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 Thfi^Pnnce Rupert
101+I  NO. 180
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, December 6, 1910.
Price, five Cents
-���roves Herself a Dainty and Commodious Craft Carrying All the Latest Improvements for Lighting
and Generating���Description of Launch
The Evelyn has arrived.   She reached
i'rince Rupert last night after an eight
ays trip through stormy weather and
i today holding a reception over at
he G. T. P. wharf where she is anchored
���Jong-side of the G. T. P. boat the Ka
This beautifully proportioned gasoline
aunch built at the instigation of the
Dominion Government for quarantine
lurposes in the North Pacific waters
ori-shadows the enormous traffic which
i the near future will tap Print* Rupert
nd the surrounding district.
A Beautiful Craft
Thc Evelyn which is designed on the
nost modern lines was built in Victoria
|��>- the Hinton Electric Company. She
fifty feet long with a beam of eleven
et. She is equipped with the Eastern
Jtundanl gusoline engine with a twenty-
ve horse power capacity. The engine
om or pilot house which is located
the fore end of the boat is fitted up
rith thc latest electrical devices in-
^uding a poweful searchlight. In
ommon with thc most up to date
rpes of engines the Evelyn carries two
orage batteries and can therefore
jnsT.its- her own electricity.
Dr. T'emayne Pleased
The engine house is protected with a
[lasa covering, and in rough weather
ths- boat can be steered from below as
is equipped with a double steering
gear, one above deck and one below.
Behind the engine house is situated the
lanctum of the doctor which is fitted
up with  an eye both  to  utility  and
auty. Dr. Tremayne was down
at the wharf this morning looking her
over and he expressed himself as well
satisfied with the craft placed at his
disposal in connection with the Digby
Nlund Quarantine. Every comfort and
accommodation is provided for with
a liberality that seems altogether out
ot proportion to the space at command.
All the water conveniences are run by
gravity and accordingly a ready flow is
assured. She carries one boat and
the requisite number of life belts.
Taken all over she is one of the
daintiest boats of the kind that have
shoved their prow into Prince Rupert
harbor for a long time. While she
can accommodate half a dozen men
two are sufficient to man her.
Being excessively light she did not
travel during the nights on her passage
up, and in consequence of the rough
weather experienced had to lay up for
two days before venturing to cross the
Sound. Captain Butterfield brought her
up. She is now being looked after by
Captain Gus Hansen who will operate
her when her real duties begin.
By Manoevring Off North Coast of
(Special to the Optimist)
Melbourne, Dec. 6.���Reports reaching
here that a fleet of foreign battleships
has been seen conducting manoeuvres
apparently with hostile intent off the
north coast of Australia, are causing
considerable alarm in the city. It has
not been ascertained yet to which
nationality the war vessels seen belong,
nor how many comprise the fleet.
For   Lower
District    of
(Special to thc Optimist)
Victoria,   Dec.   6.���It  is  announced
today that William Alton has been appointed   Veterinary   Inspector   for  the
lower mainland district.
Are Now Past the Crucial Stage in the Fight���Betting
at Lloyds Indicates That Sweeping Liberal Victory is Looked For���Joe Martin Gets in
(Special to the Optimist)
London, Dec. 6.���Although the result
of the second day's polling leaves the
Radical coalition with only one Beat
more than the Unionists, there is satisfaction among the Liberal ranks, and the
betting at Lloyds indicates that a large
Liberal majority is expected.
Standing of Parties
The Government coalition is now
Liberals 87, Labor 14, Nationalists 16,
making a total of 117 seats. The Unionists have carried 116 seats. Floods and
heavy storms throughout the country
made the voting very light.
Prince Rupert Will Be Split Up Into Four Sections With a Polling
Subdivision in Each---Names of Deputy Returning Officers and Location of the Polling Stations
Final arrangements were  made this j been divided into four quartera, by the i    Ward   Two   voters  living  north   of
Remains to   br   interred  at  Mount
Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge
(Special to the Optimist)
Boston, Dec. 6.���The religious wrangle
as to when- the remains of Mrs. Eddy,
ihs' world's renowned founder of thc
Christian Science cult, would bc permanently laid has at lost been decided.
They will rest at Mount Auburn Cem-
els-ry, Cumbridge. It had been proposed
and argued that they be laid in the
'"liri-tinn Science Church crypt, but
this was overruled by a later decision.
City Engineer to Stay
Colonel Davis the city engineer, will
not go to Guelph this winter after all.
Hi' notified the city council last night
'hat he would not be required as the
I'gal matter necessitating his services
hat been settled.
Anxious For Improvement
���Seventh avenue owners are anxious
that the grading on Seventh avenue
from Fulton to Dunsmuir street should
������� pttt in hand. The streets committee
*'ll see about this and report.
afternoon for the taking of the vote
on the Canada Temperance Act contest. The city will be split up into
four polling subdivisions, each with a
separate deputy returning officer. This
will greatly facilitate the work of voting
and recording the poll.
Who the Deputies Are
The deputy returning officers appointed by Returning Officer J. Lorne Mac-
Laren are: F. R. C. Brown, estate
agent; T. H. Arncil, accountant; D. H.
Morrison, contractor: and C. H. Kearns,
Dividing the City
For purposes of election the city has
Bimple process of dividing Ward  One j sixth avenue will vote in H. F. McRae
into two sections, and Ward Two into
two sections. The dividing line of
Ward Two is Sixth avenue; that of
Ward One, Third avenue to the intersection where it joins on to Second
avenue. All those voters who live in
Ward One north of the center line of
Third avenue from Fulton street to the
intersection of Third avenue and Second
avenue and westwards, will vote in the
office of O. M. Helgerson, Ltd., in the
Helgerson Block.
Those Ward One residents to the
south of the dividing line will vote in
Thomas McClymont's building between
Fifth and Fulton streets.
oflice on Second avenue, and those to
the south of Sixth avenue at the Skating
Rink. The polling will take place on
December 14th between the hours of
!i a.m. and 5 p.m.
Will Announce Result Early
An announcement of the vote will be
made at the City Hall by Returning
Officer MacLaren later in the evening
as soon as the votes hnve been counted.
A recount will be made and the final
announcement will be made on Friday
morning, December lfith, at 10 a.m. at
the City Hall.
Well Known Man About Town Has
Been Misting for Nearly Two
Week*���Waa Last Seen at Night
Near the Wharf.
No new light has yet been shed upon
thc mysterious disappearance of George
McKenzie who slipped out of visible
existence nearly a fortnight ago when
he was supposed to be making for the
camp where he was known to be working. Since that time no trace of him
-has been found by the many anxious
inquirers interested in his welfare.
The last that was seen of him was in
the G. T. P. Inn where he was observed
in friendly conversation with another
Which way he took to reach the
camp is not known but it is certain
that he did not reach it. Had he taken
the road and been seized by sudden
illness it is almost certain that his body
would have been recovered long ere
this, but on the other hand if he took
the waterfront route it is possible that
| he fell over into the  water  and  was
drowned,   the  tide  carrying  his  body
out of the harbor to the open sea.
McKenzie was a well known man
about town and it would not be possible
for him to be alive and remain unidentified. He was in the employ
of Messrs. Rosa & McC'oll, contractors.
To be Selected for Government Grant
Coqultlam Put Forward
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria, Dec. 6.���Provision for an
extension of time in reference to the
University Aid Act is included in the
Government Program. The object in
view is to enable thc Government to
make their selection of two million
acres for the land grant. A deputation
from the Coquitlam district waited
upon the executive today urging the
suitability for the site of this grant.
Site Selected for Dominion Govern,
ment Demonstration Orchards
Victoria, Dec. 6.���The government
officials appointed to make the selection
of a site for the Provincial government
demonstration orchards have decided
upon Yale as the most suitable spot for
thc orchards.
Some of It Will be Used in Completing the Banking North of Centre
Street and the Remainder for the
New Tie Dock.
That the Grand Trunk authorities
do not intend to let the winter interiors'
with their operations in regard to tho
work along the waterfront is made
manifest by the arrival of the Rupert
City which arrived last night from
Bellingham with a cargo of nearly 600,000
feet of dressed lumber.
A quantity of lumber was taken off
the ship this forenoon and will be
utilized for the completion of the banking
to the north of Center street. The
remainder will be required for the work
on the new tie dock.
Besides lumber the vessel carried
about nine hundred tons of coal, most
of which also was for the Grand Trunk
Pacific, the subsidiary orders being for
Messrs. Foley, Welch & Stewart and the
Premier hotel
Joe Martin In
Among the victorious Canadians are
Joe Martin who got in for East Pancraa
after a hard struggle, and llamar
Greenwood who was elected for Sunderland.
Henry Vivian la Out
Henry Vivian, member for Birkenhead in.the Liberal interest, who recently
made an extensive tour of Canada is
among the fallen. He was defeated by
his Unionist opponent in Birkenhead.
Look For a Slaughter
Among the seats contested yesterday
were a large number of th* ssountry
constituencies where the Conservative
interests are very strong. From now oa
the Liberals expect to steadily pile
up a definite majority.
. R. Beatty'a Pioneer Butineaa Taken
Over by New Ownera
The old established transfer business
of J. R. Beatty has changed hands. Mr.
Beatty put in his last day's work upon
it us proprietor today. Tomorrow the
business will be in the hunds of Messrs.
Leslie F. Martin und Stanley E. Parker.
Something in the neighborhood of $6,001
is the consideration for which Mr.
Beatty effected the change of ownership.
J. R. Beatty himself is one of Prince
Rupert's pioneers. He had had that
transfer business sines it was u barrow,
and made goosl with it in all its stages
up to its present pros|-erous position.
Now that it has changed hands the
same confidence will be given its new
owners as was accorded to its popular
promoter J. R. Beatty, himself.
General   Superintendent   Mehan   of
G. T. P. Goes on Visit of Inspection
General Superintendent Mehan of the
Grand Trunk Pacific has gone to the end
ssf steel, ubout u hundred miles up country.
His visit is with u view tn ascertaining
at what particular time it will be found
possible to resume operations. He is
expected hack in (own on Thursday
when he will be able 1st report progress.
Board of Trade Elections
The unnual meeting of the Prince
Kupert Hoard of Trusle v\ill be held
on Friday evening in tin- Knights of
Pythias Hall ut S o'clock. The business
will consist of the election of office
bearers for the ensuing yenr, and the
hearing of the report of the officers
denitling office ut the end of their term.
Pay for Legal Tome
For mailer supplied by the Cuisada
Law Book company the sum of $16.55
will be paid by thc city, by recommendation of the finance committee adopted
ut last night's city council.
Hospital Board to Meet
There will bc a meeting of I he General
Hospital Board tomorrow afternoon
at 4 o'clock in the Provincial court room. THE   PRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
,41 ��a.��l ��ss��|l**��>l 'K'^"
.lt��|l I ">s-s.l !�������������, II �����)
The Royal
Corner of Third Avenue and Sixth Street
Our Lunch Counter and Restaurant are superior in appointments, service and cuisine to any in the City. It is
popular with diners of taste,
and the rendezvous of parties
If you try the Royal
you   will  go   again.
...A Place to Buy At and Save Money...
SUCAR-B. C. Granulated, 20 lb. sack $1.25
CREAM ���B. d Large 20 oz. tin 10
B. C., Large 20 oz. tins, case  4.50
St. Charles or Jersey, 9 tins  1.00
St. Charles or Jersey, case  5.00
St. Charles or Jersey, hotel size  4.75
Wethey's Mince Meat, per package 10
Davies Pork and Beans, 2 lb. tin 10
Mixed Peel cut in drums 20
Spanish Olives, 40 oz. jar 75
Spanish Olives, 80 oz. jar  1.35
FINEST TABLE APPLES���Spitzenburgs, Wine Saps,   and
Arkinsaw Blacks 2.50
Other Varieties, 1.75 and  2.00
Chillawhack Potatoes, per sack  1.75
JUol   KLCfclVtU,    Car of Ashcroft Potatoes, lb 2JC
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co. Ltd.
