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 pte Prince Rupert Optimist
_*r DAILY EDITION �����	
Prince Rupert, B.C., Monday. April 3. 1911.
���'���!i>: i.: M'i.
Price Five Cents
Hold Three Monster All Night  Meetings  in London
and Thus Evaded the Penalty of the Census Law���Sleepy Eyed But
(Special to the Optimist)
London, April 3.���Some exciting and
amusing scenes occurred last night
(ollowing the determined threat of the
suffragettes to thwart the efforts of the
enumerators to take the census unless
the women cf Grcuv Britain were
riven i he franchise. The night of April
2nd was fixed for taking the" census.
Every householder under penulty of
iiv, pounds has to fill out the census
certificate showing the number of iiersons
in i
ir house.
They Stayed Away
penalty   attaches,   however,
householders who are absent
heir homes ihai night, so the
tea Im oh the ideu of staying I
awa) Irom home last night. Three
monster d> ministrations were held at I
tl,,    ���������.���.ila   theatre,   Trafalgar   Square'
and Aldwych Skating Rink. The suffragettes first congregated in Trafalgar
Square. From there they went to a
number of halls where coffee and sandwiches were served anil entertainment
provided to wile away the long hours
of the night.
Cheered the Fainthearted
Thousands invaded the Aldwych Rink
where Mrs. Pankhursi and other leaden
encouraged the women to slick nut all
night and repeat the performance if
necessary to cheat ihe enumerators.
The streets early this morning were
filled with dilapidated women on iheir
way home for a little rest.
Provincial census returns estimate the
population of Austria at 28,567,898, an
Increase of 2,'71,l!i0 in ten ye.us.
Company Intend to Build Chain of
New Storei Across Canada - Cal-
f.ir- Will Have Million and Half
Hi.II.ii Shopping Place.
From the Dominion Government
le���� Stations
(At Noon)
Triangle reports speaking the steamer
Northwestern at 4 a.m. 1125 miles weat
Of Cape Flattery northbound.
Ikeda reports steamer Amur .southbound at 4 u.m.
Tatoosh reports out schooner Spokane,
also barque Albert in tow of tug Tyee
at 9.50 a.m., and a three masted schooner
in bound out.
Steumer Princess Beatrice passed Point
Grey at 10.10 this morning.
Special to the Optimist)
Wiiititlieg,   April   3.���It   is   officially
announced thai the Hudson's Bay Co.
have bought a block on Portage avenue
bt Vaughan and  Colony streets
running buck to St.  Mary's and  intenil building a departmental store tc
Ul  a million dollars.    London,
I        rchitecta are preparing the plans.
Si.iiic time ago the head officials of
tin- company annuunced that a complete
change of the business policy would be
idopted and a chain of new, up-to-da,e
mild be erected across Canada.
Tl milmy are going to build a million
ami hall il'.liar store in Calgary.
Measure Will be Discussed Clause by
Clause, Failure of Department of
Justice to Prosecute the Steel
T. ...t  to be Probed.
 ial to the Optimist)
"        Iton, April :).    Tomorrow lhe
lion of Congress opens.   The
���  "I Representatives will have
itlc majority of  fifty.    The
���i lc programme has been changed
now the intention to  pass
y and revise the tariff, schedule
bj 'il,..
1       lure of the Department  of
prosecute the steel trust will
1 un! a full inquiry is promised
"',       -iHinger-Pinchot fight.
from Tokio today say tha
11   expedite   the   question   of
liian arbitration by agreeing
the   Anglo-Japanese   treaty
���  M to  remove  any  cluuses
Interfere with Great  Britain's
lo   liecome   a   party   to   the
.i Intel.
Is Dissatisfied With Judgment of t1
Licenae Board in Rejecting I
Application for the Savoy Hotel.
Mr. A. J. Prudhomme, proprietor of
the  Savoy   Hotel,   has  announced   hi*
Intention of appealing to me courts
against the judgment of the Lioenae
Board in tefusing either to renew his
license or grant a new license for his
The ground for the refusal lo grant a
new lieenst was stated lo be .ha! the
hotel is within three hundred feel of
the building where the Baptist congregation mens. This is prohibited in
the case of any building used exclusively
as a place of worship.
The Baptist church is nut used exclusively as a place of worship. Il is
a temporary building, and does service
as a domicile part of the time. The
commissioners held thai as it was the
only place of meeting fnr the Baptists,
ii was their "exclusive  place of woiship.
This, Mr. Pnnlhomme hold-' is an
absurd straining "I the meaning of
words lo prevent him from gelling it
license. He has taken advice front
some of ihe must eminent counsel in
Vancouver, and an action against tne
commissioners is on the carpet. Tne
precise form of lhe action i> being kt ���
a secret as ye . but Mr. Prudhomme,
who is selling his houae, mi which h ���
spent $40,000 announces ihat he will
spend every penny he has if necessary
to obtain what he believes to be hb
rights in ihe matter.
' Martin Burrell Gives a Half-hearted
Endorsement nt Toronto
iS|M'cial tn the Optimlsl
Toronto, April 8, "I dont think
even if the reciprocity pail goes through
that it is going to ruin anybody, because
Canadians are made nf Sterner stuff.
At all events we i hall sur\ivi
Martin Buirell, M.P., in a speed I
Toronto nn Sat unlay nigh!.    I';'
[fled the declaration by adding, th
pact would diacourage < anadai grow n.
Inside Workings are Filling with
Noxious Gases that May Kill Those
Working There���Engineers May
Lose Their Papers for Neglect.
Special io the Optimist)
Blairmore, Aha., April 8. At the International Coal Company's Mides at
i nlimati most of ihe engineers and
firemen have gone on strike with the
nial diggers, thus making it very dangerous for pit bosses and others si ill
in thc mines. Fans are being neglected
and as a result inside workin, are
becoming filled with noxious gases
placing the men inside in a | tnlous
position. The engineers may lose Iheir
papers for this neglect.
P. R. 1. A. Trying to Raise $250 Compensation for Him
There is nothing new in the strike
situation today. Lust night the P. R. I.
A. held its usual meeting for propoganda
and general business. This morning a
number of strikers wen seen in the
neighborhood of Messrs. Mclnnis &
Kelly's contract, bu, there was na
A petition is being circulated by the
P. R. I. A. for the purpose nf raising
$250 to be banded tn K. Gosden on his
release from prinin as some compensation fnr his sufferings on behalf of
the strikers. Mention is made of the
misunderstanding and martyrdom meted
out to many leaden nf social reform in
the world's' history, nut ably the New
'I'i si anient.
"Practically all the sceptics of today
an- masquerading in a second hand suit
oi il' ulii which ihey acquired from somebody else," said Rev, F. W. Krrr. las)
nigh)    when    he   spoke    mi    "Mnilern
Scepticism."   He exemplified the trials
and the faith nf .Inb and concluded by
making a passionate appeal to hb hearers
thai if ihey had any Faith at all in their
make uti faith in anything lhal was
worth while to cultivate it now.
There was joy in the local Chinese
. rs mi Sa: unlay ove one wanderer
that returned. John Jim, a little chink
wiih a big .hirst for adventure mysterious!) disappeared almut Wednesday
forenoon ami every pair 11 almond
|shaped im- was called mio service to
i lind John .Mm. The aid of tin; police
was sought htn they knew the philosophy
of Bret Harte's linn anil though they
sought they found not.
Tlie missing < bink returned nn Saturday unhurt and very happ-f avowing
thathe had "velly good time.
Colon.,,l Premiers Interested in All-
Red   Route
il to the Optimist)
'    April  8.    Premiers  Laurier,
'     '"' Ward, uml Hon. Mr. Fisher
'  "I tn visit Oalwty on theit
,  .li Ireland, in connection wilh
"���' All-Red mute.
lucky Suit Winners
The winners in Slean's Snil Clubs f'.r
Saturday were aafollows!
Clul.    I'r. Wm- s. Hall.
T. '.. McMartin
I.  R, ". Win ..hi.
.1. Evans,
,1. W. Austin.
\\ at -on.
Frank A. Ellia,
M. B, Rugg.   ,
Number 1!   Club now open
Although in i 6,000 coid miners have
uone on strike in Alberta the local,prices
Sf coal will nol be affected as practical
nil the cnal used here comes from
r Island,
6 Club
7 Club
8 Club
!l Club
11  S. II.
11 Club
12 Club
repaired   Ince she ��as
reef ill Sentinel Island
th,. c. P. K. searner
will go Into active service
night.   She will leave
for   Skagway   at   11   OClOCH
is! anil a heavy
.. Prince Rlupert
northbound about four o'clock on Thuni-
day afternoon.
After being
wrecked   n a
ia-   \ngtisi a.
Print      May
again tomorrow
wiih ii good passenger
cargo.   She will call n
Shoe Machine Corporation Falls Foul of the Government Inquiry���Are Trying to Block an Investigation in the Courts���the Governn ent
Will Fight It to a Finish
man of the Hna.nl had notified the
Government of tin- service nf a writ
upon him yesterday, and thai argument
was to he heard tomorrow  morning
Ottawa, April 2.- For the lirsi time
in Canada the Dominion Government
will cross swords with the trusts. I.
will be a light to the finish, so far as th:'
Government is concerned. Ii is the before one of the Judges of \h. Superior
determined intention of ihe represen- Court in Montreal. The Minister nf
tauves.oftht Canadian people thai the [Labor had Immediately appointed Mr.
"trust evil, as it is known in the United Aime Geoffrion, K. c.. of Montreal
States, shall not obtain any foothold to BCI for the Government in opposing
in I his Dominion. the application, and showing cause why
In "ihe Commons this afternoon
McLean of Huron drew the attention
of ihe Government to the fact lhat the
United shoe Machine Corporation, a
Montreal branch nf ihe United States
concern, had applied to the courts for
a writ of prohibition, or injunction, ">
prevent tlie Hoard of Investigation
appointed by ihe Government from
proceeding wiih its inquiry into the
corporations' methods. Replying, Hon.
Mackensit  King stated that the Chair-
Mr.   it should nol he gran:id.
Thn Government ha-, decided to amke
a thorough test of ihe present case. In
the event of the non-success mi the
pending hearing, the ei.se will be carried
on to ihe highest courts if necessary.
'I'll Government i^ determined not
io he frustrated a. the Inception of its
combat with the trust?, and io demonstrate that such corporation! cannot
block official public proceedings for
investigating themselves,
Wore Invented by Dr. Lawson Tait,
tbe    Famous    English    Surgeon
Twenty-four of Them Arrived Today    Old Ones to be Discarded.
Twenty-lour of the famous Lawson
Tait bedsteads arrived today from the j
Whitelield Hedstead Co., of Bimiignhain.;
England, for use in the General Nospital j
here. The bedsteads are Ining fitted up
and will be ready for use in the course
i.f a day or two.
The LaWSOn Tail bedstead was designed by the famous English surgeon
Dr. Lawson Tait and since i; was put
mi the market it has been requisitioned
by all the leading hospitals in the world.
[ts adavaniages over '.he ordinary style
of bedstead are thai it has a sliding
head rest, specially constructed springs,
resls on rubber rollers, is perfectly
sanitary, being made of steel tubing
enamelled white, is high enough to
save the nurse from Stooping very much
when attending to a patient.
The bedsteads that have been doing
duty in the hospital will now he discarded and the eighteen patients now
in the institution will be transferred
as soon as possible into the new and
mnre comfortable inventions.
B. C. Shipmasters' Association Will
Will Ask Government for Some
Vancouver, April 8. The Immediati
need nf a buoy tinder mi ihe Northern
British Columbia Coast was freely discussed at ihe weekly meeting of the
Shipmasters' Association. With ihe
number of gas buoys in use at ihe
present iinn' in the neighborhood of
Prime Rupert some are in darknew
a' more nr leaa frequent Intervals, ami it
often happens lhat  a week nr ten <lays
may elapse befure a marine department
Steamer can be sent ninth fmm Victoria. A letter was read from a cap. ain
win makes regular .rip-- in Prince
Rupert, stating that on his last trip
ihrte buoys Wen dark, on nf which,
situated ai Mark Tree Bluff, Kennedj
Island, had been out for twn months.
Another at Squire Ledge, mar Prince
Rupert, has lieen no. for .wo weeks,
and one at Barrett Rock has been ou.
inr about a week.   A resolution wai
passed ihai   lhe secretary he Instructed
iu write in Captain Anderson, chiel
engineer of the Marine and Fisherii s_
Depart menl at Ottawa, advising him ol
tins condition, and strongly recommending ihai a buoy tender should he located
convenient tn this locality.
Will Leave Prince Rupert on Sunday
Mornings and Return Monday
Morning���May Give Reduced Rates
Aii   admirable  opportunity  fnr  the
people   nf   I'rince   Rupert   lu   spend   a
week-end up the Portland Canal and
enjoy the unexcelled scenery along the
route will be presented this coming
summer win n thesw ami r I'rince George,
the flagship nf the il. T. r. fleet, commences In-r run to Stew art. mi June 11.
She will leave here every Sunday
morning and be back early Monday
morning. 'I here is some talk that
overtures will be made in get the (i. T. P.
to  put  ill  force  a special  rate  fnr lhe
benefit nf Rupiri citiaens a rate that
will lie within the limits nf the limited
Officials Regard thc Increased Receipts as Very Satisfactory for
March When Shipping is Dull
Along the B. C .Coast.
There was an increase of $L':i7.s;i in
the customs receipts during ihe month
nf March lilll, compared with ihe stme
month of 1910,  Neri are tho figures:
March mil . 16,844.41
March 1910. 5,60 f.5!2
Increase $237.89
These figures can he taken as a sign
tha: I'rinee Rupert's irade is growing
f.r  March  ia a very  dull  month  In
shipping circles alnng the COaSl   of this
Pantorlum Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone
Miss Marion JobnHlonc of Vancouver
Has Accepted Position
Miss Morion B. Johnstone, ef Vancuuver, who was nominated by ihe
School Board last week for ihe position
nl   teacher  at   the   public  school   here,
wired in Mr. I>. il. Stewart, chairman
uf ihe board this morning thai she
would accept the position ami would
leave ai once fnr Prince Ruprt. Miss
Johnstone is the daughter nf the city
treasurer nf Vancouver and comes
very highly recommended. She has
been teaching in the Uml Roberis
school in her home city for some time
Department Stores
��� J
Prince Rupert, B.C.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies uf Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will till a social need.
Canadian General Electric Co. Lid \
Canada Foundry Co., Ltd.
All   cIuhiii'b of  Electrical An,.
Railway Bonpllaa, Pampr,  i
Boiler*. Omenta Ulzsrs, Onuu
al    Iron   anil    Bronze   Work,
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock  in  Northern  B. C.
THB OPTlMISTwill furnish correct infor-
Jmation to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city      : :      :      :
There is no time like the present. Send us
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail       :       ::::::
Optimist Information Bureau
P.O. BOX 1545
The following properties will be sold en block, or separately
and on easy terms.
Lots Block
6-7-9-10 1!)
1-2-3-4-5-6 1"
9-10 20
22 34
21-22 34
Lots 27
For prices, terms and particulars, apply to
Second Avenue
Atlantic Realty & Improvement Co., Ltd.
Phone 214
Read The   Optimist
And Get All the News
Something New About an Old Friend
of Yours, Girls
The thimble is a Dutch invention,
and was lirsi brought to England by
one John Lofting, who began n* manufacture at Islington In 1695.
Us name was derived from the words
"thumb" and "bell" Originally It
l was called "ihumbell " then "ihumble,"
land finally "ihimble." It is recorded
thai ihimbles were lirst worn on ihe
thumb; but we can scarcely conceive
how they could be of much service so
Formerly ihimbles were made of
brass antl iron only, but now ihey are
shown in Hold, silver, Steel, horn, ivory
and even glass.
There is a thimble owned by ihe
Queen of Siam that is shaped like
a lotus bud, lhe royal Bower, Il is of
gold, thickly studded wiih diamonds,
and is held to bo ihe inosi cosily article
of ihe kind in ihe world.
In Naples very pretty thimbles,
composed of lava from Mount Vesuvius, are occasionally sold, but rather
as curiosities than as an article of real
utility, being by reason of the extreme
brittleness of the lava, very easily
Blouses for Costumes
For costume blouses the chilTon and
marquisette veiled effects are still liked,
although there seems to be a slighl
tendency among the French designers io
break away from ibis long popular idea,
and to ex|K?rimenl wiih ihe soft cro|>cs,
saiins, etc, without veiling. There
are a few very good looking French
blouses in ihe new foulards, very simple
affairs, redeemed by extremely chic and
original notes in cravat or collar. The
exaggeratedly large white dols distributed not too closely on a- colored
ground, which promise to be among the
popular things in foulard, though they
certainly will not be universally becoming, were the design used for some
of these blouses, shown in one of the
fashionable shops.
Delicious and Novel Recipes���Regular Guest Pleasers
The hostess who likes novel lilll'
cakes for afternoon tea will find these
palatable. A sort of sweet biscuit,
shaped like a ladyflnger is made from
the well-beaten whiles of three eggs,
into which is beaten almost half a
pound of confectioner's sugar. Add
four ounces of melted butter, and mil
in quickly al the last four ounces of
pasiry (lour.
Put this paste Into a pastry bag and
force through a tube on well-buttered
baking sheets. Form finger shapes not
too close together, us they spread, and
bake in a moderate oven until u delicate
For an almond cake, heat to a cream
Ihree ounces of butter and half a pound
of soft A sugar, then add gradually
half a pint of milk and enough Hour
lo make a light dough. Stir in a quarter
of a pound of blanched and minced
almonds, lightly (loured. Pul on a
lloureil board, roll about a quarter of
an inch thick and cut into diamonds and
Almond macaroons are made by
beating the whites of three eggs to
B slid frolh, then stining in half a
pound of confectioner's sugar und the
strained juice of half a lemon, and
last half a pound of ground almonds.
Put paper on a Hat baking sheet, drop
the mixture on by teaspoonfuls and
bake in a quick oven until light brown.
Within these unpretentious walls are love
and laughter finely blent;
Rich men may have iheir marble halls,
they cannot shut out discontent.
And were ibis house a mansion grand I
could not any happier be
For here 1 have at my command all ihat
the world can give to me.
Dainty Designs for Feminine Fancy
That Come with the Daffodils
Judging by ihe hai designs from the
fashion cent res ibis spring, willow plumes
and os.rich mounts are very popular.
Hius and mourns suggest the helmet
shape, and more ihan everything else,
Mowers are ihe trimming of ihe season.
Veiled effects are popular, its in a pattern
bai of white panama, ihe crown and
facing of the broad brim veiled wilh
blue chilfon, a wreath of shaded pink
roses with grasses completing a very
smart effect.
Nothing could be more "fetching" as
a frame for a young girl's fresh face
than one pattern hat, a poke with leghorn crown and a brim of lace au
quillings of black velvet, wiih black
velvet tie under the chin. Another
little bonnet affair io be worn with an
empire gown is of corded pink chilfon,
wiih dainty edging of open luscan
braid and soft pink willow plumes nipping it off.
