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Port Moody Gazette May 7, 1887

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Array -THE-
£3 — *s
mNHHW sv rottT,
l    VaKIABLV   U   AbTattCl.
Al   lonimuinL-atioiis atldressed to
Tin.    llimWIB    Oitic*,     New    Weatuiin*
:.ter, h ill rfceive pn'ii.pt ..Unit.on.
VOL.  4.
PORT MOODY, B. C,   SATURDAY,   MAY   7,   1887.
Ho. 24.
Saddles a Harness-makers
Every Aiticlo in their Linr
Always iu Stock.
Singing softly to himwlf, Robert
Edtiury rod*, "over dali- and over
down" in tin. sweet .tilltn ss of the
July niglii llanlly a lireath of air
was stirring in the branches of the
trees. Now and then in invisible night
bird piped a solitary note lo keep bim
company, and soft waves of light
streamed over the, hills as the queenly
moon, well atiended by her guards,
rode indolen'ly dim n the l.roail high
way of heaven. The blue dome, hiding soft as velvet, was, like the fabled j s,.,.
path of love, .trewn thiiklv with the
gulden kisses of the stars.
As he gained the lust hill, whose sum
init gur.-il on the Utile
which was f'»r » few
destination      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and sat si In i'. a moment,   enjoying th
mtti-riug place
weeks to be his
involuntarily dn-w rtrui
lady's bracelet. It was a slender circlet
of gold, studded with crystal. The
quick movement bad unclasped it from
ber arm ; ami Robert, with a smili',
put it side by side with the withered
bunch of violet* in his pocket as he rode
" Si-1'ptre and clown I'll fling them down,'
sang Mr. Kdhury as he rode swiftly on
in the purple dusk of tb* trees. "S.-p
tre and cronn, if l hail tbem, I'd tlitig
i hem down for the one bare chance of
hearing that lovely voice once again '
He wasalone; there was no one to
.. » hiui ; and taking the violets out of
his pocket he kissed them tenderly. It
was most absurdly silly of liim to do it:
but who of us does   noi do silly things
tyre us,
Port Moody
Mi.isly Shingle Mill, whir, the  best
i.i ---iir^l'-, CO" he. lis.! at ths lowest prices,
Irb.Insole ,.r retail.
\   ii],).I) kept r
ii-HtWtlj "U hand.
.ItlHN   15. TIKKIN
ClTY Bkk** K,KY.
satabUshmsnt, ii now "tipplying many
customer" in the oity with a tint-class
(•utility cf
Lager Beer,
Which ke famishes in   Ke^t  and Hottles at
Victoria pricei..
Thu   Beer  will  be  tWt at the houses of
|MtraBl free of elmrge.
Wa3:l> k TURNER,
Real Estate A Konts.
Conveyancers iV Accountants,
l»Ol_r  MOODY   UV.'K
rTpoWM LOTS, ut tim c. I'. K. Terminal
JL     town of Port   Mo"'ly,   centrally   and
beauttfolly situated, on mora fav.irshle term*
tliim lands has ever beta "IliTi'd (or   sale, ill
tin* I'rovioce heretofore,
Api.lv to
Murray Street,
Vnn-r MnoiiY.
^^^^^_     wu bete it
-^-itltt iWp gables seemed to cut the
air over his head, and inly a strip of
green lawn, bordered by horse-chestnut
trees, separated him from the windows,
gleaming in the moonlight.
" Sceptre snd crowu ITI fling them down,
If I might "
Robert Edbury hushed his song when
he perceived, for the first time, his very
close proximity to the house and the
"The substantial home of some substantial farmer," he said to himaelf.
' I had better move on, or his daughters
may think 1 am serenading them."
Too late! Just then a window was
open softly overhead, and a lady's face
appeared at it. In the rush nf bright
moonlight   Robert caught sight of the
in the heyday of our youth's morning'
"•illy tilings 'ha* w Mm* tor " -
wards, p>-rhsps ; jus. a. _.uu (• Bdbnry
I los.'ii'il when putting the violets again
quickly away.
••So_FtresiKj-rr.>»»''H-_linu i.i,
But iiis song go', no furthri  than thst.
it died away in       a
Passing arm-in-arm down the
crowded dancing-room of the Spa the
next evening, with his friend Norton,
Robert Edbury s quick ear wus caught
by a note wliich at once arrested his
attention. He had said that he should
know that divine voice again, hear it
wherever or whenever he might, and he
was not mistaken. A certain remon
strance lay in its tone : not to say disbelief.
"J"But who could it have been, Robert,
if it was not you? It frightens ine to
think of it. It—it wss somebody of
your height and figure, li must have
been yourself, Robert."
'But 1 lell you it was nut,   Jessie.
_ive roe this one wait
Cbassdane, and then I will give you
back you' ros>-. It will Ita ri fair i-x-
ehr-ni''-. But, iiinul what 1 tell you ;
as sure U there is h In avi-n aim
the day is coming when you
ine a nisi- Dnwkad.    Come!"
The old rose-red Hush drifted over
the young girl's face ; Iii. w, rds, and
more thun all, hi. manner, inipi.■->-■■!
her as lie meant tbey should 11*- s'ood
with proffered arm courteously still
beside her, nnd, though protesting inwardly with all lur night that she
would not dance, she gave hiui her
hand and in tnothi r innim-iil ihey were
floating deliciously together to the
seductive music
When it was over, Rnlir>rt led her to
hor .,-ul near some friend*-   li.-r mother
ll  -, Hie '     -J--
Sin- look'-'l  vi-ry pale      ii
ldi< 'I OUl -r' lir
forth iu a low tremulous loin-, breaking
liisi-motional sileiii;.-. "I have come toI
you tbis evening tu rink Bit, fstebyl
saying this, t:> win or lose til. Jetate,
you must kuow bo -■ I lofi yoa how
I have loved you all uloug, from tint
very tirst night tliu* 1 -p....'- to yu,
neiih.r of us knowing tbe other Will
you not give nn- some hope ol love in
return f ao not send me from you an
utterly   broken and ill-   lirsged n.rrn '.'
Joside wss silent for a momeol   one
long cruel moment to   Robe**! Ed ary
- then the small sweet face "a^ lun.'.i
to him with gentle dignity. Id* knew
his doom beforehand, era tbe spoke tin-
'You must have known ho* ds. lea.
it was to speak to ma of this,'' she said
"You   knew, surely
vou  must   have
ii      i    .       n
j Ins pocket s fragile, gold and crystal
cadet, he held it out to her. It was
'■ the bracelet she lost that first eight of
i their neettag
"I found it   under jour window that
! night with   the violets," he said.    "It
(fell   from   your arm.    Will  you take
it back now ?"
A faint lovely tinge of red flickered
into her cheeks once more.
"No!" she answered, looking into
his dark face with tender, gentle wistful-
Hiss "1 1 don't want to recall that
night, or anything connected with it.
' You may keep it .f you like."
So be kis-ed her hand, and said farewell. But he left a whbpef behind
"When tbe roses bloom again, re-
meiiilier me."
A year went by. and no message
came. The ncond yearhesaid to himself, "Surely she will send for me now I"
Bul M.i;. aud lum. crept by, and July
i uae bl_t not one word came from
Jessie Cl.issii.iiii-. He was growing sick
with a wild and helpless despair, for he
felt how worse than use .ess it would be lo
go, uncalled : when one day a letter
raine fluttering like a white bird to hii
•'The ros.s .ire in bloom aud there is
one for you'."
mootmgnr    ivooer. caugin. sigut m    - — _■— --   ,   -
long ripple of gold-gleaming hair, and   I ahould like to know who it was.
Why don't you
Thn undersigned ii > • on hand i laryo ijuau
tity nf thn vkky iiksv CedarShlngl-M, whtoh
hu will :■"■!! in Lota to Kiiit, at prices never he-
turn heard of in Uritish 1 '<*liimbia.
Send fm- prioM  before pnrofnilng
Addrpn-n.il orders tn
• 'A/.KTTK OmrK, Port Moody.
A Farm ooutainbif 100 aorta of uplendid
land with fnrui booee, liarim slit*.la, tte.,
tlu.rt.on ---t'onvi-niKiitlv lltfltted imai schnnl
and punt oflloe -will be m>ld a 1-t.rgtin if im
medtstely pnrohued
For fiirthc- P'lrt.i'''.,i?t1^ljjAN
I'ort Mnpily.
To tho Minister ofthe Interior, Otto vv a.
I beg leave to n*i*ily for s license to cut
'limber on the west half of sscttriu 36, Town .        -^^^
-liip 40,  and  the west  halves nf sections 2 from your
and  11,   Towiinln*i 41,   New  Westininstci ' «»;««,
.luly 12, 1886.	
Notice is hereby xiven that NORMAN
FRASKll, Controctdr, Port Moody, has as-
Higned all his Roods, chattels and effects tti
too, for the banetit of his orediten. AU demands against him Ws to he made to, and
all debts due to bim to he paid to th« undersigned forthwith.
Port Moody, Oct. 98th, 1H8B
iMSi! .M.
few GMna Wash House.
Opposition Washing snd Ironing done in
First-class style.
Hefer.noes if required.
sure that the faee was lovely
any   rate, the voice was.
"Robert, dear, is it you?"
For half a minute   Robert   Edbury
was mute   with suprise, and   made no
It is you, Robert
speak 1" B_
He spake then, Ion-, and   with hesi
"How doyou know it was [f
"Of course I knew it was you."
There was a dash of petulance in the
sweet voice now. "Who elsa but you
*ould he riding and singing in that
absurd way at this hour of the night,
and halting before the house? Have
you a cold, Robert) Your voice
sounds different from wlmt it usually
does "
fwcmi _._» ... ..,„_,,..,,, ,,,',, m-v,,,(_
his wits psrtially together. "Or I may
have cracked it with singing" But
still he spoke in tbe most subdued of
tones. "I did not expect the pleasure
of speaking wiih you."
'The very idea of your coming up on
horseback at this   night   hour!    You
know you ought nnt to he   out.    Why
did you do it? Where nre you   going?
Into SpatieldC
"To be sure."
"But what for?"
"To see a fiiend."
"Who is it?" came the quick response.
"Not- not Nelly Cameron."-—with a
shade of jealousy in the tone now.
'Are the t'uiiii'i'inis receivingthis even-
"Not that I know of," return Robert
Edbury, promptly. "1 swear to you 1
was not going to see Nelly Oriiueinn
I have not spoken with a single young
lady to-day, except yourself.'
"Poor Robert I" and a little laugh
rippled lightly on the air. "But do go
You know what your health is, and
that you have no business to be riding
at this time of night. You ought to
take better care of yourself. Ynu will
he laid-up to morrow : your voice
already sounds strange and altered.
(Jood night."
"One moment," cried Robert Edbuf-y,
arnestly, as he leaped from his horse,
fsstenert the bridle tn the gate, and
stepped inside beneath the window,
where gleamed that mysterious, enchanting face. "Won't you give me
a Hower—you can easily reach that
clustering bine by your casement.
Perhaps—perhaps I shall wish to ask
you sometime io forgive me some great
offence. Won't you give me a Hower
for a token?
"How strangely you talk. Of course
I would give you a flower ; but these
are only honeysuckles, and you know
we promised to give each other nothing
but roses. But stay I'—the pretty voice
caught itself. "1 bave i. bunch of
violeison my table.    Would you   like
them I"
'Anything'.--anything tbat coiucs
trom your hands I" whispered Robert,
more sincerely than he alw.ys spoke.
The bright face disappeared a moment from the windowandthen returned
—a white hand gleamed in the    moon-
"There, take thom, and now you must
go I Quick! 1 hear some one stirring.
Suppose it should be mamma! Good
night, dear Robert."
The window was softly closed, and
in on instant after Robert was groping
for the violets in the wet grass. He
found them where they fell. But, as
they were falling, the quick eyes of
Robert Edbury had discerned something,
bright as a star, falling too. The small
strip of grass where he had stood was
entirely in ihe shade, hidden from the
light by the large horse-chestnut trees
and he had to gr.pe in the dark for this
glittering thing. An instant's search revealed it to be what   he  suspected : a
"He wus egcntkman, lam sure"—
with a stress upon the word. "You
need uot be put out, Robert."
Robert Edbury turned: aud saw close
betide him, leaningon I hut. i it he r Robert's
arm, u young girl surpassingly beautiful.
Roses mingled with the bright gold of
her hair, shone in the bosom of her dress,
and a hunch of them was somehow
intertwined with the slender gold wrist
chain ,-itiiii-l i-rI lo her fan.
Mr. Edhury caught his bieuth, as.
rurning her face, tho girl's soft violet-
blue eyes rested lor a moment unrecog
uizingly on his.
"Who is she?" he whispered eagerly
lo his friend. "How lovely she is!
What is her name ? By heaven! I
never believed in divine loveliness
before; but here it is, pure anil undetiled.
What is her name?"
- at
answer     "She snd her   mother live
the Grove, half a mile nut of town."
"A farm-house," remarked Robert.
'No, it   is not.    It looks not unlike
one.    They   are   people   of   property.
Yes, she is very pretty.    I'll introduce
you if you like."
Half au hour later Robert Edbury
was bending over the young lady's hand
in the pretty secluded gloom of a vine-
wrea'hed window. They were as much
alone as it is possible for one to be in
the heart of a busy, unheeding crowd.
