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Port Moody Gazette Dec 25, 1886

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fort %§wty <&m\it.
,1 ust KltTIOS  BV roa I.
iKvaaUKLV B mwWAMCm.
.   .miuunicatiouaaddrrsaed tu
.    (.UAKUIAN      Oltic-.
tew   We.ttmu-
tj|l receive prompt -ttHitiuu.
Merchant Tailor and Draper
I ■     .   .    VI   ...n
VOL. 8.
PORT MOODV,   li.  0.,   SATL'liDAY,    DECEMBER   35,   L886.
ery Article In their Linr
Always in Stock-
fc»t«f    -    YALE* B. C.
Port Moody
I -.'iikIv Sbiugle Mill,  "lien' the  beet
Sbiu-lr" oan be had at the lowest price*,
i„«ultr ur retail.
i,uppl)' kept ...inatautly on hand.
was nut   j.'stiug
aaus aaitll Irulll.
Torgjiee  me,
New Wash House.
ttm TO INFORM THE  «•"•*_*■*-
that lie is prepared tu do  ft ashing
ilroniug "U short notice,  and  in  hist
■ order.   Calls Solicits...
Usndry upposite  C. l>. ft.,   near «»«»*
wt. ■■■'
Selling Out.
IHK 0NDBB8IONKD, baring been put
tu pusse-aioii uf the Stuck of Goods ol
. Won House,'' avill sell the whole
-k ,n tia.le at reduced rates.
F.   B, LOO AN,
Mortgagee's Agent
t Sale or Exchange,
_. Wagon, in good urdei.  Also, a yoke
im, avell broken   Oxen, avttl,  . oke and
lim    Will be sold a hui'tain. for f.AHH,
till be exchanged for good Mijoh • '"«•«.
Apply to T. .1. HXiCF,
vr' Port Moody;
Uu is only half owner of tha- a lurke
ml Port Moody, as I own the other half
aid T. B. Spring  has no authority
*"0W'     ALKREI* WII.I-IAM:
"(Hi, il lias last,-,! aiuite si-ii-n or
eight minuter," I answered, gravely,
raiiil mv e]M in.'t Ihis :is «.|u- gale me
one of ln-r tytlek searching ^lan..»
I kn,-aa- you   iM    jesting, ilni'i.o,
she hsid, muling Inwards   t lie    door,   I
thought, in iiril'-i to I,,.), tin- mutinous,
. liim iii har. h.'i-ks
"An ami ■slag I   l
:,l lr-iisi if 1 avas, it
Have I  offend,*.! you '
Miss Vuu Mi'trr '"
Willi lier lianil on the door, she
turned, mid witli ri look that aaould
have iiiiirlr any mini Iht Jwlna,-, uiur
niiiri-il, It is aery pretty of you, doc
lor, and kindly meant ; but I am only
a mi»<*. Ootid day. air" Thau she
opened tlir floor and we* gone.
rii'|iii'siionably iny whole depOfl
mint toward* her bad been unpin
fessional. Not in words ao much us in
tone and sentiment and manlier. I had
treated bar ns I should have done ia
lady iii society who was matrimonially
eligible As things went this was
scarcely tba correct thing to do, especially afler the lalmrious ex,.rise   of
putting on my giant'■ armour   I   felt
lIml slii' Imd done right, supremely
ight, and done ii gracefully ; while I
noted after my kind, neither rightly
nor gracefully She had indeed said
il was pretty of me and kindly ineani ;
but that waa her gracious tact. The
memory of her unnls, apart from ber
voice nnd look, grew nt limes satirical
and disquieting. This, I think, waB
one of the subtile workings of con-
scienec. After s.mie further availing,
the senior surgeon put In his appear-
unco, and in I he course of conversation
I managed to get on the ".object of Miss
Van Meter. I asked hi n what lie
knew of her.
'Not inucli," lie iinsavei-.l, "bill nil
n her favour. She is avell mannered,
self-possessed, skilful, nltentive, and
has an unusual knowledge of medicine
Her nerves arc good ; she helped ate
the other day in a very painful oper
ation. and stood it like a man She is
one of the best nurses I ever came
•Who is she/"
"Hang it, man, how do I know/"
I confessed I did not know, except
on the general principle that lie was
supposed In know everything; and
there the subject dropped. After this
I saw Miss Van Meter pretty often.
I contrived every means of meeting
lier mul talking with her, and the more
I saw of her the better I liked her.
Tilings had gone "li in thii way for a
month or six weeks, when   one   night
tn. my chamben I   had  another  long
oiifereiice aailli myself. I put the
question, "Arc you in love with lier?"
It avas a serious question and involved
some import ant consequences ; yet in
an instant these wo'ds came into my
mind, and filled it with a sound like
the humming at hm
day :
slllllltl'-l' s
untractor &   Builder.
Have you aeen but n bright lily gmaa.
Before rude hands have touched it!
Have you marked but the fall of tin-   sitnai,
Before the anil hath smutched it I
Have yon felt the wool of the l.eu-. .-i I
Or swan's-down ever!
Or liravc smelt o' the bud of the brier?
Or the nar.l in the fire?
Or have tasted the bag of the bee?
Oil so white! oh so soft! oh so sweet is "lie!
that I
And by the same token I kn
avas in love with her.
•But you are poor and caniiol nllord
to keep ii wife. She is poor, and you
have called upon your stars to wi He you
down un ass if you ever look at a girl
that cannot lift you from the slough of
p ,-tv.    Think of your   mother and
sister. Think how domestic cans will
hinder you in your profession, weigh
vou down, eal out vour heart."
" But to every objection there was the
one delicious nnd 'irrefragable answer:
"Oh so white! oh so soft! oh so sweet-
is she!" Al't.i• which I •aent to be.|
j _»-._-*_*. with a delightful project in   my   head,
La^er Deer,   ,,,,.1 ^i.p.K(1,i,,.iiyt,n,,,..,.....^  vm-™
O I rose, I fell curiously nervous ;  I   was
almost afraid t>o shave lest I should cut
myself, as my hand trembled so. I
dressed with more than my usual cure,
and took nothing for my breakfast
except a couple of strong cups of coltee.
Then I made my way to the hospital,
went in search of Miss Van Meter,
found her in one of the wards, and said
to her,      "Are   you   very   busy  just
now? , ,
She looked n little surprised, as   she
replied,    "No, I am at- liberty for some
""'. want lo speak with you j lei us
go lower down the.™,,,.."     I  ss.rl, ner
"ll w*M a large tw»m, and at the end
the beds were all empty. IO front ot
one of the manv windows aa is a large
screen thn. cut us ol!from the view of
the inmate* «i the further end >• •
were liable to ba Inttrropwd   nt am*
moment by some one entering, nut
MBIA ST.. NEW WESTMINSTER.    .      ,u,] no, trouble  me.       She   stood
■ motionless,  will, l.e, hands clasped   in
fro f her,  and  ber   face   unusually
pale      I think   her   aaomaiis    instinct
rVtanilv know.-, said, "where,,
-'■ PARTNERSHIP HRM OF T'A\ ,„.„■„ „,v 19|e to make it the most <t
•»»McUc^, proprietor, of the hotel »* • fc. , , ,,„,, Mtor beg,., at
Jm the "Pacific House," is this day   tec-rive- t|mt , |()V_
*'i I.y mutual cou*ent, and by the re    i nd-     » **»n' '" ,„.   ,„v
at „l  C.  McLeod.   All  debtor.  you     I wan. to ask   you    to
IUw late firm will  pi***" <»»k* "?m':    Wife " I th.
'tayment to John *.  Taylor, who is     ' „„,     Mor tied, and the
^.iableforaltlegaldeniaitdsaga,,,.       hi • _■       ^^ tQ.        (ai.      ,,u
• firm to im*. R ^m,      ; J* dld not 9pe8k.   only   dropped   ber
ANQ0S MctEOa |ids
•>¥t>ody, Sept. 16, 1886- *
blMATBS by Mail, orotherwl**, furu
I nlis'1 un the shortest notice.
■rtsblishmeiit. i* now supplying msny
"uir,   in  the  city    with   a   tirst-class
It, nt
k ke lurniahet In   Ke(j, ami Bottles at
Hi price*.
* Beer will  be   left at the  booee. ot
•«. tree nf charge.
"hi. left witb COON, THE IJKI'OOIST
h attended to at the aame rate.
Real Estate --gentB,
hyancers & Accountants,
bliition of Partnership.,
"Marling, I lata a n with all my
heart and soul. 1 cannot livr without
you. I will live only for you, tiae to
make you happy Oh, don't say No,
Ktbe! I have uul hing tn offer you
except ray love, and   ■* good   name;
but with aou in mirk for. I uili gel on,
and make money I .and', anything
with ynu by mv -nlc
I pleaded with upaskioiitli.it i- lie
key-note of eloiiuence
Hut I am only a MUM
Nnv, you are n - *ct   tsuniaii.    ibe
s.aeetest living."
I am poor , you should not    many
a poor gill, dear Aiulic
I'oar Andre' How divine my name
sounded on her lips'
"Poor' Your dowry is your .aacet
>a,,i,ii,iiliood ; it is Ix'iter than money
Arc ynu afraid of poverty , Ethell
l' don't know.    I am afraid  ii   is
not a desirable tiling.''
Hut I shall get   on ; mv   pro*p-eW
are good.    I will work day  nn1'   nighi
fur   youl sskc'
" I'ben you will  die »"d I
Do vou know we are   nlnm-i    i-tiangen
lo each other!'
"Then we shall leive the longci lime
lo be friends. Sa) vou love inc. sav
you care for me a bit, larling. My
happiness is in youl k'-eping," I «aid
t.king lur ban s in mine
"Yes, I a-ould sav tim with truth
Hut I am not sure vet thst 1 em ll"-*
girl for vou,' she ..n.were I in a low
"I am I bough," I siid, and bendinj
down, 1 kissed her. For a moment or
two sheaves pliable, t'uii she gently
pushed me from li'issying
"No, noi yei ;  I am nol   "lire   that il
le right.    Won't   ami  lea..* me   now,
lease I"
' Yes, but you  ire  mine   now;    Hod
lilessyoni"   And railing her han-i   M
my lips, I kissed it, ami left her.
That same day I wrote my mother,
idling hei the news. In as slum, n
lime .is the mail niiaiigi'ineiils allowed,
1 receive I Inr answer.
It avas not encouraging. It was
iiaiumeil with «oli I common-sense,
and shrewd worldly wis om, hut ii
made no concession to my affection.
Kuli of Msga.itv. ii was empty of sym-
p.tliy. I burnt ll aailli » r-ure heart.
It was about I ive weeks afl'T ihis,
when Mi's Vmi .Meier said lo me one
ilny, just outside liellevue—
•'! am going home tomorrow for a
feav davs.    Could you   run down for a
ayl    I ahould like  to exhibit you, you
know, to the "old folk.' '
She spoke laughingly, and  with   an
affected freedom that contrasted charmingly wiih her ordinary reserve.
>•_ shall be nelighted. 1 tlioughi
yonr pir.'ins were not livinu  Ethell"
Slu- looked up quickly, then smiled
as she sairl
Indeed!     Wlrnl    made   you    think
It avas not convenient for ine 10
her that, ner landlady it was that
nude the blunder.
' Well, perhaps because aim had
spoken of them. You will give
your address 1 You must not stiy
long.    When am I lo come f"
"To day is Wednesday ; suppose vou
oome on Saturday!    I  polled  you  a
nole this morning containing the ud
dress; y. ll will find it wh»n you get
I promised to vi-it her on S.tuidsv,
anrl a liitle later we parted. On rending the note avhich awaited mc on my
r, turn home, I wns not a little surprise I to Iiml thai Miss Van Meter's
home wns some few miles west of the
famous Citv of Notions, otherwise
known -.- the Hub of lhe Universe. I
bad lim ■iiiiicipaled a journey of otter
two hun red males. However there
was iu,thing for il but in go ; so I went
t„ Hnsi.ui on the Frldav, end look an
early irain out io Easiliaeastborough
on Saturday. The trnin pulled up in
an open square in ihe middle of Mii"
Stieel. I gotoui, woinlerioK wliv tliey
had not run US into the m«n linll while
they were aliout it, and have introduced
us lo the select men. The tr.in
seemed as much al home in ibe centre
of the street as the horses and huggi""
ami bucolic looking natives
"Where does Mr. Van Meter live?
I inquired of an independent and di
lapidated haokmaii.
•'l'nn'i kuoaa such n man," he
nnawe el, eaeing me from top to bottom ; ther. he called to a gentleman
who looked remarkably like  a   tramp.
id who was examining me critically
from a distance, saying, "Hi, Bill!
ihis man wants to know where » party
by the name of Van Meter lives ;
Irined if I know."
Bill, tlms invited « Ivanced cauliou,-
ly as though I had been au ugly dog or
a vicious  mule.
"I guess you're a stranger  in    these
here parts?" he  remaikerl,   thrusting   a
chew of tobac.o into bis mouth.
'Yes, I am."
I would ssy   you
cliusscis Hum neither)
"llig  i again."
"I guess, you're   a
It  ...is llie first lime
dollars, got a fast trotter, you le-t ;
hail from buffalo, New Y'ork oome
down on the ijuiet to buy land and pig*
gave a liuudml dollars for this lo-re
suit of clothes I've gotten on. Now,
■ay,doyOU kno** where Mr Van Meter
liac. ,»••- or nor'
The backmaii grinned, but Hill was
not -., nimble in his mind as be ap-
|*_icd , he lis.k'-il n trifle sb,'.-pi-.il ns
he   said—-
"   Is it Vl.li  Meier :i» used   I" live rat
tin-   Hall r
•■ Is he il Iv   Vim   Mater   rou
know of I"
"I   gess   lie    i-
"Then hei* the man; where i-. his
I place,  please |'
I found il wu* a couple <>t mile- Of
! more from Kustl.y eri.at l.i.|..'lgb. su 1
, dm., a laiigaiu wiih bis lughneaa llu*
j backmaii to take ine nut for a dollar,
; stipulating, with Hill us a aaiuu-s. thut
the money should be refunded    if   the
I emaciated hone fell dead by thr    .any
Tin- Vim .Meter cottage wus a wee toy
me. I of anlace, built liken Savi-s I'halet, and
AAT M.  EJ__.SO.lSr.
'ln-l      l;i:-l'BIHI.I.I     It'
•trou ead the pahli.
; .- ra-t epeaed ■* li-t ele**
. I    ,!. ua- - r the i'. P K-.
[tbeI irgeetaaeert.
di'iAlii'l.n'IIH.   mutch   a.m. . AN
ADIAK r a\ IB"  I BENCH i.<hi|i>
Meter,    sir
. " Wc
ir.    I
nin'i   n    Miss,
drummer, am i
I Iml
painted in   dark 'green   und   red    It
st I ii little from the road,   on  high
ground, aaith plenty of shade trees In
front. It looked very snug and .liiiniy
albeit it was not much larger than ri
dovecot. I waaon the poinl of railing
the old-fashioned brass knocker, wben
un elderly man of ftbout sivty, »itli
white hair, came round the corner,
lie wore knee breechetandadark blue
coat with brass buttons ami swallow
tail*. He looked like u gentleman nf
the'old style, and brought up the meiiioi-\
of my grandfather on tlur only occasion
I oversaw him.
>. Does Mr Van M.I
I inquired.
" My    name    is    Van
Arc you  Dr Martin '
p. Yes."
"Then I am glad to see
have heard all about you
expecting you.    I'ouie iu,
I followed liini imo a liny parlour,
exquisitely clean, and quaint as
its owner. The old gentleman went to
summon his wife, and in a very short
time she appeared. She was a little
sweet-faced woman with short white
curls, and a black silk dress figured with
blue tloavers. In neatness, qunintiioss,
and good-nature, she was tin* counterpart of her husband. She made me a
pretty old-lime curtsey as she entered,
and "said, as slur shook my hand
heartily, "I am most happy to uiuke
your acquaintance, sir. Miss \ un
Meter is out just now, but she avill lie
back soon, sir "
I noticed   that they   spoke of their
daughter with a certain  formality and
delicate change of   tone, wliich 1 attributed in part to   my being a  stranger.
and in   part   to the   respect   which n
country   family   always feels  towards
the member that lives   in the city.    I
made myself   aa agreeable  as   I knew
how to  be, and  spent a very   pleasant
half-hour chatting.    Mrs.    Van
then left the room, a little   abruptly I I
thought, and in less tlmntliirty seconds
Mr. Van Meter  followed her.    I   was
feeling amused when   the door  opened
and in walked Miss Van Meter   It avas
the middle of June, am) she was dressed
in white,   with yellow ribbons,  nnd   u
broad-rimmed hat tied tightly on  both
sides.    She was   twenty three, but did
nnt look a day   older than twenty, und
1 wasjust  turned   thirty.    I   thought
her the   loveliest   living picture I had
ever seen.    I told   her so,  as I    kissed
lier.    At dinner it was  curious to  sec
how nervous   the old   folks WOW, bow
proud of their   daughter, how deferential i   they  evidently   worshipped llie
ground she trod on.    1 had to leave by
the four o'clock train to catch the New
York express at Boston ; and Mis- Van
Meter   proposed showing   me   another
way to Eastbyeast borough,  longer, bul
quieter and prettier     While slu   ..ns
putting on her hat and   gloves, I bade
good bye to her parents.
