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-four hours
a. m.,
June 8.
The Daily News
Fob South
... .Friday, 8 a.m.
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
City of Seattle __*\ujrsday, p m
Princess May ���^rT-'TTnurstTfly-pr-m.
VOL. II.  NO. 128
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, June 8. 1911.
i ?    **
'CI^uce Five Cents
Popular Member for Comox-Atlin Conferred With His Supporters
About the Needs of this District���Will Try to Make Prince
Rupert Headquarters of Yukon Telegraph as Well as Dominion Marine and Fisheries Dept.--Spoke on Political Topics
Wiihuiit any attempt at ora-
turii-.il displayt Imt in the frank,
friendly and business-like manner
for which lit' is noted, Hon. Win.
Templeman met three hundred
ul his supporters in the Mclntyre
Hull last night and had a heart
to heart talk about the .political
situation at Ottawa, the prospects
of general elections, the needs
uf ihe constituency of Comox-
Atlin which he represents, and of
which I'rince Rupert forms a
part. Ai the close of the meeting
Ik stayed for over half an hour
Ainn'iiii^ individual electors who
Hire .in xTrimrtfmaicw acquaintance
ui in seek his advice or help on
some matter of interest. The
meeting did a lot to deepen the
affection and grip which Prince
Ruperl has lor its able representative in ihe House of Commons.
A Word of Praise
Both the chairman, Mr. A. J.
Morris and Dr. \V. T. Kergin
who occupied a seat on the plai-
form bore brief but sincere testimony to the fidelity and conscientiousness    with    which    Mr.
Templeman had served the constituency, while attending also
to the duties of the portfolio
of Inland Revenue and Mines.
"Every communication we sent
him has always been received
him has always received prompt
and courteous attention; every
suggestion we made was always
heeded)" said Dr. Kergin.
A Good Reception
The minister was will received
when he rose lo speak, though
he disclaimed any intention of
having more than a friendly talk
with his supporters.   Ile reviewed
the political situation al Ottawa,
and slid that if an election did
come in lhe fall it woultl only
be because the Opposition forced
it, through holding up supplies.
For his own part, and for the
Government's part) they woultl
prefer as a matter of justice that
an election shoultl not be held
until a redistribution bill was
jKissetl, distributing the representation fairly. Then British Columbia would have eleven members
instead of seven.    But  whether
an election came before or after
redistribution, there was no doubt
but that the government would
be returned.
Explained Reciprocity
After giving an explanation of
the reciprocity measure, antl showing how  Prince Edward  island)
ii'i'iiiiiiiii'il on Last I'ngc.)
Some Credible Folk Were Persuaded That The American Government Wa*. Hard  Up and  They
Agreed  to Underwrite an  Issue of
National Bank  Notes
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Seattle, June 8.���Something new
"i tlif gct-rich-quick line of swindle" Was unearthed today, when
���i number of local residents were
fdded In a list of victims which
extends all across the continent
Irom New York to this city.
Government "Hard-up"
Ilie victims were toltl that the
United States Government was
���nor) ui money, and in order to
���'������"'I   a   panic   the   treasury   was
quietly floating an immense issue
"' N'ational bank notes, and thai
' coterie of New York financiers
��-*i undertaken to underwrite the
"We, whieh offered its victims a
basis ol ."id percent profit.
Had Real Bills
Swindlers usually exhibited a
genuine |5 hank note as a sample
"' die issue. Several were victimised in the extent of from $600
to 11,000, in the expectation of
nwking double thai sum in Na-
tonal bank notes before winter.
�� Charged with Manslaughter
Rising out of the Loss of the
Steamer Iroquois.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Victoria, June 8.���The case of
Uptain Sears opened before Mr.
r"'v Murphy in the assize court
'",la>-   Sears was master of the
"'';"""' Iroquois which sank off
Sidney ,���,
J>l mon
|*chargcd with manslaughter
' duplicating that given
Saw Some Changes
When the Prinee Rupert arrived
at four o'clock yesterday afternoon
President C. M. Hays and his
party were with Captain Johnston
on the bridge taking a look at
the townsite. It is about a year
since the president of the G. T. P.
has seen the Pacific Terminal, and
his glance took iu the waterfront
alterations antl signs of progress
wilh behind them the big scars
on the street lines which tell of
grading progress.
Members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles are requested to
meet at their hall, Helgerson
Block, on Friday, June 9th. at
9.15 a.m. to attend the funeral
of the late brother, J. L. Cormier.
Straight Tickets Nominated in
All Eighteen Counties.
(Canadian Press Despatch!
Halifax, June 8.���Straight tickets were nominated today for all
the Provincial elections in all
eighteen counties. No acclamations were allowed by the opposition. This is an indication of
the keenest contest ever known
iu Nova Scotia.
Northwestern League
Vancouver 11, -1; Portland 4, 0.
Spokane 4, Seal tie 0.
Tacoma 9, Victoria 0.
American League
Philadelphia 4, Detroit;!.
Washington 4, Cleveland 0.
Boston 2, St. Louis 4.
Chicago-New  York game postponed on account nf rain.
Pacific Coast League
San Francisco 4, Sacramento 1.
Oakland 9, Vernon 3.
Portland 9, Los Angeles 0.
National League
Brooklyn 5, Chicago 3.
Philadelphia 4, Cincinnati 3.
New Vork 9, Pittsburg 4.
Boston ?, Cleveland 5.
Will Visit Principal Cities on
Way to India to be Crowned
as Emperor.
Toronto, June 8.���It is reported
here that a visit will be made to
this country by His Majesty King
(ieorge. The King will visit Canada en route for India where he
will be crowned as Kmperor of
India. It is said the King will
visit all the important cities of
the Dominion during his journey
across the country, and will sail
for India from \ ciicouvtr.
Ontario Decides to Start Another One at Port Arthur -
Prisoners to Build Roads.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Toronto, June 8.���The experiment of establishing a prison farm
at Guelph, Ontario, some lime
ago has been so successful, lhat
a second penal colony has been
established, this lime al I'ort
Arthur. There thirty-eigh' pris-
ouers are encamped. They will
be put to work at buil li.ig colonization roads.
The G. T. P. Party
Altogether there arrived in the
(I. T. P. interests President Hays,
Mr. E. J. Chamberlin, Vice President and General Manager; Mr.
Dalrymple, General Traffic Manager, Captain Nicholson.W.G.Donnelly, Expert on Drydocks, ond
Mr. D'Arcy Tate. Mr. Hays
and Mr. Chamberlin are accompanied by their secretaries, and
Captain Gibson, Vice President
of thc G. T. P. Dock Co., Seattle,
also arrived.
Efforts Made to Discredit the Findings of Mr. Justice
Clement in Savoy License Case are Easily Met
���Judge's Stinging Comment on Case
kupert.     The   case   in    question
was the application of Mr. A. J.
April l()th with a
than twenty lives.
u '.'"I"'*1 and at the preliminary
��� Was brought tmt  today.
���*"**" t counsel for Sears, is
V("'"'K  In prove  that Sears
��\.'i-yl],infcr   p()Ssibic   for   the
",k'l^f his passengers.
Mr. Mi
In view of the attempts that
havc been made last night and on
thc previous evening to create
a wrong impression as to the
meaning of Mr. Justice Clement's
judgment, in ordering the renewal
of thc Savoy license, thc News
reproduces the following from the
pages of the Vancouver Daily
Province. It appeared on the
same day as the News story and
substantiates it in every particular:
"An Important ruling was handed down by Mr. Justice Clement
in Supreme Court chambers this
morning against the Board of
License Commissioners of  Prince
Prudhoininc, proprietor of the Savoy Hotel of Prince Uupert, for
an onler to force the license commissioners lo renew the license
for his hotel.
"According to the claim put
forward by Mr. C. M. Woodworth,
who appeared in behalf of the
application, thc refusal had been
made on the ground that lhe
hotel Was wilhin 300 yards of the
Baptist Church, antl also that
when lhe license was lirst granted
it was given by the license commissioners at a meeting which
did not possess a i|iiorum. Mr.
Woodworth also staled, however,
that on the request of the board
the chief of police of Prince Rupert hatl appeared before thai
body and hatl stated that the
hotel was being conducted along
proper lines, and that he could
see no reason why the license
should be refused.
"In the statements brought out
in court this morning it "was
hown that before he went into
tin- hotel business Mr. Prudhoininc
was a contractor in Prince Rupert,
and during the time he was
engaged in thai line became implicated in a movement by the
contractors against a declaration
of the United Brotherhood of
Carpenters and Joiners of America
for the 'closed shop.' As a result
of this il was stated representatives from the union appeared
before the license commissioners
opposed to granting the renewal
on the grounds that Prudhomme
obtained the material used in
the construction of the hotel from
outride points.
"Mr. C. M. Craig, who appeared
against the application, claimed
that it had been proved that the
hotel was Inside the distance set
tlown by law, from the Baptist
Church, and that il was on these
grounds that the renewal hail
been refused.
"In giving his decision Mr.
Justice Clement said there was
no doubt in his mind that the
refusal to grant the renewal
was for reasons other than that
claimed in behalf of the commissioners. He ordered that
the license be renewed and
that the costs of the application
be paid by the license com-
Council Agrees to Forfeit its Claim to $106,000 Taxes for Last
Year, and to Accept $15,000 for Ten Years Instead���Company will Hand Over Park Sites and 100 feet Waterfrontage
at Fairwiew���-Aldermen Tickled to Death at splendid result
G. T. P. Co. to pay $15,000 in
taxes yearly.
Term of agreement ten years
from January 1st, 1911.
G. T. P. pay $15,000 as taxes
for 1910.
City to receive 200 ft. waterfront at Fairview in fee simple.
100 from G. T. P. and 100 from
B. C. Government.
City to have fifty-eight parcels of land, park, public buildings, and cemetery sites sixteen
of these in fee simple, rest 999
year lease.
Railway reserve and waterfront taxes included in $15,000
lump sum.
Agreement subject to ratification by Legislature and by
the citizens of Prince Rupert.
G. T. P. Co. to start 20,000
ton dry dock at once, other
works, depot, etc., in Spring of
G. T. P. withdraws appeal
against assessment at Revision
Court on signing of agreement,
gives approval of grade alterations hitherto with-held, and
permits Woodworth water pipes to come into city through
company's land though not
as part of agreement.
Some Opinions
"A satisfactory agreement,"
C. M. Hays.
" All differences settled," Mr.
D'Arcy Tate.
"City has got more land in
fee simple than we expected."
Mayor Manson.
The  written  statement  of   thc
terms  of  agreement  between   tlie
(irand Trunk Pacific company
and the city was not prepared
by the Mayor in time for thc
press, but the Mayor made a
verbal official sUitement covering
the terms agreed upon. These
provide for tlu park and other
sites covered in the previous agreements with the exception that thc
99 year lease of water-fronUige
at Claude street is altered to a
portion of water-frontage situated at Fairview beyond Morse
Creek. The railway company
grant 100 feet here in fee simple
on the understanding that the
Government will grant the adjoining  100 feet.
The principal dilTerencc between
the present basis of agreement
and  the proposals of last March
Thirty-four Thousand Crossed
Atlantic Last Month
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Montreal, June 8.���The rush of
immigrants through Quebec and
Montreal during the month of
May was unprecedented, numbering close upon 84,000. These all
crossed the Atlantic antl include
thinl class passengers only.
Unable to Land at Nome Until
Ice Breaks Food Shortage is
(Canadian Press Despatch)
.Nome, June 8.���The steamer
Corwin which arrived here from
Seattle two days ago was the
first boat into Behring Sea this
season. She has been unable
to make a landing because of the
ice. The food shortage is becoming serious. Provisions are
scarce and restaurants nre closing
unable to get supplies until the
Corwin lauds.
Awful Earthquake Visited   The   Capital   While   The
Festivities in Honor of The  Liberator Madero
Were in Progress���Sixty-three  Persons
Killed,  Mainly Women
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Mexico City, June 8.���While
Mexico's capital city was preparing to celebrate with great
rejoicing the advent of the great
liberator Madero, thc city was
suddenly plunged into grief and
mourning.    The most disastrous
earthquake in twenty years shook
the  city,   killing  sixty-three  persons  and   injuring  seventy-live
The Changed Spectacle
The shock came at 4.30 lasl
night, when the streesl were thronged with pleasure seekers garbed
for the celebrations, and while
the builders were at work on lhe
triumphal arch and gay canopy
in honor of the victor. The shock
.islet! for four minutes, and chang
ed   the scene, of  rejoicing into a
scene of terror and chaos.
