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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1910-05-05

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"   / ���' 7 '
The Prince Rupert
Daily  Edition.
^ggriSWJVfl  M8$fy��
VOL. I,  NO. 4
Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, May 5, 1910.
Price, Five Cents
LOFSTEDT MURDER TRIALenthusias��� hZ ha,d���' Tious in lu; FOUR BUILDINGS BURNED was     '   r    'up  A1
uvsumum's   wvnvuii    ����.��..*��� ^ cn(,e on  caniuja  during her years of  ��"�����"*    ���"�����
Children    Sobbed     While     Giving
Evidence  Against Father.
Vancouver,   May  5,���The  sad   case
morning.    The gang of linemen who
prodigious development. j arrived on  the  Rupert  City ar<! now
..      . ,,        .     ���,,      ��� a   tii  Ln <��� f    ���. a j r-  u.u ci  (working  about  one  mile  east  tf  the
Nanaimo,    May   5,--The    Red    Fir   Corner of First Ave. and Eighth St. ?   . . .      .,.,,.,
,      , '    ,      , , , ,        XT city.    It is tho mten.ion to build the
Lumber Mill has been sold to a New ( Gutted Last Night.
York  Syndicate.
San Fransisco, May 6,���After hours
of  wrangling  yesterday there  was  no
Prince Rupert had its first fire last
of seeing little children testifying against j result in the conference on the choice j niSht when two sma" hotels and four
their   father   was   the   spectacle in the | of referees  for  the  big fight  between 'sma11 slores were wlPed out completely.
Assize Court case here yesterday.
Lofstedt is the Prince Rupert man
accused of clubbing his wife to death
in a fit of jealousy. Although the little
witnesses sobbed while giving their
evidence the father never shed a tear.
He has been stoical and uncommunicative ever since the crime.
Lofstedt, being a foreignor, was
undefended. Justice Murphy, who is
presiding at the Court, directed a plea
of not guilty be entered and assigned
K. A. Lucas to the defence. The prisoner seemed dazed during the whole
proceedings. A. D. Taylor, the prosecuting attorney, traced the narrative
of the murder and Harry Munro
produced a sketch of the cabin where
the deed was perpetrated. David Watson, a neighbour who was the first on
the scene was on the witness stand
when   the  case   adjourned.
The children in giving their evidence
stated that they were swinging near
the house when the mother rushed
out followed by the father. The little
boy said he saw his father push her off
and then jump on her. The evidence
is practically ihe same as given at the
preliminary hearing in Prince Rupert.
The verdict is expected to-day.
Johnson and  Jeffries.     The principals j !t was a hot blaze and on'y the S����d
will meet again on May 18th. | v''ork   of  the   citizens  and   volunteers
i kept it from spreading.     Fortunately,
Washington,   May   5,   Speaking   ^t j the buildings were isolated.  The burned
a   conference   of   republican   Senators ; out buildings were:
Aldrich told them that any surrender
to the insurgents over the railway
bill would mean the beginning of the
end for the Taft administration. The
crisis is acute.
Hankow, China, May 5,��� Thousands of rebels from Kiangsi have
passed into Honan and the situation
is very serious. It is now certain that
the recent uprising was the work of
influential viceroys as a protest against
foreign interference in railway construction.
Royal Had An Accident
���-.Vancouver, May 4,���The steamer
Princess Royal, entering the harbor
Wednesday afternoon enveloped in a
cloud of steam and with her flag at
half mast, caused a sensation .
The flag at half mast was due to the
death of a passenger named F. Collins,
who died en route from Skagway,
and was reported in Tuesday's issue.
The steam was due to a serious accident which occurred in the Narrows
when the Chief Engineer Pettigrew
and Fourth Engineer Falconer were
badly scalded by the blowing out of a
Banker's Contempt of Court
Winnipeg, May 5 W. McMillan,
manager of the Royal Hank at Winnipeg, will be prosecuted for contempt
of court by refusing to give evidence
before the Great Waterways Commission.
He claims it has no jurisdiction in Manitoba.
telegraph line on the first 100 miles
simultaneously with the laying n;f the
steel and every effort will be made to
rush the work to Kitselas Cai yon.
Mr. A. B. Smith, general mar.ager
of telegraphs, wjio has been in the city
for several days past, left for Winnipeg
on the Princess May last even'"..
Northern Hotel
Butte Lodging House
Butte Cafe
Hayner Bros., Furniture
North Bend Restaurant
Balkan Restaurant and Hotel
All are situated on First Avenue at the
corner  of  Eighth  Street.
The fire started in the Northern
Hotel about 11.30 and immediately
gained great headway. The whole
building was in flames before the occupants were aware of it. They escaped.
The building w.is leased by Mr Carpenter.    Everything was lost.
The alarm was quickly spread, and
the chemical engine and hose wagon
were brought down with as little delay
as possible. The hose, however, had to
connect up at Sixth Street and these
buildings were 1000 feet away. It did
good service, however, in protecting
the small buildings surrounding the
burning block. In the meantime the
Butte Lodging House and the other
buildings mentioned, which were but
a few feet away,- c(ti-6ht fire. The crowd
had done good work in the meantime
and carried out neurly all the movable
articles, which were spread along Eighth
Street. The sidewalk was then torn
up to keej) the fire from spreading, and
efforts were confined to keep the nearby buildings from catching. This was
accomplished and the danger was over
inside of an hour.
Hayner Bros' furniture stock in
the centre store was mostly saved,
although much of it was damaged
and missing. The firm applied for a
$2,000 policy some weeks ago, hut are
uncertain whether it was accepted OMlOt,
The Balkan Hotel was owned jointly
Missed the Boat. hy Messrs La Trace and  Fillipovitch.
.   ,,    .. The latter had a five year's lease and
Berdie Clin.a witness in the Heaton ,, .    ���.,���,.        ,,     ,.
c        >���"".'  " recently made $fl()0 worth of improve-
case,  missed   the  Princess May.     She j mentH j��� th(! wav ()f hot water, stoves,
will go down on the Rupert City to-1 fixtures, etc.     He also owned  all  the
Between Stewart and Prince Rupert
Asked For by Local Merchants.
It has been suggested by a prominent
citizen that an effort be made by the
citizens, or by the new council, to induce the G. T. P., to put the Prince
Albert on the Stewart run to make
three trips a week. The Prince Albert
is the old Bruno and she will be ready
for the island run in a few weeks. Stewart is the headquarters of the Port- j
land Canal district and is, and will be, I
a great customer of Prince Rupert, j
The people of both towns are friendly and are anxious to do business with
each other. As the merchant referred
to said, Rupert can get all Stewart
business if there is any kind of a
boat service. A daily trip is not expected
at present, but three trips a week would
not  he  unreasonable.
Sir Wm. Van Home Retires.