The first notes of a Strnuss waltz were
beckoning the dancers, aud gay couples,
hurrying went laughing by.
"You are not engaged for the this
valse ?"    Said Robert, eagerly.
Some remembered cadence of his
voice struck the young gill's memory,
and, forgetting to answer him, she
looked at hini doubtfully. While a
rosy blush swept over her forehead,
Bbe half knew him and half did not.
"Will you let me look at your card?"
he pursued, as with perfect courtesy in
his voice and manner he took the bit of
gilt antl enamelled pasteboard, which
she hurl rucked away amid the roses at
her wrist
•'I—I half promised this dance to
Robert," she stammered, flinging a
quick glance over her shoulder into the
swaying crowd.
"Then I shall claim it," answered
the otlier Robert, with an audacious
smile. He stooped and picked up a
rosebud that had fallen, and then held
it triumphantly before the flushed and
startled face by his side.
"See!" he said, gaily; "1 saved it
from being crushed under foot. "Will
you not give it to nie?"
But she reached out her hand impulsively. *'I—I never give roses to
strangers,' she replied, with a cold,
frightened, angry air. "They are Mr.
Robert Stonor's roses. Give it back to
me, if you please."
"My name is Robert, too," he said,
in the same gaily tender voice, though
his dark face changed a little at her
frank confession. "My name is Robert,
too, Miss Chassdanc. Therefore—may
1 not claim the rose?"
The soft blue eyes, tilled with tears,
flew up and met his. She knew hiui
then. Frightened and ashamed, and
trembling from head to foot, she ro>e
impulsively to her feet: he took a step
backwards | and they stood so, facing
each other a moment in the gay, unheeding crowd.
"I know you now," gasped Jessie.
"How dare you speak to me again—
you are very presuming, sir I will not
bear it. Give me back lay flowers and
leave ine."
"Nay," he said gcntly.jbut in the tone
of a master, "is there cause for anger ?"
And in a low, reasoning, persuasive
voice, he spoke to her for some moments,
and the rising spirit was calmed. In
spite of herself, and against her will,, _.. , .
she was becoming irresistibly attracted away her hand
to this man. ' '    "l ]ov" •"-"•.
"An. you faint?'' he asked ai.xiuu.-lv.
bending ovei   her.    "Are   yoa   tired?
I get j
• i\o, noi sue eried, ...i...... ..„ ......
from him. "I am not faint -hut look
at Mr. Robert Stonor. I have offended
him. He is angry Iiecause I danced
with you. Oh. what shall I do? He
is my cousin, and has ill health, anil he
must not he excited.'
Robert Edhury turned, and sa*
standing near him that other Robert,
who threatened to be—or perhaps was
—no mean rival, His ill healih was
evident. One hand wee pressed to his
side us if to still some pain there, and
on his handsome blond face, whicli was
marked by lllnliislriknlilr traces of continued sickness, a cloud of jealous
anger rested heavily.
The eyes of the two men met, and each
knew the other for a rival.
A half smile of siorn us he looked
curled Robert Edhury's lips In a case
like this, a man has ni pity for the
ailments of another. With a grave
face he took from his pocket the rose
hud und laid it iu Miss Ohassdaue's
"Her.- is your rose " In- sniil, quietly.
"I restore it to you at your wish. But
remember what 1 said ; and believe me,
time will prove ine to be no false
Without waiting for au answer, be
bowed,utd disappeared amid the throng
of dancers,   seeking hor   no more thut
"Is Miss CIiusmIuiic engaged to that
man ? he questioned of his friend Norton.
"I believe there is no | ositive engage
it is said, objects to it."
"On what score does she object?
Money I"
"Oh no, Stonor has u small, compact
estate close by, und is well off. On
the seoroof his uncertain health. Also:
tliey are cousins."
'What is it that is il latter with
him I
••Some complication, connected with
bo'h the lungs and the heart; which, 1
conclude, renders treatment difficult."
"Do vou think Miss Ohassdane cares
for him?"
"1 don't think she loves him, Edbury
— if that's what ynu   iii'-un.    It
to me that she   likes   him   more   as a
brother.    When   eligible     attentions
are paid to girls, they feel Battered, you
know, and respond accordingly.    Nine
out of ten of tbem understand nothing
of   their   own  feelings, and   mistake \
friendship for love.    Robert Stonor and I
Hiss Ohassdane have grown up together
— have been like brother and sister.'
Frequently they met  after that,    it
was an unusually gay season at Spoti. hi,
ud I'liiertaiiiiiii'iitsaliountleil according
aie  eiigMKiv
Neither siiOm**-^^^^^^^^^^^*
of til"  lii.lii■:...   I '
I s on tl
.        tbe   ..__.j ,       o
s'ciiied to mock them   with   its swi-.'t
ness ; the clustering  shrubs  and trees
aved gently in the   summer  evening
bre. ze.
He could not speak at once ; the
sense of his hittci loss was too great.
The setting sun streamed in upon him,
lighting up his distressed face. It
seemed to hini that the great old-
fashioni'il clock in the hall licked out
the jeering words - -
"Lost! Ust!! Lost!!!
"Engaged!" he said, at length, with
a long-drawn lireath. "I did not know
it. But engagement!, wheie no love is,
have lieen bloken manv times liefore
now !'
Hush!'    cried    .lussie.    "Do   not
speak like that   again,    lt   would kill
him!    Vou do not know what you are
"Kill him "
"If li- heard it, I meant,    He says hs
tiusts nie "
''And you are sacrificing yourself _■>_
him!—for a fancy! Hear the troth,
Jessie. You care nut for Mr. Stonor,
except as a brother. Examine your
own heart, and it will lell you that you
do not. You care for me. You love
Many a half word, u half look
has betrayed it to me. Yes, my darling, it is Robert Edbury you have
learned to love ; not Roliert Biouor.
Your blushes,  my love,  are  betraying
it now.    You "
•What was that?' shrieked Jessie.
\ low, smothered sound, half   groan,
window. ' It' was so'fulfof   pain  tliat
man would not care to  hear it  twice
in a lifetime.     Before either coul I rush
out, Robert Stonor s.ooil in t.,« open
i.l'KKNSir.hhl, iiiki .suutii.
In the morningdrinking ihe\vater,or evening, and
iy- - -.- - .
making belie-1- In drink it; in 'he after
noou sauntering in ihe gardens,
or on th-- parade : in the .-veil
ing at the rooms, or at private
parties; two or three tines did Mr.
Edbury and Miss Ohassdane meet, and
linger together, and converse with each
other. Rohert Edbury s time was his
own, and he stayed on. He could bave
stayed for ever. The two 01 three
weeks' sojourn he had intended had
more than doubled itself, For he had
learnt to love her passionately ; and all
the world might see it lor ought he
carol. She. too, might sen it. if she
rhose ; but whether she did or not, he
eould nol tell, judging from the grave
and sweet dignity which sh- met and
bore back his eager attentions.
At, length there came uu evening
when he wss determined to put his
fate to the lest : to go on in this uncertainty was worse than torment,
Tliey had not. beeu much disturbed by
Roliert Stonor : a paroxysm of his coin
plaint had confined th.t gentleman to
his own home.
And so, Robert Edbury went up to
the old gtthlei, house, hefore which**his
horse had halted that lirst night, and
sought an interview with Miss Ohassdane. She was quite alone. The long
French window by which sh- sal, was
flung wid.'open,and the loured sunlight,
streaming in over her, lighted up her
fair, gold hair and the roses in her
"How beautiful she is!" he thought
as he took her hand iu his "What if
I should not win her, alter all. But I
will in-ike a h ,i-d fight for it."
Jessie looked up inquiringly into his
face.    "You are very silent," she said :
and then, catching the earnest   look in
his eyes, she blushed violently, and drew
iy her hand.
I lov- von,'  he passionately broke
- .lessi -
It was a figure never 1" b.' forgotten,
His handsome   fair face wa.  distorted
with either pain nr  anger; his pale lips
trembled ; his l"ft hand ..us pressed,
with the old familiar gesture, upon his
•'False, false that you are ! "broke at
length from bis bloodless lips, us he
BeitedJessie with his right hand, "YnU
told ine yon did not   can.  for   Robert
t.dburyl    Ynu told mi "
A pause, a stagger ; and »itli u
frightful shiver, hn fell nn the carpet
Roliert Edbury broke the fall partially,
Imt was nol qui. 1: enough t,, quite save
him from it. Jessinflew from tho room
for assist-in.--
"Robert Stonor herel" -1 ietl ti,.'
bewildered Mrs. Ohassdane, "i though!
In- was confined to bis chamber at
He had been confined to his chamber :
but, ulas, In' had crept onl of ir lhat
come up to the house to
With the fond hope of
surprising her in the usual evening
I room, he Iiml gone round t he shrubbery,
intending to enter by tin window, and
j had heard all
i    On the floor   .hor.   as   he   lay, his
head    raised   on   a   cushion   by   the
'handsof Robert Bdbnry, hedied.    The
medical men said he could not.  iu any j
case, have lived many months, if weeks,:
hut that the agitation bad killed liim
It was many loug .lavs   after   that, |
wli-ii  she had risen fr„ui tin- sn i; In-J | Surveyor,
to whiuh this slunk of sudden death had
brought ber, thai Robert Edbury came
to say faiawell to Miss Ohassdane,
The iu._rv.cw was brief, studiedly
brief, for witli tho shadow of thai ,I.-;*. 1
tnnn lying between them, speech was
diflicult to both.
■Good-bye I' she cried, reaching out
to him an attenuated hand. "1 hope
you may Iind happiness and peace '"
"But we shall meet again," cried
Robert, eagerly. "Surely—sorely—
sometime in  the future 1 may come to
"Hush I" she cried, the tears rolling
piteously down her cheeks. "You must
not speak ot that. Robert's shadow
would always come between us, as he
fell there on the floor. Wc killed him !
We killed him !" and she wrung her
pale hands together iu strong exitement.
"Stop!" said Robert Edbury, quite
sternly. "You are taking an altogether
mistaken view of the truth. Ask your
mother; ask any o.ie. But you are
week and ill yet, Jessie, and the time
has not come for me to insist ou this.
Let us think of him, poor fellow, as one
who has mercifully found peace in the
rest of death."
He stood for a moment looking with
a fond longing intothe small, sweet face
from which the summer roses had fled
with grudging haste.    Then taking from
Just Received !
'|*<HE UNIil.K.Sli;\El> respectfully is
-■- forms the citizens of Port Moody sua
vicinity than he hus just received M larg
aad varied assortment of ..essoDsble
Boots and Shoes
Ready-made Clothing
for. i   Use i
Having Ujught tlie above  Stock fur CASK,
I ..in prepared tn «» n ut the lowest
cash PRICK.
Vegetables and Fruits
A   < Ai.l.   IIKSI'l_ITI'i;i.l.Y .SOI-ICITEU
Subdivision of Lot 233
POET __v£COX2"Z".
.. „ __, HEBKBV lilVEN, THAT
.111nstailni'-iiia on l..,ti uii the shove-
named property, must 1" paid in strict cou-
formity with toe stipulations, or the sgree-
nicnti, will lie cancelled, snd ttle pay.neuti
siliv.-tilv tiiailv, forfeited.
New Wes.niimt.r, Sept  II, 1885
Erick Clay for Sale.
'...si lnicU f.-lay lain!, adjacent tn C.P.
Railway, about two milet from I'ort Moody.
Sample and  information   «-an  In* obtained
from A, 11. H0W8B,
Ktal Kstate Broker,
•Port Moody.
- I' " l'i
Canadian Pacilic Railway.
Real Estate Broker,
Etc., Etc.
Town I ,ots for sale in
every part of the
Town site.
Excellent Farms for
Suburban Properties
suitable for market
gardeners, etc.
Every information
freely given.
ST. ©lie \kti l&m Cttttte.
MAV ;. I**S7
ten   o'clock   ;•>..-.tenia y
About ten u'cl-jck j-.-Jtft.Uy rooriitug,
several men NN engaged discharging a
■cow loal of li_l.it*i oo tbe railway wharf.
One of them a p »w*-rful d_uk complex ioned
nun 0tnoo4 -*ip'rkiii».',-tO"i.«*d down, tt i. aaid
to Otim a long d-Utftr wliich Ik* e.riied iu Ida
boot, and running towards i mau atauding
oatbeerheri pmoiodod t< -tub bim in the
luck. TlM victim turn-'l mm, i md was
ijii'ckly neiteA by tht iiiurderei, by the back
oi tiie oaok and tii»* dogger waa plunged into
Ic** b ..ly i number oi tini.-s with eitraoidi
nary rapidity. The terrible deed di'l not
mmOtnpy MON than ■ few minute** in its coin-
uii-fiMn, Bo '-iiiek was tli*' action oi the
murd-e-r won M little prepared hi* the
• r.'wj for such a terrible crime in bfood
daylight, thut BO DM att.-mpted to interfere
until i fa i-i .. iiijileted hi* work :
he was then sei/ed when he ihicw tbe knife
into the livur. He told bis apton that he
only <tt-*t.r.-d to kill anothei man and was
than pMparod to di**-. The wounded nun
** l • Iffiad to tir* MTgery at Ur. Coeper.
where everything wm done tbat waa pussi-
ble under tlur ofrflimit—QOa, but death en-
mied ab-ut ten nitttttca after M was brought
iu. There are a great many stories i float
about tbo inui'l.TiM | it io aaid ho fai tho oogno
man -a lireek—who murdered poor llirria
i' Point KoIm.iI**. Hi is a very powerful
nu nnd Mom quite oaoohXt >d pei pet rating
tbo horrible erltuea attributed to him. Toe
ni-ir.Ji-r** 1 man in named J. K. Murne, a re*i-
' dent ot Semiahmoo, He is well-known In
this district aud his reputation is nut of the
nuipt savory character. He has been tn*
gaged in tbe logging business about Mud
Bay. lie i. h23 to be a \ »\a Seotian by
birth, but long domiciled in the United
States. The immediateOOOM of provocation
which led to bil murder, dooi HOI Mieni to be
very clear ; the Greek stating ai his justification, that Murne had broken up hia fatnily;
but in doubt, the facts will bu elicited when
tbe investigation tikes place. The Crand
Jurors iron summoned to lit upon tbe cane
and it will probably ht disposed of at the
present Aisize.
