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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1910-12-29

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 The Prince Rup
/OL. I. NO. 199
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Thursday, December
29. 1910.
I Chaa. A. Cillingham Appointed to
Gather in Subacriptiona���Nurses
Salary Fixed at $60 Per Month-
Will Advertise for an Orderly.
At the meeting of the Hospital Board
yesterday afternoon it was agreed not
��� to discuss the question of municipal
nmi ml until after the annual meeting
when a new board would probably be
in charge of the hospital affairs. The
secretary read a letter from Alderman
Pattullo, secretary of the finance commit lee of the city council, stating that
his committee had recommended a
donation of $1000 to the building fund
nf the hospital. This donation was
confirmed by the council on Tuesday
night. On the motion of Mr. Palmer
it was decided to tender the thanks of
the board to the city council for their
The appointment of Mr. Charles A.
Cillingham as a collector to -rather in
the subscriptions was duly confirmed
by the board. His salary was fixed at
f ,'i i n-r day, and his work will commence
on the first of January. Intimation
was made by the matron to the effect
thai no nurses had been yet appointed.
The board went into the matter of
salary and finally agreed upon their
salary as $60 per month. The committee
--ill appoint the two successful candidates today. It was also decided to
advertise for an orderly. The members
present were Messrs. Kirkpatrick, Clarke,
William Manson, Pattullo, Naden, Palmer, Stewart, and Cuthbert.
In Trying to Defend Hi. Chief from Charge of Wilfully Distorting the Truth,
Empsre Reporter Fell Foul of Aid. Mobley and Mayor Stork
���Pattullo Replies to Hi. Critic.
Price, rive Cento
John McSorley of Jarvia la Arrested
on the Charge -Freight Miacarricd
Owing to "Consignee" Having
Become Defunct.
With the boom of the first gun fired I to have suited Alderman Hilditch and
last   n.ght   ln   the   Skating   Rink   by !graded   Sixth   avenue   from   McBride
Alderman Pattullo the municipal election street to Seal Cove was   not a sensible
campaign in Prince Rupert for 1911 has proposition.
begun in earnest.   In spite of the rain <,i������;fi.    .  �� .
���j ��������_  ,u .. .. Significant  Approval
ana storm the seatsng space extending     T.    ,       ,       ,
to half the floor of the rink was well ,fc���    ,     .,    * sul*ri,**endl'nt �����
filled,  and  many had to stand.    The "JT  ��f  Montreal  in('r,-a8ed  the
crowd   was   most   enthusiastic.   Th.y b��"ks advance to the city to $800,000
had apparently come with expectations f"" he,Sl,W ,hal.lh*,p!an was t0 *���*
j of a great time and were not disappointed ��*��] Ti'" ^*lfinnl:   Had
for the meeting developed into one of tlw "a"**"^- ****** been Betting the
the livliest possible. ' P*"*  th'8  m0ney  WOuld  not   have
been so easily got.
At present the city's water supply
Candidates Came Forward
Opening his address with a compli- was ,he bcal ,hut eoM ** i*01- and
ment to Alderman Moblev as candidate the Wo��dworth Lake scheme was com-
for the  Mayoralty Alderman  Pattullo pleU' as Ur *"* **���"��� surv,'v K01'8-   ll wi"
got   right  with his audience,  and  ex- �� on* J lhe ��'��rks ��' -���� ^ sean   Water   Power  affairs,   Alderman
plained   why   Mr.   Manson-the  rival ��   M'0^   ,he   Permanent   "UPP'V | Puttu||0 asked if the citiu>ns wanHd ���
candidate for the Mayorp.lty had  not, m "OOtlwWfUl.                                   j "wibbly wobbly" character for Mayor.
been   invited   formally   to   be   present. Council and Day Labor               or a man of the firm businesslike stamina
Jarvis. Ont., Dec. 27. -The mystery
of a body shipped from here, in a barrel,
i first to Toronto and then to Montreal,
outrageous assessment is Mr. Manson. | turns out to be a case of body snatching.
Had Mr. Manson been first mayor of Last night, provincial officers arrested,
the city, Prince Rupert would have been j John McSorley, consignor of the barrel
handed over body and soul to the G. T.' who says that when he shipped it, it
������' 'conatined turkeys.
Warning to Critics The body of the man discovered  is
A voice raised in dissent was heard 'believed to be lhat of a man named
from behind, and in answer Mr. Pattullo Johnson who died at Jarvis, Ont., on
said distinctly: November 18, two days In-fore the barrel
"I warn you that if you return Mr. j *lls sUpped. The barrel was marked
Manson for your next Mayor the' 'or shipment to "Janitor, Bishop's
G. T. P. will not accept the city's terms; College, Montreal." There wan at one
for reduction of the assessment." time- a medical college in connection
Th. Wibbly Wobbly One 'with   BishuP'K  Allege  at   Lennoxville,
I but this institution units-d with McGill
Drawing attention to Mr. Manson a- .   ,,,,,,
,. . . . ,     ,     .     some four or live years ago.
behavior  in  connection  with  the  in-,
corporation of the city, and the Tsemp- "ben it ����� unable to make delivery nf lhe barrel, the railway cnrrl-
pany hail the package opened, intending
to dispose of the imultry it was sup-
IMsseil   in   contain,   lo   cover   freight
Mr.   Manson   had   not   returned   the      At this point Alderman Hilditch came lof Alderman  Mobley.   Cheers greeted  rh"ri(,'s'   '< wa-" then that the discovery
courtesy  to   Alderman   Pattullo  on   a in, and Alderman Pattullo opened the, the mention of the latter name.
previous occasion when it was up to day labor question.    He said that the i The Licensing By-law
him   to   do   90.    However,   Alderman city council had decided to have the      ��m���.~���_ rs.....,n��� ... _. ._     , .
n .. 11 ���������....,,.. t       . ,.     ,    Alderman Pattullo went on to refer!ho.,., that   t  would ha  nurchased for
Pattullo now invited Mr. Money. Mr.-contract  system as the wisest   policy. I ,���   ,.     ,.      ���������   ������ ���   .     ., ���    .     '"T m  purcnaxn tor
to   the   Licensing   By-law   which   has|<-js.^.t,or, purposes.
was made. The body bore no marks of
violence and had evidently been consigned  to  the medical  college  in  the
Manson,   and   any   other   prospective  For   himself   Alderman   Pattullo   was
I just   passed   its   third   reading.
candidate in the field to come up to ready to stand always for the policy, Municipal c)aU8es Acl. hl. ||oinU,d ou(|
the   platform   and  say  their  say.   he he believed the best for Prince Rupert. 1 gjvw ^ U_KW Conimissioners power
himself reserving the right to close the 1 Against the day labor idea was the fact
to refuse licenses.    The present  by-law ' Come  Before Magistrate Carss and
Work on the G. T. P. la Proceeding
General Superintendent W. C. Mehan,
of the G. T. P., has been up at the end
of steel for the past day or two examining
the progress of the work and laying
plans for the resumption of thc construction work when the winter has
He reports that the weather in the
vicinity of the end of steel, at the
hundred and second mile post, is very
hard. In spite of this drawback, however, the subsidiary work such aa build
ing trestle bridges and laying consrete
foundations is being carried on with
the utmost vigor. The men are constantly employed, such a thing as a
let up seldom being heard of.
The snow shed about midway up
the line has now been completed and
it will guard against any snow slide
that may eventuate in that place. Mr.
Mehan, while having nothing entirely
new to report Bays that everything is
proceeding to his satisfaction.
; mec^in��- ���������*������ ,hf work in lhv cit>' engineering ,        on,y Qn ^ groum, of misdl>meari0r |
Alderman Mobley came forward amlirrstnff would have cost probably $100,000  Y(,t ^ Alderman Smitn and Aider.
loud  cheering,   Mr.   Manson  followed,  more per annum.   IkimUI JWt t.1            Hadi   h   dj         ,   {how   claU8(,s :_���_..._. .-__ __, nD ,,,,,���_
!Then came  M.  M. Stephens, and  H.;be   constructed      It   might   be   th.tL,,,   winted   ,0  g'ivf  ^  t.ommis8H)I1 ��� ��    J'���<*��<a"< "����
Douglas and later Mr. W. S. Benson these could be better done by  dayV ���bi l0 nMf* liMm.s wh(.r,. JK^^C^^lSS
 1   ��u mju.L     .1  ,.���...���!.   i.,i...r     Hon   .\i,i..r���,.,��� I', 111, ll,, ��,��� 11,1    .         .* *  . 11Ms morning,   isiilt i arne>. ami iwiiavn
and Alderman Hilditch.   Mayor Stork \ labor.   If so, Alderman Pattullo would |lhey  |(,eawd  WJlhout (h(. jU8liflcation
was already present upon the platform,    advocate the best plan.
_     _ .... Takes Middle Position
City Development Methods
While Alderman   Hilditch  posed  as
t Staerrirk were Doth charged wilh selling
of misdemeanor. liquor without a liettM at premises on
Standa for  Freedom ' i ismssx avenue.    They  were reinuiide'l
Alderman   Pattullo declared thut  he ��� till Friday.
Getting down to his subject Alderman. lhe triend of thl. working man, Alderman i sloo(, for individua| ,ret,d(
Pattullo said thut to look around thi-1 pa,tu||o gave his own position as being
city was in itself sufficient to prove the mjdway   between   the   capitalist   and
claimB of the first  council to I good (hp |aoor),r.   He certainly had to work
record.    Alderman Hilditch iwhom he nard every dayi he said.   Capital had
regretted was not at the moment present) a  ,vay of encroaching on  labor and I interference with the legitimate freedom ! which goes to show that the quiet limes
had  raised  objections to the  plan of |ubor w t*ui��it��l.   The middleman ��aw!of lne individua|.    w.e concludeil with a. lale in  the Mice court   have not
lorn consistent This is a case where the accused have
wilh the public welfare, and for the! been previously got after, but the
License Commission to be empowered | matter was dropped al that time. It
to take away licenses without the cause! j* understood that Chief McCarvell has
of   misdemeanor   was, he thought,   an 'several   other   similar  cases   s-ornered,
grading Section 1 first and leaving the fair p|ay lor both labor and capital.
residential parts to be more temporarily A.....m.nt
treated by plankway construction.   Al-
' derman Pattullo though, this was ralher'    Mr. Manson had said he would settle
j intended to create prejudice in .he minds the G.T P   .~���,   question   ,   in
'of residential propir.y owners.   People ollice.   Alderman Pattullo decglared that
iwere  not  in  Prince Itap*  for ttatf ^^t^S^JTSS
, health.   They neede.l firs, of all a good ed the whole trouble to say he would
neaun.    imynir                              The settle il.    He slated that through thc
well  developed  business section.     Ihe siiue                         .,������,,���.,   ,. ���r,,ivof
.,                l u  :..  ,1,..  ris.V snnolntffltnl of Mr. ( ulhuert, a protege
nresisn.  meeting was he d in tne rum ap-Hiim"s-��.
1                                                     n might of  Mr.  Manson's,  the assessment   had
What been framed, and Mr. Cuthbert's reward
One Instance in Which it Proved Unreliable
London, Dec. 27.���An authentic instance in which a finger print identification proved utterly worthless haa just
been brought to the attention of the
London police courts. Finger prints
were submitted to show that a person
had been sentenced for an offence about
two years ago. It waa, however, indisputably proven that the accused was
then serving in the army, and he waa
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners.  Phone 4.
in order that residential owne
more conveniently be present
mm-,   being   done   for   the   rdttattal ��^M��gf;ffgS
section.7    Plank roadways were being ou. some inei.ua   u*  "     ----
extended throughout these sections into! Alderman   1 atttillo   I
every street that required them.   But  ge
ntleman who is responsible for this
a reiteration of his opinion that Alder, meant idle hours for the force.
man   Mobley  for  Mayor and  himsel	
for   alderman   was   a   combination   of j new SCHOOL OPENS JANUARY 3
men who knew how to manage lhe city's I
affairs   better   than  most,  on   account, Janitor Asaumca Hia Duliaa    Heat
ing Plant Progress
of Alderman Pattullo as camlidatc for
next council, on account of his sterling
character,  and   the  fact   that   he   had
found on the front steps of the First
Methoslist church by C. E. Downie who
chanced to be passing.
Downie is employed in the New York
I building and as the passed the church
rh about a footlong, wrap-
dynamite, eacl
There was enough
P.ator of Church Is Threatened forced  in  the '��*��� blow __
C.n.uri���f th. Attitude of Seattle; ��l osive *****
Civic Authorities Toward. Vice In budding ^ ^ ^ gnd ^
th. City. j lhe danK,rous package until
 ...        m.v    ��l Patrolman Opedyke arrived and took the
Seattle,   Dec.   27.-a-.ve   sticks   ri JffHJTbUa-W*
dynamite wrapped in a package, were | stuff to pon
of their familiarity already with council
Frank Moblay Is Frank Mr. F. Garten, the newly appointed
_                 .,      ,, , .���..���-   janitor   to   lhe   handsome   new   public
Expreass.ii-; himself sirongly in favor ,'-""l '     .
.,',   ��� ������ ��� ���*_.ii.i���,��� �����,  school  of  Prune  Rupert,  assume*  his
duties osi Tuesday morning.
Good   progress   is   being   made   with
the  furnace  installation.    The  heating
! plant  is  promised  COfltpltt*  when  tie
; school opens on Tuesday, January 3.
 ���        Tenders  for  the  construction   of  a
Rev. Adna Wright Leonard is pastor; 16-ft. plankway between the school and
of thc church Last Sunday evening he Eighth avenue will shortly be ca led
ored the city administration for per-'for. This w.ll afford a convene,
milting vice conditions to flourish, and entrance for coal and heavy good, at
Tobuked what he called the "friendly, the back of the school instead of the
[nlluences of vice" in Seattle. Later front entrance on Seventh avenue,
he received  a  letter threatening him|
with death and the destruction of the I Camosun Replaced
ehurch. The   Pacific   Coast,   boat   Camosun
 which is due to arrive in Prince Rupert
W. S. Benson to Run J tomorrow will not make the run as she
it is now announced that  amongst is to lay off for a spell.   In her absence
the list of candidates for  aldermanic: the schedule  will   be  carried   out  by
honors for 1911, is W. S. Benson who'the Capilana which should make this
intends to run for Ward II. ' port some time tomorrow. THE   P R1MCt   KUPERT   OPTIMIST
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popiiar with dissert M uiw.
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The Optimist
At University With Her Son
The spe��*cie of a ia-iy of fifty years.
*r.*jk&it*zg a coarse of graduate work ir.
Ez&s-b literature and modem taUgMfM
i-. :be same uriversrty where her m a
a student of mining eriginaseririg. is to
be ��t*s i*. the University of Washington.
Tbe lacy s Mrs. Eleanor F. Hawor.h
of S��*r.ie-
Ifas, Ha��ortk is a college churn of
Ler oars sol. mr is a junior in tbe
Scicsc-i of Mines. Another son is prom-
:**z-'. *r a:hie:ics at Lincoln High
School, whav-e be *i a sophomore.
"'I have five chiicert." sa:d Mrs.