Sir Willian Van Home announces
that he has resigned as chairman of
the board of directors of the Canadian
Pacific railway. Sir William explains that
the position was merely a nominal one
anyway and that it led to confusion, as
in Great Britain the chairman of the
board is really the active head of the
company. He would retain his seat on
the board as long as the shareholders
cared to elect him: but he was getting
to be an old man, antl he intended
withdrawing as much as possible from,
active work.
Messrs.   King and  Grimes, of  Victoria, Looking Over the Ground.
Ben Holmberg Wires That He Will
Start Plant Immediately.
Vancouver, B.C., May 5,���A stock
company has been organized, known
as the Prince Rupert Brewing arid
Malting Company. It has a capital
stock of $100,000. Ben Holmberg,
of Prince Rupert, is the manager. He
states that the plant will be started
immediately upon his return to Prince
There is no definite information
about the business, but the company
has not advertised their application
for a wholesale license yet.
A brewery with a wholesale license
can sell liquor in two gallon casks,
or in dozen quart bottles. The license
is issued by the superintendent of
provincial police.
A special wire from the Superintendent of Provincial Police to the Opiim-
ist states that the company hold no
provincial license as yet.
Josiah Coote, who with Mr Wood-
worth of Vancouver, has the charter
for the Prince Rupert Light & Power
Co., has been in town for seme days
and with a small gang of men has start-
Messrs. King and Grimes have been led work on-their power plant at Wood-
in the city for the past few days looking 'worth Lake.
over the ground.   They were in    Port |    The company had to start work .this
Simpson doing the same thing.    Their , month to hold their charter and they
were   refused   an   extension   of   time.
The  city  has  a  reservation   of  300
night at 7 o'clock.
Wednesday Baseball���Vancouver.'!, Seattle I; Spokane 4, Tacoma 1.
Winnipeg, May 5, W. C. McLean,
the well known commercial man, is
is dead.
Washington, D.C., May 5,���The census department estimates the population of the United States has encreased
over fifteen millions since 1900.
Ottawa, May.5,���The second session
of the Eleventh Parliament prorogued
on Wednesday. There was the usual
ceremony and more tributes to Earl
London, May 5,-Capt. Peary lectured in the Albert Hall last night.
It was crowded to the doors. He was
presented with a Royal Geographical
Society gold medal.
London, May 5,-The Daily Mail
Plant Not Ready
Owing to some of our plant
not being ready for business, for
a few days we will issue a six-
page paper daily. Just as soon
as the balance of the machinery
is set up we will give the public
the large edition.
Since coming out on Monday
the Daily Optimist has met with
great favor and the demand for
it has exceeded our expectations.
The news service while not as
good as it will be, is much superior to any the city has had yet.
The Optimist  It's Alive!
furniture.    He carries $1,000 insurance
in the German-American Insurance Co.,
I of Rochester.    This will not cover the
j loss.     The   Hotel  was  leased  to  Mr.
Hacker  and   the   adjoining   restaurant
'to Mr. Parent.     They lose everything,
, without   insurance.       Mr.    Filopovich
also loses his lease on the property.
The insurance  and losses are:
Northern  Hotel  building  and  three
store buildings owned  by  George  C.
I Hartley   insured   for   $2,000,   divided
] among several companies.   Mr. Hartley
loses practically everything.
Carpenter and Burr lose all the contents of the Northern Hotel, with no
Charles Slaton, who just purchased
the Butte Cafe and lodging, loses
range and articles not removed from
building.    He had no insurance.
M. LaTrace had $1,000 on North
Pole restaurant building and $1,000
on the Balkan Hotel.
Filipovich had $1,000 on Balkan
Hotel  furniture.
mission is in connection with the
Port Simpson - Prince Rupert railway. Although the gentlemen would
not give oul any information for publication thiy stated that everything
was all right and at an early date
they would be ready to give full particulars.
Mr. King has been acquainted with
Northern British Columbia for the
past 32 years and he knows the ground
thoroughly. He conducted a lumber
mill at Cariboo Crossing.
inches  of  water,   which ties  up  this
Company. i
The  work  being done is merely, to
hold the charter.
Arrived at Midnight.
The Rupert City arrived from the
south about midnight last night, and
brought up about 25 passengers. She
was just pulling in at the wharf when
the big fire broke out and the passengers
In sneaking of the two towns they       , . .     ,.,
in alburn it,        h�� 'land  crew had  a splendid view ol- it
are   particularly    interested   in,    both
gentlemen slated that they looked good
to them.   Prime Rupert, particularly, *V'   )|(i
was developing beyond   their   expecta-    ..  ...
tions and there was every reason to believe thai the proposed road would
he a good proposition.
Messrs. King and Grimes lefl on the
May last night for Victoria,
Most of them remained on deck until
t he early morning. Through the courtesy
Captain   the   passengers   were
to remain on board until this
A Business Getter
A real estate man who has used
the columns of the Optimist for
only a few issues received a
marked cheque from an Ohio
man (a stranger to him) to invest In Prince Rupert property.
The Ohio man read the Optimist.
A Centre street business man
says that never a week pusses
but he gets a letter or two from
persons in all parts of America
who read his advertising in the
Our advertisers are the best
boosters the Optimist have. Ask
morning on account of the last arrival
of the boat.   On the way up the Rupert
I City  put  off  a  couple of  prospectors
; near Hardy  Bay.    The passengers for
i were:   J.   McLean,  0.  (J.  Butler and
wife, R. P. Trimble, Miss Rose Panics
I).   McGlashan,  James  B.   Bewick,  J.
Hope,   Otto   Flomnn,   George   Smith,
W. J. Wagner, B. Houtsom, H. T. Titus,
A. (iowing, Louis Masse, D. Carrol, F.
Looking Around.
H. F, Wearmouth, of Durham, Eng.,
was a passenger on the Rupert
last night. He is an experienced farmer
and is looking over northern British
Columbia with the idea of settling.
I He will go over to the Queen Charlotte
I Islands and the probability is will
locate there.
The law enacted a few years ago
limiting the employment of certain
railroad employees engaged in moving,
trains to eight hours out of twenty four. Telegraph construction work on the
was declared constitutional in Albany, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, moun-
last   week  by    the  Court   of!lain  division,  under the direction of
that Karl Grey's robust imperial I Appeals.
1 Mr. W. J.  Rooney, general foreman,
Fish Liberated.
Prisoners Southbound.
Policeman Calkins and Fitzgerald
were in charge of Charles Heaton and
Robert McKenzie, who left on the
Princess May last night for Vancouver.
Among the witnesses who went down
The record taken at Lakelse Hatchery weru;_Saru Linco]n>  w>  R   whiUey
of the winters snowfall was 304 inches  ^ Djpk Woodgi    Heaton>g ^j wj|,
for the season and 9 feet S inches on
the level on March 7th. The season's
work was very successful, 4,200,000
sockeye fry, in splendid condition, having been liberated.
likely come on next week.
Tsimpsean lodge, A. F. & A.  M.,
meets to-night. THE    PRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
For Sale
TWO-ROOMED HOUSE, Cost $150.00.
Burlapped inside. Come and make offer.
Centrally located.
