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The Penticton Press Oct 17, 1908

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Array jL
^Ibe   {penticton
VOL. 3.   No. 14.
$1.00 Per Year In Advance
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-UO Capital, $10,000,000
ALEX. LA1ED, General Manajer [ Reserve Fund, -       5,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in ihe United States and England
}5 and uniier      3 cents
Liver $5 and net exceeding $10        6 cents
"   $ 10        " " $30       10 cents
"   $30        " " $50       15 cents
These Orders are payable al par al every office cf a Chartered Hank in Canada
(Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points in the United Stales. They
are negotiable at $4.yo tc the �� sterling in Great Blitain and Ireland.
They form an excellent tre:hcd cf remitting small sums of money with safety and
at small cost, and may be obtained without delay. llti
Penticton Branch     =    *    J. J. HUNTER, Manager.
A. B. Campbell. A. E. Kay.      (?j
Campbell & Kay
(Successors to Penticton Lumber Syndicate)      (j|j
i   \i
. .  We think you are doing fairly well, still don't v*/
^> stop at that. |^
ftj   We Have Lots of Building Material Left Yet. nm
ra��^w�� *^fci tt ^mm tt ^m. tit ^m* tt ,mtm tt *^�� tt ^mm t m
*J    "\V/E want the Cash Trade, and to  secure  it  will  give  one  Photo   *
1     ^��V     Coupon on our famous Cosmos Studios for every 25c.  purchase
(with the exception of our Weekly Bargains)   150 coupons will   m
entitle bearer to 12 Photos of himself, and 1 Enlargement free. I
Penticton vs. Peachland at Football.
^he Penticton football eleven
went to Peachland on Saturday
last and played their first game
of the season with the team oi
that place. When the two halves
of forty minutes each had been
played the score stood 6���0 in
favor of the home team. The
game throughout was clean and
| the most friendly feeling prevailed. The visitors were greatly handicapped by the condition
| of the grounds, which being a
bed of shingle, were difficult to
run on. Though fairly level
these grounds are quite different
to the turf the Penticton boys
are accustomed to ; but that is
not the principal reason why the
visitors lost. Their forwards
were very weak, as was evidenced by the fact that when
the ball was passed to them they
gave the Peachland goal-keeper
only three or four opportunities to
return it, during the whole game.
The Peachland backs were strong
and the play was almost continually in the neighborhood of Penticton's defence. Foster did
some pretty work in goal and
made numbers of smooth saves.
Penticton's backs, too, did splendid work.
It is only about a month since
the Penticton team was re-organized, and their practices number
but four or five. By strengthening the weak points mentioned
and getting a little combination,
an interesting game can be
expected when the return match
is played on Thanksgiving Day.
j Weekly
f Bargains
Salt Wafers 25c per tin
Graham Wafers 25c per tin
Cambridge Wafers 2fic pur tin
Oatmeal Wafers 25c per tin
Royal Crown Soap 20c per pkt
Golden West Ammonia Powder. ...He for 2 pitta
Golden West Soap 20c per pkt
Cash jf
A large consignment of
Single and Double
Light and Heavy HARNESS
Express and Driving
ft ^^ 3P5 ^5 ^5 ^K <W* 3K C^ ^^ ^WJ ^^ 3P> C^f v* ^^ y&* 35 %&> *& V^ ^5 \& 3K ^K ^K ^K 3
good horses, safe rigs, carrful drivers and also saddle and pack   horses,
We are also putting in Hay and Grain for sale, and as we buy  for cash
^ we get the best rates and our patrons get the benefit.
K Special  Attention  To The  Wants Of Commercial  Men
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable jj
DIGNAN and WEEKS, Proprietors. jj
If you vant a Stylish Outfit, this is the place to come.    You can always   J|
get teams just when you want them.    We make a specialty  of  keeping   4
Penticton Stage and Livery
Stage Connects with Steamer "Okanagan" at Penticton, with Great Northern
Railway at Keremeos, and with stage to Hedley and Princeton. Leaves at 6 a.m
Pianos and Furniture moved to all points,  and a general Draying
Business transacted.
Saddle and Pack Horses.
Top Buggies, Four-horse Rigs for Commercial Men.
W. E. Welby, Prop.       Penticton.
Penticton Store
jj Alfred H. Wade, Prop.
Dry Goods, Gent's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, Groceries
and General Merchandize of all Sorts
Ao-ent for    giant powder co.
/\geni ior    okanagan flour mills co.
Goods delivered through the town. Prompt attention to orders.
The Literary Re-Organized.
The Penticton Literary and
Debating Society held its re-or
ganization meeting Thursday
night in Woodmen's hall. The
annual election of officers took
place and resulted in the election
by acclamation of W. A. McKenzie as president; E. W. Mutch as
1st vice-president; R. Wilton,
2nd vice-president; S. D. Evans,
secretary; Miss M. Rowe, treasurer; Miss B. Thompson, Miss A.
