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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1911-04-07

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 The Prince Rupert Optimist
101.. II. NO. 76
Prince Rupert, B.C., Friday, April 7. l'Jll.
Price Five Cents
:ive Hundred Men Made Fierce Attack on Laborers in First Avenue Cut with Rocks and G
 ���. -.���...x.^.i���o 1a.11 ana* ii��i i* I WW> l\i 1    . 1 n ��� .   	
Citizens Rally
to the Aid of the Local |
Authorities |
Stagnation  is  ended.   The   strikers
(, i���,   in   blows  with   the   police.
Yins were drawn yesterday afternoon.
(ml drawn none too soon.    For several
, after vainly trying to keep the
��� ���IV the  Messrs.   Mclnnis and
1 ntract the police stood a hail
1 :   rucks,   stones   and   bottles
[ung from the rear ranks of the mob.
'hen in  an  effort  to  arrest a striker
tlie ground, u constable was
1 brother reaming his Com-
b      iras atoned, and an instant later
[ h began.    Strikers mauling  the Bred on, nnd that there
', -1 menta Were Mode lo Aaaem-
ble at tbe Police Station on the
Sound of an Aliarm from the
Public Whittles.
:  " 1 e. the exceptional circumsl ana n
I day, a special public meeting of
was   held   in   the   Provincial
1 House  bust   night.    The   pro-
j 1 were short and to the point.
M:. Tom Dunn took the chair and
Ul. 0. II. Nelson led the brief speech-
I making.    "This  is  not   the  time  for
making speeches or toe criticising," he
said.   "It is time for action." He aug-
[gts.ed ihai the meeting pledge itself
1        id behind Chief vickers in any
Reps he might take to quell and pie-
���entiment was  heartily  agreed
tin citUent present arranged to
turn mn to aid of the authorities on
I an alarm to be sounded from
tie at the electric light plant.
hei   iteam   whistles.    Most  of
the cititens were armed, and ready for
���   ervice.
precaution wus made necessary
lest any of the rioters might
make an attempt to  burn or  injure
I A special stall of constables
guarded Lynch Hros.' store during the
night.     Many   merchants   stayed   all
I  near iheir stores, in armed pro-
i<) defend iheir property.
Were Pluckily Fought by a Handful of Police���Three
Strikers Shot Down and One of the Victims May Die
Arrest Forty-Four Ring
were guns used on the strik. rs
also asserted by eye witnesses
side  is
of  tin-
Hot Work and Gun Play
There   was    bloodshed.       Revolvers
were emptied more than nn :��� twice,
and one striker was shot  through the
body.    Others   wen-   wounded	
through the shoulder and others lesa
seriously.    Many   of   the   poljcemei   i ,ho ,
were struck by the missies.   Bleeding had to use his  gun.   Constables Man
bands and lan-s were seen amongst t_\\t McArthur and  Morrison behaved
the Cititens who rushed to the aid m   	
Splen'id Po' ce Discipline
Magnificent work was done by tlie
police under Chief Vickers, who met
the situation admirably. The con
stables kept cool and exerted themselves unsparingly to arrest leading
strikers al grave risk Special constable George Leek, color sergeant in
i arl Gn j's Rifli b, effi eted Borne mosi
difficult arrests ilu.ugb hurt in the back
with Bplendid courage and self-restraini
in the face of savage attacks. The
whole force well earned their victory.   j
muttles.     Un-  strikers outnumbered
the police by twenty to one.
OddB Were  fwentj  to One
"Shoot if Need Be!'
it if
force when tin- situation looke I
the uuliest.    One of tin -c had bis hand   *?'     "*���"
pierced by u bullet. Savage treatment
was served up to Sergeant Phlllipson
who got in u hot corner for a minute or   .
two, and bad a bullet wound lu-iess tlie
temple from a strikers' revolver.
In the rush up the bill to the Ser-
jg -nut's aid the fiercest 1 assage in the
I tussle wus fought.
.���-~.^..- -^.^..^.x
List of tajured
Central Hotel Bar Cloaed Before the
11 auble Began. Clark'a Wholeaalc
Liquor Store Voluntarily Shut.
Tom    Dunn    Refuaea   Guna.
Before  the  trouble  started   on   thc
wntract  by the Central  Hotel,  Chief
had requested thut the bar be
J "";!     Mr. Peter Black at once had
w�� Winds drawn and the doors nhut.
��ms was  a  wise  precaution,  and  by
T'i'T ol the Mayor every bar in the
':, Shut soon afterwards.   Already
Uarke Bros, had of their own
m,''r',        t,st'd   thfir   wholesale   liquor
Even  while  ihp  ghotn   were   ringing
'll  "ii   hrst   avenue  nnd  the   pi lice
*"r" fighting for their vety lives, Tom
Jjunn   a,   itandlng  in  his  hardware
';';  an expression  hnrder than
'      "   his lmrdwiue, sternly refusing
,;���', ,P��� to  the sirikers  who be-
,Wm for them.   He hits set an
x- 1 .le which will make it hard for anv
irtton to m | RUn for 8omc lim(,
'' Uupcrl.
Lille nnd Lethbridge Cnmpa Empt;ed ,
Ruah Back to Europe
(S|H'eial to the Optimist)
Lethbridra, April 7. Miners are nw
deserting ilie camps in the district by
train-toads. They are certain lhat the
eoal strike is giing to be a long one.
Already Lille, and other small towns In
the pass are practically deserted, and
the sale of ticker fa Europe in l.e 1-
bridge is unprecedented. x-
Nick Pavich, striker, under arrest in hospital. Wounded In the
itomach and may die
Biago Mulavlch, striker, in jail.
Shot in left shoulder.
Mike Sekovich, striker. In jail.
Slmi in left shoulder
Sa-rnt. I'liillipsini, shut over left
\V. A. Casey, civil engineer,
shot in right band.
Geo. Leek, special constable,
back bruised with rock.
s. ll. Watson, contractor, hand
injured by roc  -.
Win.   Watson,    bruised     with
Several citizens sustained minor injuries.
li seemed for a minute aa if ihe mass
of the mob would force   the   police and
citizens over the edge of the cut, a
sheer drop of forty  feet    Sergeant
Phlllipson was battling  for his
life with his buck to the wall
shack under :. bail of heavy blow
Ragged looking roots were brandished,
fists and stones wen- freely used.   On
the   crest   of   the   high   blull   a   dozen
fierce conflicts wen- raging at once.
Constables and special constables wi; h
truncheon, makeshift club, and revolver fought tor advantage grimly. Thi
strikers, hurling rocks Prom behind the
fighting line, hurt their own men and
the police alike. Shots spattered here
unl there, and some white-faced men
rouched With hands up under  the jun
.-mi 11 necessary was the order
and to shoot was necessary. Sergeant
l'hillipson was cruelly mauled before
he di-e-.v pun at all, and having fought
his way free from half s doten strikers
i, n by main strength, only tired to prevent
; a a still uglier attack than he had mst
weathered. Hardly a word of (.'nod.
clean English was heard from the ranks
l.ieutnncnt-Covcrnor Pateraon Offer*
a  Special  Prize
Special to the Opiimist,
Victoria, April 7. liis lienor ilu
l ii utenant-Govi mor has offered s -: ec-
ial sllvel cup to be a m\ et< d fir by the
M-iall dairies ol the province, for the
cleanest and lust kept dairies.
llairiis  having  fn m   five  to  fifteen
cows milking will be eligible.   Three
ii i ui ij[  medals will be offend as well.
Forty-four Arreata Made
At eleven last night fi.ny-four arrests
had been made. Special constables
visited all the known haunts if striken
and singled out men the} kmw to have
taken active part in lhe fighting. ( hll I
Vickers bimsell arrested tin Secretary.
A. t). Morse, who was hurrying to the
hall to secure lhe P. U. I. A. pap rs.
