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 The Prince Rupert
'��� !��� N0- 164   jA-****
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, November 17, 1910.
Price. Five Cents
The*e Are Contradicted  and
pes Are Now Entertained That
nous   Russian   Will   Recover���
fu.es Reconciliation With Wife.
Special to the Optimiat)
idon, Nov. 17��� England awoke
norning prepared to obaerve fit-
the death of a great man. Signs
Burning were put up in many
i, the tlags were at half mast, the
es had notices up they would be
this evening, social engagements
cancelled, letters of condolence
and sent. When the man in the
asked the why of the signs of
nK he was answered in a reverent
\\ hy Tolstoi is dead."
later in the day the early despatch-
hat effect were discredited. The
Knssian author is not only still
bu'   there  are   prospects  of   his
But Government Not Prepared to
Accept Any Amendemnts���BUI
Read in Lords First Time. Dissolution of Parliament on Twehty-
(Special to the Optimist)
London, Nov. 17.���Yesterday afternoon the government checkmated Lord
Landsdowne's move for a bill to be at
once presented to the house of lords
on the veto question, by stating its
willingness to bring a veto bill down for
discussion but with the proviso that the
government was not prepared to accept
any amendments to such bill.
Upon receipt of this notification
Lord Landsdowne declared emphatically
that there must be reform in the upper
house. He held that the lords should
be   reinforced   from   the   outside   by
Mining Man Carrie* the News to
Montreal, Where Relief Expedition
I* Being Planned���Flesh of Dead
Comrades Being Eaten.
After Lecture on St. Francis of Assist
by Rev. F. W. Kerr H. F. McRae
Leads an Interesting Discussion.
(Special to the Optimist)
Montreal, Nov. 17.���Scores of prospectors are dead and many are dying
on the trails to the South  Porcupine
gold fields, as the result of exposure and
starvation, according to the statement
of an expert who has just arrived here
from that country.   Appeals were made j
for aid but the answer to those failed j
to  arrive.    It  is  likely  that  a  relief
expedition will be sent out, in the hope!
that many lives muy thereby be saved.
Montreal, Nov. 17. -It was a mining
man named McLean who brought the
Petition to Government Asking Permiasion to Cut Wood for Fire* and
for Club* to Kill Porcupine Reads
Like Bitter Sarcasm.
(Special to the Optimist
Seattle, Nov. 17.���The agent of the
Alaska Pacific Steamship company, the
owners of the wrecked steamer Portland,
is arranging to send supplies for the
eighty-three passengers and crew of that
vessel who are marooned on Katalla
island. The authorities at Washington
have been wired for permission for the
shipwrecked to cut wood for fires and to
,,   .             .  �� . ������..���    u���  nominations or elections rather than by  news  of  starvation   in   the   Porcupine
He is now at Astapave.   He    _..,.  _,   :_.    *,...,..     u���     u   ���, .L���
jhised nil attempts that have been
Ito effect a reconciliation between
the present method of crown appointment, and that the commons should be
nd the countess.   When he lay I reasonably   supreme   in   regard   to
district. He says the horrors of the
stampede to Porcupine will surpass
that of any other gold stampede known.
believed to be his deathbed  bills   deaiin��   with   the   finances   and, He declares that  hundreds  are  dying
The  bill
at was ���,.  ,,
was by his orders barred from expenditures of the empire
.     . ' sent from the commons was then read
���unbar. i   .
a first time.
The date fixed for the dissolution of
parliament is now November 25th,
The ultimatum given by the Liberals
to  the  house  of  lords  today  demands
and that the men living are eating the
flesh of their dying comrades.
Desire Bill Modified and to
|tain Definite Declaration That
i Will Be Used for Protection of
had* Only.
the passing of the veto bill as it comes  ANX|OUSLY   AWAIT1NC   ACT|ON
from   the   house   of   commons   before |
November 28th, or dissolution of par-1 OF KING GEORGE
Special to the Optimist)
i��a, N'ov. 16.���There are persistent i
here that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
ing forward legislation early in
��*ion modifying the naval bill. |
a>on advanced by the government
tin is that to save the Quebec
rom the rising tide of Bourassaism
ling more is needed and of a more
filial character than the cam-
nf education that has been pro-
It is said that Quebec wants in
II a definite declaration that the
of Canada are to be used solely
t defence of the Canadian coasts
lot to parlieipate in the wars of
liament and general election.
King George expresses the belief
that the present crisis threatens the!
whole system of the government of the
country, but Premier Asquith has so far
refused to join the king in efforts to
compromise the matter.
of   Battleship   Fleet   Heartily
Welcomed in Thames
Spain's Relations with Vatican Liable
to Be Further Complicated
(Special to the Optimist)
Madrid, Nov. 17.���The relations between the Spanish government and thc
Vatican are likely to be further complicated by a new project on the part of
the former. This is found in the hill
for obligatory military service now under
discussion in the senate. It does not
exempt either the secular or the monastic clergy, and there is a strong inclination not to modify the bill in this
Should He Refuse to Create Additional Liberal Peer* There May
Be Revolution Aganist Monarchy
as Well as House of Lords.
(Special to the Optimist)
London,    Nov.    16.���A    tremendous
political  crisis  is  hanging  over  Great
I Britain today.   A monarchinl revolution
| as well as that against the house of lordr,
| would seem to be pending.   It is al the
I pleasure of the king, however, to put
an end to all this for the lime being.
But should he refuse to grant additional
Liberal  peers so that the government
could rely upon the passage of the supply
bills, this action might precipitate the
gravest kind of hapiwnings.    The motion of the leader of the house of lord*
that the government should  immediately
bring down a bill on the subject  of the
veto  power of the  house   of lords,  is
occasioning some real excitement.
King George arrived from Sandring-
ham this morning and is again in conference with Premier Asquith.
The "New Thought" has taken hold
of the Presbyterian Church Club in
Prince Rupert and lively discussions
have been engaged in on the subject of
Last night after Rev. F. W. Kerr had
given a most interesting introductory
address on the subject of St. Francis of
A.ssisi H. F. McRae led the dUcussion
on the new thought or as he put it, "The
Psychological Aspecl of the Universe."
He pointed out that the new thought I provide clubs with whieh to kill the
does not interfere with true religion. A I porcupines for food. From recent
man may be an ardent devotee of new ' Katalla despatches it is feared that some
thought as well as an exemplary Christian of the shipwrecked have |ierished.
citizen.   Mr. McRae spoke of the pay-1 	
etiological effect of the preacher upon his Cordova. Alaska, Nov. 17.��� Corn-
congregation, aa an example of the range munication with the eighty-three sur-
of new thought into the realm of religion. I vivors of the wrecked steamer Portland,
Dr. Kergin spoke of the phyaiological' now marooned on Katalla island, ia
aspect of the theme, and interesting still cut off, and it does not seem pos-
contributions to the discussion were! sible to be able to send any help to them
given by Messrs. Frank Poole, Cowal, for the next three days. Meanwhile
Riley, Alderman Naden and many'they must be in horrible straits for the
others showing how thorough had been  want of food.
the consideration given to the subject 	
by the members of the club since its MATDAKI  AN   UCD
introduction by Mr. McRae. MAIKUN   Oil   flfcK
The ladies also, Mrs. Phippe, Mrs.
McLeod, and Mrs. Dunlop contributed
11,iiiikIii ful addresses.
To be in tune with the Infinite-this; MEETING OF PRINCE RUPERT
is the essence of the new thought as HOSPITAL BOARD
described  by  those  entering  into dia-i
cussion upon it last nighl. So deeplyj Heating Contract Satisfactorily Set-
interested did many become that groups ,     �������*������   Finance Committee Uphold*
. formed themselves after the cloae of
t he  o|ien  discussion   to  carry  on  the j
' subject further, and the conversation
was continued on the way home long
Action of President and Secretary.
Will Discus* Equipment.
Alter their livening up al last meeting
after the lights in the church hall were | the Hospital Board turned out in full
extinguished. strength    at    the    meeting   yesterday
The attendance every Wednesday \ afternoon in the court room. Tke
night at the Presbyterian Club meetings ] finance committee having considered
keeps growing, last night's audience [ lhe matter of the placing of the heating
being ihe biggest yet. Next Wedneeday! contract, upheld the action of the
the ladies give a "Birthday Party" president and secretary and sanctioned
which it is declared will be onr of thr I the contrart.
most enjoyable evening entertainments |    A telegram was received from  Miaa
MrTavish the matron, to the effect
that she would arrive in Prince Kupert
tomorrow by the Camosun. She will be
met by members of the Board, and a
meeting of the house committer will
probably be held at which staff arrangements and the matter of equipment will
lie discussod with Miss McTavish.
The   Medical   Association  of   I'rince
Rupert   presented  thr  suggestion  that
yrt planned.
Chinese   Worker*   Are   Firing   Upon
Jap Worker* on Railroad
Refuse* to Accept Aid
Melbourne, Nov. 17.- (Special)���"Thr
Commonwealth   government   does   not I
intend to accept any cash contribution | .^^ Hundred Mexic.n. Thii Morn
from the imperial government,    stated , |m ,nvaded United Sut���
���Special to the Optimist)
"don, Nov. 17.���The third division
* American battleship  fleet, con-  Attorney General Hughes in the house I
' yesterday during the discussion on the I (SpecJg| tQ lhe 0ptimtol,
naval defence bill. j    AuBtjn)   Tex.,   Nov.   17.���Governor
 " ' Campbell has sent troops out to Edwards
Brisbane Clamor* for Mail I county.    A   party  of eighty  ranchers
Brisbane,    Nov.    17.( -Special)���The | were riding in all haste to Rock Springs
cabinet   is   now   considering   a   direct  when  they  met three hundred  armed
iSprcial lo the Optimist
Victoria, Nov. 17. -According to ad
vice* received by the recent steamers' (0 'f^jiitate the mailer of equipment,
arriving here there is still friction be- the ordf>r for ,he p,iuipmenl of thr new
tween the Japanese and thr Chinese hospital at Stewart should lie duplicated,
in Manchuria, and the animosity both This suggest ion will be considered by tils-
are showing is on the increase.   Only a hmum pom,,,),,*..
t of the Georgia, Rhode Island
"���ka and Virginia arrived off Grave-
this morning and cast anchor
*r up the Thames than any Amer-
*U vessel ever did before. They
CiMti a tremendous ovation by the
batteries! and warships.
|e squadron will remain until Decem-
<Wi when the fourth division comes
'torn Brent.
Troubles Over in Honduras
mama. \ov. 17.-(Special)-Revo-
*'��' Valintlares has surrendered to
pMBM authorities, marking the end
��� "-volt that threatened to involve
Pr'-a will, (;rpal Britain in Honduras.
few days ago several of the Japanese
workmen on ihe railway were injured
by thirty Chinese police who opened
fire upon them.
Canadian-Australian mail service independent of New Zealand, owing to the
protests of Brisbane commercial men
against any service which excludes
The finance committer mrt this afternoon to go into the matter of funds.
While it is understood that there ia
plenty in hand to carry on the immediate work in connection with the
hospital there remain still a number ol
subscribers who havr not handed in
the amount of their subscriptions, and
a good many possible subscribrrs have
Mexicans. The latter crossed the border
with the intention of avenging the
lynching of Rodriguei.
Conference on Education
London, Nov. 17.���(Special)���An Imperial conference on the subject of education has been convened to meet in
Arpil, prior to the coronation festival.
Australia For Protection
Melbourne, Nov. 17.���(Special)���Premier Fisher, who will represent thr
commonwealth at the forthcoming imperial conference _ frankly accepts protection as the only policy suited to
conditions in Australia.
Phenix Theatre Closed
The Phenix theatre is closed down
owing to the financial embarrassment of
the management and the sheriff took
formal possession yesterday. A meeting yet to be approached,
of the creditors will probably be called
shortly to deal with thc situation. After
its plucky recovery from thr fire, it
seems a pity that the Phenix should
have to close down so soon, and  Mr.
Mi-ami:   Lake  Steamer
Selkirk,  Man.. Nov.  17.   (Special)���
The stramrr Lady of the Lake started
out  this morning on  a search for the
Heiney's hard luck is commented on in survivors of thr steamer Wolverine,
the city. It is understood thai thr Princr which is reported to have founffered on
Rupert Sash & Door Factory are the Lake Winnipeg. They are supposed to
owners of the building and principal be cast away on a small island without
creditors. '��0��1
1tW^mifmm^0^mWmm~Wglm*\mW^m9mmm^C^mmml    ' I    I ���    ���"    ���'   ���    "**>    !���*���    I**
The Royal
Corner of Third Avenue and Sixth Street
Our Lunch Counter and Restaurant are superior in appointments, service and cuisine to any in the City. It is
popular with diners of taste,
and the rendezvous of parties
If you try the Royal
you   will   go   again.
The Big
Supply House
Prince Rupert
Hove Fumuhinfs
BsMbud Shoes
fonts' Furnishings
Sash and Doors
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co. Ltd.
A complete line of Sporting Goods. Guns,
Rifles. Revolvers, Ammunition, Fishing
TacklcrProspectors' Outfits, and General
Hardware, Kitchen and Hotel Ware
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN. Manager
lisins. lys^.*^.
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women.   Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its   discussions.   Sug-
i gestions and criticisms are invited by the editor.   The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Prompt Delivery Courteous Treatment
A Square Deal]
School Teacher* and Mtrriage
The old view that mari ire dis-
rjUaliflei a lady from the work of teaching
school, has been getting a jolt from so
staid and conservative a journal as the
London Times. Writing in the woman's
supplement, a writer points out the
strange paradox that "the one indispensable qualification for mothering the
nation's children is not to be a mother.
In all other callings and professions,
first hand knowledge and experience are
considered necessary. Yet in the most
difficult and complex one of training
the future mothers of the race, these
very qualifications are not merely not
a recommendation, but an insuperable
"The first rock of offence is the
existence of the husband, and the fear
ol his influence upon the woman, and,
therefore, indirectly upon the institution; it seems to be entirely forgotten
that most men in responsible positions
have wives, but one never hears the
converse point raised as an objection
in appointing a headmaster.
"The effect upon our girls of living
in an artificial atmosphere, from the
time they are seven until, in many
cases, they are seventeen, cannot but
atrophy some of the most important
of their aptitudes and potentalities. If
the true Celestials tie up their women's
feet from babyhood, we would-be Celestials tie up the finer sides ol their most
potent instincts for national and social
"The whole schools staff is, in many
cases, composed of women who have
themselves been deprived of all mothering since they were girls, and who have
no traditions to pass on, even at secondhand. They have lived, from childhood,
an artificial, unnatural life, induced by
the struggle for academic success. How
should they ��� understand the problems?
Yet these women are preparing the
future mothers of the race. Moreover,
such a segregation of spinsters is not
good for the spinsters themselves.
"The taste for home life is the one
taste, not only neglected, but discouraged by our present type of education. And this indictment holds
good from the lowest to the highest;
from the washerwoman's daughter, with
her smattering of algebra and her
disdain lor scrubbing brushes, who is
told that she has no 'business' to stay
at home and mind the baby, to the
wealthy woman's daughter, who is led
to believe that all life is embodied in
inanimate books."
the station slowly. Then a woman also
appeared on the platform of the observation car.
