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The Prince Rupert Optimist Nov 1, 1910

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 ^ "FT"
The Prince Rupert Optimist
loL. I. NO. 150
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Tuesday, November 1. 1910.
Price, Five Cents
Probably end
of alliance
little Brown Men Spending Forty
{Millions in Super-Dreadnaughta
land Increasing Cruiser Fleet By
I Ninety-three Thousand Tons.
.     (Special to the Optimist)
[ Tokio, Nov. 1.���The Japanese press is
rang the reconsideration of the pro-
1 tariff and revision treaties, owing
protests  received   from   Great
priia.ii.  It is feared the agitation will
Ld the  Anglo-Japanese   alliance   al-
I Five super-Dreadnoughts are to be
Instructed during the next five years,
h cost forty million dollars. The first
tto be laid down early next year. War-
Jhips aggregating ninety-three thousand
Ire to be added to the navy shortly.
For Killing a Man by Running Him
Down With an Automobile
(Special to the Optimist)
New York, Nov. 1.*���Edward Rosen-
hunter, a millionaire, is on trial for running-over and killing Gray Hough with
an automobile. He is the second person
in history to be tried on a like charge.
He fears that he cannot escape the death
penalty if convicted.
J4rm .. a 1.11.
Winnipeg Has  Quarter-Million Fire
Winnipeg, Nov. 1.���(Special)���Fire
yesterday destroyed the McDonald grocery plant, the largest wholesale house
in Canada. The loss is two hundred and
fifty thousand dollars, which is fully
covered by insurance.
Publisher of Punch Dead
London, Nov. 1.���(Special)���Sir William Agnew, chairman of Messrs. Brach-
burg, Agnew & Co., the publishers of
Punch" is dead.
j    Three Men Drowned    J
ritish Champion Carries off From
United States the Challenge Cup
for Speed���American Aviator Wina
Distance Race. *
(Special to the Optimist)
Belmont Park, New York, Nov. 1.���
iCIaude Grahame White, flying for the
iRoyal Aero club of the United Kingdom,
Ion Saturday won the James. Gordon
I Bennett international speed trophy from
J America. He made the fastest time
I recorded over the course, of sixty-two
miles, averaging sixty miies an hour for
I the whole distance.
John B. Moissant, American aviator,
yesterday won the three thousand
j dollar prize for the two hour distance
(face. He also won the ten thousand
I dollar prize on Sunday for circling the
statue of Liberty.
Vernor W. Smith received a
telegram on Saturday evening
that three laborers had been
drowned at Smith's camp. No
further details have been received.
n i ii ^ �� �� ii w ii aWala
Program   to   Be   Completed   Three
Years    Earlier   Than    Expected
(Special to the Optimist)
Lndonn, Nov. 1.���Admiral von Koes-
ter, of Germany, intimates that the naval
program of that country will be completed three years earlier then planned.
Germany will probably build two cruisers
annually instead of one, from 1912 to
Sewer Work Finished
The sewer work for section one
in charge of the sewer committee
and under the engineering of
Messrs. Casey & Pillsbury has
been completed, and the final
vouchers show the work to have
been done for about $700 under
the estimate. There is about
$4500 of the original appropriation still unexpended. The contractor was S. P. MeMordie.
Regarding Incorporation of Stewart
and Necessary Provincial Appropriation for Development of District���
Dominion Government Liberal.
United States to Build Two Dread-
naughts and Several Destroyers
(Special to the Optimist)
Washington, D. C, Nov. 1.���The next
congress will discuss the recommendations of the secretary of the navy for the
building of two twenty-eight thousand
ton battleships, armed with fourteen
guns. Several large destroyers are also
Appropriations for Thia Province
Victoria, Nov. 1.���(Special)���Minister
of Public Works Taylor will bring down
a budget at the opening of parliament
calling for appropriations of between
four and five millions.
