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Port Moody Gazette Jul 26, 1884

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Array II
> lead
l**»C»IlTIO.s BT ro*T,
Ul ««ia*uuoaUotia addrataed to
Lu JL, *V*£cCL-£E!lJZB.
Port Moody.
to the liiraaoiA.N Office, New Westmls-
Mr, will r*o*iv* prompt attention.
C D. Laaj, . K.» (aaf
Real   Ei*raW   Brokei*s.
INSL HA.N CK     AfiKNTS,    4c/
Coiumh.lt.,Opi«llr |,«0>tt .
*lw M'b*tmi*.t.b. B  C.
wlers' Insurance Co,
ipphcations for policies is thi* Company,
either Accident or Life Insurance, can
r B* nad from the nndenigued at Port
A. OtOUpLeli,
Intnrano*. I*sud, A Uencral Agent
lly rob-
, weal
, I'Ollll
• Hdola
il   fa.
"Ehtoy soLT*a*i: V"T ' "* Dl»»" (I am alone;
I go witt ''"''■)    ^IKthish Aaeiom
f   (Continued.)
^USTEIi-at-I.aw,   Notary Public,
BLiiiroBajid ArroEstv, Real Estate
Aaekt    and    Cokveyasoek,
«rr*.y StToat.    -   -   Port XCooi.y.
I every section of I'ort Moody. Alio,
urban Lutu, by. the Acre, immediately
it to the Port Moody aurveyedTown-
41 I,.,
1,0 ion
i ,1
I* no
and* for .ale on the North side of, and
ing water frontage on. Port Moody
rhur, finely situated and exceedingly
Im, farm Land* of superior quality and
favorable term*, in New Westminster
Jarefully prepared Maps and Plans exited, anrl tire fullest information furnish-
st Mr. Hamilton's office
:§•—Telephone Building
Clarke street,   •
m the
tu  ,!(»
i sup
■;.' nn
,, anil
e bai
ing at
Real Estate Agents,
iiiveyancers & Accountants.
if •
i i ,: r i
S. OfjABK**, "<■ II.
aiCA'tU   Hl&MkX
!). S. UURTIS & CO.,
Direct Iiijnrters und Dealers in
I   Grf AND
\munn, mm articles,
an!m and Lamp BoDda, AC,
CO-     idiA   STREET,
Wf UKSHMNSTKR.   -   -   B. C
f      \, it Do, r to the Colouial Hotel.)
taoilitir s for the Joliliing Trad,
an apiir,'iiti,fsl,i|,   Tin- room was larji*,,
Physicians and S*frt»»*onj/
OfflCI: Ccusrt... stmt Op*. C,t) Htatal.
it  lliere   it  nothing concerned   but alto spend a iiiglu
passing interest in the scene.    On this j in AmajHila.   Th
occasion I looked across the water with and   hi. tiser-in
".n-,1 in the   bout, ihe   tin-a|M-rtur,r for tl„-wmdow closed   l,y   A**'-*. MHJ" i. B.A., M.I)..'.'M., iM
■ ethat   iwoull   h*n   ft luravv shutter   with a Ur   serosa it ;    .      f"r""rl> "f V'w **»* V.Ay.Amie
A. M. Herring,
V        '.salk oV Retail
atiific Boarding House,
Clarke Street, Port Moody.
:0M«E ANNAND • • Proprietor.
r>\r   >,l;TIK.-   V18ITINO   POUT MOODY
will find ivery convenience and com-
al.ovf Hotel.    Meals at all hours.
Urgea moderate. d!53m
MritT • / SnutET, Port Moody.
■-—■ i —   -
:. HE8LOP, - - Proprietor
nplete stock of
•mt'iigf ami Patent Medicines
, oarefutly dispeated.
rp*l    ,
MILTON having terrain-
iiujMtion with thi* paper,
izeistto coltect acoounts or
eso pertaining to the I'okt
March 15th, 1884,
Mr. Z. replied, "You are a sensible
woman, and I am veiy much obliged to
you for 7°*>r company. With I wat
going with you; but ctn't—can't see my
ay." So saying he plunged into bis
cabio, and I was left in the warlike attitude of holding a revolver.
chapter iv.
N- .wonoer il« asanir 11„ woo Bacr
bundled himself towards the end of the
deck whereon 1 was standing, looking,
I have no doubt, ruefully upon this acquisition, should exclaim ashe atw me—
"Vou have got a revolver theie, ttranger
and you are In a jolly fix, ain't yim
now, how to fire it off?" •
That was just my difficulty, so I replied meekly, "Can you tell mc if it is
"Why, don't you know?'' replied the
youth, with great contempt.
"Mr. Ti. has just given it to me, and
I forgot to ask him if it was loaded or
not. Do you know anything about revolvers'"
"Should rather think I did," was the
response. "Let us have a try." As he
spoke he took the weapon out of my
hand, and soon solved the doubt, a. be
discharged a ringing shot over the ship's
The report brought two or three of
the stewards to where we stood, wanting
to know what the noiae was about.
"Did ye think I had killed yer graiid-
motherl" answered the youth very
rudely. Then as he saw the purser
coining along, he changed his tone, and
commenced to i-xplsin tba situation,
asservating very strongly lhat the revolver would be in far better hands if
the lady would give it to him.
As no one made any reply to this,
Master C. addressed himself directly to
me. "It is a jolly good revolve,," he
said, "and no use to a woman. Come
now, I'll give you five dollars for it,
lhat s a fair deal!"
"I have told you thnt Mr. /. has
made m? a preset-.; of this levoleer,--
|,rey rraiore it."
more t in unwilling to pari witli 'iiis,
hit ii,.'i:;inloui''s ],ro|iert_>, [he pnr»rr in-
uti'inM •    simplified    the
H« ,ii|i|" ! ihe hoy's hen . i i
Mm aBiile, snd held the revolver in his
own lirunl-., within a minute uf time;
and them a calm, deliberate manner he
showed me bow to manage tills niui-
lerous liltln instrument.
"You had better let your mozo carry
this for you," said this good-natured
gentleman. "I think I have a little
case somewhere which Ihis will fit into.
I will look at once, as earlv -o-inorrow
we reich La Liheiiad, and I shall be
busy,"    So ««ring, he withdrew.
'l'i,., day and the night passed, and
th.* early morning found tne fast asleep
when the poit of La Libertad was
reached and left. As soon as 1 made
my appearance on deck, one of the
stewards accosted me as he pointed to
the canvas bag which had come on board
with Mr. Z.
"The gentleman left hto ecmpHments
for you, madam," he said; "and 1 was
to give you these cocoa-nuts, Mr. Z.
thought you might like them. Mr. Z.
would like to have shaken hands with
you, but lie would not have voir called.
He toll me to say that he hoped you
would have a good journey, and to be
sure and get provisions wheiever you
can."  ,
This was the first and last I have seen
of Mr. Z., but I shall always have a
kindly temembrance of this sympathising eccentric fellow-tiavellsr.
La Union was to be our next port,
and in consequence the whole of the C.
family were in a state of high excitement, as this was their point ol d»bark-
ation. Great wat the sciubbing and
dressing; and as some ot theii old clotheH
were cast into the sea, I rescinded the
wish of my heart,'—viz., that the accordion would be assigned to the deep in
their company. Much as we all had
suffered from that instrument, and often
as we bail vowed vengeance againtt it,
I don't think any one even shivered as
the eldest C. girl performed "Home
sweet home" for the last time. It was
an "adieu" to us in a manner, and they
were going home to "father." The
children looked softened, too, as they
were put into fresh raiment; and
Master C. was so civil to me that I
made over the bag of cocoa nuts lo him
and his on the spot.
Amapala was the next port, so 1
made my arrangements, and we were
all in marching order when, some hours
later, we stood opposite La Union.
Like most places on this coast. La
Union appeared to be an assemblage
of red-tiled roofs, bnilt in groups, the
gaps being filled up by dwarf, green
sbruba, and.here and there by a tall
palm-tree; tbe shore low and sandy
snd looking as if quite ready to slip into
the sea on the smallest provocation.
This is a place of some magnitude,
however, and is more regularly bnilt
farther in the interior. A good deal
of ttadu is dons here, and La Union
holds the repntation of being an improv-
ling snd progressive lown.
more than ordinary curiosity, as the
anxiety displayed by the <'. family to
greet tha husband snd father h.d quite
enlisted my sympathies. Several boats
bad come to tbe ship's tide, conveying
merchandise and visitor"), but no Mr. C.
pot in an appearance.
The patience of the younger gitl wa*
becoming exhsusted, and the had just
fetched her breath for a scream, when a
sailor came on tbe poop, and presented
a letter to Mrs. C, the mother. This
wat to tell har that Mr. C. waa far away
up lb* country, but tbst he had deputed
line vTctrcfmsni ■ w meet her aucMier
children, and that apartments would be
ready for hei in La Union.
Tbe poor woman waa at once disappointed and relieved. Very soon a
large host was waiting at the ship's side.
A nice pleasant-looking man stepped on
board, and it wag announced that he
had come, ss requested, to fetch away
Mrs. 0.
Whilst the luggage was being put in
the boat, tbe consul -held a iittle chat
with me, and offered to take me over
with them to see La Union, and partake of the hospitality of hi. house.
There i-ould be a difficulty about my
return, and the time was very short, so
I was obliged to decline the favour. All
over the world the American men are
paiticuiarly kind to lone females, and I
scored this gentleman as orfe example
more on my list
After a short coufeience with the
captiin, the consul and his chaigestnok
their departure. Mrs. C 's blue feather
and the redoubtable accordion perched
on a mountain of baggage wus the last
we saw of this family. Now for Ami-
"I shall order a particularly good
dinner on your account, as you will
dine before you leave us," s,id Captain
C, laughing. "What do you like bescf
You know it will be long before you get
a decent meal again."
This hard fact had by this time been
pretty well impressed upon me; but \
am not onelo "suck sorrow through the
long tnbn," and so Ifeplied, "Do not
disctiurai'.' n long fernai'-, il you pJra*»;
other people h,ivr ias:e,i through rooafa
travelling, mid »l;_i should
'I he on 'i   H-n I heart, o r i
eouiiii/h'i "I the r ,ilv wording part r
llouiliiriis   railway—tnat   «tiich
from km Pedro  Sula tn Pueri   I
—as the most direct nn
■  i oouh*l i
We were seated at lhe tiroinise'l flood
dinner when the part of Aii,,|i,ik was
reached, "ilr. Ball), llie consul, will
come or board," somebody, »,i d, "Don't
hurry; lie will take lii.-i time, nnd hu will
Apparently the consul did take his
time, for we watted long befoie the
custom-house boat put off from the
slime. As it came nearer, we hav that
two persons occupied it—a little while
man, anil a very Uige black man.
"The consul is n it c ining thi- rime,"
said an officer; "heie's bin clerk „nd the
"Captain whol" I could not help repeating.
"Oh," laughed the purser, "thst black
fellow is called 'captain' on account of
his warlike performances. He has
fought, he says, in three of the revolutions in which this country delighted to
revel some yea's ago; and, according to
his own accounl, he was the means of
routing the enemy on more than one
"Do you believe this?"
"Not a   word.    The   captain   in an
awfui fellow to brag, but hn   can work
and ilni'.H work; 1 will sny that for him."
"What brings lum herei" 1 ask.
"He i> the   consul's   seivant.   and I
daresay has been sent to fetch   or carry
something   for   the   custom-house.    I
hope to goodness he has brought some
freeh n\h," continued the puiser. "Have
you your  tetter of   introduction to Mr.
Bab',?    As he is Bot here, you had better
send it to the clerk.    That genileman in
transactiitg some business with Captain
C. just now, but 1 will see about it."
Presently up cam* the cleik. He wns
a dapper littlo man ttith a large white
faca, which did cot impress me very
favourably as to the salubrity of Ams-
pala. 1 found, however, on conveisu.g
further, that he was ready to vouch
that Amapala was a perfect sanifarium.
"Fever I yah—no I" exclaimed he irvdrawl-
ed out English. ''People die! yes, some
ime ail must; but fever here—ah, no,
"Nor snakes neither," interposed the
chief engineer, with a wink at his
"Nor yet snakes—no, no; mountain
leopaMs, one  or two—never seen—all
■:        il„",a   mount.in-leopardi used
Mgers,''    persisted     the
"Why, that  mountain over
■till   calred   ihe Mountain of
Tigers -   .'      M"n:!:'ia de   los   Tigres.
You have it in both languages."
Tbe littl- clerk vould not admit the
tigers, and , new nothing about the
reason wl the mountain indicated
should' bear sueh in ominous name. I
wan now told thai iriy departure would
bo a mutter of five minutes only; aud I
euiployfrHbesein biddingfarewellto the
captain nnd officers ol .he good steamer
Clyde, (iod bless them all, wherever
Ihey may   be now,    They   were   very,
|>erlia|,i. l*o nights, red tih-a, iliauiiloun-d l>> dirt and gretaae,
consul i. a asachrU-r, ,„inpoMsd the floor, ami "tin, dust lay iu
»w is   uiifortttiiati-lv little hap* in MaTaa at il.e ridan trith*
I will   j<ive the noie ii„in uni'ien ones.     A l»id ,-ovi-nxl    l,v
n't   think tli* office a bull's hide  in plu.r,     „i   tt    j„uttr,hh,
aw.y un a ruff,
when we Kind; I   ,!
will bechisi-il," ss'd h*>.
When w. did hind, it was quite dark.