This two women who had caused all
the commotion rushed to the car. One
of them handed up the mysterious
parcel to the woman on the train. The
passenger hastily unwrapped it, revealing a box of candy. Then she
leaned down and kissed both the other
women goodby.
Priness   Beatrice, 7 a. m. Not. 2||
For Vancouver, Victoria and St*t��
calling at Swanscn Kav.
Princess Beatrice November 21st
For Port SimMon, K��tehlku
Juneau  and Sklgwty,
J. G. McNab . CenerslA,,
Steamers for
ConnectinsT with
In the Woman'* World
Among the old laws against kissing
those of Iceland appear to have been
the most severe. Banishment was the
penalty laid down for kissing another
man's wife, either with or without her
Mrs. Rose D. Howe, who is a physician in Chicago, says that the reason
that Sarah Bernhardt, Mrs. Patrick
Campbell, and many others do not
grow old is that they continue to exercise their minds. As soon as mental
activity ceases, she says, the deterioration
of the body begins.
The Korean woman who speaks or
even nods on her wedding day immediately becomes an object of ridicule and
loses caste. Neither threat nor prayer
must move her, for the whole household
is on the alert to catch a single muttered
syllable. Her silence must last for a
Prince Rupert sails 8.3U p.m. Tnundsj
After the arrival of the Prim Rupm
Wednesday, and returning to coma
with same steamer southbound.
For Port Simpson, Naat and Stat
Monday      ��� ,   1 p.m.
Skidegate and Moresby Island Pcuti
Thursday    -    10 p.m
Some Household Hints
A simple syrup that is goad to serve
on hot waffles is made by boiling water
and sugar together and adding cinnamon
to taste.
Fat which is to he kept should be
cut up small and boiled in a saucepan
with a little water, and never put into
the oven to melt.
If buttonholes of starched collars and
cuffs are moistened on the inside before
buttoning they will button easily, and
will be much less likely to tear.
To remove rust from steel, make a
paste of fine emery powder and kerosene;
rub on, let stand a little while; then
polish vigorously with a rag dipped in
The Boscowitz S. S. Co.
will despatch two steamer*
weekly between Victoria. Vancouver and all Northern B. C.
ports, calling at Prince Rupert
and Stewart
S.S. Vadso    S.S. Venture
classed    100  Al  at Llyods.
Leaving Prince Rupert South
bound on Fridays. For further
particulars apply to
rea. moou t co. prince icibi
H**d Office ��l Victoris. B. C.
P. O. BOX 291
House Furnishings Complete
Woman Suspected of Murder
i    Wheeling, W. V.,a Nov.  17.���(Special)
' ���A special grand jury has   been sum-
! moned to meet on Friday, to   consider
i the   evidence ^against     Laura   Schenk,
who   is  suspected  of   having    poisoned
her millionaire husband.
Kisses and Bon-bons
Some of the wicked men who earn a
living by writing jokes in the comic
papers, got a rich haul the other day
when two Minneapolis women stopped
the Chicago express and made it back
Just as the train began to move the
two women, one of them bearing a small
parcel, dashed madly toward the gates.
"Is that the Chicago train?" they
"It is," replied thc gentleman.
"Stop it! Stop it!" begged the women.
"It must be stopped!"
A big crowd of university students
was at the station waiting for the football team to get in. Gallantly the young
men began to shout:
"Stop the train! Stop the train! Stop
the train!"
Thc conductor came out on the observation car platform. Thc station
was in an uproar and the two women
were running desperately toward thc
train. The conductor hesitated, grabbed
thc bell rope and yanked it. The train
stopped and then began to back into
If you want that sweet, nutty flavored
BREAD   try  our  FRENCH-the kind
that pleases.
Third Ave., between 7th and  8th  St*.
Newly Ope tied
Gs*d Acconactdition
J.   GOODMAN,   Proprietor
Spring Beds 25c. Rooms 50c.
and $1.00. Best beds and
rooms in town for the money.
Prince Rupert, B.C. 7<)tf
FEED . ���
Mrs. S. Frizzefl
===��.   EBY   ��  ^
Kitsumkalum Und For S* ^
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District-District of
*" Skoens
T*kl not.ee thst 1, Tbos. R. D.vcy rt Queen
<h��H..tf. occuiistion notary public, Intend to
SSJtor permission to prospect tor cosl snd
Sr.li.iim on the following described Isnda:
1 "mZncin* st s poat plsnted two miles north
.��� '^e S'~t oPserSlon 13 Township 7,
Graham lalsnd, snd msrked No. 5, T. R. D., b.
W *"ner. thenre esst 80 chsins, thence north
m chamn. thenre west 80 chsins, thence south
{Jl amir,, to point  of commencement,   contalnlnj
Z:���- Sum" ���os; r; **m
r*b Nov! I'- wn,on Oowin��i A��""
.*,.,.��� Chsrlotte Islsnds Und DUtrict-District of
T.k,. notice lhat I, Tho*. R. Davey of Queen
rhsrlmie. oecupstion noUry public, intend to
sni.lv fur permiaaion to prospect for co��l snd
Sui'ils-um on the following described l��nd.
"ommencing st s post plsnted two miles north
,d (iv.. mllea esst of Section 13. Townahip i,
��***. Wnd. msrked No 6. T. R. D.. sT E
anTrr ihence wswt 80 chsins, thsnee north 80
uiu! ihence essl 80 chsins. thence south 80
mu lo point ot commencement, containing 640
&"8����UM. THOS. R. DAVKY
\\, Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
(Wn Chs. otte Islsnds L*nd Dlstnct���District ol
Tske nol.r* thst I. Tho*   R   Dsv*y of Queen
harlottr,  occup��tion   not*r>'   public.   Intend   to
ippli   lor  pormisrion   to   prospect   for   cosl   and
rtrtileum on the following de*rrit.ed land:
rummenfing st a post plsnted three milee esst
.ism-mi 18, Townahip 7. tiraham Islsnd, msrkwl
So ". T. R. !>., S. W. corner, thenre e**t 80 chains.
i'..-,-.'   north  so chsina,   thenee  we*t  80  ehslna,
Bam south "0 chains to point of commencement,
winning WO screa mnre er leaa.
i,t��i (ir* 2h. <!>J0. THOS. R   DAVEY
Kib. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing. Agent
Dunn Chtrlott* Winds l.snd District���District of
Tiki, notice thst I. The*. R. Dsvey of Queen
harl'.tte,  oecupstion   notary   public,   intend   to
ppl>   for  permiaaion   to   pn��tpect   tor   cosl   snd
���trolrnm on the following described lsnd:
Commoncing r.t i posl planted three milea east
Section 111. Township 7, Grshsm   Island snd
arked No. 8. T. R. D.. S  E. corner, thence we��l
I rt.ain*. thenc north 80 chains, ihence eaat 80
.am,, ihence south 80 chsina to point ol com-
irncement. contsining S40 acre, more or leaa.
sie.llirt.28. 1SI0 THOS. R. DAVEY
Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
��i��m Charlotte Islands Und Diatrict    Diatrict of
Tske notice Ihst 1, Thus. R. Dsvey of Queen
'hirtotte Islands, oecupstion not*r>' public, intend
o appli for permiaaiun lo prospect for ensl snd
eirokum on the following described lsnd:
Commencing si s post plsnted three miles esst
Srrtson 13, Township 7. Graham lalan.i and
latkeil Ni. Ii. T. It. I).. N. E. corner, thonce wesl
H rhsini, thence aouth 80 chains, thenre eas l HO
urn., thence north 80 chains to point ol com*
- nr. i   containing 640 acre* more or lea*.
kUadOet.n, l!HU. THOS. R. DAVEY
ul. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
fji.-i i hsrlnite Islsnds Ijsnd District  -Dalrlct  ol
Tske notice ihst I. Thus-IK. Dsvey of Queen
hsrlnite, nccuitstion notary public, intend to
iply lor permission io prospect for coal and
Imleum nn the lollowing described land:
Cnmmi-ncing st a poat planted two miles north
nl three milea esst of Section 1.1, Townahip 7
td marknl No. 10. T. R. D . N. W. corner thence
rsl ni chsin.. thencs south 80 chalna. tbence east
) chsin,. thence north SO chains to poinl of com-
a-ncement containing 640 acrea more or leaa.
Msdprt.tt, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
it' Not. 17 Wilson Gowing, Agent
���en Charlotte Islsnd, Und District ���District ol
Take notice thst I, I hup. R. Davey of Queen
'hsrlotte, oecupstion notar>" public, intend lo
Pply tor permiasion to prospect for coal and
iroleum on the following deacribed land:
I iimmrncing at a poat planted two milea north
��. Hirer miles eaat ol Section 18. Townahip 7.
nasi lalsnd snd msrked No. 11, T. R. D., N. W.
**t. 'hence esst 80 chains, thence south 80
mim. ihence west HO chalna. ihence north 80
hsila to {mini nl commencement, containing
lo am* more or leas.
���nd Oct .**,1910. THOS   R. DAVEY
��.H0��. IT. Wilson llowing. Agent
Wenlharlotte lalsnd. Und Diatrict -Diatrict of
_ . Skeens
Tske nonce that 1, Thus. R. Davey of Quean
Issflcjie, oecupstion notary public, intend to
'{���h for permiaaion to prospect for cosl snd
'���'������!���...,, on the lollowing ili.ml.nl lsnd:
1 omtnennng al s |>oat plsnted two miles north
_M Ii"- null-. ,a.t ol Section 13, Townahip 7,
l.raham lalsml ami msrked No. 12, T. R. D., N. E.
tuner. Ihence ,,..��� hii ehslna. thence aouth 80
����sin,. ihence pa.! so chains, ihence north 80
num. io point ���| rommencement. containing 640
sere, more ur Ir*.
''���ixiis-t.as lino. thos. r. davey
��� N��v- 17. Wilson (iowing, Agent
I .
fva.ii Charlotte l.l.nda Und Diatrict -District ol
t l Skeen*
lakr- Mia that |, Thoa. R. Davey ol Queen
',""',"'��� i-reuisiiion notary public. Intend to
JR '"' petmtakm lo prospect lor coal and
l'in..-iim on lhe lollowing described land:
,' "Jinsiicing al a post plsnti-d two miles north
si. .ml1*" '���""' "' Seetissn 13, Township 7.
-Ti l*l*ml *n'1 marked No. 13, T.K.D.. N. W.
"nw.ihinn. esal 80 chsins. thenc* south 80 chsina
2rJ55 Nl rh��lna. thence north 80 chains to
JJT *" ".mmsmn'menl. contsining 640 screa mor*
'.''"'I'm 19,1(10,
'ill Nov |;.
Wilaon Gowing, Agent
""���-ii Charlotte Usnda Und Diatrict���District ol
I'rl-i i n""W ln" '��� Th""- R Dsvey ol Queen
���"io". nrcu|,,tiun notary public, intend to
"��"' i"i liermlaslon to pmapect tor cosl snd
T55��� "" "��� ���"""���ing described land:
mHE?*��SS " * Post plsnted two miles north
lirah.i ?"'��� ���"��� "' Section 13, Township 7.
���Whan, Wlrid ,nd mSLS Nn. |4. T. p.. D., S. W.
mSm' SH? *"* 9 chsins, tbence north 80
nW, ���" wwl m chsina. thence south 80
ni. J" ''""". "' commencement, conUining 640
ffiWOei.M, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
* N"v' "��� Wilson Oowlng. Agent
**" ' bsrl.rtte lalanda Und District���District ot
T.l... ^ Skoens
fhsrhii. " ,h���, '��� Tn0��- m ^vey of Queen
mStm '**'}>"*>'> noUry public, Intend to
l��-trinena ErfflWB   t0   Proapect   for   coal   and
CommTneTn"" '��l,0Win|! ����� l,nd,:
���mlTvT ~." " ��� Post plsnted two milos north
<irsharoi.m   . ���" "' Sw,,lon  "i Township 7,
rt,.in,   S22  WB"   B  ch��i"��.  'hence  north   80
C'ST 80 rh*in"- ,omo' "<""n 80
���a* rnrSH��� I '   comrr"'n"',n��nt, conUlning 640
HWtT ���ln- T,,os- �����I)AVEY
��� "' Wllaon Gowing. Agent
Queen Chsrlotte lalanda Und Diatrict���District of
Tske notice thst 1, Thoa. It. Dsvey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation noUry public, intend to
apply for permission to proapect for coal snd
petroleum on the lollowing described land:
Commencing st s post ulsnted two miles north
snd three miles esst ol Section 13, Township 7,
Grshsm lalsnd snd msrked No. 16. T. R. D., S. W.
corner, tbence esst 80 chsins, thence north 80
chsins. thence west 80 chains, tbence south 80
chsina to point of commencement, containing 640
seres more or leas.
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17 Wilson Gowing, Agenl
Queen Chsrlotte lalsnds Und Diatrict���District of
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Dsvey of Queen
Chsrlotte, occupation noury public. Intend to
spply for permission to prospect for cosl snd
lietroleum on the following described lsnd:
Commencing st s post plsnted two miles north
snd three milea east ot Section 13. Township 7,
Grshsm Island snd msrked No. 17, T It. l>��� S. K.
corner, thence weat 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, tbence e��*t HO chsins, thence south 80
chsins to point of commencement. conUlning 640
screa more or lea*. '
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing. Agsnt
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und District -Diatrict of
T*k* notice that I, Thos. R.  Davey ot Queen
Chsrlotte,   oecupstion   notsry   public,   intend  to
spply   for   permission   to   prospect   for   cosl   snd
Btroleum on th* following descrilied lsnd:
Commencing at s post plsnted four milea north
snd five mllsas essl ot Section 13, Township 7,
Grahsm Island snd msrked T. R. 11.. N. W.
corner. Ihence east 80 chains, thence south 00
chains, ihence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to poinl of commencement, contsining 640
screa mor* or less.
D*t>d Oct, 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte lalsnda Und   Ihrlrict - District ol
Tske notice thst I, Thoa. R. Dsvey ol Queen
Charlotte, oecupstion notary public, intend to
apply lor permiaaion lo proapect tor cosl snd
petroleum on the lollowing described lsnd:
Commencing st s post plsnted tour miles north
snd Ave miles esst of Section 13, Township 7,
Grahsm Island and msrked No. 19. T. R. I), N. E.
comer, Ihence west 80 chsins, ihence aouth 80
chsins, thenee east 80 chsina. thence nnrth 80
chsins to point of commencement, contsining 640
screa mnre or Ira*.
Dsted Oct. 30, 1910. THOS. R   DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing. Agont
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und I'. iru-i     District ol
Tske notice thsl I. Thos. R. 1,. .. v ol Queen
Charlotte, occupalion notary pubth, intend to
apply for permrsaon tn prospect for ��� il snd
petroleum on the (ollowing descrilied lsnd:
Commencing st n post planted tour miles north
and three miles east of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham lalsnd snd msrked No. 20., T.R.D., N. VY.
comer, thence east 80 chains, thence south HO
chans thance w*at 80 chains, ihence nurth 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more or leas.
