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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1911-01-04

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 -HT^I Immmmmmn UmtS^ J_ • l^_| ■
lhe rnnce Kupert
fcl_. II.  NO. 2
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Wednesday, January 4. 1911.
Price, hive Cents
►r.t  Shock  Since  San   Francisco
rthquke—Fearful    Lo.. of  Life
Feared—Shock Was Registered at
lev-land Observatory.
(Special to the Optimist)
_.   Petersburg,   Jan.   4.—A   terrific
thquake has completely devastated
Jitral   Turkestan.     There   is  a   tre-
IndouB loss of life and the damage
property is estimated at over two
Illion dollars. As most of the trunk
egraph lines are down it is impossible
, fully estimate the damage. It is
ared, however, that when the reports
.. in it will be found to be the worst
pock since that which destroyed San
rancisco.     The   country   is   thickly
titled and several large cities are
ported to have sustained damage.
ls ThU the Clue?
[ Cleveland, Jan. 4.—Special)—The se-
fest earthquake shock recorded here
|r years was recorded on the seismo
Iaph last night. The earthquake is
Iculated to have occurred about six
ousand miles away.
Aid. Pattullo Made Another Fighting Speech Which Hurt Aid. Smith's Feelings-
Many of the Candidates Were Heckled by the Audience—Editor
Newton Tells His Troubles to the Audience
KENORA breaks record with
Business ia Completely Stopped in
Many Places on Account of Bitter
Gale—In Regina No One Ventured
on the Streets.
Caused London police to exterminate anarchists
crecy Maintained Regarding Detail, but It la Conceded That the
Gang Had Dire Intentions Regarding    Coronation     Festivities.
(Special to the Optimist)
London, Jan. 4.—The terrible attack
hich was yesterday directed against
he extermination of the anarchist gang
|in the city is today the only topic of
discussion in the great metropolis.
Everyone is anxious to know the why
and wherefore of such drastic measures
on the part of the police and the military.
The Daily Telegraph came to their
aid this morning with a statement to
the effect that prior to the fight the
police accidentally stumbled acroas the
greatest plot yet unearthed. The utmost secrecy is maintained regarding
the motif of the plot but it is generally
understood to have relation to the
forthcoming coronation of King George
That the gang were located in England with a view to perpetrating some
horrible crime on that auspicious occasion seems more than probable. That
is the only reason assigned for the
unique and effective method employed
to get rid of the dangerous principals
to the plot.
London iLater)—Following the part
in the battle against the anarchists
Mr. Winston Churchill today made a
statement to the press of the city ol
Ixmdon to the effect that immigration
laws must now be passed to protect
the shores of Great Britain from such
creatures. Five hundred armed detectives are making a house to house
search through the anarchist headquarters owing to reports that reprisals
are being planned having been received
at police headquarters.
Mr. William Manson, M. P. P., and
mayoral candidate for the City of
Prince Rupert opened his campaign
proper in the Empress Theatre last
night. In anticipation of this interesting
event there was a large audience which
fairly filled the theatre. Mr. Manson
was supported on the platform by a
number of the aldermen and prospective
aldermen who are espousing his cause
in the mayoralty fight. Before proceeding with the business of the meeting
the chairman, Mr. T. Dunn, invited
any aldermen who might be present
in the audience to come to the platform
and in response to this invitation Messrs.
Mobley and Pattullo stepped up and
were greeted along with the others
with hearty applause—Mr. Mobley sitting down beside Mr. S. M. Newton.
The meeting was of a prolonged nature,
lasting till well after eleven o'clock,
but throughout the utmost good feeling
prevailed on both sides. Hard knocks
were given and taken, and on several
occasions "eventualities" seemed im
minent, but the iron rule of Mr. Dunn
aerved to restrain the impetuous as well
as the obstreperous, without in any
way creating an impression of partitan-
ship or prejudice.
After the chairman had appealed for
a fair hearing for all of the speakers
he called upon Mr. Manson to open
the ball.
Manson Leads the Way
A great reception was accorded the
mayoral candidate. Wasting no time
over idle preliminaries he waded into
the various issues of the election. He
had been criticized, he said, because
it would be necessary for him to be
absent from the city for the first six
weeks of the year. He took occasion
to point out that during the last seven
months Mayor Stork had been absent
from the city for seven weeks, and he
thought therefore that it would be no
great crime for him to be absent for six
weeks out of the twelve months in
In reference to the holding of the
meeting he said that they had been
accused of trying to evade their opponents in open debate. He replied,
however, that it has been previously
arranged between himself and Alderman
Mobley that they would not open their
campaign till after the New Year and
as that pledge had not been acted up
to by his opponent, he thought he was
entitled to take the first opportunity
that offered itself after the New Year,
of opening his campaign. In doing so
he was quite within his rights and he
did not think the action in any way
justified the criticism that had been
hurled at him. At the same time he
welcomed Alderman Mobley and Pattullo to his platform.
Must Follow Council
In regard to the policy now to be
adopted or advocated, he said that
it must have regard to what had gone
before during the past seven months.
Seven months ago it was easy to lay
down a policy but now they must have
regard to the past. It would not do
to lay down a policy that would upset
or undo what had already been done.
They must follow the p ent council
where they left off. The council had
had many duties to undertake and
he had no petty criticism to offer. No
one knew better than he the difficulties
of the situation. They, the council, of
course had a clean sheet to begin with
dition to that it hampered the outside
portions of the city.
Term Not Long Enough
He contended that the improvements
which they had undertaken and lhe
items which they had to undertake
during the ensuing year would exhaust
their borrowing power. He criticized
the council for basing their financial
policy upon a twenty year term.    He
and were to a certain extent the pinm. | thougnt jt wag . misUke    The money
about to  be borrowed should be ex-
having nothing to interfere with their
Financial Policy
To his mind there was nothing more
important than the financial policy
of the city. It was the whole key to
the situation, regarding municipal affairs.
The financial policy he advocated seven
months ago was borrowing the necessary
money upon the credit of the whole
city for street grading, installing water,
and sewerage systems, electric light and
the telephone. He believed that the
method of borrowing was very mud-
simpler spread over the whole city than
on the local, improvement plan. He
thought it was a proper thing that the
charges for street grading should be
spread over the whole city. So far as
he was concerned he had no objection
to the grading of Section One, but he
wanted the whole city to be graded. He
thought it would have been better if
the grading in Section One had been
confined to a smaller area. If the congested portions of Section One had been
graded it would have been easier upon
the financial credit of the city. They
would have had less to face in regard
to sewers and macadamising.    In ad-
Public : Meeting
-in the-
Friday, Evening, Jan. 6
at 8 o'clock, in the interests of
Alderman Frank Mobley
for Mayor,
Mr. Manson Is Invited to Steak.
Seats Reserved for Ladies
  to  be        	
tended over the longest period possible,
forty or fifty years. To borrow on a
long term meant that they would have
a smaller rate of taxation.
In Grips With Pattullo
Alderman Pattullo, be said, had been
doing considerable figuring in regard
to borrowing. In replying to some of
the Alderman's criticisms of his proposal
he said that the council had been compelled to follow the policy they did, on
account of the local improvement plan.
That policy, he said, compelled the city
to go to the bank and raise the money.
They could not tell what the work was
going to cost until it was done Their
financial policy was therefore forced
upon them by their pursuance of the
local improvement plan.
He thought that Alderman Pattullo's
reasoning of the matter was misleading.
It was not necessary to borrow a million
dollars all at once. Once their debentures were sold they could go to the bank
and get an advance on them quickly
and easily. As it is now, they did not
know what they might have to sell at.
They must be issued, however, and they
must be sold. In any event he thought
it was wrong to start work without
first having the authority of the people.
In Section One the people had never
been consulted.
Mr. Manson's Platform
Coming to his plaftorm for the
mayoralty he said that last year he
had advocated the taxation of land
values only. That policy he was glad
to know had been adopted during the
year. He twitted Alderman Pattullo's
scepticism in regard to the water record.
In the matter of building sidewalks
and pavements he favored the local
improvement plan, but in the case of
the permanent graf"'. j of the streets
which would last for ever he thought
it should be paid for by the whole city.
His platform also provided for the
municipal control of the tramways and
other public utilities that would be
created with the development of the
city. He favored an eight hour day
for all city workmen at $3 per day, and
others at the current rate, for provisions
to be made in all city contracts against
the employment of Asiatic labor.
As regards work already done or
in hand they would adhere to the policy
of the present council. He would make
a change in the financial policy, however.
He would try to have the time for the
expiry of the loan altered from twenty
years to fifty years.    He believed that
Special to the Optimist
Winnipeg, Jan. 4—Reports from the
outlying places on the great plains all
tell of the raging storm which ravaged
the whole country yesterday and the
day before. The condition in Saskatchewan is described as the worst in
years. The hurricanes and snows made
it quite impossible to go out of doors.
All traffic was held up or seriously delayed. Prince Albert has the same
story tojtell. In Regina hardly anyone
dared venture on the street, so bitter
was the cold and so fierce the gale. At
Moose Jaw the mercury recorded from
thirty-five to thirty-seven below, whereas at Kenora the thermometer was almost put |out of business. Fifty-one
below was recorded. All business waa
at a complete standstill for the simple
reason that it was quite impossible to
do anything. Brandon also got the full
blast of the gale,
Outrage on Government Post Office
Believed to Be Work of a Gang—
Police Are Still Prosecuting the
(Sperial to the Optimist)
Winnipeg, Jan. 4.—Word has been
received here to the effect that one of
the alleged dynamiters connected with
the destruction of the Govan Post Office
has Iteen arrested. The police are still
prosecuting the search but so f.r without
further avail. They believe that tbe
work was the result of a plot on the part
of some gang.
Portugal Garri.on Kept at Barracks
in Readiness
Madrid. Jan. 4. -(Special)—A despatch from Vigo says that the garrison
al Valencio Des Menso, Portugal, has
been confined to barracks. Orders have
been issued to be in readiness to move
at a moment's notice. A fresh outbreak
against the republic is feared.
Gave Vancouver Trouncing-
Wins Cup
Vancouver, Jan. 4.—(Special)—Berkley won the Keith Rugby Cup from
Victoria by virtue of a draw game
after having already won one and drawn
one. Stanford University were revenged
against Vancouver in their match,
winning by nine points to nil.