Another Rush to Bullfinch
Melbourne, Nov. 1.���(Special)���The
rush to Bullfinch goldfields is gaining
daily. The returns outside of the original
stakings do not justify any such wild
New York, Nov. 1.���Ralph Johnstone, in a baby Wright machine, at the
close of the aviation meet last evening
broke the world's record for altitude,
Koing 9,714 feet.
New York, Nov. l.-J. Armstrong
Drexel, the Pittsburg millionaire aviator,
'���-signed this morning in a huff from the
Aero Club of America, over the alleged
Partiality shown to Americans in the
Belmont Park meet.
F've Thousand   Drivers   of   Express
Companies Are Still Out
'Special to the Optimist)
New York, Nov. l.-The drivers of
ine o[ the largest express companies
��"* still on strike and five thousand union
"��n are on the streets.   Strike breakers
" e beon Put on and the clashes be-
���hn*1 Snd  the  8trike'8  haVe  be6n
'most conthmous.   On Saturday fifty
2   ,*��� and police were inJured-
���ne of them very severely. The entire
are hi!00 f��rCe ��f nine thoU8and men
Themir" reServe for *" emergency.
bsJn l ? are also under armf> ready to
����called by telephone.
Major Duff Stuart in Command
J.DuffTer' Nov- ^-(SpeciaD-Major
of tho V l SUcceeds to the command
imatuT.l.regimont' blowing the res-
gnat'on of Colonel F.W. Boultbee.
Reforms In Poatal Service
Washington, D. C, Nov. 1.���(Special)
���President Taft, in his message to
Congress, will recommend reforms to
the postal service, including a scheme
to raise the postal rate on magazines and
Railway   Control   in   Australia
Melbourne, Nov. 1.���(Special)���-The
government of the Commonwealth will
try to bring railway employees under
federal control. This move is regarded
as a short cut to taking over the control
of the entire railway systems of the
various states.
Society Women In Strike
Chicago, Nov. 1.���(Special)���Society
women this morning took part in the
strike of the garment workers, acting
as pickets, marching in front of the
shops and pleading with the strike
breakers to join the union.
In Race With Death
Skagway, Nov. 1.���(Special)���William
Potter, son of Colonel Thomas Potter,
of Philadelphia, leaves on Thursday on
the Princess Beatrice for Vancouver,
there to take train for a race with death.
His father is dying in Philadelphia.
Hamburg-American Liner Lost
Victoria, Nov. 1���(Special)���The Ha
mburg-American liner Lydia has been
wrecked off Haitan straits, China. Her
crew of forty were all saved.
The delegation appointed by the
citizens of Stewart to wait on Premier
McBride arrived in town yesterday. It
is a small delegation consisting of T. J.
Vaughn-Rhys', president of the Citizens'
Association, D. J. Rainey, vice-president
and P. F. Godenrath. Mr. Vaughn-
RhyB said the object of the delegation
waa to decide upon the preparations for
the incorporation of Stewart in the first
place, and in the second to see what
could be done in the matter of appropriations to assist the new town. He
said the delegation represented citizens
who were inclined to think the provincial government had not done as much
as it really ought for the new town and
district, yet they believed that if the
facts were placed before the premier
they would undoubtedly receive better
"The government," he said, "has
drawn a good deal of money from the
new district and has put very little
back, and we hope by a complete showing
of the facts to the premier and our
member, Mr. Manson, to get a fair
show. We have had a great deal granted
to us by the Dominion governemnt. We
have the wharf approach and we have
the telegraph line being put in. We
think this should be an inducement
for the provincial Government to come
"We are sorry that the premier could
not find time to pay us a visit, so that
we could give him a good idea of what
we have in our district, and upon which
showing the governemnt- would be able
to put out money that must necessarily
increase its revenue from the district.
"We shall lay our  case before the
premier on Wednesday afternoon and
have confidence that what we lay before J
him will receive his careful considera-
tion." ���     I
|       Big Rush of News       j
Owing to a crush of telegraphic and local news matter, and
also extra advertising, considea4.
able news matter of local interest
has to be held over until to-morrow's paper.
