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Port Moody Gazette Jul 12, 1884

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fjrri Iftoflig (&mttt.
auascanrrioN ar ro«T,
c v l-.stu. z. I. t,n
Heal   Estate   Broken-*,
INSIItANCK      AOIMTI,    *•».
IW VtOOI/V pkopektt a bpicialtt.
Ijlil «immuuicati"„* r,d'ln-saed to
*La. .&.. lalCLEEir,
I'ort Moody.
L-gtheiiriiiiiM!* OSaa, ffaw Wfstmin
filar, villi r.,.e.ve pr,,i,,pt nttailitrnn.
ftvril:.' Insurance Co,
(if AtUtOCi, ..VII'IHKLAHliKhT
,i],'i i ins f„r policies in this Company,
,,., !, r valid nt or Life Insurance, can
, he l»*u Iron, the uuderMigiieii al I'ort
*o,ly. "taTJsaTtl     '
A. Camplell,
Iunttrsace, Laud, k General Agent.
Soucrroa Attn AfroaitKT, Rxal Bstati
Aukst    and    Co.wkvam t;u,
!»rr*vy •**»««.   -   -   3fcrt aaCsciy-
9 every suction ot Port Moody. Also,
burban I/iits, hy the Acre, liiiiiieillately
jacent to the I'ort Muody surveyed Town.
uf, and
Lands for sal* irn the North aid
•ini water frontage, un, Port
irunr, finely situated »nd exc
lsihle. .
Al,,, Kiirm Land, of snuertor quality snd
la.ortblo termt, in New Westminster
Carefully prepared Maps and Plans ex-
luted, and the fulleat information turnisli-
. >t Mr. Hainilton'a "Hue
—Telephone Building
Land surveyors
Real Estate /gents,
onveyancers & Accountants.
foii    a i i:
VOL.  1.
POM MOODY, B. c, tUTUBDAY, *TOLY  13, 1884.
NO. :J0.
A LAIM'S it l»K A(K<I.NS--nM.>ll
(from /I far hi nod.)
"Eutovnoi teha; v,,v . ,,s Urns" il am »l,,ne;
1 go with (ii'd.i    HptutUk .-Ijiohi
(Con tinned. 1
"Never mind, there is plenty of r,,,,in
miiiJ my fn.'i.il ia h Spaniard ol pure
race." This la.i express on meant
many thing,.; aitionuat which ll,,' <k-
claiatinii of ihere hcing in, admixture
uf Indian liliiud in ll,,- composition of
Senor Hernandez,', friend »a< out; lhe
uttier, that a true ripania ,1 neve,
quarrels will,  lhe iilluilii-r ut I.i. gtlettt.
So we bird to the hacienda ,,f S nor
Dun Candio,,. nii'l M>r>. admitted
thri'Uith a l.riikeii Kale into a piece nf
gr null. In,if coifei' plantation, Int.!
Harden, and whole wilderness*, -brilliant dowels dotting them*. Iv,-s her*'
ihhI there, ino-tlv n-t un tall stalks:
ihey reminded me w,,iiewlmi uf .ome
pert "amscls 1 have *eer, whu were
deter,i,in-'I nol l„ he nverluuked.
A lung luw liuii'liti_> stuod in th.
centre of this enclosure; and |, eheiitiy
there poured on Irom this in li, wu
men duga. iiiiliiuiti ,1 in i,U'i,l,,r slhev
uiptaied, f Mowed Iiv a vcy iiand-
snine lari who carried i gun ill Ills
hand. faitradllfltiuiM over, we were
soI,I, Heated i ll.e broil vernll'lnh
.llllell IS ifeneiul'V     til     plnce    ol siicirt'
uatlieringa in these ,S|,ani-h I, uses.
Sump bad isnmi'iv netted hiiminiicks
and miiiip plain grnnn on, a w,-re slung
heiwec'. tne several p sis n| lh»* vemn-
ifah. Out uf oil" of lhet.e a head wns
rained up, and nn quickly popped buck
"ir is on'y rVpita," said the lady f
lhe houne, in explaiiritmn. "Pno,
P.piul .-he runn about too much
.Sleep on," idle continued a,I,Ires lug tin'
I'Ulge iii th- liaiinnnck, "th» e guod
friends will excuse thee" Ami she
give the li.iiiiiin, k aewiiiEf which, I
supine.', « ni P pi'u off to the land ul
N il, hut which effectually roused a
crnsa |,,rrul which had been |Vp>*iiig
w'iih its mistress, ami which Hew mil nl
ilg codes ire, an I w ith' lit the slightest
|ir,,v,icaii„i, inn c Strwigbt fur me and
iii..in|it'-il tu lute my f.-et. Palling in
this, the bird clung t„ my skirts, Hud
iilli'inplcil ti, chim, U|"',i me lien,'nil,
In-,n. I liifil to push ih.' cieaiure
n'wav, hut it.   seemed bent Upon la-tinj,.
I'lii'iipe-ir. Ileal,: and a,  th"  OH	
gji h were afraul in touch it, I   Iiml lu
tr,    ,„v   feet  and    hurl ll frnm me.
Ju-t  11,,'ti tie' linn tsnii,,'   hu!—uIiuwh*
iii'le I, I    beard,  Jaime   (this i*   pro
iIX'\IMAMT.,Nl',V\\T.STMl>        R.   ^.^j    ,-„„..,„,,   „ll(1  j,   (•„,,,.,,„
fnr ,n,r   nglv, abrupt   Jam,'-)—catigfa
iiiht ,,f «tr it  wa* going nu. ami   proceeded to put n si. p 1,1 llie piTluta an-
n.Vdilci, iui ll wu- lUahiiigtt in,'n^i r .
lift!    .filii fr.     tin'    it't'Hll   all   piat
i,c;',i si w   leii   he bad beeu   I suing a
U.S. fUItTIS.             B. r'l.AHKE, M. D.
i). s. mm li to.,
Direct Iiiiprrrtera and Ocalcrs in
ft   U.S A \ D
r.Yi; :r. rmtET imTreui,
l|^ :i'1 ri:n]j Gcois,H,
fi        .      \     'TI.F.KT,
If                  T   11    -   -   K. C.
RsM n       .  i.   CohmUl Ili.til.)
"Wi,a   a lout the   "i,lii,«ry   British
tooth nf lhe name age   wntlM lie   in 11,la.
position '" sal-1 the  i-l,lent   Allan O'H	
It) u,e, sh wh wnlk 'I behind lhe uihca.
"He would he wishing all ui IM i'.
Japan, mi ulli" the . xtrellie uf mlnetv
111 Ills OWU lllllid."
'True," 1 answered; "hilt lemcnl.e
when the ordinary British lad arrive
d uintuiity, l.e .• nei'illv rennnns in tin
(ni-nim i" nl ttiength and mauliu <l foi
inaliv yenrs. When Luhin is lifii,
Antonio will t,e l„ king, and probahiv
feeling, tixti-live. Tbi Bpguisli * i-
men, y u know, are couaideied tu be
"hi it thin>; hut thev aie furmed tod
luvelv at liti'-en."
"I do not underntniiil why this should
he," euniiiiiieil mi' iniing friend.
"N r I either, I suppn.y, it in in
•nine degree a fuiliJiuettt uf the rluctriti-
oi cuiiipt-iinaiinii."
"AllI thai is mv father'* faiouriic
iln-urv, don't you knoi.?"
"No, dear llihema, I did nrd kno'*;
hut I agree with your father, 1 e in-
fess tu leing a great Wieyer in the
do, nine of c.iinpins linn."
'■|la>e you , nJ nnv , p. iisati n in
voui life foryi.ur early tr ulile.1 Null.,
uf us h.,ve( Hiid |,a|ia hns l,.-ej, done Out
of., lot of iiciicv,'sod the girl.
"Soh.vcl alsu; but oOii.pentatioii
iiihv nut come in the whv w*e expeot.
Good health, happineaa, getting mirrie i
in, d'-ar, o„ v ur part, 111 nut gelling
m rrri-il un mine, may perh*pn I e « cum
pciisntiuii for ll"' iu»n nf muii-y.'
8o picHchc I; hiiiJ the kin .hearted
girl preaaed m* arm, a d said .she mil.
wished that I Iiml a I .rue fortune, and
thai I cuuhl Im; h in. j urney with hi
■md Ikt fa,uili.    Tills Could nut be, fo,
the (/ll  'a we e   on  lliei*    way   tu
New Vurk.
N,,w were ga ll red t getl,«r nur
furor*, fur we r, in l.e hack on nur urrv
iu lhe vessel. The doctor ali ndaaing
Sniiieliu'li surmised lint h- had air,ady
eturncd lo t"H niup. However, we iin-
niini i|s|, iicci l"d iiml he would Hun nn
s uu'wher.-; and tin n we ,ir fiok errV'-.
having w- rl enjiin'.i our simple sod
cor n,,l entertainment,
' Ah! there, you aie, doclorj we could
not th n what h d become uf you." exclaimed .Mr. (Ju. ken, ,n h- CSUght »igl|l
nf i Im I gentleman sitting oo a step busy
nier I, tiling the content* of , nandl -
l,nx-l ukin^ i'tiole. 'N'e tl.nuglit vo ,
had tu/lied lick fur niclal more "tlrac-
live—the Mexic ,, nli.l.-wr.rke ."
"You in-ught wr nc, then, I sir yed
nut nf tin  w,,v  tn I,mk fur nrur,. marine
tlSV'lllll.'    fll'l. I   .
Ti,e ca|'t.iui * ,. Handing on la.aid a*
W. ns,-||.led.      ",   I, ,,,.   ,,,,, I, , ;   ,j„ ,. ,„ I
-av much   to v u ' said   be, tddie*»ing
holt which was to oonvsy ns „n l^juni
tl,.- Clyde. 1 taw at a glance tbat ba
was nue of Britannia m poor
_ perhaps, hut bearing withal that same; "iui I le,r v.u aie going i. me iiii-takal.leuiiof "l,n .•,!,' which imith.-r
rl.rii.luian. Sure... il i,, ter,,hie juur [wealth, nor i-driei., ion ,-m„. has .-v.-r
.<-, f,,i y,„, t„ ir.ke»l„i,. "' suec-eded    in   imitating   with SU
ird-hiii." said i Th,. iM,,. «iu,.,,, ,.f „ '.   gentleman
Coluiiib . H|,, Op „.1'« p.*. IB .,
NSW  A ...TMIM^-Ka.  B   I
li i '■ lisriUhip," said Th- m," stamp of aature'i
.   pi ll Npn  In        Cnlili lelillv.      '  1 am   the
l.n,..|iei and sis,,-, uf Begli.b aoldlert
and luy bringing op Caa never b-en
luxulio s. (Jiicuin.ini,,' n in laicrnais
in," e  lll|jelled  ,n il.-pel,dull nun-lf "
"It is a   wonder to me,    continued
tbe captain, "that your relatives allow
vmi   to go,"
"I have no  in ur relations, and I go
lo wai;,' a home of my own.     We bare
nil of us our troubles, captain; do not
discourage me,   "Hitherto I hare got
on \er\ well, and the world in genera]
is kind to Ion,.'fen,ale travellers.'
"Ves,   the    civilised    world."    The
captain here shook his bead,
I turn,',I aside to answer a summons,
The speaker wus a bed-room steward
"Mr. Smith semis me to ask you to get
together your things, please, for tbe
iiurii will be ready in twenty minutes
to take you on board tbe Clyde."
1 looked al my rosea and my lmniiti
fn! bunch of coffee-berries, uud lumiled
lhe best of all, is ever inl>orii. This
fellow.wunil,.ii , ■ : ted iis to seats,
and then we exchanged  a i.v.- wuj'iis ns
we were being rowed to our new
I gathered from these thai tin, pa asm.
gar was bound for the mines in fJuate-
tnultt; and Im added to this information
un avowal of his determination never
to set foul iii Kngland until he should
return rich, or at hast Independent.
I inn going to work as a common
miner,'' continued this young man,
withgreal decision, "whether on fun iiv
like it or not. They sent me off to
make my vay as beat I could in the
colonies; and because I oould not get a
situation usu clerk in an otlice the moment I landed, it is assumed that 1 am
idle and all tbe rest of it; and so 1 am
going to take my own way of it, and
stick tothe work that has been offered
In llie 00 ihis side.
Mr. Smith, who tat opposite, listened
io all this,  iiml then   said:  "You caine
MS. Mltilll A* iMtffill,
Physician* and srvrgeotH
OFFICE: Columbia Streel. Opp. Ct» Hot...
Amu. UoLaoO, B.A , M.li.i.'M., (McOill)
formerly uf tti m York I' .lyclinic.
A.  MaiSwais, M.li .Hiirv.i Licentiate of
Koyal C'nllcge oi Phyaicians, Lundou.
UTonustoraa my am, nmut.tx
 UK         .
tbem silently overto the youngest Mu trom Bydney, sir. did yoo not?'
O'H—| for—tbe truth must out
I waa to say good bye, and leave rim
friends of a few days "for ever and a
day," aa the saying goes, Ves; there
stood the vessel alongside of the Colima
—thesteamer whieh we bad seen in
the harbour before we went, ashore.
She was called tin-Civil", wns smaller
than the Colima, and win runted slow.
This vessel ha.s been   all day taking
in nnd discharging cargo, and now was
ready to receive the Inst ofthe passengers „f the Colima who might be bound
to the intermediate ports. The future
mission of the Colima was to dash
down to Panama without a stoppage;
whilst the Clyde was to dawdle leisurely
along the coast, stop ni every port, and
'-. . anchor every night from sun-
dovn n m sunrise.
"Why   is tlii-'"  I  innuired   of Mr,
Smith, the head  steward,    that   kiml
est an,I innsi court is of head stewards
v, I,,'levci- the others may be.
"The navigation ia particularly dan
gerous   along that   coast, and in s <■
places th" water is very shallow and
abounds in shoals. The Btniuuers ul-
ways lay to nr night. The vovage
down there   will be  verv tedious, ami
Millers *v Harness-maters t
Every Article Jn their Linr
Always in Stock.
Front St    -    YALE B. C;
"V,s; I worked my passage to
Frisco, and am now on mv way to join
a mining camp."
