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 The Prince Rupert Ogim
DAILY EDITION [9        ... ^\
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Monday, February 6. 1911.
*    W'th Pick While at Work in Tunnel l���^-^.^^^.*---. W.ather Somewhat Mars th. Historic Pr.
���^^W.Kt^-^0^       I - cession Irom Buck,���8h.m to We.,m.n.,.r-
are Injured--Men Are All Italians
__ a result of a ilynamitc explosion
Ll tunnel ut Kits, las three Italians
m instantly killed and about eight
m injured.    The  unfortunate  men
[to m, working  under   the   Foley
Belch & Stewart contract are repoi*U'd
, __.;. strueh tho loose dynamite with
[pick and caused it to explode.
Thi throe men who were killed were
���Kiting in th.- immediate vicinity of
dynamite and the other were close
,y. When the pick struck there was a
md report,  As tho smoke clean d away
ih,. dsmage was counted in Mesh ami
dood.  Tho m n will be buried today
Lvtheicone if the disaster.
Two Fire Fighters in Hospital as Re-
suit   of   Brave   Attempt!   to   Save j
Buildings    Thousands of Shoppers
on Street.
Adjourned to Attend Prince Rupert
Club Annual Meeting
Magnificent Scene in House of Lords
iSpecial to the Optimist) I scene   with   their   ermine   und   scarlet
London, Feb. 6.���Amid nil tin.  traditional   pomp   und   ceremony   of   the
(Special to the Optimist) j occasion King George and Queen Mary
| drnpings.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Though the day was dark and chilly
iun Immense throng gathered in St
James I'urk and Whitehall when the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ In their
state couch the King and  Quun rcp-
Seattle, Feb. 6.   The authorities todav i for the  lirst  time in  their reign  pro-,
  ,   . L       L     .* B        , * , \      _r a   ��� ,,       t t gcorgoous  procession  pii-'ei
  declare thut the disastrous tire whieh ceawd  In  state  this  afternoon  from "    *        '   ,       .   '
The city  council  will  not meet to- ] wiped out three lurge retail stores on  Buckingham Palace to Westminster  to | __\Z*      '.*    *"!K "." ,.     w     ���
Saturday night with the loss of $150,000  formally declare Parliament open.   From2!"���"��� .���    ,   m |'y    ,   .**_\   l?m*"re
. .    , .  .��� i       .     i. .u        t.i. u        rr    j    l    i.   They smilingly acknowledged the pat-
mi caused hy defective gas mains.   Ah I the throne of thc Home of Lords wherein, " * .      K        .     '
,   , ,   ��� BBBBBBBB*      I �����    .���.~..    ...    *���������_____���____
at eight o clock, when by mutual nr-,now ly,nR jn (h(  hospiu,    Th(,y > Killg CeorKe read t,., sptHch (rom (h,;
rangement they  will  adjourn In order overcome by the smoke while attempting Throne.    Queen  Mi.ry sut at hit side1
'        im.fl.    .K���    Rr_, I Hnrintr
night,  at least they  will  not  transact I"**-"""* ����� ���
I ��������� k������*   ���    ... ��� ��� ���,, ��� I  win caused by defectivt gus mains. As   Lhe throne of the Hr.u-u of Lords wherein    ."""' ,. ~._ _______m
any business.    1 hey w ill meet as usual . ,    ., ,. .,      ,   ,, .,        ....       ...    .     .none  cordiality   of  thi   rt-ccptlon   ac-
I -   .       .       . .u result  of the lilav..- two liremin nre, was gathered all the nobility of the lund        .   ,    , .. *���*���**.**>*>
^^^^^ -----. \**t__ r. .^il..^4lr,.mlh|.il'''r('t<1   '**���*****      II    *'ttS   *l   Rr"lt   K'*ine'
retuining a peculiar and persona] interest
���  w...a   . ^^^^^  ____________ ^^^^^^^^
to allow those of thi ir number who are to quell the Humes. While tho fire during the ceremony. The great his-
membcrs of the Prince Rupert Club raged merrily thousands of Saturday I toric chamber was crowded. The ladies
an  opportunity  io attend the annual night shop-ten were on the strce a. land peeresses of the realm were there
meeting  which   is   being  held  tonight.  _____
Acting   Mnyor  Smith   is   president   of
'unn peeressen oi un* reuim ...... v.....-,    Mr. :���*. s. Glass, advertising manager
 **���_._ tin their Studded glory scin Hinting re-; for the Co-opt raiive Rutl  Estate Co.,
Acting   Mayor  Smith   is   presitient  ot     Toronto,   Feb.   6.-~(Special)���Cham- fractory lights from the crowns of honor j left lor Seattle y-.t, rday on receiving
tho club and one or two of the aldermen plon St. Michaels defeated Stratford by on their dainty heat's, and the Lords j word of. h. Illness of his mother.
are members eight gonls to nothing. und   Earls   brought   richness   to   the,
Many Brave Doctors and Nurses Fall
I Victims to Dread Disease���Traffic
' on Tram-Siberian Stopped for
| T.M oi Contagion.
[Spedal to the Optimist)
Harbin, Feb. li. -Some indication of
be extent of the plague ravages may be
ithir.d from the fact that the bodies
il more than six thousand victime
retv either burned or buried last week.
Xthat number Ave thousand were native
<Unass and the remainder were Rus-
����ns. Great stacks of cofllns were
yini! on the street all day long awaiting
tonveyancc to the incinerator.
Among tho doctors  und   nurses   all
Men Declare That They Only Work About Twenty  I 'ays in  Each  Month���High
Cost of Food and Fuel is Condemned by Many Witnesses���Insist That
No Discrimination be Shown for Nationality or Citizenship
Forty-five   cents   an   hour   or   not they should have forty-five cents per
forty-live cents an hour?   That was I he hour."
question   thnt,  was  discussed  ut  some Straight Talking
considerable length on Saturday aft.r-      Mr  VMvT who _, lht, fim l0 RJVe
noon in ih.   Council Chamber when a cvi_eMv tM   hr  nBd  ,rav,iu.d   thtsi
I1V7..II      *s*      -��� ���	
delegation from the Industrial Workers
Anion* tho rjoctor. und nurses all I Association of Prince ^J*^****���
-Iwhomwer, performing heroic services I the "P*-"'1"1 committee of the <.oun M
%*mtmk*SmgrrJund. They are to go intoitttt. ��W�� ^ *f$Z
Skilled oil daily. In view of the not 37 1-2 cents per hour is a living
Itrriblc contagious power of the disease j wage.
�� expected that the traffic on the! The evidence adducid was ull dearly
(We-Slberian railway will be stopped | in favor of the advance. Comparisons
Way until such time as the plague is I were made between Prince Ruptrt und
���ndi-r control again. Thousands of other young cities showing thut while
sr��� _,v |uavillK lhc town  in  gruat j lhe wngcH ru,ed tm3 sam,., the cost of
Bittlnen is ut stagnation point, 1 living   was   much   higher   here   than
C***..   isimiigBa- ia at siagliuiion   |AfUit��i l living    wum    iiiut..     ...6..-.       11, 'A
nd the entire city presents an apsect ] elsewhere.    One of the witnesses even j he saul
��ni.        . . _ tl       ...
coasts consit., rnbly. "In Vancouver,"
he said, "I Was paid $:> a day. Tht
cost of food there was $5 per week for
three squall meals a day. In Juntau
the rati was 50 cents un hour, and this
rate is paid in Ketchikan, Skugway, und
White Horse. The cost of living I hi re
ia $7 per weok. In Dawson 75 cents
per hour is paid for Street work. Most
men there do us they do here that is,
batch for themselves. For clothes such
as a working man is cntitletl to wear,"
y present, an apsect; elsewhere.    One of the ���**T* 9VT \  ^     ur��� , llc mmu ��� charged to myself
m*    n���. atmosphere  reeks  of|tabulated his wage agansi htow**    (��V��    four ^^ ^     A��� ,���
����� ana poHiicnce. "
If dim
I tabulated his wage against nis *mumj ��� ���m-m,
'expenditure  upon  thc  bare  necessities  in  Dawson four montlis age.    Ah  for
| of life and showed that the former waa j house rent, in  I'rince Unpen you pay
j not evon adequate to support a family ;fll per month for a shack with a botl-
.    ����10 'of four.    The whole proceedings wereistead, a table and u couple of orunge
A   BIG  AMOUNT   'nter<"'l'*'8und afforded everyone prtseni   boxes in it,    Rents in Rupert  for one
I some   enlightenment   upon   Ihe   vextd room ranged from $11 to $20 per month.
I question. | In Vancouver you cun get n rrapfrtablc
rp. , . .   .    ,   .    , ...two rooms on Powell strict for $8 per
The conference consisted of i he four: , ......
.... .. ,     ...       month or one room for $(>.    And the
members of the council, namely, Alder-    ,, ...        .     ,,
���.,,., ... ...        _ r.,      .climate  conditions   in   Vancouver   ure
man Hilditch, chairman, Aldermun (.lay-1     . , _       .       .
.,, n ��� ��� ,   ��ii lat least two imt cent lH*ttt.r than they
ton, Alderman  Pattullo and Alderman ��� .      ',. . *
VT    , ...     ...   .     , ,, _   ���_,    .are in Prince Rupert.   A mun cun earn
Newton, and the Workers   Committee r .   .     ���_,_
consisting   of   Messrs.   Fraser,   Morse
Fisher, Carroll and Casey.
dreii. you think that their rent would
come to $.30 |xr momh?"
Mr.   Fishtr:    "Y*��,   about   $:I0   p.*r
month taking it from my point of view."
Alderman Pattullo:  "Don't you think
lhat a little high?"
Mr. Fisher: "Not as I take it und
th.n you hnve to add thp cost of tht
Bh'ck Diamond. Th. pricr of coul hcrt
is n largi it.m, 70 cents a hundred on the
strict, $!i.60 a ton ut the dock."
Ald.rmnn Pattullo: "W't have the
item I'M) per month for wm. What
would fuel cost per month?"
Mr. Fisher: "Burning about five
sacks |ar month about $:t.50 per month
ng man is .-mi..... "��� ,  .1 should say.    And  for light  burning
the  price in  Prince  Rupert' ���h���ul two gallons of coal oil per month
that would eomt to 80 cents."
Alderman Puttullo thin nskid Mr.
Fisher what ht- thought food would
coi-t for tin- average family described.
Mr. mhof prftrnd no! to unswir thin
qui-lion a* hi WM not himself a married
Educational Program for the Ensuing
Year Is to Be Mapprd Out. All
Progressive Young Men Are Invited to Join.
Lib. ralism in Prinu  Rup.il iv < n the
i boom.   The Young Liberals Associ;.. ion
which wuh reeenily formttl at a nu.'ing
of the parent body an* early equpiping
thamaalvua  for active service   in  the
field.    The  commit ,u   of  young  men
appointed to make preliminary i rrnngi*-
'��� inenls  have  now completed their  task
and will call, the first  me".ing of their
Association on  Friday, the  10th inst
in the K. of P. hall in  the  Helgerson
.Block.   Thi  meeting is for organisation
I purposes primarilj and the election of
: office bi un rs for the fin t year.
The occasion will aho bo taken to
outlini the course of work to b. pursued
j tluring tht coining twelve montlis. The
work of the Association will be larg.ly
of an educational character, and as --uch
jwill Is mlit t-very young man in the
ci'.y. Members will be enrolled at the
rnaoting prior to the election of the
office bcurers and ull will hnve a sny
in thut election, ft is up to the young
men of Prince Rupert with Liberal
leanings to come out and take a hand
in the good work of starting the Association.
UP Caahier and Relieved Safe of
��500 then Decamped -Humorous
Episode   at    R
R|,v��al. Smart Work
Sector's    Restaurant
'Special to thc Optimist)
(v-Wcsgo, Feb. 6,-While two of the
.:,    �� ""���  tllscusslng  the   financial
situation of  '
dium ol th
America through the me-
m.   ,   , lt,lr ti'ls two  masked  men
���Wed the -
I ���'Rector's
popular restaurant known
I to "r        ' ''"USt'(1 lne cashier's knees
PK-Jrv'T"'1;'""where before th��yhad
CZU.,l��nil*-��>i-��l��tlon. by cover-
ii uV',ui ur8vo,vw- The��*hCT
'I     ;'^"IWnvselfwith the safe
i - gnwing $:i,50o they both took
Ob'ect of Meeting
The proceedings commenced with
some little discussion regarding the
nature of the meeting, whether a discussion or an investigation was entered
into, and the Chairman, Alderman
Hilditch called upon Alderman Pattullo,
the mover of the motion appointing
the council's committee, <o explain his
motion that the basis of the meeting
Only about $60 per month in Prince
Rupert. In the rainy season perhaps
even less."
Rent and Fuel Coats
Alderman Pattullo asked: "What is
the average rent for n house for a married man?" Mr. Fisher replied: "About
$110 per month. I myself am paying
$20 per month for u shuck which if
thc snnitury inspector was doing his
duty would not be standing." "Would
$20 per month not bt the avirage rent?"
asked  Aldermun  Puttullo.    "Thut de-
motion that the basis of    he meet "K  *�� .^ _,*���, Mr. _____*,
might be clearly understood    OtWO. I chairm|in.   ..Taking an average
.'What I should like to see is thc work rs and ^ ^
.ubmitting data showing reasons why I family
Worked Two Daya a Month
Mr. Casty, being a marrietl man, i
waa called upon to give the disired'
evidence, and Mr. Fishtr continued to j
represent tht single men.
Mr. Fisher gave the following items:'
Room, $11 |>cr month. Board 80 cents
per day (doing own cooking). Fuel, 4
sacks of coal per month. Oil, 3 gallons
per month. (Witness said he used
rather much oil as he cooked with ii
at mid-day). Clothing p-pr month:
Overalls $1.25, mitts 60 to 76 cents,
socks, B pairs $1. Uncrdwear, $3 per
suit. Overshirts from $2.60 to $3 each.
Slickers $3 a suit (which do not luut
a full month). Slicker hat 70 cents.
Gum boots or rubber boots $3.76 (one
pair would last about a month or with
100,000 SLAIN
Rebel Arabs Are in Great Numbers -
Have defeated Regulars and Are
Skirmishing the Country -Local
Authorities Are Beaten.
(Special to the Optimist)
Constantinople, Feb. 6.���It iH reported here ihat a hundred thousand
men have been slain in battle on the
fronthrs botweon the rebel Arabs and
thc regular Turkish troops. The revolt
of the Arabs is of such dimensions as
to be beyond the control of tho local
authoiitita. They have beaten the
I Turks in the field and are now running
| riot throughout the country. IHE  PRINCE   RUPERT    OPTIMIST
���***,* ���*m****m^t****^*-*t*t ���**-*>*******���*���*
-*  ���
have received Two Carloads of Canned
Fruits and Vegetables. They are of the
highest   grade   and   quality,   every   can   1910
pack.    They were bought at a price which cannot be duplicated this year.
��� !
Corn, Teas and Beuns 2 oars 25c
Tomatoes, 2 lb. cant) 2 cans 25c
Tomatoes, il U>. cans   16c
Sptnnaga ������ ��� ��� ��� \p��
Com on Cob gallons uOc
. . . CANNED FRUITS . ..
Strawberries,   Raspberries,   Peaches,   Pears and
Plums, 8 lb. can  20e
Blueberries, 2 lb. can  15c
Blueberries, gallons  60c
Apples, gallons 40c
Plums, gallons  50c
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges
Graniteware, Hotel and Bar Supplies
Shelf and  Heavy   Hardware
Paints, Oil and Glass
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply Co.Ltd.
THOS. DUNN. Manager
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
.��4* *_-!������**. ii
=    I
j      DEVOTED
This is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special'interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will flli a social need.
THE OPTIMIST will furnish correct information to all enquirers who desire to net
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city      :      :      :      :      :
There is no time like thc present. Send us
your name and address, and mention the line
or lines of business you are particularly interested in. We will Bend you reply by return mail       :       :    ��:       :       :       '.       :
Optimist Information Bureau
P.O. BOX 1545
A Hindu Woman'* Opinion
She has spoken at last, has the Hindu
woman. For years the object of pity
on .the part of her western sisters; pictured as the mere slave of a sensual
husband, the woman of tht Orient has
"come back" at the owman of the
The critics are two Indian Indite, of
whom one is a queen, the Maharani of
Baroda, wife of the Gaekwar of that
state, and the other the Princess Pra-
tiva, a daughter of the Maharaja of
Kooch Keshub Chunder Sen.
