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Port Moody Gazette Aug 2, 1884

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Array THE
%vtt Hiflff mWStikt
iiii-riuN Mr r.arr,
s*i""*i   is  .ij,v ,   ■ r .
All cuiniiiniiii-atiiii,,-, addratj id iu
Xj. jl.. lsiaXjMM±m,
Port If,
NO. 33.
i»! tf»t!i'-'ii IBM AH  ('Ifi .-,  Ni-u   Wffttmin
■ter, will reci-ivi' prompt ittantfoB*.
Travelers' Insurance Cc,
I Hi: I'lnvni: m nn-:vr ,'n\H" > y
' i nt fur policies in tlii* r»uip.,»v
rentier Accident or Lif- Iiiiurauoe, c*i
»■ be had (row the unduraiKued at Port
A. G'amplell,
tl7        Iiuuranco, Land, k U'uir.il Agent
(From Blackwood.)
lAKKIslT.lr-ATl.AW,    XolAllY    l'i III .'■
rsiil.HTniJl All, AlToKM V, III..11, Kstati:
AllKST      ANI.       CO.\ V«V ANl'KIl,
UtsxvXMvy CJtroat.
r:rt  ICsoAsr.
ever, tectiup of J'ort Moody. Also,
nhtnliaii Lit-, l,y th* Aern, inioiediatul^
Ijairnt trr tbo Pcirt Moody sui veyiilTou,,-
Lands fur lata ,,n the North sidn uf, iiml
avinji wnii-r frontage on. Port Mmi-h
lurimr, linrrly situated and Mttediogt*
Alflo, Farm Land-, nf superior rjnnlity and
i favorrtljle tarma, in New Westminster
Carefully prfpafed Maps .-md Plant ex-
nbfttjd. arm trr,, furUoat i:iii,,ii,.,ti >u furnish-
it Mi. Hamtlton'i offl™
1 :e:—Tolephoae Building
Real Estate Agents,
FOU   *-AiJ-'
. K. CTUnriB, s. CLARKE, M.  I).
Um\Q!\L   HALL I
D. S. BM ii CO.,
I »nc*. I Qpurteri ami Utfulwa in
rd, &s a:;d
HiCV ii:\m, T01LI.T M.TMB,
lamps and Lamp Goods, .Ve,
l< ontl
I thought, this |,!tn might iln, aa tire
landlady teemed sn in<lei,en,lei,t of
Kriwirdo's services.    She   proceeded to
-iv,- him n yniiii character, and I promised that the consul's opinton should
In- taken on the matter. '•In,id uiglit
v.ae given, and 1 went to (lie dour to
fasten it after the woman's departure.
It was closed by a latch; but it was per
fect'y innoe nt of either loci; or bolt.
There was nothing for it but to put
the handle ol uiy tooth-brush across
lio latch, and within it; and re-
,iieto bed with trust in Providence.
The next day cine a note from Sir.
Bahl, tailing me that 1 must wait >>ne
day at the posada, uud lie would arrange
PVOfytbing for my travelling onuartl,
the lad K luardo was required to attend
ar the office, if I would signify my intention of engaging him; and would I
cull early the day afterwarda?
Littlo to do, nothing to nee; heat and
tuohquitoea to endure,—aucl, waa the
i r rtion ot the waiting-hours. At the
dinner-time I went into the dining-room
thinking it would be well to eat something
■ nl,:.im,ti ,1, nu I a number of dishes
ou thr table acenie I to ofi'er a choice.
Variety there sua, and veiy un-
n|i|,ciisiiig variety. The soup, called
cl,i,-k"n-br,,;h, was nothing better t'iati
drowned hen; and the meat, cut in strip-
I i-ked like leathern sandals fr-ni the
\-iiiilmt antiquity. Everything llral
could be chopped up waa cho|,|,,tl up;
vegetables "hich would have passed
muster had they beeu served wlmle,
were tormenled into squash, and little
lil.rck bean* in yel ow dishes were the
• >ii 1 \ edibles which, owing tn their small
»:ze had escaped the universal carriage.
Sonic p*,,ons present,   however, did
justice to this feast.    Long   may there
lie found some to do so.    B'or myself,
was thankful  when the time arrived to
pay a vitit to the consul.
Tin; consul's i dice in Amapala was a
nd  Iiior courtor
11 wis situated near tbe water's edge,
ami entered by a broad llighi of at ne
steps. These gradient! were very much
the wone for weir, being persistently
embroider d by del icliments of the
Hungers of An ap'tla, which consisted
generally of id b young lade who stud:
like mussels, and peered within, nn I
smoked and K;at without, with intolerable pertinacity. A surtn, made
from thn interior inmetimes succeeded
in dislodging them; but ihis ill' rt on
lhe part ot the c Usui's clcik.s more
usually ended in str ng language and
violent perspiration than in   any satis
IIW WBSTMINST ll,   -   -   15.
(Kelt Door to the Colonial Hotel.)
I|ienial fueiliti, i for the Jr.1.,:.ing Trade
fact ry remit.    I    believe an   earnest ! y
hope is daily    avow rl     lhat somebody j coarse gieen net is best.
A. M. Herring,
WilOl.lr.sAI.K A  1,'KIAIl.
'lie Largest Stock in tlie City
- -AT   TIIK
'acific Boarding Eouse,
Clakke iStkeki, Pout Moody.
BOBflE ANNARD • • Troprletor
will find every conveni-'iictr and Corn*
It at the above Hotel.    Meals at all hours.
iarfp.'s moderate. dlSSti
MirRHAV Street, Port Mooiiv.
I HESLOP, - - Proprietor
A complete stock of
pugs and Patent Medicines
^Prescriptions carefully dispensed.
IR. P. S. HAMILTON having termin-
ated hia connection with this paper,
ro longer authorized to collect acoounts or
iwact any business pertaining tothe Pom
'"rt Moody, Karvll 18th, HUM.
coming in may elTeciuully clear awav
iinpediiiient.i hv treading the life out of
some of these human peats.
Unfortunately tl»o f1" the business
public, a large ceiba tree fr- nting the
right side of the betiding ipread wide
ita arms nf dark leavei, nnd beneath this
shade weie clustered inii;es, watvr-
oarriem, cititent in various a'y!, s of
dress ami undress, waler-jars, melons,
ami naked brrrwn children.
The it luring certainly was piciu-
r,-.i|in-. But how Oonenl Babl hi
stood for to iiiuiiy yi-ura, as he has done
the nuisance of a c uversazione and
debating eltili combined, held within
four feet of his house of business, surpasses my comprehension.
Through a part of this assemblage I
wenilc I my way in the early morning of
the day preceding that on which I was
to start for Aceitunn. Tire youths on
the stepB made room for me with some
alacrity; and it wn> whispered among
them lhat perhaps it was not so sure
that Eduaido Alvarez was going with
me. There had been no agreement
drawn up by Kl Consul, they knew,
perhaps the Senorn would choose some
other mozo (lad). The meaning of
these remarks was simply this: Ednardo
was a lilt lo in arrear for his lodgings
and other matters, and unless I would
adv .nee him a part , f his wages to pay
his debts, he could not leave Amapala.
Concern ng this, 1 thought it well to
consult Mr. Bahl, and further, to ascertain whether that gentleman would
recommend me to engage him.
The little white-faced clerk who had
brought me from the ship was on the
look-out for- my visit. A curtain was
drawn aside at a corner of the office
a few mimrtes lmer, and Mr. Bahl
stepped forth. He was tall, gentlemanlike, and very kind in his manner. (The
American men, all the w6rld over, are
always kind to women.) He said I had
a long journey io go ceitainly, but I
must not believe all th" nonsense 1 may
have heard about robbers, and all the
r, s. of it. Common caution, and to re
fiain from tiavelling at dusk, weie recommended.
"I sent yon word last night," continued the contul, "that. I cannot provide you' with the mules you require
here, and as fur a muleteer there is not
.ne in the place I can recommend."
"You are sure that thn custom-house
officer at Aceitttna can get these!" I inquired anxiously,
S man has gone over theie to fstch
tome thingt 1 want fr< in the cu.tom-
house I tent a |,< ic by bim to Mr. X
asking if he can supply your repine
menu. If he cannot, which I don't
iliink likely, theie is nothing to be done
but l„ aenrl or go lo I.a B'Mi very good
aniiua'a can be gut at l.a Brea." "
"Whr are tbey ao scaice here!" laid
"Just as it happens; there are phut.
when not wanted. I hope you will
cioas to Aceituna though, it will save
you some leagues of rou^h road travelling. My large boat will take an hour,
and you could start as toon after landing
at Aceituna as you choose."
I acce.iedgratefullytothit proposition,
and tben made inquiry concerning
Eduardo Alvarez.
"Ho came down to speak to me last
night," replied Mr. Bahl. "I suppose
he has told you that he wants a little
money in advance, should vou engage
"Yes; he wants to pay a few little
debts, he tells me. The people of the
house give him a good character, and 1
like tlio lad's appearance."
'As far as I know, the lad is decent
enough. Like all hia race, he is apt to
be idle; but really there is little employ
ment here for a tailor, and that is the
trade by which he supports himself.
"By the by," continued the consul,
"ai he comes Irom Comavagna, I certainly ailvine you to engage him, as you
will have lo take that route, and it it a
gre,t thing toiecure a guide who knows
some part of the country."
Then a lounger on the steps was de
sp itched to summon Eduaido Alvare .
This youth soon made his appearance,
and entered the office with a whole train
"f his confreres peeping in at the door.
A rush was made at them bv the little
cleik, which frustrated them, evidently,
in the intention of being within earshot.
A chair was banded to me, and the con
sul and the lad carried on a conference
behind the curtain.
Th" result of the interview was to
ihis effect: I was to engage Eduardo
Alvarez aa my servant from Amapala
to San Ped,o Sula; to pay him fifteen
pesos (something under three pounds
Engliab money), and to allow him at
the rale of a peseta (tenpence) a-day
for his maiutenace, 1 agreed to advance
eight pesos, to enable him to pay hia
debts; and so that arrangement was cen-
"1 will draw up* the regular official
agreement before you start,'' said the
c,insu':"it will be better fo' Eduardo
not to be too mre of the eng.ujeinent;
and I must be satisfied toat he does pay
what he owes. Never mind about the
money; I will give him the eight po-o>,
and you can settle with me to-m irrow,"
"Have you a hammock in your store!"
