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Port Moody Gazette Oct 9, 1886

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Array ii Wmty <&Mtnt,
^_,__it»tio-i* addressed to
jjk. Ii. 3E-tOV73_E, or
1.1 .sItt'I..N   l>lU'.-e,    Xt.-tt    \V.--llliui-
^illreceive prompt attention.
a  cl._-_.:r,:k-____.
1*8 ii. •*!
VOL.  3.
NO. 46
While cruising along tho Krou Coast
in 1868, I frequently met a schooner,
wbicb for many reasons attracted my
uttentinii. There was nothing suspicious
in her general appearance. She was a
very ordinary craft with rather full
ho.ts and a remarkably straight deck
line, which latter peculiarity was the
.,-,!,•   «»,-.--»..-;.,:-   •■-•    -i.  <- ■<  •-
- ■
,r ', her   mail
l**w   when   wi
St.     -    YALE   B. O.
ort Moody
•|o_y Shingle Mill, where the host
hi csn be hsd st tho lowest price*,
I« retail. .
jv kept constantly on hand.
iw Wash House.
pinsia- scusro-
Est lie it prepared to dn Washing
jj_g nu short notice,  and  in  first
Calls Souoitku.
Iry opposite C. P. R.,   near Queen
filing Out.
UNDKKSIGNED. having been put
•sefision of the Stock of Goods of
fcdon House," will  sill   the   whole
itrttle at reduced rntett.
Mortgagee's Agent.
Sale or Exchange.
rijon, in good order.   Also, a yoke
" broken Oien. with Yoke und
Will ho sold a bargain, for CASH,
exchanged for good Milnli Cows.
"-ply to       T. J.POO0E,
Port Moody;
kit only half owner of the Clark,
wt Moody, as I own the other half:
].. B. Spring haB no authority to
ractor  &   Builder
liTKS by Mail, or otherwise, (urn
Id on the shortcstnotice.
-abluent, it now supplying many
Is the citv    with   a   first-cl-st
iger Beer,
roithet in  Kegs ami Dottier, nt
vrill  he loft at the  houses of
of charge.
th with COON, THE Dltl.C IG 1ST
ided to nt the same rates.
Estate Agents.
|ncer & Ac ountants.
mwdy lots
For,   SALE
- • -;
i. in.
natives l nearly anvays -oumi that she
had preceded me ; anil she always got
under way and went to sea almost
immediately after. I could not under
such ciicumstances help suspecting that
she was in charge of a shrewd trailer,
who managed to keep ahead of me and
get the cream of the trade. At Grand
Talnir I resolved to ascertain, if possi
ble, her nationality. I accordingly)
dipped my colors, as she sailed away,
and had no sooner done so than sbe
displayed a Brazilian flag at her peak
and oipped it in response. This caused
mc to reflect. 1 hud never seen that
flag before on ihis coast, and ennse.
quently concluded that she was
shipping slaves. But on thn other
hand, slavery was virtually abolishod in
Brazil. Tho Emperor bad signed tbe
law which makes every one born on
Brazilian soil free; and stringent
statutes had been enacted against the
importation of slaves. I afterward,
ihile at PiriiHiiiliuco, learned that
slaves continued to be landed near that
The chief of the Grand Tabor, in
answer to my inquiries, informed me
that the captain of this schooner was
engaging krou men to work for one
year at four dollars per month, and
agreed to return them at their homes
at the expiratioa of their contract
He wanted two hundred and had
already got more than one hundred on
board. He had given them two
months' advance — eight dollars—to
have with their friends, when he bad
engaged them. I communicated my
suspicions to the obitf, *ho was at
lirst incredulous, as so many are
shipped every year to work in the
Gambia and at Sierra Leone, who al-
tays are return'd. Ho finally despatched canoes down tha coast to
•tarn the other chiefs, and ask them to
rescue those who had already been
enticed on board. But when I reached
Grand Berily, I saw the Brazilian sailing ofl' with the American flag at hi»
peak. J learned on shore that he had
succeeded in getting his complement of
Uo hundred on board, and I had no
doulit that lie was taking these men
over to sell as slaves. Tbe latter believing that tbey were on their way
to work as boatmen or laborers—they
cared not where -were not confined, as
in ordinary slavers, but were employed
us I afterward learned, at such »ork,
as they were capable of doing, on hoard
They were all able-bodied men,- women
ould have been comparatively useless,
ns their children would have been born
free,—ar.d, as the passage across is
short, nnd they wero not confined, they
were likely to reach their landing
place in the New World in the same
good condition as that in which they
were shipped.
The ni'iivi- account explains the
mode in whieh they were shipped, and
further comment is unnecessary. But
the reader will like to know how they
were Unded in Brazil, in spite of the
stringent laws which forbid their impel tut ion,   and  to every   violation of
bn of FartnersMp.
rlieod, proprietors of th- hotel
1  'Pacific Hout"," ia  this day
smtosl consent, .nd by the re-
Angttt  McLeod.    All' debtor*
mJ* firm will please make imiiie
__B* to John R.   Taylf r, « bo is
B*le for all legal demands againtt
"a* data.
John il Taylor,
1, 8»pt. 16, 1888.
«'hich a s-ven* penalty iB attaches.,
cannot explain this better than
lating the facts which I learned afterward concerning the landing of a
similar cargo, while I was at Pcrnain
liuco, from this same •vessel. I was
sojourning at the Grand Hotel de
I' l:nivers, and bad been there about
three weeks, when I chanced to meet
an elderly Irishman who had been in
the country for years. It happened in
tins wise. I had crossed the bridge
from Recife to San Antonio, and intended, after promenading a little, to
go to Aflogados or Maadelena. I
turned in the Rita Florentina, and bad
not proceeded v, v far on that street
when an old and \ nerable looking man
accosted me politely and asked if I
*ere not a stranger in Brazil. I replied that 1 » as, whereupon bp said,—
I have noticed you at Recife, and
a friend of mine has informed me that
•ne Iat"ly arrived by steamer
Urn..i -.fries. I am interested in that
country, and if you will not consider
me presumptuous, I will offer you my
■ci % ices while you remain here,"
1 could not do otherwise than thank
he i   I   gentleman   for bis  offer,  and
decided to   become better   acquainted
will  him.    Hence I replied.—
. tanks ; I shall lie glad   to accept
yo     kind offer."
.re ycu at liberty to-day t"
am, and intended wben I catne
oi o go either to Aflogados or Magde-
Ifi i; but, if you can propose a better
a y of passing the afternoon, 1 pray
do so"
'•If you will permit mc to take the
liberty,' said my nnw scquaintanoe,
"1 will propose tbat we go to tho Largo
Santo Ainargn Then- is to in- a cricket
match tbere. Th- Pernambucana.
havc invited tbe I'ahia Club to play
against them, aud the game will In*
played this afternoon."
I acceded at once, and we proceeded
on our Wsy to Santo Amargo. I
found, as we »ent, that my gray-haired
companion was a good talker, that be
knew every nook and corner we passed
and wss unusually well informed.
The afternoon passed away pleasantly.
The game was not fini be '   ,   ' »j
V  i)
-._._._._._._.___._._._._._._.__       _H
u ied ii. o _» oil
rturn when   we
j p>i'i'-<_, iai piounM- u< can   upon bim at
an early day.
Donnelly accompanied me to
hotel, dined with me, and for the next
three or four weeks, we met every day,
when I had no other appointment. I
gradually acquired a friendly feeling
for the old man, who was thirty years
my senior, but just as young in bis
habits attd tastes. He was as vigorous
as most men of thirty, and as gay as
the most light-hearted Frenchman.
We went through all the monasteries
of Olinda together; we rode to
Oaxanga one day, and to Aflogados
and Magdelena the next. At night
we went to the theatre, visitinn the
"Oymnasio Dramalico" and the "Thtatro
San Antonio." The Roman Catholic
churches were then under an interdiot.
The bishop, learning that many of the
lay hrethern were Freemasons, bad
forbidden the priests of his diocese
from having any religious services in
the churches. Oonsequiatly they
were all thrown open, every Sunday,
and a promiscuous throng passed in
and out, while brass bands played
dance music and lively airs in the
chancel. Rockets and other fire-works
were also fired from the windows ; and
all the bells rang in a most discordant
manner and created an unearthly din.
Hence oue Sunday evenings were
passed going from one to another of
the churches, where we would elbow
our way through the throng, meeting
here and there a priest in robes, who
glided noiselessly along with his lips
moving as if he were muttering to
himself. Intrigues went on undis
-orbed,—everything, in fact, save
that for which the edifice* had been
erected. On our way home we would
find the theatres brilliantly illuminated
and • ould saunter in to witness half of
the performances.
Thus our time pasted away pleasantly
until the arrival of the Eothen, a
steam yacht belonging to the same
gentleman as tbe Cambria which endeavored to win back the Queen's cup
from New York. She is an elegant
little steamer, with first-class accommodations for thirty-one passen
gers, and had on board, besides the
owner. Hon. W. Stanhope, Dr. Cole
and Lieutenant Pipe of the Royal
Navy and Lord Neville. She was to
touch, after leaving Perharabuco, at
Babia, Rio de Janiero, Tantos, Montevideo, Buenos Ayres, Cape of Good
Hope, Natal; St. Helena and Ancen
sion. Donnelly and I met at the land
ing; and, as we shook bands, the for
mer said,—
"I want to see you on particular
business this afternoon.
"Very well; well go over at once."
And so saying I led the Way across to
the hotel and up into my room.
When we were seated I took a cigar,
— Donnelly did uot smoke, — and
waited to hear what be had to say. A
long silence followed, and at  length he
I hud   a   long   conversation   with
Gabriel Antonio yesterday. He Wished
to know why we had not called upon
him, and made  me  promise,   before I
left, that I would do my best to induce
you to accompany mn to his house next
"Well, I   suppose I may  as well go
then, as at any other time ; and I will.
How shall we go 1'
"The   passengers of the Eothen are
to play a ga*ne with   our Cricket Club
here at Santo Amargo   next  Sunday.
We can p> to see them.    Gabriel   will
In    vre. and   ai .lie   conclusion,   we'll
ali o'lrojji.U. I in his carriage."
"Arrange it as you   please," said I.
"I shall be satisfied if you will."
"All   right," said he ; and   after a
short pause, he  drew from bis  breast
pocket a chart  ou a  large   scale  of a
small island, which he spread upon the
"This," he continued, "is a chart of
the island of San Aleixo, whioh t own;
and thinking   that you   might like to
see it,  I   have   brought   it with   me.
There is considerable coal upon it, and
I have got good stone from its quarries,
whioh I have  furnished for paving the
streets here.    It has, as you can see,  a
good harbor, perfectly land-locked and
surroundedbyalofty growthof wood. A
vessel, once in there, can, by striking its
topmasts, be   completely hidden     Do
you take I
"1 can't   say that I do     But, if I
had some  goods to  smuggle or a cargo
of   slaves  to   land,    I    undoubtedly
"That a  it, t-xaotly     How   safely
one might   de  either, if so  disposed.
Now we sre goiag to see Gabriel An-1
tonio, and He baa a propoaltion to make of then f
to you.    He failed   not long sgo,   hot'    "None   to
be did so with a full hand, —be made j th-w iu three watches, and wade tbeta
money by it, and he has a vessel j work on deck a* if they bad beeu part
which he wishes yoa bo visit If coo-I of tbe crew. They all went at it
venient, we will go on board this after- j willingly, and suou understood what
noon." , we wanted of then..    There   were two
"I got interested, for I comiueuced to: who understood English. I made sort
understand why Donnelly had taken ao! o' boatswain's mates of these, p*Jl m\
much pains to see me daily. The fact orders through th. in, and ei.-ryt.imj.'
tbat I had just come from Africa led went on pleasantly during the whole
bim to suppose that I had come to as- passage They landed at tbis gentlemen s
certain what facilities there were for island in good spirits, sud went off in
landing an   African  cargo   in  Brazil,  high glee ih* nest morning wiih  their
IT ..-.,.„ T -.-,.,.,;_,.,, ,n ffn
rn    hoard An•! hirers.
Merchant Tailor and Draper
C'LAkK- St., Poet Moony.
Of.>   MOST
inform hit old patrons and tbe public
at large that he haa jutt opened t first-elate
iailoi >hup at the Terminus of the f.\ P. R.,
where oity he loumlooeof thelarirestassert.
ment. el
ac. tc,
fl*1i t... .\l_anl.„,i,  .„,)   »!„,,   ,,„!,„  ail),,,
celt' prompt altnitini
< rnupleta-__t.a< n-tioii gu.ranteeil.
Patroniyt     bom*   maiiutacture   bf  "icin-
me> trial *
WW. EI-SON. Pr-p
*   *..
'    ...    ...
lis  bar
HUUUL     ss...   -...._    ..wu,   lur
and forty-five from Recife,
bor is formed by a long, narrow inlet,
wiih a good depth of water, whioh ex.
tends nearly tu the centre of the island;
and it can oiler an exc lleut hiding
place trr any vessel, at, once in, it could
not lee seen either from the mainland
or from the deck of a passing ship.
At length we reached the bridge that
leads to San Antonio, and paused before crossing. There were many vessels
moored side by side, nearly all of them
loaded with dried beef; and, on tbe
San Antonio side a little below the
bridge, there was a schooner to which
Donnelly pointed, saying.—
"That 's the vessel."
I glanced in tin-direction he pointed;
and there was a familiar look about the
craft whioh at once attracted my atten
tion. I had seen her before, or
another like her ; 1 reflected for a mo
m-nt, so as to recollect where, if possible.    Still uncertain, leaked,—
"In what trade bas she been en
gaged r
Donnelly looked at me suspiciously,
and said,—
"Are you a Mason ? I mean can you
keep a secret f"
"I think I can," I replied 'and you
can speak freely."
"Well," replied be, looking round
cautiously, and assuming what he doubt
le s, considered ns a very mysterious
and' wise look, "she s been in the
African trade."
I think I've see her," 1 said, on the
Krou coast."
"Very likely; she discharged her
last cargo at my island, and had taken
it in somewhere ou that coast.
"What kind of a cargo was it V I
exited him.
Two hundred strong, healthy
niggers, whom the captain had
regularly engaged as laborers under an
agreement that they would work a
year at four dollars (eight md res), 1
believe, a month."
'What became of them I"
"They were all sold before the vessel
arrived ; and all we had to do was to
deliver them to their purchasers, with
whom they went off, well contented.
They never even suspected that tbey
were slaves till tbey had reached and
worked for some days on the plantation.
