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Twenty-four houra  ending 5   u. m.,
May 18,
MAX   TKMI'.        MIN. TKMI". UAH.        IN. HAIN
"    57.0 '11.0       29.508
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
Knit South
Prince Rupert Friday, 8 a.m.
For North
City of Seattle Wednesday, May 17
VOL. II.  NO. 109
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, May 16, 1911.
*��__ ��__
Two Men Instantly Killed by Live Wires on Robson Street at Noon Today---Copiitg of
Rogers Building Falls on Granville  Street   Injuring Four Men---ProvinciaI
Game Warden Bryan Williams is Injured on Head and Back---Fire
Brigade Called Out to Tear Down Unsafe Structure
Aid.   Hilditch   Wants   to
An Investigation
('.I.i.iilian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, May 18.���Two men
,m !��� killed without u moment's
ing .ti noon today at the
t'nriuT uf Cardero and Robson
streets. Their names are Thomas
Costdloand Charles Dubrau, Thej ft'ere electrocuted 'by a live
wiiv wliit'h was being used as a
telephone brace.
The Deadly Wire
Dubrau was delivering goods
,it tin- lime, and placed his hands
|i\ .:,,!! -nt nn the guy wire, which
vai about live feet from the
ground. He screamed and fell
to the ground dead. Costello
who was near by ran to his assist-
inoc and not connecting the wire
wi ii the accident placed his hand
on i. also. He fell down de.nl
instantly. By some means the
��irr brace had come in contact
with ,��� live wire, and was carrying
.1 tremendous voltage
Canadian Press. Despatch)
\ i,\er. May 10.���While
talking along past the correr of
Pender and Granville street at
almut li o'clock this morning,
Provincial Game Warden Bryan
Williams, Messrs. T. Main, 11.
O'Doroman, George Hanna, and
William (Iran were seriously in-
juriil by the collapse of ihe coping
mi the old Rogers building. With-
'���ut warning the coping work dropped onto thi' sidewalk upon the
passers-by, who were all more or
len injured by the falling debris.
Injuries Serious
Many of the injuries are very
'serious, those to Mr. Bryan Williams being especially so. His
head WUS cut open, several ribs
broken, his right leg broker, and
his back injhred. Messrs. Hanna
and (Iran who were close to him
when the coping fell, also are in
the hospital Buffering with broken
Building Torn Down
Fearful lest other persons might
be injured, the City Building Inspector ordered the fire biigade to
turn out, and tear the front of the
building down. Willi ladders ard
axes and levers thej went to work.
Before they left the job, they made
sure thai no one else will be
injured by material falling on
People are Alarmed
The disaster caused considerable
alarm, for the corner is one that is
much frequented by shoppers, ll
is one of tbe busiest corners in
Vancouver. It has raised the fear
that other of the old buildings may
not be in a safe condition. A
rigorous inspection of the upper
works of (he old buildings in
town is likely to follow.
Two Vacant Seats Filled
Before proceeding (<> the ordinary business of the council last
night Mayor Manson took occasion to extend the welcome of
the council to the new member,
Alderman Douglas, lie also congratulated Alderman Hilditch on
his return to his old place at the
foot of the board after his recent
severe illness.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 1, .Seattle 0.
Tacoma 4, Victoria 0.
Portland 7, Spokane 5.
National   League
Pittsburg 12, Boston 10.
Chicago 6, Brooklyn 2.
Cincinnati 5, Philadelphia 21.
St. Louis 6, New York 10,
American  League
Washington 0, St. Louis 8.
Philadelphia 2, Chicago ti.
Boston I, Detroit "i.
New Vork (i, Cleveland '.i.
C. P. R. are Said to Have Plans
for Construction
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, May 16.���R. Mar-
pole confirms the statement made
that the C. P. R. will immediately
slart the construction of the Cow-
ichan Lake branch line in Vancouver Island antl also a branch
between Westholme and Osborne
Will Give Dance
On Thursday night the Kaien
Island Club will give a dance in
the club gymnasium. The dance
is only open to members and their
ladies. Cray's orchestra will furnish the music. Nine o'clock is
the time the dance commences,
Observations at Prince  Rupert   to   Determine  Exact
Longitude Delayed Owing to Cloudy Skies
Down  South- An Interesting
Work is Going On
1 I' in the little shack at the only synchronous time, but also
Meteorological station lasl night, |synchronous good weather at both
Dominion Astronomer A. T. Mc-
Barmid and his helpers w ere busy
taking observations of the stars.
\�� i- live hundred miles to the
���*th in the observatory at Stanley
Park, Vancouver, Dominion As-
ICT Jaques anti his band of
Wstants were engaged observing
thr Mors.
A Link of Wire
i<'ii  the two stretched a
1 telegraph wire charged wilh
i'v.  antl  at  either  end  of
*"   "ire   an    electric    clock    of
construction.    The two
���-  ire synchronised to as near
tote harmony of time as it is
able (t,r science t<> make litem.
a difference of a  second
"''''  War   the  line  exactness  of
'  mathematical calculations,
���raich are based on (be obterva-
' -���<* the astronomers.
A Patient Work
'ibsorvationt   have   to   bc
exactly the same moment.
111.  a|���
'  'Hii-vi' ii,js tomething more
trit docks and telescopes
' Quired.   There must be not
ends of (he wire. This has proved
the   most    difficult   pari   of    the
business   for   Mr.   McDiarmid.
Night after nighl he peered through
his telescope into the cloudless
skies over Prince Rupert, only
to bc toltl that owing (o the cloudy
weather a( Vancouver it was im-
IHissible for the observer there lo
locate the required stars. So
night Biter night after hours of
patient watching and hoping that
the weather at Vancouver clear
up, the atronomer had to take
down his instruments and await a
belter chance.
Good Weather at Last
At  length,  the cheerful  news
Came that it Waa a fine clear night
ill Vancouver last night, and the
needed observations were made to
determine the exact longitude of
Prince Rupert. The latitude, which is more easily determined, has
been practically arrived at. But
for several nights more the alrott-
omers will continue their labors,
Compiling data which will  be of
great value to the department antl
lo the Hydrographic Surveys.
Aid. Douglas Desires That Rupert's Press Should Spread
The value of the newspapers of
Prince Rupert iu keeping people
informed about the city, its life,
antl its Opportunities is appreciated
by Alderman Douglas. At last
night's council meeting lie moved
that the council shoultl confer
with tbe newspaper proprietors
in order to have (he papers sent
out to the principal libraries on
the Pacific Coast, antl throughout
Canada and the Slates. The
motion will no doubt bear fruit
in the early future. Alderman
Douglas was evidently not aware
that    the   Prince   Rupert    Daily
News is already forwarded regularly to every important  public
library on the American continent.
Severely   Criticises   the   Street
Those Who Want Extension of
Time Will Have Only Bare
Justice, He Says. Blames
the City Engineering Department for Being Too Easy.
After his period of absence
through illness, from the city
council iiutl from the streets committee, Alderman Hilditch has
returned to his post burning wiih
indignation against the contractors, While he was laitl away in
hospital  In: imagined  that more
r.ipitl progress was being made
with the Mit\ ' grading work.
His disappointment was great
when he was once more able lo
be up and about, and found that
the .grading work whs still in a
very chaotic state with more streets
than ever dosed to wheel traffic,
antl all sorts of obstacles in the
way of pedestrians.
"This state of things is absolutely unnecessary," declared Alderman Hilditch. "There is no
reason in the world why these
streets shoultl lie closed continually, It is simply lack of lirmness
on the part of the engineering
department The contractors must
be taken with a linn band. They
are simply trilling with their contracts. If they expect extensions
of lime they must be preparetl to
be treated with only bare justice
antl no more. There will be no
consideration shown."
Alderman Newton supported Alderman Hilditch in somewhat similar terms.
Special Committee Reports
A report by the special committee appointed to look into
the matter of the city hall Staff,
coerniniended last nighl that the
City Assessor Mr. McLennan should  undertake  the work  of  his
department with one assistant, and
lhat the services of Mr. ('.aid
should be dispensed with at (he
end of the moulh,
C. P. R. Make  Innovation for
the Timber Country
Coal Fuel Causes Sparks, Which
Cause Bush Fires It is also
Easier on the Firemen of the
Big Engine.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, May 1(1.���Upon his
return today from the coast, William Whyte, of the C. P. R��� announced that the company had
definitely decided to use mule
oil fuel in the engines plying
through the timber country, because the present fuel causes bush
lires, and because the firemen
cannot stand the strain of 130-
mile runs, firing big locomotives.
Wants to Levy $75 Per Day for
Delays Over Time Limit. Declares McMordie Has Three
Contracts in One. Committee Appouinted.
In relc.itless pursuit of his object
to keep the contractors unsparingly
up to the scratch. Alderman Ilil-
ditch at last night's council meeting asked the Mayor to appoint
a special committee to look into
the  matter of S.   P.   McMordie's
contract, lie maintained that
McMordie has three different contracts al! under the specification
of one, and that if there is any
delay in the completion of these
contracts McMordie should by
rights pay not .$25 but .$""> per tlay
for the delay under the penalty
Alderman Hilditch also wants
a certain matter explained which
he says be tried in vain to unravel
iu tbt: days of the last council.
The question is how did it happen
thai S. P. McMordie was awarded
a certain contract upon which
his bill wits 20 cents above that of
R, A. McMordie both for rock
antl earth. If this was the caae,
then asks Alderman Hilditch.
"Why was R. A. McMordie not
given the work, and if he was not
given the work because of some
defect in his tender why was his
cheque returned to him?"
Alderman Hilditch moved, ami
Alderman Newton seconded the
motion that a special committee
should be appointed to go into
this. The Mayor appointed the
streets committee, consisting of
Alderman Hilditch, Alderman Morrissey, Alderman Douglas and on
the request of Alderman Hilditch
iiddttl two other members, Alderman Clayton .unl Alderman Kerr.
Lords' Veto Bill Gets Through
the British House
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, M.iy Ki.���The light in
the House of Commons over the
veto bill tn curtail the lords'
power ended tonight when the
amendment in reject the whole
bill w;ts defeated by Kill to 2411.
The measure carried its third
reading by 802 i" 211.
One Hundred Men,Injured at
Grand Rapids
Two Thousand Furniture Makers on Strike Clashed With
the Police on the Streets
Last Night.   Some May Die.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Grand Rapids, Mich.. May 10.���
.\ pitched battle between two
thousand striking furniture workers and their sympathisers on the
one  hand  and   the  police  ami
Only Good Luck Saved Valuable
Startling Upheval of Rocks and
Logs Behind Naden Block on
Second Avenue Last Night
Leads to Action by City Council.
Hail thc contractor on First
avenue by Second street intended
to give an aerial display of his
blanketting material and the shattered ribs of mother earth last
night at about six o'clock, he
could hardly have done better.
Tlie shot filled the ;iir with roots
and logs, chains, muskeg and hug
masses of rock. The Edge building which has already been pretty
badly peppered by the blasting
on this contract just escaped a
f;.r worse bombardment. The
rocks flung hy this blast arc far
bigger than those hurled by any
other blast there yet Some huge
masses weighing up to a thousand
pounds were thrown so high that
on their descent they went far
out   of   sight   into   the   muskeg.
deputies on tin: other, was fought Certain humble necessarv siruclur-
(in the streets of this town last|es bchiid the main buildings were
night.   Nearly one hundred men
were injured during  the shooting
and clubbing, and several of ilium
aru not expected  to live.    Many
shots w ere fired during the affair.
50,000 Tons of Rails to Be Used
forC. N. R. Construction
Glare Sign to Go Up
On the recommendation of the
building inspector and streets com-
inittec, the electric sign of the
Phenix  Theatre  is  to  be allowed
to go up, provided it does nol
extend more than eight feet over
the plankway.
Mr. I). G. Stewart who is one
of the finance committee appointed to look after the funds question
for thc proposed Victoria Day
celebration, applied lasl nighl by
letter to the city council for a
contribution from the city towards
the end in view .   The matter went
to the finance committee,
Contract for Painter Work Let
Mr. John Murdoff $64
Before Chief Nickers and hi~
staff can occupy the new police
offices and before Magistrate Cars-.
can take his seat on the fine new
bench provided for him, the building is going to be painted and
polished up in spick aud span
Style. Tenders for the painter
work were opened by the City
Clerk Bt council meeting last night,
and thai of Mr. John Murdoff
Was accepted.    His offer was $(il
for the job.  other tenderers were
Messrs. Donaldson and Cutting
and Messrs. Seaman and Cole.
The work will proceed as soon
iis possible, and the new building
will be in use probably next week.
Two Men Hurt
Iseko ChristO, a Bulgarian, had
his thigh fractured while working
on the (i. T. P. snow slide .it Mile
II  last   night.    James Morris, a
t '.reek, was also Injured In the back
at the same time. Both men wer
rushed on a special train to the
hospital heir. Dr. Kggert is attending the men.
Won Suits
The winners of Sloan ii* Co.'s,
the clothiers, Suit Clubs on Saturday were:
7   J. Thompson.
8   E, McCoskril.
0    W. F. Sheehan.
1(1   W. ('.rant.
li   A. L Holtby.
12    D. A. McKinnon.
No. 13��� H. Hooper.
pulverised completely by masses
of rock, and the occupants of the
shacks and business premises there
consider their escape miraculous.
At the council last night Alderman New ton moved and Alderman
Kirkpatrick seconded a motion
that the regulations regarding
blasting shall be still more rigorously enforced and in future the
powder-man responsible for the
(Canadian Press Despatch) firing of a destructive or dangerous
Toronto, May Id. -Three ship- blast will be immediately arrested.
men Is  lot.tiling  over  JIO.IKH)   tons 	
ol  steel  mils have been  received Another Resignation
for the Pacific Coast construction: J. W. Mai'Mastcr has tendered
OH the Canadian Northern from his resignation as stenographer
Port Mann to North Thompson Iai the City Hall, and it has been
River. Two other shipments of accepted by the council to take
.iImiiiI 20,(MI() ions of sleel are on  effect   when   Mr.   MacMaslcr  can
their way to Vancouver. be replaced.