The black man took the luggage out of
the boat, wading with it to tlie shore,
for the Ixiat could not come quii> up
to tbe landing-plaw. This done, lie
seized me as if 1 had lairn a cat, without word or sign, and from his strong
arms I was deposited on the strand of
"Wait, wait a ''j*. ya ar," said this
luge   poi'i.r'      ■    ,,'i-k   him   MVMMMI
office £6 talV-jn eVnsul,   le|jTujn f,
youlfrougLt letter^foduittiiii,,
"Ves.     lj-.ojfl
wait long,
"Noj   consul r*$d"
liini ar-ders.'  -*»f
I suppose >hie OdKul (lirl read the
letter, for imttmsf came out, and,
poking in tli1*n{uik to find ine,   said—
"The consfcl £t iD write or send to
you ,'s.rly in the ITJOrning; the only
deceiit/*V<ii/a in Amapala is close lieie.
You had better leave your heavy
luggage in the office; I will take care of
it. Now, captain, take the lady's
port man ti-un."
My bunk t'ri/'iid shouldered the port-
iiiniileau, uiirl with- -"Ynu follow me
close; I all right—you trust me; 1 as
good as English,"—I threaded my way
through what in courtesy must be
called the streets of Aiuupalu, The
I'usada was not quite so near as 1 had
thought; iiml as soon as we had quite
quitted; the shore the black man said,
"You wa-unt to go into the country,
over the mountains?"
"Yes. 1 wish to get ofi'as quickly as
"Have you got a serva-ant? I know
good bi rva-ant, speak English wa-al; he
knows all over   the country—is strong
good cook, liut it will cost you
money, eh."
"VTill it?" I replied
saw at once what he
"I do  pit ir,r»T,d (rnii,
■   nn i,-'arid
''Wh!, i.1 will   vou ' "       nu ti
■    ' :   ..I"   'lie   CI ir
„      ,,   ,'
quickly,   for I
was driving at;
I   li'rvniid a cer-
-Ali. ■. as, ya u if        make il
«•• th    n mI" to r      ke "rg.    you
ud it wi I br
I res] ettal,!   ser t,'
,. ,• bad arrived attire posada l,y this
time. Only one door was open, und
within could be seen, by tbe light of n
solitary candle, ix long brown table on
which some glasses Btood.
A figure aame forth from behind
this harrier. He wns a nice-loolcing
lad, anl was, moreover, thut rara ai-is.
a very clean-looking lad.
"Oh. it's you,"   he said to the black,
"Ya-as. I bring this lady here,
Consul sent ine with her, 'cause I Bpeak
Knglisl so well. Great comfa-art,
have man about you that knows well
how to speak English'" continued this
conceited fellow, tinning to me,
"Will you arrange for ine to have
a decent room anil mhiic refreshment
presently?" said I. "Where is the wo
until of tlie house? 1 wish to speak to
"Oh no, I   arrange,"   continued tin
liluck man.     "Yon  see, I   speak   Eng
"But I suppose the hostess speaks
Spanish,' I replied, cutting him short
and in that language 1 asked the laci
to go and rind her.
lie did so mm ri tall pleasant looking
woman returned with him. She said
she could supply me with what. 1 required, nnd then the question of charges
came ui>doi discussion.
The "captain" here, intervened     and
meddled tn rjoh ■ ■'■    that the
la,|. evident*; '  bis had man
in ngue;   the
Seiioru ur;n."»U*;*s>'-;        '  v "11 tho lan-
;i hi right to pay."
I really dm not kucw, out I felt
grateful to the youth for endeavouring
to queneh this nuisance, and so answered that the consul knew that 1
would pay what was just. Then 1
gave this very disagreeable porter a
peseta (English, tenpence) for carrying
the. portmanteau, and very heartily
gave him goodnight.
Two men came in as the "captain'
welit out, and we were much amused
to hear him informing tliem of the
charge he was taking of the English
lidy—"Urand thing to speak English,"
I heard him sny in that language, as
ho finally took himself off.
The men naturally scanned me after
this remark, but respectfully and without showing any cariosity. Tin*)' ordered "vino blnnio'/' and salt themselves
down to smoke.
"Pray excuse our taking) you through
th" wineshop," said the landlady, "but
we have mislaid the key of the other
door. It will be found to-morrow.
See, Eduardo, take that box into the
room for the  lady."
A lantern was brought, and we
passed through the back of the bar,
and came out upon a wide verandah,
which was bordered by a rmn-row strip
of garden bounded by a high wall.
We entered the guest-chamber. Had
1 been qualifying for prison life, here
was an  opportunity   tor   commencing j
and a leathern 'pillow, were the correct
ilrllig here to bcrVir us a place oi "lest.
A wooden table was placed against the
wall, and a rocking-ciiair in fair condition, completed the furniture. Not a
vestige of toilet ui of any sort, nut a
drop of water, nor •'., t*.ve'
The lud deposition the floor, and a : il *|<fcrt-
iin nt was pervaded ! I
asked him to ,,]w-rt                      t       He
.UsuvJittsal.jjarHl l,«rk
landlady.      Not
reason of this I sni '
"There   are   ine
Ireland the shutter
I want uir.
So, no," answered the landladv :
"but at night, it was possible— very
nue once in a life'ime—a serpicnic
(snake) might crawl   through."
"Keep the shutter close then," I replied with energy, "I did not think
snakes came so mar the houses. How
The boy explained that about, a fortnight before a small serfienle had crawled one hot night through the lattice-
bars, and descended into 'his chamber.
"There was a large growth of thick
damp herbage under the wall on that
side, be said, "and it might tje that a
sliilki'S hole was then'.
"But why OU earth is it not cleared
or burnt out.' said I ; "it is very dan-
genius for every one to let the herbage
remain there.''
"Quien Babe?" he replied ; and then
the opposite door was pointed out to
me as being the one through which 1
could enter from the street. This was
a very strong door, but it was unlocked,
the key being missing, as I was told on
my arrival. There was a latch, by
which the occupant could open it when
the impediment enforced by the lock
should lie removed.
The   landlady   proposed   to fetch a
sheet   and   a pillow-slip, and then she I
added with an air of triumph,   "I shall
: ut i
\\ hai l
hav,  ' - ir -m    nt   arum   .si,
ill, nli ' lie was l.u.'ri    to wai',      in. ,
hii , ;,,•  had ;
i, cii'irt m -■ "\. arri ..,       i'v •  -v.-'- I
twopoua ' .■:
; Its " di
"No,   I •' mi
gli      ...ii sai I        -    man |
Senor-  he   would leave it for   me to
give    to    any     poor    devil    of     1
country who might De to stay her,
She laughed u* it' it was the finest
joke, ami never seemed tn .perceive the
sarcasm which -night be veiled in the
guise of this speech and present : I was
very glad to represent the "poordeTil."
She went out laughing heartily, and
the boy ami I uml the lantern were
left alone.
•'Can ynu get ine u little water?" I
asked bim, and a—here I could not
summon the Spanish for basin, sn 1 had
recourse to signs.
"Oh yes, , know—wash face : leave
it to ine, 1 will bring what   you    want.
I waited on ui American lad] once  in
travelling, and she liked much waU r,
und as he spoke he darted oft'with thc
lantern. I mt down on the bed, h ip-
ing that the tea would be brought
ijuieklv. and wondering what the bev
enure would lie like.
The landlady returned with a candle
stick in one band in whieh was set up
a large wax candle ; under her arm wns
bundled the promised 1,,,1-lineii,   which
rather to my surprise, wus   clean   and
Hue, the upper hem nf the sheet   being
bordered with wide luce. The pillow
slip was trimmed in like manner ; and
when the bed was made up und n scar
let coverlet thrown over all, the bed-
place really looked like a liright spot in
this desert, and I began to expect Other
1'inie Krouglit the tea, and very good
it proved. The English gentleman had
evidently taught the hostess how to
make use of his gift. The boy, too,
brought toilet-ware piece by piece m
spasins. and lastly a large earthen jar
full of water. He had fetched it from
a well close at hand, and it was delightfully pure and fresh.
The lad withdrew, and then returning to the door summoned the landlady.
A great whispering went on for some
iriiiutes : at length my hostess returned,
aiid said in rather ill a mysterious manner, "You ore going to Comayagua,
are you not?"
"I shall pass through that town," 1
answered ; but why do you ask?"
"Oh, the boy comes from that part,
and he does not want to remain in Amapala. Why not take him as your
wetol He is a good lad, and I would
like to get him a place."
"He is in your employ, is he not?" 1
"What you may call employ, yes ;
but there is nothing to do for a lad like
him. He sells wine for me, true ; but
I cannot pay him—trade very dull,
and verv few come to stay at thisposada.
The lad only lives by doing a little tailoring here and there.''
(To be continued.)
A.   UacSwal*   y h.il'n-v.) Life ntiSMf of
Itoyal College „f I'hy.iciani, London.
trtitfict or** imt s*nu sri/irt,-**!
Homer if son,
Mi*ALA* i< li?.
Everw *-.**' '-If* In the.    LiHf
Always in Stock.
-he Trade supplies.-
Front St    -    YALE  B. Or
Samuel  Corrriier
the end of the North Koad and the'
Caledonia Hotel, on arrival of stage coached
from New WeBtniinater.
Utturns in the afternoon, punctually, in
time for the otage coach1^ to New West-"
teT Freight cariTMly attended to. Rv«y
attentitrrt given to Hpecial (.oniniiwiont.
Clarke St., .Ve*r Doi-olam,
PORT   MOODY.   £.• Ci
Mrs. Williams
spacious premises' with a large ami
wcll-asSn'tted stock flf
Dry Goods and Millinery
oiir/c: b l SB,
Panct GtodtJs,Slc
1 On n r.     - •I'MK**' or
Everything New arid
An I spection Solicited *n'di
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Term 5, Strictly Cash.
Port Moody
Four-Horse Stage!
I-, tin ,i New \Yi>8tminstcJ and Port MooHy ■
leaving Nan Westminster ever, morning'.
returning, will leavi Port Mmnly tKnrMerl
II anil 4 ]i. in. Thes" stages eo over t*!e new
road to Port Mootry direot, carrying WotH
r,i.ss"iiicrH ami fr**arht.
San   Francisco
Boots & StacES
(from ari Infant's Shoe rVp to a Man's t-
Repairing Heatly ExecuM-
Hiit-ix-M Mrtrket Price paid tuf
Fathers will bless the eminent Dr. Parvin, I
who says that a baby should not be allowed
to sleep with ita mother.
Wholesale Dealers in
Provisions, Liprs, etfc
!     1
i*-*. ^^*T
€iit ^Jort JHiiouij tCijettt.
SATURDAY, il I.V-'i, I8M.
nu:  IVEffi'S NEW8.
Tin' Dominion railway Inn,Is on the
in .liniainl of llriii-li Col (Hu bin will lie
Kiiivi'Vi'd at our,* anil convi-y, rl t,, tho
|„'rtoiis w!io hftvs ■sctth'd upon tli, in.'
'I'll,it is the  onli'i'issuoil   st OttSWS to
ih,' Boo. JosephTrateh.    Fortunately
bs is not u "loetj minister," snd there
for,- ii is quiteoertsin In, "ill prooeed
at oiica to do hit duty.
A lesding article in Tuesday*- "Colo
nist" is iiiti'iiilcl as un assay on tin-utt
uf OOOkery.      Tho writer muy havo stu-
,li,-,l tl,,' arts prsetised in s kitdii'ii, bul
ii is. oertsin he never practised the art
of expressing ideas. Listrii lo tliis
quotation from the "editorial :"' —
"Take a shoot ,,f foolscap paper, Kproad
out to full si/.:- mi a smooth surface ;
with • west butter give the paper a tliin
cnat all over the  exposed side of  the
p, r tbe ■   i"
i aste   sol I ioli ool would
■i) he steak,"   but
and pepp, r ths
ii   ol ■ . 1   !.-
donS .
clay lost, n.
bun. tlie Provincial Secretary, lias ns
ujood u right lo acquire land as any
other citizen." We say, "Yes, if tbe
land is not a part of the public domain ;
but the Minister who becomes tin,
owner of an acre of the public lands
while hs is in office, is guilty of a crime,
and ought to be in the chain gang.
The walls of the Roman Catholic
Bazaar at Victoria, were decorated on
Monday last by sailors from the war
ships at Esijuiinalt. A score of the
flags that have braved a thousand years
the battle antl tlio breeze decorate the
hall, and look like the trophies of three
Tom Trapp, in a letter to the "Colonist' says the Provincial Secretary is an
innocent man. But Tom does not
know what he says. "Not guilty"
would be good enough, but - innocent!
Oh ! Ton,, you must study syntax.
Huang Sis Chen, a long-tailed gentleman who represents that son of tha
moon commonly tailed the Emperor of
China, is now in Victoria. He will assist the Secretary of State, who is coming in a palace car, to finish the game
of fooling the people. If Huang Sie
Chen has a well filled purse, he will se
cure anything he wants to get for his
long tailed friends. In this Provinoe
the almighty dollar is—the king. And
the people 1 Oh ! they are tame nnd
willing t„ be kicked by s rasponsi
Me Qovi rnment.
The President of the French Republic
Ais cordis! in his tone toward. England, and therefore the speech of the
modern Hotspur was—a mistake. Eord
iRsndo'ph is half Irsh arid entirely too
'ihe "Times" in a leading ai ie'e
savs : "While we are peopling ihe world
wiih agriculturalist wc are cxliaus.rng
lhe home supply ; and it is quiie possible ihat Eng and may be overrun br
peaceful invaders from tnminen al iu
Huns The agricultural districts aie
threatened wih desertion by the native population."
The latest despatches say "General
Gordon is safe. In a ban I in band
light wiih the rebe s he delcated ihem
and Iheir  ieader was killed.
Au immense multitude paraded the
streets of I ondon on  last Toeaxht),    It
wus preceded by a tombstone bearing
this inscription :
"To tha memory of the Homi of bonis."
The bands played the I'ead  March  in-
Saul, but the meeting was  dissolved by
ihe rain, which fell In torrems.
"If it is possible to keep it out it
shall not come into the United Kingdom."      These are the w,„.'.s
keepers have cleared oir, bag and bag-
'-'Sge. Some of them are employed
chopping wood, and two sre selling peanuts.
