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T%e Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II, NO. 73
Prince Rupert, B.C., Tuesday, April 4, 1911.
Price Five Cents
Bullet Was Intended for the Proprietor of the Grand-
view Hotel-���John Mosca, Alleged Blind Pigger
is Under Arrest���Gregoria Will Recover, Though Badly Hurt
was drawn and tired at Camozzi. Poor,
innocent Gregoria stood in the way aud
got the bullet. He keeled over when
shot like a dead man.
Angelo Gregoria lies in the General
Hospital with an ugly wound in his
thigh under which is a 32 calibre revolver bullet. John Mosca is in the toils
charged with shooting with intent to
kill. It is expected that Gregoria will
recover. Dr. McNeill is attending the
Si-verina Camozzi, lessee of the
Grundview Hotel, is thanking Providence that he is well to-day for the bullet, it is alleged, was meant for him.
An Alleged Blind Pig
The fracas happened last night in
.1..Im Mosca's cabin in the west end of
th.. city, and, the police say, was the
outcome of a squabble following the
quaffing of drinks sold by Mosca, pro-
prietor of an alleged "blind pig."
It ih sai.l that Camozzi, Gregoria and
others, called at Mosca's cabin to get a
drink about 6 o'clock. Camozzi and
Mosca started to argue, compliments
were exchnnged, whereat the revolver
Wealthy Timberman's Wife Robbed
of Her Diamonds and Rings
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria, April 4.   This morning Mrs.
Burdett Garrard, the wife of a wealthy
timberman,    awoke   to   the    pleasant
surprise that gems to the value of $-1000
mostly  diamonds  and   diamond  rings.
had   disappeared   from   her   rooms   at
'. the Vernon Hotel.   Every effort is being
] made  by  the  management   and  police
; to trace the missing jewels.
Innocent Man Shot
The trouble was witnessed by several
foreigners and one of them lost no time
in ringing up the police. Special Constable Miller hurried to the scene,
quickly placed Mosca under arrest and
then turned his attention to the wounded man, who he found subbing like a
child in the Fairbanks Hotel, where he
had been taken bv fellow countrymen.
The officer called "l)r. McNeill, and the
doctor had Gregoria removed to the
hospital where the wound was dressed.
Mosca was arraigned in police curt
this morning and was remanded without being asked to plead.
Dr. McNeill says that should no complications set in Gregoria will not be
long before lie is well again, though the
wound is rather a dangerous one.
Order   in   Council   Announced    in    Victoria    Today
Raising It From $2.50 to $5 an Acre���Increase
Was Expected and is Justified by
Rush of Land Purchasers
(Special to Optimist)
$T>.00.    Settlers with capital fur invest-
Overheated Stove Caused Outbreak-
House Was on First Avenue���Damage Amounts to About $400 -Fire
Department Did Good Work.
Standing on the north side of First
avenue, near Second streel is a little
frame work of charred timbers which
silently tells the story of a fire which
broke Out near one o'clock this morning
sn! completely destroyed the comfortable little home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Mr. Bodey, it is said, is employed
as s watchman on the G. T. P. waterfront and he returned home last night
almut midnight and very soon after he
lound his home on fire. He and his
wife had to make a hurried exit scantily
clothed. So fierce did the fire spread
that it waa impossible to save anything
M all.
Tin- lire alarm was rung in and Chief
Mclnnes and his men were informed
ilmi the blaze waa at the G.T.P.
Offices, The brigade hurried there
only in find they were on the wrong
' rack. As soon as it was learned where
the nre actually was no time was losl
in K'tiing busy with it.
��������� 'The nearest hydrant was near the City.
Hsll ami it required 1,100 feet of hose
to reach the fire. Thc fire department
d plendld work under the circum-
��� -. The outbreak was caused by
ai, overheated stove in the kitchen.
Ths damage is estimated at about
City  Clerk  Wants  Local Georges to
Buy King a Souvenir
Now is the time for tho Georges���
'1 it     iliose on whom two fond parents
' '���'! on the road of life with thc name
of George as a handle to their surname���
lown into their jeans and find
can, some loose change to buy
King Genrge V. of England, Emperor
a' India, and head of the dominions
i lie Seven  Seas, a souvenir on
tli" occasion oi his official registration
'" these titles, or briefly, to give him
a ( '>roiiatinn present.
Provincial Secretary, H. E. Young,
Wrote to City Clerk Woods tusking him
SB collector of subscriptions from
Rupert Georges for this admirable
Accordingly Mr. Woods read
the letter to the council and the city
lUthoriied him to collect any-
thlnn the Georges of the city care to
Unload.    Mr.   Young wants the news-
||-i|��.rM to get busy and help to get the
Georges interested.
Since She Hit Reef Last August She
Has Been Changed ���New System
Means Saving of Much Money and
Time���Due Here Tomorrow.
Whin the ('. P. R. steamer Princess
May arrives from Vancouver on Thursday afternoon it will be the lirst C. P. R.
botit to anchor Bt this |>ort run as nn
oil burner. Since she met with an
accident, last August, by hitting a reef
near Skagway, she has Been completely
overhauled and fitted with the new
fuelling system.
The advantages of thc oil system
over coal are, economy, cleanliness, less
trouble, time saving, etc., etc.
Other C. P. R. steamers are being
fitted with oil burning boilers. The
company have erected some big Steel
storage tanks at Vancouver on the
wharf and as fast as supplies come
from the oil wells in California the tanks
are filled and then the boats are supplied
as required.
A boat can carry enough oil that will
last her on a trip from Vancouver to
Alaska anil back.
This is something B coal boat does
not do. She has to call at Nanaimo
to coal up which cannot be done in less
than five or six hours.
Wm. Morrell Left Home Last Sunday
Saying He Was Going to Graham
Island Wife and Baby Are Being
Cared For.
Telling his wife he was going over
to Graham Island, William Morrell,
a fireman in the City Fire Department,
left home on Sunday morning and the'
next thing that was heard of him wtus
that lie had deserted his wife and
thirteen months old baby and was,
heading for Vancouver on the steamer
On  the   arrival   of   the   steamer  in |
Vancouver today Morrell will be arrested
on a charge of wife desertion and sent j
hack here to face the charge.
The   Salvation   Army   officials   are
' caring for Mrs. Morrell and her baby.
Kos.lvii Miners Stop Work Over Open
Shop Dispute
Special to the Opt imist)
Rosslyn, Waah., April 4.- -Three thousand coal miners went out on strike
here yesterday tus a result of a disagreement over the open shop question.
They were employees of the North-
Western Improvement company, a sub-,
sidiary company of which is the North
Pacific Railway company.
Canadian West not a Good Field for
the Negro
(Special to the Optimistj
Ottawa, April 4.���The matter of the|
trend  of the  negro settlers  from  thv j
soutli towards the Canadian west Came ;
up in the House today.   Several members j
declared that the movement should ba
discouraged  as  this  class  of settler  is
unsuited to the condition of the country. |
From the Dominion Government  Wire-
leti Stations
\r;....:.    n..:i   i    nr   .... ... ;.. .   ! ment in land are pouring in, and the in-
Victoria, April  4-01 great import- \mm ,���     -^.J, mM��a ;.(,n8illt.nlllU,
ance to the province is the announce- | j,HTease i��� the treasury funds. That
ment just made that by an order-in- the demand for land in B.C. will go on
council issued today the price of all growing is undoubted. Iu view of Uncrown lands in Hritish Columbia lias rapid advance in laml values every-
been doubled. Yesterday yoti could buy where in the province the Issue of to-
crnwn land in this rich province for day's order-in-rottncil was only to be
$2.f>0 per  ncre.   Today it will cost you expected.
Power Rights Were Held by Company Aid. Newton Broaches the  Idea and
Before   Incorporation.     Of   Great it   Well    Supported    Engineer   to
Advantage lo City.    Means Power Select    Site   for   Scales    Hilditch
and Pure Water. and Morrissey Object.
Triangle  reports  speaking  the  Stale
  .of   California    at    10.15 a.m. otr the
I Point    southbound.     Sighted   a   two
CENSUS COMMISSIONERS' NAMES piasted steamer cruising off I/mg Island,
also  a steamer  northbound  olT  Caps
Tatoosh reports steamer Minerir in at
10.110 a.m.
For the sum ol $15.01K.75 the I'ity
of Prince RuiK-rt will become the bom
possessor of the water and water power
riglns of WoodWOIth Lake and its - -���.|et
to Shawatlans Lake.
The power rights had been secured
previous to the Incorporation of th
ciiy by the Prime Kii|ieri Power and
Light company. The Government, however, reserved HOO inches of water at
Woodworth for domestic supply pur-
jxises for the city. Ii was fell by ilu-
present city council. Its lire and water
committee,   and   City   Engineer   Davis
that to secure the whole rights of the
lak.-'s power and wan-r would be most
advisable. Two ways existed to acquire
these. One wtus by expropriation, tin-
other by purchase outright. Purehass
outright Was decided on, asexpropriation
would mean that only the water f��i
domestic use would be secured.
As the City Engineer advises the
council lhat aliout 1800 horso-|H wi r
can be Obtained from the stream, and!
this may help oul the lighting problem;
pretty soon, it was thought that the
rights are a bargain at the price, and
the City Treasurer has been authorised
to muke out a cheque for the amount
payable to lhe Canadian Hank ef
Commerce, and to lake out the Water
Records and transfer now ut the hank
in connection with the affair. The whole
of  the   watershed   of   Woodworth   und
Shawatlans Lakes is Government reserved for the city, and by ntaining tin-
power rights the city eiisuns a pun
supply unsullied by commercial works
upon the water shed.
Ottawa   Issues   Official   List   Today.
F.   H.   Mobley  for  Comox-Atlin
Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, April 4.--Today the names
of the Commissioners appointed to look
after the census this June in British
Columbia are announced ai follows:
Victoria, James J. Stanton; Vcgerville,
Yale and Cariboo, W. F. Known; Vernon, J. M. Yorston; Cariboo Road and
Kootenay, T. nf. Robert; Cranbronk,
A. B. Docksteader, Nelson; Comox-
Atlin, F. H. Mobley. Assistants [or
Ihe Commissioners are selected h-cally
for the most part. The work begin
on June 1st, and is supposed to be
completed by June 20th.
The object of the G. T. P. boa
leaving for Vansouvei at mldnlgl
Instead of ut 11.80 ss formerly h to
give those attending thc t heat les who (
wiih to leave on the bout,  more tinitio spure after the performance i* ended.   ,
A very i-oinnii mlahlc idea w;ls propounded by Alderman Newton at the
n i-.ing of the nniiii-i| las, night. He
-, ��� ��� -I   hai i   wai time the efty had
a  public   weigh  scale,   wiih   a   man   in
charge who should weigh nil eoal and
Ihi goods vended to the public and
give a certificate of tl sir correct wi Ighta,
lb   moved thai  the Chy  Engineer
be - structed to locale s site, us central
,    -ihi, for the erection o! ii.i scales.
Win n the motion wiu. put ii was denied
wiih only two dissevers.    This is how
iha aldermen voted! Yeas: Smith,
Clayton, Kerr, Kirkputrirk and Newton.
Nays; Moirlstoy and liildiich.
"The time is in- m* fii this," said
Aldermun Hilditch. "Il will meun
people will have to pay "ill cents more
|mt ton for cnul, because it will have
to b<- teamed ;���. further distance. It
is nm economic antl um reasonable."
Alderman   Morrissey  submitted  the
institution of a public weigh scale was
u reflection on tlie honesty of the coal
merchants and would mean more e*tj
pens)  io the merchants on scooun   of
the   weighing   of  every   few   sinks.     It
sucks  of coul  was delivered  t<> ona
Alderman Clayton and tha Mayor
spoke in favor of the motion.
For two cartas nd u half per square
foot for road plunking on Seventh
avenue and four cents a running foot
for hand railing wa- il.c priii- A. Johnson
put up io the council, Thi sirens
committee will ileal wiih the mutter.
Tin- Financial News wrme saying
Mr. w. Leonard Palmer a special n i ���
r. -, nlative of tin- pa|H-r ma on Ma way
|o lhe city. A full account of the object
of the visit of Mr. Palmer was given
exclusively In lhe Oplimisi last Bat-
unlaw The finance committee will
decide whether or nol Mr. Pabner
shall be officially entertained.
Despondent Business Man Ends His
Own Life by Rope
(Special to the Opiimist;
Moyie,   B.   C,   April   4.   Edward
Desauliner, one of the best known and
old   time   merchant!   in   the   dislrici,
committed  suicide  today  by  hanging.
. Des|K)iidency is supposed lo have been
I the euiiBe of the tragic act.
Tin-   steamer   State   of   California
arrived from Skagway yesterday after.
noon and left for Seattle in ihe evening.
The steamer Kauiona will lie hark from
lhe north on Thursday night.
The steamer Prince Albert will resume her weekly run to Queen Charlotte
Islands on April Sth and will continue
to ply between lure and there until the
arrival of the steamer Prime John bom
England him June, when the Prince
John will In put on the route in question.
'flu  new (',. T. r. steamer Prinot
John, now on her wuy oul from England
Iii run In.ween Prime Rupert mid the
Queen   < harlotte  Island   ports  will   be
equipped with wireless telegraphy.
The    sleamer    Prince    Rupert    will
arrive from Vancouver tomorrow morn-!
Ing at in o'clock with passengers and
mail and will leave for Stewart at eight ;
i o'clock on Thursday morning. I
Authorised payment of 116,000 to Prince Rupert Power & Light
Co.. for rights over water power of Woodwurth Lake utnl outlet,
Opened tenders for 100 telephone (Miles.
Opened tenders for printing of cltv accounts.
Amended and pilSSS I Ib-alth nml Trade Lie use by-laws.
Authorised city clerk Woods to collect subscriptions from people
in the city bearing name of (ieorge for purpose of buying King George
V. a coronation present.
Supported Aid. Newton's motion ... treet public weigh scale.".
Left Finance Committee to report whether or not Financial News
representative should be entertained when he visits the city.
Considered Mayor's,amended procedure by-law which panted
second reading.
Received petition for plank roadway between lltli Ave. ami McBride Street, antl referred it to Streets Committee,
��?''*''*<��������� * ���   ���llll��^��M*��
-.1 HE   PRINCE   RUPERT    0PT1M1S1
*   - * c*  Prince Rupert, B.C.
�����^. ��...������� �������������
Department Stores
55. Prince Rupert
*��_���!_    *__   Cm a      Tl _1_ . *,  _ *-
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
II %  m* *, II ^ IS ~�� II   % I ��"^ >��~�� 88  �� li    ��� m
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
dressmakers' models are startling. And
they have evolevd a new terminology.
They are the trouserettes, pantaloon
skirts, culette-odalisques, jupe-panta-
loons, and jupe-culettes, and each of
them means something just a bit more
surprising than the last. They all
mean "pants," howevet, varying from
vari-colored tights to flaring silken
trousers that resemble cowboys' chaps.
Sail* for Stewart, Thuridayt, 8.00 a.m,
Sails for
AND m   ,
Social Items
Mrs. Alex. Manson will not receive
The marriage of Miss Ethel Holtby
to Mr. O'Neill of Quebec will take place
on Thursday.
| Hair Dressing That Helps the Effect
of a Spring Costume
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest Stock  in  Northern B. C.
THE OPTlMlSTwill furnish correct infor-
JJinat ion to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city : : : : :
There is no time like the present. Send us
your name und address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail ^^^***
Optimist Information Bureau
P.O. BOX 1545
There is no excuse for any woman
having her hair arranged unbecomingly
in these days,  for so  many different
t| styles of hair-dressing are in vogue that
I no matter what her features some one
' style may be found which will set them
off to the best  advantage.    Very  few
women   realize   the   important   place
that the arrangement of the hair plays
in one's whole appearance.    Hair unbecomingly  worn,  or  in  a disorderly,
untidy  condition  will   ruin   the  effect
of the most stylish costume.   Perhaps
the best way to do is to choose the
style of hair-dressing most suited to the
face and then adhere to it.    Even if
one's profile be naturally poor it can be
improved if the hair is arranged properly.
There  are  certain  general  rules  in
regard  to   the   arrangement  of   one's
hair that every woman should know.
A   round   full   face   invariably   looks
best if thc hair is worn loosly fluffed
about  it,  with  the  coils  tilaced  high,
or directly on top of the head.   Some
thin  faces look  well  in this,  but  thc
majority appear at their best with the
I hair worn rather flat on top, but puff-
i ed   loosely   at   the  sides.    This  lends
: breadth   to   the   face,   and   seems   to
I soften the sharp lines.    A parting in
I the  centre or  at  one side,  with  thc
' sides  softly   rolled,   and   the   coils  or
braids worn  low   at  t he  back of the
. head is  nearly  always becoming to a
, thin face.    For such  a one the hair
must never be worn high, hut always
at or below the crown of the head.
In  i-onibs,  barretles,  bandeaux  nnd
other accessories there is a wide range
from which to choose this season, but
it   should   be   remembered   that   the
i fewer   of   such   ornaments   used   the
; more reflned and becoming is usually
the effect.    Such  additions when too
ornate or too nu nerous are in extremely bad taste, and will spoil the beauty
of an otherwise attractive coiffure.   The
Grecian bands are still worn, though
they are not suited to every face.   The
once popular sidecomb is quite out of
date.   Jet is being very much used, but
is only IH an-1ful on certain shades of
I hair.    Puffs  and  curls  are  still  very'
, much in evidence, though less so than
some time ago.   The tendency seems toward simpler styles, which will reveal
the true outlines and shape of the bead.
You   Forgot  Some  of  These  Home
Hints, Others You Remember
Easy to Cook and Ever so Appetising
at Afternoon Tea
Dainty little Easter cakes for afternoon
rea are made as follows: Beat together
one-quarter |>ound butler and one-half
pound sugar until creamy; add to this
two eggs which have been beaten
separately, then sift in 6 ouncoH of
flour and one tfasjioonful of baking
I powder, mixing until smooth; add il
ounces of desiccated cocoanut and
sulln-ient milk to mnke a light creamy
dough. Hake in small fancy cake tins
for fifteen minutes. When cool, coiu
with an icing made iu the usual way
from pulverized sugar, colored a delicate
pink with cochineal. Desiccated cocoa-
nut may be sprinkled over the top.
