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Port Moody Gazette Apr 23, 1887

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Array --THE
^?ori ;fUooa.i t&Mtiit.
___<_. 6,000,000 people use
. ■   mrtto   st i
I . .   .1.1 ' Bl i    IS    ID. t ••' I
At   ' ..nee - 1 Tu
I ii,       1 il   ...cl \ ■     >Jih '■
' 1 nt! m
j".   .A.,  c . •    u.
PORT  MOODY,  B.  0.,   SATURDAY,   APRIL   23,   1867.
_*>■_. 22.
V-__»_c*-K_urv_-i__. __.-_.
.Wil      .IM.
D0U8U8 .-.. OE'f-HTOW.
Saddles., Harnesg-makflH
EvetV Article in t.lieir Lini
Alwaitrs in Stock.
i IT ft: c\
Port Moody
ff-pfciis r i rmoETTO'-n roTHE poh.
B >    U..i"l. Shin*'- Mill,   i hor- the  bast
•I Jhingli.i I'M li - Rail «l  lb.  i ■■-'■.' pries.
■A ll lleicdi. nr l'-l a.I
ply kept constant!) on band.
.lull.**    B.   I !!• KIN
City Bhbwery.
•W hi, l'i RCfUSKD fill: AliOVK
ntlbliiliinent, i.i oou supplying mini\
wpr-'   in the    .tv    '.itb   >   flitt-clati
Lager Beer,
Whicli Uu fund
Vi.-tin 11   prior
Tha  Hi--"' w
jiali-'ti-r li---  dI
II  ba  laft
aa I Buttle.
at    Ul-    ll.'.l'"-' I't
Heal Estate fi gouts,
Conuy<m,n ,v Acoouiitiuitu,
FOB   -.\i.i-:
ritnWN  LOT!
1.    in-.iii "i
hi    "WII Hill    V.      ilu-citi,    AUTHUtt    OF
'•iHKiHa.u Holland"
What a destiny t..r a man' How
pr.ud he might l.e of 1ns wifrl How
bi might u nry in throwing hllliwlf at
bur ii-rl his wealth, bis heart, his
while Kn.- ami being. And ahe—how
•ha would do iIk- honours of hia house;
ho* timidly all this wealth would
I"-.-..im- ln-r, ami sit upon her. And
yet 1 could ne that, with it i.ll, his iov.
Ml a scllish love. He still loved hitn
ii'lf best, and thought of himself lirst
Of any big-Mf love lie was incapable.
What wonder that 1 was miserable!
What chance had I against John
Wellesley, with his broad acres, his
town-Inn i'. Iris j^reat income -for the
Wellesley estate bail been so managed
ili-,1 ii-a revenues were considerable
Mrs. Ha. ward quickly saw bo* things
were turning. She flattered my cousin,
fawned upon lum ami singled liim out
on every possible occasion. If any
thing could have cooled John's ardour,
ii would have been tins woman's miser
able folly and want of tact But, too
in :•"!"•, be contented himself with disliking her heartily.
The climax came More and more,
hour by hour, my deep and passionate
love had grown for Ellen Hayward.
Thai she read the truth in my eyes I
never doubted. 1 could uot control
ihen a" 1 could control my speech. I
never uttered one word of low, Yet
■hedid not seem to encourage John
Wi-ll-sley. Day by day she wot more
silpiit; her spirits became unequal;
ber quick, quiet step was quiet still,
out slow 1 never saw her change
."tiiirciiiiiice w believer John approached
her. She wonlilglanceover at her lynx-
eyed mother, who no doubt gave her
many a curtain lecture, and constrain
herself to reply to him when he
spoke. She never innnifested lhe
slightest pleasure in his society. Yet 1
knew .1 at she would lie compelled to
marry hini, So a fortnight paHsei
One morning some of our party had
gone out for a walk, others were in the
billiard room ; my t »o cousins and two
young men worn alternately flirting in
th" mu ic room and playiug a quartette
ou organ, pian,., violin and violoncello,
making a furious noise but not very
much music. A spirit of restlessness
i\ar. upon ine, us it ever i,as when Ellen
HavwarH wns absent. She had gone
out with tin- others ; John was of the
party. They were probably together,
an.l that wns enough    for    uie.     I felt
that I cotiin noi bare   un.   ue,     1.
looser, 1 was growing dazed and giddy
with misery. I would leave it all —
hope, happiness—behind nre ; go back,
and drown my sorrow iu hard work
I strolled alone into the small blue
drawing-room, and shui myself in I
bad taken a volume of Byron with me,
at th' t . I' K   Terminal
Port   M" nlj    neutrally  anil
bsnutifally situated, "ii nioi-i favorable terms
than I hi.11 ha.evci   In ■■-   fi red foi   lale, in
thii l'i-.- ni.-,- hi, >tol	
Apply tn
!'   ■   HAMILTON,
Murray Street,
Port Moodt.
A   1-r.K-
The andetnigntid I aa on li iud it I irgi
i ■ i.i Shingles,
r be*
tilv I tho VKRY  ■   _________________________________
Ion heard nl In British I olnmbia.
-a, ,-"   prir       I ■■■h'"™*
v. here
.ililn-'-'ill owlel - ' •
Ua-etteOmcr-, P ; ": -      	
WNom nm fob mul
..ontaioin. IWawesol  «plen*U*l
(.inn house,  bar"1     ; "''■   , "';
• uatml near loljool
|,| ,, bai .-rn. it Im-
,11 be
A Farm
laud with
ami nolt "ffic- ^^^^^^^^^
mediately pnrchasou
^M "Tu'".uiMAN.
Pnri Mood)
OrUAzuii Omi i- .   ..
To tha Minister of\M IntorlOl
I hftg Icni,
'I'iliil.cr on th
shi-i .0,  and   tlw ■
and   11,   Tiivn.h I.
llll. i
t„ iiniilv mr a  lloense t<
. v-.-ai halt of wotton SB, for."
it Iml..-*. "I sentions -
rl.   :-.,-'\   Weatinlnatei
Jnlv 12, 1888.
1 AT.
Notice ■    he. '■'■
PRA8EB, l i.lrll--.'"-
aignedall  hia good*.
,,,,' for i lie ben-
1IIM.I1,1.-.    -U'illal     llIM      '
nil debts Ho,- to him ti
eigiwd I.nl In. ith
P„,t Moody, Oct.-''HI
.,„ that I-.OBMAN
porl Moody, ha« na
lii.il. is and effect! to
fitol his ••■"I" "      A" ''',
,.. (n I... ii,.uk- to, and
tli.- niiilcr-
I'V, l-UK.
nml opening ihe book by   chance, was
musing over those lines that   in   their
sad undertone seemed to Iind their key
nntc iu my prc_em mood.    The reader
probably knows them    bv   heart, as I
"There'll not a joy the world cau give   like
that it takes away,
Wlien the (jlow nl early thought declines in
feeling s dull decay ;
Tin nnt on youth', smooth   cheek the blush
11. -i i - - which tildes no fa-t.
Hut the   tender bloom of heart is   gone, ero
youth itself he paat.
, . . . ,
Though wit may lla.-li from fluent lip., and
mirth distract the breast,
riinHtgh midnight hours that yield no mora
their lnnner hope of rest;
'Ti. but as ivy-leavea around tbe ruiu'il turret wreath,
Ail , i-.eu and wildly fresh without, hut worn
ami gray beneath."
1 had thrown myself into a lounge in
the deep bay-window, behind the
curtains drawn across the archway, nnd
will quite concealed The room I d into
a conservatory of wliich the Inner door
a as open. 1 had glanced in upon the
delicate ferns and beautiful i.o -house
flowers, thinking, wiih all a lover's
rhapsody, that my love was purer than
(In- opening rose, more queenly than
th" regal camellia. Suddenly, with my
eyes bent upon tbe last verse of the
liitoR, I heard the outer dooi of the
conservatory open-, and close Two
persona entered l he loom I my cousin
John and Ellen Hayward He was
talking rapidly.
"Ellen—Miss Hayward," he cried, in
a uiiie iu whicli there wan much asi on
ishnient aud a litile pain: "you do not
mean what you say. This cannot be
r final answer, I will not take it."
Indeed, indeed you must," she
murmured in n voice agitated and
broken by conflicting emotions, "lain
sensible of the honi ur you would do me,
Mr. Welleslet, but 1 can never tie
youi- wife I liniied my manner to you
would have spnnd us boih this pain."
"Think  what   you    aie     refusing,"
b_ returned.    „A lot that   alinnst any
girl would envy; a position few occupy
Everything that wealth can  co
flrnll be yours.'
"Wealth   ami   position   can
bring happiness lo me," replied
•I have   been  taught   to dread, almost
but there is a
China full House.!:;;:
j:i:.m. iv-i y .
hidden 1-e-
It   was a
:.   ii .-ni; . Aeee in
^^^^^^^  fclla-il.
Opposition   VV
Knst-elasH Style.
ii. •'. ri'li.-i.- il  I
to despise poverty
1 dread more than that."
There waa a moment's
What could I do? I was
Ion.I the curtains, a most
less to the interview,
trying moiii'nr I fell half guilty of
yet unable to help myself. It
ns-ible to come out upon ihem.
I dreaded lest they should discover
un The whole thing bad happened so
suddenly thatipiod not time forthought
Was imp
or action Had the window beside me
beeu open, how gladly I w,.uld have
escaped into the grounds. But it was
closed snd fastened. John spoke
"Can you give me uohop.1 he asked,
almost bitterly, lu my heart 1 almost
fell for him "No hope—even forthe
future I"
' None," she replied. 'None, Mr.
Wellesley, oowor ever. 1 can nevrr
marry you." I could hear ihat she was
crying silently.
"You speak contirieiitiy, Miss Hayward." Then after a moment _ pause
he resumed : "You could not speak
thus certainly without a cause. Tell
inn this, at. least, in mercy. Do you
love any one  elsel"
1 felt, for I could uot see, that her
hands went up to her face. 1 pictured
the crimson tide that the words must
have called up. 1 heard a half-broken
murmur i 'You have no right to ask
me that." And my heart sank within
"I aro answerd," be aaid, most bitterly. "Truly, I see that Ibrte is i-o
hope for me. Tell uie, Miss Haywa.il,
oh! tell me that my rival is not my
cousin George.    Anything sooner than
that.    By heavens! I would "
"Oh! no! nol" she interrupted.
"Never! never ' I will never tell you
that! How ran you, how dare you ask
me, Uo you not we, Mr. Welletly,
that you are humiliating me i Leave
the room, 1  beseech vou     Leave me to
She must have pointed imploringly
*o the door He could only obey.
One miinieut's heBiiation, a half uttered
word, a step towards her, and the door
closed behind him. She was alone--
yet not alone.
At the mention of my name I had
well-nigh betrayed myself. I could
almost have come out and spurned him
for hia unmanly,ill-considered question.
And yet, with it all, I pitied hitn.
Was I not myself sufleriug the same
exquisite pain- a thousandfold intensi-
Bed, according loour natures?
The door closed behind John Wellesley. Eilen Hayward's self-control
gave way Sbe sank to the floor, with
her head upon a low easy chair, and
broke into passionate sobs. And then,
1 could not tell how or why, there was
a sound in those sobs that for the first
time awoke hope in my heart. What
could I do? How declare myself to
Moments, that seemed an age, passed
by. Quietly 1 came out of my place
and went up to her. She must havi
ibmii/bi I had then entered the room.
Neither then nor ever alter was »m-
undeceived. 1 spoke but one word, too
agitated lo say more.
The sobs ceased.    For a moment she
looked up : then, with a   half  scream,
hid her face again in the Chair
It was unnecessary to add anything.
That one word told her all. Slowly
ahe rose and turned to ine, trembling as
a delicate fern, her lovely face all tears
aud blushes, like a rose in the early
morning. In a moment she was clasped
within my arms, her face concealed on
my shoulder.
1 shall never forget that first moment. When 1 felt she was mine;
mine in poverty ; mine chosen before
all the wealth and rank that might
have beenher_. And I there registered
a vow that my first duty in life should
be to make her happiness : to place her
first in every thought of my heart.
Then came the reaction What had
I done .' Whai would Mrs. Hayward
say? Her consent would never be
gained. Nor could this be.a matter of
wonder. Who or what was 1, compared with those who had tought the
hand of Ellen Hayward?
•'Ellen, I cried, clasping her yet
closer to tne; "you will be lost to me
in spite of all We shall never gain
your mothers sanction. How, indef-d,
can 1 in honour ask her for you in my
present position? My love ! my love!
to what terrible trouble have I brought
you ?"
"1 do indeed dread my mother,"
murmured Ellen. "I cannot marry
without her consent. But, George"
—she whispered my name shyly -'on
the other bind, she cannoi force ine to
marry against my will. If 1 owe her a
duty, 1 owe one to myself also. 1
will wait for you, even if it be until we
are both old."
We were disturbed by the laughter
of many voices. They wen- returning
from their walk. Ellen escaped to her
room. I heard an enquiry for Misa
Hayward and Mr. Wellesley. They
had losi them in the Fellows wood, just
beyond the shrubbery.
I had but one thing to do now. It
had better lie done quickly. That after
noon I sought a private interview with
Mrs Hayward, and told her the truth.
I need not repeat what passed. A
more bitterly indignant, angry wamaii
1 neversaw. Nevershouldherdaughtcr
become my wife. She bad other views
for her. I had played her a cruel, a
diahonourable turn, "in clandestinely, as
she phrased it. stealing her daughters
affections She would sooner follow
her to her grave than see her my wife
And more to the same affect
"To-morrow-morning." she concluded.
1 and my daughter will leave Eilsmer.
Vou shall see her no more."
to-morro-'.    tad    •   go with
him.'      1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
■■Leave!   Mr    Wi-lleslel    leaie   |.,i,
nn re ' crie,I Mrs   HaywarJ in startled
u-'-'-i.t,.    -'What   is   the   meaning of
this?'        M
"1 have not asked lum. B. rlmps
your daughter could give you a rrMOO
For the life of me 1 tew I not have
avoided that small .tio'.re of malice.
And Mrs. Hay ward tamed livid witb
rage and terror. She had made so sup-
of her game.
••(;,.,,rg.. Wi-rle-i'-y,' sh" cried, in a
lone of suppressed passion: 'if you
have done this thing, i. you b.r.-■■ np
planted your cusin in my daughters
affections, 1 will never forgive you to
my dying day. Now leave me. L-av>-
in-. I hope I ahull never See you
A hope destined to be fil61li'd : but
not as she wished it.
Ellen did not app.-ur again that day.
I conirived to have oneshon interview
with her, iu which she promised to I*
brave for my sake ] bid her farewell ;
nnd, feeling it might Im long ere ."•
iiii-l again, 1 left my kisses upon In r
lips, a- pledges to be redeemed iu the
time to come.
The D.Xt inorning I left Erlsinere
wi'li my cousin. He was inoro-e mil
moody, and only answered my remarks
in monosyllables He knew nothing
of whit had passed between Ellen and
me : he said nothing, but I fancied he
guessed soue thing of tire truth. 1
saw that he was not very deeply
wounded. Rii heart «ould soon go back
to its normal condition.
We reached Loudon. My cousin
went to Portman Squire, 1 to my chain
bers. There 1 found un unexpected
surprise. A brief awaited me in an
import ant case. If I succeeded in carrying I. through, ii might well prove ■
siepping-stone to work and success I
laid my head upon the pillow that
nighi, and felt thai I would not ex
change lots with the happiest, most
pro perous of men.
When ai breakfast the n- xt morning,
my cousin, torn) intense surprise, came
in. Never before had lie paid me so
early a visit. Oue lo.kat bis face told
mn that something had  happened.
Have you played   me   this trick?"
were the first words  he   uttered : and
for the first time in my recollection bit
oice betrayed something like genuine
"My good fellow," I repliel, "lam
not in the habit of playing nicks —to
you least of all.    What's the matter?"
,i'ri,« iluiti.oiids are gone '
1 stared at hi in  In Bmiiiiniu.....
I -bould have i.oii-i.l.-1-i.l  myself
half tbat su rr
Tl mitr-r wu, pat i.nr. tie   I,
"f tbe rorrli'i-rii' i -.*    -.--.' land    f   - ■
Ir. u f'-.v days   i [,,-    follow-in.,
.-.rii. r11-.!11■ nt  appeared in   inos
daily papers: —
"/10,000Beward. Wn reasalargr
i-aic. 1 of dniiiioiidsliiiK lately I" -
fron So. 100, Portman Square I _.
sum ol £10,000 will be pad for tln-ir
r.-cov.-rv A proportionate ret* i l£oi
tbe.r partial recovery. The further
sum oi £1,000 w-iil he paid for th-
identification and arrest of   h
o. m. ferry a co.
_/_ -d__tt_.ua _*__•
Uk_.il Ul-SUil
..(>.._«, Id.
—s-u.i.-. a-.-
For 1887
rill ba m.U«l
FREE to all
_-,. IMA nr
rsr. I A4d-_M
D. M. Mint a ci
Windsor. Ont.
Oh'wt   lutpfetor
Just .received !
of revenge amioit   the   offender must '|*|Hi. UNDE_WI(.->BII r upe.tr.lly ii.
, . .,   i          ■ .. .            .    .-.!   .      ■   . !   ■     f'-rnis tie- citi/.ns of Port M""dy and
nave h.-.'t; inmost aa powerful, i"   liav ,      ,                              ,   J,
              , .          .      ,                . i vicinity :nas  Ue   t.-s   m„r   ieccive.1 a larg
...a....-        .- ...I.I  .... v.. _. n... .......... r -.    . '  - . . n
thieves     Apply   to
Sims  Scotland Yard
I p."land re read the  sdvefiiieui* '.