These were afterwards taken posse sum
of by the police.
ClenrcH Out Strikers" Hall
At nine o'clock last nielli Chief
Yi.-kt-rs aent s detachment ol specials
under Constable Morrison armed with
rifles to clear out and lock up the hall
on   Third   avenue.    They   had   orders
to arrest  w. Fraser.   The hall was
found empty, but In tho kitchen behind
Innocent Dumb Victim
In the hail of jagged rocks hurled by
the sirikers, a terrified dog padding
full belt for shelter, was hit and CTUell>
hurl about  lhe l'.ind-i|iiar-ers hy a lull-
fragment. Yelping piteously the potr
en-ature dragged Itsi If aw ay. Then- was
no time to end Ita agony with a bullet
Krasi-r was'found reading B book.   He  and   besides   the   builets   were   busy
Earl Grey'a Riflea on Guard
Armed and uniformed, the men
Karl Kirov's Rifles marshalled
patrolled the city all last night,
premises likely to be endangered by tl*
sirikers were sentinelled by Special
was hand-cuffed and led oil protesting,
but without resistance.
Doctora Kept Buay
l)u-iors Kggert, McNeill and Reddle,
and I tealously worked lixidfe up the wounds
All  "I the injured.
Old Warrior "Bill"
It was a sigh: to   ee  old Hill Lynch
on the top of the cm facing singlehanacd
alwut   three   hundred   of   tin
Cowed with rocks and gloty
up alone, as if he enjoyed tne fun
times his gun mapped bu-  faded to go   l
off. Then Bespoke two words at It.   n��|j
last one was "it," and it went Off.
Inccndiariam Waa Feared
It was (eared last night that the
strikers would <!<> a lot ol sneaky work
under cover "( darkness such SS set tire
io buildings in tho city.  A force ol men
kept an eye on the City HalL
riot i rs.
he stood i
Strike la Ended Say Citizena
The   consensus   of   opinion   of   the
cititens is that the strike is now at an
Mayor Preaerving the Peace
"I am doing all in my power to have
the peace preserved," Said Mayor Manson lasl night, lb- gave Chief Nickers
a free hand.
up   all
Dan Mclnnia Haa a Reputation
Dan   Mclnnis handed  Ml gun overj
to  another  man   and   went   afier  the I
rioters   with  rocks  and   his  Bate.      I
heard ef that ehtp down  n Montana
tWO months ago," said one of the striken
as hc watched Dan put the CTOWO W|
"Come Along." Sa
All of the Special
good  work.    One or t
Rainier went singlehand
at his heels after "a big man Witt <
big  head,  wearing  I  Mui   Milt.      "<
walked int-lie P. It. I. A. ball.   Noth
doing.    Then across I
Hotel  Into  a crowd
sirikers.    A  big man Wit
Rush for Diamonds \
(Special to Optimist)
Princeton. B.C. April B. The
report of the geological survey ol
il���- pomlnion Government that
there an diamonds In Mount Olivine has Stimulated a great m-
tarest In this distrirt
diamonds found by
.legists are
While the
the Govern-
small In site
i* ment tr-ologists are  snian i i *****
lid the top 1 ,(|li, ^.M |)( |���, ���f  imall ii.iiiinei-
Constablcs did t ^ Valu.-. tha prospectors are
hem,   Constable   ( acting on   ths   theory lhal   lliei'c
ml with B      II      I an better  lish in   the   jea   than
and a blue suit was in tie far corner.
"Come  along." said  the COP wilh
determined nir, and be came.
I Overcame out   Mostofthea
trfct Is being staked for precious
.  stones, several of which on being
o the Crandvi.-w , i  uncoVQred show the conglomerate
of thirty of the  ( ���hu.,. formation In which tne
big head  j government Survey party found
the mam
ithe man
Extenaion    lo   Jnil
Building Inspector McNeil was
..   last   night   gelling   lumber   together for building an addition to the
j  j.ill to house the big batch of prisoners.
���   The jail is being built by the Mayors
j orders.
Coal Oil Confucatcd
Sergeant   Pat   PWlUpeon  sew   two
Bohunks outside the )ail with a big
can of coal oil last   night    'Ihey  were
1 unable rn give b satisfactory explanation
as to bow they came wilh il and What
they Intended doing with It i It was
promptly confiscated by the i fllcer.
Gaol Accommodation Scanty
As   there   are   only   six   cells   in   lie
Provincial Government gaol the itrikom
arrested hud to be packed pretty tight.
A temporary prison is being constructei
a  once.
Priaoncra ���� Songctera
The big batch --I prlsooew nrrc ed
alter the trouble lieguiled t by singing songs In
i.iii-iiis laM nil hi.
lime ll
CONTINUED ns r.\i,l: 8
Immigration Authorities at Ottawa
Will bc Ankcd to Deal With the
Men on Their Release from Jail.
Any  foreigner  who  falls  Into  tha
han-!-  of the  polfcl   and  is  proved   i"
have taken a pan  in yesterday's dii-
mrbaiici   in  aiinn.n.,   ,o   any  sentence
in thi- penitentiary which may be
I: posed on him is to be deported from
Ca ladaal the conclusion of his sentence,
and never allowed to re-enter Canada.
'I his was deci .>' upon. Tin au-
thority to ac In the cast rests with
Hi. Reddle as Immlgra Ion Officer
tor .bis pore. Under the Immigration
law, any foreigner O mlng Into Canada
and qualifying for ��������� iail entencc can
be deported as an undesirable by the
Government as soon a- his sentence
i- up. Dr. Reddle Inform the Opdmlsl
that thia course will bc rigidly followed
in the ease ol the men under arnst or
any Olhl r men wl ii may Ih- am ated,
Pat'a Never-Failing Wink
Even though he was shit nvir the
���ye with a bulli-i and blood streaming
all   over   his   face   Sergeant    I'liillipson
found time to turn round to his friends
and give thun a smile and a wink of
encouragement. Then he went Into
the fight like a Trojan with bullets and
.������ ckt falling round him.
The Chief Waa Sent for by Morse to
Come and Talk Over the Situation
Mornc   Waa    Surpriaed   al    What
By one of bis lieutenants, h. (������
Morse, secretary ef the Prince Ruimti
Industrial a ociation, and alleged leader
.,f the striken. sent a me Bage soon
.! ,.; the b it ������ to I i ii f Vlcken  with
i request   tl e chief.  Thh proved
MorseV undoing. He w.i; ilu- very
��� nan for v hom tl e chief was looking.
Guided b> tho tru ty lieul nam tha
,���!.;, i we ' to the P, K. I. A. Hall and
here found   Morse am rounded by a
��� - ol Bohunks gleefully discussing
:     Itui.tlon.
���l place you under arreal for Inciting i" riot,"        the Chh f.   Mi rse
���,.i,:,, ei.ced     ������     il-ii'er   all   kin:     ol
.,.     but tl ���- cl lei quietly look the
,, be a the bottom of the
t] .< lock-up
So one WI old  think  to see the  way
il   i hilllpson tried lo keen tbe
,.,,. he had nol all pi for over 48 hours THE   PRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
HE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern .British Columbia
has grown up with the city
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all-25c per inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.    Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Daily Edition.
Friday. April 7
The Strike is Over Now
The strike is over. It ended yesterday afternoon at ten minutes to four, with
the first shot that was fired by a striker upon the defenceless men in the First avenue
cut. Now the strikers haven't three contractors to deal with, nor an apathetic council. They have to deal with the awakened indignation of the white citizens of Prince
Rupert.   And this is a British town.
