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Twenty-four houm  entliiipr
6   a. m.,
May li.
MAX   TUMI'.        MIN. TKMI-.           UAH.
MM)            34.0       29.934
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
r 5 T  MAILS
Camosun .....        Sunday, 9 a.m.
I VojtPH- "  "  ~
Princess May.  _^a '.... Monday,*!! :r.*i. J ,
VOL. II.  NO. 101
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Saturday, May (!, 1911.
*������ r.
"pfttcrFm: Cents *
IS, ��m\
Tells Conservative Members at Brilliant Banquet That the Needs
of the Country May Require That Men Now Administering
Provincial Affairs Respond to the Nation's Call���-Significant
Statement Aroused Great Enthusiasm---They Understood It.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Ottawa, May G.���"The principle nf thc Conservative party
i* in pul the country first, and
following this principle, it may
eventually come about that some
men now administering provincial
affairs, may be impelled to respond
to tin- nation's call."
Tin- words are Premier McBride's ill a greai speech delivered
lul nighl at a banquet held in
tin- Parliamentary restaurant.
Significance Acclaimed
Tin- significance <>f the sentence
could not be misunderstood, and
it was greeted wiih immense enthusiasm. Premier McBride spoke
with fine effect, and his reception
by the crowded assembly was
magnificent. The banquest was
arranged by Mr. Borden in honor
of Premier McBride and Attorney
General Bowser of British Columbia.
Brilliant  Affair
All followers of Mr. Borden
were invited to attend, also .ill
the members of the Press Gallery,
and the function was a most
brilliant one, probably the most
brilliant held in Ottawa for over
thirty years. The gathering was
in enthusiastic mood, and tin-
speakers, particularly R. 1.. Borden himself, were probably never
in better vein, or heard to better
Seems Bughouse
Today Special Constable S. Flan-
nigan arrived by the Distributor
from Kitselas accompanying Eugene Cat-has whose behavior has
led to his being taken care of as
mentally deficient. He is being
detained under observation by
Dr. Reddie.
General Manager Chamberlain of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Says that the Location of the Fort George
to Vancouver Branch is Not Decided Y t Warns
Investors Against Speculation.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Winnipeg, May 6.���In reference
i" ilu- location of ilu- Grand Trui k
Pacific line from Fort George to
Vancouver, Manager I-".. J. Chamberlain said last night that the
announcement has been consistently made all along that the company
will not commence work on the
branch live between I'ort George
and Vancouver until the work on
thc main line between the East and
Prince Rupert is completed.
Which Side Fraser?
Mr. Chamberlain was most em-
pnatii in his assertion that no
further information was available
''  reference   to   ihe  location   of
branch lines. Hr could not state
which side of the Fraser River
the line will be most likely to
follow, and declared that this
point is not likely to be settled
definitely for some lime yet.
Discourages Speculation
Willi some warmth Mr. Chamberlain went on to say that large
sums of money are continually
being received by various speculators from poor people all over
the country for investment in
lots in the supposed vicinity of
this branch line, lie warned these
small investors that the prospect
of return on any outlays made at
this time is in the last degree
H. C. Palmer, K. C, Member
for Fort Agusta Appointed
Canadian Press Dispatch)
"���'lif.ix, May (i. ||. (',. Palmer,
K- ' ���. member for the district
"' l"11 ���Nugusta in the Provincial
Legislature, has been made Premier
"' Prince Edward Island in buc-
���Mion to the Hon.. Francis L.
"award, K. (\, who was ap-
I'"''''1"1 I" lhe Supreme Court
Bench this week.
Died at Age of 94
Mr. William Reilly, proprietor
Reilly'g Lunch,  received word
yesterday that his grandfather, Mr.
'" '   " Lowe, died in Vancouver
' toe age og 94 years as the result
"' 'l fall- The late Mr. Lowe
was formerly Q hotel  keeper   in
His Comrades Gave Him Rousing Send Off
Smoke of Peace Was Thick in
K. of P. Hall Last Night-
Earl Grey's Rifles Were at
Home to Friends to Send
Away Their Color Sergeant.
News   is   Expected   by   All   Including Cabinet
Mexico City, May 6.   The early
resignation of President Diaz is
now regarded as a certainty here.
Should the announcement be made
tomorrow, no surprise will be felt
bv his cabinet.
Northwesrtt n League
Vancouver 1, Portland li.
Seattle 1, Victoria 5,
Spokane (i, Tact una 5.
National League
Cincinnati KI, Chicago 2.
Pittsburg 2, Si. Louis 1.
Boston 0, New York T>.
Brooklyn 5, Philadelphia 0.
American  League
Philadelphia 9, Washington 0.
Boston 14, New York (i.
Chicago 1, Cleveland 3.
Pacific Coast League
Sacramento 4, Oakland 2.
Vernon 4, Porl I.mil 0.
Los Agneles 8, 'Frisco l.
FOR 1911
Total    Taxable   Values    Show
$200 000 Increase
Private Owners Pay More��� Assessment of Their Property
Increased. Cash Value is
Basis of This Year's Assessment.
Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis of Brooklyn Tabernacle Charged With
Fraud in Connection With Coal Lands on Queen Charlottes
Worth $20.000,000���Jas. A. Moore of Seattle and Western
Coal and Iron Co. Mixed Up in Sensational Case.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Victoria, May 6.���Coal lands
worth 120,000,000 situated on the
Oueen Charlotte Islands aire concernt:d in a sensational fraud suit
which is being brought against
Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis, a
noted Brooklyn divine. The suit
is being brought against him at
the instance of Z. M. Hamilton
and associates of his in this city.
James A. Moore, Seattle, .ind
the Western Coal and Iron Company arc concerned also as parties
in the suit. Today Mr. Justice
Clement gave permission  to the
suing parties to have a writ served
upon Rev. Mr. Hillis at his house
in Brooklyn.
"Inspired'' Preacher
Rev. Newell Dwight Hillis is a
successor to the great Rev. Dr.
Talmage in the pastorate of the
Brooklyn Tabernacle anil the news
of the charge created a sensation.
Rev. Dr. Hillis is one of Brooklyn's
most popular preachers, believed
by many of his hearers to possess
peculiar inspiration. His exhortations to his llock to lay up for
themselves treasure in heaven have
filled the Tabernacle to overflowing
with congregations listening with
breathless attention. His pastorate has been most successful.
A Rich Pastor
Dr. Hillis has long been looked
upon as a rich man, his earnings
as an author and as a lecturer and
Chatauqua attraction have been
very considerable. It was not
known that he was interested in
the investment field, and the news
of the charge against him caused
great surprise. His friends are
confident thai he will have an
ample answer to make when the
matter reaches the courts.
F. W.  Dowling to Build Two
Story Dwelling Costing $3000
Building Inspector Mclnnis issued this week one building permit
to Mr. I-'. W. Dowling who is to
build a modem two storey residence on. Lot is, Block 4, Section
5. The cost of the building is
estimated at 13000. H. C.aunip
is architect for it, and the contractors arc thc Prince Rupert
Home Builders.
Steamer Bulletin
The bulletin on ilu- Skivna
River steamers reads in brief as
follows: Weather calm, slight frost
last night. Water one fool three
inches below zero, stationary.
The Operator, Omineca, Hazelton and Port Simpson are heading
up the river and the Distributor,
Conveyor, Inlander are on their
way to Prince Rupert.
Prince Rupert's Assessment for
PHI lias jusl lit"-,i issued by Mr.
J. C. McLennan. City Assessor.
Assessment is made on cash values.
An. increase on total taxable values,
of about .S2IM),(lll(l i> shown. The
amount under this head for l'.Hl
is 112,020,060. Lasi year's total
taxable values wore 112,721,006.
The feature of this year's assessment is the reduction of the
Grand Trunk Assessment. Grand
Trunk holdings lasl year were
assessed at $7,201,600. This year
they are assessed at 14,848,880.
Private owners bear an increased
assessment this year, their property being assessed Tit Sli,S()2,")IO,
and improvements $1,()18,2!>0.
Government land and improvements are exempt to the extent of
$1,666,630. Hospital properly and
improvements  to   the  extent of
$37,900, In each case the total
The Grand Trunk Development
Co'i property is assessed this year
at $2,248,830, .md improvements
at $87,300. This company's property Includes .ill of Sections 2,
8, I,and !l and all portions of ihe
towndte as yet undivided.
Total assessment on Section  1
for P.lll is $6,864,400. Section 6
$1,770,160,   Section   ('���   11,889,786
and Section 7 Sl,309,905.
Another Yukon  Pioneer Gone
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Atlin. B. C, May 6.���Fred
Markus. one of the pioneer stalwarts of the Yukon and Northern
British Columbia died here, lasl
night. Deceased, who was sixty
years of age, was a prominent
An Enrolment Service
The first enrolment service of
the Salvation Army here will be
held in the local Citadel tomorrow
afternoon   at   3   o'clock.     Mrs,
Ensign Johnstone will conduct
memorial service at 8 o'clock
tomorrow night over the late Mrs.
J. Mclntdsh. Everyone cordially
Still They Come
Captain Robertson brought 130
passengers to the city this morning
on the S. S. Prince c.c<irgc from
Vancouver. The Prince George
will .mi go lo Stewart this week.
She leaves for lhe soulh on Monday morning at eight o'clock.
The Royal Hotel has just received a Luge shipment of exira
line spring chickcrs. They will
make a specialty of chicken on
'"''h    He has a son. a prom-
official in the Department of
mc8 m Ottawa.
By  Acclamation?
. ,lli; nomination of W. J. Alder,
'"' alderman in Ward 2 was
registered yesterday.   Frank Keel-
��� die druggist, is ihe proposer
,l"' C. D. Newton the seconder.
" ""'ks as if Mr. Alder will be
(''"'!(1 by acclamation as nothing
"'''."���ll  ha�� been, heard  from  Mr,
And the smoke thickened while
the soldiers swung into lines and
formed a solid square within the
fort. A big Strapping healthy-
looking color sergeant showing
himself to be a well trained soldier
marched behind three officers to
the far end of the fort .and with
them camped on the rostrum
there. The smoke continued to
thicken, khaki clad figures armed
with pitchers loaded with liquid
ammunition passed along the lines.
'Twas not the smoke of battle,
in the fort but the smoke of peace
that came from cigars aud cigarettes handled by the members of
Earl C.rey's Rifles and friends
in thc K. of P. Hall lasl night,
when the regiment bade sergeant
One mile and a half nortli of
Mile 100 on the Skeena River is
a large tract of arable fruit and
agricultural land that extends along
for six miles and covers 7,520 acres.
On the very threshold of thc town-
site of Hazelton is another stretch
of similar land measuring 0,800
acres, both of which are owned
by the Grand Trunk Pacific Fruit
Land Syndicate, of Seattle, a
concern that will put this land
on. the market this summer to
accommodate hundreds of intending settlers from the United Slates,
who have already begun preparations for treking into the wealthy
Eyes on This Country
In an interview the News had
with Mr. Walter H. Schieweck,
managing director of the company,
who leaves on Monday to look
over the land hc stated, that
recognizing the interest people in
the Western States are taking in
Prince Rupert and the tributary
country, the COhlpany had been
formed with the object of purchasing tracts of land to sell in small
or large parcels.
alar^��a^.*^j��^<i^i>^.i ^n^*i^..^ u^..^ Mi
Big Seattle Syndicate To j
j Bring Intending Settlers j
j from U. S.   Land is on |
i Skeena and Will be for j
Get Me Some Land
"I was down in Iowa a few-
weeks ago," he said, "and returned
with    Dr.    1-'..    M,    Hanson, who
has  acquired   3,600  acres  near
Mile 180 on behalf of a number
of prominent lowans. When people learned lhat we were going
to   Prince   Rupert  and   the   sur
rounding territory several of them
remarked 'Get me a piece of land
in that country somewhere,' and
it was surprising the questions
wc were asked about Northern
B. C.
Mr. Schieweck is expecting some
investor! on the S. S. City of
Seattle tonight from New Vork,
San FrancisCO and Los Angeles
who will go with him up country.
"Willi the opening up of this
land il will naturally benefit Prince
Rupert to a very great extent
The G, T. P. line is quite near
and there is a telegraph Station
a short distance away," explained
Mr. Schieweck.
The local office of the company
will be located in this cily and
Mr. Raymond M. Bond, president
secretary-treasurer, of the company
in company with Chester W. Aimes
a director and big financial man,
will probably be here shortly.
Crowds of Men Who Dumped Coal Into Harbor Yesterday Are Waiting for Arrival of Steamer Edith with
2000 Tons More- Authorities Swear in Deputies in
Readiness to Protect the Cargo.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Cordova, Alaska, May 0.���
There has been no disorder here
today, and none is expected until
the arrival of the steamer Edith
which has railed from Nanaimo
wilh 2,000 tons of Canadian coal
for the Alaska Steamship Company
The Edith is to discharge her
cargo here.
Ominous Threats
Threats are being made today
that the Edith will not bc allowed
to discharge her cargo, or if the
cargo is landed, that it will speedily follow the rest of the Canadian
coal landed al   ihis porl, into the
sea. The harbor authorities are
preparing for trouble. So far the
position of the steamer is not
Customs Demand
As all lhe foreign coal is under
the control of the United States
customs authorities until it is
landed and the duty paid, the
Deputy Collector of Customs here,
made a demand upon I'. S. Commissioner Tucker for protection
when lhe Edith arrives. Hc was
assured that an ample force of
deputies would be in attendance
to protect property on the arrival
ol thc vessel.
Charged with Murder and Dynamiting
Formal Arraignment Took Place Today Before Judge Bord-
wcll of the Superior Court.
Reported Confession of McManigle Still Dark.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Kansas Cily, May (i. Jim Flynn
of Pueblo, Colorado, knocked out
Al. KaulTiu.in of San Francisco,
with a han I right swing lo jaw-
in ilu- tenth round of their light
here tonight.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
' Los Angeles, May 8.���Today
John J. McNamara, secretary of
the International Bridge and Structural Ironworkers' Association, was
formally arraigned before Judge
Bordwcll in the Superior Court
charged wilh murder and dynamiting.