Shaded feathers, large wings and
mounts, and brims which roll from the
front and side of the face are striking
features of this season's hats. Coarse
braids and draped crowns distinguish
the tailored hats, with a use of the bandeau in fancy designs and beaded effects.
A very stylish bat of ihe large variety,
which would need io be worn by the
right person who had both style and
height, was one of blue Tagel braid, in
drooping effect and wide irregular brim,
the sole trimmimg being a half dozen
American beauty roses in deep reds and
Black and white in both braids, ribbons, antl mounts are much worn this
spring, und also combinations of black
and coral and black und cerise. A
striking example of ihis combination is
a Kurzman hat in fine black siraw,
turned up at the front and right side,
but wide nnd drooping at lhe left. A
coral hued, double wing in helmet
shape gave a dashing line at just the
fashionable angle. While satin draped
with black luce, which softens the line
of the brim, is the combination in a
dress hat w ith wide brim.
W. CLARK DURANT    -    Agmt
Northern Produce Coy. I
Eight rooms and bath, a cellar, too, a
little patch of mother earth,
Above it just a stretch of blue; it makes
no difference what it's worth,
It's home to me and more and more, I
grow to love it every day,
And when at night I pass thc door, it's
there I always want to stay.
The furniture perhaps is not so fine us
oilier folks possess,
But It's a mighty cosy spot, and shelters
in our happiness;
The pictures on the walls aren't much,
our tapestries aren't extra fine,
But everything I see or touch holds joy
for me because it's mine.
What Baby Will Need
For baby's outfit are needed 2 bands
or binders, 6 inches wide, of soft firm
flannel. Many people do not use these
after the first month or so, I! soft woolen
knitted shirts; 4 dozen flannellette
napkins of the loosest wenve, as they
thicken up; 4 pinning blankets, which
answer thc purpose of the barrowcont
and are more easily removed if soiled.
For these hem a square on three sides
and make a box pleat on lhe fourth side.
This side is pinned on around the bubyV
waist and folded up over the feet so lhat
bootees are not needed. 4 or 6 flannel
skirts with llannel waists combined, about
27 incehs long: (i white nainsook or
lawn under skirls sewed into a wuist of
same material 27 inches long; H while
dresses 27 inches long; 3 flannellette
night gowns; a flannellette kimono is
often useful; a silk handkerchief to
throw over the head; an eiderdown
cicrular cloak.
Maud Muller on a winter's day
Left home to attend the matinee.
The latest harem skirt she wore,
And people "rubbered" by the score.
The Judge whom she was soon to wed
Caught sight of her antl shook his head.
"If 1 am anv judge," said he,
"Maud Muller's not the wife for me."
He wrote her, breaking off tho match���
He whom she thought so good a catch.
And now she sighs in lonely pain,
"I'll never wear that skirt ugain."
Girls who have beaux such garments doff,
Or see the harem scare 'em off.
Send for our Weekly Price I ist \
I'KOMl'T   ATTENTION mil S        j
Phone 151    -   Phone 151
���   in in ����� ' ~��ir-��ir-��ii-��ii>ii^n>^
Will anyone who eaa give Informs!
Inir the above kindly QORtmui li .
Holme, Princess Street   ���   New Westminster
Phone No. 200 1'. I'. Bos 680
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
We are selling shares in tin
At a price that will make you
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Balance 3. 6 and 9 Month.
Assays of the ore run from (86.00 to
$2000 per ton.
It will pay you to investigate this proposition   at once.
0. B. Bush & Company
2nd Ave.
Prince Rum-ft
|| w. j. McCutcheon
, ,   Carrion complete itock of Drue*.   Sl" t
,,     niiviiiii.il paid lo tilling prtMnpnOM.     *
!'. Theatre Block Paotts no. w Second Av>  +
" i*********}"*****************
Lateit   Quotations   From Vancouver Exchange,
(A�� reported by S. Harriaiin & Co.)
Portland Canal    80 8-4 808-4
Stewart M. & D. Co    2.60      "J
Red Cliff    1.08      I."
Main Reef        ���*" MM*^*,!.,.,,-
M I s 1
The Coronation festivities will commence <>n June.lSth and last until the
yuo..��� _, ���ri t * lilanda Land Dlatrlatr��� liHtnctoI
^^^ Take notice t a11, John MoLeod ol Vanmu�� r
- i. '���        , ..     , I occupution broker, intenil l��� tpply  f, r .."r ,,��",���'
Dr.   Wilfrid   Grenfell,   the   medical! to,.1.1,>..�� l���rco,u,���t ,.,��� r.,im������'u��� , ���! ,   "" "
iuOiiiiry hero of Laborador, has been 1 **9**!**JUSH' ,
J5SS In audience  by the  King  at  Jr^B?��S l:^^',;^,Sj'y-ft
���     * niV,'h  '""' '""i',kPd JVM"'-  *    ''���   f'-rner
  '13   thenc    miuth Ml cliuins,  lli,w,. wls,   s0
.���-     ������  Ttr-i.l.   xr    t>>   lc,ninB' thenci- m.rili  no chains   th?
0 a deputation  of Welsh  M.  P.'a  ehaina to point ot commeneemenl
I of the menth.
Buckingham Palace.
Bkeena Land Dlitrict   Dlitrict "f Coait.
Tnke notice tlmt I, Leslie B. Walter, <>f Vancouver, B.C, oceupation protpector, Intondl Coap*
ply fur porrnltnon to purenaw the followlnsdet*
Oribed lunds:
Ciiiiiini'iH'ini: at 11 poit plantod and marked L.
3. W.'h s.K. corner and Imtnodlatoly adjoining
mst marked w.A.'s N.W. corner! thence nurth i"
\lr \.s(iuitii has stated that the Welsh 1 ncres, mon- nr i����.
Dtsestabllshment Bill will be in a ��8ftSft?1,u
position to over-ride the  Lords'  Veto
Clarunco McDowell, Ak' nt
.... .., .,..-...* north |i
thence west BO chnins, thence south 111
thence east so chuina,  to point of commencement, ContuininK 880 acres, more or Ii'sh.
Charles 11. Allen. Auent
Dated 1st Feb.; mn
Pub. Feb, 85,
next session if the parliament bill carries
this session.
London  lias  been  wrestling  with   a, ,      .. __ _.,.,.,
M.rioiis smallpox outbreak during which : SSffidtaS,     ***P,hotott��<���" "wiouowtn,
nearly B hundred cases were reported      Commencing at a post planted about aix mil,
within a week. J ~^Jn"} 7,��,mil��� Z**���*J__* SH Ww end
Bkeena Land DlitrletMDlitriet of Gaaalar
I Queen CharlntU' lalanda ljnil District- -Disirict of      Take notice that I Bolcom McDoniild of Prince
Skeeni Rupert, B.C, oecupatlon laborer. Intendi to up
Tuke notice thut 1,   ohn MeLeod of Vancouver,   ,,|y f,,r permission to purchase the following ile-
occupaiion hr kcr, intend to apply for permiaaion   acrllied land**
Queen Cbariottt&tUndi Land Disirict -District ol
Tela notice thai I. John MoLood of Vuncnuver
occupation hroker, inteml to npply for permlarion
to proopoet (cr coul in.'] petroleum on the following
deecribed lands:
Commencini; ut u peg) plnnted about twit milvs
aouth und two miles WMt of I In* muuth of thc
Tl-el Kiver and murked J. Mc.L. N. K. Cnrner,
No. 72, thence south HO chains, thence went S*i
chains, thunce north HU chaine, thence
chnins to point of commencement;
640 acres, more or leaa.
Duted Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Keb. 24. Clurence Mellow,-
ust   Ml
on the full'
I marked J.   McL.
.. ..  ,    . S.  K.  Corner,  No,  44,  thence
rwo firemen were killed at a fire which \ tT*$_^m"e^
B40 ucres, more or less.
__      JOHN M'LEOD
^^^^^^^^          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        Clarane McDowell, Acint
Trilllic   011   both   up   and   down   lines ' Qoeen Charlotte lalanda Und District���District ol
between Darlington and Nartlepool had       T.ke notice that l, fataMeUod   ol Vancouver
10 he stopped while the giant rudder and j pooupatlon hroker, inteml to apply '.,r permWon
I wo iirt'int'ii hcic iviucv, mv �� nic whiuii : oo enmns. tnence cast so c
destroyed Cohen's Rag and Paper store HSMH "'"tuinini; mo
_\ Barikslde, Southward the other day.   ' "T^'ai ' 1!'u     n���
icribed lands.
Commenring eta poit plented three and one-
half miles in an easterly direction frmn the point
on Naas Itiver where the Lava Lake trail begin!
and one mile in 11 northerly direction from the
Ave Lake  trail,  thenee north  80  chains.
I west Nl chains,  thenci'  south 80 chains,
thence east chains to point of commencement,
containing MO acres. I h��i��rl Vvii 22  1911
Date Feb. 8, 18U. HOLCOM McDONALD 1 *��.lecIE*!f
Pub, Mar. 10. Joseph Helway. AKent | ' UD* rt
Queen Charlotte Islands I.und District -District ot
Tuke notice that 1, John Mcl-cod of Vuncouver,
occupution broker, intend to apply for (KTmission
I to   prospect for eoul und lietroleum on the following
QueenlCberlottfl lalandi l-and DMriet���District f
Tul e notice that 1, John MeLeod of Vuncouver,
occupatiun broker, inteml to apply for pormiswnn
n> proapeet fur coal ami petroleum on the following
doacribed lands;
Commendng at a post plented about tbreo mihw
north end one mllM WOlt Ol tho mouth of the Tl-el
Kiver un.l murked J. McL.. S. K. Corner, No. 25,
thence nurth 80 chan.:, tbeOM WMt HU chain*,
thence .smith HO chaino, thence eust 80 chain* to
point of commencement; containing t��4b urw,
more or less.
Datod Feb 86, 19U. John UeLEOD
Tub. Feb. 2K. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Quwn Charlotte Uandl Li
a i<|
And District-District o[
Take notice that I, Joh MrLeotl .>f \ onc<
leeupetlon brokofi intend to apply for perm
to prOipoel f"r coal atid 1 etrHeum on lhe foil*
1..V>aril,a..f     l.a ���.-!-���
dcHCribwl landa: ^	
Commencinu ut a pout [ilanted about two mites I described lund
Efjus :;; ysftts ssts ^ *$$ *^\z site: tr ��* ���
china,   thenc;  south   SU  chains,   thenc  out   80   No, .it;   thenn- nmih MrfJJr1 N" h
chains to pnint of commencement:   containinR Giu ' *h**��-*   Ihenei-  north  su rhaiu'
acres, more or I.  . . chains tt. txiint of ��.mmenc*me '
JOHN  McLKOD   ���*<,t*t*. mutt- or le
f th��
thence  west   KO
thenee e*��-t   HO
nt;  contuining (140
Leslie K. Walter, Agent
,   , 1      ,�������� Whito Stiir KtiAP I *** P��fl*ofc tor ooel ind petroleum on the followini
Bternpoit of the ne^  wnite ^r nneri doscriliwllun(ts.
Jt_.           U-.t.ee��    tm-.tm-t~.rt-m***, | Jjg COIMMIsCltag   Bt    R   pOSt    |.l:l!:hil    nboUtsix   mill*
south  und  two west  of  the  mouth  of the Tl-e
River and murked J. McL. N. \V. Corner, No. :.****
Titanic were being transported.
casting is the largest ever made.
fhe new  railway   from   Cardiff   to | &��J^I'^thi^SloS^
containing  810  acres,
point  of  commencement;
more or less. ^^_____m_mmmmmmm_______m.
Clarance McDowell, Agent
Khydyfelm is now open.	
Though the  annual  receipts of the SttftP,1,U
British postal telegraph and telephone!
lyjtem amount to five million pounds |Queen ^irlotteUlnndsUnd District -District of
Btff. 125,000,000) the system has not. Tike notice that I. eOTleLeod of Vancouver,
paid since  1891   and  the  loss  for  the | oocupatJon broker^ Intend toipply for pyrnlnkin
Skeena Lend Dlitrict��� District of Cassiar
Taki1 notice that 1 Charles Morris of Prince Itu-
pert, B.C., occupation  laborer.  Intends to apply
for permission to purchase the I'.-l I -w mr ���'<��������� t il ���
ed lands:
Commencing at a post plented three and one-
half miles in an easterly direction from the point
Mn Nans Kiver where the Lnva Lake trnil heirfn*
and one mile in �� northerly direction from th��;
said Lava Luke trail, thenoe south SO chainn-
thenoe east su ehainB, thence north ��" -������'--
thence west 80 chnins to point of
inr.taininif iVlo lores.
I'ub. Mar. 10, Joseph Helwny, Agtfit
Skeena I*nnd Distriet -Diatrict of Cnsslir
811   ��� kirn-
Queen Churlotte Islinds ljind District���District of
Tike notice that 1, John Mcleod of Vnncouver,
occupntion broker, inteml to apply for permiunion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
de*cril>ed lands:
Commencing it i poet planted ibout twu miles
muth and two miles west of the mouth of the
Tl-el Hiver md mirked J. Mc.L. N. K. CorMTj
No. 47, thence south Su chiins, thence wcm hu
chiins, fence north SO chnins thene*1
I chiins to point of commencement;
���cres, more or less.
Dated Feb 2:
Pub, Feb. U
emi   NU
ntaining fill)
, I'.'ll
Clirence McDowell, Agent
-DUtrict of
vear ending March 31 was nearly nine SS!yi.!S:ft"lind,H^wm"on th-ftt"���*���� R^TS^iiuwMSw
Queen Charlotte IslandiLind District
^^^^^^^^^^^^ Take notice tlmt I, Juhn Mcl.eod of Vnncouver,
Tnke notice that V'John tfd)^*7ft.nco I SSKS2 SSSShlSS^ &&& U'T- 1"���'"*'���
iiniiri   R r*   .���..��-��!������ ��.-���-"-
hundred thousand pounds.
Commencinu at a pnat plnnlei! almiil six mill*
| aouth anil  two milea  MM  ol  the inmilli  of the
A bevy ��f -EnRlish domestic servants | T.1^'1 'i'"'r "ml t____***i 1. MeL. s. w. comer
_.f r     .*���  *.     *     t        t * INo*   ���*'   tbence north  st   chain*)   thence east   SU
e mi the way fo Victoria from Liver-; chains, thence south 8u Z^',!I! '.:   v
intends "to ' to lir(WIK'ct (ur **** *n*' petroleum on the following
S&fi��^T*l*ii,'ai M^wrSSSyi^ni  i post planted .bout two
awnwaiwwi. mllwj��uth ind two milei ��� wi of the mouth of
Deted Feb. 86,1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 2>. Clirence McDowell, Agent
Queen Churlotte Inlands I^md Di-tnct
District of
arrt-s. mOTO or lt-��,
Dat.-I Fob, 88 1811
Pub. F��b. 88.
i   crusade  against  long  hat   pins
evidence,  R.  I., gained  a strong
chainn, thenee south 80 chains, thence ������������ ��� f'O
chains to point of commeneement; containinu 640
actv/mon* or less.
Dited Feb. 88, 1811. JOHN  M'LKOD
Pub. Feb, 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Churlotte Inlands Land District ���Distirct of
Take notice that 1, John M.���!..,, I nf Vancouver,
Commencing at a post planted three and one-
half mile�� in an easterly direction from thr ixint
on Naas Hiver where tlie l*uva Lake trail 1- .-m ���
and one mile in a northerly dimrtion from the
said Lava Lake trnil, thence Boiith eighty ehains,
thenee wiM BO chains, thence north H. chains,
thence wet neheJne to point of commencement,
containin; t'-JO neres.
Date Feb. Ii, l;��ll. JOHN M. DONALD
I'ub. March 10, Joseph Belway, Auent
the Tl-vl Kiwr, Graham Island, and mirked
J. Mc.L. N. W. Corner, No. 84, thenn- kouHi hO
chiins, thenco eut >'��� clulns, thence north hO
chiins, thenct* wmt HU chiins to |>oint of commencement; containing G4t> ucres. more or less.
Dated Feb. _"J. im 1. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 84. Clarence McDowell, ARent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
like notice thil 1, John Mci unl of Vincouwr
hiiurc limiting the length Of this feminine   chains,  thence  north  8U cheina,  thenct- east   Ml
,_,. chains   to   point  of  commencement;    containing
'""' ��r>* '��"* re or tan,
1911. JOHN  M'LKOD
Clarance McDowell, Auent
Mr. Leelare waa accidentally stabbed  1^1?���*!..^ ��r lww
in tin- nose by a protuding hat pin. ' Fub. Feb. 85.'
east corner of l^it 3'lJiO, .������.^. ^m~-w *** **-**,****
north to Lot IT'j:!, thenee hO chaini weet t- Lot
8988, thinoo alwut HO chains aouth to Lot :)UM,
tlu'iire iii chains eut, thence 'Jo chiini wuth to
bit 888, thence 'JO chaina eut, thence -0 chaint
north, thenco 20 ehains eut to point cf commencement; containinK 1N0 lOres mure or less.
Post merited M. It. EL S.K. Corner.
Date.1 Feb.H, 1911.      MARY BBLL BEATON
Fub. March 4
A harem skirt WOm  in the Streets  of : Queen Charlotte Islands Uad D strict���District of
thc  <imvn   town   section   of   Traverse ,    Teke notioe thU I, John MeLeod of Venoouw,
CitV,   Mlt'h.,   recently   bv    MlSS    Mane   occupation broker, intend to a,��plv for iiermission
Schmaltz,   a   saleswoman,   created    n  Ji'^S^rinnli*"*1 ��n,i ,M'lf"Ieum ntl ,h"folluwinK
fumr among   pa.ssersby,   and   the   girl i' TommenSng at a post planted sit miles nutli
had lo appeal to the police headquarters   and thm- miles west ol the mouth of the Tl-cl
for   ntvmfnfon   to   wpar   thp   ffiirmrnt    Riv*'r on(I marked J. McL. S. K. Corner, No. 76,
lor   permission   to   wear   ine   garment , t|u,nct, nnrlh 80 chain)<   thl,nC(l W|W, M, chljnj(i
unmoleated.     She   was   given    police i thenco mulh 80 chains, thenw eut ho chains to
liceliM' tn  wear  the skirt.     The   permit 'point  of  commencement;    containinu  840  acrw..
Y 1^' a license to parade.   Thereafter ��� B^f.^ 19ll, J0HN M.LE|II>  Quwn chwIolte litand- Unt, ,,t,tncl. nutricl of
��nc w.tii almut under police protection.   : pub, Feb. 25. Clamcu McDowell, Atcent Skena
��� ��� ���   ... Take m.liee that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
rhseli ^ ilneb-.r   tint. nLL.uf V\ir In tin. Queen Charlotte Islands l-and District ���Districl *H   occupation broker, inlend to apoly f��r permi��sion
l n.tOt 8 t lUsKer, I ne OIU�� St L.IK in I ne EktmiM                                    to pros|i*ct for coal und petruleum on the fnlkmins
��orld. >li'lted today JhlS 102 year in  his Take notice that I, John MeLeod of Vancouver  | described landr
thenco alwut 30 chaini ! thencv  north  KU chains,  thence cut  BU cl ains.