This is a British town, and any man in it has a right to go on strike if he is
dissatisfied with his wages. That is his light, and British law will preserve for
him that righi, no matter what his race, or the amount of his wages. But the same
law which preserves for him that right, insists that he must not trample on the
rights of others. Above all he mast not trample on those institutionsjef law and
order which have protected him, and given him equal rights with British-born
By their outrage yesterday, the strikers have put themselves outside the
pale of sympathy. They outlawed their cause in thc public estimation. There
was a strike on in Prince Rupert yesterday.   There is no strike today.
There is one good thing which will come out of the riot. It will do more than
thc promises and arguments of every politician and theorist in^British Columbia
to guarantee for us a white man's town. Cradled in the midst of tyranny, many
of the foreign laborers who come to our shores seem not to understand and appreciate the meaning of liberty. To them it means license. They make a great
mistake if they imagine the quiet policy of non-interference is a token of weakness,
or an evidence that they can carry things with a free hand. The answer to that
was the spontaneous rallying ���without request���of the entire British population
of Prince Rupert to the side of law and order, on the first outbreak of violence.
In appealing to violence the strikers made a great mistake. They appealed
to an arbitrament which puts them in a hopeless minority. They have ended'the
strike. By their action they made it necessary to vindicate the law. Chief Vickers
and his men backed up by the citizens have showed themselves'capable of handling
thc situation.
Henceforth any man can go to work on the streets of PrinceJRupert J without
feai of molestation. Law and order ha�� been asserted, and will be rigidlyjasserted.
Thc strike is over now.
Tree Stumpa Being Burned Exploded
Violently Hurling People Right
and Left. Unauapected Dynamite.
Workmen    Blamed   for Accident.
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancouver, April 7.���An innocent-
looking tree stump near the Municipal
Hall al Point Grey was being burned
in the afternoon by some workmen
engaged in clearing the land aliout the
hall.     Suddenly   a   terrific   explosion
occurred. Men were flung down by
the concussion within a raduis of several
blocks. Windows of every house and
store in thc neighborhood were shattered.
The whole staff of clerks in the Municipal
Hall was toppled head over heels amids.
the chaos of their desks and papers.
By a sheer miracle on one was hurt,
not even one of the workmen. Totally
unsuspecting danger in the fire they
had lit, the men were standing around
it when the crash came, but after the
smoke cleared they gathered themselves
up deafened but not injured. For
smashed glass there will be a bill of $700
at least. It is thought that the tree
stump contained dynamite left there by
workmen who had been on the ground
some time before.
Prince Rupert Young Liberal Association
will be hehl in thc
at 8 p.m.
Members and friends roll up
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The   Prince   Rupert Lodge, No. 318, Sons of
England, meets the first and third Tuesdays in
each month in the Carpenters Hall, at - p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec..
P. O. Box BU, Prince Rupert
A   Girl   to   learn   Press-
feeding and Bookbinding.
Apply al
The Optimist
Is Still Going on
��� ��� ��� ���
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
C. B. Lockhart, Assignee
Large Numbers of Strikera Left
Town, and Citizena Are Satisfied
that Trouble haa Been Effectually
Stamped Out Now.
Violence yesteiday is followed by
silence today. Not _ sinker has ventured to disturb tne peace. Messrs.
Mclnnis & Kelly's gang, is a. work unmolested on the cut where recently
revolver shots figured. Several of lhe
sia'.ion gangs compelled by the strikers
to lay off yesterday have started work
again today, the citizens everywhere
are declaring the sirike ended. In support of ,the assertion is the fact that
about a hundred strikers made a huiried
exit by the Princess May yesterday for
the Nortn, while ahout fifty cleared
out by ihe Prince Rupeil for the South
this morning. Rumois exist that the
remaining strikers have threatened io
attract sympathisers from below, but
this is piobably only vain hoisting. In
any ca<e any repetition of yestci day's
benavit.r on the part of the strikers will
be even more sternly dt-alt with for the
citizens and police are determined to
enforce ordei.
Every Poaaible Boat Crammed With
Emigrants for Canada. Tide of
Emigration Altered from U. S. to
the Dominion.
(Special to the Optimist)
London, April 7.���Shipowners are
I axed to the utmost to provide accommodation for emigrants bound for
Canada. Advices from Antwerp report
that thousands of intending passengers
from the continent are held up theie
waiting for steamers to take tnem to
the Dominion. Every steamship lin?
is busy now, and will be busy for the
summer. While the tide of emigration
formerly ran in the direction of the
United Stater it now flows to Canada,
and there is even a probability of
Atlantic lines altering their ports to
meet the Canadian traffic. Among the
European emigrants are numbets of
wealthy people who will be of value
to the Dominion both personally and
Miaa   Ethel   Holtby    Became   Mra.
Arthur O'Neill Laat Night
Before a large number of friends, Miss
Ethel Holtby who has made many
friends during her stay in Prince Rupcit
by her musical and social gifts, became
the bride of Mr. Arthur Bernard Bland
O'Neill of Quebec.
The young couple left this morning
by the Prince Rupert for a wedding
trip taking in several of the southern
and interior cities on their way to
Quebec where they will reside.
A full detailed report of the wedding
will appear in the social column of the
Optimist tomorrow.
Pavich Doing Well       x
Dr.  Eggert,  who is attending  Mick
Pavich, the striker in the hospital, says
his patient is doing well today.
Chief of Police Vickers and his force
of men showed they were made of the
right stuff.
a. m.,
Twenty-four hours  ending  5
April 7.
42.4 33.0        30.027     .13
Queen Charlo tc Islsnds Land Dlalrict���Diatrict ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver
oceupstlon broker, intend to apply tor permimion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the follniring
deBChlied land:
Commencing at a post plantsd about two miles
north and two miles weart of the mouth ol the
Tl-el River and marked J. McL., S. E. Corner,
No. 52, thence north SO chain*, thence west 80
chsins, thence south 80 chsins, thence east 80
chains to point of commencement; containinR 640
acres, more or less.
Dsted Feb. 26. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte I lamls Lend Dist rict���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to app'y for permimion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the tollowing
described land:
Commencing at a post planted sbout three miles
west and two miles nnrth of the mouth of the
Tl-*l Kiver and marked J McL. S. E. Corner, No.
67 thence north 80 chains, tnence west 80 chains,
thence aout- 80 chsins, thence east 80
point of commencement; conUining 610 acres,
more or lem.
Dated Feh. 26, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. 1. E. Walur, Agent
Next time you walk by the
store we wish you'd stop :,' m|n,
ute and take a look at
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tising in the big maga
Heintzman Pianos
We  sell  them.   We rent them.
Essy terms.
IS   i
L   3
and POOL
4 Alleys. 7 Tsblei.    A K---I *X*f        j
else.   A clean sport.   Lsdlasayat .
afternoon.     Newman  HI,h1..  I. *
twoen tith and Tth Sts. *
TED Morrison,    Proprietor aaat ataSaSfal 1
Phone No. 200 P. O. Box .'W>
Swift's Premium Hams antl Bacol iritta
Cowichan Eggs 35c. ai
J. W. Williams
I'i--: rietor
For Sale
LoU 14, 15, 16,   block 28.   BSCtloi   "-.
price $600 each, terms half cash.
Lot 7, block 16, section 6.  pricew,-
40(1, terms half cash.
LoU 13, 14, 15,  block  ��.  section '���
price $500 each, terms half cash.
Lots 6, 7, 8, with house, bloi-k
7, price $3,660 all, terms $1,800
LoU 7, 8, block 36.  section  7.  price
$1,760 pair, terms half cash.
For Fire  Insurance in  Rellabl
Companies, call on
Second Ave.,
Prince Rupert, B C.
John Jonea Who Cave the Alarm and
Went Back to Try and Put Out the
Magazine Fire Succumba.-Lived
for Three Houra.
