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The Prince Rupert Optimist
VOL. I,  NO. 5
A Newspaper for Northern British Columbia.
Prince Rupert, B. C, July 30th, 1909.
Price, Five Cents.
The collapse of a latv     ��� lildir
eloquent   appeal   to   the   ai   tioritu
pointed, to act until such   iiva as the
one.       An inspector  is  .    ided  inn
public buildings but to pro'"ct the li'
the folly of their own ignor, ice of th
An inspector who understai <s the   r
would be a valuable advifor as well
now, while so much building is goin;;
Mr. G. W. Morrow's sug
ground, before all the available
be  immediately  acted  upon
provided for.       They need i
towns the boys cannot go ������an
only a few good leve' able
secured now.       T' ��� wit'
ble that a delegatu and yo\
when he visits here . their cr j
The boys will probabl,               it's comin
The Bo
The Boostei Hub is a splendid I
doubtedly every citizen of the town
organization. ItH success means some
no petty honors connected with the or,
friction and no chance for graft, thei
but to shout. ' at is just what the
shout for Prince Rupert. This city is,
in the world. The object of the boost
the world���to let rone forget we have a
and great prospec The boosters ha
one.       Everybody here must be a mem'i
Jit's storm is an
ding inspector appoint a permanent
nsure the safety of
new   comers   from
���tions of this country,
gs in   this  country
iblic.        He is needed
ion should be made for a play
a wise one,and one that should
iple of this young town must be
sport.       Unlike  many
mil' ���  a ball ground���there are
ports and one of  them  should  be
', ing people and it is quite proba-
���1 will wait upon Premier McBride
formal and enthusiastic manner.
m���a good movement.       Un-
in the spirit and work of the
Prince Rupert.       There being
ion,   no  politics  in  it  to  cause
. i thing left for the members to do
tor���to create a big, all-the-time
ie of the  best  advertised  places
;itb is to keep it before the eyes of
thing here���a city of rapid growth
dertaken a good work and a great
^o Local Subscribers.
Local subscribers to The Optimist
will in future receive their copy of
each week's edition through the
postoffice. The subscription list
will be put in the postoffice before
any papers are put on the street for
sale so that subscribers will receive
their papers as quickly as though
they were purchased on the streets.
This decision was made because of
the difficulty in getting the papers
accurately distributed by a carrier
boy. The local list is growing so
extensively and changes in residence are so frequent that errors in
delivery are unavoidable. To insure
a regular copy of the biggest and
newiest paper, we would advice you
to subscribe by the year at $2.00.
The Minister's I   sa���And Ours.
Great disappointment is express- ty the citizens generally that Hon. Dr.
Pugsley, Minis te f Public Works, i�� ole to carry out his original itinerary,
and visit Princ ^u^erf and the Norm Coast in company with Hon. Wm.
Templeman, the member for Comox-Atlin.
There are many reasons why we should like to have the Minister of Public
Works visit our city.
We would like to show him that Vancouver is not the only place on the
Pacific Coast, and though that city has a great many problems to solve and sights
to see, this young city should not be overlooked. The Minister's promises to
Vancouver,���a city which sent as its representative to parliament, a man who
had the nerve and bad taste to say that Sir Wilfred Laurier was a false alarm,
and oth ;r silly statements���have been \&ry ,,'etierous, according to the reports
in the Vancouver and Victoria papers.
We could not have entertained him by running our excursion steamer into
a mud bank at the entrance to the harbour, for this harbour is the finest in the
Pacific and has no obstacles in its entrance, but we could have shown him our
postoffice and customs house; and we might have given him a trip on the passenger and mail steamer that runs to Portland canal and Queen Charlotte
We might have had him send a telegram over the telegraph line owned by
the Dominion Government, to Geo. W. Cowan, M. P., telling him that ten words
cost $1.75 or he would have made the message longer; that we have a night
operator but no night rates, the same as Vancouver and every other city enjoys.
We might have told him that every dollars worth of supplies purchased
by his department for the Yukon telegraph service comes from the city of
We could have told him that Messrs. John Houston and Barrow organized
a society called the Prince Rupert Liberal Association, and apparently elected
officers for life; that the demands of this district had evidently not been represented by this Association to the Government in a very forcible manner.
We might have whispered to him that the Tories were putting hundreds of
names on the Prince Rupert's voters' list while the Tory-Houston-Liberal
Association slept.
But owing to Hon. Dr. Pugsley having spent all his time in Vancouver and
Victoria we are not going to have the pleasure of tendering him a welcome and
explaining our needs. It will be for the Hon. Mr. Templeman to convey our
regrets and incidentally our requirements to his confrere at Ottawa.
This will be an additional duty for our member which we regret having to
burden him with,for he already has considerable responsibility in undertaking to
fulfill some of the promises made to this constituency. No doubt these
promises will be brought to his attention during his visit here by the citizens, the
Board of Trade and other organizations.
Hon. Wm. Templeman, Minister of Inland Revenue, will arrive on the
steamer tomorrow.
Thirteen in a Boat: One is Missing.
A party of twelve men who had been
making ties near Graham City, and
another man picked up on the trip, were
en route to Prince Rupert on the Josephine. About 3 a.m. one, John Anderson, got up from below and went to the
top deck. This was the last seen of
him. When the man was missed
Captain Endenshaw immediately turned
back over his coarse, but no trnce
could be seen of him. The matter was
reported to the local police by John
Backstrom and Fridolf Brodin.
The Case Dismissed.
ln the police court Tuesday morning,
Robert Ross was charged with willfully
doing damage to the property of certain
citizens of Knoxville, and of endangering the lives of parties residing in the
immediate vincity of the railroad operations, which he, or rather his firm, is
carrying   on.     This   case   was   heard
before Magistrate Manson.    On Saturday morning of last week, a shot was
fired on Ross & McColls' work which
did considerable damage to the buildings
near it,.   Jack ,-0'.P'v���j'8 barber tfiop
was  wrecked,   and  the  front of  Mc-
. Kinnon's bakery  was  blown  in.    The
! great cause of complaint was that the
i citizens  thought it was premeditated.
; As the shot was so much more severe
j than previous ones it caught many by
surprise. Just whether or not sufficient
'. notice  was  given  of  the shot was a
point debated.     Certain   it was  that
i Wilhelm Bruns who is night baker at
jMcKinnon's  had not gotten out of his
bed before the debris started pouring
down on the tent roof under which he
: slept.
The prosecution got little satisfaction
out of the witness Essen, the foreman
who fired the shot, chiefly on account
of poor interpretation. However he
stuck to his point that two sticks of
stumping powder were not sufficient for
the work, and that six were necessary.
Certain witnesses thought that Ross
& McColl were not taking any preca-
tions whatever to safeguard property
and to protect life.
After warning the contractor to be
more careful in their work the Magistrate thought that the sooner the citizens
of Knoxville left the fire zone the
better, as it was inevitable in any case
that they should go.
"I dismiss the case" was the final
Boundary Commissioners Here.
The International Commission which
is investigating boundary questions from
the Atlantic to the Pacific, were in
Prince Rupert this week. The Commissioners have come up North to look
into the salmon industry chiefly, although always ready to pick up
information of all description. The
object of this commission is to obtain
data which will be useful in the making
of International law. They have
branched a little here,however, in studying the salmon and tneir habits. What
constitutes a closed sea ancl such questions are the more usual ones for them
to investigate. The Commission is
composed of Dr. D. S. Jordan and his
associate, Prof. Gilbert, representing
the United States; Prof. E. Prince,
British representative, ancl H. R. Stolz
who is secretary of the commission.
The party left on the Falcon, accompanied by Mr. J. T. Williams of Port
Essington for the Nass on Wednesday
afternoon.    They return to-day.
Rev. Dr. White left Wednesday for
Port Essington, and will go south at the
end of the week, While in Prince
Rupert he was the guest of Mr. ancl
Mrs. Manson.
Our Money.
First Citizen���Let us banquet Templeman and heap coals of fire on his head.
Second Citizen���Let's hang him.
A Tory���I think we should banquet
A Liberal���Gentlemen, you seem decided in your condemnation of the sins
of commission and omission with the
Dominion Government and ever praising
the Provincial government for giving
us things,but let me remind you that it
is our money they are spending.
The Chairman ���Yes, but some Governments get our money and don't give
it back to us.
New Boat On Rupert Run.
Seattle, July 24.���The collier Zefaro,
purchased at a holdup price by Admiral
Dewey, prior to the battle of Manila
bay and sold for $3300 to a Chicago
company after being condemned by the
government, has been shifted to Smith
cove from the navy yard at Bremerton
and will be fitted up for the passenger
trade between Vancouver and Prince
Rupert. A. Z. Zeeve, who has acquired
the vessel from the Chicago company,
made this announcement. The vessel
will be refitted.
Methodist Meeting.
The Financial District Meeting of the
Methodist Church in the Simpson district was held in the Methodist church,
on Monday, July 26th. The following
members were present: ��� Rev. G. H.
Raley, Chairman of District and W. T.
Kergen, M.B., of Port Simpson; C. F.
Connor, M.A.B.D. and Wm. Manson,
Government agent, Prince Rupert ;
Rev. B. C. Freeman, Port Essington ;
Rev. Dr. Spencer and Rev. Geo. E.
Strachan, of Queen Charlotte islands ;
Rev. Chas. Perry, Kitselas Canyon.
The Meeting cordially welcomed Rev.
J. H. White, D.D., Superintendent of
Missions of B.C. , who, by reason of his
experience ancl interest in the work, has
become a very valued councillor.
Two sessions were held, at which the
interests of the district were thoroughly
canvassed, and the necessary resolutions, passed. A resolution was passed
expressing deep sympathy with Captain
Oliver in the loss of the mission launch
Udal, and confirming the need of the
active prosecution of the work either
by the Udal, if raised, or another boat
to replace her.
At the close of the evening session
the delegates were entertained at the
home of Mrs. Win. Manson.
