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Port Moody Gazette Sep 27, 1884

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|§00 d| tomtit,
scncHimuN nv i-osr,
Lnunicutiuiis addiussed to
I Zj. .A.. 1v£cI_iEI*IE,
I'ort Moody.
Ii,iMKiiiAN Office, New Westuiin-
ill receive urouiut atta-ntinn
elers' Insurance Co,
tl.   l--i
NO. 41.
(From JUackwood.)
Ltirms for policies in this Company,
| Accident or Life insurance, can
' from the uu.lersigned at Fort
A. Campbell,
lii.iir.nee, Land, k Ci-neral Agont.
~i. ham7lton,
K 1.1U AlTOBNKY, Kkai. Estate
Strsst.    -   -   Fort ^(Coodly.
■y suction of Port Moody. Alao,
Lots, by the Acre, immediately
o the Port Mnody surveyed Tuwn-
_• inle on the North side of, and
Li'i-i   frontage   on,   Port    Moody
lely   Bituatcd   and    exceedingly
'arm Lands of superior quality and
ible terms,   in New   W eitminster
ly prepared Map! and Plans ex
ud the fullest information furnish
. Hamilton'! ottW
I go with God).-
ixiniiioh" (I tmtlone;
-Sinn'ish Axiom.
(Con tinned.)
. M LEHI) & HaeSWiM,
oiaus and Snrgeam
CE: Colurabli Street, Opt. City Holel.
lUou, B.A., M.D..C.M.,(Mc(lill)
erly nf New Vork Polyclinic,
wns, M.D.,(H.irr.) Licentittt of
Cnllegii of Phyiicians, London.
'nil OriM   HAT A 111  SMUT. "Sll
-Telephone Building
le of Victorit  Medical College,
of Montreal,
t the Colonial Drug Store,
C003 & TUR    *,
ial Estate Agents,
lancers & Accountants.
tpou --AM*
NEY    TO    LOAN.
>rt Moody
!w Mill
strong & Burr
yressed Lumber
tic, Flooring,
on Hand a Foix Stock of
"■.1A.ITMD   FIRST-CLASS,    ajid
L oatuanae, asiiieiTxs
port t as
**ale Dealers in
ons, Liquors, etc.
■ HAMILTON htTing terrain-
is connection with thu paper,
'thorirsd to collect tcoounts or
'ostneirt pertaining ta tht Pear
'. M»rch 15th, |«4.
Skirting a email bakehouie, we passed
through a gatn into the garden. Tbi.
was only in course of formation, and
wag evidently the pride of tbe padrona.
It waa delightful 11 find tweet-p»a« nnd
mignonette growing in a nicely laid out
border; indeed, in tliii delicious air and
at thin eI*vilion, mtny Euglith flowers
would flourish luxuriantly. My hostess
possessed a large collection of garden
•eedi, and the was trying experiment
with all in their tarn.
Among the deciduous plants, I was
ahown a pretty flowering shrub called
the "Spinarosa." I perceive, by the
nay, that a perfumery-houae in London
ia advertising a new acent which bears
this name. May all success attend it!
for nothing can be more delicate than
the fragrance of tbe Spinan sa flowe ;
and, like pure water, its specific virtue
f-Tnipcrcepuble, though perfection ia
the virtue which characterises it ai a
whole. The padrona had imported two
of these ahrubs from Guatemala, but I
believe the plant is to be feund in the
Honduras a'e-r.
'lime   will  not halt   even  in Vera
Cruz, and   soon Marcos   hunted me to
the garden, with the   intimation  that 1
must mount epeedily.    On rrturning to
ihe house to  complete   preparaiions, I
found amongst my effects some cotton
piint,   which I   presented   to my kind
iioflur.i.,   hs it wai   enough to   make a
dress fnr her little  girl.    I had bought
the material, together   with  aorue good
embri idery, to make a   short dressing-
gown   for myself—to  this, foitunately,
made the gift a respectable one.    As to
accepting any remuneration in the shape
of money fur  any   entertainment,   the
kind creatuie quite repudiated the idea.
"Sbe was so happy to receive  one witb
whom she   could   converse,"   she said;
'and was I not a 'Soltera?' snd why waa
this! and oh I the world was so hard."
Thus speaking, the padrona   walke
at the mule's   head, and   led   me down
through the broken fences which bounded
the untidy land outside her domain into
a lovely   dell,   down which   sparkled a
tunning stream, babbling musically, and
seeming lo cast up diamonds of yellow
light upon Luisa's hoofs, as she splashed
into the centre   of its   bed.    There we
parted, with  the sisterly   kiss of peace,
and I   carried away   with   me a  very
tender memory of Vera Cruz.    Ay dimi!
Vera  Cruz, True   Croat.    May not its
signification in part   he realised   in all
the  realms   of  enrth,  where   parting,
even with a stianger,   gives the  heart a
The path became very stony in a
couple of hours after leaving the dell,
and we pronounced it to be only inferior
in disagreeables to a valley of flint, some
miles in length which we traversed after
wu had long left Comayagua behind
Here Luisa was startled by a heifer
I which plunged out of a hedge on hearing our approach, and so look me into
ihe depths of a thicket, wherein I lost
my veil and the brim of one side of my
hat. This lois may appear too insignificant to record; but the effect of this
slight accident was, that at night, the
skin ol the one side of my throat and
face wet peeled awat in strips, and it
was some days before the pain quite
left me. Sueh is the tlrength of the
n'eice heat of the noonday sun in Honduras.
The penalty of our late start was paid
not only by having to sufT-r great heat
but alao hy ths necessity of rapid travelling We had literally wandered up
hill and down stream. As the evening
waned we found ourselves entering
upon a large tract of plain upon which
nothing seemed to grow but tall grass of
a pale-green colour, and a few distorted
What was   that in ths distance!   It
ippeartd like the   monument   of a woman placed   on   a high   pedestal,  and
nearer   was  another   which bore   the
form of  a lion   couohant.   Now   we
paised a group of enormous boulder-like
stones, some of which   present an   uncouth   and   grotesque   lesemblance io
ions and   to dogs.   Far  away on the
plain, detached and   scattered, 10-e up
those enurmods   stones; some   withou
any   definable   shape — others,  again,
gigantic and weird-like iu the deepening
shadow of the evening.    I remembeied
that we had to cross over a bend of the
river Palenque, and the  thought datts
my mind  that   these   stone-  might io
some way belong   to the   curious ruins
found by Mis.   St ;phens and   Cather-
wood in their researches   through Cen
tral America, and al Palenque especially.
But so far as I   bave teen, these stones
bear no sculpture, nor do  tbey  convey
the idea that they have ev»r belonged to
temple or   palace, or tbat   tbey   hive
been connected in one   building of anv
Presently I baited with the intention
to examine a small atone, close to which
I paised; but Marcos prevented this,
witb tbe strongest determination ex
pressed in the grip of his lean brown
band. "Bs an mal lugar" (it is a bad
place), said he,"un luflardelos mueitos"
(a pltee of the dead). 1 attempted no,
more, for ths increasing dirknets and j
the silence of my attendants cmiimuiii-
cated a chill to my own spirits. The
only clear idea in my mind was, that
we were not far from Omos, an I I 'mot
is not iimiiv miles away from C'o| an—
tbe place whereat .Mr. Stephens, if I
mistake fi'-l, met v ith the most elaborate
of the sculptured idols.
My attendants, though they made no
ign, were evidently acred. Tliey
kept the animals clo'er together, and
we proceeded at a very brisk trot. Une
of the shapes reminded me so much of
the story in the 'Arabian Nights' of
the man who was transformed pait'ally
into marble, that, in association with
ibe surroundings, I began to wonder if
this also were not an Arabian Night's
dream. '
The reit were a little in front of me,
for the path had narrowed, and we
we.e passing on the side of a clump of
trees. Suddenly a dark mass, preceded by a rush, fell on I.uisa's neck.
She neatly jumped her own height from
the ground, and I mechanically drew
the revolver from the leather pocket
which hung at my girdle and fired,
throwing the weapon down In a fright at
what I had done. The macheks of tht
two men were in the body if the mass
simultaneously, and I leared thnt 1 had
fired into the tail of what on inspection
turned to be a coyote. A coyote here
is said to be the offspring of the dog
and the fox. They are dangerous if
met with in packs. This turned out to
be a half-starved creature, which might
have been attracted by some dried
venison-meat which was dangling at the
saddle of the macho mule which Eduardo
was leading just in front. To my surprise, Luisa was ml in the least testive;
the macho, on the contrary, made
violent attempt! to wrench the rein from
i Id uni dr. and holt.
"Now, Senora, said Marcos, as he
picked up the revolver, "you must ride
quick, very quick; this beatt may bave
a mate. They aie seldom alone, and
that might be perilous. Vamos, de-
spacheo" (Let us go with speed).
We mounted accordingly, Marcos
flying ahead with rapid step, snd we
following at a good pace, till we had
left the plain behind us. It »at nearly
dark when we drew up. at the gate of a
maizefield, through which Marcos
passed; for he had with hit hawk'- eye
descried the roof uf a dwelling jutting
out just beyond it,
I! din;' through the lir-ld, wm came
in front ofthe build ng, which whs low
and coveied by an nvrriianging iharch
—this serving evidently us a verandah.
The whole place looked *o miseralilr- that
I urged the guides t r rids on, nr even
to try and reach Potrerillos (our a'.nion
for San Pedro Sula), ss ihe moon was
full, and the road |. rfectly plun. By
this time an old iimn, followed hv his
family, came to the edge of a wide
trench, which separated the garden and
hut fioni where we waited, an I inquired
what we wanted.
Man-o.s told him to put hack hia three
lean dogs, which barked funou-ly the
whole time, and then he would tell
A discussion ensued, and the up-shot
was that we must decide to remain
where we were, at least till daybreak.
"It is not safe to go on, ' the uld man
said; "the malagele (had people or
robbers) are about in these parts." It
was for that reason that he had dug this
wide trench before his garden, and put
his dogs to sleep in it ut dusk.
.Discretion  at this juueture  was err
tainty ibe better pa,t of valour; and the
plank which belonged to this excavaiion
being laid across it, we entered   tbe do
minions of Senor Juan Musave".    This
individual prided  himself upon being a
Spaniard of pure race, and  told us that
he belonged  to  Catalonia.    A cursory
glanct at   the  premises   convinced me
ihat I had better lie down, as   I was in
my hammock;  and ao this article was
swung   in  the   cart-shed,   which   had
been  newly  thatched.    The   youngest
dog turned   out to be   a most friendly
little bea.t,   and a few   scraps  which I
gave him made him a (inn ally: wbeie-
upon, an intimacy being established, he
laid hiirself down under the hammock
—and I tbink   he was   quite  equal to
making a   dash, on my   accounl,   upon
any intruder  who might   venture  into
tbe shed, or molest me in any way.
At the earliest glint of dawn Eduardo
thrust in his face, and announced that
there was nothing to eat, and tbat the
mules (which had certainly been better
off) could be ready in an hour.
"We cannot get any milk here,
Senora," tbe lad continued, "until the
vaca (cow) comesdown from ber pasture
on the hillside."
When it thia vaca likely to appear)" I asked. "Does not tbe woman know!"
The reply was conveyed in that
inimitable shrug of the shoulders and
flourish of the hand with which tbe
Hondureians amwer inquiries tnd solve
"What do these people live on themselves!" I persisted; for I was weak
from want of food, and I thought the
cow might be as necessary for some of
tbem as  for me.
"Oh, raw plantains, dried venison,
and a kind of soup made of maize- Tbe
men had thia before going to work."
"Then there is nothing for us to depend upon but this vaca," I said. "Can
she not ba searched fori I would pay
for it."
"She will come when she chooses,"
replied Eduardo, never making tbe least
siUinpt or suggestion that be might go
and seek the animal hiuis-lf.    "I have
'Ottght t' ii   .nine  «ai>-r,
mtlnued;   '-ihey    have    |
luce     sre<|
The water was a blewing,   and nfi*
UMng   it freelv. I   fi-ii   l,e„^   „■, ,. ,„
ea of gett-
■Urt for Hotreriilot.   Th
in.: iw.iy waa .. lonii' in n-i-if.
Tbe men li„d fall n Lack upon a
few nripe of dried venison, but the
mules had licen fill ly fed .in I vtAieied;
and I was ple-aed to Iiml lhat, by
dim of good travelling, wi mijilit
reach Piitrerilloi bt ien o'clock inilrr
My host, old and poor as he was, ac
oompanied rneover tne chasm, mounted
ine, and walked a short diet men at tin-
mule's head. I asked liini if he SOttld
tell ni" anything al'Out the stone* and
the plain »<> lmr| passed through on tin-
pntOraJtlg Bight, He shook his head,
and only replied that it was a place:  of
tin- dead -dead many centuries ago.
That was nil lie knew, h<- said.
At tim   parting, on a .turn between
two slopes, Eduardo banded up tbe
little (log, und the old man literally
glowed with pleasure when 1 put a
peseta I lOd.) between his paws, ami gave
him n tender pat. His owner promised
to be kind to bim for my take, ami
then with the benison. "Kl linen Pios
1.3 guanle muehoa unos. (Mny Ood
spare you many years!), the old mun
doffed his cap and went his way.
Ten o'clock found us at Potrerillos,
and after making inquiry, we rode up
to the house of Monsieur St. Laurent,
who, it appears, held tho position of
li'-rnl iimn or' lli" town. This position
throughout Honduras is a post very
difficult to define or explain; and how
tbe individual occupying it arrives at
this dignity, I found it equally impossible to fathom. It depends neither
i n age, nor talent, nor length of ivsi-
deuce in the place. I drew the conclusion at last, that some one individual
possnilillg a little more energy than
usual, combined with some commercial
s ukc in the country, assumed the
leadership of the   community,   and the
community fell in with tbe arrangement
as a matter of course, it being a convenience generally, and a saving of
trouhle to all.