I bin (armers in lhe S'.a'.c of Jersey
are ruined In the midJ c ol June
ther had winter for a week, and the
fruit was all desuoyed bv frost On lhe
15th of July tain fell 111 lorrcnls, and
continued to come down lor three days.
I hen tliey bad snow three niches deep.
The whole crop ol potatoes, wheat, barley, and peas, is in the mud. The farmers are rich, and will be able 10 pur
chase the surplus produce >,l a neighboring s ate.
[From tbe Miiliil.ud Ou ri.u.J
The strange episode of the sale of the
reserves By-Law, must impress everyone with, either, tlie gross incapability
of the Council to manage our affairs, or
what is much more likely, the presence
of traitors in the Council who ore playing honest John's game. The By-law
wsi   iln'  1 up i,\ tin- ciij lawyers in si(
ttePHme Mmiatsr iii red *-l ""'"• | mttlm,.,'t„ lejid om to
Choi r'n, which is n,,w   1 .  t,U
rope, snd h ' !;;"t"1" '""
tbs sre employed to »-stoh   t Touloi     <  ;   -iicu o, „m   ,
1   or de
ton at Granville calculate upon our
making |m*t nf the permanent way for
a line to Granville, in order that tbey
may sell their lands at a high price,
for there is no other possible object.
Granville or English Bay will never Ix-
more than roadsteads where vessels
may lie in fine weather, nature being
directly opposed to either place being
used for any other purpose. The
scheme was a very nice one, the promo-
tors being quite aware that a railway
by any other means was out of the
question. It would ho u very pretty
little game for these unprincipled speculators to induce us to destroy our beautiful city to enable them to sell their
lands at a high price ! But worse than
all, if tliey aecomplislnil this cunning
trick, they would really take away all
the little trade and traffic that r, mains
to us, and make the Royal City a mere
passing station for goods and passengers to English Pay. Verily, we have
peril Co noil that would give away
^^^HffsTiTiTTvc" !''"r
eis fire in consultation, and the c!.
ire 1 ■ hat ihe result   t thai
libe- rtiolfc Hei
» ll the ■ 1 I I nmi  r
Gladsti .''..' 1
Frenchman." And all ihe ministerial
papers say, "the arrangement made with
France is evidence ol prudence, wis lorn,
and jttdgmeni." All the French journals say, "Il is not an engagement ubich
M. Jules Ferry haa concluded with .Mr.
Gladstone, but—a capilulaiion." The
German newspapers say, "it is a delusion 10 suppose that Germany'will con
sent lo lhe arrangements made by England and fiance." .
It is not easy 10 see through ihe mists
that envelope the Egyptian question.
We are in possession. To put us oui
by force would be a very serious affair,
Il Kngland and France are satisfied the
other great powers without fleets may
protest but will not act.
The "Times" in n leader savs of ihe
House of Lords : "I s existence may be
imperilled by a blind adherence lo the
hereditary principle, or by an uncompromising resistance to all suggestions
of reform."
The "Standard" cays : " 1 he Lords
must conic 10 reason; the House cf
Commons has lhe power ol the purse,
and men con ciotis ol possessing that
power will not tolerate a superior authority.
The Cap ain ol lhe steamer Wieland,
which arrived ut Plymouth on Sunday
from New Vork, reports lhat on the 281b
of [une, in latitude 43° 20' North, longitude 47° 55' West, he sailed by an iceberg 1 50 feet high.
T he peop'e ol the United Kingdom
have been astonished by the ingenuity
Ol forgers who have passed counterfeit
Hank of England notes in .Montreal and
Chicago. I he imitation notes aie described by bankers as matchless copies.
It is amusing 10 read what English
Statesmen say of Holland. In London,
where the system of European map
making is considered with careful attention, the death of the Prince of Orange
is regarded as a sad event for the Dutch
In whispers the map-makers say, "Bis-
niiirck will find an heir for the monarchy. If he could by force or fraud take
possession of Holland, her vast colonial
possessions and her flecis, Germany
would, in a day, become the most for-
midab'e power in the world." And
they say in lower tones, "Kngland and
fiance would resist this annexation
scheme with all their available force."
It is wise to speak in whispers of opposing ihe iron Chancellor, who represents in Europe as much power as the
first Napo con possesssed the day afier
llie battle of Austerlitz.
In the Commons last week, Lord
Randolph Churchill made a very foolish
speech. The Conservative leaders, if
they have any claim to the character
of Statesmen, are. bound to separate
themselves from hs strategical methods.
He went out ' of his way to attack the
French Government and France, in a
manner not consistent with any hope
on his part of taking on him in the
nc.n futurc-the icsponsibUitks of office.
1 . snd theii
- . the  suthoritii - of sn)
• ■
r poi ■ he Unit
ed Kingdom. Thr- guards on the
coasts are doubled and the people maybe saved from the terrible plague by
the vigilance of their rulers.
■ Professor Thorold Rogers, M. P., at
Tamworth last week, supporting a vote
of confidence in the Government, said,
"The Lords accused of murder have a
right to to be tried by themselves ; tliey
had had that rightful two hundred years
and only one of them has been hanged.
If I were to tell you how many of them
deserved to be hanged J should keep
you listening for a day. Look at the
records of the divorce Court and you
will find thut half of them have been
absorbed in profligacy. Snine philosophers say that men are descended from
apes, but when I look at the Lords I
begin to think that men may go hack
to apes."    He was loudly applauded.
The Catho'ic hop, or "dancin.' for the
love of God," is practised in many   places on ihis continent where good  na-
tured  people  are engagul   in   raising
funds lo pay for p'aces of worship.   The
New Vork Freeman's |ournal, which is
the bes Caiho ic  newspaper   published
on this   continent   says :—"It  is bad
enough to see lhe children of  Irish  pa
rents deocendjng the st'irs of the elevat
ed railrtM ' ■ ifi , dark, having      il '■■
tihdei   Ihi    guardianship   of   the
I 'Harrj ;,'    W     Ibin   S
or the " luldoon 1 'otei e     but,  when
■ .
-relies   ,: ,-i. \   u   ith.ei
who can   .,. '.villi nn
icr laugh
,,    .    nil '   rs   ..
1 hy]  crite	
calmly sleep knowing ihat his child, for
» hose salvation ho ll responsible is languishing in ihe arms ol a libertine, il
unworthy of even the comempi of hones1
men. Such fathers and mother! will
awaken before rhe winler is over to find
their daughters ruined and disgraced.'
That hint may be useful lo 1 lie whole
Christian population who begin to look
more and more like cattle.
On Tuesday last an aged mm appeared in lhe dock ol lhe Tombs Prison in Sew Vork. "iou have indeed
(alien low," said lhe magislnve. for
give me," said the m in ; "liquoi hits
been my curse.* from ibis day forward
not one drop of the accursed poison
shall pass my lips." "Vou cannot stop,"
said the Judi^e ; "vou have no home,
your friends pass bv with horror. I
shall send you to the lunalic as, lum.
Officer, remove him." -'I cannot do it,
Judge'' said constable fl)nn, whose
eyes were tilled with tears, lie was my
General in ihe war, jour Honor; he
treated the men as if wc were his brothers." Put —lhe boys will takecaie of
him in the asylum. Bngadiei General
Thomas Kagan, who lought like a hero
al Gettysburg was ihe prisoner, and he
was tent by whiskey to lhe asylum.
At Dodge Cilv, Kansas, ihe cowboys
have introduced ihcSpanish bull fighi.
I he amphitheatre is as large as the one
at Seville, and on Thuisday last iwelve
(urious bulls of the Texas breed were
butchered by six matadores brought
Irom Mexico The crowd assembled 10
see die sport were ihe roughest samples
of humanity lhat could be lound anywhere oui of New York; thev 3died
and howled while the matadores were
engaged in the work of s aughter ; but
when the wildest of ihe bulls got one of
his tormentors where he ought to be—
impaled on a hoin —the multitude
screamed with delight and shouted—
"llravo!" Pull fights, big corporations,
universal plunder, and ihen i The gladiators, a standing army, and - Caesar.
Hurrah ! my lads, hurrah ! John Mor-
risey may be —ihe American Caesar.
Fifty-seven persons were wounded in
Ne* York on lhe 4t"n by the foolish people who believe that noise is necessary
for a celebration.
General Putler is more feared by Republicans and Democrats than anv other
man in the United States. By appearing in the lists as an Independent candidate he can split ihe Democratic parly
and elect Blaine. Between Blaine and
Butler Cleveland would be only a mouse
between millstones. If Butler stands
by lhe Democrats he will be their chosen chief in 1888. To-day ne is the
great unknown quantity in the American
political arena.
At Desmoines, Iowa, the liquor law
is carried out in the most stringent manner. On the 16th inst., every saloon in
the 1 ity was closed. In all parts of the
state the people have declared ihey are
wi ling
■riaiiir,-)' in whi !. the ■ ■ ■ - re to ir'
us, il is, tu, h tm , xtmonli' sr] ■ 1 „ ion,
thu! ,-    art «.! * I      . ,inclu
sion io aiiivt; als .... ere prepared to
believe that the majority of the City
Councillors accepted the By-law as perfect, being the production of professional men who are paid handsomely by
the Council for the small amount of
work they do. Councillors are not
supposed to be lawyers, and they are
necessarily compelled to be guided by
their paid legal advisers. But it is
strange that the omission in the Bylaw was only detected by outsiders who
could not be so well-instructed as themselves in relation to the object of the
By-law. 'Let us look at this object as
it is publicly understood ; it is the construction of a branch railway from the
Canadian Pacific at the Coquitlam, to
this city. This is a most commendable
object, and one that the citizens generally must regard with favor, although
we have always insisted that a tramway with the requisite cars would answer all the purpose; not on the
roads already constructed, but by a
route well known, which would avoid
the abrupt declivities existing on our
present liighwuys. We are still but
n small community and there is nothing
in justify the construction of n rsil-
sy, which must involve a large ex-
ii'iiditure    fori   i,»i**l4>ii<>na.. u -1 I
lolling stock, to say nothing of irjain-
1 • nance. The argument of p
,,, crested inland at Granville, to the
"ii'ect that we shall be behind in the
race for supremacy, und that other
roiniutiiiitir's with railway connection
must of neei'ssity take away all our
t-ade, is mere besh. We have persistently ignored Port Moody, until
the p.-ople nf that rising city, despairing of any connection witli us,
have given the best part of their trade
to Victoria, snd there it will now remain if we hud fifty railways. What
have wo then to 1 pay a railroad? A
little passenger traffic and some small
trade thnt might employ one or two
cars per day for the conveyance, it
will be seen, therefore that if everything was favorable for tbe construe
linn of a railway, we should be paying too dear for our whistle to give
away ninety thousand dollars as our
proportion supposing that would be
accepted and tying a mili-stone round
our necks in the shape of running expenses, which would ultimately render the city bankrupt and property
worthless. On the otln-r hand, a tramway would answer every present purpose: it could be worked by private
enterprise or be provided at the public expense and leased to a company.
There would be no great outlay, and
the existing *•—fl! ns/jd fit—ir all er.
penses. It would al-io effect another
and very important purpose, it would
make the property on the entire length
of road between its two terminal points
very valuable, because it Would deposit
passengers and their parcils at thedoors
of their residences, an accommodation
which could not, by any possibility, be
afforded by a railway. But we doubt
very much the legality of any By-law
for the disposal of the city squares. As
we have shown by a previous issue, if
the reserves are not required by the
citizens, they belong to the Dominion
Government, and we have not yet obtained permission from tho Federal authorities to dispose of them. Our im
pression is, that property holders on
the streets and squares affected or likely to be affected, by the sale, was permission granted, are not yet satisfied
that the sale would lie to their advantage
and we question very much whether
they ever will he, so that the sale, under any circumstances, can never bo
carried out. There is, however, another
and much more objeotionable feature to
the construction of a branch railway,
at present, at the espense of the city.
From - Iinl ws ■'•i'. l'jtvnr. t
the ctv's birthright and bind the city
to piv ,.,, the conveyance,with all they
VYe, do not, however, believe
1 ile of the Councillors were
ies lo this atrocious fraud.    There
1    1 ie or maybe two in the
might give countenance
to such u fi ihy transaction, and if the
errors in the recently published By-law
had not been discovered, would have
lent their influence to the sale of our
squares and the appropriation of the
proceeds, to the complete destruction
of the city and tho ruin of property
Of Inlifnx, Nova Scotia, and late of Kansas City, U. si.,
New Wfas-minBter und vicinity that he has o-iuned 1 I I
Book, Stationery
And hopes by strict tttention to buuiuoss and courtesy, to men
& share of tho public patronage.
