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Twenty-four hours  ending  6   a. m.,
Mav 11.
MAX   TKMI'.        BIN. IMP, BAB,        IN. KAIN
"'       17.0 48,5 29.872
VOL- II.  NO. 105
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
For Sour ���
Princess May    _. 'rlday noon
Prince Kupert   ff ay, 8 a.m.
For North 5
State uf California l'l**   ',  Mt:y 12
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Thursday, May 11, 1911.
Prick Five Cents
Mexican Insurgents are Victorious After a Desperate Day ard
Night Battle at Juarez---General Navarro, Federal Leader,
is a Captive and His Men Have Surrendered the Fortress to
Victors---Juarez is Made the Provisional Capital.
Canadian Press Dispatch)
Jaurez, Mexico, May 11���
This little bullet-riddled city
of Juarez is today the provisional capital of Mexico, and
Francisco Madero is the provisional President. President
Madero and his staff have
taken complete possession after winning one of the bloodiest in the revolution. General Navaree the Federal Commander is a captive, having
surrendered today with almost the entire garrison, several hundred men. Everything is quiet.
KI Paso, Texas, May 11.���Desperate ciii.ns were made by the
Fcdcn Is lasi night to heat back
the fires which  threatened  their
barricaded position near the church
at Juarez.   Owing to the high wind
| which sprang up the battle with
Ithe flames was rendered almost a
hopeless struggle, hut the- Federals
managed to hold their own.
Seeing that they were not to
be driven Irom iheir place hy thc
lire, the rebels immediately made a
determined attack upon ihe Federal
position. Swarming over the barricades at a point insufficiently
guarded while the defenders were
battling with the fire, the insurrectionists  all   hut   succeeded   in
I carrying the position by a hand to
j hand conflict
A dozen Federal soldiers died in
la heroic Btruggle to heat hack
the invaders before they could
force their way over the harriers.
Hut the attacking party paid
dearly for their momentary advantage.     Leaving   ihe   burning
Although on Paper They Are $43,000 Ahead, They Are
Still in Need of R ady Cash���Are Going to Get
After Subscriptions Promised Them
A surplus of over $43,000.00
;- - own by thc Hospital Accounts
the audit of which has just been
completed. Among other recom
mcmlations, ii was suggested by
lhc auditors that further insurance
Aould bc effected upon the huildj
Thc building is valued at
120,634.20 and BO far only $18,-
000.00 is insured. At yesterday's
meeting of the Hospital Hoard
���he President, Mr. I). ('.. Stewart,
���hah with ihis matter which is
referred to the Finance Committee
Outstanding Subscriptions
AboUl   13000   is  represented   ii
���he accounts by outstanding sub-
���criptioi s. This sum the auditors
'""" "'.'Ml  should  bo reduced  as
r - - iiossible. Steps will l>c
;" (ollccl as many of these
- ]'""il'lc. The president, him-
�����f, is looking after tho matter
��itli the help of a committee which
he will convene.
Contract Patients
h lias been proposed by the
Medical Association that arrenge-
'"'''U�� bo made  for doctors'  con-
!: patients by the issue of
Hospital   Tickets  at   $1.26   per
"""',:>-  or  S15   per  year.      Fifty
1"'! ""'I of the  receipts are to go
" 'ho   Medical   Association,   and
"'ty per cent to the Hospital.
A committee consisting of Mayor
}] ���' -'!'��� President D. ('.. Stewart,
,L ���*���* Stephens, and J. Kirk-
l'.'1""1' mot the Medical Associa-
"""   i"  discuss   the   mal ter,   and
,;   Manson presented  the pro-
I***1  lo  die  Hoard.    There was
discussion, and the matter is
' '" die hands of the commilte
''"���   further   consideration.     The
'wnativo to the contract patient
'""'��� is lor the Hospital to have
|"" i(|ont physician.  It is probable
*nl ���'" arrangement will be conn
buildings, the Federals concentrated upon the defence of their position and by a withering fire heat
hack the rebels with great loss.
The dead strewed the approaches
to the broken barricade, and every
single rebel who had forced an
entry there was killed.
Fortunately a  change of wind
gave  the Federals  the advantage
over   ihe   lire,  ar.d  helped   them
after the
Northwestern League
Portland 3, Vancouver 2.
Seattle 1, Tacoma (I.
Spokane 11, Victoria 0.
By-Election Breeze This Morning
Mayor Manson and Licence
Commissioners Waited on by
Electors. Law was Looked Into. Police Chief Decides on
Open Bars.
*'ih tin- doctors for a year at
Fire Escapes
A 'otter  from   the City  Clerk
reminding the Hoard of the necessity ol having proper lire pro-
cautions  taken   at   the  Hospital,
and Bui tabic escapes, was read.
The Assistant Secretary was instructed to inform the City Clerk
that these are on order.
There was also some reference
to the heating plant which has
been guaranteed in good and lasting order by the engineers.
Application has been sent to
lhe Provincial Secretary to have
the hospital put on the list of those
receiving Government Aid.
Secretary's Resignation
Nothing further has been done
in the matter of Mi- A. Cuth-
bert's resign;1.tion. The Assistant
Secretary is carrying on lhe work,
and the Hoard w ill consider shortly,
the selection a,id appointment of a
Secretary to take Mr. Culhbcit's
Receipt was acknowledged of
tlu- sum of $25.75 from Miss
Sutherland, Deaconess of the First
Presbyterian church.
Balance Sheet Issued
The balance sheet issued shows
a surplus of assets owr liabilities
of $43,17(1, ihis being die balance
of the revenue account, and not
of course cash in hand. S17,'.I00
of the revenue account is for the
18 lots donated hy the ('.rand
Trunk Pacific and the B. ('.
Government.    The  subscriptions
total S13,5(>8, hospital fees $2,<I10,
while other subscriptions and donations include Ladies' Auxiliary
81,'243, Miss Sutherland $136,
Tsimpsean Masonic I.edge $250.
There are still outstanding iii-coimts
to he paid of over 810,000, with
outstanding subscriptions and fees
of nearly $6,000.
Two grants figure on the balance
sheet, one of $10,000 from thi
Provincial Government and one
of $1,000 from the ciiy of Prince
Voting has been proceeding stead
kirmish, to repair their j "'>' during the day in the by-elec-
] tion, and all three candidates have
been  in attendance at  the City
Hall.      Up   to   noon   about   fifty
Votes had been recorded, and each
Will   Operate   in   Alaska  ThisIcandidate  felt   confidenl   that   In-
Year, Making Fifty in All    |had tin- most of them.
A small sensation was caused
aboul eleven o'clock, when sonic
of the electors discovered that the
bars were open all over the town.
One. bar is almost next door to the
There was a stampede for ihe License Commissioners
and Chief of Police.
Mayor  Manson,  Chairman   of
the    License   Commission,    Com.
Merryfield. M. M. Stephens and
the Chief of Police w ere all buzzing
Name and Style Changed around like bees looking up Act-
In order to avoid confusion with ' and Election Regulations at the
other restaurants of similar name government ollice, and Chief Viek-
the management of tlie old Royal ers decided to allow the bars to
Lunch have decided to change remain open. "There is nothing
its name to the Victoria Cafe. Al in the Municipal Clause- Acl
the old Royal Lunch one could against it," he said,
gel   a   good   lunch,   but   at    thei
Victoria Cafe one can get a square I Nol lo "know" when buying is
meal and a gootl lunch. Our I little belter than nol lo care,
chef only handles the pure goods, j Either failing in a housewife grows,
Swift's Premium Hams and Ba- sooner or later, into financial
cons, Cowichan eggs, etc. "trouble" in lhe home.
Seattle,    May    1(1. -Fight    new
salmon canneries will he in operation in Alaska this season, making
fifty   in   all.     The   new  canneries1
have a capacity of 1,000,000 cases.
The  run  of ,,uinnat  salmon,   the P   !l      '	
most valuable species, has stalled
heavily, and a big year is expected. ���
The  orice  of   salmon   in   all   the'
world's markets is higher than ever
There is a Mute Rebellion in the Ranks of the 102nd Regiment
Over a Slackness in Bringing Pay Day 0n---There is Also a
Dispute as to Whether They Must Attei.d Camp or Not---
Regiment May be Disbanded.
Nelson,  Ma\   11.���There is almost a rebellion in  the ranks of
the   I()2nd   Regiment,   familiarly
Telegraph   Line  to  Stewart   Is  known   as   Nelson's   Own.      This
Promised Soon
morning every officer of the local
company sent  iu his resignation
ias been resumed  ti the Department of Militia, and
ni tin- new Dominion Government iheir example is to be followed by
telegraph line from Kitsumkalum
to Stewart, a distance of 150 mile-.
and ii will be ready for operation
early in July, announced Mr. T. J.
Phelan, superintendent of Dominion Yukon telegraphs this morning.   The Stewart extension from
��� din rs. 11 is expected that the
regiment will be so decimated of
iis officers that the Department
will be obliged to disband the
The dissatisfaction has been brewing for a long time past.   Today
Kistiunlakuni   is  a   br.inch   from j was   merely   the   climax.     li    i-
ihe   Prince   Rupert   line which   in  claimed lhat lhe men in lhe ranks
turn is an oll-shooi from lhe direct
line betweeiiAshcrofi and Dawson.
The construction work, which
was commenced lasl year, is now
about half way to completion, it
is stated, and gangs are now
stringing wires from l.ava Lake l<>
the Naas and from Alice Arm tti
the same fiver. When the line is
finished direct communication will
be afforded between Vancouver
and Stewart without relays of any
have not as yet been paid for the
drills ihey put in last \e.ir, as
well as for those in this year.
This has been a grievance to lhc
Poor Kamloops
In  addition,  an  order  has  recently   been   issued   ordering   the
regiment to go into camp at
Kamloops. The order reminded
the men that jail or a line awaited
those who neglected to obey the
odre. This was considered an
unnecessary and offensive order.
Army Goes on Strike
The men in the ranks are obliged
to fulfil the term they engaged for,
but the officers are not so bound.
Accordingly the officers of the
Nelson company agreed to send
in their resignations together, as
a protest against the treatment
accorded the regiment There art-
other companies in neighboring
towns, and these it is expected
and hoped will follow Nelson's
The regiment being classed as
a city corps is entitled, it is
claimed, to perform its drills al
iis own headquarters, and was
exempt  Irom   the order  to go  to
Learn to Shoot
evening the .miuial
of the Prince Rupert
Civilians' Rifle Association will
be held in the Government Buildings. Every young man should
be   able   lo   use  a   rille  antl   Mr.
William Godson, in the Government ollice, will he pleased lo
receive applications from young
men at anv tie.
Mr. A. T. McDiarmid and  Staff are Calculating  the
Exact Latitude and Longitude of City���Delicate
Job Requires Succession of Starry Nights
Lord Kitchener Will  Have
Charge of Troops from
All Parts of Empire
(Colonial Press Dispatch)
London, May 10.���Lord Kitchener, having finished his extensive tour, has returned lo England
to take ii]) his new duties in con-1
nection with the Coronation. Some
of his tours of inspection have
ended disastrously for tin- in-;
A certain commanding officer
was putting his troops through a
series of manoeuvres before Lord
Kitchener, hut somehow or other
he managed to get his men thor-,
oughly mixed up. In the end,'
however, the C. O. bobbed up.
smiling, and trotting proudly up
to "K. of K." he remarked: "There
tit, 1 Hatter myself that was extremely well done."
"Oh, excellently," was the suave
reply: "but, may I ask, what on
earth were you trying lo do?"
It is estimated that more than
52,000 troops will be employed in
London during the Coronation
ceremonies. No fewer than 25,-
000 soldiers and sailors from every
stale and dominion of the Empire
will line the route antl take part
in the royal procession on Coronation Day. The various contingents
il is expected, will he as follows:
Indian Empire  500
Overseas Dominions  1,500
Colonies and Protectorates.. 200
Channel Island Militia  20
To determine the exact latitude
and longitude of Prince Ruperl.an i
Intricate series of observations and
calculations   are   in   progress   at
present hy two of  lhe Dominion
Government astronomers.   One of
them   Mr.  A.  T.   McDiarmid  of
Ottawa,   assisted   hy   Mr.   !���'.   \\ .