Ii appo un ts.it tbs murderer ii not tin- nun
known oh bin  George   tbe Greek.    He is a
man wbo Iks lived fora longtime about
Somiahmoo and hw a family. Itii stated
tbat the man—wbo calls hi'mclf William
Shearer—became acquainted with Murne
some year*, oan aud that the latter debauched
his uife with wb -in he hart be*ii living fur
some years. Shearer bad decided to kill
Morns wherevei bs mot bim. The Inqneit
mi tbs body n| Mum.: was Ifeld In-fore
Coronot Trsw sod ■ jury. After several
vrttotssei had boon heard, tli" jury brought
iu a verdict oi wilful murder and Shearer
was committed for trbli Au effort will be
made to have the 03SS tried ul the present
-Sluiid-ifid Qmwdian.
Tbs aaatero train due aa Thursday arrived
yesterday morning ; it il laid the delay was
caused by a slide at I) maid.
OOOKI or \>>i/.k.
Atll:"20 o'olock the   Hon    Mi.   Ju-ti.-•
.iittook in. -*•_.. on tbe bench ; the
registrar read the uoiuui_.__t.oi., aud tbe undernamed gentlemen were sworn ou the
flrsnd -Jury :-.l. C. 11 Mil Ming, i i.
CabU.-ii, i.. ObsMsttsa. Jamae Lord, li.
Mei'liadeu, Koderiek Macdonald, Geom
lUwlinson, C. J.   Robson,  .1    J     j
sdidavit i„ prcsc-Dtod J  *afl nuke i.
ti'-n. J
Mr. lUe-Utus  go  m   «**..    Uiv   , ,1;|1;lin,,
IgUHt Ab Jim *mWt'
Crown ywMssrtoc-loMsot to thi   \\\ ,,    " "' ,!,   '
niu.[ bovo both io, tbe dock Werary Meat ol i Jen-old,
HisI>or.khip1totheCr«Jwu FrosecuUM—   _S__Li!_? ^   ££*   f0"0^   "*» U
Will you bs roedy to pro--e.il
Winnipeg House.
The eleu.ni- snd timber nutting o» tlie »'.
I'. K. right "I w.iy st tlur innnnlt before en-
tiniinj Port Moody, i. being prossoatsd with
The stesDisr Q-, W. Elder ornvod .vestrr-
ilny morning with ''txi bsrreli ol sugar ami s
oar lomls of hide, an.l lir.itln'i for lunespolls
par C.l'.R.
The time for tlie nrrival of the through
.reins tt Vancouver li egsin past, and ItIs
nro'iiihl.  will  have   to   be ajinill poatpoueil.
tin i neighbors at the so-called terminus mu-t
Wait a llttlf longer.
Tin Italian laborers seem t', l»- quite oon-
tfltitinl ami ,'eitiiinly have no appearance of
possasafng the warlike proclivities attributed
to them, It woulil be well to have -lOiue one
i'ouiieeti,.l with the company capable of opm-
prehendlng foreigners when employed on tbe
Tub Queen's Jtrwuis. -It i» time for
our townspeople to call a meeting in order to
duly oelebrate the gie.it national holiday.
We must not be lift behind In exhibiting
our loyalty, benirlea availing ourselves of no
famous rm opportunity for nlio«ii« that
there Is life in the community.
Our weather has been vory disugreenlilc,
and unite unusual at thi. time of y.'-.r in our
vicinity. We are, however, consoled with
tii,- knowledge that it i. everywhere the
mime, both on tliir, eontiueul and in Europe,
hi the Hritiim isles, Fiance, Germany and
elsewhere it is wholly unparalleled.
Cow KiLLiiii.—A valuable .row was killed
■ill Wednesday hint by the train arriving
Irom New Westminster, ihe railway i-om-
panv have themselves to blame if by such ae-
r-idi'iitr. thuy an: mulct in heavy damages,
Iui aus -. they have no protection to the line
and consei'iiently animals ore ullowed to gn
over the rails in every direction.
Ths Vhtiikia Stkausiis. -Wc heard a
rumi.r S short time ago, that the C. P. N.
t'o.'s steamers would oome nn further than
Vancouver after the lat day of tin* month.
They are, however, still eoiniag to tins port
and appear to be well patronised. If these
-t.-..'ii -i . should o.inhnt, their visits to the
Inlet to Vancouver, it will become neoeasary |
on the part of our citizens to induce some
other steamer to carry "n the trade nnd rc-
ooive all the support that uur traders and
traveling citiz-ii-1 can give her. We aro
unite sure that a moderate slfed steamer
could make a very remunerative business ot
trading to this place.
-Molth-..i-, John Taylor, H. T. 'thrift, W. K
rtil-.iii, .1. WmteiiiuUr, .la-. Wis.-, I. T
*>oott waa elected foremiin.
Hi. Iaordahip—to the IJrand lory -Mi.
Foreman and gentlemen I am glad to aay
that the cases to come before vou lo day are
not aerioua. An Indian oharaed with killing
another Indian. Dr. Sniith the uii-dital
oHj-cr wh , . xainiucd the body will t.-ll you
that hi balleiras death waa i-aiisad liy cold
and ei|iosiire. Under the ..ircunutancea you
would be jiifctilitd in Boding a bill for manslaughter but if yuu believe that the aeooaed
did deliberat'dy coiinnit a murder y.,u will
tilul a true bill.
Tbs sheriff—,„,- Lord—TSaes are s,,mc
men in the (.rami .Jury box who were awom
but they were not summoned oaths Lranl
Jury. Two or thns nn-n who Inul Wn
•worn with the others were ord.-n >l to
Mr liole My Lord I should like to know
if the Crown intends t-. luoi-eeding at this
assizes iu the case ot the Quaes, va. Fruend ;
and Lee, charged with the murder of Harris
at Laduers Lauding.
Mr. (.'lias. Wilaou who appeared aa Crowo
prosecutor—If the pria-'iicraare not prepared
l"i- trial Mr. II',le aiiould present anathdavit:
at present I cannot say whether tin- t'ro-.vn
will proceed with the trial at this assizes or
not. 1 shall give the information required
I'V my learned friend as soon as possible.
The Court adjourned  for an tniiii.
At 1:20 o'clock the ('rand dury returned
into the i'ooit with a true bill against John
Walsh, charged with having stolen goods io
his possession.
Mr. Wilson—to his Ixndsluu—I cannot
proceed in the case against Walsh today.
After consultation with Mr. Sieivirt, chief
of the iiolice at Vancouver, Mr. Wilson
agreed to rjo on with the trial of Walsh,
Ile was placed in the dock, and the undernamed were sworn on the Petty Jury : —
11, B. Kyle, .lames Flux, Thos. "riddle,
Angus Fergussou, Davie I'.ilbriiitli, ,Ias.
(iilmore, Win. Johnston, Walter K. Ililley.
Iluiieaii   Kennedy, J.   (.'rang, A. C Beggan.
The (Irand Jury entered the Court and the
foreman said—My Lord, an Indian is indicted as John Williams, the witnesses speak
of "Jim."   Dues it make any difference *■
His Lordship -A change can Im: made in
the indictment.
Mr. Wilson—addressing the Petty Jury—
Ths Grand Jury hss retimed to find a true
bill on the first Court which charged the
prisoner Walsh with burglary ; but they
found a true bill for having stolen goods
in his possession which he knew had been
John M. Stuart, sworn -lie knows the
prisoner, and suspected him of breaking into
the police oliice at Vancouver on the '20th of
March last. John Clow was in the oflSos
that night. In the morning witness found
the desk broken, and several things missing.
Prisoner was arrested next morning at 8 o'clock, and several articles taken from the
desk were found in his possession.
His Lordship — to prisoner — You mayoress examine the witneas.
Prisoner-^Did you give uie bock my purse
aud the money ?
Witness -Thu purse ia mine.
Prisoner—Ih there a mark on that purse !
There is.    It is my purse.
Prisoner—Vou say the Court House was
broken open. Wasn't the door broken open
that night?
Witness — Tho outside door was not
Prisoner—And you accuse me of burglary?
fohn Cailagban gave me the razor which
you say is yours.
Witness—The razor is mine and was in
my possession up to the 7th of November
Inst The saiui: desk was broken open in
IJocembor and the razor and two pistols
were stolen.
Hia Lordship- to the prisoner- You may
address the jury.
Prisoner—I don't know how to begin.
What will I start on? The things claimed
by the constable are mine. That's all I've
got to iay.
The jury retired, and in lo minutes returned a verdict of guilty.
Jim Williams, an Indian, waa charged
with killing another Indian on the Port
Moody roa..
Mr. Bole represented the prisoner. The
undernamed were .worn on the Petty Jury :
VV. F. Morrison foreman, Jas. I'ni-nett,
Fred. Harrison, Patrick Byrne, Sand. Daggett, Hnbt. Clarke, .1. 0, Calhoun, A. Kyle,
Jos. Cutlue, .1. W, Lawaon. Robt. Browne,
ami Ceo. Hume.
Several Indian witnesses were examined
aud deposed that the deceased, the accused
and others of the tribe, were all intoxicated.
Mr. Bole representing the prisoner, failed in
cross examination to shake the testimony of
the witnesses and then put in n plea uf guilty
of manslaughter which waa accepted hy tlur
Crown and tho prisoner was removed,
. _ ith tin- uiur
l.r ease t -ll.'.trow *
Cr-iwu l'roft-cutor. — | hope eo.
There wn plenty to do but notbiog to bs
done, and the Court was adkxMMd for an
The jury'at 3:30 oV-lo.-k returned a in
diet of guilt) against the Chinamau charged
with stealing $400 at Port Moody.
A 10   o cluck   hia Lordahip enured   the
Court and tbe Petty J mors were called
something   'f a  mniile.   vi_ :    Tb-  Ul
feather ; atill, the scarcity et characters in ,y
ui.Led'i BBoantivai]  mme t.sl:
fora nun -.
On "lie of tho-e clear, bright afternoon., iu
the fall, pe uli. i to the Berth »• t, a buck
board   pa...el   out ot s 1 m _   southerly
dir.a.tion.     It was afar rang,   .„■! aright   time- with   .*l  •/noil   -( li-l-tilr!
have  passe I   unobserved,   but  for   a h
wlial.h.,11. ribbc-l, alpaca umbrella, that
in i .("wn to the beard, and whi, -
tli- itl.iitn.u ol the  possess  by.     ll,a-   um    ,.,.      ,,      ,. ,    .  -    •        ,,
I'll- la bad e-. I'l'-utl. i. - i. Iiai, .. ,i ....-a,. |, , ,,     Hi"' i .(-lltll'IIH H   - Sltilrrj   I.i.".'II  1- ;■
height, is hard ftnifthec. tlir..'...hunt: Una a Bar well atoeked at ull
i nf tli. choices I
.,!. I of neatneM iind comfort,
Mr. Coibouid made appii'-atiou to laie sfw_isig__M.si.uii ut tbe can -.:. when will be frmnd, for tin n--' ol ri- Canadian    lanericai.
u.-i^-.'atr" "■ u"""iter ",,,,uruwl!!:::!! rj;,':":,.^.:. ,•" t**        ■  i .^,:i,,.um,,;w,,-i: h,«
Mr Wniiai nii-Mlml llnl llu um uiialU U« 'I ■■   ui*-Iil-*.(  ruwieot t-i,.-     rinttl in   DHHBJ5 Boom U  I    ■:■ , :hm!  the table*  will nlwayn (»..*
Im adjourned   without   tba  oonmwt   of th'.*) ■*'"■ r\-2 v. .- it t.t!l 11.411, vith a nauci.'-  pun   IQpphed with tiie
OrowOs   Ca»e Uj .>•* tried at uent*n«i).i*fc.       Ioootol(aatartrai, ladioBitoofa< ihtatUa I
Ah Jim aad Ah Ja-.k wt*re nSad Bfrfl ' "' *"'''' ■" *oa\f n.lnu bttotl Ippwilnj in^li
Mr _VjI« repreifiited Ah Jack iftd aaluofoi »••»• tho Offhwth boara. lia arts ratorning
uadJMRUMot untilaut tntmtm bom*  politkalnM I u  bad  baaa
Bail to be contiuued—can.* adjuini.-d. held at tl:--   D«gUiaiiai
Ah   Duck   and   tfafM   other    iTllmnwa I*1*" **"* |   ■ ■'■     |
ifyih- an  in *%innry   mm ubl
The   Best in
The Houae baa tb.  i apaelti U
Lhe Market
:irii|llli'i.llr.ii,i|l of  SO  Klli-Hl*,
char-f-rl with aMault VST* culled. Truce ol
them appeared in ('nun, bnt Ah Hun. I sa
A Chinese interpreter aaked the three
who were   preaent— are yon   guilty.    'I'ln-y
all-W. It'l — lio.