Fed ral Government Sent a Peace  Envoy  to  Arrange
Terms With Francisco Madero, the Leader of
Revolutionaries- He is a Wealthy and
Also Very Able Man
(Canadian Press Despatch)       nection is said to number over a
Juarez, Mexico. May 16       thousand members, With vast prop-
.                      ,               ,              erties iu Mexico.
A peace conference is now 	
in progress at the residence THE FASTEST YET
of  the   Madero  family  on 	
the  oustkirts  of  the  city,  Belgian    Aviator   Exceeds    100
between   Madero,   Jr.,   as Mile an H��"r '" G��le
the  President  of  the   pro- "~
,       (Canadian Press Despatch)
vis.onal   government,   and      ^..^   May   ,(.     A  ^ Q,
an official  peace envoy of  ,������ - mi|(v, m h,<m was made |,y
the Federal Government.       Lieutenant    l-'tipiant    in    a    new
|monoplane with Lieutenant Biey
Francisco   Madero,   the   revolu- j acting as observer.   A strong wind
tion,try leader referred  to in  the almost  amounting to a gale was
above   despatch    is   one   of    lhe blowing at the time,
wealthiest   men   in   Mexico.     He	
has the confidence <>f the people,    SUICIDE AT MOOSE JAW
is looked on as a clean, able man. 	
and    their  natural  leader  in   the Chnrles McCarthy, of the Cecil
light   for   constitutional    govern-]    Hotel Blew Our His Brains
menl.   lie has displayed his ability
in   the field, and will  probably!      (Canadian Press Despatch)
acquit himself well at the council      Moose Jaw,  May  HI.���Charles
boatt' (McCarthy,    chief    steward   of the
Tin   Madero  family  are well Cecil   Hotel,   committed   suicide
known iii Mexico, and in Monte-  this   morning   in    the   cellar   of
Iroy, Texas, where Madero's par-  of the hotel.   He went downstairs
cuts  live.     His  grandfather  who with a revolver in his pocket, and
I died seven weeks ago at Monterey I leaning against a partition, put
at die age of 88, left an estate of I the gun to his month and blew
��30,000,000.     The   Madero   con-Ibis bruins out, r H1    DAILY
The Daily .\eics
Fiyrm-fb; Tht 'F-r.ct Rmptti Ovfimist
?__i.t_��i *xf th* P-3.:�� ItA-yte* ?���,___&_*_ Cimpaaj   Liraitaai
_ UL1   AM   *ii^^':
To Lease
CfclFTI'.N RATES       ��� " '   '    -'    ��� ���'    ��sd rue*.
.......     i.  ,    cr     ir .... ���   ���    ��� ���   ist  ��� Mt ..
. ���      ��� .
TRANSIENT    .r'-.K': A.',   i.   " ���    '��� ���   ���' SsMSMI .-��>.��
-.r.  ��.-
.1 ' "��� ���-.���..:-.���* -
Sr*        ��� ��� .���...-'.. -.:���<
��� l * - -   I
:������-'*_    *rti*_f\e   _+tu-.tt.i *
laxz purchase s n ��
a -A.i.t _e*r-..-  >CHacr
" ' ��� ' '-*"  ..   ." ai.\   ml ���. ���   ������������:    '   - -
��� ���   .    t
��� .**-n.^M,.,n  -*. mrrtat-
-:  ar..!���
.   tl l mm ; mr.:-:     ' "-   I
���.a.."* T-.:.r-*   .: ��.i MMMrly tir-*"
uu fi    ���; v __mn -.if Li   t    i        '*���     *"
i:.:    ^h v   e    ���    i    lankar
��� i..: ���.����� * -a.(* vui. :.i**n.-- *..*���.
"1*1 Hit.     ���JUHi'im
'.-.."���A-** ���****- *   '.tukitu v. ;..t:>-
t. ��� ��� ���
.     ���       m .        t   ���
.-.Mi.- .
m _j_m_$ Z*�����_*���*::-_<,��� ���
��� -  -' i" . am *.~v
f   ������"*"' ��� - ��� ' MM (ft*
.-; sancB
.    -I."- I
7 M ���
. 04   *******
.     .*���*������   *    i
-:������.        I      ���    '
7 ���-
--.-*�� �������<*- 5 :
:j ��' i 3��mc   3'ttn'-":
i ui mnr
i.1*.    ���-     *-    V~t*****   -,-lrf   _,, - i
-������ ir    t* vi...   ' MB**  v~i    *
k*s** *a^r  -      |4, ���
"* 'nm-ii*ar*tr(' ���
--     *��
-  .
trchaaa mt
���   ��� .     ���   i     ��
���    ��� ���_  vast 10
" '      '
m *_*_
i     ��� :
-   .��� vast  A
,   ���      a
.    -'
. . *****
��� -���
,   -      -   -   - '     t.    '-���
#19/ 0 ��� .lj.      -""-*-:
- ���    -������������-   ,v   t."...a;.i'. m .-���
..��� ��� . ���- :   "  ��� -��� ���
'.     . ���-��� ^    ' '    *'
���,-.-��� ���������.���:
...*.'���. i- -
���       ������      ;'    _-        I*
':.:  :
Tcxoat  Mai U
���   ���
���  ���  . -���  ��� .   .
������    ���     ���       .
��� ��� -  . ���      . ������   - ���
- .      . 5
-.-.... . .      , .
. ���     .        . -. ---
. ���  .      -    -     ���
.   .    ��� . ��� .      ���
��� ��� .-
������ .  .       ���   .���
Windsor Hotel
'������ �� i   ��� ir__ut*t_  ___
5***.ti ���*.**_*_ ?..*au__
ra 9    i ���   ���
��� ���" ��� T      .    IS*.
V:-T.  HtUyl
*.\ \%\_ c
tmtm -*.:: uiatEMi��� l*m.--r
7 4*.*    T'lr^aCs   -jar    Lata
.. ni.      I KttWl    i..*.<:^-:.*.
*% ������       r  tmtmm
-   '4   It-mrr  **:   x: ^
-.r.rtf��sn< u i ;.ar jix.:r..
���  ��� T   :i   li..������'. ��:   tit   nil.   -���..'.
.-,-       MMft   mtm   lAinf  '-"_��   ���
t. : '-   :".-._*   -���������*>   ir   mi
mi*_{    .
4   .:* *..���_-.-**_--     :ttm   ���
������.A..--*     i    a     ;.us7.
���r      __r*_r._m   l.i     main*     zx.-.
. - ���      i        '     Itrt :   >   ��� -
-���������- *-
.���a -aaa _'j
? u I   ���.���ine*     ���.
..--.   2 MpMn  jr ��� ���
-     H3MU
- - ���-eaij  �����  i  zc_m  -.a.-  ���
i   0mm 3* *   auAiic -_irw���h^
-..   a*  n* - *   ������'   ".��  Bm j ���
-1     >   *A-'.*r ^~
ULU3*    V     ��� l.    IfiSftQ,    3MDM   ��r-
���Se  ��Mt.��r     JKit   :r  mur. Tim
ttm ���-.   .:mr_t_r    .
i     :jtTA_..t-t*      1     -i     ���
-.-:��.te��   :r.'t*r *   ___m_\\
���   .. r   *-*g.
���   ���*�� - ��� zr.tr.z :���
: wi ii.-'
'-.:.   u-i *
Hotel Cc-:t2J j;'
r      *     -
-   ��� ���        retard ��� ���.-���.���
.   . . ��� ���    .       ���   . " ��� ��� -. .- .   -
���      -������_-_-���
��� *.. - ��� -
..Grand Hotel..
*. :*_--*; a . - : -
*.'���_ _***_*  >l' ��� 2-3<
Ru_rr.i  -.'.<
tu- z*> :;���*���*( re* 7=2 v.-i
.'.'.'m tt O    *"-ujr-^'ur
I .-mri _a.*. : Itsjcrcr ��� I��*crr- - ,*���  .
u   ?"3C��    *_.a��f-   2.     T.    jrr     . .   "���
*a��l����r   oQKOi a 1C0��? ��^ z*tr *.���rj*��
-,*    -��-- ���   -    j - .
" :.n:r*ru2:i�� ic * :�������� 3..*ni.-
���r-r-.-tr    ���-    *��__���* '*<   _ ���     . * *
���     .Mf:is�� u*niT   I."   nmn a   ���"���!
.:-".4-��   ;     thhom   :������*- L
.:f-o�� KM ���"   -'   (ftMOl  I  ��� :
��� ���... ��� ���*..       mtm    -
mm* I r:a^*_��
.;��ne-  l     . ���   *. --  ���*-- ���   -.--���.,^'
--T-        * - *.T**__.    T    -        -    ���*&
J". _
hn *i-m-r. ���
w:*tM rimhSmC*:
* o * a
v - 0 V ���-.;���
5 0 UU     .��� in
7     -    . .'
C D ft fl
���> ? U U  . -.-.-.-."
��� - '���    Baton**      !
^ - o -    ������ 7 .*-*.���- i-       -.   -'~
-. i - J     . ._...
.    :-..-��� m :-��� -  '���'
-  1 >���   -  -      ��� .:   -.   . ��� - .-.    ���    i-:   i
���. ��� :-:r.r.' *���*' *���   '   :-���
\Z.(\ '       "���*���������
���  .
'���   _���      I
_ U.r.'
M     *****
.     .        -     .
���      -      '        -
���      -
****** '     ��� ���-
.*.::?.* .1 �� fmt. pl��r'.��l   t.     - i
,   , <.,<ith trr.tr. Um ���
���   a  ��Jt   D   Itria't.   lU.-.r-   '.     UU a
���  '��� "'   ���'     ' ��� ��� ���   '   MM*  n     ���
- mtml U. atr.Jl!-.. -     .-.
i   ���,.rr.rr,.r.r.mrr_tr.*.. ��� ,
..    .....,
MRS. JuHN   Letttol COW p\
Cib. A&r. i. 1*11
iiwni Uad Liiat.iet���IXMnet. ot C,mit Rii��. >
T��x�� onr.l* tn��l M��.-y tu_l B^tan g| ffi      ���
artr. B  C. <xeup��'.ion ipl.-j��f, .���.,-.:, ... ,'.
for mtiiumwd w [.urtaM >.r.�� Whilm :..
HHtH  �� ��  pn����  pt��r.-.M   ��:   |1	
-��j- ~.rr��r A Lnt I'llO. th*r.�� ikml
-. rU la Lnt 11B, tf��r.�� M cr.��.-.. ����t t.  _.
...   : -- ����� i ���   .   , an.i:,-. '..'. :, ���     ".,
���-.-.. ,.   Ma **t. thara H t-.i.���. .
Ut S<!  tt��r.<�� M ei��ii�� Mit. -.-.rr- _
.  IMMi 30  eh_u_. r_tt to  p.-,���-���
---a-rr- '. ,   -       .���-���-,   -   .'-    ���   . .
Pa��t nu-'lud M. B B., IX Com.r
b*wi r^a.14. liii.      MAKV io...:.;���.:-. >,   ,-
>b Ut*** *
SkMU Uc.i .Wkw�����I��tn�� o< Qjhm I
Tla^a   T^.tlOl ttttl G��.   H.  LaaUI 0<  PHaMl     .
B.  C caceu^uoo  h��ftawf.   IMan :.   ���     .
MfmuMOO  to  px-chu*  tl>   I      .   .
i   ^.
i.'orjBMtci.-^  it   ���   P4K   pUr.tal   Ibml
���*��� ������ ud -a, mii* aouth Irora ���������
:-.:__*..-.������ KLL-.!*!   at i*_tU/  Crrnk. Nadxi Htttne. %?*.*-
���  . ... th��n���� w��t (0 th_._,. ttata
(wa, team m�� 10 eh��..-j
L>��ad M����h IT. ISU. GEO. I!   Ul'X
Pub. .^anl 2. N'usui Dwt \.
���   >
**   '.
.._..-_,.    I.      ���
_m ������ ���*m* _*m-*__���dkumm j    .*-
tm**    .*.��.  mm   _m~-j*...    -..mm.     _m
'���.-.**   \_zmr*.  3. *rr.. :��    ~.   ._:*   Z-V..'A
* :m-r..m:. : . - naa    la
mrr  mi   ai: u
' m*mm****** tt t *'_e : .  _���:      ��� -
--*._. rxia aal rn-la    il _.:���     -
r-a��na   mmt.   -__r._.   H   nx:.
���- A-^a   ��a.   'tarr*  M   '.-auta   ���
r-Ti.T^cean��t^-     nni..:. ���< a^-t-    -  ���
am     '*-.*��� ra.-t.-t :    :.
;     . ��� .. .. ���.   .
��� ���
��� ���. -.
type.  B
��� .��� ���
��� ���
**.���    1   ��� ���
���    ���    ���
B  .���
- - -  . ���
��� .
��� - -
v *J v
: ���   ' '    .- ���
S17.500 ;
-. ���. ���
S2 500
te   ������."..
^r i on ��� ������-
*   -
tk*mm%*\-tt   --mmm
. ��� . I .
4J"      M      "A.*-l.
MB tt  v-st * .   :-.A.^f
- tf��M����KI>
Pcu ���.       w - ���-  v*��c*
���      *
a mm tlri M0��ta�� :-��r.=*<l
;- -��-   .��� -   :r*mr.^z. Af-'--
���     �� .      .'     -   " tt-mmU
.    . ; n.: :j* =��� .: r*a*cz.       Pnft0
.      -   pTMpMUr.   .-.
���...   ;arttu*   '.*.-   :.-o*-^*
I     t    ;.:��   p*Ut��d    i     .
-.-*��  ����������   rf
.        .   n    - BfttH
.    ���     lltlfl    Mttl   M   ����a-i*-
��� MMi.
