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 ;.   i   ' 1911 li
Vde Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. II, NO. 77 Prince Rupert, B.C., SATURDAY, April 8. 1911. pWCB FlVE Cknts
Civic Health Officers Severely Censured by Provincial
Health Inspector Bell���Whole City May
Have to be Quarantined.
(Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, April 8.���Following the recent tvphoid fever epidemic in the
cults) an outbreak of smallpox has
occurred. Already there are twenty-
seven cases in the hospital, and new ones
are expected amongst those who habe
been In contact with patients before their
removal to quarantine.
Health Officers Blamed
Provincial Health Inspector Bell places
the hlanie for the extent of the outbreak largely upon, the shoulders of the
civic health' officials. Had the proper
Kept been taken in time, he declares,
the infect ion would not have gained
men " hold. Unless quick measures
ire now taken the whole city may
have to be quarantined.
Street Cars Fumigated Daily
Every effort ic now being made to
itsmp out the epidemic, and prevent
lhc disease from spreading by means
of public vehicles. All the street ears
are thoroughly fumigated every twenty-
four hours, and public places nre being
sprayed with germicides. Officials are
itrtngenJy i nforctng the health laws, and
il Is hoped that by these measures the
outbreak will soon be ended.
The C. P. R. steamer Princess May will
leave for the south on Monday morning
at nine o'clock.
John Mosca, who is charged with
shooting Angelo Gregoria with intent
to kill wus again arraigned in police
court this morning. He was remanded
until Monday.
Rev. W. E. Brown, a young Presbyterian minister from Westminster Hall,
Vancouver, is in the citv as the guest
of Rev. F. W. Kerr. Mr. Brown is
on his wuy to take charge of n mis- ion
up the Skeena River.
To be kissed by the four winds and to
let people of this city and disiiict
know that their hurts can be healed
Dr. .lames Simpson hung out his shingle
for the first time in Prince Rupert
today. The doctor practised in Juneau
Alaska, for some time. His office now
is i 1 the Westenhaver Block, corner
of Sixth street and Second avenue.
Minister of Labor in Touch With
Miners' Federation, but Want*
New Manager of Company to Have
a Fair Chance.
'Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, April 8.���Considerable dis-
cussion was engaged in on the floor
of the House today in refernce to the
relation of the Lemieux Act to the coal
strike now in progress at Crow's Nest
Pass, \V. L. Mackenzie King, Minister
of Labor, stated that the department
'wil boon in communication with the
executive of the Miners' Federation at
Indianapolis in reference to the matter.
In view of the fact that a new manuger
has just lieen appointed to take charge
��f tin alTairs of the Crow's Nest Company
on the scene of the strike, the Minister
of Labor wax inclined to the opinion
that a chance should be given the new
roan to exercise his influence towards a
settlement of the trouble. Until Monday
next the new manager will be left to
handle the situation in his own way.
II by that time nothing has been accomplished towards an ngreemenl the
Government will appoint a board to
investigate the whole affair.    ���
FiRbt Between Foreigner* on Eighth
Street Alarmed Women
'������' night two Norwegians fell out
"ii Eighth street opposite the Windsor
Hotel. The men struggled in vindictive
combai lor a few minutes, und a lurge
t*rov.'I. during a renewal of the strike
noting telephoned the police who came
���peedily and settled the dispute by
npsrating the combatunts, una lending
them off,
While playing near his home on
'nursday little Richard Pillsbury, son
01 ���'��� H. Pillsbury, civil engineer, fell
'"i'i broke one of his arms just below
"" Blbow. Dr. Tremayne was culled
to Mid set the arm. The little fellow is
resting comfortably now. Thursduv
gjw an unlucky day for the firm of
nilshury & r.lspy    Hpgi(1(>H Mr> piua_
I,'���' I "On meeting with nn accident
,, i ��� ' ',' Cil8ey WM Bll0t through the
"'""''"the strike riots.
Timoful music will be one of the chief
_"���ftions at the Salvation Army
Mr IT t'mu��r'Ow. In the afternoon
;��� r- "avidson will address a meeting
"ia the S. A. duet will sing
Oilstove Exploded in  Houston  Restaurant,   Quickly  Put  Out
Fire broke out at nine o'clock this
morning in the Houston Restaurant
opposite th" Talbot rooms on Second
avenue. The outhreak was caused by
the expll sion of a coal oil Stove, Within
a few minutes after the alarm in came
the Fire Department got on the job, and
bad the flames extinguished before any
serious damage was done.
Shotgun in Hands of Fellow Workman Went Off Unexpectedly. Dr.
A. Ross Fraser Attended Hurt Man
at Mastett.
��� tSpcciul Correspondence!
The other day young \S illiam Nicholla
while on the way i ul shooting with s
fellow workman mei with a scrum.
accident. The shotgun went off suddenly in his companion's bands, und the
charge, fortunately well Spread, Spattered his face ilnd shoulders. By good
fortune ulso, Nicholl's eyes escaped
injury. Nicholls was hurried to Massed
at once, and his wounds were sttended
to by Dr. A. Ron Fraser. No serious
harm resulted from Ihe lodging of
numerous pelletl iu Nicholl's arms and
face. These were skilfully removed,
and he returned u> his work at the
whaling station after u few days.
Sealing Steamer Harlow Caught by Drifting Ice-Field
During High Gale and Crushed to Scrap
Iron���130 Men are Marooned
iSpecial to the Optimisti
North Sydney, April ,V Caught by
a huge jam of drifting ice-floes in the
(iulf of St. Lawrence last night lhe
steamer Hallow was crushed to scrap
iron. Her crew t f a hundred and thirty
men barely escaped wi,h their lives
from lhe wreck, and snuggled at terrible
risk across the tieachcrous flies ,n St.
1 Paul's Island where they remain mu-
rooned, and Without enough food, as
ihe only means of communication with
the mainland is by wireless. Aid is
being sent them.
Vessel Nipped in High Gale
A strong gale was raging at ths time
the ice ji.m occurred. The Harlow,
bound on a scaling tlip to the (ii.lf,
was making headway ugainst ihe seas
when a wide Held of drift ing floe ice
driving steadily with lie high wind
bore down upon her. Realizing the
risk her cpatain made every effort to
force his vessel OUt of the path of the
grinding llns. bill vainly. '1 he Haill w
was completely surrounded by ice, and
the masses piling themselves one on
top of the other and forcing b.'r along
with them soon stove in lhe vessels
Men Leapt for Their Live*
Groaning   and   rending   under   the
tremendous pressure the steamer began
to break up with alarming   suddenness,
and the crew had t<> leap for Iheir lives.
I Many had narrow escapes in Ihe snuggle
lover the bulwurks and on to the moving
: ice  floes  below.   It   was  nol   possible
lo save anything,   Water was pouring
into   the   vessel  througn   her  bursting
sidts.    Had she  not   been  upheld   by
i the   ice   iusclf   she   would   have   sunk
| like a stone.   A few momenta after the
| men got dear of hi r tbe Harlow, crushed
! like an eggshell, was a total wreck,
At Imminent peril of theli lives u.e
jcrew struggled ncres* the floes, and
managed to reach St. Paul's Island In
'safety. Here ihey quartered for thc
I night in what shelter WSS available.
! The whole parly suffered much irom
'old and food wic seamy. Wireless
nr: sages for aid were al once dispatched,
1 and the steamers Lady Laurlei and Eearl
Gray wire sent oul  from Pictou and
: Halifax with supplies.    Thc> will reacn
I them today.
The Harlow left St. Johns, Newfoundland, on March 18th on her
(lisa..; ons trip.
Offencer. Charged Vary from "Shooting with Intent to Kill" to "Intimidation" Under Criminal Code.
Nick t'avitch Will Recover.
All is quiet in the strike situation
today. The police, however, are still
keeping an eye on things. YcMcrday
aftelDOOn the fifty men under arreM
were arriagned before Magistrate Carta
on charges varying from shooting with
attempt to kill to intimidation, under
section of thc Criminal Code dealing
with the respective offences.
Though the police have made oul formal charges it is probable that some
of these will have to be amended when
the defendants appear again on Monday
before the Magistrate. Prosecuting
Attorney Fisher will conduct the ease
for the Crown.
Some of the leaders such as Morse,
MacDonald, and King will be charged
with counselling attempt to kill.
About a dozen of the prisoners have
been transferred from the old jail to
the new one. .
Nick Pavich, shot during the liots
on Thuisday is recovering in the General
All Aldermen Returned at Void Election in January Retain Their Seats.
A. H. Bannnerman Ran More|y
Close.   Majority Only 70F.
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria, April 8, Alfred J. Mor ey is
again Mayor. He was elected by ��
majority of 706 votes over A. II. Ban
nerman. All the aldermen seated wh,;,,
the January election was declared VOW
owing to thc voters' list having been
made up from the assessment roll, have
been re-elected. The council remains
as it was after the January election.
Under the new roll the lota vote cast
numbsred 86110. A H. Bannermnr
polled 1454 votes although ha entered
the contest only at the veWlasl minute
He was a popular candidate for til*
mavornltv, and bad he entered I Infield earlier he might easily hnve unseated Morely.
From lhc Dominion Government Wireless Stations
At 8 A. M.
Triangle Raining. S|mke steamer
Prince Kupert al p.m. off ivory
Island southbound.
Tatoosh--Cloudy, dm barn B8, In
towot-it 'imer .Via*, al Bp.m. In bound
out two masted steamer.
The strainer Cairisun arrived from
Vancouver last night from the souih
and left for Stewart ibis morning.
Citizens were rather surprised when
they woke up this morning to sit the
ground with a four-inch coaling ol the
beautiful over it.
*hii%�����,'.">"-.'1'1   T~* '"- "~- "fr
I Will Enlarge
The Optimist
With todays issue the familiar
small pace edition of the Optimist will  become a  tiling of  the
past. On Monday, for the first
time, we will (D.V.) appear in
the garb of a regular sized seven
column newspaper.
Some of our renders who have
mwn   to  love  us  as   we wen-,
have pretested at the proposed
chance. Like son.,' fond parents
they just bate ths thought that
those they knew as children
Should have to grow big.
True, it conns as rattier a
wrench to ourselves, as well as
necessitating troublesome snd expensive changes in our plant and
equipment .
Hut it had to come. Pally the
Optimist has grown in favor and
must increase in stature. His ��
easily the leading daily III Northern British Columbia: u has to
become tha leading daily on tne
whole Pacific const, ami the next
St��P-the basic alteration on
which many future Improvements
are to be built- is to alter Ita
make-up to the regular sized
nasi of large newspapers.
It has been suggested mat
eopies of today's and Monday I
is so.- might well be prwemj
iinl���ng    the    pioneer     trophies
which many of us are saving to
mart the development of tM
neatest city In the last best
"Speed,, Song and Story" wns the
On*��r Of th* Day And the Talent
was of the Very Best Rank.
1 he first of a series of monthly smokers
was held last night by the Young Liberal-. By agreement politics were tii-
booed, and lhe evening waa spent in
entertainment and good fillowship.
The programmi was of a very high
order and would have done credit to
any of the big musical centres. Messrs.
A.' Clapperton and J. K.  Duvey after
contributing soloa, brought the house
down with iheir fine rendering of Hallo's
duet "Excelsior" which hud to be
re| sated for 'he audience.
There wore souks by .1. Coin lire, A. S.
: Fletcher. W. H. Melliar mid .Vr. Brown,
readings by Mr. F. A. Ellis and J. S.
Cowper; piano selection by Mr. G.
Denton and capital short speeches by
the chairman, Frank Keeley, Fred
Stork, A. K.  Harrow, Dr. Kergin and
others. ,      ,
The Young Liberal''' smoker ll bound
lo be a great fealure each month.
Many Travellers Were Greatly Inconvenienced. Fifteen Came Over
in a Gasoline Schooner. More
Frequent Steam Service Wanted.
Special   C< rrespondelici''
Massell. April T.   Residents of (iraham Islund RU VWy keenly the lack of
frequent steamboal communication with
Prince Rupert  since tin eighteenth of
'March until quit, lecinlly nt) I singcl ���
iteamtor called at Massett Inlet where
there is a lapidlv increasing p mmunlty
now, many members of which would
make frequent excursions to and from
Prince Rupert bad ihey the Chance,
\fter having been put to great incon-;
venience and delay, fifteen patsengen
took advantage of the arrival if a
na< line auxiliary fishing schooner winch
made the trip with them on hei home
journey to Since Rupert,
Grand concert at the Baptist church,'
Thursday, April 20th at 8 p.m., music
tableaux,  etc.    Admission  W  cents,
children 25 cents. ���'
New Fast Fishery Cruiser is Wanted,
and Mrv be Built Instead of Lighthouse Tendar. Kestrel Could do
Lighthouse Work.
Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, April 7. Poaching is declared lo he regularly running riot all
along the B. C. const nowadays, and
quite possibly befoie long the Kestrel
will be supplanted by a new fast gun-
boal fit to cope wuh the wily Yankee
dcspoilers. Probably the Kestrel will
be turned over to lighthouse service,
as during a discussion of ine marine
estimates this week Mr. Barnard made
the Suggestion that instead of building
a new lighthouse lender, the Government should expand the money on B
fusi flsheiy cruiser, and use the Kestrel
to chase around the beacons and ligill-
"The Kestrel hi far loo slow  tO cope
with the American poacheis," said Mr.
Hainard. "The Yankee 1��� at* are prac-
tically unmolested. Not only is ihtre
almost unrestricted Rsnlng within the
three-mile limit, bui the poachers go
ashore, and kill deer and inner name
In reply to tha Minister if Marina
who said that ibe Federal Government had no call to protect the Provincial game laws. Mr. Barnard said
(hat if the o sst was better protected
ihe,,   would be far less nee,I io protect
Lhe gams for poachers with no respect
(,,r the game laws would no, be allowed
to land,    lie added lhat the miserable
administration <>i   thi  laws here was
bringing ihe system inio contempt
not only amongst tha white people but
also amongst the Indian aborigines.
Double Tram Service from Coast to
Coast Resumed Ne��t Week
Prime  Rupert   mid dislrici   is likell
to benefit by getting early settlers as a
result  of ths  action  of the  C.   P.   It
intends inking. Owing to the phenomenal rush of Immigrants from the old
world to lie west and also people from
Eastern Canada trains No. 1 and 2
will he resumed on April 17th. These
trains with Nos. 9fi and !���? will mean a
doubli service between the Atlantic
lo the Pacific coasts, Trains No. 1. and
2 in other y. ar   have not been put on
until June, RUPERT    0 P T I M 1 S 'i
,     Department Stores
i ia.11   mm^n^stfr j
Prince Rupert, B.C.
la^S *!_**   %.   *****   *****   **  **   **  *m  *****  *>*** m*w-*m   M   **   ���'  *m  I*   *mm*M****m***,
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
We supply Farmhouses, Camps, Mines, and
save the buyer money.
Write for our   Price   List
Mail orders receive prompt attention
Largest  Stock in  Northern B. C.
For it is Important
Perhaps more Important than anything   "on   hand"    (or  today.
_And when you find him, and are sure of il;
and when you "annex" him lo your interests
you will hat'e done the best day's w>rt\ in
"a   month   of Sundays."
For printing lhat it different,
exclutive   design,  and tatte*     Optimist  JOD
ful effect, tee tht    .    .    . __	
Ilie Leading Linen Manufacturers of The World
ll.i d Woven Irish D.m.slcs   2x 2 yrds $3.18   2 x 2 1-2 $4.00   2 x
Hen,i.itched Damask
Tea Cloth* 33x33 inch. .86 .36 x    36     .i'.:, 50 x
Damask Tray  Cloths   16x24 inch. .24 18 x    27     .28 26 x
Hemmed Linen Sheets     2x 3 yrds   2.90 2 I-2x
20x30 inch.     .30 22     x
3 3.78 2 1-2x3 1-2
30 .35 27 x 27
37   1.80 27    x    27
Pure Linen Pillow Covers
Embroidered Linen
tL^Z Pillow Covers 20x30 inch.   1.68 22     x
Eg;       Linen Bed Spreads 80x90 inch.   5.40 80     x   100   6.12 90     x   100
Linen Nightdress Cases Hemstitched .48 Embroidered   .66
Hemstitched Linen
fcgag       Towels, per do*. 26x36 inch.   1.7b 26     x    40   2.00 26    x    46
Fringed Bedroom Towels, doz., Cold, ends     22     x    42   1.40 22     x    45
24     x    42  2.73
44F Bedford Street, BELFAST, IRELAND
Illustrated Catalogue on receipt of Postcard to Walpolcs, 173 Huron St. Toronto
Many Guests Attended  Wedding of
Mi** Ethel Holtby
The marriage of Miss Ethel Holtby
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert R.
Holtby, to Mr. Thomas Bernard Bland
O'Ni-ill of Quebec, took place on Thursday evening at the home of the brides
paients on Centre street.
The ceremony, which was performed
by the Rev. Mr. Kerr, took place in
the drawing room which was beautifully
decorated with pink carnations and
ferns. Only the immediate friend" cf
the bride were present.
The bride looked chaiming in a
handsome gown of cream Duchess
satin, with overdress of cream chilfon
and lovers' knots embroidered in pearls:
the veil of tulle was caught with a
handsome pearl ornament, and she
carried a large bouquet of white roses.
The bride was attended by her sister,
Miss Laura Holtby, looking very dainty
in embroidered mull over pink, carrying
a large bouquet of pink roses. Little
Miss Grant of Vancouver, cousin of
the bride, acted as flower girl, wearing
a dainty gown of white mull with blue
sash and bouquet of yellow daffodils.
The groom was attended by Mr. Lionel
Holtby, brcther of the bride.
After the wedding a reception was
held, when the bride and groom received the best wishes of theii many
friends. Refreshments were served in
the dining room, large clus.ers of daffodils articiicaliy arranged forming thc
color scheme. Mrs. Donald McLeod
and Miss Wall presided at the tea table,
assisted by the Misses Kergin, Sawle
and Barker. Miss C. Grant of Ottawa,
aunt of the bride, served the ices.
Some very handsome gowns were
noticed; Mrs. Holtby, mother of the
bride, looked exceptionally well in a
black silk empire gown with bead
trimmints; Miss C. Grant wore a
beautiful princess gown of Irish lace
over blue silk, and large picture hat;
Mrs. Donald McLeod was beautifully
gowned  in  black silk with touches of
fate blue silk and jet trimmings; Mrs.
'. G. Dawson, handsome blue silk gown
with hat to match; Mrs. F. G. Stork,
fawn silk gow n and white hat; Mrs.
G. R. Naden, black silk gown handsomely trimmed with Irish point, black and
white picture hat; Mrs. W. Ward,
white silk,./. Mrs.   Humble,   pink  silk;
; Mre. MciNVaster, habutai silk gown,
turban to match; Miss Wall, pale blue
silk with void trimmings and blnck
hat; Miss Kergin, white crepe de chene
with rosebuds and gold lace, white hat
to match; Miss Barker, white embroidered gown over pink; Miss Keeley,
grey silk; Miss Proud, natural colored
silk with Irish lace, large picture hat.
Others present weie. Mr. and Mrs.
Meehan, Dr. and Mrs. Tremayne, Mr.
and Mrs. Cowper, Miss Sutherland,
Mr. D. McLeod, Mr. Dawson, Mr.
Wood, Mr. ScoU, Mr. Fioud, Mr.
Naden, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Vance, Mr.
Woods and Mr. Graham.
The bride received many handsome
j presents that   of  the gloom  being  an
' exquisite pearl necklace, his gift to the
bridesmaid was a pearl ring.
Mr. and Mrs. O'Neill left on Friday
by the Prince Rupert en route to Quebec,
the bride travelling in a tailored suit
of grey cloth, with waist of pale yellow
satin   and   grey   hat   with   touches   of
! yellow to
Mrs.   Alex.   M.   Manson   leaves   on
��� Monday   for   Vancouver  to  meet  her
| mother, Mrs. H. G. Beckwith of Toronto,
' who will spend the summer with her in
Mrs. S. P. McMordie entertained at
I luncheon on Tuesday in honor of her
, mother,   Mrs.   Kennedy,   who   leaves
shortly for her home.