A Petty .lury waa called.
Hia Lordship—to the Cliinaiuen -K-.-h ol
you may challenge four of  the juror..
The Chinamen, win, were not in the dock
atood up iu Court and looked at the juror.,
but made 110 objection,
Mr. Wilaon—to the jury—The .-.aa- la not
m.-.n.ir,-    a--.- iiblayi   "I   |e-.,;.i-
ti 1 Or-' t - 1 ,    an i    TtHlas    11. a
lie had   lelt the   lilla^e   l.-liji,.i.   .
^oi weil   .ai   i"   in    prairie   win-n a stiabt
sbcwsr ol cala bsgan to fall, snd ouutinttTuji
a white BOOTSBStassd  the onlimbeiing ol  the
-nmbersuma sathrsUs
tVban "p I "ui it pi' -.. •   \ iht
I .Irnill tent,
l'r.l    idea    likely   "tin. ,.    a   \-'',u^    ,a,,w.
whiih irom oiieuf the trass -darting th. rasa
Ilea uu t"    the end    ..I  tlie atli.1,    protruding
I'i'.III-    lllllllflK:
him with
of a aerioua character.     It  appear- tne   wila I throagb th* top al the umbrella IM laodio
on jt ■'.'litlllileil to balance 11.dt, lira! "II OBS
leg, then on the nllitr till at last a bright
idea seemed to strike it ami placing one eliw
firmly on the top of the nthss.' snd t. .till
further prsssresitssattHlbria-a—it seraad ita
wing., tbos appealing ilk. the Prussian
.Such a flight waa uot' lu-u aeen nu the
quiet c.until- toad, and n-t w.nider il it
afl'orded imineiiae smnsS-DSUt t-t Uie tew pea
pie who pasaed that way.
The rain having rruw Mtsed lading the modern Quuote proosfded t" lower the heirloom
bringing to view the eau-i of the- ni.-n un- nt.
and atretchiug forth in-   haml,   would   have
Tho following circular liar Iwe.i iwued by
the district passenger agent of tho C.P.K. at
Port Moody: -"The tleucriil Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church meets at Winnipeg ou
tho 9th of June. To properly accredited
(It-legates, both clerical und laymen, agents
will sell round trip tickets to Winnipeg »t
the following rates: from New Westminster
nnd all points cast to and including Donald,
at WO; and from Victoria, $45. Delegates
will have to be known personally to ticket
agent or present cei tifi-'atos shewing them to
be regular authorised delegates to tho As
sombly. I.xchango tickets form 100 will be
user!, Agents selling from May 24th to June
8th, limiting tickets good to return on or
before July loth, 1887. Require signature
on back of tickets, witness same in regular
manner and be particular to instruct purchasers to present their tickets at Winnipeg
for .-xehangu.
Tub Calamit. AT Nanaimo. — The
terrible disaster that ocein-ied at the Van .
couver Co'a. mine by which about one hundred aud seventy human beings were
hurried into eternity, must deeply impress
every community in the Province. When
we consider the terrible grief iclt by the
widows, children and other relations of the
unfortunate men, and the consequent
deprivation of the means of livelihood
sulie-red by those who were dopeirdentou them,
Ws cannot help feclina tbo stningest sympathy for the survivors. It will be a graceful act, and in reality a duty incumbent on
on us, to fet up some entertainment, aside
from an individual subscriptions, in aid of
these afflicted fellow citit.ns. Tho fire at
Vancouver dn--.- fortli the generous contributions of tha charitable iu every portion of
the Dominion : the Nauaimo calamity il far
more deserving of their as-i-tancc.
His I.oidaliip charged the IJraud -Jury and
directed their attention to thei-iiviiiiist-iiitiiil
evidence presented by the witnesses in the
case of the murder of Harris near l-idnera
Mr. Bole—1 wish my Lord to read n document Higued by several persons who reside
in tha neighborhood of Laduers -they Ue-
lievo tho accused persons are very poor, and
quite unable to pay for the services ofa
lawyer, or expenses of witnesses. He rend
Mr. Wilson—I have no authority to
guarantee the payment ol espouses to witnesses.
His Lordship—Oh ! I don't know that,
Every facility ought to be afforded for a
thorough enquiry.
Mr. Wilson—As your Lordship seems to
think it desirable.
Hia Lordship -If the case goes to trial
and if the jury is informed that the prisou
ers wore unable to pay the expeuses of their
witnesses it will have a very great influence
on the verdict to he given by the jury.
The Crown prosecutor agreed to pay the
expenses of witnesses.
A Chinaman was put iu the dock charged
with stealing at Port Moody $400 and
several articles of clothing from another
At 1:20 o'clock the (Irand Jury entered
the Court and presented true bills against
Dempster charged with embezzlement, and
against Kreund and Lee, charged with
His Lordship—Well gentlemen I believe
your duties have terminated.
The Foreman—My Lord we wish to make
a presentment. This Court House is very
His Lordship—I shall be glad to receive
auy presentment you may choose to make.
The trial of the Chinaman was continued.
Several Chinese witnesses gave testimony
which was conflicting, and at 3 o'clock the
jury retired.
Five jurors who were absent when the
long panel was called caine into court and
accounted for their absence. The fines were
Chiug, Ah Hong, Dock, and Sang were
called. Two of thom appeared ; a bench
warrant was issued for the arrest of the
other two, and the two in court ordered
to attend on Fiiday.
Ah lira and Ah Jack were called, and Mr.
Bole, who appeared for the prisoners, asked
for au adjournment. Mr. McColl who was
with him in the case ia unwell.
Mr. Corbonld presented   an  affidavit   in
support of   the   application   made   by Mr.
The   Crown   Prosecutor—If  a   sufficient
f the prosecutor disarmed hia
who threatened but did not atriki
an axe.
Henry Walah, sworn—He reaidea at the
North Ann. Prisoners attacked him in tlie
barn ; two of those who are present and the
oue who ia absent. They caught hiui by
the whiskers, and one struck with his hat.
The middle one took up an axe. My wife
grabbed him and took away the axe just
when he was going to strike ine on tbe head ;
the other lellow kept striking with his list
on my back. After a struggle I got out ;
they holding on, the middle one got hold
of u hand spike and tried to strike me on
the head, but I kept my head down out of
his way, and he struck me across the lees.
My wife gut hold of him. The middle
man kicked mc twice. I guided
myself along by the picket fence and they
holding on to me all the time. I tried to
run and I fell. The middle fellow would
have hit me on the head with the aro only
for the wife. Ho picked up a pie-ao of atove.
wood two feet long, but she got a hold of
that. Then he took a spade and triad to
strike me on the faee, but she got a hold ol
that. I was near the door then. That middle fellow got a hold of the duor ami they
hauled me back into the mud. My wife
hollered for help and they run away. I was
laid up for a month by that atrugglc. A
doctor ritt.-u hai me. I gut into the house
and got a gun and fired to frighten them. I
had the gun aud told them to go, aud the une
that is not here came up within two Inches
of the gun and tried to take it. Had no dispute at all with them. They had a job
making a dyke and never finished it. The
contract culled for $84.    1 paid them $24.
The Chinese interpreter was dlrsotsd to
tell the accused that they might orosi examine the witness.
They chattered like three Jackdaws for
tan minutes but asked no questions.
By a juror —How much of the work did
they do :
tVithess—Oh, I cannot lay.
His Lordship—How far ia thejdyke frmn
your house f
Witness-Part of it is within iour chains
of my door.
A juror—You refused to pay them ?
Witness—I paid $24.
A juror—Was your leg cut *
Witneas—The mark was there for two
Mrs. Walsh, sworn—I was present when
the assault was committed. The four men
came into the houae and said.- - "We are
going to light and cut throats." -She disarmed No. 2. The four took hold of Walah
and pounded him with their fists. No. 2
took an axe, and she took it out of his hand.
She corroborated all the statements made
by her husband.
Verdict—guilty of common assault.
— Mainland Quardiaiii
Mr. Richardson of Surrey centre has his
new store and dwelling almost completed,
and will move his family Into it in tin
course ofa tew days. Mr. Hichardsoii in
tends keeping a full stock of all the require
lilents in a rural community and therefore lit
will be quite an addition to that enterprising
K. L. Read, teacher of Clover Valley has
been ailing for some time but ia now, wc are
glad to learn on a fair way to recovery.
Messrs. Webster and Jones are engaged
making repairs on the Hall's Prairie road.
Some of the Government grant (if any) oould
be spent here also to good advantage.
A large number Of new settlers have recently gone into the Bcttleaient east of
Surrey. They arc mostly from Wisconsin
and are tired of the excessive cold of tlie.
winters there, and have come west in search
of a more agreeable climate. Among names
we may mention Messrs. Heine i, Morrill,
Kemp, VriiiLowau, and the Walworth
The time for that division of the year
called spring Is here weeks ago hm as yet
few of its accompanying benefits, and pleasures have nut in an appearance. Noticeably
absent is dry or warm weather and the
"ohlest inhabitant'' now truly declares, as 1
believe, it is altogether pheiiominal, and
never before did this part of B. C, have
such abundance of rain, mud and disagreeable weathor. Vory little gardening has
been done and other crop prospects nre like
wise diminished from what must now be a
late seeding gonerally, and accordingly .a
lute harvest. Poets and great writers
annually sing songs of praise—though they
sometimes make yon feel like Mark Twain's
Coyote, "sick mid sorry looking"—to Christmas, Easter, 4c, while writers of less
aspirations content themselves with telling
when tho spring frog's voice is heard in the
twilight, or a hon became the fond possessor
of an egg of unusual dimensions. As none
of my contemporaries have mentioned the
fact, out of justice to the large population
concerned, I may humbly state that the cold
wet weather has been distressingly severe
on the mosquito and now May Day bus
passed, he is still indoors and uo probability
as to when he may be able to gf -
his piereiiej mission.
First-class Spring 3eds  and Bedding
and Fire Escape from each room
nml baa n (■iiiiiiii.-iinliii.; \i.-v nf tin- lii-.iiitifiil barb ir.   The Boom will
be oondttotod on lirst ebM principle, al Modeeate Its
Patrons may rely on reoeiving ..vi-iv potable attention from the
proprietor mni hie *tt< ndants.
  .'u.i.-1-ii rnR
" ■"■*" ,mm *"'• '   " ■■ ■> ■     <^^—^——■' ■ ______________
I.An-; NEWH ITEMS. i nXololngtoQuUto*
  I   the (.erinaii royal
Tba troabU « iti, I, «d Undowiw an -i.i ! ■ »»Uj ■»■ ■•*■•■■• Bonfittstad in Pari*.
tciiMits hit* -Wii Mtklad.
Mauiic-e .iml Timothy Healy placed Mren>
ty m.i additional  i niimeoti  tu theflrat
ounaa ol tha Coerdoa Hill-
The   wuU'r in  the itraaini ol   Haln<
l-..- i. -1 tha highaat point knuarn,  oauajng i
total aaaptoaioB "f boatm --.
Tliebilla of Wataon, lladill & Co., eorn,      A   n«f*h«» ol a high military oBWal haa
flour ami load  hctora, hava baaii raturoi «ated on raapicion uf giving intelli-
of thel'zar'a m*-vt.u.tiit**. to t.ie Nihil*
' 'illy ot  the KuightB of
Labor i'i Toronto hare ralaad the price of
bail ■ nttioj to 20ceuta from June 1st.
1: u dan Italian ••*■ '"nrnriwy air itfi-nj In
.ri thai it ktould  not ba a mirpriae   if
King Mil in r-li- ul-i make ooaoaaaaoU to Rua-
putau and to'tha poor orowa axiatoMa, hut, *""•—" ; ««»■"« *«-««•
relenting, he  rune,   ami   with an   oath for!     •**-•-■'* OOMlatory to U bald in May tha
having  to--he  rkpoaiUd it in the  panel ftp*  ■vil1 *-'''u**te Domluioan Fatha? Boom • ' ;   '  ' W"toe Wegrjma east toSt
..on                                                             I and Monalgnor Pailoti Cardinala. PeWrebarg n [arding tbe >.-l>u.iehele« affair
PoororowUii?leaaaonifaUbutexfcanilad|    A deepateh from Rome aaXa that ftov. Dr. '-V,'   b*in ,to«*d "t Berlin hy order of
(or a abort time longer.                                  iMoOlynnhaa again  Informed the  Vatican
The caine of Lis raleotios suddenly found  that he refnaoa tu at me to Kome. _ The muhiou -^"d-r-t **a\^that Btr Henry
vent in •olUoquitingl
wheat ; rear crown, Iii'*!
borna ;" ami looking g
thunder thum Into wore
iug   than   they   cau  al
Y.'-, ! yes !   frozen
proaarvcq for groan*
i \. Bye— "1 .-an
work ;it half  noth-
twenty  dollar
nth." Taking tin- off road which led to
hin iiun.'f, ami paaaing a red painted barn -
which, I hope will ii-' *h tin- danger Hag at a
target, to the too given greenhorn he entered
the yard and throwing tin- ribands tothe
ground he BpranjZ down after them.