Tin* reward    was   a    i»'g'    one     Hj
cousin's love fo.    iiia    precious   ston- s
must hai" la-en   great    indeed
Irom their intrinsic value.    His feel ug j
an'! varied asan.tin-ct oi
QBO 0 F. 1. I E S,
Boots and   hoes
Cloth ng
Etc,   Etc,
ng bought the above Stock f-r' A*-H.
I am prspar. I io re II at the lowest
Vegetate and fruits
quitted. My black bag was nowhere j
visible. I was about to speak to '.lie
man. when something caused me >o
hesitate, There wasa peculiar look I
about him which I did not quite like or
understand : a Strang - restlessness in
the eye, us he stared full at me, n wild,
almost, hunted expression in the face,
Almost fancying hiui a maniac, [shrank
from addressing him. 1 '.ven up the
"There is a man in my carriage," I
said, "whose app aranoe 1 do not alto
geiliei- like, 1 cannot make bim out'
I even doubt his righ; to be in a first
class compartment,    Moreover, a black
bag that    I left for r,    ri- nl    Otl   the
seat has disappeared,    ft'i    you oblige
me by asking to look   at nis ti
.'Certainly, sir,   replied
touching his cap.    "Ji    he   man   I
made any little   mistake, '   li
wi li a smile, "n,'    will  let    liim know j
We wen1 rip together *    the CO
It va. now empty, and    the    bag    .;.
where I had left it I    The guard looked I
at me, lat the bag.    I felt   mystified
and bewildered.
"You have evidently  mistaken the
I compartment,   sir      said   the   piaril.
".\u easy thing t" do unless you notice)
the number j tboy are all alike,    I think
' you had better got in  now; >,e are oul
Do y.'U wish to ;
reoalled our conversation in the carriage
as we diove to Erlsiuere : my wonder
as to what he, would do if such a ihing
were to happen: his self-contidcui
"You don't mean to say the diamonds
arestolen1" I returned. "It was only
ihe other day ynu told nie of their
safety. You said thy were beyond
the reach of burglars, or sonielh.iig to
that effect "
"True. 1 remember. And 1 was
hoping- a forlorn hope, 1 admit—thai
you had somehow caused theni tn be
abstracted, in order to make good your
words, or to   read me a lesson."
"A forlorn hope, truly," I answered,
al once vexed and amused. "1 mn glad
you admit that. Vou must recollect
that you did not even tell me a here
hey were stowed away. I stopped
you as you were about to reveal the
I do remember. Well,' tbey are
They aere all in one panel,
wrapped up in cotton-wool, enclosed in
wash-leather, and deposited iu a small
black l.-ath.'i caae. When 1 got home
last, n'ght. and bad dined, 1 went to
have a look al thorn, Tiny were gone!
1 have never closed my eyes all night,'
he continued, feverisl ly   twirling   his
hands.    And inn I he looked almost
haggard    This io.-* was effecting   him
far inure ibtiii the   less of    bis   ladv-I'V'" ■•—■------■---■
'     the point ot starling
love. ii •   ."
. •.__ _ ij u.i        be alone   sir?
"who in the word   can have  taken       .,_,    ,  . ,
themf '      ^S'    *ans*'-*-ed
"Who indeed I returned my cousin
"Evidently some one who had kuowl
edge nf the diamonds. You will naturally I Innk of the servants 1 am satisfied of their Innocents-, Not one of
them knew even of their existence. I
have had every on. of them, man and
woman, up hefore inc. 1 told them 1
had lost a valuable parcel during my
absence. The ignorance of each and all
of them was too evident to be mistaken
The butler's manner was certainly p.-
culiar. but he is altogether above sus
"Brown is undoubtedly above sus
pieion," I replied "Tuciity yean of
faithful service to my uncle would prove
that, independently of the man himself.
But what are you going to do in the
"Do !"(he cried, starting up excitedly,
"do everything. I will not leave a
stone unturned to recover my precious
diamonds. 1 am now- oft' to Scotland
Yard, and I mean to advertise largely
in all the papers If anv earthly power,
will bring back the diamonds, [ shall
see them again Wo- betide the thief
if 1 catch .um ! He shall have no
I felt that to be Irueennugh      Mercy
j was not very much in my cousin's line.
They will be hard to trace,'   i said.
asilv   lie
induced hiui to add tiie further sum fur
t e appr-hi-nsinn.
Three   week*   passed   a*ay.    The I
robbery had become  the tail:   of tbe
town.    Day after day   tbe   advertise j
ment appeared.    Whosoever the  thief
might b,-, be must   surely be trembling
in In. shoe-..    Tin- whole machinery ol ,
Scotland Yard    was   set  in mo i urns'
yet    without    lesult.   Tin-    mystery
remained   shrouded   in   gloom.   The
perpetrator of   tin-robbery    as still at
large, aud the diamonds wen- still mis
During thia period  1   w-as   working
hard at mv case, g-tting up every poa.
sible evidence, determined to acid ve u
brilliant victory It was a case full of
subtle and minute points; of intricacies
that had to be unravelled ai the cost of
much patience : it cane ' hat would fall
through withuut the most careful and
sustained atten ion, und it involved a
inoiueiitou ■ issue. Fotunately, 1 felt
that I hul right anil ju tic to   sustain!
ity efforts. I         -
It happened that 1 hud oc.-asion just I g,j £j (Jjy jgiOSl   Jjf
at this time lo go down into Gloucester
sliire, upon a lit-l-   private  business of 	
my own. I could not well spare two] »-0TiCE Is HEHEB' (..VEN, THAT
wi.oledays to the tusk, and therefore _/*H allins-nllmi-iita on tails n tbe above-
decided to tiavel down by thr nig 11named property, mu-t • e i-aid in strict ron
train. 1 reached Padding on with
about five minutes to spare, took my
ticket, chose my cninpai tment, and laid
down a small bluck bag upon ibe seat.
Then I found that I had forgotten
to take an insurance licket,
according to my usu.l custom,
and 1 lefi the carriage to rem-dy
the mission, returning almost at once.
I halted a moment at the door of my
compartment, and  looked   rouud.    As
1 rii,I tnl cai_/_br_si__|ii  j an individual
Ot 233
lorrriity with tin- stipulations, -r the agree-
mens will be cui-ellerl.   anrl tin, payu, eut.
already .na ie, forfeited.
N'en tVi't'niii-t.-r, S.-jrL
11, 1885
_upymgnW6h''v^11 -JLH --Sii.-
Brick Clay for Sale.
. class brick clay land, adjacent lo C.P.
Railway, shout two miles trc-m Purl Moody.
Samel, and iiifi.tinutii'ii can be obtained
from A. R. HOWSE.
Real Estate Broker,
 P-..   Mnrwl.
STiTlf in i'illMlMIS
(if thi;
Canadian Pacific Railway-
:  wse,
Real Eststte Broker,
Etc., Etc.
Town Lots for sale in
every part of the
Town sire.
I had  much to
think of, and one or'two papers to lookl Rv/ipllpyil    J-'-ii'llW       -.V
over.    Solitude would assist ine.    The  JUAt-lSUCUl    l.tllll.    IUI
Vou shall see her no more." "They will oe nam
"Save yourself lhat trouble, madam," j "Single stones, unset, may easily be
I retorted, for my anger, too, was j disposed of from time to time. But
roused, though under control "1 have | you must hope for the best. It is a
juat been with my  cousin.    He leaves  terrible loss '    And I thought how rich
guard closed and locked the door. In
a few moments the train moved oft". 1
threw myself back in the corner of the
carriage, closed mv eves, and gave myself up to leflection. The late incident
Md perplexed and somewhat annoyed
me. I gradually came to the conclusion that the guard was right ; I had
mistaken the compartment
It was R last train. Thinking over
the various points in my case, 1 gradually fell into a doze.
Something awoke me ; 1
scarcely tell what or how. A groan
movement, an unseen presence. At
lirst I thought it was inside the compartment, but this was impossible ; I
was atone. Then I concluded it must
be the guard passing the window. I
jumped up and looked out, but could
see no one ; he must have gone back to
his van. I threw myself back in my
corner,   and was   soon   dozing   once
Have you tried Holloway's Corn Cure.
It has no equal fnr ..moving these truubl.-
some excresceuses. as many hm- testified
who have tried it.
tleo. Dnd_e,  Si-., a well known citizen of
Emporium, wiites that one ef his men (Sam
Lewis) whilst   working in the   Wiioilq
verely  sprained   bis   ankle   that lie
scarcely get h.'tne,   but after
plications of  Dr. Thomas'
Waa able to go tu Work nest day
e or two ap
F-i-lcctric Oil, he
Suburban Properties
suitable for market
gardeners, etc.
Every information
freely given.
applying to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Wi.iks for permission to purchase 100 aorea nf land, itn.re or less, situate
iu New Wtsttiihi.-ii r District, Group 1. and
described as Followa: C.'irim-ncing at a
point on east side of Scott's claim on right
brink of Seymour I r.-i-U, thence north 65
chains, thirn-c east "1.1 chain, to Seymour
cr.-L-k, thenco southerly and westerly following nierunlerin't of t 'nek side to point of
commen -enieiit.
Tint Moody, B. C, 19th Feb. 1887
JS^  At lElic \hi\ JUoo&n don
U, IttJ.
Thf Iln un- ui mmW*m\n\0, MM the guaniuim
... UIn-i t ■> ; under the lyatrin t**UbTi»«ht*'i  by
theni tin* [pt-npli- (K-cuptei) a   proud  po*itiun,
uul   M*_tily   MNMM  tlie    potter    <»f   the
SUte.    Ju tin*  «!_;•** the   people havi:   \ery
little i-ower. ami the pctty.-ifgeri eropluy«<l
to make the lawi art; r***ol«. t-d that it sfial. be
'liimiiisheil daily until it U completely   dei-
ifi.yt 'I     Take, for in-ftaac*, the law courts.
lu all part*  <»t   the    l*nit»*l    Kingdom   the
court in held id   public, tml it   i-   therrfi.ie
uet-t-s-.ttiy that the judgment nhall be given
afciinliiig   to   the   evidence       Tumi.,   the
jw-nple otO thu  supreiM-   (t.tirt,   and   every
jndjje kn..HP that bin tlei idon*. will Im* viewed
u. tlie high court of public opinion.    OoMLS-
I'ueutly tie. i-nonh by jinlg.-.   nt    the    United
kingdom nre ncuriy   all   iu*roidiug   to   the
evidence.     It .<•> eauy to wee that tin*  *ty«t-in
• if heaiing evidence :md  giving judgment iu
public court* plm-e-i the paoplf in the pmud
iMNiitiou   <>t Acting   an    high    court   judges.
nut ac.ordiuu to tiie   modern idea,   cuc-uia-
lin^ .ill over thi* cuntinent, the neoi>le  rlull
hoitom  [>■■■-**-i   at  all,  no  lilwrty ;   u<ithing
mme than   liU-ity ta  pay  ta_.ee   au 1    work
tor low wigea.    Nt what anaugemeiit-i tl,e
local   OOmyiomjOrt   called    I'g.Jifatoi*   have
made to deprive the  people   nf   the evidence
that would  enable them to judge  the merits
of decision* m court.
I'mbr tlie new rules a eouuty court judge
may hear thu eviden. <* in public and reserve
judgment, to lie given when ari_umei.ta are
lieanl iu chamlxirs. lu laid, undei thu new
nV'Htem, judgment in a back r*Kini t*up*»i*w*tle«
the system nl giving juitgment in puhlic
court. At ntnttttt the |M*o|ilt* do not f.-sr
this syttem, l.iv.n-.i- e. #•_*> man in the Province knows thnt the judgc»nf the Supreme
court are just; but every man tienis tu foi •
get thut these   judge-; tiiU*.t   die, and   that   a
sfiyster, uided .uul as**i'tcd by ti multitiule
of indcpeinlent r-lii'tnis, may get ou thu
bench. And then, imagine what justice Hill
be like in aback room, with a dollar worshipper lepK-H.-uting the -il,until) and another |iiit; in prn|.'»siug the SSLtM creed repre-
-tenting the defeudant ' In thi** case the
judge and the two lawyer* will really rnjire
sent three wolves mul will worry the plain
titl nnd defendsnt until b.-ih aie compelled
to walk uut ol court mith empty pockets.
A petition to tin.- local prtlyfi-ggers called
"ministers" would be laughed at ; but, if
the people with to guard their liberties, they
will petitiou tin- .Supreme court judgtm aud
aek them to use their influence to secure a
return to tin* old system of git iug judgment
in public court. Justice ulmiu in a back
ro'uu with a pair of legal dollar .vi*isIii|j|h'Ih
is not in u sale place; but in public uuut
the honest judge must feel that public opin
ion Is his shield. Would the Harmc. fcoUr
ate Lhe sysLem of giving judguu-iit iu | back
room ?    ntVSf '    They had souls ol   (ire and
swords nf steel, and they toted liberty.
(Kruui our regular i orr*e»i*uudent).
■mk. t.Kvwijio UIM ranjrt— OH h-.hii.ih-.
nl-l-t tk—1.1 MRUS WOmoX
Mm Vonh. April nth, I-**-:
1 In- M-nsation  ot   tbe day is the   it-n.lt ot
lUOXTftlW-'TKIi. 1
lii.si-.ks-'.-   The st.ires in   town appear to
Ur doing a   fair business aud Ihe    hotel-- i
generally   well   ooonpfw..       The  back hi
spring has   rionbtlsM l)MJI   against   un   but
bright   siittiiy   skies   will   10011   produce a
The cargo of the barque t.eirge Has du
charged in a splendid condition and very
rapidly. We noted that all the packages
WOTt marked "via I'ort Moody " It is pro
liable that all the cargoes will come marked
in the same way.
To Com It TO POOT Mount.— We learn
from recent advices thst the new steamers of
the*'. P, I!. Oo,, are to cuine to this port.
Our people may "ay, of course, we were
**uruof that, but the people of Vancouver
have lieen led to think otherwise mid it
Oil) be a great disappointment for them.
"Ir 'if.-.' am* ''Mii'" kit. — If those
Kuropean fellow* wouhl only get into a muss
and compel John hull to go on with the
grliving dock at Itedwell buy and the fortifications, already fixed upon, at the mouth of
the North Ann ami elsewhere, this town
would lie the busiest place ou the Mainland.
THI Acpkil. The appeal of the landholders at Port Moody against the expropriation nt' their property by the <\ I'. K.
Co*, to the Supreme Court of Canada, bas
been duty despatched to Ottawa : it will
probably ooma up for Imaring about the
middle of next month. The p.-ints in favor
of the appellants are so clear, lhat there call
be only one moll potaible,
Mil -'.I.I" MaM>
three persons wlm
business, and we
Ought to pay well
hear of two or
propose to g'i into this
Ot ijuite sure that it
The nuigiiiticeut cedar
trott which are almost everywhere to be had
renders cost of muter ial a mere bagatelle.
Then the facilities for shipment are nn-
eijualled ami the market ..Iw.iv-i ready to
take all that ate ottered at a   fair price.
It Duks\'t MATTER. H there is anything
that .lohn Knh-on hates more than the Main*
(anil t.i ma il in 11 uml tbe t'ol.T Mot Hit (.A/hllt.
it is this little town which hae completely
destroyed the Vaneouvei speculation. He
mad. the great mistake ot dtspising hie
rivals and led Van Home inti the same
blunder. Tlu*y will both have their eyea
o|H"iifil before I hey have done .villi lis.
Tin; Koius riiunks tothe clerk ofthe
Weather, the ro&ds are DOW passuhlc without danger of a broken axle nr perhaps, a
broken neck. It is quit*-* impossible to un*
deretand why the Government should an persistently refuse to repair the rosd from this
town to New WeftuuiuUi. We can under*
stand VanHoi iu* trying to starve out our
people hi older tn secure the laud and thu
liaiiMu for a small price : but that the Hav
eninumt should beau a<accHstii\ to such a
heartless transaction,  is  dreadful  tn  ih.uk
"i-        ,	
AnvitK to MuTUKK-l -Are yon disturbed
ftt night and broken of yonr rest hy a sick
' hild -.uftYiTiig snd crying with p*in of
Cutting Teeeth * If so send at once and get
shuttle of "Mrs. Winslow's Southing Syrup"
for Children Teething. Its value is incalculable Jt will relieve the poor little uut*
ferei immediately, DsMftHapon it mothers;
there is no mistake about it. It cities
Oysentery and Diarrluea regulate** the Htnm*
ach and Wowels. cares Wind Colic, softens
heOmns reduce* Inflainmation and gives
tone and energy to the whole system. "Mre.
\\ in-do.. V Soothing Syrup" for childreu
teething is pleasant to tlie taste and is tlie
pn"*ci iptii.n of on« of the oldest and bwt )e
male physicians and nurues in the United
States, and is for Halt- by ulti druggists
throughout the world. I'rice wenty-five
cents a Untie lie sure and ask for "Mrs.
W'inslow'p Snnthit-i* Syrup." and take uo
other kind.
the Ute   elections   in Chicago.  Cmcinuati,
Milwaukee aod  other great municipalities.
The success of the labor party haa surprised
and frightened the puliticiaus.    An between
the Kepuhlicau aud labor  candidate in On-
cinnati,   the reault is  not yet knn«u— it is
utmost   a   tie-while   the iJemoerat*   were
beaten clean  out of sight.    The lals-r party-
were  not so successful   in Chicago,  because
ot the tnmhm  oi Anarchists and SocialuU
that aibluted   with  tbem.    Iu Milwaukee,
however,  they  carried   the   municipal elections as thev did also iu otlier parts uf Mm
iiesoU and Michigan.   Kvan the great dailies
of New    York sre   begiouiug   tu treat  the
lab.,. pOOflt with respect and it is acknowl
edged all over that a new party is here and
hit   MM   to  stay.    The great trouble with
the uew party is iu connection with the So.
cialisU  and   its extreme  faction the Anar-
cbUts.    The Socialist*  aud   Anarchist* ait
chiefly Owimi and have a splendid orgaoi
mntOM      The Trades   Unionists and Knights
of [ftfaor form three-fourths of the new party,
hut the Socialists control it while concealing
thtir   power.      Vou -mm- they  throw   their
whole   soul   and   intellect    into the cause.