A complete line of Sporting Goods, Guns,
Rifles, Revolvers, Ammunition, Fishing
Tackle, Prospectors' Outfits, and General
Hardware, Kitchen and Hotel Ware
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN, Manager
'���***��� ���'������>**������ -sMA
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Social Notes
The engagement is announced of Miss
j Eva E. Ray to Dr. Neil M. McNeill of
I this city.   Miss Ray has been spending
the  past  summer   with   Mrs.   W.   E.
Williams.     The   marriage   is   to   take
place shortly.
���JUST   A   FEWi
land   2
20 and 21
17 and 18
63 an j 64
13ar,J 14
15 and 16
land   2
27 and 28
C. D. RAND, Broker
Mr. Wharton of the firm of Fisher St
Wharton, leaves by the Senator tomorrow
for England, via New York.
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian
Church intend holding a sale of home
made candy and cake on Wednesday
December 21st.
Mr. B. W. Browne left by the Camosun
on Sunday for Vancouver.
Colonel W. Mahlon Davis who had
intended leaving for Eastern Canada
by the Camosun last Sunday has postponed his departure indefinitely.
Mrs. J. S. Cowper and family have
arrived in town from the East and
taken a house on Seventh avenue.
Mr. C. W. Peck and Mr. Thomas
Stewart left for Georgetown Monday
morning for a short holiday.
Lord Kitchener and Marriage
There has been a good deal of gossip
at one time and another as to Lord
Kitchener's views on marriage for soldiers. He would not have a married
officer on his staff in Egypt, but the
fact that he is to be best man to his
friend Gen. Sir Archibald Hunter, seems
to prove that his objections are not insuperable. Lord Kitchener is 60 years
of age and the circumstances of his
still being a bachelor has led a lot of
people to call him a woman hater.
He himself tells the story of an encounter which he once had with a
young lady. It was in India, at a small
hill station. A tennis party had been
arranged al which practically all the
officers hoped to play. Then to the
general consternation Lord Kitchener
ordered a parade of the entire garrison
on the very day appointed for the tennis. "Have you forgotten the tennis
party? the young lady asked him.
"Not in the least," was the grim reply.
"Well, then," said the girl, in extreme
indignation "I think you're a perfect
Talking For H.alth
London, Nov, 25.���Why are people
who are so much alone apt to get depressed and sad? Simply because they
don't talk enough.
"The more you talk���in reason, of
course���the better, and, therefore, the
more cheerful you will be," said a
dootor who has studied the subject.
"You can see this in everyday life.
The cheerful, hail-fellow-well-met man is
the man who talks and goes on talking.
Don't be misled by the idea tin** people
talk because they are cheerful. They are
cheerful becasusc they talk.
"The reason is simple enough. The
talking apparatus is, of course, connected with the brain. When you talk
you stir up, by means of the connecting
nerves, the blood vessels of the brain,
which, consequently, demand more blood.
"Fresh blood is accordingly drawn
in and the circulation stimulated and
more blood ia created.
"This necessarily makes for fitness
and cheerfulness. Of course, the cheerfulness created by talk reacts and makes
you want to talk more. But the cheerfulness is created by talk.
"An   interesting   case   in   this   con
nection came under my notice only the
other day. A rather sensitive, excitable
man was doing very hard work in an
oflice, and began to 'feel' his work. He
got worse and came to me.
"There was nothing the matter with
him but so-called overwork. Now,
overwork never killed anyone yet���
unless there has been worry with it,
but there appeared to be no worry in
this case.
"I confess I was slightly puzzled.
I made the man come and see me in
the evenings and talk over the things
that interested him. I noticed that
he was always fitter after a good talk.
"I asked him if there was any job
in his oilice to which he might change.
He said there was. I happened to know-
that the job in question involved a great
deal of talking, giving orders, discussing
plans, etc.
"He tried it, and, though he works
actually harder than he did before, he
is a different man, and perfectly cheerful.
"People who live much by themselves
and have no one to talk to should read
aloud as dramatically as possible.
"Talk to yourself in your bath in
the morning. You can talk more loudly
then, for the splashing will prevent
people thinking you a lunatic at large!
"You can also sing and whistle,
things very good for the lungs and
"But take every opportunity of
talking to yourself in private or to your
friends, particularly in the cold, depressing days of winter. It wil make
you fit, and keep you warm and cheerful."
A leader of the London Suffragettes
has conceived an original and daring
scheme to bring Parliament to terms.
The visiting squadron of the American
fleet is anchored within a short distance of the Parliament buildings.
During the day the majority of the
officers and crews are on shore leave,
and the conspiracy is for the suffragettes
to seize the men-of-war, "man" the
guns and turn them on the Parliament
buildings. If their request is not granted
forthwith the bombardment will proceed.
Hamilton women are a unit in denouncing the chief of police of that
city as a "mean old thing." The officers have received orders to enforce
the ordinance prohibiting loitering on
assembling in groups on the streets.
And this, too, when the shop windows
are gay with holiday attractions. There
are breakers ahead for somebody.
Cornmeal Pudding
Rub the sides and bottom of a saucepan with butter, and when the butter
has melted pour in half a cupful Of
boiling water, then a quart of milk.
When this comes to a boil sift in gradually a pint of cornmeal, stirring all
the time. Add half a teaspoonful of
salt and put the mush aside to cool.
When cold stir in half a pint of New
Orleans molasses and a quart of cold
milk. Pour into a well buttered and
very deep pudding dish, cover with a
plate, and bake in a slow oven for
eight hours. It may be put in during
the afternoon and allowed to bake all
night if desired.
Bread and Nut Cutlets
Chop together or run through a
meat grinder two cupfuls of bread
crumbs and one cupful of shelled walnuts. Mix in a tablespoonful of minced
onion and a small piece of butter. Melt
in  a  hot  saucepan  a  teaspoonful  of
Canadian Pacific Railway
Princess Beatrice, Dec. 5th Iqia
For Port Simpaon, Ketehika
Juneau  and Skagway     '
PriDess   Beatrice, Dec. 10tb, 1910
For Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle
calling at Swanson Bay
J. G. McNab Gener,)Awt
Steamers for
sConnectinir with
Prince Rupert sails 8,80 p.m. Thundi.
After the arrival of the I'rince Rupert,
Wednesday, and rs-tuming to conned
with same steamer southbound.
For Port Simpson, Nasi snd Mum
Monday      -     1 p.m.
Skidegate and Moresby Island Poiti
Thursday    ���    10 p.m.
The Boscowltz S. S. Co.
will despatch two steamers
weekly between Victoria. Vancouver and all Northern B. C.
ports, calling at Prince Rupert
and Stewart.
S.S. Vadso    S.S. Venture
classed    100  Al   at Lived*.
Leaving Prince Kupert south
bound on Fridays. For further
particulars apply to
Head Office st Victor... B. C.
P. O. BOX 230 PH0XE8
House Furnishings Complete
FEED . . ���
Miss   Henny   Wennersten
-Swedinh Specialist
Electric.!. FteUI ����*^fB��*��S
Scientific M.s.oste I*'"'1""* *��35*1,
tlsm, nervousness snsl poor csrc _ __
MsnicurlnK, alsoobimPOOT ��'
butter and the ��me of Jo��J*
gradually a cupful of milk. SB"
The bread and nuts, mun �� "J
add one egB well beaten -��JMj
ful of lemon Juice. Turn we
into a dish to cool. **��*%
into cutlets or croquette* ft��������*
and bread crumbs, and to >�� ���**���*
until brown. ___
A Merrier Chtt��*"^'f��
with   the   Oliver  Typewrit
member of the family ^tome0
as a Christmas Gift.   U ��^.uo1;,llsl,
able, appropriate welcome.
useitandlikeittoo.be   ^'utus
to learn, very easy to *��     wk
tell you about   t       s ui|d���,
R   C.  Bean, 22   moro p  ���
Phone   101.   P:  0.  Bd.  503.
s>l*��*aill*��*s��ll*,��s1 nsss,  11-ssieW
Geo. D. Tite
3rd. Ave.    Pnnce Rupert
What Could be More Suitable for a Xmas Present
Than a comfortable Upholstered Chair or Rocker?
We   have  a  large
Select Stock in many
designs.   Weathered
Oak,    Golden
Mahogany finish
and Music
Dining Room
Chairs, Upholstered seats;
Dining Tables,
Buffets and
China Closets.
Erection Will Proceed Right Away by
Day Labor. Engine Haa Arrived,
and Will Soon Be Installed Are
Rushing the Work.
Building operations for the power
house of the new electric light station
are being actively pressed forward. The
contract for the lumber required for
the building has been let to the West-
holme Lumber company. The work
will be done by day labor, and Hugh
Killim is the foreman appointed to take
charge. Work is being put in hand at
At present the men at the power
plant site are levelling off the floor for
the power house, and masons have been
engaged for two or three days putting
in a stone wall between the boiler rooms
and machinery hall.
On Saturday the main engine arrived by the Princess Ena. The dynamo
has been on the spot for some time, and
the work on the pole line is progressing
apace. As soon as the machine house
is roofed the plant will be rapidly
Place your order now for Cotton covered Kapock filled
Cushions.   20 x 20, 75c filled ; 24 x 24, 90c filled.
Make your selections and all orders delivered promptly
when requested.
Geo. D. TITE,
Skeena Und District���District of Coast
Take notice that Donald Clacher, of  H reckon-
ridge landing  Prince   Kupert.  B.  C,  occupation
farmer, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about Ave miles
tn a aouth easterly direction from Brecken-
ridge Landing, and at the southwest comer of
Lot 3066, thence south 80 chains, thenoe east 80
chains, thence north 60 chains more or leaa to the
south east corner of Lot 3062, thence west 40 chains
more or leas, along the lot line 3062 thence north
20 chains, more or leaa, along lot line 8062 to
the south east corner of Lot 3065, thence west
40 chains more or leaa, along lot line 3065 to the
place of commencement, containing 560 acres
more or lesa.
Dated Oct. 26,1910. DONALD CLACHER
Pub. Nov. 17.
Skeena Land District���District of Banks Island
Take notioe that John Geheke of Barry, Minn.,
occupation fanner, intends to apply for permisaion
to purchase tho following described lauds-
Commencing at a post planted about six miles
east and two miles north from tha mouth of an
Inlet, which point Is about ten miles aouth and two
mQes west from End Hill, Banks Island, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, tbence
eaat 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains, to point of
Dated Sept. 7. 1910. JOHN GEHEKE
Pub. Oct. 11 "*.L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena  Land  District���District or  Banks Island
Take notice that Sarah Berry of Seattle, Wash.,
occupation widow, Intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about three milea
eaat from the mouth of an Inlet, which point is
about ten miles south and two mllee weat from
End Hill, Banka IaUnd, thence weat 80 chalna,
thenoe aouth 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chains,
thence north ""
Skeena Land District���District of Banks Island
Take notice that Michael Fisher of Seattle,
Wash., occupation restaurant keeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the followinf
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted about aeven
miles east and one mile south from the mouth of
an inlet, which point ia about ten miles aouth and
two milos weat from End HUI, Banks Island, thence
weat 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence eaat
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to point of
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. MICHAEL FISHER
Pub. Oct 11. B. L Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land  District���District of  Banks  Island
Take notice that  Henry T. Jacob of Barry,
Minn., occupation farmer, Intends to apply for
permission   to   purchaae   the  following   described
Commencing at a poat planted about aix milea
aast and two miles north from the mouth of an
Inlet, which point is about ten miles south and two
mles west from End Hill, Banks Island, thenee
oast 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 ehaina to point of
Dated Sept, 7, 19U��. HARRY  T. JACOB
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Banks Island
Take notice that Estelle B. Matter of Seattle,
Wash., occupation married woman, intends to
apply for permiasion to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about three milea
west and one mile north of End Hill, Banks Island,
thance east 80 chains, thence south 80 ehaina,
thence west 80 chalna, thence north 80 ehaina to
int of commencement,
���ated Sept. 9, 1910.
