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Pwaafpfwr hours ending 6  a.'m,
���au  H? ' ���        ^
Mny y
...v   ���UM)' BI5I. TUMI'. UAH.        IN. ItltH
M.O        "86.0.      80.072
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
next mails
For South
City of Seattle Thursday, Ma. ��
f'olt Nouth
State of California Friday, May
VOL H. NO. 103
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, May 9, 1911.
Price Five Cents
L EEC���
Settlers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan Escape Only With Their
Lives---Gale is Raging and Fire Area is Growing---Bridges
Burned and Towns Threatened���-Women and Children Fight
Fire All Night at Rainy River---Fires in Nova Scotia.
I'.iii.ulian -ss Dispatch)
Dauphin, Manitoba, Mny 9.���
The I'liish fires are spreading.
Everything here is as dry .is
limler. and with a high mile, which
h.i- raged all night the situation
looks very grave for the whole
district. The flames have now
gol ii grip on a large area, and
many Bottlers have been forced
lu lite Irom their homes, for fear
of being cut off by the Barnes.
Two Towns in Danger
The towns of Mafcking and
Hudson Bay Junction were threatened 'luring the night, lint every
available man waa centred t��
save them, and thc danger is now
passed, A cordon of cleared land
is now muml the towns. The
inhabitants of the district arc
trusti g to get reinforcements.
A Scene of Desolation
Winnipeg, May i).���Serious reports were received here from the
lire areas in the east and the
norlh. Settlers in the north |>ari
of Manitoba and in Saskatchewan
arc reported to have lost everything.   Railway bridges have been
burned down, miles of telegraph
poles and lines destroyed, and
many small towns and large sawmills along the route of thc Canadian Northern aro in great danger.
Place is Doomed
The last message from the East
this morning said that the Rainy
River tlistriet at Canyon Lake
near the International boundary
is doomed. All night long, men.
women and children, were out
fighting the flames, No tires were
re|Kirted to be springing up in
other districts from sparks earned
by the gales.
Aylesford is Fire-swept
Aylesford, Nova Scotia, May 9���
Panned by a strong westerly wind,
fire swept through this village
last evening, destroying fully one-
third of the buildings. So fierce
was ils progress that very few of
tbe inhabitants had time to save
their household effects which were
destroyed in the flames. The
Dominion Atlantic Express which
forced its way through thc fire
belt, caught fire in two places, the
flames sweeping over the track.
Party of Surveyors Under Mr. F. C. Green L.ft for Up-
River Points this Morning���Townsite is the
Property of Mr. Robert Kelly-Will
Soon be on the Market
In charge of a party of ten
assistants Mr. F. C. Green, civil
engineer and B. C. land surveyor,
left here this morning for New
Hazelton, the new townsite bought
i li u weeks ago by Robert Kelly
ol flic firm tif Kelly, Douglas &
(o., Vancouver, to survey and
I'l'i'ite plans of the proposed
ad division point It is hoped
ve the plans ready for regis-
tration within thim days so that
the townsite can be put on the
***< kct ai the end of that time.
Some lime ago Mr. Kelly purchased 1)40 acres at Ncw Hatelton
'"' :���'�� nsile for several thousands
"I '1'illiirs for investment purposes
and some of his friends have a
-"! deal of the land adjacent
i" ihe one square mile he owns.
According to the plans filed by
lhc '������ T. P., New Hazelton will
be the railway hub in that district,
"Melton, the old original, is not
���* the main   line  and   the  new
'ring looks as if it will some
" he a fair sized town.
It is not yet known who will
"'��� the sale of the lots in New
1 ������**"!! for Mr. Kelly, but it is
understood that several real estate
nun of this city and of Vancouver
"���""' approached him and made
lcmPtlng offers to have the ex-
cluaivu agency.
Contract Awarded to Charles R.
Tenders for a supply of poles
of various lengths for use in city
sewer maintenance as piles, were
Opened at last nights council, and
the contract awarded to Charles
R. Anderson whose prices were iis
follows: l(i-ft. poles 4 cents per
foot; 18-ft. *i M cents per foot;
12-ft. 4 cents and 14-(t. 4 cents.
Other bills were from (1. R.
Mulvey & Co., prices "> 1-2 cents,
(i, 5 1-2, and .5 1-2 cents per foot
respectively for lengths as above.
J. H. Pillsbury and another
6 3-4 cents per foot straight.
Says   Mayor   Manson   to   Aid.
General Impression in the City
That Improvements are to
be Taxed. What About Election Promises? Mayor Man-
son's Advice.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 2, Portland 9.
Spokane 8, Victoria 10.
Seattle 0, Tacoma ���!.
American  League
Detroit 8, Chicago 2.
Boston 4, New York 0,
St. Louis 4, Cleveland 2.
National League
Boston 5, Ncw York I.
Philadelphia 6, Brooklyn 0,
Is the council going to tax
improvements? Alderman Morrissey declares that there is a
general impression in the city that
it is. And this, be thinks, is contrary to the platform laid tlown
at the election. Mayor Manson
s itl at last night's council meeting
thai   while   it   wns   up   lo   every
alderman to adhere to bis own
election promises, the time is not
ripe yet for the discussion of the
council's taxation policy. After
the Court of Revision has been
held on June 5th will be time
enough to discuss the single or
other tax policy.
The Mayor reminded the City
Clerk of the Court of Revision.
Four aldermen have to be selected
to sit on this court. The .selection
will be made later.
All Powerful Committee
Tbe City Engineer's report regarding staff arrangements is referred to the streets committee.
This was moved by Alderman
Clayton and seconded by Alderman Morrissey at hist night's
city council.   Carried.
Chief Wedildaheld on His Way
to the Coronation
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Vancouver, May 9.���-With S8,-
000 iti money and a small totem
pole made of slate which he
proposes presenting to King Geor*
gc, Chief A. Wedildaheld of the
Kitselas tribe, is in the city en
route to England to attend the
New Fisheries Cruiser to Cost $75,000---Improvements at Naden
Harbor and at Stewart are Passed---Dominion Government
Starts to Administer that $30,000,000 Surplus���To Benefit
the Whole Dominion
Ten   Per   Cent   More   Allowed
Says Weston Has Had Favors
Enough Already. His Team
Kept All Winter and $300 a
Month.   No Discussion.
Aid.   Newton   Calls   Council's
Attention to It
Always under Repair but Never
Really Repaired. Can City
Take Matter in Hand? Streets Committee Investigating
Wear and tear on the plankway
from Sixth Street to the G. T. P.
wharf known ;is Centre street, has
gone to ii ruinous extent. Alderman Newton is alarmed about it.
The city keeps a man continuously
on lhe job repairing this dilapidated plankway. All the G. T. P.
tloes is to supply ti x 4 lumber to
replace old planks. Teams have
to go gingerly along the plankway,
and it bristles with "danger posts"
stuck in boles that happen iii it,
like a skating pond in a thaw.
There is hope for it, however.
The streets committee has to
consider the matter.
During the winter Messrs. J. (',.
Weston Bros, contracted to team
lumber for the city at $2.00 per
1000 ft. Now owing to the higher
wiiges available since work is
plentiful they are unable to fulfil
their contract at the price. Thev
iisk 20 cents more. At last night's
council Alderman Morrissey moved
that the increase be granted. Alderman Clayton moved the opposite saying that the Messrs.
Weston had already had favors
enough from the city���a team
of their horses bad been kCpt at
city expense at the fire hall for
three months and Weston had been
paid ��300 a month for the horses
This was not pressed far. Mayor
Miinson put Alderman Morrissey's
motion without further discussion
and it was carried.
(Canadian Press Afispatch)
Ottawa, Mny 9. Lavish expenditures for public works all
over the Dominion were provided ' (|u
for this morning in the supplementary estimates for the current
fiscal year. Alotgcther they total
to ��17,020,980, bringing the total
estimates for the year to the
record sum of $168,230,180.
What B. C. Gets
Among the expenditures
vitleil for British Columbia
$6,000 for harbor improvements
at Naden Harbor in the
Charlotte Islands: $2,400 for additions to the Government wharf
;it Stewart on the Portland Canal;
and $76,000 for a new fisheries
protection cruiser for the Pacific
Coast fisheries.
More Railways
Hon. George P. Graham, Minister   of    Railways,    gave    notice
of ;i resolution to guarantee the
bonds of the C. N. R. for a proposed new line between Montreal
and Port Arthur, at a rate of
��35,000 ;i mile, being approximately $2,636,600 with interesi at 8 1-2
per cent.
May Mean Election
Tlie   large   expenditure    iin   in-
j crease of nearly $46,000,000 over
estimates   for   hist   year   is
looked on  in  some tpi.ulers its a
certain indication that the Government   intends   to   go   to   the
country at an early date. This
wiis intensified by the statement
of ii high government official who
is reporletl as having said ibis
morning: "There will be a general
election in Canada before Christinas, if the Opposition clings to
Queen''ts intention to obstruct reciprocity after the parliamentary adjournment is ended."
Ratcatcher and Rat Counter
T. Reed has been appointed
official Ratcatcher for Prince Rupert at a salary of $60 per month
and 26 cents per dozen rats caught.
The rats will be counted Insanitary inspector.
Secures Loan of $50,000,000  from United States, British,  German  and French
Bankers   An Agreement  to Change  Currency  to Modern Standards
Was Part of Agreement -Boon to Merchants and Bankers
'Rats haunt  thc reserve," re-
Marked   Alderman   Morrissey   at
'[ night's council meeting.    He
"i  favor of  tha reserve being
''"''"���'* of ihacks especially, as he
MVs. some men arc renting out
'hacks there and contributing no
''une to the city though making
lar8�� profits.
Supreme Court in Rupert
J. P. McLeod, Deputy Attorney
General has written to the Mayor
in reference lo the holding of a
Supreme Court at Prince Rupert
saying that owing to the absence
of the Attorney General this matter can hardly be looked into
until thc fall. The letter was
received and filed.
Convenient for Workers
On pay days-about the fifth
of each month, in future, the
thc City Hall will be open until
0 p.m.  for  the convenience of
workers who are engaged <*** H,s
distant from the City Hall.   The
motion to this effect was made
by Alderman   Ken,  seconded by
Alderman   Clayton  and   carried
last night.
(Special to the Daily News)
Washington,  D.  C, May 9.���
With the recent signatures of the
contract for thc loan of $80,000,000
ta>   China   by   American,   British,
German, and French bankers, the
death knell of the most hopelessly
confused   currency   in   the   worltl
was sounded.   Foreigners residing
in, or tloing  business with  China
breathed a great sigh of relief, as
the loan is to end a most vexatious
obstacle   to   the   transaction   <>f
China agrees, as part of the
contract, to install a currency
system worthy of the name. Until
the eighties of the last century.
China had no silver coinage. The
copper, or more properly, the brass
cash, was tbe only national coin
The copper, or more properly, tbe
brass cash, was the only national
coin. Silver was used in the
lump by weight, the unit of ^
weight being known to foreigners
as the tad (an Indian term) and
to the Chinese ;is the bang, the
equal, roughly speaking, to 1 1-3
ounces avoirdupois.
Thc weight of the liang, bow-
Pierpont Morgan, generally
credited with having made possible the $50,000,000 loan   to
China for thc improvement of
that country's currency system .
and the fineness of the
buillion, varied in every
city of the Empire, and, to add to
the confusion, Mexican and Spanish dollars were also In use in
certain localities. About 1SS7 the
Chinese provincial governments be
gan to mint dollar pieces, and there
are some eight or ten varieties of
these in circulation, all nominally
of the value of a Mexican dollar,
but in reality entirely lacking
Added to these various dollars
is that of the British crown colony,
Hongkong, which is in use in a
number of the ports. Several
foreign banks tloing business in
China have issued paper notes,
which have a limited circulation.
Some of these are subject to discount if used outside the port of
issue. All this has produced great
con fusion, and burdened trade
with endless charges for exchange,
and   the  difficulties   have   been
increased by the fluctuation in the
goltl value of the silver.
The standard coin is to be of
silver of the same weight and
fineness iis  the  Mexican  dollar.!
The fractional pieces in silver will
be the. dime, the quarter, and
the  half dollar,  and  subsidiary
coins in addition tO these will be
B nickel live-cent piece, and in
copper the mill, five mill, one cent,
and two cent piece.
(Canadian Pre��� Dispatch)
Victoria, May 9. Though divers have been busy for a week, and
ii large number of men have been
dragging the scene, no trace can
be found of the steamer Iroquois
which was lost off Sidney harbor
on April 10th.
A    reward   of   ��200   h.'s   been
offered for information as to thc
location of the wreck.
Capt. Nicholson of the G. T. P. Made a Special  Trip
on the Prince Albert Last Night to Arrange for
Transportation  Facilities   Prince
Rupert to Benefit
It is learned that the result
of the visit of Mr. J. (',. Graves,
president of the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and
Power Company of Grand Forks
a<itl Phoenix, B. C, anil his party
of engineers to the mines at
Hidden Creek, which the company
have big interests in, is inoiV
gr .lifying than was expected. The
party brought hack such glowing
reports of the richness of the
gold, copper and silver ore when
thev returned <m Sunday that
Captain Nicholson, manager of
theC,. T. P. steamships, Mr. 0. B
Smith, manager <>f the company
and a party of miners left  here
last   night   on   the   S.   S.   Prince
Albert for Observatory Inlet.
Makes a Special Trip
This is ;i special trip
is   milking.     Captain
to get ii on the market as quickly
as possible.
Will Return Again Soon
Mr. Craves will be bade ag.iiu
shortly and will then bc in a position to state officially what course
the  company  will   lake.    Several
engineers are now up at the mines
making big preparations for pushing development this summer.
