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 Tie Prince Rupert OptiMisi
TOL. II. NO. 12
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Monday, January 16, 1911.
Price, mve Cents
Erection of Great Modern Departmental Store Is Under
Consideration���Representative of Company
Has Been In the City for the Past Week
The   world   tamed    Hudson's   Bay
smpany  whose  mammoth  stores  are
ImonR the features of industrial Canada
ire contemplating   the   opportunities
ut ars* offered by Prince Rupert for
I erection nf a branch in this northern
lity.  Up to the present time no details
pn be announced   regarding   the   intentions of the company, but that the
proposition is under consideration there
(in be very  little  doubt.    A   representative of the company has been in
lie city all lust   week  from   Victoria.
lilt today for the south again on
Caniosurt.    While he waa not at
liberty lo make uny statement on the
iubjert he mentioned that he would
sback in ihe city again in April.
Thi* Hudson's Hay company is no-
loriously connrvative in its operations
Ind il may be some time before any
iin that may now be under consid-
Ir.itii.i. will In* put  to execution,  but
p tl eantilM it  may be taken for
luted that within a comparatively
hurt Uma ths- city of Prince Rupert
fill he uraivsl by (he presence of one
|l ths* iim* sirueiures that are associated
th the company')! name in Winnipeg.
Vancouver and Victoria.
The presence of such a store in the
city -would be it great boon to all concerned. In addition to that substantial
fact it would be a splendid compliment
and advertisement to the city as a whole.
Though a pioneering company even
the Hudson's Bay people are not likely
to locate in a dead town in the forlorn
hope that it would resurrect itself
at their bidding. It is an organization
with one of the finest executives in
the world, and if they come to Prince
Rupert they will mean business. It
is up to Prince Rupert to see that they
get it.
j It is understood in well-informed circles that there will be no
change in the composition of the
Board of License Commissioners
this year. Mayor Manson will
recommend the reappointment of
Commissioners Smith and Merryfield.
Aid. Kirkpatrick and Mr. M.
M. Stephens will probably be
recommended to assist the Muyor
on the Board of Police Commissioners.
Seal of the City Was Handed Over to the Mayor by
Magistrate Carss���Hilditch In a Warm Corner
Now���The First Meeting Tonight
Prince Rupert's new city council has j when the council gets busy.   This time
KII IS   FIVF ��� immetiintely   afterwards   Mr.   Munson
held its first official meeting. At 11:80
a.m. today the newly elected Mayor
nnd aldermen usembled in the City
Hull where Magistrate Carss wus waiting
to swenr them in. Alderman Hilditch
kept them waiting a few minutes. He
had to be sought by telephone.
City Clerk Woods repeated his proclamation   of   the   election   result,   and
Scandinavians and Finlunders tuke
notice. Thc funeral of Eric Kouri who
was killed in the recent explosion near
Seal Cove, will be buried tomorrow,
Tuesday, at 1 o'clock from F. W.
Hart's undertaking parlors.
Western Expect* Run* into Yard
Without Signal* and Collide* with
Boiton st Buffalo Special Smart
Rescue Work.
General Strike Among the Coal
Miners Said to be Called for Some
Tim. tnd Purpose National Union Move.
Special u. lh*. Optimist)
Nn York, Jail. U.--According to
I United States agent of the National
Mor*, Kir.*i,i,.|,'s Union of Creat Britain
. I"* '���-������'" decided that a world wide
mm unon| seamen be called juat at
fr lime .il the Coronation of King
magi* V
To luriluT i-ompliriite matters a
���nl ftrltu ���f the coal miners also
M��issi called ai i he same time according
',t'" mui i authority.
(Special to the Optimist)
Batavia, N. Y., Jan. 14.���Five men
dead, two fatally injured, and twenty
,    ,. ...    ......    ,   , .   ;more or less seriously injured, ia the
,.| the Mnpire will >..' held ... St. J.i.h- H, ^.^   ^.^   ..^   _.   ^   raj,way
wrech today.    The wreck was caused
i by the Western Express and Boston Si
��� ��� ���      ��� ��� I Buffalo Special colliding in the yard,
be   leaving   town   on   Thursday     The  Western   Express  was  making
On   Tuesday,   January   17th,   ut    4
o'clock a special meeting of the Daughters
Hall.   All members are requested to be I
evening,"   he   said,
like   this   matter  to  bc
good time before I go."
The case therefore stands adjourned
until Wednesday at 10 a.m.
And   I   should ! the station ut the time with passengere
|-,b��- ta,-.  Agaln��t  S.  M.
Anain Adjourned
'n 'I*'- police court this morning the
*I dun:,, again* S. M. Newton came
or preliminary hearing.   L. Patmore
'Iffeni-e desired u further adjourn-
nl until Thursday.   A. Manson for
PKWecutton   represented   to   the
n "'-'I   he had  already consented
***f*i adjournments though ready
orn 'h" first to I)r(1,ccd with the cage
���-time, he thought, that the de-
��d 1,7   "r,'|mr*''1 ��Wt case.    They
* m long ,.nough Binee the charge
,,,;;;';'��.- for the preliminary
_��� m^T, .('Rr8S dwided- hoover,
'    i��* an '"'inurnment until Wednes-
took thc oath to which he subscribed
his name, and then took his seut at
the head of the council table. His
example was followed by the aldermen
who were each ushered to their seats
around the bourd by the city clerk.
Alderman Smith is the only member
of the old council who keeps his old
place ut the Mayor's left hand. The
position at the foot of the table once
Alderman Pattullo's is now occupied
by Alderman Hilditch. Alderman Puttullo is on his right hand and Alderman
Newton on his left. Someone, who
shall be nameless, remarked that Aldermun Hilditch will be in a hot corner
will prove.
In bunding over the custody of the
���.eul the Magistrate took the opportunity
to congratulate the Mayor and the
aldermen upon their election. The
confidence of the people of Prince
Rupert had thereby been reposed in
them und it now became their duty to
discharge their various offices in a
manner that would relied credit upon
themselves. The people who had elected
them would no doubt desire to have
their resources corn-cm d and it was
therefore the duty of the newly elteted
council to look after the!r interests
efficiently, but with u due regard fnr
In uccepting the custody of the j-eal
Mayor Munson thanked tin- speaker
for the congratulatory terms used. He
pointi d out thut the office of Magistrate brought Mr. Can-s into close
relationship with the laws. He eon-
gratulutcd the members of the council.
He was sure that they would ull work
in harmony for the betternn r.t ol the
city. The lirst business mesting will
be held this evening.
Calgary, Jan. 14.���(Special)���John S.
Sayre who was injured in an automobile
accident on First street lust week died
now raging here.   Crown's Nest Pass is
a   blinding   whirlpool   of   snow.     The
and the other train was stalling in the
.     ms. ii     a ... *.--. temperature   is   twenty   points   below,
yard.   The express is alleged to have,      *^
come ahead without BignaU.   Had the j Every now and them reports come in
train  not  been  slowing  down  at  the j regarding   someone   who   has   broken
time the death roll would have beeo,down   ,,,   trying   to   reach   the   town.
much greater than it was.    Hundreds i Immediately relief parties are set  for
of helpers were immediately on the spot  l0  rtm(s-er  assistance.     Every  line  of
rescuing   the   injured   and   recovering, communication   is   blocked   and   the
the bodies of the dead from the wreckage.! towns in the distrirt ure all snowed up.
Utile** Service on Certain Route* I* i Total  Value  of   By-law*   Pa*, cd
Improved Will Evoke Clauie Charter and Fine Them $10 a Day Each
(Special to the Optimisti
Winnipeg, Jan. 14. -The street railway situation in this city reached a
crisis toduy when the Board of Control
Newton g^ved their ultimatum ujion the company intimating that unless the service
on certain routes was greatly improved
by Monday the clause charter enforcing
a fine of $10 a day for each Bervice will
be evoked. What action the company
will take to meet this new state of
affairs has not been made public, and
the public are in hopes that the desire
of the Board of Control will be given
effect to.
'���'  'a possible that I
Editor   It  Dead
Mossomin, Sask., Jan. 14.���(Special)���
Arthur Henry Smith, B. A., ex-principal
of the schools and until recently editor
of thc Spectaotr, a prominent Mason,
Odd Fellow, Orangeman, and member
of the Senate of Saskatchewan, died
today of typhoid fever.
$2,525,000-   Borrowing    Power
City I* Fixed at $4,(70,378.
(Special to the Optimisti
Vuncouver.Jan. 14.���Of the nineteen
money by-laws voted on at the elections
on Thursday sitxeen carried. Thc totBl
value of those approved is $2,625,000.
The total value submitted in by-laws
was $3,471,000. The city's borrowing
power extends to $4,471,378. After
deducting the amount of the by-laws
sanctioned there remains $1,946,378
for contingencies throughout the year.
The by-laws defeated were for two
bridges across Falie Creek, and for thc
acquirement of properties on Mount
Pleasant totalizing in value $946,000.
Fernie   in
the   Trough
of   Terrific
Fernie, Jan. 16.���(Special)- The worst
���torm in the history of the distrirt Is
WITH $7,500 WAD
Mining Man Wai Pottmaiter of a
Mining Town���Money Paaaed
Through Hi* Hand* in Registered
Schooner Elma H. Comes Into Port
Without Her Skipper- Some of
Crew Confess They Killed Captain
for Hi* Money
(Special to the Optimisti
Halifax, Jan. 14. A sensational story
involving a possible murder which the
Holicc are ut present investigating was
unfolded when the schooner I'.lma H,
bound for Victoria, H. ('., to engage
in the sealing business put into l.is-
comh in a very buttered condition.
Terrible reports wen* ut once circulated
by the members of the crew about the
awful gale which they encountered.
They reported the loss of the captain
who they said hud been blown clean
(Special to the Optimist) overboard.     Suilless   and   very   much
..    weather heulen she hud made her way
Halifax. Jan. 14.-The people of this  wjll)oul , fm_m,i Bkipp<,r |mo liw)mb
district are very much concerned over for shelter. The story of the crew caused
thc sudden and mysterious disappearance a great sensation in marine circles and
of William  O'Neil, thc  postmaster of j officers were   deputed to examine NIM
xt .... .r��.j r.~.��.... hiilI.lj ijlsusi I members of the crew regarding the death
NewwBterford, Capetown Mining town, I ,       ' .       ,-
,   .     , ,    , ,,    i of the captain.   It wits then discovered
which is situated about  twenty -miles | ^ lM_ ^^^ _, ��� diffw|d V(,ry
from Sydney. They are much more I materially. Some of them, apparently
concerned about the $7,600 which waa j frightened that the truth would come
mailed by the Bank of Nova Scotia -Mt in spite of them told that the captain
branch  of that  place to the Sydney',had bc**n_f_ttf*i for1,hp ���Vv ��} the
,,..,��� .    ,       : money which he was known to be in
branch,  which  had  disappeared  along I pmm_]m of.    At thp lime of lcaving
with him.    Thc money was mailed in
a registered package.
Later���The parcel containing the
money which was alleged to have been
stolen was handed in to the bunk's
agency at Truro today. Nothing is
known of the missing postmaster.
possession of.
the port the captain whose name ia
Uullian, had several hundred dollars.
That he was murdered there Menu
to be little room for doubting. Thc
police ure conducting an investigation
in regard to the matter and all the
member-; of the crew are retained as
...A Place to Buy At and Save Money...
sugar-B. C. Granulated, 20 lb. sack  .$1 .'25
cream ���B. C.i Large 20 oz. tin 10
B. C., Large 20 oz. tins, case  4.50
St. Charles or Jersey, 9 tiiiB   1.00
St. Charles or Jersey, case  5.00
St. Charles or Jersey, hotel size 4.75
Wethey's M-ince Meat, per package     .10
Davies Pork and Beans, 2 lb. tin 10
Mixed Peel cut in drums 20
Spanish Olives, 40 oz. jar 70
Spanish Olives, SO oz. jur  1.85
finest table apples -Spitzenburgs, Wine Saps,   and
Arkinsaw Blacks 2.50
Other Varieties, 1.75 and 2.00
Chillaw-hack Potatoes, per sack  1.75
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Heaters, Stoves and Ranges
Graniteware, Hotel and Bar Supplies
Shelf  and   Heavy    Hardware
Paints, Oil and Glass
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS* DUNN, Manager
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
The following properties will be ssild en block, or separately
ami on eusy terms.
Lots Block
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For prices, terms und particulars, apply to	
Second Avenue
Atlantic Realty A Improvement Co.. Ltd.
Phone 214
^****_^��*X%*-**m\ II *�� H-�� ��*��-
1 __^^
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Cowidian Egs
Every Egg Guaranteed
Stewart & Mobley - Agentsl
A Modified Greek Coiffure
A much modified Greek coiffure is
attractive for a girl of seventeen or
eighteen. The pompadour is made
quite small all round with the knot
at the nape of the neck. A Psyche
knot here is prettiest if there is sufficient hair for u knot of fairly good
size, otherwise one long puff or roll
will give about the same effect.
This is much the same coiffure so
generally worn a yeur ugo, but the
pompadour has grown decidedly smaller
and the knot is placed further down
on the neck thun in thc former arrangement. The ideal type of feminine beauty in the world und of all
the agea is the Greek, and the most
prominent feature of a Greek female
statue is the small head.
With this ideal in view it is impossible to keep longer to the enormous
pompadour with ihe hair standing out
nt the sides so wide as to utterly disfigure and dwarf the naturally pretty
lines of the profile and shape of the
heud. Even very young girls nre apt
to adopt the extreme in huirdressing,
und they, as well ua their older sisters,
should avoid all exaggeruted coiffures
and keep to the simplest effects possible
if they wish to appear really smart.
And even in a woman's enlightened
love there are still outbreaks and
lightnings and night along with the
light." Mrs. Ellis hus picked up in
unothcr essay of the philosopher another excerpt which fits in here. In it
the philosopher says: "Women would
like lo believe love can do all. It
is a superstition peculiar to herself.
Alas, he who knows the heart finds
out how poor, helpless, pretentious and
liable to error even the best, deepest
love is,  how  it  rather  destroys than
The Optimist
The Perfect Living Room
After all thc modern house decorators huve said their last word on
the subject it would be hard to find
anything half so satisfactory as the
simple rules given by William Morris
for thc making of a perfect room. The
woman who is planning lo rearrange
her house this fall with a view to adding to its comfort and attractiveness
would do well to read over what Willium Morris wrote about the furnishing
of the living room.
"Perhaps it will not try your patience too much." he writes, "if I lay
before you the idea of the fittings necessary to the sitting room of a healthy
person���first a bookcase with a great
many hooks in it, next a table that
will keep steady when you write or
work at it, then several chairs that
you can move and a bench thut you
can sit or lie upon; next a cupboard
with drawers; next unless either the
bookcase or ihe cupboard be very
beautitul with puinting or curving,
you will wunt pictures or engravings,
such as you can afford, only not stop-
gups, but real works of art upon the
wall, or else the wall itself must be
ornamented with some beautiful or
restful pattern. We shall nlso want
u vase or two to put flowers in, which
latter you must have sometimes, especially if you live in town. Then there
will be the fireplace, of course, which
in our climate is bound to be thc chief
object in the room."
Qoutrs Nietzsche on Women
Mrs. Havcrlock Ellis, who hus made n
careful study of Nietzsche, says the
philosopher is strangely reticent about
women, although he evidently has
worked ' out a philosophy concerning
them. She quotes him as saying,
"Everything in woman is a riddle."
She points out that he has said in one
essay. "The true man wants two different things, danger and diversion.
He therefore wants a woman as the
most dangerous plaything." The philosopher, elaborating on this point,
says in every man there is always the
element of the child and that woman
is his plaything. The writer then
quoteB this excerpt from Nietzsche:
"ln a womun's love there are unfuirness
nnd blindness to all she does not, love.