Dsted Oct. 30. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte lalsnda Und Diatrict    Diatrict of
Take notics lhat I, Thos. R. Davey ol Queen
Charlotte, oecupstion notary public, intend to
apply tor perrnu*ion to proapect for cosl snd
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a poat planted six miles north
snd five milaa aast of Section 13. Townahip 7,
Graham lalsnd snd msrked No. 30. T. R. II, S. W.
comer, thence east SO ehslns, thence north 80
chsina, thenee weat 80 chsina, Ihence aouth HO
chsins lo point ot commencement, containing 640
acres more or Isss.
Dsted Oct. 31. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing. Agenl
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Diatrict--Diatrict ol
Take notice that I. Thoa. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend tn
apply for iierroieelnn to proa|,ect tor coal and
petroleum on Ihe following dweribed land:
Commencing at a poat plant*.! aix milea north
and Ave milea eaat nl Sedkin 13. Township 7,
Graham Island snd msrked No. 31, T. R. 1), S. K.
comer, thence west 80 chsina. thence north HO
chsins, Ihence eaat 80 ehaina, Ihence south 80
ehaina to point of commencement, containing 640
acre* more or 1***.
Dated Oct. 31, 1910. THOS.  R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing. Agenl
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Diatrict    Diatriet of
Grading Completed on Branch Line
Through Peace River Valley���
Grand Trunk Pacific to Run Branches North of Edmonton.
Montreal, Nov. 14.���The "Last West"
having already been opened up to
civilization, the railways are now turning
their attention to the "First North."
and the coming year will witness an
exciting rivalry between the three great
railway systems of Canada for the command of the traffic into the great Peace
river country.
The Canadian Northern Railway,
which is the pioneer in central Alberta
and Saskatchewan, and is already in
operation north of the Grand Trunk
Pacific in both provinces, seems likely
to be the railway which will be the
first to profit by the immense agricultural and mineral resources of the
Peace river valley. For a long time
past it has not only had surveys being
carried out in that region, but has
actually had the first portion of the
line due north from Edmonton towards
the Peace river under construction.
A telegram was received at the Montreal offices today announcing that the
grading of this branch had been completed to within twenty miles of Athabasca Landing about 100 miles north
of Edmonton, and that the whole of the
grading would be finished this year.
The line north from Athabasca Landing
will be carried along the valley of the
Athabasca to Athabasca Lake, with
branches west to tap the Peace river
Meanwhile both the Grand Trunk
Pacific and the Canadian Pacific have
had surveys made for the lines north
from Edmonton in that reg.on. It is
understood that one of the subjects
discussed by Mr. E. J. Chambeilin, the
general manager of the Grand Trunk
Pacific, with the executive in Montreal, was the desirability of proceeding with this branch at the earliest
possible moment. Mr. Chamberlin
was able to report that a big movement of settlers into the district was
alicady going on, no fewer than 400
families of pioneers having gone into
the distr.ct from the company's station at Edson. west of Edmonton, this
summer. Before Mr. Chamberlin left
for Winnipeg last mght it was practically
decided to start this brunch due north
from Edmonton next spring.
Tske notice thst  I. Thos.  R.  Davey ol Qui*n '
Chsrlotte.   oecupstion   ooury   public,   inlend   to
spply   for   permuxslon   lo   prospect   for   cosl   snd
petroleum on the following ds^crihed lsnd:
Commencing st s poet plsnted six mllea north
and three miles east nt Section 13, Townahip 7,
Graham lalsnd snd marked Nn. 32. T. It. I), S. W.
corner. -Ihence east HO chains, thenee north 80
chalna, thence west Stl ehaina. thence aouth HO ,
chains lo point of commencement, conUining 640 '
acres mnre or less.
Dsled Oct. 31. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Puh. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte lalanda Und Dlalrict I n-inn ol
Tske notice thst I. Thm. It. Dsvey ol Qmam
Chsrlotte, oecupstion noury public, inlend to
apply for permission to proa|��ect for co*l snd
lietroleum nn the following described lsnd:
Cnmmencing st s post plsnUat aix miles north
snd three miles e*at ol Section 13, Townahip 7.
Graham Islsnd snd msrken Nn. 3.1. T. R. II, s E.
corner. Ihence went 80 chsina, Ihence nnrth 80
chains, thence e*at HO chnina. ihence aoulh 80
chalna tn poinl ot enmmenecment. conUining 640 '
screa more or lesa.
Dsted Nov. I, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing. Agent
Queen Chsrlotte laland. Und Diatrict -District ol  {
Tske notice thst I, Thoa. R. Dsvey ol Queen
Chsrlotte, oecupstion noUry public, inlend to
spply tor permission to proapect for cosl snd
petroleum* on the following descrilied lsnd:
Commencing at s poat planted eight miles nnrth
and three miles esjst of Section 13 Township 7,
Gr*h*m Islsnd snd msrked No. 34. T. R. D, N. E.
comer, thence weat 80 chsina. thence aouth HO ;
chsins, Ihence essl 80 chsina, thence north HO
chains to point of commencement, conUlning 610
seres more or lean.  I
listed Nov. I. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY !
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen ChsrlotU lalsnda Und District-District of
Tske notice thst I, Thoa. R. Dsvey ol Queen
Chsrlotte. occupsUon noury public, intend to
spplv tor permisaion to pros|>cct lor coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described land:
Commencing st s post pisnted eight miles north
snd three milea esst of Section 13, Townahip 7.
Graham Island snd msrked No. 35, T. R. D, N. VY.
corner, Ihence east 80 chsins, thence aouth 80
chsina. thence went HO chains, thence north 80
ehaina to point ol commencement, conUlning 640
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon Gowing. Agent
Steamer From North Has Good Load
of Passenger* for Vancouver
The Princess Beatrice arrived yesterday morning from the trip north to
Goose Bay, to which point she had
taken a number of men anj some
mining machinery for development work
this winter. More machinery is coming
up on the Vadso, which was due here
The Beatrice left yesterday with
thirty first-class and the same number
of deck passengers. Among the former
were: A. McLean, J. Bain, G. Fraser,
R. G. Anderson, E. Nairn, R. A. Galer,
F. Cond, F. Nash, M. G. Nelson, Mrs.
M. G. Nelson, A. E. Humphries, H. E.
Smith, 0. W. Rafuse, T. C. Brownley,
O. G. Brush, J. Dickson, James C.
Simpson, R. R. Davis, E. J. McDonald,
William Treadgold, S. T. Robertson,
Captain Palmer, A. Wallace, E. W.
Leeson, A. L. Sutherland, J. Elloit, S.
Swanson, Miss D. Leland, J. H. Bell,
Miss L. Silver.
Another Cruiser for Canada
Ottawa, Nov. 16.���(Special)���No definite confirmation has been obtained of
the report that Canada has ordered
another improved cruiser of the Bristol
class from the British Admiralty.
Queen Chsrlotte lalsnds Und District ���Diatrict of
Tske notice thst I, Thos. R. Dsvey of Queen
Churlotte, oecupstion noUry puhlic, intend to
spply for permission to prospect for cosl snd
lietroleum on the following deacribed lsnd:
Commencing st a poat plsnted eight miles north
snd live miles eaat of Section 13, Townahip 7,
Graham lalsnd snd marked No. 36, T. R. D, N. E.
corner, thence west 80 chsina, thence south 80
chsina, thence eaat 80 ehaina, thence north SO
chains to point of commencement, contsining 640
scn-s more or lesa.
Dated Nov. 1, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I'ub. Nov. 17. Wilaon tiowing, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte lalanda Und Diatrict    District of
Tske notice thst I. Thos. R. Dsvey ot Queen
Chsrlotte, oecupstion notary public, intend to
apply for permiaaion to pruapect for coal and
petroleum on the following described lsnd:
Commencing st s post planted eight miles
north snd five milea eaat of Section 13, Townahip 7
Grahsm Islsnd snd msrked No. 37, T. R. D., N. W.
corner, thence eaat 80 ehaina, thence aouth 80
chains, Ihence went 80 chsina, thence north 80
chsins to point ot commencement, contsining 640
seres more or lesa.
Dsted Nov. 1, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilaon (iowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District -Diatrict ol
_ , Skeena
Take notice that I. Thoa. R. Davey ot Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the foUowing described lsnd:
Commencing st s post planted eight mllea north
and five mile* eaat of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham laland and marked No. 88, T. R. D, S. W.
corner, thence east 80. chains, thence north 80
chains, thence wsst 80 chains, thence south 80
chains lo point of commencement, containing 640
ncrm more or less
Dsted Nov. 1, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I'ub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte lalsnd, Und Di alrict    Diatrict of
Tske notice that 1. Thos.  R.  Dsvey of Queen
Charlotte,   oecupstion   noUry   public,   intend   to
spply tor permiasion to prospect for coal and
I petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a pout plsnted eight mili>a north
and five mil��� cast of Section 13. Townahip 7.
I Grahsm laland snd msrked No. 39. T. R. I)., S. L.
corner, thence west HO chsins, thence north 80
| chsins, tbence eut 80 chains, thence aouth 80
j chsina to point of commencement, conUining 640
| seres more or less
1 Dated Nov. 1. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
| Puh. Nov  17. Wllaon Gowing, Agenl
; Queen Charlotte Islands Und District   -Diatrict ol
I     Take notice that   1, Thoa.   R.  Davey of Queen
CharlotU',   occupation   nourv   public,   intend   to
apply   for   permiaaion   to   pmapect   for   coal   snd
' lietroleum on the following descrilied lsnd:
Commencing al a post planted eight miles north
snd three miles eut of Section  13, Townahip 7,
Graham lalsnd snd marked No. 40 T. R. D, S. W.
: corner,   Ihence eut   80  chsina,   ihence  north   80
| chsina,   thence  wesl   80  chains,  ihence aouth  80
{ chsina to poinl of eonuiioi.eement, contsining 640
acres more or leaa.
t Dsled Nov. 1, 1910. THOS. K. DAVKY
j Puh. Nov. 17 Wilson (lowing. Agent
' Queen Chsrlotte lalsnds Und District  -Diatrict lo
Take notice thst  1, Thos.  R.  Davey ol Queen
, Charlotte,   occupation   noury   pubUc,   intend   to
j apply   for   permission   to   proa|>ect   lor   coal   snd
petroleum on the lollowing described lsnd:
!     Commencing st s posl plsntod two miles oaat of
, section   13.  township  7,  Grahsm  Island,  msrkel
No. 1 T. R. D.. N. E. corner, thence weat 80 chsina,
| thencs. south 80 chsina, thence eut 80 chsina.
I thence north HO chsina to point of commencement.
I containing 640 acrea more nr lesa.
Dated Oct. 28, 1910. THOS. R. Davey
Puh. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalsnda Und District -Diatrict ol
Take notice thai I. Thoa. It. Dsvey ot Quss'n
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permiasion lo proapect for coal snd
petroleum nn the following described lend:
Commencing st s post plsntod two milea essl
ot Bastion 13, Township 7, Graham lalsnd. msrked
No. 2, T. R. D, N. W. corner. Ihence eut 80
I rhsina, thence aouth 80 chains, thence wesl 80
chains, Ihence nnrth 80 ehaina to point to com-
mencemenl, containing 640 acrea more nr leaa.
Dated Oct. J8, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
I'ub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agont
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District -District ol
Take notice that I, Thoa. It. Dsvey of Queen
Ci trlotle, oecupstion noury public, intend to
iippl.. for (HTmisaion to pr.np.-oi for coal snd
petrolci. ii nn the following descrilied land:
Commi-neing at a post plnnted live mil��� oast of
Section 13, Township 7, Graham Island, marked
No. 3, T. R. D, N. K. corner, thi'noc west 80
chsins, thenee soulh Hll chains, thence east 80
chsins, thenee north 80 chnina to (mint of commencement contsining 6411 screa mors' or less,
listed Oct. 28, 191(1. THOS. It. DAVKY
! Pull. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agont
Queen Charlotte Islands Und lli-trict     District of
Tske nolic ihst I. Thus. K. Dnve> ol Queen
' Chsrlotte, oecupstion noury public intend to
, spply   for   iiermission   In   prospect   for   cost   and
pelf.ili-iini on Ihe following described land:
j     Commencing st a poal planted live milea east of
Section 13, Townahip 7, Grahsm laland, marked
i No. 4 T. R. D, N. W. corner, thonce out 811 chsina, ,
Ihence aoulh 80 chuina, thence weat 00 chains, '
' thence north 80 chsina to jwlnt ot commencement,
conUining 640 acre, more or lesa.
| Dsted Oct. 28. 1910. THOS. R   DAVKY,
| I'ub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
1 Queen Charlotte Islsnds Und Diatrict ���Diatrict of I
Tske notice thst I. Thos.  R.  Dsvey of Queen
Charlotte,   oecupstion   notary   public,   intend   tu
apply   for   permiaaion   to   proapect   for   coal   and
I petroleum on the following described  land
i     Commencing at s poat plsnted four milea north I
and  three mllsas esist of Section   13,  Township 7,
Grshsm lalsnd and marked No. 21. T   R. D, N. E.
| eorner,   thenco  west  HO  ehaina,   thence aouth  80
���hsina,   thence eut  80  chsina,  thence  nurth   80
I eh*lna to point of commencement, contsining 640
1 screa more or less.
Dated Oct. 30, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
I'ub. Nov. 17. Wllaon flowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District ���Diatrict of i
Take notice Ihst I. Thoa. R. Dsvey of Queen '
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to I
apply for permission to prospect for fioal anil ,
petroleum on tho following deacribed land:
Cnmmencing nt a poat planted tour milea north I
and five miles eut of SisMion 13, Townahip 7,
Grahsm Island and marked No. 22. T. R. D, S. W.
comer, thence oast 80 chains, thence north 80
chsina, thence weat HO chains, thence south 80
chnins   to   point   of   commencement,   conUining'
640 screa more or less. 	
Dsted Oct. 30, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Quern Churtnlle Inlands Land District    Dixtricl of
Takr noti��> that I, Thou. K. Davey of Quivn
CharlotU', occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permiwrlon to pmnpect for coal and
petroleum on the following deacribtxl land:
CommencinK at a pout planted four mile�� north
and five mllen eaut of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and marked No. 23, T. K 1)., S. K.
corner, thenre west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east HO chain*, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, containing t>40
acrea more or less.
Hated Oct. 30. 1910. THCS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wihor (iowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District    District of
Take notice that I, Tims. R. Davey of Que*n
Charlotte, occupation notary* public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum ion the followng deticribed land:
Commencing at a post planted four miles north
and three miles east of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and marked No. 24., t. R. D., S. W.
coriier, thence east HO chains, ihence north 80
shains. thence west bO chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acre* more or leas.
Dated Oct. 30, 1810. THOS. R.  DAVKY
Pub. Nov, 17. Wilson Gowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District -District of
Take notice that 1, Thoa. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotfe, occupation notary' puHfc, intend to
apply (or permistilon to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commenclntr at a post planted four mllea north
and three mllea cast of Section 13, Townahip 7,
Graham Hand and Marked No. U, T. R. !>. S K
corner, thence wost K0 chains, thence north HO
rhainv, thence east 80 chains, thence aouth Hf)
chains to point of commencement, containing H40
acrei more or less.
