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The Prince Rupert Optimist 1910-07-21

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 The Prince Rupert Op
;Prince Rupert, B.C., Thursday, July 21. 1910.
We Need Only a Big Fleet of
Jteamers and a ��� String of First
Class Hotels to Do Big Summer
Tourist Business.
the observed of all observers was
JD. Mann, the railroad magnate, as
(stepped along the gang plank from
" Prince Rupert last night, and there
5 an immense crowd assembled on the
|art. Thomas Dunn shook hands with
Mann as he reached the dock, and
Ik his old friend up town to show him
|nce Rupert. "It is wonderful how
these places grow." Mr. Mann
rved as they reached Third avenue.
To questions from the Optimist on
\ way Mr. Mann said: 'You can hardly
beet me to give you an interview about
part, for I have never seen the place.
jam going up there to look some of
mining property is coming on, and
> railroad, and things generally. But
11. n't think I shall be able to stay there
pre than a week. When I return I
be able to tell you something."
emphasized the last sentence.
told the Optimist had a wire
kit the Canadian Northern had applied
| Ottawa for a charter for a railway to
from Edmonton to Bear Creek on
Portland Canal, he said: "The
Radian Northern already has a char-
r to run from Edmonton to the Pacific
hich amounts to the same thing.
I He was told the wire stated the route
bplied was shorter than the Grand
punk Pacific route to Prince Rupert.
> this he made no reply.
"You cannot expect me to speak
bout Stewart until I have been there,"
repeated, " but there is one thing
can tell you. The trip up here is
Imply magnificent. I never Baw such
pious scenery. If the people of the
ist only knew what you have here in
His trip, and i{ you had plenty of
f-eamers an<l first class hotel accommodations, thousands would come this
fay instead of going to Europe. The
Fhole Coast from Vancouver here
Ihould be dotted with large, well appointed hotels, and there should be
P��ts of steamers to accommodate
pummer travel. Get the steamboats
��nd th,, note|g an(j jjje pgopig wju come
it enough. The route only deeds to
come known to make it first fashionable and then popular. It will come all
To the Vancouver Province reporter
I on the eve of his sailing lor Prince
Rupert Mr, Mann stated that he should
probably spend two or three weeks in
11,1�� Stewart camp, but when he arrived
as will be seen, he feels doubtful
�� be will be able to spare that much time.
IIn regard to the Canadian Northern
Mr. Mann said.
All our plans are being made to
IljiiBh the construction of the Cana-
dli"i Northern in British Columbia
0,10 year ahead of the specified time
or Ita completion. That means the
l:'-avouchon the undertaking in the
1913 for our agreement
government of this province
��"��� for the finishing of the work within
lour years from the first day of the present
'Our working forces have started on
,flrsl coast section of sixty miles from
���� banks of the Fraser river opposite
The first section is
summer  of
with the
New Westminster,
Two More Lives Lost���Sandon in
Imminent Peril of Being Wiped
Out.���Letter Sent to Premier
McBride Complains of Tardiness.
continued on page 8
(Special to the Optimist)
Nelson, July 21.���Damage done over
a million dollars. Two more lives lost.
Sandon still in danger. Kaslo fires
dying down. Slocan now practically
out of danger if the fires do not start
up again. This was the situation early
this morning as to the forest fires.
It is estimated that over five hundred
men are fighting the flames in the
boundary district. A train at Sandon is
waiting with steam up and all ready to
start at a munute's notice to take the
rest of the refugees away if the wind
changes. The fires are now nearly a
mile away but every eye is on the
weather vane, ready to flee should the
wind veer and turn the flames in the
direction of the gulch in which the town
of Sandon is situated.
The fires near Moyie, although
temporarily kept back by several rain
storms, have again burst out and are
now entirely beyond control.
A letter has been sent by the Rambler-
Cariboo mining company to Premier
McBride, stating that the company's
loss from the forest fires is easily a
quarter of a million, and that the fires
could easily have been extinguished had
the government taken action two weeks
Men Are Backed by American Federation of Labor and Declare They
Will Fight to the Bitter End.���
Attempts to Wreck Trains.
(Special to the Optimist)
Ottawa, July 21.���Minister of Labor
Mackenzie King is still in hopes of being
able to bring about arbitration in the
Grand Trunk Railway strike, although
in the ultimatum sent by the men to
President Hays the lines were very
sharply drawn. The men declare that
as the president of the road refused their
offer they will now fight for their rights
to the bitter end. They are backed by
the American F3deration of Labor, and
this gives them increased confidence.
Several attempts were made yesterday
to wreck trains, though but few trains,
outside of those carrying the mails,
are moving. There is a fruit and milk
scare in Toronto and complaints will
be coming in shortly from other points
if a settlement is not quickly arrived at.
f     F. W. Dowling, meteorological
#> observer here, predicts a storm
* tonight or tomorrow. He says
% the barometer has been falling
# steadily. Whether it will be wind
2 or rain or both remains to be
J seen. At any rate the hot spell
���f is over for the present.
Price, $. ^ Cents
 ;te���= -
Captain Bartlett Looking Over
Maritime Situation For One of the
Largest Shipping Concerns of the
World, Connecting With all Ports.
Among the passengers on the Prince
Rupert, on his way to Stewart, was
Captain Bartlett, of the famous steamer
Bellerophon. Captain Bartlett is the
special representative of what is known
all over the world as the Blue Funnel
line, at the head of which is Alfred
Holt. They have a transatlantic line
and also to South America both on the
Atlantic and Pacific sides, San Francisco
Vancouver and Puget Sound ports.
Captain Bartlett's mission in taking
the round trip on the Prince Rupert is
to make a careful study of the shipping
situation, and upon his report, if favorable
the company may at once put on a
line of steamers from Vancouver, which
would give Prince Rupert direct communication with all parts of the world
by the boats of the same company until
such time as the Grand Trunk Pacific
transcontinental line is in operation.
Though conditions may not warrant the
starting of such a line of steamers now,
it is pretty certain this great company
will be early in the field.
General Killed in Battle
New Orleans, July 21.���(Special)���
General Carmen Corea, better known
as Colon(the Spanish for Columbus),
according to recent despatches has
been killed in the Nicaraguan interior.
"I did it" said G. T. Williams proprietor of the Talbot RoomB when
magistrate Carss read to him this morning a charge of setting fire to his premises.
The Talbot Rooms took fire Tuesday morning about six o'clock and were
saved from total destruction only by
prompt action and good work on the
part of the fire department and citizens.
The origin of the fire appeared Buspicious
to everyone. So much so that the fire
chief and the chief of police at once began an exhaustive investigation. During
the day a great deal of damaging evidence was dug up and when the chief
considered that he had a pretty good
case Williams was arrested.
The arrest was made about 10:30
o'clock last night on the G. T. P. wharf.
Williams was taken to the police station
Started the Fire in the Talbot
Rooms Himself
He Wat Arrested at 10:30 Last Night
���Appeared Before Magistrate
Carts thit Morning���Purchated
Can of Gasoline Three Week t Ago.
where he spent the night and this morning he was taken before magistrate Carss.
The hearing was behind closed doors,
but Chief McCarvell stated to the
Optimist that when the charge was read
to Williams he admitted his guilt. He
was asked if he desired a lawyer and he
said he did not. Williams broke down
and wept all morning. He said he was
very sorry for what he had done and his
only excuse appeared to be that he was
out of his mind.
The gasoline that was discovered in
the garret was purchased three weeks
ago at Davis boat house and a whole
chain of evidence was worked up which
connected Williams with the fire which
threatened to destroy so much property.
The plea of guilty on the part of the
prisoner was a great surprise to the
authorities and the town people were
astounded. Williams was generally held
in high regard and few could believe him
guilty of so nefarious an act. The chief
of police had expected a plea of not
guilty and had intended to ask for
an adjournment, but these plans were
all knocked in the head.
Williams was remanded until tomorrow
morning when the magistrate will decide
what to do with him. The probability
is that he will be committed for trial.
Winston   Churchill    Outlines   Hit
Plant in the Houte of Commons
(Special to the Optimist)
London, July 21���In the house of
commons last night Minister Churchill
outlined his plans for the reformation
of British prisons. They are the most
sweeping character and contain the suggestion of bo many startling innovations
that his bill is liable to be killed when it
comes up for final passage. Among
these are the recommendations that all
prisoners be granted a sufficient time in
which to pay their fines; also the arrangements for giving lectures and concerts
for the convicts in their prisons.
Will Be Asked to Return to   Thibet
Under Chinese Protection
(Special to the Optimist)
Victoria, July 21.���According to the
news just brought here by a Japanese
liner, the Dalai LLama, who is now near
Pekin, is to be asked to return to Thibet
under the protection of the Chinese
government. Having been deprived of
most of his prerogatives by the government there his no knowing what course
the Great Llame will take. Meantime
he is a constant menace to the peace of
China, among the people of which his
followers number some million.s
Report   From   Cardiff   at   Preterit
Lackt    Confirmation
(Special to the Optimist)
London, July 21.���The Cardiff Express came out with an extra this morning, stating that Dr. Crippen and his
stenographer Mile. Leneve, who he
was passing off as his wife, had been
arrested at Langerave, near Cardiff.
The report has not yet been verified and
there are doubts as to its correctness.
Scotland Yard refuses to give out any
information on the Bubject.
Heavy Iron Pipe Used from Outlet
To the Big Manhole���Heavy Rock
Cutting Nearly Completed and
The Hardest Part is Passed.
Coal landB have been staked right
into the town of Abbotsford.
Prince Rupert's permanent sewer
system, the first section of which is
being built out of an appropriation of
$25,000 made by the Provincial Government, is making splendid progress. It
was just five weeks ago that the citizen's
committee awarded the contract to
S. P. MeMordie & Co and since then
the work has been progressing as rapidly
as forty men can push it. Only about
five days have been lost on account of
rain and the past week has provided no
interruptions whatever.
Mr. MeMordie is personally looking
after the contract and his presence has
resulted in a very satisfactory job being
done thus far, and there is every reason
to believe that the rest of the contract
will be finished up in the same manner.
One noticeable feature about the work
is the way that the streets and lanes are
being cleaned up after the pipe is laid.
In many cases the property is left in
better shape than it was in before the
work started.
At the present time between 500 and
600 feet of pipe has been laid, most of
that being cast iron ten inch pipe. This
style of pipe is laid from the outlet in
the harbor to the first big manhole.
It is through solid rock cutting all the
way and was used as there is sure to be
a little settlement when the street
grading and filling in is done and it will
stand the test. The sewer is permanent
and it is not intended to even have to
open it up again.
