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Port Moody Gazette Mar 29, 1884

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Array -THE—
!*rt |g*4g Qtittfa.
All commiiiiicutioiia addressed to
x_i. J5t.. %AtaSjmmxML,
Port Mt.otly.
Or to tha (iUABuiAH Oilic», Nsw WsstaiB-
ster, will receive prompt attention.
t\m & w*i,l..
POBT MOODY, B. C,  SATUB >AY, M\It !H 2!), J    i
NO. 10.
■    ClIIINKROr Qceik.
Mubeay Street,
Solicitor a.id Ai-roRNur, Real Ektate
Auent    amo     Conveyancer,
atC-array Stssw.,    -   .   Port latoody.
every section of Port Moody. Also,
Suburban Lofts, by the Acre, iiiiineiiiatcly
adjacent to the Port Moody surveyed Town-
Lands for sale nn the North sitlt- of, antl
having water frontage tm, Port Mood*
Harbur, finely situated antl exceedingly
Also, I'.inn Lands of superior Quality and
on favorable terms, iu New Westminster
Carefully prepared Maps anrl Plans exhibited, aiil ihe fullest iutormatiuii furuish-
sd. at Mr   Hamilton's olfine
J3l.   NOOLV,
Carpenter & Builder.
Spkcialtv.    Am. Carolor Joiiuin
Promptly Attk.vdkd to.
POBT   MOODY,   B.   O.
1* \>n di'.n'i want ,i*t, hf* bad   got   s
*or.-tirv, tsbd sit,  mi t    walk'.J    uiiii
Jin. Slid talked   t      bim,    K   bin    bl
.t-fjii sojd   ii. (iiinia '.aid sin- ij'-v'.'r suul'i
i nlc h tn Hp. n;   tbi*    «.■   ii.<*.'-. j„.|-     ,,,
hi*, wif" hug   DI t" aVui'-riiU,   in '    thi
.lucks and i-I'i'itt, wen' donhtlcssn a1
ih- Ij. uriif whr-nce no travellers return
ho slic quietly moved on in the
conrue laid down for her by ber f.ishion-
sble inothi r. her fuhhionable sister*,
■ind hei fiiraliii-ij il.ii' mcjusIbsUhom,
S e writft the must (n.hi intbb* spp^rei
I i*  u st* yii  ing   l ere'-v *. uisxtiiiuii.
Port Moody Seminary,
TERMS can be had on application to
Queen Street, Port Moody.
f T that hi* is **"*r »hnf< -eii.Ii. -mtaV,.
liihed in business nt tho Terminus of the C
V. ft., and is prepared to make anil repair
Bootisud Shoes ut exceedingly low ruteH.
Real Estate for Sale
Tb Thompson Property!
Nsw Westminster District.
Port Moody Town Lots!
COMPRISING a psrtof District Lot876,
(Sroup I., only tv/enty-uine chains from
the shore of the hr.rbor. No budding lots
more eligible than these are purchaseable at
Port Moody.
ssT The subscriber employs no agents. TEs
Apply to him personally, at hia office ou
tha premises.
dI5 Phopkietor.
Qteen Street, Port Moody.
D B.tUUNT  -   -   -   Proprietor.
E..p. crop-atst ntly .n .BatsaVd.
Having imported a large ttoclc nf
Ready-made Clothing
Direct from the East, I am now prepared to
supply customers at prices that will
•TOrilers will  lm promptly attended to
ni i satisfaction guaranteed.
William Sincerbeau,
Clearing  Land, Opening
 , or mire extended Rural
h'vays,  Constructing Wharves, Erection
p Town Streets
ligh'vays,  Const       . ^^^^^^^^^^^
1 Buildings, nr for any class of work con-
f Bui Mini
ected with the construction of Railways.
tsTEvery Reasonable Satisfaction assured
) those with whom he contracts.
Address:—" Rocky   Point   Hotel,"   Port
foody, B. C.
Forwarded to all part, of the Dominion by
MaiL Spawnslojarwsaisl-, PoMtgeprepaid.
We will sendCDCClhefineslilluitrated
On application! IIsWsLCataJogneinCanada
It contains a complete list of everything in
*•**. Mlu*t tfinMM, Ctov»r( Timothy, Elc
Don't fail to nnd your name and post officii
address for copy before ordering your supply,
        , mown. t*m
t discomfort to a nin.iaiiiiii of gratified
vanity. She rose and retired at fn
.lt irnalilf linu'r", lbs ate fashionably
■ ln< ■ |.'tl... ft- iiiiii.niil. topic, .nd those
on y; bhe aiiin red fashionable things,
ami th b« only—or ureiemlei—wliiclt
did just as trelt; «lie wore tight gloves,
snd light cor-etn, tight tiools, arid bewitching It- urn In, cnlli|iti'-r'il of on'
pkcIiuiI mil some rainbow sprav an
|irinnily. Hire »eiu o I of nig ts reeling ia it she longed dreadfully for a
d cent warm rdmwl, to cover up lii-r
b.re white sliouhlerat She managed to
glide aid float about with her ocean f
fl rr-sy. puffy, fragile, horribly Fa-pensive
d.apery, without tripping hf>>Mrf wiin
hei train as she u-ril to d r at drat. She
lerruetl to displuy h-r bouquet, lirr
ha.i k- rclnef. and her fan, in  the   most
xqu.sitely careless') careful manner
iiiiiiginalile. She learned to eat pales
a la Perigordaux Iruffes—and lo ike
iheiu loo—and of champagne hhe could
rink any q antiti-, r hock—or even
eau ne Cologne. True, it was Annette,
the black-eyed, who arlimniateted tbe
latter, and on one, occasion only.
It was for a xpeci 1 and most exclusive assembly that MadetDoiaslle was
bidden. Her Oracc the Llucliess ot
Broaillitnris received a few friends of
lier own peculiar set at hei own residence. It was un invitation for winch
her ladyship, Margaret Viscountess
Montres-or, hail somewhat angled, and
ulirch sh. felt most gratified at receiv-
i g. Mademoiselle the Honorable
Madeline had au altaque de ncrfs, a bail
headache, low spirits, dull eyes, wan
cheek-.    She   war let) a powerful   sli-
n i u la in.   Que vouletytioufl
A robe, vraiment supcrbe, nf the mot
exquisitr shade of green,   about    forlv
.   . .-a...   ..tiu     »...,..,    Mvuttiu     latin
trailing wreaths ■ f while analeas nnd
pearls, and paritre t' Dl.tOh, of einerultl-
atid pearls, newly ordered fn m lion'l
Street; and then to imagine a faded
ctimplexi >n and sunken eyes, wherewith to set off this costume! Annette
noulil have suffered—say the loss of
half an eyebrow—before such a catastrophe would have been pel niltted beneath her jurisdiction. Besides, Lady
Montiessor expected that Mademoiselle
should iniike a faultless appearance
alt.ays from Annette's hands—iheref .re
the eau de Cologne, therefore the Millions of cold cream and rose water over
[lie white rhoulders and arms, which
ie growing ao tlnn; t'neref re the aio-
in.tin; vnt'fa baths, therefoie a thousand
other pfity, ing ninus w-hvb to oust
Nature from nsse ting her rights, aim
oppose the vengeance ahe took for li e
wrongs inflicted on   her.
So Mademoiselle spent a. gav winter
af er the gay summer. Lady Monires-
sor's ambition ro-e on "Bgle pinions.
Nothing less than the ducal strawberry
•ive.s should burl a coronet <m the
peerle-a brow "f the peerlea- beauty,
the Hiinnrable Madeline. Lady Munt-
r ssor waa in re triumphant and   10)11-
nglv arrogant than ever.
Th • Honorable Madeline spent her
fift Ciiristinas in society at nn old baronial hall, in the midst of a goodly
company of titled men and women. She
went t" Christmas balls, and acted at
private theatricals, g t up splendidly,
almost aolelt on her account. The Honorable Madeline had been one of the
belles of the season. She was an envi. n,
flattered beamy, therefore she must be
defened to, and gratified in every way.
S • me null ii bit M menue acted at the
private ihe tne I.,—uirrl perf rii.iid he
p rt superbly, she wi- told he had
neel, po r uliddI And she h.d Co til
presents made In r, aril off rs of more
linn gems and g I an well. Ladi
Monlreaso had ihe delightful task of
declining the piopo als f half-a scon
of suitors for the hand of the Honorable Madeline.   Tliey   «eie   noi   hii;
nough, nol Bph ndid enough, ami
Margarrt, Jjtdy Moniressor, grew more
-milinglv arrogini day   by   day.
Soon the sprine cam-,  and at Easte
the old white-haired fafer beggeil that
hi- little Minnie would come   home   tu
him ft-r a   while.
She went, but stay d a very shoii
linn-; she was not the Minnie who w nl
away on the May morning near twelve
months before.     Sue was   the   Honor-
ble Miss MuntrcBsors.to all intt nt and
purposes.    She   was   changed—ut erlv
banged, nadly changed, woeful y
changed.   She c uld not   live   in   the
aim old ahbev ho i e any longer; the
fev* r of fashionable life waa in her
t-eins, the restleuness, the yearning, the
i-nnui thut conies from prot'acted exen-
ment po se-strd her. She Wept often
nvei the bright, peaceful, sunlit pa-t,
but she con tl not go back to it. She
kissed the nld father and clung to bun,
tassionatelv sobbing, but sh? left him
ind went back to her- second London
It   opened   triuroprpntlj,    A   roy«l
■ linnr-r p.rtt, at which the proudt   ' ant
ialre t cttul I n a le-ar aaal !ii- p ,,
I'rijin the b aurif I .Is.i I,.t-f uf .M.-^t
i • i,   \   »< nuO    -, M niii.- st.r
' n    nl -     of   sntni,     n      g ir r ol
pesrls ij ,et ii. |j|y, .i, I n,» , iii tm.   '
lier ! eh -li p actually f.-!i a- if    hei
wr ie a oiotlir il.  hwarl     alpil li • .■
p.a-ure mi.i aHetr..i,   somewhere   h
ie i h tbs* Mechlin soraatna it le       B<
velvet di    -.    Hal the Dot   tee i
sin- ii i   knnwl   Aii!   the  MaTsarbcfrj
leaves were very near the waxen   (now,
and the braids of pale golden hair! The
ducal coronet hovered like a halo above
ihe fro-ied lilies and pear y- Ir. ps w  it b
g.-iiiini-il the   arriale   chevelure     \'c
a .ui, v r, slum   vit.it, u|.t,ii viala up .,
■ (I Un h for- t eprttnd    ri ..ti.tr'-    gaz
A leader of fi-hinn. a queen   of   s>
ciely, the star of a lord'y line, th- -up-
poler of a ducal house.    Wealth, faun
the highest r-nk beneath  that   of   iln
blood loyal, all lavng within tne read
of the -lender while h mis so laogun. \
tur. ing her silver bouquetiere round   ami
round, whi]°she lis'encd moreljugui .1.
slid t. ihe murmured   praisei   i f   ln-i
companion, a small headed, weak-w ,
ttnialtlelookiiig yuung man, of tw..
tir ee-and-twenty.    Ah! but the   due 1
strawberry leav.s I    An I but thu   due.
diamond!    Ah I but  the ducal dem s-
nes, huuses, forests,   treasures,   lion rs,
spl'-n for a.
What are looks to these? Of- rle-
Ire was hanrlsiinie and sensible—for ;■
duke.    Que  voulez vousl
Only, why so la gurd, Milelinel
More vivacity would enha oe v ur
beauty. Luveiiness without animation
is at hesi bui llie loveliness of a liictur .
Thev nil I her thi. persistently rl v i
rlay They rep oved, argued, coax ri
flattered, scolded.
Uut it .an of little use. The Honor
able Madeline did all she was told, ex-
crpt to be happy and gay; this she ui-
teily failed in   acenmpiinhmg.
Annette the black-eyed,    was   green
with despair.    My lady g'ew  leriouslv
alarmed     Something   mu t   be   done
The fash I nalde p'nytician learnt-d   t •
w .y to nil lady's bou 'oir and   drea»ing-
room us well as mv latly's page, lie was
•o   constantly   ent- ring   it.    He prescribed, and prescribed again.    The  ol
fashionable remedies, in the old fashionable phrases, with the angelic smile, rind
corntly mien.    The old beaten patn w«-
tro den by the suave'.phvsician and   In
weary patient, and only lefr him    m;'!.'-
ever.    When   she   suddenly,   the dul
gray firmament above   her   fash o able
life qecum   fluslir-d wiih new and    r ■
eate hire-; the sin: arose, and she   Iiv ■
in sunshine — radiant hut not unclouded.
Her nature, changed ami deadened  beneath tbe petrifying   infl tences of   tne
life she led, awoke as if it    were   transported back to the early happy, fre ■    n.
noeence.    Smiles and   blu-he.s cime as
of yore on (lit   pale,    heauliful.   ar.sio-
cr,tic face.    Sh • learned again her old
ringing Inughand her.'ldwa blings lies;
life    became   a   thing   lo   be enj .veil
e.gerly, not loitered languidly through.
Hit ladyship  was   delighted,    \nnelie
s If satisfied that her oc.ult ait   had    a
great deal tod i wiih it.    Hie hail tik.-u
to   Hiiinn islering   siiinul>nis    to    the
Honorable Mademoiselle pr. tly    m.u-
larry.    But thev   vere   blind,     tterii
blind aid ign  rant, bolh of them    until
a domestic avalanche, -a moral tumbling
of the'walls nf Carthage about hei ea s,
arous'-n her ladyship     She sat  awhile
—not M iritis-like   but   stunned—then
8"e arose in her might.    She, wiin   her
vast resources,   her powerful    will,   llei
might, and -trer gth, and   pride   r()   tt
overcome for a moment   by tha !    Ab
surdity ■ f absurdities?    Wnatla   B.cklj
child's fancy, and a forward hov'a   pr^
Hiimption to bot-oui the ducal ll efnm
generation t" gen. ration, in the   person
of her who was to be its   strength     ncl
glory?   To be  cushed   out   in-tintlv,
and foi ever, without even its   memory
h ing left — was he. ladyship's   lid   nn
her   discovery.    Uut  i ere    Margaret
Viscountess Montressor, found  an   application of the old adage, "Kasi r   said
than done."
Her Bionishment, anger,—fori
■ titiurl be the wi.rd—may be faintly
i I.■igined, bur canin i be   deteribed— i
Last In   llie   - when she ll   ard     winds of
eniieuling   ppotilion,   passiuna.e   promise , wild asseveritions,
Madeline had found one jewel of
iiiestimable price—so it seemed to her
—in the woilhless collection uf minds
ml manners, she lad drain a glorious
prllH among all the dreary blank-,
whose sameness s ck>-ned her youin:
s ul. The dormant, chi led^heart in
er brent leaped into t e fu 1, vitd infinity of a woman's love, in answer to
the iinigiit lie po.ier of an aitracting passim. This, and much mure, but u t
in tame words like these, she had utt r
ed, in agonv of spirit, to the Moloch nf
her destiny. Tbey were une eri, as
suih appeals to Molootl are—in v on.
in haughty scorn, in stem anger, hey
were nceivrd, and the Honorable Madeline was peremplonly desired to
forge .
To forget—t'-at her life had best anil
sweeiest kno • n of happiness and hope.
To forget—all toe tender in-tincis of
ber true, tendei nature. To f reet -
that she ha. loved, to forget lhat she
had I een dearlv, truly, pas loiutcU
Igveo,   in  return.
It was a severe lesson. Made ine tie
Honorable.   Madeline, «ith the coronet
prospective,  and  all   Mammon's   ami
tire »irrld's, gl'.iies heaped  up  for  I er
l,accep'an«f.    Offere.l  won  also     And
tt i r .kenin -- ..f ,|«rn, c i,
■ e-n ar. -ht-ail-d, i; -t  w-n-    ec-j. .-.J f.,i
her, a'.rch ni . j„-i   .» w,.;|.