Dated Oct. 30, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands I*and District  -District of
Take nntice that I, Thos. R, Davey of Qur*n
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission In prmpeet for coal and
l>etroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted six miles north
and three miles east of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham laland and marked No. 26. T. R. D . N. K
corner, thenc** went K0 chains, thence aouth 80
chains, thence east 80 chain�� thence north 80
chains to (toint of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 31, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson (iowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Hands Land District  -District of
Take nttice that 1, Thos. R. Davey nf Ou.i-n
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
to apply for permission to prospect for coal and
pctruleum on the following lirscnbod   land:
Ccmmendng at a post plain.-I -n mil.-' north
and three miles east of Section 13. Township 7,
Graham Island and marked Nn 27. T. R. D . N W.
corner, thence east 80 chains, thence south HO
chains, thence west 80 chains, ihence north 80
chains tn point of commcncfmcnt, rontaining M0
acres more or less
Dated Oct. 31, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gn*ving. \i:< ni
Queen Charlotte Hands (Jind District     Di*trir of
Take notie*' that I, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary publir, intend to
apply for permission to pm��pect for coal a.nd
petroleum on the following -l< ���-���rirn-.) land'
Commencing at a post planted six miles north
and five mile* east of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and marknl No. 28. T. R. D., N. E.
corner, thence west 80 chians. Ihence soulh 80
chains, thenee east *0 chain*. Ihence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 31, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District - District of
Take notice that I. Thos R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum o~ the following describe-1 land:
Commencinn at a post planted six mile* north
and five miles east of Section 13, Township 7
Graham Island and marked No. 2W. T. R. D.. N. W.
corner, ihence east 80 chains, thence with 80
chains, thenc.' west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of eommencemenl, containing 640
acres mon- or less.
Dated Oct. II, I��I0. THOS.  R. DAVKY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gowing. Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict -District of Caaaiar
Take notice that Charlns M    Baxter of .Seattle,
Wash., IL S. A., occupation barriateT. Intenda to
apply   for   permission   to   purchase   the   following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted almut 60 chains
wost of a point on the Kinakooch River, about all
miles from lla confluence with lhe Naaa River, said
poat being at the south-weat corner thereof, (hence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains to pmnt of commencement and containing HO acrea, more or laaa
Date Aug. 18, 1910 CHARLKS \t. HAXTKR
Pub. Sept. 7. John Dybhavn  Agant
Skeena I*and District District of Ranks Hand
Ta*f�� notiee that Mabel Corbett "f Seattle,
Wash., oci'upuiinn married woman, intends to
apply for permiaainn lo purchase the following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted ahou( throe
milaa east and one mile aoulh from the mouth
of an Inlet, which point ia ahout ten milea aouth
and two milea west from Knd HUI, Hanks Island,
thence weat 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence eaat 80 chalna, thence north 80 chalna to
Kiint of commencement,
ated Sept. 7, 1910. MAHKL OOBBSTT
Pub. Oct. 11. H  L. Tingley, Agant
Skeana Land District -IMatrict of Caviar
Take notice that John  Fay of   Seattle,  Waah.,
(J. S. A., occupation gaa-flltrr, intenda to apply for
permiaaion   to   purchase   the   fullowing   daacribed
('ommencing at a poat planted about 30 ehaina
weat of a point on the Kinsitooch River, ahout eight
mllea from its confluence with the Naaa River, aaid
post being at the south-west corner thereof, tnence
north 80 chains, thance aaat 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains m point nf commencement and containing 640 acrea, more or leaa.
Data Aug. 19, 1910. JOHN FAY
Pub. Sept   7. John Dybhavn,   Agent
Skeana Land District -Diatrict of Hanka Island
Take  notice that  Frank   Valeah  of  Gracevilln,
Minnesota, occupalion merchant, intanda to applv
for aermiasion to purchaae the following dniCTihod
Commancing at a poat planted about four mllea
aaat of the mouth of an inlet, which point la about
tan milea aouth and two mUea weat from Knd Hill,
Hanks laland, thance eaat 80 chalna. thenca north
80 chalna, thance waat 80 ehaina, thence aouth 80
chains to point of commencement.
Date Aug. 13, 1910. FRANK VALKSII
Pub. Sapt. 16. It. I, Tingley, Agan THE   PRINCE RUPERT   OPTIMIST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.    It
has grown up with the city.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all���25c per inch each issue for display
matter.   This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising arc 10c per line.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside Canada-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Thursday. Nov. 17
The policy of the McBride government in giving away public lands on Graham
Island to land companies and speculators, to thc hindrance ol farm settlement
on the island, is rousing the temper of thc people of the Island, who now realise
how t heir welfare is suffering through this policy. An intending settler, writing
from Masset Inlet to the Vancouver Sunset declares that the conditions on the
Inlet und all over Graham Island are even worse than conditions in thc interior
of the Province.
"Here" he says, "not only have the land companies and speculators got the
bulk of the land, but also on that portion of the island lying east of Masset Inlet
which was reserved by the government from sale or lease. There, as well as elsewhere, the professional coal staker has got in his work so thoroughly that not a
foot of this line country can now be pre-empted, owing to the coal staking covering
the surface rights, as well as the underground rights. How the government is
going to get out of the muddle we know not. The land, being reserved from sale
or lease, prevents the agriculturist from taking possession. But if a coal license
can be granted, and control thc surface rights for a term of years, and then thc
licensee bc able to purchase the land, it looks decidedly as if it would stand airing
in the law courts. Not only can thc land office give no information or encouragement to the settlers, but some of thc understrappers go so far as to tell the applicants
that the pre-emptor is not worth as much to the government as the timber or
coal staker.
"There are about 500,000 acres of arable land on Graham Island, and it is
a safe prediction that the speculator owns two-thirds of if, which will mean lhat
it will cost the actual settlers millions of dollars to obtain this land, instead of the
government doing as the Dominion does, handing it over free and surveyed."
There are many other folk beside the people of Graham Island who realise
that a policy which enriches speculators and hinders thc settler is not a sound one.
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reward by returning same to Optimist. 161 -it
TENDERS for *sc��v��tinir Iota 7 snd 8. block 2S
���nd lots 23 snd 24. block 12. sec. I. will close
Nov. 28th Instesd of Nov. Inch aa adv��rti**d. O.
M. Helcerson, Limited. l&t-ltST
WOMAN -To do cleaning- two days * w**k.  2.V:
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No. IS Fifth Street Telephone 1W blue. P. O.
Box 650. 148-lf
Will Pump Out Lower Level* and Begin Mining as Soon a* Railway I*
Ready to Take Ore Shipments���
Big Thing for Kitselas.
close in.   Bos 194.
Ii  roomed  house.
WANTED   Sun. t.. clean snd press. 11.00 each.
Room 13 Westenhaver Block. 2nd Ave. and
tith Str**L 144-lm
That love grows cold with amazing rapidity in the land of the Midnight
Sun, was the ex|>erience of a California man who went to Alaska recently to get
married. The vicissitudes of the journey from Fairbanks to Dawson, mushing
it over the first snow, coming from a tropical to an Arctic clime, resulted in a considerable loss of weight and the bride to be, with Shylock insistence declined to
have the ceremony performed until he regained the exact avoirdupois he registered
when the engagement was made
"Evil communications corrupt good manners." Now the city council of North
Vancouver is t>eing approached by a shipyard company, with a request for ten
years exemption of taxation.
Dissolution of Partnership
Notice is hereby irlven that th* partnership
heretofore existing between John H. IlorT* and
B*rt A. Squire, both of lh* City of Princ* Rupert
, In the Province of British Columbia, ami carrying
on business in the ssid City of Princ* Rupert under the n*me of J. H. Holts A Company, wa* on
the 16thday of November. A.D.. Win, by mutual
; consent dissolved.
All debt* owlrur by the ssid psrtnarshlp will be
psid by the undersigned. J. H. HofT*. who la con-
' tinulng the business, to whom sil Recount* owin**
to the psrlnership must be oaid.
iisi-l *t Prince Rupert. B.C.. Nov. It, 1��10.
164-166 J. H. HOFFA.
Re Dunedin Block
Say* Prince Rupert Look* Better to | Next  |mperia|  Conference  May  De-
Him Every Day p|ore Hi* Absence
A letter from Q, W. Morrow, who with
his family is visiting a number of the
coast cities en route to California,
states that I'rince Rupert property looks
belter to him every day. Mr. Morrow
"The great progress of the coast
convinces me more than ever that if
thc Grand Trunk will pursue a policy
of development on a large scale, and the
city unite with them in carrying it out
on the broadest and most friendly terms
we cannot anticipate too much for
I'rince Rupert's future. I (urther think
that next spring real estate will be in
good demand as prices are now so high
for inside property in other coast cities
that I'rince Rupert offers more advantages for investment to the average
Mr. Morrow found that it rained
heavier in Portland, Ore., for a whole
day than he had ever experienced in
Prince Rupert. Mrs. Morrow and
family are well and thoroughly enjoying
their holiday.
Leeds, England, Nov. 14.���A prominent Canadian journalist has informed
the Yorkshire Post that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier is disinclined to come to the next
Imperial conference. He is getting on
in years and during the last conference
he was worried by politicians on both
sides with requests to speak. These
made him very uncomfortable.
Again, the political situation in Canada
is developing in a way which calls for
the Premier's continued presence there.
The Munlclpsl Council nf the CorporaUon of thc
City of Prince Ru|>ert. doth order tho owner.
Agent, lessee, or occupier of the "Dunedin Block"
situate on lota twenty-live I2fil ami twenty-six
������.���ia. block Un (10), eection one (1), In the townsite
of Prince Rupert, sccording to a m*p or pl*n of
said townsite numbered 923, tiled In the I and
Registry Office nt Prince Kupert, shall at once
proceed to strengthen the ssid building snd render th* same subsUnUsl snd saf* in arrordMice
with the Buikling By-I*w, or else to pull down
ssid building.
And It is further ordered that In case lh* aaid
owner, agent, leasee or occupier nf ssid buidlng
shall fsll to commence active and effectual operation* to rep��ir and strengthen the said buikling
as required, or to pull the ssme down, that the
Council shsll, after ten days from tho servfe* of
notlc* upon the said owner, agent, lessee or occupier, rsuse the officers of the Corpois-
tion of the City of Prince Rup��rt to pull down the
said building, and shall proceed to ccllect the
costs and *xi>��nises incidental thereto from the
owner nf said property.
Pasaeil by the Municipal Council of th* City of
Prince Rupert, this Tth day nf November, 1910.
F. II   MOBLEY. A. i   Mayor
160-166 ERNEST A.  WOODS. Clerk
It has just been ascertained, says the
Inland Colonist, that the Ptarmigan
group of mineral claims, or "Singlehurst
Mine" as it is locally called, are owned
by George Gould, the New York multimillionaire. The Ptarmigan mine can
bc classed as a proven mine. It is located six miles from Kitselas, up Gold
Creek trail. It was discovered ten
years ago, and considerable work was
done on it by S. Arden Singlehurst,
representing George Gould. The vein
on the surface is about 14 inches wide
and carries value in gold, silver, lead,
and copper, running from $60 to $650
per tori.
A shalt was sunk on the vein to a
depth of 150 feet, and in addition
to considerable cross-cutting and drifting, the vein was prospected to greater
depth by diamond drill. The result of
the work at that lime showed the vein
to widen from S to 14 inches on the
surface, to 14 feet between walls 150
feet depth. All work al that depth was
in ore carrying high values in gold, silver,
copper, and lead, as given above, and
reliable miners who were at that time
employed on the work and are still
residing on the Skeena, agree that there
are at least 50,000 tons of ore blocked
out that will average $60 per ton, and
which can be concentrated down to a
rich product.
That Mr. Gould has the property
crown granted, and continues to pay
taxes on it year by year, goes to confirm
the recent rumor that it is his intention
of pumping out the lower levels and
commence operations on it when the
railway is completed to Kitselas and
declared open for freight traffic next
spring. Kitselas is the only outlet for
the Gold creek mining district, and it is
only necessary for this one proven
mine to commence concentrating and
shipping to give Kiteslas and the Gold
creek district behind her a boom equal
to that which Hazelton is now having.
with plenty of room and good
light, which is a great feature
in helping you select something in the daintest Christmas gifts.
The  Reliable Jeweler
Rupert Marine Iron Works
Supply Company, Limited
P. O. BOX 515    -    PRINCE RUPERT
Stalker & Wells!
Second At*. Nr.r McBrsl
Phone 187   8
Socialist. May Succeed
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 16.���(Special) ���
The ultimate domination of the American Federation of Labor by the Socialists, is now confidently predicted by
Max Hayes. He is one of the leaders
in the convention, in which there are
eighty-five Socialists seated.
Tenders Wanted
For Excavation Work
A Complete Stock of Liquors on Hand
^North^Vi?   Budweiser  Beer
Thr chief of them *ll
Nnnnimn   Roor   Tn* artl loc��l  0T*r
nanaimo Deer      on tn, m���Kri
Kincaid, Scolt & Co'ys. Scotch Whiskey
All the leading brands of Scutch, Irish.
Rye. Gin, Brandy, Wine. Etc., always on
The launch "Knox" with party returned yesterday from thc Portland
In Fancy Boxes
Of All Kind.
C. H ORME, The Pioneer Druggist
Whim0w*mJtm\*mmmt ���-*>��������-������.�� ���-
-..-W..-W.X* -*-����'
Uida will he received at the office of the under-
11*ned until 12 o'clock, noon, Friday. Nov. >. h.
for excavating the following loti I I*oU 7 and H,
block 22, section 1. There ia approximately 3490
yarda of it* k and 800 yarda of earth. AltoloU
2.1 and 24, block 12. aection 1, approximately 1070
yarda nf rock and 480 yarda of earth. The con*
tractora muni furnfah flumping place or pay city
for dumping in atreet. See W. L. Barker, Architect, for particular*. Addren* all tender* to
Ifi0-I6fi O. M. HtX.it-.HSON. Limited
qi'ICK   I'M ivnilH
AT YOUR   -ihvih
PAY    ami    mmi i
Coal, Baggage and Storage
i .i
170 RKIl
l\ O.   BOX
JOHN   e.    DAVEY
PI I'll    Ol'  WM.  I1IX1IN,   I "I..   A.R.A.M., l.nv.. I si.
9S �������>Hd
SS auotij
*D018 NOSrJ3013H
���""HUM 3? HaS&n
winy** ���mm.. 11"i  uu mriv
(|t��o>j  oioti/Aj   VAVf  pUB  Hipoyil
q| D()fr swoqires y asuqj
qi ��oe aoevN
1  o
i ��=
Provision House
Third Ave.     Next Sixth St.
PHONE  190
Friends Asking for Commutation of
Sentence to Life Imprisonment
(Special to the Optimist)
London, Friends of Dr. Crippen, who
is condemned to be hanged on November
23, are industriously circulating petitions
to the home secretary which are being
numerously signed, praying that his
sentence be commuted to one of imprisonment for life.
Arranging the Details for Processions
and Public Spectacles
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A full assortment of Campbell's Soups
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N. Y. Concord Grapes, basket 60c
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Full Assortment of this year's Nuts-
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Also remember our Fresh
"C"   Stamped    EggB    at
70 cents a Doz.