From wiin, transpired further, i
found that this ydung man was but one
of the many who Differ from tbe extraordinary ,lr fusions under which
ninny /.atres familiarum, uncles, and
widuwed mother*, of our nation labourIOmncat
with regard to the demand and supply
of educated labour in tbe colonies,
Hen,rally speaking, when a young
gentleman betrays, or has betrayed n
for spending too much
eriiiiior get what is called
iloyment   at home; or  I,.-,-
Soda-water Manufactory
CAN SUPPLY THK  CITY  AND  VICINITY   with   .s.uila-wa..'jr (plain and
sweet;, Ginger Reer, (linger Ale, Sarsapa
rilla; Lemon, Kaspl«,rry, and all other
Syrups; Kssence of lliuger : Cock-tail Mixtures, stft
IROM    TH£   CnlSTIlV
ih" h,»al terrible, you'll Sud,   returned
plants, tor I   as,.! ut., i,.-i   h i"-1 ,,,;,,,. S|Mi,|,    ..jjo not   bu
Out,mat.     Not haviii.'  ih" Iron, st    d
al "gcilitir    for the Jobbing Trad,
.. M. Herring,
Wiiolksalk & Hktaii.
Largest Stotilf in the City
he clnlltl'il t , Sen,,I He, lit
'itmurhi ui froili sum uot
and very thin I ain'ino sw il
this he   administered   four   ,
Lie Boarding House,
i¥. ANN AM) • ■ Proprietor
ill Hud every convenience aud cm-
be above Hotel. Meals at all hours,
moderate. d!53m
rrs & shok
w mu shoe
the   new Oddfellow*'   Ball.
Inez,    and
II r II long
ih.   Wi h
r live cu<s
sharply acrrrss the luck and wiii^s , f
'hehjnl, reproving iTushe did so jti-t
as if it h*.l tic n a child ini'iea correction.
"Ah, naughty Martjoital t',ke (by
wlrippina: this is tn t aeh thee maun, ..
Wicked hirl! h,,w ,!a>e y.ui try to bltei"
1 had neeeiaecii a hi ,1 whipped e-
fnre; an    fe ruin that    he might do it a
mischief, i Indeed the lad to refiain,
"Hl|e   Ulllal      he    lailleil,"     rcidled   the
Ud, hs he desisted   at once; ''ahe i- ,,f
very   Hlroiiu   kind,    an I In-r   temper I-
thai of lhe  deillnllln.      No.  I   would    1101
hurl hoi; 1 knu.. huw   lunch |., onireci
All this time the bird was veiling no I
st|il(iikrrie; like n   niitnhle  di III,Olio, and
(lew t ■   tht root   nf the    V in,', nil, de
Hcihiug wide circles ahuui Don .1 . u,
e*d, and m.kipg »a if she    wouhl    l-
tack    him wiih ail  lhe st'Otiltlh   nf her
will.   The h iniiu, i .w itch w-ia evidently
• factor in   the case;  ami at I njith ,-he
fl-w up   into a c mer   aud    e ntente
herarlf    wth emilnrig   now  "ill   then
some i cculiar   sounds,   which   p.iNsihly
miL'ht he hard hird-sweaiinr,.
Tii, party at th- other end of the
verandah talked enluilv on, and ueic
appeared even to 0 tice itie huhhuh
which this had • ojasioiied. I suppose
in these parts il is not th correct lliini!
to expend unnecessary strength upun
hpinil surprised.
Snine exc II. nt coffee .nd fruit were
I.an led lu Bt, and al the same time
cigars we'eolTerei to a'l who would
accept tliim. The ladv of the hnuse
presented her own to me—lirst lighting
it ami giving it two or thr e puffs ai
her mouth as she did ao. Thia isihc
moat complimentary manner of pres nt-
■ Ilg a cigar, and I felt sorry lhat natural
piejudices obliged me t' dclinetiie
Civ lity. Tlte hostess soon found a
grateful recipient in one o' our fellow-
Iravell-r*, and hen she and her ,laugh-
.era smoked away as hard as any three
London cabmen.
The   Misses O'H    proposed    to
stroll out into the garden, and the
h .ndsome Jaime put down his coffee-
cup and attended us. Lie plucked some
line China rosia, and placing the*,
against a background of coffe tree stems
laden with berries, produced three
beautiful and unique b ucjueta. This
young gentleman told us lhat lie was a
nephew of the owner of the house, and
tbat ha Was paving * visit at thai time
to Acapulco. We were all very much
Liken wiih the appearance of the youth
and his kind unaffected nunner was
truly charming.
a In-re you had g.,
iicn-. t, r nil wu
I' is |> ace In cet i,
"T'l.s i-l.tee" ".
SlOl k.'ll tl   1 e,   III* 11
with a "nu i i in ,
.1 ,1 kept hy a V, r I
wauled some large
I".  I
d 'l-
' dlie
ib ig.
. the i ier
■ si,    I, li|
li   wit
si  rr._'li|
i  lo |i .ss
nd ■ve:|-
ild W,thill
f .1 uh s,
iln liiug r-,ll,.,li. 1
white ban llierthieft
rewith lo cover „,, should,r* > ur-
inu inv prutinscd 'id —ns the hack ol
lie luck, .is Iln' juliclllie uf ill lead
wit i the spine, i- the pait Which ihould
ne mure carefulli CVere , t-y. i, th ill III'
Head Itse.f III! Ic, .1 I Umillll son.
The toils, too, want I in" in"
hajiidk.-rchief. tlnw could Slid i ■ remind
tliflfnof .Mexico   win i, ihey   nrriied.it
We >■ ere sup; lied  with wh l   wre
.pi led •!   .tenilic pric.    The   shup-
ft.-eper must have netted forty percent.
■ ui nn average u{>.>-. our puicbasea.
"W pay > cri high for lhe privilege
of dealing wi", a cuu liyiuaw," remarket Mr,   Cooke.,    'Th*   French,
Greeks,   a d   Spaniards   certainly   d,
l.leed fo.eigne'*    |,i,'l IV fieelv,   but il j,
reserved  tothe   English   all ,,»er    tie
wiui i lo overcharge und  swindle th
nl llfcir • wu nation.    Other peoples arc
oooeiderate   l<» their own     Imt   wear*
OVe the weakiics, of in ,king any ex
■«B al y?"
'■Ih il i- my experience in these countries. Iiepend upon it, the wu|st people to he encountered in any part nf
the world are the low whites." went on
Mr, Ouukcs "They get all th y can
out of th native, and then, in some
case*, go bom; and cant about ill"
wiekedne.s of the heathen."
This is in a mea-ure true, as I knew
hy experience in the Fiji Islands, and
from   tatementa   of friends hn   whom 1
cell rl   illy.
It.'turning in ihe boat lo the vessel
I found mya If aaain aeaied n.ar the
iiOCIOr, He leke.l im- to snare him a
stem of the c..ffee.berries.
"I wanttliein," Suid be, with a littl"
hesitation, "fur a'«ch ol inarm.' She
is a guod girl, and, though an Ameiican
-he lias the low soft voice so beautiful
in woman." Here ihe doctor loflfced
very valiant, as if he wuuld not recede
au men from what he hid averred.
i handed him the stem of coffee-
berries, and with it the fin. st of my
roses. "The 'school inarm' will he the
d rtor's wife some fine day, I predict,"
taid 1, shaking him by the hand.
'"No*, do you dry that rose, and sum
far off lime you may chance upon it,
and rein, mher oui little excursion in
Acat ulco."
The good gentleman returned the
pressure of my ban I, and merely replied, "Yes; this has been a red-h ttn
"May all go well with yiu Goodbye. "
The boat had touched the ship's
atair, and the d> ctor. aft r placing me
oo the lower step, ran rapiitly up on
deck.    Thus vanished out of   mv sight,
ed to tirllt.
It is very
- proclivity
money, or
l '//,/     I'll!
perhaps committed himself in an act
of grave misdoing, there ia always some
fool ut band to suggest hia being sent
"ir ru the colonies, If he mny consent
to enter farm or domeatio service, to
learn a trade, or undertake any manual
labour—well, let him go. "Hut no,"
says paterfamilias; "])ick bus had a
good education, he must go out as u
gentleman. Winn he has learned in
the office here will tuffioe to place him
ut once; and Crammer, tbe emigration
tgent, assures me that young men are
sure to be provided for at once in tbe
colonies."     And  so, »ith perhaps one
m   respectable   introduction,   and   much
to oftener without any, young hopeful or
tranger, but you w tl soon be accus-  hopeles* is sent on his way.      IL- perhaps makes some inquiries on his jour-
is tli"
i.ii for
touted to that,    Th
"We have  had
■ in "  ■■■' !• fl .' :,
lie worse c t we go
".No. but you a ill   think mot i ir. i
us mui will be ly ii..' s; ill, an I the '
steamer also. I mention the subject, I
to assurn vou that I I,aie never heard
n prptlj fair Blinre
fi-.i:. .'   ii.    '.. ill i
fut til  .       'ri'..'       I
tiey, nnd falls in g 'nerally with
who not" only tli" -in—nes.
"Look how well have succeeded Mm
Wuskeyaud OiScampI and tbey land-;
■"I   in   the colony  with en  a pound, |
Very trn of fortj years agone ; bul
now are changed daj -. and the field, in
the older towns at least, is full; besid «,
and rrl   the sons of the colonists tnusl have thei
of any   vessel   being   struc
though moving objoets,   they say, run innings.
lew risk, the lightning   on this coast      ■, ,,,.,• ;■, that when Dick and   Horn
seems to reaped i-rssels at anchor." Clerk, London, first arrive iu Sydney,
'Are any  re  oi ■   passRiigers for instance,  the}   walk   ;  fellows,
changing for the Clydef    I inquired, dav after day, from offl    to wharf, and
"""'   '' i '  r '   '"   •'    '■ gentl1 fr m   whari  to itor ntiiuj
11111 v"'.''' ,"""    "' ll1" v""'1'    I'" seeking work in   i I   find
"•ocs on \   aa far aa La   Union, but lie ing none,    [n some instan
is willinfl-tobe useful to you if he can. Inromi m. but in gi
Samuel   Cormier
tli.' nod at the tVorth Kotd and tho
Caledonia Hotel, on -inival ut uta^e ooftobM
i trom New VTMtmiiuter.
i     K'tu ii.-. in tlie iiftt*moon, punctujilly,   in
time for the itage ootobM to New VVest-
•V Prelgbt carefully attrn.let. to.    Kvcry
■ ;ittt;iiti(»n given to SpWttl ('<>ninii»8iona.
The Cash Tailor!
Lrn'nN S'li.uu:, \r« Vttsi stnnn er,
Hat opened out his PALL STOCK, and is
now prepared to execute orders.
SaTSaTUriCTIOtl l,fAli...VTIl|.. sn
Mcfti w ."TKiii, I'i'M M
M. HESLOP, - - Proprietor
A i I'lMJiu t-   ST..*« li mt
Drugs and Patent Medicines
i ' "   -I en. n- .'tn lull, dispensed.
I mu sorrj in say thai terrible  '1 id
Mrs. c, nnd her children, will be your
only panions,    I transferred them
to tbe other ship three noun n".t>. and
they have been shrieking ever since.
By the way, continued Mr. Smith,
witli his good-natured laugh, "the
captain of the Clyde hi in a terrible
fright aa to what vou may lie like, us
these t'. ■ ure the only specimens be
lius ni ih" Colimas pajtseugers, and
Mrs. c. talks of ber friend the English
1 hnd only spoken to this individual
mi ■!■. She wus a demi-eeuii-gentle
woman, nml ber manners nnd appear-
un,',. were very nafortunate. Her
hardness to one of her children, nnd thr
brazen way in which she had informed
the psaawngersin genera] that sire had
come away in dabs, and
tradespeople in .San Francisco, had
caused us to dislike her thoroughly.
We found that her husband was
captain of a mine somewhere on the
coast of Guatemala,   nnd that the and
9 tliey gi i
ley   ure    i"
to lie
tin, are
i   r. l|   to I'l M.Kl  St.,   Nl ik li.iri.l.As,
PORT  MOOfcfY,   J..  <'
■ ru
tided to I" tnl.' r h,
bush; and in some t.
rough 1 j repelled, r,   ,
lioilur.      Desperation,   ,.s   they   End
their  small means   dimini I.  i.   leads
tli,-in   to   invade   th,    office    oi   tbe
governor, the ins] tor of  police, and
the   immigration   agent,     batch   and
every one of these woulddo bis beat to   j *■-"■«
help, but   be lias   already a   isl of ap      ,,
plicanti as  long ns his   arm.   The an
twer to inquiries for employment is in
paria ly the same.    "Vmi   must
sp.i. inn. preuiises   with
•Asanlted stuck of
large and
iicr fiiniily were on the tray to join
li tin. According; to her own account,
she had left San Francisco in disguise;
hut from variot.8 discrepancies in her
narrations, I was led to think that she
preferred being tuken for a Vagabond
than to pass as one of whom then was
nothing particular to br said.
Well, her>» was the boat and Mr,
Smith waiting to transfer me to the
Civile. He brings in Lis band a glass
of champagne, which is sent, he savs,
"with the China's compliments."   The
O'H sand students say good-bye
with all the kindliness of their nature
and gentle, unassuming Senor Hernandez tells me not tn keep him waiting,
for he is coming on board with meto introduce me to the captain And so 1
get away, with ft benison in my heart
on these kindly strangers. This was
all my adieu for I could not speak. El
buen DiosIps guarde muchos anos (May
God grant them many years.
The steerage passenger doscrilied by
the head steward as being a   thorough
probably   forever, oue ul mv idcuant !gentleman was  already seated in   the
I will try and help you, if you
for a month or so; if  not, I advise you
to   go into   the bush   as soon as   you
There it is; Clerk, London, cannot
watt. He was sent out with a very
small sum. and most of this is already
•aded her [spent for every day wants. He would
BO into the bush now, but he cannot
command the railway.
In nine eases out of ten, the family
of the clerk has never supplied one
Shilling to enable bim to exist until
work is found. So deeply rooted is the
idea that 11 man can get into a merchant soflic(thi- istliefavourite vision)
the moment almost that he lands in
Australia, thn' provision for a month
in advance is • ldom thought of. And
so thp family ;'. el verv tanrnievod when
they get the .ntelligence that l>ick is
hauling coals on a wharf, and that Tom
is driving cattle at Tiiniherumba.