This Is One on Ua
"You allege cruelty, madam," says
the cou t. "What particular form of
"Your honor," says the complainant,
"my husband'got mad and threw things
et me because I tried to please him
with the meals I fixed for him."
"What have you to say?" alia the
judge of the defendant,
"I'll tell you judge. Maybe I was a
little husty, but it's this way: She is
always trying new salads that she finds
in the recipe columns of the papers,
and after I had tried to cat nasturtium
sulad, and hickory nut salad, and carrot salad, und egg-plant salad.and dried
beef salad, and spaghetti salad, I did
lose my temper when she handed me a
dish of shredded crysanthemums with
olive oil on them."
"I will not grant a divorce, but I will
censure the defendant in my private
office," says thc judge, leading the wuy.
Once the door is closed on him und the
wondering defendant, the judge says:
"Shake, old man! I did the best I
could for you. I have to put up this
bluff about censuring you because my
own wife will read of the case, und she
is now making delicious desserts from
cold mush and left-over breakfast foods."
Clasping each other's hands, the two
men weep silently.
i Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd. 8
Canada Foundry C��., Ltd.
All  classes  ol   Elcctris.*nl Apunrmut.
Railway  Supplies,  Pumi.s.   Enirines
Boilers, Concrete Mixers. Ornaim*ni-
al    Iron    and    Bronze    W..rk.   Kit.
W. CLARK DURANT    -    Agnl
A   new   line   of   Ladies'   Cndcrwc.r.|
Natural wool.
Flannelettes and Outing Flannel.
Ladies'  Fancy Waists.
Boots,   Shoes  and  Men's  Clothe*.
Third Avenue   -   Between 7th and 8lk|
SIXTH STREET prince mm ]
Coffee Fruit Cake
One cupful of molasses, one cupful of
brown sugar, one cupful of butter, one
cupful of raisins, one cupful of cleaned
currants, thn* eggs, one cupful of coffee, one  teaspoonful of soda dissolved
in one teaspoonful of boiling water, four
1 cupfuls of sifted flour, one teaspoonful
leach of powdered cloyes, cinnamon und
] allspice.     Cream   thc   butter,   add   the
sugar and cream again, add thc beaten
eggs and spices, alternate the molasses
and flour, add the dissolved soda and
the fruits.    Bake in a loaf in a slow
oven:   will take an hour or more according to the thickness of the loaf.
Lots In  Principal  Divisional  Points
���nd   Other    Important   Towna
Along the
"Ask Uncle Jerry"
P. O. Box 906, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Bombay, Jan. 13.���(Special)���A religious riot attained such proportions
today that troops had to be called out
to quell the disturbance. The appearance of the troops had no immediate effect upon the disturbers so
the order was given to fire. As a result
of thc volley eleven people were killed
and fourteen wounded. The firing
had the effect of dispersing the crowds
which had threatened to violate the
public peace.
Men and Women of Di.trict Arel
Fleeing Panic Stricken From thsl
Scene -Many People Still Entom-[
(Special to the Optimist
St. Petersburg, Jan. 14. A <l*"P<-"h
from Verny in Asiatic Russia announce
the dread news that a violent . artlaiunh
has visited that part of the WtinW
The bodies of 205 victims have iMW
been taken from the ruins of the '���""J
buildings. Many more are f* *
tombed. Thc people are COmpWW
panic stricken and are fleeing fw *"���
to distant parts.
Sksens Lsnd  Dlstriet-Quesn Charlotte >
Division r.r��V��'
Tske notiee thst 80 days siter dato j. ��    . ���
G. Tapert, Isrmer ol Skidegate, **���*������__, (ail
spply to the Chiel Commissioner <>l **"    n���
license to prospect (or eosl. oil snd **"
snd under the lollowing described l*""-?q     _A
Commancing st s post plsnted W "" IlWt
ot the southwest corner ol Lot 644, Grans ^
thence north 80 chains, thance east r . ��� ts
thonce aouth 80 ehaina, thence "��V���fi|(is(-*
point ot commencement, and contamini, fM*
Dated Nov. 14,1910. FKEDlNANDG. i"
Pub. Dec. 10
Skesna Lsnd  District-Queen Chariot"
Dlvsslon .  r,rHinl��J
Tske notice thst 80 dsys sfter date i.        ,, v
CJ. Tspert, Isrmer, ol Skidegate. �����- ������ M: *of
spply to tha Chlet Commissioner ������ ���     ,pllB oi
lleaiw- to proapect lor cosl. ___*_}_*
snd under the lollowing *SfN__i*% north**
Commencing st s post pl��nt-w ��l. ��� wuth *
eorner ot Ut 606, Orshsm lalsnd. tne ^ ��
chains, thence west 80 ehalns, tnon ���*�����-
chains, thonce cast 80 chains to polnl
ment, and conUlning 640 ��'*���-., ,; TAl'l*"1
Dated Nov. 14.1910. FERDINANi
Pub. Dec. 10.
���u-t..M*j.-t-;-;:. '.���._������.���.   Lj-^m THE   PRINCE    RUFKRT    OPTIMIST
Sails for
Seattle       __
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.'*
L BRUNO for Stewart Weunesdays,
w arrival of Prince George. For
wt Simpson. Naas, Masset and Mores-
DTI Will Mow ��� ��** ������������������I ������-��-���������	
. island points. Including Queen Char
it*. City 1'acoli, Rose Harbor, also
(fan Bay, every alternate Friday at
! o'clock noon, commencing Dec. ')th.
The Grand Trunk Railway System
mnecting with trains from the Pacific
ia.st operates a frequent and conven-
ni service of luxurious trains over ita
lubie track mate between Chicago,
oronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
ortlaml, Huston, New Vork und Phila-
el|.hin. Information and tickets ob-
iiniilil.' from the oflice hereutrdeo men-
wwJ. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
ne* arranged,
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Cosst S.S. Service
ss. Princess Beatrice
lorthbound Jan. 9--Southbound Jan. 14
Special lung vestibule trains leave
Fincoaverevery day at !��� a.m. and 8.46
i.m. fsir all points east.
Through tis-ks-ts tss European Points
lconnection with the finest Atlantic
. C. McNab
General Agent
Iprinit Bills, clean White Sheets 25c
Rooms 50c
Labour  Bureau  in  connection
All kinds of positions
funished FREE
J GOODMAN. Proprietor
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, B.C.
iiilder and Contractor
���'latin ind specifications prepared
PWCEl   Corner Sth Ave. & Green St
fhone No. 228 Green
FEED . . .
����b  Henny   Wennersten
Sf"Mific Electric Facial M....,e
tl��<"c Treatment, . Specialty
*00m No. 4,   Exchange Block
Bowser speaketh to MacBride, the
despot, on the uncertitude of politics���
on the ingratitude of constituents���on
the troubles of political bosses and other
Yea, verily thou art right in thy
deductions,  my son,  quoth  Mae,  and
Is he not the one who faithfully
served us. Even so Bayeth those who
have dwelt in the land of Prince Rupert
for years and are Oldtimers.
But Manson was wise, and looketh
not for their support, but seeketh out
the CheeChokoos, ihose who are green
methinks I see trouble brewing ���for us and not versed in the History of Ru| irl,
in  the  land  of  Prince   Rupert;    only
seven   moons   have   passed   since   my
noble  Commander  went   down  to  inglorious defeat at the hand of him they
of which there are many
Then cometh VSmith. the Silent
and offereth up his house, the Empress,
and Bayeth:     "Take this which is mine,
call Stork, and he and his tribe caused J Oh Manson, that thee and thy tribe
us great trouble, yea, even great an->niay guiher and make speech to the
noyance. multitude."   And so it came io pan
And Bowser answereth him meekly I that when the Moblites sought out
saying "My Lord, Thou who are mighty, j MacMillan, and beeeeched of him tho
go thou into the land of the enemy use of his house, he said unto them
and surely thou with thy great sword ! with broad smiles and with thick chest
can  conquer them."      And  forthwith
he prepared to go.
Now, as it came to puss, Tomdun
was a great man and went forth with
a will of his own, and fought in the
army  of  Fred  Stork  the valiant   de
"Even now my boss VSmith hath
decreed that none other than he, the
favored, shall use it."
Thus it was that the tribe of Manson
called many meetings that they might
cajole   ihe   workmen   with   visions   of
fender of  I'rince  Rupert.    And so it | much pay, small hours and much taxes,
came  to  pass,  on  the arrival  of the j That they might combine their forces
despot there were not cheers for him
but instead traitors, und backslidden
were among his ranks. Even Stephens
und others openly mocked him.
And his heart was faint within him,
and his great hairy head sunk for many
were the deserters within his ranks,
yea, even Morrow the Butcher waa
dead und gone, und defeat stareth him
in the face. McMortie to right of him,
McMortie to left of him, into the face
of Wataon he blundered, HillsU's *
volleyed und thundered, but still In-
lost not his head.
He culleth Toll.dun to his side, he
ringcth for Munson, he whistled for
Stephens und others, und with deep
nnd thunderous voice berated them
with dire threats of vengeance, should
they again disobey him. But they would
have none of him.
And he was saddened to number
Tomdun among the wicked, for there
was none like him in all the lund of
Prince Rupert, and he needed him.
So he spake to Tomdun in a loud voice
und layeth. "Therefore thou shalt
eat the fruit of thy disobedience all
the days of thy life, and I shull lake
thy job a-Auy from thee, und thou
shalt go und dwell in B fur country. I
shull buy thi-e us my slave, even us
n hireling for my servunt." And Tomdun was afruid, for he was un ancient
among men.
All of these things Dirk Mncliride
noted for he is a wisemun. and he
gaaed sadly upon Tom. und again spoke
upon him with gentle voice, yen. even
with brotherly affection, und said:
"But whosoever shull dwell with me,
und shull work my will, he shall he
rewarded, them shull I shower wilh
the root of nil evil, and shall smother
them with greenbacks und choke with
much copper."
Whereupon they proceeded to the
I'rince Rupert Club, where there wus
much rejoicing, for he was won over.
And it Came to [����� after many
weeks, that Manson, the Member,
with great cunning und forethought,
came forward, and suyeth to the people
of Prince Rupert. "Lo nnd Behold me,
a Member and a Mighty man, am
chosen by Dick to beat Mobley and
run thee," and there wus great cheering
among his followers, for they thought
to elect him.
Then it was that the people of Prince
Rupert rose in a loud voice and said:
"No, we will have none of thee." And
forthwith they formed the Moblcyites.
for Mobley was a mun of deeds, u great
man und strong, and they knew his
sterling worth. For had he not eait
his lot among them? Is he not a property holder?   Is not his business n great
ugainst Puttullo iuui others. Even
thut they might hnve their Hoodlums
und Boohers make loud noists nnd
cheering, thut they might deceive the
Cheechokoo, and laud thcmeelvts with
much false praise und false glory. Even
thut they might till fibs, und make
many rash promises, and drown their
opponent's voices Even Newton ihe
Scribe und Traitor rose up und sayeth
in u loud voice, "Here is he meaning
Mohlt-y who has served thee, let liim
till thee what he has done." <ii(i
Mobley the modest, left it to the
peoples. M uny Boos und much cheering.
I, Mac the prophet, obscure mun,
but observing, doth in this hour of
strife and of buttle, usscrl that ihe
tribes in I'rince Ruix-rt were made
blind with noise und Boollooing, und
nnd that ere they get wise they will
suffer much for their unwisdom.   Selah.
Lett in  Principal Diviaional Pointa
and    Other    Important   Towns
Along the
"Aak Uncle Jerry"
P. O. Box 906. Prince Rupert, B. C.
By-law  Necesaary  to Restrict Such
According to the 'ity Solicitors ihe
mutter of the proposed rooming house'
on Fourth nvenue neur (Iriint l'lare
objected to by residents there, can only
he dealt with by the framing of a by-law
restricting this class of building to
certain sections. Then* is mil time to
frame a speciul by-luw. und meanwhile
(he Building lns|M>ctor is instructed to
net in nccordunce with the provis'ons
of the by-laws in existence affecting Ml
Slso*na Unsl Dlstricl--Quaen Chsrlods* lalansls
Taks.* notlt-a that .10 Hays after slnle I. Sii.an
l^ary, married woman, sst Mlksa-pU, II. ('.. inten.l
In apply to tha Chief Commissioner sif Unsls. Inr
a license In prospiact for eoal. oil anrl petroleum
on and under the follnwing ilesi-rilsed lands-
CommencinK nt a post plantesl at Use snutheasi
corner ot Lot Ml, (iraham lsiand, thenee nnrth so
chains, thence west SO ehsins, thence south SO
chains, thence east 80 chains to point sif commeneement and containing; 640 acres. c.nv
Datesl Nov 18. 1910. SUSAN I.EARY
I'uh. Dee 10.
Queen CharlotU- Islands Und Distriet-District ot
Take notiee that I, Thos ll. Davey ol Qusa-n
Charlolte, ssccupation notary public. Intend Us
spply for permlalon to isrosisect for coal ansl petroloum on tha following described Isnsl:      VI
Commancing at a post plsnted thirteen miles
north and eight mllea east of Section IS, roam*1!'
7, (Iraham Island and markesl No. 74, T. K. D., g.
W. eomer, thence east 80 chains, thance north so
80 chains, thence south  80
chains,  thence areat ���   .,,-,���
cht|ns to point of commencement, conUlning nm
one, "hir'storehouBefl   Urge,   and   Wi' -gg^VflU
business well managed?
Pub. lire. 8.
WUwn Cowing, ARent
Skeena Und District- DUtrftOt of CoMt
Take notice that  Henry Mucartuey of  Prince
Rupert, B.C.. occupation miner, intend* to apply
for permi��9ion to purchane the following described hinds:
CommencinK itt n poat planted on left bank of I
Kx-chum-sik  Kiver it bout two and a half null's ;
from itd mouth und aln>ut one half mile above j
rapids,   thenoe   north   80  chama,  thence earn 40 ,
chuina, thence south Mi chains more less to river
hank, thence went 40 chains mute or lesa thing |
liver bank ti> poinl of commencement, containing I
820 acres, more or lens
Dale DOC iu, 191U.
Pub. Jan. 7. 1911. HKNKY MACATNKY i
Queen Charlotte ElUndl Land Diatrict -District ol
Take notice that I, Thoa. U. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
npply for permission to prospect for coal und
petroleum on the following described land:
CommencinK at a post plunted two miles north
and tive milea east of Section 18. 'township 7,
Graham Island and marked No. 13, T.K.D., N. W.
corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thence south 80 ehaina
ihence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640 acres more
or lesa.
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THUS. U. DAVKY
Puh. Nov, 17. Wilaon Gowini;, Agmt
Skeena Land District���Diatriet ot Coast
Take notice thai  Donald Clacher, nf  Hrerken-
rfdgl landing  Prince   Unpen.   H.  C,  occupation
farmer, intenda to apply for permission to purchase
(he following dencriited lands:
Commencing at a post planted uIhiui five miles
in a wmtli easterly direction from Hrecken-
ridge landing, and at the southwest corner of
IaiI 3065, thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 60 chains more or leas to the
south east corner ol l.ot 306*.*, thence weat 40 chains
mnre or less, along the lol line 3062 thence north
20 chalna, more or lcai, ulong lot line 3062 tu
the south east corner of Lot 3065, thence west
10 chnins more or Iom, along lot line 3066 tn tie
place of commencement, containing 660 acre*
more or less.
Dated Oct. 26,1910. DONALD CLACHKU
Puh. Nov 17.
Skeena U.nl District��� Diitricl ol Coast
Take notice thnt F.dwnrd Thomas ot Vancouver
l!-   C, occupation timl>er man, intends to apply
tor nermivint. to purchase the following described
Commencing at a poit planted on the we*��t shore
of Lakelse I ii.* .1 .mm 6u chains in a north-easterly
direction from the outlet at the lake {La Kelse
River: thenee north 20 chn*. thence wwt 40 chains,
thunce aoulh 20 chains to the lake than, ihenee
following the laki shore to point of commencement,
containing hO acres nmre or leas.