But No Sign Must Project More
Than Four Feet
Fire Chief Mclnnis, now also
Building Inspector, generally admires the new electric sign proposed
for the Phoenix Theatre. But hc
cannot approve of its being placed
so iis in extend mora than I feet
over the street He recommends
that the sign be placed on the roof
of the theatre. Alderman Clayton
likes the idea of electric signs.
l'liey   mean   a   bright   city   ami
revenue for the light plant.
the Albert
will look over the proposition and
make what arrangements he deems
necessary for transportation facilities.
At present the snow is rather
thick around the mines and the
miners taken up there last night
will be first put to work to clear j
the beautiful out of the Way audi By a report of the health corn-
then prepare things for working mitlec adopted by thc city counei
the mines on a big Scale. Hast night tbe stable erected within
20 feet of residences on property
of Mr. Gibson, and occupietl by
ust  where   tbe.  smelting  plant I the Pony Kxpress Co.'s horses, is
will  be  established,  should   the I to be allowed to remain where it
results   warrant   one,   is   as   yet is.    lt must be kept in  sanitary
undecided. It will be either hereIcondition, and the health cornor at the mines. ln any easel mitten recommended that all sta-
Prince Rupert will benefit greatly, bics in lown be subject to rigorous
[because it is planned to ship all enforcement of the sanitary regu-
thc ore through here to the castllations.
Prince Rupert to Benefit T H!E    D AI L V    NE W
The Daily News
Formerly) The 'Prince Rupert Opiimist
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He is Bringing Charges Against
Hon. Frank Oliver
i,- ��� Dbtrict   District ol Coast ""ww 5
"    ....   H,  -    Masw .,"' m��*
j BY   MACK���*-' I  ��
I                                                             I ibout S 1-3 mill
1                                        ���. J ' '���'���"���f *'-;[
���     -   . '.    .   . ���     .   - ... spply
... thotoUowln.deasrfbod
My good friends, theol   timers, .
always delight in pointing B��s$��
on   tha'   saautll
log (.-":')
.,...:...  Klv��   U   :    ���      ���
Iltunplda. thonce SO
. ...... , .-. tbence M
d ..:���-   U.-.I   tu  point  ol
"The newspaper, with the law, should ;.-��� im tbt accused Innocent
until proven guilty; should be the fria.:.... it the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character.     It s ��� . as it  were,   a
keeper of the public conscience."-Henry Watterson.
Daily Edition.
Tcesday. May 9
A closer study of the assessment for 1911. makes it appear an evei
more interesting document than at first      peared.    Even wil
any statement of the figures for 19101 pare it with, it wasol \ i
an interesting document;   placed -; le ': >  side with the assess)
for 1910, il ' ������  imes illuminative.
The assessment while ti tailing        racti  illy the san
as last year is made up in quite tway.   Some peoj
surprises when they open their tax papers, tnd find how their pi perries
have increased in value since Man h of last year.
The biggest surprise of all will matter"?: Frurk
Pacifit   Developmei    I iny's pi perty.    Last yi ir I ���;- ���-
with an   . menl totalling 8242 j..'11     ["his year :' has   ::::;;>eal to
12,280,630.    rhis is a matter upon wl       gi    -.    . rill be
expressed. That the;   - got ��� :: '.vi:'  a i   i     .	
on large and valuablt  pieces lasl year was  i grieva
Even with a jui 1242,32    :������ S-'.^^i���     I the;   ire getting
very well.    $61    ' ise is a       nted for - moval
of Section E from i eDevelopi     I      mpany.
The remain ler is a y assessing their ho< .:- .-  .���
value    i If ��� ��� ���:': ; -     rties Section 3 escaped last j in a	
ment   I 81 -     .       u |157 51      -������ I
is raised from $29,650 to $267,520    1    -   -       ns whili not as yel
thrown ��� pen to the | | i   ���   i    .���.  in        g increas
;. thi - ite] lyers in the other si        s, and it is right they a
rates on a figure nearer their cash value.   A _������*���.[ test ��� :' v
property i�� worth the    .-     . ment "r not ir. i ������ ��� wi er - eyes, i-
to know whether he is willii . I    -'11 at the price   The Development
Company would have no difficulty in fii ling a r Seel
at $267,520 or for Se tioi  4 at $263 250
The Grand Trunk Pacific Rail\ iy Compan; ther hai
gets handsome ret!-., rji ns,   Theii in S
year was  i 1   it $4,003     .- ���    -    $4,000
Allowance must ever, for the taking awa
of land known is Sectioi   E whi     was ed    -   ;   it it $4
This year it is chargi De .��. .-
with that allowance the com| u j gets i '. rge red    ti< i
In Section 2 the is been Its
front ige tl ere          ist;    r at $1,775,01     ��� put at vT"  -
a reduction of $1,( ,000.    Similarl)  i ���   .-- --      t for
front ige on Section 7 has rom $1,500,000 i ��� $6Sl "
The oidy increase to thi     mpan;    -    r the S 6 waterfrontag
which is increased from $27,500 to $327,000.
The net result of the i       issessment is that the r mpan;
Set- a ded oi   its iss     S7.291.500 :���   12.819,2
matter of $4,471,500.    I  ���-   lefi   t of $4 171 500    is been madi
by im reasii g the Develo| .- .    ���     .
to a . ash value .---��� reasing       ��� ���:' the
privately owned lots ther sections    I2.03S 311  is I    -
made up by the Develop! $2,433,1 10 will be made
up bj  ��� ���  pr . ite   itizi i -.
Dan McGillicuddy Has Been
More or Less in the Limelight
for the Past Ten Years.
Mr.   Dan   McGillicuddy,   who
irges   aga   it
Ho k  * Hiver   has  had   ���*
. ��� sting    treer.   I n-
ti| a years ago he was
lishei  of a lively
mal in Goderich.
I ���. -   West    Huron   I >���
rst in which "switch-
-   .."-'��� distinctly traced
bi    i    Mr McGillicuddy first t"
attention.   The i *'i>
���- were prime I   it his
I he was called to explain
[t  �� .-  shown   that  he  I
���rami, but .t tradition
.   ; '��� w.is :;u- autl   r of a
. p   I dlad  begini ing  *** ith
"Hurrah for Tai I
So brighl ..- : -���   in
Later on  the Goderich editor
added a dredgii .. t to his
journalistic activities.   Still later
he introduced at < ittawa a simple
nvenient   .. dj deal   ndi
to Hans u    ind for ie\*eral - --
:   ���    ���        ���     f thi      ���   took
to Calgai        ���
The *v..**\
notable a    evemeni   F this
nai   *..-   its      ntesl   with   the
' E;  n which
had lar,- ....
tttack.    h
says somet     g for t.��!:t"r 11.
pushi     this war t    I ie poinl
at which the editoi "Eye-
��� --   n   that
. -   ig
me new beauties and attracti
in   Prince   Rupert.     A  COU|
months ago while
still deep on the gi ���'���>' *"���'���
. me just to wait an
ming   birds   here
month of May.    1  was I
trying to learn hov  to
end up on snow sho i at t
of .a mountainous |<
believe them, but 1
note "f it as "anot
went on  to disco\
ii"inv; the double sl;    '���
���Wit Uml r'.-riet  -Distrirt ol Coast
Take notice ili��'  '���  William John  Corle)   'l
., ipatlon rancher, It ti
:���': permtalon to purohaM tha- lollowini;
'���'��������� : ���'��� '���' " ���"'���'���'��� '
��� Coul Dlltriet, tlience
.   ��� .-aat   10 chain*, theno
mat  10 el all - '
|n|  .-a' acra->.  mora- "T
���  1911
I'i.'.riot ot Const
1    William  Ma;a lie Corle:
i,   occupation   cliTk.   Inten I
n to purchase the loll
.  . -��� Dlanta i :.: tl e ni rthwe.1
.    ��� .    |   I, Cotwt District, thenca
rth 10 chains, thence weft
-   .,_:.���   slouch,   thance  aloti^
'.    ��� int ol commencement, eon-
: :.->.-.
......        [strict��� District ol Coa-t Rnngt
Tak- that   1.   Charles   A.   Vaughan   ol
a ccupation mercba
-   .-.-: an to purebaM tha
clockwork so hav<  the - .. .,       r]_n,M on ���,
irds,    I have seei It '���'- J ��^M^t:.  '
;   . .--. tbtnc* B0 chair.* north, tbenea M
-   -        (MM  W ci-.ains wuth to poir.t of
gueen Charlotte UN* UtA Distrlct-Dlatrlct ol
..    i  a^kJ McLood ot Vtnoouver
Tale, notice that I, J"i ��� ��'')'ftl��� ,���,,������_�����_
occupation broker, int e., In ����     h; m_���m
to prospect lor cuul ana petroleum
desenha-aai latlal.a: ���l���na,.al alaiaut twu milos
Coamnencan.' ..'. . P�� I :'��,��.,, J.alaaa  McL.
ertosys ����t,
e,.:.i..t:.i:.i:*.i''"'������; more�� l����J0HN Mcl.KOD
Rfb*FS.��"'        Lc8liu E' **""���Agmrt
Queen Charlotte WlMUUnd Di-tr,ct-DUtrict ol
.-,,. i   i Vii \IoI (.in) <>( Vancouver,
'������������   :    'l''    r  '    1,J"; .       ai',   fur lifrniksioil
i ���;,;'i".t:,';;i'i:,v"it
Tj   Mc      S   K   Comer.
.;���''"'     Clarence McDowell. .Went
Skeenu Land Dintrict-Dlstrlct aaf C���u.,
Take notiee that I, MrB. John Corley  <ai   j
Rupart, H.C,occupution married woman, It -,'..'���']''
to apply for parrolulon to purchuse tin- a,..
deioribad lands: " *:
Commencing at a pobi plunted in chaini can
anal Liu chuina south from the louthweet Co       '
lot 1788, Cout Diatrict. Rann B, thence i
ohalni,  thence euat 41) chuinH.  thence north
chaint, thence weat 40 chalna taaaarai aaa I,
point  of  commencement,  oontalnlng 820     ',,','
more or leas.
MRS. JOHN (Lottie) COltl _\
Date Mar. 211, l'Jll
I'uh. Apr. 4, lilll
in a snowdrift.
Now the merrj ' Ma5
has actually arrive
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatriet ol Couat Ranee
Take notico that Mary Bell Beaton of \':iaiC(,
ver, 11. C,a occupation aplnater. Intenda to
for permiaaion to purchaae the following deacrifi ���
t'otnmencinit at n poat planted at tha- ���.,,fli,
eust corner of I^)t 3!l��0, thenco ahout :lu c'' __t
nurth to Ixit 1723, thencaa 80 chuina Wast t ['!*
3i)82, thence nhout 30 chalna aouth to Lat i.'.i
thence IU chaina aaast, thonce 20 chuins saau'h tu
IM 612. ihonco 20 chalna eaal, thonco 2D ehllu
north, thence 20 chuina eaat to point uf con,"
menoamantl oontalnlnj 880 acrea mon or les.
t'ost marked M. II. H . S.L. Corner.
Dateal tAM. l'Jll.       MARY 1IKLI. BE MMN
uh. March 4
Skwmu ljand A/iatrict���District ot Qua-a-n Chlriotte
- ^w .1.,.. . t '.a 1. l-and Disuict���District ol Islunda
���J**-ni ������������������    ������   '   .,,,4, Take noticaa that (ieo. II. Laux ol I'rinc KU,���.���
Take notice that 1  John McLeod ol Vuncnuver,   B. ('.,  wcupnlinn   barlaer,   internls  to apply \��
110 apply for parmiielon   permkalon to purchaaa.. the toUowini  deacribed
. petroleum on the foUowtni   lands:
Commencini!  at   a  poat   planteal  about  (even
... planted ahout two milea   miles mat anS one mile aoulh Irom the mouth
f ,..,. Tl-el Uiver und marked   oi Stanly   (reek. Nu'len Hurhor, thence awl, ���,
j    Mcl'   S   E   Corner   No.  31, thence wa^t HO   chuins,  thence  wawt 40 chains,  thonce nairth mi
ci..'-.' i ?*-"*������": t*m*m ����at_M  g^ttmoaautWdialni.
tth 80 chains 10 point Ol  com
n(640 acra .more n;!�����
bated Feb 25 1911. JOHN Mcl.l-.OD
Lealie K. Waller Agattt
Datisl March 17, 1(111.
I'uh. April 22.
���    OM. II. I.Alx
Numa Demera. Aji-m
the tirst to reach K
it taldno   l hcara rot" .' r ��� '��� - k "Ver   i tontalnlm640 aeree mora    ���
11 laKH.J. a nop roi.    . I >v J>a ...   c^RLES A. VAUGHAN
^'tne choice ci^rnt"
Bride >treet
r.- -al. hoping to hi ir il
it didn't.    They d '    '   -;'
! informed by the ol
'���:: special occasio:
and   bridge   part: -
. tome one has ju-
deal.   Haaw the h
the  old   timers   i
except vaguely.
I  ... i Land D  triet���Dtetltet ot Caast Ra
���   .- i. Frank U:--
oceupation  merchant,  ir.: ,-
-    --.j-. to purchase the loUowm.; .:���-.
.    -
cinf at a post  planted on tbe  -
I  ::..-  L\cr.um.-.k-a   River an-i  about
���.-.   . - - -   ena R   ���
Cl a::-,   a..--.   -.-..-
- I    .-:.-.-.-    . _���'.    t-.e.-.aV    MUth   fi
- .' eonuaeneeaaBt. contain) | I
-   .:, wu. FRANK HICKS
Skeenn Lnnd District-District aaf Ueatt
Tuke malice that 1. J   H.  .McAtiKhey of Prince
Oueen Charlotte lslanah Und District-District o     Kiaut-n. ..ccupnlion miner,  intenda to upply fur
wueeo ....m Sake na pannlaalon to purchase the followinir deaenbud
Take noi .   hat 1. jo n McLe al of Vu-couvor,   hands: .,.,_..