Moore, and R. W. Hibbert, additional members of the executive; and Miss H. Lancaster,
organist. The first regular
meeting will be held on Thursday evening, Oct. 5, when there
will be a debate on the subject,
"Resolved that taxes should be
levied on land values only, and
that all improvements should be
exempt from taxation." Geo.
Winkler will lead the affirmative
and E. W. Mutch the negative.
Weather Report.
Observations at Dominion Government Meteorological Station
at Penticton for the month of
September, 1908:
1 66  51J
2 70   48
8 76  45
4 90   43
5 76  45
6 77J 44
7 74   44
8 73  49
9 65   43
10 74  48
11 78  46
12 78   46
13 74$  53
14 74   55
15 774  48J
16 72   -HI
17 68   43J
18 73  40
19 72   39
20 .75   44
21 79   45
22 64   44
23 59   371
24 591  291
25 71  32
26 681  42
27 591 38
28 54  391
29 661  371
30 74   51
The total rainfall was .88.
Duncan Ross, M. P. for Yale-
Cariboo, addressed a meeting at
Okanagan Falls last Monday.
Local and Personal
Mrs. H. L. DeBeck will not
receive until December.
A. E. Kay is having his cottage on Ellis Street painted.
Jas. Mahoney is building another house adjoining his own on
Main St.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid
will hold a bazaar on Tuesday,
Nov. 17.
W. H. T. Gahan returned Tuesday, after attending the assizes
at Fairview.
"The Holy City," Steward's
Hall, Thursday the 29th inst.
Get your seats early.
Rev. R. W. Hibbert returned
on Tuesday after a week's absence in the Similkameen.
John Lachore, of Dawson, Y.
T., spent a few days in Penticton
this week seeing his property.
Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver, of
Delta, arrived by Thursday's
boat to visit at the home of their
son, Wm. Weaver.
Found, last Sunday afternoon,
on Main St., a pair of ladies'
gloves. Owner may have same
by applying at Press office,
Remember, Martin Burrell, the
Conservative candidate for Yale-
Cariboo, will address the electors
in Steward's hall on Monday
evening next.
H. Murk will be in his new
barber shop alongside the B. C.
Hotel next week and will then
be prepared to cater fully to the
tonsorial trade.
Judging from the line stock of
fancy goods which H. Main is
unpacking at present, he will be
in a position to cope amply with
the Christmas trade.
Those sending in notices for
publication must either hand
them in personally or sign their
names. Otherwise the notices
will not be published.
R. Leyritz, nurseryman, of
Victoria, and Albert Boyer, his
agent for the Okanagan, spent a
couple of days in Penticton this
week looking up business for the
Mrs. Guest and son, Thos.
Guest, of New Westminster, arrived on Tuesday. They will
sojourn a while in Penticton,
camping on. Okanagan Lake
The regular quarterly meeting
of the Penticton Board of Trade
will be held on Tuesday evening.
There is important business t1
attend to and a full attendance
of members is requested.
Dr. R. B. white has purchased
the house on the corner of Ellis
St. and Fairview Ave. from the
S. 0. Land Co., and is making
extensive additions and improvements with a view to making the
premises his home.
A meeting is to be held in Vernon on Wednesday, the 21st inst,
to organize an Associated Board
of Trade for the entire Okanagan valley. Each board of trade
is entitled to send three delegates with voting powers.
Chas. Bunting, of Grand Forks,
Socialist candidate for Yale-Cariboo, and Parker Williams, Socialist member for Newcastle in the
provincial legislature, will address the electorate in Steward's
hall on Thursday, the 22nd inst. j
Otto Gaube and daughter were
among the arrivals this week,
coming in from Altona, Man.
Mr. Gaube owns considerable
property in Penticton and is well
pleased with the progress of the
place and the growth of his
orchard. He, with his family,
will reside for the present in
Kelowna, where he is interested
in the Havana Cigar Syndicate.
W. Neate, a friend of C. A. C.
Steward, arrived from England
on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.
Steward accompanied him as far
as Banff where they will remain
for a week or so before returning
home. Mr, Neate expects to
make Penticton his home.
A bullet crashed through one
of C. A. C. Steward's plate glass
windows on Monday and narrowly missed some customers in the
store. Who fired the missile is
unknown, but it was doubtless
some irresponsible person shooting in the vicinity of the town.
The Methodist Ladies' Aid purpose giving a birthday social on
Wednesday evening, Nov. 4, in
the church. As this is said to
present some novel features,
everyone would do well to keep
the date in mind. A programme
and light refreshments will be
The recreation ground trustees
have been doing some good work
on the race track under the
supervision of H. Huycke. The
track is now in fairly good condition, but a further expenditure of several hundred dollars
will be necessary before it will
be in real good shape.
The Press acknowledges the
receipt of a box of most excellent
white grapes from the garden of
F. H. Latimer. The fruit is exceptionally large and fine flavored and is an excellent indication
of what can be accomplished in
the growing of such tender
fruits in this section of the valley.