Hawor.h. "'but I fine ample time to
devote ���.'.' :h* work, which has been
not or_y ���'. great use *.o me. but a
source e.'. r.er.irsab:* pleasure. Upon
retunusg last year from Japan I re-
aoiverf to avail myself of the opportunity of attending the University of
Wu-;-gtoi. thirJring that even at
this marure age I sho-M have suS-
aez.'. time '.o r- * a higher education
and to live to enjoy its possesFions."
Mrs. Haworth is a graduate of the
Rockford College, a sermrArj* for women. In UU she took her A. B.
degree. Mrs. Hawonh was an intimate
friend and daasmate of Jane Addams.
Of the college career of Mis Addams.
Mrs. Hawonh says: "In our class Jane
Addams was tbe natural leader. She
was co society woman, but the opposite,
very* rssassy-Yed and a deep thinker. Her
heart reached out to the desolate
peoples of the chit* and she longed to
be with them in order to uplift them.
"At Rockford we felt that tbe career
of Jane Addams would be bright. Many
a night have I spent with thi* worthy
woman in ber home, and tbe thoughts
and idea* that beamed from Miss
Addams I have carried with me in my
Since her graduation from Rockford Mrs. Hawonh has spent eighteen
years as a missionary worker in Japan.
Representing Presbyterian missions, she
has worked in Japanese schools at
Tokyo. Yokohama and other leading
"My  entire life  has  been  spent  in
the   classroom."   said   Mrs.   Hawonh.
1 "They are my happiest moments.   The
1 work I am taking now at the university
is   purely  for  pleasure  to  myself.     I
love to study, and when bjsy I feel so
much better.   In fact. I can say that I
do not know what it is to be idle.   Of
course, with my housework and sixteen
hours'   work   at   the   university,   and
caring for my children.  I  have very
: little time to dream.   It is a matter of
system that enables me to do all I haw
to accomplish.
"As for the merits of co-education,
I am not able as yet to say. I was
brought up in a women's college. I
am heanily in support of women's
colleges, for there the girls learn much
that they cannot gain in the co-educational schools.
"I will not say that I am not a
'co-ed' as well as the rest of the women,
but emphatically assen, right now, that
I am not a suffgarette. and I arn highly
opposed to the extension of the suffrage
to women."
Mrs. Hawonh will complete her
work for a mai-ter of arts degree, after
which she will join her husband at
Vancouver, where he is Japanese interpreter for the United States emigration bureau.
"There is no place in the world for a
disfigured woman. Why is it, do you
suppose, that a woman hesitates to
tike up aeroplaning and vie with men
in this sport as she has done so successfully in other fields? Because she does
not want to spoil her good looks That's
the reason and no other. Suppose a
woman were to lose control of a flying
machine hundreds of feel in the air. as
so many men have done, and should
come tumbling down to earth and be
buried beneath its wreck. Suppose she
was not killed outright, but should be
borne tenderly from beneath the machine with a limb missing, or her pretty
face horribly scarred and disfigured.
How much chance has that woman in
the world? What can she do? Men.
while I have found them in most cases
to be cavaliers, cannot help but find a
homely woman tiresome."
The countess does not show as much
faith in the future of aeroplanes as one
might expect from the sister of so famous
ar. aeronaut. There is, however, little
doubt but that most women would
rather face the possibility of a fatal
wound than the danger of deformity.
It may be quite true that she has no
good looks to boast of. still she is
usually careful to make the most of
what comeliness she possesses.
Yet homely women need not trouble
themselves much. Neither all famous
women nor all happy women have been
beauties. Nor can it be true that men
cannot help but find homely women
tiresome. Many noted men. some of
them artists, have married and lived
happily with women in whose fac.fi the
rest of the world sees no beauty.
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Jewelry Store. ������'*���>mmmt\miMtML-s
thi: 1- R 1 N
C E    RUPKRT    o ���>T1MIS T
1)1.1 rid ol
.��� Charlotta lalands Und DUtrict
,n Skaena
T,kc ...slice that 1. Thoa. R. Davey ol Quean
ChtrlgU*s occupation
ap,>iy lor parnuaupa
irsils'isisi on
notary   public,  Intand   to
iip   to proapect lor coal and
tile Inflowing deecribed land:
, , ,.���.,irinK ��t �� P0"1 PUBled thirteen milee
.1.ml tsvii milea oast of Section 13, Townahip
ft ���im Sn��� and marked No. 52. T. R. 1) N.
I��eSSr7 mWm ���*�����- 80 chains, thenee south 80
X ihence cast 80 chains, thanca north 80
jSSJSJto pHtat.3commencement. conUining 640
mmi more or I
l2���sl Nov. 8, 1910.
pub. Dec. 3.
Wilaon Gowing, Agent
q__ Charlotte Island. Und Dtatrlct-DUtrict ol
Take notica that 1. Thoa. R. D��v��y.�� <*>���*"
Charlotta, occupalion noUry public, intend to
.nnVv lo P ' lon "> Pro"!**1 lorJ coal aad
S,1,-u, on the lollowing .Wlbed land:
���rammmdM at a post plantad thirteen mUea
mnS3WJatf ���* orsection 13 Townahip
�� Graham Iwand and marked No. 53,1. R. D. N.
*}, corner, thence east
Queen Charlolte Islanda Unsl District -District ol
Take notice that I, Thos. It. Davey of quss-n
Charlotte, uccupation notary public, issionsi ft
apply lor permission to prospect lor coal ansl
petroleum on the lollowing described land
Quisen Chsrlott. Islsnd. land Disirict-Dtatrict ol
as , , Skeens
c-25Kta*S! "'"��� '��� '���'ll""- "��� """y��' ��<*<��n
.,?,.     ft   nceupatioa   numry   puhlic,   intensl   to
>l'|sl>   Inr   permission   to  prospect   lor  coal  and
Commencing at a post planted nine miles nonh 11"'"""'""1 ��n the following .liwrilMsl Isnsl
and two milea east ol Section  13, Township 7, ommeneiiig at ., post plants s.��M milw north
Graham Island and marked No. 41, T. IL I >,S. K I *nd live miles sisssi ���i Smiim 111, Township 7,
eorner,  thonco west  80 chains, thence north ��0 ! ,'r*,,,m '""""I ��'��l marked So. -Is',, T. R. D., N. K.
��� �� .      ��� -        ..*.. nirliisr      I I...,,....       . ..     _i _���_ .. * . .       7T~
chains, thence east 80 chain., thencs. south no
chains to point ol cssmmencement, containing si ui
acres more or less.
Dates! Nov. h, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowinn, Agent
corner,  thence wcssl   KO chain.,  Ihence south  80
chains,  ihence eajst  HO chsins,  ihence  north  80
cnains to point ol commencement, conuining 610
acrsa misrs' or Issjw.
Dislssl Nov. I, lino.
I'ub. Nov. 17.
Quaen Charlotte Islands Und District
Taka notica that 1, Thos. R. Davey ol Qusen
Charlotta, occupation noury public, intend to
apply lor permission to prospect (or cssal and
petroleum on the lollowing descrtbs<d lansl:
Commencing at a poat plantesl eleven miles
north and two milea east ol Ssvtion 13, Township
7, Graham laland and marked No. 42, T. It. D. N.
E. corner, thence weat 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, Ihenee east    80    chains, thence north 80
Wilson Gowing, Agen'
District ol
Queen Charlotta Islands Und District -District ol
r-s. . *. ""''"' lhat '��� Th<>��- "��� "��v'y "I Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, inlend to
apply (sir pcrnmiion to proapect lor coal and
petsvls'um nn lhe billowing dmrrihed land:
Commencing al u post planted eight mils*
north anil tivs milw east ol Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and marked No. 37, T. 11. D., N. W.
scrs-s mors- or leas.
Uai.-l Nov. 8, 1910.
1-ub. Dm, 3.
Caaaiar Und District���Dtatrict ol Cassisr
Taka notice that Henry Hunter Morton ol I'rince
Rupert, B. C, oecupstion clerk, intends to spply
lor permission to purchsae the lollowing described
Commancing at a post planted one mils In a
northerly direction Irom the north end ol llulkley
Uke and 10 chains weat ol llulkley Creek, thence
soulh 80 chains, thance west 80 ehal- i thence
north 80 chalna, thence eaat 80 chains ta point
ol commencement, and conuining 640 acrea, mssre
or lass.
Date Oct. 8, 1910. HENRY HUNTER MORTON
I'ub. Oct. 26. Wlllrtd C. Macdonald. Agent
Omineca Unsl District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that I'hlllo Chenett, of I'rince Rupert, uccupation Contractor, int.-nils us apply for
permi.Hiod tsi purchase lhe fsillowinK described
lands: (*omraenslnir at a post plants-sl at the south
west cssrner of Anslimaul Government Reservation, Skeena River. Ranire fs. District ssf Cassiar,
thenca Kl chain, north, them-e 80 rhains west,
thence 10'chains south, thence east aioiiir the
bank of Skeena River to pssint of csssnmencenient,
conuininic 100 acres, mssre or le.B.
Dalssi Oct. 14, 1910 Philip Chenett
Pub. Oct. 28 Locator
sh..A��."w*sI~B0~ china, thance north w i enaina, tnence east    ou    cnains, tnence norm 80   corner, ihonn- ,-u.st so chains, thsnee .south 80
"****.. TL^^nwUst. enntainin. 640 ! ch"n�� *�� P��'nt ot wmmcncemonl, ci.ntaining 1.10 l chains,  thence sassst 80 chains,  ihsnce  north  80
acres more or less chains to point bI commencement  containing 640
THOS   R  DAVEY I ����Ud Nov. 6, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY   acres, msiri' or less. Caasiar Und District -District ol Cassiar
Wilaon Gowing, Agent    ' Puo' ���*** 3. Wilson Guwing, Agent   Datisl Nov. 1,1910. TllOS. 11. DAVEY      t^* n<>tic�� that Wilfrid C. McDonald ol I'rince
I i Pub. Nssv. 17 Wilson Gowing Agant I Rupert, B. C-, intends to apply lor permiasion to
���..   , ..   s i ���,i. l^���,l llirtrin��� Di.trict ol   Queen Charlotte Islsnsls Und District-District ol l purchase the lollowing described land:
Queen Charlotte Wands Und Diatrict   District ol ^^ L       -   ��� I    Commencing at a post plantesl one mile disunt
,     ... .  . n-W^T ii   n.u.��� nf   u���...n       Take notica that I, Thoa. IL Davey, ol Queen   Quswn ( harlotte Island. Und District  -District ol i in   northerly  direction   (rom   north   end   llulkley
Tske nonce that I 1 boa. it. uavay oivyeen   CharlotU, occupation Noury   Public intend to '    _ , , Sksens I Uke snd un chsins west llulkley Creek, thence
Charlolte, occupation  noury   P"D11C.   '"*nn   "> ! ,pp|y (0r permission to   prospect   tor coal and     Jake notice thst 1. Thos. II. Dsvey ol Queen I north 80 chains, thance east 80 chains, thence south
spply lor  permission  to  l'���P��"    .������. pauoleum on the lollowing dsseribed lands: ' harlotte,  occupation  noury   public,   Intend   to I "S chains, thence west 80 chsins to point ol com-
nslMtum on the lollowing o��n^ianu. Commencing  at   a  post  planlssl  eleven  miles   apply   (or  osi-mission  to  prssspect   lor  coal   and   mencement, and conuining 640 acrea, mora or leaa.
(.oinniencing ill post plantrt thlrtMn mua.   ^^ jjj gj- ma_ M u, ^<non u T���wn,ni.,   isetnileum on the lollowing describssl lsnd: Dates! Oct. 8, 1910    WILFRID C. McDONALD
north und seven miles^east ol Section 1 i, lownsniB | ?^ Grahlm l-lnd ,n(1 nufk^j n0. 43, T. R. D., N,      < ommencing at a post plantesl eight miles nssrth   Pub. Oct. 26, Philip C. McDonald, Agent
7, tir.ham Uland and marked No M. 1. it. u. n. j K lhenw WO)l ������ chljn    __m mMh ������   and three mile, east ol Section 13  Township 7,
Ii. cornet, thence weat **<chains,,*__*���Tsh  xn 1 chsins. thence eaat 80 chains, thence north 80   Graham Island snd msrked No. 34. T. R. U., rl. E
chain., thence east 80 *____?__*_**_*STi   chains to point ��( commencement, conuining 610
chsins to point ol commonesament, conuining b40 , ^^ mo��� 0r leas.
,lna more or less. nAVFY    O*'"1 Nov' ����� ���910' TIU'S' K   ��AVl*:Y
Por'l.��.V3M91a W���n^.wi����A^.Yt1��>-'��^*''' WU��,nGow,n,.Age���,
Qaeen Charlotte Uland. Und DIctrlct-DlaUict 0.   ***** ****** ^f^ '"""��-""<"�� ��'
.v . ���ak^*M  ���   t~.b.��� ���f .),,.��.���      Take notice that I. Tho.. R. Davsy ol Qus-on
.��ke notice that 1, Thoa. R. Dwey ol Quaan   chMlotu   occupation   noUry  public,  inlend  lo
and ' "Pply   l��r  isermission  lo  prospect  lor  coal and
) petroleum on the lollowing dearribssl land-
eorner, thence wssst HO chains, thence south 80
chains, ihence east HO chains, thence north 80
chains to point ol commencement, cssntaining 640
acres more or leas.
Dstssl Nov. 1, 1910. TllOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Ch.rlotts-, occupation notary   public,  intend  lo
apply lor permission to  proapect   lor  coal
petroleum on the lollowing deacribed land:
t ommencing at a poat planted thirteen mllee
north and eleven milea east ol Section 13, Townabip'j
7. Grshsm Island and marked No. 66, T. D. R., N. I
W. corner, thence east 80 chains, thance wast 80
ch��m��, ihence north 80 chains, thenca aouth 80
chsins lo plum ol commencement, containing 640 ;
scrs�� more or lass. ���..,,-   .,   .__,,-��� I
Dsissl Nov. 8, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Wilaon Gowing, Agenl     1
Queen Chsrlotte Island. Und District���District ol
Take notice that I. Tho.. It. Davey nl Queen
Charlolte,  occupation  nssury   public,   intend   to
Commencing   at  a   posl  plsnled ecven  mils*   ,pp|v   (ot  nermisswn  lo  prospect  lor  cosl  snd
north and five milea cast ol Section 1.1.    ownship   |H,lr���ieUrn on ,he (ollowing deaenbed lsnd:
7, Graham Island and marki>d No. 44, *1. R. D., N.       Commencing at a post plsntesl lour mile, north
E. corner, thence weat 80 chains, thence south 80   ,rd tiv, mUm f_x 0| -section  13. Township 7.
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to poinl ol commi'nccmeni, conuining 610
acrea more or leas. .       .
Dstesl Nov. 6, 1910. THOS. R. DAU.Y
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson, Gowing, Agenl
Skeena Und District    District ol Coast
Take notice that Mary Hall ol Port Simpson,
11.  C,  occupation  nunse,  intends  lo  apply  (or
permiasion  to  purchsse  the  lollowing  deacribed
Commencing at a past planted at the southwest
corner 100 chains east and 20 chains north ot
the northeast sorner of Ul lilt (Harvey Surveyl,
thence 80 chain, nnrth, thenc 80 chains easl,
thence 80 chsins south, thence 81 chains wast
lo post ol eommeneemi-nl. contsining 64B acres,
more er leas.
Dsted Nov. 14, 1910. MARY HALL
Pub. Dec. 1". Pred Bohler. Agent
Skeena Unsl Diatrict - Di.trict of Coast Range 6.