Monsieur   St   Laurent received   us
very courteously,    hut   he   imparted a
■piece of   Information which,  for   the
time lining,   was highly   unsatisfactory
to ine, and   this was that   the railway
between   Potrerillos   and San    Pedro
Sulu was  quite   unsnnicealile;  in fuct
it hud become SO broken down that for
some months  the   railway  plant  had
been talceii nwuy, and nothing was left
but  the   rails   and   a   broken   down
bridge or two.    "We have now- to ride
toSaii Pedro Sula," said M. St. Laurent;
"the road is vm-y good, und   it is under
fifty miles distance.    Rest  here, if you
like, tonight,   and   set off   to-morrow
morning; vuu will then reach San Pedro
Sula easily in the afternoon,"
Mui  Muivos here   intervened,    He
had been engaged, he said, by contract
to take the lady to the railway station
at Potrerillos,     Well,   there was no
railway station: further, be WM to be
paid in the linnd-hoiise of Potrerillos in
the presence of  the llend-lrl.ui.     Well.
there was  the head-man; let the  lady
fulfil her pact of the contract and pay
him, and let him depart
In vain    did    Monsieur St.   Laurent
urge the muleteer to finish the journey
and take lie- on to San Pedro. Ile
w.is obdurate, and even an appeal tn
his self interest was, for u won
dor, quite siiperlluous. lie bad gained
us much as he wanted, '.he man said,
and thu ludy could hire fresh mules
here. It was not worth his while to
cross the I'ahiinpie either, he wished tn
to return qnickly, for he Imped to sell
tim maeho and the baggage -in ule a'
Vera Cruz. So pronouncing, Marcos
drew his copy of our contract from his
pocket, und tlourished it before Monsieur St. Laurent.
For the benefit of those who have not
made niule-journeys, 1 subjoin a copy
of this contract, which may prove useful to intending mountain travellers.
No one should travel far without being
provided with a form of this kind; as
it, being stamped with the Government
s .-al, serves as a protection in out-of-
the-way places, besides acting as a
restriction, if necessary, on the mule
Mari a  sign  : h
handwriting  thai M   8(   Lean oi   in
quirad where he bad been taugbt
1 be n i | in '   who   a is kind t.,
tbe Indians  taaght »e,' In  si
•'I kie-w nor" tome yi-ur- ago; bul BOW
id ami gone 1 don't oan I    i un
from any  one ela..  bi aides, 1   am too
old '
11•• then turin-d to ni", and asked me
to furnish him with a aottifloato   to his
"tii-ir-ii'-v as a guide,   tnd also to his
having aerved me with fidelity.
This 1 did   cheerfully,   and then be
wr-nt out with Eduardo, and dUm <ui.
ted the luggage, hih! took off my saddle
from I.uisa's bad:. I caui« out to wish
this tried friend a kind good-bye, and
Marcos waa so pleasant that ho laid he
should tell of the incident EnGoaecaron.
The Knglish lady- kissed his mule!
Doubtless it might lie considered a
gushing thing to do, but J am not
ashamed of lhe action, and I shall ever
feel grateful lo tlii- jiaii'-nt intelligent
creature for the way in which she
carried me—never flagging, neversulky
and wanting no reward but a handful
of bread and salt. Mud Marcos ber-n
as tender-hearted as she, I might have
rirl Ir n her to Sun Pedro Sula. The
knowledge of   this made my  adieus to
her owner rather frigid,
•-.'.  you iblige me to hire other animals and   another   guide,   Marios, ' 1
said, "I cannot add any present to your
pay.    flood-bye to you   and take care '
of Luisa."
Madame St. Laurent now joined us,
and invited me to come into the private part of her house and take some
refreshment. Eduardo was handed
over to the mozo ot the house, and we
were both so thankful for our quarters
that the question of getting to San
Pedro did not for the moment trouble
I found Madame St. Laurent very
I L.tKKt: ST.,   \Etll LlOIOI.AS,
POBT   MOODY.    Ti.  Ci
Mils.   Williams
, a-   ir m   OPENED TBI  Ab'JV |
HI   Witli
Dry Goods and Milliner;
G Jl O C E B I B H,
Fancy Goods, &c
A CbOICI AssoiiTvir.XT or
Everything New and
An I 8pection Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Terms, Strictly Cash.
yi-tEN snu.i:i  Peat kCoonr.
that lie is now thor'iughly established in business at tin- Terminus of thet*.
I'. li., and is preosred to make rrud repair
Boots and .Shims at exccedinidv lost rates.
Copy of Contra/1 (Translation).
"I, Marcos Cnrcamo, undertake to
conduct Senora 'Soltera' to the railway
station at Potrerillos for San Pedro
Sula, charging twelve pesos (crowns) for
each one of three mules, and eleven
pesos for myself as muleteer and confidential man of the said lady—the
whole amounting to forty seven pesos.
"And we both and each agree that
this money shall be paid to me by
Senora 'Soltera' in the head-house (for
the security of each of us) at Potrerillos
at the end of the journey.
"Given   at   Goascaron,    this   four
teenth day of July, one thousand eight
hundred and  eighty-one.
(Signed) "Marcos Oarcamo,
"Maria 'Soltera,'
"or Mart Lone.
"Twelve reales."
Here follows the receipt.
"I have received the amount of forty-
seven pesos, as promised   above,  and I
am thoroughly satisfied.
Marcos C a rcaho.
" Witnttus.
'Eduardo Albarez.
'Alt-redo St. Lacrbxi.'
agreeable anil friendly, and she wu.-.
ulso a woman of advanced education.
Our conversation soon verged round to
the gentleman in whom I was so much
interested. "Do you know that he is
expected here to-day!   she inquired.
"No," I replied; unless he has come
to meet me, in answer to a telegram 1
sent liini from Comayagua."
"I do not think that is likely; as ire
hear that he is on the way to Comayagua. He stays at a house in this
town when he passes through, and if
he arrives to-day, 1 shall know of it,
and will let you know. If helloes not
appear, it is possible that you may meet
him on the road to-morrow."
"Very strange, is it not, that he
should he leaving San Pedro just as I
enter it/'
Madame smiled, and looked at her
husband, and then said -"There has
been a great change in the colony during the last b » months: several of the
colonists hate returned home] others
have gone to Guatemala; very few re-j
main there now."
"Are you sure   of this,  Madame?" 1
Quite sure, fnr many  families   |w-s
through here, and they   speak more or
fi ly; it nems they have been de-
Delved in many ways They com-
, IiiiiH'd solely of one pei*son;and the
only fault they iiml with tlie Govern
ment is, that it has allowed itself to be
hood-winked by this man, and is SO
slow in i-edp'ssing their srongs,"
What are these particular wrongs!"
"It is said that  ttlmn he chartered
the Vessel tO bring these coloniltl hen-
lii- made the majority of them ooniide
their money to him. ami that they can
sot girt a settlement. Tin n tban is a
notion abroad tbat boil no priest, bnt
a former Protestant minister, who
i-iiini' ben »ith questionable reoomnen-
dations. However, then is no doubt
aliout his suspension, as another priest
is appointed to his cure. I am ■.'bul of
this for your sake, for the new priest
is a quiet and earnest man,''
1 was told at   Comayagua  that the
person in question does not   recognise
his sentence of suspension." I answered.
"That is absurd." replied   Madame
"for the church is locked    up. and the
alcalde will only give up the key to the
newly appointed priest.    It is said that
his predecessor will never be reinstated.
Indeed, how  can it be  otherwise?    It
s a great pity, for no one entered upon
an undertaking   with   finer prospects.
The government was liberal, the Pres-1
byterian   alcalde   and  the   Protestant
consul at Puerto  Cortez,   both helped
and were  anxious to receive   the   colonists."
'And these," intervened Monsieur
St. Laurent, "were mostly of a respec
table class of Irish small farmers. They
brought a little money, and I think
with a different leader they would have
done well. Land has been given whereon to build a school, but the school is
not even begun."
'What could induce him to write
and engage me to come and superintend this school?" I inquired.
Madame laughed. "I cannot say,"
she said at length: "but I daresay you
will get that explained at San Pedro
Now, if you will go and rest, we will
see what we can do in getting you
mules. 1 know of one which you can
ride, and that is the principal part of
the business."
A room like a small barn was as
signed to me, and Madame had sent
in a bath, water, and towels; and
Eduardo, having looked to my comforts, asked leave to go with Monsieur
to St. Laurent's mozo to look after a
mule for himself and a baggage-
(To be Continued.!
Saddles a Harness-makers
Every Ai ticlt*>i**«v their Linr
AlwayB in Stock.
Front St     -    YALE- B. C.
Port Moody
•      tirst-class
Four-Horse Stage!
Between New Westiniimteran*. Port Moody;
leasing New .Vestminster «-vcry morning
rt'turning, will leave I'ort Moody between
.'{ ami 4 ]i. in. Thmo itlflM (fo over tlie uew
road to I'ort Moody dirt-et, carrying both
l'usseiigen. and freight.
Port Moody
M     Ij -  teals Mill, where tire   best
--I Shingles can btosd at ta'..- lowest jui.i-a,
w holettlt or retail,
A tapply kept oositintly on hand.
CmIn   tbe   new (Idille lows'   Hall,
ciir.ritniA street.
(KSTAI-USiIKI) 1868.;
Fred.   ~Eickhoff
Dry   G-ocxajs
&l\, &c.
Of First-Class Quality,
Moderate   Hates-
Corner of Front   and Befbie Streets,
"filTTO  THE
San   Francisco
Boots & Shoes
(From tn Inftnt't Sboe rip to t Mtn'i 0
Repairing Neatly Executed*
Hitches: Market price paid Tor
'   i
COttMW*   STREET.  Off. MNK OF S. C. €k Jpnrt Jtiiiuu-tj (kM'ifttf.
l'lIL'   W'KEK'S   NEWS.
Nicli.rlns l-'I'inil li.-iiin i-iinlinu'". tn
joki'about tin- i-iiiii'iu nu sent bere to
i-iir|rin- ,,iti.   lli"    i-ii-m   of   Chinese
i-hi-a|i labor, unrl the | pie at Ottawa
I'luinnt Ma thnt the levit; of tbe Joker
is an insult to themselves, A bw ootn-
iiiii>inii"'l jokers like Nicholas would
mora tn ih.' people in ■ rttj little
whili' tlmt the tnodern rystetn of gov
eminent ia a iii'-n- delusion, sod T1 nit
"minittefs" are mere lusaties out <>f
thr Aeylum.
The people in Australia know how
to speak.      They   :ire  ohips of the old
Mock, und by nn means like British
Columbian sleepy beads, An ex Premier of t'ueen^lniiil. representing  bis
people in Kile-Lin,!, sniil : "\V are civilized ; we hate dirt, we buy snap, (iinl
we reud newspaper*. Ifvotlta) to n>,,
'you must work for us low (vagal as tbe
uniniwi.' you  undo the work of im,
uud level us down to the status nf the
half starved Asiatic, wbo i< latiffitd to
lire ou ijaibagi! inn hole. Bnt we. do
not mean to let the Chinese overrun
Queensland. .Ninety-nine of every
hundred men iu the country have
sworn to keep them out.' It' the people of this Province could learn to
speak like Australians, and to think
liko men, all the shams that are grinding them into dust would disappear like
Five years ago there were only four
houses in Kamloops. "The Kamloops
Directory," published in tho last issue
of the "Sentinel," occupies a column.
There is a sawmill, a planing machine,
a gristmill, and two Catholic colleges.
The one for boys is largo enough to
lodge 150 boarders, and the college for
girlsj, taught by the Sisters can accommodate 1U0.
A man named Hutchins, died of bad
whiskey, in Kamloops, lust week. The
whiskey a man makes behind the bar
would kill a cat.
1850,000 have been subscribed in Victoria, to build n theutro. Beds are
scarce in the Royal Hospital here, and
the accommodation for patients very
poor indeed. But vanity must have
its penny shows and misery must have
its way. The lady who represents civilization ought to blush passing by the
hospital on her way to lay the foundation stone of a play house. But, indeed, "our" civilization is a common
sham, uneducated and seltish.
On Monday morning a dense fog overhung the city of Victoria and the
harbor. It was as thick as tho fog
that surrounds ideas in the leading articles published in the Victoria papers.
You could not see through it; there
was nothing in it, but it did not puzzle
anyone, and therefore it did not injure
any man's mind. Trying to find something in the newspaper fog is, really
and truly, very like looking for the nee
die in the straw.
The Victoria "Times" says : "Many
of our representatives at Ottawa have
been observed in a beastly state of intoxication around the corridors and an
te-rooms in the Parliamentary buildings
at Ottawa." Well, well. We believed
them to be honorable men; but is it
possible that we send men four thousand miles to represent beasts ? The
"Times" should publish the names.
On Monday the Town Council of
Victoria visited the water works at
Elk Lake. The Mayor said he was
proud of the Lake, and that it was a
monument to the energy and enterprise
of Victoria citizens. God made the
lake, and the "Standard" says, "it contains Hooting islands of vegetable matter." But that statement is corrected
by the Mayor, who says, "the water
nupply is pure." The report of the
visit to the waterworks is a tine kettle
of fish, without a head or a tail.
The Confederation of the Empire
will be accomplished, and British Columbia will bo represented in the
House of Lords, It is time tn think of
selecting tho man fit tn appear in London as "my lord." He must be well
able to spell, and ready to prove that
ho was never guilty of any kind of knavery. Every one of our local politicians is disqualified. Who is to be iny
lord I A snob wont do, nor a great
swell, nor a vory ignorant man. In
fact, "my lord" must be—a gentleman.
Therefore, we say, it is time for the aspirants to begin to practise the art. of doing as you would be done by. The finest kind of gentleman is he whose education commenced in the cradle, It is
very hard to train an old man or an old
horse. We should like to see the candidates for this high office.