The ladies of St. Saviour's
Church will give a dance in
Steward's hall or. the evening of
Friday, Oct. :!0. The proceeds
will be in aid of the church building fund. Tickets, ladies $1.00,
gentlemen $1.50. The whole,af-
fair will be informal and dances
will be Canadian, not English,
in character.
Those who during the past
summer have visited the home
of Mr. and Mrs. II. W. D. Smith
on fhe bench have had an opportunity of observing what can be
accomplished with a little care
and attention in the way of
floriculture in the Southern Okanagan. Great banks of flowers
of various hue and variety still
adorn the premises at this com-
parativaly late season of the
An interesting and exciting
event took place last Saturday
afternoon in the form of a paper
chase, in which many of the citizens of both sexes, and most of
the saddle horses, joined. The
capture was made by Mrs. I, M.
Stevens and Frank McClure.
The only regrettable incident
was that the horse ridden by
Thos. Johnson stumbled and fell
upon the rider's leg, bruising it
Mr. and Mrs. Allhousen, of
Pinhay, Lyme Regis, England,
left Tuesday after spending a
few days in Penticton and vicinity. Mr. Allhousen, who is a
retired manufacturer, while here
bought about one hundred acres
of land, twenty acres of which
are irrigable, from the S. O.
Land Co. The land is situated
near Three Mile Creek and Mr.
and Mrs. Allhousen intend making their home on the property
next year.
The new home of Mr. and Mrs.
Sutherland and family on Main
St., was on Tuesday evening the
scene of a very pleasant gathering to a party given by the
Misses Sutherland in honor of
Miss Emma Sutherland who was
to leave in a few days for the
Northwest. A large number of
guests were present and a most
enjoyable evening was spent
with games of various descriptions. Miss Sutherland, who
bears with her the kind  regards
of a host of friends, left Thursday morning, and will probably
be absent for a year among old
friends at Moose Jaw.
Dredging the River.
Joseph McDonald, who is to
have charge of the dredging of
Okanagan River, arrived from
Vernon on Tuesday. Lumber
has been secured and a camp is
being erected near the mouth of
the River. The dredge is now
on its way from Vernon, and
work will begin with as little
delay as possible. It is proposed
to spend five thousand dollars
this season on clearing the passage of obstructions. A further
grant from the Dominion Government will probably be applied
for at the next session of the
House of Commons, but the
work this fall should render the
river navigable for small steamers, thus giving the residents of
Okanagan Falls and vicinity a
means of communication by water with the outside world.
Rifle Shoot.
A team of eight members of
the local rifle association met a
team from Summerland on the
range last Saturday afternoon
and had a friendly shoot, victory
resulting in favor of the visitors.
Tea was served on the range,
Mrs. J. R. Mitchell, Mrs. Guernsey and Mrs. Ernest Smith, presiding at the table.
The following are the individual scores:
Summerland. 200 yds.      500 yds.
J. Stewart 28 28
G. Irving  21 27
.J. Dunsden 22 26
W. Nelson 24 27
H. Dunsden 30 29
G. Gartrell 25 80
A. Nelson 30 29
A. Mallett 25 25
205 221
Penticton. 200 yds.     500 yds.
L. A. Rathvon 28 21
R. Wilton 21 11
A.Miller 24 29
L. C. Barnes 16 1!)
J. R. Mitchell 30 29
G. K.Guernsey 24 29
Charles Were 25 21
J.W.Edmonds 19 23
182 182
Summerland won by 62 points.
Sawing outfit. Circular saw ; 5 h. p.
engine; drag saw. Cost $500 ; will sell
for $250.    Apply
A few pure-bred White Wyandotte
Cockrells, or will exchange for Pullets
of any breed.
14-1 H. L. DeBECK.
40       " "       COCKRELLS
This stock, all thorough-bred, and
from hardy laying strain.
Secure one of these Cockrells to
improve your flock.
Penticton Cannery.
Henrys Nurseries
Now growing In our Nurseries for tho
fall trade i���
90,000 Peach) Apricot, Nectarines, Cherry.
Plum, Prune,  Pear and Apple-in al!
leading varieties.
100.000   Small   Fruits.
10,000  Ornamental  Trees in  all   leading
varieties tor B. C.
Strictly homo grown and not subject to
damage from fumigation.
Stock of Bulbs to arrive iu  August from
Japan, France and Holland.
Hee Supplies, Spray Pumps, Seeds, Etc.
140 page Catalogue Free.
Office, Greenhouses and Seedhouse :--
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,    -     B. C.
Subscription $1.00 Year. THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C. OCTOBER 17, 1908.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in
Advance.    Foreign, $1.50.
and strive to guide public opinion P
along   the   way   of  moral   and ���
political progress.
Advertising Rates:
Transient Advertisements Not exceeding one inch, one insertion, .r>Uc.;
for each ..uditiunal insertion, 25c.
Lodge Notices, Professional Cards, &c.
$1.00 per inch, per month.
Land and Timber Notices���30 ''ays, $5:
60 days, $7.