"1 hope 1 have your cnns'itl. rl I
can win herf" I said, ftddresaing them
The old gentleman laughed, ia liercril
his wife frowned, and said—
"James, you avould laugh at n
funeral, 1 do think." Then to me,
'Yes, sir, we both wish you success
We think there is nobody like her on
earth, sir."
"Therein you think ii(*b'. Ihank
you very, very much ; good bye once
more," 1 said, as my beloved came on
the scene.
We soon left the highway and turned
up a lane that ran through a small
plantation and on the high ground.
The view from there was glorious ;
miles and miles of rolling country very
richly wooded. Near to us was a large.
handsome stone house, with a tali
clock tower and beautiful grounds. I
admired the  place   and the   situation
"Who lives there, do you know I I
asked my companion.
"An eccentric maiden lady, 1 believe," she answered indifferently
calling my attention to a remarkable
boulder stone some distance ahead.
"A maiden lady, eh? Is she too old
to marry!"
She laughed in her sweet way, and
said,    "Oh no, she isn't fifty yet.'
"What is her name f'
'Miss   Jewttt.      Look,   yonder   i
Whal hall I admir
••I don't know, utili I, did you
admire iu)    my   pai  ul lie   -aid,
almost timidly.
"Y'--,     ililler!     I    lid       I    lu '
mav   like   rn
She -.ceui'-il pleased.
|i" ;.'"    think   1 run liki     I itll  r oi
them '
"No : I do nol  think yo i ai       'i   ■
you have youi father'* i a
sic   laughi d.    Then   with a  quick
„r;i\ il\. .-le' -.an 1.   - Ynu
poor . "lib all ■    rr   . n ric -.   and tin y
;.  rtnv.     tic \     ar-      i  Would
v ui care '" havi thi in for youi |
when you could do ao infinitely better?"
My darling, rill I want is ynu   Mny
I hope i. JlA> vmi    <i.    tm  ii"
Tell nu . I '■•- 'n..'   mo uml
my wife '"
My arm i ncircl
drew In r in uu till hi i head .
Ill-east      I fell   her tremble
my 1 ive, tp<
She   raised In i head,   n
love 111  '.'"-
mured   passi m itelj.   "Ye
do I". e vou, and I
■  -rnjrt att,-llll -u.
her* "tain- wilt rr
i -, .' i..-">i >i,.
.■u_t_uti-< i.
lure   b)  gi.in|
U ,i    KI.SllN    l*t "|.
r.'IKl'.N HTKEKT, imi:T MOODY.
D.B. GRANT, Proprietor,
r    a. i>       •      i i     "
Just Received !
nnd I
.-.I- mi my
,il ,a itii her
vour wife.
-r been
taken for a commercial traveller, whose
make-up I do not, «s a rule admire.
1 tilted my silk hat rakislily  on one
side,o,ened my legs wide,,   thruet    my j       ~.-^ ----^ ^ ^ ^
hands mto my p.nt.^pockrtan.l  £* su(iden,     „, view.     ,    al,
ing   my   gaze   serenely     upon     dui, i »
A monib later we wi n marri
quietly, in N<*« York :   Mr   and Mrs
Van Meter and my mother   In ii     tin
only   persons   present to  » itm       = h
ceremony.    Agreeably   to   mi    ■■ ife
wish I resigned my position in the city,
and sought ri country praetii e.    I was
not long in findin \  om . and i    it was
iu Massachusetts, il gave great pleasure
to niv wife,     li   was   in the  villngi   >1
Elstow, high up among the hill       I In
present incumbent,  Ur, Kinnicutt, had
been there tnr thirty years, and had
large praetii.- thai took in four or I
outlying  villages.    I   had
son in Vienna ; and   n. il	
giving up pracl ice   and going n 'i1 Ir for
his health,   I d'ereil   me the  place,
and I gladly took it. We leased his
house, ready furnished, and moved in
at i.nee. We were pleasantly situated,
my aaife proved an exoellent housekeeper, and for three months our prospects were  bright   and   our hap* ss
supreme Then the clouds began to
(father. Firsl n r ival pr ictitioner came
to Elstow mul hung oul Iii-. shingle.
He styled himself an 'Eclectic," which
perhaps accounted for In* impudence.
He wns ri smooth, ma. e,   sly dog.    11 * -
kneav very little aboul  Heine, and a
great deal about human nature, The
leadinj church in the place, to whicl
unfortunately, I did nol b I ng, was a
clna,■ communion, hard-shell Baptist,
Of course rii" Eclectic al once an-
null 1 thai le was b zealous hardshell Baptist.    Thi-  am   the I"-  • i
in.' besl patients, t' n without troubling
in discover uny direct relation between
their theological   tutu ts and   the Btate
of their health,   rt u is n   nol ible   fact
that most ofthe chronic  cases which I   Clark
treated might   liavi    In i n   found any
Meter |Sundaj  it i >" the B iptist church
These   ui om "   ':- - i' ■   for  the
"Never mind    Vndri  .   li t tliein go
Those thai ore alivi in  twi
will onlv   !"•   i	
again,   m■■   .if     vould   i\   «iih  fine
rlisilaiii     H ■ I pul on  i pi   '
my I'-ac. I    c,o      .ai'1 I
of  the  firsl    hard shel
should  come to himself     Bi    I icaer
snav him.    Ma   cin
village of   Highlov.     md om
October, a« I roilc inl r l
eyes were   suddr ll )     ,; '■ itb  th."
tight "i a Is
this logeiul    D      ■ " "
patbic l'lia      '■      I avas toll
had said thai we we •
tO still        -N::'1      tn "   :       '
system of medical •
u- mine,   the  knu vied        Im    11 on
sidered   him mi   intei lopei    i
moral poacher   would il ■ ■
troubled his consi ience    Hul ■
I believed he on - laugh
me Pope Marti     tnd    c! I must havi
i, de.ili.sii   loi "i  humor   In m<      Bui
the ..'ust of  all was  thai   hi
clever,   well educated   fellow, who tin
dersl I   his   bu inees an l   tl
work     His bread pill .
and infinite distills
decs in   leveral   insl inci       Hi    faim
was bruited id '  iu I  grew   *ith whal
it   fed  upon.     Certain      •     known,
though hardly counnendabli   - h
! istics of ftveragi   liumanit)   sn re thu
afTorded a dear _ Id for their   li pJa.i
I .-Vnil the.    were thu    di p »yi d, with
the result thai I liecami    sware thai I
was   nol   holding   my    "'>n
homceopath   rind   eclectic    coinbim
They made inroads intomj pi icticethal
were fatal in a region thai wa rcum
scribed. Still I struggled on, nol so
.much bravely as fiercel' ai
;ately : but in vain. .\i first the dilli
culty w'as to make two pnds meet, and
do what we would there came times
when they avould nol meet, I tried to
sublet the house,   intending to go   into
a small cottage, bul   no one wn I il
I One day I missed our single servant
(TO  UK   r UMIM 11'.
thk iiivr.mv.il-  III VllUIHsi.
Mr. John   Morrison. ..f  -it.   A    S.S.,
vi-aa sn    seriously  ralllicteil    wil Ir ..  .Ir- c i- ' I
the kidney* that dropsy was rlea-eloping
I      forms the cltisen. ol I'urt M.iudy *u-
t u    list   re_eived a lar_;
iu ' varied _*tortm*nt nl ae_i,ou*bl*
Boot sand Shoes
Ready-made Clothing
Etc.,   Etc.,
in   bought tic »bove  Mu-„ foi iAsH,
I un prepared t" sell _i th. luwest
.   mil I'ltli.'KS,
:. m Vegetables and Fruits
cV CO.
-. i" Pale. .V Co. iui
Hardware,   Crocerie»,
i»I: "S" hoods,
Port Moo.ly
New China Wasli House.
ihini ami Irouiug iluue i"
. i -s. i\ le.
•» Jt -A. rum*-***
,.*, .'   I"   II   RII1HT OF WAY.
-I    llll
Canadian Pacific Railway.
a. r: howse,
Real Estate Broker,
Etc., Etc.
Town Lots for sale in
every part <>f the
Town site.
Excellent Farms
id of,   Tavi
rl h
liter phy-
"Noaa', listen ■
Walker, orphan,
butcher, worth   a
my    name
mired the mountain, 1 admired the I
boulder stone, I admired some Balti- j
more aureoles that rested for an instant j
iimciiciiu,       _..-.-     — .
hundred   thousand | on a bush in front of us.
his   life  wee despaii
Burdock Blood Bit*
siciiau- Iiml failed.
i    The Cesar ba* ekprawed a deeira  to   vi.ii
'. Emperor William in Maroh, on tl icneion
| of the Litters !Klth birthday.
The jury in the oa*e of Arthnr  -M ton,
■alias tho Itev. Theodore Keatinge, the
clerical impnater, hras disagr-eil. A ueav trial
has begun.
Suburban Properties
suitable for market
gardeners, etc.
Every information
freely given,
POKT MOODY, B. 0. jit   j.' !l   ©ljfttf.
KMBKK -•-.. is--"
.1 . I b.    'I ni"'
In the ' I' Ill  s-a>S -Tli.
ib. ,1  ,- II,, uinr,
ti"   Irani
t, Welling
ii nn i' iiij
'.miu. in
.,'.|,,\   ai' ' I'lll-   MFF TINT, CIV THF  I OT \I
\M„ made HOUSE.
Iin the settle-nun -.1  <|Ui-»tioiis m-tr ,li-       ,_ (1)out Bw ^^ tjnR. the aggre.
flu _v.i throw of the De Freycinet   Cabi-
■*( hu mado ou outward change in the  for- :
eign ur  home   policy of the French I.ovem- -
-iruliU,,,-,"   ... •"•""•'   -ithfa ""U'-      ^   wUtm ol British ColUmb,awll.jS^^^-i;^
•    tliclua   nf  iiiiinenl^   in   I I        i     -.11.111   |,e asst.m_led at James' Bay, and news-|Cabiuet a.eremember»|of it-   pred.
A lil.K *   MWS
11 * 'Ml
I 'ii a  ,.f See    .> '
...■.ii united by el. ft rick)
,ii- ii nt   mul    renowned
yabldi i- n |inlt of mig   ty
lour   minute*   IB** t"le
Tin- laoa.il
.ter wras llll I
to   the     .'la
l.nliilnli. lu
-la|ili "|" iral'il   in  lb" llll."   uit)   ll)   lb"
Fru/.ci bad l'.'i.iili I'i'L from bis
fellow labourer in the greei i itj The
glories ..I i lid Wi.Hutu-.<•(■ were si
-liut  iii'iiu'iii    enveloped   in  f"^,  uid
t'lilr uiilit'.it. ol |" ojil" were then  ■
in rii.- In;;   .-ity while  three   llioaeatid
aacre at .liine'i   in ib,  little i ity by the
l'Y:i/'T        The      » I. I -     "I     li-illlle    on
earth un    i -ib i"la   eclipsed   by the
woudutl nl' .it I'.'T'.i' tie "ml of llie
iicai ai.,, ... lu,il ,.. ,{ British army
under orutvaM here waiting  tor orders
to i iiil.ni'K . riicl in two inniiiii -itti-r
the order .-.hull bra." lieen i -ri''I by
lite Mini-i'i of Wn   ..'■ -bull   v.'  the
soldiers   mi ih ur.li to ships in our
|.ort.     aVesfu on   the eve   of *liriiu
evi'iits .md r.,ii Moody is il- -lineii iii
Im' om- <>t ih.- ui".i important outposts
of thu empire.
Political Justice is ra monstrous
ihing. Three uieu, l>'l.o .. Maxwell,
mul ('oiinollv, wi.' i.iii.ictcil of iii.ii--
.iVr at l.ytion end seiitenoud to he
ha-tgod : Maxwell lias  Frinuds  in the
l.flvKt,      llley       n|,|i. rllcil       lo        I'olilical
Justice nnd (lie seiiteiicn on this orimi
ic:l wns commuted : he got s pair of
tiers mul a snug cell ill the peniteu-
As a uml tei of course t be other
in n
rain! ., it boul limn it we - "
ih.   "i.»i Duke.    Poverty,   misery, o*
• -.iiiinii-iii 'I     i be 11."
11     •    .! powei tmiii  llu tern in
; the    iimnv   lias   brought   a. I'll il grave
I problems that are bi ic. mean* solved
i.ui | hi baps il   r- nol D' ei   fsmiful to
k. iln-  rejnauguratiou of tbe   Well-
ington   tat - one of   I re •   omen •
iii't  tr. tt able, mul ui-.a   is- under
I a. im siting iiml tin   i a |i.    which
ilu    I Ml.    represented   -n brilliantly,
. mul   will -in a ive   among the
f ihe United Kingdom
Russian    dipl atists    are    now
making an effort lo tenew tie friendly
lutaaiiii  thi.it    country   and
-ui ri'..
i ■• i ui in,   ami  Bismarck,  slwai
in. ■ . • nn France, i- receivinn II
ml         in   n   ipiril
totally   i specie i   ii
London.     KuuB,and tbediploi
ilu v etnpl
it i
.. 'Hi
f   friendship
Vienna   and
I ilu diplomati .i ■
rale peril ' tl)     incoin'   "
I'lte   autocrat
_   hal.s the  French
It,entice to ull tin'     un III
rlillu uh -•■ bfie   I Kiiiiril    Kaul-   .
: paper
bars bn it, and avill remain su until
l i- t- prepH■■'I in i -imn .i ncav |kh
;ition, thai   m..\   be.      The
men   will  be  liappv  in having i 'J"1 ?*"•> ."P"*!™"11/ *d,err_.° '■**-*D'**l*'iouJ
rrJ °   ol which the Chamber of Deputies expressed
something erherewith tn frrd fnnr nti-1* dlesennnel   Nu pledge, for io-tanc*. hi
Hinii-is.     It has  often occurred  lo us
J. & MANSfl]
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that the public generally, would be bet-
I". k m I** :l""!    I"'"' ver. has an  ,..r vW.tvli ;,_   jnstead ot giving the en-
all   Ile
two escaped flic roiie, mul will
a few days retire in live with him In
clover, mul in slipper*. It is shocking
to ser- tim criminal classes petted and
pampered iu penitentiaries while (he
deserving |ioi,r are permitted t., rot
und starve : Imt if is really alarming
io see   Political   Justice in   the place
formerly    upied   by    imperial   un
purchasable Justice
In the   penitentiary
devoutly   to I
who is forced
a I
Kurope, mul everyone  who
ln>a   tnll't     a.l^b   10   sec iU
war in Kurope is   inevitabl
is impossible   to savi
densely popiilnli
without    i opium
when the avnr is over
Republic in France.
S   'Ic.oa    illtek.    used
•cuds mob
■nil.     The
because it
society   in that
puirler nf the globe
blood   letting;   ami
I hem will be no
Pile i'/ai is only
^^        by    the   other
hies to get the   Republic into a
She   cannot   escape   linr
a stilly '    it    will
Russian net, uml
It is   surprising
lead   her   into   the
lute slu-   will perish.
IO  see the    genius of
\ home    fm life
is   .a   tiling  most
desired by   every tuan
tn live Oil the     wages lie
receives from a farmer or u contractor.
Political Justice isa shield for the
criminal   and    the   |ienitentlary    his
li nue.
The'.Victoria Times' says: "On
Fri lay nighl Indies sitting in the dress
circle at the theatre avere bespattered
with tobaco spittle by hoodlums in the
gallery. These wretches are mere
vermin, and   iheir  conduct    illustrates
the progress of civilisation in Victoria.