The Whole   Memorandum   of the Delegates   was Accepted   by  the
Government & G.T.P.
The report of the delegates from the
Citizens Association to Victoria is even
more gratifying than the most sanguine
expected. Everything asked for has
been granted. The Provincial Government recommended the work as suggested by the petition and the G.T.P.
general manager agreed to take their
share of the expense which is three-
quarters.   This  hs  very  gratifying  to
i Prince Rupert citizens, and they
appreciate what the Government has
done. As was pointed out at the public
meeting by Mr. Morrow the G.T.P.
also deserve great credit, for theirs is
the heavy part of the expense.    It was
; the right thing for the G.T.P. to do and
it atones much for some neglect in the
; past.    Mr. Chamberlain has the thanks
j and good will of the citizens.
As the public works now stand, all
the walks and streets on the original
plan will be carried out, and the additional work asked  for by the delegates
i will be built as follows :
Roads and Walks.-16 foot roadway Third avenue from Eight to intersection of First, Second, Third and Park
avenue, and along Second avenue to
Eleventh street; 16 foot roadway on
First from Eighth street to inter-section
; of   Second;    16   foot   roadway   along
: Eighth street between First and Third
: avenues; 16  foot roadway  on  Second
I avenue Seventh to Eighth ; 4 foot walk
| on Fifth from Fulton to inter-section of
Taylor, and then to end of block 14;
sidewalk on Fifth between Tatlow and
Fulton; 16 foot roadway on Fifth or
Sixth from Fulton to Taylor, and 4 foot
walk  along Taylor between Fifth and
I Sixth.
Sewers.���A main sewer commencing
at the inter-section of Third avenue and
| Fourth street be built along Third
avenue to Sixth street, thence north.";*
| ly aiong' Sixih street to St ?o ir) av-en *f
thence along Second avenue to Seventh
street, thence down Seventh street to a
lane in Block 10, Section 1, thence
along said lane westerly to lots 7 or 8
in said block 10, Section 1, thence
northerly through one of the said lots,
thence continuing northerly across First
avenue to an outlet. And further that
a branch sewer be projected commencing at the inter-section of Third avenue
and Seventh street, thence westerly
along Third avenue to Eighth street,
thence northerly along Eighth street to
the said lane in block 10, Section 1,
thence easterly along said lane to connect with the main sewer at lot 7 or 8
Water Works.-The sum of $35,000
was granted for a temporary system
to be charged to the town later. The
system will be an extention of the present one. The water will be taken from
the mountain side, using gravity force.
The plans for the system are now being
prepared by the Government. It is
probable that a reservoir will be built
upon the acropolis, which will be permanent.
The memorandum of the delegates
was accepted in total and agreed to,
subject to investigation as to engineering stand points.
Block 24, Seventh avenue was accepted as the new school site, and new
tenders will he called for. It is thought
that with certain changes in the foundation and leaving the upstairs unfurnished for the present that a reasonable
figure can be secured.
A two roomed addition to the present
school will made immediately.
The   Boosters.
Many have felt the need of a good
publicity club in Prince Rupert. On
Monday evening a number of citizens
met in Pattullo & Radford's office and
discussed the matter. H. H. Clark
took the chair and W. Wright acted as
secretary for the meeting. A committee of three, H. W. Lemcke D. Sutherland ancl G. L. Maclnnes were appointed
to gather data as to the workings of
such organizations in other cities. A
substantial prize will be offered for a
slogan for the town that made Vancouver jealous; something which will be
typical of the baby wonder of the north.
The object is to boost ancl boost and
work up a Prince Rupert spirit. Get
back at the knockers with plain
facts and don't forget to boost Prince
Rupert, the city ol opportunity.
���o- --
T. D. Pattullo is in Dawson on business.
On Tuesday evening the citizens of
Prince Rupert were assembled to hear
the reports of the delegates who were
sent to Victoria to interview the government, with regard to the securing
of local improvements asked for at a
previous meeting. The report was read
and presented to the meeting and ac-
��� cepted.
Both  Mr.  Dunn and Mr. McLennan
i enlarged  a little on the trip and the
work that was done, and both rather
gushed over Premier McBride and the
splendid welcome accorded them in the
' capital by one and all.
Mr.   Manson   and  Mr.   Ritchie  also
j came in for very considerable praise in
the way they assisted the movement.
The  citizens  not only   were   highly
! grateful for the good work done by the
! government, but also for the willingness
of Mr. Chamberlain and the G.T.P. to
: co-operate in the work.    Nor were the
i workers left out for Messrs. Agnew and
j Williams were thanked for the labour
they expended.   The citizens of course
were only too pleased to show their ap-
j preciation of what the delegates accomplished, and were duly grateful for the
] services rendered not only by Messrs.
Dunn   and  McLennan,   who sacrificed
their business interests to go to Victoria
for a fortnight but also to Mr. Ritchie
; and Mr. Manson.
The only   question  that was  asked
, was ' 'Did the delegates have plenty of
money?"      Yes,   the   delegates   were
satisfied and every person  went  home
content that he had well invested $200.
At a meeting of the Board of Trade
on Monday evening it was decided to
have a permanent exhibition of the
products of this country prominently
displayed for the benefit of visitors.
A committee was given full authority
to act.
The subject of a fall fair was introduced at the meeting called for the
purpose by Mr. G. R. Naden, who said
.the ���'',:." ir:��iuatfd fv.-V'h^*:-. .^v.irr
Dorsey. He advocated a fair everrif it
were a small one. He wanted to have
all the country realize that Prince
Rupert is the centre.
Mr. McMaster agreed with the idea.
Mr. Geo. Morrow thought the fall fair
premature but advocated a permanent
exhibit, working on the theory that we
want to interest visitors every day in
the products of the country, rather
than make one holiday for the people
who are already here.
Several members took part in the
discussion, including Messrs. Stewart,
Scott, McLennan, Morris, McClure,
Campbell ancl the President, Thomas
Dunn, and it was finally decided to
combine the ideas with the main object
of a permanent display of minerals,
grain, grasses, vegetables and fruits.
Next year the fall fair will be taken
up seriously.
A committee to arrange for the
exhibition was appointed, composed
of Messrs. Morris, Naden, Morrow,
McMaster, Stewart, McLelland and the
President and Secretary. They were
instructed to act immediately and an
effort will be made to secure a building
on the wharf for a display.
Several matters were discussed informally. Among them was the question of a play ground broached by Mr.
Morrow who remarked we had provision for a rifle range, school grounds
and grave yard but no place to develop
our strength and keep our health. He
wanted to see a reservation for a play
ground. This will likely come up at a '
later meeting.
Large Passenger List.
The steamer May of the C. P. U. line
went south. Saturday with a crowded
saloon. The following is the passenger
list from this port: S. Halick, Chas.
T. Law, A. McGougan, W. A. Dutton,
C. P. Ellis, R. Johnston, G. Barr, T. .1.
Sheedy, E. H. Heaps, Frank Gordon,
T. S. Martin, W. B. Bulter, Mrs. John
P. McLaren, A. G. Smith, Lieut. C. P.
Cheamley, C. D. Rand, Mrs. C. D.
Rand, G. S. Rand, C. W. Drew, D. A.
Ranken, Teles Picotte, C. N. Reneig,
R. E. Bell, C- B. Wark, G. Robinson,
Mrs. G. Robinson. H. R. Wemp, E. H.
King, W. H. Maclnnes, Mrs. Franklin,
F. M. Vallean, Mrs. Vallean, E. Tomlin,
D. A. McKinnon, Jos. Tweddle, F. D.
Eason. Frank Schade, O. C. Benson,
Mr. Engle, Mrs. Engle, Miss Engle,
Miss Engle, Master Engle, Chas.
Scherer. H. Kennedy, W. B. Harper,
J. O'Regan, Mrs. Aconley and child,
Miss Robertson, Mrs. Barclay ancl child,
Brodie party of eight. Eight passengers from Port Essington.
1* ':
The Number of Business Institutions and the Varied Interests They
Represent are Astonishing, and They are Growing Every Day.
This Column will be Devoted from Week to Week to Enumerating the Classes of Trades and Professions, and Those Engaged
in Them.
Wholesale and General.
The wholesaler and the man with the
big store is a good citizen -there is none
better. He is the man who takes a
chance, puts in a big investment and
works hard to make it good. He comes
to stay ; to fight a good fight; to keep
the faith ; to do his share to make the
town. Undoubtedly the man who puts
thousands in a new town takes many
chances and carries many lines of
goods, more for the convenience ancl
comfort of his customers than for the
profit in them. He is a man to be respected.
Prince Rupert offers particularly
brillant opportunities to the man who
anticipates doing a wholesale trade.
There is a great district opening up
about this city, hundreds of miles in
extent and capable of keeping millions of
a population. Prince Rupert is bound to
be the distributing point for this district. Already it is in the game and
practically every line of product is now
neing shipped from this port. It is
a glowing business with a great future,
'the merchants of to-day will be princes
of to-morrow with ships bringing goods
from every part of the world.
Thomas Dunn was the man who
opened the first hardware store in Vancouver ; he erected the first building
after the big Vancouver fire in 1886;
he had the first hardware store in Prince
Rupert. Mr. Dunn came here almost
three years ago ancl took charge of the
United Supply & Hotel Co., erecting
the two G.T.P. hotels. In August of
1907 he became a permanent resident
and opened the hardware store here
which has done a thriving business
since. This company carries a very
heavy stock of general hardware and
builders supplies, paints, oils, tin ancl
graniteware, fittings, sashes and doors,
stoves and a big stock of glass. Some
zOO cases of glass arrived just this
week. They are agents for the Pilking-
ton, plate and sheet glass, England,
"4M" J.. ,^-AlL'iort I.on ��� Works -French
ranges, Vancouver. They do a large
wholesale trade in these lines up tne
river points.