On the 18th inst., Henry Irving and
Ellen Terry sailed from Liverpool for
Montreal. Miss Terry may be described as the queen of the English
stage, the equal of Mrs. Siddons and
her rival for fame.
In London, on the 18th inst., Henry
M. Stanley, the African explorer, delivered a lecture in the Cannon Street
Hotel, on the Congo country, its history, development, and commercial
prospects. The soil is inexhaustible, and
if we can believe ihe evidence given by
Mr. Stanley, a home in the dark continent, where nature is lavish of her
gifts, would bo a great improvement on
mud cabin homes in Connemarra or
Wales. Ten acres on the banks of the
Congo, would yield more breadstuff's
than fifty acres of the best land in
Yorkshire. Indeed, the Congo country
may become the paradise of dudes. Ten
days' work in the year, by the river,
would supply each dude with abundance of food, and he could ogle the ladies and look fashionable in pants made
of leaves sewed with grass.
General Lord Wolseley telegraphed
tothe War Oilier- nn   the   JUnd in*t.:
be atj*i: "The new* from Ckrneiml < tor-
don i> favourable. It is quite possible
I .^hnll only need a flying column for
tbe relief of Khartoum. Tin- shipment
of troops for BgT**4    mriv I ■ delayed."i
A   telegra*n   from 8hnngb*u to  thai
London "Tine's." dated tbe ISid inst,I
■ajn :   "A panic prevails bere.     Tin-
Russian Consul has offered t.i  pr
l-'i'-ri' li in-'-i   ■■        Tie- Ita  -inn ib-'-i in
Chinese waters compris. i oue ironclad,
two privateer , and oats Three
ironclads are expected iu ■ week. This
increase of strength, in we-.-- ot tbe
(tnallnees of Rusaian interests in Obi-
na, i  Inou        I n I • ■ idenl
tbat Fr in •'■ and Russia intend to tit
ili/e t'liiiin witb IniiM artillery ; and
that the Bui ■; ur powers will make
no lerioui ohji i; -re The Unita-d
Kingdom is the only nation thai would
lose by tbe civilizing process, und ber
neutrality may be secured by guaran
tees, Tin' blessings of ci i tatiou in
big guns for four hundred millions of
people ' Thai is an awful recipe. Tbe
Christian civilixeri do business on a
grand scale, and nf coniM they linjie tn
be rewarded In Heaven, Big gum and
Bibles!! Awful uewi for Celestial
Lord Nirrthiiinnl: proceeds In a high
banded style ns dictator in Egypt. He
bas suspended the law of liquidation,
anil the result is a storm df Indignation
ut I'nris, and another at Vienna. It
appears tbat his Lordship bus do right
to suspend the law without the consent
of ull the powers who made it., but bt
did it, and it was the very best thing
to do. France may growl, and will
move Heaven and earth to get another
conference, if she has time to attend to
China and Egypt. The civilization of
China is a work that will not be finished in twenty years, ft is a safe
speculation and it will pay, but meil
dling with Kngland in Egypt is—dan
In Dublin, those who ought to know,
say, '-Earl Spencer must retire and the
late Viceroy of India will succeed him
ns Lord-Lieut, of Ireland." The O'
Conor Don, who is the lineal descend
ant of Roderick, the last king of Ireland, was named for the office, but a
growl of disapprobation was heard all
over the Island, and the O'Conor was
shelved. The Marquis of Rijion is a
good Catholic, and that fact will be a
good recommendation for bim in the
Island of Saints, The O'Conor Don is
also a Catholic but be is not a Home
Ruler, and the Englishman is always
preferred by the Irish to one of themselves, who is not resolved  to  rule at
home.    Pat is the d I,  any  way,
and why he ever was called "a saint,"
is just what puzzles the writer of this
paragraph, who knows him intimately,
and can swear that he loves the ladies and whiskey, and that war is the
fun he loves most dearly. And now,
isn't he a nice saint ? as pious as St.
Peter and as proud as Lucifer.
Fifty millions of the frccest paople under ihe sun are still buzzing, and the
noise they make is amazing. Ilu'ler,
described by 'hetngelves, as a wicked,
bad, old man, tells ihein that he is the
enemv of corporations antl tha; lie dearly
loves the peop e ; especially hose pco
pie who never wash iheir faces And
he travels in a palace car given as a free
gift to this modern Crcsar bv a railway
corporation .' 'I he evidence is worth
nothing; the multitude shout in chorus
"Let h m be Ca-sar."
Blaine also savs r e Iocs die people,
and like the ancient Coriolanus he pretends to be "the noblest Roman of them
all." He cannot show hi-, wounds, not
even the wounds receive I by his substitute during ihe war, for this gentleman,
af.er taking his fee, retired to a fat office.
The Muimjan letters in Balnea handwriting, would disgrace sny'decent man.
In ancient Rome the writer of sticr Ic -
ters would not piesume io enter ihe
Senate ; the people In those days loved
honor, bui the modem multitude love
gold, and therefore any knave is lit to be
their Caesar.
The friends of Cleveland say "he
loved his mother; he was a good son."
And thai is all they can say for Cleveland, "lie loved his mother. Let him
be Ca;iiar."
Electing the I'rcsidcnt is the most extravagant comedy that ever was played
on this world's stage. The whole proceeding may be studied by any one who
watches a well filled luve in July. Reason is asleep, and the modem multitude
must have a knave and they will cali him
In the Hocking Valley, Ohio, ten
thousand miners "re idle, and forty
thousand people feei the want ol wages.
The State troops have been called out
and are ready to sand by law and order.
All over the United States multitudes of
men are idle and tenement houses filled
with unemployed but  willing workmen.
President Arthur, at N ewport shines
like a star at the banquet or the ball.
Ex President Grant, free from the em
barrassments of a fraudulent bankruptcy,
drives a splendid team along the Jersey
roads. Vanderbilt. the king of the
twenty dollar gods, drives his fast horses
at Saratoga. Blaine is drinking the soft
breezes of adulation at aristocratic Bar
Harbor. Ben Butler, flashing with diamonds, is sailing in his own yacht, or
travelling in special trains »ith his valets! The Great Republic is the paradise of knaves and the purgatory of fools.
If Graver Cleveland had an ounce of
sense he'd dress himself in sack cloth
and ashes, and stand on the highway
weeping and lamenting the fate of the
On the 15th inst., at Gainsville, Ga.,
a woman was abandoned in her dying
moments by the man that was supposed to be her husband. She heard he
was gone, and then exclaimed, "My
God ! that man lempted me to leave a
happy home and he left a wife and family. In five minutes she was dead. The
next day it was discovered that she had
eloped with John E. Little, the far her of
five children, who arc living with  their
in ihei at A lias-aha, (ia     A little ham;
ing would soil John
Ai I'nUsville, on the iSth in t., Beat)
li. liiii.in eloped with a dau^hier of .Mr
U'isiail. .She was captured and re
store I in hei f.rhcr '/he young iii.iu
gave bail, and ibat night eloped with
Miss Wcstfall's mother. Tbit pair are
now in prison.
At S. I suit, on die i fth ins*., an attempt wai made to iseassinate Sitting
Hull, u he wai leaving ibe theatre, .he
whi ■■ riilli.ui wiin r.iis. ,1 die pistol to
wai knocked down in time, and
the Ureal Indian I in i m iped.
\t Washington, on the imi, mst,
Mi- Ile'.i Lockwood was nominated
i'i the offii     i President of tbe United
'   nn -nt (ilazicr. of S'aw
"fork, In ihe office ol Vice-President
nn: K.\isi:uiiiNii.
Tin-  three Eroparon of Germany,
Austria,   mid   liussiu, hnve  had   their
little run to Sl.i'rnevie, and have returned to their home*. - Thev have
done a great deal of embracing and
kissing, which it quite nice and affecting. They remind us of three children
taken out ly their nurses Bismarck,
Kaliinky and Drgiers; they played
themselves while their nurses were
hatching mischief. They did snine soldiering, in thr' great delight of the mob ;
they dirl soaie hunting, carefully got up
for them, and they did u good deal of
eating and drinking, which is equivalent to smoking the pipe of peace. The
part played by the Emperors was like
the by-play of the conjurors, who amuse
the attention of their audience while the
preparations are going on for tho new
trick. The real play was being performed by tho three Prime Ministers,
who were closeted together while the
Kaisers were amusing themselves and
the multitude. What the Ministers
were doing can only be surmised ; they
had each a very difficult game to play,
because each guessed whut the others
wanted, and it required all their keen
diplomacy to defend their game while
seeking under various devices to secure
a favorable move. Of course, the demands and possible concessions that
each was permitted to make, were carefully studied before they met, and although much discussion would take
place with a view to draw out opinions
on matters to be subsequently discussed
through their respective ambassadors,
only certain points would be definitely
settled. The repression of Nihilism,
Socialism, and Anarchism would be discussed with freedom, because they are
all agreed on that point, and certain
agreements would be effected in order
to secure the more effectual submission
of their respective shares of the Polish
kingdom. But we doubt whether anything definite was arranged in regard to
Turkey. The slow bnt sure advances
of Austria, in the Balkans, which is
creating an impassable barrier between
Russia and Constantinople, must have
been such a dangerous theme that they
would by tacit agreement avoid it.
Tbey might agree, however, to allow
Austria to absorb a piece of Albania,
in order to give her more security on
the frontiers of Bosnia and the Herzi-
govina; they might have come to an
understanding to permit Germany to
swallow up Holland in certain eventualities, and, of course, always in the
cause of peace and order, they may
have consented to allow Russia to take
over Persia. They may have agreed, in
merely exercising the virtuous desire to
benefit these respective countries, to
light together, if required, in defending
naelt other in their right to lake under
fclit.il- protecting wings, the countries
referred to. They would also agree to
hold themselves perfectly aloof in case
of any misunderstanding between
France and England in respect to Chi
tm. Tliey would absolutely laugh
»hen they spoke about these two powers getting into a muss, and they, meanwhile, pursuing their own little games
undisturbed, whilst they gave non-com-
mittal answers to England nnd France
when these powers complained of oue
another's interference with their respective real or imaginary interests.
The three imperial ministers, strong in
their union, would be able to treat the
representatives of England and France
with perfect contempt, always doing
their best to embroil these two powers
as being the only ones that coukl raise
a question about their own little game.
Nay, on the strength of the Kaiser-
bund Russia can impudently evade any
restriction of Frontier about Afghanistan, and may take possession of Herat
iu order to prevent any disturbance of
her position at Merv and Sarakhs, and
she may require to take the whole of
Afghanistan to protect Herat; if England continues to have a Radical government, the chances are that this will
be done. There can be no doubt that
the Kaiserbund is a menace to the rest
of Europe, and if the three Emperors
were sincere, and the three Empires
oould act in unison, they could dictate
any terms they liked. But fortunately
that cannot be ; Bismarck's determination to incorporate the whole of German
Austria in the German empire, and to
make Austria a Slavonic power with
Constantinople for It.s base, Is diriue-tii
rally nj.j.iir,.-iI to ull tin- jmlitieal traditions and aspirations of Russia, aad,
lint withstanding imperial affection nnd
the Kui-i-rbund.a ruptun-of their nmicn-
bla relations must take place, and a life
ni.il di-uth struggle follow. The pahs
lavist ideas of Russia contemplates no
rival in that respect, nor wil! they jn-r
mit it if it is in the power of the i ntir •
nution to prevent it.
The extraordinary rumor about tht
Hustings Mill Lette, appears to us such
a gross outrage upon the people of this
Province, that wedoabt if even honest
John wonld risk such a step. It is said
that not only has the extrusion of tin-
lease been granted, but that a member
of the ring that bought the mill, has
gone to Canada to try and sell it.
Many of our readers may not be aware
that the Coal Harbour speculators purchased the Hastings Mill property with
all its privileges, in respect to lease of
timber lands, for a certain sum. A
portion of this sum was paid when the
deed of transfer was signed; the remainder was to be paid, if we mistake
not, in monthly instolnients. Tho speculation was based merely upon tho immediate value of the land, consequent
upon the expected boom at Harbor;
the lands near that place were to be
cut up into lots, and were supposed to
be sure to produce twice as much as the
sum required to be paid for the mill
property. The indefatigable efforts of
the Coal Harbor schemers were not
productive of the results anticipated,
and a dismal prospect of heavy loss and
possible collapse for some of them, stared
them in the face. Timber lands were
secured, and if the above rumor is correct, an extension of the Hastings Mill
timber lease has been promised by the
Government. On the strength of this,
one of the Coal Harbor victims has
been dispatched to offer the property in
Canada, with the hope of finding a pur
chaser. It may be necessary to inform
some of our readers that the renewal
of the lease, means the granting to someone, the right to cut timber on the
most valuable timber lands in the Province, for ONE CENT PER ACHE PER ANNUM. It must be remembered that this
lense was granted to the Hastings Mill
Company when our timber lands were
supposed to be valueless, and when any
terms less than an actual gift, were accepted in order to induce a company to
employ men iu the country, when we
had no industries whatever. The times
have completely chr.nged, and to grant
a renewal of the lease would be simple
public robbery, and that of the most
impudent kind. We should be simply
providing a premium at the public expense, for the silliest wild-cat speculation that we have ever seen in this Province, not excepting the Leathers Stone
speculation. We do not think tho Local Government would dare to grant
the renewal, even though endorsed by
their servile majority.
From tb. Oir.rrll.il,
We ask this qu ration, although we
know of several for whom we can vouch
because the time is fast approaching
when the people's representatives must
ask our present rulers to step down and
out. Tho conduct of the present Government has born so glaring iu its abuse
of thn power conferred upon them, and
the complete vjid in respoct to governing capability, that the people from one
end of the Province to the other, have
determined to get rid of them. We
don't stop to consider why our mainland members made themselves parti-
ceps crimim's in the whole of their maladministration ; these members, intrusted with the interests of their constituents, vilely betrayed them, with a
few honorable exceptions, and it now
rests with them to do something to redeem themselves—even at the eleventh
hour-- from the universal execration
that will be heaped on them if they
continue to support the present Government. We know there are two or three
who have the best reason for knowing
that they will never bo again returned
to any House of Assembly in this Province, and who, porhaps, will think it
looks brave to continue to support a
universally unpopular Government.
