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 /$t�� i
/       \s* ""I*   / "\
Tkrsr Prince Rupert Optimist
riATT v trnTTiniM *-^--.v -.-**
VOL.11, NO. 34
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Saturday, February 11. 1911.
Price, kive Cents
More Men Are Still in the Mine-
No One Has Come up Alive��� Fecred
That All Are Deed.
(Special t the Optimist)
Trinidad, Colon, Feb. 11.���Sixteen
cor|Bf6 have been recovered from the
Coal Dak Mini of the Carbon ' oal
ud Coki* oompan after thu explosioD
which oompletely destroyed the minu.
Many mm men are missing and it is
(uand thai ill y will' never bc brought
up alive. All thu victims whose bodies
bivi* be*.11 rocovorod died from the
ffftt.-' of -In aftord mp. No om has
j<S bum limuKht up alivu, hence tho
Itfribli dread that the entire number
ol tht* entombed men will succumb
io on or ol hi r of the nauseous elements
that run rampant through a wrecked
pi,ap vitiate th. atraoahpero.
New Association Will Hold Regular Meetings and Develop Public Spirit and Public
Usefulness-���Excellent Series of Educational Speeches Given���
Benefits of Reciprocity Treaty Were Expounded.
Will Spend a Month in Ottawa and
the East
Chid McCarvell intends leaving the
city tomorrow by the steamer Camosun
for a month's holiday. He will spend
HDe days in Vancouver, and proceed
ihence vas ward:, io his des.ina.ion,
OiiVTO, whi n* the greater part of his
vacation will In spent.
The Young Liberals' Association of
Prince Rupert is henceforth a powvr
to be reckoned with in the sphere of
political education in the city. It was
launched last night under the most
favorable auspices, there being ii large
and enthusiastic attendance present
in th*- K. of P. hall. The moating wa.'
mainly an organization (>ne although
several of the speeches sandwiched in
In*, with the varying piuc-.s of the
routine were worthy of a whole evening's
discussion. A splendid feature of the
mce'.ing was the harmony of thought
and action between the numbers of
the parent body who wvre present and
thu young und aggressive blood represented by the new body.
The Officers
The work of electing the* office- bearers
resulted in an excellent staff of officials
for the Association. Th. y are* as olio ws:
Hon. Prosiden ���Dr. Kergin.
Hon. Vice-president-  F. Stork.
President���Dr. W.S. Hall.
Vice-president���F. D. Keeley.
Second Vice-president--T. H. Arneil.!
Sec. and Trees.- E. H. Ki-arns.
Thc following e*mbe*rs matt then I
elected to the Executive Meatus. H. B. i
Campbell, J. S. Cowper, C. L. Munroe, ]
M. P. McCaffery. F. A. Ellis. W. H.
Montgomery, E. H. Mortimer, and I
Tony Christian.
Spoke on  Reciprocity
A word or two on reciprocity was
spoken by Mr. G. R. Naeleit. He
expruised himself as being personally
in sympathy with the treaty and hoped
that it would rooulve ratification. Hc
referred to the lumbermen's change of
attitude and thought it was significant.
He did not believ-i* that it would materially affect the iruit industry. At
any rate so far as Prince- Rupert was
concerned thc treaty would certainly
hc-'p them because they had to look eO
the fish*.rie-�� of the* orth Pacific for their
greateiii industry. It war: .-.e-iy to
understand the opposition of the.* railroads and gnat corporations and i.
was not difficult io realise, that interest
of the corporations was not always the
Liberalism and Fire Insurance
Mr. J. S. Cowper followed with an
exposition of Liberalism and the growth
of democracy. He- drew attention to the
tremendous rapidity with which democracy had asserted its claims in British
and other institutions of the world. It
was not so very long since thc masses
in England were without power to vote
at all. Coming to provincial politics
in relation to Liberalism he red-mil to
the Bowser Insurance- measure, which
lu said is intended to protect the provincial rump-mil-, against outsiders by
the imposition of a license* fe-e nnd thi
necessity of depositing a $20,000 guaranty with thc treasury, and said thnt it
was typical of the kind of legislation
which they, as young Libe.als, weri
out to teach the p-ople* about. He
pointed out ihat the- me-asun mean,
a preference to the provincial compa/i'es,
barrier to compri<ion, and a two per
Oscar Nelson and Mickey O'Brien
Will Try Conclusion in Empres*
Theatre on 22nd inst. A Good
Bout  Is Promised.
Lovers of the gentle urt of boxing will
be plotted to hear that Billy Wright
of the Premier Hotel, has succeeded in
getiing logeJur Oscar Nelson and
Mickey O'Brien, to perform in Prince
Rupert at an early date. Mr. Wright
was commissioned by Julius Le-vy,
matchmaker for ihe- Empress Theatre
company, to obtain un opponent for
Oscar Nelson, a lad who made many
friends her:- by his dean exhibition
of clevir boxing anel hard hining when
he   ouepointed   and   outfough     Harry
I Lombard hen about a year ago.
For two weeks Mr. Wrigh: has been
gum-shoeing roun Seat11 .rail, , by
manage is of boxers, near boxers, und
diad on s, looking for a boy to give
Nelson an argum.ni.
Many w. re met but few w,*re chosen.
A lot of hies-bi una looking for easy money
I were rej.-cted and after at.ending several
im ktn- and club lights given by vsit.ouh
I a hie te clubs and around Seauli. Mr.
Wrighi finally decided ehai Mickey
O'Brit n was ; he boy.
The- ne-ws tha. the boys had been
signed was received by Julius Levy in
ia  leiter   today.    The  figh.   will   take
ipai in the     mp.t     Theaen . Fe b   ury
��� 22nd  \V iiin  dny i vi nirg.
Sir William Cartwright Introduces Bill in Dominion
House���Students and Diplomatic Servants
Will Have Free Entry
ISpecial :o the Optimist)
Ottawa, Feb. 11.���In the House of
Commons yesterday Sir William Cart-
���righl in reduced bill to amend the
���"���hints. Immigration Act. The bill as
tatioductd gives the government the
pow.r of regulation. It defines mer-
chuta and itudonta as entitled to free
admission jnl0 Canada. Before such
"try ii obtained, however, they must
-stablish their status to the satisfaction
��f the controller of the port of entry.
In all case* ol application for free ad-
BWon Into Canada the burden of
l'*oof as,., identity shall be placed upon
���m* Chin, i .
Addltlona made to the free Hat under
lh" proposed provisions of the bill are
����� members of the diplomatic corps
JM members of Council all of whom
*'" '"' ���'""������'���''I to bring their wives and
WWntt in without tax. The Chinese
"n m ( anada will be allowed to bring
��WI Wives and children over from the
j-����� to the Occident free. And those
''��� in < anada can also return at any
me. In the cuss of a Chinese merchant
e; K husm<'Si- in Canada who dies
��� ������'������> "ill be allowed free entry in
or���� to carry on business.
Ontario   Girl   in   Unfortunate   Circumstances    Passed   tl e   Bar   of
Police Court Under Mulder Ch rfa
She Had Nothing to Say.
At a
P-m. tomorrow the Hospital
������"* WlU meet at the new hospital
*J�� J visi, of inspection.   One
the   r, Vil,it is t0 consult with
o(   "���'���'-������'I on the best possible means
""fomtalng   the   space   available
man,,'" ��r,lur t0 have r����n- *��r "
**** Patlenta as possible.
(Spoiat to the Opiimist)
Colli gwood, Ont., Ont. 11.-Tragedy
aits heavil> on the- head of I'earl Smith
an attractive looking girl of some nineteen years against whom a charge of
murder is being pref.-rnd. She is charged |
with taking the life of her infant the
body of which was found frozen in deuth
in among the ice in thc harbor last
Today I'earl appear* d in the police
court and was formally charged with
murder. She had nothing to say and
was led off to the cells to await trial.
She did rot seem to realise her position.
Her eyes stared vacantly but said
nothing. She looked the picture of
tragedy. The birth of tho child took
place in the Salvation Army Maternity
Home, in which institution she was
known as Pearl Anderson. Her parents
live here and are much distrait at thc
plight in which they find their daughter.
Members of the Choral Society will
plci-se meet at the Presbyterian Church
on Monday, January 13, at 8 p.m.. instead of Tuesday as hithc to.
If Delegation Had Known Their Offhand Talk Would be Incorporated
in Bill They Would Have Been
Silent Altogether.
iSpecial to Ihe Opiimist)
Victoria. Feb. II. The House spent
nearly the whale of ye-sterday discussing
the clauses of the Premier's coal mines
act, many of thc new rules being criticised at length and with great knowledge
of the subject by Mi��srs. Hawthornthwaite and Williams.
In r.-ply to the stall ment of the
Premier that ihe changes in the bill
were made upon thi sugg stions of ihe
delegations of miners, Mr. Hawthornthwaite state-d that the minors wire
simply humbugged by the experts.
Mr. Williams said he knew the delegation and if they had known that their
off-hand talk was going to be lOMRad
in the bill they wou'd have kept their
mouihs shut. He ccused the Premier
of putting a wrong construction upon
his statements ans sending them aim a 1.
but he added lhat the people o La y-
smith knew the politics of the House
and his words would have   o effect.
Premier McBride retoted that if
thc people of Newcnstle kne.v the politics
of the House belter they would sjon have
a new member. The consideration
of the bill is not yet complete-.
Bills incorporating the Naas and
BkaaM River Railway and changing
the name of the Portland Canal Short
Line to the Canadian Northern Railway,
pa seel their second readings.
Farmers, Manufacturers and Lumber Men Recognize
Its Benefits���Even Wm. Whyte, of C.P.R.
Says it Had to Come in Time
While thc people of Canada have acclaimed the  propoa! of thr  Dominion
government to give a greater measure
of fret- trade to the country by ncgo
tia ing an agreement with the Uni.id
States there* has quite naturally been
a good deal of opjwsition from the In-
terests which it is thought  might suf-
lot from such a move.   Th.- par.y \>t->.r.
i has with a few notable excvp.ions tried
io make party capital out of it.   Many
of the Conserve-ive newspapers, under
orders from their owners, have attack*
nl it aavagely.    This is an indication
i that the measure is a good om   and
would be of heiii ii  to the country.
Alberta Farmers
The attitude of th-   farmers of Al-
be-ria towards the proposed re-ciprociey
agreement may be taki n to be-   accurately represented hy the views of W.
J. Tregillus, vice-pr.-side-nt of the United
Farmers' of Allxrtu, and a member of
the farmers' dclega inn  which awaiitd
on the Dominion gov(r ment n*cently.
He said:
"We believe that the proposed n-ci-
| procity agreement, if carried into ef-
fet   will   grvatly   hi     tht   farm-rs  of
Alberta.   It is a move in the right eli-
rcction,   and   the  only   crieicism   thai
| may be  directed al it, is that it doe*
' not go far enough.   We want the whole
' world for a market.   We have had too
narrow  a markit  anil thl-re has been
no   competition;    but   now   that   the
American   market   has   been   thrown
; ope*n to our grain, we may expect com-
; pi tit ion and better prices.    The more
competition there is  for our  products
the bettir re urns we shall receive for
our labor.
"I believe thul v., shall also greatly
binefii by thu lower fn ight rate* to
thi Am ricun mark-, s as company
wi h .he ratal to British and foreign
Conservative Opinion
Th Calgary Herald, Conservative,
says editorially:
"The outline of !h* reciprocity treaty
so fur given out will be r. ceived with
relief by the Canadians who had fi and
lost in the di*sire of the govi rnmeti. for
reciprocity with the I'nitnl Stati*. the
Canadian dclegau-s should sucriliev to
the United Stati-s industry some of
those chirishcd reaOUrtta which are
bound to mid up ihe cottn.ry i lo a
gnat manufacturing nation. I. is duly
fair io say ehat unless particulars
should disclose u 'joker' in the maty
proposed, Me-ssrs. Fielding ard Patterson have ought to protect he basic
in.irests which win e-ommhtid te their
Grain Dealers
A. I). Chirholm, pn-sidin; ol tha
Winni|ieg Grain Growers' Exchange,
was unite happy over the announcement. "Free irnde in wheat," hi naid,
"will be a decided advantage to this
country, a**peciaDy ,o the Western provinces, and will be hailed with pleasure
by the ("nadaian farmer, and the bread
buyer in th United States as well.
Canadian Pacific Railway
William Whyte, se-cond vice-president
of the ('. P. It., said:
"On thn whole, I do not think that
the proposed tariff is a bad thing for
Sweeping   Reductions
on all goods for
Commencing Saturday, Feb. Hth
���I'-fl yards nf ailk, brown, blue, pink,
cream white and black, OO 1 O
21 in. wide at 35c, now.   ****    *"**
150 yarda Pongee, cream and    ACm
white, 75c, now     HJC
15 pieces of Btripedsilk, assort-    rA
ed colors at 75c, now     ��IUC
100 yards wide  black silx, 36   *1   AA
inches at $1.35, now    lawV
150 pieces waist  patterns  at    *]C-
$1.50. now     *****
200 pUces all colors sl $2.00,
50 ladies'  silk ihawls, $2.50
���-.". $4.50, now$2, $2.50 am1
Woollen shawls, cresm, pink
������ml Mack $2.50, now	
Sideboard    covers,    fancy
worked $3.00, now	
Table covers, Mexican linen,
at $8.00. now	
Centre pieces, 75c, $1.50 and    *I   or
$1.75. now 40c, $1.00 and....     Itsjl
Silk ribbons at the lowest prices ever
sold in Prince Rupert.
Ladies' linen handkerchiefs at
35c, now 	
One dozen at 25 cents, now 2
Ladies' elastic and leather belts
at 50c and tiOc, your choice for
White  lawn waists at $1.50,
White  linen   waists,   fancy
fronts at $3.50, now	
White  linen   waists,   plain,
st $2.25, now	
White linen extra,   at $3.75,
Cashmere,  red and  blue $3,
White  fancy lawn at $2.75,
Hlouses.    colored    for   houseware
$150,   $1.75  and $2.00,   now
$1.00, $1.25 and	
Print   Waists $1.00,   now...
Black sateen waists at $2.25,
Flannelette waists,   assorted,
$1.40, now	
White  bath  towels,   40c,   45c
and 50c, your choice for	
50 pieces flannelette, different
designs, 15c yard, now	
Good heavy flannelette at 25c,
Prints, ginghams  and duck  all at reduced prices.
Ladies' cashmere hose, 8 1-2, 9,    Or
9 1-2 and 10, your choice for..    ���***
Ladies' night gowns at $2,25,
Ladies' knitted coats at $4.50,
Ladies' white underskirts at
$1. 25 and $1.75, now 90c and
Boy's fleece   underwwar $1.00
and $1.25, now	
Men's Overcoats, $9.00, now
Men's  Overcoats,  37 to 44,
$12.50 and $15, now	
Overalls at $1.25	
Boots and  slioes,   ladies',   gent's   and
children's.   25 cent,  discount^on   the
50pr. Men's working pants $2
50 pr. Men's flue pants $3.00,
Your choice in hats, $2.50
$3.00, now	
Third Avenue
Between 7th and 8th Streets r ii k
MNCE    RUPERT    0 P T I M 1 B n
* E
mu*^*.v*mm****** **** *��t��
I We
���        have received Two Carloads of Canned
Fruits and Vegetables. They are of the
highest   grade   and   quality,   every   can   1910
pack.   They were bought at a price which cannot  be  duplicated  this  year.
Coin, Paai and Beani 2 cars 25c
Tomatoes, 8 lb. eana 2 cans 26c
Tomatoes, 8 lb. cans   15c
Splintage  15c
Corn on Cob gallons 00c
Strawberries,   Raspberries,   Peaches,   Pears and
Plums, 8 lb. can  20c
Blueberries, 2 lb. can   15c
Blueberries, gallons  50c
Apples, gallons  40c
Plums, gallons  50c
.il ..n ���� "* '���i*11 **. ***** ir
Tins is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Comer" will fill a social need.
ss. Prince George
t_f**___m****mmmw*mm~**mmM   ***** ********* *****  t��
%    '
Heaters, Stoves and Ranges
Graniteware, Hotel and Bar Supplies
Shelf  and   Heavy    Hardware
Paints, Oil and Glass
Prince Rupert Hardware & Supply CoM
THOS. DUNN. Manager
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
THE OPTIMIST will furnish correct infor-
Jtn.iiii.il to all enquirers who desire to get
in closer touch with Canada's youngest but
most flourishing city I I I S I
There is no time like the present. Send us
your name and address, and mention the line
nr lines of ^business you are particularly interested in. We will send you reply by return mail       :       :      :       :      :      :      :
Optimist Information Bureau
P.O. BOX 1545
New Styles for Women Heralded
An advance agent of spring styles
has appeared on our shores and brings
news which is of supreme Importance
to women. It seems that feminine
styles are to bc revolutionized, as to
both gowns and head-dressing. If all
the things predicted are true, many a
fond husband who has gotten used to
the present appearance of his wife
after her toilet, will be utterly unable
lo recognize her next May.