James McNamara, John J.'s
brother, was also arraigned and
charged wilh murder in concention
with the Times Building explosion.
McManigle, who according to report, has made a sensational con
fession, was not arraigned.
Hints  to   Investors,   No  2.
Some day there is sure to be a'
real buying opportunity for you
iu one of the "For Sale" ads.
Every day they an- Interesting.
Every day more anil more people
turn to them, with "an eye to
North and South
The   S.   S.    Operator   lefl   for
I la/el ton this morning with a full
complement of passengers and
freight. She arrived here yesterday from thc norlh. The Distributor arrived this morning from
II a/el ion.
With Fruit Trees
Mayor Manson received word
, this morning that J. V. Carpenter
of the Agricultural Department at
Going Out of Business I Victoria, would arrive here next
Mr. Wm. Lawson is selling out week to visit Prince Rupert and
his stock on 3rd Ave. All goods lhc Skeena River district where he
must be sold by the 10th of the will distribute fruit trees and give
month and can be had at cost lectures on how to enhance their
until that date. 100-102    | growth.
. _...-���     ,.'-.''���- '-ai 'V
t h;e  d ai ljy  n b wis
The Daily News
Formerly) The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, BOc per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance,
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Octside Canada-Daily, JS.tKi peryear; Weekly,
$2.!>0 per year, strictly in advance.
TRANSIENT DISPLAY ADVEKTISING-;.0 cents per inch. Contract rates
on application.
Daily News Building, Third Ave., Prince Kupert, B. C.    Telephone 98,
New YORK���National Newspaper Bureau, 219 East 2;lrd St., New York City.
Seattle   Puget Sound News Co.
.London, England The Clougher Syndicate, Grand Trunk Building. Trafalgar
Daily Edition.
Saturday. May 6
Whether or no the incidents of yesterday in the harbor of Cordova,
Alaska, will become famous in history no man can tell. There is no
assurance in the simple feat of heaving good Canadian coal into the
harbor u> justify the expectation in the hearts of the Cordova people
that some day posterity will accord them a place alongside the heroes
of 1773. Whether the coal-heaving incident holds in store pedestals
in the Hall of Fame or cells in the penitentiary for certain gentlemen
nf Cordova, depends not so much on the nature of the act itself .iron whether the game of heaving Canadian coal into the harbor succeeds
or not. If the policy wins, they will be heroes and men of public
spirit; if it loses they will be riff-raff and a menace to the community���
at least in the general esteem.
The man who would aspire to be a hero, had better realise lhat
there i> no assurance that he will not be adjudged .t knave.    Thei
modern    Hampden    who    with    dauntless    breast the little tyrant
of his fields withstands usually ends up in the police court as a contributor to the taxes, and a target fur the police court humorist.   Lucky
indeed is he if he manage to divide public opinion into equal praise
and censure like that famous Earl of Claverhouse, who to one group
of historians is "bonnie Dundee," and to the other "bloody Clavers.'
Heroism like lhe menial act, depends upon the spirit in which it i
performed.   X" man is irulv abased, save in his own eyes; no candi-l" '"".'
. r  .  ' a a '   a CorSalgl" pi
date lor heroism may safely count nai more than the endorsement ot|
his own conscience.   Napoleon's comment on tlu- crowds that cheered
his triuinpli.il entry into Paris, crystallises the common experience
of the hero. Even T. Roosevelt, Esq., who has come as near to being1���,.   e .   Cl  . .-
  ... ' .   . .       , ,,  This Seasons St vies are Favor
natii'iia   idol as any man living, knows whal it is to receive the cold' , .   .    r
���    ,    ,      ,                         ,    ,   .            , .      , , .                      able to Economy
mitten trmn the crowds that but .t lew montlis before acclaimed him.   j 	
Northern British Columbia is interested in the possible developments of the Cordova coal party. Like Alaska, Northern British
Columbia is a vast coal-field. Like Alaska most of it is in the hands
of the co.il gr.tbbers and monopolists.   Like the people of Cordova, the
The possibilities of George Walker, of the Vancouver A. C, beii g
selected io represent Canada in
the Festival of Empire sports, ���-
her middleweight wrestler, are
growing into probabilities, Eastern despatches in naming ihe
liki'ly team of track ai al field me .
and athletes generally, who will
make tlie trip] give Walkei ..- a
strong candidate in the wresi
division, and Mr. Crowe, sei rei rj
of the C. A. A. IL, who has the
matter in hand, has writte
the physical instructor ol the
to V, A, C. confirm his previous
letter that Walker tis ready and
willing to make the trip.
Rattling Nelson, former lightweight champion, and Jack Redmond have signed articles to fight
ten rounds at Kenosha, Wis., on
May 30. They will meet at 133
A black gown is always good
.md when, combined with jet is
more than smart aud makes an
iilc.il gown. This is black satin ���
the slash on in side of skirt filled
in with jet trimming and fringe.
The bodice of black chiffon has
an over-bodice of jet with shoulder
str.ips a if velvet ribbon. Sleeves
'. .in- formed of deep tucks as is the
ece across the bust.
Frankie White and Cuggs Scheo
have been matched to fight 20
rounds at Cheyenne, Wyomi -
some time within two weeks. 1 e
weight will be 135 pounds at
The combining of two materials
in one gown makes it possible
this   season   for   the   economic.il
woman to evolve extremely sm.'.rt
people of Northern British Columbia are importing coal traiin a distance     ... , .    , ' ,,
****** i ,  - , , ,    , ellects   lor   coinparativelv   sin.ill
and paving exorbitant prices, while our co.il Ileitis .ire untouched. ���,
""-���     There are most attractive
figured   designs  in   all   materials
No one slight st> thai the situation in British Columbia has reached
the aggravated state that reigns in Alaska, but it is bad enough lo make
us lake a deep interest in  the Cordovan affair.    Llovd-Cacorgc has
,     , ,     . ,.     ,     ,       .        ., .      ..���   ;       ,    ,    ,     ,;with    plain    colors.      Bl.uk    and
taught the pi^ople of hngland to sr.ig with meaning.   (aod made the land      ,      ,       .        . ,    ,      ,.        .,
,      , ���  .1    -,., , . ,        , ,,   colored satins with the thin \���< iiles,
for tlie people.      This m.iv seem an absurd doctrine to those lolk ��� ,  , ... ,
.    ,   ,.       ,.   ,        ,-',,,       ,, ,   , , , nets and  laces are effective,  anal
who believe (and made it for the land grabber and the coal speculator.    , ,   .. ,   .,
.    ,.    ,     ,       , , the present fashion ol   the satin
but thc doctrine has taken root in England, and seems to be a not
unpopular belief among the settlers in Alaska.
Throwing gixxl coal into the harbor is aliout as sensible a w.iy of
showing how mad one feels, as stamping one's feet on the pavement
underskirt or the band of satin at
the foot of the skirt works out
well with only a few yard- of the
figured materials, which, if of the
What is expected to be the
greatest race meet ever held in
thc Maryland Jockej club at the
old Pimlico track Baltimore, begins
tomorrow afternoon. The meeting
will continue until May 17. for
weeks past horses have been coining into Un- trai k from every
section and some big horses .ire
on the training, including Novelty
Fitzherbert. l-'or the first time in
this section a trial will be givei
the new Pari-Mutui 1 machine.
One of the finest fields i I distance runners eve: sea together
will take part in the fifteen-mile
race at Celtic Park New York, on
May 7. Tom I. ngboat is the
latest to semi in his entry. Hu
stars will be Billy Jucal, who set
a new mark for ten miles when he
defeated Alfred Shrubb recently;
Hans Holmer, Gusta Ljn^gstrum
and Shrubb.
or smashing one sown crockerv.   But, as  an  outburst   of   rebellion   , ,   ,
.     . ..." i      i      l n   -j a     latest coloring and design, IS  too
at a verv real grievance, it is not to be   laughed   at.     Besides,    the. . ,
,.,..,, it- a- a-        a      a      a   ,  expensive   to  have  for  an   entire
whirligig ol chance and   lime may yet  transform  those hot-headed
coal-heavers into Lathers of their Countrv.
Repairs. Carbons
C H HANDASYDE, Jr., Dealer
P.O. Box 186        PftlNCI Kitekt
Also dealer for the Standartl Folding Typewriter
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Aui-nt. for StawMt Lund Company,  Limited
Foulards of all descriptions are
fashionable this year, and the pin
polka dots with flowered or striped
bullies are most attractive, but
again the price of the very latest
novelty is far too high when economy has to be considered, and tin-
same effect can be obtained by a
quite inexpensive polka dot or
design trimmed with .-. flowered
ribbon or with bands of striped
-ilk. The selecting of a practical
model .md there are many to
tela i from and then the careful
purchase of material of which ihe
gown shall bc made will ofte.1
result ia- saving mon' than half of
thc priii- asked.
The one piece blai k .gown made
.liter a simple design, trimmed w ith
i fichu of white or black lace ol
fine mesh and delicate pattern, i>
.i most practical investment, for
it is suitable for almost any
occasion and is becoming and very
smart. But when exercising econ��
oiny be it remembered that the
greatest extravagance possible is
the buying of poor material simply
because it is effective. There arc
plenty of good Inexpensive fabrics
this season to be found by any one
who takes lhe time to look for
Because he does oi want to
ri-k the spoiling of a winning
-tri-.ik. Pitcher George Mullin of
the Detroit .Americans declines
t.i ad -pt the advice of no h--> than
four physicians and have an operation on his nose. Specialists
in Chicago and Detroit and the
club physician .;ll advised him to
go under the knife, assuring him
speedy recovery. Mullin says after
he loses .i game he will have the
operation performed.
The applicai ts who will repl)
to >"iir "help wanted" .ui in The
Daily New- will In- people wl -
read and ������.. swer ads. Ai d iliat.
of itself, i- .; pretty ���_ ����l ra
me idation. I .r only up-to-di ������
..-, d "alive" pei pledo ii i t.
Dance   VVecki)    dance   even
Saturday in the K. of P, Hail l-26m
To Port Simpson
At ii a.m.. mi the S.S. TOPAZ
RETURN TRIP    -    $2.50
First Baptist Church
11 a.m. Morning worship, sermon by the minister.
'WO    p.m.     Bible    School    and
Brotherhood Baraca Bible Class,
'������'di   )i.m.    Evening   worship.
subject of sermon "Paul's Solution
of tin- World Problem."   You are
cordially invited to worship wiih
us   Church situated .ii Sixth and
'rarer streets,   Rev, W. II. McLeod, minister.
Mr. P. Mullen, late head bar-
keeper nf the  Royal   Hotel,   has
Central Holx-l (Mr. Peter Black)
Lot 13, Bl. 11, Sec. 5
only one left at
We liavi- sold tin :t adjoining lots within the last week, to local huyers
We art Menu for ths old reliable
Phoenix,   Liverpool  and  London  and
Globe nml Hritish America Kin-   Insurance Companies.
Advertise  in The Daily Newi\w?^^upwrtohavTii
l^m old friends call on him there
Seconal Ave.,
Prince Ruperl, B.C.
Write For Particulars Today
Of the
Inlying Gn
,., ., .I. ..  , ,., ,.i,i i, raws would emphasise the fact that by
sale of Grand Trunk Pacitk- lots ut BIGGAK, ana ru. Uu, ,oU t,mj  Brt, located closest
���d Trunk Pacific lots you have ��W��^S Somerset Block. Winnipeg, Man., Is exclu-
.\n,l that tlie International SecurlOei Company, '.���'". .A,,     illustrated and descriptive otrcular
si';e riUn?agsnt for Grand Trunk ������������g     J^,, request.    Fill   in   coupon ���
with plan of townsite and price list lent iree iu mijr <
thii announcement and mail it today. ________________________
at bottom of
526 Milei Weil of Winnipeg
267 Milet East of Edmonton
BIGGAR must eventually become a great commercial centre, ..ml om-of ihe larg.it and most important
l^iK^m^ .  8tation   ul
-tation on the t'ana
BIGGAlRftherefore a town on two of three sreat transcontinental railroads of the Dominion.
And  This  Year  Biggar Will Have Two Additional Lines
The Grand Trunk IVi.ic wjl. ,-end IIT.OOOgto MU��- fj^fflAVSSUl fe '5���
ta'iSfteMl^lMn ��� " ��I�� �� A & to BrttWori, nntl a. U,,st BO miles fron/lUGGAK s.lntl,
^tTBSSSStS^hw^b^SiM this year.   BIGGAR wIU bo tt.tenninua of both***��now line..
WTO-uc iraiSway fad We. ai t.. te there em, hardly bfl any question regarding BIGGAR S futaro.
Towns with railroad facilities equal te those of BIGGAR have practically, without exception, become ct.es
���f lo.iHHi tn l."i.HOO population lufm.' th.'y were ten years Old.
And with these facts before us. and this great country beginning to he deve oped, there is hut on.-
conclusion aVtVthV future of BIGGAR, Slid w, believe that we are conservative when we say that in the
course of the next few years BIGGAR should he a city of at least 10.000 people.
This is a Chance For You to Make Money
You can buv lots���cloie in lots   in the original Mwnsite of BIGGAR at from $100
can buv them on cast t.-rms   a payment of lo per cent, with onler and the balance  in
payments.    Or if veil wish to j av cash ill full with Order a discount of live per cent   is
verv same lots thai vmi can bin t.nlnv for from $100 to $4oo a'nch will,  when   BIGG Alt
from in 000 to 15,000 people, bring scvei.il times what you can hoy ih.-m for today.
Thi- is an opportunity for va.ti to lav the foundation for your future independence.
opportunity that will not wait To s.'Ctiri- tlu-se choice, close-in lots at present prices, y
Iy. Write to us today for full particulars, plan of townsite und price list���Sflfl cooi>on
to $100 each you
nine equal monthly
allowed, and these
becomes  a city  of
However, it is an
ou must act prompt-
at  bottom  of  tins
Shipping    and    Distributing    Point
BIGGAR as a divisional point on the main line a.f ihe i irand Trunk Pacific, and a station on lhe Can
sdian Pacific, both of which line* nu east and west -an.l HIiiGAIt a* the terminus of the Battleford line
Sl d the Biggar-Catgary line, which runs north and wuth BICCAK will not only be a shipping and distributing point fra.m which supplies will be distributed to the settlements that will spring up to the cast and to
the weit, li.n it will also be a supply station ami diitributing point for the settlements and young towns
that will bfl established as tht country is settled and become* cultivated to the north and to the south of
BIGCAIt. nnd of this new territory to bfl opem-d ma to lhe north and to the south of BIGGAK. we would
say that the land that will bc opened up consists of hundred! of thousand! of acres of as fine farming land
ascan Ih- found anywhere.