The big manhole is situated on the
G. T. P. grade off First avenue towards
the harbor. It is 28 feet deep and cut
in solid rock. There is only a couple
of days work left for the station gang and
then the concrete work will begin. The
sewer enters the manhole six feet from
the top and will thus have a drop of 22
feet to the cast iron pipe which carried
the sewage into the harbor. From the
top of the manhole to the bed of the
creek which runs around the rear of the
Grand Hotel, the pipe is laid most of
the way. To get over the gully it was
necessary to build a testle a distance of
120 feet to meet the grade on the other
side. This completed and nearly all
the pipes is laid to the second manhole
which is in the lane at the back of the
hotel. From the manhole to Seventh
street the pipe is laid and the trench
nearly all filled in.
The station gang is now finishing the
last heavy rock cut that will be encountered until Sixth street and Third
aqenue are reached. This cut ks on
Seventh street, and the pipe layers
are waiting for the station gang to
finish. The sewer will be complete up to
Second avenue by the first of August.
From Second avenue it will run along
to Sixth Btreet, up Sixth across Third
to the lane at the rear of Thos Dunn's
store and along the lane to Fifth street.
Nearly all this distance is through earth
and much faster progress will be made.
About 150 yards of rock will be found
on Sixth street, near the lane, but once
the contractors get on to Second avenue
a large force will be put on.
Thus far Mr. MeMordie has been
very fortunate with the blasting, only
Watch This Page
for To-morrow's Big Announcement
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d a:l
Dollars Will Be
Thrown at You
Professional Cards
Consulting Engineers
. Eithmites und Civil, Electrical.
.    ���  ..,ti.Vns Mechanical
JC��"-.'e-tioned. Room 27. Alder Block.
.vver 1589 Prince Rupert
Eye-Sight Specialist
(Optometrist and Optician)
Ip . scientifically examined and tested;
"  ] carefully fitted; al   work guar-
i    anteed.   Consultation free,
temporary office: Room 7, G. T. P.
Room 4, Westenhaver Block
Second avenue and Third street
Westenhaver Block, cor. Second Ave.
and Sixth st.
Consulting Mining Engineer
lamination-- and advice given on Portland Canal properties.
Post Office : Stewart.       9-13t
loom 8, Westenhaver Block, corner
Second avenue and Sixth st.
Box 359.
is published at
|Queen Charlotte City, and tells of
Queen Charlotte Islands.
1 Stork Building, Second Avenue.
fHED CARSS,        C. V. BENNETT, B.A.
(British Columbia of B.C., Ontario, Sas-
p_ Manitoba Bars. katchewan   and Al
berta Bars.
Babristers, Notaries, Etc.
^.-Exchange block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. Prince Ruoert. 8
t, M. Manson, b.a.   W. E. Williams, B.A., LL.B.
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 285
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Mining Engineer,
Premier Hotel,  Prince Rupert,
fdce given on Portland Canal investments.
S. HALL, L.D. S., D. D. S.
frown and Bridge Work a Specialty.
Ill dental operations skilfully treated.   Gas and
���Unasth.tics administered for the painless ex-
|npnof teeth.   Consultation free.   Offices: 19
*r Hlock. Prince Rupert. ii-12
Civil Engineer.
uominion and B.C. Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveyor, etc.
^Second avenue, near McBride.
! 49. Prince Rupert. B.C.
���SS E. A. FROUD, A.L.C.M.
Teacher of
1 lanoforte, Violin and Singing
Icond ave., bet. Seventh and Eighth sts.
|8 Granvilk. St. Vancouver
Civil Engineer.
Frying .;.  Designs  -:-  Estimates
1      Room ., Exchange Block,
r y hird Avenue and Sixth Street
����, il'v M,;>in?.EnRlneer�� and Surveyors. Ro-
������ ������-.  poolflcatloni, estimates, wharf con-
2   i'-i,'   ,."'" ?nu Ave- "ear 1st St.   P.O.
i nnee Uujiert.
The Optimist
London Telegraph Killed the Sheriff and Number of Others-
Ludicrous Errors Made in Stampede Stories.
Many columns are devoted to wildly
exaggerated reports of the gold finds
at Portland Canal by the London newspapers received in yesterday's mails-
Lloyd's Weekly says in a double-col.
umn article on the front page:
"Since the rush to the Klondyke after
gold was found there, there has been
nothing like the mad stampede that
has followed the announcement of the
discovery of what is described as a
'mountain of gold' in British Columbia.
"Farmers have left their homesteads, traders their shops, artisans
their benches to dig and delve for the
precious yellow metal.
"Amazing stories have been circulated as to the enormous wealth of the
strike. The golden reef is said to be
1,000 feet wide and 2,000 feet high, and
the ore to assay as much as 12 pounds
sterling a ton.
"The sudden inrush of gold-seekers
has sent the price of all commodities
up with a rush, and many traders look
like making more certain fortunes by
dealing in provisions and other stores
than by mining.
"As usual, there are a number of lawless men among the immigrants, and
already reports of serious rioting have
come through."
The London Daily Telegraph tells of
riots and murders which never were as
" A private telegram received in London yesterday from Vancouver reports
that serious rioting has occurred near
Bitter Creek, the scene of the reported
discovery, and that the sheriff of the
district and a number of others has
been killed. This news is not at all
improbable. Mining rushes always
bring with them a number of reckless
and violent men, who spend a large
part of their lives away from civiliza
tion, and whose sense of law and order
has become atrophied from disuse.
"It is said that the sheriff who was
killed near Stewart was an Englishman, but no definite news is yet to
For exaggeration the following, which
appears in the Lloyd's newspaper,
is hard to equal. Lloyd's says:
"The goldfield itself is seventeen or
eighteen miles further inland from
Stewart, on Bitter Creek, which runs
into the Bear river. Here tented settlements have sprung up, and more
prospectors than it is possible to find
claims for are living a hand-to-mouth
existence, waiting for the privilege of
attacking the enormous gold deposit
and  wrestling  fortunes  from  the  hill.
"All kinds of vessels are being employed to take gold-seekers to Stewart, and the scenes on the Pacific coast
and in the vicinity of the new find are
strongly reminiscent of the earlier
Klondyke days. The conditions, however, at Bitter Creek, while rough,
are far better than those that obtained
at Klondyke. It is a thousand mites
further south, and being in a mining
division of Skeena, is under the immediate supervision of the British Columbian authorities.
"But the usual congestion and chaos
attending new gold fields obtain at Bitter Creek, Sailors have deserted their
ships, tradesmen their shops, workmen
their tools, and many are without adequate outfits and almost penniless.
"A few days ago two hundred Americans crossed the border at Portal,
Saskatchewan, intending to take up
land in the province of Alberta. They
had hardly crossed the border before
the news of the gold find at Bitter
Creek was poured into their eager ears.
With the exception of five, the   whole
party immediately abandoned their
journey to Vancouver.
"A party of Swedes passed through
Vancouver en route for the new El
Dorado. They had all hired themselves
out to farmers, but upon the news of
the great find thej left their work to
become gold diggers. .1 is stated that
in the town of Stewart the only people
left there are those who own shops,
houses, or hotels, and a few clerks in
shipping offices. A population of 5,000
has dwindled to a few hundred.s.
"Farmers throughout the western
provinces are complaining of the dearth
of farm hands, as even those they had
secured have left them for the luring
temptation  of gold  getting.
"The sudden inrush of gold-seekers
without proper preparations had the
immediate effect of increasing the price
of provisions, and many people are doing a roaring trade in conveying quantities of supplies by ship to Stewart
and from there overland.
"A private telegram received in London on Tuesday from Vancouver reports that serious rioting has occurred
near Bitter Creek, and that the sheriff
of the district and a number of others
had been killed."
The London Standard, of June 28, says:
"Unwonted activity prevailed yesterday at the offices of the agent-general
for British Columbia as the result of
the announcement of the discovery of
the gold reef near Stewart City, and
the staff were kept busy replying to
callers, numbering over forty, and answering letters. To those who asked
for official confirmation of the news
Mr. Turner, however, was only able to
quote the following reply, which he had
received to his cablegram to the government office at Victoria;
"Office has no definite information
Stewart gold reef."
Savoy Hotel
Corner Fifth and Fraser Street
New Building
New Furniture
Modern Appointments
Hot and Cold Water in every room
Rooms Single or en Suite
Good Service
Transient $ 1.00 to $ 1.50.      Special Rate by Week
The Optimist
Daily Call   11.00 a. m.
Main Reef    26
Bitter Creek	
Glacier Creek    30
Portland Wonder    30        25
Red Cliff Mining 1.60    1.40
Van. Portland Canal	
Stewart Min. and Dev. .4.25    3.50
Portland Canal    30        25
Nugget Gold Mines    94        85
Lasquete Gold Mines....    10 1-2 101-4
Silver Cup    25       24
Roosevelt    50       ���
Blue Point Mines    25       20
Portland Star Mining...    11 8
South Africa Scrip 775      725
Red Cliff Extension ....   11 8
O. K    38       35
American Creek  25
Bear River  26
Bitter Creek  85
Main Reef  30
Blue Point  30
Glacier Creek  30
Main Creek  50        39
Little Joe O. K  31
Portland Canal  40       36
Portland Star  12 1-2 ..
Portland Pacific  20
Portland Wonder  35
Red Cliff 2.00
Red Cliff Extension .... 15
Roosevelt  50
Rush Portland  20
Stewart M. & D 4.50
Silver Cup  25
Salmon River Glacier... 25
Stewart P. C. L. W. & P. 1.00
The C. P. R. will build an $8000 station at Chase.
For Sale���Old Newspapers in bundles.
Just the thing for putting under carpels,
or for wrapping parcels. Five cents a
bundle.���Optimist Office. 30d.
Portland Canal
Prince Rupert, B. C.
The Main Reef
Mining Co.
Portland Canal
Daily Wires
& CO.
Real Estate and Financial
Second Ave., Prince Rupert
Fifth Street. Stewart
Samuel Harrison Vernon S. Gamble
Notur^Pub-ic THE PRINCE    RUPER.T   |0|PriMIST
The Prince Rupert Optimist
THE OPTIMIST is the leading newspaper of Northern British^Columbia.   It
has grown up with the city.
ADVERTISING RATES are one price to all-25c per inch each issue for display
matter.   This rate applies to all advertising without distinction of quantity
or time of contract.
Reading Notices and Legal Advertising are 10c per line.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES-Daily, 50c per month, or $5.00 per year, in advance.