First   of  all  rats  and   pulls  are  to
be abolished.   Women are to wear only
, lluir owr.  hair parted  in  the'middle
| and combed low on the sides and gathered together behind in a Psyche knot.
Jusl  what  is going to happen to those
poor creatures who haven't enough hair
for the purpose is not stated, but  no
oilier hair than ihat which grows on her
own head is permitted the woman of
fashion.   In clothes we are going back
to Madam* Recamler,   This ought to
murk   a   recrudescence    of  interest   in
this   brilliant   woman,   and   David's
famous picture will be in grt<at demand.
It is a pity .hat it is not also to be the
style to know as much and to talk as
brilliantly as the famous lady of the
salon.    The   hobble-skirt,  however,  is
doomed -praised   be   Allah - -and   the
hinlth corset is to be introduced.  Gowns
will bo of the Empire variety once more,
which will be a shock to those thrifty
women who are just now cutting down
their own gowns to the present narrow
limits.    It looks, indeed, like a grand
conspiracy of the dressmakers.
A New Kind of Party
A mother who wished to entertain
school children gave a guessing party
that was rather out of the usual run.
Boys and girls were invited for an
evening with celebrities and their haunts.
Nothing more -.xplici' was said, so the
young people were eager to know what
was in store.
After being received by the hostess
the party was ushered into a library,
across one end of which was a huge
white sheet. In a few minutes the room
was darkened and a figure appeared
dressed to'represent Mrs. .Inrley of the
wax works, and in a witty speech announced the appearance of the clebrities.
She first distributed to each guest a
card wilh a |icncil al niched. -These were
lined and numbered to corrdspend with
the celebrities to be shown.
In a few minutes a picture of Bluebeard was thrown on the sheet and :)0
seconds given lo guessing who he was.
The celebrities varied from heroes of
fiction to monarchs, pugilists, and football stars, noted actresses, poets, musicians, to well-known placis and buildings.
At thc end of the display the cards
were numbered and passed in to a
committee of awards. Each boy and
girl having most correct guesses received a prize. There were also second
and third prizes.
Such an entertainment is not hard to
arrange if one can get the use of a lantern.
The slides can bc rented, or, if you
have a collection of postals, they can
be made into slides as small cost.
looking the Tagus, at Cruz, Quehrada,
seven miles west of Lisbon. Senhor
Braga had left for the capital, but his
wife, a sweet-faced old lady with white
hair, advanced and insisted that 1
should enter. She led me by the hand
in motherly fashion, to a long, low-
room, more than modestly furnished,
the windows of which overlooked the
wide expanse of blue, serene waters,
but lately seething and smoking under
shot an   h ill.
"I congratulated her on her husband's new dignity, adding lhat she
ought to feel very proud. 'Proud,' she
exclaimed, smiling doubtfully, 'perhaps;
but above all I regret the interruption of
forty-three years of peaceful domestic
"I suggested  that the change would I
involve a change of habiis and probably of residence.
" 'No, no' exclaimed the olfd lady,
almost terrified. "I have told Th opile
that I will never leave my Hale homc
and pretty garden, where 1 havo lived
for twenty years. If we arc forced io
have . larger house for meetings, and
receptions, wu will keep our liitle house
lo live in always.
" 'We have just enough to live on.
My husband has always been |)erso-
cutcd because of his pi ions, but although he cannot forget, he ia incapable
now of soaking to avenge himself on
his enemies.
" 'I, too,, am a Republican, but I
adored your late King Edward, so just
so good, so courteous to all ".    .   .
"I arose to take leave of this dear,
unassuming old lady, whose partner for
forty-three years had been suddenly
taken from comparative obsecurity to
the highest position in the country
without bringing a vestige of vanity
to her bright old eyes. I bent to kiss
her hand. 'Oh, don't' she exclaimed,
covered with confusion. Kissing her
hand I answered only, 'Theopile Braga's
good wife "
Sails for
Thursdays, at 8.30 p.m.
ss. Prince Albert for Stewart Wetmes-
days, after arrival of Prince George, For
Port Simpson. Naas, Mussel andMom-
by Island points. Including Queen Chu-
lotte City, Pacofi, Knse Harbor, also
Refuge Bay, every alternate Friday at
12 o'clock  noon, commencing ! ���    :���*
The Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with traina from the PttiHe
coast operates a frequent in.il convenient service of luxurious I ruins over ill
double track roate between Cliicago.
Toronto. Montreal, Quebec, Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Information and ticketi obtainable from the nthce hereundeo mentioned. Trans-Atlantic booking! by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railv/ay
B.C. Coasl S.S Service
ss. Princess Beatrice
Northbound Feb. 6���Southbound Feb. II
Train for Winnipeg and Toronto \evtti
Vancouver 9.<X) turn, daily.
Train  for  Montreal anil  |H.mt.*> Eut
leaves Vancouver 8,46 |'.m. daily.
Through tickets to European Point*,
in connection with the finest  Atlantic
J. G. McNab
C.rnrrsl AfMt
Builder and Contractor
I*     Plans and specifications props***!
In the Woman's World
The State Agricultural College of
Kansas has what it calls moveable
schools, which are sent about through
thc state to tench home economics to
the girls who cannot attend college.
Girls' home ecomioncs' clube are| being
formed in all parts of the state.
Ont woman out of every four in New-
York City is a wage-earner, and out
of this army of workers only 47 per
cent, earned more than $6 a week.
Thirty-one per cent of the women employe in factorie work forty-eight
hours a week, while fifty per cent are
forced to work from fifty-two to sixty
hours a week.
OFFICE)-Corner 5th Ave. 4 Green St
Phone No.  228 Green
A Makeshift Salad
Canadian G< neral Electric Co. Ui
Canada Foundry Co., Ud.
All cl.���� of EWtricI **_**_*_*
Hallway Supplies.  P��M
Boiler., Concrele Ml.ers. 0**��*-*"*
.1    Iran   and    Bronte   *****   ���***
W. CLARK DURANT    ���   *�������'
A President's Wife
Mrs. Brage, the wife of the new presidenl of Portugal, says she actually
married her husband liecause she lovetl
him and she had no thought of over
living in a palace like a queen. The
correspondent of the London Daily
Mail Writali "I called this morning at
the country house of Senhor Theopilr
1 inula, the new Portuguese president, a
long, one-story building on a cliff ovcr-
A housekeeper who had unexpected
company one day when thc larder was
almost _ empty improvised a delicious
salad from hard boiled eggs andja*can
of shrimps.
The eggs were boiled for ten minutes,
cooled quickly in iced water, shelled
and run through thc chopper.
The shrimps were well rinsed and
also put through the chopper, then arranged as a border on lettuce leaves
with the eggs in thc centre. These
were mixed with mayonnaise and dotted here and there on the shrimps.
Stuffed olives sprinkled over the
-*ggs improve the looks of this salad.
Singer   .
A Grand Masquerade Skating Carnival will bo hold on Tuesday evening,
February 14, at the Rink. All will
unmask at 9 o'clock.   Admission 25c   2t
F    w.   KEElEY
' Sale. Al*"-
W*\mtt ��>
Cowichan Eggs
Every Egg OiiBratitf.'l
StewartTmT' A*-ents ���IHE   PRINCE   RUPUkT   OPTIMIST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British Columbia.
has grown up with the city.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year. Outside CANADA-Daily, $8.00 per year; Weekly,
$2.50 per year, strictly in advance.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all-25c per inch each issue for display
matter. This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.    Transient advertising will be charged at 10c. per line.
Daily Edition.
Saturday. Feb. 11
Condensed Advertisements. < YOUNG LIBERALS
The Skeena Appropriations
Without uny desire* to uppeur ungrateful wo suggest that the people of Skeena
may Ik- excused if the-y do not join in the chorus of thanks led by the Conservative
press, praising the Provincial Government for its appropriation of $225,000 for
the coming year. $225,000 may sn-m a large sum its the private fortune of an
individual. It would build a nic*. hotel. Il is not much as an expenditure for a
district the size of Skeena, especially whoa ii i:** remembered that a large amount
ef this sum is m rely for .Ik- purpose of collecting taxation through the various
government agencies, the upkuep of jxjtty officials who render little useful service
and o.he-r like work.
It may help some people's sense of perspective to remember that $225,000 ia
exactly one-vighlh of the sum which the Federal Government has voted for the
building of a dry-dork in Prince Rupert.     *
A matter of satisfaction is the vote of $60.000���not $600,000 as a conttmporuy
wilh a fondness for exaggeration has it -for the building of bridges. This is u
nee-essary work in a hilly, rivered country, and one which will require many and
much larger grams in years io come.
In the matter of public works the Provincial Government may well follow
the faith of the Federal Government in the fueure of Northern British Columbia,
by making larger grants. A sum of $250,000���larger than the Provincial Government's whole appropriation for thc whole of Skeena, is to be spent next year by
the Federal Government on wharves and a marine depot at Digby Island; another
$100,000 for a quarantine station; other large expenditures have been set aside;
for wharves al Stewart, Massett, Charlotte City, Porcher's Island, Metlakatla
and Kincolith, while $35,000 is being spent by the Federal government on the J
construction of the telegraph line to Stewart which is almost linked up.
Money spent on such works, is money wisely invested.   Even such institutions j
aa the Dominio ��� government's wireless and meteorological stations, while they
do not directly earn dividends, tend to tho production of wealth by the protection
to livis and property they afford.   This has been demonstrated with great power
during the last few weeks.
The press of ihe district must not fail to repeatedly urge on both governments
tho need of making very liberal appropriation! for the development of this wealthy
but undeveloped northern country.
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to buy. or sell, or hire*, or loan?   Try The
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for rent.   Corner 5th Ave. antl Taylor St.
FOR   SALE-A   Safe,   u   Lumber   Wagon,   a
House.   Apply m T. A. McMartin. corner (ilh
Ave. and Tallow St. 21-33
HOUSEKEEPER WANTED  for two months,
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Office. 33-36
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X M . Optimist i Mllu* 14
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a retniniu-aT wnll.  laid in   cement   mortar,
������Unit 120 v-iiii-v    Apply toW. L. Barker,  Architect, between 1 nnd 2 o'clock. :U-:tr,
Secretary Wanted
Applications for the position of aaiiatant aecre-
tafy to the HoHpitnl Hoard will be received up to
the ir>th inat. The position ealla for full time to
be Riven and include* room and board. Applicant* must *tate qua! IA cation* and talary required.
A. CUTHBERT. Seeretary.
32-38 I'rince Rupert General Hotpital
The public are warned to keep away from the
works while blasts are being fired. Persons persisting in approaching after being warned do so
at their own risk.
201-tf Contractors
The Young Liberals Promise
The spectacle seem last night of sixty of the brightest and most promising young
men of I'rince Rupert enthusiastically engaged in the work of forming a Young
Liberals Club is one to raise the hopes of any loyal citizen. It was not merely
because ihey wore* Llboral. It would be an equally cheering sight if an equal number
of young men of like calibre and principle were forming a Young Conservative Club.
It is not the' man who diifers who is the enemy of progress; il is thc man who docs
not know, the- man who in his ignorance and blindness, can at the ballot box undo
the work of t he intelligent and conscientious citizen.
In adopting ihe principle that the hope of thi- country lies in education and
consistency to truth, the Young Liberals of I'rince Rupert have showed themselves worthy to stand side by siele with lhe Young Liberal parties of the world.
A Gifted Journal
Wlui; a gift for exaggeration the Empire has. It was bad enough to raise
the i;rant for bridges from $60,000 to $600,000. It wus natural to conclude that
the l.i gislatun m, an', ihv larger sum. But there is no excuse for making the Victoria limp in.o Cordova wit'- "one hundred and sixty tern ot water in her hold."
Tha. may go in ihe backwoods of Ontario, but we know better in I'rince Rupert.
Turkish Bath*
On and after Salu' lay, February 11,
our Turkish Baths will be in operation
and oiler th nuulic all thi comforts
and scientif. results obtainable in a
well nppoii. ed Imth. We are in a position to give Turkish, vapor, steam,
dry heai, Russian, shower or plain tub
baths. Thc attendant having a thorough
training and long experience in Battle
Creek Sanitarium and .various Turkish
bath parlors. Special treatment for
colds  and other  ills  that succum    to
stenm or dry heat and proper cooling
rooms. Wo invite inspection.���Dominion Baths, Second Avenue and Seventh
Street, H. A. Lcvonhagcn, Prop. Bt
The Future Life
On Sunday evening Rev. F. W. Kerr
will preach on thc subject of tht "Future Life." In view of thc. emphatic
''This-worldliness" of our age it will
be interesting to hoar what place he
will assign to "Other-worldlint-ss." The-
service  will   be  held   in  the  Empress
NOTICE���Residents of Sections 6, 7, 8
>A)lA.#.0.5** ���$*��'��;'V-..>^
Call up 'Phone No. 8 for Fresh and Cured
Meats, Fish and Vegetables, Butter and
Eggs and Home made  Bread.    :    :    :    :
...All   Orders   Promptly   Delivered...
Douglas & Allison
7th AVenue and Eberts  Street
Notice of Dissolution of Partnership
Notice Is hereby iriven that the partnership
heretofore exlstinir between us, the uinl.-i ���innrd,
as fruit, vegetable and Ash merchants in the city
of Prince Rupert, and known as the Prince Rupert Fish Market, has been dissolved by mutual
All debts owing to thc said partnership are to
be paid to The Prince Rupert Fish Market of
Prince Rupert aforesaid, and all claims against
the snitl partne-ship are tn be prevented to the
said Prince Rupert Fish Market of whom thc continuing partners II. J. Bacon and F. S. Evans constitute thc firm and by whom same will be settled.
Dated at Pnnce Rupert this 12th day of January, 1911.
11-1 mo F. 8. EVANS.
\]... HARD TIMES BALL R�� i"Rup���,
IN THR x. or r. hall iHelgerson flldg.)
A ,n i iv awarded to the most original and suitable
Admission $1.00
Ladies Free
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Our Special, lb. - 40c
Corner 2nd Avenue and McBride
_  Phone 187
cent increase in the prici of insurance
which thc people of B. C. would have to
pay. He described the bill ax cla:.s
legislation of the worstjkind. in the
interests of those members o the provincial government or the f lends of h se
membirs of thc provincia overnment
who have stock in the British Columbia
Fire Insurance Companies.
Liberalism, he said, has done one great
thing; it has put a vote into the hand
of every man. It had now to go on und
teach all men to use their vores intelligently. "This is a Liberal country,"
he exclaimed; "this is a Libernl age,
and Prince Rupert is a Liberal town.
Though at present run by the corporations, British Columbia is a Liberal
province, nnd it is for the Young Liberals
of the province to teach tho people that
they nre Liberals."'
Muat Have Organization
Alderman Pattullo thought that the
organization of the Association was most
opportune. There was a great deal of
work ahi-.iii. He did not mean merely
in a possible election campaign. He
believed that every election should
be fought out on the issues ot the day
for the wullbeing of the district of the
Dominion    (Applause).
Dr. Kergin said he had been struck
by thc lack of work at the provincial
legislature during the pnnsent session.
Practically all that had been done was
the framing of amendments to existing
measures. He had waited patiently
to see a bill introduced dealing with the
land question or wilh the forestry
question but in both instances he had
been disappointed.
A New View of Reciprocity
Mr. M. P. McCaffcry in an excellent
speech spoke of the great importance
of the reciprocity treaty to British
Columbia now that the Panama Canal
was going to open up thc eastern continent to the ships of the Pacific ports.
Mr. A. VY. McLean told of how he
and other Canadians had been driven
to the States by Conservative legislation when they were young men. Not
only were they driven away, but once
when he trie to get the dead body of
a friend brought back to Canada for
burial, the customs officer would not
even let the dead body of a Canadian
come back to its native soil, unless duly
wag paid. After the Liberal party came
into power > thc exiled Canadians all
wanted to come back to Canada, and
mast of them did so.