- ���"* -*--�����        - -    -   - ' thence south KO chains, thencc weat 80 chaina lo
(toir.t of commencement;   containing tilo acnv,
mon* or It**.
Dated Feb. 22. 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Fub. Feb. 24. Clarence McDowell, At.-m
Take notice that I, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
occupution hroker, intend tu apply for permission
to proopect for coul and petroleum on the following
<i<  i-rii.. i| lands:
CommencinK it i port plantml about four milt*
north and thri-o Dim ��r i of the muulh of the
Tl*el Kiver and markcl J. Mel-. S. K. 'vm**
No. 65. thenee north KU chains, thenee weMsO
chains, thence south Hi chains, thence eut 80
chains to point of commencement;  containing 640
Clarence M. !'.���...:   Aj��nt
Queen Charlutte Inlands land Districl- District of
Bin 11 a
Take notice that 1, John M.-l .. .1 of Vancouver,
occupation bniker, intend to apply for permiMuon
to prim(H'Ct fnr coal ami petroteum on the fotlnwinit
descriWd lind:
CommencinK at a post plantetl attout tw miles
north of th mouth of the 11.' Itiver an 1 marked
J. McL.. S K. Corner. No, 8, thenee north KU
chains, ihence Mart 80 clan, Ihenre south KO
chaina, ther.ce (est 80 chairs to pun nf commencement; ���-*-,-,
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Disirict���District cf
Take notice thai I, John McLeod of Vancouver
occupation broker, intend to apply for perrm-vimi
tn pntpnt (or coal and petroleum on the followi* |
<l< mln .1 lands:
CommencinK at a (kmh planted alwut two mile��
aouth of the Tl-et Itiver and market) John McL.
N. K. Cnrner, No. "Vi, thenct* south ko ehetn,
thence wtvt K0 chaina. ihence nonh KO chains
thence caM SO chaini to jtoint of ct>mmencenH<nt;
containing filU acp-s, muf or le.*.
Dated Feb 22. 1911. JtHIN McLKOD
Fub. Feb. It Leslie K. Waltrr. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands l.and District���District of
Take notici? that I, John lleLttd of \nr couver,
home in San  DiegO, Cal., but the mem- | occupation broker, intend to apply for permiaaion '     Commencinu at a post i lmted alxiut live milea \ occupalion broker, intend to apply for (H?mi**��ion
bers of his lodge here, No. 836, cele-
brated liis birthday loyally. Clusker
%m Initiated in 190:J.
Loulfl and James Duveen, millionaire  ���	
Rieinben   of   the   New   York   importing   commencement;   containing  610  acres,  moro or
firm of Duveen Bros    were arraigned ! ','�����, r_b 2i ,������_ J()IIN M(.u:o|)
recently in  New   lork  before   United Fob, lib. ST. 0. UeOowell, Aienl
'udge Murlin, pleaded guilty to  _      _.      ,,   , ,    ....     .   ���..   _ ,
ksving   undervalued   imported   (foods ���yuccn ch"rloUo I"'"n'!!,k,'HC1 """r,c' "' uttin"'
ami TOW lined $15,000 eacn. !     Take notice Ihur I. Jnhn Mcl-ii"! ol Vancouver,
to prna|H>ct lor coal tml petroleum on the following ' north  nml one mile wmt ol the mouth o   the   lo pnn'iH'et Inr entl tml lietroleum mi lhe faOovba]
rieaeribiil land: I H-el  Hiver and mtrkiil J. Mel.. N. K. Cnrner. . deaerilail lamia:
Commencinit nt a (mat planted lisht mile, south : No. 'Jl. ihenn- Mnith HO chalna. ihenee wi-i mi ' omrnendni at a |��iai plannil ahout two mil...
and iwo weat ol the mouth ol Tl-el Hiver and ehaina. thenee north MJ ehtina, thenee ea��t 10 ",u"' ���" the mouth nl thi Tl-el Kiver and marked
murked J. Mcl... 8, \V. Corner, No. :i:i, thence ' chnins m puint nl cnmnii-nci'tiieni; containing 610 | *; f"6''..^- K. Corner.No. il, thenee wmt
north  HO chnina   thenco oast SO  chains,  thence' ncres   o ure nr lite.
aouth HO chalna, thence weat SO chaina to point ol   liniisl I eh. Sii. ISIL JOHN Mcl BOO
I uh. Feh. L's. Clarence McPuwell. Aitenl
chains,  thenn-  nnrth  HO chaina,  thenca* eaat
chalna, thence Miuth tm chaina lu |Hilnl nl commencement:  containinK *II0 acrea, mnre nr li��a>.
Dated Keh. Tl, Hill. JOHN Md.Koli
I'uh. Keh. 24. Italic K. Walter Agent
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M occupation liruk'r. Intend In npph   f-
The birth  of  her  nineteenth   child  gffiSdtadi    "d���**rdmm��*'
��a-   recorded   rerenlly   in   the   ChicnRO,     CommencinRV a |ioat plnntiil eicht mihs anuth
Iti'ul'li ili'iiartnient  by  Mrs. John  Ad-  "ni1 '��" **m m the mouth of rl-el Hi\er and
dlleie   >v if., nf ���! I,l,r,r..r      Ti,. ���,���.l,,.- :- I markisl J. Mcl... N. W. Certrtf,  Nn.   II, thenn'
���,i,.".i, ninorer.   The mother ih . ,liuth n ,.,,���;������ ,,������,.,. ���,.���, & ,/______ ,,���.������.
uny,   ,i years old, and of the nineteen   north ho ehtina, thenee east 80 chains te polnl
Children, nil of whom  were born Kingly, ! "' commencement:   containing 640 acres, mon- or
sre still living,
' leea,   	
, lioted Keh. 21, Mil.
' I'uh. Keh. '...
C, McDowell, Afent
IJuis'ii Charlotte lalanda Ijnd District -District ol
Take nnlin- that I, Jnhn Mcl.,s,,l nf VlMOUVeT,
occupulion hroker. intend lo apply for iiermission
,_.     i t�� pni.-|H-ct lor con' nnd pelroleum on ihe follnwing
pertniaaton   ,, ri|���,| |,������|.,.
I fnlluwing Cummi-ncir.g ni a [mst plintnl aliout lour mili-s
north and three miles weft of the mouth of the
Tl el River and marknl J. Mcl. N. W. Comer,
Nn. .VI. il.inre south Ml chain , thi-nn- i., ��� -"
chains, IbefMe north an cimins. thinn- west so
chains tn point nf ninimi-iin-iiii-iit:   ni'^tnining 010   fi,'H'tr,'  ',,'"
'!''"���;v.'","::' l?;, ,,,���.- *,, **-.-*. ��*��imiop.,, i .,t���
Hit. I ill- Ji. I'll. JtHIN  Mrl.MlD     .       .    y ���   .
Pub. r*b.V\ Clarence McDowell. Agent    J",,.-    ,'.',.  ... 'TT,,
i I'uh Feb IS,
Queen Charlotte laland. Und District- Dlitrict ol
Sko II
Take nnlire that I, Jo n McLe d of Va cnuver.
ii rm all. II lirnkir, llltrlld   n al |i!y lor I" rmia��mn
to pios|rf-et lor c al and lajlnile.m o   tl.e raQoViOS
��� li- rriUsI lands:
Cnniii.ei.ring et a p al plantnl almut 1,-ur nut
sfiulli   ami   twn   mili-s  we t   nf  lhe  miuih  of   tht-
TI-.-I    Kiver and marknl J. Mcl.. N. K   Cnrmr.
Nn.   I.*,. Ihi-ncs-   nuth  sii rl-ains, ihi-ci- w,s��t   Ho
nnrlh   H'l   e'lain.,   IbertN  ea��t   HU
niintii"ii.-i-'i|itil;    ontali ing fill!
1   UN  M l.i:n|l
Clar .nc   Mcl I. aell. Agenl
Tft Rochester &
fM    Monroe
l^:   '^COAL
^"%   PHONtllS
Queon Charlotte Inland* I .and I >i-tnrt    I vm riet of
Take notice that I, John Mel/iM of Vei
occupation hn>ker, intend i" epply U't pcrml tion
t�� pm*iN*ct Utr coal and |>e(rolouin tm thfl roUoedj g
i|c fiii ���., land:
Queen Charlotte Inland* l.and Dfatriol -Dtatrlel <>f , ,.,    .        , ,     .   .      . ,��� ,
s|���,i:i Qoeefl < heriotto l��l��n'* I and l��i��trtet~ l��ivrr o
Tel ������ ni'tio- tinn I. J��'��ifi MeLeod *>��� Vai oouw,     _. , , >.k,"n*   ,    ,  ..,
occupetion broker, Inland to appl) f.-r   permlalon      1,,K'' ,ot'n" I1'*1 }* J,,,,1" Mrl- ,',;f Veaooewr
i lor contend lertrolourooniheloUoirlni yt"   ���er, lw��d to kp|ii   f-r *****
di ciilted landn: t�� pr��w|i��*ci |t��r i^'al ami pHrn ��� im *���**��� l'��llt>��i v
..  'i.i mm iii *��� it e p ��� I Innted Miiut lour n llei ,u"rr ��� ��� ''" ' . .        .
Commeoelncat eponl ptamedetehl mll-wnouth   north and Ibtw  - -i<  mouth ol tho      '        V".;* '""' " ;,',,,| f,;,r :';'������' mu'1)
and tu.. we,. o(Um ith of Uw Tl-cl Rim and   *,,,, |Uwr end mnrked J   M.I.. R. W. Com* "^ff."*,?' Jf^ rXJ li! x,   _ *i,L"n",'."i
marke.| .1   Mel... S. & C rm r   Nn.   18, ihrr.ee   \���   ��� i. thence nortl   B0 rheti     thnnro wal  M ���'������������*���'*��� ���*��� M< '��� > -*   ��� ' r"
nnrth M chain*, the.nv  mnl   B0 chains then ,   ,      oulh  80 - ...  .  lheM��  Mel   M ',    �� f"^*J��   V'  '/'V""",  'V   S     ���
mmth N eheine, thenw tm* B0 chaini t.i pnint   ehnlm to point ol commence entl onotelnlng 610 *���**��** ��� ptl���� ������� *�� rPai    l   P,,,nl ".' <"����>
Mneement; c t.tuinii.i; t.tti��rn.-. mnre nr lim."'
latiil Ki-li 85,1911. JtHIN  'Mini,
��ub. Feb.ST. T.K, Walter. Ar-nt
Queen CharlntU- Mand* Und Di��trict���bUtnct ut
Take m lice that I. Joht  Mrl.n.d nf \anceu\er,
cecupetiop broker. Intend to apply fnr permhrioo
tu proepect f<r cimI und i--tp.lt urn ii   tin lt'llt.*n(*
CnmttH-'cit k* at a im<* planted aUut tie Bafltl
rorth of thr muuth of ih* TW r mt an marked
J. UcLn s. w. Cofner, N>-  i. thence nnrth m��
<���' tl.ri.re eant   HU chain*   th<iic    wmth  M
ri. in*, thence +*���. N ehelni *<  point nf mm-
m��... mentj eontnlnlni $4  arr��*, nen nr h��*.
Deled Phb.86,1811 JtHIN Mrl i OD
Pnb.Feh tt, T. K.w ��n. r. Imat
C^tUte ( harlntti' I- ur��l \m..*\ IHMrirt-   hen 11
Take notice that I, J..hn McIj-��n| ���f VaneimMt.
occupation bn>ker, intend to apply f.-r \�� rii.t^H.n
toprarperi (nr coeJ end polwIouBi en the Mtoetei
d��p rlbnd land:
l ommencine a a pont plantetl ahoul \**u mika
north and to mile> Kent ol the moot til the
Tl-e! tti\er and marked J. McL. V W. (Vr.rt r.
No -7. thrnee aouth 1*0 chain*, thence *���*,- >0
chainn, thence north Ml chain*, thenc ********* HO
chain* i<i point nf eommencemvtit. eontaininf 610
acrm. more or It -.-
Deted Fo .88,1811. JOHN UeLKOD
Pob, I. b. 27. T. B Walter. Apmt
Queen Chariot te Mam!" Und hi.tr cl    I n��t rwt of
Take notic- that 1 Joh McN-od **' Vanrt-UM-r,
occu|��atioii t.rt-kir intenil to apply for |>��'rmi*rion
to pro*|*ect for coal anil petroleum on the lolleuini
ileorriUd landa:
Commencinir at a |K>��t plant��**t almut i��o mih-n
north and l��o mill** went of the moulh of Tl-.l
Hi\< r and markiil J. Mcl,. > W . Corner. No i'C
lhi*nm north 80 ch��ln*i thoere ea*.| *tt ilmina,
thence nouth 10 ^haln^ thence ����m m> eheine lo
poonl *f cummrncimeni; enntaintntf HW aerw,
mon- or leaa,
Deted Feh ���;:*, \**\\ JoilN McLKOD
I'uh. Keh 27. T. i:. Waller. Arent
guMn Chertotte I landnUnd hiMnri   DMrM *-t
Tak��- notice that I, John UcLned ol Vancouver,
occupation hmk��r, IntOBd to nppU Inr intm^mn
to prenperi lor c��tai and pntrnheun on Um fniimnnaj
<|(*crd��.| land:
Dlintn ncirig at a pool plan id ibovl two tnih-*
north and t*o milt-  neri  ������' in    m.nith of tl>��<
TVel lUver nnd merited J  MeL  N   w   Corner,
No. i'ii. thnnee -outh *u iheinn, thnnri **���
���helae, thnne   nnrth 10 rheli ��� Ihenni  * ���       I
chain* Io   |K.mt    of   OMttnuneOBMrnl    crtamlne
fi in ac .-. m* r*" or !�����*.
Dnted Keb, l''. l'Jll J'HIN Mri.i "h
Put- Ftab *'. P. E. Wnhrr. A
! of commenrement;  contnlnlns M0 ncroa, men i r ���,.,,. , *,,.],. ,,r \<**,
! l0*1*** Dated 1 eh S6 UML
Dated Peb. 84,1811.                 JOHN MeLEOD hi)   |.-,i, -, '            Clan
( Pub. Kcl>. 27.                      c. MeDowell, Agent
| Qui en Charlotte Inland* Land hi I rict -I Mst net of guo,,n fharlotte Ulandl I nnd DUlrict - hint rict o!
Sknna I,,    ,
Take QOtiOO lhat I, John McLood ol VeneoUVOr, Take notice that I  Jnhn Mcleod of Viur. UVOT,
tmn.(in.ot     ontnlning 840 ion ���
. r I.* -.
i. HIN MeLEOD   Dntwl Fab.   8.1811. JOHN M'LKOD
nee MeDowell   tgent   "�����*����� "KM. CltrancMchoa.H. A��mt
occupation brokor, Intend to apply for p. rm   Ion   oeml��tion brokt r. ii lend to i
; to prtnjpeej for eoal and potroloum on tha following   ,,, pronpn 11. -.. il md petrod
> lend to ��j.111-. fnr pern
leum'on thi InlUminn
h Westholme Lumber Co.
Telephone 186
"���t Av, nu
Advertise in
daeeribed land:
Commencinu   at   a   pari   pl.tr t<il   about   right
miles south and four wi-i  ol the mouth of 1
Kiver nnd marked J. Mcl.., s. \v. Corne , No, 77,
thence nnrth Ml chnins. thettM 0U1 "u cIiiihh.
t ence nOUth Nil ohaltU, thence wet 80 chnlni tn
point of eotmnonoamenti   containing 840 ner'
more or Im,
Dated Psb.84, 1 11. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Pob. 27. ('. McDowoll, Agent
tjui-i-n Charlotte lslunds Lnnd iJhdrict���District o'
Taki' milieu that I, John Mcl.e d of Vancouver.
occupntion brokef, in.end to apply "r pormUrion
th pTOipeol for ooel and petroleum    u the followinn
deicrlbed lnnd-
Contmenolng at a pott planted nbout Hghi mllci
���Otlth and four west nf the mouth of Tl-el  Rlvol
nnd markad ./. Mcl... N. w. Corner, No 7^, thonct
aouth HO chains, thence OUl 80 Ofaalni, thonCC
north 80 chninn, tbontM w st B0 ��� I.ains to poi t "f
mmmencement;    conteinint-   840  acres,  mom  nr
Hated Feb.auil. JOHN  Mal MOD
Pub Feb. 2". 0 .Mci jo well, Agent
Queen Charlolle I*landd Land hi��tn��t ��� hi'irct of
. koi n i
Tike notice that l, John Mrl��-nd nf Vnneoui -.
itloi nr, Intend to npply for iwrmisuHii
to p OBpid ���' t v al ai.il pi trok-mn on ill   followtiiR
 Boa n.Hil 'I 'I
.ip-cribcd land- I    Cotnra nrlng  t ���* ?H*t planted nl
Commondngetepait|rtnntedebout thn1*-milw   Miutn a-d two mine wot of thi muuth nf n��-
weri nnd t��" mlti   ttortl of the mouth   i the   t H   'I I-.-I River arid mnrked J. MeL. H, Vf, I ornr
River end mnrked J. MeL. N. B. Cormt   N    I '*.   No   m. thenc   mvth   0 nnnina,   thenci ���
thenee aouth   0 chain*, tnence w I    0 Bl  In .   elwln . thenoe north   ���   chaint, tl     i
thence north rtlchnlna, tnenoneeitehetn* to point    hnlne to point of eonmene m��rti co tatnlnf 040
ofcommenownent; containinK ���>*������ **rr<' mora of
Dated Psb.85,1811.
Pit .Fteb.87.
T. B. Writer. Agant
-District ��l
Queen t harlottt Iriendi Lend Dtstiict
Tnka notire thut I, J. (1  McNeb of Prinn- Itu-
pert, oceupation general apmt, Intond '<��� npply
For permlalon to proopoi
m il.  ' ���"    ���-���'���"**
...   . . ��� jiicrt for  cnal and petroleum
rm un following "hscrihitl lunds:
Commencing at a pori plnnted at the so ih-e-ist
come1 ol Section i. Townihn * Grahnm hland,
ind marked J. (J. McN., S. K. Corner, thanca
hit chains,  thence north Ml chains,  tin-nee
hence MUttl w" BBnltti U) pofnt tn
Mri B0 ehilno, t
Deted March v 1811
Pub. March -���">.
j. a. McNAH
Wilson Gowing, \p"
t^uern i herto �������� Iriendi l-anu hi�� rd    h.-       ��� f
Take notin   that   t.JohU McLiOd Of V,.
��� ������' -I In ui<i :..
CiMnmenemg at a \n~* plantnl aUui t*
rt.rth ni . <�������� i' h   *<    it ii utl  ��� t iha
..r and d nriked '   MeL .
chain*,  th- nee  -tHith
chair* to print "f con ���    tali 'r I !M
u ������   .
