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Twenty-four hourn  ending S   a. m.,
May If'.'
MAX   TKMI'.        MIN. TUMI'. UAH.        IN. IIAIN
S'.l.l) 40.0 29.781
The Daily News
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
!''ok South     \
State of California, Tuesday,"*
For North
I'iliV iif,.^eattle Wednesday, .        17
VtIL. II.   NO. 108
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Monday, May 15, 1911.
Price Fivk Cents
:'Qoia, ��. n-
***? C7
Seized With Sudden Illness, from Which in Was First
Feared She Would  Not Recover Danger
Point is Now Passed
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Sew Vork, May 16. -Brought
to tin- bedside of his wife by news
that she had been suddenly taken
ill. .mil might not recover, Presi-
ilei i T.'.lt spent till last nighl in
anxiety, until this morning the
physicians were able to announce
that the critical Btagc had been
Preside it Taft was at llarris-
luii'i;  when   the  message  reached
him and hastened to New York.
Mrs. Taft was then In a critical
condition. Her malady is a re-
CUrrenceof a nervous trouble, from
which she had a narrow escape
of death in the fall of 18S10.
Urgent business of state in
Washington, called the President
away, as soon as his wife was out
of danger, but he will return here
Immediately the most important
business is attended to.
Fresh From the Beauties of "The Paris of America,'
Mr. Stoddard Johnston, a Traveller of Experience Prefers Canada and Will Make
His Home in Rupert
Longshoremen   of   Prince   Ru
pert Have Secured Site
Willi the intention of becoming
a   permanent   resident   in   Prince
mmur   ii iii    '*"lH'rt,  Mr- Stoddard Johnston
A NEW HALL wh��owns a k<xkI <leal ,)f ,m,pL*rty
j in the city and is a personal friend
jof Mr. David H. Hays, has ar-
, rived   here.     Mr.   Johnston   has
travelled widely, and has a very
r.. ... mm-rn, ._. _..-... high opinion of Canada and  the
PLAN BEST IN CITY        IgJJ^ ��� nm,pam| wi(h ,,���,���
0 lantls ard  iheir peoples.    He was
On First  Avenue  and   Eighth  ,��� ,>rir(.(. R       ( ��� an(|
-...j,      Substantial  lw���-s.���-       ... a|MI H^ j��� Winnipeg.
Knows Mexico Well
ry Hall Will be Erected With
Business and Recreation
In a few months the Longshoremen ni I'rince Kupert will probably
have tn remove from their present
headquarters on the C. T. P.
Reserve, so they are taking steps
i" have a new and commodious
hall erected.
Vlrcady a site has been secured
in iu excellent position opposite
Windsor   Hotel   on   Eighth I
Probably there is no man today
iu Prince Rupert who knows more
about conditions iu Mexico. Mr.
Johnston has been all over that
country during the past few years,
anil has some very line photographs
of Mexican life. The present
dispute there he describes as a
revolt for belter conditions by a
party of determined and progressive men who have the sympathy
of   numbers   with   them.     They
treet and First avenue.   Here the WiU"   *e  9ix   >Tar   P^sidcnt.al
���ongshoremen plan to erect a hall\tma   ,nstoad   of   ,h,;   i"'m,nial
���Wdl will be the largest and most j���df-HHjloction   plan   adopted   by
I )i.i/.    They want  governors for
the slates chosen  by  the people,
'"minitable meeting place in Prince
Rupert.   Although plans are not
y-t available for the building, it is alul   ,lu"   i''��'1"""'   ,,f   *e   Land
Grant system by which huge es-
tites are given to favored persons.
The revolt centres round the pcr-
SOnalitieS of  Madero the wealthy
itiwwn   ihat   the   premises   will
���ist  "I  a  Iwo storey  building
with basement.
Reading  and  recrction   riKims
will lie provided, ami there will
pmlwbly   be   private   committee
a  business ollice, and  the
hall for meetings antl enler-
Funds are being  raised  among!
"it   members   of   the   Longshore-1
"i'ii- Association.  Already a con-
ndcrablc sum is in hand.
patriot of old family, and young
Garibaldi who is a grandson of
lhe Great Garibaldi. Mr. Johnston believes that the insurrectos
will carry their cause.
Wonderful Nation
A series of line photographs of
a great procession held hist fall
to celebrate the centenary of Hidalgo the Priest whose personality
is at the very soul of tbe revolt.
In this great procession all the
nv'stigating Committee Meets st.iges of the marvellous Mexican
<"i Wednesday    May Adjourn   | civilisation  which  dates  back   to
I the year 600 A.D. were shown in
character. Two thousand live-
hundred  persons  took  part,  and
Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa, May 16.���The Invest!-
;"'"�� Committor  appointed  to
'" "'  'he  charges  against   Hon.
1 ���    ������  * 'liver will  mcrl  on  Wed-
'���I iv. it li uncertain yet wheth-
��" evidence will be taken, or an
"'io'iriiineiit ordered until after
""' reo| 'iiing tif Parliament in
"   Witnesses   are   heard,   il   is
���""ranged n,at |);in MacGIlUcuddy,
""��� man who charged  that Hon.
''"^ Oliver had  received  two
checks   (,������   large   sums   from   ihe
*��� R. for his services in having
'""' 'ands changed, will  be the
1,1 sl Witness called.
Frank   Hofstot   the   Banker   is
Accused  of Bribery
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Pittsburg, May 15.���The trial
of Frank Hofstot, tie millionaire
banker, started this morning. Last
week on a charge of conspiracy
arising out of tlie same allegations
he was liberated as the jury
Is Now a Prisoner of the Pretender, Ismail Hnfid
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Madrid, May 15.- Despatches
received here ihis morning from
Morocco, state lhat Mulai Haful,
the ruler of Morocco has abdicated
his throne, and is now a prisoner
of the pretender Ismail Halid and
his body of rebels.
No information is given as to
the safety of the foreigners'during
tlie uprising.
Builders'   Laborers   Go   Out���
Building is Tied Up
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ottawa,   May   la.    Four   hundred builders   laborers walked out
this morning  to enforce their de-
mand for 28 cents an hour, which
has been refused. Their stoppage
has brought building operations
to a standstill.
Northwestern League
Portland 8, Vancouver 1.
Seattle 0, Tacoma ���">.
Spokane 8, Victoria 2.
Body   of   Dorothy   Arnold    is
Found   Floating   in   River
She  Has  Been Sought  for All
Over   America   for   Several
Months���Brothers   Identify
Body as That of Their Sister.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Ncw York, May 15.���After a
search all over the continent for
Dorothy Arnold, the New York
heriess who dis.ippearetl mysteriously eight months ago, her deatl
body was found in the Hast
kiver yesterday. It has been
partially identified by her two
The finding of the body has only
deepened the mystery of her disappearance. It hail been thought
by many that a love affair was al i
the bottom of her departure, and
that she would turn up all right
later on. The finding of the dead
body has revived the suggestion
of foul play.
Tent"Warehouse is Destroyed
Damage Exceeds $8,000
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Winnipeg, May 15.���A heavy
thunder and lightning storm struck
the city on Saturday night. Tbe
warehouse of the MacDonald
Tent Company mi Logan avenue
was struck by a bolt, and set on
lire.  The damage exceeds $8,000,
Says   Reincarnation   of  Christ
and   World-Peace   is  Near
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London, May 15. -Mrs. Annie
Besant, head of the Universal
Thcosophical Society arrived here
today from India, where she has
spent several years in contemplation.
She says she brings news to the
world   that   the   reincarnation   of
Christ   is   at   hand,   ami   that   a
general   peace   throughout   the
worltl is coining.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Vancouver, May 13.���Prince
Leopold of Battenburg, a cousin of
King George, is a passenger on
the steamer Empress of India
which left Yokahama on Tuesday.
He will arrive here on May 21st.
He is a brother of Queen Victoria
of Spain.
Committees Consid ring Making it a Day for Children
���Want the Public to Attend on Wednesday
and Help Make the Day a Success
What with Empire Day, Dominion Day, Coronation Day, ami
the King's Birthday all following
close on one another's heels this
summer it lias become quite a
question for Prince Rupert lo
decide which day lo select lor
the athletic programme whieh
proved such a successful holiday
attraction last year.
Presiding at a meeting to consider this on Saturday, the Mavor
pointed out the situation and it
was practically decid ���<! by the
meeting   thai   Empire   Day  hatl
better be devoted to the youngsters, ami lhat a later date, say
Dominion Day shoultl be made the
occasion of the adult athletic
Committees Will Report
Hut on Wednesday  17th inst.,
in the Court House, another meet-
Is Met at Victoria Station by King George���Together They Travel
in State to Buckingham Palace���-Coronation Festivities Are
Now in Full Swing���Kaiser Will Be Present at the Unveiling
of Memorial to Queen Victoria���Aeroplanes Interested Him
Mr. D. R. McLean Will Take Charge of the Presbyterian
Work at Hazelton���Rev. J. S. Henderson Conducted   Impressive  Ceremony   Before
Large Congregation
It was a verv tilling climax to a   *,**-.-. ~*_   1171I >
powerful sermon on ihe need of CifciORGE   ^VlLili
men   for   the   church   antl   stale r���wt
preached yesterday morning D___,   I3A.Y    LATE
Presbyterian Church by the new
moderator of  the Province,  Rev.
J. S. Henderson  that Mr.  D. R. Has Big Excursion Contract to
Report That Rupert Might Miss
Her Trip This Week is Incorrect. George Will Arrive
Sunday Morning Instead of
(Canadian Press Despatch)
London. May 15.���The Coronation festivities ate now in progress, and distinguished guests from
all parts of tbe world are arriving
hourly. The streets are thronged
wilh people, and a spirit of enthusiasm is prevalent. From now
until the ceremonies are over there
will be a continuous round ot
festivity and rejoicing in the capital
Emperor Wilhelm Arrives
Principal in rank among ibis
morning's visitors were lhe Kaiser
and   Katscrin.     They  arrived   al
Sheemess overnight antl proceeded
to the cily this morning. They
were welcomed with an enthusiasm
which fully demonstrated lhe personal popularity of the German
Emperor in London.
To Unveil a Me morial
During the week of their visit
to King (Ieorge and Queen Mary,
the Royal guests will be present
at the unveiling of the memorial
to the late Queen Victoria.    The
Emperor of Germany is a grandson
of the late (Jiteen.
Met by the King
The Emperor was met by King
George at Victoria Station, and
was driven in state to Buckingham
palace. While at Sheemess, the
Kaiser ami Kaiserin were ninth
interested in a llihgl of aeroplanes
by the aeronautic branch of the
Mri lish Navy.
A Dirigible Overhead
Especially was the Kaiser interested in lhe dirgiible, which in
company with a number of lhe
aeroplanes llew over the Royal
yacht, while it was at anchor off
the naval depot at Sheemess.
there were .'��) open carriages and
autos containing the representatives of foreign powers. Accompanying thc procession were a
thousand Mexican Ruralees who
correspond to our Canadian N. W.
M. P.
The Paris of America
Mexico   City,   "The   Paris   of
America,"  is one of the wealthiest
ami  most  beautiful  dttes in   the
world. Mr. Johnston has photographs of its board far-stretching
streets and roadways with their
spacious "gloriellas" or circular
spaces adorned with beautiful sta
tues at intervals. The style of
the city is mainly French. Its
women are among the most beautiful women of all nations, and
thc wealthy among them dress
only in the latest from Paris.
There are 3,500 automobiles in the
city nearly all of which tire ol
French manufacture imported at
great cost.
City Items from Street, Wharf,
and Hotel
The city council meets tonight.
Alderman Douglas will make his
maiden speech.
The three men who were injured
by lhe blast on Saturday are all
getting on pretly well.    The one
who was worst injured seems to bc
1 getting better.
Strange Plight of Madame
Arrested for Speeding at Yonk-
ers, After a Protest She Raised Fifty Dollars Bail by Singing to a Friend.
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Yonkers, New York, May 15.���
A strange plight was Madame
Schumann-Heinck in yesterday,
when she was arrested for furious
Speeding in her auto, ami had not
a dollar to pay her bail.
She called up a friend on the
telephone, antl appealetl to him
to come and help her to liberty.
He came.. "Lend me fifty dollars," asked the diva.
McLean,   as   line  a   specimen   of|
manhood as one woultl  see iii  ,ir
day's march should be ordained
for the ministry to lake up work
iu Hazelton. Mr. McLean, now
a reverend, stands about three
Inches over six feel and is built in
proportion to his height.
At the conclusion of the seronin
Mr. McLean was ordained in the
presence  of   the  congregation   by
the moderator assisted   by   Mr.
I). McLeod, an eltler of the church,
Mr. Heveridge of Vancouver, and
Rev. F. YV. Kerr. Helpful addresses were given by each of the
gentlemen to Mr. McLean aud to
the congregation,
Yesterday was unquestionably
the greatest of banner days in
the history nf the local church
by lhe fact that it was the firsl
ordination service ever held in
Prince Ruperl and also thai this
eity   was   honored   by    the   first
addresses from Mr. Henderson
since his appointment as moderator,
Mr. Henderson gave a splendid
sermon iu the evening. Ile left
this morning on the S. S. Prince
George for his home, but before
going    lur    expressed    himself    as
delighted  with  the prospects of
Prince Rupert, lie is more than
pleased that he came here because
he now is cognizant of lhe great
wink   the  church  has  to tlo  hire
and  the wonderful opportunities
ahead of it in this, "the greatest
field in the province" lo use his
Mr. McLean leaves for lla/elton
with his bride tomorrow.
Eight Candidates Confirmed in
St. Andrew's Church Sunday
The Apostolic Rite of Confirm,i-
"I will not lend you the money,
but I will lei you earn it," replied
the man. "If you will sing me a
song, you shall have the money."
In vain, Madame protested that
she could do no such thing, but
the friend was obdurate,
11 was only when she was being
led away to the cells that the diva
lifted up her voice, and for a few
minutes the pa Itl men, the prisoners in the cells, and the reporters
who were at the station, revelled
in the beauty of Madame's golden
nOt08' ""       '  ':'    "������"'        :    " :,.,  ���        .    !..      ',    ���       I   .1   .-nl-
When the song ended, the friend Hon was administered l>y Bishop aWttkenlng,   the charge is one ��f
paid    the   fifty   dollars,   and   led   DuVernet    yesterday    morning in Lj.,,,),   wi(1,   inU,nl   ln  ,1,,  bodily
Madame away to her car. St.   Andrew's   Chimb    to   right harm<     -,-,���.   ,l(.,.usWi   Kimtira,   is
candidates.     The   five   male   ran- [detained now in Prince Rupert and
Today the ('. P. R. S. S. Amur I dictates   were   presented    by    tiiel_jti ))(, (r'u%(j
arrived   a   little  overdue  owning Rev.  W.   G.   James.     The   three I
to an   exceptionally  heavy  cargo female candidates were presented]
of freight. This is the Amur's by the Rev. (i. C. DesBarres. Al J. 11. Rogers is going BOUth
farewell trip to Rupert. After large congregation look pari in I this week, He will spend some
this she goes to Vancouver, and the service, and Blshlop DuVernet time in Vancouver anil Sc.ittic
tie Beatrice will take her island preached a special sermon on tbe looking after new business In-
w��rk. | subject of Confirmation, \ terests.