Mr. H. B. Campbell told of how the
j Liberal policy built up thcjcoal and
steel industries in Nova Scotia.    Mr.
j F. A. Ellis spoke of his experience*] with
the   >ou g    1,il.. nil-   i i     Hudderrflelii
! England, and how ��hey educated con-
I st II ll, nn,-s.
Mr. \V. H. Montgomery was ol the
'opinion that the Young Liberals would
I bc a great force in the province.   Aa
a Radical he welcomed the party which
i promised to accomplish most for reform.
Mr. E. H. Mortitmr could sec that they
Wars going to ba a l-ody to be reckoned
Ono of the most entertaining speeches
was the last one, that of "Tony" Chria-
tain. On behalf of his fellow countrymen hi* expressed his gratitude for the
honor showed them by electing him
to a place on the executive. Ho spoke
in praise of Canadian instutitions, and
promised by perfecting himself in thc
use of English, and by working among
his own i mintr.. men to do all he could
to build up thc organisation.
The meeting closed with three scheer
for Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
ATTENTION !-Old fashioned; Bean
Supper at Baptist Church on Tuesday,
February 21st, from 6 to 7.30 p.m.
Twenty-four hours ending 6   n. m.,
February 11.
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lumber a specialty. Delivery
nimlc ��t short notice.
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Cor Centre St. and First Ave.
Ev��r*one Landed in Dinghy���No
Shelter Found and Men Were
Like to Pel isli W n Two Rowed to
Rupert for Help.
A disusttr i hut might have resulted
Iin the Iota ��f many lives overtook the
llium-h Knox whilo coming from Ka Yex
|rivi*r to Prince Rupert with 20 passcn-
Ijerj ami mail. In the blinding snow
jstorm she ran on to the rocks between
I Inverness Slough and Porpoise harbor.
The launch was filling rapidly with
���water, and (or a few minutes hysteria
heiini the ptaeengen. Mr. E. C. Steph-
lenson the sheriff of Hazelton, Mr B.
iMulvaniy, nml Dan O.tlom, and ono
lot wo other    kept   their  heads   and
marshalled the rest of the passengers
into thc dinghy and in a series of trips
landed lhem safely on shore
There was no shelter near the spot
and the whole cr *wd might have perished but for the action of Mulvaney
and Oblom in undertaking to row down
to Prince Rupert for assistance in the
dinghy, a distance of sloven and a half
miles. Coming into Prince Rupert
they requisitioned another launch and
beat back tc the scene of the. wreck.
There they took on all the passengers
and brought them safely lo Ruptri, this
Among those on board were Constable
Delson, who wa in charge of the
Kispiox murder -r, Andrew Crosby. The
majority of tho others were railroad
men coming to town, and tho remaind- r
foreighn laborers.
Veteran Statesman Makes His Appearance on the Floor of the House
Assisted by His Son Who Signs for
London, Feb. 8.���Joseph Chamberlain paid his annual visit to the House
of Commons thc other day and t ok the
oath of membership. The general impression was lhat the health of the
veteran statesman had been improved
slightly since he was sworn in a year
He was assisted in and out of ihe
House by Austen Chamberlain and
Lieutenant Colonel Arthur H. Lee, and
the son signed his father's name to
the roll, Mr. Chamberlain making a
mark below thc signature.
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District-District
of Sk,-,-ii:i
Take notice that 1, Juhn McLeod, of Vancouver,
B.C., occupation hroker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
fullowinir described lands,
1. CommencinK at a post planted at the southeast corner of eoal licence No. 3829. marked J.M..
N.W. corner; thence south SO chains, thence east
8(1 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 1, lull Wilson GowinK, Airent.
I'ub. Feb. 11
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District���District ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod. of Vancouver.
B.C., occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on the
followioK-described lands.
2. CommencinK at a post planted at the sooth-
east corner of coal liceoce No. 3K29, mnrked J.M.,
S.W. corner; thence north 8(1 chains, thence vast
8(1 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west KO
chninB to point of commencement.
l'ntci] Feb. 1, 1911 Wilson UowinK, AKent.
Pub. Feb. 11.
Queen Charlotte Islands Land DUtrict���DUtrict of
Take notice thnt I. John McLeod, of Vancouver,
B.C.. occupation broker, inland to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroloum un the
followinK described lands,
:l. CommencinK nt a post planted nt the northeast corner of coal licence No. :I829, marked J.M.,
S.W. corner; thence north 80 chains, thence east
80 chains, thenee south 80 chains. Ihence weat 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 1. 1911. JOHN McLEOD.
Pub. Feb. 11* Wllaon Cowing, ABent
Qunn Charlotte Islands Land Diatriet���DUtriet ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod. of Vancouver.
B.C.. occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
followinK described lands.
4. CommencinK at a post planted two milea
west of the northweat eorner of eoal licence No.
S47S, marked J.M., S.E. corner, thence north 80
chsins, thence west 80 chstns. thence aouth HI
chains, thence eaat 80 chains, to point of commencement. JOHN McLF.OD.
Dated Fell. 1. 1911 Wilson Gowin*, Auent.
Pub. Feb. 11. ��
Quean CharlotU lalanda Und Diatriet���DUtrict of
Take notice that 1. John McLeod, of Vsncouver,
B.C.. occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to prospect for coal snd petroleum on the
followinK deacribed landa.
6. CommencinK at a post planted two milea
weat of the south-west corner of coal licence No.
3*1*. marked J.M.. N.E. corner, thence south 811
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenco north HO
chains, thence esat 80 chaini to point of commencement JOHN McLEOD.
Dsted 1st, 1911 Wilson Cowing. Agent.
Pub. Feb. 11.
Universal Favorite
Represents   the   last    word
Range construction
The Thompson Hardware Co.
We Have Moved
Helgerson Building
Union Transfer & Storage Co. Ltd.
Agents for Imperial Oil Company
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Little's NEWS Agency
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Kitsumkalum Land For Sale
MTSrVKAH'M ��� B   C.
���������i i-
Has earned its reputation of being the most popular
bottled beer in the world solely because of its superb
Quality and Purity, its absolutely in a class by
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Anheuser-Busch Brewery       Clarke Bros.
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Flannelettes and Outing Flannel.
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Electric Treatments ��� Specialty
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FEED . . .
Plumbing, Heating
and General Steam   Fitting
HillU-    lUsonvnlnf ll.lBrr~,n Block
English and American Billiards
Eight Tallin. Second Av*. COAL NOTICE
. Und District-
District o
.1. thai 1  John Mo-*-*01- ol X*n,C0UV!I:
eskiiotle*; ���� ,;lkJ.', inwnd to spply for per-
C.,��wil,ll'in.  I, coslsnd petroleum sn ths
laion to I1"'*1,   ,   '_,la.
to��i��8 *>''"''! ",f . post plsnted sbout one-
fcWSSSuU oi'ths northwest corner o(
mil,, soulh Ol  m. .""l"'.���V,   "i,    w
2530 marked J.  M.  N.   W
thence esat 80
thence west 80
jrdots m
���*�������������� V". " north CO chaina,
I ol comnH'ncement.oHN WU.QT)
,'iM |)��. WWli '���"' p. c. EUlott, Agent
���. thai I.'John McLeod of Vsncouver,
, broksr. intend to spply for per-
*__. notice
ttS5*��r"8nd pMroloum on the
Jlowins tariW Unds. about
ti *t i mil* ��gj m;r;i*i-*1 -j- M. S.W. Corner,
5 Sh M tt 'nenfe w��. SO ch.ina
iLim ol commencement,
F. C. Elliott, Auent
Tike notice
Wands Und Distrirt���District of
ihat 1, John McUod of Vsncouver,
intond to spply for per-
t,d?nn!.. south of the northwestco,
2 licence So. IBO marked J. M.S. I.. <
^?;lrp^&���.T.nd potriloum on
1    ���   .���.i,.���l   liin.ls:
���bout onr-
corner of
v ;,..,!. .iimhrti j. .... ����� *�����*. Corner,
"Si1 N chain., thenco weat 80 chains
SaStM chain., thencs esat 80 chalna  to
������rtfafm?1, JOHN M'LEOD
jin/il F* C Elliott. Agent
, Charlolte Inland* Und DUtrict-District o
Ut nonce ihat 1. John McUod ol Vancouver,
C uccupation broker, intend to spply tor peril w Manet Im coal and petrolsum on ttbs
,iil descriM lands*.
Commencing at a poat planted about one-
, ol . mile ""'th .1 &*y��-g*g%***g��"
,1 Licence So. WM marked J. M. N. E. Cornsr,
i wulh HI chains, thence west 8_  -Jielns.
i north -*U chain:
ill of commencement
dDee. 23nl. 1910.
I. Jin. 21.
thence east 80 chaina to
F. C. Elliott, Agent
sCbirUn-toUUnds Land DUlrict���Diatrictol
kilt notice th.t 1, John McLeod of Vsncouvsr,
|C,occupntion broker, Intend to spply for per-
ion lo pros|s*ct (or roal snd petrolsum on the
���in| diwnlrisi landa:
-Commencini* nl a |io.t plsnted on the l*ens
��ibout 1 1-2 ii.iii - from its mouth msrksd
I S.W. Curner, thenco aouth 80 chsins, thencs
; no chiins. thenre north 80 chsins, tbsnos
tin chiins to point ol eommencemsnt.
u Dm, Unl, 1810. JOHN M'LEOD
(.Jin.21. P. C. Elliott, Agent
a Charlotte Island. Und Diatrict���DUtrict of
JTlkt noun.' lhat I, John McLeod of Vsncouvsr,
|C,occupation broker, intend to apply for per-
on to prospect lor coal and petroleum on ths
gaming de.rn.Ms1 land.:
-Commencini; al a poat plantsd on the Dens
l ibout 1 1*2 miles (rom its mouth msrked
1. S. li.Corner, thsnos aouth 80 chaina, thence
�����. chaini. ther.ce north 80 chaina, thance esst
Itniini lo point of commencement,
ludlltc.nnl. I'JIU. JOHN M'LEOD
|b J.- .'. F. C. Elliott, Agent
< Islands i .md DUtriet���Diatriet of
[Tike nonce thu 1, John McLeod of Vsncouver,
IC, oecupition broker, intend to spply for per*
Miion to prospect lor cosl snd pelroleum on the
iUmict dnenbed landa:
17.���Comm..- r. .��� at a post plsnled on the Dons
|i.<t about I 1 : miiiv (rom its mouth msrked
'. S. E. Corner, ihence north 80 chsins, thence
Bt DO chum, thence south 80 ehsins, ihsnce esst
I chains to point o( commencement,
bud Dee. Mrd. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
feb. Jsn. 21 F. C.EJliott. Agent
k��n Chirloiu* Island. Und Diatriet���DUtrict of
J���. Skwns
���Tilt nouce thai 1. John McLeod ot Vsneouver,
^..occupation broker, intend to spply for per-
ion to pnapect lor cosl snd petroleum on the
Jwvrit deKnUsi landa
It-Commencing al a poat plsntsd  sbout 5
Wi ��mi ol i|���. northesst cornsr of  Timber
�� So. iUtt marked J. M.S. W. Cornsr, thsnos
IXI chiins, i banes i*ast 80 chsins, thenee aouth
��� tain., ihene, maj no chalna to point of com-
1 Dec. 24, ism.
I Jnn. 21.
F. C. Elliott. Agent
s Chariotte Islands Und Distriet���DUtrict of
.. Skeens
_****_*_* ">' I. John McUod of Vsneouver,
___��� 0Kup.ii.il, hroker, Inlend to apply for per-
���m u. pmpsei lor coal and petroleum on ths
���ijl Hscrlbsd lands:
���-Commencing Sl a pnsi planted sbout 6
���I MM ���l Uis imrthssat corner of Timber
PR No, Utn markisl J. M. N. VV. Corner.
: f"", S rlm"1". ""nee ssst 80 ehslna.
'north N chains, ihenee wsst 80 chsins to
k   "' ���ommeneetnent.
r""*����. F.C. Klliott, Agent
"Chsrlott.* Uinils l.,nd DUtrict -DUtrict of
���t.i. Skoona
ft"'*__*,""",' ��� 'SS Mel eod of Vsneouver,
a��V ''* "" '""""i'. intend to apply for per-
,"'"'""-I; <���'  �� eoal and pelroleum on ths
110 jt, d��cnl��,| |,ni|i: ���*
���       ' ommejir,,,,  ��,   .  po<.   p|,intw*   lboul  6
j�� Hi.   iiorthcaat corner of Timber
���'��� markwl J. M. N.  E. Comer.
ehaina, thence wsst 80 chsins,
P Nn.
' wuth
r��ef commencement.
__*,**_. 21. 19111.
p.. Jin 21.
��� Charlm
*��� notlc,. i
F. C. Elliott, Agsnt
Island" Lsnd DUtrict���DUtrict o
t&��nu��*l l'uJoh? McUod *t Vsncouvsr,
���m*[____*_m iun,r',nd ******* ��n *
s.-iTn".,?,";* "',,", DMt P-*-nt��l st th.
IM.S.K ,���".'"' o*1 '."-"nee rJo. 3482 marked
.��Mchii��� ��� ',"!nre no*'l* 80 **olns, thenee
L'k'in. to ,;,,h'?,".'""-���, S0 ���������"Ins, thence esst
M*} Dm. ft'..,"'. con"n*ncement.
*** Jin 21   '' ""��� ~ WHN M'LEOD
F. C. Elliott, Agent
���Chsrlo,,.. ,,,,���,,  Un|) Dlllrlct_Dlltrlct(),
Vt*notice*.-- ��� lkr"m
'��� il." u���,J.   ,nd Potroleum on Um
""���'".KM a  post  pUntsd   st  ths
lL.-i.ommencim>  .i   ,
Queen C harlotte Islsnds U d DUlrict��� Dintrirtol
K eens
Tsks notice thst I, John McLeod of Vsncouver,
11. ('.. oecupstion broker, intend to spply (or permission to prospect for cosl snd petroleum on the
following deacribed lands:
13.���Commsncing at a poat planteil st the
northesst. orner of Cosi Licence No. 3481 marked
J. M.S. W. Corner, thence north 80 chaina tlience
esst 80 chaina,thonce so th 80 chsina, tnence weal
80 chsina to point of commencement.
Dsted Dec. 26.1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub Jsn, 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Chsrlotts Islsnds Und DUlrict���District of
Tsks notiee thst I, John McLeod ot Vsncouver,
II. C, ooeupstion broker, intend to spply (or permUsion to proapect for cosl snd petroleum on the
foUowing described lsnds:
14 ���Commencin st s post psnte al Ihs
northeaat comer of Cosl Licence No. 3481 msrked
J. M' N. W.Corner, thencmouth SO chsina, thsnes
esat SO chsins, thsne north 80 ebsina, thence west
80chsi s to point of c i ,nen.- nent
Dste )ac.26,1910. IOHN M'LtOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. F.C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Lsnd DUtrict���DUtrlctol
Tske notics thst I, John McLeod of Vancouver
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for i er-
miaaion to proepect tor cosl snd petroleum on the
following describsd Isnds:
16.-*-Commencing st s post plsnted sbout one
mile esst of the southesst corner of Cosl Licence
No. 3477 msrked J. M. S. E. Corner, thsnee north
80 chsins, thrnee wart 80 chsins, tnence oouth 80
ehsins, thsnee eost 80 ehslns to point of commencement.
Dsted Dec. 29, 1910. JO        M1  FOD
Pub. Jsn. 21 F. C. Elliott Agent,
Quesn Chsrlotte lalsnds Lsnd DUtrict���DUtrict of
Tske notice thst I, John McLeod ot Vsnvoucer
B. C, oecupslion broksr, intend to spply tor per
mission to prospect for cosl snd petroleum on the
following described lsnds:
\*.���Commoncing st s post plsnted sbout ons
mile esat of the southesst corner of Cosl Licence
No. 3477 msrked J. M. S. W. Corner, Ihenre
north 80 chsins, thenee esat 80 ehsins, thsnee south
80 chsins, thenee west 80 cnsins to point of commencement.