Corner First Avenue and Eighth Street
The Steamer
Prince Rupert
Sails From
Victoria 1st and 15th
And From
Vancouver 2nd and 16th
Each month. Carrying General Freight
Gasoline and Explosives.
The service will be augmented by the
"CETRIANA"!   Gravel
Commencing About April 15.
For further particulars  apply  at  the
Company's oflice
Cor. Water and Cordova Sis., Vancouver
Tugs "McCulloch" and
"Topaz "
Launch "Hopewell," <&c.
General Towing and Passenger
Scows for Hire.
Office: First Avenue and Centre Street
One Better Than Morrow .
A hog deal that furnishes another
angle to the high cost of living discussion has just taken place at Salem,
N.J. A farmer killed two hogs and a
Salem butcher agreed to buy them,
The farmer said he would like to have
the hams and shoulders, and again the
butcher agreed. After the farmer
put the hams and shoulders on his
wagon he remarked: "Well, what's
the balance coming to me?" The
Butcher figured a minute and replied
"There's nothing coming to you; you
owe me $2.8/5.'' And the farmer was
obliged to pay it. The butcher's figure
were correct���the farmer's were correct.
The butcher bought the entire hog at
a wholesale price, and the farmer was'
charged at retail prices for the hams and
I shoulders���although that was not under
stood when he made the bargain.
Agent for the Rat Portage Lumber   Company   of   Vancouver.
Lowest Prices quoted for
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, and
Lumber of every Description
CanadianPacificRailway FOR SALE
List your property with us. We buy
or sell; we get results. The Mack
Realty & Insurance Co., Royal block,
Third avenue.
iQli Grade Domestic and Havana
by the Box a
by the Box a
Alaskan Cigar & Tobacco Co.
Central Building, Third Avenue.
i   U
Leaves for Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
every Wednesday at 1 p. m.
Leaves for Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle,
the 10th, 20th and 30th of May.
Leaves for the Naas and Stewart May
2 and 16.
Block Section       Price
Steamship Co., Ltd.
Vadso and
St. Dennis
Leaves Vancouver every Thursday   night,   (from Victoria
the previous evening) arriv
ing here Monday night.
Weekly sailings to Port Simpson and Nass River and
Stewart every Wednesday.
Southbound for Vancouver and
Victoria every Friday.
For further information apply
Peck, Moore & Company
Are given more attention by us
than any branch of the business.
Remember this.
The Pioneer Druggist
Corner Second Ave. and Sixth St.
land  2   18     1 $30,000
13 and 14   13     1 20,000
13 and 14     3     6 4,000
9 and 10     6     5 2,000
7 and  8   36    7 1,750
11 and 12   40    8 650
A Few Good Stewart Lots
See our
line of
Carpets and Drapery
Second Ave. and Sixth St.
Sawmill Co. Ltd.
A large Stock of dry finishing lumber on hand. Bout
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
Queon Charlotte Inland* Land  District   -District
of Skeenu.
Take notlcp that J. George McDonald of Mus.-et t
occupation minfcr, intend to apply f.r a HscenM to
prospect for coal and petroleum over the follow ing
described land:
Commencing at a post planted one mile south and
one mile west from the mouth of the HiElen river,
north coast of Graham Islam), Q.C.L, being the
north eiiM corner, thetice south HO chains, thonco
west 80 chains, thence north NO chiifnc, thenco est
so chains to poir.t of commencement
Dated April 6th, '10 J. George McDonald.
May 2nd. M. A. Merrill, Agent.
Queen Chatlotte Islands Land District���Distric
Take notice that I, M. A. Merrill, of Massett,
occupation farmer, intend to apply for a liscense to
prospect for coal and petroleum over the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
east of the HiKlen river, north coast of Graham
Island, Q.C.I., hcing the north east corner, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chain���, thenco
north 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains to point of
Dated April 6th, 1910. M. A. Merrill.
May 2nd.
Your New
When looking for
one come in and
let us show you
one that has both
$15.00, $20.00
$25.00, $30.00
Cor. Centre St. and First Ave.
Prince Rupert.
Valves, Pipe and Pipe Fittings in Stock.
A First-class Metal Shop.
Plumbing and Steamheating.
Law Butler Co., Law-Butler Building,
Third Avenue.
$50 cash handles lots in blocks 24, 25
$75 cash handles lots in blocks 3, 6, 20,
$250 each for lots 48, 49, 60,  51,  block
38.   These are choice and level.
$200 for inside lots to $250; for corners
we  have  about 35 lots left at
these prices
$75 cash handles lots in Mocks 45, 48
$105.5(1 cash handles lot 23,   block  50.
Price $325.
$400-Each for 4 lots in block 10 -lots
i-, 7, 8, 9, 10; cash $208.75; 5th ave.
Fine and level.
$500--For lot 3, block 9; cash $308.75
$000--Each for lots 5 and 0, block 22;
cash $300, each;  bal. terms
flOOO-Double corner, block 10, lots 11
and 12. cash $718.75
$1500 for lots 48 and 49, block 3.    Cash
$750 each for lots 48 and 49, block 3.
We have 15 lots that we can deliver in
this section
$3700 for double corner on  5th Avenue
and Cotton St.   Cash $1850.00.
$1000-For lot 9, block 26, cash $500.
Fronts on Taylor St. and 7th Ave.
$1175--For lot 15, block 26; cash 850.
Fronts on Fulton St.
$1600-House and lot, 7th ave.; splendid
house; water connected.
$2500-House and lot, 7th and Taylor:
7 rooms and bath.
$2000-Lot 11, block 6; cash $1000. This
is below market price, and the
terms are reasonable.
$2100-Lot 1, block 7, Beach Place.
$7150-Buy lots 9 and 10, block 35; cash
$4150, Third ave., splendid business lots
$30000-Buys lots 1 and 2, block 18,
Second avenue and First, terms.
Agents for Fire Insurance.
We have other listings and  would
like to handle yours.
Prince Rupert Securities, Limited
Q       i| rt      This is where property is moving and turn-
���jCCllOll  O e   ing good profits.   We have the best buys
in the section.
Farm I an/Is*   ���'""' acres of excellent agricultural  land;
ra��� *-anas'   front  on  skeena  River.    The  G.T.P.R.
runs through the property.
Timber Limits Cheap.
Do you realize the absolute fact that property in all sections of Prince Rupert will
never be cheaper than it is to-day ? We
have an immense exclusive listing direct
from owners, covering all sections. We can save and make you money
(���none Jnn'r loer Inim  Wh>' not buV a ,ot that wi" allow
JudpS 0011 I IdM lOIlg. of an immediate turnover?   See us.
The Mack Realty and Insurance Co.
Royal Block, Third Avenue and Sixth Street
P. S We are as eager to buy as to sell.    What have you to offer ?
Peck, Moore & Co.
Real Estate and Insurance.
Lynch Bros., General Merchants
Sash, Doors and Building Material.