But in this -they are greatly mistaken.
The gross conduct of the present ministry is so shamefully patent, and tbis
knowledge has been brought home to
the people more particularly since the
close of Jost session, that the most atrocious motives will be attributed to the
members who vote for them, and they
will be pointed at hereafter. There ia
no possible shelter for them. They may
have been deceived during the heat of
the session; they were led to believe
that the greatest general benefits would
flow from what haa produced nothing
liut shame nnd disaster. Some palliation nr ex, use rj,uy In- found fnr I le ir
]iris! ill rniisidercd pnrticipaiinn in the
ii' ts of tin- Government. But that eau
no longer be the ca. r- : tsWt can bt BO
more confidence nnd consequently no
i.x'-use fnr rrs-isiiir-' in retaining the
pre . ni lion mini-lit iii power, when all
outside the House desire their iliMiih
sal. To those who huve .sense enough
to understand tht pisi'ion, it will lie
lenr that the bat) way to get out of
iln i'gly position thtyHOW occupy, will
bt, to make iheir opposition us paint
ble as possible, and tiie more strongly
il is narked tht better. It mny appear slrungc tn most people when we
snv thai the (I'lVerillni'llt expects to be
kicked out. Does anyone suppose for a
moment that they would give uwuy the
beat parti of our small strip of timber
lands to aliens, when we are absolutely
counting on the sale of our timber to
the people ofthe Northwest, whenever
tho railway is opened for through traffic ? Does anyone suppose that they
care anything for public opinion, knowing their sentence is passed, when they
would grant an extension of a lease
granted nearly twenty yearn ago?
Could anyone hope for their continuance in power, in view of the complete
failure of the Settlement bill ? Can
anyone, remembering the Kootenay
bill, the Wright Road bill, the Port
Simpson Grab, the Burrard Inlet Reserve attempted robbery, wish them to
remain in power a single day. Not
only are the charges against them of
the most serious character, and the
most ordinary duties of legislation
grossly neglected, but the miserably
false positions in which they place
themselves, by allowing themselves to
be led by a shallow pated man liko
honest John, produces a feeling of
the most utter contempt in the minds
of all thinking men. Look, for instance, at the paltry shifts they are
forced to, in the effort to obtain even
a email amount of money, by selling
city lots in Victoria and this city !
Our City Council appealed to them for
one or two of the lots for public purposes, but honest John flatly refused to
give the lots, on the plea that if he gave
us any he would be compelled to give
some to the Victorians ; and moreover,
they (the Government) had not the
power to give them.* The public (of
our city) were hardly informed of the refusal and its pretended causes, when
we learn that the Government have
offered to present the citizens of Victoria with nine of the most valuable
lots in the city, on certain conditions,
which the Government has no right to
exact. Such little, mean, miserable
tricks, would condemn even a Government composed of men of real ability,
but the puerile creatures who now pretend to govern, cannot be permitted to
remain a day longer in positions for
which they are wholly unfit, and in
which their presence reflects disgrace on
the people of this Province. Let them
be cast out without a moment's delay.
* Since the foregoing article was in type,
the Government, from four of rousing our
citizens to action, whicli might prevent the
salo of any of the reserve, have presented
four lots to the city.
In consequence of threatening letters,
the young Viscount .Mount. Miirrtl,
whose fit ther wns murdered III Ireland
some years ugn, lins required oloie
Watch In it, even at Hampton Court, Enn-
html, where lie now lives with bis
mother. During u recent visit to Cornwall, Lady Mount M-n-les ClIIISI'il Silllle
astonishment by taking, attired in
weeds, the box neat ofthe public conch
and tooling the f riir-horsii teuin.
The lulrst spiritualistic apparatus
consists ofn telephonic diuiihiuKin attached to the sounding-board oft piano,
ami connccti'il by tt wire to a neconil
piano in the ImmtdiftM iieighbnrhond.
Miudc played upon thn hitter is reproduced nniiii the former, but more sweetly nnd delicately than when originally
played. The device was detected in
Providence after a very remunerative
month's run.
Larijr hiils uf gold ore havo been found
near Ouro l'reto, Brttfl, Its average riob-
nesa is **0 per ton. Nearly all of the
territory has Iwcn covered with "concessions"
which correspond to recorded mining claims,
but are far broader.
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I   *.HE UNDERSIGNED respectfully!
*i   et to intimate that all outstan(lr*f
counts duo him must be paid before ti
of Septum ber next.   If not piid prim jj
dote,  they will be placed in the tiMm
lawyer for collection. J
F. 9. NE«*1
Pc-t Moody, Aug. 26, 1884.
all  accounts due  to the und***
must be settled up by the 15th of Sept*
neit.      Otherwise  steps will   bt tl*1
their collection.
Port Moody, Aug. 26, 1884. eMtetweerssiMniuii. ■ '
pjrt JHoflili} ©ajrttf.
»*>r i-aAini-rr'a.j-f»ji..-ji..3^ -
L'UUAV, SKPTKMIsKK -.'7. 1884.
B-S'*"    Z*«.=*^.£    Sta.L^-srj.y
Xlsas   Tahl..
j*c*£t ijrooxiir.
til.slTl. • M.iel.y.* Weda.. :.y..f,:35pm
IttVtl Til .i.J> tt THUT.  «;...'.'M» a
lu.li. .rrlvi I IVI I!   I tela-.
1 .ve. ..cry fa.tur'J.y  a ima.ru
luM. entering   tr.ll.   will,,,  i   n, ki|a, at
% »b.i."ek"t.  .IU i»"IJ. will   I-    'i    ill,,
,. u I < UST. r nt 711 ertit...
,. urn   I .ble I"  lake effect wll Ksliird.y.
liiari'Nh. a ii i si,,,,.
a.n'1 Mursgrr. j.l.
^imrwbiy, Sei/cmUr SUN.  at the
, uf the bridegroom -Sew   Wtttmin
'uVltev. G. li.  Allen,  Lector nl M,
[!;,(,. nn. 'I   Eplsooptl   t'hni.h.   Mr.
i  .iniiu- tn  Miss Emily  J. Wiam,
Ibrt Moody, li. C., oa Saturday, Sep-
11: li. InS-l, Ji.lin Mel. Cameron, a
,(Cape Breton, aged thirty-two years
limn Ante ■; rr*a Bar.   Mr. leem Mel,
Csumi r -ri, l  .a., , (ths I
the buy. ra token iii with hiftunwiattoa ut
tin- bowels, daring tin- early pert
week, r-n I, i!  Bjrli trvryUiiag «... .'..
meiin al skill i  -     le-  re. .
dually « ft, and al-nt foar o'clock
tiinl.1) ri.'terno'.ii breathed hia la.t.     Evan
ItsttlnuB .nr shown him by his fellow wen!;
ir.i-n. an.I their grit*   at l.is untimely   taking
off was ih   i,    i,l      ii sre       [r.
f U*l
■ I,,I
111  d.'e
1- i-'iiii'iti'. e     now   n
1 .yoo 'lirnie I
e ut ti.i- rid,    : i .    •  |
"' twt Of I1  1-- ■'•-       I i.  i.    ...     I ,
r.'. W"ik lirilrliiuj lhe l.ii.L,   r),..    ,',   .,,   t|„.    ,'»..!,.:. .
'Hi: COM ED! li ' I I".', ", THE BRIT
l-'l   -   !     .     ' -irlll      '..Vlr.A.
 ' ■'- reeriol .-.."-, ,.  iiiiiiu-.ii tbe Island   n„ ,„,.- „ Bin    il  I
el I   i|'- llr.t'li, a Scot l.rr,..n, lad   p,„.
ol a suja-ri'.!education,      ile wa. a  nun, ,,t , j„„ ti,„,
steady habits, tml had ssaatood borne nn mv ] will 1* „, f„,| running m I. r It
ami property, which he rUeooeed  ,,i by will I it is aim-1 ,.!, I i .
Kl.ll,.- hour. bctae    Ul   .le.ith.        Thr'   llllnral | lip I,',   I l,e I „|   „    jt  »,||
iu',1place .ni   Miiinlsy morning and waa .,1 ■ , I..   i depot for tbi Cariboo tad
fri Igbt, 'nil U    an   advantage   to
--"'I ii" I "I.
Tin-1 /ir bsi pardoned fori
jeiitleiniiii   from  Victorta  was in
In Wednesday, looking for a ani
location   upon  which   to start
1 Mr. Allen conducted the religious
lonSiinday, and apologised forhisnoo
Luce the Sunday previous. There wu
tendance. Itev. Mr. Watson will
e next Sunday.
|Hogh Murray, accompanied by
Mrs. Dunn, returned from
_ on Wednesday lant. Hugh
t Moody is as good a placo ns he
■t, anil lie thinks he'll stay here
hiiiiiniin was found dead nt Hope
Itnrday Inst, and near bim was
bloody club which fitted a
I sound in his forehead. Them
Blue to the murderer.
fllST  Kikk.—On   Monday   morning
t constable Sharpe was at breakfast.
Isrted in one of the pu Litmus of the
il Iind gained some little head way when
til by a passer-by. A few buckets
rijucnchcd the flames.    The tire was
I the uverheating of the terra cotta
ae, of the Sapperton Brewery, is
j brewer deliverying beer regularly in
loony, and he tells us that the patron-
iceivesshows that Port Moodians can
stcagood thing when they find it
line's handsome span of greys, and
jolly and rubicund countenance, are
rl advertisements.
i'ii. wit suggested to us the other day,
view of the bursting of the Coal
bubble, it might be a good idea for
iiodiaiis to get up a concert for the
uf the sufferers. If the scheme is
into effect, we will rig up our poetry
, anil grind out au appropriate dirge
mkrCiianoks.— On aad after Sept.
augements have been made by the
. Co., whereby freight ami passen -
1 be forwarded weekly to Granville,
I ill., Pert Mouthy and Comox. The
leaving Victoria every Wednesday
ii., will connect with steamer Robert
ir for (,'oimi.x, and the steamer leav-
oria every Friday connects with aame
for Granville, Moodyvilo ami Port
-Vieloria Post
CoritT.—Two Chinamen were
iiphefore Squire Butchart on Friday
•'I with stealing wood from .Mr.
bydrin, The evidence proved tbem
me of them   being condemned  to a
tiiqirisoiimeiit and the other to a tine
«nd costs. The Imprisoned C.rlestial
« sick shortly after his incarccia-
'ru Monday moriiiug the justice
tailvisable to liberate, him un pay
ilfi fine and   costs.
ti mini Ly a imiiibei uf our eittzi ii*.    Th" r
mains were interred   in   tht   Odd  Felluwi'
Cemetery, Haw vVtsftrrdatter,
ItAiLwar Wot*.    I'.'p.i iii,,us in- being
made by the i nitlractui. fur lire immediate
 ipl'll"ii of ' ,,iiatrilrti"ii wink   "llthi'   Jill.
"f   railway  botwtrl    Port   Moodj  and   the
Ml, l"li. Hire of tim hlenrii shovels v. ill rr--
-nrrie Mink   It tilt   Mi    i ,11   MZt   ai-.'k, and
lie etllp|"yi'i iii fiat neif.'hl'..III,, ,, I   ii.      I
tW" Wceka;    inline it will  l,f In iilli.'llt   iluwir
to Whan a-k. and Iii-iii there c.r.-.diraliy work
iti way in Port Uoody. Tht principal works
to In r-,,rr. ;'.t ,1 are the raiting "I the tin, k
rrri'l lillmji in   fid." trestles   lOTOtl   the   Pit,
Miratli'M.. nttiiii down tbtgrads bctwaon
the siiiuiiit in I Port Moody, and Idling iu
tin: Hals -it Port Moody for the erection of
round houses arid .dilrttonal side tracks.
These works wUltrapluV a huge force of men
all winter, ami our business men may book
for lively times. We understand that plans
and specifications for the round houses aie
now in Mr. Trutch's office at Victoria, ami
the call for temlcTH for their construction
will shortly be issued.
A town site h ,. I. , i, |tl r nnt     re and |
• I       l'i. ...un
Mle will I" asllrd S|   I i   ,, I,   II,,., ,a,   ,..,11
ll'il-h'-l [with lhe . . ■  ptiofl of a lltth
I ''■   Ml     liana-I-   linllit"  Within  a  .111!.    ol   IJ
'  !■'■!'.  "I"'"    l,-'e |    ,    ,,,..  ; ;.,   |.,..| -..,,
I .er I  -1   ' ',  ■,., . ii working ui
4.'i i-an.p   is prciry  mar  oomplotel    '■<    ■   ■•
I', saupi will prubaU. list to thr end ofOc
tohtr, ind rl tn Un gradingonthi
will be Bnltbl I      ' Ol    /-    ■"■/ .s.i.f.ivl.
iakkk Roaii.—Tho rainy season is
■nd still nothing has been dune to
tin Clarke Road inr winter traffic
i irln-ll   llie   boats   ll|-e   bringing
grt hirs instead nf to Port Ham-
"I "Inn the ■"iiilnrla U"cke.l with
rallic over the nnd ni'l bo quadra-
liiritrnif shoiilrl bslml in putting
""li Ion. Even the Colinnlilan to-
' at jnstici' of our < Iniiu for n
I, Slid we trust the Government w rll
iimi'Mary apprnprlatlon at unco.
U'Kiin.ii'H Lin-.. —A gang of work
'« down hy Mnnd.iy's train, nnd
IfMip near the Summit. They are
I'Tioling tin' telngiaph line along
|y. a work whluh hat been solong
'y the lion arrival r,f intiilatois.