Gated Nov. 7. 1910. KDWARD THOMAS
Pub. D.t. 10
Skeena Land District���District of Coast
Take  notice that   Lionel   Dineen ot  Brandon,
Man., occupation teacher,   mends to    apply fur
permisaion   to  purchase  t"te   following  describe i
Commencing at a post planted at the southwest turner, 40 chains na-rlh and IU chains east
of the nertheast corner of Ul lilfi i Harvey Survey, thence f>0 chains north, thence 60 chains east,
thonce 60 chains aouth, thence 60 chains weet to
I-ost of commencement, containing 360 acres, mon*
or less.
Dated Nov. 11. 1910. LIONKL DINKKN
Pub. Dec. 17. Pted Bolder. Agent
Skeena Land District -District of Queen Chariott
Take notice that Catherine Bowman of Van*
couver, B. C, occupation spinster, intends to apply
for permisaion to purchaae the following described
Commencing at a pott planted on thc shore near
thu mouth of Juskatala 'lay, a* about the north-
wi<st corner of Timber Licenae No. 3089S, thence
eaat 80 chains, thence north 20 chains more or lens
to the shore, thence weaterly following the shore
back to the place ol commencement, containing
160 acrea more or leaa.
Dated Oct. 7, 1910 CATHERINE BOWMAN
Pub. Nov. 'a. A. E. Jcanip. Agent
Skeenn Und District��� District uf Cotut Rnnuc ft,
Take not ice thnt sixty da> s  from date that   I
Hugh Patrick Riley of Haxclu.n. B. C., miner, do
intend to apply to the commissioner of lands  foi
ftermfssioti to purchase the following deacilbed
Commencing at a post plnnted 40 chains south
from the smith-cnst cot her of lot 1733, thenre east
4n chnins, thenee south 40 chains, thence wesl I-
chains, thenee north 4" chains to point of commencement, containing MO acres, more or less.
Date Nov. 1st, 1910. IIIIliH PATRICK RILKY
Pub. Nov. 2nd. Robert Jas. Briekdale. Agent
Skeena Uad Diatrict���District or Queen Chariotte
Take notice thai C. W. StanclifTo of Vancouver,
H. C, occupation consulting engineer, intends to
apply fnr permisaion to purchase the following
descrilied landa-
Commencing at a poat planted at the southeast
corner of Timber License No. 3089! about one
mile south and one mile eut nl the entrance U>
Juskatala Bay, thence north 20 chains, thunce MM
80 chains, thence south 20 chains, thence weat 80
chains to the place of commencement, containing
160 acraa.
bated Oat 7, loio. c. w. stancliffk
Pub. Nov 5. A. K. Jeaaup, Agent
Skeena Und  District    District ot Coast Kanga
Take notice that Dan McDougall of Prince Rupert, B. Cm occupation carpenter, intenda to apply
for nermisnlon tn purchase the following descrilied
Commencing at a poat planted two chains weat
of the aouth east corner of William McPhee's
surveyed purehaae (Black's recent survey about
August 20 1910) on the east side of Lakclm- Uke,
thrnee weat 40 chains more or lam to K Langley's
purchase (Black'a survey August 20, 1910) thenn
south 80 chalna, thence eaat 40 chains, thenee
north 8ft chains to point of commencement, containing 320 acrea more or le**.
Puh. Nov. 5 William McPhee, Agent
8keena   Land   Dtatrict���Queen  Charlotte  Islands
Take notice that 30 days after date I, Ferdinand
G. Te|>ert, farmer, of Skidegate, II. C, Intond to
apply to the Chief Commiasioner ef Lands, for a
license to proapect for coal, nil and petroleum on
and under the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted one-half mile
east of the southeast corner of Lot 503, (iraham
Island, thence north 80 chains, thonce east HU
chains, thence aouth 80 chains, thence weet SO
chains lo point of commencement, and containing
640 acres
Dated Nov. 14 1910-   FERDINAND 0. TAPKRT
Pub. Dec. 10.
Skeena Land District    District, of Coaat
Take notice that  Hume    Bablngton of   Prince
Rypert,   maator   mariner,   intends  to   apply   for
permission to lease the following dearrtlied land:
A small Waad In the Skoena Rlvar about four
milm abova Telegraph   Point conUlning about 50
D��Id I>ee. 14, 1910. HUME BABINOTON
Skeena Land District���Dtatrict *t Co&si
Take not ice that Sarah E. Alton of Port Simpson,
B.   C,   occupation   nurse,   intends  ta   apply   for
permission   to   purchase  the  following   described
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest
comer 140 chains east and 20 chains south ut the
northeast corner of Lot 1116 (Hnrvey Survey),
thenee 80 chains east, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains weat, thence north 80 chains to
post of commencement, containing 640 ucn-N, more
or Uvh.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. SARAH K. ALTON
Pub. Dec. 17. Fred Bohler, Agent
Skeena Land District-District of Count.
Take notice that L. W. Sloan of I'li'iee Rupert,
occupation housewife, intends to apply for permission to purchase lhe following de-nvibed
Commencing nt a post planted nl S. W. corner
l��t 1707 marked L. W. S. south easl coiner and
running north W) chains, thunce west lit* ehaina,
thence south 80 chains, thence eaat '20 chains to
point of commencement, containing 160 ociea.
Date Dee. 22. 1910.
Pub. Dec Rl, 1910, LURECT1A W. SLOAN
Skeena Land DUtrict ���Dtatrict of ('oast Range 5
Take notice that Harry Lever of Prince Rupert,
B.C., occupation plasterer, intenda to apply lor
permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planteil 10 chains weat
of the northeast corner of John Furlong's surveyed
pre-emption (Black's recent survey August 22. l'JIO)
on the east Bide of Lakelse Lake, thence weet 30
chains more or loss, thence north 40 chains, thence
east 30 chains, thence aouth -10 chains to point ol
cemmencement, containing 120 ucres more ur lesa.
Pub. Nov. 5. Chaa. M. Wilson, Agent
Skeenu l.aii'j District -District of Coast Range 5
Take notice that Charles M. Wilson of Prnce
Rupert, B. C, occupation real estate agent, ii.u-nda
ta npply for permt.ss.on tn purchase the following
desrrilted lands:
Commencing at a pus! planted at thfl northeast
corner of Johnson's surveyed lot No. ti^4, thenoe
weat 30 cbains more or lesa to 10 chuins east of
Pete Delinor's surveyed pre-emption t Black'a
recent survey August 25, 1!'10) on the east side
of Lakelse Ijtke, thence north 80 chains to the
aouth line of William Carney's lot surveyed Auguat
20, 1010, thenee east 30 chains, thence soutl 80
chnins to point of commencement, containing 240
acres more or less.
Pub. Nov. 5
Skeenu iJind District    District of Coast
Take notice that .May Dineen of Port BlmpWB,
ll. C. occupation stenographer, intend.* to a*ply
tor permission to purchase the following deecrilted
Commencing at a post plnnted at the north wmt
corner 100 chains east and "2ft chain* nerth al lhe
imrtheust corner of lx��t 1116 iHarvey Survey),
thence 80 chains enst, thanea 10 chains south,
thence 80 chains west, thenee 40 chain* north to
the post of commencement, containing 820 acres,
men1 or less.
Dated Nov. 14. 1910. MAY  DINKKN
Pub. Dec. 17. Fred Bohler. Agent
kcenu lagnd Dtatrict - Qumd Charlotta blandi
Take notice that 30 days after date, l. Charlea
Helmer, farmer, of Skideeate, B. C. intend to
npply to the Chief Cotnmw<ioner of (.and-*, for a
Icense to prospect for coal, oil nnd patrolantn on
ami under the following described la-ids'
Cumuiciiciht* at a post plnnte.l two in.lee south
of the southeast corner of Lot 501, (iraham Island,
Ihence soulh B0 chare;, thenee west 80 rl.aina,
therce north SO chains, thenee ea-t 80 chuins to
roii.t of c'lmmenrement, and containing t��4l) ncree.
Jatei Nov. 16, Hilt). CHARLRS HKLMBR
Pub. Dec. 1ft.
Skeena   Land   Dstrict���Queen  Charlotte    b landa
Dlvt ion
Taki' notice thai 30 d-ayn after date i. charlea
Helmer, farmer, ol Skidegate, B. C, intend to
apply to the Chief Commiasioner of Landf-i for a
lieer.se to prospect fnr coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the (ollowing dwerlbad lands:
( nmm'Micing at a post planteil t hroc n.il*e
south and one mile we*U ot the ���niutheas* ��orr er of
I.ol 601, Graham Island, thence Mai BO c.iaine,
thenci* south 80 chains, thence west 80 chit.na,
thenee north 8(1 chnins to point ot commencement,
nnd containing 640 acres.
Dated Nov. 16, 1010. CHARLKS  HI-'I.MKH
Pub. Dee. I ft
Skeena   l..n��l   Dtatrict    ljuceii   Chariotte   Islanda
lake notice thut 30 da>s utter date I, William
J l.esr., trader, ot Skidegate, B C, intend to
npply to the Chief Cnmmisfioner of I^ands, for a
license t.i prospect tor coal oil and petroleum on
and under the following described landa:
('ommencing at a post planted at the anut beast
corner of l.i.i . ui. Craham Island, thence aoulh 80
chalna, thinci- weat KO chains, thence narth 60
chains, thenci* east 80 chains to point of commence'
ment. and coi tuning 640 acroa.
Dated Nov  14. 1910. WILLIAM. J. LKARY
Pub. Dee. 10.
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Dtatrict- Distrci ot
Take notioe that 1, Thus. II Davey of Queen
CharlotU, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permMon to prospect lor coal and
lietroleum on the follnwing doscribed land:
Commencing at a post planted eleven milaa
north and aeven milaa east uf Sectinn 13, Towiuihlp
7, (iraham Island and marked No. 66, 1', R. D. S.
W. corner, thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chalna, thenn went 80 chains, thence south HO
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more ur leaa.
Dttad Nov, 9. 1910. THOS. It.  DAVKY
Puh. Dec. 3. Wtlaon Cowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District���Dtatrict of
Take notica that I, Thos. R. Davey ol Quean
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permiaaion to proapect for coal and
petroleum un the following described land:
Commendng at a poat planted eleven mllee
north and aeven mllea east of Section 13, Townahip
7, Craham Island and marked T. R. D. N. E.
corner, thence weat 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chalna, thence eaat 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more or lesa.
Dated Nov. 9, 1910. TIIOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson (iowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und Dtatrict���Dtatrict of
Take notiee that Thus. R. Davey ot Queen
Charlotle, occupation notary puhlic, intend to
apply for permtasion to prospect (or ooal and
petroleum on the (ollowing described land:
Commencing at a post planted eleven milea
north and seven rnllea east ot Section 13, Township
7. Craham Island and marked No. 67, T. R. D., S.
K. comer, thence nurth HO chnins, thonce w��Mt 80
chains, thence south 80 ehains, thence i������.-���.i HO
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more or lorn.
Dated Nov. 9, 1910. THOS   U. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent THE   PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
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Tula, notice thai  1. 'Ihos. It.  Davoy ol Qussssn
Optimist Condensed A<1. routs*.
for  coul   und
Daily Edition.
Monday. Jan. 16
A Raw Deal For Both Of Us
The unfortunate condition of Skeena district, in being practically disfranchised
Foil RENT-! room suites furnishes!, opposite  llnrt��� an^ in mllea
U. C. Rs*iil Estate Syndicate. Snd Avs*.,  i.s*iir
Mcllridc.   Apply sin on premises. MI
FOlt SAI.E-Nlnorooiucl house. I .t 26. block If.,
section "i.    Fronting sin rth isvs-. unsl t'.lh av~
Just put Haya Crock, boat location in section
nib-oleum on the following slescrilsesl lund:
Oommonclnj nt u post plantad thirteen miles
mh und live milra ea.t ol Section PI,  lownslnp
E. corner, thenco west SO chains, thence south 80
chnins. thence s'ast B0 chains, tlience north 80
chains lo point ul commencement, containing ti-10
Datad Nov. 8, 1010.
Pries'8,100,   TermslUHOoaah, balance 6 and U   Pub. Dec. 1.
months.   Apply within tour dajra to J. B. Baau-
enmp. P.O. Box 100. Phone JM. H-1"    . Queen Chariotu* Islands Land Disirict
TllOS. 11. DAVEY
Wilson liowtng, Agont
Oil KENT-Uoo.1 stand  for stoic or ollis-e in
Sesstt's HlsK*k, coiner Third  and  Eul
Apply tu C. D. Hand. ' ;
District ol
Davey sit Queen
'   c,   intend   to
lor coal and
���poll RENT-Uood stand for store or �������� ". a_^___\--_^__pM0_  notary  public." intend  to-
!     Scott's Block, coi ner *1 bird  and  1* ulton bt. _^  ^  _     '    jm  ^     '__  Iof -
pelroleum on the (ollowing describes! lansl.
.    . Commencini! Bt a posl  nlanted thirteen  mila
t cnr.1 as book- nor.., nnd ,iv(, ^lo. eK8t 0[ section PI. Township
     -. -.-honk.   Finder 7 t;r,,hum Island and marks*d N...-*.:t, T. II. D. N.
ph'nss* phssns- Mt, or P.O. H"x UM inims*slintely and w  comer, thenco easl SO chains, thencs* south 80
LOST-One bible, has photo pi
mark, also sine Cathsslic praye
Apply at Talbot Houae,
ehslns,  thencs. ws*st  80 chains,  thence north  SO
chuins to point ol commencement, cssntaining b'40
ucnss more or less ,      	
Dated Nov. B, l'JIO. THOS. It. DAVEY
I'ub. Dec. 3. Wilson liowing, Agent
in the rr0vinci.1l Legislature al present, suggests some of the disabilities    the \ W**-NTEI-*- A Waitress-^pply atSavoy Hotel
citv Will BOOB be under when the Mayor goes away to render belated service to the ;
dlrtrict.   li emphaata I the difflcultie. which must always crop up in a case where   WANTJB-'&b**, ��� -*****���    *���* *t7'gl
one man triea to hold down two jobs, both of which are running at the same time.
This disability which the constituency is now laboring under, and which
the city within B few days will be laboring under, is not a trumped up one.   It
become* more apparent the more closely the facta arc inquired into.  The populur i ^.J^^^^'U^sT^^Vn^
habit  of thinking that a member's duties are confined to his appearance in the   ajjiUnc In approaching after being warned do ao  chains* uTpofnt of commanoament, containing; 640
Bouse, blinds many people to a proper realisation of the way in which a constituency j ��their own risk.   s v McMOIt...K 4 ������, iSTC " UM. THOS. R. DAVEY
QuecntCharlotls- islands Ijinsl District���Diatrict of
Tuks* notics- thai 1 Thos. K. Dav.-y of Quoen
Charlotte, occupntion notury public, intensl to
apply lor pcrmissiisn to prosps��ct lor coul and
petrols-urn on the fullowing duseribs��d land:
Comsuciicing ut u post  plumed thirteen nidus
north unsl ss*ven mill's s*ast ssf Sssction 18, Township
7, (iraham Island and marked No. 51, T. K. D. N.
keep away  Irom lhe , j*   corrK.r, thence wesl SO chainB, thence south 80
Persons  per-   chains,   thence  east   80  chains,  thence  north   SO
is injured by a lazy, incompetent or tardy representative.
The abs-.net! of a member from the parliamentary debates, regrettable though
it is. h not nearly so much of a hardship to his constituents as his absence from
the committees at the commencement of the Session. There it is that a member
can 'lo his insist effective service; there il is thai he can best urge on his colleagues
the particular claim
Cssntractora   pub. Dec. 3.