Imported to Order.
vince   is very clearly   defined
penny show business of   hon,
they look upon the people the,  •
a parcel of senseless idiots wi
see through such a very small bui
fT/rnethor Ms eolliWfruuo «re 01 gtiW,
his modus operandi and concer  '■ "
clever, which would imply ,
of intellect and  intelligen, •■  0*001
the quartette, or whether they are per
fectly indifferent and are satislied w ith
his accounts of the play, is difficult  to
decide ;   at any rate, the whole of the
ministry will be duly credited  with a
share of the odium.     But   we   should
counsel   these   gcntlsmen—we   mean
Messrs.   Smithe, Davie, and Drake, to
have   a little   consideration for them
selves.    We are perfectly aware of the
feeling which is absolutely   necessary
amongst the memliers of a ministry, if
it was only for the government of Trial
Island.      The vulgar adage of   "honor
among thieves" has some such application.      Of course  the Ooverninent at
James Bay may be  parfaitement   if accord; they may understand one another
better than we  outsiders are  inclined
to think.      For instance, that glaring
piece of jobbery in the  reservation of
the land at the North Ann, must have
been agreed upon in Executive Council
and looks as if their agreement was solid.    The   construction of a branch of
the C. P. R.   to Granville   may   have
charms for them   of   which   we know
nothing.     But if we are allowing appearances to deceive us ; if honest John
is Minpl, taking their oonSSu   to hit 0
tion as n matter rrf com
well f,T  'r'.s 1 ud',i;"i,':; ti,    look     .noro
litii.nl  ftyle and see if
1 not be Improvr a,     11" ■ evei
Trapp Tfros
New Weslmu
er 1*
IFrom the Mailil. il Ouardlan,
It is rather an unpleasant admission
to be compelled to make, but our rulers
are unequal to any role above thnt of
a strolling player ; at least, we arrive
at thn above conclusion after duly con
sidering the tactics of honest John. He
las a regular system which he follows
on every occasion and at every place
where he goes to "orate." The agents
are appointed to "bill" the place, lo
work up an excitement, and to manufacture an address ; and, when everything is ready, the "hon?st" makes his
appearance It is quite immaterial
Whether the majority of the inhabitants
":'■•• him or not : i'i fcqti he is
ctl • M I" what they Hunk
about bim. li I 1 fi, • '
agi nts in.' i In re to  •'',',': a bim, 1h.1t
,    11,;'
oi en : ;r.-i    -in v  1   nor  hi
'■'%" w,\
th , '•.,'' absolutely kick [pulling in the same boat with a steady
GLUTi iti
Gents' Furnishing
We have the finest aasortment „l
Casinw   liapall
, ni- model mini iters „*'
him out earefulb    pti ; aril his
speech for the next issue of his own papers that appear after the meeting or
the "picnic" or the gathering which he
honors with his presence. The address
s printed in full and the entire description, according to his paper, is carefully copied into the "Colonist" at Victoria. In any other part of the world
such a course of proceeding would be
deemed discreditable and disgraceful;
but our people in this Province are easily pleased ; anything iu the shape of
a man that can ".spout" is looked upon
ns n ',;/,; ai'is. But "the best laid
schemes of men and mice are gang aft
agley," nnd honest John is only mortal
and must take his chance with the rest.
Sometimes everything goes olf without
any serious inishup, and people are so
used to his peculiar system, that they
lo not think it  worth   their  while to
jive the matterssecond tl,ought. They
forget that they become a party to
honest John's deception through his paper ; that lie dors not care two straws
for their opinions, good or bad, if they
will only allow his own account of his
proceedings to pass unchallenged.
Sometimes, however, the coaxing, cajolery, or threats of his agents are unavailing to produce more I linn a perfunctory address, usually extracted by
lavish promises of Government grants
for roads, school houses, 4c, or the
hint of a place or a contract. Some
such affair occurred at Maple Ridge ;
the Reeve and councillors of that Municipality having strong impressions
about honest John, and it was quite
evident that the address was obtained
under very hard pressure and probably
with the fear of being deprived of any
aid to make their roads, strongly in
their minds. This must have been patent to honest John, who in the speech
published in his own paper is made to
say some very disagreeable things to his
audience, which he certainly would not
have said did he know that nine-tenths
of those present absolutely disliked
him, He must have given his speech
very nearly "verbatim" to the printers,
because it is so like him. There is all
the snarling and coarse sarcasm that he
would address to men whom he know
despised him. The address of the Municipal Council of Maple Ridge and
honest John's reply are unique and deserve to bo recorded, as they will be, in
his own paper. V»hot he. and his col-
•rngur s iiiink nt the p. Pro-
that the rest of I are disinclined to think that they are |S U IT H MADETO ORI>
Frcwn 180.00, at Shori Kotim
Good Fit Guaraiitt'd.
ind uniform stroke.    If disgust on the
part of some of them at one or two 01
the others, produces in session, feeble
and ill digested measures, and between
the sessions every appearance of childishness, negligence or imbecility, we
cannot be surprised. The recalcitrants
sliould hear iu mind that nothing less
than a public declaration will prevent
the public believing that they are "all
of a pioee" and that no after assertion
will have n„y influence upon the stains
acquired during On, connection,
I'ulilic i-cliii, I. Must hold a sci-oml-
.'lass Certificate. Aiphcatinlis should he
utlilrocd tu
(AIT. .1. A. CLifiKE,
Sec. board Ti'iisttres,
July 23, 18S4.       2w "W Moody.
Graduate ef Victoria   Medical College,
of Montreal,
Omt'K: At the Colonial Llrug Iters,
Port Moody
Saw Mill
Armstrong & Burr
Rough & Dressed Lumber
Rustic, Flooring,
Always on Hand a Full Stock or
Dressmaking & Milliner!
Hardware, Paints and Oill
with parties buihling, to supia
them win, jj| material in the abovt-niiil
line, at UOriuvi PRICES. I
I nl, rs hy Tolonhonn »r «tnge attemicdl
with promptness. ^^
Quality  GtTAi.AWTi.KD  Fibit-Clasij,   and
D. B. BllANT, ProprifitJ
Just Received !
*piIE  UNDERSIGNKD  respectfully
*     forms the citizens of Port Moody
vicinity tha* he ha* just received
and varied aasortment of ie*iouable
Boots and Shoe
Etc.,   Etc.,
Which can I* hourht st R*Mon«*n
Vegetables and Irof
IN   SK m
,*i SOL1C1"!
■ £\)t ]hx\ Jfioobij (Dajtltc.
71x*a*   T»tl»
r^ZST 1*£OO.0-Z\
Til It tiASi |
uud mbttdly ti
party ever n-1 .
(hi fclgfn  I! iu
t U II  Up  Ii
■ui'I    a    .
ftlO "I .Hi ^   H  ,1
Five gta ■
veyanu >,   \»,
im* Ei*>iv— What wu
i.i'i-i jayessfai dan tag
I'm 31'mmJv, came oh* st
■ii M--inlay > -.*. -ii ■.,.' It
.. i-ui.miii.it-*- ji.ii li'-ki,
:i\ rati'ui given t . I'ort
lOSt un
umohm oi  private eau
III     thu    v.-. on.   antl   the
Mil tit
I  rtt'iBlTlr/  ft M md   )>* Wt-dli'*#'aj-|,fi;''5p.-jj
Ifiveti lu frUjr--* T  ur» ay.-. 6.-00*.m
Fr«-.t(tit train arrive* *»«*r,r Frlua,   . -is    ,,
"       "     1 (ivw ev«r/ SutunUj*...  ..   i.w4.u.
PaweBtfera entering trtim without tickets, tt
fUtl'rjut where tl'-kt-tt- irn eol'l, will b« •>u,>j*« t t<>
»u additt-uil chance of 71 casta.
Tht* ah"To tlui • libit l - taktt t-ffi-it on Saturday,
/KM 25th. 18S4.
M.J   HAHir,
A. ONDERDONK. U n.l Supt.
(leu'i Mfiuager. Jell
Tmk contract lot the erection of Mr. UfO,
Thompson's new residence un Ottawa street,
hat been let tu Mcaarit. Murchie anl
Mu. J. MciiHAV, uir., it miking n ..*,
improvements in the ground* surrounding
K-icky Point, and hc expect to see ttiat
charming spot soon begin lo budaud hlu«.iom
like the lose.
trptthh La ., |  unm IU i>. w.( till daylight
90 'I'u1 --I..    ''I be bait uoni
iii f : l McxrJy ir»s turuj bed bj
"Doc Uut) Miii, .Johnny tV&«Ub, ( harl.*y
Simp | amy Co It,  while  Kdward
Mink,'   managed   'I''-   " ' ■'   ill   the  graceful
Bu-tuiej in •>«.• uhiily ii. ■  .. ii.    An  elegant
lum b v.ii4 nerved about out n'tfiook, and th
slight.-,! vvihhei of Haa ladies were cttvndad
t--   -'Mth   much  gallantry.    Wi hope  our
10 \\.--tmiii   < ■:  ■*. ill ooms igSlll*- and
u     ,ti ,,fj,-i- tli'-in on bebatf of oor citizens
■i right hearty srelcoine.	
It ail war No-iks -At Yank.*.- Mat, 'In
iiulwi abure YhN*. -.-round is Im-ii-^ prepare1!
for tba in,i' hue ihopa, which -nil shortly
bt rwootodfrom V i! ■ to -Hat M>iat..*Nt i
Austin haa returned from a bo. day jaunt to
Puget Sound...Hilly Mttgrfdge has left ihe
C. P. i{. snd in now 'iu hia way to Mexico....
thi; ivOJius.
-   Amend
lii-iit j k. .itp* i:.::: it ■ |   the   Jr.ui-
ivoiMtor Ward   and Cbitl   Timo-kooMi
! II        .. <. * W
Lord H- C'liai i i«d   and   on .
Wppe*J -Valt-s vbon  thay 	
net ia Pan , n I is over NVillNATKn.
_  ..       D 'ii   1. '•■  1  H LWd. i   Ii.   Ul';
II m* relatiaLi   ure   »*#»   --i a m .i<;   j
practiceule   9>r tn*-   fslranlatoue  Lali'.'-- t Iu Whit'           I                              attUy,
it any pi - >\ ■■                     liKlui   be an   uUnt        ,   a •                              . OeiUAti
.   " If that d it  gro +
tory in (i.'L.u* f,  in tl;-   *•!,,       •■■■ r, it wili not I
. ■ .              .
I 11 i'V ibe LiU-uJ A  | ■                           p hu  ;..*■;,
H«muw I iTij.dt, wil     i... .i-v. uf preventing d
tl [ff ll." in it gi tw i-i! • !'• ■nuiuiiUl, '
tii*  -.'.t.-r*. iiiiicn" biied by tbe w
could n tbe   1 '        ' , i'^u    toi r;.i
more      -   than thi I  ■ ■ Brv*Uv«e and Howe rowd, who bad over-
uombined. 1-* "   I  ■ received ba
Th-- -In' .*'in**-- "i Mm polioj atad by   tod tuut.
J*ord ,-* tl'tliury hi.'I 'U.ii dnd in   the  Cairn        ' ana-*, uae^i io'*win>
am--ii'lim nt ih un h -ili'-Ii-.     It   would   ha     ' '' """"
bf«n -n.'-i'l.il for tbet oM«^atj ■ -■,  wbo
ateetiont   have   rolled mainly   ■ffffffffflJ*,1B.1B,..f.f.f.t*j*j*j*ja****M *,*,.,.,eeeeeay*ayj*j*j**********a
to aaaent Lo an r.^A\mUawT^^^m^^m^m^^^^^^
.   Ht< Chaj
Jilr. L>IHO l.lll'    1'j.AIF'tKM. — (vFJfUUt
...    v'icTOBIoi    I ,:Miu.— A Ptoi
unio FnzuL -Mi
i-jit -
Ne« Vow, -July I Itb, IbW.
I .M-rii'ir ot Kow Vork
ta fi ■mill it- d for tbo Pi
day by tbo daOAuoml  * ooavootion at Oiiea-
ooottd of the ttrvnt
i ii iii'i ,
tii.-n [,.,.-..., j   . 13  (>
■ it   Xovemh.
Nomiiiatii - ■    .,....,'.,;.., ,iiv
ufae will  find W(,rti ih   prop , • ,„.    ,,,„/
ao that ii not tn ,,»,-. i ally
,! no poblie "
worth apolung of.    Ii., wu
i.mtmr   I '***'' t*11 >**ar« ,1.
- tt*       *
From VicnmiA—The eteamer "Robert
Dunsmuir" arrived with a imull cargo of
general freight from Victoria ou Tueiday
evening. Sne left, the same night with a
scow in tow loaded with 75.000 shingles from
Tiffin a mill.
The   furniture and   fixtures of   the   Port
Moody hotel   were sold   under distraint for
nnt,   by puhhc   Motion,   on   Tburedoy atf
ten o'clock     There was only a ninitll atten- '
dance of buyers, and the hulk of the articles
wero bought in for the principal creditor.
Mkshr.-j. Minnie a no MOOBI are making
goo<l progress on tlie new roud between
Weeks and Footer*l new wharf and the railway wharf. If the weather contiuuL-a line
the work xhnuhl be completed in about throe
The Fraser brother* aro at present engaged in cleariug ofl'block No. 7, Murray
estate, lying along Murray street lietweeii
Moudy and Hugh strretH, and backed by
the railway. The laud will be put up in
condition for bml.ling upon.
JJew-Stuhk.—Mr. I). Murchie has opened
up a choice and well ahiurted stock of general groceries iu bis new Btnre on Clarke
street, and wc hope our citi/cus will give
him a share of their patronage. "Live and
let live" should he the Putt Moody motto.
GoSfO Home.—Men lames Howiaon and
I.aidiuw, Misses Monahau and Kennedy,
who have boon camping out for the past ten
days at Kocky Point, [oft for their homes iu
Now Westminster t:*-ilay. Tliey are all
charmed with Port, Mo,idy as a summer
Kviinkkr A. J. Hill has staked out a
large -.-ravel pit at tlie summit of Lot 286,
audit is expected that the steam shovel will
be .at work there early iu August. There
are large deposits of gravel in that vicinity,
and construction trains will be able to run
down grade  both   to  Pitt River and   Port
The Cntcus. — Port Moody patronized the
circus freely, and came home disgusted. It
was the poorest we have ever seen, ami ('ole
has ruined hia reputation on the Mainland.
The Victoria papers Wert: all bought up, or
also all the   ' lot brought to  weat
minster.    A ibo* tbatipol'lugoi   with an
toad ol an "<•," ab       i     bo all wed
to impose on Intelligent folk.-.
i        .   u   -Mr. Chat Post ir, ol V. ■ ika il
imu ■ on'.-i in ■,. «nOa
day Mr. John A  Moore, who ba    •■•■■■"
' at tim  bungalow for the  past, two
pntha, has   returm I   to  bit 'i imo   tu St.
iu ■ !apt,  Clarke i    iti  v*i it..