(Special to thc Optimist)
Nanaimo, April 7.-From the flw
the doctors had little hope that JoM
Jones, the plucky engineer, who WM on
night duty when the Protection Magazine took fire, would recover. Burl* 0
and smashed up by the flame spljj ';
that hurled him backwards as he rusneo
to try and extinguish the fire ���>"���
telephoning the alarm, Jones lingers
on for three hours unable to sih-:ik W
hear, and suffering much until Oestn
releived him last night.
The Princess May, on her  first ttjlj
north, went out last night.     She w
leave for Vancouver, Victoria  and ����'
attle on Monday at 9 a.m. tVTi
um m**m*mmW.M-_m___W______t
''" " "ar���.'
HMHHaSaX)Ka^VTCaNVVKi.vwi^vt��^ *
Business Expansion
We   open   a   Branch   Store
Seventh   Avenue  and   Hays   Cove Circle
1 Saturday, April 8th, 1911
Our constant endeavour will be to increase our growing
list of satisfied customers.
Your order will receive our careful attention.
We carry a good stock of pure groceries and the
prices are right.
H'l-A  SO
We are
Sole Agents
For ....
S����JA��e.. Phone 187
Hiys Cove Circle, Phone 311
The House of Good Values
Queen Charlotte tiltnda Land Diatriet -Diatrict ol
rake notice thai I. Juhn MeLeod ot Vanoouver
oceupation broker, Intond to apply (or permlalon
to proapoet for coul and petroloum oa the following
dnorlbed lands:
Commeneing at a poat planted about Ave mllea
north and one mile weal of tha mouth n the
ii-i-i itiver ami marked J. McL., N. R,
No. 24, theneo aouth so chains, thenee
ehaina, thence north mi chains, thenci'
chains tu point of eommenoamanti oontainlnKfitO
aerea, mora or leaa.
Dated Febje, WU, john MeLEOD
ui>. Feh. 2*. Clarenee McDowoll. Agant
Quwn Charlnito Islands Land Dint rict-District of
Take notioe that 1, John McLeod or Vanoouver
oecupatlon hroker. intend to apply for permission
to prn.pecL fur coal and petroleum on the foil.iwine
doacribed lands:
Commeneing al **. post pUnted ahout four mllai
north and three milen west, of the mouth of the
Tl-el Itiver and marked J. McL. N'. \V. Corner
Nu. 63, thanee south BO chalna, thence eaal BQ
chuins, thencc nnrth Su chains, thence west BQ
chains to point of commencement; containing 010
acres, more or less.
Dated Keh. 26, Ultl. JOHN Mcl.KOD
Pub. Feh. UK. Clurenco McDowell. Agenl
Quean Charlotte Islunds Lund District���District of
Take notice thut 1, John McLood of Vancouver,
occupation I roker. Intend to upply for permimion
to prospect for coul uml |>etroleum un the following
desetilnd lunds;
i Commandng ut u poat planted ahout four mtlea
north and three mllea wm of tha month ol tha
Tl-el Kiver und murked J. McL., S. W. Corner,
, No   64a thenr*'  north SU chums   thenci' eaat   RQ
chuins, thence eouth BO c buib, thenee wm BQ
clains to point of commiMieen cnt; containing 010
acres, more or lew.
Dated Fab.86,101L JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 28 Clarence McDowell. Agent
Quaan Charlotte Islands Lnnd District���District of
Take notice that I Juhn MeLeod of Vancouver,
occupution broker, intend to apply fur permission
to pruspect for coal and petruleum on the fol|i.vuiif[
descrihed lund:
CommencinK at aptist planted almut three miles
west and two milos north of the muuth ��f the 11 el
Uiver und marked J. McL., N. K. Corne N 68,
thence south >0 chains, thence  weit   sO   chains,
thanea north 80 chains, thence aaat ehaina to point
of commencement; contnininK ���������"* acres more or
Datad Fab.86,101L JOHN MeLEOD
Pu . Feb. 27. T. B. Walter. Agant
Quaen Charlotte Islands Land District���DUtrict of
Take notici' that I, J. O   McNao oi Prince Hurt, oceupation general uent. intend tu upply
-Diatrict uf
Quaan Charlotte Islunds Lund Dialrici
rake notice that I. John McLeod of Vancouver
oecupatlon broker, intend to apply for permlailon
tn pn.spect for coul and petroleum on the r��illtiunii:
daeeribed lands:
CommencinK at a poet plunted about two miles
south and two miles waat Ol the muuth of the
TM Itiver and markeil J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner
No. 12, tlience suuth Ml chains, thenct* WOBt BQ
chains, thence nnrth BO chuins, thence east 80
chuins to puint of commencement;
640 acres, inure nr less.
Dated Fob, 88, LOU. John MeLEOD
Pub. Feh. 84, Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlutte Islands Land District���Distnct of
Tuke notici' that I, Juhn McU-ud uf Vancuuver,
Oceupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prpBjK'ct fur cual und petroleum on the folhminK
described lunds:
CommencinK nt a post planted about two miles
snuth nnd two miles west of the mouth of the
Ti'el Itiver uml murked J. Mc.L. S. K. Corner,
No. 48, thence north Ht) chuins, thence west SO
chuins, thenw south Pi, chains, thenee eust Ml
chuins to point of commencement: contuininK 040
acres, mure or less.
Dated Feb. 28,18U JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 84, LaaUa B, Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Distriet���District of
Take notice that 1. John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, inteml to apply for |��ermiiuuon
to proapeet lor coul ami petroleum on tbe following
deecribed lands:
CommencinK ut u pust planted ahout two milea
south and two miles west uf the mouth uf the
Tl-el Itiver and marked J. Mc.L. N. K. Corner,
No. 47, thence suuth SO chains, thence west BO
chains, tt north M) chains thence east SO
chuins to point of commencement; containinK 010
acres, more or less.
Doted Fob 88,1011. HUIN McLKOD
Pub, Feb. 21 Clarence McDowell. Agent
Jabour Bros.
Third Ave.
We have no rent to pay; we buy for cash in the very best
markets; we look after the business ourselves
And Our Customers Get the BENEFIT
Boots, Clothing, Dry Goods, Everything to suit the Country; and the prices are right.
Come and see our new consignment of Footwear. Every
thing from Dancing Slippers to Prospectors Ironclad boots
"The House of Good Values"
tjuivn Charlotte IslandiLand District���Diatrict
Tuke nolice that I, Juhn Y.<l . ,��� I of Vancouver,
occuputiun bruker, intend to apply for iiermiwion
to proepael for eoal and petroleum un the fullowing
deecribed landa:
Commeneing at a post plantnl about two
mllee Miuth und two milctt ���**���*���'* u( the mouth of
the Tl ���! Itiver, Graham l*lund. and murkeil
J. Mc.L. N. \V. Corner, No. :il, thencv Kouth ��0
chain*, thence eant SO chains, ihence north SO
chaina, thence *e*t SO chainn to point uf commencement, containing ti lu ucrex, more or leaa.
Doted Feb. BS, 11*11. JOHN McLKOD
Tub. Feb. 21. Clarence McDowell, Agent
| Dai.-1 March H, 1**1
Quoon Charlotto Ialunda Und DUtrict��� Diatrict of   '*uh- March 25.