Wilson Cowing, Ags'iil
To Water Consumers
Queen Charlotte Islands Uml Dictrict��� Dislrici ol
.'ake notice that I, Thos. K. Davey of Quessn
Cliurlutte,   occupation   notary   public,   intend   to
The cold  weather has practically stoppesl the   apply   lor   permission   lo   prospsfl   for  coul   und
supplv of water un the mountain.   Since the 10th    pelroleum on the following described lsnd:
of his constituents;   there It  is 'hat liv promises antl com-   in��i. water has la-en supplied to consumers by      Commencing al a post plantad thirteen miles
,���,.  .      ,     *, ,, ,_��� j..u:,,���l laacatalnHnn la Isrnnolil Isi.frsrs.   pumping, thia simply Is nt present sufficient fin    north nnd eleven milea east of Sectinli 18, Township
promise.** he can negotiate and see to it that an> tleeirea legislation is urougni Ueiore jjj JJ^g"     ,������.,���;,,..,, hut on account of numer- J, (iraham island und murke.1 No. !>*., T. D. It.. S,
the  House With the proper recommendations. "Ua taps being left wisle ..pen, the pump srunnnt W. comer, thence ensl SO chains, thencs* west 80
aawu.s              ...*- |. |(W1, up t|���. neesnam praaaure to supply the chums,  thencs. north 80 chnins, thence south 80
Possibly not even  Mr.  Hansons most  ardent admirers, certainly not  .Mr. higher pointa In the city. chains to point of commencement, cssntaining 640
sss              1   *     11* ...... 1.1 ��!..:��.  sl...s   a... ama.nawne   ,..*���  latitaaiial  ,sssu-,>r sm is slnlsatfsr The chairman of the Water Ws.rks Committee acres more or less.
MitiiM-n himself would claim thut he possesses any unusual power as a ucuaur , ,h(, consu������.r, wil| ualat the Water Worka Dated Nov. 8, mio. THOS it. DAVEY
or e\l)Oiient in the House.   His chief value lo lhe constituency rests in his   presence   Department by curtailing the waste of water and , Pub Ds*c.:). Wilson Oowlng, Agent
1 ,. ��� . .. .   ., * ,       a.*  u ��u       avs.isl the nsssTssit
as a negotiator in the parliamentary committees.   It is this work which the con-  night.
stituency is now being robbed of, owing to Mr. Manson's ambition   to till two chairman WaierW,'w*Commiuee.
jobs at one time.
On September :irsl. Mr. Munson with Hon. Mr. Taylor paid a visit to Mussctl  "
in order to consider some of the grievances of the settlers there.   As the Massett  Notice of Dissolution Of Part-
Review of that (lute remarks, "The visit WU not made tha Occasion of much com- nprihin
We have a splendid stuck
of 1H47 Rodgers' and other grades of Cutlery, but
we have a special line
made for our own nude
that excells anything we
have ever had. If you
will give ua your order
for your 1 utlery we will
stamp the name of your
house   on   every   piece.
Extra Special Price lo Hold
plimentary handshaking.   They were received quietly, and in a manner eminently
boliuing public sentiment up und down the Inlet.
Manson wu*  the lirst Speaker.     In  a few remarks he assured the settlers of his   asfruit. vegelnble and  llsh merchants in thecity
The news report says, "Mr. I   N"'i���' ���" ���*-'r��',,>' aije; (hat the partnership
] hoss't'dore existing; between us. the tinslersistnssl.
for cuttiisir otr the supply at
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Dictrict ��� District ot
Taks' Psssire that 1. Thsss. It. Davey ol Qus'on
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
upply fsir periiii.ws.un (o proapeet For coal und
petroleum on the lollowing ih'siTilM*sl hunt:
Commencing at a |in��s. plantssl thirtissn miles
north unsl eii;ht mill's* east of Beetlon 1-1. Tsswnship
7. (iruhutn Pland and markest No. *.ts, T. It. Is. .N
W. cornsT. ths-nee east 80 chains, thenca* south 80
chains, thenct* wesl 80 chains, ths-nee north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 140
ocrs-s mors, or lsses.
.     Date.1 Nov. 9, l'JIO. TIIOS. R. DAVEY
bes- ..ITons at all times. and .hat he would do what he could toward   straightening &* Jjg1 f^ nnnt ^TlZZJ^ninZl! Pub' Uec* 3* WiLs"n *"*** *���**
out the tangle existing On the east side of the Island." , 'Tld'el.t. ..wing ... lh.. said partnership arc to : Skeen.  Und  District-Queen Charlotte  Island.
Tllill   was  (111   September  .'ird.     Tile   Legislature   had   its   ollicilll   opening   on    la* paM   to The  Prince  Ruisert   Fish  Market of Division
a...      ,        .. ,   , ,11. t .1. ....  *i :..:. ...A   Prinsa'Kupert nforesaid. ansl nil claims against       Take nsstics* thai ;(0 slavs alter dale I, Ferdinand
iTimiy las;, though for over a Week before tin' executive council Was    Sitting and , .nvflM pTlrtnorahlp are to be press-nu.l  lo the   (i. Taiart. larmer. ol Skidsvate. II   C, intend lo
considering mch questions us the North Vancouver park at I.ynn Creek, and  ��}��i ,'rin"' ���-' gmitelt��trtwhqmtheeoras.|!��jjJy to the ChM Comnihalonar ot Unda, tor s
**               ��� '                    -*                                    ttnuinir partners H. J. Hacssn and I*. S. Evans con-   licenss* to prs,sp**ct for cs.nl. oil ansl pslroleum on
the deed for ocean UOCKS Bl Spanish Bank,    Bui   Mr.   Manson hus not showed  up   Itjtnte the Bin and by whom same will ba* settled. ' and uniler lhe following diwrihesl lands:
, Dat.sl at  Prince Kupert thia Uth slay sif Jan- ���     Csunmoncing at a pssst plants*d at ths* norlheast
yet. uary. 1911.                                                                    I co-ier at Lot Sil, Craham Island, ths-nee ssuth 80
.'sir. Manson's absence from the'Legislature at this time is a grievous hard- p''jS'1f\coN,SALL'   ' '���**""' ���hcnr*' "at-*m. '"""*��� lhcnro n"r,h 80
ship upon the Queen Charlolte Islanders, the Skwna salmon canners, the settlers; ll-l mo **. S. EVANS
want ing muds and truils, and all the rest of the constituents whom he has pledged  *****m���-a������������������
hiniM-lf io n present at Victoria. Natria-
Of course when he does go, and puts in a belated appearance nt Victoria,! lNOtlCe ] skeen. Land Distri��^Qu��*n Chariotu lalanda
the dty will then commence to suffer through the absence of ils chief executive.!    Take notico that the annual meeting  of  the;     Take notice that :I0 slavs utter slate I, Ferdinand
*.      ....    . . a       ,-        . ... .   .      I Prince Rupert (aenernl Hospital  Assssciation  will    (,   Timers   Isrmer   o   Ski.lpL.isle   11   C    ,���...,.t 1,,
On the face of It It seems a pretty bungle, this scheme of giving one man two jobs,   be held at the Court House, Prince Rupert,  B.C., I apply to the (Met Commissioner sil Units   forS
each of which demands his presence somewhere else at the same time. , __\i__ffii___rt "__** "*th<'ev<!nin*- "n thp : "&S tl"! ,ollowin-- H"'ril'��i1 Sffft
81st siny ssi January, i.sii. .     ( ommencing at a posl planted M chains north
^_^__^____^^_^^_^^_^^^^^^______^__^^_      All members are rsqnsstsd to attend. I ,,| the aoutheat corner nt 1 ,.*t Btt, (iraham Island,
12-26 A. CUTHBERT. S.*c. ] thencs*  south   80 chsins.  Ihenco  esst  80  chains
Ihence nssrth 80 chains, th-nce weal 80 chains, to
w. j. McCutcheon
Carries complete stss'k ssf Dru.'s    Sps-.ia
attention pahl ts. lining preeerlptlona.
Theatre Block Paoaa Mo. :��������� Seconii Hit ��� I
���������W��l'<|HfsM��H''M-+++++++++*" I
chains, thence ws��st 80 chains to point ssl csimmeuce- I
ment. ansl containing 610 acres.
Dales! Nov. 11, 11110.   FREDINAND 0.TAPKRT
Pob. Dec. 10.
Recurrence of Storm Haa Undone
Great Work of Snow Plough on Ihe
Line    Will Have to Bc Used Again.
The heavy full of snow has obliterated
all signs nf the active opcrntions thut
hats* been proceeding in the (i. T. I*.
yanls. The rails arc lieddcd deeply
in the snow and the few cars that arc
on duly ptfenl a very bizarre uppeur-
uncc for there is nothing in sight to
associate with them. The level crossing
which runs across the foot of Centre
street was blocked temporarily.
Mr. Mehan. the general superintendent of Ihe line, reports that the severe
snow storm has undone most of the
work performed recently by thc snow
plough, und in consequence of the
relupse iu the weather that powerful
implement will huve to be put into
active service uguin.
Down on the whurf 11 lurge gang of
men are engaged clearing uwuy the
snow. Their efforts arc being greatly
facilitated by the thaw which set in
yesterday nnd if Jack F out does not
reappear to upset  their labors every-
���������������������.��� point ol commencement, anil containing filll acrs-s
j Date.1 Nov. 14,19ia FERDINAND O.TAPERT.
|\ �� 11/C/\*M    PITV 80Ut'1-   S'le a'so reported rough wuether  Pub Dm' l0'
UAWOUW    LI 1 I   in the northern waters,    The Princess J skwn��� ,���,,���, .,1J.,rict_gu������ ch���lotto. .,lind,;
  ! Beutrice was expected in from Skagway      ��� , Division
1.   .    a. j . .       j j.j .      '     T����e notice that 30 slavs alter date I. Charlea
SEATTLE-YUKON TRADING CO 'S   "      Stle WaS dl'ti"n-'d lln<i ������'������ n"t arrive; Helmer,   tnnwr  of  HddSst*,   H.  C,  intensl   to
till lutfir apply to ths* OhM (-'ssmmiiwinnor ol Unds, for a
PREMISES    ARE    DESTROYED lin-ni". lu pnwpi*ct fssr coal, oil and prtrnleum on
__��� _ and un,1st the following doscribed landa:
���"  DDIKin-   oin.tiii Commencing   at   a   post   planted   (hrea*   niilsai
Ho,.......   I.   Ra��lsaa.aaawJ   .a    ��-,-, isssis ritlMi.t   KUrtKI aouth ansl one mile west ot the southeast cornsT ol
uamage   la   tatimatcd   ot   JZ2.000 OPPORTIINITIFS 1 Ut ROI. (iraham Island, thenee wirt au ehaina.
II,...,,..,, a I  A     Btt.     . WTWRIumilse thence sssuth   SO  chains,  thence east go  chsins.
Ihermometer    Recorded    Fifty-two   Lote   in   Principal   Divisional  Pointa   'hence north HO chains u, point of commencement:
and containing 610 acre..
Dated Nov. IB, 1010. CHARLES HEI.MER
Degrcea Below Zero at the Time of
the Outbreak.
Duwson, Y. T., Jan, 18.���While the
thermometer recorded 6'J degrees below
zero Inst night lire broke out in thc
business district und destroyed the
Seattle-Yukon Trading company's building, Mrs. Willinm Walker's dress goods
store nnd the Auberl building. Loss
Cottage City and the   Camoaun Arrive In Harbor About Same Time
The wharf at the foot of Centre
street presented a business-like aspect
this forenoon. Two steamers, the
Cottage City and the Cumosun arrived
practically together. The Cottage City
had only two passengers for Prince
Kupert. After depositing them and
a quantity of mixed freight she beat
out agnUi on her north bound trip.   She
thing will  bo  ,n   working order  very   rc|lorted rough W(,alllor mm_m____y *_\
jthewayup. The Camosun, travelling
, u day late on account of the recent
storm,   was   making   thc   return   trip
Read the Daily Optimist
Other    Important    Towns
Along the
"Ask Uncle Jerry"
P. O. Box 906, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Twenty-four hours  ending  5   a. m.,
January 16.
HAS. TEMP.     KIN. TUMI*      (AR.      IN. SAIN    SNOW
34.0 32.5      29.412   ...        6.0
Snow 24 hours ending 5 a.m. Jan. 15,
24 inches.
Pub. Dec. 10
Lota in  Principal  Diviaional Pointa
and    Other   Important   Towna
Along the
"Aalc Uncle Jerry"
P. O. Box 906, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Diatrict���Diatrict ol:
Take notice that I, Thos. K. Davay ol Quean
Chariotta,  occupation   notary  public,  Intand  to '���
apply  lor  permisssion  to  proapect lor eoal  and
petroleum on tho lollowing deacribed land:
Commencing at a post planted eleven milea
north and aeven mllea eaat ol Section 13, Township
7. (iraham laland and marked No. 60, T. R. D��� hf. !
W. corner, thence eaat KO chains, thenca south SO i
chalna, thence wast 80 chalna, thanca north 80
chsina to point ol commencement, containing 640 ,
acrea more or leas.
Dated Nov. 9, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Gowing, Agent j
Skeena  Und  District���Queen Charlotte lalanda
Take notice that 30 days alter date I, Ferdinand
O. Tapert, (armer, nf Skidegate. 11. C, intend to
apply to the Chiel Commissioner ef Unds, lor a
license to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under tho following described lands-
Commencing at a pssst planted 20 chalna north
ol the southwest corner of lot M2, Oraham Island-
thence nnrth 80 chains, thence eaat B0 chains,
thence south 80 ehaina, thence weat 80 chains to
point of commencement, and containing 610 acrea.
Dated Nov. 14. 1910.   FREDINAND fl. TAPERT
Puh.   Dec. 10
Skeena  Und  Distrirt- Queen  Charlotte Inlands
, Diviaion
Take notice lhat 30 daya after date I, Charlea
Helmer,  farmer,  of Skidegate,   U   C,  Intend  to
apply to the Chlet Commissioner nf Unds, tor a
llienae to prospeet tor coal, oil and petroleum o
and unslar the following sleacribed landa:
(ommencing at a post planted one m.le south
oi the southeast corner of Ut 501, Oraham Island,
thenco south SO chains, thence west 80 chains,
thenee north 80 chains, thence oast 80 chnins to
Point sil commencement, and containing 610 acrea
dale.1 Nssv. 16, 1910. CHARLES llEl.MER.
rub. Dec. 10.
There are eKK1--fn'*'' ''fi*'
strictly fresh egg��. ami mvtWr
teed strictly fresh cg-i*. It's Unguaranteed strictly trean if-f.*
that concerns us ��� and you U
well as us. For we frfve our iron
clad warrant that the egw W
sell are the
Guaranteed  Strictly Fresh
kind. We keep BWdle busj
yes, several hundred biddies
supplying our demands. In far'
winter and summer, tin' hennatj
has a standingjinler fur all the
guaranteed strictly fresh egjfl it
can produce.
Ideal Provision House
Phone 190
Third htm
Better than the best on the market.   Try it.
Centra   Street
Uave your orders by appointment t" ^,
A. J. Laneubllle, I ��� <*>��� ""
Toupea,   Itt^ftS,*!!*
Pompadours. Con.h-nsra m
Into    Switches    ansl IHE   f K 1 N C U  RUPERT    OPTIMIST
__. chariotta Wsndi Uad District-District ol
'.a* i. ��� *"'"" Sksi-na ,	
.,,.,, 1  Thos. R* Davey ol Quean
Take notice IMJ.����� public,   InUnd  to
>'������'"������ "*''*"i to "mspect  'u' �����'  ���lnd
W1-' '" '"'.'I f  I."����� Ins dcac ihesl land:
^__m on '��'""" 2 Ksd thirteen mUea
SKS^tvVsK nf Section. 13. Townahh.