1 Inquire; "it will be such a comfort in
the places through which we mar have
lo pass."
"A hammock will save you nnny annoyances, as you will not be obliged to
re.it on the horrid bed-place, ol tiie
country; and the In,I can look out for a
r-.ndah to sling it in.    I would advise
u also to take a inotqnlio-net, A
White attracts
il  le   Ijjiih' in
wrd.iiiii    •>,...i;
"I     cau   take
he will make it
MM       r.   morrow;.
I i.c ir, li Unit* t| f |j ,....,, , .,.,. |
</   was known   .,.■!    • p
Eduardo     He migbl %■,.,- likely t .- n
I    I I ".I1
Imwevi-r   alio1   nothing    In      hi-    In,'    Ms
tured tbe women that  tbe lady .oul.i
n ii give that price.
"Ah. but tell   her thai   there is  no
other In the plaee," sugg, b i
"Thnt w'.n r do, wrniiriir. retorted
Eduardo. "The consul told the Senurn
that he knew there was a side-saddle
belonging to the custom-house ot'rieer's
wife at. At-ei'llliri.
"Sho would not sell it,'' luggeeted a
"She  might hire it though,"  inter-
poeed a fat woman, crowned with a
bright yellow lianrlkerr-hief. "No. no;
the saddle mu.it be bought h,-re, good
Ind; the widow Xiceoli hns a woman's
saddle. Wait here: 1 will go and look
for lhe widow Niccoli."
She sped away, anil   returned with
side-saddle, it  is true; bu,   such a rag!
It could hardly   hold together on   the
woman's   head.
"Yes, it wanted this and that," sir-
agreed, as Edunrdo pointed out its
shortcomings. "Ah, yes, the rats must
have eaten this piece of the flap, and
there are no girths. Well, w-e will put
these on. Mozo, this saddle will fail
for a little way; and, then, you know,
you can buy another farther on. The
English lady won't mind. They can
pay, these English! Ah
Wlmt answer tvduardo was prepared
to give to this free and easy proposition,
I do not know; and as my patience was
getting exhausted, nnd iny hack was
beginning to frizzle with the hent of
the sun, J determined to cut matters
short. Walking into the circle, I said
in the best Spanish I could command,
"I will   not   buy    one    nf   these: nnd.
moreover, I  will not give more than
twelve pe.os for the best saddle in Am
Such an interruption in most place*,
and with most people in any other part
of the civilised world, would have called
forth some excuses, or necessitated a
speedy retreat, on the part of even the
most hardened, Here, if the effect
were eloctricnl, IrTwat in quite another
"Ah se habla nueetra idioma!" (she
speaks our idiom) exclaimed ,he fat
wretch who had proposed to cheat me
»o tuiblushingly, "Como ea ella bonita,
I pequenita para una fnglesa' (shi
is nice looking and Btnali for an English
others crowd
the flies nt niuht.
We go into the store, and 1 select
lliese nrticles "Then," said the consul, "you have brought your side-saddle
with you, of course!"
"Side-saddle! No; I never thought
of it, Can't I hire that with tbe mule!"
"I am afiaid not here. A lady's
s.nl He is private property, generally
speaking. "You may, perhaps, pur
chaseone from s nieof tlur women about.
Some onu may like to make a little
money, Eduardo, go out and ask
among the women whether they know of
any oue who has a lady's saddle to
Aa he went off Mr. Bahl added, "1
,-.ilium come with you, but be sure and
don't give more than twelve pesos."
The I,d very soon executed the consuls'
bidding, and in a shoit time were collected ten or twelve persons, declaiing
ihey all possessed the very thing.
Eduardo found himself suddenly an in,
poitant personage.
' Bring all of you the saddles you
have to sell, and put them here," said
he, indicating a vacant spot, which
looked like chooolate-powder "I
must see what ihey are like before I advise the Senora to purchase.
Away flew the women, and in a very
short i-pace of time several very extraordinary specimens of the leather
trade were exhibited. In the general
excitement, the lad had overlooked me
altogether, and the other did not know
that I understood the idiom.
•'What do you think she will pay for
this!" asked one, as sbe held up an
enormous side-siddle, which was deficient in girths and stirrup, and which
burst out in all directions with lumpi
of hair and padding. "Say fifteen
An indignant "vara, vaya" (get along)
was the only attention bestowed on this
"Here is a saddle—a splendid saddle," sdd another, as she clutched the
article from off a boy's bead, who was
carrying it into the ring. "See here I
real Mexican; look at the embroidery.
The English ladycan baveit for eighteen
pesos. Too much!" continued she; -'no;
these English em pay. Say Eighteen
pesos, mozo, and there will be one for
Eduardo stooped dawn end examined
this last offering. 'This might do; but,
nee, the pcramel is half broken throngh.
Ia there any way of getting. Ibis re
paired)" be inrjuirsfi.
woman).   The
me, some taking and stroking my hands
expressing regret   that  they   did nol
-••nt hi - •       ,aboul it
"The holy.'    he   ttdde.l.     -«„„;.j
Will   I
il,   lie
01 .
"'  ' *dlj ' "iy n.ii'-'i   obi
ih-' lady,' I ai
' ; ■■>   with   a Bower
' ■ i
teld   you,"   th-    i., |   r
Senora. th-  lady U to give me  a peso
for "iiny re;:, and going    to her.     You
du hoi object, Senora*
"Certainly not: y„u have earned the
money fairly, .-im 1 to pay v„u
"No, Senora. you ar- to pay to-
morrow to the contul. We have to go
to ih, office ,-arlv. to get m- agreemi nt
made on'. I   was  deeired to   tell you.
Will ynu go imo  ,),, .-/, 'dinni ig
room). or shall [ bring you lomethins
Beoollecting what was the fare on
the j receding day, I i leel to ttay
where i mu. and n-k the lad ro bring
me some coffee, and, if po* ible, are
of bread with it, and some bananas.
Directly   after   I had dtoewted   this
meal, whieh was all very good of its
kind, I dressed and went out to sit in
the verandah on the garden side of the
Hardly hnd [ Ml ther- many
minutes, when n lad belonging to the
house announced that the consul's black
cook wanted to see me.
"Ask him what he want
"lines he bring a note
In these countries,   the most trifling
communications between English-speaking people are alwaya effected by note
or letter. Tn trust to messages here
would be lhe height of madness.
"No," answered Mote; "the cook
wants to see you himself.'' Before 1
could resolve whether I would receive him or not, the man stood
before m-.
Bulling oil' his eai, he said, "Very
fnine night, ma'am - very fa-ine,     You
comprehend me English?''
"Yes; what do you come hen for
And, pi-use, stand a little aside; 1 want
nil the air 1 can get." He .smell of
fish and black man very- strong!} ; and
this, combined with a soupcon of
keros-ne oil, somewhere   near,
much for my olfactory nerves.
"Oh yii-ris. ya-as,   suttingly.    WI
1 l'iiiug to   sav is  very   prisaie.     ii  .
go way to morrow I
Yes; wli-,1 of iliru
"Wa-ay, ynu  know,   you   wi
vont, ma'am, strong,   fight ile-Mny.---'
a very respectable servant,
fBOM r   - ;., Ni.,,   ,'.|..|M1NSTEB.
NU. I If I ft facMff,
Physicians and Srrr-jeoO*
OFFICE: Columbia Street, Op*. City Hotai
'• . M.I, .'■.M.lMcGill)
form,   r.    I N*w Y.,rk I'..ly. link.
ii  ■       l.r Mitiateof
- •!,-, London.
**T\lHI' i i . .        u  v.i, .-.luiiT.-fcl
E.I *.*■•
HAND   BE08.,
Real    l: rate   1'iokur*,
1 N'Si   I',.   . i   B     A.OKNTB,   *n,
row •!'.. ot emrasnr a hpf.ciai.tt,
Culumb ■ HI.. Op'e.11. I'fjSUi-Sc*;
N.w vVfcaTaUx.ns, II. C.
Under   the   new t)d,llc-llo*»'  Hull,
1   i i   llnri.l.AH,
POB •'    MOODY,   B.  (1
i   round   ipenence,
know thai I undcrst,    11 heir "idioma."
i was difficult to know what to lay,
hut 1 thought   it ri'-'li'   to expn is my
surprise thai they  should   combine to
take ad van to ;i of s    ranger a "S
I added wil h greal emphasis.
"Ah. they wer ■   Borry; they did n I
know: ami nil English havegold.    No.
they were wrong; a Soltera should have
sympathy.    But ah, thej w«re
It was bo hard to live! &e., Ac.    II:-.,
ve ii,,i to live in all countries, Sem r i
1 told t'n-iii I wns poor ' and
thnt to pay a fair price was all 1 could
do. Boaaying, I left tbem, and wenl
Btraigh! to the posada.
The Bun wa i n iw so powerful that
it waa n n lief to undress and lie dm i
Hardly had I settled for a sleep, than
a tlmil resounded upon the outer door,
the une which opened  nu the Street.
"Who is there; What doyou wantf
"It is Antonio,     lie   has a word to
'■] do not know Antonio, Has tin-
consul sent youl"
"No,   Senora.    I want you   to take
me as 'molt de maim,' for your journey."
"Thank youj but   I have   engaged
Eiltinnlo Alvarez.'
"Think it over again Senora. 1
should suit far better. 1 am a man of
confidence, of maturity. Eduardo is
only a boy, anil ah! he knows nothing.
Let me see you, Senora."
"It is impossible," I replied. I am
going to rest for a few hours; I cannot
talk more."
Well then. I return again," contested the voice of Antonio.
"No, no," I called out; "once for all
I have engaged Eduardo."
'•I know the agreement has not yet
been signed;" persisted my tormentor,
"will you see me before you sign the
agreement, Senora t"
"No, don't, come again," replied I, in
a very decided tone. Thero is a lingering at the door and at length Antonio
takes himself off.
"Evidently no business is private
here, say I to myself, as I roll the mosquito-net round me, and fall into a refreshing sleep.
A long time after this, as it appeal's
to me, three gentle taps are heard upon
the opposite, door, opening into the
garden of the posada. This is freefrom
public intrusion, and I call, "Come in'
through the mosquito-net. Eduardo
appears, carrying on his head a side
Baddle. He brings it towards me, and
I put out my hand to touch it. There
is no question of this; it is a beautiful.
nearly new, lady's saddle, and it appears
to he in excellent order.
