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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1911-04-01

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e Prince Rupert
\ ^
lQ 19\
)L. II, NO. 71
Lby Veaael of the G. T. P. Fleet Will
Arrive in June���Will be Put on
Run to Queen Charlotte Island.
To ihe Grand Trunk Pacific lies the
inor of registering ihe firtt steamship
I'rince Ruperv. This steamer will
,he S. S. Prince John, the baby
be] of ihe G. T. P. fleet. She will
rive from Newcastle, Eng., next June
will then be placed on the run
it ween this city and Queen Charlotte
landi, replacing the Prince Albert
iv on ihis run.
(aptain Davies, who brought the
time Kupert across ihe ocean from
ie old country, has gone to Newcastle
take command of ihe Prince John
lier voyage round Cape Horn and up
0 l'acilic coast.
The   I'rince  John   is  a   trim    little
of between 800 and 900 tons, of
(newhal similar size io the C. P. It.
Munthip Princess Mary.   Her dimen-
on> are:  length, 185 feet;  beam, 29.6
:   aud  moulded  depth,   14.6  feet.
will  have accommodation  for  60
dasa passengers and 150 steerage.
(er speed is twelve knots. On her
heilule on i his eoasi she will carry
e mafia to every poinl of population
ie (jueon Charluue Islands, jn-
iding Masset, Naden Harbor, Queen
parloite City, Ikeda Bay, Hose Harbor,
il I'acoli.
nr Brll Drills, Indian Club Swinging
land Pleaaing Drills Varied an In-
iin -ting    Muaical    Programme���
Credit to Ensign Johnstone.
The   audiiorium   of   the   Salvation
jrmy Citadel was tilled last night by
sudiesoa which gathered to attend
.-  Children's  Emertainment������one
the most interesting of a series of
hM    mucins which Ensign Johnstone
- iiled during the season.
The   Ensign   ia  quiie   an   adept   al
rMng .bills,  and for several weeks
haa been leaching the children in
"Hand of Love" the art of bar bell
nl club swinging drills, to thc great
uid physical profit of the children.
P"'�� adept they have become was proved
at night,
Ont ol the most interesting of the
Mils area the clock drill, where twelve
}        nys and girls, each representing
hour of the clock danced round a
iypola and each contributed a pleasing
|      A  comic sketch   "Thc census
.ii which several of the elders
" pan provided a.great deal of fun.
i- iliihlren   who   contributed   songs
at ions   were   Olivia   Solum.
('ow|>er,   Georgia   Johnstone,
    Kirkpatrick,   Beatrice   Killen,
ui Davidson, Mary and Florence
.   E hel  Gray,   Margery   Cowncr,
��� I 'ivulson and Johnny Law.   They
ed by Mr. J.  E.  Davey in
0 splendid tenor solos, Mr. W. Miller
J       ornet solos, and by Gray's Or-
Pie-ua. who played a number of se-
��� during the evening.
�����>d Fighting for Two Daya Near El
iSpecial to the Opiimist)
I I'aso, April 1.���Over a hundred
pun tt,-re killed during two days stub-
'"n   iKhting   with   the   Mexican   in-
aurrec lonhta,     The   battle   which   is
f n�� most important fought in the
1   iii-giin on Monday morning, and
' until Tuesday night.    The list
"' i ���*��� iili as includes both sides.
lv..    ,
" Militia Minister and M. P.
Passes at Simcoe
Spadal to the Optimist)
��>nt.,   April   1.-Colonel  T.
' �� M. P. for South Norfolk died
Ighl  aged 76.    Colonel Tisdale
nwrly Minister of Militia under
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Saturday, April 1. 1911.
Price Five Cents
You know what a transcontinental railway does for a country. It makes the price of land soar up.
Itjis thc means of crenting new industries. It brings the markets of the world to the fanner where be
secures top-notch prices. And in a province like British Columbia the farmer is n man to be reckoned
with. Hc does not have to sell his produce, the other fellow comes to him. And why? Because the numerous industries in the province, the mines, the timber, and thc fisheries, etc., create local markets which
have to be supplied.
Prince Rupert the Hub of the District
Prince Rupert has sprung into its vigorous existence of today as a result of the coming of the Transcontinental Railway, the same great creative influence which is making a thriving and populous agricultural and mining district of the wide and wealthy territory tributary to I'rince Rupert. I'rince Kupert is
the hub of thot great district, the starting off place for the thousands who are pouring in to settle in its
rich valleys each year, and yet it is hardly sufficiently well realized, especially by those thousands, that
Prince Rupert is the natural, and the best outfitting and supply point for the whole vast territory of
which it is the doorway. How many incoming settlers have lost time and money, and put themselves to
much greater inconvenience through outfitting at the southern centres under the mistaken notion that
equipment and supplies are much more costly in I'rince Rupert, or perhaps even thinking that supplies
cannot be obtained here nt all. Often after all their inconvenience and outlay for transportation such incomers have realized that much of their equipment is unsuitable, while the right supplies could have been
purchased readily anil reasonably in I'rince Kupert.
As a matter of fact ���and the fact cannot be too emphatically impressed upon nil incomers-every
possible item required for the thorough equipment of settler, prospector, miner, surveyor or enterprising
pioneer-business builder bound for the upspringing interior towns along the I'rand Trunk Railway, ran
be)bought, and Imught to the very best advantage, right here in Prince Rupert.
Prince Rupert Merchants Are Progressive
Enterprising mcrchnnts who have got beyond the pioneer stage by very long nnd very up-to-dnte
strides, hnve made this (Missible. They hnve paved the way for the pioneers of the interior well knowing
thnt their return will come richly ami generously to them with the development by these pioneers of the
rich natural resources of thnt interior. Prince Rupart expects much of the superb territory tributary to
it'as terminus of the (innt Transcontinental. And Prince Kupert is doing much for the development of
that territory by furnishing through her merchants easily, efficiently, and inexpensively, the materials
and equipment necessary for the men who nre helping on the development of farm, mine or fishery.
Big Wholesale Houses to Meet The Needs
All thnl is required in the way of foodstuffs, clothing, tools, conveyances and camp equipment, can
be readily obtained at the various stores in the city. The fact thnt there exists close by the waterfront
three huge five-atorey warehouses of Messrs. Stewart & Mobley, selling foodstuffs and dry goods,
Messrs. J. Piercy Morris & Co., Belling dry goods, and Ilie Kelly-Douglas Co., selling supplies of all kinds
wholesale, to the many stores in the city and district is evidence of the truth that goods nre brought into
Prince Kupert in such large quantities as to make it easily poeetbla for Prince Kupert merchants to retail
them at prices very often oelow the cost of the same gooda in the southern cities certainly nol above tlr'
cost, nnd most certainly fnr below thnt cost plus freight chnrges. Therefore it pays the would-be settl
to outfit at Prince Rupert rather thnn nt points seveml hundred miles ferther south.
Local Merchants Understand the Conditions
One of the Important facts iu regard to outfitting in I'rince Rupert is that liere you get the advantage
of the experience of merchants who know the requirements of the distriet thoroughly, men who have
been over the ground themselves, who have equipped hundreds of pioneer pnrties nlready and who are
suonlving settlers contii-uallv. In touch regularly with the men who use the goods, these merchants of
of ours on the spot at Prime Rupert enn snve the incoming settler mnny ami many a tlollur besides much
less worry nnd vexation.
Getting the Goods Through " On Time "
Conditions of trnnsportntion of supplies for up-river points are at certain seasons irregular, and over
and ov se" ler who has unwisely purchased his supplies "down below" has suffered through the do-
"ving..fl'is consignment simply because the "down below" merchant does not  know  the best way  to
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Prince Rupert Will Go to Stewart
Thursdays and Leave Here Friday
Mornings for Vancouver Two
Boata on Run Soon.
April 2nd sees the new time-table
[in force for the G. T. P. boats beginning wiih the I'rince Kupert. The
Ku|hti now leaves I'rince Rupert southbound at 8 a.m. Fridays instead of
in the evening on Thursdays as for-
(merly, and thai accordingly she reaches
Vanoouver at 10 p.m. Saturday", Victoria 7 a.m. Sunday, and Seal lie | p.m.
same day. Coming North ihe Kuix-rt
leaves Seattle midnight Sundays, and
Vancouver at midnight Mondays for
Prince Rupert. On Thursdays i he I'rince
Rupert taki s up oar Stewart run again
leaving at 8 a.m. ami gel ing back to
'rince Rupert again on Friday in nine
for her H a.m. start for tl.e Souih. On
April 19th the Prince George begins
her runs again leaving Seattke at midnight Wednesdays, reaching Rupert
Saturday mornings, and leaving for the
South Mondays at 8 a.m. The I'rince
(ieorge does not begin her Stewart run
until June Uth. The [aland service
of boats will be arranged to suit the new
Seal t le- Rupert St earner Time-, able.
la Coming With Captain Nichotaon
of tbe G. T. P. and Othera What
la the Purpo.e of the Viait? *
Premier Mcliridc, Captain Nicholson
of lhe (J. T. P. Steamship Co., and a
party ol Influential men will arrive in
Prime ltu|K-rl next Wednesday on the
steamer Prince Rupert. Whal the real
object of Ihe Premier's visit  is cannot
in- learned al this end, Borne say that
it is to rally his followers together in
this disirict, while otheii assert that it
is in connection  with the (J. T.  P.
Charged    With     Embezzlement    of
$3000 While Bank Clerk
(Spadal to the Optimist*
Vancouver, April I. Last night a
young man named Hodton wax ar-
raotad al one of ihe Hasting Saw Mill
Co.'s logging camp" by the Provincial
police. Hudson is charged with having
embezzled }:iillin from the Hank of
Commerce at Wcybiirn, Saskatchewan,
while employed as a clerk there.
Vancouver   May   Taa    Employment
Aim in iea  TOO
Members  of   the   Vancouver   Trades
and  Labor Council  have  nol iced  with
approval the fact that at Prince Rupert
a  licence  fee  of  $WHI  is  levied   from
Employment   Agencies   while   the   (eo
these   agencies   may  charge  is   limited
lo  '.'.')  cents.     Vancouver,  thinks   the
'Council  mentioned,  might   do  well  to
;fo||ow   Prince   Ru|H-rt's   lead   in   this.
' Empyolment   agencies  are  littla   liked
{throughout  the  Province, and  greater
'control of them everywhere in U. C. is
' recommended.
Ituili    ui  Permila
The followin;   building (sTmiis have
I been applied for during (he past week:
P. J.  Karrell, house on  Nayes Cove
1 avenue to COSt $-1111.
Edith Clifford, house nn Lot h. Hlock
43. Section .r>. to eosl $1,:|0(I.
Fred Shaw, ihree collages on Ninth
avenue, to cost $1,800,
Douglas Aitson. store on Seventh
avenue io COB) MM.
For causing a disturbance in the
local inferno dislrici and then assualling
Special Const able Craiagh, J. Rockford
and .1. Hradhiirn, were charged in
Polire rouri this morning. Rockford
was lined |10 and CCeta while Hradburn
was assessed half that amount. TUB  PRINCE   RUPERT   0P1IMIST
*^mm*my**tm**\_t**w**m *^*\t*****_/***%ftQ
Department Stores
Prince Rupert, B.C.
The Gateway to the Interior
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Rupert  merchants
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest Stock L: Northern B. C.
{r****** **m***m*Afm ******* ll/Wt^^��t*<tr*'^y��"<l>-����/t^*��^V/*��^V'(*^
"ther hand,
oa tirrn;.
catch the quick method of getting the good* delivered.    I'rince rwpw* inwcnanw on
know the wpea thoroughly and goodl ordered from their stores have a knack of getting  there
With the very beat of intentions the merchant, hundreds of miles south, cannot give  the same
A Wrinkle from the Old Pioneer
Another point is that in the event of a settler in the interior requiring a repeat order, or new stock
ef anv sort of supplies the fact of his having purchased in Prince Rupert just splits hit waiting time for
the' new supply in two. And he will find that his dealings with the Prince Rupert merchant lias been M
much more personal and intimate than are possihle down below; that his second order is filled a hundred.
fold more Intelligently ami satisfactorily, with a real knowledge of his need. Advantages such as these
are t ever sniffed at by the settler of experience. Yourpractised pioneer knows too well how vexatious
itis to wait weeks for a necessary'only to be disappointed by receiving a useless substitute for it nft���
all. The purchaser at Prince Rupert who is going up country h��8 tha.advantage of dealing personally
with merchants who know the settler's needs to a nicety.
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale anti Retail
A Centre Of Wealth I a11 tlll-'SP places are Retting wise to the
More and more as the months pass \ fact that they can best outfit at Prince
each bringing I'rince Rupert a stride! Rupert   Nor must   it be  overlooked
nearer to her own place amongst the ' that the Islands of the Queen Charlotte
cities of the world, the merchants of j Group  aru being  rapidly occupied by
Prince Rupert are realising the import-  settlers  whose most   convenient out-
ance to themselves of  the trade with i fitting   and   supply    base   is   Prince
the  wide  country  tributary   to   their , Rupert.
city.    Merely to mention the principal! All Supplies On The Spot
districts  in   that country without en- j    h f of ^ ^.^ that jt,,
Urging upon the resources of those chs-; ,e fm. tlw ineomer ^        .   hjm.
tncts   is  to   convince  the   far-seeing j    ,,    ... _..      . ... :_
. ~ ,        ��� , ,    ,     ,  self with everything he may want in
reader of  Prince  Rupert s undoubted I ...,   .... .. .    "-, . _,.
_   . , i this citv it is only necessary to mention
position as outfitting am I supply centre. ! . .,      ..     . /.. .    , _,
e b i i . ont, or two ���f j|lu old-established firms
Prince Rupert the Gateway (1()ing supp,v am, (UlttUting business in
Here is Prince Rupert centrally sit-1 princo Kupert. No newcomer to Prince
uated between the Skeena and Naas Rupt,rt cm, fa1| to notice the \..lt-_
River Valleys, and the natural gateway ' wholeaale warehouses of the well-
to the Lakelse, Kitsumkalum, and far- j known firms of Kelly-Douglas, Piercy
famed Httlkeley Valleys, all of which
are surely destined for greater and
agricultural development with each
spring, summer, and fall. I'p the
Skeena   lies    Hazelton   and    its    rich |
Morris, and Stewart & Mobley already
mentioned. These big buildings nre
situated on First avenue right at the
water-front. They are served with
elevators and all their live spacious
mining tracts of mountain country. st���rovs ari, t.rammu,i wjt|, K���0ds sent
Northward there is Stewart : Mining up from ���l0 whnrvea am| (teamen'
flourishes there and is growing year by ,,���u,s .������, lv.���lv U) ,���. ,|istri|,uUHj RKttill
year. Prince Rupert luppliea Stewart , by rai, ������ ^ M C(mvl.montly 8iluilted
an.l the whole Stewart mining district. f()1. t,H> incomor< Kirst to moot llu. (,Vl.
As ft..- as the farthest populous centres ()f ������. m,w ���,.,.(,.,,, -Wl,(lU1 bo t,u> out.
of Alaska too extend* the range of the I )UtinK gtorc of MoS8r3i Ci B. Schreib
I city's supply trade. All Atlin ami tin
I Yukon depend on I'rince Rupert stores
I for  necessaries,    and   people   visiting
| Phone No. 200 P. 0.  Box 680
.v.-  Co..   Ltd.    Here
wearing apparel most
THE OI'Tl.MISTwill furnish correct infor-
* mation to all enquirers who desire to iri't
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city : : : : :
There is no time like the present. Send Ul
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you ure particularly interested iu. We will tend you reply by return mail       :::::::
[imist Information Bureau
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
We are
oiling shares in the
At a price that will make you money   j
every  article  of
 ^^^^^^^^^ suitable for wear
j in the bush or on tbe trail as well as
the latest ill fashionable attire may be
obtained of the very best quality and
at Montreal prices. Martin O'Reilly
On Third avei.tle bandies the very beat,
makes of clothing and a complete
high-class line of furnishings. Messrs.