Heavy Property Loss
In addition to the loss of life,
damage to thc value of $.r>0,000
in gold, was done. Most of the
victims are wives of soldiers who
were in the barracks at the time
the earthquake rocked the place
and caused it to fall. They were
buried in lhc ruins. An even
greater death toll is feared.
Steward of Local Club Going to
City Council Has Issued an Order Banishing the Old
Glory from the Stage���Hospitality Had Been
Overworked by Yankee Companies
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, June 8.���The thought
lessncss of the theatre managers
of Winnipeg in making lavish
display of the stars and stripes
in their shows and decorations,
and relegating the Union Jack
to thc background have irritated
the public, very much. This is
thc more fell at present owing
to the fact that it is Coronation
City Council Acts
Last night lhe city council took
the matter up, and issued an order
As a result of faithful and
satisfactory service in the Kaien
Islaiul Club during the past nine
months, Mr. William Moran, who
has filled the position of steward
in the Kaien Island Club, has
been    offered   and    has   accepted
the head stewardship of the Unl-
veristy Club of Tacoma, the leading club iu th.it dty.
[ Mr. Moran will leave here for
'the south probably at the end
of next week. Prior to coming
here, he was stewartl in the Terminal Cily Club, Vancouver, antl
preceding tilling that position he
was steward aboard some of the
best ocean liners in the world.
The members of the Kaien
Islaiul Club regret to sec Mr.
Moran leave.
from   relegating   the   Union
to inconspiciotis places.
Plays are Yankees
The trouble has chiefly arisen
through the fact that the theatres
arc supplied from the United
States circuits, and the plays
have a great deal of llag-waving
in them lo please the United!
States   patrons.     In   ct uning   tol
Winnipeg, the company managers EMPRESS THEATRE, Second
seem   to   overlook   the   fact   that      Picture* and Munio, 7.30 p.m.
they entered another country, wh-1 MAJESTIC theatre, Third Av
crc   the   idoliration   of   the   Stars     Pictures and song��, 7.30 p.m.
I   Stripes  is  not   so   much   i��� PHENIX THEATRE  Second Ave..,
Pictures and music, 7.30 p.m.
Where to Go
anti   Stripes   is
public demand.
to  the theatre  managers that in I puhlic (lem.uiil. I AUDITORIUM, Sixth A     in
future they must discontinue the   Skating, 8 p.m
unnecessary   use  of   the   United     Everything at Reilly's is home city COUNCIL, to'discuss <;, t
States tlag on the stage, and cease |made. *    Assessment, 8.30 tonight.
Roller THE    D AI L*Y    NEWS
The Daily News
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by th* Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
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"The newspaper, with the law, should assume the accused innocent
until proven guilty; should be the friend, not the enemy of the
general public; the defender, not the invader of private life and
the assailant of personal character. It Bhould be, as it were, a
keeper of the public conscience." ���Henry Watterson.
looking forward to the future���we might consent with less examination to such an agreement. We might manage with our present
water-supply, we might continue without sewers in the residential
sections, we might continue to tramp the plankways, and sre tite
business section graded, but unsurfaced. But if the city is to grow,
if the future is to turn out well, it is imperative to see thai the city
is not shackled to agreements covering a long term of years, withoul
a careful measuring of whal effect those agreements might have on
tlie development of the future.
There are other important aspects yet to be considered in this
looking towards the future.
OFFICE    :     :
For all kinds of help, cooks,
Walters, dishwashers, hotel porters, all kinds of laborers or mechanics, call up
Phone No. 178 j
or call at the I
Grand Hotel Free Employment Office j
Headquarters for cooks & waiters   j
Daily Edition.
Thursday. June 8
Owing to the near approach of thc time when thc cithens will
be called upon to vote on the above question to bind tlie city to an
agreement covering a long period of years, and owing also to the
evident reluctance shown in certain quarters to discuss thc question
with tlie citizens, the Daily N'ews will print a series of editorial articles
dealing with the various aspects of the question.
In so doing, there is no desire to sway thc minds of the electors
either for or against the proposed settlement. The aim will be to
state thc case fairly, without prejudice, without exaggeration, and
without rhetorical appeal, letting the issues be clearly seen, and allowing the facts to make their own appeal to the individual mind. Our
chief concern is not which way the electors will vote, but that the
electors may kr '������_��� what it is they are voting for or against.
ROOMS 50c  ANI) UP PHONE   37 p, o.   1IUX  186
Prudhomme & Fisher
Building Material,   Cement,   Lime,
Hair-fibre Plaster, Coke, Blacksmith
Coal,  Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
It has been shown how the proposal to settle the Grand Trunk
Pacific assessment by agreeing to accept a payment of Slii.tXM) a year
for ten year.-, in settlement i-l all taxes, will reduce the city's borrowing
power by at least Sl,250,0110, make it necessary to either defer the
installation of public utilities or enfranchise private corporations
to supply them, and in addition, will make it possible for the railway
company to tie up tiie waterfront and thus arrest development.
lt is true that the proposals include the handing over of certain
pieces of park land to the city, and thc construction of machine shops
and an hotel. Of the lands it is fair to point out that the proposed
grant of one hundred feet of water-frontage at Fairview, is
a real concession. The proviso that it must only be used for city
purposes is a fair one to make. For the other lands it is equally fair
to point out that they are only the park and other sites whieh the railway company promised to give to the city long ago. In the case of
the park sites, thc handing of them over to the city ensures that the
cost of maintenance will be met by the city.
Attractions of Hospital Association Meeting Rather Failed
In regard to the buildings mentioned in the agreement, no penalties are provided in tlie document for thc non-fulfilment of the
promise to erect them at once. It is extremely unlikely that the
company would build them a day sooner than it needs theni, or defer
the building of them a day later than it needs them, to humor or
spite thc city. Mr. D'Arcy Tate's threats might very well be placed
against Mr. D'Arcy Tate's promises, and a negation be declared.
The C. P. R. it may be remembered made similar threats to
Vancouver under similar circumstances years ago. It fulfilled its
immediate promises fourteen years later. In these matter it is economic; while one
need which is the determining element. Were the managers of thc
G. T. P. to be swayed by sentiment instead of by economic considerations, they would prove themselves unfaithful to the trust re|H>scd
in them by the shareholders of that company.
But granting ihat the immediate effect of the agreement will
be bad for the city, what of lhe future'' It is quite true lhat most
of us live inure in the future than in the present. We are prepared
to sacrifice today if needs be, so that we may gain rewards tomorrow.
Is the proposed settlement on" ihat, while demanding sacrifice mi
the part of the eity today, is likely lo work out for the ultimate good
of the dty. That is the suggestion conveyed in lhe document lo
be submitted to the people in which park sites, a city hall site, and
a small piece of water-frontage are to be offered to the citizens, and
Twelve members of the Hospital
Association are required to form
a quorum. Tuesday's meeting
was timed for eight p.m. but
at that hour Presidenl Stewart
with Assistant Secretary Wright,
and one or two energetic members
of the Board were engaged in the
anxious task of rustling a quorum.
Secretary Wright was ���' it hot
foot with the 1'n.ry cross from City
Hall to Fourth avenue, while the
President with M. M. Stephens,
O. H. Nelson and Chief Vickers,
who volunteered experienced anil
useful services, watched at the
court room tloor to pounce upon
passing members of the Association who vainly endeavored to
slip by uiiperceived.
Alderman Smith was ruthlessly
toni from his wife's side and
dragged into the hall. G. R.
Naden was inveigled in, Mr. Mc-
Caffery w.is decoyed from his
office.    Still there was a shortage
of members, bin Secretary Wright
chased in a few more, antl last
but not least Alderman Niwton
passing with his tlatighltis was
rounded up and deprived "I his
evening walk.
With the quorum complete the
whisper went round amongst the
rustlers "Lock the doors. Don't
let any of them escape." One
or two did escape for no sooner
did a casual visitor drop into lhe
court room to see whal was doing,
than he was hurried into a chair,
of the members first
captured made a hasty exit. The
quorum was preserved though ii-
units altered. But the business
was done all right.
Tight Little Steamer Which
Left Prince Rupert Yesterday Morning.
Into the harbor nf Pri.ice Rupert will steam many an interesting vessel bei'ire long, but
only yesterday morning there steamed out one of the most historic
steamers afloat. The S.S. Newington, Government Lighthouse Inspection and Surve\ Tender, which
is taking Mr. 11. Killeen mi his
survey tour of Div it's Entrance
is one of thc famous licet of
Norlh Sea trawlers fired mi by the
Russian "Mail Dog" lint m.iking
for the Sea of Ja]Kin via the Cape
during lhe Russo-Jap war.
Adapled for her present work
the Newington still licars her
hull name plates, .md ship's bell.
She is a beautifully engincd boat,
antl like all North Sea trawlers,
powerful and seaworthy. I'nder
Captain Barnes slit is doing excellent service on these Coasts,
The Newington is fitted with an
experimental system of wireless
apparatus, and is also working in
conjunction with the extension
work now going "ft al lhe Triangle
Win less station, by which a muth
wider range of communication is
to be established this summer.
Read The Daily News
S. O. E. B. S.
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Knirlnnal. meet* thp fir.t unit thinl Tuesdays In
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P. V. CLARK. 8��e..
P. O. Box 812 Print* Rupert
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Phone No. 116
I'hone No. 200 P. 0. Box 5S0
��� ���++++++++++++++++++++++++���!
j; w. j. McCutcheon
, ,   Carries complete atock of Drugs.   Special
, ,      attention paid to llHintr prescriptions.
'.'. Theatre Block i'honk No. n Second Ave.
��� ���
Lots 5 uml 6, Block 28,
Section 1.
$3000, 25 per cent, cash,
lialancc 1, 2, 3 years,
7 per cent.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.
Skeena Lanil DUtrict-District ol Const Hjlllll
Take notico tlmt 1, Boll H��U K��ni���� ******
moutli, Nova Scutiii, MCUptUon married tun in.
intend to apply lur permission to porcbase the
lolluwing doacribed lands:
Communing at a poit pltnttd at ,;�����> ��R
comer ol T. L Lot 88M8, ihonco running west 40
cbains, thence north 80 chains, thencu Mit 40
cliains, thuncu suuth SU chains to pluco ol cum-
nieiici'inenl containing 880 HOT* �����. ��* >8"j
My post is on soulh east comer ul land appliui
lur, marked letters S. K.. ahuiil OM mllu WMt Ol
Lato Lakelse, south side ul Skeulia river District
Tub. MU 13. John H��vwty, Atftrnt
Sketmu Laud liiutrict���Ubilrict ut Cmuiur
Take notico that  1,  JftUfll  Ouulop of  I rince
Uupert,   U.   C,  occuimiiun   tcaiimter,   intond   to
apply  (or punnisbiuii to  purchaao tho following
dcocribud lands: ,    . .,
ComiiK'ncintt at a poit plated about two milus
nouth of tho forka of tha Whllu and Hut rivers,
thenco north 8U chaina,  ihonco wost  B0 chains,
thenco ��outh 80 chaina, ihi-ncu 8Ut 80 cha na.
Dated April IS, 1911. JAMbS DUNLOP
I'ub. bin- Vi. Kruncis b. Truston. Agent
Skeena Laml District -District of Cassiar    ii..
Taku noiico that 1 Francis S. l'nwton of I'rinco
Uupert, 11. 0>i occupation prospector, intend to
upply for permission to purchuse the followlnit
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about three
milm south and iwu miles wesl of the forks ol
the White and Flat rivers, ihence south HO chuins
thence east hi) cliuins, thence nortli BO chains,
thence wwt 80 cimins.