I, *        :      |
.. .  si.. that   .'■     --■ ■-   '■•, l lom ral Man-
;igei ofthe C. P. It, left M out real on Thun*
| day i veiling last, en route for Britiah Coluni-
hia direct.
CampbfU were in   Port   Moody  thia week.)
and the  pocltot bookfl of  the  railway  men
waxed fat in oOAaeqttOtlOO The three China
gauge at work ou tha carriage road from the
wharf, aggregate aliout PJf> men, and oo "1
progress is le-ing made on the work.....Wed
pOBuay'fl train made up an hour anl a bill
between Harrison Rivor and Port Moody ...
A gang of carpenters are at work on tha Pitt
riv.-r  bridge Matt.   Kennedy,   a   former
Port Mooili hi, (a tiring on the locomotive
"Kamloo|iH,r ahe Alts, JJIaeb, sent to tha
front....Work at mt end of the track is being
pushed forward rapidly, ami tratna now run
aome tnilea beyond Sawmill Flat.
Chi'inm \iciks. - The Episcopal service
was well attended on Sunday laat, and tbe
aaorament of the Lord's Bupper was die*
penaed to a number of communicants by
Itev. Mr. hl.inebard. A choir has boon
organized and practise is held in the school
room ev try Saturday evening, at eight
o'clock. Ail hinger.i are invited to attend
...Id-v. Mi*. Robaonoonduoted the Methodist service, and at .ts ol«ae presented 0
financial atatement of the attain of the
society for tbe past year. Amount collected
$102; expended, 8.1!I; balance on hand $&\
whioh was applied to pun-liasiui; ln»oks fur
the P<irt Moody free library. Mr. I.obsoii
r,e, iv-'il nothing for his eervjoee as pastor,
except traveling eiponieo, ami he leavci the
church to bit anooeafdr free from debt and
in good OOndition spiritually. Hereafter tbe
Sun,lav Bohool will meet at ten a. DO,, instead of at eleven.
A Hi:avv Invest,—An Eastern oudtaltat,
v\ hoae name wc are not at liberty to divulge.
but who is oloaely ounnootod with and iu the
confidence of tbe ('. I'.JI. [Syndicate lias iu-
veated apwarda of 910.000 iu Port Moody
real eatoto during the paat week. This fact
is t' us proof poaitivfl that the alleged Coal
Miirbor "lioom" is entirely void of foundation
aud that it if! the last expiring effort of those
who have been d Imled   into buying   there,
to get  well rid of  their  "bargain."   The
principal prom 'ter >>i the UOal Harbor excitement is heavily interested in Port
Moody, and is not at all anxious to toll at
any price; in fact his idea is to force a decline in the price ot real estate here, and
then buy largely. Uut this little dodge
won't work; simply because port Moodiane
have tlie assurance from the present and the
former Governments of Canada, backed by
the fiat of N.-iture hereeU. that tins is and
will i,e. the Pacific Coaat terminua ofthe C,
P.R., and bonaequentlv they have full con-
Bdenoe in the tutme of tbi*1'embryo city.
ti... i'i ni
i oi;nrv m ith ths borouarh sndi iga wt'boat at
ma time demananig ■  rcivlju tmont  ot
the u ii"1. !■!•■ toi il iyetem.    1 •   is   no
evident that tbe Hoaoe oj LordawooJd have
jeop:u l.'.l ;t.- own i aii ten ■    i y   - • tuog   its
face squarely againat any further cut'
o[ the tr -ii biae,   Aa it is,  t be   Pa d -
Hhrunk   from   doing  anything of tbe kind.
Tbey aay to the Liberal . We do nol     *■ . l-
th   pi ui' inle of year measure, uejw.l,
join the House of Commooa in tnaam
law, but are hunt that this law ahall i
doom  operative  until   some of bbe j
giuti-stpie and grievous anomalies   in
tentatiou hue been ea^tnguiabed by a '   ' -
tribnHon of aeata. ' jt, has»
stioiij reaaona can be given for tm
thia condition, and they will seem tbe
plauaible becanae a considerable fraoti
th" Lib-ral party took precisely  tbe
ground during the preliminary uiacuaalou  of   ii,,. i;l(,,; King of
the present retonn bill.    Mr.   Gladstone, Ju<
'I I, onnld only svwfr* eehiam io   tho   Mi-
niaterial ranka b> pledging bimaelf to supplement at the earlieat poaaible moment the
phiposed extenaioti of the f ranch fee by a
complete l construction of tbe intricate and
Inequitable scheme of Parllami i tary repri
aentation* Nor wuuld the Hon, .,i Com*
iave allowed itself to be cajoled with
a vague promiee ol tbat kind had the Con-
aervatives iu that Ohamber been wiaaly
guided. Buch a Leader aa Mr. Diaraell would
have had little trouble iu convincing uot
inly bio own partiaans,, bnt a good many
Lib rata, that a redistribution is even more
urgently called for than an expansion "f the
lutfrage, and that a Mioiatoy sincerely desirous of effecting sound Improvement i
would not take up the problem oi reform by
the wrong end. Nor would be have scrupled
probably, to describe the postponement of
tin* far more Important queetion ol readjust*
ment aa an eletitiooHering triok deviaed f'-r
the purpoae of aaaiating the Minister) to
evade a popular condemnation which they
had Reason tu a] prebend.
That, which Sir Stafford Northonte   far
and ' ■ teed In
ii ', u-       tide svi.'i.t hmi
ful tn u«ui   in ki« uiiiu ■■ .
,^t^t     „ ' i ,   ■ i New Xork oi i •*..    li li* Iihs ..
ii tiic      ■        in  i utipague  hou*
l||-^^^^,l*-ll^^^iaaaaarT  ft. ','•*^,^^^^
^Bpr,,"y prizes foj^^^^^^^B
I -i than Vim,  '
.ic men
Km   eVi i,       :   - nt organ-
!•■ ol   l I . '     • ntiy, Eng.
land* baa lield that poeitioi I agar, pei
hope, t ..vi my peraon baa ever hew a almi<
Lai pos .ion before.
S.un    iui^'irtaut railways are about to Imj
1 up to (i t. I ;,, u
D of u tine from Manilla
i Dort tweat ooaat ol th
tunoot in Jfelgium distinct*
aaeunspfion prevalant thai
arocter. Iwacknowledj ■
alou, tbe Premier, aaya i
institutional, the  national
■ in), --i.'iial."
ut and confidant oi
e JS-ing of Hanover, writes tbat the
Hi mo.' i in Legion was, with the Klng'eoon-
antL i' .-it. l'i r ih ■ . j ,',■ i Prnaaua, and
further, that tbe Knsg consented, on being
rewafdeil iy the annexation oi BesaeCoi el
,a,'i ot,, : territories to Hanover*
Mai' i. the new l'.eJ_i,m Premier, la 71.
He il President oi the Council, and Mlnia-
(•*r of i inance aa well. He is a Sfprearnan
by la: .. and hia brother was Bishop of Brn-
gee. He hai been ■ iovernor of Antwi rpand
waa Piuance Miniater Ib46 17. He is an
able il< bat" r.
It Ins recently been propnaed <o prevent
petroleum tfrea by placing a bottle of ammonia ''• ■ i ;h barrel of the "il; on ignition, by
icr-i'1 nr otherw iae, the buttle would
break, .oid tin* eib* toi the ammonjftoal va*
P"ui       uld be to extinguish the fires.
A corps of aubmarine miners ia in the)
cour ■ nl formation at the school of Enifi*
neerin.'. Chatham, England. The ape ial
duty " this new body of men will be tbe
lejfing 'I minea under water for purpoaei
■ ial fence. Recruits for thia now branch
ofthe service are drawn mainly from the
filing districts,    Not b-ss than  three ves-
toln.h.-owarC^mW.K.rlUl™. ha.  fc ^"^ »h>^''» *° ,il """
lone in tbe House of Lords   by  challen
'-in* in the Ib.use of Lords by challenging
Mr. Gtadatono t*i prove the honesty of bis
profeaaiona by immediately adding to bis
franohiae bill proviaiona for  a  reapportion*
ment of seats. It is no answer to auch a
challenge to ravewildlj nl»out the effoteneaa
ol the House of L nds, aud the necessity of
weeding out such  au   antiquat <1   aii'i    mil
ehievonafnatitutioo, Neitnerwlll any on<
mistake the »oi [fernna pro eedin-ii oi packed
meetings for the deliberate utterance of tbe
public will. If the Cabinet reallv believta
that in contending that redistribution should
The i ';■ of Brussels proposes to try the lit, botwi
periment of using electricity to drive Its j large votr
■ : bb   "inpeti-
:!-.'  inte n;il  reputation.
There is Bays istai       of I
and 'J hui man, i
oi  th-   U',ii-e , all   able
men, and vet * levaland «u- uomi lated r»vei
uot i'.r te seek.
Cleveland is Governor ol New Vork and ia
snpp rsed t . be abb to c irry that state, N w
'.'•ok iii^ :{."> ■-,.-.- intheKleei ml College,
and these ars y. tbi I ouventiou hoped
:.'i whim they sale tedit Governor. There
uv two good roa ns sdvanci I why he will
not be sole to earn New \ ■ k. The liiah
rotJh herst-f nr- afawH -*-ii'Uy .'< mnCfatlc—
Will be cast dead against bim, At tie* List
election for State officials, i. * eerati bad the
name of Purcell, editor of the 1;
■'Cnion" from the ticket for Secretary of
State, because, jt U alleged, nf bis nationality, and placed Maynard in bU itead M y •
uard waa defeatod, wh le all the other democrats were elected. Ths looked ominous,
Tb'-n he oflended tbe workingmen ol Kew
Vork by vetoing what ia known aa the elevated railroad rXduetion. Vou must under
stand tbat in ordei to give the workingmen
of the ne'" tui e to ubtaiu a decent
and cheap habitation, the oitj being covered with q network of elevated railroads,
Von can't walk a block bnt you I
aee a railr md tbuudering
bead. These railroads
lillars, and are
safe. The fare is, however, ton high—ten
to that a working man, in oider to
take advantage oi the cheap rent in tbe
suburbs, would bave ti pay twonty cents a
day, wbi h would make tbem dear enough.
Thi • ■'■■ Legislature passed an act reducing
the fare I i five cents, but tbis was vetoed bv
iii" Govi ior as being unconstitutional.
Perhaps it was, but lie will bave to Buffer
for bit vel i iii the same, Th*n sgalnGenl.
Butli r musl be consider* d. Butler received
the nomination of the Greenback and labor
party, but he wished to receive tbo democratic uomi iti 'ii also, when be hoped the fiom-
j binatiou w
I into the A
house kiusms,
Land   Surveyors
OFFICE   Kr„i,t "li„t, Ken   \V'c*tmin*t«ir,
Oppoaite V. P   K.  Oj't  Wkarl.
orrsB roa iau
Valuable Town Lots I
in kvki'.v past, at
ii  yon hear ami I
AGENTS, ftc., Ac,
and the
ie tnaepamh
Nkw liuoLi.^.— There has been received at
I the Colonial Drugstore thin week, a large
ind we 11 aid'eted assortment of new gooda(
uusiatingof pi-rlume*;, fancy soaps, tooth,
I i.iil and hair bruis!ie.»t pocket COAOa, all lhe
I itandard toilet preparatioiisi, patent inedi-
q'nos, drug.i, in faot everything usually
ound in a Hrst-olaas drug atore. The people
-f Port Moody are requested to call and
aspect. CfiAS.  10. OOOV.
Miss A. Dallas, who has bad chargo of
he Port-Moody aehool since its Odtablish-
ncnt, failed to secure the necessary eertili-
ate at the recent examination of teachers,
| **nd another teacher will have to be secured.
till Maggie Murchie, daughter of !>• Mui-
lne, lilw|., passed the tJuuninationaucoeas*
tUlVi iiml "Maine I a Sertoli ate ol Standing
j "MjUivalcnt to third-class A. An advertise-
F ment catling lor tlie str vices of a teacher,
ippears m another column.
A telugiaphic dispatch says that the ('   P.
|R.  haa arrtfngad ior oohn«*Mh»u with tbo
Mi< higau Central «t Ht.  Thomas  Ont., by
uliieh a new throagh route is obtained  by
the former from Montreal to Detroit, \\ ind-
lot and (.'liicago.      Tbe ifnito is longer  than
the 'irau'l Trunk but trains will bs run at s
' igher rate of t\<eed to nff*eet this.    There u
deepopi'uing iu the Ontario track running
iroiigh a swamp which  apparently has no
ottom as cavea occur as  rapidly  as  it is
tilled up.
('larke road wc notice mimbors
11; various aizes, which have been
o-vn ,'M'lt as usele-ts during thu const)licit oi tl S road.    Now that the Oovernment
i a   man   at work   to     keep the
| pair, it might be  well  to provide
iii with ■'■ stone hammer and have these
■wider** bniken np and placed in softs spots
l the road bed. Tbey are better than
*he purpose, aud would cost
tifehlg bnt tbi labor of breaking them, and
ius a good winter road can be secured at a
final I cost.
y Loi-al   Bfttvrrias, -Mr.   T.  J.   Pogue
caught a coon on his ranch the other day,
and the animal now adyrns a chain iu front
ut thu tJoloflial Drug Store The Bungalow
boys have built a oommodioaB kitchen in tbe
rearol Mr. Uilbort'a building Work on Mr.
Leni'int'i new budding is progressing The
Por- Moody young ladiei are oeooming experts in th • art of manotfiog a row boat	
Mis* M. Sni;th. of Victoria, It visiting with
Miai   Louise   Odin A    small  floating
wharf is beuig built at tlie end of the LVorth
road lhe bridges on First street, which
were damaged by forest fires some time b to,
have not been repaired, and are wry insecure Wanted    A Boom I  To supply tbe
place of one wbjch recently oie»l, Must be
warranted healthy ami iu good condition.