Captain and Mrs. McCoskie returned
from Vancouver on the May.
Clad in scarlet clown the way
We others walk in black and grey.
Not yours, like some too early wise,
To" watch the world through dead men's
And barter for a stale half-truth
The shining birthright of your youth;
You wear it like a flag unfurled
In challenge to the friendly world.
I Sorrow may touch you, yes, and care,
But not the slavish, dull despair
That bows men's backs to needless pain
Never to stand upright again.
II read in your smile and your brave young
Skies are blue and the world is wide,
; And ships come home wiih the morning
i So, walking onward, I behold
The dreary' houses topped with gold.
| Far from green field and dancing tree
Out of your eyes Spring laughed at me.
��� Katherine Radfird
Sail* for
Sail* for Stewart, Thu
But Every Husband  Doesn't Believe
Thia About Spring Hat*
As down the dreary street I went,
Walking alone with Discontent,
You met me, smiled, and hurried on���
And I looked up and saw the sun.
Your smile, your swift and happy tread,
The gallant carriage of your head,
The changing glint that I surprise
Of fairy green in clear brown eyes,
Proclaim the dauntless soul I know;
So vivid that it seems to go
It's hard sometimes to get hubby to
believe it but a spring hat is a necessity
With all the determination possible to
economize most strictly, the winter hat
not only looks badly but is uncomfortable
so that a change must be made when
once a higher record of the thermometer
is registered and tbe wearing of winter
clothes becomes impossible. The first
hats that are exhibited by those establishments that cater to the Southern
resort trade are always high priced���
quite too high priced fir the majority of
women. Then at the department stores
are exhibited the expensive models
also, but with the addition of a large
stock of inexpensive ones and quantities
of untrimmed shapeB.
Here is a dangerous quicksand. The
comparatively low cost of the "shape"
and also the low price of many cf the
trimmings appeal irresistably to the woman who has a taste for millinery and has
been credited by admiring friends with
great skill in making her own hats.
She invests in at least two 01 three of
these bargains with their accompanying
trimmings and docs not realize at the
moment that the sum total Bhe has paid
exceeds what the cost of an already made
and smarter hat will amount to.
It is a mistake to buy the spring hat
too early, when every penny has to be
counted. The fashions in hais change
so often that before there is a chance to
wear it another quite different sha|>e will
be far more fashionable. On the other
hand, if theie is a hat that is becoming
and smart at any reasonable prier to lie
found in advance of the season it is a
good investment, and there is nothing
more delightful than to be possessed of a
smart when 'he weather suddenly
turns warm. But not to be led into
ISnseleae outlay is the wiser course lo
pursue, and the one smart black hat
bought now will solve the problem far
better than to be possessed of three or
four of different colcrs.
Quaint and Dainty Bit of Vanity for
Dreamland Wear
Quite the most quaint little creation
of home fashions that I have seen for
a long while is a lingerie nightcap,
old fashioned, yet so dainty and pretty
that we cannot but admire it. It is
being sold in conjunction with one of
the new lingerie nightdresses, and matches it perfectly. It is formed of three
rows of narrow crochet insertion, and
has a full puffed back of fine nainsook,
the rows of insertion and the nainsook
being gathered together at the back,
and a large puffy bow of satin ribbon
covers the gathers, and gives it a girlish
and pretty appearance. Except for the
fact that it is white lingerie, one would
almost suspect it of being a coquettish
and saucy little auto bonnet.
Fridays, at 8.00 a.m.
���*. Prince Albert sails for Port Simp.
son, Naas River Points, MstwL
Naden Harbor, every Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
and for:
Refuge Ray, Skideeate, Quea
Charlotte City, Lockeport, Pa-
cofi, Jedwav, Ikeda Bay, Rose
Harbor and return via t^ueen
Charlotte Citv every Saturdav
1.00 p.m.
The Grand Trunk Railway Syitem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and amvco-
ient service of luxurious trains over ita
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Information and tickets obtainable from the office hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
B.C. Coaut S.S. ��rr��i��
Northbound Apr. 6���Southbound \pr. 10
Train   for   Winnipeg   and  Toronto
leaves Vancouver 9 a.m. daily.
Imperial Limited, best ti. acrou
ithe continent, leaves Van ivi r-iaily
I 3.45 p.m. Carries compartn enl -r-
' vation cars. The finest CSl on sny
j road anywhere.
Agent   for   all   Atlantic   Steamship
lines.   Tickets to and  from   I
J. G. McNab
Grain    Ageal
Baptist Service*
"The Perfect Pattern for the Modern
Man" will be the subject of Rev. W.
H. McLeod's Bel mon at the Baptist
church tomorrow evening at 7.30. Baptism at the evening service. Regular
morning service at 11 a.m. Bible
School and Brotherhood Baraca Bible
Class taught by the minister at 2.30 p.m.
You are cordially invited to attend these
services. Church situated at Sixth and
Frazer streets.
Do You Want to Invest in the
Best Mining Proposition
in British Columbia?
We are selling slmres in thi
At a price that will make JTOU D    ������>
For $55.00
Payable $13.75 Cash
Balance 3, S mm. 9 Moaalh.
Assays  of  the ore run from $2' 00 t"
$2000 per  ton.
It will pay you to investigate this proposition   at once.
0. B. Bush & Company
2nd Ave. Prince Rupert
; w. j. McCutcheon
Cwrle. complete flock of Drugs.   Bl>ecl*l
attention p*ld to filling prescription*.
Theatre Black phonb no. n Second he.
*******t tt******* i  ii r.     r kimi   i',     k V I' fc It 1     0 1' T I M I S X
Bafflndavenae and Third street
0S;:; Wi'su-nhaver Bros.' Office.
stork Bulldli*. Second Avenue.
..Good   Fresh   Groceries  at   City Pr
, -.nan C. V. BENNETT, B.A
ttFBBO < *�������. of b.c, Ontario. S����-
.tBriti'M. limbta SKSaS   .nd  Al-
,���d HultaM Ban. n,,,,^ b___.
BAWUWBM, Notaries, Etc.
I   .     K,fh��nK.-block, com" Jhlrd ������������"">
I O"1""f���" j!,"ih ��tr.��t. M��* Ruoert. 8
TRY   I'S   ANI)   SI-'.K
To   Residents of Sections 5, 6,   7 and   8���We deliver  promptly,
our goods are fresh, at pricats not to be beaten in the city   :
Ue-mtt,       228 Black   MUSSALLEM   &   CO.   mikn. eeate�� McBride
WM. S. HALL. L.D.S., D.D.S.
r���wn snd Bridge Work a Specialty.
Crown ui" ' .."irtifuiiy treated.  Gaiaand
A||dcntial ..|..-n>    ""."^ },.r ,hc palnlci ex*
sssfra ssffl****** on***-..*
��TAl,Ul<!.Vk. Prince Ruoert. H-ll
A,.,MS   ,���|l   OS.   MACHINERY
,M,    ��� 'IINTKAITIIBS    BUPrUKS...
P.O. Box 436 -Office 3rd and Fulton
. -I. I iimiS, I ���', . A.R.A.H..  li'N.. BNO.
SIXTH STREET        prince rupert
One Typewriter
that does the
work of two���
and Does it Better
That's the NEW MODEL
M. Gaston Giraud, aged 28. committed suicide in ParN y7sterciay on
Um eve of his wedding day. He confessed in a letter thai the responsibility
was mn great to be faced,
Ai Cerbere, France, an eagle swooped
down im" an open barn, and was about
. in carry off a child of two. when it was
'��� Belzed by ilu- neck and killed ny a large
farmhouse dog,
The Spanish Prime Minister has told | See Us for Prices,
off lifiy members of the Madrid police
force   to   guarantee   the   security   of
wearers ol tne trou* -r skin.
The German Reichsrag, by a large
majority   have  rejected   ilu-   Socialist
motion calling on the government to
lake "immediate steps leading to an
I international agietment concerning uni-
1 venal limit at inn of armaments and the
abolition of lhe riitht of capture al sea."
The Holy Synod of St. Petersburg
issued an edict prohibiting Jews from
bearing Christian lirst names.
The final obstruction to the I.oetsch-
bern tunnel in Switzerland through
the Bernese Alps was pierced last week
aft.-r live anil a half years' work and the
expenditure of $2(1,11(1(1,000.
The tunnel which is the third longest
in Europe, measures approximately nine
With the completion of the Loetsch-
berir tunnela which was planned to jjive
the Slmplon tunnel railway line a direct
connection with the railways, will traverse Switzerland from north to suuth
(here will lie a direct line from Milan to
Calais hy this route, which will lie almut
(575 miles, or nearly SO miles less than the
existing routes. The tunnel will be double inuked throughout.
Building  Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed  Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
Phone No. 116
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members  of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H.[MORTON. Secretary.
==E.   EBY   C&   Co.
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
KlTSUMKALl'M ��� - B. C.
tlai.M.M ,i"..ii li �����    W.E.WIIIiauna.s.A.,UL.D.
Harrisiers. Solicitors, etc
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Engli��li and American Billiards
Twelve Tables Second Ave.
little's NEWS Agency
Mnwin,- :: periodicals :: Newspapers
L C Smith & Bros. Typewriter
 . ������   , i n.j i.c iv Ktr.lIT
A writing machine���a complete condensed billins machine and
tabulator all in one. Uill-ln-ar'ni. < nt all important wearing point*
with more than double the life of ordinary pinion hearings.
Msoy features employed elsewhere as atta.incut, tt* inbuilt, vital. Integral
parts ol tbe L.C. Smith St Bros. Typewrit, r. mil. \.,:'.. ,':��� tn*. cemy. hut abio-
hitcly precise operation ol ball-bcarinua i1i.-our!i<" ;. ar.'Mil ixilnuol auprriorlty
���majUais oat* moctlnt do th* Voek of t .o.and-'o tti. ,t:tr���at a one-machlo*
tmtl.  Writs lor Um book.  It's Inc.
R. A. L. P. HURT,
-Third Avenue and Fulton SlreM
Prlnoi Rupert
\ Rochester t*.
f.JP   ^ Monroe
\Lady smith
i*li '���* Coal
-     VaV'
Tlie Westholme Lumber Co.
***** Av-nu. Telephone IBS
Out 0F T0WN Readera of lhe
****** Optimist intending to settle in **
���������* Prince Rupert or the interior are
assured of a square deal, when outfitting, by purchasing their supplies and
equipment from firms who advertise in
the Optimist.        :-        :-        :-        :-
The management solicits and accepts
local advertising only from firms of the
utmost reliability. By purchasing from
them you are assured nf an honorable deal.
You have not only the guarantee oi
the advertiser; you have the added endorsement which the acceptance of their
advertising implies.     This is a service
$     which we owe to our out-of-town readers
pJM   and which they will do well to profit by.   'sK
Chief Constable I'rii.r summoned himself nt Tunbridge Wells police court fcr
wowing tin- police station chimney to
In- on lire A fine of -js centa was im-
At a Methodist chapel In Bodmin-1
iter, Bristol, Robert Wilcox, aged seventy-two was married tn Ftances dark
Tucker, lived eighty, who is an ulil age
Queen Alexandra has sent 12,600 of
the proceeds of ihi- sale ol the far-
simile   of   Hit   Majerty's   sorrowing
..' ... ,:.���  r::.'.:. n" to the Hospital
fur incurables at Streatham.
An Intelligent collie, eluding its cue-
todian  in St.  James  Park.  London,
| proceeded to its old h��me in Bpping,
J which it  reached twenty hours later.
����� It had come to London by train.
In order t�� il�� something to beautify i
the <li-iilati. Hlack Country a Htrong
movement Is on foot to persuade the
Iii'Vi Inpiui'iit Cnmniissioneni to make
a grant towards tbe cost of acquiring
and planting thiny-i-ix and a half
acre* of land al Morely and 111 acres
ai Brently, mar Walsall.
The will of the late Sir Charles Dllke
was filed fur probate last week. i.
disposes of an estate valued at $65t),ooo
and contains no bequest for charitable
purpoaea, because ol the fact as stated,
that the testator gave away much of his
capital and Income during his lifetime.
The will bequeaths some valuable por��
I traits and manuscripts of John Keats,
together with <itli.-r rare material to
the borough of Hempetead, where Keati
lived. Tne dead statesman also left
iii> own documents and literary luatiu-
Iscripts iii his niece, to make such use
of  SS she may si'"' flta i'Xi-i'|it  certain
political matter, which it tn be published
unedited, if al all.
The lull t<> establish the referendum
in Ono) Britain was shelved In ths
House nl taordi today, Liord Lanadowne
wa- given lhe cold shoulder, and the
debate on the bill was adjourned sdthoul
���*-������     A., alaahstl
Firat Ave. N..r McBaad*
I'.Twar.iinc.  Distributing and
Slii|.|iiiii;   Ai'. i I-
Storii({c nf HiiKKiiRe anil lltiuse-
hold (i(M)ils a Bpecialty.
Douglas Sutherland, Mgr.
P. O. Box 907 Phone 262
HTIIl'K   eilHI'l.l.TK
Work performed by experts only.
A first class jnb is guarantoaid in
every Instance.
A large stuck of Chandeliers ami
nttings carried.
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
delay,   li i< nol likely thn. .
will be resumed sl tins resslon of |iar-
Blmni Uml nistairi   pWHd "I <'u��i
Tlaki-   nolle.'   llilll   tlli?   ���'     BsalSDB   nt   1'ri'irf
Hiiihti. H. C.. naaSupsUon prflaapeototj Intendi u*
1 ���l'l''.'' I..r JK-rmiMiioii tola-UN.'ihu liill'.wini: .I.-^tiIh^I
timinii'iirlni! nl h poal plantixl nUiut a DUSfter
' ail ai null' Ir.iln Ilu- north wr^l  ciiriHT ..I QltaOS
debate Th|rd Ave.
Near Sixth
Pint Consignment nf
Spring Plants
Now on Hand
 ��� -AT-
*SB,Jta&sS^8a��-plUSbH.     h.h.MORTON        MARKET PLACE
^:;'r,',���.'nl. ronl��ininK
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.    It
has grown up with the city.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all���25c per inch each issue for display
matter.   This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.    Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAILY, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly. $2.00 per year.   Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 peryear; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Condensed Advertisements.
Daily Edition.
Saturday. April 8
The Perils of Modern Education
Once upon a time fond fathers urged their progeny when departing for college
halls to beware of eyestrain and overstudy. Mothers feared for the after effects
of damp socks or unaired sheets. The worst that might possibly happen from a
scholastic point of view was the fear that the unfortunate victim of education might
develop bumptiousness which is the token of a half fledged acquaintance with
"the meaning of things." j
Recent tokens show that a new college disease has broken out. For lack
of a better name it could be described as "hooliganitis" with a deep apology to
the original Hooligan. Toronto University has had several bad attacks of it of
late. More recently it spread to the shades of McGill University. Under its
influence a body of McGill students made an attack on the carriage of a guest,
overturned the vehicle and its occupants, and set fire to the wreckage on the university campus. It was a crime against the laws of hospitality of which a Hottentot or a Btlthman would be incapable. Under the madness of hooliganitis the
student* imagined they were upsetting some of Mr. Sifton's supeificial arguments
against reciprocity.
Some of the experts who h:ive been called in to diagnose the complaint have
confused the disease with the horseplay of student life, or the historic "town v.
gown" feuds which have marked the life of some of the elder universities. In
this ihey are hopelessly wrong. The significant symptom of hooliganitis is tha.
the vic.ims go round in packs like wolves or jackals, and fall upon unprepared
and unsuspecting persons. A year cr so ago a number of the Toronto students
walking down Yonge street, were suddenly smitten with hooliganitis. Without
���warning they ran into the middle of the road, pulled an inoffensive and surprised
conductor off a street car. and broke his back. Unfortunately the man did not
die, bui lingers on. his children practically fatherless, his wile worse than widowed.
None of the hooligans were banged or even sent to tbe penitentiary. With a fine
spirit of chivalry 'hey "squared" the matter by "chipping in," and giving their
victim some money.
The incident is revived by reading the accounts of the treatment meted out
to Mr. Edward Terry, the famous English actor in Toronto. In his inimitable
way he had been entertaining crowded audiences by his masterly delineation of
the title role in ihat most amusing of comedies "The Magistrate." On this occasion
the students bought up the whole of the cheaper seats in the galleries, and armed
with cow bells, pea shooters, darts, riiv, and a plentiful supply of ill manners and
coarse comment upset the evening's entertainment, in spite of the appeals for fair
play for the ladies of the company and the ladies of the house which Mr. Terry-
made, and in spite of .he appeal of President Falconer "for the sake of the
University" that tl.e play be allowed to go on.
To ihe Inhabitants of a frontier city like our own, it is hard to undeistand how
hooliganitis can flourish so in the seats of culture. The man who sweats to send
his son to the university ought to be warned of the dancers as well as the advantages
that attend a university course.
A Talk About The Optimist
An extra edition of the Optimist of three hundred copies last night is one
of the signs that the people of Prince Rupert have wakened up to the appreciation
of a live newspaper. Almost every week for the past four months has seen instructions to the printing department to enlarge the edition, but last night the edition
was bought up as fast as it came from the press.
There is a reason. The man who buys a paper buys news. The paper that
gives most news, drawn from reliable sources and brightly written, is the paper
for  the people.
Last Saturday in addition to its special articles portraying Prince Rupert's
' advantages as an outfitting point, the Optimist was the only paper that announced
the new schedule for the G. T. P. boats. It gave the exclusive announcement of
the impending visit of Mr. Leonard Palmer, the representative of the London
Financial News, and of the presence in town of Mr. J. N. Balcom representing^
body of Iowan capitalists.
On Monday last the Optimist gave the exclusive news of Mr. Prudhomme's
Intention to light the License Commissioners' judgment; the re-equipment of
the L/Spttal with new surgical beds; the particulars about the acceptance by Miss
Marion Johnstone of the new teachership at I'rince Rupert, and the Federal Government's action lo fight the shoe machine trust.
On Tuesday we gave the exclusive story of the gold strike on the Naas River.
On Wednesday we gave the exclusive stoiy of the resignation of Mr. J. A.
Kirkpatrick from the chairmanship of ihe local Conseivative Association, and
an exclusive interview on Prince Rupert, reciprocity and Saskatchewan's growth
wi.h Premier Scott On the same date an esteemed contemporary advertised its
inability to secure a statement from Premier Scott. On the same day we also
gave the exclusive story of the intention of Professor G. Lecarpentier, M. A., of
Paris, to contribute an article on Prince Rupert harbor to the European Review
of International Economics.
On Thursday we gave a full and exclusive account of the billiard match between
the Prince Rupai and Wand>- era' clubs- an item of n.uch interest to'.local club
men end the exclusive annou.icemor.t of th" visit and interview with Mr. A. J.
Walters of Seattle, v ;,c is here on behalf of Seattle investors.
Last nig! t we also did some things over the riot, but that is fresh in your
minds.   An extra edition of three hundred local purchasers tells a tale.
��� We do not refer to these matters in a spirit of boasting, but just toilet our
readers know that when they buy the Optimist they buy a paper that is alive
nd brim full of real news.
ARE YOU IN NEED OF HELP?   Do you w����t
to buy, or wil, or hire, or loan?   Try The
Optimist Condensed Ad. route.
HOl'SES WANTED-Furnished or unfurnished. 2 to tl room.. If locution anil Price suit
me I will rent them myself mill puy rent in advance, no waitini:. no listinK. Phoneme today-
Mack 59-Uncle Jerry. 72-tf
THE British Union and National Fire Insurance
Company of London, England, with capital
of S'2.5OU,l��jn.(l0. See us for rates. The Mack
Realty nnd Insurance Company. 70-tf
WANTED - Two   ftrnished   rooms  for  light
housekeeping, close in.     Apply Box B. Optimist. 77-79
WANTED-Girl to dispense ice cream and soda.