Take notice lhat I, John McU'od of Vancouver I
occupution broker, intend to apply for |n rmi   .en
Bkeena Land Diatriet   Dlitrict ol Coaal Range V
lake noiice thai juck  Bedford ol  Kttgblty,
Xorkanue,   England,   occupation   over-looker,   intends tu upply fur permimion to purchaae the
, following deacribed landa)
Commeneing ai a pust planted ut u polnl tn the
eaaterly boundary ol Umber limit 38328 and In
the aoutherly limit uf lot 8088, Range fi, Coma
District, where the aaid limits Internet, thenee
along the eoutheriy limn ol lot  B888 etoroeala
i uml the projection thereol in an euterly din-ction
I hll chains more or  less tu  the  w.-terlv  limit  of
1 timber limit 82601, thenci- in u loutbcrb direction
j along the lust  mentioned limit   11 chuins more
| or less lu the northerly limit of timber limit :I0775,
thence in a westerly direction along Ihe Ust  tnen-
| tinned limit Sl* chains mure ur lev* tu the easterly
I limit ol timber limit B8888, thence in a northerly
; direction  ll  chains more or less to the pnint of
[ commencement*
i DatedMurch B, lull. JACK  BEDFORD
i'uh. Murch -.">,
I Skeena l-and District    District of Cuusi  Itange V
Taki* nutice that Chariae I*. Otter ol i'rinco
Rupert*  H.  C, occuputiun surveyur, Intendi to
apply (or permlmtoD to purchaa toe following
deacribed lands:
Commendng ut u post planted al tbe north east
corner uf lUrveyed lot B9B4, Uunj;e ,',, Cooel  Di���
trict. thence in an tutor!) dtteeUoo along the
eoutheriy limit ol aurveyed lot 8991 and tbe projection thereof Hi chains to a point, thence mitfa
parallel to the easterly limit of nurveyed lot 1984
ifareeeld 60 chainn mun. ur less tu the northerly
limit uf a Umber limit   \o. 18868), thenee met
40 chains more or h-ss to a point in the pro eetloo
eoutheriy ol ihe eaaterly limit of surveyed lot
B984, tl.ence in u northerly direction along lho
projection  of  the said  limit   and  along  the  suid
_ limit t��0 chain* mun- or less io point uf eommenci-
ment. contuininK 2W acres more or less.
I Doted March p, l'Jll.        CHAULKS |\ oTTKll
i Tub. March 25.
' Skeena Land District��� Dial rict of Coasl Uan^e V
Take   notice   t hut    Ktlit h   A lint   {'Tt,.\ t her   of
Ikhif,    Vurkshiri',   Kngland. occuputii>n  iplneter,
; intends to upply for permMlon to purrlia*** in,.
following described lands:
Commencing: ut a p<��.i \>'..\-.\. il ut the eouth ea*l
: corner nf surveyed lot 8991, Range .*., Coast DU*
i trict, ihenre nurth alotitt the easterly limit of tho
I aaid lot '���*'* chainn mon- or less to the motherly
limit uf LotW89\Ran|e6i coast district, thence
���out along (he soutlerly limit of lhe last mentioned
lot 00 chaina to a point, thine- in a aoutherly thrift:..!, .i.'. chain*) parallel to the said
easterly   limit   nf    lot   *\W\,   thenci-   In a we-t-
I erly direction 00 chaina mon1 or lean to
the point of eommencemenl containing 210 uen*
��� mon' or loan.
or perniiMiiun to prusjM-ct for coul and pelroleum   d^enlH-d landa
to prospect fur cual and (H'troleum on the fullowing
im t he fullowing descnUil tamls
CommencinK ut a post plan'ed at the so ' h-eisl
corne' of Section :l, Townsh p 2 Oraham Islund,
und murkeil J O. McV. S. K. Corner, ihence
west Mi chains, thenci' north SO chains, thence
easl SO chuins, tlience south SO chains tu point of
Dated March S, MIL J- 0, McNAH
Tub. Murch 85, WiUon Oowing, Agent
Commencing at a |H��t planteil ul>out two miles
south and two miles we>t of the mouth of lhe Tl-el
Kiver and marked J. McL. S. V. Corm-r. No. B8,
thenci- north *0 chainn, thenci! eant SO chaina,
thence aouth M) chains, thence weal Sil chaina lo
point of commencement | containinu 010 acn-s,
mure or leaa.
Dated Keh. 22, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Keb. 24. Cltronce McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Ialunda Und Dwtrict���Dutrict of guwn charlotte Island* Land DUtrict-DUtrict of
Bkeeno Skoena
Take notice that 1, Jnhn Mcleod of Vancouver, Take notice that I, John lleLood of Vancouver
occupation bruker. intend to apply fur permfaojon i>ccopalion broker, intend to apply fur permimion
to proapeet fur coul nnd iwtroh-um on the following (��� prospect for cout and |>etroleum on the following
described lund: descnUil landa:
CommencinK at a post plunli-d almut tw   milw CommencinK at u posi planted about two mil���
north of th   mouth of the Tl el Hive- und murkt-d W)Ulh of the Tl-el Itiver and marki-d John Mcl
J. McL, S. B. Corner. Nu. 8, thenci; north SO
chains, thence west  SO chains. Ounce south  SO
chains, thence east SO chnina lo point of commencement; c ntaining 610 acres, mnre nr lea*.
Dated Feb. 25, tail. i'��HN McLKOD
Pub. Keh. 27. T. B. Walter. Agrnl
N. K. Corner.  No. Bt| thence aouth 80 chaina,
ihence Weet SO chaina. ihence north 80 chaina.
thence eoat SO chuina to point of commencement;
contoiniriK 010 acn-s. nu re or less
Duted Keb 22, mn. JOHN UeLBOD
I'ub. Keb. 21. Lealie K. Waller, Agem
Queen Charlotte Islands Land DUtrict-DUtrict of   Q     n chari0(l0 Wanda Laml Diatrict���DUlrict of
-   I   ..���     . ^l._.
Take IkOtlW thai I, John McLeod nl Vancouver,
ooeupstion bmk.T. intern! to apply 'or iiermiwion
In praspsd (nr roal anil psttSasUm on the lOUeMnf
dsseirbed land:
Comini'iicinit al a pom plsntsd ahnul 1��" null',
north ol ihe moulh ol tin T.f! r ver an m.irknl
J. Mcl. S. Vi. C'orniT. No. 4. thence north W
chainn, thenco cast SO chains thonc wuth Ml
chain*, Ihcnci' tritl HO cha n�� to puint ol com
mencement: containinR 61" acrw, more or li
Dmd Nt, 26, l'.ill.
Puh. Keb '27.
jiiiin UeLBOD
T. E, Wali-r. AffBt
In Bar Koom Argument Charlei
BUnutlton it dangerously Shot.
John Anderson ii Arretted.    Old
Cf"tlRc Alleged.
(Special to the Optimist)
Vancft,-,-,.,, Al,rll 7<_In the bar roorn
"���� weal hold last night an argument
"pn between John Anderson and
"���'.ii." Sarauelaon who is a laborer iieie.
"���Wcreation grew angry, and a fight
���iMtcl In which two men grappled
m "CTMnbled all over the floor of the
in i &   n*!f w��ro parted forcibly,
���J ��� Mid apart.   Then Anderson went
San,,, ** l,1"u��',t for good, while
anmi. v���, n*mt&m_,   it || alleged thai
min,    ""1 >h"n]y w'th a revolver, and
��2,1' t0T?amU,ta��I| Aot him in the
on,. .,, i   ,    " W0lln'l is " very serious
"���'""I thoman may die.   Those who
tliaii,;''!1,",'""'",'1 wilh <-hc men believe
' a" ol(l K^dga existed between them.
Attempt   so
Far   nt    Incentive
in District
Basse Charlolte Mawl" Uml DiMrict���Dn-trlct
Take notico lhal I, John UelaSOd ol Vancouver,
occupalion hroker, inten.l to apply tor PensWOB
lo prasptsl for coal aad iielroleum on the lolliminit
''TonimencTnli' a a po��t planteil alioui two niik.
norlh ami  t��fl BOSS ��'<*t ul  '1|1' n"ml    "'  ""
No IT, Ihence aouth ��0 chainn thonco SM W'
chain., thenco norlh 00 cha,,,, ihenc,��� meet hO
chains to |Hiinl ol eommoncoment: conlainmi; 610
ncn��. mon' or lew mnv mm vim
|,.,l,,IKe .25, Hill. "!
Puh. Fab, 27.