1 ask Eduardo from whence he has
procured this treasure 1
From the widow of the consul's
brother. Senor BahJ thought of her
just after you left the  office,   and he
"I ha, • g     Y"iir  master has
made the neci
Eduardo Alvarez,     i. u ne rd not take
any trouble about thi i,   t ans'
"Eduardo Alvarez,    Bah!  li" wort!
nothing t-al   poo       ■ ;.
wuie-ihop; go
rthi   .   he suit   you!    I o.      I
Consul Bahl has nol    drawn oul   gre
"That « ill he dom   I
ir g,1  i said  and, to i I ol
ro    to go im y room o   .
Tlie fellow,   h iwever, was i
for me,   and he   planted   his
.   'i'..l frame in mj pi
"Look yaare, I
I ui-arve you   ■
ink.    [t  wil
but I am good si rva ant,
iii to take care of o
What  I should   h t  ea
scarcely say, as there wat no  one thnt
I could call, the   household
within doors, or clacking on the other
side of the verandah.   M- -t unexpect
edly, I got immediate ami i fi
in the advent of "Lobo,    one of thi
• lues of the house.
Now Lobo was n vory delightful
litt e beast, and we had become great
friends. He bore the character of being such n fool, that he would put up
with anything, Great, therefore, ■■ ■•
my surprise when I saw him fly towards
the "captain," every nerve in his bodj
shaking with rage.
With a yell the "captain" bounded
past me, and was away down to tlie
shore before I could speak. I had not
been informed that Lobo had a special
dislike to black people; and to the
"captain" in particular. I felt very
much obliged to the dog also, for giv-
nie nn opportunity of seeing the
"captain's" good fight; the insertion of
the letter "1" describes the thing much
more accurately.
Once more we got to the consul's
office at an early and punctual time.
Eduardo meets me, arrayed in a clean
shirt and a large Panama hat. Kind
Mr. Bahl takes me into his store, and
gives me one or two edible matters, to
help out the rations ; amongst which,
two tins of portable soup were particularly acceptable.
The boat is being got ready, and
time passes, so that we are already
nearly an hour late in starting.
Mr. Bah) asked me if I had not been
a good deal pestered by lads "applying
personally" for the situation which
Eduardo Alvarez now filled.
I said that there had been some
other candidates, and that one of them
was a personal friend of his own.
"A personal friend of mine 1 I have
not the faintest iden to whom von can
Mrs.  AVilliams
tvrtt] a  large and
well-assort, d it
Dry Goods and Millinery
0 B 0 0 S I! I E H,
Fancy Goods, &c
A On m r   '.- 50BTMBNT or
Everything New and
Au I frpection Solicited *fld
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Terms, Strictly Cash.
^TAGE-       ..- LINE
0  ". il.l. Rl N
• ',ii.i. in ;
Pour-Horse Stage!
n I Port Moody J
v   miiming
'     tun I-
tht MV
;,   ■  \na   hot)*
J08  M. WISE,
Fred.   Ekkhoff
ram        ilAUta in
jD>r,v   Gooas
Of First-ta Quality,
AM)    AT
Model': i te   nates-
Corner of Front   and Bcgbie Street.**
( Co be cuntimierl. 1
San   Francisco
Boots & Shoes
(From an Infant's Shoe up to a Msn's E
Repairing Neatly Executed-
lUft-liest Market  Price paid ft***
JA-Ji.L.3   nl^LrOOl-jlL ,
■f Cl)f $ort #inouij <©ajftte.
! I
Mr. Kandford Fleming is the author
of a new hook, "A summer tour l,e-
tweeu Old anil New Westminster."
The scenery of British Columbia is well
described hy the writer, who says Victoria is a salubrious retreat where invalids will seek for health. He reoni-
men'ls Port Moody as the site of a na
val dockyard. "It is,'' he says, "the
terminus of the railway, it is convenient
to the coul li'hls, and so far within the
Inlet as to be inaccessible by cruisers,
while, at the mouth, batteries would
make entry impossible." In reply to
this scieutllic testimony, the four-penny logicians, who still believe in the
steam ferry tomfoolery sny:   "Victoria
is tlie terminus. The warships require
no secure harbours. The safety of the
Empire would be imperilled if a naval
dockyard were established at Port Moody." This is mere rant." Port Moody
is destined to be the resting place of a
fleet I hai, will command the coast from
Alatka to Panama.
Tho unfortunate old Indian that
killed Yeomani was out fishing when
Superintendent Roycroft arrived at the
village. He despatched a messenger
for the man, who enme in at once and
surrendered, saying, "1 am very sorry,
but it could not be helped. 1 ask
my friends not to bother themselves
about me. Tlie white tyhee will
after me." Three hundred warriors
were present, und like good citizens
submitted to the law and permitted
the inspector to arrest the chief. The
prisoner is now in Victoria and will be
tried at the next assizes.
Van Home, general manager of the
Canadian Pacific Railway left Montreal
for Port Moody ou the 12:2nd of last
month. He comes to inspect the work
and will proceed to the summit of the
Rockies, and from  thence  to   Winne-
Pe& . .   . .      ,
The Dominion Com mission appointed
to investigate the evils of Chinese Immigration will be—a solemn farce.
Capital is the king, and he must have
cheap labor. The Chinese will clear
out when the people prove by voting at
the polls that they wisli to send John
Mr. Justice McCreight has received
a pension and retires from tlio Bench.
The vacant sent will be occupied by
Mr. Justice Walkem.
Charles Crocker, the California millionaire, was in Victoria on Tuesday
last, and delighted the citizens by say
ing "I may look at you again." In
company with Mr. Robert Dunsmuir
he went on Wednesday to Inspect Van
couver Island, whieh is their personal
property, A tine estate it is, ana
ferred to them by our paternal Government. Crocker will teach Dunsmuir a trick or two worth knowing.
He plays seven-up and is a first class
hand at poker.
A great excitement on paper, in
vented for the purposo of gathering a
crowd, ought to lie a criminal offense.
The reportB circulated in Victoria
about Lone Creek have all the appearance of sham. When scribblers go
mining in the empty crevices of their
own skulls they find nothing ; but it
looks well on paper, and is only a bait.
In this ago of the world if a man
starts a whiskey mill in the back woods
and subscribes for a newspaper, he can
get the editor to say the whiskey mill
is in the middle of rich gold fields. The
editor with a puff secures a subscriber,
and the puff secures a fortune for the
whiskey seller. This is a wonderful
The latest puff comes from Lone
Creek, a tributary of the Skeena, 80
miles above Aberdeen, where "a man
named Jerry took out 8600 in less
than two days." "On Lost Gulch,
McDame & O'Brien took out 91,300
in three hours, crevicing." "Mr. Cun
ningham has 81,200 in coarse gold
taken in trade; the pieces rango from
the size of a bean to n pigeon's egg."
The McDaines and O'Briens must be
silly. Why should they let all the
world know that in their camp they
cau make $1300 in three hours!
"Jerry" may be the man in the moon.
The puff is too big entirely, and it was
manufactured by a novice. We say
to the hoys, if you go to Lone Creek
you may find yourself in Lost  Gulch.
The Bristol Mercury says: "The
climax of aristocratic insolence and
folly was reached when the Peers rejected the Franchise bill.''
The Dublin Daily Express says:
"The Lords have vindicated their
House from the charge of being a mere
registration macliiue for the Commons,
and hopes the vote will hasten a
general election."
Stanley, the African explorer, arrived at Ply-month on the 88th, inst.
lie has established trailing stations
from the mouth of the Congo river to
Stanley Pool, which is 400 miles from
the sea.
The unfortunate Africans will be
"civilized." The true in aning of
"civilization" is "destruction."' lu lifty
yenrs fi'niii this date the black savages
of Africa will be complete y cleared out
by the white savages of Europe. And
when all savages are white the civilizing process will go on as usual. The
strong will always civilize the weak.
Tlie Egyptian conference are iu
council. From three to five hours of
every week s day are given to the consideration of Egyptians affairs. Of
the deliberations outsiders know nothing; but the tone of the foreign pies.-,,
taken as evidence, goes far to show
that the whole affair is a farce and
that England und France will be permitted to do as they please.
Reports from all parts of Irelam.
say; the potatoe crop is magniticent.
Mangles, turnips and hay have failed.
From the 7th of May until the 10th
of July, there was no rain in the island.
In England and Scotland the crops an
light, and the united kingdom will have
to pay several million dollars for bread
The eity of Winchester is one of the
most ancient in England. It was incorporated in the year 1184; but for
ages before, it had been a very considerable place. In Alfred's time it was the
chief city ofthe West Saxons, and the
residence of the King. The seven
hiindi'eth anniversary of the incorporation was kept in great statu last week,
and the Mishop said "he hoped the people would be as they had over been, on
the side of liberty and order and
against arbitrary rule."
Nearly 3,000 colliers employed by
the Low Moor Iron and Coal Co., struck
work ou Wednesday, against a reduction of wages. The whole of tlie pits
are closed.
In May last, one of the catile kings of
Texas mairied a young and beautiful
woman. He was a rough, rich old man,
and last week he went to Topeka to buy
a piano, and when he returned he
found on bis pillow the following note :
July 15th, 1884.
Kind Samcf.l, — Iain gone with the man I
love ; the man tr, whom my father refused
me in marriage. May God forgive me, but
1 cannot resist tbis step.
She took with her $14,000 in cash,
which her husband had given her for
safe keeping. Her young man is a
gambler, well known in Texas. The
old man is a crack shot, and disgtii-cl
as a cowboy be is looking for the happy
Hendricks, in his speech al Indianapolis on Monday night accused Chandler of stealing, or permitting his deputies to steal, $60,000. (.'handler says in
a published letter, "A candidate for the
oliice of Vice President should speak
nothing but the truth." Hut in a long
Ir^'iral letter Hendricks ''proves" that
Cliandlcr is a thief.
Wealth is a great temptation and poverty a bad adviser. Our own local
politicians have practised the art of
picking pockets. How much did they
steal when thev sold Kootenav ? In a
'few years every man will believe it is his
duty 10 rob.