The Mahurina of Baroda has twice
visited the United Suites. On the bust
visit, being pressed by the newspaper
men, she did say something. Her
highness's remarks are reported as
"The women of your big, vast, young
country, I confess, disappointed me. I
had heard so much of them; that they
equalled the French women in their
two most striking qualities of chic and
vivacity, that they dressed far better
than the English women; were as
coquettish its the Spanish: that they
were, in short, tts fascinating as the most
fascinating women in thc world���the
"Well, they are not. They are less
chic than the French women, because
their clothes are more exaggerated, less
becoming, and not always appropriate
to the occasion.   .   .   .
"They dress better than the English
women but their clothing is not so
durable, suggests mothing of the solid
qualities of modesty and station, as do
the tweeds and broadcloths worn by the
English. Their coquetry is not attractive, for it possesses no sublety.
"I understand that some American
women make the proposals of marriage.
That I do not doubt after watching
them make themselves 'agreeable' to
a man at dinner. As for the fascinations
of the Russian women. No No No
The Russian women arc soft and feminine. The American women are masculine. The only softness about them
is tht stuffs with which they drape
themselves���not their souls."
The Princess Prativa, who was interviewed in l.i inl��>n. had this to say
concerning her western sisters:
"The women of the rest of the world
are so unhappy. We of India alone
know the art of happiness. We judge
a nation by the status of irs women,
and the status of the American women is eternal unrest. One woman
said lo mc: 'I have nothing but money,
and I'm iir�� d of that' They lack that
calm centre of philosophy wi.hout which
life is a whirlpool and the world is
in a vast turmoil. They talk loudly,
they try to be sprightly, and only succeed in making ugly faces. They are
not enough alone. They do not read
enough. They chatter too much' and
think too little."
And makes them yawn before he's gone
for little trundle beds.
Listen to the Sand Man knocking at the
Listen to the Sand Man, he's been here
The Sand Man is coming, dears, coming
from the skjes;
Sleepy tunes he's humming, dears, to
help you shut your eyes.
���Arthur Macy in St. Nicholas
Sail, for
A Rhyme for Very Little Folk*
The Sand Man is coming, dears, coming
from thc skies;
He has a little box of sand to throw in
little eyes,
From east and west he brings you rest,
and just before the night
He scatters sand about the land and
shuts your eyelids tight.
When little folks arc tired of noise, and
put   their   heads in laps,
He gnyly dances over hills with pockets
full of naps;
And up ho climbs at sleepy times to
sleepy little heads,
The King's Gloved Hand
It is not generally known that King
George's custom of appearing with his
right hand gloved and the other bare I
has its origin in something more than a \
mere  whim of  fashion.    The  wearing!
of a glove on the right hand by a mon-'
arch is a distinct survival of the days
when the sovereign's touch  was  held
to be a ctrtain cure for all kinds of
diseases, especially scrofula.   In thc days
when at certain dates it was eust ornery
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.
ss. BRUNO for Stewart Weanerdin
after arrival of Princ- George F0i
Port Simpson, Naas, Masset and Mores.
by Island points, including Queen rial
lotte City, Paeofl, Hose Harbor __t
Refuge Bay. every alternate FiWiyil
12 o'clock noon, commencing DecStu
The Grand Trunk Railway SyilM
sonnecting with trains [rom the iVina
coast operates a frequent and ninveni
ient service of luxurious traina i verla
double track roate between ("liicagol
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Hi ,\l_x 1
Portland, Boston, New York ai d Phfljf
delphia. Information and tickets
tainable from the office hereunder/ men-l
tioned. Trans-Atlantic honking*! by il
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway!
B. C. t'<>a,t S.S. Sank*
88. Princess Beatrice
for hundreds of sick men and mendicants  Northbound Feb. 6���Southbound Feb. Ill
of all kinds to be laid out in the court- j _*rgi*n for Winnipeg ami Toronto leavri]
yard of royal palaces awaiting the healing |       Vancouver 9.00 a.m. daily,
touch of the "anointed of   the   Lord'  Train  for  Montreal anil  points i ..-tl
monarchs found it necessary to wear a
glove in ordtr to escape infection. Thus
arose the habit which during modern
times has passed into a mere fad of
fashion, the significance of which has
long been forgotten by the majority of
leaves Vancouver 8.45 p.m. daily.!
ThrouRh tickets to European Points^
in connection with the finest ftttintr
J. G. McNab
General A;ml|
Currant Snow with Cuitard
Half a pound of loaf sugar, two
whites of eggs, two ounces of best cur-
rants, three-quarters of an otitic, of
gJatine, one lemon. Rub the sugar on
the lemon, and put it, with the currants, into a stewpan, with a pint of
water and the gelatine. Stir until dissolved; then strain in the lemon-juice
and let it cool. Whisk the whites
of eggs stiff, add this to the mixture,
and continue to beat until it thickens.
Then turn at once into a wetted jelly
mould, and, when properly set, turn
out into a dish. Prepare a custard
made with half a pint of milk, two
yolks of eggs, one ounce of sugar, and
a little lemon-rind and serve with tho
currant shape when cold.
Builder and Contractor
Extremely Cold Weather, Lack of
Good Bait and Costly Accidents
Are the Contributing Factors in
Poorest Catch Ever Known.
This season's halibut is proving the
poorest ever known. Bad luck seems
to have followod the boats the last few
months. Extremely bad weather, lack
of good bait, and many costly accidents
have had the tendency to depress the
men in the fishing business.
Practically no halibut are coming in
and this condition will prevail through
February. Fishermen do not look for
any catch until the middle of March.
Five of the Canadian Fishing company's
fleet ate tied up with accidents that
will cost from $6000 to $15,000 to
repair. Tho manager of that company
says they would have saved money by
tieing their boats up this winter.
Plans and specificatiens prepared
OFFICEs-Corner Sth Ave. & Greer.Stj
Phone No. 228 Green
Cowichan Eggs
Every Egg Guaranteed
Stewart & Mobley - Agents
Canadian General Electric Co. U-
Canada Foundry Co., Lid.
All  claaa*. of Electrical An-
Railway Supplle". I'ui-1'"
Bollera. Concrete Mixers.
al    Iron    and    Bronte
Work,   tm
W. CLARK DURANT    ���    JlJ
W.    K**E'**t
Sale. Age"'
EASY  ������
200 T 11 K   P R I X {_ K    R U P E K T    OPTIMIST
,   thai 1 John McUod ol Vancouver,
jaaotkiitMt I- , _ .ppiy ior par-
:,��w*ul"""', I,,, aland potroloum ��n the
Iss to nn��l��".   *" \
>pn��l~*     "-  ,
���*_22��!ii? ��� i����i i'1,nted ,-bcUv one;
_Co*nti��*n��ii's. M ' ***** ���ur,h��p,t corner ol
j 0| t mili; mWi ; "' A���\ j. M, N. W.
���*_^i��Ol S2S thenc* ci 80
**' ihsm" Mrth M chalna, ihence wert 80
5JK.I ,ffrot��I,",ioHN MXBOD
���| iw. Bra. I.""- ... c  KUioit, Agent
.���Ch.rlo.<'. Wss* land Db-trlct-Dlrtrlct ol
,    ���i i J���hn McLeod ol Vancouvor,
r^w""';', ,;/'"���, .���,! tn apply lor per-
***. i\-t\\\. Us MSI Plantod about onc-
t-i ��l ��� "'I-'    ��� , , .irk.sl J. II. S. W. Corner,
%-��S*i ssS ��0 chains.
25k ��*���������* ifeseco ***** SO chain.:
nl ���l cami��|��c*�����<-       J01IN M'LEOD j
Btm. ...:.l. L'l"-        ���.-.(���.EHiott.Af.nl    !
lb, jtn- -������
-aCto-liuo bsts* Und Diairict -Diatrict ol:
We nunc, th"' I* J"1"* M-'1,-'-"- D' \��n,rouv"- I
K,!,, broiler, Intasd to apply lor per-,
Oi,imttmp**! te ��d ���"-,1 iwirolwim <">
I* lu'luaiii: rWBltad hind.:
V���"��,,:..���...- it��p?t t__*_*_\ ���lMUl ������'V
��������, ,r���, mil o lho north-set cornor ol ���
��;U.-'   '-    -irl.MJ. M-S  K-*��rri.-^
ET,,.,', mi ,-!.���!,*. thonc.- ��.*i 80 chain.
Easaith M ebalM, none >ust so chain, to ,
dit ot cwmm.'nc.'im'lil* ,.,,,*��� .... rnn
fotf-" r.filWSSS
lam CatriutU Uta* Und District���Distrieto
r^ .-kisna
tikfooii" Ital I.J"hn McU-nd nl Vancouvor,
ir owuut on broktr, intond lo apply lor |H*r-
^_,. | ��� ��� i ���-' (��� r coal lad |.ciroleum on tlho |
lale.UL ti< nittd lsnds!
I l.ir.rciMii.B ��t a poat planted slwul onc-
ei at a mn       !'  -1 U* n.ttt.��.**l comtr Oil
SUnscN" IMOmaiktd J. M. N. E. Corner, I
<e eoutr. ���" ii-.it;*. il.onro west hO chaina,
nort. 10 rli.ii-. t'onre oa.l l>0 chains lo
lkVJaa.ll, F,C. Klliolt. Afsnt:
e.Ch��r.o*iH-1> .n!. Und Di.trict��� DUtrlctol
Tak.r.tioo .hat I. Juhn Mrl,cod ol Vancouver,
l.i'. im-.i..i-.i��� brokar, miond in apply lor por-
i*aw io jr. i'.t 1. r eoat and |M*irolrum on tho ,
s*ei!*4 ilosrntsM l.nu.:
i lommi-rni.t: .1 u poei pl.nted on the Dens
���ar fatal : '������- nl** Iran il* moulh marknl
tti K. �� l - r r. u no. south SO chsina, Ihence
a* cUt:-. il.in,' t.orth M) chain., thonce
ti poitI ,.l .-..miiicncemcnl.
, ,. i'mii. tuns M'LKOD
.  . F. C. Elliott, Afent
Ckirlottr Islui'l*. Und Distrirt -Diairict ol
i Tiienoiwth.t l.John McU*oil ol Vancouver,
tC^omi'j.tio.i InkeT, intend to apply lor per-
ao to |***��*xct lor cual anil petroleum on the
*r*nn dr.cnte.1 lal-.ls:
I l-Cwiiawociril at a |*oat planted on lhe Dena
ttm .tout 1 ]���'. n.-.l.'*. Irom ns moulh rasrked
I JJ '. i. lorwr. ils-nce south ho chsin.. thence
*MavicUiui,lbv: c.- rorlh SO chaina, thence oaal
nitVaiuiiiiutt vl cunmencement.
>Wl)��.iHl��lu. JOHN M'LEOD I
m.lu.zl. k. C. Elliott, Agont
aCksra.itflelan.ls un,| District���Distrirt ol.
TJtoMwii.it I. j,,iin Mcl>eod ol Vsneuuver,
"*C,ofciiratioii hnjier, inland to apply lor par-,
m*~* to i*o,pet*i for ensl snd lietroleum on the i
fc����ir.| ancnloj l.mU:
i-twii*i��aon| at a post plsnted on the Dons ;
i u*   l    ' '- mi'* ,ron- ,u mouth muked
m. " . '""'"' ���'*"**������' north 80 chsins, thenee
ml*.chiir..ihsrp. u,uth HO chsins, Ihenco esst |
*_**** lo |mni o| cmnmeneemenL
Modl-*c.-*artl. |��iu. john M'LEOD I
t P. C. Klliott. Af.nl    j
"Ckirlotu* Uimls Und Distriet���DUtrtot ol |
���. Skoens
Tito mips th., ! jot,*, McLeod ol Vancouver, j
���i.occiil'iiion iiMVcr, intsnd lo spply lor p*r-
atalopniipKt |or ensl snd petroleum on th*
�����l oa��nl��l lands
Hommencinj at s post  plsnted  sbout t>!
irv"*.1,."' Ih*' ���""thosst corner ol Timlier
J ft*!   " "iMked J. M. 8. W. Corner. lh.nc* |
ti..    ,'���''"'"" ���* 8�� chalna, th.nce south i
l^__**. IkMM ��ost wi chaina to point ol com-
dDec.21, UIO.
pa Ju.ji.
P. C. EUlott, Afent
* f-1"1""' Usa* Und Diatrtct-Diatrict ol
ESS "'���' I. J"hn McLeod ol Vancouvor,
..  p*""ri '""I*". 'nt��nd to spply lor per-
���mjtmttl l���r cosl snd petroleum on lh*
iri di-scril.sl l,nd,: *^
*-i ��mm..wn,�� al   ,  po,t  planted   sboul  5 I
,'.    "'). "'   "Tihosat cornsr ol Tlmlw
i���F-S ",*'k"1  "' M- N. W. Corner,
�� m��i '" r,"m"* th,n��i oa.1 80 ch.ina
.1JlL-\     r|'"m"* """c* ""I 80 chain, to
'������,,���������������'������'��� ���>01'N M'LEOD
"���' F.C.Elliott, Afent
Usilotta |.u,���|, lMnA ubtriet-UUirici ol
Tsis. . Basse*,
_J___TS_l"',"' \"]'*n- '����">* to .pply lor per-
|S! ,      :::': 2 ����� _**��� ��d iHnmleum on lb.
_        ii,, il,,,.,,!,,! !������,!,.
tC ^"T*.* *' * P0"1 l>'0"����d �����������"- <���
i vTi'i'-..', ���",rtll""l corner ol Timber
**,J. \n"k"> L M' N- E- l'��""-r,
���SSISOtU ��� sl""1"' i1""1"6 w-"1 80 chalna,
an.,I ____ """'��� lh"i*-- SSH 80 chain, to
____ i,"'mil,,-ioi-tnont.
���STiwli14, ''"" .      J0HN M'LKOD
F. C. Elliott, Afent
l(W,*t, 1 b,���|, i,,���,| Diatriet -Dlitrict o
t^wi^! [li*!j!ftsed ol Vsneouver,
IS***", n w,    ��"."'' ���n!''',,l  "^ ���P'-ly ���or per-
lkft*7 ess i'^r1 *nA pelro'Sun, un'he
iKNSSrtftA,*, -*0"' r"��"����l 't th.
It"'8-K CorW ,;*1 y��5H "��- ���'48''J msrked
I!?* ��fii.i., i-.,'- """* nnrth 80 chsin., thence
lfi.-k.Ho. t��� ,,;,���' TL""ulh N0 onslns. thence e��i
���fi'S l���T !, ",,���': p'"n'noncement.
��� ���^h Jan.2i .   JOHN M'LEOD
I ''���C.Elliott, Afent
IT"" '���'-i^-ndl'tnrtet-Dhitrtctot
I a'1*, nolle*, ii     i V     ns
|,iwiTO,,��� ,.'J?Jn.Mcl-**"d ol V.ncouver,
IBs," i'"-i'��c Blra * st���,or p��:
I  iHi 33 laLhT  'nd P*"'01""" on th.
Ir-^ar^i',.'. w .rtsatal u th.
I ���������!'K -SnaS t^si'0"10? ffo- M8' marked
I M*llla Sss*S!S2W!" *<��� ch��'n��, thence
I tS^.11*'' 2B I'jio M'nrn,,no��n��nt.
I ^'���l.ii.JI.'"*"-��� JOHN M'LEOD
I V- C. Elliott, Afent
queen Chariott- Island*. U d District- Diatrictol
S oena
Take notie* that 1, John MoLood nl Vancouvor,
D. C��� occupation broker, intend to apply (or permiasion to prospect (or cosl snd potroloum on the
(ollowinf described land.:
13.���Commencinf at u post planl<*il at lhe
northeaat nn i r ol Coa. Licence No. 34K1 mnrked
J. M.S. W. Corner, thenco north BO clinin. tt once
east 80 chsln.,thoneo so t 80 chnina, thonco wost
80 chsina to point ol eommoncoment.