ApplytoG A.N. Breeae&Co.,t!oal ttarbor,
"Pilly'" (ieo. Odin'-** tame oear, got himself
I'HMS on the otberday, and sc-Tttnil large
chunks ot ciicteiuatiou among our Chinese
residents, before being ciptureil.
8oLT)   Oi'T.-.Mr,   T. 3. M.i.illivray  has
disposed *Of   alibis landed  intt re-ts in Poi t
Moody.    Tb.- house and lot on Clarke street
were purchased  for $1,250 by Mr.   Kdinuinl
I'oL'ue, apd his   interest   in the   Mel.cnnan
ranch, near the  Coquitlam,   to Mr.   Arthur
Hill, C.  B,,   and wc understand the prios
paid was S7"» per acre.    We do  not know
what Mr. Meiiillivray'e future intentioiMAre
but aa thia ia election yen- lu the Statea, wo
to lubl recommend  the gentleman  to ruturn
nh'nee li"   eiine   ud   run   for  -ome  eflioe
Hinted   to   his   dpi ity    pound keeper   or
'/o*is(' insppctor,   for  instanoe.    By  his de
parturc ft out Porl M <ody,*he Ool tmbian «i 1
loa.oati "esteemed   ni m," tne game   cock
tt ill mourn in   solitude, and thn   vorj li
brood of very  small   bins Mill   miss a kind
und H) injkitbi.ling urOtfftOr.     No   more « ill
ibe sounds of In-- b< tutiiul mer./o loprano
vojoa awake «Ith it -1 loqoao a the ouboes of
the temp •inure hull: On iu«>r- will his graceful
buUattenuated form be atfftn gliding about fr01*>'« A'norie        I
from extension ot the Iran-
ehise the Conservatives have mtswben the
feelingof tbe country, it will, of course, resort to tbe simple and constitutional method
of eliciting tin* wish's ot the people. It «ill
at  once  dissolve parliament and appeal p-
tbe ■••.■.■-litnvm-ics fcm ii. ■ Issue *."h^tlTf*l
England will accept Mr. ULtdsto'if's tender
of on.- bird in the hand or Lord Cairns' offer
street cars. One line—tbat ofthe Rue da didaU 1
h Loi- i-i tn ba equipped with motors, and ; tion ij,
|i parati ace onta are to be kept, in order to
s- ert un di finitely the cost of ths running,
ns compared with the use <>i horses. The
test is t'. hist for one year, and then, should
the result warrant it, eloetriclty .wil be env
I ployed escluaively on the street railways of
Brm lels.
Whan shooting at a cat do not hit your
wife. At Droyladen, in England, Mra, bger-
ton Lcfpt^nie linnets yiJurbftth room, and,
observing St'cat on the window aul oi the
room, called ber husband's attention to it.
Ho took Ont fait BUD   into tlie   '.allien.     Ju&t
as his wifa moved to the window  he pulled
'    A London sci^oiifio  paper ia not sanguine
tha Biiuceas of a
of two birds iu tb . bush. Or rather, tbis is
what the Cabinet Would d i but for tli ■ mi>-
sivingtbat tho voters would be influence*]
by history ratherthui by pmverbs, i-einem*
be ring that iu 1803 Mr. Disraeli nctuallj
gave tlicm o more liberal reform bill than
was proposed by bisWldg predec'..   r,
Win n the House of 1.-i. d* uouimics in act
of ineoleaoi and folly, tt wdl, no doubt, b«
easily snppressi d. Put, it- bour has not ) et
'■nme, when the soleotfVncc impu-ed to ii is
the firm assartiun that two good things are
betferthon one, and the hnpliod  suggestion
that the ■ pie of Ureal Britain   be  invited
to say whether they do nnt * jt ie with it. Jf,
at a now (rem ral election tumiug "ii the
question whether redistribution sliould accompany ex ten Inn of the franchise, Mr.
iJltv'al -in' .-iimnlil obtain a majority ol the
Hnnse of ('onnnons, tho Peers would undoubtedly recede from the ground they have juet
taken. Bui iiw.y are not Likely to be .shaken
hy anything l< is decisive tban national a ver*
diet on the point they ha va raised*—JVem
York Sru.
uld enable him to ride straight
hits Ib'iis,-.    He  baa not secured
st iml. and undoubtedly pull a
larger than auy in Lepenuent can*
ever obtained bufore.     The ques-
i b party will he draw must from!
irwer is the democrats, as be Is
popular with tbe Irish and will rec/ivethat
vote, part ul vbioh would bolt  from  Cleveland in an} ease.    As regards the democratic
platform, no man can understand it,      it i*
full "i  negati    -, and what the party  will
uot do i- cleaivi tba'  wl -f   it will   do if  it
gets the chance.
Outsiile  "f  \> Uti      there
in Nea V''
aeason.    VValli; b ■•
week, but lint J"1   tb
young Georgia  girl      -| H
taken it foi an indi I
i     to offer for Sale, in Shares.
LOT 104, GROUP 1,
130 ACRB81
■:.   : .   e I   :      lly fiitfl
att E,   ;i'i'i't  three q tarters of a
■ otxi  ■
as tothe muc ss of a bea liuaaian scheme I cannot account foi
for reaching ths North Pole by means of electricity or inagm
sledgu,  itartiag from tbe Siberian islands   in that dire tion, lolds a
and h i\ ing depots at interval', inasmuch as in ber baud, and \. Idle she is smiling and
the m rst ifitln ; n part i f the island is 000 n >t at alls xi rtiug hers* III ■■■ • ■ f the strongest
nautical miles fmm tbe Pole: and, judging athlete* m N'ew York unil Brooklyn cannot,
Ity the appearance in othei parts, it would take il from ber. N y, more, she makes
be no easy matter to baul ifedges over the them dance round till ihey an i xhausted
bummooky ice. ,iu<i beartilj nuiiaui d of themselves.   She
An amusing incident occurred iti ono • f' luU ■ tw" unndred 11 "','1 man tothe c lilinfj
r-jielaw courts  in   London  the other day.   or»»*'igh as bei res Li i ill oaiTy bim, witb
Mr. Justice Lopez entered the oonrt O'  ii pied per  littl g«r,   and  could  m. it with i
bv Justices Pfei   snd  Maniety and stated  straw if it werei strong enough.   The  scien
th,t he bad been put d >wn by the Associate | tisti are puzzled
-uinnlslitng thepuh.T- - I '^rrp-ne^ffe,
immense and  mysti  ious   ■■-.       m     ;. i:      ';.
The props throughout Prussia are unusually   and.
A fife on thequavsat  Smyrna,   Turkey*,
cau "I damnae t     I
hm lit"-n dnvasteti
k'ropa di ll toyed.
A party of t"i
h heiif)I'd liy an i
and ime ol them   i
Mr. Tnlt. win
our streets, in tho dim and shadowy hours
of twilight. AIoh! in tin's transitory spln-ro
We sneel but to part, ami tln-u^h it oarves
our large--iiZ4«l six-bit bonrt in twain, we
lobmil to the inevitable, and opr "b^t, foml
lingering" farewell floats out upon the morning breeze.     Ta ta, ta ta !
New Ri'atioserv Htork.—As will be aeon
sew he re in our columns, Mr.  Zed S. Hall,
rraerlv of Port Moody, has opened a book
id  stationery  store   on  Columbia street,
ew Westminster.     We  congratulate  both
Hall and the people of this district on
e event.    The high  reputation of the for-
ner has   preceded him to this coast; and we
earn from those who have had best oppor-
Initiee of knowing him, both in tbo Eastern
roviuces and the Western States, that he
not only a thorough master of his business
all iU details, but  has always been noted
k his atriut business habits and unswerving
Integrity.    We anticipate that Mr. Hall will
hieve a   signal   success   in this his new
A New Doctor.—Dr.  H.  E.  Langis,  a
aduate of Victoria College,  Montreal, and
Noently in practice at Port Arthur Ont.,
hs taken up his abode iu Port Moody, and
pa openod an office in O.   K.   Coon's drug
lore, adjoining the Klgin House.    Speaking
his removal from Port Arthnr, the "Daily
eatinel" of July 3rd, says:-"Dr. H. K. Lan-
s leaves Port Arthur to morrow for  Vie*
»ria, B. C., where he will take up  his per-
anent residence.     Since his arrival  here
ore than a year ago, he  haa been   a very
tecftseful practitioner, and has made many
Lends.    He interested himself in a promiu-
way with the establishment of the hos-
|tol here,   ami   waa   the   first  attending
ysiciao 'tion.    We wish the
|rtby d'■'. "i   euccrsa in his new   field of j certainly hns no reference
^^1 | question.
We arc inucb gratilied iu being able to inform onr readers that Port Moody, or rather
the North  Ann,   has  bean definitely fixed
upon by the liuperinliinverimuntas the site
for the new Graving Dock, nnd   that operations for its const!uciioii   will soon  commence.     We lisve this information from a
gentleiqan in an official position, who hns received a letter to that effect.     This will at
once cast to the winds all tho nonsense  industriously got up by laud jobbers respecting
some mythical branch of the C P. K., which
it supposed as likely  to be constructed to
Knglish Bay.    It is very likely that a knowledge of this fact lias impelled tbe b. biers of
laud   at   the   bust named   place  to  make a
air-rema effort to get riil of their property.
Thay are perfectly aware that after works of
importance arc commenced at Port Moody,
all hopes of Belling at anything like   a   high
price will have vanianed forever, and all hope
of purchasing lots at Port Moody, at   prices
tliey esteem their proper value, will have dis
appeared.    The establishment of the   naval
depot at Port Moody has been kept carefully
out of sight by these Knglish Buy   land-holders,   and   tho  fact   we arc now statiug will
I* a sad blow to tbem, but,   of   course,   we
can't, help that. We note that the "Colonist"
tries to deceive the public with the absurdity
that   Mr.   Chapleau is coming   to this Province in relation to   the  Chineae  question.
Surely,   no   one   could lie impowd upon hy
such   ridioulous   nonsense,      Mr. Chaploau
comes, very probably, to endeavor to make
some compromise about the Esquimau dock,
and he may achieve   this by throwing   open
tbe lands in the railway belt   on the  mainland, or by giving the present local   government a little more money to enable them to
buy votes for the coming election.    Whatever   Mr.   Chapleau s   mission   may   lie, it
t^   the   Chinese
i ne bn
. I    V*
Robert Henry i
Lord Lyttb-ton, ws s
Edith Buntley, dang iter of l
the celebrated barit ■  singer.
A cockflgfat took place on a steamer in Dublin Bay to escape interruption by the polioe,
The Empress of China bas sanctioned a
railway from Tientsin to Poking. The materials base been pottstr-ucted   in  Oerntany
and shipped.
Elaborate preparations are being made in
London Fnr the production of Meyer's opera
.V/'/"/.f. 'The stenery is novel, one of the
features lieing a curtain worked by steam on
a new principle.
A man WSJ trijd in Dublin for polygamy.
He Was the posecssor of five wives. The
vcrdiet returned was "insane with regird to
his matrimonial engagements," and he was
cunsigucd to an asylum.
vl'ho locust in several districts of south
Russia arc c >m mitt ing frightful ravages. In
Kli/avetgrad the peasants have just received
areward from the Imperial Agricultural Society for the destruction of 1,700,000 of these
An improvement which will alter the appearance ol ibe inner town is in contemplation in BltIui. The Cuter dvn Linden is to
lie prolonged eastward by a new atreet passing bet*oen the Castle and the Cathciir.il,
and ending in Alexander square. It is to be
called Kaiser-Willielm strasse.
A case of Cihazeeism is reported from Thai,
ii. India,. A man ran amuck in a small village occupied by railway workman. He was
caught, sent to Thai, aud confined in a
to sit there, bnt found that he was not wanted ns the Icarin i Judges mentioned were
engaged in hearii . n new trial. Mr. Justice
Le •'■/■ then nake.1 if there was a possibility
of getting a jury, for hiin, and went ont in
sea '''li of ;i com ■ and eases to try,
To-Spirituah-N have discovered bow iti-
tha*. when rude investigators grab and bold
a materialised spirit, the cap tu rod form often
pro, is to b ■ tin' 'I the medium. In these
eaten lhe "Banner of Light'1 oxplains,
"W! it was int> ii-li'ii to be a tn tterialisstioo
at tbe outset on!\ reaches a transfiguration
of the mediums body.' T!ni- n corporeal
form is made to take on the semblance of a
departed person and the editor thinks it
verv i.iiinst t* sccuee mediums of fraud iu
the matter,
Th* situation "i" the Portngese In Guinea
i   verj critical   I he revolution ofthe bU
m in li i tad al' i 11 I ooni I I irable import inoe
nv nonthi I ek, has not been put down.
On the-contrary, letters from tha province
of lb i wi state tlint the on] ■ gunboat on that
itfiti m- the Barret ■. has been captured by
f be i ii |tnts, the > ran escaping in the
boats. T.ie iu ral i ITeot ol the abandonment
i.i i ■ i ■ Mai ahd ths daisy iu pnttii | d a o
' • aie likely to piws di Nitrous ter
Poi tn ial. Tin entire Portugess press ad
mil- tnls ami mgea tin'' on eminent to adopt
suerg i:   Dtaoaarw without further delay.