Plans for Improving ibe entrance to
the Columb a river are now beine prepared by a chief engineer of the United
States army. In scientific circles the
plan is approved ; and if lhe engineer
opens the mouth of .he Columbia and
keeps it open in Spite of the restless
ocean and the roaring floods he will deserve to be remembered as the greatest
engineer that lived in the nineteenth
The rejection of the Franchise Bill
has produced a growl of discontent all
over the United Kingdom.
The Daily News says: "The House
of Lords has entered upon a conflict
with the House of Commons and the
country, which must end in its being
deprived of functions which it is incompetent to discharge, and of privileges which it has abused."
The Times says: "The Lords havo
not dealt fairly by the country. They
accepted the principle of the Bill, and
then unconditionally destroyed it."
The Liverpool Daily Post says:
"From this momentthe House of Lords,
as an active constitutional agent, may
be regarded as extinct. The Franchise
Bill is the last great measure which
that venerable institution will ever
withhold from an eager, determined
The Manchester Examiner says:
"The labour of months is flung to the
winds, and our representatives are
made to stand like gaping fools before
the universe. There is no need to
make any call upon mere passion.
This state of affairs can not endure."
O'Donnell, Daly, and Eagan, are to
be tried in London for using dynamite.
Strong barriers have been erected to
protect the approaches to the Court,
and a large number of constables,
armed with revolvers, have been placed
on guard at all the public buildings.
Of England, General Butler says :
"She has complete')' overreached us in
diplomacy. For 150 years she has
been establishing fort lied military posts
and stations lor coaling, magazines, and
war material ; and these fortifications
arc links in the great chain with which
she encircles lhe globe."
Ml over the United States the con-
teat between capital and labor goes on
steadily. In Baltimore, five cotton
mills ucrc closed last week, and 200
persons thrown out of employment. In
New Vork, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
and Florida, 00,000 men are out of cm
p oyment. In Chicago the carpenters
on strike succeeded, and the wages ol
two thousand men has been in reased
liom two and a half to three dollars a
At Lewis'on, Mon., Hill O'Fallon and
Rattlesnake Jack, on the 251I1 Inst.,
quarrelled wiih several half breed Indians, and swore that ihey would clear the
town. The ciiizeiis turned out and gave
he pair of bullies showeis of buck shot.
(I'Fallon was hit liiiecn limes before he
fell. Lying flat on the ground and covered with blood, he continued 10 figh'
uniil he died.
mcrican tramps are the very worst
sort of vermin. At Detroii a 1 ramp
ki'led a man on ihe 14th. The tramp
was a smooth faced smiler, fed (or charily by John Kirchcr, a yonng man living at 155 Jay Street. While Kirchcr
was resting on a couch, the tramp en
tered with a butcher knife in his hand,
exclaiming. "Take back what you said
about   my  being   intimate   wiih your
fe ?" "No," said Kirchcr, "for you
are." " Then take this," said Stein, and
he plunged the knife into Kirchcr's
At Collins station, Lancaster, Fcnn-
sylvanii, on Tuesday last,a wealthy merchant visited a married woman with the
understanding that her husband was not
U home. The merchant had just scitcd
himself in the drawing room, when the
lady said, "my dear Dick, what would
John say if he knew this.'" At that moment John entered, pistol in hand, accompanied by three friends, and the
merchant paid $1000 for permission lo
go in peace. It is no wonder that Darwin and oiheis sliould believe lhat men
and women were orignally monkies.
General Butler wa ■ not presented as a
candidate to the Chicago Convention,
but he presented his Jack Cade platform
and made his Jack Cade speech, and
Benjamin is now "the solid man of Mas
sachusctts "
The London "Times," the Daily
"News," the "Telegraph," and the
"S andard," all speak in terms of the
highest commendation of Cleveland's
nomination, and Blaine's friends have
an army of loafers employed to circulate the puffs among the Irish democrats.
Blaine will be elected. I'he almighty
dollars are tfje American Gods; and the
Republicans have them locked up in
the national safe. The safe will be
opened, and the Gods will go out to influence the patriots. It is safe to bet on
Last week two tramps set fire to a
wheat field near Oakdale, California, and
a district five miles'by three was completely destroyed. Several thousand
acres of wheat and a quantity of farm implements were burned. One hundred
and twenty of the men who tried to extinguish the flames are in great pain, half
roasted. One of ihe farmers, in trying
to save a threshing machine, had the
hair burned off his head. The machine
I and the horses were destroyed. The
I properly consumed was worth $300,000.
This beautiful site for the great fu
ture metropolis of the Northern Pacific
has, simply, from its excellence au(
matchless superiority, raised a host of
enemies. Not satisfied with offering
other worthless substitutes for a terminus, as Coal Harbor and English Bay,
they have gratified their malice by the
publication of lying statements to the
effect that there is no room for a terminus without levelling the hills, and
tliat the railway company would he.
compelled to go down to English Bay
in order to find sufficient space for a
terminus, Although these statements
have been made by people whose position and profession enabled them to
know that they were stating what was
positively untrue, since it is well known
that there is a level plateau of twenty
square miles which may be   said to be
within the radius of the terminus, anil
a further continuation to Yah, if that
was necessary, still there ure people
who will be imposed upon, not seemingly because they have no means of
arriving at. the. truth, but apparently because they like to be cheated, particularly if il is done by a plausible scoundrel. Every opening made on tire site
ofthe future city, more clearly developed its beauty ami advantages, Shel
tered on every side it is blessed with a
hundred limpid streams of pure water,
which seem to have been constructed by
nature to supply a great city. Tli" hills
gradually recede from this favored valley, presenting sites for mansions unsurpassed in any part of thu world.
The neighboring streams are all full of
delicious trout and the adjacent forests
abound iu grime. To those who prefer
the immediate vicinity of the sea-water,
the slopes surrounding the harbor offer
most attractive sites for residences,
whence a complete view of the finest
and safest harbor in the world may 1
obtain' d. The time is not far distant
when Jiat harbor will bo thronged by
the great ocean steamers from every
part of the world, spreading the bene-
lit.siuid comforts of civilization over
the Pacific and Indian Oceans, to
bring back the gold, silks, teas and spices, for the enjoymont and decoration
of the old world. The apparent elevations around the harbor will in a
great measure d sappear when the tali
trees with which the ground is now
covered, aro removed. The entire ro
moval of the tree* and underbrush wil]
not be a matter of long delay. The
commencement of the Graving Dock
and the construction of the new wharf
and breastwork at the head of tho harbor will create the necessity for their
removal in order that they may be re
placed with wharves, warehouses,
dwellings, and the thousand other ne
cessitios of a great population. Contrast all this with what these speculators present to the unwary possessors
of money, as a fitting substitute for
Port Moody. The indentation known
as Coal Harbor might be useful at
some future period as a dock for barges or small craft. It might be very
well utilized as the landing place for
fish during fine weather. It ia wholly
unprotected from the same winds
which render English Bay unfit for any
craft, large or small, during their prevalence. No protection from the elements is within the power of man to
create, hence it can never be used for
anything more than a roadstead and
then only in fair weather. But, the
thing will be incredible to people who
know   anything   about   a harbor, the
people who have purchased land in and
about Coal Harbor and English Bay
have had a very elaborate plan drawn
out—something like that shown to
Martin Chuzzlewit and Mark Tapley
of the valley of Eden—upon which are
displayed docks of all kinds, a great
breakwater, and splendid wharves and
streets, all of which are crowned with
the name of New Liverpool. Why
they did not christen it the New Bos-
phorus is not accounted for by the
modesty of the projectors, but may
have been due to the well-known repu
tation of Liverpool as a great port, and
their anxious desire that invefctorg from
abroad should be attracted by the
naliie, in the vain hope of finding another great port on the Pacific, iu Knglish Bay. If these bold speculators
had only read the recent accounts from
old Liverpool, how the merchants of
Manchester are determined to avoid
land carriage and bring the ships up to
their own doors by means of a costly
canal, they would probably not have
chosen such un ominous name for their
valley of Ellen. Uut they calculate a
great deal upon tho ignorance of their
dupes; end adopt the mostpuerilo tricks
to form decoys for tho strange pigeons.
For instance, a government engineer
has been apparently sounding about
the harbors, and, to all appearances,
pointing out the various sites where
docks and wharves should bu placed.
We need hardly remark that the ap-
pearano" of the government engineer -
no mutter how harmlessly or under
what innocent circumstances ho may
have been there, has nevertheless been
mad'r a/,mn/d'appuiby the knowing ones
or their statements touching a possible
removal of the terminus from Port
Moody to English Bay, and has been accepted by those who are intended for victims asa guarantee for the investment of
their money, But these keen operators
who are only anxious to get rid of the
lauds in and about English Bay, in
order to invest the proceeds at Port
Moody, are not satisfied with the government i ngineer as a stalking horse.
They have with them a late, Winnipeg
speculator who is reputed to be buying
up the whole of English Bay and neighborhood for the C. P. R. Syndicate, so
that buyers may hurry up and secure,
a good investment before they are all
gone! Still more, it has been industriously reported that Mr. Onderdonk has
been approached by the O. P. R. Syndicate and uitfl feqitested to provide
them with the approximate cost of continuing the line from Port Moody to
English Bay. If people with money to
invest would only take a little time
to think, they never would be imposed upon with sueh transparent
absurdities. The government engineer has possibly been invited to
accompany some party in a steamer
round English Bay, and hia presence
was cunningly turned to account by a
semblance of sounding, and so forth.
The Canadian Pacific railway company
never gave Mr. Onderdonk any instructions about change of terminus, because
they could not secure elsewhere advantages to counterbalance the value of
the flats at Port Moody, setting aside
tlie harbor, townsite, <xe.—Guardian.
Of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and late of Kansas City, U. 8.,
New Westminster and vicinity that he line opened a First-Cial
Book, Stationery
And hopes by strict attention to business and courtesy,  to meri|
a share of the public patronage.
BOOKS,    PERIODICALS,    MUSIC,   4c,   Ac,
  Imported to Order.