Council Broke Record
All records were broken when the
City Council adjourned last night immediately after having called to order
by the Mayor. No business was
brought up at all, but the council met
today at 2 p.m. to discuss a number of
...A Place to Buy At and Save Money...
sugar- B. C. Granulated, 20 Ib. sack $1.25
cream-B. C, Large 20 oz. tin 10
B. C. Large 20 nz. tins, case  4.50
St. Charles or Jersey, 9 tins  1,00
St   Charlea or Jersey, case  5,00
St. Charles or Jersey, hotel size  4,75
Wethey's Mince Meat, per pnekage 10
Davies Pork and Henna, 2 Ib. tin 10
Mixed Peel cut in drums 20
Spanish Olives, 40 uz. jar 75
Spanish Olives, SO oz. jar  I.35
finest table APPLES -Spitzenburgs, Wine Saps,  and
Arkinsaw Blacks  2.58
Other Varieties, 1.75 and  2.00
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_|n---»i-fc_n^-.»-<-n-h_i«-%^s-^,ir^_ia-^,»«"^.«i i-u^i^h "s»■»^ ■ ■■«_. «i^ ie~> irs,i.   ■ . _-. ___. <+t *
+-_,__.—_,-_,__,„____,„__ _-..^.+-_.---_.-_,~_-_,—-...,-..,-.-..-_,--_.,>
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
New Combination Sweaters i man's avenue.   Of the 700 firms doing
The sweater has become to be 11 recog- business there, fully 300 are composed
nized portion of every girl's ward-'entirely of women. Two hundred others
robe and one ol the garments which have both men und women members
is purchased us regularly us autumn and deal in goods for women exclusively,
succeeds summer. 1 One hundred more are of men trading in
. For a quite young girl there is no women's wearing apparel. The lurgest
j model quite so smart as the middy coat of, hotel in the vicinity, the Waldorf As-
plain while with light blue or cardibal j toria, makes a feature ol catering to
I bund bordering", and for hard service! women, and every day its sumptuous
of navy with dark stripes about the; lounging rooms ure crowded with shop-
wrists, hip pockets nnd the nautical | pars,
P. O. BOX -30 I
House Furnishings CoitiplQ
Similar color combination, are used for
the thirty-six inch conts designed ]>ri-
Cretonne on Chairs
It  is astonishing what some women
mnrily for skating, but employed tor a C1U1 do wjth a few luckg) a nammi>r) and
variety of purposes. These are double som(, )engths of t.retonne! The ap.
breasted from the tops of_the shoulders, ipg^ncg of , room  may  be entire|y
changed with a judicious handling of
these three by a womun of taste.   Not
Ropers Bros.  1847 Silverware
Wostenholm's I. X. L. Carvers in three and
five piece  Sets
Pocket Knives, Razors, Scissors and Shears,
Boxing Gloves, Striking Bags and San-
dow Exercisers, Air Guns, Rifles, Shot
Guns and   Revolvers.
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN, Manager
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
0 thut extra warmth is afforded to that
portion of the body which most needs
protection when a person is skuting.
Also double breasted is the military
sweater, which has strap fastened cuffs
und collnr which effectively prevent the
wind from chilling the throat and arms,
the full length cout which has a turndown collar, one in fancifully woven wool
with a shuwl collar and side pockets,
trimmed with a contrasting color, und an
absolutely new model having wide double panels which may be buttoned buck
when not needed or be drawn across the
front when extra warmth is required
and has u knitted hell which disuppenrs
through side slits beneath the arms and
fastens under the coat ut the back.
Many of the single breasted utility
swenters of coat shape have the collur-
less or V neck, patch pockets und turned
over cuffs, and the favorite colors are
Oxford gray, dull green or pure white,
but a model which is having immense
vogue this season is precisely like the
garment worn by football players and is
drawn over the head, sadly to the discomfiture of the coiffure it must be
Next in favor is the Russian sweater,
which is prettiest in white with dark
blue or red bunding*, the nautical coat't0 tne pound,
woven in u heavy stitch und relieved'
with navy bunded collar, cuffs, pocket
Hups and right front openings; the
one of angora wool which makes a girl
look like a huge pussy cat il with it she
waers a matching cup nnd the very close-
only the appearance of the room can he
changed, but the atmosphere can be
In the shops art cretonnes und chintz
cun be bought at a reasonable price,
Chairs and sofas enn be mnde to look
like new if these materials are used to
re-cover them. This re-covering is not
a difficult matter.
Suggestions for Housewives
Oil paintings hung over the chimney
place are liable to wrinkle with the heat.
Rosewood furniture should be rubbed gently every day with a clean, soft
cloth to keep the surface well polished.
Nothing makes better iron holders
than old cotton hose. They will not
callous the hands as many muterinls
A fillet of beef requires u longer time
for rousting than any other cut or kind
of meat. Usually half an hour to the
pound is none too long a time. Pork
comes next; the average time allowed
for a roast of pork is twenty minutes
FEED . . .
H. H. MORT01
Phone No. 1
Ik Pacific Transfer
Office with Nickerson & Roerig
Third Avenue
==E.   EBY   to   Co.
Kitsurnkalum Land For Sale
Rupert Marine Iron Works.
Supply Company, Limited]
P. O. BOX 515    -    PRINCE RUPKRT
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Roasted Oyster*
When one has been made a present
ly woven and fit'ted'affairs'with"narrowof a barrel or a ke« of °ystcrs do not
tight sleeve, which were primarily de-omU the opportunity to give an oyster
signed to he worn beneath suit jackets.      roa»l-   ,lnvite  K^ts  that   you  know
well; also make sure they eat oysters.
, _        „.„..   .. Make almost the entire supper of the
A Child . Memory. ^xtix*.   0rapefru|t or boui„on can fc
After two centuries the little heroine; wrv,.d flrgt-    Have roftsted in kitcnen
of Castle Dangerous is to have her reward   in   bronze.   Tht
and  brought in with the shells
^^^^^^^^^    estimates   just j opened,
tabled in the house of commons carry
$.0,000 for a statue of Madeleine de „„ oyfWt fo^, salt and pepper, and
Before each plate have melted butter
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,_.j oyster fork, salt  and  pepper, at
Vercheres, to  lie erected  ut  the very an,i oyster knife for opening the shells.
spot on Vercheres Blull, P. I... where, j    As more oyster* can be eaten roast
#__     _      ._ *-        r-       « -----
._- ...... „,stern can be eaten roosted
> week, in  169_. this maid of 14 . than uny other way, allow a liberal pro-
| defended  her father's seignory against  portion for each guest.    Have on the
hostile Iriiiuois. j tab|e la\)aKo, horseradish, and lemon,
|    Overlooking  the   St.   Lawrence,   the though the majority like drawn butter
bronze figure of a lithe, fair,  fearless j better than any other dressii
girl, musket in hand, will give incom-1    Serve   with  nv«t_r_   nu
ing immigrants an inspiration of courage,   energy,   loyalty   and   patriotism.
Fifty feet in height, the statue will be
as characteristic in many ways of the
traditions of this new land as the statue
I of Liberty at New York is characteristic
1 of the spirit of American institutions.
Serve with oysters plenty of thin
buttered bread, pepper slaw, small Parker House rolls, and French fried or
Saratoga put aloes. Coffee can be served
with the supper or later.
Have a light salad, endive or crisp
lettuce with cheese breads. The dessert
after so filling a meal should not be
rich. Ginger or mint ice in sherbet
glasses is refreshing.
PKH i:  .
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Second Ave..
Limited. M
Prince Rupert, B.C
Women in Business
One significant phase of present day
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of the most famous streets of New York.
It is the increasing activity of women in
Fifth avenue has undergone a transformation between Twentieth street and
Fifty-second street.    It is no longer a
Canadian Gfneral Electric Co. Lid.
Canada Foa»dry Co., Lid.
All  classes ot Electrical Apoar.lus,
Railway Supplies,  Pump..   Enniiip-
Botlera, Concrete Mix<prs.  Ornament-
»l    Iron    .nd    Brans.   Work,    Etc
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MOM 4, MNTTtt HOC. - T. 0. NX 724
Miss   Henny   Wennersten
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Electrical, Facial and Scalp Treatment
Scientific Maasair. treatment for rheums-
tisrn, nervousness and poor clrculatl'in.
ManlcurlnR, also chiropody work.   *:-  ':*
Room. No. 4,   Exchange Block
. Prince
Sail* for
•Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.
i. BRUNO for Stewart Wednesdays,
br arrival of Prince  George,   tor
ft Simpson, Naas, Masset and Morcs-
Bsland poincs, including Queen Char-
e City,  Pacofi, Rose  Harbor, alao
uge Bay, every alternate Friday at
1'clock  noon, commencing Dec. 9th.
_e Grand Trunk Railway System
lecting with trains from the Pacific
t operates a frequent and conven-
service of luxurious trains over its
>le track roate between  Chicago,
onto,   Montreal,  Quebec,   Halifax,
Hand, Boston, New York and Phila-
phia.   Information  and tickets ob-
lable from the office hereundeo men-
Bed.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
en arranged.
anadian Pacific Railway
B. C. Coast S.S. S.rvic.
ss. Princess Beatrice
irthbound Dec 29-Southbound Jan. 4
Special long vestibule trains leave
incouver every day at 9 a.m. and 3.45
m. for all points east.
Through tickets to European Points
connection with the fiinest Atlantic
G. McN.b
General Agent
! r.
I a
■ **•
Letters to the Editor
•"•. '
<c !
1 ,1
w i
A   Guarantee   of   Value  Received
Advertise in The Optimist
Resent the  Race Hatred Cry
Dear Sir,—A few lines of your
valuable paper to make a few remarks
on a too much abused subject.
"Money goes abroad" writes the
Empire. The Federal government spends
thousands of dollars yearly in advertising
in European countries to bring people to
Canada to develop its great natural
resources, native population of Canada
being altogether inadequate.
Alderman Hilditch's ideas coincide
with the Empire's and his cry for a
"white man's town. Now, Mr. Editor,
I think that this is an insult to our
foreign born citizens who have been
brought here on the invitation of the
government of this country. Such
remarks can only emanate fron nn
arrogant, ignorant and narrow nature
and show a very small grasp of the
economic necessities of the present
If a balance were taken from the
amount of money going out of this
country on one hand and the amount of
money being brought in and the wealth
created by those so-called foreigners,
it would very much be to their credit.
Mayor Stork and his followers show
some grasp of the subject in bo far as they
indorse the Laurier policy.
Mr. Hilditch claims to be the Labor
candidate for the council of this city
when the fact is, he was nominated in
the first place by the carpenters union
only numbering about 85 men. Do
the carpenters indorse him now? I
was nominated by the Socialist party
which was the working class party at
that time but I was not seeking office.
So I am in a position to know.
As the Empire claims to be the
working man's friend, how is it that it
does not take an interest in working
class meetings, as the Socialists were
holding one or two meetings per week
last winter and there have been several
labor meetings the past five or six weeks
without a representative of the Empire
being present.
Mr. Editor, I give you credit for
having a reporter at the working class
meetings of late.
_> mm9*9m9ll %mM ^n^n * >f~> n^'i^ i*-*- *•-** i*~* ■**
<   l*~M~^»-te_i*<^«*-ta«<    ►
If you wish to be well posted on the Municipal contests
subscribe for and read the Optimist.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
There   will   be   fair   reports  of  all   the   meetings   of   all
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
All the developments of the campaign will be fully covered by Optimist   reporters.
♦ .♦♦♦♦♦
There will be   a   daily   editorial on   some   feature  of  the
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦
In addition to the usual humor column there will be,
from Jan. 2nd till the end of the campaign, a
daily dose of
The Empire on Mr. Manson
B. C. Telephone Company Decides to
Construct Boat to Facilitate the
Laying of New Cablet Acrosa
Rivers and Other Waters.
To lay its new paper pupil) coil
cable from Vancouver to Victoria, and
for the purpose of making prompt repairs to any future breaks in thc Gulf
of Georgia and Eraser Kiver cables,
the British Columbia Telephone company has just decided on the construction of a cable ship. The equipment is to be secured in England, while
the hull will be built here.
The company has been in correspondence for some time with various
cable-laying apparatus concerns in the
old country, and has finally selected
a double-gear, similar to that in use
on the ship Restorer, owned by the
Commercial Cable company, and the
American Government's boat Burn-
side at Seattle. This equipment, when
complete, will include a cable tank,
dynameters, grappling and sounding
The vessel will be about 126 feet in
length, being somewhat smaller than
the Restorer. The engines are to be
installed in Vancouver. It is expected
that the total cost of the ship will
approximate $35,000.
In the past, officials of the telephone company state, it has taken
them about ten days to make repairs
on their cables owing to the fact that
they were forced to hire cable boats.
In the future, when they have a boat
of their own, they hope to be able to
attend to any ordinary difficulties in
three days or even less. This boat
will attend to the present cable to
Victoria, thc new one to be laid next
year, and the three small cables across
the Fraser River at New Westminster,
Chilliwack and Rosedale.