When they landed, we told them that
they were to sleep for that night in a
long, strong shed I hod ou the island,
divided into compartments, in each of
whieh we put ten. After they had all
gone to sleep we locked them in. The
next morning we let them ont, one lot
at a time, and even then they suspected
nothing. If tbey bad, we could have
managed them easily, as we had only
ten tn take care of at a time, and had
ample force for that. They are all
working contentedly, and are most excellent laborers."
Did tbe   authorities
you or Antonio f"       ^L-_^-_^-_^»__
'We pay tbem not to."
'I understand ; your Officials an* imt
more trustworthy than ours.
They serve whoever pays   them the
best.    Most men would do the same."
"Possibly," I  said, "but   let's goon
board.    I'm anxious to see this old ac
quaintance of mine." *
We crossed over the bridg., and engaged a boat to go on board. At we
approached I er, I bad a good opportunity to observe her model, the was
sharp forward, and gradually tapered
from her waist to her stern. She had,
in nautical parlance, a "clean run."
Above her water line she wa* de
ceptive ; for she bad the old-fashioned
full bow, with heavy looking stern
which were in vogue when clippers
were rare- And, on that account, she
would not have been likely to
bave been suspected, if seen at sea,
as being engaged in an nnlaw
ful traffic I found everything on
board scrupulously clean, and she had a
between deck which was very spacious
in proportion to her tonnage. Beyond
this there was nothing remarkable
about her. She wis in charge of a
Brazilian who had acted as mate the
preceding voyage. He was on board,
and spoke Englfsh quke well. He was
very communicative,—Donnelly having assured him that he could be so
without fear,—aad spoke freely of the
voyage he bad recently, made in her,
and told me at considerable length
how thr* had procured the men.
•'Hew did -ou feed themf I
We gav. •Ueo rice, which we
bought on t_»v coast, and jerk beef,
such as these vessels are loaded with
"Did yotl he-re no ttouMe with aay
never sutpect
of    We divided
DonnellV.    as We     »r,e    ..«.._„    ._. g„
"Just the thing for the trade she'*
been in," I aaid.
We |*rt-d at t'.e landing to meet
the next, Sunday at the .Largo Santo
Amargo, nnd I returned alone i„
Recife. Donnelly evidently thought
tbat 1 had bitten ai the bait held out
by Autum . through him, ami I allowed
hioi to think so.
Sunday tame, and I went at the appointed time lo Santo Ain,rgo. I met
Donnelly at soon as I had reached the
ground, which 1 found thronged with
visitors. A long line of carriages extended along t»o sides of the latge
l,wti, Irom which their occupants were
to witneas the game. The old adage
"Wben in Rome, do a* the Romans
do," wa* well exemplifi-d. Sabb.th-
keeping Englishmen, Hon. \V. Stanhope and Lord Neville, wnh some
pic ed men from the crew of the
Eothen, wire there in cticketer'e costumes to |.lay againtt the Pertiam-
bucanas ; and, among those who were
on lhe ground to witness the game,
weie tbe English Consul >itli Dr. Cole
and Lieutenant Piper. Jutt before ihe
game began, a servant came up, with
Antonio's compliment*, to inform us
■ hat his master had places for us in his
The game wss played as sll cricket
in itches are ; and it w_. all the more
interesting fi om ihe fact thsi the Per-
iiaoibucaiMt were in practice and well
accustomed to the cliiu.le, while most
of their opponents had never played
Isefore, and noue weie used to lhe heat
of a trophical son. The inter acquitted
ihemielve* remarkably well, an 1 tire
former had to work much nartier than
they had expected, to win the game.
v At it« conclusion we left th- ground
wiih Antonio, pre*sad over to Boavisia,
■nd rolled rapidly aloni* the road tn
Maglelena, to an elegant villa standing
at some distance from the road, and si-
most hidden by a Inxuriaul growth of
tropical plants. The grounds were
most tastefully laid out. As we approached the dwelling, wc saw the.!
preparations had been made for nur
reception, as a table had b.-en plsoed
in ihe brotd piazza, and sennits were
placing chairs for the expected gue.ts,
while others wen- bringing on the de-
licacies of the H-a«jn. As soon as we
alighied, each of us wis V. to a ruom.
where be male himself presentable
Reiuming io the piazz-, I wss introduce ; to the daughter -nd t«o nieces of
Antonio. I hey spoke fluently both
English and French, and enlivened us
with their chat at the table. After the
cloth had been removed ana the desert
disposed of, we lighted our .ignis.
The ladies retired to the "salon ;" and
one of them, seating herself at the
piano, played and sang, aasjtic i by the
other two. I enjoyed theii music
The one tt the pisnn played well, and
they all ihne knew how to sing. They
sang ii:excellent tune, ami nn iiscordmu
sound* grated on our ears, luoh as line
usually has to bear and almost groan
under at most private house-, where they
have s piano, at which the hope of the
family presides.
About ao hour pasted in this wav,
when we joined the ladies in the
"salon," where we fo.nd card tai-les
placed in position with caids su
Jominos upon then, for such as wishe
io observe thai s^bba'h evening by
playing a game or two of either. As
we passed from tlie piazza to thesaton a
priest came in, as if he felt quite at
home. He was introduced, snd, after
Antonio, Donnelly and 1 had seated
ourselves at one of ihe card tables, he
took a chsir at th- other, snd begin
manipulat'ng the cards, Am ther came
in soon afterward, and they were both
soon engaged in a game at cards. This
■oust shook some f out puritans, who
do not know that card-playing it more
prevalent in Catholic countries on
the sabbath than "U ai yoth>r day
Donnelly was ihe first to hioach the
.-ubject on our subsequent conversation
bv saving.—
' Thia gentleman thinks my island it
just the plate for contrabands."
"There isn't a better anywhere, and
wc ought lo make money by it I
cleared more tban fifty thou and doll rs
with my last cargo."
(io »   COSTISCSD.)
THK UNDERSIGNED nrapectfully iu
forms tht i-iti/eiis of Port Moody and
vicinity that he hat jutt received a larg
and varied aasortment uf t**uon*ble
Boots and Shoes
Ready-made Clothing
Etc.,   Etc.,
Having bought the above Stock for CASH,
I am prepared to sell at the lowest
and Fruits
money go to Fales 4 Co. for
Hardware,    Coceries,
Clark.   Street, Port Moody
New China Wash House.
Opposition   Washing and Ironiti! done in
First-class style.
References if required.
STiTfTORl Tl.milM!$
TOWN LOTS, at th* C. P. R. Terminal
town of tort   Moody,  centrally  and
beautifully eitueted, on more favorable terms
than lands haa ever been offered tor  tale, in
thtt Provinoe heretofore.
Apply to
Marray Street,
Post Moony.
Canadian Pacific Railway.
Real Estate Broker,
Etc., Etc.
Town Lots for sale in
every part of the
Town site.
Excellent Farms
Suburban Properties
suitable for market
gardeners, etc.
Every information
freely given,
fy #ort ItIdo^ %tit.
The roar of the fire   king was heard
at New Westminster on  Friday night.
He began hit career iu  a Chinese den,
and in two hours   the   whole   square,
bounded   by   Columbia  street,    Mary
street, Front street, and Lytton square
wat   one mass of tire.    The Occident
hotel looked   like   an  old,   firm,  fire
proof atone   fortress, but the   roaring
king attacked it on  three sides st once
and it   disappeared   like a   house   of
cards.    Property   worth 1100,000 was
destroyed, bat no life   wss lost     Tbe
•lames sometimes row- a   hundred  feet
above the bouse topa, and great flock*
of water   fowl attracted   by the blaze
flew in circles far shore tlte tire.    The
night ww calm, but if a capful of wind
hurl Sew. Mowing the whole oity w_. ild
■>■ teed.    Every Chinese rookery
be  outside  lb    limit*   of the
man's    city.      A    Chinaman
■■   l with tire is sa dangerous as a
*i    i"   I   powder,  .mnn    niiioimg  st
r-r..    -i  . end   wheu the house   is fired
isn  mt runs  into «   hole snd
A perverse journalistic charlatan has
written s leading article published in
the Victoria Times on Tuesday lut, snd
proves dearly that it is time to close
the public thooln, or stop the circulation of newspapers which contain such
samples of rant. What in tbe use of
attempting to teach s boy how to write
English correctly if you permit him
to read such leading articles ss thst 'I
The editor of the Times >* only (it to
roar on the sidewalk in places where s
crowd of ignorant meu may tie. induced
by loud talk to iuvest a fow dimes.
The intensity of the ignorance displayed in that leading article is a
shocking sign of the times..
A cartoon entitled "Honest Johu's
puppet show" prepared by a master
hand ia described by a correspondent
of tbe Victoria Times, snd will appear
in Grip. Abbott, snd Major, Robaon,
the Mayor, snd every member of the
Council, all the owners of property
who demand compensation for the
right of way, snd several other well
known citizens sre in it, snd sll lifelike. Grip with thia picture will Hell
here at $2,50 per copy.
Wc learn from what ought to be
good authority that a daily service by
rail from this city to New Westmin
ster will commence on the fir Ht of
In the Colonist of Wednesday under
glkriug head-lines there is a bogus report of an interview. The New' York
Herald reporter "who wishes of course
to 'boom' Victoria1' asks Bonanza
Mackfty "to give his opinion with re
<g»rd to Victoria whether or not it is
likely to* prove .if groat assistance to
the British in case of war witb Russia."
And Macksy is quoted as saying "it Is
a station of immense importance.'' The
Colonist should permit the Times to do
all the ranting and roaring- Mackay
is not a military man. his millions add
nothing to the value of his opinion,
and this bogus interview is an insult to
the common sense ofthe citizens of
Victoria. A place or a person cannot
be nisei! In public estimation by ranting and roaring or bogus interviewing.
Strangers who read the leading articles
in the Times, and tbe interviews in the
Colonist will ask what caused the ignorance of the citizens »ho admire such
Mr. John Robson uill not lie a
candidate for election in this district.
He feels be is overweighted with the
plunder which he snatched while in
office, and hopes tin' he may remain
where he is. But - he is hooked, and
will have no port folio in the new bouse.
Bole fill be Chief Comuissoner of
lands and Works, and Colonel Baker
will be Provincial Secretary. Smithe
and Robson will occupy opposition
seats, and Theodora Davie will be one
of the (our. We enjoyed the pleasure
of looking over the new programme.
Old mother earth is very sick iudeed.
Earthquakes continue to shako ber,
and the volcanoes in fifty places prove
that the disease is dangerous. Iu Lot)
don on Tuesday tbe thermometer
registered 82 degrees in the shade.
Such warn weather in October is
alarming. One of tbe Shetland Isles
was shaken by two earthquakes on
Thursday night, and tbe inhabitants
were dreadfully alarmed.
A. telegram from Melbourne to
London on Tuesday announced the
total destruction liy earthquakes of the
Island of Niapu ; it is covered with
volcanic dust twenty feet deep, aud a
mountain two hundred feet high bas
'oeen formed by tbe subteranean
The modern Hotspur, commonly
called Randolph Churchill, is now in
Berlin holding private conference with
the great Chancellor. The Hungarian
Prime Minister has declared that
Russia shall not meddle with Bul
garia. He speaks like a Magyar noble,
boldly, and without any hesitation.
The Hungarians bate tbe Russia-is and
are ready at a moments notice to
measure swords v. itii tbe legions of the
northern bear. The Iron Chancellor
•ud our Hotspur will make all the
ueei ■-» y arrangements this week and
Rufmiti must retire or get such a licking
as sbe got when Sebaatopol was de
nt roved.
The Orlando, a steel belted cruiser
was launched in tbe Tyne on Monday.
As an engine of destruction there is
nothing afloat to match her. She
carries two twenty-two ton guns, and
ten five ton gntu. Near the top of
each mast there is a gun to be  used in
pouring showers of f***-.5? ahot on tbe
enemys|deck. She baa etgbt lubes for
discharging torpedoes, and ibe moves at
the rate of eighteen knots an hour.
Three others exactly like tier, are oa
iv stocks and men are working at
them day and night.
Another earthquake—A telegram to
Loudon from Berlin on   Tuesday says
—"Violent   earthquakes   are shaking
the forests  of  Thuringia in   Central
Lord Randolph Churchill at Dart-
ford on Monday said;—"It is imperative to provide simple and effective
mean* of closing debates, if Ireland
followa the advice of agitators further
repression will follow, bul il the keeps
quiet sbe may hope for brighter times."
Wiihrefeim.ee w> Bulgaria he said:
—"It ia impossible to foreshadow the
future, but England is bound to sup
port Austria."
On Tuesday Mr. liladstoue and hia
wife received at Ha warden a deputa
tion uf Irish ladios ; they presented a
p-tition iu favor of Horn- l!uir signed
by fifty thousand Irishwomen. Tbe
Mayors of Irish cities then prtwented
an i Idress, and assured the grand old
man that they believe him to be Ire
lauds best friend. He waa well
pleased and as».>red thoae pre-Mint t*>*t
he would always regard with affection
the people of Ireland, and he hoped
io see them making their own laws
The Irish Natioual League has
issued an order from headquarters to
all the tenants in Ireland and says: —
"Where landlords act like English
landlords, and make reasonable reductions in rent, it is your duty to
pay—if possible; but in eases where
soldiers aud police are sent to enforce
the payment of rack rents you
know what should be done and you will
Jo it " Indeed the value of agricultural produce has diminished seriously
during the Past year, and therefore
there must be a corresponding reduction of rents.
The London Morning Post of Monday says :— "The immediate future of
Europe is dependent on Berlin. Here
wn cau only consider what forces we
cau use in the great approaching
struggle ; the Germans ought to keep
watch by land while we do police
duty at sea. Bismarck can forbid war
apd if he will not do so it is inevitable.
If he engages to aid Austria he will be
certain of our firm adhesion and loyal
At 2 o'clock on Monday morning
there was a slight shock of earthquake
at Charleston.
A treasury report published this
week at Washington says : " Five million dollars in gold and silver were
coined in the United States during tho
month of Septeobi-r.''
' Last'Sunday night a heavy frost destroyed the tobacco crop of Western
Senator Sharon of San Francisco,
who displayed his insignificance in the
love affair with Sarah Althna Hill,
died and left 150,000 to be expended
in adorning the Golden Gate park.
The money covers a multitude of sins,
aud this wicked sinner will be remembered for a day as a generous benefactor. The park commissioners witb
pompous notions in their heads decided
ou putting up a grand gate to commemorate the vanity of the millionaire;
but better counsels prevailed, and on
Monday they decided to make a little
park in the big one for children who
are to be amused witb swings, flying
horses and other great attractions.
On Tuesday the charity commissioners of King's County in New York
State were indicted for a criminal offence, The foreman of the Grand Jury
reported that a committee had inspected Flat Busb Insane Asylum on
the 29th of September and found it in a
wretched condition, dangerous to the
health ami well being of. the inmates.