There being an unpleasant feeling
abroad in relation to the extraordinary
manner in which our public lands are
steadily passing away from the people
of this Province, it may be well to set
the subject before tho public gaze, in
order that measures may be taken to
arrest this suicidal extravagance, or, at
least, to have the matter thoroughly in.
vestigated at tho next meeting of the
House. We are not aware whether
honest John's recent visits to his constituents may not have some connection with this strong feeling of prejudice against tho present Government,
which may result iu its overthrow at
the approaching session, and therefore,
be but an act of prudence on his part,
to cultivate the only constituents which
he is ever likely to have in this Province. The history of the public lands
since the advent of the honest John
Government has been at least curious,
and will form a strange chapter in the
annals of British Columbia. It would
appear that the present Ministry commenced, the moment they secured the
reins of power, to dispose of the people's heritage, and they don't seem to
have been able to apply their minds to
anything else. We are not aware of
any measure of importance passed by
the present administration, that had
not more or less to do with our lands,
and during the recess there is always
some ugly affair cropping up, in which
the Government is discovered to have
been giving away or selling valuable
lands to foreigners or land speculators.
The friends of the Government appear
to have an unusually sharp scent for
land, and to have studied the maps—
particularly those of this district—with
commendable perseverance, resulting in
profitable acquirements. We shall refer later on to some of these peculiar
transactions, but it may be well to recall a few of their Acts passed in the
House showing tho bent of their "policy" from first to last. To begin with,
we have the Kootenay bill, by which,
seven hundred and fifty thousand acres
of the most valuable mineral, timber,
and agricultural lands in the Province,
were given away to aliens. A similar
transaction was the conveyance of sixty
thousand acres to Mr. G. B. Wright
for a nominal road. Then came the
Port Simpson grab ; then the Settlement bill, by which, two million five
hundred thousand acres were given to
the Federal Government out of the
small proportion of agricultural lands
left us, ami upwards of three million
acres of our most valuable coal lands
were given for a bagatelle, to some notorious American stock gamblers.
More recently, the best patches of timber in the country, which, by the way,
are becoming scarcer every day, have
been secured by friends of the Government, one lot of thirty-live thousand
acres being leased to one of their own
party in the House. Another patch of
sixteen thousand acres of timber lands
has been sold to two A mericuns, ond
now the Government has laid its paw
on ten or twelve thousand acres on
Burrard inlet, for what purpose is best
known to themselves, so that we can
only conjecture as to the motives fo]
this shameful inanipuli, I        pub
lic property. It may l.e thn
John and the rest of tl
the property about English Hay and
Coal Harbor belongs, have •
conclusion that there is quite ei
land on sale just now, about thai quarter, and that the throwing into the market of the Burrard Inlet Reserves,
would water the stock too much. Or,
the land may be already disposed of and
the Government is awaiting some happy moment when the public attention
is fixed on other subjects, and the re-
servo will be quietly taken off, to disclose the land entirely occupied by
friends nf the Government. This has
actually taken place at Township F'our
in this district, which was found, when
someone went to take up land there,
that it wus thought to be worthless,
and that certain gentlemen, having
kindly taken in hand to reclaim it, tho
Government rewarded their enterprise
by making it over to them. All these
transactions may be perfectly legitimate, as must be shown when the House
meets next session ; but they may be
quite the reverse, and we can only
warn the parties interested, that our
people1! attention has been thoroughly
aroused, and that anything fishy will
not merely be exposed, but punished.
Jt is not permitted that men sin,uld accept positions of responsibility for which
they are unfit, and, having used them
for their own advantage, throw them
up and retire with the profits. If any
such ideas have entered the heads of
our present ministry, they had better
set their houses in order. Their actions
are carefully noted, and a strict account
will be required. The Island Railway
allair begins to have a queer appearance ; the progress made is slow, and
as the securities deposited are not like-
lv to be required by those who deposited them, they will not over exert themselves in the construction business; and,
as it would be a dangerous matter to
raise any question aliout progress on the
part of our Government, lest some enquiry might be made about tlie deposit,
tho islanders are likely to be satisfied
with their excellent accommodation on
the steamers, for some time to come ;
and this, perhaps, is just as well, because it will permit of the full and proper development of Nanaimo, which is
likely soon to bo the most important
town on the Island. One thing is undoubted, that all the valuable lands in
this Province will soon be in the hands
of a few lucky men, and those, for the
most part, not of our own people. It
may occur to some sensible men
amongst us, that something should be
done at once, so as to save to our people the remnants of their property; in
such a case, the reign of the honest John
celebrities will lie brought to a sudden
termination, and it may not be safe for
some of those fortunate land grabbers
to have too much on hand. Oases have
been known where transactions of a
shady character have been quashed in
favor of justice and equity.—Guardian.
New Westminster B \
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•hop a mw pti&i t\% ]• lot W. k. Qntg.
will h* oomplated in u few d»yi.
W'K UIldiTKtaild th;,t    MltttA.     DtlUl
been   granted  a temporary certificate,
the Board of examiner*.
Diviiion Supt. J. OL M'Kinnon and wife,
And Miu Mt-' <i*eg»r. all of Port Haney, visited Port Moody by hand-car on Monday
We  understand that  Mr.  Webster   will
novate,   with  paint and   kalsumine,   tlie
irt Moody Hotel, at the end of the North
Mi*. W. R. Greig has secured the contract
fnr painting the residence of Mr. John Murray, br,, at Kocky Point. The house will
be painted both inside and out,
From Victoria.—The steamer Dunsmuir
arrived from Victoria on Monday eveninp,
with a lartfe quantity of freight for our merchants.    She left the -tame evening.
Fishiv), at TkoiT Lake. —Mesnrs Armstrong. Weeks, iMtm. McCarnmon, Houston,
Thain aid M-.l>rie, went up the North
Arm tu TV* it \j4t\t una fishing excursion
last bctordajr, Bom <*f the party returned
on  Moi.ti.i.     having   secured   enough  gl'-ry
in two ti.iy- to lurit tbem all Bommer.   The
lake ii •.;,   ,|,!:, 1 *i-,h   an-
Wtm   With   iiiurli   less   frequently    than   itb
MMtti ikl inilii-at.-*.   The Ooqoitbai j
.h tout  stream   for  us,  and  we
don't me in to forget it.
The telephone office han been removed
across the *treet to Mr. (Gilbert's building.
Capt-Clarke's family will occupy the old
office, pending the erection of his new residence.
Tne N. W. a, P. M. Tdenhnne Co. are
About extending their line to Ifa-rtings, and
thence tu Moodyville by way of a sub-marine
cable. We understand Mr. W. A. Lutes, of
Port Moody has thu contract for erecting
the line.	
Cut His Foot. —Mr. Wm: Fraser, while
chopping tho lunbe from a tree, on Tuesday
last, made a "mis-lick" and gashed oue of
his great toes. Dr* Langis stitched up the
gaping wound, and the sufferer will indulge
in a two-week's  vacation.
Post Office Inspector Flctchcr.of Victoria,
accompanied by Postmaster Brown, of New
Wuitminster, visited Port Moody on Mmi-
day last.    They expressed themselves highly
?leased at  the  manner of   conducting   the
ost Office adopted by Postmaster Grant.
Piux k No. (i, on the Clarke eHtate, on
Murray, Pacific and Dominion streets, is
being cleared. This block is the property of
J. Cooper Keith, Ksq., of New Westminster,
a gentleman whose faith in the future of
Port Moody is strong and unwavering.
For San Francisco.—Mrs. Dunn, eldest
daughter of Mr. John Murray, Sr., who has
been visiting her parents for the lost few
weeks, left ou Monday last for her home iu
San Fraooboo, She is accompanied hy her
broth) ■ " hit
Lome In tht Unil      It-stas for
During '! I    -■               I lyt age  the
dk .ii plai "':          ■■ insider-
'         - ' i        1   rray has tak-
I'oitit the tins'
'. .in,,   ■ i. ■ |■    ■     md   <
ralk   rum all   the   w iy  to
ftAMBfl. SroU i, Hor '■ d W* lis, mem-
hern oi « hn. ■   I ■ ■ ■ i    Jyn*
dicats," have been iu i'ort Moody tins wttcii.
A naw survey of the property will be made
and a numb-r uf slreetM opened up,  ind   we
understand a large force of  workmen  will
shortly be employed in cleanm,* off the property. Messrs. \Veek.-i & Foster are the
(•gents for this estate.
Mr. Hugh H. Fraser, formerly of Port
Moody, and whose brothers still reside here
in large quantities, has been appointed keeper
of tho new UghthoOtt at tlie mouth of the
Frasur river. Keeping a lighthouse offers
splendid opportunities for deep cogitation
on the mutability of all thing earthly, nnd
Mr. Fraser should turn out a fulliledgcd
philosopher in a Bhort time—if he be not
one already. 	
Railway Notes. -Trains generally arrive
a few minutes ahead of time these days; W.
Kvans and Matt. Kennedy being pushers
from away back... .Additional dump care
are always being added to th >".* already employed in constructing the carriage road from
the wharf... .Both freight and passenger
traffic have been rather light for tho past
week... .The rapid approach of tho railway
to Kamloops is causing quite a boom thereabouts.
"Can," a largo
(fog beloi
F. F. Kelson, came up   behind Squire
Blac| Coift    This  fine   tish,   whieh   hit,
created   so inu'-li talk in piscatorial circles
•Iii* g <\i ■ peet naeoPf, has been   ■
in tbe No-tit Arm.    A few dafl  sgo a   u*
wash brought in sows whtoh  vefgi
Hards of ao.enty-fivt* pounds each, an I Wi
are Informed '■; th',- wbo tatted then that
tht & it i-i tii.- in texture ind delicately
Ha -red Thev were enngfat jutt 'tt thi i o*
Lrenot to the North Ann, in sbodt *ixty
ftthomt of water, iwttUta it in idvnnttd
ittii of dtootnpotiUon being nm d as bait.
Iv t lomt of (.ur local h| -.1 ti ti y tlit-ir luck at
tab inert, in lieu of whippitig Trout Ltke
11 day.
Poht M<i' ■ BoffOOL.*—Tht Pctrfe Moody
public tobool opent for the Autumn term on
Monday next, with Miss A lire H'-way as
teacher. Miss Howay hold* a first-class
certificate, and has had an experience of
two ye.iii in thttoboottof New WtttmintttT,
and we milt coiuoicnd the school board for
securing so efficient an instructor tor the
youth of oureity. TheGAZim was in error
uwt week in advertising Capt. Clarke as secretary of the School Board. It was offered
him by the other members of the Board, but
was declined, and Mr. K. B. Kelly kindly
consented to assume the duties of that thankless oflice.