Dsted Dec. 29th, 1910. JOHN    M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und Diatriet���DUtrict of
Tsks notice thst I, John McLeod of Vsneouver,
B. (.'.. oceupstlon broker, intend to spply (or permUsion to prospect tor eosl snd pelroleum on ths
following described lsnds:
17.���Commencing sl s post plsnted sboul ons
mile esat of the aoutheaat comer ot ('oal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. N. W. Comsr, thsnee soulh
80 ehsins. thsnes esst 80 chsins, Ihence north 80
choins, thence west 80 ehsin. to poin tofcommencement.
Dsted Dec. 29th, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. V. i ��� Klli,ai*. Ateni
Queen Chariotte Islsnds Lsnd DUtrict���DUtrict of
Tsks notics thst I, John McLeod of Vsncouvs
B. C, oecupstion bro ker, intend lo spply for dsT
mission lo prospect (or cosl snd petroleum on ths
(ollowing aescribed lsnds:
18.���Commsncing st s post planted about ons
mile esat o( the southesst comer ot Coal Licence
No. 3477 msrked J. M. N. E. Comer, thence aouth
80 chsins, thencs wsst 80 chsins. thence north 80
chains, thsnee eut 80 chsins to point of commencement.
Dsled Dec. 29th. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. P.C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Chsrlotts Islsnds Lsnd District��� DUlrict o
Tsks notice thsl I, John McLeod ol Vsncouvsr,
B. C, oecupstion broker, intsnd to spply for permission to prospeet tor cosl snd petroleum on the
following described lsnds:
19.���Commsncing st a post plsnted one mw
north of the northeost corner ol Cool Licence No
3477 msrked J. M. S. W. Corner, thencs north 8
ehsins. thence eoat 80 chains, ihence .outh b
chains, thsnee west 80 chsins lo point ot rom
Dsled Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. F.C. Elliott. Agenl
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und DUtrict- DUtrict of
Tske notiee thst I, John McLeod ol Vsncouver,
B. C., oecupstion broker, intend to spply for permUsion lo prospecl tor cosl snd petroleum on ths
following described lsnds*.
20.���Commencing sl s post plsntsd one mils
north of the northeaat comer of Coal Licence
No. 3477 msrked J. M. S. E. Comer, thence north
80 chsina, Ihence west 80 ehslns, thence aouth 80
chsins, tnence esst 80 chsins lo point of commencement.
Dsted Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agsnt
Queen Chsrlotte lalanda Und Distrirt - Diatrict of
Tsks notice thsl I, John McLeod of Vsneouver
B. C, occupation broker, inund to spply for permission to prospect for eosl snd pelroleum on Ihs
following described lsnds:
21.���Commencing st s post plsnled one mils
north  of  tho northeast  comer  ot  Coal  Licence
No. 8477 marked J. M. N. W. Corner. Ihenea
south 80 choins. thencs ossl 80 chsina, thenee
north 80 ehsins, thenee west 80 chsin. to polnl of
commencement. ..,.,., ......,,.,
Dsted Dec. 30. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
P\ib. Jsn. 21. F. C. Elliott. Agent
Queen Charlolle lalanda Und DUlrict- DUtriet ot
Toke notics thsl I, John McLeod ot Vsncouver,
B. C, oecupstion broksr. Intend to spnly lor permission to proMiect lor eosl snd petroleum on the
following ileaerlbed lsnd.:
22. Commeneing sl s posl plsnled one mile
north of the northeast comer of Coal Licence
No. 3477 marked J. M. N. E. Comer, thence south
80 chalna, thsnee west 80 chsins, Ihence north 80
chsina, thenes eost 80 chsins to point ol com-
Pub. Jsn. 21. F.C.Elliott. Agsnt
Qusen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und DUtriet-DUtrict o
Tsko notice thst I, John McLeod ol Vsneouver
B. C., oecupstion broker, Intend to spply lor permUsion lo prospect for cosl snd pstroleum on the
lollowing described Isnds: .    .  .   ....
28.���Commoncing st s post plsnted sbout one
mile norlh snd two milos essl ot the northrwt
comer sl cosl Licence No. 3477 msrked J. M.
8. E. Comsr. thence north 80 chsina. Ihence west
80 chsins, thenco south 80 chsins. thence esat Bt)
chsins to point ol commencement.
Dsted Jsn. 1,1911 _ JOHN. * LF.OD
Pub. Jsn. 21. F.C. Elliott, Agent
Qussn Chsrlotto Islands Und DUtriet���DUtrict ol
Toko notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to eppl> tor permUalon to prospect lor cosl snd petroleum on the
Queen Chsrlotte lalands Land District���DUtrict ul
Take n..lire that I, John McLeod ot Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, intend to apply for permission to proapect for coal and pertoleum on the
following described lands:
26.���Commencing nt s poet plsnted ahout one
mile north and two miles east of thc northeast
comer of Coal Licence No. 3477 marknl J. M
N. W. Comtr, thence south 80 chaina, thenco esat
80 chaina, thence north 80 chains, thenre wmt 80
chaina to point ot commenwment.
Dated Jan. 1,1911. JOHN M'LEOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands Und DUtrict���DUtrict of
Take notiee that I, John McUod ot Vsncouver,
B. C, oceupstlon broker, intend to spply for per
misaion to prospect for cosl snd petroleum on ths
following described Isnda:
26 ���Commencing st s post pUnted sbout ono
mile north ond two miles esst of tho northesst
comer of Cosl Licence No. 3477 msrked J. M. N.
E. Comer, thence south 80 chsins, thence west 80
ehsins, thence north 80 chsina, thence oaat 80
chalna lo point ot commeneement
Dated Jan. 1, 1911. JOHN M'LEOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. F. C. EUlott, Agen.
Queon Chsrlotte Islsnds Urn. nutrict- DUtrict ol
Toke notico thot I, John McUod ot Voncouvcr,
B. C, oecupstion broker, inlend to spply for permUsion lo prospect for cosl snd petroleum on the
following described lsnds:
27.���Commencing st s post plsnted sbout two
miles esst of ths south esst comer of Cosl Licence
No. 3477 msrked J. M. S. \V. Corner, thence north
80 ehslns, tbence eost 80 chains, thence south 80
chsins, tbence weot 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dsted Jsn. 1, 1911.
Queen Chsrlotts Islsnds Und DUtrict���DUtrict ol
Tske notico thot I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C, oceupstlon brokor. intend to opply for permission to prospect tor cosl snd petroleum on the
following described lsnds:
36.���Commencing st s post plsnted sbout two
miles north ol the northeast corner ol Cosl Licence
No. 3475 msrked J. M. S. E. Corner, thence north
80 chsina, thsnee weot 80 chsina, thence oouth 80
chsins, thenca osst 80 chsins to point ot commencement.
Dsted Jsn. 4, 1911 JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. F. C. EUiott, Agent
Queen Chsrlotte Islsnds Und Diatrict���DUtrict ot
Tsks notice thst I, John McLeod ol Vsneouver,
B.C., oceupstlon brokor, intend to spply lor permission to prospoct for cosl snd petroleum on the
following described lands:
37.���Commencing ot s post plsntod sbout two
miles north of the northesst cornor of Cosl Licence
No. 3476 msrked J. M. S. W. Comer, thence north
80 ehsins, thence eost 80 ehsins, thence south 80
ehslns, thence weot 80 chsins to point ol com
Dsted Jsn. 4.1911. JOHN M-LEOD
Pub. Jsn. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
I'ub. Jsn. 21.
Quoen ChsrlotU Islsnds Und DUtrict���District of
Tsks notice thst I. John McLeod of Voncouvcr,
B. C, occupotion brokor, inlend to spply for par-
mission to prospect for cosl snd potroleum on tho
JOHN M-UOPJ ***8P^"-******��?* ***?��
F. C. Elliott. Agent
38.���Commencing at a post planted about three
mile* north ot the northwest comer ot Cosl Licence
No. 3475 msrked J. M. N. E. Comer, thence south
80 chsins, thsnee wsst 80 chsins, thence north 80
Qusen Chsrlolte lalsnds Und DUtrict���District ot   chains, thsnee esst 80 chsins to point of com-
Skeens mencement.
Tske notice thst I. John McLeod ot Vsncouver.   Dsted Jsn. 4,1911. JOHN M'LEOD
B. C, oceupstlon broker. Intend ta spply for per-   i*���i, Jan. 21. F. C. Elliott, Agent
mission to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
follnwing deocribed lands:
28.- Commencing st s post   plonud sboul^two   ���k Und   Dlltriet_QUM���  Charlotte  Islsnds
mile, east of Ihe aoutheaat comer of Coal Licence Division
__-**S 1"^ ,{'  "���' -'.^i C,��?!b_' .'o.n��       Take notice lhat 30 dava afUr dsu 1, Susan
south 80 ehslns. thence es��t 80 chsin.   thenee   , ^^ , jgU-pt^ B. C., inund
north SO ehaina, thence weat 80 chalna to point ���"��� ���* ���    ���
ot commencement
Dated Jan. 1, 1911
F. C. Elllntt, Agent
to apply to the Chief Commissioner ot Unds, tor
s licenae to prospect for cool, oil snd petroleum
on snd under the following described lsnds:
Commencing nl s post plsntod at tho southeast
comer of Lot 601, C.rshsm Island, thonce north 80
chsins, thenr*** west 80 chsins, thence south 80
Queen Chsrlotte lalanda Und District���DUtrict of   chains, thence east 80 chains to point of commence-
Skeena ment snd eontshing 640 seres.
Tske notice thst I, John McLeod ot Vsncouver,    Doled Nov  16. 1910. SUSAN LEARY
B. C, occupalion broker. Intend to apply for per-   Pub. Doc 10.
mission to prospect for cosl snd petroleum on the
following drorrlbed binds:
29.���Commencing st s post plsnud sbout three   numn ChsrlotU Islanda Und DUtrict -District of
miln east snd one mile south ot the southeast Skeens
comer ot Cosl Licence No. 3477 msrked J.M.S. W .     Takt notlct thlt i_ Tho^ R   Davey ol Queen
Comer, thence north 80 chains, thence eaat 80   uhariott^ occupation  notary  public,  InUnd  *o
ehaina, thence south 80 chsins, Ihenee west
chsins to point of commencement.
D.ted Jsn. I. 1911 JOHN MLEOD
I'ub. Jsn. II. F.C. Elliolt. Agent
pply  for permission  to proapeet  for coal  and
potroleum on tba following described lsnd:
Commsncing  st  s poot planud  eleven  milea
north .   d ssvsn milss oast ot Section 13, Township
7, Oraosm Islsnd snd marked T.  11. D. N. E.
comer,  thence  wost 80 chains,  thenre  south   80
Queen ChsrlotU Islsnds Und DUtrict    District of   chains, thsnes osst 80 ehaina, thenc* north 80
Skrens chsins to point of commencement, contsining 640
Tske notice thst I, John McUod ol Vsncouver,   acrea more or less. ...,.      ��� ,,,    .
H. C. oceupstlon broker. InUnd to spply for per-   Dstsd Nov. 9. 1910. THOS. H. DAVLY
mission to prospect tor cosl snd petroleum on the   Pub. Doe. I. Wllaon Cowing, Agent
lollowini deaerlbed landa:
SO.���Commeneing   at   a   post   plsnted   sbout
thrre miles east snd one mile south ot the eourt
east comer of Coal Ueenee No. 3477 marked J
N. W. Comer, thence aouth 80 rhaina, thence
80 ehaina, thenc north 80 chaina, thenre wss
ehaina to point of commeneement.
Date.1 Jan. I, 1911. JOHN M'LKOD
Puli. Jan. II. F. C. Elliott. Agent
Queen CharlotU Islsnds Und DUtrict���DUUict ol
Tsks  notico that  Thos.   It.   Dsvey  ol  Queen
Chsrlolte,  oecupstion  notary  public,   intsnd   u
apply for permisaion  to prospoct   for cosl snd
petrolsum an ths following described lsnd:
Commoncing at a post  plsntod  eleven  miles
i north snd .even miles ssst of Section in. Township
" i. 67. T. II. D., S.
Ousen Chsrlotte IsUnds Und DUtrict���DUtrict of ' 7, Grshsm Islsnd snd msrked No,
Skeens E. comer, thence north 80 ehsins, thence west 80
chsins.  thenre  aouth  80 chsins,   thence esst  80
chsins to point ot commeneement. cnnUining 640
Tske notice ihst I, John McUod of Vsncouver,
H. C, oecupslion broker, Inund lo spply for per-
misaion to prospect for coal and petroleum on the   acrea more or less,
following drsK-ribed Isnds: L_ , Dsled Nov. 9, 1910.
81.���Commenring sl s post plsnted sboul three   Pub. Doc. 3.
mile, eo.i  and one mile south ol ths eouthsoot
comer ot Coal Urenc* No. 3477 marked J. M.
N. E. Comer, thenee south 80 chain., thance srest
80 ehsins, thence north 80 chsins. thence east 80   Qussn I hsrlotu l��lond. Und Dutnct
chsins to polnl of commecnement. _.,,_..-
Dsted Jsn. I. 1911. .-"-MLM L.FOD
Pub. Jsn. II. '��� C. Elliott, Agsnt
WUwn Cowing, Agent
- DUtriet ol
Skeens Und Dwtrict���Queen Charlotte lahindo
Take notice that 30 tlsyn after date, I, Charles
Helmer, farmer, ot Skidegste, 11 C, intend to
apply to thu Chief Commueiiiiner of Units, tor a
lcense to prospect for coal, oil and petroleum on
and under the foUowing described lands:
Commencing ul a post plnnted two m.los south
of the southeast corner of Lot 501, Craham Island,
thence nouth 80 chainn, thence west SO chaina,
thenee north 80 chains, thence east 80 chnina to
point of commeneement. and containing 6-10 acres.
Dated Nov. 16, 1910. CIIAHLEK HEI.MKll
Pub. Dec. 10.
Queen CharlotU Islanda Land DUtrict���DUtrict of
Take notice that 1 Thos. R. Dsvey ol Queen
Charlotte, occupalion notary public, inUnd to
apply tor permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following deocribed land:
Commoncing at a post plsntod thirteen milss
north and seven miles esst ot Section 13, Township
7, Urahsm Island and markod No 64, T. II. D. N.
E. comer, thence west 80 chsins, thence south 80
chains, thence eost 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 640
seres more or loos.
Dated Nov. 8,1910. TIIOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 3. Wilson (iowing, Agsnt
Queen CharlotU Islsnds Und Dictrict���DUtrict ot
.'ake notice that I, Thos. It. Dsvey of Queen
CharlotU, occupation notary public, InUnd to
apply for permission lo prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at a post plsnted thirteen miloa
north and eleven miles east ot Section 13, Township
7, Grshsm Islsnd snd msrked No. 56, T. D. H., N.
W. comer, thence east 80 chains, thence weat 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence south 80
chsina to point ot commencement, conuining 640
seres more or less.
Dsted Nov. 8. 1910. THOS   R. DAVEY
Puh Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agent
Queen CharlotU Islands Und Distriet���DUtriet ol
Take notice lhat I, Thos. R. Davey of Queon
Chariotu, occupation nolary public, inlend to
apply for permisnion to prospect tor coal and
petroleum on the foUowing described lsnd:
Commencing at s post planted thirteen roues
north snd tivs miles osst of Section 13, Township
7, Graham Island and marked No. H, T. R. D., N.
E. comer, thence west 80 chains, thenee south 80
chainn, tnence east K0 chains, thence north 80
chsins lo point ot commsneement, conUining 640
seres more or leas.
Dsted Nov..��, 1910. THOS. II. DAVEY
Pub. Dee, '1. Wilson (iowing. Agent
Queen Chariotu Islsnds Und District���DUtrict of
Take notice that I, Thos. R. Dsvey ol Queon
CharlotU, occupation noury public, inund to
apply for p i ion to prospect tor coal i nd
petroleum on the following described land:
Commencing at s post plsnted thirteen miss
north snd five miles eut of Section 13, Township
7 Grahsm Inisnd and marked No. 63, T. R. D. N.
W comer, thence east 80 chains, thence nouth 80
chains, thenco west 80 chsins, thence north 80
chains to point ot commencement, controlling 640
seres more or leio
Doted Nov. 8, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dee. 3. Wilson Gowing. Agent
Quoen ChorlotU Inlands Und DUtrict-Diitrict of
Tske notice thst I, Thos. R. Dsvey ol Queen
Cbsrlotu, oecupstion noury public, intend to
opply for permUion lo prospect for cosl snd petroleum on the followini* described Und.