The commissioner* will be tried at the
nest assizes.
The San Francisco Alia, better known
as "granny," publishes two columns of
lunatic asylum logic written by a Mr.
Oah.ll, who proves nothing but that he
is as ignorant as a goose. He pretends
to know what is the cause of earthquakes, and he asserts that he can con
trol the force which causes the quake.
The letter is conclusive evidence that
tbe writer should be sent hack to the
asylum ; and the editor who consented
to publish such desperate nonsense
should be sent with him and put in a
straight-waistcoat The whiskey at
San Francisco is getting worse.
The weather at San Francisco is unusually warm and the citizens are receiving daily supplies of ice from
Ohrystal Lake which is sixty miles
north of Chicago
The Rev. John Brown, a Presbyter
ian clergyman of Albany, Texas, it in
New York begging for one hundred
thousand families starving in the
northern part of that state. No rain
had fallen in the district for fifteen
months, and the inhabitants have to go
thirty miles for a drink. Water has
disappeared from the face of the uarth
in that locality. It is quite possible
that the multitudes of human insects
uow employed in burrowing for coal,
boring for oil, cutting canals through
barriers placed by God between oceans,
and clearing tho earth's surface of forests, will ultimately produce a change
in the original law that governs this
planet and make it—a star. Without
forests the earth would be a wilderness.
By telegram from St. Louis we learn
tbat a man named Wallace accused of
murdering a neighbor, his wife, and
their children, was taken from the jail
at Stutnrville on Tuesday night and
hanged While he had power to speak
he declared be was innocent, aud that
tbe murders were committed by a
negro. When mob law is executed in
ahuny it is a very bad thing; but justice everywhere begins to look like a
joke and therefore the mob is .co.-pe.led
to be quick.
Our special cable dispatch of Satur-
tifcy Ust puts a new phase on the diplomatic game in course of being played
by the great nations of Europe. Russia
is to be made to attack Bulgaria in order to place her in the worst possible
light for the rest of the world. Bulgaria
will be supported by Austria and Austria by England ; thus, the two sworn
enemies, Germany and France, will be
dermitted to engage when it suits them,
and they will be fairly matched. It
must have caused great disap|x>intment
to both France and Russia that they
could not embroil Germany in Bulgarian affairs and so divert a part of her
forces in that direction ; but, we presume the ruse was easily seen through
by Germany and her allies and the
present course adopted. We have always been under the impression that
the assumed carelessness of Germany as
to Russian proceedings in the Balkans
was simply a reply to the Czar's treatment of Prince Alexander. That the
Czar had some personal dislike of the
Prince is quite possible, but no one
with any comprehension of European
diplomacy believed for a moment that
the Czar would permit personal feelings
to carry him to the verge of war. The
simple fact is, that Russia insisted upon
the deposition of Alexander because he
was a German, hoping by that means
to draw Germany into a war with
France and Russia combined. Kngland, Germany, Austria and Italy appear to be playing their game with con-
sumate skill; they have placed Germany in such a position that an attack
upon her by either France or Russia
will be met in force and will be a serious affair for either power. If Russia
moves upon Bulgaria she will be faced
by all the Balkan States united, aided by
Turkey, she will have Austria-Hungary
on her flank, which would place her at
a great disadvantage How Russia
will wriggle out of the ugly position she
will now find herself, it is hard to say.
If she backs down she will be required
to withdraw her troops from Besserabia
and Armenia, or rather, she will be
asked to do so, because any such a
movement commanded by the Czar
would cost him his throne, and most
probably his life. Russia is in the unfortunate position of boxers who have
been successful with certain dodges and
feints, when they are found out and
their feints turned against themselves
they are almost helpless. The position
of Russia- at thi-T momeut, defied by the
little principality that she had created
for her own purposes, must be most
galling and humiliating, particularly as
the allies have lifted the screen and exposed to the world the miserable worn-
out Russian duplicity that had served
her so well for the last century. With
her feelings of exasperation she will rush
on madly to her fate, and the impression appears to be that war will begin
before the commencement of the next
month. The important question will
be, how she will begin the melee. Will
she cross the Danube directly in the
face of the fortresses now held by Bulgarian troops or will she, which is most
likely, hurl her legions on Roumania
and crush that little kingdom on her
way to Bulgaria, or will she make a
combined attack? There can be no
doubt of the bravery with which the
Bulgarians will resist the invasion of
Russia. They are in the first place,
fighting for freedom and then they will
be, also, defending their lives; for Russia
will far excel Turkey in her " Bulgarian
horrors " if she obtains the upper hand.
Gladstone made a great noise about the
brutalities of a few regiments of Bashi
Bazoulu in Bulgaria, because it pleased
his friend Russia and embarrascd Beaconsfield, who was then in power. It
will be foupd when the " horrors " are
multiplied tenfold by the Russians that
he will say nothing; such is political
humbug I The Roumeliots will doubtless rush to the front to help their compatriots engaged with Russia, and the
Turks will enter Roumelia and fortify
the Balkans; so that General Gorko
will not be able to repeat his adventure
of 1876. We note also that Russia's
great arm, the Cossacks, is to be rivalled by the Turkish levies of Bashi Ba-
<zouks and Circassians ; and, if discipline is enforced amongst these wild
horsemen, they will be more than a
match for the renowned Cossacks. Not
merely are the Turkish soldier—the
horseman—-fully equal to the Cossack
in rapidity of movement and endurance,
but he is opposed to the death to everything Russian. The terror of the Russian foot soldiers when pursued by
Turkish cavalry is pitiable to behold.
They throw away their arms and run
for their lives ;" and perhaps in this they
are not so much to be blamed for they
receive no mercy from the Bashi Ba-
rouks. It will be noted that the chief
actors in the impending war have everything at stake ; not merely honor, wealth
or territory, but absolute existence, so
that it will be a long and bloody struggle in which every power will strain its
utmost fc-r *^ory. Xo mercy will be
shown and the most destructive appliances of war will ruthlessly, be made
use of.
k is pretty generally understood ihat
not more than two members of the late
Government will be taken into the next,
and with some persons, who should be
well informed, the impression is very
rtrong that not a single member of the
late (Smithe-Robson) Government will
be permitted to enter the new one. It
would appear that some such feeling is
uppermost in the minds of Messrs.
Smithe, Robson &. Co., who are jier-
fectly aware that the dignity pertaining
to a member ol the Government will be
lost to them forever, and the chance of
securing an easy living «ill depart along
with it. It is hardly necessary to say,
that the howling curs who smell the
meat in the Government larder, are
pouring out anathemas on the creatures
who are "holding the fort," and who
will hf>ld it to th» very last moment
People in other countries who are accustomed to be governed by gentlemen,
will read the above with astonishment;
they will be puzzled to understand the
kind of men who are elected by the
people of this Pro\ ince to govern them ;
they would as soon contract a very annoying skin disease from some unclean
neighbor, as to vote for such men. The
problem which is now engaging the attention of the newly elected members,
is, wbo will be the next ministers ? If
Messrs. Robson and Smithe could buy
themselves into power, they would do
so, and it is strongly suspected that well
paid offices and lands, arc- being
dangled before the eyes of some of the
members. We are quite aware that
anything in the shape of principle or
honor—even common decency—will
not form any obstacles to the miserable
trafficing (or power. There arc members who enter the Local House labeled
"for sale"; and who will sooner or
later find purchasers ; but, we trust, the
number of these pestiferous animals, is
small, and that they will year by year
diminish as we advance in population,
and acquire the material for members
of our Legislature. The tone of the
new House is a little higher than the
last one, and although some of the old
members whose transactions, with
Smithe, Robson & Co. were of the
most shady character are again returned
we suspect that they will not be permitted to flaunt the prostitution of their
votes in open day. as they did during
the Smithe-Robson regime. We are
prepared to admit that we are a new
community composed of all kinds of
material, thrown together from all the
ends of the earth, and not very fastidious as to ways and means. But there
are some depths of meanness to which
most men object to descend, and we
hope for the sake of this Province, that
the exceptions are few. Hence, we
look for a great change in our ministry
because the members of the new House
will never permit men like Smithe or
Robson to hold office. To act with
such men would be to become particeps
criminis in jobs like that of Kootenay,
the Settlement Bill, the Coal Harbor-
English Bay steal and other transactions of that ilk. Tbe gain on such
jobs, if successfully carried out, is no
doubt large, but if they are pursued by
ill-luck like the schemes with which
honest John was connected, they can be
productive of nothing but misfortune
for every one connected with them.
Look for instance at the " Vancouver "
abortion, that is going to bring disgrace
and ruin on all butthe chief promoters,
who will fill their pockets—pretending
the while to be impoverished—and
adopting the most unscrupulous modes
of preserving their own worthless persons, will leave their weak-minded victims to sink in the mire. The right of
the Local Government 10 give the land
at English Bay to the C. P. R. Syndicate, is still to be settled, and, so far as
we can learn from the very best authorities, such right did not exist. But
should the title of the Syndicate be confirmed, by any possible means, which,
we believe, will not be the case, they
would never feel inclined to carry out
their engagement with the Local Government, because the glamour which
induced many persons to purchase at
English Bay and Coal Harbor, is pretty
well dissipated, and enough could not
be realized by the Syndicate to make it
worth their while to risk their reputation
and honesty.
flBg-gBSg -B--B
Any man, woman or child ia in a danger.
ont condition when neglecting a constipated
•tats 0. the bowels. There can be no perfect
health without a regular action of -thit
fnnction, Buidnck Bluoil Bittois cure ion-
■tipatinnby impirting a healthy tone to all
the secretions.
Diy-Booita, Fancy (foods, House Foinigluogs, \\
Oil-Cloths, Men's Clothing, & Furnishing Coed.,]
New Fall  & Winter Good)
Samples sent by Mail on Apnl
73 Colombia sin-i-l, Mew Westminster.
Hot Sulphur Sprinj
Temperature dispones, 164 degrees Fahrent
Anslyais of water mad* by Prof. M. T. Weunl, San Francisco, C*..:-
Sulphurated Hydrogen Ott, Sulphate of Sodium,
Sulphate of Calcium, 8ulpbat* ot Hagnetii,
Chloride of Sodium, _  Chloride of PoUssi.,.
Alumuia, Silici.
SOLID MINERAL CONTENTS per gallon of w.ter, 8»,25 grains.
CHARACTER OF WATER, a mild aperient,  tb* sulphates largely pre.,,
A SURE CURE for Paralyai*. Rheumatism, 8yphili», Diabetes, Neurnlgi. I
eases, Mercurial Foieoning, Dipsomania, and all diaeaMa of th* womb, livnr anrf
besides many other maladies to whioh human flesh it hair.
Will^il _        '-"diet will find th* bath* alwaya baneficlal, while they are KXCI
These Springs are about 50 miles north eut of Vancouver, 4. miles Iron '
C. 1*. It., and about 46 miles by land or water from Now Westminster
Excellent Hotel snd Bath accommodations, ready ou and alter NOV. 1st, IS
Teh 1'lir niir and coach connection* with the hotel, and all patrons will rsodn
att,    i 11 and courtesy from
{Special tothe Mainland Guardian.)
Nnw York, Oct. 1, 1880
England, it i* reported, ha* appealed tr*
Germany to cast in her weight and influence
against Rusain ; the reault of the appeal Is
n-tyet knnwn.
Austria haa declared in unmistakable
terms that if Rntaiau troops enter Bulgaria,
the will consider inch movement a casus
In France the war feeling it universal and
it will be very difficult to restrain tha martial
impulse which hat heen recently created.
The Toronto Mail has openly declared itself to bean independent journal.
There seems to be a ttrnng feeling against
Parnell on all tides ; tha firm stand taken
hy the present Government is rc-auuriug
many people who wore previontly afraid to
The Canadian cruisers havo wind two
more American achoonert.
I'nw.li-rly hat been re-elected preaident of
Knight* of Labor.
There i* no reciprocity'treaty, even under
New Yokk, Oct. 4.
Tho Bulgarians have absolutely rejected
the ultimatum of Ruttia, presented by General Kaulbara, the Czar's envoy. It seems
that thit attitude has been assumed by Bulgaria at the instigatiun of Austria and England. The Austriana now openly counsel
Bulgaria to defv Ruttia. and England haa
assured Austria that in the event of Ruuian
attack, English armies and fleets will at
once proceed to her assistance.
Fiance and Germany eland aloof for th*
present and decline all interference in matters pertaining to the Balkan*.
An complications arc thickening it ia generally believed that war will commence before the first day nf November.
It ia now well known thtt th* reciprocity
treaty, which created to much cicitemeut a
tl.nrt time ago, never existed, and, in ftct,
no procecdingi in that direction have yet
been taken.
Mr. Henry Maraball, Reeve of Dunn,
writes : "Some time ago I got a bottle of
Northrop It Lyman't Vegetable Discovery
from Mr. Harrison, anil I consider it the
very belt medicine extant for Dyspepsia."
Thi* medicine it making marvellous cures in
Liver CompUint, Dyspepsia, *tc., in purifying th* blood and restoring manhood to full
Some interesting details, aays the Levant
ller/dd, have come to hand respecting the
capture by brigands of Monsignor Kynlio*,
Creek Metropolitan nf Elaatont. Tne captors of the Greek prelate ask a vary larg*
ransom, knowing him to be very Irish, and
in a position to pay the amount. It ia said
that the brigand* cause tbe bishop to read a
muss every day, and obliga bim to pray for
tho success of their undertakings, after
which thoy all kneel down and pioualy receive hia episcopal benediction. Theie religious bandits treat their priaoner very
humanely, aud do everything in their power
tn make him while away the tedious hours
of solitude in an agreeable manner. The
bishop is trying hard to convert these outlaws, and it seems tbat hit exhortations
have at loast bad a temporary effect, at all
tim bandits have, with a touching unanimity, declared upon their conscience that they
would abandon their terrible calling and retire into the town for the purpose of plying
an honest trade—aa toon a* the bishop p ransom is paid. —Public Opinion,
The well-known drug film of N. C. Poison
A Co., of Kingston, write* that Dr. Fowler'*
Extract of Wild Strawberry haa long been
considered the best remedy for Summer complaints in the market, and adds that their
customer! speak in the highest term* of Et*
merits. Wild Strawberry ia the best known
remedy for Cholera Morbus, Dysentery and
all Bowel complaints.
To Hon. Tbos. White, Minister of tbi
Interior, Ottawa.
I hereby apply for alicente to cut tim btr
on a certain tract of land situated ua the
shores of Lake Harrison, and containing
about (800) sight hundred acrct, accordinx
to a map or plan depoaiteri with tb* Dominion Timber Inipeeter of tbi* Province.