At San Francisco, where spitting on a
person is an assault, these cms   woul.I
be pistoled at once or punished I.y tavo
months ut hard labor<
Any iniiu .vim declares he avill be
independent wben elected should have
liberty to elect himself, Much u man
is certain to represent his oivii int. i .M
and bis friends ; but be avill not represent the people, Except Sir John him*
lelf there ts no man in this Dominion
entitled to walk into the House us "an
independent   member."   The  mau to
i lecieti   in ibis district next month
must take a pledge to supporl "sir
lu the Supreme Court al Ottuava
chief justice Ritchie gave judgment
last aaeek in favor of the syndicate,
nnd removed the injunction granted to
Major: Mr, Justice Henry dissenting,
O'Connell used   to My    thai, lie    could
drive a coach and six through any Eng
lish Act of Parliament : bul be failed
to dn sn on several occasions How
ever, it is quite certain thai le ooold
drive a couch and six hun.Ind through
the rubbish that is called "Osnadian
law.' Those wbo make laws ought
tn understand the meaning of
words ami the art of   placing  them so
ns to express Ideas;  but   Canadian
legislator!   Ut very    little  better than
our own. This decision i.y the Su
prema Court at Ottawa ..ill be appealed to the Privy Council of England,     They avill noi   be able to decide
avhat is the iiieniiiiignl'tlic law, bill ihey
may be able to announce what they believe to haae been the intent ion of the
law milker-. The wealth of tho Syndicate avill not indue!!., tbe judges iu
Westminster hall, and it is pretty cer
lain the railroad aaill not be extended
next year from ibis city lo Vancouver.
The law declared ibis city thetermiuua
mul created vested rights worth
millions avhich cannot l.e confiscated
by laava ,,r by syndicates,
France    decoyed     by    that     prowling
Russian bear.
On Tuesday Bismarck declared tliat
he would  dissolve the Reichstag and
iel the deputies lo increase *lte
Like all othur European states-
believes thai u great war will
lu gin in April next, anil lie is persuaded
tl.ul France ami QotinallY Will bellic
lirst to cross bayonets, lie .latches
tlie last pri-pi,nil inns now making ill
France   with   the closest    attention.
Here,    in Loudon,   it is    believed  that.
Germany   avill   seize   the first  opportunity to precipitate the struggle.
waves w'l'i'i
The olliters on board the Idaho
going out to sea from Portland last
k witnessed a terrible scene. Huge
rolling outside the trench.
it. nis bar, ami t In- steam lug Champion
was steaming out to siei avhen she on-
countered nil'' nf tliein mid rode over
ii: then another which she escaped :
but the third, avhich appeared to lie as
big as Mount linker, lolled over her
and she disappeared, A crew of ton
avent down .villi her. Nol. u plunk or
spar Moated ; the ill fated ship dived
to the bottom lilt:- n wounded whale
anal rose no more
Tbe editor of the N. V Freeman's
Journal proves tbat Mr, Henry Qcorgo
is ns silly us llie editor   of the "l.ritisli
Columbian."   The veteran critic gives
itations from the writer of "Progress
Poverty" and this is a   sample:—
"On the other 1 i   the  things   to
which the sanctions of property rightfully attach, while consisting iu their
substance of material drawn from land,
ure iii their essence the products of
human labor."
The critic says:   "People avho   do
tn think suppose that  such
lunations menu some
bul Mr, George isa  dishonest
I anil an obscure writer."     li    is
not pans
expressions or oect
thing :
thi u fen
laavs, paru
as u
The annua] report of the Irish laud
• ■oiiiinission wns   published   Inst   week.
li shows that u reduction of twenty five
per cent, hits   been niatle   in the rental
of Ireland, In the province of Con-
naught tin* reduction is a little over
i wenty eight per cent
The Minister of the French .Murine
has torn the veil from the faces of his
countrymen by showing them that the
English lb ei is a match for two French
Parliament wid lie called together
on .lany. 13, and tbe Government will
at onee demand the whole time of the
House of Commons for the settlement
ofthe new rules of procedure, The
Loudon "Stmiilnril" says : 'There is
nothing connected with Home or
Foreign affairs to justify this liusie ;
every one believed thai Parliament
would   not meet until   February, and
that the country avould have once
more its usual breathing Mine from the
worry lira tumult of politics."
The equestrian statue of Wellington
by Boehm is litiislu-il ; and the critics
say "ii i- i matchlessworkofart.'   Ths
Prince ,,f    Wales  and   his    c iltec
met on Saturday, and resolved that the
statue should be placed in the enclosure
opposite to Apsli'y House, The
pedestal    avill   be   iidorneil    avith   foil
'supporters'     representing     Englisl
possible to find  ill
or in any clause of our local
rajihs more   intensely   obscure
snine of those written   by this
Socialist'     The   multitude
judge   declares that, his   incoitr
ible nonsense Is sublime.
A man named   Spinnie,   the  keeper
fa bar-room at  Richmond, was  ac
1 of murder on   Tuesday by   his
wife.    She   saav    him    kill and
rob a man at midnight in the bar room
•mil put the body    into   an   old    well
under the llonr.    The woman   is   dead
mul the police nre making n search.
Statistics    lately   published   prove
that in 111" New England Stales of the
Union 2000 families are broken up
■ year by the divorce law, nnd
four thousand persons divorced By
evidence presented in the divorce court
it would appear "holy matrimony" is
played out, and thai the thing culled
nobility is a sham.
Factor Jones and Hick Bullock,
I avo of the four negroes lalm a few duvs
ago murdered George Tnu Ho iu tic
t'liocktaw nation avere released on
SfiOOH bail. I'.ut, on Wednesday, they
were taken by a mob to the scene of
the tragedy nnd riddled avilli bullets.
Sandy Smith nnd George Moss, the
other murderers, are in jail and hopn
to be hanged. They prefer the ro|ie
lo the rifles, ll was a cruel murder;
they killed the man because he hnpp
■ tied fo Iiml them killing his cattle
Our Philadelphia exchanges say: —
"The gamblers and thieves are running
the city, and pay for police protection.
Every form of vice is curried un    with
loors; the lost women of the
are de-
fall   of
Inst   women
streets are delinni ; the police
moralized, and the town is
burglars, pickpockets, and thieves"
To the apparent surprise of every
body, says the "Oregonian," tbe coin-
niitiee ou territories hns agreed to
report n bill to admit Washington and
Montana as states of the   Tnion.
Iiuiing the breaking op of  winter, when
the uir is chilly nnrl the weather damp, such
complaint, as rheuma-Km, neuralgia, luoi-
bago. sore throat, oroopand other painful
effect* ol sudden cold, rare provalent. It is
then that Hagyard's Vellnaa- Oil is fonnd
truly valuable, an a household roin.-ilv.
ttr For artistic ninnurnental nurk apply to
aleorge Kudge, "Victoria Marbl. Works,
l.nuidar*   Street, Victor,..
. cl) -im itet hail ; the I'anslavists
and i'- existing finani ial diffi. ulties
tliii.n I '/.h'-  domains,    .ut.'
likelv to iliiar Him iiria' extremes,
whethei he will di no i so<that no one
i .in be surprised shduld He msli into a
position "itb regard to bis German
neighbors, which avill land Europe jn a
rn -ri war, With the pu•-. m enormous
armies all read) foi the fray, and the
stly improved machinery of de-traction, -iu li t draggle would be terrible ;
yet pcipl" who arc likely to be involved
in it, do not te. in to regard n with any,
thing like the horror an uninterested
tpectator would expect The fact is
thai lhe world bas become ueeptical in
n l"ii to everything especially the
European portion of it and they avill
not believe in the desolation and misery
created by war, until ihey see it.   Then
the sources 61 employment are nearly
exhausted, ami tlie chase after avealtli is
growing wore and itiote unproductive
I'niler these i in iiin-i'iiii es, even war
is regarded ns likely to make a change
for the I letter at least it will make a
change and everyone thinks it avill be
better for himself.   The French people
appear   lo look   at it in this   light  and
seem   careless as  lo  the  nation  avith
which they may quarrel first.    It may
be thai their course of action has been
marked out, and  that their attempt to
frighten  England   out   of   Egypt and
China out of the right to  use her own
property    in  this, however,   they have
recently  given   way-or  to  scare  the
Queen of the Hovai into giving them a
foot hold   in   Madagascar    is only byplay,   with avhich they arc Irving to deceive the world until lhe day arrives for
prompt   action against   somebody ; for
they will uoav be compelled to move in
some direction or to experience a revolution  at  home.     I'o attempt to attack
any one Iml Germany,   avould he sheer
madness,  because the constant danger
from   France   renders   all   Bismarck's
plans unworkable and he is determined
lo leave  Germany the  sole  arbiter for
Central   Europe.     He knoavsth.it his
Own time is short and whatever is done
to lay the   French   Bete   mure   must be
done without delay.    Wc suspect, then.
that F'rance means nothing beyond Germany,   and thai she  looks for  the destruction of her great enemy avith the
aid of Russia.    If, for instance, France
was to attack England, Germany's opportunity  avould  at  once  appear, and
she avould nol hesitate to seize it.    On
the other hand,   F.ngland will never attack F'rance without  the cxtremest provocation, and that ran never arise Irom
any discussion aliout   Egypt,      France
avould  fain  draw  Italy aavay from the
Anglo-German alliance, but she is surely
forgetting  the fact   that she  holds two
Italian   provinces    Savoy  and Nice—
and that  Italy regards her  as she does
Germany the present holder of her own
tavo  provinces Alsace  and  Lorraine.
The eyes of  Austria  arc   thoroughly
opened to the designs of Russia, avhich
are clearly set forth   in the secret treaty
revealed by Count Xichy.      Russia had
arranged   with   her   Montenegrin and
Macedonian allies to wrest from Austria
her  recently acquired province in the
Balkans—Herzegovina   and   to   seize
upon    Albania,   lhe   prize  coveted by
Italy.     All   these  things  have tended
more and more to widen the chasm between Germany, Austria. England and
Italy,   and   Russia  and   F'rance.     The
action of  Russian  agents in AfTghanis
tan  has   produced  quite   a   rebellion
there, and the Ghilsais are holding their
own, still, against  the Ameer, but they
Will have to succumb in course of time.
British troops have been ordered to the
frontier to protect British interests.    In
Burmah,  the   British troops are at last
in earnest, and they are wiping out the
Dacoits  and rebels al a great rate,    It
avill not take long to pacify the country.
The  Stuck   Exchange in F.ngland still
presents  the  strange  features we have
previously referred  to; Consols are at
102 to io2'_,  and the bank rate of interest is five per cent.     Foreign invest
ment. in Consols have raised the price
of these securities and large shipments
of gold have raised the rate of interest.
Roth these  features  of the market are
unhealthy signs of the times.
lire "speeches     (save  the mark !) the
newspaper* <mly published a short synopsis of the  debates.      Uut  then  we
should lose the   op|>ortimity ol learning
lhe true inv ardness of Mien like " honest
John."    It   has been   suggested to  us
ihat the best plan would be to give  the
orations   verbatim   el  literatim,   becausi
the |H.-oplc would see the results ol their
own   carelessness   or   folly.      Bul   this
again,   would not answer,   because the
newspapers are read abroad and strangers would feel inclined to judge of the
entire  community by the specimens of
eloquence  emanating  Irom  our representatives.    We need hardly repeal our
oft  expressed  opinion  that our parliamentary system is a farce ; that we absolutely pay men handsomely to rob us
of our  money and  lands  and  enable
them ,ro'n lime to time to make handsome   fortunes at the public expense.
Specious  humbugs  like  lohn  Robson
mislead the  ignorant and induce them
to believe that  the  wretched imitation
of a  constitutional government  which
ave possess is, our palladium.    A better
illustration of this cumbersome and use-
less  machine  could  hardly be  found,
than in the present position ofthe leaders, called  ministers,   who are clinging
with  the grasp of despair to the positions they held in  the last Parliament.
They are aware that at least one or two
of them are  detested  by   the   |ieople
whom they pretend to  serve at salaries
of three thousand  dollars a year and
sueh other advantages as they may secure from possession ot office.    It would
he useless to tell  these  men that the
commonest  decency required them to
step  down and out; they  would only
laugh at you ; they know that once they
are discarded  thev are deprived  of a
good living, and what is more important
to small minds, therightto dictate to and
lecture men  very far superior to themselves.    How long they will be permitted to arrogate to themselves the right
to  say who shall   remain in office, will
ave should think,  he settled at the first
meeting  on the twenty-fourth of January next.    There are quite a number ol
aspirants lor office ; some of them a decided improvement on those now holding the positions ; so that,  if there is
anything in the shape of honesty about
the representatives, they will not find it
difficult to select a new ministry.    But,
if the  majority are corrupt and prefer
personal  gain to propriety, the House
must be  dissolved  and the people permitted,  at the polls, to say who shall
legislate for them  in the  next  Parliament.    If a new election  takes  place
ave know of one man—John Robson—
who will not be returned.    The people
of this 1 )istrict—for  which he was supposed to have been elected—are puzzled
to this day to discover  how he came to
have so  many votes.    They have been
comparing  notes  in the various settlements and they can't bring out the sum
anything  like   the   number   reported.
But, he is in Parliament, and he cares
very little about the opinions of his constituents.    We have  often stated that
Mr.   Robson owes  his  position not to
any ability or merit  of his own, but to
the careful touting of interested friends.
During the course of the last Parliament
we heard them state boldly, that he was
the brains of the entire ministry !    We
have heard the same class of people say
—anticipating his  ejectment from the
existing  ministry,  that he would be a
dangerous man in opposition.     All in
telligent men are aware, that neither of
these statements is correct.    John Robson  as a  minister  is  an unmitigated
fraud ; he only possesses a little shallow
cunning, but he has no brains.    As for
his power of doing mischief it would be
confined to " splitting on his pals,"and
in that case as dangerous to himself as
to those he  would  injure.    As to anything he  would  be  able to do as a
speaker, that is   completely    "played
out."   He is merely stereotyped and
his speaking, as a plain member, would
only form a subject for ridicule.    The
greatest blessing that eould arrive  to
John  Robson  would be his expulsion
from  the  House  altogether; his presence there will always remind members
of the corruption of the last four years.
-proa'sl,   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i bees given to elic'.l.h the .uh-perfectaree
although the dowi.'-!1 of the Ute Miniiter,
wi,. o.ten-ibly caused by their refusal to
.uppt-w, those office*. Again, Bet Bou-
lauger, the former War Minister, not ouly
retains hi* portfolio, but although the Cham-
ber made some reduction* iu hi. previously
.siiliuiitted|budget, he now luaiata u|k,„ an
extra appropilation of 160,000,000 'i lieu,
tis.. M. Moureiia.the new Minister ul F'..ieigu
Affairs, i, -uul to be m .Unci, upholder of the
Concordat, although what g*ve the moat
utfem-c t" the extreme Left wa* the reluctance uf M. De Freycinet to come tu au ..pen
rapture w-ith the \ aticao.
We perceive, then, that the unnatural co-
..litiiui Is-tm-.ii the Right and the extreme
belt, by which the late Mini.try wu over
tuui-d. haa ini-aed all the alma which it
]ii"i"-a«-.| to have in view. It ha. 1-rought
als,ut, however, two reault* not avowedly
contemplated, but aecretly daaired by one
or the other of the two uuungi nous factions
whose tiansit-nt alliance controlled the
Chamber. It haa diapelled the iuiprea.iou
thut M. lie Kreycinet poucraed ri preponderating influence in the present legislature
and might count upon succeeding M. ('revy
in the Preaideocy. The friend* of the
('unite de Pari* »re glad to ees M. lie Kreycinet iliscreilitt'il or weakened la-cause they
regard hi* circumspection and aagacity an
bulwark, of the existing regime, and wivh
to we the republic wrecked aa speedily aa
possible through the hi un, lei'B of less capable and caution* pilot*. The friend* of M
Clemenaenu, ou the other hand, felt that it
wu* india|ieiia*hle to remove the lut" Prime
Minister from their leader's path.
That hia most formidable rival ha* Ihi.u
humiliated, and to uo small extent diaal.li-1,
is a signal gtin fur M. Clemenceau, but it is
not the only one. Oen. Boulanger, wh... was
made Minister of War at hia request and
with whom he i* believed to still maintain
the closest relation., not only hold* hi*
place, but is auBered by the nominal chief nf
the New Ministry to dictate hi* own term..
M. Goblet, therefore, will bo looked upon us
a mere figurehead, the one commanding
figure in hu cabinet being that of (Itn. Boulanger, behind whom stand* C'lcmeuccau in
<' ambctta'a role of king maker. It i* true
that lien. Boulanger affects to disclaim  any
Merchant Tail
Has oris si, .,noi-,.
Pint Dm t«. Hm  ..^iit ir„(11
Mi-ft, mid will btv«tl»u
haml a full _i*r,-,*
•-■"■■nt nf
purpose of taking part io purely political
affairs, hut the Tact that he return**!- hin
function-; with a demand for greatly in
creased appropriations for military objects
shows that the new Cabinet really points to
war as firmly as its predecessor clung to
peace. That thia ii the true significance of
'the last Ministerial changes in France is distinctly recognized ut Berlin and St. Petersburg, and is indeed noisily proclaimed hy
tht; rteiui-official press of those capitals.