.      . ��� *_uta__T
,   -  -     J .     .
- -��� ��� -. .*.:i
���<  * ���  i  :o*t     a-    .  . ��� .
.   .   ��   ;    .      ���      ste wm j
. ut I   . -
���:t ���     VM       ���t-its*   **.   cia.-j
rr.*.*-* ��ut.
I      RE
.  , -.   . . . -*    - ���
-.    . ���
. ������ -    ��� .  .
- Mn . ������   *      -- ".     -   .
.    X*. M
bo* *: i -      I i ���
���  ���
������     . .     *
M     MU t.'.m\.mmm
- - .
.    .              .      .  *
���   .
.     - -*��ti;r.. A*��S-.
+ ^mf~***^*^m~*rmm^^,**S-m*
"   . - ... _ mm*
. -
���M B
netM    * mmi
/     ���m_mm MM
���   .
- ���: '*'.::
���mm*.     A
- -   -    -   J
nm .i - 1,
-  --       - -��� ���    .
_   �� ---��    �����.*    .-'    8MH
��� ���" *- -��       m*f       9isiiimmmbm
4    .    -~*�� nnm ir mm
��� ..
. ��� -   -
< k^^^^^^A^^VMV^WWW^
a ��
Made at thc Quality Bakery
it   K
20    For   $1.00
,;'   ���''        ���' bsksr ir. Vr.r.'-.f RopsrtImporting
(lour dirset  from  ths  famous Ogilivs'S  Mills,
'   of brssd tnd ���.'���..gt,!. can he rfiieij upon,
anrl   r,ot<i  the  pric- -Tw.-r.tv  for  One  Dollar.
Call our Wasfon or  'Phone 65 or 294 green
*u*R* -jr.;*. Itmre* -I'trrsTt tt  tmm
m   -���-��� ��� _a*   tu ������ ���-::& jbtov
M     MWQMJ    IMBRiw
���     * ��� ...
���. ., ���
-. -"   - ��� - ,
(S --'���������/--
' .        . ��� ������ ���
.   era
Oregon Nursery Company
���PC   I     i    MM    .'-m-xtm*.   m   \t\i\r*    \t
��� '   M       "   B      .     -
.    ���      ^__*.**d_*     ���_    ���-
tm ���������* .   ���
���B  ��� -m.-.-^-.-^ tai : mm t.-: M B
ir ���   -TinMriMr:i.
m t    -   H     ,-ji-  -.a. k*d
I   ���
.      -
.     - M
��� - :
(        ���
���        ��� .   CfeAiU
.    HEU.
.--* \i*z.
������������*-. uttm
��� ii-  ���     -  ���  . v
--.- MCOHKMQ   *tmi^m%UtT.
�� tt-mmm :tt
i>.m*:**-Z4 Mer.z****:   _
-    --.r.r./  *:   i
���- UH *-.: r .a*
��� ���.
&\3m (oa
- St rt
j- .
'    ." .        -.
. ���-
is x ;'
*^-�� -* ���    ���'-������   - . *m ���������    ������mt*. .hum I
-���**-.���.���'.   . Iitei ***��� *
.������.  i i ���  mmmmmm   imam
��� -*~   ���   '        .���.--.*���   ���-*
- :    UWtl
.ii   MM   liMOld   ���  tk* MOdMMM
���  ���--    ���   ....'   ;'/*;    Et*K��*   "        ;%.(T  l��r-.-
���-   ���      --.A.-j    *m*r    ������*������*   ������
���-*���<*   *-*t.     |   ,)MKS   '.
"���.r:.-i��iaira*nt   ��b ur tc        ten* - .-- ���.- _*m
. i ���*-. ��� -.-   .' :>::
i    i
*****  .a: :
Building Permit*
��� atnat. :. at ner.
raaa ���.    ea *__u *____   ���: ��.*.*���...-
���* *���.:*������    tmtl   -ari'a   ;.-.,--
���  :--   ���...:        ; .���um ������*
.  -,  -."V-  *���:   a- -.i
 ... -(.  ,    ,     m  - _,..M ,    .., .
"-.:���:.  ilaata  t.  ���-,-.-a �������   Dm  ���
cr.��.-a   -;.--.   ���.-.-.-.   M   '.*_._,  t%K  v.   ;
��� --........ ....4 . .;   _   %am ntn
...   . - .    ��� ���   tail
"   "' '-   .-:ore
.��� :. Foil
the BsnkinR D *:rict
Boy* lot     it  ti     '.
*  -   if
Buys lot in sect
is a snap for cash.
- ���.'���vo  lots  in  sect:
Easy '.erms.
t! .;. - lot in section 6.    Pric-
(106S.   Good terms on bal.
Bjys lot in section *..    Price
Price (860.
Date.1 April 17, ISU.
Pub. May 6.
ill-en. Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol ('cast Rar.itc 5
Take notire that Lettie McTaviah ot Vancouver
C..   occupation   married   woman,   intenda   to
The Daily News
D��t*i '.-���. :"  ..���
***.U*yt �������"������*����*���     ;
-<���* U*i :J.*-.r-hM,xict Coaat Rar,- I    ����""
U'     r.     r   -    ���     ���      .-      ,_ ���   '"* '���;����� =r-��" I-La'-ittUn John Star.ai-ir. etl A   . . -
"���    U'    ' ���'    _ '���   *    i..   '...   r.ccup.'.icn   tMCher.   ir.-.rd   U    (^AA
- . -     .      H0O0     l^&mit__^."***  *  ""^^  "���  toB~to��   V'WW
W.B.Taylor, attag. ttS.      i 3��\S2,,,Jr,��&?\&: j
avapnilfa    ilium ^'��.-i aouth, ther.ce lu  chaina ��e��, thenct it   ���aUr.Dn ��� . . ,
.i\<.nu(.. siip-i). ...,..., n0rthi ..,.,.��� 40 cklir.1 w t0 ^^ cf lyHEP-E is ar, Increasing demand for
, :... "^--^t/gffiSll^lSraaNAVSB   *    dwellin8  houses  anii  apartments.
Anyone having houses and apartments
for rent to be vacant at any time in the
near future should list them with us at
once as we have many demands by mail
from parties who desire to secure quarters by the time they arrive here.
I AM daily asked my opinion ns to the
��� permanent values of real estate in
Prince Rupert for investment. To nil
such enquiries I honestly state that any
Prince Kupert properties, at present
valuations, are a good investment,
but 1 advise my clients who are desirous of taking advantage of "snaps" to
invest only where offerings are made nt
much below present market quotations.
WK are able to pick up for our clients
who hnve ready cash for investments good properiies nt from 80 to -It)
per cent, below tbe market by   careful
watching of fluctuation* and chances
ivenue, 1200.
Albert   Pawliski,  remodel  resident >��� Eithth avei ue, 1200,
C. '.. Ihon,. cottage on Eighth X^Jmxl^***1*~*~vm**mm~t^7_il5*t_li
avenue,   1600, Commencinu at a poat planted at the north-
��wt corner 1U0 chalna eaat and 20 chaina north
   'rom the northeaat corner of Lot  1116, Harvev'a
Survey. Coaat District,Kange 5,thence 20 chnina
_,a.a.a.a.a.a._.,   .   . aouth, thence 80 chaina eaat. Ihence so chnina
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +   north, thence 10 chaina ��������,, thence 60 chaina
aouth, thence 40 chnina Wait to post ol commen-
+   cement, containing 400 acre, more or lesa.
fred VV. Uohler, Agent
Want a Job?
If you are working
at a "makeshift" job,
simply because a suit-
able position i1- not to
be had, begin .1 class!-
Dated Ma
advertising   cam
paign (nr self betterment.    There  IS  ,i
V,<��><\    jnli    fnr    ynu -
and you CAN fi'ml it
+   Tub. May'6.
+   Skma Land District -Di.trict ot Coast Uange 1
Tnke notice lhat Grace McTaviah, ol Vnncouver'
-f   11. I .. occupation married woman, Intends lo nnnlv
lor permiaaion to purchaae the (ollowing described
Commencing at a pi��i planted at the aouthwea-
corner  100 chains eaat  ami 20 chnina nortli of
he northeaat corner ol Ut U16, llnrvev'a Sur%ev,
+   (oaat District,  Uange .',. i|,.nc0 (0 chaina ens'l
hence ��0 chain, north. ,i.ence  to chain, i"'
+   thence tO ehaina anuth to port o( commencen,���'
ciantalnlng 320 ncna. more or leaa.
*    !."\"i.:���**.*��� 19"' ('.HACK McTAVlSH
,ubM��>'6' KredW.ltohler: Agent
*iLi;i.��  I  . .   ... . 'iMEROS
..  '��� in...*. A|e:t
_'���-��� ."At
��� *��� I .%. �����  :'. Prt.-.�� Ru-
****___      -'*sd   to
.���"Aa.   '.:.,   '.       . -,
. it a poot *,.*��������� . . ttm
-.. ���: tko ���>
:a-en.  '.---.v   -..-  c-.
eu:.  ttmmm   M   cr.a. ��� ���     : . -
��� ���   '   '     '   ���������.'. ALFP.I.D KVTE
Francia s. Priatos. Afoot
II L Jchs Kobort l'ac*> t( iTir.co
n   B. C. o��upa-.��t cock. :-
Pi��cii�� ;.���.�� U_t,.,__ d����cnt��.:
'.'  at a poot plar.toa!   2   tao iri!e��
a   I   1     -     - ilea ������� .( ������.
-   '���    ������ 111    ���     chaina
���     .���:..- ���
'.-*r.ce wool
��� ���  -   -    ISU    JuHN ROBERT I ai IA
" *- I Frar.c IS. 1 mill  A����n
..." :  i i.'r.c.    ;>:.'nct ol Coaat Rar.fe 5
:    Mir-.ha   L����k.  ol   f rince
����� i   . occupat . r. xarr-sl wwui
.,;..!: i.rn.iaaicr. la purchaao tho lollowint
��� I ianda:
i   mmoodnf at a post p;��r.tel about thn* and
~ile�� dutant Ir. ��� aauuth��e��terii   tirw.lcn
-.��� ugh fron-. !���  -. -   . .   .��� Atiero
��� -.   -   '   .���',-. the  Ird .       .      - . -.>.���!
,. thenc* aouth >a   efca r.a. ther.ce ������t I
���    north M c-,ir.a to point ..f cm-
��� ���    .rt. conta n nf 610 acm more or leaa
rM4.,9... MARTHA SKK
Skowni Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ol Coaat Range I
Take not ce that I. Joe J��ck ol Pnrc* R p rt.
a. C .. eccupatlon earpenier. intend to apply lor
permiaaion to purchate thc follominf described
Commencing at a post planted about th ..'a- |
one-hall mllea distant in a aouth westerly dtrec'tior
from a blind alough from observatory tr.let whet*
the name touches the Indian Rcsene thenn east
M chana. thence 'nith H chains, thenn im-k
chains, thenn s.,uth SO chains to |x.ir.t I
m, ncement. containing 640 acrvs more or less
, DatedI April 14. 1911. Ji'K JACK
rub. May 18.
Skivna Land Diatrict    Diatrict ot Coast I!,   ���,
Take nolu-v that 1. J. llarolal McKean , ! PrinM
Rupert. II. Cm ,'ccupat on black.m th, Intend lo
npply   for  perm aaion  to purchase  the  fa
dwer biil lands: *
Commencing at a poat plantod al-ut tbrM ud
oni-hnlf miles d stunt in u south westerly
from ii blind slough from ObMratorj  Inli-t aim'
the siiine touchi's the lml nn Ream,.', thenn west
, Ml chalna. thence aouth Ml elm IU, thonn I
chnins. thenw north  KO chn ns i��� pom  ���,   ' '
niencenieiit. ciiiitninlng 1.10 ner,-. mnr,. ���r i..t
Dnted Apr I 14. ISU.        J. HAROLD McKK v\
Sitcom I.anal ilialrict    District ofCaa
Skeenn Und Ilialrict   -Dlatriel ol Coaat
T.ke notlc; that I. Aliw M. Kn���������. ifPrtae,
Ruperl. 1 . t   . OCCUUUon innrraaal aa, ��� ,.       ' f",
i-X hamir'"""'"" "' '"'"''���'-��� "����"   -^
I'limnioncliig at a iioat plunlod al���.ut,.,, ,���_,_-
south nnd lw��� milea west ���t the (���,!. , , ,, , "
nnd Kim rivers, thenre norlh Mi ,;,.,,, ,,*' '"'
east 80 ehnlns. thence nuth .sa, *____ ,i'
we��l  Ml elmliis. '" '  'I'*-"***'
S.wttTA, La��i Diatrtct-Diawct of C����st
Ta����-...tic* that I. J  H   M .��...���-���
Ruo*rt. oce jpation minor,  inundt  I    .
***m ***** ** purchAa* th* f   ., *
-    -.-at a poat plar.teai a:'.--���
��� rMff  I tol ���4i. th*r.e* aa^--
���'  chains,  ther.ce wool 01   "
��� to point of crtiunar. ���--
-..       .- 9 airroa moro asr loaa.
Dot* fob. U, ISU J.H   KoAL'OBEY
P.; Feb. ii. Ull. k*ilt* Ko�����dl  Af*nt
��� - a :.,   ::-.���.������������    ;. ...   -   .
Tax* notic* th*t I Bolci^r. M.-D -. I
-. t*m ���..��� ��� *. ���; ..-:.".t..* u* I
. HboO  i- :���
Oxnn'.eiicir.f at a poot plantod throw u
-if- m * *�� ******_* -lir^eti'-n ttm* tl
��� Na** P. .-r ��h��r* th* Lava Lak* :ra
atsd oo* mil* In a north��riy dir*,	
aaid Lava La. -
thenc* wm  -��� Mt ***.*��� 0
,   ��� :., poant of eomm*r ���
-._ _ -,-.+ .crrnt.
bolcom McDonald
.*���  Mi- Jooopb B*!war. Amnt
S��**na Land Dt��tnct-D.it.-.���**. .'. Coast
Tak* tmlt** that I. William Ar.i*rv.-.. .f Van-
ccuv*r. B.C.. occupation c>r..  -������
foe p*r��� ,.   - t   ; .-��� ..*- th,
-:  \* :���
C,.��tm��ncin�� at a |KWt plantad a-.