Sole agents for Carhartt's Overalls and Gloves
Junction of First, Second and Third Aves. THE    PRINCE    RUPERT    OPTIMIST
Civil nnd MlninK Engineers unJ Surveyors. Ito-
ports, pluns, ��peciflcuUons. estimates, wlmrf con��
Btructlon, etc. OIHce 2nd Ave., near 1st St. P.O.
box 82.    Prince Rupert,
New Knox Hotel
First-Class Service.    Best Accommodation.    All   the  Latest  Improvements.
First Avenue, Prince Rupert
Silver Cup Mines
Non-personal liability.    Capital $ 1,000.000
A limited number of shares now for
sale at 25c. par value. Applications
should be made to company's brokers.
C. B. SCHREIBER & Co., Ltd.
Head of Centre St. Prince Rupert
Little's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals :: Newspapers
G. C. Emmerson is off for a two months
holiday  to   Moncton,   N.S.
Fred. J. Lynch, the organizer of the
Eagles, will not be here until next
The gang at work on the wireless
will not have their job completed
for two or three weeks yet.
M. Henderson, late of New Westminster has been transferred to the
Royal  Bank   of   Canada,   here.
H. T. Titus of the firm of G, C.
Emmerson, returned to the city last
night  after   a  trip   to   Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. G. Butler returned
to the City last night and are registered at the Premier Hotel. Mr. Butler
has been absent in San Fransisco for
about four months.
Joe   Peach   leaves   to-morrow   night
i on the Camosun for Stewart to open
up his news stand.    He has practically
all of his stock there now and it will
I take  him only  a day  or  two  to  get
ready  for  the opening.
larg�� amount of capital will be sent
in here within the next few weeks.
The real estate men also report that
the impression is growing that there
will not be a sale of Government lots,
or G. T. P., lots, this season. A large
number of investors were waiting for
that sale, but in the past few days
these people are looking around for
White  Slave Traffic.
New York, May 5,���Levinson, the
confessed procurer, has named three
stockades within the city where girls
are kept prisoners ready to be sold
to lives of shame.
Third Avenue
Prince Rupert
Advertising Prince Rupert.
A plan to advertise Prince Rupert
was presented by a delegation from
the Board of Trade, Publicity Club,
and Real Estate Exchange, to Mr.
Chamberlain,  general  manager of the
1 Grand Trunk Pacific, yesterday afternoon. The object of the conference
was to invite the co-operation of the
railway people with the local organiza-
, tions, and thus issue the best advert-
I isement this city has ever had.
The deputation was composed of
A. J. Morris, president of the Board
of Trade, H. H. Clarke, president of
the Publicity Club, and T. D. Pattullo
and  George  E.   Gibson   of  the  Real
: Estate Exchange. Mr. Chamberlain
had associated with him, G. U. Ryley,
land  commissioner  of  the  G.  T.  P.,
1 and  H.   Philip,   general  secretary,  of
I Montreal. The local men were courteously received, b\it the G. T. P. will
give no definite answer until they re-
| turned to Montreal. In the meantime the delegates will report to their
respective organizations.
Bakers  Cause  Riot.
New York, May 5,��� Serious roiting
occurred in the baker's strike last
night, when one man was fatally
stabbed and several injured. A mob
attacked bakers carts and threw thou
sands of loaves into the streets. Six
thousand bakers are idle.
Kansas City, May 5,���The Heit
Bros., soap plant was destroyed by-
fire last night. The loss is one and a
half million dollars.
Richmond, Va., May 5,���The American Druggists convention decided to
put a ban on the sale of alchohol in
their stores.
Nelson, May 5,���The docket for the
assize court here is light. There are
only two criminal cases. One is a charge
of attempted murder and the other
a charge of arson.
The  real   estate  men   all  report   a
number of  transfers each  day  in  the  Stewart M. & I). Co. ....    (1.25
lower priced lots.    At the same time ! Red Cliff     2.00
Sailings for the Week.
Cetriana, from Vancouver May 5
Camosun, from Vancouver May ti
City of Seattle, from Seattle.. .May 10
Rupert City, to Vancouver May S
Humboldt, to Seattle .' May 7
Camosun, to Vancouver May 8
Portland Canal
We have a number of Stewart
Lots for Sale on easy
Latest   Quotations   From Vancouver Exchange.
(As reported by S. Harrison & Co.)
Portland Canal  41 1-2   411-2
The Main Reef
Mining Co.
Of all kinds, including
Choice Potatoes
$1.25 per Sack
Tomatoes, Celery, Asparagus, New Cabbage, Etc.
arrived in abundance on the Cottage City.
Grape Fruits, Lemons, Cranberries and Apples
$2.50 Per Box for Ben Davis Apples
a lot of large sales are in the making . ., .,
j     ������ l i  j j i ..    . I Roosevelt	
land will be concluded any day.   Most ,. ,,   ,      _ ..   _ .
,    , , .j IA�� reported by Law-Butler Co.)
(of the big sales are to outside men, ReddlffExtension no
and there  is every indication that a Portland Star    1.00
2. OH
.10 i
This firm can fill orders wholesale or retail  in  the
vegetable line with the best goods at the
lowest market prices.
Keep Your Eye on Prince Rupeit
Some choice Lots in Section 1 on First, Second
and Third Avenues, for sale or lease.
For sale at a bargain two lots on Third Ave., bet. Sixth and
and Seventh Street.
Also Residence Lots for sale.   Will build stores to suit tenants
Apply to
Co-Operative Real Estate Co.
Prince Rupert
Box 693
Third Avenue
Select Fresh Eggs, $8.75 Per Case
3 Dozen for $1
L. Morrow & Co.
The Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
We have some good buys in City Property.
Our Farm Lands proposition along the G. T. P. are worth
Come and see us or write us before buying elsewhere.
Portland Canal
Daily Wires
Real Estate and Financial
Second Ave., Prince Rupert
Fifth Street, Stewart
Samuel Harrison        Vernon S. Gambl T II B PRINCE R II PERT OPTIMIST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
Daily Edition
Thursday, May 4
One of the greatest financial men in Canada recently stated to the President
of the Board of Trade that the credit of Prince Rupert in the money market
would be very largely influenced by the personnel, policy, character and conduct
of the mayor and aldermen. Men with good judgment, ability and honor can
borrow a lur^e sum on tlie city's credit; hut unless such men are elected, the
borrowing powers will be very meagre. This may not seem important to the
man in the rieat of a contest, hut it is of vital interest to every business man
and every laborer in the city. A credit of a million dollars or more means the
construction of great civic works at good wages ami money circulating in the
city. A poor credit means little municipal work. Which do you want ? This is
something to think over when you support a candidate.
Men who lend money at 4 per cent, on bonds do not weigh a man's political
ability. Hard cash is unsentimental. A good fellow may not be a safe man to
handle a big roll of money, and the man who owns the roll always wants to see
where it is going. " Hurrah, boys I" is good politics, but not always good business.    We need the money more than we do an exciting election.