It is, apparently, the hope of M. Cleiueu-
cesu and hia military coadjutor that in case
the Deputies refuse to make the extra grant
for the army, M. Orevy may be prevailed
upon to dissolve the Parliament and appeal
to the electors on that issue. But it is by
no mpaiis certain that the President would
ABsent to this demand, in which event M.
de Freycinet might have one more chance to
form an administration.— N. Y. Sun.
An official inspection of the damaged pop
tion of the Palace was made recently by di
rection of the First Commiasioner of Works,
About thirty rooms are burnt out, the walls
alone remaining intAct. It is lwlieved that
a considerable portion of the masonry will
have to In* entirely rebuilt The damage Is
now estimated ut fully £20,000.
Hlto.   -*.N   DOWN.
"Being completely broken dowuln health,
] wh induced to try that valuabl e remedy,
Burdock Blood Bitters. One bottle made
me feel like a new mau, restoring me completely to health." Ueo. V. Detlor, Napaime,
Foreign and Domestic.
liuar-riteial in Kin, | M
Fred.    Fickhof
lll-lfck-l   I.KAIIK  IS
P mi visions,
Dry    Gocx
<V<*., Sec
Of First-Class Qiialitj|
AM,     AI
Moderate   llnte*
Coiner of Kront   ami  begbji 5
J.& A.ri.KAIillll
Manufacturers' Agent!
IU   Al.,1.        IS
FRI 11 s & AU, kl-l»\ 0.
p. u. mix Kill,
YA.Xj.EJ, b. c.
IB. C.
Ml'SSr*.   lallM'lltllHl,   -"eil*"!- &  Ve.'*
Fine Boots & Shoes,
CITY AUCTION MART, U-v.riiui.iit St.,
New WeHiminHter
Thi- liesi Hotel at the ha*, ol Bl
gfttion ami Railway travel,
Can ofl'er  the Ix-ht ftOQODltUodAttfli ■
beat table in Yale to the tin. *-1 j n*  ul
THK   BAR ia well lUppllcd witk|
I.i--iniru und (.igaiH.
i'iih. vm:siiii.iiHin;ns^
FRANK (1. KK HAIU>*"lr. Iii
Prim Moderate.      Toupnti' Hf».l»|»|
I-11 nt ('In*.*, in Every Kenp^t
Supplied with all (V-iivfimU'-**|
of Modern Hotels.    Hot
und Kli'jj-u.it in all It*
C.   B.  Mouuk.
Irish,  Scotch, and Welsh   soldiers, as i agent, Ksw W«stmiiw*-er.
S_n;n young men have beeu arrested at
Castle luiiuid for raiding Tubhermoing
Housi' recently for arms.
A destitute locksmith's apprentice named
Boehnicke threw a stono through the well-
known corner window in the imperial palace
nt which Emperor William is accustomed to
nit. The apprentice was at once arrested
and locked up. His action, it Wat supposed
was intptred by a desire to attract attention
to his needy condition or to secure notoriety.
Ho succocdcd iu in liking an immediate Ben*
sation, and a great crowd assembled near
the window
the Eniporor. avas not .truck'Icotch^an
and l.e appeared at the window to assure .11111 E55£i; but ye'll
people of his entire   safety, and waa cheered | ^c°l_n_'^'___,
enthusiastically by the throng.
J D Cameron, of \Ve_tlake, Ainslie, Cape
Breton, had inaammatory rheumatism which
Hu-jyard's Yellow Oil cured after all other
treatment had failed.
An Englishman and a Scotchman had a
dispute aa to whioh of their respective countries had produced the most eminent men.
Every name of note was claimed by tlio
Scotchman as that of a man born north of
the Tweed, till finally the Englishman said 1
"Surely you won't claim Shakespeare aa a
Scotchman!" "No." replied the canny
I'll no say Shakespeare waa a
      jt ye'll  maybe admit he  wa*
_r_»i«t cUve'r *n*ugb to be ane."
Han  moved  to the store lately occupied by
Coulter ft On.,
Opposite to Cunningham's Stores,
on Columbia Street.
lu, .1.., iy «• ->»_t«. of Uu TA,
,„.,., mf UnsiAg. * l.ymen,
tela D-pad.
Hon. Thos.   Willi 1, Ml
I - II 111"!:, ill I ... .
1 ht'i','liy apply for a lii,'iis< l» ■
1 a certain tract ol land •itm'*"
slimes ui Lake Harrison, and
about (800) eight hundred an".
to a map or plan deposited with Iln
ion Timber Inspecter of this l'rnvr"
tion with Mr. McNaughten, he ia am
prepared to dn sll kinda of
—ANI> —
SVWatche*  **nt,   by    mail    or    *_pr».»
attended to at one*.
Harrison Hot Springs, Oct. I, I"1"*
■•■■-alilwl.* (lira Mse»*fS|
IHsuriU-rs or llie Klili"!
llrlnar) Or-cans, Liin><T
Weak Burk, and nsurrm|
bed-wettlnic children.
OOM.I Wr»a_a_r. Oar. «"**
-I_,,a, TM H.-»* Iron, I'.k oh -.
I Uk, plraaur, la '"'■ °
that th' one gme, auwlvd Dr. Starr', J'.
ordered from jour traveller *-r,'n,f,Lk
muni admit tbat I never had   ' n"a',',;,___|
ao rapidly and lhal (ivea aa K" d "*""r_-
•rully.   I could gel yon a heat at l;«'
eirtl. a I have aold to :   they ar' In* ._
r. Bt-rr'a Kidney Pad,.   Send ra' ' "!■
of tha ape-lal lame alae, that retail" ,' -|
Ond they a-ll the belt, and oblige.
Tour* **'
Noi.-That Mr. Bray 1* oue of ibe*.
In Outarlo, and la honored with beir..'»'1
ot the  Pharmaceutical Aaaoclatlen it '
thii Province. Ontario. __
A.-I.HkHRIM- and O.S.OUHT'8'™
WMtmlnater, T,   HoNEELET, I*>"*iJ_
R. MCDOWELL li CO., Vancouver  Sa
CO., Nanaimo, and wholeaale.il LAM'S
Vloavirta. HASTINGS SAW HILL 00 , ™
OOUVER  DBUO   On.,   Vanrouv,,, *
OABTNBT* B»0.,  Vemraver  and «£
B. LOVELL, Yale ; W   B.  MS-ION, **■
CLABS k CO., Kan-loop, ;  aad all "* <£|jf '{fart ftloobn ©Qiettf
DKCEMBKR'A i'-v;. |
Ti!*? c-Uteni train wu four hour* and a
^i. behind time nn Tuesday, we haw got
rjmed the cau«*.
\110thrr scow   load ol rail*   Int for Van
"veron Tuesday aud a thin) MM will U.
^tclie'lt1-18  *'«•«•
T|_e repairs tu tin- <0MgattlMi railway
.J,iJ(-*' have lieen coin[il<*t«*.l, un.l tin- Im.    ii
j M in ottmot nuwag order.
.Vhen a "••*•'■ •■■*■• tritd evarythiag. Mid
,^11.1 it will 'l<,t itnuwer, let bin tf" t" when*
jjjrtx i.au echo aud try tliat.
Our lioteU an* \tooy In preparing tli.'ir
Orutmiu cheer, tvidiiitly bant upon giving
OffiT patrons a ri^ht royj.1 Wth MM ,
ll iiHl want to purchase  or IMM IB i loel*
,ut budding »ite for bwfneet MrpQ
l (., a.   i*    Rome,   tool aetata broker,
\\'e wiil) our patrons tin- iviuplimenU nf
eke leason, and earnestly hop! th..t thr
^iogyear will h- iui" <■! proepertty hi.I
I tippincM to all.
IV weather ttill continual >•*(>  nuhl.aiid
1,,-rester amount of ruin hill than usual.    A
*tf_|whar|i froit  or full "I   mow   wuuld   ba
gore it-annualdt*.
A Y-iukee adltor ItelM that tin* iii.i't   ai
Ittctiog sight ho ever -taw waa "JUO barrets   iu
tieri it one time.    We presume   the   ■ tl'.-et
,i the Prohibition Act.
|l Mg want to lease or ptUVfaaaa live nerea
' i richeit  -toil iwiculiarly  adapted i"
-    the richest  noil  iHJcuIiarly   adapted for
I market garden*, apply to A   1.. (fon
at»t« broker, Pon Moody.
From tbe   encouragement   t hiit.mt. n   arc
Inoetving from white men in port Ifoodf ira
lit inclined to  think that they   intend   to
Bike it tbeir earthly paradise,
We regret to  state that   Mi.    Bison,   the
Iiell-kimwn clothier of Port Moody, ii lying
4angT'»uily ill at bin residence.     \\.-    |q
drfly dyinpatliiae with him in bin affliction,
The steamer Mexico arrived in Port Moody
Itt4p.Be, on Thursday bringing i quantity
if beau*, bar-iron kc., whieh will betaken
nay east by tha C.P.R., a* a return freight
the shipped coal oil and geueral nerohaDQIM
md sailed for San Fraueisoo rio tha Round
md Vii'toria.
Mi, Dod4,the lUtioumaatai ol thoCP.K,
it Hurt Moody, has recently been danger
ju-l, ill of iuriaii.matioii nf the bowels,
fhi.'li at one time threatened bin life, but
mre happy toatats that thu danger haa
heen tided over, anil tlml he li now returning to .•onvaleHeeiiee.
A young lady,tlie daughtei ot u physician,
„■... :i hundred miles away, who take-. gfeai
interest iu har father'sprofession when asked
bnw she WM getting on replied : "Ob
pretty well; plenty of cold a, Home bronchitis, aud a little typhus fever, but, at
Hjnsaid yesterday, what, we need [i t n\ae
little epidemic."
Mr 1). B. (Jrant  tht pioneer merohant of
IM Mpiody baa received a well selected
inortinfnt of t-'hriatmai ami New Year's
, I * iu endless variety, which he is tailing
li*-;.I', or cheaper than any other atora in
Ilbwu. He invites an inspection of Int. stuck
feeling as-miml that they will meet with tin
..nii!i"i approval.
Ui   Austin's   express   which   he   luu-ini
:.up .ii..11 with bis royal mail stage line is a
■decidei*! huccohh     Punctuality and  dispatch
■ Mating With Iti reward, aud   has gained
lur thin   line a   liberal   amount   of   public
patronage.   Notwithstanding tbe large *-uan-
lity nt freight constantly arriving, we have not
heard uf u single complaint, this speaks well
br the managoment.
[he question of the Incorporation of   Port
"■■is is still iu iiiiey;ni. r, notwithstanding
the efforts of  the  "stick-in-the-mud.*.'    and
the uiflucnoea that have brought to bear  by
interestf.il opponents in high  quartan   who
■*■ it-splinted to  lend  tbeir aid  to   defeat
to scheme.    At any rate we shall   have the
Utisfaction of letting  the   daylight   iu   on
the extraordinary  tactics   that   have   been
It is  rumored  that   one  of  the   C.P.R.
■motives is to go to Vancouver.    What's
to meaning of the hurry.    Have   they   got
itorehouse ready to rcueiv--.it, if not   tbey
ad better wait until tbey gat the   line   ex
ended to tbat point and not   incur   useles.
vpetiBc for the   sake   of   booming.      Since
friting the above wc have heard tnatOnder*
ink's Plying Dutchman has  been   selected
pa tlit* iron statking-borae,
Tlie Wttk is complimentary   to   this   pro
fince as far .is our climate is concerned,   tor
Hpcaking of a winter resort for the people
l-astem Canada it says: —"Kor owing   to
tr unfortunate geographical position we
inot afford to be patriotic in the matter of
Inter resorts unless wc go to British Co-
■iii.i i. which is *| uit*- an unreasonable trip
lleaa we mean to stay there." If British
am hia is desirable us a winter resort
ttiicli it really ia) our genial climate iu
unmer time is by far more attractive.
•7 it and be convinced.
ilTHI K.-. HOMI Maoazinu.---We have reived a copy nf Arthurs Home Mugaziun
'January 1HH7 ami pronounce It one of the
Nt monthlies of the present day, u it is
JpKmslv supplied with pure and iatari iting
Itr&ture whioh should Iind a place in
l'p*y liome. It is refreshing to have a work
* in yrioe yet abounding in rafluameu, m-
M p.l the trashy sensationed tales, which
hgr-_cc the ehfap lileratiire of tin present
This work is clearly written, Ix.iuti
**•) dlustraUtd and printed in large olaa-r
W' "ii thick strong paper wbicb it bound at
■ end of the year wouhl form 4 large hsnd
*e volumes, suitable for the best of
Ffcrya. The Magazine is published mon-
^ at $*2,(K) per anuiiin pir BOoti per single
■), t.. bt* bad ol T, 8, Arthur ft Son,
bbera990 Walnut street Philadelphia.
"-'apecimen copy can be seeu at the offloa
-Ilia paper, where every   inforiuati'pn will
■fiven to intending aubaoribara,
tt'MuttHyx Ointment tout Pills combine both
nitive and sanative powers in a high de
[* i by the former term is understood
■tir ability to preserve health, by the latter
*■•■ capability to restore health. With
*** ["inei.tii's at hand, no invalid need be
'^Ittn guide himself or herself safely
lrfJ*.gb the many trials to which every one
,— objected duriug our long and ofttimes in
V "nent winters. Co.ghs, colds, ulcerated
"'•ta, quinaey, whooping cough, can be
^eaafimy treated by well rubbing this
to-mont upon the chest, and by taking the
-*•'• During damp, fogay weatlnu* asth*
•*cal sufferers will experience the utmost
*-ible reliof from the inunction of the
Pb-nent, and all tender-cheated persons
pMve endless misery by adopting this
Ifr. John Morrison, of St. Ann-. N> .
•■•o aerionsly afflicted with n dtaeaaool
•kidueyfi tbat dropsy was developing nnd
,■ life was despaired of. Two bottles ol
Ff**00-* Blood Bittern cured him Titer phy-
ma had failed.
•V Colin   Campbell ca»« has ended  in a
»»ct of not gvitty on both sides of the suit.
jealousy thou art a friend.
-»organued effort is now   about   to  be
*■ nnder what we should think are very
1 auspices, to get the lands round Wiuni
Put on the market at reasonable rates.
Iler'a  new   comic opera,   "Tlie Vara
■" is the success of the season in B--rhr.
liculet  official life in Russia     .Several
referring to   Gen. Kaulbars have been
■tasted by the   Government authorities.
'   ?OR& LETTER.
From ' '■■■I Oara * orresf-oudent.
ITom   Dm   i..-.i . |fg(
THt   rUHStCM   l-ialTJl.—   ,..v       -TJa   aSO
KjV— THF   LAU'JR MOVf.*,l> • ,    -WALL
•CTBtKT—-trBOJ-EAN   AtTAihv
Blaaa tbe issue of the President's message
the chief topic of cunveraatiun in political
circles bas baaa the tisheri ii dispute. 'I'd,.
paarapapaia aapaalally tha JUrpgmwan [. i
tion of tbem —bad been nagging at Been t u -,
Bayard i-.t orhnt tl eytarmad bu pro-English
symnathtna and Uo. ol patriotic spirit in
danllnfl with Cwuda; hut atnoa tba pobliea
tion of hi-t  "spirited      p »: :■ *ji nd. ii I-  v-iil-
Larf Boaabery) the DMnoenin ara jubilant
and ptOttOnOOt tiie tarttfO -*.-'!ctary the
right man iu the right plaoe, Ni *. - rtht I,-.-,
the  i '.ui uiiaus pnrana  the  tvan  tenoi ot
their   WO}    .tud   etifitive    tbe treaty of    1818
with all  their bma.    The Highland Ught,
on.- of the raaai la eaptnrod irluM contravening the provision- §| the treaty, has not
'■nly baan adjadgad forfeit, but hss actually
iwen .■'■m. it- il mt i a Canadian nmiaar. and
is i,.,\. looaring tha ipaca inside the three
miles limit in MOTOl) for Aineii-an Bahlog
vessels.     In an mtei vi. «   uith   a |)etr..it t<-
porter to -.Uy, >ir John Haedonald says:
" 'I'in-re ia or ahould !"• np.di-.pute. Tba
tteaty ot liis |a juat, explicit, and *iulli. i.-nt
ItaUnpl) to bid*. American reaaeli from flafa
ing within the three mile limit, and from
paaaiai that limit aieept for oerwn apeoi
Red pnrpoaea, ot  win. h tin* buying of bait is
not .no-    Ther-- is in. room f.-r dlaouaaton m
tO tin- intent ot   the treaty. BXOept as to the
'headland anaation,'ao-euled   that i*. shall
the   line deli ni lij.; the three uuh- limit follow
the  rinuoaUaea o(  baya  and inlets, or be
drawn from headland to headland so an to
prevent fi.-hiii^ by AiuericHti ■. Bsaela in pai t
ly laud l -olted watera, We hold to the Ut
ter riew, ie did Daniel debater, Tbiapoal-
tion la maintained by tbe American ira
board states.'