A.       nit-i      it.aj   lie w ,,   |. e   ||  I,, r
t" • Ml  -   'i   une -..rt tin  I.n  i..,,,., ... .
• '  I'Ci,  •   h   n ugh .1 p   i, or -ii
r>u flniv  ,  . t    ri«u .■ even   n-i   fading
■>■ -.     Ac- |. ed an I .he saa poo
"-'i i" d Mir.rt.e. i... ,.; i in.i, i i	
e»| i light, i, >.r. I, ., i il trsu.p 1,-1,1
fn.-", ml a th u in an.I   t ,, .
limine . eyes, and s braakin   in .u t
What inatt.-r.-,l ill   Th-title of du-
clnss iiinl a stimwbarrjp laafttj coronet
haii causetl bpukiiig In arts before, and
tiny would agavin. Ber ladyship re
g'.'le.ller tiring:,tt.', infutuntion, of
eiur-sf. It would be wrong to say
she did not, and most bitterly and fier
.-■'•ly did she bsVta, i h" r!av and hour
llnit brought her such u-rxiety aud
trouble, ami her daughter mob. lnuuty-
destroying grief und regret, Sin-
would have liked to kill him—that
fair-faced, galknt soldier-boy, who had
dared in hit, iiii-iliiblf presumption, to
raisr- his eyes to the reigning beauty of
r he • tison, and dared to woo her in her
nn -i. r mother's wry presenne.
What mattered it that be was young.
and brave,   and   true,   antl hands. ;
His name was not ancient, his income
to be easily    reckoned—Say   in   three
figures his expectations, ml. He—
beside the other, be ol the small pat<-
and corresponding know ledge, the weak
■ ■yi-A, and mind to match; and the
bluest blood, and broadest lands, and
rent-rolls, title rolls, and ancestral
Came, emblazoned on ancestral scrolls:"
Tin- London season was drawing to
its cloie; but then, were rumors of
coming event* which might wail have
delayed it a little,
Rumors in the fashionable papers,
rumors in the fashionable coteries, busy
rumors among the fashionable tradespeople, Milliners, jewellers, uphol-
sterers, coach-builders, were in a ferment. Perhaps it was tin- fervor of
maternal pity nnd maternal love, which
made Lady Montressor so eager to
heap up splendor upon splendor before
ber child; to do all that wealth, antl
art, and taite, and ingenuity could
levise to bind up tbe poor little bleeding hear;, and raise the drooping
golden head,   Trio late!
She roused her other married daugh-
t-rs'ire und jealousy. She aroused the
envy of all the fashionable mothers,
a id ahoijr fashionable childi-i'ip by tin;
height of her magnificenos, Sin- labored untiringly with head and hands, She
took off all the burden that might else
rest on the poor young soul, that shrank
from ii. The burden of receiving an
unwelcome homage, ruul the demonstrations ot' hated affection. She in
gretted sometimes, in her heart of
hearts, thai she could not have the
easy Eastern method of managing such
eini.nl matters, that she could not n-
peive professions of attachment, and
listen to pressing requer l • for speedy
marriage, in her own person for ber
daughter. Bnt although his Grace,
the bridegroom elect, was a fool, uinl a
good-natured one, bo hud some ideas
respecting his rights, lie ignored her
ladyship very often, and requested the
presence of the Honorable Madeline
She came when si ecially requested,
and patiently endured his I Irace ns best
she could. He was very good-natured,
and not quick-witted, as I have said
before, therefore ho was almost
But not quite. He. complained
sometimes; reproachfully to Madeline,
bitterly to her ladyship, who groaned
in spirit uud in body over her task,
and would ftiin have Hung
despair and disgust, bad it
for society,    whose    Argus
fixed on her. i^^^^^^^^
As it wrrs. she succombed not. She
pushed on her splendid preparations,
she began to draw long breaths of sa
tisfactlon, she recovered in a great degree her old .smiling arrogance, which
hntl been almost worried and alarmed
out of her. She resumed much of her
dictatorial  grandly-maternal   manner
toward her daughter, varied  now   and
then by a sharp outburst   of   vexation
or anxiety.
It was impossible to rouse Madeline
toa sense of her position. It soon lie-
came impossible to rouse her to anything. The fashionable physician,
with a degree less of suavity, and a
shade of uneasiness, prescribed total
change. The gorgeous preparations
had to be laid aside for a while, and
the "hymeneal altar"—as the fashionable morning papers described it—had
to recede in the distance. Her ladyship, with fear in her heart and bitter
ness on her tongue, abruptly left London for Switzerland, carrying the Honorable Madeline with her.
Here she seemed to recover a little,
until his Grace—who began to feel
rather ill-used, and no wonder—followed them, and her ladyship's trial began
It may have been that the Improvement in her daughter's health, temporary as it was, deceived her; it may be
her own health was impaired by restlessness, and the fatigues of an unusually fatiguing season, and- that she
was neither as calm nor as judicious as
she used to be. I hope it was so. I
liaad rather think so than think that in
cold blooded wisdom she carried out
her design.
Be that as it lhay—it is useless now
Un ask whether it was m  ov   not—hor
ladyship returned to   Lnidon   in   the
latter months tsf autumn, aroused the
. n. I.- of eau"-r rra'l.-sirieii ami woin'-it
..'i-.-.l tin- envy, theadunration
snd iniiln-e of bar own est, and tin
ii.my sets below, and the few, vi-ry
few, abova lur.
Thi f-rnii.l |.r. piirnifiii. drew In a
conclusion; each incidental pan of ths
i..t..|-an.un- ansa Bat-ftp si out    It   s*
a 1 anting, tl. from 'Ir.- gri at .1.oral ser-
. ie■ in Wotmiiister Abbey to the
white satin and Bilver cord favors.
Onlf three days more, and Lady Mont-
MSser, iinh fuligul.le, admirable mother,
might fold her hands, arid say. "I have
done my duty"—iu tin1 highest tenss of
the word, according to the ethics of
She would he.ve married her daughter In u duke, the tenth of his line, and
the thirty-fifth earl as well,
Only three days more of artificial
rousing of the crushed and beaten-down
spirit, of spurring on the failing limbs,
and holding up the weary head, that it
might keep its lofty place in the beaten track of the mill-wheel round of
Only three days more of decking the
sacrifice to the vile Moloch of her avarice, and ambition, and lust of pride and
power -only three days—but ere they
sperl, by some twelve hours or SO, Mooch lost his victim, and the mother
tood by in wordless, blind, raging despair, to see her daughter  die!
Calmly and easily the wounded spirit slipped away, and her ladyship was
left to oomtenplate 'In-ruin her own
cruel hands had wrought.
The golden hair could be tortured
into artistic chere/ures no more: it lay
toff   and  unbound   in (lowing waves
over the snow-white pillows; the pure,
fair face, and violet eyes, would never
look on her mother again in timid
agony of supplication; the burning,
hectic beauty was white and calm, in
the long, calm sleep of death.
Kron. Street, .New Westmlngter'
Cffl e -Telephone Building,
Pacific Boarding flottse<
CLaVSVS BfanS, Post Moodt.
B80BU A.N.V.KD - • Proprietor
will find every conveniens* sod oobb-
fort st the above Hotel
Chargtia moderate.
Meals st all boon.
.Mi-Khar Sthsj-i 1'osrr Moot*.
M. HESLOP, - - Proprietor
A coinpleta stock of
Drugs and Patent MedieiEBi*
SeTPreseriptions carefully dispensed.
S. CLARIS, st. D.
it   up   in
not   been
eyes were
"Rostvale, Ardhallv,
June 10th, 1869.
My own Dear Fatiikr,—
lonely without tne, and to tell you the
honest truth I shall not be sorry to get
back, However, 1 think it best to stay
the full time out, here, lest Aunt would
be angry and think me discontented.
She says she does not know who I am
like—not your side of the family. In
that i must resemble her, for she is not
an atom like you, dear Father.   She is
very strict, and keeps correcting nie all
day because I do nothing like a lady
She wears a widows nip as prim as you
please, a plain black dress with severe
eiiils and collar, and she is always
preaching about housekeeping, cooking, und stitching. Ever so many old
dames depend on her for advice. I
would not, 1 know, but then I am not
an old dame. The three boys are great
fun.    I like the Isiys very much.   Being
with them constantly is quite different
from meeting them now nnd then. 1 am
quite up in all their games, and they
are very kind in taking me out with
them wherever they go. There is one I
do no/ care about; in fact I dislike him.
It is Houghton, the second eldest. His
mother says he is a noble boy, but I
don't see any sign of anything except
iu ih ness in him. Now Jimmy and
Herald are quite the opposite. They
never take pleasure in annoying me,
but he does. Do you know, dear
Father, he behaved most shockingly to
me tile other day? lie pinched mv arm,
and called me a little chit. He did really, though 1 hadn't done anything to
hint. 1 am out with him black e»St
since.' I try to excuse him by reriioni
beringhe is not used to girls, but 1 can't.
lie serais to honor Aunt llella very
much. My opinion is that he will lie
an old maid nf a young man. 1 shall
lie sorry to leave tlie other two, who
do everything I like, bnt as lie i-t
either reading or teasing—unless, indeed, he is doing something for his
mother or lighting with his brother—I
never see him, so I shall not be lonely
after him, 1 have learnt to feather
the oar, Jimmy says, and tie'rald let me
shoot at cats ont of his air-gun. Aunt
l.ella says no lady is such a tomboy,
but- 1 don't eare. Thoit she tells me I
am an impudent child, hat Houghton
only laughs arid tells her to let me
alone. The country here is lovely, full
of hills and valleys, with such a nice
little river twistirtg its Way in and out.
My window opens on to tlie fields at the
liack. The view is beautiful, but the
sound of that Houghton carpentering
from six o'clock in the morning until
I get up, is hardly enjoyable. I do
dislike that boy, he is so very rude. He
made me cry three times. How is
Ellen getting on? Tell her please, to
send ai! my old cotton dresses here.
They will do splendidly for knocking
about. This town is quite poor. I
am the liest-dessed girl in church Goodbye, dear, darling Father. Write
every day to your own loving daughter.
"P.S.—Send me more money, please;
1 am-sure to want it  before I return."
(To H con'lmfd. *
Direct Importer, ind Dealer, ia
Lamps and Lamp Goods, &c,<
NEW WssSTMUSIKB,   -  ■  B. 6/
(Next Door to tbe Colonial Hotel.)
Special facilities for tlie Jobbing Trade
Real Estate Agents,
Conveyancers ft Accountants/
PUMPS.' iro pipes and fittings.
1. VI I  I   11.1/.
Cleartnff I.nnl. Mnklnfif KoikIk A Ntrstatrf
anil   (JKNKKAI.   WORKS Suited t*
Ih.-   .s.ii.l*..I  a   I'iiiiirrr Tnwn.
tF Hotel, Li .cry StaMc, and RlacVsmith'
.Shop in "imprest*, and will soon, be ready foi*
.K'COii.miK.atio.u t-f cii»tometB.
PCET    MOCaCTT,   B.   C.
Soda-water Manufactory
ax -rrri.v the city and vt-
l.'IMTY with Sotla-WHter (plain and
tweet), Qingsr Basr, Ginger Ale, Sarsspa-
nll.t; Lemon, Kasplicrry, aud all other
Syrups; Essenco ol Ginger; Cock-tail Willi, r- -. etc.
Orders   irou
A. M. Herring,
Wholesale A Retail
Tlie Largest Stock in tta City
Port Moody
Moody Shingle Mill, where the  bat*
nf Shingles can be had at the lowest prises/
wholesale or retail.
A supply kept constantly on hand.
f T H JS
Mills Co.
ake this opportunity of thanking their
numerous patrons for
past favors, and respectfully ask a continuance of the same
in future. Having on
hand a large stock of
Rough and Dressed
of various kinds and
grades, they are prepared to give
|arpii$ for |aji|i
for the balance of the
They have also to
announce that they
have opened a branch
of their business at
and will keep a full
supply of
Sawn # Split
and all the necessary
furnishings for buildings at the Terminus.
Parties who intend
building there can
count on obtaining
all the requisites for
that purpose on the
The Nanaimo
.    MILL
is now in operation
under the superintendence of MR. A.
HASLAM, and will
keep a full  supply of
John Hendry,
At 8 o'clock on a recent erenlnj a Parisian piilici'iiian tili-i-rvt-.l ia valise on
the bench ne tr tlie BUttting point of a
line of omnibuses, and tiu|,[iiist*il thut un
intending' psusajenger had laid il ilotvu
ilrere lor a .iiinute. Finding It there an
hour later, be took it to the polio* station. It i''»iita. t -1 wearing ininari-i,
notes fjr $1,600. ;. |inrse full of ;-<m.
an.', some very valuable jewelry. ibe
.-.i... rnaiy cil.iliiistiiinn is that no
one -it Old have LoUi'hed it during bo
long a lime in so public a place.
While Ilussiu is reported to be on the
wo of abolishing official nobility, Germany, on the other bun.I, lias lately ordered by decree that the style "High
Wellborn " is henceforth also to be giv-
entoull Captains aiel I.ieiiienaiits of
bonryeois extraction in SOtirs service,
anil to pensioned army ollicers not below the rank of staff offieerti If a captain of bourgeois birth retires Irom active service without having obtained
the ."character" of Major, he is only
entitled to the address 'Wellborn,"
while officers lieliiinriiiir to (he nubility
are alwuya "High Wellborn."
A native Indian dramatic company,
formed smile years siiii-e with a view to
raise the level of the ll. tlve drams, has
lately given in Bombay a perfnriuanoa
ofai. adaptation of "llie .School for
rlcffndul," in tinjerali. The comedy is
Btnteil to have been adapted lo Pitrsee
life and manners. ' Sir Peter Teazle"
in this version is known oa "liejoobwa-
wu," "Lady Teazle" as "Jnree." The'
latter characler was played by a bid, in
deference to the strong native feelini:
against the introduction of femsle performers. The brothers "Charles" und
"Joseph Surface" receive respectively
the names of IJailv anil Beloo. The
performance is stated to havo beeu
highly successful.
Andorre, or Andora. is not only the
oldest republic, but the oldest Suite, in
Kurope. Its present organisation dates
from Ihe end of the eighth century,
when Charlemagne, in his expedition
ugainet the Moors, conferred the piivi-
legesofan independent government on
the inhabitants of the Aniloru. valley,
midway between France and Spain, for
their fidelity aniidevotion In conducting
him through Ihe passesof the Pyrenees.
One of its two chief officers is named by
the French Government, another by the
liishop of Urge! iu Spain ; and it is in
connection with Ihe Bishop's nomination that a difficulty has arisen which
Hire.ttens to bring about a crisis ill the
affairs of the microscopic republic.
In illustiiilion of the quality with
which G^n. Gordon has to ileal, it is re
lated that in 1851 Ismail, son of Mehe-
metAli, the conqueror of the Soudan,
was ordered by bis father to collect the
tribute due from the tribes of Bedouins
of Shendy on the Nile, half wa^ between Berber and Khartoum. Ismail
summoned a chieftain known ub the Tiger, and told him to furnish a large amount of forage and fodder in lieu of a
money payment. Next morning Ismail
snd his I roups found with satisfaction
piles of the stuff demanded placed
around the camp, but their satisfaction
was short-lived The stuff was soon set
on Are, and those not burned wen-
picked off by men lying in wait behind
the burning piles. Mehemef, to avenge
his roasted son, razed the town of Shendy, but tlie Tiger made trucks iu good
time into the fastnesses of tlie interior.