Insurrector.HavcOnly Small Casualty List—Lugue May Not Now Co on
With His Shattered Forces.
(Special to the Optimist)
El Pasco, Jan. 2.—According to reports here there has been a very heavy
casualty list from the fighting in Mexico.
The relief force under Lugue had a four
days' battle with the insurgents on the
way to their destination and lost six
hundred men. The insurgent loss is
reported to be slight. Nuravrn is still
bottled up in Malpaso, and the situation
becomes more serious every day. It
has now become a question whether
Lugue with his remnant of an army can
make his destination and effect si relief.
W.   H.    Montgomery   Comes     Out
Mr. W. H. Montgomery, of the
Longshoreman's Union, has announced
his candidature fro thc position of
alderman.   He will run in Ward Two.
Many   injured   in   Street   Riots   at
Everett. Jan. 4.—(Special)—A street
car strike here resulted in serious riots
last night. People congregated together and in the scuffle many were
injured and had to lie removed to the
hospital. The Traction Company haa
refused to grant the rise in wages demanded by the men. They say that
they will import strike breakers from
To the Students and Patrons
The Prince Rupert Dancing Academy
owing lo the Mclntyre Hall being
previously rented for the Mobley Committee Rooms, the dance for Wednesday,
the 4 th of January, 1911, will be omit ted.
Fraternal Order of Eagles
All members are requested to attend
the regular meeting of the society on
Wednesday, January 4th. Installation
of officers and other important business.5
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The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia,
has grown up with the city.
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APPLICATIONS for th. position of Janitor .nd
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the 7th d.y of January, I.U; salary S-0 per
month including room and board.
A. Cuthbert,
Daily Edition.
Wednesday. Jan. 4
The Mayor Who Wouldn't Be Missed
There is no doubt in Ihe mind of Mr. Manson and his supporters that he would
make the kind of Mayor who wouldn't be missed.
Mr. Manson gave it as his own opinion ut lust night's meeting that he wouldn't
be missed for six weeks. Alderman Hilditrh who knows both Mr. Manson and the
work of the council gave it as his opinion that if Mr. Manson were Mayor he could
stay away for two months und not be missed. This brings it within the jurisdiction
of thc remark in yesterday's Optimist that a Mayor who could stay away for two
months and not lie missed, might just as well stay awuy for the remaining ten.
The kind of Mayor Prince Rupert needs is one who can't stay away two days
without being missed. Some of the candidates for council honors should remember
the example of Alderman Naden and Mayor Stork, both of whom are retiring
because the demands of their private affairs will prevent them from giving adequate
time to public affairs.
The kind of man who won't be missed from the council has no business to run
for office, let alone expect election.
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Alderman Mobley's Platform
As wus expected, thc platform which Alderman Mobley outlined last night
as the basis of his candidature for Mayor, was largely a continuation of the policy
of last year's council. This wus u wise course1, and an ample policy. It is far more
satisfactory to the citizens to have a man declare himself in favor of a series of
concrete reforms which are now in process of labor, rather than to listen to a lot
of airy generalities ahout reforms which are to come out from the skies.
Under the business policy of the last council, a large amount of improvement
work has been done. The grading of the business section has been arranged for,
and plankways built out into the residential districts. Fire and police departments
have been installed, a water supply provided for, a telephone and electric lighting
plant erected. Financial pressure brought to beur to crush the city into submission
to the corporations has been successfully met, and the finances of the city put
on a satisfactory basis. In addition, a vast urruy of machinery (or the moral and
social government of the city has been provided.
In announcing the following up and extension of this business policy of developing the city. Aid. Mobley announced a policy which will commend itself to the
great muss of citizens whose ehief desire in electing u Muyor und council, is to
choose someone who will "net things done."
Empire on Mr. Manson
From the Empire of May 10th.i
Why should the ritizens swallow a further dose, and how run this same bunch
of jumping jacks square themselves in trying lo hoist Mr. Manson into a position
of still greater power after so vehemently denouncing the influences which he failed
to divide the House upon?
In supporting Mr. Manson are they not lighting for the perpetuation of the |
very principles which they have so roundly condemned? And how can the Rupert
public place any reliance in such fluctuating and insincere utterances, or in any
recommendations they muy choose to mukc.
The only surprising feature of thc situation is that Mr. Manson has not the
good sense to keep free from such somcrsaulters, instead of plunging into this
seething cauldron. Of course he has hope" of being able to subdue the local revolt,
but he hus only partially succeeded.
Centre   Street
Fire Alarm Given During Service and
People Made a Mad Rush for the
Exit—Women Were Trampled Under Foot.
(Special to the Optimist)
Mexico City, Jan. 4.—Seventeen dead
and eighty injured.fThat is the casualty
list which resulted from a panic in a San
Luis church on the ringing of the fire
Service was being held at the time
someone gave the alarm. Immediately
the congregation stampeded madly for
the door. In the terrible unreasoning
crush the weaker were strampled under
foor and killed. The people were completely mad till they reached the open
air and then discovered that there was
no fire.
The victims of the panic were mostly
women. Several young girls and men
ure also included in the death roll.
Trains  Moving but Freight
Chicago, Jan. 4.—(Special)—After a
three days' fight with the fierce blizzard
of winter most of the passenger trains
making to or going from this place are
running on time. Little freight is
moving, however, many trains being
stalled in the snow drills out on the
line. The streets of the city have been
cleared and business is resumed again.
Case i. Adjourned Formally For a
Week by Magistrate While Mr.
Patmore Get* After Witnesses who
Are Out of Town.
urhable front as he stood in the witness
box while the charge was being read to
him. Mr. Patmore asked that a remand of eight days be granted to let
him prepare his case and summon witnesses now out of town.
Magistrate Carss said a formal adjournment for seven days was all that
was necessary if Mr. Mobley and his
counsel were agreeable. At first Mr.
Manson was inclined to object to the
delay, but on the understanding that
the case would not be kept back more
than   was   absolutely   necessary,   he
Four Dead Bodies Were Removed
From the Debris—Special Train
and Twenty Nurses Despatched to
Scene of Di.a.ter.
'Special to thc Optimist"!
Spokane. Jan. 4.—Two Northern Pacific passenger trains collided at Cheney
this morning. Four dead bodies have
already been taken from the debris.
Immediately the news of the disaster
was rushed through a relief train with
twenty nurses was made up and despatched with all possible speed and a
right of way to the scene. The trains
colliding are numbers 2 and 40. The
number 2 is thc North Coast Limited,
the crack train of the Northern Pacific
line. Details of the disaster are still
lacking but the dead and injured will
probably be an extensive one.
For a time there was great danger
that the wreckage would ignite and thus
destroy sny chance of rescuing the
injured. A large staff of men and
nurses iB now engaged in removing thc
bodies and attending to the injured.
How the collision occurred is not definitely known. A misleading signal
is believed to have caused the disaster.
Tweaty-four hours  ending  5   a. m.
January 4.
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X Theatre Block phone no. 79 Second Ave.
The public are warned to keep away from th* I
worka while Malta are being fired. Peraona per*!
alatlng In approaching after being warned <Iom|
at their own rink.
201-tf Contractor* I
To the Electors of Ward One]
To The Electors of Ward 2
Having been asked by a number
of electors to offer myself as
candidate for Alderman in Ward
number Two, I now take this
opportunity of offering myself as
candidate, and if elected will do
my utmost to serve the best interests of thc Ward and City at
Ladies and Gentlemen. - In re
spouse to a request from a number 0
electors I have decided to offer myself
aa a candidate for Alderman in Ward 1.
I take the opportunity of the announce
ment to solicit your support, and pro
mise if elected to give you my beBt services in the council.
Yours truly,
(DR.) W. S. HALI
GORDON C. EMMERSON t, the Electors of Ward Om
Sunday School Concert at Port Essington Held Last Night
To Voters in Ward Number 2
I have been requested by a large
number of voters to stand as
Alderman for Ward number Two.
Having consented I now take
this opportunity to ask for your
vote and influence, and if elected
will do my best to serve the interests of the City at large.
Yours respectfully,
Ladies and Gentlemen,-I have I
been requested by a large number of
! voters to stand as Alderman for Ward
number One. Having consented I now
take this opportunity to ask for your
vote and influence, snd if elected will
do my best to serve thc interests of the
city at large.
Yours respectfully,
 ,   necessary,
liefore Magistrate Carss this morn-1 agreed to thc adjournment,
ing S. M. Newton, managing editor of
the Evening Empire appeared to answer to the charge cf having written
aad published the statement in the Empire implying that Aid. Mobley was
concerned in the sale of liquor wholesale to non-licsncc holders. L. W.
Patmore appeared for the defence, and
A. M. Manson for the prosecution.
Editor Newton   presented an impert-
Mr. Newton's plea ia understood to
be one of "not guilty."   The case was
the only one in court to-day and  attracted no special attention.
Kaien Island Dance
ladies committee of the Kaien
club announce a dance to  be
held on Thursday evening, January 6th,
al 8:30.   Tickets $1.00.
The combined Sunday Schools of
St. Andrew's church, Second avenue, and
St. Peter's church, Seal Cove Circle,
met yesterday afternoon in St. Andrew's
Hall and had a merry time, recitations,
songs, supper and Christmas tree.
St. John's Sunday School, Port Essington met in the Cunningham Hall
last evening for the second part of their
Christmas festival—a supper; the first
part was a Christmas Cantata rendered
last week under the leadership of Miss
Fanny Noble which was pronounced by
all a great success.
Bishop DuVernet conducted the
New Year's day services at Port Essington and Rev. T. C. Des Barres held
services at Stewart where the event for
the Christmas season.
Wong Laundry Opening
Grs.n Slrsel .nd Third A...
New or old customers are cordially welcomed. We have a branch office on 3rd
Ave. and 8th Street for convenience of
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Boots,  Shoes  and  Men's Clothes.
I Third Avenue  -   Between 7th and 8th
To The Electors of Ward 2
In response to a request front *
number of electors I have decided to offer myself as a candidate
for Alderman in Ward 2 for the
year 1911. I take the opportunity of the announcement to solicit
your support, and promise u
elected to give you my best service in the council.
Yours truly,
Daniel H. Morrison
Some time between Dec. 23rd »nd _«th. « «•"
headed Umbrell.. The party who took jj » —
quested to return same to Optimist Of-"' "n
save further trouble. '•'
■ -. p'1-.ii ii ..swsiaisarijHHMMBj
that would lighten the burden of taxation
and would also .. en? proper method
of dealing with the affairs of the city.
Sewer, and Light
If elected Mayor he would  proceed
lext year  with  the  installation  of  a
water works system by bringing forward
a by-law for the raising of the necessary
money.   They also required a sewerage
system to provide for the needs of the
congested ureas of Sections Five, Six and
Seven.    The  trunk  sewers  he  would
make chargeable to the general  fund
but   the   distribution   of   the   laterals
1 he thought should be settled on the local
I improvement basis.
In regard to the electric light he said
I that if it was not in by the time the
election was over and he was returned
he would undertake to have it in operation within ten days after that peri d.
He complimented the council for having
installed a telephone of its own. He
thought they deserved all the credit
that was coming to them on that account. Beyond the fact that he was
repared to enforce the law he had
nothing to say in connection with the
pnlire department.
Voices a Protest
He wished to enter a protest against
the canvass that was being made among
the city officials against his candidature
to the effect that if he was returned
they might find themselves without a
job. He wished to refute any such
statement or intehtion. "Any city
official whose services are required need
have no fears for me," he said. In
connection with the G. T. P. settlement
there was also an underhand canvas
being made against his candidature.