They are m dead earnest and they are intelligent.    It was they who rolled up so large a
miuority f<.i Henry Ceoigu     Hut then their
■treiigth is  also their weakness.    There are
thousands upon thousands ot store keepers,
lawyer*-,   the professionals  generally     what
mav be called  the lower middle class—win.
find It hard enough to get along, and not believing in the present system, ure desirous of
a  chauge   ami   woultl   j.tu the Knights ot
I j* hm    to   bring   it about.     But   they   are
frightened with the Socialists uud their wild
theories.     The   Socialists   do   uot   concial
their opinion  that a revolution must come
and   that   force   must be used il ne-cessury.
While the Knights of l.ab.-i are lestiug with
their families or uisyhap going to the theatre
or to church, the Socialists,  who never visit
roth places,  are plotting  aud organizing in
beer gardens, so that   when   they attend a
district meeting tht-y carry all their resulu-
tiuim   by tactics, skill and clouueuce.    i'he
time  is coming,   nevertheluss,    when there
will be trouble  betweeu the two l-odles and
a separation, which  will be  all thu better in
the end for the honest lulsir party.
Contrary to the prophecies of American
newspapers, the British (ioveruiuent do not
taku back wuter nn the fisheries1 question.
I.ord Salisbury says Canada is right ami
must be sustained, and though, of course, he
says it in the courteous language of diplomacy, his meaning is evident enough.
President Ctevclaud, on beiug asked by the
secretary of the Massachiissett's Fishing Association what steps he will take in caae the
( anailiauu resume their practices of last
year iu the coming spi iug, says, iu an elalior-
ate answer, that he will exeicise if necessary,
the powers conferred upou him by Congress
in upholding the honor aud dignity ot the
Republic, which means, 1 presume, that he
will retaliate in the manner^I descrilied in a
former letter to the Mainland (.caruias.
Meantime, another little breeze international is blowing from the Illack Republic of
Msyti, wliich owes Kngland a million dollais
and will uot, or cannot, pay the money.
Kngland threatens to seize Tortugaa if the
claim is not made good, aud the United
States us having some interest in the mutter
enters a mild protest in the shape of a letter
from Secretary itayurd. I suppose nothing
will come of it, but ou the principle of the
theologians that neve r.i I veuials toot up toa
mortal sin, this, the tishetiee and a few more
little disputes amount to a big onu and final
ly a casus belli.
What the dear newspapers call a romance
in real lite, aud has given them the opportunity of printing pica headings, is tbe cur
reer of a millionaire in California of the
uame et dames Kissaue. It is really u mur-
vullotts one. He was in business in Cincinnati thirty-three years a^o, but money being
slow piling itself up in his coffrea, he
freighted thu steamer Martha Washington
with what he represented as a valuable
cargo and then set tire to it on the Mississippi in order to get the 1*200,000, for which he
aud his confederates had it insured. The
insurance companies refused to pay, and to
procure money to fight them he organized
large and successful forgeries ou the X. V.
chemical Bank, which were discovered
through an accident, and Kissaue (or rather
Rogers hia real mime) was sent to Sing Sing
for three yean- It would take up too much
of your space to go into details in regard to
his subsequent deeds. He wus a brave and
skillful assistant of (ieiieral Walker ill his
invasion uf Nicaragua, he held a high com*
m-aud iu the Chinese ai my during tin* Tai-
piug rebellion and made a loitune, iti iuct he
did u hundred wonderful deeds until hu
finally settled iu California, changed his
Hume to Kissaue, married into a good family
and became a good mau, au excellent citizen
and a millionaire. And now a host of anci-
eut enemies have come forth and aro hound
ing hiui, some of them, the Chemical Bunk
for instance, demanding restitution, and
others demanding puuishmeut tor various
bigamies, arsons, forgeries uml murder.
Kissaue is represented as a magnitic-iit looking man with the manner ot a grand
The Canadian   Parliament will
few days and then will coiumetic.
war.    Kdward  Blake   positive),
lead the   Liberal   party and us uo
can, it seems to be iu a lix.    Nuill
path before the Conservatives oue
The Quebec  Conservatives threaten    unless
they   obtain   exhorbitsut   concessions   and
control   of   the   party—to form a  puity of
their own.    All thi*   may lead to a coalition
against the  French Canadians  and to trou
hie.-,   ennstsjuent   thereon,   or ou  the other
hand it may bring  Mesaienis lea Franeais to
their senses.
The Britiah l-Hiliamentarv hsiipie ia still
tossing un the stormy sea of coercion. The
Tories have carried clomue and are now en
gaged on coercion in the passage of which
they are meeting unexpected trouble. The
British Liberals are with the Irish to a man
against what they stigmatize as a brutal and
an unnecessary measure, ami even a few nf
the Tories themselven, and at leait three ol
the Liberal* Unionists, have drifted back to
t.ladstonc, because of the drastic nature of
the hill. The (.overnment have found it
necessary to drop the clause changing the
venue from Ireland to Kngland, and the late
by-elections having gone universally against
the (iovernment, have also added anothei
source of discouragement. In fact, there
are thoae -some of them are friends of Salisbury and Balfour too—who are inclined tn
! think the Government is drifting fast to perdition on Irish rocks.
The white robed angel of peace has spread
her protecting wings over Kurope for the
present and the dogs of war have been sent
heck to their kennels. The energetic Nihil
ista  hsve lately made  several attempts  to
Both buats sic now aliuust side by side un
opposite sides ot the river and right ahead of
the. puuehera boat is the abort chain of rocks
l     —       *-■    •   .      _*_:___.      :  i * a, ; which are dangerous to navigate at anytime.
hveuuv is merging loto night, as two uiuii   „ . .       -V, *.       ,    ,J,.
■i make their way tl a small pknUt.on, almost   "£*" Uu of *■ mu? Eft °'   *J"
: boi-dering on the banks of a famous   aalmoulT       '%*   "J"0 V "T^'   t *f
; r;ver_the Lochv ' 8tmKht for  thl* outlet theV   •*UP OAn ind
■_  .i _• ... iiii u*~-   tisr.iu__ii   with   a   jarring   noi-*-.   und
.     Both meu   are of a sinewy, strong   bui d, 1 ^ ,     *■*■'. -. J -a
j    „„i |    ., -,   , /'     .      6   , ' < emerge from the opposite side.
I uud sre physically   suited for the   arduous,       u 7      .i •       i     *.   ■__. i *_,-.
■    (*„»:„ -, i - ,    ., Before the  nursuiug   boat can   round the
aud oftentimes   perilous duties,  which   tbey I   _,     ,        .. v      .    6 ,. .     ■ ■ ■    ..       ,     ,
»    „ _,       ~ ' * \ rocks from the   safe outlet which   thev n^v
have to perform. '
They aie water bailiffs, and having had
information of a probable visit to the river
of some of tbe neighboring town's fishermen,
they have taken a poaition, from where they
shall shift to a range of bush skirting the
river edge, when the night shall weai
They are conversing iu the Gaelic language
chosen, the other Itoat is s|teedmg on its way I
home ; tlie battled Slid tired uut hailiflV being '
left far behind.
J. M.
 t iu a
■ the tug nf
ictuses to
.■ne el/e
■I   is   tiie
ot   roses.
Thn Crown  I'rince of   Italy is down   with
The journalistic sensation mongers have
linen at work again. The announcement j
that during the presence of His Kxcellency
the (.overnorCJeneral in the Senate Chamber the doors would be closed induced them
to magnify it into a precautionary measure
to guard against violence - and it has been
telegraphed abroad tbat His Excellency
was afraid to upuoar on the streets of
Ottawa, and that when he ventured out he
was followed by detective!* These ami
similar statements are absolutely false.
But then the sensation-mongers who supply
"news" to certain American ami Canadian
newspapers mont find vimethmg to say, and
they regard the OovoHOFOsnural a« a gond
card.—Ottauti I
perforate their*beloved sovereign in seyeia
{daces and have failed, but the < zar cue
S ore-ay. And faith it h no wonder.
hi . rder to create a diversion it is said he is
prepared to move upon the Balkans, in
which case the Nihilists -considerate patriots that they are-agree tu a truoe. Ihw is
in effect, how they arte., with his father.
Thev let him alone while he was hght-ng
the Turks, but wheu all was over MNN
him into a great many amitheieeus.
T. Milbuni and Co.. March IM, 1886-
1 was completely relieved from thattlrMM^
ful disease, <Wptia, with only four bottles
of that life pi-eierver-B. B. B., am eheer
fully reoomraehd it to any one subject to
such disease. . n
P. Devanny, Morrwburgh, Ont.
and from what they are saying, it is evi
dent they are not tbe only men of the
service ou the look out.
In reply to a tjut-stion of his cotopaniou'a
a short set, wiry looking mau, is sayiug,
"Yes, 1 saw tbem take tlie hillside jut ee it
was getting dark."
"How many V asks the foi met speaker,
"Five, and quite euough to smash any
bfiaU crew that date come into those
It has become lutenaely dark, and the men
now MNM the fields lyin^; betveM then
hiding place and the brush or where they intend taking up their post, and from w'hich
they can hear the entrance of any boat, t(.
the river, that may try to eutei it, v* ith *
view to ptu hing operations.
The firemen w ho had taken the hillside us
a circuitous route tii the town, are In the
same employment, and arc picked men -in
fact, they me the new ot hi*, lordships
This boat waa specialty built for the river
salmon protection, aud judging by her line,
must Imj a very fast sailer Wlien properly
However the information was received by
those men as to the designs of the fishermen
on that night.it proved to he tluuniighly correct.
No doubt the failure of the men to catch I
Mffioioot quantity of fish m a legitimate way
had the effect of driving some ot them to the
resolve of facing tbe dangers of u run into
thu river, where they could secure an u\-
pensive and better class fish, for which more
money would naturally accrue to them
if they managed to evade the watchful
It is said of one of the Russian Kmperor-.
that, on pulling up hia window blind to look
out ou the morning, he remarked : "My air
ia very mild tbis morning."
Hardly less presumptuous was the aayiug
of the British aristocrat when looking iuto a
river, he remarks : "My salmon are in good
condition at present.
The unsuspecting fishermen who are being
so systematically eutripped, are busily engaged iu preparing to leave their boat shelter.
The nets ou the occasion are train-furred to
the boat when tbe "coast" is reported clear
hy the watch tbey have set. Tne enterprise
was not uuknuwn to more than the boat's
crew, und iu the event uf being successful
s greater number will jiuilicipate in the
profits. Six men step into the boat us sbe
is prepared to leave the shore, no person
being about to notice their de purt ure, it
being imt oil, till a late hour so as to avoid
their beiug seen in case ths ultimate outcome of the adventure should occur.
As thuy pull away iu tim darkness, it
would not be supposed the river was their
To further avoid suspicious, or to throw
any of the hailifj'a, whom they might suspect
of having been ou the outlook for them of
their real object, they rowed along tbo shore
iu au oppo-iitc direction. After proceeding
for a short diataucc however, they strile
across for the opposite shore, and under the
shade of the well wooded slope, they keep
along till they enter a beautiful bay, where
they rest to couRidcr when it shall be best to
drop across to the mouth of the river. Misleading aa thoy think their manoeuvre tu be,
to any interested parties, their intention is
not unknown to a spy, who has watched
them all along, and who is now reporting to
the boat's crew, who were patiently awaiting his advent on the hillside, were they hud
remained talking aud smoking till such
time as tbe iuformer should return.
They immediately start dowo bill, nnd
enter the town nestling at its foot, by a lane
leading almost direct to the police station.
While one of the meu stejis intothe station
to iuforin the chief of the circumstances
which had brought them there; the rest enter
a store butise underneath out of which
they oome, carrying the cutter between
Occasionally when it wss deemed necessary
the bout was placed there as iid'ordiiig the
bestj-hance of capturing poach or* by entering the river after tliHy I uul gone in. But a
few minutes had elapsed between theii'arriving at the station and their getting ou the
truck of the Belling boat.
The coxswain who is a wary old man keepH
the cutters bow on the opposite bank ot the
river, from thut by whion the other boat has
"Muke us little uolio U possible with
your oars, and pull steudy," lie is saying, mi
they cross the mouth of a river, emptying
itself of a smaller volume of water almost
intothe mouth ofthe Lochy, to which it
runs for a short distance, at right angles.
As they l»y to under the brush covered
bank ; one ol the two nun who had been on
guard, telU them that the time is opportnue
for making a dash <m the poachers.
Ou informing theni of this, he went back
to his companion, and together they
stealthily move us close to the fishermen as
they can safely do without alarming them.
'Iwo oi the fishermen are on the bank
drawing ashore the not, while the rest are
leaning on their oars in tbe html, which they
contrive to keep from going on the shore, or
drifting witb the stream ; and ready on the
least alarm to send her through tbo water for
dear liberty.
A short smart pull brought tbe cutter to
the opposite side of the river tu the point
where they entered. Half way across the
entrance is a chain of rocks through which
it wouhl at any time be dangerous to try to
This it is which makes them seek the
opposite bank from that by which tbe fisher*
men entered. No sooner is the stroke of
their oar* heard than the men on shore make
for the boat but before thev can board her,
and in spite of threats and nourishing of oars
and font spurs, tho two bailiffs throw them
selves on them, and a desperate fight takes
Tbe action  ofthe  bailiffs waa premature      _	
aud they arc soon overcome by thedesperate | Kn'j'.|jj£
fishermen,   one of   them  being   felled by a1 -  -
stroke from an oar which  rendered him   unconscious.    The other powerless to do anything alone rushes along  the bank shouting
to those in the cutter to hasten on.
Meauwbile the fishermen get the net into
the boat, snd shooting into tho channel await
events, while keeping the boat floating away
with the current.
Theawiftueas of the stream has delayed
the bailiffs boat to a considerable extent uud
even uow they have not gained the scene of
the late, unequal fight.
The fishermen undecided how to act find
the cutter approaching nearer every moment
and it is evident if they gain any mora on
them, they will lie recognised.
Realizing tho dongei thuy are iu tbey let
the boat run to the bank they had just shot
out from ; the cutter keepiug more to the
other bauk, aa they could make no headway
in the centre of the stream.
With the current in their favor, they
make a desperate effort to reach the mouth.
No sooner is their intention apparent to the
bailiffs, than they are greeted with a about ;
and instantly the cutter is about and making
for the entrance where they hope to intercept them.
The h&iliff*have the best of it, and this
being apparent to the other crew, they ie-
solve ou a bold and daugerous stroke.
of   tlo
Ladies' French Kids.
The Uuchesa of Norfolk ia dead.
lhe Portuguese (joveruuient ban c.
a treaty of frieudnhip with China.
Charles   N'ewdegate,    uii-iiieinber
linti-11 Mouse of (.ominous. ii<l-*il.
The city ot Belfast   hae baen   excited, but    |W|u
the   police   have   kept    rival   Oraii^-   ..ml ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Catholic in'-!n aiiart. '"
vessel otlVouglml. Count**.' «f Cork, waiting) uHlfl   dOCLS dl fcl).  ull3c_]j   RlfcUiuUi
lt;:,!::;r;:;i; ■';;;;:;::„ „. Men's Leather Boots at |3.i)0, Cheap at $4.50
Ghuaoi diitnct.    rhe ••IiiI/.iih are confident
90 DAYS --'■'       i I   t
s i i:l.i: i .
I 20 per cont. below eosit.
I lit a iml.- st.,.i, .."ill, 88,000 ""I"! '•" Amys
IIearly, iask« \-". n la. tlwi   an. ua) iaCAKH,
A il.i"   <* -Hal'ttlii
importer  antl
(tie liiirhs Amu.
The Finest Scotch Whiskies Specially Selected for Iheir Excellent
Quality, aie Unsurpassed in the Province.
Y.-*Vr_E2S     ST.,       VICTORIA,     B.    C.
t-,U3iN   HOUSE
Port Moodv. B. C.
Thii Hotel is the besl ami most conveniently located for tiHvel-
leiH to and from the ('. V. K. termiuuH, byeilhei
railway, being the General   Pitst»eugei   Depot,
BuiitieHfl men visiting the new City.
The Telephone Office is locate,
advantage of speaking with friends
tings, or Vancouver.
The Table is equal t<
Parlors ami  Be
and   have   <<tfered   tin-   tin one   to  :i   local I
/.- Part*, ttpKriug to the itrictnree of tbe I
Berlin Pott oa mnee i attitude toward *-*••--:
ninny, denounce* the (iei m.-ii pftUey (M Lying
cyiiic.il uud brutal.
Thcpolireof BtbU, Pwth, tuvodUdoeerwd
an An-uvhiit plot aud have arrested two
U_uUre, ihey ire foreign wuHtmtan «ho u-
rived there only reeentK. The*, wen* ;-r
tented f.n apreadititf Anarohlat doetriuei
ICmjMror .-'much. Joavph baa teat hit |H>r-1
tij.it in j Hiker frame with hin antograpn to ;
Uciiei.tl KaaJban u* a token of reganl, !
General Kaulban ».i** furmerl) Mllitar) !
Attache to the Banian Ainboaey at Vienna. I
A leuaatlon haa been eauard in Paria h> a'
apeauh   maila hy   M. [forty In   AJglara,   in
which be Haid that it  Kreuch pn-.se-4j.ii in*,   iui    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
AfriCl  had    liol     Uelt extended   t.i the  Hex   b\       f-,_, ^^H m   m   r      m       w
oonquaet, Tunia woold iuim lie threatened by K i\ H \\ \    V   S
Lieut. Poreg ha* been wioteneed tonight
yean' hard I ib-n in the ndliua ol Silieiia foi
alatrlbuting revolutionary propaganda. The
bief ot police nf 0de>u haa organised a
body nf 400 voluuteer deleotivea to wtteh
a un pec t*.