Legal Advertising���First insertion, 10
cents per line; each subsequent insertion, 5c. per line.
Reading Notices in Local News Column
15c. per line, lirst insertion; 10c. per
line, each subsequent insertion.
Contract Advertisements- Rates arranged according to space taken.
All changes in contract advertisements must be in the hands of the
printer by Tuesday evening to ensure
publication in the next issue.
The Servile Press.
A large percentage of the
newspapers of this province
would make an honest editor
blush, if one could be found.
Any old party and any old policy
is good enough for them so long
as their services are amply remunerated. Two of the most
pitiable spectacles at the present
time are the Vancouver World
and the B. C.   Saturday Sunset.
Previous to the announcement
of the Dominion elections the
World excelled itself in pouring
a flood of filthy vituperations over
everything Conservative. No
language was too abusive, no
misrepresentation too great and
no headlines too large to blacken
the character of its political opponents. But the World wanted
something, something which it
did not get at the time, so it
promptly got on the political
fence and began throwing
boquets at the opposition any
finally dropped to the other side
and joined its former opponents
in an endeavor to put the Liberals out of business. This much
was bad enough, but it did not
end there, for now that august
journal has again jumped the
fence, on the slightest pretext,
and is again hurrahing for the
Mclnnis party.
The position taken by the Saturday Sunset is almost as bad
and even more ridiculous. That
paper has usually stood for the
highest in politics, but when one
sees it starting out as an inde-
psndent supporter of Cown, and
then straddling the fence about
the time that the Pacific Globe
began publication at its office, he
begins to fear that the lofty
political ideals of the paper are
not very deeply rooted. The
Sunset's explanation, that it did
not follow that because it had
supported Cowan's nomination it
should support his election, is
silly and weak in the extreme.
The editor says in the same
article that he does not yet know
how he shall vote. All we can
say to this is that the editor,
who, after listening to the discussion of political issues by both
parties for over a month, besides
having every opportunity to post
himself upon the past record of
the government and yet cannot
make up his mind how to vote,
is scarcely capable of fiiling a
position as a moulder of public
The worst feature of the subsidized   press   is   not  that   the
papers speak as they are paid  to
speak, but rather that so  many
people are fools enough  to  be-'
lieve what they say.    The  poori
���deluded   public   eagerly   devour j
every scrap of sensational news,
and the newspapers,  backed  by
the   men   who   hold  the purse I
strings, are ever ready to throw j
out their bait and rake in  their j
victims.    What British Columbia ;
and the whole of Canada need
to-day is not merely honest politicians   but   honest   newspaper
men as well, men who cannot be
hired either to speak or to  hold I
their tongues,  but who,  guided j
by the highest light of the  agj,
and the dictates of conscience, I
will stand for right and  honesty |
Mr. Beverage brought over
from Kelowna, Saturday, a party
of homeseekers, among them
being Mr. and Mrs. Law, of Cal-j
gary, Alta.. who were greatly
surprised with the heavily laden
fruit trees, and may return later
to invest.
Mr.   and   Mrs.   Robinson,   of
Winnipeg, spent Saturday  here. '
Miss  Warnicker's   home   was
i the scene of a pretty event Fri-',
j day afternoon, when The  Girls' i
Handicraft Club met to shower
j upon one of its members, who is
i soon to become the bride of one
I of our esteemed citizens, all  the
lovely things that go to make up
the furnishings of adiningroom:
china, cut glass and linen.     The !
table decoration was carried out
in yellow and  white effect,
Club colors.    Each  present
: hidden, and attached was a
bon, leading to the centre piece
of   yellow   and    white    asters,
where the  several  ribbons centered and were bowed in a  'true
lovers' knot,' which the bride untied.    The bride cut the bridecake which  contained the   old
time ring,  money and thimble,
and caused a good deal of fun.
A well-put and curt little speech
from   the   bride   was   enjoyed,
after which the singing of 'She's
j a jolly good fellow, and  the extending of good wishes on the
part of the  Club,  an enjoyable
afternoon was brought to a close.
Newly   Receive
Don't Keep Hens
but make the hens keep you by
using a reliable egg food. I.
Kent has purchased from one of
the leading poultrymen in A-
merica a valuable recipe for egg
food. This food has been on the
market for twenty years and has
given general satisfaction to
those who have used it throughout the United States and Canada* The same people have
bought it year after year because
it has proven to be the most
profitable egg producing food
they have found, by keeping
their hens laying all winter when
eggs are high; and when this
food is given breeding fowls
their eggs have shown better
fertility and chicks hatched from
them have been more hardy.
This food is now made at the
"Lake View Poultry. Yards."
Try it. Money refunded if not
Boots & Shoes
We have just added to our
stock one of the largest shipments of Shoes we nave ever
received, and we believe at the
present time we are carrying
the largest stock in town.
When in need of Shoes don't
fail to look us up.