Pub. Oct. 11.
B. L. Tlniley, Agsnt
Pub. Oct 11.
ehsins to point of comnsencssment-
"  SARAH 111	
I. Tlnglsy, Agent
Skeens  Lsnd   District���District ol  Bsnks  Islsnd
Tske notico thst John Grsfnn ot Seattle Wssh.,
Dsted September 7,1910. '        SARAlT BERRY ! oecupstion  druggist,  intends  to  spplv  for  per-
------ ���  -   ���    -       - ' ���-���r��� * ���"���"���-*-���,���s���., Ibed lends:
Friend*  Fear  He May Be Drowned
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Sterling Silver Toilet Sets, Novelties
Souvenirs of every description. Goods
may be selected and laid by till Xmas
R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Wstch Inspectors G.T.P.
2nd Ave snd 6th St.
Nothing has been heard of George
Mackenzie, an employee of Messrs Ross
and McColl, for over a week. It is
feared he has gone over the wharf side,
and been drowned in the darkness.
Intending to purchase some tobacco
he came into town from camp a week
ago lust Thursday night. Along with a
friend of his named Jones he was seen
chatting in the neighborhood of the
G. T. P. Inn the same night. From
that time, however, his disappearance
has been complete. Not a sign of him
has been seen since he parted with Jones
who understood Mackenzie was to go
straight back to camp.
Messrs. Ross and McColl would be
glad if anyone in town can give an
information that might lead to the
discovery of the missing man.
McConkey's Chocolates in Christmas
boxes at Ormes' Drug Store.
Skeens Lsnd District-District uf Cosst.
Tske notice thst Solomssn Musssallcm of Prince
Rupert, B. C. occupatissn merchsnt, intends to
spply for permission tu purchsse the following*
dess'ribed Unds: , ���_ ���  . -   ��� ���="-.���.��
Commenclnu at s post plsnted sbout four '��'   ��"�� nlifii
from the corner post of the Indisn Reserve numb- I ���*���**�� ^*ct- tt.
er 4 Newton, tnence south 611 chains, thenre west
about 10 chains to Walker's pre-emptissn (surveyed lot number 3996} rsnirc 6.  thence  snuth   60
chsins, thence east about 10 chsins to point of
commencement, containing 70 seres more or less.
Dste Oct. 3rd, 1910.
Pub. Oct 22nd.
mission to purchase the following slescrib
Commencing st a post planted .about seven
milen east snd three miles south from the mouth of
an inlet, which point is about ten mites south snd
two mites west Irom End Hill. Bsnks Islsnd, thencs
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chsins, thence weat
80  chains,  thence   north   80  chsins  to  point  of
B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena  Lind   District���Diatrict of  Banka  laland
Take notice that Charles  Hulaman  ot SeatUe,
Waah., occupation physician, intenda to apply (or
ission   to   purchaae   the   following   deecribed
Skeena Land Diatrict��� District of Coaat
Take notice that I, Napoleon Dupraa, of Princ
Kupert,  B. C, occupation  merchant, intend    to
apply  for  permiaaion   to   purchaae  the  following
deacribed lamia:-
Commendng at a poat planted on the left bank
of the Exchumaik River, about three mllea from
ita mouth, thenee north 80 chaini; thence eaat 40
chalna; thanea aouth 80 ehaina; thence weat along
the ahore of the river 40 ehaina, to the point of
commencement, conuining three hundred and
twenty acrea, more or leaa.
Date   September 8, 1910.       Napoleon    Dupraa
Pub. Sep. 24. 1910.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Baaka laland
Take notice that William Ruaaell of Seattle,
Waah.. occupation manager, Intenda to apply tor
permimion to purchaae the foUowing deacribed
Commendng at a poat planted on tne ahore of
Prindne Channel about 200 yarda north of End
Hill, Banka laland, thence weat HO chains, thence
aouth 80 chalna, thence eaat 80 chalna, thence
north 80 ehaina to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 9, 1910. WILLIAM RUSSELL
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena  Land   District���Diatrict of  Banks laland
Tako notice that Martin H. Larkin of Hopkins,
Minn., occupation  flreman, intenda to apply for
foUowing   described
.union   to   purcha
Grand Trunk Pacific Likely to Obtain
Indian Reserve
The Optimist
The Grand Trunk Pacific now appear
reasonably assured of obtaining the west
half of the Indian reserve at Fort George.
According to late reports they have a
delegation it Ottawa in conference with
government officials. Local Indians
recently held a general conference on
the question of selling this part of their
reserve, though with customary secret-
iveness they refuse to announce the
decision arrived at. They reaflirm
their former statement that they will
not relinquish the southeastern part
of th*�� reserve where their village antl
burying ground is located. The question
will be definitely settled before many
weeks.���Fort George Tribune.
Small Matter Simply Settled
By the recommendation of the city
engineer a small cut of about 228 yards
at Beach Place which should have been
included in the Beach Place contract,
will be done by P. J. Swanson & Co., the
contractors for the Beach Palce work.
The most acceptable Christmas Gift
is a year's subscription to a Magazine
or Newspaper. Send your order by
mail today to R. C. Bean, 22 Thompson
Building, Phone 101, P. O. Box 603,
Prince Rupert, B. C.
The Vadso got in Saturday with
large general cargo for this port.
Commendng at a poat planted about -five mil"s
���aat from the mouth of an inlet, which point la
about ten milea eouth and two milea weat from End
Hill, Banka laland, thence east 80 chalna, thence
aouth 80 ehaina, thanca waat 80 chalna, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. MARTIN   II.  LARKIN
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Banka Island
Take notice that Theodore Corbett of Seattle,
Waah., occupation plumber. Intends to apply for
permission to purchaae the following described
Commencoing at a poat planted about three
milea east from the mouth of an inlet, which
point is about ten milea aouth and two milea west
from End Hill, Bank's laland, thence east M0
chains, thence aouth SO chains, thence west K0
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Date Sept. 7, 1910. THEODORE CORBETT
Pub. Oct 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skeena I,���,.,.( District. ���District of OoBtt
Take nntice Unit I, M. V. Wadhama of Vancouver. B.C.. occupation married woman. Intends to
atiply for permission to purchase the following
MaWtbld lands:
' '< mmenclng at a post planted at tho southwesterly anvle of n bay at the north end of North
Dundas Islsnd, thence south 'JO chains, thence
eaat 40 chnins, thence north 2u chains, thence
west 40 chains tn point of commencement, contain) n�� Ml acres more or less.
Date Oct. 17th. 1910.
Pub. Oct. 22nd.
Skeenn Land District-District nf Coaat.
Take notice that I. G. I. Wilson of Vancouver,
B.C.. occupation broker, intends to apply for per*
mission to purchaae the followinK described
Commencing nta post plantad at the southerly
end of the westerly side of nn arm nf a bay on the
northerly end or North Dundas Island, thence
south 20 chains, thence enst 40 chains, thence
north 20 chains, thence west 40 chains to place of
commencement, containiuir W) acres more or less.
Date Oct. 17th. 1910.
Pub. Oct. 22nd
Skeena Und  District    Dwtrict of Coaat
Take notice that The Canadian Pish and Cold
Storage Co., Ltd., of Vancouver, B. C, occupation
manufacturers etc., Intend to apply for permiasion
to purchase the foUowing deacribed tanda:-
Commencing at a  post  planted at tho N   W
corner of lot .14, Range   5, Coast District, thenco
aouth   10 chains,  thence  weat 20 chains, thence
| north  to  the  high   water  mark,  thonco easterly
following the sinuosities of the shore lino to the
point of commencement.
Tie Canadian Fish and Cold Storage Company
Date Sept. 21. 1910.
Pub. .Sept. 28, 1910. W  A. Casey, Agent.
Commencing at a poat planted about seven mUea
east and three milea aouth from the mouth of an
nut, which point is about ten mUea aouth and two
mUea weat from End HIU, Banka laland, thenoe
weat 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains, thence eaat
80 chains, thence north 60 ehaina to point of
Dated Sept 8. 1910. CHARLES HOLSMAN
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tinglay, Agent
Skaena Land District���Diatrict of Coast Range 6
Take notice that George Owen Johnston of
Melbourne, Ann., occupation painter, intends to
apply for perm iss on to purchase tha foUowing
deacribed landa:
Commendng at a post planted one mile up
Eitrews River on east hank, thence eaat 40 ehaina,
tbence north 80 chains, thence West 60 chalna,
mora or leas to the bank ot Eitrews River, thence
along bank of Extrews River south to point of
commencement, containing .140 acrea more or leaa.
Dated Sept. 12, 1910
Pub. Oct. 17. A. II. Johnaton, Agent
Skaena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Coaat Range 6
Take notice that Ernestine M. Grable, married
woman of San Francaico, tl. S. A., occupation
maasense, Intenda to apply for permiaaion to purchaae the following doscribed landa:
Commendng at a post planted on the south aide
of the G. T. P. right-of-way 73 1-2 mUea from
Prince Rupert on the north sido of the Skeena
River, thence aouth 20 chains more or leaa to tbe
bank of the Skeena River, thence 80 chains more or
leaa along thc bank of the Skeena River in a northwesterly direction to the G. T. P. right-of way,
thence 60 chains more or leas in an easterly direction along tho G. T. P. right-of-way to the point
of commencement and containing 120 seres, more
Dated'Sept. 12, 1910.  ERNESTINE M. GRABLE
Pub. Oct. 17. A. H. Johnston, Agent
Skaena Land District���District of Coast Range 6
Take notice that Brent U. Grable ot San Fran-
ricoft. U. S. A., occupation accountant, intenda to
apply for permiaaion to purchaae the following
described landa:
Commendng at a post planted on the south side
of the G. T. l\ right-of-way milo 18 1-2 from Prince
Rupert on the north side of the Skeena River, thence
aouth 20 chains more or lens to the hank of the Skeena Riverthence 80 chains more nr leas along the
bank of the Skeona River in a northeasterly direction to the G. T. P. right-of-way, thence 00
chains more nr kiss along tho G T. IV right-of-way
in a westerly direction to the point of commencement and containing 120 acre**, more or leas.
Dated Sept. 12, 1910. BRENT  U,   GRABLE
Pub. Oct. 17. A. H. Johnston, Agent
Skeena 1,-and District-District of Coast Range 6
Take notice that Arthur Mono' Johnston of
Prince Rupert, occupalion builder, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the fnllnwng descrilied
Commendng at a post plsnted 20 chains east of
i 74 mile post  >n the G. T. P. right-of-way nn north
. side of same and Skeena  River, thence HO chains
north, thence SO chains wust,   thence    SO chalna
I south to G. T. P. ri^ht-of-way, thence 80 chalna
east along G. T. P. right-of-way to point of commencement and containing MO acres more or leas.
Dated Sept. 12, 1910.
Pub. Oct. 17.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Application wll
be made to the Parliament of Canada, at its next
session, for an Act Incorporating a Company under
power to construct and operate a line of railway
running from a poinl in the Province of British
Columbia on the International Boundary where
aaid boundary crosses Hear ('reek, a tributary
to tho Chilkat River, or near thereto, and thence
extending north-westerly towards the Alsek
River and thenco through the Shakwak Valley to
Lake Kluane and thenco along this lake via the
Donjek Valley to tho White River and thence, if
desired, by the most feasible route to tho International Boundary hetweon the Yukon Territory
and Alaska between tho sixty-second and sixty-
fourths parallels of latltude.with power to generate
and uso electrical and other energy, and to dispoaa
of the surplus thereof; to construct and operate
telegraph and telephone Unes, and to charge tolls
for tho use thereof, also fixing the amount of
securities to bo used with rcapect to .such linn,
also authorising amalgamation with other corn*
panics, wit Ii other usual and customary powers.