A. northwwt corner, and about I mi.* fr ~ _ .,.
- .:-.  -    --..ca, th*nc* east tii    -
north * chains. th��nc* w*alS) cha-.*. *.       ������  f
*te_-t*nc*mt**. eaat���irre-A .*.. -  ���������   ��� ...
WILLIAM AM El -   '���
Datad 1st Feb. '.Al Charts B. a--a-.. A.--t
P-ab. F��b. ^
Sktaaa Land District���Dutnct of Qunr. Charlotte
Tak* notico that Frank ,L*v.ek cf Wai
Ost.  occupation  bookkewper.  inundo  I    ,
: w fWrTiancs to purchaa* th* lotloansf d*ier.t*d
1    j
Commandnf at  a  poat   plantad  at-:.-
tsiloo ����*t and two milea south of th* n
- a* ���.   ' r-.��   *.���***  tt  emptiao    into   Ktdaa
Uaroac. 'ara--.a.T. ',.,��� .   ���       -   ������    :
th*:oe  "'������ chains east, tfcaee* *0 &*���-���
th*nc* M e.-s.-. .���.: to pctnt of eommerc-.
1- i eor.'ir.zt tti screa mon cr 'mm.
���*.:*l March IT, 1��U. FRANK LEVICK
?.:   Apru T. Numa D*m��r>  kfm
Stmt-, Land Dtstnct- District of Coast
Take mmk* that I. Pawr R��td. of Var
BC. occupation toamstar. intends I   ..
permisatajo to purchaa* tb* foilowta* de*
.- :,
-.*��������-���: anted and ma-
���V. conwr and imm*liat*.y *:.      - .' :  ���'.-
-A,r..i J M a N E cornar and A.B a .- S.
rtb R chain*. tb*nce vast 4
atoathS   mm*. iIhmi **����� ���
point of   comm��nc*m��nt. contair.a-r   .*   1 ���**
���Am. PETER :���������
Dated 1st F��b. till Charles H   \
k**na Land Dietnet-Distnct of Coaat Ra-t- V
Tak* noun that Cbarias P. Ottar A
R-.p*r_  B. C oecupaaoo surrayor   mt��r.^ to
apply for pectntaaion to purchaa tbe foiloaino
:-��.".-. ���.    *��� :���
Commencinf at a poet planted at the r I
corner of surveyed lot SN4. Rang* .'. <   I
.-   .*.-.-
sou:n*riy limit of surv*>��d lot l$v'. s-: ������
;*ctton thereof 40 chains to a pot-*. 9, ���
********* ** th* eaater.
ofOnooM 00 chains mon or leaa to tb*
umit of a timb*r limit   No. 4244J . th*.-.�� ***
10 chains men cr lots to a point tn th* p-
-.   of tb* *aat*rty   lasit  o.'  ��� ������
 sa :r.  1  renherty  di.-**'.    I    .     -
pruesr.ion c! the said limit and atlonf ���������
.   ��� mon cr laws to point of commerce-
r.��r.-.. containlnf 240 ten* man or le**.
Datcl March !. toil.       CHARLES P. OTTER
Pub March U
Coast Ranf* i Land Distnct
Take  notin  that   I. John   Hepburn of  Kit-
lumkalum.  occupation larmer. Intend  to un
for permimon to purehas* th* folic*nf iescr.:.
Commencinf at a poat planted at tha northou
corner ot Lot ****, thenn east SO chair.). I
south  40 chairs,   t'e-n  wesl tO  ehasa. tr.-.-
north 40 chaira to plan 01 co:r.ra��r.c*m*oi.
Dual Msrch f. UU. JOHN HEPBIRN
Pub Apnl 16.
'anna Lar.d District���Dutrict ol Coast Ruf
Taae notin lhat Aletir.Jer Btat-'n of '.a  !
ver. B. C.. occupation carp*nt*r. int*-. '.��� '���' a
forp*rmiasion to purchase th* following NM
Comm*nctr.f at a poet .planted <0 chains soafi
Irora tht to Jtn w��et corn** of Lot SO*'*
marked A   B.. N. W. Cora**. th*nn  W c-.i   ���
south. th*nn H chains ��aet. thenn JO mm m
north, thenn JO ehains snwt to point ol n-n-
meaaamarti co-.ta:-.r.f 21)*) aens. moo* or Isss
: ��ted Feb IS, UU.     ALE \ANDEK Bl. v.
i\b. Mareh I.
Skeer.a Und District -leatr.t   f Calasr
Take n 'tin that 1 Arthur Jam*s Welsh   f v 1-
���- jv-cupatia'n  bn-ker. intend, to s: I
C purehas* th* following d**crita��t
,- mnwnclot ol ��� paol plants! thr** a-
half milea in an easterly dir*cti"n fnnit the 1
n Naaa Hiver where th* Lava  Lak* trill com-
���   ��� ��� near the trail, theniw east eaffht>
thenn a..uth *( chains,   thence   west   *
thence ti-arth !��i chains to Mnt of commencement
Cl r.tainm* S41.1 acr** more .ar !*����. ...  .,,
Pate Feb t, l��lt ARTHIH J AMES �� I.! I "
Pub. Mar. pi Jos��ph Belwa,   A.-   '
Sk*ena Lsnd DUtrict-District of Owl
Take   notiw   that    I.  Alexander   Bu.'hs-.    '���
Vanwuver. B.C.. occupation butcher, it ���>-
apply for permission to purchase the fil..a��tn��
���ieaenbed lanals:
'".encina a post planted and markesl \ 11 s
S.E. email, ami ad^inlng psjsts markcl J H  *
N II  wrner and PR  s S.E.  corner; the-   ���
' 1 -���.  thenc* north ���)��� chaina. then.' ���
then,-* sa'iith  ss','hains '..���  r   ���'
n.encement. Cantainln* ***** acrea m-'r* OJ less.
I^ate,! l,t Feb.. Ull        Charles H. Allen. AKent
Puh. Feb  H
Sknna Land District���District of Coa.t
Take notin that  Fr*d  W. Uohler ol Kits
kalum. .aeeupation  tarnwr.  intenda to oppay '
t*rmisaion   lo  purchase  th*   lolloaing  d,-
C'li'inencinf at  a p<��t  plantcl  at   the  I
ewat wrner of     A. McLeod a pr*-*mp!ior. II
-V chains aouth. thenn 10 chaina east, thence .'
rhains north. Ihenn 10 chains wwt  10 I**"' *
wmmenwment wr.tainlnf -0 acre* mon or leas
Dated April 10. Ul 1.  FUIEDRICH W. BOHI-l '���
I'ub. April i: Fre.1 Hampton. W
Skwna Unit Di.trict -Diitrict of Coast  Ral I
Take notic* thai I. Lionel Kinfaley of \anci
ver. 11. C, occupation miner, intend to apr.
(or pernuwiion to purchaae the (ollowinf describe
Commencing al a psaat plantcl near the aoutu-
e,t wrner aaf \jrit iitii, Ranf* 5. Coast   Dislria'1
thence  west   to chain.   Da.aaas.  south  10 chsins.
wv.t wrner ,���( l/H oi*.'. Ranf* 5. Coast Pi<u
Hence wi<st 10 chains, thenn aouth 10 rhai
iw ,.1.1   m chains, thenn north ��0 chsins
I^ad The Daily N
��S!f.S2 ____*. ""**���> '" I""* "* commencema
(;WS KK|*��t��i >��U.     WILLIAM A. McT
Pub. M,y 6. Frod w. g^.
IW Jeremiah  H.  Kugler
I limil April'JO. I'.'ll
I'lib. Mill 18a
,. __* I   ���_    KNOt Q|
Irniiei. >   .������.,,.    , *.'.
Ski-oim Lima! Histrirt    DUtrlcl ���f I a..,,,
a.nenw eaal   in chsina. thenn north su main. .������
point of wmmennment. . . ,,....
���atel March 24. Ull.        LIONEL stWOSLBl
l>ib. April ���::.
a Uml District- District ol Ounn I'hsrl' '���'
<e notiw that Hubert O. Crew ol nlnw
ri. II. C. ivciitiatlnn aeent. intends to SIT1,
Sknna I
Take   ...
Rupert. It
t'T MrmMon to n53
the lollowinf detcHI-
Commencinf at a post plantcl aboul J I !
mm west anal hall a mile aouth ol th* mouih ���"
Stanley Crwk whew it en-ptm Inio Ns;!''
l��rb��, lirahaii, Island. Ihenn east 40 chnina.
thenw north 111 cha'na. thenn west 40 chains.
������������������- thenw aoiith to chaina lo point of commenwmrn.
iai,.,I April is. l;>t 1.   SYDNEY  II 1 /,;,,.., ,.   ���"���'cyniaininf 100 arm mon or ln��. ,.���..,,
��� uh. May ||, Krnm,, ���  ^KR";D   DmcUUrch 17. Ull. IH'RKRT_0_^ REW
Pub. April 7.
Ill HKHI   "���  > "".,
N.unn Demera Al'"1 WE  HAVE  BUYERS  FOR   LOTS IN
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
������*  ���        -������  j	
+.^..^..��~.-~.^.~~..ass~~.~~ +e*.a^..~*~~.~.~. ~.^.e^.^.+
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions, Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Carner" will fill a social need.
i 1
i /
I j
I i
j i
General Merchandise
i \
���      I |
Largest Stock     j j
Lowest Prices  in  Northern  B. C.    j \
������ ������
****   }
Skwra Ural District    Dlatriel ol Coast Rann* 5
1... ootid   "aal   Henry  Macartney ot  I'rinco
Kijen. It C . occupation miner, intends to apply
ta j, Ij.l'a    the  la llaawini!  ai.-iTI laaal
I'otntiwt.ritit: st  a |mat  planled  on  the south
Uiier. almut '_ l*'_ miles Irom
ill wmIwiiv will, the Skivna River and ulituit
i.     ... a l r,��rn llxrhuinsika rapids, ihenc Ml
ti-. a thence  111  chains  east,   thence 411
tlaeiici' 40 chains west  to jMiint o
,,��� i'i,   s-s.,,1 Hiniiist   11-0   am*   more   or
...   FM n.rlteal "UM. SW. cor."
.'.It'll.     IIKNItr.MACAUT.NKV
Land Diatrict    District ol Coast
���   that   I.  William   Melville Corley
Ontario,   orcu|>ailon   clerk,   Intend
��� : a rtnissiull lo purchase the lolluwinK
foam, tritig ll s pn-l plantetl at lhe northwest
I a'i >., Its itt  5, Coast District, tlietici'
lis, thenca mirth 40 chains, thencv west
'<'  Hell's  Hate  ettiutrh.   Ihenc  along
a.. |a,ain[ ot coiiiliieiicnielit, con*
���P.- laaa ,rn-a tlllir.'d IfSM.
'. Kll.
r.. itttt*.
��� I', "a-t    llislrict ol Coast Range   ���
lice 'Ut   I.  Charlm   A.   Vaughan   ol
'.it i  . occupatiun merchant, intenil
* permission to purchase the following
ing  sl   s  fsiat   J.anted   on   the  south
Ika River antl aliout  four mllea
���   a a  .ith the Skcna River, thenc
,-t. ihencv si) chains north, Ihence hti
. thenca Ml chains south to pofnt ot
saaasiililn, i.i. cntmning tiltl acres mnre or leas.
I. I'll    I IIAIU.KS A. VAlinilAN
��� I >a.<,art lii.irict of Coaat Range .".
j Ha.t I, Prank Hicks ol I'ort Ks-
i��siia,ai  .unchain.   Intend   lo  apply
w[ernuassn to purchase the lolluwing iliwcriliiil
atttaertiing at a |e,ai  plantesl on  lho south
mm *t It:,   llachutllsiks   River   and   aboul   four
Hi cinlluenee with lhe Skivna River.
1- claauns weal, ihenc Ml chains north,
not,  llientv south  80  chains
ipoial of caaninifticcmcnt, containing 640 acres
8��a�� Und Diatrtct -Dutrict ol Coasl Range 6
JJ"i ��otke lhat Mary Maragret UillU of Vie-
**��� I' i .. "cciiiuiliiin houaekiviivr. Intends to
) I r ivrmiaaion to purchase the tollowing
:<���-������ . r.t.t.t st a paast planted at the north east
���-.. llience *,l chains wost, thonce
' - ait I., ihenc* 20 chaina west to T. I.
*��*. its-nee bIkiuI mi chaina north to Lakelse
��n�� tt��nc* misaiidenng said rivor up slraain In
���""""asterl alirectinn tn Ukelse Uke, thenc*
������nr.C asid lake to point ot rommencement
*.:..,., inn am*. man ,��� irm
,���f "*��"t M  M. IL, N. K. Corner.
V*i>*. 14. 1911.
Ms March 4.
��� Uad Dslrict -District ol Queon Charlolle
���'   that   lleorge   Krluoll   ol   I'rince
Skeona Land Diatrict -District ot Quoon Charlottv
Take notic that (ieorgo W. Arnott of I'rinco
Rupert, It. C* occupation real estate brokor,
intemls to apply [or permission to purchase tho
following doscritiiKl lands:
Commencing  at   a   post   planted   about   sevon t
miles and une-half milo wuat und ono mile south
from th* mouth of Stanly   Creek, Nadon Harbor,
thence wmt  SO chains, thonce south  00 chains,
thence east HO chains, llience nurth SO chains.
I'ait.-I March 17, loll.
Pub. April 1!!!.
Numa Demers. Agont
Skeena Land Districl���Districl ol Coaat Range 6
Take notice that Angus Beaton of I'rince Kupert.