Take nsstlce lhat Jsihn H. Sweder ssf  Prince
Graham Island and marks.! No. 22. T. It. D��� S. V,.   u,ui,erl. B. C��� occupation tailor. InUnda to applj
cssrner. thenc,- eut 80 chsins.  thence north  80   for permission tsi ourchaae the following descrlb-
chsins, thencs* weal  80 chsin.,  Ihence south  80 | ���* lands:
Skeena Und District -District ol Coast Rsnge 6
Take  notice that  Charles  R.  Gilbert ol  Vancouver, B. C., occupation broker, intends lo spply
lor permission to purchase the (ollowing slescribed
Commencing at a post planted at the S. W. corner ol Lot 3980, thence east 40 chains, ihence south
40 chains, thence west 60 chain, more or leas to
shore ol Ukelse Uke, thence lollowing the shore
ol aaid lake In a northerly din<ction to point of
commeneement, cssntaining 200 sen's more or Issas.
Dstesl Sept. 19, 1910. ICHARLES. R. GILBERT
Pub. Oct. 1. Msneell Clark. Agent
Skeena Und District -District of Queen Chsrlott
Take notice that Catherine Bowman ol  Vancouver, B. C, occupation spinster, inUnds to applr
lor permisaion to purchaae the lollowing described
Commencing at s post planted on the shore near
the moulh ol Juskatala Bay, at about the northwest corner ol Timber Ucense No. 30895, thenee
eaal 80 chains, thence north 20 chsins more or less
U the shore, ihence westerly following the shore
back to the place ol commencement, conuining
160 acres more or lesss.
Dated Oct. 7, 1910 CATHERINE BOWMAN
Pub. Nov. a. A. E. Jeaaup. Agent
Skeena Und District -Diatrict ol Coast 11
Take notice thst Hurry Uver ol Prince
I'ub Us-c. I
, ,    .  .      . ^.^j^    ,���_.���- ���.   Queen CharlotU lalands Und District-District ol
yu��n Chsrlotte Islsnds Land Dictrict���Diatrict ol, "��� Skeena
,3kJ?��* o   r. . I    Take notice that 1. Tho.. It. Davey ol Queen
Take nonce that 1. Thoa. R. Davey of Queen ch#jlotu. occupalion noUry public, intend to
Charlolte, occupation notary public, Inund to j . (or p<,rrnu��1on to prospect lor coal and
spply lor per-mtsa-on to promct lor coal and S&s^,. on the lollowinr,; described land:
petroleum on the lol lowing described land^      _���_,     Commencing at a  ry.1 plantesl s-leven
chsins to poinl of
640 acres more ssr le
DaleslOct.30. 1910.
Puis. Nov. 17.
eommencemenl,   containing
WiUon Gnwing, Agen
Commencing at a poet planted forty chains
east and lifty chain, sssuth frtsm the .ssulh-weel
cssrner sif lot 2276. thence assuth forty chains,
thence east fssrty chains, thence north forty
chains, thence west forty chains tss pssint of com-
menssmenl. cssnulnlng ISO acres. ���_.���������_
Date Sepl. 26. 1910. JOHN H. SWEDER
Pub. Oct. 19.1910. Joseph Dumas. Agent
s 6
sssion   to   purchsse   the   (ollowing   described
Commencing st a post planted 10 chains arcat
ol the norths-ast eorner ot John Furlong's surveyed
pre-emption llllsck's recent survey August 22, 1910)
on the east side ol Ukelae Uke. thence west 30
chains more or lesss, thence nssrth 40 chains, thenca
east 30 chains, thence south 40 chalna to point of
comms>ncement, cssntaining 120 acres more or leaa.
Pub. Nov. 5. Chas. M. Wilaon, Agent
Skoena Und District District ol Coast lUnge Fs
Take notice that Charles M Wilson ol Prncs
Rupert, B. C, occupation real estate sgs-nt, intensis
tn apply lor permiasion to purchsae the lollowing
dsverioed lands:
Commencing st a post plsnled al the northeaat
corner of Johnson's surveyed lol No. 684, thence
*ss.t 30 cnsins more or Issas to 10 chain, eaat of
Pete Delloor's surveyed pre-emption llllsck's
recent ssirvey August 25, 1910) on the ssast aide
ol Ukelse Lake, ihence north 80 chains to the
south line ol William Gainey'a lot surveyed August
20, 1910, thence east 30 chsins, thence south 80
chains to point ol eommencs'inent, containing 240
acres more or leaa.
Pub. Nov. 5.
Commencing at a poat plantesl thirteen mUea fc lnd hvl, mtim ,���  ,,, ���������� 18. Township
north snd eight mllea eaat ol Section 13, Townahip , UrBnm |Jbud and marked No. 45, *1. R. D.. N.
7.1,raham Island and marked No. 66, T. R. U., .N | ^ eontT thence eaat r ' chains, thence soulh 80
W. cornsT. ihence east 80 chains, Ihenee south 80 -f jj���w, lr,fnc�� west 80 -bain., ihence north 80
chain., ihsnce west 80 chains, thenee north 80 , cnaini't��� po|nt 0[ commencement, conuining 610
chains in pssint ol commeneement, containing 640   lcna n]liri. or ,������
am. more or lass. i Dated Nov. 5. .JlO. TllOS. R. DAVEY
Dsled Nov. 9, 1910. T     *. R. DAVEY , sJKTjL 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Pub. Dec. 3. Wll        lowing, Agent I ""������ "**'
_.    .      . ' Oueen Charlolte Island. Und Disirict- District ol
Queen t harlotu lalanda Land Dlatriet-Dlatrict ol : v,*"*n   n,n�� ske��na
Skeena I    Ttk, nolice that I, Thoa. IL Davey ol Queen
Quesn Chsrlotte Islands Und District -District ssl
Take notice that I. This.. IL Davey ol Queen
Charlotte,  occunati n  noiarv   public,  intend  lo .....       -.....-    ���
apply   lor  permiaam   ti  prospect   Inr  cosl   and   Skeenn Und Utslnet.-pist.riet ssr Least.
lis'tnsls��um on the f-aayatn* aescribed land:
Commencing al a post planted eight milea north
ansl three milea eaat ol Section 13, Township .,
Grahsm Islsnd ansl markesl No. 10 T. R. U, S. W.
cssrner. ths-nee s-ast HO chains, ihence north 80
chsin.. thenre west HO ehslns. thenes- south 80
chain, lo point of commencement, cssntaining 610
acres msire or less.. ,,.UL.v
Dsissl Nov. 1, 1910. TllOS. R. DAVE.
Puh. Nov. 17 Wilson (.owing. Agenl
Skeena Und Distnct    Diatrict ol Coast lUnge 6
Take notice thst Dan McDougall ol Prince Rupert, B. ('., occupation csrpenter, InUnds to spply
lor permtasion to purchsss, tbe billowing descrilied
Take nsstice that 1,  William A. Wadhams of       Commencing at a pssst plsntssl two chain, suet
Vancssuver. B.C.. occupation gentleman. Intends   ol  the soulh   east  corner ol  William   Mcl'hee's
to apply for permls.ion tn lease the following , surveyed purchsse (Black's recent survey about
desrrilsesl lands: .      August 20, 1910) on the east side ol Ukelssc Uke,
Commencing at a posl planted on the northerly thence west 40 chain, mssre or lea. lo R Usgley s
.hsiressf Porcher Island sipp,s��sU lhe northwester- purchsae (Black's survey August 20, 19IOi thence
ly sntrnnce ssf Chismore 1'ss.aire, thence south 80 south HO chsins, thence easl 40 chsin., Ihence
chains thence can 811 chain., thence north 8U north 80 chain, lo point ol cssmmencement, con-
chain., theaee we.l 8" chain, lo place ssf com- tainlng 320 seres mors, or b-s" ���.������,���,.,,,
��� ���..._,������. DAN M DOl'lsAU.
'���'������                      ��� ...��=l u M������ .                         WUliam McPhee. Agent
Take notice thai  Thoa.   R.   Davay  of  Qjssem I r^V-JSLT^nparllsB   noury   public,   intend   to s^ieen Charlotte IsUnsta Und District-District ol   pUDOcl.22nd
I'narlotie, occupation  notary  public  InUnd  to I       .    , J. p,rmUajj0n to prssspect lor coal and .^JT"* ���   ...      _, n.���
permUalon  to  proapect  lor coal  and   JJP^,,,^ on\���e lollowing dssK-nlnyl land: Take notice that I, Thsas. R.   _*��_* ��u*n
'""and:               ' *gZ____\\i . shi.1  planted eleven milea chsrlotte. oceupstlon  notary  public,  intend  to
eleven  BlBaB  __m.'__^t_Z, __n mmYutmjkm VLaVanaUp apply  lor  permission  to {*****. ���**!**  "nd
_ X of Section 13. Townahip , t?*e____t__)_ttmmiti No. 40. T. It. II. f. pViroleum on the lollowing ggM Und:
, Graham l.land and marked No. 67, T. R. D., S.' U U'���Z,  thenc- west 80 ehaina. thence north 80 Commencing at a posst plsnled tan mile.
chs���.  thence eut  80 chains,  thenc south  80 o. Section 13 ^..wn.hip.
ehaina to point ol commencement, containing 610 Ko. 2,  I    i.    i
acres more or leaa.                 ana-rea   u   nlVKY
Dates! Nov. 7, 1910.                THOS. R. DA\ Eli
Pub. Dec. 3.                       WI'""1 (��*****. A��"n'
apply (ur perraUaion  to  proapect  (or coal  and
petroleum on the lollowing described land:
' "iiitiiencing at a poit  planted  eleven  rndaa
nurth and seven mllea
E. corner, thenoe north 80 chains, thance weal 80
ehaina, thence south 80 chalna, thence eaat Ho
chains tu point ol commencement, containing 610
acrea more or leaa.
Dated Nov. 9, 1'Jlo. TUOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. De:. 3. Wllaon Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotle Islands Und DUtnci
Graham Island, marked
N. W. corner, Ihence eut 80
chains! thence south 80 cbains, Ihence west 80
chains, ihence north 80 chains to point to com-
menremenl. contsining 610 ins. mssre nr l
Dated Oct. 28. 1910.
I-..1,   Nor. 17
Thus. II. Davey sil Queen   Quw,n charlotte Isslsnd. Unsl Dtatrict-DUtrict of   Pub. Oct. 19 1910.
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District--Distrct ol
Take notica that 1, Thos. It. Davay ol Queen
t'harlutte, occupation noury public. Intend to
apply lor permiasion to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a poat plantad eleven  milea i     ,,���.������
north and seven miles east ol Section 13, Township i ,   ._hlm _��������	
T, Graham laland and marked No. 58, T. R. D. S. , ij corner thence eaal 90 chains, ihence north 80
��. corner, thence east 80 chalna, thence north 80 , 3_Z_  skence weal 80 chains, ihence south HO    _
chains, thence wiwt 80 chains, thance south 80 , JCJ^'to ooint ol commencement, containing 640   c>ltint   ,nrnf. ..jih HO chsins   i
chsina to point of commeneement. containing 640  S^Stlor If���
Take nolice that I.
Charlotle.   occupation   notary   public,
apply   lor   tarrmUaion  to  pro.|H-c.    ssr cosl  and
pViroleum on the lollowing deacrilsc. land.
^Commencing  at a po* .pUnted eU.aaJBlg
north and three mUeaea.1 ol bectisin Ll, 1 ��n*M
7, Grahsm Wand and markad No. <��._��� __>*>*
Date Oct. 14th, 1910.
Skeena Und District - District ol Coast lUnge 6
Skeen. Und ��.��*.-W..r��t_V_m.J**Jt* ^_\%SSmmtfmmS& fSmtSl ��
Take nsstlc. that EldenSI-etwiler��� of ]Berlin ������o " ;_m  _ nM ,n, r������owint
Ontario, occupation dssctor, Intensl. to spply tor wj s
iwrmission Us purchase the following desenbed *^**_*J__\ ���  ,  |K<rt  pi,���,^  M n,lle  up
iands: .I..���..1. Eilrew.  Riser on east Isank, thencs- east 40 chsins,
Comnsencinit st a po.1 pUnted at the Kih- rjtwn    m m r
we.1 ssirner of lot ltd. thenc.e��t thirl)i chain. , *******J��< -JJ-JfJ  E���,^ Risn lhtB
more s,r le.s. thence soulh forty-five chssn. ms.re        ��� lUtreM River sssuth u |sosnt ol
���r le...  thenre west thirty chains more or le... -J"   "       ��� containing 140 .ere. more in lea.
.,   thence wulh foriy-liva chain, more or less I. commence ckoRGE OWEN JOHNSTON
THOS. R. DAVEY   p���|nt ���f eommeneemenL csmUlning one hundred ^^ )2  |sl()
Wllain Goarlng. Agent   ,nH f���r,v acre, rn.sre or lea*. ���.. .,��� ' r^b. Oct. 17.
I DaW Sept. 26. 1910. EI.1XIN J*___*_**i
Joaeph Duma.. Aaent
A. It. Johnston, Agent
acre, more or li
listed Nov. 9, 1910.
I'ub. Doc. 3.
Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Dated Nov. 7, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
Wilson Gowing. Agent
Qussn Chariotu Islands Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol
lake notice lhat I, Thoa. IL Davay ol Queen
t harlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply (or permission to proapect for coal and
..strs.lsum on the lollowing deacribed land:
I simmencing at a poat planted eleven milaa i nort|,
nsnih snsl sseven miles aaat ol Section 13, Townahip i 7
I, Graham Island and markad T. R. D. N. E.
corner, thanea wast 80 chalna, thanca aouth 80
chsins, thenca aaat 80 ehaina, thance north 80
rhsins to point of eommeneemenL containing 640
.rrs-s more or leas.
Dalssi Nov. D, 1810. THOS. R. DAVEY
I'ub. Dec. x Wllaon Gowing, Agent
Quean Charlotte Island. Und DUtnct    Dwlrict ol
Take notice lhat I." Thos. IL !>��"> "' $***
Chariotu Pupation noury public, hjjadto
apply lo7 permiasion to prosp.*; or coal and petto-
ESi on the lollowing described land.
Take nolice thst 1. Thsss. R. Davey ol Quean
Charlotte,   occupstism   notary   public,   inlend
annly  lor  swmiasion  lo  prospeet   lor  coal
    Z.  A. r..SI..��.tn.   .!.��,-. 11.- I   ._
mile, eart ol
.isnsl, msrkssl
hence "vssjt 8B
thenee eaat   80
,   .,���  thence north 80 chains to point ol commencement conuining 640 acres mors- or lm
Dstesl Oct. 28, 1910. I"'
Pub. Nov. 17.
ssetnileum on the rollowing .u-senssss i
Commencing st s posst planted Ave ���
Section 13. Township  i. Graham Is).
No  3  T   R. D.. N. E. corner, thei
Cos* Und District-Diatrict ol Skeens
Take noUce that I. John E. Dy�� pi Pnnce
Rupert, B. C occupation gentleman, Intend to
sppy lor permbaion w purehaae the lolloaring
desscnlsesl lands: _        _   _ __ M��.