On account of a contrail made
a few months ago, lhe Prince
< 'ieorge   has    to   wait   a   tlay   in
Seattle this week to accommodate
.'. large excursion party which is
making   the   trip  from   Seattle  to
The effect of this arrangement
is to bring the Prince Ceorge here
on Sunday morning instead of
Saturday. She will bring mail as
Usual. On her trip tlown below
ibis morning the Ceorge carried
ii2 titst class passengers, and a
number of scrum I class and deck
In   contradiction   Of   a    rumor
to the effect that thc Rupert was
not   to  in.ike  her  usual   trip  this
week, ihe <irand Trunk steamer
officials  slate  that   the  Rupert   is
expected as usual on Wednesday.
She will leave on Friday morning
for the south and will carry the
fust direct mail to Vancouver
since ihe Ceorge hit today.
Oriental   Dispute   at   Port   Essington     Jap Arrested
A   Japanese   employee   of    the
Balmoral Canner) fell foul of a
fellow-countryman yesterday. The
aggrieved Oriental was named Hani.igisl.i and bis assailant rejoieetl
in the honorable name oi Kimtira.
Hamaglshl,  as  you  may  ovserve ���-*mm______________9^^^^mm.
77ie Da/(i/ Akirs
Formerly The 'Prince Rupert Optimist
Published by the Prince Rupert Publishing Company, Limited
SUBSCRIPTION" RATES-Daily, 5oc per month, r 16.00 mi jresr, Inadvsnee.
Weekly, S2.00 per year. Oursms Canada-Daily. CM peryear; Weakly,
$2.51.1 per year, strictly in advance.
on application.
Daily News Building, ThirJ Ave., Princ- Rupert, B. C.    Telephone K.
New TORS���National Newspaper Bureau. 219 But - ���' I St . New York City.
Seattle   Pugi tS  ind Ntw�� Co.
Li indi in. ESGLAND-The Clougher Syndicate, Grai .'.Trafalgar
Bulkley Valley
S20 seres witl   ii '���   ���   Store  and  Post
Ofl .... 120.000
320 acres  - -meadow $3,200
Skeena River
153 a r.- ��� W.916
Cootrset rat��  561-2 acrei       ... -- mproved. T.OOOj
Porcher Island
... ._.:.. a    ,: Granted   .      18,780
Sanitary   Inspector  Warns
the Citizens
Not Only the Foreign Immigrants, but Business men and
Aldermen who Should Know
Better, Have Been Letting
Dirt Accumulate.
iirt'.i U-.:  ���
Tnke ���  '
���     Bl    '.      .   -
intend to ��P1
I ... -.:.  -- '
Com.*r.er.c.:-.' .��'���  *
come.* tt T. '..
���.. .-���-:'
- ���
M t port ii    '  - -'
:_...* .A.L. -
_  ... .
Dated Api   -
I .   '.���:... i
I Ur-
Second A.e .
Prince Rupert. B.C.
Daily Edition.
Er.f- -
I ������        . ���
A workings in reader   f thi   N'ews I .- to inquire *   it
is th' meaning   I the terra -   gle tax.    The       -      is a dmdj
give more than a | iragraphic explai il present moment
the    . -":      f whether I revo    - raised by a single
tax or not is       inusual iraporta   ���
A cit)* requires revenue to pay publi     tficers, and    uny out public
wi rk^.   It r-iir-c? these revenues .. ���    ��� I utati
-������ fees for thi  privileg     ft        - r ban   th< itres
and moving pi I  ri  -    ws an reet way ol I .\:ng the dti
The question of 1        standfa    si raising revenue by taxa
is om   ft     most    iportani      sidera      s for a mt ml en of a   it)   r
town ��������� ide.
i   ��� ms of raising re\      e nave bee
of privately "wned lami^   md priva vd improve!
land.   Thi       -   ��� - .-������ .-.. --.-:-.
:''..:..::.-     V.- ... - fairest a     most
equiu' le : rm I ix taxing     ery man a     rding 1
But it has served        loder       servers, t       this sy!
did : rests
. a . * ���       va teriorai
from tht.- mom       Land is I
��� ity limit- - - Spec-
��� its who were shrewd��     .    *     sed thats       . .-       ri    .
were..: :*������ :'*. ii    i      g t erecting rigs, it pa
���   -   ml   ��� ���    ther ma     . I built
neig rhe t ixes  ���:.   I ring    wall} sm ill, it
w..? easy I -       I i ile.
[was that the men who improved the    Uriel
pa) : ��� .-.;.   ... ��� .-��� taxes md not . -���
ret trded the progress of the district by kei    ng
small ' txes       I reaped  .    ... t t than his neig      rs.   It        '������_
not work tiriy.
' >:.-   -
Liv.-r; .   '.;     ; ing it idle - '      - t gl
tto over t I
taxes re than pa the rents of I       . ���
which enclosed it.   The tremendt   - .-������--���.
ng tht        -...������--���
The -: gle tax proposal is a proposal i -        -     ther t
and have one single i tax
���    take as nearly as may be tht ��� ....
- '        -    r prict whi h one piece of land brings      r another
to its derira      ate���soi ��� -
land va!    -
By placing I ixes ���
-������������ era! g       results ai
I    I ts       Sesand
It make ��� ���        stry. since it mal
it more difficult foi t wish to us
selves to 1 . rices
3)   It makes for s - .       .-.      .������   .
lath ���
4     || - -���- -. ��� g a repress       .....
\>t<*.    ���       ibor, and makes
; ��� of riches,
isusu       thei l*he poor man's lot usua
is his cottag
- t professed to fear that
��� :���;.;��� . . ie a i
""���'���'���' es. and di
m Va r, i
brough t t
'    Ll ���
AjMrieaa Billiards
Windsor Hotel
I   :'.' E  *7 nOHTH STREET
Nr*:,   Furnithed and
Steam Heated Roomi
M IN connect:  S
���NTS AND t'P
��� i:s? ran i    . :-:-
:   ������..:���
Unless   the   citket -    I
Rupert, the householders
: ess men. and yes, even I
get  busy  pretr   -
up   their   back    -' ���
yar Is, there is going to be I
'  ' .em.
Sanitary   Inspector   M
ires   that   the     it)
irly as tidily kepi
l   be 1 y the resident: t
���--- yjmt -ig:     :    Ir:;.
���     : " :������ -l"."W,-. iT'-m :
$6_.\)i)  ..  | Vegetable land at Kit-
..   .    Half mile from Railway.   Fin*
jl   ..:,-:.
;���; .;.. " 1-8 seres of Fruit
:   it   Kitselas.     Hal:
fj m :*..��� Railway.
C7ftfi   ;   ys Rooming Houso
0/UU   Ave,   Nine furnished rooms.
I    :��� Dted    A II M
Buys --. r,- :,' i H ���.���.:?���
n:a:r. street at Kitselas.
Buys   Furniture  tad  U-ase
.     .       ���    pureha- '���*������
���     ��� I '
.'' .   ���  .    ,  -.- ������.������*:
��>t   40
���      na .!
.       . ���  .   ���������:.'���
���-..������r:.-.  ';��� ������:
i'lV:"' ��� ��� ���
_e_rr.:-.   -' __    mil.*
-    -Vilei
. ��� ttowiai
'a, -     -. M   ���
*,-.-' O-ttttt,
. mme* """J J*
'   ���      -
wotair.lr.t ��0
iDUU   for two years  of Ter. Room
Toilet and bath.
Cash���First payment on ^,-
. ���  Rooming Ho-s^. 25x100,
tiasement    Balance pay!
���   Samtary  Inspect r wi
the   matter   into   his      inds
employ   men   to   cleai
���   and insanita
��� . ex| enseof thedi
It   m^\-  be  necesr.-;-   I
��� em summoi
��� ���   Magitsreatt
ind   the   Sal
tw is prepared   I
��������� ination to do his  lut Igi Lanl   -
ngthifneed C1Q   Per Acre.    4x2 sen
I:'�� r."". f���! ��".���   ..'���."       MO  fwuoos Lskebe Valkj
the blame : r t                       Crft  ?'*r Acr*' Ju5t a '   '
- .��� itan-cond:-. ns              reigni^DU   :-.--   fg teres.    H
he says SOI                                  lings ii :ei in  acr*
---'.'      |U        ���-     IX    ��� ������
Buys Furniture ani 3 1*2 yva:
:ti.-r of Rooming ii    -
14 I     :.   Rent Mo per mon:':..
C1 QftO '        ���** 2 s: r- ;
Ci VVV     j Q        ,.;  Kiuelts, 4"
An - ':a:es & people.
P^r Acre.   '.�� l-l sert
g* included st Breck*   ���
i ��� -
Daud :���:.. ���
':-.  II
���'��� ������'��� .' '""f     ,
-   l*:--l-**--
..:.:   *  dert,
;:. ���  ;;: -r.-x:.-A* ������:* '    - ��*
; A:.:ed about two mu��
':*:..:.  .:���  f���:������  :������'-
.      .        .   .   ihesa aa*  W ***!**.
Yr.-tA*-. Vrrt:.:.. lea
I Caato
-;���. u   ��� ... litis*-** A-:-**���
���    ���
<   ;_-cuu��  '.:.t laOl -���' ,' ******
......    .: su mil��
���a.. \\:.,:t
. ���   ���    ebaiaa, thanca
-    ���   ____*, dwnct tnm
���   .     .  ...     CHARLES tlELGROVE
Fnadi S. 1 m-.oe. Aceni
d��tcHbad land--
t   n n ���r.cinjf at a post plant**! three tu*\ ..,,,
half mil- in an wi-K.-rly dirvction frnm <���
on NlM Wv��P where tM Lava Lakt tra
and one mile in a  n6rtherly dtnetlon   :���  ���
Mid Lava Lake trail, thence aouth ttlghty
thence west _t chain",  thencc  north  -
tht-nce east n�� chainB to point 'jf oommen i
r.-.nuiniritf 640 acrei.
Pate Keb. a. I'.'ll. John McDONALD
P .;   March 10. Joseph Belway, \stl,
Skeena Land Diitrict-Uiatrict of Gtulu
Taxe notice that I Andrew CumminKi o( \'Ati.
couver. B.C.. occupation ooolc��  Intand    t
��� ���- pormlttloii to purchase the followini dMeribed lands:
Commencing at a pott planted thret- i(r. |
half miles in an easterly direeti-.n from lh.- ;
on Naas River where the Lava Lake  trail   :���, ���
near the trail, thence wesl �������� chair*, tier.'.
B0 ehalni. thonoo out 10 ehtina. thone<
chains io point of cornmenoement, eontali
Date Keb. 3. I'.'ll. ANDKKW CUMMIN
Pub. Mar. 1". Joooph Bolway, \..
Skwna Land District���District of Coast Raan V
Take   notie*-   that   Ldith   Alice   Crowtbai    |
lkJefi,    Yorkshire,   Kngland,   OOtupatioa  i|
ir.tends to apply for permiasion to purchaa
following deacribed lands:
Commencinf at a post planted at Uh
corner of surveyed lot 31*1*1, Rang-* :,, Com District, thence north along the easterly Im,,-.
said lot -ib chains more or less to the nutl
limit  of  Lot ;19&5, lUnge 5, coast distric'.
���ast along the southerly limit of the last mi
lot 60 chains to   a   point,   ther.ce in   | i
eriy direction 35    chains    parallel   to   thi
easterly   limit   of   lot   39&1,   thence   ir, a
erly     dii^ction    60   chains  more    or    leu   ta
the point of commencement containing 210
more or lees.
Dated March B, l:-:i.
Tub. March 25.
Skwna Land Distriat-DUtrict of Caitiar
Take notice that  I,  Perry QOMBU ol  Prir.ea
Rupert, B.  C*, occupation proapector. i-.-.
I apply  for  permi?rion   to  purchase  the  f
:������-:���;-: lands:
Commencing at a post planted  ir. v
i of Goose Bay, about three-eights of a rr.'.-  i
��� of the mouth of tbe Bonanta Creek, and
I on the easterly  boundary of Timber  Un "   .'���
i52sl or No. 352&0. thenoe south 40 chai-1 along
; the earterly limit of said Timber Limit V
I or No 35250 40 chains, thence tttt to the there- of
Goose Bay, a distance of 40 chains mot*
���.hence northerly  along the shore of Go<��e Bt>
40 chains more or lets, thenee westerly 40 efealaa
more or less to point of commencement. o,r tainii ,���
160 acre* moie or leas.
Dated March 7, 1911. PERKY QUEENAN
Pub. April 7.
rr   - fr ra
. - ��� ���    -���'.;-
.-    - minj
��� .���.      musi    ���   stri
ght \
��� ���   .     r the sak
Bays live, g
���������   E.-
:sner * I
..Grand Hotel..
* -.PK.*.'.*'.!.*. i  H'Vl
������- 25c
Rooms 50c
J   _i>*..*4K**   rrwMv
-    '
it it has ta) aboui
���        .     ������
a.   ��� .-
���'���'.- .* ISt  i
I that his
fort* .  '       this par-
$17,500 !
?".7 ��� . : ilu .���-
$2500 ::
'. -. _\-r:.:
- - ���     ���"���
Boys 51   ��� n H
���  -   - ���     Easy 1
r payment t*
B_ ���   D -��� l��   A   . "��� ���   '
:���-:   -     ��� Tr-.i
- ainai f
:   ys K   t   Roon
��� -
ays elegant  eight room
���   ���   ;; .-   :
i  ���
Hotel Central �� -fj';.*:;.
J    Ptter Blatt
Is Made Agent for the Marine
Department for B. C.
y f 4 I H Q Sec-
M ���--..-���
���   '.    V, *_*m   . oven-
..... _ta .-.- :.-'..iti of c*-*-,
tl I Fttmc* S. rmtoi
., -������ n pr��p��tor. ..-.'������:.; w
_ ;.:::u��  lit  fcauowins
.   --.  . pott p^.t��<i aboaot  thw
.   ; :��ta cila *-*: c'. ::t '.:.' ul
.   ���   ���-���    -TjCv K.'.t. m cr.irj
. ��� ���     -���-...   ��� .::���   ���    ,'..'-
--'    *      CLAIiA.
