoB beaker .r.t.r.i te tr;.. tm permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on :r.e '.
Commencinf a: a ;<��t plaatad abo.t lev oilee
north azad three 1        - -
Tl-el  Rint a-;  rr.*.-:  J    V. 1.     -    .
thei     north !
era;-. 10 petal .-
. - -   -   ���
I's--; Fet   .-. 1 ���'.: JOHN HeJ
P.H.T.-   H C.ansae McDo��n_ Af��t
ifjmz Cta.-'*:te Uaado Lar.d Tni-.-ct���Datr.r. ot
Take sotice tiat  I. Johr. McL-od of Vancouver
eeecpat atead M a;;.;, fair t��rmiaek>a
tc prv��;*c: f :r ooaal and f*u-o ,um oa the tfUoaiat
Coean-.encj;f at a post pianted about tmo m lw
- rtl sr I two miles nest of the mouth ol the
T.k. F.;ver and marked J. McL. S. E. Corner.
No. 52. thence sort" ��� a*. :���.���*. aa -t ���
cha.r.i. thia00 ������ -a ��� rra:ss. thence east SO
ehains to point cf commencement: cor.u.r .��� ��� .
acres, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 25 mi. JOHN McliMD
P��>>- F'b " T. E. Walter. Afent
Queer. Chariott, I.Iar.dl Leo : Distno-Diatrict of
1 a.e r  Ort (hat 1. J tr. MeLeod of Vancouver.
oeeapatioe broker, ���-���������������. t>. a:p> or  prrmjasaan
to pr.aspect far c a s: : ;. tr .....    ���
desc.-.hed land: *
- aaetaf at a post pUnted about thne miles
���eat ard two mileaa north ol the mouth a I the
Tl-e. River and marked J McL. S. E a"err.cr. No
��T thence north SO c*a.ta. ther.ce ��eet M I
f-erce a- .; ��� era.-,, therce eaat M cra.n> t.i
point cf commencement. cor.ta:r.;nf 6<0 acres.
���    -���   ��� - leas. ' ^
Pub. Feb*:. IE. Walter. Afent
Qoaoa Chartetu : .i rict of
Take notice tha: 1  1 ai MeLeod of Vancouver
c^-cupa:���o-. broker  .->-: ���   ,p, . ,,. ������,���,���
^prospect for coa a-.: : the folloair.f
3eecr.!*.i   a- ..
Commeodnt ������ a poet poeatad abotn f-.ir mile,
r  rrv. a- ! ;r^�� - . ���.   1. .��� ���a lh.
- "   :-    ��� ���        ' MeL   S   A   rlr^r
���������-���-���. .       aw,  .
ebaina. theaee Berth ���
c.-a:-j te petal of comment, ���
aarres. r-^-e or leea.
Dated Fe!   tt, l*.\\.
Pub  Feb. 2v
acra-S  ma.tv Or  laaw.
Dale 1. Pab. S3. 11)11.
Put.   Ma. Si.
Clatanca' Mrl ii.sa i.]|, Afent
_, "  ������������ UeLBOD
Car-nce Mr...��,���. Acer.t
Que��n CharMM islan i. Laad Dharlot-Diotrlei ol
_ >a.eaera
occa.pat.vr. I roker. laaaad t ��� j: :     f r   :���������.������
mmt%��Vmmm?~ "d ****** &*******!
wS^r~,'*'i' ." *������<"��� ****** -���������'-i I'urmilae
-   '��� .*" ;.:t"7 Ir''�� feet A the mouth
T.-e Rirer and Barked J   m.-l . s. w. corner
No   M, therce rorth  ro ���,..,   .h���pn.       . '������
cr.s.r... thence ntt N c .-,.. a��S
-SSe? mo?T" ��****��""**> aa.tatatai ,.���,
R*ilir^bi,:6- 1"1"     ^, 3,'tf< McLEOI-
Put. Feb. 21 Clarence McDowell  Af.nt
Qtwn Charlotte lalands Land Dktrttt-DkWel of
Take notice that I  Johr McLavyl el Vsre.,,,...
occupetion broker, interd ,0 _%�� .:.'..:      '
���eat aad tare taBaa.aerth ot the mouth  1 , . 1  .
River ,ni marked J. McL. N   E  C�� s   '"
thence south  .0 chair... tr. ,v  ,
ther.ce north r�� chaini. theaee east 5 ai-. ������,,,,
j^commer.c.ment: co-,.;,>s ��;,, "JJ *�� ��J
Dated Feb. 25, 1911.
Pu . Feb. 27.
Queea Charlotte Islam's land Dirtrict���Distract of
Sk ������!..,
Take notica. ihat I. Ja.ian MoLood .il Vancouver.
-   atio   taraaker, inletad 10 appl    fnr permaaion
��� ��� ��;avct liar caaaiatld pelrola'aliiiain   lie foUowinf
iassc- ta d land.:
daa, at a |aosi pfajaaled lu' r mles south
a-    �����,. m.-i of the m.ailla an t ,.   Tl*l R. er and
: J. McL S. K. Cornar. Nai   lai, thenca. n rlh
9   e-air.-. thenc. ��a��t su rhaliua. the car saauth 80
C   ar...   '   a aiav   . .a t   Ml   rh ll       t      |aailllt   of   com-
��� aanluminf 1.40 acres, naaara' air le��.
Deted Feb. 1^.  ��i|. John MLEOD
P.b Pota. 2a. Claranca> McDowell, Afent
Queen Charlaatte Ulanals Lan.l District���Distract of
_ , r-kai-na
T.k  notice thsl I, J.hn MaUod nl Vana-o ver.
ocu, atia.n beaker, intend to apply for pa-rmtaion
to p ajpavt for c ,1 anal i- troleuiai a.n ih   fdlowmf
: lands: ^
Comm jtctag   t a |Ha,t a ,m,,l ,K,ut I ur milee
oobU  1 d tarn milaa arel ,.f th.. m..uth ot the
I -   I. rat and markad J. H��L N. W. c.irner,
Lbene   aouth 00 eheJna,   thence e at no
er.iin . ihence nonh K   ehaina, thence wea- SO
nam.-. |,��� r,t . i camiaienc tn-i.t;  eontainme 610
sera*,  niaara- or Ina .
!'*-..lF.I .2.1, 1  ||. j������N M1E0D
1''   - ��� Clara- c.- McDowell. Afent
Queenlfharloite l.laa ta Un.l Dl.tr.rt���District et
��� . Skaoaa
Takenot,^.,,,  |,j���hn ��� 1,   ,| ���| van ouver,
^LXl      k" """"' '" ****> "" P��mU.on
���'������'��� -ii on   . ,   followanf
Cemmeneiiiji at a p -t ,|ant d ahe t>o r mllea
T��"   S a    "' lb    m.uth    I the
T *   I. aer u       .r-,.. j   M I.        W. Cornor.