Dated April -ii), 1811.    FRANCIS S. PRESTON
Pub Mn.  Ki
Skivna Lund District���Dis ("rict ol Coast Kango o
Taku notcu that 1, Joo Jack ol Prince EUptft,
Bi C, occupalion carpenter, intend to apply (or
permission to purchaae tho following described
Commencing at a post planted ubout tlireo.and
one-hulf miles dit>tant in u south westerly direction
from a blind slough from Obscrvutory Inlet where
the same touches the Indian Kescrvu thonce easl
mi cha ns. thenco "oith SO chains, tbence wustSO
chains, thence south 80 chains to point ol commencement, containing ii in acres more or loss.
Dated April 11. mil. JUK JACK
I'ub. May 18.
Skeena Land District���District of Quoen Charlotte
Take notice that Krank Levick uf Woodstock,
nm.. occupation bookkeeper, intenda to npply
for permission to purchuse the following deacribed
Commencing at a post planled about aovon
miles west and two miles south of the mouth ol
Stanley Creek where it emptiofl Into Naden
Harbor, Grabam Island, thenco 80 chains south,
thenoe 80 chains east, thencu 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west lo pomt of commencement
und contaning *< 10 acres mora or less.
Dated March 17, 11*11. FRANK U2VICK
Tub. April 7. Numa Demers, Agen
Skeena Land District���District of Coaat Range &
Take notice that Annie Mussallem of Prince
Uupert, R. C, occupalion married woman, intends
lo apply for permission tu purchase the following
descriued lands:
Commencng at a post planted at a post al thc
southwest curner, t>0 chains east from N. K. curner
of Lot 1110, Harvey's Survuy, Coast District,
lUnge 5, thence eaat 20 chains, thence north 40
chains, thencc west 40 chains, thencu south 'ii)
chuins, thence easl ,:u chains, thenco auuth 2i)
chains to point ol commencement, containing 120
acres more or leas.
I'ub. Mav 13.
Skeena Land District -District of Caasiar
Tako   notice   that   1,   Thomas   McMeekin   uf
Prince Uupert, R. C, occupation clerk, intend io
apply   for  permission   tu  purchase  the  following
duscritted landa:
Commencing at a post plantisl about two mtlua
souih of thu forks of the W lute ami l'l.i; rivera,
thunce north 80 chaina, thencu eust 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence wes* 80 chains.
Deted AprU'ia, 1911, THOMAS MeMflBKlN
Pub. Hay 13. Francis S. Preston. Agenl
Skoena Land Disirict ���District of Caasiar
Tako notice that 1, Charles L. Delgrovo ol Stewart R. C, occupation prospector, intend to apply
(or iiermission to purchaso the following doacribed
Commencing at a post plantetl about six miles
south and one milu wesl of the forks of the While
and Hat rivera, thencv south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chain, thence north 80 chains, ihence wual
���s0 chaina.
Dated April 80, Ull       CHARLKS DELQROVX
Pub. Mai- 13. Francis S. Preston, Ageut
Skevna Land Dlstriat - District of Cassiar
Take  notice thai  I,  Perry  gueenan ol   Prince
Rupert,  R. C, occupation prosis-ctur,  intend  to
apply   for   permieaiun  to  purchase   tho  followintt
deacril-el lamia:
Commencing at a post planted in the vicinity
of I,.,,.. Riy, altout threr-vighu of u mile south
of the mouth of lhe Ruiianra Creek, and being
on thc easterly boundary of Timber Limit No.
3<>2M or No. 3J280. thenco aouth -10 chains along
the easterly limil of said Timber Limit No. 3&2S1
or No 88880 40 chaiiu, thence east to the shoro ol
lloime Ray, a 'lutance of 40 chains more or lew,
thencv northerly along ihe shore of Goose Ray
40 chains mon* or less, ihencv westerly 40 chains
moro or less to point if commencement, containing
lt>0 acn*s moi** ur lem,.
Dat*dMarch7, Itfll. PKRRV QULENAN
Pub. Awi. 7.
Expulsion  of  Young Toronto*
and   Its Effects
...Whites Portland Cement...
Phonr 125       Nidrn Block       Second Ave
I t Alleys. 7 Tallin*.    A  i ��� ������ I exer-
i rl""        A ala'.ltl "laaarl.       1 ,i|a|l. -a <��� Vt'I >"
*i Jlf la T aa.-.'a Sa a. taajttl    |tl>. k.    N-
< I twrrn nth and "th Su.
1 I   ni' '*��� 'laiaa - -.,     I'i. a|.. a. i a .a .,a,.| Manaitrr
=.    E.   E B Y   CB,   Co.^h
Kilmimkiiliini l.ninl Fur Sale
LacroMc plsyen and  lacronc
promise* made tn build a round house, engine simps, and an hotel dubi ,ImI *****Y **"* '"" sware "i
reputed to CO-tt a million dollar*. the Mains of the Young Torontos
  will ilo well  to give attention to
It has been pointed out thai cities live and urow, not on si'iiiinitiil i ,|)(.   ,ln������m,ccnniH   and   warning
or scenery or iiark sites,  however necessary  these are, Imt  liy  lhe'.        ,,,,���,       .���        .1      < .1
, .....       , , . -     ���., .   '  ,     issued by President Fortythe of the
production and  distribution  ol  commodities.     Ihe economic  value
Windsor Hotel
of a million dollar hotel  to
reckoned without difficulty.
Piince  Kupert may lie approximately
avoid trouble by determining now
whether or not they wish to put
ibor on  ornate  buildings,  the  cost   themselves   outside   the   p.ile   of
Hut in a place like Prince| recognized authority.
Canadian Lacrosse Association, ami
Mr. Forsyth says: "As lhe
YfiuiiK Toronto Lacrosse Club was
expelled  from  lhe Canadian  La-
As between  material  ant
on a contract is fairly evenly divided
Kupert which has no manufactures, the labor on a large building
is nol all kepi within the city. The steel girders, cornice work, brick
antl cut stone, all interior finish, sash and doors, healing plant, radiators, plumbing fixtures, elevators, motors, etc., would be imported. I crossc Association, all clubs and
The I'rince Rupert labor would consist of the ending more than the
constructing of the hotel. It is improbable that one fifth of the million
dollars would be spent on labor in the city. $200,000 would provide
labor for 200 men for 200 da>s at |o per day. That is the economic
value of a million dollar hotel  to the upbuilding of the city under
present conditions.
The Operation of the hotel woultl confer a greater benefit, for
While the staff of an hotel is small, antl comprises much domestic labor
which lives indoors    in ^inrl, dors not give, a great tleal of employment
to marrictl men with familits    lhe permanent character of the employ*
m<mtnW?uW milk'- il (,t K"'ilttr permanent value, to the city
��?.K.hU*Vrr<:f"U'ryi ,,r ��� s:iw "dlli ��-r a Hour mill, or a smeller, |tio���  I,
players are notified that players
who take part in any games with
nr against the Young Torontoi .ire
thereby disqualified from competing with or against any ( . I.. A.
team in this or future seasons. A
list of all such will be kepi, anil
none will   bt" allowed   to  play  in
the Canadian Lacrosse Association,
This   applies   also   to   Ihe   Young
Toronto juniors of ihe Inter-assola-
eague, if they are pari ol
^^^^^^^^^ jrgiini/ailiiin,
I am Informed tiny are. All
1   compete   against   them   will
Newly  I urniahrd  anil
Steam Hraled Rooma
nATHS   mn   TO   OUEST8
r.o. box 37
Hotel Central ��3 JT^'m
Eiimpwtn ani] American plan, t>tr��m
hpntril, rw*lern conveniences.   Kates
fl ��������� t-> J.' ���-> p.r .lay
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Mi^ta in the IMgi*r*on Hlock
Every Tuesday Evening
All  member* of  the  onler in the city
nre requested to visit the lod^e.
H. MORTON. Secretary.
Skuona Land Diatrict���UUlrlui o[ Cutist
Tako  notice thut  1,  William Jului Corlftv nl
Princo lluport, 11. C��� occupution nmciiur  Intend
to upply for pormiasion t.i purclm.it- th,. (oUowIm
doscribod lands: '���
Commencing ut a post planted at tho nomhwi��L
corner of Lot 30li8, Range 5, Cou.st Dlitriot thenoa
auutk 'ii) ehaina, thenco oust -1U chaini, thanee
north 20 chaina, thunco woat -10 ohalni to nolnt
of commencement, containing ��u lorn, mur��� y.
Dated April 8, Ml.    WILLIAM JOHN COR] By
Pub. April 2D.
Skoona Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Queen Charlotta
Taku notice that Gourde W. Arnott uf Prince
Uupert, H. C, occupation real uHtaui broker
intenda to apply for permiaaiun to purohue tltu
following doicribud lauds:
Commoucing at a poat pluntod abuut. uuvtm
milm and one-half milu woat and one unit- iouth
from thu moutli of Stanly Crook, Nudoi, ttarbor
thuncu wuat A0 chains, thuncu aouth 6U ehaW
thence euat 80 chuina, thunce north M) Qhlloi, '
Dated March 17, 1811, tifcO. \V. AKNUTT
Pub. AprU 22. Numu Deuiem, Agent
Coait lUngo 6 Land Diitrict
Taku   notice  thut  1,  John   Uupburn  u(   Kit*
sumkolum,   occupation  farmer,  Intend  to amjiy
for purmiaaiun to purchaau thu fullownt; dflMnbeq
Commencing at a poat planted at the uortlie.L't
corner of Lot ;J'.i6;t, thuncu eaat 20 chuina, \;.<    ..
aouth  40 chains, thonco wuat 20 chana,  ttiunci
north 40 ebaina to place oi eommoncoment-
Dated Murch 18, Ml. JOHN ULl'ULUN
Pub April 15.
Skuena Land Diatrict���District of Couat Itange B
Take notico that Henry Macurtney of Prince
Kupert, li. 0*i occupution minur, intenda tu apply
for purmiasion tu purchaae tho following .1--. -.,- *,
Commencing at&a post planted un the auuth
aido of Lxchumaiki Uivur, abuut 2 1*2 milm Irom
iU conlluenee with thu Skeena Hiver and ubout
1*2 milea weat from Exchumaika rapida, thenco &u
Chaina north, thenco 40 chaina eaat, thenco SO
chuina Bouth, thenco 40 chaina weat to point u,
commencement, containing 320 acres mure ur
loaa. Poat markud "11.M. S.W. cor."
Dated April 22, 11*11. 11EN11Y MACARTNEY
Pub. AnrU 2a.
Skeena Land Diitrict���Diatrict ot Caaaiar
Take  notice that 1,  Mary  Carin of Stewart,
l>. C, occupation married woman, intend to apply
[or pormiaiion to purchaae tbo following dtucribtd
Commencing at a poat planted two (2) milus
���outb and (.2) two milua weat of tbo furki of the
WbiUt and Flat rivora, thence 80 chaim nunh,
theucu bU chuina weat, thencu 80 chains *....-.:.'
thencu 80 chuina euat.
Dated AprU 20, Ml. MAKY CAUIN
Pub. May Vi. Francia S. Preaton, Agent
Mnv!ui Lund District���District uf t^uuen Charlotto
Take notice that Cutheriue Harrison, uf Calgary
Alberta, occupution apinatcr, Intendi to apply,
for permiaaion to purchaau the foUowing ���). .',���..' i
Commencing at a post planted about ti 1-2
roUua wuat and half a mile auuth from the niuutli
uf Stanley Creek, where it empties intu Nidi-n
Harbor, Gruhum Island, thencu 40 chaim wutb
thuncu 40 chains east, thunoe 40 chains norto,
thenoa 40 chains west to point of commencement
and containing HKi ucrua mora or luai.
Dated March 17, lull
Pub Apr. 7. Numa Daniurs, Agtnt
Skoena Land Diatrict���Diatrict of Caviar
Tako notice thut 1, Alice M. knouie  uf I'rince
Kupert, H. C, occupation married wuman.ititnnl
tu upply for permiaaiun to purehaio the lulluwing
doscribed lands;
Commencing at a pust plunted about two nulea
south and twu milea weat uf the furki of White
und Flut rivera, thuncu nurth bi) chains, thence
eaat HU chuins, thence aoulh 80 chaim, tiiean
west 80 chaina.