DATED at the City of Ottawa In tho Province
of Ontario this 20th day of October A. D. 1010.
Solicitor for \hr Applicant.
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST i9 the leading news-paper of Northern British Columbia,
has grown up with the city.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all���25c per inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
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SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAILY, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, Ji.OO per year. Outside Canada���Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Condensed Advertisements.
Daily Edition.
It will be poor comfort to those indignant citizens of Queen Charlotte Islands
to read in the press of the promises of Mr. William Manson, M. P. P. As a maker
of promises he ha* acquired a reputation. .
How often has he come out with that pompous phrase, "The measure that
I shall present to the House will have for its object," etc. Is there anyone with
a grievance anywhere, let him take it to Mr. Manson. He will promise to do something to relieve it.
As a smooth spoken maker of promises Mr. Manson is only equalled by his
colleague, Hon. Thomas Taylor, who when he visited the Queen Charlotte Islands,
promised to look into a grievous piece of legislation. It was not till some time
later, that the indignant Islanders learned that Hon. Thomas Taylor was the
author of the piece of legislation that he promised to "look into."
Less than a year ago Mr. Man-son made a trip up the Skeena. From point
to point as he journeyed, he was met by deputations of citizens with grievances.
To every one he made a promise. There w ��s nothing the member was not ready-
to promise
When the Queen Charlotte Islanders reflect on the long list of unfulfilled
promises made on that Skeena trip, they will be the more indignant at the easy
nonchalance with which the member meets their grievance with another promise.
This as the Empire points out is the chief reason why Mr. Manson is utterly
unfit to become Mayor of Prince Rupert.   The Empire says:
"One of the strongest reasons why Mr. Manson should not be elected
Mayor of Prince Rupert is on account ol his want of lirmness, and the necessary
ginger to maintain the rights of those whom he represents."
This hits off Mr. Manson's failing with a truth born of an intimate knowledge
of the subject.
Continuing, the Empire says:
"This was fully demonstrated during the late session of the Legislature.
He then knew what deep interest the citizens of Prince Rupert had centered
in the formation of what they believed to be a model city charter, yet he
lacked the courage to fight for these principles."
This lack of courage, which the Empire declares is a prominent characteristic
of M*-. Manson, is probably the reason why he has such a long record of unfulfilled
promises. Doubtless he means well when he makes the promises, but his courage
leaks out of his boots when he faces tbe House, or comes within the magnetic glance
of Hon. Mr McBride the member for the Grand Trunk Pacific.
To the Queen Charlotte Islanders, we commend the advice which the Empire
has given to the citizens of Prince Rupert in regard to the Mayoralty contest.
"When Mr. Manson failed to fight against those evils, what is the use
of electing him as Mayor.   Undoubtedly he has proven quite unequal to so
onerous a task."
The Queen Charlotte Islanders should remember the Empire's advice when
the nevt provincial elections come round.
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I* Afraid Children Will Be Afraid to
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Bad Lookout for Santa Claus
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Citizens' League Notice
Citizens who are in sympathy with the defeat
of Scott Act and Blind Piirs are welcome to our
rooms at all times. Rooms on Third Ave. See
big- sign. 174-wl
In thc County Court   of   Atlin, Holden
at Prince Rupert.
Alexander Allan, Deceased
In Chambers Before His Honor Judge Young
Friday, the 25th day of Nov., 1910.
Upon the application of John Martin Allan,
brother of the deceased, for leave to swear to the
death of the said deceased.
Upon hearing Clarence Hilton Kearns. appearing for the said John 9slartin Allan, and upon
reading the iffisisvit of Agtistus W. Agnew.
sworn herein the 27th day of October. 1910.
IT IS ORDERED thst the said John Martin
Allan. <sr Clarance Hilton Kearns shall be allowed
to swear to the death of the said deceased as oc-
currrnV on the 3uth dsy of September. 1910, at the
expiration of two weeks from the first publication
of notice of this order, unless in the meantsme
proof is furnished that the said Alexsnder Allan
was alive subsequent to the 3Lsth day of Sept..
1910; auch proof may be given in writing to the
Registrar of the County Court of Atlin holden at
Prince Rupert, at the Court House. Prince Rupert, B. C.
And it is further ordered thst the said John
Martin Allan do publish notice isf this order In
the Ootimist. a newspaper published In Prince
Rupert. B C. for the space of two weeks.
175-187 F. McB. YOUNG.
In the   County Court of Atlin,   Holden
at Prince Rupert.
Freka Tomizich, Deceased
In Chambers Before His Honor Judge Young.
Friday, the 28th day of Nov., 1910.
Upon the application of Ivan Fillpovitch. uncle
of the deceased, for leave to swear to the death of
the said deceased.
Upon hearing Clarence Hilton Kearns. appearing for the ssid Ivsn Fillpovitch. and upon reading the affidavit of Maty Naricfch sworn herein
the 7th day of October. 1910.
IT IS ORDERED that the said Ivan Fillpovitch
or Clarence Hilton Kearns shall be allowed to
swear to the death of the ssid deceased as occurring on the 23rd dsy of May. A.D. 1910, at the ex- j
piration of two weeks from the first publication
nf notice of this order, unless in the meantime
proof is fumiihed that the said Freka Tuminch
was alive subsequent to the 23rd dsy of May, 1910;
such proof may be given in writing to the Registrar of the County Court of Atlin holden at
Prince Rupert, at the Court House. Prince Rupert, B. C.
And It Is further ordered that the said Iran Fillpovitch do publish notice of this order in the
Optimist, s newipsper published in Princ* Rupert. B. C. for the space of two weeka.
176-187 F. McB. YOUNG.
With anxious concern that was really
charming, Aid. Hilditch last night
enquired after the electric light plant.
Not for himself -oh, no! Far be it
from Aid. Hilditch to be so selfish.
Whoever may be afraid to go home in
the dark, Aid. Hilditch is not!
But the alderman is anxious about
the kiddies going down town to buy
their Xmas toys. The tiny tots may
tumble and flatten their small noses
and it's Aid. Hilditch to the rescue-
Women and children first! Throw out
the life line! or rather the pole line! Let
there be light!
Why wait for a substantial power
house to be built for the engines? says
Aid. Hilditch. Run up some sort of a
shack room, then turn on the juice
good and quick. How is Santa Claus
to get round Prince Rupert and fill
up the little stockings if the city is
deep in Cimmerian darkness?
If Aid. Hilditch wants to form himself
into a committee of one and show the
light committee how to squeeze the
juice out before Xmas, he is very welcome to do so, says Aid. Mobley. He
can act either independently or in
conjunction w-th the electric light
But Aid. Hilditch thinks it too late
in the year for him to butt in to thc
business, and doesn't intend to show
the light committee anything. Ready
enough to criticize, however. Aid. Hilditch said he had heard rumors that
there were reasons for the non-appearance
of light long ere this. He wondered
if the light committee knew- them.
From the assured standpoint of the
man who has been there to see for him
self Aid. Lynch spoke of the light plant.
His observations showed him that the
work was going on steadily and speedily.
A proper building was required in which
to instal the machinery. Some masonry
was now being built which would be
followed by the frame work of the
power house, as soon as the floor was
prepared for the engines. He sug
gested that Aid. Hilditch should go
down and have a look at the progress
of the work for himself.   ���
As mentioned in another report, the
lumber for the power house is being
supplied, and the necessary hardware
has been purchased. The work is being
done by days labor under the supervision of the city engineer.
Court of Revision
Take notice that the Mayor and Aldermen Mobley and Mclntyre will sit as a Court of Revision
for the purpose of correcting- and revising the
list of Voters for the next cuirent year, at 10am.
on Saturday, December Uth. and there sfter from
the Monday following, every day. if necessary, at
4 p.m., except Saturdays, which will be at 10a.m.
174-183 CITY CLERK
Latssat    Quotationa   From Vancou.
Tar Exchange.
(As reported by S. Harrison A Co.)
Portland Canal         21   211-2
Stewart M. Si D. Co    2.25      2.50
RedClilT     1.13      1.20
Main Reef  .29
Twenty-four hours ending 5   a. m.,
December 6.
43.5 29.5 29.797
Magazines For Christmas.���The
Ladies' Home Journal and the Saturday
Evening Post, both for $4.00 per year to
Canada, $3.00 to United State*, 15.00 to
Foreign Post Offices. Can be sent to
separate addresses. Easy to give,
pleasant to receive. Subscriptions received by R. C. Bean, 22 Thompson
Building, Phone 101, P. O. Box 603,
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Will Raise Grade
At the B. C. Bakery and Scotts
Building the street grade will be raised
as required. The streets committee
reported on this matter last night and
their report recommending raising of the
grade was adopted.
The ideal Christmas present is a
Life Insurance Policy. The Mutual
Life Insurance Company of New York
paid a Dividend of nearly 14 per cent
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Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Cutlery,
Electric Plate, High Class Enamels
and Souvenirs, Cut Glass, Gem and
Diamond Rings, Gramophones and
Records, Umbrellas, Hand-bag Goods,
China Vases.
J. S. GRAY & SON, Sixth Street
o the Electors
ladies and Gentlemen:
In response to a largely signed requisition received yester
asking me to allow my name to be placed in nomination  for
office of Mayor of the City of Prince Rupert for the year 1911,
hereby accede to the request and beg to announce myself a can-
I will take occasion later on to present my views upon Muni-
pal issues to the electors, and in the meantime I would respect-
solicit your support upon the basis of an efficient and progres-
k-e administration of the affairs of the City.
Did you ever notice that we don't
have any suicides these days. Not
so very long ago there was something
of an epidemic of this kind of thing. Of
course the blind pigs had nothing to do
with it but it's a bit peculiar just the
Higher Wages in Liquor Business
In the manufacture of liquor in
Canada the average wage paid is $581.00
per man.
In all other industries the average
wage paid is $418.00.
These figures are taken from a government report circulated by the Scott Act
advocates yesterday, with the view of
proving that the liquor industry paid
less wages than other industries.
said and puzzled to know how he could
hit on what happened to be the truth
his friend asked for an explanation.
"Oh," said the other, "You can always
tell who's getting the worst of it by
watching who get's mnd first." The
Scott Act people can make their own
Queer how filthy seme men can get
in the cause of morality. Which would
the "fathers of families" prefer their
children to associate with, t*he clean
minded citizen who takes a drink or
the foul-mouthed moralist.
One of the speakers at Sunday night's
meeting devoted considerable time to
an attack on Mayor Gluck of Kansas
"City, according to the press reports.
We might point out that a man who is
elected four times mayor of his city
is generally a pretty good citizen, but
this is not the point. The Scott Act
advocates quoted Kansas City as a
place in which Prohibition had worked
wonders, and advised Prince Rupert I Victoria, Dec. Ii.���That the wilds
to "get in line," knowing at the time lot  Graham  Island in the  vicinity  of
Queen Chsrlotte Islands Und District���District ssf
Take notico that 1, Thsss. It. Davoy of Queen
I hurlorle, occupation notary public, intend ta
apply lor permission to prssspect for coal ansl
pctroloum on tho followinK sts-sscrilsed lansis:
Cssmmencing at a issisit planted two isiilos north
and five miles cast ol Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island, and marked No. 6, T. R. D.. S.
W. corner, Ihence east 80 chsins. thencs' north
HO chains, thence west 80 chains, thencss south
80 .-In.iua to poinl ssl commencement, conuining
640   acres   more   or loss.
Dated Oct. 28, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Puis. Nov. 17. Wilson llowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Caribou Cut Off
From Mainland Have Deteriorated
and Are Returning to Original
Type of One Horned Deer.
-iii..- Rupert, B.C.
December Ut, 1910
Yours respectfully
William Manson
o the Electors
-adies and Gentlemen:
At the completion of my term of office as Alderman, I have
eon approached by a number of my colleagues and citizens with
he request that I permit myself to be [entered in {nomination for
be office of Mayor for the ensuing year.