'   " r I, -   0 aina    he,.c - .���*   *>
������ -  *,"     " eha.no. tho ra .mi so
*****       n-..n,n,M0
'.;' ' 'i    ��� J UN M'LBOD
1"'   "*��� ������*��� Cu** a M imaseli. Afent
Queen Charlotte l.l.n.l. Und Dl.trict-Dlstr.ct ot
��� , Skeena
(JSiJS _h" !'J'*.'  MaLaod of V.ncoua-er,
," -���   i'..-,!���.. apply for permlasaon
.' -.,'*"���   *'��� |x��'P'an'-d alK.ut two milea
j   Me    "   r,'!",",Ul'w"    ���>'"k"1
WO pair, terms half cash.
U ��� a
For  Fire   Insurance   in   Reliable
Companies, call on
C. llaDtlOejB, Afent
Queer. Charlotte Island. Und Dl��rict-D��r.ct ot
-a. Skeens
and��i���r^n' ,'X* P0" ti*,,.'<,, ���%���*' **m Kiuth
"���I- Wallet, a,...,.,
Queen Chariott, Mt^UaS 1....,,,    ,,;������,., ^
Take notice that l.'t"',   UtStl  .    , A__   ,.
taert.  aaeeupat.on  fen, ral   if,   : ,v ���***
f.ar perrr,��.ion to prwpecl !,,,  ,' ,'
on the faallowinf dmr   ���
a 1 ������ n.eneinf at a po.- pianted al       ..1,
come-of Section .1.1,-.'. ";��eol
and marked J   Q, \ir\    ���
weal   -ai eha;n.^ the-,-., aertli  an .1    '"   "'"co
east so ohabm theaee.
comma-r��ment. * "' Polnl ,n
I'ste.1 Msrch S. 1911. ,   ,.   ,
Pub. March 2, ^ ^VeVAJ
Queen Chariott, Wand^U,,,- , ���,���
Take notioe that I, JohnMeU,,, ���, ..
occupation broker, Intend t.    . ar,
J. McL. S. E   Cornet   S ' markoal
chsina.  thenre �����,  |o  . ".Til, M
Chains,  thence r��i  sn rl -,���,.   ',] " ,v  '""Hi  SO
"  I" I'a'ilil   nf
Qu.an Charlotte 1-l.n.t- Un.l Dtatrlct-Dlotrlet
-_. Skoena
"erup.",, :,",?; V"" '��� S5P MrI""1 ��' Vancouver.
"l"."�� f i".i""r'"1 '"."l'''1* I'r permWon
deeeriSd !,��� ," "' ""'' ******* on the (ollowinf
chiinV', ';,'r' ,-'u'h ��' 'l-aln.: thence eZ*7i
chain, to, I ",""h 5 rh"ln'' ���*���<"*��� *_*** no
���cni. Lb-b",' ;;i,n'"""""��-n>'nt;  containin, 640
ra&i?,,mi" ��� JOHN MeLEOD
���7' T.F.. Walter, ,\f��i>��
. Q��oe��� Ch.,l������e |.|.���,|. ,..���,, ln,tt,e__n_,ulei ���,
t-l >Hit*na
"ca���u,,,';,"';";';r���,.l'", ' J"h, ���**>-*** ** Vancouver,
toS��Z tZ.BV" ",' ",|,1-v '"' P�����li-ion
deemhedland!^'���P����*iSitSl the foHowlnt
' aennSd?^ 'mn! ''"" ,'"?""1 ,N"" ������"> ""'�����
' I'" 1 ��    1.. k    7 S3   . 'f m,,u,h "< ���
"ww i.r ���"S ,.i,������ ''���s-r-rorn"'No-*
thenee eonM? ff j��5��*.i*_*m ***} HO chalna.
pount .1 r, ,���,.,���"""��� }**** *__ F '���h*in���,0
1 mor,. or 1���,        ""******   eontaininf 610 acrai,
T. E. Walter. Afent
���lean Charlotta UandaLaed Dlatrlet-Datrlet ol
.vc>."ll:,"';,,t,V,;", '.**��� MeLeod ���f v.ncou��r.
'" pr." w 5?cSl EStilS* '���" mmgm
��� lawribni1  ,Z "' ',",,r"l""m on the tollaawinf
ehoin, t���   ',;���,'"",'' 5 rl'"'"v u"'i"-- mm no
��'" ��cr.,. IWcAai     U""1     TOn,��lnln��
VT\N-.P'""����� ���. JOHN MeLEOD
'��� T-K. Walter. Afent
QtmciMilcMUUaehUMl i.���rlct ,������,���,., of
"c^",!'.';,',',',;"l?r'���,k,;,,:l &!*<*. ���*���*���-<*** ��i vum
lopnatSri are .'l '"a"'1 '" "l'',|>' '"' iwrmiarton
dooerlbSSlandi      "'"' |H""1'"m ��'" �� (ollowinf
m��rk.,V.i M,.|"' \Ta.""""1' "' Tl-l Kiver and
""rlh   sal ,.|���, ,,." ,, '"mor.  No. 39, Ihence
"'HmnHig  Mil  Heron,  mon> or 1   n  aa      a    av   a   n   a^  a-a      n u   I    QUI
u r i i in i i i
(     Department Stores Prince Rupert, B.C.   ,
��fe ***** t ***** a e *����� , >-"w . r-^. . *-*. ��� i^ia^.'*
i = 77/�� C05F CORNER =
.,m..'mt.m...��� ..m ..mt.m..m*. m..m..^i+�����..^..��� ,.���...m ia^..^.e^a.^.efc.a% n^,,^a SJ,
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjecta of special interest to women. Any and all of the. ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions, Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Social NoteB
Mrs. T.  I).  l'attullo and Miss
Doris Pattullo returned from the
south yesterday.
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock  in  Northern B. C.
tm^t0m0***tmm*w% '^/WaeV^^eal^ee^^aaf^aeoaf^yaeioa^aiaa^iaeQ
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agento (or Stewart Land Company,   Limited
The Optimist
Mr. I'. J. Hobbs was a pas-
Benger to the city yesterday, his
many friends will be pleased to
welcome him back, but sorry to
hear Mrs. Hobbs and Miss Harriett will probably not return this
Mrs. P. I. Palmer entertained a
number of small guests on Monday
afternoon, in honor of her little
daughter's birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McClymont arrived in town last
evening on the Prince George
after their honeymoon trip.
THE Ol'TIMISTwill furnish correct information to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city : : : : :
There is no time like the present. Send us
your name anal address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail       :       ::::::
Optimist Information Bureau
P.O. BOX 1545
gua*n Charlotte Islsnils land District��� District ol
. Taka- naatlcaj that I, John Mclaeod .of Vancouver,
occupation hroker, Intenal to apply   or permission
lo pmapeet for coal anai petrcaleum on the followinR
aleserilaed landa:
Commencing at a post planted about all miles
south and two west of the mouth of the Tina
Uiver and marked I. Mcl.. N. W. Comer, No. 3H
Ihence eouth KO chalna, thence eaat KO chains
thence north KO chains, Ihence west KO chains to
point of commencement; containinR 640 acrea,
more or leaas.