Dry Goods & Notions
Blankets, Comforters, a big
range of Pillow Tops with silk
for embroidering same, Children's Bearshin Coats, Muffs, Collars, Children's Toques, Hoods
and Infantees, all sorts of Yarns
for knitting and crocheting, Ice
Wool Squares and a good assortment of general Dry Goods just
Men's Furnishings
Winter Underwear, Shirts,
Sweaters, Socks, etc.
We have just received a nice
range of samples of Men's Suitings, Pantings and Overcoatings
for winter wear. Come in and
leave your order for a new fall
suit at Eastern prices.
Eley's "Grand Prix" Smokeless
loaded shells, all sizes of shot.
32 Rifle, 32 Revolver, 38-55, 303,
30-30, 30-40, and all kinds of 22
rifle cartridges.
'Phone 25.
Ellis Street.
���-.-���X- M WamWB
D. W. Crowley
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Goods Delivered to any part of  the
Town on Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday.
J. F. PARKINS, Manager.
Notary Public.
Kendall & Mason
Large blocks with good water
rights, from $10.00 per acre.
10-acre lots wholly or partly
planted with trees bearing 1909.
10-acre lots near town, unimproved.
Acre lots, planted with fruit
trees or unimproved. Main St.
and other good locations.
Another car of
McLaughlin    Carriages
Also a
Car of Cockshutt  Goods
Comprising the following :���
Adams'   Log   Trucks,   Adams'
Teaming  Trucks,   Adams' one-
horse    Wagons    (low   wheels),
Adams' Lorries and Drays.
Cockshutt 3,  2,   and   1-horse
Cockshutt Drag and Lever and
Spring-Tooth Harrows.
Cockshutt Wheel Scrapers and
Drag Scrapers.
Cockshutt 1-horse Cultivators.
Cockshutt Potato Diggers.
Also Bolster Springs, Light and I
Heavy Harness, Sharpies Cream
Separators, I. H. C. Gas Engines,
Ideal Pumping Plants, etc.
Call and Inspect our Stock.
Golden West Soa
Golden West Wa
ing Powder
Okanagan College
The Fall Term will begin on
Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1908
College Matriculation, junior and
senior; Commercial Course ; Stenography and Typewriting; Vocal
and Instrumental Music.
For  further  particulars   address
the Principal,
Everett W. Sawyer.
Summerland, B. C.
To obtain this Silverware, all you have to do is to purchase 50c.
worth of Golden West Soap (2 cartons) or Washing Powder; or
25c. worth of each, AND ASK YOUR GROCER for a Silver
Plated Teaspoon FREE (which is worth at least 25c), then cut out
the coupon off the two cartons and send them to the Manufacturers
including 2c. for postage, and obtain another Silver Plated Teaspoon FREE.
In this way your
Golden West Soap and  Golden  West
Washing Powder costs you
Address:   Premium Department,
Standard Soap Company, Limited,
Calgary, Alberta.
Via Fairview
Leaves Penticton Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:30 a.m., arriving at Oroviile the same day at (5 p. m.
Through Fare - $6.00
Arnott & Hine,
Penticton Bakery
Good Wholesome Bread,
Cakes and Pastry.
St. Saviour's Church, Fairview Avenue ; Vicar.
Rev. J. A. Cleland. Celebration of Holy Communion the Jr-t and 3rd Sundays of the month
after 11 o'clock matins; the 2nd Sunday at 8 a.
m. MorninK l��rayer at 11 a.m. Evensong at
7:30 p.m.
Presbyterian services each Sunday in Steward's
Hall at 11 a.m. or 7:80 p.m. Kev. Jan. Hood,
Baptist services each Sunday in Steward's Hall,
ut 11 a. tn. or 7:30 p.m.    Rev. A. S.  Baker,
Presbyterian  and   Baptist   services   alternate,
morning' and evening,
Methodist services in church each Sunday at 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p.m.!   Sunday School 2:45 p.m.
Prayer meetings H p.m. on Wednesday.     Rev.
K. W. Hibbert, pastor.
Young  Peoples' Christian Union   meets   in   the
Methodist church every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
A. F. & A. M. meet in Mason's Hall, Main St., 1st
Wednesday in each month at H p.m.
W. O. W. meet in Woodmens' Hall, Ellis St., 2nd
und 4th Saturday in each month at H p.m.
! 1. (). O. F. meet in Odd  Fellows'  Hall,  Main St.,
every Monday at * p.m.
i L. O. L.  meet in  Woodmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Friday in each month at 8 p. m.
School Hoard meets 1st Monday in each month
at 8 p.m.
Hoard of Trade ���Annual general meeting, 2nd
Wednesday in .January of each year. General
quarterly meetings, 2nd Wednesdays in Junu-
ury, April, July and October ut 8 p.m.
Stage* leaves for Kerrmeon, Hedley nnd   Frinee-
! ton, al ti a. m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur-
I days.    Returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri-
I j days.
j Stage leaves for Fairview and Oroviile on Tues-
| days, Thursdays antl Saturdays ut 6:30 u, m. Returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at
9 p. m.