II. C. occupation miner, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the tollowing described lands:
Commencing at a poat pianted at tho south
east corner of Lol 39S7, thencc 40 cbains west,
ihenc* 40 chains south, thenco about 60 chaina
eaat lo Lakelse Lako, thenco meandoring said lake
shoro in an northerly direetiun to point of commenement; containing 170 acros, moro or less.
Post marked A. II., N. B. Corner.
Dated Keb. 14. l'Jll. ANGUS BKATON
I'ub. March 4.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast.
Take notice lhat I. John Miller, of Vancouver,
B.C.,  occupatiun  butcher, Intenda tu apply for
tiermiasiun lu purchaae the fullowing deacribed
Commencing nt a poat planted about 1 chain
from tidewater at the head uf Luscumbc Hay. and
in., a l.a -1 J.M.'s N.K. corner, thence west sil chains.
thence snuth Hi ehains, thencc eaat HI) chains,
thence nurth Mi chains, to puint uf commencement, containing mil acres mure or lesa.
Doted Ist Fob., lull Chnrles U. Stark. Agent
I'ub. Keb. 25
Stikine Land District -Dstrict of Cassiar
Take notic lhat Sydney liodgkinaon ot Telegraph Creek. H. C, occupation clerk, intends to
appV lor permission  to purchase the lollowing
di-arrilied land:
Commencing at a post plantesl about a quarter
mile north east from Glacier Unlit- and on tho eaat
bank ol Stikino River, thonce east 20 chains
Ihenc north 40 chains, thence woat 20 chains,
Ihenc south 41) chains to poinl of commencement
and containing Ml acros moro or less.
Datesl Keb. 11. 1911.
Pub. April 7. CA. Tervo. Agent
Slikine Und Disirict-Diitricl ol Cassiar
Tako tunic lhal Christian A. Tervo ol Stikine
U. C, occupation customs other, intends to apply ,
lor i- run Maaia to purchaso tIt.��� lollowing describes!
Commencing at a pust plantesl about 1- cliains
north west of the cuatoma warehouse nt Slikine,
II. C. thence west 20 chains, thenc* soul. 20
chains, thenco oast 20 chains, thenco nonh 20
chaina lo point of commenement and containing
40 acp*s more or leaa.
Datesl Keb. 13. 1011.       CHRISTIAN A. TKRVO
Pub. Al.ri 7
Tunics grow more elaborate each
day, and the beaded variety is
beautiful. These arc not among
the impossible tilings for idle lingers, and if a woman is at all
clever with her needle, she can
fashion one herself at aliout one-
third the cost askcil for theni in
the shops. Most of the new tunics
arc long, reaching almost to the
hem of the satin slip. The shorter
tunics are usually shaped around
bottom and almost always arc
p tinted on Bides and finished with
a  tassel.
is sometimes divided in the centre
with a row of feather siiiching,
so that when two different skeins
of wool are being used in the same
piece of work they can lie kepi
separate, yet at the same time
conveniently together. These aprons are made sometimes of flowered muslin, and are exceedingly
pretty also in colored lawn or
You cannot be ton careful about
the milk supply for a baby
gets his nourishment from a feeding bottle. There is not much
trouble keeping a pitcher of milk
sweet in winter, but the bottle
needs special attention winter and
summer. There should be two
bottles, in order that there may
always be one in germ-free condition. Do not let milk remain
over in the bottle from one feeding
to another, in however cool a
place it might be kept. It is easy
enough to measure out lhe correct
amount for one feeding, and put
that quantity in the bottle. As
soon as baby is through with it,
empty out whatever is left, antl
if it is convenient not to cleanse
the bottle thoroughly just then,
rinse it in cold water, and let it
lie in water to which a pinch of
bicarbonate of soda is added.
Afterwards wash it with hoi water
antl soap, and scald with boiling
water. Important as it is to
cleanse the bottle, il is even more
so to make the rubber nipple
scrupulously clean. Let it soak
for a moment in the weak soda
soluiion, cleanse with tepid water,
then put it through the scalding
water, or pour a steam of boiling
water through it.
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 a.m.
Mondays and Fridays al 8 a.m.
ss. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simpson, Naas Kiver l'oints, Mun.iet,
Nntli'ii Harbor, every Wednesday, 1,00 p.m.
antl f-ir:
Hefuge Hav,   Skidegate,   Queen
Charlotle City,   Lockeport,   Pa-
coll, .leilway,   Ikeilu Bay,   Hose
Harbor anil  return  via  Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  track  route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets  obtainable from the ollice hereunder men-
who  tioncd.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
All'. Shrubb has Bailed for England where he will take part in
several long-distance events.
Allien Palzer, ex-amateur heavyweight of New York, has signed
for ii bunt with Carl Morris ai
Tulsa, Okla., July 4.
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinda of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or call nt ihe
Grand Hotel Free Employment  Office
Headquarters for cooks & waiters
Building  Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Colic, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick,
  Pressed Brick
After a short rest at his home in   Shinglei, Lath, New Wellington Coal
Indianapolis,   Ray   Mronson   says        AU- ORDERS PROMPTLY filled
he will  be ready  to mingle with 	
any  of   the   lightweights  looking Ste Us far Prices.       -       Phone No. 116
for work. 	
Ad.  W'nlg.isl   the  holder of   the
133-pound  class is billed   to meet
Burns on May 27 and Moran mi
July   I,  iit  San  Francisco,  both
lights being schiiluled  for twenty
Canadian Pacific Railway
As far as can  be   seen  at   the       FRANK D. KEELEY
present   time  the hitting  respon-'    wholesale and retail druggist
sihilily   of   Victoria's   team   rests Phone No. 200 p. o. Box 580
ti|K)ti   five   men,   Davis,   Million,, PRINCE KUPERT. B. C.
Raynnir, Householder and Good-	
AND Rtrrt'RN ANU BKTI'RN    I lltlli  III t \
Winnipeg      110.00 St. Paul   SSU.IMI
Tiiriinto 121.50 ChlMKo  HC.fiii
Ma.till, aal 136.00 N.J'.a    V..at, I38.CU
For full mfaaimniia.n call "ia or write
J. G. McNab - General Agenl
Hilly Fitzgerald, the fast fielder
of the Torontos, has signed a
contract calling for a big salary,
to play with Con Jones' team this
Bummer. The general impression
now prevails Jones will have no
idling New W'e.-lniin-
ter for the Minto tup.
Coast to Coast
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
"Parson" Davies and John R.
Rogers h.'ve sailed for Europe in
quest of the "white man's hope."
Davies was former manager of
John I.. Sullivan anil other pugilists. Rogers said he Wiis going
to talk things over with Hugh
Mcintosh in Paris and lind some
way to beat Jack Johnson.
w. j. McCutcheon i
Carries complete slorlt of Druirs.   Special X
intention paid to lillinir prescriptions. X
Theatre Block psons no. . :��� Second Ave. +
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly lilled.   Prices reasonable.
OFFICE-H. H. Rochester. Centre St.    I'hone in.
Stencil Rugs
Have you thought that nig rugs
can be made things of beauty by
stencilling them? Take a rug
woven all over of white rags, for
instance; stencilled in some conventional designs in a queer blue
or green, it becomes a fit covering
for your bedroom lloor, a really
charming and unique bit of furnishing.
-rcupstion butcher, intends to apply I
P���Xon to purchue lhe lollowinK descrllieil
-'   ��t   s  post   plsntiil   ubout   scvan
"������ot sn<l i.a. mi'n soulh ol the moulh ol
atari   it   empties     into   Naden
���w, t.rslnm Island, llience NO chains soulh,
��� chaino wnt, thence HO chalna north,
at iii iKiinl ol commencement
-  'i Mu arrea mm. orleas.
>.    1;
Numa I Min.���. Agent
WMhsCuiic laian.la Und District���Dtatrict ol '
mTL"""' mm I. J. fj   McNab ol I'rince Ilu- >
KsSEL,    55��� **''nl' *_***_,  to apply I
I-       -     J,  I,,  |,r,B,KTl  |���r    co,|  ,n|i  pBlrn|eum   i
igj*"'"'ii iieacnhnl landa:
���  " ���> l">ot planted at the an ��� h-eaat
. Townsh p 2   Oraham Island,
" T*S J   ��I  McN" h *��� fomer. thencc
*_,_,"*'*  llfuee  north  80  chsins.  thonce
'"���re south Mi chains to point ol
���^wV' 19"' �������� 0. McNAB
Wilson iiowinit. Agent
Tn* '"   i "  __ft    OiMrict ol Coast Range V
V*w-n    I"'."'���''   J,ck   "edtortl   ol   Kelghley.
I.  iK-cupalion  over-looker,   In-
li��,     -H >   I'T permission to purchise tha
��� I lands:
����*i ir.'1! *' " !"'"' Hilled at *. point in the
"I timber limit 3K32!) and In
I,,,       "   ��"'il ol lot HUM),  Kange 6   Coast
'   . '   '"id limits interned, Ihence
���Tj, '    ""Iy  limit   ol  lot   -VHD  lalotesaid
*)*��*��� " "'"r"0' ln *" easterly dl "Cllon
"'   ���������   I* ** In the westerly ilt.lt ol
���r-t ��� . "'���  ""' in a southerly direction
"'""���I  llmll  11  chains more
''��� limit ol timber llmll 36776,
c-Ji Um i *!,''','"���'' 'll""-^,! along the last men-
- mnre or less lo the easterly
<������"��� IBM, thence in a northerly
�����-��� ��� ''     """���'' "t tw" to the point ol
��� I'jii.
jack BIDfORD
' liiolrict ol Coast lUnge 6
���*n, ? i "' '��� ***** M��y Utile ol I'rince
JW) lo, . ,    "rupMkin spinster, intond  to
1 t" liurehsiw tho  tollowing
; ."Sil  planted  at tho north
"i i at.,, liango 5, Coaat District
���"no. Ihence nnrth  26 chains
;    a   a,  . '    .   ariiance   nnrin   ^n   Cliain
'"   llience  north  20 chain,
I, thence south 46 chaina to
""���'"1,   containing   112   acres
���'���'    I'lslrlct ol Co���t Itange 6
"'I"" S. Detwller ol Herltn,
,r,:::r'.j",^.'!'j�� *__EM
"oi' the lollowing deacribed
I  l,���
" l��"l planted  at  tho south-
'.'''  ****, thenre oaat 30 chains
*_*_* na,' . oul h I-, chains more or lesa,
-  'Lence north
,-      -   *,^1      ,.  , , -'aa,,,   ft,   CfinillS   lilll
, '. ���1'isinore or less, the
..,.'���** I" pnlnt ol comm
Is "'.M.rfi  j',   ^.'"'"enrless.
John i'nmpls'll, Agant
Coast Lund District District of Skeena
Take notice that I, Paul Urendler, of
Porcher Island, occupation farmer, intend to apply for permission to lease
the following foreshore: Commencing
at a post plantetl aliout 12 feet from the
location |>ost of lot 1301 on Porcher Island, thence in a southerly direction
following high water mark 1200 fett;
thence west to low water mark; thence
northerly following low water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of com-
mencement.       ^ BRENDLERi
Dated March 7, l'Jll.
First insertion March 11
Skeena ..nnd Dlslrlct-Dlstrlct of Const Itamte
Take notice thai I Severin A. Tallander of WT
cher Island, occupation ship master, intend to op
ply for permission to lease the fallowing da
scrllstl foreshore: ,...., v_  ...
Commencing at a post planteil nt the N.W. corner of lot t3H!. thence west to low water mark.
thence suuth along low water mnrk U chnins
more ur U'ais. Ihence east to S.W. MM ��M0��
1302, thence north along high water mark (being
th. westerly boundary of lot 13112) 26 chain, mnre
or leas to point of commencement uml eonlaining
all foreshore in front of lot 1��.
DatedMarch '.I. llllt.
Pub. March IS.
Skaena Und District -District of CCMt
Take notice lhat   William Munlord I    I'rinco
BiilM'rt.   H.   C.   occupalion   prospector    intends
to?*��__  lor   permit-Ion  to  KS  the  Mowing
���""cTrnmen^t-t a posl pl.n.e.1 ahou, .00 chain.
Muth ill Ihe Indian KesiTve on tho oast side ul
2 I ay and on the east side ol the peninsula,
OWN south K0 chains along shore, thenco west
I chains to (!oo�� Hay, thence north along shore
80 chains, thence wnt 40 chnln. more or les. to
posl. containing 320 acres more or N.
bateil March 8. 1911. WILLIAM MUNMUUI
Pub. April 16.
Skoena Land District -District ol <]]>*>*
Take   nonce   lhal   Otis   J,   BjMBJ .','"��
Rupert. II. C, occupalion prospector,   nMMJJ
apply lir permi��ilon to lease the Mwfti de��rlbed
! '""''"mmonrlng at a poat plantcl itaut �� ���">"
I ���| . milo Irom Iha north wnt-'   <>' 0I. son
Island on the said (llbson Island, llience south V)
; chain, thence oast 20 chains, Ihelico north 40
\t____\  then��  wnt  20  chain,  to  pijnt ot Com-
moncomont, ConUlning |0 im more wjjjj'^
Dated 29thM arch. 1911
Skeona Land Dl.trlct-Dislricl ol t'���;t
Tako  notico that  Hume  Bablnglon  ol   1 rinco
BupSI. II. C., occupation maslor ��*^l$Xt
to   apply  lor   permission   to  lease   IM  WU owing
dncrlbed lands: .     . .ft() ciltt[ns
Commencing at a posl plantisl ��"',';" ,HJ ,,,
south ol the Indian TftfJ on I ��� ">* ���
tloose Ilay on tho east side ol the ���    " '"" |in���
norlh 100 chain, along shore to the Biwm   in
thence wnt IK) chains tnori' or less    i (  ''�� ����ft
thence   100   chains  along  shore    th���'     ��
chains more or less lo post, contmnini! t,w acrn
?>_Zl"m���i,o,ml. IIUMK HA...NGTON
Pub. April 16.