Ykstkkimv irtning tht writer took a walk
out on tht ft B. & B. C. K. K. grade wirl
Supt. MeKinley. The road encircles the city
nf Whatcom, and the grading has been done
as far as tht north end of C street. It won't
take long tu i each the crossing at tlie rate
iron waa put down on Tuesday. This is the
grade from which the large stumps are being
blasted successfully in tin* following manner:
A Urgt holt ll dug underneath to tho centre
of tlie stump, in which a charge of fifty
pounds or les* of Judwn powder, ono stick
of giant powder, cup and fuse are placed and
firmly tamped. This oottt about So.00 and
will remove the ttrgtft ituttip, The Judsou
powder ll used because it has a tendency
upward, while giant strikes downward. This
method might be applied in street grading
and clearing burnt— Whatnnn AV,>,//..
ASlOXOrTBB Times. — During the past
few days there has been au unutnal nuniber
of iptcnlttoti in real estate visiting Port
Moody—many of them residents of Victoria
—and a considerable number of lots have
passed into their possession. This is to oi
proof positive that the so-called boom at
C>al Harbor was the means adopted by these
speculators of lowering values in Port
Moody ; and tliey came here this week with
the expectancy that success had crowned
their efforts. Such was not the case, however, and tliey conolttdtd tO invest at this
time, rather than await the advance which
m certain to tike place within a few uiouths;
Uld in this conclusion tbey showed themselves shrewd men of  business.
their Hetim. It || not likely that the <;«,v.
emment, h*vinf ibwitied Port Moody the
lefpntnne, tn* thnnge will bt made. As a
harbor it in not t„ Ih* ntmplied to any of
thote aspiring to usurp its famed superiority
over all others li.....- m Unedy to bt
found v.-h-ir.-e.-i, wttelioum. a st*l
.•■■.l'i . ■ om»od - rerythiug
toindi ate p-r'naiiei'-y.     The Oorornment
teewbere In tbe seat, will certainly
protect tboeo wbo  hmxt   loeeete*!   on   tbe
uul  prevent so
wtemplated by
ere .t prtmm
thi* ttringa with  a  view >>i
own ooffen      I ■
' tl t rli i.«. end new o dm ■ ■   hot Id  be«i ra
of the pit into wbii :>  ti, iy ere eip
fall.    Port M«ody i^ a aoli I
Q: CoeM
Canadj •■.  t'., Ul    Railwa
■ nil one whioh  thi  iJoi -
trnnv at will reeognuc.    All
i f mere
tdrentemt*     Bee/are ol tbem
row pooketi -hut.
Victoria, July Si, ISM.
Corresp •■■ tm     \   iarta   Ttmt *.
27tb of July; tO ttmttml the m •     ' Knechler. and they -lug and filled the mine,
hue   hill,   or  else the abolition of sn   nnnnocfod   it   "
A Danokrous Doo.-
usually very good natured
ehuiging to
chard on Thursday, and without giving any
warning seized that gentleman by thoiicdiy
part of his left leg and inflicted a wound
about au inch in length. Dr. Heslop dressed the wound immediately and no serious
remits aro feared. All dogs should be
mu vied or kept on the chain during the
wi.rm weather.
Fine Oath.—We were shuwn this week o
specimen of oats picked at random from a
tield on Mr. J. T. Scott's ranch.    The stalks
were upwards of five feet in height, while
the tops gave indication that the crop, both
in quality and quantity, would be tirst-
olnss. Tho other day, Engineer Hill's men
t"und growing on the railway embankment,
acrosi the Keatsic meadows, a single plant
of oats, with fifty stems sprin*/ing from one
root. A farm covered with such soil as thnt
would be better than a rich gold mine.
Church Notes.—The Episcopal Service
on Sunday was well attended, and Rev Mr.
Blanchard delivered an interesting {sermon
... .Rev. C. Watson, the new Incumbent of
the Methodist Church in New Westminster,
Sreached his introductory sermon   to   the
lethodist congregation of  Port Moody on
Sunday afternoon.    He has created a very
favorable impression Holding the Sunday
School at ten a. in. is a much better arrangement than the old system, as it gives the
little ones an intermission between services.
Railway Accident.—Tunnel No. 7,other-
wise known as the "slaughter-house," a few
miles above Vale, was the scene of n singular
accident on Friday morning last. Tho tunnel is a short one, but is built on a curve, so
that it is Impossible to see through the entire length.    The morning train front Lytton
tend the tunnel and wm just rounding
thi enrvt when a lot of loose rock wat men
track a short distance ahead.     Tlie
i whittled down braket and revtrted
igine, end the conductor, fireman and
»■ jumped.   Contrary to exptotationi,
;ipe went fiver the obstructions with*
tving tilt rails, but just then the sup-
:, * roof timber.*! began falling  upon the
* train, bringing down with them
qunutitiei of  loose  rock.    Two stock  cars
adly broken, and a large piece of
timber wm hurled through tht open door
into the oxpreticar, striking Mr. Costerton*.
tlie It. C. Kxpp-sd I ntnpuny'fi agent, a severe
blow on thu chest, and inflicting several
bruises on him. Tho train still kept tlie
rails, aud the dangtroui spot WM passed
without further mishap, but it was a very
closo call.
A CnnioE-3 EXCUSE.—Al most of our readers are aware, Messrs. Thos. Shannon and
N. Butchard wero employed some weeks ago
to keep in good repair the ("lark road. Tin |
duty they have discharged right along to
the entire satisfaction of the traveling public;
but on Tuesdty last both men were ordered
to report at h adqutrttrt in New Westminster, and upon arrival they both were summarily discharged. (If course the men desired
to know the reasons for so strange an action,
and were informed by the Govt. Agent Roes
and tht Provincial Secretary "that some of
the land-owners in Port Moody had complained of ihe expense; that the road was
good enough, and requested that the men be
discharged.'' Thin is just a little bit the
thinnest excuse Wt have ever heard, and is a
deliberate unttuth besides. The only requeit
profaned by any laud owner in Port JUnody,
aneut the road iu question, was that the two
men employed on the road be supplied with
a horse and cart, in order to haul gravel to j
places where it was needed. The fact ofthe
matter is that the Provincial Secretary, being
largely interested in lauds at False Creek,
desired by this act to say in effect: "The
road to Port Moody is good enough for as
long as il will be requiredf let it go to ruin!"
Pin- idea of any Port Moodian oujtoting to
an expenditure which was a direct Ivonctit to
the place, is simply preposterous, and the
coinage of such au excuso serves tosh iw how
high an estimation the Provincial Secretary
has uf the intelligence of our people.
Tin; Chkkly Kxpkp.ti-iv—Ki.Km*»s Mat-
tkrs. — lJuJ.TiN<- reoM mt Candidates.—
CHoLEKA Sc'Al'.h.—M ncBLLA»Y.
(From our own conespondent.)
HlW York, July 20th, 18S4.
Vou huve no doubt heard of the (fatly ex
peiliti* ii to the Arctic regions in 1831. He
and liis men were given up for lost; vetsel
tfttT rtttel btd been sent out in quest of
them; first, the NtptUMj next the Proteus,
and then the Jtanttte. All failed, one vet*
Iti was -uul: and many valuable Uvet Wert
lost. Three months igO the Thetis end tin-
Alert were sent out on tht same errand, and
the Thetis succeeded in finding Lieut, (rreely
and lis uf bis men, ont  of whom has since
lied. The expedition eontiittd of twenty
four originally, but eighteen perithtd, or
three out of every four. If the Thetis had
arrived three days later than -lie did ut
•Smith*! Sound, tot wboll party would have
pariihed, not one would have survived to tell
tie; tali of their unheard of mStringt, fo*
thei were about toiuocnmb aud cert..mly
could uot havu held out fofty>tight hours
longer. Tbey Wert iu t terrible condition
when found, .uul one ot them died a few
ilOUri later. They had eaten their seal slim
clothes. They had to wakl one another up
■ry hour or two, lest they might fall into
a state of torpor, as indeed many of  them
lid. Where is the use of harrowing up yonr
feelings'' Lieut. Cicely and ins live survivors are now in St. John's, Ntwfoundtand,
lover. It seems this officer bad, I few
years Ago, penetrated a hundred miles further than did any other vessel before, and
he was confident he could get there again,
and penetrate further on |ltagM,whu knowi?
the North Pole itself. He was not aware
that tho route by which he had gained
Smith'l Sound is only open occasionally, that
it is tome times closed for years in winter and
summer. Wlien he returned he was fortunate, or unfortunate, in finding it open, but
it closed altnoot immediately alter and remained closed until the Thetis got through
last March. Lieut. Creely has collected a
lot of Information, of inure or letl value, but
not enoui/h, 1 fancy, to enable folks to reach
the North Pole. But suppose thatmyiteri*
ous place were reached, what ihen? Would
it result iu a boom in coiner lots? Thousands
of valuable lives have been lost iu this mnd
because useless enterprise, ami yet more are
to bo sacrificed 1 Please when you are next
forwarding a draft to your humble 001 respondent let it not be the North Pole, nor
even Smith'• Sound New Vork is go d
enough and cold enough for me, aye, even
the Bowery, wloked tun all a*. [I is. Mean*
while the survivors of the Cicely expedition are being lionized in Newfoundland and,
poor fellows, they deserve it.
The cholera scare is likely to spread to
America, and if it rtAoh New York don't be
too sure you will not have it on the Pacific
Slope. It is spreading in Frame, and notwithstanding all bffortt made to |top iti pTO*
grett, the surrounding countries art being
visited by tht scourge. They are adopting
extreme and extensive precautions in London, and even New York is bestirring itself.
Seven oMei were reported yesterday in a
tenement house on Spring Street, and great
was the dismay thereupon iu the other parti
of the oily. Fortunately, it was a false
alarm, caused by the devouring by a Polish
emigrant family of a lot of uniipo fruit.