Dowling  wlio has charge of   the
I local meteorological station, is buss
<ni  Prince Ruperl  making observations.     The oilier, Mr. Jaipies,
also of Ottawa,  is in  Yancouvct
taking   observations.     They   are
connected    by    lhe wireless  telegraph, for tlie observations musl be
taken al precisely ihe sunt- moment to determine the longitude.
Watch the Stars
The   ordinary   seaman's   calculations of latitude and longitudi .
i    t ., _i     loe   Ivine   across   the  rails a  nult
made from the sun are not m-ai'lv     s
Big Log and   Rock Placed on a
Railway Line
Temiskaming and Ontario Ry.
Commissioners Were Inspecting the New Electric Road at
the Time Motorman Found
the Obstructions.
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Cobalt, Max   11. -This morning
motorman Berry of the Nipissing
Central Electric line found a large
I fine enough for the Government
experts who are making hydro-
graphic surveys. With powerful
telescopes Ihey lake observations
of   far  distant   stars  which   have
little movement   Hy working out
the Calculations made from Iwo
different points on the earth they
arrive at exact results. It lakes
nights of watching. Even last
night, beautiful and starry as it
was in Prince Ruperl proved fruitless,   because   it   was   cloudy   in
Valuable Instruments
The telescopes and oilier in
sirumenls brought here by Mr.
McDiarmid are very valuable, and
are the property of the Government,     In   order   to   avoid   any
from here.   A little further on he
found a hug: rock. The T. and
N. o. commissioners who spent
the night in their private car at
North Cobalt were expected to
make a tour of inspection Over
the new electric road this morning,
and the incident pointed to designs
on iheir safety. The Incident is
being investigated.
Lasl night a surprise party
called on Mr. (ieorge Leek to
give him a little send off before he
haves for England tomorrow.
Music and a general good time
made up the. programme. Those
present were:  Messrs. Prank Ellis,
Royal Navy	
Royal Regiment of Artillery
Corps of Royal Engineers.
Army Service Corps	
Royal Army Medical Corps
Army Ordnance Corps
Military Cadets	
Special Reserve	
'J,III Itl
.  1,000
Territorial Force	
Various Departments
vibration, a special concrete pillar IW.   Darker.  ���}.   White,   H.   M.
has been built atthe meteorological   Inver,  11.  M.   Hirch,  C.  Ravenh.
station t.. stand them on. and a|M. Henderson and JamesMolr.
Total 25,0001 shack  to protect   the astronomers
from the weather. Every night I Freemasons are requested to
for a week at least ihey will he attend an Emergent Communica-
bttiy while the rest of Rupert lion of Tsimpsean Lodge tonight
sleeps. Mr. McDiarmid expects at 8 o'clock p.m.
to be in the neighborhood taking V. \V. Hro. H. E. McDonald
single units, will provide 2,000(observations for scientific work will make his official visit. Third
performers. |until well into June. I degree.���J. Christiansen, Sec'y.
The massed hands of  lhe Loot
Guards, Household Cavalry, Roy-
.il Artillery, Royal Engineers, Royal Marines, and the Royal School
of    Music,    with    the    bands    of
m THE    D AI L Y    NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Ruperl Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, f>oc per month, or 16.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $'2.IID per year. 0UT8IDB CANADA- Daily. $8.00 peryear; Weekly.
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"The newspaper, with the law, should assui'.i tl.e accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the Invader of private life and
tlu- assailant of personal character.     It - ��� . as it  were,   a
keeper of the public conscience."-Henry Wattereon,
English Lord Coming to Canada
(Canadian Press Dispatch)
Nelson, M.iy 10.-Lord Hind-
lipp has IK'light a 500 acre ranch
from \V, S. Sentoof Thunder Mills,
65 miles truin Cranbrook, Lord
Hindlipp arrives in .(few months
Want to Bring Danish Farmers
Into B.C.
gu ifn
Clmrlotte IslumN Uand l.l^trlct-UUtriet ��C
Skaena Land Dlltriet���Dletrtct of v.,,.,
Tnk.a notico tlmt 1. Mm. Jul,,, Corley of a
*��� ��� ^^^^m ***   aa|    |  p||
nan, im,,,
Rupert, B.O.I oooupitlon merrletl wor
Bins  160  acres of  Fruit
Daily Edition.
Thcrsday. May 11
The snub administered hy the Ma) "r to Alderman Morrissej
.it the council meeting on Monda) evening when the latter wanted to
know ii it was the council's intention to tax improvements,is a snub
that was quite undeserved.   Ir. asking iestiint, Alderman Mor
rissey was only doing his duty as a public servant. The question
was asked on behalf of a large number of citizens, most of whom it
may be assumed under the law "t averages were once supporters
of Mi. Manson.
In all progressive communities it i- roi -i lered a virtue for the
citizens t" t.ikt an interest in public affairs. Even were it not so, the
fact that it is the citizen's money that supplies the ;.i\rs ought to
entitle them t".i��k the question through their representatives whether
the council proposes t" tax improvements <t not. To say that the
time is not yet ripe to discuss tin- council's taxation policy, is a most
unsatisfai t- r\ way ol ��� ������ .dii - the question.
It' there .ir>- difficulties ahead, the council may be asst red of a
sympathetii sideratioi  being ��;\'-;   thei    il I   -y will
take the public into their confidence. II there are no difficulty s ahead,
then the publii s at loss I issig ; reason why they should noi
be inform) licy, in which thi    ire all deeply interested.     As
dungs now .r.-. the fear i�� abroad that the council .-.re muddling al _
without ai -iii y.or with a policy which they are not anxious
to enlighten :. on.
Tlii- fear has be sifted, owing to the - ..- I ���   u i er in which
the puhlic has already been  treated   over the assessment returns
Even though one member of 1 ������ 1 ::..:...- Committee has excej
advai (.ages foi       resting thc puhlic nightly.nothing more than the
bald statement <>f the assessment has been given "Ut.   The u-k ������!
t Canadian Press Dispatch1
Winnipeg, May 10.- The foresl
tires in Manitoba, Saskatchewan
and northern Ontario continue to
be a menace to life, and scores of
settlers at ��� homeless,
.ire still struggling.
S. S.  Port  Simpson  Left  Yesterday for Hazelton
Is Now  Interviewing Heads of
Three Big Canadian Railways ffOOftfl Buy' HiU acre8 olrnm
t. *-__ * t __ . . n,,t ��PJ^vv and Vegetab le land at Kit-
to Arrange for Bringing Uut T        ���
c   ._  .I    o      ��� seas.    Half mile from Hallway.    Fine
suitable Sett ers. ,��� i  i
cabin included.
*ini?r Huys T*i 1-S acres of Fruit
$10/ D land at Kitselas. Half
mile from the Railway.
C 7 fl fl '!u'VS '"'om'"K House on 3rd
��J)/UU   .\ve.    Nine furnished rooms,
all rented.   A snap.
Huys store and House on tlie
main street at Kitselas.
Huys Furniture and Lease
for two years of Ter. Room
Toilet and bath.
(JfifiA Cash First payment on $-1,-
��J> O U U 200 Rooming House, 25 x 100,
2 story and basement. Balance payj
al le $100 monthly.
tf> <*f *J J* Ruys Furniture and 3 1-2 year
tflttO |tase of Rooming House in
lection 1.    Rent $45 per month.
SklQDO Cssh buys 2 story Room-
$ 1 V\J*J |nB House at Kitselas, 47
x 7".    Accommodates 30 people.
tf" C A I'c Acre. 155 1-4 ucres, with
*'"   buildings included at Hrecken- \
Hundreds  Homeless  as  Result       	
of Forest Fires 	
A big colonization scheme - ���
present in its iniii.il stage, bul
when preliminaries are concluded
it is expected thai arrangements
will be made to bring to this
province main- hundreds of the
Firefighters best class of .Scandinavians and
Panes.   The man who is working
 to bring about this immigratioi is
Mr. Bert T. Holm, formed}   igri-
cultural editor for "The Standard."
Mr. Holm is now engaged in communication with Sir Thomas Sh.ui-
ghnessy,  Sir  William   Mackenzie
At   in a.m.  yesterday the Port and (.'. M.Hays, the heads of the
Simpson left for Hazelton, and a I three big Canadian railroads
irge   crowd   of   passengers   em-     In his letter to Sir Wilfrid I tu-
barked.    A number of parties of I rier   in   which   he   outlined   his
land stakers had taken ; issages, scheme,  Mr.  Holm said in part:
I several business men are mak- "I know that result- would -
ing the trip.   Among these were follow:   for where can the Di   is
E.   C.   Gibbons  of   the  firm   of farmer,  dairyman, poulterei  and
McCaffery   &   Gibbons,   who   is fruit grower find .. : etter sphere
going to establish a branch oflice of activity than ii   the 1'"million
for the firm in Hazelton and t'. B of Canada;   where can the Nor- ridge Landing, (mile $5.)
thanea south "u cluijiis. i chaint, thenoe wait 40 ohalni mora or less i
tiiumv nurili so chum*.   lm\nl ���f oommeneemont, oontalnlnu   -
i point A commenci'mi'lll; , iniii'i' ur less. ���" " ���
itortaa. . ; Mits. john (Lottla) com by
JOHN Mcll-.OD ' niiicMBr. in, lull "''���'
Leelle B. Walter, Auent   .,uil Al,r, ,|, lM
.,     ���   .   ���,t iikiriM ��� llistrcl (il   Skwna Und District���District of Const It,,,,.. ��
(juwr C irlolta lalanda Land District   l>'��tr    ot      .._^ mu,B1 Umt Mlry |Jj u^g��� "* ���
,     a   , i'.',''\iM ...a,l ,.l Vancouver    *""* "��� ���*������> occupation spinaler, Intends to Hi
Tiki notloa thai I. Join X,cL,'\ .,,,,',' .....:    lur ncrmlaaion to nurehuao tl���, r.,ll,,,*:.,'. ...   "I'.W
,.,-c-ii; utiu . broker, inland i" *V_ .i'l'J.",r,',',.
N. K. Cornar, No.
thanoa waal SO ***
thence aial 10 chaini
ciniaininu ('lu acraa,
Dated IVI' 22. 1811.
I'ul). Fab. Bl.
to proipect lor coal ud petroleum on the lollowini  - CommoIlclnj( al u |KMt lt[mini ��� ,,
ii (mr milm "mull  "<*" -"""���' "','?.' :l-"10- u"""-*" "''out ;iu ohii
ali-M-r I' il lunik.^^^^^^^^
Commioeins ui ., inwt plantac
an-t iwu wrM nl thi in mil tu t I
nia'ka-ii j. M.-l.. s. i: Cornar, Mu
i-1 ol alii*, thene wal BO duuni, t
c am*, ( unn- eaal    " dial     t    point
manrement   containing 640 aeree, maan- nr U
I ni.al Fab.   I.   Sil. JOHN U'LEOO
Pub. Ka'i. -j. Claruna- McDowell, Aient
vor, 11. 0.1 uccupation a|iliuiter, inteiulu
lor jaTmluion to purchuao tho lollowing ilowrii'ii'.'i
""""""' "    ' '        '     "        nortli
fl r\ lt aer anil   nortb .',�� '*' V**! &mf. ,su el""", ing
Id, tliuncu n rtli
,���    ailK'J, llience nliuut 110 clmina south lo l,,t   ;.,;'J
c nnuth .Ml   thence  III chuins east, thonce III) cliuins loutl  in
,|   _,m.    IM tlU. thenco 20 chains eusl. thenci. go, ,������ '
nortli, thenco U chuins east to point  nl .,���'
meneementi eontelnlnl --(lucres more or lam
Post markeil M. II. ll., S.K. Corner
Dateal Keh.M. 1911.       MARY  lilll.I. BEATON
uh. Murth4 1IUN
OuaanChoiloilf elar "a Lmd Dlatriel���Diatrictol
t" slmana , Skeana Und .Ulatrlct���District ol Quaen Charlotte
Taki-notice ill- I.John M.I.   'I "I Van nuver, lalumls
oaeuntion broker, Intand to apply !or pormUa on I Take notice that (loo II. UtU ol Prinoe Rupart
,.,,l��� ii.- or eoal a 'I petroleum on m lollowing 11. c, occupution bubar, Intandi to uiini, i,r
r��lbad|.ndl! ���     j|��'""'����i""   <u   purchase   the   lollowing   ,1, ���,,���.,
Commeneini ll ��� P et I Um .1 al... 110 r mile,   lands:
outi. ind '*" nuie- Met ol Ih    miiinh    1 tho      (.ommencing  ut   u  poat   plnnle.l   iiln.au    ,. ,
T^.   River ani   a ar e I J.  M 1.        W.  Cornor, , mllea wwil and  one mile soulh (rami  the mouth
No  88  iiaeic   m rih   "' clmina.   henc- eas   rl)   ol Stanly   Crock, Naden Harbor, thenee aouth SO
I'lialtut   Iheiit-v loUtn    u cha us.   tl.e re  wi-st   rn) ' chuins, thence  west   -III  chains,  thonc.'  naari;,  ..,
Int of co'ii icem mt       ntnining 840 \ chains, thenci' easl III chains.