1011. JOHN Mel I OD
Pub 11 !��� ..'T. T. K. Writer, Agaat
Quern Chariotti I land- Un I Dtrirkt   Dtrtrietel
Take notice ihat I, John MeLood of V'nneomei.
ocru|atmr broker, iiumi i* . weion
topmpeet lor%**m and petroteun ontm fn'iowing
ll  laid
'       *r .neinR at a post plar t<-l ibout I' r����- mik-a
I  tWO n ih" north of the RWUth H Ihe
TM Klvt i of ��� . Nn.
"��� el ill .i'i-
t' (��� i.     ut    -'  h all , ll.ii Ci ��� ��� i am* to
meneementt   eonti      .   ��� 10 aeru,
haii-ipei. gft, 1011 JtHIN MoLfCOD
Pub Pihjff. 1. i;. w liter, \.* M
Queen Charlotte lalnn-li L nd OMrcl-Distrirt nl j	
^^ Siesta i Queen (harlot ti lelnndn L nd Di-triet    hi.incto
T kennilcnthn- I   John  -* I,   -I . f Van OUVer, 'l,,,"a ,
oeeupeUo i broker, In -It' apnlv for [Wmisson , Tak* notw hat I. Johl MeI.cod <���( Vancouver,
t . pro pee or coal a d old t-umon i following oceui itloi broker. Intend to npply f<^ m rmi��itw
il eerlbod I ndii '''r   '*'' for cool nnd petroleum no tin following
Cnmmencing ai a p st - lant d abo t'o r mil**     oaerlbi ;
ouih and two mile, wot o' th   miiih    f ihe nr at a poet p| nted about eight mllee
T'a*   It ver an<l  :mr el .1.  M I.        W.  Co n��r.   IDUth and two Wiot of tl.   moutl   ol   \.*
N���   gg   thenw mnh    " chninn,   henna em   ���'���   and ma kni j MeL.* N. W.Corner. No 10, thenca
ehelni   thauan smt      0 Bhena, the   ������ weri Iheneeenit no chalna, thenee north
ulna o p Int of oomrm cement      nteinlng   10   10 eheine, thenct    ���    R  ahelna to point of eom-
.. ..���   nu.re nr l'-s . "i*1 eem'ml;   crrn n ne ������     a r��". ov TV or leaa.
,/,   iKi,    |[mi J'HJNMT'DI)   lw..-tK h   'l   PMI. JOHN  M. l.i. ID
ncri-s, more or I
Deted Koh. 83, 1811.
Pub, Ml. 88.
JtHIN   \1     KOI
Clan a  MeDowaH, Ar* il
I uh. I ch. . 5,
C arinre M Im  ���! ,    *��� nt    Pu1.. I |
c. Mod w-ii. Igant THE   PKI.nl E   BO PERI    OFTlMliT
The Prince Rupert Optimist
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\-   ���    ���- T��k�� r...��* tta; I. Jeer, .leltttxt ot \_.ttM\m,
���.**���.���-*-������. ���AfJur   .::*'.,��� *o *pt*t toe ptrmawoo
Chn lad I tmtmt   '��������� ���**��%*- toe coal tut petroleum oo tbe !oU>��-.ng
Daily Edition.
About The Harem Skirt
���jeaer.oed --r.it.
Coe*.*cx*cj_f **��� �� V** mmm* too-, five m3at
...��� ,..   csx*.?.   *-*���- **.* in.*  ***���'   ���-'.  '���:-  -������*.*.  '   tee
IM  r..��r na rr.a.-**d J. MeL.. N   F- Cornar.
���neeee aouth (0 eha,-*.   -.ter.e* mmt. *i
-   ^j^i, i:*r.*e f.r-.h  ��i eha:.-* tcence ea*  *0
-_../       caaiat tt poitt of ectriteMemeni;  ��,r.uiti=i **t<)
eerae. mere f.r *em.
MONDAY.   APK:L  . ��� ' '.^_   ,_,____. a._uia__, _4_wt*Umi Di*ri��-Dirtriet of
 /"V-p =PETALTY-F-eIn*3r��.-,ee.   We rep re-       Taka notice tha: I. John McLeod ol Vancuuver,
    *J   L~.:?.  '���'- '.'������ ��� ; -i���    -   uaawa Clien-   occupation broker. i.-.ter.d to tppo' lor tmnin
tea    We Wert *"eewtaeiaWe��. av��e> ����� proejuet for coa! ard pcro^un oa the following
���v,   iimtn.   mileeklleehr �����*�����-   taotod todi .   ......
���'.��� ; . .������.-::-.- St     -       I .----���r.r.i <IM planted aboul four nu.ee
-  -.-. a- -. Iba &_���� ��eat o* ih* moulh of th*
". W. Corner,
etee ear. 80
eta:rj. tfcer.ee tor.h M etaine. thecce weat  do
chaina to point of eotnraer.ceme::::  eor.taining 410
.��� ,�� Dated Feo SS, ISil.
���"a PttbF.1.:-.
HI SES WAJITBD���F.r^uhed ���*
������    ���  -   ..     :������  . .
-��i��   - ���. ��� ��� - ��� i ��� -' >--a p*7 ���*������������ ���
.1-:*  r.   ��.'_���.!   ���      iv.-J
aftayr all ��� *��� rad oi ths u-oria r.ari z.-.-r. hs opinion shoal ths karan rinr
Ai.e.   '-..    ..*��������� '��� ���        -.  _   misrrL-r.v .���rer��; w -an cvok: ngn, V,* Riv�� ��xd tta.-kKi J. MeL   K.
.,-.,. 'ri-   ���:-.��� 0;   irnut should i%.;le the que.'.ior..   :v :.ror.o.r. ...f    \\ *-J.'    a--r P P Owr* H-v:*..      ��� rf   Ko. M. ihenea aouth SO eharac th
.::   .    -..  ��� -    r   . ������    -.  mm         ��� toadstlitsu ,
Clarer.e* Me: iow��U. Afent
but they Ul dadfita.   The H^-er dtdsm to ;.- too Iwsjr to sttend to snyxhim WAC;:
(tat r��t. ��*as Mk'ii ���>���!��������� kr.o��-s ai rr.'-Kh aoooi taninfae fa^hior.i  w-.rk.  am '	
���SSBjrBIM "     -V     ���*". U ��� ��� .       , W*~__��SA'*Amml^im\*Z-^
btonotei   ..       Mtosr>iiatMyttot*toli'u**iu shirt iidividinttto**tts*atkw x.m..c��-   .     *���
oftto'-   ��� r-towMoophuomonttomsttwirtwidtod. Ttotottmsklrt W*i| '-���; J^Uf"w.SL',ir,o^^%��SSiS
j-    ffiii tollni lint s Httls mrnirm " r i**\\-v-r   ik*~.-. '__r_\ ~'-'*t      *�� t*"**^*,or "^ *ad r*��ot��o��> ��o 'b�� fouowint
CV^eiibeQ lamli:
Cotnme.-.r.rf at a put panted about leur mllea
north afl threw milea *** of tl* mouth of ih��
I TM River u.4 marked 1. MeL, S. W. Comer.
No U. ****** r.onk eO ehains thenee eaat SO
cr.ami. '.bene* ��eutk t*j e aina. thenee mm* SO
enama to point of toirja*r.e*-r��ct:  oontaininf SU
is too i.e.-i'-ui a vat.'/:--*. .'��� (oks stoa
neHed '.r, '.'r.e -.'���,/���'-. _________������������������
vi far ewrybody has owilootod *.he fac-. ttot it > tto prassnt srlds -��� -
ttottottorts     ������-*--      -���"   It is a mav.e:'/>..-���������..-;.��� ���..'^������.'���^ K,   ���-        tototoi S. O. E. B. S.
were Mm ��� -o r; (tarnish b* i ���'���-.  ha ������.- iobi women aad hs inhabit ants <������'. 	
hare.rr., by 'irking the iattaf up in skbts.   The irids   *..r  *m ^he uniform cf     n* W^Rj��^**...n    ."_;.���;���; -   J^, FT:? ilu
tastoram; tastitioBarsktottofaAolttomodsattwmaai  Ttoerowdaofcahr- *ihmoBta'1Bth��C4rD����uraHa!La;��� Pub.F*b.to
rirow PsrWaa sad Bpaaish tsuttonsn who nobtod weirers cf trousers skina, f. v clark. &��?..
or, tto   ��� Porta aad Madrid recently in tto totot ttot ttoy start
rao.-sliiy '^ere foal s tittle on  la their historical -wtni.t.   .io too, was the Spanish
oOeer *'no esmmit sd mieida from stone smeo he learr.^  r.-.: r.n ten daui?n.er��
ha/1 a|if-eared thus ({arr^i uf/on the-'.reetii. \ersa.t-Tf-r\
It i-, the ne* thimc tha- is a'.wa.y< looked upon as beir,? improper.5; The mar.   j   ><#^y  /\ [>   1   t, Ll...   I
who canie'l tto firs', umbrella shared the '...*��� '���'. tto SWSH of th: first troustr   |
CUr��sc* McDo��ell. Atert
P. O. Box ���
A   Girl   to   learn   Preaa-
feeding and Bookbinding.
hkini.    Dr. Jenners" hoj-e was mohVied because he declaredlthat the blood cir- j
edatod throagh the body. The Meeds and / - n ran ot awe dstwuneed in church ' j
aa "an alK.rtion of Nature, and an insult to the great Creator who endowed man j
with leea." (
So far al! tto reason w*ms to be on '.he side of the new fashion."1" From the j
standpoint of hygiene it la a capital innovation.    For walking it gives greater i
freedom, sad I bare Is r.o poaeibQity of dragging while going down steps.  Ho*m��nj ���   .   , j,    Ontmiisl
worr.-n have suffered annoyance, and ho-* many men mor.ifica-.ion. by the !.i   ���.- j   "PP'I *'      '      ' UP
p.-.r. :e P. it ��rt   Quwn Charlotte lalanda Land Distriet���LiMlriet cf
Tak* nctie* that I John MeLrod cl Vaneou%-��r.
oceupatx.r. troker. intend to apply for p��rmiaawn
to proapact for eoal and petroleum on the Wloaing
described land:
Commereinf at a prat planted about three mika
����*t and r��o mBaa north ol th* moulh I th* 11 el
Riv*r ana markad J. McL.. N. E. Corae N
thanca aouth -0 rhaina. there* weat -0 chaina,
thenc* north A) ehaina. th*rc* eaat chaina tn point
of commencement: containlnf WO acrea mor* or
Next  t;T.~  y ...
store wv ���*:-:.. .  .'.\
ute and take sk
He's the r.:>-:
the best looking, I
the  best   rur.r.ir.j.
take our erord for ii :.
in the window so j -
Thia is the c^ ek
tisine in tie big I
Heintzman Pianos
We sell them.    \V. ���   ~.
Easv tei
Dated Feb. 25, 1511.
Pui. Feb. f,.
T. E. Waller. Aaent
OFFICE   :    :
. iir.g on their trailing skirts while walking down stain.
Bona ol -r,* doctors have pointed Out iha'. the wear-r of tto trouser skirt
would ' eapotto eodael ion of germ-, das', and mud that gathers round the ordinary
akin. Also on *M days M ankl'.-s an protected fr>m -.he chill!caased by "damp
skirts rubbing again.iCihem. "If all women adopted the harem skirt, we believe
they arould ba much hi i I er " - tto opinion of a commutes of women doctors
in New York who have just reported on tto    .'.' ���
But,v." fad thai common sens is on .he side of ih�� trooaer >kir. is no guarantee
tha*. it. *:ll ��ta in tto KruejH for ordstonce. In fashions it is not always the fittest
th^-   nr .'���<���.
(Jueen Charlotte Lalanda Land Diatrict ���DUtrict ot
Take notice that I. J. G. McNab of Prince Rupert, occupation g*n*ral agent, intend to apply
[or permivton to proapeet tor eoal and petroleum
on the following deventxd landa:
Commencing at a poat planted at th* ao th-etat .
eorne- of Section 3. Towmh p 2  Graham laland,
I        _ 1    and marked J   (1. MeN��� S. K. Corner, ther.ce
+ .     . ^. ^ ..�� r   __^   jj  BaaaSS   ther.c  north   SO chaina.  thenc*
eant tti ehaina, thenc* aouth 80 chaina to point of
Dated March 8. 1511. J. G. MeNAB
Pub. Mareh 25. Wtfacri Goaing. Agvnt
Queen Chariott* lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that I. John McLeod ot Vancouver,
occupation brokvr. Intend to apply for p*rmisa.on
to proapect for eoal and petroleum on the following '
deacrilied land:
Commencing at a poat planled about tw    milea
i north of th   mouth of the Tl-el Hive- tad marked
For all  kind*  i to,
waiters, dtshwss)
tera. all kimis of la
chanics. cal! up
Phone No. 178
or call at I ���
Grand Hotel Fret Emplo> -cr.t Ofee
Headquarter? force  WI
CF.ALKI.I TF.NtjF.P.s addreawd y, the under.   J. McL.. S. E. Corner, No. 3. ther.ce north 60
��i��n*d. and endoraed'lender for Examimnic chaina, thence ��*��t 80 cha n,. tlirc* aouth 80
Warehojae. Vancouver,  B.C..    arlll be received chaina, thence eaat 80 ehairJ to point of com-
until l.0u p.m. in Monday. April 2Uh. ISU, fur mencemert. entaining 610 acrw. mora or leaa.
th* conatructton oT an Examining  Warehoua*. Dated Feb 25.1511. JOHN MeLEOD .
Vancouver. B. C Pub. Feb 27. T E. Waller. Agent
nasty ape*ilicati<.n tnd form of contract tin be
Notes and Comments
IrfeOQl I'udenu did no rredit to them'telves and did not help the cause of reciprocity by overturning Mr. - ,-riage.   Overturning arguments is a more  _T,*tJ-?T^l^J^.^f'lSagtegI�������>****����� M*a*L��dMatto-^Msaktcl
fitting occupation for intellectuaia.
t.'p in Cordova ih">- have go' ���;��� pn
��� sensibly figured out that a person who
who juv ;,.iy. *-n' ������������A knock.* the community every ime tto collector "calls, so
they have organised a home builders' association and will wil home* on the same-
terms iha' others charge rent for.    In that way they hope to get ihe workers in
ir.ra for Manitoba. P'-t OflVea Building. W ,ni.i. T,kc n,.,iK ,hlt ,_ joh. McLeod of Vancou����.
f'- Sfi" Mr-,JVn' .".,.' .;}:,",?��� *���'������"- *******!*. broker, intend to apply tor permlaa.on
SS ) Wit' - ' l."* ' "t 0mc*' * *ntMytt I to pmapeet lor coal ar.d petrol^m or. tlattoaknrlas
and at thia Department. d*aorbed land:
owns a horn.-, hen 11 mor- apl I o become a pal rial k booster for the town than one J_*l*_\ *��*?��.**?********* ffi^JUTS    &_**��<_<**-* *** p��- tj_m*_*t about two mika
not t* conauierm unl��>a mad* on the printe.i   north o( th, moulh ���} lh, T ^| r vn ,n   mMkod
forma aupplied. and ilimH�� ith their attual aiir-   J. McL, s. W. Corner. No. 4. thence nonh so
naturea. atatinif their occupation, tnd p.tce. of   chlira^  miwnee ���_.   BU  chainl   th,nc. KlMi,  b0 !
r��.id-nre    In th.eaw of flrma. the actual aiirr.a- ' chalna. thene* wat 80 cha na lo point ot com
tura   the nature of th.occut.*tl.,n and place of   miTcem-nt: containing 61   acrw, more or Ma*.
reaWlence of .*���'   member of th* firm mu.t be . |���.���| Fel,. 25, 1911 JOHN MeLEOD
teres ed in loenl aflnri and kwp many famine* there the year aroundlthat will  ��i;��n ' Pub. F.b 27. T. E. Walter, Agent
, . , , , , . , . .   . m..      _ . I    Ea'h tender mu.t tie tc-ompanled by an tc-
ulnrnaiely supplan   tha iransienl worker-i who only stay long enough to.annex a  ���,,���!Che.,ue,.n a chartered bank, payable u,!_       _.   . ��� , ,    . .    .-__,     _____
. - ���.'. the Boooarabia the Mm.-ter of pule   ^a'"' ch��"o��t "'��>��� L""! DUtrict���Diatrict
lie Work*, aqoal t> tan par eaat OS p-ci of the      ���-. ��� . -. .  ,lc?n��a i ,   > ���
amount of the tender. �� hirh ��ill I* forfeit*.! if       l*k'.n""��� V1-' '��� Joh.n McLeod ot Vancouver,
tba panefi Ui>l-n���� decline te<nt*r into a con-   ��cuJ'��li<"! b^er. intend to apply lar. permimion
tract when called upon bi do ao. *����� fall to complete the work contracted for.     If the tender !*���
grub ��l ak
1 a��
Prince Rupert Young Liberal Association
will be held in thc
at 8 p.m.
Members and friends roll up
to pnepect firr ccal aad petroleum on the following
deacribed Ian i:
,.,t aeci.teil th. che,,,,. will he returned. .JSSPft! - S P<,,, P.1,n."^bou< '*�� Pfe
I.. |..',artmentd-anotMnd llaelf l��� accept ; Kl ,^1 .Vi SSLST il I******} tC ""
the loweat or any tender. V    E?,J?hS 1-. ISFitT' V'1" ,Nw' W' (-orn7^
Hy order I ^��   *'��� tbenc* aouth SO ehaina   thenc* eaat  HO
ll C  DESHOCHEKS       chalna, thence north hi) chalna, thence weat 80
Department of Pul.llr Worka. Sec'retary i **** -JJ*J ^commencement: containing 610
Ottawa. March 22nd. 1SII.
N'ew.pa|H��r�� will not lie paid for thia advertiae-
ment if they Inaert It without authority from the
iMpartment. ;;.;i
Date.1 Fe .25. 1911.
1Mb. Feb. 27.
T. E. Walter. Agent
Work (RTfiirmiil by experts only.
A first class job is guaranteed in
every instance.
A large stock of ChandelierB  and
Fittings carried.
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
Third Ave.       ���       .       Nesr Sixth
Twenty-four hours ending 6   a. m.,
April 3.
has. Titer,     mim. -rn**. aaa.     in. rain
86.5             19.5 30.081
(Jueen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatriet ol
Take nolice that I Joh Mel.eod ol Vancouver,
orrupatinr, broker, intend to apply lor permuwlon
u> pro.|*rt tor coal and petroleum on the tollowing
dearnlttd landi:
Commencing at a poal planted aliout two mllea
north and two mllea wmt ot the mouth ot Tl-el
Kii' I an,I marked J. McL. S. W. Corner. No. 20
thenee north HO chalna. thence eaat so ehaina,
thence aouth SO chalna. thence weat SO chaina to
poum et commencement: containing 640 acrea,
more or l*ap.