Ah! how often conies the news that
the one is dying in hospital, dependent
upon the lieiiovolence of a citizen and
a sister of mercy; and that the othpr,
not finding employment, has disappeared, no one knows whither!
Our lioat is dancing attendance now,
for we have to wait till a barea from the
shore, unlading fruit, sheers aside.
This conversation is Greek to Senior
Hernandez, but he smiles good-natured-
Iv.and tells the young man that, a great
deal can he done in mines. This much
tin- Senior has gathered.
■..»■*."'.Diy Goods and Millinery
can stay        ■ ■
Fancy Goods, &c
(To be continued. I
A Choice Assortmf.^t of
Everything New and
Ao I -.paction Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Terms, Strictly Cash.
Port Moody
11; unpek.sk;\kd will ri;
Four-Horse Stage!
Between New Westminster »nd Port Motdj-,
leaving New Westminster every morning;
r*t«n.mg, will le»v* Tort Mood*' between
3 and tp.ni. These stage* go m er the new-
road to Port Woody direst, carrying both
P.issenger* nnd freight.
Jr.'s. M. WISE.
* «£})• .port 2BMfa| <^a?ctte
The "Colonist'' may becom" infa
am*. I'lic story of the gorilla taken
u ar Yale was a strange sample of rant,
a low practical joke. On Sunday last
the sum" journal, iu that sickening
column that contains "What some people say," announces "that tb,- wild man
captured aljove Yale hat arriv.il, and
can be seen at the post office.
Does th„ editor of the "Colonist"
suppose that tin, readers of tbat journal are all gorillas! It appear* that
rant suits (ben better than mm. A
newspaper edited by a lunatic woald
circulate in the capital as fast as a
scandalous report. The taste of the
modern editor is not j,'ood taste, but
he must please the palate of the uneducated.
At the gathering of the dans in Victoria last week, only a few of "the
tons of the heather" appeared in the
garb of the Gael. Piper Carinichael
waked the echoes with the martial music that roused the ancient clans to bat
tie Donald McKay, Fred. McLaren,
Capt. Urquhart, and McLagan were
the best dancers, and the music of the
pipes was echoed by their heels. Master Walter Crecchie appeared in the
most perfect Highland dress. If he
hail been in the Stuart tartan, he would
be lit to represent James Fitzjames.
The music thst roused the clans to battle was really magnificent.
Herbert C. Curey, son of the Mayor
of Victoria, has returned from the Royal Kingston Military College, with the
highest honors. He won the gold
medal presented by the Governor General, an honorary badge of distinction,
and the position of Lieutenant of the
Royu! Engineers. His diploma with
honors in mathematics, mechanics, and
military engineering is first class. This
young man promises to become the
great gun of British Columbia.
The "Colonist," in a long paragraph,
describes the preparations stupidity
has made for the production of disease
in Victoria. Yates, Comorant, Johnson, and Douglas Sts., are all famous
for the odours that rise from the stagnant drains. And the Chinese quarter
is reported not to be worse than the
quarters occupied by the whites. Tho
repoft would lead any one to suppose
that a beautiful city may be only a
At half past 12 o'clock, on the 2nd
inst., San Francisco was shaken by an
earthquake. The people were all at
dinner, when the city commenced to
dance The shock was the severest felt
in that bit village for many years, and
some of the strongest buildings are seriously damaged. No lives lost. be
slightest increase of the power that
moved the city would have levelled every
bouse in the place. The approach of
the great shaker was announced by a
heavy ro 1 of thunder under grounrl; anil
men weie white with fear. Indeed, San
Francisco is the place for those wno
love excitement. Pistol practise at the
bar, gambling on tbe stock exchange,
and thunder under ground, are verv refreshing. Variety is the charm of life.
Who says it is not ?
At Pendleton, in Oregon, on the 2nd
inst., Henry Iieinhart and Frank Ander
son were tried, and acquitted of the
charge ol murder. These two boys shot
an Indian on the reservation ; but a jury of white men acquitted them at once
The court room was packed by the
whites ; and when Ihe verdict was announced they gave three cheers. I he
judge fined two of the disturbers twenty
dollars each, but tha fine was speedily
paid by friends I he moment he boy*
were released they were rearrested by
the Marshall and scnl on to Portland.
Uncle Sam wishes to m.ike the wot d
be ievc th t he is just to the Indians;
but—God knows all about the -"justice," and will reward Uncle Sun's family. The history of the Indian persecution in \merica will be paraded on a
tablet in hell
On I ite-day last, in ihe very centre of
New Vork City, William lthinlandcr,
described ss "the scion of one ofthe first
families," walked into the office of John
Drake, an attorney, and shot him
through the heart. The Rhinlander
family is one of lhe oldest and most
aristocra ic in the city. V. illiam married
for love ; h s wife was a beautiful Irish
girl named Maggie McGuinness. His
father, a millionaire, disinherited William, and the attorney was employed to
make the young man get rid of the wife.
But the unlortunate lawyer fell in love
with the ladv, and the result was -a pis-
10I shot and a coffin for the poacher.
The world is full of sad histories
"A dude" is a good for nothing young
snob who wears good c othes, gold'rings,
and diamond shirt studs. He stares at
young ladies on the sidewalk, with eyes
like those you see in ihe head of a sick
cat. A gang of young roughs in Brooklyn bound themselves by a solemn oath
to exterminate the "dudes" of that city.
And they did kill a few. On Thursday
of last week Frank Crosby aged nine
years, one of the gang, was up before
the police magistrate The young assassin freely described ihe manner in which
he used the dagger, and said, "we organized to rid ihe country of 'dudes.'
I buried my dagger in the bi easts of
two, but I did not kill them." The
young desperado was remanded.
On ihe evening of the 1st inst, Thomas Walling returned from California to
his home in Mincie, Ind., and spent the
evening with his wife, children, and
grand-children. It appears he left home
in 1859 and was absent ever since, lie
supposed Mrs. Walling to be dead, bu
he found her to be in good health, and
was not surprised to learn that she had
buried two husbands while he was away.
The o'd couple areas happy as il nothing
unusual  had occurred  since   the year
1859. This man married (or love, anJ
apiwaied to be in love with the od woman aftei hearing of ihe trials and troubles she had with the dear departed
pair. Life is a comedy lo the man who
thinks, but it is a tragedy to he man of
fed ing.
A shoemaker in the Howe.,, N'ew
York, got a pair of shoes to heei, last
week. In taki 11;; off the worn leather,
he discovered two dvnamiic cartridges
so placed, that as soon as ibe heel w?s
worn, the lile „f the wearer would be
ended. It It quite possible the dyiun •
ters have a wholesale boot and shoe factory, and tb'.t they supply the tiiatcii.;'.
for ex erminat on in boot heels. The
l.idi.-. should h.ive bon.s rnanufac ured
at home, end escape the risks aitendant
on those who wear high heel boots made
by dynamite fiends.
Difficulties and danger* ?urround t'le
Egyptian question and the reprcs natives of the European powes are now
engaged in conference. Our readers
know that the empire is represented by
John, Pat and Sandy, b.t they will be
astonisherl '0 hear that Pat is the only
one ofthe firm opposed to th? "cotifi-
en:e as a delusion, and the easiest hin,'
in the world to do, is just to say that we
have Kgrpt anrl that wi'l keep It W
dont wint_ to annex it, but just leave it
as it is."
The leader oftheopposition possess,
great influence in the House of Lords,
and they will use it io repel to the Franchise Bill. Lord Salisbury has intimated very plainly, that the Lords w II nut
pass the bill, There seems to be a dead
lock. Nothing is more certain than lhat
:he United -Kingdom de-ires he franchise based on household suffrage And
the question |r,*r1 1 the Lords venture to
resist the will ofthe nation?
I he la est reports from Madagascar
sav the French were not progressing rapidly there unii' a report of their success
in China reached (he native rulers.
Concessions for a hundred vears have
been grained, and lie English merchant
share the advantages gained by the
French. The English missionaries lost
all their influence by attempting to suppress slavery in the Island.
The Yankee is trying 'Ogull the peo-
p'e in England by describing the rich
natural resources of hnds for sale in
Florida. He says ol the beggar weed,
' It surpasses, in fertilizing qualities,
clover and peas; it grows six feet hi-th
spontaneously in the corn fields, and two
crops can be turned under each season;
in ihis manner," says Mr. Yankee to the
Engl'ihman, 'you git a crop every year
and manure your land twice. The fertility of the soil is cons anilv on the increase." The Times has beeu used as a
medium 10 convey to the pub ic 111 nd
false ideas ol the wealth of Florida An
American writer in that jouni?.l says the
land his only to be scraidied 10 blo>-
som forth in tropica1 luxurance.
We know something of Florida. No
part of the Country is free from inaeiia;
the farmers who keep cows have io pur
chase hay grown in the Northern States
and no one ever saw a good joint of roast
beef in Florida Even the oranges contra t disease; it does not alLVt the flavor
ofthe fruirs.bttt it affect the market price
of he oranges. With rotten oranges,
without roast beef, and surrounded by
all sor s of bugs, flics and snakes, the
Englishman in Florid 1 will discover
that there is a place called Purgatory
The head of Major John Andre has
been stolen from his tomb in Westminster Abbey, The head- of Washing
too and Andre were prominent in the
fresco and have been stolen three times
respectively. The shoddy aril ocracy
of America who travel in Eng ar.,1 are
fond of relics, and they take them. An
Ire's bead was str) en dining an organ
recital by 1 'r  Bridge
The marriage of Oscar Wilde with
Miss Lloyd was like a matrimonial alli-
anc: between two butterflies. The happy
pair were married at S. James Churcli
on the 291I1 u 1, Lady Wilde, who was
Speranza ol the Nation appeared at the
altar in a costume of silver g ay broca I-
ed silk and sarin and wearing a diamond
biooch supposed to be worth five thousand pounds The bronze high heel
ed shoes, lhe large red si.k Gainsborough bats, the amber necklaces, the
lilies an I the liny brides maids in
dresses rrimmed ivith cream colored
feathers and red ribbons, made a picture that was very suitable as a scene
at the marriage of the but erfllei. An
immense cro >d gathered al the Charing
Cross Sta ion to see the pa r on the way
to Paris, lhe bride's travelling dress
was of deeper mson velvet and silk, and
she wore a huge crimsonjyelvet hat decorated with feathers. The multitude
assembled to see them off, laughed
heartily and cheered,
[From thu Malnlai d Ouardl.n.
Those of our readers who remember
the artifices made use of by this prince
of humbugs, to secure his election at
Chilliwhack, will not be surprised at
the trick by which he was invited to
Langley, and an address presented to
him there. The chief object to be attained, was the opportunity to impose
upon the electors in view of an early
dissolution of the local legislature, and
to mislead the people of this province,
by having a garbled account of the
proceedings published in his own and
the Victoria papers. The facts of the
case were very simple. He had his
tools—truthful James and his henchman, Jim Orr—invited, so as to give
effect to the affair, but, at best, it was
an entire failure. His assumption of
the role of a Scotchman, could not be
swallowed by the Scotchmen who wero
enticed to visit Langley on the occasion, and they treated his palaver with
the greatest   contempt.     When   the
vehicle in which himself and his two
faithful coadjutors were seated, was
brought to u stand-still, a colloquy
arose between himself and the truthful,
aa to who should speak first. The truthful was induced to sav a little piece in
u hich fulsome laudation of the feminine
half of creation was tbe main feature.
Whtal the truthful hail done, honest
John threw himself into a graceful pose,
with oue foot on the wheel and the
other in the box, and commenced to
orate. The subjects chiefly touched
upon were the various acts of the
"policy," but pur+icularly the terms nf
the settlement bill. Touching the gift
of three million and a half of acres of
our best land to the Federal Government, he said  it   was the  best thing
ever dl for British Columbia.     That
tie land was so fur away that it never
would have been of any use to the pro
vincc; that in consideration of this
gift, the province gained about forty
millions of money; that is, tho Dominion Government intended to sell the
lands in the railway belt for five dollars
per acre, but in consequence of the
Peace river gift tliey intended to sell it
all for one dollar per acre, and that the
difference in price to the buyers would
be forty millions! We once heard of a
showman who told the crowd of little
boys who listened to him, that the elephant in his booth was so large that it
was brought home from "Bengal in the
West Indies" in three ships. Honest
John appeors to have believed lie had
equally gullible hearers who were prepared to swallow any statement he
might choose to make. The idea of
any part of British Columbia being too
far away, from any other part, to be
utilised, is certainly the most impudent
invention that we have heard for many
years; and his assertion that it would
always form part of the province, in
relation to revenue, is equally a fiction.
The gift will be administered entirely
by Federal officials, so that our readers
may judge of the amount of revenue
that will ever reach British Columbian
coffers. But his statement about the
Dominion Government selling the lands
in the railway belt for a dollar an acre,
is the most outrageous insult to the
common sense of his hearers that we
can well imagine, even from honest
John. Why, the Dominion Government have been publishing for the last
two or three months the character of
the land which may be taken up for a
dollar an acre, and it is so' good that we
republish the clause:—
'' The privilege of homestead and preemption entry shall only apply to surveyed agricultural lands; no person
shall be entitled to such entry for land
valuable for its timber, or for hay land,
or for land on which there is a stone or
marble quarry, or coal or other mineral
having coinniercitil value, or whereon
there is any water power which may
serve to drive machinery, or for land
whioh, by reason of its position, such
us being the shore of an important harbor, bridge site or canal site, or being
either an .actual or prospective railway
terminus or station, it will he in the
public interest to withhold from such
it must be remembered that this is
specially applicable to lands in British
Columbia, and in order to impress our
people to that effect, it has been published not only in the Government
"Cluzette," but also in every journal in
the provinoe even ill honest John's
own paper. Lei us ask then, how much
land, not being any of tho abovo described reservations, will be obtained
by settlers on the railway belt? If
Ordinary settlers ure not to be allowed
to take any but the refuse lands at a
dollar 1111 ncre, wha! will be done with
the rest ? why, it will be sold at the
highest prices it will fetch in market,
much of it, probably, selling for twenty
dollars per acre. And yet honest John
has the cool effrontery to stand up and
say that, in consideration of the gift of
three and a half million acres of the
people's property, the Federal Government was going to sell the lands in the
railway belt for a dollar an acre! But
the forty million business is perhaps the
most bare-faced statement of the whole
tissue of fictions with which he regaled his Langley audience. The railway
belt has some patches here and there,
of very good land, which the Federal
authorities will take care never reaches
the settler at a dollar an acre But
where sufficient land could he found to
make a difference of forty millions between one and five dollars per acre, no
living man can tell. In fact, in order
to palliate the gift, in the House, it was
stated by the honest John ministry that
the railway belt was little better than
barren mountains. How any men, be
their status or occupation what it may,
could be imposed upon by such transparent fictions as those enumerated by
honest John at Langley, is completely
beyond our comprehension, and we are
pleased to learn the number was principally confined to the few whose interests prepare them, to pretend at least,
to swallow anything enunciated by
honest John. The trick is, that a few
duly  prepared adherents, with an ad
dress prepared for them, shall act as
touters and pretend to In- awfully enlightened by what falls from the honest
man. At Langley, however, they made
few converts, for after listening for a
little while to honest John's oration,
they started olf to the sports and left
the decoy ducks to listen to the remainder. An attempt was made to get
up three cheers for the lovely trio, but
it was only responded to by the decoys.