Datisl March 17, l'Jll.
c .one  o p
.i riv, ni. re or .'-s .
Dated F.b. 88, 1 11
I'uli leb. Zh.
i   I.N M'l.I OD
Carai, c M Doaiell,    gent
I'uh. April att,
Numa Demeta, Agaei
Skeena Land District-District .af (V,-t
Take n.ali.'e that I. J   11.  MrAiiKhev ..I Prlnci
Ruuert, oeeupetlon miner.  Intends la, aiualy f,,r
iiermlssjiin  to purchase the fulluwltik' rieaerlnad
CaammeneinK at a post plunteil at the loutlmeel
eomer of lot 2241). thence east 4(1 chain-, tl,,.,, ..
saiuth il ehalns. thence west lu ehelna, thenee
ment. eon*
Lockart.      Messrs.    W.    Kennedy.
R. Higgs, and E. Sweet have gi -;;
up rivet on land-staking bent
Per Aere.     422  acres in  tlie
famous Lakelse Valley.
Were Run Over by a Train Near
Canadian Press Dispatch
Hamilton. Ont., May 10.���Two
wegian fisherman and lumberman
obtain   better  con. :'.i"r- I  reap 	
greater    harvest    from    the   seas,   * r A   1'er Aere.   Just  a nice little
lakes and forests, ..-.,: where y O V  (arm of 80 acres.    House and
the Swedish miner, woodman and  farm buildings included  in acre price.
agricultural worker find .. better W mile from railway.
home, when the confines ol
Scandinavia  become  t'-1 I   n
And where can  tl.e Domii
Canada expect to find .. class of
settlers   better  adapted   for   the
ind work:"
C17    Caftfl    Bll-VS "Ve' J?0'nB
OH -OiJV    Five years lease.
Buys live, going lintel.
^^^^^^ Cash
balance in one and two wars.
Queen Ciarlutte I��lanal�� Und District���Dietrct ol
T.,k notiee thai I, J"hn Mcl.eod ol Veneouver,
oecupatlon broker, intend to apply lor pwmuelon
ta ; oepecl for C el ami petroleum on th following
.���*, r.lvd lands: ,    ,     . , ,
Caanun neing al u post planted ahout f ur milea t	
muii   a-.al iwaj mile.-. **'' I  ol the muuth ol  the   nnrtii ll chains to point of commeti
I Tl-ol Hiver and mark'J J. McL. ��. ��. Corner,   tllnlnf 80 acres murt-or less.       ���	
Ho    <���   Ihenc.- souih  *D chain.,    then e e st SO    Date Keh. 15, l'Jll J. II. MeAl UIII'Y
cl..,an , thenoe north  S    chains,  thenco   �������.   *0   ���._[, y_,\, ���_;,. mn, Andrew Kerned.   Auent
' . hains to po.nt a I commonc nentl  conuining t>40 ,
i'la'T-'l fSS!t��, 1*11. JD1IN M'l.KOD1        Skoona Un.l District-Dlalrict of Cassiar
Put, I,!, j . Clarane McDuwell, Agent       Tnke noiico that 1 llolcuni MeDa.nald aaf Prince
Itupert. ll.C.. occupatiun hil-.rer.  uil.i.,!.  t ,
' ply for permission to purchaso tho f.all,,,..
Oueen Charlotte Islands Und District��� Dialrici ol   scrilail lands:
.Skivna C.immcnciiur ut a post  plnnled  thn-.' unal ..,,,..
Take retire that 1, John McU-od ol Vancouver,    half mllee in an easterly direction from the poinl
Oeeupatlon hraaker, intend to apply lor permission    on Nous Itiver when' the Lava Uke Innl  la,.a.-uj.
to pr.asi.act lur coal and petroleum on the lulluwing    and ono milo in a northerly direction fraain tlie
eribad landa: said Uva Uke trail,  thenco north   mi  ohaina..
Commencing at a poat | lamed alwut live milea   thenco wost Nl chains, thonco sa.uth ni ,-liaai ..
I north anti one mile wmt ol lho mouth o   tho   thenco onst chaina to point of cummoocement
I.-.-. Kiver and marked J. McL.. N. K. Corner,   caantnininir iHllaeroa.
1 No. Zi. thenci' south DU chains,   thence wwt SO    Dat,- l-'eh. ;l. lull 1I01.COM M.-lli i\.\|.|i
chains, thonco north  *M) chiins, thonce oast  so   I'uh. Mar. In. Joseph Uelway. Auent
,... taa point of commencement;  conuining Gin
IhltM "tA.'''*"l UtU JOHN McLKOD Skeena Und Dlitrlct-Dlstrlct of Coast
lib. Fib '-'-. Clarence McDowoll, Agent        Take nutieo that  I. William Anderson, of Van.
couver, ll.C. occupation clerk, Intenda to apply
latr permission to purchuse the folhiwiu,! doaorlb.
cd lands:
yu(sn Charlotte Islanda Und Dialrici ���District ol       Ca.mmonoliiir nt u post plantisl nn.l markisl W.
Skeena A. northwest cairner. and nlsiut 1 milo fra.tn ,M,>\.
Take notice that 1. John McUsid ol Vancouvor.   anilor   lluehan    northern  boundary line, thenr.-
occupation hroker, intend to apply lor permission   south ni ehains, thence oast ni chum-   ilia :;,���,.
taa proMiaact lor Coul and pelroleum on the folia.mng   north Nl chains, theneo west go chains. |.. a
aioeorilicd landa: commencement, conlain-nu'll" neros rrn.r,' ��,r la..
Commencing at a i>i��i plintisl auout two mllee Wli.LIAM ANDKKSilN.
south ol the mouth ol tho Tl-el Itiver and .narked   Dateal 1st Feh. lilll Charles 11. Surk Aient
J.  McL   S. K   Corner,  No. 31, thenci- wnt SO ' I'ub. Feb. ii.
chains, thenco  north  80 chains,  thonco oust  M)
chains, thence south 80 chains :o point of com
section 6.    Ease terms
iitta boys, Harold Tye, aged 9, and climate, conditions
Morris   Holt,   ..��'-:   1".   were  run       The settlers he would locate in  of payment can be arranged,
���ver and i: stantly killed hy the British Columbia wiild he those
(i. T.  I'. Winnipeg  express  this who had ready cash and therefore
m 'n.i: ^    The) were playing t'- in a poisition to buy land almost
of payment
_                        ,,            ���      nienca'tnenl:  conuining liio acres, mon'or It
Huys o room House in  Dated Fob. 22, ion 	
Skeona Und IM-tnet    District ol Qw-on Charlotte
1 ike noticv tint Frank U'vick ol Woodal -ck.
I'ub. Feb. 24.
lake notice mat trunk la-vick ol Wis-l.t *���,.
{' i\- i       i t>li,������   occupation   bookkeeja-r,   intends   to  ippli
i- K. Walter Agi-nt    |,ff |KTmUsion to purchase the lollowing il.-.rns 1
came .���.'.���-:���.;;.    Be:'"re  they could mence farming right away.
-  way, "r before the	
���   .   ��� I i stop the truin they
were hit I j   :..���   *������...:���. ���
stantly killed.
..Whites Portland Cement...
-~N "' gether in the track when the flyer immediately upon arrival and
ditM ���   - expounding the counal's t\*..,\ programme is one we ���������,��� ���t      o.e .*   ui '����� '-��� -
would much prefer '���   leave to ildermen  dtemsdves���if
will take it Up.
��� weeks ���._   we - .*���-���     I   .��� the Ma>x��r ���.���..'���....���. enlighten
tlie publii on thi :-..i'- ol the ii:;- -   iss ssi -    We
detailed a numl ion which the puhlic interesi   emands that
enlightenment        . I   -   - .����� - -r,adp in a spirit ������:
friendliness ar.d nol ..-     ddsm.   In the the N'ews .^ ���:���
invites ihi- Mayor i ��� the :..-k. ii: courtesj ������::������:���: v him :'..i- ;'ri\:!'-.'-
before we take it up ourselves.
So too :��� regard to thei; ��� -    ���   .- ���     hether the council pr
to place tax���n improvement! -
citizens wh" during tin-       - ! tip the town���
we would invite tie Mayor :������ -   lut the   ��� st
of his own supporters, -.. this simple question
answered.   As tax-payers     ��� right to .i.-k tht
question either personally, ::-..- -nan. or through thi
They, .it least, do i "t relish ' --i: * snubbed for taking an interest
in the work of th.- ..
Buys   Double   Apartment
House in lection ';. Terms
-   arranged.
tf>rr"AA Buys Nine Room House
<J)DDUU w|th basement, hot ami
cold water,   ami  modern conveniences.
Time payments arranged.
CommencinK  at   a  pout   planteil   almut   Nlraa
Queen Charlotte lalands Und DUtrict -District o milt* wo-l and Iwo miles souih A the n
like n. Stanley   t'rvek   when'   ll   empties    into   Ns.lrr.
Take Bedea that 1, Jo n McU .1 ol Va couver, llartior. tiraham Island, thenee SO chains aouth,
orcui an n l>tokir. inlcn 1   o ui ply lor |H-rmiailon thonce so chains east,  ihence SO chains north,
to pros| eel lor c n anal petmlc .m o   the lollowing ihenee SO chalna weat to pnlnt id commencement
le.cr.tfd lands; and conuning 1110 acrea more or leaa.
Comii.encing at a p st plat.t<-d about lour md . Date.1 March IT, lull. FitANK LEVICK
��uti and tw.. m-.h* wa.>l ol the maulh of  the I'uh. Aprd 7. Nun.-i I'���
Ttm Hiver and markeil j. Mci.. N. 1. Corner,
Nu. 4.i. thenc outh so cliains, ihe-ici- west su
chains, thene- north so cliains, thencc HUM M
cha n. to i>o> t ol eomma'ncem -nl; outal..ine 010
acn-,, mi re or haa.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dale . lei   *.;. .P.I. UN  U'LEOO
fljrion    Buys   elegant   eight room ' ''ub **'   '-'' Clarane Mci-. well. Agent
��pD 1OU   Bungalow; four fireplaces:__________________________________
bath, al1 modem conveniences.
room   House on
Tidal Variation  Successfully
$300 ����
Pbone 125      Naden Block
- special cltoi call for special mention.
The tirst:- itratcd edition of the Omineca Herald,   lt-
themc i> progress and opportunities, with a number of well nvrittei
articles <!������.-��� ri': . i i .                 ii.. settlers .i fund
of useful information. Thc pi<                    ir has difficulties enough
wit!,    t (       . 'al editions,    ll is t.. such efforts tht' the
prw ii.' eis     ��� .                      progress and opp irtunities."