Must be experienced.   Apply box 1523. 75-76
WANTED���Good genernl woman cook; wnges
ISO,   Apply P. R. General Hospital.      69-tf
1 Alt/" ANTED ���Position in hotel by competent wo-
����� man; cooking, houwkeeping or chamber
work.   Apply O. S. Optimlit. 61-tf
WANTED-Room and board in private family
X.M.. Optimist Office. 14
rooms and bath. fur.
once.     Apply at
WANTED-House, 4 or 5 root
" nisheil or unfurnished, at
Optimist. Box X.
Al'R SPECIALTY-Fire Insurance. Wc repre-
*A sent eleven strong Fare Insurance Companies. We want your business. Uv-ge and small.
Let us quote you rates. The Mack Realty and Insurance Company, cor 3rd Ave. and Fulton St.  70
S. O. E. B. S.
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Other Big
Western Citie* Will be in Direct
Connection with Prince Rupert if
Proposed Line is Built.
A  number  of  big   railroad  arteries
running through  the  Canadian prairie
! provinces connecting with St. Paul and
Mindeapolis and other big cities in the
, western states is rumored. If the
rumor comes tiue, which wiseacres say
��� it will, this city will be in direct connection   with   all   the   ciiies   through
i which  these  commerdial  arteries  run,
I for the G. T. P., it is said, is very much
1 interested in the project.
The talked of plans are that the G. T.
i P. will cohnect with lines in the south
bu building a branch line from a point
on che main line in Manitoba. It this
is brought about Prince Rupert will
then be linked by the G. T. P. lines
wiih sections of country rich in dauying
and agricultural possibilities also offering excellent facilities with which to
transport grain from the fields of the
Dakotas, Minnesota and the prairie
provinces to this port.
The   Prinee  Rupert Lodge, No. 318, Sons of
England, meets the first and third Tuesdays in
each month in the Carpenters Hall, at 8 p.m.
F. V. CLARK. Sec..
P. O. Box lit, Prince Rupert
j ...WANTED...
. a
I A   Girl   to   learn   Press-
feeding and Bookbinding.
I Apply at
Read The   Optimist
Is Still Going on
��� ��� ��� ���
Pool Block,    3rd Ave.
Between 7th and 8th
C. B. Lockhart, Assignee
The Optimist
Heart Rending Scenes at Pit Head
When Rescuer* Sent Fir��t Twenty
Dead to the Surface. Little Hope
for Remainder.
iSpecial to the Optimist)-
Seranton, Pa., April 8.���One of the
most serious mine disasters which ever
visited this section of tne mining country
occurred today at the village of Throop.
(A terrible explosion devastated the
workings of the mine there. The shaft
was choked lor a time and though
heroic effortc were made to clear means
of escape, over fifty men and hoys
imprisoned below have lost their lives.
By midnight rescue parties had fought'
their way into the heart of the woikings,
and twenty blackeded bodies were Pent
to the pit head. Heart rending scene"
were witnessed amongst the women and
children relatives ef the dead.
Next time you walk by the
store we wish you'd (ton a min
ute and take a look at
He's the finest ileepmeter made
the best looking, the  best  liuilt'
the  best  running.    V,���, n i���'|
take our word for it. 1 keep him
in the window so you can n i���r
This is the clock they arc  adver-
tisinjf in the big magazines.
Heintzman Pianos
We  sell  them.   We rent them.
Easy terms.
4 Alleys. 7 Tables.    A load *x*r>
else.   A clean sport.   Ladles*v*ni
afternoon.     Newman  lll'i'k. U-
tween tiih and 7th Su.
TBD Morrison.     Proprietor an.l HUMS
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box 680
For Sale
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinds of help, cooks,
waiters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, rait up
Phone No. 178
or call at the
Grand Hotel Free Employment  Office
Headquarters for cooks it waiters
Ix>ta 14. 15, 16. block 28, lection I,
price $600 each, terms half easl
Lot 7, block 16, section 6, price *%-
400, terms half cash.
Lots 13, 14, 15, block 8, section T.
price $500 each, terms half caah.
Lots 6, 7, 8, with house, block 86, KC
7, price $3,650 all, terms 11,800 caib.
LoU 7. 8, block 36. section 7. price
$1,750 pair, terms half cash.
For  Fire  Insurance  in  Reliable
Companies, call on
,m^^  Second Ave,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
H. F. McRae
Telejj. Address :
Raemac, Prince Rupert'
f. R. c. Brown
H. F. McRae & Company
Head Office:
Branch Office:
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Vancouver, B.C.
We have a large and increasing number of out of town clients for whom we invest and re-invest.    We shall be happy to answer
any enquiries.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Messrs. R. G. Dun & Co., Vancouver and a host of other clients. THE   P R 1 N C E   K U I' K R T   0 P 'I 1 M I S 1
Business Expansion
We   open   a   Branch   Store
Seventh   Avenue  end  Hay*  Cove Circle
QllMn Chariott* lilal d* Lgfad Distract -Districl ol
Tukf nol le* tlini I. John MrLioil ol Vuicouvar,
I ONC.SI-IORFMFN PASS A STRONG oocup��Uon broker, inland to apply (or pwmkalon
UUnUWlUKLMHil |-,\33 A Z* I KUIMU    w ���.��� r���r Cl,ul un(1 |���.,r,,i,.tl:��� ������ ,1,,. lollowini
RESOLUTION ' acw*b*d land*:
Commraclai m a post i limns! *bout flv* mutt
,���.������...        ,, mirih uml on* mUe wst  ol tho mouth o   ilie
Kequttt tne <- ity Official* to Ke-open    ri-el Itiver uml nwrk*d .1   Mcl.. N. R, i ornjr,
al... d  i*   i   \   u.,11 witi.:.. t ..........     No. 24, thenoe aouth 80 chain*,   thene* woal Bu
the P. R.I. A. Hall Within twenty- ,.lmi,^ ������.���,.��� ���lirlh __ ,,,���������. , |���������,. ,,,., M,
four Hours    Mnyor Will Consider
the Resolution.
Indignant over the action ��f the
police in closing the P. H. 1. A. Hall
and claiming that tha city was trying to
chums, tlience  norlh  SU ch  	
cliuins lo point of coinnu'iici'ini'iit; containing 840
Here.*, n ore or lc*.
Hated i-'.l. >8, IUll. JIIIIN  Mcl Kllll
ub. Feh, "J-. Clarence MeDowell, Agenl
Queen Chariott* Uand*Land Uiiirict -District ol
Takl  nolice thai 1. John McUsul ol Vancou
_ ^aj,�� m _r\ aaa   m W\ I *ld Claiming that the city waa trying to I    T*ke nolle* that I, John MeLeod of Vanoouver,
1            ������ Oil ���111    I S3   Wipe OUt Organised labor heie, the local   occupation broker.Intend t.i apply tor pormuaUon
linn I Xth IH11 :"vi��"-��i-rs ..f .i���. i^i,,,,,..,.....-* r,������, z^^zr'^ ,r'" '������"^'������>^��*
i~\ Ml I MM IJlll* It/ 1 X -I- | parsed a resolution lusi miint di*mundin|!                    i       v**** phuuwi about lour milw
*   r                            7 r3fe: thai   the   hall   be  opened   within  24  BF^iJ* *��? "^^^.^m^A^LS?
m Wm I ��� ' i 11-4-1 Kuer ami minted Ji Mel*.   V \\. ( orner,
l^jinoura. \,,. .v(i thenee aouth *u chain:, thenoe MD N
I hours.  ^^^^
Two  of  ilu
guifn t butotti Ulindi Lend Dletrid Dietrict ol
Take notice thut 1, John MoLood ol Vanoouvtf
oeeupttlon broker, Intend to tpply lor pormlHlon
tn proepect lor oou ami petroloum on the following
deecribed londo;
Commeneini ut a pool planted ibout two milw
itouih uml two mild  went  of  ihu mouth  of  the
Tl-el River unci mtrked J. Mc.L. N. B, Cerner,
No. 7^, thenee south so chuins, thence weel *������
chuins, llu*iiei< nnrth so chuinn. thence cunt HO
eholno to point uf coamenoetMSti cootolnlng
������tu tcree. more or leoo*
Dated Feb, 28,1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub, Pob. 24. Clarenoe MeDowell, Agaat
Quttn Charlotto IaUnda Land District ���District of
Tako notica that I, John McLeod ol Vnncouvor,
occupulion bmkiT, Intend to apply (or permission
to proapeet tor coul uml petroleum on thi* following
descnU-d lunds:
Commeneini at u post plantad almut two mile*
Houth ami  twu mile*  wvst  of tho mouth  of  lho
TiYI River and marked   J
No. 48) thonoe north M
Mc.L. S.  K. Corner,
ehain.i. thenco oreet so
nuniln-r  named   Mont-
fhr constant endeavour will be to increase our growing
uur *mu* ljgt of satisfie(i customers.
Your order will  receive our careful attention.
We carry a good stock of pure groceries and the
prices are right.
ehaina to point nl oontnanajannnti oontalnlni 640
Clian'iico Mcliow.'U. AgMt
ami), mnri- nr Ii-hs. Feb. 'ill. 1911.
Ptab. tob.lK
Mil       1 wu   M   tin-   miiiiniT   naiiH'ii   iviuii
tejj gomery und Ferguson called on Mayi
SB 1 Manson   iliis  morning   and  left  thc
l~)pj|t<>llmvinf! resolution with him:   "We,.
ij-^i the longshoremen ol Prince Rupert, al ;���'
special meeting unanimously passed R|Qu���ch*riott*iJi��nd*j^Di��uict-Dutri��to��
motion requesting that lie city official     Tak* notioa that 1, John u��L*od oi vancouv.
ri-tipi'll Oil' P, U. 1. A   Mull anil replace ! occupatinn Imki-r. inlfinl lo apply lor   parraW
ilu' goods taken therefrom within -J 1, ,V.'.J.>.riu"i'ci,ln!Lr,ml a"'1 ,>"'r",""m <m ",l"(""0*'
I EUvef and markad J, Mcl.. N. \V. ��� aaraaaar. 1 ao. in, uaaaaaaa norm o., i-iiunu,, wm. -���. ���.
.... fill, tl,. net' houtli Ml chum:, ilii'tici* fust Ml , cimins, thonc snulh BO chains, thi-nco oast KO
chains, tln-nco nortli  Ml chains, thonc* worn  HO    '   '     "       '- * -��� "  ���'"'���'��� *****
We are
JI   Sole Agents
aa._. r... r.A.   l*l���
Ittmi lie. Phoiw 187
Hays Cove Circle. Phone 311
hours. Tin' reason tor mir riMiui-st i
Una the action taken by the city is
alleged to be a deliberate attempt to
Btamp out nil organised labor in the
The mniion bore tlu> official stamp of
the union.
When n>kt!(l what action hr would
taki', ilu' Mayor said he was going to
confer with Chief Vickers 'his afternoon
and would meet Messrs. Montgomery
and Ferguson ai five o'clock and the
matter would be fully discussed and
ifaKllbtQ landn:
Commendnf at a pout ilium* \ ntmut lour milii*
north ami thrw milw wwt of thr mnuth of the
Tl-el Rlvoc un.i marked J. McL., S. W. Corner.
Ni�� "'i, tbence nortn U chalna Uwnoe tm. *�����
chaim, thwici- Muth ^u C aim*, thenci* veal U
chainn to point of comnn*nc��'iiii'nt; contaimni! B4Q
acrt*?, more or luw.
Dated Tth. 26.1911. 'OHN MeLEOD
Pub, Feb, tt. Clarenw MeDowell font
Quoon Charlotte Inlands IJiml District^Dutrict ol
Take notico that I  Jnhn McI/mkI of Vancouver,
' occupation broker, inteml to apply for permirutlon
i to proepael (or ena! and petroleum on the (oQowtng
. deitcril>ed land:
Cnrnmeiicinu at a pont planteil ahout three milu
weM and two rnilo* north <>f thr mouth   I the   , . . j
, River and marked J. Mcl... N. B. Cornr N 6S.
thenn- nuth -U chuinn. thence weal "0 chtilm.
thenee north 90 chains, thence eaat chains to point
I Swift's Premium Hams unit Bacon with
Cowichan Eggi 35c, at
IJ W. Williams -: Proprietor
^^^^^^^^^^^^ I Irn'nfr norin mcimiiu., w*t���m���.��. mm���.
_______������-��� otcommcncvmiTit; coni*iiiinR CIO afn-. morti ..t
Foley, Welch & Stewnrt Team Beat   '�������� ,,.,���,,,                    . .���., .. ,_���_|
tU. r  T  p  i',,, I , Iim.-i K.I..-j:.. lull.                JOHN MeLEOD
thc Cj, T.^P^Bowlcr* I ,,u   ,,,.,, .:7                        T. K w,,���.r  ._,.n
An interesting match ��f three nunes - gmvn ch��riunv uimin umi nuirict -DbtriMoi
was played last niBht mi Mornson'i     _ , ... s)"T.n*.. v .  ...
.       !��� 11 i   , ... i.i       Taki' mil let l Hat   . J  i.   MeSjh nl   'rum' Itu
bowling alleys between teams selected' ��� -��� ��� ��������� ........i.
Section 1
I Block 7. lot 87,  $2500;   linlf cash  and
terms on balance
 Block 7, lot 14, |1840; $H0O cash, hal-
|Plumbing   :   Steamfitting j "'"^ *��t�� *��� ��nd 4, S3.200 pr; 92.200
| Block 29, lot 9, 81,860; half cash
[rom Foley. Welch & Slew an and il
G. T. P. The furnier won will, a team
average "( 789, against an average "i
686 tor the G.T. P.
'he teams and scores were;
Foley, Welch & Stewart
Third Av
I Our HI". Ilnkcrv
batWMO Tth and Sth Sti.
Facif ic Northern Emporium
Agtnt'a. Office       -       -       7th Avenue
i ..���:>���. I. .1 with Kind Tni ale C��.*
P. 0. Box 738
I Prince Rupe
Phone 197 Black
| Lite.t  Quotations   From Vancouver Exchange.
Ua rpimrli'd by S. H��rrl*on & Co.)
I Portland Canal    101-2      11
Stewart M. & D. Co     1.30       1.20
I D��J Plaa* 95 93
Red Cliff	
Main Reef..,
fiaULED IINIiKltS nililrenned to thc under-
ninif.1, ami .nduriad "Tender for Examining
\ inooover.  B.C.," will be received
| W��rph..
until l.i
iHinivi'r, ll.aj., will ub receiv.ti
--....��� H.,���. ���n Mim.lay, April 24th, 1911,'for
O. r���n.triii'iin,, ���f iin  Examining   W��">''ou��c.
Block 29,  lots 4, 6, <\ $la��n ^t*: 1-4
cash, balance II, 12. IS months
Block 81,  lots 17,18,86,600;   ��W0.
cash;  with S-inum  house renting
for $40 per month
Section 5
Block 22, lots 9, 10, $725 each ; 1-2 cash
Block 19, lot 29, 81,000; $000
Block 33, lot 5 with small house *.MO .
$550 cash ,
Blot-k 39,  lots  19, 20. $1,860 pr; cash
Block523, lots 3,4, $1,500 pair; 1-3 cash
balance 8, 6 months
Block 27, lot 3S; $550 terms.
Section 6
Block 4,  lots 21  and 22, $1,600 eachl
Block 7miots 30 and 31, $1300 each, half
Blockai7, lot 21, $1,200; good terms
Block 19. lot 9, $1900; $650 cash,  easy
terms on balance. .
Block 19, lot 10, $2100; $850 cash,  bal-
ance'easy terms; with Rood hoUM.
Block   28,   lot 13,   and   house $1,900,
BlockXlot 20, $1,000; <*��*_%      .
Lots on Ninth avenue for $2o casli
and $25 per month
Section 7
Fine lots on Fifth Ave. in Section 7
for $320 each. ��a-M80
Good Lots on Seventh Ave. for RBO.
Lots on Eighth Ave. on roadway  f���,
$375 each.
Section 8
Double corner on  the Plaza for $550
B. Mulvamy
A. 1). McArihur
C. Malmberg
M Johnston
D. Stenatrom
ihti. urcupuiittii t"'ti��-riil attfiit. intfti'l to tpply
fur |M'riiiiv>mii ki |��rir-|nt'i (<>r Botl ind |H'lroli'titn
nn uh foUowIni nnonnd ludti
("tmiTr.i'iicmK at a |M��t plantttl ut iht- wi h-uutt
OdfiM' ol Becuon ������. Towmhp - Qnhan IMmul,
unti murkiHl J <i. MoN., S. K. CuriHT, iln'iirt-
WM) SO rlmiiis. UmoCB in��n(i BQ rhuinn, Ou-nrc
eM m�� chains iluann' couth p-- chains lo pnint uf
DlUd March \ liUt. J. Q. McNAll
Pub. March S&. WiUon (lowing, hptti
chains, thrnct* wiuin  wi rnatnit,  incno* rui  nu
chuins to point of QOnWUBOtmcnt:  containinK MO
acrif*. tnii't' or litw.
Dttod Vv\t. tt, 19U JOHN McLKOD
Puh. Fab. 84. Urili K. Wiltor, hfnt
Quwn Chariott��> Uudl l4tn��i Ulntriei���District of
Take notic*- thai I, John McUtxl uf Vancouver,
occupaUon brokvr, intenil to apply fur pcrmifuiion
to pro^tK'ct ftir coal ami petroleum on the following
iluscritMit lamls:
Commnelni ut a port planted aUmt i.'.<*>> nuln
south an<l two miles M ol the mouth of tho
TM Kiver and markitl J. Mcl.. N. K. CwMQ
No. 47, thence south htt chains, thenre w��>si SO
chaina. tlence north WI ct'ains thenw ea��t HO
chains tu pnint of commencement; containing 840
acres, more or ln*w.
Dated FOfa tt, 1911. H)HN McLKOD
I'uh. Feh. 2i Clart'nee McDowell. Agvnt
Quran Charlotte tslandi Land District���Districl
Tuke totice that 1, John Mil ..-: of Vancouver,
occupation hroker, intend to apply for permission
to pros|H'ct lor coal and i" tmi.-ntn on the fullowing
de^criltetl lands:
CommencinK *l �� i"'-1 plantetl about two
miles suulh and two miles utwt uf the muuth of
the Tl el Hi ver, (iraham Island, uml marked
J. Mcl. N. W. Corner, No. HI, thence south W
chain.*, thencv east hO chains, ihencv north 80
chains, thencv wi*t 80 chains to point ut ctim-
UonOMnent; containing *������>��� acr<��, more ur li<va.