'Klass, these Iniulltori no made
lw«re, mil 0re rlifferent from any we
Item elsowli'ie. Tbey were im-
'"i Eiiglaml. .lust as'fast as the
"I'lrU'd from statimi to station, in-
"dl Ire put iu ami offices opened
1 'end to facilitate the miming of
lessen the dange r of iceidenti along
•""Utoby. — Ws wish to congratu-
Sstn. Conner and his bride, on
"tog/i, whioh occurred in New
**' on Thursday of this week. The
"Pie arrived   in   Port  Moody on
""ening, and registered at the
• and   ns soon as the news of the
iS?ne *broa''' 'bey were ovor-
*!*n the congratulations of their
'"ends. Mine host Scott oxerted
nn soon had a splendid repast on
to which the happy pair sat
1 » few friends.    Tiro contracting
hoth well known and deservedly
il • ' *'0"<'y. alltl tbey have
men- residence here   resolved to
'li the tormina) city.
* Party.— Capt. Clarke's resi-
""glas street was the scent of a
V on Pridty evening of laat week,
i ? iaritti Jfoite attembled to
"I do honor to the birthdays of
:« Clarke and M iss Dolly Eokitein
crowned thtir efforta. Lunch
*■' midnight and dincing was
»n early honr on Saturday morn-
iccorationt were handaome, the
,l,c'ng, the lunch excellent, the
»erous and eoltly, the company
'py, and everything combined
"•"fair one of the most pleasant
"Port Moody. The Gazette
congratulations, and wishes the
jminyhappy returns."
*♦*.!  0rr  AoAIy —A"   extra
»t, heavily loaded and running
.h" Wd ",t0 °* 8P"d' ran int0
Ti ^'*m 0B Fri(U,y morning,
the engine -'Nicola," which
n*ro of numerous moving tc-
■ *jas drawing the train. Just
'**■" jumped the track, she
»m the train anil plunged over
kiiient about thirty feet down,
in the descent and jerking tbe
ierable distance. Tha driver
raped and escaped without into Of dayi' labor inffioied ta>
» on the metali again, and
*• shops »t Yale undergoing
The Hocse-wakmimi — The house-warming party at Mr. Ileo. T'hompson's new residence, on Monday evening of this week, was
a most successful affair. Ample preparations
had been mode for entertaining a large party
and it wot well tbat it waa to, fr the attendance was larger than any social ever held
at I'ort Moody. About eleven o'clock the
New Westminster cornet band arrived, and
after playing several popular airs on the
lawn, went inside amlplayed for the dancing.
A "string band" composed of Harry Reaal's
tin fife, Sam Connor's violin, Charley
Simpson's quitar aud an euphonium, also
furnished pome good music at intervals.
Supper was served at a long table, in one of
the unoccupied rooms, anrl if tho table
didn't ''groan with nil tho luxuries of the
season," it was because it waa ashamed to
be groaning amidst such a jolly company.
Lemonade for the ladies anrl nriti-prohibition
beverages for the sterner sex were also provided iu abundance, and contributed tlieir
sharc to the evening's enjoyment. Dancing
was kept up with vigor till a late hour, and
to say that all enjoyed themselves thoroughly
is but expressing it mildly, T. 3 vaunted
merrincsa of a marriage bell is funereal when
compared with the jolly time of Monday
night at Thompsons house-warming.
CnARHF.ii wiih Theft.—Peter Peterson,
a Swede, who has been working with the
bridge gang at Pitt River, was arrested on
Tuesday evening hy Constable Sharpe,
charged with stealing 1100,00 from Charley
Otterson. a fellow workman, on the morning
of Wednesday, the 17th instant, lie was
brought up for trial before Squire Butchart
on Wednesday morning last, ami after four
witnesses had given their evidence he was
discharged. It seems that on the morning
of the robbery, prisoner had occasion to go
to camp for some tools, and as he occupied
a tent in common with three others, among
whom was the man who lost the money, he
was suspected of having taken it. The
cook, a Chinaman, testified that he had seen
the prisoner enter tilt tent, and that was the
only piece of evidence against bim. 'i'he
prisoner, a tnnnly looking fellow di-eised in
a fine suit of black, told bis story in a
straightforward manner, and uncounted fully
for the money found on his person when ar
retted. He wa. acriuitted, ami the rest of
the gani.-. most of whom were Swedes, returned to their work, rrrrrl we hope the ln.s
of 81011,00, will tench Mr. Otterson to leave
Ids iiiuiury iu some more secure place than in
an open tent, especially if there are any
Chinamen in the neighborhood.
The Way it HaVPMrxrS.—We received a
letter this week from the publisher of the
West Shore, complniiiing that we hurl done
him an injustice by stating that he bud
collected money lor ndvertisinir, and had
failed tn insert the "ads." Well, when the
B. C. number of his paper reached us we
looked in vain for the Caledonia Hotel ndvt.
tor the insertion o( winch   Mr.   Kelly   hird
paid |1A,00,  and   whioh  Mr,   Hoott, the
manager Of tbe bruise, was also unable to
Iind. in tht number whieh We raorlvtd, the
adit, did ont  appear, mid   it  was   only by
c paring it witn o'her numbers,  after   ni
eeiving Mr. Sauiili'l's letter, that we discovered that the binder hud omitted four
panes of advertisements from si'Verai of tlte
numbers whioh reached Pml Moody (our
Own annul:,' the rest, I and we were thun lid
i,.io making th** incorrect Itattmant above
referred t". for the unwitting injustice
dons Mr Sainuel we beg to apologise, but
tiki'the lil.uii'y of replying   to .nine of the
star enis contained in his letter,   lb' says:
"W'tii-n I finally visited your place in perton
I found cliaoi reigning supreme; every business man I culled nil told me the place wsl
virtually dead, never to be rt-turrected; that
they were only waiting for another two
weeks, and when everything would bu nn
the move for Coal Harbor. Of course, 1
didn't care about illustrating a gravi'vanl,
so I immediately returned to New Westminster mu] telegraphed to Portland to throw
out picture of Port Moody," Just sot Now
wo have heen at the pains to interview the
business men nf this city, and they all emphatically deny eier having mado any such
statement to Mr. Samuel or any of hie ogents;
on the contrary, those of them who were
seen by Mr. Samuel told him they were and
had always been sanguine of the future of
Port Moody, but were not prepared to waste
any money in advertising in a paper with a
limited circulation in the district from
whence their trade was derived. Mr.
Samuel arrived in Port Moody on a Sunday
afternoon, in tho midst of a pouring rain,
just at the hour of divine service, nnd was
unable tn see hut very few of our business
men, most of whom ore opposed to the
Jewish custom of doing business on Sunday.
To those he did see, ho exhibited pictures of
the Telephone Office, Caledonia Hotel, Elgiu
House, Odin's building and a view of the
harbor and town site, all of which he stated
would he published in the September number of the WeM Shore, together with a descriptive article on Port Moody. In consideration of these statements, Mr. Kelly
gave him an advt, although there was no
conrlition in reference to the insertion of the
pictures, attached to the contract; consequently by their non-insertion there was no
breach of faith— hut it was crawling through
a mighty small hole for the sake of $15,00.
Where Mr. Sainuel got his "reliable information" respecting Coal Harbor, we are unable  to  say.    The Coal    Harbor   fellows,
Local Rrkvities.—Mr.   \.
bllil'lil'L' II   neW    I Si-   III!   I|;e   i.n.er   HI
(iiunt iiml Clarke streets Wednesday's train whi four hoars aad rr half
lata: the delay wai eauaad by loading
cattle above \   gang of men ure
clearing for fencing along tbe railway
li twin"; Port Moody ami tht Coquftlarn
 To   Mi.  Geo.   Thompson belongi
the honor oi bringing the Urst brass
hand to Port Moody Car loads nf
fencu lumber from Armstrong di Burr's
mill   are being trrken   up   country   by
everv train  Mr.   Coon   bus been
making room on bin ihtlvtt for the re-
cep tinnof new stock, which he expects
in a few days "When  is tbe next
dance going to be'."'     It's too hard for
us; we give it np Mr. A. BuniB, of
New Westminster, is engaged with a
team of horses and u trangof Chinniiieii,
supplying  Tiffin's    mill   with   isbiiigb'
bolts The work of tilling in under
the wharf ih steadily pros/rtlting, and
nnother giing will be ml led to tbe work
in a few days E. A. Cunningham,
Esq., chief Accountant In Mr. Oio'cr-
donk'soffice, uocompanled bv his wife,
arrived In Port Moody on Wednttdav
evening, on their return from n holiday,
Thay took Thursday morning's train for
Tbe Mudir of Drmgola telegraphs from
Dcbbch that large numbers of rebels from
Kordofau ; id Merawi, under the Maluli's
Ameers, have been defeated near Atnbikol,
with great slaughter. The military have
■rained the hauling of steamers up the errt
lira" s, and hope for success despite the state
rrf water in the Nile.
The Staffordshire Regiment ami a company of Egyptian troops have arrived at
Waily Haifa. Nineteen bunts, each manned
by .orty men of the Sussex Regiment, have
embarked at Snrass for Dongola. The bents
are covered with awnings, and are comfortable and roomy, Two of them are devoted
tn the hospital service,
'i'he Highland brigade has been ordered
up the Nile. Ccn. Earle has proceeded up
the Nile. Cen. Lord Wolseley will remain
at Cairn for the present, but he will take
command of nil the troops above Assume
Afl'r a conference with the military authorities of Egypt, in consequence of the
fulling of the Nile, he has ordered pri-para-
tions to be mado so that if necessary the
expedition can proteed from Debbeh to
Khartoum by the desert route,
Ccn. W'ol..eley advises the Government
that it iH his iittenti- n to adhere to tin- .Vile
route in his expedi i"ti to Khartoum. IIh
urges the importance of Immediately forwarding the flotilla and commissary stores,
Later despatches c ulinn the report "f the
substantial victory nl tin: Mudir ol Ambukol
over the   rebels from Kordofan.
The Mahdi is reported to be in Smith
Kordofau with au army of 14,0111) men, and
a detachment of 4,000 troops has been sent
to ro-cnfnrcc the army besieging Khartoum,
Slatcu Bey and Hussein Khalifa Pasha, for
marly tbe Governor of Berber, ore with the
Mahdi. Hussoin is kr pt ru chains.
Ceil.   Lord   Wolseley   will   gu   tn   Wndy
Haifa at soon as the troops and transports
have passerl the second cataract. Prom 'hat
point the expedition will go to Dungola by
water, aud nt I...n >, ll will I. ileeiilod
wiu.t route to pursuit in the nun r- mil uca
to Khartoum, 'l'i" tin ■ ninont ■ 'iti. i■• 1 - are
in lini.es tbat tlie uutiv t i CI uill liucoinc
filendlv by tbe time tin espu'litiou reaches
Dongi'la. su th.-1 il wil! uul " in '■ • in u>r
th" expirliiion tu go beyond there.
-    r        i .
'   ■
hiiti.h I
.: t"    ri mi    :-'   I, ,
ten li..,
■■hi'-t market ai
i • !-. .i ;'   ■    ::
Mr liwraith
■i- .f
an   i   -
tu I  m.,,i, . ,
.Vi  I I
tvllt,   shut   out
An..in ni •    ■ |,
, would
Mei rse ii
I,', I
iui , th<  '■!
ivelyan, CM f Been tun for
ind Mr. Tr y
' thr snt ll
men' ordo
ate  the   11 iviuctt ul   till nt
coins.-, th" it it p.p. rs ire all opposed to it,
y are to everything Iii:. !y ta
' "vnada, and tl" rr   r
II lu) il Canadians tint tir-}
are unlit to govern the country, from their
narrowness ol mind, tlie great charm t
as th
great nation "t ''
should conviue
- the   ','.
bar a ith jnnkl Oiled with -t. lie.
'I In- Rossiou fleet ha   I, rt r bi t». with ex-
; ■      ions  and bullion,
■   '.: I   that llUllil   rrnlitat
at tbe integrit) "i ( imra while tne latter ii
seriously engaged with France.
The   Conioll-Gentnl   of   Crcat   liri'an,
".-rurally, and Austria have invited
t:n- 1.7.iv tu a banquet.
Six thousand   n-enforcsmrnti bavi been
ordered to   Verneu, in  western  Arabia, tu
- the rebellion iu tbat district, and tu
Ij I     ,!'■> emi rgancy in Egypt.
Great   crowds of  Europeans and natives
welcomed Hen. Wirlseloy, L.nr.1 N rthbrook.
of gritisni.
TO SAVE MARSHAL .\i V s l.in. -
t'n.iui',. htondon Timet, Aug. :.
On reading Sir Uriliarn Prssor's lettei In
Dumfries 1 am struck i,y the curious disr r
pancy tint  .     utweeu the lite |>nko "I
Wellington's statement mode to him, regard   and Mi   (taring upon their iriivel   .
miu tm r itbei     • .. ....       |jf,     (I n   Wo    ley   declares tnat he has
and that  contained in   ..   panel    ■■ ch tli    perfectodno plan   I   perations, and will re-
showed   mi     " ...-   in-   ago     ,ii, ' qU'i" '" ys lo make one,
The I' .j ill "i T, ii,i.i,  gum ttra, wh i h n
■    ■ rev, ■; tbe wrecked British
steamship A: r:,, in captivity tvi i
autumn, in reply 11  tl. ■  ultimatum oi  the
Britiah i ioveritiiitmt recently sent him. shoe t
litpOlition   tn   relins"   the   captives.       .',
Duke   showed
allowed t-, e nj |,   il,.    mem ii uiduiii   r   n
i'i   hit fath .     v.n wordt, taken  rl un  at
w aimer.