His attitude upon that matter had been
misrepresented in the reports he had
read of public meetings. He had been
reported as saying that he would not
refer it to the city. He quoted Alderman
Mobley as having made the statement.
The question must be settled by the
people of Prince Rupert he said. It
had also been repeatedly charged against
him that if he was elected he would
sell the city out on the question. "That,"
he said, "was too absurd to require
consideration, and to canvass that report from door to door was getting very
low down." It was not time to be
quarreling with the G. T. P. and he
did not propose to introduce anything
into the campaign that would in any
way hamper the city.
G. T. P. Assessment Trouble
He rebutted Alderman Pattullo's challenge that he was responsible for the
appointment of Mr. Cuthbert as assessor
in the G. T. P. difficulty. Mr. Cuthbert
was appointed by a committee, and he
did his work well. Mr. Cuthbert did
his work without any instruction cither
from him or from the government as
to how he was to act. Besides there was
no trouble over the assessment. The
trouble arose over the taxation.
There were a lot of other charges and
challenges, but he was not going to
pay any attention to them. He thanked
them cordially for the courteous hearing
accorded him and again asked for their
support. On resuming his seat he was
warmly applauded.
Mobley Makes Reply
After thanking Mr. Manson for the
opportunity of speaking at this meeting
Alderman Mobley said that he had
hoped he might had had the opportunity
lifter hearing Mr. Manson of reviewing
some arguments against the city council
He was surprised there were so few.
"However," he said, "in regard to
Mr. Manson's charge of breach of truce
I claim that aa I held no meetings on
my own behalf and when asked to
speak at meetings in support of aldermanic candidates did not announce
more than my candidature in plain
terms, I have kept the truce as well
as Mr. Manson himself." (Cheers).
Methods and Men
Regarding Mr. Manson's financial
calculations Alderman Mobley thought
Mr. Manson should go back and check
his figures; and on the subject of the
method taken in city work he was firm.
"We gave the people the opportunity
to petition that this method of work
should not be adopted if they wished
to," he said, "and not a single man.
came forward to say no to it." As an
example of the difficulty of getting the
people's opinion, Alderman Mobley cited
the instance of the proposed Second
avenue sidewalk when fifty petitioned
for and fifty against the work.
"Mr. Manson," said Alderman Mobley,. "criticises the grading of streets
on the frontage tax basis but he himself
would put in sidewalks later on on
frontage tax basis. It is simply a matter
of opinion, and the Bame applies to the
flotation of bonds on a 20, 40, or 50
years' term."
Twenty Years Hence
Alderman Mobley pointed out that
the marketing of $100,000 worth of
bonds was just as expensive as the
issue of five times the issue, and further
lhat by arranging for an issue of inscribed
stock the city was taking steps to set
its finances on a firm basis very speedily.
As for the term of the present loan,
anybody knew that twenty years' interest was less than fifty years' interest.
"And in twenty years," added Alderman
Mobley, "Prince Rupert will be so rich
that thc trifling extra cost spoken of by
Mr. Manson will not be considered. If
this is not so, I don't want to be here,
nor I think, do any of you!"
City Water Supply
Speaking of the present water supply
Alderman Mobley explained that with
the system of dams and thc Hays Creek
supply to fall back upon, there was
ample water tor the present needs of
the city. He was glad that Mr. Manson
appreciated the council's work in this
respect. However, good as it was, they
still had to press on with the Woodworth
Lake supply as it might soon be badly
Defends the Police
Bringing up the subject of police
affairs, "Mr. Manson is going to put
us right in this respect," said Alderman
Mobley, "I wonder what has brought
about the reformation in Mr. Manson
himself on this subject? Were the
police affairs so very much better when
Mr. Manson was practically mayor of
Prince Rupert? The city does not look
for perfection in the police force," he
To The Thousands
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,EO. E. TROREY, Managing Director
Vancouver, B.C.
continued, "and some of the criticism
of it may even be just enough. Yet
the city takes care that it does not
keep in its employ an unsatisfactory
member of the police force.
"There was a charge brought up
formerly against a man named Regan
—that was the Flossie Russel incident—
but Regan was exonerated from blame
by Magistrate Carss. In any case where
a charge is brought against a constable
the city's method of meeting the case
is clear and simple, the man is put on
suspension until he can answer the
"In defence too, of the police force
let me give you this statement to show
you that we have done something: the
city police force since it was organized
in June had made 246 arrests and
recorded 197 convictions up to the first
of December, realizing only $375 short
of the amount of the whole cost of the
force to the city for the period." (Cheers).
That Forbidden Football
Briefly Alderman Mobley referred to a
misapprehension of Mr. Manson's regarding what he had said about Mr.
Manson's attitude to the G. T. P.
assessment. "Mr. Manson says he
would have laid the matter before the
people,'" he remarked. "Well, there is
no great favor in that. There ia no other
way with it. What I said was that Mr.
Manson might have liked to have
settled the matter in a different way which
settled the matter in a different way, a
way which I don't think he would take,
for it would not be policy."
Concluding, Alderman Mobley renewed his thanks to the chairman and
Mr. Manson for the privilege of speaking
and his call upon the electors for their
support in the campaign.
Kirkpatrick in the Field
Mr. J. A. Kirkpatrick in announcing
his candidature, said he was supporting
Mr. Manson for the mayoralty, and
that   he   was  relying  more  upon   hia
Clearing Sale SPECIALS
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Queen Chtrlotte [-.landa Und District—Diatrict of
Take notice that I. Thoa. R   Dmvey of Queen
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   intend   to
apply   (or  ptrm_-iion   to  pronpect   for   coal  and
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Take notice that I, Thos. H. Davey of Queen
Charlotte,  occupation  notary  public,  intend  to
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petroleum on the following described land: petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a poat planted four miles north | Commencing at a poBt planted nine milea
and five miles east of Section 13, Township 7, ; north and seven miles cast of Section 13, Township
Graham Island and marked No. 23, T. R. I»., S. E. . 7, (iraham Island and marked No. 63, T. K. D,, N.
corner, thence west HO chains, thence north 80 ] K. corner, thence went KO chains, thence south 80
ehaina, tht'nre eaat 80 chainn, thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640 : chains to point of commencement, containing 640
i more or \*yj.
Dated Oct. 30. *'U0.
Pub. Nov. IT.
Wilson (.owing, Agent
-District of
am-a mon1 or leas.
Dated Nov. 10, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
T. 11. DAVEY
Wilaon (.owing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Isianda Land District
Tuke notice that I, Thus. U. Davey of Queen ;
Charlotte,   occupation   noury   public,   intend   to
apply   for  permission   to  prtwpect   for  coal  and
|m milt-urn Ion the followng descrii>ed land:
Commencing at a post planted four miles north
and three miles east of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and marked No. 24., T. R. D., S. W.
torner, thence eaat •>>' chains, thencc north 80
ahains, thenee weat 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or lew.
Dated Oct. 30, 1910. THOS. It. DAVEY |
Tub. Nov. 17. Wilson (lowing, Agent
Quuen Charlotte Ialands Land Dintrict— District of
Tuke notice that 1, Thos. H. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for -permission to prospect for coal and
IH'troleum on the following deucribtd Und:
Commencing at a post planted nine miles north
and seven miles oast of Section 13, Township 7,
Graham Island and marked No. 64, T. R. D., N.
W. corner, thence east 80 chainn, thence south 80
chaina, thence weat 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
acres more or lens.
Dated Nov. 10, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Skeena  Land  Distriet—Queen  Charlotte Ialanda
Take notice that 30 days after date I, Ferdinand
G. Tapert, farmer, of Skidegate, U. C, intend to
apply to the Chief Commiasioner ef Lands, for a
liconse to proapect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under tho following described lands:
Commencing at a past planted one-half mile
east of the southeast corner of Lot 503, Graham
Island, thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence went 80
chains to point of commencement, and containing
640 acres.
Dated Nov. It 1910.   FERDINAND G. TAPERT
Pub. Dec. 10.
Skeena   Land   District -Queen  Charlotte  Islanda
Take notice that 30 days after date I, Ferdinand
G. Tapert. farmer, of Skidegate, H. C, inlend to
Queen Chirlotte IsIsiuIh Und District -District ol
Tske notice that I, Thos. 11. Dsvey ol Quean
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend 110
apply lor permission lo prospect lor coal and
petroleum on the following desrriticd land:
Commencing at a post planted nine mile, north
and two miles east ol Section 13, Townahip 7,
Uraham Island and marked No. 41, T. 11. D., S. K.
corner, thence west 80 chaina, thence north 80
chains, ihence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to point ol commencement, conUining 640
acres more or less.
Dated Nov. 6, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 8. Wilson Cowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islanda Land Dislrict—DUtrict ol
^ Tako notice that I, Thoa. K. Davey ol Queen
Charlotte,  occupation  notary  public,  intend  to
apply lor permission  to  prospect lor coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described land:
Commencing at a  post planted eleven  milea
apply to the Chlel Commissioner ol Lands, (or a j north and two mile, cast ol Section 13, Tiiwtmhip
license to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on   " ''    '        '	
and under the lollowing descrcihed l.nds
Pub. Doc. 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District -District ol ; „,,„. n.    . ,._ ... „_   .   __,... i .    nj_   ■
^wnt ' Queen ( harlotte Islands Lsnd District—District of
Take nolice lhat 1, Thos. „ Davey ol Queen I    T.w. „„,,__ .... .^SP"  „   ..
Chsrlotte.   occupation   notary   public,   intend   to ! rlO?,, *.i _ T"° ' R- mS*,1 _-"--
spply   (or  pcrmu-ion   to  prospect   for   coal   and ! _*S*_i  __™'8___l   "0,,r-v   P""1'!"'   inu"nd   «°
petroleum on the lollowing described land: , ,p,,)|y, ,ur  _*_CHB_   _?  _____-*. ,'orj"—  *n<1
Commencing at a post planted four mile, nonh ' V"™*"™ °n 9» following described land-
—.     l!       II        T 1       "
and three miles cast of Section 13. Township 7,
Craham lsland and Marked No. IS, T. It, D.. s. K.
corner, Ihence west 80 chains, thenc north 80
chains, tnence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chsins lo point ol commencement, containing 640
arm. more or 1ms.
listed Oct. .10. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Cowing, Agent
post   planteil   seven   miles
Queen Charlotte Islsnds Un.l District    District o
Take notice that I, Thoa. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   intend
north and seven miles east of Section 13, Township
7, Craham Island and marked No. 65, T. R. D., S.
E. eorner, thonce west 80 chains, thence north 80
chajns, thonce oaal 80 chains, thenco south 80
ehains to point of commencment, containing 640
acres more or leas.
Dsted Nov. 10, 1910. THOS. R DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. '"ilson Gowing, Agant
Commencing st a post planted at the northeast
corner of Lot .S06, Graham Ialand, thenc south 80
chains, thenc west 80 chains, thenc north 80
chains, thenc east 80 chains to point of commencement, and containing 6-10 acrea.
Dated Nov. 14,1910. FERDINAND G.TAPERT
Pub. Dec. 10.
, Graham Ialand and marked No. 4.. T. R. D. N.
t. corner, thenco west 80 chains, thence south 80
chaina, thence cast 80 chains, thenoe north 80
chains to point ol commencment, containing 640
acres more or leas
Dated Nov. 6, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
«*■ •>»* 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict—District ol
Take notic. that I, Thoa. R. Davey ol Uuetn '
CharlotU, occupation noUry public, ltit-.rui i. I
apply (or permission to proapect (or coal and '■
petroleum on th. lollowing dawrib-d land:
Commencing at a post planted thirteen mil
north and Ave miles eaat of Section 13, Townihio
7, Graham Island and marked No. 76, T. D ll s
W. corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chaina, thence wiutli HO
chains to point ol commencement, conuininc .40
acres more or leas.