J. Piercy, who was for many years
the senior partner in the firm of Piercy
& Co., of Victoria, along with A. J.
Morris, who traveled Northern British
Columbia for ten years for this same
firm, came to Prince Rupert a year ago
ad opened up a wholesale house. The
The firm deals in gents' furnishings,
blankets, bedding, stationery and small
wares. It is the purpose of the firm to
cater to men's trade, and of course to
the class of men who are in this country.
Styles,a little more fancy, will be added
just as the city and district develope
ancl demand them. In their warehouse
on Centre street may be found goods
shippe:! direct from the mills in Germany, Fiance and Great Britain.
Goocis are purchased at whatever
centie they are best produced. Canadians make the best line of working
men's clothes. The British mills do
better in finer lines of woolen goods
and so they are sought.
This firm found business awaiting
them from all the surrounding country
when they came to Prince Rupert and
now have the satisfaction of being in
touch with every place of business in
the district from Dawson to the Queen
Charlottes and Skeena River points.
Are   wholesale   and  retail  dealers  in
groceries, provisions,   boots ancl   shoes
and dry goods. They opened business
in the city three years ago, being the
first on the ground. The shareholders
ancl sole owners in equal share are:
Robt. Kelly, of Kelly, Douglas & Co.,
Vancouver, James Carruthers, wholesale grain dealer of Montreal and L.
Morrow & Co., butchers and provision
dealers, Prince Rupert. The firm has
probably the most extensive business in
the north. Mr. Wm. Craig is manager,
having taken charge of the business
when it was first opened.
H. H. Clark has been a knight of the
grip for many years, out of Vancouver
cniefly, but his trips have taken him
over the whole of British Columbia
and Alberta. Hardware has been his
H. S. Ives was five years with R. P.
Riciiet & Co. of Victoria, wholesale
groceries. Previous to this he was
tnree years with Prior & Co.
'these two gentlemen have combined
to start a wholesale prouuee house in
Prince Rupert. All the local produce
oocainable will be handled as well as a
general line of imported stuff, ham,
bacon, eggs, fruit and vegetables. As
well as produce, the company will handle
building supplies ancl will be manufacturers agents. Their new warehouse
is on Third avenue   near Eighth street.
Messrs. J. M. and W. P. Lynch
came from the Yukon to Prince Rupert
some fourteen months ago to open a
general store. They do jobbing work
for contractors as well as a general retail business, 'this firm has been operating on Rui ert Road opposite Foley,
Welsh & Stewart's warehouse. As
soon as Third avenue is completed they
will move out to the corner of Second
and First avenues.
The Kaien Hardware Co., under the
management of A. D. Campbell has
Deen running now tor fourteen months
on the Rupert Roaa. Heavy and shelf
hitrdwaie, shio chandlery, builders'
sMpphes, paints and oils, granite ware
anu crockery aie all carried. The site
of this stoie is not likely to be changed
fcr sortie time.
L. Morrow & Co., of Prince Rupert,
and Morrow & Frizzell, of Port Essington, wholesale and retail butcheis and
produce dealers are the oldest business
men on the coast, having opened a small
butcher business at Port Essington ten
years ago. Their meats, provisions ancl
produce are handled throughout the
entire northern district. At Prince
Rupert they have an up to date market
which will compare favorably with the
coast cities. They handle all classes of
fresh and cured meats, fruits, produce
and dairy products, wholesale and retail.
Mr. Morrow, the head of the firm, is one
of the best known men of the north,
both among the whites and the natives.
F.   W.   HART &  CO.
Frank Hart wes the pioneer furniture
man and undertaker of Vancouver. He
built ancl operated the first opera house
in Vancouver. Now after having
twenty six years experience in British
Columbia he has settled in Prince
Rupert to establish not only a retail
ho ss but also a wholesale. It is Mr.
Hart's intention to branch out as the
conditions warrant. In the retail store
now,one may pui chase anything from a
high chair to a parlour set. Office
desks, linoleums, carpets and wall
Mr. Hart is also an undertaker and
D. G. Stewart came to Prince Rupert
a year ago opening up a warehouse on
Rupert Road. Mr. Stewart caters to
the trade only. He handles groceries,
canned goods and produce such as potatoes, carrots, turnips and cabbage.
Cigars and tobaccos are one of the big
features of this business. There has
been a very considerable increase in
this last year in goods shipped from
Prince Rupert to the surrounding points
and when Mr. Stewart secures his new
warehouse on the waterfront, which
will be very shortly, he will be then in
a first class position to compete with all
outsiders, more especially when the
tracks are completed for they will be
laid to the door.
F.   G.   DAWSON
F. G. Dawson is the pioneer broker
of Prince Rupert coming to the town
more than a year ago. Mr. Dawson is
a broker ancl handles his goods direct
from the factory. He represents the
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co., Ltd.;
Ramsay Bros. & Co., Ltd., manufacturers of biscuits, confectionery, syrups,
etc.; Empress Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,
dealers in spices, coffees, pickles, jams,
etc.; F. R. Stewart & Co., Ltd., provisions, fruits, and vegetables; Turner
Beaton & Co., Ltd., manufacturers of
men's furnishings; J. C. Wilson & Co.,
Ltd., manufacturers of paper and paper
goods. Mr. Dawson has moved his office to the rear of the building on
Second avenue and Centre street temporarily till a permanent location may be
W. ANGLE & CO.    Why be without
Contractors, Builders
and Valuators . . .
Get our prices before Building.
Estimates promptly giver, on
First Ave, corner McBride St.
Deacon & O'Reilly
We receive shipments on every boat.
Groceries, Fruits and Canned
J. E. Merryfield
Centre Street
OR   A
Prince Rupert
Suit Made to
Keep the Ladies' Dresses Clean iFit and Workmansh'p Guaranteed.
Carpets and Cushions supplied
with all our BOATS AND
Rover Boat House.
G.T.P. Hotel Building.
Leaves at 3 p. in.
daily for
Port Essington
and way points.
For ra'tfs appMy���
K. B. Rochester, Agent, Prince Rupert, or
J. F. NOEL, Master on Board.
Clarke & Ives
Manufacturing Agents and Wholesale Produce Dealers.
The finest  lines of Eggs,   Butter,   Hams   and   Bacon
always in Stock.   Fruits of all kinds in season.
Mail  Orders  Will  eceive  Prompt Attention.
New Bake shop with modern
plant, capable of handling any
quantity of trade. The finest
equipped bake shop in the city.
All kinds of bread and only the
Finest Pastry and Cakes
Second  Avenue
Next to Annex Hotel.
Sawmill Co.
A large stock of dry finishing' lumber on hand. Boat
lumber a specialty. Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
Office: Cor. Centre St. & First Ave.
Western Union Code
Cable address "Naden"
Prince Rupert.
Associated with
Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.,,
Vancouver, B.C.
Real Estate, Insurance and
Financial Agents
Phoenix Assurance Company, Ltd.
of London, England
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Company.
British America Assurance Company of Toronto.
Canadian  Casualty Company of
Thames & Mersey Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. of Liverpool.
We have lots for sale or lease in all
sections of the city, and are prepared to
deal in Mineral Claims, Timber Limits,
and Agricultural Lands.
Prince Rupert.
As its name indicates
The   First Hotel in Northern
British Columbia
Both in cuisine and appointments. Electric lighted
throughout. Baths on
every floor, free to guests.
Hose reels throughout house
with ample pressure for
fire protection.
European and American Plans
Commercial Rates.
Owned and operated by the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway on
the American and European plan.
Excellently furnished, with
steam heat, electric light, and all
modern conveniences, being absolutely first-class in every respect.
The appointments and service
are equal to any hotel on the
Rates: $1 to $3.50 per day.
G. A. Sweet, Manager.
Family Trade a specialty
We deliver FREE to any
part   of  Prince  Rupert.
llW.  M.   LAW
Financial Agent
Real Estate
1 have some good buys in all parts
of the city. Business and residence lots
for rent. List your property with me,
I can sell it. Best Insurance Companies. Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through Tickets and Excursion
Rates to���
England, France,  Germany,
Italy, and all
Scandinavian Ports.
Call or write for rates to any part of
the world. I am also agent for all
American Steamers to and from Prince
Rupert; Northern Pacific Railway; Alaska Pacific Express.
General Steamship and Railway Agent,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
The Miilar-Rorke Co.
Fruit and Produce
Northern   Orders   Will   Receive Special
306 Water St., Vancouver, B.C.
O. BESNER - - Proprietor
Spacious Sitting Room for guests
Pool Room, Soft Drinks, Cigars & Tobacco.
Painting and Papering
Calsomining, etc.
The John L. Card was in port Wednesday.
The Josephine was in port Sunday
and Monday.
The Celtic was discharging coal from   HigTl-cl&SS
Ladysmith on Monday. I VI    r
The boat houses  had   a  big  run  of j 3,016 figure
business  Sunday.     The   weather   was
simply ideal.
The Beatrice from Vancouver reached
port Friday night sailing at one o'clock
Sunday for the south.
The Skeena returned on Wednesday
evening from Hazleton with J. W.
Stewart and his party.
The Humboldt was in port Wednesday afternoon, north bound. She passed
the Rupert City on the way.
'the Distributor left on Thursday
morning for up liver points. There
were some 60 or 70 railroad laborers
who came up on the Rupert City on
The Princess May came in on Saturday several hours late from Skagway
with all her berths sold.      There   were
work at reason-
Harrison, Campbell, Mills Co., Ltd.
The Pioneer Druggists
W. S.D. Smith & Son
Apply at Mrs.  Hughes Restaurant
Patent     Medicines,
Films   and   Supplies.
and Newspapers.
many who wanted to go south   on   her  Cigars,  TobaCCOS  and FruitS.
but were unable on this account.
Kelly-Carruthers, Suppy Co.,
Miller & Rowe
House Builders and
Have us figure on your new
house at once. It will save
you money.