She wrapt herself in linen woven
Sniffs delicate and texture-fine as
The  dark   Nile   traders   for   our
From Egypt, Crete, and far Phocea
Love lent  her  feet   the wings of
winds to reach
(Whose steps stir not thc shingle j ISLAND   NOTES  AND   NEWS
on the beach)
Take thc fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
Terry Turner is the regular
t lit re I baseman of the Cleveland
American team. Jusl at present
he is not playing, owing to an
accident which will keep him out
of the game for a few days. Up
to this season Terry has lieen the
regular shortstop of the team, but
he w;is switched over to third
base when Bradley was senl to
Toronto, ol the Eastern League.
retry headed the league of short
stops l..si season with a Ridding
average of .1)73. He took part in
M games, but finished the season
with a batting average below .2.">().
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
H. B. Rochester   -
Fruit   :   Produce   :
Father   Hartmann   of
Rupert  There
Prince H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
My marble court ami, breathless,
bid me know
My lover's sail across the harbor
He seemed to her, as to himself he
Like some bright God long treasured in her dreams;
She saw him standing at his galley's prow���
My Phaon, mine, in Mitylene now!
The   New   "Geisha"   Sash
Sashes of all sorts are back in
high favor, but perhaps the very
smartest of the new sash arrangements is the big "Geisha" bow.
This bow is also called by French
dressmakers "La Japonnaise," but
the American girl likes the name
"Geisha" best. These sashes are
worn rather high, and the bow
must be short and very wide, the
big   loops
often    rising   to   the
For the Girl Who Goes in for
Search for Cannery Site The
Shooting of Cattle Illness of
Captain Stanley New Store
Opens Fishery Experts' Visit.
L. HAKki i;
Second nvetue and Third street
Over Wentenhaver Hrog.' Office.
James   J.   Jeffries   announces
Agent through a "friend" that he was
forced to enter the ring at Reno
last July hungry antl ill nourished
through the treachery of those Intrusted in the mining camp. According to an old-time racing man
who has known Jeffries intimately
for years, but who declined  to
have his name useil, Jeffries will
go to Baden-Baden shortly for
the Mile purpsoe of priming himself
for a second go with Johnson.
| Rochester d,
t .7   ^ Monroe
' Ladysmith
l ���������.' 't Coal
\A   Phone iis
s=E.   EBY   <&   Co.eh=
Kitaumkalum band For Sale
KITSI'Mh \..I  M ��� li. C
Stork IIiiiIiIiiik. Second Avenue.
of Utit..I, Columbia
anil Manitoba liars.
If one is fond of knitting, an
apron with a deep pocket the
width of the material will be
most useful. This apron is fashioned by simply turning up a deep
hem and fastening it only at each
side, the hem of course being I until the end of June. They will
turned back against the outside| then leave for the canneries on the
of    the   material.      This   pocket Skeena river.
Rev. Father Hartmann visited
Massett last week and has the
honor of being the first priest to
celebrate Mass on the Quen Charlotte group nf islands. The priest
visited several localities and was
favorably Impressed with the possibilities of Graham Island,
Professor Halkett and C. Harrison, of the Marine and Fisheries
Department, inspected the Yak-
oun, Naden, Awan, Ain and Mammon rivers, obtaining information
relative to the haunts of the
Mr. and Mrs. English arrived
in Massett on the last Steamer,
and accompanied Captain Henry
Kdcnshaw in a search for a cannery   site.     They   visited   North
Island and the various riven on
Massett Inlet
Mr. Dt'p.ipe, of Lawn Hill, has
been  awarded   the  contract   to
carry weekly mail between Skide-! p, o. uox ���
gate and   Lawn   Hill   during   the
summer   months  and   to  give  a
fortnightly service during the winter.
The  Indians  of  Massett  arc
leaving for North Island, where
ihey will   fish   for  spring  sa mon
I .a iv Hull, i Bonding       I'hone No. .280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 361
C. V.
of II C. Oalario, Sas-
borla llara.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Omw-Ksrhanirp block, rornrr Thin, avrnus anal
Sixth atrfvt. I'rince Runart. S
WM. S. HALL, L. U.S.. U. D.8.
Crown and Bridge Work n Specialty.
All rlrntal nporntions skilfullr IntitAl.   Gas anil
.oca. anasthcllcs admfnistorfH fnr thr painless aa- '
traction of tooth.       Consultation free.      Oftlces:
lla'l. ��� ' ���   a. Hlock. I'rince Ruuert. 11-12
Jack Johnson, negro champion,
has returned from his two months'
trip, and the first thing he ditl was
t" enter into a tentative agreement to Imix "Confessor Jack"
O'Brien befure the lattcr's club in
QuakerbUfg. No date has been
set, but il will be during the
lirst week in June. O'Brien gu.ir-
antees Johnson a lump sum of
$10,0(1(1 for his Md. Johnson
plans    to    grace    the    coronation
ceremonies of   King  George  V.
in June. After this he will lend
eclat tO the Dublin horse slum,
and  then  he will  go  lo  Paris for
Try Rhubarb Leaves When
Greens are Scarce
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Ilelgertmn Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  member*  of  the onler in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
UNDERTAKER a kmhai.mkk
Little's NEWS Agency
.Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspaper!
.��� I Mj.   roft  rtkel,   mOMMSM
...ANII   CONTRACTOBS     -i 1 1 a li
When green vegetables are scarce
HANDASYDE   CD,  HURT r|,ubarb  leaves  come  in   useful.
Wash   them   well,   take   out   the
middle spine, aud put them into
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton  lHtiling   water,   with   a   pinch   of
 I carbonate of soda,  Boil till tender,
then squeete oul all  the water
you can. and stir in a small piece
of  butter.    You  will   think  it   i>
buts 6 antl ll, Hlock 2K,
Section 1.
18000, 'li, per cent, caah,
balance 1, 2, rt years,
7 per cent.
I'lllNCK Itlll'KHT
rum. or wm. rOSON, �������.. m___A*.*UB_* nno.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
spinach you are eating. Nettles
Iviiletl in the sime way, and eaten
with while siure. make a very
pleasant vegetable.
4 Allry*. 7 Tnl��V��.     A  ��'"") rx^r-
r\t**>.  _K*mmm*m%nnotmi Ltdttttwry
nftrrnonn.      Nwrnnn  BJoWi   Vm
twrrn fith nnd "th Sis.
TM) MOUnOMi     PnpritftH nn<l Mnnntf'T
14444444444444444444444444 THE    D AI L V    NEWS
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared lo answer it
The occasion may ba what
it will: it is our duty to be
rudy to supply you, and we
can do it too.
With pleasure to you because of the size nf llsplay:
with profit tn you becsoss of
our aliility to sell clou.
When the tfift question present- itself   let   IM   show   you
how easily we ear match your
Heintzman Pianos
For Forcibly Ejecting G. Walters from  Premises
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
Information was laid this morning by George Walters, a Swede,
against Dan Mclnnis, contractor,
to the effect that Mclnnis had
,i--.. ilted Walters. The trouble
took place in the Europe Hotel.
Sever,:! Swedes who had quit the
employment of Mclnnis at tlu-ir ��� ., ,     ,
't .ii- t   New Mderman Makes Interest
own  pleasure got  haggling  with In,w **       *     ..   .
One of the best services the modern newspaper gives the public is In the cJ""l'flne/0(ffl��� neston eom-
There buyer and seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant, and a host ot otl eis ID
mon ground.     To put this modern convenience in reach of e\.ryone Hie  Newe  *
rate to a nominal price of a cent a word per insertion.    Minimum Chat.������	
Here  is  our Classified  Advertising  Column  for today.
Watch   it
Lost and Found       j
the contractor over thuir time,
Tl.i'\ brought Walters along with
them to tl" the talking a> he know s
English. Walters had never been
employed by Mclnnis, and the
contract irgued that he had no
business in the tangle at all. So
hf ejected him from the hotel
where the ; usiness was in progress.
Dan is muscular and evidently
used more strength than he knew.
Walter-' ribs were hurt. I I .:.
pleaded ��uilt> to the assault charge
this morning, and paid his rii
ing Motion
Aid. Douglas Inquires if Council Could Have Venue Changed Mayor Replies That It
is Too Late Now.
FOUND-Elegant rooms: nawly furnished.   The
Bulkley Block. Uth Ave., near Fulton.   MS-lm
FOL'ND-On wharf, Saturaluy.  May Sth.  roll of
*    money.   Owner can have name by at ulyins to
Daily News Office and tivtnl satisfactory Particulars. :   >tf
FOL'.S'D-A small sum of money on ind Avenue.
Apply McRae. shoemaker. Fulton St.
For Rent
Bulkley Bin
1 -.-Im
on Prince Rupert tomorrow morning
One door from 3rd Ave. on Sixth Street
Must Wait for Assessment
ndian Band Concert
The most Interesdngperformance ever
held  in   Hritisl'   ( "lllml"���'!,'    ,  lo
be held In the Empress Theatre
Empire Day, May 24
Don't miss this,       Contest at 8 p.m.
on view at J. S. Gray & Son's i**n*tg
Store, Sixth St    I'hone  No.   IS lil.u',..
TICKETS   -   50c AND 75c
on sale al theatre and at Qray'sitore
Stikino Lund Disirict - Dislrici ol
Tuke notico that Christian A. _
B  C��� occu)inllun customs otlicer, intenda, ,'���
lor ixirinimion to purcliHHu the lollovviiiL' ,1,-^7"'.
land: k      "'M
Commoncing at
post  plunteil itlauut  th
iluartiTs ot a mile north oast (rum in,,..:.. Sim'
und on lho oast bank ot Stikino Itiver ud ,,
south side ot tho mouth of a littlu cr"ek
und on tho oast bank ol stikino Itiver a
south side ot tho mouth ot a little cfek n '
oast 40 chains, thonco north lo chuin e"w
west 10 chains, thunco south -10 clmina to tit*
ol I'liiiiiiioni'oiiieul and I'liiiiitiiiui,. |nn ,'. '."'""
or leas. ""<**
Datod Fob. 10, IS It,     CHRISTIAN
I'ub. April 7.
Can the city council do anything
to alter the venue of the trial of
tin- strikers? was a question asked
Mderman Douglas last night
". at the city council meeting.   He
For Rent
Partly furnished House on
3rd Ave. 7 rooms with
hath.       Electric   lighted.
ten dollars ami two dollars costs
Id have put the matter in the
Karm ni a motion that the council
Nice, clean, bright outside rooms.
lath Ave., near Fulton.
Haius* furnished for housekeepinir. - r.���������������.-��� Ill
per month: back of rink. Apply Law-Butler
Comoany. I ���'-> ��
lf you would like a new hv'.i*e closo i". Ph m�� wo.
H. F. Ma-Rae t. Co. HS-tf
���^SSSStSfS&S^S !�� E$?AM' Council Approached Ge.n Supt
pert Agencies, 2nd Ave.
Nice furnished  rooms for rer.t.     Xll'v Drexel
Rooming House, 2nd Ave . near UtWd*.
May S-lmo
Two nicely furnished room*, one fra.nt room, hot
baths.   The Roland. ThirJ avaoue. l��*
Skoona Land District -District ot QuMn charlm.
Islunds "'
Take nutico that   J. II. .Miirphy.ol Vueouvs
| II.  C, occupulion  cotnmerciul  trav.-n...   in  _a'
lo apply [or permiaaion lo purchase tho'lollo
, itoHcnlicd lands:
Commencinii at  a  post  planled  ul,	
, milos wost anal ono milo soutli Iriun ti
( of Stanly Crook, Nadun llurhor, thenc.
| chains,  thonc  wost   10 chains,  tl ,���,.
, chains, thenco oast 40 c    ins.
Datisl March 17, l'.ill. J. ||. _,,, ,.,,___.
1 I'ub. April 22. Numa Demon, Afttl
Skoona Land District    Districl ol Cl
Tako  notice that   I,   Mary Carin ol Blewatl
"Ml   .-atj
uth  KU
ii. c., occupation married woman, Intond
.���rmlaalon to purchuse the lollowin,. ducrlQ
Mehan Who Says He Can do
Nothing: Until Mr. Chamberlin Arrives or Until the
Assessment is Settled.
Help Wanted
G. C. Emmerson
NADKS  Bl.i't K
a a Land Distnct-Distnct of Coast
Take notice that I. Mrs. John C - ���      I  Pr r. ���
li-;, rt, B C.occupation married ���* mar,, intend*
I r permission to purchase tne foi   trlng
described lands:
(''.mmencinir at a post plantod 10 chains east
ir.d l_' chains south from th* southwest cornerof
lot 1TJJ, Coast Di.trict. Ranire 3. it.-:   ���
chains, ther.ce east *' chains,  ther.ce oortk 19     .,, .,,
chains, thence we,t ��., chains mure or >.. to the   uLlllge Ol \eillle.
point  of  commencement,  eontaininf 32o acres
more or less.
Date Mar .
Pub. Apr. *. Ml
J"   something,   but  was f
not very sure that this would be [
best w.iy.
Mayor Manson informed Alder-
man Douglas that the venue of
the trial had now been fixed, and
it was not possible for  the city j g^. t0
council to ask or even suggest a
Nineteen younff men to take cosy looms in the
Hulkley Block, near Fuit.n. I ������lm
A girl to do plain searing.    Mr,. N. F.  Helmer*.
<wr. 6th Ave. and McBride St.. phone 25T.
ie:-: ������
I'iercy Morris _ Co..
First Ave.
A woman to do house work   all
I     work.   Apply Pioneer L..r.j
Sksena Land District���Dist*k. ot Coast Ranee I
Take notioe tnat Mary Bel: Beaton o! '. ��-.eoj
*m, B. C. oeeupauon t-.i_n.-t. intends to apply
for permiaaion to purcnaae t.-.e toilowir.j describe
Commencinf at a poat planted at the north
Fur the new alderman's benefit
the Mayor had the letter received
U>t week irom die Deputy Attorney General produced by the
An Experienced Stenoffra; -er at once.