���    - ta n :   o uip:y Inr permission       Commencing nt a post planteal ot the sa.uthwe.t
t c al and iwtroleum o . the followini!   coram "f lot 2240. thenco east 411 chuins. thanea
south ti chains,  thence west 40  chains,  tha-nce
��� , ,, -t planted about famr mil. a   north 6 chaini to point of cummencemi'nt. can.
te     ::..--  we t  of the nnuth of  the   Mining 20 acrea more or leaa.
Andrew Kenneily. Airent
Ska'ena l.unal Diatrict-Dlatrict ..t Cassiar
Take notice that I Bolcom McDaannlal .if Prince
.-���..���e-.a LatJ DUtrict���District cf -    .-'.
:.ce tiat Mary Maraarrat u...
t.-ria, B. C. occupation housekea-;"..-   lat
..;..   '. r jsf.tnuaica to purchaae Um I Uowiai
. taadu
,   r..n,-..-.: i at a poet planted a: *.r.e north eaat
,xr:..r af .   -     - Bl 2-.- ehabu  -
.   c-a.^a tooth. 1 -   eha   -  -      to T. L
.  ��� . .    mc abi .: n c.-.ai.-j r. rth :. L*kt:��.
...-  - noa   -���   | aaM rlarer -   atrasa.ta :::
;..-ectior. t-a La..a
-   . said lake io pout*, ol
'. .WVnd marked j. Mcl.. N. B. Corner,   Date Fib, 15.1911
SO chains, the.ice wast 80   Pull. (eh. 25. l'Jll.
. |   ., thenc   I   rth   -" ciaums. thencc east 80
: .-: eomfflenoamenti   outlining i>40
r�� or has. '
I '-'���', ''     .J ' '      ���    r',r,���e   Melinwell Aeent   Rupert. H.C.. occupation laborer,  intends to in
I'uh le   .. CarancMeDoaaeii. Aitant   Dl��%pannhrion topnwtai* tha following da.
scribeal lanals:
,,     .   a���j,M...;-.    a,,.!,,. _.       Commencinir lit u post planted thra-e nnd one-
I   triottt UUfldj Und DUtnct-l).��r Bt ol   hj|(f gJJJJ g an m^g$ &,#&* from Jjj g*
.;     .u * i   i k�� \f��T _m_,i ,.r \ i* ���. ���  ,**     M Naii:�� Kiver when the Lava Lain trail bnriiit
Windsor Hotel
Newljr FurnUhed and
Steam Heated Rooms
BATH5   FREE   To   QUttTfl
PO. BOX 37
Humming   birds
.-�� very voracious   A
����Id-timcr in   Prin      Ruj
1 t * :   cct,u*mT.iT.i '.-i-J tk*rt%, more or i-tat.
Owned  a dOg.     It      --      ���   -  I _ PwtmwtalM.MaO,N E.Cwwr
h   : -.-
Instim ts of a la]      g
���' e substam
-.������������������     fa       ���        nd. Ii
engaging   * ;��� -.   was   ven
: il,  and ..iu    -
��� -  meals     One  tn* ming   '-
���   .-��� -      sa     ' i-   ���      H
and whistled for Hc
rit,g " ��� steiks
*   *   *      hing nn��� . ��� 'Re-
I all will
with pins  i
places ii   ��� -       I' ���
steaks *
��� - tin      Its master grt n   ti sc��
-   .: I -;��� n  u xi
iptei I r COal and petroleum on the fnlluwing
��� 1 dl c r* ��� post planed fo r mica nouth
rowatt ol ihi' m-uth of t ���   TM River and
: J. Mel* 8. E. Corner. No. 40. thonce n rth
. thMQI ��iwt bO chitins. the <v south BO
���net out    u ch.ii     t    point of com-
t     ontaininc 540 mtm, mun- or lea
Feb. .a.   nil. JOHN M LEOD
:   r    . ���:;>. Clarar.ce McDoweU, Agent
thence west K�� chains,  thence aoulh .m> chain*,
thence eut chains to point of eommeneement,
containing M0 acroa.
Date Feb. 3.1911. BOLCOM McDONALD
I'ub. -Mar. 10, Joseph Helwuy, Airent
.    Uerefc4.
S'*\9 =* Lar.i Dterkt^DlMrtet >J <"��i: ilsng   o
Cake i ���. ct tlmt  Benjamin  ..-*j;   Rice of
Pi   ��* Rope ��������� -ti       A*;ter. mur,:*
:   *;;.j-* I : permM i *.   pore tee l I
I c.rv it t post plar.ted ih chain* wuth
tth ti.*: t tm
crattj  *���*,:. t:.*t:.et *"   cr*;-.j  r. rth,  tr..-:.c*  To
c:i;:.i <���*��:. theoee U eheiae *��� -���.' to point >-(
nent:   eontaininf 45*. aerea, more or
��� rr.arkfi H. R. R. s. i.
Jk**ni Und Pj:: .-        rtrict  ���'. Cout Ramte 5
*: David Mc;,
Rupert. Ii. C. oeeu  i ids to apply
;.--���.- -    | <J
. ���   . 10 c ialaa io��th
*   ���   t Lot im
cr.airj ~ ���
.���   :
Ica*.  I* - tma
DAMD McLi.N -: >s
Skeona Und Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coast
Take notice that  I. William Anderson, of Van.
eeuver.  B.C.. occupation clerk, intends lo apply
for permission to purchaae the following dOMTQH
yueon Cbatlotte lalerrt L nd Diitrict���Dwtrict ol ed landa: ���i���#fc, ...j M   _,__* **,
g ,.,, , Commencintr at a poat plantetl and marked \V.
T Jte notiee that I, John M L   d of Van ouver, A. northwest comer, and about 1 mile from Alei-
oecupatio.-. broker. int��-.d to ipplv for permUit on amlp,r   Buchan    northern  boundary line; thence
t. prophet  or coal a d-e-rleum'on   n. following ""uth ni chains,  thence east ni chains   ihence
d *.��!(* i l nda: north ni chnins. thence weit 80 chaina, to point of
Commencing at a p st f lant d at i t >o r miles
ar.d  two mile-  are>.t  of th    mottth    f  the
T.^*   R.\*r an'     artei J.  M L        W, ("oner.
ommencoment, contnininK 840 acren mure or le����.
I'.n- -i Ist Feb. 1911 Charles B. SUrk. Airent
No.  35.  thenc    n rth        cam.'*     here    Me    >0    Pub. 1-eb. 25.
chains, ihence a-utn    0 cha ��� ���*.  the ee weet  ^0
ne O l   Int of comn .-rcem 11       ma.ning ��-40   Skeena Land District���District of Queen Charlottt
,i rw, nu-re or lee* Take notice that Frank Ltvtak of WcMhlntock,
D *   IF b    8, 1  11. J   ; N M'LKOD r Ont.,   occupation   bookkeeper,   intends   to  ap[4y
Pub  } eb. 28. C arei  p Nt  1 oweli,    Kent , for tMTinission to purchase the following described
Commencing   at   a   post   planted   al>out   pr\un
Queen Caarlttte I��Lnds l-and District���Dim ct o!   miles went and two miles south of the mouth ol
Skeon i , Stanley   Creek    where   it   emptlea    Into   Naden
T..k   notkl that 1, Ji bn McLeoil of Vanco v,-r.    Harbor. (Iraham Island, thence 80 chain* south,
occupation    roker, intend to apply lor pe*mi-*i(in    thenoe  *0  chains eut,  thenee 80 chains  nurth.
top oqm   I "��� *       . ud pttroleum on ih   fubowinp    thence bO chains went to poinl t��f commencement
- lands: , and contanini: 640 acres more or less.
ndi |   l ��� poet p anted nbout f ur mill* , Dated March 17. 101L FRANK LKV1CK
nnd two mQea vet of the m��uth of thi
i   ;.-.er nnd mnrked J. McL. N. W. Cortw.
S      8  thene   mu h M) ehelna,   then ��� e st 80
chain . theno nonh 8   ehntu, thence erne   80
to point i f commenc ment; coiteitting MC
acre*, more or les-.
Dnted Fel .23,1 11. JOHN M'l.KOD
. Feb ���:
Pub. April '
Numa Demetx A|H
Skeena Land District-District of Cout
Take  notice  that   I, Peter Reid. of Vain OWN r.
B.C., occupation  teamster,  intends to apply for
f'ara c   McDow-l  Atent j ["'"nission to purchase the followinK described
���  i; -
to n
.    -
i poet I   *r,\r*i three a- I
At  lasl   he ��� ir  it  no
longer    He - tilled I i
������ ist ai sh
trnil   begini
Commencinir nt n poat planted and marked P.
It,'l S.W. eorner antl immediately adjoining posts
markeil J.M.'s N.E. corner and A.B.'s S K crner; thence north SO chains, thence east 4" chain*.
thence south So chains, thence west 40 chains, to
point of commencement, containlnir IO* acres
more or lesa. PETER HKID.
<keenn Land District -Dbtrlet of Queen Charlutte > Dnted 1st Feb. 1911 Charles H. Allen. A��ent
Islands Pub. Feb. 25.
Take notice that George W. Arnott  of Prince
sau  i^-.a La^e trail,  thence  n- rth  M)  chains,
-      .        ���   ��� tbence east -                              .;���.   -    chain*
���   ���        x i to poinl
""     '   rK Dau Foi      :���::.                     HUGHD.GILUfl
��� -    Of    the    *.f "���;���     fori -        e '       "                               Joeephbeiwny. A��m��
r ���"���-* '-;    ' ���'   ������<"���   '  ���    Places sk����u��diM -
'  ���   -    ties .mi!
Rupert,   li.   C.   occupation   real   estate   broker,
- to apply for permission to purchase  tht
(ollowtoi deecribed lands:
CommencinK at   a  post   plant.il   about   seven   apply" for  peniiijalon" to purch
miles and one-half mile wtsst and one mile south   j.-rrih..,! XmmU
from ihe mouth of Stanly   Creek, Naden Harbor.
me)   x0 chains, thenc- south  m)  chains,
I ���: M ��� .i-r *u chains, thence north 80 chains.
Datet! March 17, lull.
Pub. April 2i.
. message
T- wards j just when hi
.   r.e; ���Dlltriet of Cout Range V
Tak- Edith   Alice   Crowtber   of
l-mmttt, . occupation  tpiruter.
��� pen ibelon to purch*.-.- thi
foUo*:*. inds:
���' ���   i poet pUnted nt tbe i   tth ea-t
������:. Ranm? .i, Cout DU-
-   m .*������     n the seal 'u'rth *ion* u��,������*y itah of the
:  ;���-- t.�� ihe  -������ .-*..-..
re of something SffA^MfcS^MStlaaSa
keena Und District���District of Coast Ranfi \
Take  notice  that  Charlea  P.  Otter of  Prince
Rupert.   B.  C,  occupation surveyor, interds to
the  fi>Ilo��in<
CommcnC'ing nt a post planted at the MCtb ��� Ml
orner of sdiveye<l lot 3984, Range 5, Cout Ibv
,_   trict,  thenre  in  an euterly direction along the
tiKO. \\. ARNOTT   southerlv limit of surveyed lot 3991 and the pro-
Numa Demon, Agenl   fatiM thereof 40 chains to a polnl, thenre south
( parallel to the euterly limit of surveyed lol  I '-l
aforesaid 60 chains more or loss to ihe nort her) v
Skeena Land District���DUtrict of Coast Range 5   limit  of a timber limit (Na UM8), thenee ��i-t
Take noticethai Angus Beaton of Prince Rupert, i 40 chains more or l����a to a poinl in the pro
B. C, occupation miner, intends to apply for per- southerly of the euterly limit of surveyed m
misaion to purchase tho following described lunds: NM, thence in a northerly din-ction along the
Commencing at a (tout planted at the aouth projection of the said limit and along the MM
eut corner of Lot 3y>7, thence 40 chains wvst, limit GO chains mon* or loss to point of coinm��-!.c��-
thence 40 chains south, thence altout 60 chains ment, containing -to acroa more or leas.
eut to Lakelse Lake, thenee meandering said lake    Dated March M, 1911. CHARLES P. OTTKIl
shore in an northerly direction to point of com-    Pttb, March 25.
House of Good Values
���Wl a    - -  ..      ���       {
New Tailor Made Waists.     Irish Linen Waists
"Royal Purple" Shoes for the .Ladies
"Traveller" and "Palace" Shoes for the Men
Wa- carry a lar^e stock of Ladies' and Mtn'i Footwear of ill deseri) I   ��� -
The House of Good Values
JABOUR BROS.   -    Third Ave.
.Whites Portland Cement...
humming in t>..- <li--
met!.ii . . |ue," he
irds.   II' rea
that r.- hii faithful Fido, '���*-a��SiC
���  I'.'.ra- and  whit.- .  .uniDi,
-  to   aa   point,   thenco in   a louth-
' -ain,    jaiaratla-1   to   the    aaai.i
' ������'��� ' '���������:.    there   in  a vae-t-
chair..   niaare    ur     ia-.    to
"��� ;   -''    f caarnmenasement containin, 210 acr.-
more or lea.
Du*. ��.-    -. | nt.
mencement;   caaniainir.aj I'd aera"ai, mora- or liiw.
Pc��t markeal A. 11.. N. K. Corner.