Hours !) a, ttl. t" 0. p. m.
Registered Letter and Money Order wicket
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Piow Woman
Author of "The Biojraphy of a Prairie Girl."
COPYRIGHT.    100(3.    BY     McCLURE.    PHILLIPS    V-    COMPANY.
Buggestca sucn n thing ne wouia nave
beeu moved to laughter. But now lie
noted the prettiuess of the younger
girl, and a certain conceited dpsire to
appear chivalrous, which hurl earned
him the title of "lady killer" among
his associates, made him luvoluntnrll.v
t-pruee. lie smiled ingratiatingly nnd
t>���r>i���or' 1" �����iiv"��h  Into liowpry speech
^rheu���ut:   .���...    ~    ..... ad.'
eyes and suddenly found himself at a
loss for words.
"How d' do. uilssV" he said at last,
"llow d' y' doV" she returned,    In
spite of herself her voice trembled.
That did not escape Matthews. lie
shamed his momentary embarrassment and resolutely grappled the matter that bad brought him. "I want t'
isee your old man." he said. It was a
"Dad can't see you today." she answered with ready caution. She
[thought it best to keep from him. whoever be was. the knowledge of her father's absence.
"Hub!"  ejaculated   Matthews   In  an
[ugly tone.   He came a few paces nearer.   "I got f see him, jus' tb' same."
"But you can't."
"Ain't be f home?"
I   Marylyn pressed close to her sister.
"Tell him yes." she begged  nervously.
Dallas hesitated. Then sho answer-
ied: "He's not home. Will you please
'come again���some other time?"
The gambler chuckled. "My dear
,voung lady." be said. Ids tone tup extreme of insolence, "1 can't come no
.other time. Th' business I got t' do
has got t' be done t'day. I might as
well tell you tbat my namp's Matthews
���Nick Matthews. This claim you're
ion is mine, nn' I mean t' have It
'What's more, I mean t' have it t'day."
"Ah!" Dallas was thinking fast. At
her shoulder, aware all at once thai
they were In danger, was Marylyn,
clinging In pitiful terror.
"Yes," added Matthews, as if that
clinched the matter.
Dallas looked at bim without speaking.
"I Jus' come from Dodge City." he
went on. "My intention is t' live on
my land all winter I'm very sorry"
���this ironically���"your old man took
Hb' trouble to build on it. He ought t
Inaulred about th' claim before he
done tbat. But long's It's all one with
my plans fer improvlu' I don't see's I
ought t' kick." He chuckled agaiu aud
"1 know and so does dad," said Dallas, "that a man filed upon this quarter
section in July. We didu't find It out.
though, till long after we built this
house. We know his six months is almost up too. But If you're bim. and
even if you've got back only a few
hours before it's up, I'm willing, and
I think dad 'II be, for you to have the
claim. But you must pay for what
we've done on it."
"I never ast y' f do anything on it."
"That's so.    But the law says"���
"Aw, th' law be d���d! 1 don't
pay a cent!"
"Then I know dad won't leave."
"Oh, you do'.'"
"Yes," very quietly.
"Well, let me tell y', my dear, that
you're dead wrong. You're golu' t' git
your duds an' grub t'gether right now.
In half a' hour you leave this cabin!"
At this Marylyn began to sob.
"Come, get a move on!" ordered
Matthews threateningly. He knew that
If he wished to regain the laud there
would be no time better than the
present He began to walk up and
down, flinging bis arms about to start
tlie circulation.
Dallas turned to comfort Marylyn,
putting an arm about her protectlugly.
"Hush!" she said. "Keep quiet, honey!"
"Ob. let's go, let's go!" wailed the
younger girl.
Matthews en me forward again and
look out his watch, a large open faced
timepiece hung to a braided buckskin
chain. "Now, look n-bere," he said
peremptorily, "I don't want uo more
funny business. This claim's mine.
Your old man ain't got a solitary right
to it. So you got t' go. I'll give you
jus' ten minutes." With this lie resumed his pacing, comforting liis beat
with occasional drafts from a flask.
Dallas strove hard to collect herself.
"I can't do anything till dad comes,"
she called to him finally, "You want
us to leave. Why. we haven't got any
place to go. and U'h cold"���
"Olless I know that." interrupted
Matthews.    "I'm almost friz."
"And you've got no right to ask us
to go till you've paid for this house
aud the well���and���and niy plowing."
"1 pay fer nothlll' I don't see an' fer
no hole in lh' ground," he said. "And
as far 's a place to go Is concerned"���
this with a leer���"there's Shanty Town.
Why, th' boys 'd be tickled f death t'
see y\ Then there's alius room at the
fort when there's good lookiu' gals In
th' fambly."
Dallas understood the Insult. Her
rray eyes flamed In tier grayer face.
She slammed the window.
Matthews came near, so that his face
nil but touched the glass. "Oh, that
don't do no good, my dear," be said,
raising his voice. "When I get ready
I'll come In."