H-rriton He. bprin.i Oot 1, IIH*.
aTJ-l-AHaaML for s_d
Containing 120 teres ; 30 scrti I,
state of cultivation. Good Irons, v
thereon. For further infurination 1
the premises to
Htt  moved to the store lately 0
Coulter A Co.,
Opposite to Cunningham'*^
OB Columbia Street
Formerly Ma-stt_r*rofthe «sisal
snassl af ttm-tAg. tt Lyanau. M«s
tion with Mr. McNtu?lit**|
prepared to do all kinds of
•rWatche*   **nt   by    mill
attended to at onc«.
fuWithtd tvtrr Tk_r*_»», st J3O0C]
Independent in Politics,
appeal* by a comprehensive Tat.
tent* to the different taste.*
within the cirol* of a oulturerl to
An average of fifteen short, «*
ial* 1* giveu in each number up01
American, and English Politi* J
Amongat the regular contribtl
ygssoR UoLDWtN Smith; am
public man in Loudon hat kimllj
to supply regularly an Engli'l',
and   Washington   Letters  *i
ragular interval*.
In addition titer* ar* tpeeitl
from some of th* abl««t writer"
minion and the United State*.
baa now entered upon its
most encouraging prospects,
.e»tnre». __
5 Jordan Sfc,
aaxru corn* es.ee.
THE WEEK is on. of their
journal* ia Canada.—Troth, h
"I take only on* Engli'11
The Spectator, and on* CacM'*
and aa a rills I should be
which I should mi** most-"r^
ty _*Aomf_« Huekot, author tf
StAoel tkiyt."
H^^H E3
fy -port fc:
gonuett ii quite bi isk in Port \f
«__*,,■ quantities of   .hingles   art.    being
tj-peu to Victoria from the Port Moody
jjjh sswmill* *re running full  ani   extra
„„..r-_i_g  far into the ut^lii
. r,tv-
We hear that the C. P. R. contempt. ate  t
j_l farther cut in  the bare living ..
*__• employees.     "This the unkind
.pother iiistalmenl ni On: iron-work fnr
^.Ktquiintlt Dry Do<k was ih'pped on
~yi ii,e steamer Maud, on Sunday tire fcrd
flis Roy*' City I'ljiiing mills hav* for-
ftrdcrl per C.P.R., aquamitv , i material
L.-.-S mining oonirwo. of F, W. Potter tt
|( vou want to purchase or lease an excel-
■l building site for hunnoa, purports ap-
l to A. It.  Howse, reel ettete iiroker,
_rt Moody.
Ur. L. P. Kcksteiu wholly* been seriously
■ for* few weeks past is itnprovlug anil
It hop" to so* him alioutagmn in tne rou-tr
.»feu d»y«.
_i«ut C'llontl O'Brien, who   has been lu
ing the tite* for projected fnrti_i_.it.ioni
Britisli Cilumhia went  eaatperCP.lt,
Jke Arrow   mi the  6th,   brought   over a
I* load of   lumber from th    l'i inner ssw-
B which   will be shipped on   tli. C.P.R,
r transmission east.
If repaira are not made on th* roadway
iditigto the wharf before the rainy wc.tlier
tiin it will be impriM^il,!", as it is, it is a
_agract- to the Company.
Mr. aud Mrs. Turner of New W_.tiiiiii-
srleft on the 7th inst., bv C.P.Ii , en
tote tn London England. Tliey will bu
teat stout four mouths.
If you want to lease or purchase five acre*
'V .-idlest soil peculiarly adapted fo*
irkiit gardens, apply to A. R. Hou ,e, r<: tl
tite broker, Port Moody. *
J_erfc is no necessity to go outside the
wu to purchase good, of nearly every de-
ptimi as our store. »re well-stocked and
U orders as cheap it, can be found olse-
Ike great future of Port Moody is a;
nl the efforts of the C. P. R. and the
[i at the mouth  of the Inlet to th.   	
y notwithstanding.      We shall izive onr
ions for saying so on a future ooeaaion.
Visitors still   throng   the   hotels of the
n.   Tho  Delmonico has been forced to
rente the accommodation by making up
number of extra licilt. The other ln.Li-1.
eeqtially crowded anil there appear* to be
ilikelihood uf ali.tonioiit in the de-nan 1.
We have been sh'iwn hy Mr. Klson hia
ir stock of tweeds ami bn*ad oloth* tt blob
npriseh some of the best iu the m irkflt. As
k prices are exceedingly reus luable, wa
Komtiii-ii'l him to thu favorable e'tusnl r-
Booof I'ort Mooilians. Supportour lovvns-
■opt,- and keep drummer! out.
Mr. snd Mrs. Bole rfttttrnad from San
rnncisco on the f,tl, in-tani, when- M-
ble had been seeking medical advioe. He
idbeen si-fferiug fro n acute pun lor some
te past ur.d could not get relief, We ure
vpyuo ttate that by tint trip he his not
.1*improved iu hea'lli f-r lhe tilti. belilg,
It haa every r*a*ori**hte hope ui eujoyiug
ml health lot* the future.
On the 4th instant the pile driver wa* in
.tion driving oan ol the iron piles at ill-
lilway* wharf.    The   hainmur   (which  de
ideil with great force) brokt in ttvn.
ithcr from a flaw lu the casting nr from
Eerior material.    It is vary  r.nfoitunrii - ai
sill cause considorahie delay liefore
other une can be procured. I'm- accident is
Im regretted r»s tire rie.ii- approach ul reiuy
aihrrr rnay interfere with egustrnotiuo.
reryliouris   therefore of great value ibid
tlil he   utilized to   push on  the work to
ipK-ti ni.
At the last session of Parliament Mcsr,.
P. McDonald, Alexander -VI inning, H
Howland, Mr. Brin, of Toronto, and five
rnx others, obtained a oharter to con struct
Itilw.y from Winnipeg to the Poico Rivor
tiatry, a distance of one thou land one
Badred and forty-four mile,. Tho projoct
eonsitlercd a reasonable one, it i. unitedly a feasible one, and would uo
ibt prove profitable ai the settleinont of
r north-western part of the wheat licit ad-
ees. Mr. McDonald is now in Winnipeg
tlio purpose of gathering full inform--
It regarding the proposed route and ar-
•jiug for a preliminary survoy. A very
m ind at the same time accurate idol of
icountry which tho road would open is
itiined in a report made to Mr. "tfcDon-
by a well-known Civil Engineer of To-
itowho has been over tho route.
It it to Mr. Marous Smith belongs the
'or of discovering this route, ami wo pre-
* he itill has in his possesiion hi- note.
plans of the tamo, which give th* fai
information on tho subject regir-liiig
feasibility of the route, gdogrnphioal
hires of the country thrnngli which it
^Hasand numerous other matters pertain-
to railway construction.
Churchill    Making
louts of thk Pacific—The" stesuwhip
*n ofthe Pacitio, Captain Alexander
»«d ut the Railway wharf Port Moody,
doesdny the llth instant witli tire go ds
onveyed by the C P.R. 80 barrel* of
ion frmn AUska to thn order of Get.
k Co.,  J.   A   Chapman,   Albany,
lOtoni, 500 cati-t of oitined  inLi-toa in
order ofthe   Ilrittol    Bay Canni
hg", 126-10 tons.    The ship   left  again
'tiuimo at 11,30 a.m.
flUiCATTItK.—On tho 2url instant a wild
* made it* appearance iu Port Moody
'tltrmeil several of onr fellow towmrp**--
% giving chase tn thom; in one instance
■est n person narrowly escaped injury noil
w*m death. At last it was resolved to
j*|l end to the nuisance by sllnotillg it
Ml was aooording ilnno. The carcase was
J properly drestsd and turned out ex-
aingly g„0,| beef. Wo call attention to
Hvertitement in another ooluinn.
aitWAT Aooident ox the C.P.R.—Tho
im trtiu of the Canadian Pacific Rail-
PHI the 3rrl instant, when nhout 180
east of Winnipeg went through a
*k bridge. The mail and four ptaten-
J*f» were badly wrecked .md in eonse-
"*tof a itova ovortiirniiig, burned up. A
■'"Rear eicaped tlirounh the coupling
■—-breaking. The engineer u
_Mand (even passengers injure-!, llie
|o»ers'hag;rngi'  and mail   baga
•bos MoMurdock, writing from Kinsale ;
k B.B.B ai a-reraedy for disease rif the
Oliver and kidneys, bat an excellent
'•ationin this locality. I hate nserl 1*,
'•Ptsk from experience, ns well as '■'>•
Wtvi. It is the only medicine 1 uant,
rt tdviie others afflicted to try it."
The   Sultan   Refuses England Coaling Stations in
the Dardanelles.
Plot to Capture King Milan
a Failure.
Bulgarian Regency Resign.
Iris hTenantry Resisting
Anarchists to be Hanged on
Decern bcr28th.
New Yoke, Oct. 8 1886.
Lord 1-iinleltili Churchill who is now the
leader in tho Commons, and some aay of
tho Covernmout, has bean distinguishing
himself by making a thoroughly radical
speech to the great astonishment of his
colleagues. He is now in Berlin, it is said,
to induco Bismarck to lay aside his Russian
proclivities and join England against Russia
Tlio Sultan bas declined to give Kngland
llio coaling statiou in the Dardanell". requested by the latter.
The   Spanish Government  has  resigned'
The plot to capture King Milan of Servia
has failed.
The Bulgarian crisis continue,, and the
Government of the Uogency has resigned.
Civil war is now looked for and the machinations of Russia are likely to sucoed.
The Egyptian troops capture Tamai ; two
hundred of the rebellious troops were killed.
In Ireland the tenantry have successfully
resisted eviction and the Irish soldiers are
said to 1,3 discontented. A priest consecrated
llu Bag of an Irish regiment and haa been
censured by the Government for this act.
Tho Chicago Anarchists are to lie hanged
id December 28th.
On Thursday, Mr. Richards, Q. C, waa
tho chief actor in a scone at court in Victoria.
It remind, ui of one of the comic scenes in
whicli O'Conuell was the chief actor. The
late chief Biron Lcfroy was every young
ui t'i wheu he waa sent on circuit to do duty
instead of a judge taken suddenly ill in
Dublin. In the criminal court, where thit
young iii-iii pre tided, O'Conuell was engaged
at onuniel for a prisoner charged with murder. Tho lawyer asked the lirst wittiest an
illegal que ition, and Lefrny, who waa even
then a great authority nn law questions, im;
mc liately informed bim that tuch a question
could not be put; O'Connell bowed and submitted to the ruling of the court, but he
managed to put several other illegal question and waa again aud again interrupted hy
the judge. Then, tho great agitator assumed a tit of rage, and taking his gowuand
wig he laid them ou the table and aaid to
the judge : " My lord, I aoo your lordship is
ro ,olveJ that I shall not have an opportunity to defend my client, I abandon tne case,
and if this man ia hanged his blood will be
nprm your head." lie left the court; the
caw went on ; the young judge crost-exam-
inoil the witueiaes; and, in fact, appeared
to bo counsel for the prisoner. OConnell
wai enjoying a day's sport! at 6 o'clock in
the evening ho mot the prisoner'! attorney
running on the sidewalk. "Well," said
the great agitator, " what ia the result ?"
" Lefroy," taid tho attorney, "croai-exam-
ided the wrtiic,si-1 as we1! as you could have
dono it: he charged in favor of the prisoner
and tho jury acquitted him." " I knew it,'J
laid Dan, "he had no chance. Ijut to throw die
respmsi'iiity on tliat raw young man." Mr.
Hicliardi' g ime was justsiich another,but the
judge in his case was not a mio youngman
and tho result was not in favor of Mr. Richard,' client. He should not try bis hand
again at the O'Connoll dodge.—Guardian.
W. Magaire, merchant, at Franklin, j
"i wa* afflicted with pain in my
.r for eight years —almost helpless atr
—. -have tried many remedies, bnt with j
)™.f, until I used Dr. Thomas' i'.
;. After a few applioationa trie pain lift
Utirely, and I have bad uo paint! truce,
j* talc* EUotric or £i«ctro-i Oil*, but
mk yon gat Dr. Thomat' Ecleotrio Oil"
Sax FRANCinco, Sept. 28th, 1886.
To thr' casual obtcrt-cr in the great metropolis ofthe Pacific Coast every day bears a
close resemblance to the preceding one, inas
much ast lie thoroughfare! ure througed during
business hours by aliout tho same uuinbor
o( people, trains and ship! arriving anil de-
pairing continually both night anil day with
ptiMngen* ami freight, storei, shops, and
iactoi la* tijicii ami close, birth*, deaths, and
niiriia_t'H are of duily occurrence, and even
lhe weather appears to present a striking
laiiniiic s-tba morning ushering in with
hi)-, which from 0 to 10 a.m., i» aenerslly
•nperaoiled by alliiiiu. sun hine. But, not
withstanding all these peciiharitea of liini-
lull, t. b- ("cperieueed in the to-called
t', .! Icn Ciy, there is withnl abundant up-
pi-i unity ull".r,■ i.-.l fnr the exercite of the
taiti fn novelty, among which theatre* offer
tht inoit popular iluvision for lb* mti*e*.
Just now tho political pnt is boiling over.
Tho two great partiei have each nominated
f.n tho office of governor ol the ttate, the
miu to be ftiiind in their ranka ; thtt
i- il im. betteve the stump oratori of the op-
p sib- party. The labor party with an an
M-C-liie** and anti-monopoly platform, with
tin: seallawag Dr. C. C. O'Donnell as the
n itnin.9 for governor, are naturally jubilant
over the lituation. indulging the hope of
electing their man. I rather think "itwill
be a cold day " if he get! in, but he says if
be succeeds he will make it bot for the Mongolian. Then, again Ihe "more respectable " portion of the citiien* who can't swallow either of the candidates of the aforenamed parties, p'opise to set up a "decent"
ma i wh .in they • i inscientior »'y *up| ort.
For municipal oilici ' it is ttill more mixed,
there being at leasfa dozen candidate! in
the field for lame of the more lucrative
Considerable complaint ia made regarding
tlio times. Years ago tho great cry wat for
railroads and immigration, now they have
libit, ami - I everybody is not happy. The
F"' ' ' -,the most abundant crops of every
tan i\ bail it ever before produced, but the
market fir wheat, the great itaple, it non-
remunerative to a certain extent, conae-
qucntlv comparative itagnttiou prevail!.
Tbe rentlt, however, it perfectly natural.
A country that is prolific in the production
■t evr.-ythiag grown in both temperate and
tropical zones, with a climate the charm of
tli v trld, and with facilities of acceaa from
ever quarter of tbe globe, at once the
nliei tt and moat expeditinut to be found
am ■ ere, what el*e could be expected but
tha ne influx of people »honld exceed the
reu ements of trade, and consequently
over oalance the happy equilibrium beta-, i labor and capital, at leut temporari-
i\     More anon.