Datol Fel>. li, 1911. ANGfS HKATdN
rul.. March 4.
in   the  i.-l"��.m  of  th(> hunli       \-,'   ��� T" '��� 1'"rrv l'u"M ���' l'ri"c��
aaa     laaa      k.l"ai|l|    aa,     mt     |au��n.        .\,a       RupWt     B    '   .   ��� re n .a-.-!.   prapKtOT,   a-',.     I   ta,
with an ominous and awe- ,urch*" ,lw <M"**^
hum    lit.  ' -:- ��� ,- '     '    ' -a p<a-:  plar.ta.1 in lhe vicinity
1 """��� - ������:      ��� sKele-   i q --..-������- oi a n
Naden Block       Second Art
li' " ��� * ���" I   ������     ..-f-   went   that
t'aa.a i  Hanire 5 Land District
Take   notiee   that   I,   John   Hepburn   of   Kit-
sumkialum,   occupation   (armer,   intent]   to  al't'ly
("r laerrnlwaion to purchaae the folloarng *_tmtn*m
Skcna Und Di.trict-Di.trict of Oan.t. Comnnadni at a po,t plant.-al at th. nort! 111
lake notico that 1. Ja.lin Miller, aaf Vancouver, corner of Laat :!9s3, thence eaal 20 chain,, ll-'' t*
a__  -      ; tti n bntchor, Intondl t-a tpplyfar ,outh to chain,, ihence ***** 20 cbataa, ti.'rea
pormltalon to purehiaaa- the  foUoorlnfl ile.erilaeai north ll, chaina to place ol commeneemtnt-
Unds: Date.1 March 18, 1911.            JOHN HEPBURN
Cunmenrinir nt n p..,t plntit.-al abaaut 1 chain I'uh April 15.
from Uatewator itt theha-aalaaf Lu.eolaibe Hay. and
rher^\J a^h^N���h:^'l;rn''^,���.tl'���'n,'''W7,JJ,''l!''!n,���     Sk��""  **""-   DUatrict-DlatriCt Ol COUt  Rue   I
hr ���    n   ,h m S25S? ,      '   ,    r Ch"'n''      fi*"-' n��l'�� ">at Alexander lleaton ol Va
intnee nortn **��� rhatn*.  toiiuitit **f   commoncc-
l mi-nt, oontnli (ni ��� i" ncrna morn or Inm
_     , JOHN MILLER,
Pate.! tit F��-b.. 1*11 Charles B. Stark, Ajrcnt
I'uh. Feb. 26,
ver, B, C, occupation carpenter, Intends to *WV
("r ptTmisBion to purchaee thc following daMVM
K- a|Uib and American Billiard*
Twehra Tablet SBOOND Ave
..Grand Hotel..
Spring B��ds, clear White Sheet."  25c
Rooms 50c
J- GOODMAN. Proprietor
ming hit   ��� .-.
On hi> a.wii humMc 1<>1 in the -   .
Distrii ��� - ��� re itai ds . simple
��� ��� ������  with   the  sad  in* riptii -
I:  Memoriam.   Fido.   Devoured
I ;. Humn ii _ Birds."   I am going
oul t" ice it someday.
���:'**  along the ��hon- M Goon  Bn
(0 &*������ tl if "y   10 cl ii- .***
*" ' ���         " r.t. contairnii;
I^b. Apt
Skeer> i Land D ������     * -Dintrict of Casrinr
TnkttMUOf that I JoMph Bnlwny of V ,-1    ...
B.C.. occupat ntnndi to ..���
permissi.jn t-�� purchase the  following dnneiibnd
ntndntf at a pont plnnUd two and one-hnlf
���n easterly dlrnedon frwn the point on
NnuRlvti   When   ihe  Lnva Laktf trail  bnffint,
thonn ���**���* it ���   chaint, tho ���  ehnlm
���. thtnw nurth *n chain* t.',
pdnt < f c >mmencement, cuntainin* MQ t*e** -
tnort or Iota.
Fub. Mar. LO
Lot 13, Bl. 11, Sec. 5
only one left at
mmmm*^ wmt*h*m\M. J       1,   ^ ^^ YY  O  W�� ll!,v" **** thc 8 B,lJ"'n'iK Iota w
tt* iii the laat week, to laaiiil buvan
Hinta to Inveators No. 3
To understand real estate conditions .ii .1 values In thi- city
one mu��t study real estate advertising, and visit and Investigate
advertised   properties,     For   the
,,(.. ,,.,;   | . .-     a ��� an.l one mile In n northerly al
advertising columns "t tin- paper m.-i uva Lake mil, thonoo nuttt n chai
re.ilK STUDY
I thf shifting of
ami tlif rise am
S.aear.a Lan.l Dlttrtot-Dlitrict Of Catai.tr
Take n.atice that I Cbarloa M.arri. ..f I'rinee Ku-
pert. H.( .. a^cui.ati-,n laborer, inteml, tn apply
for permiMion to purehaae the faa||,iw!ntr de.crib-
Cornrneneinir at a |a..,t  plantod  thra-e an>l a.ne-
half male, in an easterly .llrecti-an from the point
nau Rlvar whore uio Laara Lain trail bndm
an<l one mile In n northerly direction  fnam  the
'.'ommenetnii at a pant planted HO chain, with
frorn the aaaitth aa*oat corner of Lot S0S4 fott
markeal A.  II.,  N. W. Corner, Ihence  I*) ***! ���'
yU.-.nChW,���,,el,,.���d.L.ndI��U.ric.-DU.Hc,o, SSfc ZZ S ctln". SS' ffmW'**'��� "!
T.lo rant!^.. ,a..., a 'a a!l \i , a   a a- WtBOBBOBtl containing 200 acre., mora or !���'������>���
lake notica-thai I, John McLaaotl of Vancouver. |i.|���|r,.|.  ...   .... a    ��� FtJItANDBB BBATON
occupation brokw, latand to .ppij lor pormWon ali? 19U-    *".\AMibu ut-*'
to pra��|ieet fair cnal and (a-troleum on the faalluwinat
oMcrlbod landa:
��    Commeneir.it at a pmt planted at the mouth ol _3_mmm Ijatad Hl.trlet-Dlatriet of t'aa" II
tboTM ltiai>r and marka-'l J.  McL. S. K. I'orner "*��� notloa thai I Arthur Jamea Wel,h a.f \ ar-
No    1.  tl.a-r.ca'  norlh  Mi chaina,  thence waiat  Ml r""a''r. OCOUpatlon  laraiker, Intenil, to appb   '
chain,,  tlu-r.ee  routh   N  chain...   thence  eaa-l   Mi l"'rnn,i'l"n t��i purehaae the followlnit at ���
chain,  to  point   of   commencementt    containlni ���5S5
NO acre*, more or len. ' "tiiinenelnir tat a peat planta-d  three and - "'���
Ita'e-1 Fob. 21, llil,                    JOHN McI.Ktil) ,ul,f'tiih'* in an easterly direction from tha' i   "t
I'uh  Kali.-:;l. Clarann McDowell, Anal   "" N;"i< Ula-er where the Lava Lake trail    	
tnt'tii-.. near the trail, thenee eaat cinhty chain..
Q�������� a-a,    i  ..   a i     j   a       ...     .        ^ thence aaauth XI chain,,   thence   wnl   So  chain*
ueen Charlotte Iiland, Und Dwtrict���Diatrict ol i Ihonco north BO chalna to point of common, cue 11
T.i,. _..,��� .... ��  tS***.. ,     .   ... containlnir illo nere. more or le���.
take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver, Hate Feb. ;i. mu        AHTHUK JAMKS Wlll.i H
cccupation hroker  Intend to apply for permiaaion I'ub. Mar. 10                         Joseph Uelway. **-***
to proapect for coal and petroleum on the folloainc
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted alaout two milo, Bkaana Land Dlatrict-DI.trict of Caaast
TU1i ��iIt ..a Z"wt JM'i   ttlt* ?u,i!h,.0' ""' ,.T,,ll��'   "">ice   that   1,  Alexander   Buchan. rf
S'c,    4"'    liJSi ___*   _���   \������*-���*������,>��� h   ' """'��� * ������""���".ner. H.C..   aKCUliatlon butcher. Intends to
chain,.'omm-TSm^ so  'k" "*' '.I?"��� ***} "" ^'l''v f"r permission  to purchase the hOmrlllS
cnains.  tlence  north   SO  ehains   thence  ea��t   Mi deacribod landa'
Itm��� ��,,}?�� bj������""���"1' c"nuimn" i;i" ��� t/'mmcncln* a post planteal and marked, A II ���
Dated Keb *_���_. l'jli.                   HillS
Tub. Feb. 24                  Clarence!
the   text-l k>  of  all   who ��h"n?e "
rc.il  estate,  and
enters of activity
ill of values,
chain-, thence naartli  ��.' chains
tol -.- chain-1 pa.int ..f commoncemont,
���" tainlna 640 acreo.
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph U.-Kvny. Ajtnt
Skeena Ijand District���District of Coa.t Kange 5
  . 1��e  notice lhat   William   Franklin  Car|aenter
M.    n    M   ll i   ^     a        ,    . ?'  ""P"1"'  "���  ''-��� occupation  rastaurant
r.   r.   UUIlen,   late   Iioat     liar-   k<,'l:"',',n'<""1,<u��rply for permisaion to parch
.       . *** the I-'lllaaAing af���-
,    VUnre  agents   f,.r  the nl,l re, ililc
���i"IT1"1, i ,,;'vcr,,H,,)1 '"", l'",,<1"�� ""'i
Wot..' ami llr,t���l, America Kiro   Inmr
ance t ompanipa.
50c PER MONTH P^mtompany
keeper of the Royal Hotel, has
accepted a similar position at thu
Central Hotel (Mr. Peter Black I.
Pete will be pleased to have all
. ,       a a   .  .       , ,. , . ""'"c-aoout ..'cnatna ea.t to paaint of co
his old mentis call on him there.  f',[^ f.��"uinln�� mo am* moreoriesa.
 I'ub March t'
rleecrilao'l lanal  .
t "mmonclmt at a post planted at the south oa��t
eomar ��� I mrreyod lyit  1712. therce so chains
aouth. thence aliout U chains west to Lot ll Bt
hence -Jo chains north, thence (I chains  west
thenco about 25 chaint north to Lot Dor,,  thence
10 chain, , aal to . uth ooal corner of Lot
'.;enee ahout :l.a chain, norlh to I/ai  1711
'Jrr ^i,:';::_."_��� "��  >"< *f commence-
. O a��     K       la.api  i-ianaaa-aa   ana, aaaaaa a..-u ..   ���-
.Oils   Mcl I'm, v-,-. ' '""'r-  and adjoininK pa.at, markeal J M
. \lei 1 ,.  it      '  . N ���''- ******* mt I'-U/a S.E. corner; thence w-
McDa.aaell. Auent SO B|���|B.    ,hrnp(, nor,h ���, fhtlm_  ,hrn,���
hains. thence south W chalna to point "f
niencenient. containlnir Mn acres more or lea'.
Dated 1st Feb.. lilll Charlea It. Allen. Aatent
Fob. Keb. It,
.  Skeenn Und District -Diatrict ol Coast
lake notiee that  Kreal  W. Holder ol Kluutn-
iuni, ix-ctipation  farmer,  Intenda to appl.
Ska'ena Land Diatrict���District ol Quern Chariott
Take notice that J. II. Murphy of Vancouver
H. C, occupation commercial traveller. I'ltends
to apoly for pcrtVi sion to purchaaa' tho lollowina
da>scritieal land,: ���
mil��nw���Tl'ilH *}   *_$*""���   t**",1*   **"""���   '"""     - "-'    :     "���"���''"     	
otZ.nW f,   1, ��K._li 11��Vh Tr  th" """"h   I"'""1"""1"   ">   l-tirchaw   the  lollowing  fattiW
01 Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, tlience north SO   'anda:
effi *tm\m_'mlT*.S t'^ ""'""' 'outl'  ** _*______*__i ��  a p���t planted at the na,.!-
Dat^Maehl-    'ill                    11..., :;��' crner  of     A. McLcaati', preemption, ttoa��
'ul,  Vnril"o   "                     v   J'    '   M' '"'MY ��J chai.,, ��,u|l,, ,|,ence 10 chains out. there- M
1 uo. Aprils.                        Numa Damon, Anal cliains north, thence  10 chain, avoat  to pi��t    '
commencement containlnir 20 acres more nr leaa
Skeena Und Dirtrict-District of r���a���  ,tar .��� , .'",''V''iV!..V'' WU' ���*���__p�� W- HO"'-   \
_ Taka notice that GeoTte Uvick ol Stooo rS5k Hampton. **.* *'
S^otad Aeo,
Princo RupW, B.C.
A merchant who is capable of
making hia. store positively useful
t>. yon is also -nre to make his
advertising positively Interesting
io you.
Find the store advertisement
that pleases you, and it will lead
yon t,, ���. >u,r*_ tlmt pleases you.
Skeena Und District-District of C.aa.L
Take notie..,ha, I. ,,.-..,    w���, er ���   V, ;..������.
*&&}  "pan-., proai tor, intend, toao-
I lan.l
io,,,.,:, ,,,;������ at �� poat plants .nd markad U
iiK'iicinfnt, cntainii u
Pati-d 1st Frb., 191]
I'ub. Feb. 25,
nvrm*., mun. ,,r \,.*m
i.ksi.ifi: .Walter"'
Charles H. A||,-���. Airent
tainlnir 80 acroa, moro or 1
S. W. Corner.
Data/1 Fob. 11, 1911.
I'tlb March 4.
Skea-na Und District-District ���| .��� .,
Take notice that  Mrs. L.  C   l'��     ,,?', _.