Plumbing,  Heating
and General  Steam  Fitting;
SHUT-Basement of Helitorson Block
plXTII STRKET. Phone No. 92
ikis'na Un,l District-District ol Nans Vulley
lutrntjc* lhat Goorire Wilson, larmer, intends ;
inpli > tin permission to lease the folluwinif de-
���erltnd Isndt:
CiimniTOnnir st * post planted about two milas
M��t Of Nlil Kiver at Aiyansh anil at south east
cimcruf A. K. I'riestly's preemption, thence 40
rh��in.!..���it|,. I".Inline west, 4(1 chains north, 40 i
���SI t<- point <<f <-ummcncemont, conUining IliO
ma mors or less.
Uat��|I Nov. I. mill. GEORGE WILSON
rul��. Nov. |7.
(Special to the Optimist)
London, Nov. 17. -The executive of
the   coronation   committee   is   holding
i meetings  al   St.   James  Palace.    Two
processions are being arranged, one for
coronation day and one for thc day when
| the   newly-crowned   king   and   queen
drive through the streets of the metropolis.
Jap* Taking Vengeance on  Resting
Place of American Sailor*
.Special to the Optimist)
Victoria, Nov. 17.���Investigation is
being made into the desecration of the
graves of five snilors of the American
navy, buried at Nape, Luchu island,
Japan. The sailors were members of
Commodore Perry's expedition, which
first opened the ports of Japan to the
commerce of the world half a century
Skeena Land District -District ol Quran Charlolls
Tske notice thst Msry Wllkerson, nl Victoris
married woman, intends to apply lor permistfiun to
purchsse the lollowinit dnscriiMHi Isnds:
Commencing at a post planted three miles north
snd one mile west from the north-wesl corner ol
T. L. 39,762, thi'iice went H0 chsins, thence north
80 chains, thence esst 89 chains, thencu south HO
chains to point of commencement, contsininir 640
sen* more or less.
Dste July 23. 1910. MARY WILKERSON
Pub. Sept. 1. Arthur Robertson. Agent
Skeens Land Dwtrict -District of Queen Charlotta
Take notico thut Janus*  McAdam  Christie, ol
Prince Rupert, hank manager, Intends to spply (or
iH-rmission   to   purchase   the   following   described
l lands:
I Commencing at a poit planted three milt* north
' anil one milo wost of lhe north-wisit corner of T. L.
| 39,762,   thence  past   HO   chains,   thence south   HO
chsins,  thenco  wi-st   HO chains,  thence north  80
chsins to point of conimi'tia-ment, contsining 640
senw more or lees.
Dste July 23, 1910.
Pub. Sept. 1. Arthur Robertson, Agenl
Skeena Und DUlrict    District ol Caastsr
Tske nolle.- thst  Clayton  Aldridge of Sestlle.
Wash.,   V.  S.   A.,  occupution  broker,  intends to
apply   for   pi-rmissiun  to   purchase   the  fullowing
ilisicrihed lamia:
Commencing at is post planted on the right hank
of the Kinskooch River, about two milos from it*
confluence with the Nsais Kivs-r, said post being
al lhe smith-s-ast corner thereol. thenes* north 80
rhaina. thence west 80 chains, thence south HO
chains, thence east 80 rhains to point ol commenoo-
mont and containing 640 acres more or leaa.
Dat* Aug. 16. 1910. CLAYTON ALDRIDGE
Pub. Sept. T. John Dybhavn Agsnt
Skeens Land District���District ol Qunn Chirtts
Tsk* notice Ihst John Thsw, of  Victoris. engineer, intends to spply for inTniiaaion tu purchsss
the following described Isnds:
Commencing si s post plsnted sbout hsll s mil*
1 esst snd three miles south ol lh* soulh-esil corner
I ol T. I. 37.045, thence 80 chains south. Ihence K0
ehalns west, thence 80 chain* north. Ihvnce SO
! chkinis east lo point ul commencement, containing
! 640 acres more nr less
Dste July 22. 1910 JOHN THAW
Pub. Sept. I. Arthur Robertson. Agenl
Skeena  l.uii.l  Diatrict    District ol Coast  Range 5
Take notice thai Dan MrDougall of Prince Ru-
Skee*VL*nd Diatrict- Diatriet ot Queen Chsrlotto
,i.!i"|i'oVlih?"'by f,vT" .ft&firti' d*y," ���*""   l"'r1' " ��-l "wupsiion csrpenter: Intendsto'sp'pTy
2t.iJi        j   ,.?P1, y   �� th" ,Vh*' Cornrnlisa'oner   [���r u,.rrni��.,j,)��� ,u pUrchMe the following descr bed
ol   Lsnds  snd   Works  lor  s   license  to   prospect   '-   '
lor cosl  snd  petroleum  under  the  following descrilied lands:
^ Commencing at u posl planted ono mile east ol
E. Noble'a coal application Shingle Bay, Moreaby
laland, and markisi "E. Noble'a N.  W. Corner.
Ihence  running s-asi  80 chaini,  thenco aoulh  HO
ehaina,  ihence  weal   HO chains,   thence   north  HO
chuins to point of commencement.
Ixicnted this 17 day nl SeptcmlxT, 1910.
i _ . ELLA NOBLE, Locator
Pub. October 1. O. W. lUfua.-, Agent
('ommencing st s post planted two chains west
ol the south east oornir ol William McPhee's
surveyed purchsse (Black's recent Hurvey about
August 20. 1910) on the eaat side of Ukelse Luke,
thence west 40 chains more or less to P. Ungley'a
purrhuse llllsck's survey August 211. 1910) llienos
south HO chains, thence oust 10 chains, thine*
north 80 chains to point of s'limmencement. con-
��� tsining 320 acres more or Ions.
Pub. Nov. 5. Willium Mcl'lipe, Agent
President   Taft Making  Promises to
Republicans of Panama
(Special to the Optimist)
Panama, Nov. 17.���At a state dinner
i tendered to  President Taft last night
I the distinguished visitor aroused great
' enthusiasm   by   stating   that   Panama
would never be annexed to the United
States���unless the action of the prople
of the Isthmus left no other course.
Canadian Militia Appointments
Ottawa, Nov. 17.���(Special)���Major
General Otter has been formally appointed inspector-general of the Canadian militia forces. Major-General
MacKenzie is assigned to duties as
chief of staff and first daviser of the
militia council.
-.^"���na Un.l  District-District of Cosst
!���*��� rim ice l hut  Donald Clncher, ul Bracken-
'"���J" landing   Prince   Rupert,   B.  C,   occupation
���""��. u.lends to apply for permission to purchaae
'"''Mlimmg immibed Isnda:
"""in nnng ul s posl plsnted sbout five miles
���    -.mil,     easterly  direction   Irom   Hreckon-
!"����� Umling.   and  si  the  southwest corner  ol
"" i'��,,. ihs-ncs- south 80 chsins, thencs' east HO
���','," ""  north 60 chsina more or less lo the
���"USUI corner ol Lot 3062, thence west 40 chains
;���,,"' mm. slong the lot line 3062 thenco north
""���ins, morn or less, slong lot line 3062 to
"��� "mill  essl  corner ol  Lot  3066,  thence west
Now   Fortifying   Hong   Kong
London,    Nov.    17.���(Special)���Announcement   is  made  that  early  next
year eleven  British flotilla submarines
1 are to be sent to Hong Kong foe a permanent station  there,  and  that  later
! other flotillas will be sent to Gibarltar
and other naval bases.
American Jackie* in London
London, Nov. 17. -(Special)���The sailors of the American battleship Mississippi
are being feted ashore today.
Skesns Und D .irict��� District ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice th��t (raorge Dyer lUmssy, ol
Victoria, machinist, intenda to apply for permiasion
to porch*** th* following deacribed lsnds:
Commsncing *t * post planted about half a mile
west and three milss south of the south-esst corner
ol T. L. 37.045, thence SO chsins soulh, thenc* 80
rhains vrost, thence SO chains north, th*nc* SO
.���hsins esst to point nl commenccmant, containing
610 acres more or less.
DsU July 22, 1019.    GEORGE DYER RAMSEY
Pub. Soot. 1. Arthur Robertson. Agant
Skeens Und District - District ol llsnks Island
T*k* notics thst Msuric* I. Gibson, ol Bsrry,
Minn., occupation farmer. Intend* to apply for
permiaaion lo purchaae Ihs following described
Commandng at a post plsnted about six milss,
a**t *r.d on* mil* north from the mouth of an
inlet, which point Is about ten mile* *oulh *nd tsro
miloa west Irom End Hill, Banks Islsnd, thenca
wsst SO chsins, thenes south HO chsins, Ihence east
SO chain*, thsnos north SO chains to point ol
cnmmsMi renown.
Dsted Sept. 7, 1910. MAURICE L. GIBSON
Pub. Oct. 11. B. L. Tingley, Agsu
Skeens Und Diatrict -District of Qu*rn Chsrlolt*
T*ke nolle* thai Elisabeth Mary Glbba, ol
Vancouver, married woman, InUnda to spply for
tsermlssion to purchase tbe following deemlm!
Commendng si s post plsnted sbout hsll s
mils esst snd four miles south of tb* south-east
eorner of T. L 37,01.1. th*nce 80 chuns souUi,
tn*no* HO chains ��.-i. thsnos SO chsins north.
Ihence 80 chsins esst to poinl ol commencement,
contsining 640 scrss mora or le**.
I Isle July 22. 1910.
Pub. Sept. 1. Arthur RobarUon. Agenl
Sk*en* Und Diatrict -District of Qu**n ChsrlotU
Take notic* that William Burn*, ol Victoria.
r i'ioms official, intanda to apply lor parmission
to purehas* the following daacribed Unds:
Commencing at a post planted about half a
mila wast snd lour mil*, soulh ot th* aouth-e*ot
eornsr of T. L. S7.04&. thenc* HO ehslns south,
, thsnes 80 chains weal, thanes SO ehalns north,
lb*nc* SO chains esst to point of eommsnosment.
conUining 640 scras mora nr lata.
Dsle July 22, 1910. WILLIAM BURNS
Puh. Sept. I Arthur Itatsaruon. 4g*nt
Skeen* Und District���District ol Ques>n ChsrlotU
Nntice ia hen-hy given lhat thirty days alter
date I intend to apply to lhe Chief Commissioner
ol Unds and Works lor u license to prospect (or
coal apd petroleum on lhe (ollowing described
Communcinh al a |sist pUntisi on th* fsrsnhora
of Shingle I'll.. Morisdiy lalund, about one mile
aouth of Sand Spit, and in..:. . i "EIU Noble'a
S. W. Corner.'" thence running east 80 chains,
Ihence north Hll chsins, thence west HO chuins,
thence south 80 chains to point of commencement.
l.ii-.it.-i Ibis 17 ilav ol September, 1910.
ELLA  NOBLE.  Locator
Pub. (MOM 1. O. W. Reluse, Agenl
Skeens Und Dulricl -District ol Queen Cuhorltle
Notico is hereby given that thirty days slts-r
dale I intend to apply' to the Chiet Commissioner
ol Unda and Works (or a license to prospect lor
coal and |s-troleum on the following described
Commencing at a [ant plantssl on the foreshore
ol Shingle Bsy. Moresby Islsnd. slmut one mile
south of S��nd Spit snd msrked "Ell* Noble'a
N. W. Corner." thence s*u.l 80 chains, ihence
south SO cl ..n.-. thence west SO chsins, thencs*
north 80 ch*ins to point of commencement.
Ixx-ated ibis 17 day ol September, 1910.
ElXA NOBLE, Ixicslor
Pub. October I. O. W. lUfuse. Agent
> Skesns Und DUlrict ���Dlalrict ol Queen CharlotU
NoUce la hereby giv*n thsl thirty dsys after
I date 1 intend lo apply lo lhe Chlsl Commissioner
I of Unds snd Works lor s license to prospect lor
coal   and   lietroleum   on   the   lollowing   dt-acribod
Commendng at a post plsnled two miles south
of Mis Noble's eosl applicaUon No. \ Shingk,
Bsy, Moresby lalsnd. snd marked "Kits Noblo's
i N. W. Corner,' thenoe esst SO chsins. thence south
SO chsins, thence west SO chains. Ihence north 80
chsina to point of commencement.
I.Tuted thia 17 dsy ol Setitemlier, 1910.
Ski-enn Und District District ol Const Range 5
Take notice thut Charles M. Wilson of I'rnco
Rupert, B. C, occupalion real estate ugent, intenda
to npply for permission to purchase the following
descrUKsl lsnds:
Commencing at u post pluntod at the northeast
corner ol Johnson's surveyed lot No. 681, thence
west 30 chsins more or less to 10 chains east of
Pete Deltoor's surveyed pre-emption llll&ck'a
n-cs-nl survey August 25, 1910) on the enst side
ol Ukelse Uke. thence north So ci.nins to the
soulh litis- of William Gniney's lot surveyed August
20, 1910, Ihsinre oust 30 chsins, thencs- south 80
chains to point of comms-ncemenl. containing 240
acrs-s more or lists.
Pub. Nov. 5.
Skeen* Und District -District of Const Range 5
Take notiee thai Harry la-vi-r ol Prince Rupert,
B.C., occupation plasterer, intends to apply lor
tH-rmission to purchase the following descrilied
Commencing at a post plained 10 chnins west
of lbs- northeast corner ol John Furlong's surveyed
pre-s-inptinn illluck's recent survey August 2'J, 19101
on the e*st side ol Ukelse Uke. Ihence wesl 30
chsins more or Is-*,, thence north III chsins, thenoe
east 30 chains, thencs- wiuth 40 chains to poinl ol
commencement, conUining 120 acres more sir less.
Puh. Nov. R. Chas. M. Wilson. Agent
Skenn* Und Distrirt    District ot Queen Chsrlott
Tske notice thst Cslherine Itowmnn of Vsncouver. II. C. oecupstion spinster, intends to spply
lor tHrmission to purchsse the fullowing descrilied
Commencing st s post planted on the shore near
the mouth of .luskstsls Bay, st sIkiui the northwest corner of Timlier License No. :l089fi, thencs
east HO ehaina, thence north 20 chsins more or less
lo the shore, thence westerly lollowing the shore
hsck to the plsce ot commencement, conUining
160 seres more or lesa.
Dsted Oct. 7. 1910.        CATHERINE BOWMAN
Pub. Nov. t. A. E. Jessup. Agent
Pub. October I.
LA NOBLE. Locator
O. W. lUIuse, Agenl
Skeen* Und District  -District ol Queen ChsrlotU
Islsnds i
Tske notice thsl Gonion J. Jessup of Vancouver,
B. C, oecupstion clerk, intends to spply for permission to purchase the following described Isnda
Commencing st a post plsnted on the shore ol
Msaaet Inlet sbout 20 chsins north of the north*
essl corner of Timlier License No 30895 snd being
sbout one mile east of the entrance to Ju.katala
Bay, thence south 80 chains, ihence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chsins more or leas to the shore of
Mssset Inlet, thencs- westerly following the shore
Commendng at * post pUnled two mils* south hsck to the plsce ol commencement, contsining 640
of  Ells  Nobles coal  application  No.   8 shingle   acre* mora or less
Dated Oct. 7, 1910. GORDON J. JESSUP
Pub. Nov. 5. A. E. Jessup. Agent
Skeena Und District -District ol Queen Chsrlotte
Notice is hereby given thst thirty dsy* altar
<)..'. I Intend to sppfy to the Chiel Commissioner
of Unds and Worka (or a license to prospect for
coal and petroleum on the following described
Bay. Moresby Island, and marked "Ella Noble'a
S. VY. Corner." thsnee running aast HO chsins,
thenn* nonh SO chsins. tbence weat SO chsins.
thence s'��uth 80 chsins lo point of comnu-ncs-nient.
lairatcd this 17 shy nf Sefstemher. 1910.