Our readers must bear in mind that,
James the truthful and Jim Orr, the
hero of the telegram to Ottawa, in
which lie stated that nine-tenths of the
people of this province were iu favor
of the settlement bill, were beside honest John, and of course, endorsed all his
statements People have heard both
the truthful and Jim Orr iwpress themselves as opposed to certain measures
of the honest John government: after
the Langley fiasco, it will be easy to
judge how far they can be liclieved.
From Ibe Ou.rdlau.
It would appear that the honest John
Government has got itself into a very
pretty mess, in their servility to the
coal monopoly, that they created by
the Settlement bill. We learn from a
verv pertinent and timely article, in the
Nanaimo "Freo Press" of July 1st, that
the security taken from the Crocker,
Stanford, Huntington, and Dunsmuir
Company, for the due construction of
the Island Railway, may be perfectly
worthless, and that the company may be
so crippled in consequence of the present financial crisis in the United States,
that they may bo unable to carry out
their contract. The facts as described
by the "Free Press" are as follows :
The company were required to deposit
a sum of $250,000 as security for the
proper carrying out of their contract
anent the Island railway, which, it appears, they did, by depositing a cheque
for the amount. They took care, it
seems, to exhibit the cheque to everyone they met, as much as to say, like a
conjuror in a penny show, "you see,
here is the money, there's no deception."
But after the money was deposited and
our verdant ministers had been duly
patted on the back and tickled with
the assurances of their great ability and
perspecuity, they were induced to allow
Crocker & Co. to withdraw the money,
and deposit in its stead, bonds of the
Southern Pacific Railway, to a like
amount. These bonds had a very problematical value at any time, but with
recent disclosures it looks very like as
if they were not worth a red cent. The
company who ostensibly issued them
are unable even to pay their employes,
and may havo to seek relief in the
bankruptcy court for all we know to
the contrary. What is the natural
conclusion ? Simply, that this company
were foreign adventurers, who sought
to secure our valuable coal lands, in
order to bolster up thoir failing credit,
and for ought we know, may havo already hypothecated them. Of course,
supposing the contract has been properly drawn up, certain conditions
must be properly carried out, or their
contract will be void ; but everything
connected with our Local Government
appears to bo done in such a slipshod
way, as, for instance, their agreement
with the Federal Government through
the Settlement bill, that we have strong
doubts as to the stability of the conditions exacted from Crocker 4 Co.
Sliould it turn out that these sharp
practised gentlemen have got what they
would term, the "bulge" on us, they
will certainly take advantage, and manipulating the coal measures as they
may find it to their interest to do, they
may defer the construction of the
Island railway to the "sweet by and
bye ; and judging by their adroit abstraction of the ?250,000 security, they
appear to have had some such idea in
their heads. The presence of Mr.
Dunsmuir here, and his supposed
wealth, is no guarantee whatever. Mr.
Dunsmuir himself may havo been deceived ; they may have drained him as
well as the bank deposit. There is no
stipulation by which any member of
the company is bound to be solvent at
any particular time. But the reader
will ask, "of what use was the interposition of the Dominion Government if
they did not guarantee the faithful
completion of the contraot, in which
they were kind enough to give away
our coal lands as the consideration for
its completion ?" True ; but did they
consent to allow Crocker & Co. to take
the money out of the bank 1 If they
did so, then they are entirely responsi
ble, and we must look to them for protection against Crocker & Co., and the
restitution of the lands and final abrogation of the Settlement bill. But, if
the poor creatures we call ministers
have allowed themselves to be imposed
upon by the company, the people of the
Island havo been simply sacrificed by
simpletons, to the rapacity of adventurers. The sacrifices in time and
money, so far as the peoj.'e of this Pro-
■ Vine* hav» suffered, in eonaequence of
the fatal Settlement bill, are something
very considerable, and the bitter feeling evoked by what was undoubtedly a
heartless robbery of our people, will
certainly not be decreased by recent
revelations. But, it must be remembered that our ministers forced the
Settlouaent bill through in spite of tbe
moat earnest proteaiW 011 the part of the
great majority of tbe people outtide of
the Legislative Assembly, and that, as
the chief promoters of the Settlement
bill, our ministers are alone to blame.
We must, therefore, look to them personally, for the 8250,000, if for nothing
else, and they should be made to restore
that sum, or as much as they can pro
vide with all their possessions. It is
bad enough, that by imposing them
selves upon the people aa capable of
conducting our Government, they have
caused us many sacrifices and much humiliation and distress ; but when they
take upon themselves to give away our
money, they must expect to be called
to account. As for Messrs. Smithe,
Davie & Drake, they can expect no
sympathy ; we told them that honest
John is the very spirit of misfortune,
aud would be sure to land them in some
disagreeable slough of despond. But
their inexperience and great opinions
of their own perspecuity, have tho
roughly misled them, and they will
bitterly regret the day when honest
John became their colleague. Ab for
him, it does not make the slightest difference how the affair turns out; he
reached the goal of his ambition when
he was made Provincial Secretary. He
may have desired to be Premier, but
found it would be rather dangerous to
press the matter. He may have to
lose something, but that we doubt; he
iray have possessed some money, but
like snow, it melts and runs through
his fingers. With all his opportunities, his ill-luck seems uhvi.ys to follow
him, and it would be hard to say what
sum he might be worth at the present
I fi, GRANT, Proprietor,
Just Received !
rpHK  UNDERSIGNED  respectfully in*
*     facial the citizens of I'ort Moody and
vicinity (has  lie   has juat  reccivud a large
and varied assortment of aeattoi.nb.e
Boots andShoes
Etc.,  Etc.,
Which can be  bought at  Reasonable
Vegetables and Fruits
Fakf, tn Woatiiiinster and return has
been reduced tu 0 m dollar since the Colonial
I>riic stun, reduced the price of drugs in
Port Mocaly. •
AGENTS, Ac, &v.
-THE UNDERSIGNED is authorized
I     to offer for Sale, in Shares,
LOT 104, GROUP 1,
This property is centrally situated, about three quarters of a
mile from the harbor front, at either the Machine Shop Reserve,
the Railway Wharf, or the end of
the North Road.
It is nearly level land, easily
cleared; the North Road runs
along one side of it, and Clarke's
Road close to the other side.
The adjoining property is held
at from $600 per acre, up. Price,
$300 per acre, in shares of not less
than 5 acres.
For terms of payment and other
particulars, apply to
Land Agent.
Columbia St., New Westminster.
New Westminster J
DRY G00$i
Gents' Furnishing
We hav* the finest assortment ol
Gasimeres,  Diagom
From $20.00, at Short Notin
Good Fit Guaranteed.
Dressmaking & MiHine
Hardware, Faints and ll
with parties building, to .of
them with ull material in the above-UN
Orders by Telephone or Stage attend*!
with promptness.
Of the Committee eleuted by tlie p
moters of tbe Clarke Road, uti
meeting held in New VVestiuin
ster, Jan. 8th, '84, for tbe pur
pose of carrying out their
instructions in regard to
said road.
subscriptions t
J. A. Clarke   If
Royal City Planing Mills Co      II
DeBock lira* 4 Co      II
A. W. l.undbom      ll
John E. Inslry       i
jAmes Cunningham       I
Laurent (luichon       8
Frank Itichtor	
N. Labin	
John E. HaUiiLy       II
Trapp Hr,,»       S
l'. (1. Major	
It. W. Dean*	
I). S. Cttrtia A Co	
(1. Leixr        II
L. It. Mclnntt	
B, 8, SemiHar A Co       H
KyleftTilton       *
Fred. EiokholT       II
Hanry Eiekhoff       j
W. A. Duncan	
.1. H. Ple.ce	
Hniner k Son	
Jftincs Wi*e	
D. MoPhaden [	
Bole k Coulthard	
John Austin	
Weeka * FoaUr _	
H. EUiot	
R. B. Kelly (expended by himself)
J. A. Clarke, an additional  subscription to balance loct.
Joseph Arhnoklo and Hugh Wilkinson'* bill for labor (Kelly'*
expenditure)    $ t
Thomas Pogue's bill for labor, and
advanced by J. A. Clarke,
Unexpended bul. paid Provincial
Government to complete road,    S*
The Committee must acknowledge f»"
other than cash contribution*, from Thn
Pogue for survey and superintending •
free ; from W. J. French, for us* nf '
and buggy, and from the Editor of the^
land Guardian, who. kindly consent*,
publish this report free of charge.
Receipts and bills showing the expenriil
in detail will be shown at my office, '
Moody, to any subscriber calling for
For the Committee.
Squatters' Rights.
/▼ on the Railway Belt will be held it
Temperance HalL Port Moody, on Sai usf
th* I2th day of July, instant, at 8 o'«
p. in. A large and prompt attendance*
A nice line of Sugars,  Syrups,  6
Teas, Canned Goods, Dried Fruit*, CU
Maple Sugar, Nut*, Tobacco, Cigars, 8
which we offer to the trade at low
—Ktls * Titrov, Front St., V. W, ' I
JULY 12, lbM.
PCJIT •aV*4CO©33T".
, ililuuTiv • * ud f»*W.>di>fi ■>■ C ..v '*-
Br    •    \mvm Ti B<l»y« fc T-nn i)». 6*00* in
^ufcliwlii ■«■»*« «vrr) rritJ»v J*!1'"1
■VT   ••     I ■*/••• v«rjr H»iurd«y i.UO ».w
, smicm* •nlwtng  iriini witbo H ticket*, »t
'J^S "h« • "<*•«• ■"■• •"'«• wm u# ul'J«* * *"
*iii,.i'U I eh»r«** of 7Jc»-*jU.
?Vr7»t Mtiw   I but. Uk.rtTect on ftaturdny.
*t. HANEY.
O n.'l E>pt.
Rjw go*><.» »jt Iwing received daily at t'*e
kl D»»l   1,ruK  *•■"•■  ueit   door  ^   K,tftU
Joo»    C*H Md •'«■
thi R*v. J. A. Wo-*d, n( Maple Bey, *>p-
llicted the Mfthf-diit wrvice*. and Be*.
Blanchard, the KpUcopa. aemc« o»
fun.lay I**1
Ut Gillie oame ar*un.l with hia ate
^ driver laat  week, and haa gout into the
^-logging huaiiicai 0*4  the   Murray   pro
Cant MurchiVi atora haa been fitte-l with
hamltome glass fr.nt, End the entire hutld
^ haa been neatly painted.
Me. R» MaYHABd, the Victoria artiatpho
»phert waa over on Monday taking vi«wa
("p(,rt Moody.     We ahall anxioualy await
their appearance.
Capt. MiRCHir.ii a.lding a fine verandah
0 hia atore and n-aidence building on Clarke
Lreef and a aimilir structure  now adorns
[be front of Mr. Gilbert's building on Doug-
• St.	
Tgic steamer "Adelaide" arrived from
At* We-Hminster on Tuesday mo .ig with
tcarflo of hny and sund 'ea, and with a wow
, tow loaded with building material for
»pt. Odin's new hotel building.
The newa of the fatal accident by which
ftVm Clark met hia de th, waa received in
[Port Mo.-dy on Sunday morning. The de-
UageJ was well known and much reapeoted
Eneand hia untimely takiiw off waa the
anwoEmuch sorrow among his frienda.
Personal. -Miss Nellie Fraser, who haa
Wd visiting »Uh the family of Capt Clarke
[or some weeks past, returned la  her   home
LYale.   by  Tuesday'l   train Engineers
Kircus Smith, J, Hrophy, A. J. Hill, and A.
_ Jennings went up tlie road  by hand-oar
i far aa the M i sion on Tuesday.
Accident. —Ry the breaking of a guy-rope
j a trestle bridge about seven milea aljove
Lytton, on Saturday last, a heavy bent fell
md injured three white men sn severely that
it was found necessary to take them to the
iMpitalat Yal-,
"See hyar, chile," said uncle Romns to
iii grandson the other day, "Kin yo tell yo
,.!,. --ran lad why the Colonium Di ug Sto' in
port Moody am like de'Bimmon tree on <I*'
,le plantation?" 'i gibs it. up, grandad,"
ud the young moke. "Well, I'll tell ye;
lit's cause dar's mos' always a conn in it.'
Weeks Sl Foster's new wharf is now com
ileted, and ia a very substantial structure.
it is 50 x 200 feet, solidly built, with a wide
ipproach leading to the street above, and a
wry convenient slip will greatly facilitate
.he unlading of g.ioda. The work of .iiiitih.
n: the vh.rf wus done by Mr. W. A. Lutoa.
led the lumber used wm manufactured by
ieasrs. Armstrong & Burr, of the I'ort Moo-
dy Siittim...
Ncmuehh of aeala have tpeil seen the li.ar-
wr lately, and un '1 ucsday u Chinaman cap*
irsdaouby s.-al which tne retiring t.dehad
left "ii thu beach. The little thing was tafcftu
the China Utm^, and uo tiqubt it died
lure, thuugh tin- mother was seen ewiuiming
Amod in seandi of lier offspring for two
lays alter it WU tik-m. It was wanton
■nifclty tolepLVEH them, but a Cliinamau
ben uot know the meaning of filial love.
