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Port Moody Gazette Mar 8, 1884

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Array b
be   H(
Iport ggooty teiir.
AU stuamunicstious addressed to
P. S. HAJIil.ro>.. EtMsr.
Port Mrody.
Or to ths (Jbabdia* OSos, tTtsr We.tmiu-
will receive prompt sttcntiou.	
REi'Al'tl.M. DONE.
■   CtiKSSHorQiisii,
BaSBI'tsratI.aw,   Notary   1'iulic,
buucih.ik.iso Arruioir. IIkal IOyr.it
AtlEST      SND      COXTCVANl'KK,
-   3Tort IXoosVry.
IMHlft.    LOTS   KOK   RALE    IN
■rtry section nf Port Moody.    Also,
rbnit jyrts,  liy the Acre,  iuinieilistuly
[scant to the Port Moody torvsytul Town-
Lands for tale on the Nrrrth tide of, and
having water frontage i>n> l'yI*t Moody
Hsriinr, finely situated and exceedingly
Alao, Farm Lands of taucrinr quality and
on favorable terms, in New Westminster
Carefully prepared Maps and Plans exhibited, ami the fullest inloi matinn furnished, st Mr. Hamilton's uihYe
jk.. rsrooiv,
Carpenter & Builder.
Fittiro up op Stokks and Offices a
Specialty. All Kinds ok Jobbing
Promptly Attended to.
ponr moody, n. o.
Port Moody seminary
TERMS can be had in application to
Qossn Street, Port Moody.
at. awiiite
ll that he ia now thoroughly established iu business at the Terminus of the C.
P. U., and is prepared to nuke ami repair
Boots and flhnet ut exceedingly low rutes.
Real Estate for Side
The Thompson Property!
Nsw Westminster District.
Port Moody Town Lots!
COMPRISING a part of District Lot .ITS,
Group I., only twenty-nine chains from
tho shore of tlur harbur. No building lot.
more eligible than thesa are purchaseable at
Port Moody.
eW Ths subscriber rmplo/s no agents. TM
Apply to him personally, nt his office on
the prsmitos.
dl6 Proprietor.
Queen Street, Port Moody.
D D. UKANT  -~~~-  Proprietor.
SEssptr con.stan.tly ol ImxlA
Having imported a large stock of
Ready-made Clothing
Direct from the tiat-t, I am now prepared tu
supply cuntiinen at price* that will
rOrders will  lie promptly attended to
| snd satisfaction guaranteed.
William- Sincerbeau,
rs PREPARED TO E.VTEK INTO CONTRACTS   for   Clearing Land, Ou«u»«
i Tb«m Streets, or more extended. Bans]
jfighways, Constructing Wharves, Bnvtsttss
If Buildings, or for any class of worik «css-
|ecteil with the construction of ItaiTwa.at
ssT Every Reas inn bio Satisfaction assured
i thone with wlnuii lit. contracts.
.Addsssr—"*odty   Pod.' Hotel,"  Port
Too*/, n. r.
A   M0IU11SU    I0-.T.
"Only lire, aud ilist o c blind! UikkJ
heaven*. Ii.w Mid ! Here, Juan. I am'
you.    Conn* Mid read ibis.    Tlmi's the
• nd   of   sll    the   d eiins    you've le en
-Ircsiiinig wife)    No. be iiff. Iillle one.,'
Sat l«ll ll   tlllier     ^jlls    nf    SIX   al,,J   M-l.-l,
■ lied op like faithful pines i,f lli-
hoUie qu en; "let your uiother sia.
Willi   II «   slutif* ''
"U'liat La il, FiMiicis?" said lire wife,
who u.i!, chief ci unril oi, friend, lielpi i
bill niaf llM.lerof eve y lire Orb r of llie
' Elizabeth'." household. "Nnlllill
limns wild Geoff, is there!" as lii-r fear--
fl-w olf at n tn' gent 10 th one tUtto
member of the family now in Iris sag.
•mil t'tni   f   Un »or»tlT p-r Is      "t)h
• Itii," wiih a sigh of relief as hrr husband ihook his head, "give ure tin- let
ter, dear—or letters sie thev, snd fioin
Australia! Why," excitedly, "it's from
your cousin llughl Oh, i. lie OoftifOal
bsc.f I low strange the letter we've
Inoked for so anxiously should come
(his morning, just when I ua>n't think
ing of it!"
"Ki sd it, Jos', or rsther read them bi
me, if you cau. 1', or Hugh, |mor
fel i-w."
4 VV'hvpour Hugh, Francis! lie isn't
dead!" '
•Head me ih letters, Joan, that,"
pointing to one fiercely h-gil.a |i go,
"thai is all I hsd glanced at when 1
called j"-o."
Nut one, but half-a-dozen sheets, .f
paper, Jitt'ereiil in size nn > ben i gdit'
ferent aillirltf, lly on the tsble when
Mrs. Ilireiford It nl emptied llie large
li'Siiv-htamped envelnpr! of ila conteiiis.
■asking ti nt ill" one her husbanJ had
prrint'il nui, he rend, growi g teaifui
aud tiemuloun a« ^be went nn: —
"New S uth Wales,
"July  12, li, 186-
• De.r Frank.
"Three irih ago y"ur l.u-ri u.-mh Innl
get came out to me. Ju*t in lime '0 be
nf nu use. Ii'h nil up with me; the puor
brute 1 waa iiling wftso't 'o blame,
tbpugh. We might have bad good liiuer-
together if I'd lived, but I'm bound in
Mother direction ind shall see the old
place nn mure. We were si way a teoOii
f ii nds, old fellow. Yim wil take cari
uf iny'—(iherr came n g eut blur upon
I be pnper here, and the failing hall
h.nl M'uii'e I'n ml Miii'iigb in trace |tn
remaining line*)—"my boy. He's llie
un'y one i. ft, llu* eldest too, but he'*
blind. Me baa his uiuther's face; be
good in him, pray be very"—.nd ilier
llie ine.aage f mo their dying kiniinan
euil»'l ina lianlyd cipheuiile "H. V.
B,,' painfully scran led, aa llie next
lead lelti-r told I hem, "jnat afore the
un ir geiiilernaii went nil', which he di
very cniiiforialilc ainl easy life, fanoylll'
his wife, aa h id been dearl tr.ese live
y»-i|«, was tlltlu'by Ills side, And the
Ir rae, what he wa«*o fund uf. IS juat
old to a butcher. Th- beast waa foml
uf his muster it would follow li'in like r
dog, and when ihey luuuil Mr.Lieresfor
il wsl KiaoOin' In linn drnupiti' its liearl
nve bin and m km' humiuenn' noiw'*
as if it wsntoil sooirtHH. to help iitn.:
"Poor old Hugh." br ku in t'lanci*
llrresfiirif, "just ihe same lu the end!
There waiii't u borne or a d g on the
place yonder tlat didn't love him. Mow
ids ife In.s been lb own away! Ou oo,
Hi* hand stole over Ilia eyes as hii
wife finished the laud udy'a letter, trhiuli
in its in"' cuuimenitcd to thess uu-
l.ii.i n genii folka the blind chid wiioi.
she hml grown to love. ' For he's a-
genlle aa a little lady, an I Ins pom
father -as as careful uf 111 in a- if lie was
a lord Hough ir himself he would and
didn't ore, but rough it ihe litlie une
shouldn't; snd there wasn't a belter hoi
in all toe colony ihau thia one, and that
his new friends would be kind 10 him
w uld be the huiuiile hope uf
"Their obedient servant.
"fsarab Tod.I."
Thentber papers wrrea prinleil   extract fruit) the local journal giving a bin I
nut ice of Mr   lleie«f.«d\ death,  "from
an aecideiit caused liy hi-   horse  .tumbling io a rough >p t known aa 'Ureen'*
Gully;'" a fonu atteated by doctor and
uielgvuisn uf ihe death ami burial; an
nu infiirin •! b .t perfectly    legal    liocu
inenl, in the   hail  writing of the   <uio
lergynian, sig ed   by   the  dying   man.
bequeathing all ni»   'Orldly   po-se-soii'
lo hi* only c ild, uf whom  hii eousi'i
Fraiio a Heresf r i was ma e so e guani-
.iii.    One more  bri ■(  letter  explaineo
lhat ll:e goud   left by llie dec aaerl   h.o
been qmckli srr'd to del1 ay ihe expense-
f hi  fu'eral ami io disfl argo his few
elds  leaving a balance sufficient to pa.
lb- passage iiioiie.. home f i hiacn Idi'
the Sea King, which  vessel   would  -ai
about th   3rl of Augu t, and might   be
xpecred in England ai y time after t e
sicoiid w.ek  iu October.
Ihiaembd the cuinmunicntion, list lied to in de.d tilence by F auc a lieres-
Hia «ife wa'ched him a- he rose an
paced tbe room, not citing tn speik le i
she aliould disturb thri many recollections roused by llie nni'iiing'.i news—
lecnllectinns uf the time, Kve-and
tw ntv years before, wheu he and this
suBilu Hrigh Karl been fast f ienu.
siotual brulllers; when the old Squii>•,
Ibei ancle, was ivinjf ii> full sttenplh
»>) healt■> yonder »t K nst. hrooke,
earing fur lillle in "»{*» tmv.Nl i go rl
i noting season red tft- rt>B»ls/it a mpa-
nionsbip of one ©> tlw **her ei ■ is
uprjihews.    A hr ss be stooJ tb«rc by Vw
study window, could he ye the old boose ' loved even b"t ter iu her matron mid- i family out of which sbe bv«d stepped to
lhat had been to i im and to Hugh aa a die age rbuu he had done in tlnir ear- marry Francis Beresford, still witb
b me. m«ii iii« oat fori, its) backirr.jiin.i Utatt wedibd 'i:iys. -ItUnit :>:,<! i..-n :uce. u. huAbajid nnd such children sbe
f in..ii urn d i: oiiiii woial-, trim in", ru!-, Joan, ti.-ii J ihnalri :i»rr-r ••.unird heivlf tbe richest wo^an of
• ml lurr-ted, and    ui id   .1-, bsjl conie-   have astsnt all iny Ufa iu>   little   Utter   lbrui ail.
lier iu ■ is eve-, that any modern dwel - | tluiji uiy uncle's agent, neither squire.       But this bright sun of  contentumnt
rug, tno rh" morn ry of lb •   rod   free,' nor luxidlord, nor tenant, nor anything : that   di^jiersed   or   gilded   the clouds
leaa days came l,acn,  when ihe  fu    else downright and d.-Miite.'    I    ought aljout her had the same   happy   tSsM
Ui Itave stuck to n Uiyisli wish,   and IM ber buxliaiid only when she, its mod
have got a rcinniiksuin, and   gone   out | ium, was at baud,
and Issan shut, M my father was l*fon-1     At otrnr times Mr.    Hen-sford   fell
me.'". into tin'   .incuiiifiirtuble   ami    unwise
"Tnstftsll Isf  wlin h   you   slny.il   at ' hnl.il of ruiuinatiug over his   troubles,
louiie Mtl were right blind to the
wbo wuj, good iu you    from   the
tilled   trial
a>   reinolr
inr- bad bad aeeii.ed to  Irt
riglilinaa, and (rouble ws
a ih   Arctic  regions!
Hut    Into    these    rSSCOM    hoi
iilunged, an ' lu-t  or  ever  tbeii
nci-ume   f bap|iv i a ly maulnod.
Hugh fell iii Inve ami. alas, wiih tin-
ar no woui nl Si,e mighl be well b n,
-indeed, in thai nil ul, I ere was little
iller< live between the lovers- snd slu-
uiglit be pretty, no one whu looked at
n r sataH, fair fa, e could den/ lhat fact;
md limn, h she was praiicallv poor,
'hat. under oner ci eumsta ce-, me
have liren s matter of no moment; bot
(be great   (fence was, that ahe was   nol
of lire Sijinr'-'a clloorilllg, -.rill ill   SO   iln-
purtant and affair a. the choice of a wife
fur hia edesl nephew and successor a,
Krngsbruoke, the old man was de.et-
iii'ii",l to make hia influence felt.
Unreasonable, of course. A (together I
miscalculating his own power over his
Hugh, furious at this, almost tho
first check he had ever known in any
strong desire, turned a deaf ear to his
cousin's advice, seonied prudence or
patience an cowardly and unmanly virtues altogether beneath his lofty id.-as
of honor, bade his love wait till he had
made her a home across the sea, ami
with his heart full of bitterneis w 'lit
out from his boyhood's home, swear.ng
never to return till his uncle sho aid
have repented aud acknowledged his
Fancy that! The old man, who wis
the >'ery soul of conservatism and o -
Miliary, repenting of anything, acknowledging himself in the wrong in
any  possible   matter!
"Oh, Hugh, it was Greek again it
Greek," muttered Francis lieresford its
you were n I abv. If il burin t been
for you be would huve lain altogether
lonely and miserable; and if you d la-en
a soldnr, like your father and poor
Hugh's, why, then, as you say, most
likely you'd liave been shot, like the
one, or died off of tever, like the other.
Any v,ay, you would never have seen
me, and how would you have liked
that,   Fraiien-/"
••riianswci'ubleargument!" returned
the husband, smiling, and when she
hud brought back the bright look Mrs.
lieresford was   happy   again.
Disappointed in their nnele's  legacy
they had uniloulitely been; startled ut
the sum total of the small debts that
her husband had allowed tu accumulate, ivist bad been' doubly disappointed
both of them, when all their hopes of
help from Hugh had been so suddenly
dashed; and yet, as the wife set forth
with infinite pains, leaning over her
husband's chair, and caressing the
.diort brown curls us yet uustreaked by
gray, "and yet everything will come
light. Vou will see how I will plan
ami manage now I know exactly what
it is we owe. Vou need not be troubled, Francis dear; only set t'- work to
think how you can do your best for
this poor lad who is coming. Our
children have us, you know; so they
are, after all, much richer than he is!"
With that, and a kiss upon the thick
brown hair, she left him; for there
were ominous whisperings  in the hall
iiiiur '■ among trhicb their Dftoeot   pecuniary
UtM   dilliculty. the setting straight  of which
occupied his   wife a    healthy
seemed utmost, the bast.
(To be flnsrffaetrf.)
8flI?MS anil COIIISSIOl,
From Hired. Sew Weslalaster
Offl.o -Telephone Building
Pacific Boarding House;
C'usss Sraarr, Post Mooor.
bloiK.I AVVir-D - • rroprlelor
paUtTOPa Vja.'UM;   IfOKT  MOODY
fort at the Satota Hotel
C'lrar^'-s iiioderiiti-.
Mialstt ill hour*
I without, anil when sin- closed the door
he thought of these things; ay, and the i ofh(,r |lus|,and's stut|v behind her.
tug of war broke off half the ties that thjs muoh.wanted woman found her
had made the happiness ol the elder ,w(1 |jtt> daughters seated on the
mans life. He might ride, and be gUtjw patiently awaiting her help in
might hunt, and keep his four-footed
friends about him; and he .might still
have in the one nephew who remained
by him soino one whose companionship pleased, whose interest occupied
him; but with Hugh's exodus hail gone
forth, too, his power of enjoying what
was left him; thenceforth, though he
bore himself bravely before men, tbe
,S')U ire's days went heavily.
And Hugh, to the full as obstinate,
o.very whit as proud, refused all pleadings of his cousin to return, refused the
income offered through Francis, refused
everything reasonable, never caring to
realize the blank he had left in the old
house. Hugging his pride, he strug
gled on in the wild southern colony
where he had elected to try his fortune,
while his faithful love wore out her
youth and grew into faded middle age
lieforc he could write and cull her to
the home he had ut last made for  her.