Dsted Dee. 26, 1910. JOHN M'l.KOD
Pub Jsn. 21. F. G. Elliott, Auont
Queen Chsrlolte lalanda Und Dwlriol    Di.trict nl
Tako notice thst I, John McU-ml ol Vancouver,
B. i'., ooeupstion brokor, intend tn u|i|*l> lur permission to prospect (or cnul und polrulouni nn lho I
(ollowinf deacribed lundn:
11     liiiiiini m-m     at   a   l'i   :    panto     ut   the'
northeast enrner ol Cnsl Licence No, MSI iiinrk.sl
1. M' N. W.v* truer, thonco.outh to cliuiim, thci.ee i
ea.t SO clislna, thenc  nnrth MO ebslSS. thonei' vn*.t
BOShsl a to point o( c ,   .ne.i ��� rural
Date Ito.n.lBlO, 'HUN M'l.-.OD
I'uh. Jsn. 21. **. C* Kllii tt. .\eont I
Quen Chsrlotte Islands Und Di.trict District ut >
Take nolice that I, John McUod ol Vnnci.uv.r
B. C, occupation broker, intend In apply lur i er*.
inn ..unl to i.r.. |.ni (ur cnal and poirnloum un the
(ollowinf .i*��� -��-r11 ��� ������ i lands:
1... t'ommonc.hf sl n post plantod shout nno
mile east ol lho suutheiiHl eorner ol Coil Licence
No. :t 177 marked J. M. S. K. Corner, Ihei n- north
80 .-In.ins. thenco wost Sl) chains, thence south 80
chsins, thence essl SO chuirs to |toint ol com-
I'i.i.-.i In '���  '"'   I'Mo Jt M'   Ull)
I'ub. Jsn. 21 F.C. Elliott Afont.
Queen Chsrloito lslunds Lsnd District District nl
Tuke notice thst I, John Mcl.iud ol Vanvottor
B. i ., nccupation broker, intetid tu appl> lor \.*r
mission lo prospecl (or cosl snd petroleum on the
fallowing itosrrllM'd lsnds:
lS.--Cnmmenrinf at a posl planted aliout one
mile easl ol the southesai eorner ut Cosl Licence
No. .1177 marked J. M. S. W. Corner, thenn*
norlh 80 chains, thenee oust 80 chsins, tlience suuih
SO ehsins, thenci* west l-tt chsihs lo point ol commencement.
Dated Dee. 29lh. 1810. JOHN    M'l.KOD
I'uh. Jan. 21. F. 0. Klliott, Afent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und District Distriet ol
Tsk* notice that I. John McLco.l of Vancouver.
B. C, occupalion broker, intend to apply for permiaaion to pru.neci for cosl snd petroleum on the
fnllowine described lsnds:
17. Commencinf sl s |hi.i plsnle.1 about one
mile esst ot Uu' souil.oasl comer ol Coal Licnce
No. 11477 marked J. M. N.W. Comer,thenc*aoulh
80 chains, thsne* easl 80 ehains, Uience north 80
chains, thenee west 80 chsins to tt in utcommen cement.
Dsted Dec.2'.ilh. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan.21. F. C. Klliott. Afent
Queen rhsrlotte Islsnds Und Disirict- District ol
Tak* notice thsl 1, John McUod ol Vsncouvo
B. C. occupation broker, intend to spply lor per*
mission to prospecl (or coal snd petroleum on the
(ollowinf described lands:
18.���Commencinf at a port pl.nted sbout one
mile east ol the southeast comer ol ( oal Licence
No. 3477 marked J.M.N. E. Corner, Ihence aoulh
80 chalna, thenc* weat 80 chains, thenee north 80
rhaina, thenc* cast 80 chains lo point ot commencement.
Dsled Dec. 29th. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan.21. F. C. Elliott. Afent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und Distrirt���Disirict ol
Take notlc* that I, John McUod ol Vancouver,
Hi'., occupation broker. Inlend lo apply for permission to prospecl lor cosl and petroleum on the
lollowins described lands:
1" i'nmmenniif at a poat planted one mi*
north ot th* northe*st corner ot Cosl Licenc. No
S477 marked J. M. 8. W. Corner, thence north 8
chalna, thance east SO (hsins, thrrcc south 8
chains, Ibrace west SO chsins to point ol com
Dated Dec. 30.1910. JOHN M'l.KOD
Pub. Jan. SI. F. C . Elliott, A.enl
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und DUtrict- DUtrlctol
Tak* notice that 1. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C., occupation broker, inund to apply lor permission to prospect (or eosl snd petroleum on the
{ollowin* deacribed landa:
20.���Commmdnt at a post plantad on* mil*
north ol the northeast corner ol Coal Licence
No. S477 msrked J. M. 8. K. Comer, thonce north
80 chains, thenc* west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thenc* esst 80 chains la point ol commeneement.
Dsled Dec. .10. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub.Jan.II. F.C.Elliott, Afent
Qumii Chsrlotto Islands Und DUtriet���DUtrict ol
Take notice thst I, John McLeod ol Vsneouver
B. <".. occupation broker, intend lo spply tor permisaion to project lor coal snd petroleum on the
(ollowinf dfscritesd land.:
XL���Commencinf st s post plsnted on* mile
north ol the northeast comer ol Coal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. N. W. Comer, ihence
wuth 80 chains, thenee ��a*t 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence weet 80 chsins lo point ol
commencement.  ���.*��
listed Dec. 30. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott. Afent
Queen Charlotte Islsnds Und Di.trict -District ol
Tak* nolle* thst I, John McLeod ol Vsncouver.
B. C. occupation broker, intend to apply lor permission to prospect for cosl snd petroleum on the
(ollowinf decribed l.nd.:
22.���Commencinf ��t s post plsnted one m He
north ol the northesst eorner nl Cosl Licence
No. 3477 msrked J.M.N. K. Comer, thenee south
80 chsins, thonce west 80 chains, thence north 80
ehalns, thenee east 80 ehslns to point nl com-
DstnednDee.'30,1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. F.C.Elliott. Afent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und DUtrict- District o
Tske notice thst I, John McLeod ol Vsncouver
B. C.. oecupstion broker. Intend to spply lor permission to prospect for coal snd petroleum on tne
following ilMcrtbed lands: ...
23.���Commencinf st s post plsnted aliout one
mile north and two miles east ol the northeast
comer sl coal Licence No. 3477 msrked J. M.
8. E. Corner, thenc* north 80 chsins, thenre west
80 ehalns, thence south 80 chsins, thence esst nu
chsins to point Al commencement.
Dsted Jan. 1,1911 _ JOHN, �� "J*-
I'ub. Jsn .21. F.C.Elliott, Afent
Queen Chsrlotto Islsnds Und DUtrict���DUtrict ot
Take notice thst I. John McLeod ol Vsncouver,
B. C, oceupstlon broker, Intend to spply lor permission to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
(ollowinf described Isnds: .    _    . ...
24.-Commenclng at a post plsnted shout one
mile north and two miles east oI tho nprtheart
eomer ol Coal Licence No. 3477 marked J. M*
8. W. Comer, thence north 80 cha ns, thence
east 80 chains, tbenc* *outh 80 chalna, thence
weat 80 chains to point of commencrttient.
Datod Jan 1.1911 ��� -JOHN M LKOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. *��� C Elliott, Afent
Quwn Chsrlotto Islands Und Dirtrict ���District ol
Tuke notico that I, John UcLMd of Vancouver,
B. C ., occupation brokor, intend to upply lor per-
missinn lo prospect lur roal und pertoleum on the
lollowinK described lnnds:
',rj.--Comrnoncinf nt a post planted sbout one
mile north und two miles etu.1 ol lho northeast
corner ol Coal Licence No. 11177 marked J. M
N. W, Corner, thonce south 80 chains, Ihenre oust
80 chuins, thonco norlh 80 chuins, thence wost 80
chains tn point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1. 1911. JOHN M'LKOD
I'uh. Jan.21. F. C. Elliott, Afont
Quito Charlotte Islands 1 .un.l Distrirt -District ot
Tsks notice thut 1, Juhn Mcleod ol Vnnenuver ,
B. C, occupation broker, intond to apply Inr per
mission to prospect lor coal und petroleum on tho
(ollowinf diwrilM*d hinds:
86 -CoTimoncinu nt n post planted about one
milo north nnd two miles oust ot the northeast
cornor ot Coul Licence No. :1I77 murked J. M. N.
K. Corner, thence south no chnins. thence west 80
chnins. theneo north 80 chnins, theore oust 80
chnins to pnlnt of rommenil'ment.
Dated Jun. 1. 1911. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 2i. p. c. Klliott, Agan.
Father    Bellot    Cauaes    Indiana   to
Change Their Minds About Sale
Will Go to Ottawa to Negotiate
$100 Per Acre.
On Diacembir 8 '.he liitliiins of Kort
George wore oflun.J Lkt sum of $68,000
by tho fiidtritl rom rnni ru, through Or.
John McDougall, tkdr coir.ir.Ucior.t.1
for tht: reservftvion comprising I3t'6
acres. Sovoral sn*a!l inioluntnti;, BUch
as the payment for tho transfer of tl.e ir
Queen Charlotte lslnnds Lund District    District ol! buildings to the GooSi riv< r PSBerVavion
Tuke notice that I, JoIhTmcLooiI ol Vancouver,! (���>-   l>ri-*'-'1'1 sparstlj' tenanted),  tint! thi
II. C, occupation broker, intend to apply  tor |wr-I granting   of   a   "wllilfllliin's   franchise." I
missinn to prospect lor run! und petroleum on the      , .  , , .  ,
tnllnwinK descrilied lnnds: . which   grants   the   rtghi    to    pri-i-nipt
27.    Commencing nt ., poat planted about two ' ,      , .      in-1,,,1,.,1 in r hi  rifT. r
mih-s oust nl the smith oust corner nt Cnal Licence   l'UUl, WOTS .i*80 Inclllllt 11 111 III.  Oil. r.
No. :1I77 marked J. M.S. W. Cornor, thence north        The   otTt-r   was   nii.l'.iT   atctptltl   nor
80 chnins, ihoneo easl 80 chums, thence smith 80 .      . . . ,
chains, thence west 80 chains tn point ol com-   n Jtcttd,  though   a  vote  taken  on  the
SSffSSVieMU. JOHN mxbod matter   of   surrendering   their  rights
i'ub. Jan.21. f.c. Klliott, aroit ,uniitl by two of a majority.   They
simply asked for time to consider the
gum. (-harlotte Islnn.^Luii.l District-District of   qU(,,iU)|u    Thjs (jolng .he first instance
Take notice lhal I,.Inhh Mclj-nd ol Vancouver,   [���-}   which   thcV   Were   6V0T   approached
ll. C, oeeopntion broker, ti'teni! tn nppl> Inr per- , .*. . ..
mission to pmsiiect tor eoal and petroleum on tba  on such a suhject, ihe pro rata tlisin-
'''^^ommTnrt'nruVns, planted ai.nu. two button of the fund among them was a1
milw oust ol the southenst corner ol Coul Licence   aflimhlinS   block.      A   gOOtl   maliy   111 Id
No. *S'77 marked .1.  M. N.  W.  Corner, thence ** .   . �� , .
south SO rhuiiia, thoneo eust 80 chairs, thonce   to vhi   Opinion tlli.i   the  head  Ol  eucll
Si,^co,mmVnt���e";t!,'l'n'<, *Wl 8�� '*""" '" ,'0i"t  family should  receive the  equal  pr -
Datad Jan. 1, WU JOHN M'LKOD .portion of the money.   Thi  view was I
Jnn. 21. h. (. Klliott, ARent   ' * ...
upl.tld by Indians with small futnili. B
_.   .      ,,   , ,    , ,.,     .,,-.. and others without dirtct kin.    They'
Quito Charlotte lslunds Unit District -.Distriet ol     .... , .. .        '
Skeenn claimed that  familiis comprising eigi t
Take notin* that I, John Mrl,eod ol Vancouver, _���,Lre      tunlll-*     riu-oivia    nn
B.C.. nerupntinn broker, intend to apply lor per- or   an   members,   would   reteive   all
mission to prospect lor conl ami petroleum on the un(iU(.  proportion of the  money,  antl
lull..'.u. i- described lands: . , ...
29.   Commencing at a post planted ubout throe they wanted each lanilly tO share alike,
miles oaat and one mile south ol the southeast .    ',���,���    .,.. ���,e        |,���!i,,..,���!   tbnt   un.li
cnrnerolCnalUe.*nceNo.SI77markedJ.M.s.W In turn, the otheli, Ue.leveit tnat eatll
Comer, thence north 80 e;halns. thenci* east 80   jr^jvidlia'membirof the band, including
chaiis, thenre south  80 chains, Ihence west  80
chains to point nt commencement. chiluri-n, should share and snare alike.
'���,r,in,:n2i: ml *.S.B     This unanimous view allowed matters
.o drop for a month, antl only resumed
Queen Charlotte Islanda Und Disirict    District ol   on  the   arrival   of   Fathir   Bellot,   from
.  . , ���5k!*n��*, ,     ,   , v..~.....��. 'Lake last week.   The arrival of tht* priest
Take notiee thst 1. John HeLa-Od ol \nnmuver, r     ,
n. C, occupation broker, intend to apply lor per- led ,.he Indians to again taking up the
mission to prospect lor eoal and petroleum on the . .             . ,     ,              .      ,    .    ���    ���,:||:n���.
lollowing described lands: subject, with the result ol their willing-
30.-CommenclnK at  a poat planted  about l0 :*urrendcr their equity in ihe
three miles east and one mile south or the sourt- _. .*.
1 east comer ol Cosl Licence No. 3177 mnrked J. M    reservation for a figure in excess of t tli.t
l N. W. Corner, thence south 80 chains, thence cast     _________,_-%-. , l��� r��^i���r, on���r,(     ��nir
1 so chains, thenre north 80 ehnir.s, thence west 80 offered them by the Indian agent,   buit-
ehaln; to point of commencement. . ��������� aclion l0 words thty deputed Father
Dated Jan. I, 1911. JOHN  M Lr.OU       & .        , .
rub. Jan.2i. *.C. Klliott. Afsnt Bellot their agent in the proposed ne
gotiaiions and instructed him to go to
, Queen churlotto islands Und District���District ol. Ottawa and lay before the Indian de-
Take notice that I, jthiT'lcixsid ol Vancouver. | partment their willingness to surrender
I u. c. occupaUon broker, WtoW1***! I and likewise stipulate tht price at which
mission to pnwpert (nr cnsl nnd petroleum on the   ******" *'    K V ,     .    .   ,      ,
��� followini; described l.nds: they are willing to part with their land.
SL���Commencing- *t �� post pl.nted about thre*   _ _%*.-__    ������,     ������.,:-.���. ,l     ,.
mile* eMt and on* mile noutn o( the aoutheaat | The    offer,    though    not    confirmed,    IS
: comer ol Coal Licence No. 3177 marked J. M. '        i:ejv  believed  to  be  $100  Per  acre*
N. K Corner, thence south 80 chains, thenee wert | i*n.uioiy   oeneveu  uu  ue  *iw  ���**.*   **. *���
i so chair*., thence north so ch.in��, thonce east 801 *sj0 mention whatever is made of any
I chains tn point ol commecnement.
i Dated Jan. 1, 1911. JOHN  M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. r* C Kllloti. Agant
Owned and operated by the
(Irand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
steam beat, electric light, anil all
modern conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every respect.
The appointments and service
are equal to any hotel on thi
Rates: $1 to $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet. Manager.
proposed   reservations   of   any   burial
grounds,  etc.    This  point  was  never
touched on by thc Indians at any time
Quaen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol I jn ir,t.jr discussion of the sale.
Father    Bellot   leaves   for   O.iawa
Monday morning and expects to ht back
in Soulh Fort. George in about, a month.