Commencing at a post plsnted thirteen luilm
north snd eight mUes east of Section 1.1, Townnhip
7. Grahsm Islsnd and marked No. 74, T. R. I).. S.
W. comer, Ihence east 80 chainn, thence north 80
chains, thence west 80 ehslns, thence south 80
chains to point of commencement. conUlning 640
acres more or less, _
Dsted Nov. 12. 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dee. 3. WUson Gowing, Agent
Quoen Chsrlolte lalands Und DUtrict���Distrirt ol
Take notice that 1, Thos R. Dsvey ol Queen
(-harlotte, occupation notary public, intend to
apply for permission U prospecl for coal and
pelroleum on thc follnwing deacribed land:
(-ommencing at a post pUnted two miles north
and Ave milen esst ot Sectinn 13, Township 7,
Grahsm Islsnd and msrked No. 13, T.R.D., N. W.
comer, thence esst 80 chsins, thenre nouth 80 chains
thence wesl 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
point ol commencement, containing 640 acres moro
Dated Oct. 29, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Nov. 17. Wilson Gnwing, Agent
Qusen CharlotU Islsnds Und DUtrict -DUtrict of
Toko notiee thot I, John McLeod ot Vancouver,
B. C. occupation brokor, Intend to opply lor per*
Tako notico that I, Thos. R. Davoy of Queen
Charlotto,   occupation   noUry   public,   InUnd   to I __-���,
apply for permission to proopect for cool and ' Skeena Und DUtrict- Queen (harlotte Islanda
pstroleum on ths following dwacribed land: .,���D,iv���i<"!      , .   ,   _���    ���...a
-Commencing ot a post plsnud thirteen mUes ; Tske notice thst 30daysafter dau I. ���*'���,''"��nd
north and Ave miles esst of Section 13, Township , G. Tspert, fsrmer, o Skidegste, tl. C.. intend to
7. Grshsm lalsnd snd msrksd No. 76, T. D. R.. S. j opply lo the Chief Commiasioner of Undn. lor o
W. corner, thence east 80 chsins. thsnos north 80 license U prospect lor cosl, oil snd pelroleum on
ehalns.  Ihsnce wost 80 ehaina,  thonco south  80 ' ond under the following described lsnds:
SgSo-ru_mm_mi_mtmi'mmpmtmmm***** ___$_,, j_73___(TsMMmmmb^���BtjdntoiHO     commencing at o poot pU��t*i ���at'-llLSK
  ��� ���nt ot the southeast comer ol Lot ouj, iiranam
WUaon Gowing, Agont
following deacribed lando: acraa moro or lass.
82.���Commencing at a post planud about ono   p,^ Nov. 12, r
mile north ot the northweal comer of ( oal Ucenoo   p���b. Doe. 8.
No. 3479 marked J. M. 8. E. Corner, thence north
80 ohains. thence west 80 chsins. thenee south 80 ,
chalna. tbence east 80 chains to point ol com*
BSnSfr, Hll. JOHN MLEOD   ***** CharlotU IMUnd DUtrict-DUtrlct ol
Pub. Jan.21. F. C. Elllott. Agent      Ttke notlei th��� .) Tho,. K. \).ny 0t Queen
1 ChsrlotU,  oceupstlon  noury   public,   inund   to
Queen Cluutotu lsI.nd.Und DUtrici- DUlrlc, ol   JPgjJ- ffgfejg, g3fi fo""1   *""*
'-'��� "s - -   -   post   plsnted   "������
oast of the southesst comer I	
Sua, thence north 80 chains, thenee cant 80
ehaina, thenco south 80 chsinn, thence weal 80
Chsins U point of commencement, snd containing
DalwINov. 14 1910. FERDINAND G. TAPERT
Pub. Dee. 10.
Skeena   Und   DUtriet���Queen  Charlotte  Islanda
Take notice that 30 days atler dste I, rerdinsnd
G. Tspert, Isrmer, ot Skidegste. II. (".. intend to
' ���.-�����. 11?    UcenM No. 3481 markod
.�� chain, Thel I!"n�� north 80 chains, thence
SS S 1 ������ TJSSS B0 eh*ln��, timi** eoot
'J*4 l*c. It11 ,   "on-mencement.
������.It JOHN M'LEOD
F. C. EUiott, Agont
following dearrihed landa
Jommonelng ot 0 poat planted about one
mile north ond two miles **_L9f_*__*f*_T
comer of Coal Licence No. 8477 marked J. M.
8. W. Comer, thence north 80 choins,   hence
east 8*0 chsins. thonce oouth 80 ehalns, thence
DS��d0J.n,,in,19ir,nt """""""JOHN M'LEOD   Dated Jan. 4.1911
pStTjan?2l! F. C. Elliott, Agont   Puh. Jon. 21
choina. thenee.
Dated Jon. 4, 1911.
Pub. Jon. 21.
F. C. Elliott. Agent,
DUtrict of
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und DUlrict
Toke nolice thot I. John McLeod of Vancouver.
II C occupotion broker, intond to opply lor permission to prospoct for coal and potroloum on the
following described lando:     ._____,,     ___.
84.���Commencing at a poot plonted about one
mile north of the northweat comer ol (oal Ueenee
No. 3479 markod J. M. N. E. Comer, thenee oouth
80 chains, thence
chains, thenee es
Bsnsh, wu       i��><�� m-i.w.1.
Pub. Jan. 21.
-jot 80 chsins, thenee north 80
st 80 ehaino to point ol corn-
Queen Chariotu Islsnds Und Dictrict���Distrirt ot
Tsks notice thst I. Thos. R. Dsvey of Queen
Chsrlotie, oecupstion nnUry public, Intend to
apply tor permiss,on to prospect for cosl snd
petroloum on the following described lend:
Commencing st s posl plsnted thirteen miles
north snd eight mUes east ot Section 13, Township
7. Grshsm Islsnd snd msrked No. 66, T. II. D., .N
W. comer, thonce oast 80 ehslns, thence south 80
chstns, thence west 80 chsins, Ihence north 80
I ehslns U point ol commencement, conuining 640
Pub. Dec. 8. WUaon Cowing. Agenl
F. C. Elliott. Agont
Queon Chariotu Islands Land Dhtrtet���District of
Take notice t hot I, John MoLood ot Vancouver.
B. C , occupation brokor. Intond to apply for permisaion to prospoct tor coal and pstroleum on the
following described londs
Skoona Und DUtrict���Quoen CharlotU Islands
Tske notice thst 30 dsys sfter date I, Ferdinand
G. Tspert. fsrmer, nf SkidegaU. B. C.. InUnd U
apply U tho Chie" CommUaioner of Unds, fnr s
license to prospect for cool, oil ond petroloum on
mile north ol tho northwest comer
No. 3479 marked J. M. N. W. Cornor, thencejooth
80 chains, thonce east 80 eholno. thonco north 80
ehaino, thonco west 80 chaino to point of com-
"*""���"' JOHN M'LEOD
P. C. EUiott, Agont
corner .1 Ut Ml, Grahom Islsnd, thsnee south 80
ehslns, thonce oast 80 chains, thonce north 80
chsina. thonce west 80 eholns U point ol commencement, ond conUlning 640 ocree, fc_-���
tinted Nov. 14,1910 FREDINAND G. TAPERT
Pub. Doe. 10.
Skeeno Und Dlotrict���Queen ChorlotU Islands
Tsks notice thst 80 dsy. slur dsu 1. Ferdinand
G. Tspert, former of SkidegaU, II. C, intend to
apply u the Chiel Commlsuoner ot Unds, lur a
license u prospect tor cosl. oil snd pelroleum on
snd under the following deacrihed Isnds:
Commoncing at a post planted 20 chains north
of the southwest comer ot Lot 544, (.rshem laland,
thence north 80 chains, thence esst 80 chsina,
thence south 80 chsinn, thence west 80 chnins to
point ol commencement, and conUining 640 acres.
Dsted Nov. 14. 191 0. FREDINAND G TAPERT
Pub.  Dec. 10
Skeens Und  DUlrict���Queen  ChorlotU  Inlands
Take notice that 30 days sfter dsU I, Charlos
Helmer, larmer of SkidegaU, B. C;, InUnd to
opply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands, for a
license to prospect for cosl, oil snd petroleum on
and under the following described lands:
Commencing at a poat pUnted three miles
south snd one mile west of the southeast corner of
Lot 601, Graham Islsnd, thence wost 80 ehaino,
thance nouth 80 chain., thenee east 80 ehaino,
thenee north 80 ehsins to point of commencement,
and containing 640 acrea.
DatedNov. ll, 1010. CHARLES HELMER
Pub. Doc. 10. UE   PRIME    KUPERT    OPTIMIST
Queen    harlottelslanda Ijmd District���District ol
Take notice thut 1, John McLeod ot Vancouver,
U. C, occupation broker, intond to apply lor permission to prosjwct lor coal and petroleum on the
folio* ini! descrilied lands:
1.���Commencing at a post planted ut the northweat corner Lot 171 being the northwest corner
marked J. McL. N. W. Corner, thence east 80
ehaina, thence south SO chains, thence ������ SO
ehains, thence north SO chains to point ol commencement. .���,.��, .... *.,,��-,
Dated Dec. 23, li>10. JOHN M LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Dass. Agent
Queen Charlotte Islands l-and Diatrict���DUtrict ol
Take nolice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C��� occupation broker, intend lo apply lor permiaaion to prospect lor coul and petroleum on the
lol!.>un i: described lands:
2.���Commencing at a posl planted al the northwest corner Lot 171 being the northeast corner
marked J. McL. N. E. Corner, thence neat bo
ehains. thence south SO chains, thence eaat bO
ehu.ns, thence north 80 chaina to point ol commencement. ,���.,v, .... **r\r\ ,
Dated Dec. 23, 1910. JOHN M'LtOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Daaa, Agent
Queen Chariotte lalanda Land Diatrict���Dutrict ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, Intend to apply lor per- i
miaaion to prospect (or coal and petroleum on the .
loUowing deacribed Unda:
8.���Commencing at a poat planted one mile
north ol the northwest corner ol Lot 171, marked
J. McL. N.W. Corner, being Ihenorth-we t corner,
thence eaat 80 chains, thence aoulh 80 chains,
thence weat 80 chaina, thence norlh 80 chaini lo
point ol eommencemenl. .��������, .... ��,,,,,
Baud Dec. 24.1910. JOHN M'LtOD
Pab. Jsn. 21. W. Daaa. Agent
Queen Chariotu IaUnda Land Dlalrict���Diatrict ol
Tike notice that I, John McLeod ot Vancouver.
B. Oh occupation broker, inund to apply lor per-1
anieeiim to prospeet (or coal and petroleum on the
loUowlng deernhed landa:
���J.���Commencing al a poat planted one mile
north ot the northweat eorner ol Lot 171 being the
northeaat eomer marked J. McL. N. E. Corner,
ihence weat SO chains, thence aouth SO chains
thence eaat 80 chaina. Ihenee north SO chalna to
Doint o( commencement.
Bated Dec. 24. 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan.21. W. Daaa, Agent
Queen Chariotu lalanda Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol
Take notice thai 1. John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. ��'., occupation broker, intend to apply lor permiaaion in proepect tor coal and petroleum on the
lollowing deacribed Unda:
t.���Commencing at a poat planted one mile
���aorth ol the northweal corner of Lol tti being
the aouthweat corner marked J. MeL. S. VV. Corner, thenee north 80 chains, Ihence eaat 80 chains.
thence aouth 80 chains, thence weat 80 ehains to
point of commencement.
bated Dec. 24,1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan 21. W   Daaa. Agen
Queen CharlotU Islands Und DUtrict ���District ol
Take nolice that I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
il. ('.. occupation broker, Inund lo apply lor permiaaion to proapect (or coal and petroleum on the
(ollowing deacribed landa:
6.���Commencing at a post planted one mile
north of the northweat corner of Lot 171 being the
aoutheaat corner marked J. MeL. S. E. Corner.
Ihence north 80 chains, Ihence weat 80 chains
thence    south 80 chaina, thenre enst 80 chaina ( j
Klnt of commencement,
lied Dec. 21. 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Daas, Agenl
Queen Charlutte Islands Land Diatrict Diatrict ot
Tuke notiee thai I. John McLeod .ol Vancouver,
11. ('., occupulion broker, inund io apply (or permUsion lo proepect (or coul und petroleum on tho
following described lands:
12.��� Commenring at a post planted 10 chains
west ol the northeaat corner of Lot 473 being the
southeast eomer marked J. McL. S. E. Cor., thence
west 80 chains, thence north B0 chaini, thence
east 80 chuirs, thonce soulh SO chains to point ol
commencement containing MO acrea.
Dated Dec. 26. 1910. JOHN M LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. DSSS, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalands Und DUtrict -District ol
Take notice that I, John Mcl*od ot Vancouver.
B. t*��� occupation broker, inlend to apply for permission to prospect (or coal and petroleum onlhe
(ollowing deacribed landa:
13.���Commencing at a poal planted at the northeaat comer ol Lot 42 lieing lhe northweat corner
marked J. McL. N. W. Cor., Ihence eaal 80 chaini,
Ihence aouth 80 chaini. thenee west 80 chaina.
thance north 80 chaina lo point of commencement
containing 640 aerea.
Dated Dec. 28, 1910. JOHN M LLOD
Pub. Jan. 21. V.. Daaa. Agent
Queen Chariotu lalanda Land DUtrlct-DUtriet of
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver
B. C, occupation broker, inund to apply lor permiaaion to proapect for eoal and petroleum on the
tollowing deacrihed landa:
14.-Coinmenclng at a post planted at the northeaat comer ot Let 42 being the northeaat comer
marked J. MeL N. E. Cor.. Ihence weal 80 chaina,
thence aouth 80 chalna. thenee enat 80 ehains.
Ihence north 80 chnina to point ol commencement
containing 640 acrea. ___    __ ���__
'laud Dec. 28.1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Puh. Jnn. 21. W.Dnna. Agent
Queen Chariotte lalanda Und DUtrttt-DUtrict of
Take notice thai I. John McLeod of Vancouver.
B. C. occupation broker, intend to apply lor per
mission to proapeet lor conl nnd petroleum on lhe
lollowing deecribed landa:
jS.���Commencing nl n poet plnnted at the
northeaat corner ot Ut 41 being the northweal
corner marked J. MeL. N. W. Cor., thenee enat
80 chaina. tbence eouth 80 ehnlni. thenee weat 80 .
ehaina. thence north 80 chnina to polnl ol commencement conlnlnlr.g 640 aerse.
Dated Dec. 28. 1910. JOHN MLLOD
Pub. Jan.21. W. Dass. Agsot
Queen CharlMie lalands Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol
I Tnke notiee thnt I. John Mcleod ol Vancouver.
B. C. occupation broker, Intend lo a|.pl> lor i- r-
miaaioD to proapect for eoal and petroleum on lhe
��� following deacribed landa:
16.-Commencing nt n poat plained at the
northeaat comer of Ul 41 being the northeaat
corner marked J. MeL. N. E. Cor.. Ihei.ce weal
80 chalna. thence aouth 80 ehaina, thence eaal 80
chalna. thenee north 80 chaina lo point of eommencemenl conuining 640 aerea.
Dated Dee. 28, .910. JOHN  MLEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. "*'��� Daaa. Agenl
Queen Charlotte Islands Und District - District ol
Take notice that 1, John McUod ol Vancouver,
B, C, occupation broker, intend to apply lor permUsion to prospect lor coul and pelroleum on the
following descrilied lunds:
23. Commencing at u post planted ut the
northwest corner ol Ut 10 lieing the southwest
corner, marked J. McL. S. VV. Cor., thenee eust
80 chaina, thence nortli 80 chains, Ihence weat
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to point ol
commeneement containing 640 acres.
Datod Dec. 30. 1910. JOHN  M'LLOD
I'ub. Jan. 21. W. Dass. Agent
Queen Charlotte laiands Und District���District ol
Take nolice that l.John Mcleod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupalion broker, intend to apply for permiaaion to proapect [or coul and petroleum on the
following described landa:
24.���Commencing at a poat planted at tho
northwest comer Ut 10 being the southeast
comer marked J. McL. S. E. Cor., thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence oaat 80
chnins, tnence south 80 chains to point of commeneement containing 640 acres.