I  - .- thc ra ripi ol a new -p.iper from
the iie-.i mining cam| ��� Steal boal 11 ������ Steamboat .Vugget" is
the title though an intimatioi ���   ��� uill likely
In- changed i" the Hopc-Sti .-i ' >at Nugget - the paper i- to be
published in Hope ""Ming to the impossibility of taking a printing
plant ir'" Steamboat." Whal .1 story i- conveyed in lhal last clause.
It recalls ��� of the rush i" the Klondike, when 114,000 waa
spent on teaming in .113,000 linotype in order t" M.m the first paper.
Pi ��� ;. I'. (lodcnrath, of the Portland (anal Mirer is the publisher,
and the Nugget, Liars a lainiK likem-s- to the Miner.
Windsor Hotel
Cf-Jfifk   'iuvs 1 run
SAFE LANDING FOR LADIES $��/UU  tion 5.    j
ieiices including bath
Second Ave Device Contrived by H. Robin-
-___--_____���      son   at   the   Rupert   Marine
  Wharf  Does  Away  with   the
Old Raft Hauling Stunt.
skevna Land District -District ol (jnecn Charlotle
Take notici' lhat (.eonr*' W. Arnott ol Trinee
Kn|- rt.   II.   Cm   occupation   real   eaute   hroker,
,���. H,,,,,.,. It, ....   inienils to appl>  lor int nis.ion to purchase tho
1111 nous, in sec    IMuvm __(_[__ |���^a:
Modern Conven- Commencing at a post plantcl alwut seven ..*:*._ ���-_���. e--,--
milea anil one-hall mile wast ami one milo south iloscritie.! lanila
Irom the mouth ol Stanlv   Creek. Nation Harbor,       * ommencine at
Skeena Lan.l District - District of Coast
Take noliee that I. I'oter llel.l, of Vancoeaar,
ll.C occupation teamster. Inlomls t<a appl. r-.r
la.JIIIII.Ma.il  taa    plircllUM'    the   f(,||,,\* ItlK    <l,'SCrils-a|
C.aitimepcini: nl a post planlisl ami marked I'.
II '�� S.W. corner and iitim<silately BdJatall
markeil J.M.'s N.K. corner and A. H.'s SE car-
ner; thonce north ni chnins, thenco oast I" chains,
thctice south 1*1 chains. Ihence wost 4" chain.. I"
IMiInt of commencement, containing :ljn acres
mnro or Ins. I'ETKIt ItElll.
Date.11st Keb. 1911 Charlea II. Allen. AKent
I'uh. Feb. Ii.
keena l-aiaal District���District ol Coast I l.a' a' V
Take  notice  that   Charlm   P.  litter ol  I'nncr
Kailari.   II.  C.,  occupation  surveyor,  Intends lo
apply  lor  permission  to purchan-  Ihe lollo*inx
i poat planted at the north MMl
ll* O AAA    Hills 7  mom FTnnaoln ..,-     1!"'nc,��� ""'   W c,1��',,"��� Ihenee south   SO  chains,'   corner ol surveyed lot IIUSI. lUnge :.. I ... ���
3>OUUO     ���       -   ro".   .""USt ln 8tc"   ihonci'real so chains, thence north Wchaina   	
Modern  conven-1 i!^^'^.17'r"1*"-
  trict, thenci- In  an easterly direction alonn the
IlKll. W. AllNtITT   southerly limit ol surveynl lol :11ml and '
Newly Furnished and
Steam  Heated Rooms
KIT! ���  "id CENTS AND  IP
Huys  two story Mouse, 7
rooms, in section one.
d�� r a  Per month will rent a 60-foot
Numa Demera. Auent   lection thereol 40 chains to a point. Ihana
parallel lo (he easterly limit of surveveal 1> -       I
alorvsald iW chains more or leaa to the norther).
Boating i- "in.- of the principal
summer   recreations   in   Rupert.
.md main- residents who enjoyed  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
themselves  last  summer   on   the CIA A I'er month.   We are offering j^iou'Vi!' m1'
js  0 * "" fur rent a tine Store on Sec-'
jre on Second Avenue.
"lid Avenue, 26 X -17.
P.O. BOX 37
y ** m   Living Room on Fulton St.
i Ifflees I'm- Kent in the HankinK Distriet
Huys lut in section 1.
terms for balance.
The value of the wirch -- w.i- demonstrated again yesterday, when
alter the I i.iily \e\\ - had tin- < v lusive st"r\ of dm rescue of the crew
oi the Fish Maid on tin- pre--. .1 wireless message irom < 'aptain Baugh-
m.in of ihe Humboldt came to ~.i\ thai hi- vessel had sighted the
overturned craft, rui.irii her, and left her adrift "ne mile from Dead
Tree I'oint. Alaska. Twenty minutes later Mr. McKay, the owner
of the boat, was in the l>aily N'ews office seeking confirmation <>f the
new-, and it ('in. despatched a tun to Dead Tree I'oint in search
of hi- vessel
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave
The Daily New;
..Grand Hotel..
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets   25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprielor
Bulkley Valley
.'120 acres with Hotel,   Store  antl   Post
Ollice $20.P0(l
320 acres, 200 acres meadow $3,200
Skeena River
^^^^^^^^^^ mer   on   th
water will  be glad  to notice th
season   the   c,reat   improvements
th.it have been effected along the
waterfront.    Last   year   to  reach
the   1 nuthouses   il   wa-   necessary
to do a navigation stunt by means
of a rope-hauled raft. Thi- yc.u-
there is a difference.
At the Kuperi Marine wharf
newly completed, Mr. H. Robin*
-mi has ju-t designed antl constructed .i most ingenious landing
stage for small craft. Although
there is .i twenty-six foot tidal
variation t" contend with the plan
adopted    nukes    il    possible    I'or
passengers to embark or disembark
.it all stages of the tide with
perfect convenience. The contrivance consists of a floating
platform iill ft. hy 15 ft. which
slides between piles of the wharf
i pi ile freely up and down with
the rise and fall of the water lint
cannot move away from the t,r-mu-      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
way  reaching   to  it.     lhe  gang- once as we have many tlemands hy mail
way is a broad 28-ft, ladder fitted from parties who desire to secure quart-
...   ,       ,      .,       ti .    ,.      , ers hv thc time thev arrive here,
with hand rails.    It is fixed at one
end to slide upwards and down- 1 AM dally asksd my opinion m to ths
,                   ,���                 . *   permanent values of real   estate  in
wards   responding   to   the   move- ,, ���       _        , ,             .       ,      n*     i,
' Prince Kupert for investment.     To all
l,1(' such enquiries I honestly state that any
. ^^^             ms Prince Kupert  properties,   at  nresent
f  access   to  launches  and   sm.ill valuations,   are   a   gootl    invos'
Skwna I.,..,i District-District ol Coast ltaii|c 6   limit ol a timlwr limit iNo. 4236.1>. thrncia ��.-t
lake notice that AnKu. lleaton ol Prince Kupert.   40 chains more or lens to a point In the pro ecnon
ll. L, occupation miner, inlemls to a|ipl> lor per-   southerly  ol  lhe easterly  limit   ol sun.
mission to purchase the lullowinj described Im.ls:   3HM. ihenc in  a  northerly direction alonn the
OommMM at a  post  planted at  the soulh   projection  ol tho said  limit  and  along "
"��"���      m    ?        ���    92'' l1""** 1�� ch,ln" ""'*"���    'lml1 60 chalna more or lesa to point ol co.nm.- i~
thence 40 chains south, thence aliout i,al chalna   ment. containing 210 aer,- more or lesa.
e.��st to Lakelse Lake. Ih,'nce meanderint said lake    Dated March 8, 1811.        CHARLKS I'. IITTKH
shore In an northerly direetiun lo point ol com-   I'uh  March 25
mencement:   containing  170 acrw, mon- or laaf '
Poat marked A. II.. N. T:. Comer. Cowt Itange 5 Und Dlstricl
ANGUS Mi: iTos       Take   notire   that   I,  John   llepliurn  ol   Kitsumkalum,  occupalion larmer. intend to emu
for liermlnslon to purchase the follownf descnl""l
Commencing al a post planted at tha nortl'.eiu'
Skeena Un.i District-Dlalrict of Coast. **V'
. ������ aaaaa.-aaviiiK ., tt ,"S��I  pianusi at turn .m.".**
��� Take notice lhat l.John Miller, i.f Vancouver, corner ol Lot   IHM. thence east 20 chains, tie-.ri
OHuys   line   .Storehouse   on   (i.e..  is-cupntlon butcher. Intends ta eppljrfof south 40 chalna. thenca west 2o chaas, ihenc.
Tlale.l A,���....ua j permission to purchase the followinir described north 40 chalna lo place ol commeneamaDl-	
lllirtl AMIlUl. {hni]r. Dated March IS. 1911. JOHN HEWH UN
Pa,,   nianaila    r.aiilai    **tr.rr.   -naal      Coiiimrnrliitf at a pa.st planttsj abaiil  I chain Pub April 15.
lir   monin    nuts    store   aim   fr,,,,, ii,le��ater at thehi-adof Lusc..mliell��>.and
l  i , ��� .- tA _.*'__\^_\. *"** "*>'��� ****** I 	
&iiM,h^TLB,;T;-hen*re:;,,,��r $,__.:�����-?�� ^"-�� "t^djsevi a�� la: >
Ihenee earth -"chains, topolnt of   eminence:       Take notice ihat Alc����niler lleaton ol \ancai-
ment. contalnina i-lu acres m .re ..r les. )���"��� "��� "������ oecupatlon carpenter. Intends to apl'l)
JOHN Mli.l.KK, !"r P,'rmi,rioo 1�� purchaae the lollowing dwcnlssl
Charles B. Stark. A��ent    * cimrm-ncing at a post planled 80 chaina ��uth
Irom thc aoulh  waat corner ol  Lot 30I.V    l'"st
marked A. U., N. W. Corner, thance .10 chsini
yuts-n ( harlotte Islands Und District   -Disirict ol   """th. thencr 80 chalna eaat, Ihenca 30 clisn.
Skeena north. Ihenca 80 chalna weal to polnl ol corn-
lake none that 1, John McLeod of Vuncnuver    mencement; eonlaining 200 acres, molt orleas
occupalion broker, intend lo apply lor permission   l'"'"* *'<���*>��� **��� I'll-     ALKSANDKK I1KATHN
lo pnispect lor coal and pelroleum on the following   *""*>��� March I.
daaariDari   anda- ���
i D.ilisl Ist Feb.. 1911
Pub. Feb. ���
Huys lot in section 5.
is a snap for cash.
Huys two  lots  in  section 5.
Kasy terms.
Huys lot in section li.    Trice
Jlliii.   Good terms on bal.
Buys lot in section 6.    Pri
Price I860.
iescrilied lands:
Tl I   ! Ih^THreteaVeSlI fr'?.' f &V!5* * *$?"* Und neMet-OUttlet of Cns.mr
This   B* n p '***"���' *"** inarke.1 J.   McL   S. K. I orn.r. Taka nolle lhat I Arthur James Welsh ..I Vj,-
l chai,,,1. It��� St "l K5    h'n" *'��  H ""W.twqp.Ua, bn,ker. intend, lo ��....!>  tm
ViZ.l    .        , ,K ,       ' ch,ln*'  l*""*-*' "W  80 tu-rmissl..n t.. i.urchese Ihe followinir .!��������.-,il.-i
��l!!!"l*..-t0  P01"'   ��. commencamenC    contalnini lands:                 urcnese tne lollowinK
Caimmenclnir at a post plantnl three nn.l cne-
610 acres, more or leaa,	
Pub Ivl'."-;1, '""���     _*__-___ ffiBE \i*H^R   half m.l-'in^V^U.Hj-dl'^tTam'fnHn.the ft*
rob. -a. * ]__,������ McDowell, Agent   ...a Neu lllver where Ihe  Uva  Uke trail O
mence. i,.ai the trail. thi-ni<eeasl elahty cha
Queen Charlotte Islands Und llislrict���Ilutrici ol   ,*"'n"' """lh w chains,   thence   west  80 chair
Skoena *"*"'" ol I lh""!-.-na.ith-.1 ehalns to ,..,int of
��� -���. ��� .���������.._���_,.,  .ancouver,    Pale Feb^t "iBU
l-e ! occupation broker, Inlend lo apply lor permission   j��uf   --   '���-'*"
THERE Is an Increasing demand for
dwelling houses and apartments.