��� .    .  ...     FRANCIS S. PRESTON
-    -
; >-.r^-.   -Dlttrici   I Caiaiar
.���.���������������-���     DM
.      ���    . occopatte) ocr.'.racur. ..-.ttr.ci
��� .--    ���*,.���. :c purcta** tbt El D rt |
. ���; a: a ;-c*t plat:*-- about   >   tr.ree -
.-���   _��� .   .   iw<  ufltt Nl oi Um tmtkt
and Flat riven   tbtoet S   ebaiu
v  ebaiM *"������ i  -"" ���
���    :..:^east-
��� . ���- Agent
I -.   .
Tti :.-������:�� a*nar
.__..        se ������-���   1 Kaoott of
..    *:. B- C. occ.i-a.:^:. f*nr.er.
���    _.;; ..::;������ ut tbt foUo��ir.i*
���������:���;*������  -
a vat ol tbt :  :��� ���
������-..-- ���   d aim
. ,    - _���---��� r ���   \ ;-.- chains,
���   ��   . u
.���.Ll? M. KXOCSE
. _    "i;. I  . ir*:...: S. Pl��toa��Atwt
Skana Lt rict of Cassiar
. .. ��� t tbai ta 19 of ^���.e*ar^.
a .���   -     irp ttar,    an ��� ������
; a*, a ;**j*\ ; .*
tbe forta   : 11 ���
.-.;_������-- ���    ���        m.- **.:���:��� * ttee B
.    -   - - ��� ��� _    ���   ���   ::-..   U ��� :.c\   ru
c^a.L* watt.
Francis s. Pmt on, Ac��n
���    tl aseiar
.   T4t                                                             K3? ���*��������� L"d DUtrict-Dietrict ot Co��it
Kupert. :            wapati a I                     Mod to Take rotja, that M���   u g Putnam  ot St
to  purchase  tne  f0Je*ias p,i*Min^t..   o^patfen   married   aorr.ar,
-'-",*..  .^.  ri���.  *  m,n,.*   *.**,.* intenda to apply for perniiation to purchate tfr
���   -                                                    ��� following dweribed lands:
:k* oi Commencing at i post planud at the iouth����:
' 'ffc��r- corner of Lot No. KaSmarkedMrt.L-C. Putr.arr.i
********* northeast corner, thence ��-��t  to chains. tbtMt
K>HK L MITCHELL   MUth  80 chainf   lb*n�� ^   40 chftin��' U
PrtBdl -   i rati :.. Agent
>keena Land District���District ot Coast Rtafl .
Take notiee that William Franklin CwpMttl
of Prince Kupert. B. C, oecupattoo ni'a.ra--
ke��p��r, intendi to apply tor permiasion to p-irer.ase
the following deacribed land :
Commencing at a poet planted at the south east
corner of eurveyed  Lot   1712.  therce  M chair.i
eouth, tbence about 35 chaina weet to Lr-t -��� M
thence 2U ebaina north, t��enee  i- chair.* NM
thenee about 25 chaint north to Lot 3v*>v I
about 30 chains eaat to toutb eaet corner of Lot
1061, thence about 35 ebaina nonh to Lot 1711,
tbence about U chaint east to point of eommer.cr-
ment: containing tSO acrea, more or leea.
Dated Feb  15. l&ll.
I'ub March \.
5kt na Land DUtrict���District of roast iUng 5
Take notice that Benjamin Rueeal Klce tl
ITinee Kupert, B. C, occupation waiter, inte-.:��
to apply for permission to purchaae the ti V. I ;
i*tmer.l*il landa:
Commencing at a post plantod ��� "��� tbalM
from the south oast c^rne   of Lot 3J6o, _���*
chains west, thence 65 chains north, thence Tl
chains east, thence 65 ehalns aouth to point U
commencement;    containing  455  acroa, more or
���*tm   Post marked B R. K, ft, E. Cor.
Dated Feb. 13. li*ll.
Skeena Land District-Dstrict of Oooat
Take notice that I. Leslie E. Walter, of Vancou*
ver. B.C.. occupation prospector, intend toap��
I t-ermUsion to purchaae the follow
:nl"��d lands:
Commenclnt; at a poat planted and mari-i I.
B. W, * S.E. comer anj  immediately .,
I����st marked W.A.'s N.W. corner; thenc- ���
chains,  thence west  H cha;r.<.   tbttice  ���
chains, thence eost *** chaina,  to point of com*
mencement. containing 32" acres, m-ire or
Dated 1st Feb.. 1911 Charles H. Al>-
Pub. Feb. 25.
r��. t ttm*
H  t ROSS   !.-:-~. H
frmt. tit**.
M .;���     13.���C^- '     :
'.    ���  - .-���--.
point     I   '     post   (agent
��� - Marine
; .    -   .      | - ��� .
Bays ti     -��� -.   ;.   .-
rooms      ��� - '
���    ���      ���--.-.
���   .�����..   ��� . Aver -���
- .
Hints   to   Investors   No.   6
-   .   "    - '        ..'"-
itinj     Thi
....       ...        ..
... ...
��� ��� ���
S50 ;
O 1 uu ......
for   : - ���
f O 9 j
;����.-.! Lir.: :���.���'..- c;    Dutrict    I < uiur
*....  tc;:ct  tbftt   W l...a.t.   lr***.-::<.  L��n��on
:'.-.*   :..;--:    !      '       ,ce.;,:���:.  cwp*Ller.
i *_**___* the
��� .' c^.c:.:-*-: .��:.:��
-v.-.c-rr   M   .   |        | .- ��� ������   ibc-^t   thtt*
?.-_*_ ***** .. ;,it*- ,r.i KU:
I "��� ��� FM    a-   .'-       "        ' . "   t   .-���    -��� -'    -
' ' ��� :.tr,�� eut  ��t��
��� *.
WILLIAM      - ...  '.MLROS
.   . .
north SO chains to post ol commer.cn-.t"
tainir.f :I.O mete* more or Iras.
Dated March 20 1911.      MBS. 1- C. ITTNAM
Pub. Aeril 15. Geo. R. Putnam \lt*
tr.-   Store!    -���
::.   -*������:���   Ston   ll I
-��� : Pulton St
':  ��� tbe Banking L-istrict
Skeena Land District ���District ol Coa.t  Rufi I
Take notice that Georte Levick of Prtne   a.
B. C. occupation derk.    ir.t nds   to a; ���,
permission  to purchsae the folloair.c _m*t\    '���
Commencing  at   a  pott   planted   on   ll   I
Lakelse Laake sbout 60 chaini north ea��t from
uf aaid lake a Lakelae  Rivvr.  thence ;10 ekaias
north,  thence about  60 chains east   to  I**, ���
'***** mrtm \t��rn   Ukt.th��ncan.Mnd��rlnt said laka.hofein s �������;���
���rly direction to point of comm��nc��-ntn:;   OM
Sktma, Uad ,'..-::.-    :.  nc: of Cas,iar tairdng SO acr��. mor�� orls^   Post matk*d G. L
take ���..:.** ::..: I, Atlnd <vvte of 1'rir.cr Ku-   S. W. Comsr.
;*r..   fa.   c .    ���ccj^s'.K.n   stemrfalin.   istasd   U   Dst��i Fab. 14.1911. GEORGK LEVIi K
- -ast  the loIlu'��ir.(    Puh. March,.
'..-.��� .: a po.t plantei aboul
lbs 'Ar.it. ar.i 1..:   sk��T.a Ur.d District-District ol Coast Hsu,
'*���'-������"������������"���--       Tsk, r...tice that M.r>  lleaton GildmWv-    I
ta*t.  tt*.:,, c: _....,  MWfci  ,.,���|CV  eu chain, j Victoria. B. C. occupation hoiwkeeptr
**"������ I lo appl) lor permission to purchase thi  '
���   ".-'.. rUaTRGO KYTI    ^-crili-d lands:
--  - franc. >. Prwton. Ajent '     Commencinii st s post planted at the south-,-.!
c ran <,f Lot 996. Ran��r i. Coast Kistric.' '���    '
..c. c; Cassiar '? I"h��'n' ">uth thence ,0 chains   cast, thir.ir HI
:.������ :  at . act) ,jf I'n-c*   *���**'* north, thenw ,0 chains weet to |
..._     l.     . .       .    *      . ' ' "" . ma��nia.n^..a    ....... .-..->-,.> .._ _..��� ...   .-
the last dec! .        the Mayoi
as to t ��� ���               -
- ���    - '  '         "progress
! '                                      .
'   ���
'   -
it)   .:
���  .'    ���    '
H. W. Blakelv - Electrican
Third Ave.
Near Sixth
n n
20    For    $1.00
flm.r*,! e" ',"���'/ Uk,T ,n Vrmc- R'"''�� '.mporting
,��..'.' 7 fr",m \h- famnu' "K'.live> Mill*
���i.al'.j of I, ea,! a-,1 Wright cr, bt relied ,.,�����.
anu  note   the  price --Twenty   fo(   One   1
��� '���'��   Vk-��^'-��--
Complete   Change of Programme
Latest Pictures   ���    B*st .*��ik
W.i- 15c     ���      Children 10c
......      .    .
-  i i Promoter j in
        -       ��� - de  -
. ���   ��� - ��� ���
" .   27
Prei - -.        ��� -
' i holleruig foi
r eenti        -   ��� .
.- - -���
for the rest    f  the aeaaoi    ��� -
talcing a | .-.  Umpire
a ir:
terms   foi
}':. ���
t in sect       "     This
���   ���.
ri-.. ten -
'      -    '       ���       Price
II -'    G ��� ���: tern -   ��� oal.
Bojrs    ���   - -���  ��� tm 6.    Price
Price .- -
���'���-:' *     - -   - .r-arai u  atph
��� a- ���   '.    :..'c:.^-  ttt lollc.ir.,' d. leited
���   -'   i   ;   -'   ;..rte,l    I    t��o  nalie
- .-:���.-.
-  ���  ���' ������'  rivers, ������.:,,   ., ml   .,. chairj
chain.   !������������.   Dorth  ������    cbains
������'���-*--,������     ���: , ���,.
-   - J"H\   ROI ! l.'i   PACK.
I rare . I, !���:,.���. r.. As.a
:-".t". ,! Cout kance 5
la -    ������   ���   '    �����     ���    ���      ���   -
...-,-        ....      ,        ��.  . , ,      .    * ..w..a    laar   eaaajl I, w e.l    narr.T   Ol    La
La*,  of   Stince, chains south, thence  IS chsins
���   chain, nonh, thence 40 chair..
.'��� .'.��e the lollolrlai , commencement cont.inir.j SS a<
.' st a post ;..r-.-al at��,ut Ihree and
-      ���-,   lirection
���'  '���. ���   .' n  Insrtwban
"" ������'������ ��� **��� ��� toetntt
'""������-���������    '���������>. :.','.c  �����t .
* * * * ��
Call our Wagon or 'P/ione 65 or 294 green
Advertise  in The Daily News
Maybe thc price you
usually pay will buy
more value ih.tt, you
uwallj let   k.'.ui and
and   learn."
THERE is at      .-���-;:-���.���   lemaad for
'-"'���    It   '     MS   <-.' :   ajartmerts.
���-���'.���   '���  having I     lesaad   a:ar:rr,er.U
t** rent I ���_  -��� I at ar.y time in the
��� future shoui .    -���������-:. with Uf at
JAPS WANT COMPENSATION  ������������� tee have i sndsbymail
  " " parties who desire to seeure quart-
\.m   k_m*L_   t_.  .                i  r* ers by tht time they arrive here.
Are  Alraid   International Conference   Will Stop   Sealing I  AM *^��f mk** *> opW*" ������ to the
______ *   t*rn-.ar.er,t ''"alue�� of real estate in
f*       ,.     ���       , Prince Rupert for Investment    To all
(Canadian I rets   letpatch) such enquiries 1 honestly stats that any
V   tOlia,     M.iy     13.���Pel tioni frinci; Rupert prapvrtiss,   at  oresent
���������  prepared by the owners v**B,Uon,<  are a sooi   investment.
of Japane  .-.  schoorn hut I advtoe my dienta who are des^
i ���      t     \-      ���   ,.    ., C'U' of takinir a'ivar.taire of "��nan��" lo
_       I In theNortl   Pndfi, ������ _ :-,.., only where offering ar^e ��
upon   the  Totao  government   to mueh below present market quotations,
insist ui-m compensation f-,r the svrr ���.    _,   .    ��� ,
. *__,__>_* . WE are aWe *�� Pick up for our cents
km of their Industrj' in the e>-ent "   wbo have ready cash for invest
of the internatioi      onferi  ce at mpn^ g����J properiles at from 20 to 40
Washington  ltOp|     g   Sealing. I*r cent, l.elow the market l,y   careful
' .  watching of fluctuation.,  and chance*
���     Tin- modern store lims to make _l**2 ?*', " TlT* ca''h for in"
..11 ���,������     ,        . mane  xestment ant! are  ook nc for real har.
J   he housewife - shopping hour rest- train, eall in and talk It ow.   I can
(ul  and   interesting   t..  her  -not ��how you how to make quick profit*.
strenuous and nerve-wrecking,   If	
the shopper is an ad-reader, thi:
 iu to point of com-
nu 1  ���.   ' ���    sere, more or less
���   ' -District of Coast Rante 5
���    *******    ��� Ir.rcek  pS���
.;.-. ���  it.-,--:.-   Intend to api  .  |
'   '     ;.���������: *   tbe  lollowtm bribed
o��f at a port planted about th-ee an
:.���:���������,;���  a toutb ����terly direct in
wtrly direction
commencement, containing SSO acre, rnaar.
Hated April 17. 1911.
I'ub. May 6.
Skeena Land District���District of loan RalS
Take notice that Alexander Mclnto.i, el t ���
c"uver.   II    i'.,   occupation   real   wtate
intend, to apply  for permuaion lo pure: ���
I    | descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted 40 chai' -
from the southwest corner ol Lot i-l-.i, ths
��est. thenw SO
east  to point   'I
._. acrus more ��� I
Dated April IT. ISU.
I'ub. May 6
- nlns ������!<.��� sere, nort or;.-..
Da e: Apn; 14. lSMl. iuL   ,....
Ita) IS. JAl K
.-���������- u Lttd MatriM -Di��rict of Coast H,r,,. *
;��� Harold McKe.no, Ire-
'���-���      .B.I   . 'ft-.;.: or,  bla ,.- lh. Inl
ggrTj    m -o purchase  ,h.  ft.,^^
Irom il' .    bm obatfrtE
N chain, tbaaet natfa hi ch. n,. thVnceT." "n I
-k-n. !.������,, Di,.,let-Di..,ict o, Coa.. R��W
5S!?A��rir^ll*  "j*    ������ .Take nonce tl,��� tlr.ee McT.vish. of V.ncoin,/.