Dated Dec. 30. 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
Pub. Jan.21. W. Das., Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und DUtrict���DUtrict of
Tnke notice thnt I, John McLeod ol Vancouver,
B. C occupation, broker, intend lo apply for permisaion to proapeet for coal and petroleum on the
following deacribed landa:
26.���Commencing at a poat planted one mile
north of the northweal corner of Ut 39 being the
northeaat comer marked J. MeL. N. E. Cor.,
thence weal 80 chnina, Ihence south SO chaina.
thence enat 80 chnina, thence north 80 ehaina to
point ot commencement containing 640 acrea.
baled Dec. 31. 1910.
Pub. Jnn. 21
VV   Dnaa, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und DUtrict - DUtriet o
Tnke notiee thnt I, John Mcleod of Vnncouver.
B. C oeeupntion hroker, intend to apply for permiaaion tn proapect for coal nnd petroleum on the
mission lo i-roeperl lor coal
lollowing ifrerrlted landa:
17.���t ommencing  nt  n
poet plnnted nt the
northeaat eorner ol Ut 41 being the eouirMat
corner marked J MeL. S. E Cor., thence went
80 ehaina. thence north 80 chaina. thence ena*
SO ehaina, thenee aouth SO chnina to point of
commencement containing 640 aerea.
Deled Dec. 26, 1SI0. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W . Dnaa. Agent
Queen Chariotu lalanda Und DUtrict -District..(
Tnke nolice lhat 1. John McUod o( Vancouver,
B. C, occupntion broker, intend to apply (cr per*
miaaion to prospect (or coal and petroleum on the
following descrilied Unda:
7.���Commencing at a poat planted 30 chaina
weat of the northeaat corner ot Ut 46 being lhe
northweat corner and marked J. McL. N, W
Cor., thence eaat 80 chaina, thence south 80
ehaina, thence weal SO chalna, thence north 80
ehnlna to point ol commeneement conuining 640
DaUd Dec. ?fi. 1910. JOHN  M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21 W. Daaa. Agent
Queen Charlolte Islands Ut.d DUtrict���DUtrict of
Take notice thai 1, John Mcl.eod of Vancouver.
B. C-, occupation hroker, inUnd to apply for permiaaion to proapeet for coal nnd petroleum on the
lollowing decribed landa:
8���Commencing at a poat pUnted 30 chaina
weet of the northeast comer of Ut i:> being the
northeaat comer marked J. MeL. N. E. Cor.,
thence west 80 chains, Ihenee aouth 80 chains,
ther.ce easl 80 chains, ihence north 80 chaina to
point of commencement containing 640 acres,
baud Dec. 26, 1910. JOHN M'l.KOD
Pub. Jnn. 21. W  Dasa. Agent
Queen Charlotte laland! Und DUtrict -DUtrict of
Take notice lhat I, John Mcleod of Vnncouver,
B. C., occupation broker, inUnd to apply tor permission to pruspect tor coal and petroleum on the
lollowing descrilnsl lands:
9.���Commencing at a poat planted 30 chains
went of the northeast corner of Ul 473 being the
northwest corner marked J. McL. N. W. Cor.,
thenee east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains
thenre wesl 80 chains, Ihence north 80 Chaina
to point ol commencement containing 640 aenss.
Dated Doc. 26, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan.21. W. Daaa, Agent
Queen Charlotto Islands Und DUtrict��� IHstrct ol
Take notice that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker. Intend to apply (nr permUalon io proapect for coal and petroleum on the
lollowing neeerihed lands:
10.���Commencing at a posl planted 30 chaina
���treat of tho northeast comer of Ut 473 being
the northeast comer marked J. McL. N*. E. Cor.,
thence weat 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains,
thenee enst 80 chains, Ihenee north 80 chains to
point of commeneement conUlning 640 acrea.
bated Dec. 26, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Daaa, Agenl
i Charlotte Islands Und DUtriet���Dtatrict ol
Tnke notice that I, John McUod of Vancouver,
B. C��� occupntion broker, Intend to apply for permUalon to prospect for coal and petroleum on the
lollowing descrilied landa:
IL���Commencing at a post planted 30 chains
areat nl the northeut corner ol Ut 473 being the
eouthwent corner marked J. McL. 8. W. Cor.,
thence enst 80 chains, thenre nnrth 80 chaina,
theneo weat 80 chains, Ihenee south 80 chalna
to point of commencement conuining 640 acrea.
Dated Dec. 2S, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Daaa, Agen
Quern rharlottr Ultndt Land District    DUtrict ol
I     Tak* notic* th��t I. John Mc I ***��\ of Vftnrouvrr,
1 11. C, occupation broktr, intend tn ��; i K (or i i r
, mlMilon to pnMpoct (or conl and petroleum on the
(ollowinf dpucrihed landi:
18.���C ommencinR at a poat planted at th* northeaat corner o( l_ot 41 beinn the aoutha-eal corner
marked J. Met.. S. W. Cor., thenct* rut M) chalna, I
thence norlh  HO chaina, thence wtet  HO chalna,!
thence aouth HO chalna to point of commencement .
containing 840 aerea.
Dated Dec. 2*. IftlO. JOHN M'LEOD I
1Mb. Jan. 21. W. Daa*. Avert
Queen Charlolte lalanda land IHatrict -DUtrict of
Take notice that 1, John Mel-eod o( Vancouver.
B. C, occupation broker. Intend lo apply (or per- j
miaaion to proapect for coal and petroleum on tha
lollowing deacribed landa:
19.��� (ommenctn-c at a poat planted at thai
northwf-at corner of I.ot 40 bflng the northwwat i
con ��� r and marked J. McL. N W. Cor.. Uw.ee ;
eaat K0 chaina, Ihence aouth HO chalna, thence ���
weat 80 chalna, thence north HO chalna to point I
of commencement containing M0 aerea.
Dated Dec. .10, 1910. JnllN  M1.li 'I' ���
Tub. Jan. 21. W. Daaa. Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Und District    Diatrict ot
!     Take nntice that 1, John Mcleod of Vancouver, '
B. C, occupation broker. Interd to aipl) (or per- .
miaaion to proa)>ect (or e��el and petroleum on tha -
I (ollowing oeacrlbed landa:
20.    Commencing   at   a   poat  planted   at  tha |
aouthaeat corner n( l.��it to being the northeaat .
'corner and marked J. MeL. N. E. Cor., thence'
I weat HO chaina, thenc* aoulh HO chaina, thanee I
eaat HO chaina. thence north HO ehaina lo point:
o( commencement containing 840 acraa.
1 Dated Dec. 30, 1910. JOHN M'LEOD I
I 1Mb. Jan.21. W. Daaa. Agent !
Queen Charlotte lalanda land Diatrict -Diatrict of
Take notice that I, John McI*od of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, inlend to apply (or permiaaion lo proapect (or coal and petroleum on the
following tii-nrril-e-i landa:
21.���Commencing at a poat planted at the
northweat corner of |y>t 40 being the northweat
comer and marked J. McL. N. w. Cor., thence
eaat HO chain*, thence aouth HO chaina, thence
Veat HO chain*, thence north HO chaina to point
of commencement containing 840 acraa.
Dated Dec. 80. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Daaa, Agent
Queen Charlotte lalanda Land DUtrtet   -DUtrict ot
Take ootkw that I, John McLeod of Vancouver,
B. C, occupation broker, inland to apply for par-
miaaion to proepect for coal and petroleum on tha
foUowing deecribed landa:
28. -Commencing at a poat planted one mile
north of the northweat comer of Lol 39 being the
aoutheaat corner marked J. MeL. S. E. Cor.,
thence waat 80 chaina, thence north 80 chalna,
thenc* eaat SO chaira, thence aoulh 80 chalna lo
point of commencement conuining 640 acraa.
Dated Dec. 41. 1910. JOHN  M'LKOD
1Mb. Jan. 21. W. Daaa. Agent
Skeana Land Diatrict    Dtatrln of Coaat
Tak* notice that  Henry  Macartney of Prince
Kupert. B.C., occupation miner, Intenda ta apply
for permiaaion to purchaae the foUowing deacribed landa:
Commencinf! at a poat pUnted on left bank of
Ex-chum-atk Kiver about two and a half milea
from Ita mouth and about one half mile above
rapida. thence north HO chalna. thence eaat 40
chalna, thenre aouth HO chains more leaa to river
hank, thence areat 40 chalna more or laaa along
river bank to point of commencement, containing
XHi acrea, more or leaf.
Date Dec. 10. 1910.
Pub. Jan. 7. 1911. HKNRY MACARTNEY
Skaena Land DUtrict 'DUtriet of ('oast
Take notica lhat Edward Thomaa of Vancouver,
B. -' . occupation timber man, Intenda to apply
lor permbeion lo purchase the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted on tha waat ahor*
of LakrUc Lake about 60 chains in a north-easterly
direction from tbe outlet at the lake (La Kelae
Hivari tbence north 20 chns, thence waat 40 chaina,
thenc* aouth 20 chaina to the lake ahore, thenee
fnllowiag the lake shore to point of commencement,
containing 80 acres more or leaa.
Cated Nov. 7, 1910, KDWAKD THOMAS
Pub. Dm. 10
Queen Charlotte lalands Und DUtrict -DUtrict ot
Take nntice that I, John Mrl .��.<���.] nf Vancouver,-
It. ('., occupation broker, intend tn apply (or per
misaion to prosnect (or coal and petroleum nn tba
following described landa:
22. ���< ommencing at a poat planted at tha
northweat corner ot Lot 40 lieing the northeaat
eomer and marked J. MeL. N. K. (or., thenca
weat 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains, thenca
east HO chain*, thenee north HO chalna to point
of commencement containing 640 acrea.
Dated Dec. .10. 1910. JOHN M'LKOD
Pub. Jan. 21. W. Daaa. Agent
Notice in hereby given that an application will be made to the Legislative
Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at its next session for an act
to incorporate a company under the
name of the "Naas ��y.<i Peace River
Railway Company" with power to
build, construct, maintain and operate
a railway of standard or narrow gauge
to be operated by steam, electricity or
othu/ motive power from the head of
Naaoga Gulf, in the Province of British
Columbia, up the Naas Kiver to its
junction with the Kitmancool River,
thenre following the Kitmancool River
easterly towards the Babine River,
thflOOl easterly up and along the Babine River to a |>oint at or about its
junction with the Neelkilkwa River,
thence northerly and easterly to the
Nation River, theaee easterly along the
Nation River to the Pine River, thence
east, rly along the Pine River and
hrough the Pine River Pass to the
easterly boundary of the Province of
British Columbia; with power to build :
brnnrh lines and with power to con-
struct, acquire, own nnd maintain!
wharves and docks in connection therewith, and to construct, -acquire, own ���
charter, equip and maintain steam and
o;her vessels and boats and to operate
the same in navigatible waters and with
all the powers given by the "model
railway bill" and with other such powers and privileges usual or incidental
to all or nay of the afortsaid purposes.
Dated the 20th day of December, A.
D. 1910.
Solicitor for the Applicants
D 22-.I24
Skeena Land District-District of Queen Chariott
Take notice that Catherine Bowman of Vancouver, H. ('., occupation spinster, intends to apply
(or permission to purchase the following doscribed
Commencinf; at a post nlanted on tho shore near ,
the mouth of Juskatala liny, at about tho north- '
west corner of Timber License No. 30895, thencs '
east 80 chains, thence north 20 chains more or lesa
to the shore, thence westerly following the shore',
buck to the place of commencement, containing .
160 acres more or lesa.
Pttb. Nov 5. A. E. Jettup, Agent
Skivna Land District���District of Queen CharlotU
Take notiee that C. W. StancliiTe of Vancouver, !
B. C-, occupation consulting engineer, intends to
apply   for  permission   to  purchase  the  following
described landa:
('ommencing at a post planted at the southeast
corner ol Timber License No. 30895 about one
mile south and one mile east of the entrance to
Juskatala Bay, thence north 20 chains, thence eaat
80 chains, thence south 20 chains, thence west 80
chains to the place of commencement, containing
180 acres.
Dated Oct. 7, 1910. C. W. STANCUFFE
, Pub. Nov 5. A. E. Jeaaup, Agant
Skeena Land District-Distriet ot Coaat Range 5
Take notice that Charles M. Wilaon of Prnce
Rupert, B. C, occupation real estate agent, intends
to apoly for permiaaion to purchase the following
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted at tha northeaat
corner of Johnaon'a aurveyed lot No. 684, thonoe
weat 30 chains more or leaa to 10 chains east of
Pete DeBoor's surveyed pre-emption (Black'a
recent aurvey Auguat 25, 1910) on the vast side
of I-akelae Lake, thanee north 80 chaina to tha
aouth line of William Gainey's lot surveyed August
20, 1910, thence eaat SO chalna, thence aouth 80
chains to point ot commencement, containing 240
acres more or leaa.
Pub. Nov. 5
Skeena Land DUtrict-District of Coast
Take notice that Mary Hall of Port Simpson, B.
('.. occupation nurae, intends to npi.lv for permiasion to purchase tha following deacribed lands:
Commencing at a poat planted at tha aouthweat
corner 100 chafna east and 20 chalna north of the
northeast corner of Lot 1116 (Harvey Survey),
thence 80 chalna north, thence 80 chalna eaat,
thence HU chalna aouth, thence 80 chains west to
post of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or lesa.
Dated Nov. 14. 1910. MARY HALL.
Pub. Dec. 17. Fred Bohler. Agent
Skoena Land District���District ���*( Coast
Tske notice that Sarah E. Alton of Port Simpaon,
B.  C,  occupation   aurae,  intanda  ta apply   for
perraiasinn   to   purchsae  tha   following   daacribad
Commencing at a poat plantod at the northwest
corner 140 chains east and 20 chains aouth of tha
northeaat comer ot Lot 1116 (Harvay Survey),
thenca 80 chains aast. thenca 80 chains south,
thence 80 ehaina west, Ihence north 88 chains to
post of commencement, containing 840 seres, more
or leas.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. SARAH E. ALTON
rub. Dec. 17. Fred Bohler, Agant
Skwna Lnnd District-District of Coast
Take notice that L. W. Sloan of Prince Rupert
occupsUon housewife, intenda to apply for permiasion   lo  purchase  the    following   deacribed
CommencinK at a poat planted at S. W. corner
l��t 1707 marked L. W. S. aouth cast corner and
running north 80 i*hains, thenre weat 20 chains,
thence.aouth 80 chaina, thence eaat 20 chains to
Klnt of commencement, containing 180 -acrea.
ite Dt-c. 22, 1910.
Pub. Dec. 31. 1910. LURECTIA W. SLOAN
Skeena land District  -District of Coaat
Take notice that May Dinee-a of Port Simpaon,
B. ('.. occupation stenographer, Intends to apply
for permisaion to purchaae the following deacrihed
Commencing at a poet plantad at the northweat
corner 108 chalna eaat and 20 chaina nerth af the
northeast coroer of Lot 1116 (Harvey Survey),
thenca 80 chains esat, thance 40 chaina aouth,
thenee 80 chains want, thance 40 chains north to
the pout ot commencement, containing 320 acrea,
mere or lass.
Dated Nov. 14, 1910. MAY DINEEN
Pub, Dec. 17. Fred Bohler, Agent
Quaen CharlotU lalands Land District���Diatrict of
Taka notica lhat 1, Thoa. R. Davay of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, Intend to
apply for permiaaion to proapect (or coal and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a poot planted three miles
north snd seven mllea eaat of Section 13, Townahip
7, Graham laland and marked No. 70, T. R. I).. N.
E. corner, thenca south 80 chafna, thenca weat 80
chaino, tbence north 80 chaina, thence east 80
chsina to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more or leaa. .
Dated Nov. 11, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEV
Pub. Dec. 8. Wllaon Gowing, Agent
Quesn Chariotta lalanda Land District���District ut
Tske notice that I, Tboa. R. Davey of Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, Intend to
spply tor permiaaion to proapect for cool and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing at a post nlanted thirteen miles
north snd rive mllea eaat of Section IS. Townahip
T, Graham laland and marked No. 77, T. R. |>., S.
W. corner, thonoe eaat 80 chains, thence north'80
chains, thence west 80 chsina, thence aouth 80
chalna to point of commencement, containing 640
acrea more or leea.