The political excitement is growing intense,
Blaine has written and published his letter
of acceptance, which of course, is a foreshadowing . the policy he will adopt if
made President It is a masterly exposition,
and whatever may be said of tie Plumed
Knight personally, all must admit he is a
man of great ability. He gotl In for a
"Commercial Union" among the American
nations, North and .South and Ctntral] he
promises to protect American citizens, native
or adopted, wherever they go, provided they
do not break tlie laws of tht emu-tries in
which they happen to sujourn, and he pro*
potll to continue that protection policy
whieh has achieved such magnificent results
up to this. It is a strong document, cl
keen, und concise.
upper   Hosm   altogether.      It   ia  said the
(Jut-en   and   Prloct   of Wale* favor a com
Fiane has once DNM | to   <;«-.-.
many, in as abject k minner as am
the Mth of July, uiM>« pUM, WmM ,,
the  fall Of I
AImqIm  itadi Bl i,..j-,, ,,,
Stg and intuit d . Prince
Hofaeoloe demanded aa •ipUnenkt-o, and an
Ipolop wm j: en     1 .
by a long fuse, which would
enable it to be rired from u mfe distance,
and did actually set fire with the foil intention and expectation of causing an tsalttfaa
with ten mam -m-- reeolte.   tEa only reason
that the tnlotioa did   not Q
to Kump-^h't nrere MwtoMtwt, e t» that be
•• mm  i jti» lea • .ttricki i  at tht
last   moineiit, .    cut  the   fu»e
whi-.-h was meant to fire the nine, This
-t iry pradntlj oonfifini the rtpertt pt>
bliehed during tbeeeeeioua i f  tbe ' I
i ,, . ' , ■         ,  "***  *■•"- '*-■»'*■ '•"* ' *      ■"iit     '^'Hii;ii*i
i. a   c. plana-
.1> V. [,:•.• -r.tr,,.- i.tiVr  cbwkl-ioiioltb,   <„!ure of tb*  ,-a: lusiou.    Ij„ this
"'t^'', . , l'"'1" *l,,: *'•"'*■'•<-< ."t'--I-i,. ..-vu.t    .
I -      lbl*d,
sirati'l.lt   aomiiii   tb.
ti ■!• i! ■ f two I
bt* run  in; with bi .   a   Vi*
uuuirt lisn !-!•.; I
QMversln**   ditutci   i. _   , -, r „,„„ KeDII
.    ton plain I
,»l.id, w*.
will, a tf,-ucral new ..f taring l,u   ww'n
netk, ii r.-eive 1 »itlr |t*>t*Tj lacnauUly.
Tin B, •   : im, I: i i , mi nu.  liiA*ri„.i-
tii ' I.. ■ lor  Irantpi rot
wurlil   M   tin-   Ni | • in   ri ■ i ,•••■■
\la, 'jj, bttwwn lvi» ii 1 Haatan ami KUat
Ib'-. than vara
10,000 B tb m r. ttrm k
» 1U1 togitl cri n«itbai fa ul th* tligbtett a |.
'l llunl.li, itrrn.k nut on
' ' 'i I'lu nf tlur river. Atln-,t l.a\
M k u|i|.'.in il t', pxirt himself to thu ut-. l
ami i: poHiUa to row .lowii his opponaat
li .i k »,i,t aiiay with a treii.,-mli,u.< ru-h,
milling from .TJ to W stroki-H a imi.ut..
Haulm, l In ii ..ommituttd to increase his
stroke", ll,nl tractM iilv.li a» 88 ami N. At
the and of the lirst ijuaiterof a mile Laycock
hart u.il the leal ahout half a length, tli ■
people „n the hank -rMOar**j|jig him \<\
chaorioff. Ha then ojijieareil to be rowin'.'
his linriJe.st, ai.il it lo ikeil like a very
race for both men. At half a mile Banian
wax leading hy a bar*   'ialf  length,   i
traj vnin im.Teaseil to a full length. It wa-
quit* evident after tha lirst thrtavqoartan
Of , mile liaman li.nl the not in lii.i own
hamis, ami cnnl'I win bv almost any dittaoot
he liked, bat Initaad r • doing thin In- allow,
ad Laycock to oome'up,     naolao't  stroke
WtM reiuarkrilil',- r;..arr r,..il IWOSplng. He
did not appear to exert himself to nearly the
same extent ss his opponent did. About
half n mile from home Hani.,,, wan a I,
ahead, and be continued to row a free and
easy stroke, tt mi quite apparent thai
Laycock tm pulling his hard »t, bnt bt
eouhl only gain on Han Ian by tudden spnrtn,
whieh as s mn as obeerved by bim would
• ante Uanlan to pull a little har ler ami get
away again. When 100 yard* from the i i
llillg post great numben trf people who
jinlged the men in tin: rare from the position
urcupird, vociferously cheered Laycock] but
tr, anybody with ordinary knowledge :
arpiaties it wns evident that Leyo nrk wat in
distress, and that Hani in was in excellent
condition. When about 10 yards Irom tht
poet Laycock made hia laat spurt, but the
•Sect waa only temporary, at Uanlan drew
away, and won with perfect  ease,  although
gal and tl
rr. ii.o   i ro;. iu lien
hi,-.   I'.ain u badly wanted.
A.   A.   Mendonih)     ""-It-iIii
cii.'iil t'i-tn.,1   .':,.   i,..-, ippoinud Lie*.
t-i. ,r,t i.uvetrer   o|  l'i,....    Edward  l.l.nd.
Tha Court at .VpBaal has sattalnad  the
rerdict of  tbe lower ooort  dor w    .   th,
.'ii'iiol  Lord Colin Campbell and hit
., .ri
A Uvesrpool bijyi'lrst wiio w*s riding diiwn
* ateep hill near that city wa. shot  through
tage window by   the   breaking   of   Ins
rii.e bine.
It is expected that an ureem«nt will *o„n
li- reacbed batwaan Pniatia ami the Vatican
in n .(aid p. the appointment of a new Arch-
bi h  |i of l'osen.
The nagotiatlopj between France and
Morocco for the ractiflcatiun of the frontier
have been suspended until an arrangement
has been oompUted with .sue!, powan at
Till: rNUEIWKJNEI'iH autbori^
I     to ort'er bt Sale, rn Share*,
LOT 104, GROUP 1,
130 ACRBS!
This property is centrally Ritu-
nted, about three quarters of ft
mile from the harbor front, at ei"
tlier the Machine Shop Reserve
the Kailway Wharf, or the «nd oif
the North lioad.
It is nearly level land, easily
cleared ; the North Road runs
along one side of it, and Clarke'*
Road cIom to the other side.
The adjoining property is held
ly by three-qturtflri of ol ft boat's length.
Tune, !22 miu. 4o tOQ,—&ng. paper,
The great nuingooie and wttat] queftioni
briufl to miiul the old anecdote about a pa*
rails] itafa of afialri In tho Lacoadivo [alaadi*
Some years ago the Lahabitantf of that little*
known group of islands found tbat the Jpalm
rat-* were doing serious damage to tbe cocoa
palnu, tn the top of which they lived, and
le vou red the young nut.*.. To kill the rati
they Imported cat*; but the felines, finding
it haul work to climb u*-. tlie tree! ftfter their
[uarry, satisfied the claims ot hunger in an
easier manner by making their dinnen oft*
the equally welcome diet oi Bah. The eats,
being ft failure, some naturalist suggest d
tree snake*- as an antidote to both rats and
eats, but the first importation of snakes
proved two moch for the natives, who were
afraid to g i rear the traei for fear of encountering the reptiles, of which tbey had the
greatest horr»»rj meanwhile the makes throve
tu other food than rats ami eats, am! in-
oreased and multiplied t" such an extent
that siime remedy for them bad to be devised,
ami the muogooso, having a reputation as a
ike-killer, was imported from India. Hut
the mnngnose evinced a decided preference
hicken, having tbe same repugnance aa
the cat t<» cluribing for ita dinner. The happy thought then t> currad to another d ictor
to Import owls, which, i' was thought, would
Irlve down tbe rats Irom the cocoa palms
into the jaws and claws of the mung
:in.l cats, 'Hi m hose effit iencj some of tbe inhabitants '-till desperately relied,     But the
jorityoftbe natives declared the owle
were- "devil birds," and would have none of
them. The few'that were Imported were
solemnly deported to an uninhabited Island,
ami the o inclusion was arrived at that il waa
time to stop further experiments, so the ral
wer.- left to maw the nuts, the cats were
suffered fco eat the fish, the mungooM were
perforce'allowed to kill the   poultr),   until
rcumstances should arise which should
Compel them to devour each other ■—Em,.
Despite the strenuous efforts <»f the German authorities to suppress the facts, it it-*
evident that there la a substantial basil for
tlie general belief tliat a desperate effort waa
made to murder the Emperor and other   au
gust personage.- at the Inauguration   of   the
Against it the Democrats h.eim.uiia monument in the Nlederwald   last
Thb Port Townsend Argus reports that
on Sunday night last, the British ship
Mohur, lying in Bellingham Bay, lumber
laden for Valparaiso, was boarded last week
by sneak thieves, her cabin entered, and the
ship's telescope, a binocular marine glass,
belonging to the captain, a watch, revolver,
and $18 in coin belonging to the stevedore,
besides other valuables, stolen. The stevedore was sleeping in tlie cabin at the time
and beard nothing, and thinks he was chloroformed. No clue to the robbers. — Victoria
Beaottitl Vibwr.—We have to thank
Mr. R. Maynard, the artistic photographer
of Victoria, for a series of finely executed
photographic views. They comprise the
Pitt River railway bridge, the light-house at
the Sand-heads, the Coquitlam wagon bridge,
the canti-lever bridge across the Fraser, the
Eight-mile Creek trestle, and the Klgin
House, Port Moody. The pictures aro 12
by 14 inches, nicely mounted for framing,
and are really beautiful specimens of the
photographers art.
To the Editor of tlie Time*: —
Snt—Aa u reader of the city papers 1
watehed, with much interest, thu diseiis-uou
whieh took plaee between The "Times'' and
the "Colonist" on the Burrard Inlet reserve
question. I approved of thu course pursued
by VOO, as must have thu majority of such
as followed the controversy. There can be
but one opinion as to the questionable policy
pursued by tho Provincial Government in
the matter, aud that is that a great injustice
has beeu done the intending settlers.
However, the greatest of tho many iniquities iu connection with the transaetion
is yet unrevealed. At first, 1, like many of
your readers, felt that much of that hinted
at in your editorials were but mere conjectures. Recent events tliat have transpired,
and the certainty of other very shady ones
yet to come to light, convinces me that your
warn mi's were well taken. In due course it
will be in order to ascertain tho cause of tho
present real estate bubble in tho neighborhood of Coal Harbor. The public need not
be surprised if then it will be fouud thut,
aided by a prominent member of the Government, a ring of notorious land-grabbers
and speculators have been using superhuman efforts to create a "boom" in the locality named, iu order to afford certain gentlemen, who have carried real estate there on
their backs, till they are now round shouldered with their burden, an opportunity to
unload. Their policy appears to be to create au inflation, an unwarranted oue, and
then induce others with capital to ease their
burden, being unable to carry it any longer
themselves. When such excitements spung
up people are apt to forget themselves for
tlie time being, and, when all cools down,
will contemplate their innate folly in wonderment.