In Paris no fewer thun 30,000 women
rind their living Ly making artificial
flowers. The majority of them, it is
said, ure real artists, Imitating nature,
it is suit), utmost to perfection, with exquisite taste und well-developed Imagination. At present a great nun.ber of
flower-mnkers are out of work, owing
partly to Mowers being out of fashion,
and partly to the enormous competition
in Kngland, Germany, Switzerland and
America, which increases with every
season. No country, however, can compete with France In elegance, delicacy,
and tusie, although the flowers are g.-n-
erally made after French models. It is
a curious fact, says a complacent Frenchman, that women who in Franco were
highly esteemed for their taste in the
manufacturing ami arranging of flowers
lose nil their ingenuity when, as n ,t
■infrequently happens, they go abroad
to pursue their culling,
Thel,300 employees of a large shipyard and machine factory at Bremen
were vaccinated lust siiinmer by order
of the police author ities, in consequence
of un outbreak ofsmall-pox among some
of the workmen. Since then nearly
200 of the persons thus inoculated have
fallen sick with jaundice in a severe
form, and the conclusion is drawn that
the disease was imparted through the
virus UBed in vaccinating. The circumstances of the case have attracted medical attention to an unusuul degree, It
has been found that none of the persons
taken into the employ of the shipyard
after lust summer's vaccination have
fallen sick, while some of thoso who
left the shipyard after being vaccinated
and sought employment elsewhere have
been attacked by' the disease in the
same manner as the workmen who remained. It is evident, therefore, that
the disease cannot be ascribed to anything in the local surroundings.
Numerous noblemen of Russian Poland have joined in publishing an interesting addreBS to their countrymen in
he Polish journals of tho city of Poeen.
They call upon tho Poles of "every station and of both Boxes to abstain from
all extravagant expenditure at the coming carnival festivities, especially in
costly dinners uud balls, and above all
to avoid the ruinous games of hazard to
which they are so strongly addicted.
They slso urge the practice of self-denial and economy in the future on all
occasions, and assort that reckless and
prodigal habits, indifference to money,
and lavish and extravagant display, are
turned to advantage by greedy foreigners, wr.o absorb tne wealth th.it tho natives of the country eo foolishly throw
away, ana thereby gradually become
puesessed of tho estates of the nobility
and crowd them out of their ancestral
homes. The Hurler Peananski, in urging
this address upon the at'ention of its
readers, states that the amount of land
in the Province of Poeen that is now in
the possession and ownership of the
German invaders exceeds that held by
the native Poles by nearly fifty per
cent. German hind-owners have acquired title to 2,01)8,400 acres, while in
the hands of the former masters of the
country there remain only 2,872,800
seres. Tbe struggle of the Poles, however, for the mastery of their native
land is a hopeless one. They are unable to resist the steady habits, perseve-
rence, industry, and energy of the Germans. They have been losing the control of their family estates year by vear,
and the entire province is rapidly slipping out of their possession.
A London millinery firm advertised
lately for a young lady, tall and of good
figure, for the show room. Three hnn-
dred applied, about 240 in person, the
great proportion ofthem evidently holding different views from the firm in respect to what a-good figure is.
1 .lslllo.VAHI.l-. IAH1I CLl'S.
At Itnv stn-t*t, recently, before Sir James
j Ingham, Mr. Junks, proprietor, Mr. Dalton,
aeerettri, Sir Charles Cunningham, Mr. J.
!('. Wilkinson, .Mr. L. l>. Franklin, Mr.
; Lewi-, ii embers of ihe i-oililnrlte^; Mr. A.
I Filch. Mr. S. Nesrell, Mr. F, C. Mayers,
1 in. itiliera of the Park Chili, appeared to a
summons charging lliem with contraventions
of  the gaming acts.
Mr. Nt. .I.iIim W'ontner prosecuted, Mr.
Charles Kuasell, IJ. C, and Mr. Poland (instructed by Mr. George Lewi.) defended.
Sir James Ingham, in giving his decision
on the Btimmons, said that Mr. Jenka was
substantially charged with keeping a house
tor unlawful gaining, and the other gentlemen were substantially charged with aiding
and assisting him in doing so. The first
iiiit-itia.ii to determine was whv and for what
purp. se Mr. .leaks kept thia houso open.
Whs it an ordinary club at which gambling
was i-rtsiislly introduced or wsa it sub.Uut-
.ally a gambling house? The question could
be aiiaut red by ths evidence, ss the prorits
arising irom the wines, spirit*, and tobacco
were admitted lo be trifling, while the pro-
tit, from footl were absolutely no'.hiiig, the
kitchen being carriad on st a loss The sub-
seri|ttiois received from 270 member, st six
guiuesB a year produced annually £1,711,
which Mas subjected to vary large deductions for renta, taxes. Ac. It must be clear
t.. everybody that, sssclub for socisl purposes, the business would not be worth the
care and attention it would require.
What waa the ease with respect to gambling! Mr. Jenka received one per cent.
upon all banks, and contributions from sll
player, who stayed sfter certain houra.
Without going into particulars, the learned
magistrate calculated, on consideration of
the nun.ber of games that would be played
ordinarily in the course of an evening, that
Mr. Jenk , must at leaat realize from £45 to
£50 per night, and that his annual profits
must be £10,000. £12.000, nr perhaps many
thousands more. Therefore no one could
doubt that the house had been kept and used
for the purpose of gambling, for itschsracter
as a social club waa absolutely ancillary to
its but ness as a gambling house. The statute, however, required that there should
not only be gambling at an unlawful game,
and the main question was whether the
game of baccarat waa un unlawful game. It
must be admitted that, although a great
many games had been proscribed by the Legislature, baccarat had not, and whether it
was unlawful or not must depend on other
Nnw, to consider what baccarat is—a
game of chance, tempered by a certain
amount of skill and judgment. Many games
of mixed chance and skill might be innocently played. Now it was important to
glance at the state of the old law. The
learned magistrate then quoted from Baker's
Abringment upon the subject of gambling
for recreation and common gamlng-huuscB,
which "promote cheating and other corrupt
practices, and incite to idleness and avari-
cioiisness persons whose time might otherwise lie employed to the general good of the
Community," The principle to bo extracted
was that gaming productive of the above
evils ought to be considered unlawful, and
he (Sir James) considered that the game of
baccarat wus not ' 'a game played for recreation, whereby a person is fitted for the ordinary duty of lile." A great deal hail boon
said upon the subject of largo and excessive
gambling, and the argument had been advanced that grimes which would be large and
risky and excessive for a man who was in
the position of a shopkeeper, would be nothing—tiiflea infinitesimal—in tho eyes of a
man of largo property. Granted that was
no, still there may be cases in which the
law could lie easily applied, and he thought
this was one.
Referring to tho rules of the Park Club,
which was to consist of noblemen, members
of the learned professions, ollicers of the
army and navy, aud gentlemen. Sir James
observed that a man at tho game in question
might lose with constant bad luck £1.000
before dinner, and a considerable sum in addition afterward. Would there be any difficulty in saying that that waa large and
excessive gambling in the case of members
rrf the learned professions, clergymen, Bishops, great I.-.tiling counsel of the day, or
even Judges with the largest salaries, physicians, and so forth? Gaining such aa had
been proved to exist would be large and excessive for any of thoso classes of men, and
still more so fur officers of the army or navy.
He had 110 hesitation in saymg, with reference to the geiitlr-men composing the club at
Mr. Jeuk's houae, that gaming had been
large and excessive, and that it came within
the principle rrf the law laid down by Chief
Justico Abbott in the case of "King vs, Rosier." But ho considered the case did not
stop there, and proceeded to refer at great
length to tho act of Queen Anne limiting
gambling to £10. In conclusion, the learned
magistrate held that all the parties, with the
exception of Mr. Dalton, had been guilty of
gaming. He fined Mr. Jenki £500, tho
members of the committee £500, and each of
the players £100.
Notice of appeal was given.
Mr. Lewis asked Sir James Ingham, on
behalf of Mr. .lenks, who, it was stated, had
no desire to infringe the law, whether whist
and other games might be played ponding
the appeal.
Sir James Ingham declined to express an
opinion, but observed that Mr. Jenks had
belter act under the advice of hit solicitor.
—London Times.
fort f£o-iy tots.
Head of North Koati, Fort Moody.
(rkiiilri that he his recently taktu the
ilwn-e 1mmi8«?, where he is prepare*! t<» do
everything pou-sihle fur the accommodation
oi guesta.
THE TABLE in always Bure to be supplied with all the delicacies of the season ;
the BEDS are of the most comfortable, and
there is ample nnd comfortable .sTABLING
•n the preiniees.
t<T BOATS always obtainable on the liar-
b.-r in front uf the premises, by applying at
the houae.
Caledonia  Hotel
R.  B.  KELLY,       -     -     -     -
Arlington   Hotel
New Westminster,   -   B. O.
best   onnducted  Hotel, in   the   City
The Table ia supplied  with  the belt the
Market affords.   The Best Qualities of
Supplied at the Bar.
Jan. 8, 1883. Solo Proprietor,
Despite the closeness with which artificial
flowers reseinbla natural blossom., fashion
in England some time ago decreed that ladies sliould adorn their dresses as well as
their walls with natural dowcra. Mow artificial ll..tiers aro again in vogue in London,
but those which fashion favors imitate tbe
fragrance as well as the appearance of natural flowers. Even the clove-like perfume of
tho carnation haa been closely imitated by
the chemists.
A deserter was arraigned in a London police court, the other day, when it appeared
that on the 14th of January last yetr the
prisoner, along with a corporal, a bombardier, and three gunners, stationed at St. Helena, absconded to sea in a boat, on the
chance of being picked up by some psssing
ship, and after enduring many hardships
they were picked up by a whaler.
The occupants of the reading room of tho
British House of Commons on the evening of
Fob. 8, were somewhat alarmed at the electric light going out without the least warning, f ho whole place waa thrown into to
tnl darkrless, and honorable members are
saiil to have "rushed from the room under
the impression that aomething dreadful was
about to happen."
A Paris paper says that the English gamblers at Monaco are the most determined,
and lose the moat. It is said that each day
when the play begins the bank haa in hand
4200,000 ; as play becomes brisker this is
sometimes raised to 1600,000 more.
According to ths Lyon Medical, women
practised medicine and surgery over s century and a half ago. There were then in Lyons forty-three master surgeons in regular
practice. All doctors' widows had the right
to practise medicine and surgery.
Mr. Parnell's evasion of his constituents
invitation to come and talk to them, and
the uncertainty of his movements, are alleged
to cause the Ccrkouians no little disappointment.
Rent of Telephone per mouth, including erection of wiret $6.00
For every message for every person not
boing a monthly tenant, and not exceeding twenty-five words 25
Every additional ten words 05
All deliveries within a half-mile radius
of office 15
Beyond the above distance, per mile..      .25
The N. W. k P. M. Telephone Co. sre
propsred to erect privste lines in New Westminster and Port Moody, or between these
plates, and to connect the same with the
Central Telephone Office, if desired.
Parties wishing Telephones should apply
to the undersigned.
Dec. 7, 1883. Sec'v Tress.
San   Francisco
aunouncing tbat tlie House is now completed with every coi,i(
enee for the traveling public THE TABLES ure well supplied *
every article in season, and THE BAR is provided with a wcll-seleci
Stock of
THE BEDS are well aired, and THE STABLING ia extern
and the best of Feed always ready for Horses.
It may be well to remind visitors that this Hotel is within a
minutes walk of the Railway Wharf and Station, and just at
Terminus of the New Road, new in course of construction.
GUESTS may depend on receiving every attention and a h
welcome from the undersigned, whose long experience is a guars*
of everything being comfortable and satisfactory.
J. T. SCOTT, Manager
Rocky Point Hote
1   First-class (Style, and is now the BEST HOTEL at tho Terminus.
With every Delicacy of tho Season.
THE      H JkJTL
Is   upplied with  the BEST WINES, LIQUORS and CIGARS to be fooi,
the Market.
The   Beds   are   Carefully  Attended  to
And Guests may depend en receiving every Convenience snd Comfort
Sincerbeai    «&. Murray,     -     -     -     Proprietor
Boots & Shoes
(From an Infant's Shoe up to a Man's B
Repairing Neatly Executed.
HlKiifst Market price paid Tor
Dry   Qoods
&c. &c.
Of first-Class Quality,
Moderate   Hates-
Comer of Front   and  Ilcgbie Streets,
Under  the   new Oddfellows'  Hall,
Business Notice.
Portland and San Francisco, at which
places he will be glad to transact any busi
nesB which may wr intmstt'd to him. About
the 1st April will be the date of his departure.
O Street, opposite lo tkj Post Office,
ever)- morning (Sundays excepted) at 9
Will leave Bonson's Hotel at
W. B. 10W
1 at 3 p. 1
"WILLIAM    11* S I-El 3T
Hss now completed the BAR AND BILLIARD  ROOM,—the  Utter the   Hands™
Room iu the Province, furnished with the FINEST CAROM and  POCKET TAlil
The liar v,ili be provided -will llie Best of Wines. Liquors ami C'iga
tug m mmm ..ia uii
When completed,  which will bo in tho course of a few days, will offer to the put
accommodatious which they cannot find excelled elsewhere in Britiah Colanibu.
Generai   Merchandise
Chas. McDonougti
ivtoxi's  cfc Boy's  P -mlts
And a great variety ol articles necessary for a household.    He has also,
N. B.—Farni Pfoduce bought at market rates or sold on eommissir
att-£rOfders from the interior promptly attended to.
Direct Importation
BEGS to  inform   the  residents of  New Weitroinster »
vicinity, that he is  constantly  recei?ing from Euro
t-hipmenta of choice
Which he will supply
In quantities to sir* purchaser!
P. T. Johnston & 0(
(Successsr to Mitchell k Johnston)
Nurserymen & Florist
Cuimingliai & Go,, Chas. McDoiioujIi, and James f
SST Priced Catalogue of Nursery Stock,  Seed   snd   Grstnhon.se   Plants,   sent
Ires on application.
New Fall Goods!!
The Cash Tailor!
Lyttoi* 8tjtiARK,NswWi»rHniSTiK,
Hat opened out hit FALL STOCK, and It
now prepared to execute orders.
saTSiTisrACTCON Guarak'TSEti. 11
Rough and Dretned
i. A. CALSECK, A«.i Ci)* port feu-i] (Da-ftte.
SATUK1MY. MARCH  2H. 1884.
The slashing on .John's &£d ClarkeKtreets,
from Pacific .Street to their western trrmiui,
hu lV«eu completed.
Capt. Odin has tlie fmu't of his new hottl,
nearly completed, and will cumujeuce enclosing it in^a few days.
SfNiiAv's weather waa very threatening
and .mowery, and a limited number of visi-
toia in town waa the result.
Mikhav ft Fry, of New Went minster, are
painting the Klgin Houae and putting Home
finishing tourhps on the telephone office.
Mb. Williams' new building on Clarke
itreet has been painted, and the store fittings
put iu place.
TheCi.aKk*Koai>.—The contract for the
construction of this road haa been awarded
ujL*. Ik Smith ami .1. M. Wise.
Mr. H. IJ. Kki.lv is building a new residence on hia ranch at the ( •x-uitlam, and we
believe it is his intention to remove his
family thence for the  summer.
The addition to the J'acific Boarding
House has been computed, aud adds OOOtJ
durably to the capacity of that popular
Dr. A. Campbill from Ran Francisco is
about to open an office for the practice of
dentistry in Mr. Gilberts new building on
Douglass street.
For the lost few days we have had unusually high tide in the harbor, and on Wednesday a large scow was unloaded on Ihe sidewalk in front of the Caledonia hotel.
A Ditch is ln-ii.^ dug along cadi side of
Itouglass street, from the Telephone. Ofliee
tnuaid the Hallway track. Thirl will give
good draiuage to thu 1-itn iu that   vicinity.
Thi str. Maudu arrived from Victoria on
Monday evening, with a uouaidcrable quantity of local freight and a few passengers.
Sue left again on Tuesday morning.
Dk. Heslop has beeu steadily recovering
from his late illness for several day*., aud wc
may expect to see him again to our midst in
a fuw days.
Mr. Koussenu has begun clearing off his
lot at the corner of Grant and Murray ste.,
ami we understand he has in contemplation
thn erection of u building.