Twelve yeara of waiting, four years
of wedded life, and then these two
were parted by a stronger hand than
their angry kinsman's, In his rare
communications with his cousin Hugh
had spoken of two children being taken
from him; an Australian paper alone
had borne the news of his wife's death,
linoe when no word had emtio from
him, and the letters which told him of
his uncle's death and the inheritance
ready for him when he came to claim it
hurl travailed in inure than one wrong
direction before they reached him in
the new township when he had finally
"And then," said Francis Beresford,
still gazing wistfully nt the old house
in the hazy distance, "and then he luy
dying, ami his one boy is blind!"
He said it bitterly in spite of himself. A 'und stole on his arm, mil
the voice by him said ever so softly: —
"We uuiBt make the littlo one happy
when he comes to n»!    Wo must "
"We must smooth the road for the
rich aud young, while we must plod
along with "in- burdens on our backs;
is that it,  Joan!"
"1-Vrhups. Hut listen, Frank dear.
Don't let us think of our disappointment; you know when we've been
talking it all over we never felt certain that Hugh had no children; we
only "
"We only hoped it, eh, Joan! Well,
hopes and uncertainties are done away
with now; we must face our difficulties,
such as they are, for there's no Hugh
at hand to help us. Maud must get
married with as little fuss as may be,
and Geofi' must knock off half his
fancies at Cambridge. This poor little
blind child inherits what he can never
fully enjoy, and spoils the lives of those
who are expected to be his best friends.
Oh, it's a queer  world."
"Dear old husband, it's not like
yourself to talk so! 1 think we've
gone along for years too carelessiy in
laoney matters"—(your husband might,
madam, but certainly row hadn't)—"not
exactly exacting, and yet somehow
taking it for granted that we sliould
bo much richer at your uncle's death.
It was very stupid   of   us,   when   we
the matter of mending dolls' clothes;
their elder sister walking up and down
absorbed in tbe contemplation of sundry irits of gleaming white stuh": ami
Cook rapidly working herself into a
lute of excitement over "Missus sliur-
tin' herself up there afore she'd given
..r.lers for  dinner."
Unsettled and somewhat troubled
lays followed that important morning's
•nst. Geoff, albeit a reasonable young
fellow in the main, rebelled a little at
he order for r trenchment that went
'in-Ill. "If neither my father nor my-
,elf is ever likely to conn' ill for Kings
brooke," he wrote, "I suppose I shall
nave in live chiefly on my wits, and I
lioultl have thought the money paid
fir    my    coach   wouldn't    have    been
thrown away.   I never can grind much
done,    And 1 shall  miss 'High-flyer,
awfully.    I 'lo think if I take  the  Bel
if  rooms   over   mine  (they   are lots
beaper, and not so very  much  worse
hen   these,)   and   work   away like a
brfok by myself, you might   coax my
father Into letting me keep my old
lorse,    Only you needn't worry your
.elf, mother; Ml try and pull your way,
if you say I   must.'
As with Geoff, so with his sister
.Maud, whose coining marriage with a
neighbouring clergyman hail absorbed
•mist of the feminine    interest   of   the
Household for weeks past. Tbe costlier items of lier trousseau were ruthlessly pruned away, leaving her, as she
aid regretfully, "an outfit no better
(haii n farmers daughter's,"
"And indeed, Maud," said her
mother, a little hurt   by this   speech,
••why should you claim anything better)
[Jxoept in the accident of your being
what it called  well born you are in   no
way mpsrior to plenty w girls round
about us.    Your poor uncle's tenant ai
the Mill Farm gave his daughter a
much grander wedding than we can
give you now; but if you can ease
your father and me by giving up these
ihings you won't mind, will you,
Then the pretty bride elect protested that to please lier mother she would
go and be married in a lilac print gown
and the mother, whose pangs had been
many over the sacrifice of every item,
brought forth some of tho greatest treasures of her own wardrobe, supplementing the careful purchases of homelier
things with gifts of luce that a duchess
might have covered, and sundry quaint
jewels that twinkled and sparkled as
though tbey were living creatures, and
could tell their histories if they so
Thus the love of these young people
lightened Mrs. Ueresford's cares, and
took the sting out of maaiy no uncongenial task.; for what could a servant or
two, a horse more or less, or a somewhat lighter purse, signify to this lady
who had such a wealth ,of happiness
within the four walls of her, home?
"Have I not more   than   I   merit?"
ought to have remembered how   strict | s|,„ would ever ask   herself,,   accepting
the entail was, and how  impossible   it
was for the free-handed   old   man   to
save much.    We ought "
"Ah, if we only did what we ought,"
answered the. husband, quickly mollified by the rt'ssiiiing of the" woman  he
her husband's and children's devotion
ns a wonderful gift rather than as the
natural return of all the tenderness
she had lavished on-them; and though
she was always "poor Joan" to the
incml>ers of the proud   and   moneyed
Tlie    well-kno  n    o|»eri   of   ' Frj
It avolo" ia baaed on tragicsi events
a bich • icurred in Fiance nearly one
li ii Oil red sn I tevei.ty years ago. The
facia ne thus C'-nd use fioin the Court
-•cords by   a Paris paper:
Ai (he 'egimiiig of ihe last century
lliere Was seen Hi  ti,e  town  of    L He   '
very quiel house.       ll   waa    a    larg-
'■■Hid n , but It contained "nl' a   small
family — a bllabafld     and   wife and     une
-eivanl.    Tin   m.iried couple were . d-
lauued ill teats, liver) quiet.y on    iln-ir
income, aaw very few visit rs, and a -
in. ted in ne lo the hnuie,   except   the
peopie     ho   forn slrerl them  with  pro-
i.-iuo-, or    iherwise     diuiiii-tered    t"
■heir want.     One    night   ibis   couple.
• '.in  and  wife were both    lobbed    and
ou ikied   iu    iheir be .
The servant*girl >iml heard notbi'ill
fall thi- and    knew   not    what    was
; ing o i.    The iiigri    ai hot, the   air
leu e and oppres-uelv suur , so inuc.i
..I lhat she had taken re UK* in her room,
md, file sake uf c    lu s»,   d vested
,er elf of h' r galmeills before   a   large
ni no.    While iln-re, ci'ching tight uf
t self, she suddenly ei lid;
"II i    hateful one 1 oka   when   ll
1 c-seil?"
Haij.gsad this, ahe retircl and
-ept nil mom Df, anil lose as ua .ul
r'.i her master and mis ie3s, but ihey
lid n "t c me down, y c wa. auiaz d
Hid wiled for sotue   lime.
The. did not   appear.
Ti ed of Waiting, aim »oug!:t iheir
'iioni. A horrible siirht met hei eies
Blood Was sulfa led enrywh re, a- d • n
me bed lay the poor old coupb, cruelly,
bn rlt.lv,   vilely     buichered—mangled
ly aa a beast or fiend could    rind    it
hia heart io mutilate   numns   after
lliilerrug Lhem.
Trie girl r ired   an   al.rm,   and inc
IllUltltU re  callle rilshini' III,
Of c urs just ce enure rusbinu tfier
o the shape of the ponce, with a judical investgitiuli, Trie cumin I war.
orig t f,.r, ml as none ol her could be
round, s'.epiciou lei! on ihe unfortunate
rv ml.
lu  hose dnis ihey    had   a   horrible
.lay    f trying to get tne    iruili.     They
tiled   it quettiuuiutf.    Tne   uuealioua
ere put ullli racks and  thUtuh-MSieW.,
The L Hois arnvalit-Ilia d was iufaln-
• alv I irurr rl, even to ixirciue   aaony.
Vi t  notwiih landing bei    e«kne»6 and
>ex, she endured 'he infernal torture
without confessing.
This w „ iuo*t remarkable, as she was
ninety l n n "C-n; ad w - iu con-e-
lUeiiu* kept much longer un Icr me
iirmein to iinike her confess. As lliere
iere no proofs f her having don' any.
Iling, they dliullv it berg a sunn as
i.o was Ireal'd. I iifriiiun ilelv the
torture h nl made InT a wietebed crip le.
.-die could uiily ob< le dung, au I her
tins ueie i»riiblv   withered,
.\n i being n r luiig-r .bl to sew or
-•'•rk she driiyg' d her belp'eas form
r r rough the street-of Lille for -ixteo
lours. Tins is histories Iv l.ne—nay,
more than llntorieslly, for Insoiy fun
re-, wm e li'Cae account* are dia.-n
ir.Hii the iln and aecnraie lecorna of a
ei'uit.   The w lit psVt uf her suffering!
ati that iimiiv people belieied he
uuiliy .ml slimmed   her accoidngli.
It appeals from me recur i thai dur
Ing |be»» uug vea a. while >i e went
.bout iiitn her *itnered arnn ind belli
back, ber a bole fame suffering flpin
he In lure begging a sou t buy her
mead, that rd.e was always resigned,
mild and exemplary in h>-r  condr ct.
One day, aft' r sixt en years uf mis
e v, she Blopped a; the door of a buker.
.S-ie held out through herr csher inked
ind muiil led aim t waul llie bak r,
wbo stood at his door-sill. As idle did
0, he exel rimed, m a mocking tone,
while ub-ervr g he ga ment-:
"Wei, Mirie iDne, how ha eful one
iooka when un ressed—hal ha I"
No.-, it ia reinaikable tbat in all the
-ixteen ye,r.. whicn had paused, Matie
Anne i ad not forgotten those words
•ihich she hail spok n when alone on
the niuht of the muiib r. It flashed
upon her mind lhat   that   real  murdere
ight have I eald them, and lhat he
lood In-fore lier. 11) brief,llu-j nrnei-
naii baker, when arrested, confessed
ne uuill. He dad regularly supplied
■ he old couple, arid k< ew the ways of
ihe house He was bidden there on
the night of the murder, and heard ihe
girl when she marie the rem irk on
o.kediiess. And as the criminal is
often by the nil! of Providence, liU
own accuser, !<• thia man, full wing
ne nf tho-e eccentric aud duueetuu-
luipnlses, which man often experi nces
t > aay (he most daugerou- things had
uttered tn Hie girl the wo da of that
.night. He waa convicted ot the crime
for which Mane Anne bad been tortured snd suffered s livingdc.tb. •      --
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tTjije tyri ftiuolin, ©ijrttf.
readers' edificarion,  give a brief suic-  iou.lv la.il character, and sus]iectiil nf
i •
\ :,
Thus far in the reports oi proceedings
la tha- Dominion Parliament now in
session, we have seen no account of any
tin 1 being introduced providing for the
disposal of lands along the forty-mile
railway bait, within this Province. We
earnestly hope that there is to be no
more delay in tl is matter. Of course,
Ihe lands Act of 1883 coul I not, and
was never inrended 10, apply to this
Province. It was Iramed to meet the
requirements of the North-west Territories We have never been able to see
why tbe lands in this Briiish Co umbia
portion of the railway belt were not,
long since, thrown upon the m >rkct.
There has been a mysterv, difficult of
solution, in that they were not so thrown
Open Wo years ago, at least. Wiihin
that time a large nutiber of peop'e have
squatted, wifli'the view of becoming, in
good faith, actua' and permanent set lers,
snd with (he hope that the Government
snd Parliament of Canada* wntrli. deal
with their claims in the spirit of justice
and fairness. They b ve waned in sus-
pensea-Tfnin mo 1(1 to month and from
week to week;—but still, notwithstanding
tepeated an 1 frequent reports 10 the contrary, the f)nmin:on Government I as
made no certain sign indicating a fixed
policy in the matter. We won I 1 conjure Ministers anil Members of Par'ia-
ment, in that spirit of juslicc by which
we iriu.t suppose them all 10 Ih animrt-
ed, in all such cases, not 10 suffer any
further delays in seitling these poor
men's claims, and in relieving them
from their \eitK eontinoJd and painful
suspense. To ihese Legislators and Administrators sit h delays fln/ be a ma ter
of indifference, or even of spori; but,
like the pe red frogs in the fable, 10 ibe
squatters it is death. In the case ot
every one of then, the suspense must
be a cause of loss, as well as of most
provoking irritation.
In one special way, this delay is materially retarding ihe development of the
eauntry's agricultural resources. Whin
a squatter lakes possession of a lot of
previously unoccupied land, and has no
assur nee that he »ill be allowed 10 hold
it, he will restrict himse'f 10 the least
possible expense in clearing up and ith-
proving that land. Especially will this
be the case In soch a confflrv as tb 1
about Port Moody, where the lands are
so heavily timbered, nd so expensive
to be brought under cultivation. He
wi 1 naturally clear up only a little patch
of ground, and Upoiir it erect a cheap
residence, and then set himse f to work
ai some o her occupation, or, at all
events, endeavor o put in time wiih as
little out ay as possible until be learns
what the decision is to be. We need not
go far from the shores oi Por Moody to
find that such is ihe ru'e in tlreee cases
Yet, doubtless, if he squader knew what
was to be his fate, he would set himself
vigorously to work in improving ana
enlarging ihe cultivation of bis land, nci
only ti his own great advantage, but to
the Benefit of the public ai large.
There is ano'her mode in wh cm'this
rong delay in dialing with the lands in
question, has been slill more detrimental to the interesis of this Province. It
is notorious that, within the last two
years, people have come into lirilish
Columbia, from the Eastern I'rovinces
and the United Stales, by hundreds and
thousands, with- the full intent of making this their permanent licvfie — men
who, lor the most part, were staid, practical farmers, ofren possessed 1 f very
considerable means,-just the diss of
men. in short, that ihe Province requires
to fill up its'vacant places; but who, on
learn ng ihe slate of the land question,
have left ihe country in disgust. I may
be asked: why ccu'd not these immigrants settle themselves elsewhere than
on railway lands? No man, except of
an hermit nature is disposed to burv
himsell in the interior, out of reach of
all facilities ef .communication wiih the
rest of the word; and these railway
lands not only embrace [He railway belt
itself, for a depth of .twenty miles on
each side, and over the whole breadth of
the Province; but they in like manner
enclose the navigable r raser and' the
Thompson It lias been a most damaging thing for the interests of this'Province, having this great trxt, comprising
much of the best lands in Columbia,
thus long-and obstinately li c\ed against
the scalers; but we earnestly pray that
they may remain thus locked no longer.
A certain British Columbiiiivpolitical
scandal, which originated some- time
back, has recently been revived amongst
our fellow-laborers of the Provincial
j>reS8. We (eferto what is called by
various names, but wh ch we shall designate as the Fort Simpson Land Operation. As this scandal dates from a
period -long before tbe -Port Moody
flAZaMTK had its birth, we may, for our
ment of its origin and history.
Some years ago, it it said—and doub -
less not withoui some foundation—that
cer ain   individuals,   principally-   about
Victoria, the vilage capital of ibis Province, became seized with a desire to
possess some real estate in ibe imroedi*
ate vicinity of fort .'impson.    Some
little movements were made in the way
of staking off boundaries, localizing and
apportioning  the   desired   lauds;   and
eventually ihey were in due form,  applied   for   at the proper   office.    Put
mean win 9 rli?   I rovincial   Administration of lhat day  passed an  Older in
Counci1, reserving V ese same lands to
the Crown.     I he ostensible, or avowed,
reason for this leservation was - an intimation from ihe iJoniiiilnn Government
lhat the projicted Canadian Pacific rail
ro d might yet take the norlhcrn route,
via the Peace and  Skcena  rivers,   and
1 come out at Foil —and Port—S.mps.on
as its Pacific terminus.    In   course  of
lime it was resolved lhat a more south
em foute should be "dopt d, eilhei  following the lower I'nuer, or  Mine Inlet.
Il is highlv probable th l ibis  re olve
caused some pangs to ihe enterprising
applicants in question;   for ihey could
not but know all about   th:   "bailie  of
tbe routes "    I ul now ii  teciiie.l   tli.it
iheir game was up- at least  fur a lime
'1'in.e passed on, and with its other
changes, brought the presen Columbian
administration Imo power.   One mom.
ing, and not many months ago, die public became suddenly aware that ibe  reserve Had been "lifted" font   llie Fort
Simpson  lands.     I'ui,  simultaneously
with ibis informaiion,  the  public  also
became an are of ihe fact that   bese
mds, or the best of ihem, li d alieady
been applied for  by  certain   members
and friends  of ihe  I real  Government,
and by ih se wh un it inighi be dangerous to drive imo open an 1 determined
enmity.    And now Me cla-s of those
whocriiiciic this transaction, denounce
it as a vile job, and "'IgtTm'i.c il as " he
Foil Simpson s eal;'  whilst llie Government and their adherents deoare.il a
perfectly right and  hnnnrab e  Iransac
lion.    Where lies ihe tru h ?