Marylyn bad stilled her weeping to
listen to him. Now. pallid with fear,
she threw herself upon her sister and
agaiu burst forth.
Dallas put her swiftly aside. The
lace thai had been gray was now a
tense white. Her eyes were blazing.
sin* sprang to the gun rack and put
up ber arms.
But I lie pegs were empty!
"I��� . vlHAT under the shining
>lf .   axe!  lair:! Loiin��hijry,
g sun!"
spilling ground coffee Into his
boot lops. He strode to the
front of the store, the tin scoop in his
hand still hold recklessly upside down.
A pung was passing the grocery���a
grt*..'ii pung drawn by a milk white
horse. On its quilt padded seat were
two men. Above tbem as tbey slowly
proceeded sagged a high board cross.
Lounsbury glanced Inquiringly about
him. His neighbors were also watch-
lug the strauge sight. At the windows
of the bunkbouse opposite and at the
openings of other buildings near were
many faces, wide witli good uatured
grins. As Lounsbury turned to the
travelers again his owu mouth curved
in a smile.
But all at once he sobered. The pung
was now so far away that the backs
of the men were presented to him,
and between them, projecting nt a
slant over tlie seat, were the curved
tops of a pair of crutches.
Jocular opinions of the pnssersby
were being freely exchanged back and
forth. He paid no heed to them. The
scoop dropped from his hand and clattered upon the floor. He let it lie.
Silent and troubled, unaware of tbe
demands of an insistent customer, he
looked nfter the departing sleigh.
At last be acted. Without waiting
even to put ou his cap lie started at a
run up the street. His race, bare-
beaded, increased the laughter of those
who were still watching. They yelled
to him boisterously, "Sic' 'em. Bud!"
"Sell 'em somethlu'. John!" "Drag
'em back an' skin 'em!" But the storekeeper was deaf. Each yard made
him more certain of tbe identity of one
traveler. His thoughts as he pursued
were of him. He gained rapidly on
(he pung. At the edge of the camp, iu
tbe trough of a drift, he stopped it.
Lancaster spoke lirst. for Lounsbury
was too spent "Waal, waal!" be said
"lixcuse me." panted tbe other, giving in his eagerness only a glance at
David Bond, "excuse me, but I see
you're headed from home. I wondered���I thought maybe I could do a turn
for the young ladies while you're
Kor a moment the section boss did
not reply. He was still smarting over
Dallas' generalship and if anything
was more disgusted and rebellious
(ban when be left the shack So In
Ihe brief pause he gave ready ear to
Ihe whispering of the' yellow harpy.
His lids lowered    His lip curled
"i'oil understand. I'm sine," Lounsbury hastened to say. "1 thought they
might be alone, that"���
"Thank y'," answered Lancaster,
snapping out each word, "thank y',
tbey is alone. An' you'll oblige me a
d���n sight by leavin' em thet way!"
He settled himself In liis seat. "Git
ap!" he said to Shadrach. The pung
slipped slowly ou.
Lounsbury was too taken aback either to follow or to retreat. For awhile
lie stayed where be was, busily coining forcible phrases for the relief of
his mind. A.s he retraced his steps tbe
few men who saw him were discreetly
silent, for the camp knew that there
wer? rare moments when It was best
lo give him a wide berth.
Tlie interview in tlie trough of the
irift was so brief that David Bond
was shut out of it. But had It been
longer���had be been given a chance to
speak���the result might have been tlie
same. The section boss bad been
mute all tlie way to Clark's. The fact
that Dallas had told him to relate the
story of tlie claim was the strongest
reason for his not doing so. David
Bond therefore was left iu ignorance
and had no means of couuectiug tlie
evil companion of Ids journey north
witli the fortunes of the Lancasters.
So as tbey left Lounsbury behind lie
eveu found some censure in his heart |
for the storekeeper.
"You were quite right," he said,
flicking Shadrach gently. "That young
man should pay no visit to your daughters while you are absent Yet"���ho
could not refrain from putting a reproof where it seemed due���"yet I regret your manner of addressing him,
your oath"���
Lancaster glared. "Oh, you' grnn'-
mother's tortoise shell cat!" he said
wrathl'ully. for several hours thereafter he added nothing to tills.
Back in Ills store Lounsbury was
mixing brown sugar with white,
oolong tea witli a green variety and
putting thread lu tlie pickle barrel.
Simultaneously he was tortuHng himself, Had the section boss 9 t home
with no danger threatening'; But���the
green pung was undoubtedly bound
for Bismarck. What was It that had
suddenly made him see the necessity
of attending to (he claim'/ Along with
this came self arraignment. After all,
he should have told Lancaster that a
man who claimed the quarter section
ou the peninsula had beeu called from
Dodge City. Lounsbury had been certain   that   Matthews  could  not  reach
Tort  Branuon liefore tbe spring.    But
it bad never occurred to him that the
section    boss   would   leave   bis   girls j
aloue!    Now.  he   vowed   tbat  if  auy ,
harm   befell   Dallas   aud   Marylyu   be
had only himself to blame.