Fresh from Fashion Land
i    Chicago, March 30. ���Farewell, a fond
i farewell to thc feminine binding corset,
and that mysterious feminine perquisite
called "lingerie," and greetings to the
harem skirt and "tights."
This was the dictum of the dressmakers' convention assembled here after
a full discussion of the new fashion
problem. A dainty silken girdle, wilh
a few short stays, is to replace the
cumbersome corset. It is made possible, the dressmakers declure, by thc
extremely  high   waisted  empire  effect
To keep linoleum bright, use sweet
milk and water to wash it.
To brighten oil lamp burners, boil
for fifteen minutes in buttermilk.
Cut flowers will last well if a piece
of salt petre be added to the water in
which they stand.
A piece of mosquito wire is an excellent thing to rub a flat iron over lo
take off the rust.
Outside leaves of lettuce, if boiled,
chopped, drained and served on toast
like spinach leaves are delicious.
To save grease when frying doughnuts, put half a teaspoonful of ginger
into the grease when hot.
One way to remove tea, coffee and
fruit stains from linen is to rub butter
into them and then soak in hot water
and soap.
To remove snots from light dresses,
apply a little fuller's earth made into
a paste with spirit, and brush off when
Unbleached calico shrinks very much
when washing. When making it up an
extra inch a yard should be allowed
for this.
Thu Euiopean method of cooking
green peas is to boil them before shelling, and then to season and reheat them
after shelling.
When the finger nail is bruised, soak
in ice water, then hold the finger upright for half an hour. It will then
prevent an ugly black spot.
Who cares for the burden, the night and
the rain,
And the steep, long, lonesome road,
When at last through the darkness a
light shines plain,
When a voice calls hail, and a friend
draws rein,
With an arm for thc stubborn road?
Tho' his way lie over the prairies green,
And mine up the sunrise hill,
Tho' no more in my path may his light
be seen,
And I never may travel the leagues between,
His succor aids nn- still.
For life is the chance of a friend or two
This side of the journey's goal.
Tho' the world be a deserts the long
night thro',
Yet the gay flowers bloom and the sky
grows blue,
When a soul salutes a soul.
Fridays, at 8.00 a.m.
ss. Prince Albert sails for Port   Simp.
son, Naas River Points, Masset,
Naden Harbor,  every  Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Bay, Bkldegate, Queen
Charlotte City, Lockeport, IV
cofi, Jedway, Ikeda Hay, Rose
Harbor and return via" Queen
Charlotte City every Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Padflc
coast operates a frequent and :onven-
ient service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Information and tickets obtainable from the oflice hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
��� Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
^^^^ B.C. Coaat S.S. Service
Northbound Apr. 6���Southbound Apr. 10
Train for Winnipeg and Toronto
leaves Vancouver 9 a.m. daily.
Imperial Limited, best train acros!
the continent, leaves Vancouver daily
3.45 p.m. Carries compartment observation cars. The finest car on nny
road anywhere.
Agent for all Atlantic Steamship
lines. Tickets to and from European
J. G. McNab
General Agent
Record Exodus on Saturday from the
Clyde.   Well Lined Pursea
(Special to thc Optimist)
London, April 4. -Twenty-four thousand emigrants left the Clyde on Saturday for Canada anfl the United
Slates. This is a record in Scottish
emigration. Thousands more are booked.
From Montreal today by wire to the
Optimist comes the news that 70 families,
in all nbout 200 persons have passed
through during the week-end to take
up C. P. R. ready-made farms in Southern Alberta. Each head of each family
is born in Britain and has from $1000
to $3000 in cash.
Mulai Un fid Imprisoned in Hia Palace
at Fez
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
We are selling shares in the
At a price that will make you monejl
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Balance 3. 8 nnd 9 Monlh.
Assavs  of  the  ore run from |26.00 to
$2000  per  toi],.
It will pay you to investigate this proposition   at once.
0. B. Bush & Company
2nd Ave. Pr��"�� Rupert
extremely  high   waisted  empire  ellectj     :   ,   ,   ,,..,
of   the   tunics_ covering   the   bloomers| JJjJSJj^   ["'
(Special to the Optimist)
Taniger,  April  4.���Rebels have sur-
and   Mulai   Hiifid   is   a
or tights of the harem skirt.
Directoire lines have been applied
lo the harem skirt tunic antl the original Turkish trousers will be crowded
out, to be replaced by silken tights.
Some  of  the effects shown  by   the
prisoner in his own palace. Mulai
Ismail, lialid's brother has been proclaimed Sultun. The issue depends on
a big battle which is expected today.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
1 w. j. McCutcheon
!   Carries complete mock of PrM^Jgg*
i      attention paid to filling prccrlpt" 11.
; Thtalre Block phonb no. 79 Second Ave.
************************ THE   PRINCE   KUPERT   OPTIMIST
,,���������,, c.arl.te lehnd. Und District��� 1> strict ol
*tuv' ' *" Ske- tt
-Mm ,,otie�� f ��t I, J��>��> McLeod of Vanrouvir
Junutton broker. Intend to spply for permiss on
J'��� "to p'��c" SroSI and petroleum on the following
''"r'mmclTcl^at a post plant.-d about el* mile.
k.nlt��o miles weet of tho mouth ot the
SmC^I marked J. McL. N E Corner
v ��� 13 henc ��� south 80 chains, thencc west SO
>N"': thenee north 80 chains, then o east 80
chtiSttW o" commencemonti  containinu 840
"""'ifZ ��-l  ifii JOHN M'LEOD
I-Xli-h- 26- Clarance McDowell, Agent
Ouaao Chnrlotte Islands Land District-District ol
<*'"'���"'��� Skeena
Tuke nolice that I,   ohn McLeod of V.ncouver,
.���.��� i,r ker intend to appy for permission
ir,"1"!,��� Si *%** knd petroled on thofollowing
'''T-'^mlXIt nt a post pl.nted about sk miles
��� ".Ti wo miles west of the TM Uiver and
_ II McL S. E. Corner, No. 44. thence
mirth 8<l cimins, thonce west 80 i-hains, thence snuth
c li.il . Ihence emit 80 chain, to point ol com-
.nSntl containini! G40 acree, more or^less.
Dated Feb. 23, 1011
pub, Fi-h. 25.
Claranco McDowell, Auent
Oui-cn Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod .of Vanoouver,
oceupstlon broker, Intend to apply 'or permission
t��� pruspi-ct for coal and petroloum on the following
deecribed landii
l '.initiH-ncing at tt post plantod about six milm
Kiuth nnd two west of the mouth ot the Tl-e
Kiver .nd marked J. McL. N. W. Corner, No. 38.
thenca south 80 ch.lns, thencc east SO chains!
thence nnrlh 80 chains, thenco weit 80 chains to
point ol commencement; containing 640 acres,
mure or less.
Hated Keh. 23. 1911. JOHN  M'LKOD
lul.. Feh. 25. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Omen Ch.rlotte Islands Land DUtrict-District of
Till.,, nutice that I, John McLood of Vancouver,
Occupation broker, intend lo apply for iiermission
I., prospect forcoal and petroleum on the foUowing
deecribed land:
I'linimencing at a pnst planteil about six miles
seiitli end two miles west ol the moulh of tho
TI-.I Kiver and marked J. McL. S. W. Corner
No. UT Ihence north 80 chains, thence east 80
rlmini. tlience south 80 ch.ins, thence weet 80
chnins to pnint of commencement; containing 010
acres.'mnre or less.
Dated Feb. 88,181L JOHN M'LEOD
i'uh. Fell. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Qu,.-n Chnrlotte Islunds Lnnd District^Distirct of
Take nntice that 1, John Mcleod ol Vancouver,
oceupation hroker, intend to apply for permission
in pineped for coul and petroleum on he lollowing
dverlbed lands;
(eniniencing nt a pnst plnnted about six milos
.until mid three miles Wet of lhe mouth of the
TM Uiver and marked J. McL. N. K. Corner,
Nn. 76, tl.ence south 80 chains, thenco west 80
.- . i hence north 80 chains, thence east 80
r' ill    m  point  ot  commencement;    containing
I4i r.-s, more or less.
ii. 1 Feb.28, l'Jll. JOHN M'LKOD
I'uh. Feh. 28. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Chariotta Islands Land D strict���District ol
Tuke notice thai I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation hmker, Intend to apply for permission
l.. i reaped for conl and petroleum on the following
ed lands:
I .iiniiienciiig nt tt post planted six miles south
an.l ilim- miles west ol the moulh ol the Tl-el
He.��� r end marked J. McL, S. E. Corner, No. 76,
thenee nnrth 80 chains, thonce west 80 chains,
tlw.iv smith KO chains, Ihence east 80 chains to
pnint ,,f commencement; containing 640 acres.
mere er less.
Dated Fob. 28, UU, JOHN M'LEoD
Pah, lei,. 25. Clarnoi McDowell, Agent
Queen Chariott* Islanda L nd District���District o
lake notlc* that I, John McLeod ot Vancouver,
occupation hroker. Intend to apply for permission
ti. |.r spec! Inr coul and petroleum on th following
uaqlbod lund:
Comm, nciiit; at a post pl.nted about eight miles
Miuih .ml two wmt of the mouth of Tl-el Hiver
in.l roe ki.l J. Mcl.., N. W. Corner, No. 40, thence
���outh SO chains thencc eaat 80 chain., thence north
Ni chains, ihence weal Su chaina to point of com-
mi- cement; containing 640 acres, moro or loss.
DttedF b, 14. 1911. JOHN McLEOI)
1 uh Fib. 27. C. McD well, Agenl
(Jut-en Charlotte Islands Und Diatrict-Dlatrict ot
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
iccupiiiiMi broker. Intend to apply lo permisaion
te |.m-|Ki-t (nr conl nnd petroleum on lho following
.:.       ..I lund:
t iinimoncing nt a post plantod eight miles .outh
snil t��a wrat of thc mouth of Tl-el Rivor and
mirkt ^^^^   ^^^^
witii h
ol cu
ilsl-l loh -J4, 1911.
I'ul.. I'll.. 27.
I .1. McL, N. W. Corner, Noi 41. thenco
sn ehuins, thence west SO chains, thenco
80 chains, thenco eoat 80 chaina to point
mencement;  containing 640 acres, more or
C. McDowell, Agent
(Jim-n Charlotte lsl.nd. Land Dlitrict���Diatrict of
I . BOtieo thnt I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupetion broker, Intond to apply for permission
to pro peel Inr conl uml jietroleum on the following
described l.nd:
CofflnMDfJnl ut u post planteil eight miles soulh
inii two meet nf the mouth of tho Tl-ol River and
1 . I. MeL., S. E. C rner No. 42, thenco
11 chains, thence west 80 ch.lns. thence
Jjutl ' ehelna, thenco eaat 80 chaini to point
ii. I'm.iiion,.,.rn,.nt;  containing 640 acres, more or
Deted Keb. 24,1911.
I'm.. I  !.. 27.
C. McDowell, Agent
Second avenue and Third Btreet
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Ollice.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler BuilditiK      Phone No. 2H0
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
I"'-. Cl lariottC Island. Und District���Dlitrict'of
T , Skoena
lake notice lhat I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
W'uiiuiiiii, broker, Intend to apply for permisaion
tn |i osped for coal and potroleum on the following
tafribed land:
I'oiniin noing at a post planted about eight
Jj ' outh end lour west of tho mouth of Tl-el
hiver nml marked J. McL., 8. W. Cornor, No. 77,
uenee north 80 chains, thonce cast 80 chaini,
Bice souih su chnins, thence west 80 chains to
.um ol enmmencement; containing 640 acres
Bore or Ion
Deted 1,1, 21, 1 11. JOHN MeLEOD
""���hb.27. C. McDowell, Agent
���fuien CheriottS Islands Land District���Dlitrict o'
. , , Skeena
'��.      life lhat I, John McLeod of Vnncouver.
, r,'1'i i broker, inlend to apply lor permission
" li. i. ii f,,r ennl und petroleum on tho following
tecribod land: ^
< "'inn. i.eing ut a pnst planteil about eight milos
wu li end lour weet ot tho mouth of TM Itiver
���Mm i ke,l .1. Moi,., N. w. Corncrp N��� 7K, thonce
" eheine, thence east 80 chains, thonco
"""' ���" ehains, thenee w st 80 hains to poi t of
|Wemenr,nieiit:   oml Ining 610 acres,  more or
of British Columbia nf B.C., Ontario, Sas-
and Miinituli.i Bnrs. kntchewnn  und Al*
lliertu Bus,
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office���ExchnnKe block, cnrner Thiol avenue nnd
Sixth street. I'rince Ruoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., 1). D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully trenteil. toe- nml
local anitsthetics administered fnr the pninless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices: ill
and 20 Alder Block, I'rince Riinert. li-12
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Pulton
I'. O. BOX 'il
I'll l'l I. OK WU.  rOXON, BSQ., A.II.A.M..  ION., KSIi.
Fruit   :   Produce   :    Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
English anil Anu-ricun Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Making for Hecate Straits to do Six
Months' Cruiee for the Locating of
Beacons and Buoys Marking Rocks.
Early this month the Dominion
government survey .steumer Lillooet,
which hus been lying at Esquimalt for
some Unit1, will leuve on her annual
surveying cruise in British Coounibiu
wmers. The cruck little vessel will
head for Hecate Straits, und will spend
ubout six months making soundings and
locating rocks upon which lo have
beacons or buoys established,
This year ull the survey work will full
to the lot of the Lillooet, us li. M. S.
Bgeria luus been luid up. The steamer
will, therefore, huve u very busy season
and is not expected to finish her work
before the beginning "f November.
Although a great ileal of the survey work
in British Columbia waters luus been
done, still there are many uncharted
rocks yet to be located. The Egeria
hus been employed in the service for
many years und hud done u greut deal
towards mproving navigation in Canadian waters. She was, however, laid
up last winter by the British Government, antl it is understood that the
staunch old vessel may be secured by
the Dominion Government for a training
British Columbia Waters ure now
looked upon by steamship companies
plying along the coast as the liest
lighted and marketl unywliere. American
steamboat men have continually praised
the work of the Dominion Government,
antl have tried to induce their government lo follow out the same plan in
lighting Alaska waters.
Preliminary County Court Buaineaa
Dealt With by Judge Young
Judge Young opened the County
Court this morning. Judgment Summonses received the lirst attention of
the Court ut 10.I10 u.m. the following
can s being dealt with:
Vancouver Breweiies vs. McQueen.
Adjourned till next week.
Stewart ii Mobley vs. James Dtiggan,
Williams & Manson for plaintiff. Judgment given for $lo |H-r month, defendant
stating thai he could manage this.
Alibi vs. J. It. Beatty, adjourned, no
du'.e Bad yet.
Bunk of B. N. A. vs. McKay &
Mathieson, L. Patmore fur plaintiffs.
Mr. Mathieson appeared explaining his
circumstances and judgment waa given
for $.'�� per month.   The debt if 1800, antl
wus incurred in Greenwood.
Henderson Bros. \s. Geo. Thody, L.
I'm more for plaintiffs, Thody agreed
to puy half the amount owing $.'10, by
the middle "( May.
Bickerstulf Wilson vs. A. Tuttersliold.
Adjourned pending arrangements.
Hose Brooks Co., Ltd., vs. McQueen.
Adjourned pending arrangementa.
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
J Blue   Funnel   Boats   Cargoes
Sent North Now
geted |,    ���_* mi
JOHN Mel.lltll)
Mcliowill, Auent
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooms
RATES 50 CF.NT8 AND til'
P.O. BOX 37
Large quantities  of  tin-plate  have
been shipped nunh during tin- last few
days  by  the   II.   C.   CoSSl   Company's
steamers liriiish Columbia, Clansman,
Piugulfund Celtic, in readiness for the
running season, The tin*plate is shipped io Vancouver from the United
Kingdom und the United Stales, und u
large consignment  is  now being un-
Ulue   Funnel   line
BvaiU   Oilman   it
last   cargo   for   the
loaded   from   tin-
N'iiig-Cluiw   at  tht1
Evans dock.
The   Ceiriana's ^^^^^^^^^
north consisted considerably of cannery
Rates Asked by Light  Co. Refused���
Town Plunged in Dork
[Special in ilu- Optimist)
Lunenburg,   April   8,   Because  the
County refused to pay I lie high rates
charged for electric liglu  charged by
tin- Light Company ilu- Jules was turned
off last  night, and the cititens lift   lo
grope   the   best   I hey   pleased.     The
Company is willing to have the matter!
referred  lo the  Public  Utilities  Com.;
minion hut the oouinil i: obdurate, Ihe
juice will therefore mosl likely remain
off for some time,
Queen Chnrlultc thiamin [.ami District -District ol
n   ....         --         .   .     ���             ... Tiiki" notic tlmt I, John McIaihI "I Vancouver,
Building Material, -Cement,   Lime, oceupation broker, Intend tn apply In permission
.,   ,     _,        _.,               ���  .       n.     .        ... in pniMH-ct fnr cual uml ix-triili'iun on tin- fnlluwing
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blackamith deecribed lunds:
Cofnfncndns ut u post I tantsd abuut live miles
nnrth iiin! one tnili" wchI nl the mouth o tho
Tl-el  Itiver uml markcl J. Mcl.., N. E. I'urnor,
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodtfe.