ELLA NOBLE. I.oe*tor
Pub. October 1. O. W. Ratuse Agent
Queen    Chsrlotte    lalsnda    District���District   of
Tske notice that I, Wilson Gowing of Vancouver,
oecupstion pntepector, Inunsl to apply for permission to pros|iecl lor coal and petroleum on 640
acrea of Una:
Commendng at a post pUnted on*-fourth mile
wost side id lions Kiver, covering Section 22
Townahip 4, tnenc* 80 rhsin.. wast. Ihence 80
cl sin. south, thenc* SO chains out, thence HO
chsina to point ol commencement ConUining 640
scras, more nr lo*..
listed Oct. 11, 1910. WILSON GOWING
Pub. Oct. IS.
Skeen* Und Diatrict    District nl Queen Chsrlott*
Tske notice thst C. W. SunclifTe of Vsncouver,
B. C , oecupstion consulting engineer, intends to
���pply   for  iM-rmlasion   to   purchase   the  (olluwing
descrilied lands-
Commencing al a I--.I planted at the southeast
corner  ol  Timlier  License  Mo.  30S95  ahout on*
mile south and one mile east ol the entrance to
Juskstsls Bsy. thencs- north 20 chsins. thenco esst
80 chsins, Ihence south 20 chains, thence west HO
chains to ths- plsce of enmmencs-ment. contsining
160 scn-s.
Dsted Oet. 7, 1910. C. W. STANCLIFKE
Pub. Nov. 6. A. V.. Jessup, Agent
<? chain.
mm        "'mmencement, "conUlning   560 acres
jia'.-lllri  ^o. 1910.
more or lens, slong lot line 3065 to the
'-I.. No
1-!P* u"cl l-sstrlet��� District ol Bsnks Island
asBb "'"""" lh,t }*mm c"-��n of Gr*c*vllle, Mln-
JJJ occupation Urmor, Intends to apply for
and,   '"'   ,u   !"-r-hsae   the   foUowing   described
nonh"'.'!",'",''""' ���"- " Po* PUnted sbout two miles
��hiri,T mr m"��" eMt ol -n" mouth of sn inlet,
nS , ,""l." !" ,*,Dout ��n mill* aouth and two mUes
chain, ,in'' "'"��� n��nk" '"Und, thence esst 80
He? ,,'"""' "��uth  ��0 chalna,  thenc*  weat  80
-ssMsnnt      n"rth 80 chllln" ** palnt " com'
SS?** 13, 1910.
-lit. It,
B. L. Tingley, Agent
I  i '    '"'I District.-District of Coast. Rnnno 6
lie  ,���.,! ''""" ������ "i-nlcl Nicholson of Kltselns,
-ni'ii'v.,.''.'"" ''"""'iictor, intends to apply  for
,���lU, "onto parens** th0 followlm, diurlbad
������< UkaS'lI? '" '.''""" b'nnted on thc enst side
��i ,,������;.,,'!.' ���'������?'��"it one mile north of lot 6H4
-i,,,,,",1,- 'Hi. N s.S. W. corner, thence east   III
ehslnib I '",""rIh 'I11 chnins,  ihence west 411
Ihosl    r i' ,'', l'",kl'- thtnoa southerly iilimif
""���nt (���.,.,���"',,",*'' Ll,k'' l" l��>int of coliimence-
'���"��i|iris,,i a i"!' "���" "cri'�� more or less, nnd Mnf
���'" m lot iiuml^r 3981. (iinirnr.ettcd).
Twenty-four hours ending 5   a. m.,
November 17.
46.0 42.0 29.811       .66
G. T. P. INN
llAlllinu u.ONi;
Skeena Und Distrirt��� Dulnet ol Queen ChsrlotU
Take noUc* that Gaorg* II. Robertson, of Victoria, gi-ntb-man, InUnds In spply fin- permission
lo purehas* the following descrilssd Unds:
Commsneing *t * post pUnted three milss north
and ons mils w*st ol In* north-west eornsr ol
T. . 89,762, thence essl 80 chain*, Ihenc* nonh
HO ehslns thsnos wsst HO ehslns, thenee south SO
ch In* to point ot commencement, containing 840
"laiT Ju��J*23' 1910.   GEORGE II. ROBERTSON '
! Pub Sept. I. Arthur Robertson. Ag*nt
Sksen* Und District���District ol Bsnks Islsnd
T��k* nolle* lh*t M. S. Suv*ns, ol OrseevUls'
Minneaols, occupation lawyer, lnl*nda U SDply
lor permission to purchsse th* following descrilied
lsnds: ^. |
Commendng at s post plsnted two miles north
snd two milas ***t of th* mouth of an Inlet, which
point m about Ua snllsa aouth and two miles west
of End HIU, Bank* Island, thenc* avert 80 chsins
. thsne* north 80 chains, Ihence east 80 chains,
, thence south 80 ehslna to point nl eonsBs*lymcnt
Date Aug. 12, 1910. M. S. hTBVENS ,
Pub Sept. 15. B. I. Tingli*. Agenl
Skeenu Und District���District of Bsnks lalsnd
Mrs. C. B. North
Tmke notice thit Timothy SuIIIvki. o! (;r����vUle,
MinnmoU, occupation farmer. inU-n-l-. to ipply
for rwrml��ion to purchMP the followinn <i��eril��pd
('ommencing at ��� poet plant**) two mil��� north
and two miln eaat of the mouth of an inlet, which
point in ahout ten mllea eouth and two milea wnrt
M Knd Hill, Hanka Inland, thenco eaat 80 chains,
thenca north 80 chalna, thence wtwt BO chain*.
thence south HO chains to point of commencement.
Date Aur. 12, 1910. TIMOTHY SULLIVAN
Pub. Sept. 16. U. L. Tingley, Agent
Quern Charlotte lUandn Land Diatrict ���Diatrict o
Take notice that 1, Wilaon <��uw1ng of Vanvoucar,
occupation prospector, inland to apply for pcr-
miwion to proapect for cnal and petroleum on
640 acraiof I a Mi
Commencing at a poat planted one and one-
fourth miles from Slate Chuck creek north, ad*
joining A. ttowng'a Coal License Nn. 00, covering
S"rti"[, 2V, Township 4, thenc* HO chains eaat,
thence HO chains north, thenoe HO chains wort,
Ihence HO chains to point of commencement,
containing 460 screa more or lean
Ihiterf Oct. II. 1910. WILSON GOWING
Puh Oct. 18.
(.^iven Charlotta lalanda Und Diatrict  -District of
Take notice that I, Wilson (lowing of Vancouver
occupation prospector, Intend to apply for per*
mission to prosiioct for coal and petroluem on
6to acres of land:
Commencing at a poat planted one and one-
fourth mile form Slate Chuck creek north, adjnininf
A. Gowing's Cosl lieanae No. 00, covering Section
30, Township 4, thence HO chains went, thence HO
chains north, thenoe HO chains aaat. thence HO
chains to point of commencement, containine 640
amp more or leaa.
Dated Oct. II, 1910. WILSON GOWINO
Pub. Oct. 1H
Queen Charlotte lalands I*and District -District of
Take notice that I, Wilaon Gowing of Vancouver,
occupation pr-srpector, intend to apply for per-
mission to proapsct for coal and petroleum on 640
acrea ot land:
Commencing at a poat planted a quarter of ���
mile from Slate Chuck creek, weat, adjoinng A
Gowing's Coal license No. 00, covering Section 19,
Township 4. thence HO chains north, thenee HO
chains west, thence HO chains aouth, thence HO
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more or leas. _   -    ���
Dated Oct. II, 1910. WILSON GOWING
Pub. Oct. 1H.
Qutawi Charlotte lalands Und DistricO��� Diatrld of
Take notice that I. Wison Gowing of Vancouver,
occupaton prosjieclor, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on 640
acrea M land:
Commencing at a pmt planted .. quarter ot a
mile from Slate Chuck creek, wost and adjoining
A. Gowing's Coil IJcenae No 00. covering Section
1H, Township 4, thenee HO chains south, Ihence HO
chalna eaat, thence HO chains north, ihence HO
chains lo point of commencement, containing 610
acrea mnre or less. ___   ���_. ������������������
Dated Oct. 11. 1910. WILSON GOWINO
Oct. 18. Pub.
Caasiar Und Dintrirt District of Cassiar
Take notice that Henry Hunter Morton of Prinoa
Rupert, M. ('., occupation clerk. Intends to apply
for iiermisaion to purchase the followini; dMHBH
Commencing at a post planted one mile 'i a
northerly direction from the north end of Hulkley
Uke anil 10 chains waat of Hulkley Creek, thenca
aoulh HO chains, thence west HO chains, thenca
north HO chains, thence east HO chains to point
of commencement, and conUining 610 acres, mora
Date Oct. H. 1910.   HKNRY HUNTER MORTON
Pub. Oct. 26. Wilfrid C. Macdonald. Agent
Skeana Und District -District of Queen  CharlotU
Notioe ia hereby given that thirty days after
date I inUnd to apply to the Chief Commissioners
of Unda and Worka for a license to prospect for
eoal and petroleum undcT the forshoro under tha
wmun and under the land of the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the foreshore
at Miaslon Point on the north end of Mureaby
Island and marked "W. C. Slade. S. W. Corner/'
thence running HO chains north, thence HO chains
east, thenca HO chalna south, thence following the
sinuosities of the shore to point of commencement.
Licat.il this 16 day of .September. 1910.
W*. C. SLADK, Locator
Pub. October 1. O. W. Rafuae, Agent
Skeena Und District   -District of Queen Charlotte
Notiee is hereby given  that  thirty  daya after
1 date I InUnd to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Unda and Works for a license to pro��pect for
' coal and petroleum under the foreshore under the
' land and  under the waters of  the following de-
I scribed lands:
i     Commencing at a post planted on the foreshore
of the north coaat of Moresby Island about two
I miles east of Mission Point and marked "W. C.
1 Slade,  S.   W.  Corner."  thence  running   north  HO
chalna,   thence  east   HO  chsins,   thence   south   HO
ehaina,   thence   following   the   sinousitiea   of   tha
shore to point of commencement.
1     Dated this 16 day of September, 1910.
W. C. SLADE, Locator
I��ub. October I. O. W. Rafuae. Agent
j Skeana Und District District of Queen CharlotU
Notice la hereby given that thirty days aflsr
: dale I intend to apply to the Chief Comniiaifonnr
of Unds and Works fur a license to prospect for
] coal anil petroleum under the foreahore under the
, landa ana under the waters of the following do-
1 scribed lands:
Commencing at a post planUd on the foreahore
' of the north coast of Moreaby Island about two
milea east uf Mission Point and marked "W. C.
Slade, S. E. Corner," thence running HO chains
north, thence HO chains weat, thonce HO chalna
'south, thenc*- following the sinuosities nf the
. shore HO chains east to point of commencement.
I located this 16 day ol September. 11*10.
Pub. October
O. W. lUfuse, Agent
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 186
Call 'Phone 18
Orders Promptly
Attended   to.
Mice: 6II1 Ave. and Fulton Si.
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Lid.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
Special Attention Paid lo Moving
Phone No. 1
3-roomed House
8-roomed House
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
Second A*e.,
English and American Billiards
Eight Tables Centre Street
Book-keeping,   Accounting  and Auditing
Books Balanced and Statements Made Up
8ke#r.�� Und District -District ������. Coast Raw 6
Tak* n.uicf that (.vont* Owrn Johnston of
Molhournr. Aua., oecupstion nalntar, intend* to
apply tor prrmtwon to purchaa* tho following
rtwtrril-^l landa:
Commencing  at  a  poat   planted  one  mile up
Eitrewi   Rivet on eaat l>ank, thenre eaat 40 chain*
thence  north  HO chalna,  thence Weat  GO chalna,   *.*���>��Tnr ninrv
more nr kas to the hank of   Eitrewa River, thance j 1 HcA I Kt BLUtK
along hank of    EiUvtva  River aouth to point of
���onimencernont, containing 340 acrra more or laaa, 	
ic AH,oh-u-A��m,|W. J. McCutcheon
Regret* That Alaska Men Miss Great
Opportunities for Investment in
Prince Rupert Through Vessels
Not Calling Here.
Alter four months' absence from Prince
Rupert, H. O. Butler of the firm of Law
& Butler of this city has returned from
the north via Seattle and Vancouver.
Mr. Butler has been practically all
summer in the neighborhood of the cities
of Dawson, Fairbanks and Nome in which
cities he has mercantile interests. His
visit was for the purpose of attending
to these and to investigate the country,
especially in the interior where he had
not previously been. The result of
Mr. Butler's investigations is an enthusiastic report regarding the land of
"The gold production there this
season," he said, "has been very heavy
Those people who pessimistically say
that Alaska is on the wane are far out.
True, fewer fnen pour into the country
now for gold mining but on the other
hand the dredger mining of gold is
increasing rapidly, and every dredge
does the work that many men did
"At Dawson there is being assembled
a large dredge the largest I ever saw.
It has fifteen foot buckets, and will be
responsible for a tremendous amount
of work. They are quite excited about
dredge work all over there now, and
many new dredges are likely to be
installed next year.
"Thc new Squirrel river district is
very promising. The geological expert
who investigated it recently reports that
the formation there is exactly the same
as that in the neighborhood of Nome,
Dawson   and   Fairbanks.     Some   five
 : strikes have been made there by placer
mining   I   understand.     The   bedrock
P. O. BOX 172  js exactly similar to that at  Dawson,
���a******************     Nome, and Fairbanks, and I think the
Squirrel river district bids fair to be a
very productive country in gold.
"I have been anxious to interest those
who have made money in Alaska, in
the advantages for sound and remunerative investment in Prince Rupert.
Too many of them I feel are making
rather a mistake by passing over Prince
Rupert without so much as a look in, and
Cor. 2nd A��., 6th Si' planting their gains in Seattle. The
fact that the steamers run away outside
our famous harbor when carrying
passengers from Nome to Seattle is of
course one reason why Seattle reaps the
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Rksen* Unit iM.tnct     lustnri ol ("oast  Heine '���    ,, .        _ ,    .     ���.       ,       ��_ , ., ,    , n,^_
Tak* nolic* lhat Krtw��i.n* M. Urable. m��irisd | CameS Complete StOCK Of DrUgS.    benefit.      I    know   that   if   once   those
���"���" ^.l^lTJfe.lvSi^B^rT^lSP6^ attention paid   to  filling who  have done well  in  Alaska  gave
I lh* following dnsrrilved lands'
Commencing st s post nl*nted on th* south side
el th* O. T. P. -niinil ��i) 7:1 1-2 mils* Irom
Print* Rupert on t >��� nonh side ol th* Skeins
Hi***, thenee soulh 20 chsins mor* or l��aa to th*
bank "I th* Sheens River. Ihence so chstns mor* or
Iss* *lnns: Ihe hank of th* Skeens River tn a north,
westerly direction to th* 0. T IV right <>f way,
thenc* SO chalna mor* or 1st* tn sn easterly dl-
rwisnr along th* G. T. P. rtf ht<of.way to th* potnt
of eommencemenl *nd containing 120 *ere*. mor*
Tbeatre Bltxk   phone n<>. n   Second Ave.