Sir Spencer Wells hns written to a medical journal concerning the important matter
of  operating  upon,  or removing, diseased
lungs ■ r potions of tbem.    lie believes that
sojajj [fl ^'tjrjM'Wirit -'^ in mart these oner*
ah n.i by pr'.-o'ic'- upuTTthe cadaver, aiul, if
need be, u|bn living animals.      In speaking
<»f the remarkable experiments iu bun,' extir-
pition by I'r. Kiondi of Naples, Sir Spencer
says: "Of ICt operations on O.i animals, .10
wen followed by recovery; of 67, wiiere one *  -a -   * -
sutire long vaa wmoveel, 30 recovered; and j its object in the first instanjie,
I timhaj py toinfi nn yon thai prize Sighting
bos n -; tit a i t*back here last ■* i ek, John
I..   "     ii in, Ik ston   b1 agger,    with
or iifty i, t.' : -,'i.: _ cooes, ar
rivedl in thi "Hub," an I soon after tbe
baiiadishman Mil hell, i ith bis h&rd-looking
i i   :    . Be fori night i
' five tin >     ,i . ■[ :: i ,  .,-   ;,.,i l< !■ rs sn iggi red
.,: reets md ten thousfl id doll an
■ \ ,    i lighl    Wai
with .., ad it is well
kni wn gl    i res  y more dai   i
oak id !.-: .    V blow fi  in tb<  List   is   loi al,
one from I be glovi Ll over tb
and in fact a light wi
t ban  w itb   lists.    Kum i - n the
murning iii.it Sulli\ an    ■■■ diitiking,   i    I
new spaper   reporters dl about
liim as r tin* fact \\., 10I i t ion d impel I  i
"i H,.i. i,     ■ ii    bj    :i	
I.  in i ei   [ Inks a \u n i. ■        to d
will bi i !. band all i
into -i oo ked bat in in tie was
• ni hand, sure i uouj
was 'ii unk,    Hs h id thi make
s In icupping spi i ch, b o, "John L. Sullivan
nei er diaapp    ited anj   ni ■ ' he said,
"bnt" and then withdrew with scow I.
Tb ■ audit I, ii. how Bver, Id ti il gi I thi ii
110,000 back, and aa much thi bettei
.Mitchell, too, whined that he was bad with
malaria, but promiasd they would soon see
i]    ■-
The Tor,mt.' Lacrosse Club  after  heating |
the renowned Shamrock ol Montreal* for the I
third time,  accepted a challenge   from   tbe I
American Lacrosse   Club,   and   vanguiahfrd
Ehem yesterday in the Queen city  with the]
greatest   nf  ease.     It   will  be a longtime
before Americans can hope to face Canadians
at lacroSSe or at rowing.
It is said if Blaine be elected be will pursue
a vigorous foreign policy ami   make   Canada
»4j Wiittrf, or tlie end of
the Nt ■
ft is .. arl; Levt 1 land, easily
cleared ; the North Koad runs
along one side of it, and Clarke's
Road clos  to the other side.
The adjoining property is held
at from $600 per acre.; np. Price,
1300 per acre, in shares of not less
thun 5 acres.
For terms of payment and other
particulars, apply to
Land Agent.
Columbia St.,  New Westminster*.*
f tht Harbor, luitabli   fur WhnrM
tnd \\ trahoiitai, i Ion lo Bailway.
Valuable Land
On Harbor.    Admirably adapted for Ship*
building, Foundry or Manufacturing
urn nn'iiE acre!
In favrrublo positions, closatil thel'crminuS/
The Sanitary authorities in tlio Atlantic
cities are taking vigorous precautions against
the introduction of cholera irom Prance.
Cholera in that country isspresding, and, it
IS feared, will travel all over Europe ere its
jury has been spent.
Mr. iHadstone will prorogue Parliament
till the 20tb Oct. t by which time he thinks
tbe Lords "ill have repented of their action
ami pass the Franchise Bill. Otherwise,
then a dissolution and a radical crusade
against the Peers.
Mr. O'Brien, M.r., for Mallow, Ireland,
has emerged victorious from his conflict with
the Dublin Castle officials, whom he accused
languished somewhat more - of unnatural crimen. Two of them, Corn-
| wall and French, have Red, ami the l.overa-
mant mterids prosecuting the others. O'Brien
is becoming more popular then   1'arnell.
The heat here is not su intense as   it
been, but it is great, nevertheless.
in Avail osaes where the apices, or only on
lol>e were removed, all recovered."
A onrions lecident nanpeusd in the royal
enelosniv nn the Asiot Cup .lay. A lady's*,
dress was discovered to be on tire, and if it
had not been bu* the presence of Lord Ham*
wicke and some other bystanders, who
promptly e\tuii;uished the blaze with their
overcoats, ths consequence might have been
exceedingly serious* The cause of the tire
was a lighted match carelessly thrown d >wu
by some one after lighting his cigar. Oddly
enough, the accident was repeated on the
following day iu a pre« isely similar fashion,
only that on the second occasion the tire was
tb'tih tod and
Attention is given to the singular theory
in Condon that "mind reading, as of late
exhibited, is based on tlie muscular action uf
the hand. At a recent sitting of savants
and amateurs an expert demonstrated, in a
manner wholly satisfactory to the spectators
Us interesting proficiency iu muscle reading.
Though   he  admitted  that  he  could  not
confined in a. guard , -. 1 -*n^^^^H^^^^     i   i
_~ _     *.t#w. i      .   .. „..   l.. .    *„..   i ■ sui'te-'.i ;ig;un*-t determined opinion, aud de
room.    Breaking away, he snatched a   ten-1   .      , .. r*5 ... .   . r        '.
try's bayonet and stabbed him severely, but
befpre be coalU attack any other persons
was shot and bis body burned.
A|French officer haa invented a device to
save* life from tire. It can readily be attached
to every kind of belt used iu gymnastic exercises, and furnished further with a cord,
the person thus equipped can lower himself
with any speed desired.
The 1'rince of Wale a health is not good.
HohaaUkoii oi king, in which
I he hopes to ic foi some lime.
tared it impossible to rend abstract thoughts,
iin sue e.-s ,nuniting bis direct efforts   was
A woman has jiiit set all Germany by the
ears. She came to Klberfcld, a few miles
from Wiesbaden. She bad in ber possession
four boxes. Xow, tbis number ii not extra-
ordinary. Most ladies require as many to
carry their wardrobe.    But the police at El*
surprising  He says that the delicate muscles ■ berteld looked on the lady's property with a
of   the   hand   respond   t i   tbe  processes of ■ suspicious eve and tban arrested her     They
thought, that mental action has its corres-
poudencc iu muscular movement, aud that
where the mind is directed to the contemplation of u particular object or material fact,
there is produced a disturbance of minute
muscular forces w hich an adept con   detect,
found that her Iwxes were filled with explosives, and they Iwlieved her intention was to
cause an explosion at Wiesbaden, to which
place the IJnporor of Germany was about to
pay ** visit. The dread of Nihilists entertained at the German court may be   inferred
and from whieh he may receive a guiding ■ when the Tageblati sgyathal the visit of the
impulse in his own mind, tJiough its i-iUuenc;l Kinpirjr t> Vvicsbideu woaahaudonedou ac-
\h unconscious. | count of this discovery.
Town Lots and Land
In tlio Cit.y & District of New Westminster.
Will ifo well t,- apply to
Land Agent,
P. O. Rox ) Columbia St, Now Westminster,
No. 39.   (
Fred.   Eickhoff
T>i?y   Goods
&c., &o.
nt fisNBtH |nunj|
AM1     AT
Moderate   i l*t©*
Front   and Btgbie oticc's,
Hicliard St., NewUestminstBr
Manufacturers and Dealers in
nil kinds of
Rough & Dressed
Orders from the Country
Promptly Filled,
of quantity and cost  of  material  for
building   carefully   prepared
free of charge.
MENNIE   -   -   -   Agent
:b. o.
With the N. W. & P.
M. Telephone Co.
Tie Afirliainaie a dirty nice. In tlii*
tliey present a iwitrast to tbe Hindoo*.
atbo ure, jM-rliiim, tbe (leanest people
in the world, 'i'he climate of Afghani*
tan mold in the winter, and pi-rliaps
iheir wild life mav have miniithiiiK to
rlo with it. They liavcvuch an abhor-
rence of water that tliey never briiii/ it
in contact with their bodie*. liein*;
Mohamniedaim they are IkjuikI to do
certain ablutions by their faith, but
ih.-v find fiibstituteii, which are allowed
instead of water. There in one 'rilie
which ntaonly tlirce i„-» gunnel,I* In
a life-time, tlie garment being in each
case a blanket. The fiiat iB giieu at
birth, the ■Monti nt marriage, the third
befoie thev die. Kach blanket is 1111-
demtood to have been cenMelessly worn
till ever.-* entitle Ihe wearer M I "*•*■
MM, t'lean cliihe* and tbe washing of
them are not entire v unkiinwii in Af-
ghaniatan, for tliey have a term uliii-h
impliea a L'e'itleman; and it is ohtrse-
terietic. They call him a SuiT.iid lYish,
which means white or clean dress,
It is asserted on eminent eiigineerini.'
authority that the best wood yet discovered for railway sleepers is '.apote,
used for this purpose in Mexico. It is
essentially a tropical timber, ami is exceedingly durable for outdoor or indoor
work, above or below ground. Hamples
of this wood taken out of buildings said
to have been ere,-led mora than two
centuries ngo did not show the slightest
indication of decay, the wood bein^ as
sound as on the day it was put into the
building. In color this wood is nearly
as dar*k aa logwood, is very heavy, and
sinks in water, and so hard lhat the
boring of tho holes for the spikes and
forming the groves for (he rails is very
laborious woik. It appears to be almost
im pervious lo decay, but has a tendency
to split if exposed to Ihe heat of a tropical sun for a few months; for which
reason the zapote Bleepcrs have to be
kept equally covered with ballast.
It would appear that iu Russia, as
well as in many other countries, a lock
of hair is considered n signal pledge of
the tender passion. Mile. Alice, the
favorite Parisian actress, glories in the
possession of unburn ringlets, and would
not purt with one of them for less than
a duchy. Two Russian noblemen, the
Count tie L. anil Haron M., wero both
suitors for the lady's smiles, and both
happened to have hair of the same
golden hue, as that of that of their mutual dtilcinea. Kach begged a lock of
her hair in exchange for a lock of his
own, to which the charming creature
readily ussented; and, without touching
a single tuft of her head, managed to
elfect an exchange of parcels, by whieh
each gentlemin received it, curl of his
rival's capilaries. The Count now wears
.he Baron's hair next his heart, and the
Baron sleeps with the Count's scalp
lock under his pillow.
The Kmperor of Aniiani has a large
iece of water in his palace, in which
e keeps his reserve treasure, to be
touched only in case of absolute necessity. The money not intended for use
is placed in the hollowed-oiit trun'is of
trees, which are thrown into the water.
To keep away thieves and prevent the
King himself from King tempted to
draw upon this reserve fund without
sufficient cause, a nunitwr ot crocodiles
are kept in the water, their presence
and thi rertainl of being eaten alive
lis wholesome rwtraiuer and
Insuring the security of the royal treasure in a most effectual manner,   When
it becomes InditpenaabJa to draT*   upon
ihis novel style of bank  tho   crouodllea
Uinve ' lodjh.it this tun  bo dor,,
only with the Kmperor1 p ruiiselcmanil
after lie- matter has been duly approval] by r ol
Ai-i-oi-o'.-,/ to a rtuiiM,- devised i,*e
mod for maklnggoatamer waterproof fabrics, io a* mora effectually to realize
the quality of impermeability, thu material is immersed, while hot, in u compound nf boiled linseed oil, lampblack,
litharge, and a suitable drier, all mixed
together in due proportions; ami, a
thorough drying being effected, the
article is placed on a mould, and a coating ofthe mixture applied with a lirush
or sponge, and rubbed quite smooth by
the bund. After drying, thu fabric is
again placed on the mould and rubbed
down with pumice stone. In the same
milliner a third coating ofthe mixture
is applied.
At Mr. Stuart Cumberland's exhibition of thought reading in one of the
rooms of the House of Commons on ilie
evening of June 20, Mr. Warhiy announced that the Prime Minister would
think of a number which .Mr. Cumberland, was to read off tiguru by figure.
Mr. Cumberland, having blindfolded
himself, took the Prime Minister's hand
and read off successively, without hesitation and in n clear voice, the figures
.Iflfl, which Mr. Gladstone declared to be
correct. The feat caused much amusement, und Mr. Cumberland, whnseemed
considerably exhausted by the experiments, was loudly cheered.
The Oovcrnment of India have received tho reports of the preliminary
examination of the oil-hearing strata
which exist in the neighborhood of SIM.
The professional reports are so oiicour-
agiug that the Government have determined to prncnro from Kngland the necessary machinery for boring operation!
These will begin next winter, and will
be conducted on an extensive scale. If
the result justify the sanguine hopes
entertained, the discovery will be one
of importance in relation to Indian industrial development and tho solution
ofthe Central Asian question.
Aa action has been brought by M. Aid.
Duui**,*7i against the painter J*c let, whom
he accuses of reproducing hi* feat ires iu the
water-r'olnr drawing. "The Jew Merchant of
Bag.lad." The couiuel for the plaiirtil! asked
the Court to restrain M. Jacquet from exhibiting iii public or .t-lline hi*picture, which
was a libel ou M. Dumaa n'lV It w** *l*o
•ought to uiakeM. Jacquet pay th. costs of
actum with heavy damages. M. .'sequel's
counsel contended that his client !,n<l * jwr-
f,.-ct right to do »s he did, and *■ hid been
done by other painters before, hiui. Horace
V'inet had painted under the guise "f a J«w
iu his picture, "La Prise de La Nnala," a
well-known banker with whom lie had a
quarrel. There wa* no lilicl ever thought of
then. Moreover, the feature of M. iJuiiias
rili were, ao to apeak a kind of public property. According to an opinion expressed
by the pre.idiug Judge, there was in, libel
involved iu the proceeding of M. -)*cijuct.
