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 V^ ; lu x    19,,    "
TJjp Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II. NO* 23
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Saturday, January 28. 1911.
Price, five Cents
CANADIAN NORTHERN FLEET     /-/��/ n Djr J mpDAl   RAJ f V
Fleet of Passenger Carrying  Freighters  Building
England to Ply on Northern Pacific Coast���
Will Develop Portland Canal Distiict
���Nearly Ready for Service.
FollowinK hard upon the rumor that
_t Canadian Northern organization
, tatsmpliUng having ��� terminal at
prince Rupert somet the definite In-
lunnuioi! that this year they will
BJtjuriiti' a steamship service up and
don ihs Canadian I'ttcific waters.
Tbt h,'.-.df|uaru*rs of the new Pacific
mviiT ��ill be al Vancouver and the
���lire ��ill ply between that point and
tie noriha ru port! including Prince
tosn ind Skagway.
Thi* shipa which ar,   of the  latest
4��in ior :h  coasting trade are being
kail; in England.  They are now almost
tady (or their huptisimul trip which
till bring them  across  the   Atlantic
ltd round thc  Horn  to  the   Pacific.
Tbey will very properly be known as
the Duke line u their prows will boast
tbt -.itk* ��; prominent dukedoms of
tbiold coulitry.
WHIt the ships will be fitted up in
sich a my a** to render travelling  a
luxury their primary   object   will   be
thst of coOTtying freight.    They will
tonwt with tha Portland Canal line
ol rails.)- which ii owned and o|ierated
tiy the Marki'./.a-Mann interests.    It
V�� w�� �� ��ell known fart that  Mai-
���Veto* (t M,,nn   \.m\.   upon   British
IColumlii.i *. j,. ,i ii,.|,| for their varied
lopMiiom.nd ji jK |,0t surprising thcrc-
|forf to find thorn pushing the develop-
litect ol ihe I'mvince   as  rapidly   as
'may lie consistent with the conditions
i of life and living.
The Portland Canal district is reputed |
I to bc enormously rich in quart--, and-other
I mil ends, and when it is tapped by a
' weekly, or by a bi-weekly steamer set-
. vice, it  a ill develop in an astonishing
fashion. The steamers will bring the
[quart! fields within comparatively easy
j distance of the world's markc's and
' whi'e ostensibly reducing its price will
eno.mouslj increase its valuta The
i presence of the ships to convey the
[quartz and  other material south  will
give a gnat  stimulous to p-oduction.
At the same lime, it will facilitate
i production for it will make the shipment
i of the nnmamry machinery to the scene
of labor a comparatively simple mater.
Another    thing it   will do which will
prove of immense importance is the
'facilitation nf immigration and settle
Intent    The  new steamer service will
be the most comfort able route of getting
. into that rouniry.
It would appear thi't In the near
I future the Canndiun Northern will
j lie as great a power for development in
[the north of British Columbia as they are
, in thc south.   Their presence in Ru|ert
will give h stimulus to trade, not merely
ipso facto, but because of the pay roll
thrt  must ensue and also because of
the advertisement   ll   will mean to tha
Strong Executive Elected to Carry on the Work���A Young Liberals Association
Will Be Organized for Educational Work-~Stirring Scenes
and Rousing Speeches Marked Great
Political Revival
|London Expresses Satisfaction and Surprise at Result
-May be Opposed in U.S. Congress-Washington
Paper Thinks it is a Step Towards
Special to the Optimist)
���** reciprocal lurid treaty just com-
|*W brtvar-wi Canada and the United
l^***,hl' s"l��j.*ct of the commercial
IWiwrnnient to day us follows-.
London, .I,,,,. 28. -The result of the
C*Wntion came ns a surprise to thc
�����". Pttbllc.   No one expected Hat
12?'���'"""'''"" nf thp ��*�� countries
^d ��"<"���>.���.,,,*)���,. as far as they did.
wd T- ���ddWoM l" *** ���**��� liR-
J" ����  important   tariff   reductions
������'���/������y"'"!   all   expectations.     The
JW-on accorded  the  agreement   In
���W Britain generally was favorable.
wing wu tt���0W(,(, t0 pnivnil
'���* ������ H* knowledge that it means
lir!'::;'^Dnsw ����������������-*������������**
\**mTm    !' l,!Rdi,1R ll""bermen of
U, ,,;,.;��� ���]"" '-'.<������% divided as to
���liff-sR! *��' *��*"* to them
N (',���   ,      e" r",'mVlt' 0f lhe duty
���"What' tV"*"-   Many of them
| other,
I -' the
H��y t imi
extent,   while
" will result in the loss
***** trade with
'"""''s'ate. for output
no market
Wa��hington���Snags began to loom
up in the pathway of the Canadian
reciprocity agreement before it had
been in the hands of Congress for twenty-
four hours. Some confidtntly predict
the failure of the bill to make a passeag
through the House. On the other hand
then- is a great sentiment behind the
agreement and while it^ supporters
are not making a noise they are none
the less confident.
Toronto - A special wire from Washington says lhat the Kvening Star of
thai city states editorially in regard
to the advantages to be derived by
both from the agreement that: "in
time the thoughts of the Canadians
may turn toward annexation. Thc
isolation and the humiliation of the
colonies of Great Britain will not be
for ever endurable. Mianwhilc we will
have full reciprocity in exchange of
citizens and products, and steady Americanization."
Murder at Hazelton
Sheriff Shirley is to-day in receipt of
a telegram from Deputy Sheriff Stephenson at Hazelton statin-? that an Indian has been committed for trial there
for murder. The sheriff has notified
Judge Young, and the prisoner will be
sent below to await thc New Westminster assizes.
The liberalism of the west will be
wonderfully strengthened by the effects
of the great rally held in the Mclntyre
Hall last night An effective working
organization was assured not only by
the appointing of an executive of repre- I
senlative character, but in the entltusi-
Utic character and the large dimensions '
of the meeting itself. The primary object of the meeting was the election of
Office bearers and an executive. Besides
tbe routine work there were a number
of interesting speeches delivered, and
taken all in all tbe meeting wus an excellent augury for the future of liberal
ism in I'rince Kupert.
l'r.ii.e for Government
As befitted the occasion, ex-mayor
Stork, the president, occupied the
chair. He claimed credit was due the
I'rince Kupert Liberal Association for
the building of the government telegraph between here and Stewart, tbe
securing of an appropriation for the
building of u government wharf at
Stewart, the securing of an appropriation for wharves at Mas-sett and Charlotte City, and a better steamship service between here and Stewart. He
complimented the Hon. Mr. Templeman
upon securing an up-to-date wireless
stution al Digby.
Other things of value to thc city
which their member had been able to
secure for them was the establishment
of a quarantine station and a marine
agency. He thought they had every
reason to be satisfied with the work
which the Association had done in the
past and also to be proud of their
Honored the Leaders
Mr. Stork then moved the following
resolution which was seconded by Mr.
A. J. Morris and carried  with  acclam-,
"That the I'rince Kupert Liberal
Association at its annual meeting held
January 2lith. 1911, tenders to Sir
Wilfrid Laurier an expression of the
confidence, esteem and loyalty which
we feel for the great leader of the
Liberal party, whose sterling worth
and statemanship is to-day regarded
as a national asset, und under whose
guiding hand Canada is prospering
und expanding in a manner before
never equalled in ber history,
"We also thank Sir Wilfrid for the
visit he and the members of his Government paid to I'rince Kupert last
August, enabling him to observe the
wealth, tbe growth and the possibilities of Northern British Columbia,
and the country for which I'rince Rupert is the natural distributing centre,
and also to express our extreme satisfaction for the attention which the
federal Government is giving to future requirements of this port.
"We extend to Sir Wilfrid our Bin-
cere congratulations on hiB continued
good health and trust that he may
I long be spared to grace the high office
which he fills with such credit to our
country and distinction to himself.
"We also desire to express our ut- our children of the formation of tbe
most confidence in our member Hon. Liberal Association of I'rince Hi,pert
Wm.   Templeman   for  the unfailing  here tonight."
efforts he has exerted, and lhe splendid results he has attained fur Cotnox-
Atlin and Princo Rupert.
"We think  the  Liberals of I'rince
Rnpert  in   meeting   assembled   look
Would Please Sir Wilfrid
Mr. Cowper regretted that it was not
possible to have a picture taken of the
gathering to send to Sir Wilfrid   Laurier   and   the   Hon.   W.   Templeman at
forward with confidence and pride on ! 0Uawa   ,() K,l()W t,u,m ,mw p^   Ru.
the future of our prosperous Canada, !pcrt (.(ml(|  nl||v  to   thp   ���,������.������,  ()f
and   our honored   and   distinguished   , Iheraliem
Premier,  the  Rt.   Hon.   Sir Wilfrid;    Taking up the educational  aspect of
���**������������� Liberalism M
"That a copy of this resolution be
sent to Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the
Hon. Wm   Templeman."
One   Hundred Joined
After the  resolution had been adopt
r. Cow per gave a most interesting sketch of the Liberal movement from its beginnings deep rooted
in the history of thc human race. He
showed how since thu earliest beginnings of  social government there   has
ed, the meeting was devoted to the task   always been a party holding to existing
of signing on  and  becoming members  conditions and  a party  standing   for
of the Association.   Nearly everyone I progress and the liberal outlook.
in the hall  came forward and subscribed.    The  number of  adherents to  the
cause in this way ut one session was 125
paid subscribers.
Western   Spirit   Liberal
After showing   how   the   Liberalism
lof the Federal Government i*  tbe in-
The  election   of  office   bearers  was
then proceeded with und resulted us!of pro-jre" and prosperity that
Hon. President���Sir Wilfred Laurier.
Hon. Vice-President Hon. W. Tern,
President-A. J. Morris.
First Vice-President���Dr. Kergin.
Second Vice-President-G. It. Naden.
Secretary-Treasurer���P. W. Anderson.
The list of officers shows one more
than last year, that of second vice-president. This was done on the motion
of Mr. Morris seconded by Alderman
Pattullo. The motion also provided for
the extension of the executive from
five to fifteen.
The executive bad to be balloted for.
As there were a large number of nominations the process wus a long one, It
resulted in the formation of the following strong executive body to carry out
the work of the organization: Messrs.
Fred Stork, W. 1'. Lynch, Puttullo,
Stewart, Dawson. Munson, O'Reilly,
Sloan, Trotier,   Stalker, Bennett, Fri/.-
sell, Phlllipson, Emmerson and Keeley.
"Young Liberal."  Club
While the ballot was being counted
Mr. Morris moved that u Young Liber*
uls Association be formed in I'rince Kupert. There was a large body of young
men in the hall who hud already subscribed to the parent body and it wub
evident that the suggestion of a young
Liberal Association fell upon good
ground. It was received
heartiest enthusiasm and thc
tion was carried unanimously,
Four of the young men were appointed a committee to organize the first
meeting of the Young Libcrul Association of I'rince Rupert.
While the ballots were being counted
Mr. J. S. Cowper was called upon to
speak, and was greeted with enthusiastic applause.
"This occasion," he said, "marks an
epoch in the hiBtory of Prince Rupert to
which many will look back in thc years
to come.   Years  hence  we  shall  tell
1 fluence at the root of  the  great   wave
��� carrying Canada forward today, Mr.
Cowper said, "The West attracts the
liberal type���the man who wants to get
away from the old order of tl.ings,
where   hereditary   right   holds   sway.
1 The spirit of the West is liberal and I
am sure that most of the men in I'rince
Kupert are, if they only knew it, liberals."
Concluding after a reference to the
satisfaction lie felt thut the Dominion
Government wus in harmony with the
idea of reciprocal relation! with our
neighbors over the border, Mr. Cowper
stirred his hearers with thc cnll, "if
we nre going to make I'rince Kupert a
great town, if we are going to see that
British Columbia is governed not by
corporations, but by the people for the
people, we have got to do it by education, und to this end let us make Prince
Rupert's Liberal Association the one
great educational institution in tbe last
great West." (Loud nnd repeated ap-
pluuse greeted Mr. Cowper's concluding sentences.)
Wanted a Fair Paper
Mr. A. M. Munson complimented Mr.
Cowper   upon  his  address,   saying he
seemed to have  imbibed  the  spirit of
his lute   chief,   Dr.   Macdonald.   while
working on the   Globe.    He  explained
the action and thc line of thought   that
prompted the purchase of the Optimist.
... '    .      They wanted u paper which would pre-
with   the f ,,'���.       . t ��� , .
,.    sent lucts ol public i-terest fuirly. and
le resolu- ., ' ,   , *
since the purchase of that puper,  be
thought that idea hud been Carried out
in practice. He appealed to liberals to
look beyond the narrow end of self-interest and parochialism to the broad end
of the greatest good for greatest number, and not only of the city, but of
the province and the whole Dominion.
(Loud applause).
President Morris intimated that when
the   new   Optimist      building     was
_-       have received Two Carloads of Canned
Fruits and Vegetables. They are of the
highest   grade   and   quality,   every   can   1910
pack.    They were bought at a price which cannot be duplicated this year.
Corn, I'eus und Beans 2 cars 25c
Tomatoes, 2 lb. cans 2 cans 25c
Tomatoes, '.' lb. cans    *bc
Bpinnage ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� J"
Corn on Cob gallons 60c
. . . CANNED FRUITS . . .
Strawberries,   Raspberries,   Peaches,   Pears and
Plums, 2 lb. can  20c
Blueberries, 2 lb. can   15c
Blueberries, gnllons  50c
Apples, gallons  40c
Plums,  gallons  50c
_ 33.
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, und to take part in its discussions Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need. 	
Social Notes
reception  and  dance
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges
Graniteware, Hotel and Bar Supplies
Shelf  and   Heavy    Hardware
Paints, Oil and Glass
The  reception  and  dance Riven on
Thursday evening, by the Queen Mary-
Chapter Daughters of the Empire in
the  Kaien  Island  Club rooms was  a
| great success, both socially and financially.    All the returns are not in yet
1 but a good sum was realized, which will
be devoted towards the furnishing of
] a "Daughter of the Empire Ward" in
the new hospital.
Mrs. Naden, the Vice-Regent of the
Chapter, with Mrs. McMullin and
Mrs. Barrow, received the guests at
the entrance to the reception room
where later in the evening cards were
played while dancing was carried on
in the gymnasium. At 11.30 o'clock
a delicious bullet supper was served
from a long table at thc end of the
dancing hall. Excellent coffee was.
furnished free by the Exchange drill.
The hall was nicely decorated with
Union Jacks and the badge of the!
hospit-l, a red cross. Those present
were: Mrs. Naden in a black gown, |
Mrs. McMullin in white with silver
trimmings, Mrs. Burrow in old rose
silk, Mrs. V. W. Smith in a handsome
family have arrived in Vancouver after
n trip to Southern Califorain.
Mr. J. H. Bacon has rctuned to town.
Captain Nicholson of thc d. T. P.
steamship service made the round trip
on the I'rince Qeorge. Mrs. Nicholson
accompanied her husband.
A pleasant entertainment was held
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Lynch at Summit avenue on Thursday
evening. Among the guests were Mr.
and Mrs. Eckermun, Mr. and Mrs.
John Lindsay, Rev. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Sing, Mr. und Mrs. Rod.
McLeod, Mr. and Mrs. McLennan,
Mr. and Mrs. Jabour, Mr. and Mrs.
LaTrace, Miss Bidding, Miss Urwin
and others.
Sail, for
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.
... BRUNO for Stewart Weaned
after arrival of Prince George,
Port Simpson. Naas, Masse! and Hon
by lsiand poinis, IncludingOucei Chi
lotte City,  Pacofl, Rose Harlan
Refuge Bay, every -alternate 1 ��� rulav i
12 o'clock noon, commencing Dec, sti|
The   Grand Trenli Railway Sya'cr.
sonr.ecting with trains from the I'acifl
coast operates u frequent ind coo-re
ient service of luxurloui trsimoverl
double  track route  between ('Iiii-ivu
Toronto,  Montreal, Quels c, liuiifaj
Portland, Boston, New York Sod I'h
delphia.   Information and tickets
tamable from the oflice hereundeonol
tioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookingsb| i
lines arranged.
An English Lady Mayor
Mrs. Lees, lately appointed mayor of
Oldham. Eng., is the third Englishwoman to be given this office. The
reason why, in her case, is not far to
seek, for ull accounts of Mrs. Lees unite
in unstinted praise of her.   The news-
fawn satin with jewelled trimmings, i poper accounts said of her installation:
'��� Mrs. J. C. McLennan in black eolienne, "The ceremony of her installation is a
' Mrs. S. B. Johnson in lovely black luce] scene 'hat will never be forgotten by
j gown, Mrs. Cade, white lingerie dres3;; those who witnessed it. A small room
; Miss  Mason,  Vuncouver,  black  satin | is usuidly all thut is required on these
with gold trimmings;  Mrs. A. J. Morris,
white net;  Mrs. Ward, black net;  Mrs.