We learn upon good authority that the
Cameron property at tlie head of Tort Moo-
ily, some seventy acres in all, was disposed
of on Monday lant for the hands fine pra-. of
We beg to remind the Victoria "Post,"
that the Gazette ia the only paper published
at I'ort Moody, and it pains uh to see our
news items credited to the Port .Moody
The train arriwd down from Vale at midnight on Tuewluy, having taken Mitres.
hours to make the run. A few pa.-etijg* r-
aniv.d, ud all expi-s-cd themstd.es as
:lior'-itt.'!ilv di- u tad >. ith the arangements
for taking care of passengers at Port Ham
aiond. After falling over tind*er and hpt;ish-
ing through swamps they failed io getting
either a place to sleep or a bite to eat, and
arrived in I'ort Moody hungry and weary.
Here they found every comfort, and were
made happy once more.
K.s.'diRAtiiNf..—The large number of real
estate sales last week have b.-en bentlici.il to
Port Moody in more than -<ne sense. The
doubting ones have had their faith iu the future of the city renewed, aud many teoffsrs
have suddenly become interested, and show
on anxiety Ui secure a foothold here. We
have ri OOivod n LJOOfttl for copies of the Ga-
/.*■ i n fiom pr<imin.-ut eastern ntirnfiptft.
aud this we take as an indication of bono*
ing interest in the progress of the future
metropolis of the t aiudiau Dl■Minion
A BlO Ci'T.—The base nf the hill Bfl the
CoOp« r property, at the side ef tin* railway,
has been attacked by a gang of Chinese, the
inteuti.-i. being bo n nunc ■POO fifty thousand cubic yards of earth and use it in filling
up tide Hats in that \i«*iinty. The character
of the soil is such that the steam -diuvcl OU'
not be brought into play, and considerable
blasting will have tn bs dou In Ofdtf to remove the bowlders which are 1m.th large and
numerous in the hillside. When thfs work
ia completed, which will not be for some
months, probably, an uninterrupted view of
the wharf from any part of tho city front
will be attainable.
The oofdttroy ro d on l>
end wit., ■ t p rtroeofn| of fine-eu*
lecayad vood, winch eneven ell the purpo-
s -i. f t iii bark in rood ni king sod : • ..
VO*\. sprti gv road-lied. The corduroy will crime if
be continued along Douglass Street to 'John's
Street, tin nee to (')::.rles. where it will connect with the new road shortly to be built
over the Clarke trail.
•    ■       I, nor are we t  Id whether :t   ni
i in whaai. K« t-riti ised  thst K     iiimJ    daoVo the frootiei  fusUeoo rfKooMJoor the
is dy bisk ni tosotion to p-iig-my as  Bsjgboo oostkriet    That in p-ooOQaji
i ii'one i i.tiofi d.    Bo odoatted 'be fisjit of done not raston umtry mob,  u* oooor
the Govcrum- i:t   tq   pOOU M   .1    ''•'   inme 1 ■ 1. < ) {] 0111 Kll*l tOOtt and >eunoar
bot w  m thelites,  by.ntiyof If its Is to Ms be uv
he sai ; ih--Mormon b bclicv..! tte/aa right j ferrej. however, from >ho bet that U»d
Hethotu tea they helped bold California j Qmaville paw -■. -,. • i ■- I,..pi. but for
during th.- Me:,i-.aii war, thev doasrvod con-   Eagba I, the importOBt pott ia«t named
sidcraiion from tbe GovenuDeat,
A well-known mimr who n.adc  a fortune
in early days, at Giaboo,   leodl u» a  very
EfOBI   Japan.      It is   dated,
Jeddo, -Ian. 1st, 1hi>4.      '-Thi*".' he
u srooderfal oountrv ful! of volcano*
There is some comphiint at the manner in
hich the C. I'. N. (o.'rt  itoeiiuin sneak in
and out   of   Port   Moody,   DO   BOtlot   beioj
given of the time of  their arrival or depar- ] c'
ture. It is customary to blow thre. w\.
fifteen minotea apart, but the Captain of the i
Maude   evidently   deems   this   unnecessary H M itU W*»l  ■**! **& it » *ur,,w:,. Lord   f.ilsAVlllo
here, and in   consequence   of  his   neglect   a i U> Bte the   U,n''Ic  fla,,"'it  th'^^-
nuiuUrui passengers have Uen lelt behind,   and the country for miles a.ound.   The hills
without -"now 1 ap-* ue col  in term
New BtAOl Akuanoemknth.— Our reader" will be pleaaod to leant that 00 Tuesday
la«t Mr. Townsend put into eflcct a D< w iys-
t.m of running stages between here and New
Westminster, which is bound to give great
satisfaction. Stages now leave New Westminster and Bonson'l at nine o'clock, connect ing at the intersection of the Clarke
trail and thu main road, the fare from this
point to either end of the route being fifty
cents. At four o'clock in the afternoon the
above programme is repeated, so that we
virtually have connection twice ft day with
New Westminster. Thus, passengers leaving hero iu the morning via the Clarke trail,
can reach New Westminster by 10 a. m.,
tram-act all necessary business and arrive
back iu Port Moody by 0 p. m., and Westminster people rice versa. The fare for thu
entiie distance by stage remain* the same.
A boAT Rack for*'-!ja sidn, between J.
Murray and W. Sincerbeau, is to eonaeolV on
Monday afternoon next. The race will be
over the usual course—from Uocky point to
the EL K. Wharf, and rt-turii.
Mr. Pogue's farm wagon was taken from
the Klgin House to thu clearing on John's
street on Monday morning, being the first
fr-ur-wheeled vehicle to traverse the itreetl
of Port Moody.
TllE str. Lottie arrived from New Westminster on Wednesday morning, having in
tow two scows loaded with lumber, hay and
general merchandise, consigned to parties in
this city. She had 1>eeu miic Monday
evening making the   trip.
Mr. Emmet is building an addition to the
Klgin House, 20 hy 85 feet and one story in
height. It will contain, when completed a
billiard room, barbershop, and an addition
to tin- present dining room, which wilt mal.o
it 2.) by 45 feet.
Mr. T. J. Pouuo is making great improvements upon Ins pir-ce of land adjoining the
I-urr property. Ten acres have been
cleared, and this week he haa been busy
lotting ont fruit trees of dillere »t varieties,
uud in preparing the land fur the reception
of root crops.
The railway embankment has been graded
down and sloped off 00 each hide from below
I'ougluss rtreet to some dittfiDOO nh-\*e
Klgin street, and a ditch dug on each side
of the track for the f-ame dj-tance. The
work will be continued right along for some
A wag suggested to us, tbo other day,
that the importation of a ijuantity of "short
hits'' and five cent pieces into Port Moody
might prove a prnlitable speculation, now
that there nie Church services twice uvcry
Sunday. We hope none of onr citizens are
afflicted with attch "picayuni-oV ideas.
The Indians ftre keeping our market pretty
**11 supplied with fresh fish of different varieties, crabs Oiid clams. The reported arrival of a canoe ia the signal for a general
stampede among the hotel and boarding-
housemen, and* the cargo is gem rally dig
posed of in short order and at good prices.
Major Ror.KFS and a party of twenty-five
engineers left? Victoria per str. Princess
Louise on iSiesdny morning. Most of the
psrty wettt thrtutfth to Port Hammond, but
Major Rogers and two others came here and
took Wednesday morning's train for Yale.
At that point they will join the balance of
the expedition ftnd proceed at once to the
scene of  their labor in the Rockies.
On Sunday last Lee Sam, a Mongolian,
reported to Constable Sharpe that ho had
heen set upon' and robbed of a dollar by four
'•washes, in tbe vicinity of the Coquitlam.
With the bland smile «> peculiat to his race,
^sm asked Sharpe to refund the missing
dollar, and went off muttering "no sabbee '
u'hen his reasonable request waa refused.
The thieves have not been  ffaptured.
A Ri;i'AiHbh Jail.—Mr. Wmtemute  was
at Wdrk last week making a  number of very
necessary  repairs to our city jail;   and  this
)■ what has been done.    The outside walls of
1 the cells have been double boarded over, the
boards being held in position  by a strong
cleat spiked firmly to thu sill; new  flooring
has been laid   down  in.iidu, and  the  inside
1 walls given au additional   thickness of stout
I planking, thu puilitious between cells being
' let into the floor and uiadu very secure; the
locks   and  hinges are    now fastened   with
wrought   iron   spikes,  driven  through   the
■ door pouts and chincked un   the opposite
■idu, and uvury precaution has been taken to
' make this one of thu soiest jails in the I'ro-
| vitico.    The cells ure warm und comfoitablc,
Woll ventilated, and kept wcrupuluiMy clean.
' Constable Sharpe King a firm believer in the
j etlicacy of soap ami water and plenty of it.
1 The repairs cost about 850, and it is money
.Vi II     pent.
The man Hunter, who was sentenced to
'onr inoritfotf* imprisonment, in New West-
•'•inster, for stealing a skip t of bees, was
forking m Port Moody at' the time of his
*rreat. Rumor gives him credit for numer-
°us depTftUtion*. and if half of what wVlVear
*hout him ir trae, he must be a near relative
of the man who stole the grist mill and came
b-*ok ntti n%Ht to gtt tht dam.
Divine SkBVICBs. Port Moody's first
Episcopal Service brought out a goodly number of both sexes on Sunday morning last,
although the threatening appearance of the
weather doubtless deterred a number from
at*ending. Hev. C. Uiancliurd preached an
eloquent sermon on "Doing iu»Y* Wdi,'
which was listened to with great attention.
Mrs. Williams acted as organist very aooep
tahly and the congregation joined h amy
In tho singing. A collection to defray expenses; was taken at the close. At '2 p. m,
t!ie Meth-dist Sunday school convened with
a gi od attendance of If ltie folks, nnd enough
"children of i\ larger growth" to form a very
respi et.iblu bihle i luss. At the close of the
sell- ol the edifice was again filled tn the door
with people fri in Port Moody and surrounding settlements, who listened to the Rev.
Robs-in'ssermon with pleasure and attention.
All three of these religious institutions seem
to bu iu a fair way to luoceed.
AM A^UATir KvKNT.~The exciting event
of tho week was the boat race on Monday
last between W, Sincerbeau aud D. Blsok,
for a purse of $50 a lUlo, The sky was over
oast with heavy clouds and there was a brisk
north-east breeze blowing, as thi two eon-
It.stunts took their place.--, and at Ll20 p 01.
they started isp the long pull from the Rocky
Point to thi railroad wharf and return—a
distance ol three miles. At the word "go,"
hoth got away iu good shapo, with Binoer-
heatl leading, but before a hundred yards
had beeo covered, the boats fouled, and they
returned for a fresh start. This time thoy
took a wider distance apart, nnd got away
well together, Siucerbuan again gradually
drawing ahead and maintaining Ms load till
the finish. He rounded the buoy in V,\ minutes, and his opponent half a minute later,
and then came the struggle for victory.
Roth wert pulling 30strokes to the minute,
wluuh waa soon increased to 40, and still the
gap between the two boats did not lessen,
and the excitement on shore gradually increased. Sincerbeau passed the winning
post about three boat lengths ahead, having
made the distance in 23* minutes. Both
men came in quite fresh and in- good humor,
and expressed a desire to have another contest in a short time. The race was witnessed
by a large crowd, including several ladies,
and the winnei was warmly received by his
frienda at the conclusion. Messrs. McCrae
and Chas. Murray acted as referees, and
Constable Sharpe as judge. Several other
racea are on the tapis between local Han-
lam*, and Port Moodiaus may expect much
sport from this source the coming summer.
Would it not be a good idea fto form an
aquatic club here; and when Hanlan returns
from Australia he might be induced to give
us an exhibition of his skill on the harbor.
There is no body of water in the world better suited for boat racing than the harbor of
Port Moody. Anil we hope to seo thia
healthful' amusement become daily more
popular. |
old D unas
tree ot  sd urusi   i shies then to make
to sec 000 of their \r.<- \U gii ing ebooluti ii.
He   looks   very   like one   of  our own High
Churchmen, trying to Lmfttte the oiorgy of
the old Church. Be i- Out in earnest; you
ne.er h mi 0& \■■ ■ - -'   ifl   is at,
.i the Cm
We had the  pleasure a few days ago,
1-eing shown   ov.-r  thi-*   cxt'litivc   QQtobUoh'
in-ni by Mr. BowJorson, the noaogor, win.
WOO kind wioiigh t0 explain the POSpOcUTO
•perrttous performed by the numerous new
BUM blaOB wlncli .nt BOW In operation in the
factory. To attempt anything like a coin-
pkto deecripti it is entirely bOfOsd our
technical or practical knowledg", but we
learned sutlieient to convince us that the
machinery in thu new Sash ft Door Faetory
i-i the most complete wu ever saw. The
great advantage secured by the company
was in the purchase of every article connected with tho machinery, fiom one firm—
1 owau ft Co., Gait, Canada, and thu rusult
ii« that the whole faetory appears to havo
boon built with the machinery in it; every
Wheel and every pulh?y occupying j nst the
right space and of course, the right place.
The engine is a specimen of perfection (indi- j ae
eating 50 horse power) and work* like a
charm; the different machines, all of the
most modern com-tructiou, planing, moulding, tenanting, ftai with the various sows,
are all iu proper rotation and in such order
that the wdrk can be passed from hand to
bind with the least possible loss of time.
The factory is constructed so that it can be
enlarged without moving the present machinery, and any addition can be operated
with the assistance of a few additional pul-
Iu\s ami bands. So far, the machinery has
only been worked on trial, which proved
perfectly satisfactory, and in the eourse of a
few days w ill probably be turning out work I This par
iu all its branches. The «aw mill has been I ni
eons derably improved aud enlarged.     Two
large boilers of great power have been added I eae the .1 p iu< • rusl
to those previously in position, and the mill j They go iu a hurry li
i*. now capable of sawing 45,000 fcetper day,
With SAM. Mmh improved machinery bus
been ad.hi! t > the Workshops, SO that the
approaching sea«ons work will be done with
every facility.—Guardtan.
well as all tbs Bod Hoa snoot as lur south-
] hoi i" to
Gladstone, in bis magnanimous dj
oi other  people's  pn party,  iDsoo book to
King .John • uly that port Of his former  p-js-
ind ha* do u-».  : i.
The wi •        • •h.t t.-r ,i being
teen    feu wnhtoot all
thi  d'mn.iou- .,, tsht  KhfdiVO Suuih   of  Assouan—is, a.tor.iintf t*> the intiti u. tu.ns t i-
u,  1«-  divided
into three par:-,,    in ill th-* treat i-gioti aest
■  oi ti,. Kib proper aad of the  Whrl
Daogoloti though ..ot eepoeieUj   meutioued,
,   odi d ■ I.' atohi i i-, m pur
oaooe ui l i . M) '•■
foiiualiv reoognisrd ss Sultan b\ tli   Britiah
. i.t     on the othei -
^, ZoU hi   r
• oil,..j ..ii-, ni Jd hi ii,.li' is to  ii    .  to
h i-ic d at Khar)  i m, - ie  ■<■ n. '■ rd U,   "■
. i t.. be :o kic. -i  Bob
iiooi and oi oil  the ooantry   known  a«  the
ported   by ret;uiiiii.' Walls of StOOO, and bttOT
oropo to their summits.    Blot ti  pown In
e\. py    \ .ill* y -,    but    wlieat   and   !
grown oi- the ssei tted  plateaue,  end tha
tee plaiitut cm - •  ■ ■
kind ■'"•■ produoed p p a' abui l   p
i mi i | i . •    ai,.l
are nude "I  ■■ i per.     Th
nuufnotored ia this  eouoin  sre equal to  Ice, or, at all evi   ti. frym huaJtim to aoomt
... .      south of Maaaowah,    \\ ♦■ oine more call at
' of.a   i.-niion t bhai  tii- Koo
the Abyeetntan part ol ibis UttoraJ i
.Yew? Westminster B C
sua used  ber, .ithth' itigaitioaot except
sword  bladi -     n **i th< ■ % ii o'1    Bi ron
beai rsrnts - ,n the world.   They sre eduea-   D0| :.„-' Lyypt,   but   foi   I ogland.    But al
ted, and ha\e \ o.-t.-, mu.-.ciai.s and paiuti n-, ' tbouuh tbe Ih   i h Fori pi Office has detoi
and the) oeo calculate« lipees, sod Lsooosure  V;""1 l" "''i'-" u,,'u,{
* ' Prophet at Kh.r'i.'im, il   ».11 l irdly oarry
thealtitudc of h.-ivei.i} bodioo,    rbe major-    lit^n faratto foUi*o  Geo   Qoi
lty of t lOUl are 1'ugaiirt, hut a great many of' dous lout pi M of  ad  i s   and   Ooutribute  a
themo e Borneo Catlioli I'andltisamu log  detochuieuf   I ii.- I o trooj   foi the defence
(From our regular correspondent.)