With an oi-driver'.-* whiaper ba aaked for
the hoy.
Thia enviable young gentleman *>■■-*• .'t
the time engaged in a brown study in the
store room, and failed to hear the arrival.
Aware now of hia dalinononoy, and wlahlng
to lutpreei the i■■-■■* with hi-, activity, he
emerged from the doorway ami shot into the
air in a manner worthy of "J.uhi," hut uii-
fortnnately hla foot oanght the top bar of
the intervening fence, and 'In- n*-xr moment
he law aprawhng, n holnleea maaa, at the
hobs' feet. "Oh dear! oh dear!" exclaimed
tba hoiii, "those are the darndeet men I
everaawt 1 thought you could jump tint
fence hefore now.'' The greenhorn got up,
■hook himself, and although feeling tare,
proceeded to unharneaa the home. Meantime he received inatruotlona regarding the
Having atablad and tended the boras, lie
returned to carry out the orders ne had re
oelvedj and taking the omw iroiii tlie box he
carried it to the store room, where he laid it <
in one of the numerou*. boxes which were!
lying about -, aud which he lined at the
bottom with an old pair of panta, plenty of
whioh appeared enapouded trom the rafters
overhead. He next proceeili.il to the ham,
from which lie returned with a ujuantity of
tailing.*!, which lie placed on a bench. The
fanner had now came out-*the frozen crow
theory, iu the interval, having exploded—
fate had changed it- deatiuj to that of
It WM taken from it*- b «x, uawing a vig
orona protest at being diatnrbed, for whioh
it eould see no apparent (cawa)oauaa, Laj
ing it down on the bench barddo the grain,
tbey were lUrptUtfd to Iind Ihat Lt would
uot touch it; and on the groonhorn taklno
it by the tall and tip*, ol the wingi and
holding down tta bead the cawing but h
came tin- mon • Igoroua.
When let offi the crow- stood locking u i'e
ly at it, with dolefully blinking eye.-., no
doubt,   Liiicf.rti.iii Bl to what  it   wai
Owing to the advance in the pi I
cotton  the  manufacturer! heve raiaed then
price for grey and white cotton ifo -. i    eut
Mr, O'Brien baa poatponed hla  I
trip ior a week pending the nag' tiaf
h settlement hi twoen la 'i'i  Uanadon no and
hi*! tenanta,
Tha inannfaotorei • ol Kranee an- |,. titi >u
ing the   OoveriiiiMUl    to poetpOPO the   Inter-
nstional Kxhilritfon which waa to have been
held in 1887.
Ileaaler, the alleged aoeomplice ol I'nn/i-
ni. In the murder of Mine, Ragneautt, her
maid, and the letter's daughter, nai '-. u nt
v -t.i in Paria.
i 'ongu advloea aay thai tlie Stanley <■■• po*
dition paeeed Boma on  tlie ('ongo rivel on
April 22nd, and that all tlie inembei
party were well.
Advice., from Allahihit'I iay Mahomed
Stun, whom the QhiLiaii have proclaimed
Ameer, i« lummcwing refngen from India,
and that rumora are current that i i d
coalition of Ghllzali i- being fon ■
Throe more ei l< tl ma were i ffw ted at Lug-
gaonrran, oompletuig th ■ liat     Tbere   waa
no dtaorder.    Altogether fortj  •■ nauti
preeenting .i'K) aoula,   have   boeu  evicted,
l'h'* police and ioldler*i will withdraw,
Tho arrival.-, of emigrant! al Lti erpool en
route to tlie United State* bave uttolued
is li c 11 unuaual magnitud i that m iny exti
■teamen are being employed to trnnapoii
them thenc, the capacity ol the regular
linen being entirely Inadequate,
The Marnula ol Lauadowne bai offered
fresh terou to all the tenanti nl hi** (istate-4.
The proffbr t» extended to timet • laiug
under the judicial aa well ai under the non*
judloiul rates.   Tho offei   Iiai  been   i   ton
evicted this
tlur offer int
ipi ing.    Ih.  tt li mtl i:.u
o iiii ni. ratlou.
Drommond Wolff, tit* BritiahCotnmfaakmw
in Kgypt, bai fixed tbe evacuation of Kgypt
I. Britiah al five yean' hence.
Tin* Lower Houae of the Proeitaa I>i*.*t
)ii>*. a tde third reading ol tlia Ecolaaiaatioal
Bill The clans, admitting certain religioui*
nrden Iuto Proaiia was approved.
Heveut) yachti have lieen entered forthe
public race in Bogland and it i« probable
that mon will be added to the Hat of com-
petiton before tlo* tmtriei eloae on -June 7th.
Verjand, n land owner: Thionville, a
Prencfa agent j VVildy, a bookaelteri aud
Mnlhonae, the agent of ■ Kn-iich untnnoa
company! have been expelled from AUace-
l-oi raine.
The \t w V ak Poof* Waahtngton despatch
laya  that there are iudjeatiom that m-n-iii
n Ith  * anad i   a ill  be proelaimed
and that a joint OOU.miiaion will theu be ap-
p in'.- rl ;   id j Uit the matter in dispute.
Aii. icea ii'inSt. Peteifhurg say that ravo*
,  proclaraationi   aero aaoretly pla-
■ mgh ihal   il j "ii Sunday, threa*
■i'ii  death,   royaltfei,   judges and
OfiSciail, if the gotten agahiet the Czar were
nod to d.'i'ti..
.'*.  deapatcli  trom  Cairo iftya. "A skir-
takeu  plane at iSarraaeee between
the  Aralia and ..  force ol  Egyptiana under
command ol (Major ( bermaide.   The Arab-.
j lo ' I    ■- In ndn il   killed   and wounded: the
I forty
I!: Mouiagablati ib larea tbat Bchnae*
. I . i*. lubordinal igeuta who were
acting m ipiei fm (Jen. Iloulanger, the
W ir Minister. One of theae agenta
b man named Kuhu, was dismissed by
ftebnaebelw iind lubeetguently entered the
Oerman aervice. He made revi-latione
whicli led to Ibe arroei ot other agent*, and
videuoe waa collocted thereby against
lid also to those   tenants    wiin    havu   been   „uu.|,
" Kchnaebelei who wen  notified some weeka
i warrant wa- leaned for lib arreet
and   would   b    executed il he oroaaad the
Kaiu haa boen  falling for thirty •ei* l oun
at Wati rville  Mo.,  and tlie   water In  the
Kenii   ■■ i rii er hai risen to .i great I
than ii m   been  knou n lo
Pwo million logs at the  Sooioi el mil ta bave
broken tooae and are   (loutins
Mmy huildiug.*.   along tiie   rr i
afloat, Mid u iter atill I .
-i\ iuohei p«: h iur.
During a he n j iho« 11 \\ md iy  i
t waterspout bin
Peterborough, N. II
likely, having seen mixed grain bi fori
This thought struck the genius greenhorn,
who immediately set otT for the barn, ind
l-eturiug and placing noine wheat befoi ll
the orow gorged Itself with it.
\ight was [ni w olosing 111 last, and tbey
replaced tbe pet crow in the box, hut bel >re
leaving it they named it the pi widen t ; lut
the greenhorn, Boding it drooped under lids
title, renamed it tho dodger; under which
name  it thrived well.
Being unaccustomed to being uooped up In
a box, or, bavioff an InquUitive curfoait) bi
to its lurroundings, >ne uight ll '*t<*l unto
the edge of the fux, mid hopp I uvi to
another, ou whioh lay the antithoU oi the
rafter hung garments, Thia wai a new- c tat
and the crow. liuding it mon com for tub lei
roosted on it for tbe night.
In the morning a Jubuathan*lu king young
fellow, finding the ut»c to whicli Ins garment
had been put for the previous night, took the
poor crow by ihe neck ; a few oaths on the
young man's part, a few oawa
and all that remained of it la-
pile for a monument
. damaging ■■ ashoif   i  i I
n itei came d«« rt   In    I   ■'-,   i at i  In
1 hillside, i nd upon read ing Uu     ■
I everything before It     l
;  ui.  tw   ■ ''.ll -..■■•
ami h-ii inth«   ■
Mr, Hal four, Clii I   -■  i tary foi   Ireland,
■is !]p u i. li. -.ii.l he was surprised
.it   that he bad never
...... ■   Paruellitei ol  participation in
crime.   IJ • ■ ov* rnment had
political   Biotivi     foi    nitioducing   the
1   :i;.      Uill   in   I'.n li.u ' ii       He wuuld nut
state his viewi  on   thi   subjeut of the Timet
i. Ins h-aren to
the fl ■ -   . i tht   Parnellites
'' ■    -  -I   " -! - thi Journal
ind   the tre-
'p it wonld be
r/cigfi*  liab p n ti' be a for-
".'.    Bter;    md I        I h       iwn judgment in
i     11 ' I the tenancy of
Kmperor Prancii   Joeepli presiding, it v      Herl ling to concede
ii- .Ived Dot to claim 1 in rent and  to
amounting to 28,000,000 of conrl       opt thoae oou
inilitiiry i  edit!   iggn ■_ tii . 'i2,00fl
ins which tbe  ■'
ter lor the   pin ] 0 ll    i p      'i
ment    tO pUl S I
meeting ol the  Auatriau
in*. U .I -\ ith tbe b .   . ie of   \,:i?m el
I i»ti maliil M. P.,
annoum -1 I kal Un ten inti a iii  n t
included in the
1 : ■ i.ecu leaned  u
■ ; us that persons  rent
n<   in.idred aottt aball pro
■ ■ " 'i .'in in order to obviate
abroad on
Council met pursuant to adjournment,
Present -The Iti-cve, OoUtU, ('ami, Pillieli
Stewart and Dafoe.
The minutes of the previous meeting were
read and approved.
Communications WOW received and dealt
with from the Surveyor < ii-uer.il, the settler*
cn Kensington Prairie, W, C. Jones anil
John Oeorge.
The clerk was instructed to lay ont oar-
tain works on the Hall's Prairie Road (Ward
4), aud invite tenders for the execution
Mr. George was granted permission to
construct two culverts on the Clover Valley
Road south ol Vale Road, ou the usual conditions.
The Assessment By-law paaeed its third
The Revenue By-law Amendment By-law
and Rules of Order By-law were advanced a
Coun, Punch was instructed  to obtain the
of   the   corporation surveyor   and
havi the tine of tboJolmaton Road correctly
b (med a noceasar} -■ .■■   if del
1 hi di '.if-    m   '      I     I    aattoal  bill Uat
begun in the  1. >wer  Houae i
Diet.    Ur, Windtho
declared that thi - n i    I   '     iwowrfty of evi.  eei amigratinj,
to the Po|   ■ *ial    . 'ie. would \'-t' foi the
paaeed thi L'pper House, and witli-
■ mt offi ring   ani   ■■   I '■'   im» a ImenU ■*. hiob
the Uentr ■ bad inb ndi d U propo     ■- uw ea
m the crowa. I ^iS tl( lll,livl ,l(.   ■ ,, , tabic to
with a wood) the  Catholic!   ol   « erniaoy      i ha   Cootn
party, Pr. \\HuU'i nl   ulded, v mid reneu
the light  igainat   the Uovernment if al any
inn. the Catholic Inten its wei    ■ I
Mi.   i loaohon,   »Ih im all ■: i (  Bxohequer,
lias introduced tl In I lie   il< tu   oi
Cotnmona.    From it il appean that during
laat year the ravennei ol the (^overnmeul Mr. K. A. Harriaon, Chemiat and Drug
amounted to about £90.000,000, and that the
expaneea were nearly tbe aame mm. There
baa boon a lavina of £283,000 in the army
e.-tiniit'-t and of CS47.000 lu the estimate!
for the Civil Service. The revenue obtained
| by taxes on aL-oholic  liquors bad  decreased
" I was so bad with dyspepsia that I could
not take fp»od of any kind without distress,
and could  not take a drink  of water for a
month  at a time.    I bave been a groat suf-
ferer from liver complaint and dyspepsia for  services
manv years,"  says Mrs.  Nelson W. White-   bay* thi
head of Nixon.  Out., whom  two bottles of; defined as may be neceeaary.
Burdock Blood Bitters cured. |_,_§£_: ^S^S^&^iSi- f^'-l^rs! hl,d?et witl1   M ******* of £KK
oi nl> in.   a if   thit deni utd w 11
■  a rath ol thoantfaanol  the circu-
lai      Rack  enters  t.. redooe rente or be*
kkii/k HIM PAST.
W . ile uol ikatin let wi iter, o. */arooo,
ui Bramlon, Mm., god his U*tt badly frozen.