After consideration, I have consented to that request, and
Jerewith announce my candidacy.
At public meetings to be held later on to discuss municipal
ksues I will present a programme of work, as the basis ofjmy can-
Yours respectfully
that their statements wen* absolutely
untrue. It is exactly as if a business
man tried to bolster his credit by a
false statement at thc bank. There
is a law against obtaining money under
false pretenses. Should there not also
be one for obtaining votes in a similar
Would we have heard anything about
the shortcomings ol Mayor Gluck if
he had not had the courage to tell the
truth about conditions in his city. If
there is one thing the Prohibitionist
does not like it's a man who tells the
frince Rupert, B.C.
December 1st, 1910
Frank H. Mobley
'The following is published by the Press Corn-
allies- nf the opponents of the Scott Act, and Is
' Ihe expression of the views of this paoer.l
A Thriving City
Our old friend Dr. Spencer is quite
humorist in his own modest and
���"elirini- way. If you don't believe it
''i hold o( a sheet being circulated in
|town by the Scott Act people bearing
|hu signature. It's a gem and describes
j�� 'own in Ontario, called Midland, with
I* l��>|iulation of five thousand, about
Wm siz,, of Prince Rupert.
As ysjU open tne 8neet the f0--ow'ng
I'll large type stares you in the face:
The Drug Store Away Ahead." We
|<'r">'t doubt it for a moment. This
l-V-ems to be the universal verdict in
l-Vott Act towns.
rim her on we read: "Ten new houses
"  '"'ing  built   within   one   hundred
yard, of my home."   Don't they build
| ��� mile nioae together in Midland.
"* **** "eam of the whole collection
is contained in a letter from an alderman.
He starts as follows: "We have expended
$12,000 on new streets and $3,000 on
roads." This is certainly going some
for a town the size of Prince Rupert.
How would our City Council like to
have the handling of such vast sun-s.
This would make every man who has
any aspirations as an alderman vote
for the Scott Act. Again: "I had to
pay $500 this summer for a lot I could
have purchased two years ago for $150."
We have heard of Prince Rupert real
estate increasing in value to this extent
in two days. But what do you think
of this: "We paid $1,800 debentures
that were due last year." This seems
incredible. Where could they have
raised such a vast sum in one year. We
are afraid these Scott Act people are
only trying to fool us, or some of us
would have heard of this phenomonally
rich burg before.
It is only a short time ago that a
writer in one of the newspapers proved
one of the speakers at Sunday night's
meeting unfair to organized labor.
This was the man, by the way, who
attacked Mayor Gluck, of Kansas City,
for telling the truth about Prohibition.
According to a speaker at Sundr.y
night's meeting Mayor A. Gluck. of
Kansas City, is in league with the
hotels. The city is a banner town of
Prohibition and yet they elect a liquor
man for mayor four times. Funny
isn't it.
Wonder why the speaker at Sunday
night's meetirg did not call Mayor
Gluck of Kansas City a gambler, thief,
and an enemy of society generally.
That seems to be the favorite answer
of the Prohibitionist to any honest
criticism of their policy.
That was a noble array of business
men at Sunday night's meeting.
It has been proved that Prohibition
increases the consumption of liquor. It
also seems to be certain that it hurts
business. Query: Who is the enemy
of society, the liquor man or the temperance crank?
Virago Sound are, or have been from
time immemorial, the habitat of the
nearest approach to the fabled unicorn
that is known to naturalists, is the
conclusion forced home by inspection
of the only two specimens yet secured
of the much-discussed Queen Charlotte caribou, one of which has now
been well mounted by Curator Kermode of thc British Columbia Museum
which institution the rare specimens
are to adorn. ^
How the caribou reached the Queen
Charlotte is one of nature's secrets,
but it is presumed that they have been
there since the island formed part of
the mainland���now 30 miles away���
and have steadily deteriorated through
in-breeding, until today the few survivors
can scarce be recognized as of the same
species as the mainland caribou.
The three animals in all secured for
the museum were killed by Indians
three years ago, and very badly preserved. Expert attention has done
wonders with them, however, and the
first mounted specimen shows an animal
of lightest fawn about the size of nn
average mule deer, weighing perhaps
in life 225 pounds. It has no plough,
as have all the heads of the other members of the caribou family, and il is
especially curious that two-thirds of
the heads secured have but a single
horn for each animal, growing on the
right side of the head, while on the left
side there is the merest lump at the
natural growing point. Each of the
museum specimens has been fully matured, even aged, as evidenced by the
well-worn or lost teeth.
We know that Scott Act will mean
'blind pigs" and it has been demonstrated that blind pigs in Prince Rupert
mean suicides, hut what of that. Suicides mean nothing to these temperance
cranks. They are asking the whole city
to commit suicide on the 14th.
As the Scott Act advocates seem to
have some trouble in getting the business
men to take part in their meetings, why
do they not call upon their friends
among the blind pig element to tell what
the licensed bars have done to them.
Two men were watching a couple of
foreigners arguing. One of thc men
understood the language the others
spoke, the other did not. Suddenly
the man who did n-<t understand said:
"That follow seems to be getting the
worst of thc argument." Knowing that
he could not understand what was being
Two Prince Rupert  Men  Dacida to
Celebrate in England
There is no melancholy atmosphere
about the visions of thc dear home
land which are now being selfishly
indulged in by at least two of the passengers of the Pacific Coast steamer
Senator which left Prince Rupert for
Seattle early this afternoon. Their
names arc Mr. R. Wharton and Mr. G.
Gamble. They arc both taking the trip
south as a preliminary spurt to the
dash across the continent and then the
broad Atlantic home to England, the
land of their fathers, for a Christmas
Besides these two extraordinary passengers the Senator is carrying a list
of twenty-eight, most of whom are bent
southwards by the call of the Christmas
gatnering at their early homes.
Queen Chariotta Islsnds Land District���District of
���.T��s��- "ollce lhat I, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
I harlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   inlend   ta
apply   for  permission   to   prospect   for   coal   and
petroleum ssn the following dsssscribed land.
C��mn��>nciisK ssl a posst plantesl two milsM north
ansl live milsw s'ast sif Section 13, Township 7.
(srsham lslsn.l, marked No. 6, T. R. D��� S. E.
csirner, thanea west SO chains, thenes. north HO
.-Ii..Hi., thencs' esst 80 chains, thence south SO
chuins lo point ol commencement, containiaa- silO
acrs* more or lesss. ^
Dss.sl Oct. '>B, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson bowing. Agent
Qus*n Chs. one Islands Und Distort���District of
Take notiee lhat I. Thos R Davev of Qusssn
Charlsiltc, occupation notsry public, mend lo
spply for permission to pmsspect for coal and
(mm on lhe ("II. ss,in: .i.' ������:iI,ni land.
Commonringst a post plants*! thrsr miles, east
ol Section IS. Township 7, Gralum Island, msrksxl
No **, T. K. D��� S. \V. corns-r, thence cant SI) chains,
thsmee north SO chains, ihence svesl SO chains,
thenee aouth "0 chains lo point ol rssmme'iccment,
containing IHO seres more er lew.
DateH Oet. 28,'."IO TIKIS. II   DAVEY
I-ub. Nov. 17. Wilson (lowing. Agent
Queen Chailnlle Minds Lend District���Dlstricl of
Tike notice thst I, Thos. It. Dsvey of Quuea
Chsrl'jtte, occupation notary public, intend to
spply for permisssion lo prospect for cosl snd
petroleum on ths- followinr described land:
Commencing tl n. posl planted three miles east
of Seetion 13, Township T. tlrahsm Island and
marked No. 8. T. R. !>.. S K. comer, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 rhains, thence earn 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to point ol commencement, contsining 640 seres more or Isis.
Dstesl Oct. 28, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Cowing, Agent
Quean Chsrlotte Islanda Land District���Distrirt nl
TeJte notice thst I. Thos. R. Dsvey of Queen
Chsrlotte Islsnds, occupsUon noury public, intend
Us spply for permission to prospect for coal and
pelrsslcum on the lollowing described land:
Commencing at a posl plsnted three miles east
ol Section 13, Township 7, Graham Island and
marked No, 9, T. R. D.. N. E. comer, thence west
80 chains, thence aoulh SO chains, thenee sssst 8��
chsins, Ihence north 80 chsins to point of commencement, contsining 640 seres more or Isss.
Dsled Oct. 29. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Qussn Charlotle lalsn.la Und District���Dsuiet of
Tske notice thst I. Thos. II Dsvey of Queen
Charlotle. occupalion notary public. Intend to
apply for permission to prospect Inr cosl snd
petroleum on lhe (ollowing described lsnd:
Commencing st s posst planted two miles north
snd three miles esst of Section 13, Township 7
snd msrked Nn. 10, I It 11 . N. \*>. comer, thenos
wsst 80 chsins. thence south 80 chsins. thence sast
SO chsins, thence north 80 chsins to point of commencement conuining 640 acrea mora or Waa.
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. II. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17 Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und District-District of
Tske notice thst I, Thos. It. Dsvey nf Qussn
Chsrlotte, oecupstion nsstsry public, intend to
spply fssr psTniLsaksn to prospect for ensl snd
petrsslcum nn Ihe fssllnwlng sjssscrilsesl lsnd:
Commencing st a post plsnted two miles north
snd three miles east of Section 13. Township 7,
Graham Islsnd snd msrked No. II, T. It. I s . N. W.
eorner, thenoe east 80 chsins, thenc* south 80
chalna, thence west 80 chsins. thence north 80
chsins lo point of commencement, contsining-
ii 10 scrsss mnre or less.
Dsted Oct. 29, 1910. THOS   R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agsnt
Queon Charlotte lalansls Und
'istrict -District of
Mrs. J. G. McNab will receive Thursday, December 8th, and every second
Thursday thereafter.
Ebony  hand   mirrors,
Orme's Drug Store.
all   sizes,   at
Taks notics thst I, Thos. 11. Davey ot Quean
Charlotts.'occupaUon nutary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect for cosl and
petroleum  on  the following described land:
Commeneing al a post plsntsd two miles nnrth
and five miles east ot Section 13. Township 7,
Graham lalsnd snsl msrked No. 12, T. It [>., N. E.
comer, thane* srsst SO chains, thence south 80
chains, thence esst 80 ehsins, tbence north SO
chsins to point ol commencement, conUlning 640
scrsss more or leas.
Dsled Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Puh. Nov 17. Wilson Gowing. Agsmt
Qssssa Chariotta Islsnds Und District���District of
Tsks noUce that I, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
Charlsstle, occupation noUry public. Intend to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum un the following described lsnd:
Commencing st s post plsnled two miles north
snd five miles esst ol Section 13, Township 7,
Graham laland and marked No. IS, litis. N. W.
corner, thence east 80 chsins, thence snuth 80 chsins
thence west 80 chsins, tnence north 80 chsins to
point of commencement, contsining 640 seres mors
Dsled Oct. 29. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I'ub. Nov. 17. Wilson (lowing, Agent
Qusen Chsrlotts Islsnsls Und District-District of
Tske notic* thst I, Thos. R. Dsvey of Queen
Chsrlotte, oceupstlon notary public, Intend to
spply Inr permission to prospect lor coal snd
petroleum on the follnwing slesrrilsed lsnd:
Commencing st s post plsnled iwo miles north
snd five milss, esst of Section 13, Township 7,
Grahsm Islsnd snd msrked No. 14. T R. 11 . S\ W.
comer, Ihence esst 80 chsins, thenee nnrth 80
ehsins, thence west 80 chsins. Ihence south 80
chsins to point of eommencemenl, conuining 640
seres more nr lean.