In looling a the whole affair #fth—
we hope—an imparlia etc, and with no
desire to al ribute laubs and crimes
where ihey do not lie, we cannot yet
fai. to nr.e tin.- fact, most damaging to
ihe reputation of be Inca Mi istcrs.
There was no intimation through lb- official Gazelle -no information through
iny other channel likely to bring it lo
the knowledge of llie general public,—
that ihe reservation had been taken off
the lartds in ques ion. When first thai
public became aware that the reserve
had been ' lifted," the lands which it had
covered bad a'readv been "scooped Up'1
—secured 10 Ministerial adbercii s and
friends. To contend — as has been done
—lhat the failure to Gaieiti, or otherwise
publish, ihe removal of the reservation
in this case, was merely an uniinponant
instance of venial official m gleet and
heedlessness; hat il has impaired no interests; and tlia', in shori, ii has not  af-
Jiaviug committed many criun s. From
statements of which they were potsess-
ed, they 1 ad every reasonable ground
lor believing b;ni to be the murderer.
aVow th, 11, these men who constituted
themselves |udge, jury and executioner,
expect no doubt to be protected by the
law in the peaceable possession of their
farms and oxen, il they have any, and
yet they have the assurance to set it
aside and assume all its powers when it
suits their fancy ! Tbey would expect
justice and a fair bearing in their own
persons—and will gel it if tbey are
caught—aud yet tbey deny it lo tbe
Indian Luie. Did tbey search tl e per
son of Luie 1 Was any of the Irooty
found upon him? Did tbey tl ey coin-
pure the murks on the murdered man
Hell with uny deadly weapon in the
posscBsioM of Luie 1 Dill they mark
the footsteps around Pell's dwelling end
compare them with Lola's thi ea or
mocassins ? So far as any evidence exists, we are not aware that uny of the
above  questions have   I een   un wind.
Thus, at the present moment, we have
no just ground for I elieving thnl Luie
wus the murderer of BelL Put let us
look nt the all'nir from another [ oint of
view, and for that purpose we will suppose a case. Let us then suppose that
one of the seventy men w ho I anged
Luie—perhaps the very man who put
ihe rope round his neck —was a worthless villain, who had murdered many
people for plunder in his time. He
hud ascertained thai Bell hud money
by him, and was likely to be u'one on
the night of the murder. He knew,
also, that Luie was about, Very likely
expecting that Luie would prowl in
Bell's vicinity. He ut once, proceeds
to Bell's, despatches him wi h ut a
moment's loss of time, teounw the
booty and gets safely back to Ills own
shanty, then rushes out nnd gives the
alurm. The farmers assemble round
poor Bell's dwelling, where the lifiiiible
nature of the crime renders them ready
to execute—according to their ideas-
justice on the person of anyone to
whom the crime oould be attributed.
The real murderer finds someone who
saw Luie ; the idea is caught up like
wild-lire. The sheriff and his posse
start in pursuit of Luie. . Luie is informed by somebody thai they are
ufter him, and he knows there ure
many reasons why they may be be
crosses the line und is ultimately captured at SuiuAss and placed securely
in custody of the proper British authorities, The real murderer begins
to think that the production of Luie
Slid the probable failure of evidence
against him would be likely to turn
suspicion in another direction, and this
might result in bis own conviction,
He therefore, in terms such as many
of our old pjoueers can remember, ami
such as are commonly used by murderous vagabonds ns himself, incites
his neighbors to arm and disguise
themselves und take the law into their
own hands, under the pretense thai
otherwise   the   Indian   might   escape
fecied the u timate results; is to get offifmm justice.    The Indian is disposed
one of those cheer, little toughers, ibe
retainers of which are usually advised tn
"ell them to ihe ma ines." No si«e
mon will real y believe such a yarn,
no mailer what he may pre end to believe. J1,does not at all belter ihe case
if the perpetrators of this alleged job
plead that they had a precedent for iheir
action in ibis mat'er; and that a former
Administration failed to Gazette ihe imposition of the reserve. We do noi
know if this was ihe case or not; but even
if so, it his but slight bearing upon ihe
later default. Ihcre is an immense
difference between ihe uvo cases; and
il is so obvious lhat we will nol tiweli
upon lit. To do so, would insult our
common sense readers. In the one case,
no private inter sis could be damaged:
in the other case, most imponant interesis could be, and, as is declared, were
ruined To exp'ain away the iniquity
of ihis Fort SimpsQtio. cration the local
Administration will .require 10 resort to
some rules of ethics .never before recog
[from die Mil land t.iisrdl.n.1
The last information on this very extraordinary affair consists in the inquetst
.on the body of the Indian, and the
carefully associated fact that he was a
very bad character; and has no friends
anywhere .about the scene of his supposed crime .ar hanging. The fact that
that the Indian .had no friends is-highly probable from the additional- fact
that he was hanged; trud.it iSalSo extremely probable thatheihad no friends
of sufficient strength or inflsejice in the
vicinity, or the cowardly assassins wi.o
strung him up would have thought
•fwice before they attempted any such
daring crime. Let ut look at the matter as the outlaws—for outlaws they
are henceforth, on either side of the
forty-ninth parallel—would have us re-
irf, mid so far the tracks are cowied
up- Tbe question is, are the autjiori
tics on the other side of the luie alive
to these possibilities, and will they
have* thorough investigation! We
do not believe they will. But of one
thing we may be certain,—that the
mutter has no,t dropped so far as the
Dominion Government  is concerned.
An investigation will be held, .snd the
United States Government will be
urged to enquire into the allkir. It
may end either iu no case for want
,of evidence, or some poor iinmieiit
fellow who wus forced into the gang
much against his will mny be made
the scape-goat; but it will be a long
time before the Susiass lynching affair will be disposed of, anil mny raise
questions involving important international laws.
[From the M.iii.Biid Gu r li-n.J
It must be very gratifying to the
people of this Province to know that a
handsome sum is .down in the Dominion estimates, for the junction of tlV
telegraph system of the Northwest
Territory, connectirig\\vjth eastern Canada, and British GqUunlria. It will
render our system- Conxplete, and the
large consequent additional revenue
will permit of additional and efficient
officers. At present tlie telegraph
system jn this Province 13 .only in an
incipient»state, like others .of our public
offices, and consequently it does not
pay. The department at Ottawa were
led tu believe that we were in a very
early stage of onr existence, and that
third, fourth or -fifth rate establishments'would answer out purpose. This
is a mistake in two ways: our population, as a whole, is ahead of any like
number of people in any other portion
of Canada, for intelligence and enterprise, and our cftstem brethren cannot
gord it.    This Indian Luio was a notor-f be surprised if we should estimate them
on th^ httii "i tin* officials tin
us.   Another and more Important mot*
ter is this; that the ecouoinicul mtf
upon which the ' s'a'li'il.nKiit is con*
dacted here, brings about the very i ■ •
jeciiou wio-xl itt Ottawa, to its extoi
sion; people have no incentive to use
it, and after a time they do not use it
at all. When the system is complete
and we obtain our European news
through tliat chanuel, the whole ailair
will be different, and even then care
will have to be taken that it is completely dissociated from the American
system, or our people will continue to
use the latter from bubit: there really
being little or no difference in the di-
pat* lies. So far as the telegrams received from the Aw>ociatrd I'rcss by
one of our Victoria papafl are concein-
i-d, tliey are littli- bettrr than a tniighd
muss of absurdities, lespaxdlng foreign
Items of news. Tiny may pass muster
with the leaden <>f such | |pen around
the bar roomstuve, hut for the merchant
or intelligent ineclianic they are only a
luise d.hiMoii mid a  Mian1.     We   trust!
as soon as onr own system is perfect,
that they will remain "exclusiveto the
Cofo'iis/," The fact is that these dispatches are manufactured in ihe [\ S.
for the most part, and for United
States journals. The natural consfl
quenoe is tliat the bulk of the news refers to matters connected witn the
United States and Am'TJciui people.
lf we get uny news from Germany, Sar-
gent'q difficulty with Bismarck about
American pork, and the Leaker resolution, OCCUpiCfl all the space. If we get
any from Prance, it is all about Mrs.
Bonanza Mackey and her evening parties: from Turkey, it is all about Minister Wallace and the wonderful thing!
he does, which we never hear about except in the papers, if from JLondou,
it is almost entirely occupied wjth Miss
.Anderson and h.r conquests. An occasional attempt, by way of diversion,
is made to puff up the Irish Nationalist
cause, and the terrible dangers impend
ing to Kngland from this .source ; hut
such rubbish has been tl(^ stand by of
American journalism for tin? last iifty
years, so we have no reason to complain. If we complain and say, why do
you pay for such rubbish as this? this
cannot be called news. The recipient
will tell you : 1 am obliged to take jt,
or I could get none and you always
get some foreign news along with it.
Now, this is the very point we are par
ticulaHy riled about. The items referring to Egypt, for instapoe, are wholly
unreliable, A sensational description
of the capture of some place is given,
with detailed account of the horrors
perpetrated by the rebels in the butch
wy of the garrison, Which ih   is found
necessary to contradict in the following
day's tejegram. The movements bf
troops and the proposed action of the
armies av.d navies are in great part incorrect, because merely guessed at. As
for £he names of pjacea, generals, ministers, and so forth, they are generally
so delightfully mixed up that the reader is puzzled to know what it all
means. The other day, a Turkish con
tingent was to lie recruited for the
army in Egypt, in Ahbahyi / Admiral
Courhet, who is supposed to be lighting for the I rench in Tonquin, was
made to figure in an attack o;i the
Mahdi's forces up .some river in Egypt.
The news from the United States,
•vliich occupies the largest space in our
journals, is mainly composed of murders, suicides, horrible accidents, divorce CS^es, social scandals, or the exploits of some celel.rated courtezan.
Would it not he far hetter that we received none of this news ! It is pineal under loud headings, and by eatn-
in^, io tln'sAjase ,cjf jj|C. yoking, to & morbid app1 tite, completely tinlits them for
the iv eption of good, wholesome in-
.tejh'ctual food. The sooner our own
system is complete, the better ; nol
only, as we hop", for a batter class of
news, but that it shall be national.
(From tlie Ms-lnlum. ananlUu.J
Mr. D. PriukSlton rcurncd to Y.jiln nn
Ssturduy snd is doting out the Drug Store
of th*-' late Ur.  Kriekelton.
Mr. Miles is up from V'irtmjii aud expect-
to ship in aft \v days at lli-Mile Flat ll'y
head of Mr. Greaves cattle.
We have had uoiitinoua p eus-int wcither
since.our la-.t..s8u.e. the snow and iue are
f st tUs'ipp* nriiiK'. The river is rising nn<l
From nil we can see or learn navigation may
be ' pen as early as last year—March 8tli.
Tl'e.lrain.fi-o'M the u;-| er end ol the track
came J wn i\f aday atternooii; the track Iny-
ing construel,io» cuts were Attached to the
train and as track laying wan Completed last
we.-k tothe Ir. n biiilge Cro>a;ng a .-out '10
of the workmen vetiimed ngafn to.the l-«w«r
ri rt mi. A 101 Co iSriiow nrepai'ijig to do the
Crossing bridge work. Juesday njglits vcr-
nl cars more of tho 1-rMge iron .caine up by
train nnd goes up line.
A llesAWAY. —On Monday morning, as
iiflioier .Monk was superintending a gang of
prisoners on tlie lull above the eqhocl, two
uf them broke a-vay and ran f.-r liberty.
The miarils at once gave chase. T,\,a escaping men ^cnuredulitngpnBtMv.Cuiiiiinghuiirs
reaiocnW'.towards Detiglus Stf and turned
up the lull,,but a pistol shot seared one und
he stopped and was taken back to jail. The
other would-be free man, an American Indian named'ticorye, made good his escape to
the iieigliherinod of the slaughter house,
where the officer lost sight ot him. fie had
but a short term &■ serve, *»nd tlie principal
thing the authorities seem frightened of is
that he will he brought back drunk in a dny
ortwo,"  Ouar"'! n,.
cum rami rBEto&Bespoi
uf rats uvbuuool uE&ccur.
A Su uiBwtTmAmc.
:     || I    l."t     U»ok
more tiottviy Utstt Ifeoa* cnpluywut u^j-'U-
csea MiiicU an. •>» uwiutau'ly getting into
.rouble. Many «'t thc-m are attnpl/ |»'ia«
die* ; some oi them arc amnethiug uprsa.
There atu cue or t.\o which first gt( pie-
ten table young won.en into their clutches by
pro-.idiug i'er them during the piii d thut
tht-y are without emp'oyment, and ihen h*-''l
tbein tn in'miiy. 'I In re is one whi< h tbe
storic-t I htive heard h*d to the suspicion
th.-t it is in U-ague wi h tho a who t.ury u|
a tiialtie like thai exposed b. f le ihe House
pi L011J* t'oijiiiiiltte on ) iuiii^ giiid liMt year.
The subject ia a ver> unpleasant one, aud it
nsjdifse eeaisws nn iha pan el ttioes who
o tu. h iiutt. V-- t" pui>ue iheir in-
qtiiltWS] but (he facts rt-<ea.<d idiow Ibst
:Ir* wetbt ti.o.e iii the w< ild ilounsln a in
Londotii end thai N floorialioa somehow in
SkM e.,nilt'<, lion  ■   ih Miine  u| tlie«e employ-
neat sasuatasj   < an nut tin- police he^p. to
ill -vc?
BUS**   I'.viKli.f..
What is this a sign uf?     Enlargement of
the bates patella i» bee* mingaUnoet a?* fash;
luiiable a diSBBSe anion- el< i^vnu-n as tin ir
laiiious soro throat, which Air. KparyeuD
t.a)a always uc*.< inpaiiieh inainage v> i |i a
rich wile. You do not kim.y 9fh t enlarge.
inent of the bursa patclnc is? Tiiuii, in
.oininon language, it is housemaid'*. Icn< e,
and it is (la; i t-.iii.i of w li.it toe .S .Ivati .uists
call ki.ee dt ill. Le. .er* afS hemg ui i:Un to
the Lanitt ul out it, and new un tliutls >f
jc.itinent ate l*efuu sii'.gcst-.d. Docs tlie
disease mean thai tin- clergy aie nn re Jsvo*
tivhal tlniu ihey Dawl tu In.*? Or is it ie>lhe-
tlcism tliat ''as done I iu: n ipcliitf.     'Ihe  hit
ic i probably. Every oliapvel das now- its
tiitiiil or, .tod tbe i ushi >u* must be amali
and pretty, and the cl<rgv hava ro kind
piaciically OU lbs llOUeS So 'Mitlarce and
make lOfl   )'■ OT   CUSblona"   is   the   pfSt'tlOul
adv.ee-Mig_estctl by ihe iliscoveiy tliat t|ie
i lergy nie ovirtaken by the honssihajd'sail*
meet. Here also is au answer to the writer
ot 'Mobn bull ami his We," who laughed a|
hiijjishmen for  aayibg   their   prayeis   com-
lort.thly »itttog.   Clearly, too much kneel*
iUg la dallg lous. Pcrnaps tl*»: WStUJllg is
nol nn ir d In Kouland ; eut, now thai it is
given, it will mit be neglected,
MILKS    1'I.AI TIN    (Xilg.
liisle p |''ia.st-i has wmii his case, and I believe he is to be lr> e from the risks ot au appeal. Jfi* ri-ht to di mund from u curate
who has brok-.ii the law under a deprived
wear that In wdl not c< ntiuu.- t • btvalt i if
he in institut d tit that vicar's place, has
been allir.i.td ill a learned ju.lyn cut ■ and
Mr 1'. iiiv.,1 Hey wood, the patron ot Miles
Chitting, who is ining t< force a clergyman
upon the uuuroli win. will continue all .Mr
Green'* ilhgaiiijcs, has dvtertnithd to 6gl<t
the point U0 XflC hci. He haa ai pes ed unto
Casar, and Ctesar U against bun, aud lie
■Ubnuts to ti-'- iin vitab.e. Ihiis it i- In p-
pUyaatabUahtdtbat B bishop has it in liin
p puar >o prevent a patron troin making l.iu -
bieaker Kppceef! l.rwbie.ikei in a ] ar sh until the i'lah p, worn out with controversy,
anbmiVsto Illegality that rr|igtoti may not
sulf r A coirespondent wh i aeenil anxious
'0 make ".he Kvange ienis" uneasy al the
power they hive |>ut into t...e (UsllOpS
hand , stau-s thai tbe Bbhp of Maiicintoer
inteuui io use his new roil very imp'urti-iUy,
fniit that lie will b* i.cefoifliriu-e to institute ;my pBSSOU whjo will i\(>i pledga bimaelf
..gainst - veiling communj us. 1 cannot,
h w. Ver, bcib ve tjii-t the b.sji p ol Manchester will r*j-<" any auoh (JUOailoil.    It is a
bit ol AllielijcUU- Club gOSBip.