It invariably requires a few tires to teach every town how to prevent and
subdue them. Unfortunate are they who have to pay for the experiment. However, the time to profit by a misfortune is while it is fresh in our minds. The
conflagration of last evening showed that another hose wagon and chemical in
the congested district is needed; that dynamite should be available in the fire
stations; that horses to haul the hose wagons should be available; and, most of
all, that more hydrants are needed. These are all items that are practical at
the present time, and it is likely that the fire committee will act upon the suggestions immediately. The putting in of more hydrants was being arranged for
this week.    Several more hydrants have arrived and will soon be in place.
Several of the shack-dwellers In the vicinity of last night's fire realize what
an expensive luxury all this fine, dry weather is.
White    Pass    and   Yukon     Railway
Started Work Last Month.
"All things come to him who waits"
The truthfulness of the oft quoted
proverb is to soon receive a very practical and encouraging proof in White-
horse and vicinity. The rich neighboring copper belt is to be tapped, and
another rivulet of the precious and useful ore is to find its way into the increas
ing volume of the copper industry of
the world. Yukon hereafter shall be
| known as one of the copper producing
'countries of North America. The name
of this territory has been carried to
the four corners of the earth because of
its marvelous placer gold mines, but now
its reputation as a rich mineral country
is to be spread abroad by its wonderful
copper wealth.
Preliminary  to the  shipping  of  the
ore, the White Pass & Yukon Railroad
will complete the spur track to the Pueblo
mine  by   building   four  miles  of   new
i road this summer at a cost of not less
I than $200,000.    The work on the new-
track will begin on April 1st, when a
new steam shovel, two work trains,
about twenty teams of horses, and one
hundred men will commence its construction. The number of men will be doubled
a little later in the season. The work
, will be pushed as rapidly as possible
so that trains will be able to run over the
track hy the first of August.
The move on the part of the White
Horse is the result cf the sale of the
Pueblo mine to the Greenousjh syndicate of Spokane who,.we are told, ex-
| pect to ship ore on a large scale. Report
| places the initial output anywhere from
200 to 1000 tons a day.
It is well known by those who have
any acquaintance with this ore, that it
has a special smelting value on account,
of its fluxing properties. This quality
combined with its percentage of copper,
will insure its demand and commercial
worth in the industrial world.
The announcement that the White
Pass would complete the spur and that
the Pueblo would commence operations, is most important and encouraging new for Whitehorse. We always had
implicit faith in the future of our town
but just when the better days would
come was the only  uncertainty.
Now we have the assurance that we
are beginning to enter into our own
but what the developments may be in a
few years, no one can tell, but we may
well believe that our rich and extensive
copper belt will no longer, selfishly hold
its ample treasures to itself, hut will
yield them up generously for the well-
fare of the world, and in doing so
Whitehorse will enter into a new era
of growth and prosperity.���Whitehorse
WE execute orders for the purchase, or sale of mining
shares; and the exchange of securities in Prince
Rupert and Northern British Columbia.
Webster's Brevas for sale at ail first-
class tocacconists. 1-7
Any unsold cheap lots 1 may have left
after 10 p.m. to-morrow (May 5), advance in price $50 each. ��� Chas. M.
Wilson, Third avenue and Eighth st.
For real bargains in real estate, see
the British Columbia Real Estate Syndicate, Ltd., Second Avenue, nearMc-
Bride street. ii-4-tf
Sixth St., cor. 3rd Ave.
Prince Rupert, B. C.
.        >~w^SEE US FOR,
Fifth Avenue and McBride Street
For Sale!
Chickens and
fresh Eggs
Apply Cor. 8th and 9th Avenue
or Box 178 nid
Liquor License Notice
"NJOTICRts lu-reliy jfivon, that 1, U.J. McDonald.
** will miiki* application for renewal uf a retail
liquor license for the premises known as thoEs-
binffton Hotel, Port Etglnffton, B.C. :t-lm
Transfer & Cartage and Messenger Service
Baggage Delivered to All Parts of the City
Orderi' Receive Prompt Attention
Office:  Exchange Block, Cor. 3rd Ave. and 6th St.
Third Avenue ancl Second Street
Rooms, $2.50 a week.
Beds,    $2.00 a week.
With Board, $7.50 per week uj)
J. YOUNG. Manager
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
Stewart Lots For Sale
Six Lots in Block 27, Section 469 Lot 12, in Block 15, Section 466
Lots 8 and 9, and 19 and 20, in Block 39, Section 469
Lots 19 and 20, Block 41, Section 469 Lot 1, Block 8, Section 466
In view of ihe fact that it is difficult at the present time to buy Stewart lots, because of the owners holding off awaiting developments,
Buyers Should Seize this Opportunity
Prices and terms are reasonable These lots will all undergo very rapid advance
M. M. Stephens & Co.
Leonard & Reid
Professional Cards
Consulting Engineer
Plans, Estimates and        Civil, Electrical,
Specifications Mechanical
Lots Cross-sectioned. Room 27. Alder Block,
G.   W.   ARNOTT
Notary Public Auctioneer
Drawer 1539 Prince Rupert
Eye-Sight Specialist
(Optometrist and Optician)
Eyes scientifically examined and tested;
Classes carefully fitted; al   work guaranteed*.    Consultation free.
Temporary office: Room 7, G. T. P.
Room 4, Westenhaver Block
Second avenue and Third street
Westenhaver Block, cor. Second Ave.
and Sixth st.
Consulting Mining Engineer
Examinations and advice given on Portland Canal properties,
Post Office : Stewart.       9-18t
Room K, Westenhaver Block, corner
Second avenue and Sixth st.
Box 359.
is published at
Queen Charlotte City, and tells of
Queen Charlotte Islands.
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Alfred Carss C, V. Bennett
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, etc.
Office! Third Ave., next Empire newspaper.
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Civil Engineer and Surveyor,
Reports, plans, estimates and surveying,
Street grades set out for building.
Lots surveyed and permanently referenced.
Oflice: Rand Block, Second Avenue.
Alex. M. Mansnn, B.A.    W. E. Willlnmn, n.A., I.I..H.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 2Kfj
Prince Rupert, B.C,
Purchased   by   a Vancouver    Company.
The Sullivan group of five copper
claims on Moresby Island was purchased
by Vmcouver men for 150,000, nearly
all that amount being paid out in a
lump sum. The purchasers were represented by Messrs. Burns & Walkem,
and Mr. 0. Gerle, mining engineer, conducted   the   negotiations.
Mr. Gerle who is well acquainted
with the mining possibilities of the
Queen Charlotte Islands, and whose
word is above reproach, speaks most
enthusiastically about the possibilities for the new owners of the Sullivan group. He has an intimate knowledge of copper mining, and during his
investigations on behalf of the Guggen-
heims for several years travelled extensively up and down the coast mining
portions of the province. He therefore
had exceptional opportunities to become acquainted with the vast resources
of British Columbia's mineral wealth.