P.O. Box 461, Prince Rupert
This week Mr. Kinghorn inspector of
hulls and equipment and Boiler Inspector Robertson made an official inspection ���
of all boats plying in these waters.    On                                     r.
Wednesday   the   Rover,    McCullough,   PviVoc        Roniir'On
Lottien and Native   were   all   tied   up   *   * ltCS        UCUULCU
while the inspection was being made,
��� On Monday the Cottage   City,   south
bound;   The   City   of   Seattle,    north
bounci   ar.d   the   Princess Royal, north
bound, were in port in quick succession,
and all had a complete   passenger  list.
The Seattle had a brush with the Northwestern   which   was  quite exciting on
her way up.
A list of all Canadian lights and fog and Pod.
signals on the Pacific coast, corrected
to April 1st, 1909, has been published
and will be supplied to mariners free
upon application at the customs office.
The red conical buoy, which heretofore
marked Ellinor rock, Princa Rupert
harbour approach, Chatham Sound, has
been replaced by a steel buoy, painted
in red ancl black horizontal bands,
moored close to the rock.
1 he St. Croix owned by the Schuback
Hamilton Company of Seattle ancl recently brought around the Horn for the
Pacihc coastwise trade, made a call at
Prince Rupert luetday. On board was
Mr.  Schuback one of the owners of the som<
boat.       When   seen   by   an   Optimist  First Avenue
representative Mr. Schuoack  said that
the St. Croix was only   making  a  few  peC(nd Avenue
excursion   cruises  this being her third  Third Avenue
voyage   out   of   Seattle.       When Mr.   Fifth Avenue
Hamilton reaches Seattle they will pro-   ^ixLn Avenue
bably   establish   a   regular  run,   most
likely the northwestern,   in which case
Prince Rupert would   stand   very
chances ot being a port   of  call.      The
St. Croix carried   two   hundred   excursionists.    She is a first class boat, nicely lifted up ancl has also the conveniences   Call and make enquiries regarding these.
of a wireless system.
English <3& American Billiards
Eight Tables.
Rea* Estate
1  have  listed for sale
some   choice   lots on
Seventh Avenue
Eighth Avenue
Tenth Avenue
Comox Avenue
India Avenue
Also a client who wishes to build on
good  Third Avenue, near McBride St. to suit
Do a general Transfer Business
Piano   and   Safes   moved   at  our risk.
Five Days Free Storage.
Agent: S      Assurance Co. of Canada.
Employer's Liability Assurance Corpn.
Real Estate and
Commission Broker
Prince Rupert.
Valves, Pipe and Pipe Fittings in Stock.
A First-class Metal Shop.
Plumbing and Stearnheating.
FOR SALE���SNAP���House  and Lot,  Block 25,
Section 5.    Price - $1375
Half cash.    Balance can be
arranged for.
FOR SALE���Property all over the city".
TO LEASE���Business property" on Second and
Third  Avenues  for  terms of 5  years.
Carry a complete line of
Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings,
Boots, Shoes, Clothing and
^'L Selected Stock of Groceries.
Fresh Fruits of all ��*W in Season.
Mail orders will always receive Special and Prompt Attention.
Butchers and . . .
Provision Dealers
Breakfast   Bacon r
Winchester Hams -
Manitoba Candled Eggs -
New Early Rose Potatoes -
24c per lb.
20c per lb.
25c per doz.
$2 per sack
We have installed power and will make fresh every
Morrow's Perfection Pork Sausage
This sausage is made from the host quality of Pork,
from a famous receipt obtained in Germany and
guaranteed absolutely perfect.
If  vou are  not  using
vou are not using the Best Canadian Butter.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Always the very latest and everything in the market.
A Weekly Newspaper devoted to the News and
Interests of Prince  Ru��4rt ami the North
Coast of British Columbia,
-   $2.00
Subscription price, in Canada, per year,
To Foreign Countries,   ���      ���      "
G. R. T, Sawle, Edit.ir and Manager,
G. L. Maclnnes, Secretary -Treasurer.
Reading Notices, Business Locals, and all advertisements not specifically contracted for, will be
charged at ten cents per line, each insertion. All
adveitising without instructions will be run until
oidered out.
Legal Notices, ten cents per line each insertion.
Land Notices, HO days.        - $7.00
Inches 1 w
1 (10
1 50
2 (Kl
ij 00
g 50
6 00
7 Oo
2 w
1 60
2 00
6 oo
4 (HI
6 (Kl
7 50
t) III)
a w
1 75
8 oo
4 00
a (HI
0 I 0
9 00
12 00
1 M
2 (HI
4 (Kl
(i 00
7 00
12 00
16 oo
3 M
5 00
10 00
12 oo
15 00
211 IKI
30 00
40 110
(i M
8 00
15 IKI
2u 00
25 00
30 00
40 00
tio 00
1 YR
16 00
25 (HI
30 00
40 00
50 00
bO 00
75 00
PRINCE RUPERT, B.C., July 30, 1909
Plum Crop a Faik're.
It is rather unfortunate and generally disappointing that Hon. Dr. Pugsley
has decided not to visit Prince Rupert.
The Minister of Public Works may never
have another opportunity to see a great
city in embryo; to witness the hustle, the
happiness and the luxuries of the
modern pioneer. The citizens will loose
the pleasure of giving him a feast of
fat things and a banquet of Prince
Rupert advertising. Our people had a
conceit that their optimism, their suavity and their good cause would have
drawn a big package from the minister's plum basket.
Probably that is the very reason that
Dr. Pugsley so suddenly changed his
plans. Since Finance Fielding has
ordered the various departments to
lead the simple life, tone their system
and spray their fruit trees with econ-!
omy, there has been a leanness in the
political orchard and the Public Works
Minister did not have as large a basket
to bring west as no doubt he would have
liked. Those little harbors and docks in
the Maritime provinces and the bridges j
and the post-offices in Quebec take a |
lot of money. Also the Doctor did not
realize the appetites of the western
boys. Vancouver and Victoria gobbled
up the whole basket the first time it was
opened and they did not need despepsia
tablets afterwards, either. The Doctor
naturally concluded that if the cities in
the south could enveigle the whole crop
of plums, that the hardy northerners
would take the bark and mortgage the
Now it looks as though we will have
to wait for a fresh crop.
Keep the Streets Clean.
Several comments and various opinions have been expressed anent The
Optimist's remarks on the restricted
district within this new town. The
time is opportune to state just the
position this paper has taken on that
question, and having taken the stand we
will make it good or fall by it. In the
latter event the public will learn something when the drop comes.
To begin with, The Optimist has too '���
exalted an opinion of its respectability
and knowledge of human nature j
to be a chaser of pimps and a reformer
of Jezebels, but it has the courage to |
take up an unclean fight in order to
protect the clean and pure northern
atmosphere which surrounds the women
ar.d children of our new city. This
paper do^s object to these human
festers making Comox avenue a Gehenna of character and morals; we do object
to Fulton street being made the highway to this hell, and the advertising
prominade of its gaudy inmates
and shameless habitue; we want to see
our streets kept clean and wholesome
and make a city that families will be
proud to call home. We beleive the
citizens of our city stand unaminous on
this point.
What's the time? Ask the first six
people you find together ancl you will
get as many different replies, with variations in the information from five to
forty minutes. Try the experiment
and you will wonder if there are any
two timepieces in town alike. Every
large   firm,   every   place   of   business,
every boarding house and every individual has a time of his own. A natural
mathematician or a crank on statistics
could not schedule the variety. One has
to rely on intuition rather than his
watch in keeping an appointment.
Why cannot we have a local standard
time? A big clock on Centre street
with periodical time reports by telegraph
would be a great convenience and save
many of the annoying mistakes due to
the irregularity of our many time
pieces. It is a little thing, easily
remedied, and a recongized standard
would save an immense amount of
worry in the aggregate. The Board of
Trade could do it in a few minutes.
In giving Prince Rupert a five-cent,
two-dollar-a-year paper The Optimist
supplies something this town has
needed���a good newsy paper that can
be put into the hands of the public at a
fair price���a medium of publicity which
will make Prince Rupert's advantages
and opportunities known far and wide.
No effort was made to make a two cent
paper sell for ten cents or charge $5 for
a $1 production. The standard of value
was fixed and the product made worth
the price and a little more. The
Optimist will deal honestly with the
public and the public evidently appneci-
ates it. Prince Rupert citizens like an
honest opinion and an honest price.
The Panitorium will make you an up
to date tailor-made suit and guarantee
a fit. Call and inspect our samples.
Two doors from the Knox hotel.
^mm^ WmiM WBiM  #
/. B. Miller
Ice Cream Parlors
Fruits and Tobacco.
lisKg^gr-g^HJ    (SSSpiirSSill   4S?$mjgr^?&*}
(gggjgfgSSgj    [TSsfa^gSy;    nrSa^gstSS]
Teaming, Cartage and
Transfer  Contracting
Coal  Agency"        A*
Steamship Co.
Vadso and
St. Dennis
Leaves Vancouver for Prince
Rupert every Friday.
Weekly sailings from here to
Port Simpson, Nass River
and Goose Bay every Wednesday night.
Sailing south every Friday
Steamer   J.   L. Card,
Carrying explosives and general freight, makes regular
trips to this port from Victoria and Vancouver.
For further information apply
Peck, Moore & Company, agents
First Avenue ancl
Centre Streets.
m^s] [sss n^^
Roeal Estate, Insurance,
Farm   Lands, Financial
Farm and Fruit Lands along
the line of the G.T.P. Railway.    Write for prices.
The Prince Rupert Board of Trade beg to
advise intending residents, that everything
i equired or desired can be obtained at reasonable prices in this city, either wholesale or
Hotel accommodations first-class in every
Lumber and building materials of all kinds.
Stoves, hardware, furniture ancl bedding
of all kinds.
Groceries, meats, fish, vegetables, fruits
and provisions of every description.
Dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes,
ladies' goods, men's furnishings, etc. ,
Stationery of all kinds, job printing,
photographic supplies, drugs, jewelry, etc.
Fire, life, accident, marine and plate glass
insurance in the leading companies.
In fact everything obtainable in any of
the Coast Cities can be obtained in Prince
)t��V*��^S*l**VW'^����V*l��wrf(/W��^f�� hJ||W��NV��iH^
Leaves  Prince   Rupert   for
Port Essington
Dairy 10.30 a.m.
Returning���Leaves Port Essington for Prince Rupert
Daily 2.30 p.m.
Calls at Canneries both way.
with or for passengers.
Rough and Dressed
General Contractors
J. D, Allan Photographic Co. 1
Booksellers,     Stationers     and     Photographers    $
Centre Street
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Everything in Business and Private Stationery
We keep all the English and American Magazines
Dominion Day Postal Cards
Commission  Merchants
Wholesale Groceries, Fruit, Produce, etc.
Estimates Furnished
Box 438
| ~~~~ F. W. HART & CO.   |
I       Ifiil   #        niniTiiPiTnn    1
Prince Rupert
Tent and
Tents, Awnings,
Pack Sacks,
Bags, Sails,
CampFurniture, |
Canvas goods of
every     description.
Housefurnishings Complete
Wholesale and Retail
Mail Orders Promptly attended to.      *444444444444444444444444444444444444*4444444444444*
Cooking Utensils
Floor Oil Cloth
Table Oil Cloth
Drapery"    ���
Breezy Comments on Affairs by a Pioneer who Knows
this Country and its Needs.
The movement to banquet the Liberal
ministers and also Premier McBride, is
an excellent one. The sooner we get it
into the heads of the different governments that we are on the map, the
better it will be.
Certainly it is up to the people of this
town to take their hats off to Dick McBride. We think that the members of
all parties will admit that. We can't
claim that his government's treatment
of Prince Rupert has been perfect.
But it is as good as it could have been
under the circumstances. Certainly it
is much better than could have been
expected from the general run of governments.
The Good Book says that no good
thing can come out of Nazareth, and
we get into the way of thinking that no
good thing can come out of a Tory Government. Still we are confronted with
the wise, just and statesmanlike administration and organization of this city
as a demonstration to the contrary.
You can't get away from it boys; Dick
McBride has done the square thing for
this town and it's up to us to put up the
big holler when he comes next month.
It looks as though Northern B.C. is
going to fall into the Government procession. There is nothing else for it.
You can't turn down a party which has
done so well for our part of the country.
Tho chances are that we will climb into
the McBride band wagon and if we do
We are going to beat the bass drum,
The delegates who went to Victoria
were entirely successful and deserve
great praise. Whether
eloquence or Scotch canniness that won
the day has not been told. But tt.ey did
well and so did Wm. Manson who accompanied them.
Wm. Manson is a name that is looming larger all the time in the everyday
history of Northern  British Columbia.
the Provincial government piled on tax
after tax. not only has the Federal government increased the licenses tenfold
(the   average   taxes   and   licenses   for
if- w��U��CTvilv! i eacn cannery on the Skeena this year,
'  will be between $2500 and $3000),  not
only hss the Ma1 ine department built a
fleet  of   cruisers   and launches,  which
he has to pay for,  but now they have
decreased the length of the fishing season and cut down the fishing boundary
on the Skeena to Raspberry Island.   To
load up the taxes and a system of red
br.d enough,  but to
We want a man who can-" ! fCut ,him ���* ��f "�� rawf -      '.   . ,
tainly the limit Oi departmental tyranny.
Nobody ever asked that the boundary
be cut down, neither the fishermen, the
cannerymen or the Indians. No one
indeed but the snobbish and arrogant
importations, who are employed by the
Marine department, who have such elaborate theories and use such high
The theory of the people who advocate I wundine phrases, and give out such
running every thing  " wide open"   .-1 wonderfully   interesting  interviews   to
demonstration of the success of a "wide
open policy." They used to "go some"
there in the old Whitechapel days, or
later when the Paris house was the
pivotal point around which gathered the
vicious, the criminal and the unclean.
But does anyone think that if it was
not for the vastly rich country that
pours out its wealth at this gateway of
the ocean, that Seattle would ever
amount to anything.
We haven't come from the four corners of the earth in order to exist on a
revenue that is gleaned from the poor
devils who are willing to squander their
hard earned summer's wages in the
saloon and the gambling house. We've
got the snubby look and the glassy eye
for the booster and the tinhorn. We'll
pass them along.
If we can't make our living by our
energy and thrift, we'd better get out���
we can't help to build up Prince
Ruj: ert, and the sooner we get out the
O 0 0 0
The canneryman of B.C. is rather a \
hard used individual.    He employs Or-
iental labor and  he's  got no friends. ,
JS^sS^^ayHth��3?g5; Mackenzie Bros. Steamship Company
them   revenue   and   popularity   at   the
same time.
Over on the Skeena. the cannerymen
are really up against it.    Not only has
tration of the Militia Department.
There is no doubt that Sir Fredrick is
the best Minister of the Militia that
Canada ever had. Some people say
that he is a little irregular in his habits,
but if it is so he doesn't carry his irregularities into the Militia Department.
In the old days they used to say that
the Grits couldn't produce men capable
of running a government. No one will
make such an assertion now. Certainly
we think no one will claim that the
Liberal Ministers have not been splendid
Ability is plentiful among the Liberals.
Even in their graft (i.e. such of them
as do graft���many of them don't���
Thank God) they have exhibited a dash
and brilliance that in some measure relieves their crime of much of it's
In the old Tory days, the graft was
so coarse and arrogant ancl insolent as
to render it exasperating and nauseous.
Laurier has passed it out in neat little
packages that are not half so annoying.
Sir John used to use a scoop shovel,
Poverty is a state of the mind,
It was rather amusing to hear the
real estate men explain last week's
weather to the new comers.
No one will deny that our realty
brokers are a very fine class of men,
and we all appreciate the great difficulty they are going to have to enter the
Kingdom of Heaven.
Fairbanks-Morse Marine Engines
Approach Perfection as near as is possible with human Skill and Best Materials.
All cylinders are ground like glass by
latest process.
All bearings are babbitted and renewable.
positive system of
All have double and
We furnish either Jump, or Make or
Break ignition.
We use the famous Schebler carbur-
We make a special simple slow speed,
moderate price engine for fishing
We install the engines if waited���and look after them.
We guarantee every engine and OUR guarantee is worth something to you.
Ask for Catalogue or see our display.
Canadian Fairbanks Company, Ltd.
Toronto St. John Winnipeg
Operating passenger and Freight Steamers between Vancouver, Northern
British Columbia, and Southeast
Lynch Bros., General Merchants
Only   Direct   Service
Vancouver and
Prince  Rupert
Sash,   Doors   and   Building   Material.
He is"a strong man and this part ne*ds I tape officialdom is
strongmen.    We want a man who can-1 cut hlm out of h,s raw Product ,s  ^
not  be   "flim-flammed."   You  cannot
''flim-flam" Billy Manson.
oo       o       o
We hear much talk now a days of the
"wide   open   town"   policy,   and   the
philosophy of this policy has more of a
following than would be expected in a
Canadian community.
'wide open" is
that the best thing that can ffappen to
a city is for it to be filled up with
saloons and bawdy houses, with prostitutes and gamblers. They argue that
they are a source of wealth, and that
they attract a vast amount of transient
people who would spend their money
here. Of course this theory is as false
and shallow as it is wicked and contemptible.
It is absurb to think that vice and
fast living are ever a source of wealth,
that they ever produce anything except
ruined careers, suicides and despair.
We do not think that very many men
ever gather in a city with the deliberate
intention of drunkeness and debauchery.
Certainly a great number of them steer-
clear of these centres of vice, because
knowing their own weakness, they
wisely prefer not putting themselves in
the way of temptation.
Seattle is always being held up to us
or  used  to be,   in  the  old days���as a
the reporters, but who never cast a net
or canned a fish in their life, and who
couldn't tell a humpback from a sock-
eye if they were to be shot for it. Our ,
readers will probably think that the
last assertion is an exaggeration, but
when we tell them that some of the
Skeena River fishery officials threatened
to arrest a man for having a calf in his
boat, they thinking it was a fawn,
what we say about knowing the different kinds of fish will not seem absurd.   '
It is strange the sort of people we
set up to rule over us. But as the canneryman is a \e;y bad man, we suppose
he deserves it. As we said before, he !
employs our slant eyed brethern from
across the Pacific ar.d henceforth is
game for us all.
Honesty's a habit.
The success of the Ross rifle at
Bisley is a great triumph for Sir Fredrick Borden, ar.d the Liberal adminis-
Classed AI at Lloyds
D.  MACKENZIE, Master.
3000 tons register, 6 water-tight compartments, double bottom, practic-
unshrinkable. Every modern convenience, including���
Accommodations for 250 First-class
Passengers.    250 Steerage Passengers.
Leaves   Vancouver   for Prince Rupert
every Monday.
Leaves   Prince   Rupert  for Vancouver
every Thursday.
Prince Rupert Hardware lrince
and Supply Co., hi Rupert
Importers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers
in ^
Heavy and Shelf Hardware, v^O��
Ship Chandlery, Paints, etc.
First Class Fare
Tickets on sale in Prince Rupert at
Thomas Dunn,
Selling Out!
25 per  cent  Discount  on  all
Columbia Graphophones
also the latest
Columbia  Double  Disc   Records
Regular price $10.20 per doz.    SELLING PRICE, one doz  $9.00
two doz  14.00
Columbia   Indestructible  Cylinder   Records
Regular price $5.40 per doz.    SELLING PRICE, one doz  $4.20
" "       two doz     7.50
Keely's  Drug Store
Next to
Union    Bank.
The Public are warned to keep away
away from all construction work being
done by the Westholme Lumber Company.