{ Dawson, white satin with silver sequin
bertha; Mrs. Stork in black. Mrs. A. M.
Manson in a rich white luce gown, Mrs.
Canadian Pacific Railwai
B. C. Coul S.S. Srmc.
ss. Princess Beatrice
Northbound Jan. 23-Soulhbi'und Jan. 1
Train for Winnipeg and Toronto \evt*\
Vancouver 9.00 n.m. daily.
Train  for Montreal and  points
leaves Vancouver X.4.r> |��.n>. dtilf
Through tickets to European
in connection with the finest  AtlsntJ
J. G. McNab
General Afa
occasions, but this time it was the big
town hull, and it was crowded long before the hour. The tall dignified figure entered wilh the calm, beautiful,
humorous   face,   crowned   with   white
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN, Manager
| F. S. Clements in black, Miss Du Vernet! hoir, upon which thc black velvet bon
I net was a graceful substitute for the
! ugly,   three-cornered   hat    which   thc
mayot usually wears.
Her entrance was the signal for an
outburst of enthusiasm. The robe and
' rhains were donned, and Mrs. Lees rose
Builder and Coiro
| in white silk, Miss Martin in white
; chiffon, Miss Milligan in black, Miss
; Mercer, Miss Dunn in pale blue, Miss
B. Dunn in cream, Mrs. Vickers in a
' black sequin gown, Mrs. Kergin in green,
i Miss   Kergin  in   white  silk,   Miss  D.
Plans and specifications prvpard j
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
OFFICE:-Comer Sth Ave. * Green J
Phone No.  228 Green
Dunn in pale blue, Mrs. Hugh Dunn 1 to speak. Then she thanked her col-
pink dress with black trimmings, Miss' leagues for the honor they had done
McKenzie in mauve, Mrs. Pillsbury . her, with a little allusion to those who
in gray voile, Mrs. G. S. Carl in yellow disapproved of the election of a woman:
crepe de cheno, Miss Barhcau in black,; "They have a perfect right to their
Mrs. J. E. Gilmore in white silk, Mrs. opinion and they also huve a perfect
Sweet in champagne colored silk, Mrs. i right to change their opinion." When
Roberson, in pale blue s'lk, Miss Roch-, her speech was ended the whole au-
ester in red silk with black sequin ��� dience rose to their feet to cheer and
bertha, Mi.-s M. Rochester in white! appluud. There was a beauty in th
silk, Miss Drummond in pale gray spirit of the whole thing which must
Miss Elliot in blue, Mrs. Reddie in I bc felt to bc understood. One can only
handsome  black  gown,   Mrs.  Tite  in say  that  she seemed  like  a   mother
black, Miss Lockhnrt in pale pink, Miss i of  a  great  family,  before whom  her X 0f a gpo^n or tines of a sB��* ���(
Calkins in yellow,   Miss  McMaster  in \ children rise up and call her blessed."      ������,��� ������,������ v,���,��� amuiiiftllv. while bf
Boiled I real in*
To make boiled frosting. pW ow��|
ful of sugar and one-third ��f a <"*jF
of boiling water in a satin p.m   Bn1
to thc boiling point, and let Is"1' ���
little or  no stirring, unlfl &*> '
spin a thread when dropped
THE OPTIMIST will furnish correct information to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest- but
most flourishing city      :       :       :       :       :
There is no time like the present. Send ub
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail       :       : :      :      :      :
timist Information Bureau
P.O. BOX 1S45
{pale pink, Miss Thompson in a hand-
i some   lingerie  gown,   Miss   Pinder   in
I pink net.    Others present were:   Miss
| McTavish,    Mr.    and    Mrs.    Mobley,
[ Mr. and Mrs. Sawle, Miss Sawle, Mrs.
Wark, Mr. and Mrs. Woods, Mr, and
Mrs. Robert Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Frizzell, Mrs. Lockhnrt, Miss Harheau, the
Messrs. V. W. Smith, Vickers, Mclennan, Newcombc, Christie, Wilson, Browne, Toby, Pitcairn, Mawer, S. B. Johnson,   Oakley,   A.    Manson,   Wallace,
Hannington, Moore, Kinnaugh, Cnmbie,
McKnight, Munro, Agnpw, Scott, Reit-
chel, Helgerson, fcrcw, Ward, Harrison,
Ferguson, Alexander, Foster, Dr. Cade,
Tooker, Dunn, Sweet, Dawson, Wark,
Thc stewards who so ably assisted
the ladies were: Dr. Tremayne, Messrs.
V. W. Smith, Christie, Naden, McMullin and Pitcairn.
The many friends of Miss Stewart
will regret to hear of her serious Illness.
Major Gibson returned to the city
by the Prince George after a short
trip to Vancouver nnd Seattle.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  G.  W.  Morrow and
Pour syrup very gradually.
J    ~ ing constantly, on to the bsntsB '
An Englishwoman a Opinion        L, om, cgg   and comj,*.,,. ,!,  M
Miss Wnkcman Lathrop, an English j until mixture iB of right ***__\
writer, has been making a study ' to spread. Flavor with one Issaj-****-
of the American woman. In an interview j 0( vanilla snd pour over rake. 'I*
she  states she  had  nothing  but  the j jng evenly with back of spoon.
most extravagant idea of her subject
Miss Wakcman has traveled from
coast to coast, observing the women
of the United States, and she haa seen
them under all circumstances and conditions.
Here are some of the reasons she
assigned for her admiration of American
1. Because they are so wonderfully
2. Because they know how to wear
clothes with distinction and always
appear chic and to the best advantage.
3. Because they make excellent wives
nnd are very fond of their homes and
4. Because they are versatile, adaptable, whether at home or abroad
and can bc good mothers and wonderfully attractive wives.
5. Because of the wonderful strides
they arc making in educating themslcves.
Pnntorium Pioneer Cleaners. Phone 4.
ns soon as
firm.    If not  \**m **
enough, this frosting will run: ill*"
too long it will not bc ���"n"mh' "���
in thc hands of the inexperienced <��
this frosting is more |U00S��fW*J
with the whites of two eggs    ����*
frosting may be flavored in I *'������*
of ways-with one half t��*>P0*J .
leraon-juicc,   one   half  tea-iwonfui
almond   extract,   or   one   ���"BfV*.
vanilla and one-fourth of a *****Z.
of  almond extract.    Chopped M-*
walnuts,   pecans,   shredded   con-
figs, dates, or raisins (about two-"11"
of a cupful) may be added.
Scotch Concert a S"""' j
The Scotch concert at 0�� ***
church Thurs. night was a grand. ���
Every number on the P��Jf",.
encored. Piper McLcIhm . ebgM^
cry Scotchman and held WS �����
of all. Each reading and *W fc
forth enthusiastic applaud,
was well filled. THE  PRINCE    RUI'liHT    OPTIMIST
[he Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
Farm I.amis proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
ami see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
Royal Bank of Canada
Capital. $5,000,000
Surplus, $5,700,000
Total Aaaet., $70,000,000
Saving! Hank Department, $1 will open an iccount
ni-l,,.- throughout Canada and Banking Connections with all parts of the
United States.
Agents throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON, Manager. Prince Rupert Branch.
'erfection Oil Heaters
Rayo Lamps
toer Plants
!team ami Gasoline Supplies
���nu Repairs
lupert Marine I ronworks &
���upply Company, Limited
fm% la N���l,��� Block, -lad A...
WORKS   At H.y. Creek.
ip Agency
Sfift t,''k-'u to ���*������  Points   in
IS** >���*���������<���* and Canada by the
HJ I'scific Railway. The
2 ��� *'*��������� i,oros�� the Continent,
m?i'*lT.tt7i'ANn ���*�������� HALIFAX
��� Hhltl in KNGI.AND. SCOT-
^liii.Star. Red Star, Ameri-
Sl """""""���. White Star, Do-
C5"< Cunard, French Line,
g�� Qertnan Lloyd, Hnmburg
gtricui and Canadian Northern
"Wndiipi For all information
wnl�� m.* or call at office.
Work performed by cxpertsonly.
A lirst class job is guaranteed in
every instance.
A large stock of Chandeliers  and
Fittings carried.
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
Third Ave.
Near Sixth
Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd.
Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.
All   cl-M.cs  uf Electrical Atn'iimlii..
Railway  Supplies,  Pump..   Entrine..
Holler.. Concrete Mixer., Oriipimi*nt-
al    Iron    and    Bronte    Work.    Etc.
W. CLARK DURANT    ���    Agent
ROOM 4, McINTYRE BLOCK ��� P. 0. BOX 724
Cowichan Eggs
Every Egg Guaranteed
**���**������  RAILROAD   AND   8. 8.   AGENT
p nam wm
Fall 'Phone 18
0r*-*��s Promptly
Attended   to.
^ h and Fulton 51.
Stewart & Mobley - Agents
Skwna Land Diatrict-Diatrict ol Co����t
Taka notlc. that Hume   Bablngton ot RUM
Rupert,   martor  m.rinor,   Intenda  to  apply  lor
parraUaion to lean.* the lollowing described land:
A .mall Wand In tho Sk��*n�� River ahout tour
mile. alKire Telegraph   Point containing .bout 60
Dated Doc 14, 1919. HUM**: nAIIINGTON
Skeena Land District-District of Naas Valley
Tako notice that. Georu. Wilson, farmer, intenda
to apply for permission to loaso the following de-
.critied land.: .   , ,
Commencing at a po.t plantaid about two mile.
east of Naa. River at Alyansh and at south cast
corner of A. F. Prle.tly'. pre-emption. Ihence 40
chain, .outh, 40 chain, west, 40 chains north, 40
east to point of commencement, containing uu
acre, more or le... ��.a��aaaaaa��l *m MAM
Dated Nov. 1, 1910. GEORGE WILSON
Pub. Nov. 17.
Skeena Und District���District ol Coast
Take notice that Hume Bablngton ot I rince
Rupert, muter mariner, intend, to apply MT
pen-nla-ion to leas* the tollowing dweribed lore-
Commencing at a poet plunted on a small
island In tho Skeen. River about three miles above
Telegraph Point thence southerlj ROW tm.
Datad Dec. 14. 1910. HUME BABIGNTON
Pressure Reduced by Steamers.   Fire
Reserve Intact    Hydrants Also
The present water scarcity is only
periodical. Steamers calling tax thc
powers of the pumps to thc utmost
to keep up the pressure. Tonight there
should be good pressure available, No
apprehensions regarding fire protection
need be felt as the half million gallons
of reserve water on the mountain remains ready and the hydrants are in
good order all over.
City  Improvement Contracts  Keep
the Boys Busy Now
There are 568 men at work on the city
improvements today. These include
the City Engineer's pay roll, a-s well iw
the men on thirty-five contracts now
under way. The number hiys doubled
within the past fortnight.
Illicit Liquor Man  Fails to Appear
For Trial
Felix Smith against whom ;\ charge
of selling liquor without a luenw was
pre'erred at the police*court a few days
ago was requested to ap|x*ar for trial
today. When his name was called this
morning no response disturbed the
echo of the uniformed usher of the law.
In his absence a warrant for his apprehension was asked for and granted.
Smith no doubt realized the seriousness
of the situation and thought that a trip
down south would be better for his henlt h.
To Gaol for Thirty Days
For being drunk and disorderly and
resisting arrest. Elver Thomson was
yesterday afternoon sentenced tn pay
n fine of $25 or undergo thirty days'
Imprisonment. He went to goal. Alfred
Hay for being drunk and disorderly
paid a $10 fine.
F.   W.    KEELEY
Sales Agent
Phone   200
Section 1
Block 7, lot 14, $1840; $340 cash,  $550
in 6 months, $550  10 months, $400
in 12 months.
Block 16, lot 30, $4,000; cash $1,000
Block 20, lot 18, $5500; cash $3800.
Block 26, lot 23, $3,750; cash $2,000
Block 28, lots 3 and 4, $1,600 ea; terms
Block 29, lot 9, $1,300; terms
Block 41, lots 17 and  18,  $7000;  $3000
balance 6, 12,   18 months,   with 8
room house.
Block 31, lot 27 with three  buildings,
$7,600; cash $4,000
Section 5
Block 27, lot 32, $760; terms
Block 28, lot 24, $700; terms
Block 39, lots 19, 20. $1,350 pr; terms
Block 42, tots 5 and 6, $650 ea; terms
Section 6
Block 3, lots 3 and 4, $2,500 pair
Block 4, lots 21 and 22, $1,600 each
Block 7, lots 30 and 31, $1300 each,good
Block 17, lot 21, $1,200
Block 21, lot 20, $1,000
Block 28, lot 20, $1,025
Block 28, lot 33, $625; cash $.325.
Block 31, lot 15 with house, $850
Section 7
Lots on  Eighth  Ave.   $375.
Several good buyB on Fifth and Sixth.
Section 8
Double corners on  the Plaza at $550
per. pair.
Furnished house in good location $25
per montn. Several unfurnished
houses in all parts of the city.
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real Estate and Insurance -  Third Ave
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Bout
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low as .my.
Call on us before ordering.
Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
Electric Wiring
A. T. Parkin & Co.
Centre Street.
1836 1910
The Bank of
British North America
A strong British Bank, with
connections throughout theWorld.
I'ald Up Capital.     ���     $<,88M68
Reserve Fund   -    ���     $2,S30,��C0
The Bank has Branches distri-
buted throughout all Canada and
offices in London, Eng., New
Vork and San Francisco.
Special care given to Savings
Accounts, which may be opened at
11 Branches with deposits of one
dollar and upwards.
Accountsof Firms, Corporations
md  Individuals carried on the
lost favorable terms.
'rince Rupert Branch���
-  Section 1, 1.*,! 21. Block li,
Section k Lot S, Block It.
R. G. Hulbert, Vancouver. B.
t   II  ^11 ^m*m*m*m***m*m%**m_l I
Prince Rupert.
As its name indicates
The   First Hotel in Northern
British Columbia
llnih iii cuisine and  appoint
mcnts.      Electric   lighted
throughout.        Hatha    on
every floor, free to guests.
Hose reels throughout house
with ample pressure for
fire protection.
European and American Flans
Commercial Rates.
Timber Cruisers   and Mining Engineers
fan lli.r From Thr
Rover Boat House.
i,tmii. RELIABLE
None but   sober  and
LAUNCHES    c,,Z^rn
Western Fuel Co.'s
The new steel Passenger Steamer
Pnnce Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
Northbound, leaves Vancouver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
Steerage Fare
The "Camosun" is the only  steame
on the run having water-tight bulkheads and double bottom, thus en
soring safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Universal Favorite
Represents   the   laat    word    in
Range construction
Die Thompson Hardware Go.
General Machine Shop and Ship's
Carpentering. Also agents forKaii-
banks- Morse and Knox Gasoline
Engines. Gasoline Engines and Accessories carried in stock.
Launcher and Bonfa for lli.r    N F. end of Wharf
The Light that Rivals thc Sun.
Local business men recommend it
This well-known gasoline light is  sold
exclusively by
1.1 A. T. PARKIN & CO. THE   PRINC 1'   R U I
K u |    ti I* I I M 1 ST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
of Northern British Columbia.
TH1-: OPTIMIST is the lending newspaper
has grown up with the city.
Reading Notices and Legal Advehtihinc are 10c per tine.
ADVERTISING RATES are one-price to all-25c per inch each issue for display
matter    This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.
SIIRSPRIITION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly,Too Per year.  Outside Canada-Daily ���*���<��*    ���   ���   ��,.Uv.
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
8.00 per year; Weekly,
Condensed Advertisements.
�����*�����   to buy, or it'll. >>r Ml* M Will   Try  11 ��-
ur lt**ai
OpUml.t Condenacd Ail. route.
DOMINION   ItATIIS-We wl.h  to   anaoBBCJ
thnt our Until!, are in workins order nsoin
���nil we r.n accomodate nil who wiah to use them.
TAHANESE want, employment
P.O. llox HW.
in housshoVa
WANTED-A   Waltrea. fur temporary   work
Apply T. K.. Optlml.t. ���*
WANTED-l'heap for Ciiah, Silent S.leanintl.
(Mirton'a lluUi,. Box 104. IS-lf
Cllfton'a Uakery, Ilox 194.
Private  room   unit t*,*iinl 'tin
A Lesson to The Workers
The workers of Prince Rupert have nol had long to wait for evidence as to
the real nature of the promises made to thtm by certain aldermanie candidates,
Under the circumstances the strong language used by them in their resolution
of disgust at the council's treatment is quite pardonable.
It would have been an annoying enough thing if the members of the council
had turned to them after securing their votes and said "Go to. All we wanted was
your votes. Now we have got them, you and your demand can go to blazes.1
But il would not have been nearly so annoying as the elTorts which were made to
wriggle out of their promises by raising points nbout the nationality of the workers.