���Fort George Herald
Take notice that I. John McLeod of Vancouver,
D. C, occupation hroker, Intend to apply for por-
miMion t o proapect for coal and petroloum on the
lollowinK deKribod land.:
82.���CommencinK at a poat planted about on*
mile north ol the northweat corner ol t oal Ucenc*
No. 3.79 marked J. af. S. K. Corner, thence north
80 ohain., thence wert 80 chalna, thence aouth 80
chain., thence eaat 80 chalna to point ol com-
Pub!j.n 21 F.C. Elliott, ABent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land Diatrict -Dlrtrict ol
Take notice thnt I, John Mcl-ood ol Vancouver,
II. ('., occupation broker, intend to apply lor per-
mlMlon to preapect lor coal and petroloum on the
lollowinK dweribed lands:
33.-CommencinK at a post planted about ono
i mile north ol the northwoat corner of Coal Licence
1 No. 347!) marked J. M. S. W. Corner, thenco north
80 chain., thence eart 80 chain., thence .outh 80
chain., thence wert 80 chain, to point ol oommence-
DaJiiUan.4,1911. JOHN M'LEOD
I'ub Jan. 21 F. C. Elliott. ABent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land District-District ol
I Skeena
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B C. occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permiaaion to prospect lor coal and petroloum on the
lollowini described lands:
; 84���CommencinK at a port planted about one
mile north ol the northweat corner ol I oal Licence
, No. 3479 marked J. M. N. E. Cornor, thencewuth
80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chain*, thence eaat 80 chain, to point ot com-
BT��'l, 1911 JOHN M'LEOD
I Kb Jan. 21.' F. C. Elliott. Agant
Quaen Charlotte laland. Und DUtrict���Diatrict ol
Take notlc* that I, John Mcl-ood ol Vancouver,
D 0 , occupation broker, intend to apply lor permission to proapect lor coal and petroleum on the
; BraSr��1STBSSt Plantsd about ������.
I mile north ol th* northwest corner ol Coal Licence
No. 3479 marked J. M. N. W. Cornar. th.nce south
80 chalna, thenc. east 80 chains, thenc* north 80
chalna, thene* w*��t 80 chain, to point ol com-
yfflfflS?.'. 19111 JOHN M'LEOD
I Kb Jan 211.' F.C. Elliott, AK*nt
Quern Charlotte lalands Und District���District ol
Tak* notice that 1, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
U. C. occupation hroker, intend to apply lor permiasion to prospoct (or coal and petroleum on the
lollowing deacribed lands:
36.���CommencinK at a post planted about two
miles north ol thc northeast corner ol Coal Licence
No. 3475 markod J. H.8.B. Corner, tl.ence nortli
80 chains, thenco west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence eust 80 chaina to point ol commencement. ,������., .... c.r.
Dated J.n. 4, 1911 JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan.21.                           F. C. Klliott, Agent
Quoen Charlotte Islands Und District���District o(
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply lor permiaaion to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the
following described laniU:
37.���Commencing at a port planted about two
miles north o( lhe northeast eorner ol Coal Licence
No. 3476 marked J. M. S. W. Corner, thenco nortli
80 chalna, thence eaat 80 chains, thenc* south 8��
ch.ina, thence west 80 chains to point ol com
mencement. ,���,,., a.���E*,.,.
Ilatcd Jan. 4, 1911. JOHN M 'LEOl
Pub. Jan. 21. "��� 0. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und Dlitrict���Diatrictol
Take notlc* that I, John Mcl*eod ol Vancouver,
B. C��� occupation hroker, Intond to apply for permiaaion to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
lollowing deacribed land.:
88.���Commencing ��t a post planted about three
mile* north ol the northwest comer ol Coal Licence
No. 3476 markod J.M.N. E. Comer, thence south
80 chalna, thonce wost 80 chains, thence north 80
chain., thence eaat 80 chalna to point ol commencement, mm���. ..m mmm
Dated Jan. 4, 1911. . _ JOHN. M'LEOD
Tub. Jan. 21.                 v        F. C. Elliott, Apint
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Heated Rooma
P.O. BOX 37
ARTAUD & BESNER, Proprietors
The New Knox Hotel is run on the European
plan. Kirst-clas. service. All the Utest Modern
Improvements. -:-:��� BEDS Sue UP
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and SixOt St.
The Finest R<>nn.it.
Thn brit equipp"!
nnd fii-iiiii hpiitml.
I lot nml mid Imthr*.
Dining room nnd
I  "-
J Corley & Burgess, Props
Spring Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
Labour   Bureau  in  connection
All kintlH of position.*!
J. GOODMAN, Proprietor
Phone 178, Prince Rupert, B.C. 'I HE  PRlNOl    R U P E It T    0 P T I M 1 S '1
A RE YOU IN NEED OK HELl'T Dp you waat
���"��� to buy, or aell, or hire, or loan" Tit Ine
Optimiat Condenacil Ail. route.
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.    It
hus grown up with the city.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-DAILY, 50c per month, or $6.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, J8.00 peryear; Weekly,
18.60 per year, strictly In advance.
Readini; Notices and Legal ADVERTISING are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all-25c per inch each issue for display  WANTEt,_A N,���acry Oovomau.    apply to
matter.    This rate applies to ull advertising without distinction of quantity   VV   Mr���. p. I, Pstaer, 4th Ave. and HwiOova
Condensed Advertisements, j QUEEN VICTORIA
FOR   SALE-A   Suit.
House.    Apply to T, A. McMlirlin. corner hth
Ave. und Tatlow St. tt***
....   Co��v littleGottaae, r. rooma, water
louse, clone In. anuth aide overlmiKinit harbor; iim p,*r month.   Bee It. 0, Bean, phono 2*1 or
P. O. Box M. tt*tt
,������ tun.  "i .-"iiirn, l,    Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line, j Circle.  l>hont��Mforwpolntmmt
Monday, Feb. G
Daily Edition.
Wanted-Room and board in private family
X.M., Optimist Oflice. 14
Contractora ;
The Demand of the Workers
,    , ,        ,    .    ,        ���. ,   ,    ��� works while blasts are Ih'Iiik llrcil.   Persons per
The Industrial Workers are to be commended for their liandlui'- ol their case  ,|Bti���Kinniiproiichln*afterbcdna warn.il do so
before the select commute-;- on Saturady afternoon.    Avoiding temptations to | at their own risk.
rhetoric, for the most part they confined themselves to pertinent facts about their
earning power and the cost of living.   Despite the statement made by one of thc
members of the committee in his paper, that the purpose of sending the question
to a committee was that the issue might be sidetracked, the men may count on
the majority Ol the committee giving their claims a careful consideration.
Granted even ihat some of the Prince Rupert prices quoted by the men showed
that they   are   not buying in the cheapest markets, and that some ol the prices
ALPHONSO'S week of debauchery decides her action
Sense of Morality Completely Shocked by Behavior of King People'*
Sympathy Is With the Queen���
For Her Children's Sake.
(Special to the Optimisti
Madrid,  Feb.  6. -Further proof of
       _  the   matrimonial   split    between    the
"' royal  couple of  Spain  is  now  given.
Warning '" court circles of the capital it is re-
ih- ,.���...', �� warned to Imp away fn.m tho j Kanled as certain that the Queen will
leave   Alphonso   today   or   tomorrow
following his week of semi-debauchery.
Queen Victoria had her sense of
British morality completely shocked
by the behavior of the King. An indication of his conduct is to be found
in the fact that the sympathy of the
Spanish people is with the Queen. It
is stated that slu would have left her
husband some time ago  but   was  r<>-
Notice of Dissolution of Part
Notice is   herehy Kivon that the partnership
heretofore existing' between, us. the undersigned,
. ns fruit. Vegetable and tish merchants in the city
Of food .board and lodging quoted ILS CUnent in Other towns Ble perhapB not current   of Prince Rupert, and known as the Prince Hup-
then- today, they adduced evidence enough to demand that a careful and aym- SSiJ? ****���*�� b"n ****** h> mutu,,,|attained by the thought of her children.
pathetic consideration be given by the committee in their recommendations. ' ^luU'i.ts '^^^^^".^'^^'^
It may be assumed that the committee will have to consider the far reaching  PrlnoaRupert aforesaid, and all claims awnnat
"  .... . , , , , .u     the said  pnrtne-ship are tn lie presenUil  to thc
Outcome Ol ihcir decisions, such questions for instance as how far an increase to the  ���jj prinos Rupert Fish Market of whom thecon-
City laborers will tend to increase the wages of the city mechanics, how far these | g^KZriiby who���mtm.Vr^telrtSd.
Dill"! ut
uary. 1911.
in turn will raise the wages paid in the general labor market, and then the supreme
question, ns to whether these advances would be great enough to frighten away
industries, and thus make the last caae of the workers worse than their first. The
worker* will understand thia. Many.of them show evidence of having studied
economic laws, and will therefore realise the impossibility under a competitive
system of ever hoping to make conditions in any one place very much better than
conditions in any other, with the assurance of permanence. It is the committee's
duty to do the very best they can for the men without sacrificing the men's permanent inteisets ill the city.
i'rince Rupert this liilh day of Jan-
11-1 mo
A liwlllll of the Special Committee appointed
by the City Council tu investigate the demand of
, , . i the Prince Rupert Industrial  Association, that a
One thing the men made very clear, that the cost of living is far too high. A ! waire scale uf 46c per hour be ndnnted by the city
man's earnings are only to be correctly expressed in the purchasing power of his ] *'��, f^\!;r.,^^Sl��.'L,%H"p*:��i">.- i!;^^"^; 4i���
wages, and at present prices this is admittedly low. This condition within the invited to attend, especially th(*��e for and aaainat
last year has become exceedingly acute, not merely in Prince Rupert, but ir the
whoic of Canada and the United States.
To alleviate this, the respective governments have formulated a new reciprocity treaty, in which most of the taxes on food are to be taken off, and the market
for food products Ih* allowed to take its natural course. This is ont- of thc most
che-ring signs of the times for the workers.and for all men whose incomes are close
to the living wage.   Despite the efforts of the government of British Columbia,
the udoption of said wni-e scale.
25-27 City Clerk
We always carry
a large stuck uf
When you buy a
watch with ths
name Howard on
it, you obtain just
a little better
value than in any
other watch,
For Sale
Writes Letter to Socialist Friends
Telling Them of the Good Qualities of the Revolutionists- Wishes
for More of Them.
'Special to the Optimiat)
Los Angeles, Feb. 6.���-The friends of
Jack London, the author who acquired
fame from his novels and the description of the championship fights between
Tommy Burns und Jack Johnson, and
Jim Jeffries and Johnson, were surprised
the corporation inieruSis at Ottawa and Vt ashinglon, amd all those interests which ' Inspection for a weeks only.  Capt. Alcock. Duna-
, , . j..l *,,*,       L. ; mulr Street. "'":i
fatter, on the poor mans need for the necessaries of life, there is every
hope ihat the treaty will be ratified. It will do more than any other thing at present
in view io make a permanent improvement in the lot of the poor man.
l-i -s.in House, furnlshe.1, on 4th Ave., lota 3
4. block 7. aection r*. One nf thc beat views in the
city.  J4U00. cash JltlOO. balance terrna.   Open for I to get a letter from him writted from
the centre of the revolt in Mexico in
"Barkis is WillinV
Everybody knows that in the matter of peace  and  happiness an editor is discriminated against.   A proverb in the craft states that if an editor makes a mis-1 '"���"*" once
take tlu re is a libel suit and much hard language, but if a doctor makes a mistake ;      26"29
there is a poliabed oak coffin, air odor of sancity, and a cheque.   In Mexico if a -
newspaper says anything "agin the government," that is Porfirio Diaz, the whole j
staff, editors, reporters, printers, devil, and newsboys, are all haled oil to prison,!
then* to cool their troubled spirits and purge themselves of contempt.
Il hits remained, however, for the last best West to invent a refined mode of!
editorial torture.   Today we are in receipt of a request that we consent to meet
the '. di'or of the local Conservative organ in single combat on the debating plat-:
form, and thuN dispute the question of thc recriprocily treaty in its relation to!
Hrii. h Columbia.    The men of the Presbyterian Club arc the conspirators.    It
is they who are Inviting tho editors to butcher one another for a Roman holiday.
It is not clear whether Mr. Nelson has yet accepted the offer.   If he can find
time and ll willing, in the -.pint of Dickon's famous character wc would say "Barkis ,
i.< willin'."
which he says lhat he is fighting with
the revolutionaries
The letter was written to his friends,
the Socialists and, among other things
A book ia kept In the City Clerk s Office In     ,   .    .   ..    .    ��� ... .,
which to enter the names and addreaaea, etc., of Stated that we socialists, anarchists,
cltlaena of Prince Ruocrt desirlnaT employment on ' hohmx chicU, n thin v..- ..ml-.ua nnrl
City work.   Alldeairlnscmplopmcnt ahould roK-; noDoe**'   crllcK<-n   iniC-.CS,   OUtlawa   ana
other indescribable  United States cit
City Clerk
izenB are with the rebels heart and sou-
Wo only wish thnt there were more of
that sort which captured Mexico."
A  pleasant time for ovcryliody.
From 9 to 12 a regular dance ping-rammc
intermink-lcd with recitations, sonKS, etc.
From S to 9 instruction In dancing flee.
Admisaion $1.00
Ladies Free
Arc Completing Soundings for New
Water System Mr. Norman Mackintosh of Optimist Staff Is Acting
an Official  Recorder.
A party of surveyors under Mr.
Atigew of the city engineering department left Prince Kupi rt early this morning on a launch for Shawatlans Lake.
The object of the visit is the surveying
of tbe lake with a view to forming plans
for the proposed new waterworks. Tho
party numbered about half a dozen.
The launch lakes ilnm right up lo the
Bhawatana  Kail where they dlaembark
and hit the trail for sjvtral miles before
they come to their location.
Mr. Norman Mackintosh of the Optimist staff accompanied the party in
the capacity of official recorder.    Each
_ Application For Hotel    Liquor   Li-
member of the party carries his own cen,e For th* __*** Hotel
camping   outfit.      It   is   expected   that       1, Alexander James I'rudhoninip of the City of
they will return in about a week.   Later fe/fcKg '.VX WTttW it
on  the  plans  will   lie  placed   before  the   Commissioners for the said City of Prince Rupert
.,        ,    , ... for a hotel lupinr herns.* tn sell intoxicalinff lio-
city council and the engineering depart- uors under th,* provision, of the SSSmWthat
ment behalf and the by-laws of lh.* city ,,f Prinos Rup
ert and nny amendments tlicielo, fnr the premises
��� known and described as the " Bara** Hotel " situate on lots 13 and 11,  block 33,  sectlun  I,'in  the
city i.r Prince Rupert,  tn cominence on  the Sth '
day of March, lull.
And 1 hereby i.itrcc that  in ruse n  license Ik*
Itrant.si pursuanl to this application, that no Aa-
Greek Kills Actress Who Refused to
Marry Him
(Special to the Optimist)
Seattle, Fob. 6.���Miss Garna Gillette,
a pretty young actress touring with
the Mary Mannering company of players
was shot and killed yesterday by James
! Viakes, a Greek, who wished to marry
her and was refused.
Dance at  Port Essington
On Tuesday, January Mist, a dance
was given in Cunningham Hall by the '""f "���*"i|1-eeiniiluye<ior"ii^',erm'itt��Vto'u,*\ipon
ladit*  of   Port   Essington.    Between S^lTeo?Yi^AffiWStfs^
twenty and thirty couples were PWHntl^S^^^tf^^^ "��� �� ���<���
and B most enjoyable evening WM spent
. prami
And 1 hereby ftfTM that  I  ihlll accept tttd  li-
.    cenBe subject to thi* uinremrnt   un.l  thnt  im
Supper  was  served   at.   midnight   and  breech of this aKwuientshaii rend"" me i",i,i" ta
the penalties provided  for In the I'rince Rupert
Lliiuor License ity-law.
My post olllce address is I'rince Rupert. U C
Good Buys and Easy Terms
Prime residence lots  in  section 7, $350
$50 cash, balance monthly
Lot in section 5, $450-$10O cash,
Halnnce monthly
Lot on 3rd Ave., section 1, $4250
Lot on 2nd Ave., section 1, $3500
dancing was kept up till an early hour
The dance was an entire success and
much credit is due those who had the
management of the entertainment, Mrs.
Noble and Mrs. W. Noel.
Fire Chief Is Smiling
The home of Fire Chief Neil Mclnnis
was brightened by the coming of a twelve
pound baby boy last night. The mother
and child are doing well.
Read the Daily Optimist
The names and addresses of the owner's of tho   Second  At*.
premises proposed tobe llcdnsed sre  Alexander   *3econa  ATe
Jnmea 1 rudhumme. Prince Rupert, II 0    and A
V. Fisher, I'rince Rupert, ll.C. ]
Dated at Prince Rupert this 3rd day  of  Kelv   ~"���"^**m
ruary, 1911.
nnd    -    Eighth Street
Twenty-four hours ending 5am
February **,. *       * m"
Owning Real Batata in Prince
Kupert, H.C, may find a ready
purchaser, if the price is reasonable, by addressing
M*x_Tt:Mr.   Wh-.TBIP,   um,   in. nam  snow | P.  O.   Lock   Box 43,    East Livepool,
37'�� **���*      2!'''--- **     I    Columbia County, Ohio. U.S.A.