Weekly, $2.00 per year.
Daily Edition.
Thursday, July 21
A few days ago when the Optimist drew attention to some grossly exaggerated
reports of the Stewart gold fields which were bejng published in the East and in
England, the wrath of some of Stewart's boosters was sent down upon the Prince
Rupert paper which essayed to tell the truth for Stewart's own good. Since then a
number of stories of fabulous wealth in the Portland canal district have floated
back to British Columbia from across the seas. Even the London Daily Telegraph,
one of the most conservative of papers, prints an article on "the mountain of gold
where a thousand stamp mills could be kept going for a quarter of a century."
Following this article are enquiries to brokers and agents in Rupert from England
asking whether this is true. Of course the exaggerated report has to be denied and
Stewart gets a black eye, for the denying of the false belittles the truth. The good
that exists in Stewart is buried with the bones of the evil. Stewart is good enough
to stand on facts and he who exaggerates or condemns the truth is an enemy of the
camp. False reports may bring about a stampede and a temporary boom but the
bad effect of the disappointment following will last a long time and be a barrier
to permanent and legitimate development.
Here is the way a well known sporting paper of England is already joking about
the camp:
"Have we thrown away a chance of becoming a multi-millionaire? Six or seven
years ago we were told of a rich gold field in British Columbia on the very ground
that is now being spoken of. We had 500 pounds sterling in a syndicate to buy
claims, and the late "New Broom" and the"Dwarf" were also in it. When, however,
we were told that tests revealed about 21 cwt. of gold to the ton of quartz we came
to the conclusion that it was too good, and so got out, as did our fellow subscribers.
It is now said that the mountain is solid gold, and that we have missed a chance of
becoming a second Mr. Fairie."
They May Be Uaed for Temporary
Fire System���Water Supply Getting Short and no More Services
or   Extensions   Will   be   Granted.
The city engineer reported as follows:
In refeard to the report of A. W.
Agnew re water main on Ninth avenue.
I concur in the suggestion to discontinue
putting in stand pipes.
In view of the shortage of water at
present, no extensions of the distribution system should be made, and only
such house services put in as are for
some   special   reason   necessary.
Three thousand feet of six inch pipe
with the necessary special castings
have been ordered by Messrs. Peck &
Moore, and are expected daily. It is
proposed to use this pipe oh Second and
Third avenues, the district which would
be covered by the Fire Protection
System, for which I am now preparing
an estimate.
I am in favor of discontinuing the use
of wooden stave pipe in the distribution
���system. It is possible, however, that
your council may decide to use this pipe
for temporary fire protection. In that
case, at least four hydrants would be
needed; I would therefore, recommend
that your decision as to how these pipes
shall be used be deferred for a few days
until I have completed my report and
estimate of the temporary fire protection
A number of plans of the city are in
the possession of the G. T. P., of which
we have no copies. Copies of these plans
are urgently needed. I would recommend
that draughtsmen be employed to make
copies of these plans at once, permission
has been obtained from Mr. Van Arsdol,
to proceed with this work.
The supply of water continues to
decrease. I have this afternoon ordered
a house to house inspection of plumbing
with the object of having all leaks from
this source stopped at once.
City Engineer.
Declarea it to Have Been One of
Greatest Matches Ever Played.
Rough Work on Both Sides-
Royal   City  Team   the  Stronger.
George W. Morrow returned from his
trip to Vancouver, Mrs. Morrow and
two children returning with him. He
had nothing to say of any big deals or
other financial enterprises having Prince
Rupert as the objective point, although
he may have been engaged in some.
What he seemed to take the most pleasure in talking about soon after he
landed was the big game of lacrosse
between the Montreals and the New
"The principal thing I saw during
my vacation," he said, "was the lacrosse match. I believe it to have been
one of the greatest games ever played
in the world. It certainly demonstrated
that the Westminster team was the best
and the strongest, although the Montreal
team picked from all over, was the best
ever sent across the continent.  ���
"The game was rought in spots, very
rough, and both sides made serious
charges against the other. As a matter
of fact it seemed to me that the honors
were about even on that score. It was a
game that kept the crowd howling with
escitement all the time.
"There must have been sixteen or
eighteen thousand people there. They
came from all over. I met men there I
had lost track of for years. I understand
the huge gate receipts were divided between the two teams. The greatest kind
of public interest centers in the game to
be played next Saturday, when it is
expected that the Montreal chaps will
make a better showing."
South African  Memorial
London, July 21.���(Special)���The
Duke of Connaught this morning unveiled the Royal Artillery memorial
to the South-African heroes. The mili-
rary ceremonies were very impressive
The monument is erected in the Mall,
at the West entrance to the park.
Will Be Used as a Work Shop When
The   New  Hall  Is  Built
When the matter of the fire hall and
water works shop came up at the council
meeting Aid. Pattullo suggested that the
bottom of the fire hall be fixed up as a
work shop.
Aid. Mobley said that it was out of
the question altogether. The present
fire hall is of the most temporary nature.
It is set in mud and on stumps and would
be altogether too inconvenient for the
men even if it were fixed up. The floor
of the hall will not begin to hold the
automobile and a new hall will have to
be constructed for that and then the old
hall can be used as water works shop.
The Mayor agreed with this and said
that if it was going to take so long to
get a site from the government to put
a cityjhall.'.fire hall or-any other building
on the council would simply take a
street end and put up a hall. He mentioned the lane along side the B. N. A.
Bank where the rock had been dumped.
That lane will not be used for many
years and it would be a fine place for a
fire hall.
It was then decided that nothing will
be done about a water works shop until
a new fire hall is erected.
Three Millions and Half
Vancouver, July 21.���(Special)���The
property of the British Columbia Fuel
company, which is owned by a San
Francisco syndicate, has been sold in
England for three and a half millions.
Condensed Advertisements.
ARE YOU IN NEED OF HELP ?   Do you wint
to buy, or sell, or hire, or loan?   Try The
Optimist Condensed Ad. route.
OY WANTED-To work at Optimist Office.
T SPECIALIZE in cheap lots on easy terms. Call
���*��� and I will show you some. Chas. M. Wilson,
Member Real Estate Exchan_re,3rd Ave., 8th S t.59tf
PROPERTY paying assured income of 40 per
cent.   Only $1600 cash.   Price ��2500.  Wilson.
rPHERE have been more articles returned to own-
���*��� ers through the Optimist Want Ads. than any
other medium in town. 37-tf
ANTED-To do general housework.
Box 5, Optimist office.
ANTED-Janitor for Wanderers' Club. Apply
to Steward at Club Rooms. 53-tf
WANTED���Rooming house to rent, either furnished or unfurnished. Must be good location and modern building. Apply H. E. Ross,
bowling alley. 63-41
CITY Employment Office will open for business
Saturday, the 16th inst. Your patronage is
solicited. P.O. Box 842. Office corner Centre
Street and 1st Ave. Jly 14-lm
TO BUSINESS MEN-Accounts written up, ad-
x justed, systemized and audited, and balance
sheets prepared by experienced accountant on
reasonable terms. Address H. R. Optimist office.
Jv 21-lm
Westenhaver   Flats
Rapid progress is being made on the
construction of Westenhaver Bros.,
new building on Second avenue near
McBride. A large force of men are at
work and the structure is being put up
permanently. Heavy timber of the best
class is being used when finished the
flats will be modern and convenient in
every respect.
Near Juneau, a three-mile tunnel is
to be driven from tidewater to the
Perseverance mine.
We direct the attention of investors to the opportunity for
profits now offered in the better class of Portland Canal Mining
Stocks. Our advice is that you make personal investigation of
good companies and thereby place yourself in position to secure
some extraordinary profits.
The mining industry in the Portland Canal district is on the
eve of an era of unbounded prosperity. Men with foresight, keen
discernment and financial experience admit this and are backing
their judgment by investing and investing heavily. We have
accurate information of all the leading companies. Call or write
for a list'of stocks that we recommend. Full information furnished and orders executed by
J. R. Talpey Co.
Sixth Street
Corner Third Ave_
IA New
ISuit at!
A Fine Hand-Tailored
Suit made from the
very best quality of
Tweeds or Worsteds
j |  that has both style and quality.    Reg.
���.  ular price $25.00 and $30.00, now
tS  2nd Ave
Martin O'Reilly
mining associahomI
President- G. E. Gibson.
Vice President-H, 0. Butler
Treasurer-M. P. McCaffery
Secretary-F. E. Reid.
P. I. Palmer | S. Harrison | W.S.Bem
W. S. Benson
Christiansen-Brandt Company
Co-operative Real Estate Co
G. C. Emerson
Geo. E. Gibson
S. Harrison & Company
O. M. Helgerson Company
F. J. Hobbs
Law-Butler Company
Leonard & Reid
McCaffery & Gibbons
G. R. Naden Company, Limited
C. D. Newton
P. I. Palmer
S. A. Phipps
Pattullo & Radford
Prince Rupert Securities, Ltd.
C. D. Rand
P. W. Scott
M. M. Stephens & Company
J. R. Talpey
Westenhaver Bros.
A Few
Lota       Block      Section    Price!
11 and 12 26
34 and 36 1
13, 14, 15 8
21 28
19 28
8 $3250
7        BOO'I
5        575
5        600
2nd Ave. $
Real Estate and InturMiM A����nt|
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Lots    Blk. Sec.
Price W
25,000 111
7,500 fl
3 200 1.'
4,700 U
1,800 *
1,500 li
Price    Ta*
sssoo 01"*
1 and  2
1   .
32 and 33
1   .
36 and 37
o   .
11 and 12
6   .
3 and   4
5   .
6   .
Lot     Block   Section
3000   1000 "
600 "
1750 !
750 "
42b "
Prince Rupert Agencie
Near McBride St. """'
__Ca" ,lZ that I. John T��yor Dekville ol
t\'ie IL o��Sp,_tW biuine-m��, intend to
|f li, V^WcK to purch�� th. foUowIng
ib,!d S'.lr.t a dm. planted on the right b��nk
Ki?gKl r?v".P.bout 35 mile, up river
I'h ���,. ,unrtU.n with the Niu river, thence east
f ._S�� S�� north 80 chain., then*, wert 80
Li "hence ��outh 80 chain, to point ol com-
fe��?6n��lltgM 5ota Taylor Deavflle
|�� yjJJ Ts. Robert   Mac6onald,agent.