I ml,i l.i. 26,1811 JOHN MeLEOD
1Mb. F.b. 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Tike notic* thtt I, John McLeod ol Vnncouver,
occupttloli broker, intend to tpply lor permiaaion
to proapect Inr cotl tnd petroleum on the lollowing
described lend:
Commi'r.cing tt t poat pltmed about two miloa
north and two milea weat ot th��� mouth ot th.
Tl-el Kiver and marked J McL. N. W. Comer,
No. 81, thence aouth HO ihaine, thenc* weat 80
chaina. thenc north 80 chalna, thence eaat 80
chaina to point ol oomtnenccm nt containing
6ln acrea, more or leaa.
dated Feb. 26. l'Jll. JOHN  Mcl.EOD
Puh. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that 1. John McLeod ol Vancouver
occupation hroker, Intend to apply lor permiaaion
to proapect lor coal and petroleum on the tollowing
daasrlbed land:
Commencing at a poat planted eight mllea aouth
and two weat ol the mouth ol Tl-el River tnd
marked J. McL., 8. W. Corner, No. SP, thence
north SO chalna thence eaat 80 chalna, thence
aouth HO chaina, thenre weet HO chalna to point ol
commencement; containing 640 acrea, more or
dated Feb. 24.1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDoweU, Agent
ss. Prince
Sailt for Stewart, Thursday.'. 8 00 Ui
Saila (or
Fridays, at 8.00 a.m.
tt. Prince Albert siils f
son, Naas Kiver P
Naden Harbor. *���
day. 1.041 p.m.
and for:
BatfUga Bav.   Skidi
Charlotte City.   U
cofi. Jt'dwav.   II ���
Harbor  and  n '
Charlotte City ���
1.00 p.m.
���I Simp-
v -d
rt. Pi-
���. Ro��
FREIGHT    AND   PAMENGI       ******
B.C. Coait
Northbound Apr.6-Southbou.iH Ap'"
Train   for  Winnipeg  and T"ron*
leaves Vancouver 9 a.m. daily.
Imperial Limited, best  tr
the continent, leaves Vancou>��
H.45p.m.   Carries compart"
vation cars.     Thc lines:
road anywhere. ,
Agent for all Atlantic BWjJ
lines. Tickets to and from Burop"
J. G. McNab ��� General Al�� ___mr
THE    PRINCE     R U P E R T    <) I'T I M I S T
; -�����-�����-��-���-
Our Stock is Fresh, Clean and Carefully Belected.
Wc are in a position to supply you promptly, efficiently   and at Reasonable Prices.    .'    .'    ���*    ���
We are
Sole Agents
Queen Charlotte IriaadnLand Di-trict-- Dlntriei f
Take nolice thai I, John McU'od ol Vanmuver.
ooeupution broker, Intend to apply for pom Won
tn proapoet i*T conl anil petroleum on tho following
..i .cniii-ii Inndni
Commenring 411 pool plnnted .,^ thnt- mllee
north and ono nolo, weri ol the mouth of tho i I el
Kivi-r -ind marked J. Mcl... S. K. Corner, No. 85,
thence north mi eheine, thenee *m*\ BQ afanlni
ihence Miuth su chain-, titinpi* muI Kti ehslna to
polnl  ri fommrm-imenl.   containing 840 acrm,
1   1 I.   of low.
hated lil> 86, 1811. HMi\ McLKOD
I'uh. Keh. gg, 1 I in ���.. 1   Mchowell, \gcnt
Queen Chariotte Man l* Und District    DlotriOl ot
Sloe ne
Take DOtlee that I, Joh    Mcl-eod of \ ar.11.1n1T,
occupation broker, Intend to apply lor pormlarion
to pro 1 ��� .���' (or conl iiii'l 1 ti roleum on tin- followinK
<li erlbed landn:
Commencing at a post planted iiIhiiji lour milea
north nnd three mdre ornri nil the mouth 01 the
iini River an.i mnrked J. McL., n. k. Corner,
Nn. ii'.  thenca ��� ith BO ehelna, ii 1 ica I
chain* thenoa north ko chaini. thenee oaet sn
cliuins to point of commencement; eontalnblg MU
icreo, more or h
Dated Pob.86,1811. "His MeLEOD
' i'uh. Priii tti Clarence MeDowoll, Agoni
. Queen charlotte triandi Land DHrlcl���Dintrict ol
Tnke 1 otlco that l, John McLnod ol Vnncouvor,
oocupeUon brokir. Intend to appl, I��r pormlarion
, to pro-peel (or coal and pet.-oleum on the followinK
deacribod landai
Commoncing at n pout plented about four milen
north and three miloa are I ol the mouthol thn
11.1 Itiver arid mnrked .1. MeL., s. 1:. Cornor
No -i, thence north BQ ehtina, thoneo waetSO
chain . thonce wuth so chum", thenca ao I 80
,1 . ia print of eoRunenoomonti eontrinlng 810
aerea. more or laaa
li:,., I Feb. :'i;, 1911, JOHN MeLKOD
i Pub, Feb, M. CUrese. MtOomu. Ai^nt
Tho minora! wealth of the district
Burrounding tin1 Bitter Creek Townsite
cannot be estimated for the reason ihat
no adequate measure can be taken of
tlit* undeveloped mineral resources. It
is generally conceded by mining expert*
that tha area Burrounding Bitter Creek
Towniite is tne richest in metals of all
iho areas of Canada's mineral Province.
British   (Vlu.nhia   is   the   mineral
producing   province  of   the   Dominion
and Government figures   thost of 1908
show that over (>!�� per com of all the
minerals and coal produced  In  'anada
waa taken out of the mines of British
Columbia, in the face of the fact that
many of the ricUesI deposits cf ore in
the Province art   .ill untouched.
For  several   yean   prospecting   has
been carried on In the Portland Canal
district, but not until recently has even
la partial measure been taken of the vast
mineral wealth that lies buried among
I its mourn ains.   Bitter Creek Townsite
occupies a pivotal position in this re-
marKably rich mining section.    Ii  is
closer to the rich deposits than Stewart.
It  is surrounded by claims that  will
ultimately  pay  millions of  dollars  to
their owners.   To" tht* north east  are
I Bitter  ( ink  Star  Mines,  Lhe  BItte
Creek holdings, the Roosevelt, the Big
Bouldei, the Hi;: Hoof, the Ben Bolt
land tho June. Julia and Jessie group*
To lho north  and  nonh wist  aro tho
I Hod   Cliff,   the   Hoar   River   Canyon.
Dreadnought,   International   and   the
j Copper  Quoin.    Direoily  west   is the
i Portland Star and Premier, antl to tho
South  are  the  groat   mining  properties
of the Portland Canal Mining Co. and
(the Stewart Mining & Development
Co. And all then properties, unlike
the claims,in the Yukon, are within
reach   of  civilization   almost   rubbing
j shoulders with it.
I'sually arid plains and mountain
fastnesses stand in the way of man
in his search for nature's treasures, and
the weak give way to the strong and
only the FEW win. Hut without
undergoing any of tho fatigues of a frozen
trail or the pel lis of the plains, the
Wealth of the Portland Canal districl
is within reach of anyone who has in
his make-up it little ambition and a
little grii. Bitter Creek Is so neai the
fortunes that lie in tho mountains that
undoubtedly thousands who would bravo
the dnagen  "f the  White  Pass  will
BWarm Into the Hear Hive; valley ibis
spring. Bitter Crook makes tho 11��
polltation of the mineral resources of
the Portland Canal district an easy
task. Railroad facilities are at hand,
i cheap water transportation is avatlabb,
Itimbei for all purposes i  also available,
there is an  Unlimited  supply  of water
power: and it haa been predicted that
near Kit er Creek there is enough coal.
whin onee uncovered, to supply every
dty on the coasl from Stewart to San
I Francisco, for years to come.
Gold, silver, copper, lead, iron   these
lar a some of the mews that lie buried
in this remarkable district.   And it is
'only partly explored.    Its development
has Just  begun.
Hitler Creek Townsite is locatedOOO
Bluer Creek Townsite Is Located In
the oxact oeiiier of ihis lhe richest
mining district in the Province, and
��� I Investors can make no mistake In
making further Inquiries Into thi** remarkable district. For further information write ��r Bee F. (J. Dawson,
Prime Rupert.
Quwn Chsrlo IS Mand* Und Diatrict���Diitrict ol
Tnke Sotkn that I, John MeLeod oi Venooavof
ooeupeUOn broker, Intond to apply tor permlaakin
to jin -\**-*'t for coal anil 'H'lroi-uin .-n lho |o||hiaihk
dooerlbed land:
I ointncnriTii* ut a |m>i��i  planted hUmji lem in li��
north ami tero mil*** we>t oi ti��*- moutl of tha
Tl-cl Itiver and marked J. McL., S. K. Cornor.
No. ti'-, thenn north so ehelna, tnenea ami Bfl
chaim,, tin no soutli so chainn, thanee cart SQ
chaina to point "I commencement; continuing 840
nemo, mora or lew.
Dnted Pab. 88 18U. JOHN McLKnD
Puh. Kb, 27. T. *%_ Wslter, Agent
' )un i. Clmrlotte Hand   I in. i Dintrict���Diatriet "I
Take notiee that I. John MoLood "I Vancouver,
occupat ion broker, inteml to ���< 11 ��� y (or  permlonlon
to prenpeol lor coal and petroleum on t he followinK
i|ef*crilH*i| lund:
Commencing at a post planted ahout three milen
*vt**l ami two mllea north of (he mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver ami markeil J McL. s. K. Corner, No.
87 tlience north su chain*, thence Wool B0 chain**,
thence sout SO chaini", thence eant Ml clmin** to
,>"ir.t of commencement; contuining OKI acn-s, ,
more or Lmo.
Deted Pob. 86, lttll JOHN MeLEOD
Pab. Feb. 27. T. B. Walter, Agent i
Queen Chariotte Han I* L nd District���District 0
Take notiee that I. John MoLood of Vancouver, ,
Ooeupetlon hroker, inteml to apply for |H-rmiwton
to pTi f|>ect for coul uml petroleum on th   followinK
eaerlbod lendi
Commencinu nt a pool planted nbout eiitht miles
ninth ami two wi*hi of the mouth of Tl el Liver
anil marked J. McL., N. W. Corner, No. 40, thenco
aout h hii ehnlna t hence aeet su eheine, thenca north
Mil chain.*, thence wwi 8 > chains to point of com- \
mcucumont; contain,nu S4U OCTiO, more nr leoo,
hated Pab. 84. I'M I. JOHN McLKoD
Ptlb, Feb. 27. 0* McD .well. Agent
Queen churiottu'lilumU Uml Diatriet -Diatrict ol
Take notice thut 1, John McLeod of Vancouver
occupntion hroker, intend to upply for iH'rmiwdon
to proapeet for coul und petroleum on tin- following
deocribo 1 lenda:
Commeneing ut u poat planted ahout ten mQee
wiuih ami two mile.*, west of tlu- mouth of tho
Tl-el River nnd marki-d .1. Mc.L. N. L\ Corner,
No.  7'J, thenci- south  80 chaina,  thei.ee  weot  SO
eheine, thanea north B0 ehnlnn, thonoe eeat so
chaina to point of coiutner.cenieut; OOntelnlnS
640 acres, more or leoo.
Dnted Feb, 'JJ. 1811. JOHN McLKOD
Tub. Feb. 21. Clarence MeDowall, Agent
Queen Charlotte [alenda Lend District - Diatrict of
Take notloe that I, .lolin McU-od of Vuncouver.
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
io proapeet for coul und petroleum on the following
deeerlbea lands:
Commencing at a pool plented about two miloa
nouth and two miles weet of the mouth of tho
Ti'el Kiver und murked J. Mc.L. s. K. Comer,
No. |8, ihence nortli so chains, tiu-nee weat 80
chains, theneo aouth 80 chuina, thenco east 80
*���������*.��� ��� tu point of OOmmenoomont! contuininK (>40
OOraO, more or less.
Datod Feb. 22,1911 JOHN McLKOD
Tub. Fell. 84. Laalle K. Wulter. Auent
QuiH-n Charlotte Islands '.and District- -District ol
Skeei .i
Tuke noticv ihat l, John McLood <��( Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to npply tor permisaion
tn prospect for coul und petroleum on the following
deocribed lands:
CommencinK ut u pool plnnted nl-out two milea
aouth and tWO miles Waal <>( the nouth nl tho
TM Uiver und mnrked J- Mc.L. N. K. Corner.
No. 47, thenc* aouth SO chuins. thence weal B0
chuina, fence north BO ehelna thenca anal B0
chuina to point of commencement: containing ,;'0
neree, more or loaa.
Duosl Feb 88,1811. ,('"N McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 'JI Clarence McDoweU, AKent
QUOOA Chnrlotte Islanda Land District ��� District of
Take notice thut 1, John MeLeod ol Vunmuver,
occupulion broker, intend to apply ("r pormtelOO
lo proapect for coul und *Htroleum on the following
daacribad lunds:
CommencinK at u post planted uhout two
miUa south und Iwo miles �� est Ol the mouth ol
the Tl-cl Rivor, (iruham 1-land. und marked
J. Mc.L. N. \\. Corner, No. 84, thence south ��0
clmit.-, thenoa eaat ^t> ehelna, thanea north so
cliuins, thenco WOOl 80 chains to point of eommencemenl; containinK Olu ixc****, more or leaa.
Dnted Feb. 88, 181L JOHN MeLEOD
Tub. Feb. 21. Claronc McDowell, Agent
Queen Chariotte UUfidl Lund Dim net-District ul
Take nolice thut I, John Mcl.eod of Vuncouver
occupution broker, intenil tu uppl\ lur permiaaion
to proapeet for eoul and petroleum on the following
deocribed Inndoi
Commencing ut a pnst (dented eboul two milea
OOttth and two miles v** I o| the mouth of thc TM
Itiver and marked J. McL, .s. \\ . Cornw. No. .ij,
i int.re north su chain*-, thenco east mi chains,
thencv aouth Mt chains, thiiioo mart BO chuina to
point of commencement; containing tito ucn-a,
mun�� or laaa.
Dnted 1 ��n. jj, 181L JtHIN MoLBOD
I'ub. Fib. 24. i lerenee MeDoweU, AKent
Queon Churlotte island* l^imj District -District ut
Take notice that I. John MoLood of \ uncouver
uccupaiUm broker. Intend to apply for |>ermisaion
to preepeei for coal and potroloum on the following
described landa:
Commeneing nt a pool plumed ubout two mileo
nouth of the He! Kiver and merited John McU
N. K. Cornor, No. ���'���-. ihence Hiuth 80 chaina,
thenn1 wi*t Su chaina. thenn- nortn B0 chain*,
tlence OOOt  SO chaina to (Hiitit of commencement;
c< ntelnlng 640 acroo, mora or laaa
Dnted Pih 28, 1811. JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. 1 -oh. 84. Le*he K. Walter, AKent
Qunn Charlutte laland- Utud D'strict --District ol
Take notiee thnt I John McLood ol Vnnoouvor,
occupation broinr, Intend to apply inr pormloolon
to prospect fur coal and petroleum on lhe billowing
deecribed lendoi
Commeneing at u pool plented aboul tero miu*
south of tha mouth of the Tl-et Uiver and marked
J. McL s. B. < orner. No. Sl, thanco weot M)
chum-, thenee north  BO chains, theooo ooot   N
chains.  Ihence OOUth   B0 CheilV   t" point  of com-
moneemonl i eontelnlng 640 .or., more oi leoo.
Dnted 1,1, 28, It'll. JOHN MeUCOD
I'ub. I eh. 84. Lnolle E. Welter Agent
Queen Charlotte Uland- Land District-Di.ttrict of
Ske n
Tako notice i hut I. Jo n \|e| .��� d of Va BOUVOT,
o eupetlon hroker, Inton I o a p i lor pormlaaloo
to pros|H*ct for c al and petiole im 0 i the fullowing
do icrlbod lands:
CommencinK at a p at pluntiil ebOUl four mil e
eoul i and two mllee we t ol the mouth of the
TM River and market J. McL. N. K Corner,
No.   t\  theneo    OUtfa   SO chaina,  Ihence  weot   i*0
ehelna, thenc- north BO ehelna, then -ast so
chains to poi I of commencement; outainiug U40
acre-, mnre or loan.
Dan- . Feb. 83, 1811. i   RN M'LKOD
Pub l-ei. Bfl Clerenoo McDowell, Agent
Queen Chnrlotte Inland*- Laml Dbtriet���Dtotriei ai
sk one
Take notice ihat I, John MeLeod of Vancouver,
0O0U| alio    brok* r, intend to appl    for perm oalcMI
to |,r...p.ei lot OOOJ and |n-iroleum on the lolluwing
di'icr l�� d land
Commoncing at a poti planted fo r mPoo -<>uth
un l ivo we i of the m lUtn ol t e  Tl-el River and
Mi;iik. il J. McL. S. K, Corner. N'o. IS, ihenee n rth
s    r .on , ihenc   Wixt M chaina. the c south ��0
t nine, I onoo eoot   o diel     I    point  ol c<itn-
in. ic riiii nt    containing OlU acres, more or le s.
Dated Feb.. :i, mil. JOHN M'LBOD
Tub. f-i���. 88, Olirenoe MsDomU, Agsnt
Quii-n Charlotte lalanda Land District��� Dinrict of
Take none that I, Jnhn McLi-od of VnnooUVOT,
oeupution broker, Intend to apply for permisaion
lo p ospect lor c id uml petroleum on th following
d.*s nbi-d lund.-,:
Commencing nt a post planted about i ur mdea
aouth  nnd  two mili-s wet  of the  n  'Uth   >l  tho
Tl-el River and marked J. MeL, N. \s. Cornar,
No.  M,  thence south  Ml chain.,     theme e st  SO
ehaina, ihenee nonh * cham-*, thenee m- B0
thelno to pcrini "f oommene mrati eontelnlng mo
acrea,  more or hw-.
Deted Plob.88, 1911. JOHN M'LKOD
I'nb. Feb. 85. CUTS c ��� McDowell. AgOAt
Quoen Charlotte Islan Is L md District���District of
Toke potiee thai I, John m l od ol Van ouror,
occupation broker, Intend to apply for pertnissoii
I i pro pool   or 0OW a d   OtToleUffl on   tu  following
(I ecrlbed 1 mdei
Commandng ut a p nt plum <i ebo tio r mllee
outh end two tnlloi en ol th mouth f the
T-pl llivor an I markel J. M I, W Co ner,
No. 86, thenc- north SO chains, thenc eas ho
chains, thonce H'iu' i ** chuns. ihe CO west SO
r .mis n p Int of com.net,cement; ntulniiiK ' 10
a fOO, mure or les��.