Dated Nov. 12, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 8.
Wilaon Gowing. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und District —District ol
,„,   („      J»"* no'"* that 1. Thos. R. Davey o( Queen
apply   (or  permiasion   to  prospect   for   coal  and   Charlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   intend   lo
petroleum on the following deacribed land: _____    * Permiasion  to proapect  iur coal  and
Commencing at a poat planteil sis milea north   Petroleum on 'he following described land:
and three miles nut of Section  13. Townahip 7,      (ommencing  at  a  post   planted   aeven   milea I applv to the Chic' Commissioner of binds  (nr .
Graham Island snd msrked No. .6. T. It. D., N. E.   _°;!h *nd "*ven mUm m* ol Section 13, Townahip   licnae to proep-ct lor coal, oil and netiolmim n»
Queen CharlotU Islanda Und District—District ol
Skeena   Und   DHrict-Qucn  CharlotU Land.   Jfttf^^N!BttS*5
spplv to the Chie  Commissioner of Lands  for a   __S        .„ * Ss "  p0"t ,p ,nlwi "te™n  mU<»
co^TiTtiiV. asm^-an l£?_SK^l^=r@ s
chains, thenc east 80 chains, ihence south 80 I SSlIlf-**! ot ——* conulnlng 640
chains, tli. nr.. -■,-, Sn -I..I-. t_ ____, _# . I ?,        ,n'ore lom'
Haled[Nov. 6, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
chains, thenc west 80 chains to point ol commencement, and containing 640 acres.
Dated: Novll. 1910     FERDINAND tt. TAPERT
Pub. Dec. 10
Skeens  Und Diatrict -Queen Charlotte Islanda
Take notic that 30 days alter date I, Ferdinand
(j. Tapert, farmer, o( Skidegau, B. C, inUnd to
corner, thenc west 80 chains, thenc south 80
chsins. thenc eaat 80 ehains, thenc north 80
chains to point of commencment, containing 640
acres mnre nr less.
Dated Oct. 31, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Puh. Nov. 17 Wilson Gowing, Agent
Qucn CharlotU Islands Und Diatrict—District ol
Take notic thst I. Thos. R. Davey ol Qucn
Charlotte, occupation notary public. * intend lo
W apply lor permission to prospect lor coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at n post plsnted sii milea north
and three milea east ol Section 13. Township 7
Graham Island and marked No 27, T. ft D„ N. W.
corner, thenc eaat 80 ch-ina, thenc south 80
chsins, thenc west 80 chsins. thenc north 80
chaina to poinl of commencment, conUining 640
acres more or laaa
Dated Oct. 31. 1910. .   . R. DAVEY
Puh. Nov. 17. WUson Gowing. Agenl
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und District—District o
_. . Skeens
Take notice that I, Thoa It. Davey ol Qucn
t harloite. occupation notary public, intend to
apply lor pcrtnia>ion t„ prospect lor coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
(-mmenrmg at a non planted _U milea north
sad five miles eaat of Section 13, Townahip 7,
l.raham Island and marked No, 28. T. 11. 1)., N. E.
thenc west   l>0 rhisna.  thenc south  80
thenee oast   80 ehains.   thenc  north   80
point ol commencement, containing 640
chains ti
acrea more or L	
Dated Oct. .11, 1910.
Puh. Nov. 17.
Wilson Gowing, Agent
Qucn Charlotte lalamla Und   Dstrict -DUtrict ol
_, . Skcna
Tske notic Ihst I, Thoa. It. Davey of Qucn
Chsrlotte. occupation noury public, inlend to
apply lor iiermiasion to proapect for cal ami
petroleum on the following described land
(ommencing st s poat planted lour milea north
H, »». "•»«" *•*' "I, Section 13. Township 7.
Graham Island and marked No. 19, T It II N K
eorn.-r. thenc weal 80 chsina. thenc south' H
chains, irvnce east SO chain., thenc north 80
'It of commencment. containing h'40
Graham lsland and marked No. 66., T. It. D., K.
E. corner, thenc wost 80 chains, thenc south 80
chsins, thenc eaat 80 chains, thenc north 80
chsina lo point of commencment, conUining 640
acrea mon- or leaa.
Dated Nov. 11, 1910. THOS. R DAVEY
1Mb. Dec. 3. Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict —District of
Take notic thai I, Thos. R. Davey of Qucn
( harlolle, ocupatlon notary public, inund to
apply lor permisaion to proapect lor cosl and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a post planted five miles north
and seven milea esst ol Section 13, Township 7.
l.rahsm Island and marked No. 67, T. R. D„ S E
corner, thenc north 80 chains, thenc west 80
chsins. thenc east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencment, conulnlng 640
acres more er lesa.
Dsted Nop.'. 11, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Puh. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Qucn Charlotte Islsnds Und DUtrict—DUtrict ol
r-_Sk' notlw lh" '• Th,». 11. Davey ol Qucn
Charlotte,   occupation   noury   public,   Inund   to
apply  lor  permiaaion  to  prospct  lor  cosl  snd
lietroleum on the lollowing deacribed land
and under the following described landa
Commencing at a post planted at the northeaat
corner •[ Ut 511, Graham Island, thence south 80
chains, thenc out 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thenc wnrt 80 chains to point of commencement, snd containing 610 acrea.
Dated Nov. 14,1910. FREDINAND G. TAPERT
Pub. Dec. 10.
Skcna Und District-Queen CharlotU Island.
_ , Division
,. ~ikr """cc <h,t 30 *•>•» «ll" dau 1, Ferdinand
(,. Tapert. larmer, o Skidegau, B. C, InUnd to
apply to the Cslel CommLsaioner ol Unds. lor .
snd under the lollowing dearcibed landa:
Commencing at a post planted 20 chaina north
of the wuthest corner of Ut .42. Graham Island,
thenc aoulh  80 chains, thenee cast   "
Pub. Dec. 3.
Wilaon Gowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Ialanda Und Diatrict—Diatrict ol
Take notic that I, Tho.. R. Divey ol Queen
ChsriotU. occupation noury public, inund to
•pply for iMTiniaaion to prospect (or coal and
petroleum on tbe lollowing describe-! Isn.i:
Commencing at a post plsnted eleven milea
north and five miles east ol Section 13, Township
7. Graham Island anil marked No. 44, T. R. D., N.
t. corner, thenc wast 80 chaina, thence south 80
eh»lns, thence eaat 80 chaina, thenee north 80
chains u point ol commeneement, conUining 640
acros more or leas.
Dsted Nov. ., 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
WUson, Gowing, Agent
Queen CharlotU Ialands Und District—DUtrict ol
_ , Skcns
Take notice that I. Thc* R D.v»y ol Queen
(harlotte. occupation notary public, inund u
.pply lor iiermiasion U prospect for coal and
petroleum on tho following deacribed land:
( ommencing at a poat planted eleven milea
north and live milna eaat of action 13, Townshii
Queen CharlotU Islands Und Diatrict—DUtrict ol
_. . Skoena
Take notice that I, Thomaa R. Davey ol Qu,™
CharlotU, occupation noury public, Intenil to
apply lor permission to proapect (or coal and peiro-
leum on the lollowing described land:
Commoncing at a post planted thirteen mile,
north and aeven milea east ol Section 13, Townshin
7, Graham Island and marked No. 76, T. It D S.
h. corner, thonce weat 80 chains, thence north' »0
chaina, thence east 80 chaina, thence aouth 80
chaina to point ol commencement and containini
640 acre, more or lea..
Dated Nov. 13. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dm. 8. wihon Gowing,
Quean Charlotte Ialanda Und Dislrict -Diatrict nl
Skeen. notic th.t I, Tho.. R. Davey ol Queen.
CharlotU, occupation notary public, InUnd lo
apply lor permission u proapect (or coal and
petroleum on the lollowing described land:
Commencing at a poat planted thirteen miles
north and five milea ear. oi Section 13, Townahii
p. Graham Ialand and marked No. 77, T. R. D. 8
W. corner, thonce east 80 chaina, thence north»Mi
cha ns. thence west 80 chain., thence snuth 80
chains u point ol commeneement, containini 640
acrea more or lees.
Dated Nov. 13, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wl_»n Cowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Ialanda Und DUtrict—Diatrict of
_ . SkMn.
T.J.0 notice that I, Thos. R. Davey ol Qucn
Charlotte, occupaUon notary public, InUnd to
apply (or permiaaion u proapect for coal and
petroleum on the lollowing deacribed land:
Commencing at a post planted thirteen miles
north and five mUea eaat of SeeUon 13, Township
7, Graham Ialand and marked No. 78, T. R D B.
E. corner, ihence west 80 chaina, thence north'M)
ch. ns, thence out 80 chain., thenee south 80
cnsins u point ol commencement, conUining 610
seres more or leaa.
Dated Nov. IS, 1910. THOS. R DAVEY
Pub. Dec. J. WUlon Gowlnl  A_Jt
Qu-en Ch-rlotU Ialanda Und DUtrict—DUtrict ol
rkT.,,k!.n0tic* ___. '• *■__: R- D»«y «' Of""
CharlotU. occupation noury public, InUnd to
•Pply  lor p-rmUalon  u prospect for coal and
........ ..._ ..... ,,„._ eaai oi section ia, township mvv>,  ""   i»_Tn--ion   to  proapect   (or  <
7, Graham Island and marked No. 46, T. R D.. N. P«roleum on the following described land
mi .L ,„.    ^•|„0rnf-'      n™ e"*'„80 cn,ln•• lnvne* •outl' 80      C«"nwndn_ »' » post planted thirteen milea
thenc north 80 ~ds3»_ki___^__r-_ rh.^. ?„   Sfr __*__-_, 5* «> chains, thenee north 80 """' ' "	
|»in, o, emmencmeni. s„d"cnt-1„in„ M.Tcrea°   .S^tT-fta. COmn"n«m"". ««___| 640
*£"_]» 191°  FERU1NAND "TAPE'S?. I £.MVor, fti. thos. R DAVEY
j Pub. Dec. 3.
Wilson Gowing, Agent
Commencing at a |ioal planted live miles north
' Cr-hsTlV"? Sf! °_!?^ion   l3'  T°»-n,hip   -    „.„._,.,i; ,„  ,.r„,
.j l.rshsm Ialand snd msrked No. 68. T. R. D., ti. Commencing   at   n   poaP n ,
mmfS^h lhn,X ""_,h M Cn,",,p lh*"ce woa   80 "-th and .ne mile w.pat of the
ch. na'toTS, n?"h  m Ch"n''  ,hrnn' ""'  « I Ul M1- °«"">  l»l«nd? then.
.e_L J22 _"', "' commencment. conUining 640   thenc  south  80  chaina.  them
acres more or li
Dsted Nov. 11, |910
Pub. Dec. 3.
, conUining
W Mann Gowing, Agent
Qucn Chsrlotte Islanda Und DUtrict    District ol
_ . Skcns
Take notic that 1, Thoa. II. Davey ol Qucn
-   occupation  notary  public,  intend  u>
Skcna  Und  DUtrict-Queen CharlotU Ialanda
Take notic that 30 days alter date 1, Charlea
Helmer.  larmer ol Skidegate,   B.  C.  intend   to
apply to the (. hiel Commiasioner ol Unds, lor a
license t„ pnmst (or „.!, oil and petroleum on
Tiahlp   »nd under the following doscribed lands:
anted   three  miles
southeast corner ol
nc west 80 chsina,
Queen CharlotU Ialands Und Diatrict    Diatrict ol
_ , Skcns
cwiM°,!lU"lJ' Tho*- a. D«vey ol Queen
< harlotte,   occupation   notary   public,   Inlend   to
•pply  lor  permuwion  to prospect lor coal  and
I* rolrsm on the following de-cribed land:
I ommencing at a post  planled eleven  mile.