Archbhihon Croke ol Caahnl ami all the
priests ut' bis dlooeea have signed t memo
rial protesting against the paaaage ol the
new coercion bill, whieh the document
allegea, it a nieaanre calculated to lead lo
greater crime*}.
Dr, I-eue, the Afrioau traveller, waa wei
coined by numeiou*. havaiit-i on bin return to
Vienna. Ui. Leuz itataa that he v>u.-> prevented from relieving Kmin Bey and other
exploren by tlie inanfflclenoy of the means
at uit dispotali
A deupaleh Irom p*ria t> the OhrOnieU
nays.— "Every mayor or other   official  iu
AiMflavLorralna miapeeLed nl Kreuch syinpa
t Lu-, iii- been diimuiedi Even in the whoole
the eami determination is evident to repreae
all Kreuch sentiment."
Advices* from the Dutch Beat Iiube-i say
that the Dutch had an encounter with the
natives In Acht-eu on the 4th iuttiiut. and
that the AcIicuchu tied alter a slutip engage*
ment, leaving 3.1 dead. The l>ut-h loifl was
IS killed and 80 wounded,
Governor Rom hu received a letter from
the Medina Kiver district, which states that
cattle are starving to death, ami even the
bottom latu'i** are bare nf grass. The ends of
the branches of trees me being used for
feeding animals, hut the supply nf i!i<-.. uill
not hist long.
A number of thoroughbred horaea belonging to tbe stud of (.mint Andrassy, there
tired Hungarian itatasin&u, were recently
poisoned by araoolo administered by fl die*
charged servant. Five horaea died, but the
others were saved by the timely administration of antidotes.
During a family Quarrel in Meadville, Pa.,
Mrs. Buohhobte hurled u lighted lamp at her
husbands head, The binning missile exploded, ami both hii'.lniic! and Mile were enveloped In Haines. Buulibolac dragged Ins
wife from the burning building, but she waa
so badly injured that ahe died, Buohholze
is dying.
Daniel Qrace, a tanner uf Kill-any, < 'oiuity
Cork, has   been evicted   alter a most determined resistance,    A force of police went to j
his house for   the   purjiuHe  ot evicting him '
he hud erected   barricades and   succeeded iu }
keeping the ofllcera at liay "II day long.     The I
atruggfe waa reuewed, hut the  police finally
effected an entrance   ami Uritoe woa driven
from his home.
There is euuainentble excitement anioug
saloon   keepers   in  Tnlonto,   a.s tin* time ap
proaohee for 74 of their number being wiped
otl' the list.    It in H.iid the   mallei   will lie
fought nut  in   the coin ts,   and taken to the 1
Privy Council if ueoeaitary. One of those j
wlpeil off will keep on selling, and when;
lined will enter all appeal so as tn have the ;
qneetion definitely totted In the courts.
It is reported that. I'rince   Bismarck   has
ashed Dr. Vuu Puttkoiuer,   Prus-ii'.u   Minis '
ter of the interior, to ennfer with Mgr.   ';■
Umberti to try aud consent to obtain Papal;
consent to a law compelling all the  < 'atholic i
clergy in the fteiohlaJul   to   preach   in   the!
Herman language, the bishops to print thoir j
edicts in i lei man. and the teacher*, and  students iu seiuinarie-. to apeak German cxelu  I
Tie- i, iveruoi .i U trill in the K**lnt-
(ihil/id diatrict was killed by . iluUiis J
while going tothe ftsylatanco of the t'anda |
liar troops. en<_-.._i-,| in iitppi'eaaioi] the -ilul-,
/..vis rebellion, li in reporter, thai the Gov* j
ernor's force wus inuaacrod, Unfounded .
reports are currant it Peahawur !•» the eflfeel
thut the ameer of Afghunlatan ia dead, that j
Kelat haafalleo, and'that Cabul and Cm.la-1
hnr are iu d kilgar.
A telegram from Geneva, purporting to
come from (Nihilist .source, denies that a
notice of aeittenoa of death has heen sent to
tbet'/ir. The telegram alan aaya that the
Nihilists have changed their tflCtioa, that I
thuy   have  abandoned  the dagger    and    the j
bomb In favor of a  perauaaive  policy   audi
have formed a  committee   t linusl.   the
manoeuvre* of certain agents wlm spread iu
the press fictitious Nihilist proclamation*,
A despatch from Quebec says. In cm- I
versalioii with a prominent priest regarding
Cardinal Taacliereau's letter concerning the
pf Labor he stated that the indulgence granted does nnt affect the result, [
if the decision of the Vatican should ulti- .
mately be   against   the order, and    that the
nreaent Knights of Labor organisation is nnt i
the name ho.ly as was condemned, their I
rules being so altered as tn make it a public I
and not a secret organization. -
Inhn McAdaiiiB, a young man who made i
hia home in Windsor for the past month,]
went into a store and made some trifling
purchase aod gave the clerk a $10 bill and
received hia change. Half an hour later the
bill waa discovered to be bogus, ami Mo-
Adams was arrested, charge with circulating
counterfeit money. A large quantity of
bogus bills on tlie Hank ot Uritish North
America, and some American currency of
the same kind were found nn bis person.
Taken Abaox—The andienoe at the opera
house recently was prepared to stand a good
deal, but when a female with an American
flag in her hand began to eing " Columbia
the pride of the Ocean " to the air of " Tlte
Red, White and Itluc " they laughed heartily. Thoy did not think such a barefaced
appropriation »f an Knglish eong possible.
They roared whenever the word navy came
in, having ui their mind's eye uo doubt the
formidable mat ins oi Uncle Sara.-Ottawa
I Citiztn.
Ladies" French Kids at $4.50, Cheap at, $6.
*dol Mm*tha l«t     MAY.
It7<alt."air  Merchant
11 ermine /tnd I tol/i j
tftge, Htt'iinilioiit, or
nml l!r;iilii.litl'teiH ful'
in tlio House
it iritliel Ni'M
■-'.i\ ing guests tlie
Wi-'.iiiiinster, Hqm-
tIk- li.-st on lhe Mainlaml.
l-rooms ore neatly furnislieil nml well venli
Tho Bav-i'ooii] is large, nml supplied with Card, Pool and Billiard
i Tublos, nml tlio leading Local, Cauiuliaii nml Amoiipan  Newspapers
for tho entertainment aud instruction of (in.-sts.
The Bar is constantly supplied with  Brands of f lie Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars.
Tho Public may rely on receiving every Courtesj and Attention
from the nndersignetl ntuiosl RI.AHONABLI liATKK.
AMi   KN i.i;   SI RKKIS,   l'i HIT   MOUUV,
leiglit, iH hard linir-lu-il throuuhonl; tin       Bin ivoll itockeJ »t all
limo*. with a gi-rrrl selection nf the i hoiee*.!
■WIIsT-ElS, I_ilpQ,"U  . I       t& C1C   A. K S.
The Cent
where wil
and local newspai
Dining Room i^ 1
r.ll|i|iliril   with the
'men's Sillin;   lloora i- a
be found, fov lhe use "I
gin   I
i    .1  111 ,,ii. - -. and    -iiui'ii i,
ll     '      ii mn,   American
ii tlv furnishi d. Th«
11 nhvava   m
The   Best, in  the  Market
11. .1!-^
> hnr
i th
lnlir.ii ol    41 |   li   ,
,  llu- capaclt'i
nume. I'minslii'd.
First-class Spiing Beds  e*.nd Bedding
and Fire Escape- from each room
hns :i
lin^' \iew
nl' the
Iii autil
nl limine
.   The
be i
led r
in iii
,'s al N
foill RAT.
n reci
■ iiiiif   i
iverj  |
ii-.smI.I.-   r
illention  from
I'Ki'l-lill 1
R.   B.   KELLY,
in announcing lhat the House is now completed with every convenience for the traveling public. THE TABLES are well supplied
with every article in season, and THE HAH is provided with a well-
elected Stock of
LIQUORS   &   CIC3-A.-R.S.
THE BEDS aro well aired, and the Stabling is extensive and
the best of Feed always ready for Horses.
It may be well to remind visitors thnt (liis Hotel is within ft few
minutes walk ofthe Bailway AVharf and Station, and just at the terminus of  the   new road.
Guests may depend on receiving every attention and a hearty
welcome from the undersigned, whose long experience is a guarantee
of everything being comfortable and satisfnctoi v.
J. T. SCOTT, Manager. % jtat iUoooii fojettt.
-.ATURl'A. .   ..     AITil. S3.  I8S7.
dii: uk.-V**- Ni:w-
Tin*   ('aim.liun Pacific   Rail wai Co.,
hav.' iri'1'li-.l llu- '-Inn-.'- 1 "i iVii-hi froui
iln' -Wt, uml    llu- o-uli   v. III I- -
injury to I tab -in   iniiuiilri' -i lirer*.     II."
imiiiilwtti   win. reside '>n thr-   coo i of
ihis l'l-iii iu.'»- will  In' compelled
ili'frni.- in jiiinlniM' good, ii' i
nml OrtfpMi    Tin-   n-i• _i-ion
I-'i-.isi-i- dhmi i.i- improved, ami tin- old
iva^iui   road iimn   Vale  to Oai
kept i'r -..hkI ri-|inii- mi  thai
iln- Aiin-1-ii.-iiii  marketi ws)  l«
into tli.* interior  a-itlwui  ■'
ile' mooopoluu wlio iiwn   iii- i ij
I'll.' iiiiT.'liont -   sre now  making   pre
parSiJOM In i-liti-r lulu a-.'r entl »illl
iwanntactorew in California .i"l' iregon
Tin'svnilii-io-   of capiislUu   uln. ./.Mi
lhe rn.iil msy levy id.id; mini on I wim
in tin* interior, bai  iln	
mail   ami mil   I"- umd   I" lirin
|,'\ iers "I black mail in reasou
A supply nt rxi-clli'iit beef arriv.il
iiciii iIn- other side mi Monday
There ie some exoitemnni si firs
I'li-.'k  over iln- discovery nf   whal I*.
Mipposed in   P.- inlunlili'   ,pi-.i-t.
I'hi- -'I'x.-iti'iiii'ii' ' is nnt   i'ii'1"!       \
-.■1-. at many men who hsve no mom-.
M-ont, out and smknl off the whole
mountain ■illf between Otter Mat uml
tlranite Oreek. And thus haity pro
•i'1'ilinj-s is piililislicil ni P'newn, md
evidently intended tn collect a ■
of -_;olil sr'.'k.'i- Tbere muy lie i ir
plus supply of provisions in rlmt locality
nml therefore  the   trader,   dream  of
ipiuilz, mul publish tli- ilia-mi- ns "ex
oitiog   nows.'     A   in.in   ivlm  pBcapen
from the innumerable traps kh   in nil
ilirertions    jo"!    HOW    il    in    luck,   or
pnnrund of  sn sbundani   mpi ly  of
common leiwe
Kx-ljieut. t.'iM'iuni- (Joinwall will
return  to the Senate almul   the   It.
A desMtch from  Ottawa   _»j
'Th.* Government will lake immediate
s'pps to develop the black aod liabery
Along the ooaat of  British Oolurabia.
The inoil><i.s of the society of St.
Ueorge will viait Pitt lakaon Monday,
Ten thousand dollars haa lieen sub
icribed by citiseos of Victoria for i he
jubilee hospital. They oro ohipi of the
old hlocli, and they deserve prosperity.
The city is divided into fourteen dis
tricts, and the fourteen qollectoi "
—the grand total will exceed  820,00 I,
The British iron ship Parthia, now
st Hong Kong, is chartered l>y the 0.
P, 11. uo., to load u general uargo for
this port. The ship will arrive here iiii
the 18th. proxo.
In the Commons nt Ottawa nn
Monday Thompson iu reply io Haker
of Victoria _aio:—"There ia no contract for the supply of flannel brown
and yellow irloth, to the British Ooluin
hia Penitentiary." It is evident that
I'akerdiil DOtknow how to ask llie
qqestion,    The convicta nre aupplied
|   ll ■ Ma
I he'
i ■
and jui
■I Bill • " li t" re-
' -      -Hull I
Mr.   i'
no -i-
Sllll- Dl   rri'l-
Ithat ihe bill i- adequate lo lhe i-i
Ities "! the '.iuii-'s; Inn thai on the whole
j n doe I them.    I
re.r.sn: ikeu from one tide <n
thi other,  bui  tl fa t its
IH;t,|     UpOII , nlll-
-.iiju i, kapunda sod du   \.i_<
M.-liii,,;      - Bl»l I,  Imp
10 li..-   I..H-
r,.'. I        oftk 1*1 'I  ti:.-    .dl
I ital error      I o
I tu ii'i-
IWO w:il  .
He ou ''rr' iimiti.il
i he lenient ,- will ' ireli ss navigation, snd > rui-i- • to the mer-
chanl k rvi. i ol I ireal Britain.
In the Commons, oo Tuesday, Osld
well, a Taiheral Unionist, gave notice
t lint he would move for the appoint
ment nf a select committee to invest!
gate the chargea made by the.rimes
against Parnell snd nther Irish lead
its in connection with crime in Ireland.
Parnell says:—The fete untiles pu1'
lished   in   the   Times   are   forgeries,
.Ind,the Times,  in   reply,   says:- "In
our deliberate judgment the    letter    i-
rjenuiiu'. "
Sir Bernhard Bamu-lsou declared
ihat "the Coercion Bill, it' paased,
» ould increase disorder in Ireland nnd
endanger   the   union   "f tin- b-iopiri'
mid     iherefore    .should    be    ii-j -i-r H(l
Tim Bill passed a second reading by s
vote of 370 to 269,
[n the Commons, on Friday, th're
was an exsitingscene, Major Sander-"
-uu charged ths Nationalists with ss
social ing with murdcrera. Ilenly. ro-
u'nrdless of consequences, called Hinder
• nu a liar. The Speaker called on
Ilenly to withdraw the expression.    In
reply to the Speaker Ilenly -ni'l : "I
am not ent.illed tn rise until yoo 111
dqwn." lhe Sji.-dk.'i- resinned tbe
i-hair, ond Ilenly rose and suid: "I
mn only able io meet the charge
in one way. If ynu rule Sanderson in
order my expression Is equally ill order:
if you rule him out of order, I hIiuII
withdraw my expiession." 'I'm Speak
it—'•Sanderson made a charge nf tlio
gravest nature, and the responsibili y
rests with him, It is his duty to
prove it, if he can ; but I oon not ni-
low the expression yen used, and I call
upon you again lo Withdraw it. 11. -.-_ i \
would no' do so and was suspended'
Redmond rose «'id said :--•' sny ton
Ibat Sanderson is a liar.'' Sexton
springing up said:-—"And I say thai
Sanderson is a wilful, cowardly; liar.'
All ihe Irish then rose and cheered,
waving iheir bats* and Sexton sairl in
Sanderson:--"If ever I meet you mil
side the doors of this House I'll llirn-h
you." The Speaker called on Sexton
lo withdraw the expression, mid said:
"I cannot conceal from myself lhe fad
ihat the provocation Ins been very
i-rent. Sexton apologised nnd wns iml
A government order w.is issued on
Monday directing customs' officials in
keep .i strict watch over ships arriving
Irom American puns, with a view lo
prevent the landing Of dynamite or ily-
A despatch from Bombay dated the
18th inst. lays, "A body of the Ameer's
troops attacked the (Ihiis.iis rebels to
dav and killed two hundred of then..
Tlie Russians are moving i-i force bj
stow stages toward Schulfcar, which is
i.|0 miles northwest of Herat.
All  over Great  Biiuin preparations |
.i II.;< ,-T .'I RH
I he -ri San Francisco
are .ill in a (lttitei In . iii-i- the bloodhounds oftl on the back trail
over which i I'hele
weins to In  no doubt  that he wai a
felon, fearless and famous.   The whole
- of hii can ei prove, that he is
entitle,  to a - up. the firsl place among
- di m ui tot rai •.   Pal-
" Uriity-
doing   ought to
shield Kissane fromthe punishment de-
:   bv iiii.   errors nf his early days.
and it all the ' i. ■ pei table ' < Christian
l-ciniV of America were now arraigned
in: wrong  things they did thirty-three
years ago, there is hardly a social circle
nr church membership that would not
be rent asunder by a tragedy." Tlie
ii oniein says : That is a fine and
jiM sentiment, bul il iswrested irom its
right use when honesty and righteousness do nol pre. ede the requesi inr release from th.it terrible review. There
is a greai difference between the penitent and tin- impenitent thief." Those
who look keenfj al the history of the
"self-made " must acknowledge that it
ia rather surprising to see commercial
knavery in an e,  . chair, md common
knavery in llie penitential'.
Thai Oregon jury convicted Marple
of murder in the first degree on evident i thai i wtorthh t . hul he is an
"orn.iry" man and a thief. The judge
sentenced bim to he hanged on a Bun-
da) : bul i" hang a man oh a Sunday
is illegal and, therefore, this ill-looking
thief, who was   nol proved   lo lie guilty
ni murder, may es. ipe- the rope. In
the tenement houses of New York, and
in (he backwoods ol Oregon, there are
Chichamanga, and .Mission Ridge will
be purchased by the United States and
pri i-ivcd as national parks; and the
oullini . of these battle fields will be
decorated with statins of Confederate
ami Union generals." I'Ikic is a good
deal of comedy in the Yankee, and the
idea ill making the war, which was tl
fearful tragedy, look like a comedy in
the parks, is ,i real good one. The
people of the next generation will laugh
in the parks al the heroic folly of tlu-ir
On the i ith inst. the weather was
fearfull) cold in Dakota and Minncso-
lo. Orr last Monday it WOI oppressively hoi, and liie ■ were running over the
prairie burning people to death, Before the end ol next week there may he
a sinnv blizzard  and a temperature far
below /ero.    A house and home in this
i ity escapes the miseries inflicted by
blizzards ami blasts.