Mr, Poatar, Canadian Minister ot Marine
and Piebariaa, li equally ont-epoken In da
fence of Canadian rights, ahile in i«ondon
Blr  Charlea  Topper  Baya what  bethink.
aUmt   Amei ir.'.n   bluater  In bin polite but
laroaatio way.    still there is very little ||gn
—in fact none  at all - that  Americans will
oonaent to a reciprocity treaty.
Perhaps tin-  Amerfoana would aot more
boldly than   they an-  doiny now it  tbey had
a fleet and proper ooaat defencea, At present it is doubtful if they could hold their
own against even Canada, if the fishery
'|in .I Ion led to war. The inaga7ines and
newspapers are full of the subject of the de
[eneelaaa oonditlon of New York, Philadelphia and the Atlantic seaboard generally,
and Captain Griffin, U.X. S., an expert says
that iu case of ■ war witb England, a Brit
Lab Boat oould destroy five billions worth of
property iu a week. He ur^es the construction of a navy, ol ooaat defences, including
torpedoes in American harbors, as soon as
possible, but admits, that these things cannot be dona inside nf three years. So let
Canada go ahead for that time -but after
Wort hawk.
Mi. James A. Fraser, the local member
for Guyaboro*, N. s., is alwayaaooeaaibie to
American reporters who want to learn about
seoeaaion and the breaking up (if the Con
federation. Mr. Frnaer, with Mr. Fielding
—is the leader of the secession party iu tho
Maritime province*, and say tbat at the
next general elections, which he thinks will
be held iu January, Nova Scotia, New
Brunswick and Prince Kdward [aland will
return a majority pledged to repeal of the
Union. He saserti that the life blood of the
Maritime Provinces in men and money U
being   taken   away to   build   up the west,
which haa no interest in common with the
east, and that if repeal is uot obtained di-.sa
tiafaotlon with the present order of things
will become profound and dangerous,
Meanwhile Montreal is building its annual
ice palace and preparing for its carnival as if
volcanic fires were not raging next door.
The Knights of Labor are very active an'd,
though it is the dead of winter, they are organizing strikes in every direction. In this
respect Canada is not Idle, There are, it
seems, 150,000 knights iu the Dominion, one
thin! of them RomanCatholica, though the
order la condemned by the Church. At
least, Arohbfahop Taacheroau aayasn, and he
ought to know something about it. Nor do
Protectant ministers display any more
friendliueaa towards the Knights, who, how
ever, march onward profoundly Indifferent
to anathemas or advice. One of Henry
George's most ardent and intellectual .sup
porters is iu hot water for bis advocacy nf
the tights of labor. Amongst other clergy-
men of different denominations who supported George for Mayor were Rev. Heber
Newton, Kev. Mr, Huntington, Itev.
Father I'belun, and Kev. Dr. Mclllynn,
parish prieat of St. Agnea Church, Heber
Newton, Congregationallati and Dr. Me*
Glynn, Roman Catholic, arc men of undoubted ability, and bave certainly used
their pens aud lifted their voices in behalf of
tbe poor and oppressed iu years past. Heber
Newton has no superior to overhaul him,
but Dr. MeClynn belongs to a church remarkable for its stern dttBoipllne. it is
known that Archbishop Corrlgan remonstrated with Father MeGlynn on several occasions, an.l Wrote him circular letter.1, from
hia magnificent palace Fiftieth street, but,
Father McClynu paid noattcnlion. Indeed
ha grew more Eealoua than ever in the cause
nf labor and throw more fire into hia denunciations of capital. At length the prelate
complained of him to Roma, and Roma lias
Ordered Father MoGlynn to repp.rt there at
once, It la said Father UoGlynn is hesitating whether to obey the aummons or defy
the crafty Italians, ff he adopts the latter
course he will be excommunicated, no doubt,
but, if so, he will be the means, in all pro ha
btlity, of forming a schism in the Catholic
Church in the United States, aud perhaps in
Ireland. The Irish iu America are not very
zealous Catholics, and v, bile fierce on the
national i|i)estiou, it isa trifle that would
make tbem break with Home, The general
Opinion, however, is that Dr. MctJlynn will
go, and like Father Curei, the astronomer,
will apologize and become a better son of
the Church than ever. They have a way in
Koine of making recalcitrant clergymen see
things from the point of view of Cardinal
There was a pauic on Wall street yesterday. It would do your heart good to see
a panic on Wall street. You may have seen
a thousand madmen in one large hall of a
lunatic asyl* tn, assembled to settle the
affairs of the universe, but tbeir conduct
would give you but a weak idea of the stock
exchange on Wall street. Such gesticulating, such shouting, sueh foaming in the
mouth, such a tossing of hands towards
high Heaven, it is not easy to imagine,
much less describe But it seems there was
method in all this chaos, when it told you
that mora than a million shares changed
haul ..nd thousands of poor people throughout the country were ruined. In truth1
Wall street is merely the convex dde of
Heber N.-whnn and Father McUymi.
Another alderman  has been fottnd guilty
and will proceed at once to Sini. Sing tu join
Jaolme.    The same evidence thai convicted
Arthur MoQuade will  suffice  td  convict ,
eleven other scoundrels und give the famous |
, its own.    Hut any one that supposes j
...n.l of aldermen will j
from thieving is much
of .'barters for street
briskly as   ever in the
BattenLurg, but that a < aid mean tea na a   been   in destitute   cirrumstances,
of   Russia, which   Austria wid not ' sudden atflucn.*   hss --uite transput t'.< them
permit unlets she obtain-. German support,   with joy.
i Prinee Nicl.o- \    T(1C — f--jL ^ m,. Cleveland at
Us ot Miiigieha—to. Coot s rsMlidate on I port w* m,. fyhhmot aoncl«Mveiy demon*
any account. Negotiations will go on while | ltraU_, tlie fl,lly ,,f our Having ' alluwed a
armies are  aaaemnltng  and the doss of war I *-*.-*—*   *—
sre let slip iu the spring. It is a question
whether the war Efl the List, or that between
France and Germany will begin the earlier :
perhaps they will commence concurrently,
aud, as [have told yoo by telegraph,the
alliance will be Pranoa^Raaaia and*Turkey
on oue side, and AustrU, Kngland, Italy and
Germany on tba other. ■ term my Is
log bar mroaa with torcriafa baata and France
i- Improving her weapona, It
Germany,   v. ben   everything  ii
will demand    p.!     I'tan •   to disarm and that
France will laugh at her. and thru move her
iln iti.-us towards the Rhine.
The land war iu Ireland is in full vigor.
Tie t. n int.-* refttsa tO pay rent unless at a
gieit n-du'tiui. Home ol tin* landlords arc
reducing, and others of  them (ailing on the
Government, nitfa oomJi a_*ouy, to unaah
the Laagse andimpriaon Ita leader-.. Soma
ntembrn ol tha uovenunent are willing-
such a*   Lords   i-iaUabnry and   Aahbourne;
other-, an- ict   — in Ii at 1,0 j. hill and K acb;
andoonntlflg ou theae diaaeoaioni an early
diaaolution and general election are spoken
of by thoae who ought to know
Co-wderoy & Taylor,
bastard   form of   uionarcby to exist and ...
time consolidate upon oor northern frontier. \
We are iip.w  inapJBg tlie    reward   of our fan*
prurience.    If   ana BHMfe  Hght   Canada  and
KugUud. h-t us go into tbe bu-tin*--*- witii
tbe resolve to capture the lion's .-ub anl
tafto and domesticate it. This * t- no.
snarling   between the  American L'iant anl
the Canadian   runt   is l>ecoming Stagnating.
It   Clew-Und is in  earnest   about   bearding i
l-oth <'anada and Kngland - tor oue means th-
other-we   shall  give   him a loyal Support,
■a baoomaaa loyal nitiaan    Bnt aw
faith   iu Mi. ■ i<-\iland s   beUigenm
but little in his tstrenH petriotiam,    He i-
too fat to tight.    Hu attack of  rfaattmattam
baa momenmrily  raffled hia  tampM     i;
\ciy first time that  Bayard and   th** Britttl
Mn.ist'-i   it   Waibington  make uj, a a i-.■ -1
party, Mr.   Cleveland will fail bo seethe
chip on  Canada's  shoulder   From Fi
General Merchandise
Clarke St.,   Port M ><>dy,
ll w i: r.i.. i:i\ Kl. .\ (XiUPUrrK  HU -I l.n I *TOI K Of
I From our regular I !fl
W taHiiroTotr, HC
i respondent).
, Deo  ll, 1880,
Sine.' 1 last wrote you Congraaa met. and
amid it:, usual cordial greetings and floral
tributaa, read tbe Premden't message ami
went to work. Uu opening day, large
crow-Is of people, not deterred T>y unpn-piti-
OUS weather, tilled the galleries ind looksd
down witb Interest endamagement upon the
ICenea enacted on the floor. Iu the House
for an hour before the gavtl fell, groups of
members crowded the clerk* roonn,blockaded
the aisles, chatted, laughed, exchanged oon
gratulationa on success in the recent election.-,
or oondolenoea upon defeat. Victors twitted
the vanquished, und the defeated members
jokingly commiserated victors upon
their failure to throw off the burdens of
public life.
The Senate, which is never given to demonstration under any cirouinatances, met
quietly and shook bands as if it had only
separated yesterday, instead of four months
ago. Hut theie loenea and bappeninga
are now things of the pant, and I will uot
ih. ell upon them.
As to the President's message which
Senators and members refrained from com
monting upon until after tbey had read it
themselves, tln-re are various opinions. The
Republicans are disposed to criticise Its
length and some ol tbem accuse Mr. Cleveland of having sacrificed conciseness to a
desire to plea.se conflicting elements of his
party. Their criticism is not more severe
however, tban opposing political sentiments
is usually regarded as calling for.
The Democrats are disposed to praise the
document with the exception of that part
relating to silver, whieh creates some diver*
sity of comment. Thu tariff reformers con
tend that the President ha_ committed himself to reform, while some of tbe piotection-
ists regard his views as conservative enough
to suit them. When Chairman Randall was
asked how he liked the message he replied
that he waa very well pleased with it.
"Whit do you think of the tariff section of
it?" "Oh I am very well pleased with the
message,' the leader of the protectionist
Democrats repeated, "That is the only
opinion I have to give."
Members of Congress always think at the
beginning of a new session that they arc
going to do a great deal of work. Each man
hopes to get aome action on his pet project.
Those wbo want to reform tbe tariff are particularly eager and energetic. The strong
position taken by the i'FKident on tht* ..in,
JeotS has given them new courage. The
members bave cone back free and ready to
work with no fear of a campaign before them
and there is every reason why much should
be accompliahed, A great deal of the lung
session is always taken up by committee
work ; now, this work is done and every
thing is read)' for legislation.
It is thought by members of the House
Judiciary Committee that the Edmund's
polygamy bill will Ik; passed this winter in
a modified form. The Edmund's bill would
confiscate the Church's property as well as
disestablish the Church, but the bill as
modilied by the House committee will respect
the rights of property, while it will .lis
establish the Mormon Church and pluck
polygamy out by the roots.
It appears that Capt, Kads and his associates have concluded to give up their plea for
Government aid, and will undertake to build
their .ship railway across the isthmus with
their own money and in their own way.
Thus their company will be independent,
and can look every body squarely in tbe
face whether the enterprise succeeds or fails.
Tiie many annoyances incidental to Government supervision of the work will be avoided
and all the money made will go into the
pockets of the stock holders.
The Senate has shown great gallantry by
paying its attention first to ladies. The
House Hettled down to business with the
subject of tho Electoral Count, hut the
Senate, lead by Senator Blair of New Hampshire, who advocates temperance, national
education and female suffrage, took up the
proposed amendment to the Constitution extending ibat boon to women. It wasa singular fact that while Mt. Blair was eloquent!) pleading their cause, not more than
a score ni ladies were in the gallery tn smile
down gratitude upon bis effort,
The Senator proposes to ask a vote on
thequeation at an early .la;, and whatever
may be the result, women who want t■» vote
cannot complain of ueglect \ t..r this speech
in behalf of their necessities was made on
the third day of the session.
Senator Edmunds is aiso early in the field
with a memorial favoring a constitutional
amendment that will enable Congress to
make marriage and divorce laws uniform iu
all the States. How will tbe legal fraternity
down East and West like this ?
It  i*   gi itifylng to  learn   that   l: .
I notice   have received a   rebuff in   their al
tempt*-, to snppraM purely religions meetings
In private bonnes     The foUowere ol   it
called "Btunditea," whieh ia   widely  |
tin South Russia, having Im-pii  prosecuted by
the  police  of  BUaabetbgred for  refusing,
1 when summoned, to break up a prayer meeting at the residence of one of the m.i
were   BUOOeasively   acquitted   by the   local |
magistrate and   the Court ot A.ihizu   ofthe
district on the ground that   public order had
no' been  disturbed by the  aeaembiege in
Question.     Upon   appeal   to the Senate   the
Bolaionoj the  lower Courts has ju-.t been
Which They  now Offer For Sale at Low Rates.
Pari   M   • !tl, N is- -
taLGIN    HOUSE   !
Port Moodv. B. C.
"When I ate,  pi) food waa like a lump ol :
lead in my stomach.    I took Burdock 1.1 i
Hitter*,. 'The more I took, the m ■■ L(
helped me, 1 am like a n.-u man now.'' says
E_.ni Babeock, * loyne P.O., Township
Barrie, Ont.
This Hotel i   the be
lers tu .iml from tlie (\ I1,
railway, being the General   I
BushieftH men viaiting the uew
The Teh
advantage of
tings, or V:u
Office ia
•il' with ft
l and most conveniently located fortravel-
II. terniiua , byeithei Rtaffe, steamboat, or
iiHaeagei   Depot, and Headqnartefa foi
■ I ui the House, siring guests the
iends   ti either New VVeatmlnaterwHaa-
Bowever "glorious" the fruits of the revolution may be held to be from particular
points ot view, tbey are undoubtedly dla-
aatrona to industrial enterprises. .-_ very
striking Illustration of th.- losses which the
the great French Revolution entailed upon
Prance has just been furnished In the case
of the uploittithii by au Knglis'i com pan) of
some silver-lead mines in the Cotea-du-Nord,
which were forcibly abandoned during the
Keign of Terror. Theae mines are hituate in
the neighborhood of 8t, Brieuc, and up to
about 1784 they were   worked   at   a   profit.
giving employment to nearly a thousand
miners and Bineltera ; but the works were
abandoned at the time of the Revolution.
and. though tradition hu-. handed down
vague rumors of their value, their actual
site hud abnoht been forgotten, the buildings
ha. e fallen Into decay, uud the ground
overgrown witli bush. Lately, however, an
English gentleman cann- to hear of the reported existence of abandoned workings,
and, after a careful survey, bought the
property, placing it in the hands ofa small
company called the "Cotea-du-Nord -silver
Lead Mines (Limited)" to explore, The
result hus been tbat not only hitve the old
working-, been traced out and partly opened
up, but that evidence of the richness "t the
ore has been found In the discovery, beneath
a heap of rubbish and vegetation, of a large
mass, weighing man) tou.i, of solid silver,
whieh had been extracted from the ore and
left behind iu the hurried abandonment ol
tin* mines, It la, perhaps, appropriate that
thia good fortune should have befallen itii
Knglish company, since the mines themselves
were originally discovered by Cornish miners
who had gone over to France with ,lames
II., and who were struck by tbe strong intli
cations of mineral wealth which met their
eyes aa they traversed through Brittany
with him. Thus, by revolution Franco undid the benefit which an English revolution
had accidentally- conferred upon it. -
The Colonies and India.
FOR.  S.A.__,____.
The undersigned has on hand a Urge i-uan
tity of tbe vkhv bust Cedar Shingles, which
he will sell in lots to suit, at prices never be
fore heard of In Uritish Columbia.
Send for prices before purchasing else.
Address all orders to
W. F.   PETERS, '
GAZETTE OfkICR, Port Moody.