I Cr.h.llfT m"W-M" S-LFMSb 13, Township
7, Graham lsland and marked No. 46, T. K II S
t. corner  ihence wen 80 chaina, thenc north'80
north and three miles east ol Section 13, township
it _H____*__™ Md ra*.r.("d No- '9. Thoa. R !>!,
c   ..     —TT— ~~" _._._r_ ..... ,_.  , mi,, rv. I',
._ i nrn.n- thenc« <••« 80 chaina. thenee north i>0
chaina, thence weat 80 ch-lru, thene. aoulh 80
cl»ins to point of commencement, conulnlng 610
.ere. more or leaa.
Dated Nov. 13, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 3.
_ north 80
80  chains,   thence  aouth   80
 "■'   i   ■*"  rr.;ii!,a. I ______    .    "   i   .^Sr'   ""'   ''" '    ""■'"■<■   wniin    ^u
0  chaina.  thenc eaat 80 chains : cn,,n* 5 P0'1" « commencmonl, conUining 640
chain. „ point rf commencm, ii!   gSySR! °7  !~6
Pub. Dec. 3. '
mTmSmmmfSS '."ere? P<'"U " *™-««i
Wtl_on Gowing, Agent
chains t
acrea nv.rc or leas.
Dated Oct. .10. 1910
Puh. Nov. 17.
Wilaon Cowing, Agi-al
Queen ( hsrlotte laUnn. Und Diatrict-DUtricl ol
_ Skcna
r____3_f^__ ,h" '• Tno"- "•  "■"•>• ol Qucr.
_e_4V%   w""',""n   n"'»0'     public,   intern!   to
appl>   for  |»Tmi«son  to  prranart    lor   coal
petroleum on the following descrihed land
Commencing at a post planted lour milea  north
id  three  miles ,»..   of  iWion   1.1.  Townahip    7.
l.rshsm Island snd msrked No. 20  TRI)    N W
_____' £__? _S 9 rh,in"- mmtm ' wuih' 80
Chans thenc wert 80 chain., thenc mirth 80
■ hslnaJo point ol   conulnlng 610
Wilaon Gowing, Agent
■hi!'    S»       Ki™   °° ■".'' Petroleum „„ ! north and thrc mile
i Qucn CharlotU Ialands Und DUtrict-District of
_ , . Skcna
' ___-S__a^__J__% '• ThM- a. Davey of Queen
..I-,'.!"1,'.!.   ."^-.P"1™  **2   Public   inund   t"
wii n   to  proapect   lor   coal   and
lollowing described land:
post  p|anud  eleven   miles
District-Queen* Charlotte Islands
       cm1.ii     !.- n i.u   i,i IJiviaipn
apply  lor  iK-rmuiaion  to  pros)wt  (or  coal
petroleum on the following di-acri!....! land
n rHMsnT-M-  "   *  ,H""   _!___!.   "">*  m»'«
[ Gr.n_,n"ui.n,rt, atfjWWiT'if '• «d «»«« the" 'f-K.r'Sfcri I!r3 "LT"^ ^ I 70Gr_h.-,,|r,d1,iln^,i", £^" iTTsmSZ
mmttl^J&J*^^ Weal 80    £aSE£fe&g|^^_   ^ llT^ ^^^3^^ Sfi
thenc  north  iT£? Kft ft* ' Sj.*":, 5*  8U ch,l"»p  lh">ce wulh S
thenc, ,-ou, „„ jgg" thenc w«T80Schin, to ; acre, more o?,,«_L.COm,,,enMn,'"tp conulnlng 640
640 .crea. i D.ud Nov. 7, 1910.
TAPERT ! Pub. I>ec. 3.
cjuiin,   ,hence ,ou,-„--8rch,m.:';henc S? 5„
C.ctn"n!o0rr„r,|wl.n",,m"",Wm",t' M""ini"« W°
Dateil Nov. II, 19J0
Pub. I>cc. 3.
rnl   .    .   "*pp "" c,,aina. tnenc WTSt 80 chai
omt ot emmencment. snd conUining 640 .
Pub" Dec   lo' !n,°    F,tKI>'NAND(f.TAP
WUson Cowing, Agent
WiUon Cowing, Agont I 1^^.
Qucn Charlotte Islanda Und DUtrict   TMstil . ..
Skeena                    Ulrict"' .. •""■ O-B-OHi lsl.nds Und DUtrict -DUirle. m
Tske notic ih.t £ Tho.   It. D.vey ol Que_„ , h,'"",*  Und «>Utrlct-Q„c„ charlotte  Ialand.'     T__         ,       .     ,8k«*-
(harlotte.   ,«u,»tion   nourv   public,   in endT      T.fc. . .. -      l,ivu,nn              ««  "I'*      T   ip »„„, lhlt |, Thog, „   u
(or  permission  tu  prospect  for  miT                 "   ''"''"" "    "■<"--••-■'—•  —    ■    '    l,"i"1"-   »riii..i..,.   __.._.   ___*-■»-"  ^U""
notic that 30 day, .ftc, d.„, ,, Ch.r|w   ^h"J>>"».  ™2*}!™  noury  public,- intend
aerr* more or le... Oct. 30, 1910.
Pah. Nov. 17.
Qucn ( harlolle Islanda Uml Diatrict - DUtrkn lo
_ . Skcns
r-_-S__-M__! ,h". '• Tno" a On*9 of Qucn
( harlotte,   ocupstion   notary   imlilic ' i„lrr,,i   ,,,
•pply for IWmi_.ion 10 pnatM  f.r „,,! .„„
pe rnl,,„„ „„ the lollowing ,le_rr,be.l land
I «nin„.ncins st . p,„t pl.nte.1 lwo mile
No. 1 T. It. I... N. | cor_er. thenc
thenee  south   80  chains,   then
Petri.l~monthelolloWngde_rril.ed l.nd ""     'T'  ":m"rP  "'  «Kid<_.t»    B    C     intonrl  u   __!_■ lor PW*" '° P™-P"*t   or wl and "netm
north and nn mile,,«t „f Sction 13. Town™ S   _„TU„, ' ' r^TM B "  _?•  Pl»nt«l  eleven  miles
.. t.rsh.m l-l.,: ,| ,„,| m,rkec, No -„ _.• ,   wn"1'P   *ndu"d" *■ following described landa: I J'SLfi. n,v,' &* out ol Section 13  Town-lT
J corner thenc «,uth 80 chsina. thenc.' »".' 80   -fM-f-SS-! "' E P01' P1""'^ one mm -outh ' '" t,r"h*m * "J ' " ' " ' ""
chslna,  thenc  north  80 rh.,„.   ,n..™, US S18l___L,?_!_-^,»«r_< £SW, <Sn_-^I___iS
thenc  west   80 chains,
thenc east 80 chsins to
-rrTni-rcT^^ —        "     ""     """ '
Dsled Nov. 11, 1910.
thenc north 80 chaim
.  ..   l       ;      *™ mm. ui	
p, Graham Island and marked No. 48 T
orner, thenc w.,t 80 chains, thence north 80
R. d. i.
' chaina.  thenc
eaat 80 chains,  thence south
Pub. Dc. I,
wilaon Gowing, Agont
, Point of commencment', and
Qucn Charlotte Islands Und District
_, , Skeena
Take none that I. Thoa. R.
I harlotte,   occupation
1 'Utrict ol
Davey of g„cn
.    —-   •■•■"..r.niriiit
tilled Nov. Ifi, 1910
Pub. Dec. 10.
kens   Und
DL,trict7 Queen  Charlotte I„,nd,
— . ,        Division
Take notic thi
thenc north 80 chi
east of
snd.   -ii irk.■ I
- weat 80 chains.
eaat   80  chlins.
cental._ing 610 acres more or leaa
Dnte.1 Oct. 28, 1910
Pub. Nov. 17.
aina to point of rommoncmon
THos. ll. Dirty
Wilaon Gowing, Agent I "atisl Nov. 1_, ].i|p
| Puh. Dec. 3,
Qucn lalsml. Und uutrlct -District of
t , , Skcns
Take notic that I, Wilaon Gowing ol Vancouver
ocupstion prospctor. intend to \jpi • (w ,w
■__*_. S?. &m\m (or coal and petroleum on ',110
senw o( l.nd:
Commencing st a poat planted a ..uarter of a
mile from SUte Chuck creek, wow. tSSSnt A
(.owing, < ,„1 Mens,. No. 00. cover ng Senion l«
Township I, thenc 80 chaina north thenc Hli
chain, west tbWM 8.1 chain. SSatE thenc M
-cZ'moV'.'.r'L" «™m~«. UttSSTd
Dated Oet. 11, 1910.
Pub. Oct. 18.
;::- ■; '^S-iSS_f|
Wilson (.owing, Agent
Qucn Charlotte Island. Und Diatrict-DUtrlct of
Tske none that 1. Thoa.  ft Davev ol Qucn
ncupatinn   notary   public.' '
thenc aouth 80 chains,  thenc.. wi  i     „    ,
thenc north 8n chain,, thenc ,,T n   k,,'"'"."'
«llaon i i.iwiiig. Agent
Qucn CharlotU Island. Und DUtrlct-DI_trl.t o(
m^mmTtmVm^^iti^ n"rth B
JPg» 10,  permiiion' to sS^HSr »%**<*   HjH5, tS^g Jk-SSfrVg! '
'  C. -   "" ""' '""""""I ''"cribed ind:        ""l   "PP1*- «u 'he Chief CommT," oner of U
norihTl"'8   ", *   '""'   Pl'ntcl   "hire   miles l^P" J" ""-"W ,or f"'     "
7 Tln.h_',„T7n ?__5 0Mt °l ^"on 13 T.wn_hh-   "r'- ul,dw ,h'' '""owing
V e_,n„     -°ml *ml m"rkKl No. 72, T ti I.   tf i    f-ommendng  st  a  r
staS^L___?*_«J> chains, thence iou.h __   r°.'.,h.;.nd «K m"e we,
Queen Ch.rlotu Isl.nd, U„d Diatrict-
, Thos. R.
Diatrict of
WII_on Gowing, Agenl
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnd. Und DUtrict    1 liatrirt ol
_ , Skeen.
Tske notice th.t I, Tho.. ft D.v»y o( Qucn
( occupation noUry public, inteml lo
apply (or permiasion to proapect (or coal snd
petroleum on the lollowing deacribed l.nd:
rwilmpgijj ,t a poat planted thirteen milie
north and three miles eaat of Section 13, Township
'. t.r.h.m Island and marked No. 80. T. R D., S.
t. corner, thenco west 80 chains, thenee north 80
cha na, thence east 80 ch.lna, thenc aouth 86
chains u point ol commencement, conulnlng 6(0
sere moro or less.
Dated Nov, 13, 1910. THOS. ft DAVEY
I ub. Dee. 8. wil_on Gowing, Agent
Skeen. Und   DUtrict-Qucn  Ch.rlotu Islands
_. , DivUion notice th.t 80 d.ys «IUr dau I, Ferdinand
('■ Tapert, farmer, of Skidegau, B. C, InUnd to
•pply to (he Chief Commir-loner o( Unda, (or a
ncnae to proapect (or coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the following described lands'
I ommencing at a i->st planted at the southe.i.l
corner ol Ut 286. Graham Island, thenco north 80
cha ns, thence cut 80 ch.lns, thencc south 80
cn.ina, thenc wost 80 chaina to point of commencement and containing 640 acre..