Mother Gravta' Worm Exterminator haa
n. equal-for destroying worm* in children
andadnM* 8e*tb*» V»» **••■>•• tmeekee
wbtn parchaalng.
The Victoria 7unei of Tuesday laat, has
the following from a correspondent in thia
city (New Westmuister) i
era. va. majok am, majok vs. t. r. a.
These case* have been the ocouiou in thu
city of * very clever cartoon, entitled
"Honest Johns Puppet Show." It represents two boys, Harry and Cl-trUe, pUying
at see-saw on a plank called tbe " Extension- " The lads seem to be in a high state
of excitement, Charlie haa lost his hat, hi*
eyes stick out and hia hair stands on eud.
Near by it Honest John himself shouting
"Go it, boyt! Whoop her up ! You'll loon
draw a crowd." In the background there
is about a dozen well-known personage.,
marked " Miscreants. The stoutest of
them is represented ss saying, " Harry tried
to play that with me once, but I waa too
h*»vy for him. I sent bun up ao quick he
fell off tnd almost broke his neck.'' There
it alto in the picture what looka lika a fence
—or rather a wall on which a gallinaceous
biped, a " Winnipeg rooster " is crowing,
whil* "Joe," one of th* ■•Miscreants," la
swinging hit bat and calling out "Shoot
that bird !" On the other aide of the fence
it a tre* with an overhanging " branch," ou
which ia parched a troop of monkeys, whose
comical feature* bear a strong resemblance
to tbe phyiioguoiiiies of our Mayor and
Council. Each monkey ha* a string tied to
iU neck, th* end of which H. J. holds in his
left hand .- and they appear to be cutting ali
kind* of caper* tt hu bidding. Attached to
th* "branch" it a rope, the "Columbian,"
which paaaea down under the fence. At
the other end, on the outside, a number of
saintly looking individuals, "The Family
Compact," and tbey ar* pulling for dear
life. Conspicuous among these and acting
aa a leader is the sub-editor of tbe Columbian,
yelling. " Heave ho ! Down with her !
Vancouver or bust I" There are two other
persons repretented, a Scotchman and a
cute-looking Irishman. The latter looka up
with one eye thut and remark. " Holy St.
Patrick I if them divila get that limb down,
you're a gone duck I" The whole thing it
ludicrous in the extreme. It will probably
appear in Grtp, witb an explanation of it*
The recant evants in Bulgaria, the interview* at Gaatein and Franzensbad, th* ton*
of the German press, and the late unexpected appointment of M. Herbette aa Ambassador at Berlin, have once more attracted
the auction of Europe to the rel-tions between France and Germany. Since 1871,
and espeoially tince 1876-that ia to aay,
ever tince the military reorganization of our
country has been actively pursued, and our
army tested by elaborate manoeuvres under
the eyet of foreign officers—it has been understood at Berlin how uncertain aud arduous a new war would lie. Our fortresses,
armaments, monitions, effective forces, can
uo longer be compared with those of 1870.
It has,  therefore,  been  Prince Bismarck's
firimary object to isolate ui in Europe, and
oad ut into fruitless adventures abroad.
But the reaction which has net in againat the
tht Colonial policy, the constant manifestations of pubbc opinion hostile to this scattering of our military forces, undertaken by
the government of M. Jules Ferry, have
made it clear France would no longer be the
dupe of the machinations antl intrigues of
the Chancellor. The attacks against us, interrupted for tome mouths, have heen resumed, France, reserved but strong, neglecting nothing to perfect her system of defence, has been accused of wishing war. It
is weil known at Berlin that these accusation arc purely fanciful, and tliat the French
Government will never assume tbe initiative
iu breaking the peace ; but it is equally certain she will never abandon the dearest of
her hopes, and will await in patience till the
inevitable hour for the revision of the Troaty
of Frankfort arrives, which robbed her of her
provinces and inflicted permanent ruin on'
nor industries. On her side, Germany evidently cannot provoke a war without a motive ; nor does she cither with to enter on
the struggle under tuch different conditicna
to those existing in 1870. Prince Bismarck
has always refused to rp^eld to the warlike
impetuosity of the Staff: ho feart, indeed,
nothing io much aa risking in au adventure
of which noon* can foresee the end the work
he haa bo painfully accomplished. He, above
all, dreads, and has ondeavored to prevent,
a conciliation between the Government at
Parit and that at St. Petersburg. Moreover,
he haa not hesitated to sacrifice the interests
of hia Austrian ally and to make every concession which Russia demands. He has
thus removed, or rather deferred, the
danger ; bis policy, however, it none the
lett compromised. Iu the vexatiou which
the conduct of Germany with regard to
Rusiia haa caused them, the English papers
do not fail to remark that the forced abdication of Prince Alexander has beeu a check
for the Chancellor. Tlie Paria correspondent
of the Timet tays Prince Biimarck dooi not
detire war with France, because he has a
vague fear of the strength of the Republic,
and he is uot certain of the issue of the
struggle. "He believet in tha superiority
of the Fl.'nch Artillery and in the improvements introduced in the Cavalry." This is
indirect homage rendered to ihe might of
Franco, isolated though she be, but formidable. Now that Germany no longer fears a
conflict with Russia, will she seek to obtain
to our detriment a compensation for the
concessions wnich she has just mode the
Czar'. Has she received carte blanche, aa
the Timet affirms, to endeavor to crush us ?
These are the questions at present exercising public opinion in England. Such ii the
reassuring future which the selfishness of
the Powers prepared fur Europe in 1871,
alien they permitted the dismemberment of
F.-anc*. —L Evene/nent.
Mow-no-toa goddaw) mt mtc-al.
Monaigncr Goddard, Chaplain to the Em
pre** Eugenie, write* to tbe 7'oife. a* tol.
loam : " We must never weary in crying out
that IKitualism it Protettantum in it* in-
tentett, most anti-Catholic form ; that the
Ritualistic parson is no priest, but a minister of s civil establishment; that he ha* no
order*, no jurudiction ; that when he pre-
tend* to offer sacrifice, hear confessions, Ite.,
be ia a pure montebank or worse ; that the
Church in England and of England waa absolutely and entirely Catholic till tbe ac-
cursed Reformation, ic., ic. We have little
more to fear from tht Protestantitm of Rit-
ualiam. It is confined now to counter-
jumpers and to old women, male and
female. "
Satitfactory result* having beeu obtained
from trial* made in the Azorea, on th*
failure of tbe oraoge crop, to utiliaa tweet
potttoe* for the production of flour tnd
tpirit, t French cheinut, connect-,! with tbe
French Antillet, M. fUlu, hat lately taken
out patents for Improvement* in thete two
new induttriet. The latter aeemt likely to
obtain Urge proportions. The iweet potato
of Martinique yield* 15 litre* of alcohol ai
100 degreat per 100 kilot wtight of roots,
and it I* probable tliat tbe produce of other
islands and of the Southern continent of
America will yield about the same quantity.
Ordinary potatoet only yield about 3 to 4
litres- Puhlic Opinion.
Tommy Atkini and hit comrade* who
captured the lout iu tbe palace at Mandalay
may be interetted in learning that it hat all
been dupoted of by tuclion for the benefit
of tbe State. At the tale in* Calcutta Last
mRnth the gold tnd tilver plate, together
with a large collection nf let and unlet stones
vases, chsius, rings, ic, "being all prize
property," w«re sold to the highest bidder.
Among the jewellery was * brooch pendant,
belonging formerly to the ex-Queen uf Spain
of magnificent opals snd diamonds Fault-
let* pearlr, wonderful rubies, and an emerald half an Inch square, without a flaw,
were amongtt th* article! which Tommy
Atkins took, but wa* not allowed to retain.
He may think now that he ha* been sold too.
—Broad Arrow.
The young creature had juit joined th:
church and was reading a missionary paper
after meeting.
'John,'aaid ahe looking up anxiouily, 'I
have juat given a quarter for home minion
purposes, I hardly know the difference between home and foreign minions. Which
one had I better pstronize ?'
'That depends on your inclination, my
'What do they do!'
•Do I Why, they ssy that the home mis-
lionariei live upon the people.'
'Vet, and tho foreign ones V
'Here the procoss ia revened, and the peo-
file live   upon the   misiionariea, if they are
at enough.
'.'-oniidering the profeited innocence of
Kmrsia of any share in the kidnapping of
Prince Alexander, it ia somewhat surprising
to Iind the Russian Press foaming at the
mouth at Sir J. Ferguuon't reference in the
House of Commont to "the treachery and
violence by which Prince Alexander'! reign
waa interrupted." One of the papers proposes that an official explanation of the remark be demanded through the Russian
Embassy at St. James's ; to which demand a
very good answer, we auppose, would not
bt :'■,- ioset-k.    Tb   Week.
Mr. Gladstone seems to have retorted on
that part of the United Kingdom that
turned him ont of office, by turning it out of
Britain. In expressing to a correspondent
the "high gratification" with which ho
would receive two addresses from 10,000
persons in Australia, he refers to the addresses of these colonist* a* "a new proof of
the wise and liberal .entiments towards the
people of Ireland, and the true interests of
the Britith Empire, by yonr (hit correspondent'!) fellow citizens in the colonies, ai mil
as by the whole British race." So the majority
that presumptuously rejected his plans and
turned him out of office were incapable of
perceiving the true interesta of the British
Empire, and are not even of the Britiih
race*—J"** Week.
Libut-Govkrkor DawuN»T.—Hii Honor
the Lieutenant-Governor and Mr*. Dewdney
h^vo returned, we hope to *t»y with u*,
though the!rumor* become more and more
frequent thathp goes to Britiih Columbia.
We met aeveral B. C. gentlemen on the
train who assured us the appointment would
be a popular on* in B. C. Ther* oan ba no
doubt Mr. Dewdney't re-appointment in the
Territtirie* would be popular. — Begina
Many years ago Dr. Hammond, of Bournemouth, presented me with a fine specimen of
kauri gum, which oneof bis tout bad brought
from Auckland, iu New Zealand. In experimenting with tbe gum thut supplied. 1
hive found that it may be made to perform
many useful services in medicine. When
the gun, burus—anrl it burns briskly—it
givca out a very pleasant odour which dc
atroys the odour of putrefying organic aub-
itancea mott effectively. Dissolved in
spirit, it makes a fluid whic'i burns in the
lamp with good infect. Reduced toa fine
powder ami shaken with water, it communicate* to the water uew properties, ao
that, sprayed in a room, it renders tho air
ozonic. It mixes well with ointments,
forms a good combination with aoap, and,
combined with iodine, ia a useful deodoriser
and disinfectant. The gum it from a pine,
the kauri tree, Dammara austrolis.—
James Murphy, the murderer of Police
constable Austwick, at I ion worth, escaped
on Wednesday afternoon, September 15th,
from the hands of three experienced police-
officers under circumstances of great daring.
Since the murder, on the 31st of July last,
no tangible trace of the murderer had been
found until Wednesday afternoon, when
Superintendent Kane, Detective-Inspector
Ramsdeu, and Inspector Stanifiefd, of
Leeds, made a domiciliary visit to the houae
of the murderer's sister-in-law at Barough, a
village two and a half miles from Barnsley.
They entered the house, and while two of
them talked to the sister-in-law, Rauisden
went upstairs. As he opened the bedroom
door the murderer jumped through the window into the garden below. Murphy then
turned round and pointed a guu at Rams-
den. The detective drew back for an iu-
stant, and Murphy, who was shoeless,
bounded away across the fields and disappeared. The police, with two bloodhounds,
were speedily on his track, but up to a late
hour the murderer was still at large. Mm
phy't lister-iu-law and her husband were arretted anil conveyed to Barnsley. - Public
Among the mott prevalent and sudden
attack! of diseaaea, are thoae iucident to the
summer and fall, luch aa Cholera Morbui,
Billout Colic, Diirrhosa, Dysentery, etc.,
that often prove fatal in a tew hours. Thtt
aver reliable remedy Dr. Fowler't Extract of
Wild straw ben v. should be at hand, for uae
in emergency.
Mr. Henry Harding, of Toronto, writes •
" My little daughter, 7 years of age, haa
beeu a terrible sufferer tbi* winter from
rheumatiim, being for weeks confined to her
bed, with limb* drawn up, which could not
be itraightened, and suffering great pain in
every joint of limbs, and shoulder!. Th*
beat of phyticiant could not help her. and
we were advised to try Dr. Thomai' Eclectric Oil, which we did, and the benefit was
at once apparent: after using two bottles
the pain left, her limbs assumed their natural ahape, and in two weeks she waa as well
as ever.    It has not returned."
Port Moodv, B. C.
This Hoti.1 is the best and most convenieutly locuted for travellers to and from the C. P. E. terminus, by either stage, steamboat, or
railway, being the General Passeagei Depot, and Headnnarters for
Business men visiting the new City.
The Telephone Office is located in the House, ihving truest* the
advantage of speaking with friends nt ,-ither New Westminster Hastings, or Vancouver.
The Table is equal tothe bed on tin- Mainland.
The Parlors and Bed-rooms nre neatly furnished and well venti
The Bar-room is large, and supplied »ith Curd, Pool and Billiard
laoles, and the leading Local, Canadian and American Newspapers
for the entertainment and instruction of Guests.
The Bar is constantly supplied with  Brands of the Best Wines
Liquors and Cigars.
The Public may rely on receiving every Courtesy and Attention
from the undersigned at most REASONABLE RATES.
The Delmonico Hotel
height, is hard finished throughout; has a Bar well stocked at all
times with a good selection of tho choicest
The Gentlemen's Sitting Room is a model of neutness and comfort,
where will be found, for the use of guests, the Canadian, American
and local newspapers. The Ladies Parlor is elegantly furnished. The
Dining Room is large and handsome, and the tables will always be
supplied with the
The  Best in the Market
The House has the capacity for the acommodation of 50 guests,
having over   20 rooms furnished with
First-class Spring Beds and Bedding
and Fire Escape from each room,
and has a commanding view of the beautiful harbor. The House will
be conducted on first-class principles at Moderate Rates.
Patrons may rely on receiving every possible attention from the
proprietor and his attendants.
Holioaay'* Corn Cure I* th* medioin* to
remov* all kind* of corn* end wart*, and
only com   tb* mail wm   ol tw*nty-flv*
Itolfowity's Ointment and Pills.—Female
Complaints. —On the mothers of England devolve! much and seriouireiponiibiuty in securing for their daughtera robuat health ;
frequently, alaa ! thoughtlessly sacrificed by
culpable bashfuloeat at a particular period
of life, when all important change* take
place in the female constitution, upon the
management of which dependt future hap-
pineal or misery. Holloway't Villa, especially if aided with the Ointment, have the
happiest effect in establishing thoae functions, upon the dne performance of whioh
health and even life itself depend. Mother
and daughter may safely ns* these powerful
deobetruent remedies without contulting
any one. Univanally adopted aa the one
vrand remedy for female complaints thete
Pillt never fail, never weaken the tyitem,
and alwaya bring abont th* de*lred remit.