Datud April 20, Ml. ALICE M. KNOUS B >
Pub. May Vi. Francia S. Preston, Agent
Skuena Laud Diitrict���Dtatrict of Cuast i:-> . ��� I
Take not ce that 1, Juhn I-ah Petersuf Princ*
Rupert, II. Qt, occuput on clerk, intend tu apply
for permission to purchaao tbe following .!������:/:
Commencing at a posl planteil abuut three an
one-hulf milwi distant n a south westerly d reet un
from a bUud alough (rum Ubservaiory Inlet *tMtt
Ihu aame touches thu Indian Re>erve, ihence
wut 80 chains, thencu north 8U ehainn, ther.ce
oast 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains to point o
cummuncvmeni, containing 040 acres mure or Km
Dated April 11, Ml. JOHN  IVAN PLTEUS
Pub. May Vi.
Stikine Lund District���Dstrict of Cassiar
Take nottcu that Sydney Hodgkinson uf  ...e-
Itraph Creek,  U.  C, uccupation clerk, intonds to
apply  for  permission to  purchaso thc fulluMiag
described land:
Commencing at a post planted abuut a ^'ivter
mile north east from Ulacior Kittle and un t&> east
bank   of   Stikinu   River,   thencu  coat  20  pbflM
thencv  north 40 chaina,  thunce west  20 chains.
thunco auuth 40 chains to paint of comniencemvnl
and containing 80 acrei more or less.
DitedFeb. 11, Ml.
Pub. AprU 7. CA. Tervo, Agent
Skeena Land Dlltriet���Dlitrict or Coast lUnse 6
Take notice that I, J. Harold McKean of Prince
Rupert, U. C, occupat on blacksm th, intend to
apply for permuion to purchase thc fullowing
deacr bed landa:
Commencing at a post planted uhout three and
one half miles d stant in a south westerly direction
from a blind alough from observatory Inlet when1
thc aame touches the Ind an Reserve, thence west
80 chains, thence aouth 8t> cha na, thence east 80
chnim, thenco north 80 chans to pont of commencement, containing GIO acrea more or leas.
Dated Apr 114, 1011.       J. HAROLD McKEAN
Skeena Land District    District of Cassiar
Take   notice   that   I,   Thomas   Macgovern   of
Stewart, 11. Om occupation miner.intend to apply
for iHTnilssion to purchase thc fullowing described
Commoncing at a post planted on the right
bank of thc Naas river about (our mites above the
forks of the Naas river, thencc south 80 chains,
thvnce wmt HO chains, thence north 80 ehains,
Ihenn* east HO chains to (mint of commencement,
containing G40 acrvs more or Km.
Datad March :'.., 1011. Sidney Frank Wright, Agl
Pub. May 17.
P.t.r Black
mtTiS*7T*l^tT^_!n^txty u';i o,"��>< �����'hundred H���� y"����k To��mt
it would in-1nisi- economv (or ,*,.   ���.   ��� , *__*	
of a million dollar hot* u,l,��� , J^k ��der to |* tta JWBitae WOsc, be under  the ban  oi  il.<
result in tl,,' waterfront l)('inK |���.|    ,     "7 ar���*���*t *��* may C. I.. A.    It niak.s no difleraiO
���f unearned Increment, ���,���s Z ,i " , ,' ^ T Y^" rwlhn *"
mills and flour mills and sineltfrs. *'" rrtneri��' md ^  ,���rs are a nt�� Im or ,������.    If they
connect ttonedves with a di��-
'lu.ililittl   club   they   USUBM   thf
penaldea also."
..Grand Hotel..
Sprinn HpiIr. clonn White ShcetR   25c
Rooms 50c
J. GOODMAN. Proprl.tor
Little's NEWS Agency
Mn(fazinen :; Periodicals :: NewspBpen
YmuiK Toronto jun-
l.iinrh tmt Mpftlnat.il timim; l.nnrh
Mpftl. 1*_ up-aCom�� ftn.1 He.
~HCAN  OUT  A   a���a-��i,l-.  ��E��l. ANY TIMR
^^^^^   STORAGE
i.. T. P. Transfer Agents
Ord#rt tiromiitlr llllwl.   I'ricM rnmannbli..
OFFICE   II. n. Rorhmtrr. Centre St.     I'la..a,..,:.
EnKllsh unal American Billiards
| Twelve Tables SECOND AVE.
Water Notice
Notice is hereby given that an application will be matle uniler Part V. of
the "Water Act, HMCJ," to obtain a
license in the Queen Charlotte Division
of Skeena District.
(a) Tbe name, atlilress and occupation
of the applicant is George Young,
Victoria, B.C.
(If for mining purposes)   Free   Miner's Certificate No	
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (if uuniuneil, the description
is) Ain Lake and Ain River.
(c) The point of diversion at or near
Ain Lake.
(tl) The quantity of water applied for
(in cubic feet per second) 1000.
(e) The character of the proposed
works, dam, flume, pipe-line, power
engines, plant, etc.
(f) The premises on which the wuter
is to be UBed (describe same) at or
near mouth Ain River,Masset Inlet.
(g) Thc purposes for which the wuter
is to be used is for power development and mill operations.
(h) lf for irrigation, describe the
land tu be irrigated, giving  acreage.
(i) If the water is to be used for power or mining purposes, describe the
place where the water is to be returned to some natural channel, antl
the difference in altitude between the
point of tliversion nnd point of return.
At or near mouth of Ain River,about
150 feet below lake level.
(j) Area of Crown land intended to be
occupied by the proposed works....
(k) This notice wns Dotted on the
Zdth day of April, Kill, and application will be mntle to the Commissioner
on the 20th day of May, lilll.
(I) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lunds are likely to be
affected by the proposed works.either
above or below the outlet.    None.
H. Kdenshuw, Agent
P.O. Hox 2KG, Prince Rupert, B.C.
Notk���One cubic foot per  second   is
equivalent to 36,71 miner's inches.
Pub. April 29, 1911. 4W
Stikine Und DUlrict���DUUlct ol Ciaiftr
Take notice that ChrUlian A. Tervo of Stikine,
B. C, occupation cuatotna ollicer, intcnili lu apt'->
lor permission to purchase the following ilt-jcnlieJ
Commencins at a post planted ahout three-
���tuarters ol ft mile north east (rum tilscier llillle
and on lho east bank ul tiliklno Kiver anal on the
aouth side ol lho mouth ol a little creek, tlience
esst 4U chains, thenco north 411 cbains, tlier.t-e
wost 41) chains, tbence south 40 chsins to poir.t
ol commencement and containinu ltiO acrvs more
I'ub. AprU 7.
Sksana Land District-District ot Queen llisrlolts
Tako notice that J. ll. Murphy.of Vancouver,
D. C, occuiiation commercial  traveler, latMa
to apply [or permission to purchaso lliu Mlowing
ala-.a-rilaa-.l   |an,.|a;
Commencinu at ft post plnntoal about seven
milus west and ono mile south from thu muuth
of Stanly Creek, Naden Harbor, thence nurth "il
chains, thenco west 40 chains, thence suuth till
chains, thence cast 40 c Ina.
Dated March 17, 1911. i.J.lH- MURPHY
I'uh. April il. Numa Demers, A;a :.i
Skwna Land llislrict���District ol Cnsl
Tako notice lhat  I,   William  .Melville Con
ol   Tomnm,   Ontario,   occupation   clrrk.   I'-ia'
lo apply lor Iiermission to purchase tho !oliua��i
-la- aril,aa|   |:,l],|.,
CommencinK al a |iost planled at the m-rll".'
cirner ol Lol U0a5 \i,, ..; 6, Coast District, lol'
��� asl 60 chains, Ihcnco north 40 chains. ItaM JJ
1.0 chains lo Hell's Cats slough, thence IM
slough southerly lo point ol commencement, m
laining 160 acres more or less.
Dated April 6, lilll.
I'ub. April 21.
Skeenn Und Dislrici���District ol Cos.! ___*** ;
Take notice lhat I, Charles A. Vaughan e
I'rince Kupert, 11. C, occupation inerchnnl. int.-n-t
to apply lor piTinissiiin lo purchase the lull��i*'i'g
descriU',1 lands:
Commencing at a iiaisl planted on the _m**
bank ul Lxcliuinsik* Kiver and about lour mil'*
Irom ils conllueiieo with the Skeona Kiver, tlie:aee
rO chains cast, thonce SO chains north, Ihii"'' ������
chains west, thence SO chains south to point ���
commencement, contsining 1110 acres more or less
Dale.1 April 21, lilll CHAKLKS A. VAUtilUN
I'ub. April 29.
Skeenn Land District-District of Caanst
Take nntice thnt I. Mrs. John Corley "f rrini-e
Kupert. U.C..i��'ciipntion married woman, inti'iiali
t" tpply for permlssiaiu to purchnse the follownm
d-MUIMd lnnds:
Commencinir nt a post planteil 40 chains earl
tnd Kill chnins south from the southwest ********
lot 17:13, Const District. Knnite li, thence HUM -"
chains, thenco enst 40 chains, thence ncarll'
chains, tlience west 4(1 chains more or less t" ***
point of eommeiicement, containing 3211 *****
more or less.
MRS. JOHN (Lottie) 00RLS1
Dnte Mnr. 20, 1911
I'uh. Apr. 4. 1911
Skeona Und Dlatrlot���District ot Coasl
Take  notico that William Munlord . ���  Trine"
Kupert,   U.   C,   occupation   prospector    "JJ���
to  apply  lor   liermlsaion  to  foaso  the  Icilowiiifc,
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about 100 chnmj
south of the Indian Reserve on tho esst jw "
House llay and on tho curt side ol tbo peninsula
thenco south HO chains along shore, tlience Wtm
40 chains to Goose llay, thonco north alnng ���li"|��
80 chains, thence wwt 40 chains moro or lens lu
pnal, conuining 320 acres moro or less. ..,_.,���.,
Dated March 8, 1911. WILLIAM MUNFOKI)
Tub. April Id.
Skeenn Land District���District ol Coast
Take  notico that  Humo  llahlngton  ol  I'rince
IliilHirt   II. c, occupation master mariner. j��JJJ!
to  apply for  permisaion  to  lease  lho  following
'la  a rii..,i lands: ,
Commencing nl n post plantml aliout 100 clwui'J
south ol lho Indian Reaervo on tho east side '��
l.noso liny on the east side ol tho Vonlnsllla llience
north 10(1 chains along shoro to tho Reserve 1 Ine,
thonco west 60 chains more or less to (loose �����}j
thenco 100 chains along ahore, thenco esst "��
chains moro or less to pmt, containing 040 sens
mnro or \___. ___,m
Datod March 8, 1911. HUME BADINOTON
Pub. AprU if.. T H E , D A I L Y    NEWS
i  (
m_.~..wm_.m-wm_,m.._{      {
General Merchandise
Largest Stock
j j   Lowest Prices  in Northern B. C.    \ \
a     ,.-..
 �����   1
Section 9
Township 1
Range 4
This is an excellent section nnd waa one of the first to be
staked in the Valley.
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers and Financial Agents, Prince Rupert
-.. . Land       i: ii I    l n-inci of Cout lUnge &
Ttkt notice thai I, Clar* May Utile nf Trine*
RqmL Bi   Ch   occupation  tt nina tor.  intend   to
iiv!> for i'rmusjiioii  to  purchase  the  followinK
j��.<nU'J lands:
I'jnmii'iicun; at a |h��t planted  at tho north
HrtcoCMroi l**>- Hit. iiii',:.- 6, Coast Dinrict
. .     -in i ��� ..1 . ,  thonco north  -���< chains
;:���:.,,   ,v, i  11  chain    thonco  north  20  chains
Ifcatt mt H) chaina, thenco aouth 40 chalna to
punt o( com men anient,   containing   112   acraa
nurv it I***.
DttedAprfl I, 1911.        CLAIM MAY LITTLE
fuU ,\pnl 16.
MMM UikI district���Diitrict of Coaat Range &
nin notice that .Mary Ueaton Cilderaleevo ol
\ititru. II. C, occupation  housekeeper, intendr
' to i(i|'i> lor pormihiion lo purchaae the following
c��ttii��-d lauds:
Comnirr.cing at a poat planted at the southwest
envoi Lot Ulrti. Kange &, Coaat l>istrict,tlu-nce
Nf!,.i,.. nutb thence 40 chains east, thence M)
Altai iioriii, Llience 40 chalna weat lo poinl of
.m. rotiuining -i-U acres more or k*e.