H "l  them  with mow ind then ap
plied Ha.y-.r.r-   Yellow Oil. which speedily
'in.  and   eared him   fiom being a
I.. A. Barriaoi
Dunnville, Out., -rites: '•lean with
confidence recommeno Northrop &. Lyman's
V'egetablt Diacovery uml Dyapaptio Cure for
Dyspepsia, Impure Blood, Pimples oe the
Pace, BUiouaneai and Cou.tipation—such
ease-, having tome under my personal obser*
£100,000, while that derived   from the bter  ration
tax had increased £45,000. The receipts
from the wine tolls bad fallen otl £93,000,
and those From the taa on baa had largely In-
creased,   sir William Vernon Haroourt had
Mllllllled    that    the   surplus    foi    the   year
would he   1200,000 while it really   reached
$776,000.   Tho budget aecimatoi the revenue
for the coming year at £91,160,000 and   tbe
expenditure at i'DO, 130,000.    It Ls propoeed
to rkiiie t*loo,(MK) by charging ten   shulings
transfer duty   on each £100   debentures  of Rt night and   broken of   your'reet by a sick
■took which has hitherto eaoaped duty.    To ohflo antfbiina  ami  orying   with   pain   of
dear the budget of local loana it la Intended Cutting Teeoth ? If ii «end at oooe and get
to cancel   £87,000,000 ol Othei    porluai-.  nl   m bottle ol '-Mrs. Winslow *» Southing Syrup"
the public debt, and create the same amount | f(1I Children Teething.    IU value is   ihcm!
of local loan stock,  charging  the  loi-at I
Sdeaare. M.teuell &. Piatt, drnggiata, London, Out., write Omx, 1881,i "We have
aold Dr. Thomaa1 KoJectrio Oil siuee its first
introduction, and we can rifely say, no
medicine on our ihehr-ea haa hod a larj;
■ale, or givw brtter aataefeothm,
alwaya feel lefein reoommendihgit to onr
AlrviCB to MOTUUta,—Are you disturbed
H. Gladden, West Shefford, P. <_■. wHtea:
" For a number of yeara I have been afflicted
with rheumatism. Two years ago I waa attacked very severely. I goffered a great
deal of pain, from wbicb I was nnt free for a
day, until la*t spring, when I began to use
Dr. Thomas' Kclectric Oil, and I rejoice to
say it has cured me, for which I am thank
Mother Orave's Worm Kvtenninater has
no equal for destroying worms in children
aod adults. See that you get the genuine
when purchasing.
ficatlons prepared  and advertise for tend
forthe  execution of   certain   impio.ements
on tbe Newton and Ohorta' roadi (Ward •_.).
The council theu adjourned  until Saturday, May 7th, 1887, at G o'clock p. m.
" My wife has been a nitfferei from llvw
complaint for many year--. 1 am And to ne
able to testify to the benefit rand-red trom
Burdock Blood Bitten, as wall ai in the case
of mv little boy, who had glandulai iwel-
MngS.R 3, >■ Miller, 77 Victoria .Avenue,
North, Hamilton, Ont. B, IV B regulates
t^e entiiL glandular lyetem.
also projwscd Ut take one penny per pound
sterling off the Income tax, aim  four pence
per pound -.telling ufl' tin- bobenoe tl
to reduce the  taxation on  marine   potioiea
iulable.    It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately.    Depoodnpon it mothers;
taly,    Kept, mi i
uitake  about
there ii uo miatake about it. ft cures
Dyeeaten and Diari*b*ea regotatoi the Stem-
a.-li and Bowels, oorei Wind Colic, softens
be Garni reduces  Inflammation aud gives
The budget waa a oomsletQ  aorpri-te to tbe tone and eoerg} tothe wholeayateoh   "Mrs.
House of Commonb.    \Un> of itaptopoeala, | Winelow'i Sootbtiy   Syrtt^*'   foi   childit-u
notably those relating to the national   debt teething ia pleasaui ta the ta.ste and  is the
charges, will be  vigorously opposed.    It i*= ^icscrintion of one >*t the oldpat and heat fe**
maintained that Mr. i-loschen has revolted t> malephyaiohuu and uarses in   the   L'nited
unsi.uud meaaurea In finance in order to pre States, aud  is foi   $nh    by   alU druggist*-
sent a budget   that may  lerve  the  CtmrOt UttOOghont tbo woi'j.;.      Tne-.     wenty-five
vativei* at the next   general  election.     The oenta a bottle,    Ek -.nie and ask   for  "Mre.
OeMBMiatlvn are  mneh   irritated at  Lord Wimlowe HootbiuM Syrup,'   mid take   no
Uandiilph Chi:-. -oH-* attitude r,th* i .
|gJI fy 'jJurt Jhtinobti itjijttte
MAY 7.  Iv.
llll. l.EEKN NEWS
An _*.|.lu-urn iii the Vancouver
mine at Nanimo ouHUICd ai 6 o'tlor k
■ rn I uc.Jay evening, and tlie r.sult i-
u'lpalling. At midnight on Tuetda.
twelve dead Ixidies w_re taken ont, and
one hundred and fifty other ■lersoirs are
reiKirtcd dead, or all events lorked up
iu ihat awful tomb. At t o'clock the
mine was on fire, and the air shall destroyed.
We regret to learn that the Prime
Minister and Attorney-dene...! is unwell. He has lew l.iults, Imt he met
with a great misfortune he was tnssed
liy the |>olitiral wheel into very bad
IO, ii-ty ; and there he is. The man in
office with Robson must besiik; but
it is safer to be there than in the other
place with poor Smithe. Therefore we
ho|*e to hear that the Attorney-General
i - r irnvalesrent.
Two blue ribbon boy-, went larking
along the sidewalk in Victoria last
Saturday night and in their fun they
jostled a Chinaman who instantly
stabbed one of them iu the back I'he
Chinaman is named Ah Sam, and is
said to be the  Celestial  chesterfield of
It i-. rumored at Wswhingtm thst
the British Ministci, Sir Lioin-I Baak-
viil,- W.st, will   marry   Miss  Miti-li.-ll,
.    ;   tli'     Vf-jon   Senator.
• iiiti- possible tbe baron, t   n-ver
the p>-ii  ami  ink  pkt.ii.- oi   the
K    I.a' I      Ll    till,    p'll.lil-    M.IIH
The citizens of Victoria have always
been remarkable for their fidelity to
their own interests, and the readiness
wiih which they cast aside prejudice
and politics when it is jiossible to secure
i nn.-sud I.y the Orrgemimm. Uut what! by unanimity any advantage to their
if hn did I Love IsmghasM loeluiniilw|oa town. N'o one can object to this
aii'l .-ili!"i when tli.-re is n la.lv .", and .onseqiiently, no one can find fault
tbe ease and  lots  if money,    lie' nl-j   -.,   _. ,- .   _.      .
,   .* with  the  manner  in  which they have
im--.it v dollar is nuule of charms '
I..';   ,."-k   tin-   p-iiple al   S.-uttl.-j •" < ■-I't'-d  the twenty thousand  dollars
In, .1 tied to clear oat   the remainder 1 for Ae jubilee hospital and the task of
... theObinne; bul   Uoromor Beuplel collecting  a  like sum  from their own
iaaaed a proclamation at ooee nnd ftoin-l rjlizt.ns    Bu, wha, about this ci,.. and
nirllnl' il l..-il'1-rli Hill  I.i k'-.-p tll'-pi-are. I. ____.«.
And  theUyonet,  of tl„i„lu!,..-i-,ilhc more  ur!»cnl  necessity for hospital
ui\ ^__mc
by the spine in the boys back,
I'he Seattle Titties says :—"The
Walla Walla arrived on Monday from
I'ort Moody with a 1,000.0ns of freight
I ler decks were covered with railroad
materials consigned to the Seattjc
and Eastern Railroad Company.
Mr. W. A. Hailie-Orohman of Kootenay was married on Tuesday in Kngland to the daughter of Mr. T. Nickalls
of Patterson Court, Redhill Surrey,
master of the Surrey staghounds and
a prominent member of the London
Stock Exchange. Rumor says the
happy bridegroom will spend the
Autumn with his bride by the Kootenay
lake and that he will take over with
him from Surrey ten couple of st.rebounds to wake the echoes in the wilderness aud make music for the red deer
in the Rockies. Home sweet home I
Kootenay in a thousand years may look
like Surrey.
The ilehatp on the Irish Land Hill
is proceeding iu the House ol Lords,
and the Hill will be lent to the Oom
mniis bi'fon* the Coercion Hill gm*e
through committee. The bill is I1 r-
ncll's improved. The landlords ure
niuastifl, but when a reform  measure  is
proposed by a Conservative O.ivern
inent, the landlords never venture In
appear in opposition. Tin) clauses of
tho Bill wliich are devised to encourage
and assist the tenants in purchasing
would have been condemned last year
as revolutiona**)'. The Conservatives
will settle the   Land Question.
, "ilniii-ii.e iT'iiiMi'int in tie* 'nipi' l'n: llll-ll
i-c_ilenin"d to die; but   the   London
lancet suggests that the i.e.v e.nntri
vance wnuld cast a glamour over tin-
death penalty." The old system of
hanging is a terror that should nol lie
diminished by any sort, of scientific
A special lo London, from Palis, on
Tuesday says:—"There isa great M
citeinent at Nancy, Tours and I'm
longe. ija.'ge bodies of men are as-
seiiilileil in the street* listening to
harangue.. Inciting the populace agaftuil
tli'i-inanv anrl demanding the liberation
of Alsacelxirrainc."
In the lliiuse of Commons, on Mon
day night, Healy moved ' lhat the
lirst iilause of the Coercion Bill Im
amended hy   omitting the words 'pro-
■ liiimed districts' anrl inserting ill their
place 'Kerrv, Londonderry, ami Bel-
fait. The motion wns rejected by a
vote of 206 io 110.
'The halted cruiser Orlando was out
on rrial In.--1 week, and made nineteen
knots an hoar. She is propelled by a
nine thousand horse power engine, and
is as handy as a well managed skirl',
lu three minutes she went round the
circumference of % circle 1 GO yards in
diameter, and that was quick mirk for
a vessel ,'100 feet long. Her armament
is equal to anything of the kind  ulln-it.
Of our navy the Times says: —"No on-
■ h'lilits for au instant that our gnus
are bigger, fnr more powerful, nnd far
more costly than any that. Nelson ever
saw ; but many do take leave to
doubt whether our navy is as well to
ihe front ns the Navy was in Nelson's
day. Compared with our forefathers
we are, of course, a very wonderful
people, but other people hail fore
fathers, and other people are liuilding
on thu foundations they laid. The only
effective reply to those who disparage
our guns and ships is to slum thai
there is nothing of their owu da'e to
surpass theni. If we might venture to
criticise such august persouages as
modern artillerists we should bn dis-
posed to hold that they are a good deal
too easily caught by vulgnr ndmiration
of their hignesB. ft would da them
no harm to be told authoritati.elv that
a ten inch gun is as big as we care to
have, and it would redound infinitely
more to their credit, as men of science,
to get improved results out of lhat
moderate size than to go on demons
trating what nobody doubts—that
hydraulic machinery can be made to
move a hundred and ten tons as easily
as one."
The convention of Royal liurghs
met at Edinburgh, and by a vote of If
to 17 decided that. Home Rule for
Scotland ia not desirable. The oppo
sition to the motion was expressly
based on the desire to avoid everything
that might tend to endanger the in
tegrity of tlie Empire and lhe union
with F.nglan-I. from which it is said
Scotland has derived enormous bene
u -  ready to fu-.r I the < leleal i
'The latest despatches give awful
in counts  of ihe   stari'  at  attain   In
central and southern 'Texas. J,__-t
y-.u there was no rain in that Inoality,
and thia year mil enough for the .nips,
which bave perished. The represent*-
livea of wholesale bouses have withdrawn tbeir agent- from that real district, aud aro resolved to take no
orders there until tbs rail, conies in
abundant showers.
Spokane, Walla Wslla, Olympia,
and Dayton were all shaken gently bv
in rartbquake last Saturday morning,
"The Anli Poverty Society'of whicli
Dr McGlynn is President, and Henry
tlenigi- Vice-President, '-eld iis first
meeting in New York last Monday
Kr.uili Oould, the son of Jay, was
up in a petty court at Hew Vork, lust
week, charge-] with ..'rearing a disturbance on the street. He was not
lined ur  imprisoned,    Iiecause    he   has
plenty of money, In the United
St ites justice is as blind as a bat ■ hen
a mii niin is accused in court. Hut—
it. is - a fre.- country ; entirely ton tree
fm- tic representatives of ready money,
In December 18S2 Dixon and Wise
were iouvii:ted at Seattle of burglary
and robbery to fourteen years iu the
Penitentiary. Wise attempted to escape
a.,d was shot down by the guard. 'The
Governor has pardoned Dixon.
I u Brooklyn on Monday a youth of
18 was convicted of jumping from the
bridge into the river. Such common
fools are fl public nuisance; but if all
lhe fools were iu prison potatoes would
be scarce this year.
Iii his own house on Wednesday last
Capt fowler of Grenada Miss, shot
and wounded the Rev. C. F. Slivers.
The Captaio came home when   he was
not expected. Stivera says Fowler was
justified in using the pistol. 'There is
a lady in the case.