Daied Keh. 2.1. 1911. JOHN MlalOB
I'uh. Feb. tti. Clarance McDowell. A��ent
Wueen Charlotle Islanda Unal Di.trict    Diatrict ol
_ Bkeena
Tako notiee that I. John Mcl<iail ol Vancouver,
oecupatlon hroker, Intend to apply lor permission
tai prospect for coal and petroleum on Ihe folloavinR
ileaacrihed land:
Commencina at a poat planted about sis miles
south and two mllea west of the mouth of the
11*1 Hiver and marked J. McL. S. W. Corner
No. 87 thence north KO chalna, thence east KO
chains,  thence aouth  80 chains,   Ihence west  80
Que ,i C aria t e Island, Und Diatrict��� Ii aa'ret ol
Ske a
Tnke notiee t ai I, John McLaod of Vancouvar
occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permlsilam
lo | ro pect fur aaa al and potroloum on the followinR
describe I lana.s:
Ci.mmenrl it at a post planti-d nbout hi miles
south and two mllae weat ol the mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and rnnrkad J. MeL. N B. Corner
No. 48 thenc eouth eO chains, thenco wesl HO
e aina, thence north 80 chalna, I lien e eaat 80
chalna to point of commencement; containing 40
acrea, more or leas. .��� _���_
Daied Feb I 3, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Puh. Feb. 215. Clarance McDowell, Aga nt
Queen Charlotte lalands Und Dintrict���District ol
Take notice that I, ohn McLeod of Vancouver,
occupatiam br ker. intend to apply for permlaaiian
to prospect lor eoal and petroleum on the following
aicsrrihed land:
Commencing at a post planted about aix mllea
south and two milea west of tho Tl-el lllver anil
mnrked J. MeL. a E. Corner, No. 44, thenco
north 80 chaina, thence west 80 rhaina, thence smith
There's something in the air
That's new and sweet and rare���
A scent of summer things,
A whir as if of wings.
There's something, loo, that's new
In the color of the blue
That's in the morning sky,
Before the sun is high.
And though on plain and hill
'Tis winter, winter still,
There's something seems to say
That winter's had its day.
And all this changing lint,
This whispering stir and hint
Of bud and bloom and wing,
Is the coming of the Spring.
And tomorrow or today
The brooks will break away
From their icy, frozen sleep,
And run, and laugh and leap.
And the next thing, in the woods,
The catskins in their hoods
Of fur and silk will stand
A sturdy little band.
Anil the tassels soft and fine
Of the hazel will entwine,
And the elder branches show,
Their buds against the snow.
So, silently but swift
Above the wintry drift,
The long days gain and gain,
Until on hill and plain���
Once more, and yet once more,
Returning aa before,
We sec the bloom of birth
Make young again the earth.
���Nora Perry
Is Too Modest to Wear a Harem
Though the harem skirt is expected to appear in Germany with
the daffodils, and in almost as
great numbers, none of the reports
of its having been seen out of doors
can so far be regarded as authentic.
A few pioneers have, however,
caused a momentary obstruction
to Berlin traffic by posing in thc
ncw garment in the shop windows'
and it has also been worn on the
Among its protagonists on the
boards was a Hamburg actress,
who hats been wearing it at a
Dresden cabaret. Her propaganda
has, however, been put an end to
by the police, who, without going
into deep questioning of sartorial
ethics have simply pronounced
that the harem skirt "is not
permissible" at places of entertainment of that kind.
Or   A   Fair   Exchange   is   No
Olga, Swedish maid of all work,
had curiously defined ideas regarding property rights, although
she had no intention of being
On one occasion when it was
Olga's afternoon out her mistress
said to her when she was about to
depart from the house:
"Olga, I can't find those handsome silk stockings of mine. Have
you seen them ?'
"Yes, ma'am, I have them on.
I know you stay at home today
and do not need them. You
can have a pair of mine to wear
yoost around home if you haf
Senora Diaz is Mexico's Social
Senora Diaz, Becond wife of the
president of Mexico, married him
when he was 52, She was the
daughter of Mexico's noted slates-
man, Manuel Romero Rubia. She
is described as talented and cultured, speaking several languages,
a social queen, and called beautiful. She has presided over the
president's home wiih great success, and has commanded the
highest regards of the proud and
exclusive circle which wields so
much influence at the Mexican
Your Handkerchief is  Square
The rage for anniversaries brings
out queer discoveries about our
manners and customs. The fact
that we all use square handkerchiefs is due, according to Le
Caulois, to a fancy of Queen
Marie Antoinette.
Before her time such persons
as used handkerchiefs were not
particular as to shape; any piece
of cloth, rectangular, triangular,
oval or spherical, would do, for
the Japanese usage of paper was
still unknown. The queen expressed her preference for an exact
square and on January 2, 1785,
Louis XVI. published a decree
stating that "hereafter the length
and breadth of handkerchiefs made
in this kingdom shall be equal."
The revolution had little use
for handkerchiefs so that the law
remained on lhe statute book.
The shape of the handkerchief
survives as a memorial of Marie
Antionette's taste, and those who
wish so may celebrate the one
hundred aiul twenty-fifth anniversary of the fashion.
of   Them   Written
Dyspeptic Men
You  will  find   no woman   that
will spare thc man who loves her.
Women love; men make love.
A woman is most ruthless when
ihame sets sharp spurs to her hate.
Strange it is that the more a
man cares for a woman the more
he resents a similar tendency
on the part of any other man.
Revenge is ever thc pleasure
of a paltry spirit, of a weak an
abject mind. Draw this conclusion at once from the fact that
no one delights more in revenge
than a woman.
Matrimony would soon be a
lost art if we could begin at the
After the honeymoon four is
company, two is none.
The  less  one  knows   how   the
better one loves.
A  bachelor���the  pet  of  many
A husband���thc plague of one.
Many women are iu straightened
circumstances at home; yet none
of them has the modest self restraint that should accompany
poverty, nor limits herself within
the measure which her poverty
has allowed and assigned to her.
Kaien Island Club Meeting
The Kaien Island Club will
hold its general meeting tonight
at 8..30. All members of the club
are expected to be present if
ss. Prince Rupen
Saila for Stewart, Thuradaya, 8.00 a.m.
Saila for
Fridays, at 8.00 a.m.
oo. Prince Albert sails for I'ort   Simp
son, Naas River l'oints, Mustn't,
Nmli'ii Harbor,   every   Woilnes
���lay, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Hay, Skidwate, Queen
Charlotle ("ity, Lockeport, I'a-
t'oli, .leilway,   Ikeda Hay,   Rose
Harbor  and  return  via  Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway Syotem
connecting with truina from tbe Pacific
eoast operutes a frequent und convenient service of luxurious trains over itB
double  track route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Pbilu-
delphia.    Information  and tickets obtainable from the oflice hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
>^^ B. C. Coaast S.S. Sank*
Northbound Apr. 17-Southbound Apr. 21
Train   for   Winnipeg   und  Toronto
leuves Vancouver 9 a.m. daily.
Imperial Limited, best train across
the continent, leuves Vancouver daily
3.45 p.m. Carries; compartment observation cars. The finest car on any
roud nnywhere.
Agent for all Atlantic Steamship
lines. Tickets to and from European
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
ITEMS   OF . . !