Dated April IT, lull.
SkMM Und DUtrict-District of Coast
T**e nvi.ioo thlt   Ireil   \V.   Uohler of   KiUum-
ipMioo (armor, intonds to apply  (or
prfiuiuum tu  purchase   the   following   tlescrihed
��� in a poit plantod ai the north-
t     A. McLeod a pre-emption, thonoe
Dttth. ineice 10 chains oast, thence 20
i. tnonce  10  I'lmins  wait  lo pa��t  of
wmii'.'itvjtient containing it) acres mora or lo**.
10, l'Jll. KltlKDKlClI W. UOitLKU
I ii. Fred Hampton, Agent
skwna Und Dislrici���District of tjutvn Charlotle
law nutice thai Hubert O. Craw of I'rince
R��I*rt, ll. i'., oeeopatiun agent, intends lo apply
lor .*.:-..>.���* kii. lo purchase lb* following deaenbed
,.   .
tommtticing at ��� post plantod aboul 6 1*2
miis *i��t j-ni hall a mile auuth of tbo mouth of
Stanley Creek where u empties into Naden
Harbor, Graham Island, ihcnco cast 40 chains,
tt*��e nurth 40 chains, thence wvst 40 chalna,
lUnce Muth 40 chaini io point of commencement
-lA cimtsining 100 arras mora or leaa.
Uiirl March 17, lull. HUUKRT O. CREW
Pub. April 7. Numa Demera, Agsnt
SLK-i-m Und District���District of Coast Itange &
i**-'  MRlM tint 1, Frank  Hicks of Port Ks-
BQpaUofl   merchant,   intend   to  apply
tmi l^nniumn . o purchase the following described
tu-nm-icing al a (tost plantod on the soulh
���ll .1 it.,. Kxchunuiks Itiver and about four
bum (t<<m its confluence *nh the Skeena Uiver,
iliatns west, ihence HO chains north,
MM H chains oast, thence south 80 chains
I cotnnifiicement, containing 640 acree
tr.��e or lass.
J>����d April 21, 1911. FRANK HICKS
Tab. April i\t.
I Und Distriet    Dwtrict of Coast
Tiki mum thst William McTavUh uf Vancou-
W| 1.  i . occupntiun physician. Intends to apply
UB to purchase the lollowing ���!���  i ri i I
Cm���.���t.ii.cng at a post planted at the soulhwes
���mir, to rhains north and 40 chains east of the
f**~*-f ,,11,1; (,f Lol lllti, Ilarvey'a Surrey,
rteL lUnge 0, thence tiO chains oast
���'��� j chain north, thence 60 chalna west,
���'���������������' ehabM south to |wst of commencement
jwisini K .0,0 acnv more or less.
"��� May 6. Fred W. Uohler, Agent
���   I DUtrict-District of Cout Hange 6
lue nutice ihit Utile McTaviah of Vancouver,
Inpttion   iii.iinn 1   woman,   intends   to
m*h i��t prmiuiun lu purchase the  following
��� lands:
ina at a punt planted at the north-
IW chains esst and 20 chains north
i<��nbeast curner ul Lut lllfi, llarve
I   I ��im net,Range fi.thence 20
irvey a
JJU, IbtOM hO chains Mt, ihence 80 chains
���nj. tbtoca 4U chains west, thence 60 chains
11. IbtOM 4u chsins west to pusi uf common-
"^Htr.r.tsir.inH 400 acres more or less.
ub- "U" ��������� Fred W. Bohler. Agent
I Und District-District of Caasiar
tire that Christian A. Tervo of Stikine
-non customs ofliccr, Inlend* to apply
"if      "un t0 Purchase the following dweribed
totTS^Jl1 ?l " '"*' Panted ���I'oul 18 chains
j, : *'"-'. "i the cuttouih warehouse at Stikine,
tkaiM S52 weni -�� chains, thence south 20
SiTKS W 2{i &*---% thence  north  20
ton.*     '""nl "' commencement and containing
r 1. ...
Hutftj* lm'      CHH|STIAN A- TERVO1
l I'istrlci District of Coast Range r.
I, | " ��� *����� that liraco McTavish, of Vancouver.
Iai ,,'" '^'""""Brriwl woman, intends to apply
Itti      MM,n l0 Pu"hai�� the foUowing dncribed
' I ���� a pwt planled at the southweel
Skeena Land Dslrict��� Dutrict of Quoon Charlotte
Take notice thai George KrUtell of I'rince
Rupert, H. C, occupatiun butcher, intenda to apply
for |-to i iv nm to purchase lhe futluvring duecribod
Commencing at a post planled about seven
miles west and two miles souih of lho mouth uf
Stanley Creek where il empties into Naden
Harbor, Graham Island, thenco 60 chains aouth,
ihence 60 chains west, thenco 80 chaina north,
thence 60 chans cast to point of commencement
and containing 610 acres more orient.
Dated March 17, IUll GEUHGK FU1/.ZKLL
I'ub. April 7. Numa Demerm, Agent
Skivna Und District -DUtrict of Cassiar
Tako nolle* thai  1,  Isaac  U'llrlon  Furtws nl
Princo Rupert, 11. C. occupation carpenter, intend
to apply for purmlanun to purchaae the following
descrfuvd lands:
Commencing at a post planted about t)v milees
���outh end one mile weat of the (orka of thsWhlte
aud Flat rivers, thonco north 80 chains, ihence
wost 80 chains, ihence eouth 80 chains, thenee
east 80 chains.
Dated AprU 18, 1911.  ISAAC U'URIKN FORUKS
Tub. May U. Francia S. Praaton, Agent
Skeena Land I hstrict -Disirict of Coast
Take notice that Glenn McArthur <<f Vancouver,
0*  C, occupalion real   total* egent Intends lo
���pply for iiermission  tu  purchase  the fullowing
dusenbed lands:
Cotnmencng at s post planted 40 chains wTst
and 60 cbains south ��� f the southwest eomer of
Lot Na 1733 marked Glenn McArthura northwest corner, tlwne* south 40 cbains, tb*nc* *ast
60 chaini, thenc* north 40 chains, thence west
60 chalna to po*l of commeneement, containing
320 acrea more or Uae.
Dated March 20, 1911.       GLENN McARTHCR
Pub. April It. T. D. Uinl. Agent
Skeena Land Dislrict-Diatricl of Coaat Kanire &
Coaat District
Take notice that Wm. Leslie of Sapperton, U.C.
occupation Government Guard, intendi to apply
for permission to purchase thc following describ*
ml lands:
Commenclny at a post pUnted 40 chains wesl
and 120 chains soulh of the southwest corner of lut
Nu 1733, range fi coast district,marked Wm.Leslie,
N.W. cot ner, thence south *U* chaina. Ihence easl
hit chains, ihence north 40 chains, thencc west HU
chains lo pott of commencement, containing 320
ncren mure ur less.
T. D. Laird. Agent
Dated Murrh 20lh. 1911
Pub. April 29th, 1911
Skeona Land Afistrict  -District of Queen Charlotte
Take notice that Geo. II. Lam of Prince Rupert,
H. <'.. occupation hkrber, intends to spply for
permission to purchaae the following described
lands: j
Commencing at a post planled about Mven
null-* wast and one mile soutn from the mouth
of Stanly Craek, Naden Harbor, tbence south 80
chains, thenoe mst 40 chains, thenoe north 80
chalas, thenoe oast 40 chains.
Dated March 17, 1911. GEO. H. LAI X
Pub. Ai��nl 22. Numa Demers. Agenl
Skeena Und District-District of Casalar
Take nolle* that  1, Urenton Jordon Moore of
Prince Rupert, H C, occupation contractor. Intend
to apply for permiasion to purchase the following
described lands;
Commencing al a post planted about (3) Ihree
milea south snd (2) tw.. milr* west of th* forks
of Whit* and Flat rivers, thence HO chains south
thence 80 chains wesl, thenco 80 chaina north,
thence 80 chains east.
Dsted April 20, 1911. Francia S Preelon, Agent
Pub. May 13.
Skwna Und District -District of Cassiar
Take nolle* that   1, James Webster Esplinlol
Stewart, ll.C., uccupstion    suctioned, intend to
apply (or pcrmbvion lo   purchase   tho   following
��� I. -.'ni.-I lantls:
Commencing at a posl plsnted on the right
bank of the Naas river about nine mile* above
the forks of the Naas river, thenqp south 60 chsins,
Ihence west 80 chains, thence north 60 chsins,
thencc east 80 chains lo polnl of commencement,
containing 610 acres more or lew. ��������,..,
Dated March 24, 1911. Frank Sidney Wright, Agt
Pub. May 17.
.Skeena Und District -District of Cassiar
Take notice that I, Sydney Flttgerald ol Stewart.
II. C, occupatinn cook, intend to spplv for permission to purchase the following deecribed lends
Commencing at a |wst planted about �������"���
south and one mile of the forks nf Uhlte
and Flat rivers, thence south 80 chains, thence
weat 80 chsins, thence north 80 chsins, thence
cut 80 cliains. ������������nanii r��
Dated April 18,1911. SYDNEY MTZOERALI
Pub. May 13. Francis S. Preston, Agent
i-a,  ���-..,     .......        ,..     i laniui     -.fM,
���raitiMi,.-i .f."1*""""' *" i*"' ol m-__m_mamm
"IM ',1 !l  '" ''
���*���   ''l'.."|..
[.'"'*' -''".'I m?"'"���**"*'
Vrm\ W. Iloliler, Alont
���I   '      ''�����"'] liintricl^Di.lrlctoU'M.lsr
fi '.;    'hi i, ohaita m. Kn.��
'"���lalalvl �����. 1-, occupaliiill InrmiT, Inn nil
a '.'J""minium lu iiiircliiiiw th. li
"'iii' mutt Sa Lt l'""t I''.ili'il ��hout (J) thru.
11 w��� milm wnl ol thr lurk* ol
*'""    '. _   ... '["''Inir, Hienco noulh 80 chllna,
j;. 0 ch taS"" n��"h  8�� Ch,iM'
Thia is a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in Ita discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
A niiwn that is charming for
Jiuif weddings is illiislr.iUtl today.
The i>kirt is of transparent whit,-
Idnlan muslin beautifully decorated with English embroidery over
llesli pink satin. Bodice and long
ends at sides are of white voile de
snie striped with meadow green
satin and finished with green taffeta bands. The odd bodice arrangements, i'ul in one with the
girdle, is also of taffeta and trimmed with silver bullous antl edged
with tueks of iniihlin antl embroidery. The over sleeves are
very wide and the long under
sleeves of muslin finished with
Social and Petsonal
Mrs. L. W. Patmore will receive
again on thc second Wednesday in
each month.
Krincli S. 1'ro.ion, Agent
!     J V1""1.0!    Ulitrict o. Co..t ll�������� 6
l.a UM Murilnck MclUo ol Vnncouvn
, "'��'ion ri'iil Mt.tn broker, Int.ml, to
I llll.li
on  t'  imrclmaii  lho  lollowini
���    �� nia.l  laUnti-al  on  ihe ...uh
ik. river nlioul live miln Horn
���' Ihr Skwnn river, thenco 40
.  "i'i' 80 chaini. north, thence 40
,,'     I"  chain,  north,  thence 40
1 , , .'  ""'"i 20  chains south,  thenco  40
i"'"'"'!!..,',;,.;,'"'"" 1? ch,l"�� """Hi to point ol
*__*��� Ai,, . ','��� ,���,",ul"l"ll MS "era. more or Im
^���M.,   /'���""I' MUUIJOCK McllAE
Skeena Und Disirict -District ol f��i"
T.k. notice th.t  Wllli.m  Kre-lerlck  I .mernn
ol  Princ  Kupert,   11.  t"-,  occup.tion  c.r|.enler,
ntendt to .pply lor permlwlon lo purch.se the
lollowing d-MCTib-eil lendt:
Commencing   si   l  po.1   TO"���.��Bff!
milm iouth ol the lorks ol the White .nd  II
rive-m, thence -south  ��0 ch.lns,  Ihence  west  m
chains, thence north  80 chains, thenee eut B0
D.ted April 18, Ull. .  ..    .       .