By th- first it wool I appear that \' .
tun had dotiti lis ui i. privately, t <   save
the Marshal's lil , and that it   was  »i,,,Hv
lu ounteque'li i th" absolute r-n, ,-.l ,,r the
King nf Pranoe'i Miui.ter. tu adviie bim t,.
grant tile Duke's rr llUCt tint he, 01 a n
nf duty, abstained fn m p iblich iskin
Louis Will, this favor,
Uut the Dukes ow ii account uf the matter,
as given iii tie- piper I have mentions I,
altogether dilfereut, I am sorry thst 1 am
unable to refer tu it juit nowj but on my
return tu Pulbani i would j.i duoe .r il
desired. It Is in subatance as followi: At
the time of iVey't srresl tin- Duke bul mn le
Ills cii-tuman evening appearance at the
Tuilei ies, and ou :...,.. p ,, usual, to the
Ring, was mi-piiaeil b. Ins Alajejtj t.in
i-vay ti-i.in Inru. To in,ike sin,-. Iiuwuvi-r,
that he wasn t iui-iumi. b- went up ri
second time, but again the "cold   ihoultler'
(as he expressed iti was jiven ll Dl, Olid,    I,"'.
Choosing to stand tint suit uf tiling, the
Duke flung hum, Ii "ut "i t ie 'i'ulli rii -., from
which hu nftei-wn .1 absent d Ilium If,
iu tin' iiu-aii Him- Ney was tried nnd .hot,
rind niter that event tin- Due d'Aitois called
upon Wellington t,, express i,i« brother's
surprise and grief al the suddcu ctraiigineut
that Iiml su unhappily an i uiiucc nutably
occurr-r-d betrve.n tin- Kin;' and une tn whom
Iris Maj-sty nui ,i ,. miu Ii, (te., nnd be
begged with ten-, iiie Duke tu come as before | and thU the Dut;, .    ersi   homel)
HI t'l nn. .- -, in.-, in i    1 i . ■"'.
Wellington, of oouise, saw through the
ruse, but r.il.ritt'al tn ii the affront prevented
■y ,-,,iiiiu'ir .- ative tu the  reporter of
' .  fndging  by  the fac
'     '■■■■■ ' . ■ i  ■■ i i,.
il,, • > Prim- Mm
•     '   ' i bimself.-—
coll iiv  with ,.
■ .is  at
I       Kiinl
«.,i,!,l  in t
'      ure,
I        tl
h .    I hti-i   orrivtd, ..nd
r.r " !-.  ,i   ,|
twr roe nut to
■' "nl "i tht
haps ba tm
',:, be
■ red     But    .   i,.:   i idgi   il„.
■ ■    representatives nf
tiquite i ,- .,.,,,1   , i  political ti. i
I be mu Liberalism-  I ie  l,.l.     ',,,,. ,., the
matters iu a very
E   ...,.':. .::,■■   : ,,. I,m „,.,
i the msinteaanoi
•■    ity and unit,  is to our   minds a
reaterthonany now
i fore thi   public"    "Have   vou not tnu
1 ' •-        --n-y'..  I... k ur, 'The Expansion
I        I "Have   J   not!"  said   Sir
rhomai,    "I   read it  through   twice  from
•• '" cover, Itn. a great bunk, a pro
photic book that presents truths to you in
tueba Isablon that you marvel you never
realised them before." "Then in that book
sir Thomas, "said his visitor, "ynu ha\e the
cvpr' mion 'I the convictions and the aspira
tioniofthst Liberalism which is destined
before very leng to be tin- dominating force
in Knglish politics.'' Let us hope, in the
ir.t rest "t  the  colonies,  thut this  "new
Liberalism" will soon   shew Itself.— Cobilr'
md India.
bim from asking lur ,V y
as a personal favor; whil ■
be did nnt ooiisidur  Int ,i- M
claimi for irit.-n rlltloll "U Ids bi
.M INTAI1I    McMl l.l"
s,,al' ,1
.-. . i.i.',  uroiuid.,
Iinl hurl any   light
tleui rii.
further delay has, therefore,
Mr. Labducbere, in the current number of
rr«M, ridicules the nlea tliat .Miss Mary
Andsrs -rr possesses tire ability tu play Jul"}.
He speaks nt her- contemptuously as a pretty
du I whose chief merit i« that she is guod tu
her mother. He hints that Miss Anderson
is not only guod, but goody-goody, and has
neither tin- soui nor the tab nt of s great
lire French official journals are silent re-
gardingthe reported iutcnti n of tbe Govern-
ii'iittu declare wai againal China. Ad-
nirrrl Peyron.   Minister of Marine, favors
t.   Several   powerful   "r^ms  insist  on a
vigorous campaign,   Fifty thou. 1 troops
are re idj for thr  I
The ball in  honor of tin-  royal party at
1., in, i, ie « is a gi md affair, 700 persons were
invite I. I be Czar ami i zarrza and tl:-
11 rain 1 Dukes arrived at tin- ball amid salutes
run! Sreworks, and walked through the hall,
bow ing tu tbe right and tin- left.     Thai /ar
onveised at cunsidi rain" leugtb with the
Polish iii.bl. s u In. weie present. The Czarina opened ih,: ball with Hen. Gourko, and
afterward tin- Polish aud Russian ladies were
presented to hi r Majesty. 'I he supper table
was dei irated with 8,000 m-es. The citj
wat in ui- i nlli inilv illuminated than nt any
tin-.- before. Tho I ridge over the Vistula was
.   with  Iiuht-,  an I   the  river  was
" ' di i   " it.i host • br illiant wiih  lights ,,i
I rs.    The pal u -  li is  ".,.'  blaze ..r
,1 away without tint
the 1'T:amhciiim:>i: wai:.
Despite tin' difficulty of approaehing the
c.-ar, who has been rigidly guarded, a
bourgeois has mtuogtd tu  prewar*! te ths
Ernperur a |.et,t'u:i    fur   help.      Trie In   ,1
tir.t was  visibly stinted, ordered   his ear.
I'iagt-   to    stop,   and    pinltll.-a-'l    tu   help   the
suppliant, Tlie latter, however, was mado
a primmer,    there have been a thonsand ar-
ri'sla in   eiilinia tinii   wiih   tin*   ii.-it"f   thi'
The Gear drove  tothctheatrt Inoognfto,
The carriage  wa. I,lucked iu ri. pa -sglI by
two ii nn  ens,  ami the  Catrina became
Irighteiii-d. The C/.ir prevented btr from
jumping nut of the carriage. lie then
uliuhted tnd helped   evtriea.e the   tram car
wheels, without, however, being r git'scl.
No Polish lull.lew..men attended the Czarina s reception. Only the wives of military
officers ami civil ollicials were  present.
II. iii,- MM persons invited to the ball
given In the Czar's honor by I Jen. (rouiku
only 400 accepted. The nobility and bourgeoisie were absent. A Nihilist manifesto
has been liberally circulated throughout the
before departing for Wilna the Czar and
Czarina gave a state dinner at the Luzicuki
Palace. A hundred guests were present, including only five Polish ladies. These belonged to the nobility. The Catholic Archbishop was among r he guests. Tube Czarina
was especially attentive tn the Poles. Many
petitions have been presented to their
Majesties personally, although the petitioners incur great risk. Several, in fact,
have been arrested. Tbe Ctarran granted
ue petition on the spot, whereupon the
crowd loudly applauded.
:        enfug pv
ii   si disorder.
|    The appeal of Mine.   Knluminn from th.
.Ir .ri-' ■ ■ ti," --.pit rue Tribunal of Hei
■  .., tie Grand Duke Louis IV.. is
•i heuring un Hub of Oct h ■      \
ration "  - gi into I th   I Irand Duke by
The latest nilvins  from  r'l.ina. con D i     tadt tribunal, and an allowance of
with M. Ferry's  mysterious hint  nl„,ut thi    tl,000 per annum was settled nil ii" mnr-
completion of A'lmiral   '   ':r!"'.'-   m ;    bride, who hud  already been made
lead to the   belief that the   Admiral intend,  the Couuten von  It mrod,      I'he I   uut.--,
to seise the wholi islamlif  Formosa,  ;..  .':<■   h waver, wns not to be silence    hi
Ins-ei/.',l Kelung mi its northur cast .-.iui and ir ap[iealed from the ii Imiial, which
Imld it is   a b' aiiu-   until i'hu, r   eoun's  to   "he says  s wboil) undel I -r
i rms, Th" generally a or   i -I tin my about I   th.   H   chsgeri
i' bet's ui-i.rb-.'.w.-il   ii", nr th" Miu   River secured the    erviroi ol    ... ■: thi m it el
-ia. that b ■ I.,,,! gone to EJalnsn io ropnii nent lawyen :, Mannheim, a d, acting un
damages, but il " iu"i rumored that br- ler hii advice, has returned the £ioQ which
withdrawal nn. n.e ,- \ a ru- . .uul t'nt 1," is  had been given ber as the fi   tqus terl   | ij
i.w astemoUug .1 ib-. t for an attai k in foroe
pon  Ponuoae
The   French
I 'hills bus d> cl.-ii
nut. be summoned tn msi t  I ei 1
Prlmi Minister Ferry In- returni
Advices from Tien-ttin ol Bept Osaytliat
ilr'ii. Tuki In- been appointed military commander uf tin- province "f Full Km,, in
whioh both Foe ' how and tbe lalaud "i For*
m..sa an' comprised.   The .1.0 al commander
Will   be Sll".'. . dell    I'V    I   ll.lll.   Pi   I.Ull",
,iu nt  ' 1 b- r- sllowanos      i  1 I ountr -- . ..-
En ber possession lout fromtbeGrond
Govi 1 nt,,- nt   denies   that  Duke, snd 1 ther ilocnmenti 1 I > h ghly '-"in
I war.  Tlie Chambers will  uromi ing md is determined tu
llrt.   1.'..    push In 1 suit with tin-1.tun st ir^-ur.
I     tu   I'.: I
Tin- r'tiuiiatinn of tiie  Marquis  of Rip 11
SI '■ 1        J  u:   In 111,  .md   the   piun    I
tlu-   Bar]  ol  Diitleini  11  that post,  were
.illicit,iin-,'ii-ly   alumni 1  bv   t.,.   Govern'
ment,   '111 n ition in- in 1 n ,,i
llu- Chi " ore taking steps te obstruct I for months, aad surprises nobody.    ;     .:
headed by honest John, are nothing if not
scriptural, and Mr. Samuel being a stranger,
tbey took him in," perhaps; but we have a
shrewd su.spicion, notwithstanding his assertions to the contrary, that the article on
Coal Harbor and the beautiful (!) lithograph
of that so-called terminus were not the least
profitable portions of the much vaunted but
sadly disappointing B. C. number of the
ffest Shore. We hope this humble and
abject apology wiil be as gratifying to Mr.
Samuel, as it is to ns. V irtue is its own
Thx steamer "Adelaide" arrived from
New Westminster on Sunday evening lost,
and discharged ber freight at the Caledonia
Hotel wharf   She left the sime evening.
The Afoiiax Fkostieb Commission.—
Tbe route snd date for the departure of the
Afghan Frontier Commission aro still uncertain. Captain Maitland, the intelligence
officer, has gone to Quetta, it is believed,
with the intention of arranging for a march
»io Muskhi ami the Desert route to the
Helmund, in case the Ameer refuses to agree
to the adoption of the march by way of
Candahar and Giriskh. It is possible also
thst neither of these nrntes may betaken.
and that the Commission may proceed by
sea to Persia, or even to Constantinople. At
present, bow-ever, it would oppear that the
Desert route will must probably lie selected.
It is sairl to present no great difficulties,
having been partially explored by Sir Robert
Saudeman last winter. Ibrahim Khan, As
sistaut Superintendent of Police at Pesh.wur
has been sent on a special mission to Cabal
It is supposed that the object is again to
press the Ameer to consent to the adoption
of the Cindahar route. Dr. Sully, who was
originally appointed medical officer of the
Commission, is unable to go. His place
will therefore be taken by Dr. Aitchison,
who to his other qualifications adds that
of being a skilled naturalist. It is now
stated that the escort will consist of 400
men, and that fiOO followers wi 1 accompany
tbe CommUiion.—CWoit-et and India
the fair way at tire "liter  bar at Shanghai
Admiral Peyron, Minister of Marine and
ihe Cnl.inies, supports the demand made by
Admiral C air hei. ihat Fran s shall 1 Ih, dally
ileilaie war with China as a necessary action
to insure the voinpiete success of Ins naval
The /i'./.ii'o siys tint, M. l'atenotre, the
French Ambassador to I hiua, has received
from the Tsiiiig-li-Yatiien a decltimtion of
war by China, but the Ambassador refused
10 give the document official recognition,
upon the ground that diplomatic usage renders it necessary that such a declaration
should be made direct to the French Government at Paris.
'lhe Shanghai Chamber of Commerce telegraphs that the threatened blocking uf the
river bv the Chinese excite strong indignation In that city. The chamber had addressed a communication to the Consuls nnd
Ministers of foreign powers there resident
urging them to prevent such action, and
suggesting that Shanghai be made neutral.
The Chamber requests the Loudon committee
pointment is   a surprise,  but it  is  roosiv
with very ^' neral - ommeudatkm.
Tire  reason officially   stared   for Lord
Ripon's resignation is the d. lieate condition
uf his health, but it is weil known that
various other causes combined to bring
about his wish for retirement. It is true
that he is still a Bufierer from epileptic tits,
one uf whil h nearly terminated his life last
April, and Ins health has been undermined
fur- mouths by the wan anient of constant
disputes with subordinate Indian officials.
Hut the discontent under his rule in India,
which has shown itself more thau once by
open insults, and. ninre recently, the distrust in him hy English politicians,calised by
his proposal tn di-establisb the Church ol
I England iu India, have also made his official
1 life a bin den, anil would sufficiently explain
I his retirement, apart from his ill health.