Su: Cjjaki.Ix Dllalii; ON  1'HK SoDUAM.
Sir Cluules lliike has liaiiish d the phaii-
toai ;oliit;s oi baseleHi sp culat; n. In that
clear ami ul tinct language which, without
much rheioiic or ornamentation, tells jtu-tns
mu h as he wan u tu te;l and no nine, he
has just ex]daiiii'*l au ay all the feeb.e guesses anil tn;oie very uppareut^oepolicy nl the
i I.ii eininent. II w. a coiuniiss onud yc-tir
d iy by tin* ('ib net t - explain in the first
place onr I'^yptian jolny, in vhc ncoi.d
place our noim-ati _' policy. In the firs J.
place, he nisA'le a dbtinttoil whieh has not
been sultteiently obaerved latw.en the cvue-
nation u/ thejSoudan by tlie Kgypt.aus, and
tlie atriiiidotimeut ol the S.iiutan (• iinincliy.
Tne former policy I as been decided up-.ii ;
the letter is still it icier consuluiatou. That
is to say, tin- pr« blem of jths lu,ti'ie of the
Soudan is to beeoii e u praidjcalmatter when
vv shall have .<n Opportunity id treating di-
rect!y wnh the t il.es that inhabit it. and
will not ' ' faced so long us the only peopK.
to wbon |T i <-an go aio Egyptian patdi-.s. tu
the seciii . place, there never was any ihti-n-
tim of giving np ibe lied Sea littoml, and
ihe Tiinrt is wrong when it represents our
r tcuti- ii of Siiakim as enforced \>\ jibhc
opini n. In tne rienl piaue, wnatev-r may
be the future Of the S udan, we idiall not
tolerate utidetloe,1! boundarlex. Now. these
three "ti,.s" str.iighi from ft Cabinet Council
by the mouth of a < 'aUuut Minihter are not
In be explained awa\.
Rrsi-tA in ths Eait.
How eastward the star of Kusiiian empire
tskei its way was sh >wu tlis aft ruoon by
tin* honorary secrt taiy it( the Royal Asfatlu
Hbclsty, Mr. li. Cust, in au Sblfl paper toad
before tbs United Hervioe Institution. The
Uuasjan*are.displajiug rpmstksble setjirity
on tlie (4'.i pian at a illaek Svai-, and Mr. :
'us', who avowed that he was bo Ruaso* I
phobiStt inlniiteil l.ow it. MiiM-mie rerni
'/'(UrarMtlSiubtf by way Ol Tdlis and Baku,
be well • n tlie nad to l"ui i h-:ioru the
uinviment attracted much attention, Lug-
laiul having no euumil.tr niacin in ether
nlace. I'.iii.ni. a li-ing USaflsn port, ol
.\ Inch mure will h-: lonidiu ihe next lew
\ ears, ami is attaining notoriety for its ra-
nmrkable petroleum well-*. This had led to
(he eiilb-ctioii "f a la.rgeuVettn convey the
kerui-ine to tarioiis ports, and, to the astonishment of the Russian (Jo-eminent they
have tans au unliuitid number of steamers
whiuh could iu m2i h jurfj tians]iort the corzyt
d\,rute.f tn M,i haeh»v>k, on the east ni shore
of the Ca-pinn. Br >m this ]-ort there is already o rsutpad to Kizildavat, a.di*-tiince of
M7 ne!- s ; and fioin thu latter place to As-
kabad, 13") miles, Jhere is a road, and a railway i-propised. Thence to Sarnskh is ISO
mili-s, sad from the last-naniLd place t ■ lie
tat if SOU imloH, and a llusi-iati surveyor ha,s
Otlreatly surveyed tbe entire .distance and
nr ved that a line can be ea i.iy made. Sir
ri;ederiik (Joldemid presided, and among
-tin le present was General Abbott, the only
living Englishman who has been ill Mcrv.
A Brsnor to Sy^nkv, N. S. \V.
Tt for tat.    We hay e pent a very
brother of ihe j nut nt duke holds the po«i.
ti in ui h**ir-pri-su.iiptivf, naiiKly, Lorsl John
Mamies, M.l*. foi North Leiee.-t i-bhire. tt
tm M...-J inn of i.nt.-jud; Ix/rd Annil alj
iour to that u| ;--in'-r-tt; Lord iieniv
!■ ii, .iu i lintoa to tii..t ■ f vT"n*"tlei Lont
L'aaries Ji.i uiltou t • th t ol i^iaod.-u; tn*!
Luu li 'ii'y C-vei iaJi-iicsUiavk t> that
ot i'-rtUo-i. A u'.».icw, Limt *CcU>oa.1 H.
j Wi-llesley, late M.r*. lor Andovcr, u aucce*.
•or-dehignato t-> the Duke of Wellington,
'and a nephew of the Duke of Buckingham
' ami Chandoa, the junior Ai.l*. f.<r Mid■>.,.
intiM-t, Mr. \\". S. I.me-Langtoii, n, la-ir.
prenump ive qnly ro far M le^rds tie; rarl-
dom of Temple, The fist l)nke of W'e-t
unu'ter wdl uuw, tu all hum«n apuearanct,
be rtooeedod as ■aooad duke by hia youthiu]
graii'Uoii, Lord HotaSfeeeiaad the otttam
,111.0.1 Duke of (Jlevehind haa no heir to that
title, though he has one to that of Baiuu
Barnard. The reauiniug twelve dukes ■*!,,>
have, liai'pily, a proipect uf handing dowa
th- I . inn j t't'e t" th ir suns are their Ofsen
nl Baanf rt Ki-di id, Uevonshire, limit .<
b e'is, Muuclp-sU'r. MurlliH'ioiigh, Nurfoik,
Ni rihuuibciland, Iticliinoud, St. Alljaiia, ai„l
Sutneilaud. |t is somewhat iciuarkah.c
tbat i-li vtn of in CM'' duk' doin.i are uf ancient
ervatiou, and that ol tne fuurcteatcd m tbi
euriLiii ceniury two Ipjve no direct hrfr, an-i
two are likely to l-eooiiie  extjuct.
Inisif BWKaVIESrrAT|OS wpru <rus New
being of a curious turn of mind, I havo
been working oilfe by the aid of the electoral
tpatisiics lately publiebcd that intereatiiig
( sum which sir (bin ten Uilke auggevttd at
; tlm Keusiogtou ToS/a*baUu8 Tuesday ui^ht.
I Mr. CbaiubeHain had piojuHad w (oakw pi>
potation t]-c basis of reiiistributi-n, and on
lhat hams iielmd would lote some eight
members. **Httt so,*' Objected 8ir Charles
Uilke. "yoa ino>| make your voters the
b.i.-is ol r.dis lioutiiin, ami on tjiat bams
1 refund will retain alt her members."
Upon tne impeit-ct information to one's
hand a few month-, ago I uiaoje the q-.mt-
cab ula i ii, amt urriv.d at a similar result-
ai Ic.isl Ireland, aceoniiug to the tigim-,
would have lo^l only one ineu.ler. But
taking the m w atattsnCS, it is impoasible (o
make the ligur.s yield what bir Charles
UUke imagines, it is a tpie-tiou of p..it ■■■■
hold suffrage, and the number of iulisbitcd
lion es iu tin: tJirec kingdoms ie recorded in
the return, so that it is possible to work the
thuijjout ti tlie last true Ion, lu Kngl-uid
and Waks, wh n ihe census waa tukt-n.
there whore 4,t)#lfol9 inhabited houses in
I68J, »nd ♦#■» may be pretty sine that the
nu in er has Dot decreased; in .Scotland there
were 7811,008, and \v. may he sure that ths
liuiul er lia-not decfeuiedj pi Inland tlec
were l* 14,1 OS, and iu tiiia case, unhappily,
wo may be Hire that tin* number has not
incnai-ed. Now, tike the Hou-e of Com-
luous an cons.hting ol 108 members, ami
[ruland'i share in it to be lU't members. If
w- de- -de the t oa! hou ehohls of the Unit-
e.d Kingdoms namely, U.4Si,iJ*a;2 by tJofi, we
shall I j it. i the exact uiiml er of voters under
a hbUBfcfp'ld Iran, hise who are entitled t» a
inemoer. I make it 1IS58. Now, how many
SUch const.fcuuu-icw would it be possible lq
illvide Ireland into* Not lO'.i, us Sir
GJiarles I Hike suppi ses, ip-r lp2, aa suppns.-.l
before the full figures were pub'ished, hut
only Lhf( and if we throw in au odd number
as a matter of grace f- r the remainder, nnd
give Ireland M members from her normal
bat It does not follow that this ban*
sh old be ado tgd. If London il refused
e'lialitv ice rdiiig to arithmetic because it
is tii- seat "I O ■yeriiuient and its voice ii
always heaM, Ireland may cloirn a higher
proeortion of members became her .oieu
. ound-i ieeb'y acioss ,-t. dcor^e's Chanuel.
But Sir Charles DUke's test does not work
ou his re-ml s, ami it would seem that lie
had not yet quite fill y considered the l-ear-
/ng of "he new figures which must hive
i ecu hiii} so very recently even b^foro tliu
fin, jiifs i |..iden.
■JSS" Particvula^ Attention givep
to (be trausacti in of Real Estate,
Businoes,   in   New  Westminster
—    ----  - -   ~   —    F. -_.,,    ..      . wl j       t.ra.Lju-
tile man as Aiiclicnu Hisjiop to Syilnsy. and
he linn I'cen iluly consi'irratiril in .VestmitV
st' r Aliiwy. 'I ho I'lipe, not ti Ire outdone,
ia going to gii'o Aus'i-iilia a cardinal. In'
Dr. Bacry «o givo New South WhIib an ! 0f Poi't Moody.
English piiniir.al. In 1)/. ^loran. Leo XIII.
is giving Ni"* Soutli Wales ujirincs. This
new wearer of the siurlet ri'ila-s will not,
however, hinosn very many co-relii(iiiiiists
to organise, fur New Buisth Wales, .the mi.st
progressive of ^ustrnlinn colpuies, is nla.ithe
least Komapist |,anrl its active population
is only 740,836. Now, lhere are other Australian col.nies which are. nr have liten,
dominated by Koman Catliolic Irish, en.
The Pope ought jiurely to send the cardinal
to them.
EndLisil DnttEBOMs.
Of the 21 English dukes, excluding members of the Royal Family, it may be mentioned, apropos of the loss w Inch has overtaken the house of CroBVenor. that nine
iravn no direct  heir.    In   five  instances   I i
City and District, and «&e iTown
On rood  Security. v<
'<Cjjf Jid .Juaofy Cnjftff.
BATUEDAV, MAIH 11 I, lv...
i hk riiiVA'!i:-ni Lie mkkiim; at
IVIu.1 Iccli i lace ii  Mr, ! ■
slut .ill Impair. T'.unnlt'lu..;., iUj/i i uis
thst Mr. T. S. McGfliivmy visited his
fritnila ar.d .u|porU-rs, r.nd I wo r.r ll.rec
oilier*, uliom h« uridoiii.te.lIv U-li> i
join lue laid... Hi: a kid tlinn to iifenl *
I l.ir.i t ii.... in .-. Al'Ogethu'fci.ii t; ti.i ly
|«jrspns siic ci lie tv 1; tbtM. ix r*j1 thres
All the material**: for the Krnacr Kivcr
Railway Brldg* have been rooted up the
track to the bridge bite- and l\,'- * tectiun of
the ateel aul iron super-structure nf that
mat work uill now Ix* on seeded with iui-
Tbe growing tuflber ban be»» "slashed"
over a large area uf the Johnston property,
adjacent to tho Government reserve.
Through the etsta thus opened  up through   w
the forest a charming view U had—aiy from   pesieV staol Pert Moi dv — in fuc: no*h:iic Its*   Noes evosle
the North P.oad--down and serosa PortM« o-   than the I It rrpresi i 'al-vis • f that \\
lalan 11 air. MeBrid*?, .*ardes -a the Ve*
Westaiasttor PcfUtSnUary,
Aloan ofS^OT^O ji»«; ii«r granted by
th*. !-»' '.iiiU'i. (iuierupent to t.ie Canadian
PasifieSyedicaiV, sad tberel re the work
wiil proceed mindly, ..i.i we bill ■• -on best
of tea ir-n I.' !»t .i<.--.,. ii,. Ki -li.es.
The Bnest Provinces in tho si it sw cover-
e-i in -aivty and thst be b>s smeed at Her-
bert whetice be i iu *-xpe:>d to pro-eed, by
■ceaneftu Kbnrtomi. Aasaeerier report
that river lOWmnniestion brtweeo Herbei
a.rd Kb-irtoum w«a Unpoatibfa b-. ben coti;
by lit ■■•:;; pro*
bsblv as»asae tbat *bs c-v-r b-ri.cfit catiVee*
unmmy fre loc*:o f fV  from  bis    i
do* a-sutei •oth,* defenders of
dWlthaoow.    Jo Ua urio train-, are (<vity-   .j;c ,;»,.  ,vi,i,-h  po i n.*n d-   th-   iun tion   of
orfenr. Wire>n.d.»i..Ua!e bvfeg t-m, • .,,-ly > , d.    J,, ;n .i,:,-,a ul^m'i   £, w- Nile'
At Qavbre and .St. .fuhu*. N
1J , there was a . r< at fall ■ f MAW on the l-t
tnetaat; country roa9* iiupaabsblesna train-.
dy and the Inlet getitialiy,   lueluding  the    th*y win- 1- v ice the rffr. r-« cf tbat town,   juowed up
opening of the North Arm. A|it tntjwdout, it ires ... u d. d to bears     AJ1 oer esstem exchanges report a., i...
Within  the  past  neck, operations have tWO WSitlsp,   ons  *   "ChUlSSS   im ■ t :.  ,"   ■ -■ . . i Inters** in BrjtistJ Columbia  alia
commenced f"i the cmistruclion of in  addi- ' ihe other | "j -Miicd SU " ting
t ion to the Klgin House.    'Ihe -tdlitjou will Tint* chiml>E Mr.KU.xi..
compri.e anew bar and billiud room. A  (h-iijii.uu    wm* cleiiid,   ami   be  fully
Within th*' past wiek, Mr. TacSBSI Pogoj stated il I object of tbi meeliflg, which  waa
baa tiikirn up hit nb'>*b', atf  a p. nu.uiriit *tt- an tnti •(.liint-i-e eDS.    On tie eh lirnmn  ic-
oid«-r to avoid tiic U »i Of tint'- 1J1 t Woold be
incurred l>y f Ho .vug tie eour t I t..-
rr.er, wbivB tuskas .*■ de p u> \t between
Koroekpead A>j Hamm d, it i» u»ual 101
sara] an- U . tba Use
h«tW<:eO '   ■ ....   i   ute    b utterly
audaay tbat canitsusisaiepi iipprsetieatilei<»r a;, arm     i*toeroi< wai
. tV- gruat '-iii.iiiiiN «| toe railway  v.hiLb i»  stoul) oaitnlsoe at u waoU iiitai-- of*/16
to taks ih-* aarpiasunHinesol b*ii  a ouott*  nulea, aa-l tbts water ia u i'.'l tfa I    alt
tier, upon District Lot .No. I*", t^roup I.