Dal -d F.b, !8, 1811. JOHN M'LKOD
i ub. Fab. 86, C ..,-ni.ee HoDowtH, AKent THE   PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
Skivna Land District District ol ("oust lUn��u V
Taki' nulic thut Jack Hiillonl nl Ki'igfiley,
Yorkuhin*. Knitlitnii, uccii|iiiiinii nvt r-lnnkcr, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tlm
lollowinK doeenbed lumls:
ComrnpncitiK ul a post plunteil at a point in the
eaaterly boundary ol timlier limit :ls:t21> und in
thc southerly limit ol lot USD, Range 5, Coast
District, where thc suid limits intersect, the.ice
alung the southerly limit of lot 8988 afon-sniil
and the projection thereol in an eusterly ilirecliiin
80 chums more or lesj to the westerly limit ol
timber limit 88601, thenci' in a southerly direction
aland the last mentioned limit ll chuins mnre
or less to the northerly limit ol timber limit 311775,
thence in n westerly direction along the last mentioned limit 80 chains more or less to tho easterly
limit of timber limit 3K121I, thence in a northerly
direction 11 chains more or less to tho poinl of
DatedMarch 8, 1911. JACK BEDFORD
Pub. March 25.
Skeena l-and District���District of Coast Range V
Take notiw that Charles P. Otter ol I'rince
Rupert. B, C, occupation surveyor, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the lollowinK
described lands:
l. t.mmencing at a post planted at the north easl
corner of surveyed hit .108-1, RanKe 5, Coust District, thencc in an easterly direction along the
eoutheriy limit of surveyed lot 3001 and the projection thereof 40 chains to a point, thenee south
parallel to the easterly limit of surveyed lot 3981
elorvsaid 60 chains more or loaa to the northerly
limlt ol a timlier limit (No. 42663), thence west
40 chains more or lens to a point in the pro ociion
eoutheriy rl the easterly limit ol surveyed lol
3981,  thence In  a  northerly  direction  along the
firojcctiun  ol the said  limit  and  along the said
ir .   60 chains more nr less lo point of commencement, containing 240 acrea more or Ipsa.
Dated March 8, 1911.        CHARLES P. OTTER
Pub. March 26.
Skwna Lai.d District -DUtrict of Coast Ua-ge V
Take notice that Edith Alice Crowther ol
Iklce, Yt.r..:hite, Ki.gland, occupation spinster,
intends to apply for iiermission to purchase the
follow., k desiinl'od lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the south east
corner of surveyed lot 3091, Range .", Coast District, thence nonh along the easterly limit of the
aaid to. uo chains more or loss to tl.e southerly
limit f 1 nt 8988. Rarge 6. cnan diatriet, thence
eeat itarf the southerly limit olthe la*t mentioned
lol 60 cnains to a point, thenee in a southerly direction 30 chuina purall.-l lo the said
easterly limit of lot 3901. thence in a westerly direction 60 chains mon* or leas to
the point of commencement containing 210 acrw
more or leea.
Dated March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 25.
Skeena Land District-District of Ceast.
Take notice thnt I. J II. McAuirhey of Prince
Ruuert, occupation miner, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the followinK described
Commencinir nt , post plantisl nt the sotithw-eil
corner of lot 2249. thence east 4*' chnins, thence
eouth 6 chains, thence west 4u chuins. tlience
north 6 chnins to point of commencement, containing 21' acres mnre or lesl.
Dale Keh. 15. loll J. II. McALCHEY
Pub. Feb. 25.1911. Andrew Kennedy. Airent
Skeena Land Distriet-District of Coeat
Take notice that I. Peter lleid. of Vnncouver.
B.C..  up.ii i ,n  lenmster. intends to apply for
Sermiasion to purchase lhe followinK described
CommencinK at a post planted nnd mnrked P.
R.'s S.W. corner and Immediately adjoininK post,
markisl J.M.'s N.K. corner und A.B.'s S.E. corner; thence north Nl chains, thencc cast 4'lchaint.
thence south 80 chalna, thence weat 40 chalna, to
point of commencement. contnininK 320 acree
mure or less. PETER REID.
Datnl 1st Keb. 1911 Charles II. Allen, Airent
Pub. Keb. 88,
Skeena Land District - District of Coaat
Take notice that I. William Anilerion. of Vancouver, B.C., occupatiun clerk, intendi to apply
for permission to purchase the followinK deacrilied lnnds:
CommencinK at n post planted and markeil W.
A. northwest corner, and almut 1 mile from Alex*
ander Hurhan northern Isiundnry line; thence
aouth SO chains, thenco enst Hi chnins. thence
north 81) chains, thence west *���; .hains, t��� point of
enmmencement, contnininK 'i4u ncres more or less.
Datnl 1st Keh. 1011 Charlea B. Siai I.. Airent
Pub. Keb. 26.
Skeenn Land District-District of Coast
Tnke   nutice   thai    I,  Alexander   Buchan, of
Vancouver, B.C., occuiiation butcher, intend* tn
apply for permission  to purchase  the followinK
descriUsI lands:
CommencinK a post planted and innrki-d A.B.'��
S.E. corner, ami adjoininK posts markeil J.M.'s
N.I'-, corner nml P.R.'s S.E. eorner; thenee west
80 chains, thenee north Nl chains, tlience east h.i
chains, thenre south Hit ehains to point of commencement, contuininK '��� t" neres more or less.
Dated ut l'eh., ion Charlea 11. Allen. AKent
Pub. Ki I,. M
.Skeenn Land District- Diatrict of Const.
Take notice that l.John Miller, of Vancouver,
B.C.. oi-cupntioii butcher, intends to apply for
permission to purchase the followinK descrllieil
CommencinK in n post plaatad about 1 chain
from tidewater at the head of Liisi-oinho Buy. anil
markad J.M.'s N.E ~a*T, thence west Hiehntna,
thenre south mi rhioii.. then,-,, ea.t :.o (>j,ain��.
thence norlh BDehaltia, to point of commencement, contnininK 8M acres more or less.
Dnted 1st Keh., loll Charles B. Stark. Agent
Pub. Keh. 21.
Skeenn Lnnil District    District of Const
Itunge 5
Take nntice that I, Kreil Carton, of
Prince I{ii|iert, H.C, occupntion farmer, Intetlda to apply for permission lo
purchase the following descrilied landa:
Commencing at a post planted nt tlie
nortli east corner of surveyed lot 11137,
Range 5, Coast distriet, thence north fill
chains to a elotlghj thenee west 2H
chains; thence south fill chains; thence
enst 2K chains to the point of com
Dnteil February 25th. uin
First insertion Mnr. 11
Two hundred antl fifty settlers arrive
finly this week nt Montreal for Alberta each with $2000 capital, They
sailed from Liverpool hy the Empress o(
The first Grand Trunk train to leuve
Toronto for Edmonton via Chicago will
leave April 4.
Eight miles north of Edmonton a new
coul mine is beinR opened. Hurd fine
tiunlity coul enn be turned out when
development is complete, ut the rnte of
1000 tons a duy.
Settlers from all parts of the world
are now pouring into Western Canadi'.
It is expected thut fully half n million
people will settle west of Winnipeg this
Cnptnin Eddie, F. R. A. S., of Ottnwa,
haa been ordered to Victoriu, B. C, to
investigate the circumstnnces of the
Sechelt disaster, the boat wrecked on
Saturday, March 25th.
An English syndicate wunts to build
B 16-storey, millon dollar [skyscraper at
The C. P R. will open .the following
hdels at the pluces und on the dates
mentioned: Algonquin Notel, St. Andrew's, N. B., June 20; the Ian, St.
Andrew's .N B., July 1; Bnnff Springs
Ho,el, Mny 15; Chateau Luke Louise,
June 10; Emerald Lake Chalet, June 15;
Glacier House, May 1.
Chief John Maltson, head of Amprior,
Ont., police force and tax collector, has
confessed thnt he is short 111,246 in his
nccounts with the town.
It ia agnin stated here thnt the subject of emigration will enguge the
intention of the Imperiul Conference,
and it is possible that thc matter will be
given very wide scope. For the lirst
lime Canadians will be appointed to the
managing committee of the emigrants'
information office���the English government bureau.
Montreal  hud  n snowfall  last week
eight feet deep.
Over 5,000 miles of wire will he used
hy the Canadian I'acific this year in
building ncw fences along their lines in
the prairie provinces.
Over one million's worth of property
wns sold in Winnipeg Inst week.
AKTAUD  &  BESNER,  Pkopkietous
Thi�� Ni*w Knox Hotel in run on tlm F.umi'pnn
plan. Kirnt-clnim mtvIcp. All thi- 1 .:*:< t M<nI< rn
lmi��n*vpnii*ntii. -:-:* BBDB ftte L'l*
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furniihed and
Steam Heated Rooma
BATHS   mil   TO   GUK.STS
P.O. BOX 37
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Hods, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN, Proprietor
Queen Charlotte lslanils Uad District- Dwtrict ol
Take nutice that 1, John McU-cil ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply lor Mrmlfalon
to proepect (or coal anil petroleum un tlm lollowing
deecribed lands: .      ,   ,       ,        ���,    ',
Commencing at a pout planted about three miles
WMt ol tho mouth ot the Tl-el Kiver marked
J, McL. N. E. Corner, No. 70, thencc south SU
i chains, thenco west HO chains, tlience north SO
chains, thencc cast 80 chains to point ol commencement; conuining 610 acres, more or loss.
Dated Keb. 21, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Keb. 23. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permission
to prosj*ct lor coal and petroleum on the lollowing
described lands: ... ���
Commencing at a post planted three miles west
ot the mouth ol the Tl-el Itiver and marked J.
McL. S. E. Corner, No. 29, thenco north 80
cnains, thenco west 80 chains, thencc south SO
chains, thence cast 80 chains to point ol commencement; containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated Keb. 21, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land District���District ot
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, inlend to apply for permission
to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the lollowing
lends: ...
Commencing at a post planted about two milea
west ot thc mouth of thc Tl-el Itiver ar.d marked
J. McL. S. E. Corner, No. 50, thencc north 80
chalna, thence weet 80 chains, thence south SO
chaina, thencc east 80 chains to point ol commencement; containing 610 acres, mon- or less.
Dated Feb. 21, 1911. JOHN  M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 23. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Quwn Charlotte Islands Land District���District ol
Take notici- that I. John McLird ofVaneouver
occupation broker. Intend to apply fur permission
to prosepct for coal and petroleum un the following
deacribed lands:
Commoncing at a post planted about two milea
south and two miles west of the mouth of thc
Tl-el River and marked J. Mc.L. S. E. Corner,
No. 71, thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to point of commencement; containing 610
acres, mon- or less.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911 JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Leslie E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod nl Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and [lelroleum on the [ollowing
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted aliout four miles
aouth and three milea weat of the mouth of the
Tl-el River and markeil J. Mc.L. S. E. Corner,
No. 73, thenco north 80 chains, thenn1 west 80
chains, thence aoulh 80 chains, thence east 80
chains te point of commencement; containing
640 acres, more or less.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN' McLEOI)
I'ub. Keh. 24. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Cl arlotte Islands Land District���D strict ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupat on broker, intend to a| pi (or iiermission
to prospect for coal at. petroleum on th, I llowing
.iCscriU'd land:
Commencing at a t ost plant d ab , t ight milea
aouth and lour weat of the mi uth of Tl-cl River
and ma-k-d J. Mel... N. E. Corner, o. 79, thencc
W, 80 rhains, t once south SO ch., , .. thence north
8o chains, thence east so chains to point of commencement containing 640 ucrea, orenrle...
Dat.il Feb 24. 1' 11. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDow, II. Agent
Queen Charlolte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John McU-od of Vancouver,
occupation broker, inlend to apply for tiermissicn
to prospoct for conl am! petroleum on the following
descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted almut throe
miles north and one mile wost ul the mouth ot the
Tl-el River and marked J. MeL., S. \V. Corn r,
No. 18. thence north 80 chains, thence eai't 80
chains, thence t&uth 80 chainH, tlience wost 80
chains to point ol commencement: contain-ng 640
acres, more or loss
Datnl Feb. 26 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 28. Clarence M.-l in  .���'.:, Agont
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District- District of
Take notice that 1, John MeU-oil ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply (or permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the lollowing
describid Inr.d:
Commencing ut a post plui.tiil ahout eight
miles north and three nil. . west ol the mouth of
tho Tl-el River nnd marked J. McL.. B.W. Corner.
No. 61, thonce nortl- 80 chains, thenci- east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement; containing
610 ucres, more or lens.
Dated Feb. 28,1911. JOHN  McLKOD
I'ub. March 3. Clarenee McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands bind DUtrict- District ol
Take notice thut 1, John Mcb-o.l ol Vancouver,
occupation hnilu-r, it,ten.I to nppljfur iiermission
to praajBjMl for nml an.l petroleum on the lollowing
tUfJOfibed lan.l:
Comiiielicii.g at a post planted aliout nine miles
north ami thr--e miles west ol the mouth nf the
Tl-el Uiver ami marknl .1. Mel.., S. W. Corner,
No. 62, thenco north Ml chains, theneo east 80
chains, Ihence south 80 chains, thenco west 80
chains lo point of commencement; eonlaining
610 acres, moro or li-ss.
Iialisl Kid. 2S. 1911. JOHN McLF.OD
I'ub. March 3. C. McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands I..u .1 District���District ot
Tnke nolice thut I, John McU-od ol Vuncnuver,
occupation broke', intenil to npply for permission
to prui.poct lor coul and petroleum on the tollowing
desciilied land:
Commencing ut a po.1 planted annut nine mill*
north und thns- miles wesl nl the mouth of the
'll-el River and marked J. McL., S. E. Corner,
No. 63, thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chuins, thence south 8(1 chn:ns, Ihence east 80
chains to pofnt of commencement; containing
610 acriii, more or le-s.
Dated Feb. 28, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Murch 3 Clurence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Ulanils ljind District���District of
Take notice that I, John Mctcncl of Vancouver,
B.C., occupation broker, intend to apply tor permission to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
following descrllieil lands;
8.���Commencing at a post planted one mile
north ol tite northwest corner ol Lot 171, marker]
J. McL. N.W. ('orner, being thenorlh-we t corner,
thencc oast 80 chains, thenco soutli 80 chains,
thenco  west  SO chnins,  thenco north 80 chains to
Folnt ol commencement,
luted Dec. 24, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pnb. Jon. 21. W, Dass, Agen
Second avenae and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Columbia of B.C. Ontario, Saa-
and Manitoba Ban. kntchewan  and Al-
Iberta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Oftice-Exchanire block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Princo RuDert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., D. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gaa and
local anesthetics administered for the pninless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices: 19
end 20 Alder Block. Prince Rupert. 11-12
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
Alex.M.Mnnson.n.A.      W.E. Willtame.B.A., L.L.D,
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. 0. BOX 23
SIXTH STREET prince rupert
Fruit   :   Produce        Feed
H. H. Morton
3rd Ave.
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND AVE.
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines ;: Periodicals :: Newspapers
To Lease
13, 14
18, 14
3,   4
17, IS
1,   2
7,   8
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
Good Buys and Easy Term:
Prime residence lots in Bection 7, Um
$50.cash, balance monthly
Lot in section 5, $450���$100 cash
Balance monthly
Lot on 3rd Ave., section 1, J4250
Lot on 2nd Ave., section 1, jkjoq
Second Ave.    -    and   -   Eighth Sti
The Light that Rivals the Sun.
Local business men recommend it.
This well-known gasoline light ;   sold
exclusively by
Building Material,   Cement,  Limt,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blackimith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shinglee, Lath, New Wellington Coil
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. IH
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Hlock
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of thc orchr in the city
are requested to visit the Mf*-
H. MORTON. Secretary.
==hE.   EBY    <&   Ca
KiUumkalum Land K<r Sale
Fir.i Ava.
M, ,, m**mt
Forwanling,  Dbtributing :��!l1
Shipping Agenta.
Storage of Baggage and Houae-
hold Goods a Specialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgt'
P. O. Box 907 Pkone 262
Plumbing   :  Steamjitting
Third Ave., between 7tli��i"l"     "    ,,C
Bfl ill,���      pkinck ii' I1'"'
Over U.C. Bakery PRINCE
m.w    *****   --*** I M I S1
-' say i hat every
Bomeone's eyes.
woman Is
Do you
If you Include lu-r
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
beautiful in
believe it.
Jack ���Certainly,
"Doean't ii make you sad," exclaimed
the member of the Audubon Society,
"tosee women wearing on iheir hats ihe
fea hers of the poor little birds?"
"li isn't the feathers
sad," replied the married
Water Notice
Notice is herehy given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the " Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
licenae in the Skeena Diviaion of
Skeena District.
(a)   The name, address and occupation
applicant is S. R, McCIinton,
Vancouver, B.C.
Girl���AI oi her,   is   Uncle  John
Mntln-r   No, dear. Why?
Little liirl   Every time he gives me
live cents he saya, "U hat do you say?"
m never Baying a word.
Free Min-
stream or
��� the	
Estate agent
(If for mining purposes)
er's certificate No	
(I)) The name of the lake,
source (if unnamed the
is) Kitsumkalum River.
(c) The point o
intersection of
lot 1405.       ^^^^^
(d) The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) is I-ln.
(e) The character of the proposed
works is a general plant for the production nf neat, light and power, and
the manufacturing of wood pulp,
lumbers and timbers generally.
Queen Charlotte .'*luinl* Land Diatriet l��i.siriet ol
Tuke nuiitv ihat I, John MeLeod *>t Vanoouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permiaaion
to proepeol for coul umt petroleum on tin- following
deoeribed lunds:
Commencing at u poM plumed ut lhe moiltli ot
the Tl-el River uml murkeil J. Mcl.. N. K. Corner, No. BO. tlience soulh Ml chains, tilt
HO cliuins, tlience north Hll chuins, tnone
chiiin.s lo point ol ciiiinieiicenieiit;
ucn-.i. more or Ian.
Hateil Feb. 21, Hill Jill
Pub. Feb. 18. Lealie i:
00 newt
oontalnlns n-io
Walter, Auent.
diversion is near the
the east boundary of
Queon Charlotte lalandi Land Diatriet    District of
Tuke noiice thut 1, join, MeLeod iii Vancouver,
occupution broker, Intend to upply for pennleiloa
to prospect for coul uml pet roleum on tin- fnlluwing
deacribed landa:
Conunenolns al u poal nla ted aboul two milea
west of the mouth of the Tl-el Ilivcr uml marked
J . MeL. N. W. Corner, No, 29, thenee eouth 80
ehatha, thenoe east 80 ohalne, thei.is- north mi
shatna, thence weal 80 ehaina to point of com-
meneement; containing mn ucr,-s, mon- or less.
, Dated Keb. 21. mil Jun \ McLKOD
I'uh. Feb. -���'. Clarence MeDowell, Agent
C arietta Island Land District���Diatrict of
.- <- -.uu," that I. John McL-oil ol Vancouver
Jcupni on broker, intend to appl lor p.-im. i.>.,
|pn,.|H-c oreoil nd petroleu.n on the following
nl Ian I:
i-inin.'nCing i] a post pl-mte 1 about eight
���outh n d lour w-nl ol th- m��"h oI lho
:;\-.r end marked J. McL., s  B. Comer,
thenn    orth 80 chui'is, llieic- west Sil
���.thenci aoulh  Kll chainn,  thence  euat   SO
pnlnt ol c-oimonc'inont:  containin-   40
mot   or 1-ss.l __
.,.    :ij JOHN McLKOD
,     J7 ('.(McDowell. Ago.t
...Whites Portland Cement...
s win-
under   one
ilu- an
tl. c.