'The Walla Walla Union says : —
'Wheat looks well; it waves 111 the
wind and the acreage is larger than
If tim iniiliTtakiiiL' of the 0. I', it. Company Iiml tiiriiial ont an unfortunate one, the
Company ooulil not justly bs disturbed in
th,-i 1 monopoly,  at laast till  tin: time itiptl
accommodation so long and so loudly
called for ? Our readers are all aware
that our hospital is the institution which
affords aid to the suffering *>oor from
every iiortion of this very large district,
and, indeed, from every portion of the
interior Of the Mainland. The poor
settler struggling to hew for himself and
i family a home in the primitive forest,
I meets with an accident ; his domestic
comforts are not such as can meet the
necessities of proper treatment to his
wounds, even if he has the means to
employ the services of a medical man
from this city ; the only resource to
preserve to his family the bread winner,
is to send him to our hospital where he
can obtain food, shelter, medicine and
surgical treatment, free of expense, until, re-established in health, he can return to his labor. 'The miner who has
given his strength and his best years in
exploring the country for the precious
minerals, that will make those who
come after him. and this country,
wealthy, worn down by privation and
exposure, seeks the shelter of our hospital, in most cases, to die in peace. But
possibly the greatest service rendered to
humanity by our hospital, is in its unintentional utilisation, as a home for incurables. There are now quite a number
of poor fellows who are the victims of
paralysis and wholly unable to earn a
livelihood, who, if turned out of the
hospital, could only lie down and die in
the streets ; they are the waifs and
strays from all parts of the world and
have no claim upon anyone in this
country. If the jubilee of Her most
gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, was
fittingly celebrated in this country by the
erection of an institution to aid the suffering and helpless, the construction of
a home for incurables would certainly
nave been the most appropriate application of funds collected from the charitable, and loyalty could in no way be
so nobly distinguished.    With so many
that they should have tendered to us. at
[Uted liy £ha" contract   for completing tbe
1 nol.    Ami il; does not iMm [list to <listm-l
.Ih'mi n...*.. because by their energy they have
bui   p oiled   in   building  the  rood  five yearn
of life tn tin.-  North* {Vest.    Uut it nuii-t he
i'.'in.-miu ted that if  thoy have aided greatly   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
in the development of the country, by their J, ,1    v f/ "v \, '.
■d skill, tbo  country on it*- part hus \ leasl>   lhe   haU   of  »€   Slim now to be
given entirely to Victoria, on similar
terms. Although our community is
yet small, we have no doubt that a great
effort, and a successful one, would have
been made, lo raise the requisite complement, and by such means enabled
our people to meet the constant demand
for hospital accommodation, which,
with all our desire to succor the ailing
and helpless, we are at present unable
to afford. It has been stated somewhere lhat the amount of our private
subscriptions have been very small and
thai wo have left lhe whole task of taking the wheel from the rut, to J upiter.
This is untiue. The subscriptions from
all sources, including hospital Sunday
collections, amount to a very respectable sum, and formerly, these sources
of income were generously supplemented
by liberal private subscriptions, till Mr.
Robson and his friends in this city,
turned the excellent institution into a
political machine and disgusted the willing helpers in the good work. It cannot
be pretended that the local Government
were ignorant of the state of affairs in
respect to our hospital ; reports were
sent to them regularly, and appeals for
more generous aid were constantly
being made to them. It was shown
that the institution was incapable of
rendering the aid and assistance demanded by common humanity as
there was not a sufficiency of beds and
bedding to furnish the unoccupied
space in the hospital, and the most distressing cases and most deserving
applicants, were reluctantly turned
away from its doors. With this knowledge, the local Government offers a
premium to Victoria to build for itself,
a handsome structure, that will add one
more to the ornaments of the city,
which has  been so handsomely  decor*
effort ami skill, tlio country
oome to their help Henorouely, on more than
ono critical  nocas.OD,   when a dentil of h*.dp
probably would havo  beon   mott dit-ustrous
to tlii'in.    They are now enjoying tin.* fruit*
I of  thi**   MSfstSUCB r|   well -is ol   their own
: energy; .iml an through both combined tliey
can  afford very well to give up their right-,
i under thi1 monopoly clatiis, it  might be advisable t'» do BO.    Uut then: must ho no com-
--ul;.inn ; tii-- contract  L« binding, and must
in'i be broken by the country for causes of
mere expediency. - The Week.
In remaining unarmed,   while every great
nation around   her haw been   arming  to tho
; teeth, Kngl'iud  haa no far acted wisely ; slit:
I has accumulated resource* that, after a little
j preparation    ami   some   di*. aster,   perhaps
i would enable her to strike an overwhelming
j blow in case her poaition ahould ever be seriously threatened ; but it i-** doubtful boW far
j kIic can safely pursue this eourf-e ; the Kuro-
: pean influence gained by her in the Napole*
jooUi   War1,   has   now pretty   well run out.
" I'i'mo tin: dllpenafttioufl which Miu- finally
j set nut the territorial groundwork of modern
Europe [ the treaty of Vienna]," eayeAftr,
! Weir, " Knuland could only receive permis*
■ don to retain  Malta, Heligoland, the Cape
j of lioml Mope, (.uiaiiu. Mauritian, ami a few
| other of iU conquests, while it wiu entrusted
i with the protection, or rather temporary do-
' minion, of the Etepobttc of the  Ionian Isles.
Uut wblt materia, aggrandisement nu insular
obaraotef   obliged   it to   forego   was   fully
equalled by tbe prosUge and moral Influence
j v hh-h   its   fortitude   and  efforts   had   de-
f-.-rvflly rirm-il.    Having entered  into con-
I Diet   with a   reputation   blemished by  tbe
J niUhup*. of the latter   part  of hurt century,
(Ireat Britain had   emerged as a   heroic  ex-
| ample for all   Continental   peoples.    It  had
J won that respect which for long   was to gife
i weight tn unarmed utterance ; and it Wm in
jonly baft, conformity with its recent tutelary
i eonduet that  the   I.i.-*    act  nf  the   Knglish
; i Iovernment, before withdniwing from active
participation 111   Continental affairs,   was to
chastise tlie Algerian enrenirs, who   had ah*
j stained from attacking Uritieh  commerce in
j unl-T to prey the moro  securely upon   those
I marines which   had been   deprived of  pro-
I tectum hy the fortunes of naval war."   The
I -Inik of credit accumulated by  Kngland in
[ the great war is now exhausted : perhaps the
| wisest plan is to wait as i-be in, till mi re can
: be earned.    Kurope haa not seen the  last of
I its great wars.— Tlie IIV-/-.
One of the few preparations that seldom
I disappoints on trial, is that old staudard
throat nnd lung medicine, Hagyard's 1'ec-
tonil H-ilsnm, for coughs, colds, bronchitis,
Mthme, sore throat and other diseases of tbe
air passages.
watching than the nervous system—upon it
bangs health and life itself. These Pills are
the best regulators and strengthened of the
IterveS, and the safest general purifiers.
NanieO, headache, giddiness, numbness, and
mental apathy yield to them. They de-
spatrh iu a --.iiinniaiy manner thoae distressing dyspeptic symptoms, Htomacbic pains,
fatness at the pit of the stomach, abdominal
distension, and overcome both capricious ap
p-tiLf:-. and confined [bowels—tho commonly
accontp&nying signaof defective or deranged
nervous Dower. Holloway's Pills arc particularly recommended tn personr of studious and f-edentary habits, wbo gradually
wink into a nervous and debilitated state,
ii iii. ss some iucIi restorative be occasionally
Th*-!  reports of dissensions between  the
I King aud Queen of Scvvia ia declared to be
ffottmray'tt Pillt.— Nervous  Debility.—No
^Lf..\lZ!""™l™^^^ at the expense of the Mainland.
In speaking thus, we do so without one
spark ol jealousy ; it is most creditable
to the people of Victoria that they not
only take a pride in rendering their
city the handsomest and most attractive
in the Province, but their alacrity in
subscribing to the erection of an in
stitution so creditable to humanity as a
hospital, is alike a worthy testimony to
their kind heartcdness and their loyalty.
Our concern is with the local Government, that mockery of legislation which,
by some absurd perversion of terms, is
looked upon as the collective wisdom of
the country ; because, the four ministers
are simply the executive chosen by the,
so-called, representatives of the people.
How and why the people's represent*-
tives should have chosen men like the
present ministers to carry out their
decrees, may be, perhaps, explained by
the old adage—"like master like man."
One thing is perfectly clear they arc-
wholly unfit for the vocation. Imagine,
a minister looking alter the general
welfare bestowing—no matter in what
form—the public money u|>on one community in lavish generosity and actually
taking from another a considerable sum
granted for the support of a hospital !
It is almost incredible that the local
Government knowing how iii.uJrijiirite
the sum granted to the Koy.il Columbian
Hospital was, should grant twenty
thousand to Victoria, and deduct one
thousand from us! We have heard it
remarked that this shocking |>ervcrsion
of all the principles of government, was
the result of John Robson's spite to this
community for electing some one who
was opposed to him, politically. If this
is really the case, there can be no
punishment too severe for him. We
knowthe smallness, meanness and hypO-
crisy ofthe man, but that his colleagues
should consent to such heartless cruelty
—not to the voters who returned an
opposition member but—to the poor
suffering and destitute patients of our
hospital, is beyond parallel. It is well
known that ministers for some reason
best known to themselves, have not, as
they have often been recommended to
do, thrown over that Jonah —Robson,
whom they all dislike. If people will
cling to a monster they must expect to
die with it.
The well understood policy of Russia
is being slowly, but surely, carried out
in every direction. The unfortunate
Regents in Bulgaria are being worried
into submission to the Czar and they are
now reduced to the verge of despair by
continued intrigues at home and the
disinclination of any of the powers to
interfere lest they should be embroiled
with Russia and bring about the great
war which they all so earnestly desire
to avoid. We note that in Armenia
the Russians are going to establish a
monastery for the reception of certain
monks of the Greek Church, which is
really the cunning artifice of the Muscovite to obtain a footing in that portion
of the Sultan's domains. In course of
time an excuse will be created for defending the monks and that part of the
country will be taken under Russian
■,iuiec.iuu. in Aignanistan the Russian troops are gradually approaching
the frontiers and are thus lending countenance and support to the rebel tribes
who are attempting to throw off their
allegiance to the Ameer. 'This potentate, however, is preparing for the reception of the invaders by sending
troops and supplies to Herat and other
points threatened, and in this he will be
supported by British troops, now being
concentrated at Peshawur and Quetta,
which will presently be pushed on to
Candahar. They will doubtless be employed in suppressing the Ghilzais and
their allies in the event of th ;se rebels
assuming a formidable menace to the
Ameer. The British troops will also
prevent any forward movement of Russian troops which might be attempted
if the British were not within hailing
distance. All these movements on the
part of the Russians are no doubt attended with enormous expense which
bears out the statements we have made
in these columns, that the resources of
Russia so far from being in a desperate condition, are still very great
notwithstanding the late placing upon
the market of a Russian loan, which,
we suspect, is intended simply to deceive the world. 'The story that France
had offered Russia an alliance offensive
and defensive, which was declined, is
mere nonsense ; an alliance has long
ago been effected between these two
nations, and they are only waiting till
the opportune moment, to carry out
their plans. The nations to whom they
will be opposed are fully aware of their
schemes, although they keep up a surface ol perfect tranquility. Had the
arrangements of these two powers been
further advanced, the Schnaebels affair
would have been seized upon as a cause
of quarrel, but the preparations are not
complete. In England every precaution is being adopted for the coming
struggle ; the recent conference in London, at which delegates from all the
colonies vrere present to consult with
the ministers of England, no doubt involved the formation of a great plan for
the defence of the several dependencies
of the empire. The real business of
the conference was transacted in secret
and we shall perhaps never know what
took place, but we may rest assured
that a system of mutual defense was
projected and the weak points of the
different colonies will be strengthened.
The very powerful fleet now possessed
by France was not constructed to attack
Gemaajr. ■ , at a
given signal it will be d-rspa*. V;-i 'o _,*-
tack the colonic*, and commerce of
Great Hritain,supported by the Russian
fleet.    New  and  formidable  i!.ips  of|
be&g  added lo the   BritU
Fiom Cur OvaCuir-_fc|"'uu*.n..
•.ViMUS'-ToN. I>. CL, April EM lho*l
Times   nre dull   io   Wubingtnu.   not
■wt stirring,    Th.- Gm_.
^   tm,^.inm' pa«*K.d,   Washington   boew-t,,
fleet  I tic   contractor Itnfoao» Cons, has reverted  i..
crisis     arrives        hundred p«n "' at  the \
warships a. trie
Britiih   |MKtt io pMttel  Um   merchant
ships   in   pi a y   part   of  ■ be   tx cm.