Faul     Mir.naaaat.     OOCUpaUon   t���.".,'"��  LS,
intend, to apply for permiasi���n 10 ,,,.-1        ","
followina daocflbod land.: P<Whaaa the
Commencing at a poat plani.al at u,, .    .,
come, of Lot !?o. noa mark, ,| Mr,'','     '_\___\_*S*
noraheas,  eorner, thence Wat   |a, ehai-a   .*_*__.'
south   hO  chaina   (henee ea,,   10 chSS      0n<'c
ggAASsusiSr Maj*r
Da^Marc^OlUlL      NJUS. ,. , . ,,-TN,
aaeo. 11. 1 utnam Agen
_U ,.���,n'   2}"" <;n"t 10 chain,, thence north 60 chain.
0.1 matkol (,. L.    point  ���f commencement.
080R0K LEVICK   Khufifff"' ,!'"-      U0NEL KrN,,sin
Skeenn Uml Disirict���District ol Oueen Charlotte
lake notice that Hubert tl. Crew of I'rinc"
miport, H. ('., oeeupatlon agent. Intends to a|'l'i>
"*r per,i,|a��.lon to purchaae the following docri!''"'
Comiiieiicliig at a post planted about <; *"}
mim weal and half a mile snuth of the mouth ni
Stanley l'r,.,.|, where It emptlea Into Naden
Harbor, liraham laland, thence east 10 chains,
hence north III chalna, thenco west -10 chains,
thenco soutli 10 chains to point ol eommencemenl
nnd eonlaining 1(1(1 acreo more or leaa. .���.,,,,
Dated March 17, 1911. HUBERT ('��� l l"- ,
I'ub. April 7. N'una Domera, Agent THE DAILY NEWS
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agents (or Stewart Land Company,  Limited
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will he devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladiis nf Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed thut "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a Bocial need.
Spring   Novelty
i j
j j
I i
{       General Merchandise
Largest Slock
Lowest Prices  in  Northern  B. C.
! \
i I
I 1
1 I
i I
I }
I \
~* 1
Water Notice
M.a*'i..i Lond Diatrict -
DUtrict ol Queon Charlotte
ieairKa*   Frisxa-ll   ol   Princo
....     -   i   _ t ; l���, ��� ii   i aiaoona uanu laatnci ���in
Notice is hereby often that un upU-    r_kQ n���llct, lh,t G���
cation Will   In-  ninili' under I art V. or I itu|K>rt, II. ('., occupation butcher, iniends to anply
the "Water Acta    l'.KKt,"    to   obtain   a | _*t pa'rmliialun to purchase the lollowina diaacnhcal
lii'i'tisi' iii tlta' Queen Charlotte Division
of Ska'i'iin District.
(al  Tin' name, udilross and occupation
of the applicant is Qeorge Young,
Victoria, B.C.
(If for mining purposes)  tt*** Miliar'* Certificate No	
ilu  The name of tha lake,  stream or
s.aiiriv  (if  unnamed, the description
M Am Lake and Ain River.
(cl  The |Miint of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
lili   Tin- quantity of water applied for
tin cable feet per second) 1000.
(ci The character of the  propositi
works, dam. Bums,   pipe-line,  power
engines, plant, etc.
ifi  Tho premises on which the  wnter
Ii in Lo used (describe sans)  at or
near month Ain River.Maaaat lnL't.
ii!i The |nir|Hisi's for which tin- water
I.- to be iisetl is for power development anal mill operations.
(hi If fur i Mention, describe the
luml Iii In' irrigated, giving  acreage.
ui  If ths water is to be used firpnw-
ei or mining purposes, descrihi the
plsce where the water is to be relumed to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between the
|��'int a.f diversion and point of return
Al air near mouth of Ain River.about
150 test below lake level.
Ijl Area of Crown land intended to be
OCCUpltd hy tlu- proposed works	
Iki Thia. notice was posted on the
Wthdiw uf April, lilll, and application will he made to the Commisaioner
mi the 10th day of May, lilll.
'li Olvs ths namea and addresses of
any ripm ian proprietors or licensees
Who a.r whose lands are likely to be
Inected by the proposed works.either
UOVS a.r Ih'Iiiw the outlet. None.
. H. Edenshaw, Agent
P.O. Hex 2s5, Prince Rupert. B.C.
NOTB-Ons cubic foot per  second  ia
equivalent to H5.71 miner's inches.
Pah. April 19, 1911. 4w
a*.  I    aamatia-lla-H.i:     Bt     B     [laa-1      plahlod     SiaOUt     ha-Veil
miles weal  and twu milea south ta[ the mouth ol
Stanla'y    Creek   when,   il   emptiea     into   Naden
llarlair, Graham lilahd, thonco HI) chaina aouth,
thonc SO chains wvst,  thonco SU chains north,
thenco SO Chans oast to point of commoncement
and containinu IHU acroa mon' orli'aa.
Dototl March 17, l'Jll t. l.i >Ka .1    1 ul/./.KI.l.
I'ub. April 7. Numa Demera. Aaent | two shade's of pink cllltlon oil each
Queon Charlotto Islands Land DUtrict���Districl ol
Take notico that 1, J. li. McNab ol I'rinco Ru
Now we have straw and chiffon
muffs. They are decidedly chic
and pretty, but most American
women are too practical to carry
a muff for anything but protection
from cold. This is not the case,
however, with the French woman;
she dresses for effect, and if one
of these new novelties adds to
the beauty of her toilette, whe
would not be without one.
A fetching model is black and
white straw, with plaited frills in
port, occupatiun general agont, intend lo apply
lor permission lo pruspect lor coal and petroleum
un tho following tloscritwal lanals:
Commencing sl a post planted st the so ��� h-eest
earn."- of Section II, Townsh p 1! Grahsm Island,
and markod J G. McN., S. K. Corner, thence
wool SO chaina, thenco north SO chains, thencc
oasl SO chains, thencc aoulh SO chains to point ol
Dated March S, 1911. J. G. McNAR
1'nl'. March '21,. Wilson Gowing, Agent
side.     A   huge   pink   rose   rests
artistically on top.
Other summer muffs are fashioned of loops of ribbon, giving the
effect of immense flowers.
Skcrnt land Dintrict IJmnet of Cout Hango V
Tftko nuiioo that Jack HotUord of Kctghluy.
YorkMlnm, Knglaml, occupation ovur-tookar. In*
Lunda to apply (or |H*nmi iiotl to purehi ������*��� tba
followinK doacribed landa:
Commencing at a |��oat planttnl at a point in thi*
easterly boundary ot timber limit 383119 and in
thv luuihurly limit u( lot :Mt&, lUnge S Coait
Dutrict, when* thv aaid limila Intcrvuct, Ihenc*
along the aoutherly limit of lot .I'.uvt klcroaaid
and the projection thereof in an euterly *!. ctlon *
HU chatm morv or lem to tho wMterly lir. it of I 1
timber limit t'_'M>l, thenoe in a noutherly direction
along tht* laii mentioned limit 11 chaini moro
or \tm to lho northerly limit of limlwr limit 36776,
thence in a weRteriy dirwuon along the tact men*
tioned limit MO chainn more or leaa to tho cajterly
limit of timber limit :IM2U, thence in a northerly
direction 11 chains mure or lea* lo the poinl ol
DatodMarch C, 1911. JACK BEDFORD
Tub. March 25
Bounds in   the city
*�� I. laatlaatte l.lanal, land Diatrict -Ilialrict ol
Skeana land Diatrict���DiaUict ol Coast Kane* 6
Tako notice thai I, Clara May Little ol I'rinco
Rupert. U. C, occupation siifnator. intond to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described landa:
Commencing at a pool planted at tho north
la-col corner of Lol 1731a. Itango 6, Coaal Dlalrict
thonco eaat 40 chaina, thencv norlh lit, chaini
thence wcaat 31 chain' thence north '20 ehalni
thenco weat 10 chalna, thenca' aouth 46 chaina to
padnt of commaancment, containing 112 acreo
more or leaa.
Daleal April 4, 1911. CLARA MAY LITTLE
I'ub. April It.
Skea-na Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Cout Uange 6
Take notico lhal Kldon .-. Dolwilcr of llorlin.
Ont.' occupation doctor, intends to apply for
iiormisalon to purchaso the fullowing aloscribod
Commencing al a pool planted at tlie south-
wool corner ol laat 1928, thenco easl :ln chains
more or Icm, Ihenre south 46 chains moro or loss.
thonCO   aaa aal   30  a-laall U,   lan'la-   ail   la--a..   'Ill'lar.-   llaartll
46 chains moro or leas lo point aaf eommoncoment
contsining 140 acres moro or less.
Dated March 31, 1011    Kl.lniN S. DETWILKR
I'ub. April 16' John Campbell, Agont
Skeena Land District���Dlalrict A Coast
Tako notice that Glonn McArthur of Vancnuvor.
II.   t'.,  aaccupalion  real   estste  sgenl  intends to
pply for  i. r.i.a.-iiaia  io  pur.'hii-.-  the lolluwing
Are   those   when
shout and call
the hollow streets ;>.t evc.lidc,
Whc.i thc mellow wester.', shadows fall.
Thev run, they jump.
They tumble, and bump,
In the sounding streets in the evening time.
-,                                       -'��aa'a, ...[.]       l.-r    |
Ju'al'l "'"',"' Vh" }��� -"i" **\*li T* Vnncouver. deacrllaed landa:
��*uiaiini, broker, intend to apply lor permi<alon Commencng at a poat planted 40 chaina w7st
<*_** lor coal and |H<troleum on the lollowing and no chalna aoulh of tho aouthweat cornor of
���Mibral Undo
Many a time have I tripped over
And barked my shins o'er Jacks
and Jims,
Hui I went on my way and heeded
it not,
For the laugh of a child is the
sweetest of hymns.
They scream, they shout,
Thev scamper about,
In the joyous streets in the evening
���"The Khan" in The Toronto
ribbon or sprays of flowers to its
white enamelled wood handle ar.d
veil or trim the spread according
to individual fanes.
Just   the   Appetising   Novelty
You Wanted
Beat two ounces ..I butter with
three ounces of sugar and yolks
of three eggs. Peel of a lemon ;l. ��� 11
two ounces of bread crumbs, one
ounce of ground almonds, with
stiffly-whipped whites of three eggs,
and steam two In mis.
One ���ounce of almonds, two
ounces of butter, half a gill of
milk. Let gradually get hot, then
squeeze through .i tammy, put
into a saucepan with equal quantity of cream and yolks of two
<-'KKs> "iiv spoonful brandy, one
ounce of sugar, and whisk over
the fire until light and frothy.
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Thursdays, 8.00 a.m.
Mondays and Fridays at 8 a.m.
ss. Prince Albert saila for I'ort Simp-
aon, Naas River Points, Masset,
Naili'ii Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
anil for:
Refuge Hay, Skidegate, Queen
Charlotle ('ity, Loekeport,  Pa-
eoli, Jedway,   IkedS Hay,   Hose
Harbor ami return via Queen
Charlotte City every Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
Connecting with traina from the Pacific
coaat operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over ita
double  track route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,  Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets  obtainable from the oflice hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Neither the middle west nor tho
far easi will have the pleasure '.I
seeing the New Westminsters,
champions of thc world at lacrosse,
play  the game  ihis season.    The
trip to the east has been abandoned.
The construction of a stadium
to replace the burned grand stands
at the Polo Grounds, home of the
New York National league club,
was assured today by the renewal
of the dub's lease on the grounds
tor a period of twenty-five years.
Work will be started on the steel
and concrete stands when plans
are completed,
+ a^.+
5 T7T3H7T7    employment
�� IXEimm-   off'ce   =    :
J       For   nil   kinds   of help,   cooks, j
j   waiters, dishwashers, hotel por- j
ters, all kinds nf laborers nr me- '
cliiinics, cull up }
Phone No. 178 (
or call ni tin' !
Grand Hold Free  Employment  Office ���
Headquarters for cooks a waiters j
uinil.KSaM.i-:   DBAUCRS  is
lliiildiiia-   M.iiiri.il,    Cement,    Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Cokn, Black��mitb
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shinglea, l.nth, New Wellington Coal
Twenty   Thousand   Men   Vote
for Goodness First
The idea that Frenchmen, especially residents of the city of
Paris, have loose ideas about the
marriage tie and womankind in
general is dissipated through a
unit pie newspaper lest.
"What is the most excellent
quality in woman?" a paper askitl
of iis readers. The papers aked
each person, to name the len virtues
he prefers in woman. Sixty virtues
have been named. The seven
first have always been at the to])
of the poll since the beginning
of the ballot, in. the following
order: goodness, orderliness, devotion, thrift, gentleness, intelligence and amiability.
This is a tribute to the essential
solidity of the French people.
First of all they ask for goodness
and second for orderliness, in its
women! The former virtue has
scored l'.),.'W8 votes and the latter
18,470. The fact that devotion
comes third, with 17,(KM would
tend to show that many of the
voters are men.
It will startle some hasty judges
of French character to find that
only 2300 voters mentioned elegance as one of the ten most
excellent things in women, which
takes only the thirty-first place
on the list, ll will surprise everybody to learn lhat pride is asked
for in women by only 528 voters,
and that its place is fifty-second on
the list. Hut perhaps the most
instructive point of all is the
sixtieth and last virtue, meekness
for which only 96 men voted.
Canadian Pacific Railway   -   B.C. Coasl Steamship Service
Princess May
Northbound, May Sth
Southbound, May 12th
Train for Winnipeg tinil Tnrim-
to lcnvi'M Vsnoourer ot
^,^_- 11 a.m. ilnily
^^^ Iinpa'riiil Limita-al fur Chlcairo.