H.  MORTON. Secretary.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     No. 84, thenee eouth -yu chains,  thenci- weet so
ci,;������i���.   i,,l  m.��� w ii:   ���._    r. i  ch"'"��- thenee north sn chuuiH, thenoe easl so
bhmglee, Lath, New Wellington Coal   chain, to nt ���! DorunsaMmantl i-,,ntai..inK 840
. _ ncn*s. nmrc or if-**..
uh. Feb. I's. ('liwnce McDowell, AKent
Quwn Chariotte Uandl Lun.l District   -Diatrict of
Tuke QOtlM thut I, John MoLaod Ol Vancouver,
occiiiuitioti hrnkt-r, Intend lo apply (OT permission
to pms-n-ct (or cuul an.l priroli-um on tin- following
!    Comnwndni ut u (Mist pUnted ibout (our milw
north und thni miles west of thi* muuth <>f tho
\ Tie! Kiver und murked J. McL. N. W. Corner,
i No,   SS,   thenos uoutli   HO  clmln^   thenre  eust   KO
chuins, theiieu north B0 chuins, thenn* went HO
1 chains to point of commencement; contuininK Mi)
��� acres,  more or les .
Dnted Fob. S6, ML JOHN UeLBOD
i Pub. Keh. 2K t'lirence McDowell, Attnt
QttNfl Cbttlotte Islunil*. Land District���Distnct of
Take notice that I, John UeLood of Vancouver,
occupation I ruker, intend to upply for   permission
I to prospect [or cnul and petroleum on (he following
deMtlbed lands:
Commeneini ut �� poet piutiteti ahout lour tmh*
north und thn>e mile*�� \\>--: of Un* mouth of thu
TM Kiver and murkeil J. Mcl... S. W. ( nrner.
No 54, thenw north Mi chains thenci* nil BQ
chuini, thenn- M>uth H* c am*, thence wi>Ht HO
chains to point ef commenced wit; contuininK tilt)
acres, more or lew.
Dated Keh. 80, 1011 JOHN   McLKOD
Puh. Keh. U8 Clarence McDowell. Agent
(.ui.fti Charlotte EtUuidl Lud District - Dwtrict of
Tuke notion tint I   John Mcl-eod of Vuncouver.
occupution 11roker, intend to apply for perrnihsion
to prospect f��r coal and petroleum on the following
descrihed land:
Commencing ut a post plunted almut thr��>��* mileo
went and two miles north of the mouth    I  the   11 cl
Rivor and merited J. Mcl... n. k. Conw   s    *���**.
thenci> south sO chains, thence wi*st '0 chains,
thence north ��0 chain*, thoce en^t chainii tti point
of commencement; eonlaining tilO acren more or
I Dated Feb. 85,191L John McLKOD
I'u . Keb. 27. T. B. Walter, Agent
QtlOen Charh-tte Uandl Land District -District of
Take notice lhat I, J. (i. McNali of I'rince Ku-
potta aeeupation teneral agent, intend to upply
for uenillailon tO pftapeel  (of   cnul and petroleum
on tin1 followinK >!<  ftii <������: lutidti:
("nirmencinK at a po*>t planted ut the so h-enst
n r-"- of Section :i, T hn -   tiraham Islund,
ai.l  mnrkitl J   tj.  Mc K. Corner,  thenco
ni-! mi ehaina, thence -th SO chains, thence
east SO chuins, thence soutu SO chains to point of
Dated Murch B, I91L J- 0. MeNAB
I'ub. March 8ft. Wilson Qowtng, Agent
Queen Churlotte Inlands ljind District-District of
Take notice thai I, John MoLood of Vancouver,
oecupatlon broker, inlend to apply tor |M*rmisHion
to proapeet forcoal and i��troleum en the following
deaerlbed land:
Commencing ut a poHt planted about tw milea
north of th mouth of the Tl-vl Kive ud murk<-d
J. McL., S. K. Corners NO, :i thence north hO
chuins, thOPCO Weat HO chain-, thenci- south HO
chains, thenee ne��t HO chaits to |Knnt of commencement ; c mtatnlng 940 aereB. more or lam
Datod F��fa 8ft, l!UI. JoMV McLKOD
Pub. Feb, ml. T K. Walter, Agent
r      E.   EBY   C&   Co.
Kitaumkiiluni Land K<ir Ssle
KITSl'MKAI.I'M - B, ('
Fir.t A����.
Near M  I'ti.i.
Korwanlini*,   DistriluitiiiR at.il
Shipping A(*t-nts.
Storage (if Baggage anil Household Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907
Phone 262
PHONK 2til(;l(KKN I'.O. IlOX KM
Plumbing   :  Steamfitting
Thlnl Am-., belwteil Tth nml -th SU.
()v.-r H.C. Bakcrv I'lllNCK RUPERT, ll.C
7, Rochester l\
'_;>* * Monroe
v Ladysmith
kiV     '^COAL
\'A. Pkoneiis
Quean Charlotte talandi Land D
Tuke rmtirs* that I. Joh Mcl
* ecupatinn brokir, intend to up
to proapect (or coal ami itctroleu
deedrbed lond:
Conunendni  at a pool plantt
north of the mnuth of tin T-el
.1. McL., S. W. Corner. No. 4
chain-*, thence cant HO fhclrs
chain-. Ihence w. it HO cha r.M
mencemenl; containing 64 acre
li.i ..i PVb.2tlMl.
Pub. Feb J7. T
Utrirt���Dintrict of
ood of \ uiicouver,
ply for pmntai on
m <iti th>' fullowitg
d about ten ii.ii-*1
r ver an marked
thence north W
thenc -"un HO
to point of com
���*, nmre or lew.
. K. Walter, Auent
The Westholme Lumber Co.
Firel Avenue Telephone 186
What  About   Boncovitch;
Boscovitch in "till In .-uHtods*
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Bi-tls, cIl-hii Wliitt- Slttn-ts 25c
Rooms 50c
BEST IN TOWN FOR THE MOUSY udnbo'fonthVMagirtrateon
J. GOODMAN, Proprielor I BOBCOVltch lias lint yi-t In-ill CC
iinli-r the ii-rintis  assault   rliiir(!<1
; aguinst him by ii woman uf his
| nationality. His caw will be Invt
Advertise in
iju" ii i l���;.*:��� i'* I   -iiitlf land DUtriot-  District
Take notice thai I, John MeLeod ol Vancouver,
occupatiun bmker, intend to npply For permiwion
to proapeet for ooai und petrnleon on the toUoerlng
daacribad Ian i:
CommencinK a a post planteil al*out two miles
north and t n mile- met ot the rnoul to the
Tl-el Itiver and marked J. McL., N. \V. L'orner,
N'o. 21, thenee tomb mi chuins  thenee eust ho
chains, thence north HO chain.-, thence WOel HO
chains to polnl of commencmi'nt; containing 610
���CrOBi more or luwt
hat.-l IV . "jr., I'UL JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 27. T. K- Walter, Agent
ljuecn Charlotte I ' ���' ���'������ Laml Oistrct    DUtrict of
Tuke OOtle* that I Joh- IfeLaod of Vancouver,
occupulion broker intend to apply for permiasion
in proepect for coal and petroleuni on tin following
di erlbed lands:
CommOj emit at a pOM planted about i -.. nulea
north and twu mib-s w��*t of the mouth of Tl-el
Itiv r unit marknl J. MrL. S. \S . Corner. \* o, 26
thenci-  north   HO   chulliN,   thence  OBOl   **���   rhaina,
thenee south BO chalna- thenee wm ho ehalni to
pount ��f OommeMenmtl containing HO UNB|
more or U*��,
llafd lib  86, IHI4 JOHN   Mcl.h.tl)
I'ub. Keh. 27. T, R Walter. Agant
CJucen < 'harlotte Inlands I .and I )ist rict    I >,m rict of
Tnke notloe thai I, John IffcLood of Vancouver,
ooenpation broker, intend to apply for portnueton
tu pro pool for coul an��l petroleuni on the following
deacribod   and:
Commenting at a post planted nbout tiro milea
north uml twn mile-4 west nf th mouth of the
Tl-el Itiver and marked J McL. N. \\. Corner,
No. "tl, thence south Hi) huins, thence went HO
ehaJaO) thenc north HO chains, th��'nc��' eail HO
ehainn to    point   of   comim-necm nt     containing
6 ii acree, more or leee*
Duicl Feh. 25 l'Jll. JOHN  McLKOD
I'uh. Feb. 27. T. K. Wut. r. Agent
Queen Chariotte latande Lend District -Dletrle ��f
Tuke notice ll'iit I, John M IjcoiI of Vnticouver
oeoupatlon brohoTi intend Lo apply for parmltadofl
to ppispeci for coal and petroleuni on the following
deecribed land:
Commoncing tt n post, plaatad right mile p
and    wu  wait   of  tM  mouth   Ol  Tl-e|   Kivr
marked J. McL,, s. \v. Corner. No, 80,
north BO chains thunce wwt HO chains,
houCi Hll chains, thence west Mt chains to \
commencement;   containing  6*0 acres,   -U
bated Fob, 21,1011.
I'ub. Feb. 27.
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST ia the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia     It
hits grown up with the city
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all���25c per inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.   Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily. $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Tuesday, April 4
An Object Lesson from the Printers
Ten days ago in urging the street laborers to seek arbitration in their dispute
as the proper and progressive method of arriving at a prompt and workable fettle-
mem we mentioned the fact that the International Typographical Union maintained a permanent arbitration board, and refused to countenance any strike
unless the supposed grievances had first been investigated and arbitration tried.
An object lesson has just been furnished by the very body of which we wrote,
the last mail bringing particulars of a sinking illustration of the value of the International Union's method-in this case all thejmore,strikingibecauseithe tlnter-
national Union went over the heads of the local otficers and ordered back to work
the men whom the local ollicers had ordered out.
The trouble arose over typesetting rates in the offices of the Chicago Examiner
and Chicago American. The offer of the papers to arbitrate was refused, and the
president of the local union ordered his men out on strike. That was on a Tuesday.
By next afternoon President James Lynch of the International Union wired to
Chicago from Washington disavowing the atrike and ordering the men back to
work. His order was promptly obeyed, and the matter is to be adjusted by arbitration, according to an agreement between the International {Union and the
American Newspaper Association. It MB
The prompt and decisive action of President Lynch has been widelyJcom-
mented on by the labor press, who realise the importance of living up to all con.
tracts they enter into, and tho folly of rushing into a strike until all peaceable
methods have been exhausted.
Tlie Rochester Labor Journal says: "James M. Lynch, president of the International Typographical Union, can't be bluffed on upholding a strike when it ia
uncalled for, as was the Chicago strike."
The United Mine Workers Journal in commenting on the matter adds: "Strike
first and reason after sometimes makes reasoning impossible. Belter keep on
reasoning first, then if reason fails the kicking propensities are in order. Thrice
is he armetl who hath his quarrel just, and reasoning will establish the justness more
fully before the strike than after it is entered into."
Notes and Comments
Alderman Pattullo's letter in yesterday's Optimist has already borne fruita.
Several |ieople called up the editor today to express their hearty support to the
proposal to declare a truce to all internecine disputes and lo make a solid stand
for the progress of Prince Ru|K-rt and the development of the surrounding district.
The spirit of optimism ia in thc air.
Prince Rupert Young Liberal Association
will be belli in the
at 8 p.m.
Members and friends roll up
Read The   Optimist
And Get All the News
Condensed Advertisements.
ARE YOU IN NEED OF HELP?   Do you want
to buy, or nil, or hire, or loan?   Try The
OptlmiBt Condemned Ad. route.
R RENT-Two cabim.
No. 7.
Clow in.    Phone
XJOUSES WANTED-KurniBhed or unfurnUh-
���*"*��� ed, 2 to t> rooma. If location and Price Buit
me I will rent them myself and pay rent in ad-
vunce. no wnitinR, no listing. Phoneme today
Black 59-Uncle Jerry. TO-**
THE British Union and National Fire Insurance
Company of London,  England,  with capital
of $2,500,000.00.    See us for rates.     The Mack
Kealty and Insurance Company. TO-tf
fUJR SPECIALTY-Fire Insurance. We repre-
*-~ sent eleven strong Fire Insurance Companies. We want your business, Ia<*Ke and small.
Let us quote you rates. The Mack Realty and Insurance Company, cor 3rd Ave. and Fulton St.   70
ANTED���Good general woman cook; wages
160,   Apply P. K. General Hospital.      f.y-tf
WANTED���Position in hotel by competent woman;   cooking,   housekeeping or  chamber
work.   Apply O. S. Optimiiit. 61-tf
WANTED-Room nnd board in private family
X.M.. Optimist Office. 14
���XXTANTED���House. 4 or T> rooms and bath, fur-
" nished or unfurnished, at once. Apply at
Optimist. Box X. 57-tf
S. O. E. B. S.
The   Prince   Rupert Lodge,  No. 31H, Sons of
England, meets the fii -i  and third Tuesdays in
each month in thc Carpenters Hall, at 8 p m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec,
P. O. Box H12. Prince Rupert
��� .^^~+
I ...WANTED... .
| A   Girl   to   learn   Preai- j
feeding and Bookbinding.
j Apply at
The Optimist
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Examining
Warehouse, Vancuuver, B.C.," will be received
until 4.00 p.m. on Monday. April 24th. 1911, fur
the construction of an Examining Warehouse,
Vancouver, B. C.
Plans, specification and form of contract can be
seen nnd forms of tender obtained at the offices of
Mr J. E. Cyr, Superintendent of Public Buildings for Manitoba. Post Office Building, Winnipeg, Man., Mr. Wm. Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria. B.C., at the Post Office, Vancouver
and at this Department.
Persons tendering are notified that tenders will
not be considered unless made on the printed
forms supplied, and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places uf
residence. In thecase of firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation and place nf
residence uf each member of the Arm must bc
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, payable to
the order of the Honourable the Mlntatcr of Public Works, c��iual to ten per cent, (lo p.c.) of the
amount of the tender, which will he forfeited if
the person tendering (lifeline to enter into a cun-
tmct when called upon to do *<��, or fall to complete the work contracted fnr. If the tender be
not accepted the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not hind itself tu accept
the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Department of Public Works. Secretary
Ottawa, March 22nd. I'.'ll.
Newspapers will not be paid for this advertisement if they insert it without authority from the
Department. 72-74
^llll ��_n **, ll *** **-** ii *, H~l  it mt_^***-*m**r-***
%||%tt%ll%iy% ***** lm**m*m\***%^l***m_\ *****   *Al**-*m
Calgary, April 4.���Calgury has the
lacrosse fever, and since baseball ended
in such a fiasco last season the brightest
prosjiects for the establishing of Canada's
national game on a sound basis is in
Lacrosse had a slight foothold here
some years ago, but the baseball fever
gave it u setback. Now the followers
of sport aie discarding baseball and
returning to their old love.
Montreal Exchange���"Nationals now
have all their last year's regulars signed
up with the exception of Gauthier and
Lalonde, on whose services Con Jones,
of Vancouver, has an option, which
holds good until April 15."
A New Westminster report says that
the Spring brothers were offered, and
refused, $2500 each to play lacrosse
this season with Vancouver. "But we
just couldn't sign up to play against
the boys," was the reason given for
the refusal of the brothers to accept
$5000 for live months' work.
Spokane, April 4.���Phil Cooney, shortstop of the champion Spokane team last
year, and who wus sent up to the big
leagues, will play with Spokane again
this season. He was given a trial by
Chicago but could not oust Joe Tinker
out of his job with the Cubs. Joe Cohn,
president of the Si>okanc Club, made
Murphy an offer for Cooney's services
and the Cub magnate accepted.
Clone    C
��� mi.
April 20
Sept. 24
April 12
Oct. 8
National .
April 12
Oct. 12
American Assoc.April 12
Oct. 1
April 15
Sept. 16
Padflc Coast..
March 28 Oct. 22
Wester n Lea
April 21
Oct. 8
Ncw Eng. Lea
April 24
Sept. 9
Conn. Lea	
April 21
Sept. 8
N. Y. State Leu
i May 3
Sept 16
S. Atlantic Leu
April 3
Sept. 9
Texas Lea	
April 12
Sept. 4
Western Assoc.
May 3
Sopt. 5
.April 26
Sept. 10
April 27
Sept. 10
April 27
Sept. 2
Next time you walk by
store we wish you'll stop a
ute and take a look at
He's the finest Bleepmeter made
the best looking, the best built
the best running. Yoi needn't
take our word for it. j keep him
in the window so you cai u for
This is the clock they I  ���
rising in the hi-* magai
Heintzman Pianos
We sell tliem.   We rent tln-m.
Easy terms.
OFFICE    :    :
For all  kinds of help,  lu,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel mr-
ters, all kinds of Itbort n or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178        I
or call ut tli<> !
Grand Hotel Fret  Employment Dike j
No. 25
Pacific Northern Emporium
Agent'. Office ���        7th Avenue
(Connecud wilh King T.i A Cm.l
P. O. Box 58
Prince Rupert
Phone 197 Black
For Sale
Lulu 14, 15, 16, block 28, section 5,
price $600 each, terms half cash.
Lot 7, block ifi, section 6, price $2,-
400, terms half cash.
Lots 13, 14, 16. block 8, section 7,
price $500 each, terms half ensh.
Lots 6, 7, 8, with house, block 86, sec.
7, price $3,650 all, terms $1,300 cash.
Lots 7, 8, block 36, section 7, price
$1,750 pair, terms half cash.
For  Fire  Insurance  in   Reliable
Companies, call on
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
Do you realize that everv train of the
G. T. P. R. R. will be a living advertisement for our city ? The letters
stand for "Go To Prince Rupert Road"
���that's plain. The Grand Trunk chose
its name well and we are duly grateful. Just now the Grand Trunk is
making Prince Rupert but it will not bc
long before Prince Rupert will make
the Grand Trunk Pacific.
A modern railroad is a wonderful institution. Railroad building today is
not a gamble, it is a science. A railroad that would just make a town its
termlntlt just for the sake of making a
town would be committing suicide. It
would be llirting with the undertaker,
as my friend Shcrilf Small used to say
bnck in Missouri. A railroad chooses
its terminus for the trade it can get
there, for the freight it can bring there
uml take away from there. So you see
the railroad knew exactly what it was
doing when it chose Prince Rupert.