In * recent letter from R. VV. Dewton, of
Deloraine, Out., he ttate* that he ha* recovered from the wont form of Dytpepsia
after aunt-ring for fifteen year*; and when *
oouucil of doctor* pronounced him incurable
hs tri*d Burdock Blood Bitten, lix bottlw
«f which i-wtmA hb hMltk.
R.   B. .KELLY,
in announcing that tho House  is now   completed  with every convenience for the traveling public.   THE TABLES are well supplied
with every article in season, and THE BAR is provided with a well-
elected Stock of
X-lC-aUO-EsLS  &   CIO-A-IRS.
THE BEDS are well aired, and the Stabling is extensive and
tlie best of Feed always ready for Horses.
It may be well to remind visitors that this Hotel is within a few
minutes walk of the Railway Wharf and Station, and just at the terminus of the   new road.
Guests may depend on receiving every uttuntion and a hearty
welcome from the undersigned, whose long ixperience is a guarantee
of everything being comfortable and satisfactory.
J. T. SCOTT, Manager.
Leading   Druggists  or.   thin continent
testify to the large nnd cotutaotly inoreailag
ftrtleB of Northrop & Lyman'** Vegetable Dis
eovery and   Dyspeptic ('ure,   and report itn i
beneficent   effort    upon    their    customer.*]
troubled with Liver C'.implAint,Constipation,
Dyspepsia,   Impurity   of   the   Blood,   and (
other   physical infirmities, and   as a female
medicine,  it has   ftttumpluhed   remarkah)--
Boot and Shoe Store
POUT   M<)< >I>Y,   B   <'.
|*,HK UNDERSIGNED  iuooewoi  u, tin
.Saturday, Octobrr 2nd, Any ru-r-on -lsmi
iuf- the s»m,- it- rti'iiesttid to mmuiunioati-
WII.MAM EUON, Clothier
Port|Moody, Oct. 4th, I8M.
Next door to Cnou't,
|fit__.bli.hed ar i -.,- Tertnitiot, .mil, htfiog di-
A wild  ritoer was  slot at   Port Moody on'voli-il bi* lift   to   hi*   tla.l-,   is   pnuuvd tu
ttupiily tli'- inililic ttillr tin- U*st tta.ik in Iii-
lint to Im  n.,,1 in the |iir»tiini-.
LOUIS T.toM u Ki;
.. ♦ tho pirtinirsliip _*r*to*or* subsisting
between ua, the undersigned, a* hotel-keep-
sts at   Port   Moody,   has   l-etni dissolved hy
mutual oonnut. All dehts owfof to the
saiil partaer_lil|) are to If* paid to George
MoCoakery at Port Mnodv aforesaid, aud all
claims against the said partnership are to he
presented to the said George MoG-snkory, by
whom the same will be settled.
Dateil at New Westminster,  tins twenty,
fifth dav of September, A. D., 1S86,
(ESTABIJ8_ial8B_U "
Fred.  T:ickhoff
Dry   <_-_-oo<a.»
&*c., c%e
Of First-Class Quality
Moderate   Hates-
Coiner of Front   and Begbie Sueeis.
__r_R,-3S_H: _B_E?.-E_-A._D
Pies, Cakes, Ac., kept constantly on hand,
at the lowest Cash Prices.
Toth SSlnloto- of ths Interior, Ot-
I beg leave to apply for * license to out
Timber on the wett half of section 35, Town
thip 40, tnd the wott halves of sections 2
and 11, Townsh p 41, New Westminster
July 12, 1888.
FOB SA.__jJB-.
The undeninnsji ha* on hand a large quantity ol the VKRt test Cedar Shinglet, which
he will tell in lot* to suit, at priee* never before beard of in Britiih Columbia.
Send for prio** b*for* purchatlng else,
Address all ordert to
GAisi-nt On-O, I'ort Moody.
I     I 1
€\)t $flrt $r\m\)\\ Gtytttt
 lilMlir i, |i  PP
At hatf-paat tev*a o'olock oe Friday even-
log tb* Royal City of New W«*_tiiiii-*Wr wm
a picture of peace. Tbe harvest moan wa*
peeping over th* chimney top* and Columbia
street wa* crowded with young and old per
tout, all out to enjoy tbe pleasure ol pared-
ing on tb* grand old sidewalk wbicb skirt*
tbe river, when suddenly the fire bell
sounded a not* ot warning and every onr t»id
' * Frout *tre*t la oo fir*." A nd tu re enough
there waa the fir* bounding over tb* roof of
one of thoae den* called * anti-bow**, occupied by the Cbinwe. In « few minute* the
Ure *nwtn** were out aud the firemen worked
bant but the whole of that block bounded
by l.yttoa tquare, Prout atreet, Mary street
and Columbia street, wat * great pile of
kindling wood and eftar th* fire luul obtained
• ttiong poaition it wa* impawn Me to atop ite
progr-tat. Two eugloe* pound oh tb,- water
bot it merely delayed the work oi distruc-
tion. However, the delay wu * great advantage a* it anablod the property owner* to
tare a great deal of tbeir *tnok iu trade.
Hundred! of men worked lik* good neigh-
Ixtrttnd the mott oooopienuni toiler t.- r*
waa tb* Venerable Archdeacon Wood*. II*
west Into one of Hi*' rtore* like a aetrlier and
came out eery time wall loaded, hi* .arurtt-
ne«* encouraged other* and they iullowed
'* with right guod will, A great
laaod in aiding tot*,*tho
____,, ita _k»»ou|(h'* wars-liuus* and
they oarriad it off in all direction-, out un
the wharves, *loag Knmt atreet, aad up
Mary I*****, H* worked w*U hiuiaalf until
iitost of the good* were rvinoved, and then
k* looked (or Mr. Lundbom, and while (lie
crowd wer* tearing down hi* uou*jr to *av*
tbe nUirr Mi-ek from fire h* wa* reutshsg a
new store on Front atreet. The Occident
hotel appeared to be a ootid -ton* building,
bot it went down like * boat* ol _»rd«. and
th* whole block wa* cleared by the Ir*.
The Chineae ware badly scared ; thoroughly
worthies* aud unable to do anything for
thmntelvet tlie idea of iuslping other* never
entered their bead*. But the Inditnt
worked a* wall a* the whitet and if they
were well trained tbey would be formidable
fellow* to employ in tualiug a fortress.
Thay went up like cat* to tb* roof, of Mc-
Douo-gh's wharf and tpi eail|their blanket*,
on the shinglas, and then with bucket* and
rope* tbey kept the blanket* in cold water
until the -anger wa* paat. Kortunatsly tho
night wa* fin* | a feather dropped frotu tb*
Hand woultl inak, a perpendicular Iin* tothe
ground. If • cap full' of wind had lieen
moving the whole city wonld be wiped out.
A ahower of red cinder* fell all over a wide
area; ont aa (ar ai tbe uwar, jail, the tide-
walk* are black, nod if there happened to be
even a gentle breeze at tha tim* • hundred
tir** would b* kindled in half an hour, and
nothing could tave tbe town. The pile* of
furniture oo Mary street, MoKcniie atreet,
and Church ttreet, were quite turn,Ming,
and it waa amusing to *ae tht philosophic
like gravity of th* speutaturt who *»t In
arm chain and tfnoked while the dame*
warmed their uomi aad ds,voimd the house*.
Th* inauranut will not cover ope fourth uf
th* lot*. MeDoBongh'* stack in trade wa*
worth $30,000, hi* insurance wa* only ft.,
000. Th* insarano* on .he Occident waa
only $10,000 but the house, built in early
days coat, *40,000.
Tha citizan* ihnuld take naming from
thi* fir* and necure at any prio* the water
which a company propose* to supply from
the Coqnltlam at a level fire hundred feet
above Columbia atreet. With such a water
iHiwer at command th« risks by fire would
he reduced fifty per cent and then every
sewer in the eity t ould he swept every
inoruiug bv a torrent, and kept as clean aa a
tailor Boor. Until we do get the water
from the Coquitlam we should uot utethe
worthless water tanka, but prepnra three
flat* by the Pntfer wlwr* the steam fire
engine will always dud a never ' failing
supply of Water. The time lost Ou Friday
night in moving front one. tank to another
may be detoribed a* an awful watte.
J. C. Atmttrong hurt five frame buildings
list* 14,000, inturance MOO: J. Ij. Buute
building and atock worth $5,400, incurauce
$3,000: a part of the slock saved. I. B.
Fisher's house occupied by tlie Temperance
hotel keepers, tnd J, D. Kami, worth $2,-
000, insurance $1,500 ; the Occident hotel
owned by Mrs. Black, cost $39,000, ami Wa*
injured for $10,000. Inaley lost some oil hi*
furniture, and had nu inaurauce. The
Bishop's building tuppo*ed to be worth $4, •
IP0O waa insured for $2,500 ; Kelts hoot and
shoe store stock worth $2,500, $1,300 in.
aured; Chat. McDouough dry-good* and
groceries low on building and stock, $22,-
000, Insurance $6,000 A gned ileaj ot the j
ultKik w at saved In a damiged condition.
The Palace hotel owned by Mr. tvdinoude,
worth $2,000, ins red for $1,500; the
furniture iu tbe hotel wa* worth $3,000,
and the iiKuranoc " - .mly $600. Three
wooden buildings imunl by J. A. Welrtter,
worth $0,000 were not insured. Th* brick
war-house and wo.uieu dwellings on the
Douglat estate valued at $3,000 were not insured ; Fred. Ktv lost Hah worth $1,000 uo
inturance. The Chines* had little tn loot,
and tbeir lo** wu unit lo nothing. The
good* iu the office* of Rand, Atkiueon,
Mclnnes tnd Ediuondi were ill saved, but
th* whole block wu burned to the ground.
—Mainland Ouanlian, Oct, (,'.
CHIt-_tWHAl<I ^-ttOTtTTrtil 10_:
HTBmON FOR l«8*LpR_7,E  t.I8t
B*st Ur«l ball-D. MoG-Uivray.
tm* bull graded -1st J. Re*c«, Hade.
Bent Ud cow- 1st 8 Knight, 2nd A. C.
"A'tAw- ^^^^^^^m^m^
Bert 2 year old heifer-l*t W.   R   Hall,   0jii( 2nd A. C. Well.
calf   J.   R**o*,   Snd  (i. R.
Best loaf of bread—Ut Mrs. Kv«n«. 2ml
I. Lappum, 3rd G. W. Chadaey.
B»*t sample* of jelly—lit 8. A. Cawley,
2nd Mr*. GUI.
But sample* of jam—lit A. C. Wells,
2nd Mitt Campbell.
Beat Minples   of veiled fruits—lit  Mil.
I Bro*.
M„w dear to my head wu tbe straw hat of
The plain- »uv«n backet tbat mm I am fain
To awap for the cable and felted  neaoomer,
Which,   bot   aa an   ovan, ia   'taking my
brain I
like a poor crofter*   thatch   on a hot of
The breezes   of moruiog crept   through it
alway |
'Twu lighter and brighter aad cooler than
And oheeper—it coat  but t quarter   in
i'he headgear of summer,   th* rtraw  hat of
I loved it—it coat but a quarter in May !
Mr*. Traveller—While we were abroad
my huaband met a real live king. Juat
think of a body and fteehy king I Tbey were
travelling and the king aaked my huaband to
call on him when they reached Pari*. He
Mr*. Stay-at home—My uu-lwud, uot long
ago called on four king*. What do yon think
nf thatt
Mr*. Traveller—Ynu don't mean it,
Mr*. Stay-at-home—Yea, I do. Tbat
foolish call prevented me from having a sealskin.—«. Paul Globe.
Beat spring	
Best beet animal- -J. Murray, 2nd do.
Beat yoke work o«*n—Campbell Bro*. 2nd
A, C. Well*.
But yoke of steer* under 4 yurs—1)
Ik-.t Uul stallion any kind—I. W. Cb.ul-
»ey.2n.lJ. Murray.
Beat ttalliou for agricultural purpose*—lit
J. Rtect, 2nd G W. Chaduy.
Beat brood mart- tucking colt at foot— let
Campbell Brot. 2nd C. Wilson, 3rd A. C.
Beat 2 year old colt ur tally- -lw* A. C.
Walla, .uit C. Cha_Uey. 3rd C. Bauft-rd.
Best josrling colt or (liy—A. C. Wells.
Beit locking colt—<*tmpl»ll Bros, '-ml
C. Wilson, 3rd A. C. Wells.
Butgaut't, saddle bene—Ut K. .1. Scott,
2nd Campbell Bro*. 3rd do.
Beat ladie* aaddje horse—1st Kuigbt Bro*.
2nd H Turner, 3rd W. R Hall.
I- . i tpau draught horses -1st Mrs. kvana
tud A. C. Weila.
Beat ipau carnage horaes —lit J. V. Ryder
Ind H. Webb.  -m,mmm ^ .
Beat buggy horse*—Ut Campbell Brew,
2u,t Mr*. K»an> ^^^^^^*
But Sonthdowu ram—J. Martiu.
Ant mm any kind -let A. C. Well., ted
Q. Banford.
But *w« any kind—lit <i. Danford, 2nd
But tpring limb any kind—Ut 0. lien
ford, 2nd A. C. W.1U.
Heat Berkshire boar—Ut R. Thompson
2nd H. Webb.
Beet poland china boar—G. Banford.
Bnt Berkshire sow—Ut R. Thompson 2nd
(J. Banford.
But Poland China low—(>. Banford
Butt Berkshire ptgaunder 4 month*—A
C. Well*.
But 2 Poland China pig* under 4 months—
O. Banford.
But 2 turkeys hen and   gobbler—J. fr.'
But', geue and gandar—Qampball B
But   fowl* 2 ban* and  cock—Ut J.
Ryder, 2nd 8. Knight.
Bert 2 duokt and drake -J. F. Ryder.
nu. rnonccr..
But bu_hcl fill wheat—I at 8. A. Cawlay,
2nd J. Recce.
' Beat buabel tpring wheat—lit J. Raece
2nd U. Webb.
But bushel cat*—Ut S. A. Cawley, 2nd
J. Gitwon. ■
Beat boriiel rough barley—Ut 8. Knight,
2ml ii. Banford.
Best bushel pea*, white—lit 8. A. Cawley
2pd J. Race-
Beat buibe'l put, grey -S. A. Cawley.