Makch. I Ith, 1S84.
Congress has now been iii session oxer three
mouths ; more than,the lull term of its second ie -i u, :ind for lome reason or other,
very little legislation has thus far been jicr-
tect d. Wut ot the live thousand bills that
bave l)e-n preionted, only sixty-three, including thiity-six pension hills havo passed
the House ; while only live hills and nine
joint resolutions havo pass d both Houses,
been signed by the President, and be onto
laws.    Home think that it  is  owing to the
Incur.'tipation of  the legislative mind with
Voidi utial hj uealat;ons, or  to Lhe oOOtious
hiexporience ol new Members who are inerc-
i ly u-ung the session  tn acquaint themselves
with parliament.-.!y tactics, ami learn the !o-
I cation of thu c ijnmittee rooms.      Hut fhe
mystery is Out inscrutable.      Not  counting
j the delegates from Terrttorioa, thi re are four
I hundred aud one Jojpslstors in a full C >u-
j greos,   Kach one ot them has equal rights
with the remaining four hundred.     If every
one took a day for talking on every  important hill as many are ■ Iftp    '  i il  U  . ll u    ■!-.
require lour huudr d aud le-xislative dayi
for the uonsi. I oration of one ineusure, uis
difficulty hns bee me i lerious'one. The . il-
tor and currency (iuest|ous, the land grants,
tiit* bankrupt laws Hie Presidential aucces-
lion, the copyright qm stion, and Paoitto
railway regulation tie all ot pressing ue. ea
iity, hut the country has to wait while ( on-
giessioual Boj h res'are making ■ rat irical
lisplaya As au instance oi tho divergent
teiidecy uf ('nngu -bill, n a Ml inber broke
into the debate on the Naval bill with an ab
hision t<i the wool question. A little later
be ooufeasod he knew nothing ahout .Naval
affairs, and that hu oould hardly tell which
nl nf'a ship Went foremost. He next at
tacked his opponents f«r parsimony i" growl
niatters, and incused them of keeping thu
sul[ihiM revenue idle in the Ire.iMuy while
tlie p. ople wore being taxed three per cent.
per annum on three hundred millions of
oonds owned by the people of New   York. '
Another tin luher cl Iticised   and   BOOthod the
fugraul i ratdl by Mtving ths latter was interesting ev.n when he was Irrelevant. At
another uoiiit in the debate on that da} . Mrs.
Langtry's charms furnished a th- me There
has been some curiosity lo know WOO would
be the how one thousand dollar a year attachment! a died private secretaries that are
now allowed to the .Senators who are not
Chairmen of committees. It had bee n pr- -
di.-i- d that some of thu Seiiatois wouhl appoint tlnir wivi s, and daughters to those positions, but investigation shows that only
oiaeouliue relatives are at pr. sent drawing
pa] on the private seen to ties list.
Several prominent members of the Wo*
man's SuilViigc Assoeiatlun which held a four
days convention here during ihe week, made
addresses Saturday before the Hou"e.hidi
ciary committee ; their objective point being
a sixteenth amendment to the Constitution.
It is noticeable that the movement has pasK-d
in a great measure mit of the domain of ridicule and is met seriously by those who have
to deal with tendencies of society. The leaders snow more temperance and discretion
than in ihe earlier stages of the agitation.
The managers are trying to extend their organization on a system that will bring the
cause into universal notice. They propose
to enter tho political field fat a solid body,
and use all their resources to defeat candidates not in sympathy with them.
The whiskey men got the set bac< they
feared by the antagouifn. of an appropriation
bill. (Jreat interest was mottifeeted in the
attempt of the friends nf the bonded whiskey lull t • eetthifct measure before the House
i Saturday. There woe do surprise when
Mr. Morrison's move to go into c -pjmittee of
the whole un reveuue bills was followed by a
motion from Mr. Townshend,' that the
Houbego into committee on Appropriation
bills. The Voting was watched with uiternet,
f.r theru was au impression tbat the result
would test the sense of the House not only
on the whiskey question, but also on the
hilifv of I. hairman Randall to rally a majority in case He* should wish to pot the Appropriation bills in the way of the low tariff tax
reduction bill. The vote was in favor of
taking up the Postal Appropriation bill. It
cannot however bo claimed that any issue
was decided by the vote. A large number
Of Democrats "voted in the negative with the
Republicans,' and an almost equally large
nmnd'-r of KepnMicans with the body of
Democrats. ,
Dtdegnte Caino of Utah rriadc hb argument
I he Jo| onoos should
m i-i inoriea to Ireland and I,.now
inine id. as from that bleosod boy Balled
"Paddy ' We hav- plenty of Irishmen
here: th > parade on St. Patrick's Day, and
are tne error oi tie tun d Japanese.
The c rpentera in this country amuse me;
they do not push the plane when they are at
work: t .ey pull it; ami the result i* sometimes very serious, They sit while they
work in the shop, and the best of them W old
not mak - two bits a day In BritishC luml La;
but their work, whin nnislied, is always well,
done. Tbo) bave printers, but the type is.
made of wood in blocks. It would tske »il
of their printers three weeks to produce a j
COpy of Ehe I -1   .!:M.W.
It is tmusing t» see there people at dinner,
They quit work half an hour before dinner*
time, an I they wash tl i ir h uids snd fao s.
the preparation occupii i ten
n ti.ey -it in ah:.I! and Wall tobe
summon d b> thu gong.   Thecoi k'l deputy
unds t , t instru   out, and it i- a ligm to
11 thediunei
hounds, and j stle
each othei in the narrow i sssages.   At table
they eat rapidly, as if  eating   tor   8   WSgOT.
Tbey are fit to live In tbe United States,
and'l would book any «if Ilium ogoinsi thi
fastest s vallower oi cabbage in ban Kran-;
cisco. Tbey have lately learned tbe art of
Using ths knife and fork. The knife is always us >d here as a salt-opoon, ihovol, and
fork; it takes th" greens and vegotaJdes of
every description to tin- prntatoe-trap, which
is where it ought to be—under the Japanese
nose. 1'hey sit olose to the table, and Lean
well OVer ti e pistes,   SO that small particles
may fall Into them t the point nf ibe finger
'oi the let Imnd rests on the prongs of th"
fork, an ii the feeder misses the hit lies in
at.hisfiiger ii soiled; then be takes the
handker hiefthat wiped his nose a moment
before, s id with it he wipes his finger nnd
the fork: The sweat fn m the face of.-« man
dining in a liuriy, falls nu the plate, aud Is
supposed toi*—very good sauce!
)n,e la lies at a tea-party look very wi
and behave nduiirably. Little sweet-oak i
are hand I round ou little plates, aud the
tea is se ved In cups .. ii tie larger than
thimbles The girls d . not till, in eh, hut
their eye r ■■ eToijUetit, Their bauds are
small nnd wh t., ami the nail- on tin ir Iii g
era are as hav as nei tl es. it i- not safe to
annoy a J ipanose lady, lor s-he can .scratch ■
like a cat.
I have tasted tlie tea grown here, and tea
unadulterated imported from china, and now
I want to know what i-s tea? f verily believe the heather on the hills in Scotland
would sell "hort" as English tea. Label It
well witli gol 1 leaf and -we.-t n It with _
sugar. It that iadone Judiciously "yoa
your boots" the heath will be tea,and would
s II Inre nr iii China. The art nf labelling is
the ureal art the ar* of money making j I nt
I tell yon thai a decorated bottle is very
hke a scolloped white petticoat. It is not
safe 11bet that cither contains the b art article, 1- it? The giils here know too much ;
the girls I saw at home without boots had innocent   eyes   and   they   could    blush.       Wr
know too much now, and our knowledge
will make us fit to weal horns and hooves.
A lady's bonnet well feathered on a head
ilea 'rated with horns, would be no ornament
nt ull; and a hat on the head of a man who
ihovi I- cabbage into his mouth with a knife
is a hat in the wrong place. It is supposed
to be a thing that covers brains and ideas of
(beney, but ui twenty years 1mm ibis date
it will blush when it is  placed nn   the head
of h iiiph : snd therefore 1 believe nd hats
will he fashionable.
Thiriy rich merchants residing in the city
will visit British ( olumbis In dune. 1 eau
speak the .Japanese language Huentlv. I hope
to be employ, il as interpr-ter and go with
theft. Two of them are intimate n lends,
and I have tried to dosorrbe lor them the illustrious merit of the blush thai decorates
ihe chei k of a modest woman. If they can
find n pair of y -uuif ladies who can I ln.-li
they   will   propose,   and   give   Ihe    Hank   ol
British Colombia security for jointures.
Th«- art of bluuhing oanno. boprtoaeed. Mj
.Japanese friends are SXOoUeiu| judges of
paint j and tiny know it is tapoomnhl SO M'l'
paint the shadow of a Idttuh. It will be H1
amusing to hear them talk of flbo young ladies who reside in the royal city. I am in
haste but I may venture to give tbe girls a
hint-. The Japanese gentleman believes that
a short pettycOOt was a long one until the
lady lost her modesty.—Guardian.
of that entrej ol under its new matter The
ultimatei ffit^itftheesdifyuigsobcme devised
by Mi. Uladstonoon tbe wiwtchod natives
ol the sbandjoned territory a ill I" at -nee
appreciated it we keep in vfow the nndUv
putad foot lhat Kl Mabai Has found in the
traders bis most p worful rapportere.
I ni..- it turn out that the watchword, the
Soudan for tiie Soudanese, toally means the
Boudan for the slave bunt rj thoagh here,
too, with the frugality pr. u ad En Abis-
siuia the Premier refrains irom soorifioing
suything that bo cares t-> keep.
If the English Government Intend to bestow on "soms ally ol 1-1 Mahoi" all th*-
i. l',«jii n itching from the Nile to within ten
miles of the Ked Boo, 'iei consequently In-
< luding Siokai ahd rokar, what, tbe jiinuled
reader may inquire, is Uen, Qrabam doing
&ents' Furnishing
there1 Unquestionably Osmi □ idj-na bai
ihown him-eli a laaluus and uliici nt ally of
Id Mahdi, and, as such, he might rOOOOB4
ably look for rewanl, instead "f chastisement, from tlie preai nt temper of th
I Iffii e. STeo, it will !"■ said, but it was first
needful to inflict u lesson on a too suocestful 1
rebel and relmnnsh tho stained honor of the i
British anna.     But   how,    it   may   again   he j
asked by the perplexed observer, oould British honor !»'■ mors damaged by the rout oi
Egyptian troops i a erlien. Mker than bj
the -laughter of Bgyptiao troops andsi Oen.
Hicks?    T:.is  eonundrum  seems to have
slightly bothered Lord tiianvdle, il WO may
fudge from tbe peculiar ardors given Oen.
i Irabam, That i oirunafidor has beeu in-
stiu ted to (pi on vindicating Britiah honor
by attacking Oaman  Digma, provided the SUITS MADE TO ORDER
1 chief will obligingly make s stand with '
We have the finest assortment of
T "W Iii 313 r> &
Gasimeres,   Diagonals
If the authors of cabled despatches c.in be
trusted to ascertain not only the bare fact
that the Cabinet h-id a fteeffilff on Friday,
but also what took place there, we now
know the plan of action definitely adopted
by the Gladstone (lovernm-ht with regard
to all the questions, political and fiscal, to
which recent events in the Nile country
have given rise. Let us look at come of the
resolves ihus deliberately Fanned and inquire how they can he reconciled with the
previous professions and proceedings of the
Ministry. We have only to boot in mind
that the fundamental principles proclaimed
by Mr. Gladstone are Egypt for the 1'gypt-
i:nis, the Soudan for the Soudanese, and—
though this logical corollary has rolled less
glibly on his tongue—Abyssinia for the
To dispose of the least important subject
6i>t, let us take up the three main features
of tbe programme in inverse order. Evidently, if the Soudan is to be given up to
native rulers on the ground that the latter
were unjustly dispossessed by the EjfVfJtianr.,
all the territory wrenched from Abyssinia
by the'Khedive's representatives should also
be surrendered. But all that Lord Grnn-
ville offers King John is two harbors on the
Red Sea in the sou'hern part ot the Ahys-
sinian littoral, together with a strip of land .
ih southern Soudan.   The width of this sfrif It0 ™ ¥u$,c Bus"w"
m ten mi! s • f tbs ooastt Should, however,
the Mahdi s lieutenant prefer, as  the  rep it I
goes, to tall back on Binkat, then the British i
i lenei -I i^ to l<*avc him several) alone.   The
prudent injUQtions ol the Foreign Otliee re-
osll OogV-rry's mi rpretatioii of his warrant i
"to coinpreheml all ragrom  men."    H  w   il
a* will not stand?'' Inquires the witohman.
"Why, then take no note of him, but lot
him go," siys Dogberry; "'and presently call
the re t of the wi tcb togetl er and thuuk
I tod that you are rid of a knave."
We come now- to the Gladstoniao appli-
oition of the maxim, coined soon after the
•ui] r*n ilon of the national movement under
Arabi Pssha, "Egj'pt for the Egyptians."
■ ■ - or two pertinent inquiries al once sug-
ores) t hems Ives. Who are meant by the
Egyptians the Khedive and the class of na-
tive administrators or the moss of the tax*
payers? And. again, ii it In questions political or lUOSti us economii si, nr in both, that
the Egyptians wil be saSered to manage
thi ir "M n ami r-!   Aj to pnliti si  coneemi
the ■ a< rtffi e of the Sou 'an nas  h !   i-\
the British liovernnient strains* tbi vehe
inenf remonstrance of ti'" Khedive and hit
Ministers and notwiths snding every cultivator in the Delts will be exposed to grave
Injury by the los-- of the Nilonu ter at Khartoum, whieh for many y^m-* has givi d time*
hei 11>' werulng of approaohing inundaHons. N"t
oni\ has fingland refused t-i hersell h*dp the
Khedive and I '   retain Khartoum
but she has forbidden them to accept aid
from   France or Turkoy for that purpose.
Neither noes it appear that the Egyptian
taN p iyer will be Batki d to sanction Kn_dand's
appropriation of tin* Ked Sea harbors,
th ugh those ports belonged to Egypt) and
might have been sold for r (treat price. It
is, then, in haeal matterothai the debl iii
den denizens i f the Nile de ta are at last to
be self-governing? The obvious aourci ol
relief from thoir intolerable burdens an
be found in the sals of s new- canal fran
chise, iu the suppression of the tribute pay.
ab e to Turkey. In the taxation nf foreign
residents, and in a reduction ,,: tho rate ol
of interest on the bouds held hy foreign ere
ditors. In the face of published opinions
Er m some of the moot eminent legal au
it-rs in England thtif the contracts made
with M. de Lessens c inferred nn him no mo
nopoly, Mr. Glad tone, being unwilling t
give any further offence Bo Pronce, h ii  pr
h.luted the Khedive !roni authori/ii'L' I u. w
canal, although a "vndicate stood ready to
pay for tho privilege i ram that would have
HuiisiUy diminished the burden  n  w   resting
upon Egypt. Again, the annual tribute
at-nt tn ( otistaiitinop).- can oo lOBptf bl
justitieil now tit;it Turke) is prevented by
England'* fntenroeitfmi from furnishing the
saalstance which the Khedive desjm from
bJssnasvahs.    Bat this tribute bappeni to
be pledged to Kunpean creditor* of inik.f
therefore m thia inst a nee also Mi
Gladstone turns a deaf ear to the groans of
the/sfloAsen, ami sssnrresthe8ultan that t.i-
rights will 1«? reapeotdd. Bnt what is to he
donealiout the heavy deficit disclosed by the
Cairene budget, ever since the revolt of
Arahi, and alarmingly Oatgravatod bv the
military expendiiurc of the last year? Now,
surdy. is the tunc for lifting a portion of
load from the shoulders of those meek
Egyptians to whom, as wc are told bo often,
Egypt is at last t» be restored, by subjecting foreign residents SS w'ell as natives to
taxation, nnd by lowering the interest on a
foreign debt for which the present taxpayers
never had anything like a fair equivalent.