Sloan & Co , on Sixth street do a high-
class tailoring trade at "down below "
prices, 'there is the Acme Clothing &
Out lilting store on Second avenue near
Sixth street; and other good stores
such as Director Cohen Co., Messrs.
Rudnick A Swoder ; .labour Brothers
and The Mechanics Clothing Store.
Clothing suitable for all purposes and
at prices to suit all poCKetl can be had
from these linns.
much  prized possession out west-a
wife, may reassure ber on the aeon d
the fashions and furbelow* dear to the
feminine fancy all the world over.
"Everything in Canv.i"
Of special Importance to the prospector, pioneer, settler, or surveyor Is tin
interesting stock of the I'rince Rupert
Tent & Awning Co.   This firm, mar.i,
aged by Mr.  L.  Lofquist, assisted \sN
E. Hellman, does everything in the way
of canvas and camp gear except the
heavier hardware.   Tei ta of all siz.es,
camp beds, and every requirement (or
packing over the trolls can be had from
this firm.   They will even malteyooi
canvas collapsible boat if you need one.
Dealing here, you have the advantage
of buying from men who have used and
known the point* '-��� ������ ��� and bad ofeverj
article or device used by the camp-
dweller in these part-. Strength,light-
ness, convenience, lasting quality-all
these important  matters nre carefully
seen to.
Lessons ol     \    rlenct
Bush work on the Northern H.C.
coast and away up the rivers ar.d owr
the mountains and R
on equipment as well sa on men. It
pays to purehas.' the right gear, paysa
thousand-fold in savi I worn
iety, in saved time anil saved labor, as
well as in saved mow j. Therefore the
wise incomer to Princi Rupert onhii
way to reap the rich
prise in the interior districts, the raining and agricultural tracts tributary to
the transcontinental terminussaveiui
money for his outfit until he reaches
the last best outfitting point of bb
That point is Prince Rupert,
Norman Macintosh
P.O. BOX 1545
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Balance 3, A and �� Month!
Assays of the ore run from $86,00 to I
.$2000  per  ton.
It will pay you to investigate this prop-!
osition   at  once.
 Good   Fresh   Groceries   at   City Prices	
To   Residents of Sections 5, 6,   7 and   8���We deliver  promptly,
our -nods ore fresh, at prices not to bc beaten in the city   :   i
0. B. Bush & Company
2nd Ave. Prince Rupert
w. j. McCutcheon
CurrloH romplotr .lurk of l>nitr*.    Kpi-clnl
aitcnticin tmlil to llllitur prciH-rlptluno.
Theatre Block Paona No. n Second Ave.
Telephone        228 Bl.ck
rill ol  McRridr
Twenty-four hours  ending 5   a. m.,
March 2fi.
A  Good Department Store
Away aient? Second avenue is the
department store of Lynch Bros.,
where   everything   in   the   wuy   .of
groceries, oiltlittiii|Z supplies, blankets,
leather (roods, rulilier hoots, even sash
and doors and lumber is obtainable. As
an old time pioneer and contractors
"Hill Lynch" has a reputation for
knowing the needs of Outfitting parties
iu northern H. ('. Among lhe other
leading houses which speciali/.e in one
lino or mother are those of Stalker &
Wells, who ilo a  bu-  business  in   Inch
class grooerlea; Bcott,  Proud & Co.,
the l> ;i> 1111>- hoot and shoe dealers ; 11.
II. Morton, wholesale produce and fruit
and McUae Hrothers, the up-to-date
dealers in stationery, hooks, [office
supplies anil mathainatical instruments.
Good Hardware Stores
Hardware supplies are obtainable
from the I'rince Kupert Hardware and
Supply Store, Third Ave., the Thompson Hardware Co., and Fred Stork's
Hardware Store, Second Avenue. Furniture substantial and suitable for the
country's needs is supplied by George
Tite's Store on Third Avenue, F. W.
Hart on Second Avenue, and Hnynor
Bros, on Third Avenue.
For the Ladies' Needs
Needs of the feminine population are
catered for in up-to-date manner by the
department store of the II. S. Wallace
Co., Mrs. Frizzell, Mrs. Demerit, and
the Misses Harbeau, so the incoming
settler who  is  britiKltif* with him that
Canadian Pa*
Railway Company
C.    I   ���'���!    I
S.S. Srnit��
Northbound Mar.27.SoaiWv und Mar.W
Train for Chicago, Winnipeg
leaven Vancouver 8
Train   for   Montreal.
points Last leavei
p.m.  daily.
Through tickets to
in connection with  the
J. G. McN.b
New York wi
, iver ���f-w
i .
Oner.! A��e��l
Through tickets t..        ����� ! ���,���
United States an.l Canada d;
Northern   l'acilic   I ta ��;'. ���      .,���
Finest Train across tla     '���'
connecting at NEW YORK
tun, umiw"'-^,;,.......!^   ,,r
all points in hN'''v' .'o \\lK.
LAND, OKRMAN^, I ;., |;s
ITALY. NORWAY an. -^ m.,,.
by White Star. Red St,u. ���
nnn     Dominion.    White   >�����"-,.������
by Whit
can,  Dominion
minion,    Cunnrd,    rr
North   German   Lloya
American and Canadian
Steamships,     ror BU
write mc or call at OfflCi
Star,   Done',,    I-'"1';
^ C^T^-^r-T^T^
' ff-:.: ��� ' ' ?���'*. w -'/ii        \
^ ^mt*   j
Will Bring Water from Woodworlh  Lake  Enough for
60,000 Population at Cost of $480,000���Supply
Main Alone Will Cost $330,000
Represents   the   last    word    in   t
Range construction \
Universal Favorite
The Thompson Hardware Co. J
'acific Northern
us and Employment Atttncy and Inttllignce Office
Igeiit  is  getting all  kinds  of   (rood,
strong laboring men suitable for:
Jl-'i.-li Canneries, Saw Mills. Railroads,
Iki'ldinc Koad.i.   Mining  Ore   Sorters,
tl Mining, Laborers, Farming, (inning. Land and Lot dealers, Logging,
md Cutting, Packers for Prospecting
laities, Etc., Etc.
Firsl Class Cooks and Dish Washers for:
Hotels, Kestaurants, Private Fam-
:, Boarding Houses, Steamships,
lining Camps; and general House and
Bice cleaning wurk. Ollice Hoys, Bell
(ys, Waiters, Porters, und all sorts
Short Job Workers, Etc., Etc.
[When you need any Of them to help
ty are sure to give all satisfaction
i! no trouble to you at all.
"In designing a system of water
works for the city or Prince Rupert
it is necessary to provide for a population which will probably reach 20,-
IKIII in live years, and the foundation
of u distribution system which can be
expanded to serve a population Ol 60,-
in the future."
With these words City Engineer
Davis commences his full report un thi
. Woodworth Lake water supply scheme.
The tntiil coat of ihe scheme amounts
to just over $480,000 of which $330,000
are for the supply main between
Woodworth Lake and the city.
Woodworth Luke is siiua'ed on the
mainland about seven miles north east
of Acropolis Xill. The lake is :i:ili feet
above low tide, it is from 160 to 200
feet  deep, covers about  454 acres, and
'contains an abundance of the purest
j water from a watershed of nearly ten
square mihs of mountain country with
snowy summits which you see Irom the
tow nsite.
Owing to the climatic condi ions  fo
'the   coasl   ihe   run-:,IV   from   lhc   lake
j varies from 7.7 cubic feet  per second
- in  dry seasons to  571  cubic  feet   per
second after heavy rains.    Hy building
a rock and timber dam at  the outlet
lof the lake the surface can*be raised 80
| feet.   Later on as t he city grows wealthier, a concrete dam can be constructed
| and the head of water increased if need
: be.   The supply pipe line comes through
i a rock tunnel at Woodworth Lake along
ithe mountain side till just   above the
east   end   of   Lake  Shawatlans.     Here
it descends the shore of Lake Shawatlans
which  it   follows  for  about   one  and  a
half miles thence crossing a low  neck
of land to tide-water and over Shawatlans passage a distance of MIO feet, to
thc   townsite   where   it   delivers   into
Acropolis N'ill Reservoir.
A supply main IM inches in diameter
with a dam of the proposed height
at Woodworth Lake will supply at
Acropolis Hill four and a half million
gallons per day. As this amount of
water will not be required for a number
of years it is proposed for the sake of
saving to reduce this size to Hi inches
at Eleventh avenue after passing Montre-
I al Hill. This will mean a delivery of
| two million gallons per day which is
[sufficient for a population of 60.000,
I As the city grows the supply can be
j easily Increased, and with a distributing
reservoir-on  Montreal  Hill enough  for
a population of 60,000 can In- provided.
Fire protection has been tin  primary
.object in view in planning the distribution system. A million gallons of water
���tored in tlie Acropolis Hill reservoir
would keep sixteen ordinary tire hose
streams going tu lull pre sun- for over
six hours, and the whole supply from
Woodworth Lake would remain available
for domestic use. Ii is imperative that
any parts of the proposed work which
: will improve tin- present lire protection
of the city should in undertaken at the
earliest possible moment recommends
ilu- City Engineer.    This would  mean
Ithe completion of tin Acropolis Hill
Reservoir ami the laying of the mains
covering tlie present  oppuloUS sections.
] The reservoir could be Riled from the
existing water supply and the million
gallons held in reserve for lee in ease of
The works proposed are substantial
and busting, Bays the City Engineer, and
the cost of operation and maintenance
will be as low as possible for any system.
"Holding Irs owi^
Distributors for Northern British Columbia
On Thursday night the city Council
in  committee  of  the   whole  with  the
[City Engineer present, made a preliminary consideration of the Water
Works Scheme.   Owing to the size and
J importance of the undertaking and its
COBt  it has been decided by the council
I to have the opinion of a waterworks
engineer    Irom    the    outside.      Mayor
S Manson and Alderman Smith, Chairman
if the Fire and  Water Committee, are
to arrange for the outside advice upon
the recommednationa of the City En*
Igineer.   Tin- motion to ibis effect was
I made by Alderman Newton and seconded
by Alderman  Morrissey.    There is  no
lack of confidence implied in the efficiency of Ihe City  Engineer, but  the
i council   fell   that    a   scheme   of   such
magnitude and importance should  not
be launched without the assistance and
advice of another reliable engineer.
igents Office   -   7th Ave.
Connected with King Tai & Cm.)
P. O. Box 58 Phone 197 Black
rince Rupert B. C.
fiiiiliii Cruisers   and Mining Engineers
Can Hire From The
tover Boat House.
JMD, REUABLE__    None but aobcr and
ik' Westholme Lumber Co.
"I Avenue Telephone 186
|1N BOTH PRIVATE and business houses
Work performed by experts only.
A lirst class job ia guaranteed in
every instance.
A large stock of Chandeliers  and
Fittings  carried.
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
Third Ave.       -        ���       Near Sixth
Proposed Arbitration Treaty Between
Britain and U. S. A. Discussed
(Special to the Optimist)
Washington, April 1    lames Bryce,
the British Ambassador here, is holding
a conference with Secretary Knox regarding the proposed arbitration treaty
between the United Stales and Great
Britain. Negotiations tire at present,
of course, in an early stage, and details
are not forthcoming, but it is known
that so far no hitch has been encountered
and none is anticipated. This treaty if
concluded will be the fore-runner of
its kind, antl a modi I to the world in
measures for the ���lessening of strife
among nations. T fc',   ���" I
Conviction    of   Allan    Quashed    by
Supreme Court
Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, April 1.    By decision of the
Supreme   Court    today   the   convict [on
of the man Allan convicted of murdi ring
Captain Billion at Esquimalt Barracks
has been quashed, and a new (rial
ordered. Allen's appeal to the Supreme
Court Was allowed, and the decision
come to on the ground that Important
evidence put iii at tlie lirsi trial by Uncrown was inadniissable, and may have
Influenced the jury causing the accused
considerable harm.
Frizzoll's  Ment  Market
At Frlnell'i Meat Market you will;
lind that  the highest quality of meats
smoked   and   dried   can   be   obtained.
egKs, lard, homemade sausage, home
pickled meats, etc., etc.
Family and up country trade specially
catered for.
Mr. Frizzoll's wide experience as a
pioneer enables him to know exactly
the requirement* of tin settler or parties
going into the Interior and a visit to
his spacious and Up-to-date store on
Third avenue will more than convince
Fresh meats of the piimest quality
are supplied and satisfaction guaranteed.
�� Rochester &
���jp     Monroe
k^v ��� % Coal '
Miss   Henny   Wennersten
Scientific Electric Facial Manage
Electric Treatments a Specially
Room. No. 4,    Exchange Block
1836 1911
The Bank of
British North America
75 Vrurs In Uuilnru.
Capital and  Reserve Over $7,300,000
A Complete
Banking Service
Collections made in any part
of Canada. Negotiable paper dis-
���ouiited. Money advanced al
reasonable terms to finance your
iitisiness. Local and foreigr
Drafts bought ami sold. Money
transmitted by Money Order or
Telegraph Transfer. Letters of
Credit issued payable in all the
leading cities of the world.
We invite your account.
Prince Kupert Branch
F. S. LONG, Maaagrr.
The House of Good Values
Jabour Bros.
Third Ave.
We have no rent to pay; we buy for ci sh in the wry best
markets; we look after the busi.less ourselves
And Our Customers Gef the BENEFIT
Boots, Clothing-, Dry Goods, Everything to. .lit the Country; and the prices are right.
Come and see our new consignment of Footwear.  Everything from^Dancing Slippers to Prospectors Ironclad l>oots
������'ihe House of Good Values"
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
Our Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
Come and see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
Royal Bank of Canada
HlAO Omci: MONTREAL K.stahi.isiikd ihiJU.
Capital, $6,200,000
Surplus, $7,200,000
Total A.teti, $92,500,000
Saving* Bank Department, $1 will open an ���ireount.
Branch*! throughout Canada and Banking Connection* with all parts of the
United State*,
A^'iitx throughout Uw world.
II. I'. WILSON, Manager. PrlnC* Rupert ilraneh.
If it's news, you will find it in
The Optimist THE   PKINtt,   Kuru��
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia    It
has grown up with the city
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Saturday. April 1
After a week devoted to the strenuous task of moving our machinery and
equipment to its permanent home in the new Optimist building, our paper is
able to make a new appearance. No better augury could be found than that
we reappear on the first day of spring, with the opportunity and intention to
enter upon a new lease of life.
Until after these words are done into type it will be impossible to determine the precise character of our first appearance, but great things are planned, so that within a very little while the whole character of the paper will uu-
dergo a rapid metamorphosis. Perhaps not only the type, make-up, size and
quality of our newspaper will undergo change, but even the namt. It is intended to give the public of Prince Rupert, and the outside world who are interested in Prince Rupert, the very best paper that it is possible for money and
brains to produce. It will be a bright, breezy newspaper for the local reader,
and a publicity agent, giving the outside world reliable informationjabout
northern British Columbia.