Phone No. 200 P. 0. Box 5*4
Vou are usIiik clinker.* �����i
clogs the gratci*. try
( . nlr.    Street
There arc e*fg*-tt*t*h cgp*
strictly fresh egga, ami auaw*-
teed strictly fresh ego. �� "l"
Kuaranteed strictly fresh cttP
that concerns us - ami >���<���*���. *
well aa us. ForweL-ivc'-'-r-r���
clad warrant that 0�� 'st'*''.**
sell are the
Guaranteed Strictly Fre��l
We   keep   BWdl
several   hundred   I
yes,   sevcrui    ����"""���      .     ���>..,
���applying our demanda.  at**
winter and summer, tin-lu.'!
has a standini* order for ���ll1 *n \
KuaranteetlSstri.tly fi'-l  *****
can produce.
Ideal Provision House
Phone 190
Third rm
w. j. McCutcheon
. Theatre Black No�� ����*������** THE   PRINCE   K 11 P K R T   0 P T 1 M I :> T
From Dominion i
(At 8 A. M.)
.   Bar. 29.6!
Wireless Stations
s i ro
Triangle  l loudy
Bar. 29.86, thir. 29
I, ther. 30.
west   wind,
Kmi-v.ui   Cloudy, calm.   Bar. 29.24,
;hcr. 'Jii.  Light sw.ll.
Pich na -Cloudy, calm.   Mar. 29.55,
UiJr.38, Sea smooth.
Tlt������.h Part cloudy, south cast
Und Mowing fifteen milea. Bar. 29.92,
thr. ;14* Sea moderate. Out: steamer
jtw-i-i"":" '��� P-m.i 'chooser resembling
Fear]'!**, ai ti.'Ji) p.m.. light house tender
ii c.,4*, a.m. in: aehooner Ntawctina
Id tow of Goliath al fi.25 p.m., and
gwrwr Alameda al 7,15 a.m.
Mat  Grey   (loudy,   calm.     Bar.
50.02. tlier* m-
CipeLuo  Clear, calm.   Bar. 29.86,
ther. JO. Sea smooth.
Ai N'lion Today)
Ike hi   totaling, calm.    Bar. 29.62,
ibar. "Jti. Sea moderate.
Trianc'e  I rvercasl, tout h west, st rong
UrJk   Bar. 29.91, ther. :12.   Heavy
Ewiin Overcast,calm, Bur. 29.68
ther. 19,  Light swell.
Tatoosh Clear, aouth east, 10 miles.
��� Bar. S0.01, tlier. :|S. Out: steamer
IWashtwaw :u 10 a.m.
Pachena -Drizzling, calm. Bar.29.71,
|ther. I'.1.   Sua smooth.
Point Grey ('lair, calm. Bar. 3106,
I ther 44. Out: s.etuner Onafa at 9.10
l*un. In: steamer Cassiar at 9.50.
Cape Lwo-Clear, calm. Bar. 30.11,
|ther. 3>.  S<a smooth.
|luic Wallace Will Know Tomorrow
If He Is . V.-,R.
���"~* ffaOao. a  cull'ud  gen'lman,
latoutlstrid the impeachment levelled
laiairra him at the police court this
In-omit-f io ih,- ,;ff,.ct that he was a
l.-14-rant. The suggtstion that he had
|��o 'isible means of support  hurt his
I <upm.v tremendously und almost saggeti
I to defiant plea ���[ not guilty.   Evidence
la* heard by MaKistrato Carss which
irwxiircd |.ai���**s  position  even   more
IriUMV*'lhiin $* literal, or rather physical
I translation ol the charge.   The Magistrate r,"!"*'v"-1 Wa  decision  until  to-
l��wro�� when Isaac's status in society
I**" heeithir vindicated or dethroned.
I ''Coins to Mexico to Eat an Ostrich
J ���'������-"��� Tax., Feb. 4.-The South-
"�������alil:i��* wilh enthusiasm over the
��*ti*4 visit  of   (-olono,   Thtodore
Jj ���'fc'Miix. Ariz., March is, arrange-
���>- an* making to serve the colonel
' """!"" l-reakfast of a socially
���''I ""���"���������i. made of  an  ostrich
k.\ .   ,'m''Ul Wi" b" *������*���****- **>
\[**�� ** h- Uddo. it  iind the
J*1.*1" '"' *'iKhed  after  he  fin-
��� H to also pnpoaed to have a
I      IrTSt '" lHe Cemre ��f the
i *m*lTP? m **��iven ���*��� ih��
'"'j; .s exited one thousand
I        ���'f,ho<n'>*. will attend.
Fi��ce Hockey Match
J!'7r **_' ��'   'SPeciaD-Ten min-
;   ;;''".' hockey marked the end of
JWW In  which   OttaWl   defeated
''''''"''''winK of the whistle.
M;tt   V,^'V. of Pillsbury & Casey,
Mr Cm      "l,S ar''  mMW inquiries.
���ttlhav  ,,aIfn,l,"M,k��"umbaBo,a���d
u.ft        '�� "-WP indoors for a week or
Skoona Lsnd Diatrict -Dimrict ol Queen Chsrlott Qaaaa Charlutto IhIuii.Ih Land District Diatrict ot
Islands Skiwnu
Tslio notico that Catherine Hownmn ul Van- \-_* "J"- ���"TOO, thst 1, Thoi, It. Duvi'.v ul Quaen
couver, B. C, occuputiun apimitor, Intenda tu apply Charlotte, uccu|iiiliun notary public. Intend tu
for permission lo purchase tht lnllo\ving described al'I"y 'or permission to prospect [ur cuul and
lands: | petroleum on tho loUowlng assenbod lund:
Commencini! ut u past planted on tho ihoro near t Ootnmonolng ut u poat plsntod nine milsa
thu mouth of JUHkalalu  lluy, ut aliout tho north-    ',nr'" '""��� s;'vl'n mil"�� enat ot Suction 13, Townahii,
weat cornor of Timber l.iconso Nu. 80896, thence
cant 80 chaina, thonco north 2(1 chains inure or loaa
to the shore, thenc* westerly tnllnwini* lhe shun'
back to tho place ol commencement, containing
160 ucn*s more or less.
Dated Oct. 7, ltllO. CATHERINE HtiWMAN
Pub. Nov. ft. A. B, .lossup. Agent
7, Oraham laland und markod No. 68, T. H. D��� N.
10. cornor, thunce west nil chnins, llienco aouth so
chnins, thenco ensl hll chnins, thenco north SII
chaina to puint of commencement, containing 640
ncres more or less.
Duted Nov. 10, 1111(1. T. It. UAVEY
I'uh. Dec. 3. Wilson Qowtng, Agent
I Skeona Land District���District ot Queen CharlotU
Tako notico that 0. W. Stnnclille ul Vuncuuvur,
B. C, occupation commlting engineer,
apply   for  permission   to   purchu.se  tht
deacribed landa-
Commoncing ul u post plunted ut the auutheuat
cornor uf Timber License No. 3089*. uhoul one
.mile south and one mile eaat ol the entrance to
Juskatala llay, thonco north :'M chains, theneo east
80 chnina, thenco soulh HO chains, thence weat SO
chnina to the pluce of oommenoemsnt, contuining
ISO acres.
Dat.it tlct. 7, 1910. C-. W. KTANCL1PKK
Pub. Nov 6, A. K. Jesaiip, Agont
Queon Charlotle lslunds Land District���District ol
 ,       Tako notice Hint 1, Thos.  It.  Davoy ol Queen
itenda to r ^nurlotte,   uccupation   nutary   public,   intond   to
lollowini I apply 'or permission to proaTait lur cnal ami
I petruleum on the lollowing descilb.'d land:
Commeneing nt n post planted nine miles nurth
and seven niiies east ol S<*ctii��n 1:1, Township 7,
(iraham lalnnd and murked No. 8-4, T. It. D.. N.
W. corner, thence oast. HO chains, thenee anuth K0
chnina, thenci* wost SO chains, Ihence nnrth SO
chains to point of eomn-encoment, containing tiio
acres more or less.
Dated Nov. 10, l'JIO. TIKIS, it. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 8. Wilsun (lowing, Agent
Skoena Land District -District ul Coast Kango f,
Tuke notice that Churlou M. Wilsun uf I'rnce
ltuport, 1). G.i occupulion r,:,! cstnte agent, intends
to npply lor permission to purchase the lollowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post plunted ut the northeusi
comer of Johnson's surveyed lot No. 684, thenc
west 30 chuins more nr less to 10 chuins euat uf
Pete Delloor's surveyed pre-emption (Black's
recent survey  August 86,  l'JIO) on the cost side
Queon Charlotte Islands Und District -Uistrlel ol
Take nolice lhat  1. Thos.  It.  Davey ol Queen   npp|y"iur'pmraashm'
( hnrlnlle,   occupation   notary   public,   intend   to   ui-lruleuin tin the loll
apply  lor  permwioon   lo  prospecl   lor  conl   and
I" 1. nn un the tollowing tlescribtsl lund:
Commencing at a poat planted thirteen miles
north antl thre*' miles easl ol Section 13. Township
7. (.raham Island und murked No. 79. Thns. It. D.,
S. B, corner, thence eust so chuins, thence north HO
ol Ukelao Uke, thenco north HO cimins to the chuins, ihence wesl SO chains, thence south HO
aouth line of William C.ainey's lot surveyed August : chains to point ol commencement, cunuining 610
20,  1910, thence east 30 chains, (hence sout��* SO ' acres mure or less.
chains to point ol commencement, containing 240 j Dated Nov. 13, 1910. TIIOS. II. DAVKY
acres more or leas. Pttb. Dec. 3. Wilson Cowing, Agent
Pub. Nov. 6.
Skeena   Land   District    t}uts*n   Charlolte  Island.
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District���Diatrict ol ,     ���, .        ,,    ,.   . .,���l)1ivi"iun���     , .   ,   .,    ���
Skeena Take nolice that .l'l days ufl'T 'late I. t-crdmand
Take notico that t, Thos. R. Davey ol Quoen   '������ T��l'"'*. -armor. "( BjMmjtC, I!  (j.. Intend to
rklTdUMl   .���......��t����   ���.....,.   ���..i.t,,.    i,.i.���, t   ,..   apply lu the ( hief ( ononis: mner of ljinds. lor ti
3��s -^ w!^,tto-ad^ d^-Bftttbatnue111--
I     Comrtn'ticiii!: nt u ptwi tiluntiil at tht* northi'u<*t
m  lovvn-jirjjp ' -0OTMI of Lt��t 50ti, ' -r.th.tm I  !:iii'l. t L.nr.   north 80
f. H. D., N.
potroluum on tho followinK dot4cribtMl lanil
Commencing   at   a   poat   plunted   throe   mil*
north ami neven nul.-i * asi of Section 13, Townahi
7, Graham Inland and marked No. 70,
K. corner, thence nouth 80 chainn, thence went 80
chalna,  thence  north  80 chains,  thenct1 coat  80
chain* to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea moro or Ichb.
Dated Nov. 11, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wils.m Cowing, Agent
chninH,  thenco  vM   HO chains,  thenco nouth  HO
chainn, thence ennt HO chain?*, to point of commencement, .'ifi contuining 010 acre*.
Dated Nov. U, 1910.   KKUD1NAND Q. TAPERT
Pab. Dec. io
Quoen Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrict���Diatrict ol
Take nolice that I, Thou. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intond t>o
upply for permission to prunix-cl (or coul und
petroleum on tho lollowing doHcrihod lund:
Commencing ut u poat plunted nine milea north
und two milea uunt of Suction 18. Townahip 7,
Cmhum lalund und marktHi No. -II, T. R. D., S. K.
cornor, thonce woat HO chaina, thence north HO
ehaina, thence Mat 80 chaina, thence south HO
chuins lo point of cotnmuncement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated Nov. B, 1910. TUOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson (iowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District ���District of
Tuku notice thut 1, Thos. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupution notary puhlic, intend to
apply for permission tu prospect for coul und
pelroleum on tbe following described lund:
Commencing ut a ponl plaul<*d eleven milos
north und tuvo miles ouhI of Section L8. Tnwnshifi
7, (iruham Island and marktHi No. 12, T. R. D. N.
K. corner, thonce went HO chains, thence south HO
chains, thence east HO chuins, ihence north K0
chains lo point of commencement, Containing 040
acres more or loss
Dated Nov. 6, 1910. TUOS. ft, DAVKY
Tub. Dec. 3. WSflOD (iowing, Agont
Quam Chariotta Islands Land District    District ol
Tuke notice lhat 1, Tho*. R. Davt*y, of Queen
Charlotte, occupulion Notary Public intend lu
pi ��������� I'*'*.**- for cual anil
lowing decribed lunds:
Commencing at a pokt plumed eleven miles
north und ihree miloa oast of Section IH, Township
7, (iruham laland and marked No. 43, T R. D*. N.
K. corner, thenco woat K0 chains, thenco south 80
chuins, thencu easl KO chains, tlience north HO
chutns to {mint of commencement, conuining <it0
MfaB more or less.
Datad Nov. 5,1910. THOB. R- DAV1Y
I'ub. Dec. .1. Wilsun (iowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Uind District    District ul
Take notice that 1, Thoa. R. Davuy of Queen
Charlotte, occuputiun notary public, intend to
apply for permission to prosiwci (ur coal and
petroleum on the fullowing described land:
Commencing at a post planted eleven milea
north and live milea ��mst ol Section 13, Township
7, (iraham Island and markod No. tl, T. R. I - . N
I corner, thenre .v. t k0 chains, tlience aoulh 80
chains, thence east 80 chaina, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, conuining 010
acrm moro or low.
Dalod Nov. 6, 1910. TUOS. R. DAVKY
I'ub. I ��.t. 3. Wilson, Cowing, Agent
gueeu CharlotU lalands Und District���Dtitrlet ot
Skeena  Und   District- Queen  Charlotte  Mand Take notice thai I. Thus. II. Davey of Quwrn
Division i Chariotu,   occupution   notary   public,   intend   to
Take notice that 30 dav�� after dato I, Ferdinand , apply   lo*  permission  lo  proiped  for coal  and
G. Tapert, farmer, o| SkidoguU\ H. C Inlend to   petroleum on the (ollowing desenU-1 land:
Take notice that lTfS�� R* Davey ot Queen I apply to the Chief Commissioner nf Unda, tor a I     Commencing   at  a  (kisi  plant *d   .even   nul���
CharlotU,  occupation   noUry   public,  InUnd   to ' license lo prosiiecl for wal, oil and petroleum on   north and tWu milm emst Wjaa0UM|U( to*n*��iup
apply   lur   permiaaion   to   prospect  tor  eoal   and I **---l under the tollowing descrilied landa: j
petroleum on tho following deacribed land: Commencing nt a post planted ut tho northeast
Commencing at a poat planted thirteen milea
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District���DUtrict ot ;
north and live miles east of Section 13, Township   chains,  tl
7, Graham laland and marked No. 77, f. R. Eh, S. i chains, th<
W. corner, thonce east 80 chaina, thence north 80
chalna.  thence weat 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chaina to point of commencement, containing (MO
acree more or lesa.