Tub. M.y 13. Francis S. rreslon, Agent
Skwna Und Dlstricl     Disirict ol (osst ll.nge 6
T.ke notice th.l I. Uuchl.n John shan.han M
Victoria,   II.   C,  occupation   lecher.   Intend   to
apply  lor permission  lo purchase  lhe  lollowing
descrilied landa: . _ .... ,.
Commencing si . posl planted fin ch.ina soniii
Irom the southeast corner ol LM tm*, Ihence 40
chalna aouth,  Ihence  40 chains west,  thence  411
chalna north, thence 40 chalna est  to poin tot
commencement, containing 160 "''vm'r,"_'.",',,_ml
Du. ���! April 17, 1011.
Tub. M.y 6.
Skiwn. Und Dlalrict    District ol \'*ml" .
T.ke notice that I, John I. Mltehell ol I r nee
llui^rt, II. C, occupation Inmklfeei'er. Intend lo
apply lor permission to purchase tho lollowing
described land.: .    ,     . ...  -
I ommencing at . poat plantcl ahout IB) live
mllea aouth and (1) one mile went ot the lorks ol
the White and Flat rivers, thence north 80 chains
thence Mat 80 ch.ina, thenco aouth 80 chalna,
theneo weat 80 chains- .    .,���-,.,,..,,
Dated April 18, 1011. JOHN L. M Tt 1IM.I.
I'ub. M��y 13. FrancU S. I'reaton, Agant
Wise Advice May Save the Children   from   Fire   Peril
Many boys and girls have lost
iheir lives through iheir clothing
catching alight. In some schools
the boys and girls have special
lessons on what to do in ease
of fire, aad lhe following paragraph is taken from the text book
prepared for these lessons:
Do   not   mn   or   ICTeam   when
your clothing is afire.    Running
Fans the ll.lines and srrraniing
makes yon breathe deeply and
draw the flame into the chest.
Wrap yourself in some woolen
or heavy material antl roll on the
lloor. Take something near you���
a Coat, shawl, rug, lounge coven
or portiere. If ymi see anyone
afire wrap him anil roll him in
this way. If he will not lie down
he must be thrown down; the
blase can best be put out by
rolling  him,  and  he can  lie  kept
from breathing flame if down.
Every One Will Save Both Time
and Trouble if Tried
When washing tan Colored clothes Of stockings in the khaki-
colored suits, put a little brown
dye in the rinsing water and in the
starch.   One ten*cent pack.ige of
ilye dissolved in boiling water iiml
then   bottled,   will   last   a   whole
season.   Add only a little to the
water.     Using   the  dye   prevents
tli,it washed-out look mi common
to  the  kahakMolorcil  suits  after
+ ��� +
To clean white ostrich  plumes
move about in .1 lather of pure
white soap with n little ammonia
in it, using about a quart of
ammonia in it, using about a
quart of water if the feathers are
large. Then puss them from
stem to tip between the thumb
and finger, and do the same in
the same amount of clear hot
water. Repeat in cold water
slightly-- >blued. Hang them to
dry in a draft .mtl shake them
+ + +
When the window shades have
become old, worn and cracked, they
may be made to look like new and
last many years. Lay the shades
flat on the floor and paint tliein
with any color of oil paint desired.
This can be purchased at the
hardware store in Btnall cms.
First paint one side, and when
dry turn them nver and paint
the Other side. When they become soiled they mav be washed
+ + +
While turpentine and linseed
oil mixed together in equal iiuan-
lities  make  an  exit lien 1   cleanser
for floors, a better treatment when
the lloor is dirty is to remove the
dirt by means of a rag wet with
tin pen line, afterward applying the
linseed nil. This oil Bhould be
allowed to remain for a week or
inure before the lloor is polished.
Then the boards can be kepi in
giintl condition by applying a
mixture of turpentine and linseed
At  Coronation  the  Peers  and
Peeresses Will Wear Coronets
The most limiting moment at
the Coronation of King ("ieorge V.
will be that when the Archbishop
of Canterbury places the crown
upon the head of His Majesty,
says the Milwaukee Journal. But
the most striking scene immediately follows, when every peer
and peeress of the realm present
at Westminster Abbey duns the
coronet pertaining to his or her
rank. The rank of the noble may
be easily determined from his
crown. The coronet of the baron
has on the circle or rim six silver
balls placed et|iii-distanlly; that
of the viscount, sixteen; theearighl
eight silver balls raised upon points
with goltl strawberry leaves between the points; the marquis is
embellished on the circlet with
four goltl strawberry leaves and
four silver ball- alternately, lhe
latter a little raised on points
above the rim; whilst the coronet
of a duke has eight goltl strawberry
What You Ask For
If wi' liavt' it in Fruit antl
Grot'i'rii'8, ami we have it
almost unfailingly.    :  ':   :
Have You Eaten Cherry Pie This Season ?
Wc have tliti Cherries and
everything else to make
the  pie.      :     :     :     :     :
Ideal Provision House
Thirtl Ave., near Sixth St.    I'hone 190
Ingenious Appratus Newly Invented
A novel Invention in the shape
of an apparatus for automatically
taking measurements ol the work
of track    athletics has just been
Installed on  the athletes at  all
points   in   a   nice   running   track
in the Robinson gymnasium, Kan-
Robin Hood
The Great Flour
Greater Canada
Your Dealer Has ll
To Lease
22, 23, 24, 25
7, 8
Second Ave., Prince Rupert, B.C.
The Digby Rooms
Located on Sixth Ave, near  Fulton
Three tn live minutes from centre nf butltlOU dtttrloti Nineteen newly furnishtHl moms.
Hot und cold wHter, hnth and
telephone. Newly furnished.
Under new munriKement.
INSPECTION      -       -      INVITI
-General Hardware ���
Builders' Hardware
-,  Valves & Plpss      Oxford Stoves
We have a complete line of
Lenses, Field Classes. Mineral Glasses, Compasses
and   Aneroid   Barometers.
2 R. W. Cameron & Co.
Official Watch Inspectors
for the G.T.I'.
Cor. Gth St. and Second Avenue.
_W *%_h___mMT,i:
The Only New unabridged dictionary in many years.
Contains the pith and essence
of an authoritative library.
Covers every flold of knowledge An Encyclopedia in a
single book.
The Only Dictionary with the
New Divided l'tif*e.
400,000 Words. 2700 Pages.
6000 Illustrations. Cost nearly
half a million dollars.
Let us tell you about this most
remarkable single volume.
T_>_*��{'.!_.   ���*-.   M*\ Wrlto formmi-ilo
pages, lull particulars, etc.
Name this
paper  and
we  will
���eod free
* set af
AC. MerriunCo.
Sprln|.-llHil. Maan.Rf
-    a    .   .....a      ..     .7]
sis University. Thu machine,
which is the first of its kind, and
the invention of l>r. Naismith)
director ol physical culture! consists of small bamboo slicks, lo-
catcd along the track so as to
divide the course into quarters.
The sticks project over the track
and are touched Ly the breast
of the runner as he passes.    The
bamboos are connected to a make-
antl-liieak electrical machine) which
transmits the touch oi the runner
to a kymograph) which holds a
lamp-blacked paper in which marks
are   made.     A   clock   is   used   in
connection  with   the  kmyograph
for purpose! of timing.
The slar pitchers of the Athletics
are   noi    working   SO   smooth   as
they did last season.
+ + +
Victoria looks better behind the
bat since Spierman joined the
team, lie is steady, alive to all
that is going on and has a faculty
of reaching first, although not
rated as a heavy hitler.
* + +
President O'Neil, of the Western
League,  has formally announced
die   transfer of  the  franchise  of
the Wichita club to Pueblo,
+ + +
Waller Johnson is back with the
Washington team and expects to
be able soon to help the Senators
to do a little climbing.
+ + +
Thirty players in the American
League and nineteen in the National are hitting over the .300
+ + +
They say that in Forrest Cady,
tbe Newark thriller, the Boston
Red Sox have snared the last
word in catching.
+ + +
Ten Million has been dropped
down the li>t in Victoria's batting
lineup, but he is always dangerous
just the same. The lad is more
than making good as an outfielder,
jus two throws to the plate yesterday being as good as anything
seen here for a long time. In
one instance he drove a runner
back to third antl in the other he
cut off what woultl have been the
lying run.
+ + +
Frankie Burns, the pugilist, is
rapidly recovering from the effects
of the severe punishment he received at the hands of Ad Wolgast.
lie said this morning that he was
all right and expected i<> be
downtown tomorrow to greet hia
friends. A blackened eye is his
chief disfigurement.
+ + +
ll is apparent now thai there
will be no professional lacrosse
in Winnipeg this season unless the
unexpected happens. The Shamrocks, who broke from the amateur
ranks last year have been endeavoring all year to have a professional league formed with Port
Arthur and Fort William, but even
the momentary enthusiasm displayed iii these towns last year has
tlied away.
There is a club in Marquette,
Mich., which is putting that place
on the baseball map. It is probably the most unique iu the country, very few holdouts arc recorded, although no contracts are
useil or salaries paitl, and all one
has to do to get on the club
is to steal somebody's watch or
"soup" a Side and get caught
so you can get a "bit" in the
Michigan stale penitentiary at
Marquette, where the above team
( + + +
Former Wiiuii|>cg Maroons are
not getting away lo a very gootl
slari in iheir new berths this
year. The Dubuque team, of
which is composed of five of last
year's Maroons, including Olson,
Batty, Plass, Kreit/. and l-osberg.
has lost four Straight games and
Rowland seems to be worried
over the bunch. Larry Piper is
showing great form with the Osh-
kosh I am of the Wisconsin-Illinois
league.   The Rabbit leads off and
has been hitting the ball hard
and    timely,    while   his   brilliant
base-running   has  already   made
him a favorite with the fans. But
Larry's playing has not enabled
the team to pull out a victory
as yet, as they havc dropped
five straight games. Fven Rollie
/.eider, the star of Winnipeg fan-
doni a few years ago, got in bad
on Sunday with the Chicago fans,
when the former Maroon made
two errors in the first innings
against Detroit, which gave the
Tigers three runs and eosl the
Double Weekly Service
For Stewart, Sundays,  8.00 a.m.
Mondays and Fridays at 8 a.m.
������. Prir.ce Albert sniln fur I'ort   Simpson, Nuas Kiver l'oint.s, Mass-st,
Nmli'ii Hurbor,  every  Wednesday, 1.00 p.m.
antl fir:
Refuge Ray,   Skitky ,te,   Queen
Charlotte city, Loeksport, I'a-
I'oli, Jedway,   Ikeda Hay,   Roue
Harlior  anil  return  via  Queen
Charlotte City every  Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The  Grand Trunk Railway System
Connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  track route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,  Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets obtainable from the ollice hereunder mentioned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
lines arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway
B.C. Coait Service
t Famous  Princess  Line
s.s. Princess May
���Rails for���
^^^ ViKouwr. Viclorii  ind   Seattle
Monday, June 12, at 9 a.m.