Politii i in  England   ■<*.• kq<   a ■!.'  on
the ratiMk; the Irish Crimes1 Uill
a famous id-sen rith wfc -:; t-» ■ orer up
the nationn
attention of lhe *ror] i    tn •
this famous !>ili wili Ia. when »t leaves
the (<mi._ii.a-. n 15 hnrtl to say, hut on*
tlon'i 'l-ink   the   I
tftach aliout il as il
believe.      New . n.;-<<.ui*   roust have
something to Baft snd there ate subjects
wliich are Initt-i when no; i-roi^l.t prominently inn,...'., [rw] m h aie 1
doing a great service to English states*
men in creating tucha hubbub. Ali
this is puiiscdy undarstood at Washington snd ther then ac( 1 friendly
part to England b in keeping
demagogm^.'W i**nc*irage'_ to
and say unfriendly things about Grca
Britain ; thi-: pl( .. , thr ■-■"■>, and
fills the papers, which might othenv.y.-
discuss subjects not intend d for
public criticism* The, Canadian Government has shown its iwength ; the
division on Che Queen's election
was intended by Sir [ohn f<> convince
the Grits of his power. II.. has shown
them that  all their  1 a 1 ibout
possible dissension io his ranks, w
fault.   'Hie number he mttttefod at the
division   above   alluded   to,   WSS
lio.scd of the fori ■ upon
pn any emergen y. and il is lik< ■ before
I Ml I
'■t th*- onotnM "' Ifcs
DM   t'.it     I'lt-ei.lftlt    ('I'Melm-l     ..,
* 'ahinni invit-.l the M ,.,
at)  fiom   Km   \ oik      t
. ■ *•.*•*■-<-i.il tiiiin,  mrere  iocon!*-.
■<   1.1 1 ■■■■•: ,1. .1. th-   W'liitt   Hou-**
watt sbf-v* onmty c-nirtceie* in  th**,i
to   Oie   v-.f-1-iut    ItopurtDiriitt'.      Pre.. ....
;i-.'**ti ii l-*x at tlie Tli**'ii
:  M.*jshall  Mini   Mi*.   VVilaoo,   •
tud III •   1.un-.nit.    I   had  a   M**.t   .1.
■<, mil iu.mIi* it t point t.i i-i- 1
1,1111 . try elamwl},
. bouts «>f tii«* ptifiiiiiisiinr
have btta Kotof tfc* roui
..-*.. i relativt to iv. CtswsJsod
. hi sltli.    I ua\ s  M*a  Um   l*rt
.rin£ tin- 114tt tv. ■   t,.-*i*,   I.ul   have
.   . 1   knows    liim  to  lonk   h    n i
I now.     His ho* lu*.** ueittirr tli
•   ln«   e-ulit-r   (!»>■*    I.
Whits Mou*<*t sot  thr  MdSSM   at   .1
■ tii  «n   fri'-*ui ni I-,
• iv   pip tit Atti.ni 1 bwa«   i'n'*.M.-ii*
t Jt v. bod's I't-mplciiuii ii sSSSfi Us OJ, •
bnght, aud his onssmbts that oi a  msa ii
:_'. and >n-art.
Ths Sldlsooa St tin*   theatre   w:tt a dis*
tin *;uuilii*d not,     Xeervtary  Hiivar.l   nt   [fl
\i-ar liim w ni   tin-   I tr li-.ii
■ 1 1 in* h of Wai ami nf tbs
Vi- . won tbocv, sod shBSsI sasiarlted  ia
ll»Mu-gC Otht tWU OtllL'l*.,  H .10
     lUrleaof War ami ot th-  v.. ■.
in a  former   administration,   Belknap   anil
It In evident thnt   tin-  .l'lministration  j-
• il    tO   MIMM   n   very    IMHlBOfrativt
u ith refcrsoct to tin- jtowi-r-t rested is
rh'  Prtatdsnt by thu retaliation bill.    Keen
tury Bayard remarked dorfau tht Wmu tbat
1,. ttlttiiatths paopla oatwas of Uaas.  hsd
nivur roaUcad it** Imporfcnnos, or spprociated
Liictrtavity  id the  alternative  left   to tbe
1 In,initiation—a  declaration of nondnter-
■'.nt-. or if it   tniled   tu   effect a  psaofsble
adjustment of  the differcnce-i   Imt ween tin*
t States snd Onot  Britain rMpwtiof;
tin' oonstrnotlon of the treaty rights ol
It in doubtful, OS  waiil,   if the int.-n   ■
tn  Prsncloao io   maintaining  htr praseut
■ ii . a "f' oal -*.u|i|i|y from BntlshColumbia,
■ •■{,-   from   tbs   unportaoos   of   the ^n-»t
Chiosffo bosim *** oonflsotfanu with Canada,
and tho vast tra-h- that ebbs and Bows 11 ■
MO milso   id our   northern   buuudarv,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   'duii.it    fXi-ei.il the   iuterentof   Mas**, in   the
the session   is over that he   may add to I results of the application erf snob an alter
mtive   as c'iiiitiifi'ei-il noii-intercourae.    Hi.
his adherents bydefei don from thi I >".'
ranks, because, th . of th   Oril
succeeding in dislodging nim, is now
more remote than i\er. I ic will, however, lie careful nm to bring Dp rail-
way loans or any more concessions to
these monopolies. The simple fact is,
that the country is becoming afraid of
them, and, indeed, they have ahv.uiy
secured a   power   thai   the   people will
have great difficulty in wresting from
them by and bye. ■ No one can avoid
observing  the signs  of the  times  and
lhe approach of an era when lhe people
will    make    common    cause.       I
envelope the people with their serpentine folds and  they will crush  them it
they can wlien the struggles commence.
tnetr   tyranny  is .,,■_  Hm
ever beheld.
Ckkat    Uk 1 1 1 -   ..!;l. SPSSDtL..
pusiiKh by the lendiog altertitlve, Northrop
A. l-yiunn s  VogatnUls Diseovory Mid l)y»*
Bep|lo Carn.    Indignation ouasoi*, hili.r.
aiSSpposrs, aoustipatii 11   tfiveaylaccto regularity of the bowels in con if taking | Sometimes
it. usdlessaflbringfron ■    \n\ Intapeculiar
to their sox ex per'. 11                   bed wi ft-liei
from it, ami Impurities in thooii olati p do
longer tronbls tboac n bo hays ioqnb« i
Give it a trial and you will not r
ueifotiations witb   Koglaod on thin *mbj
are   progrossijig   anil tin-  mWOtootty hopei
tii.-v v, til leniilt in u banoooions ami satit
factory uudorttanding.
Mi. ii- is s pi-'hiilnlity oj the Cabinet, 01
part ni it, taking a trip uouth anon.    Kfforti
,.p   bslng made t.i-i^ay to organ i/.e S Cabinet
part)  to go to riiarlestnwn,   S. ('arolin.i,  t.<
bear Secretary  Lsmar*s oration  at tbe on
veiling ol the Calhoun iiiominieut. HsciT
tury Fair, hi Id lias e\preMed hia dstormins*
tion to on, .mii otlu-iH are anxioua to do 10,
whits tbs oratot ««t theoocarioa hss •xtendsd
1 pressing invitation tp» all of hisoontreresto
sucompHny him.
Uooip \V ashingtou newspaper men are in
bsdruputs ut Mr- White nonsn just now.
At. tim President's reception in tho eut
room, whi!*: hi- uas shaking handi with
aboul throe hnodrad people, mostly risiton
IU tho '.ity, who had eome to the White
H t-i ,. tha i'i-etid_.iit smoog the othei
sights, u group ol tlu-Me pentleinen took a
po**dtkra behind Hie chief enootivs ami
- .1 and OOmmontad upon the ueri-nn ..
tliey ii1..'.! bv in line.    The criticisms   were
iti*rT--j —T***1 iu< tiesirtenr hu*< ro inucli
annoyed by the discourtesy shown the
itningen UlSt he turned more tliau once
and loolci il reprovingly at the offenders.
i'hi'i--.'tri- Weekly 1. cepOnfiH tothe pnhli'
art- foi the moat part attended by strangers,
a-i above remarked, wlu» could Bnt been
pectod to be ;w familiar with White Hon*.
1 .■ ptioiH ai nre. the i'e|»re*ienUtivi*_ of thr
prei ivlipiinuki-a buslnsssof attending them.
S imetimes oallers ore s littlf awkward an.l
oomioflfl scenes nooor, but thi*i i-* tin
firtt time the Pros)deal has eves taken oce*.
11 tooomplala to the aehers of downright
dins mi tiie part ol the uewepaiiei
It it; fair tt* Mr. Earned fur the present to
discredit the   .'i-tli.-ut.c.ly iff tile letter iui
pnted to him hy tin* 7\■■.•■■; bnt lietnust nol
remain lonri "naslccidnd   wi.'thcr Sa (
cuti* the /Votes ot not*."   (Juring some wbohs
tbe Time: hss   neeu   publishing .1   serieeol
artieb'H plainly   uccusuifl the   ParneUitcsW
complicity   with   M:--   mtirder   wins ■ f tlie
Irish l.'oiiHpiraey ; thit charge the i'.iiii'lli.' s
huve   treated with a   disdainful u.u
what suspiuiouH sllonce; but no.w  shaSths
charge is orystallisetl in this way, it must h-r
met it'   our  belief   in the   InfiOi l iO'J i I tin
accused is to continue. — '/'/*.• ii *
The uuccrt-iinty of the n -uit ol rating i"i
Pi-oliihitiou  10  MioUigau  i.. at   ou\  w;ea
apod argument for local option.    WI
Prohibition     bs     carried    or    \ot\
question is decided by « riiiijdrity 01 minority
of only some thnusnicl  o   two  ra tl      whole
State.    The state is divided into two 1
all the  towns  voting   hy large maju
against PpobibitUm ;   all th«    conutrj
by equally   l-uyo ihrtjoritlrB  f-.r it.    I: local
option instead   od I'r.hii'.th.ii   had been lhe
question, the diet) loos io Favor ol ^robihitiou
would   have   m.ulc  thuir   puusooa a i.i a to
thcinsclvcri.    Hut, no ; ETiey innst nl&u maUe
ita   law t'->   everybody el ■ .1    d thej
hate probably lost ii a I togs then And Sup
posing they have oartisd it hy a narruM
majority, can they expect lo tnf'iicc it iutlv
town-,   .i here    its   opnonentfl    a;.-as   U'll   to
one* Tliey had better have chosen looal
option ;   letting oatSi   homof^ lieotis dbtrict
adopt the law that --iiits iImIi beat. I his
would not be perfection ; but iL i.-. ncaioi to
what should be nimod at—that overy individual may   be hi** own   Ir-Yolilb.tlbniat it" he
likee, but imboily cl■•(■"■.   -'/',..  Wtbk,
By their  anti*>Ooeroiori reeointkiis,  InStlt
the Dominion and 1'roviin ial l_*egi|Uturoi
commit themselves tj- ihe principle that any
one self-governing part of tlte Kinpii" lit.-* a
right tn interfere with the gnv-ertitofttat of
any other part ; and they Invite the fhitish
Parliament to rem-'jiMtiiite SflniftSt any local
bill pending nt Ottawa or Toronto, \\ hether
it be a Scott Act, or a CThiversity federation
Bill. And thistlicy do, md in order to give
?*_preesion to the seiitiuiHUt of the, country or
the 1*1*0vineo on a general question Affecting
all, but as the mouthpiece uf one pationslity
only, to curry favor with whom they commit the whole country, of everv uatfoiwJity,
to a protest against the principle of Coercion
of Oiime. Ail others thau the 0:1. n.'.-im-
ality so favored, forming by for tlte gpeeter
majority, nre opposed to any such interference in the internal affairs of thu BritUli
Iales, with which they hold the British Parliament ih qoite comneteut to deal; but this
is disregarded, aud the Legislatures of both
Dominion and Province, r peak ing s.-l'-ly f"r
a small portion of the people whoso vdtes the
members fear to (.RtrangO, have tho«ndacity
to address stits iinpcttinuuci. to au ind*
pendent Parliament as thn voice of the Canadian people. It is nothing but the voice nf
the Iri*.h voter in ('„nvl-, a*nd in n*>wi«e 1
presae.** tlte opinion itf the country ; aim v ■■
trust the British (lOVSeOmeht, rccogni.mt:
this, will administer tnoh a iti'ulf to t;;-
meddlers at will uot be forgpttcn.—Tht
vri\i> Tiir. < lock.
! ii . i.c.it elocl; iie-'.l.-. ic^ulatnit; and a Hiding when the iiiuiu-spriiig runs down. So,
1 -. when the human tiiuchinery gives out.
•MsreflulaMflg and thamatn*epringipur--
bloodj ik -I- toning, itiiid.icl. pjood Bittern
wili regslate and tooo all broksn down oou
ili-r-h oi tiie ■*. nti-iii. In purchasing |l I'
V*. buwurx of counterfeits.
iff foi' urtiatie mnunmentsl work appl> to
';   Ige, "VJctofls  Marble  \V.ok-.
; iJ.-UglaB    .itteet,   \ i«:t.o.i-i.      {'.    It.   Mmn k.
ot, Ncn Westminster
— ANI*—
1 lias   moved   t<> the store lately occupied bj
1 oiilter k t'e,,
Oivo-iit-   to Cunningham's Stotos,
on Colombia Mrost
Pnrnsarl> .M«-««***-*ir orih« llitfrh I)w|mil
otuiit 1.1'Sai ikcA l.yiuHii,   Mciilniil
Hon witli Mr. McNaii^htin. he is air
prej ared todo nil kinds of
Stf*VVatchel   Pent   by   mail    or   express
lud to at unce.
Clarke St, Port Moody.
Begs to announce that he hae opened the
above itOre with a well selected Stock w
at reduced prion, which are wnrrauir.1
to give satisfaction. He respectfully unites
au iajpe.'.-. u of thn same.


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