Greatest Wheat Country in the World
Western Canada is the greatest wheat country in Ihe world, and there is no better land in Western
Canada than tha- land that will he opened up by the building of the Grand Trunk Pacific branch lines from
Ilinnar ia. Battlflford and from Biggar to Calgarv.
Spaaking of the land to the south of Kiggnr. along^ the right-of-way of this Kiggar-Calgary branch,
one thoroughlv familiar with conditions, and one WOO is in a position lo spaak authoritivcly said:
"There are thousand! of acrei of the richest and besl wheat land in the country along thia  line.
I.an<l that onlv rMUlrtfl si-tlling antl cultivation to product- millions of bushels wheat annually."
What will this mean to BIGGAR 1
And regarding this year's development of lan.l. a recent letter from the Biggar Board of Trade, says:
"There will be 20.000 acres of lanal under cultivation in the territory  of  BIGGAK  thil year, in
addition to the land that was under crop last year. anil, tiginii k ona fair crop,   this  will  mean
that tha-rai will ba- half a million bushels of wheat to Ik- markel.-al al HIGGAK this fall."
Cflrtainly BIGGAR offflri an opportunity nmst AX inordinary for  prolitable   real citato  investments.
Now is the lime to buy.    Write for plan of townsite an.l price Hit today.
Buy Close-in Lots at Low Prices
Future City of Western Canada
Is a new town was amly incorporated a village in the Iprlflf of l'.ss.'. (tegular passenger train service was
only Inaugurated In June in 1H10. less than a year ago. Ami it has only, within the past few months, co.n-
menced to attract the attention of the public. However. Ita advantngl-s wen- quickly appreciated ami it it
imw a town of sbout 1,000 population. It has two roo.1 hotels, general Storn, implement houses and in all
sbout 60 buiineu establishments.���The Canadian Bank of Comnwrcfl has juitopenwl a bank at BIGGAK
and on Thursday, April 27th tlie lirst issue of the Hiirnar Independent was published at Hiircnr lis citin i -
BTfl progrfllllvi As an illustration a.f this fact it was one of Ihe lirst new towns nn the Grand Trunk Padflc to take up tne question of city water works, and il not only t.aaik it up, |���lt has voted debentures.
These da'ba'iituiis have ba'on subscribed antl MM for. The mom-v is in hand, and Work is under wav Installing a water system that will not only bo adequate for lire protection, but will supply the town with watai
for domestic use.
Are You Interested?
Are you open for an investment that
is as safe as an investment can be. and
one that shoultl pay biu profits? lf so.
send for particulars. We will send our
illustrated and descriptive circular of
IlillKiir with plan of townsite and price
list to vour address.    Write for it Unlay.
International Securities Co.
Utigear Dtpartaont)   644 Ihm tit,.. Mm *****
You mny send RM particulars of the sale  of  Grant! Trunk
I acilic lots at Higitar. with plan of townsite and price lilt.
(Kill in. tear off and mail to us without delay)
NOTICE     aQJ5jJE "f International BMUttM Co.nps, J. | ������it,,,, ,.x,.|,1>iVo ,,o||j f     G       , Trll���|,
l'acilic  lots  in   lliggar,   Melville,   \\iirmi<   Wahwrlvhl   T,,i;,,ii 1   ii     .  �����.To  .ivtl
floor, Bornmtt Building, an ..pendaily from ft a.m. to 8 ,, ��� tZ,' r .-_.��� ll LTIrfS*  "' SJUk
open every evening from 7 to llp.m.    H_*ttm tn Wlnnlp^ m lilted ff!Syf"1*8^- **���**>   Toom  ***'
Exclusive Agent for the sale of these G.T.P. Lot* in Prince Rupert
[.AND 1
��� ,,���.|   Dlitrict ul Cuust ituniiu ri
Skn'�� '""        .. ,i   lli'iirv   Muourliii'V  "I   I'rinci'
l*' [',"""   Muustloa miner, intenda to applv
rui>'"- r '      iaurcliiBo Un' following desoribea
l��� pcrmWiim ." i
l��iiii>: . ��� p0at nlanted on the south
i'"1"",'.'", ','  i ��� Itiver, about i I-- nnlra rom
J"11 hM'''   , i,  ii,- Bkeena River ��nd about
rt n-*f*"*'""\ " ���, Exchumilki raplda, ihence so
���4mll�� ��c�� |(l ol)8|M ,.__. thenoe 80
llsiiii- ,,,:r   ,i   nee   IU choina wa-at  to point of
&W'    ������.ranMlntng  880   acroa   ">oru  or
paiiuin'11'1',11' ' ', ��� a ..ii M, S.W. cor."
N- I';"'.a1".-:1 Vi, i      HKNUV MACARTNEY
Dated ''"',--  '
puli. April - '���
an    , , I ami llislrict    llislrict nl roust
s"r     o,ai i   willium John Corley ol
TiiKi' """   i]  ,    occupation renchor, Intend
princtj nupc' 'm'jM|on to purohaao the tollowlni
��nn*i>. I'���, .
da-a-i" ������' '��� ,'. ������ ., .���... plantod in ilu-soul Invest
a KiiiaH'' ���"������ Coast District, thenoe
thence  oaat  W cliains. thence
thenco wool 40 cliuins lo point
i   conlalnlnii so acroa, moro or
��� la.l   I"
Iri Diitrict   Dlatriel ol Coaal
a|    I,   Willium   Melville   t'orley
,   occupation  cia-rk.  Intend
..uiii to purcniM the tollowing
nnwr ol I
.uiii so ���;
la'rlli -"  '''
,| Caini"" "'
tm '
I'ul.. April;
ll Toi
�� *W , .
,1 _ poal planted m the northweal
""iai 111   ia Ila il!   6. Const llislrict, llience
,, north in chnins, thencu weat
iime alough, tbence along
Li..-'* ni iniillt of commencaatnenl, con-
.:"��������� �� "��������
i'uh. April -:*-
wilim D   rlcl    Dlltriet o! Const Range 5
'���;::.. ;���,���n  thai I, ChariM A.  Vauahtn of
1   ..,..,.   i; c  oceupation merchant, intend
jSly lor uermlMion to purchuse tho following
' "' '* i(, it poet planted on tho nouth
uaioi KM'tniiMiis River and ubout four mll��
Z,,__eonrtupneo with tht- Skeena itiver, thenee
thenco -MI cliuins north, thonce KU
;' '\, -   ^onco BO chuins south to puint of
,,.- mining640 acres more or less.
���uk April 29.
i Und Diitricl -DUtrict of Coust Range B
notice ilut  I. P��nk  lliekn of I'ort E*
,       . ���     ���
���vjpMUon morohant, intend to apply
to purcbuo the following describe.l
'/          B  poll   plunteil  on  the south
.   Exchunwki   Kiver  and  about   four
iu wnlluenoc with tho Skeeno River,
-   d tiru met, thence MO chains north,
.    , cut,   thence   nouth   SO   chains
commencement, contuining 640 ucres
i       ,      21, mil. FRANK HICKS
fe tprftft.
item Land District-District of Coast lUngo 6
Tikf Mtiea tbit Mary Uvmgret Uillia of Vic-
i, p. i.. Docupation hmmlwiper intends to
v [oc permifltOQ to purchase tho following
ribod li    ���
CoTiinu'tu-i;..; ft] .i pnst planted at thu north oaat
���  ,. thenoa *ii chains wost, thenco
) cUittf souili, thence -0 chains west to T. L
..    .iimii B0 cimins north to Lakulae
B moandarlog said river up stream in
direction to Lakabi Lako, thunce
Hndennt.' *���***������ lake to point ol comnumoompnt
ism, moro or less.
Ymi maritad M. M. QH N- B�� Corner.
.. March 4.
iraUni In-irict -Dwtrict of Coast Rong   6
lake ftouce that   Kanjamtn   Ruossl    Rice  of
t lir,*;:, It. G . occupation wniter, intonds
mu to purchaae the following
I'gmmar.citii; at a pout planted 05 chains south
M    i* .rne,  of Lot MtJO, tl'.imce 70
* tbeoei 65 chains north, thunco 70
fi��t, thrnee 68 chains south to point of
containlnf  46ft  acrea, moro  or
I 11 tt R.. S. B. Cor.
. I'll.
MaUnd District -District of Coaat Range 5
. David McUmnun of i'rince
,'itiiin flleclt. im��� -thl ��� to apply ,
;���<������, *n i" piirchu.Hu the following doscribed
I pQ t planted 10 chains socth
I KMti mm. mrner of l���ot 994, thenc* 40 '
���nt, Uwoco   in chaine  north,  thence  40
10 chains south to point  of
eo-itiming   10U  acroa,   n.oro  or.
.���  M.S. W. Cor
| l'l I'll DAVID McLKN\AN
k Uftrth I.
1 Hitrfci - District of Guitar
11 uth D. Olllla of Prince Ru-
ibonr, Intradi to apply for
i urchaao the followlns dwteribed
ll  i poOl   planted   three and  oni1-
terb direction from the point
pre thi Lava Lake trail U<Kins
i northerly direction from tha
���  mill, thanea muth *�� chaina,
line, thenca south ni ehains
halni to point of commencement,
HUGH i> -ill.lis
Joseph Uelway, Am nt
ftad I'etnft    District of Coast Range V
���ww that  Edith   Alice  Crowther of
I n|land,  occupation  spinster,
" Mpl> for (H'nnission to purchase the
;  lands:
I .n a part planted at the south cast
I It* IMI, Range 5, Coast UU-
m Mirth along tht easterly limit of the
<n-AT** or Ioh to the wiutherly
M ���''"���. Itangf T, c,,ust district, thencu
���     llmll nf tho last  mentioned
'      to   n   point,   thencu in   a south-
"   ��   chains    parallel   to   the   said
'   "I    lot   IW'Jl,   thence   in a west-
60   chains   more    or     less    to
"I cmmrncemint containing 210 acra
��� \   1911.
'������"tridt-District of Cwslar
I.  I'<rry QtMeua ol  IVlnce
1      'rciipation   |irof<|N>ctor,   intend   to
i   to   pUTOham   the  following
I I port  j.Untod in the vicinity
6 I three otghu of a mile Miuth
| ( too Itonan/u Crealt, and tN'ing
tf.iiri.I��ry  of Timlier  Mrnit   No.
-*". thenn- south 40 chains along
aid Timlier Umit No. 66S81
������ thenee aaat to the shore of
. laneo of 40 chains more or leas,
1)   along the shore of (mmmo  Rev
tbanai metariy in chai mi
"i "f ctiniinennTiK'nt, containing
' itrlet -District of Cnsniar
1 ' Ph Midway of Vum-ouver
l��ro poctor, Intends to apply for
w porehaae the followinK descrilied
d * poat planted two and one-half
direction from the pnint on
1*10  Luvh   Luke  trail   begins,
"halnfc thence south Hi chains,
��� thence north 60 chains to
Moment, containinK 640   acres
<   <;H��M.i.t    District of Cassiar
1 ' harlot Morris of Prince Ru-
ipatton laborer,  intends to apply
- Bhaaa the fMwWlng deoenb-
:M �� post   planteil   three  and one-
1 1-htI.v direction from the point
"��� tn��Lara Uke trail beKins
1 northerly direction from the
" trail, thenoa south Kti chalna.
' nnitis, thence north So chains,
'"l,l�� bi point of eommeneement,
Quoon Charlotto Inlands Land District���District of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver
occupution broker, intond to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
duserihod lunds:
Commencing at u post plunted about two miles
BOUth of thu Tl-ol River and murked John McL.
N. K. Corner, No. 32, thunco south 80 chains,
thenoe west SO chains, thence north 80 cliuins,
thunce east 80 chains to point of commencement]
containing 040 acres, more or less. "
Dated Feb 88, 1911, JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb, 21. Leslie K. Walter, Agont
Quoen Churlotto Inlands Lund District - District of
Tako notice that I, Juhn MeLeod of Vancouver,
occupution broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coul and petroleum on the following
deaerlbed lunds:
Commencing at u post i (anted about five miles
north and one mile weit of thu mouth o the
1'1-el River und murked J. McL., N. R, Corner.
No. 24, thence south 8U chains, thence west 80
chains, thencu north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains tu point of commencement; contuining 010
ncres, more ur less.
Dated Peb. 86, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
ub. Keb. 28. Claronco McDowell. Agont
Queen Charlotte lslnnds Land District���District ot
luko notice that I, John McLeod uf Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coat and petroleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about two mllea
south of the mouth of tho Tl-el River and marked
J. McL. S. K Comer, No. 81, thenco west 80
chains, thunce north 80 chuins, thunco cast 80
chains, thencu south 80 chains to point of commencement; containing 640 acrea, more or less.
Dated Pob. 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Keb. 24. Leslie K. Wulter, Agent
Skeenu Land Dlltriet��� District of Const
Take notice that 1, Mrs. John Corley  of  Prince
| Rupert. B.C., occupation married woman, Intendi
to upply fur permission to purchuso the following
described lands:
CommencinK ut a post planted 40 chnins eust
and 120 chains south from the southwest corner of
lot 1788, Coast Distriet, Range 6, thenee south 80
chuins, thenco eust 40 ehains. thence north Kll
chains, Ihence west -Id chuins more ur less to the
point of commencement, containinK 880 acres
more or loss.
Date Mur. 20, 1911
Pub, Apr, 4, ion
Skeona Land District���District of Coast Rungu 6
i     Tako notloe that Mary Boll Beaton of Vancou
' ver, B. C., occuiiation spinster, intends to apply
for permission to purchaso tho following described
. lands:
'     Commencing ut a  post planted  at tho north
; cast curner of Lot B9e01 thuncu about ;t0 chaina
north to l.ot  1788, thenee 80 chains west t-   Lot
'-i'JS'i, thence about ;I0 chuins south to Lot ;)981,
I thencu 10 chuins eust, thenco 20 chuins south to
! Lot 682, thenco 20 chuins east, thonco 20 chaina
: nnrth,  thenco 20  chuins east  to  point  of  commencement; contuining 880 acres mure or loss.    ,
Post marked M. B. B., S.K. Corner.
Dated Feb.14.19U,       MARY BELL BEATON
ub.  \lar.;h 4
Skeena Land .1/islrict  -District of Queen Charlotto
Taku notiw thut Coo. 11. Laux or Prince Rupert,
U.  C,  occupation  harlier,   intends  to apply  for
permission   to   purchase   the   following   describod
Commencing at u post planted about scvon
milos wost and one mile south from the mouth
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thence south 80
chains, thonce west 40 chuins, thenee north 80
cimins, thunce east It) chnins.
Dated March 17, 1911. CEO. H.  LAUX
Pub. April 22. Numa Demurs, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Lund District-District o
Sko n >
Take notice that 1, Jom McU' d ol Va couver,
occupation broker, iuten 1   o :i\ ply for permiasion
to prospect for c al and petroleum 0   the following
deaerlbed lands:
Commenting at a p st planted ubout four mil s
���OUtti and  two miles wo.t of the mouth ol  tho j
Tl-el    River and markod J. McL. N. E- Corner,
Ko. 46, thence ;outh NO chains, thence WMt 8U I
chuins,  thenc a   north   80  cliuins.  thenco  east   80 |
chums to poi t of oommeneementi   ontalnlng 640
acren, mor��- or less.
Dato i. Keh. 83, i��U. HN MLEOD j
Pub Pab. 86, Claronoe McDowell, Agent: I
Queen Ci arlotte Islanda Land District���District of
sk ana
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occui alio broker, intend to appl. for permiasion
to prospect fur coal and petroleum on the follnwing
doscr b d lunds;
Commencing at a post pianted four miles south
und two west of the mouth oi t e Tl-el River und
marked J. McL. S. E. Corner, No. 46, thonce n rth
S.i chains, thenee west 80 chains, tlie co south 8U
cliains, t ence eaat - 0 chai t point of com
menrcment: containing 640 acres, more or le s.
Datad Keb. :_i. I91L JOHN  M'LEOD
I'ub. Keb, 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Quoon Chai lotto Islafis Und Dintrict���District ol
Take notice that 1, John \l L d ol Van oaver,
occupation hroker, intend to apply for permiss on
to pro p.ci or coal a d petroleum on :.�� lollowing
d scribed 1 nds:
Commencini; at a p st plant d abo t'n r milos
outu and two mile* v.e t of th mouth f the
Ti-e: River ani markaj J. M L , \V. Co.nor, I
No. 35, thenc north 40 chains,
0  cha ns.
utiCOm M.t
chains, thenw s iut.i
Ohalm o p int of com
a res, more or lea .
Ddcd Fib. ��8, 1 11
Pub. I eb. 25.
bene '
eas    BQ
the co west   80
ntaining ��� 40
C Bftn e M   I o-'.olt,    gent
Queen Charlotte Islanda Land Diatrict���Diitrct o!
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vanco iver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to p ospect for c ul and petroleum'on ih following
desrilsnl lands;
Commeneini ��t a post planted alwut f ur mill's
south und two miles wa t of the mouth of the
Tl-el River and marketl J. McL. N. \V. Corner,
No. :16. thenc souih 60 chaini, then e e st 80
chains, thence north 8 chains, thenee witii 80
��hains to point ol commune m"nt; co,darning 640
acres, more or lea-i.
Dated Keb. 23. 1: 11. JOHN M'LEOD
Put). Keb. 16. Clara c   McDuwell, Agent
I    i,
��� '���I "iili Uelway, Airent
' ' '   ; i',l,,rir\.:,!.),Ulrict ��r OOilt Range 5
limAi    ii   ,,.llim  5������ '"��rporUor
���  u'C-i occupation restaurant
11 Wy h>r iiermission to purchase
'   nl��ed |���n,| .
���' ;J I����t planted at the south oant
';�����������'!  Lot   1712, thonco 80 chains
""   * i chains west to Lot 2056,
���north, thenco 46 chains west
'' JIM north to Lot 6061, thenco
o south east corner of Lot
1     ��� chains north lo l/it 1711,
"M��M to point nf commence-
;R 180 aere* moro or less.
.,   '';'net   DleMatofOpfft
>t I. Uslu, k. Walter, of Vancou-
,,p"�� PrTOlMOtor, Intends to ��p-
"" ���" Purchnse the followinir des-
1  POrt  plnnted nnd marked L,
1 - ��nd Immodlately adjolnlni
'   �� IN.W. corner; ihenre north 40
��  Chaini,   thence  south 4(1
sn chalna, to point of oom-
������������������** TOO acrei, more or lens.
; .,      I-KSLIKK. WALTER,
"" Charles 11. Allen. ARont
Skeena Land Districl -Dintrict of Queen Charlotte
Tako nolice that (ieorge W. Arnott of Prince
Rupert, II. C, occupation real estate broker,
intends to apply for jiornmsion to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted aliout seven
miles und one-half Jmilo west und one mile south
from thu mouth of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor,
thence west 80 chuins, thence south 80 chains,
Ihence east 80 chains, thencc north 80 chains.
Dttad March 17, 1911. CEO. W. ARNOTT
Pub. April 22. Numa Dement, Agent
Skeona Und District���District of Coast Range 5
Tako notico that Angus Roalon of Prince Rutwrt,
It. C, occupation miner, intendu to apply for permission io purchaso the following descrilied lunds:
Commencing at a pnst planted at the south
eaat comer of Lot 3987, thenco 40 chains went,
thenco 40 chains south, thence about liO chains
im -i to Ukelso Lake, thenco meandering said lake
shoro in an northerly direction to point of commoncemont; containing 170 acres, more or less.
Post murkeil A. H., N. E. Corner.
Dated Keb. 14, 1911. ANGUS BEATON
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Lnnd District-District of Const.
Take notice thnt 1, John Miller, of Vancouver,
ll.C, occupation butcher, intends to apply for
permission to purchn.-tc the following descrit>ed
Commencing at a post planted nlsmt 1 chnln
from tidewater at the head of Liiscmnbe Ray. nnd
markeil J.M.'s N.K.corner, theme west Michalus,
thence south N) chuins. thence east N> chains,
thence north Hit chains, to point of commencement, oontalnlng 640 aerw more or lc**.
Datad i��t Keb., mil       Charlea li. Sunk. Agent
Pub. Keb. 66.
Queen Charlolle Islands land District   -District of
Take notice that I, Juhn McUod of Vancouver.
occupation broker, intend to apply for penniwoon
to prim|HTt for coal and tietrolcum on the following
deaerlbed lands:
Commencing at a post plantod at the mouth of
the TM River and murked J. McL. S. E. Corner.
No 1, thenre nortli 80 chains, thence west 80
chainst thence south 80 chnins, thenw eait 80
chains to point of commencement! containing
640 acres, more or leas.
Dated Ve\*. 21, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Keh. 23. Clarance McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlolte Inlands Und Dlitrict���District of
Take notin- that I. John MoLaod of Vancouver,
occupalion bruker, intend to apply for permission
to pnujM'ct for coal and pelroleum on the following
descrilied lands:
Commencing al a post planted about two miles
south and two miles west of the mouth of the
Tl-el River and marked J. Mc.L. N. B. Corner,
No. 47, thence south HO chains, thence wesl 80
chains, t' ence norlh 80 chains llience aaai 80
chaint to point of commencement; containing M0
acres, more or less. .,���..... *.* * r.,..*
Dated Keb 22,1911. ?��HN  McLKOD
Pub. Keb. 24 ClarPnce McDowell. Agent
Skeona Land District���District of Quwn Chariott
Take notice that J. EL .Murphy of Vancouver,
B, C., occupation commercial traveller, intends
to apply for perWlslon to purchase the following
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted nbout seven
miles west and one mile couth frnrn the mouth
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, tlience north 80
chains, thence west 40 chains, ihence soulh 80
chains, thence east 40 c    Ins. , ,
Dated March 17, 1911. J. II.  Ml  lO'in
Pub. April 22. Numa Demurs, Agent
Skeena Und District -Distriet nf Coast Range 6
j Take notiee lhat Uoorso Uvick of Prince Rupert
! tl. Om occupation clerk, hit nds to apply for
. permission to purchase the following di-scribed
P Commencing at a post planted on shore of
1 Ukelso Uke ubout GO chain* north ua-d (rom outlet
| of said lake (Lakelso River��, thence 20 ehuins
i north, thence about 00 chains east to Lakelse
| Uke. thvnce meandering said lake shoro in a weo:-
, orly direction to point of commencement; <*on-
' lainlng 80 acres, more or lots.   Post matked C. L.
S. W. Corner.
Haled Keb. 14, 1911. GEORGE LEVICK
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Und District-District of C0e*t
Take notice that Mn. L,  C.  Putnam   of St
Pa'il,    Minnesota,   occupation   married   woman
intenda to apply for permiasion to purchuse the
] following deacribed lands:
1 Commenring at \ post planted a( the southwest
corner of Lot No. ITU marked Mrs. L.t'. I'utnam ���
northeast corner, thenco west 40 chains, thenre
aouth 80 chains thenco east 40 chains, thence
north 80 chains to post of commencement, con
, talning 320 acres more or less.
Datod March 20 1911.      MRS. L C PUTNAM
1 Pub. April 15. Geo. R. Putnam  Agen
Skeena Lr.nd District-District of Coast.
Take notice thut 1, J. H. McAughey of Prince
Ruuert, occupation miner, Intondl to apply for
permission to purchase lhe following described
Commencing at u post planted at the southwest
corner of lot 2249. thence eust 40 chains, thenco
south tl chnins, thence west 40 chains, thence
north 0 chains to point of commencement, containing 20 ucres more or less.
Date Keb. 15. 1911 J. H. McAUGIIEY
Pub. Keb. 25. 1911. Andrew Kennedy, Agent
Skeenu Und District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that I Holcom McDonald of  Prince
Rupert, R.C., occupation laborer, intends to ap
ply for permission to purchuse the following described lnnds:
Commencing at a port planted throe und nne-
half miles in an easterly direction from the point
on Ntuis River where the Luva Lake trail U'gins
and one mile in a northerly direction from the
���aid Lava Luke trail, thence north So chnins,
thence west 80 ehains. thence south Ml chains,
thenee eust chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 ncres.
Date Keh. ;t, 1911. ROI.COM McDONALD
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph Uelway, Agent
Skeena Und District-District of Oust
Tuke notice that I, William Anderson, of Vancouver,  R.C., occupntion  clerk, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted ami marked W.
A. northWMt corner, und almut l mile from Alexander Huehun northern boundary line; thence
south Ml cbains, tbence east 80 chains thence
north SU chains, tbence west 10 chnins. to point of
commencement, containing 040 ucres more or less.
Datod 1st Keb. 1911 Charles It. Stark. Agenl
Pub. Keb. 25.
Bkaana Und District     District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Krank  Livlak of Woodstock, |
Out.,   occupation   hookkeefier,   intomls   to   apply j
for partnlanon lo purcham* the following descrilied I
Commencing at a post planteil about seven
milos ���*������������������ anil two miles south of the mouth of,
Stanley Creek where it empties into Naden
Hurbor, (iruham Island,, thence 80 chains aouth, j
thenw 80 chuins east, thonce 80 chains north, .
ihenw 80 chains weal to i>oinl of commencement -
und contaning 010 ucres more or less.
Dated March 17, 1911. KRANK LEVICK
Pub. April 7. Numa Demen��. Agen
Skeenu Und District-District of Coast
Taka notice that   I. Peter Reid. of Vancouver.
B.C., occuiiation teamster.  Intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following riescril>cd
Commencing at a post plantetl and marked 1*.
K.'s S.W. corner and immediately adjoining posts
marked J.M.'s N.E. corner and A.H.'s S K corner; thence north 80 chains, ihenee east 4u chains.
thenee south ��i chains, thenee west 40 chains, to
point of commencement, containing 6H acres
more ur less. PETER REID,
Dated 1st Keb. 1911 Charles 11. Allen. Agent
Pub. Keb. 25.
Itaana Und District���District of Coast Range V
Taku  notiw  that   Charles   P.  Otter  of   Prince
Hti)icrt,   H.  C,  occupation surveyor,  intenda to
upply   for  permission  to purchaae thc following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planteil at the north east
corner of surveyed lot 3984, Range 6, Coast District, thenw in an easterly direction along Ihe
southerly limit of surveyed lot :W91 and lhe projection thereof 40 chains to a point, thenw south
parallel to the easterly limit of surveyed lot 3984
aforesaid 60 chains more or less to lho northrrlv
limit of a timber limit (No. 41668), thencc west
40 chains more or less to a point In the pro eetion
southerly of tho easterly limit of surveyed lot
3981, ihenw in a northerly direction along the
projection of the said limit and along the said
limit 60 chains more or !"��������� lo point of commencement, containing 210 acres mon* or leaa.
Dnted March 8, 1911. CHARLES V. OTTER
Pub. March 25.
Coast Range 5 Und District
Take   notiw   that   1,  John   Hepburn   of   Kitsumkalum,  occupalion  farmer,  intend   to  apply
for Permission to purcha��c the followng described
Commencing at a post planted at the norttuwt
corner of Ut 3983, thencc east 20 chains, thenca
aouth  40 chains, thenco west 20 chani, thence
north 40 chains to plaw of commenwment-
Dated March 18, 1911. JOHN IIEPUL'RN
Pub April 15.
Skeona Und District -District of Coast Range 5
Tako notice that Alexander Heatnn of Vancou*
ver, It. C, occupation carpenter, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following doacritied
Commoncing at a poit planted 80 chains south
from tht south wost corner of Ui 3005. Posl
marked A. H.. N. W. Corner, t.iencu 30 chalna
south, thence 80 chains east, thenw 30 chaina
north, thenw 80 rhains west to point of commenwment; containing 200 acres, more or lnss.
Dated Keb. 13, 1911. ALEXANDER REATON
Pub. March 4.
Skwna Und District-District nf Cassiar
Tuke notice that I Arthur James Welsh of Vancouver, oceupnlion  broker. Intends to apply fm
permission to purchuse the following descrihed
Commencing nt a post plaatad three and one-
half ndlaa In ��n aaatariy direction fmm the point
On Naas River where the Uva Ukr trail commences nenr Ihe trail, thenee easl eighty chains,
thence soulh N�� chains, thence west 80 chains.
thence north 80 chains to point of commencement
containing till) ncres more or less.
Date Keb. .3, 1911 ARTHUR JAMES WELCH
Pub. Mar. 10 Joseph Uelway. Agent
Skeeno Land District-District of Coast
Tako   notice   that   I,  Alexander   lluehan, of
Vancouver, R.C., occupation butcher, intends lo
npply for permission to purchase the following
deaerlbed lamls:
Commencing a post planteil and marked A.R.'s
S.E. corner, and adjoining posts marked J.M.'s
N.E. corner nnd P.R.'s S.E. corner; thence west
SO chains, thenee north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
Datad 1st Keb., 1911 Chnrles II. Allen, Agent
Pub. Kelt. 25.
Skeenn Und District -District of Coast
Take notiw that   Krcd  W.  Holder of Kitaum-
kalum, occupation  farmer,  intends to apply   for
iiermission   to   purchase   the   following   described
('ommencing at n post planted al Ihe northeast wrner of A, McLeod*n preemption, thenw
20 chains south, thence 10 chains east, thenci' 20
chuins north, thenw 10 chains west to post of
commencement containing 20 sen's more or less.
Duted April 10, 1911. KRIEDRICH W. BOHLER
Pub. April Bi W�� Hampton, Agenl
Skeenu Und District -Dislrici of Coast Range U
Take notice that 1, Lionel Kingsley of Vancouver, H. Oh occupation miner, inlend to apply
for permission to purchase the following descrilied
lamls: ,
Commencing at a (swt planted near the southwest corner OfLOt 902. Range 5, Coaat District
tlience west 40 chains, thence south 60 chains,
tlience eust 40 chains, thenw north 60 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated March 24, 1911.        LIONEL KINOSLKY
Pub. April 22.
Skeenu Und District���District of quwn Charlotte
Take   notice  I list   Hubert   O.   (row   of   Prince
Rupert, R. C., occupation agent, Intends tn apply
for pormMon to purchase the following deacribed
Commencing al a post planted ahout 6 1-2
mles west and half a mile south of the mouth of
Stanley Creek where It empties Into Naden
Harbor, (irahum Island, thenw east 40 chnins,
thenw north 10 chains, thenw west 40 chains,
thenre soulh 40 chains to point of commencement
and containing 100 acres more or less.
Dated March 17, 1911. IIUIIEItT O. CREW
1 Pub. April 7. N-iiiin Demera, Agent
Skoena Und Dstrict���Diatrict ol Queon Charlotto
Tuko notice thut Uuorge l'n/./ell of I'rince
Rupert, II. 0i, occupution butchii. intends to upply
for permission to purchase tho fullowing descrllieil
Commoncing ut a post planted ulmut seven
miles west und two miles suutli of ihe mouth uf
Stunley Creek whore it ompties into Nation
Harbor, tiraham Island, thenco HO chuins south,
thonco 80 chaina west, thence mj chuins north,
thunco 8o chans oust to point of commencement
and containing 040 aores more orlew.
Dated March 17, 1911 QKOUUB FRIZZELL
Pub. April 7. Nunui Demon, Agent
Quoen Charlotto Islands Und Disirict -District of
Tuko notico thut I, J. G. MeNub of i'rinco Ruuert,  occupution  genorul agont, intend to apply
" permission to prospect for  coul und pelroleum
the following described lands:
i the so b*eut
iridium ltdund,
I orner, thencu
chains, thence
ons to poinl of
following described lund:.
Commencing ut a post planted
coniie- of Suction 3, Townsh p 8
and  murkeil J   ti.   McN.,  S.  I
wost  80 chains,  thencu  north >
oust HO chains, thenco suuth K0 ��
Dutod March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 26. Wiln
J. 0. McNAR
i (lowing, Agent
Water Notice
Skuena Und District���Diatrict of Cout Range V
Tuko notic- thut Jack Bedford or Kelgbliy,
Yorkshire, Englund, occupation over-looker, intends to apply for permission tn purchue tho
(ollowing doscribed lunds:
Communcing ut a pust planted in u point m the
easterly boundary of timber llmll &8S80 and in
thu southerly limit of lot 39K9, Range ���"> Count
District, where thu suid limits InUtfieeti tl.ence
along tho southerly limit of lol :I989 tJuiesaid
and tho projection thereof in an easterly dt clion
80 chains more or loss to thu westerly Iii, t of
timber limit SU01| thenco in u southerly dire*.;ion
along the laut mentioned limit 11 chuins n.oro
or less to thu northerly limit of Umber limil 3G775,
thonco in a westerly direction along the last mentioned limit 80 chains more or less to the easterly
limit of timber limit 38:129, thenci in a northerly
direction 11 chains more or less to thu point of
DatodMarch 8, 1911. JACK BBDFORD
Pub. March 25
Skeona Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Cuaat Itange 6
Tako notico that 1, Clara Muy Little of Prince
Rupert. R. C, occupation Ibiutar. intend to
apply for permission to purclut.se the following
doscribed lands:
Commencing at u post planted ut tho north
weat corner of Ut 1735, Range .">, Coast District
thenco east 40 chains, thencu north 25 chaina
thence west 31 chain' thence north 20 chains
thence west 10 chains, thonco anuili 45 chains to I
point of commencement, containing 112 acrea I
more or leas.
Dated April 4, 1911. CLARA MAY LITTLE;
Pub. April 15.
Skeena Und District���Diatrict of Coast Range 5
Take notico that  Eldon S. Dotwller of Purlin.
Ont.'  occupation  doctor,   intends to  apply   for i
permisaion  to  purchaae  tho  following  dweribed
Commencing at a poit planted at tho south>
west corner or  Ut 1928, thonce east 30 chaina   i��ni,    Am-il *"i   1(111
more or loss, thence louth 45 chains more or loa, | ruu" *M" " ���*���  ""lt
Ihence weel 30 chaina more or less, thenw nurth   ^
15 chains moro or leaa to point of commenwment ~^^~^^~���
containing 140 acree more or teas.
Datod March 31, 1911    ELDON S. DETWILER
Pub. April 15' John Campbell, Agent
Skeena Und Diatrlct-District of Cassiar
Tnke notice that I Andrew Cummlngi uf Van>
couver. Hi'., occupation cook, intends to applv
for permission to purchase the followdna deter died lands:
Commencing al a post plantcl  three and one
half miles in an easterly direction fn.m the point ; "UT, MttMlds to apply for permission to
on Naas River where the Uva Like trail  betrit.* '
near tbe trail, Ihence west HU chines, thence south
Notice \n hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of
tlie "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license in the Queen Charlotte Division
of Skeena District.
(a) The name, address and occupation
of the applicant is George xoung,
Victoria, H.C.
(If for mining purposes)   Free   Miner's Certificate No	
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed, the description
is) Ain Lake and Ain Hiver.
(c) Tha point of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(il) The quantity of water applied for
(In cubic feet per second) 1000.
(e) The character of the proposed
works, dam, flume, pipe-lino, power
engines, plant, etc.
(f) The premises on which the water
is to be used (describe same) at or
near mouth Ain Hiver.Masset Inlet.
(tf) The purposes for which the water
is to be used is for power development and mill operations.
(h) If for Irrigation, describe the
land to he Irrigated, Riving  acreage.
(i) If the water is to be used fcr power or mining purposes, describt the
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between the
point of diversion and point of return.
At or near mouth of Ain Uiver,about
160 feet below lake level.
(j) Area of Crown land intended to be
occupied by the proposed works.....
(k) This notice was posted on the
2Gth day of April, 1911. and application will be made to the Commissioner
on the 20th day of May, 1911.
(I) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to be
affected by the proposed works.either
above or below the outlet. None.
H. Kdenshuw, Agent
P.O. Box 2Sii, Prince Kupert, B.C.
Note - One cubic foot per second is
equivalent to 85*71 miner's inches.
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Thursday,, 8.00 a m.
Mondays and Fridays al 8 a.m.
sa. Prince Albert sails for I'ort   Simpson, Nuas River l'oints, Masset,
Naden Harbor,  cva'ry Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Hay,   Skidegate,   Quoon
Charlotte City,   Loekeport,   I'a-
cofl, Jedway,  Ikeda Hay,  Rose
Harbor  and  ra'turn  via  Queen
Charlotte City every   Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The   Grand Trunk Railway System
Connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious traina over its
double  track route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,  Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Hoston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  ard tickets obtainable from the ollice hereunder mentioned.    Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Stewart   M   and   D   Property
Makes Progress
By Driving a Thousand Foot
Boring Great Saving Will be
Effected. Ore Can be Dropped Right on Railway.
Ml chnitm, thonce ��� i-1 Hi) chain*,  thence north
chuinH t<> puint of commencement. t-ontAinlnK ������; ���
Date Feb. S. It'll. ANDKKW CUMMINliS
Puh. Mnr. 10. Joti'iih Uelway, Airent
Stikine Und DUlrict���District of Cuiiir
Take noticv that Chriatian A. Tervo of Stikine
B C . oceupation cuntoma oltieer. intend* to apply
fur j-Tiiu -im. to purchase the liilluwing dr��cn>H<d
Commencinu al a port planteil about 18 chaini
north we*t of the cuntoinn warehouvo at Stikine, :
B. C, thonce went  20 chaini,  thence youtl   20 :
chain*,  thence ea��t  20 chaina,  thenoe north SO
chaini to point of commencement and containing
40 arris more or lew.
Dated Feb. 13. l'Jll.       CHRISTIAN A. TBRVO
Fub   At n 7
Skeena l��and Diitrict ���Dlitrict of Cansiar
Take notire thnt I. John McDonald of Piince1
Kupert, B.C.. occupation hotwlmpff. intend" to
apply for permiaaion to purchase the following
deicrihed landi:
Commencinu at a poit plantetl three and one-
half milei tn an eaiterly direction from the point
t��n Ntini�� Ki\er where the Lava Lake trail bririni j
and one mile In a northerly direction  from the
n.i i :i\ .t I..r>..' trail, thence     mi. <���������).:*. cha'ni, '
tbence went Ml chain*,   thenre north  Wi chaini. '
thence eait Hti chain* to point ��� f commencmnen'
containinK Mil acre*.
Date Feb. a. roi john McDonald
I'ub. M ii. h IU. .!������[.(. Uelway, A.     ���
Sk.i'iiit Laml Diatrict��� DiBtrict of Coust
Knngc 5
Take notici* that I,   Fred Garton,  of
I'rinco  Rupert, B.C.,  occupntion far-
' purchase the following descrihed lands.
Commencing at u post planted at the
north east corner of surveyed lot 1937,
Kange 5, Coast district, thence north fU)
chains to a slough; thence west 28
chains; thence south GO chains; thence
enst 28 chains to tho point of commencement.
Dated February 25th, 1SH1
First insertion Mar. 11
Canadian Pacific Railway  ���  B.C. Coast Steamship Service
Princess May
Northbound, May Sth
Southbound, May 12th
Train for Winnipeg und Toronto leaves Vancouver at
���y^^r- '���' nm  daily
^^^ Imperial Limited for Chicago.
Montreal and New York. Bunt train across the
continent, loaves Vancouuer daily at 8.48 p.m.
Curries compartment observation cars, the tinettt
car on nny road anywhere.
Airent for all Atlantic Steamship lines. Tickets
to and from Ktiropean points.
J. G. McNab General Agenl
Stikine Land District -Dutrict ol Caaiiar
Take notice that Sydney llodgkinaon o( Telegraph Creek, B. C, occupation clerk, intends to
apply  far  |>ermlmiun  to  purchase the  following
do��rril>ed land:
Commencins at a post planted about a quarter
mile north eant Irom (ilarier llillle and on the east
bank ol Stikine Biver, thence eait 20 chaini
thencc north 40 chains, thence west 20 chaini,
thence south 40 chains to point of commencement
and containinK KU acraa more or leas.
Dated Feb. 11. 1911.
Tub. April 7. CA. Tervo, Agent
S.S.   "Inlander"
For Hazelton
SUNDAY,   MAY  7th
Take the fast light-draught
sli'iimer "Inlander."
H. B. Rochester
Before long tlieri' will be shipments of ore from the property of
the Stewart Mining and Development Company at Stewart.
The time is drawing near when
this property will have to undergo
the change from a prospect under
development to a shipping mine,
the bodies of ore found in the No
���1 ledge, lieing now considered
sufficient to warrant this. The
most feasible plan for working
the property, as a mine, will be
by a tunnel from the Bear River
side. This will obviate the necessity of constructing an areal
tramway, and will give approximately 700 feet depth vertically
below the present workings, and
drain the mine for practically all
time. The mouth of the tunnel
will only be a short distance from
the line of the Canadian North-
Eastern railway, which will be in
operation before the end (af June.
At a rough estimate the tunnel
will be about 1,000 feet in length,
���md with a spur from the main
line to the mouth of the tunnel.it
will facilitate the handling of
ore at the very lowest possible
This plan was reported at the
general meeting of the company-
held the other day. In working
the mine the proposed tunnel will
oiler a cheap way of handling the
ore as thc tunnel will be driven
with a slight raise for drainage
and an up chute at a point beneath the present workings will be
driven for ventilation. Thus the
ore can be slopped, and the
expense of hoisting machinery sav-
Water Notice
! Coatt Land District - District of Skeena
Take notice that I, Paul Brendler, of
Porcher Island,  occupation farmer, intend to npply for permission to  lease
the following foreshore:   Commencing
Staafia. Land IHiatricl���Olalrict ol Cout
Take taoticc ihat (ilcran McArthur aal Vancouver,
li. C, occupation roal catata* aivnt Intend, to
apply lor pa>rmutiion to purchaao the lollowini
dawcrihaad landa:
CommcnciM at a poat planted 40 chain* avTat
and so chain. MtthatUi ���aauihaat'.i corner of  at a post planted about 12 feet from the
M naark-d  tjlenn ggjtlglMtf   .^^ }mt ���f ,ot   ,���,  ������ ,,orclu>r ,���.
land. tlu>nce in a southurly  tlirection
west corner, thenre aouth 40 chaini, thence eait
HO chaini, thenc* north 40 chaini, thenct weal
HO chaim to po*i of commencement, containing
320 arrea more or lem.
Dated March 20, 1911. CLKNN McAIlTlIDU
Tub. April l'>. T. D. Laird. Agent
Skeena Land Dintricl-Dntrict of Coait Itantre 5.
Coaat Dlitrict
Take noliee that Wm. Leilie uf Sapperton, B.C.
orcupation Government (itianl, intend* to apply-
fnr permiaaion to purchane the followinK deicrltv
ed landi:
Commencing at a poit planted 40 chaini weit
nnd i '" chaini aouth of the weit corner of lot No
lilt, rarnre .'< eoait dlitrirt, mnrkftl Wm. Leilie
N.W. coiner, thence muth 4d rhalm. ihenee eait
M> rhainn. thence north 40 chaina, ihence went mi
chaini to poit of commencement, containlnir 320
acre i more or leii.
T. D. Uinl. Airent
Dated M ml. .-it.. I'll
I'ul.. April 2��lh. 1911
Skeena Und Diitrict -Di��trirl of Queen Charlnitt
Take noticv that Catherine llarriion. of Calgary
Alberta, occupation iplniter, Intendi to apply,
for ih-rmivinn to purcham the following deienbed
Commencing at a po-t planted about 0 1-3
milei weal and half a mile nuuth from the mouth
ol Stanley Creek, wherr it emptW Into Naden
Harbor, tiraham Hand, thenee 40 chaini aouth
ihenee 40 chain* ea*t, thenar* 40 chaini north.
Ihenee 40 chaim writ to (Mtinl of commencement
and eonlaining |fio acrei mnn> or lew.
Dated March 17, 1911.
i   \ i 111 KIM    IIAKKISON
I'uh Apr.?. Numa Dtmera,.Ag*nt
following high watermark 1200 fott;
thenco west to low water mnrk; thence
northerly following low water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of commencement,
Dnted March 7, 1911.
First insertion March 11
Chariotte IiUndi Und Diitrict -DUtrict ot
Take notice that I, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
occuiiation broker, inlend to apply for perml<ilon
to proipect for coal and petroleum on lhe following
.i.ttiI-- \ landi:
Commencing at a pent planted almut two mile*
weit of the moulh of the Tl-el Kiver and marked
J . McL. N. W. Corner, No. 29. thenco Muth
Chaina, thence eait 80 chaini. ihence north K0
chaim. thence weit HO chaina to point of com*
mencement; containing S40 acrea, more or lew.
Dated Feh. 21, 1911 JdllN McLKOD
f��ub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Oueen Charlotte IilandtLand Diitrict���DUtrict
Take notice lhat I, John Mcl.4i.-i of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permimion
to proipect for ooal and petroleum on the following
deicribed landi:
Commencing al a poit pUnted about two
milei ""null and two miln meit of the mouth of
the Tl-el Itiver, tiraham Inland, and marked
J. McU \ W. Corner, No. 34, ihence aouth 80
chaini, thenca eait HO chaini, thence nurth SO
chaim, thence weat KO chaini ta point of commencement; containing 640 acrei, mnre or leai.
Dated Feh. 22, 1911. JOHN Mcl.KOD
Pub. Feb. 24, Clarence McDowoll, Agent
Skeena Und Dintrict-   '   nm  of Cout
Take notice lhat Hume ilahlngton of Prince
Kupert. II. C, occupation mailer mariner, intendi
to apply for permimion to leaee the following
deacrilied landi;
Commencing al a pont plantetl about 100 chaim I
���wuth  of the  Indian   Itenerve un  the eant nide of ' ���.    . ....       . ���.     .        ���,     ,
(���none Kay on the eant nlde of the I'eninnula thence ; W'��*n Charlolte Inlandn Und Diitrict���DUtriet o
north 100 chaini along nhore to tlie timerve line, :      _ , .      , *Jt**n*     ,     _,   , ,,
thence went 60 chaim more or lem to tioow Kay. ! T��" "^'w *h��t I. John McUod of Vancouver
Ihence 100 chainn along ahore, Ihence eant 60 j occupation broker, intend to apply for permimion
chaim more or leii to poit, containing 640 acrm to pr���"!*** for coal and petroleum on the following
more or lem- I d��<*lb��l l��nda:
Dated March K, 19)1. HUME DARINOTON
I'ub. April 16.
Skeenn Und Dintrict  -District of Coait
Take notice that  William  Munlord I     Princ*
Kupert,   U.   C,   occupation   proipector,   intendi
to  apply   for   permimion   to  leane  the   folowing
dcicrilied landi:
Commencing al n poi*. planted alwut 100 chaim
nouth <pf the Indian Keierve nn the ?ant nide nf
Cooae Kay and on the eant nide of the [lenimula,
thence nouth KO chaini along nhore, thence went
40 chaini to (loose Kay, ihenre north along .��hore
K0 chainn, thence wmt 40 chaini more or lens to
font, containing ;I20 acren more or lem.
lated March 8. 1911.      WILLIAM MUNFORD
I'ub. April 16.
Skeana Land  DUtrict    DMriet of (',..,.
Take notice that OtU ���'��� Kenmn of Prince
Ku(>erl, Bi Cm occupotion pnwnector, Inlend* te
apply for permimion to leane the following dencrihed
Commencing al a pmt planted aboul a ������- ���irt.-r
of a mile from the north wmt corner of QtfagoD
Dlnnd on the nald (ilbion lnlnnd, thence mnih 40
chaini, thenee eant 20 chain*, thencn nnrth 40
chainn, thence went 20 chaim to pnint of commencement, containing hO acrmmoreor lem.
D aid   ���!Hl.Mi-Tr|,.   1911
Skeenn Und Dlntrict-Dlitrict OfOOMt Ranire T.
Tnke notice that I Severin A. Tallander of Porcher Inland, occupation nhlp mailer, intend t<< tp*
ply for permliHon to leane the following de-
icribed foreihore;
Commencing nt a poit nlanted at the N.W. corner of lot 1H02, thence went to low wnter mark.
thence nouth nlonu low water mark H chaini
more or lenn, thence ennt to S.W. corner of lot
ISOti thence north nlonir hitch water mark (lieinfr
the wenlerly Uoindnry of lot 1901) 26 chainn mure
nr lenn to point of commencement and contnininK
all foreihore in front of lot HOt,
DnledMnrch 9, 1911.
Pub. March IK.
Commencing at a poat planled about two milm
aouth and two milm wmt of thc mouth of the Tl-el
Kiver and mirked J. McU S. W. Corner, No. 33,
thence north K0 chaim, thence eant 80 chaim,
thence aouth 80 chainn, thence wmt 80 chainn to
point of commencement; containing 640 acrm,
more or lean.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarenee McDowell, Agent
Some Good Printing Costs Too Much.
Notice is hereby given that an application will he made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1��()9," to obtain a
licenae in the Skeena Division of
Skeena District.
(a) The name, address and occupation
of thc applicant is S. It. McClinton,
Estate agent, Vancouver, B.C.
(If for mining purposes)   Free  .Miner's certificate No	
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed the description
is) Kitsumkalum River.
(c) The point of diversion is near the
intersection of the east boundary of
lot 1405.
(d) The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) is 140.
(e) The character of the proposed
works is a general plant for the production of heat, light and power, and
the manufacturing of wood pulp,
lumbers and timbers generally.
(f) The premises on which the water
is to be used (describe same) Mill site
about U-4 of a mile below intake;
wood, frame and concrete buildings
in addition to the masonry, dams,
Humes and penstocks necessary.
(g) The purposes for which the water
is to be used  is  power development.
(h) If for irrigation, describe the land
intended to be irrigated, giving
(i) lf the water is to be used fan power or mining purposes, describe the
place where tlie water is to be re-
turiia'd to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between
iMiint of diversion and point of return,
l'ower plant about W-. of a mile down
stream from the intake. Difference
in altitude HI) feet.
(j) Area of Crown land intended to be
occupied by the proposed works is
100 acres.
(k) This notice was posted on the (ith
day of March, 1911, and application
will be made to the Commissioner on
the 25th day of April, 1911.
(I) (live the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to be
affejtcd by the proposed works.either
above or below the outlet. None.
James Cross, Agent.
P.O. Box 285, Prince Rupert, B.C.
NoTK   One cubic foot ner  second   iB
equivalent to 86.71 miner s inches.
Pub. March IB, 1911.
ed.    lt
will cost
have a
mine made by
engineer,  and
is expected   this  tunnel
in the neighborhood of
The   directors   arc   to
thorough   report   on   thc
in eminent mining
a  survey  of  the
tunnel made shortly, and as soon
its this is done work on thc proposed tunnel will commence.
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Lots 5 and 8, Block 28,
Section 1.
$3000, 25 per cent, cash,
balance 1, 8, 8 years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Fruit   :   Produce
H. H. Morton
3rd Ave.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
It's the same as with other good things. The temptation to charge "stiff
prices" for high class things, or high class service, is always natural.
Hut it's not always justifiable��� not even usually. For in all artisanship
nowadays the standard is higher ��� the doom of the commonplace is pronounced. So that, as to printing, high grade work is not apt to cost
you more than its worth; still, you can pay more for it at some places
than  at   others - and   this   shop   is   one   of   the   "others."       :       :       :       :
"Ifa Man Deceives You Once, Shame on Him.     If he Deceives You Twice, Shame on You"
- ���  ���* ; .  i* THE    DA
s Best Linens
tt r
<: :���  HI       -.   BED  LINES'  i
TabU :���    ���
.-  .
'��� ���                                              Prima -.<��� tt*u
1 r ���- ���
���   ���     .      ��� ���    ���
1      -   *..*:���:
"...        .'..-..                  :
: ���    .     .
'���'-���                     i i
i ���.
-.:���-���-.           : ���
- ��� -
��� ..:.*. BE :-::: BEI
I* l         .     -  ��� |                    : ���
.".--���-. ������.
-   .
��� ."              :":.--.
I :    ���
��� ���'.      -.            SHEEN 1    IN51 ARI ...
1        "
..                 .--.                         ;
-   .
ti   ���                ttm   -'���.                          1 *
1. 20 1-2 ins. sq..           ���  *
���   ���
:.:  ..::���.      .-.:���:.
-   .
'r       ���
.   ���                  -  ���                       :
��� 1 ... Sue                    I,..
HAND EMI       ..      !ED [STTIAI
'        ���   .                  a                                                                                  |.{
.   ���
��� -
beta.                     . '
. .     ���  ���
EMI :.   .: EKE]    3  AU
. ��� -              . ���=.-..
:."���-       _  ���.           ��� ���              *
Al . ..:    ���
44F Bedford Street. BELFAST.  IRELAND
Iliu��tra:c<2 Catuogue
The  Char-Pit   Method   Clears    Big  Stumps   for  Lett
Than Fifty Cents a Stump  and   Enriches  the
Land in the Process���Useful Information for Intending Settlers
uing Mr. McCuter
:.-.������- ting with favor in I a fra
-.������������     ��� .   :   ���       ��� -  ' rth  ski
aihingi       .- .      regon. river
-    -    ��� ��� ��� :       Ei     gh data
......     r I      .      .:.       ft   ���' ill) esta    ���    :   ���
it a     ming   dw
-      ���   ���       >* the dealing Icgg
.   ���   . . . a lb giving'soil      a ::*.
I .- -     :    tests - Gooc    I >i    the    Soil
lashingtoi I First:     Th
���vision of tl        "      ��� method   whi
'"���-"      it     it high
- -**. - seasons wha
���   face the ; -      -    f stump, not 1 eavy, . -
...   . ������ -������* . 5   ir. '
d ap| . - ��� mn i   rk
stumps abo' foot in     Second:   1
ter���i      ��� -     ���      .    -  t te -
pulling I practi ally u
���-���...-������       ��� ires hig
er gine, where such avail* for grains   r ���
grass ���
Preparing the Stumps DSVC
In tests o: char-pitti g   ill    irk "���   '      ���   ls
as rem ���. ���-.   - ������     ps for ( '���""������   "-"���
. height ��� :        it i presents soi
ground _    Ir    ���.       ng  '    ~       -dai   ���
isgathen ground     -      ""e "" * " '   -*-���--������*��� will
rixttL office
:    ��� I
.      ���.
:   . ���
Phone No, 178
i  .   it i
Grid Bud Free Eapbjani Omce
:      .-..:':    mmendit
> light is   sold
.��� bv
I ��� ;   I    DI kLOafl   IN ���
2-..C .-.;   Material.   Cement.   Lime.
H��ir-ribr�� Plajter. Coke. Blacksmith
Coil.   Common Brick.
Pressed Brick
Shinjle*. Lath. New Wellington Coi!
Ui.    :-.: EJ - :..  Ml::
R G. Hulbert. Vancouver. B.C.
:   ���.;���
*xt Is :*t Pries*.
fw No.;;;
��� a   ���   | ��� . ��� \.;
woe Ko. 20 I
a'.> -���-;*:: 4
Tbeatre Block r -. -       i Xniti *,*(  *
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stork of dry finish-
naber on  hand.     Boat
laity.     Deliver}'
td�� a: short notice.
��� - arta as low as a:-.y.
Call or. us before ordering.
The Bank of
British North Arnerical
TS Years Iai lania.ai
CpiUl  _ni   Reserve Or,, S:,30C(|J
Business Men's BankJ
Money advanced I : eaa .e vodJ
Local and foreign I -boughj
and sold.
Notes discounted.
promptly made.
Letters of Credit. Mosey n:ijjJ
and Telegraph Transi rs issued]
payable in all the leading Citia
jf the world.
Prince Ruperl Branch -
F. S. LONG. Manager.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
.-. receist of ^stcard to WaJpoUs, 173 H-ron St. Toronto and down logs to for        ring six   '
ed eight i     es i
:::dy -:  tt . -:.-.; ��� vrh re bark
.-   .
.-.."id b-~ir. r-;���  ������ ��� :    A::-:r k:r. iling
- ;   . ed red vftere econ'"
[ with doda and thick flakes of cla;.
mum c-.-st  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Three Methods of Clearing
Firsi    B> ......
��� C CARTAGE and
^^^     STORAGE
G. T. P. Transfer Afent i
��� ���:**. :��� t~:: ��� ���    ���
lug near t      stum) i :' -.������*-.
-\ ?:.* .
abx it a fool For igniting the "��� "'
.    j pr       ���     ��� ���       ��� ���     i.-a>.,
a. . ���   ���    ���
.   ���;���������
���   :   ������    '���;.
���   ���
SEaCI        SI
R.a.tT 4 iT.Sf
��� em.aa! Cas    Lie.
Phone 214
\\    re land I
-   -        I g slashing
liameter in gr rs   i
-. -      ���
.  '
If     irg -   si
������ '
.pieces and r
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
EmB.-ess Thei'.re Basement
Royal Bank of Canada
Established ii��.
Head Omce: MONTREAL.
Capaul, $6.200.rXK)
Surplus. S7.20O.OOO
Toul Assets. S92.500.0O0
- i getting i    i    .   .
.    - ther stumps       re s
lariy  prepared a
Making the Char-Pit
Afti - '     ���..:.      . . rough-
iming, thi
.- -  . trth i
'Av     ________________________________________________________
.   .-������ .-   ��� r  i
nng of ki        . -    .
risi  . -
ited that the 1 .  .-
-      "      ��� . ���   nai
. ���;..-.
p to keep all thi       ti insi le
si .
Noni    f the heat
lire .:    ���     xxet from the burning
sturr.; -���- i-   the
Tall stumps will     .-:   entir
-��� al ove theean     .-   .   .
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
.    .        ���   -   -      ng a ston
Iter a lol    I
. . ties to peo
ple,; mt tol ELI I \
s  the  way  i    si
-    .   .:.;     ' ���    -    . .    -��� . -.
       Ui aO parti of th*
���.���'���"��� ig    it Um
H. P. WILSON, ���: -
R .:��� :��� Bran
such crow] s can be t ��� n
���   ,     . ��� : .     . or  k:. t ads. i
up in 1  j  ..��� .��� -
Burn to the Roots ' "	
The beds of coal left where thei" ...
| Rochester &
\.,y   - Monroe
��� Ladysmith
ki?V   '^COAL
\\. Phoneiis
E.   EBY   *W   Co.
K.:.'-rr.r:a'urr. Land For sale
Windsor Hotel
Net.U  Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooms
���' IM ��� 0NNKT1ON
ratu GO com and ip
PO. BOX 37
Universal Favorite
Represents   the   las:    m .-:
Range construiMior.
Ilie Thompson Hardware
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue snd SU.h St. I
F. M. DAVIS Kss��
The Fir.e��t Rooms
The best  e-. .
and iteair. heateai.
H..t and eeU
Oanlni   room and
Carrenterinp. Ah
smp ,   J Corley & Burgess.
>r Fair-
���   Ui    ��� :   K:a'\   Gasoline      ������ ��� ' ��� -	
GawlilM Engines and Ac- -:	
est    ��� ��� .arria-al in stock.
Uaaiaa-ha- .nd Bo... (or Hare   tt.Z. tut ot Whut
Electric  Wiring
A. T. Parkin & Co.
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We .have some good buys in City Property.
Our Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. aro ������������������ - ���
Come and .see us or write is before buying elsewhen .
 Good   Fresh   Groceries   at   City Prices	
j :��� ���:>���:   '   .:: ���- . ��� :: -'    111
close!;, wil nai e irtl    .
a!! r'>.-.- that   tr   exposed
.-   .:  I    -: ould   alao   I ������   -Ir.:    " .
��� -��� d   "aith   fr<am   :'<'iir   ti
md the fire will
- ��� ��� -   ���      ���'��� ��� ir   ���
ing    eptl
the tests r
rr. ... fire I thirty-two
[*he second      ;���
iirt to the
';   ','''���-      ::V.-: .r.O.v-m
...    twenty-
;  total  ������:'
h ������ ��� ��� y the)
ps and
pan ��� :
Fifty Cents a Stump
11 ita was com | thi pre
paring   firing g���of one
���   maae and Tbbd *:--*:
Over "���'��� ��� rtatnbartt I
ter.lre BtTMt
A-   ���   '     '���
Stork h:.ld:r#. St    -.:���.������.���
��� nt ant; ���:��� au: ���
LawBotl��rBnildlng     Pbone No, 2^
Pr.- e Rupert P.f>. Bjji;
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
S\e.:* ������  tl.- li- -��� *���      : .'ack
Every Tuesday Evening
All ir,em;*r�� of th* ord*r .r. thc cit>
ar* r*y, ,e��ta^i to vis:t thc lodge.
H. MORTON, .-. ratary.
rtrA *t.r.:'y.:_, Bsn.
.��������-��.��-   k- :   A ���
BAMUSTM, Notaries. Et^.
0^*e*-rA*r:'x* bl'<k. tantm T* .ri i;er.o*> wyl
-      - .::**���_ rr I   ��� B .vm.
-:   ��� *   ���   aat; a it
Work 1'irforrni'd by exparti only.
A first da���� job i�� guaranteed in
a-viry Instance.
A larire stock of Chanileliorn  an.l
Fitting? rarrical.
._ H. W. Blakely ��� Electrican
Third Ave.
Near Sixth
Owned and operated
Carand Trunk Pacific Ra!
tha American and Eurora'
Excellently furnished
steam heat, electric light,
modern conveniences, beii
lately first-class in aver)
The appointments ar.'!
are equal to any hotel
way on |
ran plar..
��� ���
-. -: a .''..
Car.  lb
Rales: $1 to $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
U. D.
Crown ar.-: Bridge Work a Specialty.
_    .'������*'. ..t.rtti'/ri, tkiltully tre.lr.1.  Oss tnd
loea! spAsth.'- -s sajmiaiita.r��al U't th* is-'... ...
���*. ��� ��� ' ��������� 0 U . 'a*, r. tr*. O^.caas:
;:��� .������ -. ��� B  <'.. Prine* RajDert.
���'���  .       ' S'DLE   ONLY	
���'���!> SEE  WHY.
I *,    RMldcnti  sl SaaftionsS, ft.   7 an'l   8--We  Heiivtr   promptly,
our tjoo'is tar? fraash, at prices  not to be  beaten in the
ti.* ItUtL,   MACHisrjar
ONTRACTfaK.^    SUPPI.ir..-   .
le city
221  Kla't
5lh Aa��.   ,���| ,(   H,^
The Daily News
Due rLR iVIvJN lri 2.^^Bdr*,-,tum����*t��n��   w>^ams & MAns
tinuously ai : HANDASYDE   LZ,   HURT
lesa  than fiftj -  itump.                    	
��� ������ '.-.   \.}.."x .'.: ents' worth
"���   matchei   beint used.     Thcsi                  .     __-,    .,     . - ,,
P. O. Box  136 - Office 3rd and Fulton
one hun'lrcfj stumps averaged 16
inches in diameter at the base, : >
actual measurement. p.o.box��
These tests oi   Mr.  Duperl is'
'.  were made on a shot clay
Boil, on the hill land of the south tWLWtru.*wm,***^.A_.t_u.:t_m^mm
[side *>i the Chehalis river, aboul
one mile from  the Adna station
nn the Northern Pacific Railway.
Did Even Better
Reliable information <>f -till low-
er c.-i per stump Ly the char-pit
method of burning h
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspaper!
Firal A��e.
N.j��. McBaadt
Forwarding.   Distributing  ami
Shipping  Agents.
Storage of Baggage and Mouse-
hold Goods a Specialty.
BESNER & BESNER, |Propriwors
The  New   Knox   Hotel   I*   m .an   the  Kamam
FJ^1"^���-��� *vri***mtMt*. *""" uj��5 mSKE
���.., - ��� ��� Jem
REDS    a'-aC    fP
*��� +
l^edfromMr.J.W.McCutche^, -
is lactn rec-
y'l^tyWlm, an average!
^^^tyfivecent.per stum*.I
II. A., L.L.D
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907 Phone 262
I mil*** ! T"':' ���     A  ""-1 ���m.
*_____oon.    Newman Ul,<k   b��i
taaeeai Stll lan.l 7th SM,
TtDIIOMHOH,     I'a.a,,r|.,..a .���,! M.������er    a
I Northern Produce Co'y. "
The new steel Passenger St<
Prince Rupert everv >������������<������-'
at 9 a.m. for Vancouvfll
arriving Monday aft ernooa
For Stewart City on arrWJ
from Vancouver Frluf
Semi for oar Weekly r
Phone 151
L    Northbound, leaves Vane
1  Dalft
'rice  List
ver Wednesdays at
Steerage F,are
The "Camosun" is the only -'j^L
n the run having wnter-tu.'1'1 ���
ends nnd double bottom. "J"'
Phone 151   |
I ^^^^^^^^^
suring safety of passengers li
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket A#4 THE   DAILY    NEWS
Only Two Whole Months More
Rather than move our stock, we will sell it at a Big Sacrifice.   NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET AT LOW PRICES GOODS YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING FOR THE  HOME
Stoves, Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, Silverware, Cutlery, Linoleum, Etc., at Reduced Price
These goods are all new.        Call and see them.        You know the story about the early bird.
+ + + +irmt*k + + + + +*k + + + + + + *k + *k*k*k++^
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
subjects of special interest to women. Any and all ot the ladies of Prince Rupert
I Invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part in its discussions. Sug-
itioni and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
sv Carner" will fill a social need.
Pretty Dance in Honor of Mr.
and Mrs. DuVernet
Mclntyre Hall presented a brilliant appearance on Thursday evening, on thc occasion <>f the
dance tendered by Mrs. Roberson
Mr, and Mrs. Horace DuVernet,
mi their return from their honeymoon. The ballroom was gaily
decorated with flags and streamers,
and made a fitting background
for thc many handsome costumes
worn. The lloor was in perfect
condition, the music most inspiring and the refreshments all
that could be desired. Among
the many smart costumes noticed
were: Mrs. Horace DuVernet,
beautiful gown of Mack velvet
with bertha and sleeves of dew-
drop chiffon, coral ornaments; Mrs
Roberson, smart frock of shell
pink ninon with white lace trim
mings; Mrs. William Manson,
haudsome gown of rose pink mous-
seline de soie and applique; Mrs.
Pillsbury, imported costume of
green satin with bertha done with
French embroidery; Mrs. Clements looked extremely handsome
in a gown of black chant illy lace
ovei satin with bands of n����ltl
Persian embroidery; Mrs. Vernor
Smith had a pretty gown of old-
gold salin with garniture of Persian pasementerie; Mrs. Mc-I.en
nan wore a very handsome toilette
of black lace over satin; Mrs.
Burritt, beautiful gown of cream
net over satin with panels of
exquisite lace and garniture of
shaded roses; Mrs. Wright had
an exquisite frock of cream satin
with tunic of dew-drop chiffon and
touches of cerise velvet; Mrs.
Craig presented a stately appearance in cream silk with bolero of
ermine;    Mrs.  Morris looked  ex
tremely smart in a frock of pale
blue satin with touches of gold
trimming; Mrs. Tremayne had
a smart frock of pale pink chiffon
over white silk; Mrs. S. II. Johnson looked extremely well in black
net over black satin; Mrs. McMaster had a smart frock of white
satin en train and amethyst ornaments; Mrs. McNeill looked very
smart in handsome gown of pink
chiffon over pink satin; Mrs. Mc-
Mullen had a dainty costume of
green rajah silk; Mrs. Harrow
looked extremely well in a handsome dress of rose crepe cle client'
Mrs. Ward had a lovely gown of
cream satin with cream embroidery; Mrs. Lamont presented a
graceful appearance in black net
Over satin relieved with touches of
white; Mrs. Hugh Dunn wore a
dainty lingerie frock of while
mull wilh Valenciennes insertion:
Mrs. Mortimer had a costume of
while mull with small black dot,
ai d lace trimmings; Mrs. Bullock-
Webster was a dainty figure in a
rose pi. k empire gown: Miss
DuVernet had a pretty frock of
white silk and chiffon; Miss Martin had a graceful gown of white
point d'espril over white satin,
with garniture of embroidered net;
Miss Brown wore a Huffy frock of
pale pink ninon over silk; Miss
Stewart was much admired in
gray crepe de chene; Miss Milligan
looked extremely well in black
crepe de chene and silk; Miss
Kllott had a petite frock of white
silk done with Russian embroider)-; Miss Marion Johnstone was
gowned in black lace over black
velvet with corsage decoration of
jet and sequins; Miss Pindcr had
a striking gown of rose pink
ninon with bretelles and streamers
aif black velvet; Miss Mercer had
a pretty frock of pale blue muslin
and Valenciennes insertion; Miss
Helen Dunn was a brilliant figure
in pale blue satin; Miss Drummond had a handsome gown of
ecru net over silk with pearl
ornaments; Miss Kergin looked
extremely well in a white silk
dress; Miss Craig had a dainty
frock of pale blue satin and
The following is a partial list
of others present: Miss Schott.
Miss Brennan, Miss Moore, Mr
Naden, Dr. Tremayne, Dr. McNeill. Mr. Pillpbury.Mr, Clements,
Mr. Mortimer, Mr. Newcombe,
Mr. Oakley, Mr. Agnew, Mr.
Cambie, Mr. McKnight, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Burritt.
Mr. MacFariane, Mr. Hugh Dunn.
Mr. Fad Dunn, Mr. McMullen,
Mr. Smith, Mr. Reitchell, Mr.
Karnaugh, Mr. McMaster, Mr.
Pitcairn, Mr. Ward.
Presentation to Mrs. Burnie
The Ladies' Aid of the First
Baptist church held a very interesting meeting on Wednesday
afternoon. After the business had
been gone through Mrs. Kirkpalrick read au address to Mrs.
Burnie who is leaving Prince Rupert, expressing regret at her departure and appreciation of the
kind services and good work rendered by her while President of
the "Aid."
Mrs. Paton on behalf of the
ladies then presented her with
a very handsome silver card re
ceiver as a small token of their
Mrs. Burnie suitably responded
and said she (rusted she would
still be able to go on with Christian
The meeting was brought to a
close by the singing of "Cod be
With Vou Till We Meet Again."
g^S^SUE3SS^E3SQS8SQSQSSSQ^3^3SE3SE3SS3Sg 5    ;2:SS3:��S:^^
��� a.
��� a.
The only Main Line
Townsite in British
Columbia in which
the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway Co.,
has announced its
joint ownership.    -:
Lots in Ellison
Townsite aud
Rogers Addition For Sale.
The first glance will show y I that ELLISON is located at the junction of the Sk ena Kiver ami the Bulk-
ley Valley. The Grand Trunk lacific has announced that
they are joint owners in the townsiti' of Kllison. Now,
my dear reader, you must rememher that up to date the
Grand Trunk Pacific has not announced that it has any
interest in any other main line townsite in British Columbia.    Does that start you thinking?
STUDY THE MAP and you will find that Ellison is
where the railway tracks leave navigation. That fact is
a very important one for conservative investors to think
over. What is known as the Hazelton district covers a
territory many miles in extent in every direction radiating from the townsite of Ellison. Mining machinery, ore
shipments, smelters, reduction plants and all sorts of
mining operations starting up in this rich mineral region,
must necessarily have a metropolis, a HUH, a headquarters. If any sane, conservative man can figure out any
other spot except Ellison for the hub of the great commerce of this district, his plan should be very interesting
to the Grand Trunk Pacific officials. It does seem as
though these officials, after several  years  of  investiga
tion and enginei'ring. would know just   what   they   Were
doing when they put their olficinl stamp on Ellison.
STUDY THAT MAP I desire to say lo all parties
who arc talking townsites in the vicinity of Skeena Kiver
and Hulkley Valley that there will no doubt he several
small towns, just thc same as one always finds in a mining district. There will be towns in the vicinity of Kllison along branch railways, probably towns at tha' end*
of branch lines made to serve the mines and tha' collieries,
but it will be history repeating itself in regard to the
building up of every metropolis. Ellison has eva-ry natural advantage, has every earmark of being the future
mercantile and financial centre nf thc Skeena Kiver mining district and the entrance lo Ihe Bulkley Valley.
STUDY THAT MAP and you will find that all of
the mining towns nnd railroad laawns around there just
beginning to be talked about will only be feeders to city
anal port of ELLISON. The Grand Trunk Pacific hns put
its official stamp on Ellison. Do you believe the company
will do as much faar townsites owned by individuals ns it
will for one in which its stockholders are joint owners7
If you do, don't buy nny lots ir EMison. If you desire to
make a permanent investment, or merely to make a little
quick money, you must decide  for  yourself  right  now.
Daa you proposa' to follow the individual townsite promoters or the Grand Trunk Pacific Kailway Company.
STUDY THAT MAP-lf you desire to put your
money into a real estate promoter's townsite you will
have many, mnny opportunities this summer. The average promoter is full of hurrah nnd red fire. He must
enthuse investors of the mail-order class with his wares.
ELLISON is in the Missouri class. Therefore, 1 am not
telling any fairy tales about it. I um ranking stntements
that can be readily verified.
STUDY THAT MAP.-If you want to join thnt
great army of invcstors-at-long-range, then vou should
put your money into promoters' townsites. If you want
n perfectly snfe and sound inucstment, certain to bring
you large profits, then nut your money where the Grand
Trunk Pacific, nfter yenrs of careful "investigation, have
put their money.
STUDY THAT MAP. lt iR not likely the (irand
Trunk Pncilic will have any other townsite in British Columbia for snle this year. Tha- officials aif thc company
stnte thnt Ihe compnny is not inta-rested in nny townsite
in the llnzelton district except ELLISON.
ELLISON is on the bank of the Skeena at its confluence with the Bulkley.     You may change railway sur
veys, you may change the location of towns, but you cannot change the geography of the country through which
the railway passes. The head of navigation necessarily
means nn important townsite. Ellison will not only be at
the head of navigation, but the centre of a mining district
wonderful in its resources that is now being opened Up,
and for which E'lison will bc the shipping point both by
rail and water. The fact that train! mny change engines up or down the line air in the suburbs of the town
of Ellison does not amount to shucks in building up a
town when such places ure compared with n town located
where mils and navigation meet.
STUDY THAT MAP. You will final on thi' official
plan of Ellison that a large part of the townsite has h"cn
reserved for future sales, the same as the compnny has
done with certain sections of Prince Kupert townsiti'.
There are, therefore, at this time. Comparatively few lots
on the market.    You must hurry if ymi wnnt one.
Elliann, only n smnll pnrcel of land, lies within eight
blocks of the site of the railway station. Lots in tins
nre being offered. I am advising my clients to buy Kog-
a'rs Addition lots nt $150 for inside lots and $'jfiO for
corners. Terms 10 per cent, discount for cash, or 10
per cent, down and the balance on easy terms, no interest.
Offices: 2nd Ave., Facing Grand Trunk Terminal
Prince Rupert, British Columbia
MHUJ^K E * a
'- t :
'.��� .*������'. ...���:   '*..   .-. :,'.,, .
t.t.r.       \  ��� 1 a ���       F
Gr��--��   f.   :i,a   *_______,
o    Kupt���-.
��� ���
may extend   Classified
THE G.T.P. *-iassinea
E -. ��� ���:   ���'���������!   ~i     i: Mor* Pf ���
.-   *.���:���.-'. r* attir>   lr.it:
. ��� ~    -v  - .       .-������.
��� ��� . *���__-.
* ward j
���   ������ . ������'-���...
:,*. c.u> ���- mni
���      ���'   'Sa-
���- . .    ���       '.!
J        ���      .���
-.    -p   :���
���. ���:   11   i ti   I
Lost .and Found
;-_---  '���  NKHOLSO*  HEBE
ri*  _*i't!  :t   Mcaada]   tt  _oot
> . ���       ~ *.*���������   ������", Va "... ���> ���-
....        ........       *-   _        ���   . -.-
b ������.   _*_______i_   Man   L-.��iu
-     -
Bittern    ti
For R��--:
Pt   m-K.   AVt
���    ���
r.i.p Wr'.K
i  -   ��� - ������   r
:'-.- sai:  K*m\.
-   -     :..
������ - ��� r-*.  *
'> _    -
Houses V�� anted
S:.^rc H ftntw
15 fdhct Cot. Lid.
1���a   '.vu_.    __mmm_tt    :.
Fi - ���     a.a :   7 ���   ���:    ��� ��� IBM
'   sac 1
rire  l-.-*.---.'.
- - ���*
Si :a;i'> Tribe EsterforBoa
Ls - - Contest
"What Shall It Be"
''te  ��� .  rt   .1  a-L. ��r
HetatZBU  ?:.r.i
*       *\'\S*m***y*
: tVat.-t.' ��
-i.  : BU
��� * *.���
*-.  9K  SBC ���
Boanlsn ������
le IQ Nu Si'ent Mun?'  Ai-
''"isrni  ar'tnmj du:
iita  La-pains
U   hot   aaaal la-aaal fc
buil ���   tha
��� -       ���       ?':�����   ful
: -.    :: ..   I
.   ���    '    ���   ���   ���    ���   l   ,.*.
���   .   ���     -'.-���_���    ...   ���
tat   m*    ..: -   * *.:������.*.
.    ��� .
a .   ana Lmr. m���ot **..: a
: ���
���        ���     ���
renoa I : I ��� ���    beta
:_.:: :-������ ���  ..
- .ai.:   J., i
Ba   �����.     N����- amsnaac  pafcaa
-:���:������       :     l.   .'   .'       ���
������.**���������.  .   - ���   I:
���   .���.-���,.
Vi   A-t   aalac  maaaataa-   ��\��ta
.."       -
....       -    . ...
. . -     "���   ..��� ���    : ..      - ..   ���
��� . ���
:   I  I
l: :   F. ���
marl a-. ?*>
!���.��!  I.��n- buanar.    ^'a..-.*���
..'     } : *      *
.   .       - .'      -
-: . ���
���   ���     :  . -     ��� .
-    -.;.
*>a>aMtat   .  a.. *��a��t. 'ar * pa
'   V ���    ;.   ���
���      ���   ��� ��� . ���       ���
��� : '
Law-Butler Co.
���    ���
A Good Programme
The liquid ammu. :-
i. g   u: loaded   and   loaded  ana'
all thU time and the sm',,..
ened.    All the best tale ���
cily   wab   on   hand   to   tak-  pa,..
in the fine programme
Mr. Gray, of Gray's orchestr. Waj
at   the   piano   aad   jongs   ���,,,.,,
given by Mem, Russd    -  . y
^^^H ^"oungman.  Whitley.
Cut :.-.tS* rreant a \Natch     perton, Froud, Fletcher .      ,    !
���   Frei Si"rk we;.t dcmii ,juet by Qapperton  and   D ..������'
-.  | ���:   leaves
���    ......      ���������   regi-
���   ���        King
....  ���[ ��� - | j Meacn  1 S i
e sergeant Fra k Ellis, Sergeai I Brown, and
nd at am   ti      a   talk   on   military   r:   ���-.
ni " Corporal   Lever.    Mr   Gra<      sn
���������  -���.���.. '.   ������   behall gave a violin boIo.
Everybody  went  am-aj
������. ment ���   ���   -;..- \ the guest oi tl e ��� venine
s a pan   % gif(   Jl Id it tA tucces- and I
sergeant  accept   th<      Color .Sergeant Ledc .... . -,,.
"��� - ' England next week.
 . __
it the cutest Finn not Fined Yet
"���   eather      ise     a   l.aadly   jigged   Finn   named
the wrist   This Jack   Cook   had   recovered   suffi.
A  t  U] - mo     :������ tly   to  appear  at
'    ' ���   ��� ���    -   ��� court bar this morning.   Het
- ���  -���    st as big  failed  to understand  the      irge,
.-'-���        rther sou-       | wa- remanded until   .���������  .���
-���'.-���   lid I   t ex* interpreter can be fourd :  r]
K'.-illy'?  Bakery  Lurch  wil
'   ���-       ess    a       |.-   tomorrow frcm ^J a.m
i good ;.30 p.m.
Eai      ������; - Ri-	
Greek Broke His Arm
���'-   ' '     '���"   servia      ^ Greek, who lays daim ���   thc
���    ' f John James, was adn
        the General Hospital yestei
"���'      "��� -   ������ -    i with a broken arm. which
' acquired while working u|
-   . ���-   McMordie j Une for die G. T. P.
Pintorium Pioneer Clear.ers. 'Ph : ��� '
Look These Up
!*-: - r? :; .: t"
? tt.     Ll'.'t.i
-_ v
'��� . ��� : a ;
.^���ttj:1?  .
=   7. '
F. R. C. Brown
H. F. McRAE & Co.
 Financial    Agents	
-FOR $800 CASH-
M     ;���   .   i   revtmM   producer   which   w'll   bring
tu:  ��� it;,   dottan  a mor.th   cU-ar. :        :        :
'.-:��   *���* tr.-.trz
%m***w**f**m mmmmmm*************************}
Oregon Norserr Company
e++my*+**m^m***w^'++m.w*+mSr*w *
Olive Oil
Cl'j'.r .r.7
Booti   Shoe*,
Hati and Cspt.
TopshiltCi   Ur.der-
w**mr, Etc
Grossman & Soskin
~ ir.ztr
i   'A,
i ��� 1 ti
-       *���
E ~~
>ect��n 3
'      -   ���-
'-��� ���
S*<bon 6
.��� .     . ���.
easl U"
Secbcn 7
��� . -
*.t_'"!." a ;.'
...     . "     ...     __..
��� '
:��� . ....
I--. .
"���        Lu;.
,     Department Stores Prince Rupert, B.C.   I
We supply Farmhouses. Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock  in   Northern  B. C.
_***** tm****** *
������������������������������        "'i*
. " ��� '
.-������������      '.  I
���   ���       ���.-
' '       '       " "
Rd Isttit ui RttUb
���    BLOCK
A  Pur.  '),,,.  0,1
Watch the Window    ���
C.   //. ORME
Tt*t Ptmrnm
PHOSE    :    ,'    i    M
Ccmpl,,,   Ch.,,,, rA Prnr.-mme
��� ���
Mr.        ���-;���:. ��r.t* u*re-
t*t   -.-   ' -���   ���   v��iue   of
��� rt profwrty.   We will b*
v.em.mi a; ii; timet to keep you pojted
** to the market value.
*���*   *������������
imtat FKtirti    .    Ben Hi*
'        .
M*�� lx
OUret \<k
K*t  ��*
Tfck* tt**\it*t thil
���     . ptoi if i ii�� j*.
��� Uftm ri �� milf r.��������� 'il��off  UiffV
k   ��� rr ��nd on iht
Ihf mouth ot ��� littJr trrrk. Ihmm
**���**.  W ehaiM.  thence  north  40 rhmn*.  thr-.r��
v.-     (     aCfetln*.  thenpr  �� uth   40  fh��n^   |i
. WW��',t*-,.".    ���'  r.'mirifnctm*tu  ��nd rontkimttit  IM ��c���� mrrr
it*dFtb. w, int.    CHRISTIAN A   TBRVO
> ?M ��    Botlrr   Aj��-at i J��ub. AprU 7.
. General Hardwire
Buililer..' Hardware
*   S ��� ��� . StOTM   4
,        Granitewarr       Tlnwan
Wholesale House and Mens Furnishings.
Stationery. Fancy Goods. Etc.. Etc..
Prince Rupert.  B. C.
Stanfield's Underwear
Asbestol Gloves, Mitts
Stetson Hats
Empire Brand Ties
Rupert Brand Top Shirts
Jumbo and Miner Overalls
Tower's Oiled Clothing
Large range of Men's goods
suitable for Northern B.C.
"Tke PRE5inr\T .H'SPFNnrR


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