We know that many excellent engineers, many of the ablest business men,
many large capitalists compose the
railroad, and we know that their collective judgment must be good or they
would not be able engimiers, able business men or able capitalists. They
selected I'rince Rupert. You or I cannot have better judgment in the matter
than they did. That's our cue to prolit
by their judgment. Stick with Princo
Rupert and tell your friends nbout it.
If you don't know what to tell them
about Prince Rupert ask me nnd I'll
tell you whnt to sny. Also I shall give
you my book of Questions and Answers
on Prince Rupert. You can either send
that or copy it. It is easier to send it
or I'll send it for you. If you and I
keep on getting busy with telling the
outsiders about Prince Rupert, it will
not be long before we will nave twenty-
live thousand inhabitants, then fifty
and then my prophecy, "The San Francisco of Canada.
Headquarters foreooks I
Cotton States     April 6     Aug. 20   \y
West. Canada     May 3      S-      I    112
The baseball scrila-s throi ul lot
country are hailing the WOT
las a synonym for SOUthpav "i lefthander) as un important ;�����
glossary, and many of them ire !akir|
the credit of coining it. Another Imoi
to the Irish.
The  date  for  the  Bt��rl   '        V's*
couver   of   the   annual   l<�� i'
race of the Pacific Interna
Boat   Association,  has   im
Sunday, July 2.    Tie !-.
allowed to s.au ut uny hour
8 a.m. and 2 p.m.. will round
1 Bellingham and Scuttle l.irl ���
| finish in Victoriu on Honda) ���'���
One-Round Hogan hus II
Hugh   Mcintosh  to  box   M      ��*
the ncw English llghtwelgl
in   London   during   Coron
Mcintosh offers a $10,  ��J*��
will be rmappod up by thi
if he beats Ad Wolgast Mm
Athletic Club in New York on ApM "l
An automobile drive. twer
and live miles long, will I
spring on top of a sell wall
hut tan Heach. near Corny Ml
It is understood that the dn���� wil.""
In tha neighborhood of 1800,000
Calgary, April 4.   Doc Q
of the best-known s|Hirts in "
has  offered  to   put   up  S   tl
thc soccer teams of the nosl :
Coast to lhe Great Lakes.   H�� I
to give a cup or shield to the '
four   hundred   dollars,   ami
the question of how it must  I
to the clubs interested, as well
name by which il may be known
Advices from Edmonton **,
the interest there in the sen
extremely keen. A meeting
Hillhurst, champions of < an-"
thc city league, wilh the pn
league is in sight. Maclcod, \->n
Lethbridge, Winnipeg and FW1
have been notified.
Twenty-four hours ending I
April 4.
��� AX. TKMr. MIN. TBMr. "AH.        |V
33.0 19.5        30.020
���    our
nn. the
< 'llii.lt
.,   won
i lie
v ih��
,-; .1*
la .mil
,. odd
ih v-
$1100 Cash
Buys Lot on Park Avenue.
Owner leaving city and
must  have   money.
Preliminary Arrnngements Made for
Sixteen Cases on Docket. Messrs.
Williams & Manson and L. Patmore Busy.
Fifteen   Thousand   Albanians
the   Field    More   Ready
(Special to tin Optimisti
Rome, April 4. Information received
here from Qulrinal says that fifteen
thousand Albanians are in revolt against
Turkey and sixty thousand mon- are
ready to take arms. Montenegro and
Bulgaria are encouraging tha rebel-..
Serious complications are feared.
In   the   County   Court    yesterday
Judne Young went over the docket, the
���ni! arrangements being made with
cases mi the list:
Watson   vs.   Flewin,   adjourned   till
Monday,    For  plaintiffs  Williams  &
Manson, for defendant Carss & Rennet t.
Sawle vs. Arnott, Williams & Manson
in- plaintiff, Carss & Bennett for de-
iTii.   Adjourned till next court.
I'rimi' Rupert Sheet Metal Co. vs.
GampPi Thursday 11 a.m.
Nanbury Manufacturing vs. Lailey.
Williams ilt Manson for plaintiffs, Fisher
4 Wharton for defendant. Adjourned
lit! next court.
Knilierliam vs. Prince Ru|iert Sheet
Metal Co., Fridny 11 a.m.
Prince Ru|H-rt Sheet Metal Works vs.
Rowe snd others, Carss & Bennett for
Iff, Williams &  Manson  for da*
. Fisher & Wharton for Cowell.
To -'.mil iill next court.
Williams vs. White, Williams & Bunion f-ir plaintiff, Fisher & Wharton for
int,  Adjourned till Friday.
Mathieson vs. Christiansen & Brandt,
11 u.m.
Patmore vs. Wilson and others.   L. |
I       ore for plaintiff in person waa ready   Eleventh Avenue Rciuclcnt. Petition
but  Peter Colligan who was |        c        ., f    Convrnient Poth    - j
|t�� have apitcared in defence did  not
" "" 'ITi6, a mm-..   .*.  t~_,\   IUwidents of Eleventh avenue have
vs. Ashland goes to the foot ��� |K���jliom.(| ,,���. ,jIV ,,)lim.i| f()r , ptank
' V.  ,, i.  ._   n i-��.! roadway to be constructed from the end ,
of Eleventh avenue near McBride street
in the northeast, to join McBride street
bridging  Hays Creeli  and  the  Park
iteserve there. A glance at ihe map
of ihe townsite ai once suggests the
convenience ol such a plankway. Certainly baton the dty Is very many
years' oltl a permanent roadway and
bridge will span this distance making a
convenient  short   cut   for residents in
Real   Estate   Moving
Lots 1 and '_' in Block 25, Section 5,
were sold by Mr. W. W. Collin today
to locul purchasers.
Two   Hundred   Conversation   Props
Wanted for Prince Rupert
Follouing arc the bids sent in to
Monday night's city council for the
latest consignment of telephone poles
required by the city: Two hundred
polos ue wanted ol lengths from 86
to 55 feet. Three offers wen- received,
Andrew Melvtn & Co, bid in centa '-
cents, ami 15 cents per foot respectively
for U6, 40 and 55 foot imlc-.. Oscar
Anderson & Co.'s prices are 7 rents,
8 cents, and !l cents. Frank Engler
would supply tin- above lengths at !i
cents, lo cents, and l-'l cents |ht foot
respectively. Tenders were referred t<>
light committee.
IJuwn Charlotte Inlands [.and District���Dwtrict ot
lain- notico that I, John Mcl.i-oil ol Vancouver
occupatinn broker, intenil to apply (or iiermission
to |iros|iect lor coal anil petroleum on the [ollowinit
I, diwcribi.il lands:
ComiMDcini M �� post planted aliout two miles
I south and two miles west o[ the mouth of the
, I ll-el Hiver and marked J. Mc.L. N. B. Corner,
��� I No. 78, thence suulh NO chains, thence west HO
! j chuins, thence north HO chains, thence east SO
j j chains to point ol commencement; containinK
1   6-10 acres, more or less.
Dated Fed. 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
rub. Keb. 24. Clarence McDowell, AKent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���Disirict or
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouvor.
occupation broker, inlend lo apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the followinK
descrilied lands:
CommencinK at a posl planted about two miles
south and two miles Wmt of the mouth of the
ll't-1 Uiver anil markeil J. filc.L. S. K. Corner,
No. tH, thence north SO chains, thence wesl 80
chains, thence soutli 80 chuins, thence eaat 80
chains to point of commencement: containinK 610
acres, more or less.
Dated Keb. SS, 191] JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Keb. 24. Lealie K. Waller, Agent
Quoon Charlotte Islands Und Disirict���District ot
lake nolice that I, John MeLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, inlend tn apply for iiermission
to prus)H-ct for coal and petroleum on the following
descnlstl lands:
ComnieiiciiiK al a posl planted about two miles
south and two miles wesl of the nniulh uf the
Tl-el Itiver und murked J. Mc.L. N. B. Corner,
No. 47, thence south SO chains, thence wesl 80
chnins, tl ence north 80 chains thenci- eaat 80
chains to point of commencement; containinK 610
acres, mure or less.
Daied Keh 22,1911. 'OIIN McLKOD
I ub. Feb. 24 Clar��nce McDowell, AKent
Quc��n Charlotte IslandaLaml Disirict���DUlrict
Take notice thai I, John McU-od ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend lo applv lor iH-rinission
in priu-|K-cl for coal and lietroleum on the following
di-MTilsil lands;
Commencing at a past plantisl ahout two
milw south and two miles \ ust of the mouth ut
the Tl-el Uiver, tiraham Island, and marked
J. Mc.L. N. \V. Corner, No. ,14, thence souih so
chains, thenco easl 80 chaina, thenc- north 81)
chains, thenee wost 80 chains lo poin of coin*
m,-ncetui.iit; containing 640 acrus, men- or leas.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Churlotto Islands Land District���Diatrict of
Take notice thai 1, John McLeod of Vancouver
occupation broker, intend to apply for |>ermi*sion
to pro-is-cl fur coul and iietruleuin on the following
daaaflbad land.:
Cuminencing at a post planted about two milia
.-null and two miles Wt-sl of the mouth ot the TU-I
, Kiver and niarkiil J. McL, S. W. Corner, No. IM,
thence north 80 chains, Ihence east  80 chains,
I thence .null) 80 chains. Ihcnco west 80 chains tu
. point  of  commeiiceini-iit;    containing  610  ucn-s,
more or lit*.
I nu.-.1 lib. 22. 1911.
I'ub. Feb. 21,
Clarenw McDowell, Agent
A   Hancock   vs.   Cumming*
r 21st   April  to  accommodate
from Stewart.
' i\- ill vs. biiwlle, Thursday nt 2 p.m.
Pi ��� "il i vs. (ieorge Monday nt 11 n.m.
Williams & Manson for plaint ill
n I I.. W. Patmore for defendant.
I' ���, tltlson vs. City adjourned to 18th
11 a.m.
OUen vs. ('ity.   Date to he act later.
���ri- vi, u,  -|,,ilnii< Lumber Co.
1 ���-! :i all naas in this cnac will
bs  -. ���  - Iii|  tomorrow   H  hc   has  to
8   Vancouver.     The   cane   in
dale to hc fixed litter.
this pUassnt
little district   acro.ss the   "* ** 25-
Qui-en Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict���Diatrict ol
Take notice that I, John Mclx-od nl Vancouver
occupation broker, inlend to apply fur [H-mnssion
lo preapaol for coat and jN-troleum un the follnwing
drscrilstl lamls:
Ciimmeiii-iiiK ul il |Mr-l plumed about two milm
���nuth of tin1 i'l-,-1 Itiver and morki-d John McU
N. K. Corner, Nu. .'12. Ihence miuth 80 chain..
thenci- *\*.l 80 chains, thenci- nurth 80 chains,
thonco east 80 chains to point of commencement;
containiiiK i��w urn-., mere or less
Dao.i Kb tt, l'.MI JOHN McLKOD
I'uh. Feb. 21. Leslie K. Waller, Agent
Qut.-n Charlolte Istanibi I-umI Distnct���District of
Take nutici- that I, John Mi-I.< ���������! of Vancouver,
oecupalmti bniker, intend to apply for iH-rnuasion
Id |ir,-|�� ei tor coal and pelroleum on the fullowing
da , ril>. d lands:
Cummencing al a post planteil about two BUMS
south of the inoiilh of the 'I'M Iliv.-r and markeil
J. Mcl. S. K. t'ornir. No. ill, UaaBOa ��- -i 10
chain., Ihenc- nunh 80 chains, thenci- SM ID
chains, tlence miiiiIi 80 chains to pmnt of com-
meneeitii-iil: coiilainiiig 6 HI ncn-s. men- or h-ss.
D.iie.1 Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Fib. 24. Laatta K. Waller  Af nt
Qui-en Charlotte Island" Und District-DUtrlrt ol
tti ii
Tak. nulin that 1. Jo n McU- d ol Va corner.
o ri.. .,1,. ii biiikrr, intend o apply to* piTmiasiun
to proapact lor c al an-1 iwtnsVim on the followinK
darcriliM lantls:
Comme-rinK nt a p st plant-d about four mil-a
hiui1. and i��- mil" we t ol ihe nuulh nt lho
Tl-el Itiver and marked J. Mel.. S. B Cornar,
N���. IS, Ihenn- outh 80 chaina. Ifeaata Wmt SO
chain-, Ibtttm north mi chain., ilienco east 80
chain, lo pin t uf commencement:    ontalning 610
urn-. limn- or lia. 	
Dal- . Feh. 21. 1911. I   UN M t.Ult>
Clarane- Miliuwill. Agenl
Firai Municipal **���
, ��� Isl Dance usually held in the iPrlnce *��****������
*��� . Hall will In* held  in   thc  fu- | counla lo Ire Published
j immenctng   April fith,  in  the
nn    Cray's Orchestra.   7JI-74:
���nd POOL
���. 7 r.,1,1,-.. A ic>ial i��xer-
\- lean .port. 1 Jlilir. evely
-���n.     Newman  lllta-k, tm*
<-lh nnd Tth flu.
iisiix.    I'n>prietc>r nnd Munmter
'���". MO p,
O. Box 580
���Wlfl'��� J���������iniuni Hams nnd Bacon with
iwichan Bggi86o, at
Wllli"ns -: Proprietor
At the city council Monday night
lenders wen' opsnod for the printing
of the Financial Statement fur Prlno
Rupert'l Kirst Municipal JTett SWS
opened. Thev were read as follows:
o. ll. Nelson IM; Prime Rupert Pub*
lishinu Co. $:t.45 |��-r pane, whole Job
not to exceed $!l5; Empire Publishing
Co., $3.60 |kt pane for small pages,
$4.50 |a-r |iitue for SUN Mme as Vancuuver Statement.
The tenders were referred to the
finance committee.
Police   Take   CharBe   of   Springfield
Mines    No Loitering Allowed
(Special to the Optimist)
Halifax, April I, ���Springhill mines
are under police ndministraiion. In-
day Commissioner Thompson wilh a
force of thirty men took charge, and
for the lirst time in history of Halifax
loitering on the streets has been l<>r-
liidtleii. Thn whole population of the
town feels the position keenly and UM
QBS0S Charlolle Man-, land District-1 ii.tr c  ������
Sk ena
Take notici- ihat I. John Mcl��-"��l "t Vsnmu.er.
iii-rii, alio   In-- ���    I la    mil    l,,r innii ~< on
I,, pr.^|��rl la coal and p.-!roleum aa 'he lolloWUS
( iiiiimi.eii.K sl A pari P ill.II.I fo r lull-, soulli
an i i��" i.,-i "I ih- in !i"' '��� ' '��� ***** " ���'' mt
marked J McL. S.E Cermr, No, in, iiwiin-n mi,
Su r mn.. ihi-nr   ��i~i SO chains, Um ce "uuth so
r un-.  i  ine, I    0  i-ho      I     I'"'"1   "'  "���'
., .     , ������. nl    , onl inning i, III acr, -,'",,',':"',,     ,,
I i.i.,I F.I.     I.   ������ll. ""IN   M I I "l��
l'"l', !���'. I . I ��� OSISBSS McDuw.H, Agent
dttsens deprived ol their privilege to
loiter and compi-llid io ko hriskly to
and from business nn- mutely Indignant.
The iinn-slrih rs nre Bgalfl at work today.
Good  Locttl  Bowling
David S'i nstrorn "f Foley, Welc
Stewart put up
h &
i line scon "i 267 in
Morrison's new alley maknt; a perfect
Kora of B strikss and l spars, wnlle
Barney Mulvaney followed a close
Ncond with 287 and Caspar Malmberg
third, wiih 219. This shows pood lorm
nml puts Rrlnce Rupert bowlws up In
tha \i ilu -. a match gamt l�� *r;
ranged between Foley, Welch* StewBrt
nnd Orand Trunk teams fur Friday eve
in M.
The steamer Prince Allien leaves
heretomorroa at 1 p.m. for Ion Simp*
,,-���, Naas River points, Masset, and
(l,e new whaling station, Nadon Harbor.
Skeena ljind Dimrict -Dintrict of Coast Itango V
1 uke nolice ihul .luck lledlord ol Kaighloy,
Yorkalun., England, iicciiiiulion over-looker intends to npply fur pernussion to pUrOhua the
following de.Hcril.iil lands:
Commencing ul u posi planted ul u poinl in the
eusterly hiiundiiry of timber limit 388119 und in
the southerly  limit  of Im  SB89,  Itiinge :., Coaat
Districl, when- ilu- suid limiis Internet, thanee
along the southerly limit of lol ll'.lhll ufiin-suid
and the projection ihereof in un easterly direction
80 chains mon- or h-ss in the westerly limit ol
timlier limit 81501, thenn- In a southerlv direction
along the lust mentioned limit n chains mora
or lean lo ihe northerly limit ol limber limit llliTT.".
thence in a westerly direction along the lust mentioned limit SO chuins more or len to the easterly
limit pt timber limit 88818, thence in a northerly
direction 11 chuins more or Ian to the point of
DutedMurch s, 1811. JACK BEDFORD
rub. Murch 2o.
Bkaana Lund District -District of Coast Hang,- V
'lake notin- thut Charlea P. Otter of Prince
Runart. B, C, occupalion surveyor, intends to
apply for permission to purchase lhe following
asanibed lands:
Commencing at a post plantnl at the north east
corner ol surveyed lol I1IISI, Itange ."., I'nu District, thenn- in nn easterly direction along the
southerly limit of surveyed lot ll-.iul und the projection Ihereof III ehuins to a point, tlu-nn- south
purullel to the e.istorly limit of survived lot :l!lst
ttfon-suid GO chains more or Ian to the northerly
limit ot u timlier limit iN'o. I2",(.;li, thenn- waat
10 chains more or laaa to n imini in the proi-ction
southerly of the easterly limit of lurvayad l"l
8884, thanea in u northerly din-ction along th,.
projection of the suid limit and along the said
limit (io chuins more or h-ss lo polnl of commenn--
ment, niulaining 240 uere* more or less.