Tbi* 1 <t a Ijjiiis tbo Clarke |>roptrty( io the
Went and South. A number of other-- ha. e
recently, and in ti^e \iciuity of this town,
practically asserted like a juatter claims.
We meutioued in a f rmer is-ue that Mr.
A. W. (lilbert had purchased fnun Mr. Os i,
i>dllt th- lot ahuUnig on   D^uglag,   Murray.
sod Coltunbia Streets, with the two storey
frame already erected, and   fronting ou tbe
but named street. We now /earn that Mr,
Alex. Henuie haa coutrnct-d to complete
thir« buildiii.:, of wliiclt (lie frame work oni>
jis now htundiiiL'.    Each of the parties  may
b' well congratul .tc I *'ii in a « ■•■johIi.lc or.
Capt. Claike bai now on the -;r>iunl — -r
sinning bis sea', an >th**r mvinl er of tbe ioci- '
ety arose aud in'oniud tbe tudience tbat the 1
pius i.
nest to the abofso <4 tha Paoifle. samrls will tuech it.   From  Abu  H duo a
At Victoria, seute time «g , s Cbioaaian the esrssaa track roaa bcatd*i th- .Nn- to
iiaint.i i hm Ah Vmu in.iiu. <i ,t Celestial lady Berbs , which is£fUmiles : irlhec Lsssostb<
i.ji,,e i An L:u.     I'.i li.it in.   SttprruS1  Coort ea-t   . ir. ciion.
n llonda) last, Chili Ah  Sfou  spj>«sr d to It sppaars—altboi*{b the statements with
sbuw eansa why a wri   <t bai ess eorpa<ij regsra to these details are vague sad c.i.-
secretary was ubteut, and coi.htqctuily tl.e> : ah uld not i su*., e. .OiUiandm^ Iii.il   |<iodu e tli> tin.—that  Ul   this camel lids Over 400
culd not hear the  mirrites if a | revious I t,,c ',oay "'»i» w i'«-    The happy pair  weft DiUeaUoB. Oordoo  Wks aeoouiasaiad  b.  a
meeting.    Coder  thee  drcsmstsBsea ,lC'««»"•«;*'-v-i^otbodj.t Ll**..>(1,.n. and be very smaj and lotperfeely sr..*l i
,    °                ..                                               I old net Hsu a mig SI tuc c i.inuiiv.     ] - t .e an.i iliat be cuiied <vi n linn S i OUI oerab>
wuld move an SiiJourontttDt, which wassee* Icdet.al mind tins snpeared t- 'v sj'fSUl amount of *old.    C id rail the ci.cuui.taii.
ond'.d and cairi'd. eiroi.    Mr.  Wilson,  who rsfirseintod fhs! coi ui tbucssu tbs tUlh   leroH  tlie Nuhisn
iiik i-'litical MitriNO.               ; heabsnu. said tbense ol tbs ring w.,- wholly desert was sn evsp no e darina' nn ennki
Ui.neeeseary | :h t marriages Da*I been eaie
biaitdin tne aie butiit thoreb f a twe-'t
yeaiS witiiout smiis the rnjg, and  mat  thu
aenls refeniog t.. thr* iiiu Wi ic omitted toi
many y-aia tit the   iiivrrbige.    1 lie
held ibst it was ssssntial t■> "have  tl
Then the thanm-in < I Uu "C binc^e me< t-,
ing'' at-k-d whciu would tiny el*ct chairman !
of the political nice in1.'? " Mr. Annand''
yuH ibe upsuinu us cry, ko Mr Anueitd toi k
tbi: chair, amid apjdanse. No ojurugad*
• ■■r->e. ens made,    "Mr.  Kckstslu," w..s ibe
civ | hen that ic-ichoeil tbroogh  the rot m. j Weold be imiile
.\/r. L Who
is* lit oi the woman to tne man.age eon raet
i his had not b en  ub am d and no
than tlie rem .ikabl * j in uey fioin soi them
Paiestiue topaesuQdsrtikenb) Pro'. Pa.nni-
in tbe mmmer «f lii'i.   For t e  U dou ns
oftlieSn  i d«s it.,    si iiou^li   .hey   had   ;.!*
Sourt   ready beau uolicite I by enil   aiie-i of Ai iW,
con   bod not save sgf•; I to j-in the Kgyjtsu
1.    On ths other hand,   be liudd tid wa
Arabs, who • cciipy tbo  mountains i/etwen
'J lie w man was at Ijlwrty J li' rb> r and bbaaurn, to^a her wit   almQat all
i cd  *° 4° •'here sbe pleased,   1 be coertwus sat-1 tbe Bedouin trib*.s .-f Nubia letwuo  lbs
■    ,   ,  ,'    ,"    '   ,.. '       !.       i lad with the expUnatioo ol ihg n-e ot the ' Ml- and'tin* lie*t Sei, bad ie-< 1 ed on t elr
rather in the water  whsra   »sfltsd-two | forward sud ssked i,be object of thsmsstfng.  rity in tbs Aietl.oo'iat formulary,   tin order L«n sccouut before A Mhadi
large U.oms of piled■ g**, for tbe sotistnietioii  Mr.   MuUHIUrsy tuid   it   was to  inauiie
of bis  projsoted  wharf,  from   the  loot of   whether tha  incorporation cf Port  M * dy
iffipry  "Vei
Douglas titrret out t<> the i\'r\s \*ater cll«u-
nel. Two pile-ib ivers, with the necessary
machinery, are also on the s, ot, ready 'o
commence work, and only await ng the formal |rerini.-Bion ->f the lioverrinieiil tu Capt.
Clarke to proceed.
The steamer l-uttie, fmrn New- Westminster, arrived in pott, at U o'clock, on the
morning of Snndiy last, having tw.- lumber*
lai'en scow-, and having m freight a t)ukn*
tity i'f building materials end general merchandise. Tlie Lottie nturned to New
Westiuloster in the aftonu'on.
The cattb* trade by rail is b -coming a matter *d llAportsnue. Ob llie morning nf .Sunday last, sevjii Liirdo.uli of beef cuttle enuie
dnwn by train Crum the iu.erinr. They
were biudel at Uih r.ulway wharf, nndibiv-
en down bv ir.dl, by I'roiitand I;irst atiecU.
and the North l!oad, to Wcslminster.
"Jumping1'Ian J s.sJaasseeraatebe the order of the day. Some individuals, it is DOs-
itively alleged, are constantly marcbiny
arouul their lots, armed to tbe teeib, io
warn oil'possible interlopers.
wood be beuefiO'SJ to the c .mn-vnity ai.d
place, Mr. Eckstein iSid be had not ei me
todibaie on the bubjtct, and thought it
right for ibe citfrem m.d tbcee inteiviied
(by owning land) in Port Moody to say
w he' I er any benefit would be done i y iifcor-
pi'rai;oii, and t*» tho.«-e be would leave the
quesinn. Mr. MiULUivray U.cu f-.lb'wed,
Slid tiled to [joint nit ili'st tbe residents
»i lely- win th. r nr- periy cwii'-is nr no, and
set those merely liiUrested w.tb rtgard to
freest*.   The Cel* stisl ^utlemsn 1st hi* J Hicks Psahsin Kordiao,   and it was by
ladi | and ber f ri*3iids will pay thu  cost off ths  fc'ib e, who mtv sympathise  ujtfa the
savmg her fr m a i.titbind-beoid not  wish   FaUs Prophet as a fellow  rebel,   I ut
i bsvr.   Ceb atiil ludivs are as liable
nd: bow liulUuthe charmiug girls
are not Celestial
'lb ■ cariit-iitLia of Victoria are in  strike.
Th-y «a_\ nine h un i.. the \>v per uunilier oi
hours to Wu) k [h i .lay.    il..ii t.,e - outructors
and (Uipliyrsappear t<>  be satisfied;
other Haii di Kthtiug.   Tin osr-ent rsi
I'eoptctiJj.e b dy oi un ii and are (pule
solved t * carry their point Vn* hundred
did tw'eu y-n e if then, bave ceased owork
and feso couHuue in empl ymebt. Ou Mon
day hj.ht tbey telegraphed to Han  Krancis*
WOuid repttuiate :tnyl n g lik*; .n-p* ink-nc ■
on I.in.', thai the troop* ol Biker Pa»b iw ie
almost annihilated, tin Sbtkai aud perhs i
Tokar have be d ttfcen snd that tfuakiin
its-It ifscri u-ly threiton d It is worth
wbilo ut insii "ii ih e point, because ibs
the j danse ge grsbhieal Igdohince «f th-* I'ai'i-
- a ! prej-i .\as itii tiiigty i:u i rated this week by
Ci II-
ties, advising the Br*otberh- od of usrpetit m
i me -t.i e oi affttim i.t Vlctdtjd, pt. James''
Hall  has been  leased fr the  use of  ibe
broiherhnod, and ths war with capital will
land—houldlwthejudj.ee.    Hs refnied in  L0» Chicago, Uutirio and  6 In r gresi
the article in tho -Port Moody «.azitik ;   be | t,,CB- Bdvising^tbe Brotberh od of earj <
appealed tu the people (preae|itj to know  u
tbey or any ul tmmhail  be* n deceit cd by
him in •'OTlng tbe petition for inVqrfcora.
tiou. nauliu.ud bv i.'ait. Clirkt-, C I.  Ham-
ilt< ii, ami understood In  New  V\eatmiustoi
to be the ease.   Tuose persons const) uied
t".e miiiiirity;   tiny   nor New  Wes'lllincter
should rale Port M*'0*ly, a« tiny  wire *n
desvoriug to do.   Tbe speaker followed in n
cnurss of c Midc'iiui iiiou »f Capt. i larkesnu
hiselibuif.   Mr. l%k»tetQ replied;   tbougoi
it unfair to utiock anxoiic n >t present to de*
f.-nd hiuieelf.    He had read tb*-artideiu the
Port Moit'ly r;.\zr.ri'K, and thought the  Ian-
gouge might hive been a  little  mote  tern-
per.ite,b t then, since the enl or was absent
it,would be will lo leave references  to th.t
ideSp tch publish d in/■',"/•n. tulle efie t
that ''Ki Muadi's troops i ad (.ken Sankeit,
nearKasssis sud JCavuu, s> -u.!l aeuport
in-r li ■ f >uakim."
There i  not tbe sH^htos' ground  f r believing that  any  uoiisider-ilde  body of K.
Mabdi's Ifollowei-s In- sd much user is d
tb« Kile, and if K ' si i has '< sen menaced,
mid Jiav.ua O'.cup ed. il'is w s don., m
c'-urse,   by the   liedo ii i.i  who biist   U ker
In the lin-l days of the week, the cominu
nity was startled by learning that a couj b* \ out.    He hiked a lair Held, tilld if In
oi   men  had "juii.i e l"   Senator   Mflnm-s'! M''- M t; 1 ivniy light, w* uld vote
quarter sec ion  lot.  and   were   "slashing" [?•»,*!lll^l^rVn^^A^'tsT^l
 •  | beent toosk Cajit. Claraesiio Col. Hauil |
i ottei d ; no one seuouded tbe  uio loo  t
i,own tin tiiul cr u1 on it us if  for dear lil'o. I j ,„ ^
lines igition and enijuiry   found (hat sueji ; Mr. i-.ek.at iu pio-ceded, and so d hu*   w. uld
was really the fact.     The  invaders deeline  u!tP "n;!;-' !,lil1 °' L' »"« ^ould nnnti, n the
, ,   .    , .      -ii *.   4.   proceo ■ in-'fs.    Mr. McUuliviay  iumpc*! ui
.rxphiiiiiti,,,,, hut  deteimlnoilly avtr   that I ^ d |,„u*-nced t|,e hwt B^uk'rasa tpy.
he carrifd on m a '.aim nnniier. The em- ■ Pash ■, and * hose uur i.i.1 agaim l he mo
ployers say that nine hours a nay instaul of j Mr--us misgoveianrent of the Pashas su t
ten menus ten per c.nt, increase of wages from Cairo was almost «.■ uteuipuraneous
'lo leave the machinery idle for two hours ; with the wertern iusnrrect on thut b gan in
every day would bean additional loss whiuhj Dnrfour. It was ihj Hnddend wuAiab*,
tbey could in t afford They say trade nil I wb s* principal leader, Usui-in Dlginu, li s
the other side is dull, and that hundreds are i been quit ■ as successful u rebel as tlie Fa i
out nf eiuployro nt i'Ud ready to seek it in I I'm h< t, that Oen. liot'<loii li nl t ■ fear, and
\ictuiii. And so tbe matter stands, and if ihe massacre of Bt;*r's tr - ps and the
woodifu house B hilt finished will be wel capture of Sfaikat, the i <l ay lortress "ii
aired. : ih ■ route between -Sir.,  i ll and   Berb rj   hsd
  J occurr d a fuw d iys i-,i. 1   r, -he n*w    in.iiiid
ENULAsVaD. I tri; es  in  the  n-gi m  bctwe u K r *? oaril
i Abu flnnncd that still   r t ssel nn  tntet*
• thoucbt I     India nnd   llu-sia are   tiuder<selltng the li Sled I y.i ty ru  the   Khd ive.   would  l.ixxe
h ,, ||*((|     t'niled States in the u heat murk- ts of Kit','    jo ned tneir fellow Ber] mius of Nubid ;n
Und, and BriUsh India has also entered tb
market as a compi titor.    I be vast [i pub.
ti ii employed a- iii'aiiufa* tillers iu the L'nii
"they know w bat they are aliuut."    This in
a question with * me other people.
Mr. Wm.  McLeafl has, during the  week,
st in 11 answer liii
been engaged on a f-n^rat-t nf alaaljiiig^Hne ; jt uas .■„,.-,_. „{
eight to nine aonp, upim what is known as j anyone eleo t*
the Burr Lot—District Lot No, 877. ti is meeting,
man. Weeks* Kost.rh.ve eenimeneeA ttriwitoi^aB*hoquesti«mer ought to be
... swnre • f,    Mr, Mcdiluvray bad invited hmi
theconatiuct.ua of a wharf on the w ater t0^ttepd a *0hiasti* meeting/' flud this was
frontage of lot tl, bl ck A, Heaven quarter,-— i how became there. A per on uuku .wr> ±o
the same which is pirti illy covered   by the | tne writer deafred it to be known   'h-t tqis
e i Kn gdoui art! Irkely to gel clt' ap .breuil.
Egypt was a great wheat field, nui fftu i^.'-
noi snee of ber rulers dei ruyi <1 hei industrSis
and art sn exporter of Wheat -be i« now In ie.