The registration lists iu Chicago before the  recent   election show thai  34,-
671 voters wire h'irii in Germany, 23,-
000 born n, Ireland, ,-iJ,ooo born in
Vmi lien, and  theie are m the 1 ity   10,-
000 vwers nl other nationalities,   The
whole Irish vnl, was recorded against
iln. Anarchists snd Sex ijlists.
At Denver 0,1 Monday there was a
rioi ; the disputants were Swedes, Poles,
ind 1 tungarinns, I here wai uo 1 Suse
for quarrel in the village. One party
was engaged in celcbratiug lhe arrival
of a beautiful Polish girl, and the other
party was al .1 christening. The beer
had "a stick in it," and caused the
rioi, All 'flu houses were wrecked in
an hour and Che revellers looked like
mad cats . hu; fifty police aimed wiih
Winchester lilies brought theni to reason, and se.'t them On to prison piled
up like dead pigs, iu wagons. The less
you look at the natural character of a
man the more yoji like Kim, It is surprising •." .1 how Diany.pl them resemble hyenas without, tails.
Three hundred town lots were sold
in Wh.Ui 0111 List week to New Vork
and Boston capitalists. A great many
rich rnen art there looking for lots.
What is the meaning of this great demand.•- Some people say "Whatcom
will be 1 railway terminal ". in fact the
rival of Por| Moody,
Thr Knights of Labor held a convention ou Monday at Harrisburgh, Pa..
and dr, ud M.i.,;.i VVorkmau J'owdcrlc
said " IVq defeated th. Vnarchists *4nd
Socialist, i 11 Chicago th-- other day."
will ' irrj our tii ket
through under the red Hag, i_|>on whose
' 1.11 e 1 not one
Btripe befound." " Btll hi re,"said the
tion for this hall "
and he   Unfoli - -r the I'lrirni
"un.'i.'i    this,   gentlemen,   wc   cin
:n -h    trr    '.ictory. (1 ireat
cheering.)   "Th I  PWr-
derly, " refutes a lie, and will ri g along
the centuries ss oui   1 ondeinnatioit "I
the red flag.
Many instant es must occur to our
re.ders of nn n 01 genius who have, to
use the old worn out simile, "gone up
like a rocket io conM down like a stick."
Although this cannot be said of W. F-.
rone, it may convey the idea of
Ins pfesent decadent e. A born orator,
with a keen sensitive intellect, he seized
u|»on 1 que-tion and with his extraordinary power of language, he immediately
clothed it with a fascinating effulgence,
that aiti.i'ted and convinced |icople,
almost, against their nwn inclinations.
His wonderful facility in ihis respect,
brought to his side a large number of
people who believed he could not do
wrung ; so lonipletely weie they under
the influence 01' ihis extraordinary
harm, thai no arguments could move
them. Ihev looked upon him as more
than human, and the only man who
iinilil lav bare his earthly personality,
was the late Eau of llcaconsficld.
I .'Israeli was not a great orator; he
had none of the exquisitely polished
language sn readily at the command of
I Hailstone, but In had a keen wit and
wielded trenchant sarcasm with the
mon 1! .idly effect, tiladitone was not
a master of fence ; when he found himself wounded he could only give way
to passion and hatred. This want of
solidity in his character, this proof that
hii eloquence was nearly all he could
boast of, has become more and more
apparent with the advance of age. His
want of judgment and blundering
policy, has cost England thousands of
valuable lives and many millions of
money. The results of his mismanage-
ment will not, unfortunately, die with
himself, they will bear evil fruit for
many years to come, and should he a
warning to the English |ieople against
mistaking eloquence for statesmanship.
The present iiosition of Gladstone is
distressingly pitiable. Fallen from his
exalted estate, he is now merely a tool
in the hands of Utopian Radicals,
hungry placemen and Irish agitators.
The longing for a return to the high
place he held, induces hiin to listen to
the misleading stories of infatuated foi
lowers, lo accept blindly the specious
arguments of men like Labouchere, and
in cling to the Home Rule plank with
grim tenacity, Iiecause he had once
taken hold of it as a means of sustaining him in power. He does not give
himself time to think, or, he has lost
the power ol analysis that would have
enabled him to detect the flimsy argil
ments upon which Radical doctrines
are based. He does not choose to see
the objects  of the mere placehunters
„„l 1,«    -n •'      *''   -o' •"'
lus bolus,   in the  vain  hope that they
will help him again to power. As lor
the flatteries and blandishments of his
worshippers, they produce for him a
kind nf dreamland, in flattering his
vanity and great love of self, they afford
him exquisite pleasure ; he envelopes
himself in the delicious thought that the
world still regards him as the great man
they thought he was, a long time ago.
If there is anything more annoying to
us, than another, it is to see the avidity
with wliich the people of this Province
swallow the rot furnished by the associated press for the Irish Fenians of
the United States. We arc prepared to
believe that there are disloyal Irishmen
amongst us, and that there are good
hearted loyal Irishmen who are deceived
by the mischievous nonsense prepared
for them by the telegraph company and
padded out by journalists who toady to
what they conceive to l>e the popular
taste. Their great object is to belittle
England, to hold up every statesman to
ridicule and popular hatred, who is op-
posed to what is likely to destroy the
unity of the Uritish Empire. Salisbury,
Harrington, Chamberlain, Hicks Reach
and Balfour, arc gibbeted by these vendors of lalsehood and garbled reports.
For instance, the division the night
of the debate on Morley s amendment
is held up as a partial triumph for the
cause of righteousness and truth, whereas it was only the great effort ol the
season, on the part of Gladstonians,
placehunters. Socialists, Radicals and
Irish agitators, combined, for the mastery in the House of Commons, in
which ihey were defeated by a majority
ol eighty-nine, although thirty-two Conservatives were absent Everything
was prepared by the allies to defeat the
t Iovernment ; Gladstone was worked
up to the highest pitch and when defeat
came, no words can describe the vexation of the heterogeneous rabble with
wliich Gladstone is now associated ;
they raged and roared and used
language so violent, that one of them—
Hcaley was suspended. We can very
well understand why the Government
wishes to avoid making examples of
these professional agitators, llie desire
to make themselves prominent by the
most extravagant breaches of parliamentary decorum, is part of their business ; the associated press have reporters and correspondents in I.ondon who
are ready Io transmit-very much era-
hellish".!— any  outrage on public de
cency thai these agitators may coiuuiil; I own people in lonslruiling them. If
it serves two pur|M«e. ; it sells thepa-ithc Chinese were conservative before
|iers and it draws some more money j Europe insisted upon thrusting western
from the deluded  Irish synqia.hisers in I civilization   upon them,  they are now
rapidly acquiring every barbarian improvement in commercial and military
progress. Ihey are quick in learning
the readiest means of making money,
and Europe may yet have 10 regret
creating a keen and " |*culiar " competitor, who will excel them in trade.
The Chinese empire is yet a vast un-
O'lencd field,   where labor is cheap and
intelligent, the halms tt the people fm-
gal and industrious. This will in lime
be   a   great  enemy 10   labor strikes in
Europe and America; as manufacture!
nl e-.cry kind can be prosecuted ai one-
half the cost involved in any othei
COQntry, besides having the raw material within their own bounds.
the United Stales. Morley was to a
certain degree correct when he said the
Irish landlords should not complain,
because, some of the money they received caine from the United States to
keep up the agitation. This may be
so, but it is not ai all creditable lo the
intelligence of the Irish people who
have sought homes in the States. Ihey
contribute their hard earned money to
keep up the very institution they detest,
for, next to the prolessional agitators,
the landlords reap the greatest benefit.
lhe spring is evidently backward
throughout l.uro|ic and lhat may have
some effect on the courage of would-be
liclligerents ; added to this, the disinclination of the powers lo assume the offensive, no doubt, has thrown the calculations ol war prophets considerably off
the track. There is, however, a very
general feeling thai war will take place,
and failing the initiative of the governments the people may take the mallet
into their own hands in some quarter,
lo throw off the heavy burdens created
by recent warlike preparations. Advices from Afghanistan appear more
favorable to the Ameer, who thinks he
can repress any attempt at rebellion ;
the majority of the tribes agreeing to
sup]K>rl him, so that, for the present,
Russian intrigue appears to be foiled'
in that quarter. The Balkan States are
consolidating their forces and a stout
resistance would be made to any attempt on the part of Russia lo move in
that direction. All efforts of Russian
agents to get up a revolution in Bulgaria in order to make an excuse for
Russian invasion, have signally failed,
even bribes for assassination have ended
in the capture of the would-be murderers and have only tended to more firmly unite the people against any interference in their domestic affairs by Russia.
We have no. heard lately, of lhe usual
complaints from St. Petersburg, about
the unruly character of the Kurds, and
there is, therefore, no signs of troops
being massed in Armenia. We suspect
that the absence of these periodical
complaints is owing to the precautions
of the Turkish (iovernment at l.rze-
roum, and the re-arming of fortifications
in that direction; any incursions of
Cossacks would be met by Turkish
soldiers fully prepared for an intruding
foe.    It is a little remarkable, although
quite natural, that Sweden should declare  nerselt on  the side of Germany.
We note that Swedish officers had been
in England acquiring a knowledge of
the mode of working and maneeuvering
war ships, so that the present action in
joining the combination against Russia
was to be expected. This is part of
the great plan, which we alluded to some
time ago, to bar the advance of Russia
in Europe. The cordon will be secure
ly drawn around her jn such wise that
any movement on her part will set in
motion an overwhelming resistance
Having accomplished this part of their
arrangements, the powers of Centra!
Eurojie may give their attention more
particularly to France, as that power
will be completely isolated, and rendered amenable to pressure. Her
present so-called republican institutions
are a menace to every monarchy in
Euro|*e, and means will doubtless be
found to crush them. For this purpose
it is not necessary that she should be
engaged with a foreign enemy; there is
nothing more simple than creating a
revolution at home. The heavy burdens of the people are creating widespread discontent and, like all the rest,
the French |ieople begin to think that
the republican government has something to do with it. Unfortunately for
the republicans who form for the most
part the urban population, their attacks upon the church have produced
a disagreeable feeling among ihe rural
population, who are at heart sincerely
attached to their church. It would
only require the appearance of a popular prince, a man of some talent, to
blow the smouldering embers of discontent into flame. There appears to
be a general desire throughout Europe
to get rid of the Socialists; they seem
to accomplish nothing but hatching
plots against all governments and making work people'discontented with their ,
6            1     r   _                                                 Orpha M. Hodge, Battle Creek, Muring.....
lot.     In   England,  we note a gradually writer. 1 I upset S tea kettle of  l-nili'iitf Imt
increasing    tendency    towards    "fair wattr -inim-yheai^ 1 at once «ppli_a Dr.
= ' . Thomiu Kclectric Oil, nnd the -fleet was tn
trade," and even the  Glasgow millers immediately illoj tha iniin.   I wns iriirisl in
In tetrhpi iflMn dsHns tin-  nui   wi-,-k
the I.i il limit   nml  hliiTi-i.tnl    ri'lrliintinu    ol
the Knipt-i-or'i. birthday in Uerauny In.- nnt
nially attracted oioit attention ; .m.1 sui-h
ai eouM he spared from it ait'iiis tr, li_v,-
li.'en i:lii,*H\ ili'vi.t«id to I'rini-.' Itisiiini-i'k'..
I'-lHtjoiti, with tin' I'npi-. As to llit-iM- laat
there is 1,'ally little tn lw uill, _(0»pl tbit
Prince Hisinru-irk latglit, nml il.iiil.tii-.suould
ii ihtcm.y, i-iuiteiit liiniiclf ," n I'aim-sa
witli the i-eli-lil-ated un.wei- of Rmillllll
The contrast, however, of the state of lhe
Russian and Hernial) Rmplru is ton remark-
nlile wholly In e-n-api' nnti'-i'. l'\i|- the moment the rnmnm of anything like a ".nu'i.i!
war have ceased, and, indeed, il the nlli.ui. .-
Ih-1 w.-'-n llet'inany, Austria, uud Italy he
firmly inuintailied, they havi- no   Inngi-i- any
Importance whatever.   That triple bIHmm
Wnuld lie Inr too strong for even Kus.ia nml
Kranee together, and would make an attempt of either hy itself to distui-ti the peioa
wholly futile, and indeed despcrat,-. Tin-
interest has shifted almost entirely to the
internal I'oiulition ol Russia, with u t-i-itniii
remount ol importance attaching to the continued intrigues ol lhe Crar's i-epi-esentativ.-v
in Bulgaria unit at I'oiistnntiiiopli'. it ia
unluckily vain to hope that these latter will
cease, ami we may at any moment heir of
fresh outbreaks like those at ftoetohuk and
■silisti ia. After the amount od agitation and
of Inil"*rv which has already lieen upended
On the Balkan l'l.-ninsula, it might he diffi*
cult fur Hussia to keep her nondescript iilf-
1 att' ol liravos DOtl. even if she wished, and
there ie no evidence thnt she does wish.
There is no immediate sign of a Etonian occupation. But tn worry and torment the
Kegi'iir-y, and to keep Bulgaria iu a condition
of uneasy Apprehension, would he a ciuirse
of conduct ipiite consistent with the singularly petty |iolicy pursued hy the t'/.ir ever
since the audacious 1'riucipality and its more
audacious I'rince presumed to throw oil
Russian leading-strings nnd act for themselves. By tensing the Porta ahout the
eternal indemnity, hy encouraging the Znn-
koilista. anil by a little more or lesa direct
rillhuHtering, Alexander III. cau show- his
august displeasure iu the manner apparently
best suited to his taste nnd temper.
There is, however, very little reason to
doubt that the Czar has heen provided with
subjects of miii-h more pressing interest tn
occupy lum at holm-. The persistent interference of the Russian censorship with newspaper .'OinniiinicntioiiH makes the rumors of
iruali uctual attempts on his life very uncertain, l,nt the balance ol probability seems to
incline to the theory that a new- and considerable Nihilist plot has been formed.
At present it would seem that iti direction
is in hands less   skilful, if not  less   detor.
tnii.n.1   ,!".-- .>"- 1.1.U, nf.-. ncvcriil year.-.'
trying, succeeded iu their ciiiiiiunl designs
on Alexander II. As far us intelligence of
the late design goes, it would appear In have
been very clumsily managed. But the for
niiduhleness of these desperadoes lies rather
in their dogged determination than in their
intelligence. As entirely Inferior to nil
moral considerations as if they were i'ar-
nellites (with the single exception that greed
hns nothing to do with their orimel), they
huve over the advanced guard of Mi. rarnoll
the advantage of complete imlinvrt'iicc to
their own skins anrl of that stiuigiitlni Hard
desperation which can he given hy a fixed
idea, but scarcely hy uu attention divided
lietween the pockets of Irish landlords and
those of American housemaids. Tho very
impossibility of oomprcbindlng what attractions Nihilism oi- Anarchism can have for
human heiiigs posscs.cd of average Intelligence involves of itself the main ami, appai-
ontly the insoluble, ilillienlty of ileuliug with
their votaries, Kvery rational being knows
exactly where to have his Iiishiuau. The
moment that that austere pi-rsim can bacon*
vineed that the odds are heavily in favor of
moonlight amusements ending ou the gat
lows, of tbo reception of American dollars
for certain purposes resulting in the receives
lieing'stow'cd away comfortably where dollars are not almighty, and of the refusal of
rent involving the loss of his own property,
he becomes perfectly amendable to reason.
It is only when the ■Uekooai of Government
nr the faction of party puis the odds the
other way that he is troublesome, and, taking him all rottnd, bo may he said to lie, for
au intelligent governor, I.y no mean, the
least easily govcrneil man in the world,
With the Ruuian Nihilist it is wholly dii- | '
ferent. The Impaiietrsble fog which surrounds his aims un.l nlij'-i-ta suits hiui fiom
the danger of bi-ciug that they arc iiiiattain
able, liis whole faith is n erethqeia oAntr.
ilt/111, und it is, theri-f'ire, uo use to demon-
strate, however practically, its absurdity.
II.-is-n deaf to reason us a llladstouiun,
sud as insensible to bodily punishment iih n
ChOCt-VW, The most vigorous anil Mi'-cc-..--
fill repressiun muy convince him for a time
it is 110 use innkiug attempts j hut it can do
nothing more. While I'aruellis'ii is only a
form of vulgar greed, Nihilism is a form nl
irreligious religion. Hands can he lllldnllhl
'-'ll\ kept from picking uud steeling by
nl,un,I.ml uud judicious raps oil the knuckles;
but to crack the skull w hich covers an already cracked brain is certainly tin preventive, though it may in u sense hri  a cure,—
Sitt/lrtluif  llerieir,
"I never felt better in iny life than I have
sioce taking Burdock Blood Bitters. I had
a severe bilious attack . 1 could uot eut for
several days, and was iiunlilc to work. One
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Tara, Ont. Kor all bilious li-inibles use
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Major-(loiii-ral MiddlWon may hem
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hern il ii em in.itv.
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here i,y   the down    Tbe   ureal!*,
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IMtetn of permitting .ultle u, ,•„,, ,,„
Iheinsi'lves in winter is played out
(tattle kings   will   he  dethroned   anj
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tion with Mr. MoNanghten, hi liu
prepared to do all kinds of
hr__i£ Watches!
1    laTWatehM   scut   In-    mail    nr   expim
! attended to at once.
I - -     •
I Notice in hereby given that I iuleuil to
i Illlike application lO lhe Chief (nliiiiila-iiiii-l
of I.anils nnd Works Inr peiioia-i"ii to iml
i-liiise tWO llll 111 I red  acres ol hind III the N'-li
i Weatminater Dlitriet, ileacrlbed as follow.;
I 'ouiineiiciiiL' at a slake set ou the Imch ol
Burrard Inlet at or near Ihe Miiitl.eait , fi
ol Indian 1,'eaer.e, tbenoa following -non
line to the south west corner of lot iBO,
tliciiee north along west boundary of nihil l"l
100 chains, thence uesl SO chain-., throe.