Commencing al a post  John  E.  Orftt1._
eomer __"m_ $% " ^"o'l^rvVed^l^   ILveT th���ce"^ihTo chiin. more or le- to the
40 chains thence | wwrterly. direction ^_m__J-J ^_\J,U. ��
Skeena Und Diatrict Dtatrict ot Coaat Range 5
Take notice that Ernestine M. Grable. menisd
woman ol San Krnnenieo. 0. S. A., oecup��lson
muwnse. intends to apply lor permission lis purchsae the (..Unsung ilcseribesl Isnsls.
Commenring at s post plsnled on, the wsuth ssde
of the G. T.  P.  nght-or-way 73  1-2 gt*L__
Ut number 993,
east  40 chains,  thence  north
Witaon Gowing, Agent
Queen <
Gr^am Island and m.rke,. No. ��l_I. K.   > �� ��� Townshu. _<**_* gfjj rh.lna
harlotie Llamls Und Dlstricl
Take asst.ee thst I. Thsss. ft Dsvey ol Queen
Chsrlotte   oecupslion  nistary  public
apply  (ssr  |>crmiaaion  to  pmspet
lor cs,sl  and
E "co7ner;" thence anwt 80 ch.ins, Ihence north HO
UtbttalH e��t 80 chsins, thence -uth ��
chains to point ol eommencemenl. containing bio
chains to point
acres more or leaa.
Datesl Nov. 7. 1910.
Pub. Dae. 3.
Wilson Gowing, Agenl
Qusen Charlolte Islamls Und District���Diatrict ol
lake notice that I, Thoa. R. Davoy of Quaan
< lisrloite, occupalion notary public, InUnd to
a|ipl> Isir permission to prospect for coal aad
;ni J. um on the (ollowing daeeribed land:
t '."inn-nrlng at a poat plantad eleven mllea
north and -even milaa aaat ol Section 13, Townahip
' Graham Island and markad No. 60, T. R. D., N.
���j corner, thenee eaat 80 ehalns, ihence aouth 80
''���'������>. thence weat 80 chalna, thanca north 8*
cliams to point ol commencement, containing 640
."--������ more or laaa.
I'atsslNov. t, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I'ub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Gowing, Agent
'.' ������ -ii CharlotU lalanda Und DUtrict���DUtrict of
Tske notica that I. Tboa. R. Davey ol Queen
i '..riotto, occupaUon notary public, Inund to
���PPly lor isermission to proapect lor coal and petro-
l' -"" on tho (ollowing deecribed Und: .
��� onitnenclni at a poat plantad nine miloa north
���,n'l aeven mllea aaat of Section 13, Township 7
('t��hsm Island and marked No. 61, T. R. D. S. f.
corner, thence north 80 ehana thence weet 80
tbalns, thence eouth SO chalna, thenee east 80
ch.ins u point of commencement, conUlning 640
���da more or laaa. . _���
l>ated Nov. 10, 1910 THOS R. DAVEY
I'ub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Oowlng, Agent
'iu'-on Charlotle lalanda Und DUtrict���DUtrict of
Skaena , _
lske notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey ol Queen
1 tisrlotu, occupation notary public, Inund to
���Pply lor permiaaion to prospect tor coal and
petroleum on the foUowing described land:
(ommencing at a post planud nine mllea north
"id seven miles eaat of flection 13, Townshln 7.
'���raham IsUnd and markad No. 62, T. R. D.. 8. W
""ner, thenca eaat 80 chains, thenca north 80
chains, thenca wtat 80 ehalns, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
���cres more or Una. . .,_���
I>sted Nov. 10, 1910. THOS, R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 8. Wllaon (lowing, Agant
Queen Charlotte IsUnd. Und District   D��irlct ol
:'*"""*   -   Davey ol Queen
inls-n.l   lo
Taka notice lhat 1. Tboa. R.
CharlotU. "occupation  notary __*>* -j-jj in,|
apply   lor  permiasion  to prgBMSl  tmjm
^leumoJ.h. lollowing  S*^  ������,���
C��nnundng *%_��� ��J* ,-Um
Chsrlotte Wsnd. Und Dost rid-
thsl l' Thus- m l>��v'l "I tf"""
.iVn nsstao pubbc. sn.end �����
anon  to  pnw|��s-t   lo
north and five m
T^Orahamlsfand'and msrked No
eorner, thence easl 80 -
���,.,   ... 49. T. R  D
chain., thence north Ml
.bains, thanca vraat 80 chains. &__B_*Jg\
iK. to point of eommencemenl, containing n>
Pub. Dec. 3.
Tske nolice
Charlsstte.   ssccupslssn
���ns,l\-   Issr   tsernussion   �������   �����������.
^roleslm ssn lhe lollowing d���*���",���-, ''Od
imI thrt-*- milm
r...'   snd '
���nr*   north   �����(   chain*,  infor*    wtiwTiy ""!������'���"������ *" "'"   T1_,T|_ ._ ���-i-fiv rtl-
.,.,   ���,  chain. .0 SS P^nt  o.   S&BMM.K'jgg(.mrp"JSmMS&pB.
""""""-���          oTcomineneemen,'and contsining 120 ttrm. mere
Da'tTl Sept 12, 1910   EllNHSTINE M. GRAHLE
l^bOc?l7 A- H  Johnson. Ag��l
-tkeens Und Dtatrict -Dtatrict ol Coast lUnge 6
Tske n tic. thst Hrent D. Grabl. ol San Iran-
eteos, I'. S. A., siecupslion aceoununt, inlensl. lo
.pply   Issr  permlMissn  to  purchase  the  lollsisring
'TJml.ocln, a. a PC* pl.oted.on .he ��u��h tad.
of the (
Kupert s
south 20 ehslns m.,.. *. ��������� ��� .
5   lliverthence  ^*_1*J>*m ���jjg*$ *��
olwsy. Ihence 60
-.������������' '.������ ���. *i!'-" * """"* '''���""��� wAAXWBiKS
��� "* vras, more or bss.
A. H. Johnrtsin. Agent
containing 160 acres more or ll_
IHled OcL 3, 1910. JOHN m DYER     .
Dtatrict of   Pub. Oet I*.
Sksssna Und District. - Di.trict of Coast.
.Tlks'tsolleethsl Hugh Bain ��*��*��*����.
er. B.C.. occupation gentleman, ntensl. t. IBM v
f,,r>mli.lon lo lease the following   dessrlb-
Ommencing .1 a P".t id.nled .1 a point on tte
Iwi^Julh MI chsin*  thenc.-  wwrl   HO chsina.    ��.r Owe.i     > ^^ ^ ,,,,
ttSS '"rib HO chVin. H p*C * commencement. | {bejice BBJg ftgg tnrnrr ��.t H chain, to |
contsining 640 sere, more or b-j^   R  j^ymm , ���l.ee of csanm.ncement. mKffl |u)N w||iS0N ,
Pu'l^Not ���f?: ��������-�� V,0W,n*' A,t",,    Dste OH. 14th 1910. 1 Sni,**o("S, Skeen. Rive, ,n
I Pub. Oct. 22nd. ������,������ l(, ,���, G. T. P   right
Dutrictol   Rk#,���, |Jnd Disstriet -Dlrtrici ol Quesn CharlotU I ^_\.,, ,��������� ... I��� ���'������"->���* * ��� ��� '
Tak. nolice that C. W. StancllJ. ol ^ncouver.
ft. C, occupation consulting engineer, Intensl. to
spply  lor  permtasion  to  purchaae  Ihe  (..llowing
tf:��Mi-i^r^Si%!^l^SSfe ��� ir ",'H?",)1s!)9,'h'.r,ho^
3. sis'? <*���">>���<'��� "i I'TV t   com�� ol Timber   iJcen-  No.  ��    ���     .l-.s-
mmencin, .1 . *** pUntr,. _.. IB J -��>" ��'��
��� ti T P right-olwsy mile 7.1 12 trsim I rsnee
Tt sin lhe nssrth tade.,1 the *ee���. IU,,��- ll��jnee
20 eh.in. mnre or Isssn lo lhe b.nk ���( the Skew-
In a wsasetl,   -
ment and osnulnsng li"
Datesl Sept. 12, 1��I0.
Puis Oct 17.
mile >
ol the entrance to
(iraham l*nd 'SiV+SmiTt-B"-- -���**" !Tn   fSmmmilli, l^nr. north 20 chsins. thenee^eajt , Ptt
comw,  thence .vest �� JgajJ w-jjj  ���gj  ���,   Juskauils issy;^ J^J 20 Cham., thence weat 80 , lor
Wllaon Gowing. Agent
tSmpSSt Tmi ������*��� "'��uin,r��
acre, more or Is-ss. T,|()S   R   DAVIT
Dsted Oct. 30. 1910. Wi|wii ,,���.,���,. Agent
Pub. Nov. I,
Skeens Und  Dtatn't    Dtatrict in I saysa lUnge t,
Take  nonce  lbs.   Arthur   Henry   Johnaton   of
Prince Rupert. .srcu|ssllon b.ilder Intend, to apply
���-- permisisson lo purehsar lhe lollowng dsweril^
g   ESSL 7. .9.0. C. W. STANCLim: , t**Sf g -be ,  T  gg
I"���',    Pub. No. 6. A' ��� ���mn"'' /**T"   I north, thence HO chain, wert.   18"
District ol eh��ilMtc laVw*
,     .8.1 iTBS  B.  l-vey ol Queen
Take none ��J '���  "5L   Lgbut,   intend
Chsrlotte,   B*taP��tg  _*~LEt   ,���r   co.l
a dswribesl land:
Queen CharlotU Islands Und DUlrict
Tak. nolle, that LThos' ft ^_\*��*i
Commencing at a dimi P'r^J'   13 Township '���,.�����, mibss east of 9H%J t It 11  1. W
���, U���d Di-nct-Dtatrict o, | Skeen. I and Dtatric, ������� o, Que^n Chsrlott.
Take notice ths, Gordon JJJ-jjmi���<    anea. er.
narKPti ���'������'��� ^v ..;��, an > ur��������' *r~__ -___   ut   ennnr.,  i>"=    M
lence east
ch.ins to point of I
acres mor* or laaa.
Datad Nov 7,1910.
Pub. Dae. S.
cormencemenlTconUining 640
Wllaon Gowing, Ageal
chsins to point i
DaTed Nov. I, W0.
Pub. Nov. 17.
Wilson Cowing. Agen'
Chariott. Wand. Land DUtrict-DUttict ol
Take notice that I. ^^^��3^
CharlotU.   occupation _**_%_*_?% Coal  and ! I
apply  lor pwmliawn to pi��P"*V, \��'���,
JSrol��.m oTS. following 5gff.H2L mil-
^Commencing at a_ mj&___*_?llf*.
Un.l  Disirict '"uce.
north and three mllea east
7. Graham Island and marked
W. cornar, thenee aaat 80 cha ������
chains, thence wast 80 >W*WM��flC 640
chain, to point ol oommancament. comain   *
acre, more or leas.
Dated Nov. 8,101*.
Pub. Dee. 8.
Chsrlotte  Islands
1, Kerslinsnsl
tend tn
lor s
leum da
Q Tamrt. Isrmer of. ���jJJfflS, ot Unds,
ipplv to lb- '''���-, ,_*S_tmS and Pr'""1"
licena- Is. BWIM   ���' ' '**}��tot lsnd.
Ali-tjf�� \^m^_ht^^ffmmml
k��INo.l.l,T.R.Di.N.   0/.���,.,,th��-et"''"��',',Vh.n(; esst 80 chsina,
,���.,���., tl-nc. ���** ll ��� �����   ���,���,��� 80 . .,t*. th,nee ��
north 80
W.laon Gowlnl, Agant
... ..lit
pub. Dec-
; *��� a chnti"i imZomSi*ym
 olwrn^neena-nl. an .1"^ N��� (; TArhRT
IstsslNov. li. s-'
I.  C 'oecupstion clerk, Intend. *J___.___*
u._>s Inlet sbout 20 chsins north ol tne nortn
Maasel inlet arsosssj. ,)r>     H ^_
���arg ^ffifflrts fat
1"' '^rThW! chSn   mtwe' ir teJT Till, .bore ol
acre, more nr less.
Dsled Oct. 7,11110.
Pub. Nov. fs.
Skeens Und DUtrict-Dtatrict ot <* owt
U'','!'   -..-cm. at a poat planted si the   snuth-
1 ommencing at a psassi fc   m WJt
WBsl crncr, 40 chsins nennen ���      _ s���.
���, the __^___mjf^fmm��I *".in. a��t.
T''',so chsm. Jsuth,.thence 60 chsin. weat to
l$Z ctrnm^nTnLConUlnlng 360 screa, more
ehalns taut of
���way on north
hence 80 chalna
hence    80 chains
80 chain.
��� les
EfiSlWSi-SHe* ���������" ���������'.'	
n^encemenl and conUlning 640 acres mora   -     -
Pub. OcL 17.
A. E. Jearup, Agant
Cd Nov. 14.1.10.
pub. Dec. �����
Pred Bohler, Agent
Skeens Und Distrirt    District ol Cssast
Tske notice thst   Hume  ll.bington of  Prince
Ruisert    msrter   msriner.   Intends   U  spply   lor
lierrrdlio" Uleww the lollowing  dswerifced  lolw-
"''(^mmencing   at   a  po.1   planted  on   a   small
u. nTKesU. .ii- ���jjgaagj- *****
Telegrsnh Point thencs- "oulherlv 2000 left.
Dsted iV. It- 1910
Skwns Unsl Disirict-Dtatrict ol Coast
Tsk, noti~ that  Hume    B.b.ng.on o.   Prince
master   msriner,   'nundsiui   apBly
loaae the following deecrilsed Isail
aj&^MM.Telegraph, Point conUlning aheul f*
iSSd D* U. 1.10- ���*"���*������ BAB'N��T0N IHE  PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST, ll the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.   It
has grown up with the city.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all-26c per inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAILY, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
WEEKLY, $2.00 per year. OUTSIDE Canada-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Thursday, Dec. 29
It certainly looks as if the hotel men of Prince Rupert have been badly treated
by some of those who went out of their way to seek their friendship. Following
the example of the gentleman who gave the liquor men the double cross at the
last minute in the recent Scott Act campaign, Alderman Hilditch and Alderman
Smith have now revealed the nature of their professed friendship, by an effort
to bind and shackle the licensed liquor trade to the wheels of the party chariot.
The man who goes into the hotel business deserves consideration. He has
to put b lot of money in before he gets a dollar out. As a rule his hotel represents
his all. Take that from him and he is left helpless in the community. The taking
away of a man's license means the taking away of his hotel, for the business follows
the license up the street or across the road. No ordinary business demands such
long hours, such risks, such observance of people's whims, or is so dependent
on the general good will as is the hotel business. No matter how prosperous he is,
the hotel man's is hard-earned money.
Because of his dependance upon the favor of the powere-that-be, the hotel
man's life in most districts is peculiarly trying. This is so in our own Province,
where the tyrannical provisions of the Bowser Act, puts the licensee at the mercy
of the political influences repr.sented on the License Board. It was a just and
courageous thing for the city council to insert a clause in our municipal by-law
providing that no man's license shall be cut off, unless he is guilty of misdemeanors.