Dated Nov. 13, 1910. THOS. II. DAVEY
Puh. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing. Agenl
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District���Diatrict ot
j (iraham Island and marked No. 45, T. I
.    W. corner, thence aast 80 chaina, thence a   it.    0
cornerot UtT,oVi, Graham island, thenc*. north Ml   chains, thenci-  -*i-t   mi rhains,  thence nt.       it)
chaina,  thenre  east  80 chains,  thence aouth  80   chaina lo point ut commencement, cnnUining 640
"lenee west 80 chaina to point ��t commence-' acrw mom or leaa. _������,   _   __,--_������
ment, and containing 610 acres. ' Datwi Nov. 6, 1910. THOS. II. DAVS1
Dated Nnv. 14, 1910. KKRDINAND G.TAPKRT ��� Pub. lK*c. 3. Wilaon (iowing. Agenl
Pub. Dec. 10
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und Disirict���District ol
Skeena  Und   District���Queen  CharlotU  lalanda;     Take notice that I, Thoa. II. Davey ol Queen
Division ��� Charlotte,  occupalion  notary public,  intend  to
Take notice that 10 days after daw 1. Kerdinand l fcpply   (Dr  permiaaion   to  proapect   lor  coal   and
I G. Tapert. larmer. of Ski-legate, U. C, intond to - jwUuIeum on the tollowing deocribed land:
apply to thc Chief Commissioner of Unds, for a ,     Commencing  ���*   a  |��o**i   plantnl   flown  mike
Ira east of Section 13, Township
���pl.        . _ .1... t^SS  n   rw��M ��r i .�����.,,   ������"nae to propaeet for coal, oil and petroleum on , north and three mlln
l��.:0{i��� SS__  mmmm*'JSSS? *__SS*m ' "5 <*^ the lol.o^inf, .lescrilHKl lands; _ ____   ;. ,;,.���.���, UUnd an,, m
Charlotte, occupation notary public, Intend to
apply (or permisaion te proapect (or coal and
lietroleum on the following deacribed land-
Commencing at a post plantnl at the northeast ; ��, corner, thenc* west 80 chains, thence north HO
corner ot Ut 111. Graham Island, thonce north 80   chaina  thence eaat  80 chains,  thence aouth  80
chains, thence weat  HO chains,
Commonclns. at a poat plante.1 thirteen milea   ch���|n,, thence eait 80 chsina lo point ol i
north snd five mile, eaat ol Section 13, Townahip I m,nt an(1 ���������(���(���, M_ ,���,.
7, Graham laland and marked No. 78, T. 11. D., S.   g , , N   . ,, ,,)10   ii;uii| -. \M i (5.
K. corner, thence weat 80 chain., thenct north 80 i pu*j Daa,' U
chsina, thence eaat  80 chain.,  thence aouth  80
chain*, to point ol commencement, containing 6*10
acre, more or leaa.
Dated Nov. 15. 1910. THOS. U. UAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Uowint. Agent
thence aouth 80 chain, lo point ol commencemei.i, containing. 640
commence- Ktm ������,���. ���, i,^..
m.���v...�� Datwl Nov. 7. I��I0. THUS. ll. DAVEY
TAPEUT pub. D��c. I. WiUon liowln*. Apnl
Notice is hereby given that an application Will be made to the Legislative
Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at its next session for an act
to incorporate a compuny under the
name of the  "Naas and Peace Kiver
Queen Charlotte Inland, land DUtrict���Diatrict ol
Tske notico that 1. Thoa. 11. Davay ol Queen
Charlotte,  occupation   notsry  puhlic,  Intend  to
spply lor permiaaion  to proapect lor coal and
ul *>ecitun if. lo-snsnii)    ... __________ _____t vn ,ui...   ...-*-.. .,,,��ii. so
Queen Charlolte lalanda Und Dutrict -Dutrict of
Take notloe that 1, Thoa. It. Davey of Qusen
Charlotte, occupalion notary public, Intand to
apply (or permtonon to prnpoct (or coal and
pwnll um on the (clloumg d-menhod land:
( n-nmr-ncing   at  a   poat   planted   eleven   milas
north and aeven miles eaat i
7, Graham Island and marked No. 60, T. K. D., N *
W. corner, thence eaat 80 chaina, thence south 80
chaina, thence weat 80 chains, thence north HO
chaini to point ol commencement, conUlning 6*0
acrea more or leaa.
Dated Nov. 9, 1910. THOS. R. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilaon Cowing, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und District���District o(
W. corner, thence eaat 80 chains, thence north HO
chains, thence weal bO chains, thence soulh 80
chains to point ot commencement, containing 010
acrea more or kara.
Dated Nov. ?. 1910. TllOS   U. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. A. Wilson Cowing, Agenl
Qui-en Charlutte lalanda Und District  -DUtrict o(
Take notice that 1, Th'ia. It. Davey o( Quwn
Charlolte,   occupation   notary   public,   inlend   to
Skeena Und District Quwn Charlotta Islanda
Tuke notice thut ;.o days after dun*, 1, Charles
Helmer, fanner, of Skidogsto, H. C., intond lo
apply to the Chief CommUaioner of Uh-Is, for a
IMAM to prospect fur coul. oil un 1 peiroU-mn on
and under the following di-serihed hinds:
Commencing ut n pott MantM tWO m Xm south
of the KAlthaait comer ol Lot 601, Oraham Island,
thenee south 80 ehaina, thenci* Weat 80 chuins,
thence north HO chains, thence ea-t st) ehuins to
p.iint of commeneement, und containing 640 ucres.
Duted Nov. lti. 1!��10. CHARLES HK1.MKU
Puh. Dec. 10.
Quevn Charlotte Islands Und Di-.trict DUtrict of
Tuke notice thut 1 Thos. It. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occuputiun notary puhlic, intond to
apply for permiKsian to prospect lor coul and
petroloum on the (ollowing dutcrll>ed land:
Commencing ul u post planted thirteen milua
north and seven miles eust of Section l:l. Township
?, Craham Island nnd mnrked No .Vt, T K. D. N.
I. corner, thence %���*��������' 80 chains, thence soulh 80
chalna, thence easl HO chains, thence north 80
chain*! to point of commencement, etintuining 0*10
urri-s more or less.
Datad Nov 8. 1910 TIIOS. Et DAVKY
I'uh. I >< ������. U. WUson Cowing, Agent
Queen Charlotto lalands Und Dictrict��� District o(
,*ake notice that 1, Thos. K. Davey of Quetm
Charlotte, occupution notary public, intend to
apply for pwrmU-ion tu prospect for coal and
pairolnm on the (uHowlng deecrilteil land:
C-ommencim: al a i"-i planttsl thirteen mllea
north and eleven miles ������ i ' of Section Vi, Township
7, Craham Inland ami markisl No. '������'->, T. D. It., N.
\V, comor, thence east bO chains, thunce west 80
chains, thence norlh -u chains, thonce south 80
chains tu )>oint of commencement, containing 640
acrm more or less.
Datnl Nov. 8. 1910. THOS   U. DAVKY
Puh Dec. 3. Wilnoti Cowing, Agenl
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District���District o(
Take notice that 1. Thos. It Davey of Queen
Charlotto, occupation notary public, intend to
apply (or |M*rmission to pro-*.--*i (or coal and
pelroleum on the (ullnwing de��cri>>-ed land:
Commencing nt a (tost idantrd thirtoen milm
north and ttve miles oa��l of Section It. Township
7. Craham Islaml and marked No. ',*. T. tl. !>., N.
K. corner, thence weat HO chains, ihenc* south 80
chains, thence eait *o chains, thence north 80
chalna to point ol commencement, containing 640
acre* more or leas.
Datod Nov. !*. 1910. THOS. It. DAVKY
Pub. Dee. t. Wilaon tiuwtny. Agent
tj.ji-.ti Charlotle Islands Uml District -DUtrict uf
Take notice that I, Thoa. It. Davey nf Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary puhlic, intond to
apply (or p - Ion to pnwrpect to.* coal ��� nd
petroleum on the (ollowing <!<* rni>< i Un i
Commencing at a post nlanted thirteen milea
north and tive miles eaal of Sectinn l.t. Township
7 Craham lsiand and marked No. '������. T. 11 1). N.
W corner, thence oaat 80 chaina, ihence aoulh 80
chalna, thence weat 80 chalna. thence north KO
chaina to poinl of eommencemenl, cmit-ilning 040
acrea more or leas
Dated Nov. 8, 1910. TIIOS. It. DAVKY
1-sjb. Dec. I. Wilson Cowing. Agent
Quwn Chariott*- Islands Und District -District at
Take not in- that I, Tboa. It Davay of Quaen
('harlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permis*on to ttfoanect (or coal and petroleum on the following di��<Tib��sl land.
Cnmmenrtng at a poat (���!���*.t<-l thirtwn nnl-a
north and eight milm east ol SecUon l'l, Township
7, Craham laland and marked Nn. 7*4, T K I' . s.
VV. crm r. thenca <Mt HO chaina, thance north 80
chalna, tnence wvat 80 chalna, thence aouth 80
chains to point o( comnwncement, containing A40
arras more or lara*.
Dated Nov. \\ 1910. THOS. tt. DAVKY
Pub. Dec. 3. WUaon Cowing, Atwt
Queen Charlolto Iriands Und Diatrict - Dlitrict ot
Take notice thai I, Tboa H Davey of Queen
Charlolte, occupation notary public, Inland lo
apply for perml��ion to pros|M*ct for coal and
prtrtileum on the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted two miles north
and Ave milea east n( Section 13, Township 7,
(���raham Island and marked No. It. T.H I)., \X. W.
corner, tbence east 80 chains, ihence south 80 chaina
thence west KO chalna, thenee north HO chaina to
poinl of commencement, containing M0 acres more
n���;i...-r.��,     ^nrm-.*n*t*-.xt*,     ��-ltt-.     nnu-or    tn       T*1**6 notice that 1, Thoa. It. Davey of Queen   m|>,.u for permission to pmaM lor coal and petru-
Hallway     Company       Wltll    power    to   chlriott|ti   occupaUon   notary  public,   intond  w   iA,m on the (ollowing d'witn-tl landa:
build,  construct,   maintain  and  operate I apply  for  permiasion   to  proapect  (or  coal   and
.,   w>i ��"*"- ��� ��- I potroli-um on the (ollowing duacTiU-d land:
a railway of standard or narrow gauge |    commencing at a poat plantsd live milea north
i -��*    i  u,. ���*��.,*��   .J-uilrljiItu nr'��nd eleven  mllea east o( Section  13, Township
to be Operated by steam, e.ectncit> or j 7( Groham WindMrt mnr*Ko<i No .oh, t. It. !>., N.  .
nth..r   mottva   nnwiT   from  the  head   of ( K. corner, thenco aoulh HO chains, thence weat HO   |Qh to point nf commeneement, containing 640
otntr   mouvt.   I��w��   ��v�� .,���..' chalna, thence  north  K0 chalna,  thence easl  80   lcrai mon ���r !���,��,
MUOgB Gulf, in the Province Ol British   chah..i to point of commencement, conUining 640
Columbia,  up  the  Naas  River to It! fiUlG-i.Tljl&fc
('ommencins  at   a  poat  |,lantn.l  Hovrn   mil,
north and Hie milr*. nut ol STti���n 111, Town.hlb
T, (iraham laland aad nnrl * I No U, T. II. I). S.
K. corner, ihrnci* we*i SU chalna. Ihnncr. n��,rth SO
chalna.  tnenca eaat hO chain.,  thence anuth HO
Wllaon Covin.,, A,-"-
acre, more or lo
llatr.1 Nov. 7, III
l-uli. I lee. 3.
WilM.n t.oains. Asvnt
thent-t* south  HO chains,  thfnc Wesl   M) chnina,
thence north SO chain" Ui point ot i-t>:nnienPemi'nt,
ami coniaininit 6 in acrea.
Ilnte.1 Nov. III. 1(10. CIIAItl.KS IIK1.MKH
junction  with  t he   Kitmancool   Rivet*, I Pub. Dec. a.
thunce followinK the Kitmitncool Kiver ,SVnn_ Un(* 0,^,-00000 Chsrlott.
easterly   towitr.ls   the   Onbiiu*   Kiver, j   ^ _^_ ^  "^
thence easterly up antl alonK the Ha-1 Helmer, larmrr. ol sHl-v-iti'. 11  1
. .        ��%, .._..! ....   Um 1 aitl.lv 10 the Chiel ComniiMtolier nl
htne River to a point at or about its | ggj, {n pr,���r,.,, ,���r C()11|, ni| ������
junction   with  the   Neelkitkwa   Kiver.
thence  northerly  and easterly  to  the
Nation Kiver, thence easterly alons tlie
Nation River to the Pine River, thence
easterly   along   the   Pine   River   antl
hrough  the  Pine  River  Pass to  the| ****��� ******m
easterly boundary of the Province of
British Columbia;  wilh power to build
branch lines and with power to construct,   acquire,   own   and   maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith, and  to  construct, acquire, own
charter, etiuip and maintain steam and j chains", thence eait -0 chain, to point m
v *      ���    '      . , , , ,   I ment. and cnntnninu 040 acre..
other vensels and boats and to opcrate.j p,,,** n0v 14, laio.       wii.uam. J. n.AKV
the same in navigatiblc waters and with  f* "    '"
all  tho powers  given  by  the  "model
railway bill" and with other such powers and  privileges usual or incidental
to all or nay of tho afortsaid purpose*.
Datetl the 20th day of December, A.
D. 1910.
Solicitor for thc Applicants
D 22-J24
Quern Charlotte laland. land Diatrtct -Dtatrict ol
Inland.      Take nolice that I   Tboa. K.  Davey ol Wuaaa
Charlutte,  orcui.alion  notary  iiul.lic,  intend  to
Take notice thai .10 daya alter dale 1. Cha-let   apply lor permtaston to pnwpeci  lor cnal snd
'*.,  intend  to   iK-troteum on lh<- (ollowilift   dencrilie.1 land:
l.;*vl-. lor a       Commencing   at   a  poat   planted   eleven   mil��a
pro.*'.tt lor eoat, "ii ami |,eiri'l<*iim on   north and live mllea eaat .1 Section 13, Town.hit,
_nd under the lollowinK ,1,-crile-l land.: 7, liraham Island and marked No. )'.*. T. It. ll t*.
Coni'iiendns*   at   a   piwt   planl.sl   thre.*   mil-,    \y. rorner. thence eaat all chain*., thence north SO
aolltli and one mile we*t nl the s���olliens' eorrer ol   chains, thence  west   KO chain.,  thence wuth  SO
Irt Mil, tiraham laland. thenco east "O c'.an.a,   chain, lo poin' ol commencement, containins 040
Dated i'ri  ���:'-. 1 ���'.".
I'ub. Nov. 17.
WUaon Cowint, A(ent
acr��*s more or 1
Dated No*. *. 1910.
I'ub  Dee. 3.
Wilson fiowiiiR, Afent
Skeena   Und   Distriet    Quern  Charlotte  lalanda
Tske notice ihat no day siter date I, Ferdinsnd
tl. Tspert. larmer, ol Skidessi*. II. f., Intend to
spply tu t'*e IS let ' ..mmi*eiloner el Ijtnd*. lor a
license to p-otpect Ur eoal, nil and petroleum 00
snd under the lollowlnx des.-nbed l.nd.
Commencins at a post plsnted one-hall mile
eaat ol the .nut*>��������-! rorner ol l.nt .'.til, tiraham
laland, thenr. north so chain., thenee ea.t SO
chains, thenee south SO ehaina. thenre ��e**l HO
ehaina tn point ol commencement, and containing
640 sera.
Daft Nov. II 1*10.   KK.HDINANIXi.TAI'KKT
PuK Dee. 10.
Sacena  land  Dtatrict   Queen  Charlotte  Uanda
Take notice that 30 days alter date I, Ferdinand
(I. Tspert. Isrmer. ol Skidetate. ll. C, Ihtend to
apply tn the Chiel i'nmmtaatnner ��l lands, (or a
Iternsv to piwpeft lor coal, oil and petmlovm on
and under the following deerrrllie.1 landa:
Cummencing at a 1*" 1 planted at the northeaat
mrner ..I U.t ���'"-. Oraham Island, thence aouth SO
chains, thence weet SO chains, thenee north SO
chain., t' *nce east SO chain, to point ol eommencemenl. and containing 610 arrea.
Dated Nov. 14,1910. FKKDINAVI) O.TAI'KUT
I'.ih  Dec. 10
Skoena  Land   Dtatrict -Queen  Chsr.otte  Islanda
Tako notice that 30 dan alur dale I. William
J   l.c��ry, trailer, ol Skidciriit.*,  II   C , inlci.tl to
��ppl> to the Chiel Commisfioner nl Unds. lor a      t-<irnmpnrin��� ��� , p.���, ���,,
license to prospect lor coid  01   and petroleum on h     H (hrw mi|r�� n���.t ���t s
and under tl.e Mlnwing descrilH-d la.-ida:
Commencing at a post planteil at the southeast
corner ol Lot Ml, Cra'inm Island, thence soulh Hi
chain., thence west   89 chain",  therce norlh  SO
* rnmmnnce-
Quetn Charlotte lalands Und Dtatrict Dtatrict ol
Take nntice that I, Tho*,. It. Davey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend 10
apply tor permission to pn��.|M**-t lor coal and
pari oleum on the lollowing desrnt*e��l land:
Commencing at a post planted thirteen milea
Section 13, Township
. (iraham Island and marked No. M, 1 It. D. N.