Continuous blasting makes it dangerous.
Prince Rupert,
July 1st, 1909.
The new steel Passenger Steamer
" Camosun"
CROCKERY  .   .   .
Stoves and Ranges, Paints, Oils,
Varnishes, Glass, Tinware and
Graniteware, etc.
Prince Rupert every Sunday
at 6 p. m. for Vancouver.
Northbound leaves Vancouver Thursdays at 9 p.m.
First-class Fare      -     $18.00
Steerage -        - 5.00
The "Camosun" is the only steamer
on the run having water-tight bulkheads and double bottom, thus ensuring safety of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
Carries  the  most
complete stock of
Household Furniture
in town.
We have a new consignment
of Sea Grass and Reed Rockers and Arm Chairs    .    .    .
Give us a call, see our goods and
get prices.
Next door to Christansen-Brandt
Rupert Road.
Tugs "McCulloch and
"Topaz "
Launch "Hopewell," (T&c
General  Towing and Passenger
Scows for Hire.
Office: First Avenue and Centre Street
Rupert Road,  Prince Rupert P.  R-  Flemming   -    Agent.
Centre St.across from the Iroquois Pool Room 1
Rupert City Realty and
Information Bureau Ltd.
Think This Over.
Ask your grocer for B.C. hams and
The yacht Narbethong is for hire by
the day or hour.
Suits and fancy goods cleaned and
dyed at the Panitorium.
Halibut gear in good condition.
Apply Rover Boat House. 2t
The Panitorium cleans fancy waistcoats and does not shrink or fade them.
The Hub real estate agency is open
for business on Third avenue, near
The first G. T. P. train into Edmonton had on a private car called "Prince
Rev. Mr. Turkington who has been in
Atlin and the north for a number of
years, is in town this week.
D. Petre, who has no visible means
to sell any legitimate ! of support, was in police   court  Thurs-
Our clients are making money,
not be one of them ?
Nothing too great nor yet too small.
"Small   profits   and   quick returns"
our motto.
We have a most complete and up-to-date
Property  for sale in   all parts of
coming great city.
We will undertake
We can lease, rent, sell, buy, or insure.
We have many outside clients looking
for good properties. List same with
us.    It will be to your advantage.
P.O. Drawer 1539.
Merryfield & McEwen
General Merchants
Headquarters for Miners',
Trappers' and Prospectors'
Kitselas,   B. C.
Contractors   and   Builders
Store and Office Fittings.
Plans and Estimates.
Office: One block west of new theater.
Mrs. E. Defers & Co.
Rupert Road
Prince Rupert.
New Coats for Children in Cream
Lustre, Cashmere, Bearskin, and just
the thing for this weather, in a knit
Norfolk Jacket. We have Colored Cotton Dresses for Little Folks cheaper
than you can make them. If you want
a nice pair of Garters for the baby they
are here. New goods for children will
arrive every week.
A nice assortment of Petticoats have
arrived, in Silk, Moria, Taffetas, and
If you  want  a
reasonable prices,
latest arrivals.
nice Golf Jacket at
come   and   see   the
f i
We have a few of these Dress Skirts
left, in the best tailored styles, that we
are selling very cheap. ,
There are lots of pretty things in the
little store worth coming to see.
Electric  Wiring
A. T. Parkin & Co.
Centre Street.
day as a "vag" and   was  ordered out
B.C. hams and bacon for sale at all
first class grocers.
H. E. Hendricksen and W. H. Graihl
will venture forth in the realestate
business in their new office on Third
avenue near Fulton some time next
Mrs. J. Cameron who came upon the
Rupert City, Wednesday, joined Mr.
Cameron who has been in Prince
Rupert a couple of weeks. Mr. and
Mrs. Cameron are guests of Mr. Sol.
Cameron, First avenue.
The management of the Iroquois pool
room is thinking of enlarging the ticket
box. That Seattle trip is causing quite
a stir. One man has even gone so far
as to ask for a week off already.
H. 0. Butler from Nome, Alaska, is
a guest at the Inn this week. Mr.
Butler is receiving old acquaintances
and will become associated with Mr.
M. Law in the real estate business.
The Vancouver Milling & Grain Co.
run coupons in every sack of their
Royal Standard flour. Thos. Fowler of
Prince Rupert was one of the fortunate
ones, a set of dishes falling to him on
hi* coupon.
An enquiry as to the reason for the
irregularity of the contractors time
whistle brings the information that no
attempt is made to keep standard time,
but that the whistle is made to suit the
convenience of the contractors.
Miss Lena Silver, of the red light
district, was in court Thursday charged
by a local man with insulting language
and running a disorderly house. She
pleaded guilty to the latter and was
given forty eight hours to get out of
Buy Challenge Brand Eggs. They
are Fresh.
The gale on Wednesday evening
caught W. J. Alder's big block on the
corner of Sixth street and Third avenue
rather unprepared. Work was being
rushed to get the roof closed in leaving
the rest of the building too open. It
totally collapsed. The frame destroyed
will be immediately replaced and work
go on as before.
There was a small police court case
Monday. It was a case of boys getting
a little too free and the aggrieved party
administering chastisement from his
own initiative. After a few plain
words to all parties concerned Magistrate Manson taxed Joe Peach one
dollar and costs for each of the two
charges. The chastisement was
applied to Claude Black and Master
The tunnels for another big coyote
hole in the second cut of Ross &
McColl's work are progressing nicely.
This shot will be fired in a month or so.
Work has already commenced on the
coyote shot in the bluff abbutting the
government dock. Ross & McColl have
this work as well. The shot will be
fired before the work is done on the
The G.T.P. are building a wharf 40x
80 just opposite Water street. The
wharf is to be used for stoi age purposes, unloading ties, steel and rolling
stock. The grade is being widened
right below Ross and McColl's camp to
permit of storage tracks being laid as
ties will be shipped in here in large
quantities from now on. These quarters
will take on a busy aspect.
E. J. Smith. Richard McCormick and
two other men engaged the launch
Prince on July 22nd, to go to Stewart.
The boat had to return on account of
the storm. The four men were all
drinking, and when they returned McCormick couldn't get out of the boat.
The other three slept on the float. At
daylight Smith got up hut missed McCormick. Nothing but his cap remained. The police dragged for the body
near the boat, but with no success.
The man McCormick is believed to be
M. M. Stephens & Co., offer this residence lot, subject to prior sale, on
Borden street, Lot 21 Block 14 Sec. 5,
$(500 This is a beautiful lot, cleared of
stumps, and commands a fine view of
the harbor.
Jas. Anderson went south on the
Cottage City.
Sol. Cameron returned on the Rupert
City from Victoria.
Mrs. Sweet has returned after a few
weeks in the south.
J. Fred Ritchie returned on the
Rupert City from Victoria.
Mrs. Babington and Miss Babington
of Vancouver, are guests of Capt. H. B.
Herb Young was called this week to
his home in Vancouver to see his mother
who is dangerously ill.
Mrs. C. W. Tanksley has returned
to town after a couple of month's holiday in the south and at the fair.
Mrs. Dimsdale and family have moved
out to Fairview for the summer. Mrs.
Baird will spend a month at the camp
as well.
The City of Seattle carried a party
gotten up by Mr. West of'Frisco. Dennis
Allan took a few snaps of them when
in port.
Norman Brodhurst who has been running the Rover this season went north
on the Royal for Ketchikan, to take
charge of the Elizabeth.
Fred Hennitig is again behind the
desk in that same old genial way at the
Premier. The Fair was the cause of
the interruption of his duties.
A. R. Barrow has returned to town.
Mr. Barrow was the provincial land
surveyor employed by the G.T.P. to lay
out the townsite and surrounding district.
Mrs. C. V. Bennett is expected on the
Camosun Sunday morning. Mr. and
Mrs. Bennett will reside on Second
avenue in the cottage recently purchased from Mr. Dimsdale.
F. W. Hart returned from the south
on the Royal Monday night, where he
was on a purchasing trip. Mr. Hart
took two days off to see the fair, when
so close, nor did he observe union hours
while at it. "I had only two days to
see it all" he said, "and it took from
six in the morning till eleven at night,
and then I had to hustle."
The Premier hotel has installed a fine new
A Russian got his foot severely hurt at Rankin's
this week.
J. W. Stewart and party sailed on the Rupert
City Thursday.
Dr. Eggert will open an office for general practice in the Union Bank building.
Several local news items and correspondence
has been crowded out th,'* week.
A steam shovel belonging to Ross & McColl was
buried under a rock slide Thursday.
A heavy shipment af beer and flour lies in the
G. T. P. warehouse awaiting transportation to
The Cameronians is the name of a hockey team
organized by the Westholme Lumber Co. boys on
Thursday evening.
One produce house in Prince Rupert shipped
four and a half ton of freight in one day alone
out of Prince Rupert.
Chas. Thompson was struck by a falling derrick
on Wednesday last at Neil Keith's camp. His
collar bone was smashed.
The run of sock-eye on the Skeena continues
poor. The S. S. St. Davis leports a good run on
the Nass, and the canneries all doing work.
The Fraser River Lumber Co. who have the largest sawmill in the world on the Fraser river is
about to open a lumber yard in P.ince Rupei t.
H. Kerr fell down a 50 foot clilf at Augus
Stewart's camp. Several bones in his aims and
elbow were broken besides a severe shaking up.
C. V. Bennett has located a law office in the
building occupied by Backus & Co. on Centre
street. Mr. Bennett has been appointed a notary
public for B. C.
P. K. Hensen came down on the S. S. Skeena
from his ranch a few miles above the "Big
Canyon," and will spend a few days in the city
on a business trip.
McKinnon's bakery will be open for business
from now on, in the old R.C. Church building which
has been refitted. A new portable oven of increased capacity has been installed.
The patronesses for the dance in aid of the baseball fund to be held in the new Pioneer laundry
building will be Mrs. Brandt, Mrs. Artaud, Mrs.