But it is qtiittv possible thut under ihe pa*
-e-mii ilir.cti. n nl Bnglisti rulers, t>be-will
resume ber uld penitibu ss ihe gufjleu *>f the
pn-iVi.m-*. Mi. E. said *$'}& .
rl of Mr.  Wilrtums or      Ihe aynatnitii nflndi continue to terrorize
presume tint he was sent t-itll.c* p*-»Mlile InhabiUnli of   Ijoudpu and
1' w b oh I e knew nothing  ten
Mr. \T i Hi am 9. wanted to know "who sent
him tiiete?" "\\ .is ho sent 'v some parti' i
ni We tn-inaterf   Me would'HlcoMr, Eckf*
0 bor cities in bngiaud. Tlie n«t dual Bpii it
is aroU'-ed and strong remoustraucei have
been m»de tithe'Uirvernme'ts of Am rioa
and I-'liih: ■. '1 he head yuiw en ol tli < Heuds
was in Paris, but it has been moved t-i Ceb'
Ipte tevol . In t atcas.ithcy would cur*
triinlv bad Seize I nd det due '' 'o". ord ri
even if they tlid not put him to Soil h. I'.ut
;u\ ic wa--, tliey W"ic doubtl -Ss n\\ i i ig m a
tltite of in decision r-ga di.i.* t',eiro>vn mo'
[Krom tlu*- itL.iu.tr.] Oass4 *■
Pdbt M't !<v — We hsd has piseaara of
-.• .r.ui in the hassis of Mr. C. D.
Kind, VaSeee cut rp*i*c io eaeh ssssaaas is
well known, from a coxref p 'indent at fJttawa,
stat ng thait Sir Chorr'n Tupp- r seal deeiared
on tbf floor of the H*-ju.se of CeSBUMBSk tbat
Port M'X>dy waa the ten; inua for all future
t.me, tod tiiat it was tls» select* d ss th*.-
Maeal -Station. Our readers may judge tbat
this news created quite asenntion, 5rat with
kuvi and Int-ownera and tt*Q with eager
bejrSfB. A great deal of UuU las beeu taken out ' f the tn irket, au 1 SJHses bar* ad-
■ auced giaathr" The trsntac ions dariag
the li.st «a- -uyn sgBBWS/steab }i 6jO,000.
Tne rjews will g:*e a li dp t-< the ■SpSSt^d
Iswiasj beeSSj and we may tssaf of laud
b*«ads stoernHios pii #•■ Basi*
ness of a.l kinds g es inenijy on, and building H dally iweU ng is it:'p'irtiou. Cu Ung
• '•jwu t.iub r is   l-e.ng plotted.-d   with on nil
h*t mis, so t .at people who vers si Port ■oo
dy a few m i.thi ago, would har-Uy recog-
uia*** the plate.
lur Haii.way.—E.'ery day produces an
improvement in tiie Isaei ths ine*]udities
tie 'lis-.-ov.-red attd re titled. The traffic ij
C u tantly improving; catt'e and taim pro*
duceduv.li aud g i.ttal ireight up The
caniag" factory * sUblishe-1 by the ciutrac-
tir s doing g<>od w iU, and as n.any aa four
tit" ears are 'umed out in a day. Ti er** are
now about 300 cars ou this lower section.
Tbs good p ople of Port Moody y^re n*
gated with tb« sight ■ f a new- passenger car
-nd cab'iB'*, to wlj.i no d ubt will be
added otbeis as inst ss they uan be tuin*d
"tit. Tbe bri'gS at the 42 Mi e p. st .s
1 einj ranidl filed in i"s ■ lace, and rads
aie being hurried uji by aim >st every tram
to be ready 11 cross the moment the track
is laid auross, which will considerably pie-
Cede the flnlsbisg <d the bridyn, as tbe
greatest anxie'y is felt to complete the lino
as far ns grade!, hi ths shortest possibU
The Hew tyagrptjrsi at tuk Bakd*
qkaps —This d tli sit work U a: last com*
p.eted ; everything i-* pi its place and the
painting is ell finished. The light hss bveii
(asted and works very satisfactorily. When
it will be accepted from tin hat da of the
contractors is not yet |-ositiv.-ly kn--wn,
but rumor tlidiestid Thursda;. last as the
time it Wai to be takeu over.
Post Hanhv Whast.—The wharf pro-
posoil pa. be Ixiil.t la*-t fail at Port Uaney, is
in'W t» " e _'one nn with by Mr. I>. D -ck-
iteader ol that place. Materials for i s con-
s.-in ion are now on th- sp t, and work
| will bu coiumeueed immediately,
tt Is spring. A rtsurre- ti n of nsture's
latanfforcex is >aki:.gplace. Liketbeworld
srouAdyou, renew >ouruoniploxi*n,iiWg r*
u eyourp'wers, cleanse tbeihauuvlsof "f*-.
.Aye's .--nrsi, niiila is the meaiH .0 use for
this purpose.
J. B.GNALL & CO.. Victoria. B. C. the only osclus-
i-.c   itusle if j    e iit-Utltish toljinhia.
the i.i -,'■ ; stcck cf ■ • ■>■>.■; ant. 0:gans in the Prov-
une A co.'vJe e aiisortrr.ent of et*e.yihing pe.idining
t j ihe Music -juittnoss.
tt ["nr ai tisi ic monumental work apply to
(J-joVce itiidg*, '■ \'i ■tiiru Marble Works,1
h..r_ii- -tie-'t, Victorii. *
pobt moody nm
Samuel   Cormier
R0W a rtp.yr paily eetvjtxS
Um eud of tie Xo'rth l.'cii .infl the
Cnlt'l'iHi. Hottl. >jn arrival of ats,.-.' easss*MI
fi'.iu S'rvr H'p?tmiDsrer.
Itirto m ia trie faiurotoij. p-juctusiiv. iq
tfatsiiet V.iu ti.'o coaebs. to Nuv- Wssi
: mTT t'cigitX carrfo^y sttsud^-d to.    Evtr*
stt-utroa gneii to Spsaal Commisarons.
10 gU  r.     r=~.
liiei is 'h ■ ti'sults of ihe ■'•■ dou n  b
in-nt id Siti'.at and   Btkci's Vxpcditmn  fori
iliS relief id? Tokar, and ;it aucn .i juncture '
tlm weH e rord influeiij- of t       firmer  O-i*
rernor of Ine Somlan would -r1 ::tt- turn  th ■
-<■; le as td Insure at lea-' hii fiersonal i fefv.
rluc when Ue'ii. Go'-tl n lcarneii for the tir-t
ti'in'.L Berber the fufc ofrtaB*r*s r..c,  be
waseiiub'ed to measui'Q '; u- narrowly he
hi.) si If had out un dis 'uter.
It m only in a limitel *eii8c, i; In iny,)
th it in bis camel lirle a ■ ■ ss twa N'tifiian d*»-1
ei I Oen. 11 irdon can be iiifl t   have  usirie I
the s.„nmi-l„,.l!ia pirti,llv ooviti-I   l.y the i tho wiiter il.-sin.l it tr, U: Urroivr,   r|,..t  tfiis "*     "."* 1>ovmiiH1«iI   ul  Ameiles  will   tho I rtnnet or tne <«n in wmi.-tty. Mail
.... l       ... ,.      ..     was s iiWvstu iitwl mit ililln .i.nntl.,0   M,- not use its iitrWiT to stay the linii.l-i ot  tn'   he lutt his liie iu trying to da wnal  :. viuor-
.'.ore baUt lutt autrri,,,. ly Mr. Auttin.   Mr. j ^'^n §BX "i lu.-tl. un thi i,".Ve:,- in '•""'**• "•l*' •" •W'" & hyC'S "' ■>»*«  pus Government «-ouH liiv*.. tjt ar, a,, j t ,
ii. \V. Williams has the ciiiir.ur,  and  hss V^q (;.A^riTK.   .fie cri icbied the literary at- P0l'tical changes by os--a*siiiaiioii, tlie friend* j'accompHah, i  Is pes ibb—-thmigh even1 tb's
had the pile-driver vigorously st work dur-! t iuments o* the editor, who 'Mid n't k'nuw  fe ,xli,t' ns between tbat c nntry nnd the U nncertub —tha1 under the stess < i ^mblh;.
iuu the week' Inoliiii'L'."   Followfrig tin* flashy Bpcecb  nf  United K-nsdom must eea*e j and the^remits indignation the Cnbiuet_ni:!ht have lost  its |
'    ' ,   ,    , 'Sir  Fraser -i Mr  Komaboilv cot unnnd ■ on- I VUii De I'll:i' tl1 t'u' Vy"'Ay' ^ (lt oh i i/..tti n. doci Q in \o\lt\ in :hu   if iuae  ol   C ominous, ,
It was a netted  thing llmt the^Jtsjifrsv  tthU(;,j thi?abuse*,'   Jn4 here Cub Ham lton  The man who uses dynamite as on aaeui to But it by no moms folb .-a that lien.  Oor ]
Wharf is to be [faced w ith iron piles just »s! entered tin- room snd wanted t * > know  who  iiS "'■"■- him ni can ying out the idVas of  mod* * ton's soih arrival  at  K i  on in will  reli ve
loiin as tbe I'iles can bt: got to the sp.'t.    ."■"   was the   cbiiiiun-u,   and   win,!   dd   tins all
timesbould be lobt, lor the  worms seem tu
have bicu cmistantty busy, wbouvei eiku bi.
been idle.
Captain Clarke has received application
for a site b.r a temporary .saw nol!, un mre
of his rear lots, to wb eh be is I !-■ ly to OC
cede, ymhan c( tinlthbiin-^t woulB kefve
au oxeellent, purpose heie jnft now.
lu.rciT   WlIISKKV   SEMISv    IX MAIN'S.
Seoarchiiig foe li ju- r in I'ori! uul,   iu pio-
bib tii-ti Maine, Mr. I>, I.. Locks SeS tak. n
down a long nnd a sh it Ililln. ot StallW, and
turn d  to  [he  left  and   lu   the   dglit, and
again to tin b ft, und |p into'i d mly   liglil
ed room with  a Mieap i-oue'er.    Tne siull
was there.    Liilttor is tak u   tlllO  Mi.inc in
barrels   of  BottT,   ami   in   iitfil ksua(   and in
mauy other evasiye^ways.    How i   ...   ...d \n
iltiihtratcd by the case of an Irlnh woman
wnn haa a room iu tin- n- <r ul In r lutchen,
iu wM»-h are spVi-ral buttles '" aiubt. over
each of wIik h i* a hm In -m i_ ml d by a
.string.     L'ndtr.<Ath is a tunc oi   watei lm-
pieguatod with ksroseus oil,   'ijie officer*
cun '-iitir by the fruni d Or only, aud when
they approach t-he darts into the bSi k ro in
anof cuts the string. Tin; weight descends
aud imsslfVe the buttbs into tlie tub, and
the smell of tin; w hi-kcy is neutralized. I. ne
man dug a holt through his cellar wall, au>l
put in a utore ef liquor, and th"ii painted
tho do -t in imitation of st <m*. The plaee of
concfttlmcnt was betrayed by n mm who
was drunk. A wuman hud hcrellar pajed
with flat sto.ieM, and under une Ktone was
coiiceaiid a large ftoek of lipior. The sfcu^F
h.is been se /.*:-1 im hotels, iu dwellings, at
railroad freight hi ■ uses, in express companies'
^offices, and at the boat landings, 'there aie
four officers under the sheaitF whose sole
duty lit is to Jv-'T liipior out of the cit\;
nevertheless it g'.ts in Af'er ooudenination
the liquor is cmpUedJnto the sewer-*,
mean J On the (nfmrnati u being giveui the
Colonel SSld he had been ci.sunlly tdd tint
■ ( him se n e .!.»; v.i k*. lug in, bu hole
was something v- ry ditlcrout. Ihe ( olonu.
got irate, and *aul h ■ w-.ubl"lui* c, ami pro-
ce <b*il t ■ ■_* ■ i.mid the -.cr ams of. "Mi a t i
music4" if ■ iin-l Mr. Mi *i JJviay * \ i Dug.
■ il -* \tit o I,'.:* mly i-nili t Mr. U< (■ I i
v ay voice nemg i*ehut*d b\ lis ftilluwers
A h tie m ire ip iceh fj mg t ok place, u !.\'b
BU'lcd 'ie'1-b.it* ; t.enetini- , b'-,///»"/»'. ' A
'leader" Was to be uho*i n, t i la-ry t:n*ougl
the ine rporaiiu i. Mr, Wi'I-i.h.h h. id j<
needed i I iwyi t and a man of mfluptice, nod
he t!i'iu':ht Mr, VellilHt'rsy the right man.
Mf j-^ a I iv- y»-r, Mr M- Cil'r- iiv ■ u.m eh U
oil "jV.-nhr" and (he Ictesl.WSS di|Biissctt.
What mxt  !
cVipcrm'eiidcnt T-»*bl ceUirue I from Bn*
muss ymterdiiy by tin- WSff*io rosn. An in-
uiiest was Indil, bit nothing siti-la'ury
sciuiH yet to be ssou taim d , *' sp * tiug the
rlgl rntes, except lhat ihey are now on tin*
i»thef sis. -. Tlie Indian wit* an* h a bad ch
i;ictcrtth.it it,i.i e\c'i-dingly dJtficult to ub.
tain sny evl lenos against tlio.o who Invo
put him out of the way.—Guardian.
em reformer-', deserves to be Hayed ahve the 1. it sh luvernment f •om its grave res*
and masted whole. In liinen had tho reptt*' pon*,iblHt»es for the s»fe exe -ution of tint
tatii.n of being s fearless, gallant r.ice, and | evacnati*n p licy with it icentuiv lm
lluUmiuiij ,i I.H.HI ii... (i *'.. >■ Uyiui
unto j but iftbusy-tcm of destroying file <
md su posed foes cuutiuuus in l.nglund, th
It -! i,..Mi',d! uver Uu. w- rid wi I be I oku<
■n tu u fcljiig, .i 1:ea'rtle i, ulle .-. w n ;,-j-
thing, not h 1'iiau.
Ireland is in a sail condition. Tin* «a
h ■' we n bniiiCid* and Uiitapls corftniu . b
r go | But lanfllbrdishi tQwiiioi be ifAioIi hi d
wi.l eoutinUtj to sxisi lu some sh ipe,    I It
l iin thu rel iet tut i' i: 'ene  authorities,
fa 1 rtf Miukat bus hlocke ' tho rou*e   between B riwr an I Suakimj the p Dbable loss
I  oi Tokai bar- the carav.tn true a from  Khar-
: toum t. Trinkitn . the other *hnrt cut, ihs',
j namely, from*Shi*ndy to Ambijkol,  lies on
Ihe 'vr<-t i•:>ti'■; of the NTs, ah l 'is ei ose I  I ■
ittockfrom ifie foVces-'dfW Mshili, who i-
said to tie m«vtbg lowerd fltingdla,   There
Indus' no" line of retted from Khartoum
(J*  ihe  public  of Cfew  VVt-atmJnster md
Dietrict, that they have  b mmen   d  nitsi-
■ ne«s as
Real Estate Bi'okBi's-iAgeiits
JlgjiufacturerJ aud Deaiers in
all kinds ol
Rough 8( Dressed
Orders from the (joantry
Promptly Filled,
of quantity and cost of material foi
building   carefully   jir^cared
free oiehjrgei
Grain-Edged Flooring.
A. KFNNIE   -        -   Agent'
ACCOl NTAN'r   ,   K o.
Anif are now prmred t*> receive Instruct-
i nn ui their severex-brancbes
spei dthrift,
tiiets by knavery, mil I possible nut 6o foJllw the long audm st cr-
cnltnun «Iu dugs 61 the rl er, from the
[itnctj n of ih* Blue wKu the Vl-lts Nil., io
the Bsypl sn hrontlHrst    July Rulfs.