Dated Nov. 13, 1910. THOS. R. DAVEY
Puh. Dec. 3. Wilson Gowing, Agant
Queen Charlotte lalsnda Land District���District ot
Take noUce that I, Thoa. R, Davey ot Queen
Charlotte, occupation notary public, Intend to
apply tor permission to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following deacribed land:
Commencing st s post nlanted thirteen miles
north and Ave miles eaat of Section 13, Township
7. Graham laland and marked No. 78, T. R. !>.. S.
K. rorner, thence weat 80 chalna, thenoe north 80
chains, thence eaat 80 chains, thence aouth 80
chains to point ot commencement, containing 640
acrea more or less.
Dated Nov. 13, 1910. TMOS. R. DAVEY
Pub. Dec. 8. Wllaon Gowing, Agent
One of the Largest Hydraulic Placer
Propositions in the Northwest -
Machinery and Supplies Ordcred-
Will Start Work Early.
Whtu   promiiis   .���  l���   ,��� , .^
largest hydraulic place* proji eta in the
Northwist has just ni-b mud,, known
hun* whin Guorg. \V. Oitfcrson, mining
engineer, of Soattil and elevi n mm Mt
ihis morn'ng for Haz.lton where they
will hire twenty pack, m io t:ik<- supplies
into the Omineca placer districts at the
earliest possibU moment.
The particular properties thuy own
were stake on Mot-son Creek about
four yearn ago by Giorge Pollock. Upon
examination last summer by Mr. 0t-
tcrson and others it is said dnir report
agreed upon at least two million cubic
yards which will averagi at least f_
per cubic yard. Upon re urning to
Hazelton they ordered supplies from the
Hudson Bay Company at that point
ahticipating a s arcily of suppliis in
the spring. The organization is known
a the Manson Gold Mine Dredging
Artists    Too    Temperamental   and
Quarrels Spoil Voice
Skeena Lsnd Diatriet���Diatrict ol Cosat
Tsks noUc* that Hume   Bablngton ol Prinos
Rupart,  maat��r  mariner,   intenda to spply   lor
permlMiinn In leaae the lollowinK deacribed land:
A small island In the Sksens River about lour
mil��� sbeve Telegraph   Point containing about 60
Dated Dec. 14. 1��1��. HUME BABINOTON
Skeena Lsnd Diatrict���Distriet ol Coaat
Take notice that Hume Bablngton ol  I'rince
Rupert,   msaler  msriner,   Intenda  ts  spply   lor
permiaaion to lesae the lollowing described lora-
Commencing   at   a   poet   planted   on   a   amall
island In tbe Skeena Kiver ahout three mllea above
Te'r-graiih Point thencs southerly 2000 lest.
Dated Dec. 14. 1910. HUME BABIONTON
Chicago, F<?b. 8.���Enri o Caruso,
Italian opera singer, philosophize on
the question of marriag,. while hire. He
wan toying with a handful of music
sheets when he met Dowapaper m n.
"What is this talk about your going
to get married?" he wa** asked.
"If you are a philosophir you can
avoid lots of trouble. If you don't get
married, you never have any domKtit-
troubl s, ar.d you don't haw to botha
with divor rt. No, sir I am never going
to be married. Art its im t o um|nr-
mental for married life, and it spoils ihe
voice lo uarrel. It s|H>ils thi temper,
"Now, you know that a sing, r has to
be in good humor io sing. Do you
know that?
"The best mu ic teachers tell their
pupils to smile or assume a pleasant
countenance, at leant, when th* "ing.
The. want you to be in a plea****,
frame of mind to get the best note* I
always sing best wh^n I am happiest.
Singing is really an expnssion ol h:p-
"Now," if I married and had a s. at
with the missus jus*, before going on
thc stage, it would no longer be 'the
great Caruso.' Oh, no, everybody wffld
be saying that Caruso was losing his
We have been appointed agentl tot
the Canada-Wost fit* Insurance Co.,
a strong progressive broad company,
and arc therefore abl*. 10 handle -
reasonable line in the congested dlltn*
���Law-Butler Co.
Application For  Hotel    Liquor   I*
cense For the Savoy Hotel
I, Alexsnder Jsmea Prudhomme ..' tt* CijJ "j    j
Prince Rupert, in the Province of B.1 ��� "
keeper, hereby apply to the Board * ���SJ****,
Ciimmlasiiinera for thc aaid City 01 ' ""'���,!���., He.
for a hotel liquor licenae to eell """',"" "*,h.l
uora under the provlBlnns of the Itsni ���       ���
behalf and the bylaws of the city "f Jff_*S_\
ert snd sny amendments U-STSU-, "" '"' ',    ,itu.
known and deacribed aa the   buviy >���' " '���     ,hc
ste on lota 13 snd 14. block 33. -"'-""" ,'������, Rl
city of Prince Rupert, to eommsnes on
dsy of March. 1011.   ,icwM. I*
And I hereby aarce that In **** ��� As.
granted pursuant to this sppllcsti;"I, u ��� m
latic shull be employed or be permi I SO i (
aaid premlaea other than In thecapai' '      ^ _-
or customer, nor ahall Aa'atics l��- ������ j .    _. |���
aaid premlaea to do sny work to lie ussu
any way connected with mM *>*����'**^p, ���,i,l II*
And I hereby agree that I "hn I MW11|m, _m
cenaeaubject to thia w���*1"''1"'���;, ,.���. liable t"
breach of thia agreement ahall remi i " ,( ������
the pensltlea provided for In the ��� no.
Liquor Licenae By-law.     _.      .,,������.rt, H. C.
MypoatoBlcesdclreaaliHrimclM'erfc   |( (h(1
The nsmea and addreaaea ol'th- JJ" Ai,,s���ml*-r
premlaea proposed tobe ���gJJg.B.c" ��~ A
Jamea Prudhomme, Prince Rupert, u.*-
run'y' Alexander jambs i-huumummi THE   PRINCE
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
Our Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
Come and see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
Royal Bank of Canada
Head Office: MONTREAL.
Capital, $5,000,000
Surplus, $5,700,000
Total Asit-ti. $70,000,000
Established 1869.
Savings Bank Department, $1 will open an sccount.
Hranchet- throughout Canada and Banking Connections with all parts of the
Bran United States.
Agents throughout the world.
H. P. WILSON, Manager. Prince Rupert Branch.
Perfection Oil Heaters
Rayo Lamps
I    Power Plants
NOTICE IS HEREIIV GIVEN that application
will be made to the Parliament of Canada at the
present session thereof, fnr an Act to incorporate
' a .ailwa) company under the name of "Hudson'".
Bay, Peace Kiver and Pacific Railway Company"
with power to lay out. construct and operate a
line or lines uf raiiway from Port Nelson on Hudson's Bay; thence in* a northwesterly direction to
Fort Churchill on Hudson's Bay; thence westerly
lietween the fifty-eiithth and sixtieth parallels of
Intittlde to, at or near  Fort  V��*lli.i..i.*ll oa the
Peace Kiver; thence in a southwesterly direction i
to. nt or near Fort St. John; thenee westerly and
northwesterly to l��auricr Pass; thence westerly I
1 but  .lirl.il* south thouirh keepinK north of the j
lif ty-slxlh parallel to a point at or near where the
Niuih Kiver crosses thc fifty-sixth parallel; thence
down either the east or west side of the Nuns Ki-
. vcr to a point at or near where it enters the Pacific Ocean and from thence to the Pacific Ocean nt
' or near Port Simpson, also fioma point on the
aforementioned course at or near Kort St. John
' southeasterly to the city of Edmonton in the Pro-
' ���.!..,, ,,f Altierta, and from n point on the said line
��� of railway at or near where it touches Cochrane
! river, aoutherly and aoulhwesterty to the city of
Prince Albert in the province of Saskatchewan;
with power to construct and operate t.-lcsraph
and telephone and cable lines for Kenernl public
I purposes; to carry on, construct,   maintain and
operate boats and ferries for the purposes of the
railway and other puriioses; to acquire and make
use uf   lands, wi.trrli.ts.  wharves, docks, dock-
'   yards, slips, warehouses, elevators and other conveniences; and with power to enter into ai*Tec-
nients with other empanies.
For the Applicant.
Dated at Winnipeir this twenty-second day of
December. 1910.
dm 6w Smith a Johnson, Ottawa. Airenis
"There is a beneficent growth of
democratic public opinion against the
worst survival of barbarism, war, a
growth rooted in thc convictions that
the democratic masses pay all the
costs of war, and that war cosib more
and more in both blood and treasure.
"The progress of democracy has already made dynastic wars impossible,
and bids fair soon to prevent wars between Christian nations for the conquest of territory. The strong tendency
of democratic opinion against war is
one of the best signs of our times."
In  these   words  Dr.   Charles  Eliot,
Emeritus   President  of   Harvard   Uni-
1 varsity, concludes a powerful paper on
1 "Democratic Tendencies   Safe and Unsafe."
"Democracies tend to increase tht
number of elective offices and to elect
their officials for short terms. This is
one of the most undesirable tendencies
that democracies have manifested. The
theory of this subject is, that thc people
really part with their power to a few
professional political managers, of whom
the most intelligent are themselves
"Ii, is a natural consequence of fre
Steam and Gasoline Supplies
and Repairs
Rupert Marine Ironworks&
Supply Company, Limited
OFFICE:    In Naden Block. 2nd A...
WORKS   At Hays I .-ck.
Roger's Steamship Agency
Through ticl ets to all points in
United States and Canada by the
Northern Pacific Hailway. The
Kinest Train across t'. e Continent,
connecting nt NEW YORK, HOS-
by White Star. Red Star, American. Dominion, White Star, Dominion, Ciinanl, French Line,
North (ionium Lloyd, Hamburg
American and Canailiiiii Northern
Steamships. For all information
write me or call at oflice.
GF.NF.RAI.   KAII.KOAI)   AND   8. 8.    AC.F.NT
city mm COMPY
I   Call 'Phone 18
Orders Promptly : j ,
Section 1
Rlock 7, lot 14, $1840; $1140  cash,   $550
in 6 months, $550  10  months, $400
in 12 months.
Block Ifi, lot 80, $4,000; cash $1,000
Block 20, lot IS, $5500; cash $3800.
Block 2fi. lot 2.1, $3,750; cash $2,000
Block 28, lots 8 and 4, 81,800 ea; terms
Block ''ll. lot B. $1,300; terms
Block 41, lots 17 and   18,  $7000;   $3000
balance fi, 12,   18 months,   with  8
room house.
Block 81, lot 27  with   three  buildings,
$7,600; cash $4,000
Section 5
Block 27, lot 32, $750; terms
Block 28, lot 24, $700; terms
l Block 311, lots lit, 20. $1,350 pr; terms
| Block 42, lots 5 and 0, $050 ea; terms
Section 6
; Block 3, lots 3 and 4, $2,500 pair
i Block I. lots 21 and 22, $1,000 each
Block 7, lots 80 and 31, $1300 each.good
i Block 17. lot 21, $1,20(1
! Block 21. lot 20, $1,000
I Rlock 28, lot 20, $1,025
Block 28, lot 88, 1826: cash $325.
Block 81, lot 15 with hoOfM, $850
Section 7
Lots  on   Eighth   Ave.   $375.
Several good buys on Fifth and Sixth.
Section 8
Double corners  on   the Plaza at $550
per pair.
Fiirnislied house in good location $25
per month. Several unfurnished
houses in all parts of the city.
Attended   to.
Office: 6th Ave. and Fulton St.
McCaffery & Gibbons
Real Estate and Insurance  ���   Third Aa
Si*<tliin  I,   Lot 21.   Ul.ick   14.
Section li  Lot .1.  Hlock 111.
G. Hulbert, Vancouver, B.C.
quent elections and the multiplicity of
I elective offices -n a democracy that
I the number! of Legislatures and officeholders should b? frequently changed.
At any one moment, therefore, many
of the legislators and officials ar? without expericntv in the management of
public affairs, and are therefore not
only ignorant of iheir duties, but timid
in entering upon ilu m. Feeling strongly
their own inexperience and 'neapurty,
they naturally wish to follow precedent.
Hence the extraordinary conservatism of
democratic administration.
Class Legislation
"Despotic and oligarchic Governments always used vheir powsr to promote the interests of the throne, the
nobles, and the priests, that is, of certain classes, very small in comparison
with society as a whole Democracies
exhibit the same unpatriotic tndency
to pre mote through legislation and
otherwise the -nterests of separate
classes in trfe community, but the
favored classes' are not small, but
large, as, for instance, trades-unionists,
labours whose income is small, and
m.chanics as Ruch.
"To g!ve any private persons or any
special class advantages through Governmental action is alway.i prejudicial
to the interests of th.* community as a
whole; and it is by no means clear
that illegitimate favors to a large class
are less 'njurious than illegitimate
favors to a small one. It v/oultl be
safer, therefore, for democracies to
avoid all sorts of class legislation, both
thost which aim at giving special privileges to a class or classes; but to
this rul ��� oxivpt-ons may wisely bc
made in communiti*!(��� where the abjectly poor are numerous, or the v^ry rich
become oppnssive.
Creation of Sinecures
"Moreover, most d.-mocruciis exhibit
a tendincy to outdo arislrocratlc government in ths creation of sinecures;
but the sinecures exist for the most
part in the lower grades of the public
service; more cl .rkp lire mployed
���him are needed, more laborers are set
to dig a ditch than can possibly work
in to advantage, postmasters are allowed to hire for a fraction of their
salaries assi tants who do almost all
their work; unnecessary substitutes are
employed because the regular men ure
given shorter hours, longer vacations,
cr more holidays t hun are really needed.
Most democtratic errors increase expenses and dimiti'sh cMic'ency.
"All democrae'es tend strongly to
collective action through public law,
and through the action of the enumerable corporations, associations, and
combinations which are fostered by
democratic legislation.
The Balance of Merit
"Let us now turn to the wholesome,
or des'rable tendene'es of democracy.
In the first place���and this is fundamental���democratic government tends
to quicken the courage and energy of
i the citizens.
'Democracy has the effect to make
I the -ndividual citizen, and society as a
whole, habitually hopeful. Thc democ-
raciis are all characterized by a great
expectation of progress and improvement���of greater good tc be. Now,
hope is a prncipal element in both
private and public happiness
"The broad suffrage which a democracy must confess contributes strongly to the mental development of the
mass of the people. In any genuine
democracy there will always be a considerable amount of new legislation,
and this legislation will have a progressive quality. Democracy recog
nizes no fixed permanent code, either
in law or in ethics. No single authority come out of the past prevents progress in Chr-Btian State, as the Korean
a fixed, unalterable authority in both
church and state, obstructs progress In
"All democracies tend to spend more
and more money on education of all
kinds, elementary and advanced, cu.-
tural and utilitarian, liberal and technical, or indus rial, linguist'c, historical
and scientific. Thi-. is the wisest tendency of democracies, because :gnorunce
and superstition make genuine freedom
"Recent yean have supplied many
demonstrations of thc ruth of thi
statement that In democracies a well
informed public opinion ultimately decides all political and social questions
Not the equality of ail men, or even
equality of opportunity, but 'ntinite
diversity with appropriate and available opportunity for each sort of human
being, is the democtratic goal."
~ Hotel ~
Prince Rupert.
As its name im!
The   First Hotel in Northern
British Columbia
Both in cuisine and urns-int-
ments. Electric Ughtad
throughout. Baths on
every tloor, free to gucsU.
Hose reels throughout house
with ample pressure for
fire protection.
European and American Plans
Commercial Kates.
J. E. GILMORE -   - Manager.
rimber Cruisers   and Mining Engineer*]
Can Hire From Thi*
Rover Boat House]
None Imt Mibcr am]
I AllKirUCC        competanti
LAUriUlEiJ employed
Western Fuel Co.'
Notice to Our Customer*
Hecaus ��� of other parties misrepresenting themselves I will -Mi-sonally collect
ail accounts due this company during
February So do not pay accounts until
I call as wc will not lecognize them ���
City Scavenging Co , H L Dixon       2*1
Electric  Wiring
A. T. Parkin & Co.
Centre Street.
1 he new steel Passenger St.-anwr
Prince Rupert every Surolaj
at 9 a.m. for Vancouver,
arriving Monday afternoon
For Stewart City on arriya
from   Vancouver  rri
night. N
Northbound, leaves Yancouj
ver Wednesdays at 9 |>.m.
1836 1910
The Bank of
British North America
A stroii)* British Bank, with
i oiiiit-ctioiis throughout the World.
���aid Up Capital.     ���     $4,886,��8
Reserve Fund   ���     ���    $2,530,660
The Bank has Branches distri-
buted throughout all Canada and
offices in London, Kng., New
Vork and San Francisco.