Phone 125        Naden Block        2nd Ave.
Skeona l.m.i District District ol Coasl ItanRe **
Take notice thut William Franklin Carpenter
of Prince- Kii|M-rt. II. ('., occupatioo restaurant
keeper, intenda to apply lor imrmissinti to purchase
tho following described laml :
i .r:.i-. t���- Islnndi Land District���Dlalrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod nf Vancouver,
��.it;,,ti broker, intend to apply lor permission
epeet Inr coal :.nd petroleum on lhe following 	
bed lend ... ���    I    Commencing at a pan planted at the south cast
nmencing a' a poet planed aliout two mllee corner ol surveyed l.ol 17111. thence su chuins
rth from ilic mouth ol the Tl-el Itiver and eouth. Ihonrc ahoul 3.1 chains west to Lot 8668
jirki-l J McL. N. E Cornor. No. 2. thonce j thenci- 20 chaine north, thonco 45 chsins "west
Ith -' ehalns, thenco woat 8 1 chalna, thence , thonce almut 23 chains north lo Lot 8088 Umbos
i", s ��� chums, thence east 80 cha ne lo point   about HU chains east to south oa��i corner ol 1 ot
HOBS, ihenee about M chains nurth to Lot 17M,
Ic'immcncomont;   containing  640 aerea.  more
ei l'eh. 25.1911.
���h. tell 27.
T. E. Wallor Agent
. I. md Districl-District of Cassiar
''...- ii >ti,s- that I Joaeph Uelway of Vam-ouver
.-,'iipntion prospector, intends tn'apply for.
n to purchaso thc following descrilied
I .-it n post plantnl two and one-half
. i-terly direction from the point on
|-    ���  where the l.ava Lake trail begins.
H chains,  tbence aouth SO chnfns,
-, hains, thenco north Si) chains to
; of commencement, conuining M0   acres
or less.
l,. liar, in
��� Lund District-District of Cassiar
p ������������ thai I Arthur James Weleh of Van-
������ceupntion bniker, Intenda to apply  for
nhadon to purchase lho following descrilied
[���-.'-.'n-ii,-iiiir at a pest planted three and cne-
I la en.terly direction from the  point
INaei Ki-,-r where the l.avn Lake trail com-
l-i ������������ near lhe trull, thenee east eighty chnins,
f ������> chnins, ihence weet SO chains,
' S *- chnins to point of commencement
J I I' I ucres more or less.
I" "ar. 10 Joseph Uelway. Agent
Skeana I.nnd District-District of Cassiar
'hut I Andrew Cummlnga of  Van-
B.C. is-,-iiiiation cook, Intends to apply
,' to purchnse the following describ-
. IM nt n post planted  three and  one-
| 11 easterly direction beca tta i'"'i"
I aaa. Kiver when the Lava Lake trail bogii.s
I I. ihenre wi-sl SU chairs. Ihence south
- ensl WI chains,  thenc- north Sil
l   nl -if commencement, containinu  Mil
Ihence alwut U chains easl lo point of commence-
menl; containing ISU acres, more or less.
Datisl l'eh. 15, l'Jll.
Pub. Mnrch I.
Skeena ljind District���District of Coast Range 5
Take notice that Mary Maragret Glllis of Victoria, it. C, occuiiation housekoo|ier. intends lo
apply  for  permission  lo  purchase die fullo'
descrihed lands:
In a certain small English village there
were two butchers living in ilu- same
street, One placarded hia sausages at
one BhlUlng u pound, and the rival very
promptly placed elghtpence mi his card.
No. 1 then placed a notice in hi:
(low  saying that   sausage	
shilling could not lie guaranteed.
No. 2'* response to this was i
nouncement .-
"1 have supplied sausages to.the Ring."
In the opposite window the followinK
morning appeared an extra large card
bearing the words:
"God save tin- King."
Talk  of the Town
After a visit In liis home in New
Zealand, Mr. Charlea Woodward, steward
nf ilu- steamer operator, of the Skeena
Kiver flee). returned to the city yeaterday
He will lake up his duties on the Operator as soon as she sails, which will lie
in the course nf a week or two.
Wiih iio passengers, moat of whom
were bound Inr noriln-rn points and a
heavy load of mail, the Steamer Canin-
sun, of ihe l'. S. S. line, arrived herel
late lasl night. Slit- left this morning |
at six o'clock for Stewart. She will
leave here for the soutli tomorrow
morning at nine o'clock.
(f)    The premises on which  the Water I Queen Charlotte I
is tobeuaed (deaeribe same) Mill site j Tak(. ������������, lhttt,_ Joh��� MeUod o| VaBeoU��tr
aliout .1-1 nl a mill- lielnw intake; oceupation broker, intond to apply for permiasion
Wood. Inline and   concrete   buildinga  to prospecl for coal and petroleum op the foUowinf
muunni   rlnma   i di-scrilietl lands!
masonry, nums, i    Qp,^^,/^ a, a ,���,,, piuni.sl aboai two nuh-s
..i.i   Land Iiisirici    Inilrtet nl
^^^^^^^^_ hkivnu
Take nolle,, thut I, John MeLeo
I post  pi,
��� if Uu- Tl
iii addition to the
llunii-s antl penstnoks necessary.
(gl   Tin- purposes for which the water
is tn lu- used is power development.
(h)   If for irrigation, deaeribe the It
intended   to   la-   irrigated,
(i)    If the water is to be used I'm- pow- I Queen Charlolle lslunds bind Dislrici
er or mining purposes,  deaeribe thei   -_,   . ,,   ,, , , tHFu i    i i ti
, i .i ...      i 1 uke notice ihul I, Joint McLeod ol \ancouver,
place Where Che water  is   tn  tie   re-i oecupatlon broker. Intend io appl) for permbakHi
turned tn some natural channel, and   topronwet for coul ami petroleum on the following
altitude   between
i J.    McL.   N. B. turner, No. Ill, thence south SO
chums,  lli.ticc  \ic.I   su chums,   ihenee  north   stl
I chuins, thenci- Bast   so ohelni  to point  ol cotn-
1 mencemeiil;  cniitiiiiiin,,' 840 ucn-s, more or less.
I im,.I Feb. 81, l'Jll
Pub. Feh. IS.
i larence McDowell, Afoot
Dislrici of
What looked like a ship on lire out
in lhe open sea was seen by the tiovcrn-
ini-nt telegraph operator at Ton Simpson
  ahout  9.30   last   night.     KlTorts  were
Commencing at a post plantad at the north .ust, ma(|,. t0 gel in touch wilh ships equipped
corner nl Ixit .I'JSi. theno.'20 chnins west, thence ! ..., i.       ���    . ,   ,     i .,   , ...    ,,.:.t,\...
20 chain, souih. thenc 20 chains wesi to T. L.   ��"lh   wireless   telegraphy   but   without
32587, thence about 80 chains north lo Ukelse; avail.    The operator said I he blaze was
ibout -!0 miles out lo sea near Dundas
i-K-l-. !. I -ll.
Joseph Uelway. Agent
e I I il.l rlei- District of Cassiar
C  luahl). (illll. ���f Prince Ilu.
f ', l.ils.rer. Intends to apply for
[ t  i-.lu.se the following described
its post plnnted three and one-
��� i-n-rly direction from the point
vh.-rc the Lava Lake trail   licgln.
���i northerly direction from the
trnil.  thence north Sil  chains.
, chains, thence south   sn   chains,
I 'inns to point of commencement,
Joseph Uelwny, Agent
'*cIS���,,'l';,,rr!."-Di';,rlc' ��'<���*>*** H��nge 5
'.Wind *eon.M?!BA**�����3ar'? ��,or-
.fwliermi..".!!._''"_"hl1' master. Inlend to,np-
followlng   de-
Itlver. thence meandering said river up stream in
a southeasterly din-eliun to Ijikelse I :,!.'���. thenci
meandering said lake lo |ioint ol comnieticumonl
containing 160 acrea, more or leas-
Post markisl M. M. (!., N. E. Corner.
Dated Feh. II, 1911.
i'ub. March 4.
Skena Land Disirict���District of Coast llang   6
Island ^^^^^^^^^^^^
The captains of the Princess Beatrice
and lhe Amur, two boats which arrived
from the nonh last night and this
morning, said ihey knew nothing of the
matter.   The captain of the Amur said
__      .there was a very lurid .-.unset last night
., Tsko nonce that  llsnjsmin  ltua��d   Rice ol | am| thought the n-lli-ciinn of this might
Prince. Rupert. Il.l.... occupaUon waiter, Intend. | h,m> .^^ |jk(, ��� ,-���.,,
the difference  in     	
point of diversion and pnint nf return.
Power plant almut :i-l of a mile down
stream from the intake. Difference
in altitutie Nl feet,
(j) Area of Crown laud intended to be
Occupied by the proposed works is
10(1 acres.
(k)    This notice was posted on the 6th
day of March, 1911, and application
will be made tn the Commissioner on
the 26th day of April, lilll.
(I) (live the namea ami addreaaea of
any riparian proprietors m- licensees
who or whose lamls are likely to lie
alfe.-ted by the proposed works.either
above or below the out let.    None.
.lames Cross, Agent.
P.O. Box 285, I'rince Rupert, B.C.
Note���One cubic ftxit per  second   is
equivalent to :i">.71 miner's inches.
I'ub. March 16. 1911.
IVmt.Ih'iI  lini'lili ^^^^^^__^^m
CommencUii ut a poit plantad ut thc moutn <>f
tba TM lUvar and marlnd J. Mcl* B.E. Cornar,
No I, thanca north mi chalna*, thanca *t*ct n>
riiiiir. thanee nuth ���"��� rlmm-. thanea
chainn to point nf ooininanfletneatl
M0 urn--, mun1 (ir l<f��. ^H^^^^^^^
I fnii*.I Fi h. Sl, 1911* JtillN UeLBOD
Pub. Ki-Ij. 28. Clarane- MeDowall, Afent
"���' ������*;��� iiig
Dbtrtet -DUirieiof
t/uuen Churlotte I -'..i*. t~ Land I
Taki- notiea ihat I, Juhn lleLeod ��if VanoouvaTa
ocriiptitiuti   lirtikcr,   inictitl tn upply fur \�� run-* >h>
in pro peel for cal un*i patiewun on the fallow ng
ili^rrilKi) ulmlij    _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
('iinin,i*nrn i: at n |hi-i planted almut ll'
north nn<l one ��iili> aiaal  ol  ilu* im-mh
'Hit Rlvar and markcl J. Mr... \    W
No. 17  thenee Miuth 80 chain*,
riii4.ii-. thtKiee north v,�� **iuu. ���
rhiiin- lo poll t ol eomomcameQi
urr��-, mora ot u**.
I)��t.-<i Pab 2*'*, 1011
Puh. rVb. 2��.
f   thn
'.. ��� H  *n-l   NO
' I J-"'     '.v.     1     Ml
"   talnlng tiio
Jt'MN  Mrl.KOI)
( larenot UeDowaU, Agmt
Water Notice
tn apiil^ lor permissiun u, purcliaae the (iillowinn
li- ml.-1 lands:
t'uinmsnrinit at a post planteil I'i chains south
Irom tho south east curm-r ot Lot 8Q6Q, thi-ncu Til
chains wust, thence '������' chains north, thi-nci- 7U
chains past, Ihi-nco (it, chains south to point -f
cnmmi-nci-mi-nt; containing 45.1 acn-... muni or
loaa.   Post markcl II. It. It, S. B, Cur. ���'*
ii.n..11 ��� ii ta. mu.
One of the chief matters of business
ihai will come up for iliscussion al the
meeting nf the ciiy council on Monday
night will be lhe report of the lire anil
water eominitlee on the plans of Ihe
proposed new waterworks prepareil  by
Colonel Davis, the ciiy engineer.
Skwna Uml District -District ul Coast lUngo 6
Tako    notice thai  Ii.i.i 1 Mclz-nnan ol I'rinco !
Kupi-rt, II. C, occupation cl.-rk, inh-ml. to apply I
for iN-rmission to purchaso lho following iti-scrilivil
lamls: .^__���
Commonc-nig at a imi.i tilsnti-l 10 chains .outh   m.    as o       ,.       ti t t
Iron, ihi- south ���eat eorn.r ol Ijit 884, tlionr. Ill   To Have Smelter There on Tranafcr
chaini east, thi-no-  in chain, nnrth. Umbos 40 [ of Midden Creek Claims
cliuins wost, thi-nci-  111 chains s^uth to point  of
conimi-nci-mi-nl;    coniaininit   1G0 ucn-s,  morv
: i
li-ss.    Post llmrli, 1 I). M
Un. I K.-li. I.I. I'll I
Puli. March I.
S. W.I'.,r
r,,.., i  '"" l" lease
I'"jmi-n,.,,,,, ���,'. ���_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^���
 1 at the N.W. enr-
 water mnrk
, "r1"'"   lii;.'h'r"n""V.WBlPr ���""���' 2!>  cl"<'n��
:,   Z """' '-' SW. corner of Int
IH.l.,1..,.. T'"^''f lo"*8�� Mehnlns more
"' r<itnmiini>nin.,ni -_.i ._���_._._
,; 'I i.lnnte.1 ���
;     ��� i.!::;r,.r*:::::��.
��� ��� .if ���*,.*.��� t'���mt f.,- i ii.'iin-. more
frwSCt'SS11"- cmlninin-<
I'r'S'' ' ''i'p.M ''KXANDER TALLKNDEIl
' March |��
Skoena Uml District--District of Coast llanfi i
Tako notice ihul M.-iaii'ler Doatoa of Vancuu*
ver, ll. ('., iK-ciipillon rar|s-nter. intendi to apply
for permissiun tn purcha��* the following ,1,-si-riU-l
ConiniiincinK at a |m��t planteil Kll chains south
Irom Ihe south wini corner of Lot 8068,    Posl
marked A.  II., N. \V. Corner, thei  :KI chains
south, thenci* HO chstns i-a.t, thenes 'in rhains
north, thenee hll chains wi-st to jioiiit ol com.
menoemenl; containing 2011 acre., more or t<...
Date.1 Ki-li. 18, lilll.      AI.K\ANDl:il BRA ION
Pub. March I.
Skis-na Laad District -Di.iriet of Com Uaiigi- "���
Tsko notici- lhat tieorge Uvick of I'rinr- Rupert
II. C. occupation . int -nils to npply In
permission   to  purchase   the   lollowing Mnbod
Commencinu at a po.t plnnti-d on shore ol
Ukelse Uke ntioiii lill chain, north ea.t Irom outlet
ol said lake (Ukelso Itiver:, tlieneii 20 chain,
nnrth. thoneo aliout HO chain., ea.t lo Ukel-o
Uko. thenco meandering suid lako .hots in n westerly direction lo point of coininonceinoiii: containing So acre., more or lev*. Post innikel 0, L.
S. W. Cornar.
Datei Keh. ll, mil. QBOROH LEV1CK
Puh. March 4.
Skoona Und Disirict���Districl of COM Itange fi
Tako notico that Angus Healnn of Prince Kupert,
II. C., occupation miner, intend, lo apply for permimion to purchaso lho following dooBrlbed lnnds:
CommencinK at a post planted nt the souih
enst eorner of Lot UllSf, thenee l" chnins wi-st,
thence 40 chains south, UMBOS ul""il SO chnins
onst lo Ukelso Lake, thence menmlering said Inke
ihnro In an northerly direction to point of eimi-
meneement; containing 170 ncrei, inure or li-ss.
Pnst marknl A. II.. N. B. Corner.
Datod Feh. II, 1911. ANlilS Hi:\TiiN
Puli. March I.
The erection of a smelter at  Ooosel
Hay   is  an   important   feature   in   the
proapective   transfer   of   the   Hidden
i reel; i-nppi-r-cnlil claims on Dbservatory
lull-:,  Portland Canal urmip, to the!
Qranoy Consolidated Co.   The prop-1
enies  are   boiiih il   In  lhe   Granby   Co.l
[ for ihe sum uf (400,000 a large payment I
on ibis being iiin- iii June, Before closing
ilu- deal ilu- Granby Co. an- to have a
report by an expert on the property,
I o. It. Smith, -Ir., of the Granby Co, who
��� has Just been visiting the claims says
that Boyle Urns, of Spokane have made
very K I  showing! iliinnj; their wurk
there thia winter wiih twenty men and
three diamond drills croaa*cuttlng ami
"Dick"    Parkin,    Well    Known
Tinier, lias Son nnd Heir
A mn arrived al lhe home of
ami Mrs. A. T. Parkin yesterday.
Mother and baby are both doing will:
and   congratulations   are   pouring   in
Upon "Hick" Parkin who is a well known
and popular nlil-limcr here and founder
of Ilie linn of A. T. Parkin & Co. Klec-
triciana and Lighting Specialists.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Act. 1909," to obtain a
license in the Oueen Chariotl,��� Itivisiun
of Skeena District.
(a) The name, address and occuiiation
of the applicant is George Young,
Victoria. B.C.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's Certificate No	
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnamed, the description
is) Ain Lake and Ain Kiver. *
(c) The point of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(d) The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) 1000.
(e) The character of the proposed
works, dam, Hume, pipe-line, |io\vc-r
enginea, plant, etc.
(f) The premises on which tin- water
18 to be used (tlesi-ribi- same) al or
near month Ain Hiver,Masset Inlet.
(���*) The purposes for which the water
is to be used is for power development ami mill operations.
(h)    If   for   Irrigation,    describe    the
land to be Irrigated, iti'vintr acreage,
(i)   If the water la to In- need for power or mining purposes, deaeribe the
place when- the water is to be returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between the
point of diversion and point of return
At or near month of Ain Kiver.about
160 feet In-low lake level.
(j) Area nf Crown laud Intended to be
occupied by the proposed works	
(k) This notice was posted on the
lirst tiny of March, 1911, and application will In-made to the Commissioner
on the fifth day of April, 1911.
(I) (live tin- names and addreaaea of
any riparian proprietors or licensoi 8
Who or whose lands are likely to be
affected by the proposed works.either
above or In-low tin- outlet. None.
II. Kdenshaw, A>;ent
P.O. Box 886, Prince Rupert, B.C.