A number of new features have been arranged which will show themselves
in a few days, additions to the plant and staff are being made, an expert] advertising service is being laid at the disposal of our rdvertisers, and "ithe Optimist will lead the way in the new campaign of publicity development'and prosperity for the Prince Rupert district.
The folk who were up early this morning were well rewarded. The rays of
the warm sun streaming over Montreal Hill, chasing away the ^suspicion of
sharpness in the air, and lighting up the fir-covered hilltops across the harbor
made a picture to be chronicled.   Where was the Optimist artist then?
On learning that four ladies will hold up the Queen's train at the coronation
the Montreal Herald somewhat irreverently remarks that they might get Jsome
pointers from Bill Miner.
The authorities did well to show that law must be observed] in JallJ labor
disputes. Any man or number of men have a perfect right to decline ,to go|to
work whether offered 37 cents or 37 dollars an hour. That is theirjright. But
they have'no right under the law that they helped to create, tojpreventjjany
other man or men from working at a rate of pay that looks good to them.
H. F. McRae
Teleg. Address :
Raemac. Prince Rupert"
F. R. C. Brown
H. F. McRae & Company
Head Office:
Branch Office:
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Vancouver. B.C.
We have a large and increasing number of out of town clients for whomjwe invest and re-invest.    We shall be happy to answer
any enquiries.
References -.-
The Royal Bank of Canada
Messrs. R. G. Dun & Co., Vancouver and a host of other client*.
/. Piercy, Morris & Co.
Wholesale Merchants
Prince Rupert -  B.C.
Specialize in Northern
The First Wholesale House to Establish
in Prince Rupert
Men's Furnishings Tenta Stationery Notions
House Furnishings Stanfield's Underwear
Livingstone & Carss' Mackinaws, Etc.
Scott, Froud & Co.
Prince Rupert's Leading Shoe Store, 3rd Ave.
Strong & Garfield's Oil Tans for Surveyors and Prospectors
Goodyear Rubber Boots
Penetang Packs and Prospectors
(Gendron's Own Make)
Taylor's & Palmer's Packs
Complete line of Ladies' & Children's Footwear
....The Only Exclusive Shoe Honse in Town.
Sails for
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.
ss. Prince Albert for Stewart We lne��.
days.after arrival of Prince Rupert For
Port Simpson, Naas, Masset ami M..res-
by Island points, including Que. n Charlotte City, Pacoti, Rose Harbor, also
Refuge Bay, every alternate Fri.luy at
12 o'clock  noon, commencing Dec, 8th.
The Grand Trunk Railway Syttem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious train? over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal. Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York ami Philadelphia. Information and tickets obtainable from the office hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic booking by all
lines arranged.
The new steel Passenger Steamer
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 9 a.m. for Vancouvor,
arriving Monday afternoon.
For Stewart City on arrival
from Vancouver Friday
Northbound, leaves Vancouver Wednesdavs ai9 p.m.
Steerage Fare
*T + T*
Men's    Furnishings,
Boots and Shoes is at
Director, Cohen & Co's Store
Our long experience in  the  north is  of reasonable benefit [to you asjwejbuy
goods that will stand climatic conditions.    We have sole.ageney for
Progress Brand Clothing
Branch Store Kitselas, B.C.
Our Stock is Fresh, Clean and CarefullyjSelected.
We are in a position to supply you promptly, efficiently  and at Reasonable Prices.    ." ,'    ,'
The "Camosun" is the only steamt
on the run having water-tight bulkheads and double bottom, thus en
suring safety of passenger* in case
of collision or wreck.
J. H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Made For
Particular People
We are
Sole Agenta
Ml hams
L C. Smith ft BrosJypewriter
Ball Bearing throughout, at alt vital
frictions' pointa. Instantly ready for
all kind* of apecial work, billing, card
writing���anything needed of a typewriter. No attachments required No
apecial adjustments necessary. Juit
Insert the paper and go ahead.
New csukwue tree
R. A. L. P.  HURT, Dealer
Third Ave ud Fulton Strart
Honored Their Leaders
The I'rince Rupert Choral Society
had an enjoyable social on Thtindyy
evening in the K. P. Hall when Mr.
Denl.olm on behalf of the members
presented Miss Froud with a braci
and Mr. Davey with a mounted baton
in appreciation of iheir IndsfStigabM
services to the Society. .
There   was   a   large   attends!
members and friends and a very pUesBl'
evening was spent. THE    PRINCE    RUPERT    0 P T I M I S f"
Men Flung Down Picks and Shovels When Agreement
Expired���Thousand Ton Output Per Day is
Stopped���Business Not Yet Affected
with the others. Two thousand four
hundred are employees of the Crow's
Nest Pass Company.
Only One Mine Working.
The men of Hosmer, Coleman, Blair-
more, Frank, Lille, Bellevue, Maple
Leal, Passburg, Hillcrest, Burmis,
Lethbridge, Diamond City, the Royal
Collieries, Canmore, and Bankhead are
all idle. Only one mine in the district
is working. That is Corbin, where the
agreement does not expire until May.
The mines closed down were producing
a thousand tons a day.
Business in the district is not immediately affected as the long drawn out
negotiations has rather discounted the
effect of the atrike.
Special to Optimist
Fernie, B.C., April 1���Six thousand
five hundred miners laid down their
picks and shovels and walked out of
the mines today in the district governed by the agreement regarding wages
and other regulations affecting miners
ami operators respectively. The time
limit of this agreement expired today,
and as has been expected for some time
the men immediately struck work.
Over Six Thousand Out
Six thousand and fifty of the strikers
arc members of the United Mine Workers of America. The others are non-
men who had been working along
Death Roll is Now Fifteen, Nine Passengers and Six of
Crew Several Other Passengers' Names Are
Unknown and They May Never be Traced
Special to the Optimist
Victoria, B. C, Anril 1st���From the
latest information that can be gathered
tin? death roll of the illfated Sechelt is
now put at fifteen. Today the names
of four men who took passage by the
doomed steamer ware discovered.
Four of the Victims
These are:
Jamea Williams
T. Costello
Pete Peary
H. Jonea
These men  were  laborers  and   are
known to have been on  the way to
Sooke to look for work on  the railway
construction there.
Were Fifteen on Board
As far as can be ascertained there
were nine passengers by the Sechelt,
but thc names of them all cannot be
traced.   The crew numbered six.
No Trace of Bodies
Efforts are still being made to discover the identity of all the drowned
and enquiries for misaing men who were
supposed to have been on board come
in. No other bodies havedrifted ashore
and there is little or no wreckage that
could afford any clue to the unidentified
Leading British Financial Journal is Sending Its Representative to Prince Rupert���-Representative of
Iowa Capitalists is in Town Today
Dominion, the visit of our special
representative will bc of particulai
importance, nnd there is little doubt
that the result will be seen in nn appreciable addition to the already large
iiow of British capital to Canada.'	
What will undoubtedly be the means
of inducing British capitalists to invest
moncv in Prince Rupert will be the
sequel to the visit here of Mr. W.
Leonard Palmer, special representative
of thr Financial News, the largest and
most iniluential newspaper in financial
circles In I,.ii,.Ion, Eng.
Mr. I'. M. Wilson, the real estate man,
received a letter fronj the paper in
question yesterday, stating that Mr.
Palmer li now in Canada looking over
the country on behalf of the Empire
Section of the "News." Thia section
give advice to moneyed men in the
old I.-nl as to the best places in Canada
lor it: vest ment.
Bull's Eya of tha Weat
Prince Kupert haa been represented
to Th- Financial Newa aa the bull's
JJPJ rn i lie last great weet, and as a
jwult el this representation Mr. Palmer
tia." bent instructed to come here. He
wil probably arrive some time next week.
An extract from the letter reads:
In view of the wide influence of the
financial News amongst every dasa of
WWetor and the prominent part it is
aKna: In furthering the financial re-
Mum, between Great Britain and the
Iowa Representative Here
In addition to the above interesting
news comes more evidence that Prince
Rupeit and surrounding country is
attracting people from all points of tlie
compass. Representing a large number
of influential farmers and business
men from Iowa and the Western states,
Mr. J. N. Ralcom, of Griswold, Iowa,
is in the city investigating the possibilities of thc city and district.
Will Report on Farming Lands
He will return and report on the city
and the farming lands in the tributary
country around here. Mr. Balcom will
visit the Rulkey Valley up the Skeena
River before hc leaves for his home.
During tho coming summer a party
of prominent lowans have arranged
for a special car from Pes Moines to
Vancouver. After visiting Vancouver
the party will s|>ond a few days in Prince
^ Mechanic's Store
Men's Outfitting Goods
The Largest Shoe and Variety Store in the City
Male Attire Clothing    -    -   Montreal
Fnie English Flannell Shirts are the
nicest garments for summer wear. Wc
have them in a large assortment of
$3.50 and $4.00 each
Silk, light wool mercerized ami hnlbrig-
gan underwear in many qualities are
arriving daily for the spring season.
75c to $3.50 garment
SOME men may be
indifferent to style in
shirts, but no man can well
be indifferent to fit.    A
is always as appropriate to
the wearer as it is to the
Made  in  every style
white or color fast
Stetson Hats
A very fine assortment of spring hats
has just arrived and are Borne of the
nicest lines made Stetson, English and
Canadian styles.
Sixth Street
Alder Block
Prince Rupert
Kelly, Douglas & Co., Limited
Have a full line of staple and fancy groceries,
tobaccos and cigars, and are in a position to fill
all orders entrusted to them. Prices and quality
guaranteed,  ..  ..
stands for
McRae    Brothers    Are    Experts    In
Business Systems
There  arc  certain  lines
Prince   Ru|tert   that
itiih'o ivujwii in... .i. looking
forward to the day when their trade
outside the city will equal in volume
that within the city. The stock of
McRae Bros., Ltd., is such a one. In
Mich lines as Remington Ty|>owritors,
Globe - Wernicke Desks and Filing
Cabinet!, K. & E. Drawing Materia^
and   Stirvevini!   Instruments,   Kodaks
and Photo Supplies, Gramophones and
I Loose Leaf .Systems. McRae Bros.
i have a large stock and are catering to
I the trade of all Northern B. C.
McRae Bros, will he pleased to send
catalogues on any of the above lines for
! the asking.   Just drop lhem a post card ,
stating the line you are interested in.
A   member   of   the   firm,   hustling
business in their various lines, will make
regular trips throughout  the season to
Hazelton, Stewart and Queen Charlotte!
Islands -all towns in Northern B. C,
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone I.
Social Notes
The Ladies Auxiliary have now completed arrangements for a dance in the
Mclntyre Hall, on the 18th inst.
Mrs. V. W. Smith entertained a number of friends at Bridge on Thursday
afternoon. The prizes, four dainty
centerpieces, were won hy Mrs. Stuart
Johnson, Mrs. McDonald, McLeod,
Mn*. Clements and Mrs. Pillsbury.
Mr. C. A. Vaughan (of Sloan Co.)
returned to town yesterday from Hazelton and way points and reports business
brisk and prospects very favorable. ���4"
'���* "
> >.
������������' 1
'J ���* 1
Owned nnd operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Hfcilwuy on
tlie American ami European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
���team heat, electric light, and all
modern conveniences, being absolutely tirst-c'.ass in every respect.
The appointments ami Service
are equal to any hotel on thc
Rates: $1 (0 $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Had a Trial Test on Toronto  Streets in Presence of
Ontario Fire Chiefs���Is Now on Its Way to
Prince Rupert���Description of
the New Engine
l   THE
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth St.
The Finest Itt��ims.
The Is-st equipped
m nnd steiiiu lient.sl.
Hot nnd cold Imlhs.
Diniiur room and
restaurant :
Prince   Rupert's  famous  Are-fighting I
auto, after many delays is now completed
and on its way hitlu-i. to do duty.    In"
ilie East  it  has attracted a ureal ileal
of lU.emiiili, the tire chiefs tf the principal Ontario cities journeying lo Toron-
I in len days ago, to attend b grand public
] performance of lhe iiuio on the BtTeeta
j of the Ontario capital.
Judging by I he account R in t he Toron 11
j papers,  the engine  made  a  great  im-
I pression on lhc lirt experts and on the
I Toronto public, and proved an excellent
advertisement for I'rince Rupeit,   The
following is ihe account of the apparatus,
which  together with  a  picture of the
engine appeared on  the  front   page of
.he Toronto World of March 22.
Description of thc Engine
An auto chemical hose wagon similar
to the three which Chief Thompson has
asked the city to provide for the purchase of  in the estimates  of  the  tire1
department, ai about $8000 each, this)
, year, arrived in the city yesterday and
received a try-out.    It  has been con-1
BtrUCted   for  the   use   of   the   lire  de-j
I pan ment  in the new western city of i
j Prince Kupert, and it hits been demonstrated  for the benefits of the heads
i of tlie fire departments of a number of
Ontario cities.    This afternoon it  will
|start on its way to the growing city of
the wesl.
Chief Thompson, in company with
lhe representative of the manufacturers, took the mayor and board of control for a spin' yesterday noon, and
they made a record trip from the city
hall along Queen street to University
avenue, up the avenue to the parliament buildings, and back to the city
ball by College and Yonge streets. The
trip only took 15 minutes.
Massive, but Speedy
Tbe truck is a massive affair of Bteel
build throughout, making 7 ions of dead
weight that require an 80-ho**je-power
engine to propel. The engine is a (>-
cylinder and capable of driving lining bulk of fire-fighting apparatus along
a level stretch at 40 miles an hour
This high power also gives lhe machine
the ability Co climb hills in a manner
calculated to make a healthy horse look
Combined with this high speed is a
biction brake that instantly binds the
double back wheels antl stops ihe
iruck while ihe team would be thinking about it. These and many other
advantages are pointed out by the
chiefs, who are all enthusiastic about
the metal monster. They claim that
with the advent of these machines
there will be no more tired horses: i'i at
every man will be available at a lire,
no man needing to stay and watch frisky
horses, no horses will have to be hitched,
and no smell of the equities will annoy
the fastidious around the lire halls.
An All-Round Equipment
As well as 1200 feet of hose, the truck
carries a 4-gallon chemical tank, two
Babcock extinguishers, a 12 foot ladder, and a 21 foot extension ladder,
thus making it fully equipped to deal
singlehunded with small tires. About
len men will be required to handle it.
It is estimated that it will last from
20 to 80 years, as the daily run would
not average over 4 miles, and everything
in a fire hall is kept in perfect order. It
looks as if Toronto will have to "pony
up" the price if she would keep up with
the times.
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
Good Buys and Easy Terms
Prime residence l���ts i��� Bection 7, $350
$.r)0.cash, balance moi
Lot in section 5, $450   $100 cash
Balance monthlj
Lot on 3rd Ave., Bection 1. , i-,.
Lot on 2nd Ave., Bectioi
R. aTwhite
Second Ave.
���:1-th Sir,
of British Cohiiilliia of H.C Ontario, Snu-
nnil Manitoba Burn. kiilfliewnn  nntl Al-
liiTtn Bam.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Ofllc���Excliunire lilm-k, oorner Tliirtl avenue nnil
Sixth street. PrincRuiierL B
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., D. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All .l.'iilnl 01 i.'t ti I ions -i.n 1 nli\ treutiil, Ona nnd
local iiniiHtliolicH mlininiHtt'ri'tl [or tho ptlnWH extraction of tct'tti. Consultation free. OfltoM: 19
and BO Aider Block. Prince Riiueit. ii-12
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
Alox.M.Miinson.n.A.      W.K.Willinnit,n.A..L.l..D.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C.
p. o. BOX HI
I'l'l'll   OF WM. rOXOM, SSQn A.H.A.M.,  1 "'. . I Ml.