Prince Rupert a look in, we should very
soon have a lot of Alaska made caopital
interested in I'rince Rupert investments.
 1 They only require to see the city to
om> n..u�� with H..t .nd Cold wawr m *v*r, mom realize  it*  splendid   prospects  for  the
B��*t furnishedHotel In City     _ _ | investor."
[rated Sept  12. 1��I0
Puh Oct IT.
A. II   Johnston. Agsnt ;
Corner Fifth and Fraser St.
A. J. I'rudhomme. Prop.
American anil European plan. ���Dining Room Ser-
���Ice unsurpassed.��� Reat Rranda of I ������,-
uora and Cigars.
Skeona I-and Diatrict    Diatrict of Coaat  Rang* ft
Take notice that Brant O. Qrabt* of San Fran-
ctcoa, t*. S. A., occupation Lccountant, intanda lo
apply for permMon to purchaa* tba following
aVwriberi land*:
Commencing at a poat plants**, nn the aouth aid*
of the <;. T. !\ right-of-way mile 73 1-2 from Prince
Rupert on the north aide nf the ftkw-rt* River, thenc*
soulh 20 chalna mote or fan to thc bank of the Skee-
M Rjverthence an chalna more nr leaa along th*
bank of the Skeena River in a northeasterly dt-
wimn to the G. T. P. right-of-way, tbenca 60
ehaina mor** nr lew along the O T. P righf-of-way
in a **-*at*rl> direction to the point of commenca-
metit and containing 120 acrea, more or leas. ; -*.,��� ���... ,���    *^.n ���-***���. awa �����*��*.������������.��.
E5*V���    ""^t ".ORAM..E STOVE PIPES      ELBOWS
Puh. Ort. IT. A. II. Johnston, Agent '
Bk**na Und District���I>lstrlct of Tout R*ng* t|
T*k*   nolic*   that   Arthur   Henry   Johnston   of i
P��1nr* Rupprt, occupation builder, Intend* to spply i
lot psTinisaion to purchase the followng described
Commencing at s post plsnted 20 chsins esst ol
T4 mile post in the O. T. P. rlghl-ol-w*y on north
���Me of s*me *nd Skeens River, thence SO chsins j
north, thenre SO chsins west,   thenre    SO chsins
snuth to (). T. P. right-of-way, thence 80 ch*lns I
seat slong G. T. P. right-ot-wsy to point of com-,
mencement end containing 140 acres more or Isss.   (
I>sled Sept. 12, 1910. 	
Pub. Oft. IT.
Stove    Pipes   put   up,
Cleaned and Repaired.
Furnaces   put  in  and   Repaired
Don't  throw  away   the  old stove until you have seen us.    We repair
and make as good as new.
Only First Class Tin Shop in City
Prince rupert sheet metal workS
Phono 108 2nd Aye.
Steel   I*  Now  Laid  a*  Far as  Bitter
The news that steel is laid on the grade
: of the Portland Canal Short Line out of
Stewart as far as Bitter Creek is attracting special attention owing to the
reports of more rich discoveries in the
Bear River country.
The fact that Mr. D.D. Mann who is
! building the line purchased over 4,000
acres of mineral lands along thc Bear
| River was looked upon as evidence of
| his confidence in the country.   It would
appear as if the line is being put into
working order at the right moment.
Over five hundred mineral claims
have now been staked in the vicinity of
thc Bear River Valley and some of
the larger mines are ready to
creeks, and thc big mines are waiting to
ship ore as soon as the ballasting of thc
rond is complete.
Skeona Land DUtrict���Diatrict of Queen Charlotte
Tske notice thst JoHn W. Morris, of Victoria,
gentleman, intends to apply lor permission to
purchase the foUowing described lands:
Commencing at s post planted sbout half a mil*
eut snd on* mil* south of the south-esst corner
of T. L. 37,046, thence 80 chains aouth, thane* 80
chsins west, thence 80 chains north, thonce 80
chsins esst to point of commencement, containing
640 seres more or lea*.
DsU July 22, 1910. JOHN W. MORRIS
Pub. Sept. 1. Arthur Robertson, Agent
Skeen* Und District���District of Queen CharlotU
Take notlc* that Jwnnl* Lothian, of Vancouver, ���
spinster, intends to spply for inrmission to purchsse
tne following deacribed lsnds:
Commencing st * poat plantad about half * mil* j
waat and one mile south ol the south-east corner
ol T. L. 37,046, thenca 80 chains south, thenc* 80
ch*lna weat, thenc* 80 chain* north, thence 80
chains east to point ol commencement, conUining
640 *cre* more or less. ���
Dste July 22, 1910. JKANNIK LOTHIAN I
Pub. Sept 1. Arthur Robertaon, Agent
Skeens Lsnd District���District ol Queen C harlot I*
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Westenhaver Block, cnr. Second Ave
and SlXth ��t. P.10NK GBEtt ��
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
of British Columbls
and Manitoba Bars.
C. V. BENNETT, 11 *.
Kstchewsn tnd AL
Tske notice that Minnie, Menzi*, ol Vancouver, '
spinster, inUnds to apply lor permiasion U purchsss
th* following described lsnd*:
Commencing *t * post plsnted sbout half a mil*
east and three mllea aouth of th* south-east corner
of T. I.. 37,046, thenc* north 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, thenc* south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement, conUining 640 ,
sere*, more or lesa.
Dste July 22, 1910. MINNIE MENZIE
Sept 1. Arthur Robertson. Agent '
Skeens Lsnd District���District of Queen ChsrlotU i
Tske  nntice  thst George   Mclntyre  Glbba,  of ;
Vancouver, financial agent,  InUnda to apply for
permission   to   purchsse   the   following  descrilied
Commencing at a post  planted about half *
mile east and three miles south of th* south-esst
corner of T.  1.   37,046, thance 80 chalna north !
thance 80 ehaina weat  thenc.  80 chsins south i
thenee 80 ehaina oast to point of commencement
conUining 640 acres more or less.
DsU July 22. 1910.      GEO. McINTYRE GIBBS
Pub. Sent 1. Arthur Robertaon. Agant
Skean* Land District���Diatrict of Queen CharlotU
Take  notice that  William   Edward  Fisher, of
Princ*   Rupert,   solicitor,   inUnds   to   spply   for
permission   to   purchsse   the  following  deacribed
Commencing st a poat planted about half a mil*
west and three milea south of the south-east comer
of T. L. 37,046, thsnos 80 chains north, thenc* 80
chsins west thenc 80 chains south, thence 80
chsins eaat to point of commencement, containing
640 acres more or less.
DsU July 22. 1910.       Wm. EDWARD FISHER
Pub. Sepl. 1. Arthur Robertnn. Agenl
Skeens Lsnd District���District of Queen ChsrlotU
Take notice thst Robert Ssngster, of Victoria,
bookkeeper, inUnds to apply for permission lo
purchsse the following described lands:
Commencing at a post plsnted sbout hall a mil*
*st snd three mile* south ol the southeast corner
of T. I.. 37,046, thenc 80 chains south, thenc 80
chsins east thenc* 80 chain* north, thenc* 80
chsina weat to point of commencement, containing
610 acres more or leas.
DsU July 22, 1910. ROBERT SANGSTER
Pub. Sept 1. Arthur Robertson. Agent
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exchange block, corner Third sreiwial
Sixth street Princ* Ruoert        |
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S.,
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully trested. Guial
local anesthetics *dmlni,terrd for Ihe i tit mux.
traction ot teeth. Consultation free. "���' as n
and 20 Alder Block. Princ Kupert Ml
.Civil and Mining Engineers and Survrrcrt
Report*,   Plans,  Specincstlon,.  eitimlt*;
Wharf Construction. Etc
Office:   2nd Ave., nr��r First Sim
Prince Rupert Lodge. IMF
Meets in the Ilrlfrrrson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the onlrr in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
G.  W.  ARSOTT. See.
Skeena  Land   District -
Take nolle*   Ihst   D.
- District  of  Bsnk* lalsnd
E. Walker of Graceville,
1 No. 4.
Pioneer Cleaners���Phone
Minn.* oecupstion farmer. Intend* to apply (or ]
pennisaion to purchaae the following deacribed i
Commencing at a post planted about five mils*
sast from ths mouth of an inlet, which point in
about ten miles aouth snd two mile* w<at from
End Hill. Banks Island, thence weat 80 chalna,
thenee south 80 chsins, thence eait 80 chsins,
thonce north 80 chsins to point of com mm cement.
Dated Sept. 7, 1910. I). E. WALKER
Pub. Oet 11. It. U Tingley, Af*n
Caasiar Land District   -District of Caasiar.
Take notice that Thomas Y. McClymont or
I'rince Kupert, B. C, occupation Broker, intends
to spply for permbsion to purchsse the following
described lsnd:
Commencing st s post plsnted one mile in east- ]
erly direction from Hylsndi Ranch snd about 20
chums south Tali am  Kiver thence north 80 chsins j
thence west  80 chains, thenee aouth 80 chalna,'
thence   east   80   chains   to   point   of   commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or leas.
Dated Sept. 29, 1910    THOS. M. McCLYMONT
Pub. Oct 26. Wilfrid C. McDonald. Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast
Take notice that Joseph   H    Houston of Van*
couver.  B. C, occupation  prospector, intenda to !
spply   for   pcrmi��ion   to   purchaae  the  foUowing
descril>ed lands:
Commencing at a post planted 200 yarda north
fmrn the mouth of Bear Kiver adjoining tbe
aouthern boundary of the Indian Reserve, thencs
esst 40 chains, thence south 80 chains, thenoe
west 40 chsina, thence north 80 chains.
Dated Oct. 12. 1910. JOSEPH II HOUSTON
Pub. Oct. 26. David B. Michlner, Agsnt
Skeens Lsnd District���District of Bsnks lalsnd
Take notice lhat Patrick M. Maher of   SeatUe
Wash., occupation  real  estate dealer, intends   to .
apply  for  permisrion  to    purchase  the    following
described lands:
Commencing at a post plsnted two miles north I
and two miles east of the mouth of an inlet which
point la about ten miles aouth and two miles wast
of End HUI, Bsnks Islsnd, thencs east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chsins, |
thence north 80 chsins to point of eommencemsnt.
New Knox Hold
The New Knox Hotel is run on*
European plan    First-claw service Al
i the latest modern improvements.
THE BAR keeps only the best bm*
I of liquors and cigars.
THE CAKE ii open from UK*
' to 8 p. m. Excellent cuisine: fifiKM"
1 service.
I First Avenue. Prince IW
G. T. P. Transfer Af��nl��
Order* prompUr filled.   Price, re*****
DsU Auk. 12. 1910.
Pub. Sept. 15.
H  U Tinjley  Afmt |
Skeens Land District���District of Hank, Islsnd
Take notls* that P. I.. OThelsn ol Granville,
Minnesota, oecupstion merchant. Intends lo spply
lor permission to purches* the lollowing described
Coinmoncinf at a poat plantad about four milaa
*ast ol th* mouth of an inlet, which point is sbout
.sn mil** south snd two mil,* west from End Mill.
'Isnks Island, thane* weat 80 chalna, thence north
HO chains, thenc* east 80 chains, thsne* smith 80
chsins to point ol commencement.
lisle Aut. 13, 1910. P. I.. O'PHELAN
Pub. Sept. 15. B. L. Tingley, Agent
Skssns Land District���District of Bsnks Island
Tak* notice thst  I'eier Keg an of Barry, Minnesota, occupation farmer,  intends to spply for
permission   to   purehas*   th*   following   tSBKrihed
Commsncing st * po*t pl*nt*d about six milea
north end two mil** eut ol thc mouth ol sn Inlet,
which point is sbout len milaa som h snd two mil**
west from End HUI. Bsnks Island, ihence east 80
chsins, thenc* smith 80 chains, thenre west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point ol com
DsU Aug. 12, 1SI0. PETER REOAN
Pub. Sept. 16. B. I. Tlnil.y. Agent
OFFICE- H. B. Rochester. Centre St.
Old German Lager
Schlitz Lager
These are the bevcraRo* W
make health, strength anH h'P-
piness your lot.      W*- '
very reasonable and JW or'
der will receive prompt attention	
All varietip" "I*
Wines and Liquor*
also kept in etock.
First Avenue. NtBrMcBrHl.
B. <"���
rtigiiii'iiV i ,-| ������*��������� ff*�����*���*��� fr^**"' fi - v-t rt^ Vi*}   t
iJUST   A   FEW-
land  2
20 and 21
17 and 18
63 and 64
13 and 14
15 and 16
land  2
27 and 28
C. D. RAND, Broker
Two Furnished Heated
Offices on the Ground
Floor in the Exchange
Real Estate
Notary Public
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
Advertise in The Optimist
A slice of sun, a slice of shade,
Some rain and wind together;
'Tis thus and so November's made,
The month of sandwich weather.
Painter (to his servant)���Now carry
this picture to the exhibition gallery.
But be careful, for the paint is not
quite dry yet.
Servant���Oh, that's all right. I'll
put on an old coat.
"Can't I put on this new hobble
skirt and show it to some friends before
I buy it?" asked Mrs. Bildojjer.
"No," replied the saleswoman firmly,
"you can't try it on. This is one of our
strictly pay-as-you-enter models."
"Why were you not at your desk
this morning?" asked the head of the
firm. "We can't allow this sort of
thing to go on. If you are permitted
to remain away without notice, other
employees will be wanting to have the
same privilege."
"I'm sorry, but I had to stay at
home this forenoon and help my wife
discharge the cook."
"Oh, in that case, I beg your pardon
for speaking harshly."
"Father," said little Tommy one day,
"what is an equinox?"
Father���Why, er���it is ahem! For
goodness sake. Tommy, don't you
know anything about mythology at
all? An equinox was a fabled animal
���half horse, half cow. It's name is
derived from the words 'equine' and
'ox.' It does seem as if these public
schools don't teach children anything
Last eve I sought the church and
heard a gifted pastor preach the Word.
He talked of men whose days were o'er
two thousand years ago or more. He
talked of kings whose bones were dust,
whose sceptres were reduced to rust so
long ago their stories seem like fragments of a summer dream. He said no
word of those who strive in this old
world, intense, alive, who fight their
battles every day, obscurely, in their
feeble way. I'd just as soon be in the
dark concerning Father Noah's ark; I
care not for the tents of Baal, or Joseph's
corn, or Jonah's whale; I want to hear
my pastor talk about the people on this
block, whose lives are full of stings and
smarts, whose problems often break
their hearts. I'd rather learn some way
to cheer some hopeless toiler struggling
here, than learn how Pharaoh blew his
dough about five thousand years ago.
The dust of kings in ancient ground is
worth a half a cent a pound; and
Ashur's widow's tears were dried before
old Julius Caesar died; the things of
which my pastor talks are dead as
Adam's brindle ox, but all around us
there are cries, and wringing hands and
weeping eyes. He'll have to get his
text on straight, and bring his gospel up
to date.���Walt Mason.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Brokers
Portland Canal Stocks and Claims a Specialty
Agents for Stewart Land Co.