That is more than annoying, it is insulting.
Thut is the unpardonable as|>ect of the question, and one that the workers
would do well to remember. As if forty-five cents worth of work done by an It alinn
or a Slav is not worth as much as forty-five cems worth of work done by any other
man.   It is rather a woeful comedown for those aldermen who were present at the
winter bv m��n
Apply nt Olitimiat
WANTED- Room nml oonrd In private family.
X M.. Optimiat Oflice. M
Expose of Some of the Means by Which
Unscrupulous Mediums Prey Upon
the Superstitious and Gullible
Podmore, the noled Englishman who
spent the best part of his life in exposing spiritualistic frauds, has recently passed away, and as far as the cult
of Spiritualism is concerned he might
as well never huve lived* For every
faker that Podmore unmasked, another
sprang up. Even the fradulcnt mediums whom he had specifically shown
up refused to remain premanently disgraced. They changed their names, or
moved to a new country or town or remaining at home waited a couple of
months until the lirst shock of the exposure had vanished. They then resumed business again at the old stand
; often with the same victims. The be-
j lievers in Spiritualism will say that
Notice of Dissolution Of Part- this proves the truth of their theories
j about the future life, since it conquers
despite  the  discredit  heaped  upon   it
We always carry
a  large stock  of
The public .re warnul lo keep away  from lhe
work, while blaata .re belnit tired.   Perron, per- I
���l.tlnv In approaelilnu after beinit warned do to
at lh. ii own i'*K
201-ti Conlracloi a I
NntH'i' tt  hereby trivrn that the imrtnprahi|> i , , ,    , ..     ���- .,
h.reiofor�� e.i.iins! between ���.. the under.iKne.1, j by   the   unprincipaled.      Scoffers   will
fruit, vegetable and fi.h merchant, in the city , ���_  pr0ves once more that to  Use  a
Prince Rupert, and known na the Prince Hup-1     * r .
m Flan Market, haa been di.aolveal by inuiu.i  vulgar expression, "there's a sucker born
a man for a'lhat."  They should move an amendment to the bard's poem, to make conaenu
Rupert Industrial Associ-      All debu .mlror.to the ,��.d partnerahl,..are ,.
Burns' banquet on Wednesday and who applauded every reference to "A man's j of^. ^ , ,
it read, "with the exception of members of the Prince
ation who arc not liritish-born."
On the day before the election, the Optimist warned the electors -working
men and otherwise   in these words:
"The election promises of candidates are notoriously unsafe things to
go by.   The less scrupulous a man is, the more he is willing to promise.   The
man who never intends to fill a promise can afford to be prodigal in his promises."
In this connection it is pleasing to note the appreciation of Aldermun Pnt-
tullo's etlorts to give the men juatice. "He was the only alderman who refused
to make us any promise: yet he was the only one who showed himself willing to
help us when the moment came" was the tribute paid him by one of the workers'
No matter what thc result of the pressure of public opinion on the council
to force them to live up lo their promises, the lesson of the incident should not
bc forgotten by the working men���and others.
The Reciprocity Agreement
It is always unwise lo hallo until one is out of the woods, and it must lie borne
in mind by all Canadians, that while any proposals assented to by the Canadian
representatives in the reciprocity negotiations ntWashington are binding on the
Government, that the United Slates representatives were not clothed with plenipotentiary powers. Their conclusions are subject to ratification by ths United
States senate.
In these duys of high cost of living, it is satisfactory to note that the proposals
if carried into effect will place over $00,000,000 of food products on the free list,
and remit over $7,000,000 in duties. This $7,000,000 is at present paid by thc
consumer in dribs and drabs at t he (orner grocery and t he meat store. Some future
generation will become hilarious over the story of their ancestors who wanted food
so badly that they imposed taxes on it to muke it more difficult for nnyone to obtain.
Thc same principle applies to ihe whole of the $112,000,000 of voluntary taxation which will be rebated to the people of Canada and the United States if thc
tariil treaty is ratified. The treaty is a triumph for the Liberal Government which
will affect the well-being of every family in thc Dominion, and for which the Government deserves well.
[ vulgar expression,
I every minute."
bapald f> The Prince Itupert Flah Market of : Sniritnali.t'. Wrao'�� WKo
Prln-*e Huiwl aforeaaid. ami all claim, again.! Spiritualist a Who 1 WHO
the aaid partne-ahlp are lo be preaented to the I ()ne of the latest exposures of profes
aaid Prinee Rupert Kl.li Market of whom the con1
When you buy a
watch wiili the
nume I low aid en
it, you obtain just
a little better
value than in any
other WBtCh.
tinulntr putt net * It. J. Bacon nml F. S. Kvani con*
ttitute the tlrm nnd by whom Mine will he wttlitl.
I ���;itiii at Prince Kupert thin i.:ih tiny of January. 1911.
U-Iim F. 9* KVANS.
Take notice that the annual meelini? of th��
Prince Rupert General H<wptUl Amtoclation will
be held at the Court House, Prince Rupert, B, C,
mt the hour of eight o'clock in the evenlntt on the
Slit dny of January. 1911.
All member* are ro-uuentnl to attend.
12-26 A. CUTHBERT. Sec.
Tmiiips,    Tranftformationn,
Pompadour*. - .omhinuT made
int..   Switches    and    I'ulTi.
I > ,i - <��� your orders by appointment tn
Aarent B.C. Hair ChwcU. P. O. Box IMo.
In accordance with the programme
of Thursday night another couple for
the contest of a prize waltz was added
to the list. The honors of the evening
were carried away by Miss Cliffe and
Mr. Law-ley. Everybody enjoyed a
pleasant evening.
Four Lots on 7th Ave., near Jeffrey St.,
in Sec. 7. Must be sacrificed Quick.
Price $350 each���-which is far below
market Price. Property listed with us
for a few days as seller must have
immediate returns.
Uncle   Jerry"
If it's news, you will find it in
The Optimist
sional mediums has been brought to
light by the discovery of the "Medi-
| urn's Dope Book." This important and
indeed unique book is not to be found
on Dr. Eliot's five foot slu If, nor does
its title appear in the libraries of the
lund cither under the M's or the D's.
Nevertheless, it is in the possession of
every faking medium in the country.
Not a cheap book by any means is the
dope book, yet few mediums can afford to do business without it. The
dope book is a sort of Who's Who of
the spiritualists of Canada and thc
United States. It contains their names
and addresses and as much information about them as can be obtained.
Here is a specimen pussuge printed in
j the Brooklyn Eagle:
"I'oughkee|)sie, N. Y. Jones, John, a
. Spiritualist. His mother Helen Willi ms Jones, died in 1903. She was u
member of the First Buplist church.
His brother Henry Jones, died the next
year. Henry was for years a cripple.
John is in the real estate business;
makes investments in New York City.
Gain his confidence by telling him how
his mother saved his life ut ihe time
his brother was crippled, when both
were children. Henry's spirit advises
John always in real estate traductions.'
Working the Vi.itor
It is very easy to understand how
' a travelling medium makes use of this
information. John Jones being a Spir
itualist, hearing that the newcomer is
in town, will probably call upon him.
i He is admitted by a servant who is
really a confederate of the medium.   It
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box j
Better than the best on Ae -n-.***
ket.   Try It
Centre   Street
becomes  the  duty  of  the  servant   to
Under ; find out the name of the visitor.   Often
I the latter has no objection to telling
 ~ I who he is, for churlish caution is not
(Special to The Optimist) I a distinguishing feature of the regular
Victoria. Jan, 2H   The Steamer Tees Spiritualist.     If   he   objects   a   glance
yesterday  morning.   She ! inside his hat may suffice.   Very often
passengers  who were j it   becomes  necessary  for the  accomplice to  do some rather clever  work
- as a pickpocket in order to get a card
| or un envelope that will supply the nec-
essnry cue.    If he fails in this, or if
the dope book does not give the information, the subsequent interview with
the medium is not very thrilling.    He
is not feeling well or the spiritsTare
hard  to  communicate  with, or  something is the matter with his^control.
Floated   and Make. Victoria
Her Own Steam
was   floated
picked  up  her
proceeding here and travelled under her
own steam. She hns a hole in her hull
about four feet in diameter, and a leak
in the forward ballast tank. The use
of the pumps keep her free of wuter.
A wireless to hnnd today from the
Dominion Government Station at Pa-
chena reports the S. S. Tees as having
left Unnficld at 8 p. m. yesterday, cast
Frilled Five Spot Fine for Jag
For being drunk and disorderly yesterday David Joynbill to-dny paid the
usual fine of $5 and costs.
We Have Moved
On and after Monday, January soth,
we will be in our new warehouse on
First Ave. The public will please take
Slieena  I.an-1  Dlitrict���Quwn Ch.rlotte  lalanda
, , Diviaion
I ake notice th.t 30 ilaya alter d.to 1 Ferdinand
G. Tepert, farmer, of Skidegate, H.C. Intend, to
apply lo the Chio Commiwaioner of Land., for a
:ccnae I prospect lor coa' oi' nnd petroleum on
ind under Ihe lollowini; d rcrlbod land.-
Commencing nt a poat plantcl at the northeait
comer of Lot 511, Graham laland. thence nortli HO
chain., thenco oust SO ch.ina, thence south SO
chain., thonce west HO chain, to point of commencement, nnd containing 640 acre..
Dated Novit, 11110 KERDINAND O. TAPEttT
I'ub. Doc. 10
There arc eggs-fresh Bgpi
strictly fresh eggs, and W��n��L
teed strictly fresh eggs. �� iwji
guaranteed strictly Item WI
that concerns us - and �������!
well as us. For we give our in-" |
clad warrant that the ��tt-
Bell are the
Guaranteed StrictlyFrejhl
kind. We keep Blddi
yes, several hundred bMdW
supplying pur demands, in
winter and summer, the nenwn
has a standinglorder for all �����*
guaranteedSstrictly fro" �������"'
can produce.
Ideal Provision House
hone 190 Third Avenue
w. J. McCutcheon
Cnrriea complete III
ok of Dm
attention paid to BIIIM P��*   '
Theatre Block Phom.ho.79 Second ,W
.******+***************] THE   PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
Big Furniture Store
will sell the Flexman & Browne Bankrupt Stock
We show everything in the House Furnishing line.   Our own stock is too large, not only in Furniture, but in Crockery,
Glassware, Graniteware, Stoves, Oilcloths, Linoleums, Carpets, Blankets, Bedding, Towels, Window
Shades, Curtains, Draperies and Dry Goods
I While we did not want the Flexman &    I
Browne  stock our cash  bid was   ac-
{ cepted, estimated at about
made up as follows: Linoleums and Floor Covering. $1307; Furniture, $1877.95; Crockery, $422.54; Blankets,
$422; Curtains, Draperies and Dry Goods, $847.84; Pictures, Mouldings and Rods, $848.57
In the Big Furniture Store
The next grand rush will be on Blankets, Comforts, Covers and Bed Spreads.   There are over a thousand.   The
prices will be away down.   The sale of these is now on.
PILLOWS From 50c to $2.50
****t_m%*w___m ���*.!* ***** "*fcH'^���*���*���* I ��� **������>����>���****���*-**�����*��� >**-**.*-
Blankets which were regularly $2.00    "I   f\f\
\ at Flexman & Browne's we sell for    �������� ��VV
The $3.00 Kind are now
We also have them at $4.00 up to
Comforters, such as Flexman & Browne   **7 C
sold for $1.50 we are selling for t ������ ***
We have them at   $1.00,   $2.00,    *| f* f\(\
$3.00, $4.00, $5.00 and up to   :    1D.UU
wm0**m****\mm0**\ ***-* %%**% ir->nn-> i����������� ��� ��� i    i *   ��� ������-���-  ���������,.-��� .-  y.
Quilts or Bed Spreads,
We have an immense quantity   **% AA Fancy
and prices range from $1.00 to
3.00 - &. 25.00
Everything Must Go
Everything Must Go
um ::iHii:iiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiimiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiin THE.PR1NCE   KUPERT   OPTIMIST
There is much that is romantic in the
history of the Bank of England.   Hat'
A week later, however, the directors
were staggered  al receiving B box in
history Ol me mw. ... ���..���	
it not been for a clever director the bank which lay several securities from the
would have probably suffered a fatul re , bank vaults. There was also a note
verse about a century oro. A panic : stating lhat if the directors would send
occurred among thc banknote   holders ���������,.. ...
and spread to an alarming extent almost
a man to the vaults at  midnight thc
an.I sprean in an .11.1111...,,,.....       writer   would   meet   him   there,   after
before the bank people became aware of, having broken in from thc outside,
what was going on. One morning just j So a number of bank employees went
after the opening of the bank, an angry j down into the vaults at the appointed
and excited crowd thronged the street hour and waited. Finally the scraping
demanding cash for their notes. There' noise was again heard, and a light ap-
wus.it is said, actually double the money I pearcd at one end of the vaults. The
in notes in the hands of that mob than'light, however, vanished on their ap-
there was gold in the cullers of the in- proach. Then a man's voice, issuing, as
stitution, a circumstance that, nut until* it seemed, from the ground right under
enough, presented a predicament of a bad their feel, commandid them lo put out
sort.   Cold must be get for every claim-1 their lanterns, and tho speaker would re-
on Second avenue, broke his leg the
other day. A rock weighing about
250 pounds fell from lhe dump car
and striking the leg slantwise inflicted
a nasty double fracture fortunately not.
compound, however.
R. A. McMordie himself attended
instantly to the injured man. Efforts
to summon one or other of the medical
men in the city by phone drew blank
every time, but Mr. McMordie had
Messrs. E. A. Barbeau's rig hired at
once and drove Traellssen out to the
hospital where Dr. Eggert attended
him, the contractor remaining by until
the leg was set and comfortabU. Today
the patient is reported to be progressing
Thousands of People Are Affected by
the Regulation*��� Worae Epidemic
Ever Experienced in B. C.���Au-
thoritiea' Strict Attitude.
Attend Service of Preabyterian
Church Sunday
ant, and thai would tuke time. The directors sent employees with notes into
the crowd, whose claims were met lirst,
each being paid in six|K>nsce und shillings.    Many men walktd away with
veal himself. Thc lanterns were extinguished, and a man carrying a dark
lantern came on the scene. He explained that he was a sewer-cleaner, and that
he had discovered a disused drain that
Mission City, B. C, Jan. 28.- An |
epidemic of smallpox has broken out
here and the town is under quarantine.
The town of Abbotsford is also undtr
quarantine regulations. The epidemic
is said to be the worst aver experienced
in the Province. The authorities are
endeavoring to grapple with it effectively and in order to do so they are
taking aggressive measures. The regulations governing the disease are so
���ting thousands
lings.    Many men waiaea m��aj   ���*....,���_..  church   parade  service  of  the
sacks of shillings over their backs, sails-1 ran directly into lhe bank vaults.   He | vrill be conducted by the Rev-
fled; and the time gained by this method  had stolen nothing, so the bank gave him j Kerr,
of payment saved the bank, every claim ! a reward which, it is aaid.  ran into thc j
being paid. thousands.
It is said that but one person has ever      When one enters the Bank of Kngland,
succeeded  in  breaking into the bank, no matter by what door, four pairs of
One day, rather more than thirty years eyes watch h'm, though he is unaware
  i strict thut thi-y nre a$, (
The Boy Scouts of Prince Rupert will I of people.
attend the morning service of the First' 	
Presbyterian church on Sunday.    The
One day, rather more mun nun; jm.iq,
ago, the directors received an anonymous | of the fact.   Situated close to the doors
���   ���**   u-bien.   nr���� Kj'creted  four
Fernie City Clerk  la Put  Away for
Twelve Montha
letter staling thai the writer thereof
would nu el any ix-rson the bank might
designate in the bullion rooms H midnight ui .'ii condition, however, that
the individual so designated be not
armed. At lirst. of course, it waa
thought this unique suggestion was a
l...;i\. But, us a precaution, officers
bullion vaults thoroughly
are recesses in which are secreted four
guardint-s of thc institution. One cannot
see them, but they can watch one closely
with the aid of rellecting mirrors, affording a view of both one'9 entrance and
one's exit, as well aa of every mov, ������ '
made from the time of entrance to he
time of departure.
searched the __ 	
lo satisfy themselves thai nothing had
chanced that would enable  any man to ^^^^^^^^^���
enter those rooms.  They waited through- '��� Two Hundred Pound Rock Nipped it
m  . ..��._ te	
Nelson, Jan. 28. -(Special)���George
H. Boulton, city clerk of Fernie, has
been brought here to serve twelve
months in prison for misappropriating
the funds of the city.
Advertise in
out the night, but  beyond  hearing  ii
Below the Knee
peculiar scraping sound that they at-.
trihuted to rats, nothing of a suspicious |    Charlie Traellssen, a Swede who was
nature was heard or seen. engaged on R. A. McMordie's rock cut
Cough Insurance
Insure   yourself against colda
and coughs with a 85 cent bottle of
of Tar and
Cod Liver OH
This famous
preparation is not
only a cure, but
a preventive of
throat and lung
troubles. Take it
in time.