3rd Ave.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Plumbing   :  Steamfitting
Third Ave., between Tth and Sth SU.
Forwarding,   Distributing  and
Shipping  Agents.
Storage of Baggage and House-
hold Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907
Phone 262
STOCK   r.lMI'l.l'.Ti:
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
===E.   EBY   C&   Co.==
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
To Lease
13, 14
13, 14
3,   4
17, 18
1,   2
7,   8
Second Ave. Prince Rupert, B.C.
The Light that Rivals
Local business men recoi
This well-known gasoline light is s���i,
exclusively b\
Building  Material,   Cement,   Um
Hair-fibre Plustcr, Coke, Blacktmll
Coal,   Common Urick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, Ncw Wellington Co
See Us for Prices.
Phone So.
Section 1
Block 7, lot 87,  12600;   1
terms on balance
Block 7, lot 14, (1840; I
ance good terms
Block 28, lots 3 and 4, $3,20
Block 29, lot il, 11,860; half cash
Block 59, lots 4, 5. 6, 11,500 each;
cash, balance ti, 12, Is '
Block 31,   lots  17,   1".   -..'Hi; >
cash; with B-room house real
for $40 per month
Section 5
Block 22, lots 9, I". Sii", each ; l-2(
Block lit, lot 29, 81,000; $ijo��
Block 33, lot 5 with small li"
1-2 cash
Block  39,   lots  19, 20.  $1,860 pr; '
Block 23| ijs 8,4, 51,600 pair; 1-8
balance 3, ti months
Wo  3 T"r for  lalo in thi; i ���
6-room LoubC with bath for$3,lW
terms of $500 ensb  and   the  bal
extending over three yeara,    I'm
practically new, plastered thim
and built   by present owner W
best of labor ami material.   This 1
best buy in the city [oratiyoi
a house and lol on easy terms
Section 6
Block 4. lots 21 nnd 22, 11,600 eacl
Block '.. lots HO nnd 31. S1800 each,
ca '1
Block 17, lot 21, 11.200; good tern
Block 19, lots 9 and 10, P,600 pr;
$500 ca'h balance fi.  12, 18. al
DlorkJES, lot 13, 6-roomliou��i l
Block 88, lot 20, $l,02.r.: cash I	
Lota on Ninth uvenue  for I
and i2o per month
Section 7
Kine lots on Fifth Ave. in Sec
for 1800 "nch.
liood Lots on Seventh Ave. 101
Section 8
Double corner on  the PlaM fo
Fine Level L"t on Sherbn 0 ���
Block 28, for $320.
Farm  Lands.
We have several blocks of h
the Bulkley Valley along the li
the G. T. P. in lots of from '
8,000 acres. We also have a
choice block's in the Ootsa and 1-1
Lake country.
We  have  several  good buys
Lakelse and Kitsumkalum Valley
are worth investigating.
McCaffery & Gibb
Real EiUte and Iniurance
H I;
�������� . m*'���> COAL NOTICE
l>i,K>n churiottoSlaiiiruin ijiml DIsMet���District "I
^u Skwns
Tak. notice llmt I, John McLood ol Vnncouver
icuDiUon broker, intond to spply lor parmission
_ prospoct lor coul und petroloum on the following
E.-crihcd lunds: .
[Commencing ut u poat plunted ubout two mllM
Lutii und two milss w''Bt "' m* 1|lul|t" ol tha
,.| Kiver und murked J.    Mc.L. N, B. Comer,
"�����   tbence south HI) chuins, thence wast Kll
11" thence north  80 cliuins, thenco eust.  SO
urs  to  point   ol   commencement;    Containing
n .���*   more or less.
K, '   !'. i. ���"���   1811. JOHN McLKOD
T,'ii Feb. MT Clurenco McDowell, Auent
��� Charlotte lslunds Land District���District ol
ile notice thut I, John McLeod oi Vancouver,
.nation broker, intend to upply lor permission
, peel lor coul und petroleum on the followinK
'! lunds:
���i i neiliK ut ll post plunted ubout two miles
I, and two miles wait ol the mouth of the
Kiver und murkeil    J. Mc.L. S. B, Corner,
l_   thence norlh SO cliuins, Ihence west SO
thence  south   80  chuins,   thence  eust   SO
i'to point of commencement:  contuininK 640
ii.nre or less.
,    SfcktLmi J0I,N McLEOU
j-(.},. 84. Leslie K. Walter, Agent
l Chariottfl lslnncts Land District���District of
ii, mil itt' 'l��"t I. J��'m McLaod of Vuncnuver,
m broker, intend to upply for permission
Cl for conl und petroleum on tlie following
1 landi: ... ..
mendng atu post planted about two miles
. two >������'������*���* wort ��f ���-* nuiuih o( ihu
:i..r and marked   J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner,
thonot south HO chuins, thence west  ht)
t  encfl nortli  SO  chainn   thence ciut 80
.., (���ii*tt of commencement; containing ti 10
'   r    ''  '      ' ,...,w.      ..     *,   nr.-.
, mil. 'tMIN  MCLEOD
Clarence McDowell, Agent
.-*.. IttaadaLtnd Dintrict���District of
:hut I, John Mcl.eod of Vancouver,
tion brokor. intend to upply for permission
coal and petroleum on the lollowing
��� i landi: ,       ,    ,
���   ai   u  post   plantc<l   about   two
���  two miles west of the mouth of
KtvOTi   (.inihiim   Island,   und   murkt-i
N. \V. Corner, No. :)1, thence anuth B0
��ust   so chains, thenci  north  hi)
���  .   west 80 chains to |K>iul of com-
containing O-IO ucres, more or leas.
Clurence MeDowell, Agent
-���<��� hiun(is 1-uml DUtrict���District of
thai 1. John McU'od of Vancouver
.-. Intend to apply fur pormJaakm
f ki.iI und petruleum on the following
���a post planted uUiut two miles
,:, . wott ol tin- noutfa "f tha TW
��� ���', .1. McL, S. W. Corner. No. 88,
i chaii , thenoa aaat Bu chain**,
������hams, thence \w,\ B0 rhains to
ncementl   contuining tilt) ncit-s,
ll'I l.ll'l*^ >y*mi.'-lt_i
, mn.
Clurence McDowell, Agent
. Iilanda Land DUtrict���DUt rict of
i that 1. John Mcleod of \'uncouver
'��� < r. n.i< ml io upply for |mtim.-i-.n
. : and petroleum un the following
poal planted about two miles
IV  EUvaf and marked John  MrL.
\"   32, thenco south 80 chuins,
tlna, thencv north 8<i ttuUna,
ru to point of commercerni-nt;
, nn n> or 1cm.
1, i'.'ll. JOHN McLKOD
Lealie K. Walter, Agent
talandi Uintl District���DUtrict of
at I  John McLeod of Vuncouver,
r. intend to apply for permission
Coal and petroleum'on the following
.- a) a pout planted about two nn!< **
ith of the Tl-el Kiver und marked
l.. Corner,  No. 31, thence west 80
north  80 chains,  thence east  80
outh 80 chains to point of com-
nintaining GIO ncres, more or leas.
*   !, 1-11. JOHN McLKOD
\ Leslie E. Walter. Agent
|fc��i Charlotte Islands Land District-DUtrict of
Sko n i
that f, Jorn McLe d of W couver,
. r, IntOD I o upply for permiasion
e al and iwtrolvuin'o.i the following
I p st planted about four.mihs
milaa watt of the mouth of thu
nd marked J. MeL. N. K. Corner,
Ma   outh 80 chains, thenco wwt 80
north  M) chains, thence east 80
��� " ' I ''oinmencetnent:    onlnining 610
. or less.
I Clarnnce McDowell, Agent
| tta Islands Land DUtrict���Diatriet o?
Sk enu
thai I. John McLeod of Vancouver.
i.'T, miend to uppl    for pwmiasion
' coat and petroleum on the lolluwing
���' at a post planted four mi'e* south
( ihe mouth of t..c  TM Hiver and
B  I.. Corner, No. -Iii, thenco n tth
WOBi M) chuins. the ce soulh 80
ea i   ���<> chai      t    point of com
. '   [".iimng CIO acres, more or le-*.
Claranco McDowell, Agent
tta Islands Land District���Diatrict of
'' I. John McLeod of Vancouver,
1 r, intend lo apply for permission
'I UM petroleum on th'- following
[ < it iwst planted about f ur miles
I miles we t of th0 mouth of tho
marked J. McL. N. W. Corner,
OUth 80 chains,    thence e st 80
, mirth 8    chains, thoneo  west   80
i M "f commencement;  containing <i 10
QuoonlCharlotta islands Land Diatriet���Diatrict f
Take notice that 1, John Mcl.eod of Vancouver,
occupation hroker, inten.l to upply tor permiaaion
to proapeet for coul and petroleum on tho following
deaerlbed lands:
Commencins ut a post planted about three miles
north und one miles west of the mouth of the N-el
Uiver and marked J. MeL., S. K. Corner, No. 25,
thenco north 80 chuins, thenco west 80 ehaina,
thence south 80 chnins, ihenc,. eaat  80 ehuins to
point of eommeneement;   contalnina 040 aerea,
more or leaa.
Dated Feb 26,1011, JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Quean Charlotte lalandi Land District���DUtrict o|
Take notice that I, Joh McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coul und lietroleum on the following
described hinds: H
Commencing ut u post planted about four miles
north and three miles west of the mouth of the
Tl-el Uiver and marked J. MeL., N. K. Corner,
No, til! thonce muth 80 chains, ihenee neat 80
chuins thenoe north 80 chains, thenoe BUI Mi
chuins tu point of commencement; containing lilU
acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 86,1011, JOHN MeLEOD
Tub. Feb. 28. Clurenco McDowell, Agent
Oueen Churlotto Islunds Land District���-Disirict of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of \ ancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to proapeet (or coal and petroleum on the following
descrihed lands:
Commencing ut a post plantetl ahout four miles
north and three miles west of the mouth.if the
Tl-el Uiver and marked J. McL., S. K. Corner
No. 85, thence north 80 chains, thence weatSO
chnins, thence south 80 chuins, theneo ea I B0
chuins to point of eommencemenl; containing 040
acres, more or less.
Dated Keh. 26, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb, B& Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Churlotte Islands I-nnd District���District of
| Take notice thai I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupatiun broker, intend to apply (or permiaaion
to prospect lor coal uml petreleum on tl.e followh a
described lund:
Commeneini at a post plumed ubout tw mites
north of th mouth of the Tl-el Rivor and marked
J. McL., S. K. Corner, No. 3, ihence north M)
chains, thenco weet BO ehaina, thenee south so
chains, thence east 80 chains to point ol Oonv
meneementi oontalnlng mo acres, mi mortal
Dated Feb. 25, 1911. FOHN  MeLEOD
Pub. Keb. 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Tuke notloe that I, John McLeod ot Va
oecupatlon broker, intend to apply for pi n
to pi    ; ed far coal and petroleum on th   fullowii g
doscirbed land:
Commencing   at a poal planted ahout two milei
north ol the mouth of thi TW r mt an   i
J. McL., s. W. Comer, No. I, thance north 80
e1  lb        ihe; re   i ;i  t    80   chuins    th'T.C-   eOUth   80
ehali  . U ��� nee an I  B0 el all - to poll i ol com
mencement; oontalnlng64* acn .tnoreorlc
Dated Feb. 26,191L JOHN MeLEOD
Pub, Keb 27. T. B. U alter. Agent
Queen Charlutte Islunds Lund DUtrict- DUtrict
Take notice that I, John MeLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker. Intend to applv f r permiaaion
i io pre; pad (or conl uud petroleum ��i. the Following
de crib! d land)
Commoncing a  a poat plantod aboul two mltai
��� north ann I  o mile- weet ol the mout   of the
i Tl-el Rlvar and marked J. MeL., n. \\ .��� I orner,
j No. 27. theneo south B0 chuins. thenc*   I :��� I  BQ
chalna, thoneo north B0 chad . thene*  west 80
ehaina to point of commencement; contuining 610
1 acraa, mora or leaa
I Doted Feb.25, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Keb. 27. T. K. Waller, Agent
\   . 11
containing (U0
Clarance McDowell, Agent
'��� UUndl Lund District���District of
t , Skoena
t thai I.John ML odd Van ouver,
' "or, intend to applv (or pormiss on
Poalad   etHeumon   nt following
i nap K pitQt (l flbo tro rmnM
��� mile   wait of th   m uth    f the
artad I   M L.     .   W.  Corner.
north   SO chains, thenc I ens*   BO
Miu       0  chains,   the ���*?  wost   SO
"1 comnetcem-nt:      ntaining MO
i,; .
"��� ,1   UN M'l.l OD
Cn.a t. M |/o oil, Agi-nt
**,   Hi
I     V I.
Quran Charlotte lnlniii!�� Laml DUtrict���District of
Ttk* notic** that I. John MeLaod ol Vanoouw,
occuimiion hroker. intand to upply for parmlarion
to pr"!-|HYt lur coal ami pt'truli-tiin on I In- following
doscrihcif *i.t.��� I - _
Conunondni at a po.t plantad :ii>oui two mita.
north anil two milen wt^t ol tho moulh of Tl-ol
Rival anil markeil J. Mel... S. \K. Conor, No. 26
thence north HO chiiir.*, thi-mv ni^t BO ebaina,
thanea miuiIi hi chalna, thane, t-am *" ehaina to
pount al commencement; containinit filu acraa,
more or hi��.
Datad Fab. 28, KU JOHN MeLEOD
I'uh. Pab. ''7. T. B. Walter. Afont
! Quwn Charlotte Wnniln ljiml Dintrict���Dstrict ef
Take notice that I, John McLiinl ol Vancouver,
occupation hrokir, intenil lo apply fur i
in proapwt for coal anil ]wlroleum on Ihe following
deacribad land:
Comm< ncing at u post plunieil nhnut iwo milen
north anil two milen wwt of tn. mouili of tb.
Tl-el Hiver and markiil J .Mel.. N. \V. Corner.
No. 61, thence Miulli BO chaina. thence ��. JO
| chaina, thenc rorth M) chuin.., ihenc aui N
cliairiH In   point   of   commencement    containing
64li acren, more or lem. 	
Datad Wb.26, mil. JtHiN MeLEOD
Puh. Keb. 27. T. B, Walter, Agent
Queen Charlo le Islnndn Land District���Oiatrict of
Take notice that I, John Mcl/nnl ol Vancouver
occuputiiii, hroker. Intend to apply l"t perrniaajon
to |M0��pMt for eoul and pelroUuni on the (cillowmg
doeeribad land:
Commencing at a pent planted uIhiui WO 10 M
nortli and two milen west of lhe moulh Of IM
Tl-el Kiver ui.d morked J. Mel... B. B. < ornM,
No. r>'', thenci' north Ml chaint, thanca wwt 10
chainn, thanea noulh WI chain��. thenn- ea.-t HO
chainn to point ol commencement: contuining 0411
acren, more or h*a.  . ���.,,.��� u.tvnn
lialedl'el'.'J.V l'.Hl. __{��IIN, Mr1-'--' "J
I-uh. Keh. '.;. T.K. Walter, Agent
Qaaan Charlotte Uandl Und Dintrict-District ol
Tuke notice that I. John McLood of \ancouver,
occupation hroker, inlend to apply for ih;""1^"'"
to prospect lor coal and intriileum onth. following
dencrilud land: ,   ,     ... .,
Commencing at a post planted almut t Im e mile,
west and two milen north of the mouth ol th.