���   Skerna Land Diatrict���Dtotrict ol Coast
���Tak. notice that Robert E. Johnson ol Prince
���EStlBjC., occupation civil engineer, intends
KJpl'y lor permiasion to purchase the following
fc?mmcnc"nS:at a poat. planted about 80 ehaina
fH the ~u\h wert,corner of lot 1789 and
t,_U Robert E. JohnBon's N.E. corner post, then-
P-ouih so chaina, thence west 40 chains, thence
15 80 chaina, thence east 40 chains to point ol
Em-nccment, conUining 320 acres more or less.
E.   line   6 1910. Robert   E.  Johnson
fcb Jmli- John C- Mu.Yll.e.agei.t
Skeena Land District���District of Coast
Brake notice that John William Lewis of Pnnce
Vo-rt   1)   Oh occupation draughtsman, intends
[apply tor permission to purchase the following
felnmendng at a port planted about 20 chains
and -10 chains south of the aouth west corner
I lot 1720 and marked John William Lewis' N.E.
cr post, thence south 40 chains, thence west 80
il then cc north 40 chains, thence east 80 chains
J point ol commencement, containing 320 acres
kit June 6, 1910.       John William Lewis
lb. June 25. John C. Mulville, agent.
Skeena Land Diatrict���District of Coast
I Take notice thst Amy Lewis of London, England
Icupation spinster, intends to apply for permission
| purchase the lollowing described lands:-
ICommcncing st a post planted about 21 chains
V> and 40 chaina south of the aouth vest corner
(lot 1720 and marked Amy Lewis' N. W. corner
W thence south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
jence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
i point ol commencement, containing 640 acres
lore or lees.
late June 6, 1910. Am Lewi.
lull. June 28. John C. Mulville.agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast
I Take notice thst Patrick L. Mulville of Prince
lupcrt, B. C, occupation  timekeeper,  Intenda
. apply lor permission to purchase the following
j_crib��i landa:-
[CommencinE at a post planted 40 chains west
Ll 80 chains south of south west corner of lot
R3_, and msrked Patrick L. Mulville's N. E.
[truer post, thence 80 chaina acuth, thence 80
kiini weet, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
mains east to point of commencement, containing
HO acres nm.-e or less.
bit. June 6,   1910. Patrick   L.   Mulville
Tub. June 26. John C. Mulville, agent.
Coast Lsnd Diatrict���District of Skeena
I Take notice that Stephen A. Hull, of Seattle
Huh, U.S.A., occupation broker, intenda to apply
���r permission to purchase the following described
I Commencing at a poet planted at the south eaat
tuner ol lot 1723, Range V; thence north (0
p_ir_.th.nce east 40 chains, thenee aouth 40 chains,
trnte weat 40 chaina to point of commencement,
kntaininE 160 acres more or leaa.
Jit.June 8, 1910. Stephen A. Hull
.ub. June 25. John S. Hull, agent.
feiena   Land    District���District    of    Coast.
Take notice that Mrs. Harriot Clarke of 47 St.
Mary's Grove, Chiswick, London England, occup'-'
���tion widow, intenda to apply for permission to
purchase   the   following   described    landa:-
Commencing at a poat planted on the east side
|l Prescott Island on the shore about 20 chains
jouth ol F. T. Clarke's N. E. eorner and marked
Mrs. Harriot Clarke's N. E. corner, thence west 80
aim, thence aouth 20 ehaina, thence east to
���acli, thence following beach to point of common-
ment containing 160 acre* more or leaa.
Pate May 25, 1910. Mrs. Harriot Clarke.
fub. May 30. W. W. Clarke, Agent.
pkeena   Land     Diatrict���District    of     Coast.
Take notice  hat Frank Thomas   Clarke of 69
Hjrvlrt Road, West Kilbum,   London England,
"icupation engineer, intenda to apply   for periston to purchaae the following described lands:-
-Commencing st a poat planted on the eaat aids of
���Prescoit Island on the shore about, 20 chains south
Ttl (.. W. Mackinnon'a N. E. eorner, and marked
T. T. Clarke's N. E. corner, thence west 80 chaina,
Juice south 20 chsins, thence eaat to beach, thence
���wwing beach to point ol commencement cont-
pmine 160 acrea more or leas.
"we May 25, 1910. Frank Thomaa Clarke
lib. May SO. W. W. Clarke, Agent.
I kwna  Land   Districts-District   o��   Coast.
I   lake notice that George W.  Mackinnon of
Vancouver,   B.    C.,    occupation    schoolmaster,
1 menus to apply for permission to purchase tha
��� following described landa:-
��� Commencing at a post planted on the east side
l_l l���.0.1 I"'*nd <"> th�� ehore about 20 chains
RTO "'���>��� H. Vicker's N. E. eorner, and marked
l���.' "��� Mackinnon's N. E. comer, thence west 80
ISJJ5 ''"nee south 20 chains, thence east to beach
I iwce lollowing beach to point of commencement,
���""Wnlng 160 acres more or lea.
B9B��y 27,  1910.     Georje W. Mackinnon.
English    Railway    Strike    Aeeumes
Still Large Proportions
(Special to the Optimist)
London, July 21.���The strike on the
Northeastern railway has spread to
Scotland. In the latter country sixty
thousand men are reported to quit
work and sseveral riots are reported
Business and financial leaders are planning a means to end the strike, fearing
its spread and that the men of other
lines will join in it.
Woman to Fly Channel
Rheims, July 21.���(Special)���Madame
Grancke will shortly attempt a flight
from Calais to Dover.
Paris, July 21.���(Special)���To rival
Madame Grancke a Madame Howartson
pupil of Farman, will attempt to cross
the channel in an airship alone. Torped
boats will follow the flight.
|Pub.|.May 30.'
W. W. Clarke, Agent.
Skeena   Land   District���District   of   Coaat,
It*.      n'"-m th,t u". Maria Waahlngton of
i* ."","' ,""l��ri��. occupation housewife,   ntends
nl..', V'!' ''^mission to purchaae the following
HMrftKd lands;.
.i*?"1���'���'?* ��t a post planted on the eaat aide
' "linens Island, adjoining T. E. Washington's
,. --, und marked Mrs. Maria Washington's
n. ��.corner, thence south 80 chains, thence esst
K.A. ' 'ir*a! north *o ���"aeh. thence following
"MB to point ot commencement, conulnlng 160
wn�� more or lees.
tSf vr,y 25' 1910' H* Maria Washington.
���. May ao. w. W. Clarke. Agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
Vi...." ",','"5? that E���* Singleton  Wise of
.J,���' >>��� C��� occupation gentleman, Intends to
ewSbed'la'T1    0B tQ PurcB��lie the following
<o-nniencing at a post planted on the east side
li.rt'.,'',..n�� Island, about &>  ' "
to*!,���; .h"n,CG ca8t ot beach.Wence'fo'UowinVbeach
more ���- ', commeneement, containing 160 acres
Pul* m'^-F,  1910.     Ernest Singleton Wise.
""��� May B0, w. W. Clarke, Agent.
���i,kvT"f-I,an.d PJftri"*- - -- ���
couv, C r��thllt Edward Everett Beck of Van-
lor .���..- ��� '' occupation clerk, intends to apply
Ian,!"'      "m t0 Pu"hase the foUowing described
.-, -     chaina south of E. E.
E. corner, and marked E. S. Wise's N. E.
ol sie,.. '."? nt a P��st Planted on the east side
Dvk,-. .."".."'"nd, about 20 chains south of F. W.
N.E co'       cornw. and marked E. E. Beck's
south '",,""[ l'08t- thence west 80 chains, thence
bUnhw kS*I??1 tnence eaat to beach, thence
slnlno 'n"'ac t0 Doint of commencement, cont-
l)at \ii ,l .i;'0" more or leu.
1 """ Edward Everett Beck.
W. W. Clarke, Agent.
fub. M
May 27, 1910.
ay DO.
Whistler Has Been Released
Ottawa, July 21.���(Special)��� Whistler
one of the men implicated in tne robbery
of the Niagara Falls, express has been
released by order of the state department.
Unknown Woman Missing
Banff, July 21.���(Special)���MisaUnwin
and two English women whose names
are unknown, have been missing in the
mountains for two days. The mounted
police are making a strenuous search
for them.
Two Teams Again Tied
Vancouver, July 21.��� (Special) ���
Spokane was badly beaten yesterday
by Vancouver, and this makes the two
again tied at the top of the league
table. The score was seven to two.
Seattle beat Tacoma by six to two.
Eloped With an Actress
Buffalo, N. Y., July 21.���(Special)���
Billy Papke, the middle-weight champion
has eloped with an actress across the
Canadian border in an automobile.
Mackintosh   Has   Offered   Three
Fights to the Colored Champion
(Special to the Optimist)
New York, July 21.���Mackintosh has
offered three fights to take place in
succession to Johnson and has confidence
the latter will accept. The first of these
is to be Tommy Burns, and to take place
in London this winter. The other two
are for Australia.
Papke has thrbwn down the gauntlet
to Ketchell and declares that if the
latter refuses to meet him he will claim
the middleweight championship.
3      (Prince Rupert Was Late
Steamer Prince Rupert did not get
in until after ten o'clock last night,
having been delayed by running into a
number of fog banks. One of the greatest
crowds ever seen on the waterfront
assembled there, the beautiful evening having something to do with it.
The Rupert had a big passenger list
but no mail. However, the Prince George
which is due Sunday noon, will carry
mail. The Prince Rupert left for Stewart
at nine o'clock this morning.
In an item yesterday re the furnishing
of the K. of P. hall it should have been
stated that F. W. Hart the Brin Furniture and other merchants placed part
of the furniture. ^__
Canada's Trade for June
Ottawa, July 21.���(Special)���The total
trade of the Dominion for June amounts
to sixty-six million dollars, an increase
of ten and a half millions.
C. M. Mclntyre took a party out to
the islands on the Prince Albert today.
Among the other passengers on the boat
were W. J- Gopel, Wm. Vivian, C. C.
Myers and F. I. Wilson.
R. O. Jennings, the successor of Ed.
Clarke as government road inspector,
left today on tne Prince Albert for Jedway
The fire alarm boxes will be
placed on posts and will be painted red. The number of each box
will be on the door. To send in
a call you open the door of the
box; a telephone will be found
inside ; take down the receiver
and await a reply from the fire
hall. The telephone is connected
with a gong in the hall. When a
reply is received from the fire
hall, give the number of the box
from which you are speaking.