^^^^^^B It is the most sue -
cessful Cough Remedy in Canada.
Large bottle 35 cents; all dealers.
J. I.. M.tairii Ca.. rraa'a.   Sktrkreake, Q.r.
Quwn Charlotto lalaml. Land Diatrict  -DUMttol
Skeona a
Tako notico that 1, Thoa. It. Davay ,>( yua,!
Ch.rlotte, occup.tion nntury public, Intand tol
apply for purmiaalon t.. prospect to* cos! ^.J
petroleum on tho following aat-eritied land! I
Commencing m . post plantad ulna mUa nurthl
.nd .even milea coat ol Section i:i, Townihh* 7
Graham laland and marked No. OS, 1' K. ll., s,flj
comer, thence eaat BO chaina, thanca north
chain., thence weet 80 chuins, thonc, south gi
chain, to point ol commencement, cuitainini W
acrea more or lesa. _
Dated Nov. 10,1910. Till)*'   ll. Ii.U'mI
Pub. Dae. 8. Wilson . lowtot Aitagr
Queon Charlotte lalanda l.m.,1 Dtltrlel   Dktrlot,
Taka notice that I, Thos. K. Dawj ol qua
Charlotte,  occupation  noury  nubile, intend
apply for permhMion to prospect tor coul and peu
leum on tho following deacrihed lun.l.
CommencinK at a poal p!untt*d nloa milt. Borland seven mile, eust of Section 18, ��� ��� ��� j ., 1
Graham Idand and m��rkcd No. tl, T. It I).S,r
corner, thenee north 80 chnns thnua ��,��t f
ehaina, thenco south 80 ch.ins. thenci* eut
chain, to point ot commencement, c.i.tuinitu 6
acrea mora or leaa.
Dated Nov. 10, 1910 THOS It. IIAVKlj
Pub. Dee. ��������� .-.ilaon (limine, An
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und District   l>Utricto
Take notloe th.t 1. Tho.. R. Dave) ol i.
Charlotte,  occupation   notary   public, intend
apply lor permUaion  to pnanael ha coal u*|
petroloum on tho lollowing deacribed l.nd:
Commencing   .t   .   post   plant.-.!   three .
north and .even mile, eaat ol Seri ion Is, Toimu
7, Graham laland and marked No. 71. T. 11.1).,.
W. corner, thence eaat 80 chair... thence noitli I
chaina, thonce weat 80 chains, thenc,. Muth l_
chain, to point of commencement, rcrlainlnt Mi
.ertm   more   or   Imtu '
?��tT.I Nov. 12, 1910. TIKIS. It. I.AVE-J
Pub. Dec. 3. ��''son (..'Wine. An
too in acq
Its sale in many lands is due entirely and solely
because of its surpassing Quality and Purity. Its
nutritious properties come from the choicest Northern
Barley and its tonic properties from select Saazer
Bohemia Hops���its in a class by itself.
Bottled only at the
Anheuser-Busch Brewery        Clarke Bros.
St Louia. Mo., U. S. A. Distributors Prince Rupert, B. C
Queen Charlotte laland. Und District   llbirictt
Take notice that I. Thos. It. Havey ol I	
Charlotte, occupation notary piihlic, inlw,d~
apply tor permisaion to prospect lur coal r
petroleum on the following desenl.sl land:
Commencing at a po.t puuriad thtw n
north and aeven mllea oaat ol Batttoh IS. Tata.
?. Graham laland and marked Nu. 71, T. R. 1).. .
E. corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thenee tout. I
chalna, thenee weat 80 chains, tlience nortli ���
ehaina to point ol commencement, ontainirg f
���em, more or lea..
Dated Nov. 12.1910. TIKIS. It DAVE*]
Pub. Dec. 3. Wil*'ti lensinc. An
Quean Charlotte Island. Land District   In.tnrU
lake notice that I, That. R. Ilavey ol l.
Charlotle,  occupation   notary nubile, intend
' apply for permiaaion  to prospirt lar ci! i
petroleum on the [ollowing oismtiIm-i Ii i.i
Commendng  at  a   poet   plant,* I thns*
north and .even milos east ol S,s-t i i M, Te��m
7, Graham laland and marknl No. 7:i. T. ll. I)J
W. corner, thenco north 80 chain*, thenre *.-'. ���
chain., thenre aouth 80 chain., tl-ence *mi
ehaina to point uf commencement, containing i
acrea more or leea. _
Dated Nov. 12, 1910. TllOS. R IIAVEf,
Pub. Dee 3, Wilson (Ma* 'f
I Queen CharlotU lalanda Land Dictwt-Ilatria <
' Skaena I
Take noUca that I. Tho.. II. I".*-, -  -.
Charlotte.  occupaUon   notary  pui'iir. i-.u-d
apply  for permtaa>on  to proape,'
petroloum on the lollowing desert)- I
Commeneing at a poat planted t���xz_____m
north and eight mllea eaat ol BeeUM 1 ������ T0**-*'!
7. Graham Mand and marked Ne '��������� I H 0j
W. corner, thonce eaat 80 eh.ln". ilirr.ee south I
chaina. thence west 80 chains, tbiice ****. |
chain, lo point of commencement, containirff
acre, more or leaa. ,_.
Dated Nov. 9, 1910. THOS. R. DaW
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson I lonta*. i^T
Skeona  Land  District���Queen Charlotte I
Take notice that 30 dava alter date I. let-ill
G. Tapert, farmer, of Skidegate. II ('. inua*
apply to tha Chla' Commiasioner ol Ur.d>. I*
licenae lo proopect for eoal, oil and islM.��a'
and under the [ollowing deeerilied l.nd. ^^
Commoncing at a poot pl.nted .1 the norao
corner ��f Lot ill, Graham laland. ther.ce ****
chaina, thanee eaat 80 chaina, thenre inn
chain., thonce weat 80 chain, to point ol com
ment, and containing 640 acraa. .,__*
Dated Nov. 14, 1910.   FRKDINANDfi T\PW
Puh. Dae. 10.
Skaena Und  Dlatrict-Queen Charlotte
Division ,w,lirl��B
T.ke notice th.t 30 day. alter '1��" !     ' ,,-.,���*���
O. Tapert, termer, o   Skidegate. 11   '.,   ( "P
apply to the Chiel Commu-ioner ol Un*     1
.nd under the following de��-rlbad ���������   I      .Jm
Commancing at a post K%^*StUmU
ol the aoutheat corner ol l.ot �����,"" E at��l
thence aouth 80 chain., thenc* "J-*L*"Wi
thence narth l>0 chains, th.nce *>***> IJg���
point of commeneement. and wnl.n ". t;ga
bated Nov. 14,1910. KKKDINAM"' ' I
Pub  Dec. 10.
Quaan Charlotta IaUnda Und District   lh**
Skeena , _-
Tak. notic that I. Tho,. R.I a��> ���* J
Ch.rlotle,  occupation   notary   pubbc '^, ,
apply  lor permiaaion  to ��**>*}_ if_A.
petroleum on the lollowing *_*W}EL_
Commencing at a post D*g* !��������� <��",
north ��nd three mile, eaat ol ****** ' j B. D.
7, Graham I.land and marked No. fa . ���    ^
ti. corner, thence we.t 80 ��haln.. th-n^<*    A
chalna,  thence east  80 chain.,    here*
Wilson C."**!1
chains,   tnence   east   o��   v,���,*-.   - .
chalna to point of commencement, aa.
acrea more or k-a��. antra   It  I'A'"
Dated Nov, 13, 1910. TIIOS- ����� "
Pub. Doc. B.
Skeona   Und   Diatrict
-Queen  Charlotte 1<W*
_^_^_^__ Division
T.ke notico tl.-t 30 days after dale
I ase noins- .���-*. *,�� "*���.--, ��� .     ...     ���...-
G. Tnpert, farmer, of Skidegate. it      ���       ,��� ,
apply to the fflttS^TmTjS\\*SS***
licenae to proapect lor coal, oil an i i
and under the lollowing tmgSSeltS so>"��*4
Commencing .t a po��t planteil at '- rorth|l
cornor ol Ut 286. Graham Island, tit ^ ��
ehaina, thence eaat 80 fiJ��J "'.'���, Km-��**
eh.ln.. thence west 80 ch.ins to point
ment, aad conUining 640 acre*. TArF*"'
D.ted Nov. 14,1910.  FERI>IN'S"
Pub. Dec. 10
Skeen.  Und   DUtriet-Queen  l'hs-1
I Man*
Skean.  i-.net   umu-i*-.���*..  .j
DlvUion .  |>,,|inrt��
T.ko notice th.t T.O days alter dsi.   ��� , ,*
G. Tapert, larmer, ol SHMft* '. ,  niK fJ
apply to the Chief Commtasinner   i       ,mB m
lie to prospect for ml."' ��",;,',.
under the lollowing dose, Is-i  �� ' _ ���,��������#
ommencing at a P��" _**$*&%���*��� -'"'���' i
.to ol Ut 285, Graham Island, i ,,���   _iAh %
apply .
license l
and unt���
corner ot Ut 285, "ran.." ���������-������ -jhl,pn. ���___
chain.,  thence ea.t   80  <+""i";     ,   (���,���-***
chalna thence weat 80 eh.ln. t" l��"
ment, and conUlning 640 MIJ��      ,,,; TM'KR1
I).tp,l Nov. 14,1910.   FfcKDIN'-'*"
Pub. Dae. 10 T ll E   P UI NC K   H U PERT   OP TIM 1ST
Zmlm* UUMDtotrktt-DtoW*-
, , i 'loin, Mcl.eod nl Vancouver,
it*""-"' ���'���",,' '_Z intand lo ��PJ>I�� '"r RJ*"
PteaW^X-liS and pelroleum on the
Lcmirimf'+ *��� J,.���., ,i,,. northwaat eonut
I"**-'.,1'',' v   Warner, thenco    woat 80
::;:;,.'     - ��m ***%%*
��"������-.,. .������, JOHN M'KKUI)
J|M *>���"" W . Dass. Agenl
- ,��� ,���.;.|.nil. Uml DWrlrt-Diatrict of
af*""1 Skeena
.���ih.i I loba Mcl.io.| ol \uncouver,
fa*:2 r, ...lend to apply for M*-
fcjga'.i'i^t nlantad at tta north-
r***"?2%l hdaf   I"' norlhea.t corner
(ffjll V E  """������ ""'""��� *���� H
PiTU SO cbalna, ihenc east BO
chuins to ,��.lnt ot com-
W. Daas. Agont
.Oarlott. Ul.n.ie Und DuUrict-Diatrict ol
��� Skana
H.1-��tl..i I.Jnhi McUod "I \ancouver,
Ln|iw|.-ri te eml und pattolaum on tho
I- ,' a""sV,���,t planM  on- mile
>i tr.rli.rol Lot I ..narked
V_ ��   i..*i,r. Is *B| lhe N.W*   Ci'�����.
J1  . .    halna, thenca s,.uth 80 chaina.
��� ���. ihsi* north 80 ehaina lo
���"*,��� W   Dam. Agent
L nd.lrnd Dlsirirt���Diitrlctol
itl, John McUod ol vaneouvar,
i tend to applN lur per-
,l��p.*.��l��s.. fat c..il .nd petroleum on the
i ;���".- ���
. - plaatad one min*
I ,i corner ol Ut 171 being the
irked J. McL, N. B. Corner,
thenc, south 80 chaina
. ..  north BO chaina lo
bit c- -
tl,, ., JtillN M-I.KOI)
[,. | W. Ilw, Agent
Loa-Wir l^ande U   I DaJtriO    Diatrlctof
CWirrtliat 1. J,.I.. McUod ut Vancouver,
;.m '. nd to apply lor per*
'..i cal and |s-i roleum on the
[ flMft-1,,1   >SI '.S
r���iin ii I .1 a |*ust planted one mila
-:,f ol Lot  171 Is-ing
j- ���.���aTl..sl J. McL. S, W. Cur-
. I l.enc* easl 80 chains,
���i ���   .,.-t BO rhaina to
latranttsnerni, r
laatl. \V   i's . Agen
aQlratleMud. Ui. I Distrirt     DUinclol
atMs*, tui I...':. McUskI ill Voncouvcr,
stRQMm l*n...t, i.,. ,..| to apply for per-
ataanaartt l���r t*ml and pelroleum on tho
C0WW��sl land.
tag at a pnst planted one mile
^t*t-��tan..e.t tonne ol Ut l"l being the
*' ��� Mrl,   J-    I     Corner,
'���--������ . .c   west   80 ch.ins
I MnMoair... thenee eaal 80 chalna t
I ��j i���iuiuu
4l*ir.:i.l��, JOHN M'LKOD
t W. Daaa. Aunt
��� CMaar kJaad. Und Dlrtrict- DUtrict ot
t w�� iii* Uaaj Mcleod of Vancouver.
"���jn��*a. hrolier, intend lo apply for par-
�� p-*\*t le* m.1 and petroleum on the
t *��ml*d Unds:
"?"���*"*����� ai a poat planted 30 chain.
_��* t��tts��>t corner of Ut 4S being the
, "J*""***" "id tn.tked J.  McL. N. W
IT".*** "��� chalna, ihence aoulh 80
.-*�� ***- "* 'haina. thenca norlh 80
���"PMtot commencement conuining 640
dlsst.K. I��|0.
W. Daaa, Agant
pOadott. Irfands Und Dlalrict-Dtatrict ol
,**"'���'taw l.John Mcleod ol Vancouver,
a**zy��" "y��er. Inlend to apply tor par-
la^2^I!!l,'<".c,",, *ni petroleum on the
���JJ****** ��t ��� post nlanted 30 chalna
��� wtheait comer of Ul 46 being the
]*_>* m.rVed J.  MeL. N.  E. Cor.,
"���a Ml clsin., thence aoulh  80 chaina,
llaC- P***k lh'-'"�� ��o"b 80 chain, to
|Vtr!?l*���>*-'< containing 640 acre..
r*aV,ii      ,0' JOHN M'LEOD
*' W Daa., Agent
PCWW Idand, Und Dlatrlct-lilatrlct of
_.__ .       Skivna
rr!,���'* J"*.** McUwl of Vancouver,
1*J~"J����k't, Intend to apply lor per-
y^���� at . ,K.t pUnted 30 chaina
V^S^"* "���"'*������.*''>'>'< 4'3 Mng the
m*Z'.,m"M'- ���������������� N. W. Cor..
Si wi Sft ,���r'nt,' ���ou,h "> mm
I conuining fill) acre..
lu ..-'���"'ia JOHN M'LKOD
W. Daaa. Agenl
*���''*"'������ Uland, Und District   Dlatrcl ol
L*%.taltatS V"*WJd * V-ncouver.
�����>���.  ...ei.e   t'Y'llU"\l  ���*' *-'''l>'  *<" Uf*
���**��� 1*&Z ,,'n,7("'1 ���""> l-etroleum on the
*; �� Post pl.nted 30 chain.
tnim-..     u' **x  rctrnpf ��f  I^i   17-1  ____ZZ
: :'^.dj.McrN,K.^t.
,' **���' -" ���fiKr'.iSS" *mk m mS*t
_\f*m**SS^i__* ?��r*eh   R0 Ch",n"  �����
.... containing 640 acrea.
Jn.ll.'1*"'- JOHN M'l.KOD
W. Daas, Agent
J /** "���"feaS? "",,1c*    "*"*����� ������
__**t*tm\**_\d��***f*t*l\ ��' Vancouver,
i,h.'" l"-|..s* I,, ^?"'nJd ,0 "l-l-'V �����' per^
: '"-I Un",    *'>'1 I*"���1""" "�� the
dP*�����Z,"���" i""1, P1"'"! "O chaina
" '���-���*. ..,",''���;' --Using the
. '",   *"  chain .,*,'���   McL-   S-   �����  *****
\t*_* ������' &���   o"" nor'n 9 chalna
fc>-2,UM,rh ? ���,,'"n��
(*���'*. iai(i      ���" """alnlna 640 acrea.
������" 'I JOHN M-I.KOD
-'���IIOI    M   I,I,ll|l
W, Da��, Agent
Queen Charlotte Island. Und Dislrici Diatriet ol
T.ko notico that 1, John McUod of Vancouver,
11. C, occupation broker, intend to a] ply (or permiaaion lo pro.iii'Cl for coul and iH'troletiin on the
following deicrlliod land.:
12.���Commencing nt a po.1 plaatad BO chnins
west ol llie northeast corner ot l.ot 17:1 being the
aoutbenet corner marked J* McL. S. K. Cor., thence
weal 80 chain., thenee norlh 8(1 chains, thenee
na.t 80 chaina, thence aouth 80 chnina to point of
commencement contuining B4Q acre..