Tl-el Itiver and murked .1 Mel.. B. E. I orner. No,
67 thence north Ho chiins, theneo ��.- B0 en��li��,
thonco south Ml chains, therce eas m , ��m. .
point of commencement; conluimig 840 ner"..
more or lenn. ,,���,v u��rvnr1
Queen'Charlotte laland* I nd I ii-trict���district o
^ Skeenu
Taka notice that I, John MeUod ol^Van,
occupation broker,.Intend to applj orpa
to pr. npert for coul un,l petroleum en the following
muth and two went   o   the mouth ol   11 el '
80 chains, thence wal Bo ohal    "'''',:""'
mei cement;  contain.ng 6 IU WW, " ���"' "'I    ���  ,,
Skeenu ljind District -I lift riot of Coust Itunee V
Tata notloe that Ju.-k Bedford ol KelgHley,
Yorkshire, England, oceupstlon over-looker, intends m upply fur permUsion to purohaa. th.
rollowln, deMrlbod lumln:
Commeneini at ��� post planted al a point in the
eaaterly houndary of timber limit 38320 and In
the southerly limit ol loi 3989, Range B, Coasl
District, where u���. Said limits Intoned, thonce
along the southerly limit ol tol 3080 alorasald
uml the projection theraol In an easterlj direction
BO ehums more or less ,,, n���. weaterly limit id
timlier limit 32801, thanee in a southerly direction
ulot.g the lul mentioned limit II eliuinn mere
er I������: to the northerly limit ol timber limit It
ihene. in u westerly direction along ihe last i	
tinned limit Ml ehuins more or less t,, i|... easterly
limit ol lioilM-r limit 38828, thence In a northerly
direction 11 ehuins more er leas :.< "ie- polnl tit
DatedMareh B, mil. jack BEDFORD
Pub. March 26.
Skeens Land Distriet   ni-triei ol Coasl Rang. \
Take notica that  Charles P, (iu,.r ol Princo
Rupert, it. c., oceupation surveyor. Intends t
upply   for   permisaion   to  purehu,'.   the   fulle-.uue
deacribod hinds:
Commencing al . post planted ai the north oast
corner ol surveyed lol 8984, Range ���">. Coul DU
triei. thonce in an easterly direction slong the
southerly limit ol lurveysd lot :i!i!il uml the projection thereof lu ehuins to a point, thenoe south
parallel to the eaatarly limit of nirveyed lot 39! I
aforesaid '>*> chnins more or le-, to the norther!
limit of u timber limit CNo, 42663), thenee wm
10 eliuii.s more or less to u poinl in the proec i
southerly ol the easterly limit ol surveyed lot
8084, thenci' In a northerly direction along the
projection ol tbe suid limit and along the said
limit tin ehalns more or less to polnl of commence
merit, containing 'Jin ucres more or less.
Duud March 8, l'Jll. CHARLES P. OTTER
Pub. Mareh I1.'..
Sksens Land District���Dlstricl "i Coul Range V
Tuke notin. thut Edith Alio. Crowther >.[
lkleg, Yorkshire. England, occupution spinster,
intends to apply for piTminMoh to purchuse the
following descrihed llllels:
Commandng at a posl planted at th. aouth t est
corner "l surveyed lot 3901, Range ... Coast District, thence north ulong the easterly limit of th.
suei lot 36 chains more or less to the southerl-
llmll of Lot8986,Rang.6, const district, thence
east along th. southerly limit of the hit n.-nil. ..!
!<n 60 chains to . point, thenee in a southerly direelioii 86 el.ain.i parulM In i
euterly llmll nf lot 8991, thence In a westerly direction i>u chaim mnr.- or leu to
the p.lim ol commencement oontalnlng 210 acre
mnr.' or 'Ota.
Dated Mareh B, 1911.
Pub. March 28.
BkeenaLand Dtatrtcl   District of Coast
Tal ti" tl al I J   H   HeAughey of Prinos
ll.it.er;. occupal Intends m apply  for
Ion t.. put ch. ������ i he followinfl dowu ii-si
.    ��� at a post planted at tho southweel
..'.  I lenc.   m I   :���'  ' ham-.   Ihenee
. hains, thenee
nortl 1" point of comrrwnc��nent. con-
.. ���     r lus,        .
in. I ��� I   16, 1811 .1. II. McAl
Put.. Kel.. ���_:.. i:iii. Androw Kanmdy, Airent
Bl 'ena Laa I Dlstricl   Dlstricl of Const
Taka notice ihat  I. Pater Reid, ������! Vai
B.C, occupation teamatar, Intandi  toapplyfor
.  ���<���! it-    1
r i ii eneiiii: ut n poal planted and marked P.
It.'- s.W, corner and Immediately adjoining posts
marked J.M.'a N.K. enrner uml A.H.'s S.E.cor-
irth 80 ehaina, thenoa eaat lOchalna,
..���hums, thenee we-t 40  .'hams, p.
polnl of   commencement, containing 820 acre.
more or less. PETER REID,
Dated lsl Feb. 1911        Charlaa 11. Allan, Agent
Pub. Keh. 28.
Bkaana Land DUtrlot-Dhtrlct of Coast
Taka notice that I. William Anderson, of Vnn-
couver, B.C., occupation clerk. Intend, to apply
:'..-��� |.ei mis- ..." t>. l.iueh.lse the 1.11.... im   de-erili-
ed i ni.i.:
Commendnvat n p..st planted and markad VV.
A. northsrest cornar,and about 1 mile from Alexander   Um hun   northern boundary line; thenc.
South     ���'  .'huills,   thonc. OUt   B0 ehains    thenre
north sn ehains. thene,- west BD chains, i" point of
ncoment, containingt t nr less.
llat.sl l��t l'eh. pill Cliurle- II. Btark, Airent
l*uli. Feb. 26,
BkeenaLand Diatriet���Diatriet of Coaat
Take noti.-e that I. Alexander Buchan, "f
Vancouver, B.C, occupation butcher, inlend. to
apply for permiaaion i" purebaea tha foUowing
described landa:
Commendng . post plnnted and markad A.H.'s
B.I   corner, and adjoining posts mnrknl J.M.'s
N.E. corner and P.R'i B.E. comer; thai weet
so ehuins.  thenee north so ehailts. them nsl Nl
chalna, thanca aouth 80 chaini to pnint nf commencement, containing 640 at roi moro or leaa,
Dated 1st l'eh.. 1911 Chillies 11. Allen, Axent
Pub. Keh. 2j.
Sl.eeiri I^ind District-District of Const.
Take nntiee that l.John Miller, of Vancouver,
H.C. oceupation butcher, intends to apply for
i.ej inis-inn to purchaae tha following deseiil.il
Commencing at apoet plantod nbout I chain
from tidewater nt the head nf l.ii-c..inlie Hay. and
mnrknl J.M.'s N.E. corner, ihenee west ID chains,
thence  snuth so ehuins,   lle'i.e e;i-l   -.1 ehuins.
thonc. nnrth BO chains, to point ..f oomm.nee-
ment. containing 640 acreajnorew tau.
...il . Mil.1.hit,
Dntnl l-t Pen., 1911       Charlea B. siurk, Axent
P ib. Feb. 26,
Skeena Land District -Dlitrict of Coaat
Range 5
Take notice that I. Fred Garton, of
Prince Rupert, M.C., occupation tar-
ini'f. intenda to apply f��>r permiaaion to
purchaae the following deecribed lamls:
Commencing at a poat planted at the
tmrtli cast corner of aurveyed lot 1987,
Range 6, Coaat diatrict, thence north 60
chaine t" a slough; thence west 28
chains; thence south 80 chains; thence
east 28 chalna to the point "f com-
""���n''"'""nf- FRED. GARTON
Datnl February 26th. 1911
Firsl Insertion Mar. ll
Water Notice
Notice la hereby given that an application will lie made under Part V. of
the "Water Act,   1909," to obtain a
Queen t harlotte 'stands Land Districl    Districl ol
lake nntiee thin I, jnhn Mel. I ol Vancouver,
licenae   In    tho    Skeena    Division   of 0M'"l,u,i"" broker, Intend to apply lor psrmk Ion
Skeena District. ;;;^^
'I lie name, address and occunution ,i c8!i,n!0��?'n* ut',' i"'M planted ai the mouth
I' Ilie -Ill I, lie. nt    i      ��     Oil", the'll-el liner und murked   J.   McL. N.E. Co
i    li   applicant IB  S.   K. McCIinton, ner. No. SO, thenee south 80 chains, thene,. wa
state auent, \ ancouver, B.C. *9 fhalna, ihence north sn ehalns, itiei.ee eaal I
(a)   Thei
t-'iinimcnciiiR ut ii pnst planted in the mnuth of
....  80
I If fin- iiiiiiiiur  ,���,,., ,    I.'. M'        Cliuins lo pou.l of commencement;  contuininK 040
in nn mining nurposea)   Free Min- acres, more or ion
er a certincatt No  gaud Feb. ai, mj john Mclkod
(b)   The name of the lake,  stream or Pub,F9b-88' LertieE. Waiur. Agent.
Bource  (if unnamed the description
is) Kitaumkalum Kiver. Queen CharlotU Islands Und DUtrict    District ol
(e)   The point of diversion is near the     .e , . skl'('""
ntersectlon of tl, , r i, .���   i ,,    V      l:''' ""'���.'"' ",;"  ���John McLm<1 "' Vancouver,
ii it  ii tinn in  tlie east bmmdarj  ul occupaUon broker, InUnd to appl) lor permission
IOI I Iti.i. in prospeet lor eoal and petroleum on the lollowini
Hll   The quantity of water applied for "oommonchj'.t . ,., ��� pi,nu I about .,	
tm t'Hl IC feet per Becond) is Ull. west ol the mouth ol the Tl-el River and murked
tol    Tho   eli'ii i,.e   ,,f   il                      . V M't^.N. W. Cornor, No. 89, thence aouth 80
HI     tne   cnaracter   Ol    the   proposed   Chans, thonce out   SO chains, thai  north  BO
win Us is a general plain lor the pro- ��hnlns, ihence wi I                      point ol com-
duction of heat, light and nowcr and ''""""i'"   ?��?uAnln�� wo *m*iraore or ���***.
the manufacturi/g of  Zi   pulp,  RttaV1'ml    ,,  telftSgg
lumbers ami timbers generally,
(l'l   The premises on which the water Queen Chariotu islai    .                  :.,���,,(
ii to beuseu'ldescribesame) Mill-ue Skoens
nliotit   :!-!   of   a   mile   below  Intake- """notice that I, John MeUod ot Vam   iver,
i   ,���             ..hum        nny   i mn , occupaUon broker, Intend I   sniil   form
wood .train.' ami  concrete  buildings  to pmpect lor : nnd ,..i���.i!.'���',:���,,,h.'j.
in   inlilitinii   to   lhe   masonry, dams described Is
lluiin's and nenatocka neeeannn CommenclnB sl u posl planu-d aboul t�� ilea
.,,,           I            k.  ti. i. iss.ii>. WMt of the mouth .   th.          Itiver and marked
(g)     lhe purposes for Which the Water J;   MeL-   N-E-Corner, No   IO, thenco south 80
fatobeuaed is  power development.  ��_%* J
(hi   If for irrigation,describe the land "."wmen ntainingetoam ,morooi ���
a-i'..:'..':':..in:wa,::!'.,.,::vi"j; ^^,,mi -    - ���
(i)    (f the water Is to be Used for pow-1 Quoen CharlotU Islai trict    Diatrictol
er or mining purposes, describe the '   -.
liliu-t- wliei'i- tin- w'lti-i-   i<   iii   I..-   ������..   ' I, John McLood i    \
���  . wnen im water ia to be  ie- occupaUon
tuineil Iii some natural channel, and   toproapectfi
the difference  In  altitude  between ,],-!'nl,"!  ���
gaint of diveraionandpoint of return. uaSBraSfA"
rower plant about 8-4 of a mile down No   i,
Btream from the intake.    Difference ', o chains, thonc. ...��� bo
to  poinl  < I   . talning
Dated Feb. 21, 1911. JOHN Mel EOD
Pub. Feb. 88. I limy,.I, Ay at
iii altitude 80 feet
ijl   Area of Crown land intended to be
occupied by the pro) osed  woi ka ia
UMi acrea.
(k)   This notice was poated on thi 6th
day of March, 1911,  and application
will be made t" tho Commissioner . n
the 25th ih.   of April, 1911.
(ll   Give the namea and addres
any riparian proj rietora or licensees
who or whose Ian    are likel;   to be
atl'i'.'ieil by the proposed works,either
above or below the outlet   None.
.lames Cross, Agenl    ! '!  '
I'.ti. Box 285, Prince Ru| ��� rt, B.C
Note   < in.- cubic fool per
equivalent to ;>.">.71 miner s li .���,     ,,   ,, , . s,l,','":., ,    , , .
Pub, March 16, l'.M 1.
 i    Commencins at a
, of   lh.
R, VV. t orm r.   Ne
.-. d| com*
���a, mt
tn if.  poet lot coat and
..( tho
'il.il.,.. I. McU,
. ��� ���
. ell 20, 1811. JO|
I i
Water Notice
��� 10  -ir s,
o nr.- < -
Datod Feb.   ''. 1911. OHN  McLKOD
. _*. Cl r. r.e McDowrll, tgenl
1-. t rit*t ot
Take nol t ol   at couver,
��� I ��� following
i' lour nulen
the TW
Kim r .. Mel.. N  I:, t.i
i  .   co I 'I 1st 80 d tin. to
.,_,,... , ,      D.H : Fob.21, 1811. ���   JnllN McLKOD
Notice is hereby given that an appli-  Pub. I McDowell, Agent
cation will lie made under Pari \'. of
the "Water Act,   1909,"  to obtain ie,,,,,, lauidDistriei   Dbtriet ol
licenae m the ('ueen t harlotte Diviaion i
el' Skeena I hs trie t. notice that I, John McLeod ol Vam
. ���        ' I to appl v lor |ai
(nl    the name, address and occupation  ��� n the lollowing
of the applicant ia George Young, ,  . . ...
\ n'toita. I,.i . ' .....
(If for mining purposea)   Free  Min-  iti.. ��� ���
er'a Certificate No	
(In    The name of the lake,   Btream  or
source  (if unnamed, the description
is) Ain Lake antl Ain Itiver.
iii   The point of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(.li   The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) 1000.
(ei   The  character of  the  proposed
works, dam, Hume,  pipe-line, power
engines, plant, etc,
(fi   The premlaea on which the water
is in li" used (describe same)  at or
near mouth Ain Itiver.Masset Inlet,
.... t        i ��� i  .i
(Ki   Tha purposes for which the water :             n, inn.             john Mclkod
fatobeuaed la for power develop. I'ub.it ��� ttmMeDomil,Agnt
ment an.l mill operations,
Ihi    If   for   irrigation,    describe    the Queon Chariotta Mand. Land Pdatrhl   Distriet ol
(and to he Irrigated, giving acreage. ;,,,���,, ���, ,tir BWri
(il    [f the water IS to be USed for POW-   aeeupation Im        ���        loapplj  farpermhalon
er or mining purposes, describe the ;���'-  " thafoDewlai
place where tna water is to l"- re .                                 .mm lourmiiai
turned to some natural i-Iuiiiik-i, and aouti                    est at tha ��� outh .t tta
the difference In altitude between the |                              U^uBJ SS"S
point of divaraion and point or return   r. ������., , ,,i,. , rhsins, -i... ���
At of near moulh of Ain Itivi'i'.aluiiil i                                              ������ i' "��h I I 10
150 feet below lake level, johnmclkod
(j)   Area of Crown land Intended to be PubTpi                 ci.r��nr.Meiin��-,n, \,:.nt
occupied by the proposetl works ... .