Anyone having houses and apartments
for rent to be vacant at any time in the
near future should list them with us nt
to prospect (or coal and petroleum on the following
descrilied lands:
acres more or less.
b. Mar. Ill
Skeena Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of Const
Joseph Uelwnv. A,""
ment of the platform below,
the result is a perfectly safe mea
tide is
nigh or
^^^^^^ sttnent.
hut I advise my clients who nre desirous of taking advantage of "snaps" to
invest only where offerings are made at
( ommencing at a pnst planted aliout two miln
JJiuth and  two miles weat ol the moulh ol the      -e ,  -    .       _i
ll-el Itiver and marked   J. Mc.L. N. |   Corner �����           notice   that   I,  Alexander   Buchan. "f
tj*. 4a, ihence south 80 chalna, thence west 8(i ***&*_}***. B.C, occupation butcher. Intends lo
chains, tlence north  80 chains   thence east  8u ",,|'l>'f"r Permission to purchase the tollowlni
cnains lo point ol commencement: containing (ilu (,r,rri'Ksl lands:
acres, more or leas.                                            * Commencing a post plantnl and markeil AH ��
I iaie.  I-eb 22,1911.                 'OHN McLKtll) J, I.; earner, and adjoininK imals marknl J.M.'s
I ub. leb. 24                    Clarence McDowell, Agent ' _ c"rn|,r "nd I'll  s S.K.  narner: thru, a *..'���
"'rhains, thence north sn chains, theaeeeeatl
*_.__.. I       11.1.     .     ... '''��""��� tlietia-e saauth   SO chains to  point  of  r.alil-
Skwna Und UUtnrt-District ol gueen Chariott   ! ""���"rement. eontalnlu (Mil acres more or leea.
Ill'*'_��_*.,"M J",'n'S'"r",'> "1 Veae, ,. '-'"II Ll Feb.. Ml        Oinrl^'ll' Allen.AAient
11.  t .,  occupation  commercial  traveller,   irtenals ' ul'- Keb. ss
Commencinf. at  a  p��t  plantnl  about   -even
Skeena Und District-Dlslrict ol Coasl
lake notie.. thai   Fred  W.  Ilnhler ol KMsim'
Sm.SfgJS.'K J""e.,"";,h ,rom ""��� mnuth   Ulum- "ccupatlon  larmer, Intends uT'appI)   '"'
cn.^JhLr ' _.!_ '[*"'"���* [h*n-T I""'* W   |'"���,*ion   to   I'urcha--   the   following    cr.i- I
..... ' .'J1"!"* ���L40 *h,mi^  ""-nee south  80   '""'.'":
Commencing at  a posl  plantnl at  the norlh-
i'��t earner  ol     ,\. Mclrfsxl's pre-emption, then'-'
Hate.1 March 17. 1911.
Pub. April ���_;.
J. H. Ml UI'IIY    ^V"' ""ner oi     a. Mcl^od'a pre-empl  _.
Isuma Demers, Agenl    Sl ���in" south, thence 10 chnins east, Ihenre '.
rliain.  north.  Ihenee  10 chains weat   lo  post  01
eaammenSemei.l containing 20 acres more or less
Krnl llamplon,  \.'"
1861-2 acren, Ifi 1-2 acres improved, 7,000
Porcher Island
5 Mre"| Crown Granted $.1,750
50c PER MONTH M-wncomin
Second Av
Laimiteil.        ^^^^^^
Prince Rupert, B.C,
boats whether tl
low. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Thc  ncw  contrivance  was  In
use for the lirst  time on Sunday -    -	
when a detachment of Earl Grey's VF 7 'i''''"'�� pick u" tew��^��|Bfeff JSStfS%WPeiAS5 3"7,"'' B" f
Rifles embarked for .heir .hooting --* -��-w "^ ***" {ot lnv-9t- i -l^^Tn'L^"^!"^^^."^.'?.' %~: r^r,r^r,"L'-U^ S
much below present market quotations. ! >ffijfffi��?!wt�� J3m"���  on- """'
Skeena Und District -District ol Coa,,  ,Un��� 5 _ntml*___To
permiasion   to  purehu. the  following Bfifi *"����.��� UM District
Commencing at a post plant el
north ea.t Irom null
.     Dislrici of Coast Itange
��� ake notice lhat I. Lionel Kingsley ol Vane"
****,  II.  I'.,  occupation   mlnei,  intend   te ��ll
| oi Mid i-keTuit-\7"iuZtT\hrm. 'SS'.hulS tm^Jn*11"**" '** *****m*mm.mmmSii Beerteed
itantnl near the jeojh-
-    . ��� , ..ange .'.. Coa-I   District
hence west   ll) chains,  thence aouth   fill ehallH,
practice across lhc harbor.
ments stood ,,roperiieS at from 20 to 40 ' s""w^^?o0rn"i^��� """* ""*   ''"" ***" *>��t-  !^J^C��a5T^��rsetttTo'W5
  , ���n'r cent' lll'low *he market l.y   careful: K^lll*-,.";' "'
W��tchlng  of  fluctuations  and chancee
A  Btore would s���on  [aj|  |,  |f by our staff.   If you hsve euh for In
Cllilii-t- .... l'n,"l "f commencinent.
I'LOIIOI. I.KVKK    ''"'nl March 21, lml
Pub. April ���_���_.
Skeena 1-an.l  Dlalrict    tMatriel ..I i-
ala,   ������,i���.  .h..   vt���    ,     .. ' .'  ���  < .. ,
.aid for any considerable amoun   vcM,m'"1t1 nml ����� looking for real bar-! flMwr mL-f*_*&%, Sl \**m, ~~tt. ��*%
,t -wlvi-i-twi ,��� ���i- i   ���        '"">""  Balm call in and talk   it ���Vl.r      I   ,.nn   "'<""l. to apply lor penSSfog  ,' ',, ch^,m" *'* |m,i.il, i"
ll   advertising   which   ll   COUld   not    ihOW VOU llOW tO mak , . , ,��",'W"'K <l��crll.ed lands: l"wehaar the l.mnV: "
nake It JO YOUR INTEREST! _^'^"r"nt'-    IS^ififflfeWflBtee SS?^:
Jeremiah   H.   Kugler
north�� j.t  pfirnrr,  thencp  wi��t   m chain
AM) PROFIT TO READ AM)| . *_^TT7 !^h -8��0 -<**"���."��� *** "
Skeena Un.l Disirict   -Dlslnrl nl Oueen Charl"'"'
____*   nolice  lhat   lluliert   II.   Crew   ol   l*rinr��-
occupat Ion agenl. Intenda In Bi'l'b
purchase lhe following deseril"-'
a   poal   plnnlnl   alioul   (*���   '"'-
utnam-.   o. ;��� "��� V." "" a mile south ol Ihe mouth "'
 ,         ", W'y   *:***-*,   where   It   empties     Into   Naden
a north ��n i*-S_7 w_-_-_7 ZT*   4" chains           ��� !arJ",r'  "Tahani   Island,  thenee easl   40 cha ns.
taining |o0c'i''��� 1�� T    ,"' '   ' ' ' '"���������tnent   _\_T ',_?"' n"rlh   !�� r,'"ln"'  ""���"����� *****   ,0 rl"1"",'
l"�� d M'arrl M Ton    ' -*i ..T" "";,h '" ch"1"" lo imlnl "' commencement
uaitd March 20 1911.     MRS. L, C. PUTNAM .T.?1*' ""   OT��� more mlis-.
��~- It- Putnam Agen u|,WA^'!';h 17' 19"'         '��"'KKT 0. CREW
"gen i-ub. April 7.                          Num, Demera, Agenl
Pub. April 15. THE DAILY NEWS
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
I   I
-������+���+ -
/   /
i i
��� ���     General Merchandise
I I 	
| j
j i
I (
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices  in  Northern  B. C.
-�� !
-* I
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will he devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of I'rinee Rupert
are invited to contribute to ita columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticiams aro invited by the editor. Tho hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Bell-Shaped Hat
Water Notice
Notice Is hereby riven that an appli-
aiitiuii will he made under Part V. of
th,'Wilier Aft, 1909," to obtain a
license In the Queen Charlotte Division
of Skeena District.
(al   The name, address anil occupation
of ihe applicant is Qeorge ^ oung,
Victoria, H.C.
ill for mining purposes)   Free Miliar- Certificate No	
name of the lake,   stream  or
-,ur.��������� m' unnamed, the description
>i Am Lake and Ain River.
ni  Tlie |hiint of diversion at or  near
Ain Lake,
i-!'   The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feel per SSCOIld) KHMI.
oi   Hie character of  the  proposed
mriti, ilam, Hume,   pipe-line,   power
��� . plant, etc.
ifi   The premises on whieh the  water
- to be used (describe same)  at or
in u mouth Ain River,Masset Inlet.
'l'i The purposes for whieh the water
��� to be used is for power development and mill operations.
i   for Irrigation,   describe   the
land to In- irrigated, giving acreage.
i.i lf Ilu- water is to he used ft'��� power or mining purposes, deserihe the
��� here the water is to be re-
to "tne natural channel) and
lhe difference in altitude between the
|siint of diversion and point of return
At nr near mouth of Ain River,about
I'm feet helow lake level.
li An :i of Crown land intended to he
occupied by the proposed works....
Ik i  This  notice  was  posted   on   the
"f  April. 1911. mid application will be made to the Commissioner
on the 20th day of May, 1911.
'I'  Give the names and  addresses  of
Brian proprietors or licensees
too or whose lands an likely to be
���fleeted by the proposed works.either
wove or helow the outlet.    None.
���,  , H. Bdenshaw, Agent
CO. Box 285, Prince Rupert, H.C.
note One cubic foot per second is
"    ' '" :t."'.71 miner's inches.
M). April 29, p.m. 4w
Skit-tin Laml Dstrict ���Disirict of Quoon Charlotto
Tako nolice that QoorfO Kritxoll ol I'rinca
Report, II. ('., occupation liutclior, ititontla to anply
for permission to purchaso the followinK descrllieil
I | Commeneini at a post |ilnnti-il almut seven
miles west und twu miles south ol the mouth of
Stanley t'reek where it empties into Naden
llurhor, (iraham Islund, thence SII chains south, j
thenco SO chains west, thence So cliuins north,
thence SU chttns eust to point ol commencement
and cnntniniiiit '��� 1" acres more orless.
Dated March IT, lull QBORQE  I UlZZKI.l.
I'uh. April 7. Numa Demera, Auent i
Queen Churlotto lalands Land District���District ul '.
Tuke notice that I, J. 0, McNali ol I'rince Ku-!
perl, occupulion  gencrul aeent, intend  to apply
lor permission lo prospect (or coal and pelroleum
on the followinK deacrilied lunds:
CommencinK at a post plumed at the ao ������ h-east
corne' of Section 3, Townsh p 1! llraham Islund,
and marked J ti. McN., S. K. Corner, thencc
wost 80 chinas, thenco nnrth hi) chuins, thence
east SU chains, thence south SU cliuins to point of
Dated .March S, 11)11. J. G.  McNAH
I'ub. March 25. Wilson GowinK, A|ont
Skeena I .:n..l District -District ol Coaat IlanKo V
Take notice Ihul Jock lledlord ol KeiKhley,
Yorkshire, l-JiiKlund, occuputiun over-looker, in-
tenils to upply (or permission to purchrse lho
followinK described lumis:
CommencinK ut u post plunted al u puint in the
easterly boundary ol timber limit _6A'_'J and In
the southerly limit ol lot 8988, Range .. Coast
Districl, when- the said limits intersect, thence
ulonK the southerly limit ol tot .I'.I8D kloiesuid
and the projection thereol in un easterly d.-action
SU chains more or less to (he wes(erly lit, it ol
limber limit 8SS01, thence in u southerly direvtion
j.laiiai: the lust mentioned limit 11 chains moro
or less to thu northerly limit of timber limit 36776,
thence in a westerly direction aluiiK the last men-1
lioned limit SU chains more ur less to the easterly
limit of timber limit UHll'Jtl, thence In a northerly
���lireclion 11 chuins more ur less to the point ol
DutedMarch 8, 1911. JACK I1EDFORD
I'ub. March 26
Skeana Land District���District ol Coast Kami:.' 6
Tuke notice that 1, Clara May Little ol i'rince |
Ku|iert.   11.   C,   occupatiun  spinster,  intend   to
apply  lor  permissiun  to  purclio.se  the lollowing '
described lands:
CnniinelicinK at a poat planted al the north
west curner uf Lol I ..la. ItanKo 6, ('oast District '
thence eust -IU chains, thence norlh 25 chains
thenee w-est ill chain' thence north 20 chains j
thence west IU chains, thence south 15 chaina to
point ol commencement, contuining 112 acrea
mure ur lesa.