K. comer, ihenre west HO chains, thence aoulh SO
chain, .thence esst HO chains, thence north SO
chains to point ol commencement, containing 640
acre, mors or lesa.
Dated Nov 7, 1910. TIIOS. II. DAVKY
Pub. Dee. 8 Wllaon (lowing, Agenl
Quwn Charlotte Island. Land Diatriet���Diatrict ol
Take nolice that I, Thoe. II. Davey ot (Joeen
Charlotle. occupation notary public. MM lo
apply lor pefmiraion 10 prospect Inr coal and
petroleum on the lollowing descriled land:
Commencing al a post planted thirteen mile.
north anil three miles east ol Section 13, Township
7. (iraham Island and marked No M.T. It D , N.
W. corner, thence eait .0 chain*. Ihence wuth **0
Skoena  Und   DLitrict���Queen  Charlotte  Islands
Di.i-ion ,    ,        .
Take notice thai 30 davs liter(UtS 1 rcrdlnand
(i. Tepcrt, larmer, ol Skidegate, III . Intends to
apply to tie Chie   Commissioner nf Land", Inr a
'cense t prospect lor coa ol1 nnd pelroleum on
tnd under the lollowing d rerilied l.nda
Commencing at n poat planted .1 the m-rthrnst
corner ol Ut all, (Iraham Mand. thenre north HO   ..
chain.. Ihence eaat H9 ch.ina, thence .nuth SO chain.. Ihence west SO chain.. Ih.nre north SO
ch.ins. thenre weal 80 chain, to poinl nl commence- chains In point nl enmmencement. containing OtO
menl, and conUining 610 acrea. ....-'��� i?**."S'r ".'l7?i
Bstiu Novll. 11110     FKIIDINAN-D (1. TAI'BUT    Ds ed Nov ��. 1910.
I'ub   DM. 10 I l*"b. IX*. 3,
W.lson (iowing, Agmt
Skeena Und Diatrict Qu..-n Charlotte lalanda
Tske notice Ihst 30 daya alter dale I, Ferdinand
(i. Tapert, fsrmer ol Skidegate. II ('.. intend to
apply to lhe Chie! Commiasioner o| Un.la, lor a
licenae lo prosper-l lor cual oil an 1 lietroleum on
and under the lollowing doarribM ianda
(-ommencing at a poat pl.nted 20 ch.ina north
nl tht aouthwwtromer ot Ut Ml. (iraham laland,
thence north SO chalna, thenre east ko chsina,
thenre aouth .0 chaina. thence west 80 chaina to
point ol eommeneement. and containing 6 to acres.
I-ub.  Dee. in
Skeena  Und   Dtatrict    Queen  Charlolte  lalands
Take nolir* that 30 da>a alter dale 1. Charlea
Helmer, larmer ol Skidegate. II. C, inlend to
apply to the Chief Commiaaioner nl Unds, lor s
lice; ae lo prospeet lor eosl, oil and petroleum on
snd under the following do*-rilied land.:
Cnmmencini* at a poat planted thrw milea
south and ene mile west nl the aoutheaat enrner ol
Lot Ml, Ciraham talaod, thenre weat 80 chain*.
thenee aoulh 80 chaina. thenre rust SO chsina.
Ihenee north .0 chains to point ,1 commencement,
snd eonlsir.lng 610 acrw.
Dated Nov. Ifi, l'.tlO. CHAULF.S III I.MKH
Pub. Dec. 10 [' HI N C E   K ll P K R I'   OFTIMIS'I
Association's  Annual   Meeting  Held
Last Night    Affairs of Hospital
Finances    Election of Office Bear-
era -Will Have "Houston" Ward.
Members of Prince Ru|x>rt General
Hospital Association met Friday night
in thu county court room for the annua
general meeting which owing to the
small turnout had previously to be
Retiring President, J. A. Kirkpatrick.
presented his report mentioning tin-
position of the association al presiiil
The new hospital is practically complete,
wtatlur conditions laom have delayed
the opening ceremony. CJniortunatel)
the balance sheet for the year shows
a dtflcit and an appeal lo the public
for fundi is necessary. Tht Prsddcnt
also referred to the prospect of a corporation grant for the hospital in connection with its finances.
Ladies' Help Appreciated
III appreciative urms the prcMd.i.l
referred to the exerl ic ns of ihe ladie.--
to help tin hospital, and coinniuidi'l
the work of the commit tees. He ipokl
of tbe efficiency of thi matron and nail';
and thanked the ic-siciation for t-lct-ting |
him flirt Hon. President. Concluding
Mr. Kirkpp.rick paid tribute to John
Houston who con,ributtd the lir.**t $100
to th. hospital fund.,. Tht pr.tsidtnt's
address was received with applvust.
Secretary-Treasurer's Report
The report of Ihj secritary-treasunr
was then prtseined for the year endii.g
January Ala , the i-tan ment shows
receipt- amounting lo $16,225.80. Build-
nig account expenditure $15,224."y, general t xpcii.-t-s account outlay $16,064.1'.).
Liabilities at date $6,M*6.34, and asstts
at il;ii * $.1,261.61, leaving a dtficit of
**3,634.7'). Tht med for further subscriptions mentioned by ihe president
was tlitijemphasind.
Election of Officers
Then pr.itli-et e.i thi business of 'lection
of othc bearers for the nrw *,������ ar. Since
Mr. Kirkpatrick r.solutely declined r< -
election, nominations for the office of
Hon. President were opentd. With
the name of D. G. Stewart they closed
and he was elected by acclamation.
As Hon. Vicc-I'residen- 0. H. Nelson
was elccti d.
Some discussion ensued regarding the
election of the sccretpry-treasurer. Finally it was dtcid.'d to re-elect the
Asaociat ion's first most efficient secretary, Mr. A. Cuthbert, his nomination
being made on the understanding thai
an -t-uistutit secretary will be appointed
Elected lo form thc new Hoard of
Directors art: J. Kirkpatrick, M. M
Stephens, J. 0, Scott, J. H. Thomson
and C. V. Bennett.
Gov'ts. Latest Gift
Voles of thanks to ihe retiring board
and to the medical association were
moved by Dr. Kergin and Mr. Cuthbert
and h. artliy accorded. H. Douglas
moved thai Mr. Manson Ih* thanked
on account of the additional $2600 gift
from the (lovmiment and G. H. Naden
tendered the thanks of the Association
to the ladies, and kindred societies for
their help.
To Have Houston Ward
That oni of the best wards in the new
hospital be dedicated to thc memory
of the late John Houston was the motion
of M. M. Stephens, seconded by W. G.
Dennis. It met with entire approve
and hearty support from Messrs. Cuthbert, Newton, Clayton, Hoffman, Scott,
and K-Tgin. and a committto consisting
of Messrs. Kirkpatrick, Naden, and
Dennis was appointed to collect subscriptions for the wnrd. The sum nf
$272 was immediately subscribed.
Before the adjournimnt G. R. Naden
moved that thc G. T. P. bt thanked
for their gift of twelve lots to the hospital.
Many of Smaller Villages in Sore
Sirntta for Fuel Very Few Trains
Moving From Winnipeg Everything Stagnant.
[Special to thi Optimist)
Winni|s g. Fi b. 4. Few .rains moved
from h' r, today on thc three great
railway! to Wmt.rn Canada. Many
passc-ig r and freigh; trains are buried
eilh r in snow drifts, or r-ndt-red
movablo by the di-ad loeomolivus.
Many of the small r mwiis in the interior ar. short of fu.,1 on account of
tht iion-nrrivnl of thi traina. Hundreds
of in i' ar. . ugag. d digging out some
of tl, i rains from the snow drifts but
lhi wind is so strong and the cold so
��"V r   iha.  li.'.!.   proghM i an b.   muck
until tl. weather i< is up a bit.
Number   of   Hebrews   Who   Live   in
New York
The number of Jews living in Greater
Ne-w York in 1905 was something like
700,000. According to reliable .ttatistica
there are now 1,125,000 within the city.
This means a population exceeding
the lotal number of inhabitants of any
cily of the world excepting London,
Paris, Berlin, Si. Peltrsburg, Tokyo,
Vienna.   Philadelphia   and   Chicago.
Sis,ooo FIRE
Tubercular Hospital at Winnipeg la
Quean Charlotte lalanda Und District���Uiatrrt ol
Tsko notico that I, Thos. It. Davoy ol Queen
Chsrlotte, oceupstlon notsry public, intend to
spply lor permission to prospect lor coal and
lietroleum on the lollowing deecribed lsnd:
Commencing st s pose plsnted eleven mile,
north snd seven milea eaat of Section 13, Townahip
7, Grshsm lsl.nd snd msrked No. SS, T. 11. I>. S.
W. comer, thenee ceit SO chsina, thence north 80
chsins, thence west SO chsina, thenee south 80
chsina to point ol commencement, contsining 640
acre, moro or leas.
listed Nov. ��, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. -1. Wllaon Gowing, Agent
Winnipeg, Feb. 4. -iSpecial)���Fire in
this city did damage yesterday to the
extent of $15,000. It almost completely
destroyed the Tuliercular hospital which
wits to have been handed over to the city
next weak.
Work performed by experts only.
A lirst class job is guaranteed in
every instance.
A large stock of Chandeliers  and
Fittings carried.
H. W. Blakely - Electrican
Third Ave.        ���   *    ���        Near Sixth
Notice to Our Customers
BcrauH.' of othur purtk-s misrvprewnt-
inK I ha nml vim I will ptttonaUy collect
uil account* due this company during
February So do not pay ac -omits until
I call as Wi will not laCOgnltl them -
City Scavenging Co , H L Dixon       24
Skeenn Land Disirict-District of Coaat Ranire fi,
Take nntice thnt sixty flays fruin date  that  1.
II men Patrick Kitry (.f Hazelton, H. C, miner, do
intend to npply to thp com mi "sinner of lancl* for.
ftermission to purchase the followinK described
CommtncinK nt a post planteil 4" chnins south
from the south-east rorner of lot 173... thence east
40 chains, thenee south 40 ehains, thenee west 40
chains, thence north 40 chains to point of commencement, containing I fin acres, more or less.
Date Nov. 1st, 1910. HUGH PATRICK RILEY.
Pub. Nov. Snd. Hubert Jas. Briokdale.Airent
Skeena Land District-District of Coast Range
Take notice that Dan McDougall of Prince Rupert, H. C, occupation carpenter, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted two chains wwt
of the south east corner of William McPhce's
surveyed purchaae (Black's recent survey about
Align..! 20 1910) on the eart side of Lakelse Uke,
thence west 40 chains mora or less to R Langley ���
purchsae (Black's survey August 20, 1910) thence
south HO chains, thence east 40 chains, thenee
north 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 320 acrea more or leas.
Pub. Nov. 5 WUliam McPhee, Agmt
Queen Charlotte lalands Land District    District of
Take notice that I, Thomas It. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission to proapect for coal and petroleum on tne follnwing de-acrim-d land:
Commencing at a poat planted thirtoen milee
north and aeven milea eaat of Section 13, Township
7, Graham Island and marked No. 76, T. R. I)., 8.
E. corner, thence weat 80 chains, thonce north 80
chalna, thence east 80 chaini, thence aouth 80
chaina to point of commencement and containing
640 acrea more or leea.
Dated Nov. 18, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 8. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Skeena Und Diatrict���District of Coast
Take notice that  Donald Clacher, of Brecken-
ridgo  landing   Princo   Rupert,   B.   C,  occupation
farmer, intends to apply for permisaion to purchase
the following descriK-d lands-.
Commencing at a post planted about Ave miles
In a south easterly direction from Brecken-
rfdge Uniting, and at the southwost corner of
Ul :l....fi. thence south 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chains, thence north 60 chains more or leaa to the
snuth east corner of Ut 3062, thenco west 40 chains
more or leas, along the lot line 3062 thenco north
20 chalna, more or leaa, along lot line 3062 to
the south etist corner of Ut 3065, thenct- west
10 chains more or less, along lot line 3065 to the
place of commencement, containing 560 acros
more or less.
Dated Oct. 26, 1910 DONALD CLACHER
Pub. Nov. 17.
Skeena Und District���District of Coaat
Take  notice that  Lionel   Dineen  of  Brandon,
Man., occupation teacher,   ntends to    apply for
permission   to  purchaae   Ike   following  described
Commencing at a post plantcl at the southwest corner, 40 chains narth And 40 chains east
of the northeast corner of Ut 1116 (Uarvey Survey), thence GO chains north, thence 60 chains east,
thence 60 chains south, thence 60 chains weet to
poat of commencement, containing 360 acres, more
Skeena Und District-Dbttfel a��**
Tnke notice that Henry MacartnrS at ���'"���;��
Rupert, B.C.. occupmion minor. mi* * - "' W
for permission to parchlM the following ^Kitted lands; , , ,, .,,.,.. j
Commene.nff at a post planted on ������ ���* V?��� "
Ex-chum-s.k River about two ��''''/ a^.UM
from iu mouth and about one lull "������""JJ
rapids, thence north Wi chains, the'������ e ��*���
chains, thenoa south 80 chains more len t row
bonk, thence west -W chains mors or ��������"���
river hank to point of commencement, ro.-aw** I
320 acres, more or less.
Skwna Und Diatrict -DUtrlel ol CM*
Take notice that Edward 1 hoin.i- ol ���"   "     .
B. C, occupation timber man   ml"'"-    '<   '"JJ
lor BermiMlon to pun-hose the Mio..: ��� ******* I
isnda: ,*,  _____* ,non i
Commencing st s pout plsnte.1 on tl�� ��  '    ,   I
ot Lakelse Uke sbout 60 ehalns In I J"" ���<"�����
direction Irom the outlet sl  the Ms* *****
Kiver) thence north 20 chns, therce ��.���*
thenca aouth 20 chaina 10 the lake ��"''J��el
following the Isks shore tn point "l em
conuining 80 acres more or ics*^,        xflOUsI
Ii.il.al Nov. 14, 1910.
Puh. Dec. 17.
Fred Bohler, Agent
Quesn Chsrlotts lalsnds Und District���Dirtrict ol
Tske notice thst I, Thos. It. Dsvey ol Queen
Chsrlolte, oceupstlon notary publie, intsnd to
spply lor permission to prospect lor eosl snd
petroleum on ths lollowing described lsnd:
Commsncing st s post plsnted three miles
north snd .even miles esat ol Section l'l, Township
T, Grshsm Island snd msrked No. 69, T. It. D��� 3.
E. corner, thsnee north 80 chsins, thence west 80
ehslna, thence south 80 ehslns, thanee out 80
chain, to point ol commencement, contsining 640
seres more or lees. _.. ._,-_
Dsted Nov. 11,1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dee. 8. Wilaon Oowing, Agent
Dated Nov. 7, 1910,     	
Pub. Dee. 10
Skeens Und Di^ictr*>i��tri'' *l J'""1
Tak. notico that Sarah E. Mtonol   ''������'.*���"���,
B.   C,   oceupstlon   aurae,   intents �� *____%
permiaaion   to   purchsss  the  lour
isnds: .      ,    northna.
Commencing st s poat plsnjed ai i rf ,,���
corner 140 chsins eaat snd "W cnaim* -    Hurv,, ,
northeast  corner  ol   I-ot   111" '",.'.., smth.
thenee  80 chain,  east,  thenco  ��o -���1 hsinIu
thence 80 ehslna weat. thenee. ?"���'���'; :__ morl
po.t ol commeneement. contsining "i
or leas. ... ... b Al*W
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. B*M��.,  ,���, Al-*t
Pub. Dec. 17. iTisii'ir
Skeens Und Di.trict- la\**<*J|5L-
Take notice thst L. W. Slonn "I      ]v fif ^
occupation hnuaewife. intends!" ���      ��� (i,.Mn*��
mia.ion  to purchase  the   following
lsnd.: ,    ,...,< W. f*-*1,
CommencinK st a pnatliliint"   ��   ;,     ,���,.rind
lot 1707 msrke.1  L. W. S. snuth M ] g ,haW
runnlnu north 80 chains, thenci' wi '*    ^ ���
thence .outh 80 chains, Uwncj ����' ;��� _-_
point of commencement, contamini
Dste Dec. 22. 1910. ,mBCTIA  W. S1.0AN
Pub. Dec. 31. 1910. LUKEl.il/-.