Duled March S, l'Jll. CIIAItl.KS P. OTTKK
Puh. March 'Jo,
Skn-na Land Disirict���Disirict of Coast Kange V
Tuke notice ihul Kdilh Alice I'rowther of
lkh-g, Ynrkshin-, Knglund, occupution spinster,
intends to upply for pannUon to purchase- the
following deseril.sl lands:
Commencing at u poal p!unti-d at the smith aaat
corner ot survoyi-d lot lllll'l, Itange .'., Coast Dis.
trict, thenn- norlh ulong the easterly limit of the
said lot Uf, chains mure or less to the southerly
limit of l.nl llusfi, Itange r., enlist disirict, thenee
enst along the soulherly limit of the last menlioiii-d
tut GO chains to a point, thenn- in a southerly direction ;lu chnins parallel to the said
easterly limit of lot 8891, thanes In u westerly din-ction 60 chuins mon- or less to
the point of comnienn-menl containing 210 ucn-s
mon- or leaa.
Dated March -. l'Jll.
I'uh. March 2.*,.
Skeena Uind Distriet ��� District of C����n.t.
Take notice lhat I. J   11.  McAilghev ,,f Prince
Itotiert, oceupation nlnar, intends to upply tm
pi-iiiiis.iun tu purchnse the followl&s daai IIhail
Commencinir at a post phititnl at the ...ulhwesl
nn ner of lot 22411. thenre enst I" chums, llu-nre
south ii chnins. ihenee west In ehains, thence
north it chnins to point of ,-.,inin.-in-,.|iient, ,-,n-
liiititnu 88 uen-. mora or less.
ll.ileFeb. U,. 1811 J. II. M.-At II1IKV
Pub. Feb. 25. lull. Andrew Kennnly. Agent
Skeena Und Di.trict-Distrirt of Cout
Ink.- notice tlmt t, Peter Held, of Vancouver,
ll.C, occupation teamster, intend, to apply fur
p.n mission to puri-hnse the foUowlnB described
Commencing nt a po.t plantisl and mnrknl P.
It.'. S.W. corner and immnlintely adjoining- poati
marknl J.M.'s N.K. n.rnei and A.H.'s S.K. eorner; theni-e north su ehalns. thanco east SBcball .
thence aouth vi chains, thenc- west to chsina, to
p.-int of niminem-ement. oontalnlni U icre
mora or loaa, 11:11.1; RKID,
Datad 1st Feb. 1911 Charles II. Alien. Arent
Pub. Feb. 2.V
BkeenaLand District-District of Cout,
lake notice thnt 1, Leslie K. Wulter. of Vanco
ver, B.C., occupation prospector, Intanda t..u
ply f,.i- permiaaion to purchaaa the following-d<
cril.-il lands:
Ci.iiiio.ncingnt n post plantad and marksd
1-.. tt.s S.K.  crner and  Immediately iidlolnli
poal marked w.a.'s N.W. cornan thenc north
chums.   Ihence west M ehuins,   ihenc nuth
chains, thence east  80 chains,   to point  ,.f cor
mencei it, ContalnlnS 880 ncres. m 1 less
,,     ,,_-,. LESLIE E. WALTER,
Dated let Pab., 1811        Charlea ll. Allen. Age,
lul.. pan.2.r��.
Skeenn Lund District-District of Cassiar
lake nutice that 1 Balcom McDonald of Prin.
Rupart, lit'., occupation laborer, inn-mis to 11
Ply for permission to purchaaa  the followinK d
���erlbed lunds:
Commencing at a poet plantad thin- and on
hull miles in an eaaterly direction from ihe poll
on Nuns Itiver where the Lava Luke trnil begtl
nun ..ne mile in u northerly direction from tl
���aid Lava Luke trail, thenee north su chain
thenee west .so chains, tlience souih so chain
thence eust chuins to point of coiniiiememen
containing B40acrac
Data Pab. 8,1811, BOLCOM McDtiNAIJ
Puh. Mar. 10. JoBi-ph Helwny. Age,
Skeenu Land Dist 1 i.t - District of Cassiar
lake notice that 1 Onirics Mori 1- of Pume Iti
peri, U.C., occupation laborer, intends t,. appl
l.n p.-i mission to pin elm,o the following de.ciil
nl lands:
Commencing nt a posl plantnl UtrM nml on,
half miles in nnensieiK direction from ihe pun
on Nuns Hiver when- Hie I.uvu Luke trail  Isvin
and on,-mil,- in a northerly direction from th
snn! Lnvn Ijike trail, thotu-e south BO chaini
thence eust Ml ehuins, ihenee north s" chiiiiu
Ihence west so chain, to point of commencement
eonlaining MO acre-.
Date leh. II. lilll, CHARLES MtlllRIi
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph Midway, Agen
Ski-enn Lnnd District -District of t'n-suu
Tuke notice that I, John McDonald ,,t   I'rinn
Runart, B.C., occupation hoteUtoepcr, Intenda n
apply for ii.-i mission to purchase tlie lollowini
daacrihod I.mils:
O.mnicticiiiK at a poat nlanted three ami one-
haif lodes in un easterly direction from lhe point
on Naaa Rlvar where tho Lava Lake trail begin*
nnd one nolo in u northerly din-ction from th,
said Lava Ijike trail, then... aouth eighty chnina,
thenee west su  chalna,   thence  north   so chain.,
thence east n chaina to paint <-f oommenoanwnt,
oontalnlng 640 acn^s.
Dato Fob. 8, lull. JOHN McDONALD
Pub. March Io. J ph Helwny. A. ml
Skeeni Ijnd District���District ul Cuast Range S
Take nuiice that Mary Hell Beaton nl Vancou
ver. 11. Cm ....cii|..,ii,,n .(.it.si.r. Intanda lo apply
fur iN-rmiaBiiiii to purehass- lie fullowing dcw-nla-d
Commencing at a p-sl plantnl at the nurth
east n.nier of Lot 88*0, thanea alamt :io chalna
north t.. i..t I72:i, thanea SO chalna ��nt i- Im
Utt, tbence .iluut HO chain, aoulh tu Ixit 3981,
thenn- Id rli.1111. easl, thanoa 2" i Ina soulh to
I*it 6S2. the,ice :'o .������ .ast, ihenn- 20 chaina
north, thence 20 chains east to point of com-
mi-nn-ltn-nt: nintaining 2-0 acn-s in.,re ..r les.,
Pnst marked M. II. II, S.K. Corner.
Datnl Feb.ll, lull.      MARY BELL IIKATUN
Puh Mareh 4
Skeenn Land I H-t net    lli-ti 1,1 nf Coast
Tnke notice thai  I. William And-rson. of Van-
t-einet,   ll.C, iH-rupntiiin  clerl. Intends to apply
for permissiun tu purchase the following doaorib*
nl lnnds:
Cummencing nt 11 post plantnl nml mnrknl W.
A. northwest eorner, and nlmul I mile from Alexander   ll.i. luin    northern  Is.on.buy line, thence
wHlth  Hi chains,  them usi  .so chsini    Ihenc.
north ni chains, thence west BO chalna, to point of
e.immeneeir.i nl. n.ntuiiitne nl" ucn-s ni-.re ..r less.
DStSd l"t Feb. lilll Charles II. Slnik. Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skerna Land Di.tnct   lll.lrlclof C.wt
Toke   notice   lhal    I,   Alexander   lliielnio.  of
VfUM .over, H.C. ocruiintioii butcher, intends to
j.pi.U   ful  pen.iis.lull   til   Iiurchase   lhe   following
itcscrilml lands:
Commencing a |io.t plantnl and mnrknl A.II.*.
SK corner, und adjoining p-.-l. marknl J.M.'��
N.K. miner and P.It.'* S.K. curner. thoneo WOBl
sochailis.  thence iiollh ai ch.ui...  rh. rt. . ���
chalna, tnonetaouth BOehalna t.< polnl ..f e..m.
iiieneement, eonlamiriK S40aora0 mora 01 le...
D.ltnl 1st Feb, l-.ill Churl,. II.  Allen.  Agent
PUS, I eb. 2.'.
Sknna Lsnd Dtatrict   Diatriet ..1 Oosat
Tnke notice that I. John Miller. ofVai over.
ll.C.,   occupation  bol. h.-l.  intend,  to apply for
pelltii.sloll to   pur. ha-e   |be   following   lle.cnl.sl
Cummencing lit .l-.l planlnt als.ot I chain
fram tidewater at thelu-ndof l.u^-onil-'Huv.nnil
nirtil.isl J.M '. N.K. cuin.-i. theneo weal ���
Ihence  .-..ill hums,   thence OEM   H  ,-1111111"
ihenee north nehaina, to point of ooBussasa.
ment. eonlaining 'V4u acr.-. mora or le...
Datad 1st Feb. mil harle. II. Stark. Agenl
Pol.. 1,1. ���
Bkeeni Land District   District of Coaat
ltlllliri- *>
Tnke notice that I. Fred Oarton, of
Prince Rupert, B.C., occupation far-
iin-r. Intends to apply for permission to
purchaae tin- following described lands:
Commencing at a poal plantad at the
north easl corner of surveyed lol 1087.
Range 5, Coasl district, thence north 60
chains to a slough; thence wesl Si
chains; thence south nn chains; thence
easl 88 chains to thu point of com
Dnti-ii February -'"ith. mn
Firsl insertion Mar. ll
gut-s-ti ( Urli.i!.* Inlandn \m* *l 1'iinr:    UiMrirt I
Mtti a
i       t,'aV.v DOlin 'liul I, Jt bfl Mrl^^nl ssf Vanrtigvif,
! itccupatmn bnttWi inlcrid in Kppl) foi |sT'iiwn
i tn |iri^)*-ct for c��al anil pulfoUuni Dfl i Im fnllnwinK
dnerlbtd lamU:
���     ConiBtMlflg at a \nn\ \>)���n\t**\ nUtut tlirn* milm
j nnrth ami MN mi*-* ���*.*��������� ������! On- mouifl ol Um IU*I
ltiv**r nml markcl J   Mrl.   s. B. Come. Na I**
thi-nti'  nnrth mi ebfllfla, iN-nc** wm  "it rt.ain*,
, tlii>nr*' Minlh Mt ctimti". thi nr*' maH   BO rhaina to
pnlnt  nl  nminirnci nii-iit.    ffftlrtfllftfni 640 am*,
nofl nr U*m.
, Datad Feb B6, 1'Ml. JnllN Mrl.l <���!���
I'uh. Ki*1��. 2\ (lannci- McDnwi-ll. Aifrnl
giiifiiClinrltitti- I'U'i'N leaml Ih trtct    I     nf   i
Taki* nntifi- that I, Job WflLvod ol I Btirnuve<,
nrni|t,M.M!i hroki-r, inlrnil tn Appl) (it ihtiiu���mn
in |im��jMTt for nml ami \ iir<*l**uni nn Um Inlhmmg
iIwtiImhI lamia:
CORUflflMlBg at a |M��t pliintinl alxiiit four tnil<*J
tmrtli it.il \\tt*f nnlfx ***** nf thi* moutfl ������( il#
TIh-I KiviT ami markcl J. Mrl., VI    Corpflh
Nn.   N    tlnicv   Miulh   mj   rfatt.-,   ihiTin*   MM   *0
.' n     thna  Mfta 10 Btatna\ Umimo i ���      0
j ehaina tn petal nf nimtiHiiominl;  Ooatflhrifll '-10
i am*, ttmrt' or It-**.
|>at.-l K.I. M, It'll. -it.US  Mrl l.'l*
Pllb  fob.ft Clan-no-McUnaill. Ar^nt
gui-s-n I'liarlnilc Intamla l^iml DMrfM     1'iMrirt uf
TtimV ruttirr that 1. Jnhn Mrl^iiil nf Vanr��Mi\Tf,j
(KTui'HiH.h hmkiT. intiii'l ti. a|��|.|>  fnr j.irriii**M..n^
tn pfpapOd Inr mal ami ptUOlflUIB ���>�� th<- fnlliming
doaolbwd laml^:
ComOMfldflg al a |m*i plantcl aUiut h.ur milao
i north t*t-'i Utrtn* mil." Mri  nl tin- tnmithiif th��
Il.l   Kin* an.l markcl J.   Mrl..        I     I I
Nn   '. ���    UmMO  m.rih   Mt  rhai't*.   lha*fM0   >* ���   tlO
rhaina. UltMO *nuiti  ^M rhain*.  iboiMki ��� ���
' rhairiK tn |n��tni nf rnintrii-nrs-nii'ni.   floalaiflafll M'l
I met**-, imir��* itr Um.
Ilai.-ll.'-  ti  P'M. ('Hi'.   M.-l i <n��
Tuh. hl> .'- ("lort-nm MfUmi<lll A*x**n*
Quern t'harln tr Inland* Uml DflHfMt   hlalnet of
Take DSffn that I, John Mel^nl uf VanmuvK
oeeupaiioi hn.ker. inirml in apply fnr ponnMOfl
tu pn��|NTt fur roal an*l pfljfBMTMIII Dfl UM f"li"��inf
doaCiiwd laml:
CummpnetriK at a |kw' plantril al^.ui two m Im
nnrth ami t��0 m*h*a went uf thr trnuMi "f tho
Tl-el Kiver ami tnarkt*.! J Mrl... . I.. * ���rner,
S... U, ihinre noitll �������� rham-. thenee WBtf t*0
ehainn. tin nee w.uth S" ehainn, UflflMt eant Ml
ehaim. tn fxsint nf mmmrnwim'nt; onntaimnf BIO
aertfi, mnr*' or lean.
Ilateil leh 2.',  l'Jll. JOHN'  MflUDOD
I'uh. Keh 21. T. K. WalUf. Aa>nt
QUMfl rharlolte Ifltflfldl Unl lh-.tnrt hi-trirt of
Take twtirr that I, John Mel/^wl of Vane��u\rrt
. ri DpflUofl hrnker, inteml loai (> y lur tHtnuaaton
tn pri*��|MTt fnr ma: ami h tmliuinun the folio*in��
deocriM laml;
(iotUBMnfllfH nl a |*i*t plant*"! aUiul t hni- nil.*
_t*m nnd t��" trile* m.rth uf the muuth nf tho
TU I Kiver ami markiil J  Mel. S. K. Cornw, No.
67 thenee hurt h M' ehaiii-. t henes- ����  t -" < ��� ��� * ���.
,ii(      'ii rl aui". tbflflfli <'as1  N rhain- to
I     (  n.nimetiei'tnetil;   enntalninn file **������*���*,
nIt>r|0F��h. ih, 1011 lOBM Mcl.l.oD
I'uh. K.b. :'7. T ��� *������ Walter. Agen* THE    PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
Skeena Land District���Dtatrict of Coast Range V
Tike notice tlmt Jack Bedford of Keinhley,
Yorkshire, England, occupation over-looker, intendi to apply for permission to purchase the
lollowinK described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at a point in the
easterly boundary of timber limit U8329 and in
the southerly limit of lot 39SU, Range 5, Coast
Diatrict, where the said limits intersect, thence
along the southerly limit of lot 3989 aforesaid
and the projection thereof in an easterly direction
80 chains more ur less to the westerly limit of
timber limit 32501, thenco in a southerly direction
along the Inst mentioned limit 11 chains mare
or less to the northerly limit of timber limit 30775,
thence in a wt-stcrly direction along the last mentioned limit 80 chains more or less to the aflltflriy
limit of timber limit 38329, thence in a northerly
direction 11 chains more or less to the point of
DatedMarch 8. 1911. JACK BEDFORD
Pub. March 26.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Range V
Take notice that Charlw P. Otter of I'rince
Rupert, B. C., occupation surveyor, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the north east
eorner of surveyed lot 3981, Range 5, Coast DUtrict, thence in an easterly direction along the
aoutherly limit ol survey wi lot 3991 and the projection thereof 40 chains to a point, ihence south
parallel to the easterly limit of surveyed lot 3984
aforesaid 60 chains more or less to the northerly
limit of u timber limit (Na 48868)s thence west
40 chains more or less to a point in the pro ection
aoutherly of the easterly limit of surveyed lot
3984, thence in a northerly  direction along the
firojection  or the nld  limit   ..:..!   along the sai.l
Ir-it 60 ehains mon* or less to point of comtner.ee-
iDi'.ii, containing 210 acrea more or less.
Dated March 8, 1911.        CHARLES P. OTTER
Pub. March 25.
Skeenn Land Distric - District of Coast Rflfift V
Take notice that Minn .Mice Crowther of
Ikleg, Yorkshire, Krglnnd. occupation spinster,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the south east
cornor of surveyed lot 3991, Range S, Coast District, i''e-.ee north along the easterly lin.it cf the
aaid ' " 31 chain more or less to the southerly
limit flfl Lot 8986a Range ft. eoflM listrict. thence
eaat aloAl lhe suuliit-rly limit of the last mentioned
lot 60 ca&ioi ��o a point, times :����� a Miuth-
erlv i':-eciion BB chains parallel to the said
easterly limit of lot 3991, therce in a westerly direction 60 chains more or less to
the point of commencement containing 210 acres
more or leaa.
Dated March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 25.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast.
Take notice that I. J  H.  MeAunhey of Prince
Rui>ert, occupation miner,  intend* to apply for
fiermission to purchase the follow intr described
ands: *
Commencinir nt n post planted Bt the KHlthttMl
corner.if lot 2219. thenee Mat **��� cimins. then*'-'
���outh 8 chains, thence went 40 chnins. thence
north fi cnains to point nf commencement, containing 10 acres more or less.
Date Feb. 15. 1911 J. H. McAlV.HEY
Pub. Feb. 25.1911. Andn*\v Kennedy. Atrent
Skeena Land District-DUtrict of Coast
Take  notice that 1. Peter Reid. of Vancouver.