���$ "',   ��� at J i"-"llB'1 No- 7,5' T* * ' S? sii
���TCraaam W- "';       8U cllu|I1B. tlience north 80 ,
���""'*;���       wast BO chains, thonco south 80
"\!, |Tn> ol cniinenivinent, containing MO
mm** lS,l,|fta TIIOS. R. DAVEY
M& Nssv. 1-. i-""- Wilson (iowing, Agent
lb. U��. �����
EernCh... Nh,nd.kUndDUtrict-Dl.trict<d
��> -^w^w-isre
S'n"l-e'������''��������'*�� irtnt d'thirtcen mllea
���WWi,.,n -si BO chains, thence aouth 80
to^�� I���' "'''''���,',n,'""''nC"' ,nd conU",ln'
jjri Nsss. 11.1��IU* wilMn (-owing, Agent
jb Chsrlotte UtaBdl Und District -DUtrict ol
.   ,i  ^ iioat  planted  th rtnen  miloa
;,;!!,,:  ^0^^,100 'll  Town-hh,
'     .    .,,   ml  SO chains,  thence south  80
.    ,���������nencement. cunlalnlng MO
���h iron*.si'taj. T||os  R   DAVEY
fffctTi wo��� Gowin|[-A*1*ml
LwiChark.it.- Wands Und District-District ol
r Sksvns , ���
J Tike entire thsl I, Thos. R. Pagf *}9g*��
bbsriotte. oecupstion noury publio, Intend to
H-lv lor psriiiisaism ta prssspect (or coal and
aJiilru*,, an 11 ���* (i.llowing ds-acribe.1 land:
nSamschll nt a *m* plants*! thirteen milos
Lh snsl I ���*'��� mils*, swl o( Section 1.1 Township
I.Glihsm l.-lsnd snsl marked No. iS. T. 11. D., H.
I Mn��. Ihanca west SO chains, thence north 80
, ,. -n rhains. Ihence south 80
..,*,. i��� polnl ul s-s.mniencs-nient, containing 64U
LaWfa mora I - mmmm    n    a-s.vrv
DstejNm* li  llilil THOS. it. DAVEY
p,d. |)^ i Wllsssn (sowing. Agent
��� ChsrlotU [standi Und Diatrict -Diatrict ol
I Tsks- r.ssiicc t'.at I. Thos. R. Davey of Queen
|-.-        occupaUon  notary   public,   inlend  to
pply lor ia: I., prssspect  lor coal  and
fm nn ths lollowini iloarribs.il land:
ataxias si a |ss.at plantesl thirteen miles
.1 Dues rail ut '.I Section 13, Township
tm Wsnd sn.l markesl No. 79. Thoa. R.Dja
m rorwr. thencs* ea.t SO chalna, thence north so
f . ��� ���������*������ tmt BO chalna, thence aouth 80
bauna to pssint s.l cssmmencement. containing 640
���ens more ssr Iras * . ..__.,
Kit Naj.lt, lilt THOS. R. DAVEY
^��ss.Dsc.J. Wllaon Gowing, Agenl
-wen ChsHoiif lalin.ls Und Diatrict���District ol
Talis hoikt thst I. Thos. II. Davay ol Queen
Cbarioite. ocrsi-saihin notary public, Intand to
���pply lor isrrnuumn to prospect lor coal and
prtrol.um sm tie lellnviing slescribed land:
Comnvrnrir.i: at a post plantod thirteen milsa
north and thne mil.- eaat ol Section 13, Township
J. (iraham IaUnd snd msrked No. 80, T. R. D., S.
li eorner, thenes ��wt sii chalna, thenoe north 80 I
Anns. uSaaea ant BO chalna, thence aouth 8S'
���tains to point ot commencement, containing 610
ar- ��� m M I--
D��W Km. IS, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Ms. Hie. 1 Wilson (iowing, Agent
Appeals to people of discriminating taste because of
its superb Quality and Purity���no matter if you
drink it in Canada or in its St. Louis home town���
it always has the same snappy flavor���its in a class by
Bottled only at the
Anheuser-Busch Brewery        Clarke BrOS.
ST. LOUIS, MO. U. S. A. Distributors Prince Rupert, B. C.
towns Ijsml Ih.inrt Queen Charlotte Islanda
like goUen ihst in days after date I, Ferdinand
G T��|a*n. tar-m r. ,.( Skislegale, B. f... Intend to
���PPly to ths-1 I -,| Commissioner nf Units, lor a
ttttm lo |.rs..|H*s*t tor coal, oil and petroloum on
���nj lsr.,1* is���, l���|.uw,n��� rtoaerlbaxi lands'
I Mwadas ����� :, |..,.i planted at the southwssrt
o-.;.ii *.. (,ral:sm Island, thenco north SO
(mi-... th. ,,<-. aui so chalna. Ihenee aoulh SO
���-j. ihmn- ami so chains to point ot eommenco-
Inw.t. ss.l <-,��� i������m, oio .ma.
DjalNi    ii ,*���,,   miDINANIH'.. TAPERT
ns*. 0*. 10
i Un.l lii.inn   Quoen  CharlotU lalanda
��� , Diviaion
��*��toi,r< tl ast :ill daya alter data I, Ferdinand
.jr. nl Sk'id.gata.. II. C.'. Inland to
1 M Conmiminner ol Unsis, for a
Queen Charlotte Islsnds Und DUtrict���District ol
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey ot Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public. Intend to
apply (or permiaaion to prospect for coal and
petroleum on tho lollowing deacribed land:
Commencing at a poat nlanted ntno mllea
north ansl seven milea oasl ot Section 13, Townahip
7, Graham laland and marked No. 63, T. R. 1)., hi.
E. corner, Ihence areat HO chains, thence south 80
chalna, thence eaat SO chains, thenoe north SO
chalna to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or loss.
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. T. It. DAVEY
Pub. Dee. 3. Wllaon Uowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und DUtrict���DUtrict ol
Take notice lhat 1, Thoa. R. Davey of Quean
Charlolte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply tor permUalon to proepoct for eoal and
petroleum on tho (ollowing deascriboal land:
Commencing at a poat planted nine mtlsai north
and seven milea east ol Section 13, Townahip 7,
(iraham Uland and markesl No. 64, T. R. I)., N.
W. corner, thenca* east SO chains, thenco south HO
ehaina. thenca weat 80 ehaina, thence north HO
ehaina to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea moras or leaa.
Date.1 Nov. 10,1910. TllOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dae. S. Wllaon (iowing, Agant
* fs.��;^i for r..,:. nil ansl petroleum on
'���������','...wing u . r si -��� --1 landa*
____.r   1 si s |H*.t planted at the southwest
|*""��.l Us .-.-,, (ir.|���m i.i.nH, thenee aouth 80
I "J*. ihw���v ������ m ,h,|nl, thence north 80
���"na.!"-!,*-'. ss.-t SO rhains to polnl of eommence-
_T_��* ""'"lining 610
r-wn. un,|  am_\m   gUK.n chariotu lalanda
... DivUlssn
I ilk, SMIeethal BO slays alter daU I, Ferdinand
LivT";'-' '��� "' SkidegaU, B. C, InUnd to
SW to the i|,���.| CommUrloner ol Unds, for a
JJJ* to Pnsnet lor cosl, oil and petroleum on
'M ��n0��� ������ i���u���wln, d������itHM| ,,ndl.
qu�� CharlotU lalands Und DUUict-Diatrict of
Take notice that 1. Tho,. K__W_*_$**2
Ch.rla.lto. occupation **m*tt\tff'ti.'mS ,���d
applv lor ps.rmuaslssn Us P���1!'.���*, ,.'j.
SSmSl on the lollowing ^"'^"^.n mltaa
^Commenring It.�� ***.***&�� ^Township
north and seven mllea ____*__*__����� R. D., S.
7. Oraham Island Si_m^__S_*-S___ north'80
t. comer, theaee *tQ_t*__X_*,____* south 80
ehaina. thence eaat 80 *____��%��l___t 640
chalna to point of eommeneement, conusns a
acrea mora or lesa. THOS   R. DAVEY
BPt t*. �����>�������� ��-���n Oowlng. Agent
Pub. Dec. 3-
���I a pssat ulantea! at the northeast
*_.~ -���'���*���' ���""'. (irshsm Island, thenca north SO
IaaBaC"? **t  80 <:h��ln��. thenee south  80
���wna.lhj.nr,,.-,., ���n chain, to iwlnt of commence-
__*.** tMUlnltVI f.40 seres,
foliar""io -1!"0'  "'HDINANDO.TAPERT
^_rr_m_. _�������� ""' t
^riTformation an.l prices W tottita
Principal Divisional Points and other Im      ;
porUntTown^.-Kt'-KUNK   ^^   I
Lots in
Iaota in
Melville Lots in Watrous
Lots in Wainwright
other good towns along the
Curative Real Estate Company, P.O. Box 906, Prince Rupert
-DUtrict ot
,.te. at a niat nlanted nino milos CommencinK nt a poat nliinl.-u
icing at a poat J���"'*". "Iji nihiu ���ortn ��nd live mUts "aat of Section
���HE-fSS ��� k��sll^o 63 T  R ">.  ^   roJahlm Island and marked No. S
'^mtiltmtt^^mmti   H  .   ____*____���__��**&*
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrict
Take notice that 1, Thoa. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, inlend to
apply for permiaaion to prospeci for coal ana
petroleum on the following descrilsed land-
CommencinK   at   a   poat   planted   "'
north and
7, Graham
E. corner, thence weat 80 *.... .-	
chains, thenco east 80 chains, thence north HO
chains to point ot commencement, containinK MO
acrea more nr lesss. pY
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. T. ��.W���[      ,
Pub. Dec. 3- Wilson (JowmK. Agent
Bueen Charlotte Islands Land DUtrict���DUtrict o!
Take notice that 1, Ths s. R. Davey ol Quen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
applv for permisaion to .innspecl tor coal an.l
petruleum on t he following described land I
Commencing at a post plantesl nino miles north
and seven milea eaat ot Section 13, Townahip .,
Craham Island and markesl Nn. M, 1. It. U, K.
W. corner, Ihence east 80 chains, thence south H
chains, thence ws*st 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point ot commencement. containinK o40
acres more or loss. -,������,.   ���   r-i.VaTV
Dsted Nov. 10, 1910. 1 H08. R. DA*. *JY
Pub. Dec. 3. ��� ll""n (sewing, Agent
Queen Charlotto Islands Land District���District ot
Take notice thst I, Tho*.. R. Havey ot Quoen
Charlotte, occupation notary puhlic, intensl to
apply for permission to prospect tor coal anil
petroleum on the following ils*8crilss*d Isnsl
Commencing   at   a   post   plantesl
aeven   miles
north ami wven milm east ol Section 18.1 owrwhip
7, Graham Inland and marki-d No. fi:��, T. R. O,, gj
E. corner, thenc*' wwt HO chains*, ihenc*' north bU
chaini, thene-' east 80 chains, thence wuth JO
ehains to jwint of commencement, containinK MB
acrw more or lwn. ���������,���   ���   ._..,.,.. |
Dated Nov. 10. 1910. TH0S, K. DAVE1
Pub. Dec. :i. Wilaon liu-wing, Apmt
QOMB Churlotte Ulandn Land Dwtrict    DUtrict of
Taki* notice that I, Thou. R   Davey of ��u��n >
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   puhlic,  intend   lo
apply   lor  p��fmiwion   to  prospect   for  coal   and ��
petroleum on the followinK deKcrihed land: I
CommencinK at a pout planted seven milw
north ��nd wven milw east of Section 111, Township
7, (irahum Island and marked No. 66., T. R. D , N.
K. corner, thence west K0 chains, thence south M0
chains, thence east HO chains, thence north HO j
chain*, to point of commencement, containing *��I0
acres more or lew. _ ,,,.���� i
Dated Nov. 11, l'JIO. THUS. R. DAVhY
Pub. Dec. 3. \S ilaon Cowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte lilandii Land District -Dtatrict of |
Take notice thai I, Thos. R. Davoy ot Queen j
Cl.iirtotu*. occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a pout planted live milw north
and seven milos eut of Section 13, Township 7,
(iraham Inland and marked No. f.7, T. It. D., S. K.
corner, thence north HO chains, thence west HO
chains, thence eaat HO chains, thence aouth &0
ehaina lo point of commencement, containinK '���'���"
acres more nr lew*..
Dated Nov. 11. 1910. TllOS. R. DAVKY
Put��. .Dec. 3. Wilaon (lowing. Agent
Queen Chariotta Islands Land Dtatrig -District of
Take notice that 1, Thoa. R. Duvey uf Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary puhlic, inlend to
apply for permiaaion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
CommencinK at a post plantod live milw north
and eleven milw eaat of Section 13, Township
7, Oraham Island and marked No. '���-, T. R. D., N.
I corner, thence aoulh HO chains, thence wwt Hi)
chains, thence north bO chains, thence eaat HO
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrw mon* or lesa.
Dated Nov. 11, 11110. THOB. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson (iowing, Agent
Queen Chariotta Islands Laild District-   District of
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Duvey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permiaition to proajteel for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted three milw
north and seven milw eaat of Section 13, Townahip
T, Oraham laland and marked No. fiU, T. R. D., S.
K corner, thence north NO chains, thence wwt 80
chains, tnence aouth HO chains, thence eaat 80
chafna lo (mint of commencement, containing 640
acrw more or lean.
Dated Nov. 11, 1910. TllOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. I>c. 3. Wilaon Oowing, Agent
Quern Charlotte Islands Land District���DUtrict of
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey of Quwn
CharlotU, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permiaaion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on iht> following dnacritu**. land:
Commencing at a poat planted three milea
north and awven milw eaat of Section 13, Townahip
7, Oraham laland and marked No. 70, T. R. D., N.
K. corner, thence aouth 80 ehaina, thence wwt HO
ehaina, thenoe north 80 chuina, thence eaat 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acrw more or Ic*n.
Dated Nov. 11, 1910. THOB. R. DAVKY
Pub. l>ee. 3. Wilson Oowing, Agent
Queen Chariotte lalanda I .ami Diatrict ���District of
Take notice thai I. Thns. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation noury public, Inlend to
apply for permiaaion to praaDWt for coal and
pet roi mm on 11,.- following deacribed land:
Commencing at a poat nlanted three milen
north and seven milw eaat of Section 13, Townahip
7, Oraham laland and marked No. 71, T. R. [>., S.
W. corner, ihence eaat 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence wwt 80 chalna, thence muth 80
chains to point of cnmmenwment, containing 640
acrw   more   or   kw.
DaUd Nov. 12, 1910. TIIOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Oowlng, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrict���Dtatrict of
Take notice that I. Thos. R. Davey of Queen
CharlotU, occupation noUry public, intend to
apply for permisaion to prospect for dial and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a post planted thn* milw
north and aeven milw east of Sect inn 13, Townahip
7, Oraham laland and marked No. 72, T. It. D., N.
V. corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thence anuth HO
chains, thence wwt 80 ehaina, thence north 80
ehaina to point of commencement, containing 640
arrw more or leaa.
Dated Nov. 12, 1910. TIIOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. WiUon Oowlng, Agent
Queen CharlotU lalanda Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol
Take notice that 1, Thoa. R. Davey of Queen
CharlotU, occupation notary puhlic, InUnd lo
apply for permiaaion to proapect for coal and
petroleum on the following dweribed land:
Commencing at a poat planted throe milw
north and aeven miloa eaat of Section 13, Townahip
7. (iraham Island and marked No. 73, T. R. D., S.
w. corner, thence north SO ehaina, thence eaat 80
ehaina, thence aouth 80 chains, thence wwt 80
ehaina to point of commencement, conuining 640
acrea more or Iwa.