This is an essentially just clause. Alderman Hilditch who poses as the friend
of the working man, would protest against any workman being discharged without
proper cause, (say for voting for Alderman Hilditch). Yet no workman losing
his job would be hit so heavily as the dislicensed hotel man. The workman could
get another job; the hottl man could not get another license. The work man would
lose a day's pay; the hotel man*would lose his whole living. The workman
would not have lost a dollar of his earnings; the hotel man would lose his entire
Why is it that Alderman Hilditch and Alderman Smith want to deny to
the hotel men the protection of the square deal clause in the license by-law?
Is it because two of the three commissioners are appointed by the Provincial
government, and that William Manson, also a member of the Provincial Government is trying by running for Mayor to become the third member of the license
Is it lierause they MM a chance to instal in Prince Rupert the same tyrannical
condition of affairs that exists throughout the Province in regard to the liquor
Is it because the hotel men have few votes but much money, and that with
their licenses, I heir all -de|iending on the good favor of a License Board entirely
composed of Conservative politicians, it would lie a glorious chance to milk
the hotel men for the bent-tit of the Conservative party?
In other words, is it an attempt to erect in Prince Rupert the Tammany Hall
that for months has ban in the minds and on the lips of one of their spokesmen.
If men's actions speak louder than their words, it looks us if Alderman Hilditch
und Alilrrmun Smith merely took the platform in the recent Scott Act campaign
to perpetuate the traffic in the hope later on of making it turn the wheels of the
Conservative machine. Doubtless the hotel men now perceive that their best
friends were not those who sought their platform to make speeches, but those
who stood to one side, pledged only to see that justice was done.
So far. the affairs of Prince Rupert have been conducted with uprightness.
The only |>erson to ruise a cry of graft against the council is a disappointed job-
iteeker, who has been publicly discredited by his own letters. That of itself iB
the Ileal indication of the council's honest and above-board policy.
The electors may be grateful for the opportunity which the by-law afforded
of finding out what are lhe political ideals of certain aldermen. The attempt
to shackle the liquor traffic is a danger signal in our civic -affairs. If the city is
lo be kept clean and free from machine politics, the men who voted against the
square deal clause must be retired from the council, with thank* for their past
service*.   The city cannot afford to take chances with them again.
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to buy. or sell, or hire, or loan!  Try The
Optimist Condenaad Ad. route.
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Ave.   Phone No. 5. 197-tf
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ILL the pnrty or parties who took a g-ssld-
headed Umbrella last week end return to
Optimist and receive $10 reward. No quebtions
will be nsked. 198-201
ANTED���Man to clean out oflice daily.   Apply Room 4, Mclntyre Block. 198-200
-IXJ-ANTEli-A teacher for Port Simpson School.
** Salary JdO per month. Address appllca-
thins, with tiuullllratlsins and credentials, tn Dr.
W. T. Keririn, secreuiry of School llnnni. Port
Simpson, B.C. 196-207.
St. Andrew's Society
The annual meeting of the St. Andrew's Society
will be held In the Carpenter's Hall on Friday
evening*. December .'With, at 8 p.m., for election of
officer, and other business of importance,
197-201 Sec'y-Treaaurer
The party who took the two lea. of mutton
from the Exchange Grill Met Houm la known.
Keep awav from the premises or It will be "Slow
Music" for yours.
K. of P. Hall - Dance Club
Thursday Evening, Dec. 29
In Knights of Pythias Hall
(Helgerson Building. "HP. Keeley's Drug St orel
Instruction in dancing from 8 to 9.
Feature of the Evening "Tin German"
From 9 to 12 new dance proiframme.
Memhers antl friends cordially  invited.
Admission $1.00
*^****   ��'^''^"^S'^l'^��BB>^l|s^Bla->Ja,l|sJ��j*l.>M
Nothing at last night's meeting took better than Alderman Lynch's history
of how the seventy loyal cititens of Prince Rupert, aided by the city council saved
the telephone franchise from the grasp of the monopolists, in spite of the obstacles
put in their way by the evening loop-the-loop.
Nothing fell more flat than Alderman Hilditch's lame attempt to defend his
action in trying to shackle the liquor trade in Prince Rupert to the Conservative
"Manson the Unready." Exactly four weeks after he advertised the announcement of his candidature, he had to attend at a rival's meeting, and explain that
he was not prepared to speak upon the issues. Is that the kind of a man you want
for Mayor?
We wish to express our sincere thanks
and appreciateion to the people of
Prince Rupert for their liberal patronage
during the past year, and we sincerely
hope that we shall enjoy a continuance
of the same during 1911. We will
alwayg endeavor to give perfect aatin-
faction on all tailor made clothes and
in our cleaning department. Our clothes
are made here in Prince Rupert.   Give
un a trial is all we ask.   Wishing all the
compliments of the season.
Tweaty-four hours ending 6   a. m.,
December 29.
M*X. TRMr.    MIN. T1��P.     BAR.     IN. BAIN    SNOW
46.0 39.0      29.349   2.81
Better than the beat on the market.   Try it.
Caalra  Street
I w. j. McCutcheon I
I   Carrie, complete slock of Druaa    Snecial   t
T      attention paid to filling preiVriptlon.      J
X TThiitre Black i-iisiNr. N... 7.1 Sttood Are. I
If you want that sweet, nutty flavored
BREAD-try our PRENCH-the kind
that pleases.
Third Ava.. between 7th and   Sth   St..
Queen Charlotte IsUnd. Land Dtatrict���Dtatrict of
T.ke notice that 1, Tho.. ��. Davay of Queen
CharlotU-. occupation notary public, inlend to
apply lor permiaaion to proapect for ooal and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a poat planted nine miles
north and seven milos east ol Section 13, ' "wnship
7, llraham Island and marked No. 63, T. R. U., N.
K. corner, thence wost K0 chalna, thence aouth 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
ch.ins to point ol commencement, conUlning 640
acres more or leas. is.vpv
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. T. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec, 3. Wilaon (iowing, Agent
Queen Charlotto Islands Land Dtatrict���District of
T.ke notice th.t 1, Thos. 11. Datey ol Quoen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, Intend to
apply lor permiasion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on tho following deecribed land:
Commencing at a post plantod nine milee north
and seven mile, esst ol Sssction 13, Townahip 7,
Oraham Island .nd m.rked No. 64, T. R. D., N.
W. corner, thenco eaal 80 ch.ins, thonce south 80
ch.ins, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or loss. ���,.....   ���   n.tnm
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Cowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Dtatrict���Diatrict of |
Tako notice thai 1, Thos. II. Davey ol Ques'n
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect (or coal and
petroleum on the following deecribed land:
Commencing at a posl planted sovon miloa
north and seven milos eut ol Section 13, Townahip
7, Craham Island and marked No. 66, T. IL D., b.
E. corner, thence weat 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thencs. .-.sst 80 chains, tbence south SO
chains to point ol commoncement, containing 640
acre, more or leaa. ���	
Dated Nov. 10. 1910. THOS. II. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. -A*ilaon Cowing, Agant
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Dtatrict���Dtatrict sil
Take noliee that I, Thoa. R. Davey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation noury public, Intend to
apply lor permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing doscribed land:
Commencing at a post planted aeven milos
north and seven mile, eaat of Section 13, Township
7, (iraham Island and marked No. 66., T. R. 1 >., N.
E. corner. Ihence west 80 chains, thence south SO
chains, Ihence east 80 chains, thence north 80
cnains to point of eommencemenl, conuining 640
acres more or leas.
Datesl Nov. 11, 1910. THOS. It. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Cowing, Agant
Quaan Charlotte Island. Land District -Dtatrict ol
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Davay ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation noury public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect (or coal and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a poat planted Ave mllea north
and .even mile, eaat of Section 13, Township 7,
Crsl.sm Island .nd marks*! No. 67, T. R. I>., S. E.
corner, Ihence north 80 chains, thence weal 80
chains, thence east SO chains, thence aouth 80
chain, tn point ol commencement, containing 640
acres more or leas.
D.ted Nov. II, 1910. THOS. 11. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Dtatrict���Dtatrict of
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey ol Quaan
Chsrlotte, occupation noury public, Inund to
apply for permtasion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the following doacribed land:
Commoncing at a post pl.nted Ave milea north
and eleven milea east of Section 13, Township
7, (iraham laland and marked No. 68, T. R. D., N.
E. corner, thence south SO chains, thence weat 80
ehaina, thence north 80 chalna, thence aaat SO
chains to point of commencement, conuining 640
acre, more nr leaa.
Dated No.. It, 1910. TllOS. II. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District- District ot
Take notiee that I, Thos. R. Davey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation noury public, Intond to
apply lor permiasion to prospect for coal and
lietroleum on the folios.ing steacrihed land:
Commencing at . psisl plants*! thns. mila.
north .nd seven miloa eaat ol Section 13, Townahip
7, Craham Island and marked No. 69, T. R. 11 . s.
K. corner, Ihence north 80 chalna, tlience weat 80
chalna, thenre south 80 chains, thenre east SO
chalna to point of eommeneemenL conuining 640
acrea more or leaa.
Datesl Nov. II, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Cowing, Agant
Ladles Free   <<""*'n OarlOtla lalands Land District   District of
Take nntice that I, Thoa. R. Davey of Quean
������s���   ('harlot ts-.   occupation   notary   public. Intend   to
apply  lor  permlaalnn  to prospect  for eoal  and
I petroleum on the following sleerrlhed land:
Commencing at a post planted three mUas
north and aeven mllea east of Sect ion 13, Township
1 .. Graham laland and markad No. 70, T. R. I)., N.
! h. corner, thenee aouth 80 chalna, thance wan SO
ch.ins, ihence north 80 ehaina, thenca eaal 80
ch.ins to point of enmmencement, containing 640
arrea more or leas.
Dstesl Nov. II, 1910. THOS. II. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Oowlng, Agent
Queen CharlotU Islanda Land Dtatrict -Distrirt ot
T.ke notice th.t 1. Thos. R. Davey of Queen
(/harlotte,  occupation  notary   public,  intend   to
I apply lor permiaaion to proapect for coal  and
petroleum on the (ollowing daeeribed land:
Commencing at a poat planted three milaa
north and aeven mila Mat ot Section 13, Townahip
7, (ir��h��m Island and marked No. 71, T. R. D., 8.
W. eorner, thenee east 80 chains, thenca north SO
ehaina, thenca weat 80 ch.ina, thenee aouth (0
chalna t�� point ol eommeneement, conUlning (40
acraa   more   or   leas.
Dated Nov. 12, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dae. 3. Wllaon (iowing, Agent
Quaan CharlotU Islsnds Land Dtatrict���Dtatrict of
Take notice that I. Thoa. R. Davay of Quaan
Charlotte, occupation notary public, InUnd to
apply lor permiaaion lo prospect for eoal and
petroleum on the lollowing deecribed lend:
Commendng at a post plantad three milas
north and seven miles eaat of Sertion 13, Town.hlp
7, Craham Island and marked No. 72, T. R. D., N.
K. corner, thence eaat 80 chalna, thence south 80
chains, thence weat 80 chain., thenca north 80
chain, to point of commencement, containing 640
srrea more or leas.
Dated Nov. 12, 1910. THOS. R, DAVEY
"""��� tmt. 8. Wilson Gowing, Agont
Queen CharlotU lalanda Und Dtatrict-Diatrict of
_ . Skeena
,-s. . * notl<* th" '> r��ot- R- D����o*y of Queen
i harlotte, occup.tion notary public. Intend to
���Pply lor permisseion lo proapect for eoal and
petroleum nn the following deacribed land:
(ommencing at a poat planud three mllea
north and aeven miles east of Section IS, Townahip
'. (iraham laland and marked No. 73, T. R. D., &,
Ws corner, thence north 80 chains, tbonee aaat 80
.���""i thence south 80 chalna, thence wost 80
cnsins to point of enmmencement, conUlning 640
-seres more or leea.
Datesl Nov. 12, 1910. THOS. IL DAVEY
��� to. Dec. 8. WUion Oowlng, Agent
Large Assortment
Still in Stock
��'aa.i-.����a|l^M^ IfanA
Skeena Land DIstrlcL-District sif Csa.t.
Take notice that I, M. V. Waslhams.,( Vanrouv-
er. B.C.. occupation married woman, intend, to
apply for permission lo purchsse the f���ll,.winit
described land.:
Commencing; at a post planted at the .outtiwr*
terly angle of a bay at the north ensl of Nssrta
Dundaa Island, thence south Un chsins. thenn
east 40 chain., thence north 20 chains, thenre
west 40 chains lo point of commcneessieiii. con-
taininir 80 acrea more or leas.
Dau Oct. 17th. 1910.
Pub. Oct. 22nd.
Skeena Land District.-District of CsiaaL
Take notice that I. G. I. Wilassn of Vans-outer,
I B.C. occupation broker, InUnd. to apply fssr pfr*
I mission lo purchaae   the   following   ,i. ���. i :.-���
: lands:
Commencing at a post planud at the aouthesij
I end uf the weaUrly aide of an arm of a bay on ut
, northerly end sir North Dundas Island,  these
! south 20 chains, Ihence east 40 chalna. thns
I north L-ii chains, ihence weal 40 chain, lo pl.se a*
commencement, conuiniug Sil acrea more ssr lea
Date OcL 17th. 1910.
I Pub. OcL 22nd
Skaena Land Dtatrict���District of Cossst
Take notice that I, Napoleon Dupraa, ul I'nr.t
Rupert,  B. ('.. occupaUon merchant, inlend   t.
apply   for   permission   to   purchaae  the  (oll.tshnf
deacribed lande:-
Commencing al a poat planud on ths- Mi i>��r!
. of lhe Eicnumaik River, about three mils* tnsrn
IU mouth; thanca north 80 chains: thenrs- s-s.i 10
chains; thence south 80 chain.; thenre s.,-1 slssr.r
the ahore of the river 40 chalna, U the point ol
commoneamenL   conUlning   three   hundrssl   and
, iwcnty acrea, more or laaa
i Dau   September 8, ,1910.       N.poleon    Dupra*
Pub. Sap. 24. 1910.
Quaan Charlotta lalands Land Dtatrict -I' ind ~t
Take noUce that I, Thoa. R. Davey ol Duces
i Charlotte,   occupation   noUry   public,   inlensl  to
j apply   for  permiaaion   to  prospect  lor  nsal snd
petroleum on the (ollowing described lan.l
i (-ommencing at . post planted two mile, nortii
i and Ave milaa seat of Section 13, Township ..
, (iraham Island ansl marked No. 13, T.lt.D . M. ��
! corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thence soulli ���" .-tsstina
I thenoe weat 80 ehaina, Ihence north sn rhsin. to
polnl of commencement, containing- 810 arts* mors
Datad OeL 29, 1(10. THOS. II   DAVKY
Pub. Nov. IT. Wltaon (iowlnr. Ateat
Skeena Land DIstrlcL-District sif Coast
Take nsstlce lhat Solomon Mussallem of I'jinw
Rupert. B. C occupaUon merchant, intend. I"
apply for permit.h n lo purchase the ttrnt***
sleorrlhed land.: ,
Cnmmencing at a poat plantesl aboul W "J*
from the corner pual of tne Indl.n Kesjcrtr iiiimn-
er 4 Newton, thence Muth 60 chains, them c
about 10 chain. U Walker's pre-empUon tt��rt-_
ad lot number 3(96) range .',. thenre soulh ��'
chains, thenee aaat about 10 chains tss p."n "���
c.smnienoemenL conUlning 70 acres mote or ie��
DaU OcL 3rd. 1910.