M.anttaiil and Now Yairk. Ili'iat train ncniaaa the
continent, leaves Vancouuer ilaily at 3.i.r�� p.m.
Carries compartment observation cars, the finest
car on any mail anywhera'.
Airent for all Atlantic Steamship lines. Tickets
to anil from European puints.
J. G. McNab - General Agent
Ai ihe coining festival of Empire games at  London,  England, Sm Us for Prices
Canada will be represented by I
only eight men of whom Frank
Lukcinan of Ottawa is a certainty
as the best amateur runner in
Canada; whilst wiih Gage, Varsity football captain, and champion of Canada in the boxing line
in the heavyweight division, almost conceded a place, it leaves
only six positions to be filled.
Caillies, of Vancouver, the all round
champion, may be considered a
surety as a member of the team.
Phone Nu. 116
Lots 5 anil li, Block 28,
Section 1,
$3000, 2!) per cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, li years,
7 per cunt.
Peculiar though it may seem,
il is true that the popularity of
Carl Morris, the Sapulpa light
artist, has considerably waned since
his latest bout, with Mike Schreck.
Morris was returned the winner
in the affair and stopped his
man in a short time, but il is said
that he showed several characteristics not usually found in championship mitt wearers.
Phone No. 200 I'. 0.  Uox 580
��� ������+++++++++++++++++++++++��� ���
ii w. j. McCutcheon ||
��� ��� ���!
, ,    (*!trricicnpip1i't<' Mc��rk of Mi-uk*.    BpMtll    * ���
, ,       iitti'hli"ii I'ttnl lo ftlllng i<n'M-rit>Ui>ti*.       , ,
\\ Theatre Block 1'Ht.NK Nu.:-.* Second Ave. '*'*
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Remarkable Demonstration for
G. T. P. Tranifer Agentt
Orali-rt |in.ni|illy HUM.   IViai-n nwainiable.
OFFICK- II. R. Rucha^tar. Centra- St.    I'hone te*.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
Northern Produce Co'y.
Lot No. ITU nurlaiJHl Ulonn McArthuri nortli-  *,_, ��� __,,,,__-  p:-|��  VUnm't   Rsliova
*������*����� ���! ��� poaal iilaniral almut two .,.,!,. j �����t caarniT, thenre nouth 40 chaini, thence oaat   Vancouver   UirlS   Won t   ��eiieve
���- mnuth nl the Tl-el River and markeal   80 chaini., thence north 40 chalnia, Ihence avoat
'      ���. W . ( orner, No. 29, thence aoulh HO ! ao chaini, t
reun.. i ,���.������ rtMl m, ch,in,   lhmtv mnh m
���  -*��� neat no chalna lo polnl ol eom-
camtalnlni 610 acrea, more or leaaa.
II. WU       _ JOHN Mcl.KOI,
Clarence McDowell, Ajent
- "tto Mandal.anal Dinrict -biitrlcl
i-a'-i a.f commencement, ContaininK
,1110 acra'i. mora* or leaa.
Ilatoal March 20, 1911.       GLENN McAKTIIUIt
I'uh. Aiiril 16. T. I). Laird. Agent
Skeena ljind Di.trict- Diatrict of Coait Ranire 5,
Coaat Dlalrict
Tnke niitlaae thai Wm. I,e��lia' nf Sapperton. H.C.
aaccupation Government Guaral, Intend, to apply
We Need Them in Rupert
The new mandarin, Oriental and
canopy sunshades are so very
smart  that  it will  pay a girl  to
lanal,',   i��,     i . """I"1,0' Vancouver. , f���r permla.lon to purchaae the follnwlnif dcacrlb-    |my ;l  ., |a|��� ,������. ;m,l   trilll  lt.     Alt}'
iiaia, ,      """"���'���Intond to apply lor permiaaion   _, i.n,u< '        '
���������', I"' mal and petroleum on the lollowinn '--��� ��� **.*-*_. tl-e   -...       i...   .1 I...
I     a-ula:
"(���mit al a po��t planted about iwo
tk. n7u,,,l,,nrt l��o mllea neat ol the moulh ol
i, 1| "I"' Craham laland, and marked
____ '��� ___* W. Corner, No. 34, Ihence .outh SO
��.,."- '!'���'"�� ** 80 tm_m, thonce north HO
tt* ��i��l 80 chalna to point ol com-
, ���    cnnlainlnB 640 acraaa, moro or leaa
Clarence McDowoll, Ajonl
<*��r Churlotie laland. Land Dlatrkt-Dlatrlct
tic- that |, John McLeod ol Vancouver
,,       '    ���  j'tiiki-r, Intond lo apply lor permiaaion
t"i ciml and petroleum on the lollowini
landa: *
'"it al a post planted about two mil..
���a .'.'I twaa mllea Mat ol the moulh ol the Tl-el
marked J. Mcl,, S. W. Corner, No. 33,
""in   Wl chain.,  thenco east   80 chain..
""Uh .VI chain., ihence weat 80 chaini lo
!'"    ''-I' 22, I9ll,
'"I*. I all. 24.
ContaininR  640  acrea,
Clarence McDowell, Auent
". Und Dl.tHcta-Diatrict of Caa.lar
,       '   .,"'." Uinl I. John Mrlionald of t'rlnre
���I'l'l. f.',  ....:'-'.?'''',l"",)"n b'.telkea'per. Intend, la
Oinimenilnir al n paaat planted 4II chalna weal ( ���f    |l,,.sl.   noVeltV    sliaiHIS   may    1)1'
nnd 120 chain, .outh of the we.t rumor of lol No ; _ J        m   J , ,���       r
1T33, ranite S coa.t di.trict. marked Wm. Leilie
N.W. raitner. thonce .outh 4'lchiln.. thonce eaat
sai .1111111-. thenco north III chain., thence we.t m
chain, to poit of commencement, containinK 32(1
acre, more or le... ^^
T. D. I.nlral. Agont
Dateal March 2i��h. IUll
I'ub. April 29th. 1911
Skoena Und Di.trict-Di.trict ol Queen l.harlotet
Take notici' lhal Catherine llarri-on, ol Cnluary
Allien a,   occupation   .pln.lor,   Intend,   to   apply,
lor mrmlwlon to purchase lho lollowing described
improved wilh a dainty frill of
silk, lace or net set around the
edge of the spread, and if the
sunshade is intended solely for
garden party service thc edging
may be of rosebuds, daisies or
A handsome parasol handle is
a valuable wardrobe asset and
should be as carefully preserved as
a piece of jewelry of good lace.
Those of carved Wood should be
oiled and rubbed to bring out their
draining; silver and gold polished,
Stikine Und District   Dslrict ol ( a..lar ��� " . ...        ,
a     Take notice that S.'..lney llodskinsain of Tele-| |V()I-y;ln,l IH.arl ,'|,:ane(lan(l ble.lCll-
""-I lnnd. """ha.c the following , ���,���,,, (lTek| n. X   (K.dlipB<i���n clerk, intend, to
��� "In ,".-. Planteal three and one- ! jgLj? JJB�� *"ton   '" ,,UrP'""" * '��"��""n"
<**  Rww1S2XTS?f;^ '^'"i"1       Commennng a, a post planlcal almut a MUartor
; ����� .where the Lava Lake trail  lacglns   m||f ���,���._ ������1 ,,������, \]lwiv. mule and on the east
a    liaaaia    Ihn     a        _..
lor laa-rmiwjon to piirclui
lanala-. ,     ,
Commoncing at a posl planled almut
milos west and hall a mile naiulli from the mouth
aal Stanley Creek, where It empties into Naden
Harbor, tiraham Island. Ihonco 40 chain, .outh
thence 40 chain, east, thenci' 40 chain, norlh,
thence 40 chains wet to point ul commoncemont
and containing 160 acre, more or less.
Dale,, March 17. 19,lcAT||KitlNf.1IAUUIS0N
Tub Apr. 7. Numa I lemcra, Agent
"���"I "tm .ml.- |��� �� " SS    ,      ,,      .,       . ..* i "���� ""f"1 ���"*" '""�� <1,nril'r KMI"' """ "" l.   ,
I ..    t?��H ,1.     V SttiTT-ff   "S   "'   SUklno   River,   thonco  east   20  chain-
MtS a'hiin.     h""'"      "_hly. *&_*:   'honce nnrth  40 chain.,  thenco we.l  20 chnina
���    '-��� -.. shall ",'  'Vnee north Wl chain..   ,nCT��� K,uth 4��� ch,,n, ,��� ,,���,nl ol commencemen
' hnlns t��� p���|nl ���f cominoncemenl.    ,���,| ���,n,,|n|���g 80 acre, mnr.' or loss.
.   .������"i".lo acre..
{������'��� ��� IMI.
1  I     M'iri h 1(1.
john Mcdonald
Joseph Helwny, Agent
i ,u::::r,.l''v:,1��j"^|it-Di.trict of c...i;
.  aa'..,' ii",'."" """ I Andrew Humming, of Van-
l-���r���.;,"-   : ''"ipatlon c,��,k,  Intend, to applv
"I Inn,) "     ""     1""'c'hl>"r lhe following de.crlb-
'"" '"" m t* po.t planted three and one    .
"n Nnal li .  "" "��"'erly direction from the point       Col
""'Ma,,  ,T,,Jh<,"'l,"'UvaLake  trail beglr,.   north
��� "I'i" . .'        "noo wna.1 wirhelpi, thonce .outh i II.  0
a laaia,.  '',"" ,,"'",�����t wi i'lmii,..  thence north Wl   chain
.r.... ' ' "' BommtllOMnont. caafaftalnlne   (Ual    chain
Dated Keb. II. lilll.
I'uli   April 7.
SYDNKY hodokinsun
CA. Tervo. Agent
I",    la"     """I-
��� ul' Mar. In.
I raattiinoneeinoiit. containing 64(1
Joseph Uelway, Agent
Stikine Und Di.irict -Di.trict nl Caeilar
Take nolice thai Chri.llan A. Tervo ol Stlklno
B. C , occupalion custom, olhcor. inlands to ippu
lor tierml:,sliiii to purchase the lollowing drscrll.eal
lands: _   .   ,
Cnmmencing at a paa-l planloal nlmiil  IK chain.
""   west ol the customs warehouse at StlK no,
,  thence wost  20  chains,  thonoe aoutl    2)
thenco east  20  chain..   Ihonco  north  20
ed and jewelled or tortoise shell
sticks taken to a jeweller to bc
If a girl can afford only two new
sunshades she will get thc most
satisfaction from a really handsome sun umbrella of the folding
type, which is easily carried in a
suit case and looks well with any
street costitme.    Then  for formal
3,000,000  MILES  OF  SEA
Engineer Retires After 912 Voyages Across the Atlantic
Mr. J. \V. Alexander, chief
engineer of the Oceanic, and senior
chief engineer on the While Star
Company's service, who has just
retired, has what must bc a nearly
unique record.
The whole of his seafaring career
of thirty-eight and a half years
has been spent in thc White Star
service. During that time he has
crossed thc Atlantic 012 times,
travelling about 3,0(10,000 miles,
and has never missed a voyage.
By a curious coincidence Mr.
Alexander began, and finished his
career in vessels named Oceanic.
Hc was chief engineer of the
Britannic when that vessel look
out the Imperial contingent of
troops to Australia when the present King opened thc Commonwealth Parliament.
Mr. Alexander, who is a native
of Dundee, has just completed his
fifty-ninth year.
Send for our Weekly Price  List
Phone 151
4> ���^o^M^n1^ �����"^ **
The corona tit hi of King George
V. will, in all probability, be
marked by a feature which no
coronation of an English monarch
has known before. It is proposed
that ;.. Meet of aeroplanes shall
circle the towers of Westminster
Abbey and greet the King and
( Queen mi their arrival. Most ol
l \ the British aviators will probably
make the attempt, and it is certain
that a similar demonstration will
take place at Spitheul, when the
King attends the naval review.
Spithead has all the facilities for
a very line display, which can be
made if weather conditions are
Fruit   :   Produce   :
A non-ad-reader's dollar i* free
quently  a   50-cent-dollar  in   its
buying usefulness.
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Oflice.
t, Rochester &
p   ��� Monroe
��� Ladysmith
w      '���$ Coal
==E.   EBY   C&   Co.s=
Kitsumkalum l-and Kor Sale
f \J IAI UL J      Every Tuesday Evening
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
M.'i'ts in the HtlgUSOn Block
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of HrltUlt Culumlila
and Mamilaalaii Burs.
nf ll.C Ontario, Su-
katciiewan and Al-
laprlaa Bam.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Office���Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth atreet. I'rinco Ruuert. 8
Scotchman's   Enterprise   on   a
Forty Acre Scale
Tract of Eighty Excellent Acres
Being Planted with Potatoes
This Spring by M. J. McDougall for Camp Consumption.
- All  nii'inliiTS  of  the  onler in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON, Sicri'lary.
STaaa'K   a'UMI'I.KTK
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., L>. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All al.-iilail operational nkllfully tra-nleal. (lan and
local anaathctfcn admlnliatereal for the tinitilcM ex.
traction aif teeth. Consultation free. Office*:
I l.-li'i-i H.an Block. Prince Ruuert. (Ml
The need for an abundant supply
of potatoes by the armies of men
engaged on railway construction
has BUggCSted  to Mr.  M.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Dougall the commercial posslbfl- Hagastnos :: Periodicals :: Nawtpapsa
ities right now in the cultivation CIGARS :: TOBACCOS :: FRUITS
of potatoes in the Kitselas district i (J.T.P. WHARF
where the soil is well adapted for	
thc growth and perfection of this
Mr. McDougall has jusl com- FORWARDING COMPANY
pleted  through  "l'ncle Jerry" lhe.fir>lAte NorMcBrid.