We bad a fall this week from our old Tex-
friend, Col. J. IV. Kuaaell, who is traveling
i British Columbia and the  North-western
■&M, establishing agencies for the Mutual
idf-Kndowincut and Benevolent Association
if America, he being  tho manager  for the
"wiric Coast.    Wo  know  the  At-woeiat.on,
,vii)g carried a policy with them fur two
'us, and take pteasuro in recoinmeuding
eir system of life assurance to our readers,
0. McLean, Kan., has been appointed   as
nt at Port Moody.
What ih it?—-A curious looking craft has
ren sailing over the bay during tho past
!>*« k, nnd there is much speculation as to
pat it should he named. It has the hull of
kcanoe, the paddloa of a side wheel steamer,
|sd u propelled in the same   manner   as   a
nd organ—by a crank.    It was   built   by
'. Wintemute in bis spare moments, and
Jit were uot that tho splash from the pad-
llss has a tendency to damp the   passenger,
would he a pleasant novelty in tho line of
luetic amusements.
| Death.—Mr. Leon Kckiteio, father of
*oii T. Kckstein of New Westminster, and
hp.father of K. F. Nelson, of this place,
P*a last Thursday night the 3rd instant, at
p- Joseph's hospital, Victoria, after a linger*
% illness. Deceased was a native of Alsace,
"it had long been a resident of British Co-
pmbia, having arrived in 1858 and lived in
P'naiino, Saanich, New Westminster and
t Moody ever since. The immediate
Note of his death was erysipelas. He leaves
| wife and six children.
I A Land Slide.— After the severe rain
jorm of Sunday, and about five o*clock in
►<- evening, a largo mass of earth on the
pllnde where Fox s China gang have been
twork all summer, came sliding down.
l*o side tracks were moved a distanee of
fueen feet and bent into curious shapes, and
Tj*n covered up with several fee., of muck.
Remain line was left clear, and on Monday
prning the gang went to work clearing
]**y the slide, bnt it was Thursday morn-
re before things (n that vicinity resumed
Fir wonted appearance.
[ "4su"r it a bit of quiet sarcasm on the
tof Mr. Cunningham, when he told the
Ngley people, the other day, that "he was
r1-* politician, and didn't make his livintr
7 politics!"   His speech followed those of
ftoest.J.ihn and Jas. Orr, and they are noth-
p!'f not politician*,; and in  order to   esta-
-»■■ Ms truthfulness and give weight to his
•"■tiona he found it necessary to make the
*je "tatement.    He should not  be called
■*>thful   James,"   but   "slippery   Jim."
■*ving out the speeches, the picnic was an
FNalitied success.
Lt»e Focrth or July.—Following the ex*
[»« of hottest John and   truthful   James,
0 cultivated the American national  holi-
sPjt Langlev, a few  Americans   in   Port
PWy displayed their enthusiaam by firing
"cr*ckers, etc., during the dav.     But  in
■J *yening a hall was held in Maddill'a new
^ng. which was attended by both   Bri-
* *nd American eitixens. and at which   a
'nappy time was had.     Visitors  from
*lminat«r were in attendance,   a   choice
PP«r wm aerved, Sam Cormier and   Louis
nfi? p*yp(l their sweetest, and the pleasant
p*-r 'Jls'-ed about 1:8D on Saturday morning.
Severe Bain Htoe*.- Port Moody was
visited on iajt Puuky aftenv>Jii with t <:
neaviatt st«rui uf r*iu we have seen since
last November. It lasted ab'ut an hour
and a half, and ■..'•m.-.l fairly to come down
iu buckct-tfu), and it was not long brfore
every hollow spot in the iieighbnih'xxi waa
turned into a miniature lake. We have
heard various theories as tu the cause of so
much rain tliit summer, and He think the
iiioiit reaS'in able MM if, thai V*#wwr f org"t to
put in the plug before he climbed the golden
it-iir Tnis ia s matter »»h*ch should receive Capt  Peele's i*e*it attention.
A Husx. — Some wag, iu Valu or vi. ii.ity
itic'tidi-d hist w-M-k in getting off a huge
hoax M thu Colonial, hy sending them acn:k
and bull s'ory of the capt ire oi a timides'-ript
"critter" iu the iiiouiitaiiii*> aim*- e Vile. '1 be
story was very ne I pot together, but war
lltOgEthsff too explicit, and it .-nly required
an O'dmsry uinount of dllonrnmOTt todeU-c!
the "sell." Our 'VstecincJ" citt-m. th«
Columbian, however, swallowed it holus
Ixdux, aud gave it a prominent place in the
editorial colum is with a double heading <<f
black type, tbu« making itself more ridiculous than ordinary. Theft was not the least
foundation for t.ie yarn.
Tkain Norm. --The firnt regular train ran
to Sim null Flat, seven miles above Lytton,
on last Sunday night.... A hrakeman, vfaOM
name we have 1m**-u unuhle to learn, fell from
the deck of a ireiiht car at Salmon River ou
Tuesday last, and wa* severely injured. He
will recover. . . .Monday's tr-iu br**nght
dow a quantity of construction materi■#! for
the use ofthe Chinese gangs at Port Moody.
... .His lordi-hii> Bishop Siltitoe and Mrs,
Silhtoe returned from the upper-country on
Wednesday's train; as also did Mareus Smith
and J. B. Bronhy, Govt, engineers Wire
for telegraph line arrived at Port Hammond
this week, and in about a month we may
expeet to hear tho "click-click" of the telegraph between here and Yale Ned Austin
is visiting on Puget Sound, but his place is
ably tilled by Billy Mugrdge.
Generous.—When the first wedding was
consummated in Port Moody, the Gazf.ttb
announced that the happy couple would iu
all probability be presented with a lot bv
some of our local millionaires, as a reward
for their enterprise ; and the sequel shows
that wo were right. Lust week, a deed of
lot 2 block 7, corner of Murray and Dominion Sts., was handed over to Joseph '•'.. Wro-
ten, the Elgin House clerk, and he hei come
into possession of as fine a residence lot as
any in Po t Moody, It was a gift worthy
of the donor, and coming as it did quite unexpectedly, was all the more appreciated.
Joe did not lose bis presence of mind, however, but "set 'em up" for the boys quite
FianiNO.—A wild rumor to tho effect that
whitingwere plentiful in the vicinity of Weeks
a, Pouter a wharf, induced some of tbe bu ig-
alow Ixiys, two disti .guiahed visitors from
Westmins'e , a prominent railway offlalal
and theGAZKiTKman to try their luck in
that direction the other day. Accordingly
tackle w* < rigged up, a b at secured, and
they hied them to the piscatorial s <>rting
ground aud cast in their lines. In about a
minute the railway man had a bite, and as
he excitedly hauled in the lint* ami the fish
camo iu view a look of silent disgust spread
itself over his classic phyz and he sulkily
exclaimed "a bull-head, by George!" Then
the burjaloW had four bites in succession,
and i*t hut brought to the surface another
bull head, then another, and then a tl under,
then a tm-cod, then another bull head—but
nary whiting. Meanwhile the other anglers
wer? getting in their fine -vork, on thn bull.
heads; in fact this benuti ul fish, which is
totally useless except as an article of bric-a-
brac, seemed to have a bull-headed detdre tn
get caught, and the purty concluded that
they hud had enough bull-beuded luck f r
one day. nnd so, like the weary plowmun,
they concluded to homeward jdnd their
weary way, and try thoir luck some other
di*y— nnt to-dnv. Troit fishing in the Co-
qiiifam is getting hotter ami better, ami
large strm •■*. ure brought iloun nearly every
day Early in the morning and late in the
evening the trout bite freely, and a red fly
with white or gray wings aoi-uja to bp their
The Nanaimo 1>irastek.—The explosion
in the South Wellington Mim-aat Nauaimo,
on Monday of Inst week, is the worst disaster of the kind tbat hns ever taken place in
British Columbia. Twenty-three men were
taken nut dead, aud had the explosion taken
place half au hour later in the day, tli
numher would probably have been swelled
to nearly one hundred. Only a portion of
the working force hail gono Into tbe mine,
and of these a number were close to tbe bot'
torn of theshaft when the explosion occurred,
and to this'act tliey owe their lives. Of
the number that had actually gone into the
workings not one Escaped, and it will always
be a question whether the explosion was the
result of accident or care lea-in ess. Concern-
ng the disnster, the Nauaimo "Free Press"
of Wednesday last, says: "Taking thirty
years that, the industry -f coal mining has
been carried on in this city and district,
there has been a remarkable freedom from
these terrible and almost overwhelming disasters. The explosion wa* felt for a long
way around, and the greatest force was toward the No. 4, or IrufT shalt, and aeveral
men in that direction barely ei-u'iiped with
their lives. The fearful loss of life for this
difi'.rict hascnet quite a gloom over tho community nt large and the deepest sympathy is
expressed for tho,u who have h ;en so sud
denly and unexpectedly deprived of husbands, parents and brothers. Exploring
parties were at once lustitnted under the leu
dership of Mr. J. Bmden, manager, and the
several overmen, and every effort made to
Bave those who might be living and to recover the bodies of those supposed to be
killed. The large volume of afterdamp encountered showed conclusively that the explosion had boen a very severe one, and that
it was imp issible for life to exist in such an
John know- batter than that.   TMi Uaboat i *tion.
.ti i     j.   mi* i     Tbi   dauu
ciimot Barry U.-    lectioo without New Vork
BtaU, New   York State without New York
Ctty, Horn ft*-*, * ity  without Tammeay
Hall, and Tammany H ill tajmOM \-din Kelly.
Now, John Keily  tWikei Governor CW*/«
He had  alluded   in  d 'uuu   to th-*
eetj HI ■■< t      Dtfa   'If ■ -f. -en  ._-,
ar*j prat ttrj pfio«ipi«   I
Houae sliould be 1-ftt .aa Jiide|-<-i..l.--,tly fur
iUelfand sat  be   ioflaeneed by  such statement*.    The   majiuei   and   lieaiing   ot   the
i Nebnaka Senator have   beefl   inweeraUy
land, i|ee that gentlemtn'a di-mces would )*■ , •oiopared to that of a [.raine colt, and fori
lirst ctaea.      CU-v Uud   !.,. k   an   anti-Iiiah ' tu"'' be did Hem to forget, or t ■ ttw I   i.irn-
aundat the la«t fall eKti-u, ai.ii.lobn K.-l- !"- I Btton bienative b<*dth. Tbe Qbeir eom-
ly will punn-h hio, tor it Tbcre i« DO each I P»Ue<f him to sit down, but iv- ttjttttnl ta
enmity against the "■i-l>..naire" Hancock, , "t*)' d..wu. H.- uuet and made a mpofoh
who is a great-.oldierot the war and no |mj!i WTeiee^eeiUd for hittilimi ol wire M ■
tician. The laU it rumrn- i-* that'iVd n i\ i.i j **<''I'.ng p .wrr. 11 SUtids Bp and «.uw(,
aiifadraw his letter dtHminfl the nermine ] *i>*» •>Uli_ frtinlnteJ wildly end raiee4bte
ti.'ii. have iiandaill   on   the   ticket  aa   ViM .!-t-r tout W  oh in   xei  :t*c i th«-
Pre-iideiit. and tlo-it die in the nio-t   benevj-   E«»y ef a town -tier      Iii,   rictilM   »OTi   \U-
lent *uy Imegiaable when everything is love ! B*«ete Jodieien oommlttee, «i.   b lie >atu-
ly, and lUndall h * heir* i l/' d, and tl. : I'm m   l'i  ih-  j   -,i,   wi i a be
I don't know vbetfeer  I havo ulrea ly told 'iif 'i  iitininiinl
you that l.ordiiii Bennett leMM tlie   Mimy '''"   'y!n•,l^•    ,,f   ••■*   '>'    Mnhtfl
^ottMeoraiftbreedaily papers,the "Herald,'' | Depertment  ten Lee,  Itet week,  ie Mill a
■ "■ raJ I 11    'd ooovereetion  about t — d
the "Telegram,'' and the *eteet eCMQieitioii—
"Truth." ile bei also a enbie in eonjune-
tinn with McKay, end yet ii he tint Mttlfied.
He Wishes to bi- %h\a to intlin in«- the elee-
ti on. oi rather, be wuIhn   to   d* bat   Blaine.
Blaine haa me bbe I the great nee p kper ota*
pri-tor, and that i* enough. Ueveuge is
sMeit. Yon must nnd-r-t md that neither
tbe "Hciald" nor''Telegram"   w both ems*
billed - bavy tbe amallvnl mlluence ou po'iti-
0e1 iseu'*a. The "Tribune" haa not half the
"H'raldV < in-iilation, but it ha-i one hun-
dred times ita Influence ; so ban the ' Sun,"
Now, that ii too bad :  yea, anil if  Bennett
ught all the paper* it}Gotham to-monow,
would not buy au ounce if influeiiee with
them. It aeeins a matt can't be aucoes'-ful in
all things. Seeing that his ownership < ou-
demned a newapEper t < neutrality and mere
news, he pure ha.* d "Truth," a one oeot
morning paper, in the vain hope that people
would believe W\r. Conncry was proprietor.
Mr. Connery managed the "Herald" tor Bennett during a quarter of a ocntury, and
every one thinks he manages "Truth" for
him also. Mr. Connery says no, pml even
attacks the "Herald," but no one hei eve.i
him or thinks he i i .d'luere. "Tiuth" p I s
as an Ir. h C-tholic orgi a, which is fun.a •,
seeing that the "Hera d" is bitterly anti-
Iri b. What Dennett wants "Truth" for is
to defeat Bl ne. He thinks it hard that be
s. ould not have one orgar., at least, to i-iflu-
ence the ole^tion.
Eno has not y-t btcn sent back to the
b/mofhiic try He ia holding high
revel in Moutrc ., feastin^ his  friends and
u'facl and spending money very freely.
The chances area hundred to One again *t
extradition. Meanwhile F idin d Ward
13 in j.il, sufferin, \*. »r lamb, from bad air
and julinement. l(ow he must envy Kno
t liberty enjoying himself in Canada ai.d
being mxde a hero of.
The Canadian Annexation Society will
meet at Ni ;ara fal'.H ii the 14th of July.
Thi? Society is oompOfl d of a number of
obscure Ciauks, who think this an cxcelLnt
p n for gaining notoriety if not fume. They
are composed of American, French and
British Canadians and I would mention th t*
names if it were any advantage. Your
eaders would not know them having never
beard of tliem.