B.C.. occupalion teamster,  intenda to apply for
perndasion to purchase the following described
OoflUnencin��r ai a post planted nnd marked P.
R.'s S.W. corner tnd immediately adjoining po��U
lllflrked J.M.'s N.E. corner and A.B.'s S.E. corner: ihenee north *��� chains, thence east 4'i ehaina.
tbtnCfl snuth 80 chains, thence west 4u chains, to
point of commencement, containing 320 acres
mor*or laaa. PETER REID,
Dated 1st Feb. 1911 Chnrles H. Allen. Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeena Land DUtrict-District of Coast
Take notice that I. William Anderson, of Van-
ccuver.  B.C.. occupation clerk, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at n post plnnted and marked W.
A. northwest corner, and about 1 mile from Alexander Mm tun northern houndary line; thenee
���outh ni chains, thence easl H- chiins thence
north 80 chnina. thence west n> chains, to point of
commencement, containinu 640 acres more or lest.
Dated 1st Feb. 1911 Charles B. SiUirk, Airent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict of Coait
Take   notice   that   I,  Alexander   Buchnn, of
Vancouver. B.C., occupation butcher, intends u
apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands;
Commencing a post planteil nnd markeil A .R.'s
8.E. corner, nnd adjoining posts markeil .J.M.'**
N.E. eorner and P.R.'s S.E. eorner; thenee west
80 chains, thence north ni chains, thence enst H
chains, thence south W chains to point of commencement, containing tVlu acres more or less.
Dat.-I 1st Feb., 1911 Charles 11 Allen, Agent
Pub. Feb. 25
Skeena Land District-District of Coaat.
Take notice thnt l.John Miller, ofVaneouver,
B.C., occupation butcher, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
lands :
Commencing at a post pUnted about 1 chain
from tidewater at the hend of Luscombe Bay. nnd
.narked J.M.'s N.E. corner, thence west N'chains,
thence south Nl chnins, thenee east WI chains,
thence north **.. chains, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated 1st Feb.. 1911 Charles H. Stark. Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
BkMM Land District - District of Coust
Range 5
Take nntice that I. Fred Garton, of
Prince Kupert, B.C., occupation farmer, Intendi to apply for permission to
purehas*' the following described lands:
Commencing at a oust planted at the
nortli east corner of surveyed lot 191X7,
Kange o. Coast district, thence nortli U
chnins to a slough; thence west 28
chains; thence south 60 chains; thence
east 28 chains to the point of com
Dated February 25th. 1911
First insertion Mar. 11
Skeena Lnnd District-DUtrict of Coast.
Take notice thnt I, Leslie E. Walter, of Vancouver, B.C., occupation prospector, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a pott planteil and mnrked L.
E. W.'s S.E. corner and immediately adjoining
post marked W.A.'s N.W. corner; thence noith 40
chains, thence weat 80 chains, thence s�� uth 40
chains, thence east SO chains, to point of commencement, containing 320 acres, more or less.
Dated 1st Feb.. 1911 Chnrles H. Allen. Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeena Land District���District of Cassiar
Take notice that I Bolcom McDonald of  Prince
Rupert, B.C., occupation laborer,  intends to ap
oly for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planteil three and ore-
half miles in un easterly direction from the point
on Nous River where ihe Lava Lake trail begins
and one mile in a northerly direction from the
said Lnva Lake trail, thence north SO chnins,
thence west SO chains, thence south SO chains.
thence enst chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acree.
Date Feb. 3. 1911. BOLCOM McDONALD
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph Belway, Agent
Skeenn Land District���District of Cassiar
Tnke notice that I Charles Morris of Prince Rupert, B.C.. occupation laborer, intends to apply
for iiermission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted three and one-
half miles in nn easterly direction from the point
in Naas River where the Lavn Lake trail begins
and one mile in a noi'.herly direction from the
snid Lava Lake trad, thencc south SO chains,
ilu nee east SO ehains, thence north H- chains,
thence west SO chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres.
Date Feb. 3. 1911, CHARLES MORRIS
I'ub. Mar. 10. Joseph Belway. Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that 1. John  McDonald of Prince
Rupert. B.C.. occupation hotelkeeper. intends to
apply for permission to purchase  the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted three and one-
haif miles in an easterly direction from the ooint
OO Nflfll River where the La\a Lake t.ail begins
and one mile In n northerly direction from lhe
said LflVfl Lake trail, thence soulh eighty chains,
thence west SO chnins, thence north SO chains.
thence east So chains to point of commencement,
containing t*40 acres.
Date Feb. 8, 1911. JOHN McDONALD
Fub. March 10. Joseph Belway, Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast Ranee I
Take notice that Mary Bell Beaton of Vancou
ver, B. C��� occupation spinster, intends to apply
for permission to purchase thc following described
Commencini; at a post planted at the north
east corner of Lot 31li*0, thence about 80 chains
north to Lot 1723, thence &0 chains west l- Lol
B9S8, thence about 30 chains south to Lot 39H1,
thence 40 chains eut, thencc 20 chains south to
Lot 682. thence 20 chains east, thence 20 chains
north, thence 20 chains east to point uf commencement; containinK HO acre* mure or less.
Poat marked M. B. 11., S.E. Corner.
Dated Feb.14. 1911.       MARY BELL BEATON
Pub. March 4
Appointment ia Intended to Strengthen Liberal Party in Upper House.
Lloyd-George Will not Resign from
Queen Charlotte Island, Laml DiFtrict���District I
Take notice that 1. John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permisaion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the followinK
described landa:
Commencinu at a pout planted alwut thre* milea
north and one milea west of the mouth of the 11 .1
Kiver and marked J. McU, S. B. Corner. No. Mi
thence north rio chain., thence wost 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chaina to
point of commencement; containing 040 acre*,
more or less.
I Hated Keb 20, l'Jll. JOHN McLKOD
I I'uh. Feb. Hi. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District -Disirict ol
Take notice that I, Joh McLeod of \ ancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply lur permission
to prospeet for coal and petroleum on the following
deserilHHl landa:
Commencing at a post planteil aliout four milea
north snd three miles west of the mouth of the
Tl-el Uiver and marked J. Mcl... N. K. Corner.
No. 66 thence Miuth 80 chains, thenee wost 80
chains ihence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chaina to point o( commencement; containing G40
acres, more or leaa.
Dated Keb. ''r>, l'Jll. JOHN  McLKOD
Tub. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlutte Islands Land Disirict���District ol
Take nolice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permissiun
to prospect for coal and pet.-oleum on the following
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted about four miles
north and thre*' miles west of the mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and markisl J. Mcl.., S. K. Corner
No. G.'i. thence north Ml chains, thence west80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thenc- east 80
chains to poinl ol commencement; containing CIO
acrvs, more or lesi.
Datnl Kib '.Ml, lilll. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Keb. 2S. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlo te Islands Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancuuver
occupation broker, intend to apply for iiermission
to pros|>ect (or cual and petroleum on thc following
dehCrilieti land:
Commencing at a post planteil about two miles
north and two miles weat of the mouth of the
Tl-el Uiver and marked J. McL., S. K. Corner.
No. 62, thenc north 80 chain., thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence east 8u
chains to point of commencement: containing 640
acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 25 1911. JOHN Mcl.EOD
I'ub. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
Queen Charlotle I.lands Lan I District���District ol
Take nolice thai 1, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to app y for permission
to prospect (or cur', and petroleum on the following
described land:
Commencing nt a post planled aliout three milt*
west and two miles north of the mouth of the
Tl-el Uiver and marketl J McL. S. E. Corner. No.
67 thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
the-nce sout h sO chains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement: containing 640 acres,
mure or less.
Dated Feh. 25, 1911 JOHN McLF.OD
Tub. Feb. 27. 1. E. Waller, Agent
London, April 3.- King George today
created tlie Right Non. R. B. Haldane
Secretary for War. a Viscount. The
elevation of Mr. Haldane to the Peerage
has been anticipated for some time,
and is intended to strengthen the Government in the House of Lords.
Colonel J. E. B. Seely, Parliamentary
Secretary of the Colonial Office, Mils
been appointed Under-Secretary for
War, and Lord Lucas, Parliamentary
Secretary of the War Office, has been
made Under-Secretary of the Colonies.
The exchange of offices is consequent
on the elevation of the Secretary for
War, Mr. Haldane, which would place
both representatives of the War Office
in the House of Lords, it being customary
to have a representative of the chief
Government department in each House.
The report that Mr. Lloyd-George
as Chancellor of the Exchequer is now
about to reMgn is officially denied.
Mr. Haldane's promotion is merely
intended to relieve Lord Morley of
the heavy cask of leadership in the
House of Lords during Earl Crewe's
absence through illness.
The elevation to the upper House
of Mr. Haldane leaves a vacancy in
Haddington di\ision, Scotalnd, which
at the last election showed a Liberal
majority of 543.
New   Board   Appointed.     Engineera
Report on State of Mine
Prospects for the Blue Point Mines,
Portland Canal district, are bright
according to the report of T. J. Vaughan-
Rhys, mining engineer, presented to
the president and directors at their
meeting last week.
New Directors were appointed at
that meeting as follows; President, Dr.
Kergin, Prince Ru|x>rt; Vice-President
George Rudge, Port Simpson; Secretary-
Treasurer, G. R. Naden, Prince Ru|M>rt.
Boaid: J. E. Stark, Naius Harbor, H. T.
Ceperley, Vancouver; L. Bullock-Webster, Prince Rupert; and H. B. Rochester, Prince Rupert.
In his report, Mr. Vaughan-Rhys
states that the condition of the development work on the mine, which is
well advanced. There are two tunnels,
an upper and a lower one, driven into
the veins on the face of the mountain.
Ore showings langing in assay value
from 120.28 to SUS.'JS have been sampled.
A winter camp has been established,
and besides the main tunnels a number
of open cuts have been made. Concluding his report Mr. Vaughan-Khys
"You are to be congratulated upon
the present appearance of the Blue
Poin; Mine. The upper tunnel was
disappointing iu its results inasmuch
as it apparently entered the ore shoot
at a point only 12 feet from the eastern
limit of the shoot. The lower tunnel
has entered into good ore containing
much less zinc sulphide and carrying
reasonably good values in silver and
lead. It is possible that this ore is the
western limit of the shoot in the upper
tunnel in which case the total length
of the ore shout will Ik- 15 feet |3us
160 feet plus 12 feet, a total rf 18" feet
with an average width of not less than
b2 inches antl containing an ore which
can be very easily concentrated. You
are fully justified in continuing expenditures for the further development
of the prn|H'rty."
Two Hundred and Nine Milea Shipped for G. T. P. Here
The Grand Trunk railway has ordered 40,000 tons of steel rails from
the Sydney, Cape Breion mills, to
replace '260 miles of its tracks in Western Ontario. The order amounts to
over a million dollars. The company
will ship 200 miles of the displaced
track to the West for yards and sitl-
ings on the (irand Trunk Pacific. Some
of these rails have been in use since
186i��, but are still gootl, having been
imported from England.
Five Fined Five For Friaking
Five bold imbibers toed the line
at this morning's police court, antl paid
their live spots plus costs. Their names
were: Dan Beaton, Jesse Ford, (ieorge
Leavitt, Anton Levitch, and last but
not least Juhn Bull. Anton Levitch
was charged with having raised Cain
near Messrs. Mclnnis & Kelly's, but it
is not certain that he was a striker.
"D and D" was the charge in all these
cases.  .
Queen Charlotta lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod ot Vancouver
occupation broker, Intend to apply for permtasion
to prospect for coal and potroleum on tho following
described landa:
Commencing at a poat plantod about two mtlea
aouth and two miles weat of the mouth ol the
Tl-el Hiver and marked J. Mc.L. N. E. Corner,
No. 72. thence south SO chains, thence weat 80
chains, thonco north 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chains to point of commencement; containing
640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply (or permiaaion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted about two milea
aouth and two milea weat of the mouth ot the
Ti'el River and marked J. Mc.L. S. E. Corner,
No. 48, thence north 80 chains, thence weat 80
chalna, thence aouth 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chalna to point of commencement: containing 640
acrea, moro or lesa.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911 JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Lealie E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land DUtrict���DUtrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroloum on tho fullowing
described landa:
Commencing at a poat planted alwut two milea
aouth and two miles west of the mouth ol tha
Tl-el Uiver and marked J. Mc.L. N. E. Corner,
No. 47, ihence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, t' ence north SO chaina thence east 80
chalna to point of commencement; containing 640
acres, more or less.
Dated Feh 22,1911. 'OHN MeLEOD
I'ub. Feb. 24 Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte IslandeLand DUtrict��� DUtrict
Take notice that I, John Mcl,���mi of Vancouver,
occupatiun broker, intend lo apply for permisaion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post pUnted about two
milea south and two miles vest of the mouth of
thc Tl-el Kiver, Graham Island, and marked
J. Mc.L. N. W. Corner, No. Ill, thence aouth 80
chains, thence east 80 chaini, thenee nonh 80
chains, thenee weat 80 chains lo point ol commencement; containing 640 acres, more or laaa.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN Mcl.EOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrict-DUtrict of
Take notice lhat I, John Mcleod ol Vancouver \
occupation broker, intend to apply for permimion I
to proapect for cual and lietroleum on the fullowing
described landa:
Commencing at a poet planteil aboul two milea
aouth and twu miles west of the mouth of the Tl-el'
Kiver and marked J. Mcl., S. W. Corner, No. 33,
thenco north So chains, ihence east 80 chains, I
ihence south 80 chains, thencc west 80 chains to ,
point of commencement: containing 640 acrvs, I
more ur lesa.
Dated Feb. 22. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land DUtrict-DUtrict ot 1
Take notice thai 1, John McLeod of Vancouver
occupation broker, inlend to apply tor permUsion
lo prospect for coal and petroleum on tlie following |
described Unda:
Commencing at a poat planled about two milea
.uuiti of the Tl-el Kiver and marketl John McL. i
N. E. Corner. No. 32. thence aouih 80 chalna,
thence west 80 chains, thence nonh 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement; 1
containing 640 acres, more or leas.
Dated Feb 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 21. Lealie E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land DUtrict-DUtrict of
Take notice thai I. John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupalion broker, intend to apply lor permission
to prospect fur coal and petroleum on the follnwing
described lands:
Commencing at a poet planted about two milvs ,
south uf thc moulh ol the Tl-el Kiver and marked j
J. McL   S. E. Corner, No. 31, thence weat 80'
chains,  thence  north  80 chains,  thence easl  80
chains, thence south 80 chaina to point of commencement: containing 640 acres, more or laaa.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Leslie E. Walter. Agent
Queen Charlotte Island, Land DUtrlat-DhWrtol
Take notice that I, John UoLeod ol v.���_
occupation broker, intend to SK? ffr tSrS2"'
to proapect for coal and pstatMmssUeffiS
described landa: ** """Mal
Commencing at a post planted about lie* mil-
weat of the mouth of the Tl-el    ill,,,,, SbS
Pub. Feb. 23. clarence fiSSSJsiS
Queen Charlotle Islands Land Disirict -Diatriet ���l
_ , Skeena
Take notico that I, John McLen.1 nf Vancouver
occupation broker, intend to apply (���, ,,,r,,"S
to prospeet for coal and petroleum on tha Motrin
descnoed lands: ,u"wg
Commencing at a post planted Ulna nil,. ��,��
of the mouth of the Tl-el Kiver and ,���ark,M J.
McL. S L. Corner, No. 19, thence nurth SO
chaina, thence west 80 chains, thanca aouth Si)
chaina, thence east 80 chains to point ,.| cum
mencement; containing 610 acres, more ur law
Dated Feb. 21, 1911. JOHN Mci KOI)
Pub. Feb. 23. clarence ffiSS^uSS
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District -DL-irict of
Take notice that I, John ItSLaod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to applv fnr nennWgs
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the lull.mma
lands: *
Commencing at a post planteil ihoul ton nulea
west of the mouth of the Tl-cl Rlvar un.l marked
J. McL. S. E. Corner, No. 50. thenc north **
chalna, thence weat 80 chains, trance x.uth SO
chains, thence east 80 chains tn point ut commencement; containing 610 acres, mnr. ur!,������
Dated Feb. 21, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 23, Clarence UeDowaO, IfeM
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District -Diatriet ol
Take notice that 1, John McLeod efVancouver
occupation broker, intend to apply fur pambataB
to prosepct for coal and psMlaumon thi I.Himing
deecribed lands:
Commencing at a post planteil about two miles
aouth and two miles west of the muuth of tbe
Tl-el River and marked J. Mc.L. S. K. toner,
No. 71, thence north 80 chains, thence m tt
chaina, thence soulh 80 chains, thence cart so
chains to point ol commencement: containinu 610
acres, mure or leu.
Dated Feb.22,1911 JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Leslie K. Walter, Agent
Queen Chariotte Islands Land District    l'l-lrict of
Take nolice that I, John Mcl^.nl of Vancouver,
oceupation broker. Intend to apply fur pern
to prospect for coal and petroleum ur. tha fulluwinf
descritad lands:
Commencing at a post plantetl alwut four mile.
aouth and three miles west ul thi mouth it'he
Tl-el River and markeil J. McL. 8. t Comer,
No. 73, thenee north 80 chains, thenc aeal 10
chaina, thence aouth 80 chains, thanea ��� ���"
chains te point of commencenn'iii: Bfl
640 acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. J<Hf  tt��LE0D
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarence UoDowi , Agaat
Queen C'arlotie Islands Und DUtrict���P-trietot
Take notire that I. John Mcl/wl of Vancouver,
oceupation broker, intend lo appl   lur r
to prospect for coal an   petroleum un th I llusing
described land:
Cummencing at a post tilant d aboi t ��� IgW miw
south and four west of ihe muuth nl Tl-el liner
and mark d J. McL.. N, E. Corner, o.