That recourse wouhl be had to such expedients seemed the more likely at tl is time
because they were urgently recommended
bvthe British agent at Cairo, Sir Evelyn
Baring, as the sole solution of a pressing
fiscal problem. But the Cabinet, ot their
meeting on Friday, we arc told, decided
that Sir Evelyn Baring's scheme of financial
reform should Ik- indefinitely suspended,
which, in the face of the immediate exigencies of the situation, will be rightly construed as a cowardly method of rejection.
By this performance Mr. Gladstone set the
finishing touch upon the comment which his
actions add to his professions, and made it
patent tothe world that the end he really
has in view is "Egypt for the bondholders."
—ATew >orit Sun.
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Port Moody, Mcrcfi lSth, 1881.
Ci'lnmbit Street,    -   -   New  ^estmin.ter
1 Cjli $flrt Booinj ©njtltt.
SATUKD.AV, MARCH   28. lost.
I jirriirr- Court.    Oli jtrdgw nt ! thou art ' fHB PB0GEE8B OF THE SETTLE-
tli-d li  liuiiiiui lnuils and  liii'ii haw
lotjl thiii- ration,
"Hill "Chandler  is  Secretary of the
The home news is scarce ; it is lost
in the uproar of tlie capitalists who are
investing their coin iu lots at Pbft
The citizens of Victoria arc great
imitatorB, and tliey are trying to get up
a little excitement of their own. Tin<J
could uot afford to lose a working day,
but on Sunday last tliey went in holiday dress to Spring Hidge and Jninr-s
Hoy, with maps in their hands. Tiny
enjoyed the stroll and talked a good
deal of—Port Moody.
Navy, and "Bill" has asked Congress
lor money to build a navy. Hundreds
of millions have been appropriated for
the navy within tbe Im twenty years,
and all these millions were intended for
the knaves and nut for  lie iuvv.    John
Koach appeals io be Depntj Secretary
.if the Naw. On llie eve of every Presidential election, he gives a -tamping
old iron contribution, and a great dea
of tlie monei voted for war ships sails
Into his pocket II mtsst amuse Hismarck
10 bear of die American ■.preail-eaglcism
and the war-ships bat disappear i.i the
pocket- uf the political!!*.
The Irish rule New York;   bat  theii
reign iinetvti- over The inericani
begin to think t emselvei entitled to
rule '".Ire Empire State." They hive
O'Hrien chairman ol the
elected Johnny
The inspector of fisheries sent a pack    Republican   ' otm y   Committee,   and
salmon from this Provin.-e| Johnnj/f Influence will divide the Irish
age of fresh
to Ottawa, carefully packed in ice, and
the fish arrived in prime condition. This
is important news ; steamships to carry
oil' the tish in ice may replace the eun-
neries and diminish the demand for tin.
The Minister at Ottawa, by letter, acknowledged the receipt of the lish perfectly fresh and possessing the flavor of
fish take/i an hour before the package
Was opened.
At Nanaimo a mouse made a nest
that cost 8200. The money belonged
to a Chinaman who thought it was in
a safe place. He went with the nest in
his hand to the Bank and tried to ex-
chango it for gold, but failed, and is
now employed in trying to match the
pieces. The industrious mouse gave
the industrious man a long job.
At Spallunicheen the daisies are in
full bloom, and the cattle in want of
hay. The O'Koefe put up a fence
there ; it is six miles long and contains
forty-two thousand rails.
At Lillooet the ploughs are at work.
On the other side of Pavillion Mountain, at Clinton, the ground is covered
with snow, and may be fit for the
plough about the 20th of April. .•' t
Williams Lake the Bnow is disappearing rapidly, and fodder is scarce. In
summer the farmers in the northern regions of this Province forget the win-
ter, Every farmer north of Yale should
have hoy or straw to feed his cattle for
five months.
The "Colonist" says I "The 'Colum-
"bian' is the leader of public opinion
"on the mainland." That is a bounce.
If we had any public opinion on the
mainland, the "Colonist" rant would
bian" would not be publis'heu at' an.
The editor of the "Colonist" seems to
think this Province is a horse. In a
leading article he says Senator Mclnnes wishes to saddle it with a dry-dock.
The Senator represents the people and
the "Colonist" represents Victoria.
In the Eastern Provinces of the Dominion an attempt has been made to
bribe members of Parliament. A fellow named Meek (is not that a nice
name for a fox!) tried to secure the
Irish vote by offering a bribe to Mr.
Carscadin, M. P., and a nice situation
in British Columbia. Buying the
llnaves in the East and sending them
to be tax-collectors here is a most audacious piece of knavery.
An immense quantity of logs cut on
the railway reserve were seized last
Week and will be sold. The proceeds
oil the sale will go' to the Syndicate,
and the log choppers, who intended to
supply the mills on Paget Sound will
be heavy losers.
There are 17,000 dentists in ihe United S ales. Just think uf that! seventeen
thousand men employed to keep the
American poialoe-trap in good order!
The treasurer of Huron Couniv,
Ohio, h s levanted wiih $50000 of the
public funds.
In eveiy State of the Union ihe people complain of the scarcity of buiter.
Oleomargarine and trash of every de
sciiplion folded up in while linen, s • Is
as "butter." In ihe large cities buiter
is made of white turnips arid lat. "It is
pleasant and .ool "said Bryan O'Linn
Ii tastes w II, but it is useless, and sells
like hot cakes. Did any one ever trv
10 make good bread of saw-dust? Bread
made of saw-dust and buttered with
turnip* is good enough for those who
drink tea made in Dupont street, San
Francisco, of the tea-leives thrown ou
of hotels.
A sensation was created In Washington last week by slronrr circumstantial
evidence pre-enred by ex Postmaster-
General Jame-. It i almost nillicient 10
pro.c that President Garfield was murdered because he insisred on having the
S ar roule theivcs prosec ted. A giear
manv of the "self made men" are implicated. A Col. Wood, he disnicr
attorney, anil the attorne. -general who
refused to take proceedings in order to
ec re evidence against ihe accompli-e-
of Guiteau, appea to have been he
paid agents of the S ar route rob ers.
Tho-e who read American new -
papers attentively, must believe that
the reign of law and order is doomed.
Gold is the God ol he States, and be
commands a multitude, Buwie-kni cs.
pistols bad whiskey and ig .orance arc
Que thing! ill a free  counny.
President Arthur proposes to put an
end lo Mormonism at Walt Lake In
sending forty milliners ro open Jlnrei
tilled with tiner for women. He thin s
'he demand for bonnets and boots will
lestrov he taste that urges a man 10
marry twenty or thiriv wives. The road
with thorns if utlnir can get the mlli-
neisof New Yoik t open th< ir stores at
Salt Lake.
"Jim" Fair had forty million dollars,
and a wife. He took a fancy to a red-
haired littlo girl and took her to his
bosom. He discarded his wife rind was
Happy with tho golden ringlets for a
month and now the millionaire is miserable. He does not believe that peace
0? pleasure is secured by divorce.
Senator Sharon is also in hot water.
Miss Hill is trying to prove that she
is his wife. This woman was a little
"goosy" and tried to get the Senator's
Wealth. She consulted fortune-tellers.
She is a bad woman and Sharon is a
great ass. Sharon and Pair have presented the public with evidence enough
to show that a man may be as rich as
Rothschild and as mean as a pig.
The Columbia River works like a
beaver to destroy Portland and make
on Puget Sound the greatest shipping
ports in the world. Day and night the
great river is rushing to the sea, with
deposits which will ultimately widen
ttie mouth of the river and close the
passage for ships. Seattle seems to be
the Queen of Puget Sound ; her people
are enterprising, and munificent and are
lavish of their wealth when they are
called on for funds- to secure the public welfare. In San' Francisco the self-
made men are poker players and stock
exchange sharps. The self-made men
in'Seattle are plain, unassuming, good
natured'gentlemen. They have three
publio ban ks. one very rich private
bank, »university, and one of tlie best
newspapers on- the Pacific Coast, the
Sullivan, the King of the slaves who
are famous in the ring, continues his
triumphal march through the States,
and is always received by the multitude with a storm of applause. If he
oontinues to be invincible, the unconquerable nose-smasher will be elected
governor of a State, or judge of a Su-
In England the petty war between
pr.r'.ir'S is carried on with vigor, and
the general impression is that Gladstone must resign. His Franchise bill
will he popular, and if he is turned
out by the Conservatives it is quite
possible he may return to power with
a stronger party than he has in the
present parliament.
The war continues in Egypt, but
the unfortunate wretches have no
chance against British troops. The
sooner the war is over and Egypt
annexed the better for all. The work
would have been finished long ago if
such a man as Palnierston or Beaconsfield were prime minister. It is a
crime to prolong a war for a year if
it can lie finished in a week, and
surely we could end this Egyptian affair in a month. The honor und glory
of conquering Egypt is worth nothing,
but the valley of the Nile is a grand
prize and should be secured at once
for the sake of the empire and the
people of Egypt, who will prosper
when they get rid of Pashas and human peacocks and get plain honest
Britishers to develope their industry.
An antediluvian serpent fossil was
lately discovered at Llancaiach q arrv in
Wales. The quarry men uncovered
what was ai the time supposed 10 be he
trunk of a fossil tiee. On thursday the
71I1 of February last, thirty-one feel of
ihe iliing were exposed to public gaze,
and the scientists assure us ih»t the f's-
sii is tha of an immense serp.-nt. Thirty feet of solid rock lay between ihis
cicaturc ami the earth's surface. When
was e buried i Tbat is a question that
can never be answered. He mav have
been in go d hcalih and as lively as a
squirrel about the time cats were ere
A strange occurrence was noticed on
the Dee near Chester on the 22nd of
February. The tide flowed at 6:40 a.
m., and after two h urs ebb it began >o
flow again, and rose to a height of three
feet, when at 9:30 it eb ed again. The
pilots depending on the regularity of tlie
tides were sorely puzzled and delayed by
this remarkable event.
The Duke of Albany has some common sense. Ir. h s speech at Liverpool
he said the an of speaking plain English deserves to be studied, but for the
11 an who works hard ihe learning possessed by a cook is very good and more
useful than "giammar." It a wife cooks
well, the h sband will stay home. It is
the terrible cookery thai drives him to
the public house. The Duke thinks
lhat *ell cooked dishes would end all
matrimonial friys, and says it is no
wonder that a man wouldg out on the
spree to forget the ill cooked supper
Tne Duke wished to see ihe art of cookery taught in every school in the United
Kingdom, for the simple rea on lhat 1 c
»ished to .see the people enjo)ing their
[From tlie Mai laud Ouardlaa.l
The Colonist and its echo here, honest John's paper, have made hysterical
attempt* to be joyful at the passing of
the Settlement resolutions. Everyone
knows that this initiatory stage is not
the one chosen by an enemy to attack
a measure in the House; it is mere
wust.-of powder and shot to go after!
a shadow, for it is nothing more, before il lakes the form  of a bill.       Our
valued and popular member fur this
district 1I11I his duty to his constituents, nobly, niirl we trust that then
Letter will testify tli'ir appreciation of
bis s.-rvii-es wlien he returns, to this
city. Senator Mclnnes lias, also,
proved himself true to the interests of
the country by  his  opposition   to the
iniquitous Settlement WI', In the Senate, That the Sitthment bill may
ultimately pass, is quite on the cards,
because the pres-nt Government nl
Ottawa have a very small opinion of
this Province, in consequence of the
kind of Government the people think
fit to set over them; and the opposition, headed by Blake, have always detested the Province asbeing too highly
favored, when in fact we have never
received what belongs to us, and they
think that we are going to suffer a great
loss through the Settlement bill, hence,
tliey will let it slide. Let us then look
at the results. The coal measures: will
be in the hands of a monopoly, and
they will proceed to monopolize every
other industry on the I- land. Some of
these industries an- 1,beady monopolized, but the reign of these little monopolies will be short when Huntington, Crocker & Co. enter the field. A
few Victoria traders will do pretty
well during the construction of the line,
but there will be a general flight as
soon as it is finished, because Huntington it Co. will undersell them as
soon as they are coinlV rtably settled.
As for Victoria it will begin to drop
the moment the line is through, because
there will be really nothing to support
it. The ships will all go to Nanaimo
where all the commerce will centre for
the Island. The Graving Dock, which
would, had it been completed, have
been a constant source of attraction,
and the nirans of a livelihood for an
industrial population, is now no more,
never complete it. The "Colonist," in
its impudent attempt to deceive the
public, stated the other day that th.-
construction of the dock was one of the
terms of union. But the "Colonist"
knew that the Settlement bill tears the
terms of union into shreds, more particularly iu relation to the Graving
Dock. But if the passing of the Settlement bill is on the cards, its rejection is equally so, and in the event of
its rejection Victoria must take a back
scat. Tho passion for over-riding
every principle of right and justice so
far as tlie mainland is concerned, has
shoekod and disgusted everyone with
Victoria, and immediate effort* will he
made to shake ourselves free of any
controlling influence which Victoria
may have on this continent. In this
way the trade of Victoria will fall to
nothing because the people of Nanaimo, Comox, and other places will also
he kept as much as possible within
their own bounds. Then the Graving
Dock will of necessity be abandoned,
because if there is anything upon which
mainland nil tubers seem to agree it is in
Iheir determination to oppoae any more
work being done on the Graving Dock.
This, then, is what the honest John
Government have done: they have embittered the people all over the country
against the Graving Dock, iiml they
have in this way prevented about three
quarters of a million in hard cash being spent, almost, in the heart of Victoria, besides the maintenance of the
institution, whoever had to pay for it.
As the naval station will be fixed at
Burrard Inlet, thero will be no more
use for a dock or anything else at Es-
quiinalt. Tiie question of the capital
is bound to come up immediately, so
that when that and the courts and
public establishments are moved to tlie
mainland, Victoria property will go
for a very small price. All this has
been brought about by that horrible
shadow, the Settlement bill, for which
Victoria loses all the substance of her
present importance and her possible future greatness. We have all along
pointed out that honest John was the
very spirit of ill-luck, and that all who
had anything to do with him were sure
to suffer disaster and misfortune How
truly we have spoken the people of
Victoria" will soon learn, and they will
heartily curse the day when their evil
star imposed him upon them. Thd
Settlement bill, from which they were
led  to expect so much will   became
[Frum tbe M llilaoj Guar iiaa 1
The prospects, so far as the gold
fields are concerned, are not brilliant.
Attempts have recently been made to
The Prince of Wales's recent speech
nm nl the London poor was hi- maiden
-peech in the Lords, He hod once or
twice before made a few remarks.