Dated Not. 12. 1!��10. THOB. R. DAVKY
Queen Chariotu lalanda Und District���DUtrict of
Take notico that l] Thos. R. Havey ol Qusw
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply (or permission lo prospect lor coal and
lietroleum on thc followini; slescrilH*d land:
���  -   poat planted thirteen miles
of Section 13, Township
)1!, T. R. U-. N-
hence south 80
chains,  tnence eait  Ml  chains,  thence  north  I'll
chains to point ol commencement, containing oto
i arrea more sir Isish. m-no   a   ssavi-v
Dated Nov. 8, 1H10. THOS. ft DA\ K i
I'sib. Dec. 'I. Wilsun (iowlnir. Agent
tfueen Charlotte lalansls Unsl llistriet���District of
Take notice that 1, Thos. It. Davay of Quen
Charlolte, occupalion notary public, intensl to
upply for p . ion to proaps-cl lo; coal and
petroloum on the billowing slescribed lansl:
Commencing at a post plants*d thirts-en miles
north anil five miles, east ol Section 18, Township
7 (iraham lsiansl anil murked Nn. 83, T. R- D. N.
W ciirniT. ihence east 80 chains, thencs* south 80
chain-, ths-nee wesl 1*0 chains, thence north 80
chains lo point (sf colnlneiics'ment. containing tslO
acres mon* or lesss  ,..���L...
Datesl Nov. 8, 11H0. TIKIS. It.  DA\ I..
I'ub. Dee. 8. Wilson Qowlttt, Agent
Queen Chsrlotts. lalansls Unsl District���Diatrict of
Take notics- that 1 Thos. II. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation noury public, intend to
apply for ps*rmissioii tss prospect lor coal and
ps-lruleum on the followini* deaerilwi lansl:
Commencini! at a posl plsnls-d thirtoen milsss
north ami seven miles easl ol Section 13. Township
T, (iraham Island ansl marked No. 54, T. R. D. N.
E. corner, thence wesl 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, tnence east 80 chains, Ihence north 80
chains lo point ol eommencemenl, containinK (HO
asrsas mom or lesss. ,���,.,
Dated Nov 8, 1910. TIIOS. R. DAVKY
I'ub. Ds*c. 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent
yueen.Charlolte Islands Unsl Dictrict    District ol
_, Skeena
.'ake notice that I, Thos. U. Davey of Queen
Charlolte. occupation notary public, inlend lo
apply tor permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following slssscribs-d lansl:
Commencing al a posl plantesl thirts-en mils*,
north and eleven miles east ol Paction 18. Township
7. (iraham Island ansl markesl No. 85, T. D. R-, N-
W. corner, thence east 80 ehaina, thence west 8U
chains, thence north HO chain.*, thence soulh 80
chain* to point ol conin.encs*ment, containing tilO
aersss mors* or less.
Dated Nov. 8, 1910. THUS   It. DAVKY
I'ub Dec. 8. Wilson (iowing. Agent
Weddinga, Dances, Fireworka, Bands
and Football Matches
Massett Inlet celebrated the holiday
season with numerous events of a social
order, the residents of the two towns
vicing with each other in providing
amusement and recreation which was
appreciated by lhe large number of
new settlers in the district. Rev. William Hogan, assisted by his amiable
wife, entertained the members of the
choir of the Anglican church at the
Mission residence, where an evening
was spent In a manner that brought
forth the histronic ability of the host,
and the musical talent of the guest*.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Harrison had a large
number of the Massett people to a dinner, at their new residence. OO Delkatla
On New Year's Eve, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Kdenshaw were the entertainers
of the largest party that ever assembled
on the shores of Massell Inlet, ln their
large hotel, twenty-six guests sat down
to a sumptous repast, while the town
hall was used fir the entertainment of
three hundred of the people of the
Hydah nation. The Massell Brass
Band, under the leadership of Alfred
Adams, provided music during the
dinner and for the concert which followed. On New Year's Day football
teams of the white settlers and the
Hydah's competed on the Reserve.
After playing for an hour, without
either team making a goal, the umpire.
Captain MacTavish, declared that the
two "clans" must  meet  again in  the
-Distnct al
Quean Charlotta Islands Und DUtrict
Take notice that I, Thos. R. Davay of Quaan
Charlotte, occupation noury puollc, intand to
apply lor permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on Ihe tollsiwing descrlbesl land:
Commencing at a post nlanted Ihirtaan mdes
north and live milos easl ul jsection 13. Township
7, Graham lsiand and marked No. W, T. D. R.. S-
W csirner. thenco east 80 chains, thenco north 80
chains, thenco wesl 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commoncemont, containing M0
acres more or less. saavrv
Dalesl Nov. 18, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY
Tub. Dec. 8, Wilson (lowing, Agent
Quoen Charlotte Islands Und Disirict���District ot
Take notice that 1, Thomaa It. Davey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for ps'rmission to prssspect tor coal and petro-
Is-uni on the following sls��rib**d bind:
Commencing at a post plantesl thirteen miles
north and ss*vtn miles east of Section 1:1, Township
7, liraham Island and marked No. 70, T. II. 1).. S.
K. corner, thonce west 80 chains, thenco north 80
ehsins, thence eaat 80 chains, thonce aouth 80
chalna to point of commencement and containing
BIO acres more or less. _���_���   _   ���.���.,,,
Dstsil Nov. 13, 1910. TIIOS. R. Il.W hY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Gowing, Agent
-DUtrict ot
Quean Charlotta Islands Und DUtrict���Diaw�� J I
Skeens ���"���a
Taka notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey ol __.
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intermit?,
apply for permUalon to prospect |���r coal .5
petroleum on tho following described land
Commencing at a post plantesl nine mii��� ___.
and two milos eaat of Section 18, Townshio i
Graham Island and marked No. 11, T 11 1)  ( i
corner, thence west 80 chains, thenre north'���� I
chains,  thence east  80 chuins.  thanea buS i
chains lo point ol commenc-mi'm, i*,mtuiniu* 5
acres more or less.
Dated Nov. 5, 1910. TIKIS   R   lisi'lv I
Pub. Dec. 3. WtoBQowtaMgi
Queen Charlotte Inlands la-aml Dislrici    Dbtrktd I
Skeena 1
Take nolice that I, Thos. K. Dave, of gU(4CL I
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to I
apply for permiaiion Ui prospect fnr ml ard I
petroleum on the followinK OMOmad lund:
Coinmuiicin([ at a po.il plant..-., attvw is, I
north and two mutt t'-wt ol Section 18, Tovn^ I
7, Graham Uland and marked No. 18, T. H [is I
fc. corner, thence weat M) ehaina, thence Miutb hO I
chains, thence ciutt MJ chains. Unnoc nurth H I
chains to point of con.n.en.<eine*,i, conuimnjteta |
acres more or lem
Dated Nov. 6, 1-910. THOS. It   DAVfl I
Pub. Dec. 3. WUMn liu-Aii.i;, Aptt I
. Queen Charlotte Islands Land District    ;���.".-: |
Queen Charlotte UtodtUad DUrict - DUtrict of I     Twk_ ^^ ^  JlfgJ jt  ^^  _. ^
_ . _._. i   Iff!),   n    i-Wmm Ar ,),,,������,    Charlotle, occupation  Notary    Public niivn-i u
Take DOtkf that I. Thos. II.     a\e> of Ou��n ,    (     ^5E3��I   Co    prosp.vt   fur c����l Jj
Charlolte,   occupation   notary   puhlic,   intend   to I   ��� ���  ���.
apply   for   pennissioti   to  prospect   fur  coal   and
i>.���':��'���'. nil on the following descrilied land:
I'ommencinc at a post  nlanted  thirteen  mllea
north and the miles east of Section 18. Township
_ Oraham Island ind marked No. 77, T. H. Dm S.
W. corner, thence east 80 chains, thence north'80
chains,  thence weat HO chains,  thence south  80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or Ws.
Dated Nov. 13. 1910. THOS. U. DAVEY
Puh. l>ec. 3. Wilson (lowing, Agent
Queen Charlolte Islands I ...i -\ District  -District of
petroleum o.i ihe foUowlug tUHJribtd lsnds.
I'lHiiiiiiTi'ii.c at a post pl.tnttsl riivn mill
north and three miles m; of SaeUon It. \ ���*������������,-, i
7, Graham Island and marked No. 1:1, T K. [). S, I
V.. oorner, thence woat 80 chains, thtna Miuth it I
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence mirth tt |
chains lo point of commencement, t-miuimn* (411
acres moro or U*as.
Dated Nov. 5, 11*10. TUOS.  It   HAVKY I
Pub. Dec. 3. Wdvon (iu*in(t, A-ft-Et ]
Queen Charlotta Islands Land Distrirt    \-.  - ���-��� .'. \
Take notice that 1, Thos. It- Davey nl gum I
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   puhhc,   intend to |
Take notice that I, Thos. R. Davey of Queen | ��pply   fur   ptTmisaion   to  pros|H*ct   (or cull int
Queen Charlotte Islands Land Dictrict���District of
Take no-ice lhat l.STh��. II. Davey of Queen   Ml'llf future to *��llU- in till' Saint- friendly
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   puhlic,   intend   to
apply   lor  pwiWBMWI   I o   prospect   for  coal   and
|M-troleum on the lol lowing ���'��� ���''���������' ������ l>nd
Charlotte, occupation noury public, intend to
apply for permission ta pros(>ect for eoal and
lietroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a post planted thirteen mllea
north and live miles east of Section 13, Township
7, Graham Island and marked No. 78, T U. D.. S.
V corner, thence wost 80 chalna, thence north 80
chains, ihence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to point o( commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated Nov. 13. litlO. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson (lowing, Agent
Commencing ut a poM planted thirteen miles
north and eight miles vast of BMtiOfl M. TownahlD
7. (irahsm Mand and marked .No. (6, T. It. D., .N
W, corner, thence east hU chains, thene*- south 80
chains, thence west hO chains, thence north M)
chains to |H>int of commencement, containing mm
acres mon- or le**.
Dated Nov. 9, P.UU. TllOS. It. DAVKY
Puh. Dec. 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent
way the supremacy.
At   the   conclusion
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District -District of
Take notice that 1. Thos. R. Davey of Queen
I Charlotte,   occupation   notary   puhlic,   intend   to
1 spply   for   permission   to  prost>ect   for  coal   and
of    lhe    football   petroleum on the following described land:
_ Commencing at a post  planted thirteen mites
Hame  lhe  Visitors to  the   Keserve  Were   north and three milea east of Section 13. Township
a.-    .l       .*    ,:..:��:  ..     ..,,,_,,:���,,   7, Graham Island and msrked No. 7!��. Thoa. R. D.,
invited    to    the    festD llles    attenUinu   s K rorI1Wt lhmc(,rMl Ho chains, thence north 80
the   wedtiinn   of   Miss   Alice   Chapman   ��h*jna,  thence west  80 chalna.  thence south  80 I ^m���i^."[t i'*(lu.
' ehains to point of eommeneement. containing B40    hi*,,,".    '
and  David Hell.   The contracting pur-1 acres more or le-
I i ._.    i  v    sq
petruleum un Ilia lullowinil slescrilss-sl latnl:
Commariclni at a post pla*its*sl eles.-n mila I
north ansl five mllea easl ul Si*rtiuu 11, 'luanahis ]
7, liraham Islaml ami nsarksnl N... 11. T. II. U.S.
K. corner, thens*e wwt SO chains, tlience s-siuth tt 1
chains, thencs. s-asl 80 chains, theme nsirth sO I
chains to point ot commcnccmi'stt, eoBUlnlm WI |
acraa. niurs. or lesss.
Datad Nov. 6, lmo. THOS. ft U.WEV
I'uh. Ll��. 3. Wllaon, tioaint. Ap�� I
'.iii.-li Charlolte lalansls I nn. I ��i :   ��� ���
Take nolice lhat I. Thos. IL Davay ..! yas��
Charlullo, occufiation notar} public, inls-nd is
apply for iH-rmussion Iss pnsapst-i lor essal ..I ]
petrsilcum on the folios, in, .less-rii*. I land:
CommencinK  al  a  post  plants*.! .*u-vs*n mila
north and live tints* saust ul *a*clii.n l.i, Ts.��nship
7, Graham Island and marked Nu. 15, T. 11 I'.N*
W. corner, thenee east Ml chains, lliinci- m.uh N I
chalna, thence *a>cist  DO chains, ths-nrs* nurtl, �� I
ebaina lo point of csimmil.eenienl, cs.nlainint 6M |
acres more or leaa. 	
WllaUn Sin.* ll',".  \i"M
, 1910.
Skeena   Ijsnsl   Ilialrict    l-sies-n  Charlotle   Island.
Take nsslics* thai 111 day. aller slat.. I. Ks*r.linan.|
ii. Tapart, farms*r. s,f skj.i.i,*si... It t'.. Intaod to
applv to the Chie' l'ommirsaioner s.f I u..l . fur a
lies-n**e tss prss��is.*ci f.sr essal, oil ansl petroli'mrs on
ansl under the follnainit ds*scrilse.l lands-
Cs.mmencinK al a |"   ' plantesl al the nssrlheasl
s-ssrner *f Dil -*sll, Cirahasn laland. thenee aiuth HO .
chsins,  thenee east  HO  ehaina,  thenre  nssrth  HOI urootll Ifiulill-* ill till- -*rull(l imtrill.
chain., ths'iics* west HO ehaina to polnl of commence ;       ,.      .. *   a..      a*   a .1 j
ment. an.l containinc. nils acres. On   the   limllt   of   Jllliuury   .I'd
Isnts-d Nov. 11, HMO. FREDINAND 0. TM'KKI
Pub, Dae. lo
ties proceeded to the Anulican church,IgJSJnSjj.^
preceded by tlu* band, where the Rev
Willium   HoRUtl   tied   the   nuptial   knot' ��u"-n Charlotte Islsnds Und District ^District ol
After  the   Wedding   dinner,   which   was j    Take notice lhat I, Thoa. ll. Davey of Quean
participated in by three hundri-d KUt'Sts
of the groom, B concert and dance took
place in the town hall, the bride antl
Qutvn Charlolte Islaml* Und DUirici
I ii-u
Nellie Ivch, daughter of the proprietor!
Charlolte, occupation notary puhlic, Intan
apply for isermission lo prospect for eosl
pclro!s-um on the followinK descrlbesl land:
CsimmenelnR al a post plantesl tisirteen miles
north and three miles east of Section 13, Township
7, (irsham Island and marked No. H0, T. 11 D . S
h. corner, thenee weal H0 chalna, thence north HO
ehaina, thence east K0 ehaina, thence south H6 ' Datad Nov.
chains to point nf commencement, cssntalnins, s.m { Pub. Dtc. 3.
acrea more or leaa.
Take nolice that I. Thos. II. Davey ,.( wj��
Charlotte, occupalion nolary puhlic, ii.lnl ��
apply for permission to prssapect fur csul im
pcirultiam on tha lollowiii, slescribed lansl
Commencini! at a psiai planted cl.-s.-n *���*
north and three mile" eiust ssf Sswis.n UjTowaj
7, Craham Island ansl markesl No. Hi. I. II- l'*��
K. corner, Ihence we.1 HO chains, lli.nr" nortn"
chains Ihci.s-e eaat HO chalna, tlu-nrs- as.mn ���
ehaina lo point of enliiinenc��n.enl. cssntainmc w��
acrea more or 1
of lhe St. ivt�� Hotel, entertained u
large number of KUents at a social and
dance. The Massett Hriiss Hand visited
the new townsite, .iiirnu: the holiduy
... .ns*   Un.l   Ilialrict    Queen  Charltille   Islands
Take notice that :I0 daya alter slals* l. I'.*r.linand
(i. Tapert, tarmiT, 0   Skislettale, il. ('., intend lu *
apply i.s the CI iff Cummlasi.sns.r ssl Unds, for a|
and under the fnllnwing dasrcil>esl lansl.: Meiwon    and    entertained
( simmenring at a po.l planted -j0 chains north I
of the southest miliar of Ul MS, (iraham lalansl.   with a number of selections
tlience south  HO ehaina,  thence s*sst  H'l ebaina '.,       u,*j .l      i_      sls
thenee north HO chains, thrnee WM HO ehains. tol "ll'   holidays   the   band    held
point nf commencement, ansl cssntaininK i**IO acre.