Pub 1>ec"i'oH'1910'  f"ERnlNAKD 0. TAPERT
Skeen.   Und   District    Quern   Charlotte  Ialands
_ . Division
Tske notice that 30 days alter d.u I, Ferdinand
__ 7,P*r,V,m^nwl °' Skideg.u. II. C, Intend to
•Pply to the Chief Commlaaioner of Unda. f.-t .
licenae lo prospect for coil, oil and petroleum on
and tinder the following deacribed landa:
t ommencing at a post planted at the southwest
corner of Ut .85, Gr»h.m Island, thenc south 80, ih,nc eaat 8(1 eh.lna, thence north 80
chain,, thence weat 80 chslna to point of commencement and conUining 640 acre..
l'uh l£?vj_( ' 191°-  fKRD'NAND 0. TAPERT
Skcna Und   District-Queen  CharlotU
n> _        , DivUion
I ske notice th.t .10 d.ys after dau I, Ferdinand
.tin-."K .'_ "?_7J ? skl<lcg.U, B. C. Intend lo
SI1" ""• $22 Cwnml-sloner ol Unda, for s
smt T„  ".'!-'",;°ot H m,< 9 »nd petroleum on
r-_J25 l"1' l°ll0*lng described landa:
eorier T.nC1.n.o_l -___•* ul"n««l « 'he norlhea-t
chain! .. '°t m' Gr,h,m I«l*n.I. thence north SO
ch. _.' X-_SS WB" 80 ch*ln"p 'hence south 80
men? '.-IT1™ r","1,80 cn*in'' lo Point of commenre-
a',1"1 '""'"'"'n* "40 acres
4h Dec3 10   '      "•   PER'"NAND 0. TAPKItT
Skcna   Und   Ds-ic,-^  charlotte   .„.„d, notic th.t 30 day, afur date,, Charles,_  • ,  ■   Th,,.. „.  ,,,,..,
11 | ll"'"       -'•,■-•     ■    , ■ ■, .   in   i   :     . ,i     I     , ,.   I i , i        I I  " ""
post   plantcl   three   miles   lln,nse to prospect lor coal,
"    ";,l-r "" '"""   '•   '• "i''.'l p-uiiftr "T l'ommenrtng"at"a'poit''TT'''<ll"n'l:, thenc'wcrwvcrt&^r  >»"'"'	
, chsins to p„i„, „, commmeement   IT. in<!rth/- I 'henc m hNIB , ,.,n.   XSS? **" S0 """in". ' S ?"""■ """nc weat 80'.hain.  ._____ S_ E -_   ^_2__L2_ ,nllo»ln- deacribed lands:
WILSON GOWING '< fom' m"'c or lea,.   mme,,c™-nt. conUining 640   ,hrnc, north 80 chain, u IT,""*1 80 cha.n».   cha n. .thenc eaat  80 chaTn,   ih-n-" "out-' 80   __,n_™TiIWin.n_t A P°"1 P|,ntcd at the northeast
i Put^v2' -   mgshAffm! w^xSP ZZZZZZ: BS^^™™**' B^SKBaraP ff
+m Ch„,otu „.„,,. und DUtrict-DUtrict 0,   Qucn CharlotU ,.,.„.,. Und OUtri^ dLT, I ^ " ' ^ ^ ' 19'°'
KBFwKai^  < -
^ Commencing at a host planted a quarter of a
_.... THOS. R. DAVF.Y
Wilaon Gowing. Agent
h.i °*""!,ip fc __?a*_^SS1o--SiSi
£to to&hrt-TJS Ch"in"  "°«h.  the°nnc 8„
^ei ".ioVohL0' """"""cement. conUining 640
D.ted Oct. II. imo.
Oet. 18. Rb,
PWahmn on the following -e-crihed land'""' "na !
intend to
Skcna Und  Diatrict- Queen  Charlotte Msi.pI
t.„-     .,      .        Division
G  T_L»0,ir th,t 30 ''»■" •••"f <!»(. I, Ferdinand
annlv T .'_ "IT-^i °' R»l'lc««te, B. C, Intend to
Hcinie ?„ „"   -..I' ,Co">n.issloner of Unda, lor .
ncnae u prospect for co»l.
1 und— "    • "
min? .-J^      -!-_ 80 ch»ln" S Po'nt of commence-
D_5_4i2. conUining 640 .cres.
r-?„Kk^ov. 14,1910. FKRDINA
Puh. Dec. 10
f. Graham Island and i
__'.' ;;"•■"■ "pp11 marked Nn. 7.1, T it _TT_
Pub. Doc. 3.
___._ ',:■""    ""■»   ".   cnains,
chair,,. . henc eaat 80 chaina to pr
u ," '. k"'1 contemng 640 acre,.
Skeena U„d  DUtrict-Que™  CharlotU
T...     .,      . Division
G   ■?.,   .?"r lh,t 3n d*>" »'•" dau t, Kel
w,  i.pert, farmer, of   B   C    In
p.ppiy to the chie cnrnmi_K_r:..i i::„„,
Chlel Commissioner of Lands, for i
I0_»!r"P"CCt for coal, oil and petroleum en
WiUon Oowln.'.'Agen't   Pub Dc'io' *' "^ w" ' '     '
t of commence-   ch.lna'
hip I snd ____-%__T7-_" "f "p^'p "'p ,1M" I"
,    ,       •-.,.. ,..u., r?. , *7 '">«" lhe following described l.hds:
thenc »e,T,lKnH0.iC.h,"J."'p.Jh«nce «uth 80 ' M£rOT_?l,«« »_» Plnnted at the north
, ^t^^Jstj^^
l   i ■ ,,,.. , _:'      pimre or   eaa.
•I. U.AR^    D.te.1 Nov. 8. 191ft,
Pub. Dec. 3,
ce west 80 ch.lns, thence south 80
hence eaat 80 chains to point ol commence-
THOS. R. DaVEY ; D_.1'',l,vn'1 ""'•'".'ni! 640 acre
W.J_S Gowing. Ace,,.    R?_wl,i.?v'". "lo. FKRDIN
•owing. Agent   Pub. Dec.
7       ?
Several Lots on Plan>\ Roadway in
Section 7.    Must be sold.
Owners have left
the city
Call and see us about them
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings       Alder Block       SIXTH ST.
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"What is your opinion of the initiative
and referendum?"
"It is likely to prove useful very,"
replied Senator Sorghum, "in helping
to take my constituent's minds off the
tariff "
A country parson meeting one of the
villagers, the following dialogue ensued:
Parson: "Good morning. You know I
am the new vicar, and, although I have
been here some months now, have not
yet seen you at church." Villager:
"Yes, sir; that's true. And I am the
village shoemaker, and I have not seen
you in my shop yet, either."
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"That snippy young architect," said
Mr. Muntoburn, in a towering rage,
"had the impudence to tell me that the
ornamental work on my garage was a
fine example of rococo style of the
decorative art."
"What reply did you make?"
"I smashed him on the rococonut."
The Bookseller—This, sir, is an excellent book on swimming, and a very
useful one, too.
The Customer—Useful?
The Bookseller—Yes, sir. If ever
you find yourself drowning, you have
only to turn to pages 88 and 89, and
there you will find full instructions how
to save yourself.
"Look here!" exclaimed the angry
chappie in the evening suit, "this is an
outrage! I've been mistaken for a
waiter twice." "Sh-h!" whispered the
proprietor ol the restaurant. "Not so
loud. I know it. Two waiters have
already quit on account of the mistake,
and I don't want the rest to go."
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building
Prince Rupert
Phone No. 280
P.O. Box 351
of Brltlih Columbia of B.C. Ontario, Sas-
and Manitoba Bars. katchawan  and Al-
borta Bars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc—Exchange block, corner Third .venue and
Sixth street. Prince Runert. 8
"Hot in Brazil?" said the young
man, who had just returned from a
trip to South America. "Well. I should
say so. Do you know for days at
a time we couldn't take our after dinner
siesta on account of the peculiar noises?"
"What noises?" asked the blond
stenographer innocently.
"Why, the coffee popping on the
trees. You see, the sun was so hot
the grains just roasted before they
were picked. "
The old traveller yawned.
"Rather warm down here, bub," he
rejoined, laconically, "but when I was
down there you couldn't sleep at night.
Every once in a while there would sound
the most extraordinary crackling noise
that ever fell upon the human ear."
"What were the sounds, Mr. Bings?"
And Mr. Bings yawned again and
replied: "The rubber trees stretching
Controlling  Interest  Purchaaed for
"    $2,500,000 by Spokane Men
For the sum of $2,500,000 cash, a 65
per cent interest in thc Standard silver-lead mine at Silverton has been
purchased by Patrick Clark, A. B.
Campbell, and J. C. Wakefield, all of
Spokane, the deal being put through in
Spokane on Saturday. The vendors
were John A. Finch, the well known
Spokane mine owner, and George H.
Aylard, of New Denver, who were
equal partners. Mr. Finch retains a 35
per cent interest in the property and
with Messrs. Clark, Campbell and
Wakefield, will form the Standard Consolidated Mining company, which will
proceed at once to install concentrator
and tramway. This is the deal to
which reference was made a few daya
ago, as being in prospect.
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Alex. M. Hanson, B.A.   W. E. Williams. UL. t..i..i<
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.0.0.F
NO. 83
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of the order in the city
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F_h-_ St -__ .re As*.
fi.—X—S*~X X—X—X—SS
CONTlNVErp nc>u FACE 5
good  looks than  upon  >rood  speeches
to land him ir. :he eencA.
Pattullo and Policy
Aldermar. r_:: .lie's MM -as received »;:r I Md _::'.__«♦ Acknowledging Mr MaMM'l B asking
hind upor. :'.r pi-trora, Al.errrar.
Pattullo go: _w_r_hjr lata hii mndt:
"Mr. Mansor.." he aaid. "say. it -a*
difficult for us M bttagantf a po',:cy
at the outset of our lam of office :r.
the first.council year. 1 __j .: -as r.o:
so hard to inaugurate a policy as it
proved to carry :t out.
"Mr Mansor." he »ent or. "has
quoted figure* .r.>r.ding :o make us
look like thirty cents but hi* o»n
polir> -•-... rrit f_> very rr.u.-h I'.ke
:ba: c! p.; W Morrcp- -ho -befi he
was l_M -. • mayor s_ ■• - I |
irorriediateiy inaugurate a pat ;■ *:'
s;«-r...:.c _ -   .    • in     ••..--
of   catching   tbe   working man's   vote.
W_> atf  Uf   Kimm. pel        -..- n
by G. W Monro-*'     OM
Park, and Sewers
w ry •>.-•■_ :   -t  :»  tanad no-  to
make a de_. _.:r. :*.<• Q. T. P. for park
sites -H_fcft *e ouch: to have had ar.y»ay-
had Mr. Manser, properly watched the
city's interest* with the'"
a_*e_ Aiderman Pat:.;..'    Mr  ifanma
had  referred   to  ae»er?~yes.   !• _•
people cr.ed out for a pay roll.   They
mould  not  have apay roll so soon in
tbe   city   had   the   council   waited   to
formulate   a   sewerage   system   before
•tarting  *ork.    J:  would take a long
-t* :o start up the sewer plans, yet
tfce  rounc..   »a*   already  at   work  or.
then-.    Before ner year is out the system   -ill   be   well   started   and   funds
Regarding finances Alderman Pattullo expressed the opinion that Prince
Rupen is in a very strong position.
The Bank oi Montreal was interested
in the city now to the amount of $500.-
000. and would have to boost the city's
flotation of stock in the world's markets.