Conkey, Mrs. Craig and Mrs. McDonald.
Local enthusiasts of the gun will indulge in trap
shooting on Saturday afternoons hence forth at
Fairview. A couple of "shoots" have already been
held, considerable interest being exhibited.
H. G. Halbert has loused the property between
Filth and Sixth street on Third. J. G. Weston has
commenced excavating for a block 24 x 40 which
is to be used as a restaurant when completed.
On Saturday evening, July 24, 1909, in the
presence of a tew intimate friends, Miss Julia, the
daughter of John Walters, was married to Mr.
Michael Seeberg. The ceremony was performed
by Rev. C. F. Connor, M. A. B. D., in the Methodist
church. Mr. and Mrs. Seeberg will reside in
Prince Rupert.
J. J. McCaffrey, a well known hotel man of
Fredrickton, N.B., is a guest at the Rupert Inn.
Mr. McCaffrey desires to locate in the hotel business some place in the west and has been looking
over Vancouver and Prince Rupert. It is also his
intention to invest some money for a syndicate of
Fredrickton men.
The S. S. Skeena reached here at ti:0U P. M. on
Wednesday on her return voyage from Hazelton
and way ports. It was her first trip through and
above the "Big Canyon," the voyage being made
without any mishaps. The boat reached Hazelton
Monday afternoon about five hours before the Str.
Hazelton arrived there. Among the passengers
on board on the inward hound trip were Mr. J. W.
Stewart, Hon. Duncan Ross. Mr. W. A. Harkin,
Mr. A. McDougall and Malcolm McLeod.
Next Tuesday an election for fire wardens will
be held at the government building. Three
wardens are to be elected. In case more than
three are nominated an election will be held the
following day. Every male of the age of eighteen
years, excepting Chinese, Japanese and Indians is
entitled to vote. The duties of the fire wardens
are to see that all bon-fires are properly guarded,
chimneys properly erected, inflamable matter
taken care of and in every way to protect property from possible danger from fire.
Some Good Rupert Realty.
A   Fine   Fifth   Avenue   Residence Site
having 99 feet frontage for only <M 1 CQ
Three  Splendid  Lots affording broad
view of Harbour for only    -     "$1650.
Several  Sixth  Avenue  Sites  near McBride Street at     -       $925 Per ^ot UP"
Offices: Second Ave, Near McBride St.
P.O.  Box 593. Prince Rupert.
< HVNA^VSA^/N^S^^^^V^^^^^^S/VSA('/\^VVS^M>AAVS^VVS��VyV^/V*
Household  and  Office
We have the finest line of Household and
Office Furniture in town and would
like you to come  and see us.
Flexman  & Browne
First Avenue
We can furnish your house or office
Weather Report for the Past Seven Days.
From Records of the Dominion Meteorological Service.
Reported by H. O. Crew.
Firday P. M., July 28
Cloudy and dull
Fine and clear with bright warm sun
Fine and clear with bright warm sun
Clear and fine with bright warm sun,
misty in evening
Heavy mist with light rain all day
Rain; heavy  rain   with high wind at
5S.3 54.0
64.5 44.2
12.8    44.5
Rainfall for week 2.74 inches.
Rainfall for month 7.17 inches.
Final reading each day at 5 P. M.
Rainfall for year, to date, 56.88.
Prince Rupert
Furnished Rooms
First-Class Accommodation
Rupert Road
Prince Rupert
Agent for the Rat Portage Lumber    Company    of   Vancouver, i r
Lowest Prices quoted for
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, and
Lumber of every Description.
Funeral  Director
Embalmer ;WHBieHR��a��9a��E m gg��aBKffi��a��ai%
Excellent Business Double Corner on Sixth Ave.   $2000
Two Lots on Second avenue, best location
in Prince Rupert - - -   $6250 each.
Sixth avenue, two fine lots on plankroad, only     250 each.
Good level corner on Second avenue        -   1500
One Lot on Third avenue, near McBride     -   1575
Splendid corner on Fifth avenue, 99 ft. frontage, $1150
Can you beat it ?
Five Lots on Prince Rupert Boulevard, the
dandiest lots in Section 8 - -   $160 each.
Double corner on Fulton and Sixth Avenue
100 feet plankroad - - - $3000
See our List, it's right up-to-date.
We Have Buyers for Business & Residential Lots
For quick sale list your lots with us.
Life and Accident mmm mR
Little Things to Think About.
For Best Beds and Rooms
at Reasonable Prices . . .
1.    It is the surest way to prevent the
t j household loaf from being buried with
��� i the household head.
; |    2.    It helps to rid the community of
\  pauperism and its expense, and of crime
4: incident to poverty.
��� j     3.    It brings relief to the sorrows of
��: bereavement and brightens the other-
i desolated pathway.
1      4.    It  gives   the   permanence  of an
estate or of a fortune to those depending upon their daily toil.
5.    It  is  a  profitable use of funds,
'Jfl yielding,   besides   security,   better   re-
^ , turns than most investments.
jit) |    6.    It is a property not exposed to the
($\! demands of creditors, but protected by  �� ,1      p.       n ��� n
m law fbr one's heirs. Seventh    St.,    YXiMl   WbtXl
}&i ;    7.    It brings ready money just at that
tO ��� moment when it is timely and welobme.   __^__^^________________
M\ :    8.    It affords all the conveniences of
Crown Bottling Works
etc., etc.
British Columbia Real Estate Syndicate, Ltd.
P.O. Box 491
Prince Rupert, B.C.
. * ml'. *.<.*.'. m.<l ��#<�� ����������'* ��*<< W'J ~.'i :<l **<J ���..-<* *    .'I ��   *'4 .
jj^p-sij (i^ss^g-^sJ Lie&^����"^4s.iJ ESSSiJsr^isI)
j)j* saving institutions, ancl also gives much
XLy larger pecuniary returns.
M]j 9. It benefits the assured by promotes ing industry and economy, and prolongs
S^ life by relieving from anxiety.
^�� Call and let us explain the non-forfeit-
^^.w.^^*r."*^-^-J3 able feature of our P��licies-
^gff^^gf| p   B   DEACON
Agent Sun Life Assurance Co. cf Canada
Employer's Liability Assocn. Corporation
Dominion   Theatre
L.  ROY      -      -      -      PROPRIETOR
79 Rupert Rd.,Prince Rupert, B.C.
Open Evenings.
Canadian Pacific Railway.
B.C. Coast Service.
Manufacturers of
Sodawater, Syphons, Syrups.
Wholesale dealers in
Beer,   Cider and   Cigars.
Progress Brand
is the most celebrated clothing
in Canada for wear, style and
Sole Agents for Prince Rupert.
fc3 lcs-v.^fnp^��iEosftalEasS)i��STjis/npsi]
Tlie Best Equipped in Northern B.C.
s.s. Princess Beatrice:     Reai Estate Stocks and Insurance.
Leaves Prince Rupert every
Sunday at 1 p.m. for  .   .  .
FOR SALE���Skeena River Cannery Stock.
Victoria,      Seattle, HOTEL STOCK-Paying Handsome Dividends,
and intermediate ports of call.   MERCANTILE STOCK-Longest Business in Northern
Arrives at Vancouver Tuesday at British Columbia.
9 a,m.
Leaves Vancouver every Wednes- SAW MILL���30,000  Capacity.    Best Investment in Norway at 11 p.m. thern British Columbia.
Arrives at Prince Rupert every L-.-.-.-.j.   ��� ...�����,���    nn ��������� , , _ .
Friday at 11 p.m. ; TIMBER LIMITS-30,000 to the acre,  close to Prince
fares. Rupert.
First Class   -       ���       -       $18.00
Deck Class   -       -   Vancouver   6.00
Victoria, Seattle   7.00
Douglas Sutherland - General Agent
mtj ������ 'gmm^mm^%m��.
Is the place for
Pure Ice Cream
To  Builders
Made from pure cow's cream.
All the delicacies of the season.
Victrola  always   playing   highest   class  records
and popular hits of the  season.
The first essential in the erection of a building is protection
from loss by" fire.
Quite as important is it that that protection should protect.
We represent the old reliable companies The j-^oyal
Insurance Co., The London and Lancashire Fire Insurance
Co., and the Northern Assurance Co.
Are we protecting you ?    If not, why not ?
Real  Estate,  Insurance  and Financial Agents,
Condensed Advertisements.       m imm ��� nm
"POR LEASE. One lot on 5th Ave, near (ireen
-L     street.    Apply to box 1B46.
LOT to lease near Hays cove on Fifth avenue.
G. R. T. Sawle.
TOR SALE. Four lots in block 82, section 8.-
���L      Apply at this office.
T OTSCLEARED-Stumps taken out ancl burned;
���LJ first-class job ; prices reasonable. -G. L. Maclnnes, box 1545.
'yU'ANTED. ���A trood live hustler to act as our
"' city solicitor for all lines of insurance. We
are prepared to oiler special inducements to the
litfht man. Apply to Rupert City Realty and Information Bureau. Ltd., Prince Rupert, B.C.
Drawer 1539. Office, corner of .Second Avenue and
Fulton street.
Skeena Land District���District of Const.
'"PAKE   notice that 1, Janet D. Kudu? of Port
���*���     Essinyrton, B.C., occupation, married woman,
intend  to apply  for permission to purchase the
following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted about 20(1 feet
distant, and in a westerly direction from a
stream flowing into the RIewnuggit inlet, ami at
the head of tide-water on said inlet, and marked
.T.D.R.N.E. corner; thence south 20 chains, thence
west 20 chains, thence north 20 chains, thence east
20 chains, to point of commencement, containing
40 acies, more or less.   JANET D. RUDGE,
Dated June 25, 1909.      Harry Berryman, agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
'TAKE notice that I, Norman Brodhtirst of
-*��� Prince Rupert, occupation mariner, intend to
apply for permission to lease the followingdescrib-
ed foreshore.