Prince Rupert and Stewart
Affidavit of Two Natural Born British
Subject* Required a* Well a*
Other Statutory Requirement* In
Order To Be Naturalized.
Those seeking naturalization as British
subjects under the Dominion Government should note the following new
rules regarding naturalization which are
now in force.
In addition to the notarial certificate
as to residence and character and the
oaths of residence and allegiance, the
following rules will govern all applications for naturalizations in the county
court of Atlin at Prince Rupert.
I. The matter set forth in the notarial
certificate as to residence and character
must be verified by the affidavit or
declamation of two natural 6orn British
subjects. It must appear from this
affidavit or declaration what are the
declarant's means or sources of knowledge
as to the residence or moral fitness of the
II. In the matter of taking the oath
by  one  unable  to  speak  thc  English
j language they must be translated into
his language by an intrepreter sworn to
truly interpret the same, and it must
appear on the form of oaths that it was
so done.
Near Mouth of Milk Creek on Telkwa
River���Discovery Made by Jim
Hatch, an Old Time Prospector of
Skeena Valley.
Wonderful   Playograph   Now   Being
Shown at Emprea* Theatre
A Number  of  Case* Disposed  of By
the Court Yesterday
A young newspaper man of New York
recently won a $100 prize for the word
playograph, and the descriptive capability of the word could not be more
aptly illustrated than in "The Pale- j
face's Wooing," one of the films now |
being run at the Empress theatre. The
little drama is well staged and thoroughly
well acted. It is hard to believe that
it is not really being acted by living
characters. There is not u flicker to
betray its origin, nor any mechanical
defect to mar the illusion. This is a
film that all should make a point of
Judge Young presided over the County
Court today and dealt with a nujmber
of cases the following being the result
in regard to the principal ones:
The appeal case of Rex vs. Dorsey has
been adjourned to next court. That
of Rex vs. Astoria goes to the foot of
the list.
Of the civil cases that of Hopkins vs.
Harper has been struck out and settled.
The case of Watson vs. Flewin &
Sons, Ltd., is fixed for Tuesday the
The case of Stephens vs. Scheiman &
Gottstein has been settled, and that of
Loisclle vs. Beaudoin is adjourned till
next court.
The case of C. B. Wark vs. Richards is
settled and struck out, as also that of
Robinson & Clayton vs. Gibson.
The case of Sloan vs. Foley, Welch &
Stewart comes in this afternoon
at 2 p.m.
The case of John Wesley vs. Jas.
Alexee was tried yesterday morning and
judgment given for the plaintiff for
cloim and costs.
James L. Hatch, one of the pioneer
prospectors of Bulkley valley, who has
prospected in British Columbia for more
than fifteen years, brought to town this
week the first samples to arrive here,
of the great mineral discovery recently
made on Milk Creek, a stream running
into the Telkwa river, says the Omineca
Herald. Hatch is not interested in the
property, which was slaked by Pete
Powers, Dick Hamilton, G. Carlson and
From eight to twelve feet of galena
ore has been uncovered by what work
has been done and for a surface showing
is great. The samples will easily run
sixty per cent lead and it is claimed are
representative of the whole vein. Galena
ore in this district can be deluded
upon, so far as known, to contain two
ounces of silver to the unit of lead, or
better, and on this basis the ore is worth
in excess of one hundred dollars to the
ton, at present prices of lead and silver.
Many fine pro|>crties have been
staked on Milk creek but in moat
cases thc veins are narrow but carrying
ore of a very high grade, sometimea
running into the hundreds of dollars.
All of the prospectors interested in that
section arc feeling jubliant over this
latest find as with development it
inditates the tonnage which, more
surely than anything else, will bring
the rails to the camp.
See the flickerlees motion   pictures���
the silent drama���at the Phenix theatre.
Captain   of   Humboldt   Contradict*
Newspaper Accounts of Wreck
The steamer Humboldt put in yesterday afternoon, with a new purser in
the person of Ira Cohen, so long with the
Pacific Coast Steamship company. Captain Baughman took issue with the
telegrams being printed in regard to
the wreck of the Portland at Katalla.
The last despatch received by the
Optimist stated that the vessel was
pounding to pieces on the rocks, but the
captain says she has been taken off the
rocks and beached in a safe place. He
is confident she will be saved and easily
Local Lot Purchasers
Besides the sale of Lot 20, Block 7,
Section f), recently completed by Messrs.
McCaffery & Gibbons with Mr. P. W.
Anderson of this city, thc same firm
yesterday sold Lot 8, Hlock 12, Section P
to a local investor. THE   PR1NUK     RUPERT    OPTIMIST
Our range ef Table Linen
comprises a great variety
of prices and patterns.
[  60 inch Unbleached at
 45c yard
72 inch Unbleached at
 60c yard
50 inch Unbleached at
 40c yard
|l 64   inch   Bleached   at
J  65c yard
1   70  inch   Bleached    at
v  75c yard
t   66  inch   Bleached   at
7  85tyard
*? 72 inch Double Damask
? at $1 to $1.25 a yard
from $2 to $6 a dozen
Hemstitched Sets, full
length Table Cloth
and 1 doz. Napkins
to match...$13.50 a Bet
Glad to have you look
at these  and compare
qualities and prices
-X���tf~X~ ~4C~X���X'
H. S. Wallace Co
Phone 9 UMITED
Fulton St. and 3rd At*.
Advertise in The Optimist.
Buy Lead King
A few thousand at 20c.    Make a deposit and we will reserve.
Dawson Block 3rd   Ave., Near 6th PHONE 77
Council  to  Discuss  Plant  of  Campaign This Afternoon
Old Woman Betrayed Him at Hit
Own Requeat Receiving Reward of
Five Hundred Dollart���He Then |
Committ Suicide.
The leaders of the local option cause
called a meeting to discuss plans of
campaign for today. The meeting was
held in the Exchange Block at 5 p.m.
Proceedings were not public.
H. F.
Budapest, Nov. 14.���The Brigand of j
the Pussta, Vitalis, for whom two hundred and fifty gendarmes and soldiers
have been hunting three months or
longer, returned to his native village,
took a bath, and killed himself.
This notorious murderer and robber
had fooled the authorities so long that
his capture was considered an impossibility. Whenever he seemed to be in
the clutches of the police or soldiery,
he killed a few, sometimes half a dozen
or more, and made good his escape. At
first he liked his adventurous life, but
it palled upon him in the end, as he
wrote in a message to his wife, found
on his person, und as he could not find
any rest on this earth, he sought it in
The brigand was found sitting on  the
' door step of his hut one morning by i
j an old woman of his acquaintance.   He i
| asked where  his wife was,  and  being ]
; informed that she was sick in  a hos-
1 pital, he sent her a letter and a bag
' of money.    "After you have delivered
this, go to the gendarmes and tell them
1 where they can find me.   Claim the re-
1 ward   of   twenty-five  hundred   francs.
��� That will keep you for the rest of your
j life."
The old woman did as she was bidden.   When the gendarmes broke into
tha house, the brigand threw up both
i hands.   "Don't shoot," he said, "I want \
I to die by my own hand."   At the same j
time he fired a bullet from a rifle hid-1
, den  under  the  table.    He  pulled  the
trigger  with   his  nuked  toe  and   died
McRae Will Build on Second
Another of the Queen Charlotte Islands It Heard From
Thut the Queen Charlotte islands are
going to be the truck farms to supply
this greut port with fresh vegetables
has long been conceded, but one of the
group has never been mentioned in connection with ugricultureal possibilitis.
This is Biirnaby island, which nestles
in a bay near the south-east point of
the group. Mr. Manson, M. P. P., is
showing with some pride a collection of
big cabbage, turnips, carrots and potatoes grown there by Ambrose Jones. All
of them are remarkably fine specimens,
worthy of being sent to an outside
agricultural exhibition.
These vegetables came as a surprise
because Burnaby island is in a well
defined mineral belt, and there is bery
little of agricultural land on the island.
There are only a few inconsequential
patches, and it was upon one of these
the fine vegetables were grown by Mr.
Another improvement is forthcoming
for Second avenue H. F. McRae having
arranged to build on Lot 9, Block 20, a
fine two-story office and apartment
The upper portion of the building
will be adapted for residential apartments, and the ground floor for offices.
Mr. McRae will himself occupy offices
in the building.
Plans are now in preparation for the
building which will be a frame structure
substantially constructed, and fitted
with all modern equipment..
It is expected that the building will be
ready by January 1st.
The Misses Macpherson leave for
Vancouver on the Prince Rupert tonight.
Mr. Frank E. Reid of Leonard &
Reid is in town on business. His firm
will open an office in Victoria during the
winter and return to Prince Rupert in
the spring.
But He Did Not Steal the Whiskey
Donald   Martin   who   was   charged
yesterday with stealing���not selling���a
bottle of whiskey was this morning fined
$5 and costs for having been so drunk
that he did not know what he had done.
The stealing charge was dropped, but
j Magistrate Carss said that had it been
i proved against him, Donald might have
had   to  serve  six   months.     He   was
I allowed a week in  which to pay  his
Letter From the Premier
William Manson, M. P. P., is in receipt of a letter from Premier McBride
expressing his thunks for the courtesies
shown to him and to Mrs. McBride
during their recent visit to Prince
Rupert.   The letter reads:
"Dear Mr. Manson,���I desire to
thank you und Mrs, Manson for your
great kindness to Mrs. McBride and
myself during my visit to Prince Rupert.
Through you also I desire to express my
appreciation of the many courtesies
shown by the people of the city."
President Taft Inspects Canal
Panama, Nov. 16.���{Special)���President Taft received a tremendous reception at Colon yes erday. He was met
by President Estrada and members of
his cabinet and escorted to Panama,
where he delivered a brief public address. This morning he went along the
line of the canal and inspected the great
dam at Gatun.
Principals and Witnesses Use Signs.
Names Called on Fingers
Optimist Ads
Bring Results
"Well, 1 guess you had my
locals in on Saturday," said C.
B. Wark to the Optimist. Saturday night 1 had a dozen
people in buying sheet music.
It pays to advertise in a live
paper that goes into the homes."
The old woman that gave the brigand
away was denounced by the village
people und had to flee for her life. The
villagers said the brigand had never
done them any harm, and that it was
infamous to denounce him to the police.
However, the old woman got the twenty-
five hundred francs (five hundred dollars).
< Henriette Will Bring Lumber From
Bellingham   on   Next   Trip
Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 14.���Mrs.
Emma Cupps was grunted a divorce
from her husband, Harry Cupps, in
the district court here. Both are
deaf and dumb and the chief witness
was deaf and dumb. Mrs. Cupps told
her story of cruelty on her fingers to
1 an interpreter, who told the judge
what she said. Among other things
she said her husband called her names
with his fingers.
Latest   Quotations   From Vancou-
ver Exchange.
(As reported by S. Harrison & Co.)
Portland Canal 21 3-4        22
Stewart M. & D. Co    2.25      2.50
Red Cliff        90       .94
Main Reef 30
The Henriette got in last night with
eight hundred and fifty tons of coal,
thirty-four thousand feet of lumber and
thirty-five tons of general merchandize.
Captain Bucholtz says his next trip
will be to Bellingham to load 4,-
000,000 feet of Washington pine lumber for the railway company. This is
' to be used for the construction of snow-
sheds at dangerous points along the
| line.
Of the cargo of coal he brought three
hundred tons are consigned to Rogers &
Contractor Stewart Is Back
J. W. Stewart of Foley, Welch &
Stewart, went up the line yesterday
with Superintendent Mehan. He is
making a tour of inspection of the construction work.
Savoy Hotel
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Johnson, Vancouver
T. C. Phipps, Vancouver
W. J. Rogers, Vancouver
R. Berry, Vancouver
Percy Collins, Victoria
Dr. Cross, Queen Charlotte Isalnds
G. T. P. Inn
F. E. Reid
S. S. Farmer, Newport, Eng.
G. Miles Bailey, Litchfield
H. G. Herbert, Ottawa
J. O. McLeod
M. C. Sharp, Moosonim
H. O. Butler, City
New Store for Fifth Avenue
A store building is to be erected on
lots leased by W. S. Benson at the corner
of Fifth avenue and McBride street.
The building is to be devoted to the
purposes of u hardware store.
Short Sitting.    An Old Case Settled
Proceedings in the County Court this
morning were speedy. The case of
Moses Johnston vs. Flewin & Sons,
which has been standing since June
came up for judgment.
This is a case in which the claim was
for rent, and the value of some logs and
lumber supplied. Judge Young dismissed the rent claim and allowed the
sum of $107.50 for the logs and lumber.
It   Deputy   Grand   Chief   of   Arctic
Vancouver, Nov. 14.���Earl Grey was
initiated as a member of the Arctic
Brotherhood at Camp Dawson last
year during his tour of Yukon territory.
The officers of the Arctic Brotherhood
which recently held its grand camp here,
at a meeting yesterday appointed His
Excellency the Governor General of
Canada to the post of Deputy Grand
Arctic Chief at Large, and arrangements
are now going forward to prepare a
suitable certificate of the office, finely
lithographed, to be sent to the Governor
General at Ottawa.
Population    of    San    Francisco
Washington, Nov. 17.���(Special)���
The population of the city of San
Francisco, according to last census, is
;;������������**������#��������������*,.. ;
Until you fall and sprain ���
your ankle or break your ���
leg before you inquire into our
Accident Policy
We pay weekly indemnity I
for full or partial loss of i
time through any accident.   *
Accident.  Life,  Fire, Health.
Employer's Liability
OFFICE:- AMt-r Block. Sblh Sum
���1 j|��>*Ha)��sm**��t*M-t4t
3rd and 8th St.
Phone 59 Red
Revolutionary Order Declaring Thit
Sales Already Made Will Be Void-
Rule Will Undoubtedly Apply to*"
Such Licenses.
Victoria, Nov. 14��� According to *-���
vices received from Ottawa, by WJJ
interested in the industry, h�����J
fishing at Nanaimo will be conducted
under changed conditions this coming
season. It has been known (or sow
time that the government hail tlecid*
to reduce tne number of licenst-s. u*
season the c were 45. For next sea**
there will be only 20.
In former years white men got l"'���*5
but did not fish under them. TW
were sold to someone who ��nlM
to fish, generally to Orientals, m
government charged $50 for thl B��"
and they were sold by th,- wh.u* *
got them to Japanese for from i����
$1500. One of thc licenses U��WlW
this year is understood to taw t*
already disposed of for a goo* sm
and another is being negotiated for-
Here is where thc government I
decisTon'"wiii spoil some Pi"**
advices are that none of the harm
fishing licenses will be ��HjJ-J
person to whom it is granted totaaujj
ft himself. If the license is tr��n jr��d
another party, white or Oriental, rt
be cancelled.
a Stormy
Steamship Olympia  Has
Trip   from   Cordova   to
(Special to the OpttoW
Seattle,  Nov.  IT,f^X
died aboard the steamer 0>imi^ ^
way down from   Cordova.     ^mh ,
had a tough time beat'ng^"|iistnight
a series of storms.   It f�� ��        ]di
with over half a million dollars'���


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