T. E. Walter, Auent
Take notico that I, John McL",,! of Vancouvor,
occupalion broker, inlenil to apply for permiwion
to pr,*|>ect lor coal and pelroleum on lhe following
,1,-i-ril.1.1 land,,:
Commencinu al a post planted about two nulea
-null, "I lh, moulh ���f the Tl-el Kiver and marked
J. Mcl. S. K Corner. No. Ill, thonco wwt Ml
chain", thenci' norlh SO ehains. thence earn 00
chains thenci' aouth 80 chalna tu |Mjinl <i. commencement : containing 640 acri*. more; or I,*.
Dated Keb. 22, lilll. J""N Mcl.MII)
Puh. Keb. it. l*m\* K. Walter Agent
QussnXCbSnOttS lalands Und DUlrict-DUlrict of
Ske n.i
Toko notice ihat I, Joi.n Mcl�� d ol Va couver,
o cunali.n broker, inlend o apply for psmHoa
i<> prospsct for c al and on tho lollowing
da cribed landa:
Commencing at a p l'l planlwl about lour mil. a
wutli and two milea wo I ol the m, ulh o! Ihe
Tl-el Uiver and J. Mcl.. N.K I orner.
No IS Ihenc outh Ml chainn. UaSBSS weal Ml
chains.'ihenc- north Ml chains ihenco easl Ml
chains to poi t ol commenn-ment: OBUUIBf 610
acre-, more or haa. aann
DsU    Keb. 2:1, 11)11. ii UN M I.KOD
]���;', ,,,, 16. Clarann-McD. well. Agenl
Charlolte lalanda Und,ct-D���trict o.   gu.eo Charlotte Uad Diatnci-Diatrict o.
Fernie, April 7. -Throughout the
district affected by the strike there is
no sign of disturbance either brewing
or actualisi'd. So fur no Bttempl ttat
been made to suggest violence by M)
leading spirits in the ranks of the miners.
It is believed that the statement made
that the international board Will slain
by the miners has put them In B gooa
humor, and will have a tendency to
restrain incentive violence.
Huge Wheel of Lead Pipe Rolled Over
Young Workman
(Special to the Optimist)
Toronto, April 7. -While helping to
cable wheel of lea'   pi!"
a the Hydro-Electric
today John Newman, i
rushed i" deatn.
Oueen . ..
^ Skeon.
Take notice toll I Joh MeLeod ol \ anciuver
occuoaiHM. hn.ker intend t" apply for PSrotato"
Z,pr."|��'ct l,.rn,al��.id|..irol,oi"on th.  lolln.uig
nonh and two BlHss w,..i ol ths mouth 0[ TIJS
more or km
Dsted Keb as, 1911
Pub. K,b. IT.
T, K. Walter. \lP'i>t
I ake nolin- lhat I. John Mclasal of \ano,uver.
oeeupstio brekfr, lalsad to sppl for perm.w,on
i��� |,r.��|H<:i l,.r coul and |a'lroleum on IDS lull-wins
*Commsndafisl s posl pbmtsd l"/,";1," "��*
and two rnrnt ol th. moutholl ,��� ll-el It,.<-r ami
markod J  Mcl.. 8. B. ('orner. No- 4d. thSnSS n rth
" ,��� ��� ,,- I he c, tkm Ml ehaina. the ��� ...Uth HO
c ���������..   i'enw e.-t   -0 chai      t    potal   "   con,
menrami nl   .oniaimng MO sens, mors or I. *
KSMfW*1"1,      C..���nn.^w^.,A^n!
Skii-nn Ijtmi Dtottkt���DUtHet <��f ('������m.
I . ��� ��� in . -i ,1 | i ||. MeAufhi'v of Trince
Kubrrt. iKTupntmn mm InttDQI to npi'ly for
lii'rniH-inii tu iiurrhace thn foltowinii ilonrrilml
Ooinmcnrintr ��t �� |iont iiltinti-.) nt thr ��mithwp��t
OOnMT Of tot SUB) ihi-un- ��:i-t |i .1i;iii^, ihi'tlCtf
fi'ith ���'��� rhnin*>. UmDM MM M) i-hamn, UMBOt
nnrth 6 chain* to pallll of eOOUMIIfOnMBt, '*"H-
tainirii51'11 ai n-- mor  lOM.
DtU Keh. IB, mi J. M. HeAUOHBY
j*uh  \ ��� *��� .''���. lull, Amln m h- anvil) ��� Aitf Hi
Skwna I^ml niitrlcl-Diatriet of Cn����t
Takr n< licv thai I. I'ctcr Itrhl, of Vancouver.
B.C.. .���.���.".,i.nti"ii toamntfr.  intcnrln to apply for
I'i'i ti.i-siMt; tu purchaiv* thc followinu .i. -.���: iU-.I
Conmicncintr at a i">��t iilantnl ami marketl 1'.
R��'| S.W. enrnrr anil imnntliately atljoininir |nn��it
marked J.M.'** N.K. cornet ami A.H.'k B K- cur-
n��M . tbfOCO tmtth p�� chain*, thence e����t 4<>ehaina,
th- nr<* nuth ^'chainn. thence we��t A*- chaina. lo
point  <���'���    CMinini-ncement,  r<mtaitiin��r   i.1"   acre*
in le**. PBTBR UKII).
I>��titll-I IVh. lull Chartra II. Allen. Airent
Pub, 1V1..25.
Bkaana Und DUtrict-Diitrtet of Coaat
Take notice that  I. William Atulerwm, of Vancouver, H.C. occupatinn elerk, intemln to apply
for permiimion to purchase the folluwintr dewrili-
ed landn:
Ciiminencfnir at a peal planteil and marked W.
A. noithwaat corner, ami aUiut 1 mile from Alexander   Huihan    northern  tmundary line; thenc*
south **** chain*, thenci* aaal B endna tbanoa
north RO chains, thanea mat BO chaina, ta point of
rommencement, containinK Mo acres more or leaa.
Paled 1st Keh. IUll Charles ll. Stark. Auent
I'uh. Keh. 2b.
Skeena Und Dlilrirl-DlMnci of Ootat
Take    notice    thai    I.   Alexander   Ituehan.  of
Vancuuver. ll.C. occupation hutch* r. intenda to
apply for permlnslon to purchaae the following
descriUil laml*:
Commencing a poat plants) antl murkeil A.H.'i
S.K. corner, and ailjoining posts marked .I M.'a
N.K. corner and P.lf.'a .S.K. corner; thanea weat
hll chains, thence tm-th*" chain-, tin ���tn-*- '-.i-i **'
chains, thence south 10 chains to point of commencement, conuining Mn acres mon- or less.
Dttad lat Keh., IUll Charles II. Allen. Agent
Puh. Keb. 2��
Skeena Laml Diilrlcl-Dlatrict of Coaat.
Take notice that l.John Miller. ofVaneouver,
B.C.. occupation butcher. Intend* to apply for
permiasion tO purchase the following deaenbed
lamia: .....
Commencing nt a poat plantnl alwmt 1 chain tn)*-wuter at the hi*ad of LuaOMlba Hay. and
marked J.M. a N.K. corm-r. tbenoOWtel -nhnina,
thanea south w> chains, thence east Ni chnina.
thenre north ���*�� chains, to point of eommencemenl. containing MOaCfUi fSSJS'Sft , ***
john   .11 i i ii.
Onteil 1st Keh.. l'Jll Charles II. Stark. Agent
Pttb. Keh. Ua.