A critic in the Russian invalid asserts that seventy miles a day may be
continouslv done by   Russian   cavalry
,  without any fear for horses or men.
give afillup to the  «»'■••-''"'.*-l"rltsof I f(.ww,.,.ks ag0 (Jen. Gourko,  at   War-
the miners at Carilioo, but it does not saW) j,,Rp(.cted a couple of   sotnias   of
appear to have had much effect. The
quartz ledge ot Burns Mountain may
be as stated, very rich, but it will require a good deal of capital to develop
it: we hope that the cupitul may be
found. The Bridge river diggings have
been spoken of, but they do not appear
to be attracting much atta-ntion. There
is u strong probability thut u number
of our experiiiiri'l miners may find
their way to the Kocky Mountains; the
accounts from that quarter an certainly
of a highly-colored description, but we
are inclined to think there is some
basis in truth, because the principal
benefit from any rush would certainly
go to the Canadian Pacific railway, and
we do not believe at this early stage of
their career tliey would attempt to disseminate false reports. As to the
boundary question, it will not bother
the miners in tho least, since it has
been decided by the Government at
Ottawa to make their mining code as
liberal as any in the world. The bosh
published by the   Colonist to  the effect
that Premier Smithe had gone to Ottawa
to settle this question, is like all the
other statements in that paper. The
simple fact is, that the Dominion Gov
eminent will settle the question of
boundary at their own convenience
and to suit themselves notwithstanding any statements to the contrary, and
it will be all the better that it is so,
because tbe law will be vigorously administered by the Dominion authorities, backed by the mounted police, so
that our own miners will have fair play.
It must be remembered that there is a
very strong impression that the Cieur
d'Alene mines are likely to prove a
fizzle, and the natural result will be that
a large number of men habituated to
crime and without means, will flock to
the Rocky Mountain mines. Supposing
these mines were established as being
in British Columbia, what would we
do 1 One thing we know would be
done: honest John would send some of
his pets there, and a general mess would
most surely follow. So far as information has reached us, there are few
places where alluvial diggings will pay;
it,, „;.,;.,..,.,-n.iltli in nrincipally con-
tamed in t':e shape  ot  nuartz   leug
of quartz let-gee,
But then, the range being established
as containing the precious metals, the
extent is so great that hundreds of opportunities will  be offered to explorers
who understand the business, for making a fortune. Like the adjoining Selkirk range, tlie Rockies are permeated
with metal mostly goltl and silver.
There will be this great advantage for
the unlucky ones, that tliey can always
earn enough to buy food on the railway, if they are "strapped;" but if a
tithe of the stories an- true relating to
the quartz ledges, there will soon be
plenty of work. We shall reap very
little of the rich harvest of trade in
this Province until the railway from
Kamloops is completed; hut it will lie
very good when that takes place, be
cause we can supply them cheaper than
they can obtain their requisites elsewhere, from the shortness of the carriage by railway. It will be well to
remember, however, that we have very
rich mines of our own in the Selkirk
range, which can only, however, be
opened when the railway penetrates
these rugged mountains. The Selkirk
range is known to be very rich in tho
precious metals, both quartz ami nlln
vial diggings; the great obstacle hit hi r
to, has been the difficulty of conveying
Supplies and the necessary appliances
for quartz crushing, in the absence of
the railway. Ho soon as trains begin
to run through the Helkirks, a large
number of our miners will proceed
there, many of them to resume work
on clnims they were compelled to abandon years ago. There are gold and
silver quartz ledges and alluvial diggings in the Selkirks, sufficient to employ the whole of our mining population for many years; it will be, in fact,
a second Cariboo, and will attract a
vast population to the adjacent country
from Kamloops to tbe Columbia. Anyone acquainted with the fine country
about the Shuswap lake con understand
how favorable it is to the reception of
a large numlier of people, and how
profitable farming would be if there
was a good market once established.
The climate is probably the best in the
Province: the winters are shorter and
less severe. We once thought that it
was the proper place for the Capital of
the Province, and it may lie so decided
still. That the Capital will be returned
to the mainland, either for the joint
Province or the mainland alone, no
sane person can dotilit, and it would be
hard to find a more central position
than Kamloops or the vicinity. Aside
i from all that, the. mining interests will
Don Cossacks, who had cleared -'54 0
versts in three days—about seventy-
four  miles a day.
Many good stories are told of the
university career of 0. 8. Calverley,
the Engli'sh poet, who died rr-.ently.
While at Oxford the Master of bis col
lege summoned him one day, and say,
"I don't know, Mr. Calverley, bow it
huppciiH, but whenever I look out of
the window I sir- vou jumping over tbe
wall." Well, Mn'sti-r," replied be, "it
certainly has often struck me as odd
that whenever I jump over that wall I
see you h.oking out of the  window."
A correspondent writes from Rome:
"During the afternoon hours there was
music, together with a cup of toa,
quite in English fashion. You cannot
now go anywhere, indeed, without having a cup of tea offered you. This
fashion is now Itulianified, Fiinehified,
Gemianified, and every other country-
fiod. It would lie quite a relief if some
one would substite coffee, chocolate, or
anything else instead of this tea. But
who dare oppose   fashion!"
Hitherto, while dynamite and bullets have been jeopardizing the lives of
Other potentates, the King of Bavaria
has been allowed, without molestation,
to follow his own eccentric and expensive will, but a member of the Assembly has lately taken the unprecedented
■tep of asking for an inventory of the
royal palaces and their contents. The
works at his Majesty's mountain palace,
which has cost vast sums, are reported
to have stopped for the present.
The French language does not overtake the F'lemish in Flanders. The
latter is the language of the country,
and although the higher grade of people all know French, thev know Flemish too. In Ghent all tin- streets have
their names posted in two languages,
nnd the directory is In Flemish. Some
members nf the "Legislature desire a
knowledge of Flemish to be obligatory
in the army. Walloon, spoken about
liege, is a totally different language.
Chinese" Gordon was born in Woolwich. His father, Col. Gordon of the
artillery, was for many years Chief
Director of the Carriage Department
there. He is the youngest of three
sons, the eldest of whom is Gen. Sir
Henry Gordon, late Commissary-General of Ordinance, and the other Get..
Samuel Gordon, Royal Artillery, late
President of the Ordinance Select Committee. He passed into the Tbiyal
Academy at Woolwich pretty high up
on the list of candidates for   examina-
$3f Particular Attention given
to the transaction of Real Estate
Business, in New Westminster
City and District, and the Town
of Port Moody.
the hfad of his class.    He is 53   years
Dr. Wilberforce, tho late Bishop of
Winchester, while staying once in a
country house, retired to his room to
write letters. When he had finished
he rang his bell to see about their transmission to the post. A little serving
maid appeared, who had been especially
drilled always to address the right reverend guest as "my lord," and was
rather tlur.tered accordingly. To his
lordship making particular inquiries
who was to be intrusted with his let-
ten she accordingly, dropping a timid
curtesy, made answer, "Tlie lord, iny
A bill to regulate tlie said of patent meili-
oiHsM, ftiline of w liicli have got a bad cliarac-
tt-r of Uts,ii likqly to be noon Introduced
into thu liritiflh Legiilsturs.
Kast IniliuiiH refuse ohoeMtnads witli rcn
net, Imt a Hiilmiihite has bean found in a
shrub common in northern iii'liii,
the iViuiciit \ i principle of whose sends ia
aaid to have almost the same effect.
Had tiini-s during the past two years have
told upon the OOtUUmpnOD of Mini- in Kngland, which is ni.w upward of .'t.OW.OOO gallons (ii-mil to, roughly, 30,(MKl,(HK) pipes) less
than it was iu 187.1, ten years ago.
"J buw a capital thing iu that last pamphlet of yours, said OVonnell to a conceilt d
seiihliler.    "linheil," njoiueil the delighted
perpetrator, with a beaming smile; "what
was il ?"    "A p<>uno! of butter."
'J'he "'Medical Times and (Jazette" is not
suipri-ed to learn that the recruiting for tin
British army OMSM ununsiiiesB. It believes
that hunt tunes ure tin* mily seasons when
sohlii riiiu is in rOffUS, And calls atteiitioii to
the fiut that the thirst f-*r glory inflames the
bruin when hunger pinches the stomach.
It was with no ordinary pr.do and Mttafsctlon
t at wtf lately hid he Lull nr of an lutmduutloii
t'".■■<■ <■! llu In--nt rrtn■■.■.-■-.I in U"f llu- »,!.'. 1'tolt't.hir.
Th "iii (.h Hull way, who lifts cloue mort for tin* ftd-
va'iri in nt ti iii'tlli: 1 i-ci ii *• ibftti any oilier tbat
cm be ii in tl, ii t ' xcl ding sucb eminent
' sftva k" ai A eri'imnlite. Hup..., Clark, or Ma.
Jo din. He noticed h w murk of tbi* buftftted medic 1 kn •-.-..pdije ol tbe -ir-'ii-iit ■'»)' was empirical,
aud h •■■ littli vfiiB really known of 'be law- of
physlol gy. Coo luuing bis tuvei* IgstioiiB, a happy t..oiigbt st ack Mm, like a lusplrstlun, and < e
In.- ted the -*e*t ot ev ry ulsea»e—jii ma ter what
its iint r nuddlagn i-Ib—ti. tbe blood. He agrees
In thinking wdh tb most distinguish' d pathologists tha t.e blond has vislty; that blood Is
aline; It Is Ind ed lu ibe IsngtiNge of Scripture,
'".lie life t man " If that stream f existence be
lm ure, u w c-tn th hum* ■ b lug be otberwl-e
than feeble, exhausted, em ci ted and afflicted by
va lous loruis of dfse set 'lo puny be blood,
and ketp it pure, is virtually, to banish slckneH
from the srth. H re theu, is hope for th* suffer r. The po n invalid, d ppairfug of recovery,
may gn forth Into 'he world a renovated aud
strong man. Irofos'-iir Holl«w y's treatment eradicates all cur ailments; whether they sre "i ihe
stomach, liver, kidneys, lungs, he rt or skin, he
refer-thel origin io ih blond snd restores th ap-
paresily diseased orgau to p istlue a d perfect
h allh. Euowtug bi-. a- we d . from the expeii.
ence of eur friends, ft." wel'ae from • ur wn, we
discharge tat a Sama its duly t il e public, by a
cordial recouiiueudfttlo of Hollowsy's Pills a d
nmtmeut—tbe former for In mai derun-rementr*
oft eaytinm.the litt r for xternal pplieattt.ir
to wcundsan l s-.res, which h.ve resisted every
other B.i-calle I rem dy. Vi ere a patient Is lluger-
lugforw ei-B or m utbs, without ree iving At-
slightest beu ill from tbe pb\slc au's skill, merely
kepi hunglng on, s tt wer*, to a painful a d J>-
less xistence, whic . must termi t- In a very
short 1 me, we really do think that it w ul be tbe
extrein of folly, or worse, tu Buff r mer p ejudlce
to prevent him f otn having r course to such a
r«medy us ihis, which, if it did bim no good,
outd at a y rat do bim no barm. tf.wni'uV
thousands have been preveut d from taking a
rem dy mer ly* fr m pr j-.dice, ana bow apt are
pa tl st) think tb t the advertlsem- *'* ins rid
in uewBpsper coIuii.iib are not w st they prof.■>■■ 10
be, sltlumvh in the case above refer-ei *•, t aTI
evens we hsve good r sson to believe that th an-
nounc m nt- of Profes-sr Holloway merely speak
On ^006  Scoa»»***y-
the  public  uf New Westminster sinl
Dictrict, that they have commeuced busi-
iieab SS
Ileal Estate Brokers iV Agents
Ami are now pivparetl to receive instruct-
i.'iis iu their several branches.
All Businoss placed iu their
haudb will receive Prompt
Office: Front Street,
0PP. a P. N. CO. 8 WHARF.
Valaal le   Town   Lota
Pert   Moody.
loathsome and detestable to-heftr peo-|have a revivftli and ^^ a soarce of J^sK^^Tl^^^ CANADIAN-PAOII       *AV.
pie speak about it. J great wcaUh to this Province epe long.  s',™0Si(undh,,,,,,,~,>",,Uc Lod,w 8t i*hnX |
Office : Front Street,
IC'iTlOK CO;-S WHAKP. '  "
JUcliard St., New Westminster
ManafaoUmn sod Doalsn in
all kinds of
Rough # Dressed
Orders from the Country
Promptly Filled,
of quantity snd cost  of  material  for
building  carefully   prepared
free of charge.
Brain-Edged Flooring
: I.
IB.  O.
■    .        0
With the N., W. & P.
M. Telephone Co.
Lots offered in every
portion of the town-
site; also a few desirable Estates in
the immediate vicinity of Port Moody.
If the telegraphtd account of the it Mt
experience*, on Friday by the .evolu-l Bad
ouina can be trusteu, it ie clear that ihe English widirn. under (ien. (iral-aui have to
deal with much more formidable enemies
than wtr*' th** men wIim tied fiom the
trenches at 'IM-el-Keliir. K- ideuily the
worthies-! inftterial of wJii. li the gMTtt u of
Khartoum hih. HnniHT ure con in,**. <l DoUd
not w.tl.i-ita.iil >lie ont-et of llie de-.,)erate
fuii.itici* It <l hy OoBUI l>i*-'t!.a. UnlfMi he
spirit of the .Aral-S honteriiigthe Nilesisoulii
lie Hwed hy a riicteu-ion ad DJaftVj hlonn inflicted on the eoast tri'M,**-., tile ptsition t4
*ien. i.onl ii will he one of exlrei e pill
fr- m which nothing hut the prompt advame
of a britihh furat MB rocu- him.
The detailb of the four hour * H^htinjf require., to carry the nn.-j darf—BM oi the
Bedouins at 'iVh sie peculiarly i- ' r sting
from their hearing ng the MMtlOQ whe;her
even Ihfl uu|wrhitiv« physie;il fMMtflft ami
fanatical cont nipt «>f diath evincetl hy the
follower*) of the early (.'aliphs DOIlJd m.d.t:
head against the iiiatrii'i eiit** of detttuction
with which modern ItHtMflt h-.u etpup] ed
European arti.iet,. It Hill he ->bi-<rved thut,
although 0-iiniiii Digma had at hm d.npoBal
seven pieces uf artillery nnd s*ore than two
thousand .HemingtoD ntlen, captuied from
the Egyptians, very little execution was
done with these improved appliances, which
the Arabs had not learned to use. The British loss, estimated at about 170 killed and
wounded, was almoBt wholly incurred
through strokes dealt at close quarters hy
cimeters and ipears. But that the iksdouins
..hould have got near enough to the hollow
square formed by their ue-iailLants to deal
hand-to-h nnd blows, that ihey (thou Id have
made repeated charges in tin- fare of a steady
fire thai most liavu mowed them down hy
huiulreii->, bssUl nupieH-nve sntatat to the
valor and the moral exultation of (Jsiusu
Digma's partisans. It is .tl- -• s'gnilicant thut
few, if any. prisoneis are -ai-i to have I e n
taken, and so sullen, slow, and orderly wus
the retreat, that although the battle seems to
have been over at one o'clock, no attempt
was made by the British commander to pursue the rebels, and renewed fighting was
looked for when thu advance was resumed
on Saturday.
It was t'i be expected, aft< r th dr successive victories over Cominai., er Mom rief,
'fewfic Bey, and (Jen. Baker tliat the bravery natural to Bedouin* shouhl in tho case
of the tribes controlled hy Osmaii Digma be
intensified by the conviction that Allah had
delivered the Egyptian intrudeis and their
Christian protectors into their hands. We
may take tor grunted that a confidence inspired by continuous triumph will he cxtin-
fuished by persistent reverses. But if the
ime of revolt iu the Soudan is to l>c checked with sufficient rapidity and completeness
to permit of the safe withdrawal of the more
remote garrisons, the advantages gained hy
the British force should he uninterrupted
and unequivocal. From this point of view
it would be far more desirable that the rebels
should make a second ami even a third stand
against Gen. Graham on the road to Tokar,
than that, discouraged hy the results of their
first uncounter with British soldiers, they
should break up, or withdraw into the des
ert, where a European army could not easily
come up with them.
As to the ultimate direction of Gen, Graham's movements, it appears thut the War
Office authorities have come to no decision.