Dal��-t Keb. tt. 19H. JOHN McLKOD
I'uh. Keh. 24. Clari-nee MtDtmill. Atfent
Quevn Charlotte Islands Lui.-l District -District of
Take notice ihat I, Join MrUftd of Vanrouver
occupution hroker, intend to apply for permission
tu prns|MTi for coul and petroleum on the following
daoribod lands:
Commenciti)! at a jKi-t pfautod iil-*ut two milw
south and two mil.-s west *l the mouth of the Tl-vl
Kiver and marked J McL, S. V. ( orner, No H,
IbtnOl nunh p*. chains, thvnce east Ml chains.
tii.M.iv Miuth NU chains, tht i.e.* *������-��� B0 chains to
point uf commencement. OOOUlnlBg ,;i'J acrw,
BHn ����r h-ss
Dated Fob. tt, l'Jll. JOHN MoIsBOD
I'uh .Keh. 21. CUrenct-McDowell, \gent
Qu��n Charlotte Wtndl Und District-District of | guwn Charlotte Island;- U��d D.-'n<t    Distrirt ot
Bkeena fty-T1**.. .    .   *... ..���_
  *-?���;    '.'.,7.r..t. aa .
occupation hroker
a*.i,.~j ..I  Ym*M.
occupatlon nruaer, intend to apply for pamhi on
* an   to prOBDOttt fur cual and iH-tro|eum on the following
11' (omrnencitii: at u post plantetl uhout tw miles
\**\ 1 north of th mouth of the Tie! River un I marked
Tj J McL. B. E Corner. No. :t. tbooea north bO
1 ' ' ehaina, thence woat N chain-, thi'nc*' suuth no
l*i!<    chaim,   thenci-  MM   NO  chains  to  point  n(  cum*
 .    ___^__mm_______mm meneementi  c t.tuirnni* tiln uen-.-. n.�����:*���*���
Dated K��h 86,1911. JOHN  McLKOD
Several worshippers at the fleeh pot8 Pub. Feb.��7. T. b. Walter. Agent
who U'U by the wayside last night and I        ��� .    ________*._��_*__*       *__     ^
were gathered In by the police were ^uwnlh��'��"ei^d.undDis.r.ct-Distnctof
assessed $10 and ?���"> thto morning bj Take notloe that I, John MoLood ol Vanooow,
Magistrate Carss, ^^^^^^ ��� ��� -"����-��"'
. 138
occupation hroker. Intend to apply for permission
io prc-is-ct (or coal and petroleum on the following
ii--.-rnl.--d lamls:
ConnMOUu at u po-t planter! ahout two milw
���outh of the tm Kiver und marked Joh.. McU
N. K. ('orner. No .\2, tlience south 10 chaiiw,
tiu-nce wi-M ho chains. tbOQOO north NO chaina,
Ihence eu-i no chains to potnl Ol ctptiimencement;
ining liltJ arnn, more or Imi
Dated Keb 28, IB11. JollN McLKOD
I'uh. Keh. 14. UeaUo K, Walter, apot
(Jueen Charlotte Islands land District���District ol
Take notice that 1. Juhn UoLood of Vancouwr,
-....!..   turn   ,.. r.Tifjaiiin
Take nouee tnai i, -un�� _******-,���. 	
occupation nroker, imenu w mVvt) ..
to proapool in: ia.;ii untl potroleum on the following
descrihed lantls:
Commencinu at a po.--t pUi.tetl ubout two mile*
staith of the moulh of the Tl-e* Kiver and marked
J. McL S. B Corner. No. :i|, thence weet 80
chains, thenee north Nu chains, thence e����t HO
chains, south no chains to point **', commencement:  ci��ntainiriK M0 seres, more or less.
Date.1 Keh. St, IBlt JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Keh. 24. LaHo K. Walter Auent
dtwirbed lanti:
Commencinu   at a ihmu plante<l ahout two mile*
I nurth of the mouth of the T -vl r ver an   marked
J. McL.. S. W. Corner, No. 4, lh��'nCo north HO
chains, thence east  Htl chains   th*'nc   south  HO
^^r^>^^^^^^^^ chairs, thence wi ht  HO cha ns t'�� ;��olnt of com
mencement; containing Gt't acn-s, more or lesa.
Skeena Lund DUtrid   -Di>trict of Coul EUnga 5   Dated Keh 2',, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Take notico that  William  Kranklin Carpenter ��� I'uh. Keh 27. T. K. WaltiT. Agi-nt
Prince   Kupert,  IL  C, occupation restaurant I ^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^
&PW(omMiS��tm*ft^i**Mm * PUrCh"8 1>"�� Chiitott. I**-** Uml Dktrirt-DSMat   | QaMlChiristU IJ.nd, Und l.i.ui��- UUinct of
Common. ��t. p��t !*****.*��; �����*-*     T,kc noliM tto, i, j^Mcl^,. ol **a_*_**t_m_ I    Tito Mtk. UM 1. Mm**.** .1 ol V. eouw.
iccupHiinn linger, Inirnil in ��|i|ily Inr iKTiniwrnn urmi ain'ti limki*. inirnl o ��|iply Inr piTmiMioaa
lo pniflwcl lor SOU _._ iK'irnli'um on Iha-fnllimini to pro��|��'Ct lor c .1 ��n.l |k>i o i lho lullowin*
dateribw laa.ra-1: i tlcrrrilH.l lumla:
'.���."..'.'.' a .i pout planliil alioul t��o u i:.-.. ] CaomaacUH it a p n plantnl almut lour mil.,
nnrlh ami t*0 milo.. wont ol tho mout ol the ... .��� a-.| tw.�� miloa *o t ol lho miuih ol tb.
'I'M Kiwr anil marko.1 J. McL., N, \V. (nrnir. Tl-ol Kivor ami marki.l J. Mcl.. S. K Cornor,
No. 27. thonco aoulh Ml chain., thenco earn  KO i No. IV ihenc   outh NU chainn, Ihence wmt Mo
���     >kMM   MM.    HO I ^
mo ........... ....
t'oinmencini: "I n poit pliinliil at the ..ouiii mil
corner "1 nurveyod IM  ITU, ihenre i>0 chuinn -     uke noliro thai 1, John McIaii.1 ol \ancouver. I    Tako noun-mai ...���,,.
aouth. thonco ulxiut a"i chains ��e��t to Im tSH, | '*cupallon limker, Intenil loappl; lor |nirmlWHB   ucuialion liroko/. inlon'l   o apply lor permuaaio*
thonce 20 chain, north, thonco  16 chains west    I" l'n*|wl lor coal  -��� -'��ii���.in��   m ...o.i��t |or c al ��n.| | u i lho lollowin*
thence almut 25 chain, north to Lot :WC8. Ihence   H'""''��-��l l��nl:
ahout 110 chains east to south eaal corner ot Lot I
'JOGS, thence about 85 chain, norlh to Lot 1711.1 _.   . ���. _
thenco nbout U chains cast to point ol commence-1 y-,lJf"S "n" """.TU!' SaZT Ii.' ' - *.i -
mont; containinR ISO acres, more or Itm , N.u. -������ ftj" ��"'|��h �� ' ,:h,in�� , hen"- "�����   g ' No. tS, thenc   ouln nu coai���, ���....���	
llaliil Feb  I'i lull chains, llnno   north Ml chains, thenc west  80   chain., thenc north  Ml  chains, thonc east   80
I'ub March I' chains to poinl ol commenement; conLlnlnit 610   chain, to poi t ol commencement: 640
unilwt kh w'K! I\' C \ltl-r\TKIt  .en's, mon-or lew acre-, mu. or leaaa.
WILLIAM  HUNM.1M AKI1.MHI   ���������,,,,.    ^ ,,���,. JOHN Mcl.KOD    I,.,..'. |>b. 11. l'Jll. .'. UN  M LKOD
| T. K. Walter, A��ent    I'ub  Feb. 25. Clarane Mcdowell, Ajent
11. C, occupalion clerk
In'inirtmsnt. ____________________
1 nil tendering nro notillod th.t tender, will
nm I* conilder*) unlea. made on the printed
iiinnsauppllnl, nml siuni-d with their aetual llB-
J*������., .tatlng iheir occupation, and place, of
nmmn, h, the e*M of llrma, the actual .lirna-
iurr u���. B,lur, ,|f tho occunntlon and place of
mnlence of owh member of tho firm must be
JSJa t_n~tt. must lw nccompar.led by an ac-
JjrpMO, chanue on n chartered bank, payable to
[he wili.r ���f lh��� l|���n<mr���i)lo tho Minister of Pub-
,J""r; ill., ten per cent. (10 p.c.) of the
���hM'titi.fti,,. tenilor, which will be forfeited if
tr. ,","" I'-i'ili-rintr decline to enter into a con-
rwt ��ham callaad upon to do so, or fall to com-
wieine arorll ������..ntrnctcd for. If tho I " '
��� �����-l't��l lho cho.,ue will lie returned
..'".I'eplirtnientiloa.a mil l.lnrl   ilu,.If  t
evick of I'rinc lluiiert | ��� .-.��������. ,   ,
-"   i.       .,'",":}' ,'"    t?'-i   i       T��ke notice ih��t I Joh   McNii.1 ol Vancouver,       Take none ihat 1, John ..( Vancouver.
purchase   the   lollowini:  ni-rrrilml , occupation broker  inteml to .pply lor permission   occupatio    bniker. inlen.l lo i.ppl    lor perm saion
_.    _, | topni^|nTtlorisialanil|i��lroleumon the folloaaing   ba |inai|��'Ct (or nial and |aetrolavm on the lullowinf
ilescriU-il lamls: .l.-.crb il lai.iL..
t'omnie ring at a post planteil almut two mile.       "      =��� -�� - i����a nlanteal (oi.r ml'e. south
iinrlh anil isn miles Man ���'( the mouth ������( 1. ��� I
llivr uml markiil J. Mil, B. Vi. Comaar, No M
thei.c nurlli B0 ch .in.-. Ihi'i.c en.i M) cli.ui.-.
thenc south so chain*, tla*M* **���* 80 chains to
iii.iim nl i'..iiiiiii'111'.tiiini: contaitiiiiK 0 in acn-i,
inure or b'ss.
Hatiil Fa* 26,1911 JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. J7. T. ft Waller, Agent
levies ... i ......   .
^^^^^^^^^P^____^^Sa��lt.nils   to apply  lor
permission  to  i.urchaaie I ~~-****���- '
Commencing  nt   a  post   plant.-.!  nn  shoro  of
IjikeU' Lake almut 60 chain, nnrlh agst fmm null.'
***���..   aknnn. ',_  chains
111   saiil   lake  (L*k*ln   Rlv*l .   tli.".e   Jll   chain,
north,   thenci-  ali.tul   611  cliuins  easl   In   I.nkel-i'
lsake, thenco mean.leriiik' avid lake .lii.f.ln a ani-
wly ilirt'liuii to poinl ol cii'iiin.iiceiiia-it
lainlnti 80 acre., miiro'i.r lo<i.   ""-��� ...mke
lintel Feb. II, mil. OEORQK I.KVK'K
I'ub. March I.
.,,.1 ninlk.l '!��� I" b il lainU.
I'onimencinit al a post planteil lo'.r ml'ea miuth
an<l two wi-.t ol tln< in. uth ol I e Tl-el ami
markisl J. MeL. S. ft Corner. No. Hi. thenre n rth
an c mi. . thenc wis.1 ho chaina. the c south 80
e am., i ehc ���-i.-t "II chai t point ol coin-
men em.nt remaining lilll acres, nr les.
I lansl Feb.   :l. mil. JOHN  M'LKOD
Pub Fib. 26., Auent
'..ntrnctcd for.    If the tender be
e chtsnie will lie returned.
.������������. ���"��� not bind Itself to accept
lhc lowe.t or ... i���...i_-
rt or nny tender.
Hy order,
_.,,_., R. C. DESKOCHERS,
"Ptttnunl of Public Works. -       '
,   .. ...... ������,������. Secretary
., <ill:iwn, March 22nd. 1911.
mini ir"'';'1"'" wi" not t* Pnld for this advertlse-
Sjnill thi v insert it without authority from tho
wl.'irtment. 72.74
Tine Level Lot on Sherbrooke  Ave.,
for $315.
Farm Land*.
We have several blpckl  of
the  Bulklev  Valley **���-*,���*
the  G  T. P.   n  lots of  from
8 000  acres.     We  also   have  MV����
choice blocks in the Ootsa ami Franco..
LaWeCOhUaveryseveral  IPod^T^Aat
Lakelse and Kitsumkalum Valleys that
Tjrt5rS8f&i all necessary
taffiffiion  all  fa,'.-;J-MgJ-
furnished  on  all  faim  lamia
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real E.t.te and In.urance -  Th.rd Ave
Quwn Chariotta inj��n<u i~w\ Dktri^^DMftal of
Tnk.  (I'Hin- that I, .'���.:. Mil ... t ��r VnrnNiiiVi-r,
....I.,   (���a>    i.i.'ini...|in
sk mU_ia*s,'KZomiw,~^ "
Take notice that \iHn.l**nl   i.  |d,
��y?o?pfflaonmt.T^hM. rolling
north ���"
.... thenco  oast ���!��'  en ���
'hnin!��, thence vmt 4" ch&lM morn Of I-
pnint cf oomfntnocmtnti oonMnlns 820
more or i<'����.
DAt�� Mnr.'JO, l'.ill
Pub, Apr. i. 1911
^^^^^ T. B. WiltMNAfnt
(Juccn Chnrlotte Inlands LftOd District --lh-trirt o|
'luki* notloe tlmt i. Jnhn Mcliiod <>[ Vmmouvoc
oompfttton bronfi Intend to apjiiy for pcntiiwinn
to proepeel u*r cnal Htui peuoleutn on too fotknHm
deooHbn land:
[     ('onimc'tirinn at a pont plnnted i-iKht mi!"    00th
' and WO wifl nf the mnuth nf 'l'l el RlVOf and
nmrked .!.  MrL., S. \V. Corner. No. BB, thence
I nnrth HO chainn thence i'rkI KO anoint, thenc*?
lOUtl y" chain:', thence west >(�� chains to point ol
enmmenwment; containing ���>���() IflfOOi noti 01
Doted Fob.��, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Puh. Feb. 27. C. McDowell, Agenl
qu�����|Ch.r ��� U��ft������ DtaUict-DUtrictoe
r,z^o^:;r:iiii^on ^..mowing
;",;;   ,*,' T. .,( Umsncmnnt       nfmimi M0
��� ���.,, mm m la*. j. ,hn; M'I.koD
Vlb-'P* ��:'��� ' C.a-ncM.Uov,1i.Ag..n��
****** .* THE   PRINCE   RUPERT    OPT I.Ml
skcfMiR Land DUtrict���Dtotriot of c*w-*\_,
Taki* notice that 1, Lm1I�� K. Walter, of Vancouver, H.C . occupatinn prospector, intend* In up-
ply fur permission to purchase the followinK des*
cribe*! hiniiH:
C��)inmenc!n�� at a post plantetl and marked L.
E. W.'s S.K. corner and imnu-diately adjoininK
pont marketl W.A.'s N.W. corner; thence north 40
ehuino, theni-e west Wi chains, thence south 40
chains, thence east BO chainn, to point of commencement, containing .S2u acres, more or less.
Dated 1st Feb.. 1911 Charles H. Allen, Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeena Land District���District of Cassiar
Take notice thut 1 Bolcom McDonald of Prince
Rupert, B.C.. occupation laborer,  intends to ap
ply for permission to purchase the followinR described landB:
CommencinK at a post planted three and one-
half miles in an easterly direction from the point
on Naas River where the .Lava Lake trail beirins
and one mile in a northerly direction from the
aaid Lava Lake trail, thence north 80 chains,
thence west SO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east chains to point of commencement,
containing Mn acres.
Date F**b. 3. 1911. BOLCOM McDONALD
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph Belway. Airent
Skeena Land District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that 1 Charles Morris of Prince Rupert, B.C., occupation laborer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted  three and one-
ha f miles in an easterly direction from the point
on Naas River where the Lava Lake trail   begins i
and one mile in a northerly unevtkm from the j
said   .Lava  .Lake trad,  thence south SO chain?.
thence east ID chains,  thence north H�� ehains.
thence west P*i chains to point of commencement, j
containing 640 acres. 1
Date Feb. 3, 1911. CHARLES MORRIS
Pub. Mar. 10. Joseph Belway. Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Cassiar
Take notice that 1, John McDonald of  Prince
Rupert. B.C.. t��ccupation hotelket-per. intends to
apply lor permission  to purchase the following
dtlCiflmd land*:
Corr.-'cnring nt a post planted three and one-
half miles in an easterly direction from the point
on Naas Kiver where the Lava Lake trail begins
and DM mile in a northerly direction from the
said Lava Lake trail, thencesouth eighty chains,
thence west HO chains, thencv north N) chains,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing r>40 acres.
Date Feb. 3. 1911. JOHN McDONALD
Pub. March IQ, Joseph Belway, Agent
Skeens Land District���District of Coast Range I
Take notice tlmt Mary Bell Beaton of Vancou
ver. B. C, occupation spinster, intends to apply
for jwrmiavsimi to purchase the following descrihed
Commencing st a post plsnted at the north
east corner of .Lot 3980, thence about 30 chains
north to Lot 1723, thence mi chsins west i- I **\
898*2, thence ahout 30 chsins south to Lot 39H1,
thence 40 chains eust, thence 20 chsins south to
Lot 6V thence 20 chsins east, thenee 20 chsins
north, thence 20 chains east (o point cf commencement; containing 2s0 :.*���:>������ mure or Isss.
Post mie-ked M. B. B., S.K. Cornor.
Dated Feb.14, 1911.       MARY BELL BEATON
I'ub. Msrch 4
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds .Land District���District I
Take notice thst I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prcpe-ct for cosl and petroteum on the following
described lsnds:
Commencing st a post planted sbout three miles
north and one miles west of the mouth of the I l-el
River snd marked J. McL., S. E. Corner, No. 25.
thence north 80 chains, thencc wwt 80 chains,
thenc** south 80 chair.-., thence east 80 chains to
poinl of commencement; containing 640 acrw.
more or less.
Dated Feb 26, 1911. JoHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 2k. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Chariotte Islands Land DUtrict���Districts
Take notice that I, Joh McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation hroker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing st s post plsnted sbout four miles
north and three miles west of the mouth of the
Tl-el River snd msrked J. McL.. N. E. Comer,
No. 66 thence south 80 chains, tnence west 80
chsins thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chsins to point of commencement; containing 640
acres, more or Iras.
Dated Feb. 26. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
.Pub. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District���District of
_ . '   '��hn McLeod of Var��*����� -
fsh" UU* (h�� ��. ***r.       **���*
oecupstion hroker, intend In Apply for h.*���,,...,.,,,
to prospect for cosl snd petruleum uu lhe (ollufr!t.2
described landi:
Commencing at . pust planted about four miles
north snd three miles west of the mouth of ths
Tl-e| River snd market) J. McL., S. E. Corner
No. 65, thence north 80 chains, thence westHO
chains, thence south 80 chsins, thenee east 80
chains to point of commencement; contsining 640
acrea, more or leas.
Dated Feh. 26, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell, Agtnt
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District- District of
Take notice that I. John McLeod of Vancouver
occupatioi. broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect fur coal and petroleum on the following
described land:
Commencing st a post plsnted about two m Isa
north and two miles west uf the mouth of the
Tl-cl River and msrked J. McL., S. E. Corner,
No. &2, thence north 80 chains thence west 80
chsins, thence south 80 chsins, thenee east 80
chains to pnint uf commencement; containing 640
acres, more or less.
Dsted Feb. 26. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte 1 lands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to app y (or permission
to prospect for cusl and petroleum on the following
described land:
Commencing st s post plsnted about three milt*
west and two miles north of the mouth of the
Tl-el River and marked J McL. S. E. Corner, No.
67 thence north 80 chains, thence weat 80 chains,
thencc souti 80 chains, thence east 80 chsins to
point of commencement; contsining 640 seres,
more or less.
Dsted Feb. 2.r��. 1911 JOHN  MeLEOD
Tub. Feb..27. T. E. Walter, Agent
Owned and operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
steam heat, electric light, and all
modem conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every respect.
The appointments and service
are equal to any hotel on the
Rates: $1 to $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Slxih St.
The Finest Rooms.
The best equipped
and steam heated.
Hot and cold baths.
Dininir room and
restaurant      :
Corley & Burgess, Props
n^ii^ ********** *\m j
ARTAUD &  BESNER, Proprietors
The New Knox  Hotel ii run on thc European
flan.    Flrat-claaaaa ..Tvirav    All the Latv.1 Miidarn
mprovementa. -�� BEDS Sftc UP
I Windsor Hotel
Newly Furniahed and
Steam Haatad
P.O. NX 37
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
1. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Five New Whalers from Norway have
Joined the Fleet iof the Northern
Pacific Fisheries Co.���Two More
Will Join This Week.
Victoria, April 7.���The whole of the
fleet of the Canadian Norlhei n Fisheries
Company have left Victoria and are
now prowling around in the vicinity
of the three stations at Sedhart, Kyu-
quot and Rose Harbor after big whales
which swarm the waters encircling thr
shore of the mainland and Vancouver
The two new whalers Blue and
Brown, which only arrived frcm Norway last week, have both been overhauled and are now en route to the
West Coast to join the fleet.
On Tuesday the Brown signed he-
crew and got away for Scharl on Wed
nesday, while the Blue signed her
crew on Thursday and sailed late that
afternoon for Kyuquot.
Reports received from the various
stations slate that the staffs are working lull time now in order to keep
pace with the work thrown upon them
by the whalers. This is especially true
of the situation off the west coast,
where six vessels are pursuing the
When the new station now being
rapidly lushed to completion at Naden
Harbor is finished, several of the whalers
will be withdrawn irom the west coast
and sent north.