A few weeks ago the purchase of the
Ikeda group of rich copper mines,
opened up by Japanese, was reported,
and to still further indicate the attraction of this group of islands, comes
the announcement that the famous
financier, J. Pierpont Morgan, who
buys what he knows is of value to
himself all the way from church drapes
to senators, has shown his faith in
British copper by purchasing several
claims in the Swede group. This group
is almost opposite the Sullivan mines.
In the mines bought by the great millionaire, the assays are said to run between
.'I and 4 per cent. Comparing these
with the Granby ore, which only averages about one and a half, it can readily
be determined how rich this mine is.
In the opinion of Mr. Gerle, a smelter will be erected within the next six
months   on   the   Swede   group,   which
will be able to handle all the ore in
J the   Queen   Charlotte   Islands.
��� j    With facilities right on the spot, the
j copper mining of northern British Columbia   will   receive   a  great   impetus,
i and   further  extensive  operations  will
be made possible.
ing on Second Ave., from the sparks.
The Talbot has good interior fire protection.
For a high-class smoke try Webster's
Clear Havana.
Steamer Bulletin.
Kitselas, B.C., May 5, 8.:iO a.m.
8 a. m. ���Partly cloudy, calm,  warm.
Water, 8 indies below zero;  rising.
Str. Operator by Hole in the Wall at
8 a.m. en route to Prince Rupert.
Str. Conveyor about Lorne Creek en
]-7 I route up river.
audi    Str. Hazelton Ly Hole in tlie Wall at
1-7  7 a.m. en route up rive;'.
Goods must be  bought
markets to get the prices
in the right
Ben Davis ,
Apples, $2..r)0 box. Select Fresh Eggs, j the Optimist missed the nomination
$8.75 per case; 3 dozen for $1.00. At! of Dr. Quintan. The Doctor was nomi-
Morrow's Markets. ! nated and will likely be in the field.
Steamer   Operator  is  due   to  arrive J He will be at the meeting to-nighi.
here   to-day   and   will   probably   load
this afternoon and sail early on Friday
morning for Andimaul.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Trade will be held on Monday night in the Court House. A
large attendance is looked for as many
important questions are to be considered.
Condensed Advertisements.
G. Burrowes, of the B. C. Real Estate Syndicate, Limited, purchased lot*
19-20, block 9, section 6, on Sixth Ave.,
for $3,600.
RIDS WANTED-Ecir remooval of 2112 cubic
*-* yards rock and 836 cubic yards earth. Bids
open till ii p. m. May 7. 1910. Walter & Durant,
room 27, Alder block. '1-7
TOR SALE-Pianola, now.   Easy terms.   Apply
���*���     Hayner Pros. Furniture Store. 16-tr
��� Two-room  House,  Sixth  avenue
P. J, Hobbs, Sixth  .street,  corner
1 Apply to
Third avenue.
"Poll KENT.���Twelve-room house on Pot-don
���*��� ave. Two suites, three rooms each, Fulton
street. Two shacks on Itij-rcar Place. Apply: The
Mack Realty & Insurance (Io., Royal block, Third
Avenue. 1H
Poll SALE. ���House and lot on Second avenue,
���*���   ei>rhlrooms. Price and terms moderate. Apply:
Mack Realty & Insurance Co
Royal block, Thirl'
Minim; Enihneeii,
Premier Hotel,   Prince Rupert.
Advice given on Portland Canal investments.
WM. S. HALL, L.D S., I). I). S.
Crown ami Bridge Work a Specialty.
All denial operations skilfully treated, (las and
local anaslheticH administered for Hie palnlan extraction of teeth.  Consultation free.  Olll I is
ami 20 Alder lllork. Prince Rupert, 11-12
Civil Engineer.
Dominion and B.C. Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveyor, etc.
Second avenue, near McBride.
P. (). Box I!). Prince Rupert, B.C.
Teacher of
Pianoforte, Violin and Singing
Second BVe., bet.Seventh and Eighth sts.
Custom Broker
Oflice: Third avenue, 2 doors from The
Optimist block
658 Granville St. Vancouver
Civil Engineer.
Surveying   ���:-   Designs   -:-   Estimates
Exchange Building,
Corner Third Avenue anil Sixth Street
T. Hill and W. Vesto appeared before Magistrate McMullen last night
on a charge of swearing and creating
a disturbance on the street. They were
fined $15 or 30 days. They paid the
Alfred McKay was sent over from
Essington last night and was taken in
charge by Constable Fitzgerald, who
took him and Sloan to Westminster
goul where they will spend the next
six months. McKay was guilty of
having liquor in his possession.
The steamer Lcchro of the lighthouse
service was in Prince Rupert harbour
for a few hours on Wednesday.
The City of Seattle arrived at 8.45
Wednesday night and left again for the
South. She brought four passengers
from the North for this city.
The Escort No. 2 arrived about two
o'clock with a big scow of bridge material for the Canadian Bridge Co., She
is unloading west of Foley, Welch &
Stewart's dock.
The steamer Operator arrived in
port at noon to-day after a very troublesome trip from the Canyon. She struck
her wheel hard and the right half was
badly damaged. The trip was completed
with just half a wheel. She is now
laid up at Foley, Welch & Stewart's
wharf for a day or two undergoing repairs.
Did Good Work.
Mr, Williams, the proprietor of the
Talbot House did good work during
the fire last evening, with his excellent
hose system. He sprinkled the roofs
of all the neighbouring buildings, and
practically protected tho whole build-
142, block
block 32
block 22-
$1!)0 each for lots 110, 141 ant
34   $250 cash.
275 each for lots 3 and 4,
$150 cash each.
$fi00 each for lots 5 anil (i
$300 cash each.
030 for lot 3, block 24, Sixth avenue.
630 for lot 21, block 34, Eighth avenue
$200 cash.
375 each for lots 28 and 29,  block 1!),
Eighth avenue.
$!)00 for a 30-foot corner lot on Eighth
avenue, one block from McBride
$400 cash.
$1050 for lots 6 and 12, block 9, Fifth
avenue, one block  from McBride.
1100 for lot 18, block (i, Fifth avenue,
one block from McBride   $400cash.
900 for lot 54, block 14   $400 cash.
$:)()() will buy a five-year lease of 85-l't.
corner on Second avenue; one of
the best hotel sites in Prince Rupert; low rent,
5500 for lots 32 and 33, block 7, corner
Beach Place anil Eleventh street
$.3500 cash
piIONOURAPH WANTED-Edisnn phonograph
A     wanted for cash.   Apply J. R. C��� Optimist
in.   .':���!"��� a month.
HDO I.ET-Small cottage, close i
^    Apply CM., Optimist office,
WANTED.-Renl  Estate Hustler.    Will make
lit)oral arrangement with an  active  man.
UritiHhColuinbiuReal Estate Syndicate, Ltd. Il6tf
\xrANTED��� Stenographer or oflice man, im-
"v    mcdintnly.    Apply toC.B. Schreiber & Co.