Dsled Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen ChsrlotU lalsnds Land District���District of
Tske notiee thst I, Thsss. R. Dsvey of Queen
Chsrlotte, nccupstlon noUry public. Intend to
nppy for permission lo prospect for cosl and
petroleum on the following slescribed Isnds:
Commencing st s poat plsnted two miles north
snd live miles east ol Section 13, Townahip 7,
Graham Island snd msrked Nn. IU, T R. T)., S. E.
corner, Ihence west 80 chsins, th��nee nnrth 80
ehslns, thence east 80 chsins, thence south 80
chsins to point nl commeneement, conUlning 640
seres more nr lesa.
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent THE   PRINCE  RUPERT    OPTIMIST
Form of Ballot Paper
Voting on the Petition to the Governor-General for
the Bringing into Force of Part II of the
Canada Temperance Act.
For the Petition
Against the Petition    j^
Directions for the Guidance of Voters
The voter will go into one of the compartmeata, and with a paper there
provided, place a cross thus, X in the upper space if he votes FOR the adoption
of the petition (SCOTT ACT), and in the lower space if he votes AGAINST the
adoption of the petition (SCOTT ACT).
The voter will then fold the ballot, so as to show a portion of the back only,
with the number and initials of the deputy returning officer, and deliver it to
the deputy returning officer, who will place it in the ballot box. The voter will
then forthwith quit the polling station.
If a voter inadvertently spoils a ballot paper he can return it to the proper
officer, who, on being satisfied of the fact, will give him another.
If the voter places on the ballot more than one mark, or places any mark
on it by which he can afterwards be identified, hiB vote will be void, and will
not be counted.
If the voter takes a ballot paper out of the polling station, or fraudently
puts any other paper into the ballot box than the ballot paper given him by the
deputy returning officer, he will be subject to be punished by fine or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, with or without hard labor.
Don't forget that the petition is FOR the Scott Act. If
you are not in favor of a dry town you must mark your
ballot in the lower space. AGAINST the petition means
VOTE. Every man in town entitled to vote on this question should do so. It is the most important question which
will be submitted to the people for years, and means the
life or death of the city.
Special Attention Paid to Moving
Phone No. 1
A Complete Stock of Liquors on Hand
3-roomed House
8-roomed House
���ft^fiSWa  Budweiser Beer
The chief of them all
Nanaimn  R����r  ""' l"'*t ,'"'"1  bwr i
imnaimo Deer      on the mRr|,,t  <.
Kincaid, Scott & Co'ys. Scotch Whiskey
All the leadinK brands of Scotch. Irish.
Kye, (jin, llransly. Wine, Etc., always on
Second Ave.. Prince Rupert, B.C.
English and American Billiards
Eight Tables Second Ave.
Hampton's Magazine, "The Best Magazine in America" makes a practical
and welcome gift, costs $2.00 to Canadian, $1.50 to United States and $2.26
to Foreign Post Office. Give or send
us your order today. R. C. Bean, 22
Thompson Building, Phone 101, P. 0.
Box 603, Prince Rupert, B. C.
=E.   EBY   C&   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
P. O. BOX 172
Book-ki-tping,   Accounting  and  Auditing
Books Balanced and Statements Made Up
THEATRE BLOCK        Cor. 2nd Are., 6th St
Letter Haa Been Made Public by
Mias Le Neve���Hopes the World
Will Have Pity on Her, Is the Dr.'a
Last Wiah
London, Nov. 28.���The last letter
said to have been written by Dr. H. H
Crippen, filled with protestations of his
innocence of the murder of his wife, for
which crime he was hanged on last Wed
nesday, and of love for Ethel Le Neve
was made public Saturday by Miss Le
Neve, the recipient. The letter is published by Lloyd's newspapers. In part
it is as follows: '. fijfi.J
"How can I find the strength of
heart to struggle through this last letter? God indeed must hear our cry to
him for Divine help in this last- farewell. How to control myself to write
I hardly know, but I pray God to help
us to be brave to face the end. Thoughts
rush to my head quicker than I can put
them down. The time is too short now
and there is much I would say. There
are less than two days left to us.
"When I wrote to you Saturday I had
not heard any news of a petition. Although I never at any time dared to
hope, yet deep down in my heart was
just a glimmer of trust that God might
give us yet a chance to put me right
before the world and let me have the
passionate longing of my soul.
"How long am I to endure this last
look at your face? What agony I must
go through at last when you disappear
forever from my eyes?
"God help us to be brave then. I
know what your agony will be for I
know that your heart, like mine, will
be broken. I am comforted at least in
thinking that, through all the years
of our friendship never have I passed
one unkind word or given one reproachful look to her whom I have loved best
in life; to whom I have given myself
heart and soul wholly and entirely
"I want my dear one to keep for her
own use all that can be realized from
my estate. We can safely leave to the
hand of a just God the production later
of evidence proving my innocence. My
worries and troubles here will soon be
ended, as I shall be tomorrow in God's
hands.   I have perfect faith in His help.
"Let my spirit be with you always and
after the earthly separation is finished
we will join our souls forever.
"Hope the world will have pity on the
woman, who, however weak she may
have seemed in their eyes, has been loyal
in the misery of the tragedy and whose
love has been strong and self sacrificing.
"These are my last words. 1 belong no
more to this world, and in the silence
of my cell I pray that God may pity
all weak hearts, all the poor children of
life and His poor servant.
"Harvey Hawley Crippen."
Their Tender Waa Lowest For Plank
By mistake in the report of the streets
committee on the tenders for improvements accepted, the name of J. A. Gillis
was announced as lowest tenderer for
the plank roadway between Eighth
and Ninth avenues and Comox avenue.
The contract is awarded to Messrs. A.
Johnson & Co., whose tender was
discovered to be lower that that of J. A.
Gillies,    i '
pT,We receive subscriptions for and
supply any Newspaper, Magazine, Periodical or Book published in any Country
or in any Language. Catalog sent on
application, R. C. Bean, P. O. Box 503,
22 Thompson Bldg, Phone 101, Prince
Rupert, B. C.
Stove   Pipes  put  up,
Cleaned and Repaired.
Furnaces   put in  and   Repaired
Don't throw  away  the old stove until you have seen us.   We repair
and make aa good as new.
Only First Class Tin Shop in City
Prince rupert sheet metal workS
Phone 108
2nd Ave.
Skeens Land District���Distrlet ot Banka Is aad
Take notice that Jams. Marshall of Seattle
Wash, occupation real aetata dealer, intends to
spsily (or permiasion to purchase tha loUowitij
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted sbout seven miles
east and one mUe south from the mouth of an Inlet,
which point is about tan miles south and two miles
west from End Hill, Banks Island, thanea esst 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thenca west 80
chains, thanea aorth 80 chains to point of eommancemant.
Dated Sept. 8, 1910. JAMES MARSHALL
Pub. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Cassiar Land Diatrict���District of Caasiar.
Tak. notiee that Thomas Y. MeCIymont of
Prince Rupert, B. C. occupaUon Broker, Intends
to apply for parmission to purchsse tha foUowing
described land:
Commencing st a post planted one mile in easterly direction from Hylands Ranch and about 20
cbains south Tattan River thenee north 80 ehsins
thance weet 80 ehaina, thenca south 80 chains,
thenee east 80 ehaina to point ot commencement, and containing 640 acres, mora or leas.
Dated Sept. 29. 1910 THOS. M. McCLYMON I
Pub. Oet. 25. Wilfrid C. McDonald. Agen
Skeens Land District���Dtatrict of Banka Island
Take notiee that Guy Jacob of Barry, Minn.,
occupation farmer, intensis to apply for permiasion
to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post plsnted about six miles
east and one mile north from tha mouth of an inlet,
which point Is about ten miles south and two
miles west from End Hill, Banks Island, thenee
east 80 chains, thanca north 80 chains, thanea
wast 80 chains, thenee south 80 chsins to point of
B. I.. Tingley, Agent
Dated Sept 7, 1910.
Pub. Oct. 11.
Skeena Land Diatriet���District ot Banka Island
Tske notice that Archibald Henderson of Seattle,
Wash., occupation machinist. Intends to apply for
to  purchaae  tha  following  described
Commencing at a post plantad about seven
mUes east and three miles eouth from the mouth of
an Inlet, which point la about tan milee south and
two mires west from End Hill, Bsnks Islsnd, thenc.
west 80 chains, thanea north 80 ehaina, thanes aast
80 chains, thane, south 80 chains to point of
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley. Agent
Skeens Land Dtatrict���Diatrict of Banka laland
Take notiee that E. R. Loomls of Barry, Minn,
occupation fanner. Intends to spply for permission
to purchsse the following described lands:
Commeneing at a post planted about six milea
eaat and one mile north from tha mouth ot an
inlet, which point is about tan miles south and two
milas west from End Hill, Bsnks Island, thenc.
aaat 80 chains, thenc eouth 80 cbalna, thanea was
80 chains, thenee north 80 ehalns to point o
Dsted Sept. 7, 1910. E.  R.  LOOMIS
Pab Oet. 11. B. L. Tlnglsy, Agmt
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range ti
Take notice that Charles R. Gilbert of Vancouver, B. (*., occupation broker, Intenda to apply
for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at tbe S. W. corner of Lot 3980, thence east 40 ehslns, thenee south
40 ohains, thence weat 60 ehsins more or leas to
shore of Lakelse Lake, thencs1 following the shore
of ssid lake in a northerly direction to point of
commencement, containing 200 seres more or less.
Dsted Sept. 19, 1910. .CHARLES. R. GILBERT
Pub. Oct 1. Mancell Clark, Agent
Skeens Land District���District of Queen Chsrlott
Tako notice that Catherine Bowman of Van
couver, B. (*., occupation spinster, intends to spply
for permission to purchsse thc following described
Commencing at a post plsnted on the shore nesr
the mouth of Juskatala Bay, st about the northwest corner of Timber License No. 30895, thence
esst 80 chains, thpnee north 20 chains more or less
to the shore, thence westerly following the shore
back to the place of commencement, containing
160 sense more or lees.
Dated Oct. 7, 1910.        CATHERINE BOWMAN
Pub. Nov. 5. A. E. Jessup, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range 5
Take notice that Harry Lever of Prince Rupert,
B.C., occupation plasterer, Intends to apply for
permission  to  purchase  the  following   described
Commencing at a post planted 10 chains west
of the northeast corner of John Furlong's surveyed
pre-emption (Blsck's recent survey August 22,19101
on the east side of Lakelse Lake, thence west 30
chsins more or lean, theneo north 40 chains, thence
east 30 chsins, thenee south 40 chains to point of
commencement, containing 120 acres more or leas.
Pub. Nov. 6. Chss. M. Wilson, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range 5
Take notica that Leonard Vaughsn ol Hammonil,
B.  C, occupation  farmer,  intends to apply for
permission   to  purchaae  the  following   described
Commencing at a post plsnted on th. north
shore of Lakelse Lake and about 10 ehalns in a
westerly direction from th. S. W. corner of Lot
3982, thenco weat 20 chains, thence south 80 chsins,
thence east 20 chains mora or leas to the shore ot
Lakelse Lake, thence following the shore of said
lake to point of commencement, containing 160
seres more or leaa.
Dsted Sept. 19, 1910.       LEONARD VAUOHAN
Pub. Oct 1. Mancell Clsrk, Agent
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Westenhaver Block, cnr Seconrt a,
nd Sixth st. 'PrKgjfc
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
of British Ckslumbis ���[ B d n..   .
andM.nitob.Bsr.. ffi.0^**
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-Exchange block, comer Third nattmt
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert **9
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U.D.8.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully Irene! Guns'
local anasthetics administered for the piiilssa
traction of teeth. Consultation free. OUn- a
and 20 Alder Block. Prince Rupert jhi
'.Civil and Mininc EnirineeriindSonsst,
Reports,  Plsns. Specification!, tttsmx
Whsrf Constructiop, Etc
Office:���2nd Ave., rn-ar FirstStrm
P. O. Boa 82 PRINCE It Iran*
Prince Rupert Lodge, LOM
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the rity
are requested to visit the lodge.