With four stations going full blast
the output of gill-bone fertilizer and
whale oil will be tremendcus and a
great advance is expected over last
In addition to the regular fleet of
steam whalers, the C. N. P. F. Company have the five ncw whalers in
operation recently brought out frcm
Battleship Maintained More Than
Required 21 Knots Speed for Eight
Hours on End. Makes Good in
Every Respect.
(Special to the Optimist1
London, April 7.���The battleship
Hercules has returned to Palmers
shipyard, Jarrow-on-Tyne, after paining
successfully through very severe trials.
Recently she entered on a thiity-hours'
steam trial, which put her beyond
Plymouth. She returned, and on a subsequent date did eight hours' full
steam, exceeding the required speed
of 21*. Thc gunnery trials were
very severe, and the concussion resulted in some plates being buckled,
and other slight damage. The torpedo trials followed, and these together with the guns gave entire satisfaction,
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Thone 4
1836 1911
The Bank of
British North America
II Xttrt m lailnni,
Capital and  R.a.rr. Over $7,300,000
Letters of Credit
For our customers' convenience
we issue Letters of Credit payable
iu Pounds Sterling for use iu
Great Hritain and all parts of the
world, aud payable in Dollars for
use in Canada, United States,
Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba
aud the West Indies.
We buy and sell Drafts on
France, Germany, South Africa,
Australia, New Zealand, India,
China and the West Indies.
Prince Rapcrt Branch ���
r. S. LONG, Mi
���A Sign or thjyw
is the BEST*
Distributors for Northern British Columbia
Stops the Cough and Builds up the System
When you are all "run down"
you catch cold easily, and your
cough "hangs on".   By taking
of Tar and Cod Liver Oil
you not only cure the local
trouble but also permanently
strengthen the whole body.
The Beech Tar in the Syrup
is soothing and healing while
the Cod Liver Oil stimulates the
appetite and increases tlie
weight and bodily vigor. Both
are united in the pleasant
tasting syrup.
The most successful Cough
Remedy known today is
Mathieu's Syrup of Tar and
Cod Liver Oil.
Mathicu'e Ner��lne Parwdera which Mil l�� *****
of IB for 95c. are Ihe bed treatment for aaiy feaci '"
fcTtrcah cold, aa well aa the beat cute for>.
J. L. MATHIEU CO., ��rop'a.   8HERBROOKF. QUE.
Lwfe bottle 35 teats.
The House of Good Values
Jabour Bros.
Third Ave.
We have no rent to pay; we buy for cash in the very .best
markets; we look after the business ourselves
And Our Customers Get the BENEFIT
Boots, Clothing, Dry Goods, Everything to suit the Country; and the prices are right.
Come and see our new consignment of Footwear. Everything from Dancing Slippers to Prospectors Ironclad boots
"The House of Good Values"
1 be n
.1 passenger Steamer
mcs Rupert every Sunday
11 V   m. for Vancouver,
SivingMonday afternoon.
ctpu-irt City on arrival
SWCouver  Friday
(orthbound, jeaves Vancouver Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
Steerage Fare       -       $5.00
., " ia the onlv  nteame
l""T%   ,avn^wat��r-��ght bulks''1 S ���,?d double bottom, thus en
of BOUlBion or wreck.
|, H. Rogers, Ticket Agent.
Sketch of a Wonde
lerful Story Which Has Aroused All
              Has   a   Daring   but   Reverent   Plot
_bl^lim0*i***t*mi***&lti^*m*yi*0 *\ht*ii**t*0*^*w*****^*\*mi*i*^t*0*
Paris, March 14
Through tickets to all points in
Unita-il Suu.'s aiul Canada by the
Northern l'acilic Railway. The
Finest Train across the Continent,
hy White Star, Red Star, American. Dominion, White Star, Do-
miiiiim, Cunard, French Line,
Nortli German Lloyd, Hamburg
American and Canadian Northern
Btaamihips. For all information
write me or call at oflice.
QWBBAl    I.AIt.UOAD   AND   8. 8,   AGENT
General Machine Shop and Ship's
Carpentering. Also agents for Fairbanks-Morse and Knox Gasoline
Engines. Gasoline Engines and Ac-
Mtwrieg carried in stock.
laur..! .   and Boat, (or Hlraa   N.E. raid of Wharf
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A lam stock of dry finish-
inn liimher on hand. Boat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
ninile ut short notice.
tiur ;incos are as low as any.
Call   ii ns before ordering.
Cor1 Centre St. and First Ave.
--T-���a --���- ���A small hnnk with [era um
a pule blue paper cover haa startled all|laiiv
Paris.   It is called "lie Is Risen Again
and is by M. Charles Morlce a wiiu.
who is well known for his admirable
work on literature and art.
M. Morlce has written honks on Paul
Verlaine, on Rodin, and "How u Visit
thc Museums," and on the religious
sense in poetry. This last hook, "He is
Risen Agiiin," is B social satire if such
tremendous force, and is sn different
from any of his former works, thai
Paris is agape at it. For the book, in
the form of a story - describes nothing
less startling than the sudden return
of Jesus Christ to Paris on December
14 lust.
It is a dillicult book to write about.
We have had, "When It Was Dark," and
Mr. Stead's "If Christ Came to Chicago," but fcr power, us for seniation,
these books are mere trilles compared
to thc bombshell which M. Charles
Morice hits dropped on the boulevards,
This is the way the hook begins;
"When the Paris newspapers appeared
on the morninu of December 11 the hack
page of each puper- on which, as a rule,
the advertisements were printed was
white. Everybody was puzzled, for the
same phenomenon was visible on every
paper. People got excited, and the
newspaper office! were beselged with
questions. No unswer wus tarencoming.
"That evening the lust page of tin-
evening papers hud no primed matter,
and there weie other blanks in other
portions of the pajiers. The most puzzled of ull were the journalists themselves.."
The printers are as puzzled us the
journalists, for the papers huve pone
into the presses as usual. Then a journalist makes a discovery. Nothing hut
real fact appears in the paper. Everything which is paid for, everything
that is untrue has disappeared. And
on the morning of the 14th. while all
Paris is wondering at the utter lack
of business on the Bourse the day lie-
fore, u little note appears on the hack
page of every Paris paper in a sea nf
white. "The Son of God needs no advertisement; he is slaying ut the Hotel
of the Three Kings on the Place de
1'Etoile"���literally   the   Place   of   tin
Star.   "He will receive idl visi	
twelve   o'clock   till   twelve  o'clock  ull
day   the   Uth  of   December  mid  to-]
Such i9 thc beginning of this remurk-
ablc book. It sounds bluspheinous, but
is certainlv not intended to be blaspbe>
mous. The author's reputation is of itself sufficient to muke such a thought
impossible, and the personality if I
may use the word���of Him of Whom
the book is Written is trented with lb*
solute reverence
Royal Bank of Canada
!ll Al> Ol'l'ir
Established 1869.
broki rs n fuse to di il In specu-
bonds and shores,    Business i
..���...���,  ,���,.���.���it ut a standstill, for dishonesty i-'
a wnier jut il:.. rum nl modern bu Iness, and dis-
i_i���i.i. honesty 1ms ceased to exist.
Ami the book enda with an interview
between tlie prefect nl polici ami the
presidenl of the republic, in which they
decide tn ask Jesus to leave France.   He
leaves   Paris on  Christmus  Day.    'l'l..
reign of perfect love and virtue was not
I yel to he.
Capital, $6,200.1100
Surplus, $7,200,000
Totral Assets, $92,500,000
Savings Hank Department, Si will open an sew
Branches throughout Canada am! Banking Connections witl
United States.
Agents throughout the world,
ll. r. WILSON, Manager, Prince Kupert Branch,
with all part.-
nf the
The Light that Rivals the Sen.
Locul business men recommend it.
This well-known gasoline light is sold
exclusively by
Made For
Particular People
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some y;ood buys in City Property.
Our Farm Lantls proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
Come and see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
The Optimist
L. C. Smith & Bros.Typewriter
Ball Bearing throughout, at nil vital points.   In-.. inil\ ready for
Ihree  uwww ��� "7 v," i all kinds of special work, billing, card "
q,        -u '' L'rn / .    "I,      fa!,''  wrltlng-anyihing needed of a type- ,.
Star.     He will receive alUwto^Jrom , _^^ Nqa>t(achKmonIS rc(,u|rcd/'No |
special adjustments necessary.   Just
Insert thc paper and go ahead.
New . .ill..mi. face
R. A. L. P. HURT, Dealer
Thirl \*f. anil Kultuai Strwl
The followinK properties will lie sold en hlock, or separately
and on easy terms.
Caan Hire From The
iT Mori^wiahea to flay and ila>  rimb���r Crmsers   and Mining Engineers
'    " nil of today.    He l:lvll,->
irinK hand,
rush to the Hot id
There are three 1
roorrta in it. and in every(one
XVI.     .mini. >      mm������,    ��� ���     >"���<	
society in Paris of today.    He lashes
with an unsparing hand.
There is a rusli to the Hotel of the
Three Kinpi.   Then- arc thw   ������-������'
I.   l.<it 21.  Block   Ua
:.. Let 'i. Block It.
��� G. Hulbert, Vancouver,
Miss  Henny   Wennersten
Scientific Electric Facial Ma��age
Elirtric Treatments a Specialty
Room No. 4,   Exchange Block
rooms 11 It. ami in <-���>='* ~"! ��� '
h��re7hundred pmuU-neourfyn -UJ��
ceives a journalist. Each n an MUeve
that ho ii the ��nly "ne * 'j1' "*""��*'���
and to each of thfin the Saviour ap-
^araasTdclicationol the mans own
't"S^ m mm* *m
of curiosity all over the *����.    1'"'
pleCSUm.'i"p-V��;-;��; h��;
to question Him, and He .P"''7"m ','
ove1. and stigmatises the sins   ���   *�����
em life     M. J'��ir��'s iL,k'' ""V
SH hvombfc.. .J Sent ,   ����
Jeeus answers, _ TM \"-0T wl"
be amonu you." _*_*_& mm
Then memliers of the Yrei1 1
emiestry .o,pinion Mun. an- li*Jg
thia is what He does: . ,.
"The Kirl WM tie...Mtt���������� ����*
stired her wilh a snide.   ,     ;'       ���
want of  mi*r "���"""".���..I,' and     iiav
He has come to Mice tlie Mn       '
th"  and sis,er-in-h.��.mfigf%
love   for  one   anoth. r   '���";    ,,���,..
marry for money �� tot      '..
broken off at the ��* mpmjffa' ,,
ind brldegroenn wy Jg *�� ..Yly
They are prevented W���"^ Bourse
by an uncoi.<(ueral. e Ion,.. I ^
praclically stop", business inr
;;{,,ui;;,1[;'i;1 Rover Boat House.
'GOOD. REUsBU ..: ...	
None bat lobar nd
competent men
Lots  Block
Lots 27
  For prices, terms and particulars, apply to ���
Atlantic Ki-wlly & Improvement Co
Phone 214
Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd.
Canada Foundry Co., Lid.
MAMtrrAonruna m
All  claaaiM-a. ..f  I'.Wlni'al Alilinrialuas
Itn'lvVJiT Sii|'tili��.. I' Kl'Hini'a.
iVllaT*. ('..ii.'l. 1. M ��� niTilainrnl.
ail   In.n   aarv.1    llnmrr    Work.    Ei.\
5 koom i. %,mni mock ��� p.o. uox 724
Electric Wiring
A. T. Parkin & Co.
Centre Street.
1836 1911
The Bank of
British North America
75 Yranln Hailnru,
Capital and  Reienre Over $7,300,000
A Complete
Banking Service
C'l'lcctintis nude in any part
���if C inada.   Negotiable ji;i[kt -Wh*
ounted.   Money advanced at
. uonable terms to finance your
liusiness.    Local   and   foreign
Dnftl l��uif;lit and sold.    Money
transmitted by Money Order or
Telegraph Transfer.   Letters of
Credit issued  payable in all tlie
leading cities of the world.
Wc invite your account.
Prince Rupert Branch-
F. S. LONG, Manager.
^\ '������-- ;:^:"
Universal Favorite
Represent! the last   word   in
Range construction
The Thompson Hardware Co. COAL NOTICK
Queen Charlutu- [llandl bind District - l>i��trict of
Take notice that 1, John MrUtid of Vanmuvor,
occuptttimi brakWj Intttld to apply for por mission
to protpOCt for coal and pt'troli-uni on tin- following
dnorlbod ������*<* *���������
Commencing at ��� post pUnted nbout ftvn mU��
north ami one milt' went of thu mouth o tho
Tl-el Rivor and murked J- McL., N. K. Corner,
No. B4| thenct- south Hll chains, thenct' went SU
cluiitm, thence nortli NU chuinti, thenct' east HU
chains to point of commencement; conUininK l>K)
ucre*. more or lens.
Dated Keb. 26, ll'M. JOHN  McLKOD
I uh. Feb. 2H. Clarence McDowell, Atfunt
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District -Dintrict of
Tuke notice thut I, John MeLeod of Vancouver,
occupalion hroker, intend to upply for permission
to prospect for coal und petroleum on the following
doscribed lunds.
Commencing at u post planted ubout four miles
north und throe milen west of tho mouth of the
Tl-el Kiver and marked J. McL.. N. W. Corner,
No. ;.:;, thence aouth 80 chains, thence east 80
chainn, thence north 80 chuins, thence weat HO
chains to point of commencement; contnininK 010
MN& more or lens.
Dated Keb. 26, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
Pub. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District of
Take notice that I, John Mcl-eod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permiasion
to pronpect for coal and petroleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing at a potl planted about four miles
north and three milea west of the mouth of tho
Tt-el Kiver and marked J. McL., S. W. Corner,
No 54, thence north 80 chaina thence east HO
chaini, thence aouth 80 c ains, thence went 80
chaini to point of commencement; contuining 640
acreo, more or leas..
Dated Keb. 26, 11*11. JOHN  MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 28. Clarence McDowell. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands .Land District���DUtrict of
Take notice that I John McLeod of Vancouver,
occuj>..i!!-i. broker, intond to apply for permission
to pro poet for coal and petroleum on the following
deacribed land:
Commencing at u post plantetl ubout three milea
weat and two n.iles north of the mouth u the ile)
River and marked J. McL.. N. E. Come Nn 6s,
thence aouth p0 chains, thence weat sO chains,
thence north sO chaina, ihence ea��t chalna to point
of commencement; containing 640 acrea more  or
Dated Keb. 25, 1911.
aPui. Keb. 27.
T. E. Waller, Agent
Queen Chariotte Islanda Land District���DUtriet of
Take notice lhat I, J. O. McNab of Prince Rupert, occupation general agent, intend to apply
lor permiasion to proapect for coal and petroleum
on tne following described landa:
Commencing at a post planted at the tto- h-cait
cornc of Section 3, Townah p 2 Oraham Island,
nnd marked J. G. McN., S. E. Corner, thenco
went 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thenco
eaat HO chains, thencc aouth 80 chains to point of
Dated March 8, 1911. J. G. McNAB
Pub. March 25. WUaon Coving, Agont
Queen Charlotte lalanda Lnnd DUtrict-DUtrict of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for i>ermUsion
to proapect for coal and petroleum on the following
deacribed land:
Commoncing at a post planted about tw milee
north of th ��� mouth of lhc Tl-el River and marked
J. McU, S. E. Corner, No. 3, thence norlh 80
chains, thence wwt 80 chains, thenco smith 80
chaina, thence east 80 chaina to point of commencement : c >ntaining 640 acre*, more or leea.
Dated Feb 25, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Keb. 27. T. E. Walter, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und DUtrict-DUtrict of
Take notico that I. John McLeod of Vancouver,
rccupalion broker, intend to apply for permiaaion
to prospect for Coal and petroleum on the following
de��cirbed land: ,
Commencing at a post planted about two miles
north of thn mouth of the T.-cl r ver an marked
J. McU, S. W. Corner, No. 4, thencc north 80
chains, thence eaat 80 chains thenc aouth 80
chains, thenco wiat 80 cha na to point of com
mencement; containing 64<i acres, more or leaa.
Dated Keb 26, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb 27. T. E. Waiter. Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Land DUtrict-DUtrict
Take nolice lhat t, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker. Intend to apply for permission
lo pro< pert for coal aad petroleum on the foUowing
described land:
Commencing a a post planled about two milos
north and t ���o miles weat of the mout of the
Tl-el River and marked J. McU, N. W. Corner,
No. 27, thence aouth 80 chaina, thence eaat 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence went 80
chains to point of commencement; conUlning 640
acres, more or lesa
Dated Fe .25,1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrict-DUtrict of
Take notice that I John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupalion broker, intend to apply for permiaaion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted about two miles
north and two miles west of the mouth of Tl-el
River and marketl J. McL.. S. W. Corner, No. 26
thence north 80 chaina, thenee east 80 chains,
thenre south 80 chalna, thence weat 80 chaina to
pount sf commeneement; containing 640 acrea,
more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 26,1911' JOHN  MeLEOD
.Pub. Fob. 27. T. E. Walter. Agent
Qu<-en Char'oUe Islands I.and DUtrict-DUtrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permiaaion
to pro*pect for coal and petroloum on tho following
deacribed   a ml 10
Commencing at a post planted about two mllea
north and two miles west of th.- mouth of the
TM Kiver and marked J McU N. W. Corner,
No. 61, thence aouth 80 haina, thence weat 80
chains, thence north 80 chaina, thence east 80
chains to point of commencement containing
64(t acres, im r<- or leaa.
Dated Feb. 25. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. T. E. Walter, Agent
Queon Charlotte Islands Und District���Diatrict ��f
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver
occupatinn broker, Intend to apply for permisaion
to proapect. for coal ami petroleuni on the following
described land:
Commenring at a post planted eight miles aouth
and iwo west of the mouth of ll-el River and
marketl J. McL., S. W. Corner, No. 3!��, thence
north 00 chains thenco east 80 chains, thence
aout 80 chains, thence west HO chains to point of
commencement; containing 640 acres, more or
Qui-en Chsrlotts Un.l District -District ol
Taki' nolicr tlmt I. John Mcl.on.1 nl Vuncnuver
occupution liroki-r, inti-n.1 tu apply lor permission
to prospi-cl for coul anil petroleum on the followinK
described lamls:
('iiiiiliieneini: lit u post plunteil iiboul Iwo miles
Houtli nml two miles west of tlie mouth ol the
Tl-el Uiver nnd murkeil J. Mc.L. N. B, Corner,
No. 72, thence soutli 80 chuins, lllelice west 80
cliuins, thence north 80 chuins, thenco eust 80
chnins to point of commencement; containinK
010 acres, more or loss.
Duteil Feb. 'i'i, 1911. JOHN McLKOD
I'ub. Feb. 84. Clarence McDowell, AKent
Queen Charlotle Islands Land District���District of
Tuke notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouvor,
occupution broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coul and petroleum on the following
deacrilied landa:
CommencinK at a poat planted about two milea
aoulh and two miles west of lho mouth of the
Ti'el Kiver and marked J. Mc.L. S. K. Corner,
No. 48, thenco north 80 chuins, thenco west 80
chains, thence south 80. chuins, thenco eust 80
chains to point of commencement: containing 640
acres, more or less.
Dated Fob. 22, 1911 JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Leslie K. Walter, Agont
Quoen Charlotte lslunds Land District���Diatrict ol
Take notico that I, John McLood of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on thc following
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a posi planted about two milos
soulh and two miles west of Ihe mouth of tho
Tl-cl Hiver and markeil J. Mc.L. N. B. Corner,
No. 47, Ihence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chaina, thencc north 80 chuina thenca- east 80
chuina to point of commencement; containinK 640
acreai, more or lesa.