King George of England is
probably the only soveriegn in
Europe who has an athletic "trainer." He has just honored Eugene
Sandow, the strong man, with an
appointment by royal warrant to
be    "professor    of    scientific   and
physical culture to his Majesty."
Press despatches declare, however, that the honor is a recognition of Sandow's efforts al improving the physique <��l the rank
and file of the British Ann),
rather than an acknowledgment
that any personal benefit would
be derived by the King from his
Building   Material,    Cement,    Lim
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blnckamil
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Co
Ste Us for Prices.
Phone No. 11
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.0.0.F
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Hlock
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  tha' order in the cltj
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON, Secretary,
One of the paradoxes of baseball
is that a player is worth 115,000
until he asks for a $200 raise in
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
Fred Tonry, the giant youngster
of the Chicago Cubs' twirling stall,
will be a wonder the coming season,
if half of the reports about his
ability are true. There is always
some youngster pitcher that develops into the sensation of the
season, anil, according to the
opinion of some of the best posted
critics, the young Kentuckian is
in line for that honor the coining
eason. King Cole proved the
best of last summer's crop of new
twirlers and the elongated slab
irtist was entitled t<> the big head-
ines. If Chance can gel another
youngster as successful from the
start off as Cole, he will indeed lie
a lucky manager.
We ure selling shures in the
At a price that will make you money
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Balance 3. 6 aad 9 Months
Assays of  the  ore run from $25.00 to
$2000 per ton.
It will pay you to investigate this proposition   at once.
0. B. Bush & Company
Prince Rupert
2nd Ave
Second uveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
I,aw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Ca.lannla,aa a.f B.C. Ontario, Ss.
and Maaaltaaba Bars. laatcheavan  anai Al
Iberua Kara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office���Exchange blaaclt, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Rurert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., L>. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dentai otieratfons skilfully treated.   Gas and
local anesthetics administered fa<r the taalnless ex-
tractlaan of teeth.   CaansulUatlaan free.   Offices: 19
and .ii Alder Block. Prince Ruuert. 11-12
The Vancouver fans have the
Noil Invest em League |K'nant stowed away already. They have this
to say aboul it: "Just take it
from us, the Vancouver ball team
of Hill is some l'.ill team, ll
Bob Brown does not carry off the
Northwestern League pennant next
fall then we miss our guess. After
looking over the candidates for
the Beavers in the training stunts
at Recreation Park the past week,
no other conclusion can lie reached,
but lhat President Brown has
gathered together a splendid assortment of talent from which to
make his choice for the coming
====E.   EBY   C__   Co.=s
Kitsumkalum Land Kor Sale
First Ave.
Na-aar Mcl'aide
Forwarding,  Distributing nnd
Shipping  Agents.
Storage of Baggage nnd Household Goods u Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, M
P. O. Box 907            Phone 262
Wt-*** **���********,, ���i^.n^i^.ni.i^n-^.s^ir^ir^iii
"Sorry," said the constable, "but
I'll have to arrest ye���you been
drivin' along at lhe rate of 50
miles an hour."
"Vou are wrong, my friend,"
said the driver. "1 say I wasn't,
and here's a SKI bill that says I
"All right," returned the constable, pocketing the money.
"Wilh eleven to one against me,
I ain't join' to subject th' couiiiy
to th' expense of a trial."
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets   25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Propraetor
P.O. BOX 7110
Plumbing   :   Steamfitting
Thin! Ave, hetwa>en Tth una) Mh Su.
Over ll.C Bait*!? PlttNCE IIUPEHT. H.C
������+���+++++++++���+++++���+��� ���
w. j. McCutcheon ii
Carries complete staacla aaf I Iruars.   Special   ,,
attention paid tai filllnir prescripUont.      , ,
Theatre Block f-mn No. tu Second Ave. !'.
Fruit   :   Produce        Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
English and American Billiard*
Twelve Tahl - Seconh Ave
"What in the world do you warn
with so many garden seeds?" tti -
quired the patient member of
Congress. "You surely don't plain
all of them."
"No," replied thc constituent.
"We put a little milk and sugar
on them antl use them for breakfast food."
t *   A 11....-    - T.I.I... A
and POOL
a * Alley.. T Tables.     A  ataaasl exer-
i a'laae.     A a'leJIla ��paa| t.     1 Jlalll'S a-v erv
li afternaaaan.     Na-wmnn   Hlaack.  be-
k laa-eeai OUl and Tth Sts.
TFIa MORIIIS'IN,      Praa|arial<ar mad Mlaaaaaa . ['
...AN"    CONTHAa:TaaRH    flUITl.tKR...
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
Candidate (who has  spent   a
precious half-hour being pleasant
to old lady)���Well, good-bye, Mrs.
Smith, 1 hope your husband is
ill right.
Mrs. Smith���1 'opes so, sir���
It'll be six months come Christmas
since 'c died."
School Report
The shcool report for March
shows a tolal enrolment of 228
No more pupils will be received
in the Primary jV/ivision (that is,
Afivision  V)   until   Monday,   the
p.o. uox tn
PIUNCF. mipr.iiT
rurn. or wm. foxdn, krh��� a.r.a.m.. i.on., ��no.
Mr. Styles���I sec that, on an
average over sixty reputed centenarians die each year in Eng
land anil Wales.
Mrs. Styles���Oh, that's too bad!
Do you suppose those heavy fogs
have anything to do with it?
,* ������������itfl.aWftiir '
The goixl news lhat another
|)crson may find employment in
your business should find its way
SEALED TENDE1ES addressed tti the umlor-
stfi tii-'l. and rmlMi Mil "Tender for Examining
Warehouse. Vanoouver, H.C." will bo received
until 4.011 p.m. on Monday, April 24th, 1911. for
the construction of nn Examining; Warehouse,
Vancouver, P. C
Plan*. spe��iflcation and form of contract can t��e
wen and forms of tender obtained at the olficea of
Mr J.K. Cyr. Superintendent of Public Building* for Mnnitobn. Pout Office Building. Winnipeg Man.. Mr. Wm. Henderson. Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C.. at the Poit Office. Vancouver
antl at thil Department.
Per*nn* tendering are noticed that tender* will
not \*f considered unless made on tbe printed
f"iin" *upp! ed, antl signed wtth their actual signatures, stating their occupation* and places of
residence. In tbe cnte nf linns, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation nml place of
residence of each memlier of the firm must be
K.H��'h tender mu*l lie accompanied by an |Q-
ceptod chetpio on a chnrtered bunk, payable to
the order of thc Hnmmrnblt' ihe Minister of Public Work*, t'uunl to ten per cent. (Hi p.c.) of the
amount of the tender, which will l��e forfeited If
the person tendering decline to enter into a contract wb*'ti cnlletl upon to tin so, or fail to complete the work contracted for. If the lender lw
not accepted tbe chetjue will be returned.
The Department does not bind  Itself to accept^
the luwtut 01 am tender
Wu curry a complete line of
Sliea ta. suit.   Btylei to satisfy
Prices ta. please
Briefly, that's our argument,
Don't Forget Big Ben
Condensed Advertisements.