That will be sufficient. If the
number of the box is not given
the brigade will not turn out, but
the call will be treated as a false
Shareholders Unanimous in Turning
Plant  Over  to  City
The shareholders of the Prince Rupert
telephone company held a meeting last
night in the rooms of the board of trade
for the purpose of transferring the stock
in thc company to the city. Wm. Law,
president of the company was in the
chair, and G. S. Turner secretary.
Mr. Williams appeared as counsel for
the city and Mr. Patmore for the company
The proceedings were brief, the principal discussion being between the two
counsels on mere leg Al points. The
transfer is to date from June 30 and the
city is to appoint a trustee to take over
the plant and wind up the company.
Aid.  Mobley  Says They Have  Lots
Of Authority to Clean Places Up
Another Section for tha Telephone
Switch Board Ordered
The first section of the telephone
switch board has already been fully
subscribed for and the orders are pouring
in every day. A second section was ordered by wire and is expected here with'
in a week or two. The manager of the
company is surprised at the large number
anxious for the telephone and there is
every reason to believe that it will prove
a big success. A great many residences
will be connected as well as tbe business
G. T. P. Inn Hotel
J. Cunningham, City
Major Gibson, City
G. H. Snow, Vancouver
R. C. Edwards, Vancouver
J. Piercy, Victoria
H. G. Gardner, Vancouver
J. O. Grieve, Seattle
J. F. McLane, Vancouver
Mr. & Mrs. M. H. Kirschner, Seattle
New Knox Hotel
J. P. Godbout, Fairbanks
Ed Ones, Fairbanks
W. Campbell, Big Canyon
J. E. Bateman, Skeena
E. Rogers Ikida Bay
W. Stevens, Ikida Bay
F. Reynolds, St Paul Minn.
A. J. McCall, St Paul Minn
J. Clouston, Skeena
Jas. McLellan, Zanardi
H. Harwood, Seattle Wash.
J. W. Delaney, Seattle
E.  J.  Jordon,   Victoria
J. C. Stewart, Vancouver
J.  N.  Easen,  Seattle
Aid. Smith drew the attention of the
council to a number of shavings at the
rear of Thos. Dunn's place and pointed
out the danger of them.
Aid. Hilditch said that the sanitary
inspector and building inspector were
unable to do anything until the by-laws
were passed. They have no authority
back of them and the people pay no
attention to the sanitary inspector
Aid. Mobley said that all the inspectors had as much authority today
as they will ever have and if they want
to clean things up the police commission
will give them all the authority they
require. It is all nonsence for officials
to work under a blind of having no
Tsimpsean Lodge, A. F. & A. M . No. 68, will be
constituted by li. W. Bro. F. J. Hurd, D. G. M.,
in the Masonic Lodge Rooms, at 7.30 p. m., Saturday, July 23rd. Sojourning brethren cordially
invited. Examination committees will be present
at the Lodge Room Friday evening and early
Saturday evening. F. T. BOWNESS,
66-3t Secretary.
Liberal Meeting
A general meeting of the Liberal Association
will be held in the PresbyterlBn Church on FBI-
DAY. JULY 22nd at 8 p.m.
All Liberals are invited.
6��-2t P. W. ANDERSON. Secretary.
Moving Pictures
King Edward's Funeral Tonight
Changes Monday & Thursday
Matinee on Wednesday and Saturday
Admission���Adults  25c, Children  15c
First-Class Meals Day and Night.
For Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle
connecting with Eastbound trains.
"Prince Rupert" sails every Thursday
8.30 p.m., and after July 25th
"Prince   George'
8.30 p.m.
sails every Monday
For Stewart
"PrinceRupert" sails Wednesdays 8 p.m.
and commencing July 24th
"Prince George" sails Sundays 8 p.m.
Steamer for Port Simpson, Kincolith,
and Massett, Sundays 3 p.m.
For Skidegate, Queen Charlotte City,
and other Moresby Island points,
Wednesdays at 1 D.m.
Tickets, reservations and information
from A. E. McMaster, Freight and
Passenger Agent, G. T. P. Wharf
Lynch Bros., General Merchants
Sash, Doors and Building Material.
Sole agents for Carhartt's Overalls and Gloves
Junction of First, Second and Third Aves.
Skeena Land DUtrict���District of Cassiar,
Take notice that Wilford Earl Wing of Berlin,
Ontario, occupation Bookkeeper, intends to
apply for permiasion to purchase the following
described landa:-
Commencins at a post planted at the North-east
eorner of Howard Guest s application to purchase
thence North twenty 20 chains, thence west
twenty 20 chains more or leas to left bank of
Bear River, thence South along said left bank
twenty 20 chains more or less, thence Eaat
twenty 20 chains more or less to point of
commencement, containing forty acres more or
Date April 8, 1910.
Pub. May 18th.
Wilford Earl Wing.
Daniel Oscar Wing Agt.
Skeena    Land District ��� District    of   Caasiar.
Take notice that Ernest Flexman of Prinee
Rupert, B.C., occupation Merchant, intenda to
for permission to purchase the following decribed
Commencing at a post planted on the west
bank of Bear River opposite Six Mile Camp at the
S.E. corner of Wm. Piggott T. L. No.4, thence
North eighty 80 chains, thence East forty 40
chains more or less to right bank of Bear River,
thence South along said right bank with stream
eighty 80 chains more or less, thencee Z west for
40 chains more or less to point of commencement,
containing three hundred and twenty acres mora
or less.
Date April 7, 1910. Ernest Flexman.
Pub. May 18th. Daniel Oscar Wing Agent
Cassiar Land District���District of Skeena
Take notice that I. James Eugene Gilmore of
Prince   Rupert,   B.   C.,   occupation   hotel-keeper,
intends to apply for permiasion to purchase the
following   described   lands:-
Commencing at a post planted about 20 chaina
south of a point on the south or left bank of the Naaa
river, said point on the Naas being about two milea
down river from Quinaha Indian Village and about
three quarters of a mile down river from where the
Quiska Creek empties into the Naas, thence south
40 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east 40 chains to the point of commencement, containing 160 acres.
Date June 18,1910. James Eugene Gilmore,
Pub. July  5. U. N.  Boss,  agent.
Skeena   Land   District���District   of   Coast...
Take notice that Arthur Robinson Heaps,
of Vancouver, B. C, occupation Lumberman,
intends to apply for permiasion te purchase the
following described lands ;-
Commencing at a post planted on the north side
of Stephens Island, at the north west corner ot
lot 2248, and marked A. R. Heap's N. E. eorner,
thence south 80 chaina, thence weat 20 chains,
thence north to beach, thence following beach to
point of commencement, containing 160 acrea more
or   leas.
Date May 27, 1910.    Arthur Robinson Heaps.
Pub. May 80. W. W. Clarke, Agent
Skeena Land District-DiBtrict of Coast Range V.
Take notice that I, Edith Annie Creech, of Copper City, B. C, occupation married woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted one half mile in
a northerly direction from Bruce Johnston*! N. E
Corner on the Eaat side of La Kelse Lake, District
of Coast Range 5, marked E.A.C., S. W. comer.
Thenceeast 40 chains, north 40 chains, west 40
chains, south 40 chains to point of commencing,
containing 160 acres more or less.
Date May 9th, 1910. Thos. L. Elliott, Agent.
Publication June 9.
Skeena Land District���Distriet of Coast
Take notice that Mary Hall ot Port Simpson,
occupation nurse, intends to apply tor permission
to purchaae the following described landa:-
Commencing at a poat planted at the aouth
west corner 20 chains south of Lionel Dineen'a
S. E. comer, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains east, thenee 80 chaina south, thenee 80
chaina west to poat of commencement, containing
640 acres more or teas.
Date June 8, 1910. Mary Hall
Pub. July    9th. Fred Bohler, agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast
Take notice that Lionel Dineen of Port Simpson
occupation school teacher, intenda to apply for
permission  to  purchaae  the following  described
Commencing at a poet planted at S. E. corner
40 chains north and 40 chains east of N. E. eorner
of lot 1116 Haroly Survey, thence 60 chains north,
thence 60 chaina east, tnence 60 chains south,
thence 60 ehains west to post of commeneement
containing 360 acres more or leas.
June    8.    1910. Lionel    Dineen
Pub. July 9th. Fred Bohler, agent.
Skeena Land District-District of Queen Charlotte Islands.
Take notice that Charles E. Yockney, of Masset,
occupation rancher. Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the northeast
corner, same being one mile west and two milea
north from the southwest corner of T. L. 39,979;
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
point of commencement���640 acres.
Dated May 2, 1910.      Charles E. Yockney,
pub jun 4
Skeena Land District���District of Caaslar.
Take notice that Minnie M. Clements of
Prince Rupert, B.C., occupation married woman,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted 20 chains eaat
of the N.E. Cor. of the Wm. Piggott Timber
Claim No. 1, situate at the junction ot Bitter
Creek and Bear River; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chaina; thence aouth 80 chaina;
thence east 80 chains te point of commencement,
ore or less.
Minnie M. Clements.
Daniel O. Wing, Agent.
and containing 640 acres more or l*
Date April 11th, 1910.
Pub. May 18th.
Skeena Land District���District of Caaslar.
Take notice that Rose Edith Wing of Stratford,
Ontario, occupation Nurse intends to apply for
permission to purchaae the following described
lands :-
Commencing at a post planted on the east bank
of Bear River ahout 70 chains south of the junction
of American Creek and Bear Kiver, thence east 40
chains thence north 80 chains thence west 40chains}
more or ����;:�� to left bank of Bear River thence
south 80 chains more or less along said left bank to
point of commencement, containing three hundred
and twenty acrea more or less.
Date April 11,1910. Rose Edith Wing.
Pub. May 21. Daniel Oscar Wing Agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coaat.
Take notice that Jacob Zurbrigg of New, Ham*
burg, Ont., occupation merchant, Intenda to apply
for permission to purchase the following described
lands :-
Commencing at a post planted at the north eaat
corner of Arthur Purves' application to purchase,
said post being two miles and 60 chains north of
the mouth of McNeil River, thence west 40 chains
thence north 40 chains, thenco east 40 chains more
or less to right bank of McNeil River thence south
along said right bank 40 chaina more or leas to
point of commencement, containing 160 acres more
or lees.
Date June 6, 1910. Jacob Zurbrigg.
Pub. June 11. Daniel Oscar Wing, Agent. THE    PMNCE    RUPERT   OPTIMIST
Prevents the biting of raosquitos, black
flies, sand flies and all summer pests.
A few drops applied to the skin will insure freedom from these troublesome
pests for some hours, and those who
use it occasionally need have no discomfort from this source.
The Pioneer Druggist
Corner Second Ave. and Sixth St.