NOTB���One coble foot per  second   is
equivalent t�� 86.71 miner's Inches,
Pub. March Hi. 1911.
l)ueen Charlotto Islands Un.l District��� Di.trict ol
Tuke nntiee lhal I, John Mcleod of Vancouver
occupulion hroker. Intend to upply for pannWOB
lo priK.|M-cl for coul and iietmleuin on the following
ili-scrilH-l lunds:
C.iiiiinenciiiK ut 11 post planteil two mili-s west
of the moulh of the TM Itiver and marki-d 1
Mci.. S. \V. Corner, No. 88, thenci- north SO
chain., thence east SO chain., thenee south SO
cliau. . Ihence west SO ehains lo point of eom-
ti,ri, <" I'M . , onlaininit li III acn-., mon- or loaa
Dated I-1'. III. mil. JOHN McLKOD
Puh. PMJS. Clarence Mcl lowell, Airent
Queen Charlotto Islands Uml lli.lricl -Di.trict ol
Take notice that I. John Mrl....i| ol Vancouver,
Herniation hroker, intend to uppl > lot pormknlOB
to ptmueol forcoal and potfelottni on the lolluwing
di-rnlM cl lunds:
i "iiiine' ni.r ut a |Hwt l.lunti-d uIhuii lour mileo
nonh Hll.I one i' lie ea.t o. ll',- uiiiulli of lhe TM
Itiver and marked J. Mcl... S. I;. Corner. N'o. till
thence t.orlh Ml   el iiin.,   theliee  ue*t   Ml chal a,
tin-nee south   V* chains,   the.  . '    RO   chaina
point of eomnienceliielil; eonluinitii: Mil aor a,
moffl or Vs.
Duted lit..'.:��, mil- if ni v MoLBOD
I'uh. l'eh. 2*. Cl ri-r.ce.Mc|lii��i1l. Agent
-HH-n Charlotte Dlnnd. Un.l Di-irirt lii-lrirt'of
TaltO none- that I. John Mel ..id ���f aiicouver,
occupation brokor, Intend o, npi.ly t,,r i.-nni-^lon
In ii-.. pool tor eoul un.l (MlroJ.uni on Ihe following
descrihed lands:
f'oiiiin.-lirlni' nl a pool nkHltod slsiul four miloa
nnrth an.l one mile ea-t ol tba nouth ol die TM
Itiver nnd marked J. Mrl., N B, Comer, N'o ',,
thenn- Miuth  SII ehains,  Ihenee  ...l   N ehsins,
thenci- north Ml chain., o a oa I  SO ,-i'uins te
p.nil   of  eooimeitci-niint:    nuituo.tnr  840 acnm.
, i"..r<- or h��...
Datod I.I. '..
Pub. I .i.. ���_���-
John mcI.kud
Clarence Mrl In*,.II. Agenl
QyooB Charlotte Island, ljind Hi.Inn    Di.trict ol
Tuke notice that I, John Mcl.ood ot Vancouver,
oooupotlon brokor, intend to apply for porn loo
lo prospoel for eoul and |H-lriileum on the felhmlng
Joatllbw lnnds:
f'otiiitii'iiciiig ui n po.t pIii'.'- .I alsnit four milee
.null, und Iwo mil.-, west of the mouth of Ihe
Tl-el Itiver and marked J. Mc.L. N. K. lorniT.
N'o. Tl, il,.nee wiillhl 0 chain., thene.. w.-m Kll
ehuins, thanea northl o r'isiti-. taonoi oaal ho
chains lo polnl of ei���niiii.|ieiiti,.iit. eonisining 'in
acri-.. mon- or li".-.
Dated lei.. 2-1. lUll- JnllN UoUEOO
I'uh. Feh. Ul. Clnrnnce McDowell, Agent
Coaat Land Diatrict District of Skeena
Take notice that I. Paul Brendler, of
Porcher laland, occupation fanner, intend to apply for permissinn to lease
tin- following foreanore: Commencing
ai a poat planted about 18 reel from the
location post of lot 1801 mi Porcher Inland, thenca in a southerly direction
following high water mark IL'iki feat;
tlience west to low water mark: thence
northerly following low wuter mark
1200 fie!; thence east to point of eommencemenl.
Haled March 7. lilll.
First insertion March ll THE   P KI N C E.
business     Ever notico that when   an -
Tn season" and in reason)  and we  feel,
that the $5000 will just about cover the
I expenses of the team and managers.
Thc team remains the same as last
That the Vancouver Athletic La-,
croeae Club will be one of the teams to
participate in the Olympic Games to be
held in 1912 in Stockholm, Sweden, was
predicted at the annual meTiing of the
predicted by Mr. James Kindlay at the
nnnual meeting of the club. He stated
that the V. A. C. lacrosse team may
make the trip to Sweden, and from there
travel through Fiance, GTrmany and
Spain to illustrate lacrosse, an unknown
game over there. Mr. Findlay stated
further that he has had assurances ihat
he King and Queen of Spain will witness
'      J ;.. .Loir country.
Interesting Letter from Aid. Pattullo, Brimful of News
and Good Suggestions���Has Been Trying to
Bring British Capitalists North to See
the Liverpool of the Pacific
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
Orders promptly lilled.   I'm -1 ��������� ai .-. ,1,1,.,
OFF1CE-I1. B. Rochester. Centra   '.    I'i,DDiSJ,
in with
S*��**Sa SSSfflSBT'
The Lethbridge baseball grounds have
been handed over to the football league
of that city. From remembrances of the
lovely diamond, it would be as good investment for the cement combine.
Frank Gray, president of the Edmonton Baseball club, is on a visit to the
" ���������'���. **._, nnnortunity to
that  the  changing  e*.. ....
ave arrived at the stores, and  l0n Baseball ciud   iaiw, - ..-..
I it is the mission of  the  ail-  ***** ��ndv,wl1   Ulk�� th(j opportunity to
to   keep  them  posted  along  visit lhe Northwestern league parks and
s.   Whether voubuv from us  p* s?nw up-t^date ideas on a new press
���  -1 rnhmavsr von  l)0X 'or t"e Diamond 1 ark.
talking about ��� some message from
time to time that is bound to be of interest to the shoppers of Prince Rupert,
particularly to the ladies. The ladies,
as yon know, (bless 'em) do the shopping���the largest part of it-of the
world, and they have to know where to
buy and buy "right," when the different goods that the changing seasons
demand have arrived at the stores, and
so on, and ' ������--.:.. ���* th��  aii.
vertiser   to   Keep   men.  y...	
these lines.   Whether you bus from us  Kel s""w "f-yr. t
to-day or to-morrow or whenever you jbox (or the Diamond
DO buy. we want to tell vou  and  con-       ., .  .....        _,,     ...
Vince vou that we are the people to buv ! $%>, t'oor Lethbridge. The Miners
from." No use hiding our light under a!*1" lh,s. _**" W M MttBJietr league
boahtl on the chanw that you'll dlscov- {***** *��th Macleod and some of the
er it for yourself when"we have the 2&WalWe tn* t^u. ",\the VKMn!l>'-,
light ol this space to throw on the i1 he.fan8. W'.U mu be __\*. lo ^fej?
Mnen of your mind and create therein �����* enthu-Masm over that league. Bui
the association of  ideas  which  means'1.1^' l'0UJdn l ''J1'1"**'- ���*���� **** they
Jo.�� Kelly, the old pilot of the Toromo
nine, says great things may safely be
expected from his outtit this year. The
Leaps  are in training  at   Macon,  Ga.
Your optimist i all right Kelly, but
it's about time your Leaps began to get
tome syrup in them.
The following interesting letter was I they do of Prince Rupert, but it is time
received by the Optimist from Alderman ' that those of us who are Prince Ru-
Pattullo during the week. It is so full i pertites first should get together and
of news picked up by the alderman j eliminate cliques and factions. Pereonal-
during his visit to Victoria���all of iljly, I like a scrap but the time wasted
good news too���thai we reproduce it' in scrapping ought to be spent in our
in full for the benefit of our readers:        | harmonious effort for Rupert.
March 20. l'Jll Come  ladies  and  gentlemen,  forget
Dear Sir,���Your readers will be glad j the smallness of pettiness and the
to hear reiterated that the Blue Funnel; pettiness of smallness, let us start a
and Harrison lines both contemplate, campaign to show outsiders our great
running to Prince Rupert at an early \ advantages and the unity of purpose
date. with which we are building up our city.
There seems also to be every indica-      Why not form a citizens league in-
ition of a heavy traffic to Northern B. C. eluding both the men and the women'-
j this summer. ' Every time I come South with the motto "Everybody Boost?"
I  realize  anew  the  great   possibilities I    It seems a pitv that a city with such
\ of   Prince   Rupert   and   the   northern  truly   remarkable   advantages   should'
, country. , be  injured   as  she  is  under  existing
|    Vancouver real estate is quiet, though  circumstances.
| business  generally   is   good.    Victoria | Sincerely yours,
Swift's Premium Hams and B
Cowichan F.ggs 36c, :u
J. W. Williams ^^���
.cereij  ��"��''���  ... . ,,
Opp. Bank of British Nor!
erica.   New loggers shoes 14 in.
high, made to order at $8.50.
Men'B soles $1   Ladies'
Men's heels 40c Ladies  i ������- - 10c
Men's sewed on	
Ladies' sewed on	
that ..bon you think of Dry Goods,
Ready-to-wear for Women and Children, CUlnaware, Crockeryware, Fancy
Goods. Eil., you think of "Wallace's"
ana j.,u go to "Wallaces" when you
want anything in these lines ���and find
there a good store of goods and good
service always at your command. We
have received many new things for the I
spring business lately, and we'll tell i
you more about them in a day or so.
H. S. Wallace Co., Ltd.
and Hackenschmidt
Wrestle in Chicago
I .   .   ITEMS OF   .   ���
A Gotch-Hackenschmidt match is in
I sight at last.
The champion laid down the terms,
i and they  have been accepted  by  the
Russian Lion, who may now postpone
' his proposed tour of  Europe until he
has got Gotch's signature to a contract.
Tne  Iowa  farmer  has consented  to
meet the Russian Lien in a finisn match
  before   the   Empire   Athletic   Club   of
������aiii^i ��n���� i         ������  Chicago  within  ilie   next   six   months.
Ne has been guaranteed $20,000 as his
TIPS   OFF   THE   GCTTED   STICK end by the Windy City club, and is said
New Westminster Lacrosse team will il0 have already laid down plans for a
likelv   play   two  exhibition   games   In P"*? ** ha��d fining in preparation
Montreal  on   May   21   and   27.     Joe  for tlw match-	
Gattarinich, manager of the Nationals
in the pea soup burg has guaranteed The Danish foreign effice has sent
$8000 lor tba appearance ol tba champion a letter to the peace bureau a. Berne,
aggregation. Switzerland, saying that  Denmark will
Other games will be played in Toronto. '��� accept the American government's in-
Ottawa. Winnipeg. Regina and Calgary, j vitation to appoint a commission on
These i-vr.t games would pick up a nic ' the lines authorized by congress to
little piece of change besides the guar-1 promote arbitration among nations and
anteed  expense  money.    It   is  figured j for the limitation of armaments.
i.u.-in. .-���      ���	
realty is very active.
1 tried to induce Sir Oliver T��nnant
and party of capitalists to visit Prince
Rupert but  the party broke up here, I .    	
some going to Frisco and some back1 Premier Stolypin, who last Monday
East. It occurs to me that it would i sent his resignation, has decided to
be a good idea for the Board of Trade , remain in office, and the cabinet crisis
to make  arrangements with some  re-  therefore is at an end.
i sponsible man in Montreal to interivew '   B^^
capitalists at that point with a view to      siRnor  Bissolati,  leader  of  the  So-|
getting them to include Prince Rupert  cialists party in the Uulian ,mriiameni   m
in their  itinerary.   By  the  time  they  ,���  RomPi declined a cabimt  position! *
reach \ ancouver or \tciona their plans  because, while he said he was in svm-i }
are all made and it is too late. pa,j,y *������..*, the proposed policy of the   1
A short time South makes Rupert   new  government, he could  not   bring
"look good.     The situation here will  hims^(  l0  a(iopt   ,h(,  outward  {onTO'
be duplicated in Rupert.    There is in  wquire(j ���( cubinel  ministers, such as
my opinion no surer buy on the coast   wearing uniforms on public occasions,
than   Prince   Rupert   real   estate,   not i
only from the standpoint of absolute j Aviator Loridan of Paris. France, is
security but also from the standpoint of preparing lo purchase a new aeroplane
, percentage of profit. The man who (oi|im.inR ,he !ow o( a m,w m./(.him.
owns real estate in Prince Rtrpen. more whit.h WIW ,aken pi0Cpmeai bv coumrv.
panleularly inside property, and can folk a? souvtnirs of his visit.
bold it woud be a very foolish man to Loritian alighted in the fields several
sell. It would take too long to enumerate miles from Paris. He went to a nearbv
reasons but as surely as the sun rises Iarm house (or food and when he ��
and sets ihe nearer approach of the rail- lUrned he found only the motor and
road will legitimately justify increased 8teei skeleton of his machine intact.
Y'otir readers will be pleased to know       Miss   Rogstad,  the   first   woman   to
that  the Grand Trunk is pledged to represent  a constituency  in the Nor-
ttim ln��t 400 miles, wegian   ; ^^^        ^^^^
Shoes  repaired while    ���     wait
All leather Brat-class , I
1UUI     l^u..v.��    	
that  the Grand Trunk is pledged to represent  a consinuem-.v    >, .,re ,--
call for tenders on the last -100 miles, wegian   parliament,  made  her  maiden
of road within six weeks.   The London  s|H?cch before thnt body on March 17.,
Times contains an advertisement of a   Miss Rogstad is a school teacher and |
three million debenture now wiih  an represents a constituency in Norway's
assurance of the balance of the road  capital city.
being put under way almost immediately, i 	
The future looks bright for Rupert. | The oldest man in Norway is a. pre-1
It remains for those now controlling Bent Abel Gravdal. a fisherman of
her destinies to get in and boost. The Buksnes. Lofoten, who lately cele-
bUsiness men had better get together; brated his 115th birthday. The old
and cut out peanut politics. It is man is still healthy and quite active
working now to her injury. We know and enjoys a splendid appetite. He
that there are some great big men who has been married three times: the last
think more of party advantages than | time at the age of 97.
a specialty
Drug Store
C.  H. ORME]
The Pioneer Druggi*'- j
PHONE   .-   ;   i   S2 \
. You have an opportunity now to
participate in these immense profits by
being one of the original purchasers of
town lots in the Grand Trunk Pacific
addition to the fast growing Western
Canadian cities, otherwise known as
This advertisement clipped from the
Boston Post gives the story of the
wonderful development now going on
in Carada. l^ntk out for British Columbia.     The   profits   to   investors in
Town lots in all Grand Trunk Divisional ����.	
and Terminal Points  will  astound  the   .     . *    , * _.   * a       n. . .     D . ,
world.   Buy now.    Ask I'.ule Jerry wand Tniok Pacific Railway Division Points
for price lists and full information. ~~ ���*****"
DAILY MESSAGES FROM   i    1    IT      1      1 UNCLE    JERRY
��l1Uri P     1FRRY"        AM   U"irc   JCIIJ    Has  a   Free  Informal   I   ^
No. 24
Western Canada
From the most accurate figures obtainable, over One Hundred Million
Dollars was made by real estate owners in growing cities and towns of
Western Canada last year.     This  vast
wealth was exclusive of Improvements
and represented actual increase in land
values alone.
Original records gathered by the
Winnipeg Free Press prove that In
eight western Canadian Cities the value of land alone ���not counting improve-
ments���increased 662 per cent for the
last live years-an annual increase of
112 per cent, for each city during the
last the years. These figures indicate
that investment! in live, growing cities
in Western Canada are as safe and
sure as an investment can bo. ami that
100 per cent, profit each year is almost
a certainty.
The Grand Trunk Pacific often in
these splendidly located, fast growing
Division Points and in the townsite of
Totield an opportunity for the investor
to share in the large profit! that are
sure tn accrue as a result of the rapid
Six] substantial growth that characterizes Grand Trunk Pacific Division
l'oints and well loontoil cities and
towns in Western Canada.
Tbe Grand Trunk l'acilic does not offer townsites or additions so located as
to make investments in them  of tiues-
tionable value.    The object   In   selling
these lots at the low   prices   at   which
tbey are offered is to encourage the upbuilding of these cities from which the
Grand Trunk Pacific will derive vastly
more benefit th m from the sale of lots.
Now is the time to buy.    Choice Iota
range from $10<i upwards on easy payments ef 10 per cent, cash and   10  per
cent, a month.   You make  your  purchase direct ami secure title from the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company.
Write  for  literature  and "make  your
selection while the prices   are  extremely low and the possibilities  unlimited.
If you happen to be dissatisfied with
Prince Rupert, feel that you have not
bad the opportunity, feel sore on the
city and overybodv in it - don't stay
here. You will be happier if vou leave
and then you can dam Prince kupert to
your heart's content. Prince Rupert is
no place for the dissatisfied ones. It
���seas hostlers, boosters and doera.    A
has I - - u may become a doer, but a
knocker never can be anything but a
knocker. 1 know that ever) man has
an opportunity in our city. The opportunities, in fact, never were so prolific
as they are now. They are staring at
you, it is men we need, not opportunities, for tbe last we have in plenty.
We need men and women to develop
this glorious country. This is God's
country. So is Vancouver, for that
matter, only there tbe owner has been
dispossessed. Let each one nf us do our
On January 15th and 22nd. Eastern
papers on Jan. l.>th. Western papers
on Jan. 22nd.' our Prince Rupert Opportunity advertisement appeared in
papers in New York. Boston, Providence. Kansas City. Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul and 37
Sunday issues of big I'.S. daily newspapers in all. On Feb. 25th our Prince
Rupert advertisement appeared in 2t&
Canadian daily newspapers.
Has a Free  Informal-1 ->�������**'
for strangers in the City .
residents by corresponded
He Buys Leases      H. B
He Buss Lota        He Buy.
He  has  Store*   I
He   Buys  Lands  i     B j
River Valleys.
000.000   MORE
Land Commissioner
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Co.
Jeremiah H. Kugler. "Unda Jerry,"
Agent for Grand Trunk Pacific Lots on
Main Line. Prices are fixed by the
Land Commissioner and our best services are at vour command. ���Ask Uncle
Jerry. P.O.' Box 900. Prince Rupert.
share in bringing one new family here.
By the way, if anyone asksymi about
the general conditions of Prince Rupert do you know enough about the
important points of our city to talk
about them. If you are in doubt or
are not sure come a-V. get mv book   of
Queationa and Answers on Prince Rupert. That tells the whole story. It
is yours for the asking, or if you will
give me the name of a friend I'll gladly send him the book free without any
obligation either to you or to him. Do
it today.
please take notice nnd list your property with a good live broker, if from the
above you think our equipment should
produce the best results, you should
come in at once.
We advise everyone to get in the
market this spring and summer. Sell
when you have a profit: buy again.
That's the way to make money. You
can make many times as much money
if you will buy and sell ami not hold on
so long to property. All of you put
your shoulder to the wheel antl boost ���
keep on boosting ���that's the way we
will make a big city.
He wants 50 Ho.--'- llinrt
He Sells Leases
He Sells Lots ������' ���
He wants Storts I J
He  Sells  Lands  up  the S
He will build you a -
payment plan.
He will lease or sell y
terms for you to  build  a
store on.
you can pay on monthly
He will take a lease e" 1
make vour investment  pa!
��� ���&
loM **
. til
WHEN YOl   WANT TO 1UY. SELL OR       per cent.


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