The despatch of two battalions to Acsounn
ii, Jicates, however, un awaken int.' to the fuct
that something htBiiks bakshish and hun-
combe may be needed at Khartoum. Perhaps the forces now operating against On-
tnan Digma will he neiii to Gen, Gordon by
tlie way of Kaasala. But it will have to
take Tokar fit st, and effectually suppress
the rebellion iu that quarter.—New Yoik
A peculiar gambling case came before
the Bow street Police Court In London
on the 16th April, 1S12. Two men, one
tnll and stout and the other Bhort, were
charged under the following remarkable circumstances : A Bow street offlci r
named Croker was passim? along thu
Hampstead road when lie observed the
two prisoners ut the top of a wall. A
moment later he saw to bis horror the
tall man hanging hy his neck from a
lamp post attached to the wall, being
that instant tied up and turned oft* by
the short man. Croker rushed up £>
the spot, when the lull man fell tothe
ground, tlie handkerchief with which be
had been suspended having fortunatelv
given way. Croker produced his staff,
said he wus an officer, and demanded an
explanation of the proceeding ; (he only
reply he received to his inquiry being
a violent blow on the nose fro n thu tail
man, which nearly knocked him buck-
ward. The short man ran away; but
the officer, procuring assistance, tiiiin-
flged to capture both. They explained
to the bench that thpy worked on canals.
They bad been tossing for money, and
afterward for their clothes. The tali
man, who was hanged, won the other's
jacket. trousers aim shoes, .bey then
agreed to toss up which should hung the
other, und the short man won. They
got upon the wall, and the tall man paid
his debt of honor by allowing the short
man to hang him. They both agreed in
this; and the tall man said if he had
wou the toss he would assuredly have
hanged his friend.
A lecturer at Edinburgh on the Shetland Isles said lately: "Of tbe hundred
islands and islets which constitute tbe
Shetland group not more than about
twenty-eight are said to be inhabited.
Washed ou their western sides by the
wild waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and
on their eastern coasts by the no less
tempestuous billows of the Northern
Sea, they look like what perhapB they
are—the skeleton of a long since buried
peninsula. They are au island Denmark,"
'Ibe noh eplscojmri is generally regarded
as a figure of speech, but with the late
Cardinal l.uigi i.ilio it was a reality. In
the lust election for Pope the first scrutiny was given for Gioachi ,o Peoci, the
next largeBt number of suffrages being
given to Luigi I.ilio. who at once effaced
himself by kneeling before the future
Leo XII1.. and, as far as in him lay,
transferring the votes given to himself.
As a result the election was concluded
next morning, in place, aa has been frequently the case, of lingering on for
weeks, even months.
< At the recent hygienic dress exhibition in Manchester there were exhibited
reformed boots, shaped to the foot, with
broad points, low, broad heels, and an
elastic sole under the instep. This latter was dovetailed into the sole between
the front part of the sole and the heel,
was made of a specially prepared elastic
leather, very pliable, and would probably, as represented, afford facility in
walking by giving the foot the natural
lrhe Progres Medical, referring to the
enormously incieased consumption of
drugs used in nervous affection, says:
"In the central hospital pharmacy of Pa-
riB the amount of bromide of potassium
sold in 1855 was but three kilos; in 1870
it had increased to 389 kilos; in 1875 to
730 kilos, and for the past ten years had
increase,* all over Paris in like proportions. Quinine,morphine, and bromide
are said to be the three great popular
*drugs of civilization.-"n
At the recent annual meeting in Scotland of the Northern Accidentlnsuranca
Company, the Chairman stated that they
had abandoned all risks in connection
with football and bicycling. The risk
was so great that the ordinary premium
would notcoverit. The present policies
of the kind were nearly ran out, and they
were determined not to renew them-
Prince Krapotkine hasar,sted to he allowed
to remain at Claiivaux, as- being near to Paris. He will then be able to obtain ssienti-
fic documents to assist him in his researches.
The Prefect of Milan has forbidden the
proposed commemoration of the' death uf
Matzini on the 10th inst.
The massacre' of Christians in Tonquin,
occurred in I'haohoa, between Hue and the
lower branch of the Delta.
William Buchner, Collector of Caatomff
at Fort Erie, (int., is alleged to be a defaulter to the amouut of Uj.OjO.
It is a mistake to suppose thut the
I Princess of Wales is I he butler of fat*b-
iot) in LoBd'ML \\ erei-diei-o, erinolrttes,
high i-hou dens, and inordinately high
Heels would never h;tv** been Sr-en, nor
I Hia coinhinatio* s of c lor and elaborate head gear. J be Princess is ctde-
l-r.ii- d lor being uiwa.s dit-ssed in quiet
ami perle t t Me. Sbe gOM in to- a rather severe i-t> .e of tad".-made gar-
iiitiitBJuht now. Of tonise th* is iod-
t.iied. If she uppeail in a gray «»r pink
ball many are the gray uud pink bead-*
to be -t-en ; but for "-ne who will lo'low
the l'rimesr-'> quiets la-iy-like MVl-V,
♦wenly mil lolt'.w ihe b-ud ol mm a •*>
eeiitiK', ongiijal, ur celebrated actress
Tbe ii'atiiniuniul ea$m osbfai of ibe
Earl of Elision, heir lo the dukedom ol
Grafton, proiulflrl t<- tflipse in ii.tereM
even the Oars toy le - Forteacne ufi.iir.
and will ba cha-.K teri/.ed t<y more ura-
malic event* than even ihe brain ol
Wilkie Collins oou'd invent. Ti.e ••uri-
j ouh point whether or no a wife ran re-
cojcniM her own aliased first boebatid
will ioiinom- of tha leading incidents.
The case may not last as long as the
TlehbOfne case did, but it will give rise
to as much discuss.on.
Prof. Hull, who has returned with his
paity from I'a leu tine, hriiiu-s with him materials for the construction of a geological
map of the Holy I, .nd very much in advance
of anything which could hitheito be at
tempted. The Professor is of opinion that
at the time of the E\odu* there was a continuous cinnectiou of the Mediterranean
and the l!<dSen. As n gards the Dead Sea,
fie bai di.i. oven d tlmt it f. i met ly sti ud at
au • levat . n of 1,400 feet above its prannf
level—tint is to fay, 150 feet above the
Mediteii nean. The history of this gradual
lowering f the waters will form a special
feature in Trot. Hull's forthcoming report.
11*■ )■;■ *:■'. o found evidence of a chain of
am-iei-l I' kes in the .Siniatic district, and of
another i hain in the centre of the Wady
Arab-lb. i ot far from the watershed. The
terraces of the Jordan have been examined,
the most important one being 000 feel above
the pic i nt surface of the  Dead Sea.
When Signor Silvani, the celebrated dancer who irtccoinpnmcd Tagboni on her first
routing to Dublin, iu lb.15, bounded on the
stage ot the old Hawkins Street Theater,
Lord Mulgrave, then Lord Lieutenant, and
his court, who were present, were startled
with woi der at the joyous shout of "Bravo,
Pat Sullivan!', which came from the gallery
to welcome their countryman. If many
other distinguished artists were scratched,
the Hib rnian would be found beneath. Signor Foti, the popular bpsso of tha Mnpleson
troupe, on his first visit was bnptizetf Tom
Foley, and Signor Ricci, a basso of splendid
volume and richness of voice, who has inst
joined i ini after a full training iu Italy, is a
Mr. l -i illin, of whom Cork is very proud.
An f nglisli Judge, the late Mr. Justice
Itvl-'.'i. always took his notes of evidence in
shortln nd, and he was therefore enabled to
get tin ough cihos with most exceptional rapidity. At Bristol Assizes, a few years before his retirement, he was once quite floored
by hi.* own hieroglyphics, and after a delay
of son e minutes he turned for aid to the re-
port ets'box. "Can you gentlemen kindly
assist me with a word here? 1 have not put
in the vowel", und what I have got in my
book locks as if the witne.-s had said: 'Go
and ci U tho bai y.'" The witness had been
referring to a policeman, which the Judge
him rendered  "bobby.'*
There is a good old fairy story of a girl
wW received from the good people the mar-
vellcus property of dropping pearls and diamonds from her lips whenever she spoke.
Tlii-- fairy gift has found a rival in a recent
prat eut to tho Pope of a fish made of solid
gold, studded with rubies, which, whenever
it cpens its mouth, pours coins of virgin gold
into the hands of its fortunate owner, but
unfortunately it has not the gift of durability, aud the Pope must be spariug of his
L'Assistance Publique of Paris took charge
in 1882, as is shown by a recent report, of
1)48 bad children. Of these, 70; were taken
ti> the director bv their parents, 150 were
jvnt hy the police, and 35 committed by
magistrates. Theso children are sent to
trade bcIkioIb, und are assisted by the Gov-
eminent until able to make au honest living.
A small portion of their wages is retaned by
thu Government to aid in -securing them
from future want The system is regarded
iih a preventive measure against poverty and
The new Queen of Madagascar is young,
of a pi; lining expression of countenance, and
singul -ly digniiied and ladylike. On the
OOOaii' n of her inauguration she wore a dress
uf ivory satin, with much uold embroidery.
She hi d a train two or three yards in length
of h.'u.dsome, dark crimson velvet, spangled
with uold, borne by six officers of State. The
gold ciown was already on hor head, and
thus she stood upon the throne. The Prime
Minister i» her wedded husband, and old
enough to be her grandfather. She is the
third Queen who haa been his wife.
Gen. Gordon, the commander of the English fi rccs in £gypt, thus expresses his views
as to a future life : "I think that thia life ia
only a series of lives, w hich our incarnated
part has lived. I have little doubt of our
having pre-existed ; and thut also in the time
of our pre-existence we were actively employed. So, theretore, I believe in our active employment in a future life, and like
the thi ught. We shall, 1 think, be far more
perfect in a future life, and, indeed, go on
toward perfection, but never attain it.
A recent advertisement reads as follows :
"If tho gentleman w ho kee. s the bhoe store
with a rod head will return the umbrella of
a young lady with whalehone ribs and au
iron handle to the slate-roofed grocer's shop,
he will hear of something to his advantage,
as the same is the gift of a deceased mother
now no more, with tho name engraved on
French Guiana, about one-fourth the size
of Franco, had but 27,000 population 1867,
and in 1881 i.i.in had dwindled down to 19,-
000, exi'lii.s-i'v v of convicts aud garrison. Th*i
area cultivated steadily diminishes, but in
1881 gold was mined to the amount of 81,
133,000. Neither British nor Dutch Guiana
it flourishing, but they are more so than
French Guiana. Capital and labor are both
conspicuously absent in the last,
A bill has been introduced in the Dominion
House of Commons to amend the present
copyright law by placing dramatic authors
in thu same position as to copyright aa other
authors. The copyright will be vested in
the author and his heirs for fifty years after
his death.
New Fall Go idsII
Wm. EL80N,
The Cash Tailor!
Lv.ToN s,-' uta, sVatWWaeiniaaisa,
Baeopaosdonl bis FALL STOCK, and is
now prepared to execute orders.
tt*"NA'!JSI-..t"in>N  (•'  AKAMKl'li, «5
Kent of Telephone per month, including erection of wires (5.00
For every message for every person not
beiug a monthly tenant, and not exceeding twenty dive words 25
Every additional ten words 05
All deliveries within a half-mile radius
of oltico 15
Beyond the abovedintance, per mile  .      .25
The N. W. A P. II Telephone Co. are
prepared to erect private lines in New Westminster und Port Moody, or between these
places, and to connect the same with the
Central Telephone Office, if desired.
Parties wishing Telephones should apply
to the undersigned.
Dec. 7, 1883. Sec'v-Treaa.
Caledonia   Hotel
R.  B.  KELLY,
1 annou.icing that the- Houso is now oomplated with every conveni-
BBca for the traveling pablio THE TABLES are well supnlted with
every article in season, and THE BAR is provided with a well-selected
ytock of
THE BEDS are well aired, and THE STABLING is extensive
and the bost of Peed always ready for Horses.
It mny lie well to remind visitors that this Hotel is within a few
minutes walk of tiie Railway Wharf and Station, and just at the
ToitnimiH of the New Kuad, now in course of construction.
GUESTS may depend OB receiving every attention and a hearty
welcome from the undersigned, whose long experience is a guarantee
of everything being comfortable and satisfactory.
J. T. SCOTT, Manager.
Rocky Point Hotel,
toddlers & Harness-makers!
Every Article in their Line
Always in Stock.
Front St    -    YALE  B. O,
Dry   Goods
&C'.i &c.
Of First-Class Quality,
AN1>    AT
Modei-ate   Rates-
Comer of Front   and  Begbie Streets,
San   Francisco
and get yuur money's wo; th!
Boots & Shoes
(From an Infant's Shoe up to a Man's B
Repairing Neatly Executed.
Highest Market Price paid lor
^j ■Hi *  *Jft
Head of Noith Koad, Port Moody.
frionds that 1m liari recently taken the
above house, where he ie prepared to do
everything poiaible for the accommodation
of guesta.
THK TABLE isnlwayieure to be nup-
plied with all the dt-licactei of the MMOfl ;
the BEDS are of the mont comfortable, and
there i* amplu and comfortable STABLING
on the premises.
Cf BOATS always obtainable on the har-
bur in front of the premises, by applying at
the house.
Dell! K BEOS. & CO.,
Rough and Dressed
J. A. CALSECK, Agent.
JfTJNN ft CO., of the ScriNTmo AMsmtuir. eon.
Llnne to act aa Solicitors for 1'atents, Ca.eat*. Trade
?Marks, Coprrljrtits, for the United atatraTCanads,
ngland. France, Oermnnr, eto. Hand Book about
stents sent free.   TlilrlT-aeven Toara' experlenoa.
to the BoilNttnc AaiioucAl., tbe largest, beat, and
taort wldelr circulated aclentlae |»De*Ta.!0a rear"
££*ll- °&22.?U '"unrtop MoTlnteyrBtlni lo-
{ormatlo,.. Speolmenoojiy of the Sdralllo Anierw
Kl/fJ'^Sl AddressMUNNicO'.ScisVFira
Aliaato^NOfliie.aUBrosdwsy.Jtei.fork.      ™
I   First-class Style, and is now the HEST HOTEL at tho Terminus.
With every Delicacy of the Season.
THE      IB Jk
Is   upplied with  the BEST WINES, LIQUORS and CIGARS to b» found in
the Market.
The   Beds  are   Carefully   Attended  to
And Guests may depend on receiving every Convenience and Comfort.
Slncerbeau & Murray,     • Proprietors.
a good common school educati< n, as an
apprentice to the Printing business. Apply
personally AT THIS OFFICE.
Haa now completed the BAR AND BILLIARD BOOM,—the latter the   Handsomest
Room in the Province, furnished with thu FINEST CAROM and POCKET TABLES
The Bar will be provided with the I'est of Wines. Liqaors and Cigar*.
The Restaurant
Ih now open to the public; it iB conducted on the most modern improved
principles by a first-clues Cook.
General   Merchandise
Chas. McDonough
IVLoxx's  cfc Boy's  f- -VLitm
And a great variety ot articles necessary lor a household.    He has also,
N. B.—Farm Produce bought at irnirk.it rates or sold on commission.
SXjrOrdiiis from the interior promptly attended to. a!2
Direct Importation
BEGS to inform  the  residents of  New Westminster and
vicinity, that h.- is  constantly  receiving from Europe
shipments of choice
Which he will supply
In quantities to su<* purchasers.
P. T. Johnston & Oo.
(Succesaar to Mitoliell k Johnston)
Nurserymen & Florists
Ounningliain & Go,, Chas, McDonouoli, and James file,
SaT* Pricsd Catalogue of Nursery Stock,  Seed   an.l   Greenhouse   Plants,   start   pest
free on application.
Under  the  new Oddfellows' Hall,
Arlington   Hotel
New Westmlngter,   -   B. C
beat   ennductid  Hotela in   the   CitJ
The Table it supplied with the belt th.
Market affords.   Ths Beat Qualities of
Supplied at the Bar.
Jan. t, 186,1. Sole Pioprlstov.


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