. English and American Billiards
Eight Tables Centre Street
Corner Third Ave. and  Sixth   St.
oil Grade Domestic and Havana
by the Box a
Cigars *
the Box a
Alaskan Cigar & Tobacco Co.
Central Building, Third Avenue.
The King Edward Hotel
Headquarters for   Mining Men  and
Commercial Travelers.
American Plan.   Sixty-five Rooms.
Steam Heat.    Baths.   Electric Lights.
ROGERS & LUND, Proprietors.
Sand and Gravel
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Prince Rupert
Sand and Gravel
Company Ltd.
Cor. hi Ave. md Centre Street Prince Rupert
lime's NEWS Agency
Magazines :: Periodicals ::JNewspapers
Skeena Land District���Dlatrict of Queen Charlotte Inlands.
Notiee ia hereby given that 30 daya pfter date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner o
Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal
and petroleum under the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the foreshore of
Welcome Point on Moresby Island, and marked
Slade N. W. Corner; tnence running South 80
chains, thence East 80 chains, thence North 80
chains, thence West 80 chains to the point of
Located this 21st day of March 1910.
Locator W. C. Slade
Mav 23. Per. O. W. Rafuse.Agt.
Notice of Assignment
Notice 1b hereby Riven that Harry S. Ives, of the
City of Prince Rupert, in the Province of British
Columbia, Wholesale Produce Merchant, has by
Deed of Assignment dated the 6th day of July,
1910, assigned all his personal property, real
estate, credits and effects which may be seized
and sold under execution to me ^iggerstarT Wilson of the City of .Victoria, British Columbia,
Wholesale Merchant, for the gtneral benefit of
his creditors.
A meeting nf the creditors will be held at the
office of the W. H. Malkin Co., Limited, No. 57,
Water Street, in the City of Vancouver, in the
Province of British Columbia, at the hour of three
o'clock in the afternoon on the 22nd day of July,
A.D., 1910, for the giving of directions with reference to the disposal of the estate.
And further take notice .that all creditors are
required on or before the 17th day of August, A.D.
1910, to file with me the said Assignee, full particulars of their clahns duly veHfied and the nature
of the securities (if any) held by them.
And notice is hereby given that after the Seventeenth day of August, 1910, I will proceed to dis-
4 tribute the assets among the creditors of whose
debts or claims I shall have then received notice;
and I will not be responsible for the assets or any
part thereof so distributed to any creditor of whose
debt or claim I shall not then have received notice.
Dated ut Vanmuver, British Columbia, this
Sixth day of July, A.D. 1910.
Herald St., Victoria, B. C.
July 18-lm Assignee.
I Can Offer for Quick Sale
1, 2 48 8 $600.
23, 24 31 7 1050.
20, 21 37 7 1000.
Good terms can be arranged.
I want listings in Sections 6, 7 and 8. What have you
for sale?
Second Avenue        VU   _!/���  J\AJM IJ Prince Rupert
Prince Rupert Securities Co., Ltd.
Farm Lands.
26 Sections, Grand Trunk Route.
City Real Estate.
200 City Lots for Sale or Lease.
Stewart Lots.
Mining Property Bought and Sold.
Office ��� Corner First Avenue and Centre Street.   P. O. Box 584.
Peck, Moore & Co.
Real Estate and Insurance
1711317 North British and Mercantile  ail A DIME" Pacific Marine
R 1J_V_____ Hartford Fire Insurance Co.   1V1_t\I\11 1 SLt Insurance Company
Dominion Wood Pipe Company, Limited.
Boscowitz Steamship Company, Limited. I Georgetown Sawmill Company, Limited.
Cassiar Packing Company, Limited. | North Coast Towing Company, Limited.
Lloyd's Agent for Prince Ruoert���C. W. PECK.
Real Estate Notary Public
Signs! \
The Optimist Job Department
now has Wood Type for Signs
nd Poster Work-
New   Subjects   Introduced    to   the
Council Referred to Committees
A communication was read to the
council from Williams & Manson enclosing bill for extra fees in connection
with the city's business amounting to
$358.40.���Referred to the Finance committee.
Blocking the Streets
Aid. Barrow drew attention of the
council to the fact that a number of
persons were in the habit of leaving
their wagons, rigs etc on the streets at
night. This he considered a bad practice
as the streets were narrow enough without any of ��r obstacles.
As Aid rrow is on the Streets committee he was invited to take the matter
before his committee.
The City Engineer recommended that
the council grant no more water services
He pointed out that the supply is decreasing rapidly and except in most
urgent cases no more services should be
granted. The water supply is growing
Aid. Smith submitted an estimate of
the cost of temporary electric light
plant which he had had prepared,
the total amount was $5,850.
Prince Rupert Lodge No 63.
Last evening in the K. of P. Hall
special Deputy Grand Master Naden
instituted Prince Rupert Lodge No. 63
I. O. O. F. The principal officers for
the ensuing term were elected and
installed They are:
N. G.���C. V. Bennett
V. G.���G. R. G. Sawle
Sec-Tres.���G.  W.   Arnott
Bro. Naden was assisted in his duties
by Bros. W. W. Law, V. W. Smith,
Malcom, Robinson, Douglas and others.
There are a large number of applicants awaiting admission and the city
Will very soon have an exceptionally
strong lodge. After the installation
Bro. Naden took the officers and vis-
tors to lunch at the Grill.
Leaves Prince Rupert 3 p.m. Daily
H. B. Rochester,
Or Capt. J. F. Noel
on board.
Agent, ,
G. T. P. Wharf |
Notice to Contractors
Sealed Tenders are required for the erection and
completion of a Hotel on the corner of First Ave.
and Seventh Street, for Peter Black, Esq. Tend-
es close not later than 6 P. M. Wednesday, the
27th of July.
Plans and specifications may be seen at the
office of the undersigned. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
MUNRO & LAILEY. Architects
64-3t Stork Block. Second Ave.
TENDERS will be received by the undersigned
x    up to and Including the 15th day of August,
1910, on the building and lease of Lot No. 6, Block
No. 31. Section 1, in the Townsite of Prince Rupert
lately occupied by Clarke & Ives.
For further particulars of lease, etc., address
D. D. McTavish, Box 125, Prince Rupert, or the
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
B. WILSON. Assignee.
July 15-lm Herald St., Victoria, B. C
*���       Forty Years.
Send for Qtalojue
102 &��� 104,
Or to local agents. G. W. ARNOTT, Rupert City
Realty & Information Bureau. Prince Rupert, B.C.
Coast Land Dlstriot-Distrlct of Skeena
Take notice that Theodore Z. Kruzner, of the
City of Prince Rupert, occupation merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands-;���
Commencing at a post planted on the right
hand of the Ex-chum-sik River, coming towards
ita mouth about four miles from Its mouth, thence
along the shore of the Riveraouth80chains; thence
west 80 chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains more or less to point of commencement, containing by admeasurements 640 acreB
more or less. ,
Date 29th June, 1910.   Theodore Zedenco Kruzner
I'ub. July 19.
First-Class 1
Sails from Ev
ans, Cult
couver, on 1st, 10th Md fflth'!rf,V*
for Sv
month at 10 p. ni
Clazton, Port Essington Naas
New Steamer
(Freight only) Bails from x'""2,
every alternate Wednesday for
and all Northern British Columbiapotfl
For further particulars apply at th
Company's office
Cor. Water and Cordova Sts., VanconJ
Or J. H. ROGERS, Ticket Agent
Canadian Pacific Railway
for Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle.
Prince Beatrice���Every Monday,lp*
Princess May or Princess Royai-
Every Saturday motif
Princess Beatrice���Every Thursdayii$l|
Princess May or Princess Royal-
Every Saturday night at 11 o'ctt|
Sawmill Co. Ltd
A large stock of dry f.n.
ing lumber on  hand.    Boa
lumber a specialty.    Delivery
made at short notice.
Our prices are as low as any.
Call on us before ordering.
Cor. Centre St. and First A*
Jobber of High-grade Havana Cigars
Tobaccos Wholesale and Retail
Cover the Earth
Carload just arrived.   Mixed Paints, Varnishes,
Shellac Linoleum Finish,
Prince Rupert Hardware Supply Co.Ltd.
rskeena Land District���District of Coaat
ike notice that Mary F. Thorburn of Caledonia
occupation spinster, intends to apply, lor
liuon to purchase the lollowing descried
tomtnencinB at a post planted at thenOfth-east
ter oi lot 2077, thence north twenty chains,
fee. '*e_t 80 chains more or less to Chatham
ind thence south along the shore line of Chatham
End twenty chains more or less, thence eaat
Ity chains more or lesa to point of com-
tcement, containing 160 acres more or lesa.
Ce May .10,  1910. Mary  F.  Thorburn
je June 29. Beverly  W.  Browne
Skeena Land District���District of Coast
Tike notice that Myra D. Greene of New York
(upition spinster, intenda to apply for permission
[purchase the following described lands:-
Eommencing at a post planted south-east corner
lot 2077 thence north twenty chains, thenee
i lorty chains, thence south 20 chains more or
I to Smith Island Lagoon thence west along the
���e line ot said lagoon forty chaina more or leaa
oir.t of commencement, containing eighty acre.
-. or less.
s May 30, 1910. Myra D. Greene
. June 29. Beverly W. Browne, agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast
Take notice that Josie Woon, ot Toronto, Ont,
supation spinster,  intenda to apply  for per-
won to purchase the following described landa:-
Commencing at a poat planted at the north-east
Tner of lot 1385, thence south twenty chains,
ince east eighty chains, thence north ten chains
fcre or less to Smith Island Lagoon, thence west
fcng the shore line of aaid lagoon eighty chains
pre or less to point of commencement, containing
- hundred and sixty acres more or less.
���i May 30.  1910. Joaie Woon
June 29. Beverly W. Browne, agent.
, Furnished Rooms May Be
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They will cheerfully, eagerly,
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��� .���     ��� .  ���     ���     ���     ���     ���     ��������*���     ���
Cancellation of Reserve
aUjol Il hereby Kiven that the Reserve existing
��yown Lands In the vicinity of Babine Lake,
liitoats in Cassiar District, notice of which
janDj date June 30th. 1908, was published in thc
intiMCulumbia Gazette dated July 2nd, 1908, Is
Deputy Commissioner of Lands.