(kl    This   notiee   was   posted   on   the
first dav of March, 1911, and appllca-       PORESHORI   I.GA3E NOTICE
tion will be made to the Commissioner
on the fifth day of April, 1911.
(I)   Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely   to   I"'
affected by the proposed works.elther
above or below tl tlet.    None.
II. Edenshaw, Agent
r.o. Box 286, Prince Rupert, B.C.
Note���One cubic foot per second is
equivalent to 86.71 miner's Inches,
Pub. March 16, 1911.
Coast Land Districl   Districl of Skeena
Tak< ���      e that I, Paul Brondler, of
Pi    i .ilii.ti  fanner, in-
lon to  lease
��� i.low ing foreshore:   Comn .   i Ing
:t' ;i i ��� I 12 f'" i from the
location i.. i of lol  I WI on Poi    i    I
laml, thenci ithet Ij   din
follow Ing hiirh water mark 1200 i. ��� i;
thei co wesl i" low water mat It: I
northerly   following low   water mark
1200 foot! then ust ii, poinl of com.
Dated March 7. 1911,
Plrat Insertion March ll i ��� -il
'���*.,��� .
-v.  i.    ���' 1
1     I
l'l   tfl
LI'i    I
'   (
.1 ���'
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agents for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
Queen Charlotte iBlandH Und Dintrict���District of
Tuke notice thul I, John Mcl-cod of Vancouver, j
occupation hroker, intend to apply for periruss on
lo prospeet Inr coul und petroleum on the lollowing
descrihed lunds: ,   , ,       _���
Commencing ut a post plunted about thw mil���
west  of  the  mouth  of  the  Tl-el     Kiver  marked.
J.    Moll.   N. Iv Corner, No. 70, thence soulh 80
chains, thence west  Ml chuins, thanea norlh HO
chuins, Ihence east  KO chuins to  point   of cum-j
niencenielit;  contuining WO ncres, mon' or less.
Dated Feh. 21, lilll.        , JO IN Mcl.KtlU
Tub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotto Islands Und District���District ol
Tako notice that I, John McUod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coul and petroleum on the following
described lands: ... ���
Commencing at a post plunted three- miles west
of the mouth of tho Tl-el Kiver und mnrked J.
McL. S. B, Cornor, No. 19, thence norlh 1-0
chains, thence weat SO chnins, thence south SO
chnins, tlience east 80 chains to point ol commencement: contuining 010 acres, more or loss.
Duted Feh. 21, 1011. JOHN MCLBOD
Tub. Fob. 23. Clarence McDuwell, Agent
Queon Charlotto Islands Und District���DUtrict ot
Tnke notici thnt I, John McLeod ol Vuncouver,
occupat in, br. knr, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for e 1 and petroleum on the following
Commencing at a post plunteil about two miles
west nf the moulh of the Tl-el Kiver and murked
J. McL. S. B, Corner, No. B0, thencc nortli SO
chains, thenco wost SO chains, thenco south SO
chains, thenco oast SO chains to point ol commencement; contuining 610 lien's, mon' or loss.
Datod Feb. 21, l'Jll. JOHN M'LEOD
I'ub. Fob. 23, Clnronco McDowell, Agent
Qg,e Charlotte Island Und District���District o|
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver
occupation brokor. intend to appl for permission
to iiriisp,-ci tor coal Hid petroleum o,. the lollowing
descrihed land:
Commencing ai u post plunted ubout eight
miles south and four Woat of th" muulh of the
'll-el rt'vcr and marked J. McL., 8 E. Corner,
No HO. thenee i orth SO chains, thenc west so
chaint. thence soulh SO chuins, ihcnco emu sn
chuin- to point of commenement: containin ; 40
acr.s, mor   or less.J nmuinu
,,.   Pab, 21.1 JOHN McLKOD
I>u .   tb 27 C. McDowell. Agen
Quean Charlotto Islands Land District���District of
Take notico that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupution broker, intend to upply for permission
to proapect tor conl i nd petroleum un the following
described land:
Commencing ai a post planteil about two milos
north from tho mouth of the Tl-el Kiver ond
marked J. McL. N. E Corner No. 2. thenco
south SO chains, thence west 8 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence >ast 80 chains lo point
of commencement:   containing  6 IU acn's   more
Datad Pab. 25. ion. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub, Feb. 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
..Whites Portland Cement...
Phone 125        Naden Block        2nd Ave.
Skronn Lnnd Pistrict-Dintrict of CnsRiar
Tak** nutiov thai I Jimeph IMwny nf Vancouver
B.C. iHTUpatinn pm*|n*ctor, inti-mln t<> apply fur j
Mrmlttton to purchase thi' foUow!nj?d��enb��dl
lands: .   .A
CotnmvnnnK at a pact ptantwl two and nno-hnlf ���
mlW'i. in an easterly iflroclion fmm tht* point on.
Naan kiver where the LtVl Lake trail I- n. . [
thenee vrm\ B0 chains, thence Mtlti) Hi chains, I
thenee MSt J*o t hains, thenee north BO chains tol
point of enmmenecment, contnininK ***4<l acres j
more nr less.
Date Keh. :t. 1911 JOSEPH HKLWAY
Puh. Mar. 1"
Skeena Land District- District of Coast Range 5
Take notice thai William Franklin Car[>enter
of Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation restaurant
keeper, intendi to apply for jwrmUsion to purchase
the following descrihed land :
Commencini: ni a post planteil at tho south east
corner of surveyed Lot 171-, thence ���-n chnins
aouth, thonce alxiut 3!i chains west to Lot 2(356,
thence 20 chains north, thencv 15 chnins west
thenco ahout 25 chains north to I ��� .'.' ' -. thence
about 30 chainB east to south east corner ol Lot
3068, thence ahout 35 chnins north to Lot 1711,
thence almut 55 chains east tu point of commencement: contuining -IM) acres, more or le**.
Dated Fob. 15, 1911.
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Land District���District nf Coast Range B
Take notice that Mary Muraun-l Uillis of Victoria, R. C, occupation housekeeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchnse thc followinK
described lands:
CommencinR at a post planted at the north east
rorner of Lot 3987, thence 20 chains west, thence
20 chains south, thence 20 chains west to T. L.
32597, thencc about mi chains north to Lakelse
River, thence meandertnK said river up stream in
a southeasterly direction to 1 -ak< \s>- Lake, thence
meandering said lake to point of commencement
ContaininR  160 acres, more or less.
Post marked M. M. G., V E. Corner.
Dated Feb. U, 1911.
I'ub. March 4.
Skeenn Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of COMt
Take notice thnt 1, Lealie K. Walter, of Vancouver, R.C., occupation prospector, Intends  to npply for permission to purchaaa the following described lands:
Oommonalng ftt I post pluttd nnd mnrked L.
E. W.'a S.K. corner and immediately mljninlnR
pust marked W.A.'h N.W. corner; thence north 40
chains, thenco west-SO ehaina, thenco Bouth 40
chains, tbence enst St) cbains. to point of commencement. containinR 320 acres, more or less.
Dttad 1st Feb., 1911 Charles IL Allen, ARent
Pub, Feb. 25,
Skeenn Land District��� District of Cnsslnr
Take notice that 1 Uolcom McDonnld of  Prince
Rupert, R.C., occupation laborer, intends to np
ply for permiasion to purchnse the followinR described lands:
CommencinR nt a post planteil three nnd one-
half miles in an easterly direction from the point
on Nans River where the Lava Lake trnil betrtns
nnd one mile in n northerly direction from the
said Lava Lake trail, thence north 80 chains,
thence west SO chains, thence south BO chains,
thence enst chains to point of commencement.
contuininu 840 acres.
Date Feb. 3. 19U. BOLCOM McDONALD
I'ub. Mar. 10. Joseph Belway. ARent
Skeenn Land District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that 1 Charles Morris of Prince Rupert, B.C. occupation laborer, intends to apply
for permission to purchaso the followinR descril)-
ed lands:
CommencinR at a post plantetl three and one-
half miles In an easterly direction from the point
OQ Naas River where the Lava LaUtt trail begins
and one mile in a northerly direction from the
said Lnva Lake trail, thenw south SO ehains.
thence east KO ohains, thence north SO chains,
thence west SO chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 aerea.
Date Feb. 3, 1911. CHARLES MORRIS
Pub. Mar. 10. Josenh Belwny, Agent
QtttwChwIottoWandiU, m   *,-_���     1
lake notice I' ai  1. Jul     \i,> ,,   .,,        I
'"  l    ' *\
��� "���*' ,* >��� * ����i i, Jin
occupation broker, Intend to
to pro ,���.Ci lor oral and *k rale .;.���'l ���*$***
describe t lamls:
Command g ut ��� posi , ,.���,,, ,,	
tith nnd two mila n     ..- ,, " '""n* .
TM Rlvar un.l markad  |   -, _ PS*/*
No. 48   thi'iio . Huntli -,i ,-'.      ",i   'iint
c ains, thencc north  - ""' "���'.�� I
chainn tn pnint ol comm nevment' .'.������" ?*i
ucres, mnri' nr Ian, '" "'"''WBti ta
Dated Feb sa, lilll. mnv ,,���
Queen Chariott.. Uand   I   ��� | Dhtriet-
h ������-,,
Tako notic.. thai I,
occupalion br, kcr. Intond lo iroU il, .?*���
to prospect fur coal ami,. ���. ,,'','���:
described laml:
norlh 80 chains, tiniiiee   ���
B0 chuins, thanaaaa . j '.���',:',;:
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Disirict���Dintrict ol
Tako notice that I. John McLeod ol Vancouver
occupntiun broker, intend to apply for iivrmi&sion
to prosepct lor coal antl petroleum on the following
described lands:
Comniencing at a post planteil about two miles
aouth and two miles west of the mouth of the
Tl-el Hiver and marked J. Mc.L. S. K. Corner.
No. 71, thenco north HO chains, thence west HO
chains, thence south HO chains, thenci' east K0 j on Nuns [liver where the Lava Lake trail beyins
chains to point ol commencement; containing GIO ���m| nni. Inj|t. |��� ��� northerly direction from the
acres, more or less. | said Uvn Lake trail, thence south eighty chains,
Dated Fob. 2', 1911 JOHN  MCLEOD   thence west Nl chnins,  thence north Sl ehains.
Pub. Feb. 21. Leslie F��� \\ alter, Agent i t|,Cnce east Hi ehains to puint of commencement,
containing 1140 ncres,
Skeenn Land Dlstriot-Dlatrict of Cassiar
Take notlcc thut I, John McDonald "f Prince
Kupert. B.C.. occupation hotelkeeper. intenda to
apply fur permission  tu iiurchase the following
daaoribad lands:
Commencing at n post plnnt.il three nnd one-
haif miles in an easterly direction from the point
Queen Charlotte Islands Lnnd District���District ol
Take notice that I, John Mcl-cod of Vancouver,
occuputiun broker, intend to upply for permission
to prospect lor eoul nnd pelroleum on the fullowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post plantetl ulniul four miles
soulh and three miles west ol the mouth of the
Tl-el River and murkeil J. Mc.L. S. B. Corner,
No. 711, ihenc north SO chains, thenci' ue-t  mi
Dale Feb. 8, mil
I'ub. March lu.
Joseph Belway. Agent
Skeena Land District���Distriet ol Coast Rango (
Take nolice lhat Mary l'.ill Beaton ol Vancou
ver. U. C. occupation spinster, intends to apply
lur permissiun to purchaae the [ollowing described
Commencing nt a post planted at the nortli
cimins, tlience south RO chains, thenci' ensl  HO   ^m wrm.r of Ut 3980. ihence alwut 30 chaina
Skoenn Land District-District of Cassiar
Take nntice that 1 Arthur .lames Welsh ..f Vancouver, occupatiun broker, intends to apply  for
permission l.i purchnse the fullowing descrilied
CumineiicinR nt a post plantetl throe and cne-
half miles in un easterly direction from the point
on Nuns Rlvar where the Lava Lake trail commences near the trail, thenee east eighty chains,
thenco south su chains, thonco west Hi) chains,
thence north su chains to point uf cummencement
eontniiiing ilto acres mure nr less.
Date Fob. 8, lull ARTHUR JAMES WELCH
Pub. Mar. Ill Joseph Belway. Agent
Skoena Land District-District of Cassiar
Take nntiee that I Andrew Cummings uf Vancouver, B.C., uccupatiun cook, intends to npplv
for permission to purchnse thc fullowing described lands:
Commoncing at a post plnnted three and one-
half milos in an easterly direction from thc point
on Naas River where the Uva Lake trail begins
near the trail, tlience west Nt chairs, thonce south
Ml chains, thence east Hll chains, thence north HO
chnins lo point of commeneement, contnininK 640
Date Feb. 3. 1911. ANDREW CUMMINGS
Pub. Mar. 111. Joseph Belway, Agent
Skeenn Land District-District of Caasiar
Take notice that 1 Hugh D. Glllis of Prince Rupert,   occupatiun laborer,  intends   to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planteil three and one-
half miles in an easterly direction from the point
on Naas River where the Lava Lake trail begins
and one mile in n northerly direction from the
said Lavn Lake trail, thonce north HO chnins,
then..' oust ni chains, thonce south Hll chains,
thenco west Nl chnins to point of commoncement.
containing 640 ncres.
Date Feb. 8, 1911. HUGH D. GILLIS
Pub. Mar. 111. Joseph Belway. Agent
Skeenn Land District-District of Coast Range 5
Take notice thai I Sovorin A. Tallander of Porcher Island, oi't'iipntion ship master, intend to npply for permission to lease thc fnlluwing de-
scrilietl fnroshuro:
Commencing at a pust plantetl at the N.W. corner of lot l:l(rj, thence west tn luw water mnrk,
thonce south nlong low water mnrk 25 chains
more or less, thence enst to S.W. cornor of lot
1302, tbence north nlong high water mark 'being
the westerly Imundnry of lot 13021 2.ri chains more
or less in point of eommoncoment nnd containing
nil foreshore In front of lot 1*12.
Datod March t, lull.
Puli. Mnrch IH.
Sk.' na Und District���Diatrict of Coast Rang 6
I Take notice that Benjamin Km- I Rice ul
< Prince Rupert, 11. I*., occupation uaiier, intends
> to upply for permission to purchaae the following
, described lands:
i Commencing at a post planted Ch chains south
I from the south oast corner of Lol 30(10, thencc 70
chains west, thence C5 chaina north, thence 70
chains east, thoncu 65 chains aouth to point ol
commencement; containing 455 acres, moro or
less. Post markod 11. 11. R.. S. E. Cor.
Dated Feb. 13, 1811.
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Coaat Range 5
Take notice thai David McLennan ol I'rinco
Rupert, B. C.. occupalion clerk, intends in apply
for iMTmtssion to purchase thc following described
Commencing at a post plantetl 40 ehalns south
Irom the south west corner of Lot 81)4, thenc. 40
chains east, thence 40 chains north, thence 40
chains weat, thence 40 chains south lo point ol
commencement; containing 160 acres, more or
Ions. Post marked D. M.. S. W. Cor.