; purchase of a tract of eighty acres!
HANDASYDE    C__   HURT|0f fin0 arable land in the Kitselas,
Those who do not read the news
of thc day know little of what is
happening   in    thc   world.     And
occasions she may buy out; of thei those  who  fail   to   read   the  ads
AliKNTH   I'UB   STKF.I..    MAI'lllNKRY
...anii  contractors   surri.iKa...
P. O. Box 436
1'. (). UOX 2.1
I district   forty   cares  of   which   hel
i will put under a potato crop thisi
Offiei 3rd and Fulton (season.     Besides selling  the  pota-1
 I toes   to   the   construction   camps'
1 Mr. McDougall will send occasional |
Forwarding,   Distributing  and
Shipping   Agents.
Storage of Baggnge and Household Goods I Specialty.
o ������
runt, of wm. roXOK, vm., a.r.a.m.,"i.on., f.no.
chalna to point nl commciiccnii'iil and oontalnlng , u(,w smlir(   s|laiH.s   i���   plain   wlli te   kllOW li I tie of valllCS���or of \\ hat is
-111 acreai more or lew.                                      aaaaanvn .' . ..
iiatodKeb ia, mn.     Christiana. TLiivo||k ()r   ^        attach   bows   of happening in thc store-world.
I'ub. Atirl 7 I ' rr *t
consignments down to Prince Ru- Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
pert,  and   samples of   his  grow ing |        p. O. Box 907 Phone 262
will be exhibited here as early as
real estale offers advertised    covering   a   reasonable   period���you
i may   buy    real    estate    INTEL-
prince rupert I LIGENTLY.    Not otherwise.
nnd POOL
i Alley*. [Tuwt, A k<��-1 i*tr��
ci����\ A QMM1 ��i>t��rt, l.rnlit<��rvpry
rtftrrtuMm. Nrwnmn Blouti M
twron tith hthI "th StP.
PfOprifftOf HH'l   Mrttl
�� raownuiii
4444444444444444444444444 THE    DAILY    NEWS
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared lo answer il
The occasion may ba' what
it will; it is our duty to be
ready to supply you.  and  we
can do it  laaa-.
With pleai :rv to you because aat thi- a-:: i' display:
wuh profit to you tacca ..-a- a.f
our ability p.' sell close.
Vi ������ rift question pre
sents Itteli .. ��� II ihow you
how easily we can match your
Heintzman Pianos
two bylaws  Classified
ARE PASSED ^iassmea
Procedure   and   Regulation   of
Civic Officials   Duties
Abolition of Old Enquiry" System Grieves Aid. Newton;
and Aid. Morrissey Labors
under Misapprehensions
Procedure Laws.
the classified advertisement columns
and a host of others mi9tc^n,^ro'
mur. ground.    To put this'modern convenience-in reach     ���T��ryffl!,**mIitSLWof 26 cents.
rate to a nominal price of a cent a word per insertion     M'"'' v��  i    f ���mv
Classified Advertising Column for today,    watch  it  grow.
One of the b.-st services tne modern newspaper gives the public is
There buyer and seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant
A Study in Assessments
Comparative   Table  Showing How The
Assessment for I9H  Varies From
That   For  The  Last   Year
Alteration in G. T. P. Steamer
Schedule Beginning at Once
Lost and Found
FOl'ND-On wharf. Satur...:-. V-.
money. Owner can ha\-e - ihw '
Daily Newt Olfioe and st. m MttefMi ���:���  oar-
ticulart. -::
FOl'ND-A mail turn of r
Apply McRae. thoemake-  Fultoi St
ifter   gon ..
Tm ���
read - isl nig I
through 1 stage o( consideration
in committee of the whole by the
city - fhese by-laws were
\ h is I era  made in the
G, T. P. ste ��� ��� * ��� hedule which
jives i s ol Prince Rupert
~      .... .I the spei ding a week-end
- passed meir third ,.   .   c,    ,_,       ,
most ��� in Mi-w.tr..  .
: ctit in the handing .      during  the middle boat from  the
the by-law regulating the duties ol
city "������. ���. -   .:.i Mayor Manson's
Pro ��� . ���   By-law.
In the ��� ��� ��� sideration of the first
there w is little or no discussioi
Imt Aldermen Newton and Mor-
-'---     required   a   good   ileal
ii -������        n :V"ni the Mayor whi!-'
��� ������ da ises of   the  second  were
ing g    ������ over.
I)    were
For Rent
. F. McRae A Co.
F-rniahtd  Ileuae to Ren-
month frvm May 15th-t
��� ���   ���   ���
API :���
pert Apenciet, 2nd Are.
Nice furnithed roomi for NM     Al
RaxamlngHouie. 2nd Ave
Twa. nicely fumithed roorr ���
batht.   The Roland. Thi:
is week, the Prince
ot go to Stewart on
I    : - rnings .is formerly,
remain  in  Rupert until
rning when -he leaves
- uth.
Help Wanted
By Want of Proper Access on
Second Avenue
Residents Ready to Supply Labor if City Will Give Lumber.
Council   Appreciates   Need,
Streets Commoittee Lok into
the Matter.
Total At:
Adsi-Mincnt for 1910
Sec. 1.,$7,184,600
������   2.   1,806,996
..menu from sil Sourcw
A��onmenl for 1S11
Sec. 1,
������    2
1,-, 79,150
272, .590
Residents of Second avenue have
- | for permission to con-
A woman to do houae wo:
work.   Apply Pioneer La li If)
Ar. Experienced Stenotra;   ��� _���������
Mack Realty and lnmra-   -
Thi- is found    o a M.thenHelp, otiewt.  !l street
,il   lu    Other maid kept.    API
_      '   freight   better,       IthAve. and Hay. Covet
sidewalk between Seventh
Thev wished |
��� ���   s .     197,2621-2
n   ,,        29,660
G. T. P. Railway Company Atteaamenli
1910 Assessment Includes Section E
assesse 1 at $488,600,
Buys 160 acrea of Fruit
and Vegetable land at Kitselas. Half mile from Railway. Fine
cabin included.
$200  'Jartner WMntt'li I" fruit bus.
iness on Third Ave,
Sec, 1
Ull. without Sec. E
Sec. 1.. $1,364,000
" 2. 175,000
" 8.. 128,000
" 6.. 327,000
" 7.. 686,500
" 8..   5,000
������week  cargo fro  Ru|    t ****** **���������*-*<���****H -  ������"���-  '!uri,18  grading.
,._.,.; BoyW.r.ted.   Apply at O;I - -,..,!    QUt    b>"    Alderm.in    Mor
G. T. P. Development   Co. Aaaeaamenta
the lumber   taken  off   thej   "^jj jm.}u,j,.s Section E assessed with
It   was
���   - week onlv the Prince
nth   l"   re man:- ... __.     _.     _.
1 -.   ���-. will take the Stewart run.
A local representative is wanted
for a territory tributary to Prinee
Rupert to sell the hardy non-irri-
gati ��� irsery stock grown by tl.e
Oregon Nursery Company, Oren-
co, Oregon. Liberal terms. Party
mu:-t  come   well   recomme:  ���
Memaa wADDRSSSr��*a-��a~'>*>.i��a
Oregon Nursery Company
Orenco ��� Oregon
i >M>rfM����WWW��������V����%M<����W1 i
.-rival of the Prii ������ Ru-
A::ar.v;i7(l- the Prii - ������< Ieorge will  t.ike up r>'. ilar Stewart
- -��� irting Sunday at -  a.m.
returning  to  Rupert 6
M< : lay.
1 '��� her trip to Stewart this week.
���    I'rinee   Allien   will   take   in
Port Simpson and the Naas    Ot
Thursday night Bhc --\:T. -iii for
Massett and   Naden  Har or  returning to m.tka- her regular con-
FOR '11
I lirj   system whi. 1: was a
��� : proceedings ui der i
- -���'....   Mayor Mai -
i*   to   have   enquiries   ma
writing and at least a daj - i
��� ���:' mi dons given  by the ..-���
. notice   ��� ird   tt  the City II ill
i   ���  Mayor sai I  I stii   tl) I   H
- red t" restri     ���     "
risii ^ i:   their seats a   I firing
litti'- speeches that
definite hut. r-- ���    ress
the  puMic   thc  imprest
the    lldl -"le:,   pKH ������   U>   the
-.:: .    I vital il ���>-������
in   mat y   matter-.     He   hii
ointedly  that  Alden
N'a-u ton's i
that  way. .md  that  there were
Alderman   Morrissey  was  evi-
dently lab* ring undei
::.; r. --:���      that  it WOU
impossible under the new I
n  urgent i
without i day's ddaj.   Il
Iy look thai
it   the   t'itv    Hall ���    the
il would ': the
-..I -   - .   . a- -: at tfee office1
lure ti- tr...- bitter _, Mf. w^ . -. \��-
-- -
Houses Wanted
ed. 2 to �� rc��n��.     If .
me I will rent them m> K
vanee. r.oaaraitin*. no lit:   .-
Black 5*- fnele Jerry.
Board Wanted
WASTED-Room and ba.
X.M.. Os-ianiit Office.
Fire  Insurance
that   there  i>  hardly  any
���   possible   to   buildings   in
u  vicinity now in case of tire
g to the state of the streets.
I M. Soskin, one of the residents,
���   the similar statement.   The
Mayor  remarked   that   the  diffi-
��-as   the   fact   that   these
-: lewalks have mosdy been put
-.   residents   at   their   own
���  including   lumber.    The
.-keai  for was  in  terms
.. contracts to be replaced
��� ������ . -fr.     The matiti
goes k   to   the   streets   i ������ '
Section 1 at $668,500.
I il
Sec. 1..$16,000
w-iiha'Ut seetii'n K
. 21,500
.    3.45(1
, 211.650
Sec. 1..$822,000
laa-ltll sec. I 663.500
Sec. 2.. 224.650
Buys 75 1-8 acres of Kruit
land   at   Kitselas.     na|f
from the Railway.
mile fron
Buys Booming House on :ird
Ave.   Nine furnished rooms,
all rented.    A snap.
*>f C A   Buys store and House un t|
��p��dV   main street at Kitselas.
(jJCAA   Bu>'s   Furniture and  Lea
for two years of Ten I!o(,ra
Toilet and bath.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. 'Phone 4
OUR SPECIALTY-Fire ���.-.--
���entelever. ��:r r fc- Rn -:.-*-.
We want *****   mtotia     la-n   *��� *
Letaia.-- m ::aM. be Mack i                           i h had already repoi
IcvuranceComtaany. cor --. A.*    -    I
THE Bn::ah fr.icr. and N -.:-:������
Company of LaoM-r.. t: *.
*.   *. '        See -- ��� -.-- ���
Realty anai lr.i-rar.ee C- *-��
Cash   First payment on $4,.
200 Rooming House, 26x 100,
2 story and basement. Balance ptv
able $100 monthly.
*$_*JOC Buys Furniture and :i 1-J y.ar
$ I CO lease of Rooming Houte in
section 1.    Rent $45 per month.
t1Q0n Ca-sl1 1)11>'S 2 story Room-
iplaJUU   ing House at  Kitselss, 47
x 70.    Accommodates 30 people.
d�� r A   Per Acre.   165 1-4 seres, with
��P �� "   buildings included at BrecktO-
ridge Landing, (mile 85.)
Per Acre.     422  acres in the
famous Lakelse Valley.
Per Acre.   Just a  nice little
farm of 80 acres.     House and
-   g the si lewalk but refusing
Situations Wanted
I A  ei.- ���   ~tr:   I
���   .     *���     * tti ���
..  I  : :���    ���
B> exr^rer.red tr.an and .-fe ai eot-aa as.-.
��� -   - -����� exmp tar coun"} h.'A.    A:;  ���   H   L
P.O. I      -  ���
���-������������.-���.-���- A .������'���������������.������
���j.-.: : .  ..-.-   -.-����� :      a ���   Un   H   i   '     ���     F-A-- ������--���    ���
���   ���    -
; ���:'.. *. r tt* eon-     	
.   a'   tiltl .   i't'-t  ' ~* ���=
Plaaa.ap��:iea-..ar. tai tors, ot ceatad can be
Petition of Senevth Avenue Residents Against Day s Labor
; don ag lirst  the con
struct Ea pi .: Itwa> "li Sever th
-a | t.i he constructed
by  dav's  labor   under   thc  i e��
Chance to Join
On Friday evening the  Prince |
Rupert Civilians'  Ritle Associa
tion will hold their annual meet- tf C A
ine.     Young men  desirous  of 7
~ .        , ��� .��� ���.    farm huildings included  in  acre price.
.dining the association are mvit- M mik, from rajlwav
ed to be present.    Applications,   ���
should be made to Robert Godson 1   "ASK UNCLE JERRY"
at the Government Office. 103-107 *,.- Cftfl  Buy9 live> goinf 1"'1"'1'
*p 1 / ,DUU   five years leuse. Ctlh
$7,500, balance in one and two vi-;ir-.
$0 r A A Buys 5 room House in
L O U U section 6. Easy terms
nf payment can be arranged.
&CAAA Buys Double Apartment
$OUUv House in section ti. T.rmj
can be arranged.
Nine   Room   House
basement,  hot  nml
Ninety-two  Spokane   Laborers
Victimised   by  an   Agency
Boarders Wanted
Canadian Press Dispatch)
Nelson, May 9. ���Ninety-two la-
Public  Works  Department  came borers who went to Cranbrook on |coM water, and modern convenience*
tsi   igl t's eul iii.   It was Saturday returned here this morn-1Time payments arranged
$5500 S
���.tu/'.���-': in 1       leatsl -r it.