Quaan Ctartotte l^toU** Dhtriet-Dtatrfct ol
notice that I, John.MeUod piVMWUfltj
Quwn Charlotto lalanda Und I>i*trkt-D.��thct of   Skl.rnu |,an,| Distrirt   - Dintrict of CoUHt
Skeena _ .      ___._,_,______.____ RpJIflM .r��
loud  a huge
on to a wagon
Works hpre
employee, was C
was thirty-live yeais 01 age.
i it-
Read the Daily Optimist
,T,nS! tt mSi andi>;^1o,th. (o,low,nK
,.i| al���,iil two miloa
cl lh' moulh "I Hi*
Mrl.. V   W. Corriw,
i hsins, thsnes wssi 10
BO rliain.. thsnos rsat  MM
oomini'iicin nl    cnlalninc j
'���*' JOHN MsLEOD
T. E, \\all,r. Asi'lil '
...-nl,,',! land.
Commsncing st a po��i plan
nnrlh anil two mill- WS��
T1-, I River ni���l mnrk��l J
Nn. 61, thsnes sooth ��g
chaiM, thene. nnrlh
chaina t"   I"""1   "'
Oil, sons, m"re nr I.
I)���l,.ll'|.l,.25 IUll.
Pub. Ki'l'. 27'
queon Charlotto tondsljvrfDlralet-DtoWei 1
 ,rrz'.i *'"* <'���<������'���"- " ,!'"n'"'
msrksd J. McU, >��� �� Rl) elMI.  thencs
nortll sn 'I':."'",,,  ;' '��..;,���.hai���" "��� i,iiini of
.,���n   si, chsins, uiencs m,
mtj   conlainmi!
ta nouci. that I, John UsUod Ol lancouv.r,
���r,���l���.,��li brOhW, int.-n.i IS apply l���r p,'m,K.,���n
���?,' ,;!p,-,'l for c ���l Ud pi irnliaim on th   loUoWHH
-,,���.!,   ut.)   two mi "^  v**' ���  *��   tflp  Miouth   ol   ttie
7 "     I   V'r a,"l n,arko,l j.  Urn-  Vt.  W. ConW.
v���  ���:    th-nr   s���,,'l, -o chain:,   thncesri N
i   ,    ,,���.  north I   ehslns, thenn. wai N
't;;;;;.',:,',,';,:;,,,l<,,mmenem,.,il; SOnUUHBI MO
a.r.-s, mors or i��� ���
|)uli'<l I'el'- 2H. '''"
I'uh. Feb 2 .
McDowell. Auent
I lateil Ken. -1
I'uh. Keh. 2',.
nil) acn*. morn
JOHN m,-i i ll"
C. MeDowell, Aisnt
OuesntChsrlotts IsUn* I.��n-I DLtrict���Dl-trict ol
M Skeena , ,,
5-S-5 ^' '���' rtMSW ,���.'( ml��.
,1 n-nlK'l I ndj! .   . ,, 0|���, ti��� r mllea
Commencini si s p ' ,' '",,.   I the
ottth snd two  '    '"    "   '     m'h.',!���!,".
X-'r,vl;'e   ���.   i,      -a'.,., thras   ��   *o
  ,���:::.���'���������-,"-Z--   !
,   Inn   o "  it "I r'"n "
com, 11
i ,, . mors or lem.
Dat, I F.b "M U<
i ub i,h 'J.',.
M DOWSlla Agent
Taka notica that I. Prad Garten, of
Prince Rupart, IU'., occupation far-
iiut. ititfiiiiH in apply for permlalon to
purchaae tha following deacribad lamls:
Commencing at a poat plantad at tin-
nurlli eaal corner of surveyed lot lii;i7,
Range ">. Coaat diatrict. thance north 60
chaina to ��� aloughj thence waat  2*
Chaina;   thence sntitli 80 chains;  thencc
eaat  W  chainn  to  the point  of  com-
mencement ^^ (;auT()N
Dated February 25th. 1911
Kirst insertion Mar. II
Continued from Page 1
alone as their secretary A. 0. Morse
had said they would in the morning.
But returning by Sixth street so as to
lie invisible to the police and contractors thev made a detour, and advanced
by way of the G. T. I1, reserve to the
highest part of the cut. Though
warned by a rush of citizens from
Second avenue, Chief of Police Vickers,
did not wish to assume any attitude of
violence whatever, and only a couple Of
constables met the vanguard of the
strikers. It was when the stone throw-
throwing began, and the constables
were swept down the slope that Chief
Vickers was compelled to resort
sterner methods..
of the striker.--.   Their cries  were  un- I
intelligible, but they gave ground suddenly under  the  persuasive  eloquence
of the six-shooters.    They were driven
right back to their ball on  Third  Ave. I
where about twenty arrest* were made
Police Held Their Own
Oncn the police gained the advantage
they kept it on the high ground.    Foot j
by foot the mob,   still   spitting  stones !
and curses, was forced back.     One of !
the strikers lay on the  ground  a  huddled mass,   motionless,   but  breathing
heavily.    A few non-combatants filter-
ed buck from the now   scattered  mob,
and gathered about him.    He was  the
man who bad tired at Sergt. I'liillipsmi.
Some one in the lighting  line   had  put
him out of business with B prompt  revolver shot through the body.    He was
dragged   away   half    unconscious,    a
ghastly sample.
Cowardly Behaviour of Stiikers
Long before thia the little bund of
workmen in the cut below had beaten a
hurried retreat under a si.over of murderous rocks. The conduct of the strikers ia starting to hurl such missiles
upon defenceless men taken at an absolute disadvantage in a stone wall pen ;
as it were, deep below them deserve* j
censure of the severest kind. _____
The Moii.-iliiowi,,, was begun long k^ M_ ,     ,    t|u. Q
at li,,.,  from behind bv men evidently ! ����bt, " "" �� 1'a,i * M'>,   l,,",t, ��
too cowardij to let themselves be see,,., ��Wke rioted yesterday am whatmes
Ami tlie Brit stones fell right amongst >*; >"������ >>"(l  ��K'��� !>>" "u^'"'   N,!1>-
the  men  at   work   in the cut.    )., .1,.. I ��r Manson  said:
effort to  make  the   lirst  arrest
OOnatablei   were  bit  several times by
a target
. Leek Did Great Work
Constable George Leek, was
for the strikers and Pound it
tO  use  lis gun wilh serious
effects.     He  behaved  like  u  hero  and
citizens are proud of bis conduct.
Bill Lynch's Warning Heeded
The strikers were rushing Hill Lynch.
"Come another step further and 1 will
lire," said Mr. Lynch. No attention
was paid to Ihe warning and one man
at least keeled over with a bullet in bis
Citizens as Special Constables!
So  aroused  were  the right   thinking
I citizens over the riot that most of them
volunteered   to   do   duty   as   Special
IConstables or  in whatevei   duty the
, ( hief Vickers wished them to act.
Chief Vickers Didn't Forget His Wife
After   the   battle   waa   over   Chief
i Vickers hurried down to the wharf to
, meet his wife who came In from Van*
couver on the steamer Princess May
with as much enthusiasm as a youthful
lover.    "An awful tin.,   to arrive, isn't
it?*" be said with a smile as he hurried
i to the wharf.
Following is the list of the fifty
strikers under arrest who will face
charges varying between inciting to
riot and intimidation this afternoon
A. O. Morse, alleged leader, N.
MacDonald, J. B. King, Jim Postello,
W. Blakely, Frank Cutdett, M. N.
Campbell, E. C. Rose, A. Armour,
Joe Weir, K. Brandt, J. Carnegie,
Anserino Louis, H. Desmond, B.
Milsovitch, Nat Viedick, N. Rocko-
vitch, Sam Bovich, B. Dilivich, C.
Woods, B. Yokovitch, R. Sanich, S.