1 ��� ''"'       J' "AR'-LI- IUKEAN   f*1  ��� occupation married woman, Intends to spipl-
., .        . a  "r Permission to purchase the followin( deseril"!
~ _*** (Caasiar '*""''���
_      - "o"? ,t,! '' M,n M   K' ''"nmenclnn at a pwt planted al lhe south��w
... occupation manic! ,-ir f.V���   *'_m"  ***> chain, east   and  M chains  north ��l
 ....  ���a.aatte ,-,.  thence  40 rhsins ea-'-
('cammer.cini st a port plar.tel .bouttwn tnence Su ch.lns  north, thence 40 chains ��
skeena Und District -District of �� ossl ksnc-  ;
Take notice lhat I. Uuchlan John Shsnsha- 'I
victoris.   U.   C.,   occupation   teacher,   intenai   i
apply   for  permission   to purchase the  follosir..'
describiHl lands:
Commencing at a post planted (">.'��� chair,- a u '
from the southeast corner of Lot J060. that
chains  south, thence  40  chains  west,  there.   H
e-aains north, thence 40 chains east  to pt
commencement, containing ltu> acres mor.' I -
Date.  April it, 1911.
Tub. May 6.
Skeena Und Distrirt-District of Coast RaSfl
Take notice that Lottie McTavish of Vance""'.
'-��� ' .. oceupation married woman, intend- 1��
��ppl>' lor permission to purchase the folio'*''!'
aiescrilnvl lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the north-
���est eorner 100 chains east and 20 chains IwrtB
limi tie northeast corner of Lot 11 m. Har>-'> '
.-'airvey. I oast Distrirt,Range I,thence 10 chairs
'outh, thence SO chains east, thence SO chai:.-
north, thence 40 chains west, thenee till chai' -
-outh, thence 40 chains west to post of eommeneement containing 400 acres more or less.
Dated May I, 1911. I.OTTIK McTA* ISI|
I ������� m*. ��. Kred W, llnhler. Ager.t
1    IM      :.ar permiasion t
dtveribed lands:
-. narrh .  . .....   ..,.' "''ner loo chains east  and 20 chi
o pure:-,..,, t.k, ,,.-;;    " the northeast comer of Ut 1116. II
I COM   in-trict.  Range ft.  Ihence
���si planted about,.. tnence su chnins  north, thence 4.. .
Itl   sr.d  two miles  ��t*1   of  tie  '  ..".    ,',?'*" "'pn<T ,M *_V~m south  to posl  ol eommencenieii
and Flat  mers. thence n<r:   - " ''* i���'" "Ifit i'=�� acrw mow or les.. ,., .���
���aat   H ebaiaa, ther.ce aoml   ��� "'v *,.*}'_,M��>���-��� 1��M. CRACK McT.Hl>1'
.-*:  SO chains. " '��� * * May 6. f-,^ w. Uohler, Agen'
Dated April 20, 1911.
Pob. Mai- 13.
ALK'l: M   KMoi OE
Skeena Und DUtrict    Dtatt        Ctmttt
i> cas) to do,
Jeremiah   H.   Kugler
Skeena Land Dislrici    District ol Coast
lake notice thnt W illiam McTavish of VatlCBO-
'���'��� ll   t . oceupation phvslcian, Intends lo arl">
l,j..i,N'r" '" ft**** lhe following dwrrli-i
t'omi,i,.,,ei,,k- ,it a post plantcl nl the .oiitlw"
corner, lo chai,,, north .nd 40 ch.ins east 0 ""
martheast rorner of Lot 1110. llnrvey's llW
I oasl   Distrirt.   Range ft,  thenee 60 chnins "��'
_,.<   v,<  *._-?  ���_*'-*   **"...   _*v rr.ti*.,.  ,_,_,_,__   :. "" nci.   itnnge  ft.   theneo  BO  cnains e..-a
S -.��.���' ",<"w Mr|- ���'��� ���^������-;.:.:���,: SS2S? __." __^*m�� 60 ������"���������" _*__
Dated April l-' l'.lt     minv i"'J" .60 'hains smith to pc*t of commencement
���ub May 13   '               ���E2.Y.PJTZQERA1 Ii ,Z_- ,<!*" ,1li" """ """-' "' I""-                   .-.'ii
* '  '                     Fr,r"" ���>  Pn-ton, A. ��� BfM/fK*- ��U.      WILLIAM A. MrTAVlMl
��� >k-nt lub. May ���.                         Fred W. Dohler, Ag'"1 THE   DAILY    NEWS
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Brokers, Prince Rupert and Stewart, B. C.
Agenta for Stewart Land Company,   Limited
j   j
Largest Stock (
t i                                                                                (
j j   Lowest Prices  in Northern  B. C. \
i i i
General Merchandise
WOMEN     j
This is a little section of the paper, whieh from duy to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all of the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invitetl to contribute to its columns, and to tuke part in its discussions, Suggestions und criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed Unit "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Straw braid was never so beautiful ;ts it is this spring. Our
sketch today was taken from a
model turban in burnt orange
Btraw braid, whic i was wide enough
to drape in manner shown above.
Tho trimming* for this jaunty
bit of milliner-,' was a band and
wing bow of brown velvet.
where the boozers Iai;, blowing
in his bundle for a twilight jag,
while his wife is waiting, heartsick with her woe; that's lhe road
to Reno, where divorces grow.
Every little jangle in domestic
lives, every little wrangle husbands
have with wives, swell thc long
procession, help the passing show,
on the roiid tn Reno, where
divorces grow.���Wall Mason.
.,,,   . j ..! l'i-irirt -District nf Coast Hatliti' .',
���ta;,i   lli'iiry  Macartney of  I'rinci,
a   occupation miner, Inlands to a^ply
a. ia* purchase tha followini: iIcmtiIm'iI
;i naat  iilunt.il on the aouth
it Uiver, about I 14 niili-a from
.    .,ith tho Skoena Itiver -snd aboul
sst Irani Kxchumsiks rapids, thence 80
:l.,-nce IU chains  east,   thence II
I thanca III chuins wiwt to point ai
���.   ��� jj il aiatiiii:   :l*JU   acres   more   or
.1.1 "II.M. S W. cor."
I'll       IIKN'llY  .MACARTNEY
tttmt Uad lli.trict -District of Coast
���-.   lhal   I.   William   Melvillaa  Corley
Ontario,   occupation   clerk,   inteml
Uai|a|h   laal   |aa ril!|..aon   t��l   |HlrcllWI'   till'   [llllliwi ll|{   j
dMTil.-l Un.l-.
,' ., pool lilanle,! at the northwest
Kaitt   5, Coast Dintrict. ihence |
tlience noith 4(1 chains, thenre wesl ;
10  11,11*.  tiale  sloutth,  thence   Blunt* I
-    .        I"    laallllt    of   ClMII I IIClllV llll ��� 111 .    COI|-|
aa,are nr lews.
���.   I'll.
lli.trict ol Coast  Itange .'a
I   II   I,   Charles   A.   Vaughan   of
rt, II i   , occupation merchant, inteml
I >:a iai purehu.,1 Ihe followlnit
,- ut  4  p���.t  | lanteti on the south
.  ik- Uiver and about lour milm
ha it- p��.r.ilai.  rv wuh the Skeenu Ilivcr, thenee
< a a. lhaaca NU chains north, thenc Ml
ca BO ehuins south to |Kiinl  ol
r ��� - ..p.. . ,1 ,-,.rit r.iuinic till! acres more or leas.
I. i '11    fllAIII.KS A. VAtHillAN
I.    \
I liatrict   -lli.trict ol Coast  Ualilte ,r,
.   1I..1   I,  Krank  flick. ,af   fat*   La-
ipatlon   merchant.  Intenil   to  apply
���ai. to iiurchase the lollowina ilescribe.1 a
.' ut  a |Mist   plantnl on  thc south i
I iad aim.ik.   Hiver  anil  about   four
"���Mlan-nre with the SfanSI  Kiver,
rhaina wart, thence Ml chains north,
chaim ea.t, thence soulh HU chains'
I aaat.imenrelnent, containing tilU acres
awe* or Um.
|>��<��i\i-  11,1S1L PRANK HICKS
i. tnsts
SW.is Un I I ii.tnct -District ol Coasl lUnge 6
Is., notic,. that Mary MaraKret Olllla ol Vlc-
tn, M i.. ueriipation housekts'iier. intends to
JW) Ir i.rinisskin lo purchase thu lollowing
wcil.,1 lamls:
<    ' poat |ilanted at the north oaat
*n_ i.| |.,t  ,..;. thenc It) chains wost, Ihonco
attain, soutli. Ihence il) chalna smsl to T. L
I about  Ml chains  nnrlh  to   Ukelse
���' iua>unilering said river up slraam in
alinrlion l.i Ukelse Ijike, Ihenca
_.,.  Tin< ."*"' '"k�� <o Point of ijouimencoinent
"'������'.at..' Ii.u arres, more or leaa.
tiea.",'.''',"*,':1 :M   M' (i" N- *������ turner.
���a March 4,
***���* Uad Ii.trir, -District of Queon Charlotta
l_Z ,!H^'n,  ""*   *im*'   '''rl"''11   ��t   I'rinca
,'STUpalinn butcher. Intends to apply
******* to purchaso the lollowing deseribad
������   a<   a   post   plant,,!   .bout   seven
*��� ���'     un.l iwo ml'es south o( the moulh ol
where   it   empties     into   Naden
5"��w. I.rahutn l,l.,���l, thenct  80 chalna aouth,
chains wesl,  thence  HO chains  norlh,
' '"'  nl of commencement
' I" acres more arigB,
I��ll        0BOROI KKIZZEl.l.
Numa Demera. Agent
skeena Land District -District of Quevn Charlolte
Take notic lhat tloorge W. Arnott of Prince
Ku|M>rt, 11. C, occupation real eslalo bruker,
intends to upply for permission to purchase lho
following described lands:
Cummencing at a post plantetl about sevon
unl' ��� and one-half..mile wost and ono mite aouth
from the mouth of Stanly Creek, Nadon Harbor,
thenee west HU chains, Ihence south HO chains,
thenr,' east HO chuins, ihenc north HO chains.
DtMd March 17, lull. OBO, W. ARNOTT
Tub. April 22. Numa Demera. Agenl
Skeana Und Diatrict���District of Coaat Range S
Take notico thai Angus Uoalon of i'rinco Rupert,
n. C., occupation miner, intends lo apply for permiasion to purchaso the following described lands:
Commoncing al a post planted at the south
eaat corner of Lot 39.17, thenco 40 chaina weat,
thenc 40 chains aoulh, thence about 60 chaina
eaal to Ukelae Uke, thenco meandering said lake
ahore in an nurtheny direetiun to point of com-
mencement; containing 170 acres, more or leas.
1-osl marked A. IL, N. K. Cornor.
Dated Keb. 14, I'.-ll. ANGUS UEATON
Pub. March 4.
Skeena Und District-District of Coast.
Tnke nolle lhat I, John Miller, of Vnncouver,
B.C., occupation butcher, intends lo apply for
iiermission to purchuse the following described
Caatiimeiii-int: :ai ;i pa..i plnutod ula-aiit 1 ,-hiiin
from tidewater al the head of Luscombe Hay. and
markisl J.M.'s N.K. corner, thence wesl HO chains,
thence south Ml chains, thenc east Ht�� chains,
tlience norlh HO chains, U> point of commence*
ment. containing >���,'* acres more or less.
JOHN Mil.1.IK.
Datnl 1st Feb.. lull Charles 11. Stark. Agent
I-ub. Keb. ::.
Stikine Und District���Dslrict ol Caaaiar
Take notice that Sydnuy llodgkinson of Tele-
graph Creek, IL C. occupalion clerk, intends to
apply lor permission  tu purchase  the following
descrllieil land:
Commencing at a poat plantetl about a quarter
mile north east tram Utaeier llillle and on lhe oaat
bank  of  Stikine   River,   thenc  east   20  chaina
thenc north 40 chains, thence wwt  20 chains.
thenc aouth 40 chains to point of commenement
and containing HO acres more or loss.
Dated Keb. 11. I'll.
Pub  April *. CA. Tervo, Agent
Stikine Und District-Dlslrlcl ol Caaaiar
Take none that Christian A. Tervo ol Stikine '
It. C. occupaliun customs other, intends to apply
lair MnHMnn to purchase the lollowing described
Commencing al a pust planteil about 18 chsins
north west of thc customs warehouse at Slikine,
li. C. thenc wost 20 chaina. thenc aoutl 20
chains, Ihenc easl 2U chains, thenc north 20
chains to polnl of emmenement and entaining
40 acres more or less.
Dalcd Keb. 13. l'Jll.       CHRISTIAN A. TERVO
I*ub. Atrl 7
I heard the voice of the city
Calling again and again;
And into her arms there hastened
Millions and millions of men.
And I heard the voice <>f old gardens,
Of   quiel   woodland   ways;
But    few   hearts there were  that
would heed them
In the rush of the busy day.
The cities grow old and vanish,
And iheir people faint antl die,
But the grasses are green forever,
Forever blue the sky.
The Best Way to Make This
Soak 1-3 box gelatine in 1-3
cup cold wilier for five minutes,
pour over it 1-3 tup boiling
water. Add one cup sugar, juice
of one lemon, one cup cooked
app'es. Strain, and stir in a pan
of ice water till stiff, thei add
the well-beaten whites ol three
eggs. Line a dish with lady
lingers, or sponge cake, pour in
the mixture, and serve either
with whipped cream, or with
boiled custard made fiom the
yolks of three eggs.
Every Line a Lesson in Spring
The butterfly bow is very chic.
Flower toques are quite the
Jabots .re still as much favored
as ever.
New coiffure shows broader,
higher effect.
All vivid colorings are used for
The aeroplane hat is seen everywhere.
Lace veils are extremely long in
the new models.
There is a decided vogue for
black velvet shoes.
Brocades are gorgeous in colorings and texture.
Never have foulards been so
beautiful or so popular.
Grays are shown on many of the
newest materials.
Mousseline is now used to trim
frocks of batiste or linen.
Double Weekly Service ~?7temTof'..
4*t�����.    Jin in in m n ��� in  in n i   *_-�� nra    **__ ira i*
' '      M<V��.<MOT I   M l'l IIVMI'WT       f
For Stewart, Sundays, 8.00 am.
Mondays and Fridays at 8 a.m.
���a. Prince Albert sails for I'ort   Simpson, Nuas River l'oints, Masset,
Natli'ii Harbor,   every  Wetliit's-
duy, 1.00 p.m.
anil for:
Refuge Uny,  Skiik'gute, Queen
Charlotle City,  Lockeport,  Pa-
cofl, Jedway,  Ikeda Huy, Rote
Harbor ana return via Queen
Charlotte City every Saturday,
1.00 p.m.