Dated Nov. 14.1910. KKRDINANDO.TAPKRT. I
Dsled Nov, 13, 1910.
I'ub. Dec. 3.
Wilson (iowlnft.   \f. nl
Vs'ibnn liissaini!. AlfC"1
Disinri   lii'irirtol
Puis   Dec. 111.
the  residents
, Throughout
and aided maierially in the celebration
of the various events.   From all sections
Skeena   Und   Dlslrirl    Queen   Charlotle  Islands
lake notics* lhat 30 .Is.a alter dale I, Kerdlnantl
(i. Tapert, farmer, of Skldefata, 11. C, Inlend lo
apply lo the Cl.iel Commlseioner of Unda, I r a
license to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and unsler the fullowinit deseribad lansla-
Commencing at a |sost planted at the southweat
corner ol Ut "*'���. (irahnm Island, thenee north HO
chalna, Ihence east RO chains, thence aoulh R0
chains, tlience wesl R0 chains lo point of commencement, aad containing 640 acraa.
Datc.1 Nov. 14,1910. KKRDINAND (,. TAPKRT
Puh  Dec. 10
Skea-nn  Un.l  Diatrict -Queen Ch.rls.tte Islands   ���*���   '"u""'1   assm   ���'"   *mmtmm Hauaasju   P||h fj___w ��� -    Qu����i Charlolte lalanda Und DUtrict
Division in   ihe   towns   and   were   entertained sksens
lake notice that 30 slays alter date 1, Charles ..      . . . .     . Take notica that I, Thoa. It.  Davsy ,.l IB"
Helmer.  farmer nl Skldrnate.  II. C, intensl  (o   royally   Iiy   the   townspeople   1111(1   the   Sksrna  Und  District -Queen  Charlotta lalanda   Charlotta,  occupalion   noury   puhlic. intensl ��
apply tss lh" Chief Commlajsissner of Unds, lor a   Uv,lah!l     ���[���(.    [____  \,.,.l ,\,.i. Uoaasrva. DlvWon apply for permisaion lo prospect fur coal sn.l |*ot*��-
license t��� pnaMt lor coal, oi  and pcimteum on   "���"'��">'���     ***   i��iu r nan tneir ueair\o      Take notice that 30 dav. alter date I, Kerdinand   leum on the followin, deacribe.1 land.:
and undi-r the fnlliswing ilaacrilseil Unda: _j__    ,*hurch    dirorated.      The    Streets' (i- Tapert, (armer, nl Skidegate, II. C, inlend to      Commancing  at a post  plantesl  eleven mm
Oommencini*   at   a   post   plantesl   three   miles .. i apply to the Chief Commissioner nf Unds. tor a    north and live mllea aast ol Seclissn l-l.,T';��fff
a..ulh and ana mile weal ol the soulheasl crner ol   lighted   Up each  ni|<ht,  and  the council   |.,.-,. .��� to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on I 7, Grahsm Island aad markesl No. 4H, 1. II �������
Ul   .01. (sraham  laland. thencs* weal  Ho chains.   ,,rovi,i    i   .  ,|j,���|..v  ,,f  Unanrbs    ubieb   -*_ "ndw the following slescribed lands: E. comer, thance w��t 80 chains. Ih.-nc- ns>rtH J
thencs* south  H0 chsins.  Ihence cast  HO chains, i l-��>* ��t*m  ��  (lispill>   Ol   nrev.orkS,  Which       Commencing at a poat planted at the aouthwaat! chalna,  thence  eaat R0 chalna.  Ihence W��J
Ihenc north -ll clisina to point .,( cssinmencament,. WMH niU(*h appreciated by the visitors.     | **w��f <_***. 285, 'iraham lalansl. thence south 80 | chalna lo point of commencement, conlainml����
Queen Charlolte Manila Unsl I
Take nolice thai 1, Thos. II. DtTtJ t* V*
Charlolte, occupation nolary public, iniran ���
apply for (sermiaaion to prospi*ci h.r mm tm
|m*i rnls'uni on the lollowing slaacr.ls*sl Isn.l
Commencing at a post planted **m* -*T*?
nurth and Ihree mUea east uf Section 11. ���*J*f
7, (iraham laland and marked Nn. 4., I. R.V.���������
W. corner, thence east RO chsins, ihence nortn w
chalna, Ihence weat 80 ehaina, ihs-nr.* ���� "
chains to point of cummencmcni. mniaininf, ��i��
acrea mure or leas. _   .....fv
Datesl Nov. 7, 1910. THUS. II   DAW
Pub. Dec. 3. Vs llson Oomt ���I"11
and containing 610 acrs^,
Datesl Nnv. lis, 11.10.
Pub. Dec. 10.
Queen ('harlotte Islanda Und DUlnrl    Diatrict o(
Take notice that I, Thos. 11.  Dsvey of Queen    Skeena   Und
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   Intend   lo
apply for permission  lo proapect for  coal  and
isetroleum on the following dearriheat land:
Commencing  at  a   poat    'snted  eleven   mil.
north and seven miles aast oi Section 13,1'ownship
7, Graham Island snd msrkesl No. 60, T. It. D., N,
W. cornar, th"nc eaat R0 chalna, thence south R0
chains, thence west 80 chsins. thence north HO  ��� ,,,,   ,,
chains to point ol commenement, containing 040 I chains,   Ihenc  eaal   HO chsina   ihnnc u.mh  Hn
arrea  inure or low. -........   .......~.. . aaa _s._,__. .     '   . ��� \
acres more or leas.
Dated Nov. 9, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
Wilson (iowing. Agent
Dl trirt    Queen  Chsrlotte   lalsnds
Take nssllc lhal 30 dava slier slsle I   Kersllnand
G. Ts*pert. farmer, s.f   Skidegate, |i.i .  Inlensla to
apply to the Chie   ,...,, ,.,, ���| Unds, lor a
'ense t    NraMM lor coa-   oil snsl petroleum on
and under Ihe follnwing d rcrilsesl t-ins].-
Commenclng at n pissi planted sl the ns.rlheaat
corner nf Ut Ml, Graham laland, Ihenc north 80
al HO rhaina, ihanc ssmth R0
chains, thenc weal WI chsina is,, . ���., ���( commencas-
menl, snd cnntalnins* (ills arrea
Datesl Nisvll, 1910 KKRDINAND G.TAPKRT
I'ub. Dec.  10
Wilson lioamii. tom*
chains,  thenc esst   RO chains,  thence  nnrth   80 ! acres more or las
chalna. thenc weat 80 chains to point of enmmene    Datad Nov. 7, 1910.
ment, and conuining 640 acrea. | Pub. Dec. 3.
Dates} Nov. 14,1910.   KKRDINAND O. TAPKRT
rub' ���***������ *�� I Quean Charlotte Islanda Und Dislrici    I Mst*W ���
Skeena ^^^
Skeena  Und  Dl-strict-Queen  Charlotle lalsnd. I r____ .notic�� ���*��* '   T1'0,- R- D*_V ��-**^��
DlvUion Charlotle,  occupation  notary   public.
Take notlc thai 30 daya after slate I, Kerdinand ' *PP1 y,  ,0'  Permission   to  pros|��ct  W
0, TapsTl, larmer, of SUdegate, II. C, intend to I P*'roleum *J lhe following   sls-scrllse.1 la..-.
i      | nmmancir*"   *������   ���   ������..   weass-i
Skeena Und District -Quen Charlotte Islands
Take notic that 30 days sfter slste I, Kersllnsnil
O. Tajsert, farmer, ul Skidegate. ll. C, intend t.
apply to the Chief Commisaioner el Unds, lor L
liense to prospect lor coal, oil and petroleum on
ansl under thc following descrilsesl lands'
Commencing at a post plantesl 20 chains nnrth
of the southweat corner of Lot mj, Graham lalsnd'
thenc nnrth 80 chalna, thenc east R0 ehaina,
thenc soutli 80 chains, thenc west 80 rhains to
Kint ol commenement, and containing 610 acres.
St.* I Nnv. 14, I Ol o     l-lss 1,1 v- s -. i. ,     -,-. f>s.-(,sas
..trti '
Cosl   SM
apply 'lo the Chirf Commissioner ol UndiT for "a I ,
liense to proapect lor cosl. oil and petroleum on   m*X .       ,
and under the following ds-scrihesl landa: It I'faham laiann ann maraea ran. ... ��� ��� - ^ M
Commencing at a post nlanted at the northeast    W:.****! ***** o"L80sfh,*",'-,i__?__* I
corner of Ut 60-6, Grsham Island, thenc north 80   -**1,*-"- tl"!n?- w"rt S0 eh-,ln"- ,h     ,.mM l8
chains,  thenc wwt  R0 chains,  thenc soulh  R0 ��� th"m ,0 P��inl ��� commenement. ���
chains, thenre east ��0 chains to point of commence-   *"*" r"ore or ���B
ment, and entaining 640 acres.
Haled Nov. 14,1910.  KKRDINAND 0. TAPKRT
neing   at   a   posl   plantesl   eleven  *W
liv-T milea csist of Section WjWJf
n Island and marked No. 49.1   �����"*���
Pub. Dec. 10
Puh.   Dec. 10
Puh. De  3.
Wllaon OowInK, Agent ' Puis. Dee 10.
Skena   Und   Dlalrict���Quen  Chsrlotte  Islands
Take nolie lhat 30 days after slate I, Charlea
Helmer.  farmrr,  of  Skidegate,   11   ('.,  intend  to
apply In lhe Chief Commissioner ol Unda, for a
liense to proapet tor coal, oil and ps-lroleum o
and under Ihe following descrilsed lands:
Commencing at a post planliil one m.le soulh
of lhe sotithraat rorner of Ul Ml, Craham Island,
thence aoulh SO rhains, Ihenc weal HO chains,
thene north HO chains, thene east R0 chnins to
point of commenement, ansl containing 610 a.Tfs
slated Nov. 16, 1910. CIIARI.KS IIK.I.MKR.
Dated Nov. '.
Pub. Dec. 3.
intaininf. I
TIIOS. ft M*2
Wilson (isswini!. ~W
rilmii It
Skena Und Dlalrict Quen Charlotta laland
Take notice that 30 davs after date I, Kerdinand
G. Tapert, farmer, ol Skidegate, B. C, intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of Unds, for a
licne to proa|set tor coal, oil ansl isetroleum on
and unsler the following slescribesl lands- I norln ���nl* ,nrw m"n' ***** ol P,B,,"a��**# 'it 1) 1>
Commencing at a posl planted at the northeswt j L Oraham Island and markesl No. BJJjI. �����  hj|
1 E. comer, thenc west 80 chains, thenca as." ���
chalna .thenc eaat 80 chains, lhs*nce WJfjj
chains to point of commenrement. contain' -
Quen Charlotte lalanda Und District
Take noUce thai I, Thos. R.  Dsvey sil t***
Charlotte,   occupation   nolary   pulslic,
apply   for   permisaion   lo  prospet   fnr csssi
isertssleum on the following dssscribesl lansl:
Commeticing at a post plantesl tJJ<{��JB
Kki*ena Unsl District-Ilistrlrl of Naaa Valley
Take notice that GenrKe Wil*.n, farmer,intend, corner ol Ut o06, Graham Island/thence'north'80
SJKffl '^ >",m,,"*l"n �� I""* tbe following sle. i chains, thenc eaat 80 chains, ihenc -wuth 80
scrllsesi lands: | chains, thenre west 80 chains to point of commenc-
Commenrlmj at a pssat plantesl ��l.���,t  ,w��� ���,������ , menl, and remaining 640 acres ""*""'���������'*���
east or Naas River at Alyanah ansl nl w.iith P���,t | Dated Nov. 14, 1910. KKRDINAND O. TAPKRT
corner of A. 1. Priestly a pre-emption, theme In   Pub. Dee. 10 "
chains south, 40 chains weal, 40 ehalns north, 4ll
eaat to pssint s.f csimmenrement. rnnuiiiitig* Kai I
SOTjSft. GKORGK. WILSON ! 9k"""   ^   "^iaSr   ^"^  ""��'
Pub. Nssv. 17. -   ���
north and three milm mat of Section lt"5"S
Skens Und  Dlstricl    Dislrici of Coast
Take  notle thai   Hume  llahlngton  of   Prince
Rupert,   maater   mariner,   intend,   to   apaly   for
isermission to leaae the following descrihed lore-
Commencing   al   a   post   planted   on   a   small
Island in Ihe Skena River alsnul thre miles above
Telegraph Point Ihenc aosilhrrly 2000 let
Datesl Doe. 14. 1910. HUMK UAIUGNTON
Take notice that 30 days alter date I, Kerdinand
G. -Upon .farmer, of Skidegate, D. C, Intend to
I apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Unds, for a
liense tn propsect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under Ihe lollosving deCTibcsl landa:
( ommencing at a pssst planted at the northeast
csirner ol Ul 111, Grshsm Island, thence north 80
cha na, thenc weat 80 chains, thonce south 80
chains, thenc eaal 80 chain, lo point of commence-
!!5K*8*- """'���ining 640 trm>.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. KKRDINAND ('.. TAPERT
Puis.   Dec   10
TIIOS. ft D**
Wllaon Gowing. ***
acres mora or leu
Datesl Not 7, 1910.
Pub. Dec. t.
Quaen Charlotte Islanda Und Disirict   l)i"t"cl"
Skens . ,,..���a
Take notiee that I. Thos. R. t__V*JS u
Charlotte,   occupation   nolary   public,   ""f ,*i
apply   for   permission   to  proapeel   j'" ."*
petroleum on the following dfsacrllss*sl W���'     ���.,-,-.
Commencing at a post planlesl **��V*JjUt
north and three milea eaal of Sectinn I* J ., },'
7. Grsham Island and markesl No M. I ���Z_ m
W. comer, thenca east 80 chain., """""rth SO
chains, thonce weat 80 chalna, thence mr- w)
chains lo point of eommencemenl. contsinis.a
screa more or lesa. _,.,���., n iMVfV
Dated Nov. 8. MM TIIOH ",'.L"iml
I'ub. Dec. 8,
rr!mmm*mVm** THE   I" R 1 N C E   RUPERT    O V I I M I S T
Several Lots on Plank Roadway in
Section 7.    Must be sold.
Owners have left
the city
Call and see us about them
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings       Alder Block       SIXTH ST.
(Subdivision of Sec. 9) about 200 yards- from waterfront
This  Subdivision   is   the   only   inside  subdivision   not  owned
by  the  Railroad Company.
Lots from $700;  Very Easy Terms
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
���**������ a*0tta island-. Und DUtriet-DUtriet .1
S��5t?t5cm.",1,r��  ^- R' ���****�� ot Qua*.
I ,P*   '"      pcXsoss    .n0Ury    PUbUC-    lnt*""i    ����
I   Cl>min.nc ���, ,i . ,l;�� ?����*rUwl land:
1 \__*H*tin if,,Ll. "",* !d��n,t��i nine mile, north
IS*��Wl   lanTrn.^ %**&*, KTownship 7.