But J bushel   timothy   seel—Ut
Athwell, 2nd J. Lnppum. ^^^^^^
Beat 6 iwcdith turnip*—Ut A. C. Well*,
Snd J. Recce.
But.tna.gold wurzel*—8. Knrght, 2ud
H. Webb.
But 6 field -a, imt, red—Ut M Hall, 2nd
BettSBeld carrots, whits-lit G. Banford,
2nd J. Raece
B«st6't*bl« carrot- Ut W. GHUndart,
2inl.l. Lappum.
'But bushel early potatoe* -1st S. Knight,
2nd J. Lajppum.
But buthel potatoes any kind—J. F.
Ryder, 2nd 8. A. Ciwloy.
Best collection of potatoes— !st*S. Knight,
2nd 8. A. Cawley.
dawt rnoticcr..
But 3 roll* buttw for market— Ut Mrs,
Kvana, Snd J. Recce, 3rd Mr*. Foraythe.
Bart flrkiu butter 50 lis,, tulid -1st Mn.
Fonytht, 2nd 8. Knight, 3rd G. W. Chad-
Bart roll butter packed rolls 50 Int.—Ut
A. C. Wells, 2nd Mr*. Evan*, 3rd G. W.
Best ch*fw not lets than 10 lb*—A. C.
But bract oabbagu—Ut G. Banford, 2nd
J. Lappum.
But brace cauliflowers— Irt Mr*. Farr,
2nd Mr*. Emu*.
But ti psrsntpt—1st Mr*. Evan*, 2nd ft.
But 12 i-uioiu-ltt M. Hall, 2nd 8.
Beat uu»i I garden beaut—Ut Mr*. Evans,
.ml!. F. Ryder.
peat 6 ears yellow com—Ut G, Bun'oi-,1,
_ndG. W. Obadicy.
Beat fi blood beeta-Ut W. GiUande-e,
2nd S. Knight.
Bait fi nugar heeti -Ut S. Knight, 2nd J.
But ( bunch e* celery—A. C. Well*.
Best hrtee tquasli- lit J. Raece, 2nd 8.
But   Pumpkin-1st   '.   Re*u»,  2nd   H.
But vegetable marrow
Snd 8. A. Cawley.
C. Wall*.
But tl osounibcr*—Ut
J. OiUon.
<;. r.
Bnt drawTng pencils—Ut M. 11*11. 2nd
But made calico drut—8. A. Cawley.
But made set of  ladies underclothes—(1,
W. Chaduy.
But crochet tidy, wonted—U. W. Chad-
Beat nude white akirt—latli. W. Chaduy, 2od Mr*. Evans.
But made bookmark—lat 8. Knight, 2nd
17. W. Chadaey.
But cample of buttonholes    1-t J. Lap
pum, 2nd fl. W. Chadaey.
But apron made by girl uuder 14 years-
p. Bicknell.
Heaviut half -do/eu  chioken  eggs-Mis.
Beet 12 peach**-   A. C. Well*.
But 12 winter apples -Mrs. Rvana.
But 4 varieties of pun, 12 each—Mra.
 lie woof work—1st Mi«» Camp-1    Cardinal Xewman hit re-ov«red his hulth
bell, 2nd Mn. Gill. sufficiently to euubl,- bim to resume hii mual
But ftncy|needlc work—Miu Campbell. | avocations.
The Porte has ordered a thorough reor-
gauization of thu military engineers mi the
Hernial, system.
It is rcuiorad tne negotittiont for a Ku.
so-Turkiih alliance bave been without re
ault, and have been .topped.
France hu restored to King Norodom the
entire administration of affairs iu Cambodia,
excepting tbe control of the opium monopoly
and the Customs.
The steerage rate war between the Atlantic iteamahip- companies is aliout to be
brought to a cloae, the liuet participating in
it having arranged u basis of agreemeut.
Gen. Kaulbars ha* arrived at Sofia. He
wu accompanied by a large uuintier of the
followera of M. Zankoff, occupying a ilu/vn
caniagu, wbo had gone aome distance to
meet him.
Einin Bey, the Governor of Egypt'* equatorial province, with 3,000 Egyptians, ia
holding W*dely, forty miles tonth of Gondo-
Loin, against a hostile chief, lie urgently
atkt that provliiont be tent to him, if poati-
The ultimatum borne hy Hen Kiiulbara,
to the Bulgarian Government contains a precise statement of Russia's demand., tho ia
futal to comply with which wiil entail a
rupture of Russia's diplomatic relations with
General Buller is organizing a system under whioh the housot of tutpected moon-
lightert in Kerry will Im carefully watched
in order that tho night abtenteea may be die-
covered and the arrett of the culpriU
thereby facilitated:
Kmperor William ia expected to arrive
from Baden the first week lu October, when
In*, will receive a vitit from Prince Regent
Lultpold. Thit wifl he the fiist otfioial vitit
of a Bavarian rti'er to Berlin since the unification of the German States.
The police have captured four more of the
moonlighters with whom they had a conflict atTeale Bridge recently, making eleven
arrests so far. The four just captured are
badly wounded with buckshot, 'lhe eleven
have been identified as sous nf respectable
Kerry County farmers.
The Dokt of Edinburgh and Prince George
of Wales have left Constantinople for Salou-
ica on board the British despatch vessel Surprise. Prior to their departure the Sultan
returned thu visit of the Royal party und
give costly presents to tho Duke anil Prince
and ofhcerif and their suites.
The latest advices from the iuterior of
Africa tay that Dr. Junker, the explorer,
was at Masalala, south of V ictoria Nynnza,
and wa* about to start jor Zanzibar. Eiuiu
Bey wu ttill at Watloly, and was in urgent
need of amuuition and supplies, The King
of Uganda had foully murdered all the converts of the Knglish and French missionaries, and tho missionaries were in great peril
and implored atsis'.ance.
There is good authority fur the stntiruii-nt
that Lord ldd-alcigh, British Foreign .Secretary, it trying to olivet an appi-oacluneiit
between Servia, Bulgaria, Grceco and Turkey, and hopes that Austria will favor such
an alliance, the formation of which il considered possible owing to the necessity of
uniting against a common invader. It is
thought the only sorious difficulty will lie to
get Greece to join tho alliance.
Mr. "Roy, Q. C, and Hon. Mr. LacMte
leave for Europe early next month to argue
before tbe Privy Council tho famous case of
Lachevrotiere vb. City. This will be the
final islne iu an action involving SI,000.000,
by which the heirs of Lachevrotiere claim
the wholo of Jacques t'artler Square, on tho
ground that Montreal lost its right thereto
from the moment that it ceased to bo a public market, as stipulated by the donor.
A special from London says i General Sir
J.divers Buller has advised the Government
that  the  disturbed   state   of the districts
visited is entirely due to the influence of the
yie.   The General advises the suppres
-Ut A. 0. Well*,
t. Ryder, Snd A.
AC.   Weill, 2nd
But -Moitinent ui fall applu-lat T. K.
Kitchen, 2nd IV. (lillanden.
But auortuient of winter applu—Ut G.
W. Ch-t-uy, 2nd A. C. Well*.
But assortment dauert applet - lit Mn.
Kvana, Snd Campbell Bro*.
Rant awortmant of cooking applu—lrt J.
F. Ryder, 2nd !). MoGillivray.
But assortment of deuert nesm -1st G,
W. Chadaey, 2nd Mr*. Arnold.
Bart antortment of cooking pean—lit
Mm. Kvana, Snd G. W. Cht.uv.
But assortment of dessert plum*— lit A.
C. Well*.
But aacortment of <-.o*kiug plnms—lat A.
C. Weill.
Beat auorttnent of peachm—lat A. C.
Walla, Snd J. Barber.
But two bunches of grapes—M. Hall.
Rut two watermelons— 1st T. K. Kitchen,
2nd Mn. Bryant.
Bert two muikmeldn*—lit T. E. Kitchen,
Snd G. W. Chaduy. •    •
Bart two citron*—Ut Mn. Arnold, 2nd
Bert collection of fruits—lrt A. C. Wells,
2nd J. Y. Ryder.
She'* rich tail fair ancTtaleuted as well;
Her figure is a drum, her smile a spell,
Her fair complexion's like a pink tea ahell—
Twill itaad inspection.
Her disposition's met aa it can b*.
And with h*rt**t* in dress mediates agree ■
Bot     i- 'ior bad tute in refusing me.
She'd b* perfection.
Mr. Vanderbilt, the American miltionMre,
ia a Sybarite in th* matter of rowing »•«_.
He ha* jurt had bnilt by Me*_r» Measure of
Richmond, the *_ft->*K>wn boat builder*, a
Urge rowing boat, ill the fitting! of which
. of til?er.    It in an ordinary uulliug boat,
But collection of Plants in bloom—lat A
C. Wells, 2nd Mn. Evan*.
^^^^^^^^ lat A. C. Wall*, Snd
But table  boquet—1
G. W. CmTtm-y.
But band hoquet—1
      lrt Mn. Kvana, Snd
G. R. ArtwdB.
But plant in flowar—1st G. R.' Athwell,
2nd Mr*. Evan*.
Bert fuchaia-lst  Mrs. Bvan*, 2nd G. K.
Beit geranium— Ut Mrs. Evan*. Snd G.R.
But dtblU-G. R. Aihwall.
But ijtiir^jjtahwork—Irt J. Lappum, Sad
But 3td krutaed woman socks— lit G.
R. Art-trail, 2nd Mn. For»y-li«.
Best pair knitted woolen -tockings— 1st
Miu CaSr-jUiH, Snd J. F. Rjrd*r.
with teats for a couple of people and "a uil! I    lut eiAroi knitted woolan jrio'
Why it thould be oraam.nted with .IItw ijMtu ZmmfOtt. IB il\.4ita*%.
1*8.  Knight, 2nd
A St. Thouiaa, Canada, veterinary surgeon
recently pulled the unsound tooth of a dog.
The dog tat up in a chair and tcted very
human, opening hit mouth readily, yelling
wben the doctor pulled, and fainting doau
awajr when tbe tooth came out.
, Thorn** Baily Aldrlch, who hu jurt returned from a three month*' trip through the
interior of Russia, tayt tbat the civilization
of Moscow reminded him of some wild 1 ndian
chief who In his old age puts on a psir 91
epaulettes or a high hat. " It simply rm
phatitu uvagery.
An Indiana tramp waa aeen hiding a package in a hedge, before ho entered Chatham
on a begging tour. The package contained
$70 in ni-kcli, $400 in greenbacks, aud a
certificate of deposit for $300. Alt this
wealth wu handed over to the tramp and ho
wat told to move on.
A correspondent iu Rome says that a particularly graceful Carrara marble statuette
of an infant Baochu* hu been found near
ancient Subra. The legs are gono, and one
hand and oue arm. A goatskin hangs from
the shouldon, and the head is crowned with
an ivy wreath, tied witb long ribbons.
A professional safe burglar told a Pittsburgh reporter that when artists in his pro
feuion wen' working at a ufe they often
used a ecreenrof canvas and stiff wire painted
in clou imitation of the safe they were working on. Tlii* they stood in front of the safe
and worked behind it, and when the Watchman looked to ace If the safe wu safe, he
uw only the screen which in the night
looked like the real thing.
, Bolivian coffee is newly introduced into
J this market. Tho berry ia large, lustrous
aud, although of good flavor, it of surprising
ttiength. Died a* Mochn, Java, or Rio colleen are, iu Infualon*, It it richer than the
{.then in the active principle of coffee that iU
effects upon the nervous system are almost
like delirium tremens. It promises to lie of
much uee in mixing with weaker coffee or
kiviug strength to adulterated mixtures
Charlet Libtiy was replacing timbers in a
•haft in the Deiloga mine in Missouri, and
lhe icaffold gave way. He started head
first for the bottom, but hia foot, caught between a broken timber and th* wall of the
abaft. Hi* boot wu big and strong, and
there he hung, looking down the 100 feet
that were between bim and death at tbe
bottom until workmen above let down a
rope, fastened it to bis leg and drew him to
the aurface.
While the orchestra wu playing the pray
er from " Rienzi" in the Louisville Music
Hall the other day a vigorous baby struck
lu with a lung loin right In one of the mott
delicate pat-egos. Conductor Damrosch
ltopp.il the orchestra aud tat down. When
the little one had been quieted he remarked
that while It wu a good thing to give child-
•an a musical education, there waa tuch a
thing u Winning too early in life. Then
he returned nil baton and the prayer was repeated.
Col. Bluograu of Kentucky stood pensively in front of the Palmer House the other
day, when a seedy-looking wreck meandered
up to bim and observed . "My friend, can
you help me—" "No, uh,' snapped the
Colonel. " You arc too prior," remarked
tbe aecdy mau ; " I wa* going to ask if you
•ould help me to find the nearest saloon
Where we cau both get drink* at my ex-
peuse." " Well, Major." responded the
Kentucky gentleman, " 1 iluiinn but I couid,
sah.    Tint way, tab."
a. Bridgeport paper says that a detective
Ol that city recently received the following
Utter : "Will you oblige me by going to
tome picture gallery and ut for my pictures
1 w 111 nay you. My children and relations
are bothering me to have one took u I am
growin old, and aa I am buzay (gltting in
prop* 1 can't tpair time to come down. I
bear you bave diagi-e* to you oan do as well
iu me. Have ua red tide whisken and good
clothes. Make the picture good lookin and
wheu you laff show your teeth u I have a
bran new ut of falu onu. I am 48 yun
old and a widower."
Theie wu an immersion of convert! in
a colored Baptist church in Florida laat
Hnnday. The preacher waded into the
crack to a depth of four fut, and a deacon
led out a sisUr tu he baptized. Sbe wat
gently laid backward ou the surface of the
water, which wet only the hank of her
clothes and of her hud. Than the started
lor dry Und ; but the congregation on the
•bora with oue voice declared that the sister
had not been immeisod, aud that the
Scripture* plainly commanded that the
candidate mult be buried beneath the water.
She wu at once led back and baptized thoroughly and Scriplurally, to the evident
edification of the apecteton.
Eight yuan ago Samuel, the eleven-year-
old ton of Abraham Kentkitky, a peddler
living near Pittsburgh, distppeared, and the
neighbors taxed Abraham with having killed
hia ooy. The authorities investigated, but
could get no proof againtt the father, who
wu much out down by the accusation. He
determined, however, to stay where he wu
and lire tbe aoandel down, but the other
day a neighlwi- brought it up againtt him
agaiu, and then he determined to move
away. He wu in th* act of packing hit
good* when a Utter came from Erie saying
that his eon wa* there. The old man at
once went to Erie and there wu Samuel,
who came home with hia father. He said
tbat he had left home simply because he
wanted to aee the world.