The   Grand Trunk Railway System
connecting with trains from the Pacific
coast operates a frequent and convenient service of luxurious trains over its
double  track route  between  Chicago,
Toronto,   Montreal,   Quebec,   Halifax,
Portland, Boston, New York and Philadelphia.    Information  and tickets  obtainable from the office hereunder men-
t'-ned.   Trans-Atlantic bookings by all
li.���-"- arranged.
Canadian Pacific Railway   ���   B.C. Cout Steamship Service
princess May
ilJTHTjffWWH Kor Vnnrouvrr. Victoria
vmmM__\miU^ Nn<1 Seattle
^D        il*W   FRIDAY. MAY Uth. ���moon
^HJfFffl^    Truin for Winnipeg umlToron-
^H    mm to Iwivi-h Vnncouver at
^H^Hr u.m. daily
^^^ Imperiiil Limited fur ChirnKo,
Montreal uml Now York. Host truin ticnmii thc
continent, leaved Vaneouuer tlnily at 3.45 p.m.
CurrieH compartment, observation enm, the iuu-i
cur on nny rontl nny where.
Arr'iii fur all A t i.mt ir .Stcumnhip In.--    Tickets
to und from Kuropean pointa.
J. G. McNab
General Agenl
Least   Important  of  All   at   a
Hand Made Things for the
Work Table
Coast to Coast
Tickets   To   All   Points
ROGERS' Steamship and
Railway Agency
Second Ave. Phone 116
Freddie Welsh ami Packey McFarland unci May 211 in Now York,
During tlie seventeen years that
Joe Sugden, tho Tigors'battory
tutor, has crouchod behind i*i<'
plato, ii i> estimated thai he has
caughl mun-than 1,000,000 pitched
Some Belleville l��>xinn fans
think Kid Meyers can beat Artie
Edmunds in a twenty-round bat��
tic. Edmunds i> nillin^ it> k" n|1
if Meyers will make VM) pounds
anil pin up a $2(1(1 side bet.
Tommy Burns, formerly heavyweight champion of thc world, has
accepted .i contract with ('mi
Join's iii play a dozen games with
the Vancouver lacrosse team, for
which he is tn receive ��1(1,0(10.
He is lo slarl training at once, and
will report at Vancouver later.
Tom Longboat, insisis upon no-
inn down tn Huston, running over
lhe course, antl making a new
record if he can. If he succeeds
it will certainly lie a notable fact
and will prove lhat Longboat can
come hack . gain.
Jack O'Brien is keeping the
wires Imt in an attempt tn arrange
a match between Johnson ami rather Al Kaufman or Sam Langford. Johnson, who is iu New York
has announced lhal lie was lired
of vaudeville ami automobile racing ami probably will welcome an
opportunity to make a little spending money.
17191? T?     EMPLOYMENT
�� MXLaMJ   onicK   *.    *. t
I Kur iill  kinds nf help, cooks, |
j waiters, dishwashers, hotel por- i
( tei's, all kinils of laborers ur me- {
/ chanlcs, call up }
I Phone No. 178
ur full al tin'
(iiand Hold Free  Employment  Office
Headquarters for cooks t, waiters
aa!..^..^..-^....^....^...^..^....^...-^...^..^ ,aa^a.
Building   Material,    Cement,    Lime,
Hair-ftlirc Pluatcr, Coke, Blackamith
Coal,   Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Shingles, Lath, New Wellington Coal
See Us for Prices.
Phone No. 116
When    the   Crown    I'rinee   of
Sweden    married    Princess   Mar- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
garet,   the pretty   niece  of   King   _     _ __._    . \Tl\pn
Kdward, he arrived at St. George's  *)# J)#       INLANDLK
Chapel, Windsor, just when the
perplexed officials were at their
wits' end to provide seats and
observe due order of precedence.
As the prince was standing in the
doorway with his attending groomsman one of the officials bustled
up. "Now, sir," said he, scarcely
glancing at the prince, "who might
you and your party be, and wherp
am I to seat you?" "Where
you put me doesn't matter," the
prince replied meekly. "I am only
the bridegroom!"
',' Manila Laml IJUtricl��� Dlitrict ol
, Sltnatia
'"��� "ii"' that I, J. tl McNah ol I'rince Itu- j
< i:< M'ral aRciii, inti'inl to apply (
i" prua|HTt tor coal anil petrr.ltnim I
������.....���   aa,  nn  >������,.,!.    ,1,     Clllin
'���',,r.l.���.lo.lh0 ����lerly lli.it ot
.    ,'   ���"   �����*�� to mo winterly Mi.it
'   Hioiici. in a southerly .HrtHti,
1&1 n,',, 'T"10?,"1.liml1 " **>**���" '"o
5*����1 lim . . i 'v ���'""'���Ion alons the laat men-
_~" "I Umber n," ,"'.,!.""* or '"" lo the ea-'lerly
' ', '""" WSS, thence in a northerly
r 'ma. more or lima to the point ol
I j-,'""'��� JACK BEDFORD
:    "^'r,' SS?!�� <*,*___ jwl!
.""l*tt, it , "'"' '��� < lara May Utile ol Prince
JW>' d��� '.���,.;��� "ecupatltin aiifnater. Intend to
**'��..I I..,,   '"""  '"  purchaae the lollowing
_**'*"*'t .1 ll", t'."ml. l-'""'-"l ��t the north
,.,1 1 ..��i��. Uannc 5, Cnaai Diatrict
-��">'����, thenee north 26 chsina
" mi   thenoe  north  20 chsina
"'_ *��, thence aouth 46 chaina t.i
��*���<>, I,.., """""'mont,   conlalnlnx   112   sen*
0^���l*-"'l'1 iui''Vi ri"UJH. & C���" "���"��" B
'"'"'il-ui,       i  ���''"" ,S- "elwllor ot Berlin.
i.'i, purthaaa the loUnini (\e.criii��i
,j  iVlKS  ____** ** 'he aouth-
"   *ft thencc eaal  BO chains
fr *""' 30   .     s"",h 4B ehaina moro ���r leas,
fc���h��if�� n J. |��� ,"'"��'" 6a, thonce north
ffi""1* 11'*  , . ' ''oint "' ciinimenceiiiont
l,*1 Murei, ,, ' ".".'"reorleaa.
'"''AninV; ,'l,"i   la.Dt.N s. DBTWtLBR
���laalaii Camplicll, Auent
Coast Land District District of Skeena
Take notice thut I, I'aul Bremller, of
l'orcher Island, occupation farmer, intenil to upply for permission to lease
the followinjr foreshore: Commencing
at a post plantetl about 12 feet from the
location |>ost of lot 1301 OK Porcher Island, tlience in a southerly direction
following high wuter mark 1200 feit;
thence west to low water mark; thence
northerly following low water mark
1200 feel; theiii'i' east to point of commencement.
Dated March 7, l'Jll.
First insertion March 11
Sliii'iin Laml Dlatriel-Dlitrict of Cwat Kanife
Tak.- notici' that I Severln A. Tallamlcr of I'or
.'her lalnml, ocrtipnliiin ahlp rmialcr, Intent] to sp
lily for prrmiaalain to lease the following ile
acrilatl foreahore:
Commem'lnif nt n lioal planted nt the N.W. corner <af lnt IllirJ. thenre weat to low water mnrk,
Ihence south nton* low water mark Bi chains
more or le.ia, thence eaat to S.W. corner of lot I
IMS, thi'iu'e north nlonir hlirh water mark lliointr
the westerly Isiundary of lot 131121 26 chnins more I
or less to point of commencement nml contnininK
nil foreahore in front of lot 13112.
DnUilMarch tl, lull.
I'uli.  March IS.
Skeena Ijtnd District ���Disirict ol Cosst
Take notice thai  William  Munford I     I'rinc"
Uupert,   B.   C,   occupation   prospector,   Intemls
lo  apply   tor   permission   to  [MM  the   folowinR j
deacrlb'sl lands:
Commencing at a post plantod nhout 100 chains
aoulh ol the  Indian  Keservo on the eaat side ol
I aaaaa-,     Hay   iaaial   aall   the   east   slllt'   of   till'   peninsula ,
thence soulh SO chaina along chore, thencu WMt I
hi chains lo (loose Bsy, thence north slong shore
SO chsins, thenco west 40 chnina moro or leaa to
Iioat, containing 020 acrea more or leas.
lated March 8. 1911.      WILLIAM MUNFOKD
I'uh. April 16.
Skeena Land  Diatrict -Diatrict ol Coaat
Tako   notice   Ihst   Otis   .1.   Hanson   ol   I'rinco
Hupert. B. C, occupation proiMiector, intends tc
apply lor permission to loase the lolluwing descrihed
CommencinK st a poat plantcl nhout a ouartor
ol a mile trom the north west corner of (lllison
laland on the said (lllison laland. ihence south 10
chalna, thence eaat 20 chains, thence nurth 40
chains,  thence  west 20 chains  to  point  ofcom-
  mencement, containing nO acres more or leas.
i"H \w,ii  ,,,��� ^M OTIS J.  BENSON.
"' ��� April i,'   "���        CLARA MAY LITTLK ' Datad 29th M arch, 1911
Skeena Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ol Coast
Tske  notico that  Hume   Bahlnglon  "1   I'rinco
Rupert. II. C, occupntion maaler mariner, Intends
tn  apply  lor  iiermlaalon   to  lens.'  lhc  (ollowing
desrriliod landa:
(Jommeneltig st a post planted nhout 100 cliains
south nl the Indian Reserve on the east slilo ot
Hotino Bay on the enst aide ol Hi" Peninsula thence
north 100 cIibIiib along allure lo the Reserve line,
thenee weat 00 chains more or less lo (loose Bsy,
llience 100 chains along shore, I henre east 1,0
chalna more or leaa to post, contnininK MM sores
more or less. .._������.,
Dated Msrch S, 1011. IIIJMK IIAI1INOTON
I'ub. April 16.
CaMS""'"" ''"e"'""! Unda:
���   " ���' post plantnl at the so ��� h-oast
*-*! n.,1.. i"!"".:l'  '"��"��hp 2   (iraham laland,
J   It.  McN., S   K. Cnrner, thencc
��� Ihenca north so chains, thence
Ihenea south 80 chains to point ol
fcv&'.l,'r-1��''' -,       J.O. McNAB
'SWI ... wn>on (iom,ln|Ii AgBIlt
1"-'rict    District ol Cosat Range V
V��l��lir.'     >'.l J"ck   ll""0"1  "'   KeiKhley,
'"'li t���'.,,,    ,'''  oceupstlon  over-looker,   In-
l��'"��itL'.       ,   ,", '"'.""""ion to purchrse the
Milled lands:
a II a posl planted at a point in the
'^siill.-i"'"">', "'limber limit 08029 and In
Imjt ol l���t  ntt,  Range 5   Coast
���   I ,''," ".""I  Umils intersiact, thence
'Hll, '.,.'". '"'>, ''mil ot lot 0989 vlotesald
�� ''.��,.,' '"" "!"m't I" "n easterly il, dlon
iiial '"* *~* '��� "- "��� ���- ������r- a- *. -^
There never can lie loo many
work hags or boxes for one who is
fond of sewing or knitting, and
this is why the work hags are
always the first articles to disappear at a fair. All sizes and
shapes of lioxcs suitable for hair
hair pins, manicure sets, hat pins,
powder etc., will, if attractively
covered, sell wilh astonishing rapidity. With a cigar box, by
dividing il into various compartments, quite wonderful things can
be done, while the way in which
chintz or silk covered powder
boxes and bottles will find delighted
purchasers will in themselves almost insure the success of the
whole fair if provided in sufficient
Hear the wife a-nagging, all the
blessed day! Keeps her tongue
a-wagging, in her foolish way.
Nagging is a nuisance; fills the
house with woe; that's the road
to Reno, where divorces grow!
See the husband scowling, when
he should be glad; hear the hus-
b.md growling, acting like he's
mad! Grumbling is the vainest
thing of which 1 know; it's the
road to Reno, where divorces
grow. See the wife go chasing,
glad rags on her frame; other
Whist fans facing, at some silly
game, while her house and children all to thunder go���that's the
road to Reno, where divorces
grow.    See  the  husband  trundle
Enterprising-   Girl   Finds   New
and Profitable Line
We have women doctors, women
lawyers, women dentists, women
orators and now has appeared in
New York a woman bootblack
Miss Lottie Marshall is tlu- pioneer
this time. She likes to black boots.
She can't for the life of her see
anything undignified or unbecoming in the pursuit. She can see
there is as much art to it asmany
a more aesthetic vocation, therefore she is one of thc most painstaking, polite little bootblacks
that ever looked a patent leather
pump in the eyelet.
"Of course I don't black any
but women's shoes," she said.
Some days I have my hands full,
too, and some days I just sit
here and read, and it's very dull���
for me. Other girls, I suppose,
might enjoy it, but during working
hours I like to work.
"I don't mind bootblacking a
bit���I don't think there is anything nicer, for I don't come into
contact with any but ladies. I
can't help feeling sorry for thc
girls who work in restaurants and
department stores, because my
work is more pleasant compared
with theirs. And during the Christmas shopping it is terrible.
"I advise girls to give up manicuring for a change and try boot-
blacking. It can be made just as
nice as manicuring, too. Everything depends one one's being an
artist. All trades are arls if the
person engaged in the work is an
. ..FOR ...
Take the fnst light-draught steamer Inlander for Hazelton,
One of the many wise things
that thc hue Addie Jo:,> predicted was thai Walter Johnson
would never make a success "I
his slow ball. Only this spring
Joss made this point, and he
seems to have hatl lhe situation
si/.etl up just aboul right, for
according to the New York reports, thir Highlanders hii John*
son's slow ball all over the lot.
Harry Griffiths, of the Vancouver Lacrosse club, may claim to
be in the front rank of veterans.
He started his career as a player
with the Pastimes, cily champions
of Ottawa, in 18111. Since I8H5
he has played almost continuously
in senior company, he being oul
of the game om- season on account
of illness.    This is somewhat of a
I'hone No. 200 ]'. (). Box 580
w. j. McCutcheon j
Curririi complete Murk nf DrmfK.   Speciul   X
attention paid to Riling prescription*.       X
Theatre Block Pboni Ha th Second Ave.
G. T. P. Transfer Agent*
Onlcrt promptly filktl.   I'ricta reasonable.
OFFICE- II. B. Rochester. Centre SL    l-hone &.