Dated Dec. 2C, 1910. JOHN M'l.KOD
Puh. Jan.21. V*.   1....... Vein
Queen Charlolte Inlanda Land Diatrict Di.trict ol
Skoena ,
Tako notice that I, John Mel.eoi| of Vnncouver
I'. Cm occupation broker, intend to upply for permiaaion lo prospect for coul und petroleum on the
following doacribed lutiilb:
13.��� Commencing at u i��ial planted at the north.
ea.t corner ol Ut 42 being the northwest corner
marked J. McL. N. \V. Cor., thence eii.t so chains,
thenre aoutb 80 chnina, thence v.est Ml chuils,
tbence north 80 chaina lo point ol commencement
containing 610 ncrea.
tinted Dee. 28. lilltl. JOHN  M'l.KOD
I'ub. Jan. 214 W. Unas. Agent
Queen Charlotto laland. Und Dislrici -District ol
Skeena ,
Take notice lhat 1. John HaLnd of Vancouver
11. ('., occupation broker", Intend to apply lor |��r-
misainn to pros|s*ct lor coal und petroleum on the
following de.rrit.cd landa:
14. Commencing at a post planteil at the northeast comer ol Uit 12 Is-ing the northeast corner
marked J. Mel . N. I'. Cor., thenc,* west Ml chain.,
thenre south 80 chain., thence eaat SO chaiis,
Ihence north so chnins to point ot commencement
containing 610 acrea.
Duted IVc. 28. 1910. JOHN   M'l.KOD
Pub. Jan.21. W. Dass, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und Di.trict- Di.trict ol
Tako notico that I. John Mcl.eod of Vancouver.
R. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for |>er
mission to limapacl for eoal and petroleum on the
lollowini! deaerll'isl land.:
16.-Commencing ��t a post plaatad al the
r.orlbeaat corner ot Lot tl baloj the norllivesi
corner marked J. MeL. N. W. C"r.. tl���-nre east
80 chain., thence .outh 80 chnits. tbence west N
chain., ihence north Ml chnina to poinl of commencement containing filOaerea. ..���..���,.
Datod Dec's, 1910. JOHN M 1.I.OD
Puh. Jan.21.                                  W. Dass, Agenl
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Diatrict Disirict ol
Take notice lhal I. John Mcleod ot Vanrnuter.
II C , occupation broker, Intend to apply lor isr-
ralasinn to prospect lor eoal and petroleum on the
tollowing described landa:
Ifi. Commeneing nt a post planted at the
northea.l eorner ol Lot 41 l��-ing tie nnrtli.iist
eorner marked J. McL. N. K. Cor. thenr. v,st
80 chalna. thenee aouth 80 chains, thenee oast 80
chalna, Ihence norlh 80 ehaina tn point of tan*
me-cement containing 640 acrea,       .,.,,.,,,,
D.t.ilDec.28. IKl". JOHN   M l.toD
Puh. Jan. 21. V.. Dana, Ayetn
Queen Chariotte Islands Und Dislrici    Disirict o-
Take notice thai I, John Mel^od nf Vancouver,
H. C, occupation broker, Intend tn apply for permiaaion to nmapeet for eoal and petroleum nn the
billowing deaerll*ed land.:
IT.���(ommencing at a port planted al the
northeaat corner of Lot 41 being the southeast
Corner marked J. McL. S. C Cor., therce weal
80 chalna, Ihence norlh 80 chains, thenc eaa
mi chalna, thenre anuth 80 chalna to point o
commencement containing 640 acrea.
Dated Dee. 28, 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Tub. Jan. 21. *   Daaa, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District    District ol
Take notiee thai 1. John Mcl-eod ol Vancouver,
B. C. occupalion brokar*. Intend lo apply lor per-
mlaalon to proapect lor coal and petroleum on the
follnwing deacribed landa:
18.���Commencing at a noal planted at the north-
ea��t corner ol Ut 41 being the aoulhwcit corner
marked J. McL. S. W. Cor., thenee eaat 80 chains,
thenee norlh 80 chalna, thenee weat 80 chalna,
thenee aouth 80 chain, to polnl ot commencement
containing 640 acrea. Mai
Dated !>ee. 26. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. W. Daaa. Agent
Queon Charlotte Isl.nde Und Dlitrict - Di.trict ot
Take notice that 1, John MeUod of Vancouver,
H C.. occupation broker. Intend to apply for permiaaion to proapect for eoal and petroleum on the
following deacribed landa:
It.���(ommencing at a poat .planted at the
southwest corner ol Ul 40 being the northwest
corner and marked J. McL. N. W. Cor., thence
e..t 80 chalna, ihenee aouth 80 chalna. Ihence
waal 80 chalna, thenee norlh 80 chain, to point
of commencement containing 610 acrea.
Dated Dee. 30, 1910. JOHN  M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 81. W, Dana, Agent
Queen Chariotte laland. Und Diatrict -Di.trict o
Take nolice lhal 1, John Mcleod nl Vancouver.
D. C, occupation broker, Intend lo apply lor permiaaion to proapect for coal and petroleum on the
lollowing described lands:
20.-Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner ol Ul 40 being the northeast
corner and marked J. McL. N. K. Cor., thence
weat 80 chalna, thence aouth 80 chalna, thenee
eoat 80 ehaina, thenee north 80 chains In point
ol commencement containing 640 acre..   	
D.le.1 Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan.21. W. Dass, Agenl
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District District ol
Take notice lhat 1, John Mcl^eod ol Vancouver,
II. C, occupalion broker, Intend lo apply for permission to prospect lor eoal and petroleum on the
lollowing deactilicd landa:
21.���Commencing at a port pl.nted .1 the
northweal corner ol Ut 40 being the northwest
corner and marked J. McL. N. W. Cor., thence
eaat 80 chain., thence south 80 ch.ins, thence
wert 80 chain., thenee north 80 chains to point
ol enmmencement containing 640 acres. ,,-.,,
Dated Dee. .10. 1910. JOHN  M'LKOD
I'uh. Jan. 21. W. Daaa, Agent
Queen Charlotle lalanda Und Diatrict - District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod ot Vancouver,-
D. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply for per
mission to nrostiect for coal and petroleum on the
following deacribed l.nda:
22. -Commencing at a port planted tt the
nnrthweat eomer ol Ut 40 being the northeast
corner and marked J. McL. N. E. (or., thence
weat 80 ehaina, thence .outh 80 ch.ins, thence
eaat 80 chain., thenee north 80 chains to point
ot commencement containing 640 acrea.
Dated Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN  M LKOIJ
i'ub. Jan.21. W. Daa., Agent
liuocn Charlotte island. Uml Di.trict   Diatrict of
.,, , , Skeona
hike notiee thnt l.John Mcl.eod nf Vancouvor
II. I ., occupat ion broker, intend tu applv lor per-
mis.uon to prospect lor coul nnd petroleum on the
following descrihed lands:
BB, Commencing ut a post plaatad nt the
northwest corner of Lot   10 being the southwest
corner, marked .1. Mel,. B, w. tor., thence out
H0 chums, thence nortli 80 chain., thence west
SO chnina, thonco soutli 80 chnina to poinl ol
commencement containing II4II ncrea.
Dated Dm. 80,1810, john M'LEOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. \V. Duns. ARenl
Quwn Chariotta Islands Und District -Diatrict ot
Tnke notice thut l.John Mcl.on.l ol Vancnuver
11. ('., occupation broker, intend lo npply for permission tn proapect for conl nnd petroleum on the
following described landa:
21. CotniiienciliK at a post plnnted at the
northwest comer Lot 10 being the southeast
corner markad J. McL. S. V.. Cor., thence west Ml
chains, Hence north Ml chains, thence east 80
chain., thence suuth 80 chains to point ol commencement containing CIO acre..
Datod Dec. 30, 1810. JOHN M'l.KOD
I'ub. Jan.21. \v, Dnss, Agent
Quwn Churlotte Islands ljind District -District of
Tuke notice that 1, John Mcl.eod ol Vancouver,
II. ('., occupntion. broker, intend to npply lor permission to prospect for coul and petroleum on the
following described lands:
21,. Commencing at n post planted one mil,,
north ol the northwest corner ol Lot :>*�� being the
northeast corner m.rki*d J. McL. N. K. Cor.,
thence west 80 chains, thenco south Hll cimins.
thence east HO chains, thencu north HO chnina to
point of commencement containing liltl acres.
Dated Dee. 31, 1910.
I'ub. Jan.21.
\V. Dass, Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islands Uind District    District of
Take notiee Ihst I, John McUod ot Vancouver,
I). ('., occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospeet lor coal nnd |��etri,loum on the
following described lands:
26, Commencing at a poat planted one mile
north ol the northwest corner of Lot :t'.l lining the
southeast corner mnrked J. McL. S. K. Cor.,
thenee west HO chains, ihence north HO cbalna,
thenee east 80 chains, thenc south HO chnins to
iMiiol ot commencement containing lilO acres.
Dnt.il Dec. 31, 1910. JOHN  M'l.KOD
I'ub. Jan. 81, W. Dass, Agent
Expected That Prince Rupert Will
Relieve Sinter Ship for Spell but in
Spring Will Join With Her in
Doubling Service.
Now that the Princo Rupert hus been
ilt'linitcly culled olf from the Honluulu
trip the chances are that she will lie
hack on the Prince Kupert run again
very shortly. In the opinion ot Mr.
McMaster, the G. T. P. steamship
agent, she will replace the I'rince George
for a short time, and later on will join
with her in giving the cily the same
twice ti week service that was enjoyed
last year. It is expected that with the
advent of the spring when the trade
conditions justify the scheme lhe twin
boats will each run to Uuiwrt once a
While no one Imagines that the company are instituting this excellent service
from philanthropic motive*, the maintenance of such ships ns the Primes
(ieorge and Rupert is a heavy item antl
not to be discharged with the shipment
of a cargo now and then. The service
is another example of the pioneer work
of Lhe west, which requires a heavy
outlay for a delayed but ultimately
generous return.
NOT1CK IS HKItKllY C.1VKN thai implication   r,_~ _-,_,.   r_ .   _->_ n_ r,
will Is-tmide t.. the   I'ai baioenl "I ���faii:,.! ,..;���!,.   -L If I |M    P A I    | h I I
present session thereof, for nn Act to Incorporate    .  tWJllR   A  JraV/li I V*
uioilwnN company under the ntitne of "Hudson's
Itav. I'.-lice Kiver nnd l'aeilic Railway Cotnpnny"
with Power to lay out, o instruct and operute n
line or hues of rnilway from Port Nelson on Hudson's ltny: thenc* in li  northwesterly direction to
Foil Churchill on Hudson's Bay; ihence westerly
la'twccn the lifty-eiuhtb ittul sivtietli parallels of
lntitvi.lt* to, nt or ncnt^*nrt Vermillion on the
I'ence Itivet; thence in n southwesterly direction
to. nt or near Port St.  John; thenee westerly nml
northwesterly  to LaOtfaV Pass; thonco westerly I
but .liirhtly south thoiiuh Icaaplng north ���f the , Application   for   Incorporation   Will
llfty-sixlb parallel to a point at or near where the ,
Nan. Kiver cro.se. the tlfty-sixth parnllel; tbence
down either the easl ot west side of the Nuns Ki- J
vcr to a point al or near where it enters the 1'nci-
BO Ocean and from thence to tbe l'acitie Ocean ��l ,
or nenr Port Simpnon, also from a txiit.t on the
afi.remontiuned course nt or near Kort St, John i
south.nsttrlv to the city of Kdmonton In the Pro- ]
vinos, of Alberta, and from a point on the tuild line
of railway at or near where it touches Cochrane
river, aoulherlv and southwesterly to the city of
Prime Albert in the province of Saskatchewan;
with power to conatruct and operate teb'irraph
and telephone anil cable lines for Konerat public
purpose.; to carry on, construct,  mnlnuiin and
operate ls,nts and  ferries for the purposes of the
rnilway and other purpose.; to acquire and make
uae of  lands, waterlota, wharves, docks, dockyards, .lips, warehouses, elevators and other conveniences; and with power to enter into airree-
menis with other companies.
For the Applicant.
Datad at Winnipeg- thi. iwenty-.econd day of
December. 1910.
,l:il !,w Smith a Juiinson, Ottawa, Aaent.
Be   Made   to   Parliament   Soon
Will Traverae  Dean  River to Fort
McLeod and Athabaaca.
Notice is hereby given that an appli
cation will be made to the Legislative
Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at its next session for an act
to incorporate a company under the
name of the "Naas and Peace River
Railway Company" with power to
build, construct, maintain ana operate
a railway of standard or narrow gauge
to be operated by steam, electricity or
other motive power from the head of
Nasoga Gulf, in the Province of British
Columbia, up the Naas River to its
junction with the Kitmancool River,
thence following the Kitmancool River
easterly towards the Babine River,
thence easterly up and along the Babine Kiver to a point at or about its
junction with the Neelkitkwa River,
thence northerly and easterly to the
Nation River, thence easterly along the
Nation River to the Pine River, thence
easterly along the Pine Kiver and
through the Pine River Pass to the
easterly houndary of the Province of
British Columbia; with power to build
branch lines and with power to construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith, and to construct, acquire, own,
charter, equip and maintain steam and
other vessels and boats and to operate
the same in navigatible waters and with
all the powers given by thc "model
railway bill" and with such other powers and privileges usual or incidental
to all or any of the aforesaid purposes.
Dated the 20th day of December, A.
D. 1910.
Solicitor for the Applicants
D 22-J24
Notice Is given tliul application
will be made to Parliament for an act
to incorporate the Pacific & Hudson
Bay Railway from Kimsquit at the head
of Dean Channel, thence northeasterly
following the Dean River, Sigula Lake,
Kwalchela Lake, the Entiaco River
and the Upper Nechaco River to Fort
Fraser, thence northeasterly to Fort
McLeod, thence crossing the Pasnip
River, through Pine River Pass and
following Pine River to Coal Brook
and thence northeasterly to Dun vegan
thence along Peace River to Peace
River Landing, thence easterly passing
the headwaters of the Bear River to the
Athabasca River and Fort McMurray,
thence crossing the Athabasca River
and following the Clearwater River
and Churchill River to a point on the
Hudson Bay Railway south of Was-
hoiwaka Lake and thence to Churchill
or Nelson on Hudson Bay.
Preaented With Gold Medal in Recognition of Servicea Rendered to
Dramatic Art���Firat Woman to
Receive the Honor.
New York, Jan. 25. In recognition
of her distinguished services to dramatic art, Miss Ellen Terry, the English actress, was presented with a
gold medal yesterday by founders of
the New Theatre. The presentation
was made befoie a large assemblage
of men of lettc>rs, playwrights and musicians. To Miss Terry falls the dual
distinction of being the first woman
and thc first British subject to bc so
honored. Prior to the presentation, a
special pcrfromance of Maeterlinck's
"Sisier Beatrice" was given.
Owned antl operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plat,.
Excellently furnished, with
steam heat, electric light, ami all
modern conveniences, being absolutely lirst-i-lass in every respect.
The appointments and servite
are equal to any hotel on tin
Rates: $1 lo $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooms
ARTAUD & BESNER, Proprietors
The New Knox Hotel it. run on the European
plan. FlrtH-clan wrvice. All the Latent M.ilrrn
Improvement*. ���:-:- BEDS tOe UP
| 15?
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth St.
The fini-nt Koom*.
Thc beM .-tiiiipi >-t|
nnri Ft-rnni hcatrtl.
Hot nml fold Imth*.
IJtnlnK    room   nnd
| Corley & Burgess, Props
iliXt'^ if�� ��� I ���>  II **>    "-a I ***"***.�� ���*aafca***��^a ***** .���*__.*-**.
Sprint* Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
Labour Bureau in connection
All kinds of positions ___,_
f uniBhed FREE
J. GOODMAN. Pi-oprtator
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, B.C. THE   PRINCE RU PERT   OP. IM1BT
Uu-M.ii Chariotu Ulindi Uml Dlitrict���Dtotricto
Skeena ���
Tako notice thai I, Juhn Mcl-wnl "I Vancouver,
11. 0., Mauullon brokor, Intand to apply fur per-
iniwiiuii to Ptoapaot lor coa la nil lietroleum un tH
tollowlni daacribad landai
1 -Commancing at a poat planted ubout ona-
third ul a milu ��"Uth ol tha northwestcorner ul
Cu.l Lloanoa Nn. -J.illU murki-d J. M. N. W;
Curner, thence south Hll chains, thenw cast BO
thaloa, thence north HO chain*,, thenn* west HO
chain* to polnl ol commancamant.