It was simply a mischievous  joke
La Lantern* has a remarkable story about
the "Sunahi-ain" diamond, suggwWnl by  the
exhibit! ,f precious stones at Park      In
l8ftV> a diamond valued al over gfilKI.OOO was
found iu a Chilian i„,u.- nc»r enrarnte*. It*.
owner, Mr. Joam Pareso, hawked it about
Kurope, aad at length found a purchaser lu
,,'iinri Victoria. It was put into tire hands
of a Bond street, London, jeweller to be set,
and for eight days wa* eihiliited in his
window. One fine morning the jeweller
found the case in which it was specially set
apart broken und the jewel gone n, trace of
the thief could be found, and the jeweller
partially indemnified the Que, n lor hi*  lose
On the 7th of May then
lodging in .Strasburg a ma. Ji
ii.n 1'urti-iJgc.     His landl i .    j.mi-uiI t
Hud in Partridge's pocket -
wrapped in a letter, tcllin.r '     '   Ir
himself dying, wished to    [plain   iIih'
diamond tn his pocket was tl        lunab    r
which ho had stolen, bul. Irn r rlnftha   Mr.
Pareso had shown it all-,v,       ii    i. la-1
nnt,   after   all,   dared to
The   diamond   wa*   return -.        I    '.
who, of course, repaid the  jei
» » iTJLe    i 1^ sJSJMU M.     Billiard Iloom,—the latter the Handsome** Room
in the Province, furnished with the finest CAKOM and POCK hT TABLES ever imported.
The BAR will be provided with the belt of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
THK RESTAURANT is now open to the public; it is conducted em the moat
modem improved principles by a first-class Cook.
WILLIAM IN8LEY, . -       Proprietor.
The London House,
sP. IP. jNELSOlV,     I»jroi>jrletojr
A L*\MI and Wkli.-asboi'tkd Stock of
Groceries, Provisions. Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes
I     . .    .11. KISHH.
1'Alj.N ■;,--.' Hf>. i'( Kfi v ij VVHITK  I e'.xl'. olAHH, PUTTY
This Great Household Medlj
cine ranks among the lead
ing necessaries oi Lite.
These famous Pills purify ihe IILOOT
and act most poweifully, jet soothingly,
on ihe
and   BOWELS,  giving  tone,  energy,   sal
vlgoi to  the.* (rre.i  MaIN  BPKINOK <
l.lrT",.   Th". ... •eeemni'iitlMi ■
, ,,.<a falling ri Br*il in all >:*"
con.Htuilol., Iron,   .Irnlli
Ilia. retl „r weaken*rd
■Wr'alli , niriitions n, all  »ilmofi
-   nil ag**; and  •« ,
PAoflLK MMHVir-aLsi-
AMERIf A      I   ■
.:.* "''• ...ll'il.V   AtTKNUKIi TO.
Lots offered in everv
portion of the town-
site; also a few desirable Estates in
the immediate vicin-
itv of Port Moody.
A young Berlin Btudent the other day
paraded about one ofthe most frequented streets of Berlin in a lady's white
petticoat and a red-feather hat, with
sunshade held gracefully aloft. The
yomiffinan bad made a wager to walk
from his residence toa favorite students-
haunt in the centre ofthe town adorned
with the above mentioned costume. His
courage did not meet with due reward,
for long before his goal was reached he
had to seek refuge from the crowd in th«
nearest house, whence, without the un
wonted gard, he emerged after the
crowd had been dispersed hy the police.
What isclaimed to ho a valuable rust
protector is among (lit-recent German in
ventions. It consists of ordinary oil paint
mixed with ten per cent, of buriied magnesia, baryta, or strontia, as well as
mineral oil. This neutralizes tho free
acid ofthe paint, and the alkaline reaction protects the iron from rust.
Mark PatUson, the well-known rector
of Lincoln College, at the University at
Oxford,, has deposited in the Bodleimi
Librarr a box containing the greater
part oflrh papers, with the condition
that it shall not be opened before the
year 1910.
Queen Victoria on June 20 entered
upon the 48th year of her reign, a
period which has been exceeded by
three Knglish sovereigns only, viz,
Henry III., Edwvird III., and George
III., who reigned 50, 50, and 00 years
Experiments made by M. Mnntz with
various kinds of water—spring, river
sea, and rain water, also snow—prove
that alcohol may be found in a.l, except
n pure spring  water.
An old custom called the H titling ol the
Wren in nt ill olmurved in tho luie of Man, A
fairy who exerted a baleful iutluenco over
the island wan pursued hy h knight, nnd
only cue aped in the moment of extreme
hazard hy assuming the form of n wren. In
consemicnee of this, ou the specific anniver*
sury the islanders devoted tlu-ir energien to
the extirpation of tho fairy, and wrens were
pursued, pelted, and fired at without mercy,
The feathers were preserved with reliiji >us
care, tlie belief being that they had a peculiar
charm in preserving their posbcsBors from
shipwreck. Any fisherman who proceeded
to ien without such a safeguard was considered exceedingly foolhardy. At the present
time, on thu morrow of (/hustmas Day,
groups of bnyB proceed from door to dour
carrying a wren suspended iu the centre of
two hoops, which are decorated with evergreens and ribbons. The hoys pluck the
feathers from the unfortunate bird uud give
one to each lilw-rally disposed householder,
singing meanwhile a rhyme, of which the
burden is;
Wu liuiitt-d the "wnu" for Itobbtn 'he Dubbin.
.T« tiiintu'l the wraii fur Jnrk of tbe < -n.
We bunt d tin- l»r**l f-ir H'bUn tbe IMibin.
Wu I.un■ im! i ht- .Trail ior every 'me.
The Glasgow correspondent of the London
Warehousemen's Journal writes: AHclnsnesnro
beginning to fuel the depression whieh exists
|q nhipping and shipbuilding.      Uovan   and
l'iii ti-'k, two great suburbs of   Ulusgow,   on
tho Clyde, have some 7,01)0  workmen   idle,
und  the most of those   who    are  employed     .iiv    work in;;   smut   time;   at     ■ <re"ii-
ock   tboal    ..  .-I   %n   purt ut bi ,
Thgej j 1,000 are ucirried men wbo  are   ini-
• ' - ahVUliag to leave fbe rliftrioti »'
ti        A   month   or go ago thu   wu
■ 9 tliat number i   k unnl a   pr<
dicuiir.Uw,  [>ut Itm   youu($6C'~4*M|ij   iiMsjMirrii-d
have goii't eonth ana elaet h<rt« <u  Mut&h
employ wm '
Mr, Albort Rharpe writes t ■  tba   . ■
Daily /VffiM thai, wand who suffer"
years severely with sumunT catarrh and hay
asthma, he determined to try the experiment
of tukiug a pinch uf BtrongiScotcliHiiurT whenever the sneezing was violent; this seemed to
have the effect of relieving the paroxysms,
aud he fait convinced that by taking snuff
before Mi*- attack made itsapp-'araucc in the
spring i* would help to ttay its seventy.
Ho passed through the first simsiui with Hcar-
eely any symptoms of sneezing and without
a sign of asthma, and by persevering with
■nun taking again as thu next season caine
round it bad a similar effect. Now, for more
than six years lie >W not had an attack of
cithor tmeeziug or hay asthma.
Of the four principal leadorsof the Anarchist
party in France, three are at present tu prison—Prince Kiapntkin and "companion*-,"
Guutier and Crie. thu sole champion of unlimited freedom at liberty being M, Klisee
Hoclus, the eminent geograpter. The designation citizen, it mny be ofavtrved, implying
as it does a settled social orgntiizattnn, with
its accompanying checks und restraints, has
long since being discarded by thu modern
revolutionaries, ThePriuceuud M. (iau-tter
will shortly be restored to society, M. (ircvy
having announced his intention of granting
them their liberty ou the occasion nf the next
recurrence of the National Kete, six weeks
hence, "Companion" Crie, whoil described
tm •* singularly mild muunnrcil, amiable man,
was sentenced only a month ago tn a year's
impiiHonmuut for the systematic advocacy
of murder and arson as a mode of bringing
tho bourgeois to their senses. "Citizen
Morphy—-he is only a Socialist-may possibly
profit hy the lYutudcut's clemency on the
sann* occasion. As his niine implies, lie is
of Irish descent—-perhaps, indeed, of Irish
birth. According to the Matin, .he only renounced his nationality (juite recsutly. "I
did it," bl is rep •' ' '
escape han^M g. They still keep up* tbe
practice iu Kngland/ ***
The n„rt'   : r
ofthe Mo8,,-.i. ,,   , „lgh   .,„
integral portion ol th* republic nf Nicaragua,
tho Government exercises but a nominal
control over it. By treaty witli the British
Cabinet, Nicaragua acknowlwlglu the Mosquito King aa sovereign of this strip of land,
anil agreed to pay him a suhsidt' of $7,000
per annum. When tliat particular king kill,
eil himself through rumrliinkinj), the English
missionaries elected un illegitimate son of the
royal family to succeed him. Since'that
epoch the Nicaraguan Government has ceased
to pay the stipulated subsidy, although it
figures in each appropriation.  •
FALES & COT^TV Proprietors
Cutlery, Hardware, Glassware, Lamps, Willow-ware, Etc,
inspect our stock Terms Cash
General   Merchandise
Chas. McDonoug-h
Mo:j i's cfc J3oy's   *« ixlts
And 1 i,ii-iii vriiii-ty ol articles necessary for a household.    He lias also,
Such of the Egyptian peasants as havo
received some little culture know that the
waters of the Nile come from the "land of
the dark men"—from the mountains of Abyssinia. In the year 1874, at the time of the
war with Abyssinia, it happened that the
Nile was slow to rise, anrl the opinion was
expressed that the King of Daln-seh was fill-
filling an ancient threat of Ethiopian kings
to lead off the Nile before its entrance into
Egypt, through a canal into the Red Sea.
But the inhabitant of the more isolated inland villages has not even such lights as
these. Should you ask him as to the Nile
and its origin he would, with a grateful
glance toward heaven, answer, simply, "Min
Allah!" that is, from God, or from   heaven.
The map publishers have all they can do
to keep up with the times. The progress of
exploration the changes in frontiers, and the
building of new cities and towns make an
old atlas as inadequate for to-day's use as s,
laat year's newspaper. The map of Africa is
changing more rapidly than that of any
other part of the world. Many explorers
and pioneers there, supported by Governments, geographical aocietiet, or missionary
agencies, are all the while adding new facts
t> geographical knowledge.
N. 11.— I'nrni Prxluce bought fit market rntes or sold on commission.
Tit-*-   >r.!, ,3 from tho interior promptly attended to. «12
that l.o is constantly receiving from Europe shipments of clinic*
Wines,    Spirits,    Liqueurs,
London and Dublin Stout,
IN BOND   or   DUTY  PAIDig$g
Caledonia Hotel
announcing Unit the' House ia now completed with every convenience for the traveling public. THE TABLES are well supplied with
. very article in season, and THE BAR is provided with a well-selected
fjtook of
THE BEDS are well aired, and THE STABLING is extensive
and the best of Feed alwaya ?eudy for Horses.
It may be well to remind visitors that this Hotel is within a few
minutes walk of the Railway Wharf and Station, and just at the
Terminus of the New Road, i>ow in course of construction.
GUESTS may depend on receiving every attention and a hearty
welcome from the undersigned, whose long experience is a guarantee
of everything being comfortable and satisfactory.
J. T. SCOTT, Manager.
Port Moody
Qoken Strrkt, Port Moouv.    .
that he  is now thoroughly  -
lisheil in business at the Tonnlrms of too ('.
P. R., anil ia prepared to make ami ritpair
Boots and Shoes at ,ixccedint:ly lo'.v rate.".
Moody Shingle Mill, where the  best
ol Shingles can be had at the lowest prices,
wholesale or rtrta.il.-
A supply kept constantly on hand1.
Carpenter # Buil der.
Fitting up of Stores And Offices a
Specialty. All Kinds of Jobuiko
Promptly Attended to.
tr plans and specifications. ■»
PORT   MOOUV,   H.  fj.
Its searching and in...i...B
ri'jpui'Utta are known
throughout the World.
For lliecua'ol HAD LEGS, Had Breaw
Old Wounds, Sores and Ulcers,
li i« an iiifnllible remedy, ll .iTeclnBll), ruiV
In I on the neck mid cl est, *a suit iino in, „t
11 OiiiesSO E THROAT, BronchiliH, t o-df.
Coughl, and i-v,n A.-'I II MA. For (il.adula,
dt/flUuga, Abtueahea, I'ilt-., FiatUIbB,
And e.erv hind of SKIN UIKEAr-E,   il
rr„v»-r t,,-e,i known i„ fuil.
Tht P1H* and Oiniihsol  nt*J   Msnufnctiir
••rl; at
And urn  „,,l  by  all v ntlor.  ol   M. di In
rliroi.glionl i|,p civiliz'-d »n I,I,will, direo ion-
fur usf in „ Hum' • ve,y 'ingiiai^e
Tin- Trade Mark* ot tliese Medlcima «r>
r uistried in Onawn. Ileucr, »n» on.
'hrouglioiii tli-- lliiir-li ]'(,K-,-H.i„iiH wi 0 ru*,.
ktnji the Amerioan iro„inerr,-ii. fo-1»>, wi'l
',e prnseouled.
t5f-P"rcliase-H shoulil look to  lb    L»t,
on ,he Tola .nil Box**,    ll iln- aildrrsi- ia l,o-
ii3t*-, Uiford Mr,',-!, London, tl,ey  *i«  «pur>
KKI'.I'   A   i-Ul.l.   AFHOHTMKNT   <ll>'
Rongh and Dressed
Port  Moody
Keopit conntantly on hand a
Htock uf tirst-cluM
Veal and  Porkr
Cobn'd Beef, Etc.
Fresh Vegetables
Soda-water Manufactorj
CIN1TY with Sod»:W»tor (plain am
tweet), Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Sarsapi
rilla; Lemon, Raspberry, and all othn
Syruptj Eetence of Ginger; Cuck-tall Mil
tureay ete.
OruiM   from   tbi Country   Cabefvu'
New Fall Goi^dsll
The Cashf bailor
Lmo* SiJcare.New WwiTfipsw*,
Ha* opened out hi* KALI. -.TUCK, a***
now prepared to exeouUi ot4tm-


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