Reilly's Bakery Lunch
Empress Theatre Basement
Cor. 2nd Ave. and 6th Street
t, Rochester &
(;r   - Monroe
l,���-.-.��� ' -t Coal
\    a)     .'HiJ'
\a   Phone iis
H. B. Rochester   -   Agent rw<,ri1-
Fruit   :   Produce   :   Feed
H. H. Morton   -   3rd Ave.
Second aveiue and Third street
Over Westenhaver Bros.' Office.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
After being out of the big
league for six or seven years
Jimmy Callahan, of the Chicago
White Sox is today playing the
best ball of all thc members of
Comiskey's team. Mis spring form
iluiing the training season does
not appear to have been a Hash I
in the pan, for he is keeping the
pace without the slightest difficulty now that the regular season
is on.
====E.   EBY   C&   Co.^==
Kitsumkalum Land Kor Sale
KI l.Kl  Mh   .1.1   M . B.   C.
accountants-:- AUDITORS
Law-Butler Building       I'hone No. 280
I'rince Rupert P.O. Box 351
President Lindsay, of the Northwestern League, announces that he
has suspended Mike Lynch, playing manger of the Tacoma Tigers,
for the remainder of the season
for his assault upon Umpire Jack
Ward in  last Thursday's game.
No line will be imposed.
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO.  63
Meets ill tlie Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All   members  of   the  ord.T in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
H. MORTON, Secretary.
of 'lntkIi Columbia of R.C., Ontario. Sn���
and Manitoba Bars. kntrhewan   and  At-
l��'iin Ham.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Office��� Exchange block, cornor Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Huoert. 8
WM. S. HALL, L. D. S., U. D. S.
Crown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Can nnd
local anasthellcB administered for thc painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
Ilelfcorson Block. I-rlnce Ruoort. 11-12
A Canadian Swimming association ir in course of formation lo
control the sport from the Atlantic
to the Pacific.    On Saturday a
meeting was held in Montreal, audi
i ���. i ^ el wIwAJCo
wliile   only   eastern   Officers   from
the   board,    the   other    provinces
will have a say in controlling the
affairs of  the organization  in   tht
Utile's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: I'erindicals :: Newspspers
P. O. Box 436 - Office 3rd and Fulton
1'. O. HOX 211
runt Of wm. koxon, NN., a.it.a.m., LOR., end.
Lloyd's "the biggest book in
the world," has just laid thc
proprietors of the Indianapolis
motor speedway a bet of 1100,000
lo 110,000 thai it won't rain at
the lloosicr capital on Decoration
Day. They call il insurance""
in   this   case.     If   Jim   O'l.eary
laid ihe price it would be called
"a   gamble,"   says   the   Chicago
Lots r> and li, Hlock 28,
Section 1.
$:W00, 2.ri per cent, cash,
Imliince 1, 2, 3 years,
7 per cent.
Make your "business opportun
ity" ad in the next issue of The
Daily News a real "hint" of what
your proposition is like���and you'll
prince rupert | get in touch wi lh needed capital.
1076 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C.  1
| BOWLING, "= "
m 4 Alley*. 7 Tlbltt.     A  K<w*i rxcr-
t'ine.    A rlpftii sport.    Lmlii'm-vrry
nftertHMin.     Nrwnmn  Itlnck.  1h��-
twpenl'.tli nm) 70. St*.
TK1> Moiuuson.     Prop rl ttOF nnd Mwmwr
4444444444444444444444444^ THE    DAILY    N EJWfS
"What Shall It Be"
This store is prepared lo answer it
Tha occasion may ba what
it will; it is our duty to ba
ready to supply you,  and we
can du it too.
With pleasure  to you bi
cause "f ti"   else of display:
with profit tn you because or
our ability tu sell close,
When tin' ijifl question presents Itself ii't us show you
how easily we can mutch your
Heintzman Pianos
From tin' outside limkinK in, or
from ili��' Inside looking out, the
appearance of yuur windows is
an Index of your cure for tha appearance of your home. To the
visitor they Indicate your taste,
your eye for  harmony  of  color;
to thi passer-by they Indicate
something of your care for the
outward appearance of your
dwelling, It is not essential that
your window draperies be expensive, bul It is Imperative that
they !'������ in >;oihI taste.
Classified   -   -  Advertisements
One of the host services the modern newspaper gives the public is In the classified advertisement col
There buyer and seller, employer and worker, landlord and tenant, and a host of others meet on ci
mon ground,     Tu put this modern convenience in reach of everyone the   News   will   reduce  its
rate to  u nominal  price of a cent a word per insertion.    Minimum charge of 25 cents.
Here  is our Classified  Advertising Column  for  tudav.     Watch   it   grow.
I  SITU  ,111AM'   llalTKl.
Lunch a-, i Mealaatall hours; Lunch 15a?,
MmIi 2Sc  iiia-Ciaiiif uml See
��� ���'^���"���^-'���'^���w.-w-^...^,..*...--^.-^ .-*.,���-*-+
i        Lost and Found
POUND���On wharf, Saturday, Hay Bth, roll of
money Owner con hnv.'winii' by opolylnl la'
Daily News Offioe ud living i��tlif��ctory imr-
ticulura. Kd-tf
For Rent
Tartly furnished House on
3rd Ave. 7 rooms with
bath. Electric    lighted.
G. C Emmerson
FOR '11
Our Drapery Department
aaa  tail I a stock of wide variety
of materials and prices.     As low
ii- 12 l--c the yard ami as high as
12.00.    Fancy  antl  plain scrims,
fancy and plain madrasses,   novelty   curtain   goods,   tapestries,
nets, etc,, antl, in the ready-made
curtains, we huve the Notting-
hams from 5oc the pair snd up to
110.      Hope   I'ortieres,   T.ipi-tty
Portieres in all the leadi' . .-hades
and, in short,   wc  cnn  give you
the henefit of a  wide -election,
and, should you a.-k it, competent
information on anything pertaining to draping of your windows.
H. S. Wallace Co'y. Ltd.
Dry Good.. Chinaware. Etc.
I nit.an Street ond Third  Avenue
A local representative is wanted
for .i t< I ritory tributary to I'rince
Rupert in sell the hardy non-irri-
iraery stock grown by the
Nursery Company, bronco, Oregon, Liberal terras. Party
must   come   well   recommended.
FOUND-A small gum of Ni.an.av .an tnd  Av
apply Mrldte. shoemaker. Pulton St
ng is tn be liflil iit 8 p.m., when
reports having an Important bearing in the whole situation will be
brought in l>y committees appoint-
Indian Band Concert
The most Interesting performance ever
held  iii  British Columbia.       To
be held In the Empress Theatre
Empire Day, May 24
Don't miss this,       Contest at 2 p.m.
on view at J, .S. Gray it Son's Jewelry
Store, Sixth St,   Phone No.  78 black,
TICKETS   -   50c AND 75c
on sale at theatre and at Gray's store
Houm furatihttl for houMkMplns - roomi, fl'
P��t month; back of rink, Apply Law-Butlsr
Company. I   .-108
If VOU would like a new hotlM close it., 11 tot 805
H. F. McRae & Co.
Furni.��hed Houae to Rent iti MCtJon ,; for Otlt
month from May 16th���S30,     A| ply P ���'- ���'
pert Agencies, 2nd Ave. I0MO7
Nice  furnished   rooms  f,.r  n-nt.      Aei'ly Drexel
Rooming House. 2nd Avt-.. near McBndfl.
Mny ;i-Imo
Two nicely furnished roomi. one front ro**rn, hot
baths.    The Roland. Third avenue.
Oregon Nursery Company
Orenco - Oregon
Longshoremen and Labor Unions in Launches
Moving Spirits in the Plan at
Present are Longshoremen
Who with P. R. I. A. are Making Preliminary Arrangements.
Help Wanted
j nl ,ti Saturday's meeting
^..j,-. ��������-��.   (.Qnjujjtteej ,ir,. as follows:
Finance J. R, Beattie, Alderman ii. Kerr and Mr. I>. !'������
Sports���Chief Vickers, Rev. W'll. McLeod and Principal Hunter.
Reception���Dr. t *I;i\'t< in,
McDonald and O. 11. Nelson
t irounds���Chief Vickers
Beattie and I)r Clayton,
The Maynr is a member of all
the committees, and all the n >m-
mittees have power to add to their
Be at Wednesday's Meeting
In order that everything maj
be planned as well as possible it is
J-  F
J.   R
Overseas Club Concert
The best performance ever riven in
the city,   llelil In Empress Theatre.
Moving Pictures at 7.80 p.m.
Concert at 8.00 p.m, Sharp
FEATURE:   Tug of War
between police, Firs Department and
Karl Grey's liilit-s.
Also Amateur Competition fur Chilil-
ren under M years of u-ri*
Slii'i'ini I .iiii.l Diatrict-Dlitrtot nf r*
Take initio thut I, J���ln, MoDon��IH   J "
Rupert, n.c��� oooupatlon imtiaik,���..,���' "' '''"'">
itpuly forpermlulon to purahui tho *__**,*��
described Iiiiiub:  ii'uvut^
Ckimntencinir at a poat planted ,,  	
Imlf miles in an eiulorly illrocti.an frnm t *****
on Nuns Itiver where tin, \__y__ Uko .    , i'"int
nml uiii'miln In u  tmrtlii'rly direction f '"*
unlil LftVS Luko trull, tlioncta louth ,-iiain "," '*-"*
thonoo weit 80 chuinn, thonoo north tf, 'l,""><*.
thonco euat SI) chltliiH to point of oi,,, 'll"i"��.
oontslnlng 040 sons, "'""""ikhii,.,,,,
Until Foh. II. 1!IU. .lOHv, .,,.,.,���
I'uh. Murch Id. J''��"l''ilMw,;!N^,'||'
Skoens Land Dlitrlot~DIstriot aaf c
Tuko notice Hint I Andrew I'uli,,,,,,,, {_$_
couver. B.C., oooupatlon n��ik   Inten.l 	
for iionnittHliin to |iurohn��o tin- f.,l|���,. .��� ',' :|||,I>
edlindu nowingi ,���,.
Oaliillioiicliiit nl u liant  planted   tl,,,.,,       .
Imlf milea ill llll ouatorlv iliroolioti f,,���   ,    '"
on NiiiM River when tho Lava Uke  i ,'"i'"'���""
noair tho trnil. thonco weal KOchnm, ____     *'" '
00 ohalni. Uioni'o ou��t su ohalni, then    "" !w
chaini to point of oommanounont containi... "'
nerea. '   ���' ' 1'
liuto Pab. i. lull. ANDREW CUMutun.
I'ub. Mur. IU. .I���.,,���,���,a���, Jj������
Skeenu Und Diatrict���DUtrict ol Cnul li���.    ���
Tuko   iiollce   thut   Kdith   Alice   i"  ,'"  "\
Iklett,    Yorkahlru.   Knttlund,   oeeupatlon ___
intenda tu apply lor parmUon to DUMhESn5
following doHcribed landa: l,le
Commencing nt a t plantad ut tin .,_,_   ,
comer uf aurveyed lot ;|'J!)1, Itiing,. ',  i j���
trict, thenco norlh ulong the autlrly'llmli   i
anld lot 35 chalna more or luu to tin, ���,���',',, ".
limit of botwtX Hange 6, ��naat dbtriel  th.���
_ 'Timiiofthoiu.t ���::,,'^
euat along tho southerly 1 _
Silver Cup and Pria'eo on view at J. S. j J&128," ol USft-STft fia"��
(Irays Jewelry Store,  where tickets I ..^u..ri�� iimi, _t  __ <>_���r .__'_."',"���*- ��"i
n'he had for Concert at 50c, 7,rie, $1.,
cai - ��� ���, .���, ....
also from members of Club.   Gray's
phone 78 black
Boy Wanted.   Apply at Optimiat Office.
important that all citizens inter- B^Ortfclani'Md'Sgraveri.
ested in the whole matter of the    Dealers In Musical Instruments.
A uirl to do plain sswtaff,    Mrs. N. F, Halman,
cor. Cth Ave. unal McBride St.. iihame J57.
Boy to unaiat  in office at  IVrcy  .M.,rn-.v  Co.,
rirstAve. I04-1M
A woman to do houae work: alio irirli faar laundry
work.   Ap[ily Pioneer Liundry. 108-108
An Kxperienear.1 Stenoajrrapherut once.   Apply to
Mack Iteulty und Inaurance Company.     108-108
A   Maither'a   Help.     One .vho  can  do cooking.
Other    maial    kapt.        Apply    Mri.    Palmer.
4th Ave. and HayaCove Circle, phona 80S,   101-tI
Waiter wonted at Central HotoL 100-tf
 ^^^^^^      M-tf
Wantiil immdiutely, irir   for light houae work.
Apply to Mra. M. B. Cohan, Fraaer atreet or
Phuneat 1M-'f'   ,-      -   ,  -���- �����  I    Headquarters
wante.1���AnZA-i aoiicit -f.,r the moat liberal  f"r ***** votini;sters and tile adtill-  What you don't
Fraternal Ordera in the  *  rid.    Call Iroom |2��. I   ,. ..., , .  ��� please ask for
Empreai Hotel.   J. F. Maallem. los-lH       should  pllt  man   ���,,__..,. ,.,... ]ui a.c ��. r lor.
Wantod-5aiiroo.l men to   a!n the Onler of Owla. I       ReV.   \\ .    II.    Mcl.ei.,1   i��   keel
talln��>m28.  Empreai Hotel.   J. F. iMadlem.   ;���,.._���,. I   :.,   ,i .it   .��� I   ���
lie-in     mteresteil in  the athletics, ami IS I
What hotter way to close the day than j
tickets | easterly limit "of Vol'' 3����f,"""thence"In . ,,.,.
erly direetiun 611 chnina niori' or \... ,
tho point ut commencement cuntuinim; "in',���
more or leaa. "     ******
Dated March S.K!,,T"AUCKllt,lW���lt
I'uh. March *_!,.
Ski��na Land Diatrict-Dlatrict ,.i t'iu.u,
11  Mali    laoill'l     \. ,, \     ._   \ ..,*,-    ilia'   aa,la      III.ill BBS, .      __..... u, , *,
bv going tu the Dance given   hy  J.   S. ' ���T,k<' ';?"5V' **>** *��� *'*>">��� Quaanan ,,i \*n,-
rfrav 'it Mi'lntvre   Hull   lifter fiinoert     Kupt-rt.  II. 1 ., occupation pnapMtor, httn I t���
Tickets. Cents Jl.0.1. Ladies Free ' ���,%�� tVt fflLSUggtt^ZZ
ot the muuth ot the Honanta I'nnak   ani Lira!
F   S   flRAY Xr   SON on ''"' ''"'''rl>' Ixiundary uf Timber Limit X,:
J. O. UH*\ I   OC   3UH I 36281 or No. 35280  thence auutli III chain, alow
Manufacturing Watchmakers, Jewel-' thl'LffiBS "mil."','**** Ttabar Limn ���.