A KE voir in NEED OF HELPT   Doypuwut
, ���ri   tO buy,  or Hll,  ur hire, ur loan?   Try Tho
1 Optbnlit uondtiwd Ad. mute.
LTOU8B8 WANTED-PurniHhod or unfurrlub-
11 ��l. 8 to Q roomi) If location and 1'rice suit
ine I will rent thim my��lf hihI pay rent In ml-
\itnff. im Wlltlnffi 110 llatinif.    Phone me  today-
Black ��y -11 neb* j wry. 72-tf
! rpHE British Union and National Fire tmunnoi
*���    Company of London,  Knirlumt,  with cKiiital
npany . _.
; of tt.afiOOiOOQiOQi    .����� u�� for rate;
Kratty ind Iniurinoo Company.
Thi Muck
WANTKIi- Room ��nd Ltoard In private family
X..M., Optimist Ollice. 14
' \X7ANTK1>-Utilise, 4 or 5 room* and  bath,  fur-
"     ntlhfd or imfurninhed, at once.      Apply  al
Optimist Box X. 67-tf
Finest alarm clock ever
He'i in our window
Heintzman Pianos
WANTED���A   Waitri-Hs   for
Lunch.-Apply Box8,
Kfiily'H  Bakao
to aiHiit in
*itli room.
\A7ANI'K1��- Woman or youm man
"" kiiduMi. Wagai *���'."< par month
Apply P. K. Qanaral Hospital.
\VANTEI>-Kxpernneed WOtohmaktT for Sk.--
** iMia Kiver. fJood wiiki<i paiij. Unit hl��l
expaHanoa,   Apply P, o. iiux 59.
()l;K BPBCIALTY-Plrt Iniunnca,
^   ,tant atavan itrons Plra Iniurane
Wa rcpre-
___________________________________________________________        ' t'<"iil>an-
We want your tuiniuemt, \m*W* and until*
Let u�� qtlotl >'"U ritaa. The Mack Kfitlty ami In-
Htirnncc Compuny, cor 8rd AVI, and PultOH >St.   TU
He Will Return the Debenture he Won  in  the Hospital Raffle if the Board Will  Get Five  New
Members for the Prince Rupert Club���
"That's  Easy,"  Say   the   Board.
A good  Gi'iu'i-al  Servant.
Mrs. C. V. Bennett, r>111 Av,'
Apply to
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prlnoe   Rupert Laaxltre.  No. :ils. Saina of
Kntrlanal. meete th* flnt tu tlural Tuosalayia in
'Sa'h iiaaanth in tha- Cairlionlers Mull, ut * p.m.
f. V. CLARK, BMh
1'. O. Uaix Hii. Prince ItupaTt
G. T. P. Transfer Agent.
Orders promptly IlllaiJ.   Prices roniaaanalale.
OFFICK-H. II. RaohnUTa Contro Sl.    I'haine UH
Northern Produce Co'y. |
|  Send for our Weekly Price List
Phone 151 - Phone 151
French Toilet Waters
Pass Egg Dyes
��� The Pioneer Druggltl
|   PHONE   :    ;   ;   82
..Easter Flowers..
Frrah Cut Blooms (rom Victor!*
ARTIC    ���    STUDIO
Bweet is the breath of Spring,
imt tweeter fur,
Tin' Honey Lawson soils in
can or jar;
From   California'!   slopes to
Anir Dawion
You'll lift tin- flowen' toll
from Honey Lawson.
Lawson, Phone 155
Skaena Iai- a Dnatrtet btfttte] "I I'osat KanKe fa
Tske ***** ���But William Franklin Carpenter
ol I'rinaji' I. .',.r'. 11. C, oeeupetlOB. raa'aurant
ka.-pa.r, iiitea . v aaaa|>ly Inr peraWen li purchase
tlie |ailly-aint��  ���a-rrabasal land  -
The fire which occurred some
few days ;i^o on the premises
owned and occupied by Mr. William Angle i;- Mill fresh in lhc
mind of the reader.
Willi ordinary business prudence
Mr. Angle hatl hia propert)
insured and is to he congratulated
on his choice of a company as by
yesterday's mail a cheque was
received in full settlement of claim
(if   |088.
The policy was written by the
Mack Realty it Insurance Company and ihis tinn make ii their
especial care that all claims are
promptly adjusted and paid, without vexatious delay.
The Heiney Theatre lire some
time ayi). which was a total lost
claim, was scaled within  12 days
oi signature ol proof <>f loss.
See that you net a policy like
Mr. Angle got, stability together
with the promptest possible settlement of claim. This you can bc
assured of by consulting The Mack
Really aS; Insurance Company
The philanthrophy of the Dominion Government will be tested
by the Hospital Board of this
dty. If thc test pans oul 0. K���
then the most worthy instutition
will be practically $132.90 to the
good. In this way. when the new
Lawson bedsteads came from England two week- .iK" the duty on
them was $132.90. At the meeting of the Hoard yesterday afternoon it w.is decided to appeal
the government at Ottawa to
have the money refunded. Hon.
William Templeman, member for
this district, will be asked to help
in the good work.
Presidenl l>. G. Stewart will
set the machinery in motion to
Uring about the desired consummation,
Mr. H. O. Butlers Offer
Another way in which the hospital mhy be enriched by several
hundred dollars is through the
kindness of Mr. II. 0. Butler,
who won the Prince Rupert Club
debenture In the rattle some time
ago. He states that if any members of the board can induce five
eligible citizens to join the club
lie will give lhe debenture, which
is valued on the market at $3">0
to be raffled again. This is easy,
say the board. The debenture
was given in the first place by an
anonymous donor.
The Nurses' Laundry
The vexed question of paying
laundry   bills  for   thc   nurses  is
settled. Each nurse will be allowed
$7.50 per month for her laundry
In future patients will have to
pay extra for having doctors'
prescriptions dispensed at a down
town drug store. The board will
pay the bill in the lirst place,
thus giving the patient the benefit
of any cut rate or discount allowed.
A new operating table has arrived front Sharp & Smith of Chicago, surgical appliance makers,
and is being fitted up at the
In Case of Emergency
The House Committee will discuss the advisability of building
a water lank at the institution
so that in the event of the supply
from thc city giving out temporarily ihere would be enough
on hand to use in the emergency.
A 1,000 gallon tank is talked of.
City' Building Inspector McNeill
will lend his advice in the mailer
to the committee. A number of
accounts recommended by the
nance Committee for payment
were passed.
The Faithful Ones
The members of the board present were: D. G. Stewart, chairman, Mayor Manson, James Kirk-
.i.urick, II. Clarke. J. G. Scott,
P. I. Palmer, (). II. Nelson, A.
Cuthbert, C. Y. Bennett and W.
Wright, secretary.
The board will meet again next
Wednesday afternoon.
Geo. Ross Injured by Fall from
As a result of being thrown from
his bicycle on Kighth avenue and
falling from lhe roadway to thc
ground several feel below, (ieorge
Ross, a fourteen year old boy
sustained very serious internal injuries last evening. Dr. Kggert
was hastily called to attend the
boy and reports that young Ross
is in a very critical condition at
Wi- home.