T OST���A rinK lost opposite Hart's store, on lith
���*-' street. $50 reward by returning same to
Hart's Furniture Store. 1-7
WANTED��� Woman to do Kcneral housework.
Apply P.O. box 1640. 1-:!.
Afiptlcatlona from Voters will Ih> received up to
MONDAY. MAY Bth, Ifllft Inclusive,
Application forma vmx In- hud at Uetfislrar's office, A. Cuthitert, KoourniiiK Olllccr.   1-7
Cancellation of Reserve
NOTICE! in hereby trtven, thai the reiervfl estab-
lisiini over those iM-rtu>nn of Lot 170, Queen
Charlotte District, by reason "f tin* surrender of
Kiiiil portions out of Si��***'ial Timber Licenses Nns.
81049 and 81948, surveyed respectively as Lots 688
and 817, Queen Charlotte District, Is canceled for
the purpose <>f efTectinu it sate <if said Lot 170,
Queen Charlotte I Hal rift, comprising :m�� acres more
or \u**, to tho Pad Ho Coast Fisheries, Limited,
,. ,     , ,, Deputy Commissioner of Lands.
100 cash buys a float anil cumii at Hays   |(Uluih Department Victoria, U.C.
Greek; Boat 10 byM; cabin 16by ApriIio,l9iq, 17-am
2<>; or will rent, ' ^-���____-
Agents for HALL   �� NORRIS   SAFES
Townsite of Old Fort George
SI u��na Luml District District ol Coast.
Take nnt'ct* thai John Young Roohostor of
1'rlnri' Kinicri , occupation Contractor! Intends
t�� apply t��r pormlsslon to lease the following
ilfHcriheti landH Commencing si a poll planted
on an iHliind opposite Indlun Reserve No. 1
Skeenu lU.'-T, ut the south w��'nt corner thereof,
thence north 1000 feet, more or less, to low wator
line,them i.nt<>rly along water line about 1000
root more or loss, thenre southerly about 1000 feel
more or less to low s/ator line, i hi nee westerly
along low wiit^r line to point of commencement
nndaontalnlng 88 seres more or lenn
April 17th 1010 Pun. May B-10.
Kkofwm Land District       District of Coast
|     Take  notice  thut  John   Young   Kudu-mer of
Prince  Kupcrt,  occupation  Contractor,  intend
| to  apply  for  permfimion  to  louse the following
; dencrihed lands:     Commencing at a post planted
' at the south nisi corner of an island in the Skeenu
: River, shout one and a half miles distant and in
1 an easterly direction from Indian Reserve No. 11,1
thence northerly one thousand feet, more or less j
T IMITEI)   lo 'ow watyr lino, thence westerly forty chuins j
in iyi   j. j-n-r   f0||0WjnK tnn HJnunHitics of the shore line along
low   water   line,   thence  southerly   forty   chains j
mort* or less to low water line on south side of j
island,  thence easterly along low water line to
poini    of   commencement,   and   containing   one
hundred and ten acres more or less.
April-17-10 Puh. May-JMO.
Skeenu Lund District District of Coast,
Take notlco that John YounR Kocheslor of
Prince Rupert, occupation (Contractor, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the following
descrilied lands: Commencing ut ii post planted
at the South eusl corner of an uhundoned Preemption No, 550, about thirty miles up the Skeena
River, thence north forty chains, thence west
forty chuins. thencesouth forty chains, thence
east forty chaftiH lu point of commencement,
containing 100 acres more or less.
Never Too Late to
But Now is the Right Time
Buying your Material at RIGHT prices
i.s half tne story.    If you want to make
pre fits on your building see the
Gilfillan Lumber
Commit,' the   "White-Haired   Lumber;
man," he can and will save you money
Siding, Flooring, Ceiling, Lath,Shingles,
Hoofing, Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Inside
Finish and every kind of Lumber In tlie
Lumber line.
Principal Oflice and Yards: Sixth Ave,
at Pulton and Tatlow Sts.
Branch  Oflice and Sample  Rooms!
Empress Theatre Building. April Pin 1910,
Ask your grocer for B.C.   Hams
Get your  buttons covered  at Hon"-]    Str.  Skeena about  Kitsumkalum en
man's- M"9-tf    { route to Kitselas.
The  local  branch  of  the  Bank  of     Str. Port Simpson by Meanskinost ut
of B. N. A., opened to-day.   The man-18.15 a.m. en route to Hazelton.
ager  and   staff  only  arrived   Monday
��� Which? ���
In the rush of nominations for the
council   at   Tuesday   night's   treating,
""THE germ of both Life and
* Fire Insurance had its rise in
the custom of taking up a collection for the stricken family. We
all chipped in in the hope and
expectation that if we were
snuffed out by either sickness or
accident, the neighbors would do
as much for us. Life insurance
avoids the uncertainty of leaving
things to neighbors. It is a business plan, founded on laws of
mathematics and sound economy,
to provide for those dependent on
us in case of death.
Life insurance is no longer a
charity, or quasialtruism, any
more than fire insurance is. Life
insurance is a duty and a privilege. To eliminate the distressing results of death, through insurance, payable to business
partners, wife, or children, seems
but common prudence.
Lord Nelson in his will left his
wife and daughter "to the tender
care of the British Nation, to
which I have given my life."
And the wife and daughter
gravitated to the Poor House;
For what is everybody's business
is nobody's business.
Don't leave your loved ones to
the care of the public or the
neighbors. The neighbors may
have troubles of their own.
Cut out the risk and worry by
insuring in the
Sun life of Canada
The cost is nominal; the results
Let us talk the matter over
with you.
F. B. Deacon
Centre Street Open Evening!
Wholesale and Retail House Furnishers
First Avenue, near McBride and First
Prior to dissolution of
partnership and stocktaking we will offer
our goods at COST.
NOW is the time to
save money by replenishing your Household
Goods at Macdonald's.
Call early and secure the bargains
A. J.
Plans and Estimates Furnished.
Sixth Street, Third Avenue.
Box l!i(l Prince Rupert.
English and American Billiards
Scotch  Bakery
High-class Confectionery,
Baking,       Groceries.
Hotels and Rkstaurants Supplied
Second Avenue.      H.  HAMBLIN.
Prince Rupert Scavenging Co.
prompt roll&bta ���ervtoe, Hoxeit fur orderitor enm-
lilulntH are plneed. Centra Street and Rupert
Road, Third Ave. and Sixth Street, Fifth Ave. and
Pulton Street. I'. (>. Mux Mill. OHIee, Second
Ave., 7th Street.
Tub. Mu>-4-11110.
For Sale.
Two Boilers, one 'ISxlll brlekyard and one MxT,
marine. Apply CAKI.ISI.K CANNKKY, Claxton
P.O., Skeena River. lfl-211 \
E. J. Chamberlain Tells of Season's
E. J. Chamberlain, general manager of
the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway,
returned to the city from a three week's
trip to Ottawa and Montreal, says the
Winnipeg Free Press. At Montreal,
Mr. Chamberlain met the Eastern
officials of the road and thoroughly
discussed with President C. M. Hays,
the season's development program in
the  west.