Skeens Und DistrictL~1,ta'r'V ,'.;!����>**
Take notice that Msy Dinees      1    t '  .ffl.
B. Oh occupation .tonogrsphcr, i."      jantMi
lor permission to purchase the loliowi
Commendng at ____��_i__*_**i^ S'".l tM
.li ���',h'
corner 10t> chsin. esst snd 20 cha ��    . 	
northesst corser of  Lol   H" '')��\h_\���, g*
thence 80 chalna *___*>______**.���i ehains ��<"���__*
thence 80 chsins west, thance �� eI  .     ��� tem
tho post ol commencement, contanuni.
mere or less. ..*,*,��� DINaJS
Dsted Nov. 14, 1910. _Jj ,tl,hler. to*
Pub. Dec. 17.
Skesna Und Dlstrirt-Dirtriot -^*jf^ **����*
Tske notice thst Hatty}*_*,'J_\.' ,��� m_tM
T C, occupation  plsstere r,  in te n d.        j^btd
permls.ion  to  purchsse  the  ion
Ommencing st. po-t ^.nM;-^
of tho northeast corner of JOM '."A ,��, "AW1B
prMmption (Black . tl____*T3L t&t* **7t,S
on the east side of jsT^jH*., chain", ftffj
chsins more or lem, thence?"' h* ,��� p0,���t^
esat 80 chsin., thence ****%***�� rnllW.'SjfS
commeneemMit, conUining ""-^rbY WgfJ
__.   M      . Cha..M.WIi��'"'A*T"
Pub. Nov. 6. THE   PRINCE   RUPERT    I) I   I I M 1 S '1
Real Estate ] INSURANCE
Large Stora and Haaement
on   Second   Ave.
.^^ooooooaooooooo^ r^". FR0M ^'
"Yob, ma'am." said the aaluemsn;
j "the priu of that pine of goods is $1U
a yard, and It is worth every dollar ol
"1 don\ doubt Jim, *;ir." respond d
thi ..harp-duuir.d woman: "it's worth
probably ev.ry dollar, considered in in.
m paratc und Individual capacity aa a
dollar, but ii isn't worth un of them.
Show mo BOmi thing e'.e, if you pleuse."
Professional Cards
Second avenue und Thim street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Od.ee.
l.ot 2, Block (i. Section 1,
Second   Avenue,
$2260; Terms
4.  Employer's Liability
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings      Alder Block       SIXTH ST.    $
(Subdivision of Sec. 9) about 200 yards from waterfront
This Subdivision   is   the  only   inside  subdivision   not  owned
by the Railroad Company.
Lots from $700;  Very Easy Terms
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agents for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
The following properties will be sold en block, or separately
and on easy terms.
Lots Block
K-7-9-10    18
1-2-3-4-5-6    19
11-10 20
22    34
21-22    34
1-2 27
Lots Block
3-4    9
15-16    9
19-20 18
42-43      3 7-8-9-10
��� For prices, terms and particulars, apply to
Second Avem,*-. '
��n<i Avenue
Atlantic Realty * Impiot.sienl Co., Ltd.
Pbone 214
he Optimist
Bolivar waa unhappy. One of his
cheiishwl schemes hud fallen through,
and ihe man he had counted on *.<> pay
his dividends had got away.
"Oh, well, never mind, Holly," said
Hunker. "What if Slithers did get
away from you'.' There's just ll big
lish in the sea."
"That's true onough," groaned Roli-
vur, "but .hey ain't all suckers."
"Had every cent taken bust night.
Woke up hearing someone in the room.
Reached under the pillow for my revolver, but didn't shoot."
"Why didn't you?"
"I'd probably be I widower if I had."
MUNRO  (b.  l.All.l-.Y
Stork Building, Second Avenue
Law-Butler Building
i'rince Rupert
Phone No, 280
P.O. BOX 851
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
Telephone 36
of Hi i*..-Ii t������ ,luiiil,ni of B.C.. <intiui".Bus
ami M'liiiti.l.u B.u s. ktueheu ..ii   -iii.i  Al
berta Ban.
Habbistebs, Notauies, Etc.
Office - Kxchnnire bliick, rorner Thin! avenue ami
Sixth atrect. Prince Ruuert. S
Knicker- What is your idua of municipal government?
Booker -First provide an auto, and
then create an oflice to fill it.
Mrs. Woggs���What is the higho.-a
compliment a man can pay a woman?
Mr. Woggs -When a man says: "It
she is on the committee at that church
supper, I'll go."
Captain Nicholion Hai Left Vancou
ver for Winnipeg to Confer With
Head Officer*���Important Development* Are Said to Be Pending.
Vancouver, Feb. 3.���Captain C. H.
Nicholson, manager of the Grand Trunk
Pacific steamships, left for Winnipeg
yesterday, where he will confer with
the head officers of the G. T. P. regarding
a number of important matters concerning thc company's affairs in Vancouver. When Captain Nicholson returns in about three weeks' time it is
expected he will have at least two
important announcements to niBke.
One of these will bc in connection
with the reported purchase of the Albion Iron Woiks site and wharf at
the north and of main street. This
property has been under option to the
Grand Trunk Pacific for some time,
and thc only thing that is understood
to have prevented the deal going through
wits the probable cost of making wharfage extensions to thc present dockage
facilities. Soundings and .i.is in front
of thc. Albion Iron Works wharf have
been going on for some time, with a
view to determining whether the construction of a new pier there would be
as costly as in the case of the new
C. P. R. piers, which, owing to the
rocky nature of the bottom, had to
have sufficient earth brought there
by a dredge and dump scows to make
a foundation to drive the piles in.
Enough data is said to have been secured now to enable Captain Nicholson
to lay the matter before the head officials of the company with a fairly close
estimate of the cost. It is expected they
will sanction the deal.
The other matters upon which Captain Nicholson will confer with the
management of the G. T. P. is the question of changes in tht running schedule
for the company's steamers between this
port  and   I'rince  Rupert.    It  is  pro-
WM. S. HALL. L.D.8.. I). U.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All 'l.'ntul .ipcrntii'iis skilfully treated. t*.H�� un.l
liH-al M-riaSthoues U'lminisU'red f'*i- tin* iiiuiili'sH extraction of t.-eth    Consultation tree.   Offices : Ul
���mil ai Alitor in.K'k. Prinos Rupert ii-12
Civil anil Klnlng EnirimiM-s anil Snrvc*.nri>,
Reports,   l'li.nn.  SpeCiticiilion**.   esliinutes,
Wharf Construction, Etc.
Office:   2nd Ave., near First Street
II III. '.I   WM.  KOXUN,  BSO,,   A.II.A.M.. I.i'S.. UNO.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
>0 CARTAGE and
G. T. P. Transfer Agenta
Orders promptly filled.   Pricea rcaaonable.
OFFICE-H. B. Rocheater. Centre St.    Phone 6K.
:E.   EBY   C&   Co.
Prince Rupert Lodge, 1.0.0.F
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue Telephone 18b
Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
A   new  line   of   Ladies'   Underwear,
Natural wool.
Flannelettes and Outing Flannel.
Ladies'  Fancy Waists.
Boots,   Shoes  and  Men's Clothes.
Property Owners
and Tenants
On 1st, 2nd and 3rd Aves.
Between Fulton and 8th Sts.
We have lieen instructed hy Head Office to accept
Additional Fire Insurance
Liverpool & London and Globe, Phoenix Assurance Company, British America Company.
lhi.-d Avenue   -   Between 7th and Sth
Miss   Henny   Wennersten
Scientific Electric Facial Massage
Electric Treatments a Specialty
Room. No. 4,   Exchange Block
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
posed to have the steamers leave Vancouver early in the morning, so as to
mako the trip occupy two days and a
night instead of two nights and a day
as at present.
Grand Masquerade Ball in the honor
of the 12th Anniversary of the Fratern
al Order of Eagles, February 6th, 1911,
in the Kaien Island Club Rooms. $76.00
to be given in prizes.
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners. Phone 4.
FEED . . .
Plumbing, Heating
and General  Steam  Fitting
SHOP-Basement of Helgerson Block
English and American Billiards
Eight Tables Second Ave. THE
If You Want Results
List your Properties with us.
We specialize in Business
Property in Prince Rupert.
Our advertisement ubout Prince Rupert
Opportunities appears in !lf> of the lend-
Ing newspapers of the United States
and Cumt<lu. Each until brings us hosts
of inquiriees.   Come nnd see for yourself.
WE,HAVE Olients'wilh Cush to I uy agreements of tale.
WE'HAVE Clients with Cash to Lonnjon agreements of sale.
\VE**HAVE Client! withJCnsh for Lota on Second and Third Avis.
WE^HAVE Clients with Cash for Leases  on   Lots  in   Section  One.
WE HAVE Clicntsjwith Cash for Property In any part of Prince
WE���HAVE Inquiries for Townsitea.
WE'HAVEJInquirios for Farm Lands.
WEJHAVE  Inquiries  for   Fruit   Landa.
WE HAVE Inquiries for sites for Apartment Houses.
SEE     US     FIRST-
Co-Operative Real Estate Company
Third Avanui at S.venth-
P. O. Box 906
MONDAY  -  FEBRUARY  -  6th.
Continued from page 1,
luck i'ix WuekB).   Witness explained that
rock work wore out  boots faster, and I
lhat they sometin.es got snugged.
Alderman Pattullo:  How many days'
work a month will a man average?"
Mr. Fisher:   "From my experience I
should say about 'iO days."
Mr. Caseyi "My oxporience is about
22 days."
Continuing, Mr. Casey Balds "I am a
married man, and have my hands full
as such, trying to struggle out an existence." His wages had averaged
$!i.G0 per day. He had averaged 22
days' work per month which came
out a deficit, of $<i.80. One month's
wages $79.20. Cost of living for th.
mom h $86 for self, wife and four childn n.
More    Comparisons
Mr. Carroll, the next witness, said,
"ihe avi rage COBt woultl be about $12.50
permonth."   He Wont on to say ihat hi
tended taking out their pap.rs in due' tfc
time, if they could see a chance of living '
respectably.    "Bui,"  he added,  "they |
Alderman Hilditch said hp did not
think the council intended at, any
time to discriminate between British
and American subjects. The only
preference th'jy ever contemplated was
for married men and permanent citizens.
Decision Deferred
After some loose discussion Alderman
Hilditch closed the conference. He said:
"I consider this the most important
question Prince Rupert has ever had to
decide. I consider (.hat I cannot attempt to give this question decision
right off hand. Tht statements made
will be weighetl and taken for what ihey I TV
are worth. 1 think the unswtr will be si
ready inside of two weeks." -��-
1  .-ss..
-Mm. mm.. _-_ ��<M
|    lftlftlft*'*feii^ri'ifl)Ti.rjv   j     ((I
members' roll  hav<   doubhd,  now exceeding four hundred.
Tho meiting ilsitf was d^voud to
propaganda speeches. The subject of
Saturday's discussion with the Com-
mi-tee of the Council in regard to thc
wage question was nol torn hod upon
at all.
If it's news, you will find it in
The Optimist
Added Many  Members at the Last
Night's   Meeting
The Industrial Workers hi Id u meting
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ last night in their hall on Third awnue
| had been shacking it, Inn thought that |*jhe hall waa crowded to the door und
this plan was no cheaper thun staying knp greatest interist WU manifested
in a hold. ! uy the audience  in the exposition:', of
Alderman Hilditch:  "You have boen|tne varj0us phasis of tho labour's life.
working f'>r the city since you came | s*nci, -^ Saturday the nam-.** on the
to Rupert, antl have not laid ofT any day
for sickness or other reasons?"
Witness: "The only day I have laid
off is today." In answer to Alderman
Hilditch Mr. Carroll said that on his
lirst pay day in Rupert he drew $2*1.001
and on the second $1!��5. In January
for 22 days' work he drew $66. There
was a holiday on New Year's Day but
witness had worketl on the Monday.
Mr. Carroll said that in San Francisco
you could gi. a comfortable room und
board for $20 per month.
Ashamed of Existence
Mr. Morst then gave his stutcment.
He suid that I hi men working on the
streets in Prince Ru|>ert were simply
ashamed lo tell their friends the way
ihey were existing. He took Rossland,
B. C. und said that there machine
men get $3.50 for 8 hours, and muckers
$;'. A shack in Rossland which in
Rupert would cost $17 per month he
hud rented for $6. Bourd there would
come to $1 a day straight.
No Concessions Just Dues
Alderman Hilditch in reply to Mr.
Fra-ser took exception to the use of thc
word "concuision". There were to be
no concc��ions made to the workers.
The workers would get their just dues
If lhe 45-ctnt increase were granletl it
would be granted as a ri:.l't not hj a
concession. He asked Mr. Fraser If
he approved of t lie action of the Spokane
municipality in taking away contracts
from contractors and putting it on a
day's labor basis.
Mr. Fraser said he did not approve
of this, but he tlid not approve of municipal work being given only to citizens
of property owners or with preference
to uny class whatever.
Alderman Hilditch: "I wunt you to
\ take into consideration the small
amount of justice thut is coming to the
taxpayer on this question, Would your
organism ion think it fair for u man who
went up to Stewart fyr the summer for
better wages uml cume buck lo Ruperi
in the winter to huve lhe same treatment as the permanent resident here?"
Mr. Fraser: "The taxpayer knows
perfectly well thai it would not be fair
to discriminate against a man who is
not a taxpayer."
Lowest Wages Ever
Mr. Maitland who was asked to give
evidence said that he thought the council
should prefer the work r who is a citizen.
He said he hatl worked in Rossland and
in other ci.ies on the coast and Prince
Rupert gave the lowest wages he had
ever werked for.
Anothti worker, a trades' union man,
said that no murriid man could do
justice to his wife and children on $.')
a day in this city,by the time everything
had been taken into consideration it
could not be done. He did not think
preference should Im' given only to
British subjects as there wore many
good  American  citizens  here who  in-
TO $450
Meeting Will be Held Tomorrow in
Methodist Church to Rustle Up
Contributions and Hear Suggestions for Form of Memorial.
The Houston Memorial Fund which
was started at the last meeiing of the
Hospital Board is demonstrating its
popularity with the people of Princo
Rupert by the manner in which it is
swelling from small beginnings to dignified proportions. About noon today
the amount subscribed for thi- purpose
of the memorial was $450.
The fund will doubtl'-ss receive a
further lillip as a result of the meeting
to be held in the Methodist church
tomorrow night at which suggestions
will be made not only for th? rt-Rt.ing
up of subscriptions hut for the moans of
expressing the sentiment to which the
funtl owes its existence.
i:"."! quality
trimmed; ages I In pi.
Prices 65 and 85c
Children's     Kl.-.-i- --lined
Sleeping Suits, all lite*.
Price 75c
Children's Rompen anil
Pinafores, well made, guts)
Price 75c
Chiltlren's Sweaters!
Mitts, Underwear, llnss,
Overcoats anil Kainrnalf.
Everything in Kru'ly-to*
w.ar for tin* Kiddles and
the prices are " pight."
]   tO"*"!^C-i-t8!S
jL. ��������_.. **��� H~Hal*~>��
���J7 H. S. Wallace Co.
Phon. S U*���>
Fulton St. snd Jul A����.
|i=| .Si 1=11=11
Wigs, lnto
Lwvs your order, h, *g**W_W&cNmm*.
A. (is  ****���***��� ,,   ,,   t____t
Toupn.   T,"'5SIfi
pOTI,ad.Kir>  I"*"*';
~ Itch*--"   .***
As-snlBC. Halri;*
.1.. I' "
Were  Out-Generalled   in   Efforts   to
Prevent Loyalists Entering City��� !
Business Has Resumed With Fear I
of Attack Suspended.
��� Special to the Optimist)
El Paso, Feb. 6. ��� Out-generalled in
their oflorts to rpevent the loynl troops
from entering into Jaurez from the
south the rebels are reported this morning to have retired to Snlamnnyuca
ubout thirty miles south, in order to
replenish their stores. There were
several sharp skirmishes during last
night. Up to seven o'clock this morning
no attack had been made upon Jaurez.
It was expected that the rebels would
make an immediate assault upon the
citadel. As this fear has now been
dissipated in the city which had been
abandoned has been resumed again.
Red Rubber Wster
2 QUarl.     ���     *"5
3Qu.rl,     ���     *200
i c.  H. ORME
Tht Ptonter Dmlfol
PHONE   :   :  *  82


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