What 11en. Gdfilnii mi.fl t hsVs srcom*
plUhed Irv hi pp sousl i-'flm-n "'• t*i\ months
.i-.. i-o i.- filing; what hi an do now, after
the leetmctfnn of ths -i■ m\' uird-t llick-
h'ns been follows I by the far more d sgrscs*
tu vou c| ii.'i'cr'rt sildio-y and the ii'an-
ud   i rospcrou"*-, I ui   soil] ■ (»•   donim-n   of the ffsritsiih "' >ii:*c.*t to *d;u>gri
in in n be -i i • i
J -»ayi, he tin-   lu-.s sr - f th
The id ft of perfect eiju&lity  i- a   ilelus >n,
■ 11<i t.ii'-i   wHo Aie 'in  of fuwkii'tr .'tu   • quid,
I'.ir ilitt i but ion   i wealth si   mere    tr 11
l.if wealth no a in Un* hiinels of otiiuilia a
li-pr.'-ei.'.n a p <.. i - fculij. i  nt tn rli u In   tlunt
to tule until th<   ,■! iv    I  Juilani nt.     'I h y
Uj li .iiv, \yn 1> iy u|ini  B Ubd i Ut| i")    Iniil   thv
ins -cuu-i.trd io b.U'u tha other half.
hsonnes.    Hu* th- Mnk st this las'
laud l:
ths erofti rs
li ih reutsi :iud nr -iif-iu.itciitt.'I,   'J lorenl
iiiu>t. f»f mdu.v.<\, and tM»! orofitirs  will  get|n
just.se « ithout thu idd of dynamite.
mors than*.?\om> Rgyvfiau irooj», together
■ with '*. nitndi krtrei h 'i*d nf non-o imbat mts, is
.i nr hlem shut even he i« \tk**\y to HiW  in-
All over j|hfl greet romtbl'O rjd*hanih*»i|so.nblo  with.-nt prninpt and powetfill ns-
teutints-at will con plain of Iter Is'jnite »n flier.    Puqne*^tfonably, Oun.
<; ft .Tin did -.'•(•nt th in:- fn Cnin.i with
tea.    Bu' th> tusk :t
dm of liriinriifj in «afety but of the lS**iids
All Business pls.ced in their .
: iiandU will receive Prompt
Office:  Front Street,
U1T. C. P. N. CO.\S.WHARF.
mu de
I'okt Moaj>v.-pThc; bagprnt'fs to buy h-js [noi
fc-jjuvrtrs to he on the int'ieai-c, but it is pi in -
ci pally on the part of those who lnvu h tln-r
t" decried Port Mo,pd\, and thoy aie now
met by very high pi*ices. Ss.eral parcels
have changiKl h.-iiids "jthin the last few d.iys
at very good prices. The rags for Improves
uienta i- uuabn'cd, and ebn.i^es for the Letter are a parent in eviry ^jfevtion. There
are a few unemployed men uho would liki^to
e ytuke s ray jol s nt lop prcea. Tin y are generally engaged in shepherding land for out
shier*. They have managed to secures useful sort of leader, who haa little else io do,
ii\tlic.shy)e of Mr. T. S. McGillivray,—th-j
ropresenlative of the Kobson family. He
"lifc'le aclie-ne, etaetly stlfted to his
to rule. ITie history
i T* x. i is he nios' terrible
epoi, hesitletis ;.t.u.ity th;;t ever came nailer our ii'iK-f The vi-iliint s there are
ill vils in human shape, thiy lau^Ii uud joke
and revel » i h tin it■ \r ctlms in t^bains Ai*
t«r aekihg a wretch in fe t' rs t - drink, t ej
tell lui.i that it is lua Iss^Muhtrail uud hung
The United States and Germany look N
•inuri y ■ t -a h other. The Liunu:. Iju.-rn
men pis>cd a 1 iW, that' exeiiui d Am. rtOaj
pork troin I ;■ rni.ni market?, and lie A me- i
can hog-feijde^i ure. mad A Ur Lov-ksi*.
who was popular iu V\*Ssh4ngtont*4Ve
f lynch-1 •M»tance hi the shspa of British
o rd of   Indiiin ItuOpS.—^eS9    York  Sun.
Uecentiv a cowded public meeting was
hvld n tho Town Hall, Ul.dhnin, in su; port
of the Manchi-sUr tilnn (anal. Mr. Jsc h
Bright, M.l\, in supporting a ru-olution.
said thut no .-aty.ied were the prom t. rs
with the ach me that if tlm cost ware 20 p''r
cent, above the estimati^they would not l>e
dchried from nroneu^ing it. Their o 'p -
nent-* h'd Li.ndi;,illy ilhuppeared, and there
was a wider an-,1 deep r .•■ nv-tion in fav r
of th   Ciiind; bcaisles the force of u«'inn-;ti ion
aie t>
bus a nit
followers.   Jit* is t
of the cite, and-he  aud  hi*  ohuni
fSrm tbe.firaibouticil.    They are t -  impo-e
taxes anil do Boise great slashing,' fnr  s Iiu-h
hijjfh prices w ill be paid.    Tnis *■■ onld be nice
. . . .      .        '-    *-      - - ■ 1 . . , i        a.1. _.      £.._* - t    . -      .        a. _
A fooli-h svBt'-m of admission to the public schods eviats in Boston. Those who
desire to have iheir chifdren entered as free
pupi's are obliged to miike an licatioa in
person to the eoiiimissiouerxepresentiii.;  the
ward in which the schonl is located. To . fur t, e b -ya. but t,*lie frogs ohjeot to i
aarertain whetli€r,rhe is justified, iu issuing a : Guardian.
permit, the officlaT'iupst ask the apidkant a
rather searching series of questions iu ref r
ence to his or her pecuniary c nditiui, nnd
Hometinics womf'ii of tender i-ensibdjti.-s
have beeu fon-ed to tars while confoasuig
the necessity contpelHug them tj ask free
edueation for their little ones.
, - , ., w-as such lhat an.  uud.itaking of  the  kiud
and U nirr $s pa -s- d re^dntioiibui vr nuh t.m ..-■*■ *> " "**
^•*i    . • i.. i   i was a nuees lty.
v-rtues ut tin* It nn in  doctor nern recoul- d *
iu   flowing col rs.     'llie  resolutions   were]     Two resi'Cet.-tbly-dresscd  women,   named
forwarded t" the AmericAn Min sker at Ber* j E> eret*. and d'dihson, were r*nanpd on re-
liu. fui-.^reist-htHtion t *  the  UermsiS   I'arlii-j m&nd at Southampton recently with ii'isl.p-
ment,   nut the iron Chsuoellur, the jllus i pmifhalfa hundr d« eight "f tobaec"o*J>rom
B f-'i; ji-.-f. Ic. ss id thai  (.asttef uSs no- f one of the Sotrtn •western Compiny*s **t»'am
obtain ihe tncorporati 'n'(,''','
.( ''   _.,_  4... | body.   -,li|u l run- *-ftunni! hie  *.-> o.utioiu
I to Wii'd-ii. !"<>n, and tdiiti'd tJi-t tho  A'n.'ii
can**ltii-t>U u.-thing of tin;  priihi-df^s ot p-
itenesa.    Am t can newspaper edit rs ap
A pnst-niorlein rximiuatiju wilt be nude
of Cerywayos body,—it having been rumored that he was poisoned.
The City Couiuil of Portland, Oregon,
have peiitioned Cotii;tv«3 not to d-cUre the
land grant of the Northern Pacific forfited.
m   u ,,    . , , .,       I     The massacre of Chri-tiana  in Tonquin,
JiKA^1,3,■, M0f Lanr°*',,.e b" cpntnbat-; occurred in Phanhoa, ljotween Hue and   the
ed 5500 to t ie Montreal public chanties.
The subscriptions to the now French loan
are four time as large aa the loan
The Rev. W. G. Lane of Halifax was fined
-00 for marrying a couple without license.
lower brauch uf the Delta.
The P. pe has summoned the French Bishops to Rome, to confer with them upon measures to arouse the Catholic spiiit in France
and 'counteract tiiemiti-rcliginus propagmtda.
li- concealing it in the pokets of their
pet i •» >. . and we^i-e Hned t'IS IsOd , or in
d- fault on* red to he imprisoned \^r three
m ntlrs each.
turning gray and gr.-il -altv
pear to t|}ink thct a war W th Germany i.
freiflble, hutsfUra&ood-.^  Of   tall   tulk       Jdyn!rha.r
thy ad.uit that Ann r:ca baa no war sqips,   f Lthna > ut ■*   1
amftln.tonei.on-c'.ad^Olid d.stltoy' ojery   ^ w?t fr i a ••rf-iual  cohT,  aui   st.muhtte
Anseiicji-iciiyon the  sea   beatd.     Am    e-| thefnllicles to , roduce a new aud luxnri.n:
B.a-,.ni :k may, outmue to saul. die(\ anke-* • growtll.    It also cleai.sea  the  sculp,  eiadi
Mid tmltictnthev ate rude, and thu  result    utes damin;ff( and IS a llltlrt ag.-eeable  and
« ill bt nothing mor-j than a strn. hi a -tea-   ]mrill]es, dreasinff.
j •'Viceroy' A\n **Pri.vost'* Whiskey.—
Ao a woman named King was proeeDdiug The purest and best Irish and Scotch Whis-
totue Coutt House it .Maid tone io pro o ; keys iunortod. The only whiske\s liottied
cute a man nam- d King at the Kent Assizes Under tru* superintendence of Her Majesty's
recently, on a charge Ot fel.mi msly a*ouml', Cus'oma and guaranteed genuine according
ingbt-r, she fall dead in the street. The I tu Act of Parliament, i3S and 3D Vic. cap.
man's trial has been postponed until tbe nest 63.) K. Brown- # Co., Importers, New
:t*=i»izp . pending tV   inquV>f vVesti&instet
Vfll,Tjallp   Town   Lots   at
Ptrt   Moody.
Office: Front St; eet,
:b. o.
With the N. W. & P
M. Telephone -C6.
Lots offered in everv
portion of the town-
site; also a few de-
sjruble .^states in1
the immediate vicit
ity of Port Moody;
:      r
Mills Co.
Take this opportunity of thanking their
numerous patrons for
past favors, and respectfully ask a continuance of the same
in future. Having on
band a large stock of
Rough and Dressed
of various kinds antl
grades, they are prepared to give
Jtfgaioj lo! ki\]\
for the balance of the
They have also to
announce that they
have opened a branch
of their business at
and will keep a full
supply of
Sawn # Split
and all the necessary
furnishings for buildings at the Terminus.
Parties who intend
building there can
count on obtaining
all the requisites for
tbat purpose on the
The Nanaimo
is now in operation
under the superintendence of MR. A.
HASLAM, and will
keep a full supply of
John Hendry,
( I.MJll.
j    Os W.slnoilai' iall.-rii.aiil, tin- llriti*Ii
.in.I   Ufi.-.ttl ItttBSM   \.il Irf-lll HI   a S*t.|M-
BWff .*-.'  I. ijI -JI..-.I II.IIH   Ijl'-T-
IMSil i.ir llu- >'U:h ■avfi.t  ousts; of Africa.
(laaCftfatfttg (lit- ril.T CatUtB*. AtMaltttttl
I lie |tttBesjtSSM .i-le {'ai* AlllBaJftsttl J"'-l
i nevi-r^l .at li.-rv slut htv ^>)in\s 'itit !-. rli«-
CaaMstatW bstntif f«f til. UaaltfUVU llrli-r-
• lii-tlousl OsMtiy, ut ulllctl Mr. 11.11.
M.url.-y in tlie chief a^t-i.i on the cosst.
Ur» Senegal is Ami (siting a small
slt'iarner iuiit-1 llie Le Stanley, which is
ijei-ti ileal for se. i'iitMitK*er the explirer.
I 1 lie liitie emit is liuill in Sfclious, uilie
1 iu number. Mini escli capahle of dunlin.:
] withiitit the si.t of the other. '1 he reu-
jsou ot i s sectional cori.-triicti'iii, h.,i»-
|evcr, i. thst uhi-iieverolii>Uclessie met
nitli—such, for instance, ss cuUracts—
the craf' cmi he taken topieci-e and car-
ritvl overland until the ooslai-les are
pan erl. For the purpose of transport -
mix these sectionB, aeveial large wheels
an- btiogMtit out 'Jl.i. *luilsvary in
sise Horn lour to seven feet, and have
also broad tins toi-nulile them to tra-
rt-. DftW niiilsliv or srrft unilltl.l (allium!
sinking. Ihe Le Stanley is over 70 feel
lung uud II feet uml some inches hroad,
ami ou!y draws some lea Inches of «a-
U-r. 'Ihe seiriioiis, which an- really
ropU-sK iioiitoinis, are put tiiBTi-lhi-r hy
ktrgi* Isofl t-r-rews. As an indication Ot
the iiitriiacy of llie work, It may he
ineni hilled that there are iu coiiiieetiou
with the sleainer 02U pieces. She is a
"stern wheeler," that is with paddle
wheels at the extreme alter pail. Sue
will be put tojritlk r at '.he mouth of the
Con »o, and will steam up to Stanley
I'ool, 3'JU miles up Ihe river. She will
then lie dissected and taken to her station, between Stanley Pool and Stanley
Fulls. I Iris is a distance nfsoiiie l.'xio
miles, nnd she Ih likely to slay there loi
[ some time, 111 order to keep open com-
uiuiiicatiou between the Tool and .Mr.
Stanley at the Kails. It is slalerl that
this vast region is for the mist part in
ihe hands of the itaVe-holdillg Arabs,
and when once llie principles' of the lii-
te.rimtii.nai Association are firmly established In the district the death-blow
will be given to the nefarious tradio.
This, it is expected, will be uvc'iin-
plished when Mr. Mauley safe y and
securely establishes his station al. Stanley Kails. I'apt. Anderson is lii'iiscll an
I'xperieiiced   explorer   in   the district,
having been on the Congo with Stanley
for over three years     He only returned
to England last mouth. Captain Anderson, who is u Swede by birth, has
been iver 1500 miles up the Congo with
M '. Stanley. On some occasions the
native lioaiilily rendeled it necessary
for them to reBiirt to arms lur Iheir own
protection, and in one of these encounters Captain Anderson was slightly
wounded. From the latest advices*
however, the natives appear (o lie more
friend)V| and he has great faith iu llie
ability of Mr. Stanley to accomplish his
The African Steamship Company's
royal nisi I steamer tiunguelu. Captain
Charles Brown, arrived iu the Mersey
recently, with mails and passengers,
from S uth-west Africa.     Amongst llie
passenger*by the Uengiieu. were Mr.
E Del mar Morgan und Dr. Leslie, who
oainc li'oin the Congo, Hul li these gentlemen went out aliotit. the middle of
last year will) SirKrederiei; GoUlsehoild.
the latter of whom, unfortunately, had
to return to England rather suddenly.
through betfig attacked wiih the fever.
'1 he party went out under the auspices
of thu Belgian International Association,
of which Mr. H. M. Stanley is Ihe head
representative rin tho coast. Dr. Leslie
and Mr. Morgan embarked on board
the Beuguela on the 17th December, up
to which time no advice trad been received from Mr. Stanley, for several
months, 'Ihe explorer was, however,
at Stanley Fulls, which are some 1830
miles up the river Mr. Morgan and
I)i-. Leslie did not go further than Stall-
ley I'ool, which is about 350 miles from
the iiinuih of the Congo. A number of
II'.ussn (roups had been Sent lip to Blun-
ley, whilst others bud accompanied
him iluriiu' his journey. Thtse troops
are being recruited on the West Coast
by Capliiin Lonsdale, anil are not, us
has been stated, for the purposeoffigtlt-
itlg De Brazia, hut to Strengthen Stan-
lev's bunds ill case of attack by the
tribes in the region be is now penetrating, ll. is staled that in this district
slavery i. very hugely carried on, and
the Arabs may por-.-ibly interfere with
Mr. Stanley, as one of the objects of his
society is the suppression of the slave
trade. Captain Lonsdale was experiencing some dillicnltv iu obtaining
ti< ussas, as owing to some disturbance
with neighbouring tribes they had, it is
believed, gone out to fight them. Ths
members of Mauley's stuff were said to
be pretty well. Mr. Phillips, one ol
CapL Elliot's party, died of apoplexy,
De BriiZ7.il was reported to be fur up tlie
Congo al latent accounts.
Scotland only returns nine Tory members of Parliament, and uot long ago
sho returned none.
Ten years ago iron rails were manufactured by all rail makers, and steel
rails liy co npurativdy few; the latter
now form 115 per cunt, of the total output.