More failures the first week and almost a
panic on Wall St. Commodore Cat risonfV.led
for 5,000,000 and it ih thought Jay Could
will have to succumb if the bear teudei cy
?ontinuea. And il Jay Could why not Van-
ierbilt! Alai riihcs have wings and fly
IWfly* Let us therefore, wbo have no riches
oongratoiate ooreeives. Where now are those
miserable statists who daring the past n.nu-
b'.-r of years have I un rendering poor people discontented by milking calculations upon
Could's wealth ami Keen sand Dillon a? "If,"
d one thoroughbred idiot, '■you could
place Mr. Could's weatth iu greenbacks iu a
row they would reach the moon," or something in that bald I pneeoM,
There lives a woman here on We.,t Ffty-
ninthStreet,No'JlX», whoosemotttde s. Hei
ni?me is Mrs. N. J. Johnson, Site does
everything the  Ap"«tles  did:  at least she
ys so, and all through faith.   There is no
!»yh git she effects Wonderfol cured. She
h*j9 cured many patfientl di ch irgcd from,
the  hospitals as beyond hope    Her patients
. st have I. tn also. She takes no I' es, at
least she asks none and the is certainly not
an Impostor.   When asked by a repot ter it
tie means she used v. here not the same Bi
those employed by mesmerists, and spirit*
ualiits ibe said they rafyht, that Cod mani*
fesleil liimself in v*iri* us forms I believe
myself there is foniethUlg in tllEguetism
s|jiritualis n, olairvuyanee, inesmeriam, but
that no one knows how to utilise them.
They aro threads banging in the darkness
whioh people grasp and utilise as they may but
Ere ignorant whence they emanate, Their
source may bo described by and bye and
when it be a great uhange will take place.
But God foigive me. I am sliding into the
prophetic business unknown to myself.
Asiatic cholera lias broken out in Marseilles and Toulon and Is oaustug a panic.
Uladstone has defied the Lords. Ho
bids them beware.
The design of Cermany upon Holland arc
drawing France and Kngland closer.
Tho European conference on the Egyptian
question met yesterday.
Several deaths from suustroko here the
past week.
whieh has vr  WI in int'i-v   - u  ■    i* b-< ame
kn rem .met i< leading bmwnees nee -A'.-rt
I la  ibe   Navy   Detkutawnt   de*
valopmeai    It is believed tin*. -..m,,o,i,
with oBBOtetteo    will   bs   hurt   b
matter is en led. fr  tbe Navy   fia
oi.tv bees probed on tbe Kurfac**.
Why do people go tn tbi Colonial Drug
Store* lo see tlio toon, and ws\ obaap
drugs,   etc. •
The new organ for the Episcopal church
arrived on Friday, and will he uHed for the
first time at to-morrow morning's service.
It is a very handsome instrument.
The Democrats and Their Aspirants.—
Tiidkn, Hancock, and John Kelly.—
Eno in Canada.—The Annexation Society.—Cures by Faith.
(From onr own correspondent.)
New York, June 2Uth. '84,
The Democratic convention assembles at
Chicago this day weok. The matter with
the democrats is that they have an "cmla-
ras de riches"- too many able men anxious
to be President. The republicans were by
no means hard up for men willing to sacrifice themselves, but the name is legion of the
democratic aspirants. General Hancock is
spoken of once more, and if he consents he
will no duubt secure the nomination. He
would have been elected in 1880, hut that
his political friends—including Tilden—betrayed him. Tilden was not then quite so
much of a corpse as he is now, and was jealous of Hancock. He did not want to see
him elected to the Presidency while he had
been rejected, and besides he thought he
.should have been nominated notwithstanding his own letter of declineation. A queer
old man is Samuel I, Tilden, the sage of Grey-
stone. Then, again, Tammany Hall has a
say in the nomination. That is where John
Kelly steps in. The democrats hate John
with a hatred that is almost immortal in its
intensity. They wish with great aincerity
tbat John would j<»in th* rep»jWic»rie.     But. i
(From our regular correspondent.)
JuNEiUth., 1884.
Tho past week v;*as characterized by a w ild
commotion in tho usually dignified United
States Senate. Discord was prevalent, not
only on questions of importance, but personal offences were paraded before the world,
and allowed to OOBnunt some valuable time.
Two Senators enacted a scene that lifted
them into ephemeral distinction. Senator
lngalls charged, in a freezing manner that
few can assume more th .oughly than he,
that t..e Spm.tor from Georgia had inters*
l*,t 'in a speech, which was printed m the
reco d, a sentence w! ich had not 1 een uttered on the floor of t.ieSona e. *i here were
six words in thu sen, -jcc, and tliey wc.e a
prediction that Mr. ngalls, who bad not
mtxC.o a certain ■ tatement in cply to Mr.
Brown in U-bate, would not make it at any
future time. The words looked innocent
enough in print, but Mr. lngalls thought
they contained a mine of depravity. He was
willing to submit to the fortunes of open debate out wanted to be secure from Parthian
arrows, which a flying enemy might discharge
from the safe ambush of the pnnti.ig ..trice.
Before closing ho compared Senator Brown
to a "Thug stabbing a sleeping enemy.''
The Mexican Pension bill has caused no
end of disturbance, for the end has not yet
come. Senator lngalls further d isttngnisbed
himself by leading the Senate Republican
caucus into adopting his amendment to this
bill, giving the Union soldiers arrearages of
pension. This will cost the country at least
$275,000,000; and the Democrats call it
demagogue legislation. But the anxiety of
both parties to catch the soldier vote is s>
great that little opposition is likely to be developed in either House. It** bitterest opponents, so far, have been Senators Morgan,
and V- iUiams, Thu Alabama Senator said
it waa distinctly a Republican measure,
which the party felt instructed by their Chicago platform to carry nnt; but that it inadu
no claim upon him. The Kentucky Senat'T
insisted that the bi)) could never get through
the House in such shape, and implored ths
Senators tn withdraw the amendment, and
give the Mexican soldiers a little boat all to
themselves. "Why swamp and sink tin ir
vessel," said he. "by putting half a million
men in ittH He claimed that if political
capital wa«the:r object, they would not gaiu
a vote. The Union soldiers had not asked
for it. They were powerful enough to go
through on their own merits when their time
comes. They did not want to lie hitched on
to the snpernnuated bsnd <>f Mexican heroes.
In the ullage of Veranda, In South Hungary, a woman hat b en arrested on the
• bergs of poiinuiiig ber fourth hnfbsnd Bhs
, i.'.-sea tu having likenruM poisoned bet
three fonnsr bubands, and farther to h ve
uiurd' red in tne same w.-y hundred), of w -men
during the last two years. She mads oe <>i
a certain drugged preparation of brandy.
Ths Salvation Army has just (oqnd an . p.
pnneut in a new ratWoBl sect, called "the
lallelujah Bossies.*' The title 11 not dignified, but the aim i-j modest. The leading
spirit is known as "Happy Josephine." Sim
takes the chair at the meeting, ami OX plains
what ■>!.(! and tin* ..tlur (assies mean t., do,
They are opponents of no creed or 1 liurch,
but boss as bumble preachers of l'i* go-pel
to tin* poor, tbs chief object being to get
these same p or to attach themselves to sotos
ohurcii, it-avi.ig tlium to uboose which they
Tbo King ofCambodii lias transferred the
administration of the kjngdi in to tie* Fien ib
Governor of Saigon.     The   Dopsnmenti oi
Justice, Finance, Cuetoms, snd Public Works
and the army have b.-enplac-d under French
control. Tne abolition of slavery will at
once follow. A provisional civil list of 3Q0,*
0J*** piastres i.-> granted to ths King, and ample allowances are provided f«T other members of tbe royal family. A treaty embodying ihe foregoing changes bai I noon ilnded
subject to the ratiiicat.ou of President Grevy,
The new Pres* Bureau at Constantinople,
which is under the direction of Medjid l'a-
sln, lias, aiuve its establishment, made tbe
task of conducting a newspaper upon ihe.
banki of the B ispboruiexceedingly difficult,
A long list ol subjects, the discussion and
even the bare mention <>( which is interdict d
has lately been iseu d to tbe utwspapen
The journalist, of SLauib nil arc forbidden to
mention Eastern Houmeiia or ilpj tioudau.
Tbey are n t to discu-s Ismail's uhsn es of
rv*aaceudinu the Khedivial throne, aud they
are to be silent about Liu illness aid death
of M,do.it
Ou the night boforeths recent dedication
nfthij new Mormou Temple, at Salt La e,
I'reside at Taylor cloiiueu to receive a re. |a<
Hon illTeot ti in Uutl that lie u. ccpicd tne
tempi-., the grounds, aud Sfteriuce >d the
Suinis. All was proiioiimed "g ud," as at
the creatiou m tne world, and the next
mopaiuj it took tliu "Almighty's mouth*
piece ' thirty minutes to hitiSS e\ cry a one,
stair, wiinloi., door, pane ol glass, tXC, pel-
taining to the eitiuce. Inn prayer was 3.
"co.npiete and perfect," det lai ss » good
saint, aa to '■ aeom to oonipri|e everythiug un
eartii and .u beaven psrtaiuiug to his offer-
ing ot the temple,1
Vanity I-%nh refers to a scandal involving
a young lady of title ami high v>. tal si and-
nig. Apco.iliu.g to Vanity tairt a young
person »hohas lu-tn forsuiue time in thu
lady's employ ua a oon3d< utial laJj '.. inatd
has bueu il.suoverod hy ib 1 poll. ■* ta liav«
i.ein practising h shameless de< 1 j ton. The
news .'!■. does not vent m t> unulgo tlio
lady', name, but refera ail in pullers to tbe
police. I his pnbnc i\ ii-rcocu lo a bcandal
which has lorsevtraj days pas: been whispered about i.i t.ie club., i*> expected to cause
a com nutjoil in   l>ci..r.ivia.
'i'he st.,i) is told in much great ir detail by
a    welbkuuWU    cLtecil^e,     v. ho li employed
exclusively upon abators Ituiuwu aa society
cases. iVr'C'.rding to this attto 'i.ty tbe ;
lady's mujd was a mod nt*app narsi j and de*
murcyi'Uiig person, hIjo seemed to give
great *jat{*«factiO)\t0 the lady, but who never
mixed with the other servants, and was re
garded by them ai supercilious and disagree*
aide. An Upper housemaid uf the lady's,
household, wli.« especially disliked the Udy's
maid, had for her beau a very iutell g'.ut
member of the police force, and sln> told nun
ot her dislike fur her fellow servant. This
led the policeman to tako particular  notice
ol tbo privileged maid, snd he soon observed
little p' culianties in her maiim 1 ami boertng
that led him lo believe that the ih,.id WAS a
man. He at once juuq ed tu the OonclusiuO
that the young man tun gained aocesstotfap
ladyehou« shold foi the purposs ol too*
bery, und WS! biding bis Lime to levant with
the jew.! eases. 11. reported his suspicions
to Ins supeiims, and wu.* in^truityd to toli.iw
u;. thi! case and obiaiu com lu-iivc evidence
aa to tin.- inspected per» n's «ex      Ha soon
found abuiMuut pr ot tlut his SUSpIotons
were correct, and made haote t<> Inform the
lady that the pcisuii whom she had barhoted
as a contidciitial maid was in fact a young
man. it is said that the a* alona policeman
never felt so cheap and ill-rewarded in his
life as when he saw that his startling intelligence was received with neither horror nor
surprise, nor even with thanks. Tho lady's
manner crushed him witn the conviction that
iu- told her uo news, aud thai he had done
an exceedingly impudent thing in presuming
to enlighten her concerning the ailairs ot her
iiuii household. If the detective's belief is
well founded, the motive of the lady in conniving at the masquerade is an inexplicable
ujystciy to all but herself and perhaps the
"maid.'' It is said that the young man will
be pensioned oil by the lady's family on condition that he will leave Finland and never
The chronic distrust entertained in Italy
renarding French designs in Africa is again
v&ry apparent in the comments ot the Italian
press regarding recent occurrences in Morocco. The papers declare that notwithstanding Premier Ferry's fine protestations,
the object of France in encouraging the impudent pretensions of the Sheriff ol Wazan,
aud in making a naval demonstration off the
coast of Morocco is obviously to overthrow
Sultan Mulev Hassan and the I I'ali dynasty
in favor of tho sherif of Wazan' who is now
their aociiinplice, and would then be their
tool in effecting a French protectorate over
Morocco. The ultimate design of France,
these papers tuy, i.s to secure control of the
entrance of the Mediterranean, of w hich
Tangier is as much the key as the rock of
Gibraltar itself. Italy, as well as every power
bordering on the Mediterranean, is vitallv
interested in preventing this control, unci
the papers demand a reprisal in the shape of
Italian occupation of Tripoli. That country
tht,y say, belongs to Italy by geographical
position quite aa much as Alg'iers belongs to
France, and thev believe that Italy should
have a firm foothold ou the south Mediterranean coast to watch and foil the colonixing
or rather, buccaneering schemes of France.
It is said that ^ignor P. ir*. Mancini, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, is very favorably disposed toward an   effort to obtain
j armF, hut thai h«. I.e-nUtes   in   consequ'-nce
,   r. ceived   from   Italy's
partaetl i:. tne tri-peftite alliance,   (iermany
and   Austria.      'J ho*e   power-, are just i»"w
iv.ry   desirous  of   obtaining   a concord by
! which tree trade shall be guaranteed  at all
j Asiatic and African ports l-dd by   BaffopMB
povoMt and Wraam u an e*sfu,ial party  to
I ttU'.b a OQMori b-cauae of ber recent   acqui-
mt ouh |a J'unquiii.    Priuve   Bismarok   and
(   -nnt K&ln-.ky h    - sent   urgent
r.iuu t'j.'sig. Maieiiu that just at preoeott  it
would   be   uiiui-M-   to   pick a quarrel   with
It m rapui^sd that Kail Inanoar will s'>on
be app anted VU eroy ot India.