���Mi Department,
> Ictorlu, 11. C, June 16th, 1910. 45-3m
Bowling and Billiards
Cancellation of Reserve
NOTICE ia hereby (riven, that the reserve established over those portions of Lot 170, Queen
Charlotte District, by reason of the surrender of
said portions out of Special Timber Licenses Nos
31949 and 31948, surveyed respectively as Lots 633
and 317, Queen Charlotte DiBtrict, is canceled for
the purpose of effecting a sale of snld Lot 170,
Queen Charlotte District. comprisimrSfi acreB more
or less, to the Pacific Coast Fisheries. Limited.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands.
Lands Department. Victoria. H.C.
April 10.1910. "-3m
|Scotch Bakery
I ligh-class Confectionery,
liaking,       Groceries.
���Hotels and Restaurants Supplied
Second Avenue.      H. HAMBLIN.
Cancellation of Reserve
Notice is hereby (riven that the reserve existing
on Crown lands in the vlcinltslof Babine Lake,
situate in range 5, Coast District, notice of which
was puMlsh��l in the British Columbia Gazette
dated December Hth, 1808, is cancelled '""j'""
bhiiI reserve relate! to lots numbered 1B1U, 1518;
1517 MlfS lr.Ki. 1607, 1616, 1608a, 1503, 1501,
1W2 l.'> 1511 1606, 1604. 1513. 1514, 1609. 1608,
IBM' 527' 1628 im 1681, 688,1688,1684,1686,1537.
K ' 1686 1688 IBM 1641. 1644,1543,1545, 1546 1542,
IM?! 1548, 1549. 1550. 1520,1521,1522,1523,1624.1525,
1626 and 1651.        K0BEKT A. RENWICK,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands.
Lands Department. m..���
Victoria, 11. (.',. June 16th. 1910. 4_-3m
n tie matter of an application for the issue of
lll'.'i ���'���('���"'"/ .hc Ccrti��cate of Title to Lot 13,
[ Map 401    ' b7, TownBlt<J "t Port Simpson
" the expiration of one month after the first
-���..lor l --....
title i, Ul,
li tir reby given that It is my Intention to
no expiration of one month after the first
Till. _ i   !'i"' ''!'"'"f B duplicate of the Certificateof
i Grctn
bove lands in the name of Benjamin
iv, f ir il���1 "'ertificntowns issued on the Z3rd
"i I ebruary, 1893, and is numbered 15908C.
Land H,.���  .     .. DiBtrict Registrar.
87 J_..stry 0mct'. Trlnce Rupert, B. C. June
July 8-lm
__���_ mi ����,t ni-itrict-Distrlctof Queen Charlotte
SIStaiSke.lm. May Ingrnham intends toapply
.��the Hon Chief  CommHloner of Lands for a
B��^i;lfe^po"fp& in the North
iSKSSftSect,  '�� Town.h.| 10 Graham
,S!?,nd' B' ft SriXsoutK' dminsC��We.t.   80
Thence 80chaJM BO place of
chains   North  ami B0 '"^"y INGRAHAM,
D&20th*'M.y, 1910. & D. Emmons. Agent
Pub. July 11.
Skeena    Land    District���District    of    Coast
Take notice that Sydney Francis Quick of Van- |
couver,   B.   C,   occupation   accountant,   intends
to apply for permission to purchaae the following
described   lands:-
Commencing at a post planted on the east side
of Prescott Island, on the shore about 40 chaina
south of Ellen Dobson's N. E. corner post, and
marked S. F. Quick's N. E. corner post; tnence
west 80 chains, thence south 40 chains, thence east
to beach, thence following beach to point o.
commencement, containing 320 acres more or lessf
May 25, 1910. Sydney Francis Quick.
Pub. May 30. W. W. Clarke. Agt
Skeena    Land    District���District    of    Coast.
Take notice that Thomas Herbert Worsnop of
Vancouver, B. C. occupation Gentleman, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following
described    lands:-
Commencing at a post planted on the north side
of Stephens Island on the shore about 20 chains
west of C. W. Sarei's N. E. corner, and marked
Thomas Herbert Worsnop's S. E. corner; thence
west 40 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence east
to beach, thence following beach to point of comm* i
encement containing 160 acres more or lens.
Date May 27,1910. Thomas Herbert Worsnop. !
Pub. May 30. W. W. Clarke, Agent. |
Skeena Land  District���District of  Coast.
Take notice that Charles Wentworth Sarel of
Vancouver, B. C. occupation journalist, intenda
to apply for permission to purchase the following
deaeribed  lands:-
Commencing at a post planted on the north side
of Stephen's Island on the shore about 20 chains
west of A. R.Heap's N.E. corner, and marked C. W.
Sarei's N. E. corner, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 20 chains, thence north to beach, thence
following beach to point of commencement containing 160 acres more or less.
Date May 2?, 1910. Charles Wentworth Sarel.
Pub. May 30. W. W. Clarke, Agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
Take notice that Adolph Emil Hansen of San
Francisco, U. S. A., occupation department manager, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following dsecribed lands:-
Commencing at a post planted on the east side
side of Stephens Ialand, about 40 chains south of
A. G. Creelman'a N. E. corner, and marked A. E.
Hansen's N. E. corner post, thence west 80 chainB,
thence south 20 chains, thence east to beach, thence
following beach to point of commencement, containing 160 acres more or less.
Date May 27, 1910. Adolph Emil Hansen
Pub. Mav 30. W. W. Clarke. Agent
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
Take notice that Angus G. Creelman of Crown
Building, Calgary, Alta., occupation contractor,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted on the east side
of Stephens Island, at the south eaat corner of lot
2248, and marked A. G. Creelman's N. E. corner
post, thence west 80 chains, thence south 40 chains,
point of commencement, containing 320 acres more
or less.
Date May 27, 1910. Angus G. Creelman
Pub. May 30. W. W. Clarke, Agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
Take notice that Arthur Vivian Kenah of Vancouver, B. C, occupation chartered accountant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted at the north end
of sma 11 island lying at the eastern mouth of channe
between Stephens and Prescott Islands, and rnar-1
ked A. V. Kenah's post, thence following the beach
around island to point of commencement, taking
in the whole island, and containing 100 acres more
or less.
Date  May 23,  1910.        Arthur  Vivian  Kenah.
Pub. May 30. W. W. Clarke. Agent.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
Take notice that Wilfred Godfrey of West Smith-
field, London England, occupation solicitor,intenda
to apply for permission to purchase the following
described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted on the east side
of William Island [off the north west Bide of Henry
Island] adjoining W. Woodbridge's S.E. corner, and
marked W. Godfrey's N. E. corner, thence west
ahout 70 chains to beach on western side of island,
thence south along beach about 40 chains, thence
east to beach, thence following beach to north to
point of commencement, containing 160 acres more
or less.
Date May 23,1910. Wilfred Godfrey.
Pub. May 30. W. W. Clarke. Agt.
Skeena Land District���District of Coast.
Take notice that William Woodridge of Sydenham Road, Penge, London, England, occupation
gentleman, intends to apply for permission tp
purchase the  following  (inscribed  lands:-
Commencing at a post planted on the cast aide
of William Island foff north west side of Henry
Island] and marked W. Woodbridge's S.E. corner
post, thence weat about 70 chains to beach on
western Bide of Island, thence following beach
around northern end of island to point of commencement, containing 160 acres more or less.
Date May 28, 1010. William   Woodhridge.
Pub. May 30. W. W. Clarke. Agt.
Skeena Land District���District or Coast.
Take notice that George A. Godfrey of Wart
Smithfield, London, England, occupation solicitor, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following deaeribed landi:*
Commencing at a post planted on the cast Bide
of William Island|nff north west side of Henry
Islandl, adjoining W. Godfrey's S. E. corner, nnd
marked G. A. Godfrey's N. E. corner, thence west
about 70 chains to beach on western side, thenee
following beach around southern end of island to
point of commencement, containing 160 acres
more    or    less.
Date May 23, 1910. George A. Godfrey
Pub. May 30. W.W.Clarke, Agent'
Skeena Ltnd District���District of Coast.
Take notice that Ethel Lillian Kenah of Back-
heath, London, England, occupation spinster,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:-
Commencing at a post planted on the east side
of small island at the weBtern mouth of channel
between Stephens and Prescott Islands, and marked Ethel Lillian Kenah's initial post, thence
following the beaeh around island to point of commencement, containing about 30 acres more or less.
Date May 25, 1910. Ethel Lillian  Kenah.
Pub. May 30. W. W. Clarko, Agent.
Skeona   Land   Diatrict���District   of   Coast.
Take notice that John Henry -Vickers of
B. C, occupation contractor, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described
1 u nils:-
Commencing at a post planted on tbe east side
of Prescott Island on the shore about 40 chains
south of S. F. Quick's N. E. corner, and marked
J. H. Vicker's N. E. corner post, thence west 80
chains, thence south 20 chains, thence cast to
beach, thence following beach to point of commencement containing 160 acres more or leas.
Date  Moy  25,1910. John   Henry   Vickers.
Pub. May 30 W. W. Clarke, Agent.
Don't Delay
But call now and secure some good
lots.   We can arrange terms to suit you.
F. B. Deacon
Open Evenings CENTRE ST.
HuellM. B.C.
Vice President.
Part EsiinitM, B. C.
Minigiai Directs.,
S.S. liLufcr.
Pert EunftN, B. C.
The new, feat end up-to-date freight and passenger steamer
Is now in commission, and all parties who purpose going
into the new country can do so with all the comfort of an
ocean liner; and with Captain Bucey in command, ensuring quick trips and safety of life and property.
For freight and passenger accommodation apply to
Company's Representative
Notice ia hereby given that an application will
be made under Part V. of the "Water Act, 1909."
to obtain a licence inttthe Queen Chariottc Islands
Division of Skeena District.
Ia]. The name, addreas and occupation of the
applicant Imperial Power Co., Limited, 311 Crown
Building, Vancouver. R. C.
Ib.i The name of the lake, Btream or Bource
[if unnamed, the description islThe first large
river eaat of Naden river flowing into Naden
Harbor, presumably Lignite River.
|c.l The point of diversion at head of falls about I
four miles from the outlet of river.
[d.) The quantity of water applied for [in cubic
feet per second) 100
[e.| The character of the proposed works powi>r
plant Including dam, flume, power station, etc.
(f.I The premises on which the water is to Ik*
UBedldescrlbe same] lite of plant  to bo selected
[g.] The purposes for which the water is to be
uiied power and pulp manufacture
[h.| It for irrigation decribe the land intended
to be irrigated, giving acreage
li.j If the water is to be used for power or mining
purposes describe the place where the water is to
be returned to some natural channel, and the
difference In altitude between point of diversion
and point of return. Point of return at or near
mouth of river. Fall about '200 feet.