Beyond doubt, the wholo secret of'theso
manipulators is to "bear" Port Moody and
"bull" Coal Harbor, ami the public will be
sre weak. Thev have really DO plattorm,
but intend to discredit Blaine parsonally,
The bult from Blaine is spreading, but so in
the bolt from Cleveland *.;iil further. It
seems to me every one ta bolting except
General ButUr who remain steady, and
watohas both oamiidat a u a cat watches
two mice. tfButiari - .chance, he Mill
run on tho green-baok tabor ti sket, and If Its
does, he will work mlachisf. If Uutlet runs,
it is feared the parties Will bo so evenly bft*
UUioed in the electoral college, that it will
have to go to the House ut Representatives
for adjudication, who will give it to the De
mocratb. Soonertban see this, howe\er, the
Republicans would throw their influence in
with Butler, with tbe devil himself, sooner
than have a democrat iu the White HoOSO,
The Knglish papers are all for Cleveland,
which, however, will not help him much on
this side, especially with tlio Irish, who will
vote for any one against Cleveland.
We have always some sort of excitement
iu New York, though tin. theaters are closed.
It has been found that the seven hundred
and fifty intelligence oliice*. and employment
bureaux iu the city and Brooklyn,are tor the
most part nothing better than places \*. here
young girls are sold to lolaotottS old sinners
or young debauchees, though they are ostensibly for procuring them moral employ
ment. The girls thus decoyed and mined,
are generally fresh from Kurope, friendless,
and therefore easy of betrayal.
Since the advent of the cholera in France
the usual steamer Exodus, from the Atlantic
ports to Europe, has been Stopped, and not
only that, but many of tho {Americans now
in Europe are booked to return at once.
This ia a great annoyance to the Americans,
but, I should say a great relief to the Parisians, who have been murdering their beautiful language every day, and cannot murder
them in return. It is frightful to meet a
young lady who has been two months in
Pareej (she scorns lo call it Paris). She talks
French all the time, (at least, poorobUd, she
thinks so,) aud renders herself infinitely ndi-
Quelle he ure est in
September. The first hintol the conspiracy
became public when the workman, who
were completing the ornamental approai hi i
to the monument this spring, found ■ sm ill
(itiantitv of dynamite concealed in ailr.nu
pipe. The discovery produced a great sen*
■mtion, nnd a Government Commission, con*
tUtiQjr of military ofiScersand snginssra, was
appointed to invsstigntOi Prom tune to time
fragmentary reports of their discoveries
tanked ont, notwithstanding the efforts mads
to keep their proceeding secret, and it be
came known that they had found traces of a
mine of explosives directly  under   the   **nad
traversed   by  the  Emperor,   whioh might
have blown the entire cortege skyward,   except for the fortunate accident that the mine
had become saturated by a heavy rain storm.
These revelations were followed by   the   arrest of a number of suspected   conspii.itois,
who were first examined before tho Commission, and then imprisoned ftt Stuttgart.   The
attests revived the excitement, and it seemed necessary to do something   to   abate   the
alarm.    Consequently, whew the official   report of the Commission was made   and   the
newspapers sought to learn its content-*, they
were officially informed that the Commission
had failed to find any evidence of a conspiracy,   and   were   told   that   no  information
beyond that statement would be given to the
public.     The  Stuttgart   -Sfcsafi    Antxiger,
however, managed to obtain the outline of a
confession made by one of the   alleged   conspirators imprisoned at Stuttgart, and printed it as a matter of news.    This provoked a
fresh   denial   from   official sources, coupled
with an intimation that  the   Public   Prosecutor at Berlin was making inquiries   with a
view of detecting and punishing  those   who
were engaged iu circulating lies calculated to
disturb the public mind.    Special   reference
was made to the reports of   attempts   upon
the Emperor's life at Ems, at Grata,   at   El-
berfeld, and in the Niederwnld.
The Moots Anzeigcr regarded this attack
upon its veracity as a challenge, anil set to
work to verify and complete its report of
the confession. It has just published the
result?   of   its   latest  investigations, which
Mr. AJffnd WOla has been appointed Judge j ttj from $tfW per "     *      '     p {
oi the Supreme < onrl ol  Judicature in Lon- ' . '   * i**-o/
dun to till the vacancy caused by the death 11300 per ticre, in shares of uot lesi*
oi the Hon. sir Watkin Williams.
Two Danes have undertaken the task of
paddling, in ft skin-covered canoe, from Alaska to San Francisco, ■ distance of about
2,500 miles. The canoe ii 19 feet long, and
covered with the skin of sea lions.
Pnnce Oeorge of Wale i h i bi • d promoted
from the midshipman list to tne rank of sublieutenant, fctoyal Navy, having been successful In taking a first-class certificate in sea-
An snormous ranch in Mexico h-iH just
bet -i purchased for £200,000 l-y a syndicate
of English snd Scot* h speculators, ol whom
i Lord Tweedmonth Is one. Jt extends over
i ibtteen hundred iquare mill i.
I Tne Duke of Malborongh mads his maiden
j speech tn the House of Lords on the Fran
cnlse bill. It is described as "Lord Han-
dulph Churchill and water." The Uuke is
the head of the house of Churchill.
'Jin' other day a woman fell into that pcl-
Idcid stream, the Irwell. near Manchester.
She was rescued ilive, bnt robseqaently
died. An Inquest revealed the Interesting
fact that the cause ol lier death was not
drowning, as had naturally been ■opposed,
but poisoning by swallowing the waters of
the river.    '1 his it a pleasant  idea.
The I ital muster of the House of Lords
Is 518. Of these five are members of the
royal family, who. In ace ird mce with usual I
practice, abstain from divisions nn a political!
iiuestions. (if th-; remainder -S8 rank fa-
Tories, snd 218 are usually classified as Liberals. But many nominal Liberals, like
Lord Brsdbourne and Lord Duraven, usually
vote against tiie Government on party
An orde: WSS recently received by a Lon-
il-iii publishing house to print a very
elaborate and expensive missal in French.
in- of tbe directions connected with the
■ i lebration of mass should have sead:
••A*/ /- pretre ote ta calotte" (here the priest
takes off his skull cap); but the printer made
it read thus; "Idle ptetre ote ta culoUe"
[here thi priest takes off hla breeches).
Vi rdi has nearly   finished the new opera
on which he bai   been laboring for several
years,    'lite   composer   speaks  of it ss his
best  work,     'I'he story   "hich   Verdi  hns
taken Jor his libretto i- "Othello," a subject
whi h  undoubtedly admits of magnifi sn!
tre itment.    The part of fago is considerably
iv ■ In thi   »per >, the villain being
whitewashed to s great extent.    An air for
-.')/,'/ in the last act, which she sings
just 'h\ -"ir ii c arrival oi the irate Othello on
ne, is sp iken of as one "f the pearls of
the opera,
Abbas Pasha, somewhere about 1853, sent
I ckey Club to run any
number oi Euj ... race horses against his
Arabs for i sui i n t less ti m $50,000. The
Jockey Club is a society, snd could not
accept such a betj hut some merchants at
Cairo ma,le a bet with hia a in Haleem Pasha,
who inhi cited hia (ither'a stud, which cost
nearly five millions  of dollars to coll 1
breed, to race eight milea for $2,000 a sidi
'i'li- (lairo lent to  England and
bought from rattersall an Irish man Fair
bout a pedigree, ■■ hich be bad used
as s park and covi it hai k. Tbe raw un<
off within two week* of her landing iu
Egypt and in the i ghl miles she heat the
Pasha's best Arab, over s rough, sicuy
ground, by a ful mile, doing the distance in
[8| minutes, and pulling up fresh.
than •) acres.
For terms of payment and otlior
particulars, apply ta
Land Agent.
Columbia St.,  New Westminster,
IlOffSE &£flJDtif,
Land   Surveyors
OFFICE; Front Street, New Westminster,
Opposite 0. P. N.  Co.'s  Wharf,
p. o. BOXlil.
Valuable Town Lots!
Port Moody
For   Sale.
the Harbor*, suitable for Whams
ainl Warehouses, cine*.' to Kailway.
culous ill other respeits.
she savs, ami then explains with a charming  .-
attempt at self-condemnation, that she   has  show   that   the   chief prisoners Manned at
just returned from Europe, and   cannot   got  "'
that abominable French out of her head.
Port Moody
Saw Mill
Armstrong & Burr
Rongb ft Dressed Lmnliep
Rustic, Flooring,
Always on Ham, a Full Stock or
Quality  GruSAnraM  First-Class,
Tiie Franchise Bill, if we sre to believe
the English radical papers, will lead to the
abolition   of   the   House of Lords this time
Stuttgart are twoAnarchists named Kumpscli
and Kncchler. The ono who has confessed
a Rumpsch, and in his confession ho admits
there was a well-considered plot, having for
its object the terrorizing of all Europe  by
*       * , _.._-._J  _ £       .■ TL T.,^    flin   RastbrTBa****!
sCr^nJohi^gb^   out   for a  wholesa.e_ murder,   .£*«* faT-jta^
modification and recommends that a Sonato
like that, of France, take the place of the
House of Lords as at present constituted.
200,000 Morkiugrncn are to assemble on   the
tbo Crown Prince, Bismarck, and other of
the distinguisod assemblage expected to be
pruent were among the victims. Tho chief
mover   ir   the   conspiracy,   he   says,   was
r>. j±. i^KjdlxjLj,
Valuable Land
On Harbor.   Admirably adapted for -Shlp-
batldtng, Foundry or Manufacturing
In favorable positions, closet) theTerminu*.
Town Lots and Land
In the City ft District of New Westminster.
Will do well to apply to
Land Agent,
P. O. Ron ) Columbia St, New Westminster.
No. 39.
Wholesale Dealers in
Provisions, Lipors, etc.
Graduate of Victoria Medical College,
of Montreal,
Oftice: At the Colonial Drug Store,


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