W. sO chains, ti ance south SO Shall a. tl xe�� nf.
SO chain., thunce east SO chains to Pi UH M ***���
mencement: conUining 610 acres. I r. * l
Dated Feb. 24, UU. '""N M.'U.IID
Pub. Feb. 2T. C Mc|).��'. UM
Queen Charlotle lalanda Und DUtrict-DI tsMsl
Take notiee that 1, John Mcl-oil ol Va-.rcuter,
occupation broker, intend to apply fir ;-
to prospeet lor coal and petroleum on thi fd awUS
deacrilied lands:
Commencing  at  a  post  planted  almui three
miles north and one mile west of lh  ' '
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. Mel... S. w   ���   ���
No.  18. thence north 80 chain-, therm      ' g
chaina. thence south 80 chains, thanca *****
chaina to point of commencement: eentaWBi***
acres, mnre or lesa ,.���n
Dated Feb. 26 1911                     JOHN M��LE0D
IV.Feb.28 Clarence Mcl' V**
Queen Charlotle Islands Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol
Ske n
Taka notice that I, Ju n McU d of Va couver,
o cunstten broker, intend o apply fnr p.-rmiasion
to prospect tor c al and petroleum uu the following
descrilied Unds:
Commencing at a p at planted about four mil-a
aoutn and twu milea we.-t ot the moulh of tha
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. Mcl.. N. E Corner,
No. 4,'i. thenco uuili 80 chains, thence weat 80
chains, thence nurth 80 chains, thence easl 80
chains to poi t ot commencement; ontaining 640
acres more or leee.
Date .Feb. 23. 1911. J   UN M'LEOD
Pub Feb 25. Clarane- McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlolte lalamla Und DUtrict���Dutrct of
Sk ena
Take notice that 1. John McLeud nf Vancouver,
occuiatio broker, intend to appl lor perm.aaion
to prospect lur coal and petroleum un the lulluwing
dcacr b d lands:
Cummencing at a post planted four mt',es south
and two west of the mnuth of t e Tl-el Ruer and
marki-d J. McL- S. E. Comer. N'o. 46, thence n rth
8u chaina, thenc wast 80 chains, the ee aouth 80
c aui.. t ence east -0 chai t point of com
men.-ement eonlaining 640 acres, mnre or to*.
Hated Feb. ^3. 1911. JOHN  M'LEOD
Puli. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und Diatrict���District of
Take notice that I, Jnhn McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation . roaarV intend lo apply lor permisaion
to p n.|Hvt (or c sl and pelroleum on ih following
des i '������. 1 lands:
Comm ncing .1 a post planted alwut f ur miles
���outh and two miles wo t of the mouth of the
Tl-el River and marked J. McL. N. W. Corner,
No. 36, thenco sou;h BO chains, thenee e st 80
chnin., thence north 8 rhains, thence wes' 8(1
hains to poinl n commenc menl: containing 610
acres, more or lea..
Date.1 Feb. 23. l'.ill. JOHN M'l.EOI)
1'i.b. Keb. 25. Clara-.c McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotto lalanda Lind District���District ot
Skeena ���
Tnke nolice thai I, Jnhn M L i d ol Van ouver,
occupation broker. Inteml to apply tor permUs on
tu prn-pect or cual a d eirnleuinou he fnlluwing
d scrilie.1 I nds:
Cummennnn ai a p st i lent d ebo for mllea
outh and twn mile, wet of th ��� mnuth    I the
Tl-el Kiver an-t markeil J. M L.    . W. Corner,
Nn. 35.  thenc nurth  N chains,    heiie" eas    80
chains, thence smt      0 cha ns, ths cs west  80
c' aina o p Int of comme; cent rt:      ntaining 140
1 n res, mure or li* .
Dated F.b.   3, 1 ll. JOHN M'LKOD
1 . ub. "cb.   6. C r.Snce McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotto Islandr/Und DLxrici   iv "d ol
Take notice that I. John McLeod of Ur.couwt.
occupation hroker. intend to apply lor I
to prospect lor coal and petroleum on tl < Iniosmi
! descrllieil land: ,    .    ..v.
'     Commencing  at  a  post planus) about ��� t��|
1 mllea north and three miles west of tin; mow' ��
the Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL.. S.V  ' ' "^
I No. 61, thence north 80 chains, thenc east *
' chains, thenoe aouth 80 chains, thence mm *
l chains  to  polnl  of  commennment:   containing
640 acres, more or leas. . .-_, ., . ..nr��
Dat ed Feb. 28.1911. ���!<>���>��� "]?.WV
Pub. March 3. Clarence MsDosi.. Ajent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District   DlattM of
Skeena ,   ,,.    ___���
Take notice that I. John Mcl.eo'1 of \ '""/'.':
occupation broker, intend to oppljlnf I",���1*;���
to prospect for coal and petroleum SS Wi rouewisa
descrilssl land: ,   .    ,      , ���.ia.
Commencing at a post planted about "'"J"
north and three mile, wwt ot the mnuth ������
Tl-el River and marked J. McL. R. *-\ *"^
No. 62, thence north 80 chains, tl"" '���" .
chains, thence south 80 chains Ihenw �����'
chains to point ol commencement.
610 acres, more or less. \ld KOD
Dated Feb. 28. 1911. _ J'11.      i   tor-
Pub. March 3. Mmmmmm,m*_tm
Charlotte Islands Und District-Pi."*'0'
Take notice that I. John MsUad of ��"����*
occupation broke.. Intend tn apply ror I'y ��� ��� . .
to prospect for coal and petroleum on tha lauo
desetilied land: , . ,:., mi|oi
Commencing at a post plante.  anoit nil Jim
north and three miles west n   the mout
Tl-el River and marked J. McL.. 8. i A
No. 63, thence nurth 80 chain., ��8��W ...
chains,  thence aouth  80  Chans,  ����M�� "J,),,
chains  to   point   ol  commencement;
640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated Feb. 28, 1911.     _ UStmmntm**
I'uh. March 3 OSISMS MSDoaWI. **
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und plstrlct-1'i'1���
Skeena I \ ���, rnincti
Take notice that I. John McIskmI '" V. i���r ,.�����
R. C, occupation broker, intend to;��RJ"��    ��� the
mission tu prospect fur coal and pelmMn'
lollowing described lands: ,    w mile
3.-Commenclni! at a post plan <"l "" ,,���
nurth of the northweat corner of Let '��� c,tWf,
1. Mcl-N.W. Corner, being thenortti-w' (1|>ln,,
thence east. 80 chalna, thence sou" , iw to
thence west 80 chains, thence north
point ol commencement. ,,s M'LEOD
Dated Dec. 24,1910. ���"'!' ,���,,., Age"
Pab. Jan.21. "' THE    UK1NCE   KUPEICI'    UrTIMIST
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company, Limited
I O i''  0 arlutto Island. Land DUtrict-DUtrict o|
1 w Skeena
ITiko untie I that I, John McLeod of Vancouver
occii[ist on broker, intend to appl for permission
toproapao or sml tl petroleu n u ti. following
d.scri1 i.i ani:
l',.mnieiicing at a post plantel ubout eight
iml . .'tilth a-.d four w.el of th ��� m ni h of thu
1'-, 1 RIVar a .d markud J, McL., S E. Corner,
>;��� ii then," orth 80 chai.is, thoic ��� west SO
shaiM then.e aouth Si) chains, thence oust 80
��� n.i, puiit ul enmmone ment: containin 40
a-r . mor or hi*
el,     I, JOtlN McL OL
| p���      a, 27 C. McDowel,  ,\gcnl
,. ti Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
ocruiiatiiin bruker, intend to apply for permiasion
!������ prosiifc' tor coil   nd petroleum on the following
Commencing a a poat plained about two mllea
north (mm tho moutn of lho Tl-el River and
markisl J McL. N. E Cornor No. 2, thence
lojih SO chaina, thenco woat 8- chalna, thencc
norlh in cha ns, thcice eaat 80 cha na to point
of Mitimencemonl; containing 640 acreo. mure
or liss.
Dau I Keh. 25.1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. I "b 27. T. E. Walter Agont
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phone 125       Naden Block        2nd Ave.
B     na I.'iti'l District���District of Cassiar
T. ..��� notlOO tlmt I Joseph Uelway uf Vuneouver
111'. i ��� up itiun iirnspector. Intends tu npply fur
Em bo purchase the fullowing described
i ani Ins nl S post planted two and one-half
mill- la an easterly direction from the point un
Xas- Itiver whole the Lava Lake trail begins,
then.-,  araat BO .-hains, thence suuth su chains,
thai i asl hO chnins. tnence north HO chains to
petal of eunimi-neement. containing 640   acres
mtiif ���" laaa.
Date leh. t, 1911 JOSEPH BELWAY
Puh. liar, Hi
Bkaana I^ind District���District of Cassiar
I Take mn li a thnt I Arthur Jnmea Welsh of Van-
aoatrar. oceupation broker, intends tn apply fur
parmJaaton to imrchnse the following described
('���ttim-Tu-inirat a post planted  three and one-
ha!f(tnile- in an easterly direction from the point
on Naaa Kiver when1 the Lava Lake trail com-
Nnaaa near the trail, thenoe Mil eighty ehtina,
oath 80 chains,  thence   weat  80 chains,
lorth .'i chnins to point of commencement
I' ' I : I .u-res more or less,
inst-F.I, I. mn        ARTHUR JAMES WELCH
|1 uh M ir. 10 Joseph Belway, Agent
Skaena Land District-District of Cassiar
Talie nntiee ihat I Andrew Cummings of Van-
IrniniT, It r . uri-iipation cook, intenda to applv
tor permUsion to purchase thc following deacribad Units;
r.immcncin�� at a pnst plnnted three and one-
"���'['��� i- ui an easterly direction from the point
��� naaa Rlavr whirs ths Lava Lake trail begir.a
_-** lh.. trail, tlience west SO chains, thence south
Sir.    j1 '1>"t *'chaina. thence north 80
n to punt uf commencement, containing S40
Dai. F. 1. I, ii.li. ANDREW CUMMINGS
'     ''   "'��� Joaeph Belway, Agent
I U na Land Ihstrlct-Dlatrlct of Caasiar
I" : ���  thin I Hugh D. Ollllaof Prince Ru-
tmmlmi. '" "'"" ���*}****'* Intenda to apply for
gJJWen 10 purchase the following descrlhetl
Jjjwntncln* at I port planted three and nno-
onv , n"1 "n���"crly direction from the point
i I,.,, . where the Lnva Lake trail begins
nil I, "".",'" * ","rthcr|V direction from the
Seas. ��'"*" 'hnina, thanco south 80 chalna,
et.tnvn ,'."'."'     """ tu '"'lnt of commencement,
KSS&y9"' .    HUGH D. GILLIS
���      �����r.iu. Joseph Belway, A*ent
Skoona Und District -District of Coast Run 5
lake notice lhat Willium Franklin CftTpUtV
of Princo Rupert, H, C. occupation restaurant
keepftr. intenda to apply for permission lo purchase
the following described land :
CommencinK at a post planted at the south east
corner of aurveyed Ix>t 1712. thonce 80 chalna
���outh, thencc about ;l."i chains west to Lot 2G5G,
thenco 2U chaina north, thence IS chaina west
thence almut 86 chains north to Lot 306S. thence
about HO chains cast to south eaat corner of Lot
��S06S, thence ahout 85 chaina north to Lot nil,
thence about 68 chaina east to point of commencement; containinR 480 ucres, more or less.
Dated Feh. 15, 11*11.
I'ub. March 4.
Skeena Und Dintrict���District of Coast Range 5
Take notice that Mary MaraKret CJillis of Victoria, Ba C, occupation hmi.sekw|>er, intonds to
apply for [icrrnission to purchase the followinR
described lunds:
CommencinK at a post planted at the north cast
corner of Lot 3!)87, thenct- 2D chains west, thenco
20 chains south, thonce 20 chafna west to T. L.
32597, thencc about SO chalna norlh to Lakelse
Hiver. Ihence meandering said river up stream in
a southeasterly direction bo Lakelse Lake, thence
meandering said lake to point of commencement
containing  HS') acres, more or less.
Post marked M. M. li., N. K. Corner.
Dated Feb. 14, 1911.
Pub. March 4.
Ske na Land Disirict���DUtrict of Coaat Rang 6
Tako notice that Itonjamm line.! Rice of
Prince Rupert, M. C, occupation waitor, intends
to appl^ for permission to purchase the following
ile enl'e i lands:
Commencing ut a post planted ���'*:��� chains south
from the south oasl corner of Lot IJ0t>0, thenco 70
chains weat, thonce .>5 chaina north, thence 70
chaina eaat, thence 66 cnains south to point of
eommoncoment: contuining 165 acre-s more or
leas. Post markod H. R. R., S. K. Cor.
Dated Feb. 13, 1911.
Skeena Land District -District of Coast Range 5
Tako notice thut David Mclennan of I'rinco
Rupert, II. C, occupation clerk, intends to apply
for ncrmisaion to purchaso the following described
Commoncing ut a post planted 10 chains south
from the south west corner of Lot 094, thenc* 40
chains east, thence 40 chains north, thence 40
chains west, thenc** 40 chuins south to point of
commencement; containing 100 acres, more or
lesa. Post marked D. M.. S. W. for
Dated Feb. 13, 1911 DAVID McLKNNAN
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Lund District���District of Coast Range 3
Take notice that Alexander BtAtOD of Vancouver, Bs C, occupation carpenter, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following deeenooa
Commoncing at a post plunted t-u cliuins soulh
from the south wost corner of Lot 8088. Post
marked A. IL, N. W. Corner, thence 30 chains
south, thence HO chains east, tlience 30 chains
north, thencc 80 chains west to point of commencement; containing 200 acres, more or (em
Dated Feb. 13, 1911. ALEXANDER BBAT0N
Pub. March 4.
+ #
____      I
"John, oltl boy," said the sick man to
tht- attendant, "I want you to go out and
fetch mo another minister."
"Why you've had a preacher with you
all the momin'."
"That's just it," ({asped the man.
"He thought he was cheerin' me up, and
he told me I'd meet my three wives in
heaven "
"So she doesn't return your affection,
eh? Well, I shouldn't get mud ahout
that. What's the use of bothering about
a girl?" said Watkins.
"I don't mind her not returning my
affection," said Dobbleigh, "but confound il, she won't return my diamond
ring, either "
QFriend (consolingly)���So you've lost
yer job, th? Well, don't worry about
it; 1 reckon you was only wnstin' yer
lime in a place like that.
Young Dill (sadly)���Vis, that's what
the boss told me when 'e sacked me.
"Are you superstitious?" asked the
"Well," replied ihe father of a large
family, wearily, "I certainly think it's
unlucky io have thirteen children."
Jack Nelson Found Pay Dirt, and
Cold Bearing Quartz at Head
Watera of Naas on White River.���
May Mean a Ruah.
*'rW������i ,,mtl,fcevt<rln A. Tallander of Por-
Nv lor I.,!,,, "''''"""U��� Alp maatsr, Intend to ap-
"'i's'lfwi. l"l,,','.   �� loa,��   tho   followinK   do-
IMrot IbTiMl'hS " "0,t nll>"'ed at the N.W. cor-
*">-!��� l-n^SSS*.,**** to low v"A"r mark.
tZi-nrl. -. ,i n* lnw wntPr mark 25 chalna
If'itin���,,.'��� "^ ���",t ��" S.W. corner of lot
fb,;��'"'"'' V., li, """Ml*-* wator mark (bcinir
Rhntn^.TO?��5rofiotU0B 2B chalna moro
I^VMareh 18.'
la1'!"!Miiri^i'^KXAND^R TALLENDER
Skuena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of C.mal Ranfa i
Taku notico that Goorgo Lavick of I'rimv Rupurt
Ii. C, occupation , lnt nd. to apply fo
permission   to  purchaae  llio followitih; il.srilii'.l
Commenclnc at a post planted on nlinru of
LakelMi Lake about (10 chuins north on.t from nutlet
of aaid lake (Lakelso River), thence '2.0 cliuins
north, thence ahout (10 chains east in Lakalaa
Lake, thence meandering said lake shore in u weaterly direction to point of commencement: containinK 80 acres, more or lesa. Post mntked 0, L-
S. W. Cornar.
Dated Feb. 14,1911. QBOROH LEVICK
Pub. March 4.
Skeenn Land District���District of Coust llnnite 5
Take notice that Angus lleatun of I'rince Rupsrt,
B. C, occupation miner, intends to npply fur permission to purchnse tho following described lands:
Commencing at a post planled nt the south
enst corner of Lot J19S7, thenre Hi chains west,
thence 40 chains south, thonce ahout (iO cliuins
oast to Lakelse Lake, thence meanderine said lake
shoro in an northerly direction to point of commencement; containing 170 acres, more or less.
Post mnrked A. II., N. B. Corner.
Dated Fob. 14, 1911. ANGUS BEATON
Pub. March 4.
Now comes the turn of thc Naas
Hiver for a gold rush. There are substantial indications that placer milling
can be profitably engaged in at the
headwaters of this river. Last fall
a considerable amount nf coarse placer
gold was brought oul frt.m that districl,
also some exceedingly rich samples of
free milling quartz.
Credit fur having made the lirst
discovery of gold here is given to Jack
Nelson who after wintering in Vancouver,
is now relumed to the scene to follow
up his discovery by further prospecting.
The lead from which the visible gold
was taken is eight feel in width at the
point where the samples were secured.
Mr. Nelson had no tools with him excepting a small prospecting pick, but
wiih this he was able in knock off
pieces of the quartz. These he brought
to Vancouver. The samples which did
not show the visible gold he hatl assayed, and the lowest return receiv.'d
amounted to ?!tl per ton. The other
samples be did not send to the assayer
as their value was apparent from the
quanti;.v of the yellow metal which was
visible to the naked eye.
He kept the results to himself until
yesterday as he was not desirous of
working up too much excitement which
would result in undesirable activity
on the part of others who might wish
to forestall him in further prospecting
nail properly locating his lind in Stewart,
however, the samples were shown to a
few Intimate friends, and it is from that
point that the rush to thc new Country
will centre.