-J �����-- prNo jluJSO 40 chalna, thence eaat tu the ahurr a|
l.onee llay, a dlitance ol 40 chaina mor,. ���t \��
  ���- ��������� ...��".-��. ......u,aaa..aio. thence  northerly  alunti the ahore ol limw Iv
Inrlhmmina    l,,,l,',l,,.      ���l  le,,;.,,   ,     -t��li'   aifents   for   the   Stanley   Piano   1�� chalna mew or Iom thenoe weaterly n ri���.',
liirtlKOIlllIli;     llOlltlaV     Celelir.UIOIls i in J mure or leaa tn point ol commencement, cmauinr
. ,  , ,    ...     , ,       , ,.   * "ve*a' , 1110 acroa mute ur lem.
sip mill attentl  \\ ednesilav s nieet-     Sole  agents   for   Hewitts    Rubber  Dated March 7. iyn. PERRY ufiixw
^^��� j Stamps. , Puh. April 7.
1,1!   Agents for the Victor Gramophones I
    and records, of which we carrv  a  full  ���.        ,    . I.   .   _.
,       ,    ,. , ,      ,     line Skeena Und Dutrict -DUtrict ol Coaat liar*. S
the holiday events a success both \    _*_-j���������a��_.  f_. , .T*k," "9" ***** William hanklii CanSa
I     Headquarters   for   enamel souvenirs,   ol Prince Rupert. B. l\. occupalion r,atiut��t
ihat   VOU   don't   see   in   our  windows   keeper, Intendi to apply tor pormiaalnn tu i.jtr',^
'    - tho tulluwing deacrilied land :
Cummenclnc at a poet planteil at the   ��� ul, tan
ing.   Not only those interested
athletics, hut all who want to sec
em!   "  i33i4   should put in an appearance.        i r'*_F.~i_7__~__' . I      ,  ������-------mr .���.���.____,	
" ..  '.'       ... Wehave been repeatedly   asked   for  corner ol aurveyed Lot ^1712, thence su cbilu
-, ���-,,+_ inclined to think that by holding
Anti-RheumatlC rings. We have now aoulh, thnnw about SS chalna ��feat to Lot S����.
B laree stuck nn hi.n.l ir,,l,l t.ll.,,1 ��l nn thence ���0 chaini north, thence 4S chaina ��e��t
.1 i.irj.e stoih on nana, gultl tilled, 11.00 th.nce about 25 chalna north to Lol MM thmce
an\   Size. about 30 child eaat to aoulh oaat corner ul Lot
  3008, thencc about 35 ehalni north i.1 h>, \'\\.
'hence aliout U chalna eaat to point ot cunimancr.*
��� "T  theuliiltey,'nNon'i),Miiiniii.i l)iC  WariUni:   To Preserve Your Eyesight iT^ui^"".^;
Board Wanted events on uommion i '.i\ Don., Mlss tnls chance ���.,���! h.i, is. isn.
I    niiir,' tinw will  Ka ���;.���..,,  tl... ,,. ''"'���  M     '   '
more or lem.
Pure Ice Cream with all the
The Pioneer Druggist
King and Queen Drive in State
Through London
JI    First of the Functions,
W'ANTED-Room and bo,ird
X.M.. Ootimiat Office.
A picnic proposed by the Long
shoremen  and  Labor  Unions ofI]*******"
Prince Rupert looks already likcjj Fire Insurance
a mighty big joy party.   The plnn jxinjn.in.ut_	
i- to first M-i un- .ill  the support ntm ,���-.,_, _.    ,
OCR SPKCIALT^-Fire    niurance.
in private family,
more time wi
men   to   train
rissi-y   is   yen
be given the young
Alderman   Mor-'
anxious   that   tin '
i'ub. March ���      ______________________________________
,+ children should have a thoroughly
{enjoyable holiday and emphasised
j  the  importance  of  letting  them
ulk affcl'lALTY-Fire Inaurance.    We retire-j W'itleK'
nnawiKI*        ill      tile     lie��t      -tll'.lker-       aent eleven itraanK lire Inaurance Companlee.
pOSSIDie,      .III      IIU      l��-I        pt.lMr We want   yuur   hulineaa.     law   and   amall.
���VMMlhlp     mil    ill   the 1.mill lies antl      Let ui uuot* you rrnwi.   The Mack Kealty and
pOSSIDie,   .11111  ail   llll   l.llllll ills .mn      !���,������������ C.impany. corJnl Ave. and Kult.mSt.
rieilin   SCOWS possible.     Then With   THK Briti.h l'ni.,n and Katiunal  Fire  Inaurance
,   ���..   ,1.      ,       .   . ,'       Company of London.  Enirland.   with    capita!
and   111   till-  l)f>t  Ol       0f 8��5��V.��.00.    See u�� fur ratea.     The Mack
that  the 24th of  May is
known as Victoria Day in
memory of the Kr(''"  -""I good
Oueen Victoria.
Indian Band Contest
J, F. McDonald reminded the
meeting thai the Overseas Club is
' asioiii-n t^-^������~~~"~-~~~~~*       ... -     .    .        .    ���. ,
B a ,..       .. mm. i i       ���. J   to holil ,i ere.U lestiy.il on the .'Ith
Palace  Give   the  King  and the natives,  and  have  the besl *      Situations Wanted      'i~-     *���<    	
Queen   a   Royal   Ovation -Ipossible  time  ashore  until  it   is U
tinn; to re-embark i'or Kupert.   At . ......... .......
1 A  clataitied  advertttement  ia a tireleai work
the present   BtBge it  |i"'k- ,f if  the      hunter-and aeldom falls.
..I Ml -I '     *
���-"""+     !', ||
winners living and in thc best ol,   _. ,���  ^-....^m
_________________________________________________________ llealtv and inaurance Company.
  I I humor, the whole party will
Great   Crowds   at the Crystal head  for   Metlakatla   t" astonish t���  ^^^^^^^^^
Palace   Give   the   King   and  ,1 .eJ.,-    ������-'   > '     '    - *_***t**i W a       if   "^.^    |.Ii(lj(i    }. ^_   ^
niipete. and there will Iii! tun-o'-
war contests,  and a  varied  pro-
^^_ ^^mm ^^^^^m III'
ill in \lill "o ihrollL'll ill ere.lt -ll.ine     Man and wife wanta paaltfon in camp or hotel.! ,       , , , . ,
pian win ���o iiiroiiasii in j.u.11   n.ipi..     gtricl|y ftr,t clM1 cnok,    Apply Box T.B..  eested    that    the   plans   for    the
Newt. !���.',.; .. . '
  D .   .. ,        , ,     ' youngsters line it   ni* arraimetl  in
By experienced man and wife aa coik and  helper I ���     ""**   v ��� b*       b e.
In ijlnlrm camp or country hotel.   Aoply H.L. i co-oni-ratioil     Willi     tile     Oyel-il-
! ; l.y Japane..cook In family or boartlnir   (''ll'��   "'   Sl,nu'   OttOlt     .\ltlt!I'lll.ll!
houae.   P.O.BiA-'. I    ...       |,,���,j_   a,���|    | ,,.;,��� if, (|    ���,���������
*    ~-~'~"^��~~~���~~-��-^.^  spoke,   Mr.   Douglas  drawing  ;it-
Boarders Wanted       (  tendon to the financial aspect, ami
i WMWW<tlwll>ll<ll>|l%(   Mr.   Hunter offering  his help  in
('.in.uh.ui Press Despatch]
London. M.iy 13.    The Festival
>*i   Empire  was  opened  at   the
Crystal Palace toda) by the King
.mil    Oueen.      The    royal    couple;
drove in state through tin- .-treet-
.ami m i\iii .i tremendous ovation
from the immense throngs. Tlii-
i- the tirst of a s< ries of functions
��liii h promise i" make the C'>r-
onation season memorable.
DR. INMAN       ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Comulting Eye Specialist Ska na Land DUtrict���DUtrict ol Coaat Itaai 1
nf Viinriiiivi-r   la now at mir atnra     Hi. 1**** nolica that  Baniamln  Ituaaal   Itlei -t
til   \ancou\ir, ll  nra .it om store,    lie ,,rillM Hupfrt- u. C, occupation waiter. Intant,
DCS glasses lor all complicated rases of tn apply lor permiaaion to purchaaa tha 1.41 alnj
defective vision.    This is liis specialty: daacrlb*l landi:
iliin't fuil tn see liini uliil.,  I...   io   l,..r., Commanclnt at a poal plant*! t>i chaina kwiIi
lion I I ail IO See luni Wliili  he   is   Here. |rom th, ���uih aaat corne  ol Lot loco, ihenc. ti)
.Satisfaction frnaranteetl.    Constlltutlon chalna weat, thenca 6S chaini north, thenct ill
free. ���**���'-��� ���' ���*������ " -������-��� "��� '-  '
vaaaaaaoa    nan.,,    , lietlCV    OO    CHBIIU    llaaril,.    1 ' a ��� f.     ,1)
chaine eaal, ihence S6 chaina eouth to point U
commencement; containing 4f��.'i acrea, more or
laaa   I'oat marked II K. II, S. K. Cor.
^^H Dated Feb. IS, ISU.
If you want to save money buy your  '*ub' ****** *���       DKNJAMIN KL'SSLl RICE
Furniture of
Skeena Land Dlatrlct-Dteirlct ofOoaat
Take notice lhat I. Italic K. Walter, of Vaneoi-
ver. ll.C, occupation proepeetor. intend. taa>
|,ly for permiaaion to purchaae the nQowtecAfr
erttml lamia:
Cummenctna at a pa��t  planteal and market I.
K. W.'a S.K. corner and lminr��Jlatel> n,|;a.itaina
I'oat marked W.A.'a N.W. eorner; thei. .���
chaina. thenre weat Ht chalna, then.-e at-ulh 40
. chalna. thenca eaat HO chalna, to paint ,.1 eaa-
' mencement, contalnina Wo acrre. more ���i I.,..
11 -1 ii i. WAt.ri.K.
Dale.1 lit Feb.. ISU Charlea 11. Allen. Acetil
Pub. Feb. 2S.
who is selling out his full stock regard
less of enst.
of    Most    Importance    to
Continental Trust Building is
Near   Completion
,  ,   ...      ~'organising the children.   Mr. Wil-
Home cooked meala an-l  nicely  furni.hed  rooma ,      r. _ ^
fa.r three pcraone.     Apply Mra. Jamei. Scutt . |i,'im Ooilsoll is .lllpoil'It'll sl'lTelary
Bldtr.. Ird Ave., I^ta-ei-n Sth and tith 8IS.    a.Vtf I ' ' .
Prints Hoard by the week or month.    Home I ailfl ls lakl"�� *ln ilcllVt' lMrt ln   llu'
c-.kinaaaneclalty.   Mill E. M   Oleeaon. .'Ird ! ���.,,rL. ,,f   ,11  ,1,,. ,.,,,,,,,,,'| ,,.,..
  A... between Tth and-th Sta.. phone ITI. -'J-tf I W,,rK "' ****  *'**   I olllllllt It I s.
Handsome and Compact Busi-   ) ^     t _ "i I
ness Suite on Second Avenue   j
Small Boy's Brave Attempt to
Describe Rev. J. S. Henderson
Skeena land DUtrict���Diatrict ol Co.il
Take notice thai  Mn. I..  C  Putnam  el $1
^^^^^^^^_ Paul,    Minntaota,   oceupation   married   meatia
Intendi to apply lor permUalon to purchaae Ile
I here is .   small  bov in  Princ ,dK2! ���*!*���**�����* *���***���,
,,,,.ii   ,���,_>    ni   inilic      Commencins at i poai planted al the aonthawi
KllptTI Who Came near to Ini-iittii,,.. "r"" ol Lrt No. 1T.1.1 marked Mra I. f l.i'.   i
I ...nn in.ii  loiiitommg northeaat corner, thenn oaat 40 chains thee*
8     i li'li'Pil.tn i     in     -i     tl ., .I..e '. eouth 80 chaini   thenee eaat   40 ehaina. tbrece
iiicnuaill     111    a    sl.i, tier    Mill north b0 chaine lo p��i ol commencemmt. cea
VeStCrdaV.    lie nrriunrl I,,,,,,.. I. ....   ���?���"��� 32�� ��cn�� more or leaa.
/    uiiaii.   nt umvea nome irom KeTiUMkio ttii,   mrs. i. o. poi nam
Sunday School open-eyed and ex- PubAwtM6- ���-**��� "��� fM*'a ***
Skerna Land Diatrict -DUtriet ol Coaat K. .
! B.
icena unal lllatrirt   -Dutrict ot Coaat   Ila .    ���
Take notiee that tlcorte bevtck of I'rinee ltu|��rt
��. C, occupatinn deta,     Ir.t n.i-    lo spaq  W
III  Collie  permUalon to purchaaa the lolloalns dwmM
is   the   Work of Local Contractors.
Real Estate
New Potatoes    Green Peas
Also Fresh Cucumbers, Lettuce, Radishes ami all kii di ot S|.nri>r Vegetables   that   are  io appetising  this
Everything in Groceries al Popular Prices
Ideal Provision House
By the beginning of tlie   week
the Continental Trust Company's
new  liuililing on  Second Avenue
mar Sixth and Centre streets will
Rev. J. S. Henderson B. C. Mod- |���. completed inside and out.   Al-
erator Emphasises the Person   rcadj  ,1,,^ are occupied.    But the
al   Aspect  of   the   Christian  fitting   ol   the   strongroom   doors
Fiath   An Inspiring Sermon, has  yet   to  lie done,  and   there
remains a little work to do in the
\ -irniii: appeal for the Christianity whit li i- nol ,i matter ol
creeds, rites, or dryasdusi theotog)
lint of direct personal belief in the
person.il Christ was made by
Rev. J. S. Henderson, Moderator
A elaaaified advertisement i, ��� real eatate aalea-
man,  and ,|oca   Dot often count  enough   "to
i-.unl'   in the net re. ilt. ^^^^^^^^
For Sale��� Lots, bl.��-k 31, icctlon (.;  IT*), caih '
l.!>.halanceS��n.l lit m���nthl.     Lot 20, block 31.    Ca ... n( PalifnrniH C.nintr South
aection ,:. !���-... caah fin,. t��lanee .1 ami i.  3tate or lainomia uoing oouin
montha.    A|iply to Owner, P.O. Box B46.
!     -ill
We hive ��� _...! ia,.:.inn; lot within a block of McBride Street for *5n raah. H. F. MeKae A Co..
SecondjAve. ItHI-tf
me*_ ���m. a^a^. ^^, A,
Third A\
public office furnishing.