Dated April-I, 1911. CLARA MAY LITTLE
Pub. April 15.
Skeenu Land District���District ul Coaat Huiim- 6
Take notico that Kldon S. Dotwilcr of Berlin,
Ont.' occupation doctor, intends to apply for
iiermiasion to purchase tho (ollowing doscribed
Cummencing at a post planted at thc aouth-
west corner of Ixit 192S, thenee oust 311 chaina
more or less, thence south -15 chaina moro or lesa,
thence weat 30 ehtina moro or less, thenco north
45 chains more or less to point nl eommoncoment
eonlaining 140 acrea more orleas.
Dated March 31, 1911 KLDON S. DKTWILKR
I'ub. April 15* John Campbell. AKent
For thf woman who can becomingly wear a small hat this
is one of the most attractive
shapes shown among spring models.
It requires little or p.o trimming,
.��� nd of the simplest kind���a plume
or a how of ribbon is all tint is
necessary. Above model dil'firs
slightly from the majority of ihis
type hat in that the brim is bent
at intervals in small points. It
is a fancy straw in green and blue
shadings, with a band of narrow
lilue velvet ribbon aliout the liase
of crown, and a hint- willow plume
prettily arranged on left side, near
These Three Will Repay Reading
lf chicken is roasted or penned
with the breast down insia'.nl of up
it will be more juicy .ind lender.
It should be turned over len
minutes before it is done to brown.
For a very simple npplc pudding
cut some nicely flavored apples in
quarters. Sprinkle with sugar and
bread crumbs and bake until the
top is brown. Serve with a hard
A delicious dessert is made by
Stiffening grape juice wilh gelatine
and folding the whites of eggs
whipped to a still froth through ii
while it is thickening. Serve with
whipped cream.
Good  Formula for  Making  It
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sundays.  8.00 a in.
Mondays and Fridays al 8 a.m.
aa. Prince Albert sails fur Purl   Niin|>-
huii, Nuns Uiver Points, Manet,
Nnili-ii Harbor, every Wednesday, l.oo p.m.
and fur:
Refuge Hay,  Skidegate, Queen
Charlotle City,  Lock-sport,  l'u-
i-uli, ali'dwav,   Ikeda Hay,   Ross
Harbor ana return via Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway Syatem
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient Service of luxurious trains over its
double track route between Chicago,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Information ard tickets oh-
tainable from the office hereunder mentioned. Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Princess May
Girls   Can   Cleverly   Enhance
Their Own Boudoirs
Skeona Land District    Dintrict nl Coaal
Taki- mallei- that lili'im McArthur "I Vanaiu\er,
ww i laatlnttt. lnUndi, Und DUtrict -Diitrict ol   11.  C, occupation  roal   eatatp iiKint  intenda lo
Sl<i>cria apply  lor  |ierniianion  to  purchane  tho lollowing
��� .ri llaal I. John McLeod ol Vancouver,   al.-M-rila.-al landn:
"la'r. inteml to apply lor |iernii��aton       Commencng at a pont planted -10 chains w, a
' riaul and pelroloum on the following   and SU chaina nouth ol the aouthweat corner ol
Lot No.   ITSS murked (Ilenn McArlhur'n norlh-
.11.1! at a poat planted about two miloa   wont corner, tin-lire aouth 40 chninn, thenco i-iut
. ..KOI)
Clarence McDowell, Agent
��� - i'" Ii.landal.ahd Diatrict-Dintrict
!!.!,'.!".".'. i'1"' .'��� Job" HOUnd ol Vancouver,
'"'k'T. intend lo apply fat iwrmimiun
lw wal and petroleum on lh,     '
I. Mc
��� :
1 landa
"iicing  al   n  poat   planled   about   two
���tti and two milm woat ol tho moulh ol
Kivit,   (Iraham   laland,   and   marked
v w. Corner, No. Ill, thence nouth 81)
"nee  eaat  SO  chaina,   llience   north 80
"!"���  went so chains to point ol com-
'���"iiiaiiiing G10 acrea. more or loan.
I.,  i';'',-,". l��l I- JOHN McLKOD
���-'��� Clarenco McDowell, Agent
"* """lone Inlands Und District-Dintrict o
wtuia. ,   "i"v ,""" '��� Jubn ����I<*0<l ol Vancouver
to|.r."..'., )""*"''; Intend lo apply lor permisaion
lw r.aal un.l petroleum on the lollowing
loSjS*? "', a I"*1 lilanlwl about two mill*
ao mila am ���( lhl, moulh o( lh(, TlH,,
������.*','���,""��,';'' t ,Mcl- !>' ����� (',,r"��. No. is,
1   Ml  chains,  thenci'  eaat  80  chalna.
�� K rhni,���, thonce weat 80 chnins to
'   "tnencement;   containing  010 acroa,
Clarence McDowell, Agenl
A potpourri nr salts jar is a
popular novelty of the moment
The new potpourri jars arc low
Bquare glass bottles with large
openings, so that when thc glass
st ippers are removed the pungent
odor of delicious lavender silts
will at once fill the entire room.
The sails should lie encased in
cotton wadding, lest they dty up
too quickly. The bottle should
have a cover of brocade bound
with narrow gold braid, with perhaps a small French print as a
medallion in each side. A medallion should also be pasted in the
top of the stopper and inside the
glass, where il will show through
without rubbing off every time
the bottle is handled.
Ordinary paper books of while
pins, silk or chintz covered, will
also bring in a handsome advance
on their dost at a bargain. A
set of toilet articles, all covered
in the same piece of brocade or
cretonne, should bring a good
price. This set will include the
small box of nose powder, the
larger bottle of talcum, a jar of
tooth powder, a cologne bottle,
a little tin box for soap, a book of
pins, needle book, work bag, chamois lined jewel case, small bag for
ribbon for the lingerie, and so on
through an almost indefinite list
as long as the ingenuity of the
maker  and   the  materials  al   her
command last.
1.    a     .a.   |���. ,
'hut I. John  McDonald of  I'rince
occupation hoteuefftMr, intemls to
"n,ii���|������  t��� ,,���n.hase  the  followinir
"'"' it n post planted   ihroo nnd  ono-
"")" an eaaterly direction from the pnint
���������ei when. th�� Lnva LtlM trail  benina
, '   ���" ��  northerly direction from the
.!���*'������ ""il. thenee south eighty chains.
���" Chalna, thence north KO chains,
"hinna to pnint ���f commencement,
J, '" ni-lea.
Ki acraa.
"la la In.
.iohn McDonald
Joseph Uelway. Airent
I II ",'.,',.,.:!,.','.'l..".i"!r,,,.t-I>latrli-t of Cnsslar
'I'"' I Andrew Ctimnittius of  Van
 "I"itl"n ciaik, intenda to npplv
"I Iniiil,        " '" Wests the following deacrib-
'"'Ill iipiat   planted   Hire
"HI (nil,,. ,, ' ���> i.aaai  puipied   llireo lind   one
' Naas It.' "" ';""'''i-lv illieeiion from the point
"���;" ti"- r-1   .\   "r""'" ***** <Mk" tr"H ���***'���*
n   Ihenca weal an chairs, thenco wuth
��� -i-t Wchalna, thence north mi
'nil or cimiineneeinent. contnininK 840
m',','  i';,1''"- ANI1UKW CUMMINIW
t i
Joseph Uelway, AKontPu'i    Alirl 7
Skeenn Land Diatrict-Dlatrict of Coaat EUngl f>.
Const District
Tnko noliee thut Win. Leslie of Snpporton. B.C.
oooupatlon Oovornmont Qnird, intends to tpply
for permission to purchase the followinK described landa:
ComtnencinK at n post plunteil -III chnina west
nnd 12(1 chains south of the west corner of lot No
17IW, rnnKe I** coast diatrict, mnrkial Wm. Leslie
N.W. coiner, thence south 40 chains, thonce east
80 chainn, thence north 40 chains, thenee wost 8(1
chnins to post of commencement, caantaininK WW
ncre i m.ire or leaa.
T. D. Lnlril, AKent
Dated March 10th, lilll
Pub. April 29th, lilll
Skoena Und Dialrici -Districl ol Queen Charlotte
Tako notice thai Calherine Harrison, ol Calgary
Allierin. occupation spinaler. Intenda lo apply,
tor iiirniiaaion to purchase lhe lollowing described
Commencing at a post planled about d IA
miles weat nnd hall a mile aoulli (mm the mouth
ol Stanley Crook, where it oinpli"f into .Naden
Harbor, (iraham Island, thence III cliains south
(honoo 40 chains oaat, thence 40 chains north,
thenco 40 chains woat tn point ol commoncemont
and containing 100 acroa more or lesa.
Datod March 17, IUll  ,���,_,..,
Pub Apr. 7. Numa Homers, Agont
Stikine Uml Dlalrict -Dslrict ol Cassiar
Take notico that Sydney lloilgkiiison ol  1 olograph Crook,  11.  C., occupalion clerk, intends to
apply   lor  |ierniiaaion   to   purchaae  the  following
described land:
Commoncing at a post plantod about n nllarlcr
mile nortli oaat Irom (Under llillle aii-l on the cast
bank ol Slikino Hiver, thenci' eaal 20 chains
thenco norlh 40 ohains, llience weal 20 chalna,
Ihonco aouth 40 chains lo poinl nl commencement
and containing 80 acroa moro or leaa.
Dated Fob. 11. lilll. , ������,.,���,..,
Pub. April 7. CA. Tervo, Agent
Stikine Land Diatrict���Dlalrict ol Caaaiar
Take notico that Chriatian A. Tervo ot Stikine
II. C , occupation .-mtoma ollice'. inlenila to apply
lor pnrlnlnsion to purchuao tho lolloiving deacribed
lands: .
Commencing at a post planled MOUI in cliiuna
nnrlh west of tho customs wtfobouaa at stik-tii',
II. C., thenco weat 20 chaina, thonea aoutl a,
chains, thenco oast 20 chnina. llience north ill
chnins lo point of eommoncoment nnd containing
���10 acrea more or loaa. nmnvn
Dated Keb. Ill, Hill.      CHIHSTIAN A. 1LKVO
Hoi for the hum <>i the iron steed,
With ribbons of steel of a thousand leagues,
Like the veins of a nation's arteries
That beat and pulse from sea to
Ho! for Ihe land of the golden sea
That  makes an  empire's daily
A home for millions yet to be,
Where  grows   the  grain   of   the
golden head.
A cheer for the sun-capped mountains bold
Like   God's   eternal     sentinels
Twixt the land of wheat and the
mighty deep,
As guardians of the sea and land.
A prayer for a country young and
Inspired with hope for its heri-
Lord grant  its counsels, wisdom,
For the nation's weal from age to
There are a number of satisfactory coltl cream-, on the market,
but some persons prefer making
their own. The lolluwing is a
formula for a simple cold cream,
very good for general use. Buy
the ingredients from a reliable
druggist who will give lheill lo ymi
[Hire. Put an ounce of while wax
and an ounce o' spermaceti broken
in pieces in a bowl and set the
bowl iu a pan of hot water on the
stove, when- the contents will melt
slowly. When they .ire dissolved
atld four ounces of oil of sweet
almonds, antl mix well, then take
the bowl olT the stove, and beat
the mixture with a silver fork,
While beating, add very gradually,
two or three ounces or roi-ew.iler
more or less according as you
want a thin cream or not. Beat
briskly until lhe mixture forms a
soft white cream.