■ tttMtm-mtm*.*.*.*^^,,
the jailing ol  .ui ex-
deter a present boar
mistaken.     Tin- sal
railroads gori ou  ss _
city ball, almoat within hearing of the terri
ble evidence of the witneeeea for the prose
Ferdinand of Save Cobnrg, is the candi
date for the Bulgarian throne, whose
chances now seem greatest. The Queen is
against him and iu favnr of the Buttenburg,
but tbe Prince of Wales is strongly for lum
anti will not Rpeak to Battenbnrg. Hence
there is a roysl family quarrel, The Queen
is really unfortunate with  the Batten burgs.
Or. SohWenninger, Prince Bismarck's
physician, reports that the Chancellor is iin
proving, but requires rest.
Prince Christian of Denmark had a severe
fall recently while exercising in a gymnasium.
He broke one of hia ribs, and suffered other
Advices from Mandalay say that an engagement between British troops ami natives
baa taken place near Pakoka; und that'200
insurgents were killed.
The new submarine torpedo boat in Kngland sinks and rises by drawing in or pushing out a set of cylinders, reducing or enlarging her displacement.
Princess Letitia, daughter of Prince
Jerome Napoleon, i« betrothed to Prince
Roland Bonaparte, whose Hist wife was the
daughter of M. Blanc of Monaco.
The student agitation continues at St.
Petersburg. The students almost daily issue
manifestoes' to Russian officials, foreign
diplomats and journals, denouncing the
brutality and senseless severity of tbe
Russian policy. Numerous arrests have
been made, but the police have not heon
able todiscovei where the manifestoes are
Au old basket makes jiained Kyactnthe
Loyer, residing at Uatineau Point, near
Ottawa was made happy on Saturday by the
receipt of intelligence from a firm of solicitors
in Paris that he wis sole heir to a fortune
of nearly 8600,000 left him by an uncle who ,
recently died in France. The old man has
tour children,   each ot   whom are to receive
i*     1 intend  to make application to   the
Chief   Commissioner of Lands  and  Works
for permission  to purchase about ItiU acres
of la
I more or less, situated in New
minater diatrlot "(.roup One" and de
as follows:—Commencing ut a point
Shore Line of I'eep Cove ou the m
boundary of lot Mo about lo chains
the north-west corner ol lot IMS, them
about* 10Chains, thence south about-to
thence west about 20ohaina,   thence
about 60chains, thence east about40el
thence following meandering* nl   shore
to point of commencement.
Port Moody, B.C., Sept. 7th, 1886,
on th
• -i   i
is re,in v iiiiiiiii'in».v   ...«.   ™- —— B_. .
The Bulgarians would prefer Alexander of $40,000.    For   many   years tho   family has
rilHl.   ADHRESS OF   A   ...Mil.-.
t.     tile name of
On the Pacific Coast. Mrs. Leighton'l
midden name was Bowe. Removed some
years ago from San Francisco or Sacramento
to British Columbia.    Address
Scotch Vocalist,
18S8 Main St.. Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A.
Uk. LeDuc'i PillBsr ■ thu oldest, mo; e general
ly ut. -led, mul MOft heliablk remedy for the cai i
of BUPPaESBKD amamuation, snd other utkbikp
din-* a sen, sn l wherever they bars ben lutr.'dueeii
have driven every other remedy out of tli ■ nmrk t
They wer-(tret inirodnced into Paris, Frsiiiv, li\
Dr. LeDuc hi 18:19, snd hsve ho ^allied the aonfld
mice of the pnbllo that thev have lor veers been
ibe staudiuu remedy in every household, bnt they
must nn. be taken during pregnatiry.JI A II. Herring, nnd D. s. CtirtiB k Co., New Westminster;
T,MeXeeloj. l.adner'B Lauding : 11. MeDow-11 &
Cn., Vancouver ; Pimbury .. Co., Nanainio . aud
Wliol. sal ■ uf Langlev A* ('■■ . Wtona Uall, Victoria. <i '.tlei*. in Medicine; Hastings Saw Mill On.,
The Vai-rouyr Dran Co., Vaucuvei* ; W. E, Me.
Cartney 4 tim., Vancouver sad Ksmloop" i •>. B.
Lovell. Yale ; W. R. Mtgon, Prient Valley ; 01-irts
k Co., Kamlo"pB.
R. Terminal
town of Port Moody, centrally ami
beautifully situated, on more favorable terms
tban landa baa ever been offered for sale, in
this Province heretofore.
Apply to
Murray Street,.
Port Moody.
Table i- equal tothe bi -i i>n Ihe Mainland,
Pat-lorn mul liiil-i"i.nis are neatly furnished and well venti
The Bar-room is large, and supplied with Card, Pool ami billiard
Tablea, and tbe  leading Local, Canadian and American Ne
for the i-ni.-i i tinmenl and inatruction of I
The Bar is constant
Liquors and ('igars,
with  I'l.iiiil- of the Best Wine*
The Public may relvon   receiving  every Courtesy and Attention
from tin- undersigned at'mosl BEA80N IBLE RATES.
Winiiii»<-£ IIoii.m".
height, is hard finished throughout; 1ms n Bar avell stocked at ull
times with
II   ''OUll
_ lection of the choicest
WI-L-TIES, LIG^TJOI^S & C1<3-.__.:RS
The Gentlemen's sidiuM Boom is i
where will be found, for die use "I
and local newspapers. The Ladies
Dining Boom is large and handsnnn
supplied  with the
model of neutness anil comfort,
guests, the Canadian, American
Parlor is elegantly furnished. The
and the tables will always lie
Best  i n
the capacity
lias   tlie
_!(l room
the Market
tcommodation of 50 guests,
r"i iln
I with
I'nini-hi'i        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
First-class Spring Beds  and Bedding
and Fire Escape from each room,
view nf the beautiful harbor.    The House avill
iriuciples i '
uml has n command
Lie conducted on lirst i lass
i! MViUKKAl I:  llll ES.
Patrons may rely   ou
proprietor and his alien
liven lie.
itii'iitinn   from  the
R.   B.   KELLY.
announcing thai tin- House
pro*, ided with n
a i c > a i
. , i
111  Al;i'\ i: HOI I.I. taki        asun
 ^^^^^  ple'i .ll, .-HI
venience for the traveling pnblii     Till   lAl'l.l i
with every article iu season, md rHE BAB i
elected Stock ol
THK BEDS are well aired, and  the Stabling      extensivi
tiie best of l'i' il always ready foi Horses.
It may be avell to remind visitors thai this Hotel is within a fen
minutes walk of tlie Railway Wharf and Station, and jusl if the t.-r
minim of  the   inw  road.
Guests may depend on receiving overy ariention and n heart\
welcome from the undersigned whose lonp experience is n guarantee
of everything being comfortable and satisfactory,
J. T
SCOTT, Manager.
Clarke St, Port Moody.
mitim: iif issm-yt.
\-1: p i hereby given that NORMAN
FRASER, I onti h tn r, I'ort Moody, lias as
signeilall his foods, ohattela snd effects to
me, for the benefit ol his creditors. All de-
in iin. of uiisi him are to bs made to, and
all debt**- 'lu-- i.i him tulu* pai.I to the under
Begs t.» announco
above •tore with
goods at reduced pi
tn give satisfaction.
sn inspection of tin
that  he  has opsni .1 thi
i   well  selected  stock of
e.*s. v, hich are n arranted
Bo respectfullj invites
Port Nl- pi>, Oot, 29th,
rilOWN  LOTS, at the C. I'.
L.     town of Port
A Farm containing 160 acres of plendid
land with farm house, bams sheds, (to.,
thereon—conveniently situated near school
and post office—will Be sold a bargain if iniinediately purchased.
Kor further particulars apply to
8. w. LEHSlAN,
Pout Moody.
Or Gazette Office.
t uut.iiiiiii.' 120 ser
st.it>- oi cultivation,
thereon, Fn
the premises
s ;   30 acres  in a high
' lood  housp an.l barn
further information apply on
 H .1. BOYD.
To the Minister ofthe Interior, Ot-
I beg leave to apply for a  license to eut
! iinU r on the weat half of section 35, Town
ship 40, and tin- watt halves of sectious S
ana II, Township 41, New Westminster
July 12, 1886.
&.   i
i •Tilt port iWnh\ onuttt.
iATUHOA, l'i'1 KMBKH •-'■■   IBM
uir   iti 1«- \|;|.\N   QUUHTION   STILL
-\-*.,ril RD
>iiiit the recall  "t  Uen,  K m.b.ii *-   U	
**■ .(.hi.i. mi.I tlie flight ot /nil...it and othei
uative nitiaaai io* Ktmria, the intrigue
. 111111 Bulgarian autuuomi bas beeu trans
■•Tied to Constantinople. The corrupt I'--*
who in aula, times shape tin docUions
... tin- forte, nave proved nuire tnotible *••
Muscovite [nduanns than the Bulgarian I--
-..-nt--, Nt.iiuinil.ill .md MutUuion. Russia,
though a pool country, oan anally outbid
Kngiand t'.i th* ■trvires "i the I mki-li
t.iii aancrnta, because tbe ■ V.-u '*. Purelgn
Minister i*. nol nailed upon to rand* i aa
ounta to i Parliament, and becauao an an
nual deficit is regarded al Kt, IV Lersbun ■■■*■
i matter ol course, int now, therefore,
while tha advent ol  »..i seema  lees  imml-
i. nt, the ItuasUn   I'i'l atiste  are   taking
(-heir innings it Ktnmwml.
The Porte has !»->*--■■ prevailed upon to
. ud ;i . ii. ubii letter to th. ureal powoi * re
juaeting theii approval oi Lneuandidnn) ol
fvinoe Nicholas of Mingrelta. If is certain
that Prunes will return *i [avoruble answer,
md Itaeems thai tWuwty,whioh to aiuious
t.» avert a clow undemanding between
I'rance md Kusala, has slguitled *i willing
M.wi to ooncur in auy ad}ustment ol the hub
_-.in.ni dlffleulty upon which Hussia and
Turkey should agree, What replies, on
the other hand, might lie expected from
Paris and Berlin ought to have heen knowu
Iwforehaod.    It Id also lie foreseen   that
tin* Porte'* endorsement ul KussWs notnf-
nation would !■■• ralueloss unless it produced
■.'.ine ctl.et   upon   Kugland,  Austria,   and
Italy, whieh havo hitherto evl '1  -i   will
ingnees to sustain Bulgarian independence,
None of tlieae three powers Im* aofptfesced
in a propo-;i| which, at* tliey know, i.-. in-
sincere and vonal, sines itn well nnderatooil
by \f.' pro>RnttUui Pashus that the fulfil,
ment of thcCiar's desi^-*-* upon Bulgaria
wonld probably uoal them thulr heads at the
hands of Turkish revolution lata, Wheu the
pinch of war comes, the Kusslau ugents will
Hnd tint all tin* nu y lavished on  a< mo
dating Pashas haa becil thrown  away.
Memnwllilo, nut only "• tlie candidacy ol
Prince Nicholas regarded with uoolnaM »'
Vicuna, hut tho delegutei. uf the Bulgarian
llegeney, aftorau outnnstastlo reception by
the Hungarians at Pustb-havci beeu officially
welcomed by Count Kalnoky in the Austrian capital, This is afoot of much siu-
uiticaiu'c, since it has biji.ii genorully acE
iiowledged thai the treatment ul the dale
nation from Si pblo would bo u decisive teal
... the intention*, of the Kapaburg Government. We may take for granted thai the
Bulgarian envoy1*' will obtain similar OSSttr
unces of ay input by from King Humbert's
Ministers, aud there are already Indications
that they may meet iu Loudun with such
puhlic demonstrations of goodwill us Were
in other days called forth by Kossuth and
< larlbaldl. It Is understood ibat Queeu
Victoria is personally desirous of promoting
the*re-election of Priuce Alexander of hat
tenberg, and -such a lolutlbuol tin* vexatious
Bulgarian problem would, uo matter how
offensive it might he to Russia, meet the
views of the l''.n"h li. Austrian, and Italian
liovenimentK. In the short war with Servia
Prince Alexander exhibited military talents
of no mean order, and uo i ue iu the Balkan
principalities is known to he better qualified
to command the large army whiuh, aooording toa report From Vienna, thi- Governments of Koumania, Bulgaria, and Servia
huve decided to unite iu raising for mutual
<le fence.
As Kngland is known to he the soul of the
triple combination against liusaia, the Czur
naturally tries to subject ber to counter
pressure by persuading the Porte to demand
tu early evacuation of Egypt, In this tlunl.
attack upon Lord Salisbury In- has the
Str*nUOUS assistance of Kranee.which knows
that order uonuot be maintained in Kgypt
without the intervention nf some Kuropean
power, and which will hasten to take up tin
administrative function when England drops
it. The Uritish Foreign Office cannot avoid
giving a formal assent, to a discussion ol iU
relations to Egypt with the Sultan who is
the Khedive's suzerain, but. there is. uo reason to suppose thut Lord Iddeslcfgli will
make toa knot of venal Pashas sub-dun
tial concessions which he has refuse.1 to
France.—JV. )'. Sn„.
■TIIK Hl.NT   |,\[)V IN TIIK I,AM*.
The Queen's life at Balmoral is very simple
ami quicti Her suite is not large. Her
Majesty in always accompanied tu Hie Highlands by II.K.IL the Princess Beatrice.
whose devotlun to her mother is a splendid
example to every Knglish, or, as the Queen
would herself say, every ''British" daughter,
Since tbe Princess's marriage she is, ol
course, frequontly abcoinnaniod by her husband, Prince Henry of Ibitt-'iinerg. whose
pleasant frankness of manner and genuine
Kindliness Of nature have won bim a high
place   in  the    regard  uf   tlie    Highlanders.
Occasionally other members of the hny.il
family visit the Queoil, The Prince and
Princess of Wales often come to Aheigeldie.
which is quite near Balmoral ; nnd this
season tbe youngu idowed Duohesftuf Albany
has boen staying at Ihrkball. frequently
Her Majesty invites simo oilier friends to
resident Abergeldle Mains, and a visit to
t lieni there for un afternoon call or "afternoon tea" makes a pleats ut drive, A lady-
in-waiting, two yonng ladles—maids of
honor a Cabinet minister, an equerry, one
ofthe Queens secretaries, aud the doctor
may be aaid to make up tlie mite ; ami tbe
Queen's able and Indofaitgahle commissioner,
Dr. Proieit, is always at hand, Her Majesty
bere, as everywhere, works very  hard, and
[rives much of hot lime to the business of
the nation, tiie management of her own
••state, and the welfare of the people among
whom she lives, She spends as much as
possible of ber time in the open air, reading
and Writing outside vtheii the weather permits-, ami sometimes breakfasting and taking |
tea iu oneof th-j summer*bouses : in walking \
about    tbe    lovely grounds,    with   ,i   simple
attendant, and one or more of her line collie
ibign, and in taking; long drives t.pi places of
interest and beauty in the neighborhood, and
frequently honoring some id thr nc.ghboi in..
gentry with a visit,    The Queen also   visits
n great deal   iu the h cs of  the cotters, in
many of which there are tokens in tbe shape
of photographs, pictures, books, and other
valuable presents, of Her Majesty's affection
and regard for ber humble subjects nnd
friends. It ia most touching to hear them
speak of the Queen's kindness, ami the interest they take in all tbe members of the
Royal Pamlly i» very great, and almost intimately personal in its character, She
frequently shares in their domestic joys by
attending in their homes the ••kirstuin"
(christening) of a baby, nnd in their sorrows
by being present at the short religious service performed by the minister on the oe.
, it-don of a funeral.    Lady a  World,
Mu, UoLuwfnSmith <>s Imi-kiual Kbdbii-
ATION.- -The Imperial Kcderationists seem
at last inclined to put, their views in a
definite form, and to take some practical
steps. Kuw certainly is their time, it ever.