Dated Feb. 1:1. 1911 DAVID McLENNAN
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Land District���District ol Coast Range 5
Take notice that Alexander BeaUin of Vancouver, B. C, occupalion carpenter, intends to apply
lor permission to purchase tho following deacrilied
Commencing at a post planted 80 chains south
Irom the south west corner ol Lot 8065. Poat
marked A. B��� N. W. Corner, ihcnco 30 chains
south, thence HO chains east, thenco 30 chafna
north, thence HO chains weat to point ol commencement; containing 200 acres, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 13, 1811. ALEXANDER BEATON
Pub.jMarch 4.
Skeena Land District���Diatrict ol Coast Range 5
Take notice that George Lovick nf Prince Rupert
B. C, occupation . Intmds to apply lo
permission   to  purchase  the  lollowing  dcurilied
Commencing at a post planted on shore of
Lakelse Lake alum! 60 chains north east from outlet
of aaid lake (Lakelso River:, thence 20 chains
north, thence about 60 chains cast to Lakelse
Lake, thence meandering said lake shora in a waat-
���rly direction to point of commoncement: containing HO acros, moro'or less. Post matkeil G. L.
S. W. Corner.
Datod F.b. 14. 1811. GEORGE LEVICK
Pub. March 4.
Skeena ljind District���District of Coast Range 6
Take notice that Angus Beaton of i'rince Rupert,
B. C, occupation miner, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at n post plantetl at tho south
eaat corner of Lot 39S", thence 40 chains west,
thence It) chains south, thence aliout 60 chains
east lo Ukelse Lake, thence meandering Bald lake
shore in an northerly direction to point of commencement; containing 170 acres, more or leas.
Post mnrked A. B��� N. E. Corner.
Dated Feb. II, 1811. ANGUS BEATON
Pub. March 4.
chuins  to  point   ol  commencement;    containing
840 ncres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 22. V.'U. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlutie Islands Lund District���D.strlct of
Take notici' that I, John Mcl-cod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend lo appl. for iiermission
to prosp.-ct lor cool an i petroleum on th.' lollowing
daaeriba '< land:
Commencing al a post ptunt d abu'-t i icht miles
south and lour west ol ihe mouth of Tl-el Itiver
antl mmk sl J. Mel... N. E. Corner, t> o. 79, thence
W. sO ehains. tl.ence south HO chains, thence nonh
Ho chains, thence east SO chains to point uf commencement: containing 610 ucrea, ������ ore or lo;-..
Dated Feb. 24, Pill. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands land District���District ol
Take notice that I, Jnhn Mcleod of Vancouver,
occupation bruker, intend to apply lor permission
lo prospect (or conl and petroleum'on the following
described lantls:
Commencing at a post planted alwut three
milen nurth and one mile west of the mouth of the
TM River and marke.1 J. Mrl... S. W. Cornr,
No. IH. thencc north HO chains, thenco east HO
chains, li.encc nuth.80 chains, thenee mat HO
chains to point ol commencement; containing 610
acres, more or less
Doted Feb. 2fi, 1911, JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 28. Clarenco McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotto IslondaJUnd District-District ol
Take nonce that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
north to Ut 1723, thence HO chalna w-cat tr Ut
39H2, tbence about 30 chains south to Ut 39H1,
Ihence 40 chains east, thunce 20 chain, aouth to
Ut !'���-.'. ihence 20 chalna eaat, thence 20 chalna
north, thence 20 chains eaat to point ol commencement: containing 2s0 acrt�� more or loss.
Post marketl M. II. 11., S.E. Corner.
Dated Feb.ll, 1911.      MARY HELL BEATON
I'ub. March 4
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District���District ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occuiiation broker, Intend to apply lor permisaion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post | lantod nbout live mile,
north and one mile weat uf the moulh o the
Tl-el River and marked J. McL., N. E. Corner.
No. 21. Ihence south HO chains, thence west 80
chains, thencc north 80 chains, thence east HO
chaina to poini of commencement; containing 610
acres, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 26, 1911.        ��� JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 28. Clarence MeDowell, Agont
Queen Charlotte Islands Und Disirict���District ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intond to apply lor permission
occupalion lirokcr, Intond to apply lor permWon I Ii" '^ffi��! '"a co*1 "nd l��,rol"lm'on the lollowing
to prospect tor coal and petroloum on the following   ""SJSSLSSf- ��� ~���   i    ..   u
descrilied land: (ommencing at a post plantnl about lour mile.
Commencing at a post plantcl nbout sJahtl SWmV*J**** *& Wy.?.tha.tBq��h_ol the
miles north and three milea west of the mouth ol _t"*ff*��. H"a m"_*^J' LMfL- *��� w- Corner,
the TM River nnd marked J. Mel��� S.W. Corner. .."', "���'��� 'h'n��' south 80 chaino, thenee east HO
No. 61, tlience north HU chnins, thence east HO i c^,'.n"' ""'���'��' north 80 chains, thenee meat HO
-...���nee east HO
chnins, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point ol commencement; containing
610 acres, more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 28,1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. March 3. Clarencc^McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotto Islands Und District���District ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intenil to appljfor permimion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on thc following
described land:
Commencing at a post planled about nine mllea
north and three milea west ol the mouth ol the
Tl-el River and marked J. McU, S. W. Corner
No. 62, thenco north 80 chains, thence east HO
chains, thenci" south 80 chains, thence wert HO
chains to point of commencement: containing
640 acres, more or hits.
paled Keb. 28. 1811. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Mareh 3. c. McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und District���District ol
Tako notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver
occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permission
to prospecl for coal and petroleum on the following
doscillicd land:
Commencing at a post planted anout nine mile,
north and three miles west of thc mouth of the
Tl-el River and marked J. McL.. S. E. Corner
No. 63, thence north 80 ehalns, thonce west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thonce east 89
chains to point of commencement: containing
610 acres, more or lers.
Dated Feb. 28, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. March 3 Clarenco McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District���District ol
, , Skeenn
Take notlcc that I, John Mclamd "ol Vanwuver.
H. C��� occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permUsion to prospect or coal and lietroleum on the
lollowing doscriliod lands:
3.���Commencing nt a post plantetl one mile
north ol the northwwt comer ol Ut 171, marked
J. MCL. N.W . ( orner, being tlienorth-wc t corner
thence eaat HO chains, thenco south 80 chains'
thence wwt 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
point of commencement.
DatadIDec1.24,1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pnb.Jan.21. W. Daas, Agen
chains to point ol commencement:  containing 640
acrw, moro or lists.
Dated Fob. 26, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Keb. 2H. Clarence McDowell, Agsnt
Quwn Charlotte Islands Und District���DUtrict ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intenil to apply for permission
to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the lullowing
��� I. -'-nl'.'I lands:
Commencing al a post planled almut lour mllea
north and three milea wwt ol the mouth ol the
Tl-cl River and marked J. McL., S. W. Corner
No. 54. Ihence north 80 chains thonce east R0
chains, thence aouth HO clains, thenc wwt HO
chaini to point of commencement: containing Out
acres, more or leas.
paled Feb 26, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict-DUtrict of
-. Skeena
Take notlcc that I John McLeod of Vancouver
occupation broker intend to apply for permission
to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the lollowing
descrilied land: *
Commencing at a poat planted about three mllea
woat and two milm north of the mouth if the II el
River and marked J. McL., N. E. Corne Nn 6h.
Ihence soulh so rhains, thence weat (.0 chains
thenco nnrth SO chains, thenco east chalna to point
of commencement; containing 610 acres more or
patetlMi 25, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pul.Ub.27. T. E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol
Take notico that I, J. G. McNab ol Prlnco^Ru-
pert, occupation general agent, intend to apply
for permission lo prospect lor coal and petroleum
on the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post plnnted at the so' th-esst
come- of .Section 3, Townsh p 2 Graham Island,
and marked J. G. McN., S. E. Corner, thence
. cV, 'h.��ln��' Ihence north 80 chains, thence
easl 80 chains, thence south 80 chaina to point ol
Dated March 8, 1911. J. G. McNAB I
Pub. March 2a. wiUon Gowing, Agent '
';���:: |
ommencing ut a po ��� ���. i aimm  .
b and two n���l,.  ,.
ked J.  McL. S.  E. i
h 80 chains, tin,.,-.    ��� :      "
���"ains, thonc M : iopoitt?!
ed[Feb 23. lull |   iAM;.
J. Feb. 25. I nn. n0  v
Queen Charlotte lslnnds Und Districl -p.-
_Tnke notico that 1, John V.,.   | .nlVtmm.
occupution broker, inteml i,
to prospect for coul un.l petroleum o" tb��ul~5
dcscrili.il lunds: ' '
Commencing at a posi nlanle 1 almut m ni
south and iwo WMt ol the mouth of tb, TU
River nnd markisl J. MeL. V V,. Corn, S'n.tt
thenco south HO chuin-. them .' I
thence north HO chains, thei ���
point   of  commeneemeii':
more or less.
Dated Feb. 23. 1911. lulls mxfqj
I'ub. Feb. 25. Clara -1'��.:. Apit
Queen Charlotto Islands Lnn 1 Iii-trict���Dist-ict rf
Take notico thai I. .1, . | Vunm
occupatinn bruker. Intend to appl   d>: |-rTwa
to prospect lor coul and pel
described lnnd:
Commencing at ��� pa -t ri. oita I
south  und  tWQ  mi'.' .  :tii' moulh of ti, I
Tl-el  Rivor and niiir;.. I ���   \v. Con* 1
No.  37 thenco north   - .  I
chains,  thenc sunt!:  B9 chi ���> I
chnins to point ol eomn ��� I
acros.fmore or less. ,
Dated Feb. 23, 1911. . MLEOD J
Pub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDonHAa*|
Queen Charlolle Island- 1 ll
Tnke notico thai I. Jol : I
oceupation brok.-r, i-.' ��� *. I
to prosjicct for coal at   i -t I
descrilied lands: 1
Commencing at a poat sl
aoulh and thrvo mUfa "*1
Tl-el River and marki M
No. 76, thence south 80 t ��� *���
chains,  thence  north '.'I
chalna  to point  of  em 'tl
640 ncres, moro or lev-. 1
Dated Feb. 23, 1911.                   '' MX M LEOO I
Pub. Feh. 25.                 i I
Queen Charlotte [aland   I
Take entice that 1. John Mc
occupati .i broker. Inti
to prosiaiCI for coal and |s u.'���
described lands:
Commencing at a p.   '
and three milw west "'
River and marketl J. Mel.
ihenc north 80 chains,  ll
Ihenc aouth 80 chains, ti
point ol commencement;   i-
more or leas.
Dkletl Feh.23, 1911.
��� I
Pub. Feb. 25.
.1.HIS' MlXoll
Queen Charlotte Islands I., ;���    r<<|
Bits I
Take notice thai I. Jolt: " 'I
occupalion hroker, intend to _
to prospect for coul and is i n **"""B
ilencnbetl land: ,1
Commencing at a Post pi a 1
and two woat of the DU 'I
markisl J. McL, B. W. Col 'I
north 80 chains   thei.. 1
south 80 chains, thenr. I
commencement;   containing ' I
t)��ed Feb. 24.1911. 1
Pub. Feb. 27. C. Mf."���".������ M*
Queon Charlotte Islands Und I>  ll    -Dw**
Skeona _ _
Take notlc that l.John McL.-
occupation broker. Intend to appl; "
to prospect forcoal and iielroleum u ���!
deacribed iand: ,   . ,       ,   lt_A
Commencing nt a post plunted en'11 m'\*m*
and two wwt ol the mouth ol H-'l ��'�����
markisl J. Mel... N. W. Corner. -\*
aoulh  80 chains, thonc west
north 80 chains, thenco east  - ��� l
ol commenement;   containing 640 Ma* *****
I nu.-.1 Feb. 24, 1911.
I'ub. Feb. 27.
C. MeDon   A**
Queen Charlotto lalands Und District-Di**'
Skeenu ,,.    ___\
Take notice that I, John Mel t S
occu|>ati.in brokor, Intend to ��� : l*,"!!__Z
to prospect lor coal and petrol'      "     ���      *"
descrilied land: .   ^
Commencing at a post plant. ' """"Jj
and two weal ol the mouth of tl l\._Z
marked J. McL., S. E C mal ,':,
north 80 chains, thenc mat   - ���
aouth 80 chains, thence aaal  K
ot commencement;   containing: 84   stn
Da'tod Feb. 24, 1911. JOIN Mffl
i'ub. Feb. 27. CM.: M
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und DI :ci
Skeenn ,.   ____
Take notice th.t I, John McU. I ���-��_
occupation broker, Intend to appl) ';""
tn prospect lor coal and |��olruli''i'i'
d. sn il..-1 land: .
Commencing  at  a  post   ma  a*m
miles south and lour west of the '.
River and markeil J. McL.. S. A. I \^
thence north  HO chains,  ihenre I
thenc aouth 80 chains, thonc wh
���rm. i
point of commencement: contain; ���   ***
more or leas. ���  ��� .,.,?_
Dated Feb. 24, I 11. JOI '"H
Pub. Feb. 27, CM,-.
Queen Charlotte Islands Und Diatrict
Take notice that I, John McU .1 ���
occupation broker, intend to apply  "
to prospect lor coal and pelroleum   I
descrilied land:
Commencing al a post planted lb
aouth and four west of the mouth
and marked J. McL.. N. W. Corner. >
south  80 chains, thence enst   BO C
north 80 chains, thonco west 80 chain
rommencment;   containing 6tn ter*
Dated Feb. 24,1911. ""
Pub F.b. 2.. C M0D��
���  -nits*
right jj
I   rl��2
. i i.rt��
.. tH*
ttmU* syw.��.y&.!T'T7rw7i\.'',���'        ..'.:.. _*m*"m*[y'�����m**���mm*m^^
THE   PRINCE   RUPERT    U I T 1 M 1 s '1
���SUIT ���
For every man in Prince Rupert just at a time when you need a
new spring suit. We have it in a nice tweed or worsted, something that has both the appearance and durability in a $20.00 or
$25.00 suit on sale now for
Comepnjand see them.       They will please you.
Martin O'Reilly
2^d Avenue
Prince Rupert, B.C.
>0P<>0O<>O0<>00<>O0OO0O00<>0OO00OO0O0O<>OCO00<>00COCO<>CC<>C>C< >OO<*$���<X>ec<>O0<4
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Koat
lumber n specialty. Delivery
made nt short notice.
Our prices are as low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
Canadian Grneral Electric Co. Ltd.
Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.
Im- Centre St. and First Ave.
Electric  Wiring
v. T. Parkin & Co.
Centre Street.
Section 1, Lot 21,  Block 14.
Beetlon 5, Lot 3, Block 19.
Cl Hulbert, Vancouver. B.C.
All   i'1umm.'��  of  EliTlrieiil Ainuirntua,
llntlwtiy  BuppUes,   Pumpi*.   I H,    .
Boilcrii. Concri'tc Mixi'ra. Ornament.
al    Iron    and    Brunze    Work,    Etc.
W. CLARK DURANT    -    Agent
General Machine Shop nml Ship's
Carpentering, Also agenta for Fairbanks-Morse and Knox Gasoline
Engines. Gasoline Engines and Accessories carried in itock.
Lnun.li.-r and lli.nt. for Mir.-   N.E. end of VVharl
j Northern Produce Coy.
I ���	
|   Send for our Weekly Price  List
Phone 151
Phone 151
Clerk Can't you raise my salary to
the same as Bona'? I do aa much
work us hi' does.   I think It'l unjust.
Moss Well, I'll reduce Bonus' salary
lo the same as yours.
"People tell me," said the casual acquaintance to the busy business liu:-band
of the popular society hostess, "that
your wife converses charmingly."
"Yes. I've been told the same tliiiiR
myself," anawi red the other.