Ne came here a few days ago
from Lethbridge with his parents
who reside in lhe house al tIncomer   of    Eitghth    avenue   and
Cotton  street  former!)   occupied
bv   II. K. Stralhv, erstwhile man
ager ni thc Union Hank here.
For Refined Palate*
For  the  very  best   of choice
groceries, flash fruits, and vcgl ���
tables call on the Ideal Provision
I louse.  Third avenue.
This house h.is I.lid in a special
stock for Easter and as at all
times they ( arrv onlj the best.
Apple-, oranges, mils,  bananas,
spring rhubarb, tomatoes, asparagus, cleery,  bunch  vegetables,
choice salads, fresh eggs and butter
ire here in large quantities,
Inspect the fresh clean stock
of the Ideal Provision House and
remember they sell lhe best and
the best only.
I aamm.laciM ... a |a.a��l niantasl sl lias south ...l
Carrier   ,a[   aui.     ad   ly)l   lilt,  tliera*   .(,   rl,,,,.-
s.  'ti   llionce ia :ir, clasins aai-n to l/at MM
tiVnrp 20  cha. ��� ,  north.  thorn*   l'a ehains  wpaa'
Ihi-nct- alaout '.   "haakna naanh in I/11  .a,a,-   ,\���.ir,
tala'inl :10 aihaln* aast to soanh ttm raunrr aat |,ot
:i(ir.K, ihaanra. .1 ui :ir, chair.. Mt ������ |.���, n'n ii���,rl   vesterdav
Ibun slmut M rlaslns essl laa !,.������, ���| c���mm,nM; IP""    JCSIWUB)
'.",'.';:.;i r.,.hl"ii-"'lf.,V0 'm"^""""w '"��� "" h�� maiden voyagt
t-Ui,M��,r|hi.1|AM frankuncari)entei^s1)11  ,,,���,,,,  captain  Robertson
Drawn   Out
Bright Bits from Today's Tedious Evidence. Ould Ireland
Again. Who was General
Bohunski, Echoes from Kelly's Cut.
This morning enquiry was made
icforc the Magistrate into the
case of Dan Babich charged with
h.iving shot at Sergeant Phlllipson.
Sergeant l'hillipson was thc first
witness examined, and nearly the
whole forenoon was taken up with
his cross examination by W. !���'..
Onerous Position
Sergeant Phillipson's evidence
howed he was doing his duty
pretty thoroughly (luring the
rushing of Kelly's cut. He had
charge of the harbor side and
norlh end of the cut where the
firsl stones were Hung, and where
the tight was fiercest.
Both Good Men
Asked if he knew what Chief
Vickers was doing during the
-a utile Sergeant l'hillipson said,
"No." He was minding his own
I'lisiness and lie guessed  the chief
was doing likweise.
Regular Donnybrook
Cross examined by W. K. Williams, the sergeant referred to
the invaders of Kelly's cut as
"a tumultuous and disorderly mob"
Mr. Williams wanted lo know-
where he got the expression. Wilh
a   smile  the Sergeant   remarked
*-r*rrrr r	
that it was an expression with
which he was familiar in Ireland
where ii was unfortunately sometimes applicable.
Constable McArthur
P. C. McArthur was called after
Sergeant Phillipson had given his
evidence. Hc had been on duty
��� ill day at Kelly's cut, and described
the scene from the beginning of
the rush.
General   Bohunski
At the outset of thc trouble
according lo P. C. McArthur's
evidence he saw a man gel upon
a stump and direct the strikers
wiih gesticulations and orders in
a foreign language. This man was
not identified, and probably got
Map drawing of thc scene of
die Battle of Kelly's Cut forms
an interesting feature of the enquiry.
Counsel in Combat
W. I".. Fisher and W. K. Williams had occasional little arguments over iheir respective method
of eliciting evidence.
K. I. Club s New Secretary
Mr.   (i.   N.   Arnold   has   been
appointed secretary of the Kaien
Island Club. At the general meeting of the club tonight the liquor
license granted by the Provincial
Government will be officially received.
Prince Rupert, and I re.illy think
I shaill be able to induce more
money to go into Rupert than
if 1 were in Rupert."
"1 consider inside Prince Rupert real estate the best buy on
the coast today. I think that
one has lo get away from Rupert
to fully appreciate its remarkable
Mayor Manson's Regrets
"1 am sorry to hear that Alderman Pattullo has resigned from
ihe council and left the city,"
said Mavaar Manson this morning
to the Optimist. "Very sorry,"
he added more feelingly and Alderman Morrissey who was in
the Mayor's ollice at the time
interjected "Amen." The council
will take the matter up at its
next meeting on Monday night.
Walk Over Probable
A lot of curiosity has been
aroused over Alderman Pattullo's
probable successor. It is thought
that none of the aldermen's friends
are very much enamored of the
prospect of taking advantage of
the vacancy in the council as
with no one to second a motion
a solitary opponent of the Manson
administration can accomplish
very little. ll would not be
surprising if a walk over were
permitted lo one of the friends of
the present administration.
Special Easter Shipments
Mr. George Frizzell, the pioneer
butcher, has a special shipment
of good things for Eastertide*���
fresh turkeys, chickens, eggs, Cambridge sausages, and all varities
of freshly kill tti meals.
Mr. Frizzell expects further consignments tonight and in addition
to the choice edibles there will be
a consignment of choice cut Easier
Vou will find a visit to the up-
to-date Frizzell Meat Market will
repay you.
Old Fashioned Costly and Useless  Says Labor Writer
King George h.is announced his
intention lo entertain a hundred
thousand London children at ihe
Chrystal Palace on June 30 in
celebration of his coronation.
New barracks are to be constructed at Redford near Edinburgh, at a cost of 300,000 pounds.
Strikes, in the main, are like
other wars, largely a question of
For this reason, under ordinary
circumstances,   the   workingman
has little chance to win.
It is only by strategy, choosing
an opportune time, or so appealing
to the imagination as to catch
public opinion that thc striker
can hope to win; and even then
it is only a poor victory at the
An army without ammunition
might almost as well expect to
win against one fully equipped
and possessing unlimited resources
as a union could hope to win in
a long drawn out fight.
In general, hunger antl want
must finally settle a hard-fought
The workers of the world have
only food and clothing and shelter
for a few days,
Both logic and history, says
Clarence Darrow in the Vancouver
World, show that the old time
method of striking has about
run its course, it is ineffectual,
brutal and mussy in the extreme.
Belfast Harbor Commissioners
have decided to spend 196,000
pounds on new works and extensions. A second new dock is to
be constructed on the County
Down side of the river at a cost
of 150,000 pounds.
Confirmed into Church
A large number of the children
of Roman Catholic families were
confirmed by Rev. Father Bunt*
this morning- K<��r some weeks
they have been attending classes
for'instruction in church doctrine
and will attend at their
communion this Easier.