I ����, Ihmr.. i"1, f��� ch.�� "'. Ihenc. north  80
I*""'otsointol rr,n,lch*in"' timu* ���o-'lb  80
*_* mors' wii""mmoneement, containing 640
Wilaon Gowini, Agent
Quean Charlotta lalanda Und District���Distriet ol
Taka notica that I. Thos. R. Davay o Que-*"
Charlotte, occupation notary publie, intcnd to
apply lor permisaion to prospect for coal and petro
leum on tho tollowinK described land:
Commencing at a post pUnUxi nine miles nnrth
and aeven mile, eaat ol Bajtlor,I 13, TowMhip 7
Oraham Island and marked No. 61, TVR. DJ3. fc.
corner, thenc north 80 eh.na thence west SU
chalna thance aouth M chalna, tbence eaat 80
chains to point ol commencement, containing biu
acrea more or leaa- mmno tt   niVRV
Datad Nov. 10, 1910 ���0?, ^JSlSSrl.
Pub. Dec. 3. Wllaon Oowlnf, Afan��
"There's nothing Ilka u baby in the
house to brighten it up."
"Yes; especially when il ought to be
dark and still."
Mistress Nora, I saw a policeman in
the park today kiss a baby. I hope you
will remember my objection to such
Nora���Sure, ma'am, no policeman
would ever think iv kissin' yer baby
whin I'm around.
"Did you say you were a month in
your last place?"
"Yts. madam - a week with the
family on the top floor, a week with
the lady on the third tloor, a week on
the second, and a week on the ground
In Zanesville, O., they tell of a young
widow who, in consulting a tombstone-
maker wilh reference to a monument for
the deceased, ended the discussion with:
"Now, Mr. Jones, all I want to say is,
"To My Husband," in an appropriate
"Very well, ma'am," said the stonecutter.
When the tombBtone was put up the
widow discovered, to her amazement,
that upon it were inscribed these words:
To My Husband.    In an Appropriate
"Yes, sir," said old DeScadds. "I
judge a man by the company he keeps.'
"Thank you," rejoined young Would-
"Thank me!" exclaimed the old man
"Why should you thank me?"
"Excuse me," said the young man,
"but I thought you had in mind the fact
that I have been keeping company with
your daughter for nearly a year."
Settlera Celebrate Occaaion  with a
Merry Time
The second annual entertainment
was given by thc school children in
the school house, Porcher Island, on
December 26th.
A large and varied programme was
rendered by the children in a most
effective manner. A cantata entitled
"Santa and the Runaways" was especially well rendered. The well-known
characters of Mother Goose and Santa
Claus being well represented by Miss
Jessie Tallander and Master Leon
Hunter respectively. The chorus being
well sustained by Harry Gilbert, Eddie
Hudson, Mary Sims, Victor Tallander,
Kitty Gilbert, Alec. Sims, B. Elstermann
J. McAlaister, S. H. Engle, B. Sims, T.
E. S. Gilbert all as nursery rhyma
Songs and recitations filled the rest
of the programme. Great credit is
due to Mrs. Warner and Mr. Murray,
for the painstaking manner in which
the children were trained.
When one remembers that as recently
as three years ago the island was inhabited solely by a few straggling
settlers, the fact of such an entertainment being given serves to show the
vast progress made in such a short time.
In the evening a social was held at
which about fifty were present.
On January 6th, a surprise visit
was paid to Mrs. Tallander at the
post office, twenty-five being present.
A social club was organized to meet
semi-monthly, the object being to make
the settlers bettet known to each other
An enjoyable evening was passed with
songs, music and games, etc. Thc next
meeting is to be held January 20th, at
Mrs. Warner's home.
Dancers Take Notice
Just take the Auto from the Royal
Hotel to the dance tomorrow night at
the rink. *'i-*t-
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue,
Law-Butler Building      Phone No. 280
I'rince Rupert P.O. Box 351
ol Rritisb Columbia of B.C. OnUirlo, Su��-
and Manitoba liars. kalcbawan   ansl  Al
berta Hare.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office- Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Slath street. I'rince RuuorL 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D.S., D. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation, skilfully trented. Gas am)
local anaathctics administered Par thc painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices: 19
ansl 2ll Alder Block. Prince Rupert. il-12
Civil and Mining Engineers ansl Surveyors,
Reports,   IMans.   Sps*ciHcatlons,   estimates.
Wharf Constructor, Etc.
P. O. B��
2nd Ave., near First Street
runt or wm. roxON, k-ssj.. a.RAM.. i.on., kns:.
Prince Rupert Lodge, 1.0.0.F
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 186
..For Sale..
LOTS      BLOCK     BBC.      PRICE      CASH
23 and 24    B 6   $3,600 pr.   Half
7 16 6       2,300       Half
Comfortable 8 roomed bouse, section 6 $20.00
3 roomed sabin  12.50
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
These are the beverages that
make health, strength and happiness your lot. Prices are
very reasonable and your order will receive prompt attention	
All  varieties   of  Wines   and   Liquors
also kept in stock.
Sutherland & Maynard
Fraser Street and Sixth Street
Lindsay's "sassr*
G. T. P. Tra.ni.fer Agent.
Order, promptly ftllwl.   Price, rcm.onr.ble.
OKFICE-H. B. Rochcter. Centre SL    Phone W.
Plumbing,  Heating
and General Steam Fitting
SHOP-Baaementof HelaTeraon Block
SIXTH STREET. Phono No. 98
Notice is hereby given that an appli
cation will be made to the Legislative
Assembly of tbe Province of British
Columbia at its next session for an act
to incorporate a company under the
name of the "Naas and Peace River
Railway Company" with power to
build, construct, maintain and operate
a railway of standard or narrow gauge
to be operated by steam, electricity or
other motive power from tbe head of
Nasoga Gulf, in the Province of British
Columbia, up the Naas River to ita
junction with the Kitmancool River,
thence following the Kitmancool River
easterly towards the Babine River,
thence easterly up and along the Babine River to a point at or about its
junction with the Neelkitkwa River,
thence northerly and easterly to the
Nation River, tnence easterly along the
Nation River to the Pine River, tnence
easterly along the Pine River and
through the Pine River Pass to the
easterly boundary of the Province of
British Columbia; with power to build
branch lines and with power to construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith, and to construct, acquire, own,
charter, equip and maintain steam and
other v,*ss,*U and boats and to operate
the same in navigatible waters and with
all the powers given by the "model
railway Dill" and with such other powers and privileges usual or incidental
to all or any of the aforesaid purposes.
Dated the 20th day of December, A.
D. 1910.
Solicitor for tbe Applicants
D 22-J24
Notice of Dissolution of
Notice 1. hereby Riven that the partnership
heretofore existing between u., the undersigned,
aa a Transfer and Storage Company, in the ("ity
of Prince RunerL anil known an L A. Ilarbeau a
Company, has been dissolved by mutual consenL
All debts owing to the said partnership are to bo
paid to Couture Bros, of Prince Rupert, aforesaid
and all claims against the said partnership are to
be presented lo the said Couture Bros, by whom
same will be settled.
Dated at Prince Rupert this Gth day of Jan.. 1911.
Ladies' and Children's 2
and 1 Rib" heavy worsted
hose, all sizes.
1 40c to 60c a pair
Jfm   JJl    Jf*
"1 and 1  and 2 and 1  rib"  X
double knee,  sizes 6 1-2 to
9, 35 cents per pair
Three pair for $1.00
50c (o 60c a pair
xwc���x x x x~5
H. S. Wallace Co.
Phone �� LIMITED X
Fullon Sl. and 3rd Ave. !
aJ-~X���X���X X���X���X���XX
English and American Billiards
Eight Tables Second Ave.
=e==E.   EBY   C&   Co.^
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
C. T. P. Boot Haa Terrible Experience
on Her lalands Trip- Buffeted and
Held up by Snow Storm- Crew
When the G.T.P. boat Prinde Albert,
better known in these waters as the
Bruno, which had been expected to
reach Prince Rupert two days before,
steamed silently into the harbor on
Friday, from prow to stern she was
buried in a winding sheet of snow. She
had just returned from her trip round
the Island ports.
Worat Trip Ever
She had the worst trip of her career.
Between Queen Charlotte and Lockport
she sailed into the worst blizzard that !
has ever visited thut part of the coast.
It was thought that she would never
make the port of Lockport and the
conditions on board were so bad lhat
she was expected to founder every
minute. Nothing but her remarkable
buoyancy kept her afloat in such a
furious maelstrom of wind and snow.
For hours at a stretch she lashed firmly
! in the teeth of the gale with no possible
1 chance of obtaining assistance. The
raging storm prevented the effective
use of the wireless, and the turbulent
sea made it ludicrous to think of using
the boats.
Crew  Dissatisfied
Added to all the depressing circumstances the water pipes went out
of business, and the meat supply was
rapidly running short. The enw were
in a sorry plight when the boat reached
this port late ut night. They hud not
washed for several days and were in
anything but a happy frame of mind
despite the fact thai they had apparently
emerged successfully from their trying
bout with death. They complained
bitterly not only of the storm, which
they assert, was the worst they ever
experience on the coast, but they
complained bitterly of the treatment
meted out to them by the steward,
i The supply of food ihry claimed was
not  sufficient  for the  warts of  men.
No  Accident!
On account of her lateness the Prince
Albert was unable tn make the run to
Stewart with the north bound passengers of the Prince George.
Two Thousand Passengers on Board
at the Time Several of Them
Were Injured by the Dramatic
(Special to the Optimisti
Sun Francisco, Jun. 14.- On one of
the Southern Pacific ferry bo ita today
uu unknown mun blew himself to pied
with a st^ck of dynamite or a bomb.
There were about two thousand passengers on board the boat at the time.
Several of them were slightly injured
by the terrible explosion. The tragedy
caused a great sensation on board.
Grand Masquerade Ball in the  honor
of the 12th Anniversary of the Fratern
al Order of Eagles, February 6th, 1911,
in the Kaien Island Club Rooms. $75.00
to be given in prizes.
Lot*  in  Principal  Divisional  Pointa
and    Other    Important    Town*
Along the
"A*k Uncle Jerry"
P. O. Box 906, Prince Rupert, B. C.
Want to Forestall Imperial Reciprocity��� Look* to Balfour to Avert
Such Trouble- Will He Ri*e to the
(Special to the Optimisti
London. Jan. 16.���The London Morning Post in an article reviewing the
fisheries dispute insists upon the fact
lhat the United Slates government is
making desperate efforts to forestall
imperial reciprocity. The writer takes
the view that there can be no questioning the poinl. Whether the States will
be successful or not depends upon whether Mr. A.J. Bulfour rises lo the occasion.
Port Arthur-The Board of Trade
of this city parsed a resolution Saturday-
night opposing reciprocity with lhe
United Sataes.
Head Battered With Hammer���
Weapon Found Near by��� Clue to
Murderer I* Track of Cutter and
Horses Feet in Snow.
(Speciul to the Optimist)
Wesley, Ontario, Jan. 14.���The body
of Franz Lobinski, a reputed miser of
seventy years of age, wus found in the
buck yurd of his little shack in the
bush near Berlin. His head hud been
hammered in with a weapon which was
found lying in a field nearby. The
crime hud obviously been committed
for the money which the old man was
known to have hoarded up.
The only clue that presents itself
to the police is the track in the snow-
made by the cutter and the footprints
of the team both going and coming.
Everyone in the neighborhood waa
shocked by the occurrence.
j For *
Are you doing your duty
by your familv?,'
What   would   happen   to
your wife and children if
you were taken away'.'
Would your wife have to
earn her own living?
Would  your  children bo
Would they be dependent
on others?
These  are  most  serious
questions    which    every
man should answer to his
own satisfaction.
Life Insurance is the one
sure way to make provision for your family after
you are gone.
Get some life Inaurance
before  you  become disqualified.
See us for particulars.
Young Nelson Man May Die as Re-
/ult of Bullet Wound
Nelson, Jan. 16.���(Special)���Wilson
| Dennis, a young man employed by the
1 Summitt Lake Lumber company was
!Bhot last night by Eric Thamstrum, a
, Swede, after the two had quarelled.
Dennis is in a precarious condition und
| will probably die.
Mrs. Frizzell Has Decided  Owing to
Bad Weather
On account of the extremely bad
weather all last week, und thc inability
of the ladies to get out, Mrs. Frizzell
hus decided to continue the sale she
advertised for last week for one week
more. This is the ladies opportunity
to get what they want at a very low
cost. The reductions apply to every
article in the store. Spring goods arc
on their way and room must be made
for them. Visit Mrs. Frizzcll's this
week. 2t
"There's nothing like a baby in the
house to brighten it up."
"Yes; especially when it ought to be
dark and still."
Fifty-two Below Recorded- Business
Edmonton, Jan. 16.���(Special)���Fifty-
two points below zero was the official
temperature recorded today. It has
not been equalled since the Christmas
Eve of 1879. It is so bitterly cold that
very few people venture out at all.
Practically all business is al a standstill.
At Prince Albert fifty below waa
recorded. There also the cold is intense
and has put an effectual stopper to
$10.00 CASH
and $10.00 por month will buy ten MTW of l��n��lin I
the tunny touth and mako you iml��-i���������*.��������� ���. far I
life.   For further particulars write
Chocolates \
Burns' Anniversary Banquet
Burns' Anniversary will be royally
celebrated by the St. Andrew's Society
on Wednesday evening, January '.25th,
in the Central Hotel. The committee
in charge of the event are sparing no
efforts that will make the occasion a
memorable one. Thc fact that Mr.
Peter Black, vice-president of the society has charge of the menu, is a guarantee that everything will be of the very
best, including the haggis. Tickets
may be had from members of the
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. Phone 4.
50c lb.
The Pioneer Druggitl
PHONE   :   ;   ;   S2
Prince Rupert Opportunities
="Ask Uncle Jerry"
Will Buy
Lots in Section One. Terms 10 per
cent. Cash, 25 per cent. Aug. 15th, 1911,
25 per cent. Nov. 15th, 1911, and 40 per
cent. Dec. 30th, 1911. Deeds and papers to be deposited with any Prince
Rupert Bank. Lots in Section One
between 5th and 11th street.
Co-Operative  Real  Estate   Company.
Want Leases On
Lots suitable for building forty bungalows and cottages. Will pay 8 per
cent on present agreed valuation for 3
years, lots to be then re-valued and
rent to equal N per cent, on appraise,
ment for the next two years. After
the five years term lots to be appraised
every five years. Rent to equal 8 per
cent.^on valuation. Rent for lots pay-
ablefquarterly in advance.
Want Lease
JJWill lease lota on Second or Third
Avenues|bctween 5th and 11th streets
forjaiterm of years and will pay 8 per
cent, on valuation of the lots, the prop-
ertylto be reappraised every five years.
Co-Operativc||I*.eR!"|Estate   Company.
Will Buy Lease on Lots
In any section of Prince Rupert.
Lots must be accessible for improvement this year.
Co-Operative   Real   Estate  Company.
Will Sell
99 year lease on 60 x 100 feet on the
corner of Second Ave. and 6th  street.
Will Sell
99 year lease on 75 x 100 feet on the
corner of Fulton street and 6th Ave.
Will Sell
Two lots in Section One. These lota
are on Third Ave., between 7th and 8th
streets. $8000 each, small store now on
each lot.    Both lots and Houses $16,000.
Will Sell
One lot in Section One, Block 25.
Why not list your property with us.
We will advertise in over 30 of the big
Sunday Issues of Daily Newspapers in
theJUnited States and Canada.
We will run several small excursions
to Prince Rupert from Eastern points
in the United States and Canada.
We are now in correspondedce with
individuals and syndicates who may n*
vest large Bums in Prince Rupert. **
you want your property placed beM"
them ?     If so,
If you want to sell
If you want to buy
If you  want  to  lease
If you want real estate manage-!
If you want us to build a house for y"
If you want to buy a house on moium*
plan ,   r���.
If you want to lease on 8 per cent-
valuation plan . ...
If you want real live  buyers  for yo"
If you want information


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