KineoatUs ererekilied by ligbtnlagsnoos
Beld in Bndgsastei. «»i,t
Tbe tw.. eldael torn oi ti.e Khedive, with
a niimeiouH suite, have arrived itCteaava,
-wit/.- land
iti** Kn^liiih court wa** ordered to go into
a w'":k'i iiiMurnuig iu baa r of the late Prince
of Oiaaan
'1 b- ,,t p.-nfemoli. Itily.ex-
ploded.    Thirty pers'.ne WSTS killed*
Brother Mommy, ■ pemnisim meml-er of
ths older of Oblate foth*rs, was drowned at
the h"id of the I.iabina R mUls inosatlv.
MM. Paebkafl and Baraaknrf, chiefs or
thi Iv.rur.o lie d |.rothi*rho'-d. have btaea t»x-
pcllpd from Hussia, and their baukK. tracts,
and pamphlets destroyed.
In tbe Prenefa (Camber of I>eputi»s Prtms
Minister Ferry's motion s**ttim» f rth the
argeoef forn revision of the (>>nstitution
wss adopted by a v. t**of 441 t<> 91,
Th** Orangemen aud Nationalists came
Intoenl]jni,in at Warp'iipoint, eountv Down.
The O ran ir** men were arrested. One Ka-
tronnli-it area stabbed abnoit to death.
In the eighteenth eentorytbs Erowtfa of
population in Denmark wan so small as to be
scarcely noticeable, During the nresent
oentarv the population has increased from
on** million to neeriv two,
Th<* ex-Ouef-n and King of Naples, who
hav* been in wretched oironmitaneee smce
they were driven from tloir kingdom, are
now restored 'o ofmlonee by the death of
! the Dowager K'nprrss of Austrii,   who   has
benueathed to them -i fortune nf W.000.C"")
A oorrespondeflt of the Paris Temm de-
BCt'bea n ^Danish bull fight whi-h tn-k place
the other day at Nism'F. Though there
were 10,0)0 ipefltatorsnreeenttheoerformers
were hi-iipd. and tbr'-e-fourfhs of the lookers-
on left the c;rci s hef -re the close of the
itaiiffbter. The Tempt onrrsspondsnt He-
aortbes the animals aa having b*pn weary
crrat'ire*", fatiffued bv the journey, and with
nnt the strength tn defend themselvea, and
as haviny b*>en slau'.diter'-d in the most revolting and coward! ' mnn^Hr.
CHTCAflO, July nth.
Port Moody
Saw Mill
Armstrong & Burr
Rough & Dressed
liTSTic, Flooring,
VtWAY?. o> tUjn a K-. i.i. svrws of
Quality   QoAMASKtX)   Fibst-Class,    anl
■as. tsial cssiss soLierrra
00  TO  TrtE
iS'nn   Francisco
BOOT Si, tfttt, BtOl
Boots & Shoes
(Prom an Iiitum's Shoe up to a Man'. Ii
! Repairing Jfeatly Executed.'
3ud Ballot, (official)rWaveUnd,6931 Bay. I Hlrteit lUfket   Price   paid   for
anl, 81 ; Hen.hicks. 40 i TLinrriaii, 4 : Mc
Donald, J | Iian.Ul, 2: IrlT p. m.. Cleve-
la,ill's noiniii.itinn mads 111111111111011..
ItrfEHDiHO Immiobahts.—It wonld ba wall
for u8rtont desirous of romlug lo tins country to rem,',1,ber that we have the largest
Province in the Dominion with a population
of only .-.O.CKJO; that then, is plenty of room,
hat, as yet, law industries developed and
therefore, very limited means of utilising
ahor. 'lhat me bave a very fine healthy
liiii.it,' and that eomminenlly, people who
oome here, are rery l"th t" g,, away, heme
we have generally a fair supply of labor.
To those however', who bave industry pluck
and p' rseverauce, a paasabU adueatien, good
muscle ai.il some money, the country oilers
as go"d an opening ttr an be Found anywhere
1, uise, as population increaiea, so will the
number of industries and there.sre many of
rln- minor occupa:i"i,s that are still sparsely
lill".l air,I Would proiloe culllfoit.lhle livell-
le. ,;, t 1 tli.s ■ who a, i' not troubled with too
many frllla ami have the means to make small
investments. When people oome here, they {
must not stop at Hoarding I, uses 11!! t noli nly asks to, ui to do something, and thev
must ie t il .pend on '1 lends i" nnd them an
o|Miniiig, I hey have eyes and they must
look around lor th.ein»elve«s they have, „r
shot,Nl [1 1 ea*, ordinary intillijence and
mist turn their attention to what tbey un
ei-.t.in 1 last, and failing employment such
u they a ml,l like, br prepared to take what
i- to be ha, , n order to keeji downezpencea,
'ibeymutl .ememliertbat more are plenty
like themselves who rue looking out, ami
many who bave learned aometbini- about
• he country nnd tha habits of the people.
Thi-last acquirement, ii valuable, so that
foi those who can employ themselves till they
have gained tliis information, there is un-
dmbrely the beet chance.—Guardian.
From Victoria.—Tha steaiqer punsmuir
arrived from Victoria on Tuesday evening, '
with freight . Ml pas»<mg»r..
tea" For ai't'sti, iii"ii:iiii"ir';rl work tl pis to
ri orge Iln Ig". "Victoria Marble Aorka,"
Douglas Street.  Victoria,
'f^EKDKRS m ill be rw oil arl up lo nn.
■   Taaaday, Jalj Ifitt), l^^-j, for the
Senator Van  Wyck railed a gale  in the
P**kte tlie (t)i»?r r>y jn i fit of jpsttbrtjlin  ' Trif^lf from Tnrk-y. cither hy diplomacy or
noun <>f
tion and oomplstion "i n i -ttua Dwalling
iKm-.. 80x40 fast, k\ Hnri Uoody,
riaoaand ip«ojBoatloaa maj   'w wan at
.Ian 0-* Canningham'a atora,  Mew  \\ ■ -i. nn
iter, and nt U |J. Liraot'as^oro, por) M - dj
Tne loweaft nr any teoder nqt ap i nai ■
aooi ptad. Tha work naal be gu^rantaatJ
Brat 1 laai In avetjf particular.
.\ll tnatariali for aaid l»nilding will Ik*
rnroiahad by the underaimed,
Port M Iv, duly 4th. 1884.
For   Sale,
of the Harbor,  suitable  for Wharves
aud Warehouses, close to Railway.
Valuable Land
0': Harlx.r.    Admirahly adapted for Ship
building, Foundry or Manufacturing
LiJVD BYlifi AfRE!
In favorable positions, close t > the Terminus.
Town Lots and Land
iu the ' 'ity i District of New Westminster,
Will do well to ripply to
Land Agent,
!   'I  Roi , I'.iliimbiaSt, New Westminster;
So !9.   1
i-ri'.iA' >'Ti;i:rr. POHT MOODY.
ID. ^. 1VL JL D X li JL.
I'lU'.SH UllKAli. PIES, CAKKH, *
t I A CAIal. 80LICITEr).*»vJ
(ESTABLISH!-:!) 1862,) Land   surveyors
Fred.   Eickhoff     JJ^  ESTATE  BR0KEfis
Dry   Goods
Of First-Class Quality,
Moderate   Rates-
Comer of Front   and  Begbie Streets,
OFFICE: Frrmt Street, New Westminster;
Opposite C. r. N.  Co.'s  Wharf,
r. o. box 61.
Valuable Town Lots!
Wholesale Dealers in
Provisions, Liquors, etc.
NTW WESTMIN'STrp.. B. C.      I
Biolmrd St., NewWeatminstsT
Manufacturers and Dealers in
all kinds of
Rough Sf Dressed
Orders from the Country
Promptly Filled,
M. EaMVtjg*K>0 of Valence li.is Martini
the ililhrent |iliem>','e,,a which are produced ,,i a cup nf coffee when the siinar
is put lulu it, ami the results of his observations transform it into a barometer.
"If in sweeteiiint; your coffee," a ,ys M.
Sauvatreon, vou allow ihe aimni to ,lis-
•ulvr will,out siiriinj; llie liquid, the
a-hihiili-H ,.f uir er,,,lain.',I in the autf-ir
nil ri*« ir> ihe lur/antM i f the liquid. If
these globules foini a frotiiy tins-, ic-
inaiiiniK iu ti.r ceiilrt-ol the eup, it is
tn indication of duration of line wea-
Ihtv; If OU the contrary, the froth forms a
rir.j; l'Hlii'1 tli,'si.l.s ,,l ill,' ,'Up, It   l-   n
sign of heavy lain. Variable aeathei
is Implied l.y Uir' frnlli remaining stn-
tionarv hut  nol .x-utlv In the oentre."
The newest addition Ui tha I'.iiu Mki
of iutoxl,-utiilie drinks is melon brandy,
11. Level n French chetnfat, has Me-
I'eided in catlidng hai watery fruit t"
yiehl a pritenl si'iiil. II.'look th,'juice
of six pounds of watermelon   pulp,   and
having added „ i attain quantity r,f free
sill, liiini' Belli,   lie "Anil I the mixture
Opon whieh III,'Hll.'rlr hciillii- transl'ir-
med into n mixture of lIUOOM and
levulose. This product, w 111 ell fe, i.oiiis
directly, yielded ten qnaiil if perfecil.i
nor,mil'alcohol. A rainv suiiimer olleu
renders this fruit Ho watery as to   leave
large quantities of it tmaold op lhe
hands of the melon i>r iwers ill the
iiioisi and fertile valleys of I'riince; and
it is i,y no means Imprno ,ble that they
may b ■ able to turn M. Levat's discover, to account.
A discussion of wlnil is callert telepn-
iliv [sopened l»c the Nlutu/UA Venture
I lie word menus feeling lit a distance
llie impulse of another mind throuali
channels a* Vet unrecognized. Ther,
are two forms which tele-iathic phem,-
iiienii lire held to assume. One is that
thought transference, or mind reading,
under the control of scientific experiment. Iu a mesmeric or phynotlo cm
dition, and, indeed, without It. BXp»n
in ents ure held to have shown (hit ini-
pres.si.ius or ideas call easily lie transferred from one mind 10 another by an act
of will. The second form is that of a
sudden, Unexpected impression paiaillg
from one mind to another, ne a sort ol
presentiment oi apparition. The writers
treat not ut ali   of  apparitions   of   the
dead, but only of ihe living
of quantity anil cost of material  for
building   carefully   prepared
free of charge.
Grain-Edged Flooring
The popular notion that the remains
of Hyron were refused a resting place
III Westminster Abbey requires some
qualification. The precise I'hcIh are
given in the appendix to Lord Brongh
ton's "'four in Albania." The body
was brought to London in July, ]8i'4,
and application had been inui,e by his
executors tu tbe I lean uud Chapter of
Westminster l,,r permission to bury him
in Poets' Corner. Hut uo such formal
application was made. An inquiry was
indeed made of l>r. Ireland, Dean ol
Westminster, without instiuctious from
tne executors, whether the permission
if asked for, would be granted; and an
answer was given in the negative. Hyron was accordingly buried at Iliicknnli
Church, neur Newstead A'..'bey. Ten
years later Dr. Ireland refused to allow
the statue of the poet by l horwaldsen a
place in the Abbey. "1 du indeed," he
said, "greatly wish for a figure by Thor-
waldr-vii here; but no taste ought lo be
indulged to the prejudice of a duly."
A new danger has been discovered in
sanitary organization. The Ubiquitous
bacterium. Which, proves to be the germ
of 80 niKiiv ohsciiiv diseases, has been
found by M. I'ari/e, a French Savitri',
to take up its abode III brick walls. No
ticlng some peculiar mark on the out
side of the wall, he scraped a lull,, oil
ind placed il under a magnifying]) w,"
of three hundred; tba1 results of which
was to show myriad* of organisms muv-
iDgaboutwlth extraordinary activity,
ft wu* lhe mure singular that ihis red
dust had been covered with a layer id
nine a ijuailer ol art im-h thick, tjndtfi
the impression Iiml the bacterid ml|{hl
bave been a superficial deposit, SI. Pa-
rise then drilled a hole into lhe very
centre of tbe brick, and to his gren'
surprise discovered that the powdered
material was full ofthe sit ne livI'D-g. organisms, al thought not In such large
quantities as in the exiemal layer. To
make sure that this an. nol exceptional
brick, he carried on bis experiments al
Various places in tbe walls, aud always
with the saint' result, that the bricks
were more or less impregnated with
bacteria, which appear lo flourish
equally well in a brick wall ns in a
saucer of some fermenting substance.
There can he very little doubt that
woodwork is often a source of danger
from the same cruise, a perplexing malarious, fever having been trailed by lhe
doctors of Sun Francisco to certain decayed foundations and wood floors,
which abound in tliat city, and which
when taken down, were found to be
swarming with organisms,
-Q.   O.
With the N. W. & P.
M. Telephone Co.
Lots offered in everv
portion of the town-
site; also a few desirable Estates in
the immediate vicin-
ity of Port Moody.
There died iu Berlin on May .11, suddenly of heart disease, it nan whose
name was once as notorious ih il allur-
wurd came to be almost completely forgotten, Dr, Henry Bethel Btrooabeig
Born nf a poor Jewish family In Baal
I'russia, the deceased was u selfinad,
man in every sense of the term.    Kmi
grating to London at an early age,  he
first found an nutlet f .r his versatile resources iu the Bald of journalism, Bipedal y of art criticism, Having acquired
tbe confidence of some English,   capita*
lists, he was by Ihcm entrusted will)
the Construction of a railway in his native province of East Prussia; and then,
settling here, he built, in quick sneces
sion a seiies ol minor lines in the sain,
region, contriving, by these various
transactions, tj poke! enormous sums ol
money. He purchased mines in Westphalia, bought estates in Bohemia nnd
elsewhere, and built a palatial mansion
in Berlin, now the British Knibassy.
Hut that his pace hurl been much too
fast was proved fry his failure to execute
his contract for the construction of the
Roumanian railways anil then followed
some desperate attempts to retrieve his
fortunes, which resulted in his bankruptcy and bis neteniion for nearly n
year in u Prussian jail. And then he
fell, never to rise tuaiii. A yearor two
ago he founded a half penny newspaper,
the K'eine Journal favorable to the Prussian Government. Bnt l.is luck had
wholly left him, and, transferring the
enterprise to nl ner hands, he removed
to London, whence he again relumed
to Berlin a few weeks since, completely
broken in fortune-hut not in spirit, only
to die. Prince Bismark himself was
always ready to admit that Dr. Stroiia-
lierg waB a man of extraordinary energy
and fertility of mental resources; and
had his moral and intellectual faculties
been anything like equally balanced,
his life's tale woulddoubtlesshave been
very different.