Datod Feb 22, 1911. 'OHN MeLEOD
Tub. Feb. 24 Clarence McDowell, Agent
Quean Charlotte IslandaLand Diatrict���Diatrict
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permisaion
lo prospecl lor coal and iielroleum on the following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted about two
milos south and two milea woat uf lho mouth of
thc Tl-el Hiver, Craham Islund, and marked
J. Mc.L. N. W. Corner, No. 114, thonce aouth 80
chaina, thence east 80 chaina, thencc north 80
chalna, thence weat 80 chains to point of commencement; containing 640 acrea, more or loaa.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Tub. Feb. 24. Clarence M cDowell. Agent
Quean Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of Vancouvor i
occupation broker, intend to apply for permiasion
I., prospect lor coal and petroleum on thc following
Commencing at a poat planted about two milea
aouth and two miles waast of the mouth of the Tl-el
Hiver and marked J. McL, S. \\. Corner. No. 33,
thence north 80 chalna, thenee eaat 80 chaina,
thence aouth 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chaina to
point of commencement; containing 640 acroa,
i more or loaa.
I Dstsd Feb. 22,1911. JOHN MeLEOD
. Pub. Feb. 24. Clarance McDowell. Agent
' Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���Diatriet of
;     Take notlcc that 1, John McLeod of Vancouver
J occupation broker, intend to apply for permiaaion
1 to proapect for coal and petroleum on tho following
I described landa:
I CommencinK at a poat planted about two miles
! aouth of the Tl-el Kiver and marked John McL
| N. E. Corner, No. 32, thence aouth 80 chaina,
I thence weat 80 chains, thencc nonh 80 chaina,
thenco eaat 80 chaina to point of commencement;
containinK 640 acres, more or leaa.
Dated Feb 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Lealie E. Walter, Agent
Dated Feb. 21, 1911.
Tub. Feb. 27
C. McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict ofj
Take notico that I. John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupalion broker, intend to apply for permiaaion
to prospect for coa) and petroleum on the following
doacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about two milea '
aouth of the mouth of the Tl-el River and marked
J. McL. S. E Corner. No. 31, thence weat 80
chalna, thenci- north 80 chaina, thence eaat 80
chaina, thence aouth 80 chalna to point of commencement; containing 640 acrea, more or lesa.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Lealie E. Walter, Agent
QucenfC harlotte lalandi Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of
Ske na
Take notice lhat I, John McLe -d of Va- couver,
o.-cunation broker, intend o apply fnr permiaaion
to prospect for c al and petroleum on tho following
dcrcribed landa: ,
Commencing at a p at plantod about four mil,*
aouth and two milea weat ot the mouth ot the
Tl-cl River and marked J. McL. N. E. Corner,
No. 46, thence south 80 chaina, thence weat 80
chains, thenc- north 80 chains, thence cast 80
chains lo poi t of commencement; nntaining 640
acra-s, more or leaa.
Dated. Fab. 2;l, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ot
Sk- ena
Take notico lhat 1, John McLeod o( Vancouver,
occupatio i broker, intend to applv for permiaaion
to proapect (or coal and petroloum on the following
deacr.b d lands:
Commencing at a poat planted four miles aouth
and two west of the muuth of tne Tl-el River and
marki-d J. McL. S. E. Cornor, No. 46, thenco north
8u chain., thenci- west 80 chalna, the ce aouth 80
r am., i once eust so chai t' point of commencement; containing 640 acros, more or le<s.
Dated Feb. tt, IHU. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 26. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotta lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, Juhn McLeod of Vancouver,
occupalion broker, intend to apply for permission
lo p.aspect for c ul and iietroloum on lh following
desiribeal lands:
Commencing ��t a poat planted about I ur milea
aouth and two mil��� wo t of tho muuth of the
Tl-cl Kiver and murkeil J. McL. N. W. Cornor,
No. 36, thence soulh 80 chains, thenca e st 60
chaini, thenco north 8 chnins, thonce wesl 80
hains to point pi commencement: containing 640
acres, more or leas.
Dated Feb. 23, Ull. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. Ua Clarence McDowell, Agent
QueenlCharlolte lalanda Lund District���Diatrict of
Take notice thai 1, John MrL nd of Van ouvcr,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permias on
t.i pro-pect or cnnl a d petroleum on the fullowing
d scribed I nils:
Commencinu al a p st plant d sbo t 'o r miles
outh and Iwo miloa woat of th. mnuth f the
Tl-e1 Hiver and marked J. M L . W. Corner,
No. 3b, thenci- nnrlh 80 chnins. thenc.' eaa. 80
chairs, thence south 80 cha ns. tin- rs west 80
.*��� sins o p 1st of commer cemei t ntaining 640
n res, mure or les-. F.b. 23, 1  11. J   UN M'LKOD
Pub. Feb. 26. C ats   c M Dowcll, Agent
Bkssns Lsnd District Disirict ill Cout Rings V
Tuke notloe Unit Juck Hi'dtnrd nf Keighloy,
Yorkshire, I'liiglitnil, OOOUDStlon over-looker, intends to upply for permission to purchase Ilie
tollowtng described lumls:
I'liniinenciiiK nl S post planted Sl u pnint in the
easterly Imiindury of limber limit 3S;I2!I und in
the southerly limit nf lot B988, Rsnge S, l.'uast
District, when- the said limits intersect, theni-i-
uIiiiik the southerly limit of lot 39811 ufnresuid
und the project inn Ihercuf in nn easterly din-el inn
80 chnins mure ur less tu the wi-slerly limit nl
timber limit BSB01, thence in a aoutherly direction
alone the lost menliuned limit 11 chains mure
nr less to tho nertherly limit uf limber limit 36776,
tbence in a westerly directinn ulnnK the lust men-
tluned limit 80 cliuins mure ur less tu the eusterly
limit of timber limit 3K32'.I, Ihence in u northerly
direction 11 chnins more or less to the point of
DutedMurch 8, 1911. JACK BEDFORD
Pub. Murch 25,
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Coust K:iui:e V
Take notice thut Charles P. Otter of Princo
Rupert, B, C, occupation surveyor, intends to
upply for permission to purchase the following
described lunds:
Commencing ut a posl planlisl ut thc north east
corner of surveyed lot 3984, Range 6, Coast Disirict, thence in an easterly direction along the
southerly limit of surveyed lot 3991 und the projection ihereof 40 chains to u point, thence south
purallel to the eusterly limit of surveyed lot 3984
uforesuid 60 chuins mure or less to the northerly
limit of a limber limit (No. 42663), thence west
40 chains more or less to n point in the pro ection
southerly of tho easterly limit of surveyed lot
3984, thenco in a northerly direction along tho
projection of thc said limit and along the said
limit 60 chaina mnro or less to point of commencement, containing 240 ucres more or less.
Duted March 8, 1911. CHARLES P. OTTER
Pub. March 25.
Skoena Land District���District ot Coast Range V
Take notice that Edith Alice Crowther of
Ikleg, Yorkahirc, England, occupation spinBter,
intends to apply for iiermission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted at the south east
corner of BUrveyed lot 3991, Range 5, Coast Dis*
trict, thence north alunK the easterly limit of the
aaid lot 35 chains more or leas lo thc southerly
limil of Lot 3985, Range 5, cnast district, thence
east along the aoutherly Timit of the lust mentioned
lot 60 chains to a point, theneo in a southerly direction 35 chains parallel to the said
easterly limit of lot 3991, thence in a westerly direction 60 chaina more or leas to
the point of commencement containing 210 acrea
more or leaa.
Dated March 8, 1911.
Pub. March 25.
Skeenn Land Diatrict-District of Uaaaat.
Take notice that I. J. II. McAuRhey of Prince
RuDert, occupation miner, intenda to apply for
permission to purchase the following described
Commencinir at a post planted at thc southweet
corner of lot 2249. thence cast 40 chnins. thence
south 6 chains, thence weat 40 chainB, thence
north 6 chaina to point of commencement, containing 20 acres more or loss.
Date Feb. 16. 1911 J. H. McAUGHEY
Pub. Feb. 26. 1911. Andrew Kennedy. Airent
Skeena Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coaat
Tnke notice that  I. Peter Reid, of Vancouver,
B.C., occupation teamster,  intenda to apply for
permiasion to purchaae the following deBcribed
Commencinir at a post planted and marked P.
R.'s S.W. corner and immediately adjuininic posts
marked J.M.'a N.E. corner nnd A.H.'s S.E. corner; thence north 80 chains, thencc cast 40 chains,
thencesouth 80chains, thence west 40 chaina, to
point of commencement, containing 320 acrea
more or lees. PETER REID.
DBted 1st Feb. 1911 Charles H. Allen. Agent
Pub. Feb. 25.
Skeena Land District -District of Coast
Take notice that I. William Anderson, of Vancouver,  B.C.. occupation clerk. Intenda to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted and marked W.
A. northwest corner, and about 1 mile from Alexander Buehan northern boundary line; thence
aouth 80 chaina, thence eaat 80 chaine thence
north 80 chnina, thence weat 80 chalna, to point of
commencement, containing 640 acres more or leaa
Dated 1st Feb. 1911 CharleB B. Stark, Agent
Pub. Feb. 26.
Skeena Land Dlatrlct-Diatrlct of Coaat
Take   notice   that   I,  Alexander   Buchan, of
Vancouver, B.C., occupation butcher, intenda to
apply for permiBBlon  to purchaae the following
described landa:
Commencing a pott planted and marked A.B.'a
S.E. corner, and adjoining poats marked J.M.'a
N.E. corner and P.R.'a S.E. corner; thence weat
80 chainB, thence north 80 chaina, thence eaat 80
chaina, thence aouth 80 chaina to point of commencement, containing 640 aerea more or leaa
Dnted lat Feb.. 1911 Charlea H. Allen. Agent
Pub. Feb. 26.
Skeena Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coaat.
Take notice that 1. John Miller, of Vancouver,
B.C., occupation butcher, intenda to apply for
permission to purchase the fullowing described
Commencing nt a post planted about 1 chain
from tidewater at the hend of Luacombe Bay. nnd
markeil J.M.'a N.E. corner, thence west 80 chuina
thence anuth 8(1 chainB, thence cast 80 chalna,'
thencc north 80 chaina, to point of commencement, containing 640 acrea more or leaa.
Dnleal IbI Feb., 1911 Charles B. Stark, Agent
Pub. Fob. 25.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast
Range 6
Take notice that I, Fred Garton, of
Prince Rupert, B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at the
north east corner of surveyed lot 1937,
Range f>, Coast district, thence north 60
chains to a slough; thence west 28
chains; thence south 60 chains; thence
east 28 chains to the point of commencement.
Dated February 25th, 1911
First insertion Mar. 11
QUSin (' nrl t e Island, Lnnd Dislrici��� Dslrict nf
Ske- u
Take noliee t Hi 1. Juhn McLeod of Vancouver
occupntion broker, intend tn upply fur iiermission
lo pro peel for cnal and pu:ruluum on tho billowing
describe i lands:
t'eiiiineiici i: ul n pnst plunted ubout sU milea
suuth und twu miles west nf the mouth of lho
Tl el Itiver and mnrked J. McL. N B, Cnrnor
No. 43 ihenc ��� south BO cbains, thence wost 80
c uins, thsnos nnrth 80 chains, then e east 80
chains tn point of commencement; cuniainiiiK 840
nerm, mnre or lifts.
Duted Feb 23, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 25. Claranco McDowell, Agt'nt
Queen Charlotte Islands Lnnd District���District of
Take notice that I, lohn McLood of Vancouver,
occupation br. ker. intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
described land:
Cummencing ut a post plunted aliout aix milea
south and two milea west of tho Tl-el Rivor and
marked J. McL. S. E. Corner, No. 44, thenca
north 80 chains, thencc west 80 chains, thence south
SO chuins, thenee oust 80 chainB to point of com-
encement: containing 640 acres, more or less.
Duted Feb. 23, 1911 JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotto Islands Lund District���DUtrict of
. Take notiee that 1, John McLeod .of Vanoouver,
occupution broker, intend to upply   or permission
to pros|iect for coat and potroleum on thu [ollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post nlanted about six miloa
south and two weat of the mouth of the Tl-e
River and marked J. McL. N. W. Corner, No. 38.
thence south 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chainal
thence north 80 chaina, thenco west 80 chaina to
point of commencement; containing 640 acrea,
moro or loss.
Datisl Feb. 23. 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queon Charlotte lalands Land District���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on tho following
described land:
Commencing at a post planled about aix mllea
south and two miles west of the mouth of tho
Tl-el River and marked J. McL. S. W. Comer
No. 37 thence north 80 chaina. thence eut 80
cbains, thence aouth 80 chains, thence west 80
chaina to point of commencement; containing 640
ucres.'more or leaa.
Dated Feb. 23, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District - I Ustirct ot
Tako notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupalion hroker, intond ta apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on he following
deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poat plantod about aix miloa
aouth and three mllea weat of tho mouth of the
Tl-el River and marked J. McL. N. E. Corner,
No. 76, thenco aouth 80 chaina, thence weat 80
chalna, thence north 80 chaina, thence eaat 80
chalna to point of commencement; containing
640 acres, moro or loaa.
Dated Feb. 23, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 25. Clarance McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land D strict Districl ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouvor,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permission
to prospect for coal and petroleum on thc following
described landa:
Commencing at a post planted six milea aouth
and three miles west of the mouth ot thc Tl-el
River and marked J. McL, S. E. Comer, No. 76,
thence north 80 chalna, thence weat 80 chalna,
thence smith 80 chaina, thencc eaat 80 chalna to
point of commencement; containing 640 acreai.
more or less.
Dated Feb. 23, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Feb. 25. Clarnce McDowell, Agent
Quean Charlotte lalanda Lind Diatriet���Diatrict o
Skeena N
Tako notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply for permisaion
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following
neaacribed land:
Commencing at a poat planted about eight mllea
south and two weat of the mouth of Tl-el River
and marked J. McL., N. W. Corner, No. 40, thence
eouth 80 chains thence eaat 80 chaina, thencc north
80 chaina, thencc weat 80 ehaina to point of commencement; containing 640 acroa, more or leaa.
Datod Feb. 24. 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDoweU, Agent
Cueen Charlotte lalands Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Tako notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply fo permissiun
to prospoct for coal and petroleum on tho following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted eight milea aouth
and two weat of the mouth of Tl-el River and
marked J. McL.. N. W. Corner, No. 41, thenee
aouth 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chalna, thence
north 80 ehaina, thence east 80 chaina to point
ot commencement;  containing 640 acrea, more or
Dated Fob. 24,1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John McLood of Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply tor permission
to prospect for coal and potroloum on tho following
described land:
Commencing at a poat planled eight milea aouth
and two woat of tho mouth of the ll-el River and
markod J. McL., S. E. C rner No. 42. thence
north 80 chaina, thence weat 80 chaina, thenee
aouth 80 chalna, thence aaat 80 chaina to point
of commoncement; containing 640 acrea, more or
Dated Feb. 24,1911. JOHN MeLEOD
I'ub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell, Agent
Quesn Charlotte lalanda Land District���Dlstrictlof
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
occupation broker, Intend to apply for permiasion
to prospect for coal and petroloum on thc following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted about eight
miles south and four west ef tho mouth of Tl-cl
River and marked J. McL., S. W. Cornor, No. 77,
thence north 80 chains, thenco east 80 chaina,
thenco south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains te
point of commencement; containing 640 acrea
more or less.
Dated Feb. 24, 1 11. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. McDowell, Agent
Queen Charlotta lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict of
Tak ��� notico that I, John Mela- d ot Vancouver,
occupation broker, intend to apply or permission
to prospect for coal and potroleum on tho following
descrilied land:
Commencing at a post planted abuut cighL milea
south and four west of thu mouth ol Tl-el River
and mnikeil J. McL., N. W. Cornor, No 78, thencc
south SO chains, thenco cast 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenco w st 80 hnlnB to poi it of
ommencement; containing 610 acres, more or
Dated Fob. 2I.1.H1. JOHN Mcl.EOD
Pub Feb. 2. J t   McDowell, Agont I
""    ln-in
Queen ChaWlOttS Islands Land
Tuke nuiice linn r. John M
occuputiun broker. Intend i��� i, ,',,1 Vmc������,
to pruspect |���r c.,,,1 un.l,., ������,,,,',,',,,', [wmWo,
described hands: "��� "���" l"ll.i��m|
Commencing ut a post planted -,i ,
west ol the mouth ul , , , " ,.' "'""milaa
J- McL. N. B. Cornsr, No. f _*__* **��.
cha ns. thsnes wool 80 oh
Chuins,   thenc-  eas,   80   ,-),,.
mencemenl; containing 040a��� , '"'"leu**
Daleal Feb. 21, 1911. jSflSukt
I'ub. Feb. 23. CUronaa M.I JJ    ,CU:0D
mn lira- Mcl laaavell, Amg
Queen Charlotte lslunds Und Dittrlel .iii.*-..
Bkeena Jtm*
luke nntice Ihul I, Join, Mcl.,, ,| ,,| ,,._,���_ .
occupation broker, inlend i��� ���,,.,, ,,, """"i
ta pruspect fur cuul und pclrnl,,',!,,,��� ,, ffiE
deacrilieil lands: iwuwan I
Commencing ut u poal plan,, i ,.. ,,,. m,\���_- I
of the mouth of tl.e TM  U,���, | ' ���"Jf
McL. s. B. Corner, No. IB, thenct north it
cha ns,  thenca- wast 80 cliuins. ______ MU,J ���
chains,  thenci- easl  811 cliuins i ,��� ���, L���
mencement;   containing 840 sera n Ota or u.
Dated Feb. 21, 1911. JOIINMajMn
I'ub. Feb. 23. Ctaienei Mel&�� Aw I
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District -lii-ineul !
Take notico thut I, Jnhn MeLeod ���l Yancwnr
occupation broker. Intend i��� appl) f���r ,��� ______
to proapect for coul und petroleum ���n tha hOnS l
lands: ���
Commoncing ut a iiost pleated ghost tare milaa
west of the mouth ol the Tl-cl Itiver ami nurlitd
J. McL. S. B. Cnrner. No, E0, tla-ncc north mi I
chains, thenca- west 8U cliuins. 11,,.,,^, Mul|, M
chains, thenco easl 80 chiilni. ta |��iinl nl commencement; containing l'.ill urn-, nam'Mil's.
Dated Feb. 21, 1911. J|>|1\ Mi.KIlD I
Pub. Feb. 23. Clarence UeDo        .,-.
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District-Hwrictol
Skis'nu I
Take notice that 1, John Mil nd a.fVannunr
occupation broker, intend to applv foe |��nmaak��
to prosepct tor coal and |s-lroleum on l lie Mlnarint
described lands:
Commencing at a post plumed ahout two mika
aouth and two miles west of the mouth nt tbt
Tl-el River and market) J. Mc.L. S. K. Coiner,
No. 71, thonce north SO chuins. thence seal SO
chains, thence south 80 chains, thenc- cut so
chains to point of commencement; c,uitainir,|[ 610
acres, moro or less.
Dated Feb. 22, 1911 JOHN' McUuD
Pub. Feb. 24. Leslie E. Walter, \gcat
Queen Charlotte lalanda Uml Districl - Ilialrictol
Take notice that I, John Mcl.". I nl YannutK,
occupation broker, intend In apply for |s-rmu*ital I
to proapect for coat and |H'irula-um nn the fnllaawiag
deecribed landa:
Commencing at a post plantisl about luur milaa
aouth and throe miles west ol the mouth of tbe |
Tl-cl River and markod J. Mc.L. 8. E, loratr,
No. 73, thence north 80 chains, tlence seal *0
chaina, thenoe aouth 80 chains, ihenc eiai '0
chaina te point of commenca-ment; containlag
640 acrea, mnro or lens. .
Dated Feb. 22, 1911. JOHN MeLEOD
Pub. Feb. 24. Clarenco McDowell, Afent |
Queen Charlotto lalands Und Dialrici���I) atrict at I
Take notico thnt I. John Mcbs',1 . f Vanmua*, I
occupation brolaer, Inten.l to appl- for javmiaiia
to proepect for coal an   petroleum 00 tba l llosim
described land:
Commencing at a post plant d ul. ��� t < ml rniaa
aouth and four weat of ine mouth of TM Kinr
and mark.-d J. McL., N. B, Comer, ... It, ils-tw
W. 80 ehaina, thence aoulh 80 chairs, tin nc north
80 chains, thence easl 80 chains to |" id a ���>
mencement: containing 610 i(cn-s. oreerleBU
Dateal Feb. 24, 1911. JOHN' MrLl.OD
Pub. Feb. 27. C. Mcli.,��'. Atr-t
Queon CharlotU lalanda Und District -1 >i��iri�� of
Tako notico that I, John McI,cod of Vaimwirir,
occupation broker, intend lo apply tor |s-rmiwcB
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the tnl'oaiag
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat plantisl nlsaii three
miles north and one mile weat ol the moulh ol tbe
Tl-el River and marked J. Mcl.., S tt. t'orn-r.