Mack Rea:ty and lnsura-.ee C'^mpar.y
A Ma.ther'i Help. On* who can do cooking.
Other maid kept. Apply Mrs. Palmer.
4lh Av*. and Hays Cove C rcle.phoneJC*.   l"l-tf
Waiter wanted at Central :i :r'.
\    rr
Purs les Cr����m  with  all  the
The Pioneer Oruffflf
PHONE    :    ;    ;    82
J0 chains
. ther.r* 20 chains   -ast to poir.t  cl eom-
mer.*ef.*r.t: eontaininf SW seroi more ,* loes
Post ms.'ked M. B B., ft. Comet.
Da��d Feb.14. Ull.      MARV BELL BEAT'S
*.'    '.!��-.   4
I       Commencinf at a poat  olanuxl st the nortt
/\WTY\          _*��*_*   1 I   east rorner ol Lot JsrO. tt.ence atMut w ehalm
��� llll/          VI II Iii /    '   ���'         t^.t IT2S, thence sO ehaiu wnt t    Lot
I 11 I H            ^1 II I Ll "-'��� ******** *-**-il *1 ehe-is south to Lot s*sl,
lfl||l          L/Ul/ll /    <her.ee I'J chains east, tne-ee .������ chairj south tc
*** <** * m.         mf mm mm* m * | Lot S-2 thenee 2a eiain* east, ther.r* 20 chain,
FOR '11
City    Clerk.       This    letter    refers   BoyWnnud.   Apply at O: timlit Otf.ce.
posal t" h
Court  in   Prince  Rupert,   stating
t"  the DrulX'Sal   tO  hold a Supreme   Wanted���An ;a-1   solicit. r for the   most liberal
Fraternal Orders in the world.    Call room 12*.
I. F. aladlem.
Efforts made I ���>��� the streets
committee to obtain Borne concessions in the way of a supplj
nl lumber from the <>. T. P. Co.
through Gen. Supt. Mehan for
the repair of Centre street, have
failed. Thc Gen. Supt. explained
ih.it he is not in a position to do
anything at .ill regarding Centre
��|street until alter the assessment
question is settled one way or
another, nr until Mr. Chamberlin
There was some little irritation
felt in council last ninht aboul
this matter.    Alderman  Hilditch
. firls for laundry
���>-. 1M-1M
for i
I     t'ommoncinit at a  post  planted  u,.    ���
a south and t'J) two milos west of tha tori
j White and Flat rivers, thenci' hU chains north
. thoneo  80 chains west,  thonc* no chuins h,,uih'
| thonco 80 chains oast.
Datad April SO, ISU.              MARY CARIN
Puli. May 13. Francis S. Praati knot
Skoena Luna! Districl -District ol Caastat
Tako   notice   lhat   I,   John   I'nwin   i,(   |>rjnn.
Rupert II. Oh occupation laborer, inlonil to ipnls
tor permission to purchase the (dUawtna di
t'ommoncinit at a post plunted ulmui   j   ���...,
miles south ol the forks of th* White uti.i Kl��i
Empress Hotel.
that   tile  matter  is  held  OVer  Until    War.ted-.V" irc*��!men to   lir. theOrderof Owls. I probablv   eXt>rer-lll   this   111'i>t   str-
Callroom2��. Empress Hotel    I. F. IMadlem.   '       ,        ', , ...
10S-U4   longly  when   he  said   that   ever)
~~~-^.~��^..^.+ single ounce of freight landed on
/ ,-mA lithe (".. T. 1'. Wharf has to be
alter tiie Attorney General teturns.
sk^Und-WtotrKt-t^^ctoiQu^Ch^ot,. How Did It Happen, and What
Take noUos thst Geo. IL Laui ol Pnnce Rupert,
C. oeeupatlon bar-er. Imaastl to app.y .'or
Did It Cost?
In   the   course   of   his   walks
permission to puretaa* tbe foUoa-lnf described
Commendnc at a post planted about sever.
milaa mat and on* mile aouth (rom the mouth
ir^lT^^SS^-JlSrSS 8 around   town   recently Alderman
DSrt!&lTl^ah,''"���    CEO.H.LW Clayt -   vered a culvert on
Pub. A��U 22. Nu.T.a Den��n. Afent   Thjrd ,. V(.,;U(. which  had  eyidentiy
WANTED-R'iom and bo^rd  in private family.
X.M.. Optimist Office. 14
��� hire Insurance j
(   transferred up Centre strr-t. ami
if the C*. T.  P. tlid imt choose
to help keep the slreet in rep.iir
the freight might stay mi the
wharf as lout; ,t* they liktil to lit
it lie there.
This slightly ruffled feeling was
modified hv Alderman Morrissej'
Insurance Company, cor 3rd Ave. and FultonSt.
THE Br.l:,h t'r.a.r. and National Fir* Insurance
Company of l>.ndon. Enfland. with caoiul
of fc:.'.'   ������   <      See ���_, for rates.    The Mack
a" -^rf'-^..
. uni tM.trct-ih.trc-. f ie..-.       *> Hapsed while under construction.
Ta��. -.. nee thst 1. J  H   McA.sr.)    ! pnnce   u,.  ,_ ,....: .. .:.,'.   ,,,,,n,.i|
*._**** | ft�� m '������       ���   ���     ���     nignis couikii.
.irehase the f..;:,. in, described   that   a   repor,   ; ,.   ..,,.:..ol   aboUt
^'___t\tm_l ' ������;  ���   ���   -������    - sibli     '���'��� ���'���"������ ������-���������--*K���._
:��� - tiie work, how ��� se was +""���""^"���~"������-���^"~-~~"���~-~-+
��� w much it had t"at   [ Sitnatinns Wanterl -
lir the trouble. Alderman
Smith seconded, and the motion
_ .-    irried.
Ol'P. SPECIALTY-Fire Insurance.    We repre-
tenl ****** stronf Fir* Iniurane* Companie��.
We want  your   business,    la-ire   and   imall    ,.., _,     ,   ,,    ,   ���     ,,        |   ._ it,.
. teyvurat*,.   The Mack Realty and    W Ilo   relll.irkttl   that   lt   Was   ll.inllV
. ��� ���.
*.ams. thenee
'     --mencement. con-
ta.-. -v -' ,'!����� tr. re or lass.
DataTab.lt. I J H  M-At'CHEY   c*lU
P.'   I*    .   Ita Andrew Ke-r*:,. A.-er.t
' ' I
Section f*
Lot on Summit A vs.
'.on "
2 Lota "n Sth Avmue
��� ich
John Dibhiin   luiu.tr fc.i
��� �� Land Di.tncl-Di.tnct ,f Casus.-
Bolcom McDonald   '.  I'n-.t*
���     ��� :���  'A, ap
olf for narmtssion to purchase tbe .',.a>,nr,r de
C��r.rr>ra.r..-sta: : on*.
���^-tf.n from tbe point
. �� Laka trail berins
and on* mile in a northerly dir*cti.,n front the
a -.��    l.'.c:,  ���   ,tl   H     -.sir..
"   �����.,.;    ra -.  to point of c, ���
��� ������> i *> bolcom McDonald
"-'  I Joseph Beiway.Asent
Aged Man Met With Accident
at Montreal this Morning
Situations Wanted
A  clat.fied advertisement  it a ttrelers work-
a    hunter���snd s*!dom fails.
, Man an-i wife wants position in camp or hotel,
itnctly tirst class oiks. Apply Box T. B.,
By experienced msn sr.d wife as cook and helper
In mininit camp or country hotel. Aoplv H L
T.. Optlml.t.
Position by Japanese cook in family or bcardinir
house.   P.O. Box ���!>*. 103-��
fair to Mr. Mehan whose treatment of the council committee
\v.t~ most courteous, and whose
suggestion was alter all quite
businesslike one���tn wait until
the assessment matter pending
is settled when the whole situation
may lie different.
It was agreed to let thc matter
rest on the table for a week.
Overseas Club Concert
The besl performance ever given in
the city,   rWd in Empress Theatre.
Moving Pictures at ".no p.m.
Concert at 8.00 p.m. Sharp
FEATURE:   Tug of War
between  police. Fire Deimrtment nml
Earl Grey's Itilles.
Alsn Amateur Competition fur Child-
' ren under ll years of iiRe-
Silver Cup and Prises on view at J. S.
Gray's Jewelry Store, where tickets
can be lni'l for Concert at 60c. 75c, $1.,
also from members of Club. Grays
phone Ts hliick.	
What better way to close the day th wi I JJiaini, thenc* north so chains,' thenw ��
by goini; to the Dance given  by  J.   S. i chains,
tfrav at MiTnlvre  Hall  after t'nncert.
10.":)0 to 2 u.ir..
Tickets, tlents $1.00. l.udies Free
Manufacturing Watchmakers, Jewelers, Opticians and Engraven.
Deafen In Musical instruments.
Sole agents for the Stanley Piano
and Players.
Sole airents for Hewitt's Rubber
Agents for the Victor Gramophones
and records, of which we carry a full
Headquarters for enamel souvenirs.
What you don't see in our windows
please ask for.
We have been repeatedly asketl for
Anti-Kheiimatic rings. We have now
a large stock on band, gold Riled, fl.80
any size.
Dated April IS. IUll.
Pub. May 13.
Francis s. Pnaton, Afsnt
Warning:   To Preserve Your Eyesight
Don't Miss this Chance
Consulting I'ye Spcci.Vist
nf Vancouver, ii now at our store. He
tils glasses for all complicated cases of
defective vision. This is his specialty;
don't fail to see him while lie is here.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Consultation
If you want to save money huy your
Furniture of
NEAR   MellltlliK
who is -.alliti); out his full stock regardless of i'. -I
A  New Journal
< atiadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, May 16.���While tak-
' ' '
a Und District-District of Cout
Ta��.   r.-.tir-. that I. I>t��r Krid. of Vancouver.
B.C., occunati-.n tsamitasr. Intsndi t., apply for   .
i*rmi..iont.. purehas* th* following dtscnbsd  ing hi- daily morning walk. Wil-
-sts post plarl~l ami mark*d P. ii.illl   lletir\ .  ,l^e<i   71,  It'll  into  tile
I. .����      m*r and Immadiati                (posu ,       ,,.", , ,,    .
JM . N I. c,m*r an-l Ah ��� si. r���r. i.ttial.     When   he  Wa-   lilllled   out
r.��r. th��nc* north N.chsln.. lh*nc*^.t f'chslns. . ,
th-r.r��*,jth ..chair,., th.rc* nrtat t    'ham', f, live minutes later  ll'' \\,i- loUIlll   t"
' 'rr*��     . . > * r    '.
petek keid.       Iiedt-id.    Heart tai un- i- a-signei
Dai-l!��i l.b. 1��1I Charl��H All.n. A��*nt , B
as tin-' ause.
j       Boarders Wanted
An  open   field   and  one  whieh
ias long been in need of dircci
kttcntion is now lieing supplied
by  The  Commercial   Review,  a
Prival* Board by tho we��k or month.    Horn*   financial    -mrl    Ir-ul..   inlirtinl    mils
co.,ltln�� a .pccialt)-.   Miss E. M. Glwson. 3rd   ""'"" '���"    '",(l    ".Hie   joliril.'.l    |lllli-
Av*.. brtoccn Tth and tth Su.. phone 171. f9-tf   Ij,!),.,
Home cooked meals and nicely furnished roaam.
far thre* persons. Apply Mrs. James. Scott
Bid*.. 3rd Ave., between "th and sth Sts.    "-tf
Real Estate
,*-*^,***____.,rnj. ,.-*t_**k_t-m_t*-+m_.mm-t,-m_,��
House of Good Values
���lust rtcdvtd the?**:
Ladies* Summer Skirts,
all shades, $5 to $7.50
Skwna Land Dintrict���DUlrict of Cmsiar
MM notice that  I, Alfred lterr>inun WtllUtni
of   Prince   KuiHTt,   II.   C\,  occupatiun  merchant
intend  to apply  for permissiun to purchase the
following described lands*
Commencinii at a post planted about *.'_]��� u0
miles -mill of the forks of the White und FUt
rivers, thence B0 chains south, thenr.- SO chaini
west, thence K0 chains north, thence BO dttltt
Dated April 18. L011.      Francis S. I'restun. A|��|
I'ub. .May IS.
Skeena Land District - DUtrict of Csafhl
Take notice that   1,   Isaac U'llnen   I-
I'rincv Kuiiert. B. t'., occupation carpentir. lettod
to apply fur permiwiun to purchase the foKmur^
desrrilMHl landa:
Commencinit at a poat plnniitl about i..
���outh ar.d one mile weat of the forks of theWhitt
aud  Flat rivers, thencv north M) chain-, thtatt
wost  M0 chains,  thence south HU chain-.
eaal Hi) chains.
Dated April Itl, 1911. ISAAC O'lUtlKN FORBES
Tub. May 13, FrancU S. P|tHOD�� \_\*r
Skeena Ltad DUlrict - Districl of Cotat R ,
Take nut ee that 1. John l*an I'etersuf nun
KujHTt, H. C., occupat on clerk. Intenil tu ap|��l>
for i>��rrni��sJon lo purchase the following iii-��cr(u-'|
Commencing at a poat planted alniut three an
one-half milea dUtant n a aouth westerlv d reet on
Irom a blind slough from Observatory Inki *tMt
the same touchra the Indian Ueserve. Ihmtt
wnt t*0 chains, thenct* north M) chain-.
east MJ chains, thence aouth KO chains lo petal
commencement, containing C4U acres mon* or Um
Dated April 11, l'Jll. JOHN IVAN I'KTKILS
Tub. May IS.