In tbe autobiography of the late S. Irena>-
u* Prime, now being  published in the New
York Observer, the writer  tells of a scholar
who went to school to him In Sing Sing, aud
wu rather stupid at first, as he blundered
over hi* A.   B. Ca.   One day Mr. Prime
itood the small boy in the middle of the
room M u punishment.     The bell rope hung
jutt there,  aud the teacher Fin fun dropped
the noou over the lad's head.   There happened to be some boys in the hall above, wbo
pulUd the rope, and the littlo fellow at once
went  toward  the ceiling.     The  teacher
grabbed the rope' and pulled,  whioh made
the koyt pull all the harder, and the child
wu  in   danger of being hanged then and
there.    Bot Mr. Prime aacceeaed in cxtricv
him none ' the worse fer. the hanging,
afterward;wrote : " He went on with
" t, became a capital tptaker at pub-
- rtudied law, became Recorder
«M robwquently
Torn out om rAnrrra.
Mxty girls and half u many men aud boyi
intke cigarettes on the top floor* of the
buildings 5 and 7 Fulton strut, Brooklyn,
and downstairs Mr. Morris Hindi sells tb*
cigarette* to thole wbo will buy. For a
month not very long ago two of the prettiut
girls ut in Mr. Hirsch's *hop window making cigarettes, and if the girl* up stairs bave
half as nice a time u the two in the window
enjoyed, tbey are to be envied.
Susie Lane wu combining butuiess with
pleasure by laughing and chatting u ab*
worked recently up stain in No. 5. when
unexpectedly the complained of * pain in the
region of the heart. The girl who **t opposite helped her into tne girl*' dreulng room,
where Sutie fainted io a little hup on th*
floor. Why the fainted it not known ind it |
may never be known, bot the fainted, and'
here the story begint. Her friend, whose
Heme is Annie Smith, ran to tb* door of the
Iretting room and cried :
" She's dying !    Help I"
Then, *l,e tt-o, believing tbat Sutle hid
lnue exactly right, proceeded to taint.
Then them wu *n uproar.     All tha girl*
Sot up and shrieked and ftarted for th*
resting room, but in a mlnot* two dull
thuds showed that two other girls b*d
fainted. Then tbe uproar increased. No
more girls tainted but there waa a raw to
who oould get hyrteriu quickest, and
girl No. 20 won. The rut nf tb* girli tied
for tecond and third placet. Two little girl*,
who wore too young either to feint or ta, have
hysteric*, ran down ta tba store. R. L.
Henry wu in the store with Jacob Hindi, a
Imy of 10. The little girl* (aid tlmulttne-
outly i " Oh, they hav* got them awful tstd
up atain !" tnd then they stopped with their
mouths open aud watched what Mr. Henry
would do. He ran up atain. At the door
all the girls wbo could atend up surrounded
Mr. Henry and cried in concert i " I want
to go home. LoU of the girl* ara dud, and
I'm afraid I'll get them next."
Little Jacob II inch ran for Dr. E. B. J onu
of 50 Sands street, while Mr. Henry and the
workmen began to eort out th* injured. The
foreman was annoyed u he vu helping Mr.
Henry tn carry out the hysterical girl* from
the hall nnd dressing room, by tugs on his
coat tails, such aa a pumpkin seed glvu to
un angler's line. Finally he turned. Ont of
the strippers named Johnay Hogan wu pulling him.
" I'm sick, I'm sick,' he cried. "Pleas*
can I go ?" and when h* was told that be
could, ho went. Dr. Jonet oam* shortly
and straightened nut the girl* witb tome restoratives, and advised Mr. Hirech to dii
miet the thop for tho day. Mr. Hirach dismissed the girlt, and then allowed the boy*
to go home, too. The men uid they would
finish, and they did ao. 8a*ie Lam and
Annie Smith and the two girl* who tied for
third place in the hysteric* race were lent
home in n carriage, hut the othen went
home at hut they could.—X.   Y. Sun.
IN A   l>AM.i:il<>! H CONDITION.
Any man, woman or child I* in a danger!
ous condition when neglecting a constipated
iat'i of the bowels. There can be no perfect
health without a regular action of thii
function. Burdock Blood Bitten curt con-
■iiipriti'ii, by imparling a healthy tone to all
the - c ctiona.
lion of thnt organization ns the only way of
restoring tranquility. Should the Government follow tho advice of General Buller
aud " proclaim " th_) league, it will at the
same time prohibit the formation hereafter
of any other tociety of a similar type.
A private letter received from Manitoba
states that the crops along the line of tho
Manitoba tnd Northwestern Railway have
been exceedingly good this year, perhaps the
but in the province. At Binscnrth- w hent
runs 40 bushels to the ncre, and oats over 70
bushels. The correspondent snya there is n
very good feeling among the farmers, nnd it
ia believed that next year they will nil go in
on a coutiderably larger scale than they
have iu the past, for raising both cereals
and cattle.
La Liljerte urges the Malagassy Government not to allow itself to.be infiuencod by
the counsels of the Methodist missionaries.
It says if M. DeVilliert, the French resident, thould be compelled to quit Tanauari-
vo in oonteiiuence of the non-acceptance i f
France's ultimatum several cruisers will be iu
readiness to blockade the ports of Madagascar. It also says that while there il no probability of a military expeditiou to the interior, the territory adjacent to the Bay of
Zuirzis will lie occupied hy the French.
Gen. Kaulban, the bearer of the Russian
ultimatum, will declare thnt the acceptance
ol the ultimatum will alone restore good illations between Bulgaria nnd Russia. It Is
expected that if the Bulgarian Government
docs not comply with Russia's demand Gen.
Kaulban will immediately return to St.
Petersburg. The atiertion is murle in political circlet that the Grand Sobrauje will elect
King Charlet of Koumania Prince of Bulgaria
in reward for 1-oumuuia'a recent friendly attitude. The election of Kiug Charlet will,
it it thought, lie agreeable to Servia, because
it will lie calculated to realise the formation
ofthe Balkan federation. It is further us
tertcd that if the Powers do uot accept King
Charles, Aleko Pasha, or one of the Orleans
Princes, or as a final resort, the Russian
General Tigui-tiefl, will bo propoted.
The North German Gazette (Prince Bismarck's organ) commenting on the attitude
of the Austrian press towards the Bulgarian
tituition, says : " We think that the Austrian press betray an extraordinary desire to
destroy the peace between Germany and
Auttria, the only two European nations
bound together by honorable alliance. The
articles in the Vienna aud Pesth papers will
not turn tbo Gerinau policy aside from its
course any more than did similar articles
Sublished in Germany and which have now
isappeared from the surface of politic* became by the existing treaties, Germany's
sympathy and interest hod dictated hor
present policy. It is fortunate for both nations that the existence of iitternuti mnl
treaties docs not depend upon newspaper
editors nor upou parliamentary disputants,
who iu their speeches ute all kinds of pretexts for moral exuperation.
I intend to make application to the
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Work* tor
permission to purchase about 200 acret of
land, more or lent, tituated in New West
minster District, "Group Out," and de
scrilwd a* follows :—Commencing at a itek*
about 40 chain* north of north-west corner
of lot 471 (alongside of J. J. Cowderoy's
claim), thence north about 46 ohiint, tbence
west about 45 chaina, thence south about 45
chains, tbence east about 45 chain* to th*
place of commencement.
Port Moody, B. C, Aug. 31, 1886.
Five hundred thousand
-•hingles for *ale, at prices
never before heard **f in British Columbia.
Send lor prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Address all orders to
Port Moody, B. C
Thii Great Household Med,
oine ranks among the |.i„
lng necessaries of Life
Theae l.rnous Pill* |>uri'y .lie HUn,
»nd act moat powerfully, vet sta1{„n,t
on the
and BOWELS, gi'ing ton*, en*,.,
vigo, lo these gnat Ha IN BPElNli-n
LI»E. Thet _r* eo.«uu,|!- rsssou.,..,,^
s.never falling rt-m-dy u, «(, ,.„_., ,„, f "
ooaaiitnilou, Ironi • bales.-r cau*. _tl*
ooni* impaired or weakened I hey »,f ,!_
derfullr ,'f_le«,-iou» iu »ll adn.eiil-' ,,.^T
to Feotslea ol ull ages; and a. » l.kM-ii,
FA-IILT MKDI()IXIC..r.  „,„._„, ,.,,K'
Its near clung and Ueali-.,
Properties are k 110*1
throughout the 'World
For n,e cure ol BAD LEG.**,, Han li,,..
OldU ounds, Sores and Uto
Il is 1.11 infallible ren.euy. fl rfthcMUll, i-
beal ou tb* neck and cl eat, a* s*H n,i, _,
ilCur.ar.0, E THKOaT, Bmuchins r_,
Cougha. and even AMHMA,    lor l'i.,,,,,,,
>-*.liOg«, Aba, ease.. Pile., _>.HIu:i.»,
Au,| ever. Mimd ul .-.KIN IllHkA-y. , ,
n*W been known 10 tail.
ih" I'illt sud iiiiiiinrui   1,,.    ti.i,,,,,,
only st
5S» OXHlKtl HTKKET   l.-iMin
An* .rn .ed by all v-nd,,,- oi * I, „
ihro-ghout iheeivil.Krdaoihi.ttill.iliiHit,
for uw >n n uio*i . very aoguag*-
Iht-   T,i,,I* Marks of these il,	
,e«ia|. ie,'   ii,   ..tiawu.     Hen,-.,    „,    ,
ihr.inglioni the British Pott-ia-ioi - . „_
ke, p the American doaniateit* te- •■ ,
he prnswn.eil.
jyPnrchane 1 Hhoul : .,111 >. _ I
on ibe Poi* snd Boxes. Il tin adurss. ,.
133, I'sford -Iriet, l.nii.lnn. ih<
ney  •>► up,
B*«ni*T«K-*Tl.AW,    NOTAKV    1'l'tl
SoucrroKAND AitohnilV, Bbal l.-itn
J_r-_.rswr.3r ■txasst,   ■   •   Pox. Mood
M££?   "Kew ¥oS, m'yj
' Uta-long friend, John T. Hoffman."
• * I intend to make application to the
Chief Commissioner of Land* and Work*
for pornilssinn to pur-chate about 180 acre*
of laud more or less, situated in New Westminster district "Group One" and described
as follows : —Commencing at a point on th*
shore Line of Deep Cove on the northern
boundary of lot 543 about IB chain* eatt of
the mirth-west corner of lot 543, thence west
aliout l.-ichaiiifi, thence south about4<)ehaina,
tin- west about 'JO ch tint,   thence north
about liiii'haius. thence out about 40chains,
thence following meandering* nf ahnre line
tn point nf commencement.
I'ort Moody, B. C.. Sept. 7th, 1888.
Subdivision of Lot 2S3
1 ll all installments on Lot* on the above-
named property, mutt bs paid in strict conformity with the stipulations, nr th* agreements wilt be cancelled, snd th* payment*
already made, forfeited.
New Westminster, Sept II, 1885
Advice to Mothkes.—Are yon disturbed
atuight and broken of yonr rest by a iiick
child suffering and crying with pain of
Cutting Teeeth ? If io tend at once and get
a bottle of "Mrs. Winslow't Soothing Syrup"
for Children Teething. Its value it incalculable. It will relieve the poor littlo auf-
ferer immediately. Depend upon it mothers;
there is no mittake about it. It cures
Dytentery and Diarrhoea regulates the Stomach and Bowel*, curd Wind Colic, softens
tbe Gnmt reduce* Inflammotion aud gives
tone and energy tothe whole system. "Mrs.
Winslow't Soothing Syrup" for children
teething is pleasant to the taste and ii the
pretcription of one of the oldest and best female phyBioiana and nurtct in the United
Stat**, and ii for Silo by allt druggist!
throughout thu world. Prica wenty-riv*
rtntsa'Wt.lf B*aure and uk for "Mn,
Win-low,.toothing Syrup," tnd Uk* no
other kind.
Brick Clay for Sale.
class brick clsy Und, adjacent to CF.
Railway, about two milei from Port Maady,
Sample  and   informatidh   oan be obtained
^■***« A. R. HOWSE.
Real Estate Broker,
Port Moody
•very aectlon of Fort Moody.    Al
Suburban Lott, by the  Acre,   inunmlitt
adjacent to the Port Moody *urveyertTi»
Lands for sale *n tb* North tide of, i
having Water frontage on. Port Mm
Harbor, finely ■ situated and eicerdin
Also, Farm Land* of superior quality i
On favorable termt, in New ,\,_tnn_i
Carefully prepared Map. and Flans
hibited, and the fulleat information furti
ed. at Mr, Hamilton's office
To Brio km a leers, Wool
Manufacturers and other
moat beautiful spoU in tb* Prodi
there ar* inaabauitibl* bad* of elay,'
adapted for the manufacture uf ars
Thar* it plinty of water power to drit
mill, and any quantity of fuel to hart
brick*. For a Woolen Mill the Islam
w*ll adapted; the ttraaxnt art <♦»
throughout th* year, and there is plenl
power to driv* machinery. The fiarbc
excellent and land-locked, ao that no <
haa any effect on .hipping lying In tbt
bor. "
For particular* apply at
nr.22 THW omi'l
A kka*u>, Ono.   -      ■ Fropr. Pacific I*
Amuthoiso A Bonn, -   Lumber M*r*U
a Ftru. »_rr or
FOR   S-A-X-H..
C11EA      FOI:   CASH.
Formerly uted in onr Saloon at Yal*.
i-lgln House, Port Moody.
Burr, Jtmte,
Coon, C. E.,
Clabkb, J. A.,
Fa-.e* *Co.,
G-uifT, d. a,
Hamilton, P. S
Hutor, M„
Ikilit, Wm.,
Kilsy, E.,
Kaf.tr, K. B.,
Lanoifj, H. E.,
Mr.nnii, A.,
McecmE, —,
N»_aon, T. F.,
T-mis-, J. B.,
VanVolkenbnrgh Bro*,
Tmhuo, Lotm
Wins, Jon.,
Druggiit and T-I'pl
-        -    RetlB
-     Gen'l. M
IWriattT A Real W
■   Propr. Elgin Hi
.       Cento
Propr. Caledonian B
Lumhei A(
l.rootjrie* * Creel
London Hi
Shingle Manuftci
•tap Propr'
all pemooi ar* forbidden to P***
from any person or person* any lot, f*
intarnt in tb»t certain *co» now ft*****
occupied by the undersigned and *a*a%
lying in tb* water* of Fort Moody.
Port Moody, B. C, April 17th, I8*
into partmrohip io the bnainett <*
on nt tha Pnciffi Be**!'. CJari** Str**A
Moody. Tb. firm nam* in fat-trs »
Taylor A M«Lwh!. ,,.
JS M616U wee


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