A Church Courtesy
Hearing that the Methodists
have planned to hold a social
evening next Thursday, Ensign
Johnstone this morning postponed
his concert fm' that date till the
following week, so as not to clash,
Strikebreakers Came Yesterday
About 100 strikebreakers arrived in the ciiy yesterday. Today
these men are working lor lhe
various contractors in the city.
Amongst the number was a party
of Russian Finns, a fine healthy-
looking lot of fellows they are.
.,  , i John McUod "I Vancouvor,
Tak,- nol Ice th��l ';.."���, apply lor purn.ismon
OggSt ft -I SS 1" ft�� .nth.fltow.ns
described tonijji ,   , n,oli m iho mouth ol
Commencini ��t ' "1, " j. Mcl.. N. E. forth., Tl-a'l Kiver anil "W�� " J , , thl.nc0 west
ner, No. SO. tlience BJft.%5"? J,once ____ _.
% chain., thence nor M��0 M   ��  ��Bt��talr.| 040
chain; "o'poinn;! commencement;
acres, more or lam ijtlllN  Mcl.KOD
Dated M>; -1' 1JU i.,alia. B. Walter, Auent.
I'ub. Keh. 'ill,
Oueen Charlotte Islandstanmll^rlct-UUtrictol
*****% ft&BB*U���� th. (.".win,
planted about two.miles
lloaacrllaa'al lullllua
Conunwiclna at a poat pi.....	
wost of tho mouth aal the Tl-el Hiver and marked
j. Mcl.. N. W. Corner, No. 89, thenoa south 80
chuins, tlit'ii'-" a.aasi 80 ciiiiins. thenee nurth HO
a'ia'a'.nco west so chaim tn point ol com-
Dated Tola. Ill, l.'o ..i^^^���
i'ub. I'ob. I
Cltrenoa McDowell, Ajent
District ol
tjueen Charlotte lslunds Land District
Tuke notice iliut I, Jnhn McU'od ol Vancouver,
occupulion broker, intrad to upply (or permission
to praaspeel bar I'oul und petroleum on the followlnit
doscrilia'al lunds:
Commencing nt u post plant. 1 aboul two milea
west aal the mouth of the Tl-vl River und marked
J. Mcl, N. E. Cornor, No. 40, tlience south ao
chains, tlience weat so ehaina, thenee north no
chains, thenoe eaat sn ehuins to point of com-
eontltntni MO itcri's, more or loss.
a.a,IK.   ��,���, ,,_,
Taking the place of the S. S.
Camosun, the S. S. Capalino will
arrive from Vancouver with passengers   and   mail   on   Saturday
Two Stepped and Waltzed
About twenty couples hatl a
real good time at the public
dance last night in Mclntyre
Hall, ('.ray's orchestra furnished
lhe music.
Wherefore   Art   Thou   Romeo
The ladies of the Auxiliary
Board say that they have a few
more tickets for sale for the
ball to be given in Mclntyre Hall
on Tuesday night in aid of the
hospital. The music will be supplied by Cray's orchestra.
Back from the Motherland
After a two months' visit to
England and Old Scotia Mr. J. B
I.. MacDonald, of the firm of
Foley, Welch & Stewart returned
to the city yesterday. He says
he hatl a good time and found
industrial conditions over there
in a fairly good condition.
Lady Aberdeen announces that
Queen Mary has signified her
willingness to accept an invitation
of welcome from women of Ireland
on the coming of their Majesties
forthcoming visit to Dublin.
Lieut.  Harold  l-'isher Alderion,
who commanedd torpedo boat 116,
lost his life off Siangan- creek, in
the Medway, recently, while trying to save one of his crew from
Sir Frank Newnes, proprietor
of the Strand Magazine, Tit-Bits,
and Other well-known English publications founded by his father, the
late Sir George Newnes, is in
Canada at present.
The death is announced at
Selkirk, at ninety, of Mrs. Elisabeth Ingles, who was acquainted
with Sir Walter Scott.
Thc Governors of the Easl of
Scotland Agricultural College have
agreetl to accede lo a request
from the secretary of the Congested Districts Board, asking them
to CO-operate with the board in
the promotion of the poultry industry in the western isles of
Data-d Feb, 81a 1-"'
I'ub. Keb. 23.
Clarence McDowell, Alteltf
QuiH-n Churlotto Islands Land District -District ot
Tuke naalica' tlmt 1, John McLa'aad of Vancouver,
occupution broker. Intend to upply for permission
to pros|aoct faar rou'a una) petroleum on the followinK
deaerlbed landai
Commeiii'itiK ut a post plumca! ut the mouth ot
the Tl-a'l Uiver und nuarkeal J. McL. S. K. Corner,
No   i, thonoe north sn ehuins, thenoa fwt ho
chuins, Ihence south SO chnins, Iheuca' oaat 80
chains to point cf commencement- containing
(iio ucra-s, more or leea.
Dateal l'eh. il, lull. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. let). 23, durance McDowell, Auent
Oueen Charlotto Island, ljind Dlstricl  -District ol
M skastiu
Take notica' iliut I, John afclatod ol Vancouver,
occupation brokor. Intend to apply tor permisasio
to pra��|a��-l for coal nod petroleum on the lollow in
descrilacal ulnils:
Cnninienrini! al u post |il��nnil ubout live miles
north and one mile west nl tho mouth (if tba
Tl-el Kiver und marked J. Mci... V VV. (orner
No 17 thenca. soulh so chains, Ihonco oast SO
chains, thonce north SO chuins. Ihcnco ��a* SO
chaini to point ol conima.nca.ment I containing 040
acivs, mora, air laass.
Datod Feb 1!0. l'Jll. K��I}N  McI.r.OD
l\ab. Ka'b. IS, Clurenco Mcl inwoli. Auent
yui-cn Chsrlolte lslanals Uml Disirict���DUtrict ol
Tuko notica' that I, John Mclariad aif Vancouver
occupulion broker, intend to apply for tact-mission
to praa��pa<ct for coal and laa'troleum on the (ollowing
da*scrihcal lands:
Caa'iimoncing al a post pUntisI iwo milos west
of the maiulh of the 11 a-t Ki.a-r snd marked J
Mcl.. S. W. Corner. No. 2s. ihenc north SO
chains, thence east SO chains, thenca' soulh MU
chains, thenar w-awi so chuins to point of com-
nia'iica'inonl: aonlaimna (HO acra-a, mon air less.