It was hoped, said Mr Chamberlain,
to lay-something over 200 miles of steel
this year on branch lines in the three
Prairie provinces. Grading contracts
have been let for 30 miles from York-
ton, on the Yorkton-Melville branch,
to Rigby, Hyland and Hummer, Winnipeg; from Waterous to Prince Albert,
130 miles, to J. D. McArthur & Co.
100 miles from Regina south towards
the boundary, with a view to swinging
round later to Brandon, also to J. D.
McArthur & Co.. In Alberta, grading
on the Tofield-Calgary branch would be
continued for the remaining 125 miles
to Calgary, 50 miles of steel from To-
field south having been llaid last year
All the above are grading contracts.
The company will itself, just as
soon as the gnuling is completed, rush
ballasting and steel-laying. It is an unfortunate circumstance that the grading contracts will likely lie finished
about harvest time, when it will be
difficult to get all the requisite labour.
However, the company is hopeful of
being able to complete its programme
of something over 200 miles this season
At the present time the steel is laid
for 125 miles west of Edmonton. Further progress is being held up !>y the
construction of two large bridges over
Wolf's Creek and the McLeod river,
respectively. The former bridge is
to be 200 feet high and 800 feet long,
and the latter 800 feet high and i)00 feet
long. The distance between these
two bridges is only 1,500 iecl and m
this short stretch 150,000 yards of earth
have to be excavated. Both bridges
are being built by the Canadian Bridge
The purchase of the famous Dunsmuir collieries on Vancouver Island
by the Mackenzie & Mann interests
is confirmed by the incorporation at
Ottawa of the Canadian Collieries
Dunsmuirs, Limited, with a capital
stock of twenty million dollars.
The proposed mining operations of
Donald   D.   Mann   and   his  associates
in the Portland Canal district will be
carried out on a scale of magnitude
unparalleled in the history of lode
mining in  British  Columbia.
It was announced lately that thus
far ninety mineral claims have been
bonded, the latest acquisitions being
groups at Maple Bay and Goose Bay
in the same district. The various
properties comprise straight smelting
and concentrating ordes, the values
being in nearly every kind of metal,
chiefly gold, copper, silver and lead.
It is not expected that all claims will
make good, but wherever there is
a chance of making a mine, development work will be maintained and
payments   on    the    bonds    continued.
Ownership in the bonds or options
will be vested in a new corporation
recently incorporated at Toronto and
styled the Pacific Coast Mining and
Development   Company.
Two Parties Started for Lytton Recently to Locate.
Left  on   The   Princess   May   After
Two Days  in  the  City
On her return trip the Princess May
carried as passengers the head officials
of the C. P. R��� and the G. T. P. The
C. P. R., officials , C. B. Foster, assistant General Passenger Agent and
Captain Troup, Manager of the North
Coast boat s ervice, were on their way
here from Stewart. Mr. E. J. Chamberlain, Captain Nicholson, H. Philips,
G. U. Ryley and G. A. McNicholl of
the Grand Trunk Pacific, returned to
their respective homes after a two days
visit here, during which they inspected
| the G. T. P., property and new road-bed.
! As a result of tbe visit the people o
j Prince Rupert may look for developments all along the line.   It is expected
j that all work will proceed with mor
D. D. Mann is expected to attend
the Government sale of Stewart lots
in Victoria on May 31st. Afterwards,
he will go north to Stewart to spend
possibly some weeks. Mr. Mann and
his associates will invest altogether,
upwards of seven millions for railways,
docks, mines, townsites, etc.
Select fresh eggs at Morrow's markets; 3 do/., for $1.
For everything in tbe wholesale fruit
lino go to Clarke & Ives. 1-7
Clarke & Ives, wholesale distributors
for Webster's Clear Havana Cigars. 1-7
For "everytiling in canvas," go to tlie
Prince Rupert Tent & Awning Co. H9-tf
When in need of glasses, see Dr. Ellison. That is his specialty. Office, No. 7,
Two survey parties recently started
for Lytton to locate a portion of the
proposed line of tbe British Columbia
: & Alaska Railway Co, which was incorporated at the last session of the
provincial legislature.
Mr. J. Early will have charge of
one outfit of sixteen men. They will
be employed between Lytton snd Eagle
Lake. The other engineering party
will procede direct to Fort. George, and
then work south to Eagle Lake. As
soon as this task is completed, the
surveyors will be transferred to the
Lillooet district to locate a branch line
into Vancouver. The second survey
party will be in charge of Mr. E. C.
Simpson. It will also number sixteen
Although the charter was acquired
by Mr. Ralph Smailes, formerly of
Greenwood, and Mr. H. B. Robertson,
a Victoria lawyer, it is understood that
they simply represented the New York
j capitalists who  are  behind  the enter-
I prise. Mr. Smailes is a member of the
engineering firm   of Messrs L. M. Rice
; & Co., which was awarded the contract
��� for making the surveys. It is understood that the British Columbia Railway will be only a link in a big railway project, having for its object the
building of a through line to Alaska.
i This is indicated by the parent company
incorporated for $12,000,000. under the
laws of the State of Delaware, and style
the British Columbia Railway and
Development Company.
The route through British Columbia
as authorized by the provincial legis-
j lature is as followw: Commencing at or
near Lytton, thence following the valley
of the Fraser through Lillooet to a
point at or near Fort George; thence
following   the   valley   of   the   Stewart
; River to Stewart Lake and the Tacla
River and Middle River to North Tacla
Lake by way of Fort Connelly; thence
following the Skeena and Stikene Rivers to Telegraph Creek and thence
northerly to Teslin Lake, to a point
at or near the northern boundary of
British Columbia; or in the alternative
by the most feasible route between
Lytton and Teslin Lake. The Co. which
is incorporated for a million dollars, is
also authorized to build a branch line
to Vancouver along the south side of
Anderson and Seaton Lakes, and via
Lillooet   Lake   and   river.
Tenders Wanted.
Wanted Tenders for 1 'aimiu��ir anil fCuJlomlnlnff
Three Houses.  See Specifications flt the office of
G 1), Newton.   Tenders close at 0 p.m., Friday,
May  0��    The  lowest Tender  not  necessarily ae-
When the others want to buy
Real Estate--SELL.
When the others want to sell
Real Estate-BUY.
For a few days it is buying
time for the wise. On Friday
I advertised a chance to get
next on 35 cheap lots. They
are quick money doublers and
==twelve are already sold=
Get in and grow with Rupert.
Third Ave., 8th St
Box 2, Prince Rupert
Open  Evenings.
All Exchange Listings.
ul  '."I 1  ..!���.', -  HI   l"Jl
. ��,' ' '��.V if rrjTifl')
Your Credit
Is Good
U'ISJI Tllll'V^f lllll 'I'M l)
Prince Rupert's Leading Furniture Store
Sole Agents:
A BIG SUCCESS���" That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn Tune."


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