Mr. Gladstone seems to bear no political grudges. He gives one seneder
from his Government the viceroyalty
gf C'O .ada. and the other, the Duke of
Argyll, ton garter.
James M'Lenrv, who for ten years
past had Mguritl as a champion riinner,
riled in the Glasgow Inliniiuiy recently-
lie was tit one time champion runner of
Qreal Britain from one to ten miles, ami
for years coiilu not be beaten. He wus
a native of Alexandria, Dumbartonshire.
A report states thut from (JO to 70 per
cent, of the salmon at present spawning
in the Tweed are uffected with fungoid
disease, in two days U0 diseased fish
were taken mt on a short stretch ol Ihe
river and b nud. The disease haa
caused serious alarm on the Tweed.
Mrs. Martha Dickenson, a married
woman, living apart from her husband,
was found, in Bromgreave Cemetery,
Shellielrl, on Sunday, suffering from the
effects of poison, it is supposed that
she lay duwn ou her baby's grave to
rlie. It is expected that she will recover.
Mr. C. A. Hailey, at his gnrden in
Fearnley street, Watford, not ouiy has
strawberrii in bloom, but the fruit is
well forming. Bipe gooseber ries have
been plucked in Watford during tbe
month ofFubruary. In several gardens
ai Harrow and the neighbourhood, the
following flowers aie blooming:—
Monthly rose, polyanthus, violets, primrose, snowdrop, daisy, wallflower uud
vulerian, and the yellow jessamine.
Seven men have been arrested ut Leicester by the police and lodgeil ill prison for refusing to carry out the Compulsory Vaccination Acts. The defendants were fined, but, owing to the de
pression in trada, they had not sufficient furniture in their houses to defray
the fines and costs. A large number of
seizures of goods have been male under
Ihe s'tme arts.  ■
fst   BBsflsBB, of   Turkey   lia.   ju.t   M.adtf
(ircav-ut t-ti«: K'.ip'i Toi Auatr.a ol   a   pal
.lue.1 St {OUJVSJ.    The title  ia s..u«;
. -»list mii sit. rrtry ia.-, as it   trass salt aid
(flBSBI the IV-lii lo whom il bsiotattsi
Caleb St-a-kne'! •<( leftists, Out., was es
cm riiuriy ttsrp issu that etsasi tt 'iin.-ig alo-u
Al... -wars'a r 11 pustniilil him witli iskusssbs
.ail ttroatSatJ-fct I-a fall III*.       .SirliMijueiltly
albMassbS'! what he'd  get. tat „-n wully
] .aid, "Ouiy tao • ..ah pair." The httle ufttt,
sxr thriviij.'.
One of the Rv.luihilJ ladies went lately to
Muutuiartre to reii'-vc ut person auiue oi the
ragpickers who   aere deprived of their livc-
j lihood  hy   Mr.  Poubelle's decree, onleriua
I the rubbidi from  buuse.  to he transferred
, directly to the du.linen hy the attrtsfs. The
j diatrasas war great, slid uianv  faiiulies were
being evicted.    The  large  uuillber of   cllil
ureu about elicrUid tbe frir.t thst, wiih   the
singular kindness shown by the pour to one
siiotlii-r, they were iu ra.ny arses the adopted orphans ot ragpicker, deceased.
Shortly after the marriage of Kino Victor
Kuuuliiel, he met a ]ieasaut girl ii]-,n the
B|tMof rlic foval pala.-e atTiir'n. Sl-e s'aii
li nu- as a Ita.k'-rof eijgs fur the rnys] liteli-
eii, sud UfstMlst the liing wine a plain luliit-
iilg dress ami Was aluie-, ahe t aik lien for a
i-erVKiit. "Do laiint nut the the King I"
llie," hhe le gjerl : "I ahoul.l so like to are
him.'' *I inn the K-ng," he sairl *'Kli !
bah !" said the girl, laughing into hi. face.
"The I'riiiceria would nut Imve sb'SMi sucli
an ugly man." The King laugh rl ton, ,-nel
then aecomprinii'd the girl to the kit.-hen,
where he bade tire hervfllits «tt>st to his
identity, li • their gave the girl a'iO-fi-rinc
piece, and left her liewihlered nnd surprised.
1-an 1 Cairns, who is nut hv any menus rich,
snd owe. in- st of the wealth he possesses lo
Hie gin nf his brother In-law, liohc-t Me.
Caliicnt, re. ently deceased, can ill afford
the $11X1,01X1 which he will certainly, by settlement ui hy verrlict, be eoiupelle'l to nay
for hia son's inilefensiiile core I net to Miss
Fort'-scue. When poor and struggling himself iu early rife, he was jilted hy a wealthy
girl to v.-lu.m ho was engaged, and felt it
bitterly. He is very unpopular in Iris native
BiifiiSt, to w I ose adoption ns a Parliamentary pet when young ho chiefly owed his
i|iiii-k advancement. Since obtaining the
full measure id his ambition he hns never
visited the foundation uf his fortunes, but
resile, wholly st Bournemouth and iu Scotland.
Earl Qrosveaor, the eldest son of the Duke
uf Westminster, who haa just died, was
chielly rem nkahle fir his great, and, for his
age, iiiitueiise size ; his habit, which probably occasi in d this size, of staying in bed
until o in the afternoon, and his passion for
engine driving. He hod been subject from
iriiennd-tweiity years and upward to epileptic attacks, I'Ut when on the engine "Wild
Irishman" wi s always accompanied by the
usual driver ,-nd striker, so that the public
suffered ne i i k. His young widow is ono
of the heaiiti id daughters of Lord Searbn-
rougk, and lliclr little boy. Lord Beborave,
who is ilcslitiid to Inherit the vast estates, is
a fin. littlo fellow, called m thn family
"licnd-Or," r.ftcr his grand father's Derby
.NtiHiTi.t«lE.LGIN   HOUSE,
it        PI » ;fo:r,t moody,
Head of No Ih Itoit', Tort Jlootl).
trien<ii* that de has recently taken the
above houst*, where he i* prepared tu do
everything p'jtsible f<<r the accominodation
of gueets.
THK TABLE ii always «ure to be sup.
plied with all tin* delicacies of the seiifou ;
the 15EDS are uf the most rnnifurtaMf, »U<1
there i* ample aud comfortable ^TABLING
on tint preinite«i.
UT 111 >A 1 S ulwayi obtainable on the bar
u t in Jr .nt i.i ti.* i-rt-iiii:-t», by applying at
the house.
Arlington   Hotel
New Westminster,   -   B. C
b at   comlueted   Hotel, in   the  City
The Table is supiilied   with  the  bet the
Market affords.   The Beat Qualities of
Supplied at the Bar.
Jan. 8, 188.1. Sole Proprietor.
Port Moody
Moody Sliiuide Mill,  where the  best
of Shingles can be had at the lowest prices,
wholesale or reta 1.
A supply kept constantly on hand.
I; nt of T-leplinne per moiitti, including erectinn n{ wirc« J5.00
Vox every tneMftgfl for every person not
being a iiioiitbly tenant, nnd nut ex*
ceeding twenty-live words 25
Kvery iiilditi"inil ten woriln	
All ileliverien v, it hm a half mile ru<liua
ofoHice \X,
Beyond the abovedi*t.iiice. per mile..      ,*lb
0M DO* .on.iK.ed t!c BAB AM' BJLUA1 1»  Rl <»V,—tl.e lutt.i the   Hainlsomt,,
H-oni iu the i'rovuice, furi.ittbwl hiUi the I 1M.  i  CAltOM and  PUCKET TABLKn
The lliir Hill be provided v»ilh Ihe list cf Mines, Ijqoois and ("\g.i\
When  coinpletcj,   wbieh will be  in the count, of a few dayi, will oif.-r to tbe pul !i-
aecouimodiitious wbich tliey cannot find excelled clue-where in Britutb Columbia.
WILLIAM INSI.EV. .... I'roprlelor
Rocky Point Hotel,
The old Abbey nf BuckfaHt, which was
founded by tbe Benedictine* in the old Sax-
Oil d.'iys but in the time uf King .'.mute
nd pt-d the ( iuteri-i-in reform, ll about to bu
roatortd. At the disaolutirni of inooMtarlea
the lonfs were stripneil of tlieir lead, and for
two oeutttriej the iiuildiu^a aouui to have
been utm i M a quarry for the neighborhood,
the "Abbott'*- Tower" alone being sp.rei..
Xow a community of Benedictines, driven
from Ftauup, havo arrived in prcci-cly thu
same giwb in which their brethren weredriv-
en away by bluff King Hal. They havo resolved to rrntoie the edifice, have unenrthed
the f.iiindiitioiis of the old church, 2.>0 by u.)
fcor. wide, and, after restoring the Abbott's
Tower, will rebuild on the old lines.
What ia aaid to bo the truth is now told
about the to.Hi re of tlie pugilists Mitchell
and Sbvla to Pglit in New Mexico last full.
When Mt tone. I was training in Colorado he
heard that Slade, liacked by .Sullivan, was
to tfikt.- a gang of eighty or ninety New York
roughs to see that the fight win in hia favor. Theyw'iieto break down the ropes
and force the leferoe to decide in favor of
their man if .Mitchell showed any signs of
winning. Tl'iy could easily have act-om*
plished this in Missouri nr Kan-ms, as they
were acijuamt d with the authorities there.
Mitt-hell anw hat lie hadn't a gln-st of a
chance under those conditions, and insisted
that the fight tshould take pi.ice either in
Colorado or New Mexico. lie had friends
there who lu d won money on several
matches, ail handy with the pistol. These
men volunteered their assistance. The Slade
party got news of the phin and rinsed objections. M fcuhell insisted, and, after much
talk, the fight was abandoned.
The Paris correspondent of the London
Times writes :—"1 saw to-day (Jan. !23rd|at
Munkaezy's studio, the new picture which
the great, mod in master is now finishing.
The subject of it is 'Christ ou Calvary.' This
solemn and touching picture, which will be
exhibi ed hen at Easter in a rocm constructed specially for it, will certainly produce as
great an impn ssion in the artistic world as
hi-* 'Chri-st bef* re Pilate.' The painter depicts the scene where the .Saviour has just
expir d. The ky is black with clouds and
streaked with lightning, and beyond the
horizon at .leru alem the veil of the Temple
is seen rent in wain. Jesus Christ, pale in
death, and inclining forward, has given up
tho ghost. The centurion has dropped iu
terror beside t! o cross. Mary, the mother,
on nerknesj, is bathing in tears tmr son's
fu»».t. Mary Magdalen, her golden huir
hanging lo >se.y over her shoulders, her face
in her h-inds, i- also on her k.ieee before the
cross. John, overwhelmed wiih grief, is on
the other side, - nd a Jewish woman looks
on, a aad upect. tor of the crucifixion."
The death ia announced from Florence of
Ciambattis'n Ciuli&ui, one of the great
Dante scholars of Italy-or Uantiste, as the
Dante scholars ore to call themselves.   The
late King of Sax<>uy, iiimselt a Uantiste,
who wrote on the great Fh-ietitine and
tran-dated his Works into l.cnnan under a
pseudonym, loved the incognito, and often
travelled thus with the Queen. Once when
on b -ard a Rhine steamer, they overheard a
knot of civitliaus discussing some literary
theme. Tlie King joined the circle and en-
t'-red into the debate, di pluying rich and
varied literary knowledge. After aome time
he went away, and during his absence mie
of the party addressed the Queen with a
query as to who her husband was, for surely
he inu>.t be a man of literary note, "C'eat
into mari," said the Queen, replying in the
language in which the whole conversation
had beeu earned on, "et inon mari est le
premier Dantist d'Allemagne." There was
almost a scandal among the little circle at
the thought that they should have talked bo
long ami familiarly with a dentist, for of
tbe paity were some petty Herman nobles,
who are snobs of the lirst water. The
Queen noticed this change of front with
some amusement, and when the King rejoined her she whispered s tn-t hiim into his
ear, at which he nodded and spoke no more.
Soon after tho steamer stopped at a little
station. Three nr four personages in full
gala costume stepped on board, went up to
their Majesties, bowed humbly, and craved
that they would halt to see the celebrities
of their town. Renewed surprise a'lvng the .
circle of disputants, tine of Them, a French- j
man, approached one of the dignitaries who j
had spoken to the snpp -sed dentist and;
asked, pointing to the King, ' Mnis, e'est
vraiment le premier deiitiste d'AUenv gne I"
''Oiii, monsieur."    "Ft le nom ?"    "CYifc le t
K6i dt* NiaXf !"
TheN. \V. Jt P. M. Telephone Co. are
prepared to erect private lines iu Xew Westminster aud Port Moody, or between these
[daces, and to connect the same with the
Central Telephone Office, if desired.
Parties wishing Telephones should apply
to the undersigned.
Dec. 7, 1888. See'y-Trfiiie.
Pko visions,
Dry   G-oocls
•SriSai &o.
Of First-Class Quality,
Moderate   Hates-
Corner of Front   and  Hegbie Streets,
San   Francisco
Boots & Shoes
(Frum an infant's Shoe up to a Man's B
Repairing Neatly Executed.
HIkIicsl Market rrlre paid for
11 NIKS.
Under  the   new Oddfellow*'  Hall.
Forwarded to all parts of the Dominion by
Mail. Safe arrivalduartnteed. Postage prepaio.
We will SRndFDCCthennestillustrated
on applicationr M t tCataloRiie in Canada
It contains a complete list of everything in
Seeds, Mixed Grasses, Clover, Timothy. Etc.
pon't fail to send your name and post office
address for copy before ordering your supply,
Stud Herchsjrts, TORONTO, 0N1»
£sT For artistic monumental work apply to
ficorge Kmlgp, "Victoria Mnrblc Works,1
T>on.rl;n fln-'t,  VH.mkt. *
I   I'irst-clasB Style, anil is now tlie BEST HOTEL at tho Terminus.
Wiih every Delicacy of the Season.
Is    upplieil  with  the BKST WINKS, MQVOIiS anil CIGAH8 to be found in
thu Market.
The   Beds   are   Carefully   Attended   to
And Guests may depend on receiving every Convenience and Comfort.
Sincerbeau  & i^'urrav,     .     -     -     Proprietors.
Caledonia Hotel
R.  B.  KELLY,
I announcing thut the House is now completed with every convenience for the traveling public. THE TABLES are well supplied with
every article in season, and THE BAR is provided with a well-selected
Stock of
THE BEDS are well aired, aud THE STABLING is extensive
and the best of Feed always ready for Horses.
It may be well to remind visitors lhat this Hotel is within a few
minutes walk of tiie Railway Whurf and Station, and just at the
Terminus of tho New Road, now in course of construction.
GUESTS may depend on receiving every attention and a hearty
welcome from the undersigned, whose long experience is a guarantee
of everything being comfortable and satisfactory.
J. T. SCOTT, Manager.
General   Merchandise
Chas. McDonough
BkTexx's cfc Boy's  ^-uilts
And a great variety ot articles necessary lor a household.    He has also,
N. B.—Farm Produce bought at market rates or sold on commission.
JKirOrders from the interior promptly attended to. al'2
Direct Importation
 .;o: ..    ■•
BEGS to  inform   the  i-esidenis of  New  Westminster aud
vicinity, that he U   constantly  receiving from Europe
shipments of choice
Which he will supply
In qiiJintities to su" purchaser*
P. T. Johnston & Co.
(SuocessMr to Mitchell ,t Juliiistou)
Nurserymen & Florists
Gimningliai & Co., Chas, McDonouJh, and James Wise,
to- Pricrrl Catalogue of Nursery Stock, Seed   mv*   Groeuhosse   I'lsnlt,   sent   poft
fro* tin application.
New Fall Go idsII
The Cash Tailor!
Lvtton Square, Nkw-Westminster,
Has opened out his FALL STOCK, and is
now prepared to execute orders.
isrSsTTsvAr-Ttriv GrAKAVTfrn.'" tS
l)e»!lK MillX. & CO.,
Rough and Dressed
J. A. CAL3ECK, Agent


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