It might be advisable to use
only half the above quantities
the lirst time, in case you are noi
quite successful. Much of ihe
success depends on the continuous
Keep the cream in small china
pots with screwed on covers.
txtudiin Pacific Riilway   ���   B.C. Cut! Steamship Semcr
���      For Vnnrouvcr, Vtctorin
on,I Seattle
FRIDAY, MAY 12th. ot noon
Truin for WlnBtptg iiml Toronto lav Vnncouvor nt
  Hn.m. daily
^^^ Imperial Limited fur ChicnKo.
Montreal nnd New York. U<-t train uenwn llif
continent, leaven Vnnrouuer daily at S.4K |>.m.
CarrleH compartment oltttervatlon cam. the llnnt
car on any rond anywhere.
Atrenl for all Atlantic Steamnhip linm. Ticket*
tu and from European puint*.
J. G. McNab - General Agenl
,  ITEMS   OF . .  j
OFFICE     :     :   I
Tlie steel and concrete stadium
of the New York National League
baseball club i-. in be only one
detail of a $6,000,000 "Olympia"
which will be built on tlie Polo]
grounds and adjoining property as
a (cnicr for athletic aclivitii s of all
Herbert Dickson, formerly a
halfback on Queen's football team,
.unl the crack lirstbasemaii of the
Kingston City League, has been
signed by "( Ii.uh ci" Elliott for his
St. Thomas team in the Canadian
Mike Ryan, ol New York���and
Johnny Hayes of New York, winner of the Olympic Marathon, anon the way to England for tin-
English Marathon to be run on
May 27th.
Frank Truesdale, secondbaseman
of the St. Louis American League
baseball team has been released
to the Buffalo Eastern League
"Pal" Brown,of Hibbings, Min.,
"the lighting kid of the Iron
ranges," who is lo meet Jack
While at Winnipeg. May 15, is
planning oh a trip to England to
meet a. lighter there if he succeeds
j in beating White. He has inter*
vening bouts scheduled with Tom-
j my Garry, but feels sure of winning
that Drown expects to get a
match with Matt Wells. England's
latest pugilistic sensation.
I Kin- nil  kinds nf help, couks, 3
i waiters, dishwashers, hotel por- j
I tcrs, nil kinds df laborers or me- t
j clittiiics, call up |
I Phone No. 178 I
I in- call nt. the !
i Giand Hotel Free  Employment  Office (
i Headquarters for cooks & waiters
Coast to Coast
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave.        Phone 116
Harry Davis, a veteran captain
ami first baseman of the World's
Chi inpion Athletics, is very much
perturbed over the poor showing
made the lhe champs thus far this
season. Davis figures that notwithstanding lhe bad Start ihe
boys from Philadelphia gol, they
are likely to come with a rush
antl make the oilier ii-anis suffer
for the irouncings administered to
them in tin- first two weeks of the
Building  Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fihre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,  Common Brick,
IVrss.-il Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
Phone No. 200 P. O. Hox 580
w. j. McCutcheon 1
Cnrrii',1 nimpl.'ti' stoek Of DriiKfl.   Siicclal X
nttcntjain psiil tn lillini? |>ri'Hcri|itiianii. X
Theatre Block phone n<>. -,*> Second Are. +
G. T. P. Transfer Agents
OnliTl liromiitty filled.    Prii-i's reuttuntible.
OFFICE���H. H. RoelMStar. Centre SL     Phone V.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
There's satisfaction in getting
all of the value lhat a dollar will
buy���anil there's thrift and prosperity in it, too.
Saturday, May  13
Take the fii.it lifrht-rimught steamer Inlander for Hazelton.
H. B. Rochester
Queen   Charlotte   Islands   Are |
Losing Indian Adornments
Two more totem pplea left Massett by the last otit^niii^; steamer.
They were of the 'Door Type" anil
were sent to New York, by Alfred
Adams.     Before  long  all   the old
lutein poles which stand in the
pleasant places along lhe shores
of the Queen Charlolte Islands will
have been removed and scattered
all over lhe world among curio
hunters, and museum authorities.
Fruit    :   Produce    :    Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Sprontl aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver tinn.' Office.
Stork linildiiiK, Second Avenue.
Kaien   Islanders and G.  T.  P.
Team Had Close Contest
The team of bowlers representing the (i. T. P. managed to put
il over the Kaien Island leani by
the narrow margin of 17(1 in three
games the other night    In  the
lirst game the score stood ("���. T. P.
879, K. I. ('. 777. In the second
name the score read K. I. ('. H15
and C. T. P. 794. In the third
name tlu; G. T. I'. team I it I again
the snire being (",. T. I'. 822,
K. I. C. 73:1. For the K. 1. ('.
were   playing   l.eveiihagen,   Cade,
Johnston, Miller and Stenstrom.
Kor theG. T. P. Crandall, Melville,
I lobby, Mader and Kdy. Slen-
strom made a score of 215 in the
first game, and in the second
game Edy scored 238. The match
was played in Morrison's popular
bowling alley.
* Rochester &
r,_r   * Monroe
v Ladysmith
l/v     1 Coal
\-v   Phone lis
==E.   E B Y   CSb   Co. _____
Kitsumkalum Land Kor Sale
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets in the HtlgatSOD Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   nietiihers  of  the  order in the city
are requested to visit the lod(re.
II. MORTON. Secretary.
Candidates   for   Civic   Dignity
Are All Working    Quietly
While the other candidates for
the onerous office of alderman are
very tpiiel aboul their candidature.
11.Douglas was not letting grass
grow under his feet, Ile was busy
today with a new hammer and box
of   tacks,   lixing   up   his   election
posters in prominent places. Some
of his Mayoral Contest Posters are
still in position, a little weather-
beaten, but good enough tn show
that their candidate is ,i "won't-
-be-beaten." W. J. Alder's supporters were working quietly for
their man, and R. Ferguson's
backers are  confident   of  victory.
* Look and See
* Perhaps a very small Item,
* in   some  one    of    to-d.iy's
* store ads, may COtltaln  en-
* ough  "meaning"  for   your
* hurrying     to    the     stoic!
I.nw-Hutlcr HuildiiiR       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
Signalled   by   Wireless   Points
Along the Coast
of lira I i.i. I -..I.an.l .aa nf ll.C On I nt in. San-
ami Maniataal.., turn. knlrhewnn   nml  Al-
Iwrln Itnrn.
BARr.isTKits, Notaries, Etc.
OBlw ���Exrhnnim blnck, enrm-r Thlnl nvpntip and
Sixth nttret. Prlncp lluwrt. 8
WM. S. HALL, I.. U.S., U. U.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specially.
All dnnul nt��pratl��ni�� skilfully lmal��l. I'.n. nnH
Im-nl nnaMhrtirn ailmlninlPrtnl f'T the Imlnlpn* nx-
trnrtlnn nf tenth. Conauttatinn fre*. OITicen:
llplerrnnn Blnck. Prinn' Kiioert. 11-12
...ANU    riiNTRVTllR.1     MOTLIBSm.
P. O. Box 436 ��� < 'Ilu t* 3rd and Fulton
p. o, uox ii
runt, or wm. mixon, run., . )��� \ m    i ������-. . i--���
The l.ilooet is al Skideeate today. Triangle station reports speaking the S. S. Sado Maru al 8.45
, p.m. in Lat 49.80 Long. ui.VUs
eastbound. The s. S. Prince Kuperi on her way norlh was spoken
at   Scant-It    Point.     The   Mont-
eagle at midnight was In Lat.
60.03 and Long. 181.93 Tatoosh
rcjwirls the Mauzauita, i . S. steamship, out at '.i.W a.m. and the U. S.
S. S. Hear in al 3.40 a.m.    Also the '
in-lioiinil-oiil S. S. ll.inlcv.
Coronation Gift List Will Close
Four "Georges" have come
through with subscriptions for the
Coronation < '.ifi by the Georges
of the World to the Kin^-   The
two latest sharers of the Royal
name .ire George T, Stewart, and
Alderman GeorgeW, Kerr. George
l.eek and George Tri/./ell are the
other two.   City Clerk Woods has
to close, the list tomorrow, so any
more Georges who want  to be
included had better step lively.
Utiles NEWS Agency
Magazines :: I'eriodicalH :: Newspapers
Lots .
. ami li, Hlock 28,
Bsctlon l.
|8000, 2~* per cent, cash,
balance 1, 2, It years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.  |
and POOL
4 Alloy*. 7 TiiblpR.     A  kiw*I vxrr-
v\*o.    A HMD spnrt.    Ltdtu rvery
ttftprmmti.     Nrwnmn   Hlock.  between ��itll ntul Tth 8tB.
TBD MnuitisoN      1'rnprii'tnr nml MftQAgU
14444444444444444444444444 THE    DAILY   NEWS
. . .THE . . .
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared to answer il
The ���
it will;   it   is   our
to I .      ���        ���'��� l
��� ���
V. ��� ��� I  tx
' .
.       .   . .  . .      .���
oar ability to  ���
 M -
Heintzman Pianos
I.,-, muii
Charged with Being the Leader
of the Cammorra
Advertisements NEIGHBORS
-    : ������������ ������ ������ -���:���. ���- ������'��� modern newspaper civet tbe | il      - i    ������     -������-.-'��� .  ���
There buyer ar.d teller, employer and worker, landlord an ! tenant, and a I) it oi      ;��r�� "",._..,.
mon (fruund.     To put this modern convenience in reach of every       '      Newi  Will
ra-.- to  a nominal price of a cent a word per Insertion
^^^^^^^^^^    reduce its
���'.Minimum charge of 25 cents.
Here ia  our Classified  Advertising Column for  t ::  f?row'
+ ���
Was Arrested at the Headquarters of the Organisation
on Mount Vesuvius Is Ac-
CUsed by Some of the Band.
i " ;:
Presi I i -
'.! .;.   11.   Still another
- ' ��� ������-.   tm -'��� con-
������' riminal activities
rra.    He i- Ai gi
who   tt ith m-\ ������: :'-'-:   "''.-
rs, was ca     red in a raid on the
.: rgl .-.    ��� idqpart-
rs  ii Pi ..    M irino, on the slope
f Mt. I r n     	
������ ��� rimii . ai tivities
but  several o(  the
ris said to have con-
tsed him of being thc
Ask for Fifteen Million Pounds
to Start on
They Want F.ngland to Give the
Irish Exchequer a Big Sum of
Money to Start National
Housekeeping with.
Lost and Found
Gasoline Launch   Outlook   De
tained Here
-, . : -'-.-...     M .:���   ��� tl     r PI
a same by apalylBI to
D��...j ��� .- Hni  ,..-.i,.'��cv ry par-
; ��� --.f
-a -        .-���   ( it na oa ,-- i a ��� ��� -
���        '���' R a ��� :. -    .-.. - 1 ..-. n Bl       .-���-: ���
For Rent
_ ���
. +
Pneumonia Developed While He  ii ��*"��*��,
was Taking the Boat from
Seattle to Alaska. Customs
Officer Summoned Aid.
For Rent
: House on
3rd  Ave.      T  room   ���*.:,.
>   idveri - ���
- -���-   - ���
11.���The Time-
-.;. -   ���   it      fen ;.' es  i J
exist net ( mi erni g the
II ���   ��� R      Bill, whii hi   -'-.-���
reparation     II is
- stal lish   .  - ��� arate
I   - er.   The Nationalists
.' Ei vi ii . out-
- ereii to fifte
Is sterlii g .-.- a i esi egg
the annual  sul sidy,
estioi   is fi fficult.
G. C. Emmerson
A ii eranted
for a ���
the hardy i
lock g
ti;.. ' >!������������ ���
��� ral terms.  !'.
must come  well   rocommei   ���
Oregon Nurser)' Company
Ortnco ��� Oregon
u ��� ������ ��� -
H   E  ROSS. I-:-.. 11 ������    I-.    K.-
Third Aa.-,,. Piano Hup.,I
j  FOR '11
(    Pore let Ci
I��� ���  !���    ... limit:!