1 observe, however, that very little was said
at the. Conference about either ofthe two
vital points, contribution to Imperial armaments and Conformity to the Imperial tariff,
While these are shirked, it is useless to talk
either aliout general sentiment or about
postal communication. Nor will auy con
trihutiou to Imperial armaments be of much
value except in the form either of regular
forces, naval and military, or of cash.—The
Toronto WeeX:
\ HKKi'S Kl  NEB U
lh, hum i.il ut * Aptam  Grace, ultlu   kt
lantic liner America and (.'--minnd-ii-1 of the
' National lane, toolr pfarr'n ftftingt"* ' V~
l.iy,.in    .Saturday,    iu   BMSMNMS   "la   Urgf
uuiuIk i .ii eesMwni own frtende, the Uul)
having bean brought from Hem Vork f-u
interment During thi n i rat heavy gain
m tin- Atlantic Captain Uraos  remained al
i mi tin bridge f"i   *s hours, though
almost no/en   to death and   drenched  with
the wave*.    When   ths gab*   lerated he
wot to his cabin, tosh to hm  bed, uud dud
in i lew bonis fiom iiiil..oiin.ii.,ii iii the
Henri Hendshourgi until receutlys    hep
herd boy iu the Lotl  • t ('In l.   Oas    JUS)      ip
peajrwd m tbs 4ssixs (' t m  thai   depart
in. nt .rn ibe charge ot murdering his em
ploy.-1 '■  grandson.      r'm   snine  unkoou a
m.i  the side)   '•">   ted   spun   Prsnoois
i;ilo|. a little fellov-, hv. yaoto >•■ sge, loll
him down Ut the ground, |o..k oil i sabot,
and inulgeUed his band to such an astsot as
to cause death,     Tin- mimmIi ii hIhm* broke    in
halves.   On being qusstionsd tha bo) eould
ii.l      ,y   why  be bad  »eted in    HUch     a     WUV,
and tin magistrates,   patting  -i   charil ibu
■ nn-,1 Miction ou thsaflair, ordered an Inqull \
as to his sanity. The SpSOJaHsts Sgrsed that
Hendebourg vv,m aoeonntable  for what  bs
did.      At tbe   trial      thr    Hceused    appeared
totally Indifferent t" tbs proceedings, His
counsel sueoesded i» obtaining an acpiittal
froui the jury but tbe president of the Court
ordered be prisoner to be scut to   a   reform
story for sight years -namely, till his 'JOth
Spnakiugon Tuesday at Manchester at
the annual meeting of the Church of Kngland TemperailOO Society, and explaining
why he was not a total abstainer, the Bishop
of Manchester said that many years ago he
signed a conditional pledge. He went on
very well until towards the close of the
second year, and then he broke down utterly.
His doctor told biln he would either have to
give up half bis work Or take some light
stimulants with his principal meals, ft wns
ridiculous to think of giving up halt his
work, an.l therefore he tried the stimulants, and be never bad tbe symptoms
again. He supposed he was one of those
Who had not the power of easily digesting
great masses of food, and eould not engage
in active mental labor without nervous o.
eileincnt. Thousands of men doing the
greater part of the intellectual work of
Kngland belonged to the seme class, and it
would be monstrous for these men either to
commit anionic or give up hall their woi k
because they were bound then to take the
stimulants. He. however, observed a rigid
rule never to drink alcoholic liquor except
at meal times, never to take "nips" ur ic-
fresberh between meals.
The last hunt of Lord Rothschild's stag-
hounds met with an extraordinary termination. They met in the morning on the
Borders of Bedfordshire, a goodly Held
turning ont. and after a smart run of
nearly a couple of hours the stag mado its
appearance in the village of Woburn Sands,
not far from the seat of the Duke of Bed-
ford, It entered an orchard at tin* rear of
the house of Mr. Oeorge, and Mrs. George,
who was sitting in the dining room, was not
A little startled by the doer suddenly dashing through the window ami alighting [close
by her side. She rushed Into the bull and
opened Hie front door, hoping that her unceremonious visitor would take bis departure : but instead uf Ibis it turned aside into
the drawing-room, and making its way to
the window coolly placed its fectona OOQoh,
and raising itself took an unconcerned view
of what was going on in the street. The
Sound of the approaching hounds and horsemen, however, niade.it retreat tothe kitchen.
Here it made a dash at the window, but was
unable to yet, through, and the huntsmen
coming in it was speedily captured aud
locked in the stable for the night. The
animal had cut itsctl severely in jumping
through the glass.
The Saturday Review says
is equivalent to 'welshing.'"
Kuril Salisbury delivered an address at the
City Conservative Club, London, Deo. S.
Re said that it wasa remarkable pheno
iiienon that men of the greatest power
and Influence httS separated themselves from the Liberal party,
and that their leader bad thrown aside party
i-litinis for a principle. No party commanded
nn absolute majority in Parliament, but tbe
Conservatives and Unionists were working
together.and although still retaining their individuality and independence on all subjects
except oue, both sides were avoiding points
ol difference. Nothing could exceed tho
straightforwardness displayed by Und
Harrington and bis followers in rendering
Iheir co-operation easy.
Ireland labored under the evil that her
population bad been long deceived, and
nothing but the strong arm of the law persistently applied could redeem the people
Irom that deception. It was not a question
Of home rule With which they had to deal ;
it was with a very different thing the
keeping of others' money in their nun
pockets. Could the founding of a nation be
based upon organized embezzlement T Lord
Salisbury regretted their adopting this
course, because they were destroying the
confidence of matt in man, which was the
root and hope of prosperity of a nation. On
tlie other hand, lie was glad they hail not
deceived the Knglish people, wbo might havo
been misled and oonfusen as to the jnstnes*.
of the Irish claims.
Speaking on Thursday evening, the 8th
inst., in tT.o Preston (iuild Hull to a very
large audience, the liiahop of Manchester
said that he dearly loved the Jewish race.
If lie bad to select the race from whieh tube
born, hu would linve selected to he horn a
Jew, cheerfully taking part in their reproach
for the high honor of belonging to tbe blood
if Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, of Peter
and Paul, and above all, ol One who was
greater tban either. Sir Walter Scott must
have had D similar feeling about the Jewish
people, else be wouhl not have put iuto the
month of Rebecca the Jewess thai nmgnili
cent speech in wliich she told the Templar
that before the ancestors of the upstart
northern nobility were known at all, her
fathers were bidden to stand nearest to the
congregation to the Vision. The treatment
ot the Jews was a pitiful, a horrible story.
Tbey were murdered, robbed of their goods;
their bodies were given over to the tormentors, tbey were driven hither and thither,
and found a home nowhere. Wc in Kngland
Had treated the Jews as badly aud barbarously as any of our Continental neighbors.
But times had changed, and he hit proud to
i know that Kngland had removed all the di**
(abilities from the Jews, and now treated
them as she treated the favored members of
her family. He spoke ol the great men the
Jew§ had produced : they were not merely
statesmen, but prophets. Among others be
named the late Karl of Beaconsfield, whose
name was received with loud applause. Long
centuries hsd passed before the Jew got full
justice, and it was but natural that he eould
not so speedily forget bis wrongs and the
terrible persecution to which he had been
subjected. If Christians had received the
same treatment he questioned whether thoy
would have had tho toughness of fibre to
survive ; but if they had, would they not
have hated the name under whioh they had
been so cruelly wronged ? He bespoke the
sympathy aud help ot hia countrymen for
their I*raelitish brethern.—-Seioish Chrxtniclc.
Mill   i V . , llllM-Hl
i b.it the  Kulgaiu rill |sl   tin
odd should* i im I'-
Thi.- Duke "t -I in- li-'-.i. i .un--ai ii. <- i
p. tinn), ni reduction of29 |« i - •■ nt. m tbs
rents oo sll bl ■ nsland.
Itnssia  rejecte the  preti nsjesis ol rum e
Ferdinand  and  will support the pieteuder,
wh.. i- Pi in- ■  i        i    .       ■    ■
Tin ' ■i.i iguu -i' ij it i■■ uttborised bo
■ay tbiii Mi. filed torn does sol sapro-vetht
anti rent campaign in ingorated by tbs
National League l"i Irel mil.
The Inl id [ddeali uk s.. retaT) of State
Foi foreign Aflaira, is In feelde health and
hi- i. tii.-.I Ui thi i iuutrj . u Ic ip bs v-, dl
i-iii'iiii ior ■ month i" i'' operate.
Hussia lias withdrawn hot objections with
regard to the validity ul the elections foi
in. ink i uf tin -..l'i mi-, but insists upon s
■ li.ni.'.   in i In  Bulge) i.in l>.   •
The (  hm.  ••■ ■ .o\. i hue nt  ba-    icfliiM.I     to
grant punnUsion to the Amarieau Met ho. I int
hpisropal mission bn il steam BMnofc to
■I-. «■ 11.1 mi--in.) river** on missionary work.
\t B *' .biiiet il in London on Tburs*
-l;i\ 1.1,1 n n.i   n utved tb.it it the dlffleulty
ofenfurelng the law  iu  Ireland osntlnusu
tliat i p i luu ■' .I' i   liould he Introdu
nasi session.
It is icpoi ted th.it the Kngll-h l.ovcrn-
ment wilt deolins franco's piopobals to
neutralise tbo Sues (,-anal exoept on ths son
ditiou thai ths Britisli Reel receive tree
passage in time of a ,n,
Ths laudownan ol tbs Uountf nf fork
unit snd torn.ei| the "County uork Laud
owner's Asannlstinn," ths object of which is
to.ombat the Nationalist campaign to  pro
I-   t property generally,
(tn   Monday  e\-Alderioan   Mc^uade   was
sentenced In New Vork t.> seven sears im*
prisonment and to pay f5,000 fins, He
stole Immense sums from ths public and will
try to purchase s pardon,
Tho t'itiv-n learns thai should tin* Irish
Nationalists persist, in their plan of campaign
the Government will introduce a bill enabling the ■ 'rowu  to give to   ths  landtoids
the rents paid  to the tenants1 trustees.
The (lovernnients of RoamauUi Servia,
and Bulgaria ars aboul to sign an oflbnslve
and defensive convention. Pach dovern
mont Is to have Ideutloal t ights to ths disposal of a combined army ot 4tMi.«KMl nu n.
The tenants on Lord O'Neill i estates  in
the County of Antrim have called a meeting
tu consider % plan oj campaign, and the
Orangemen have miu.muuula counter meeting. Both meetings will probably be prohibit.-.).
The new rules of Knglish parliamentary
procedure will empower the Government to
give notice of closure ami call a division
thereon instead of   awaiting   tbe   Speaker's
initiative) Lord Kartlngton approves of
the proposal'-!,
The lire iu tlie l "ulcus College, Oxford,
destroyed two valuable libraries belonging
to the professors. Several rooms were
gutted. Prompt attention pi evented damage to the historical collections. Tbo total
loss is |40,000.
Pho TaghloU says i Tbe Kusslau Government having failed to negotiate a loan is
issuing treasury bonds. ll also sayB that
tiovcriior*'Jeneral i lourko has summoned
the chief military engineers In Kussiaii-
I'olaiid to a conference.
An article in the Tablet, reflecting on the
views of Knglish Catholics, opposes the
opinion uf Archbishop Walsh, and declares
that the anti-rent campaign and other doc*
trinos of the  [rish Nattoual JLeague  teach
anarchy and revolution.
Tho British Govern ment has approved
Mr. Henry M. Stanley's plan for the relief
of Kmin Bey, the African explorer. An expedition is iieim_: fitted ont, and the Kgyp-
liiin Government has promised to give all
the assistance iu its power,
Wholsoeale arrests of Socialists have been
made at Bendeburg, Pinnebf rg, Ottenssn,
and Altona. Tlie prisoners are chiefly
young workmen,who are charged with being
affiliated with Socialist clubs. There aro
nearly one hundred in custody.
The 8peclaloi' commenting upon Archbishop Walsh's letter warning the (lovern-
nient of tbe oonsoquenasa of naoktug juries
iu Ireland says; "Irish Jacobinism has
coui|Uercd the ('atbolic ('hurcli and has reduced the decalogue by three commandments.
Klizabelh King of Itoohesterville, Ont. a
maiden lady, B2 years of age, died recently.
She loft her whole fortune, 1900,000, to a
young couple, Chrissie King and Cilbcrt
Allan, ou condition that they be married on
tlie day of her interment, They were accordingly married.
Mr. Gladstone's disapproval of the anti*
renl campaign In Ireland was expressed in a
private letter to Mr. Cameron, Member of
Parliament for Glasgow. Scotch and other
Liberal accociations arc not satisfied, and
have asked   Mr.   Gladstone  for   a full  and
public declaration on the subject.
A boi containing about l'00 pounds of
lyiuunite exploded against the K ing's summer residence ot Uotrocena, It is supposed
the intention was to destroy the palace.
Kvcrv window in tho building was .-.mushed.
The mangled CorpSS of a man was found in
the vicinity. There i« no clue to the culprits.
lie■ London police arc on the track of
thieves who belong to a gang engaged in a
number of mail robberies. Railway officials
ocognize OUS of the BUtpi oted robbers by a
ihotograpb sent to Loudon He returned to
.-ondon on tbo night of Nov, --.7, and has
since visited i' in. .1- of stolen i ban loud- in
that eity.
It is asserted that tbe Irish National
League of Landowners in anumbsrof counties arc forming associations to   combat   tho
antl-rent movement, Tliey propose to put
the leading tenants who n fuse to pay the
judicial rents Into tli-- Bankruptcy Court,
ud thus foice a disclosure ol where their
cuts are deposited,
The people ol Kibusb in the county of
Clar.. Ireland, are invited to meet, and protest against vandelenr S eviction process,
i'he summons is ou large green handbills and
reads as follows —"People of Kilrush at this
important crisis of our country's history,
you are invited to become BOldi-SH of Ireland
under the banner of the National League."
The To'jliluft States tbat intimation has been
received at Sofia that Germany will be unable to receive the deputation of Bulgarians
now on a tour to explain the Bulgarian
situation to the different Powers, This news,
in view of the ovation accorded iu Vienna to
the deputation and the banquet given in
their honor by llcrr Von Szogyenyi, is received with 'imazeinent.
In the case of Lady Colin Campbell for
divorce, the judge charged the jury laat
Monday and merely referred to the evidence
as contradictory, a thing to be estimated at
its proper value by the jurors themselves.
He did not say that any of the noble witnesses had uttered untruths, hut he hinted
it was quite possible they had erred. We
hope this very disgraceful case is ended and
that the public shall hear no more of the
nasty noble lot.
The Official iite-tsenaer says: "While re-
maining on the basis of the Berlin treaty
Russia intends to endeavor to remove the
pressure which is weighing heavily upon
Bulgaria, and to re-establish legal orcier,
which will salve as a guarantee of future
prosperity. The Russian Government will
uot accept any arrangement which, under
cover of legality, will merely perpetuate tho
present, abnormal condition in Bulgaria,
Hussia is satisfied with the nttitude of the
Porte She regards Turkey as working
seriously for a pacific solution of the Bulgarian problem in conformity with existiug
treaties, and as being therefore eutitled to
the support of the Powers.
I Jo L>i.i l.n ..it-i.-u.t ot Ire Uud has appointed Mr. Stitun Sherifl of Dublin _nd
Mr.  lames O'Mira Sherifl of Limerick
Arlhiii Mouton, alia*- the K_\      11
Keatinge, the clerical   imposter,     VM     "ii
rioted in Dublin of swindling, uai ssssfessmed
i" eighteen month-- haul ljb<i
There ia an uxtiaoidiiury demand tm
photographs of Arabs!. < IBS lirm of photographer* in London assert that they could
have isohl ten thousand copies had thev lieen
leady, audit will be months h f.,ie the sup
ply u equal to the demand.
Cardiml Me._7.ofante, oi, aa Pius IX uud
to style him, the living miracle of Pentecost,
has at Ust been excelled iu linguistic achieve
ment by one Signor Marcantouio Cat_ini of
\ enice, who, on uudoubted authority, can
■ peak fluently ninety three languages.
The womeu aud girls of the Tinted Kin^
dom have resolved to present Her Majesty
the QMM with a gift on the liftieth and
Minary of her reign. The highest sub-
senption to lie one pound, the lowest one
penny. The poorest and lilghsst are equally
enthusiastic and the gift will really represent
the lo\ e of a nation foi a opod and graciou*-
Kecenty several red men ot Truckee
fm ii ied a try dies te for the purchase of firewater
and made a willing white man their agent.
He l-ought the rum, but instead ol turning
it over to tb<- luili.uis turned it into himself.
When they could get at him the bisves en
ticed him to a secluded spot, gave him a
terrific thrashing, and wouhl proliably have
killed him had uot tht. man Ihcm rescued.
Alsace-Lorraine must be a true paradise
for sportsmen. Last year there were shot iu
the forests, of the Hcichslaude ,'t" wolves, I,
199 wild boars, I.VJ wild cats, and 2,080
foxes, with, of course, an abundance ot
ordinary game Lorraine has long bssa en
deavoring to rid herself of predatory animals,
but so far to little purpose, tot Kreneh hunts
men are not so jealous in exterminating the
wolf as they might be.
It l* reported from St. Paul tbat when
■lohn L. Sullivan was then- a great crowd
gathered in the corridors of the hotel whore
he was staying. A well-known judge was
introduced to him and remarked i "Well,
Mr. Sullivan, I notice you are a drawing
card, even in a hotel." Sullivan looked
around for a minute and replied : "Oh,
this is nuthin.' Y'acht to see ine in New
Vork. I am ofteu surrounded by sich a
crowd that I have u good deal of difficulty in
gitting 'round a tall.''