Dalod Feb. 21. l'Jll. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Keb.2.1. Clsnnce McDowell. Agont
Quevn Charlotle Islands Una! District -District ol
Take notica. that 1. John Mclssad ol Vancouver,
occupation hraaka-r, int- to applv fur pormbeaion
to prospect faarcaaal and petroleum on the failluwing
daiacribed lands:
Comme. ring at a p<'.i titantasl about four mila*
north ami one n ilo aiast ��� lhe moulh aaf the TM
lllver and markeal J Mcl... S. K. Corner, No. 00
tha-nco north so cl.uit... tlaenca- ��a-*i so dial a.
thenco Miuth BU chains, thamca- ,<a*t SO chains
point of cummonci'mont: containing 010 acr -aa,
mora or leaa
Dateal Feb. 26, l'Jll. JOHN  McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. Sn. 1'l.irenceiMcDuwell, Agent
(Jinvn Charlotte Mand. Unal District -District of
Take nolice that I, Jaalan Mcl ,<aad ol ancouver,
occuiiation brokor, Intond to aptaly bar pcrtniMdon
lo |.raa.|-a-i i,i, cual and p. tn-leuin on tho (aallowing
deaerlbed lands:
CoaUBBMtal sl s t��o.t plsnta-l about four miles
north anal one milo a-ast aif thc mouth ol the TM
Itiver and markeil J. Mcl.. !*; K. Corner. So fa,
tl.aiara N.uth sii chaina. ttaa-nca* west so cbalna,
thence naanh so chaiaas, thene,. amst SO chains to
point of cammi-nca-nai-nt. containing 610 acraa.
more or laaas.
Dsleal Feh. 26. 1811. JOHN Mcl.KOD
1Mb. Fob. tH. Car. i.e.. McDowell. Agent
Quea-n Charlolle Islands Und DUlrict -Districtof
Take nolice lhat I, John .Mrl^s-I aal Vancouver,
(aeeupation brokor, intend lo apply lor prrmiwlon
to prospect (or coal and petroloum on tho lollowing
described lands*.
Commencing al a |Hsat planted aliout tour mllea
aaiuth and twaa nada-a west ol the muulh ol tne
Tl-cl Itiver end marked J. McU N. K. Corner,
No. Tl, lha-nrc soulh I 0 chains, ihenoe waaat 80
chsins. tha-nra- north: 0 rl-sar... theneo oest 80
chains to paiinl nl caimnacnn-mcnt; cainialr.ing 640
aeraas, mora or laass.
Date.1 Feb. 22. 1911. JOHN Mcl.KOD
Puh. Feb. 24. Clarence McI>o��t11, Agsnt
 Und DUtrict   District of (oast
Take naalica- lhat Otis J llcnvin of I'rince
Kupert. It. ('. nrctipatiaan pnaaeetor, int. nai. ta*
npjarv for ts-rnaissiaan tnlease (ho Mjaawing doscribed
Caan.nii'iicirg al a past plantnl alaout a aauarter
ol a milo fraatn lho north MBl ****** ot (altason
Island on tha- saial (illieon Island, thencs1 snuth 40
chains, thencs' ea"l 20 chain*, thence north 40
chains, thenr*1 wa-*t 20 chsins lo point aaf com*
nienca-mant. containing-0 acresma,ronr leas. ''
Dateal.'"I. March. Ull
Advertise in
Coul 1.11ml District District of Skeens
Tnke noliee tlmt I, I'nul Hrcmller, of
Porcher Inland, occupation farmer, Inteml to n|>|ily fnr I ��� 1 mi-siim to leane
tlie fnllowinK fONSnon. Coinmencinu
at 11 (mst plsntod iilaaiiit 1^ fea't from the
location |Mi��t of lot I HOI M Porcher Islam!, tlunoe in a mmtherly direction
following high wnter mark' 1200 fott;
thsnee west (ai low water mark; thencc
northerly followinK to* water mark
1200 fa>et; thence eant to point of eommeneemenL
Hated March 7, l'.ill.
First insertion March 11
On Maiden Voyage
Wearing  an  air  of  becoming
pride the S. s. Prince George.of
thc G, T. P. fleet, s.tilt-il into this,
afternoon al 2.'M)\
of the sea-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ to decked out in
Klaoena Und Di��lriet -District ol Oaauat Hang* r,\:i   IH'W   coat   ill    t),,i,,i     ,,,,1   I,    1      1
Taken..Hell,��a (...arjto lsavick nl I'ranw  Uuiwt 1    , . '   "'"    il11'1    looked
the helm,   she wai
.1 new coat ill oa
 ��a"     *:*H,**T* a ...
- 10 *,.���iy lor .iiunit  n���. niftiest irevhnunri
oaaing   al'-aacritaeat I   , , *' ' > IK'IHKI
1   ... a.���    ,\"w  ***  U,m   "M  tied   tin here
pMntM   on   short-   fit \ t *   u\'   'II rt
= Ask Uncle Jerry ���" =E.S     '��    uncle jerry Ask Unc, j~|
V       *���*-   -< ���-���  - Ha��  a   Free  Information Department VIIVIV   *f^11J      ==
for strangers in the Citv nnd   fnr  n..��. ������
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�� m'' 0WmU "* i'1'" PrinceGeorg* l,,, [ot S^H
W  ir,o paasen*)
incouvt-r   most   ,_\
 ^^^^^^^^ -jam
i at h o clock this morning and win
sSS!"��Al��Klin^Kf l'^1' f�� Vancouver at 8 o'clock)
ttT,A��'!K73tt,,��W'ME tomorrow morning
(", nmencin��Mat  >   P"��t  nlanted   at   tho  BUth 	
__S\mtimtf imt IIW. lh""M 1�� ���*W,-n5:
* j   plsaSS take notice antl list your proper-
���3--���������">-r',-4*",*"~"*-"'-'""���''~" ty wjt(, H (,������j Hve broker, if from the
aliove you think   our  equipment should
On January Uth ami 2Snd, Eastern produce tha heat results, you should
papers on Jan,  15th, Western papers come in at once.
on Jan. 22nd, our Prince Rupert Op- We advise everyone to Ret in the
portiinity advertisement appeared in market this spring and summer. Sell
papers in New York, Hoston, Provi- when you have a profit; buy a|��ain.
dence, Kansas City, Denver, San Fran- That's the way to make money. You
cisoo, U��   Angeles,   St.   Paul   and   li"
Sunday issues ot Ug U.S.   daily   news-	
papers In all. On Feb. 28th our Prince so long to property. All of you put
&UPert advertisement appeared in 20 your shoulder to the wheel and hoost-
^nnntlian daily newspapers. keep on booitlng-thst'l   the  way   we
will maka. a big city.
Prince Rupert
^^^^^^^^^ ke money.     ^^^
can make many times   as  much money
if you will buy and sell and not hold on
for strangers in the Cily and  for
residents by correspondence. ___\
 " ��� Hs will build y���u a dwelling on cany
payment plan,
"ASK  UNCLE  JERRY" ���      ....
u   ���       . u   u       . ""���' "r 8"11 >"'u n lot "�� <'n��y
He    uys Leases e Buy, Buildings  terms for you to  build  a dwelUoa  nr
He Buys Lots He Huys Contracts  ItOTS on.
He  has  Stores  to  Pent.
He  Buys  Lantls  in  Skeenn ami Naas
Uiver  Valleys.
? Ksk Uncle Jerry
Uncle Jerry
He wants 60 Houses to Kent
He Sells Buildings
^^^^^^ He Sells Contracts
He wants Stores to |{,.���i
He  Sells  Lands  up  the Skeena Kiver
He will sell you a house and lot and
you can pay on monthly payment plan
He will take a lease on your loU antl
make your investment pay you eiRht
per cent.
He Sells Leases
He Sells Lots
Ask Uncle Jerry ?


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