Dated De*. Urd, ll'lO. JOHN  M U50D
rul.jHii.-Jl, P.C, Klliott, Agent
Queer. Chariotta talandi Und District--District ol
Tuke nuiice thai I, Juhn McUod ul Vancouver,
II. C, occupation bruker, inlend to apply lor |>er-
mlaaloli lo prospect lor dial nnd petroleum on the
lollowing rfiacrlbed lands: ,    ,   ...    ���._
2. Cnninienclng ul ii post planted about one-
third ol n mile south ol lhe northwest corner ol
Coul l.ircnce No. r>:lU murked J.M.S. W, < orner.
thanea north Ml chains, thence eaal HO chains.
Ihence Boulh HU chains, thence wesl HO ehuins
to puint ul commencement. .,,,..���,,
Dated lhe. -J:ird. 1910. JOHN M LhOD
Tub. J.n. 81. ?. C. Elliott, Agenl
Queen Charlotle Islands Und District���District ol
Tuke nunre that I. John McUod ul V.ncouver,
U. C, occup.iion hroker. intend to upply (or permission to prospoct (or coul and petroleum on
the following daacribad lands:
3.- commencing ui h post plantad nbout ona-
third ol a mile south ol tl.e northwest corner ol
Co.l Licence No. 2*>3(i murked J. M.S. K. Corner,
thenc north 80 chuins, Ihence west HO chuins
thenci' south HU chuins, ihence enst HO chains to
polnl ol commencement.
Datad Dae. 88rd, 1910. JOHN MLI.nl>
I'ub. J.n. II. !���'* C. Klliolt, Agent
Queen Chariotta lslunds Und District���District o
Tuke notic tint l, John**!cl.eod ol Vancouver,
11. C, occupution hroker, intend to apply lor per-
mission lo prospect for coul und petroleum on Una
lollowinK *u*. nl, *l lwn,Is:
���1,   ( nmmencing ut a post plunicd ulmut one-
Ihird ol a mile south vl tl.e northareal corner .1
Coal Ueanoa No. ���_:,:in marked J, M.N. I.. i orner,
thonce suutl. HO chains, thence waal HO chuins,
Ihence nurth HO choins, tbence eusl HU chuins lu
point U commencement. .......  ,,.,,,���,
Dated Dec. .Mrd. 1910. JOHN  M'l.KOD
Tub. Jun Sl. P. C. Klliott. Agent
Quean CharioUa lalanda Land DUtrict���DUtrlctol
T.ke notica that I. John McUod ol Vancouver,
II. C. occupation hroker, inlend to upply (or permission tu pros*e,i (or coul and petroleum on the
following <ie*.erib,si lunds:
5. Commando! ui a pool planted on the Dena
Kiver ahout 1 l-S mil��� from ils mouth murked
J. It, N. \S .Corner, thenc south HO chuins, thence
easl 80 chains, Ihenie north SU ehuins, thenoa
west HO chuins lo poinl ol commencmenl.
Dated Dor. 23rd. l'.Mu. JOHN M'LEOD
Tub. Jan. 81.                       F. C Klliott. Agenl
Queen Charlotte Islands ljind District Dlstricl ol
Take notic that l, John McUod oi Vancouver,
D. C occupalion broker, intend tu apply lur ) ,r-
mlaaton to urotgaect (or coul und petroleum or. tile
lolluwing deacrilatl lunds:
6. -Commencing at a poat plantad un the Dana
Uiver aliuut 1 l-'J miles Irom It. mouth inaike.l
J. M. N. K. Curner, thenc south HU chains, thence
weat HU ch.ins, Ihenee nnrth HO chains, Ihence eaat
80 chain, to liuinl of eommencemenl.
Duted Doc. 23rd, IUIU. JOHN M'LEOD
I'ub. J.n. IL P. C. Klliott, Agenl
Quen Churl,,i:,. Islands Und Diatrict���Disirict ol
Take nolice Ihul I, John McLeod of Vuncouvcr,
B. C. occupation broker, intend lo uppl*. lor permiaaion to prosiM-et for coal and pelroleum on the
following described lands:
T. -Commencing at a ihisi planted on thn Dena
River about 1 l-'J milea Irom its mouth markesl
J. M. S. K. Corner, thence north HO chains, thence
weat HO chains, thence south HO chnins, thence aaat
HO ch.ins to |K,int of commenement.
D.ted Dec. 23rd. 1910. JOHN  M'l.KOD
I'ub. Jan. 21 F. i'. Kllioll. Agent
Quen Charlotte Islanda Land District -Diatrict ol
Take notice lhat I, John McUod nl Vancouver,
li. C, occupation broker, intend to apply lor permisaion lo prus)*ect for co.l and potroleum on the
following descrihed lands
8.��� Commencing at a posl plunted about .1
chain. ���������-'. of the northeaat corner of Timber
Limit No. IMS! marked J.M.S. W. Corner, thenn*
north HO chains, thence east HO chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west HO chains lo point ol commenement .
Dated Dec. M, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott, Agent
Quen Charlotte Island. Und District District ol
Take notice thai I, John MaLaod ol Vancouver,
11. C, occupation hroker, intend to apply lor jier-
miaaion to liroap��*cl tor coal anil petroleum on the
following described lands:
9. Commencing ul a liost planteil about .->
ehaina weat of the northeast corner of limber
Limit No. UMf marked J. M. N. \V. Corner,
thence aouth HO chains, thence eaat HO chaina,
thence north ho chains, thence weat HO chains to
point ol commeneement.
Dated Dec. 14, 1010. JOHN M'l.KOD
I'ub. Jan. II. P.C, Klliott. Agent
Quen'Charlolle Islands Land District District ul
Tj*ke nolice thai I. John Mel eod ol Vancouver,
11. ('.. occupution hroker, intend to i.*���'y lor permission to pros*��i*ct (or coal and peti-.l. um on the
lollowii.g dcsfrlhcil Imids:
10. Commeneing at a poal planted about r��
chain, west of the nortln*ust corner of Timber
Limit No. uv.i'J marked J. M. N. B. Corner,
thenc south so chains, thence west HO chains,
thene norlh Hll chuins, Ihene enst H0 chains to
point ol commenement.
Datad Dee. 14,1810. JOHN M'LEOD
I'uh. Jan.21 P, C. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlolte Islands Lund District���Dlstricl o
Take notic that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
II. C, orcupation broker, intend to npply for permiaaion lo prospect lor eoal and petroleum on the
lollowii.g described  lands:
11. ���Commencing at a post planted ot the
northeast corner ol Con] Licence No. 11482 marked
.1. M. S.K.. Corner, thence north 80 chain., thence
went HO chains, thenee south 80 chains, thence east
80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Her. 2H. 1910, JOHN M'LKOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. F. 0. Elliott,Agent
Quen GhlflOtta Islands Land Diatrict���Diatriet of
Take notice that I, John McUod ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following deserlls-d landa:
12. Commencing at a posl planted at the
northeast eorner of Coal Licence No. 3481 marked
J. M. S. K. ("orner, thence north 80 chains, thence
went 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence east
80 chnins to point ol commencement.
Doted Dec. 26, 1910, JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott, Agont
Quaan Chariotta IaUnda La d District   imirinof
Tuke nolice Unit I, John McLeod ol Vuneiiver,
li. C.i occupation hroker, Intend to apply lor i-
mis.-ioii to prospect for coal awl pelroleum u
lollowing daacribad binds; ,
l:i.- Commencing at a poal planted I tba
northeaat orner ol CoaiLleenoe No. 8481 marked
.1 M. S. W. Corner, thence nort.: 80 chuins Hence
out BO rhuins.tlicncc so I'. HU cimins, thence waat
nu chuins to point oi commencement.
Datad Dao.18,1810. ��� JOHN M LBOD
pub J'ni "I I ���( ��� Klliuii. Agent
nCharlotte laland.Und Disirict- DUtrlctol
Take notice ihut I, John Mcl.eod of Vancouver,
11. c��� occupation broker, Intand to apply for permWon to prospect for coal und patrolOuD on the
lollowing daacribad land-:
11 Commcncin al a pool panto ul he
northeast corner ol Coul Licence No. 3IK1 marked
J. M" N. W.Cornar. ihencnsoiiih -"J ehaina, thanca
ensl SO chuins. ihenc   norlh HU cbalna, thene went
Hiichni s lo point ol c ���   mencnont
Dat" ),c. !-,, 1810, 'OllN  M l.l-.OD
Pub. Jan. 21. P. C. Elliott, Agent
Quen Chariotta Islands Lund Disirict - Distnct ol
Tuke nolice thut 1, John McLeod of Vancouver
II. C, occupulion hroker, intend to upplv lor | ar-
mlaalon tO prospect lor coul und pelroleum on lhe
following daacribad lunds:
Hi. ���Coinmenc.ng nt n post plumed ubout one
mile enst ol the southeast corner of Coal Licence
Nu. Ill77 murked .1. M. S. E, Corner, ther.ce north
HO chuins, Ihence weat HO chains, thence aouth BO
chains, thenc ist hu chuins to point of eommancemant.
Datad Dec.89, 1910. Jc       M" 'I'D
Pub. Jan.81 P.C. Klliott Agent,
Queer. Chariotta lslunds Lund District- Dislrici ot
Tuke nntice Ihul l.John Mcl.eod ol VanVOUCer
It. C. occupation broker, inlend to apply lor per
mission to proapact for coal and petroleum on the
lollowing rjeacrlbad lunds:
tt. Commencing nt n post plumed ubout one
mile eust of the southeast eorner of l.'oal Licene
No.  11477   mnrked  ,1.   M.  S.   U.   Comer,  Ihenc
Quen Charlotte Islands Land District- Dlstricl ol
Tuke nolle thut l.John UcUod  "I \ ��n,r('u";'-
It. C .. occupution broker, intend to apply for 11 -
liiission to prospeet for eoal and perloleun, on the
'ir'T,:!;:;^'.:"'!:^ ���.��,..,. m-
mile north nnd two miles aaat ol lhe northeast
Mrner of Coal Licence No. B4TI marked J. M
N.W   Corner, thenee south B0 Chaina, th'f"'ea>
ho chains, thanea nonh 80 chalna, thenoa waal 80
chains lo poinl of commencement.
g��iiMBn'       r.��JWB5
Quen Chariotta Islands Land District-District nl
Take notice thai 1, John Mel,eod ..I Vancouver .
11  C��� occupulion broker, intend to .DPI) lor per
mission lo prospeet for conl und pelroleum on the
following described lands:
16 -Commencing at a post plantad about ona
mile norlh and two miles easl^ of the nort easl
corner ef Coal l.ienc No. 8471 markad J. M. N.
II Corner, thence soulh Hll chalna, thenee weal HP
chains, ihene north HO chalna, ihence eust HO
ehuins to poir.t ol commencement. ,,���.,���.,
Dated Jun. 1,1011. ,. JOHN M LEOD
Puh. Jun. 21. K. C. Klhott. Agen.
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und DUtrict���Diatriet ol
Tuke notico that 1, John McUod of Vancouver,
It. ('., occupation brokor, intond to apply lor permission to prospect for coal and pelroleum on tho
lollowini described land.:
;iii. -Commencing at a post plantod about two
miles north ol the northeaat corner ol Coal Licence
No :i ITo marked J. M. S. E. Corner, thonro north
ho chaina, thenco wet 80 chain., thonce .outh 80
chuins, thene cat HO chaina to point ol com-
menoamaat, ���,���v, ..., ���.*..,���.
Duted Jun. 4, 1911 ��� JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 81. "��� 0. Llllott, Agent
$70,000 PEARL
la About thc Size of
puted   to   Be   One of  ||���
Specimens in the World.
Pea. and I
ing one ol
Quen Charlotte Uland. Und Diatrict���Diatrict of I
Skeona London,  Jun.  25,    Aeeoriline
Take nolice that I, John McUod of Vancouver, i p,jh "a
11. C., occupntion brokor, Intend to apply for per-   BngUBH ni-Aspnpers. London hits
mission to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the   (.hi' Opportunity tif acnulrl
following described land.: ��� '       ,   .      ,        '
:t".   Commencing at a pout plantod about two] lineRt pearls in tin* world,
miles north ol the northeast rorner of Cnall.lcnco I      ,,,, ,.:���,,.���   ., i,;i ..
No ':il7fi marked J. M. S. \V. Cornnr, thence north |      *m   hpttinifll   w tin li ,;;
HU chains, thene ea��t 80 chalna, thence south HO, worth   $70,000,   um!   waa  ..... n,i
choins. thenre west HO chalna to point ol rom i      ,...,.       '.     '. '
menement. ���_. ���____   ��MDWl011    ,���   t|���,   .K'm\nV,   .,
RCMftfr ,!'"- P.c'Zotl.'A'g'.n'tUnown  Bond H,r���.|  j, ���,,,, has
tjuen Charlotte Uland. Und Diatrlct-Diatrictol^'*11  t0  Ani'"-':l      Th    pearl is
Ouaan Chariotta lalanda Land Diatrict   Distrieto!'. , �����*���*-���?, ,     .   ...   ���,. ��� ilne  **m'  of   "   l"a'   M'-  - alaot
'���'"* n Skenu Tlln notice thul 1, John Mcl-eod ol Vancouver,
Take nolice ihnt I. John Mel I of Vancouver,   It. C, orcuputiun broker, Intend to apply lor pcr-
11 a occupation hroker. intend to apply  for per-! miasion to prospect ur coal and petroleum on the
mission to prospect lor roal and petroleum on the I following deacribed landa: ���,��i__
?,', h,w  e* desrr hed lands. 88,    Commencing ut u post pl.nted about three
���'7 C, mine .im. at a post planl.sl nbout two miles north of the northwoat rorner ol Coal Llconco
mile, eaa ..the Louth ea> corner of Coul l.ienc No. :I17.*. marke.1 J. M. N. B. ( orner. tl.ence south
\ I 77 markesl J M.S. W. Corner. I'-cne norlh SO chuins. thene weal 80 chain., thene north 80
B0 ehuins. thene eas' so ohalna, thanca south su chnins. thene ea.t HO rhaina to point of rom-
chalna, thence waat B0 chains to polnl ol eom-
Dated Jan. 1.
Puh. .Inn. 81.
P. C. Elliott, .vgent
Dated Jun. I, 1811.
Puh. Ian. 21.
K.C. Klliott, Agent
lluwlt'ss.   Iii commenting on this
of the members ol thi Um Mail
it laid:
"Tha reason sn manj pearii
tlitws is because whi i ll   oyatcrt
j It little ��ail(l is iipl  '., :��� ��� ]
Quel' Churle
District ol
kuaadi Land Dtatrict
Tako notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
north SO chains, ihence east 80 chuins, Ihenee south 1 ., q ���ccupntion broker, inund to upply lor per-
HO chuins, ihence west Hll chuins to point ol com- 1 mbnaefl to proapect for eoal nn.l petroleum on the
mencement. following deaerj-lbad lueds:
Datod Dae.88th, 1810, JOHN   MLEOD      .,s    Commencing 111 n imst  plantad about two
Puh. Jan. IL t. C, Elliott, Ageni i m^m ,.���,, o( ,)���. anutheaal comer of Coal Lleanee
** ��<���""""- ""ius? uisiri�� - ���>���������u*' 2Sth" is as? Li; ~i�� a iu-
Tuke notice that I, John Mel.eo.1 nf Vancouver. I north mi el,.��� -. thei ,*,��� we���   so chains to point
it. ('., occupation broker, Intand t<> upply lor per-1 of commeneement,
minion to proapact lor coul and pett un, 01. ihe | Dated Jan. 1. 1811 /��� I'-ii,,,,, Am**
lollowini: deacribad lands: Jan. 81. F.C. BlUott, Aunt
17.    Cominelieing al a poal  planted hIh.ui 000
mile easl of the solllleast  corner ol Coal LfCettOQ j
No. :1I77 marked J. M. N.W. Corner, thence soulh | (Juismi Charlotte lslunds Laud Disirict District nl
mi chains, thence east HU choins. thence norlh HO I Skene
ehaina, thance weat 80 chain, to pi Intotcommanoe-; Take notica thai 1, John McU.il ol Vancouver,
ment. II. ('.. occupalion hroker. inlend lo applv la I������ -r-
Datisl Dee. 88th, 1810. JOHN M'LKOD   mtaalon to prospect for coal nnd petroloure on the
I'uh. Jan.21. F. C.Elliott, Afent   following d>-scrilssl lands-
this, coming in contact with (he
which is forming h iy
able  to Bcratcb   il     !'. rl   |   i
are rising in prici -J
$70,000 ipecbnen
of which I urn aware."
iiiimn Chariotu talandi ijimi Diatriet
Taka nottoa thut I, Juhn UoLaod al Vaaoouva
It. (.'., ci'i'iii .it L.tti broker. Intend u> appl) fur par
mtaaion to pronwet for cnul and patnlaum un iho
!mI!,,*.' ;���,- aaacnl ad lundf:
1H. - ("ornnu-ncir.K ut a post j>lutitc*<l ahout OM
mill- aaat uf thi* aouthout corni-r of Coal Lin-nci*
No, ;ii"7 markad J.MeN.E. Cornar (thanea aouth
Mt chaino, thrnee weat Mt chains, thenct* nortli Ml
chalna, thanee aaat Mt chains to point nf commenco-
Datad Dae. 89th, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jun. Sl. F. C. Klliott, axant
29.    ConimnncinR nt t* jkwI plunted aU��it thnt- , \\t q__ bccutMUun inni�� r man. intendi to
Dixtrict of ' n.tlf*H rust  nn��l 004 mile j*outh of xhv anuthiiwl i (0r pormiwiun to purcham* thi* followinK d.