"Oh, sir, will you please come at once'.'
There is three brutes Jumping on a poor
organ grinder."
"Is he a big organ grinderi ' queried
the old gentleman calmly.
"No, no, sir; quite a little man. Oh,
come at once or it will be too late "
"I don't see why I should interfere,"
replied the old gentleman.   "If he's a
small man the three men don't need any
Ireland's Best Linens
Will anyone whn can glv�� Information oonearn-
Inn the above kln.lly ciiiiiiinin'i'iit' with
Holme, Princess Street   ���   New Westminster
Talk of thc Town
Rev, F. W. Kerr will preach on "The
Man   and   the   Mob"   in   the   Kmpres"
Theatre on Sunday morning and The
Orthodox Sceptic" is the subject for the
address   he  will  give  in   the  evening,
Mr. Kerr is now preparing a serii"-- of
sermons on Sochlism. He will give the
fall of these series in the course of a
few weeks und, he says they will be very
There were 77 passengers left on the
steamer Piinre Kupert on Thursday
nielli for Vancouver.
The work the ('*. T. P. are doing at
the wharf such as repairing the piles
I'tc. is likely to last some time.    It  is
the Intention of the company to fix
things up there in a substantial way.
Mr. O'Nell. a fully qualified chemist,
haa joined the stair of C. ll. Orme,
Pioneer DrUggbl of the city.
Table Cloths from $1.1..
Table Napkins per iluz. 1,50
Tray Cloths from ,66
Carving Napkins from ,!H,
Fish Napkins per dot. .s-'i
Fringe Cloy lea., per doz. ,48
Linen Sheets per pair 8.88
"       "   Hemstitched..      " 4.05
Pillow Covers each 1.90
Linen Towels per doz. 2.4U
"           "     Hemstitched    " 8.60
!'         "    Fancy    " 4.00
Baby Towels    " 8.66
Huckaback Towels     " 1.90
Bath Towels each ,66
Bedspreads   " 5.60
Toilet Covers   " ,88
Sideboard Covers  " .46
Hemstitched .Mats   " .08
Trav Cloths....  " ,88
Tea Cloths    " .'2
Toilet Covers...   " .86
'���        BidoboardCovera .66
Etnbroid. Tea Cloths   " 1.16
"        Toilet Covers    " ,86
Sideboard Cloths.. " 1.88
Trav Cloths  " .tin
Night Dress Cases   " .66
Brush and Comb Cases  " .44
Cushion Cases   " 1.46
Toilet Sets, I pieces    " 1.46
Tea Cosies   " .<i-
Iticet fer Joten
Ladies', 18 ins. square.
Ladlea', lri 1*8 ins. soj,.
Ladies', 16 1*8 ins. sq,
Ladies', 17 1-8 ins. iq.,
Gentlemen's in ins. iq,
Gentlemen's, 201-2 ins.
Oentlemen's, 881-8 ins.
si)  1.66
sq  2.IMI
Ladles', l.i ins. sq  1,68
Ladies', lo 1-2 ins. sq  2.86
Ladles', 17 1-8 ins. sq 2.50-
Ladles', II itij-. -=<|  L87
Ladles', 18 in-, sq  1,87
Ladies', 161-8 ins. sq  2.:kx
Gentlemen's, 20 1-2 ins. sq  4.ihi
Ladlea' Size tj;i
Gentlemen's Size	
Gentlemen's Full size
13 ins. sq., II In. hem  l.fti
11 ins. sq., 8-8 ill. hem    1.50
16 Ins, sq., 1-2 in. hem   I.HK
2(1 Ins. sq., I in. hem  2..Mi
Suitable for Children.       25c per doz.  Prices:   86c.,  88a.,  60c.,  G2c,  each
44F Bedford Street, BELFAST, IRELAND
Illustrated Catalogue on receipt of Poslcard toWalpolcs, 173 Huron St.Toronlo
j ;
A single sheet
of thin tissue,
a dozen or
more heavy
carbons, or
both���the L.
C. Smith ft
Bros. Auto*
matlc Paper
Feed handles
equally well
without ad*
One Typewriter
that does the
work of two���
and Does it Better
That', the NEW MODEL
L C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter
A writing machine���a complete condensed billing machine and
tabulator all In one. Ball-bearings at all Important wearing pointa
with more than double the life of ordinary pinion bearings.
Many feature* employed eUewhere aa attachments are inbuilt, vital. Integral
parte of the L.C. Smith It Brae. Typewriter, and. with thc Iree, eaay, but abeo*
lately predte operation of ball-bearing, throughout, are big pointa of auperiority
���nallnf one machine do th* Work of ttto. and do ft bttttr���mt a ont-mochi**
cost. Write for tb* book. It'e tree.
R. A. L. P. HURT, m*���
P. O.   Box 436
-Third Avenue and Fulton Straat-
Prince Rupert
From the Dominion Government  Wire-
leaa Stationa
(Ai Noon)
Triangle- Oui Pexriana southbound at
8.30 a.m.
Tatoosh���Out Governor at 6.25 p.m.
In Waison ai 11.35 p.m. Out schooner
Hornet at 7.30 p.m. Out steamer
Point Grey���Out steamer Venture at
8 a.m. Out Princess Mary at 10 a.m.
In Prince Rupert at noon.
While some of ihe young men of ihe
Kaien Isknd Club were sporting in the
gymnasium the other evening Jimmy
Oriol, a Siwash youth, rifled the pockets
ol some ol the clothes in the dressing
room and netted $16. For his cleverness
Magistrate Carss gave the lad a month
in the local lock-up.
Letters to the Editor
Chief McCarvell's Denial
The following letter which has come
to hand during the week explains itself.
In iusiice to Ex-Chief McCarvell, we
might add that the information about
the Rainbow incident was not supplied
by any present or paBt official but was
obtained in the ordinary course of
Dear Sir,���In reference to an article
appearing in your paper, dated March
the 14th, which has just come to my
notice, reporting a speech made by
Alderman Newton in the Council Chamber on the night preceding, re sending
for H. M. S. "Rainbow" or militia to
quell the imaginary labor difficulty in
tne city. He is reported as having
stated   ihat   the   secret   meeting   was
Back in the old space again after an
absence of three weeks. We couldn't
Btay out, because, no matter what it
costs, we must talk to you about our
business���must get and hold your interest. We afe enthusiastic about our
business. Ever notice that when anyone is interested in any subject or concern that he just HAS to talk about it?
That's our attitude about our business,
we Bimply must talk about it (of course
in season and in reason) and we feel,
too, that we have something worth
talking about ��� some message from
time to time that is bound to be of interest to the shoppers of Prince Rupert,
particularly to the ladies. The ladies,
as yon know, (bless 'em) do the shopping���the largest part of it���of the
world, and they have to know where to
buy and buy "right," when the different goods that the changing seasons
demand have arrived at the stores, and
so on, and it is the mission of the advertiser to keep them posted along
these lines. Whether you buy from us
to-day or to-morrow or whenever you
DO buy, we want to tell you and convince you that we are the people to buy
from. No use hiding our light under a
bushel on the chance that you'll discover it for yourself when we have the
light of this space to throw on the
screen of your mind and create therin
the association of ideas which means
that when you think of Dry Goods,
Ready-to-wear for Women and Children, Chinaware, Crockeryware, Fancy
Goods, Etc, you think of "Wallace's
ano you go to "Wallaces" when you
want anything in these lines���and find
there a good store of goods and good
service ulwaya at your command. We
have received many new things for the
spring business lately, and we'll tell
oou more about them in a day or so.
H. S. Wallace Co., Ltd.
called by the ex-Chief of Police asking
that Red Coats or the militia be requisitioned for. This statement is
absolutely untrue as I never did ask
for, or even suggest, anything of this
kind,   also   that   after   resigning   my
fusii ion as Chief of Police in your city
immediately gave this information
to the "Optimist . This is also another
of Newton's fabrications and is in my
opinion, done for the purpose of clearing
his own skirts. This matter was never
divulged by me to the "Optimist" or
its representatives, or to any other
person until after reading the malicious
statements made by Alderman Newton.
Furthermore, in view of these deliberate falsehoods made by him, I feel
in justice to myself that this matter
should be placed in its true light before
the Association, and if they should
wish to know exactly what position this
so-called friend of labor took at this
meeting in sending for the "Rainbow"
I shall be only too pleased to furnish
them with the cold facts.
Yours faithfully,
Ex-Chief of Police
Vancouver, B. C, March 27,1911.
G. T. P. Tranafer Agents
Order, promptly filled.   Trice. nanniUt,
OFFICE-H. B. Rochester. Centre St.    l'l,, ����� **,
Next time you walk by the
store we wish you'd stop a minute and take a look at
He's the finest sleepmeter made,
the best looking, the best built,
the best running. You needn't
take our word for it. I keep him
in the window so you can see for
This is the clock they are  advertising in the big magazines.
Our Guessing Contest
Closes Today
Condensed Advertisements.
ARE YOU IN NEED OF HELP*   Do you waat
to buy, or .ell. or hire, or loan?   Try Tha
Optlml.t Condensed Ad. route.
Til K Brltlih Union and National Fire Inaurance
���*��� Company of London, Encrland, with capital
or t2.6O0.fl00.00. Sre ua for rules. Thc Mack
Realty and Inaurance Company. 70-tf
OUR SPECIALTY-FIre Inaurance. We repre-
aent eleven stronR Fire Inaurance Companies. We want your business, larjre and small.
Let us quote you rates. The Mack Realty and Insurance Company, cor 3rd Ave. and Fulton St. 70
���WANTED-000"1 Keneral woman cook;
"    (60.   Apply P. R. General Hospital.
���\I7ANTED-Position in hotel by competent wo-
" man; cookinir. houaekeeping or chamber
work.   Apply O. S. Optimist. 61-tf
WANTED-Room and board in private family
X.M.. Optimiat Office. 14
Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon with
Cowichan Eggs 35c, at
J. W. Williams
Opp. Bank of British Nortli Am-
erica. New loggers shoos 11 in,
high, made to order at $8.50.
Men's soles $1 Ladies' Bolei 70c
Men's heels 40c Ladies' heels SOc
Men's sewed on $1.25
Ladies' sewed on  1.00
Shoes repaired while you  wait
All leather first-class quality
Ladwig Strubi - Fulton & 3rd ht
a specialty
Drug Store
WANTED-Houae, 4 or 5 room, and bath, fur-    I
""     niahed or unfurnlahed, at once.     Apply It   W-^
... . j ...    ll v . -   .e ��� ���   ���'
Oollmlau Box X.
The Pioneer Druggitt
This advertisement clipped from the
Boston Post gives the story of the
wonderful development now going on
in Canada. Look out for British Columbia. The profits to investors in
Town lots in all Grand Trunk Divisional
and Terminal Points will astound the
world. Buy now. Ask Uncle Jerry
for price lists and full information.
Western Canada
From the most accurate figures obtainable, over One Hundred Million
Dollars was made by real estate owners in growing cities and towns of
Western Canada last year. This vast
wealth was exclusive of improvements
and represented actual increase in land
values alone.
Original records gathered by the
Winnipeg Free Proas prove that in
eight western Canadian Cities the value of land alone���not counting improvements��� increased 662 per cent, for the
last five years-an annual increase of
112 per cent, for each city during the
last five years. These figures indicate
that investments in live, growing cities
in Western Canada are as sate and
sure as an investment can be, and that
100 per cent, profit each year is almost
a certainty.
000,000   MORE
You have an opportunity now to
participate in these immense profits by
being one of the original purchasers of
town lots in the Grand Trunk Pacific
addition to thc faat growing Western
Canadian cities, otherwise known as
Gund Trunk Pacific Railway Dniskn Points No. 23
The Grand Trunk Pacific offers in
these splendidly located, fast growing
Division Points and in the townsite of
Tofield an opportunity for the investor
to share in the large profits that are
sure to accrue aa a result of the rapid
and substantial growth that characterizes Grand Trunk Pacific Diviaion
Points and well located cities and
towns in Western Canada.
The Grand Trunk Pacific does not offer townsites or additions so located as
to make investments in them of Questionable value. The object in selling
these lots at the low prices at which
they arc offered is to encourage the upbuilding of these cities from which the
Grand Trunk Pacific will derive vastly
more benefit th in from the sale of lots.
Now is the time to buy. Choice lota
range from $100 upwards on easy payments of 10 per cent, cash and 10 per
cent, a month. You make your purchase direct and secure title from the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company.
Write for literature and make your
selection while the prices are extremely low and the possibilities unlimited.
Ask Uncle Jerry uncle jerry
*    Has a  Free  Information Department
r^*-*t**m_** **.****_** **_** **-��* WMMMM ���*-** ���*-*[__}    . ..    ,   ..   . _  ,       ,      m**o ���.,.t    f..��.   tinn.
Land Commissioner
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Co.
Jeremiah H. Kugler, "Uncle Jerry,"
Agent for Grand Trunk Pacific Lots on-
Main Line. PriceB arc fixed by the
Land Commissioner and our best services are at your command.-Ask Uncle
Jerry, P.O. Box 906, Prince Rupert.
Number twenty-three is sometimes
facetiously called the 'skidoo' number.
Some of my friends may ask why I
don't take the hint and stop these
talks. Well, if they could come to my
office and see the increased business
my office is doing since the Prince Rupert people are better acquainted with
me, they would use my methods themselves.
A friend asked Dr. Parkhurst, the
famous preacher of New York, why he
wrote for the New York American,
'that rotten sheet,' he called it. Dr.
Parkhurst said that the sheet isn't half
as rotten when he writes for it as it
would be if he did not.
My method of direct advertising tells
you clearly about my methods and
plans. 1 am not strong on frills and
pictures. Advertising space is too valuable to be wasted. Incidentally I
may add I know what good advertising
is and that is thc reason I am using it.
How about boosting Prince Rupert?
Now, altogether, let's say a kind word
about our wonderful city to at least
one friend who is deprived of the pleasure of being here in person. There is
one thing worse than knocking and
that is to be silent.
Let's shout so that everybody hears:
"Prince Rupert���thc San Francisco of
On January 15th and 22nd, Eastern
papers on Jan. 15th, Western papers
on Jan. 22nd, our Prince Rupert Opportunity advertisement appeared in
papers in New York, Boston, Providence, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul and 37
Sunday issues of big U.S. daily newspapers in all. On Feb. 25th our Prince
Rupert advertisement appeared in 26
Canadian daily newspapers.
Has a Free Information Department
for strangers in the City and for nonresidents by correspondence.
He Buys Leases      He Buys Bull 'mg*
He Buys LoU He Buys Contract!
He has  Stores to Rent.
He Buys Lands in Skeena and Naai
River Valleys.
please take notice and list your property with a good live broker, if from the
above you think our equipment should
produce the best results, you should
come in at once.
We advise everyone to get in the
market this spring and summer. Sell
when you have a profit; buy again.
That's the way to make money. You
can make many times as much money
if you will buy and sell and not hold on
so long to property. All of you put
your shoulder to the wheel and boost-
keep on boosting���that's the way we
will make a big city.
He wants 50 Houses to Renl
He Sells Leases        He Sells limlilingi
He Sells Lota He Sells Contract!
He wants Stores to Rent
He Sells  Lands up the Skeenn RIW
He will build you a dwelling '
payment plan.
He will lease or sell you a lot i
terms for you to build a dwell
store on. .
He will sell you a house ami
you can pay on monthly paymi
He will take a lease on your
make your investment pay J
per cent.
i ea*y
on easy
King or
lot and
il plan.
. i and


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