Government Pasaea Decree Authorizing the Right to Strike
(Special to the Optimist)
Lisbon, Nov. 1.���The republican government has signed a decree authorizing
the right to strike, and establishing the
principle of arbitration and appointing
a labor conciliation committee planned
on that of Canada.
Duke  of Connaught  to Oprn  Firat
Parliament   on   Friday   Next
(Special to the Optimist)
Capetown, Nov. 1.���The Duke of
Connaught arrived here yesterday, to
open the first parliament of the United
South Africa on November 4th. Following the ceremonies the duke will
tour the various provinces, greeting
native chiefs, etc., and will be accompanied by the duchess and the Princess
French Government Seems Bound to
Be Defeated On Strike Question
(Special to the Optimist)
Paris, Nov. 1.���It now seems certain
that the ministry will be defeated as the
result of the violent scenes in the chamber
of deputies on Saturday evening, during
the debate on the recent railway strike.
The Socialists bitterly denounced Premier Briand for hiw action during the
strike, stampeding the government supporters and leaving the premier with but
a slim minority.
Arctic Brotherhood Convention
Vancouver, Nov. 1.���(Special)���The
tenth annual convention of the grand
camp of Arctic Brotherhood begun its
session this morning. A large number
of members from Yukon and Alaska are
in attendance. The session continues
tomorrow and Thursday, concluding
with a grand banquet.
Fierce Upriaing in South Mindanao
Againat the Policy of the Government���Two Other Provinces in
Open Rebellion.
(Special to the Optimist)
Manila, Nov. 1.���One of the greatest
insurrections since the pacification of the
Philippines is now raging in Southern
Mindanao. Seven natives and one
American are among the slain.
Moyobos and Moros are in open
rebellion because of the popular resentment against the policy of the insular
One thousand American troops and
five hundred scouts are en route to
quell the trouble.
United   States   Syndicate   to   Float
Fifty Million Dollar Issue
(Special to the Optimist)
Pekin, Nov. 1.���An American syndicate will float a fifty million dollar loan
for China, to be used for education and
a reform of the currency of the country.
Only standard denomination coins will
be used hereafter.
New Labor Exchange
London, Nov. 1.���(Special)���The government is establishing one hundred and
fifty new labor exchanges.
Financial Panic In China
Victoria, Nov. 1.���The Empress of
China, which arrived here this morning,
brings the news of the closing of twenty-
seven banks in Shanghai, two at Pekin
and some at Canton, as the result of the
financial panic which is spreadingthrough
financial panic which is spreading
throughout the country.
Needs More Rest
James McAgee who is at present under
medical observation in custody of the
city police on a vag charge is improving
in condition. His health has been
badly impaired and he was at first very
nervous and unstrung. Rest and care
have done him good and he may shortly
be released.
Funeral of Joaeph Pregent
The funeral of the late Jos. Pregent
who was killed by the pile driver at
the wharf, will take place at 10 a.m.
tomorrow from the R. C. Church.
Every Moment of His Brief Stay Here
Is Practically Planned Out
Fifteen   Millions   for   the   Weat
Winnipeg, Nov. 1.���(Specail)���The U-
nited States Packing concerns plan the
establishment in Western Canada of
plants that will involve the outlay of
fifteen million dollars. Manitoba people
are much interested in the project.
National Apple Show Opened
Vancouver, Nov. 1.���(Special)���The
first national apple show was opened
here yesterday, when formal addresses
were made by the Lieutenant-Governor,
Premier McBride and others.
Premier McBride is now on his way
to this port on the Prince Rupert and
will arrive here tomorrow. In the afternoon the delegation from Stewart will
have the first call upon his attention,
as the delegation desires to return home
by the steamer tomorrow night. In the
evening there will eb a public meeting in
the Empresst heatre, where the premier
will make an address to which a)l are
invited to listen.
On Thursday the premier will spare an
hour to attend an informal reception at
the Kaien Island clubhouse, and-the
evening the local Conservative party
the Kaien Island clubhouse, and the
give a smoker in Mclntyre hall, the
steamer Prince Rupert being held back
until midnight for this event.


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