Pub. OcL 22nd
___ Und Diatrie^Dtatriet of I os.i
Take notice that Donald Clacher, ol llrerkrn-
siege landing  Prince  Rupert,  B. C, oecupslion
firmer. Intansls to apply for permisaion to purtftss.
Ua following deacribed land.:
("ommencing at B I
la�� a aouth easterly oirecunn nvs.. j--���-_
ridge landing, and at tha southwest cornr ���
Lot SOtt, thanea aouth SO chains, thence east 80
ehaina, thsnee north 60 ch.ins mor. or leas mtm
aouth eaat cornar of Lot 3062, thenca weal 10 chssw
more or laaa, along the 1st line 3082 $***��fZ
20 ehaina. mora or las., along l"> lln* '"' " .
the aoath aaat corner of Ut 3065, thance we.'
to chain, more or laaa, .long lot line 306ft to JW
place   of    eommencemenl.   conuinlni   aaW ��"
DauNiOet. 20, 1(10. DONALD CLACHKK
Pub. Nov. 17.
Skaena Und Dtatrict-District of Cos.i
Take notice that Edward Thomas ol Vancouver.
B. C, iecupatlon timber man. intend. H __*
tor permission to purchaae the following dBSBHOa"
lands- .    .
Commencing at . poat pl.nted on the wsssi insa.
ol Ukelse Uke .bout 60 chain. In . ���>'���"'' ������''."''
direction from the ouUet at the take (Mitum
Rlvar thence nswth 2o ehns, thence west W "J"1"'.
thenee south 20 ch.ins to the lake shore, __*
follnwing the lake shore to point nf cnmmencpniens,
containing 80 .eras more or leas. ��� _.,,,,., ,u
CnUd Nov. 7. 1910, EDWARD THOMAS
Pub. Dec. 10
land.: bm
t planted about Ave mile.
oWtlon  from jtreek'^. THE   I'RINCE   RUPERT
Tin1 second of the series of dances
given by Prof- Fred Arcrier in Mcln-
tyre'R Hall took place last night and
everyone present declare it was quite
the best and most enjoyable affair of
its kind held in this city. The floor
was in the very best of shape and was
greatly appreciated by the dancers,
but the big noise was due Gray's
Orchestra which played last night. By
fiir the best music ever heard in the
town, ""oid time and not too much time
between dances all lent to a very en-
joyabls evening indeed. All that is
panted now is lor those who attended
to tell their friends, and in a very short
tinii' Prince Rupert will have what she
needed���a first class dance one night
each week. Everybody who may drop
in next Wednesday evening will be as-
sureil a good time���and what is most
needed at a dance���good music.
Don't  forget ��� Mclntyre's  Hall
E.   EBY   C&   Co."E"=
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
Queen Chariotu Islands Lansl District -Disirict ol
r-iT.!h.not,'"e *���"*������ *��� "���'���>"'��� H "�����>' "I Quern
Charlotta, occupation notary puhlic, intend t
apply tor permission to prospect |���r coal .,,,|
petroleum on the following descrihod land
Commencing at a post plant.sl four miles nurt'n
and five mil��� east ol Section 18, Township 7
(.raham Islsnd and marked No. 18, THUS E
corner, thenco west 80 chnins, thence north' 80
chains, thence esst 80 chains, thencs- south HO
chains to point ot commencement, contninint: 610
acrea more ssr leas.
Dated Oct. 30, 1910. THOS. It. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Isiamls Land District    District ol
Take notico that I, Thos. II. Davey ol Queen
( harlotte, occupation notsry pulilic, intend lo
apply lor permission to prospect lor coal and
lietroleum ion the Issllowng dsstcrilssil lansl:
Commencing at u post plunted lour miles north
and three mil��� eaat of Section 18, Township 7,
(.raham Island and markesl No. H- T. It. 11., S W.
corner,  thonce east  so chains, tlience north Isli
shains, thence	
chains to point
acrea more or less.
Dated Oct. 30, 1910. THOS. It. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Cowing. Agent
Position of Parties I. Practically the
Same as Before Unionist. Have
a Lead of One Over Liberals Alone.
London, Dec, 26,-The returns from
the three constituencies, the polling of
whieh brought to a close the general
election for the lirst Parliament of King
thence west HO chains, thence soulh K0   (ieorge. Were announced intlitv
�� point Ol commoncemenl. conuininir 64111       . ���" iissuiill ll tntl.lj .
James dilhoiily, who as an O'Brienite,
long represented the West Division of
Cork County, was one of the returned,
adding one to the Independent Nationalists total. Gilhooly defeated O'Leary
In tin
Quren Chariotu lalanda Land Disirict���District ol
Tske notice that I, Thoa. 11. Davey ol Queen
fi-.ri'O'..'. occupation notary public, InUnd to
spply lor permission to proapect lor coal and
petroleum on the fallowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
.nil live mile, eut of Section 13, Townahip 7.
(irshsm Island, .nd marked No. 6, T. 11. 1)., 8.
W corner, thenoa aaat 80 chain., Ihence north
80 rhsins, thence wast 80 ehaina, thenoa south
80 rhsins to point of eommencemenl, conUlning
Gil) scrs-i more or leas.
Datad Oct. 28,1910. THOS. R, DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wiimn|K'owing. Agent
(-siren Chariotu IsUnd. Land Diatriet���Diatrict ot
Tske notice that I. Thoa. It. Davay of Queen i
Chsrlotte, occupation notary public, Intend U |
apply lor permission to prospect for coal and i
petroleum on the lollowing deacribed land.
Commencing at a poat planted two mil��� north I
ami Ave mil��� eaat of Section 18, Township 7,
(irshsm Islsnd, marked No. ��. T. R. I).. S. K.
corner, thence west 80 chalna. thence north 80
chstns, ihence eaat 80 chains, thence aoulh 80
chsins to point of cornrrianearnent, conuining 610
srres mssre or loaa. I
Datesl Met. 28, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY i
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing, Agent |
Ousen Chat otu Islanda Land DUr'rt -District o) >
Take notice that I, Thoa   R   Davey ol Quern
Chsrlotte,  occupation   notary   public,    ntend   to,
spply  (or permission  to prospect for coal  .nd
isctrolrum on the lolls.wing ils-.cril.isl land.
('omrrsonrlng at a poat plantod three miles eaat
ol Section 13 Tsswn.hlp 7, Graham Island, marked
No. 7, T. It. D., S. V.'. corner, thenee east 80 chains,
thence north HO chain., Ihence weat 80 chains,
thence south **0 chains U point ot commencement,
containing KtO .ere. mnre cr leva.
Dstxi Oct. 28. !!>io TllOS. R   DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. WiUon Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Ijsnsl District    Dlstricl ot
Tike notice that I, Thoa. It. Davev of Quen
(Larbtte, occupalion noun public, Inlend to
sppl;- for permission to prospect for coal and
i. -m,I.iini on the loiliswinr deacribed land:
<'ismmoncing ct a post planted thiee miles eaat
ol Section i:i, Township 7, Graham l.land snd
marked No. 8, T. It. D., S E. corner, thence wert
H chsin.. Ihence north 80 chalna, thence east 80
chains, thenre south 80 ehaina to point ol com-
n-eneement, containing M0 acre, more or lass.
Dsissl Oct. 28, 1910. TllOS. R. DAVEY
I'uh. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Qusvn Ch��rlotte Islands Land Dtatrict���District of
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey of Queen
I i..-:,.ii,- Islands, occupation noury public, InUnd
l<> apply lor permtasion to prospect lor coal and
p -..,!...in, on the following described land:
< "ii.silencing si . poat planted three miles seat
"1 Section IS, Townahip 7, Graham Island and
m.rki.1 No. 9, T. R. D., N. E. eorner, thence wast
��� shsins, thence soulh 80 chains, thence east 80
chsina, thence north 80 ehaina to point of commencement, conUlning 840 acraa more or leaa.
���sled o��. 29.1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I'uh Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agmt
Queen CharlotU Islands Land Dtatrict���DMriet of
Queen Charlotto lalansls Und Disirict - District ol
Take notico that I, Thos. K. Davay ,,| Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public," intend lo
apply lor permission to prsisps-cl lor coal ansl
petroleum on the lollowini: iloscrilisil land:
Commencing at . post planted lour miles north
and three miles east ol Section 1:1, Township 7,
(iraham Island and Marked No. 25, T. R. !>., S. E.
corner, thence west 80 chsins, thence north 80
chains, thence eaat K0 chains, thence sjuth 80
cimins to point ol commencement, containing (.10
acres moro or less.
Dated Oct. 30, 1910. THOS. II. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson (iowing, Agent
Queen CharlotU Islanda Lansl District   District n
Take notice that 1, Thns. 11. Dsvey ol Quito
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply lor permission to pra.|iect lor coal snd
petroleum on the (ollowing steacrihed land:
Commencing at a poat plantesl six milsss north
and three miles eaat ol Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and marked No. 26, T. II. D., N. E.
corner, thence wost 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 ehalns, ihence north 80
chains to point of commencement, conuining 610
scrsss more or leas.
D.ted Oct. 31, 1910. THOS. II. DAVEY
Pub, Nov. 17 Wilson Cowing, Agent
South Division of Kilkenny
County.  M.  Keating, Nationalist,
another re-elected.
This leaves the composition of
new House us follows:
Government Coalition���
Llberali  271
LaboritM  43
Nationalists  7:)
Independent Nationalists 11
Sksvno  Land  District    Qusvn   Charlotte  Island.
Take nolice that 30 days aller date I, Ferdinand
tl. "lapert, (armer, ol Skids-gate, 11. C, intend to
apply W the Child Commissioner nl Unds, lor s
1 heioise to prospect lor cosl. oil snd petroleum on
i and undi-r the lotlowing described lnnds:
Commencing at n posl plunl.sl nne-balt mile
e-ust ol the southea-1 corner ol Lot 808, Graham
Island, thence north SO chains, thance easl SO
chains, thence south SO chains, thence went SO
chains In point of comms-ncemsMU, and containing
1110 acres.
Dntesl Nov. 11 mill.   FERDINAND 0,TAPERT
Pub. I lis?. 10.
Coalition Majority  12(i
The  Government's  majority  in  the
last   House   was  124
however, have one more seat than the
Liberals alone, whereas in the old House
ihey had two seats less.
Skeena  Und   District    Queen Charlotte l.lnnds
Take notice that 10 day. alter date I, Tcrdinand
ti. Tapart, (armer, ol SUidegstc. ll. ('., intend to
apply to the Chie! Csinimisisioiier ol Lands, for .
license to prssspect lor coal, nil and petroleum on
The  Unionists   Bad under tha loUowlng daecicllied Itndei
. ; Commencing at a pssst plant..1 al the northeast
corner ol Ul .'ioii, Graham Island, Ihence south 80
chains, thence west SO chains, thence north SO
chains, thence easl HO chains tn point nl commencement, nnd ,���.,.;' i,t !.,- i.l-i acres.
Dated Nssv. 11.1910. FERDINAND G.TAl'ERT
I'ub. Ds-c. 10.
Queen CharlotU Islands Und District -District ol
Take notice that I, Thos. R. Dsvey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupalion noUry puhlic, intend to
tss apply lor permission lo prospect lor esssl and
petroleum on the [ollowing siearrlbod land:
Commencing ��t a poat planted six miles north | f.t
and three milea east of Section 1.1, Township 7 I %������
Graham Island and marked No 27. T. R. D., N. W. I f*]
corner, thence east 80 chains, thence anuth 80 I .i
chains, thence west 80 chains, ihence north 80
chalna to point of commencement, conuining 640
acres more or leas ������������
Dsted Oct. 31,1910. . It DAVhY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agenl
Look at this Carefully
It's Just What You Want
Leasehold, With  Improvements,  For
Sale at $2,500	
District i.
Queen Charlotte IsUnds Und District
Take notice that I, Thos. It. Davey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, inlend to
apply for permission to prospect lor coal and
petroleum on the (ollowing describes! land: | i,sj
Commencing at a post plsnted sit milea north ] }.{
and five milm east ol Section  13, Township 7,
Graham laland .nd marked No. M. T. II. D��� N. E.
corner,  Ihence weal  SO chlan.. thence south  SO
chains,  Ihence east 80 chains,  thence nsirlh  SO , ���,
chalna tn point ol eommencemenl. containing M0   J,I
Leasehold has three and a half years to run, at $20 per
month, subject to renewal, at re-valuation of land, the
lessee to have the lirst option of purchase at the then
market value of the lots.
Improvements consist of five cabins (all occupied), renting at $10 per month each. One cabin, occupied, renting for $15.00 per month. One two story storehouse,
renting for $110.00 per month.
Reason for selling, present holder of lease leaving the
THIS WON'T KEEP, si. apply at once to
acres more or Issss.
Dstesl Oct. 31,
Pub. Nov. 17.
Tlloa ll. DAVEY
Wilsssn Cowing. Agent
Take nolice that 1, Thoa, R. Davey of Quaan
��� harlots., occupation notary public, Inland to
���I'l'ly lor permiaaion to proapect for eoal and
i- '"-l-sssn on tha lollowing described land'.
'ommencing at a post plantad two mile, north
���ml three mllea aaat of Siction 13, Townahip 7
���nd m.rksxi No. 10, T. R. D , N. W. cornar, thenee
wssst so ch.ins, thenee south 80 chains, thence eaat
--" rhains, thance north 80 ehslna to point of com-
menrcment conUlning M0 acre, more or leaa.
'���tod Oct. 28, U10. THOS. a DAVEY
I'ub Nov. 17 WUson Oowing, Agent
Queen CharlotU Islanda UndDlstrlet- DUtrict of
Take notica that I, Thoa. R. Davey ol Queen
< bsrlotte, occupation notary public, Intend to
���Pply for permiasion to proapect for coal and
firnleum on tha foUowing deacribed Und:
< ommencing at a poat plantad two miles north
���nd three miles east of Section 13, Township 7.
'���fah��m laland and markad No. 11, T. R. D.. rf. W.
"irner. thenoe eaat 80 ehaina, thence aouth 80
''''ins. thence weat 80 ehaina, thenee north 80
"   to   point   of   cssmmencement,   containing
Wilaon Gowing, Agent
acrea more or leaa.
I        ���������  ���n,i. us   mm
�����ted Oct, 29, 1910.
1 ub. Nov. 17.
'Jieen CliarlotU lalanda Und District���Diatriet of
- Tsk. notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey of Quean
( h.rlotu, occupation notary public.   InUnd    to
���Pl'iy fa- permiasion   to   proapect  for  cosl   and
P'-'roleum on tha lollewlog deacribed land:
1 ommencing at a post planted two mila. north
���������'I five miles eaat of Section 18, Township 7,
������'���ham Island and marked No. 12, T. R. D., N. ft
'"���'icr. thence waat 80 chalna, thenee aouth 80
"'ion., thence eaat 80 chalna, thence north 80
fbulns to point of eommeneement, conUlning 640
"ere. more or leas. , ���
'���led Oct, 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
''ub. Not. 17. Wllaon Oowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Manila l.and Ditrict-District ol
Skeena ,   ,
Take notice that I. Thos. II. Davey of Queen |
Charlolte,   occupalion   notary   public,   intend   lo
apply   lor   permission   to   prospect   lor  cosl  anil
pcln'ilcum nn the following stswrilsssl Isnsl: ,
Commencing at a post plsnt.sl four milsss north
and  five  miles eaat  ssl Section   13,  T'.wn.hili   ..