Who Delayed the Light
"One of the most difficult problems
the council had to face." said Alderman
Pattullo. "was tbe lighting problem.
To put the proposition or. a paying
basis was the problem. As for tbe
delay rf there was any delay it was due
to Alderman Smith »ho as chairman
of the committee kept wanting the
matter adjourned. When the other
members of the committee took tbe
matter ir. hand it »as quickly started
in earnest. Now the light is nearly
here." went on Alderman Pattullo.
"and 1 ha-e no doubt indeed that if
Mr Manson were elected Mayor we
should have light right away—no- that
the work is done. But he would want
the credit for soing it."
Assessment  Again
Alderman Pattullo referred to the
G. T. P. assessment which Mr. Mansor.
had said Mr. Cuthbert had done very-
well. "Certainly for some people he
did very well " said Aiderman Pattullo.
"I could show you a lot belonging to
the G. T. P. Development company
a.s»essed a: 110 and within thirty feet
of it one owned, which is
_.<-*ssed _: $250. And H WM Mr.
Mansor. who submitted Mr. Cuthber..
name to the charter committee Mr.
Manson has more partisanship ia his
heart than he has tbe interests of the
, City of Pnr.ce Rupert, as was proved
,b> his behavior a: Victoria."
About the Machine
Recalling tbe affair of the
By-law Alderman Pattullo declared that
Aldermar, Hilditch and Aldermar. Si tl
had stuck out for a system of machine
rule. "There are some fire Mpd-MM
of machine rule men here." he said,
sweeping a glance round tbe piatform.
"You kno» perfectly -ell tha: Jack
Kirkpatrick and II. M. Stephens had
no intention of going up for aldermen
until this matter came up 1 have a
friendly rtftrc 'or them both." he
added, "but I do think that they will
probably use tbeif aldermanic position
for party purposes."
Eight Hour Day. 13
A questioner rose :r. the hall asking if
.: »ere customary m Canada thst -hen
tbe cit irens endorsed a policy ;: should
be earned out.
Alderman Pa::ul o-I think so.
Quest ionsr—Did you carry out tbe
policy of an eight hour day for IS m
c :y »ork?
Aldermar. Pattullo—Tbe city council
has ansolutely lived up to this in framing
their contracts but if you want me to
<a> :r._: nay man has not a perfert
ngbt to oo at be likes after his eigh:
hours are 'nished thee 1 mil; never
do it. 1 mould rather go do-n to
defeat than do anything that mould
ir.:erfere with the liberty of the subject to.
W;:r. which incident Aldermar. Tat-
lullo's address closed
Faint Praise for Council
Mr W. S. Benson was trepared
to vote for Mr Manson because he
thought he <»a* tbe best man m the
field.   He thought tfctjr »anted a whole
■ .'-ore the Provir. ._. Government
._»: at this : me tad kt would say the
same thing even if they had a Liberal
administration at Victor». One ol the
r. r.p tbey did -ant -as a town hall
-tit    That -as no joke he said.
' I should say ;t is r.o: a joke." __•
ird Aldermar. Pattullo   -becaus*
*e r.o- have to pay for it."
Con: m ng Mr. Benson did not think
-Mr Mobley _at endomed with the
frr-crdr.-ry ability tha: some people
were ivl.r.ed to credit him with. He
also thought that Mr M. M. Stephens
•rt. H-■,•_'.■._« ;'. ?:_:.r.r that they
»ere r.o- ;r. Lb* han.s cf the Bank of
Jj >»l He _a____Kj to think the
M city oouncl of Pr.rce Rur<rt was
up against a stiff proposition and that
tbey had done very «<:. _r.oer the
So Strinrt on Him Now
P    W  who said  that  tbe
last time he ran for council he was
an employee of tbe G. T. P. which had
made people say he had strings on
him. now claimed an absolutely free
candidature. He stood up for Mr.
Manson as a clean principled man well
fit to be Mayor. He praised tbe first
council as a body of the very' best men
available at tbe time tbey were elected,
and remarked on ho» gradually criticism
had developed in the press. '
"The Beuatiful Bunch"
Touching on tbe G. T. P. assessment
Mr. Morrisey went on to enlarge upon
the old story of the Bank of Montreal's
withdra»al of their offer of $500,000 on
bearing tha: the G. T. P. were disputing
tha assessment.
"That Alderman Pattullo could have
the face to say tha: the Manager of
the Bank of Montreal had come through ,
with the loan late because of the beau-
tiful bunch of aldermen they had at
Prince Rupert, was an example." said
Mr. Morrisey. "of brass beyond belief."
■'The fact was that the manager of!
the bank had come from Victoria and
laid down certain eonditioa« on which
the loan was to be granted.
Alderman Pattullo interrupting "That
is not true!"
Mr. Morrisey went or. to emphasize
tbe city's need for openings to the
waterfront from Second avenue through
t_M reserve, and at Seventh and Eleventh
streets. He intends to stick out for
these if elected.
"And." he said, "though  a Liberal
of Liberals 1 say that  :! Premier McBride is behind the efforts to negotiate |
_ :h the G. T. P. over the assessment ,
difficulty. I am proud of him."
Question Let Loose
Here Aldermar. Pattullo stepped for-'
ward to a«k the question regarding the
street ends.   "Would it noi have been j
better   to   have   had   thene   provided
baton the townsite was »old when thel
government could have done th's?"
Mr. Morrisey replied that this sjaal
true but the best diplomat in all Canada. |
-.._ . Mr. J. H. Bacon, had seen to 't I
that the G. T. P. got the advantage)
Selling tbe chance while Alderman!
Pattullo mis up a workman in the.
audience sent up a flip of paper with!
these questions for him.
1. "Did not the same men -orkng
for the city work ten hours for $3.50.      ;
This Aldermar. Pattullo said he would'
not answer, becaus he did not know,
for certain.
2. Have you a Chinaman employed !
in your household?"
"I refuse to answer this." said Aldermar. Pattullo. "unless the writer
comes up on the platform."
The mar. did so.        ^^^^^____-_
Alderman1 Pattullo explained that as
every' woman could understand the
difficulty of getting -omen for housework -as restponsible for his employing
a Chinaman. Whenever he could get
a capable woman, he would enagae one.
Empire and Pattullo
Mr. S. M. Newton waa then called
upon by the chairman to address the
meeting. He complained ol the criticism
that had beer, launched at the Empire,
and attacked Alderman Pattullo on a
wide range of subject... deferring to
Alderman Pattullo's assertion thst the
platform party represente- machine
politics he said that the aldermen and
a number of others had sent a representative to him to try to buy up the
Empire a few months ago to make a
grit organ of it. "And they could not
buy me." he added. "They could not
buy me. They hambooiled me for
months but they could not buy the
Empire. What did they do? They
went off and bought the Optimist."
Loud laughter.
Made Football of Smith
Declaring that he had done his best
always for the city during hit term of
office, and intended to continue the
even tenor of his way if re-elected.
Aldermar. Smith gave his support to
Mr. Manson "Aldermar Pattullo."
he said, "has been making a football of
me. I don't kno- »hy. over the delay
in the light plant. There »ere other
members   of  that   1-ght   committee  as
much to blame as I may have been.
My effort has ever been to further the
"nterests of Prince Rupert and to try-
to bring about a settlement of the
G. T. P- difficulty. That is why I am
running again this year."
Alderman Smith concluded with a
reference to a reported remark of
.Aldermar. Pattullo's at a recent meeting
to the effect that he and Alderman
Mobley were -he best men for the
council that ever happened. Alderman
Smith thought this rather a confident
Dr. Clayton in his address referred
to the telephone system. He thought
that the dividend obtained should go
into the pockets of the people who
maintained the system by subscribing
to it.
Challenge to Pattullo
"I challenge Alderman Pattullo to
show me where I have ever used my
politics: influence to further my own
ends," said M. M. Stephens who denied
that he and J. Kirkpatrick were partisans
though member* of the Conservative
association. If. If. Stephens declared
he was prouder about his connection
with that association than if he held
shares in the Optimist.
That the city was handed over to
the Bank of Montreal Mr. Stephens
was sure. That bold challenge of
Alderman Pattullo's to Mr. Hays to
dare to knock the city debenture issue
was an example of how Alderman
Pattullo carried the chip on his shoulder.
Down on City Solicitor
Mr. Stephens went on to criticise
Alderman Naden and his absences from
couucil and also recalled the story about
his having left Greenwood while still
its mem>ber and represented that city
for two years while he was in Prince
A voice interrupted withi "Tell us
mhat you are going to do?"
"Certainly." returned Mr. Stephens,
"one thing that I shall do if elected is
to endeavor to place the offices of this
city in an efficient manner, and the
first thing I shall do will be to ask for
the resignation of tbe city solicitor if
it if not in already."
Mr. Stephen. Cot Heckled
Mr W. E. Williams, of the legal firm
of Williams & Manson rose in the body
of the hall to ask Mr. Stephens to define
the ground of his objection to the
present city solicitors.
"Well. I think the city requires the
services o! men. not youngsters," he
started to say. when the meeting suddenly livened up. There were cries of
"Rotten"; "The boys can do the work
all right". "Were you never young
yourself?" and Mr. Stephens changed
his tactics.
To several specific charges of incompetent legal advice. Mr. Williams
gave a straight denial. Mr. Stephens
then said he thought the solicitors were
paid too much for the services they
An Break
The last speaker for the evening was
Aldermar Hilditch. He announced himself as in favor of the candidature of
Mr. Manson for Mayor.
He deprecated the use of the argument
that Mr. Manson wm unfit for the
mayoral office on account of the fact
that he would be away for two months
of the year. "The Mayor is not the
whole thing. If Mr. Manson went
away for two months they would not
even miss him." This slip |et him in
for great merriment.
Amused or Abused?
Very briefly 0. W. Kerr announced
his candidature. "We have all been
amused and some ot us have been
abused." he said, "t'nlike Mr. Kirkpatrick 1 cannot win votes by my good
looks nor my pretty speeches. But 1
• ill do my best for the city if elected,
and I hope to have your support." The
meeting closed artth cheers for Manson
and counter cheers for Mobley.
Are you doing; your duty
by your family:.
What  would  happen  to
your wife and children if
you were taken away?
Would your wife have to
earn her own living?
Would  your  children be
Would they be dependent
on others?
These  are  most   serious
questions    which    every
man should answer to his
own satisfaction.
Life Insurance is the one
sure way to make provision for your family after
you are gone.
Get some life Insurance
before  you  become disqualified.
See us for particulars.
OfTKl     Alfa tmek. Sat. Shirt
If you want that sweet, nutty flavore.
BRXAD-try  our  FRENCH-  the kind
that pleases.
Third A»e.. between 7th and  8th  Sn.
Serious  Eaploeion.  in the Portland |
Cement  Works
Portland, Oregon, Jan. 4- (Speriall-
As a result of an explosion in the Port-
lane! Cement Works today, six m.n
were killed. The cause of the
explosion was coal dust. Three other
men who were badly burned are noi
expected to live.
Gaming  House Charged
. Ed. Shaughnessy, charged with running a common gaming failed to
appear at this morning's police court.
The city solicitor applied for a warrant
for his arrest, but Chief McCarvell explained that the position was dearly
one of a misunderstanding regarding
' the day named for Mr. Shaughnesty to
' appear, and the step was unnecessary.
■ •
Kaien Isl.nd Dance
The ladies  committee of the  Kaien
Island  club  announce  a  dance to be
held on Thursday evening. January 5th.
at c.30.   Tickets $100
Going at
Cost Price
To Clear
Tht Pmmr />__/"'
PHONE   i   :   :   82


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