( southerly ti, the northeast ciuncr of linli.n
| i'eseri-e nti.I along the eastern hue "I "I
J Ite-ierve to the beach at point  nf cnniiiu-lHi'
have iietitioned the Government against
foreign flour. That a Tiodification of
the present tariff will soon be made, we
have not the slightest doubt and our
impression is that it would soon have
the effect . of securing some degree of
reciprocity with those nations which impose prohibition tariffs. China is gradually being civilised and a number of railways are soon to be constructed. To the
great disgust of eager European contractors, the Chinese Government has
wisely decided to employ none but their
three days.
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Vancouver, It. C, I'eb. II, 1N87.
'^1    I iiiti'ini to mtki ftpplloAiioo ti. iin-'
Chief * ommlMlonftrof I-.audit .tntl Works l'"
permission tu purchase; ulmut .'(in -Hit-..'
an tin ie ur It*-.'*, situated in Ne* Weil
iniiirdi'i-   District,   "('roup   Out-*,"  uud  tl<-
ML'tiliF-d  ill*  filltoWH  : -   < '. I'llh-Mir ;il   ii   -i ■'
lAboatfiO cttakll north of north - wt-»t cnru<r
ol lot -171, thenoe north aliout BO dm.. Uh-iut
WOtt ;i.Miit (0 dwiiiiH, thence Houtli about SO
diinii-t, thence ea.st aliout 4.1 i liaina to tli*
place of eiiiiiinciiccnieiit.
I'ort Muodv, B. ('., March 7, Ihh;.
Notice iu hereby given thnt I Int-Mid*
make application to the Chief Coinminionr
of .uandi and VVorki for panniiaion to put*
clime two hundred accren of laud iu SfW
Westminster district OB follow...-~
Corameiioitig at a stake on the beach<"
Burrard Inlet ut ot near the aoutheaat coro*-1
of lot I US, tbemie following t-hni-t- line to the
iouthwtwt corner of lot 4(i9, thence nortt
nloiitf western boundary of said lot H*-
i'hni in-, thence we*it to Seymour Cr****
thenoe following aaid creek and line of let
l.l.'i Mnitherly to the beach at point ot co"'
Vnncouver, B. ('., February Jird, IKS"
Clarke St, Port Moody.
Begs to .■iiiioiiuee that Im has opened the
above (.tor* with a well selected stock at
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■ -__--.
-t'hr \hx\ i\*\nh I
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■!iy    made
f*iTtiiBn> Im Hit-   I.-, ■
'.;.',    i. ,   .
A LHHIN'iTOS    I ll ;
from '•■■■■' nd. nt.
W*nni*,..i..\, ji i   . April Stli. I-.-C.
It luoL* very mm Ii   i- il Km-   U tin.     p.I   \11.
Wbilut-y willllv« iu hiatttri i ib ".**. ivaJ
riiutelery,1 He nan jn-t taken aootbri -t-1*
tiwvrdith- iinpiuvfttit nt and bnildb.. ap
ot ibe Navy. TU* wm ttw -■ mlm. forth ol
an aonouii.«'iicnt   inviting Mated   i
.loin tin* -iiiplmil.lci*- Ikf •* iti'
tot the bailouti uf ii-i o. n in u
Anie.ie.tn-. witli v-iid-i .,i.ippt .1 oen uuut|tt te.
• jMid i*. ..ii important .'»ii-ob lati.'o, .iii.i
\Xt a    pu-iiiium   foi    ttOtO Vi.nl. i
111.*.*. I    l'r.lltl-1.
Thnt* ,i| iii.- reeeeU ere t>* he eralwi
bhmI be   •itupi't-.i wit inn two yearn     I'he
din-I** m io Im gunboate anil mi. .t   \*a .- mi
ob-t.-.l  v-.it bill 4  \e..l     .till   .  hill.      Ii   I
repaired mat   -n.*  -I Hi-- rr « \a dial I be built
riii»rii',u Iii.' -".il (*f the I'.t- itn' ... an, "lie
■I ib**m on <m neat Lite itia-d ol tht liiitl ->*
M.-ue-i, and two ul tlteill «ll oi* on   ltl<     '•-   '
•I the AUnntle ua on,
I'ln-ie MM-   ■**■' ll   -t mood llll tin-nt
belt* in iMani tn tbi- wiibdraeul fn
NatiouaJ hull, which Uke* pi... ■
iniiutb,    .1   ta ■   prominent   Mi'.i.in i
ii.ini**^ tbe "I   liim*.-.'   ami   thr 'li
bi .an -• -fio. i .I. ne. I miitti.i   '.ill pal li- -ip pint tb»*. -niie-t    11 i*. argued by tin nianagei
■»i tlie iwmiag   art at Ui tl   uu a it ii
Sitffflttl  'iirauipiioot and ibill.  tht
no right*, civil, military nr moi.il. i-.. \. lu li
ranfat I)  otmui/ed   MMdierj  nn   iccuniit ul
■ 'o\ n . The dull haitho reco^Dltlon id the
t Jovei ui.tent,   in   thin   tenae   ii n   Sati iti il
■ ft.nt. and U m ni ply intended to Muit-ratt-
llie pi'iticieii'-y ol > oluiltner -.oldit-ry Iti the
in mml of aini- ami military mum n- p
The -.mini Mpecta of thnocoaaioa arc ijufta
another tiling.    Moldlera wbo   -amp on tlie
nine liel.l ar*' 0O\     obUgeil   to put   up .tt    tlie
aotoo hoU'l, or eal -it lhe nine tauti . A*
ill/.-n*. tbey am atill privileged t" w\eet
their own eeaoeiatea. <'ulored troop* took
pirt in lYe-ml-m Cleveland1.* Inauguration,
tbey wrro mttfund a plans In the ueretnouici
attending the laying ol the corner *to» ul
tin. (.'ity ball al Virginia*! capital. The
managing ooiumlttte ot tin' National dull.
which i^ .ouip"-.. d abuo-t exclusively nf
Deroooratl and SouUicrn men, dul unj
hesitate to .idmit the two aolored ■ unpaid ■
which applied lor entry. Ami. indeed, it ii
not tpiite clear why iln- militia BVItum of
tin! country ll In any more flange. From tb«
tutored element, win iii la lawfully recognized
io iti orgauloatiOD. than ii tli.* regular at oiy,
which eulints uolnred uieu in it* nen * m I
Converts tliein into sold ici s,
Tlie lint day that the Interstate <"om-
inerofl Commisaion was eiupowercd t.' act
judicially, which wm on lMe_ulA) (flu day
that the law went into affect) it afductod
permanent office qnartera, Tin* next ilox
il aniiotiiifcd it-^ lirst otHcial aet— tin- mt*
penatoci of the "long ami ibort lend" nlauae,
isall'eetiu^ llie entire Southern railway aud
Hteauirihip a-tsoeiatioii.     It ll stiMju-ii-.--.I b>r it
i.r'iii>i not to exceed ninety ttaya, and !■
mibject to reeteration at any time by tin*
' ouiniisitioii.
The Waahltigton home ol the now Coin*
rotation \i in a Imoutiful new bulldiofl With
white marble front, recently creoted b\ tlie
li.iltiinore Sun ('ompany. Ivi- li < .un*
mtaRfoDer will   have  a ipaeloua  apartint nl
there to htmielf.     Application*' ior   appoilil
nienis under the (loniieiiou cont{nue to come
I'l.r- llilll-,.,.;. -
make an
■it.ii_ hstiiur, ■ "' '■•
t.uM,.",-thv  -mmnoe
, ..„i    tii.it Mf -i. I.ali.ul, rii i« to I,.  :
'-•il"        HM llUJutity I.I    l.li'l.     QMHlkl  .       .
'..*.*!. f   .'.-.■.    ,, ml.   th.     bU
it- uii'I'i ,;„- i'. „.  ,.„..,.
i..,      ,    ' '"'""' '"i"""' ,-'"!' '",":";-'■'•■■' -v-
iti*.    ino*,t   ti-jv-t-re    imiit'.biiiPit* I.....,)....      tl.-i.'   n...   ,..,! :_■
tu tht iii  _ pi . i iti<iu
-nol.- in   -h ii ly.
. »-.■-' .■   ■
di,   nine oi
tae.    Tbe
■.    .
bb h ban li
tb' i.   i- ii-, peu|  up .■,!.-.-,ide .1    - '. ■.*|. -.    I   mi
■   '  I    ■
IV. ||,    ■>■
'■ . ■■! -f
1 nngul ur purity.   'I be bn
, and app inl
tn tl 'in, eli
l!'.\l    tn      I
1   with j iutoai aitiouruwtable*. pi.. i„ ]> tliat
vr.in I   i- UEHKBV O.V-M   ru ■ , ,.
St T.5:\l__*a.J'!«.*».'.. (i.
I   I. ..I..!
.'- ' •mi -VorUforprrmiMion i„ •'"     "'
.i - follu-..
I  iniilii, -.,, ,„y ,.,  ., _U____g    ,l„    -,U-
r» point or coram, uwowoL
•••I;.. men b :
a '.   -ii.\i;ks.
III ll, -I  ill 'I
' -      I :..■'. ■ lln-a.l-.-r. '     It    ii    ' dt-ftrial llini^, •"
I'.irr,-. iii.,, ■ ' ir.-:,-,l in tli„   u-.    .,:   nlonholic
' "   ''    '.'-ii.    an.l    Alls ,i-,i   ..ii tin.   l-'-"-<T.'J.-s wln-ii »,-!!  s*,-,.,i„,l ,,„|     ...Ii.i
,   , ,, mil Now/ .il I.   l'i,,.!' ":1 - ■- ,
„,,,„,    ,.    „,,    la 	
! , I I 11 " ' '  ""'        ''  I    "11
- 1.1, „
I ia* wt ■.-i'.1iiv';„;,tr,ii.-,.:t7„„ r.,^:.':,„!;;,_:.,." '":I,V
...   tin.:.     ,„.i   „..   i,,,,.,,,,,.^,   iiiici-iMui'l        "V '""'
.-. 11,       .,
| nuU kiii-r.ii'i.i.     UwJteya  In.v.    I." u   i. in ! ..   " "*'' .'*"''r'l  "'    Irai'.   nt.-
[Wat ■ ^,,-1 .iiuuk : nn.i
farm: for sa i
: ,i.   diti tn •:••'. ..i .'■
it iltli lilj    lu   '    ud u pl.t>
in ■  . !.;. i i   tunc,   b : ui    i     low    md   rer)
.; i\c now fell   in
l'i,   . Lei .*.. n n lii< ii th'  M ' . . i •
shiwly ■ Hi    il
lu tht uniform ol hh ^itard, ugh and  mil e-
cuioiugt    11    won i i*or) ioipa
Ion, i       '-■''' I imtl
In ad wrj :.ii^iitly in rt-epon-> ■ Ip  Uu  • 1- .
incee id us .-iibje'■'.-* and i-'reigii .
I'he KiuproM v. U it. '.--■ 1 in ti coatu ■
■lurk cHmion v*lvi t, a j: I cln ■ fitting
bodice, io whioh nlie loolti pi sxtremcly wi il.
rthc appeared t trifle ncrvoiM, but -.».i-. verv
gracimie, ihakine haiuh occasionally with
the wlvea ul the roreigu miniHteii indothera,
Phru     p'.    ereral com I nlHi > dt  and
"i nine bull - ol thi com t. all ol theni
die.■-.',i iu Kuropean il vie Meat nl tho
ladii ippoan d Lo onr ■-.'■ ■ n'-be, plain
Th. iuipt-ri;d party Bill duwn in a ara ill
mai ,'■• ■ Ippi reft i lira* nl , and the real ol p.
fell to in the Irfg one. We Urn looked ai
ry tautiieinurn«- w hioli were w*el! worth
. eiug nidi i ■!, The Hom on were of "n-.tt
•ve and l«'.u'y, wlute, vollow, pink. ute.
I n om i -i! h »rc i lirci large bn n. *. '■■ ri
roapootircU l.v». 17.:, ;n,.l :.:;.; ftowor bmU,
all of .'.ni.id. r.ibl.' -p/e. nml at abont tin
■ um ta '■ 1 in it.n 1 Preaently a ueneral
uucovei log ol head* warned m tint the im
perial partj had arlaen and wae deputing,
\S - aei   Informed thai thii wai ahno
.Mikaii"   hail
1 ■..  11
' I ' .'..',11   till   e, iiii ii
.icil in pul ""
(tn<* applicant writes thai
1 in-
it   :|
. liot
in by every mail.
be i.i about to tflkt1 a pleiisure ti i|
uul tii.it  .In.ni-1 tile tomittlaalon  r
Mrviou before tin* date fixed for
tbey may cable him at hin expense
When the champion pugftfat of
visited tbe White llnuieonc day
it in alleged that in an unguarded 1
,;i\e I'vpi'i-.■ i'.n to the  opinion thn
nf Tuckiab hatha would liuprovotht1   I'rc.-i
dent'fl   health.    It was   fortunate    Im    the
1011,-ti'le developer that   he did   m't     huloil^ !<-
the medical as.tocial.ioii nl the distin-t uf
t'dumbia, of he would ho Inveattgated tor
nxpreaaing aentiinonti in conflict with the
"\alted "ethios" of the mcdloal aoeioty.
Thia is in councotioti with the ordeal
through which Dr, Sower has just (waned
for having remarked recently f|t ;|" fvenutj
.'lull that tbe manner of life purnuetl by die
I're-ident ia iii danger ol leading tonpoplcxv.
Tbe medical iWOciation of this eity have ilu
cueaag \)r, 8ower'i com men 1 ou th< oxe
.'•ntive'H health ijnlte lengthily, Some
hyperoetbical doctors nrgno that a* the
President's ease in iu tlur hand-* of another
member of theprofoeaion, any expreaaion nl
opinion on tlur subject i-* nnprofesaional
uut a   violation of their code.
The Ton nose ialatulera have the bcavcun
portioned ont Into aonatollations, with deli
nite tiaditionn to account forthe cftuuea and
■ lucUa and children that they aae there.
l-igedetelli ua. .-.ays the Oeidieiitnns \fnaa
■Jan, the Raqulmanx though! that Mime uf
the rttara bad been men and othti.-, different
tort.sof aniin ds or Rah, In the South IV
.'llic lalund** dying men will announce their
intention of Inraamtng a itaTi ami even mention where they are to be looked loi. The
bushinan regarda the more cjnapjennna atara
an men. limn, tOrtotaea, etc, while he B0<
in the Milky Way some wood aahoa thrown
up by a little girl into the shy, that tie*
people might see their way home by night.
Tti the  Aiish ;di;in--,   tWO large   atari   iu  tin
fore lega of Oentnanu were two  brothcrn
who .-jpeared Tchingal to death, the oaal
ntavt of (,'rux being the pointa of the Ipi it
that pierce 1 hia bony. And the Indiana of
Aineri<;.i, who told of the rishennau whn
iaiee tre>tpasned in heaven iu QQesI "I P'i-
pt-tual sunshine, and was shot by an arrow
fromon of the t'clcstiul**, OOUld point tt> the
actual flaber atari, where the arrow eould
be seen in the flsbormao'i tall. We who
ire aecuiitoiiied to think of the Milky Way | many
m a v.wt multitude .of niiknown woHda, arul
uf the aim simply at the sun —a conception
igahnt the impiety of which even Seneca
protected eau hardly enter Into thofeclinga
of the K-Mpiiinaux, to whom the Milky Way
repreaented la all reality the vaal ionconvae
of the dead, or uf the Adamaneae, to whom
the sun was literally a woman and the
mother ofthe atara. But a goodly number
nf legemla in actual Europeau folk lore pre
vent the necessity of relying solely "ii the
evidence of savage Ideal in proof of the reality of this method of regarding or explaining the heavenly l-odies. Everything in
existence was apparently onco regarded as
human, or thought of muter hu man attri
butea, sis illustrated 111 the story of "Balder
in the Kddn." To protect Balder from
lUuiger his mother, the goddeai r'rej.i, exacted an oath that they wouhl spare hi« life
frort water, Hie, earth, plants, animals,
birds, worms, ami even from peatileune;
ouly exempting from the oath one -small
bush, the mistletoe ; not because it Waa ied
ai human as the rest, but necaltao it waa too
young to understand the solemnity of an
oath. Ami when Balder met his death Irntn
the mi-itletoe, not only men lamented bim,
but heist* and planta, and even stones.
i" EUfll m puo.ie,      Iruly. 1. 1
der fill uh tinge,    ()nl\   .1  Ijttle  whit
the -lapam.'c wen   l-'vii'.lit t'i it vvi'h to lo'il:
at him - the ;'.loi ions rjaiiig^un- ■ wi* tn rnciir
IttidneM,   tit. daiiu • f; rytt,-.
We often laugh al the (lerman -.tudent-
who walk about the University towns with
little colon 'I caps on their heads, and soars
on thei laces, uud it has been aaid ovor and
over again that their cluba -.vie merely an
cxcii ■ for iippltng, We arowroiig, There
i.'siilt- ti'.oi the yeara rd youth whioh the
German students pass 1 wether In worldih|
little, lighting uimh, and drinking more, .1
deep sentiment ni enduring comrade-hip.
Tin- /'!• which tin1 old student- oi the
Borusaia Qnh have just given nt Berlin
prove! the truth of this fact better than any
amount of argument. The banquet of the
members of the Romislat.luh :»i Bonn, win.
met tm S;ttunlay hist ut Berlin, was presided
over by Priooe \Villhtm nf Prussia, graniUuu
ofthe Kaiser and fuiuie Kmperor ol Germany, ivlio himaelf had been a merabi 1' ol
the Club, lie name In his uniform of
ooloucl of ilu- llu.-stis of the Uuard, and
ovarii he-wora the riband of the dnh
White, black, and wlptC, -imping llieieby
that tu spile nf In.* nutform lie .still remained
a student. The-I'rincd took'his seat at the
tabic between the two eldest students.