The Medical Summary reconrmenrls the
external use of buttermilk t„ la.hu, who are
exposed t„ tan or freckles.
The Jesuit General, P. Beckx, now in his
90th year, ha* retired, sud Vioar-Uoneral
Auderledy has assumed the supreme, direction.
Bare aud lovely orchids are the flower of
the moment in Loudon. Everybody who is
anybody woarB them in shoulder knot or
If. Louis Hub-he, a well-know French
engineer, has discovered a gold mine
in lhe bed of the Kcine. The little
frau'inents nf quartz and eilex which
lorn, the (.ravel in the bed ofthe Seine
are, according t» M. Malche, remarkably rich in the precious metal. In
S'line of ib" specimens which he has
collected tbe r.iireoiis part.i-les are numerous an,t visible. The discover) will
hardly prove of practical importance.
It I,hs been calculat-d lhat the pave-
ineiit ofthe -greets of Strasbourg contain* gold In the raltM of four millions
sterling. Unfortunately it would i^ke
jiisi double that amount lo extract It,
and Ihe Hrinie is probub'v true of the
pebbles at lhe bull.m, of I he  Seine.
Sir John Wiih,ughhy, Hie voting conqueror of Ibe turf, a lew days before)the
Darby went into a haiidiesi.ei1* in I'ond
street to be improved. "Vith lhe exuberant verbi.siiv which belongs  I"   'be
can. ti,,. operator began to talk  about
the llerbv, and nulled Sir John "il he
was Konia* down'."'    The owner of   Har-
vesier und Qu i Adelaide sairl be was
thinking ab.i'ii it. w hereon the man of
art said: "If vou do. sir, don't hack
Si- 'John Will, "igbby's hors, s      lie Was
in here and r..1.1 me confidentially they
had not tt  chance."
M.  Vulpinii  tbe Par's doctor, had a
pHiieni some time aiM who was afflicted
with   lhat   form   of aphasia   In which
speaking is i npoaalhle, though the Individual is ab!' losing wiihoiitdiflicully.
The doctor utilized the tinging power
bv teaching ibis patient and those who
f,Mowed bim to ling whatever they
wished losav, without <•■ mining theni-
sc ves I., ibe W" dud the air. As s
consequence 'he hospital has become
musical with the notes of opera hotiffe
and the Marseillaise, in which the pu-
ients ask everything thev desire.
A diver einr'-'ed in diving operations
off th" coast opposite (libraliir, in ,ler
.'.per Hill, with the object nf ascertain.
inu the whereabouls ol H lecent wreck,
has discovered at the bottom from
eighty to one hundred large guni, mostly 24 ami :V1 pounders, and as,, two
lame anchors. 1 bey are supposed to
have belonged to some la-ge lineof battle-ship » bid, sunk iu the old war, possibly after the battle nf Trafaliar. As
there was no apparatus fir the purpose
none nf ihe gnus were brought up, so
thill il bus nol  n possible to ascertain their nationality,
Xhe Biberian cattle plague has this
y ar assumed enormous p,oportions. lo
say nothing of European ItUSslii, and
even St. Petersburg—where the tiut'io,-
itieu iu April last forbade the turning
of cattle out to grass, according to h -
mini nuat'im, on St. George's day, lo order lo prevent contagion—the disease is
now aging in the region of its origin
ou the othei side of lhe Ural with ui.-
precedented violence
In addition to hla numerous Industrial
enterprises,   Prince   Bismarck   has for
several years taken the artificial pisciculture at Frieilrichsriihe under his heme,linlc nroiection. 'I he energy w hich
he has infused into his administration
there has yielded inosr enciiuraginiz results. New and savory species of fish
have been Introduced into the waters of
t It it * lOCttlitV, and al the breeding establishment Grande, near KrledrlchsriinH
no less than hi.ooii young trout huve
been set out ihis Season.
Hi Portugal, as elsewhere, oh ri iv resorts to many devices to fill iis coffer-,
sud the other day Queen Maria Pin of
PortiiLoil dhl a great stroke of hii*lnt»M
ns a vender of II overs at a sl„ll of a l»a-
z a held „t L »',,,', fur the benefit of
poor children The Qneeu's sia'l. a
s',,',1! wooden booth, was crowded, while
all the oiIht stills .-iroiind it were lift*
serteii, which was hiird on I he other stall-
Bricks made of cork   now   constitute |
one of fh» new Merman Industries.   The
usual size is ten by fonrrmd I lire..-fourth
and two and a half indies'.     They   are
prepared from small   cirk   refine,   audi
cement, ami have not only   been   libed '
for certain building   purposes,   on   ac-!
count nf their  tf/htnes- and  Isolating
properties, hut are also employed us a I
covering for I,oilers, in preventing the I
radial ion of heal.
The Belgian Government has official- ,
ly Invited all   lorelgn Governments   toi
take part in tlie Universal   Exhibition,
which will be opened iu   Antwerp   the
2nd of May, 1888.   The   works,   which
have made this port one nf the finest in I
lhe world, will then be completed   and \
Princess Pisriiatelli de Orcbiaru, who
ihrouirh family troubles' waa compelled
for a living to accent an engagement at
La Boala .Music Hall, in Paris, has
thrown it up, and has now so far fallen
iu the world tbat sh" may be seen serving customers behind one ofthe burs at
the Joliea liergeres.
Another blue grotto, or, rather, series
of three large grottoes, eighty-seven
metres In length, has been  discovered
"ii lhe lliilniiitirtn island ol Rail, lying
0 the southwest of Lissa. 'I he cave in
described by its discoverer, Huron Ham-
sonnet, Austrian Secretary, of Legation
as aqrpasrlng the famous Capri Grotto.
(len. Gnrko has left, St. Petersburg lor
Warsaw with fail power*, nnd mauv Kus-i-
fiing .Images are imminent, Mginniug with
th* theatre*, In tin- great theatre ol Warsaw the Polish troupe is tn he entirely alio-
li-hcd. In tin, Variete Theatre three Russian pieces are tn he played every week. Next
rome the newspapiriu. I'he P hah papers
are to bo forbidden to repeoilnco..lliciitlt.ov-
•'uinent proclauititi"!!-, edica, kc, in the
iliissiun language; the object of whieh is,
prolsibly, to force the people to read tha
Kttssi.'tn papers.
Within three hours „f the decision ,.f the
Lords' committee ,,n the Manchester Canal
bill the capital of gii.OijO.OOO stipulated for
was subscribed. 'The operation adds the
I,undo,, /Mi/./ News, was curried on chiefly by
telegraph with Manchester. It is es'iinated
that the proowdfng* in connection witli tho
canal est promoters and opponents au ag-
Kregate sum a Irille under *SUO,000. The
inquiry lasted forty-one days.
Dr. Sturge a medical missionary to Siam,
relates how a native doctor administered an
errrotic to a love sick lady who had sail,,wed
, quantity of o, ium With suicidal intent.
The scientist of Siam took a live eel, dipped
off a nart of hia tail to nuke hint squirm in a
lively manner, and then pushed him, tiil
first, down the romantic damsel's throat.
When the eel returned to the stream of running water near which the i.'rl was made to
recline, the opium .prickly followed
Lover.i of salad need hav,
simply of oliveoil will diminish toany alarm
ing extent. According to tire Urwiman
there arc now eighty mills in operation in
the South fur the manufacture nf cotton -seed
oil. aud during the past season about 500,-
000 tons of the seed were crushed giving a
product of over 2.50.000 barrels of that eon-
venieut adulterant.
The stiff of the Paris Lantern' arranged
list ui'iitli a reception to Cunt Solfj, oUe of
the tr,um»,rate nf the Roman republic of
1849. The Count « hen hania'neil from Italy
was for a long time Italian instructor at
^1 O O ID Tir.
\lV"n\/t      lVfil   l?XT   HAS   N0W   COMPLETED   THE   BAR   AND
TV JrJl* I ™ »5 Li Eal M- Billiard Room.—the latter the H»nd*,.n,e*t Room
iu the Province, furnish' d with the linest CAROM and POCKET TABLES ever imported.
llie BAR will be provided with the U»t of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
THE KEKTAI'KANT is now open to the public; it ia conducted on the most
modern imp roved principles by a first-class Cook.
WILLIAM 'INSLKY, - Prophiktoh.
The London House,
F". sT*. rtfi^T-aS o ixr,     l»iroi>rletor
A Laiiijk ami Wkll-ahhoktkii Htock ok
Groceries, FrcvisicEs. Ery Goods, Beets & Shoes
choice Hams anl Bacon. Krcsii Butler ami ifp a Specialty
CoNtiatiiimciiv anii Tobacco of all kiniis.
AMERICA," of Montreal.
Obdebs Phomfti.y Attended to.
FALES& CO., Proprietors
 cosmsTiNO or	
Cutlery, Hardware, Glassware, Lamps, Willow-ware, Etc,
Terms Cash
frrpect our stock
Caledonia Hotel
KELLY.       -     - t
THE PKOPiUETOn OF THE AJ30VE HOTEL token pleasure iu
1 aiinou.icino llintllio Hoime is now completed with every convenience for tlie traveling public THE TABLES me well supplied with
every article in seosun, and THE UAL is provided with a well-selected
Slock of
THE BEDS are well nired, and THE 8 TABLING is offensive
mid the bust of Feed always ready for Houses.
It may be well to remind visitors that this Hotel is within a few
minutes wnlk of the Lnilway Wharf and Station, mid just at the
Terminus of the New Bond, uow in course of const) uctioi".
UUEST.S may depi'iid on receiving every attention and a hearty
welcome from the undersigned, wLoBe long experience is a guarantee
of everything being comfortable and satisfuetorv.
J. T.SCOTT, Manager.
General   Merchandise
Ohas. McDonough
Mens cfe? Boy's   *  xxits
And a trreat varidy ol articles necessary for a household.    He has also,
N. B—Farm Produce bought at market rates or sold on commission.
"iX-COrdois from the interior promptly attended to. a!2
no fear that the
Le DimancAe, an Amiens paper, has discovered that ni-xt year is the l.flOOth anniversary of the Virgin Mary's birth, and ad-
vneatar. n celebration.
thnt he is constantly receiving from Europe shipment* of choice
Wines,    Spirits,    Liqueurs,
London and Dublin Stout,
J. H. PLE-.CE k CO.,
Qcekn Street, Port Moody.
/5T. O. "WifcLiTe
that he it now thoroughly established in business at the Terminus of the C.
P. R., and is prepared to make and repair
Hoots and Shoes at exceedingly low rates.
Port Moody
Moody Shingle Mill,  where the  host
of Shingles can be had at the lowest prices,
wholesale or retail.
A supply kept constantly on hand.
Carpenter # Builder.
Fitting: up of Stores and Offices a
Specialty. All Kinds of Jobbing
Promptly Attended to.
PORT   MODHY,   8.   C.
This Oreat Boueehold M
cine ranks among tbe
ing nccessarie*- ol Lile.
These famous Pills |uirify die HI.
and act moM poweifully, let south
on ihe
ami   IIIUVEI.K.   (Ming  i,,,e. *i,t
vivo, lo   tlie-e great   MaIN   SPItlNO
LME.   Thr. in- i im-riii.iii rw'i'„,iij
."-, failing (■ u!«"'y in *ll ,-ti.e. *
COI,.,lla<i<„i, Hum    *,h;,l,-vi r   CHU*. ,
riMtie iiup.ir,-'! ,,r wei.ht-u,d,     ' b.>
!■ I full,   ifflcnCioiln III .11    »l|,lidlll-    ui,.j
o f'.Tn.I.-H ol ,,|r age; and   a. a GKN
'AMILY IIKIUCINE. ar,   M*tir-»atS]
Its searching and Heal
Properties tre km
throuiihtut the Worli
I-ir lhe cure r,l \i.\D LECI^.liau B
Old Wounds, Sores aodUli
li !• nn 'ii/iillihle riinierty. !t I'flici-iunlli
\u*A un tlie heck -nd c\ eut, -ih *>-|ii tftjto]
nCnif»Mi ETHBOaT, Brnncbiln,
Cnunitt, Hlid even A.-'l 11» A.    J or Uh
Vl ilili*/**, Afi.t MM*,  l'iJ"'»   ^'ism/it,,
tiidarcn kind n| -KIN r,iKEA-E,
■ ^v.'i been kliuau lo fail,
Ibr I'll-a n,d iiiiiiineni   are   Kabul
■,l) ..I
5:i;ioxkoi;u stiikeI'  LlJKDo"
lua.ir^  tad  by  ab  v i,,io,"  ol   M<
hriii.giioui iImt civiliz.d ho In,with iln
lor us,- n ii inns' i veiy  angi hk*
Ibi- Trade dlarka uf lb***. saVoleii
■filial ,e,' in in h«ii. II,',,,-', -in
hu lllCini.' lhe Brfll.li Pos-en-iniiF «
„'|, the Aneneau I uiiiiih ^il-  fo* si
ba pri.Heciieil.
Ift'V lchii«e s sin,ulil   ,,nk   u,   'I
"■   a* ru,* and Holes.    Iith.aiblr.i..
>113, llllord l-tli'i'l, Loiiilon, they   sre
fort IfoodT £«t
Head  I > ir.i   •; i'. I'm .Unt
friiinlH that be has recently takn
abovd hous., «hero he ia prepared u
everything possible for the aicoinnnrii
ol guests.
THE TABLE is always mre to h
plied witli all the d.licacles ol  the I
the BEDS are of the most cmifortabi
tl,,',-,- is ainpu, aud oonrfortable bTAHU
on Iln, preuiisi'S.
tr BOATS always obtninable on tlitl
bur in front ..I the pmuisua, by appyil
the house.
K lil.O.v & CO.,
Rough niid Dressed
Port  Moodg
M£AI Mark!
Keeps constantly on hand
stock of firat-chuu
Veal and  Porl
Corin'd Beef, EtcJ
Fresh Vegetab!es\
MR. P. S. HAMILTON h.ving I
ated hi* connection with thi* I
ia no longer anthorired to collect acooal
transact any business pertaining to I
Moony Oazrtt*..
Tort Moody, Maruh HSth, 1884.


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