' Speculations as to his probable successor
have been very common during the past six
months. At one tunc it was asserted that
the Queen had determined tn give the vice-
royalty  to her son, the Duke of Connaught
to do all  possible in  support oT this sug-   and tbe appointment of that young man as
geetion. j the commander-in-chief of the forces in India
The Tsung-Ii Y'amen, in replying to the I was said to Ire a stepping stone to the higher
French ultimatum of July 1-, announce Ipoat. These predictions were soon disproved
that, in accordance with the second article j and the prophet- then decided that thecom-
uf the Ticn-tsin provisional treaty, China j ing man most be the Right Hon. George J.
is preparerl to withdraw its garrisons from j Coschen. At the beginning of the last
Tonquin after the expiration uf a month, and I session of Parliament the Speakership of the
that China respected the terms of the second House of Commons was uttered to Mr. Gos-
article. France, they say, ought tu respect j cheti, but he declined the honor, and it was
the third article, 'lhe French demand for j then said that he had guod reason to expect
indemnity, they claim, is uot in accnrduncc an agpointinent as Lord Ripon's successor.
with the five articles nf that t. aty. it in I Mr Hoechenwts also a candidate fur the
prejudice   of their   frienuly   relatione,   and |mission to Berlin, recently vacated by  Lmd
contrary to luternatiuiial law. The Tsung-
li-Yemen ask if the Government of France
cannot wiit until China withdraws her
troops from Tonquin, when a complete treaty
will bo arranged. Tliey request that M
Pntenotre, the French Ambassador, shall
come to Tisn-tsin, airange a definitive treaty
manifest a mutual sincerity, and strengthen
the friendly relations lietween the two
nations. This would be the proper mode
of procedure according the international
Tho Haipfong despatch to the "Temps"
says: All interest has now centered iu the
operations of the Chinese littoral. The
troopi ot Hiiphong are on the defensive,
awaiting tho dry season before making any
ftrthor advance. Twelve companies of maris have gone to re-enforce Admiral Cour
AmpthiU'sdeath, but he had to stand aside
for Mr. Crant Duff, and now he has the disappointment of seeiug this richer prize tall
to Lord Ihifferiu.
Those who are disprmd to criticise the appointment uf laird Diiiierin say that, by putting him in a purely administrative position,
the Government will luse tho benefit of the
splendid diplomatic talents which he has displayed at \ ienna, St. Petersburg, and Constantinople. It is nnt denied, however,
that he has also shown himself possessed of
great executive ability as Undersecretary for
India aud aa Governor-General of Canada. It
is said that the new Viceroy proposes to infuse unwonted energy into the Government
of Indis, and will seek to reduce or abolish
the armies of the tributory States, which he
regards as a growing menace of England's
supremacy iu the East.
Gei .; .t:,.': ti ir,.- entering with ■.■. Id-
ity into the new schema for money making
is proposed by the German  African
i« ng Sa i- ty.    'Hi. capital »t, ckuf the
wiety is 300,000 marks,  or siia.tioo,
I 11,1,' ivveniy syndicate shares .,1 -Jn..
000 marks each.    All of  these shares   havo
now  been  subscribed,   end  tlie   financial
been granted  backing of the new  Enterprise is assured.
An eminent Hamburg   merchant   has   been
appointed manager of  the  colonies to  b;
established along the Cameroon! River, iu
upper Crimea, and a largo trade is expected.
Prince Bismarck echoes the commendation
"!   the   Kusrer    on   tho    development   of
th" spirit "le iluiiial enterprise   among  tho
Germans, and has  expressed   his  personal
interest in tiie society .- plans,
Herr Tisz, the Hungarian Prime Minister,
In an address tt Grosswardein said tint the
Government was strong enough tn cveroome
nil anti-religions agitations,, especially those
igaiust the Jews, but especial powers
were necessary to be conferred upon the
Government in onler tu effectively punish
the agitator. With regard t> reforms ho
said the upper House would represent the
birth, the property, and the different roll-
gi i.-"■tin  country,   and would  comprise
nn 11 H l.n were appi.iuti ,1 for life on account
of their inlilic servloes, Iu referring tn
foreign politics Herr Tlsza ssid that, su far
a.-- human foresight could judge, the present ■
peace of Europe wonld he permanently se-
in '1. The speech was heartily applauded,
Herr Tina was tendered a banquet in the
llu conduct "f France in beginningho.-tili-
inst ri:' i'hinete   without a   formal
i' claration of war bas already raised several
"i e ,::.:: nis a- i" tl •• rights arid duties ..f
i" iltrals.    Three -«:,-t rr- nclsd     usl bu d in
rrmany fur tli" Chinese navy, are bow ly.
ii,.- ai Kiel, and th,- l'i kin  autlt ritics have
n i" stedly solicited ihe German Government
to allow thear vessels to soil under thu care
neers and -ail rs by whom
the) ■''" ['ar 1.    Tin i.erman Government
bos r fr n d,  fr srlna tl. it  '   rina's   intention
was tu rnaki    ii"■ ut Ih"  v :.: ivsteort
tu b un" tie- maritime eommi ree ol Fran e,
which might involve Germany in international complications. Learning tint the
vessels were] to loavr China has i	
manGovernmi ut, and tin- .■: •; itverj likely
: tl   1.
Lord :        M-■. I;-".-.
■I      ,.',.     i •■ i
- iu.h
tr i    I
ill    i Iffr utlve
■ in i  the
t,,vMi , It had heen  bis
i itentli !   i - Cork   by  way  ..(
■  -   r   . ■ a , : ..   oppori
• i        ■ iti- ns,   ho
'• • ll
jhtlj   p"| rrl.-'i''!.
tl    :-    ,   tl . kilting   tin   upper   Ial,, I
pasted tht a lilt,   i t
ting Gli igarrif Castle tnu the
nr perty of tbi Marquii  .,;   Lasedowns  ,t
Th.xc who have seen the ex - Empress
Eugenie within the past few we-k. say that
-In- is 11; idly breaking doe n,tnd predict that
she will not much loogar survive ber husband
and s.ii. ui ".(' -u, iiiury she niniirn- I onstai '.
ly. she was pursnaded a t\-w weeks ago to
leave home at FarnborouEn, England, and
try the effect of a secluded summer resilience
tu Switzerland. The change has not resulted
in any benefit tn her health. Some traces nf
ber fami.us beauty still remains, but thero
N rr . vestige of her former vigor and spirit.
She is bent withered, and querulous, and
when she undertakes to walk, she totters
along painfully with the help of a stick.
An animated discussion is going on in the
newspapers regarding the killing of the boy
Parkerby the survivors of the wrecked
yacht Mignon in order to keep thcmselvt*
alive, The balance of opinion decidedly
favors the v Jew that it was a case of justifiable homicide. The-prisniiers were loudly
cheered when they were released on  bail.
Large numbers of dried and smoked
lizards are imported by the Chinese physicians. 'They are used in cases of consumption anil onasmia with considerable
success. Their virtue seems to lie in tbo
large amount of nitrogenous compounds and
phosphates they contain.
Vienna has become so fnshionablo as a
medical centre that even the Scotch students
do not consider themselves perfect until
they have passed a season there. Tho
attractions consist in th* large amount of
material for study and the great teachers,
Morphy, the yoirrrg anarchist editor, condemned at Parid to six months' imprisonment
wus sent to Cochin, and has made a Monte-
Cristo-like escape from tlie hospital there.
He skilfully dressed and placed in his bed a
lay figure, which deceived the custodian.    ,
Tho Rajah of Tenotn hae submitted to the-
requests of the Dutch Government, and released the remaining members of the crew
of the British steamer Nisero, who were
captives on the islam! of Sumatra.
Cases of metallic poisoning have been
traced to cheap silver-plated pitchers.
Where the lining is broken or worn, galvanic
action is set up and the base metal rapidly
Queen Victoria bas another elephant as »
gift from King John of Abyssinia.
The British Government spends about
J5.000 s year in the photography oi criminate
Manufacturers antl Dialers in
all kinds of
Rough 8f Dressed
Orders from the ountry
Promptly Pilled,
ot quantity and cost of material for
building  carefully   prepared
free of charge.
Grain-Edged flooring
A. MBNNIE   -   -   -   Agent
IB.   O.
ith the N. W. & P*
M. Telephone Co.
Lots offered in every
portion of the town-
site; also a few desirable Estates in
the immediate vicinity of Port Moody
Kxperimeutsby De Champ uf Paris sLotr
tliat man it more seusitivu tu luurphiue than
i* any other animal, A dog can take five-,
and a monkey fifty times a-> much, in pro
portion to their respective Heights aa a human being.
Strong mthalfe acid h a powerful   poiion
when externally applied.    A man   recently,
. while caiTyiiiiga pound of it in a bottle in his
'pocket, bruit.- tht a} M,    The acid ran   o*rm
| the surface   of   oue   icg.    !' I   expeii'-ii'* >l
little pain, but tli-d two houm after the  ac
ciilent.    The aci.l paralysed bu nt-rve-.
"A theatrical friend'' write* to a 1. <nd mi
weekly: " London managon granbta at the
bad '.usmes** they aie doing, tttti wWl I
Tlit* other nijjlit at 8:30 iiut ;i-wiiil wa.*,iu my
h.m**e. At H:45 * nmall lioyand an apna nt
Iy engaged couple strdled in. At !» 1 rctn
md the money, and—went t i b,*d."
I. mil- Mtich■•* have l»etn written ftbottt tin;
photon bacillus but a Woman m
writer aays our real knowledge of it uny I' -
summed up by saying that it is fhApod
comma, 40,000 to 00,000 of them olkaoA
Iengthwi**t-would make au in li, thut U in*
totm impure ilrinking WOJOW, favor* the human intestine as an abode, and is auppo* <i
to eaiirie cholera.
Kroin a letter in the linsti-ii M-dind and
HurgicalJourntd it see*mj that our brethren
of Chili get into the hospitals mainly through
troubles caused by over indulgence in a food
made with etpial ijnantitieH of pork ami rod
pepper, a delicacy which tint true Chilian
cannot withstand. It is aaiil, however, to be
a good food to fight on.
The Academic de Meder'me lately rtodvod
ju oue day '240 communications aonetniiiig
uhulera. Most of them offered specific."., some
wanted to sella secret cure, others wanted to
•■witr.it to euro patients fur so much a head,
some wished to have whole hospital ward*
turned orer to them for "scientificcxpcri-
Mr. Gladstone had a private conference
with ministers of the Free Church of .Scotland. He promised them that if a diltinOt
majority of the Scotch members returned to
the House of Commoue at the next election
were pledged to disestablish the Church of
Scotland, tlie (Jovernmont would carry out
the popular will.
Wheat is cheaper now than it haa been
for a century iu Kngland. In thefinyt half
of the present year the average price in the
market* there, aa recorded weekly in the
London Gazette, waa Only £1 17s. Sri. per
quarter. We have to go back to 17&0 to
Iind As low a price. in the interval of 104
years the quarter has only twice been under
C'2. The cultivation of wheat hns almost
ceased in Ireland and .Scotland, han greatly
diminished in the western part of England,
and ta steadily declining even in the eastern.
A band of brigands, thoroughly equipped
and discipline)!, organized last month
for the purpose of operating in Koine
and its environs. These robbers, reu*
h:red desperately bold and ferociou-t
by pinching hunger, have already encountered and killed over a dozen
policemen and soldiers, nnd have frequently
nabbed pedestrians right under the old city
walls and sometimes even within the gates.
The head of one citizen was ransomed at
if'-'OO at Nero's Tomb, a curiosity Hp.it inside
the city.
At a recent meeting of one of our medical
societies a list of more than one hundred
remedies for cholera was presented. Yet n
distinguished doctor stated that probably no
real improvements had beeu mule upon the
remedies of sixty years ago, which consisted
almost wholly of calomel and opium The
French doctors are experimenting with doses
of sulphate of copper as a cure. It appears
that workers in coal mines have had an
almost complete immunity from the disease.
When Du Bias's bootmaker wentdown tothe
Castle of Monte Christo to collect the price
of a pair of boots, Dumas would welcome
him with delight, order more boots, send
him into the gardens to watch the Arabian*,
carving a Moorish pavilion, breakfat-t aud
dine him on the choiscest food, give him
bouquets for his wife and fniit-t for lit*
children, command a carriage to take him to
the station, and slip a Napoleon into his
hand for railway fare. All this repeated
many times for a debt of some twenty dollar*).
"You never 'thou'me as you do otheiH,"
the bookmaker complained. "Well, thou
means, lend me tifty louis," waa Dumas's
A truly singular method of prOMrvIng
historical ruins, says the Loiului Truth, hns
been discovered in Ireland. On the Case
Hill, near Belfast, there was a short time ago
an ancient castle. In order to protect Iti
ruiusfrom the ravages of time and of pas-dug
vandals, some local antiquarians determined
to surround it with a wall, ind employed n
contractor to execute the work. The wall wns
finished in due course, but when the Antiquarians came to admire the caatle it was
gone. The contractor hud used the ruins for
building material, and uot a atone of the
castle remained!
At the sixteenth annual Congress of
Knglish Coonertvtionists, held at Warwick,
Derby, last June, 1,242 societies were re pre
aeuted, with a membership of 01)8,000.
Their sales duiliig 1883 aggregated fifc7f86fl,-
054, Many societies wore uiipre&ented. 'tin-
growth of cooperation in Kngland is Vftll
illustrated by the figures iu a table prcp.-nvtl
by H. It. llatloy, Secretary of the Cooperative
Hoard. In 1803 thero were 450 societies,
»H,.'iOO members, 1*2,300,000 sales; in IfUifi
these had iucreaaed to sil7,|4S,.r>sti. and £3,
.370,000; in 1874 to 1,020,411,2-50, and flO.
350,000; and io 1883 to 1,242,008,000, and
Wero Mr. tTnder Reocrtary Burke, who
was, with Lord Frederick Cavendish, mur-
d< ic 1 in the IMnrnix Park, now living, to
him would belong the baronetcy of tho
Hu rices of (ilynak, which has just descended
to hia brother, Cot. Hurkc, by the death of
Sir John Burke, the last of the direct line.
The family, which ia the oldest of the name
in (.alway, succumbed to circumstances
aome years niuce, and the Clynsk estates
became the property of strangers. Tho late
Undersecretary hod a good est it c, however,
in his own right, the revenues of which he
never touched, but applied wholly to his
mother and sisters.