Yokovitcha, A. Sebich, B. J. Luberich,
j J. Tranitza, N. K. Pavich, Juro
1 Radvitch, Mike Talsa, Louis Lasa-
vitch, Dan Coma, Mike Burich, Nick
Stranga, S. Durivitch, Pete Milo-
vitch, Mike Estovitch, Noah Pala-
vitch, Philip Balon, Abe Satroie,
Nick Vesovitch, Dan Bavitch, Jr.,
Mike Deccico, Nick Hick, Mike
Secovitch. Stere Redo, Don Milo-
vitch, Milo Radolvitch, Milo Vuk-
vitch, Nack Radlovitch, William
G. T. P. Transfer A8ent.
Order. Jiromptly Bllsd.   IM,.���S r,,������nable
OFF1CE-H. B. Rocheiter. CsntW Sl.    Phon,ft
I Northern Produce Co'y. I
/    ���"���^^^^���SSS��a��.a��BEInBacBr&s,   '.
|   Send for our Weekly Price List j
Phone 151    -   Phone 151
Praises Work Police Did Yesterday
���Riot Act Will Be Read If Any
Further Outbreak Citizen Officers Given Credit.
Pick Handle Did Good Work
One striker was standing behind a |
tree on a hill firing a rille al the police.
S. II. Watson spotted this fellow and
Stole up behind him and the crack thai |
Striker tot on the bead with a pick
handle put him out of commission lor
thereat t f the fray.
Miller Did Good Work
Special Constable Miller did some
splendid WO'k and lind several very
narrow escapes from beinf shot down.
Bt. I thi
Used Fists on thc Strikers
Both the Watson brothers
B   fighting   line     They
fighting   weapons   of
were   in
used chiefly
the  Anglo
heavy fragments of
were Hung which l
rock,  anil bottles
lhattered   danger-
Old War  Horse  Bill  L>nch
Down by tbe Central bote
incidents were happening
strikers wt re rushing the
backwards in the lirst onset
some ugly
while tne
Here the
western veteran Kill Lynch did determined work. He belli the cut firm
against n rush of strikers and beat
them back. Then came the storming
of   the   height   to  burl back the ftone-
throwers, and Bill Lynch went up the
steep like a Gordon Highlander at
Dargai, revolver in hand, and with the
lust of battle in his eye, driving back
bunches of strikers like chuff.
Contractors in  the
Contractor Mclnnis was right in the
melee all through. Early In the fight be
gave up his revolver to a special const ible, and with bare hands held his
own in one or two tight places. After
the worst was over Mr. Mclnnis got
down Into the cut antl rallying his
workmen persuaded them to put their
tools In order for to-morrow's work,
as by the scullie was over it was four
o'clock, the hour fixed to cease work.
Both tbe brothers Watson were in the
struggle nn, 1 S.I I., had his hand gashed.
Others were bleeding freely. Heads
and faces were cnt by missies or blows.
Many strikers bear tne marks of their
ill-judged attempt to rush the contract
Strikers  Strategy
Something of a strategic move was
made by the mass of men in  their attack.     After  parading  tbe  town anil
stopping  all   the  station  gangs
'When   Mr. W.
..,..J,   Vickers was appointed Chief of  Police I Saxon, namely, their lists,   .s. II. Watson
'he was given  full  power  and a  free! had  Ms hand  badly  torn with  a rock
hand to take any precaution  he saw lit! and bis l,r< ther was severely braised,
to see that   the peace was   kept.    Tl'" '
Board of Police Commissioners have
full confidence in tbe chief.   He hus
shown that he is capable of taking care
of the situation.   The  authorities  are
prepared to give  him  every assistant e
In anything that he may request in order to preserve the peace.    He and his
men are entitled to great credit for the
prompt and efficient manner he handled
the situation  yesterday.    The  willingness with which citizens offend to as-
sisthim is greatly appreciated.
"Full information about reading the
riot act has been furnished Chief Vickers.
"What action are the council going
to take about the matter now'.'" asked
the Optimist of the mayor.
"I cannot at present sny. but tbe situation will be closely watched and action will be tnken ns it demands." wns
tbe answer.
From the Dominion Government  Wire-
lest Stations
Ikeda   Sea smooth.
Triangle- Sea smooth. Two masted
steamer wiih black funnel and white
stripe passed southbound at ,h a.m.
Tatoosh Light rain. Out steamer
Buckamn at 5 a.m., steamer Tiverton at
li a.m. In schooner Siar of Lapland
i in tow of tug Wiguddu.
Police  Did Great  Work
By his coolheadedneaa chief Vickers
bundled the trouble splendidly and thus
saved more serious rioting.
Special Constable Morrison came near
being shot in the urm. A bullet look
u piece out of his overcoat.
Constables Hansel! und Mi-Arthur
deserve unstinted praise us do every
one of the police.
"That's Me," Said Cnsey
W. A. Casey, who was shot in the
hand by a striker was trying to rescue
S. H. Watson from the mob, when the
bullet   hit   him.     "That's   mc,"   wus
they : Casey's first remark after lie was wound
pussed the First Avenue contruct with  ed ils he turned up his bund to see what
flying bunners ns if intending to let it  the damage amounted to,
Men of Brains
There has been more money made in Real Estate
investments than  there has in any other kind.
Bitter Creek
Townsite now gives every
one  a chance  of
great big money
with   a
small investment.
Creek    is    richly
being   in    thc    heart-   of
the  great  mining
nf   the     .     .     .    .
Portland Canal
nnd is connected by tbe
Canadian Northern Eastern
with ocean-going steamships nt Stewart. You can
now buy lots from the original owners at original
prices of $100 each nnd up.
Quarter cash, balance 4, 8,
and 12 months nt 7 per cent.
__= F. G. Dawson
Prince Rupert  s
Opp. Hank of British North America. New loggers Bhoes 14 in.
high, made to order at $8.50,
Men's soles $1 Ladies' oil 70
Men's heels 40c Ladies' hi
Men's sewed on (1.25
Ladies' sewed on  1.00
Shoes repaired while you wait
All leather Ant-class quality.
Ludwig Slrubi - Fulton & 3rd Ave.
Razor Strops
$1. to $3.50
:SEE  OUR  WINDOW :-      I
��� ! C  H ORME
The Pioneer Druggist
PHONE   :   ;   ;   82 j
1 Ask Uncle Jerry ""or
On Janunry 15th nnd 22nd, Enstern
papers on Jnn. loth, Western papers
on Jan. 22nd, our Prince Kupert Opportunity advertisement appeared in
papers in New York, Boston, Providence, Knnsns City, Denver, Snn Fran-
cisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul and 37
Sunday issues of big U.S. daily newspapers in all. On Feb. 25th our Prince
Rupert advertisement appeared in 20
Canailinn daily newspapers.
s Ask Uncle Jerry
please take notice nnd list your property with a good live broker, if from the
above you think our equipment should
produce the best results, you should
come in nt once.
We advise everyone to get in the
market this spring and summer. Sell
when you have a profit; buy ngnin.
Thnt's the way to make money. You
can make ninny times ns much money
if you will buy nnd sell nnd not hold on
so long to property. All of you put
your shoulder to the wheel nnd boost-
keep on boosting���that's the way we
will make n big city.
Prince Rupert
uncle jerry Ask Uncle Jerry
nns   n   rree   Infnrmntinn  iMnarHtaanl **        *i
llns n Free Information Department
for strangers in the City and for nonresidents by correspondence.
He Ruys Lenses       He Buys Buildings
He Kuys LoU He Ruys Contrncts
lie  hns  Stores  to  Kent.
He  Buys  Lnnds  in  Skeenn nnd Nnns
River  Valleys.
Uncle Jerry
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He Sells Leases He Sells Buildings
He Sells Lots He Sells Contrncts
Hc mmta Stores to Rent
He  Sells  Lands  up  the Skeena River
He will build you a dwelling on easy
pnyment plan.
He will lease or sell you ti lot Oil eai |
terms for you to build n dwelling or
store on.
He will sell you a house and lot and
you can pay on monthly payment plan
He will take a lease on your lots and
muke your investment pny you eight
per cent.
Ask Uncle Jerry ]


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