Skeena l-and District -Diatrict ol COM  KatCf I
Take not ce that Murdock .McIUeof V*wm*-*m,
M. C, rrru|iaiiun real estate broker, Intenil* ia
apply for permission f purchase the (oBowIm
depcribed lands:
Commencing at   a  nn>t  pUnted  >n  il-
bank of Kxfhumsik* river about H%e ttkUt tna
il�� cunduence with  the Skeena m��r. n
chains wi-��t. thenee Jo chalna north, tl-
chains went,  thence  40 chains nurth, u>
chains east,  thenn*  20  chains  wmtb,   ������ ���
chains ea*!.  thence 40 chains Miuth in ,
rommencement, containing :\_\Q acres nor* or kw
Dated April 21, 1911. Ml lUMn K McKU.
Tub. May 13.
Sk*;ena Laml Diatrict - District of * *.��>t
Kan^v 5
Take notice that I, Frtd (Jarton. of
Prince Ruiu��rt. B.C., occupatiun farmer, intvmls to apply for permission lo
purchase the following described lands:
CommencinK at a post planted at the
north cast corner or surveyetl lot 1987.
Range 5, Coast district, thence north 60
chains to a slough; thence west 28
chains; thence south (Wi chains; thencs
east wtt* chains to thc poinl of com-
Dated February 25th, 1911
First insertion Mar. 11
Ladies' and Misses' Wash
Suits at Easy Prices
New Potatoes    Green Peas
Also Pn id Cucumbers,  Lettuce, Ra��i*
IshtS   and  all  kinds  <if  Bpril |
tables   that   an   -i appetising thin
To Assist Him in  the  Great Task  of   Counting  the
People of Northern British Columbia Mr. Mobley
Has  Picked  Fifteen    Assistants   Five
Districts to be Covered
Everything in Groceries al Popular Prices     Frank Mobley today
announces diatrict, Mr. J. K. Anderson has
Ideal Provision House
Third Aw . n,a��r Sixth St.    Phone 190
In- li-i "i assistant* in the census I"'1'" appointed.
enumeration for his district   The
work ha-, to commence <>n June
Itl   and  hum Indi'
the month.    Thi
morning Mr.
ASK ME " 1"'"""T"MoWey lvU by tho >u',,",(,r f,,r
Hazelton to meet  hi.s assistants
ACCIDENT *i.,ijii~
Low I'riTiiinms. Prompt Bsttlstnmt
anal A,.
P.O. Hox if.7   <>ir,r(.; Bxehsng. Bkwh
General Hardware
Builders' Hsriwsi.
Valvca ft PIpSS       (Ixfonl BtOVSS
i**r ihai disirii i .mrl instruct them.
Ho will be there on the Und and
hopes t" be back hero by tho 29th
to Instrui i lii>- assistants here,
rho need i<<r ihis instruction is
evident when ii i- known that there
ire thirteen different schedules
to be hllnl iii. am! each contains
forty to fifty questions.
Ll.l  of   A.siRtants
The following arc Mr. Mobley's
utUtonts f.,r the Prince Ruperl The districl        ..,,!,..,,
C. c. Pulllngton.
C. B.Lockhart
Thomas Trotler,
Kenny Smith.
t\, Clapperton.
l  Brawn,
Queen Ch.rtotteUUndR
A classiflnl advertisement is a reai csute salesman, and does n���t often count enouirh "to
count"' in the net result.
Nineteen younir men wanted to rent cosv furniih-
e<l in the Bulkley Kooms. 6lh Ave., near Kulton
Wanted from owner now talk fast - L'.ts In
blocks 3. 4. 2.1 and :'t. section l>; Works III. 11, li,
17. ID and li*. section ��;. or In any section if price
isriirht (Ji.e iowest prices and terms in lirst
letter.    P.O. Box 744. ioVliO
K.ar Sale l..,t a. bl,*k 31. section G; J76H, cash
f....la,-iii,Tl,j,. ft and IJ naa,nth.. Lot *L 1,1,irk .1
sectia "   '
We have a if,��sl huilailnK lot within .1 block of Mc.
Hride Street for HO cash.    II. ft McRae & Co
Sec���nal.Ave. lwl-tf
Telegraph Creek
This district will be attended to
e unci 0f|byMr.GeorgeAdsit
Atlin  District
In charge of the enumeration
for Atlin District will be Mr. (',.
Brawn, and .Mr. George Sinclair.
Hazelton Enumerators
The following will act as onu-
merators for tho Hazelton District:
Charles Pierce,
Arthur Johnston.
John McDougall.
Emery Barger.
All ilics<: men and Mr. Mobley,
will  have plenty  to do  to cover
the ground  thoroughly in  time.
i  11. C.  is
one of the heaviest for the census!
enumerator in tho whole Dominion
not ,,i. account of the number of
people to be visited, Imt on
account ol the distances to be
covered, and the methods of con-
iyahco necessary which range
modem  steamship  to
twice a month at Vancouver, giving the retail and wholesale merchants and financial broker.- a reli.thlt: medium.
The Commercial Review bears
the stamp of its hi^h lone on ii>
surface. It is covered in a quid
brown stock, and printed on exceptionally line India-tint, glazed
paper, which limits oul the dear
type and the cuts used to the besl
possible advantage. The genera]
^���wrSKS���'" make-up and arrangement ol the
journal are modern and attractive.
In ils editorial and news columns
The Commercial Review aims to
.~.-^..^..���^..^.^.^.e^e*.,^.* ^t f,,r'l> nothing but undeniablei
.         , T facts and arguments built  upon
Laundry | them    ,t stam|s f()r progreMivc I
 4, dean  bu8|nega  method.   and  j I
RiK Vour boy out in clothes cheap, good
ami washable,  tl in nummer.
Here are tlie good*:
Boys' Summer Suits
From $1.50 to $7.50
Skeena Land district -District ��� I Coul
Take notice that (ilenn McArthur   I Vai
11.  C,  occupation   real   estate accM  mlri 	
apply  lor iiermission  tu  purchase thc tollosinf
al.-crila.-l lands:
Commencn. at a poat planted 40 chain* win
and DO chalna south of the soulheest corner 'I
hot No. 17:i.l marked (ilenn McArthur'-
����sl cnrner, thencv Miuth 40 chains, thence tm**
to chains, Ihence north 40 chains, thenca
SO chains to post of commencement, containing
320 acres more or les*.
dated March 20. 1911.        C.I.KNN McAllTIII 11
Pub. April lli. T. I). Uinl Asml
Skeena Und district -District ol (oa.t Rut* I
K...... ._..._. ....     t l . ,-    intu. Take notice that 1, J. Harold McKran ol I nr.ee
.\eu shipment ,if Ladies   Whitewear   itupcn. II. c. occupat on blacksmih. i-:
We have everything in  the Clothing
lias for (icnU.
Tiie House of Good Values
JABOUR BROS.   3rd Ave.   Phone 243 black
��p|i1y  for  |>rrm Mion  to  purchase lh* lull"*"*
j ihtwf Unl lamln:
'     ('nmniPiiritiK at a poat  planinl aUiu'
OM half mtlr* il Mant In ��� aouth ��r*trrl>
from a blfrxl nlounh (mm UbM>rvaior> Ink
ili>  Mini1 tuurhni thp Ind an KaxTic tlM
i��* chain*. lht>nci> anuth HU cha ns. IMAM ���
chaina, thpnee north BO cha na to po til j
mrncs-mi-nt. n.nUlniim ��10 acrea murr nr
DatiMi Aprlll. 1H1I.       J. IIAKOI.H M.M >^
..Whites Portland Cement...
G. C.
Wanlrd-someone to tuke home small washinus.    strnnelv   nnnnusrl   I,,   ���l,
Mrs. N.K. Helmers. corner Sixth Ave. and  Mc-   slr""Kl>    "|'Post<l   ���"   W ll.llOVer   !,a-
-..��.  ...  ���  . ......aa.-, n,  con,
Uride Street; I'hone 207.
Phone 125      Niien Block      Second Ave
For Sale (|
VOTS of tlie
ipposite in cimiuierci.il
A first-rate proposition which will give a steady
monthly Income. MO cash handles it. H. K
���ORMA Co.. Second Ave. lol-tf
Household (hksIs. ItiKims to lie let. Apply Mrs
tvjon. ith Ave. and Tnylor St. near Summit. 90
Pantorium Pioneer Clssnsn, 'Phone 4
���%!���M^ll% 11 ��ll^||^ 1, ^1,^,1 ^,A
Office Wanted
Wantcil to hire, amnll riikcc In Offln
r.O. Box 757,
Apply  td
��� ���-w..-^..-^.^.
Money to Loan
K__mm_mm!m7t2��_W*' W",' "ml *"" t1"'   m���"
ey with which to put your plan Into effect.
E. B. S.
Ratepayers' Petitions
A petition from ihe residents on
Eighth Avenue for water extension, was referred by the council
lasl ninht to the waier committee. A petition by the "re.s-
pectable  ratepayers"   of   Eighth
and Ninth avenues in the neighborhood towards Pulton street,
for an arrangement of plankways
to   divert   the   paths   of   lhe   less
reputable residents over tho way,
still more distinctly down the hill,
was lasl night referred to lhe
streets committee.
The  Prince   Kupert LisIko. No. 31H, Son. ,���
Knicland. meets the first  and   third  Tuesdays  in
each month In the Carpenters Hall, at S p.m.
F. V. CLAUK. Sec.
0. M. HelKerson, Limited,have
several   houses   with bath   for
p. o. box Hi2. Prince Rupnt I rent.    Phone 96
Meteorological Station
Application   on   behalf   of   the
Meteorological Office waa made at
last night's council for a siie
near Agnew Place for a meteorological Station iu I'rince Kuperi.
The site is on ground there reserved
by the ('���. T. P., Imt which It is
understood may be handed over
to the city when the assessment
mailer is settled.    The application
is meanwhile referred iii thc streets
committee for report.
SkrenaUnd lli.trict     District oil s��,sr
Take nntice lhat I. Alice M. Knoiisc  a I
Ituiaeri. II. ('., oeeupatlon married aumsia. inn t *i
to apply t���r permission to puifha-e um*******
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a |Mist planted ibttftlWonS
.nuth and two mllea ..est ol the forks ol While
and   Hat  rivers,  Ihenee  north  Wl chain-,
east   Ml chains, thenee  south  HO chsinv  "
west  hll chalna. ,   ..
Datnl April 20,1911. AI.ICK M   �����*'" "'
I'ub. Mu IS. Francis S. Preston. Alt'"
Skeena Land District -District olfa-i .-
Take notice that I, Sydney Kililtcral 1 pi BU
11. (\. occupation cook, intend to tpph lof
mission to purchase the following descrils-l Ui���*-
Commencinu at a post plantcl aliout ***
jouth and one mile    ' ot the forks ol While
and Flat rivers, thence south ��0 chain-, thenf
west KO chains, thence norlh *0 chsins. Ihenre
easl 80 chains. _       ..,,.,
Dated April 1". 1911. SYDNEY KITZtil.lt *' '
Pub  May 13. Krancis S. Preston. \.    '
Skeena Und District -District ol Cassiar
Take notice that I. John Robert Percy vl I ****
Kupert. II. ('., occupation cook, Intend li
lor tiermssinn to purehu��� ������"��� ******_**
the followlnit dr-c"
Commendnj at a post planted ill t��" :
south and   2i two mllee west ol the forks m "'
White and  Flat  rivers, thence south HO tW
thenre east   Su  chains,   thence norlh CO  chsin .
thence west Kll cha ns. . _ ���,, , v
Dated Apr I 2(>, 1911    JOHN ROBERT I ���   ' J
Pub. May IS, Kranc s 8. Preston. W
Skeena Land Disirict District ot Coast l<��rl'
Take nol ce   that   I,  Martha   Leek, ol   ******
llupert. II. C, orciipal on marred worna,
10 applv Inr permission to purchase the liilhi*'���
dcscrilwl lamls: ,
Commenclnj at a post planted aboul ila"    '
one-hall miles distant In a aouthwesterly dircee���
from a blind slouith from Observatory Inlet *r"-r*
lhe same touches the Ind an  Keserve. thrnc **.i-^
K0 chains, thence south KO cha ns, Ihence �����-'
chsins, ihence norlh  80 eha ns lo point oi ���
enl. conla n n�� e.,0 acres more or !,*_-.
Haled Apr I 14, 1911.
Puh. May 13.
mencement. conla n ns fi40 acres more o.  .
Necessary Sidewalk
Lasl ni^hi the streets commlttot
recommended that thc petitionersI
��� in Second avenue who asked for I BBSsLssd DtaM*���_mmr_tt___*_m*^i_t*J
ll,,.   Usui   ,.f   I I    ..   . '..T'lie nol ce lhal 1. Joe Jack ot Prinee H;P';
UK     IISC   ol    Itmiliel     In    iM!l    ,,..    ..    11. ( .. occupalion carpenteMlnlend W *JW,J2
siilmiill,    ul.,.,,1,1    I, ,.        . permimion   to   purchase   the   followlnit   de-crll"'i
sidewalk  slioultl   I18V0   the  use ,,( l******- u ,|
ll,,.   ,,l,.,l.u   i,|...   f , Commencini at a post planled aboul tjl"*,".
Hie  planks   lakeil   from   lhe  streel   *>"������>*** mile, dl.iant In a soulh westerly direr ''"
il,,,,-,,    ,,r,,..:,|,���|   ,|, ,.    . a'rum a blind slouiih from Observatory Inlel ��I a^re
unit, provided they supplied ii.,. w mm* umSw umIndian ite��-rve u��"��vSS
laluir    nnrl    .���,,    l.i        i 80 cha ns. Ihence   oith KO ehalns. thrnee we"
laoor   ami    pn)    \,,_,\i    ,|1(l   ,)|an|<s  chains, ihence souih 80 chains lo poi"1,"' "'" '
aler u limi   ll,,.,    .... .. , mencement. coniaininit litO acres more or I'""     ,
ani wneit tlie> are teipured. i>aiH April u, i��n. joh "*' K
1 Pub. May 13,


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