New Knox Hokl
The New Knux Hotel is run on*
European plan First-class service Al
the latest modern improvements.
THE BAR keeps only the best bun*
of liquors and cigars.
THE CAFE is open from 6.301*
to 8 p. m. Excellent culline,hrstcm
First Avenue, Prince Itortf
G. T. P. Transfer Agent.
Orders promptly bUsjA   Ptttf res*
OFFICE-H. B. RochMter.sv.ireSi.
Old German Lager
Schlitz Lager
These are the beveragM that
make health, strength and happiness your lot. Prl** are
very reasonable and your order will receive prompt retention	
All   varieties of
Wines and Liquors
also kept In rtoek.
Sutherland & Maynard
PHONEi�� t
Fraser Street and Sixtn THE   PRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
Two Furnished Heated
Offices on the Ground
Floor in the Exchange
Real Estate
Notary Public
Best Locations
it Cash Payments
SEE US. We have a numbei of out of
town clients who wish to dispose of
their holdings, and are offering attractive propositions.    Take a look at them.
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings       Alder Block       SIXTH ST.
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
Samuel Harrison & Co.
^^���^^������^���������������������ssss. rssssssssssssssTsTssssssssssT����.ssssssT.STssssssssssassTsTssssssssssTssssssssss��
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Portland Canal Stocks and Claims a Specialty
Agents for Stewart Land Co.
Prince Rupert and Stewart
. humorists!
"Don't be a chronic grouch."
"Nobody cares what I am."
"Maybe not.   But you can at least
be popular with yourself."
The Hobo���Please mum, I'm a sick
man. De doctor gimme dis medicine,
but 1 needs assistance in takin' it.
The Lady���Poor fellow! Do you
want a spoon and a glass of water?
The Hobo���No, mum, I wouldn't
trouble yer, but dis medicine haster
be took before meals. Have yer got a
meal handy?
"Well," said the optimistic boarder,
"there's one thing about your boarding
house; you can eat as much as you like
"Of course, same as ours," replied
the pessimistic one, "you can eat as
much as you like, but there's never anything that you could possible like."
Cassidy���Harrigan was around th' day
braggin' about th' b'atin' he gev Fin-
negan last Monda'.
Casey���Last Monda'? Shure, that's
near a week ago. 'Tis a wonder he
wasn't around sooner.
Cassidy���Aye, but it seems he only
recovered from it this mornin*.
A polite, middle-aged negro was locked up at the eastern station, charged
with being drunk on the street.
An officer passing the cell asked,
"Sam, what are charged with?"
"Boss, Isc charged with alcohol," was
thc reply.
It was tt a fancy dress ball. On of
the guests, a tall, fu-.ely-built man,
came dressed as a Roman general in the
cumberous appendages of olden times.
At the same dance was a little professor
of classics to whom anything Roman was
a subject of deepest interest.
"Excuse me, sir," said thc professor,
meekly sidling up to the big man, "but
are you Appius Claudius?"
The Roman "general" savagely glanced down and snapped out:
"Non, confound you! Can't you see
I'm as miserable as can be?"
Piver's, Roger & Gallet's, Colgate's
and Lyman's toilet waters at Orme's
Drug Store
Speech From the Throne
Extraordinary misconceptions are entertained in some quarters as to the
nature of the Speech, which the King
delivers at the opening or close* of
parliamentary sessions. Those people
who make up the telegrams for some
of the papers seem to be under the
impression that the Speech in some
way reflects his Majesty's personal
views. As a matter of fact it is doubtful if there was a single sentence in
the prorogation speech inspired by the
King iml.'ss it may have been that in
which he expressed his intention to
follow in his father's footsteps. This
being an expression of personal intention was probably due to thc King himself, but all thc references to public
questions are the language of his ministers.
Water for Ninth Avenue
Water is still wanted on Ninth avenue.
Aid. Hilditch who is energising for the
supply asked about it last night. He
was informed by the Mayor and Aid.
Mobley that all was ready for the pipes
to be laid but through an error on the
part of the firm supplying them 1-2
inch pipes instead of 1 1-2 inch had been
sent causing the delay.
Military brushes, genuine Russian
bristles, ebony backs. Ladies brushes
the same at Orme's Drug Store.
Very pretty and very stylish
Price from $35 Up
In Fancy Work and Leather Goods
Silks  and Taffetas  from $5 up
In boxes, pure linen, $1.50 to $12 box
New Plaids for girls' school Dresses
New Silk  Waists
Mrs. S. Frizzell
Bachelor  and
Busy Housewife
Excellent Home Made
Orders taken now.    Don't forget
to give your order early  at the
Parties, Dinners, Suppers Catered For.
Viaitor Threatens   to Leave if Scott
Act Pasaea
A gentleman recently arrived here
has been in negotiation with Superintendent Mehan for the purchase of
the launch Ki-Yax, but on Saturday
called and asked that the option be
continued until December 15th, as if the
Scott Act carried he would have no need
of the boat.
Recently he had come here from the
Eastern States intending to establish
himself in business here, leasing premises
and so forth. Then came this election
in reference to the Scott Act. He
declares if it should pass he will throw
up his year's lease and go back to Maine,
and forfeit the money he has invested
here rather than stay.
Veteran Meat Packer Did Not Give
All to tha Churches
(Special to the Optimist)
Chicago, III., Dec. 5.���In spite of the
fact that Michael Cudahy gave away, it
was supposed, the bulk of his income to
churches during the last three years, an
examination of the property left by the
late meat packer reveals an estate of
about twenty millions.
To   Adjust   Water   Supply   to   Suit
City Changes
During the grading of Section 1 there
will be a number of little water pipe
alterations to make here and there.
The city engineer foreseeing this has
applied to the council for a small stock
of pipe and fittings to enable these
alterations to be speedily accomplished.
At last nights council the city engineer
was authorized to procure the necessary
supply of pipe, etc.
The Senator   will   call   here   today
morning on her way south.
Princess Ena discharged one hundred
and ten tons of merchandize at this port.
Piver's, Roger & Gallet's perfumes,
soaps and sachet powders at Orme's
Drug Store.
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Plumbing. Heating
and  General  Steam   Fitting
SHOP-Basstnentof Helm-son Block
SIXTH STREET. Phone No. tt
3rd and 8th St.
Phone 59 Red
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 186
Builder and Contractor
Plans and specifications prepared
OFFICEr-Corner 5th Ave. & Green St.
Phone No. 228 Green
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
Labour Bureau in connection
All kinds of positions ____,
f unished FREE
J. GOODMAN, Propristor
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, B.C.
If you want that sweet, nutty flavored
BREAD   try our FRENCH-the kind
that pleases.
Third Are., between 7th and  8th  Sis. THE   PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
Blouses I
��� x
Especially ordered for
the Holiday trade and
now just to hand is a
complete range (in
prices and in sizes) of
the latest things in
Ladies' Waists. They
come in Chiffon-over-
Net, Messaline Silks,
White and Ecru Nets,
Black Nets, Stripes
and Checks in Messaline Silks, and they are
all in "smart" modish
Price* run from $3.50
to $13.50 "each and
siaes range from
34 to 42.
We have also received
a complete assortment
of Ladies' laundried
embroidered Collars in
sizes 12 1-2 to 15, prices
25 and 35  cents.
I H. S. Wallace Co. i
I Phon. 9 LIMITED (
T Fulton St. and 3rd At*. $
Quart. Chariott* ..UanfU Land l-unrtrt    I>vtriet of
Take notice lhat I, Thou. K. Davry of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
.���pply for permiaaion to prowport for coal and
petrolsturn on the following described land:
CommencinK at a poat planted two mllea north
and three milea aast of Section IS, Townahip 7,
Graham laland and marked No. 16, T. R. I).. S. W.
corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thenca north 80
chains, thence weat 80 chains, thance mnith 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrva more or \vm.
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS.  It   DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17 Wllaon Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Davoy of Quean
Charlotte, occupation notary public, inlend to
apply for permiaaion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a poat planted two mllea north
and three milea east of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and marked No. 17, T. R I).. S. R.
corner, thence weat 80 ehaina, thence north 80
ehaina, ihence eaat 80 ehaina, thence aouth 80
chains to point of commencement, containlnf 640
arrea more or !�����>.
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Puh. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und Diatrict���District of
Take notice that 1, Thos. K. Davey of Queen
Chariottr. occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permimion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the following deacribed land'
Commencing at a poat planted four mllea north
���nd five miloa eaat of Section 13, Townahip 7,
Graham Island and marked T. R. D., N. W.
corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or leaa.
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���DUtrict of
Take notice that I, Thos R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a post planted aix milea north
and five mllea aast of Section 13, Township 7
Graham Island and marked No. 29, T. R. D., N. W.
corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chains, thence weat B0 chains, thence north 80
rhaina to point of commencement, conUining 640
acres more or leaa.
Dated Oct. 31, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson (lowing. Agent
Find it in The Optimist Ads
To intended purchasers
of Silver Cup Mines, Ltd
Thursday, December 8, the sale of Silver Cup treasury shares at 12 1-2 Cents Per
Share will be withdrawn. The Continued favorable developments in the mine
together with the substantial treasury reserve will enable the Company to proceed
on a system of development that is calculated to add great value to the stock.
A big advance in the price of shares is justified on recent important discoveries, and we feel sure of
a steady, permanent and extended advance in the market price of Silver Cup shares. Looking a few
months ahead, we venture the opinion that the stock will sell for many times the present price. Our
prenictions are based upon sound estimates of what may reasonably be expected from a liberal development of the Silver Cup ore bodies. : To secure Silver Cup Mines at 12 1-2 cents per share
call at our office on or before Thursday, December 8. Terms of purchase furnished on application.
We reserve the right to return applications in the event of an over-subscription.
J.  R.  TALPEY  CO.    PattuUo Block
Skaena Land Diatrict���Distnct ot Banka Island
Take notice that D. E. Walker of Graceville,
Minn., occupation farmer, intends to apply for
pacmlaaion to purchaaa tbe following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted about five milaa
aaat from the mouth of an Inlet, which point is
about ten milea aouth and two miles weat from
End HOI, Banks Island, thanca west so ehaina,
thance aouth HO ehaina, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. D. E. WALKER
Pub. Oct. 11. 3. L. Tingley, Agen
Skeena Land District-District of Coast, Ranire &
Take notice that Elden S Detwiler of Berlin.
Ontario, occupation doctor, intends to apply for
permission to purchaae the following; described
Commencinir at a poat planted at the south*
weat oorner of lot 1928. thence east thirty chains
more or less, thence south forty-flve chains more
or leas, thence west thirty chains more or lees,
thence south forty-flve chains more or leas to
pofnt of commencement, containing one hundred
and forty acrea more or leas.
Date Sept 26, 1910. ELIM)N S. DETWILER
Pub. Oct. 19 1910. Joaeph Dumas. Aarent
Coast Land Diatrict���Diatriet of Skeena
Take notice that I. John E. Dyer of Prince
Rupert, B. C, occupation gentleman, intend lo
appy for permisaion to purchaae the following
daeeribed lands:
Commandng at a post John E. Dyer's N.W.
corner and plant d about 40 ehalns south, and 10
chains weat of the K. W. corner of surveyed Lot
1733, Range V* being tha N. W. corner of surveyed
Lot number 993, thenee south 40 chains, thence
eaat 40 chains, thenoa north 40 chalna, thence
weet 40 chains to the point of commencement,
conUlning 160 acrea more or laaa.
Dated Oct, 3, 1910. JOHN E. DYER
Pub. Oct 18.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast Rente 6.
Take notice that John H. Sweder of Prince
Rupert B. C, occupation tailor. Intends to apply
for permission to purchaae the following* described lands:
Commencins; at a pott planted forty chains
east and flfty chains south from the south*w<est
corner of lot 2275, thence aouth forty chains,
thence east forty chains, thence north forty
chains, thence west forty chains to point of commencement containing* 160 acres.