I he limiting j, ., very compact
""'������   and   for   it-,   *.\/{*   probably
accommodates it- proprietors and |
the firm's patrons more comfort- (
ably than many others in tho city   *^
i Laundry j
Wanteil   -a.nieaane t.a tnl.e home amal! wnahinaa. i
Mr-. K, P. Helm,tv a-aarner .Sixth Ave. anal  Me-
Bride Sln-et.  I'!,    ..  .'  ; 107*109
near .sixth St.
I'hone ISO iii the lanpress Theatre last night.
I rom the text "I tost thou believe in  tho Son of God?" the
if voc want to Moderator preached a sermon
buy or ull    u|ij,I, beginning in quiet earnest
vein rose to a high standard ol
eloquence, and was talked of by
many of thc large congregation on
the u'.iy home,
"The i.lith that believes," .-.li'l
tho preacher, "is not devotion to
��� reed, nor to Hi"-, leir to church,
nor even to lhe Bible.    It is de-
Exchange Block '"''""   "'   ""'   Personal   Christ.
I ho   thing   the  ( liurch   needs  in
these days u vital contai t with
* rrn-^ * ''"' livi"* i"'r-"n'li Christ   The
L FRED.    STORK 1 mem8�� "f *��Chri�� is a personal
C.ener.l  U���J-
For Sale ���
._,  I "i'i)' man many others in tlie city, i
f ,1,.. I',-     I,,....;   ,,<,,,,., I ,.af H   ('       nai  '        ��� .��� ie __ ,   /.       A firat-rate |iro|i'i-:tiaan which will itive a atendy
>[ tne rrcsbytcnan aynoa oi d. (.., There is a fine public office, lofty   monthi? income, **"*< - ���
n   lh. C. -ft-       ^^
���MeKae A Co
""'.Widen. INSURANCE
accident '������-���.::\'^i,.i���
Low Premiums, Prompt Settlement
P.O. Box ~r,7    Oflit
" hi.      iM.Uiifii ...,v
��� ood counters +-~'
riyate    iillicesj'f
is the strong-; f
��WI0 caah handlea'it.    H.Y.
Second Ave. Iitl.tf
Apply Mra.
near Summit. M
Office Wanted
+ -^^e^4e^..^J^
"��:���   He leh no written
and well lighted.    This i> fit too ���    . ..,.  ,   ���
Household i.a-��i-.   Roomi to be lei
in  excellent   shape with  stained   Wsa.Tt*Af��.aadTB��iori��tBi
and varnished   fir-wood countersl^**"*"
panels,    etc.      A    pri
to the right, behind
room,   to  the  right  of  which  art
the private booths for patrons to
niik    nto  their  p.ipers.  etc.     I'p-
M.u'rs are another private office
and a spacious board room.
W.   L.   li.irker  is  the architect,
Messrs. Mitchell, Currie & Watt
.ire the i nnlr.it Inrs for lhe building,
Painter work is by tho A.  \V.
I dge Co., and  the   wood counter
anil   oilier    fitting!   are    by    R.
Mehan whose factory is on Fifth
avenue.    Tho  local   fir-wood
Tomorrow   ^^^^^
Mail and Passengers by This
Steamer will go to Seattle
Direct, but There will be no
Boat for Vancouver till Friday
.. l a i   lor more wini.  ......   ne uen: soon.
Some  nine tomorrow.  proliaHyi, ,, ���..���������
. tec!.' , Prince Kupert still maintains her
about   noon   the   S.   S.   Mate  of ,    ,  '   .      . , ,
,. ,., .,, .     , .     record of licme. far anil away the
( alifornia will  come m  from   tht:   , . , ...
driest   and   most   sunshiny   |>oiiit
the coast for the month.   It
is raining, or foggy at many other
Wanted to hirr,  *niall tpace in oflice.   Apply to
I     P.O. Box 7fi7. 99-10.1
+ +
���*. Money to Loan j
A clsmffinl fMlvertfftf'im-ht will (ind you Ihu mon-
ry with which to put ymir Dlan IntopfTwt.
S- O. E. B. S.
���.,��� ������     nan i no written message   ,     .     .  "   ������*-���*'��"*
t He was known to have written   V    ?****** *���">*���   in   th
Sulldera' Hartware *l*>-t once, and then it waa on the r ��?d?   "":   c����ntinental   T
ftPlpw    OxfortgtwM I s",1,,��� ���""' none knows what ll,.       's,l"i"K a ,iv,1'y business.
unit-war.'       Tinwure T lwr""' 'her.-.    \\\_ ,,,,.,,��� I       ^-^-^-^-M
*  v��tel one than that of ,
(Hi      is    i-Th,'   ,.'r'n''''   HllllTI   l^alare    Nai    llu    u
'���   Bneland, meeta the nrat  ,,n,l  tlfir I '-,   '  ���*,""" "'
these. p"ch ""���"**>'" th..:��rp,'.���?en;i lulfif JjS&�� '"
^^^^ '��� V; CLARK. See.,
1 ��� U. Box Hll!. I'rince Ituuert
-���- ����������������� - ���
"v.y   or cold print."
is a more
of dry  Hi, ,,i
Pantorlutn PlonearOa
_....., II   111   Ll
;iiinni'm, M'hone \ jatre Baacment
Cow Gives Real Cream
You can get reul cream in your
Coffee if you cull at Kcilly'a Bakery Lunch in the  Empress Th
nteo  Ba	
Municipal Notice
Tenilera will he received, hnnde,! tii the untler-
aiirneil, up tn H p.m., Mamilny. May lr,th. for the
tmintlna nf the new t'nllee Ilnililinic on corner of
inl Ava Snd 4th Ht. Btieelllentiiina to tie eeen at
City If nil. Tenilera muat he on form t��� be ohtniu-
iil from the umler-lKne.!.
Kt-1119 City Clerk.
north,   and    proceed    from   herei
direct to Seattle.   As this steamer
is lhe last one .going south until
the Prince Rupert makes her
return trip on Friday morning, arrangements have lieen made for
the State of California to take
down ii consignment of mail via
Seattle, It is advisable to have
letters in the post oflice as early
iis possible this evening for this
Thc City of Seattle is due from
the south on Wednesday night, and
thakes mail and passengers nortli.
The Camosun on Sunday morning
took tlown about twenty lirst
class, and thirty dtx-k passengers
for Vancouver.
Uberant,   thc   bearer   of   an   im
portant message.
"Mr. Kerr wants yoi
to Church   tonight,   for  s.ire.     Tile  "c^nmeneini at a port  planled on ahm* <*
llloili'i'ii  <,,......��� ! .   ,.   ������akelw Uke about tw chalna north aa>l lw��� " i'!
motitin ginnci is going tu preach," 3 ���**** Hs iukew tuvef. ihene. .-o eha,��.
Was   lhe   ��l irtli  t        ,       P"^, .'hence about  ISO ehaina  eaat   to  UV*e
��,is   lilt   starling   message he de-   *���*���**��� ihmica meandartna ��ld lake aht��a in a .an-
livi-reil  ii, l,',_ nam  arty dlractlon lo point ol commence-neni.   roe*
iiMnti io Ills parents. ���- .l... m .nm, ,���'������ Mla-   Poet mal*��lli. L
NO one  laughed  more  heartily  i>et*i k��Ti. Ull. qeorge levick
.that the Moderator of the Synod ���,M'nhl
himsdf when   the Story  was re- sn���. Land i.wtrkt- uauie, .11 -t K����e j
i pea I ti I   over    the   anrmne , .1 I      ���      ��� Take notice lhal Mar) lleaii.n <aider-lee" ��� I
, '"    SUPPer-table   III   Victoria, U. C, tmSttm houariieetier. mint,
the small boy's home after the d0e^&,r.,���rn""k""0,""Th""
service. (SohMmS al a poet planted at the nauthanl
cnrner nl Lot SS��. Ilance S, Coaat lllaltKi'l""
-  ^^ **> 'halna aoulh Ihenee 40 ehaina   eart. '
chalna nnrth, tbence 40 chalna wtat to point el
V I        ,i      _ eommenwnienl. contalnina .120 aerea rn,---
1 CStCraay the lirst pleasure Imi it   . M*'��V IIEAttlN OtLDBRSLEEtl
l ... Ilalcl April IT, |'i|l
'"sport a topsail in I'rince Rupert  *'*���*������ M��>�����
Harbor   ihis  se.'.son   was   shaping *��� Und ,mm   ���^ o( ,������, ���..,.
very pretdly... the evening braae J^ ^,*S&j3raS t��
  Inlenila lo apply lor pemiiaetnn lo purtl��'<   '���
.,.. lollo��ln�� dferrlhed landa:
Ilie     barometer     is     Cli;,,..     nil   , ''"""nenclna at a poet planted 40 chaa
, I, lllllg     ail   Irom the aoulhweat corner ol Lol 9M, ''���
���lown    Hit;   coasl     antl   nil line   r-,:..   chal"�� "outh. ihence 40 chaine meat. tXtmm
,,m,r   ra"1   'halna  nonh, thenre 40 chaine real  to paM
1      ***'���** *���-���   -^^^^^^^^ eimmeneement contalnina 320 apiea mole ol k-��
Haled April li. ISII.
rub May S
Skeina Und Uiatrict     I Mat rid ol Coaal Haw
Take nolice that I, Lauchlan John Shanal ai ''
Mrtoria,   U.  C.  occupation   teacher,   ii-
apply   lor  prrmiaeion   lo  purchaae  Ihe InllaiaiM
d-��rilHd lande:
Commencina al a port plantnl Ca el.an
irom the aoutheaat corner ol Lol 3060. thenee le
ehaina  aouth, thenre  40 chalna weel,  ll'
chalna north, thence 40 chaina eaat lo poin ���
may be here soon,
places along the coast today. Point
Grey.for a wonder, reports "Clear".
Investigate some advertised real
estate   on    your    next    "outing."
The n.ost profitable "lltde jour-
nays" that are made, in and aboul
this ciiy, are those made in answering The Daily News classified
Social and Personal
Mr.  and  Mrs.   F.  S.  Clements
leave today on their launch Mln-
nehaha  for a two week
the Skeena River,
trip up
0. M. Heltfcrson, Limited,have
several houses with bath for
rent.    Phone 96. 106-tf
Skeena Unal Diatrict lii,lrict ol ,'������. ��������� .
Take nntice that Henry HsorUm. ��� ,PL '
upert, .1. C. iwcuoation _,,.,..   ""?. "'  ''nn
gum U. C., occupation mln,m.'"nt���.,"I���,'riT
torrmtoton to purch-c the BOnSSf &3g%
L^ytt*?**!* MS .t:-'1 a a ��a
ita conlluenee with the Sk^na R|��3 _\T """
1-2 mllea weat Irom Kaehumaika rani,. , ' "'"""
chain, north, thence 40 ,halna ,._.,.___** "
chalna aouth.  Ihence 40 chain",,", ', ***** *t
i^r!^^r',Tli,f.2���,B,,       "�� MACARTNEY
Skeena Und  Diatrict     Dlalrict .1 t*
Tnke   MtlM  that   I.   Willi, m   \ ,    , ���"'1,".<   ,
"I   lorontn,   Ontatlo,   occuiiation        ,    ' "'W'
_i__m,T. '""ml""";" '" WiaWl ���""""'1
daaerlbad inmia: ma*** taa io.i�����|n,
Cnmmenclntt at a poat i.i���,���,, a ���, ,.
cirner oM.,,1 ;l0,r��� hV-ir   r"?���������,," ."'"""ilhw,,!
��"l r." chain,. i,,e���ce nonh' ll, !,'���,*'','.'���'��� Ihence
W  chnina  to   ||e||',   ._.{r  ,|nf���f""'t'1"1""'"' weat
,L';i;F,h ,v""h"|>to Mm .it,i.,"",nr" ����5
talnln, inn ��������� m���;��� ���, , """mencemenl, con-
llnteil April 0  llll..
rub. April gB���,LLI*M   MiLVlLU CORUY
��immeneemenl, contalnina 1��0 arrea more or In*
Jlateil April .7, U...
Tub. May 6.
Slieena Und Diatrict ���Diatriet ol (oaat Hati'
Take nntice thai l^tile McTaviah ol Vancou"i.
" I ., oceupation married woman. Inlenila l"
"Pply Inr i.rrmiaaion to purehaae the lolkiriM
ilwribei. .anda:
Cnmmencing at a port  planled al lhe north-
����il corner 100 chalna eart and 20 chair- rii.n**
[Mm the nnrtheaat enrner ot Lol  1116, Hal
Survey, <���������, Diatriet,lUnne S.thenc N
���oulh, thence ��0 chalna eaat. thence Mi ehalm
norih. .hence 40 chalna weal, thenee Wl cla"
���outh, thenee 40 chalna weal to poal ol comm-
remeni, rontainin�� 400 acree more or lew.        , ���
Datad Mays, lfl||. LOTTIK McTAM   '
1 ub. May 6. f,ed W. Uohler. Ac ��� l
Skeena Land Dialrici    Diatrict ol Coaat Kanite |
11 ake notiee lhat tiraee McTaviah, ol Vancou" f
���'��� * ., occui.allon married woman, intenda ta> ai l
j'* .m*mm_*_ to purehaae lhe following dtwril"1
Commencing at a poal planted al the m_**_
ei'iner  UK) chalna eart  and 20 chain,  north
lie northeaat eorner ol I>rt 1116, Harvey'- -
oaat   Dialrici,  Hange o. thence 40 chain-    >
hence   Ml  chaina   north,   thence   40  chalna  ��e-'.
tnence Ml chain, aouth lo port ol com men ceo '  '
O.i   ,.1* :'20 *������*" *-* *>, lew..
I ale.. May 2, 19... OHACF. MeTAtM'
tub. Mays. Kre.1 W. Ilohler, Agent
Skeenn Land Dlalrict -Diatrict ot Coa.i
w.,   ,i   f0'"''' lh"' William McTaviah of Varn;'-
I.;. .      V.0""''"""11 Phyalclan, Inlenila W _____
lani/a l0 fthaae the following de-rtl ���-!
'""mmenelng at a poal plantnl al Ihe _*___
noroL',0 rh*11'" n""h ���"'�� *�� ehaina eaal ot lhe
('....,.���".��� ''"���""'��� "* *** "I". Harvey'a **___���
_____ l',.'.*' U""" ''������ "��nce 60 chain, ta-'
hen��� ao '_"���"" ���""**<��� "hence 60 chain- *_**
c,,n?^��� ^?'n" "ou,h *�� l��** tt* commenccm.m
I _!_] iV" ?2�� *"" mil" or lew,.
l*_h U _2' *nt* WILLIAM A. McTA\ I J
1Mb. May 6. rni w   a,,,,^,, Agenl


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