1 corner otCoal Licence No.S477markitl J. M. s. \\
Cornar,  thence nnrth  fO chuinn, thenc*< eant   K0
cliuinn, thenc.' anuth  Hp chnin��, thence BPaat   HO
cha ns to point of commencement.
lmte.1 Jan. I. l'.'ll JOHN  M'LBOD
Pub. Jan. 21. P. C. Klliott. Agent
tjueen Churlutte ]��� i.nni-- l.un-1 llislrict-
-Diatrict ol
Tuke notice thut 1, Juhn MrLt-od of \uncuuver,
i>. Oa( occupation hroker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for cual and petroleum on the
li.lluw ;���.���,��� <n mtiI ��ii landtt:
19.���Commencing at a iwst planted one mie
north nf the northeast curner of Cnul Lleanee No
11177 marked J. M . S. \V. Corner, thence north 8
chains, thence eaat hO chaina, thence BOUth h
chains, thence weat HO chnina to point of com
Dated Dee. 80, 1910, JOHN M'LKOD
Pub, Jnn. 21. F. C . Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Disirict- District of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
H. C ., occupation hroker, intend to apply fcr permisaion to prospect for coal and petroleum un th<
following descrihed lands:
20. -Commencing at a poat planted one mile
north of the northeast corner of Coal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M . S. K. Corner, thence north
SO chains, thence weat BQ chainu, thence aouth K0
chaina, thence east K0 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 80, 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Puh. Jan.21. F. C. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver
B. 0��| occupation brokor, intend to apply for permission to proapect for coal and petroleum on the
fallowing descrihed lands:
21. -Commencing at a post planted one mile
north of the northeast corner of Coat Licence
Nu. 3477 marked J. M. N. W. Corner, thence
soulh K0 chains, thence east K0 chains, tnence
north KO chains, thence west M) chains to point of
Dated Dec. :ut, 1910. JOHN U'LBOD
Puh. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands I,und District    District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
Ii. C, occupation hroker, intend to apply for per-
missinn to prospect for Qoal and petroleum on the
following deaenbed landei
2?.. Commeheing at a post planted one mile
north of the northeasl corner of Coal Licence
No. .117" marked J. M . N . K. Corner, thence south
K0 chains, thence west HO chains, thence north K0
chains, thence east HO chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. B0, 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Puh. Jan. 21. F.C. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District o
Take notice that I.John McLeod of Vancouver
II. C, occupntion broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect fnr coal ami petroleum nn the
following descrihed lands:
23. -Commencing at a post plnnted ahout one
mile north and twq miles east of the northeast
corner of coal Licence No. 3477 marked J. M.
S. K. Corner, thence north K0 chains, thence west
K0 chuinH, thence south KO chains, ihence east 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jnn. 1, 1011 JOHN  M'LKOD
Puh. Jan.21. F.C. Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District -District of
Take notico that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
H. Ca, occupation hroker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
following described lands:
24. -Commencing at a post planted about one
mile nnrth and two milea east of the northeast
corner nf Coal Licence No. 3477 marked J. M.
S. W. Corner, thence north HO chains, thence
east HO chains, thence aouth SO chaina, thence
west K0 chains to point of commencement,
Dntcd Jnn   1,1911 JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
I Queen Charlotte Islands I.and District
I     Tnke notice that I, John UeLaod nf Vancouver,
] II. Ca, occupation broker, intend to apply for per-
: mission to t��ro!��neot for coal and petroleum on the
following described lands:
80, -Commencing   at   a   post    planted   ahout
thr-ee miles east and one mile south of the sourt*>
, mmI cuiuw or <('oui Lkainaf No. utt rri ,kni j. M
N. W. Corner, thence south K0 chains, thence eaat
! SO chains, thence north SO chains, thence west K0
chains to poinl of commencement.
' Dated Jan. 1,1911. JOHN M'LKOD
Puh. Jan. 21. F. C. Klliott. Agent
Skeena Und Disliicl-District ����f Coaat
Take notice that  Henry  Haoartaey of  Prince
j Rupert, Bad occupntion miner, intends lo npply
fin pi*i-inissiwn to purchase th��* fitll��.Aiii��i   dt   >*i i**
ed landa; . j
i    Commenclnr at a post p!nnte-i im left btmk of I 4
! Ex-chum-sik KWer about two and a half milea!    The University Correspondent I
l from  Its mouth and  about one half  mile above   .       ,       ���       , .     .     {l
ra -. thanea aorth BO ehaina, thence ennt w land) offered :t pna ������.!
I chains, thence south w�� chains more less to river   loptinn    nf twnlva    n mini no   ��\_i
i bank, thence u.-sl lo chains mon* or lesa along   -^cuon    OI ���&*����     ttmu
rlvarbuik topolntofooramanoamant, eonuininfr, mistakes. A sclittion from tbe I
:rjo acres, more or lesa.                                                            ,         ��     _,  ��� , ��� >
Data it)f. la 1910, number of entries n i
Pub Jan. 7. mil. 1IKNKY MACATNEV j      ..j^^   ingIorioil,    ; |
epitaphs are used I���:*        ter >U|
envious of Milton's l��t ii g\ i
BjnnWba U) purchase the foUowing deacribed MaRnu q^ yA]il i
Commencing at a jhhI planted on the wwt ahore   n0 rilCllt tO  brillK ���-,, mln a II
n( IJikclso l^ake aUiut (iOrhainit in a north-easterly    , ,     ,, . 1
tUreetiofl from the outb-t at  the lake   I  .   Kebw   house and tell Dtf 10
Kiver; Ihence north 20 chns, thence wwt 10 ehaina,        BkaifcauVtaauM* moil,   n  mltfaUhl
thenco south 20 chains to the lake ahorv, thenee ,      ohake8|H'are mtlilt   a I
following thiOako shore to point of commencement.    (iomnK  Qajgn,   who did  not li\>
Skeena I^nd Db��tricl ��� Dlitrict of Coaat
Take notice lhat Kdwanl Thomas of Vancouver, (
Queen Chariotta lalaml. I.nnil Diatriet -Diatriet ol
Take not ire that 1. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C*i oceupatlon hroker, intend to apply lor ner-
miaaion to uiuauaol for co.l and petroleum on the
[nllowlnf* described l.nda:
ftl. -Commencing al . poal planted about three
milea ,:il and one mile nouth ol the anutheul
nn.ner ol (-O.I Licence No. 3477 marked J. M.
.'.. Y "orner. ihenc wiuth K0 chalna, thence MM
HO chnina. tlience north 80 ch.ina, thence cmal HO
ch.ina to point ol commecnement.
Datwl J.n. I, 1DII. JOHN M'LKOD
Puh. J.n. 21. V '.'. Kllii.'i. Apeiit
Quoen Charlotte lal.nd. I jii,*I Di.trict -Diatriet ol
T.ke notice th.t I, John Mcl*cod of V.ncouver,
U. Ch occupation broker, intend to apply for it
mlaaion t o proapect lor co.l .ml petroleum on th.
followinK de.cril'cd landa:
32.���Commencing at a poat pl.nted aliout on.
mile north ol the northweat corner of (-oal Ucence
No. 11179 marked J. M. S. K. Corner, thence north
HO oh.In., thence weet HO chain., thence aouth 80
ch.ina, thence eaat KO ch.ina to point of eommeneement.
D.ted J.n. 4. 1911. JOHN M'l.KOD
Pttb. J.n. 21. P. C. Klliott. Agent
Queen Charlotte l.l.nd. I jii.,1 Diatrict    Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John Mcl..���i ol V.ncouver,
B. ('., occup.tion broker, intend to .pply for (.*r-
mianion to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
tollowing ifc.crlhcd l.nd.-.
:i:l. Commencing at a |H*.t plantcl .l*out one
mile north ol the nortli.cnt corner ol f o.l Licence
No. :ll',"'.i nuirl.r.l .1 M.S. \V. t orner. thence north
K0 eh.ln., thenci* e.at Kll cb.in., thenci' aouth 80
ch.ina. tlience weat Hll cl.uina to poinl ol eommeneement.
Dated Jan. I. 1911. JOHN M'LKOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. P, C, Klliott, Agent
Queen Chariotta laland. Land Ilialrict Di.trict ol
Take notice thnt 1. John Mel .coil ol V.ncouver,
II. ('., occupation broker, intend tn apply lor |ier-
mlitaion to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
following deaerihell land.:
84.���Commeneing at a poat planted about on.
milo north ol the northwest corner nl Coal Licence
No. 3179 marked J. M.N. K. Corner, tlience aouth
K0 chain., thence west Hll chain., thence nnrth HO
chaina, thenco east HO chain, lo ,.,..- i ot commencement.
DatedI Jan. 4. 1911 JOHN M'LKOD
I'ub. Jan. II. f, (���  Klliott, Agent
Queen Charlotle Island. Land Diatrict Diatrict of
Tako notice that l.John McUmd nl Vancouver
H. (.., occupation broker. Intend to apply |nr i���'
rnlnalnn to proapect (or conl and |H*troleum on the
tollowing described landa:
88, -Commencing at a post planted almut one
mile north ol 'he nnrthwest corner ol Coal Licence
No.3479rnarl,od J. M. N. \V. ('orner. thenci* ,^1^
HO chains, thenee east Kll ch.ina. thence north K0
chain., thence wesl K0 chaina tn point ol commencement.
��� containing 80 acre, mon* nr low.
Di.trict of  Datad Nov. 7.1910. kdward Thomas  hundred yearn titer hit lime.
I'uh. D��. 10 j    j0j)n Uyj-pj, -jBtg t|���, ���,,������, ���( on.
Skeen. Und Dutrict���DUtriet ot Coaat clllimantH tO the tlirolle of ScOllllj
T.ke notice th.t  Donald Clacher, nl llreckm*^     , , ,  ,, , .  .
ridge landing  I'nnee  Kupert,  II. C. orruiation   the rplKIl ol l-.dwurd I.
Vmmi^miSmmmmmrm*man " ^"^     The three highest nttmAm in
Commeneing at a poat planted aliout live mile,   land  lire  Ben  Nevin.  It. ���* bit-wnw
In    a    .mitti    ewrteriy direction (rom llrecken*
ridge landing,  and at the nouthwaat oomer of   Ben Johnson.
Lot 306f>, thenoe .outh 80 chalna, thence eut 80
chain., thence north CO chain, mora or lea. to the
anuth cart corner of Lot 30(12, thence wert 40 eh.ina   , ,f (he mind
more or lev, .long the lot line 306'.! tbence north
20 chain., more or I.-., along   lot   line 3062 to
the .oath eaat corner ol Lot 3065, thenoe mat
40 chain, more or less, along lot line 3065 to tha
plaec   o(   commencement,   containing   560 acre,
more or Iom.
Dated Oct. 28, ni" DONALD CLACHER
Pub. Nov. 17.
An interjection is .1 Hidden expW
Queen Elizabeth rode ��� ���'hi"
Irom Kenilworth through CovtnttJ
nothing on, and Raleigh offered he
When England wa< placed under
Interdict, the Pope Mopped all �����
marriages, and deaths fnr a year.
A figure of speech is 11 way oft
Commencing at a po.t planted at S. W. corner   nr urritino- hv u-hii-li voll US *&>
jot 1707 marked L. W. S. nouth oa.t corner and   0r wrmnK 0*  **���"*" >""     *
running imrih -o chain., thou.-* m-i ji rkiim.  don't mean and yet BUtO ��hai Jw
He blows his imntn-m
Skeen. Land Distrlct-Dl.trlct of Coa.t.
Take notice that L. W. Sloan ,,f Prince Rupert,
occupation housewife. Intend, to apply for per.
miasion   to   purchase   the    following    described
I'ub. Dee. 31. IIMfl.
who suffered very much from ��*"�����
so wrote all his poonu   '
which waa hard work.
Many vessels have bee) ���,*"'k'
Duted Jail. 4,
Pub. Jan. 21.
F.C. Klliott. Agent
thence muth H0 chain., thence eaat 20 chaina t.,   ,.
110Int of eom mencement. containing 160 acrea.        i r.Xample:
"���"���'"'���"      "; 1LOAN : You don't mean that lie hai ����
but you do mean that he hlo��alt,U
SkMna Land DMriet���DlMriet of CwM boaata.
T.ke notiee th.t   l.i���n.l   Dinnn ol Brandon,        > ���_j ��f������_���i������ ���.������ ., ���,���ii 1
Man., occupatinn teacher,    ntend. to    apply tor I-"0��� Macaulay V.OS .1
permission   lo   purchaae  tke   lollowing  drwerlbed
Commencing .1 a port planted al the aouth-
wert corner, 40 chain, narth .nd 40 ch.ina ewl
of the n.rtheart corner ot IjrA 1116 (Harvey Survey), thence 60 ehaina north, ihenre 60 chain, eart,
thence 60 chaina aouth, thence 60 ehaina wnt to j
|io.t ol commencement, containing 360 acrea, more   sunk   in   attempting  to  fnn'i' a I""
Dated Nov. 14, 1*10. LIONKL DINKKN   through the  KockieS.
Pub. Dee. 17. Fred Bohler. Agent       The Pyramids are a rani;. "! ""��-1���
Skeen. Und Dutriet- Dlrtrict .1 Coa��t between France and Spain,
T.ke nntice th.t S.r��h P.. Ai in ol Port Simpson ���       ���        .   , 1 .. ;   .  ueOO
11. c. occupation .,���-. intend, t. .p.i*..for i    A plural verb is used When ������"*
jiermlsalnn   to   purchue   the  tollowing   IBhM ' things lit  Once.
Commencing .1 . port pl.nted at the northwert        Liberty   of   collscielii'i    IBI**
comer 140 ch.ina eart and 20 chain. t��uth of th. .  ..;. ���     i,,���it il I
northeast corner of Let ine iii.rvoy Surv��y;,  wrong and not worrying ���""������-"
Ihenee  80 ch.ins eut,  thenca  80 ch.ina south, ' ���...j.
thence 80 ch.ins wert, ihenee north 80 chain, to ' v���'������^u,'��� .
post ol commencement, conuining 610 ��cres, more I     The Red Indians when litl""���
D.tedNov. 14,1910. saraii K. ALTON I their lives  in  their hand"
Pub. Dee. 17. Kred Bohler. Agent I
Skeena Und District -Dlrtrict ol Coaat "fyirrl  nf  a   hnrn.il  ln*ri*:ii:<" n
ike notice that May Dlnee. ol Port Simpson, !        Lord   0I   ���   "ilr" " .     .    ,   .���rJ
B. C, oeeup.tion .tenngrapher, Intend, lo apply . that the man had inheritr'1 *'��� ','1'
for twrmlaaion to |,urchase lhe (ollowing deecrilied
Commencing at a peat planted at the northwest
corner 100 ehaina eut and 20 chains nerth .1 the
nnrtheut eoroer ol Ul 1116 (Harvey Survey),
thence ��0 chains eut, thence 40 chains anuth,
thenco 80 chaina wert, thance 40 ehains north to
the post ol eommeocement, containing 320 acres,
mere nr loan.
D.ted Nov. 14, 1910. MAY DINKKN
I'uh. Dee. 17. Fred Bohler, Agent
. revolvers.
���'....   .i,��. m,-: 1.,."..   iAtim!    "Lor<* of tt ,mrr,'n ,"'nt
md. to aei-lv 1 th���.
Venus was the goddw "f l"-,",*v'
is sometimes called the M"'n,ng
of the Reformation. -
According   to   the   HateW
Act a man cannot be W******
for the same offence. H if �� m
Skeen. Und District���Dlrtrict of Coart Range 6
T.ke notice ih.l Harry Uv*r o( Prince Rupert,
B.C., occupntion pluterer, Intenda to apply (or
permission to purchue the loliowlng described
Commenring at a port planteil 10 chalna wesi
of the northeast comer of John Furlong*, surveyed
pre-empllnn (Black', recent anrvey August 22, 1910)
nn the east side ol Ukelm Uke. thence weat 80
chaina more or less, thence north 40 chain., thenee
eart 30 ehalns, thenee aouth 40 chain, lo point at
commencement, conUining 120 .cres more or less
Pub. Nor. 6, Cha* M. Wllwn, Agent
a pig and is put in prlaon -"r "'
he comes out he can steal U>��
and not bc punished-
Grand Masquerade BaU In *���
of the 12th Anniversary ��f �����'
al Order of Eagles. l-VLriiMry Bl
h tbe Kaien lalantl Club H""""
to be given in prizes.