PHONE   .-   .���   .-   82
;fred. stork;
General Hardware
Bnlkltre' Hard ������.**
VstvM a- /���;.       Oxfoi
Orsnitewtre      Tit, ���
******    ��..���.������
Hotel Central fc -���-;;,
ii '<. ��� .
��� ��� ��� ASK ME . . .
if    y��U    W��t,t    t,,    lauy    ���r    ���.U
'' .*' a  INSURANCE
ACCIDENT      '     "���"���
I^pw Prttnlamt, Pron ���.
P.O. Dux 7Ji   ofiii-i   Exehangi Bloc!
1 aptain Charles '���'���
l" ft .gasoline laui
eloi ging to the II
������:' Seattle, is lying in thi
suffering  from  pneui lhe
launch   was   on   I
Seattle t'j Alaska.        .     .
t"i-k ill when the I
little way frnm  R
on manfully until j> ri �� is
when he c Jlapsed    Mr   li
of the ('ustoms Depart)
Apply IA,*--!* itloi
.. .*��� ���*��� .-. eao cU'W ir.. pi - -  .-
ti r Hem** i - lt3-t'
��� }:������: in section s for one
" >'lStb-B0, Apply Princo Ku-
��� - .- . Ave. '.
mt tm rent.    ApplyDrexel
'. . *���. Jr.'i Avo.. r.oor McBnale.
Msy J-lir.o
-  . t.-��� a:.*-! rcwrr.s. ono front ran. hot
R land, Third ivaaaa,
Help Wanted
.���---.  la t_*?ice mt  Pier;y
M rrtoS C .
: i-: ���
is also a differei  e of view at once had Dr. Kergii
- to the number ol r<   resenl itives the skipper was re: 11 \'-.
> be retained at West      stera   I delay  to  the hosj    i   ;������-'
��� to   thi ns   ol    their The launch remai:
��� '���" tion. hut may proceed       her -   in ������;���
without him.
i;-    :��� .   B��..ery  Loath.     Ai:
'_ .r.-h   K��.��ns.    basemen*.    Ea
.n to daa houw work; alao girl* for . a
Apply PI near Laundry. :   -:
\*. y.x'^r.tncmi Stonocntphor ot onco.   A::
��� Km.ty .:..'. Ir.turanco Cvrr.tir.y.     '.������'.
��� ��� ��� ��� iW.f.   Or.e who can do childroni law-
.-.-    0'.r..r rr...: \ODt.    Apply Mr,.  Pa
;:.-. Aio. ar.d H��>i CoveCirclo. phor.*.
Wl Ml wantwl at Cor.tral Hotol.
BorWaatai.  An :> at Optimiot Offico.      s-t-tf
. -   I I    . ��� ���
���   Mr-. It. n Oohaa, K-l��: ������������������
Ladies Had Wild Time at Denver   Convention
Royal Neighbors of America,'
a Ladies Organisation Had a
Royal Neighborly Time in
Electing a Supreme Oracle.
Dei ver,   i   I.,   Maj    10.    Dis-
������- characterized  the
         j- k"\.'.' Neighbors ol
yestei lay, and the climax
.  police automobile
��� -. ".at- appeared on
- . -     e of the meeting in answer
The police sergeant
after   reviewing   the
turmeil   in   the  convention   hall,
il w.i- nothing that
attention and retired
t taking action.  The Royal
v. :-   ���  America is a society
tif women.   I""r three hours and
fifty mi      - the faction support-
g Mr-. E. A. Enrighi for Supreme
kept up an increasing noise,
theii number stationed
���   - Ives  .u   the  end  of   the
rostrum  and  urged  the rest   to
il   up."    Quiet   was  not
until an overnight truce
Provincial Inspector of Machi,,.
ery Here
Examinations Now in Progress
The merchant  i    -'   relax  his
. xiety   t" create    uyii -
tunities for his patr ns- not one
now and then, but an endl��� h iii
��� .em!
Houses Wanted
C. B. Schreiber & Co.
- to 6 room.    _.
* .r.e*. r. ��� waitinf. no
ihod ���   ...._._...   ,...���. ��� .in
If locat: n ar.d Fnc�� .. i  Herbert I nomson Reported Uy-
! pay ront in ���:��� , *   ij.     i    ���      ���
ing of His  Injuries
Em p| ov
^^^ '"tit
sitting. Oth.
to present them-
1 pay r
:       Ml
Board Wanted
^���ANTrii- ���     ,- : ,_._,*.   in
X "   ' ���:: mlitOfflca
Fire Insurance
��� ������*..���*-*.*���*.+
Car was Travelling at Rate of
Fifty Miles an Hour on Rockland Avenue This Morning.
Three Occupants Injured.
Canadian I>re.-s Di.-patcM
Victoria,   May   11.   An   automobile owned by Herbert Thomson
��� iinir.g Mr. Thomson and t\\"
Candidates  for
Still    Entering.
Warning to Both
and Employees.
In the Provincial Court
today the examinati i aspirants
inr various classes ol B. C   I v.
gineering certificates is in ,���,
S. Baxter, Provincial Inspector of
Boilers and Machinery, iv L.<rU
charge of it, ami  laready ���***.
twenty candidates are
ers are expected
selves tomorrow.
Inspector Baxter mentions for
the benefit of all using machinen
in this district, that the penaltj
for running an engine without a
proper certificate is 1300 for each
offence. The game applies io
employers  also,   if   their  men ,irt-
not certificated.
The examinations are for "'
Second, Third. Fourth and
clan certificates, I'irst ('
ns that the holder can be entrusted with the charge of any
r-i/c of plant. Second class, up to
500 II. P., Third class up to 250
II. P., Fourth class up to ."ill II I'.
and Fifth class applies oi !\ t i
small lugging plans of low power,
ur small engines used fur an\
After the examination ol engineers is ended, Inspector Baxter
proceeds to inspect boilers and
machinery all over the district
from Prince Rupert over Stewart,
Atlin and  t       Naas.
Closing Out
l.'R SPECIALTY-FIT* Ir.-urar.co.    V*'r rt, r��-
-���������������  in ���.- f r. :-.-.-
Wa- wa-,- ��� .-.-.   ar.rt   imali.
.:*-...    Tt* Mack fUa.'.y ar. 1
-, .-.-���.��� r. St ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
���   ��� ��nd National Firr lanraaatI fnonds Brvan CoombC, and Napier
-    Kntlnr...   with   ca: - a^^^^H ^^^"
���   ������   ���      -���-..'- :.i...     Thf Mack
. Ir.aturanctCwnipacy. ���-:i
A 'a.-.-.a-u avli*rti��*rr,*nt it a tiralvli work-
��� .'.:<r-an<i Mildorr. fall*.
Kaa aad wlf* want* p��nttion in camp or h'.trt.
Strictly 'Ir*: clan cooks.    Apply Box T. B���
By exr.Aner.rmi man ar.d wife a> cook and helper
in mining camp or country h^tel. Apply II. L.
T. Oi- ������-.���"
P ���     D     JapaaoM r<_,lt In family or boarding
Go wen, were racing down Rockland avenue at fifty miles an Imur
this morning when the car struck
ing the occupants out
Mr. Thomson is now in tln-liuspit.il
dying *<i his injuries.  Coombe and
��,u\t,-r. tliungli badly hurt will
r ver.
Situations Wanted      I    telephone pole, demolishing
���~-��������������~-���+ car and hurling the occupants i
Boarders Wanted
Request for Trial in Prince Rupert is Turned Down
A  telegram  was  received
A large stocf^ oj
to be disposed of
Hi i rr,t-��l�� ind n)c*ly furnished rooms   _______________________________
for thr** p*r��'*r.��.    Awly Mri. J��m*��, Scott .��_       j.     ��*_��� ��� *���*   ' ���
aid*, jni Ave. between sth and ��th.su: -vtf the city this morning notifying
p.-ivate B<��rd by the week or month.   H.me the solicitors for the men char-
tif a tpodalty.  UIm B, M. (;iee��-.n. (r-i , , .
\     ut��een:thandnhsu.. phone 1:1. ��-if ged   with   noting   during   the
+~���^.~��-��.^.^..,^..^.-��.^.^.+ strike that the trial is to take
... ....... ' place in Victoria on June 5th.
The request  to hold  the trial
American  League
Cleveland 8, Boston 0.
New York ti, Detroit 2.
Chicago 2, Washington 5,
Philadelphia 2, St. Louis6,
National   League
Boston 7. Cincinnati 2.
Chicago 1. New York 11.
St. I.uuis 1, Brooklyn 3.
Philadelphia 6, Pittsburg:'.
Pacific Coast League
Portland -. San Franciso 3
Vernon 4, Sacramento 0.
I .os Angeles 2, t lakland I.
Branch in Hazelton
A branch of the Acme Clot
Store has been opened in Hazelton.
Mr. M. Schieman of the firm
wired his partner, Mr. A. Gutstcm,
today saying a fine two-store)
building had lieen acquired in
Hazelton for the firm.
P.tntorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
Money to Loan
i 1
Sturc-cumpetiijon is competition
SftWSKS^HIluI^ ' ln VALUES    ""t "U'rclyini.ri.,-:
������~��-����.^.^.^.^4^-^<^<t^<>^ " competiUon in SERVICE (of which
j nip )        . \ iPtlvertising is an important pari .
i estate .     When looking for a good cup in   reputation-making,  in  friend-
+ + 0f tea ca)| at Rei||y.g   gakerv rnaidnj   ���,��� mvli.w in ,)���. ,ai,..
���r.t I. a realetute..l��^   Lunch. made  tr '
.    -,        OT ""' ""*" ""Jnt ���>>ou��h "to  I
in the n. -.
-U,t��. blaick 31. leetl.n '.   IT"'. ��� a.t.
tti . laalance ���> and 12month��.     Lot SO, I'laack 11,
���   -j. !��������'. ...h tttll,   Uliina-  ..  and   li
mainthi.   Apply to Owner. P.O. Boa US.
: Mil
a IV. have a ir>��i.| bulMinir lot witl.in a lalaack c.f Mc-
H- k8traat rorMOoaab.   H P, M.llae a Oa,
���^ ���i-..*^'f&rm*_&*'*ie.i_
1 Ave.
���*�� _V_^r*____._________��_S__
For Sale
further reductions in the price of suits and pants
Suits from $3.00
StillloU of Boots, Shoes, Blankets,  Underwear
Socks, Suit Cases and Bags, Etc., to be Sold
A fir��t-rat* proportion which will (tive a *tr*<]y
monthly incMn��\ IM0 ca.��h hanillei it H. V,
McKae A Co.. Second Ave. lui*tt
II .-' , ldOoodl< R'��ms u�� be let. Apply Mr*.
Kvjen. "th Ave. and Taylor St. near Summit
Office Wanted
Wanted to hire, *mall *ptcc in office.
P.O. Box 767,
S. O. E. B. S.
The   1'rinae   Kupert Lntllte.  No. *\lt. Som of
Bnalatid. maata thtflnt and thinl Tuesdays In
.���aa-h maaiith in the Carpenters Hall, nt - p.m.
t. V. CLARK, Ser .
I'. O. Ila.x Hi. Prinee Itupcrt
ISO per mnntli will rent fine,
newly liuilt   apartment   hOQSS,
tiireo stories niRii, containing
rniiini mi upper ROOTS, Kt'Cep-
tlnn, liatli and living rooms on
Ronnd lloor. Must lie UM) to
lie fullv appreciiiti'il. Bptctsl
opportunity for hotel or rooming houae.
Co-Operative Real Estate Co.
Clarmont  Rooms
Located on Si���h Avenue Near Polio. St**
Three to flv* minutes from cen-
tre of buslntSS distriet.     Nine-
n,,wly    furnished    rooms,
and   o0|(]   watcr        Bgt|)
$4.00, $5.00 and $6.00 per week


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