J. G. McNab General Agent
Coast to Coast
Tickets  To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Sccoml Ave.        Phone 116
Take the fast light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
H. B. Rochester
Second avenue and Third street
Over WeBtenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
l.aw-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Rupert P.O. Box 351
of II,iia.ii t'..11,1,11 m tit n ('.. Ontario,Sm-
mul Miinii'ilaai liars. kat-rh-swan  and Al-
I-. 11ii liars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc
Offtw- Exrhanirp block, roriwr Third avenue and
Sixth stropt Prince Ilni.cri I
WM. S. HAl.L. L D.S., U. D.S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operation* skilfully treated. Gas and
local anasthellc. administered for the painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
Ilelirerson Hl,ick. Pnnce Runert. IMS
Alex.M.Manson R.A.,     W.E. Wllllams.n.A.,L.L.n
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Rupert, B.C
P. o. IIOX 2.1
ruptt. or wm. roxoN. ran.. MUUM��!MM�� ��no
Kkeena I .ami District -District nl Coaat Hanite 6 I
Taka notica thsl Klalnii S. Delwller ol  Iteilln,
Ont.' occupation  doctor,  Intends to  apply   lor
nerinlaalnn  to  purchase  thc  lollowinK  deacrihed   prillt      '.     Produce      !      Feed
tmenclne Rl  a poet planted at tho aouth-1
Commencins Rt a prat pUnted tt tho gnuttv
wost corner of I-t 192H, Ihence out !10 eheine
mora or term, thrnco noulh 45 eheine more or leee,
thence weet 30 eheine mora or leee, thence north
I i cheins mora or lese lo point of commeneement
contelnlmv. 140 ecree mora nr lei
I)st*l March 31, 1911    BLDON 8. DETWILKHIU    14    Mnrfon      ~      *\rA   Av*
Pub. AprU IB' John Campbell, Awnt' ����� ��� """M)"     -     Ord   /\VCt THE    DAILY   NEW^S
"From A Railroad  Man's  Point  of View"  He  Says
"The  Rock Work is Well Done and I Can See
The    Beginning   of   The   City   Our
Surveyors   Planned"
.After the preliminary conference I ."Really," he said. "1 am sur-
with the council while Mr. Cham-[prised at the amount of work
berlin spent the remainder of the which you have accomplished here
afternoon in consultatii m with General   Superintendent   Mehan   on
Continued from page 1.
Classified  -   -  Advertisements
wnce my' lasl visit, it impresses
me very much indeed. I am going
to make .1 more extensive tour
of the dty, but I have already
Presuit jseen yuur principal streets, and
Mr.  C.  lnokiiiK   al   ii    merely   from    the
important matters in  relation  to
the arrangement of offices, yards.
and   approaches   to   the
Grand Trunk waterfront,
M. Hays accompanied his brother railroad point of view the rock-
Mr. David H. Hays on a tour of w���rk ,imi excavation seems to
thc centra] portions of die town- be thoroughly will done. Of
site. course   I  .un  speaking  lluis  from
Struck by Progress ia railro.td man's standpoint.    To
President Hays was impressed (the casual tourist your streets
hy the amount of progress that I might appear to be badly torn
has been made in the grading of] up at present, but 1 can see now
streets and building up of the the beginnings of the dty which
city since last fall. our surveyor? planned."
The Insurance People
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Phone 1.1" Third Avenu<> and Fulton St
Quebec, and the Western Provinces
were almor-t solid for it. with
! Ontario divided as before, lie
said there was no doubt as to
where Urili>li Columbia should
stand. "A province which imports $14,000,000 of agricultural
ptoducts yearly, ought to look
on the removal of the duties a?
a profitable thing for them."
Served Constituency Well
He told very modestly of the
tiling hi h*d accomplished for
the constituency���mail services to
the Queen Charlolte Islands,
wharves .it Massett, Stewart and
other j laci -. telegraph line to
Stewart and Valdez Island, and
a marine station at Digby Island.
"1 take credit." he said, "for
the wireless Btations on the Pacific
Coast, the finest in the world.
I happened to be acting Minister
of Marine for six months and I
had an expert investigate the
matter, and ordered the first two
station.-. Now thv-ce are sevi n.
Still at Work
"I  have some other thing* on
hand  too.  that  I  see this district
,,,-,,, ��� ��� ������ VM the public ia in the classified advwttstment columns.
One of the beBt services the model n MOTPSPJr give,        v om.
There buyer and seller, emp%�� ��nd SjSwntoSS  n reach of everyone the   News   will   reduce  its
mon ground.     Io pu  thi. ���$l��� eon*eBn7ord per insertion. -.Minimum charge of 25 cents
816 Vr.T'oW gfoitod"Advertising  Column  for  today.
Minimum charge of 25 I
Watch   it   grow.
Lost and Found
FOUND-Euri'ka Cleaning and Premintf Company. Men's suits cleaned and pressed $1.00.
LadW suits prMMd and cleaned. Dry cleaning a specialty. Room 13 Westenhaver Block,
Phone red 63. 121-147
FOUND-Entrant rooms; newly furnished. The
BuSkiev Block, Oth Av**., near Fulton.   li>.��*lm
LOST-A bunch of Keys.
i.. Daily News Office.
is  that  the  railway  reserve and
wharl waterfront are to
Finder kindly return
' present
the property
nnp.ui>   and
For Rent
Do away with this.    Patronize a white
laundry.    Whitejai.ir only ;it
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
Jeff vilde sef.e (iris
paa at fua blltaa eder
med gode raad ved investments. A:!eg mig
en visit.
���_ Kurniahed Roomi In apartment huute, opposite
Clapp Building, 2nd Ave., near MeBride.    Apply on premises bfftW-tU one and thr-ee p.m.
Two-r.Kimed Calunon Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Apply J. Vjj .:.���'. Maple Boardin-f Ha--. 3rd
Ave. 12-134
Furniture of three-room flat. Apply Room 15
Westenhaver Bhack, corner 2nd Ave. and Sixth
Street. 126.131
Nicely furnished Front Room in new house.   Apply Mrs. Saville. Fourth Ave., near McBride.
Stores and offices for rent. Applv Dr. Mclntyrt,
Third Ave., phune green 59. 12*a-tf
the rpilway lant
lump sum of  815,000
paid annually in taxes,
ol the rail-
Included   in
upon which a
tu   be
For Rent-Modern House, close in.
H. F. McRae & Co.
J25 a month.
Open Evenings        Exchange Block
Out   Prince   Rupert  Accompanied Mr. C. M. Hays.
"It   is   attributable
generous ,-pirit of the
We have just received a
shipment of the newest
styles and latest designs
in ladies' Velvet and leather Hand Bag�� We especially invite you ta call
and let us show you our
new  goods	
needs.    1   have  arranged  for  a
Landscape Architect Who Laid lighthouse at Rose Spit on Dixon
entrance, and j> the time you
havc ocean sU-atiH-rs going out
of here, there will be a wireless
Station there too. I have arranged
to have the marine depot divided.
and  the north  part of the coast 	
served from I'rince Rupert in- Drilling. Church Parade and
stead nf from Victoria. I have Review at Quebec in Broiling
arranged   for   Mr.   Williams,   the;    Sunshine.
inspector  of   fisheries   to  remove 	
his headquarters here from  Yic-|    Writing from Regina and later
Neatly Furnished Room,;  gentlemen preferred.
Apply Mrs. Mullin, over Majestic Theatre.
r -�� lurnished rooms. Mr,. Bower. Somerset
Kaioms, Third Avenue, between Seventh and
Eighth. 117-tf
N t* Furni,hed Boom,. Apply Mrs. Kirby. AlaW
Block, upstair, entrance. Third Ave.       117-121
Several good 5 and 6 room houses with bath. 135
per month. O. M. Helgoreon. Limited, phone
96. CUT-tf
to the
and Government Officials and
to the hearty accord between
them, and the landscape architects, that Prince Rupert will
acquire park.-, squares, boulevards, and the opportuniiest
for municipal imporvemeiits,
planned for in such a way as
to fulfill the design in serving
the public interest, and for
the future embellishment of the
The  above  statement  by  Mr. ,irv
George  D.   Hall   of   the  firm  of fOT them at Ottawa, as soon
Brett & Hall, landscape architects,  they g^ t<) M;ir, ,.,,.,,,-,,,,,;,,,
Sice, clean, bright outside rooms.
6th Ave., near Fulton.
Bulkley Block
Nice furnished roomi tingle or for housekeeping.
Apply Drexel Rooming Houie, 2nd Ave., near
McBride. May 3-lmo
Help Wanted
District Manager for first class Health anal Acci-
ve is Mayor Manson's official statement of the terms of
the agreement come to between
the city and the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway company on their
assessment. When the conference
between the city council and
the Grand Trunk magnates was
ended at half past ten last night
it was arranged between President
Hays and the council that Mayor
Manson should give out to the
press the details of the agreement.
Mr. I lays himself making the
general statement fresh from thc
meeting that a satisfactory agreement had been readied, and that
he was pleased with it.
Council Sat Later
Alter Mr. Hays hiid left the
new court room in which the
meetings yesterday were held, thc
Major and council sat for another
half hour to consider some particular points.    At  five minutes
worth twenty-five per ceiU m
now than it was ihi, morning,"
Whether this be true or not
no one contradicted it. Amongst
the most enthusiastic of the al
derinen was Alderman Hilditch
He was ready to declare that the
present settlement is better lur
the city than the former $25000
Waterfront Attracts
Unqualified approval uf the waterfront item in the settlement
was expressed antl the idea thai
work shall be started at once upon
ihe dry-dock gave considerable
satisfaction. The fan that the
200 feet provided for arc tu l���.
handed over in fee simpl-,- was
loked upon as a very much
better proposition than had ap.
parently been expected.
As they were hurrying ofl Alderman Clayton and Alderman
Morrissey tossed in their nm.
tribution to the series of ex.
pressions of satisfaction Alderman
Clayton in delighted terms, Al-
derman Morrissey less warmly
but wilh assurance.
About the court room a number
of interested citizens gathered, and
the news that a settlement had
actually been reached was very
soon being talked about along
Third avenue. Before midnight
ill those most interested had a
general idea that the council considered a good bargain had been
made. The (irand Trunk party
returned to the Prince Rupert,
and nothing was said by .my
of them beyond that Mayor Manson would make the official announcement.
toria. and 1 hope also to arrange fr,������ Quebec, Color Sergeant Geo
fur tin headquarters of tin- Dom- Leek representing Kirl Grey's Ri
inion   Yukon   Telegraph   line   to ||,,, at tin- Coronation says:
be located hire.   I think it should ] Regina   where  we  camped   with
be.    I  have also arranged  fur a [our ranks swelled
subsidy   for   the   Grand   Trunk frnm other centre:
dock   here.     It   is   waiting vided  into  four companies.    'A'
���'- "'mpany included Engineers, Ar
dent Insurance Company.      Splendid induce- | U) c\vwn hoWl'VeT,  MaVor M.lllSOlt
ments.   Special salary and liberal commission. '
ApplytoJ.LMcO.mb. Health and Accident   called    ail    atliolirnilleiU,    anel    the
Department. Empire Life Insurance Caimpany. '
511 Winch Building. Vancouver. B.C.   114-12U    'meeting    broke    up
Nineteen youn* men to take cosy rooms In the
Bulkley Block, near Fulton.
"li    Wanted-5*"' irood men to join the Order of Owls.
-Call room 2?.  Empress  Hotel.    I.  F.  Madlem.
I by contingents It'
E8,  we  were di-   {
Fire Insurance
Canadian   Rand   Company's    Products,
Mining Machinery and Conlractor'a Supplies, Road Building and Concrete
Machinery,    Agricultural,    Farm
and   Dairy   Supplies,   Dump   Cars   and
Wagons,   Gasoline   Engines, Motor  Vehicles and Trucks
OFFICE: Third and Fulton,
P.O. Bos 44��
Princa Rupert
who laid out the townsite (or the
G. T. 1'. i> uf ^i>����i.--l interest
today. Mr. Hall BCCOmpanied
Mr. C. M. Hays un
trip, antl expressed himself as
much interested in the progress
of the work of carving and blasting
out of rock antl muskeg tin- ttrei ts
which he has designed on paper.
In laying out the plan rf the
townsite, with which the ritiiensl
are so familiar, Mr. Hall had
unique problems and unique opportunities. lli~ iir-t great aim
in laying out the plan of Prince
Ruperl was to decide on a skeleton
system of fundamental roads or
arteries of traffic so aa to tie thc
whole development together by
insuring   a   commodious,   .is  well
as direct intercommunication between the various MCtions of the
townsite. With Mr. Hays, Mr.
Hall is satisfied with the beginnings uf the work of making our
THE British Union and National Fire Insurance
Company of London. England, with capital
of t2.eo0.la0.00. See us for rates. The Mack
Keallv and Insurance Company. 70-tf
Situations Wanted
my   Service   Corps,   Guides,   etc.