Date Sept 26. 1910. JOHN H. SWEDER
Pub. Oct 19. 1910. Joseph Dumas. Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Coaat
Take notice that 1. William A. Wadhams of
Vancouver, B.C., occupation g-entleman. intends
to apply for permission to lease the following
deacribed lands:
Commencing' at a poat planted on the northerly
shore of PorcheY Island opposite the northwesterly entrance of Chismore Passage, thence aouth 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to place of commencement.
Date Oct. Uth. 1910.
Pub. Oct. 22nd.
Skeena Land DUtrict.-Diatrict of Coast.
_Take notice that Hugh Bain Wilson of Vancouver, B.C., occupation gentleman, intenda to apply
for ���-.���rriiia-Msin to leaae the following   descritt-
ed landa:
Commencing st a post planted at a point on the
northerly shore of Porcher Island opposite the
northwesterly entrance to Chismore Paaaag*e,
thenre south 8(1 ehaina. thence weal 80 chalna,
thence north So rhains, thence east Mi chains to
plnce of commencement
Date Oct. Uth, 1910.
Pub. Oct 22nd.
Skeena Land DUtrict���DUtrict of Banks Island
Take notice that Maurice L. Gibson, of Barry,
Minn., occupation farmer, intends to apply for
permiasion to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a poat planted about six milea
aaat and one mila north from the mouth of an
Inlet, which point U about ten milm south and two
milea west irom End Hill, Banks laland, thence
weat 80 chains, thance aouth 80 chains, thenoe eaat
80 chains, thence north 80 chains to point of
eom mencement.
Dated Sept 7, 1910. MAURICE L. GIBSON
Pub. Oct. 11. H. I.. Tingley. Agen
Skeena Land District ���District of Coast Range 6
Take notice that I. Daniel Nicholson of Kftselna,
B.C., occupation contractor, Intends to apply  for
ficrmfsslon to purchaae the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planted on the eaat aide
of Lakelae Lake, about one mile north of lot 684
and marked D. N'a. S. W. corner, thence east 40
cnains, thenoe north 40 chains, thence woat 40
chains to Lakelse Lake, thenre aoutherly along
the ahore of Lakelae Lake to point of commence,
ment containing 160 acres more or leaa. and being
comprised In lot number 39R4, (ungazetted).
Date Sept. 28th, 1910.
Pub. Oct. 22nd.
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Banka laland
| Take notice that F. Johnnies of Graceville, Minn,
occupation restaurant keeper, intenda to appy for,
permiMion to purchaae tha foUowing daeeribed
j Commencing at a post planted about five miles
eaat and two milea aouth from the mouth of an
Inlet which point U about ten miles south and two
mllea weat from End HUI, Banks Island, thenca
east 80 ehaina, thance aouth 80 chalna, thence west
80 chains, thanea north 80 chains to point of
Dstasl Sspt. H, 1910 F. JOHNNIES    ]
I Pub. Oct 11. B. 1.. Tinglay. Agant |
Difficulty Ariaea Over Misunderstanding When Building Permit Waa
Granted and Stable Owner ll in
Awkward Poaition.
Sksana Land Distrirt���Distrirt ol Banks Island
Tak. notic. that Bryan Ruddy of Harry. Miss-
| nasota. occupation farmer, intends to apply for
permission   to  purehas.  ths   following   <i��aerit��d
j     Commancing at a post plsntad sU mUss north
i ot the mouth of sn Inlet, which point is about tan
1 milss south and two milss west of End Hill, llsnks
| Island,  thsnee srsst B0 chains,  thanes south 80
I chains,   thenee  east   80  chains,   thence   north   80
chsins to point of commescemsnt.
Dau Aug. 11. 1910. BRYAN RUDDY
Pub. Sept. IS. II. I. Tingley. Agent
Skeena Land  District    District of Banks Islsnd
Taks notice that Joseph Tsylor of Seattle, Wssh,
occupation editor, intends to spply for pertaiasioa
to purchsse ths lollowing dsseribed lsnds:
Commencing at a post plsnted about s van
miles esst and one mile south from the mouth of an
Inlet, which point Is about ten miles south and two
miles wsst from End HUI. Bsnks lalsnd, thenee
west 80 chsins, thsnee snuth 80 chsina thence sast
80 chains, thencs aorth 80 chains to point of
Dstsd Sspt. 8, 1��10. JOSEPH TAYLOR
Pub. Oct. 11. B. 1.. Tingley. Agent
Skeens Land District���DUtrict of Bsnks Islsnd
Take notice that Msbel Corbett of Seattle,
Wash., oecupstion married woman. Intensis to
apply for permisaion to purchase tbe following
described lands:
Commencing st e post plsnted about three
miles sast and ons mile south from the mouth
of an inlet, which point Is about ten mllee south
and two miles west from End Hill, Bsnka Island,
thence weet 80 ehalns. thsnee south 80 chalna,
thence east 80 chains, thence nnrth 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dst��l Sspt 1, 1010. MABEL CORBETT
Pub. Oct 11. B. L. Tingley. Agent
Sksens Land  District���District ol Coast
Take notice that Joseph E. MsrehUdon of Prince
Rupert. B. C, occupation fermsr. intends to spply
for   permiasion   to   purchase   the   following   slew
cribsd lands:-
Commsncing st s post plsnted sbout 8 miles
up the Ei Chum Slk Rirer from Iu mouth and
on the left bank of river going up stream: thence
seuth 40 chains, thenee east 40 chains,
thence north 40 chsina more or Uae to
Iver bank, thenee westerly slsng riser bank in
rises nl commencement
>SU Aug. If.. 1810.    ISgsir'Joseph E. Marehllslon''
Tub.   Aui.  22
Skeens Ijsn.l District-District t,( Cast. Ranire f>.
Tske nsstlce that Louis Sweder ot Prince Rupert, ssccupetlon tallssr. Intends to applv fssr per-
mississn tss purchase the follnwing described
Commencing st a pssst planted st suuth-esst
corner ssf lot 1739. thence weat forty chains,
thenee assuth forty chains, thence east forty
chains, thence north forty chains to commeneement. conuining ltsli acres.
Date Sept. 17. 1910. LOUIS SWEDER
Pub. Oct. 19. 1910. Joseph Dumas. Agent
Skeens Und Dstrtet- District nf Banks Island
; Tske notice that Dominies Alberigi ot Seattle,
i Wish.,  oceupstlon  grocer,  intends to apply  for
permission to purchase the following deecribed
i Isnds:
Commencing at a post plsntesl about two mUes
j south from End HUI, llsnka lalsnd, thence weat 80
I ehalns, thence south HO chsins, thenca east 80
��� chains, thence north 80 chsins to point of com-
1 mencement
Dsted Sept. 9, 1910. DOMINICA ALBERIGI
Pub. Oct 11. B. U Tingley, Agenl
Cassiar Land District -District of Cassiar
Tske notice  thst I Nsill M. McNeill ot Prinse
Rupert,  B.  ('.,  occupation   Real   EsUU   Dealer,
InUnds to spply fnr permisainn tn purchase the
(ollowing dsseribed lansis
Commeneing at a post plsnted one mile In northerly direction from the north end of Bukley Lake
and ten chsins wast llulkley Creek, Ihence north 80
ehslna, thenoe .rest 80 chsins, thenee south 90
chsins, thence east 80 chsins to point of commeneement, snd conuining 840 scree, more or less.
Dstesl (let. 8, 1910. NEIL M. McNEILL
Puh. Oct. 26. Wllfrlf C. McDonsld. Agant
Again W. J. Green has approached
the city council in regard to the building
of a stable close to Ins residence. The
stable has just been put up by James
McKay of the Pony Express company,
on Eighth avenue near Fulton street, and
cloasely adjoins the house occupied by
Mr. Green.
At the time the permit was granted
to Mr. James McKay to erect the
stable through a misunderstanding the
building inspector's attention was not
called to the presence of dwellings
near the site which is at the back of
the lot. Neither is there any special
provision in reference to this aspect of
stable erection in the Building By-lnw.
It comes under the Health By-law.
At last night's council meeting Mr.
J. McKay gave his explanation of how-
he came to build after consulting with
the sanitary inspector who had first
stopped the work and later allowed it to
The sanitary ins| ertor explained that
he had told Mr. McKoy the result of
on interview with Aid. Barrow in which
the view of the health committee
given was that it could not interfere
with the erection of the building but
had to wait until an actual nuinanre was
proved before interfering.
That it waa surely a hardship upon the
owner of the stable to be put to the
expense of building only to find himself
unable to use the premises built for
their intended purpose, waa the opinion
of the Mayor. He adds that if the city
had made any error in the matter then
the s ity would huve to make good agiiin.
The situation will be fully considered
on Thursday Mr. McKay having been
requested by Aid. Pattullo to present
his position in writing then. On behalf
nf the health committee Aid. Hilditch
will investigate the circumstances, and
report upon them.
For the future the building inspector
will be supplied with a copy of the
health by-law to use- in conjtTrX'tiuii with
the building by-law.
Is w
lM BEFORE the event
He Insures BEFORE
fire and takes
the    I
on  his life for thTp��
taction of his wife and
and   a
family and business in
tout. BEFORE It is too
Unsuccessful Man
Is wise AFTER the event
He insures AFTER the lire
and puts off making pro.
vision for his wife and
family and business interests until something
has happened which prevents him getting insurance.
Call now and examine our
Life, Accident and fire
Policies, and get our nlei
OFFICE i-AUrr Bloc.. Still Sew
*>*>** �������� MI ********
��� ************ *********'*,
I! w.j. McCutcheon
, ,   Carries cssmplete ntsx-k of Drags).  Soecisl   |
, |      attantlon paid la filling pmcripuoM.
! I Tkalre Block i'��<*n i *<>�����Stcd An.
:'���������������++����< - i-i-,-s,T-.H
Age   Limit  of   "Children'' Ii Midi
Children under the age ol foumn
must be off the ItreetJ and snug >t hofflf
by 8:30 p.m. iis winter and 9 to 10pain summer. The winter months lit
October to March, the summer mm*
April to September.
So says the Curf��W By-law v-hici
was considered last night by the citj
council. m
The age of the "children" was alien.
from eighteen to fourteen years. M
aldermen have beer, young them***
Quern Chariott. Islands Und District���District of
Tsks notlc thst I, Thos. R Davey ol Qucn
Chsrlotte, oceupstlon notary public. Intend to
applv for permission to proeaert for cosl and
petroleum on th. followinK described land:
Commencins at s poas planted four miles north
and flv. miles east ot Section 1.1, Township 7,
Crshsm Islsnd snsl msrked No 2.1, T. II 1 >.. 8. E.
comer, thence west 80 ehslns, Ihence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chsins, thenc soulh 80
chsina lo point of eomtnencment, containing 840
icrsss more or laaa.
Dstsd Oct. 80, 1(10. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson (lowing. Agent
Hotel Premier
M. Boyd
G. A. Clothier. Stewart. EU-
E. J. O'Brien
'  R. H. Gurd
James D. Sword. Seattle
T. D. Roshit-r. Victoria
William Prleti Swttls
W. F. Kilpatrick
Barney Mulvutiey
\V. J. O'Neill. Port Stop*"
Frank K. W.ilk.-r. Port Sim***
R. SchaiTe, Lawn Hill
K. S. Dixon. Victoria
A. McKenzie, Victoria
S. F. Jones. Victoria
New Knox Hotel
Joe Price. G. T. P.
E. J. Bryant, Skeena
Jackbon mm cod Sidin.
T.J. McManamon.McLeoa.i
R. Shell
A Crusch
H. Davidson
A. Mlgar
Jas. Dole
J. Williams
J. Seguin, Vancouver
A. MePhair
Day Ryan
T. Bragg
J. Murray, Stewart
A. P. Chennctt��'-P'(wna
W. Loiville


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