In a lecture before the Society of Arts,
London, Prof. Williams said that twenty
pounds of cheese contained as much
nutritious material as a sheep of sixty pounds
and would give the same value iu practical
nutriment if it could be ns easily digested.
The lecturer then demonstrated that the
cause of iadigestihility in cheese was the
loss of ita potassium salts in the process
of manufacture. Another savant present
decided to experiment as to the feasibility
of restoring the lost salts and making the
article perfectly digestible. He it! said to
have succeeded so well that the matter will
soon be tried on a large scale. The amount
of the bicarbonate of potash restored is li
ounces to 1 pound of cheese. The two are
simply melted together over a slow fire,
with a small quantity of milk.
A Parisian paper gives an account of a
high-class baby farm known &* Lea OuldiHtcs,
near Charenton. The writer says : "The
good woman who takes care of them
said, 'That is the son of a great lady.
When she pays a visit here her
carriage stops at the Jardin des Plantes ;
thence she takes a cab here. I have three
children belonging to wives sepi rated from
their husbands, another is the son of the
Marquis de—■ —by a friend of his wife's.
That little fellow who seems so sad, and is
now engrossed in making a sand pie by the
steps, has never received a visit. His name
is Ivan, and his mother is Russian. He
looks wistfully at the others when their
friends come, and seems, as it were, to
gather up the crumbs of the caresses lavished
on them. One day a lady embraced him and
brought tears of joy to his eyes. When she
went away Ivan said to his companion,
'Won't yoa give me a little bit of your
. mami?'
Jews in Jerusalem were unt.l lately a few
hundred families, who had gone there to die
in the land of their fathers. Now there are
at least M,*Mft. or about one-third of the
population. They devote the in be Ives almost
exchrively to iiu rcantile occupations. The
new i wier-i are iiuetly from Bulgaria, Ku&aia,
and Hungary.
.Many buy tea from Chinese dealers on
ace.,not of it* being packed ill quaint little
boxes. The package is uo proof that the
article is genuine, as the trippers are made
and tin* feat |i e:ked by a Sv\\ York linn ou
\\ ttorttn • !.
Tin- Km ne.1. Baotoll 'd Medicine lately
Mc.ved a box Ir.iin radon citntaiuingdrieU
eholon ha.iii. It wai followed by its ■cieii-
tin- iihiiit, who wasabout to give an explanatory lecture upon cholera. Wln-n, how-
fvii, this gOBUOOIftti tfOH and began to
undo hi*- Imndh' the members grew so visibly
lien <,u*) that the) could not help laughing at
MOO other, ami the man from Toulon h id
to   postpone   his   recital.
Wnincn iu China an* deeply inteic-ted in
avuidiiig a di.*rce, as the ihvi.it*: loses the
h n- ,ihl ■ p. if it hoi of a wile. The I IhioOM lady
strongly developed, avoldl buth scandal-iaiid
intrigue**. Tht iii.ui-n-fi* often oompoooi
au*- i. hs InrtooH oi proooaooing a doofte of
divorce, and the wife has an unfailing
lOOTOfl of consolation in the upbringing of
her children,
Iiinlan was mourned as dead at Keighley,
Kngland, by relatives and friends who
thought that thuy found his body in t pond,
The widow gotth* money on his life insurance policy, and soon took a second husband.
Bat Uanlan has emerged from a hospital
alive and wei!, but greatly di-plcased.
The two historical Horn at the foot of the
Capitole made out of black gmnito have been
pm into the Capir -line Museum, ami replaced by two copies in ordinary gray
marble. Those lions wero celebrated for
the wine fountains which used to pour out of
their mouths on feast days in former times.
the new ones have no pipe to their mouths.
According to the Lumlierman'/t O'aze'fc,
paper bottles arc now largely manufactured
in (icrmany and Austria. They arc made of
rags, wood pulp. andBtraw, and are coated
both sides with defihrinated bluod, lime and
alumina. They are manufactured in two
part*! and are submitted to high preasure
When completed they will hold suirits, acid,
Ac, and are not easily broken. Their cost is
very low.
For some time past it has been known
that a colony of bees has established itself
in the roof of Stourmout'i Chuich. Kngland,
but the vicar would not allow them to be
disturbed. On his death recently the bees
wero destroyed by fumigation. On the
honey being taken there waa found to be
nearly two hundredweight of it, and the
bees filled two moderately largo barrels It
is stated tliat during hot weather the honey
used to drop in tho church.
The Munificence of Han-Qtia, the great
Chinese millonaire banker, draw" attention
tn the fact that in China nearly all the bankers are also pawnbrokers. Uoodfl are
pledged at from a quarter to a half of their
value, and at the end of three years become
the property of the banker. Legal interest
in the Klowcry Kingdom is twenty percent.,
or as much thereunder us the lender will
accept. Bankers' interest runs ns high as
thirty-five per cent, per annum.
The bastinado is Btill oue ofthe authorized punishments in Kgypt, and so terrible
that even the silent ami much-enduring
Aral,1; scream with pain after the first few
strokes. The victim is laid on his face on a
stone and held their firmly. Then his legs
are raised till the flat soles of tho feet are
uppermost, and secured iu that position.
The lash is a species of cat but with five
strands Instead of nine, ami it stings and
cut** frightfully. The torture isiuflict'-'d for
very slight off.-uces, anil maims the sufferer
f.»r many day*?
Cardinal Hnhenlohe celebrated a pontifical mass in th" Liberian Basilica ill St. Mnry
Major on tho anniversary day. Aug. 5.
The trnditoii'i! whi'e (lower-* we-o fid I ing fr-mi
the cupola of the Itoighcgc Ch'ipel iu'o the
church during the services, repret-i'iiting the
miracul uis snow which app 'ared in the
times of Liberius Pope on the EiquilftlO
Uill, and whhdi given to the church the
name of Sta Maria nd Nivcs.
A tiades'i.nn in rYonu*. Somersetshire,
Kngland, who is n large dealer in china and
earthenware, and also ker-ps a lusting establishment, ha* just announced as u bait
that, he will supply all young people begiu-
ing in life who will [mrchaaogo -dsof over #15
value a carriage and I pair or g.ays free for
their wedding. This is a novelty. It is
now open toa vender of patent medicines tu
supply a hen rue and a pair of blnok hoises
free to all purchasers of over $10 worth of
Ill the Temple, Jjondon, where liwyers do
itmHtly congregate, a barrister's life was made
a burden by the man who lived over him
idaying the trombone as hito as midnight,
urn stock piece being "My (j rand father's
Clock. '* At length u message was sent up
asking him kindly to return word who was
his music ma*ter, as tho inquirer meant to
learn music, aud hail cIkhou the gong as the
instrument.    The trom bono player moved.
10,en apart from I er future ponition as
Qnooa of the Netherlands, the little 1'rineess
Wilhclmine of Orange will he the richest
woman in Kurope. She inherits the whole
fortune of her half-brother the late Prince of
' Irange,amounting altogether to nearly £800, -
INK), and ahe is also heir to the vast private
possessions of her father, the present King
of the Netherlands.
Lord Chesterfield having on a certain occasion respectfully remniistratod against an
appointment which Oeorgc II. wished to
make, the King enraged exclaimed: "Veil,
appoint to teffilif you like." "As your Ma
jesty pleases," replied Chesterfield: "and
shall tho instrument lie filled up in the usual
way: 'To our right trusty, well-beloved
cousin and counsellor?' "
Ab a preventive of Asiatic cholera, Dr.
Constantino Herring, in his "Homeopathic
Domestic Physician, snyB: the surest preventive is sulphur; put half a teaspoonful of
flowers of sulphur into each of your stockings
and go about your bussinea: never go out
with an empty stomach, eat no fresh bread
or sour food. Not one of the many thousands who have followed this my advice have
been attacked by cholera."
Untfue conviviality is said to have compelled Swinburne, the poet, to retire from
the London Arts Club. If is last freak there
wns the trying on in sucesBion of all the
hats that hung in the hallway. On finding
that one would not fit he would throw it
down and trample it under foot exclaiming:
"No, itisn't mine!" until the headgear of ail
the unsuspiciousjmembers inside strewed the
passage. "If yon please, sir," said the
always respectful footman, "what are you
looking for?" "My hat!" my hat!" said
Swi burne, unsteadily. Then came the information: "If you please, sir, 1 noticed
when you came in you hadn't one on."
The cod liver oil business is flourishing at
Marseilles, nnd competition runs high. A repudiated advertisment of one of the manufacturers reads as follows: "Tho cod being
one of the small fishes of the sea, ia constantly tracked and pursued by its enemies, the
whales and sharks,Ac, therefore it lives in a
constant state of fear; and is a well-established fact that fear engenders in all living
creatures jaundice and diseases of the liver.
Consqucntly, all codfish taken in the open
sea hare diseased livers But all my fish are
caught in safe harbor where marine monsters
cannot enter. They live there in peace and
comfort. Their livers are perfectly healthy,
and that is the reason wbv my cod liver oil is
the best."
H7"l>f      IVCI"   la^V   ,1AS   N0,V   COMPLETED   THE   BAIt   AND
TT iflle    1   ™ »31..1 Ei* X     l'illiard Krwin,—the latter tlie Handsrrniest Kooin
in the Province, iiirnislieil wih tiie finest t'AltOM ami POCKhT TABl'.ES ever imported.
The DAK will Le provided with the belt of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
THK KKSTAl'HAN T ||M« open Is) tin prtblkj it is roan iurti-il on the most
iihkIith improved principles. I>y a tirst-clans Cook.
WILLIAM INSLKV, ....       Piii.i'hietoii.
The London House,
F\ JF**. JNriaijSoixr,     Proprietor
A Lakiib ami Wux-aUMOBTBD Stock of
Groceries, Provisions. Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes
.■.'KR'OA *    : Montreal.
FALES & CO., Proprietors
Cutery, Hardware, Glassware, Lamps, Willow-ware, Etc,
Inspect our stock Terms Cash
Of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and late of Kansas City, U. S.,
off Westminster and vicinity that ho huB opened a First-Clasp
And hopos by strict attention to business and courtesy, to merit
a share of tho public  patronage.
BOOKS,    PERIODICALS,    MUSIC,   &c,   &c,
Imported to Order.
thut l,s is coiistsntly receiving from Kiin-in- shipments of ohuiol
Wines,    Spirits,    Liqueurs,
London and Dublin Stout,
Caledonia Hotel
R.  B.  KELLY,
announcing that the House is now completed with every convenience for the traveling public. THE TABLES are well supplied with
every article in season, and THE BAB is provided with a well-selected
Stock of
THE BEDS are well aired, and THE STABLING is extensive
and the best of Feed always ready for Horses.
It may be well to remind visitors that this Hotel is within a few
minutes walk of the Bailway Wharf and Station, and just at the
Terminus of the New Boad, now in course of construction.
GUESTS may depend on receiving every attention and a hearty
welcome from the undersigned, whose long experience is a guarantee
of everything being comfortable and satisfactory.
  J. T. SCOTT, Manager.
This Great Household!
cine ranks among tb
ing necessaries ol Lu
Tliess famous Pill* purify  , aj
ind act must powcifully, yet -
on the
Hiiil   DOWELS,   gliiet  tune, rt^
Viem   |u    l'ie-1'    (Ileal     MaIN    M'|
M>E.    The. aie coiiaiuntlj *"
a irwver failing reiiu-'ty in ill Dteial
coiisrituiion, Irom   shitever cnu.\
'■urne iiejiaire'l   nr wralit-lletl.
le: tiilll  t fliirliri'lllh ill sll   Kllllrel :   i
'ri Keinal.'K ot nil agfs; And   it* a ajj
' AHILY MEDICINE, sn rii„,„;,
Its searching and
Properties aro
throughout the "WoJ
l'«ir the cure ot BAO LEGS, buj
Old Wounds, Sores and [
Ir i> mi infallible renixly. If '-I''-.-.
Iie.l on llie neck and trl-rst, hi shIiii
it Cures M), ETHUOAT, Bionrliiii
Coughs, anil oven A.-Tl IIMA. Karl
-"fteliiuga, AluK'tMnes, Piles, I'liiin.
AiidtTsr? kind of SKIN DlbKA-lJ
never heen Known io fml.
The I iiv and iliiilini ill   ne   M.I
I'll, at
..lid ure   aud   !',y   til  Y'adorn of
hriiLgliinil ihe civilised *n lil.»iltil|]
lor DM in ii moll • veiy tiiiguNire
The   '1 rude Murks of llltM Meliti|
'egisteieii   in   iiiihwii.     llenci
lirriuglionr Ihe llriii.li I'ns-es-loixi
oep the American Cnunier eil. fd'i
'if  I'l'aeeilleil.
JaJT' I'nri'huse-K «hiillhl 'on'    to  Ikj
in lhe I'lllS Slid Muxes.     IlthetlllirB
•:)3, Oxford Street, Londou, they
iicb li iiiiiin oil
Rough aud Dies'.
Port  Mood\}\
Keeps nnnsUntly nn hiiulil
stock of tirst-cltii
Veal and Poll
Cokn'd Beep, Ii
Fresh Vegetable
Mdrray Street, Port Moody.
M. HESLOP, - - Proprietor
A complete stock of
Drugs and Patent Medicines
•^Prescriptions carefully diipensed.
Soda-water Ma™
CINITY with Sodt-wtttr IpJ
sweet), Ginger Beer,  Dinger Ale, 4
lilla;   Lemon,   Rtipberry,   tnd '"J
Syrups; Etsenoe of Oinger; (Jock*
turet, etc.
Orders   trom the Coustry  Cai
New FallGoot
The Cash Tail*]
LYfTos 8<jDARE,NEwW*arn
Hat opened out hii FALL 8TOCK, \
now prepared to executa) 0rd***l
lsTSkri»teyrt>v Gv a «*»**«■*"•


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