Asked Questions B' company consisted nf High-
In  response  I.,  tin- invitation landers   with   Captain   Hart   in
,to ask questions, W. H. Mont- command.   'C company consisted j
'gomery iiujiiiretl why the Liberal "'  RM�� with  Major Watson in J,	
government   did   not   support   tlif   Command,   alltl   'I)    Company   Waa   a  claaaifled  advertisement  Is a tireless work
demand for a  two weekly pa) composed of mm  from  various   ^"^""^'^'''^	
fur railway employees,    lb- read regiments.    During camp at Re- j "~~ ~t
Boarders Wanted       \
from the Labor Gazette
ment   that   Sir   Wilfrid
regiments.    During camp at Re- t"
,.   -tai- giu> we put in >nini' drill.    The  j
Laurier Comissariat   Department   might     +w
had declined to act without consulting lhe railway officials.
"That was a necessary thinn
to tlu," said Mr. Templeman.
"As ,i result, the Premier found
that fur certain classes of men at
work in remote districts ii was
impossible  for  the sheets  to  be
have   been   belter,   but  we   were ���_      .  .                ,  .   ,      .   .
Home cooked meals and nicely furnished rooms
glad   to   get   a   Mull   oil    the   train. ��',r1,hr.!l,p"'oni.    Apply Mrs   Jamee. Scott
1 lli-li- . 3rd Ave., between eth and (th Sta.   --..-if
It  rained  pari  of  the  time  at Prh.M Board by lhc w���k or ���������,,,.  Hom,
13, ,,;,,., cooking a specialty.   Miss E. M. Gleeson, 3rd
l\i 1,111.1. Ave   between 7th and tth Sts.. phone 171. 89-tf
"On May 80th at (Juebi-c a big
review   ul   the   regimental   repre- j
scntatives  was  held.    A  special i
uniform i* supplied to the men. .|.~.~~..~~
made up and tht p.lV ear tu make It consists of .1 dark green tllllic A claiilflcd advertlioment Is a real estate sales-
till- trip every two weeks. Hut with'red facing.-, and white hel-J Z�� ��� Vn thTneTreVu'r" count enou"h "l��
in   the case  of   thc car builders nu-t.     I requent   drills   are   held
Real Estate
Palace Ice Cream Parlor
Boat m*l<* in ;���
naif ���n<l Rttatl
SAM gowen. Proprietor
Look foi
iri'l Cum jr.  \* han*
tln-h fti^r. at niKht.
i'hnm�� no
Tenders for Excavating
1<i.'1*t�� fi.r fxravalinjr l-itn 1 nn<I 2, hlock ll,
" ��� ��������� i, \, will 1*0 rweivod ap lo Jun* I Hth. Low-
m\ tonHor run riorpnnarily accoptwl. For panic*
uliir* upply to
.Sorix.nd Ave., tippoBitoThompson  Hardware Co.
Hon. Wm. Templeman Accompanies President of the Road
and Party on Special Train.
C. V. Bennett is Prince Rupert's
Lodge Delegate to Cranbrook
' \ Bennett lias been delegated in represi nt tin- Prince Ruperl
Lodge of ihe I. o. ij. I-. ,,i ih,
meeting nf tin Grand Lodge 61
B. '    .it Cranbrook on the l-lth
nf tlii-. month. He will return |
tn Prince Ruperl in time for the
Installation of ncw officers. Nomination nf new officers I.ikes plan
next Tuesday. Election a week
later) antl installation on the first
Tuesday in July.
Ai eight ai.ni. today a specie
train left the *'t. T. I". yards al
tlie. waterfront i.tkinn ('. M. Hays
anil party mil to the end of iteel,
Wuh the party travelled du Hon
Wm. Templeman.
Genual Superintendent Mehan
h|��a everything in spick lm,i sp;m
wd�� W*t and .arty, and l,���.
I��r    the    _\\\\
and shop mechanics il was pos-
-il'li. My friend will be glad
to know that the bill, so amended,
was passed by the government."
Mr. Montgomery also wanted
to know why a telegram he senl
to th, minister on the day lollowing the Imttle of Kelly's cut,
asking   for   Federal   intervention
and pn.in lion hatl nol been replied l".
"Thi work of enforcing the
law .md giving prota tion to the
liii/ins i-. a   Provincial  matter,
If il was n ret|iiesl  fnr prolitti"ii  2s====ii
il    should    have    gone    to    your
.Provincial member. I remember
receiving ihe tclegram( and aa
ii dealt wiih a labor dispute,  I
sent    il   nu    lo    the   Minister   of
Labor for action.    If  nn reply
was sent   ynu,   I   much   regret  il,
for you were entitled lo a reply,"
Many Met the Membei
After the meeting w.is formally
adjourned) many stayed behind
to talk with the Minister, who
went OP to Kitselas by an early
traiii today.
here, and there i~ plenty of fatigue
duty in weather whieh is tremendously hot, so that some nf
Us are having a tnugh time nf it.
Church   parade  nn   Sunday
Nlnpteon younir mon wtntrd to rent co-iy furnlnh-
���-M in the Haila ;. v KoomH. Hth Ave., ne��r Fulton.
For Satc-Two choice tract. Lakeluc Valley: eight
dollar, an acre.   II. F. Mcllae & -Co. 126-tf
For Sale- Beautiful Home.lte on Park; 12SO ca.h.
il   I    M.K.i. i. r -. 126-tf
t liurrli   parade   nn   Sunday   was +-^..-^..^..^..^..^..^.-^..^...^..^..^.+
a  big  turn  nut.    Having crossed jj por gaJe I
(.in.id.i   I   siiii   consider   Pi hire If j
u :...   .i...   i     ..i..���.     i  ��� ~~ ~ *******
Rupert  quite   the  besl   plate   I
h.ive sirink."
The Daily News
A clav^ified ailvertlaement. penlitently printed,
will aell anything of value.
Apply C. II. Wark It Co., Ird Ave
All klniU of -second hand .���������������\* Imuitht and sold.
F. M. t.'nnl.y, Thinl Ave., between "lh and Mi
mri-eti. in.tf
broke up in what can
only be described as great glee.
There can be no doubt  that thc
Mayor and aldermen looketl well
pleased with the agreement arrived
Tickled to Death"
Interviewed just after thc ad-
journment Mayor Manson expressed satisfaction with an air of
relief. He was more restrained
in his expression of satisfaction
than some of the aldermen, but
was preparing to fate several
hours of work still preparing the
detailed statement which he promised the press by ten this morning.
Most of the aldermen expressed
satisfaction in enthusiastic terms.
"The best thing that has happened
for the city for many a day,"
said Alderman Clayton. . "Tickled
to death about it," said Alderman
Alderman Smith was silent as
ever, but looked contented. Alderman Newton who has his own
means of making hiinstlf heard
in this city, did not look any
more jubilant than usual but
threw no wet blanket upon the
general festivity.
"It's a good bargain for thc
city, I think," said Alderman
Douglas. "It is time it was
settled, and while we couldn't
expect everything wc havc done
very well."
Real Estate Benefit
In thi' excitement of the moment
someone  soid   cnthusiasitcally.
"Why real estate in  this city is
We must close out thiy stock of Furniture in two weeks time.   A chance
to buy first class Furniture at practically your  own   prices.    :    :   :
Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, 'Phone 4
BY JUNE 15th
Then Passengers May Travel
First 100 Miles of G. T. P.
from Prince Rupert.
Notification has been senl hy
the G. T. P. to the Boanl nf
Railway Commissioners at Ottawa that the first 100 miles of
track from I'rince Rupert are now
ready for passenger traffic. The
Boanl's engineer has already reported favorably upon the fits!
hundred miles, and the company's
application lor iieniiission to open
a passenger service will be he.irtl
at Winnipeg on the loth inst.
Mr. D'Arcy Tate who gave nut
this information today, expects
that the permission will be granted
A Mirror
Thatlmay be^safely
"packed" on a trip
is much in demand.
We have thorn in different sizes.    :   :
C  H. ORME |
The Pioneer Druggiil ,
PHONE   :   ;   ;   82   j
:::��>��ii(in:i(KKiiK!i)����):��)i:i:iiti!K)t��uiurxii)t)[ii:ti(i<��iu!)tmiuii!iitit!tiiu::: s=
PAlll UP CAPITAL 1250,000
nuriiy   utilitariani
style of  "tlepof  lh,: train  might
have been pulling out from Mon
treal or Winnipeg. WiOi n���.
track ballasted for the first hundred 1
miles, the Journey will be smoother!
than any yet experienced on iliisl
end of the Grand Trunk by tin-
president of the road.
���OffH   Fl)H HAI.B-
Townsites Farm and Fruit Und*
Fort George Town.ite Ma.sett Towntite
Alder Block
Sixth Street
Local Office:
Dining Room Chairs, ituartered oak, polished,
leather pad seat, 5 plain chairs and
1 arm  rhair,   worth  $45.00,   now    (Or
Dining Chain, good  designs,  hardwood,   oak   finish,   regular $1,115,    QA_
now only, each     tJ"C
Chiffonier   with 5 drawers,   English   Bevel
Plate Mirror, Quarter sawed
Qoldan  Oak,   regular  Value    (OQ   TA
$41.25, now only     <p��0��DU
Mahogany  Dining  Room  Suite; 1 lound top
extension table, 6 plain chairs, 1 arm chair,
very handsome bufTett;   regular
value   $181.50.      Will   sell  this *| or
2 only  Brass  Beds,  regular value    (t> | Q
$27.50, to clear at     ��f> 10
Buffet in quartered oak, Mission   finish,    regular   value    (9*7   Cft
$65.00, to clear at     ��J>��JB��JU
Countless bargains in Beds, Bedding, Mattressess, Springs, Dressers,
Tables,  Carpets and all kinds   of   House   Furnishings.    :   :    :    :
_=   No Reasonable Offer Refused
Estate of The Brin   Furniture Co.    _=
Assignee  =
Skwna Lanrl Diitrict ^DUtrict ol Coul _f*t> '
Take notice that Alexander Mclntoih ol �����"
couver, B C, occupalion real eitan broker
Intenda to apply lor permlalon to purch���� mm
(ollowing described landa: 	
Commencini at a poat planted 40 ohaina aoul
Irom the aoutnweat corner ol L,ot 995, thence w
chaina aouth, thence 40 chalna woat, thence m
chaina north, thence 40 chalna eaat to point l"
Ammcncement conUlning 320 acrea more or I***-*
Datod April 17, 1911. . .���__,���
Pub. May 6
Skeona Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Caasiar
Tako notico that I, 1'orcy Krancla Ooiloiirm��
ol Stewart, U. C, occupation Journallat Inteml to
apply (or permiaaion to purchaae the (olli'*'nl-
ilcacribed landa: ...
Commencing at a poat planted on the nil'ii
bank ol the Naaa river about aovon mllea above
tho torka ol tho Naaa river, thence aouth 80 cha|n��,
thence weat 80 chalna, thence north 80 chain.,
thence eaat 80 chalna to point ol commcncomini,
containing 640 acrea more or leaa. .,,
Dated Marc   26, 1911. Frank Sldnoy Wright. Agt
I'ub. May 17.
Skeena Und Diatrict-Dlatrict ol Coaat BWB*
Take notice that Mra. L. C. Putnam o! BJ
Paul, Mlnneaota, occupation married wnrnV
Intenda to apply lor permUalon to purchaae tn"
lollowing ala-aa-ril...,! landa: ���    -.
Commencing nu poat plantod at the lout nwi��.
corner ol Ixit No. 1733 markod Mra. L. C. I'uliiaini a
nnrtheaat corner, thenca woat 40 chaini, th""^"
aouth 80 chalna thence eaat 40 chalna, tl""��
north 80 chalna to poat ol commencement, con
talnlng 320 acroa more or leaa. ������~u i M
Dated March 20 1911.      MRS. L. C. PUTNAM
Pub. April 16. deo. R. Putnam Agf"
Skeena Land Diatrict���Diatrict ol Caaaiar
Take notico that I, Allred Kyto ol Prince ll
pert,   II.   c,   occupation   electrician.   Inlatul   '"
apply  lor purnilaelon  to purchaae the lollowing
doacribed landa:
Commencing at a poat plantod about (8) t�����
miloa iouth of the furka of the White ***,*!*:
rivera, thonco 80 chalna aouth, thence 80 cun"
oaat, thence 80 chalna north, thance 80 chalna
Datwl April 18, 1911. ALFRED KVTE
rub. May 13. Francia 8. Preaton, Agent


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