No. 18, thence north 80 chains, thence ���*������* J
chaina, thence aouth 80 chains, thenra- ����t w
chaina to point ot commencement; enntain'tin 610
acrea, more or loaa .. ,...
Dated Feb. 26 1911 JOHN Mcl.EOD
Puh. Feb. 28. Claronco McDu*- . U"'1
Queen Charlotta Island/Un.l Diatrict-1 strict ot
Take notice that I, John McLood of Yancount,
occupation broker, Intend to apply for permlaaSne
to proapect for coal and petroleum on the lollo��in|
described land: . ..
Commencing at a post planted "it"
mllea north and three mllea want of tne mouth ol
tho Tl-cl River and marked J. McL.. S.W I orner.
No. 61. thenee north 80 chains, thenc eM g
chaina, theneo aouth 80 chains, thenee ******
chalna to point of commencement; contairJnf
640 acres, more or leaa. n
Dated Feb. 28,1911. JOHN .\MAOD
Pub March 8. Clarence Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und DUtrict- Ilialrict of
Take notice that I, John McLeod ot \anroiii*
occupation broker, Intend lo appl|for pcrmMiOB
to prospect for coal and petroleum on the lolloaiai
deacribt-d land: u
Commencing at a poal planteil alwui I '���' ���"
north and throe mllea west of the mo.ill: oiim
Tl-el River and marked J. Mcl*. S. tt I mr*!
No. 62, thonce north 80 chains, then" .��' 5
chalna, thonco aouth 80 chains, tboooa mm "J
chalna to point ot commonci'monl; containim
640 acres, more or leaa. .���, ,, . ...,n
Dated Feo. 28. 1911. JO"* MeLKOD
Pub. Mareh 8. c. MeDo��.H. V"1
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District--I'^''" ���
Skoena _
Take notice that 1, John McLeod of \��"���<���"""��
occupation broker, Intend to apply tor j��*jj"
to prospect tor coal and petroleum on the ibub*' b
described land: ...
Commencing ot a posl planteil nnoul mi" "'"
north and three miles wost of tho motill. Oj '���
Tl-el River nnd marked J. Met... B. E. < '"���"_���
No. 63, thence north 80 chains, thence w.-i JJ
chains, thence aouth 80 cha ns, thonce ea-i ���
chains to point of commencement; atoBjemnaj
640 acres, more or less. , ....n
Dated Feh. 28, 1911. '        J<'I,N M,'v���nt
Pub. March 8. Clarenco McD.iw'l, agrn
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und District���District��'
Take notice that I, John McLeod of \""r,'u\":
D. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply I"''I .
miaaion to prospect for cnal and pctrolcm on w*
following descrilied landa: ma.
8.���Commencing at  a  poat  planteil  on.   m
north of the northweat corner of Lnt l.i. "'"'
1. McL. N.W. Corner, being thonortli-wet c rn
thence  eaat 80 chaina, thenco eouth   SO ci an
thence west 80 chalna, thence north so ena...
point of commencement. .���,,������ u'tKOD
bated Dec. 24, 1910. J(,LI}���^   tan
Pob. Jan. 21. W. Da��. ������� T 11 K   PRINCE   It U I' E R T    () I T 1 M 1 s T
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agents for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
Water Notice
VV clici     HUUWC
No Birthday for Boys and Girls in     v .     ���  i     i .*..,        .. n
,.'.,   . , _'    . Notico is hereby given that an appli-  QU��mCh
Mikado s Empire cation will be made under Part  V.  of
Mln. "Water Ad,   1909,"  to obtain a J���"";
Japanese children do not have aep- license in   the   Skeena   Division  of _\\___Z
iu.-.'ii Chsrlotte lalandi Lsnd Dlstrlel    Diatriet nl
.. TuKv niiiiri' ii j.' I. .luiiii Melasod ni Vsncouvsr,
'. oeeupsUon broker. Intend to spply tor permission
'1   to proepeel lur cuul snd petroleum on tli.- inln-wiua
.1....,..,I....I    l.i.wla.
liwcnlii'il lands:
.               ...,                  , the "Water Act,   1909,"  to obt
Japanese children do nol  have sep- |jC(5nBe in   the   Skeena   Div|g|,
arate birthdays, as the Canadian boys Skeena District
and Kirl* do,   instead, there is a festival
In   March  frr  all  tin   lilll" girls,  and
another in May for all the little Doys, ...    ,           ,       ,               _          	
So if vi.ti were a little Japanese girl estate agent, Vancouver, in.            ebaiiiiai so polntot comme'noementi containing MO
all  your relations and  friends  would (If for mining purposes)  Free Min- seres, mors or has.            .Illlv ....,,,.,
..      i ,.. ....V ......iif.....i.. v.. I'Hlt.l rrii. _l, r.ill .nui.\   Mii.i.i'i*
'give you presents in March, your lit-,   or a ceruncate wo, LealieE. Walter, Agent-
tie sister would have presents mi the (l>)   The name of the lake, Btream or,
same day, too, and so would all the    source  (if unnamed tin- description
little Kills you know, and there would I    is) Kitsumkalum River, Qussn ChsrlottsblsndeUnd District -Dlitrictol
be big birthday parties going on every- ((.(   The point of diversion is near the Tske notloe thst I, John MeLeod ol Vsneouver,
where.                                                           intersection of the east li��midnrv of ooeupstion i.rukiT, Intsnd to apply lor permWon
Then in  May the boys would  have      |,,i i ur, *�� W***t tor oosl snd petroleum on the lollowini
.,.   '    .             ,,���   ���    t    ...   i  ,_   -_aa_j  .i          ""��� 1,U|'' daaerlhad lands:
saeena iiisii-ict. umcrunsi lanoa:
,  ,    ,,,, ., Commencini at ��� |."st plano-d ut tin- mouth ut
(al     lhe name, address and occupation tho Tl-el Rivsr snd marked  J.  McL. N. E. Cor
nf Ihi' applicant  is  S.   It. McClinton, ocr, No, 80, thence aouth mi cbalna, thence ��e��t
aTaatofaa navaaral    1/aana.niaaana, I' I' Hll chains, llu-lici* nurtli SU chains, lln'i CO i-U"t Ml agent, vancouvor, ti.t . ebaina to point ot commencement; oontalnlng 640
ill' fur minimi purposes) Free Min- ��"."���. more or leea.
their turn
....j   ..... .......  ���....... .,..,_ ... ..... to proepect tor oosl snd petroleum on the toUowtni
Their festival is rilled the dwcnbwl lands:
"i-'isli Kaisiivil "    l''v..rv f-inlilv tint aina W)    The quantity of water applied for      t a.aimii-nciiiK ut u peat rtsntnd sboul two mile,
i isn i estivai,     Caver] lamuj mat nas      ..      , ���   ,      ���         ,   ,���'..            mm* ���i t���, M1���uiii ol the n-ei Rlvar and tamrkiti
u hoy sets up a big flagstaff in the l��n cubic reet per sewnd) is lift      ^ j. mCi.. n. \v. twr. n... m. tii.'.ic.. ��,uo, ��u
doorway of their housi * "*
the pole is a gilt  li
J . .Mcl..    IS. w. 1 iiniiT, no. '.'J, llii'iici' aaaiuaaa no
proposed  chsina, thonoe oaat su chains, thenca. nunli su
.l.....    alwNM��   mi���a   Mil   ehalns   an   tininl   nf   Cillll-
doorway of their house    On the top of   (el    The   character   of   the   proposed chains, Uienoo nut su chaina, inonco norm
the pole is .. Kin ban. a,,,! flying from     works is a general plant for the pro- .^^M &���� JSSo,0^
the pole is a whole suinn of lish made      auction or heat, li^ht and power, and Dated Feb.Sl, mil                  JUHN McLK
of oiled paper or cloth.                                  thv   manufacturing  of  wood   pulp,             Clarenee MoDowell, A|
The golden ball signifies a treasure    lumbers and timbers generally.
which the lish is supposed to be for-   Ifi   The premises on which the water Qb��b CharlotU lalanda Laud District -Distrieto!
evert trying to reach.   This means that     Is to be used (describe same) Mill site Tukl! nolic<! tnal i.^S' ol Vsncouvsr.
""'    ���"'-"   '���  "���   "   '"""    **>*"   i'��v��       almut   8-4   Of   B   mile   belOW   intake; oceuiaaliun bruker, intfnd to apply tor permission
WOOd, frame and   concrete   buildings t" i""sIH'ct lur cuul uml iii'irulfumun Hi,. Iiillimlng
in addition to the  masonry, dama, "gSmeadntst, port pUnted about two m.i��
llnm..u nml iii.ikIiii'U iiici'ssiirv. ._,, ���( n���. muuah uf tht. Ti-ail ItiviT uml msrksd
"... J   v  rf.'.r.   w.  .......
the hoy, when he is a man. will have
tO battle his way- in the same way as
the lish struggle up the river- through
lif.-.    It is a sort of little lecture to the
Japanese l�� ys to be ambitious.
, .. ���;������.. Ulanda Und Diatrict-DUUict ot
,i j. 1  John McL-od ot   Vancouvor
** ''""i. in.'iIlu appl    '��r Permiaa. on
**** I""**' '"Vr'it uleun n. t'.Hollowing
**_ttpi<     ' "M '
** E I -a tx iwt phntel about eight
MT ".I In SS ". th- mi.i.h of the
, t.uili ���* <\ ' ,I;L ,, j   McL. B   K. Cori.��r,
f,?!S!! I ��� m��nf con.ain.n 40
i. not  -  I JOHN McL' OL
'��� ,f ���> C. McDowei;. Ai��n(
^cbiriouc Wtndl Lwd Dlitrict-Dtatrlct of
*\.mx i  jnhn McLood of Vancouver,
A m��� ch��n- th-ncc wwt 8>, thonce
* , t.-���,���..,.,��. .��i 80 chan. to point
tSJSSl^    ro.Uining   640  ����..  nrif
JTmlU l>\.    .     -*.^JOHN MeLEOD
T.K. Waiter  A^nt
BkttMLtn t 1'  irni -District of Cauiar
hat 1J Mph Itflway of Vancouver
pactoVi Intandi to apply for
:- irehua tho folio win* dMeribed
SaVMadBg il ' i ,w' pUntajd two and one-half
i rtftion fn>m the point on
httH m\\*M LtVt Lake trail  beKina.
\mity w<��'  W chaini. thence south Wi chains,
>.-.,��� . . thence north HO chain* bo
MiMnti c'intninintc NO   acres
��� ���������
M Uu ���
SVf^ml it    Hinirict of C*s��lar
i Arthur imam Welsh of Van-
I ������������ bralrar, Intmdt to apply for
IMH d rchftaW the follow!nn descrilied
QMMMnring v i pott planted  throe and  cno-
������' tmtVf direction from the  point
I>Nm ��� the Lava Lake trail com-
Maeai asar the trail, thence east olxhty chains.
g���Oath I chaint, thenre west HO chains,
thfBreh',rt��i . i. i. ������-��������� to point of commencement
eoBUinititf '-l' acres more or leu*
i-. -i-h Uelway, Airent
Skrei> I.rii Ihmrict-District of Cassiar
TUmmU tai 1 AndrewOommlnn of Van-
ewvrr.ln'. ,   upatlon cook, intends to applv
f ,  it chase the following describ
fomnwipintr at n(i-M  planted three and one-
uUmllfa In ,;,. .|,terly direction from the point
n Nau Hirer where the Lava Laid trail l>eniT.i��
arerth* trsi'l. thenee wail *ichalps. thence south
Pchains, then- t<t so chains,  thence north 80
���Pastapa       ���    ���mmencctnent, containinu 040
Uu- Pth
Skeena Land District���District of (oust Ranga 5
Take notice that William Kranklin Carpenter
of Prince Hupert, H. ('., occupation nwtaurant
keeper, intends to apply for pafmWon to purchase
the following described land  :
Commancing at a post planted ut the south aatt
corner  of aurveyed  IsOt   1712,  thence .^0 chains !
eouth, thence about 36 chains west to l.ot 'Jti.'iti,
thence 20 chains north,  thence   I ��� chains west
thenee about 25 chains north to Lot ���'���<">-. thence
about 30 chains eust tu aouth cast corner of Lot
3068, ihence about 36 chains north to Lot  1711,
thonce about 66 chaina oast to point of commencement:  containinK IH0 acres, more or less.
Dated Fab. 15, 1911.   ���
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Land District���District of Coa-t Range 5
Take notice thut Mary MuruKrct ...... of Victoria, B. C occuiiation hoimknopot intends to
apply for permission to purchaa the following
di<MTibeil landa:
Commencing at a post planUMl nt the north oaat
eorner of I^ot BMfs thenci- 20 chains we.-t. lhem*e
20 chains south, thonce 20 chains west to T. L
32597, thence about HI) chains north to UikeUe
River, thencc meandering sai<1 river up rtnatn in
u southeasterly direction to lakelse Lalta, UtanCO
muandering said lako to point of commencement
containing   160 ��rm, more or less.
Poat marked M. M. 0H N. E. Corner.
Dated Feb. 14. 1911.
Pub. March 4.
Skana Land DUtrict���Dintrict of Coast Rang 5
Take notice that Benjamin RuqskI Rice of
Prince Rupert, B. C, occupation waiter, intends
to apply for permiasion t> purchuse the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post plunted ��i.r�� chains south
from the aouth east corne- of Lot B080( thence 70
chains west, thence 65 chuins north, thence 7o
chains east, thence 65 chains south to point . f
commencement; containing 465 acres, more or
lesa. Post marked B. R. R.. S. E. Cnr.
Dated Feb. 13, 1911. .   ������
Pub. March 4. BENJAMIN RtJBSEL \l\< B
Stikineljind District    District otCaadar
Tuko nutice that Chriitltn A. Terra of stikine,
H. C>i oeoupaUoo euitomi officer, Intandi to upply
for pertttbaBoa to puaTchMi th<- foiiowiti^ deacribed
Commencing ui u post pluntod uImmii t breS*
qUairten of u mile north east from Qlader Rlflto
und on ilu- eait hank Of Stikine lUvef and OD tinsmith side of the mouth of a little creek, ihence
easl in chains, thenn- north 40 chuins, ihence
WMt lo chains, thence south Hi chains to pulm
of commencement und containing 160 acrei more
or le
ii    uwwevsvaa    *��     +..-.     ...��� rf, ...   . ^      i. ommencinK m. m paw  utmuv���m m. ��� ���
llumi'S ami punstot'KS neCeSiary, west Ol the mouth of the TUd River uml marked
firl    Tin- Durnoaea fur whieh the water   J*   Mel*   Nl Ki Conff' N"   * u,,'t,(V *ouUl w
IM     in purpaaea ior wm n tut   chaillH| xin,,.c%, wwt M chains, thenc north W)
IS to be U8ed   18   power development,   chains, ihence east 80 chains to point of cum-
(hl     If fnr irriifttinn   doaerlhp tlie Innri   mencemenl;  eonlaining 640 acres, more or less.
intended  to   be   irrigated,   giving, pob. PibJtt. CUraaoe McDoweU, Agent
acri'atfo i
(j)     If the water is tO be Used for pOW-   ^uw'n Charlotte Island. Und Dialrici    Dwtrict of
er or mining purposes, (HwriU* the     Ttlk(. notic<l lhtt,, j^Mci^i ol Vaaaouvw,
place Where the water is to be re- occupation broker, intend to apply for pennWoO
turned to sonic natural channel, ami to proj.,���.ct for cual and patntoan on the following
the difference  in  altitude between "���gSSLKff'at a port oUatad *t the mouth ��|
point of diversion and point of return,   tbe Tl-el River and marketl J.  Mcl.. S. B, Corner.
... _i���a. o i ,.c ,i    .!������.���    Mb    1.  ihence north N> chainn, thence MM  **0
point Of diversion and point Of return, the Tl-el River and marked j.  mcl.. is. fc. corner.
Power plant about li-1 of a liiiK down No    1. ihence north N�� chaim*. thenw ����M  B0
afronin frnm tin* intiiW.t        1 >itfi>ri>tin> chMW*   ���������������������**���  **������������������  ���*������  chums,   ihenre OBM   Ml
****** ,v �����-.1Hh v..v   ._ . l"1^.4"1 iron   tlie intake.      Dim mil. chatmt  (u  Jl()int   uf   w.mmeno.ment:    conuining
of commencement und eonlaining 160 ncres more       111 altitude oU leet. tip) ucn<s, more or hus.
-^Stumrct, I0.19U. christian a. tervo  0)   Area of Cn.wn land Intended to be Krtgtf,mt   OsrsMH^lUtvS
Pub.April?. occupied  liy  tlii-  |ini|mstil  works is
100 acres.
Btlldne Land DUtriet    Datrietot Caaalai .,..     ana,|. -..I,,. -,_.- w__,t_r~ nr, tha Ath    *>���""" ''Imriotts latatnla Unit Dt.lrici    ll'.'lrlrlof
Taks noUcs that Sydney Hodjklnaon ,.( T,:, IK)    IIiik tutlii' \\.i- poi-lt'l mi lite litli                                 .k���.na
mph Croak, Ii  t'.. occupation dark, Intanda to ilav of March, I'.'ll,   antl  ii|i|iln-ati<in     Takv notin-1hat l, Jnhn Uelaaodo( Vaneouvar,
apply lur permWon io purchaaa Hit- lollowini will l��- nunli- to tin- ('(iiiiniissiiiiu'r in  im-upu'iini juctar. Island m ��ii|ii> Inr i��rn,i.,i,a
deseribad Isndi al���, ,|.n-���f Anvil   IQ11                       in |.i.��l��n Inr nml anil iia-iml.-iiin am ih��-follow n,
Commencini at a poat pla-u.-l sbout u aiuaru-r "" -"" ""> '" ��l'M|. i. n.                   .i���,tiI��.i ulml,:
mile north oa�� trom Cllarkir Riffle and on tl an Hi    Give the names anil addreaaea of I    Commsiictas st * poat plaatad about ftw mOaa
hank nl StUdne  River, thanu   aaai   30 chain, naau a-lnarlnri nmnriitnix or   lii-.-nsa-i-n   SS"'.!""' '""���,""'������ ���������', ��!,a* !**$* *? ttm
theses nonh  10 ohalna, thence ***** 2'* chain ���" > riparian |iio|irti tuii. air   iiiiiimis   tm ,,������ aI���, ,������^,..l .,. Mr ., -,   tt   , ���rn,T
thence south 40 chalna to point ot commoncement who or wlioso lamls an- hkrl>   In  De   Nn. 1    ihenee aouth SO chalna. thenee ���-.-, mj
and contslnlni 80 screa moro or less. affected by the proposed WorKS, either   wsj". tbence nonh B0 chsina, thenee an -  N
.,_,,,   ij   i      ._     u....        ; chain, in imiii nt nmiii'i-iii 11. contslnlni 040
Dstsd Msrch 11. 1911
Pub. April "..
t\. hm:v HODGK1NSON
i ,A.Ti i-". Aiei'
Clinic,   ir.'-i.r,'   ii-iii"              ��� ;
rliain. I'i pob ' Ol - RCeOM I t.   ".iiliiuutii- I.VS
^;;,t:;rv.:i'oi.       ip����!M������3
Pub.Feb.2S. I IsnasesMeDowell, tc-ni
ibove ur i'm-Iow tin- outlet   None.