Special care given to Savings
Accounts, which may be opened at
.ill Branches with deposits of one
dollar and upwards.
Accounts of Firms, Corporations
.���mil   Individuals carried on the
most favorable terms.
Prince Rupert Branch���
r. S. LONG,      M**m-_.t.
Steerage Fare
The "Camosun" is  "^J.'^tl
on the run having'-.afr-ti-!���1
heads awl double botto    ��   *'J
roring safety ol pi     ������'��� ��'���***
of collision '"' STeCK.
J. H. Rogers. Ticket Agent|
F. M. DAVIS ftft
General Machine 8ho|       ijfflfc
Carpentering. A.���� <���*���*��� * - .'^lli11(.
hanka-Morse   ami  K    '"*, u
Engines.   Gasoline Engtoi - ���"'*
cessories carried In Itoes.
Ullrich.* .nd Bout, for Hir-   N.E. �������
The Light that R^^Sfit
Local business men re. onus
This well-known gasoline liH1'1 '
exclusively b.V
'ITS NOT MUCH USE' 1 chips from the
Insist on having
J. H1RSCH & SONS Limited,
Distributing Agents for Northern B. C.
Real Estate
I ..iv. Store ami Basement
on  Sectmd  Ave.
Lot 2, Block 6, Section 1,
Second   Avenue,
W80; Terms
Employer's Liability
F. B. Deacon
Open F.venings       Alder Block       SIXTH ST.
(SubdlvMm of Sec. 9) about 200 yards from waterfront
"ii*  Subdivision   it   the   only   inaide   subdivision   not  owned
by  the  Railroad  Company.
Lots from $700;  Very Easy Terms
Samuel Harrison & Co.
j    Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agents for Stewart Land Company,  Limited
4* ., i
Plaintiff tin law suit 1��� So you think I
will b t ,hi* money, do  ou?
His Counsel���-I think wi* will got It.
Belle - Wouldn't you ra.her sit down
than hang on to a strap?
BUulah- Wi.ll, it all depends.   If I am
on   hi? in*    '    lather hold to any old
liinK than sii down.
Indignant Magnato Iwhost pet measure is likely to fall)- What do you th nk
you were elected for, anyhow
Distinguished Senator (with a dreamy
faraway gazei- For six years���I hope
'ead The   Optimist
And Get All the News
"Young man," said the serious person, "don't you realize thai the love of
money is the root of all evil?"
"Well," answered the s|)cndthrift,
"you don't see me hanging on to money
as if I lovid it, do you?"
"Sir, you seem to be troubled."
"I am. For the laU thne years I
have done nothing but pa out moniy,
money, money, and get no visible return for it. If this keeps up much
longer, I'll soon be a pauper."
"Che< up I, too, have a son at college."
"Kind lady," he faltered, pointing
to his dilapidated, soleless boots, "my
feet are absolutely frozen. Have you
a pair of boots to give a poor man "
She rummaged in a c pboard, and then
remarked: "How you must suffer this
bitter weather. I've no boots, but here's
a pair of old skates ye can have and
Professional Cards
Second avenue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law- Butler BuildinR      Phone No. 280
I'rince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of British Ciiluinlila of B.C. Ontario,Sas-
untl Manitoba Bare. katchewun  niul Al
berta Bars.
Hamusteks. Notaries, Etc.
Officf-ExchatiKP bl����ck, corner Third avenue an<)
Sixth t-itrL-ct. I'rince HuoerU 8
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., U.D.S.
Crown antl Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully m*ati*d. Qu ant)
local anantheticfl admin intered for the pninlwtH extraction of teeth. Consultation free. OHices: 19
;inil 20 Alder Hlock. Prince Kupert. ii-12
Clvtl and Mining Enu i 'h ami Surveyora,
Repots,   Finns.  Specifications,   estimates.
Wharf Constructor, Etc.
Office:   2nd Ave., near First Street
rurlt. OP WM.  H.XiiN.  HO..  A.K.A.M.. I.I1N.. I'M:.
A Modern Romance
"I wish," he said, as he pushed up
his right cuff so that she might not
see how it waa soiled, "I could tell you
how we missed you when you was away
la t summer."
"Really, did you miss me very much?"
she asked, as she used u hairpin to
scratch her scalp where it itched under
the large wad of imported hair that she
was wearing.
"It seemed as if the days were twice
as long as usual," he assured her, trying
to get his left foot into such a position
as to minimize the pinching of his shoe.
"I suppose you had a glorious time and
never got homesick for a minute."
"Oh, yes, I enjoyed myeslf very
much," she admitted, as she tried to
yawn while pressing her lips together,
"but of course there were times when
I missed m   friends very much."
"Do you expect to go South this win
ter?" he asked after he had carefully
felt a pimple on the back of his neck.
"Well," she said as she tenderly
pulled at a hang-nail on one of her little
lingers. "I haven't made up my mind
yet. It will depend a good deal on the
kind of weath-r wc have here. Would
you miss me if I wits to go away?"
"Sure thing. The wintt r 'ud seem
twice as long if you w is nw.iy."
"Quit your kiddin'."
'Molly, you know I think 1 whole
lot of you."
"How could I help seeing it?"
"Then why do you treat me so cold?
"My goodness How you talk And
your wife hasn't even surted for Reno
yet. When she get her divorce, come
back and we'll talk it over. wanl
you lo und-rstand that I'm a respect-
abla girl."
Good Buys and Easy Terms
Prime residence lots in section 7, $350
$50Jcash, balance monthly
Lot in section 5, $450-$100 cash,
Balance monthly
Lot on 3rd Ave., section 1, $4260
Lot on 2nd Ave., section 1, $3500
Second Ave.    ���    and   ���   Eighth Street
Alex.M.Miuisi.ii.il.a.       W K,Williams.ii.a. 1 .1. 1..
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.0.0.F
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All  members of  the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
The Westholme Lumber Co.
First Avenue
Telephone 186
Property Owners
and Tenants
On 1st, 2nd and 3rd Aves.
Between Fulton and Sth Sts.
We hnve been instructed by Head OHlce to accept
Additional Fire Insurance
Liverpool & London and Globe, Phoenix Assurance Company, British America Company.
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
Owning Real Estate in Prince
Rupert, B.C., may find a ready
purchaser, if the price is reasonable, by addressing
P. O.   Lock  Box 43,    East Livepool,
Columbia  County, Ohio, U.S.A.
Owned and operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
steam heat, electric light, and all
modern conveniences, being absolutely lirst-class in every respect.
The appointments and service
are equal to any hotel on thc
Rates: $1 lo $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Windsor Hotel
Newly Furnished and
Steam Hested Rooma
P.O. BOX 37
The New Knux lintel is run on the European
plan. Flrst-closa scrvi.*e. All the Latest Mislern
improvement*. ���:���:- BEDS We UP
Royal Hotel
Cor. Third Avenue and Sixth St.
Thr Kiiii-i Ki-orni.
The ln'M equipped
and ntrnm hi i*\*<\
Hut nnd cold Imth*
Uininjt i��� n-ni and
Corley & Burgess, Props
Sprinj* Beds, clean White Sheets  25c
Rooms 50c
Labour   Bureau in connection
All kinds of positions
f unished	
J. GOODMAN. Proprietor
Phone I7S, Prince Rupert, B.C. THE  PRINCE   KUPERT   OPTIMIST
r'a* i
It      ]   ifttj^t^t^fi^ia-tSna-ffltfi    |      ������
A portion of our
Spring order for Silks
ia to hand. It contains several pretty
Paisley patterns, natural and colored Pongee, black Taffetas,
Peau de Soie, Duchess
Satin, colored Taffetas,
Tamolines, Jap Silks,
etc.    :::::::
In the same shipment are a nice range
of pretty Jap Crepe
Kimonas in long and
short lengths. Prices
$1.50 and $2.50.
&lfi- ****** *VJF*3tfiltift^l &13T& *t*
I *-, l*)**Mf**I   ������   ��!>>   II   mi   ***��>*****)   **   *m   H   *A   ll��lll
f} H. S. WaDace Co. 57
���"**      Phoa* �� LIMITED      ���**
****** ******
1 1 Fulton Sl. ��nd 3rd Av*. i 1
First Baptist Church, W. H. McLeod,
11 a.m. -Morning Worship, subject
of sermon, "The Fulness of God."
11.30 p.m. Bible School and Brotherhood Baraca Bible Class taught by the
7.HO p.m. ���Evening Sen-ice, subject
of sermon, "The Cowardly Comrades of j
J. sus.' You are cordially invit��d to
worship with us. Church at Sixth and i
Fran-r streets.
STsi*si .. si i.
J  rMfe
****** \
****** I
* i d
~* \i\
Wonderful Progress
Mad* by manufacturer* of Ready le
Wear Clothing    :
During the past few years the wonderful development along all lines
of human endeavor has been very strikingly illustrated in perfecting
the science of clothes building. A few years ago ready made clothing was a very poor article indeed and lucky was thn man so constructed by nature that he would fit the Hand-me-Downs offered.
This has all changed. When one visits the up-to-date clothing establishments of today they will find not only the chest measurement on
every suit but what is far more necessary, the different types, that
is, the tall slender man will find a type especially designed for long
men, and likewise the corpulent, short, and young men s types, until
almost any build of man can be perfectly fitted. These features are
very prominent in the new spring stuck just received by Messrs.
Sloan & Company from the Lowndes Company of Toronto who are
the originators of bench tailored, ready to wear clothing in Canada.
In placing the order with the tailors for this stock no feature known
to tailoring science has been overlooked, and as a cold business proposition one should see these garments before buying, especially aa
the concensus of opinion seems to be that they are the most beautifully tailored and most cleverly styled garments produced in thia
Some new styles for spring and summer 1911
Sixth Street
Alder Block
thi. country. Thc removal of thu
American duty on Canadian wheat had
to come. Tho worst that can be said
of it at the present time is tha il is
prcmaturt. The time will come soon
when the American state*- will have
no wheat for export. The production
will become less there and thc demand
is constantly increasing for the supply
for the homo market. It is difficult
to say what the farmers of thi western
stati�� will have to say with reference
to the proposal."
Parties Agreed
"On the quc-tion of reciprocity in natural products," says the Calgary News-
Telegram, Coru-ervative, "there are no
differences of opinion between the
Liberal.) and Conscrvativis of Wm'ern
Canada. All are united in their support
of an agreement between the Dominion
and ihe United States that will permit
the fri*e interchange of these products
because they arc aware how advantageous to Canada such arrangement
will be."
The attitude which Mr. Bordm, the
leader of the opposition,  assumed towards the arrangement, in the speech
which he made in tho House, can scarcely fail io prujudic* the position of both
I himself and his party in the west.  While
I his sentiments of loyalty and attachment to the old land are quite commendable, they are superfluous, as we
take it that every citizen of the old
i Dominion is intensely loyal to the old
'flag and to the Empire.   Great Britain
has set, not only her children, but the
whole  world,  an ixamplt   for freedom
n trade which hit* had a greater civilizing
'effi-ct than p rhaps any measure which
��� any  nation   has  I er  adople I  in   the
history of  . li.   world.    Surely no successful criticism can be directed, eithtr
by Mr. Borden or anybody else, against
I children following so great an example
1 of freedom in trade as that which has
been set by the grea'est Empirt the sun
ever shone upon.
B. C. Lumbermen
That Canadian lumbermen ir general
are well pleased with the changes proposed in connection with the duty on
lumber entering the United States is
the opinion of A. D. McKae, president
of the Canadian WeMern Lumlier Co.,
of Fra-ier Mills. B. C. Under the proposed agreement thc lumbermen of
British Columbia will In- able to enter
thi* great markets of California, now
supplied mainly from the state of
By r.axon ol their Dcing able to use
fore!gn *��**�����* ��� Prlvi! ���*. d.n|7]
United States shipper*, CanadlJ!iJ
���*nrmHn,,W0Uld \ "bl" l" *>' **A
one dollar per thousand cheat-**.. ���__]
their United States , -,,��� ��� iu,^   ���
the reduction of the duty on ihJ
from fifty cents per thousand to thim
cents, will prove a benflt to v���_____]
manufacturirs, is also the opinion
Mr. McRa...
From the Dominion Government Win
leti Stations
tl P. M.)
II     i-Passing showers, south ��-.
Bar. 89.24, timp. 38.   Sea smooth.
Triangle���Snowing, south ��,��t, u
miles. Bar. 28.78. ther* 30. Hen]
Estevan���Passini- ihoweis, NutheM
Bar. 29.20, temp. 35.  Heavy iwtj
Pach na Char, Kuuth cast, j ;,1
Bar. 29.30. temp. 47.   Light null.
Tatoosh���Ligh, rain, sou;h 22 nuk
Bar. 29.60. temp. 37. Sea smooth.
fishing boat Edric at S.35 a.m. Sights.
out steamer Hallamshin* ut 9.15 i J
Out: U. S. steamer Columbine 10.11
a.m. Tug Lome in straits.
Point   Grey���Overcast    sow'
Bar.   29.69.   temp.   10.    In:   st ,
Prince George at 11.45.
Cape Lazo���Clear, calm.   Bar. 29.5
temp.    Sea smooth.
Pantnrium Pioneer Cleaners. I'hoiwi
Red Rubber Water Boltlti
2 QtUrt, SI 75
3 Quart.     ���     $2 00
The Pioneer Dtugtitl
Prince Rupert
"Ask Uncle Jerry"
Lots in the Main Line Towns along the Grand Trunk Pacific
Correspondence   Invited about   Farm  Lands  in   British Columbia.
Farm Lands in Skeena River District   Farm Lands in Naas River District.
We want to Lease lots on Water Street. We want Leases on Borden Street.
We want Options on property on Park Ave.    We want Options on property in sec. 1.
We want to Lease lots on 11th Street. We have Clients with cash for bargains.
We will pay eaah for Options.
We have Clients seeking property on 2nd Ave.
We want Options on property around Bigger Place.
He buys Leases,    He pays for Options,    He buys G.T.P. Contracts.    He loans Money.
Our advertisement on "Prince Rupert Opportunities" appears in the big Sunday
issues of the U. S. daily papers. Copies of papers on file in our office. We advertise
in 20 leading Canadian papers. We arc therefore in a position to render better service
to both buyer and seller. Wc publish a book on Prince Rupert giving over 50 questions
and answers. Local people list their properties with us because we have the buyers.
Out of town people write ub for information. We supply buyers for home people and
free information to non residents. Take advantage of our service today. Don't wait.
Do it today. 	
Co-Operative Real Estate Co.,
3rd Ave. at 7th
P.O. Box 906
���'Ask Uncle Jerry'
Prince Rupert
Partial List
of Offerings
We offer for Sale a five room cottage.
We offer for Lease, for long term, 75 x 100 feet, corner Fulton St  and Sth Ave.
We offer for Sale on easy terms, 2 lots on 3rd Ave. . ue.
We offer for Sale, buildings on cor. Fulton bt. and 3rd Ave. (subject to *A almct '***?J*n
We offer for lease, for long term of years, 60 x 100 feet, corner 3rd  Ave.   at a rui
St., lease to date from the expiration of Wallace lease.
Wc offer for Sale, lease for 3 yeara on 2nd floor, Buckley Block.
We offer for Sale all the furniture in Claremont Rooms, Buckley Block. .
We offer for Rent, stores and offices in new building to be erected on corner oi ���
Ave.   ana 6th Street  (north corner).     For plans of building anil'.rmi-
Uncle Jerry. "       .      ,ltv
We offer 3 lots in Section 8, near Boulevard, very, very cheap; owner Icavin-: i   . ���
We offer lease on 3 lots, 75 x 100, on Borden Street.
We offer, cheap for quick cash, (unusual bargain) 2 lota on Park Ave.
We offer lots near Seal Cove, cheap.
We offer for Sale property in every aection (of sold lots) in Prince Rupert.
We offer for Sale store building in Kitselas. ditta-**1'*
We offer several parcels of ground for lease  to  put up cheap 2, 3 or 4 ronn
These houses will bring in 20 to 50 per cent, on investment.
To show my confidence in Prince  Rupert I  have leased several P*0'*'" ,u^_f
involve  the  payment of over seven hundred thousand dollars, $700,000.       ��n'
more    What have you to offer.-UNCLE JERRY.
Prince Rupert Opportunities-Co-Operative Real Estate Company


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