- *a   i :��� 'Se pwet oflice. CnrA Ftraj  azai at
;fc�� Llefaar----
��� �����   .r*
��� til not be eouMerad unlav 1
��� -   .--.
Pure Ice Cream  with  all  the
Tht Pioneer Dniggut
PHONE   :   ;   ;   82
Tva    ! ..'-������-.-      '.*. .
r.*w U
BOO '.a- - Uw outfit - lit. A; ;
H. E ROSS. 1 - ; -. . 1! ������    i .    a
Third A-.^-a- Prince Ruperl
Young  Men   are  Arranging  to
Get Together and Make Plans
In '-: ;- ���  ���   - - 1 tion ..!
Victoria   i1      in   Prince   K
may surpass an\ thii .     ta
tin yout ^ men of thecil
ed ii        etics are plam : .
togctl er   ai d    trrai .���    the   programme '������ evei ���- for the twenty-
fourth.    A meetii g will bc held
in   the Court-room  on  Saturday
evening,  and  .til   having   suggestions to make or who arc anxious
i" take pari in making the da> .1
success  should  get   in   touch  at
once,     Mr.   William   Godson   is
making preliminary arrangements,
and Rev. w. II. M, Leod, himself
an athlete, i- als ��� 1 iking an a< tive
of trtt.%. tr* Mtm.'
\.;  -   V * -   .' -.     ���    -    a
ii g, ha\nng been i<>M on arrival at
��� ���
������-���-������    : ;i\��   ��������-;*-.     .   .     . *    I
*-mim*mm of Meb nwabor of tb* n I i
��� **&^z*t&xs*tt\-
-        i    its    ftaSWWIV--   '
of tb. *u. i** forfvit��4 if tb* p��r*o&
tMdOfl&C doCllat  IO *Bt*f  iZ\t> ft  r ������-.*���    ���
cttirtm jpoa to do to,or f��U to eosptet* th* worit
cc*T.\*%r.**-i for. If tb* teeter b* Ml ����;>:
tb* eb*o-j* -Ua im* r*tunwd.
Tb* l.**pftrtm*r,t do** not bind am)! tc tec;I
tbt Ao����t or ��t> t*s<l*r.
By ordtr.
of much pat
May - ^"t  the mj -   ���   -
(   thir
PrirMBowdb) :������ w-.   : , ���������     ;: --. ������   ..j,]   ;],,.,   onJy   ,���-,..{],[,-,)   ,,f|They
-. 3rd
Have you seen the arrow?   It
��� s to Reilly's Bakery Lunch
in tho Empress Theatre  base- t^nmeni oi pubik wcrb.
������_. ,, ., .,,, ic.'jaa. April 55. li-ll.
ment. 1U3-1U4       s'��w^��p��t�� ��m *** t�� paid t*t **.* *_***)**
________________________________ ' ltae> ir.ier. :: a..'.)  -' *.-���   -
Sunset in the Rockies _
'������ is froi rush
Charles   Schlich   the   Dm LAND PURCHASE NOTICE
. and i>-  ������
mi view       S ��� tw's fruil 11
itreei     I  ������ picture ii<-;iii ���-
- . ��� I '���**.��� tit teen residents.
Benjamin Walsh asked leave to the   Kootenay   Central   Railway
ouncil on the subject|that there was no work for them.
had   been   shipped   by   a
��� ���   - .- a ;���*.   1.    \.    ��� 1 ** ���   ��� .     - ;
*������   ���������"�������� ������ ������--.": ���-���' the Sevi venue people were [Spokane employment agency on a
gainst the plankway. The mat- promise that there was work for
ter was referred to the streets them. M'��t of the men are
committee, but the w>rk will ���**, peniless. Fifty of them are tAunp-
ahe.'.'! as agreed ai last Monday's ing it back to Spokane.
meeting of council. 	
Money to Loan
Buys  elegant  eight room
Bungalow; four tin-|.!ace��
hath, al1 motlern convenience*.
HAA   Buys   five  room   House ��n
$JUU   Reserve.
----- -
��� ���*eat.
Real Estate
Skaana Land t>utrwt��� Lmrlrt cl Ca*K Ranee :
��� thai Mar>  heaur. i,�����r��lee>e ot
Victor.*   I    '   . '<r.;a;icn lo-mkmp.:
��� Uritish (*<ilunitia. with  '  ��� -rmi*~* u, p.tet** il, 1    .   .
alaae? ������ .    .- ..
.   tt . ;-.- :  .-������     .
���   ��� - . butt
v ���kXet.'.-.
man.  ar-i     . > fter       .-���   .-.-varh   "to
��� ���  -
'���<.����������� 1 .-..��� . .��� ;-.t ��thln * Mod      M
***** ��� -I ��� ith.   H F. UcRm 4 C
S-' r.l A'- 1 ��� ���:!
Attractive Entertainment Planned by Overseas Club
tf 97 AA   Buys A room Hou-.
$CiVi)   tjon5.     Modern  conwa-
iencea inelutling bath.
Buys 7 iwim Ham--
tion  5.     Modern conveniences.
Buys  two story Hi
rooms, in section one
* r A   IVr month will rent a "*
*?*>"  st
store on Second Avenue.
nd, -a '1 .1
"t hill- ai '1 maun 1 i: -.   It
���     ��� ;it nn the painter. *
Dated .',   ���
... a
Arrangements ;ire being made
by  the  members of  the  Prince
Liberals   Decide   to   Tour   the   Rupert   branch   "f   the   OverseasU|*a  Per month.   Wc area.:T.rir.ft
Country | club  to have a Kr'l"d concert  in  ylv"   for rent a fine Store on S'C-
the Empress   Theatre on Yicforia .��""' Avenue, 2b x 47.
      A  BUSY TIME AHEAD Day.   A specially g<����d proKr.tmme (1000  ,,uy" ftne s,orehou,,' ��"
i- bong planned, and several sing- *1UUU  Third Avenue.
���;.;-.   ���    .    .-,��� Members During the Adjourn- ers new to Prince Rupert audiences ___*_ ,Vr month rent/ s,"r! ""1
W****   Living Room on hull"   SI
Offices for Rent ln the Banking 1      :
For Sale
McRae k ���     -
��� ���
}������ *������ .*> ������
I to be let      A:
. ..FOR...
Take the fa��t lignt-'lraught steamer Inlander for Hazelton.
Ur'. t'latnet-UUtriet ol Coait Ranre S
T... .*���*.��� .������ Udataat
-...    -   real  eatate  broker
��� penr.iaaaon to purtt.t* tbe
:  BMSl
-��r.r-..-( at a -aa. [.lanteai ��0 cbami aoutb
���-nee Ki
��� ... .   .
.aa eaat  to ;
���   -.��� a-       -.  ���       .      .      _r:. ~    -.      -    ...
Office Wanted
ment Will Institute an Edu- will appear.   There is also to be a
cational   Campaign   to   En-  tug-of-war   contest.     Mr.   J.   I-'. I
lighten the Electors on Rec- Macdonald, president of the club,
.   ".
;andeh mcint'i.-ii
H. B. Rochester
"       '   '      -   ���    a
��� "������ 1. Laaei lu J"-- ������.-.
.-..������   -... ��� ��� ���   .--oil  to
appl)   W   ;.r-riaeion   to  purtr.aM  the  I
Commer.ciri .: a yr.n planted II tkatau icuth
Irom the aw.yti.eait corner of Lot
rhaina aouth, tlar.a-   l"  claira  ��.-���    ���  ....    ,
n..;,  ttottb.  *.f*rca    10
eomrr.er,cp.T.a-nt. cor,laiMr.�� 160 a^r-e Tnaare of leaa
*N   ���
.If. ,;,   .     -      -    .        .���; ���    ���
S. O. E. B. S.
1 landaian Pre-- Dispatch)
' It) iwa,  May  0.    The Liberal
' ers propose during the forth-
iming parliamentary recess fr"in
is  t.ikii^  an  active p.irt  in   the
organisation of the entertainment.
JoHN shanaham
Lai ��� ii:. s-
Dated April :\ .
I'ub. May ',.
****** I-ar.'l laaaalraa-     DMl R��M�� I
Taka aetica thai LMtIt MtTaart ot Vina
���a arria-i   ��an,-
apply   lor  perrr.iMion   to  purchaaaa- tie (olloa-ine
-l^rrilaa^l landi;
1 '-rr,ma-neir,j al  a  pott  plar.lH  at  the  north-
��"t ea,rr,ar 100 thair.. aart and .    alai-a north
Irom the northeajt eomtf ol l>;  Ilie, lira-.. . ��
��� Diatriet,Ranft ..��� .   . 10 rh>ini
���'aull..  It-.a-rc  rhair,. a-n��t.  |   ,. r.   .,. chalna
City Staff Change
A, \\. McKnight h.i> tendered
ii-  resignation  as draftsman  in
.. Ut,_... .,     . . .    , M :��� -':i 'ill July lr.th to institute the Cit) Engineering Department
m^rtiou .,:..".��� *��������� an educational campaign through- on   the  recommendation   of   the
r-\. nLSKK ������*;.���    u       '"" "R" ,"UI "">���   They will ^i, in City Engineer, the council accepted
parties  holding   meetings  .it   all the resignation to take effect as
. the principal point-, enlightening soon as a competent engineer can
the electors on the features of the be found i<
re iprocity bill.
To The Electors of   Ward Two
Having  lieen   petitioned   by
about one hundred of Prii ce R .
part's leading citizens, of both
parties, tn stand  for  elect inn to
fill the unexpired term of Alderman Pattullo. I solicit your  vote
on the ground of btulnesa qualification and experience.     1 have
made no pledge  to any  person,
faction or party, and  if elected
shall use my vote and Influence
for what 1 believe to Vie the best
interests of the city.     1 believe
in strict conformity  to business
standards in city government
103-104 W
B UP riviT mak��- B  point of   n',r,f'- ,hfirr'   ������ rhaira^ *wt, th��ncv W chaiu
... * Mjuln, tr.pnrp \*t cn��ir.�� **>
-- ***r*A to 1 Ml of rommtn*
��� HiiiiiK on 11* 00  that  vou  mav  ni*rure ������ \*m*.
in obtainable In the llneof MST.P"'       i'r!^u^AS
Boots, Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
Topshirts,  Under
wear, Etc.
Wa'    Bra'   wa'll   |���
iiuiio- oondltloni
Skeena Land liiaric     lii.lrirt nl (oaat ltan(e 8
Take n-aiica. lhat Oraea- MeTa. oh. aal Vaneou-.i-r.   ���
B  '   . "-"a|aati��in ir.arria^l woman, intendi to apjal-.
("I l-ermiaeiaan to purchaM- the lill.aa.lr,* deacrltaa-l . m.
1 a,n,mrairin�� at a pnat platila-l ai Ihe wuthweait
MM   100 rhainB earn   an.l 20 ehains north  ol I.
the r.onhea.t raarner "I l^it 1116, llarvea V Sur..   .    .
i'aaa-1   lioirict.  Itaari;.-  I, 1 henea   Id rhaina .ml. , *
SO ehaina  ��a.,rth. thenee  in ehalns weaat. i  '
���aaa.ra. *n ehaina eaaialh lo poat ol eommeneement    *
e"htalnln�� .120 Brnn mere or lea��.
Iiale.1 May 2. 1��ll. ORACI   MeTAVIfill \*
"ay 6. FrH W   llohler, \k.tiI |  I
Coast to Coast
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave. Phone 116
till Mr. McKnight's
punted with ti,.. cii- i
if th* Interior and kaa>.      t P"*"" 1*<mI iJljprlei    Diatriet ol Coaat
ei ,11 '"Url"r'""1  ****'<��� T��fe   ra.'a-'    thai   \V,|li��.���   MalalaOh   ���|   V.neoU-
"Klit     kiml     (if     K._.\..    J'''''',   '""'pation |.h>. Irian   intend, ta. ���.,,lv
I.'.). "'" '" I"1'*'" *** l''lla.��in�� iMllW
��� "orl"11, *' " K" I'*""-'* " Hi* ""1'l.we,
"' ra-   I, ahenr,   r,n rh��ln> rail
-General Hardware
trossman & Soskin
'   '.��.!     | I
��� Buililoi-    Hnrdwnre
I  Valves & Pipes     Oxford Btoves
Qranltewara       Tinware
j. aldku secon;^n' "ts" .*:>. ^VSrnr???"-3"81 '*SEC0ND
Clarmont  Rooms
Located on Sixth Avenue Near Fulton   Sireel
Three to five Rllntltel from centre of business district. Nineteen newly furnished rooms.
Hot   and   cold   water.       Hath.
$4.00, $5.00 and $6.00 per week
TIIKHK is an increasing alen a     f'r
'   dwelling houses and aptrti
Anyoiie haviiiR houses tntl  nparimenM
fur rent to he vacant at any nm
ticiir future should list them witl'. W ���'',
unci' us we have many demand- by BUM
trom parties who desire to securi
ers by the time they arrive here.
I   All daily asked my Opinio)
'   permanmt values of real
I'rince Rupert for investment.     I" a"
such enquiries I honestly state tl
I I'rince Rupert  properties,   at  I
valuations,   are   a   good    InvesUWBt
but 1 advise my clients who  art  '!e'ir'
ons of taking advantage of "in��P��'  '
| invest only where offerings ar' I
much helow present market QOOl
U7K are able to pick up foroir        "
"    who have ready cash  for   nViW
mints good properiies at from W
per cent, helow the market by can ful
watching of  fluctuations  and cl W "���
by our staff.    If you have cash tot
vestment and are looking for n
gains call in and talk   it over     I '"n
show you how lo make quick pioflts.
Jeremiah   H.  Kugler
"���-/V/N^,, -\e'->||


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