Craham Island an.l markesl No. 19. T. It. D., W. M
corner,   thence  west   80  chain.,  thence  sssu h  80
chains.  th-nce  east   80 chains.  Ihence  north  SO I
chain? to point nl commencement, containing 010
rSEl'oSl.B.'iSo THOS. ll. DAVEY
Pub N^17 vfia Cowing, Age.1
Quean Cherlottellelenat Und Dlrtrict���DUtrict ol
Take notice thsl I. Thos. II. t_*V * WBB
Charlolte,  occupation   notary    public.  In<> '   "���
apply  lor  permlaaort  to prne|scct
SkM-nti  Und  District -Qu��m Chariott��  lalanda
Tain notin- that -10 Up ..(tor data I   Fordi.iand
G. Tt-ptTi. fiiriniT. of Ski-i.���,;...���.���, ]t.C. Intends to
apply to tie Chia- t'unim.Ji-'Mor.pr of Land*, for a
���ct-nw t pnapad for eoa' oil nnd pftrolfum on
nnd und.T the fullowinp d rcrilwH InndM*
C<)iBinaaelni at n peal plantad at tho nortbaaat
eonwr of Lot IU| Qtuan Hand, thi��nt* nnrih so
chiun-, thenn* out HO rhainn, thenee smith HO
chains, thence west SO chaini* to point of rommtnc*-
ment, and containing ������ ���" acrw.
Dntwl NovH, lyiO FKHDINANO <1. TAPF.RT
Pub. Uoc. 10
s!-..vnn Und Dbtriet ftiaaa Chariotta I��land��
Take notice that lo davit after date 1, Ferdinand
(J. Tapert, farmer, of Sktdfjraie, H. t'��� intend to
applv to the Chie* t'ommiMioner of landa, for a
licenne to privet for c��al, oil and pntMlcum on
nnd under the followinK dt��rri.'cd landa*
CommencinK at a ]��������' plante<l at the northeaat
mrner *f l*ot Ml. Graham laland. thrnee atuth HO
ehaina. thenee eaat HO ehaina, thence north 80
chalna. thence went ho chains to |��oint of commencement, and containing filO acn��.
Datad Nov. 14,1910. PHKIHNANI) G.TAPKRT
Pub. Dec. 10.
Skeena Und District Queen CharlotU) lalanda
Take notice that 30 da>-a after date 1, Ferdinand
G. Tapert. larmer. o Skidetrate, H. C , intend to
apply to the i-Jrl ('ommiaaioner of Unda, for a
and under the following dMmbed Unda:
Commencing at a port planted KO chatna north
of the toutheat corner of Lot Mil, Graham Island,
thence aouth 80 ehaina, thence eaat (V) rbaina,
thence nerth --it cha.iui, tbrnci> wmt HO chains, to
roint of commencement, and containing 84��� acrea
lated Nov. 14,1910. FERDINAND (J. TAPF.RT.
2nd Avenue and 2nd Street
Prince Rupert
for   coal and
petroleum on the lollowini doacribed land.
���Commondni- at a post pUnted **-*!*___**(
and three miles east *_m_��AJ3*g*fl J'
Cr.h.m Islsnd .nd m.rked No.20OT11.D. N. W.
corner, thence east HO cha ns, Ihenc. MB ���
Chans'thence ��>-t 80 gg_^mj__*J_
chains to point ol commencement,  conulnlnsj iiio
Kb No?l7 WU��n Ooarln,. A^nt
Ouren Chariotu Island. Und Dtolr.ct -District lo
Trite notlc lhat I. Thos. II. V*_*t*_9***
Charlotte,  occupation   notary   puhl.c   Intend  to
apply   for  permnadon  to MM*MJWI  snd
pelroleum on the lollowini deaerll^l land.
"commancing at a post planteil two milesotu ol
����lon  13.  towradllp 7, &r.n.ra  IJand,  nurked
No. 1 T. R. D.. N. 6. corner, th.nce aosst 80 ch.n��
thence ��uth   80  ch.lns,  thence ^^ chains.
thence north 80 chains to point ol eommencemenl,
containlnf 640 acres more or leaf-
Hated Oct 28. 1010. THOS. H. Davey
RCnSTitT WlUxin Cowln., A��ent
Quaan Chariotta Wand. Und Dtetrlct-Dlstrlet of
~ Skwn. , ��� _
Triia nolle, that I. WiUon Oowing of V.ncimver,
occupation projector, InUnd to apply tor^per-
SKb to proipietfor eori .nd patrofeum on 640
���^rrlSelnt .1 a port planted a I'j")*''''���
mItaTroTsiata ChitSTamk. M adiolnni A
aowlnrs Coal Ucenas No. 00, coverinit Sert^n 19^
To.rn.nlp 4, thene. 80 chain, north, thence 80
chain, -iast, th.nce 80 ch.ins ��>_____*(S
chains to point of eommencamant, eonUinlni ����
^"0^.0^1910. WILSON OOWINO
Pub. Oet 18.
Quaan CharlotU laiand. Und Dtotrict-DkiUicl of
Take notioe that I, Wham Oowlng ol Vancouvsr,
aH pPs^Wr'r.ndVrPo��n,6ro
thence 80 chains north, thence -it)
Mclntyre Hall
chains east, tnence oo sasus  ""���"������ ___; sin
chain, to point ol comm.ne*ment, conUlning o.u
ncrea more or leas.
Datesl Oct. 11, 1910.
Oct. 18. Pub.
Friday Evening, December 30th
at 8 o'clock
Called by Dr. W. S. HaU and John Currie
as Aldermanic Candidates for Ward One, and in support
as Aiaeiw ^ mem&n Mobley for Mayor.
Other Aldermanic Candidates for Ward 1 are Invited to
Attend ��� ���
I'uh. Dec. 10.
Skeens Land Ilislncl���Queen ("harlntle Islsnsls
Take nolice thst :I0 slsys alter data I. Chsrles
lli.lmir, larms-r ol Sklilsniali'. II. C- intend to
apply lo ths- Chiel Commissioner ol Ijsi. I . lor s
license lo pnss|MK-l lor s*..al, ..il anil |letr���!s'um on
and unslrr the Inllsswina* slescrilsesl lsn<l..
Commfncinc nt a post (slsnttsl thrss- milos
south snsl one mils' ws��l ssl ths. sosithi-sst cornir ol
Ut SOI, Craham Islsnrl, thence west Ml chsins,
thence south 80 chains, thencs1 s-asi Ho chain.,
Iht'itr.' north tso chains to pofall .1 coiiime;irs'ni.'nl.
an.l rontaining KI0 acrs-.
Dalssi Nssv. 1.'. I"ln CHARLES IIM.MI-.K
I'uh. Dec. 10.
Skeena L-sn.l Di-trict Hu.-s-n' ChatlotU Isl.nsh
Tsks- nsslisv that N .lass iilmr .late I. rYnlinsml
(i. Ta|��Tt, larins-r. ssl flMdeate. II. C, mtrn.l to
spply to the Chiel I'sonmi-ssisinsT ot Ijltisis, lor .
hernia, lo |mss|sss-i (sir coal, oil ami Mtnlnlm on
an.l uniler the lollovsing .IssscnlHsl Isnsls
Csimsni'iinng si a |so-t |slsnts.l 10 chsins north
ol the southwest Cs.rnor s,( I ���1 M, llraham Island,
tlss.nsv nssrth 80 rhains, thanea '-ast 811 rhsins,
Ihenre assulh 80 chsin., Ihi'iics- wssst ssO chsins to
point nl cssmmencemei.t. ami contaisnni! M0 seres.
li.p.1 Mo��. 14, l'JIO I'KKDINANDC.TAI'KRT
I'oh.   Dec. 10
Skeena Und District-Queen Chsrlotte Island.
T.ks. notirt- Ihsl .IO sln.vs slier slste I. I hssrls.
lielmer. larsnir, ot Sks.le.aU-,  11   C., Inlenil to
.only to the Chiel Commissioner ol Ijsoi s, lor .
license to prospect lor esssl, oil and pslrssleum 0
.ml uml.r the l.illowing .ls��crlls��l lsnd.
Commenring st a ps,.t pltaM ssn,. mM MUM
ol Ihe ������llh.s..t eornsr ..I Ut HI, C_mTM bUM
thrnee south 80 chains. Ihenes. west 811 chsii��,
then�� north 80 ch.ins, ihence ra.1 80 ;h��insui
point ol cnmm..c.ment. an. """'"'"e!Wkr!
dstcl Nov. I��. 1910. CIIAHI.LS HM.Mr.ii.
I'uh DM 10.
keens   Unsl   Disirict    Quern  Clinrlolt..  Island.
T.ke notice thst 80 dsy. .Iter dsle, I. Chsrlws
llsimrr, Isrmer, sil Skidegsle, II C, inlend to
apply to Ihr Chlet CommUsioner nl Usdt, Issr s
Irensa In pro.pecl Issr coal, ml ��ml putrileurn on
.nd under Ihe (ollowing slescrilsesl land.:
Commennng at s |..sst ulnnlssl two ml.sss.iulh
ol thesouthM.t cssrner ol Ust 501, l.rshsm l.l.nd,
thenre snuth 80 chsin.. thencs. west 80 chain.,
Ihenee north 80 rhsins. thencs. ea-t 80 chnins lo
poinl ol commencement, and c'siilalning M0 scrss
Dstesl Nov. IB, 1910. CHAIU.hS llhl.Mhlt
Puh. Dec. 10.
Skeena Und Dslrict Quss-n Charlotte Islands
Dlvr-ion ,
Tske notice thst :10 dsys siter dsl. 1. Chsrlw
Helmer, Isrmer. ol Skiilntslr, 11. 6. intandI to
sDnly to the Chiel Commoisionrr ol Unds, lor a
llcenir to prsasiwcl lor cosl, oil snd pelrnl.ium on
snd under th. lollowing de;erihed hinds:
Commencing at a pssst piloted 'h,r,�� m'"",
south snd nne mile wret of lhe southos ��,,������ ���|
"t S01, (irshsm Island, thenc cast 80 chain..
Ihence south 80 ehsins, thence west 80 chsins.
thsnee north 80 chain, to point ol commencement,
Pub. Dec. 10.
Skrens Und District -Queen Chariotte Islands
T.ke nolice thst :10 dsys alter dato I, William
j. Usry tmdrr "I Skidegate, II C Intend to
spply to the Chiel Commissioner of Urns, tor a
Mm I" pro��P��t 'or coal oil snd petroleum on
snd under the lollowing slest-Titied l��nd��'
Commencing .t �� poat planted at the MOOMtt
cornr, ol Ut Ml, (irshsm Islsnd, .ttjtjBB IQttff 80
chnins. thsnee west 80 rhsins. thrnee north 80
chsin.! thence sast xo ch.ins to poss.t ol commrnce-
m.nt, snd contsning BIO .crw.
Dsled Nov 14, 1910.
Pub. Dee. 10.
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TzX-^mmmrfm.    mC    t-51    .5-=-
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.�����*.����� rr���'--a il* ?-rnrw -lssen-j"�� ? \r -.emi'i.et
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A. E. MtJi��ASTZ>
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Hurr. t Isarmic onintuar. auuprr 1MB
y**ar.   u\t\   -.��   ' -.n^rs-r    ann.   n
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"Jinii" "aat  c oub a -ipr. sr^jj .jj. uursv. nac-; jnih-yerou!   .inuan   i   i��>   n.ii^
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:^      .     :l ���:,-���     ..;     in    -   **i    -jies;;;.,.
m*. Priacest Beatrice
���_i*Jtr-ai    nriif
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n ir-raasrt. E�� irour-: **m a -itart
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ir.-.s"   - ?3ps-a.:i��i  -���iit:
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tL.mf,  :*.*���
I             4
m\JVm   -utir-
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^*7W   wir
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wM   -laB-r
"B��   aa.T.    -.asufm
uir   m*jL
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.i   --��-**
THO* R. Ptrn "���^?***w*miimWmm*ms
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Section 7.    Must be sold.
Owners have left
the city
Call and see us about them
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First Golfer   What's that chap's han-
dicap, I wonderl
Soconil Golfer   Green chartreuse.
"That Mrs. Goodsense wears atrocious clothes." "Are they the style
now?" asked Mrs. Justgoit, eagerly.
"I don't care to have Mr. Wombat
lake me nut." "Why he is a brilliant
conversationalist." "I know, but I've
heard his repertoire."
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Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
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Lord Rutherford was sitting on the
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obnrving that the sheep reposed in the
coldest situation, he said to him:
"John, if 1 were a sheep 1 would lie
on the other side of the hill."
"Ah, my lord," answered the candid
shepherd, "but if ye bad been a sheep, i
ye woultl hue had mair sense!"
The New Mother
"You know, hygienic science has
demonstrated lhat many of the old
ideas about children are absolutely
pernicious to the race." The Old
Mother- "Yes, I understand the new-
philosophy says the hand thai rocks
the cradle is the hand that wrecks the
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ansl Munitolia Hnr.. kalchewan   ansl  Al
berta Bars.
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and a) Alder Block. I'rince Rupert. 11-12
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A little boy was entertaining the
minister Ihe other day. The minister,
to   muke   congenial   conversation,   in-
 :  -
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"Where is he?" questioned the dominie, knowing the way to u hoy's heart.
"Father sends him away for the
winter. He says it takes him so long
to go in and out of the door, he cools
the whole house off."
"This is a fine way for gentlemen
to live!" excluimed the younger of|
two arlisls who shared a studio in which
poverty compelled them to eut und
j sleep. "Oh, I li.'ll"' kurns'" was the
airy comment of his friend. "Lots
of people ure fur worse off. I was
reading only this morning of u recluse
who cooked his breakfast for nineteen
i years." "He must have been awfully
hungry when it wxs ready for consumption!" suid lhe other suvugely.
rri'll. OF WM.  I "\"N.  KSy)., A.RAH.. I.UN.. KNO.
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are requested to visit the lodge.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
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~ Builder and Contractor
Plans and specifications prepared
OFFICE:   Corner Sth Ave. St Green Si
L.i Phone No. 228 Green
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,lcman properly until you have got used to my
Curtail Story. ' 1
���      ill    A  newr-i-ord in      "Ol  course  you  are  young  and  in
'���"n'1,,ni "T-.:;,;.��� \Sb   il lm many way- il will b. wise ... have you
l":\'T.v ���...-'.���..''* '���������"..- - ******************Br-"""����rJohn
vTS s- i"~;','i;:r::;:,,,i; *iu y0U k ... ��..-*-
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'I c��n thoroughly recommend her,
���''��'n,h,,r,,U^;:i77August.! Jewelry Store.
|1 24 this seventh Wi       " 	
fulfilled  and the lady  promptly
advantage of the omission.
if yon would like to see a clock that
11 ,.,���, still see it at \\ ark s
is 261 f*mtl ��ld y��u *nu e
J. GOODMAN, Proprietor
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, B.C.
u - us.lt and eookl Ix-tter."
She "ashes well an I      ����� by
Mllhe    MtfJO���
the duties of his office, not a politician
but a business man. He believed that
Mr. Manson had had no intention of
coming out in this campaign but simply
had to to suit a certain section of his
constituents who pressed it upon him.