Commencing at a post planted on a small island,
iiuaiter of a mile east of Kitson island ; thence
north SO chains, thence east 4IT chains, thence
south So chains, thence west 40 chains to post,
containing W) acres.
Dated July 7th, 1909.
Skeena Land District-District of Coast.
'TAKE notice that I, Hume Babinjjt:)n of Prince
���*���    Rupert, B.C., occupation master mariner, intend to apply for permission to lease the following
following described foreshore.
Commencing at a post planted on a small island
ciuaiter of a mile east of Kitson island; thence
north 80 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 40 chains ti post, containing 320 acres. HUME BABINGTON.
Dated July 7th, 1909.
Coast District���Skeena Land District.
TAKE notice, IGustavHansen, occupation mari-
���*��� ner, intend tj apply for permission to lease
the following foreshoie:
Commencing at a post marked "G. H.'s Southwest coiner" at hitjlj, water mark on Big bay,
about one half mile easterly from Tree bluff;
thence easterly, following the sinuosties of the
shoreline to a post at high-water mark, fifteen
hundred feet, more or less; thence north to low
water line, thence west alone: the low water line to
���i p:iint ti),th of the point of commencement,
thence smith to the point of CGrr.rr.cr.eemcnt.
Date! 25th June, 1909.     GUSTAV HANSEN.
Coast Land District���District of Skeena.
TAKE notice that I,  David H. Hays of Prince
���*���    Rupeit,  B.C., occupation real estate broker,
intend to apply for permission to lease the following described land:
i Commencing at a post planted on Pitt ishnd,
about live miles south of Connie harbor, Petrel
channel; thence east 40 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement, containing 320
acres, mere or less. DAVID H. HAYS,
Dated July 14th, 1909.       L. T. Watson, agent.
Skeena Land Dittiict���District of Coast.
TAKE notice that I, A. J. Prudhomme, of Prince
-*-   Rupeit, occupation contractor, intend to apply
for permission  to lease the following described
Commencing at a post planted on the North
bank of Salmon liver and about one and half miles
from its outlet, on the North side of Pitt island ;
thence east &) chains, thence south tjO chains,
thence west 60 chains, thence noith 60 chains to
point of commencement, containing 32) acres,
moteoricss. A. J. PRUDHOMME
Dated July 15th, 1909.        M. A. Kraitz, agent.
Fire Warden's Election.
Plans and Estimates Furnished,
Sixth Street, Third Avenue.
Box 12(5. Prince Rupert.
TAKE notice that I, J. H. Pillsbury, civil engin-
-'��� eer, Prince Rupert, B.C., intend to apply for
permission to lease the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at high-water
mark, about 10 chains North of the N.E. coiner of
Lit 515, on the Wett side of Kumealoh inlet; thence
11 chains west, thence 4 I chains north, thence east
20 chains, more or less, to the shore line, thence
following along the sh ire line to the point of commencement, containing about 120 acres.
Dated June 27th, 1909,      J. H. PILLSBURY.
J. Piercy of Rupert, was in town on
business this week.
C. W. Peck, of Prince. Rupert, was
in town this week.
Mr. R. Ferguson of Vancouver, is in
Port Essington spending a holiday.
A body was picked up recently at
Shadys' camp so badly decomposed that
nothing could be done with it. It was
buried on the spot.
Prof. Prince and party arrived at
Port Essington this week on the Royal,
leaving Wednesday on a trip of inspection, up the Nass, accompanied by Mr.
J. T. Williams. They were on the
While the Princess Ena was in port
this week unloading coal at Cunningham's wharf, the weight proved too
heavy for the caps of the wharf, which
gave way, letting 20 tons of coal
through to the mud banks beneath.
The War In Knoxville.
Special dispatch from scene of hostilities.
Saturday, July 24th.���War was openly declared. First shot fired; wrecked
O'Brien's barber shop; threw mud on
McKinnon's bread, and smashed many
windows. A frontal attack on the
enemy's stronghold was planned by
the ivnoxvilleit.es. but failed in its
initial stage.     No casualties reported.
Monday, A. M.���A lull in the engagements.
2:30���Batteries open fire; citizens
evacuate. One projectile 18 inches x 6
feet hurled over Dominion hotel���no
damage; second shot, Dominion hotel
loses half its roof; third shot, splashes
mud over everybody. No casualties.
No armed demonstration on part of
citizens yet.
Working On the Trails.
The trail from Copper City to Alder-
mere, which was begun last fall, will
be pushed to completion. Work on the I
remaining twenty six miles of the unfinished trail to the summit is starting
immediately from the Copper river end
and is costing $10,000 apart from the
bridges. Mr. E. D. Clark, government
inspector of roads, has sent a party of
men in to this work.
The work from Aldermere is under
Mr. Hiilscroft and is also being completed so as to connect at the summit.
A gang of men ancl some lumber is '
also being taken up Portland Canal for
the new government wharf which is to
be erected at Stewart.
R. A. White
Real Estate, Insurance, Farm Lands,
Mines and limber
I have call for lots at reasonable
prices in all parts of the townsite, especially First, Second, and Third avenues West, and Sixth avenue. If you
have lots for sale, furnish me particulars.
Farm   lands for sale in the interior
ancl near Prince Rupert.
Settlers located on pre-emption.
P.O. DRAWER 368.
Accountant and Stenographer,
Prince Rupert, B.C.
P.O. Box 49.    Prince Rupert, B.C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary, etc.
Oflice: Centre Street.
Member of Ontario ancl Alberta Bars.
MOTICE is hereby iriven that under the provis-
^' Ions of Ihe Villages File Protection Act,
Chapters:). Reviled Statutes of British Columbia.
1897, and amendments thereto, an election of three
persons  to act  as   Fire  Wardens for the town of
Prince Rupert, will be held in the Assesor's office,   ���
Government Buildings, Prince Rupert, on
The   nomination   shall   be   made   between   ten
o'clock and eleven o'clock in the morninff, on the
.Ixive dates and the poll (if any I shall be held between  eleven   o'clock   in  the  moininjr  and   one
o'clock in the afternoon of the day following;.
Every male inhabitant of the town, of the age of
eighteen years and Upward, except Chinese, Japanese and Indians, may vote at the election.
Nomination papers may be had upon applirati"n
to the undersigned.
Prince Rupert. B.C. Government Agent.
July 28th, 1909.
Civil Engineer and Surveyor,
Reports, plans, estimates and surveying,
Street grades set out for building.
Lots surveyed and permanently referenced.
Oflice: Post office building.
Roman Catholic Church.
Parochial Mas.; will be held (I).V.) every Sunday
and Festival of obligation at 10.80 a.m. and evening service at  7.80 o'clock.   Sunday school at 2
p.m.    Low Mass daily at 7.30 a.m.
Church on Fifth Avenue and Fulton Street.
REV. F. KIKNTZ, D.L., Rector.
St. Andrew's Hall. Church of England.
Sunday Services at 11 a.m. and 7.:!9 p.m., Holy
Communion lirst Sunday in month, 11 a.m.; Sunday School 2 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church.
Sunday Services at 11 a.m. and 7.80p.m. Sabbath
School at 2.39 p.m.
REV.  W. J.  KIDD, B.A..B.D.,  Pastor.
Methodist Church.
Sunday Services at 11 a.m. and 7.39 p.m., Sunday School :it 2.80 p.m.
C. F. CONNOR, M.A., B.D., Pastor.
Maple Leaf
Rupert Road
Meals at all Hours.
Luncheon. 15c up.
Open Day and Night.
***" ���~���^��� -^���������. ������r'Tir-Mitifiwi-' rrrt - ���ii���f-Trnir���rr
Sole agent for
��. H. Heaps & Co.
Manufacturers of
Store Fronts
All kinds of Turned   Work, Brackets,
Scroll Work, etc.
We  carry  nothing but the very best
material in stock.
We are not contractors,   but  special
dealers in the above lines.
Corner Sixth Ave & Tatlow Street
P.O. Box 496, Prince Rupert.
Christiansen-Brandt Co.
Departmental Store
Carries  a complete line of
Get our prices before buying.
Best Alberta Creamery Butter
per lb. 80c.
Cream, Canada First, family size
per can 10c.
Cream, Canada First, hotel size
per can 20c.
Cream, Carnation per can 12 l-2c
Corn 10c, 8 cans for 25c
Peas per can 10c
Beans 10c, 3 cans for 25c
Tomatoes, 3s 15c, 2 cans for 25c
Chase & Sanborn's coffee per lb. 35c
Braid's Coffee  per lb. 25c
Blue Ribbon Tea per lb. 35c
Victoria Cross Tea per lb. 35c
Lipton's Tea per lb. 40c
20 lbs Sugar $1.20
Canned Fruits per can 20c
M. M. Stephens & Co.
Real Estate,
Insurance & Customs Brokers
Mines, Timber,
Sand, Gravel,
Stone and Clay
Call on us, or write for what you need.
P.O. Box 275.
1M7U1 HAVE OPENED in the G.T.P. Hotel
' ' *-J building until our new shop is completed,    where    we    are     showing    the    very
Latest Designs in Jewellery Art
Drop in and have a look over our stock. Expert repairing of all kinds of Jewellery, Watches
ancl Clocks done promptly
Equally Welcome to Look or to Buy.
Watchmakers  and Jewellers
Globe-Vernicke Desks
and Filing Cabinets
Flawless in Mechanism
Unequalled in Finish
Always in the Lead
Our Prices are less than you can
possibly lay down these goods for from
any   other  source.    Let us  show  you.
McRAE BROTHERS, Ltd., Second Avenue, N.
Books, Stationery, Wall Paper, Office Supplies, Kodaks, etc.
Real    Estate  and   Insurance.
We have some good business  property  to  lease.
AT Hoffman's Store
m        ''-"7^-.~lL-X^
Centre Street
Prince Rupert.
Spend $2.00 and get This Paper for a Whole year


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