���a-aviiXitf THE   PRINZE    RUI'KRT    OPTIMIST
A Sign of tn^Jimcs''
+ ^.s-
���pjj    J.HIRSCH&SONSUmited,        MONTREAL
���o******'   ��� . ���*-. ���*.���' ���. ���*C,-��~-.s*o*1 "**���. ���-
Lot 2, Block 6, Section 1, $1850
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings       Alder Block       SIXTH ST.
(SulnliviBion of Sec. 9) about 200 yards from waterfront
Thi"  Subdivision   is   the  only   inside   subdivision   not  owned
by the Railroad Company.
Lot 8 from $700;  Very Easy Terms
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenti for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
���"<'����� ""use with Bath and Toilet,
n'���""t rwldantlal section  in city;
��� 8l9�� �� f"W K-M| U>ts in Sec- 7 ftnd g
"���"""I' Fifth Av
onim .-,,1,1 Green Street
Heavy Snow Fall of Yeaterday De-
manda Ita Service
Mr. Mehan, general superintendent
that a heavy snow storm had swept
over the line from thc forty mile
post up. The blizzard resulted in the
obliteration of the lines so the snow
plough was sent up today to effect a
"I must any," complained the woman
tourist, "that I don't understand why
people come to this hotel no scenery,
no amusements, no good cuisine, no���"
"Pardong, madtime," interrupted the
host, "but we have ze gr-gran' label to
stick on the luggage."
"Where have you been, John?"
"Been out to get it postage stamp."
"And did you lick the stamp, John?"
"Certainly ' did." jSt*!? gj
"Well, I never knew the Government scented the stamps that particular
"A horse is afraid of an auto, but an
auto isn't afraid of anything," boasted
the enthusiast. ��
"No���not even afraid of a train,"
said the other person. "You often read
of an auto trying to butt a train ofl the
"O, mamma, look!" said Tommy.
"Baby's grabbed a piece of raw bacon,
and is trying to swallow it!" f*
"Save it!" hastily excalimed the
father of the family. "I���cr- meant
the baby, of course, Maria," he added
a moment later. "Why are you looking
at me in that horrified way?"
"Isn't there any way to cut down a
butcher'a bill?" asked Tightwad, sarcastically addressing the meat amn.
"Why, yes, Mr. Tightwad," said the
latter, "you might pay a little on account
now and then."
Overcoming Timidity
It is probably inevitable that children
should know more or less of fear. Perhaps it ia part of the training of nature
that by dread of certain things they
should learn to avoid perils. But it is
the parents' serious duty to foresee and
to overcome all needless sources of fright
in the little ones. Otherwise they may
be so constantly oppressed by apprehensions as to impair their whole future
happiness and permanently injure their
nervous systems.
They should be constantly protected
from every needless cause of terror. It
has been a great wrong against childhood
to permit nurses to retail to the little ones
stories of ghosts and robbers and murders, and to send them to bed shaking
and cowering. This sort of thing ought
to be absolutely and forever forbidden
and guarded against in every home, aa it
is laying the foundations of timidity
and nervous dread that may last throughout life.
It is best to begin to reason with
children very earnestly in regard to the
general perils of life; to explain natural
phenomena such as lightning, or darkness, or unusual sounds. If found
necessary, in the case of a very timid
child, let it have a light in the room all
night. A frightened child should never
bc punished by being left alone, nor
should it be scolded for its weakness,
but it should be reasoned with, shown
the folly of its fears, and kept from
influences that terrify it.
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building
Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert
P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C. Ontario, Stw-
ftnd Manitoba Bar*, kntchewnn  und  Al-
b**ru Hius.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office-KxclmnKo block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street, I'rince Runert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U. D.S.
Crown nnd Bridge Work a Specialty.
All ilrnlal operation. -I,ill,illy Irrattil. tlatt ami
lo<*al aniiHthotlCB administered for lhe palnlos* ex*
traction of teeth. Conaultalion free. Officea: 19
anil 20 Alilor Block. I'rince Ruutrl. 11-12
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Transfer & Storage Go. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines ������ Periodical! :: Newspapers
Civil anil Mining EnKlneera ami Surveyor*.
Report.,  I'lana.  Specification*,  climatea.
Wharf Cunalructlor, Etc.
Office:   2nd Ave., near First Street
p. o. box a
rt-l-ll. or WM. POXON
K8q.. AH.A.M.. 1 ...s
. I.SH.
Alex. M. Manaon.B.A.
W.E William., ii.a
Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert,
Prince Rupert Lodge, 1.0.0.F
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the city
are requested to visit thc lodge.
H. MORTON, Secretary.
These are the beverages that
make health, strength and happiness your lot. Prices are
very reasonable anil your order will receive prompt attention	
All  varieties  of  Wines   antl   Liquors
also kept in stock.
Sutherland & Maynard
Fraser Street and Sixth Street
G. T. P. Trtanifer Agent.
Ordcra promptly tilled.   Prim maonabla.
OFFICE- H. B. It.����� li, -t.-r. t -,��� i.t t,��� st.    Phona ��&
a-roc* '-..ni'ini.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
EBY   C8,   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KIT8UHKAU1M ��� B   C.
BUILDING SUPPLIES collections and reports
Firat Avenue Telephone 186   SIXTH   STREET
^^0^ DRY G00DS
and Tenants        	
trtehmen Will Celebrate
Though nearly two months from the
"Seventeenth of Ireland," preparations
arc in progress to celebrate St. Patrick's
Day in a fitting manner in Prince Rupert. A concert ift to bc held by thc
local Irishmen, in thc Empress Theatre
at night and other attractions will be
announced later.
A committee composed of Alderman
D. W. Morrissey, M. P. McCafTery,
M. Condon, and Mr. Morris of thc Royal
Bank, have the matter in hand. Messrs.
J. Gibbons, L. Bullock Webster and T.
Trotier have already been secured for
the programme.
On 1st, 2nd and 3rd Aves.
Between Fulton and Sth Sta.
Wa have be��n InUructed by Head Oft-lee lo accept
Additional Fire Insurance
Liverpool & London and Globe, Phoenix Assurance Company, British America Company.
A   new   line  of   Ladies'   Underwear,
Natural wool.
Flannelettes and Outing Flannel.
Ladies' Fancy Waists.
Boots,  Shoes and  Men's Clothes.
Second Ave.. Prince Rupart, B.C.
Plumbing, Heating
and General Steam  Fitting
SHOP-Baaementof *U**a**M Block
English antl American Billiards
Eight Tables Second Ave.
Third Avenue   -   Between 7th and Sth
Miss   Henny   Wennersten
Scientific Electric Facial Maaaage
Electric Treatment! a Specialty
Room. No. 4,   Exchange Block
FEED . . .
.! 1=11=1 !=IMI
Wrecking Veaael ia Now at Scene���
Hiatory of the Veaael���Crew are on
Snohomish and Prince Albert.
Our new stock of Swiss
Embroideries and Insertions has arrived. The assortment is large and the
patterns contain many new
and pretty novelties. Ask
to see them when you next
visit us.
The "Cheese Cloth" and
House Lining about which
several of our customers
have been asking is now in
��� ���**���
(Special to The Optimist.)
Victoria, Jan. 28 -It is not expected
that   the  Cottage   City   which  went
ashore on Thursday at Cape Mudge can
I be  salved.    Her  hull  is  broken apart
i amidships.   She tug Snohomish left the
j scene of the wreck yesterday afternoon
I with a number of the crew and passen-
I gers.     The   steamer   Salvor   arrived
| about 3.1!) p.m.
The experts do not think there is any
hope or use of trying to save the vessel, j
2 p.m.    (Hy  Dominion  Government
Wireless)-Cape Lasto reports that the I
City was sunk near Wrangcll, Alaska,
but she is wood-built, and was raised
and floated again successfully.
Twice during thu past two years she
was disabled by the loss of her propellor,
and curiously enough this happened
each time almost at the same spot in
Filzhugh Sound.
When the mishap occuj/ed last fall
the Cottage City was towed into Bella
Bella by the Humboldt. This good
Samaritan stunt on the part of one
American steamer toward) another in
British waters resulted in both steamers
being fined $400 each. Only under tot-
Ceptionally urgent necessity is an American boat allowed to help another Hying
the Stars and Stripes in Canadian
A Popular Boat
Mr. J. H. Rogers, agent for tho
Pacific Coast Steamship company, to
which the Cottage City belongs is sorry
to hear of the wreck.
"Tht    Cottage   City   was   always   a
BIG LIBERAL RALLY|$.��-~.��.,. ������:
ss. Prince Albert has passed on her way i popular bout." he laid, "but bust year
to Vancouver with part of the crew of | when she was the only boat giving thi
the Cottage City. The remainder of
the passengers and crew were taken to
Seattle yesterday by the steamer Snohomish.
The 111 Fated Veaael
Built in New York in 1882, the steamer Cottage City was one of the most
popular old  timer steamboat-s on  the
North Pacific coast.    She came round
here  in   1892,  and  waa  a  busy  boat
I during the Klondyke rush of 1897   98.
: The Colt age City has been commanded
by Captain Janaen since she cume to
this side.   Captain Janaen is one of the
��� best  known  antl experienced captains
sailing these waters.
Punier R. C. Jones is also an olrl timer
and well known on thc coast.   He has
been with the Collage Cily for twelve
to fifteen years.   Three years ago when
. .   thc Cottage City was fouled by a big
! ' . n sailing ship while coming out of Seattle
""*���*  H    S    W/iImPP   IO    ~*  harbor  Purser Jones waa  badly hurt.
��� ��� li. u. ?f auatc v>u. j j i Thl. sailinK VPSS(;, ,*rove -mo ,n(. slllIinM.r
******     pkonr e limited    ���**������* i wrecking   her   upperworks   right    aft
Fulton St. >od 3rd At.. j J j to the smokestack.   Jones ��..*��� carried
, overcoartl  with the wreckage and injured   badly.     He   managed   to   keep
"        ' -   afloat
COAL NOTICE j (n th(
cut rate to Seattle ::he was continually
in demand. Her crew numbered about
fifty or sixty anil one of the members
Vary popular in Prince Rupert is II. A.
Burgelt, the freight clerk."
Mr. Roger.-* is confined to bed at
present with a severe attack of lumbiigo
which threatened him a month ago
but only got him down this week.
completed there would be a reading
room set apart In which meetings of
the libernl executives could be held.
H. F. McRae a Convert
Mr. H. F. McRae had always considered himself an ultra-radical. He saw,
however, that it was necessary to cooperate with one party or another. He
decided to throw in his lot with the
Liberals because they were going his
way onlv he was going further.
The popularity of Aid. Pattullo was
evidenced by the great reception accorded him. Speaking of Liberalism
he saitl he had always liked the word.
He noticed also that the Conservatives
liked it so much that they had prefixed
it to the name of their own political
creed and called themselves Liberal
Conservatives.    (Laughter).
Ex-Aid. Harrow regarded the {political parties as the "ins" and "outs".
However he thought that if he submitted himself to a course of lectures by
Mr. Cowper they might manage to convert him easily. (Laughter and applause).
Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Naden, Mr.
Lynch nnd Dr. Kergin all briefly addressed the meeting.
The meeting broke up near midnight
with three cheers for Sir Wilfrid
Quean I'harloti. laland. 1 and Dtatnct-   Dtftrm ol
Take nolice that I, Tho.. K. l>av.y ol yueer
Chariott*. occupaUon notary puhlic, inland to
apply (,.r r*.rmi*nion lo proapect tor coal and
pctruleti'.i on th. following ttMcribw] land:
Comm.ncini* at a |ioat planted thirteen  mil.-
north and five mila. eaat of s**rti.ni 13. Townahip
7, Uraham laland and markad N'o. 75, T. I). II., S. I
W. comer, thenc. aaat HO chaina, thenc. nnrth SO
cha.iu,. thenee w*t*t SO ehaina, thane aoulh SO :
chaina to point ot eommeneement, containing 640 j
acre, more or laaa.
Datod Nov. 12, 1910. THOS. R. IMVEY '
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Oowlnf, Agent '
Queen (harlot Ui laland. land Dtalrict���Dlmrict oi
Taka nolice that 1, Thomaa R. Davay ol tjueen i
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   nubile.  Intend   to
apply lor ncrmiaalon to pro.M*rl for coal and petro- I
leum on tne tollowing deecribed land:
Commencing at a poal planted thirteen mil*.
nortli and aeven mllea eaat o( Section 13, Townahip
7. liraham Iiland and marked No. 76, T. R. II., 8.
E. corner, thence weet Mi chaina, thenca north SO I
ehaina, thence eaat KO chalna, thence eouth SO
chaina to point nt commencement and containing |
640 ncn-a mnre or liwa.
Dated Nov. 13, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY j
Pub. 11�� 3. Wllaon Gowing, Agent j
however, till rescued, but  was
hospital afterwards for nearly a
Was Sunk Before
A year or two hi fore lhat the Cottage
Four Judge. Sat in Appeal Court���
Three Ordered Accuaed to Be
Hanged but Fourth Defera Sentence by Not Concurring.
Victoria, Jan. 28.-Three of the four
judges of thc appeal court today ordered
that Gunner Allen lie hanged on thc
morning of February 2nd for the murder
of Captain Elliston. which was committed on the first day of last nomlh.
The fourth judge saved Allen from this
fate, at least for a time. He did not
concur: antl as the judges were nol
unanimous Allen's counsel haa the
privilege ol demanding a new trial.
Is your
Is your
Insured ?
Is your
Insured J
We are issuing all classes
of Insurance policies and
would be glad to <|iiot>'
rates at anytime	
Many Veaaela Reported by Dominion
Government Wireleaa
iSpecial to the Optimist)
Weather reports from Triangle, Ta-
toosh, Estevan, Pachena, Cape Lazo,
Ikeda and Point Grey show J sea smooth
and barometer steady.
The following vessels are spoken:
Triangle: Steamer Sewartl southbound
at noon near Pine Island.
Pachena���Steamer Tees east bound at
9.15; steamer Lcebro at Banfield: H.
M. C. S. Rainbow at 11; two maslad
gasoline schooner east bound al 10 20.
Tatoosh���Steamer Yosemite at 9.30;
Canadian coasting steamer at 10.30.
Cape Lazo���Prince Albert passed
southbound at noon with part crew ol
Cottage City.
Point Grey���Prince George patted
at 12.06 p.m.
OFFICE:    Aider Block. SUkSM
OPKN KVI -.!:...���
STALKER     and     WELLS
PHONE   187
Red Rubber Water Bo'tlei
2 Quart,.   -     $1*75
3 Quart,     ���     $200
The Pioneer Dniggitt
PHONE   :   ;   ;   82
J   Free Information and Prices on Lots in Principal Divisional Points and other Important Towns along the
��� -   |   Lots in mi.i.vii.i.i.
buyer*,   t.
.      I
| ��� ��� "t      " ~     ��� ~  ���        ai      an   i ia ^n ^�� ^ ai ^ i> ^ .���% n n, M ���   ���*������*������   nn m   H*lii*��ih,i)mh_iixi>'�� n~>'I      *******       "	
}   toPrinceRupert   j            j    ASK UNCLE JERRY    He Buy. Lea.e.                (   ASK UNCLE JERRY-He Buy. Contract.   )            j      ASK UNCLE JERRY-He Buy. Lota     )                for  Rr.uU.
* a, < 4 + ^_ 1 J �� !_ J	
New  plan,   for   I     iqtc
I   Li.t Your Prop
AND OTHER GOOD TOWNS   \   ""   ���:.b bio
Will Pay 8 per cent, on agreed valuation for leases
Will Pay 8 per cent, on re valuation at fixed times
Will Pay Cash due on lease quarterly in advance
Will I'ay Cash for approved lease* in any  part of
the city
Will Buy Lota in Section 1, between 5th and  11th
Will Lease Lota for building Cottages
Will Lease Lota for Bungalows
Will Pay Cash for Options in Section 1
Want Leases on Lots on lind Ave. and 3rd Ave.
Want Leases on Lots in Section 1
We will spend thousands of dollars with Newspapers and Magazines advertising Prince Rupert Opportunities.    We expect hundreds of liv" investors"   List your property with us and take advantage
this campaign of advertising.    It costs you nothing to put your property in live hands.    Look us over; come in and talk to "Uncle Jerry."     Bank references in abundance.   Why  not take advant
of the facilities and equipment^ this office.   We own and offer 99 year lease on 50 x 100 feet corner, Second Avenue and Sixth street;   99 year lease on 50x100 feet  on Third   Avenue   at
���treet; also.99 year lease on 75 x 100 feet on Fulton street at Fifth Avenue.


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