Mr. Mobley himself stood out independently. He had to serve no party
but the business interests of the city.
He would ignore all slanderous party
arguments,   but    was   ever   ready   to
record   indeed,   while   the   newspapers
had done the city a great deal of harm.
At the time of the trouble with the
Bank of Montreal they had given the
impression in Vancouver that the city
Hilditch on Finance
Having, as he said, sized up Alderman
Pattullo's   financial   policies   Alderman
Hilditch described it as a mere following
of  the  line  of  least   resistence  under
wm bankrupt, and real estate men inIthe advice in the first  case of C. D.
Vancouver had made the very most of Rand   who   had   first   introduced   the
that j proposition of the Bank of  Montreal
The  Mayor  strenuously  denied  the 1.0 finance the city on condit'on that it
allegation, however, that by the purchase  be made the city's financial agent
of a newspaper the city council were!    Mderman Hilditch also said that the
,nswer all reasonable arguments brought   now in possession of a Tammany Hall  the local improvement scheme tarSec-
organ.    Not a quarter of the stock in , tion 1 was the dearest way.   He did not
that paper was owned by councillors.       see that Alderman Pattullo was entitled
The  Liquor  By-law , to credit  for  the  work  of the  whole
���    .        ,, j        ������ council  anyway.     He   had   ju.*t   gone
Mayor Stork could see good reason
for this outcry about the liquor license
1 forward  by  any  reasonable  men  who
cared to state them to him.
Enthusiastic    cheering   marked   the
I conclusion of Alderman Mobley's speech
Mr.  Manson Say. Little
Referring to the arrangement made'
between himself and Mr. Mobley that
by-law.   It was the cry* of "stop thief!"
raised  in   a  crowded  thoroughfare  to
no organized campaigning should b. *��� att��nt,on, * anoth^ ,d,rectl��n
done by either until after the New Year. The true fact of the council s trying to
Mr.   Manson   who   was   greeted   with | pass this by-law should let the people
I see the real sort  of  Tammany  Hall
!Of Art Sateens, Cretonne*,
Art-Muslins, Caaement
Cloths. Tapestries. DenimB,
Madrass and Swiss Muslins, Scrims, Ecru and
White Curtains, Door Panels, etc., is now ready for
j inspection and comprises all
X the latest novelties in these
j  goods.      :       :
Call id Id U sh��w fcjg
to yot
from bank io bank seeking the be��t
terms���was there any Lloyd George
about lhat? Why. anv man in the hall
could have done the same.
Alderman Hilditch said the G. T. P.
were behind :he Bank of Montreal
and the bank were the city's fiscal
agents,  therefore  the   G.   T.  P.   were
applause, said that he would not say
much now, but next week would give j the>' were up agamst_ n0w in possession of power up to $500,-
his yiews fully. There   _" ""T^ r0U'" ,n  ,he "
One statement, however, he would ��*** ��< ���*J�� *���""* pTe\*nl aA,7"
make regarding the reaponsibility for \***�� *�����* Clapp.who could buyAlder-
the G. T. P. assessment.    He denied, man   S"*1,h   and   Alderman   Hilditch
that he was responsible for the appoint-1 over again, from getting a license,
ment  of  Mr.  Cuthbert.    "- hih  nn,!    "I for one,    said the  Mayor,
000 to knock the city debenture issue
which they had not had before.
Alderman Paltullo: "No. we ha\e the
Alderman Hilditch:  "Not at all. ours
in,,.,- t,M th.- ���,,,��� .injJj-Jl SKJ^S?1 ^ 3 *anK;iS 8PHi.a.tch -nd Licenae By-law
good one. but it was made by the charter | tnat can worn line mat.
Committee  of   which   he   was  only   �� Empire on To... in  reference to  the  Liquor  License
member.   The idea in appointing Mr. |    After a brief reference to and defence Bv-*aw Alderman Hilditch declared that
Cuthbert was to save time in having ' of the council's method of raising mioney
the   assessment   prepared.     When   he  in which he said that the mere fact
was appointed   Mr.  Cuthbert  had  no j that the city had got the money WM \*u   furi,,r  ''""'"' ���'"**"'
idea how he was going to make the | worth  noting,   Mayor Stork  went  on
: by tbe  Municipal Clauses Act  which j habit   of   being   badly-
laid  down  lines  which   Mr.   Cuthber : noticed   that   amongst
, the clauses he objected to were ultra
| vires under the Municipal Clauses Act
that   it   would
j be unwise of the municipality to have
;����m,-ni. hui  his w..rk was governed   ���,  r,.m:trk  thai   Mr.   Man-m had the' complete control of the licensing system
or the police for that matter. He
Mr. M;inon'8 nad a��*'r��*d t0 record hU vote against
had to follow usirit; In- ..��.' iu.i,:i...,..-! supporters was S. M. Newton who ]***��� ******** *&-** **?!* **��� ***
1/ Mr. Cuthbert had made errors in i believed everything he saw in his own i L,censlnK "9'** and the Mayor would
judgment   it   was  not   Mr.   Manson's  paper was true. *"'����� h,s v,ew ** ,h,s shorll>'-
fault. Here the  Mayor read certain terms j On Pre���� Gymnastic*
As for the statement that Mr. Cuth | applied by the Empire to Mr. Manson. ;    Maybe the Empire had changed its
bert had received a government position : such   as   "Straddle-the-fence    Manson ; front a bit, but Alderman HildiU-h said
, as a reward, long before the assessment   hands a lemon to the temperance party : the Optimist had made a much more
waa drawn up, it had been arranged that, while he holds up a pisiol to the heads complete swerve round.
Are you doing your duty
by your family?
What  would  happen   to
your wife and children if
you were taken away?
Would your wife have to
earn her own living?
Would your children be
Would they be dependent
on others?
These are most  serious
questions    which    every
man should answer to his
own satisfaction.
Life Insurance is the one
sure way to make provision for your family after
you are gone.
Get some life  Insurance
before  you  become disqualified.
See us for particulars.
OfFKEt-AUsT Back. Sulk Sim.
**** ���***
I '
' '
H. S. Wallace Go.
l ! sooner or later Mr  Cuthbert would he j of the liquor men," '
L appointed to a position in the Govern-   dature is an insult t.
man whose candi-
'lt's not  written by the same man
ment office
to our intelligence,"  though!" exclaimed the Editor who was
! etc.
In conclusion Mr. Manson maintained j     "Not   only   have   we   flip   Hoppers
I   that he was in every way as free and ; backing the wibble wobbler," said the
It  independent a candidate for Mayor as j Mayor, "but we have also somersaulters,
j   any one else in the hall or thc city��� | and one man who can loop the loop!"
.��. .tt.��. .it.��������*... .SE ev<*'n  Alderman Mobley, and took his
seat amidst applause.
s!sta4M As...
But   that   didn't
Hilditch who said  it
who   dominated   the
polished   furniture  of   gTeat   refleciing
. power!"   (Roars of laughter.)
Alderman Lynch also showed hot
; marvellous���nay even miracultius-w
Sam Newton's ideas regarding icracliiii,
1 by turbine excavation like a rotirj
snowplow, and how absurd is the criticia |
of the pole line system when eiper.
electricians declare that to have o* |
set of poles for both light and :���''..* i
s SIN TIM Kll  FII01*   PAGE 1
bother   .-Muerman   cablM   *.   g   doubtful    and   dgn|mIi
was easy to see. mQre OTtl    than  , doub,e ^
editorials.     The t T.
Optimist   had   promised   loi   give-fair ��    ^   ,���   Mf    Umm>t  candidal.* '
reports of this campaign    If it did so j Mf n ,      ,iticjan and,
Alderman Hilditch would be the most! ,  . . .      ������������:������,�����.
Referring to the Ward By-law, Mayor! M_tmm_. ���,������ ;��� p,;��������� n,,^,., dld not require much persuasion to Jit
_ ....       .. mistaKen man in I rince Kupert. ,. ..    - ,.     ... _i,~,
j Stork explained that this was a measure i /" i him to enter the field.   Alderman Lynn
Alderman Pattullo as chairman, then | compuslory   on   the   council   by   the j Water Wail Again j eXpressed the intention of going late*
On his favorite council theme of the! into the matter of local improvement
Reporter in the Scrap
M. M. Stephen. Come. Forward
called on MM. Stephens lo s|<eak and | Municipal   Clauses  Act.    It   could   be
| Mr. Stephens declared that the meeting \ done away with by a subsequent council' Ninth  avenue  water  delay  Alderman j versus general fund.    His speech M
i had   gone   like   a   mutual   admiration I if so desired.   The Empire's attack on
society so far.   Alderman Mobley was J the council over it was therefore absurd.
| in   the  rather  unusual   position   of   a.    On one occasion the attention of the
Hilditch  was eloquent.    Nothing  had
been done for months he said.
"And yet," put in Alderman Pattullo
the courage of his convictions, Alderman : councillor who had not yet been bla:i ed ] Empire  reporter  had  been  drawn  to i cheerfully, "the pipe has now been laid
Mobley   referred   alao   to   Alderman ] fo. any piece of legislation since he took . this fact, and he had replied on being ,or a fortnight and not a soul has asked
Pattullo's   service*   to   the   city  as   a  office.
financier.    It  was  necessary  to   have]    "Because I do things right'" put in
money before a start could be made at' Alder.i.an   Mobley,   and   af   burst   o
city   improvements,   and   people   kept.' delighted applause instantly fo'lowed.
hurrying the council on to start some-,    Mr.   Stephens  went  on   to  wonder
thing.    Money waa required first, and | lhat  with auch a man in the field as
great powers had been brought to bear : Mderman Pattullo. the Lloyd George of
on the city to force it along lines which t Prince Rupert���Alderman Mobley had
would serve the interest of outsiders.; troubled to atand for Mayor at all. j Alderman Mobley who stepped forward,
They had Alderman Pattullo to thank |    He aaid further that at the opera j saying:   "It is absolutely true.    I can
that the city was not conquered. < house meeting it had been set forth by ! take my affidavit for it."
asked if the editor was conversant with | 'or Permit to connect with it!'
the Municipal Clauses Act. "Oh, yes, | To this Alderman Hilditch replied
but the people are not conversant with jtnat ne h*<i given his plumber inatruc-
it." tionB five weeks ago to make the con-
"That is untrue!" cried the Empire lection whenever the pipe was laid
reporter butting in excitedly in his IP8*1 bis house. Being a plumber he
own defence. had taken his time no doubt.
Mayor Stork simply looked over to!
received with satisfaction.
W. Benson Is Brief
In a very few words Mr. Benfor.
stated his position as independent
of politics. It would be an evil day
for Prince Rupert he said, if politics
got mixed up with municipal affair?.
He had aeen the harm done by such
a state of affairs in other parts of Canada-
At further meetings he would further
express himself.
Pattullo's Closing Word
The fact that the opponents of Mr.
It was true that the cash had been
borrowed at 6 |..-r cent, but had an
effort been made to issue debentures
they would have been knocked from
here to London, England.
No doubt Mr. Manson had something
else to offer. He had no quarrel with
Mr. Manson or any other Government
official. They were all very well in their
own place. But their place was not
in the municipal affairs of the city of
Prince Rupert, and he was there to see
that they did not meddle with the
city's affairs.
Keep Out Politics
Mr. Mobley would keep politics out
of the municipal contest. When citizen8
have to buy goods from this man or
that man because of politics there is
surely something rotten and something
wrong in the state of the city they live
Mr. Manson as member might be
all right, but there was such a thing aa
overloading the horse. For Mayor
Prince Rupert wanted a man who will
give his time 366 days in the year to
lhe Mayor that the G T  P. assessment i    Tremendous   cheering    greeted    the
should not be made a fooibaU of. but I quiet convincing remark, and there
if any candidate used the subject Mr.  no reply from the reporter.
Stephens declared his intention of ining
i. loo as much as he liked, aru* the i..unit was mentioned the leas credit would
"He's   lying   down!"   said   a   voice.
'Now will you be good?" cried another.
The incident did  not  interrupt  the
reflect on some alder  en in this conflict.! dose of Mayor Stork's speech in which
Lynch'. Proud Boast
Alderman Lynch looking remarkably
well groomed, got quickly into his old j MoW��nVn7ni*elThad's.. little ��W
���miliar stride. He stuck up good and ] witnout e|aborate preparation rathe.
loud for Pattullo and Mobley and I amuRed Alderman Pattullo who dtttJ
���P questioned the assertion that the local tne meeung brjefly. por Wrmsll he
improvement plan relating to Section 1: required no special preparation W fin-1
and secured by the whole city ultimately, ;the flawg in Mr. Manson's candidHW
was not the best way of raising money.    and t0 point out what a weak .andid.ti*
If the city had not been handed
over lock, stock and barrei to the G. T. P.
had it not been handed over to the
Bank of Montreal? tries of No! No!)
After all, what had been the council's
financial policy if not simply to raise
cash where they could He hoped to
discuss these matters more fully at
further meetings having come to this
one unprepared.
Mayor Stork in the Fray
Reiterating his it-mark- that the
council had during its term of office
refrained from replying to critics because
it had more' to do, he spoke of the
newspapers which ever since there
was a council had made out that the
city was going to the dogs, but added
amidst cheers that he thought Prince
he  drew
Though the Empire had accused the
.���,.,������,,     ,,, .       council of graft Alderman Lynch made
U,.,o's recoT'Td 1���� J'" �� * "J* J- ��� <* Jj* f-���
cated the candidature for Mayor of , J* T 7," Wh�� ��0Uld m��8t
Alderman Mobley as "the J*'? ^ handed ��Ut WOrk ,or Bra,t'
available for the office n ^1^0" j "* ' ""^ ���" C��UW "^ he h��d evw
Prince Rupert." *0t eVen a ,ob throu*h Alderman Lynch.
The day labor system, he declared,
Third Prospective Mayor would   give   rise   to   a   huge   political
In response to the call of the chairman { n���ch*n*-#andJberefdre be wm against
H. Douglass appeared on the platform.
as  Mayoral  candidate  number  three
Rupert's first council had a very good amongst explosives
He was loudly cheered, but contented
himself with merely reading his electoral
address, which shows him to be out
on the labor ticket, strong for the eight
hour day, day labor system, city control
of public utilities, a free labor bureau
for the unemployed, hospital accommodation for workers up kept by the
city, and $3.60 a day for men working
it except for official work
Newton Sees Niggers
Explaining fully the means by which
owing to the efforts of public spirited
citizens, the telephone franchise had been
secured for the city, Alderman Lynch
denied that Editor Newton had been
in any way instrumental towards this
"Mr. Newton," he said. "So often
��ees niggers on the fence that I begin
lo fancy his place must be full of highly
he was.
In defence of his financial P��!'c>'
Alderman Pattullo appeulni successfully to the common sense of t he audience.
"Would any man go to get money
asked, "from a place where he bought
he wouldn't get it?"
In gTeat good humor the audience
dispersed to the strains of the WurtliM'
orchestra which supplies music (or tM
Au.pic ions Date I
City   Clark  Woods  is  feeling 8��*���
today in spite of the rain.   For today
the first,anniversary of his wedding ��>-
29th December, 1909.   No more charming complim ent could be paid to ���
Woods  than   her   husband's glad ��
pression as he recalled the date in
midst of many duties this morning
the City Hall.


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