He buckled ou Ids pistol belt and
padlocked the door. "1 dou't care
whether tbe old man likes It or uot,"
he declared aloud, "I'm going down
As be swung through tbe camp on
his way to tbe corral he saw one of
old Michael's helpers coming toward
him, picking Ids steps in the slush.
The man motioned and held out out a
white something. It was an envelope,
grimy and uuaddressed.
Lounsbury ripped it open and pulled
out a written sheet
der mr lunsbory [ran the noto] mrithu.se
com las alto In a quere outfit with a
krazy preecher the preeclier i think is at
the landcasters but tho other Bunuvagun
Is her I hav a i on him prity kold wether
river soUld.
It was partly through the generous
employment of Ids Imagination that
the storekeeper was able to make out
the scrawl, which, though not signed.
he knew to be the pilot's. Tbat same
Imagination enabled him to bring up
numberless disturbing���almost terrible���pictures.
Tbe astonished helper gazed after
him as be went tearing away in the
direction of tbe horse herd. "By jingo!" he grumbled. "Twenty miles,
and he didn't even say treat!"
Soon iAJiinsbury's favorite saddler,
urged on by a quirt, was kicking up a
path across the crusted drifts tbat
Shadrach had so recently surmounted
As tbe storekeeper cantered swiftly
forward a new question presented
Itself to him. Was the "preacher" iu
league with Matthews, and so was
carrying the section boss out of the
way? He decided negatively. He had
given only a glnnee to Lancaster's
companion, but that, together with the
passing glimpse from the store, bad
6bown him a venerable man whose
piercing eyes held a pious light. He
was no scoundrel confederate. He
was plainly but n brave, perhaps a fanatic and foolhardy, apostle In the
wilderness, nnd bis calling had kept
Matthews from confiding In him.
While Lounsbury thus alternately
tortured and eased bis mind he bad
passed the somber clump of cotton-
woods where tbe Indian dead were
lashed nnd was fast covering the miles
that lay between the burial boughs
and Fort Brannon.
When the ten minutes he had allotted were past Matthews made a great
show of putting away his watch and
look a last pull at the whisky flask.
The bottle disposed of. he walked
down tlie drift to the warped door nnd
rapped a staccato. No answer was returned. Agaiu he rnpped aud more
Imperatively than before. Again no
answer. He pushed back bis hat aud
applied an ear to tlie bole through
which had hung the lifting string of
the latch. Then he heard long, infrequent sobs, like those of a child who,
though almost asleep. Is yet sorrowing. Between the sobs, punctuating
them fiercely, sounded the prolonged
sucking In of breath.
"Might as well stop y' bawlin" an'
Bqualliu'," he called through the latch-
hole    "Time's up!"
Getting no reply, as before, he alter-
wl his tatties. First, shading his face
with his slim lingers, be looked In.
He could not see the girls. Dallas was
close to the door and beyoud the limit
of bis vision. So wus Marylyn. v��-ho,
helpless with fright, half knelt, half
lay, against her sister. What he could
see was, from the south window, tlie
gaudy Navajo blankets forming two
partitions of Lancaster's bedroom und
nearer two partly tilled sacks, some
harnesses and the seat of n wagon.
The other window afforded a better
view. "Looks mighty comfortable,"
he said as he contemplated it. There
was a beartb with Its dying fire. In
front of It were circling benches and a
thick buffalo skin rug. Above was a
mantel, piled with calico covered
books. A freshly scrubbed table stood
In the farther corner beneath a dish
cupboard, which was made of a dry-
goods box. To the left of this, high up
on the log wall, were a couple of pegs.
It wns these that finally riveted
Matthews' attention and brought him
to a temporary halt. "Got th' gun
down!" he exclaimed. On finding that
Lancaster was gone he had decitled
not to produce a weapon. Now, however, he quickly felt for one and dropped on all fours. "That biggest gal 'd
no more mind punipin' lead into nm
than uothln'," he declared, wagging
his head wisely. "1 could loll that by
the shine in her eyes." He crawled
around the comer.
Behind the lean-to, he came to several conclusions. . It would be useless
to try to get In by either window.
Both were high and small. The best
spot for an attack was the door. Unless be was hard pressed he must uot
shoot. Women were concerned, nnd
the fort or Clark's might be stirred to
unreasonable retaliation in their name.
For exumple, there was that poor devil
of a cow puacher ut Dodge who bad
been riddled simply for slapping his
wife. Obviously the shack must be
occupied without the shedding of
blood. But what of his safety'.' "I'll
jus' have t' chauco it," be said, und
bunted for something to use as a battering ram.
Not a pole, not even a piece of board,
could be find. A scarcity of fuel be-1
fore Squaw Charley began furnishing
it bad led to the burning of every odd
bit of timber. Dlsgruutled, but uot J
discouraged, Matthews crawled buck
to the front of the cabin aud closely
examined the door. "I thought so!"
he declared joyfully when be was
done. