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Twenty-four hours ending  fi   .t. m.,
May 4.
MAX. TUMI*. MIN. TEMP. 11*11.        IN. RAIN
68.0 68.0     29.571       ,87
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
next mails
For Nouth
City of Sentlle Sntiii'ilay
For South
I'rinee Rupert .Friday, H u.m.
State of California Friday, !��� u.m.
A   ���
VOI - II. NO. 99
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, May 4, 1911.
Price Five Cents
CT -X?
Col. Wadmore, Commanding Military District of British Columbia Makes Welcome Announcement
���Congratulates Earl Grey's Rifles on
Their Efficiency and Showing
iiinl they spent n little time w>-
gether talking military matters.
This afternoon the visitor inspected iht- rillt- ranges amiss the
harbor in company with the officers
of Karl Grey's Rifles.
"Il -aii-s without saying that as
i iiuin.inilii _ officer of this dutrict
I shall ilf ah in my power n> persuade tin* Dominion Government
in Imilil ;i good armory and drill
hall in Prince Rupert. Such a
huilding is badly needed here and
must come <|iiit-kly if any degree
���ii military efficiency is to be
attained by Earl Grey's Rifles,"
aid Colonel Wadmore, tlistriet
officer commanding Military tlis-
irict N'o. II, which covers the
whole of British Columbia, who
arrived here yesterday for the
|iui|iii>a' ol making an official in-
gpcctioi of Earl Grey's Rifles.
i .il.ail Wadmore inspected thc
regiment lasl night in the drill
hall, saw thc men put through all
tin- various thills ami then gave
them a talk on military matters.
II ��� urged particularly the i ec-
ussiij ni discipline and thc value
tu .i soldier of a knowledge of
skirmishing. Realizing the con-
tlitim - uniler which lhe regiment
i- working thc coloid considered
there i- not iiuit'h room for complaint. ll< congratulated Captain
Stork i'.. having a bodyol men of
������.'li t c physique under his comma nil.
Ai thc conclusion of thc parade
Captain Siork addressed his men
advising them t<> heed whal the
colonel had .still and poiuti.ig om
that to .main ihe efficiency resitil
with the Muk and file not with
tin- officers alone, lie expressed,
Uli.'lf of himself and the
regiment, thc pleasure (eli through
tin-   vi-.il   of   the   officer   of    the
district Last night's parade closes
tin-drills for the season
This morning Colonel Wadmore
Inspected the arms and equlpmenl
ol the regiment and also of the
Rifle Association in company with
Captain Stork and Lieutenant Mc-
Mordic .mil Agnew.
I in- colonel wiis i.iiiin Interested
' t "Inr Sergeant George l.eek
Danger   of   Oriental   Invasion
Seriously   Feared
Hon. Frank Wilson, Premier of
Western Australia, Makes a
Statement at Vancouver on
His Way to Coronation.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Vancouver, May 4. -Australia
certainly fears the possibility of
ar Oriei tai invasion. The fact
was clearly expressed by Hon.
Frank Wilson, Premier of Western
Australia, who arrived here last
night on the S. S. Zealandia on
his way to the Coronation.
"Unless wc pcuplc Australia,
we shall lose ii," In- remarked.
"The defence mi vement towards
the construction of an Australian
Navy has not begun a day too
soon. It is a very necessary
movement. So also, is the movement t��n foot now to have compulsory military service in Australia."
Bill  Passes Committee of the
British House
Even Mr. Balfour Offered no
Opposition to the Preamble���
Its Adoption by the House Is
Almost Certainty.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
London, May 4.���Tlie Parliament Bill���the bill t<> veto the
power of the Mouse of Lords���
was passetl by a committee of
the whole of thc House of Commons today. The refusal of Mr.
Balfour to vote against the preamble removed any danger that
might hav.e lieen apprehended from
a revolt of the Laborites against
the preamble. Unionist opposition seems to have faded away
completely. The adoption of the
Bill by the House is praclcinlly
Glad  Tidings
Alderman  Hilditch was Btrong
enough to sit up in bed yesterday,
He  will   be  placed   <>n   the  convalescent list in a few days.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Vancouver, May 1. At the opening of the synod of the Presbyterian church here last nighl Rev.
J. S. Henderson of New Westminster was unanimously chosen
as moderator ol British Columbia
���|m ^ 11^..^..^.. ^..-^..^1. ^..^ ..^afc.aa^.1^.^.
All Games Off on Account of
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
All  baseball games were postponed  yesterday  on  account  of
rain.���North Western League Special.
National   League
Boston 4, Philadelphia 3.
Chicago 8, Cincinnati 2.
New York 3, Brooklyn 0.
Pittsburg 8, St. Louis 4.
American League
Cleveland 8, Chicago 7.
Philadelphia 13, New York -1.
Detroit 5, St. Louis 2.
Washington 3, Boston (i.
Pacific Coast League
Sacramento 1. Oakland ...
Los Angeles 0, 'Frisco 4.
Population    of     Coast   Cities
Keeps  Increasing
Twenty Thousand Better Than
Last Year's Increase According to Directory Co.'s Enumerators. Good Omen for Prin
ce Rupert.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Vancouver, May 4.���According
to the directory companies' enumerators the population of Vancouver is r.ow 145,000 an increase of
twenty thousand over last year's
figures. Indications are in favor
of a stil! greater increase this
season, which will be partly show.'
by the census figures when the*
are published.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
London, May 4.���L. O. Amery,
Unionist, was returned unopposed
for South Birmingham today. The
seat previously was held by Viscount Morpeth, a Unionist
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Baltimore. May I.    The United
Slates   is   adopting   a   policy   of
'Hands oil" antl will not seek to
President J. P. Graves of Granby Smelting Co., With  Party of
Officials Arrived in the City Yesterday to Look Over
the Ground���Interested in Hidden Creek
Mine and Want a Location
It is All Over His Prince Rupert Trip   Sunday Times
Accuses Him of Going to "Foreign Countries"
to Pick "Easy Money"   Came Without Leave of Absence
There appears to be some sore
feeling down in Seattle about the
visit to Prince Rupert of Mr. R.
11.   Thomson,   city   engineer   of
Seattle, to consult with Colonel
Davis on the waterworks plans.
The Seal lie Times of la>l Sunday
has two big seven column headlines across lhc lop of lhe front
page which reatl: "Thomson Again
Picks Easy Money" ard "Ciiy
Engineer Doing Work I'or Other
The apparent vitrolic article ill
lhe Times reatls as follows:
Reginald H. Thomson, ciiy engineer, drawing a .salary of .ST.ihhi
a year, will return in Seattle next
Wednesday with $2,600 paid t<> him
by the city of Prince Kuperi (or
ihree   days'   work   in    reviewing
plans already prepared by the
local engineer for a new water
���ystem i.i that city. I'or a period
of nearly two weeks Seattle has
been  without   the services of  an
insists thai he shoultl bear the
burden rather than ilu- committee
of which he i> the head.
Denying lhe report thai Thomson hatl been given authority or
even snnciion for a leave by the
sireel and bcwct committee, God-
d.ud said:
'Ten days ago when members
of the council wen I in lhc Cedar
Kiver watershed on a tour of inspection, Thomson talked io me
on the way up on the trail'. He
explained to me that he had been
Livited to go to Prince Kupert to
pass on plans for the installation
of a water Bystem, inculding a new
flam, antl that he would be paid
$2,500 for the trip. He explained
that In- needed ihe money for the
n-.iM)i lhal he hatl been ret pi i red
of late lo pay heavy regrailc antl
other asM-ssments.
"Following tuis explanation he
lull! me ihai Pri.ice Rupert officials
hail proposed an entirely new dam
engineer other  than can  be pro- | construe tto i that might give hi
To look for a site for a two
thousand (Da smeller to employ a
thousand men, ami have a weekly
payroll of S42.000��� that is one
of the tilings lhat a party of
extend   its   th mains   or   acquire,prominent   mining   men   .ire  now-
foreign territory. This statement
was made by Presidenl Taft in
his speech today on the opening
of the Third National Peace Congress,
Messrs. Weir and White, Two Agricultural and Horticultural Experts, Engaged by B. C. Government to Gather Valuable Information   A Long Journey
B) li'i.il lo Hatelton Irom here,
Ihcn   iiuin   there  on   horse  back
loaded down with provisions, tents
"i-'l" and charts to ritle through
j'undreds of square miles ol the
intern r country as  representatives
"' 'i'- Provincial Government of
miti-li Columbia for the purpose
acquiring every particle of
1 'liable information on ilu- agri-
"���'llir'il ami horticulture! poesi-
Inlitiwt ,,( ,|M, country through
Which ihey will travel K. A.
��cir unl E. W. White, iwo young
n from  ilu- Ontario Agri-
"l!""-il College, at C.uelph. will
Iwvt hero early next week.     Ihey
'���n\"l inn* yesterday,
On .irrival al I la/ellun. I .ovem-
Agcnt   Ellison   will   have
""���"���M ready for the experts (���
��tar| a,,, their journey that will
'"'  '"��� Completed  Until next  fall.
vl" ��� iiny will emerge (rom the
"Idcntcss  with   several   months'
������I "i board, hearts longing
'"  **''!   back   to  civilization   antl
Conventionality but with information that will be published by
the government antl be of priceless
worth !<�� Intending settlers in the
interior country.
Where They Will Go
Their itinerary will   lake  them
up to the Kispiox Valley into the
districts  of   NVeral   lakes  ill   the
vast   hinterland,   down   through
the Bulkley \ alley ami up ami
down ami across the stretch of
rich country each side of the
(j. T. I', mail) line. Soils ami
subsoils will be tested, wild Mowers
and trees will be noted, plants antl
undergrowth will be examined,
settlers  will   be   Interviewed   t<>
learn of the climatic conditions
of the tlislricl. Whal CTOpS can
be grown on the soil will be found
out from lhe Indians who have
lived here for years In log 'nils
in the wild uncultivated hinterland.     In  short,  everything  lhat
looking for in ihis tlislricl. ll
is quite possible, that Prince Rupert Itself may be selected as the
site, if coking facilities can be
arranged. The party is headed by
Mr. J. P. Graves, president of
the Granby Consolidated Mining
ami Power Company of Phoenix
and Grand Porks, B. C, and is
visiting the Hidden Creek Mine on
Goose Hay. I'he Granby Company holds an option on this
valuable low-grade copper-gold
property covering about HO per
cent of the properly antl representing nearly half a million dollars. The present visit is one of
investigation with a view to regarding   the   taking   over  of   the
property antl its extensive development to handle a huge out-put
Highly Qualified Men
Accompanying  Mr.  Craves are
Mr    I-'.   M.   Silvester,   assistant
manager,   Mr.   W.   A.   Williams,
smelter superintendent, Mr. W'. I.
Williams, consulting engineer, ami
Mr.   t).    B.   Smith,   Jr.,   mining
superintendent of tin- Granby Co.,
also Mr. B. Lawrence, miniaig
engi leer, New York, antl Mr.
M. K. Kogers the wcll-kiown
I milling man of this coast, who
retains his ialeresl in. the Hidden
Creek properly which he purchased
along with Mr. llodgins from lhc
original locators of the inine-pros-
pect, Mr. Rogers has a vast
experience of mining matters in
these districts, having operated
On the Alaska Coast for years, antl
his advice regarding this property
is valuable.
Thorough Investigation
The parly of experts will thor
oughly investigate the mine antl
the whole conditions of the tlistriet
with a view to large development.
Already development on a less
extensive scale is being carried on,
but lhe intention is lo prepare
for die getting out of enough onto   keep  a  smelting   plant   going,
handling at least two  thousand
tons per day.
A most important question to
be settled is lhe location of the
smelter. For this purpose Mr.
W. A. Williams accompanies the
party. He will consider lhe merits
of various places along the coast
with a view 10 the establishment
of the plant, antl also the merits
of lhe mine with the other members of the party.
Prince Rupert's Position
Possibly Prince Rupert may have
the smelter. In an interview-
specially granted to the Daily
News, Mr. J, P. Craves stated
definitely thai Prince Rupert was
being considered with this iii view-
In   establishing   a   smelter   much
depends upon the supply of coke,
and the coal prospects aboul Piince
Kupert are being therefore considered.
"In the event of our deciding
to establish  our  plant  in   Prince
Kuperi," remarked Mr. Graves,
"we should aim at handling not
only the output of ore from our
own Hidden Creek mine, but also
copper, gold, and silver ores from
other properties throughout the
tlislricl. We should handle probably four thousand Ions a day at
least. On Utis basis the smelting
of low-grade ore pays best as we
have found at Grand Forks.
capacity. At an average wage
rate of SM..r>0 per man per day, thc
.ay-roll woultl come to 87000 per
day or 812,000 per week.
"You must understand of course,
that the present visit is one of
investigation for the purpose of
reporting lo theCranby Company's
offices at New York. A scheme
of development involving such
a large outlay must of course In-
well considered,
Prince Rupert Looks Good
"Bui I may say that I am
Immensely impressed wiih the wonderful waterways leading to Prince
Kuperi, ami am seriously considering the advantages of Prince
Kupert as a terminus of lhe Grand
Trunk Transcontinental line, wiih
a view lo the snipping of ore antl
smelter-product right through to
Boston and New York. I understand that by die Grand Trunk
Pacific it will take only five days
to transfer the consignment from
sea to sea. This is exactly what
it takes via Seattle, therefore tin-
time taken in shipping to Seal litis saved by the Piince Kiiperi
route. This in view of economies
in insurance, etc., is an important
consideration, antl one which very
materially affects all plans for the
development   on  a  large  scale of
ihis Hidden Creek property."
Party Now at Mine
Mr. Graves ami his party arrived by the Prince Kupert yesterday, .unl left last night bj
steamer for Naas Harbor lo proceed thence by launch or tug
boat lo Goose Bay antl lhe Hidden
Creek,    Mr.  Craves will  remain
vitleil by assistants, ami not in
many instances satisfactory for
the reason, that Thomson holds
ilu- master key in many districts
where people insist that there
should be immediate action on
improvements where delays have
been frequent ami of long standing.
Thomson is supposed to have
gone lo British Columbia on a
leave-nf-absence gran nil by Mayor
(ieorge W. Dilling and authorized
by the street committee of the city
council, of which Councilman J. A.
Goddard is chairman, yesterday
afternoon t ioddanl denied all know
ledge of the alleged leaveof-ab-
sence; declared thai his committee
hatl not authorized it, anil that
if Thomson has remained away
from Seattle for len days it was
without any authority coming fn-in
any member of the council nr from
any committee.
This leaves Mayor Dilling responsible lor lhe leave, antl Caodd.ird
an opportunity to learn details
of value t>> Seattle. Aim g these
lines he explained that In* woultl
take enough  St-.uili   work along
to keep him Im-y on lhe four days
required to reach Prince Kuperi
ami the four days on ilu- return,
wiih thc suggestion thai he woultl,
while in thai city, obtain copies
of the propsed plans for ilu* waterworks Bystem which might be of
value io die cily of Seattle in
iis plan for extensions. I ditl
not agree to the plan; just listened,
ami when Mayor Dilling makes
die statement that die Btreet
committee  agreed   to  the  leave
for the engineer he i> making an
assertion thai is not true.
"I tlitl listen  to Thomson, gave
no indication <>t what attitude
the committee would take in granting a leave to go to a lorrigu
country, ami the Matcinent that
my   committee  had   agreed   lo  it
w,i- entirely wrong."
Sir Wilfrid Laurier  and  Hon.   Mr.   Borden   in  Close
Conference All  This  Morning   Rumored
That An Arrangement to Adjourn
Till Fall Will be Made
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Ottawa, May 4.���The air is
I thick wilh rumors ihis morning,
about prorogation being arranged
for the 18th of May, with an
extra session to be called in September io complete the work of
lhe House.
11 is learned that no such
agreement has been made, though
only such an agreement can break
the present dead-lock. Sir Wilfrid
Laurier antl Hon. Mr. Borden
were in conference all the morning,
and will   submit   the    results   of
their   labors to their respective
intends to sail on May l-'th to
attend the Coronation, oven at
the risk of postponing the reciprocity agreement for another ses-
No Survivors Traced of Steamer
i Canadian Press Dispatch)
Vancouver, May 4.���No trace
has bee i   (mind  of  any  survivor
of the steamer Yongala which went
down in a gale off the Queensland
coast   .recently.      There   were   141
passengers and  crew  on  board.
Two Thousand Employees
"Aboul a thousand men arc pared will be forwarded to New
required to handle a two thousand York, ami development work will
ton smeller, and correspondingly .speedily follow iheir approval by
more for a plant of double that the principals of lite Granby Co.
caucuses later in  the tlay.     The
there for three or four days, until proposition il Is Understood relates
the others of the party for longerIto a proposed adjournment, not'Wreckage  was  found   indicating
periods.    Their reports when pre-1 to a prorogation
pared will
The feeling of I that  a disaster hail  taken   place,
ilu- rank and file on both sides I but advices brought by ilu- S. S.
is against an adjournment, though I Zealandia last night state thai not
both favor prorogation. la single survivor has been found
It  is  slated   that   tite  Premier 11hough search has been made. THE    DAILY   NEWS
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Daily Edition.
Thursday, May i
[Venty miles away from Prince Rupert lies Porcher laland, tin
vegetable garden lur the Tsimpsean Peninsula, and the nearest I.no
piece of arable land to Prince Rupert. ItssotUement is of vital interesi
tn tin- people of Northern British Columbia in general and of tin
vegetable dealers and vegetable caters ol Prince Rupert in particular
That settlement would be much helped by the giving of a better mail
and steamboat service n> thc laland.
On the nOrth, Refuge Bay is row in receipt of .1 mail service, ami
i.- .1 regular purt of call for thc vessels on the Craham Island run.
The dwellers .11 Refuge Bay have no cause for complaint. Further
south however, .11 Spillar River .1 large settlement has >|>ni ig up,
which is isolated from the world >o far .is mail service and boat tervio
is concerned. There .ire forty-five men within .1 radius ol two mile*
at Spillar Riser, and setdement would be much hfelped if they wt
brought closer into touch with the world. There are only three familiesI
there, >*nl i" relate, *"i :i-* some <ii the settlers say, "It isn'l fair to
take a woman int 1 *t place where there's no means of communication."
Tlu- irony of it is that the setUers tliere Bee almost daily some
vessel t��r another passing the setdement a��.i its way to ur from Prince
Rupert, The place i.�� on the route of the northern run, only .1 mile
ur so from the steamboat track. It the boats t,M>k thc channel on the
west -iiK- of Kenned) Island instead ol the cast channel ihey woultl
bc even nearer. The channel is buoyed and charted, and thc settlersI
claim there is deep water up to within sixty feet of the shore. The
liarimr at Spillar Uiver is a safe une. Indeed in heavy weather it i>
,1 favorite resort for storm bound steamers. There would be no navi-
gation difficulties about making .1 call with mail and freight once .1
At present the settlers have to row ten miles ta Claxton on the]
mainland for supplies.   Their mail they trust to receiving when une I
ur other of their number makes a \i>it in a sailboat to Prince Unpen.
This is a matter which ilu- mail and steamboat authorities might
do well tu luok into,  li wi ultl prove .1 general benefit it Spillar River
and a.iy .-ther of the settlements could be made a purt of call.
The settlers claim that owing to thc lack of steamboat transportation last fall liiimlri-als of heads ni celery and a lot of potatoes
were left to rat in the aground, This was .1 loss both to them aad t" ;;-.
Sixteen mineral claims .ire being worked for copper and iron bj 1 icorgi
Keyes and his partner, Inn the) cannot ship ��>rt or put on gangs until
transportation is arranged. Six free milling claims on Lewis Island,
opposite the mouth of the river have just changed hands, .1 -il a crusher
is on it> way tu ilu* Island, and nunh mure in thc way of development
could be done it facilities were granted.
Wa* all live by trade and production; that is a truth thai requires
no argument. For our own interest, it would be a c -al thing to help
the development of Porcher Island, and make possible a mutual inter
change oi trade and products.
a ^i       t*.*.> .1
rRochester &
^    ��CoAL
.  Phone 115
) Northern Produce Coy, j
I ���������������
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eher Inland, occupation ahi|i mnnter. mien.! ta il *
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a.'ntaaal f.Ti'.h. ra'.
Oomjntaclllg alt a p.a.t plantad .at thi* N.W. i**ar*
Mr of lot 1802. tlwne* *a.*��t t.* loan   .. .-.
lliena'e *.>_:h lu.atik* a.a. water mark 25 .'hiaina*
niaan- .ar ',.'... then.*.* a*aaiil t.i ** \\ corntr "I laat
II J. thonce n.'rth ralaatiK' hiallt water  nark    Ivnitf
th- woatorly boundar)
aar Ic*. i. i ill t of commencnm 	
all f.areah.'ra' in fr.-rat of lot '.i .' ____Z_\
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DatadMareh *.*. IgU.
l*uli. Mur.'h IS,
Queen Charl.tue laalat-aia Uad DtatfM    District ol
Tak* ran: ice that 1. John Mcl.v.1 aaf '.ancouver
aaaupatjon broker, Intand a*, appl) lot pan   ���
to pnapect (or caaa'. aiul petroleum nn the I
il.iaa'r bad land,.
Commonolni **. -i ���;.,.: ; .jj. id alaout two taiilaaa
aouth ol Um fl-al lliaa-r an.l marki-l Johl Mel.
N. _��� Cornar, Na*    J   Um 10 chama.
thenct* aa.-it   B0 ehalM    t-.������ a*-   -.Tth  **u ehaina,
lha*r.t*a* eaat   Sa' rhaiia* taa [aai.nt  ot comme*.-.
ea'ntainmu bill aera��. mi rr or leaw
I)at,il K.*l*  22. Kit. JOHN Mcl.KOD
1-uli. Kaaii. 14. LmU* E. Wallatr, tgent
Wu.*n 11 irlotte Ialan :. lan.l Pi��lrtrt-t>iatr c  o*
���   Klea tht I, John MeUod *t Vancumei
."-cj.ali.a    It. mt. ir.lrnai :.. app|    |���r [���rm *�� or
to ; raped (a*r eoal and ptuolaun on -.haa loll aair.r
.   .
Commrr.nnc at a 110.1 p arta*.! lo r BC�� ~a..:l
***____*** l�� o: t a.   Ta-al It   .- ,
mj-ka-d J. M.I.. s l: r.Tt-i-r. No I* . faanca* r. rtl
> c air... iirnrr ��n.t hi chjiiu Uaa w aouth j*
��� ������ i*- ' <*m ��� *i   o c
��� main m ��� ;���* *-r<. ������  r.   ���
l'al.-:l,,.     |    ,11. J0HS  M-LEOD
1   :   >    ��� - ClaraotaMtDowaa.Afaot
gurrn Ckaalotta lilat iLaad Dim rt���Dutrict ot
_ , flatna
���  -   *   I  lot I.    I   '. \ .���
occuii-       rokar.ii        *   .        .���������,.���
\i' ' -r   ���.     lo�� n.
I nda
'       '������.*. a* a |. .1 -an* ,1 >i     t ������ r m,|���
���""     ���   ���    * -ii u*h    I  thr
T -.*   1. .rr aar. ��� a> .     J    \| |.        \y
������ " r ..   ���    c   ,   .     I. -c    ,���    ,0
'   -       * .   ���            ...
���  .��� nlni    ;*
i *.-. nan or .. .
im ir*i>-r.i. i ii j un m
I'ub  icl*. . . fa    ,. a*   i o>*aj .    a    i
ljUN<n CharlotU lalandi Lan.l Iii.lnct - IMtrict ol
Take notice lhat 1. Johr. McLean! ol Vancouaer,
occupation lara'Kar. ir.ti*::al taa ,\,\..y '.bt pot
lo proapact liar coal anal laetroli-uni on tha* following
da-sentied landa:
Commencing at a poat i lan*.*.! nlaoiia li..
north  lanal  OM  niiia*  wi-sl  aal  ttie  mouth  0    thi
l'l-... Rlvar nnd mnrkod J   Mcl.. N   R. Cornar,
No.  2i. llai'tica' miuth  BO cliai-.a.    thcrici* ���*.-'   -,i
chain.*, I aneo i   rth Ml chama. thanoa antl   BO
chain- :    ; ' a*a>  .,; ..��� .���    ...��� ��� .   ,���       ,
acn*p. ti a ra' or lean.
Daud I'd' l'i.. l��ll. .ions *.*
lub. fei. :,-. Clartnoa MeDoaiall, \t.-n
yuavn i harla.ite lalandtUnd Dwifct��� Di-trc* o-
��. . vke.r,i
I.ik- nonce that I. J, hn UeLtod ol Var.,*o v.r
""'���',,"n,        ' ��� :..: pe-mi.ion
ta. I' ..*; .:������:.
U. ralisl landa: K
Comm :������:��� ������  : ., pod    ir.r.,i ,^ut ,
aouth and two mll�� ... , .| ,h��� n, ;nl., ���, ...
!���*   Rural and naa.rk,al J. McL, N. tt. i   ., ���.
Njj    ���'���    Ihenc    I.OU h   *aa a*.',.,,- .    ,)���.��� t   ���;
Cham., thanea north .�� chalna, iienea* ��.�� M
ham�� l.a point ol eommenc ment; cola tin* i*m
arm.,  inori' or ita.-. *
��� m.*ii.    ���:... i ii. j,mN \,*; B0D
������'��� ���>*��S. Clin c  Mcliova..,;. Agaat
yuo..ni*h,arlot,ei,ian,i.u,,il,���r,c,   DMrittot  SteannLi    '���      ���    Diatriet of quaan Chuttrctl
mm ��
Cjigajjjiit a gmt.planud, ahout two mil*   mSTiSrt ani nall'a  '-
"  Mcl     i" 8���ft "' ""' 7***.  ���**���** ���*��� '> """'-���       ��� ,       al,,,"',,"     ' 'r' '"  '"   ""'""'
ch.,,,1  ,k   '���   '"""���'��� N"  ����� "" ���'��������� wi i  bo   ii.i,,  i'ii,,,',,  T" ","1""" '""��� Nadan
���te*M3!BHi ���      ^~"
**" 1 Puh Ant. 1, CATIIl.llINK IIMIIUSIIN
^umaliein.w, Agrnl
QuaaolChaitotla ISanda Und lautrici - nutnet o   sv��n. a    , , .
Tak. no,,., tta, ,.^���\,c��� ��� ���, v. e U^^ ^"l,.'^:'* , '\���   ���%�� I
Is Still Going on
w""|.--a. '���***.,  aaai-ni    o aapy   la-r p.rm
lo pro*|**ca la.r c aa ani patrol.,m ..   th. 1,.11�����,���,
dcrcrilae*. lamia: ��� I aaaanaa*
Coiiv..- tie* .1 a *��� ,t , .��� tad about lour md-a 1 Uk"^T','kTf,���*,', ,-*, """l 1'>��rat-.l ,.��� ,|
out-, and i. ��� mBaa wa t ������< th,- mouth ol 'h. ,j BS tata ffinkSS. n.^L"'*,%"" '"'"
n-al    Haver an.l marked J. Mcl.. N   E   I*oru.r.   nonh.  tl"nj,  _*._V", !l,v"' ���  Mienc.  Jn
NO,  )'*.  ;hi.".c*
ehaina, thenc ���
ahore   ill
'mil outlet
apuin ail   i.         wm ;  a, aaa. mouu at  *h.   ,J  �����|  ��ia (Lakail7a_t**ni **** ��** oiulmi
Tl-el   Haver an.l markeal J   Mel. N   K   Cornar, I northTthmo iSSr.lJu,?r.- ***** ��0 atatn
So.  *!..  Ihenc    outh   BO  ehaina,  thanea  **.-*t   *..    I... th.-.*.���-     . chain*   nut   ta.   1-1...1.
chama, thenc ��� north  B0 ehelna, thanee -..a  to 1 mS dSKSTtTSSl? 5*i**_*�� ***** tn ifSSn*
Chaini to pan  t ol eoratunncem**nl.     ontai-ing Mp    uinlng ��0 arrwa  m�����    ��'  ���naataaneamatat;    con-
���cm morv or l.aa. a S. W. i������w. '      " *"***���   ttm matk��l ,,. |���
baHJ.Fab.13. i��ll. ��N M I.l.nli Hiatal Fat* it lan
Pub  Ft.. 25. Clarenee MeDowell, Agent * rul, March 4. <MOME l.KVl, K
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th nnd 8th
C. B. Lockhart, Assignee
Seventh Ave. Residents Make n
Protest   to   Council
Do Not Want to Lol the New
Public Works Department Experiment on Them Are Circulating a Petition.
Residents   of   Seventh   avt   in
petitioned thr cit\ council at las
meeting to have a plankwaj put
iu   on   Seventh   avenue,     Ihey
mentioned especial!) in their pen
limi that they dM not want the
work done by day's labor, but
contract.  When the council moved
in favor oi granting the petition,
day's labor was the method adopted.    Tlii.* has not met with the
approval   of   a   number   ol   the
residents and  a  se ond  pi tition
i- now being n*" up against tin-
doing of the work by ��. l.t> 's lal n
on the ground that it will bc
too dear.   Su far quite .1 number
nl names have lnv   signed to
sivtnul petition  though  die resi
dents of  that dir-trin  are
anxious to have tlie plankway in.-
Several who do n >t .it all favor
the  day's  labor  proposition  art
however, unwilli.ig to sign i.^.iiiist|
tin- work li>t it should nol .-> i
at all.
Will be a Stubborn Struggle and
Long Continued
J. P. Graves of Granby Mine
Mine and Smelter Co. Says
They Will Cease Work in
Thirty Days, and Other Plants Must Follow Suit.
I do not think there i- .. >
prospci I of a speedy settlement
oi the miners' .-trikt* in tu- Crow's
Nr--. Pass district," i-.iid Mr. J. i\
Graves, ma . .:- . director of tin-
t',r.,. by l i ilidated Mining and
Smelter Co. of Phi a ix, - night.
"A> stock-holdi s the l irai b\ Co,
i- interested in the Crow's .V*-i
t"".:l md C ke Co. .n Feiv.ie.
(.Uke :- an in porta : item ii-
smelter w.ark. ai I sii ��� e the t-irike
was declared ��\ havi I een drawing
ui our coke reserve. We have
laterly beoi able to k-.-:\' only six
<nu of eight ices going
even thus reduced, mir operatii ..-
can oi Ij be co drued :'.-r ..:. ���
thirty ur tuny days longer. We
shall havi to ��� lose down then.
The >trike seems likely to be ..
stubborn one and long coi tinued,
and ii will have the effect of
closing dowi all; lants usii g Crows
Xesi coal a id coke in ., *
;nl   tiling
or  high
It's the same us with other g
prices"  for high  class things,
But   It's   imt   always  justifiable
nowadays  the  standard  Is  hlghor
nounced.     Sn that, as tt
ymi more than its worth
The temptation to  charge   "stiff
hiss service.   Is   always   natural.
even usually.    For In  all  artisanship
the doom of the commonplace is pro-
printing,  high grade work  i��  not  apt
siill, you can pay moro
i .
at   others     ami   this   shop
of the
it   itt
to   cost
some  places
K :
"Ifo Man Deceives You Once, Shame on Him.    If he Dcccioes You Twice, Shame on You"
^ + + * + + + + +++++/'
Skoom Und DUtricI  -Dtotricl or Cout
notiw thai  Fred W. Bohler ol Ktavm-
SkeennUndD^el   Dtotrtel oj Qumd Chwjotte     ,,. k  ;1  .
fake notice thut QeorSQ Pritidl oi Pnnce *��� lKl.uvMl���,l uitnwr, inti'mU tn apply i-r
auport.B.Ca.oMupeUonbuwher.inten^toapply K,rm;;Mllll ���, purchwe the foUowing deecribed
lor pormWon to punhaw tlu- (oilowmu .l.-scnhtM  |t|;,
- poet nlented n*
'"commencina it a port planted about eeven
mile- weel uml two mllee wmth ��>( tin- mouth oi
Sunles Creek where It eroptlw mi" Naden
n'trUir tiriihum Islund, thi'iici* ���''O chunw mmh.
thanca SO eluuni weet. thenee so ehalni nunh,
[hence 80 ehani eul to point of commencement
���nd containing 640 acrei
!��,,���. | March \~, 1911
Pub. April 7.
Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner oi    A. McLeod'i pro-omptlon, thengj
;o C| ir   ..,���!!,, thenee iu ehelni eut, thenoe ->
thence  IU clmitw wint   to piwi  oi
mrt* or li'
< more orle	
Numa Demen, Agenl
Oueen Charlotte lalamla Land DUtrict -DUtrict ol
Take notice thut 1, J. (i. McNab Ol I'rince Uu-
pen tvciipution general agenti intend to apply
lur ivnmwion to priwpect (or coal und pitroleutn
on the following daeeribed landa:
iVniinrncing ut u po^l pUntf.l ut tl��' s.) n-e.i>i
come- ol Section a, Townsh p 8 Uraham laland,
ar;i murl;ed J tl. McN., S. K. fortuT, thenc.
��iM 80 chaini, thence north BO cliuins. thance
���aat 80 chuins, tlience south SO chuins to point ol
commencement. , ..        ..
Dated March B, 1911. ���.       J; 0- MeNAl
Pub, Murch U5. Wilson liowtng, Agenl
^,���������na Lund DUtrict-District of Coaat Range V
Take notloe that Jack Bedford of K��ghleyi
Vorkshlre, England, occupation over-looker, in*
tends to apply for permission to purohl thi
lollowinK described lands:
CommencinK at a post planted ut a point ini the
������Marly l>oundarv of Umber llmll 3^9 nnd in
the so'utherlv limit of lot 8089, Range 5 Coul
District, when* the said limits intersect, tbenw
ulung the southerly limit ol lot 8989 '"��� aid
und the projection thereof in un eaeteriy di etlon
80 chain-- more or leu to the westerly m* ��� "I
timber limit 82801, thence in a eoutheriy direttton
along the lut mentioned limit n chaini mon
or lens to the northerly limit of Umber limit 8611 .
thenoe In a westerly direction ulonK the lust mentioned limit so chains more or lees to the eaiti rjy
limit ol timber limit 38389, thence In a northerly
.;,:���������.;,mi  U  chain* more or less  \n Ww point  of
DatedMareh S. l��ll. JACK BEDFORD
Pob, Marches
Skeana l-and District���District of Coust Ra&fB 6
Take notice that 1, Cla�� Mai Uttle *-t Prince
Rupart. li. C, occupation iplniter, intend to
���ipi'ly int p'-rmUsion to purchase the following
deecribed lands;
CommencinK at a post plumed at tbe north
wut cornor of Ia*\ 1785, Range ���'*. Coan Dlitrict
tholW east AO chains, thence north 26 chuins
ther.ce w��t 81 chain' thence north 'JO chuina
thenee weel 10 chains, thence south 13 chains to
poir.t   "f commencement,  containing  118  urei
Dated April 4,191L        CLARA MAY LITTLE
Pub. April 15.
Skeena Land District ���District of Coast Kanw 6
Take notice that Etdon S. DetwiUr of Berlin,
or,:.'   ��>ccupution   doctor,  inter.de  to   apply   for
permission  to  purchase  the followinK deacribed
Commencing tit a post plantcl at the aouth*
west corner of lx>t 1928, thenee east ^u chuina
more or lesa, thence south ib chains more or lou,
thenee weit 80 chains more or ten, thence north
;' chains more or less t" point of commencement
conuining 1 it.' aeru n ore or It ->.
Daud Mareh 81,1911 ELDON S. DKTWlLKIt
Pub. April 15' John Campbell, Agent
Skeena Land Diitrict���District of Caaaiar
Take notice that I Andrew Committal of Vancouver. B.C., occupation cook, intendi to applv
for permiui nto purchau tha foil -��Ing dueribed lands:
Cotnmencitur at a poet plantad three and one
half milu ii at eaaterly direction from the point
���>n Naa> River wh< ra the Lava Lake trail beffir.s
near the trail, thence weat 90 chaira, thence soutli
.���-.:������-������ .-: BD chalna, thence north to
chains to point of commencement, containing I
Dato Feb 8.1911. ANDREW CUM MINGS
Joee] h ite'w.iv. Ayent
commencement containing -" aw;   ������--���
SitedApril 10,1911. PRIEDRICH U. HoHU-.lt
,.ui, vpni- Prod Hampton, Agent
<keenu l.:>��d District   -Dislrirt  of Coast  Kunge .r>
Tuke notice thai I. Lionel Klngiley of Vancouver    l;    C.   oeeupauon   miner,   inlend   tn   nppl>
for permluion to purchase the following described
' Commendng al a poal planted near the aouth-
west cirner ol Lol !*:U, Uange ���'', Coast District*
Ihence wwt I" ehuins. thence south (���() chains,
tltonce uil   10 chalna, thence north <*0 chuins to
rmtit of eommeneomant
iut.il Murch 24, 191L
Pub. April -'J
SI ni Land District-District of Cassiar
Tnke notice that I Charles Morris of I'rinee Rupert, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply
I\,i- pennis-i m t-. purchase the fulluwiiiu deserib-
i',i landa;
Commenclnjr at a poat plantad throe nml one-
half miles In an easterly direction frnrn the point
on \ u- Rivei where tha Lava Lake trail bearlni
and one mila In a northerly direction from the   sklTtltt Und-UUlrlcl-DUtrict of Qu.^t. cu-:.-,
laid   Lava   Luke  trail,   theme south  BO ehaina. Islanda
thence east  BO chains,  thence north BO chains.
thence wut BO ehains to point of eommencamant,
Skeona Land District-District of f .. |
Take notice thnt 1, Mrs. John Corley ol   Prlnei
Kupert, ll.C.occuputiun married woman, Intendi
to apply for permission to purchase the followini
descrilied lnnds:
Commencinu at n post planted In ohalni cut
und 120 chains aouth from the southwest corner uf
lot 1788, Coast District, RankaB, tlience nuth M
chalna, thenee cast 40 chains, thenee north Hi
chains, Ihence WMt 40 chains more or leu to thf
point  Of   commencement,  oontalnlng  Bl   .,���.,.
mora or less.
Mils. JOHN (Lottie) CORLEY
Data Mar. 80,19U
Pub. Apr. 4. litll
Skeena Land District���Diatrict of Coast [Uttgi I
Takv nutlet- that Mary Hell lleaton of Vainruu
ver, B, C��, occuj>ation spinater, int end h to upply
fur rK>rmiaaion to purchaaa tho lulluwing deeenM
Commencing at a poat planted ut the north
eant corner of Ix>t 3980, thencu uboul 80 cluina
north to l.ot i;-__:\, thence 80 chaina west t- |��t
;iyS2, thence alwut 30 chuina aouth to U>t S9IL
theiHM 10 chaina eaat, thunco 20 chains nuth t<i
1 i-i 6S'J. thence 20 chaina eaat, thencu 2D chains
north, thenco 20 chaina eaat to point of coin*
mencement: containing 2^0 ucres more or leva
Tout ma>ked M. It. 11., S.K. Corner.
Dated Keb 14. WH.       MARV BBLL BEATON
ub. March 4
mtalnfng 640 acres.
Date Feb, 3, WIL
Pub. Mnr. 10.
Joseph Holway, A vent
Take notice that (iito. H. Laux of Pri&U lluivrt.
It. C, occupation barlK-r, intends to ap,,'. [,,f
i>ermission lo purchaw the following dc*crihe-i
Commencing  ut   a  poat   planted  about men
milen went  and one mile aouth from the m<uih
of Stanly   Creek, Naden Harbor, tht-nn      r    -
chains,   thenci-   west   40  chains,   thence   DO
chains, thence east 40 chains.
Datad March 17, l'Jll. OBO, II  LAUX
Pub, April 22. Numa Drmer.-. .\��n:.
BtiUu Land DUtrict��� Di*trict of Cassiar
Take ooUce that Chriatian A, Tervo of stikine
B t'. oceupation euttom ofteer, intends to apply
for permhmon to purchase the lollowini; deeetwed
Commencing at a poet plantad almut 19 chains
north wwt ef v.* cuitomi warehoun at SUUae,
���     ���'.   " ���������*   20  chalna,   thence soutL   20
ehalni, thenu eaat 2" ebaina, tl.ence north 20
chains to point of commencement and containing
I I ler 1 more or leas.
Dated Keb. 18, 1911.
Pub A pri 7
S eonaLand Diatrict���Dlitrict of Coaat
Take notice that 1. Leslie K. Walter, of Vnneou-
ver, B.C., occupution proepector, intends tonp-
ply for permission tO purchase the followingdea-
.���m1,-1 lands:
Commencing at a poit planted and marked L.
K. W.'i s.K. comer uml Immodlately adjoining ..���,,��.,.
t mnrkul VV.A.'a N.W. corner; thence north 4<i Skwna l*and District-Diatrict of ( m I
chaini thence weat BO chains, thence south 10 Take notice that 1. J. II. McAutrhcy of 1'nr.c*
halna, thence enst BO chains, to point of com- , RuihtI, occupation miner, intends to nppl> f.*
mencement, oontalnlng 890 acrea, more or loaa.      .iiermission t���� purchaa* the following demiird
Dated 1st Feb., l'Jll Charlo 11. Allen. Auent       Commencing nt a post planteil at the southwnt
Pub. Fab. 85, corner Of (Ot 8849b thence ea��t 40 chains, thenre
south d chains,  thence west 40  chum*,  thenre
Skeenu Land Dlitrict���Dt��trlet of ijuivn Charlotte   north 6 chalna to point of commencement. cm-
Take   notice  that   Hubert   O.  Crew  ot   Prince   mining 10 acre;, more or lesa.
Rupert, B. C, occupation anmt, Intendi to apply   Date Keb. lft, it'll J. 11. UcAuGUEY
for permiaaion to purchase the luUowinR dertribwl   Pub. Feh 2.'.. WIL Andrew Kenncd>. Aurnt
Commencinu  at   a  post   planted   aliout   fi   1-2
niies ^^^st an.l hull u mile south of the mouth of
Stanley    Creek    where    i:    empties     into   Nnden
Harbor, Graham [aland, thenee east   |0 chains,
thence  norlh   P��  cliuins.  tht-nce west   to chains,
thence snuth to cliuins to point of commencement
and containing ICO acres mop- or less.
I'ub. April ". Numa Demers. Agant
Bkeena Land District-Dlatriel of Ca����iar
Tuke notiee thut 1 Holcom McDonald of Prinn1
Kupert. B.C tweupation ���*���   rer.   intends to ap
tdy for permission to purchase the followinK de*
���erlbed lnnds:
Commencing at 11 post planteil  thru and aa*
half miles in an easterly direction from the pdat
on Naas Uiver where the l.nvM Lake trail
and one  mile in a northerly direction ft
-aid   l.ava   Laka  tttitl,   tlience north   B
Skeona Land District  -District of Coast Itanjjo 5    thence  west  HO chains,  thenc** aouth ���*��� chain*.
lake  notice that   William   Franklin Carpenter    th.-ncc wi-t chains to point of OOOttenei    I
of Prince Rupert,  B, Ca, occupation ristaurant   oontalnlng640ucrea.
keeper, intend! to npply for permission to purchi
the following deacrilwl land  :
t'ommencinn nt a post planted at the south east
corner of surveyed Lot 1712, therce (*0 chains
south, thonc* about H**�� chains west to Lot 2t>56,
thenci* 2o chains north, thence 45 chains  west
Date K.-b. ;i. WU.
Pob. Mur. 10.
uolcom McDonald
Joseph Belway, \* ���
Bkaana Land District -Diatrict of Ooaot u*T.g* V
Tuke   nolice   that   Kdiih   Alice   CroatN-r '���!
thenee ibout 26 chalna north to Lot 8068. thenu   JJJ*.  V"rUshire   Knulund. occupation ���]
ibout SO chains east to south east corner Of Lot    !nS��*>__��. Wfr i* P?WW*0M **> l'""��*"' ���
1068, thence about 38 chaina north to Lot  1711,
thence alwut 55 chuina east to point of commence*
n:ent:   coi.tai1 ���.���:���; t^U acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 15, WH.
Pub March I.
Skeena Lund District     District ol (Jueen Charlotte
Take notici' that Qeorge \V. Arnott of Prince
Hupert. It. C, occupation real estate broker,
intends to apply for permiaaion to purchase the
following dueribed lan is:
Commencini at a post planted aboul seven
mile? and one-hall mila west and one mile south
from the mouth of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor.
thenci* west B0 chains, thenw south ht) chains,
thenci' eust so cliuins, thence north 60 chuins.
Dated March 17, 1911, GEO. \V. ARNOTT
Pub. April 22. Numa Demers. Agent
following descrilied landa:
Commencing at a posl planted at the nutt Ml
corner of surveyed lot Wji, Range i'i, Coul ''���'*
trict, ihence north along thi* easterly limit ���'. "r
said lot 35 chains more or itm to the MgtMf
limit of Lot 8988. itange A, cnaat dislrici. thetio
eust along Ihe southerly limit of tho last tin-ntiu ��d
lut GO chalna td a poinl, thence in n MM^J
erly direction 88 chaina parallel t�� thi
easterly limit of lot l\W\, Ihence in ��� *''���'���
erly direction GO chaina more or le** :���'
the point of commencement containing 810 acr*
mure or lea.
Dated March 8, WIL
Pub. March 86,
Skeena Land Dlatriel -Diatrict of Caasiar
Take  notiw that  1.  Perry Qneenan -.1   ft   ���
Ku(MTt,  ll. Ca, occupation pros(H>c(or. InU
apply   for   permission  to  purchase   the follu*i*4
BkeenaLand Dirtrlet���DUtrict ot Quun Charlotte deurii��l lands:
Mund- Commencing ai a [h��i planteil in the
Take notici- thut J. II. Murphy of Vuncouver, ��' QOOU Hav, alwui ihn"-*ight�� of a n. ���
II.  C, occupation  commercial  traveller,  intends of the mouth of lho  Itonanra Creek, ar.d liinf
to apply for perWiuiun to purchase the following on the easterlv  boundary  of Timber limit >"���
deaerlbed lands: -l->2M or No. ;t.VJMi. thence aouth 4U ch;i
Commencing  at   a   post   ; luntinl   ubout   seven the eu-terly limit of said Timber limit N
CHRISTIAN A. TLKVO j null* west  und one mile ^outh  from  the  moulh l" N,��- '���WM 40 chains, ihenw rut to the *'  ������
of Stanly Creak, Naden Harbor, thence north M> U00U Day, a distance of 40 chains mon-
chains,   thence   *.*t    lu   chuins,   ihence  south   SO thenci'   northerly   along   the   ihon1  of   (.<
I *
chains, thenu eut to c
Dated March 17, 181L
Pub. April 22.
Dance   Weekly   dai\ce   ever)
Saturday in the K.ofP. Hall 4-20m
...Whites Portland Cement...
S eena Land Dlltriet -District of Caaaiar
Taki notice that I. John McDonald of Prince
R ;;   rt, I- C., occ ipati n hotelkeeper, Intendi to
..;;... for permluton to purehau the following
li - nibed landa;
mmenclnff at a put planted three and one-
lluli an easterly direct! m from the point   ,,
��� Naai Rlvar where the Lava Lake trail  bejrina   for.
and one mile in a northerly d   eel the  Jf indr
ivaLe < trail, thai u aouth elahty chalna,
thenci wut ": chain*-, thencc north _v chaini,
��� *���'-' 90 chaini to point of commencement,
ntalnlni    ;   acrea,
Date Feb. .. | -n. JOHN Kl DONALD
Tub. March 10. Joaeph Balway, Agent
Numa Demers. Agent
Skeenu Land District- District of Const llun^e.\
Coaat District
Take notloe thai Wm. LerJIa of 8apparton, B.C
occupation Government Guard, intends to appl]
the following deeerlb>
40 chains more or leas, thenci* weaterly 40
mon or less to point of commencement, contairu*
KiO acres mote or lesa.
Duted Murch ;. 1911, I'KUKY QI'KLNVN
Tub. April T.
Phone 125      Naden Block       Second Ave
Skeena Lund  Diitrict     DiMrict of Coast
Take notlu that i.lenn McArthur of Vanoouver,
B, C., occupation real  eetab  aient bitendi to
appg  lor permission to purehau tbe following
dueribed lands:
Coma enei | at a post planted -10 chains wTst
and 10 chums south of the oouthweat corner of
l*it No. 1789 marked Glenn MeArthur'i north*
weit eomer, iher.ee south 10 chuins, thence eaat
90 chaina, thenu north to chains, ihence wut
SO chalu to poet ol eommeneement, containing
320 acree more or leu
Commencing at a put planted 40 ehalni ��,"t
and 120 chuins south of the west contei of lot No
1783,range ."��� coust district, marked Wm. Leslie
N.M   cotiier, thenee south 10 chains   theneo eust
W chalna, thence north 40 chalna, thanu weal NO
chaini to put of eommeneement, 00
acrei more or leaa.
T. D. Liihil. Atreut
Dated March 20th, 1911
I'ub. April 19th, 11M1
Bkeena Land District-District of Ce
Take n     ce that I Juaeph Itelway of V ll
B.C., oeoupation prospector. Intends to api'i
permluion to purchase the mlowini
Cummutclng at a poat plaatad two and
mllu In nn aaatariy direction from the 1
Ni..- liner   where  the  Ijiva   Lake  trail
thenu   WUt   K chains,   thence  BOUth   I*
mainimrX'o   thence eaat 90 ohaina, thenoe north 10
point   of  commencement, containing ��� I
more ui less.
Dote Keb  *. 1911 JOIBPB BKLWAl
Tub Mur. lo
Skwna Land Diatrict -District of Coglt
Take  notice that   Mra.  L.   C.   I'utnam   of St
Paul,    Minnesota,    occupation    married    woman
Intendi to upply for  permission to purchase the
1 follow ing described lunda:
I     Commeneing ill 1   post planled ut the aouthwent
eorner of Lot No. 1788 marked Mrs  LC, I'uinama    ,,
D^M��h.0.��n.      OLBNN M.ARTHUR VS^t S3S' th'^ SS 40 '&, SSS  2ft *����
lub. Aiaril lu. T. II. l.ninl, Ata-iii | nun Ii 10 rlioiian Iai pawl  nl a-aataaaaii*aia-a>aaa,<la(. run
liiiliinn H'-O acn*aa main* ur li*aiaa.
Duliil Mnn-li 20 lilll.      MUS   L. C. PUTNAM
Pub, April 15. Ut'o. H. I'utnam   Aui-n
^���"���a-taia ljanal ninlrlrt-Dietrlel of faua-l
M��    'll.a* iImi   |. William Anilar.a.ii td __*
" iver, iu*. oeenpathm elark, Intandi
la.r |.i i iin..���,tl |��� pimahaM* Iha" fiilluwiii.*
i*il Inn.N;
Caammandnt al  a|m.l plant.*.! nml mai
A. northaraal punier, ami alanut 1 mile from v * ���"
..Grand Hotel..
SprinK Ueiif, clean Whit, Sheet, 25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
nml $i:i.7."i payable October 30th, 1911
and |48.78 payable October 80th, 1!M2
will ucure a*itii.*r of thaw lota
Lota 18-11 Block 8        Section 7
We are agenta for tho nlil reliable
Phoenix, Liverpool ami London ami
Globe and Uritisii America Kin- Insurance Companies,
Socond Ave.. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Coast  Kan^e  a Land  Dlltriet
Take   notice   that   1,   John   Hepburn   ol    Kit-
'��� sumkalum,   occupation   fanner,   intend   to   apply
(or permission to purchase the (ollownn dMOrlooq
CommencinK nt a poal planted at the QOTtheail
corner of Lot 8888, thence out 80 chains, thenca
south   1U chains,  thence  wort  80 chans,  thence
BOfth 10 chains to place ol commencement.
Hated March 18, lyil. JOHN  HEPBURN
I'ub April 15.
Skeona Land District���District of Coast Rang* &
Take notice that .Alexander lleaton of Vancouver, B. C, occupation carpenter, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted St) chainn south
Irom tht wuth wost corner of Lot ;)0t��n. post
marked A. B.. N. \V. Corner, thence 80 chains
aouth, thence 10 chains east, thence 110 chuina
north, thence 80 chains mat to point of commencement: containinK -W* acres, niorr or less.
Dated Feh. 18, 1811. ALU SAN DKIt BBATON
I'ub. March 4.
Skeena Laml Divtriet- Dlltrlol of faa(<inr
Take notice that I Arthur James Welsh of Vnn-
couvor, occupation broker, intends to apply for
permission   t��> lunvhnse  tho   Mlowimv OMOrllwd
Commonclnit at a pool planted ihree nnd ono-
half miles in an Oltatorlv tllroctlon from the   point
onNnaeRlvoi when- tho Lavn Lake trail com*
men.es near lhe trail, then list   olffhtjf   ehnins,
ihenee muth Nfl chnins,   theneo   west   Sil   ehuins.
thence north RQ chiuns to point of eommenceuietil
mn taint ns 040 acres moro or less
Dnto Peb.8, lull        ARTHUR JAMK8 WELCH
Pttb, Mnr. IU JoBOph Holway. Auent
wuth -i chalna, thence mat HO chain*
north H)chalna, thence west *** chain?, top.-in: -l
eommeneement, containinK W acres m ������
I��at��i| i��t feb. iiin Charlea B. Surk. A����l
Pub, I'eb. U,
Bket i :i Land District     Di-trict of Queer, I hi       '
lake notice that  Prank  Levick of Wot
'    t.   occupation   bookkeeper,   intenda   1"
Queon Charlotte lalamla Und District -District of   lan��!rmW��" l�� **�����*��� '^OWtel *
Tiika* naitica* lhait I, Jnlin Md/tiil nt VinOOUVar,
opcu|iatinn brokvr, iiita*inl tai apply Inr parmlailon
in proapeet fur ooaj ine petrolattni on tin* iiaiioaainK
ilfurrilit'il landai
Conunonetni ni �� pool plianii'ai nboul two unl.:
wa-aii ut tha* mouth ail tha* Tl-cl Rlvar uinl markad
J . Mcl..    N. W. I'lirniT, -
.    aa.-       nn    ..  7.       ' ���-''a'l'IIIII,K "I** IIIT.
i*r. Nil. *JII, tha'lira* *.iilllli Ml |im���| Marrli I" lilll
clilliliH. Illa'iioi* a*ia��l tail clillinii, llirni*,. ra.art)a Ml l'���|, l���rii ; ' '
cliialim, tlia'iica* wa*Hl   HI) clmiHH to pnlnt  nf com*
monoomonti oontalnlng 640 ,ereo, mora ur loaa
Datad Ka*h. 11, mil .Inns MoLEOD
I-uli. l*'a*b. 211. ci.it. iii-.- MeOowall, Agant
. pa��t  pl.nii**!  iboul  ������ ',
min*.�� iai*.! nml i������ m||��� ,���^,h ol tha mo
f "'!'''>���   ''f��-k   ��lii-raa   It   rna|.li.-     MM   N ' '"
1 nil. ar. liriiliana l.lanat, ttiancai 80 Chalna -��':;*
'"���'' ��p ehalm PMt. ,_mcr go rtalw
ilii'in*.* mi cliain. wm t��� ppint ���( commi-niTi'a*"1
niiil epntanlng 840 aoraa mora or 1
Numa Ua-iiirr-   **
Bkeona Und Dlitriot   Dlltrlol iir(%iiiiai
Tiika*  notico  tinn   I, Moxnndor  Buohan, nf
Vimi-miaur. B.C.,  iii'i'iiiiiitiian butdior. ilitumlH tn
apply for ttormlaalon t" purohaao   tollowtng
lli'aaa'llliiHl InmUl
Commoncing a poll plnntod nnd markad A.lf��
B.B. cornor, nnd adjoining ptnta mnrkadj M.'i
N.I*-.. nii'iiiT nml r lt,'n s.l-',. cornori thonoo woat
su 1-iiiiinn. tlii'iu'ia north go chnina, thoni niat wi
i-liiaiiiH. thanca aouth BOohnlna i.. iiaiim aaf oom>
mtMira'iiu'ni, containing (140 aoron moro aar u<hh
Dntodlat Kab.,1911       tMiiirl��� ll   Alla
rub. Fab. Ufa
QutanCharlottaIilandiLand Dtitrtel -Diatrict
Tillaa* liulia*a* tlnat 1, John Mi'l i*,i,| ���( Viam*uiia,'r
OMUpgllon laraalaa*r. Intond Iii apply |���r Mrmllalon'
to prnpool lair emil nml potroloum aa��� ,i���. |, ii0wino
ili'scriliuil IiiihIh:
Commandng m �� paaat plantad aboul u.���
mtlea aoutl! and two inHa* noat ol tin mouth uf
ilu* tl-ol KiviT. Oraham laland, and markaS
J. Mcl..  N. w. Cornor, No. ;u. u,,.,,,,'.,//,!,''
cliiiiliM,   tlii'tia'a*   1*10*1   Ml   cliniii:*,   Ihonci    horth   ^a
rliniii��, thonea aa(*��t BO ehaina t.. t.,,,,Lt ���( ru'
monoomonti eonUuftlng 840 aeroi nai.
Dated Fob. Sl, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Clarance McDowoll, Agont
Bkoi nn Und Dintrict-Dintrict of Co��'t
Tike notica thnt 1.1'otcrKoiil. ofVgno   ��
' ������ ."i-a-iiinatim  ti*nm.ta*r.   intcnilt t** II
purchaae ilic faallaawinir daocrtoee
! lunda
l>tii*ni*ticinirnt a  luut  |il��ntnl ami m.irl"I''
,."'!��i oorner nnd linmrallatcly naljolnioK I*'"
 immHiatciy naljnini.-.
*_***"_*���>*���*'* N.B. corner and A.B.'a *\
ner, thoneo nnrth *m a*haln,. thence cant 40ch *
tlii-nro aouth **ni*hnln��. therce weat 4" ��� K '
point or  commencement ciantalnimr
mnroorlou l-KTKR REI"*
DatedI let Fab. 1911        Charlea H. Allen. Ag
I nn. Pob, 26.
I-ub. Fab, 14,
kgoni Und Di.iricl    Diatrict ot Co��"l lt��"l"' ^
IhI,,*   notin.   ,|,���,   (���(,���.���   |._   ,������,,   ���|   Ir-    i*
it 1HTI.   II.   f.,  ,Wii|iatlaan  aurveyor,  Inten.l' I''
35SSbitfi��3���ta*"' * >���"*- ,lw ,',""v,"
gi������ci,���i.���,..i,,*u:,aw ,������*,,,��� c,.:;rT:^;:!,",r!.iri^^r,>::
.i,*���;:i,;���,:n'S;,l,!:r:i!;,:l;;:;';,M1;;,i:,:l,r -I2Sl**-,,j�� ******* *��" ^
proapeol forooglgnd pmroloi
ili'icrilu'il lianiln:
Commanolng at a poal planted aboi
I'lTtn .aaainn
ntlii* following
wuth and two mllea w I the mouth ���l      "���"���"!
Rivor and murked J, M.I.. s. W   i  , , '   v ,   , '
!!:!:!":,: _*$!. .��.0.s?.��J?v, *���*��� ���l % ,hiin*
weal mi ehalni tc
Miming mo aoaa,
JOHN McI.ihid   n.rhT,m"i:'iL,8.:i"'��'<-^more'orii^.""^...l,
' MeDowin, Agant  NbJi/SS^f wu'      SoSSM r. OTTl.n
thenw miiiiiIi hd ehalni, th
pulnl   ul   I'niiimi'iiri'mi'iit;   ,
nuiri* nr lean
Auent | Dated Fab, U, Ull.
Pub, Fell. 24. t'liireiic,
���outhorly limit ���| lurvevad lo, 3991 md ii"* i,r,r
l��tn**. il.rii.1  iii ehlllU to a point, thence 100"
��� >���'**' I M ehllni mon Of Inaa to the ncrlhitl
ii mt i.| n Umber limit (No. tttM), thencc ��'*-'
',���,,, ,'t''"'.""."' *"* i" ��� I'"'"' i" <hi' m_S"C
���-.111,,. 1,     Oj    ,|���,    p���,���r|v    |iml(     _,    >ur>r!,,a|    V
l'1'"'  IB   it  nnrllaiTly  direction  alone '''
\mT,'n"\ "' ,,'�� tM *tm  and  along the HM
I'O cliain, niore or !,.., t��� point ot commcif- THE DAILY NEWS
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
Department Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock  in  Northern  B. C.
]**��m***t**^\j a t\frmt/^f$m*\f**J^/*ml\fmml\fmS_if*mS\/mfa
.-nU.rUnil Di.lain    Di-trict oll'aaaalar
Talc a.aalaee thai Christian A. Tcrtaa aal Slikine.
li C��� occuiiation euatoaa aatlica*r. bttand, to appl>
na purclnaaa* Ilia* fi'lliiaalln.' ila***cnliail
at   I   paant   |ilanta*tl   alaout   thra*0-
:*   i.aTlli i*a*i  (ruin lilarior Itiflk*
. I  l*ank nl Sllkltie Itiver anil ain the
��� .V ol the mouth of  a little creak, tlia-nc*
;-' chain.,  thence   mirth   IU chaian,  Ihence
...:   li* claari..  Ilielica* aaiuth   10 ciiaina lo  |ai|nt
rt cornmiLn-matit anil containing la tl taenia maara*
I    10. lilt.
IV-. Anil :.
a land In.i'irt     Di.trict nl inalat Itange ."a
lKa��ai��tira*1hatl Angu. lleaton ul rnoce ltti|M*rt,
I' I' . aaccu|aali.an tnilaa*r, intenda |ai ��|a{al>* lor |aaar-
I tn purchaae the pillowing ila*acnla*il landa:
(nanniencmi at a  ptaat   planteil  at   lho aoulh
*���    .-..-tarr ni l/u :p.ai7, thence 40 chain* taaa����t,
Ihena*.. In chaini aaauth, thenco alaout till chaini
aaat to 1*1. .*!��.> Lake, thence meandering aaid lake
alaaee In an northerly direction  lo point of caam-
n*nr.-mc.it;   mntaining 170 acrea. more aar leaaa,
'��t markcl A. |l��� N. Tl. Ci
Datld I.I,. II, |8|1.
I'. .March t.
a I -ami Dlatriel - Dlalrict of Caaal.
��� Mthhl 1. John Miller, aaf Vanaiaaivrr.
IpnUon  liutcher,  intenda to npply for
�� tn purehnae the following ileaerllH*al
< mina.' nl a |>naat plnnlail nlauait  I chiain
Mn li.la aanler al Iha* In-n.l of l.iiacamlie May. and
I M. . N.K.i-arn.T. thetn-eweat Mlehalna,
til ���*��� a haalna.  thencaa enat WI chalna,
Ul *���*��� **biaiiaai,  l>. pinnt of   cumnaenca*.
"ictil. **"tilainlnar '".to acrea nmn* or leaa.
*   'I l-eb . 1PII Churl... II. Stark. Auenl
I""  l-alk. 2b.
t"*.r l hulaalie lalamla Uml Dutrict -Dialrici ol
��� i  no thit I, John McLcoal ol Vancaiuver,
r..ker. ititen.l lo apply lor laermiaaion
lag cal ami petnaleum on Ihe laillamin*-,
���Tcan^ al a pa.��t planlail at llae moulh ol
��� r ami marka-al J.   Mcl.   S. I. I orner.
a.   north mi chaina. thenci! arnal  no
m   -..aal I,   Ml   chain,.   Ihenca*  ea.t   1*11
'���'   l��*int   ol    ra.innicncvniclil'    caanlaining
mora or !���-*,
'I. I'M. JtlllNMel.KDD
' '��� - I
Bkau�� land i'i-iTi.-i -htstrin nf Coaat Kan*- 5
Takr  iiuiici' ihul   tinny  Mitrartni>v of  Man
Kill- ;'. II. (\. i..-i-iip;itMin milHT, uili-rnU to Upply
(ur iMTiniNtitin to purchow tin- following <li*m-rihril
1 '..nnr.i-i-.ri'ii:   ut    H   1"    I    pluitllil   on   till'     nuili
-i.lt- nf Kxchumnlkn Itiver, ulumi '2 1-2 mil.- from
itu cnnilumri' with Ilu* Skn-na Kivt-r and nhout
l-l! mili<M Ml Irom Kxrhunuiikx rupidn, Ihenee 80
chaina ni��rih. Uu-nct- 40 rhaitut vtut, UMMi M
ehaina aouth. thentv  to clmina wmt to point ol
rotimirtuvriu-iit.    nml n'.iu_    .I'jn    urn*;    lnnr.-    or
liw.    I'tMt mi ri.. ,i ������||.M. S.W. cor."
I lain! April B, Mil.      lll-.NUY   MAC'AUTNKY
l*ub. April It,
Skivnn 1 ..n.i Dialrici     District of ('wut
Tak*  mitio*  thut   I,  William  John  Ceri#3   *'���
Trincr Uu|M>rt. tl. <*., occu|Mitton rancher. Intend
lo apoly (or |* mii-uui to purchaav the following
th-M-nU-l Unda:
Comnicncintt ut u |Mwt platilcil at thi- wiuthwt -t
ctirncr of l.ot HUGH, Kuu,. 5, Coaat Diatrict, thencv
oiilh 20 chaina, thence eaat 40 chalna, thence
north 20 chains, thence went 40 chains to potm
of commencement, containinK K0 acrea, more or
I ma.
Dated April h, 1911.    WILLIAM JOHN COBLEY
I'uli. April 20.
���MM |..in.| DUtrict    District of Coaat
Take  ii.itir.-  :hat   I,  William   Melville Corley
o(   Toronto,   Ontario,   occupation   clerk,   intend
to am��ly for |M>rml.��lon to purchase the followini;
dencrimil  lantls:
Commenctnit at a |ki*i tiUnt��*��l nt the northwmt
n ratf ��f I^>1 ION* Ha i�� T>, Coast District. tln-nrv
���Ml 00 chains, thence north 10 chains, thenw weat
2��l chains to Hell's Cate slouith, thence along
slough Miutherl> to |Miinl of commencement, containing Kit) mn * mure or leaa.
h.-. ��� April ti. lull.
Putt. April 20.
Skivna l-iii't District -DUlrict of Coast Uange '���>
'lakf notice that 1, Charlm A. Vaughan of
Prince KuiH-rt, II. C. occupation merchant, intend
to apply (or |M*rmla*i in to purchase lhe (ollowing
ih-r.iU I lands:
Commencing at a post I'lunti-d on the aouth
hunk nl Kachuniaika Kiver and nlwiut (our milm
(rom Its conlluenee with the Skivna Itiver, thenci*
mi chains east, thence MU chains north, thenee Ml
chains wnl, thence HO chaina south to point  of
Clarance McDowell, Agent
w��CI,*rlnti,. M.nds Und District -Diatrict nl
' "at I. J,,hn UtUod o( Vancouver,
"J mm, intenil lo apply lor iH-rmlssion
>* lor coal and 1*1 roleum on the follow!
��� ' i! at a |Hwt planted ahout two mdea
to miles west of the mouth of  the
ft*'jw and markeil   J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner,
rhlm   ' ,h*,,ir'' w,u��ti ��(i chains, thenco west KO
���   ".  ni^th  Ml  chaina   thence east  R0
ht�� rommencement; containing ��10
'���   �� lew.
Clarence McDowell, Agent
'����. hi. 2\
' Ijanal Diatrtct -Ilialrict of Cmi
���in*  tlmt   Hume  llahingtaan  aal   l-rince
��*' .. occiipaiinn maator mariner, inlenila
IW  |��*niiiv.ion   to  loaae  the  lollowing
Hi �� m a pia,i planteal nhout 1U0 chaina
���*   Indian  Reaim on the eaal aiile ,.(
'* i.ia tin* aaa.1 llaja ,,l the I'enin.ula tharm
' *l ehaina along aham- to the  Ki-aerve line,
' J cliain. tnaan* or leaa to tiaaaaae llav.
chaina   along  ahore,   thenee  eaal   till
1 more or leaa lb pmt', wntaYning'wT'acrw!
'"''March K, 1911.
'���    \pr,|  |-
I   .1
I XmS Un'L "'"'in -I'iatrlcl ol Coaat
'������I'ca* lhat  William  Munloral I     I'rincaa
1   .   uccupation   |irna|><clor.   intenrla
-". u,aaii,.||     [i|a.-tM alia,
'l***nil,,.| la'n,|v"'""''*,i"n   '" "**  '*"���   '"'""'"g
���'"It at 1 MM planteal iImiuI 100 chalna
'"   Indian lt,*��.,��e ������ ,ho 5m,i ,Wp n(
i ,i!"".1,."",."."' ,',,", "'''������ 0| "" poninaiiL,
"Hi  Ml chain,  almiK  ,!,���,,,,  *hrnr.  w���,
'" chan. "'*""'��� I'ay. thaanea* nnrlh along almn*
������  'a,!',',^���'!"*1 4" Ch"ln" �����**** ���******** t"
I 'aoiiiiiii.ijii acrea more nr li.��.
, J ��M{fjj ��. l'Jll.      WILLIAM MtlNKtlltl.
1  laml  Diatrict -lllatricl of Coaat
.   tt��W   that   (Mi,   J.   ���,�����,���   ,,,   ,.���������,
ii.,,,' '."".''"''"n prnataoclair, Inten.l. te
I- rnmaion to leaae tha following aleacrllia-al
*fm al a pn,, ���|��n,���l alaiut , ouarte,
1 ' " 'I '.'�� Ihe'^i f "ao""'' S* ,"""'���   "t  m"<">
" in*     I, *"' <'""",n ,",��n'1. ������"���nw- "aaulh  10
,,   '���'*������ aaat   ��i  chain.,  thence norlh 40
i i cr"���,T 2".ch"in" '" ",,int "lc��m-
'������inlalnlligaO acroa more or laaaa.
''���leal  'lit, u  . ,    ....     OTIS J.   I1KNSON
-!"h March, 1911
Dttad Apffl tl, IMI   CIIAItl.KS A. VAItillAN
rommeoclliR  at   a  |a..-a   planta*al  on  the aaiuth
nk aif the   ka.jiai.tn.il,.  Hiver  ami  ahout   four
caammenca*ment. caantnining tilO acn*a more or h*
II..I..I April'JI,
I'uh. April -".'.
Skeana laaml  Di-trirl     Dirtrict ot Canaat  Itange :.
Taka*  mil ica*  that   I,  Frank   llicka  aal   I'ort   Ka-
alnglon.   aa.a aapaiiiiin   merchant,   inla*nal   to   apply
faar |N*rmiaaiaan tti purchaaa* the Inlloaaing ileaacrihail
milea Irom ita eaintltienca* wtlh lhe Ska*cna Itiva-r,
lierc Ml ehaina aaai*l, Ihenca* Ml chaina nnrlh.
Ihenca- Ml ehiiioa a*a��t, Ihenca* amalh NO chnina
In imiiiiI of eaimtni*iia*a>menl, eonutatiog 010 acra*a
more or la*a��a.
Daleal April '21. 11.11. FRANK HICKS
I'uh. April 2'J.
Skeena Uinl Diatrict -Diatrict of Coaat llangn 5
Take notice thai Mary Maragnt liilli, of Victoria, It. C, occupalion houaekaa'iaer. intenda to
apply for |H*rmiaalon to purchaae tho (ollowing
dcacrilaeal landa:
Commencing at a poet planteal at tho north eaat
corner ol IajI ll'JH", thence 20 chaina weat, thence
20 chaini aouth. thonce 20 chaina woat to T. L
3268T, thence about hi) chalna norlh to Lakelae
lllver. thencaa meandering aaid river up stream in
a eouthoaaterly direction taa lakelae Ijake, thenca
meamla>ring aaid lake to point of commencement
containing  160 acrea, moro or loaa.
I'oat markeal M. M. 0., N. F;. Corner.
Dateal Keh. 14, l'Jll.
Ska na Land Dialrict-Diatrict ot Coaat llang   6
Taka notice thai  lienjamin   ItuaMl   "Ica ol
1'rlnea Unpen. 11. C, o.-cupalnm waiter, intemls
to apply for permiaaion tai purchaaa thai following
le rrit.a I   1 lU'l.
Commancing at a poat planum! 65 chalna eouth
from the aouth eaat corner of Lol :ln(i0, thenco 70
chalna weat, thence 65 chaini north, thonce 70
chaina eaat, thence H chaina aouth lo point U
commencement; containing 455 acros, more or
Poat markeal 11. R. R.. S. E. Cor.
.late.i i.i. ia, mn.
I'ub. March 4. BENJAMIN KU8SBL RIGfc
Skoena ljind Diatrict -Diitricl of Coait Itange 6
Take notico that Davl.l Mclennan ol i'rince
llupert, II. C, occupation clerl. Intemla to apply
lor laermiaaion to purchtaao tho following iloacrilaeal
Commencing at a poal planteal 40 chaina aouth
from the aoutl' woat corner of l,ol 91.4, tlience 40
chaina east, *'..<��� ice 40 chalna norlh, thonce 40
chaina wa-at, UienC" It) chains south to point of
commencement; containing Kill ncrea, more or
laass.   I'nstmaaked D. M. S. W. Cur ...
Daleal Feb. 1:1. Ull DAVID UgtalCNNAN
I'uh. March 4.
i a 1
Thia is a little section of the paper, which from day to ilay will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladlea of I'rince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in ila discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope la expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Will   Be  Popular  Dress   Items
This Season
Bells and sashes play an allim-
portanl part in dress tliis season,
and women arc paying much ai-
tention to them. The hi^h waisi
line is for tlie dme being accepted
as fashionable, Inn thai does nol
prevent the wearing of girdles and
s.isln-s. On the contrary, ii furnishes even greater opportunity
for so doing. The folded girdle
or belt of velvet, satin, or soft
fr,iish taffeta is extremely .smart,
and can be <>i medium width or
quite wide, it can be finished with
roscttc-s or with one soft knit end
and two long ends finished with
Black is used with every color,
but a shade deeper than the material of die gown is also in style,
and sometimes a charming effect
is obtained by several modes com
bincd. Then there are most ex-
iiuisile fancy ribbons thai are
made into girdles, belts and sashes,
and these are most effective with
the plain materials, serving as
trimming. The fashion is practical
and economical if there is r.o
foolish   extravagance   in   buying
loo many ribbons and at loo liilli
prices, for with a variety lo choose
from the one black or while
gown can be so changed as to do
duty for many different occasions.
Then the fresh girdle will quite
renovate a shabby old gown and
make il look like new.
pleasure. Any girl who wants to
have something out of the common
for a luncheon pari) or who wants
to make a very small gift, but one
that shows sonit* real work of her
own, can accomplish cither object
b)' making candied a range peel
Not by buying il at die confectioner's, where plenty of it is sold
but   by   doing   il   herself.    The
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Thuridays, 8.00 a in.
Mondays and Fridays at 8 a.m.
as. Prince Albert sails fnr I'ort Simpson, Naas River Points, Masset,
Niiilen Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.(1(1 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Bay, Skidegate, Queen
Charlotle City, Lookeport, Pa-
i-nli, Jedway, Ikeda Hay, Rose
Harbor ami return via Queen
Charlotta. City every Saturday,
1.00 p.m,
The  Grand Trunk Railway Syatem
S P O R T ]
"Hauling" Nelson and Eddie
Santry, each one-time holders of
championships in their class, have
been matched to meet in a six-
round contest before a Fond du
Lac Athletic Club on May 9.
Early ihis month Richard Arns
will meet Harry Pearce, of Australia, the former being the present
world's champion, who not long
age defeated William Webb, ex-
former champion. This race will
tiike place on the I'arainatla Kiver, where most of the big races held
in Australia take place.
Building  Material,    Cement,    Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pratted Brick
Shingles, Lialh, New Wellington Coul
See lis for Prices.
Phone No. 116
11 was the busy hour of four,
When from a cily hardware store
Emerged a gentleman who bore
1  hoe,
1 spade,
1 wheelbarrow.
From   ihence our  hero  promptly
Into a seed establishment
And  for  these  things his money
1   peck of bulbs,
1 job lot of shrubs,
1 quart of assorted seeds.
Ile has a garden under way
And if he's fairly lucky, say,
He'll have aboul the last of May
1 Bquash vine,
1 egg plant,
1  radish.
Washington Herald
candied orange peel  is made at I connecting with trains from the Paolfle
home and used while fresh is so far !'oast ope-ratM-* tm*Mnt "ml :��"V{*n
superior to that one can buy
ii.niiiiii.  Montreal, lajueDec,   iiainax, i *** ~_	
istnii, New York and Phlla- automobilists more careful whci
skin of an   delphiu.    Information  and  tickets  ob-  .i*.:,,,,     \\i,, ���,.,���,,,,, .r ,**, a- <trit-a*s
....,...,   ..    ,   tainable frumthi'nllic.'hereunder men-  (lmlnK-    W hen a mott.r . ar slllkis
Trans-Atlantic bookings by all ai pedestrian or a vehicle, lhe driver
of the car will be compelled to
lent service of liixurinus trains nvcr its
lhat   double  track  mute  between   Chicago,
i .       , *, ,, Toronto,   Montreal,  Quebec,   Halifax,
it seems like quite another Hung.       Portia',, Uost.m. New York and Phil*
11 can la- mada* ol ilu
...    .   ,,....   i...     i il i   tainable from the nllice liereuni
orange  that  has lieen  peeled  and   tjonL.(i
used   in   any   way.   Imi   rather   a  lines arranged.
smooth    skin    should    be   chosen'
aud it must be used before il becomes al all hard and dry.   The.
first  thing  to do is  to scrape off
with a knife as much as possible FAMOUS PRINCESS LINE.
'liunr No, 200 P, 0. Box ariMt
��� +++++ + +++++++ +++T + +++++ + +
i! w. j. McCutcheon
CarriM oompleti itook <>f I'tuku.  Spooltl
iittrntitiii paid tt> Ailing pri>tu-rl|)tl<infl.
The stiite of Illinois is framing ;; Theatre Block f.,.mK n���.7'.i Second Ave. I
up ;i rule whieh will tend lo make  <'  +
of the white inner skin. Keep on
scraping until the skin is quite
thin and thc hack shows the
yellow. Then cut the pieces of
.skin into strips one quarter of an
inch wide and from one and a half
to two inches long.
Now comes the cooking, which
Canadian Pacific Railway   *   B.C. Coast Steamship Service
Princess May
Northbound, May Sth
Southbound, May 12th
Triilli fur Winnippac uml Tun*n-
to la aa*. a- Vana*aiiiva-r at
���m^v '..a.m. .1.ul.
^^^ Imperial l.imila*il fur Clilcniraa.
Mnntrrial uml New York.   Ili*nt train n.'naiat Iha*
raatititu*iat, leavea VaneouiMf ainily nt ;i.4fa p.m.
is   (loiie   ill    the   lollowing   maimer:    earrii*ate*iiinplirtmi.nli.liiiaarvatlainc��r��. the tina*aat
| i*ar am any nmil lanywna'ra*
In a small saucepan full of water,
To mend an umbrella take a
small piece of black sticking plaster and soak it iii water until quite
soft. Place Ihis carefully under
the hole inside and lei dry.
dissolve three tablespoonfuls
of sugar and put in your strips of
orange peel. Boil them until the
w;iler boils away, leaving a thick
syrup. During the lat ler pari of
ihis process it must be carefully
watched and stirred to prevent
burning. Next take the peel from
the saucepan and roll il in powdered sugar; then pul the pieces on
plates to tlry, not piled up, but in
single layers. The orange peel iciest in the lirst or second day
after it is made and it must la-
used within ;i week or ii will grow
too hard. A dainty box filled
with ihis orange peel makes a very
attractive gift <>r, if one is sending
some rcall\ handsome box la silver one or an enamel or carved
one), an added pleasure will be
given by lilli ig it with candied
orange peel made by the giver.
Aata-nl fur all Atlantia* Sta>ntnahi|t lina*ia. Ticka-la*
tn ami from Kiiruppan paalnts.
J. G. McNab - General Agenl
leave his car with the victim even
shoultl the hit ler In- killed.
New York, May <i.���Franko
GiongO, ;iu I Uili.in runner, who
defeated the holder of the American
record for the Kit) metres by 80
yards, has decided to come to
America and has applied for ad-
ini>sion into the British-America
Athletic club, lie i.-. considered a
well-known and fast runner in
G. T. P. Tramfer Agenta
Ortlert promptly fill.-al.   1'rieca ra��a��nnable.
OFFICE- H. 11. Roehettir. Cantra. St.     I'hone 68.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Second aveiuc antl Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Robert \V. Brcnncn, a Colorado
cowboy of thirty veals' experience
started out lust week fr.mi Oklahoma City, Okla., in an attempt
to ride au Oklahoma mule Io New-
York in twenty-five days.
Tlu- marriage was quietly celebrated in Chris) Church on Satur
day morning of Mr. Horace Du
Vernet. son of Bishop Du Vernet
of Prince Rupert,and Mi��s Beatrice
Ibiitli of Toronto, who arrived
In the city from thc Kast on
Friday. The ceremony wns performed by Bishop Du Vernet,
assisted by Rev. C t". Owen. The
bride wore her travelling costume,
;t grey tailored suit, with a smart
Mack toque, and carried a lovely
shower bouqucl of bride's roses.
She w;is attended by Miss Seymour, who carred a sheaf of beautiful pink roses, and Mr. James
llarliicy was besl man.   After lhe
ceremony the couple drove to
the wharf and took (lie boat to
Victoria, from which point they
will  go   to   I'rince   Rupert,   where
ihey will make a short stay before
going   on   t'.   their   home   iu   the
I'pper Skeena District -Vancouver Province.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
Swift's Premium Hums nml Bacon with
Cowirhnn Km** Hoc, at
J. W. Williams -: Proprietor
I.aw-Rutler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 35t
of Itrilltala Caalunalila of II C Ontario, Su
nn-!  Maaaal.-l-1 I: ,i- i. tat a ha**A *an    ami   Al-
taa'rta Hart.
IUiutisTKiis, Notaries, Etc.
Oltlca*   Kx.-tinna.'.* block, nirnor Ttalnl ava-ttua* and
Sixth aatravl. I'rinra* ItillKTt. S
Mike Donlin is playing semi-
professional baseball around Brook-
Scout Billy Hamilton <>f the
Boston Nationals has picked up a
youngster named Neeley, a big
pitcher irom Memphis.
EBY   C&   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
Crown nnd Bridge Work n Specialty.
"Mysterious" Mitchell, the pitcher who created a furore in ilu-
San Francisco team lasl year until
he exploded, is said to be in Eugene,
Ore., coaching a Intel) league team.
He was certainly a wonder while
he lasted, but he did not last long
The Westholme Lumber Co.
Firtt Avenue Telephone 186
All a|,-til ail ..f.-a altlaa,. nkilfllll)' Imilral.     I*,.. Utt     l"||Ol|g|l .
local aattnatoa'tiria adtnlimta*n*al for Iha* pairala-aa* c--
traction of tavth. Cuat-ulutloh fa*a��e. oilira-a:
lla-lararwan lllaacla. Trlnca* Ruoaan. 11*11
Try Five.    Forget One if You
Few people seem lo know when
preparing dried peaches, that ihe
skins can be easily pea-led off if
the peaches are allowed to stand
in cold water for .several hours.
Milk is much better for wiping
off linoleum than water. _.,    ,,. ,      ���       ,,   ,
The Bishop Lame Back
Meat soaked in crude oil is said     Bisl>����P   DuVernet returned   to
lobe excellent bait for rodents.        the   cily   yesterday   from   Vancouver where  he weal   tc  attend
the marriage <>f his son.
Brought 350
Three   hu. tired   and   fifty   passengers came in yesterday on the
S. S. Prince Kupert.    This is the
If there are stains from machine largest number of passengers thai
oil oa ii white garment, rub the has come into the city on one boat
spots well  with
The   St.   Louis   Nationals   arc
HANnAWnF    A    HURT RC"inK  B  "ice colUvti""   "f   ,i,v
HANDASYDE   CB,   HURT ��� ^ of ^ gamef ^^ bem
\. i\i- i-ii mm MAriuNKRY        Iretuttlcss.
...ani��   0OHTSAOTOM   Jtrm.ll��... ________________
P.O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton       |),.,roj,  is ���mv   ,|u. ,m|y  nlaj���r
 -league team without a defeat, and
ritiNCK ri'I'KRt' Jennings is c-eyahiiig harder than
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgertion Blork
Every Tuesday Evening
All   memliera  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
II. MORTON. Secretary.
r. o. uox st
POm, UK WM.  IIIXiiS.  Ijaaj.. AK.A.M.'t.taN.. KNO.
Ala a   \1 M a H.A.,       \\   i   \\        .-.. I-  a . i   i   |.
llnrristers, Sailicitor.*, etc.
Prince Rupert. H.C
t cloth wet  in
ammonia lief*.re washing with soap,
and they will disappear,
Brass can be cleaned by being
moistened with kerosene, (hen rubbed with ii pasle of powdered chalk
and lemon juice, and polished wilh
A large consignment of freight
and mail Was also brought up, Incidentally a few Ruperl young
men returned with brides.
With  a   Little Care  You  Can
Make Your Own
SlaaTlaaa Ijaaaal Diitricl   llliatrlrt nf Cmaalnr
Taka* tiiiliaa* tlmt I llaiatli I), liilli" 01 Prima' lln-
|ia*rl. tH-ru,iaatiian laalmrar. Itatrliiln t'�� apply inr
prrrallMlura taa pltrrtaialaa. thp fullnwinK ala*��a*rilaa?al
Caiaaaraii'taa-intr tat n punt pliaaata*.! tliai'i* nml OM"
hialf mili'ia In aan anaala-rly ailrarlli'li frnm Hit' pnlnt
nn Naaia Ilia nr wlaa-ra* thp l.nvnljalii. trull laa'atlni"
nml una' tnllp In a nairthprly ilira*a*ti*in frnm tha*
a.ni.1   l.nvn  l.nlai* trnil, thnnrp north ��  'h''"'"* Olllilgl-   skills   (genelillly   COllsill-
llii'iii,-   nasi   HI clinillai. Ila- '" ���    SOUtll   WI   a-hnltaia *-��� W *
tl���*a,p.*wi*i.t Nil rhiain.ti, pnlnt nl.���..mili.*ni-.*niPiit. ' (.ri,(|   mlc-U.   useless)   tail   lie   USCll
riintniiiinir lain naTpta.
I.ntp Ka*h. H. 1911.
Pub. Mar. 10.
ShaJhS^AsSSIto two ways that wil1 8ive "Uldl
Back With a Wife
Mr. Horace DuVernet, son of
Bishop  DuVernet,  arrived from
Vancouver yesterday on the s. s.
I'rince Kuperi with his bride.   Mr.
DuVernet will leave shortly with
his   wife   for   Shandill.i,   Up   the
Skeena River, where he has some
farm   land.     An   account   of   the
wedding   appears  In   the  social
tearli you   of  prnpcrty-vnltn's
ull   that   ml nn.*��'-ni.i: can
ta*ncli you of tlesirahle places
to live.
Yuur interest in real estate
Hilvirli.��i.ment8 tnny In- ra--
���ponilbls for your seciiriiiK a
u belter home than yon rati
imagine ymi ran Hlfnnl ami
for your si-curing it manner
than you hml hopeil to ilo.
S. S. Hazelton Returned From
the North Yesterday
After   making   whal   might   be
considered a very remarkable trip'
for ibis time of the year the S. S.
I la/el ton,   nf    the   Hudson    Ba)
Company's  ilt-ei   returned   from.
Kitselas yesterday with abr-ul 20
IMSHcngers from ilv init-ri'tr.
She left here on Sunday morning
a ul   soon  overtook  all   lhe other,
boats but om- ami ihat wan the
(rperator which left here eight days
ago in company with the Con-I
veyor.   She hud only lefl Kitselas
for 11.1/el ton .111  hoar ar.d  a  hull
In-fore   lhe  lluircltoii  got   lo   Kil-
M-las on Wednesday morning.  She
arrived back here yesterday .iii.-r-
nOOfl and will leave again for the
Skeena tonight
The Skeena Kiver is rising fast,
say members ��>f the ere* of the
ll.i/clion.    Good  si/til chunk* of
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinils of help, cooks,
waiters, ilishwashers, hotel porters, all kinils of lahorers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178
or rail at the
Grand Hotel Ffm  Employment  Office
Kuaiilquarters faar rooks * waiters
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: N-wspapers
ice are coming tlowa lhc river but   rini ��... n.��, m,ii,,.i-
will       ��<K*n       be    gone. The
mmii he gone,
arrival of the boats to |viiji(s
along lhe river was welcomed iis
the people there were running
very short of supplies, ������specially
fresh iut-.il. Things all along ih.-
route, iire \,tn ining.    S> great  is' ��
the rush io ilu- interior th.it all Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
reservations wen- booted on the!     p. o. Box 907       Phone 282
I Hatelton several days ago.
Forwnriling,   tiistrihuting  and
Shipping  Agents.
Storage of Rnegage ami Household Goods a Specialty.
. m~.      mm.     ���* ���* ��� ���        K    ^   m     ���m. t�� t I     I     1     ft    ��� �� ��� ^ (��� m    .
_, __    .^^,.,���.^'    Mr. P. Mullen, late head bar   ���
THE   IROQUOIS    keeper of the Royal  Hotel,   bus | BOWLING, "
p/-\|^i Saccel)tci*,l similar positinn at the
Jiawiah belw��y, Agaant
Central Hotel (Mr. Peter Black).
English and American Milliards Pete will be pleased to have all
l'antorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4 | Twelve Tables Skcond Ave. I his old friends call on him there.
I BOWLING, B:^o"oD,s
S        4 aup>*. 7Thfclm    A tt*nn\ nw>        j
M dw.    A clean Iporti    I.nili*'" tl 91 v *
M UltniOdfl.     Nrwman  Hlork.  lie- 1
h Vwp*t> t'.th anil 7th Mt*. |
ft tkii MoRiustts.     PNprtftaf nntl Mnnftpf-r j
jamm THE   DAILY    N E WJS
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared to answer il
The occasion may ba what
it will; it is ami* duty to ba
ready to supply you,  and we
t'llll llll it too.
With pleasure to you because nt' the size nf display;
with profit to you because of
our ability to sell close.
When the jjift question pre.
senls Itself let Ui show you
how easily wa* can match yuur
Heintzman Pianos
FOR BENEFIT    Classified
OF SETTLERS ^iassinea
Iflod advertisement columns.
One of tlu- best servii'i'.s the modern newspaper gives the public is in cm "���'      , 0thera meet 1'" corn-
There buyer and seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant, ana ���)"���{.". wm rsduce "
mun Kt-ound.    To put this modern convenience in reach iii everyone ine ". -��� *<* cents.
rate to  a nominal price of a cent a word per Insertion,   Mln
will throw lighl on agriculture and
horticulture will be sought for.
Particular attention will 1"- piii.l
in water supplies.
The trip will nol be without its
dangers, The young men will
In- .iiuin* .unl will have t" irust
lur iheir supplies to tin* Hudson
Ba) outposts, Each carries .1
well tested revolver and rifle.
Specially  Chosen
Mi. VV. I���. Scott, Dcput) Minister of Agriculture .it Victoria,
sent i" the Ontario Agricultural
College and asked Professor t reel-
man, the head of the institution, to
semi two of his best men on thc
errand and Messrs. Weir and
White were chosen.
Mr. Weir is from Ontario und
this is his first trip west. Mr.
Whin- is a native of New Westminster.
.^.. *K&-m	
A local representative is wanted
for a territory tributary to I'rince
Kupert to sell the hardy non-irri-
gated nursery stuck .grown by the
Oregon Nursery Company, tlra-n-
co, Oregon. Liberal terms. Party
must  ciime   well   recommended.
Oregon Nursery Company
Premier McBride Gives  Interview   at   Minneapolis
Conciliation Board Makes Important Announcement
Secret Meeting Aroused the
Opposition of the Men Everything in Future Will be
Done In Public.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Lethbridge, M.iy -1. As *i result
of the protest "I the miners die
conciliation board which h.is lieen
siitiiit; bell ind closed doors an-
nounccd   this   morning   dial   in
future   .ill    sessions   will    lie   held
openly, the public and representatives of the press being ;><I-
mittcd. ll at any timcit is deemed
necessary to return to the secret
method again, the board will sn
order. Witnesses wen- heard this
morning regarding dockage and
timber methods. The board will
12.1, to Fernie and hold its first
session in thiii place on Friday.
Sere  is our Classified  Advertising Column   for  today.
Lost and Found
News  will  reduce its
n chum
Watch   it   grow,
FOUND-A 11111111 Bum of ley on Jnd Avomio.
Apply Mi'ltni'. ihosraakor, Fulton St.      '���'�����""
For Rent
Queen Clmrlotte Mandi Und Dlstrlot-Dlsttlot ol
^ Skii'iui , ,.
Tuke notleethrt.l, John McUod.ol Vancouvor
N ia*.* furnlahed
Rooming Hull
occupaUon hroker, Intend to.apply tor van
imi fur rent    Apply I11"''1   wi"".-!1
ml Ana. near McBride
Mny ::-liiiu
11.mm* wiili I raximia and bath, aewer con twji
alio i rooma furnlahed.   Dunsmulr, t�� twn "   "
and 7th Ave,   Apply on premlaea,   Butler. no-
Front oilia*L*B in Alalei* Ula���*k.   Apply W.J. Aider.
Help Wanted
Wanted���A liny tor delivering Btocei
Uuaaallem & Cn.. sth Am*.
rim.   Appl)
Says People of B.C. are Satisfied    METHODIST CONFERENCE
with Conditions as They Are 	
and   See   no   Reasons   for   a  This   Morning's   Business   Un-
Change. eventful.    Vote not Taken
I  PIT   lllallllll.
p��i iai'r'n'iiVi and petroleumori thefollowing
;i'^:!:;;;',';'::;!*,i ��*r*m!fffiS
���outh ad the IM Rivet and marked John Mela.
��0 Comer! No. at, thenee aauth mi ehaina,
thonce wi i 80 ohalni thenee north BO
thoneo coal 80 ehalni to polnl ol common
containing 840 aciye, nmn* ur H"-,niru .,_,.,,...
n*iiaii Feb 22, 1'J I. JOHN Mcl.l'.iui
l*,,l,. i'.'i,,247 l���.a|i,a K. WuliiT, Am*m
iluaH'n Charlotte talandi Land Diatriet -District ol
Take notica that I, John Mi*l d "I Vanoouver,
ocoupaUon broker, Intend to apply t��r permliilon
t0 ,���,,.[ i inr t'liiai ami petroloum mi tin* lollowing
.la- cribod landi: .,
Commeneini ut u poll limited nliimi Bve miles
nurlli  uml  um* mil"  wawt  ul  thai  iniauth  o   ll
SI n�� Lund Di.trlet-DI.Ulot of Oo��JJ	
rlbod landn , ���*miW,\ m ehalni
a**.* ,.,,..,i ., uaasi laiiinii'i i" ' - ;
.I...I...,    I   ..a  aiaaj.|    III l IIIUII" aaa 	
iont, containing 880 aor
ohalni, thenco won i
Dutai Mar. 80,1811
Pub. Apr, I. 1811
the following dMcrltod
ll  Ci
to, permiaaion to purehaae
"Smeneln. al  �� Dl-ntod at u
. .     aa*     . l|      I    Ol      8880,     I til' ll��>    UUlUI      8
"Ml ",r"    :',    '  ., :.,. mi ohalni weat t> '���"'
i    .a    I     'a    tlli'lll*!'   DU  C*aaiiiil*   .m.   *      ���-������
Slu'i'iiu Lniiil Dstrict -Diatrict u[ im,.. ���.*,   ,
Tuku niiilct- ihul liiinrnu Frlnol ,i i,"l,��
Rupert, Ba O.i oooupatlon butehor, Intendit '"*���
lur nornlBlon ti�� purehaiM the following daHalul
ltiiuls: '   ucn'".**i
Cninina'iit'lnK at  n  tiaiat  planted about
mllee worn and two mllea nuth ni tho n_\JS**\
Stanley Creak whura it emptin   ,,���,, r',<*
Uarluir, liraham laland, thenee ,**u __.i. "''.'n
thanee 80 chaina wm, thenoo 80 chsin. 55!"
thenoe 80 ehana .mat t.i point ol ,:::,,'"'"*���
anil a-nlllainililt 640 ncrea tiiurii nrleats ',,lt
liali.il Murch 17, lull (IKllltiib; |.*|iij��b,,
1-uli. April 7. Numa DeilS^^j
... oaati thenoe
iliiuina   III i'Iii. aal, uu'iia-a* .�� -  ���
t ��v in.* en 20 ohalni oaat, thenoa SO
lurili  thencc 80 ehalni eaat to i it pi
'"������.���,! .  i Inln|880����eimoreorre
ii ohalni aouth t
HI cliulna
I  cinii-
ii aeree n ireirfeei
Boy Wanted.  Apply at Optlmlet Oflice,      84-tl
Ciada���At Ivca Hotel, Uaaaett Graham  Island.   ���,	
Aiinlv Chief Bteward, Prince   n.,.| uj,,.r ,���ul marked J. McL., N. Iv l er
������"���'���'" Nu   21, thencc suuth 80 chnina,   thence wmt 80
chaini, tnence nunli 80 chalna, thenoe eait
Houses Wanted
HOUSES WANTED-Kiirtii-lml or iiiil'iiriu-li-
ail. 2 to ii mama. If location and Price roll
mi' I will rent them ms-.ll' ami pay f��->"< "" ���l'"
vanee, nu wnitinir, no II .linai. Phone me today.
Black 58-Unole Jerry. ���'-���"
WANTED-Thrw. four or ��v. room houio, f..r*
uisheil.   iii..al.Ji ia   cunveillinia a.,   eliisu  III.      I all
'phone Ul. 85-tf
Board Wanted
WANTED-ltiaim and l>��inl  In private family.
X.M.. Optlmlit Ollice. ii
Fire  Insurance
chaina'to point ol eommenoementi containing 610
aeree, more ur leas.  	
DaUdFeb.S6, 11)11. J.'UN MeLEOl
ul*. Feb. 2H. Clnra'iica* MclKnaell. Agont
Queen Charlotte lalanda Lanal Diatriet���Dlitrict oi
Take null*!* that I, Juhn Mi'I.ihiiI "I Vancouver,
occupation limker, inteml to apply lur permiaaion
tu proepecl fur cnal ami petroleum un the following
deecribed lamls:
Ciiinmeneini! ul a pnal |ilnnli'il ubout twu mill*
���outh ���'! the muuth ill the Tl-a*l ltiva*r anal miirki'al
J. Mel. S. E Curner. No. 81, thenee well B0
chalna, thenee north 80 ehaiiu, thenee eaal -i1
chaina, thence anuth Hii chaina tu polnl n' commencement; oontalnlng 640 acree, mure nr leea
I luteal l-'eli. 22, ISU, JlUIN Mcl.ElUI
I'uh. l'eh. 24. 1a*��IIi* E. Waller. Agent
QueeniCharlotte lalanda Land Dutrict - Dial rict u
Sko n t
Take liuli.'e that 1, Ju n McU* il ol V.i couver,
occupation broker, inten.l o apply lor pormiation
lu proh|u*ct lur c ul and pelrnle .tn u . ilia* lulluwini;
daeeribed lunda:
A.m MMaaamai   -*,    . ,v        Commencing at a p at planted about tour mu i
OtlK .SPECIAL! Y-Hr.* Inauimnce.    �� i    ���,,���,��� ,���d lw , ������|,.; W1.., o( ������. ������ul|, ���, the
aent eleven tatrunat Fin Iniuranee CompanlM.   .,.,.���,   Ujv���r aIld m.lrkl,il _   xlc.|.  N   ,.:   (���n���r.
We want yuur   bum,...     large  and  amalU   N    .,-,   ,|u.,1(V   mlll, s0 eJuUni ��� no weel HU
Let ua quote you raua.   [he Mack RralU and  ��.     |h|i|lc. _ma> M _h._m   lhi,.ir��� ,.,.,  w
Inaurunee Cumpany. cor .Ird Ave. and rullaan.st.   chal|w ,() p()| , ||( ,.������im������c,.,���,.,,t-    ontalnlng 640
THBBritiah Union and National I'ii.* Iniuranee  acrea, mor> or leaa. ,,,,.,,,,
Ouniinny nf Laandon.  Enarliati.l.   avith    ennitnl     late . I eh. 21, ihll. UN  ,\   l.l.uii
of ttBtftOOO.00.   Sw a* r.ir rate*.     The Mark   Pub he. 2D. Clurance McDowell, .Agent
ub. March *
,.,.,��� i Laml IfWriet -DUtrlol ot Queen Charlotte
,.,!���. notice that Qoo, H. Uu�� of Prlnoa Hupert,
1       ���,.;���,.,,, arbor, Intendi to apply to
���'  ,   ,, purehaae  the   oUowIng deaerlbed
|aena I-  ll
"i"*'.u,,i,���aiii*iii* al a poal plantod aboul eoven
chaini, iheno eail 10 ehaina.
Dated March 17, 1811
Pub. April 88,
mill  Ml
nnrlh   SU
Numa Demon, Auent
SI naUndDlatriet-DlatriotofOoaet.
Take  iiiuil. J II* MoAiiBhoy of Prinoa
Km , oceupation miner, Intenda to upiiiy lur
,���.,,���;...,������ ti purehaae the followina .i.*aerili��l
Commencing al a poal planted at tiia aouthwMt
corner of lot iS4��. llienei* ���*aal   I" "-liuilla.  llli'liea*
wuth 0 .���iiiiui-. thenca woat I" chain* thonea
nortli 0 chaini t.. point of commencement, containing 80 acrei moro or loaa. atinttaw
Date I*lb. i:.. mil , ���'��� ���'��� leAl QHB��
Puh. Pob.85.1911.         Andrew Kennedy. Aaient
Quean Charlotte lalanda Land Diitricl   diuhx
Bkaana '    l ol
Tuku notice Ihul 1, J. 11. McNab ul !���,���,���.
part, oooupatlon ganeral agent, Intend to J,>
tor iMTuiiiuiiuii to proonoot tor coat and    ���    '���
on tin' followini deeorlbed landai '  '������"''"
Cuiiinu'ltclng It a pnal plantod at thi n   li,
oorna' ol Baetion 8, Townahp 2 i.r.u ,,, i, l,
and  murked  J   ll.   McN.,  S.  K.  Com,        ',
weat 80 cliuiiw, thanoa north gu ci
east Ml ehaina, ihenee auutli mi ,a|���,     i.', a,,,","";
eiiuiuiena*a'niunt. ���*
Datod Murch H, 11)11.                    j. t;  um.-,
WlUoni ta^jjj
I'ult. Murch lir*.
Land Dlitrict-Diitrlctof CawUr
leo thtt 1 Botcom McDonald ��( Pnnw
occupation laborer, inten.l- to ap
wlon to purchaae tin- foltowtna d��
Rupert, B.C
pi) foi perm
���cribed landt.
Commcncintr at a poal planted U��roo and one-
half mlloi in .in eaaterly direction from the point
mNaaaRIvei where the Lava Lake trail Im^uih
mil one mile In �� northerly direction trom the
uid Lava Lake trail, thonco north ni chalna,
thence weit BO chalna, thenee wuth B0 chains,
ihence eail chaine tt�� point ��>f commoncement,
Him' 640aeru,
k.'fim Uml District    District uf t ,,,    i ,
Tuku milieu thut  Jack   Bedford o\  k,.,
Vurkshin1,   Knuhuul,  iiccuimtiun ovoi l..i,. ,T
1.-ii.i' to upply fur permbalon to py
followini aonnwd lumis:
fummuiiciiia ut u post plantutl ut u poim , ,,
usterly boundary ol timber limit usauu .,,.1 *
tlu< eoutheriy limit uf lut 8988, Kame 1 CaJ
District, wheru thu nuitl limits im*-i ,,     , ,    ;
uluiiK the iputherly limit of Im 8088 Ltticaij
und the projootlon uweol In an eaaterl
so chains nton or Um to the weetenj In. u 0|
umber limit UlifiUl, thonco iu u (touth.-rK diftitloi
���loni ti��' iiwt mentioned limit 11 chaim tun
ur \m to thu northerly limit of Umboi
thenoe In a westerly direct ion alone Van Im nuS
tloned limit mo chuins more ur Im tu ths euurii
limit uf timber limit 88888, thence in 1 nwtbvfi
direction  11 chuins moro or loss iu Um petal of
DaiudMarcli A. IUll. JACK HKUFUIU)
Fob. Murch -'������
Bloeu Kami Dintrict���District of Coul lUngrf
Tuke nutice thut 1, Clara May Utile ol IVir.ct
Rupert] B, C, occupation sphiMer, Intend to
upply ftir permiwiun to purcluw the f.-u, vuc*
deeorlbod lunds;
ConUMBMOl ut  a  ptMt  plunted  ut  th,' tiurtH
���si curner of IaiI 17J*'��, Range 5, Coul   1
thence eust 10 cliuins, thenct' north ^.'1 chtitu
thence WMt ill chuiti' Ihence north Z*J otuin.
thence west IU chuins, thence aouth licliiimto
point of commencement, cotuuinin,: 1)2 tt
more ur lesa.
Dated April -I, l'Jll.        CLARA MAY LITTLE
Fub. April 15.
Bkeena Und District Diatrict uf t'uiut IUd^I
Tuke notice lhat Kldon S. Detwiler d llerlie,
Ont," occupution doctor, Intttdl to apply for
iiermisMion to purchaae the lollowinK .Wnl*d
Commeneini at u poat plunteil ut tltv aoutb*
west curner of Ul 1U28, thencc oaat '.\*i chut*
more or leaa, thence aoutl- l.'i chaina inure or lea,
thence treat ilt> chuina nun or lesa, iliei.cv nonh
Realty und Insurance Company.
General Hardware
liuilileria" Ilimlwun-
Valvi-K &��� I'ipas      Oxfonl Stovt-a
Qranitewan      Tinwmrt
��������������������������������� ��� ���������*���*���*- .  ���
Olive 03
A Pure Olive Oil
i   Watch the Window
(Canadian Press Dispatch) |��� tin- First Methodist Church
Minneapolis,  May   I. -Premier[this morning under the presidence
McBride and party arrived hereLf  t|���.  Rev.  (;.  II.   Raley,   the
_ today  and   arc  conferring  with Methodist Conference was again
Great  N'ortliern officials on rail- j��� session, but  nothing eventful
��.i> matters in which railway the \n ,i���. Wliy ���f church business was
t province is interested.   "Asked re- transacted.    The   vote   on   the
* garding reciprocity  Prcimer  Mc- question ��f church union has yet
* Bride only would saj that he was ,��� i���. ,,;(<..���, ;i.u| ,|u. Conference
. expressing thcoverwhdmingsoiti- will sii until a late li.,ur tonight
I ment of thc people of the province ���, wind up the business in hand.
* that tin- people ��f British Colum-
* Ui,1 were quite saiisfuil with eco*
4 nomic   conditions   .1-   ih.-y   arc
"Wc red," In- said, '"Mir material R|ver   Still   Low   but   Rising
prosperity haa been advanced nn* Boats Making Progress
ilrr  i-xistiny  conditions  and   w.-
At 8 a.m. today the Skeena
weather report was cloudy and
warm. Water al I fool 7 inches
below /i-rii. rising.
Operator left Hazelton at 0.30
ani. coming down.
Conveyor left Mile 111 at (i.W
a.m. K">>'K "!'���
Distributor at Mile I l!)K<>in.u up
Omineca by Hardscrdbble at 8
Port Simpaon left Kitsumkalum
at *> a.m. K'.iiiK up river, an.l
Hazel nm in Kupert leaving iliis
Canadian Northern for Hav- af,,*,,,,,,,.! f���r up river.
can Bee no reason i"i a change."
Definite Statements to be Faced
by Hon. Mr. Oliver
Charges are That He Accepted
$50,000 and $19,300 From the
Situations Wanted
Quaan C ariotta Uandi Land Dhtrtet^Dtew'ci f
Sk r;.:i
Taka notloa thai I. John MeL od "f Vancouvor
orcuf-atio imikf'r, Intand u* appl f^r perm ��� on
ta prifepvci fur coal tnd potroloum oa ii��' f"ii wlni
daoer ������ >l lands:
Connnonetng il a past plantod four ml'oi south
aad two wi����t of thr m uth oi t ����� Tl-ol It it and
xpaiionood mun an.l wiraaacookand helpor   In.irk,,(1 j. McU8. B. Cornor, Mo. 16, thonoe n rth j
B I c am-, tlit'tir- WOri B0 rli.ntis, tn- ��v lOUth B0
e ains, l ence wutf   u ehal     t    point ��if com
m ii am itt: ���mitiuntntE M0 acr.-. more or !.��� -
liat.-tl Fob. S3, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. FW��i 25. ('lurunci' MeDowell) Agaat
Date l'��*l). ;t. 1911. BOLCOM McDONALD   i;, chninn moro or loaa to puint of ontntnonoonm
Pub Mar  10, Jooot'h Hilw;iv. A^i'iit   rontaininu 110 ncroe moro orloM.
Datud March ill, 1911     KLDON B. I'l.l'WU.KR
I'ub. April 13' John CtfflpbcO, Actet
Skeena Land Dlftriot���Dbtriol ol Coaat Kongo V
Taka   notice   thut   Kdiib   Alico  t'mwthor  of
ikM:.   Yurknhin.,  Knglatnl. uccupntmn npiiwtor. t      8kaMa Land Dtetrkt-lMatrlcl pi I .m.ar
���        -l Tako notu'i- that I Amhowl iiiihiih .-    1  Var.
A clansiiioii advartloament i* n tlraleii work
hunter-and eddon fail*.
in inininit ctunp or country hotel,   Apply  H. U
T�� Optimml. 95-9J
iiiti-tnl,-* to apply for jHTiniwion to purcha.se tl.e
foUowini deecribed lumU:
Commencini at a poal planteil m the south oa��t
corner of nirvayad lot B991, Kange .*). Coaat l>in>
trict, thenee north along the eaaterly limit of the
laid lot 86 ehaina moro or ]*���*���* U) the southerly
limit  of Lot8986. Kungo .\ cum diMhct. thonco
couver. H.t'.. iH-eopati��m  OOOlt,   Intendi   I
for pormiHhion to purchaso the following iIckhI^
cd landa;
Owntneneinjt at ��� poot plantott throe and dm
half mllee in an oantorly direction from the po
on Naai Itiver whore tho Lava l^ike trail bnnt.1
Sial llonl WO lOUtnorly limit of the last   nuntionod    near the trail, thonce we*l SdchaiPH. thotuv h.uiD
Boarders Wanted
Home GOOkod meals nml nicely furni.-hiil
for three pentontt. Awly Mri*. Jamet,
Bldk'.. ^fnl Av.-., botwe. D Bth ami i'th Sis.
Private Huard by the uerk or month. Hume
cuokiiiir n Kpociulty. Mi-- K. M. tileosnn. inl
Ave., betwen Tth ami Bth Sin., phone 171. >'.,-u"   j B"crila'.l I ndi
Commencini a; a p hi <lnnt o ni
ti   guccn Chailuttu lalar :n L ml Diftr.ct��� Dwnlct ol
tfj Skaena
Take notice ii.n- l, Jnhn .. L il of Van o'jver,
occupation broker intci.l to apply or permli on
t i pro peel or coal a >i pair l.>um on   m following
Money to Loan
A clnsvitio.1 advertisement will find you the money with which to pot your plan into effect.
t o r iniUi-
out!) and two mile ���������*��� i ol tl�� in mil f the
T.-��! Ki ver and markaJ J. M L \V, Co ner.
No. 86, thane   north    * chaim    bene   oai   -ii
chains,   Ihence M.UU1     H  c*. -,i   .      |    we.-t   B0
enalna o t> lnt of comtiietcement ��� ntaining   -10
,i ror*, more or I.-h .
I) ted F*b. 28, IU                   J I N M'l.l.nD
Pub. I eb* 86,              Curni .��� y t owell,   gent
Quen Charlotte lalandi Land District��� U.sirct of
Tak- notice that I, Jehn McLeod of Vun o Ver,
oecupatlon broker, intand to apply for pe ml don
to proepect for c al nnd petroleum on th   fol.owing
-a    ��� ��� I   dOHnU^l    itklnUl
.    .     t_  . , , C'omm-nri'ig   t a |hh>i "niit.il almut f ur milef
A clasiolie.1 aiherliwnent is a  roal estate sales-    south  and  two milt*  WO t  of tho tn .uth  of  tin
man.   .       doea  not often count  vnnuKh   "to   Tl-ol River at.d markvd J. Mcl,. N. \V. t
Real Estate
ing   Their   Manitoba   Landa
I M I't'tnret f)niggiit
PHONE    :    ;    ;    82
I B I'-r New  .M.Tnatf.-n.ent
Caimpla-lr    I li.mai*  of  f'riavraaaaamr
Latest Pictures   ���    Besl Music
(Cadauian Prcsg DUpatch Wm. B. Phillips of S. S. Prince
Ottawa,  M.i>   I     ll\  a nx.lu-i Rupert in Hospital
tion nf the Houae ii wat decided
tlii- morning to limil thc inquiry William It. Phillips, wireleM opinio thc charges against Hon. Lrator on the Prince Rupert, was
I rank (Uiver to i��..definite charg. removed to thc hospital this monies, vU.. thai he received fron thc |���g suffering fn.ni a serious attack
Canadian   Northern   Rallwaj   on Lf plcuri^r.   He is being attended
hv isions sums of 160,000 and ���, bj   Dr.  Reddie, and al i n
110.300 ... transfer for them an WM reported to bc doing aa well
exchange -i 000,000 acres ol M could lie expected,
���wamp land in Manitoba for 000,- His place on tho Ruperl will
000 acres of land in Saskatchewan, probably lit- taken temporarily
Ilu* landa were pari ol a aubsid) |,N Mr. j. K. Harkor ���f ,,���. DJgbj
"'"���l>  ' '"..ii..n granted idand Wireless station, who lias
fount'   in tho not ronult.
For Sale
. rniT.
No. 86, thonc .souih o chain . thon e B *i >u
chain:, thenee north s ebatu, thenee em B0
thaino to point < f commonc nv..t: co telntni 640
Hcn^, more or im-.
Dnted Fob. 28,1 11. JOHN M'LBOD
Pub, Feb. 85. Clara c   UoDoweU, Aitonl
tilawallna* Eniilno, It li..rna*-|Hiava'r.  cha*n|i.    Apply
aat Ki*a*la*y*. Drill? Slairaa. lul-lni
HnuM'hiilil Qoodft   Roan, to b, Itt.    Apply Hn.
Kvji'n, 7th Avo. ��nil '1'iayliir St. rarur Summit iB
Nica* littla' h.anioon brow ovaTlaankina.' hlirbor,cloH
in, unly !la*..'i.i|t*a*ah <7.Vi.   W.J./Mtr.      M-1M
Wa*ll liiailt 11 fmit riiwintr Imat.    Lnrka*r cnntaln-
inar full a*i|iii|itna>nt ra'tiHJaatitiK nf nm* l��iir .if
a*|iiKiiililiiili* aaiara*.  mn pair, HtiiH-nlaliailaa ariills. SktTiin Lianal Dittru'l -Dlltriet of Quaaon ChlUCtrolt
mn* |mir aaaah mam. Iwu tmiria rowlocks, 111:11.       Take notici' I liiit DalliiTim- Harmon, of Cialt'iaru
Naliaiia*a*al luv nail. foMlluranohor. 800 foot ropas, aAlborta,   nccupaliun   ai|iinsti*r,   intainila   to   ni'iplv,
Uu'klanaial. ruilili-r, taller anil yuka*.    Only laa.it Inr pormlarion to liurchaaa- Un* [oUowtna doaeribod
111 liiavn whia'h nwni-r can  una* avithnilt  lo.H aaf laniiaa:
litnia I.M.knu: fm-liiM.*,.ar air a-arryini,'il friain li^       CommMldni  al   a   pnal   planted   nliiinl   li   1*2
hnllM*.    l.nvii'Wat Johnson', Hunt llaauvia, |{ay| mil.���- ansl anil hall a mill- miiiiIi frnm tl.a* moulli
C*ra*a*k. I*. O. Ita-v :������. 1*7-1 f "I Maiali'V  I'n'.ak.  \\taa-ra*  11   i-mpin..   Into   Nadan
 _______���_____ Harbor, uraham (aland, tbonos 10 ohaina south
tln*liiv   III   rlaiuns   i*:,-t.   llirntv   III  rliain-   north.
i-\_-r*        ni       .     > tlai'inT in rliain   mal to polnl ol eonuMna nl
UltlCe    Wanted -anal raantuinmi; 1GI1 nrr.-s nia.n* .ap !.*>��.
  ] Kateil Marrli 17. 1911.
aa,    . , ��� .    _. ~   a. ���..     , CATHKBtNB HARRISON
\\ antral  tai hira*.  unall .pace In iilliri-.   Apply ti.   I'uli Alar. 7. Nutiua I >a>ma*na AkchI
P.O. Una TBT. m*,,a
Tenders  Wanted
li> ilu* ItiiiT.ii 1 iovemment.
The I a 1 iiim* Empire Made Generous  Donation   Yesterday
signalled below  d.r permiasion  t<>
till ilu- gap.
For Prevention
For   sterilizing   bandages   and
instruments a new apparatus has
Instead ol collecting an account
Adults 15c
Children 10c
been installed at the General llo>-
pital. The things arc put inside
ol lol.3U tl���* tmpire Publishing 0| a circular cistern and steam is
Company wrote to the Hospital turned on to a heat of 240 degrees
Board yestcrdaj aftentooi asking and after half an hour
ih.it ilu* monc) In- i.I.ki-iI towards
a     ���   ��� ,     .
���i   subscription   to   tin-  hospital
fund rn 1100.   The balance of ilu-
>inii wrote Mr   s.  m. Newton,
Will    In*   SCnl    Oil     tl    a���iai     In    t|1(.
" rctary    \ hearty votool thanks
���it  once registered  (<>r  Mr
The Board decided to pa) Con-
[tractor Hicks the balance oi the
pnceol Ms contract .,,, io within
cvorj germ
wilhin that cistern is as dead as a
doornail,  Thc steriliser cosl 1260.
Bkaana Laml lii.trict   Dbtrlsl ol Cnaat Han*;.* '.,
Taks notin lhat OfornUvhkol Prinos Unpen
ii. ' . oooupatlon clerk.    i,.t ii.i.   t��� apply f���r
j nairmiiainiin   In  pnnliaae  the   liil|,mi,,u  ,| ..i*r,,���.,|
Tandsrs will bo r Ivad by tha undarttoied up   , Commondni tl  a i   piann��l  nn shors nl
in Miimliiy.Miiy Mli.ia.i thr aaxa'aaatiaaii nf ii pari   Uwewa Lako about 60 chain, north aut Iromoullsl
of tin school grounds and for laylnc plank on tha  "' """l ttm [LsMso liner, thsnos to ehalni
���aa.ne.   Planaandsi ifluatlona may In* Men at   nonli. thenes ah mi  oo ohalni east   tai  lakiUe
lli'j City KiiKiiiecrV Ollice. Ijako.tlienrc ineaniloMiii* milil laka* -.liiiro in ii   rs -
0. II.8AWI.K. srlyilire.-tinn to point "I eumtnancainanl
s.-.j Bcheol itiainai
S. O. E. B. S.
Tba Prinot Ruparl Ledn, N��. 8U, Soni -��r
Kn��tUtlW, motU tht flnt nml third Tuetdiyi In
each month in tha OnrpWtffTI Hull. It B p.m.
F. V. CLARK, Spc.
P, O. Bom nil!. Prince Rupert
taming ^u uth, mnre <>r lam,   Pari matkad Q. L
p,?!e\,'���v!'*iyn-        okorob i.KVKK
ruti. March 4.
Bkaana Land DUtrlol -pUrta ol Coaat Ranti 3
Take nuiim that William Franklin Carpenter
of PrineeJtaMt, D, 0., occupntion reetaurant
kiN.p..r mtendi to app y for permWon to punhaaa
the followine deeerlbad land i
( ommencinK ��t a poat pluntwl at tho eOttth east
corner Ol surveyed Lot WU, thenre HQ cliuini
south, thonce ahout BB chains west to Lot 2056
thence 20 chains north, thenco IB chains west
thenco about '-'.. chaina nurth tu Im B068, thonco
about 80 il.ai.is out to nuth eaal corner of Lot
���lUtiaK, thonco nhout SB chains north to Lot 1711
thenco about 65 chains east to point of commoncemont: conta.ni.it: 480 acros, more or lew.
Dated Feh. ir., iyn. ���*
Pub. March I
lot   till  chains  tn   a   poinl,    thenc*' it)    a wiuth-
eriv direction BB chains parallel to the saitl
eaaterly hunt ol lol BBOI, thonc*' in w wait"
erly direct mn tit! chains mon1 or lens to
the point nf commencement containing 810 BOrai
mop- or leas.
Hated Murch 8, 1**11.
Puh. March -."��.
Skeona Land District-District nf Ciuwiar
halna. theooa aaat 80 ohaina, thenee north ���
chains to point nf eommonoemenl, f.iiitainlnit <4>
Date Feh. :i. 1914. ANDREW CUHU1N0I
Puh. Mar. III. Joseph Ittluny. Aitrtt
SiikitM' Und Dlitrict -Dlitrict o| Casuu
Tuko nuiice that Christian A. Tervo of MiKtt*
It C . occupation custonii oiiwr, lateadi te il fta
for jiorniUsUin iu purchumi tho followi.n: dr>criM
lomniencinu at m |MWt plnnted ibout  1 > dtfkl
Tak*-  notiee  ll'rtt   I,   Perry  Queenan  ol   Prince    nunh wot-t   of the cuslum'.  war<i���..
Kuihti, B. t'��� oeoupation proepeetor, intenil io  n. (���,_ thanoi wvst HO chains, theaee
apply  for permbalon  to purehaae tm follnwing   chains, thenco oast  20 chains, ihence nunh S>
chains In (mini uf commencement and cunialnirf
10 A\'t*- nmn- or ]*������*������*.
Dated Peb. 18, 1811.     CIIKISTI.VN A. TKRV0
Puh Atri 7
descrii+'l lati W.
Commencing al �� pool plunnvi in the vtdnlu
nf t,   h.i., ak'tit Uuoa-olghte o( a mile nuth
of the moutn ��'( tbe Bonanra Cnek, and being
on the eaaterly boundary ol Timber Until  Ne.
38881 or N>>  &528& thenci' south 10 chuins along
the euterly limit of laid Timber Llmll No. 86881
i r No. :;.'.;>0 U) chuins, thonce eaat lo ihe ihon ol
Qooaa Bay, ��� dietamw of 10 ehaim mon' or lew,
thence northerly along the inore of Qoeee Hay  ��i'id> for permission t�� purchase Un I
���to chains men- ��r leea. thenoi meter!)  io ehalni  deaerlbed landa:
more or U-- to point of couimi t.ci'ment, contuining
160 .lens mote or less.
Dated March 7, 1911. PERRY QUKENAN
Puh. April 7.
Bkaana Land District-Diitrict of *
Take notice that I. John McDonald ol Prtai
Rupert/ H.C. oeeupatlan botaOteeper,  ���
Commencing at a iM��t niani��tl three
li ut niiV������ in an easterly directt.-n fron
on Nans Itiver where the Lava Lake  tl
and one mile in a  northerly direction from th��
siud I. i\.i 1  ii.i' trail, thence south alahl
thanea WOal 80 chains,  thenee north U vhatm.
thenoe eaal 80 eluiini* tu point of eonn
containinK *��tO acrea. .,.
Data Feb. 8, i'.'ll. JOHN m- ihinaI.D
Puli. March 10. Joseph Helw.i>. AK��ot
Bkeena Land Ihstriet-Districl of Cassiar
Take notloe thai l Joaeph Belway of Vanoouver
B.C.I oooupatlon proepeetor, Intendi to apply for   ,
permluton lo purehaae tin- followinir descrihed
Commencing at a poet pUnted two and one-hulf Skoena Land District-District tf 0��i
mllee In an euterly direction from the point oo Take notice that Clenn McArthur <4 witeojiw.
Name River whore the Lava lake tr.iil begin*. H. *'-. oecupstion real  estate ngi-i-��
tbence west hi cbalna, theneo south Ki ohalni, apply for parmlaBWI to purchase th- Mlo*u>c
thence east sn ehains, thenw north fit chains to desorik-d lands:
point  of  commenoement, containing 040   acres t'ommoncng at a post planted 40 chain*
more OT less.
Date Feb. 8, mil
Puh. Mnr. 10
Skeona Land District-District of Coast
Take notloa that L William Andaraon, of Van.
couver,   H.C. iK'cupation  clerk. Intends to apply
for parmleelon to purchase the followini deeorlb.
itl lands:
Commencing at a posi planteil and markad W,
A. northweal corner, and about 1 mile from Ales.
an ler   lim-han   northern boundary llnej ihon.'.
Mlth   so  chains,   thenee en��t  Nl  rhain-    theni
.   iii.i mana ���������    -mm    m    -pm���m    -*,*-....--      .-
and .'���i. chains suuth uf tin* nouihvu
Lnt Stx  1T88 marked  tllenn Mc\rtl.urs n��ib-
west corner, thence south 40 chains, ther.ee *g
HO chains, thence nurth 40 chains, :
Ml chains tt) po*t o(  commencement, comunhg
:i-(i urn's more or less. -.������
Dated March 20, 1911.        OLENN McAKTIUR
Puh. April 15. T. D. Uinl. **���***-���
Coast Uange 5 Land District
Take   notice   lhal   1.   Juhn   Hepburn  ���<*   *f
siinikaliim,   occupatiun   farmer,   intend  W ��(Tj
for (HrmiMiiun tu purchase the (olloang Jerfni��
lumis: t
Commencing al a pont planted at lhe i""1""*;
��� ��������-�����������'"������-.<*.������."<*i:"i*jr��*.��rr,.,���.....iiri,.,. .,,:;;;;:Xi���i, !u5Sm*m ���;.. 3
lla.i.,1 Ki l*..l, loll i-k.  .   lit,    i    a 'i""1' I" chain, to place ol eomni.-nra*maill.
*      1. .k   .* ll.Mi.rk. AitliiI D.,���l March 1MUI1. JUHN IIKI'IHW
a un. ri n. .... ...   .    ,, ,.
Skccin Und liinirioi- plilrlrtotQuoon Chaflotl
I'hurliitlc I i.i. .;  Und Diatrict   Districl ol
Taka* nolica' Hint I. .Inhn Mcl^*nil nf Vancouver.
occupation lirokiT, inlainal to apply lor parmi sion
lo prna-i'. a for ciml ami petrolvum on the followini;
osserlbsd landai ..* k     .,     .     a-Tr"a!
Commencinii at a port planteal about two mile I ll.  c    Z-l-, ���' rSnSJSTH "'U""-""'"''
wra.1 of tin. mouih ol the Tl-el Itiver ian,l mark.sl   i,  aonly   ,   I   fi. '"' }***_*_"���  '""""I"
J. Mcl.    N. W. rorner, No. 29, thence aouth ill   aWihSl Inm"'" '" ""r'',1""" "'" '* winK
chnnm, llience ea��t Ml chain��,   thence  norlh  80 i     Commando, ll   n   i���.��i   	
2.i2L^,��J��.,^^��!W" to point o   com-   mil,, ..n-SZl 1",, ' f'H      '' , ��� "l'^  ,Z-_\
JOHN XlclTill.   "   S","l;''""'k* NriM lliarlior, Iheiiee',,, '"
JUI1.N MOLKUD   Chans,   thenee   WW    III elliiin
< laraance McDowell, Auent , cliuins, thsnn eut II) c    Ins
Daleil Marcl, 17, 1911, '      J.  ||.  MURPHY
Numn Demer.i, A|Ml
mencement;  containing fill) aci
Dateal l'eh. 21, l'Jll
Puli. Keh. 23.
arlh WI
llienei*  noulh   BO
Queen Charlotte lHlu.nlsI.nnal District���Diatrict
All   Smnrlitrauinna ;-n ,.na*rli.allar        Tske noiico tlnal I, John Mcl.eoil of Vancnuver,
a'H'.i     .ii   . .IK' I'D! (lially ; nccupalion broker, iiiiiml t��� apply (���r p,,rniis,jC)n
invited to attend a smoker to be
Kiven tonight, May 1, by the
Scandinavian Society, In the Car-
penter'i Union Hall.       98-99
.    a , ���'���     *���**     ~i'*'*J      **'*      I'.'l llll^-lllfll
lo pram* for cnal uinl petroleum on tho lollowina
ilescrllieil hanala: ���
Commencinii   nl   11   post   planted   about   two
",' Jf__*��Jt__* twc; l'"1��� ��i*l "I the moutli of
a'"aa' f* J"Y��r',.<""l",m ,"1'""1* *""! "narked
J. Mc.L. N. W. Cornar, No. 84, Ihence aouth HI)
chaina, thence eaal an ehaina, llienei. nonh B0
chalna, Ihence weal an clmina In point nl commencement; containin,: mil acrea, more or leaa
DalealI Keh. 22, lilll. JOHN M.LEOD
I'uli. ntUt*. Clarence McDuwell, Agsnt
mmennnil   at   a   m   pi.nte.1   al.aaii  ,k,���    a���       ���      ,                                *���*.....      a.a      I lie 1                                         lalamla                    -*.*.����� ...
er. "f �� ".ile n.n-ll, ....I  l,���m l.larle, Uuav   ""'��� I'l'-'l   L> Ir.li.i ;is   , ������._.        \f.          . ^**"* nartlea* lhat  t,J,,l   w    A ,  ���, """P1
,n.he..��.l   l.a.ak.al      aakll,..   Iliae,  ��n,|���n,,*.     ,,���.,.                                    .', '^  'l   "*"*���''         \\ III*          lU|,,l.     |,.     I',      ���.,",���'"          '''.'r " ^
i .i,ie tt tto mouth tt .mile r,.,,.,. lh.���, Uier or n.,i  vn \,     ������,  ,                   ��� im..���,i, ,��� .   ,-v ,   "n    "  '*si   "���;��''��� ''roker. dsserl
4(1 chain",  tl.eiai-   ....rtl,  40 rh.m..  ilii.nr,.   I...,.,.   ;       ,.        .             .'"   '"      ,r-IHihI ! Im "wina .leae,||���,| ,���"""'""m  ". purchsao the Cor
40 chsi,*..  llienei* anuth   10 Stems to point    "   "     ''I    "ll-    llllllli*.|i;M,.    iaitne,,    I          ', """"TMIn,   ��l   a   ���,���i    ���|.���,���i   ���,,   , '"'"I'
S-KehM0.ll.il.     ClUSTIAN  m.  It.llVt,    ,���   ,,,���,���...                                '"   *****l<\   fig ***** t&UiS' USg* _______ g*
gueen Charlotte Unda Land Dlalrict���Diatrict o
lake notice that I, John Mcl.ci.il nl Vancuuver
occupation hroker. Intend lo apply lor permiaaion
In prospect Inr cnal an.l pelroleum un Hie lollowini
���UhlnoUndlaiauict   In.tain ,^a-._i���        >UM1.
T.ke nolice il���, riaii,,,,,.  ���..���,,.,_, ,A ,'*
;^:=:';,%;:;:;^t:7.!:r,:\;;-& . J,,!w N,',���'������"'��� ���> young s(..lUl
H m__ lh- tm .,, \\ ,\.r: , l0 ������� *** UicPT'T0 eBSS**01" ,,h'rM'"
|J|S;' "IJ1",.""" '-"'.-��� W. Arnutt ol IT!
���..'."���i-aipatuin    real   ,���������.   Iiroker,    alea'eriliHJ lands:
Commencinii nt �� poll planled iilioul two mil
"i and two milea wat nl lhe moulh ol tlie Tl-el
of eommencemenl  and cnntslnm. Kill acrea mure   ,,���,,,.,), .,; " I i'��� ,r"" ""*,-h��ll nalli wiaaiilid" 'ImJ'm'i','   :','",'?   ,';'v,,r ","1 "'sfkeil J. McL, 8. W. Cornor. Mo, 8[
iST-i c,.,.,sT,ANA,n,iv��� ,��� [ZZ.    nl w,u Bttend fefl��3Ky'fc^-^,S SiaJJ&o^^vu^
1Mb. April 7. D.,H Hi* S'ftl?"" "Stth Hfi chain . '    &$  '��(.commencement
M'uh. April 22.    ' ""' .*.�����<����� W. AUNw. ,  wr ,
Clarence MclJowell, Auent
_   more or lew
I'uh. April 92,
.Skeenn Land Diatrict-l)���i,|,.t nf Cnaat llnnita* !..
,_ , , I'lUlat Ilialrict
Inken.it,,..* thai Win. Le. f s,��� rl���n, n,:.
occupotion Oov.rn nl Guard, Intandi to i Iv
,���'"���',',',','i" " '" l"lr,'l"1'"��� I'"- fullnwiliu ileai'rll,.
Com iiaani-iiur ill n ,���,��t p|������te,| 411 chnina weat
nnd un chains south of tho weat cornor of lot No
17W. rug. 6 cout district, marknl Win. Uslls
N.W. eaiiner. thenre anuth tu chnina. llience en.l
KU clinliia. thanco north 40 rhaina, Ihenee wan an
cliains to pust of eoiiinieiieeiiient, euntalniiw 880
ucrea main, ur la'aa.
WM. lksi.ii:
,.,,.,      ,       , T. I). Lnlad, At'i'iit
Duled March 2llth. lull
Pub, April nth, mn
Skeenu Ijanal Diatrict -Diatrict nl Cn���at
t*.,!1    a,""1'"' th,t Mr"' ''* I'���  I'utnam   of St
L'i. M'l'icaotii.    OCCUpStTon    m���r,i,���|    wuinun
Caimmaaneinil ul a post plsnud SI the snmhwnl
enrner nf Lot Nn. Willi marked M���, ,,.,���. |.,    *���.
imr liena    riirni'r.   tlience   waaal   in  ,'i...i.,���    .1
anuth   BO  cliuina'  ffi 2S a      S"'    hS5!
,""��h BO OhSln. tn pel  ���, cuninirn   ment   enn
tiiinina 1120 ncrea mnre nr leaa. ' L n
Dnted Murch 20 lilll.      MRg   ,_. r-
I'ub. April II,
,.       ,      ,- PUTNAM
laoo. It. I'utnam  Auuti
Sknana Land Di.lncl     Di.irict nl tjunati Chlriott,
Tuke niitire that   Krnnk  N*alck nl Wood
Out.,    ncrupialliitl    hooUUM|Wr,   illla.tlila    lu   sppl)
inr MrmtoHm to imretoi. tto loUowing de
lu.i.la. -
f'ummencitnl  at   a  tua.1   plunlnl  alinm    .   .
mili-a wa'al and two mili-i soulh ul tin- mouth nl
Stanley    I n*a*k    aalirrv    il    etii).*n*a     Into    N:al. a,
li.iili..r. i.railiiiin I :.n I. ���!,.   ,-.   BQ ohaina aiamli
th.no. SII clinin*. e:ia.|. Ilaenca. Ml clmina launla
ll.enii-  all cliilllla  an.l   taa  1*  nil   aa|  c iiienCi'ineail
uinl oontenlni 040 uen* mors oi li
Dnliil Murcli IT, 1(11, PRANK   I.I.Mi K
I'ub. April 7. Numa Demar-   \,a,,i
si na Limil Dl.trld   Diitricl of Ooui
Take   OOtlW  Unit   I. Pelei Held, .if Which, it
B.C., occupation toanuwr, Intanda to.pplyfoi
laettuiaaiun lo  lniralinae lhe fnllnwiliu describsd
Caainnieiii-inu at a poll plunteil nnd marknl P
II aS.W r.irner uinl iminnliiilely ndiuinin,:  I,
niurkeil .I.M. a N I*., a-niner und A.II.'a SK i,.i.
ner; Ihenee iintlli "<i eh.lns, thrnee eaat tOChalm
thonco south 80elwlns, thence ava*at III eliitiita, taa
point of ciimmencrmenl, cnntuliiitiK ;L-n urn*.
more or loss. PETER REID,
'ni.il l��t Keb. mil Chsrles II. Allen. Ai-enl
Pull. I-eh. 2la.
toons Land Dialrici���Dlalrict of COM  llnnc V
Take  nnlice  lhal   Charlea   P.  Otl,.r  ul   l-rinre
Rupert,   11.  ('.,   ���aiiipiiiiim  mrveviir,   Intends In
upply   Inr   |.a run  Ji.aai   lu  purchaae  lhe  (ollowin.
da*scrib��l I anal.: *
Commencinu at u pnst plantnl at the nurth eu-l
curni'r nl aurvi*ya*d lut una i. Run B, Coul Div
tricl, Ihenn. in nn Mtttarly ilireclinn nlniii* il���.
anullierly limil nf aurveyed hit ;l'i!ll and lhe pro.
led inn there..! Ill chnina taa a .mini, .henna Knith
purilllrl tti the ,'iaatrrly limit nf ailrvryrd liil *|iial
UonssJd llll chnina mnre ur Iwa I.. t'|���. norlli.rK
limit of n timlier limit (Nn. 42IS3), thonco ���,,..,
III rhaina mure nr leaa In a polnl in lhe pr��� ,,ri|(>n
antltherly   nl   Ihe   eualerly   limil   ���|   surveyed    '
9984,  Ihenre  in   u   nnrllierly  direction  don.  II...
projection  ul  the aaid  limil   and  nlnnir tto nld
limit fall chalna mnre ur leaa l.a poin, ol , ,,,���.,,'.
menl, eontninintr 210 aerea mure a,r ja -
Haled March H, lilll. CM/MILLS i- OTTfll
Puh. March 2S. '        ,r'"
BkMM Lnnd Dlltrlot���Dlstriel uf Caaai'ir
Tnka* nntiee thut I Ch.rlos Morrll of Prince Ilu
pert. H.C    nerupuli,,,,   |���l ,.  i������.,���|!    ,"    <*"*
odjESH! i'""'1""" ""' r win, doioX
Cnmnienrinir at n in.al plutad  tlar,a��� ,.��� i
Imlf mllea In nn ..|..te,lv direr ���,��� ( .,,,,, ,','"' '",""
mi Nnna Hiver wliere the Lnva I *,|,     ,���',   i "" '"
nnd one mil,* In  ,,  nojth^dl^tlo^JUrtl;;
-    th  B0 rhaina
I'uh April IS.
r'keena Und DUtrict���Diitricl ol l'<><
l.ia.  noUce that Alvviniler Ileal I *""��?.
tm, II. C. iHvupiium can��*nter, int.
lor | rrmiaaioii tu purchaw thn lullnwin, iMrtifiM
CuinmencltiK nt a paaat plantnl an el
Ini.ii tin  aaiuth avo.t curner ul l^ai  I
inatke.l A.  II.,  N. W. Curner, lh.
.iiailli, thenre  aU  chain, eaat,  Uu
nnrlh. ilaeimi mi chain, wiaal lo lieuil ��� tmr
meiinineiii; coii.alniti, 200 acrv>, in**.*   ���   ',"'   v
 I I.h  II, IUll.      ALEIANIM..;
I'uh. March I.
Stoma l.unil lll.lrlcl-lll.lrlrl ���   I
Lan* notice thai I Arthur Jnitu- IW.
e..m..r. ..criii.aalla.i,   bl.iker.   Inteli.l-   I
liermia.liin lu purohnae  lhe Wlowll
<    in mink' nl n poat plunli-l   tin*
half mllea l��� an MUttrlf allrectl.ni fn
"ii Nuiiv Hiver where the  l.nv.i   l.i ���
iiii'iice, nasi the tn.il. Umbo, Mil *
'I'i' -aa'ith ni chnina.   tbence   weal   J'
I l...r...-.   m���At���    _,..    _���._._...    ...    -_    .I^a      .t   .........   ,   '
iiienea* auutli Ni elinlna,   tnence   ai'-'
thine nurth a.1 chnln. t.i puinl ..f ���������������'
i.-iiluitiiiiv* 'ill' -
Data leii, B, l
I'uh. Mur. Ill
Unra* ur leaa. ������<-,,'H
Juaeph Halivii*   Aa'm
Skeenn Laml Diatrict-Ulatrlrl of '
���Tnke   nntice   thnt   I.  Alexander   |ta..-h��ti. rf
Van aer, ll.C. iaccu.iall.in Inllcha-r. it't.-ra.l >��
.apply fnr permiaaii.n  to purrlmae ll..* tm**m*
described lands: , ��� .
''"iiiniianrinan pnat plnntnl nml mSI  ���    J '
S. t: ri.tiier.  und naljoinlnir pnata m n  ���'���','.,,
| N.I*,. crner nnd P.lt.'a S.E. curner; Ul.
Wchains,  Ihence ninth an rhnina. Hi'*' " '���'"
chains, Ihence anuth 1.1 rhnina tu I'
"1'iii'riiiriil. I'unlnlnlntr .Hll nera'a mmi" ,7'"
Dated 1st Feb., nm       Chnrle. II. Alton- As""
PUD. Feb. 2ft.
���uid  l.nvu Luke trail, theni
Iheiire enal ail lalinli
thenre weat ail chnina ti
I'niitnininK lilll na*rea.
Data l'eh. :i, mu.
Puh. Mur. 111.
thonce 1
polnl of
"rth -.. chains,
('iiaiii.i:s Mimiiis
.I'lael.h Helwny. AKe���t
. Ska*ena Ijand Dlalrict -Dialrici nf CM*
TilO nolin* thai   Fred  W. llnhler ol hit�������
knliini, uecupallnn farmer,  Intandi ''
IH-r.niin.iiin  to  purchaae  tho  follnwina- *****
lamia: .,
1 ."iiinciiiinK al  n poal pliinle.1 ,1  I
MSI mrner of    A. McLnoil'a pn*-.*m!*''
-11 chalna ainilh, thence 10 chnina SSlt.
elinina nnrth,  Ihenee   10 choina WMl   "' '."
.���"iiiiiieiiniiieni raantainimi 20 Brrea more �� J" ,n
.'"'.-I \pril III, llll 1.  FRIEIlltlCII �� ��� l'<"��*5
Puh- April 22. Frnl llam|.t"i* A,"'
Skeenn Und Di���rirt -Diatrict ol Cnn��l ll.��|'��' f
lake nuiice l|���t |   L|������cl KlnKalry e' '"""j,
yer,   II.   (������   nccunatlnn   miner.   Inleiel   '."  _[,'���,
SkeennLnnd District- Dlstricl ofO	
Tnke naatlee thill I, Lealie K   IV,l���.    ,,    ���'���
ver, ll.C.   OCCUpatlon  I,,,,.,;.. ;,    ',,, "',V ""���'":
ftefSff '" '��� fcWjRB
k'nv^"^"^^.1;;:! !;!;;;;::;:���;::;;i"Yi.n���,.
PMl mnrknl W.A.'a N W  !���,.,. Mlolnlng
rhnina.   Ihenee weal   X*iS_ 'tttSS?""!" f
chsins, thenco Mil BO chain, 'uTSSm '7"h *"
iiirnreiiient, eimtnliiini. :i:Hi acres' mnro or |, ''",n"
Dnted lat Fel,.. 11,11       L 0,alfAWAPTBP''
Pub Feb. 2ft. '-'""''-"H. Allen. Airenl
��� . .iccupatinn  miner, Inte
J". l��Titiiaai���n to purchaa.* the lollowinK * ��ii��
lamia; ' |k.
CiimiiiencinK ... n p.��l plnnlel BMI   '"',*''!'.;
*'*��! mrner ul I,,. !i:i2, Kunip- ���*. <'���"
'"'   WMl   III chalna,  thencc smith    _____u
JtohJ aal  III chaina, thence norlh l>0 ****
I'l'inl  nl ciimmeneement. ,.,.*,*<li:V
11 e.l March 21, lilll.        LIONEL MM* '���'���'
Puh. April 22.
M��M Und Dl,i,|ct-Diatrict ol QmM gl "J*J
lake   nuiice  ||,���|   ||���|a*rt  II.   I Vw  "   ". jv
'' "��� "��� <' rupnlinn nKent. IntatuHMfij
"r permlaalnl, In purehaae lhe InllnwinK 'I"""
lands: , j
.Commanctni at a poat plantad ��i��u' ���'h of
��'"'" WMl und l���|| ��� ���,i|��� anulh ol lh, """^,|,���
Sllinley   Creek    where   it   ctnpllc*.     I"J3 iaSn
��rb"r.  tirnhnm   laland,   Ihence enal .    ���,,
I"""* north  111 chains, thence weat ;0*��5
Ihence south III clmina tn |��,lnl 11I rntitn'rn-*'"
und cnninliilnii Hill ncren more ur Iran.        ..,,K\V
11 ed Murch 17, mn. HCIIKIIT OJ ��'  ,
I'uh. April 7. Nums Don.cu. -***


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