Kngineer Squires of tim Western and At
lantic Railroad says tbat while speeding
along through Ueorgia the other dny at forty
five miles an hour he saw a dog on the track
wagging his tail at his master, who stood
leaning against a wire fence snapping his
flogers and calling to the dog to get otl'the
track. Before the dog renlly knew what it
was all about the locomotive struck him and
flung him against his master w ith such force
that he was doubled Up and knocked through
the feiioo. The man was not hurt moch,
The dog was killed.
Sir William White, the British Minister
at. Constantinople, has received fioin Lord
Iddesb-igh a dispatch saying that the Porte
bas intimated very distinctly its desiro to
discuss the subject of the evacuation of
Kgypt by the British, aud that he has
promised to consider the Porte's intimation.
Count d'Aunay, the French Agent at Cairo,
has informed the Public Debt Commission
that bis Government will decline to enter into any arraugemtitit looking to Lgyntiin administrative reforms until a dato has been
tixed for the British to evacuate Kgypt.
Conductor Dunogan of tin* Missouri,
Kansas and Texas Railway found a four-
weeks old baby on his train, aud at once inr
in licit that it had been abandoned by a
prutty young girl whom he had notice.) with
a child in her arms, and who had left the
train at Collins. He eared for the lmby,undtlu
next day, on the run back, the same girl got
ou the train at Collins. She still carried
what Bueiued to be a baby, hut her notions
led tho conductor to question her, aud to insist upon seeing the baby, which proved to
bo a bundle of clothes carefully wrapped in
a shawl. The girl was afterward arrested
for abandoning her child.
Mr. Kdward .Jack writes from New Vork
to the St. John, N. B., Sun I " The writer
caused two pieces of cotton cloth inauufae*
tured iu New Brunswick, to be forwarded to
him for comparison with goods of a similar
charaoter here. These two pieces were submitted to tho inspection of au expert connected with one of the leading dry-goods
houses here, who pronounced them to he of
excellent quality and equal to anything of
the kind coming into the market of New
York. Duo of these cottons is sold in New
Brcnswiok a quarter of a cent a yard cheaper
than it is sold here, while the other is sold
one cent a yard cheaper iu New Itruuswick
than in New Vork."
The Supreme Court of the German empire
has finished the trial of the journalist Pohl
of Kiel, who has been charged with high
treason. The proceedings were carried on
with closed doors, even lawyers being e\
eluded. Five witnesses were put upon the
stand —at attache of the War Department at
Berlin, three naval oflicers and the former
Capt Sarauw, recently convicted on a similar
charge, and at present an inmate of the
prison of Halle. Tie appeared in court in
the uniform of a convict. Pohl was found
guilty of having forwarded to Sarauw sixty-
live secret reports for the Kreneh Uovern-
ment concerning the plan of mobilization of
ths -Herman fleet audits fighting capacity,
and also details in regard to submarine mines
and torpedoes. He was sentenced to nine
years' imprisonment and ten year's deprivation of civil rights.
(Ireat progress has been made within the
past mouth toward the realization of the
Pacific cable scheme. In addition to the
particular- already published, it has b.en
ascertained that articles of incorporation
have lieen registered In London, the company
being formed under the name and title of
"The Pacific Telegraph Company, limited,'1
with a capital of 1*2,000,000, in shares of $10
each, for the purpose of establishing, main
taining, and working other communications
between Croat Britain, Australia, New
Zealand, and other islands aud places in the
Indian Ocean, Africa, and America, The
company, whLh is a strong one, is composed
as follows ; Lmd Milton, Sir. J. P. Cony,
M. P. ; Sir Daniel Cooper, Bart. ; Lord
Kalkcstone, Hugh G. Keein, Sir Alfred
Slade, Bart. ; .T. H. Heaton, at P. : the
Hon. K. M. Young, Sir Donald A. Smith,
Stand ford Fleming, Sir Samuel Wilson. E.
(J. Finch Hutton, ('apt. Kdward Palliser-j
Randolph C. Want, Sir W. J. Clark, P.P.
Perkings, and Sir Oeorge Coote. The company is awaiting replies from the various
colonial Governments before Seginning
In the most eastern part of Africa are
Somatiland and Oallaland, which, though
naturally among the most accessible parts of j
the continent, have been almost wholly
closed against white men by native hostility.
It was there that Kinzlebach, Saceoni, Von
der Decken, aud other brave explorers met
their death, and the saint natives have now
killed Mr. .Tuclhke, who, with Dr. Peters
was the animating spirit ofthe Crrmau cn
terpriseB in East Africa. By treaties witli
native chiefs these two men had nominally
acquired for Germany within the past two
years regions aliout as large as the State of
New York. Mr. .Tuelhke's success in dealing with the Somali chiefs was regarded hy
the sanguine East African Society as proof
that the Somali coast waa at last opened to
the world. He hail hardly been appointed
(jovernor of Somali, however, liefore the natives killed him. It used to lie said that
every new Governor of Sierra Leone on his
way out passed the old Governor going home
in his coffin. The fact that Count Pfcil has
been promptly appointed Governor of Somali
in place of the ill-fated .luelhke seems to indicate a purpose to provide an adequate supply of material for further tragedies.
MsnHo Caribaldi, the but oon of G«n.
Garibaldi and of the Siguoia France*, i, has
been l-aptized in the pariah church of th**
Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, in Turin.
^ The Bulgarian delegates were received by
fount Kalnoky. The audience lasted au
hour ami a half. The journalists of Vienna
are ananging to hold receptions In honor of
the deputation.
llu (lei man  Coverumeut organs are uow
confident   that the commission will approve
of the whole  Military Bill.    The arming of
jtbsGsrtoan   troops  with repeating rifle* is
lifting   hastened.    Five  army corps have al-
I ready   been   eouipped    with    the improved
j arms and the fifteenth corps which .occupies
i Alsace, Lorraine.
■     Sii Ainbruv* Shea urges   the Coveriunent
I to sanction the bill passed by the Newborn.1-
' land   Lsj^slsture, prohibiting  the export uf
'bait.    Lieut Coventor   Voeux   also   advises
the (ioverument to sanction the bill, but the
<,ovciuuicnt is unwilling  bs do   no, tin lens it
Is proved   that  thi  protection   of   the Uit
fisheries will not IntsrlstS with tin   jii.t de
nun.I* ot   tin- American and  Freuch   fishermen
A pamphlet has been published in Lima,
respecting occurreneeH within the walls of
the Meice.t MoniHteiy, Indole which, the
Lima papers assert, the disclosures of the
Pall Stall tlti-.rtt* fade into insignificance.
The sttemeiits have lieen impugned, but
the writers content themselves by answering : " The signatures of authorities respond
for us; the statements of surgeons corrobor
ate the facts ;*and, above all,the names of sev
ml Deputies to the Chamber--.-ire appended
to charges which have not been answered."
The commission oa the Military bill con
tiuued the discussion of the measure, (ten.
roa Schellendorf explained thut if the bill
was passed liefore January everything would
be piepared lo strengthen thn infantry regi-
lusnts with the full number of recruits pro
viibd under the bill by April I. II. -denied
the accuracy of Herr Kichter's statements
aliout the forces of Kranee. and reminded the
committee that tbs Algerian army corps ay
lieaied very swiftly en scenes of action iu
1870. Regarding the Herman artillery, hi
said it wus necessary that the line of divis
ion bstwSSU field and toot artillery be made
more distinct, ami tbat teams for guns lie
InorsSSsd. OS took less account of the
l.ussiau than of the French army.
At the Cabinet meeting the order of busi
ness iu the coming session of Parliament was
revised. The session will probably open
with introduction of a Coercion bill, including special provisions for the suppression of
boycotting. Local government measures
affecting Kugluud aud Scotland will have
precedence over legislation on tbe same sub
ject for Ireland. The result of this will be
tbat ik. I rUh business exoept such aa relates
to coercion uud to the bill extending the
scope ot the Ashbourne Laid act will be
transacted. The Hartiugtoii section will
give thorough support to the coercion
measure. It is reported that the Marquis of
Itipoii will lead the Opposition in the House
of Lords in the event ot Lord Crauvilh retiring, ami that Lord Rosebery will be displaced ou account of his veering Inward
unionists views.
Amongst men who have forced their way
to fame and fortune, we may name, us an
i-.ample to all, worthy of imitation, the
famous and justly celebrated Thomas Hollo
way, bettor known throughout the •'wide,
wide world" for his Pills and Ointment. Of
these medicines it is not our purpose to
.peak-— wo are not writing a putt, but solid
plain facts, to show what can be done by
great strength of mind ; and thnt what OUS
man has done another may do, provided
that he has the ability and determination to
use it with all bis soul !
We road of the (ireat Napoleon, whose
ambition was to conquer, but Holloway bas
done something else, for, instead of shedding
oceans of human blood, he has cured his
thousands, and spread great jo\ among the
poor sons ami daughters of affliction by his
wonderful Medicines ; aP.hough he does not
pretend to "raise the dead," yet he has
given strength to the halt and soundness to
thelantS ] and if he had not "opened the
eyes of the blind," be had soothed the pain
worm ; ami comforted those on the brink of
the grave: and iu th'r four quarters of the
globe his preparations bave found their way
-■-not by the force of the sword, not with
the aid of legions, but have been silently
borne on the boSOm of old ocean in our huge
merchant ships to every corner of the civilized world where sufl'ering man is to lie
But to do all this gigantic work, to accomplish so wondrous a deed, required much
thought and much energy, for without tluse
combined, this mighty work could not have
In .'I.   accomplished,    And   thus   he   did it.
CLEMENT ft CO., OF 18 \V_l_Uvr,..
Street But, Toroutc,  „, jf,, '*■
-oi. Xavier,   Street, Montreal   „_.. ''
eral Agent.    They are the ex-l_,i„ .M-
nf Sh  Sci.-lield Patent Cake Oriddi
Celebrated Emery Knife Shune,-.^
a.   the    -Carrer'a   Friend"),   the 1
■■Jill-  .Sharpener, the   Jay-HvcS-.
Curry Comb, and other Hnecial'tie,    ,,
want to make money, writ- t., tl,.,,
for an outfit,   and to secure  wiut ,
you can hand!.-.
Boot and Shoe StoiJ
POUT   MOODY, & ,.
•j-.HK 1'NIIEK.SKJNEU, .-,,,..„„ ,
■ late W. C. White, i» uo» t|,w„
c.tablmlii-d at the TerminU", aa,| „».,_,.,
rated hii IK. to hi. tiade, i. pmjual
Hipply the public with the I--, »•„,_ "*1
line ta. ha had in the province.
a m i.i. .11.-1 or
There isa wise saying, "Don1! spare printer's ink !" and Holloway spared neither
''printer's ink,'' nor vast piles of the precious
metal, gold. He advertises in all the languages spoken among civilized nations—
nnd whether you go into Kranee, Hulgium,
Holland, 1'russia, Ih-nmark, Kussia, (irecce,
Spain, Portugal, Switzerland -nay, we
might say ali the kingdoms ofthe world—
and in a thousand tongues to talk of "Holloway's l'ills I"—in a thousand languagos
they utter "'Holloway's Ointment !" \Vo
aro tilled with boundless wonder and astonishment that one man, one mind, one head,
could plan and devise nil this ; and ue say
that, lions m.in has really dOUS so, there
must be some wonderful ouratire properties
about his Pills ind Ointment, Poet Cfaott
Historical Xittif -.
\   si   IMIMllil    HINT
Kor an obstinate tuuTasslug oough there is
no better remedy than llagyard s Pectoral
llalsam, uhich cures all throat, bronchial
an.l  Inufl dlssasss,    It i-  pleasant to take
and effectual for young or old.
THS Casaiuas Fisiimuk-c — Halifax,
Nova Scotia. Captain Soott, Chief Com-
minder of the t'anadiau cruisers on the li-.li
tug grounds, in nn interview with a newspaper correspondent, is represented to have
said that the fisheries were protected as
thoroughly as possible The American fishing vessels were, hou ever, such determined
and experienced poachers that the whole
British Navy wouhl lie required to keep
them completely out of Canadian waters.
Captain Scott believed thst this year's experience, with double the number of cruisers,
would enable him to do effective service next
year.    Heater,
JTO-R,   S_.At_.H_.
A  MASON \lll.l: HINT.
During the breaking up of winter, when
the air is chilly and the WSStbsr damp, such
complaints as rheumatism, nwurnlgU, lumbago, sore throat, croup and other painful
effects of sudden oold, are prevalent. It is
then that Hagyard's Yellow Oil is found
truly valuable ns a household remedy.
Aovior to Mothers.—Are yon disturbed
at night and broken of yonr rest by a sick
child suffering and crying with pain of
Cutting Teeeth • If so send at once and get
S bottle of "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup'1
for Children Teething. Its value is incalculable. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Depend upon it mothers;
there is no mistnke about it, It cures
Dysenterv and Diarrho-a regulates the Stomach and I to web*, cures Wind Colic, softens
he (-linns reduces Inflammation and gives
tone and energy to tho whrle system. "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Syrup" foi children
teething is pleasant to the taste and is the
prescription of one of the oldest and Iwst female physicians and nurses in the United
State-*-, and is for Sub by alii, druggists
throughout the world. Price wenty-Bvtt
cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs,
Winslow's Soothing Syrup,'' and take no
other kind.
CHEA '   POI;   CASi
-Wuierly  u.ed ill our   Saloon at V,|,
Klgin House, Purt M-«l>.|
Brick Clay for Sale.]
clam brick clay laud, adj.rent t,i (
Railway, about two iuil-a fron, Port Moo,
..ample and information can I* obui,
!rn<" A. B. HOWSE.
Krai Katatt Bio.h, I
I'ort -looij
Subdivision of Lot 233
_?0__-tT 3v_.oo:d"_\
all iuatallmenta on Lots on th, .bont
named property, must be paid in itrliri to
formity with tiie stipulations, or tin. igrt
mints will be oau-elled,   un,] IIih |,u)n-
already made, forfeited.
New WiMtniin.t-r, Sept   11, 18SS
it all persons are forbidden to uiu-bi
from uuy person or persons any lut, piri
interest in that certain scow now nwueilu
occupied by the undersigned and family,;
lying in the waten, of Port Moody.
Port Moody, B. I'., April 17th, IH85.
I   HAVE  TAKEN    _U.QI.-I   ..MJOl
into partnership iu tba bufin-ii Hid
on at the Porrifio Hotel, Clarke Strcpt, Pa|
Moody.    The firm nam,- in  future, mil
Taylor A M.I I.
JOHN  Ic. l'..H.R|
J-' »s..l.-,tli   ne ii
*     I intend to  make application totli
Chief (amimissionerof Lauds and Wnlklli
permttalon to  purchase about '.'IX) rural
land,   more or less, situated in Nr-w "'tr
minster  District,   "llroup   One," anil
Kirilii'il as follows :— ('oiniuciK-lli-at allli
al. an ill chains uorth of north aertcori
if lot 471 (alongside of .1. .1.  Cowderoj
■lairir), thence north about 45 cliuiua.ttrra
west ol.nut 45 chains, thence smith aboot1
•linins,  thence eaat aliout 45 chain, H«
place of commencement.
H. .1. A. Ul'IINKTT
I'ort Moody, B. ('., Aug. 81, \»M.
A wild  tl.ppi «'a>.  uhat at  I'ort AJuuty'
Saturday, October'2nd.    Ain  parsOflsU
lug the -..nn.- in rtqasstod to oonunorf^
Port Moody, Oct. 4th, IMO,
Pu_ll«he. ev«y Thur«-»f. it f 3.00 P" *""
Independent   in   Politics,   THK WS
appeals by a comprehensive Tahle ul »
tents to the different tastes wtiW"
within the circle of a cultured home.
Au average of fifteen short, crisp IMP
ials is given io each number upon L**9t
American, and English Politi.ru ami ""
Amongst the regular coutribut.'i- r".v|
FENHOR (iOLDWIS SMITH; aild M di'tin-l1"*
public man in London has kindly iii"I"'J*
to supply regularly an English Irftt" ■*
and Washington Letters will api***
regular intervals.
In addition there are speciul oc.11ib'-**'
from some of the ablest writers  in tir'
minimi and the Inited States.
haa now entered upon its third ywr *
most encouraging prospects, and a\*Oi
features. „
5 Jordan St., Toronto.*
HAMl'LK '"111- Hill
THE WEEK is one of the most i"H
journals in Canada. — Truth, Lot/lms,«
"I take only one  English ""'•'j' '(
The Spectator, and one Cauadiau, T"*
and aa a rale t should  be  puttleo '"
which I should mjaa moat, "—/"row '
by Thomas Huahet, author of "Tn* '
School Days."


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