Two weeks ago Mr. Nelson's partner,
Mr. A. (i. Willoughby, went to Stewart
and is by this lime on the ground,
with the necessary supplies antl tools
fur several months  work.
The discovery WSS made on White
Kiver, which is a branch of Ihe Naas
cmiing in from the south, antl to ihe
easl uf Naas lake. The placer gold he
found ill the bed uf this river, ami be
believes that with proper appliances be
will lie able lo take mil a large aninuiil
of gold from these diggings in a very
short lime. It was from Mr. Thus.
Strain, uf Siewart, formerly storekeeper
at Bitter (reek, says the Vancuuver
Province, that the information as to
I be departure of a number of prospectors
Inr the Naas was secured.
Mysterious Death Recorded nt Prince
(Special lo the Optimist)
i'rince Albert, Sask., April 8. Roger
Qenoreux, a young man nf 26, was found
dead mi the Ice under the Canadian
Nnrihern bridge over the Saskatchewan
on Saturday morning. He had, it is
saitl.   been   conviaial   with   friend"  "~
Friday night.
I'lie Mounted Pollc
Water Notice
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1809," to obtain a
license in the Skeena Division of
Skeena District.
(a) The name, address anil occupation
of the applicant is S. R. McC'linton,
Estate agent, Vancouver, H.C.
(If for mining purposes)   Free  Miner's certificate No	
(b) Tbe name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed the description
is) Kitsumkalum Kiver.
(c) Tbe point of diversion is near the
intersection of the east boundary of
lot 1405.
(tl) Tbe quantity of water applied fm-
(in cubic feet per second) is 140,
(e) Tbe character of the proposetl
works is a general plant for the production of heat, light and power, antl
the manufacturing of wood  pulp,
lumbers and timbers generally.
(f) The premises on which the water
is to be used (describesame) Mill site
ubout 3-4 of n mile below intake;
wootl, frame and concrete buildings
in addition to the masonry, dams,
flumes and penstocks necessary.
(g) The purposes for which the water
is to be used  is  power development.
(Iii If for irrigation, describe the lund
intended to be irrigated, giving
(i) If the water is to be used for power or mining purposes, describe the
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, antl
the difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point of return.
Power plant about 3-4 of a mile down
stream from the intake. Difference
in altitude 80 feet.
(j) Area of Crown land Intended to be
occupied by the proposed works is
100 acres.
(k) This notice wns posted on the 6th
tlav of March, 1811, antl application
will be made to the Commissioner on
the 25th tiny of April, lilll.   ���
(I) (.Jive the names ami addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to be
affe.'tcd by the proposed works,either
above or below tbe nutlet. tNune.
.lames Cross, Agent
P.O. Box 285. Prince Rupert, H.C.
Note���One cubic foot per second  is
equivalent to 35.71 miner s inches.
Puh. March 16, 1911.
Water Notice
Ice la hereby given that an appli-
i  will   lie  made under Part V. of
the " Water Act, liKHI," to obtain a
license in the Queen Charlotte Division
of Skeena District.
(a) The name, atldress and occuiiation
of the applicant is George Young,
Victoria. B.C.
(If for mining purposes) 1-ree Miner's Certificate No	
(b) Tbe name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed, the description
is) Ain Lake and Ain River.
(c) Tbe point of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(tl) The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) 1000.
(e) The character nf the proposed
works, dam, Hume, pipe-line, power
engines, plant, etc.
(f) The premises on which the water
is to be usetl [describe same) at or
near mouth Ain River,Masset Inlet.
(g) The purposes for which the water
is to be used is for power develnp-
ment and mill operations,
(h) If fur Irrigation, describe the
land to be irrigated, giving  acreage.
(i) If the water is to be used fur power or mining purposes, describe the
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between the
point of diversion and point nf return
At or near muuth nf Ain I'iver.nlnnit
15(1 feet below lake level.
(j) Area of Crown land intended to be
occupied by the proposed works	
(k)    This   notice   was   posted   un   the
lirst day nf March, IBll. and application will be made to the Commissioner
on the fifth day of April, 1911.
(1) (live tbe names antl atldresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
Who ur whose lands are likely tu be
affected by the proposed wnrks,either
above or below the millet.    None.
H. Edenshaw, Agent
P.O. BOX 285, Prince Kupert, H.C.
Noti;   One cubic foot per second is
equivalent tn 35.71 miner's inches.
Pub. March Ifi. lull.
QiiH'n Churlotto 'taundH Lind Dwiriet���DUtricr, ot
Take noiict* that I, John McUwt of Vuncmwr,
occupalion hrukcr, Inteml to upply for pi-rtnisHion
to prospect (or coul and petroleum *������������ the following
dtworitietl I.tn.!.
Commencing al u pnst pluntetl ut the nmuth of
tho Tl-el Kiver and murked J. McL. N. K. Corner, No. ���'������ii, thenco south HU chains, thenco woat
SU chuins, thence north HO chuinn, thonco earn 80
chains to pnint of commencement; cc-numing G40
acres, u.ii-   or leu*.
Duted Keh. gl, liMl JOHN MeLEOD
I'uh. Fob. 88, Loulie B. Wulter. Agent
Queon Charlotto Mand* land District    Dwtrict of
Take notice thut I, John Mcl-eod nf Vancouver,
occupulion broker, intend tn apply lor permission
to prospect Inr coul und peiruleum on the fnlluwing
described lundet:
Cnmmencing ul a poKt plaMed ubout two niiloU
went uf tho mouth of the Tl-��d Kiver and markod
J . Mcl.. N. \\. Corner, Nn. 88, thenco south HO
chains, thence viksi Hll chains, thonce nurth HO
chuinn, tlience wost HU cimins to poinl of commencement; containing B40 acres, more or loss.
Daied Keb 21, 1UU JOHN .McLKOD
Tub. Fob. *.iy. Clarence McDowell, Agont
Queen Charlotto blandl Und District -District of
Take notice thut 1, John McUimI of Vuncouver,
occupution broker, intend tu upply for permission
to prosj>cct fur coal and petroleum on tho following
described lunds:
Commencing ut u pnst plunteil about two miloa
west of tho mouth of the TM Kiver und markod
J. McL. N. B. Corner, No. P.t, ihence south HO
chains, thoneo wost HU chains, thence north HO
chain.i, thenco oast HU chuins lo point of com-
mencement; containing fill) acres, mon* or torn.
Daied Feb. 81, 1UI1 JOHN Md.wKD
Tub. Fob. 23. Clarenee McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Inland* I it. I District    District of
Tako notici' that I, John V.i ��� * ���! of Vancouver,
occupation bmker, intend to apply for |>ermishion
to prospect b>r coal und |��otroloum on the folluwmg
desrrd'i-d lands:
Commencing nt :i post pint.:. : nt the mouth of
tho TM Itiver and marknl J. McL. S. K Corner,
N'o ], thencs* north HU chains, thenc*' wmt HO
chains, thence south HU chains, thonce east 80
chains to point of commencement coniuinini
GlU .ir:. ���, more or leas.
Dated Fob. 2\, l'Jll. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Fob. 23. Clarance McDowell. Agent
���!������.���*���;: Charlotte Islands Lind District     Di/trict of
Tnke notice thut I, John McI-mmI of Vancouver,
occupution broker, inlend to tpply for t�� :u,i- *.\a
to pto*[K'Ct for coul und peiroh-am on the folluw ng
de.-cnUd ulndv
Cinrneneit g ut a |n>st plai.lt.I uIhiui live mile*
north and one milo w����.i id tho mouth of tha
TM Kiwr md n.urked J. Mc ., N \V. Corner
No. IT. thi nre south >0 rlmn.*. thenci- MM HO
chains, ttmioi north RO chain tbtMt wiwt 80
chains to point of con.ri ��� r.cemei.i. coatahlMj t>40
Una, tin ;e i r liiw.
Dat.il Fob 86,1811, J"HN  McLKOD
I'ub. Fob. 28. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands l-and District ���District of
Take notice that I, John Mcl>eod of Vancouver
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to pp'-i-ei for coal and j>etroloum on the following
descrlUil lands:
Commencing ut a post planted two milei west
uf the mouth of tho Tl-ef EUvtf und marked J
McL. S. \V. Cornor, No. 88. thanea north HO
chains, thenn* oiut 80 chains, thonco south HO
rnain��, thence ������-���'. HU rhains lo point of com-
Bono n ent: -oniuining tito am*, more or lem.
Datod Keb. 21. l'Jll. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb.'Jt. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Quoen Charlotto Islands Und District    DMriet of
Take notice that 1, John Mcl.ood ������! Vanmuver,
occupation brokor, intend to uppl\ for partnJaalon
lo pn��|N*ct fur conl and petvolauin on the follnwing
daooribad landn:
Comme'cing ut n (Mist plnnted about four milea
north uml one I ile east ��; the mouth of the TM
Rlvar and marked J. McL., y. K. Corner. N'o. 00
thenco north HU rhains, thanea mt*_ ^�� rhai a,
thenco south H" ehains, therce eaal ���*������ chaini
point of commencement; containing ��� IU acr s,
mon* or !caa
Dateil Feb. I'll. l'Jll. JOHN  McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 88a ChirrncejMcDuweil. Agent
Qui-en Charlotta 'Mand* Und District    l-rtrin of
Take notice that I, John Mcleod of ancouver,
occupation broker, Intond to apHy for i ��� r ��� n>n
t.i proapeet for eoal and petroleum on tho following
described landa :
Commenring ut u post plantnl about four milen
north and one mile east of the moulh of ihe TM
Itiver and markeil J. McL, N. K. Corner. No ft,
thenc** south Ml ehains, thenre veal *" chains,
thenee north HU chuins, thonce oast 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing MO acre*,
11 on* or loss.
Dated P*b 2*>, 181L JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. Feb. 2H. Clarenco McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotto Island* Und District- DMriet uf
Take notice thut I, John Mrl*cod "f Vancouver,
occupulion broker, intend lo apply (er |.n;,i um
to prospect for roal and petroleum on the billowing
desenlssl lands:
Commeneing ut a post plantiil aliout four inilra
snuth ami Iwo mOoi WOBj of the mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. Mc.L. N. K. Curner.
No. 71, theneo siiuthl 0 rhains, thence wrM HO
chains, thenee north: u chains, thoneo east 80
ehains to poinl of commencement; conUining ti40
neros, more or lem.
Dated Feb. 22. mil. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 24. Clurance McDowell. Agent
CoutLftlld Distrirt    District of Skrrna
Take notice that I, Paul Brendler, of
Porcher Island, Occupation farmer, intend to   apply for  permission to   leaso
the following foreshore: Commencing
at a post planted about \2 Peel from the
location post of lot 180] on Porcher Islam!, thencc In 0 southerly direction
following high watermark 1200 fe%tj
thence west to low water mark; thencc1
northerly following low water mark
1200 feet; thence east to point of commencement.
Dated March 7, 1911.
First Insertion March 11
Estimates for 1911 Were Passed by the Board of Police
Commissioners Yesterday���Chief Vickers
Presented an Optimistic Report
Prince Rupert's first police estimate
lor a whole year is $10,905. It wus
submitted yesterday afternoon to the
Board of Police Commissioners by
Chief Vickers and 0. K.d by the board
them sent on to the council for final
The momy will be spent as follows:
Chief's salary $1,800
Sergeant's salary    1,260
Two Constables' salary    2,400
Jailer's salary     1,020
Special Constable in March       300
Special Constables    1,500
Prisoners to New Westminster.    .   1,000
Uniforms      250
Keep of prisoners      750
Incidentals      250
Light        75
Fuel      200
Total 10,905
From June 2nd of last year, when the
Police Department was taken over bv
the cLy .he i.xptiu.ts wen- $7,-00, though
the estimate wu $8,225.
Chief Vickers reported that, everything is going on fine in the city, he
hadn't a complaint to make.
Curtain on Gambling
"Y.u ure .teing .hat license hdders
are Queening .he- law," queried thc
Mayer. "And the board wish to have
gambling Stamped out. Rest assured
that the board is behind you in whatever
action you take in this respect." Commissioner Kirkpalrick was doubtful if
a conviction against gambling could be
secured if there was no rake off. The
matter was juggled for a time and then
dropped out.
The chief was empowered to buy
the supplies for his department with
the exception of ;he uniforms which
will be tendered for.
City Merchanta Kick
Prince Rupert merchants trading under
a  license  find  their  business is being
affected   by   itinerant   traders   selling
goods here from door to door not carrying
a   local  license.     A   number   of  local
'storekeepers   appealed   to   the   commissioners   for   protection.     There   is
a  city   by-law  governing  this  matter
and hereafter the Chief of Police will
' rigidly enforce it.
Complaint Againat Strikcra
A letter from Williams & Manson,
solicitors for S. H. Watson and Co.,
| city contractors, bearing the date of
March 16th complained about the
interference of strikers with men in the
employ of the contractors and called
the attention of the responsibility of
the council and police commissioners
in the matter.
Chief Vickers was authorized to do
all he could to keep the white dove
from being scared away.
Apparently there is some laxity in the
registration of births, dcr.ths and marriages that occur here, for the City
1 Health Committee asked that Chief
' Vickers see that lhe Provincial Act
��� governing this be carried out.
"This is a provincial matter," said
the Mayor, "but the Chief could assist
in the matter if he will."
The Chief volunteered. "I will."
The application for the  position of
Chief of Police from J. Pengilby, of
Vancouver, was filed.
Some other Insignificant matters were
duly approved.
The commissioners will meet again
on Monday, May 1st.
Mounted Police Will not Attend, Saya
Commiaaioner Perry
(Special to the Optimist)
Regina, April 4.���Commissioner Perry
has declared that there is no truth in
the statement that the mounted police
are going to the area affected by the
coal miners' strike.
Railwayman Slept on Line and Slept
Hia Laat
(Special to the Optimist)
New Westminster, April 4.���Edward
Johnson, section foreman employed on
the Great Northern Railway here, was
run over and instantly killed today.
He is supposed to have been asleep on
the track.
Freight Train Derailed
Fort William, April 3.���iSpecial)���A
C. P. R. freight train jumped the metals
at Nemlo, Ont., last night. No one was
Skeena Laml Dlatrlcl-Diatrict of Coaat
Take notico that 1. Mra. John Corley of I'rince
Rupert. B.C.occuiiatiun married woman. Intenda
tu apply for pcrmia.iun to purrhaac the following
deacribad landa:
Commencinir at a poal planted 40 chaina east
and 12i> chalna aouth from the aouthweat corner of
lot 1733, Coaat Diatrict, Kanire :���. thence aouth 80
chalna. thence ea.t tn chalna. thence north -���>
chalna. thence wtat 40 chalna mora or leaa to the
point of commencement, containinR 32n acre,
more or leaa.
Date Mar. 20. 1911
Pub. Apr. 4. l'Jll
Mayor Would Vote With Aldermen-
Enquiry Syatem to be Abolithed���
Quicker Plan With Notices of
Motion Propoaed.
Mayor Manson Monday night introduced his amended Procedure By-law.
Early in his municipal term he had
indicated that he would alter this by-law.
Briefly the amendments proposed are:
First; to later the hour fixed for the
first meeting of the new council from
12 noon en the day following their
election to 8 p.m. Second; to provide
for the Mayor's voting along with the
other members of council. The Mayor
of course has a casting vote. Third;
to provide that notice of motion may
be given by posting the notice written,
on a board placed at the City Hall for
the purpose, so that it need not be
necessary for the mover to wait a whole
week before making his motion. Fourth;
questions and answers to them under
Mayor Manson's by-law are to be put
in writing, and no discussion of them is
allowed. Fifth; committees are reduced from five to three as was done
by Mayor Manson on his election.
In introducing these amendments
Mayor Manson remarked that the
amended by-law was modelled after
the Victoriu Procedure By-law which
went in accordance with the Municipal
Clauses Act. Copies of the by-law as
amended were distributed among the
aldermen who are to consider them at
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I Ask Uncle Jerry "N0W
please take notice and list your proper-
'' ��� ���' ��� ���  - ��� ��� - ���  ty with a good live broker, if from the
above you think  our equipment should
On January 15th  and 22nd, Eastern  pi-xluce  the  best  results,  you should
papers  on  Jan.   loth, Western papers  come in at once.
on Jan. 22nd, our Prince Rupert Op- We advise everyone to get in the
portunity advertisement appeared in market this spring and summer. Sell
papers in New York, Boston, Provi- when you have a profit; buy again,
dence, Kansas City, Denver, San Fran- That's the way to make money. You
cisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul and 'M can make many times as much money
Sunday issues of big U.S. daily news- if you will buy and sell and not hold on
papers in all. On Feb. 25th our Prince so long to property. All tif you put
Rupert advertisement appeared in 26 your shoulder to the wheel and booBt���
Canadian daily newspapers. keep on boosting���that's the way  we
will make a big city.
Prince Rupert
uncle jerry Ask Uncle Jerry |
Has  a  Free  Information Department ���      ���
for strangers in the City and  for  nonresidents by correspondence. ~~     "
 u  He will build you a dwelling on ea��y
payment plan.
" ASK UNCLE JERRY ��� He wi), lea8e or ge��� you a lot on eMy
He Buys Leases       He Buys Buildings terms for you to build  a dwelling or
He Buys Lots  '        He Buys Contracts store on.
He has  Stores  to  Rent.
He  Buys Lands  in  Skeena and Naas
River Valleys.
i Ask Uncle Jerry
Uncle Jerry
He wants 50 Houses to Rent
He Sells Leases He Sells Buildings
He Sells Lota He Sells Contracts
He wants Stores to Rent
He  Sells  Lands, up the Skeena River
He will sell you a houBe and lot a
you can pay on monthly payment pla
He will take a lease on your lots Ri
make your investment pay you elg
per cent.
Ask Uncle Jerry


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