1'iince vuu Halm Kt'iuVrscheiiU-I>y«-k ami
the preai<font n( ihe imperial liauk, M. dc
l>p ein od, wlio both reckon blbro 1 bun a
hundred hall yean that i.- to say, that both
- nt. red   the    lfnivi Psjtj   more   than   Dfty
\ ear- ag. .     AlllOllget the guests were I lount
llurbert von Bismarck, Count J.'.rehcnfeld,
< '"uut llohoiltlial I Amb.issc.tlor for S,im.u\ |,
jl'ukc KrneSl ven llolstcln, .md tin; L'rlucc
I of llohinl'.he Mihringen, nil forme 1 Ptudmiis
I and ineinber*. nf the < lub, A t ib-., ■ 1 Prince
|\Villi:im 1. ..  ,'iel propo-ed th«- jir-t   tons! in
I the folio win*/1 >:    "We will empty our
! first glass in R'ofior of Mi- ririiicrfnl alajeaty
the Kinporor nf (Iermauy.    \V_  arc  uuiteg
. Iiep      Oil     tile     e\ .      ,.f    ;,      ,;|-e,it      event,     the
I anniversary of the ninetieth birthday of His
\ Majesty,   all   full ofacrious   thoughts, but
II pi'ou -I of living mid work ing under hla order::,
proud of those colors, black and white, ami
pr I of the standard   whieh   the LCmporor
has planted so highi Do uol Ictus forget
the example and the IcHKOna which the Iih
of our ma-stei has set ua, from Tilsit, tothe
present day.     And    1 doubt   not   that all of
vou will   repeat with   enthusiasm  as 1 do,
' 1-tm;r live Hfa   Majesty our gracious Km-
perm !''    The   toaal   was welcomed   with
,ice!amations. and   all pre.eni  rose   to their
feet to hear   the National    Authoin.    Then
the Prince resumed nml   thanked the  eoirl-
jpany tor having chosen him    President-, and
t-iKprcssed his   pleasure   at see in u  so  many
Borusslans   around him.    K)jettne young,"
im s,lid, iu conclusion, "profit by the toteons
in patriotism aet them by then   elders, ami
everything will   g" well!    Ami   all,  young
and   old, let   us shout    together;    Borttssia
//.■-(/, • ■■■■.„•.ii,j\iirr.ti/' "   The meeting did not
break up till three o'clock iu tin   morning.
Well, those who with it havo my lull per
j mission to   laugh nt the  meeting 1   For m\
jpirt, 1   declaro ll i    extraordinary.     Thai
j men ot sevi nty-!ive   ihoOld   eome   and sing
ami carouse with  young   men of  twent> ;
I that tola Prince, the future Umperor of tier*
•M hleii     ai
■   ruwili I   togi tin fall an
rosy pre)  ' - tie n . o.. ,.   t lunthi r dun
"•■''■ iteuieut   that it h,t
ittacl . 1 other   Urge eetr.-
. al upou ere ens
aim i" atl »n
Pit       ■ kin   ih irk   1- the largest of tin
V.: th   '■ ke,   .'"'-.in. tn d   h ngth
q thirl) J" '.    On the ■■■■'. nnosl
Ol  '       Llt_  1    1 ■ . fl 1 1 .
t* I from   the li      h li   yi. Idln |
ii nu a ten to a   ton and a  .1 df,    It •'■
[I   n una from the I id I hat many specimen 1
may 1 mincnlm  woathui lying  together
uintinnless, a ith the upper pari ol the bw k
lb n <  I re   1111 ;...■■■ '■: t In u ..
His manner In which civility grows and
ilomi-iie-. i'i r.ni.- diirfne the   month ol  I'- ■
1 is ve y r. inarktble.    Tom concierge, j,
who!  mon fUcely than   not to be rcrynli-
n  ■.■  eleven   monthi  mil ol th  '
year, will begin to put on aradoui) nu.nn«i   1
tn the li ral days of Deeem»*»r,   and will be
■ ■!.:  vteadilj   more gracbmi, move  smiling,!
p. tion 1 to  1 I've yon* until -In-  hi   re
oeii eil phi 'ii  alnut New   Y' ni *■  dav the ob-1
jeol    be haa had in view in   espemliiig   upon
whole ui-mth's civility.   All manner
Ol  P'   'pie     iU-e nil til"     lOl l&OUt,   lor     el.i ,'iiiie.-■
show you  various   Little  attentions ai iln
j ■ .'■ ia drawing to a clou w hich th
-. ■■. al pther time.
\ favorite bit 01 itretegy is to %ivts you an
ahnauac, bo tb.it by the time the new year
opens you are in a position to hai\g,u   ntloti
■ lu- in <■ 1 eh of your tooma snilotTorsopio mow
to your friends,    People u ho.-e uecupiltlon
It'., r.upnsiie;   toiimlit   uuthoi-.tiiti. 1 ly
nt«itcd at tlie   n.cling «f  a came  prnte tin
at thi
Urv birJ  1   nan   1 tUnnt  in  1 ape 1
1 1   popular!)
auppoaed toen|o\   unlln it ,-u 011
accwiipl uf 11
it will eome   .;n,i     i, |   *iUq. i..    , • , it   •
naturalist*  and nrnithe|.jgi 1 ,  lo hear thnt
the < 1;.   : .ib.-..,, |u ..ie ii nt aud meal ■
Ite hab.ut, knows a do more,    In 1 M .11* ,
t.'t.liy, this bini ivu ,, high   favuritt
.inning    ihe  Boer'.    It   worn b) th.-i.p
■ :
ui ong Hi 11 li p.-.. ai .1 built Ho
.".-ue beeaui    wan   r,   Ih>m i     ■,
"■•-' M',i Uul the   Kwrotary  bird dl i .1  ra.t
amount ol ibuuaat, uot only  Uo -n..l..* ,  1.1,1
f" ' he amoller of tlie  faona awl avifaunat
for thia re.i-.M', u wt il an for U ■ 1 irky and
'i'.i''«int.i|. -., tbe poor ■ ■ '■•■'. ■. n.. ibocu
ufl and drlvi 11 boyoud the bounds "f tlie    il
.my,   thus   fullowluy   tho  - k imple   ul  thi
uiiliK-i game.    It i-. well th«l tin  L'npi farm
era are stirring thfinsutvi 1 1 1  Ute 1 rotec
tion ol tile    icinnanl   ol n-um-   [«,| ,■,   tbem,
Kifty \< ars sgo tin- I Unit 1 ol thu .'1.1.10 , ■ ..,
taiued hi abundaui il ol tbi   finui 1   ne •.-
moos . I -nui!! Ain- au bia ifaiuc.    Pall Mo ■'
THK \!:T OF -M VKlKtl UI?.
MOM   \ i   ai ...I*  nu-:-   uk   mi • rai ui
•i'UI.*      \ tl .'I: to    i;i:n.(.'  CM's'r.
that th.-  uu1 \|;iI. h,   I-.-.
seeded by I.I..V-..ts-i   terliug,  md  ll
It -.-
more o| the !
t*n ootubiut d,
I      ■'* DOttflil l • ... \lm llmMWtn u I 01 ill
IttSJI   . ,   , -l ,,.
but it la aaiil th .: pu purstl ■.	
■ "i di .ntiti.i.i■■  .
A Wrd'a ne-ii. mvde nd M\ . i bug,   v., \
'■•'      >   nan, without Uu   lenM  particle i i
-■I- "I   anini .1 tibw
I.   l ..
beeu pr< .-1 • e.l <n t- r   4m •_■ i    ,\ ,!u, ,
dl - th il  ■■ 1  ti.
■ 'v ot  \t	
bin iifo-   iij -.'
i'ii -.'it h h*ft
had t iki n if* ..* ■ i>. I.-.I.    !^ !,.
; th -ii In. kt.I
■ po" and mnd« ■
■■ *■ ti ■■' Moth i .  In   Ih : m   • I
."■•ufi I il  !, - •.*. |t» rl in i,    • ■ ■
I ■■■'i'1 "' • ureal mai , i,   Iwvt   oo
' i tm h\ tn the i an to 11 during a lone   -
iml th d 'i!..-n   Id)  , :■ hti ru ,. m "1
I 'ii."    I i" r luulaii I.   I..
'■ ul I.   '. in nip d al t ■ i.  . ;,  tl
' ' itl1plj   bee.i,.,e the WW* tiled |t| him.
I  M ..,.
;'" "'"'     P« furtbri mi .rnati.iu
tin- prcmiart li.
'■. i'.
FALES  & ( it
|    ",; '■' OH nn: i .,, i ,„ koi;(,
i i i:mii'i:i .
I'I IHH'-.i..
I I'r.'.l    ,| i
i- ,i-i i:
rn e
i Ri* i.i
l'i:-,   (1000
I'AlilM 1  Wn,-),
. ..I'.I-I  ,'    ■
ia n ii
in tin
.1,. .-i-
nf III
•I....! ■
until 1
.- ''nn
;it t i
i au i'
yon know nothing about, or would rathi
i.:i e.i nothing about, look up b dweeu Christ*
mas and New Vear's day nil I Inform yen of
the dntios they havo been in the habit of performing fir ymi as Wo\\ asothen . AHog'ther
the new year ia a v.-ry Imd time for thos*
Whose Incomes un is tightly fitted to normal
conditionsn| mristenoe as i hoop is too
barrel, ft is no wonder that some people
aetuull) run away from Pat is for a month nr
six ueej.;*< to e-eape the   t tretim-   se;i.t -u.
/'■'.■'-1'..,. Boston Tn'ii- . 'j-.',
As I itood tm au olovatton overlooking the
scaffold, 1 Was able to observe all tho details
of the last Boeno of the nag. dy. '1 he condemned 111;lji mechanically \ lebled himself
up to the f*.ee.uiiouer. '1 he latter made him
sit down at the b*"t oi iii.-. post, witli bis
back to it, and then tied bis hands and feet
hard and fast. He did all this without
hurrying himself in the least, and with all
that dignified indii.ere.i_uwhii-h oharacterixes
the .Spanish functionary iu tin- discharge of
his'inly. If the preparations bad lasted
ovdu " Fi w second : longer, I believe 1 should
haVi lost all my own control. 1 could hoar
my heart thumping within my breast, -nid
every mojiu'iit or two som-'lhing like a veil
came before my eyes,     You eould   not hear
en a whisper iu tbe m-owd.
While nue of the priests pressed a crucifl*
to the colorless lipi of the aqffofer, another
was murmuring words of consolation and
hope iuto his ear. But tht wpetched man
was not listening. His dicprossiouless face
bad a waxen pallor, and his eyes, uk tliey
w a in bud over the OCoiiQ of ftlVes before hitn,
already dim with the dimness nf death, fie
started ennsiderably wben the executioner
placed tin- Iron collflr about bis neck ; and I
observed his mouth cdtltftiUt. Then, how
p'v.i, a white enveriiHjj tHrown ov r bis features hid tbem trom further observation,
Tho executioner tin n .:.t\e two or three turns
ol the screw connected with the iuatroinent
ol death. Tin bouoi <>\ the neck eraoked; it
long tie nbliiig ran through the whole body ;
iln; arms twUwd outward, and legs inwftrfl,
Alvarcis OHva was dead, — Madrid Cor. Xrte
Orleans Tv,nM*I)eniocYat.
Dion Bnnoleanlt la w master ol tl
"making np,    and to half on hour
lew In- youth iu  the   dreftstug   rootn,    lis
loci not   us  j   (treat deal rt   paint, bui ho
forgot I bnowa just whore-and how In pul it on.
Plenty nl nd OVOf the whole face, deepened
on tbe obeeks, la the tir-d    le.pii-ile.      Tin n
the lines around thi oyoh arc heht- | ;n,,|
appareiilly   lill-d up.     A   eurly   wi- i......
bis head arid his |6ng hair ll tanked up oul
of sight. «
Brntetoanlt never nhaVa i ufl hia mnataehe,
but nobody, cat) detect any slgneel hair on
tbe Upper Up of Conn in tbe pl.tv. dioine
uotora use what Isotlloil * mewtaehs ma li,
D thin pieee of rubber nr parchment that D*n
bestUOK upon the upper lip and 0OV0I I
Boueleanlt's method in tm re artilMc and re-
quirea aivater shill, Ho merely paint* his
nmst'ieh" the color of his flee ami ith . - ll
ilown tl:il upon his lip. The ends p.im i,>
till up tbe deepest parts of the lines running
from the DOM to tbe corners nl the mouth*
Mi.it. is all the urtilieiality of the face, but
the grease paint is Kptdiod witb aocll
■i.-i'i"ite knowledge of the nffleott of tbe
footlights that tbe man's face is completely
inetfliuorphostsl, and be aeeini Im nave drank
bbe waters of tin fountain of youth, Bul
paint will not conceal the gnnt. and when
t!'.it gets intit (.'oun'M toe he do..-, not jump
about lively. His iegs look steady Uld
plump iu spite ot om and the rheu_natUm«
There again is art displayed, IV.licit milt
has a pair ol atmit woven lights, lined with
lamb s wool, wbioll he we-us forthe doable
purpose of keeping hit. iheuiuntie legl \v:_riu
and    making   tin-in    look   like *tn   athlete's
limbs,   The tatter effect   Icobteioed by the
distribution uf the wool in voryiog thick*
neus, ho us to till up any natural dno|encioB
and give a well rounilfd appe.tranee, md Uie
lining is woven in the fabric, so tliat ll
cannot be disphusod, Tln-.e tights we
beneath the stockings, and their presence
novel* would be suspeeted. After the performance Conn retire! to the dressing room
and passes a towel over his face,   hi*, valet
pulls ofl'the tights and the. white hair, d old
g.uiileniau onco more   appears. —JVtwr   Yorl
Car. ' 'inrihiiali 4JfHWM*S1*i
Miss Mary Campbell, 101m, writes: "After
taking four bntties of NTorthropA fivniali's
Vegetable Discovery aud Dyspeptic 'Jure, 1
feefas if 1 were  a   new person.     1 bad been
troubled   with   Dyspepsia for a rtifmbe. of
year*?, and tried many remedies, but of ne
avail, until I used this celebrated Dyspeptic
(.'nre." Kor all Impuritieaof the Blood, Sick
Mead-iehes, Liver and Kidney i omplaiuts,
i ostiveneRft, et-o,, it. i* the best inediein*
t4T Far artistic inoiiuinental work apply to
GeorgS Kudge. "Victoria Marble Work*,
Ji'iiigbiH Street, Yietorii. C, II. Mumk.
aceat, New Westminster.
-ii.iiild come and drink with hisft
mer 'Miiiratles, with those who were at the
University liefore him and those who succeeded him ; that these colonels, generals,
lawyers, should meet for one evening round
a table, and forget every distinction and
social difference, and become students again;
Well, I repeat, I think it is a very fine
thing Indeed* Ami the people that, boast of
such institutions, tin* upqplc whose social
strata are bound together by such .strong
cement, may he a people whom we cUiinot
love, but thoy nevertheless inspire q certain
icspe.t. They arc animated by a love for
the Hag, whether it be the banner of the
.lub,the fai 11 on of n division, or tho standard
of the country It matters not, to tbem.
Tliey aro told, 'Wehold your rallying
signal I" It is enough for tbem ; tbey rally
found it. Everywhere tbey have a device
which they Iind ready, "For Hod, King,
uul Fatherland!" They heUtivo in it. and
are serious whon they speak of it. It is true
we arc as ready, perhaps even more ready,
to be killed ns they •.!'■ j but do we pqaeeBS
tbat sentiment of mutual comradeship 1
Have we ,i ;->! n_.de society of Old Student..*:.'
hn the old   '■til",i/,t'i'< *•  aPim 'tn td   the same
It is so Seldom tbat detectives in real life
actually do anything,very clever thnt Itii
worth while recording their aebit veiuetits,
hoW ver slight, when tliey show some degree
of luge unity and devotion. The hero of this
storV i* detective Blussot. For two or thre»
'.v eka he bad been w atching three men
whom be suspected of practicing crime by
tlie theft of teams and wagons left standing
iu th.* strict. Wiui a brother detective,
Oornier, Blnssetaday or two apo saw the
three thieves following n wagon loaded with
foUr Casks,     l-tatentty the team.-'*, er  stopped
at ii saloon and weni Inside, finmedlately
tho tllloVea got to work; Two of theni remained uii the ground to keep watch, Wbtk
the third mounted briskly to the driver's
seat and drove rapidly away. J-eaviug i iar-
nier to see to the arrest of Use two watchers,
which Was semi accomplished, BtUSSOt lei Off
on a run in pursuit ot ibe Hying Wagon. It
was not long   hciort    he Was  blowing like *\
porpolsS under the unu-*u;J   everei^-,    BUd lie
began to think that perhaps 111 would better
givu up the chase, when the horses became
mi.hb nly unmanageable and the wagon
stopped. The animal*, in all probability
were restive at tin sound oi a str;mge WJCS
directing them.
This was Blusaet'a opportunity, and running forward with un air of great good-
natiiie, lie assisted the thief to get, the horsos
uuder control. Jfe could have arrested Hie
fellow then and theie, but there was whore
he showed bis cleverness ; he wanted to
arrest .also the thief's lU-cqinpUye, so ho let
the wagon proceed again, after having received the thanks of the driver for assistance.
But as it rolled away lilmssufc ^limbed upon
the Steps at the tail board of tho wagon, and
s'-uatted thOre out of sight should the driver
happen to turn htl head. When the thief
finally stopped it was before the establish'
ment on the boulevard Meiiilmontant.