I^S m*t .. . Irt-ttJI m P��b.Marchl6, 1911. ���--' -"
���,���. mo anifhaU s mlto aouth rf the mo
Stanls) i '<***** where i- amptlea Into Sadei
ll.irinir. Qreham laland, thence i-.i>t 10 chain .
thenoe nnrth i-i chalna, thonce weal i" chain .
thenc, eouth 10 chalna to in'tnt ol commencement
utiil nititiiinini; 160 acraw hut-- nr loaa.
Dated \lnrri, 17. lull. Ill BERT 0   CREW
Pub. April t. NumaDemera, v.,ni
i��tii| .'ii.'in I'rnKi-r. inn-,,-, ,.- .,;���'* ������ r*"-���������
lu pntt-ia-ct (ur mal anil |*tml,uin nn lh,- Inlloaauil
ihacribed lan,l��:
Ccmmanclni at a l��~t plann-l l��o��� mil���i vaawt
���l tha mouth ol the TM Wear and mark.-l J
Vrl       S.  W. COTOaar,   Nn.  M, thaSS, nurth  l>0
ehaina, thanea aaai H chalna  ibanoa anlh no
......       thanea  ��,-t  Ml rhain.  lu  pmnl  ..( niaai-
       ma-iir '���"'"n,!,;l"*'T""'i,",iiv'\r|i'rillI>
_______ i,.,...i r..i! -m  1'ilt. JnllN Mn.l.tii'
Notice is hereTT^n iha, an.��-,��; WSmm* ^   O��� ^ I **m��
Water Notice
r it. Mr
Joseph Ita-lway. Asa-nt
SV>��n�� Land l>.<trirt-Di��trirtof Caanlar
ntanotlci II ,i l lliaarh D. r.illla of Princo Ru
J��t '"-nilrn      laborer, inta-nda to apply for
J"Jiia.i���n. ,     .. i,,���, ,M(, f0now|nK described
��m��nrin.. .. ,  plnnta^l  three and onav
lira-ctlim from the point
t wT" "r''''"""' nlanted  three and ona>-
.." ��� ' i--rlr direction from the polnl
aaNualli'.ei ��i,.r, th,. Lava Lake trail beirina
���Mone an'l,. |n , ������rthrI.iv direction from the
��w Lv.i |.i,l,. ,,,,||. ihenee north HO chalna.
am, aui m chalna, thsnM aouth fm chalna.
uiwce ��a.t an ek.l.. .��� pol���t of commencement.
*ntfw,.i      i.
tenUmin." KI sen
g"" Mi. S, lul I
Pub. Mar. |,i.
Joseph Belway, AKent
"SfJjUnd let -Di.trict of Const Range 6
cWui .nr '"' ' S"v"rin A' Tallander of Por-
ply (���. '������', '.""'���"Pntiiin ship master, Intend to np-
��r,ui';:,;:::i; ;;;:"t" t**m the following d��.
Mr'Tui ':".'��� ,'i' ' *��* Planted at the N.W. cor-
thenee ., , i." "''"'", wn"1 *" lnw w��,er -n*'**.
"iire.irl,!.. ,""k' l,lw wnt"r mark 26 chains
*HthmeaV��2fa?C1 """,' ,0 s-w- <,��"1<,r ��t l��t
���hewoawi. i" -''""if WBh water mark (beinir
wle<. t' ,, i, ,""!"'"ry "f lnt mn 26 chains more
��� t-tmtii ri; ���;, ssnstisp""'conu,n,nK
>-] MV;n'|';',<,'^t,'KXAND��� TALLENDER
p,lti March is.'
Skea-na Und Dlstricl-District *JttJr**_B___!
Take    notico fiat OM,.mX*m*___**__*t_/m*m
llunort   It. 0.. occupalion cla-rk. inlend* CO apply
tor'Pmf^on't,. purchaa tbs feUowlllg ,l-en'"'l
���"cSmmnneinl at a post plant- I *%***_��*?��
Irom the aanutli west eorn-r ot Ul '.HI. t.i.-nee
chain, a-iist thenca- 411 chains nortli. Ihenn- l��
cha na SS SSS tt' chains ��'""" ����� Pmnl "!
_n "iV-nt; cwnUlnin* 160 acres, mora or
hus. Post marked D. M.. fi_ \.A."[,. asJlMAM
Datnl Pela. U, 19H DAVID McU.NNtN
I'uh. March 4.
Skeena Und District���District ot Coast KanK- 8 noUn-that Al-��n,ler ll-aOm c. Vancou-
vor, H. C. occupatioo SBrpsBtsr. intonds o I. pa
(oVWmUiion to purchase tho lollowinn ilescrilaul
'  Commencini at a post pUntjdJO Sbjtta -uth
sS5S rwMco"e t^nn!"!;.; A
Suth thenre"HO chain, east.' thenn- SO chains
"rth!  thenre HU chain- JrSSt to  point <J   com-
Pub. March 4.
Skean. Un.l District-Distrir'. ol Coas^iRgW ���'
T.ko notin- thai Sam U**** ' ""��    gl*"
n    C     neeunatinn  c-rk.     int nils    CO apply  aaa.
U.  ly.,  ocanap.iiuu  ��- laatlaaaHna   described
permiaaion   to  purchaso   the   lollowini!  u-��n
Uke. thenee meandering said lane ���uaaw".
iriv diiasi-tlon to point ol ���%-r��?"'Xi ��
talnlni 80 acres, mora!or 1 asa.   1 <��t *******
Pub. Mareh 4.
Skerna Und Wff^-jWggJrtjf^^^U
Take notice that Annus llcaton 01 wmjaa t-  i
B. C.. occupalion miner, toWdr�� Wfcfc>��
misaion to purchase thefnll""'^   c,ctr th(, snut|,
I rar.4AmiN- l- C��rnANOUS BEATON
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Und 9*W*f^Si\mmj "Tvrince
Tako notiee that I. Mr...John J9^W ��� mi.-nds
Kupert. B.C., occupation ���"��"l^ J-���   f'(lllowi���K
to apply for permission to purcnase
described land.: -l.aalad 40 chains east
Commencini at a post plnntw   ����� ,f
a���dl2(l chain. ���^"^���^thsSSt south ��
lot 1733. Coa.t U'"''-'c$;1R"hnI1^.r'' tec- north *>
chain., thence east 40 chsin��;n^���llM, ���, the
chain., thenee west 40 ch ains nior< n(,rp9
point  of   commencement.  containinK
more or leas. mrs  JQHN (LoU|o) CORLEY
Dato Mar. 20,! 91'.
Pub. Apr. 4,1911
Commencln| at   a pott  plsnted aooui.w", __^  _^
*& , , ��� �� ��,���� ?,   The'nam   ^dreaaandoccupal  SSgaBSM H       .
SarrfSrOT^V***      I       SwUmS is George V ig,  *gStt?3jW��i��i*| "MES3
sag, s&ig*��~g_i       victeria^.c.       ... Mln csawar���?��
,1,,-nn-  N  elia..,>  ��������-���'"   /���,,.,���,'      ���, ,. ,ta- f���. m|��� inff DUrPOSeS)    1' tm*    JD"-      ,.."?'   '"mi   el ,,     ***   BOebsl.S,
thsnes B0 ehstni warn, im-u.,. ....	
thence mi ehaiti eaal to point nf oommu
and niiuainim,- um aerea more orlow
Dsted March 17. lull CaEORGE FRIZZELI
ill' for mining purpoi
ei-'a Certificate No
il marsisa m. ......	
thanes north so ehslsat, itn-m- wssl W elm .,
thenn- smith   ^' shsUaS.   UaSBCa   ea.1 RO   chain.
- '������ - i III  .er ��.
S ~n������40.��. m��rre����.   p.m ���,,, . ���,������* io....... - ; j ;;-���--,;,.���,;,/ �������� , 110 se, ..
w��*   n ^r^r-^Sf&F* to* ���*��w
�����,S*.7BS ���rank ^-ffl '  ' ,���, llf ,|ivi.M������ 11.   or   ll-       .��� ���,:,n���,i about -*'���" t.i.   The Quantity of water applied i
I    ii.. i Chartolte'l'lands Und District    |,-i ol
,M ., . p., Han...! .boui ���n (d)   The quantity of water apDlied for    T^_a^^tj!ta2WfiJjJii222S
Comnwncini ��t  ��� ',      ',,. ,,[ ihe month of   v  .��� ui- t.*.**. nnr socnmll i-**'>
mil,- wm ua W�� tnt"   *'u
fnr pormbnon to parahtM tho following *i��-scni'o<l
Conmenelni nt ��� poti pluntad about m ohalna
th wiwi of the euttonu wnnhoUM at Stikine,
I'M   ill)  chlUtl".   tl��'riP<-   wuth   -'i
ment and mill operations. ^^ Uml I)���trlc,-���i.,nciof
tr  r..e   Irritration,   descnue    nu   **" skea-na ...
{UlJjt Irrigated, giving acreage..   Tlke mU. ..... I. WW-*?,1*22525
Jfiff T*Smtm - ��� ����  ^SStalng purpose, deKrite the r^tasd.. tjj^sbjjjtojsg
fefel, CHRISTIAN A.TERVO     gy.jjjjj,��� ^ ��� .'            ^S^^ffS \        I
''"" A|'r" SrdifferenceinaldtedeteWeenth.   MiigJ^'.'ffiS o
sk **\m-��X^*-��*\   &tofdWeSSAttvir7S ffuSga; -= ;  ""'"*
T,lk,. nun.-- thst I- I ';rr,r,1,'",.,,, Intend to      At or m-ar iiumiIIi ol Ain wv��j ���,.:.    more or M�� lOHNMsLB
ofUoo��B��.^uttS^��1?,gr(iit, sndbM    ."l"'!'       ���.,..,.  WM  ,���,s���.,l   on  the  , , _ . ��� K.lvl-.rK
,.��� jnteniis to spflSj _    -p. prfnce Ru|*rt, B.C.
m -rtdaWB"-pirslta 'he following dcscrlhnl   p.Q. Box 285.    _ # pp  gecon
���iiie.1 pn. Box886, rnnce r.u,	
, 14    NOTB-One cubic foot per| second li
i,   l-��       ,\llir. .,. -| ���,,,..- s int'iits.
(or lu'rmissiu-i m \.u.,..
CnmtneiiriiiK  at  a pnst   planted  aboul   6  1-2       NoTK ���Due I'llllll- i
miles wesl  und half ll mile south Irom thc mouth   .���,���|,.,,l,.���t  .,, ���[-, 71  ,���i������c-u Inehaai
ol sinnliy Creek, whm II cmptle, Into Naden  oquivaieni to i��,(l inini'i I inilu:
liarlinr, (Iruham islnnil. thenes  10 e!ialns nuth    Villi. Mnri-ll I'i, 1911,
thenn- 40 rhaitis east, tln-im-   10 cluiiii" ti.,ii>i.
thenre 40 ehains west to point ol eomtneneetnenl
anil eunluiniiiU Hill acres innri'nr h-ss.  	
Dated March IT, lilll.
CATHERINE HARRISON ,,,,.n ������., nomtUTOT
Pub. Apr. 1 Numa I'liners, Agent READ THE OPTIHISi
fnlluwing   liiirli  wiaia-i  i,,,.,���   .
thence weal to low water mark; tln-ncc
northerly following low water mark
12iH. feet; thence aaat to polnl ��f gob*
Dated MnrcliV, mil.
First Insertion March 11 THE  PRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
���.���'��� I* ���
MAI   ���
���    y
We are again handling and are
agents for the celebrated "North-
way Garments'" This is the
line that gave such satisfaction
to our customers last fall. A
sample shipment of these units
arrived for us last week and they
are selling very fast. We ordered more by telegraph and
they should be here by the 15th
ln the meantime, we have the
Northway Style-book, and shall
be glad to show it to you and
take your order for any suit you
may select and have it made to
your measurements. Ask to see
this book [and examine the cut
and finish of the suits we have
on hand. Northway has the
reputation of turning out the
best garments made  in Canada.
H. S. Wallace Co'y. Ltd.
Dry Coodt, Chinawarc, Etc.
Fulton Street and Third Avenue.
Forty Million Dollars Represented the "Harvest of the
Sea" Last Year���And Yet the Wealth Has
Barely Been Tapped
year 1910 the enormous amount of
of 52.1,391,601 pounds of fcod fishes and
fish products, valued at $39,706,400, or
enough meat to sustain an army ot a
million men in lhe field on a ration of
one pound a day for a year and a half.
Some striking figuies on the extent
and ramifications of the Pacific Coast
fishing industiy are furnished in the
annual number of the Pacific Fisherman
which has just been published in Seattle.
According to this publication the fishing
industry of the Pacific Coast, including
Alaska, British Columbia, Washington,
O.egon and California, produced in the
B. C.'s Big Share
Of the total amount, British Columbia
contributed   $8,602,306,   which    repre-
Every Equipment for Ihe office
Globe-Wernicke Desks, Filing
Cabinets and Book Cases, Etc.
Satlafy bocauae of QUALITY. DURABILITY and PRICE; bocauae they
are apeoially made to meet local climatic conditions. Catalogues aup-
pliea) or mailed to any addreaa with
pricea. : : : :
McRae Bros., limited
Sixth Street
and    -   Secern) Ansae
] Make Money in Real Estate |
Strikers Leave Town
Ahout one hundred Montenegrin strikers left town at three o'clock this morning to "mush" up ihe line in search of j
wotk.   Their departure wits made very)
"Uncle  Jerry"  Buys  at  Kiteelaa
Mr. Jas. Kugler has just purchased i
Inr himself eighty acres of line land j
at Kitselas. The holdings there are in|
strong   hands   although   demands   are i
Twenty-four hours ending 5  a. m..
April 7, I
MAX. TttaU>.        MIN. TEMP.
37.0 32.5
j    VaTvn    cannot  make  money   faster   or   surer   than   by   in-     ;
��� ^ **���   vesting  in   Real  Estate.     This has  become   an   ea-
^^^^^   tablished  fact  in  Northern  British Columbia.    Prop-
:    erty  values are now  low  and  with  the  great growth of this     :
j    country  your  profits  are   assured. .. .��� .' ���
: 1Q11    wiH   8ee   eiraat    growth    and    development   in   this
: APXA   country,   and   especially   at   Bitter   Creek,   where
; ***"*   you  can  now  buy  lots  at  from  $100.00 per lot and
: up,   1-4  cash,   from  thc  original   owners   and   at   the   original     ���
: prices. ." . ��� .' . ���    -      . ��� .' . ���    i
p5     FFCC   MY   DESCRIPT1VE   PAMPHLET   FOR   THE   ASKING        ���1
BAR.        IN. RAIN
29.716     .92
Job Printing ?      Optimist.
F. G. Dawson
Prince Rupert
sented a capital of $6,823,852 employed
tm the fishing industiy ol this province,
requiring the labor of 19,500 poisons
with their earnings totalling $5,680,000.
In all the economic value of the industry of the Pacific Coast is represented
by its employment of 58,826 men, and
its wage contributions of $18,000,000
Big Salmon Haul
A study of the production by va-
rities of fish used for lood purposes i��
as ptriking as the total. The production of canned salmon leads with
4,310,082 ca--e of forty-eight pound
can , valued at $23,024,825. Alaska
produces the largest quantity��� 2,387,-
814 cases, valued at $13,132,977. and
British Columbia next, 762,201 cases,
valued at $4,192,105. Next in value
is the production of fresh salmon,
amounting to 82,198,200 pounds:, valued
at $4,578,479. Washington pioduces
in pounds, 55,542,400; Oregon, 18,-
161,000; California, 4,884,800; Alaska,
1,200,000: and British Columbia, 2,-
Lota of Halibut
Halibut rank" next, with 53,006,376
pounds, valued tit $2,650,880. Of
this total British Columbia contiibutes
22,500,000 pounds, valued at $1,126,000
against Washington's Btate production
of 30,506,376, valued at $1,525,880.
Mild cured salmon comes fourth in the
list, with 23,045 tierces, weighing about
860 pounds each, and valued at $2,-
074,050. For British Columbia the
total in mild cured salmon is 1,638
tierces, valued at $147,420. The other
great fish food products, such as sail
and dried salmon, hen ing, tysters, and
other shell-fish make up the total
quoted, namely: A value of $49,706,490,
in which are figured whale products,
oil and guano and the pioducts of the fur
seal rookelies which are to be subtracted
to get the actual value of fish food
products to be credited to the Pacific
Most Var ied Fishing
To British Columbia is given credit
for showing a more varied industry than
any other districl on the coast with the
exception of Alaska, for having the most
j valuable halibut fisheries in the world;
for her herring fisheaies in the vicinity
of Nanaimo, not being exlipsed on the
I coast: fi>t her whale lislt-iies off the
west coast of Vancouver Island having
proved a remarkable source of wealth
and putting het at the head of the list
in this lespect.
Nearly % 10,000,000
With an annual production of natural
wealth of nearly forty million dollars,
tie fishing industry ol the Pacific Coast
is surely one of the richest of the many
rtsourcts of tnis coast.
MniK.iv    Graham
A quiet wedding took place yesterday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. J.
Roo.jes on Seventh avenue, when Mr.
Ji-mis MacKay, of the Pony Express
Company was united in marriage to
Miss Mary Lithgow Graham. Miss
Caiuham arrived with hel aunt, Miss
Helen Caiaham from Calgary where
she has lived for the past few years,
since leaving her home in Scotland. Miss
Graham will return to Calgary, while
Mr. and Mrs. MacKay will take up
their residence in Prince Rupert.
Mr. MacKay is well known as one of
our most steady and industrious young
j men and his many friendc send him
their heartieft congratulations as he
begins life with his beautiful young
Rev. F. W. Ken officiated at the
G. T. P. Transfer Agenta
Ordere promptly filled.   Pricea r(.��5���������|,|9l
OFF1CE-H. B. Rocheatcr. Centre St.    1'honJ
I Northern Produce Co'v.
I   Send for our Weekly Price List
Phone 151    -   Phone 151
Opp. Bank of British North America. New loggers shoes 11 in.
high, made to order at $8.50.
Men's soles $1 Ladies' solei 70c
Men's heels 40c Ladies' heels 30c
Men's sewed on $1.26
Ladies' sewed on  1.00
Shoes  repaired while you  wait.
All leather first-class quality.
Ludwig Strubi - Fallon & 3rd Ave.
Read the Daily Optimist
Razor Strops
$1. to $3.50
The Pioneer Druggitl
PHONE   i   ;   ;   82
1 Ask Uncle Jerry "^"
On January 16th and 22nd, Eastern
papers on Jan. loth, Western papers
on Jan. 22nd, our Prince Rupert Opportunity advertisement appeared in
papers in New York, Boston, Providence, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Paul and 37 can make many times as
Sunday issues of big U.S. daily news- if you will buy and sell and not hold on
papers in all. On Feb. 25th our Prince so long to property. All of you put
Rupert advertisement appeared in 26 your shoulder to the wheel and boost-
Canadian daily newspapers. keep on boosting���that's  the  way  we
will make a big city.
please take notice and list your property with a good live broker, if from the
above you think our equipment should
produce thc best results, you should
come in at once.
Wc advise  everyone  to  get  in  the
market this spring and  summer.    Sell
when you  have  a profit;   buy  again.
That's the way to make money.     You
much money
Prince Rupert
uncle jerry AskUncie jerry j
ll...    ..    I.--....   m   m ���  n..���..���.���. ** V
Has a Free Information Department
for strangers In the City and for nonresidents by correspondence.
He will build you a dwelling on easy
payment plan.
He will lease or sell you a lot on easy
terms for you to  build  a dwelling or
He BuyB Leases       He Buys Buildings ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
He Buys LoU          He Buys Contracts store on.
Hc  has  Stores  to  Rent. He will sell you a house and  lot  and
He   Buys  Lands  in  Skeena antl Naas you can pay 0n monthly payment plan
River Valleys. uke & .ef._e on your |otl ami
^^ eight
| Ask Uncle Jerry
Uncle Jerry
He wants 50 Houses to Rent
He Sells Leases He Sells Buildings
He Sells Lota He Sells Contracts
Hc wants Stores to Rent
He  Sells  Lantls  up  thc Skeena River
make your investment  pay  you
per cent.
Ask Uncle Jerry I


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