[j.] Area of Crown land intended to be occupied
by the proposed works about ID acres
]k.| This notice was pouted on the 9th day of
June 1910 and application will be made to the
commissioner on the 1st day of September, 1910.
(1.j Give the names and addreas of any riparian
proprietors or licenses who or whoBe lands are
likely to be affected by the proposed works, either
above or below tbe outlet.
[m.| The name of the Company in full���Imperial
Power ('ompany, Limited
[n.j The head office���Vancouver, B. C.
[o.f The capital, how divided, amount paid up,
110,000, divided Into 10,000 shared of $1.00 each
All paid up
[p.| Copy of such parts of the memorandum of
association as authorize tho proposed application
and works:
"3. The objects for which the Company Is
established are:
[A] Tu avail Itself of and have, hold, exercise
and enjoy all rights, powers, privileges and immunities in and by cho 'Water Act, 1909' or any
amendment thereof created, provided or conferred, or which hereafter may by any amendment
theroto bo created, provided or conferred. (B] To
apply for and acquire water and water-power by
records or licenses of unrecorded or unlicensed
water or hy purchase of the same; and to apply
such water and water-power to all purposes.'
[Signature]..IMPERIAL  POWER   CO.,   LTD.
Per Roland D. Craig, agent.
[P.O. Addreas] 311 Crown Building, Van couver, B.C
Pub. July 7,
Notice Is hcreby given that an application will be
made under Part V. of the "Water Act, 1909."
to obtain a license 1n the Queen Charlotte Islands
Division of Skeena District.
[a.] Thc name, address and occupation of the
applicant Imperial Power Co.; Limited, 311 Crown
Building, Vancouver, B. C.
[b.| The name of the lake, stream or source
[if unnamed, the description is) Naden River,
Graham  Island
[c] The point of diversion at head of falls about
three miles from the mouth of Naden river
[d.j The quantity of water applied for in cubic
feet per second] 100
[e.i The character of the proposed works Power
development plant including dam, flume, power
station, etc.
|f.| Tha premises on which the water is to ba
used [describe Hame] site of plant to be selected
[g.] The purposes for which the water is to Im
used power and pulp manufacture
Ih.| If for irrigation describe the land intended
to be irrigated, giving acreage.
Ii.|If the water iB to be used for power or mining
Purposes describe the place where the water is to
e returned to some nutural channel, and the
difference in altitude between point of diversion
and point of return. Point of return Naden Harbor.
Fall about  100 feet.
[j.j Area of Crown land intended to bo occupied
by tlm proposed works about It) acres
[k.] This notice was posted on the 9th day of
June 1910 and application will be made to the
Commissioner on tne lut day of September 1910.
[1.] Give the names and addressea of any riparian
proprietors or licensees who or whose binds are
likely to be affected by the proposer! works, oither
BDOVe or below the outlet none Known
Im.| Tho name of tho Company in lull���Imperial Power Company, Limited.
n.j The head office���Vancouver, B. C.
[o.f The-cauital, how divided* amount paid up���
$10,000, divided into 10,000 shares of 11.00 each.
All  paid  up.
[p.| Copy of such parts of the memorandum of
assriciation as authorize tbe proposed application
and   works:
:,. Tho objects for which the Company Is es>
tablished   are:
[A.) To avail itself of, and have, hold, exercise
and enjoy all rights, powers, privilege* and immunities in and by the 'Water Act, 1909' or any
amendment thereof created, provided or eonferrod,
or which hereafter may hy any amendment thereto
be created, provided or conferred. [U.\ To apply
for and acquire water and water-power by records
or licenses of unrecorded or unlicensed water or by
purcbase of the same; and to apply such water
and water-power to all purposes."
per Roland D. Craig, Agont
P.O. Addms: 311 Crown Building, Vancouver, B.C THE   PRINCE   RUPERT   OPTIMIST
25c Yard
and Upward
Plain, Stripes and
Figured Stripes are
the vogue this season ,
and the major portion of our stock of
these goods is patterned in fine to medium   width   stripes.
Fulton St. and Third Ave.
now claiming our attention, but shortly
work will be started an another section
lying immediately to the east of the
first one. No contract has yet been
awarded for this second section, but it
will not be long before one is let and work
will be started on it this year.
"At the eastern end of our line in
British Columbia we have not yet
started work. In one year's time we
will be working on the eastern end of
the road in this providce. We have
now a large working force building
westward into the Yellowhead from
Edmonton. Till that force reaches
British Columbia the eastern 'end of
the road in this province will not be
touched. It is essential to constru-
tion at that point that we should have
our rails laid westward from Edmonton.
"On the western end of the Canadian' Northern in British Columbia
construction may be undertaken at
many points owing to the accessibility of our route. This will make for
speedy work and I am confident we
will have the entire line completed a
year ahead of time."
Ha* Been Busy Looking; After Chimneys and  Stove  Pipe*
The Building Inspector has been
getting busy the past few days looking
after a number of things which will
tend to decrease the fire hazards in
the business district. He has secured
promises from nearly everyone who had
a defective chimney or a stove pipe on
the roof to put in proper chimneys at
once. He is alto looking after the
gasolene plants, and the next thing will
be the rubbish heaps, loose paper, straw,
boxes, etc., that are left lying in piles
or loose. It is thought with the building
inspector and the fire chief, the police
force should take a hand. It is much
easier for a cop to have things cleaned up
and straightened out than for any other
official. The average person respects,
or at least fears, instructions from the
police, while other official orders are
assented to and forgotten. It is time
now that a whole lot of those things
were looked after.
The Weather
Twenty-four hours ending 5   a. m.
July 21.
Max. Temp. 66.0; min. 46.2.
Barometer 5 a.m.. 29.862.
Simon's Fair for Kitchenware. Third
Ave. between 6th and 7th Sts.       43-tf
one pane of glass in the neighborhood
having been broken. This is due entirely to the precautions taken by the
contractor and he has been thanked by
the people living in the vicinity and by
those having business premises closely.
The whole contract will be finished by
October first, the specified time.
C. N. Delgrove left for Stewart this
morning after spending several days
Capt. B. F. Johnson entertained a
party of friends on board the Prince
Rupert last night.
G. C. Emmerson returned last night
from a three month's trip to the east.
He is looking and feeling fine.
David H. Hays will return tomorrow
night on the Camosun from Vancouver
where he has spent the past week.
C. R. Tubman, of Victoria, who has
been in town for several days on business went up to Stewart this morning.
H. Ward and F. R. C. Brown were
among the local passengers who went up
to Stewart this morning on business.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Morrow, Arthur
Morrow, and Miss Zelda returned
yesterday from a month's trip to Vancouver.
Mrs. Robson, Fifth avenue gave an
afternoon tea at her home yesterday
afternoon and a large number of ladies
were present.
Judge Young, W. F. Fisher, crown
prosecutor, and Chief Wynn, of the
Provincial force, are in Hazelton this
week holding court.
Among the passengers on the Prince
Rupert were Messrs. Edgcombe, Ed-
miston and Mart Stewart. They went
through to the north.
W. J. Goepel, provincial government
office inspector, of Victoria, has been
in town for a couple of days and also
made a trip up to Hazelton. This morning he left on the Prince Albert for Queen
Charlotte Islands where he will look
over the government offices.
J. A. Anderson, auditor general for
British Columbia, came up on the Prince
Rupert last night on his annual tour.
He went on to Stewart where he will
check up the books in the government
offices and when he finishes he will return to Prince Rupert and go over the
books here.
Mining Recorder John Conway, and
Mrs. Conway, returned from a trip
south last night.   On the way up Mr.
Conway was taken ill and a wireless
message was sent to Dr. Tremayne to
meet the Prince Rupert upon its arrival
here. The doctor took charge of Mr.
Conway and had him removed to his
home on Second avenue. He was feeling
much better this morning.
City of Seattle sails for Seattle Friday
Cottage City sails for the north Friday
Camosun sails for Stewart Friday
Humboldt sails for the north Friday
The Camosun sails for Vancouver
Sunday morning
Princess May leaves for Victoria and
Vancouver   Saturday   night.
Princess Beatrice will leave for Stewart
Saturday night
Princess JSoyal will sail for Ketchikan
and Skagway Monday night.
Prince George will arrive from Vancouver at one o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Prince George sails for Stewart at
half past eight Sunday night.
Prince Albert leaves for the islands
this afternoon.
Prince Albert sails for Masset Sunday
Simon's Fair for Kitchenware.
Ave. between 6th and 7th Sts.
Corner Third Ave. &  Fulton St.
Now open.   Light Luncheons, Teas, Ices.
Private Bridge and Tea Parties catered for.
This is what every builder in
Prince Rupert has been looking for.
Red "Ruberoid"
Roofing is absolutely fire resisting.
Sold ready to put on. Will outwear
the building. The only permanent
roofing with a permanent color.
High in quality and low in price.
A full stock of "Ruberoid" flooring, roofing and building paper
carried by
Sutherland &
1st Ave. Near McBride St.
New Knox Hole!
The New Knox Hote
is run on flu
European plan.  First-class servic? 3
the latest modern improvements.
THE CAFE is open from 6.30 a. m.
to 8 p.m. Excellent cuisine; first, li
service. ���
First Avenue. Prince Rupert
You are Liable
To be accidentally killed, crippled, blinded, [disabled or taken
ill at any time, and the value of
your time (which is money to
you) may be destroyed in a
No reasonable man goes without protection against loss from
the destruction of his property.
Did it ever occur to you that
your time has as distinct a value
as your property, or that your
life may be the property [of your
This protection} is a duty j��
owejyourself and those who uij
be dependent upon you.
How dare you ignore this danger and go without adequate protection for yourself or family,
against Loss of Time, Total Disablement or Death?
United We Stand
Divided We Fall
Insured we succeed, Un-insuted
we fail. Unite yourself with the
thousands of policy-holders in tht
Company that
Stands First
In the Liberality of Contract!,
In Adjustment of Losses,
In Financial Strength.;
If you are not fully insured,
let us attend to this important
matter for you.
Delays are Dangeroui
F. B. Deacon
Agent Su life \tammt Co. ol to*
Enplo...-'   Liability  Assurance Corponl* *
London, En(lud.
Centre Street Open Even*
Prince Rupert's Leading Furniture Store
Columbia and
Victor Phonograph
Ten Dollars Down and
Small Weekly Payments
Latest Sheet Music
and Phonograph


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