Vdusset ipiickly dismounted and retired. He
thief   greet the   ep»nciergo  of tli
baw the thief  greet the  oonciergo
<,rpa ever meet in r'rauee .'    Ab ! it With Out | establishment and with Ida assistance began
topping befoio those obsolete tonus   whal.   to unload tho casks,    Tlio detective  ran for
A policeman and v. itb the aid of the first one
they bave preserved, we eould only borrow
theii soi.la'iiy, we should have acquired a
very groat   part ol their   strength.—Jacqom
St  ''■■>. in '■/-   /''•.. '.".'
( o-oige J.eganlt, of Tayside, Out., says ho
can. heartily recommend Yellow Oil .. the
b.st reliever of rhcumutiu piiin,   his father
and mother Imvinu   snflcred   for vears with
and all remedies fail' '1    ■'  opt
Use the   sale, pleasant, and eiteeliat worm
killer, Mother Graves' Worm Exterminate
untliing  equals  it      Proodre a bott
take it borne.
be met sticeeded in nrrostiug both the thief
and his accomplice. It ii* not ofren that a
crime i-1 BO thoroughly worked and all parties
to it seeurod at n single blnWi—Paris Cor.
PhitoVletphti Time*'.
"My Ifusband sttubmd himself with overwork, sausing tt W*je '-welling in the groin.
II- itiflercd ^I'riit pigouy, winch doctor.'*!
failed to relieve ; he culd not eat nor kIcoo,
It. It. B. qoiokly cureil him. He says be
lever had such nniok relief In his life."
ami Kxtniet from ft letter from Mrs. Oeoi-gc
Bosk, Cookavillo, Out.
A 'jreat statesman of tht: last generationi
dcul o ' 1 hat "the wars of nations were a1
an eii.i, Mt.l '.:.*■ th* future conflict-, ol 'tin-
earth that would till the page of history
ut-i'i to be the \My* of ptitwfph .''' the truth
of this prophecy ia being gradually developed;
too war of principle wages with uttseen
vigor. Among tho foremost competitors in
thin vast arena, stands Thomas Hou ov. ay :
with Bis famous bnt simple remodlo*. a 1'ill
and an Ointment, ho may truly he paid to
have sueees.ifuMy combated with Prrjtwiiee
nnd hi. a- .■the latter is ul courae the ever
Impending foe In all climes, but the former,
triors especially in our favored land, the inevitable opponent of ail innovation and in
volition ; from Holloway's first "essay in the
lists," the medical pi uf< * im have been in
array against him ; leiw tacitly, however,
have they been Induced tn suocnmb, and
own that the unity Of purpose evinced by
this great man.   and thfl   EHlfH' ieney of   the
tWO     reliledie...     |,;iVe    .eitisl'.ietnj ily      pc*. ed
the fallacy of the hVpothesls that dlvoi*
inaladius and" varied roattn-eaof dlsen*
.juiie :.. many dis ff net remedies. Again—
r, .i isionnl Pi'jtiiiri' has been avowedly
Mver'.hiowu from the glaring confession eon
cirreil in by 'dl thnl tKeso rtntiedlsl
have a'ccornplialutd what tho combined
learning and talent of the faculty could
never attain - I'.iir. rtdt TiUtetniluition. It
would bs folly to calculate llu- pioportiunite
dill'cieme between the number of applicants
for medical aid (in common parlance) a1 ■•
public dispensary, and the incalculable
multitude that are the daily recipients of
Holloway's twin remedies as appliaaHls to
'.heir need in the various pluses of diseases.
We would simply ar-U the reader (conceiving
it postiVile that he eould nPcompHsh the featj
to take a flying visit to our numerous no-
pendencies. Having first traversed India
and witnessed the universal popularity of
Holloway's Pill*, and Ointment in that vast
and densely populated region, let him bend
hit Southern course, and crossing the eqlfS*
tor, step suddenly into the pr.nr cn*hrhie\i
j, ,1.-a,..'/'iiim of Australia, if be would as*k \\ hut
is tbe gold digger's remedy for internal and
evtenial disease there, he wouhl mw-t with
the response, HoM-nw iv's I'n.f.s aw Dim
yw.s r; let hini take a still more extended
stride, and touching on bis Hight, New
Zealand and the innumerable .stands ofth*-*
I'acitic Ocean, step tinally on tlie flourishing
soil of Britiah-North America, he v. ill still
find these medicines the alike adopted
specifics fnr disease with the .SVirm/- and the
St "!< r.
What principle of dissemination enn be
worthily eninp-arnd with this inwity Qiy<Dika*
thn instituted and Bras innmted by Thc*m«<
rfottnioay -we atiy, nom*! let it then a<lv;ince
'■:.,. •»• -riwj and toeottOlter! its foe. disnam-l aud
its aim and object the -dlciati-m 01 human
sulTerin''-- 7ioA/*hfniir World,
\ common ore-ruKiwt'K.
Marly ba.l jotnt*it by which people arc
crippled for life, are made'by ivvih-t-t-d tir
badlv treated rheumatism. Tda Plank, of
Sti.ithroy, tint., wss atHicted with tlieupia
titni in her lingers so that ali« doulfl not
bend tliein. S'ellow Oil cured lier, and is a
prompt cure for all painful complaints.
i have I- .. reci., |y rnuk
ins euquirie in I'm »uto a* to I in ids
ii.iiit> u>aui>pl_, hoi ■ i ui lur intlitery  put
|>"      l        Tie It      I.I    '     'ii.-n'.  .     ....  -       .,,,-        |.    I
mysterious,      I hej   refu ad   tn   .,■-
ii i ii ■-. ..i state wbj Uiej tr    *ii. h
enquiries.     Ll I In lie]  n  Uut   the)
i *,..• leiitativen nl Uie Kn n
It is reported thu   m i at ICO *-   ol the
Mates oi the Republic ol L-olumbio, .. ..., i;_-
ipiantiiy td valuable hare hrea dog uul ol
souh ie n ly dlsiui i red he . <, or ui >i< .tt
Indian burial ground .    '.i  - , |
ules ore nl gn a! ra lw iml bl an invler en
•iifl> dun ieei r.i*., the many wbiuh
I  dus   hom    .lilt, n III    eeiiii'i-n. ■-    in the
"■ i   ,'. from th,. dnj - al tin- conquest to the
A  freo-'h   pap. r th .hue' tint   thf    ilrOOl
mei-s ami tinmp. t-i* r»| the i . rmflfi . nn\
are h.ird at WorM lesminq the hi it uul i ill
of the French troops, ai.-.- thai In m m;
pngftffoments In the   war n|  |«70   tl."   . .mi
ni.in.it') ise tiring was oft a   i.o tn the
i-'reiieh  Infantry by  German   buglers,   aud
that tb.- command tn halt,  «..un led la)   tl <■
inn I. .  '.it. n  sh.pped  ,-i   ehai
l-'reiieh . ,i\ airy    and    placed   tbem In   i    pu
virion whore ;i..'\ could hemoweri down.
Oen. Hamuel Orelg, tormcrly II
Miniiter or Kinanci , i hn h , ;■, - dii d
of Scotch estraction. His fathei and grand
ftittlei were ttusslan admiiaU of di tinotion,
II.- p'tt.le.l the . itpcn ... of the Turkiah war
C:: and 7S) for :ifK),000,000 rouble*. In
1880 he contracted n m tellie I i iu .- Ithnul
i- ".pp. ting to ih" -i-i*' .'it. p.' ftneign \ i.di*
p'.it'. lie dev['.-d n -\ item ol '.iv - yielding 21,000,000 ronhle i year, bul lie wan
di po» d by a e-urt Intrigue, and [insula now
I it.
Colonel <■. ii. tVi Isoloaj, ■' bwjtliei ol Lonl
VVolieluy, [a to buvi a brjgadi mnfljnd  iu
India.    Cojoucl   VVohwIcj i ' !■■>	
■ind has I'cpii thirl ■ n in th .. rvieu,iu rlj
thu ^,.' oleol * Id ii timi j. 11 ipi nt in India,
»u that lw has stuiti claim to the gratittul*-
■ -I the Imlmn imliUiy ulUuials, indepeudi ul
of his emu.', tion.'. tu whil ll some will Ho
doubt attribut I li tion, It. joined
the lii-ti.iu atatf as llrlgada Major In l*-7'.',
pud has served on tlie ttatl utmosl i mitlnu
ously up to now.
Apparently the German  suldier  iloein't
know   much   about  his   oun   enuntry.      \
IceellL rOpOVl 'U   lhe   I llhd At Oi\ i  ,.* p-.    t.lle •
t!i,n, "\nily an iastgnlfioeul pari knew the
oi out fsmoa i generals in nioilcru
tames, a large enn m i knew nothing .' all
about tbe events of the la^t throe oauq ii u .
and the moal lamentable Ignorance as to the
member*, td the tteyal llou - u u also found i
t<i Bxluv.-' To all oi whnh the Herman
soldier would probably reply thai it Is In *;
business te li.'ht and not te kn i\\ all about
■\  m-W  il.'l'Hlr\' in the SOIll 'I lit    de\ "I >d
aiiother use fer pine n-nadh   bs rides  thai  ■
spresdltig an  aromatic  wloi   thrnngh   th-
euibr-'ideied    <'.>\. ri'''.*     '.I      i     p:-e      pfltnw,
One i«t-oduct nl t le- pin ■ ne ■ .!■ ■ - • r nnorh
.ibl', struntf oil thai p •  ■       many medicinal
\ [ftUl .<. Ale)' hei il i pie.' word, ■' hlrli ;
bl. I-In.I. ilyt.l and woven. The wmfl Is n
ih eey bmu n in is i' i s - ln| t pie maul
p.l'.r, w hi'-h (fftj, , ji mine i n met h ilea
tmyet u hi n u- .1 i q , n |. | linin ■ \
strong, cheap iirattinc Is made front tbs
wool, useful lor halt , atairwuys and null
Tin- St. flair ir.ei ;. to be tUUS«lfil it
Poit flrtron, in oi.l.i tn ave time and rv
pen .    iii  ti ■   .lie;   to    the   •
tet i ie i ur.uiu . froui I'orl Huron iiii tli •
A nf ciien n side t > I'oint Kdward im tlie
('nnadiau dde.     During tht   iHntci   \vrt
linVC   beeli   : Hill,   0||   belli   >,'le .     l)|      t(l«
i iver, and a depth haMineu reached al which
the work «•' dn\ lug a borisniital eti ivation
tfnni e,e Ii side can be lieguu. The tunnel
will be over one ndlfe in length, and it i.< ex-
pe.ted te '■ pen   t-i   ii'slli.  in   tlte   latter
part of (888 or early iu 1889. It r the
v.p.i!. of a piivat,.- emupitn.-. ind the cust
will b' ;ib.ut._l,:s:il.(HVl.
i'lu u.e ni go many ttaliau umd ..,i.i
pbiast-s in tbe bopk kocping of other pi oplus
is a Burvival of the epoch in which tbs
Italians were the foremost commercial peo
pie in the world. "Bankrupt1* and "solvent*1
at i.eHn**- '"per cent, have v;ot into ths talk
of men on Change, imt from ths classical
Latin, but from the mercantile Italian. The
decloaion that we owe ti.e*..- mercantile
terms to the Latin l»q our Rpglish book
keepers, at some time or other to substitute
"per aun:ini"foi- "per anno," which was the
collect and older pluase. \\ -' owe our Use
of this phraseology to a period to whieh
l.omh:uds nally lived and traded iu *'l,nm-
bard street. '
UNURRTAKUiU   \   \ym M, , k
I'"J1    v
* '       i -i ■' . "  ..I |8WW,_,ini;tok
V>   -sti-"i K-ai, Torcwtn,   or M
'       -"■•'     ll-litl-'-al.    »a„'   ,,
••' -•"""       'I I".I    ..-   Il,<- .••..-I.l-i,
"! *• *-.r-i.,:.! r,,.,,. ,.,,.  ,.,
' ,l' '', ''"'   '■ '.'    Km'-   ShtfptUtl
"•    t'i" .'..I'.ri I ,,.„., -,,'   th,      '
HuytlM     M.l|-|l",|,'l-,    ,||,.     J,,    I..  ,     ; >(
'     'Ull'.   ..... 1   "',
''■"" ' llu ri -i    wttU
'■'■'   ■•' '""irr.    and 1 dn
."". ' -ii luuidlu
illi.-        i;
.' till-Ill -
whal i.-i
lOllMMI I:   .1   I   ,«',    NiilAHV    I'I
 ro« mn A iron try, Rial I
lOI       I AM, I   „- V, (  ,;, , ,
■    •       -     -     -Ptt.-.
Ot'ILDiyu   i.uis   i-oi;  ,AU
■■*   "1"> "". nl Port  Muiiili
'"'""'"" Lota,  by tl,"  Am,  „„,,,,„., -
,ll "»"l In rl"- I''n Mood) nirwyi
,   ' ""l    fo"   'il--  "ii th,- N.„th »i,l,	
»vin«   fatai   t.....t-.>;.-  .,„,  |',„i    .
altu .i.-.i    I   ,.,.,.,. ,,
I ->ii|" n i tinalil
ni iS.-v.   At«tn in.
II    -
AU", I' u m I.ami
■ n I ' "i.ilii.- ti-iiii-,
 hi' '.
''"' ful)   l'i'. I I  Ma|.   and PI.	
hiliit-J. .m.i iii,. tiiiiortt Information fumi.1
■'• al Mi   llai'nl  . i ,<;.,.
Hoot nnd Shoo Store
I1' HIT   .Mi M >IlV,   J.   <•.
•ji'ili: UNDRRSIONBD, tucoaiaor tu tht
■     Utt. tt. e. ttiiiti'. la no* tl,,,,,,mi,:,
ratabliah.il at tliu Tuiuiinui, au.J, hafinii tl.
"it'll I.i   life  to  bi    u ido,  ,,  tirauari-.i ;
"l-lili lb.'.tibli- with tha l.-.n work in hi,
Im-  tn la. hail in ih.
11 -   . -
Po Bi ick ni a k.irs, Woolen
Kaaufaoturertsnd olhr it.
ON BOW IN ISLAND, um: 01   llll
in ■ i Ir mtl.ul ipof hi id.- r	
"- ■■   11     ' .hau til.la  brill   ol     I.,.
a.i.'i'l'-.l    for   tli.-   ii,inula, tin,-   i,|    	
Tlir-n- it plant, iii  i.-iin- power  ... ,i,,..  ,
mill, .uul an) i|ii:uitil,v of fuel to  hum tht
"I I-I--.      Ii.l  a    t\",.|.-li    Mill   til.-    1.I.I1..I
•a .11     .. l:i|i|.-l;    ll,r      5l|-,'.,|i,a      :,,,.     , „|	
Ihi'i'i- I,"ul li,,' \ ;-,r, and   tlltrt _• plnnt) .1
I' "" ' •■"in-"   ii,.,. htne.j      Tht  I...rl
"\i-lh'it au'i  Und-loekad, to tbat ,.'
li -   lay . n- I on .hipping lying in the i «i
l-'i.r |ii,itn ul-ii. apply at
"r-"' THIS DFI-'li l
A i *\;\AI.|A\ iQ-URKAIiOl POUTII *
i'uiiii: Iih.i Wtttn fhnisdj-,, ut Ci HO per Annum
li'd-l-emienl     m     PolittoH,    'I'll!'  W I I K
appeals \ry 0 ''OMiin-flirnMu-   T/iblc    ..1    '
bent* to  the  diffrrenl t.ftf*-  whlvb*  •'■
Within tin eii.'b* of a iMiltnr**.! Inn. ..
An average- of-ftfteert eboVt, erifU  ICil
j-ilr. iHt;i\en in cneii number npon ('_ni_<li'i>.
\im i i- in, and   Qnglleb   t'ol.tb"  antl J i'"
Amount tbe regular imiitributm-g is l'i.*
i tsaon ti'.i am. sin ih-and & diatin^uUI i
pnblie man in London bab kindly Hiidi'it.'I.■■■'
t.i.Hiipply regularly an Ehiglteti Letter. I'artf
and Waablugton Letten will Mitieii il
ivgular intervala.
In addition there are*«peeSw eootributioni
from Mme td Hie ablest witem
iiiini'iii ami tbe United 'Mate-..
tin-   Uo
ban noU fiiteri d upon iu third yi-at w
most nneouraging proeueota, aud man) n
tea tu ree.
Chiiieat: ttailors on bar ing port >tlracl 11: - *
nttrtiftWu of tbeir divinity by the l.-nd be.d ■
incr "f » gong* tfie bbrullig of Dre-iUYcken
and in.'en-.•■ Btlckfl and oH^ttng t\»>d off
in tim water. All thia it to word oil evil
nilbiene-'s. \N lorn Bttrtkrg on a voyab'f
tbey cm.-id* r ii iMibieky and the foientnner
of fun I wt-a-tlif:* 10 ttpetnttaom Ovei tho bow
of tlvir vl*:*si I. Thay bav a MrtOMgO CBitoin
ef.ukioting eyoaon tlio boxra  t-f tlu-ir craft,   journal* lo Canada.—Truth, Lum ton. t
large aud small, whicli art* anp|ioat*fl_ to have      "Itoki !> uuh   Kn^li_li  weuklh   pap
the yift of .-:;dr bj   tho * npeiatitona ;   and ; Th Hpeetalor, aud one (lawaditu,
wben asked to (".plain  the  ulility of   the ] and aa a rule 1   ahemld   1^  punted   to
praeti'e tlnv   si-op hntbet   iinjiiiiy   by   re-   which I ahoold OMM  i.io.-t ' — Frmn  a  lei
sponiUufi :      Suppose uo have eye, how can \l-i Thonutt  ffnffhtt. nuthar of "i.'on. Brov
aee?"    ' .<>hoot Days."
ft Jordan St., V-
. mi i.r.t'imi.'- khv.k.
tHR WEEK la one nf the inon jaflu


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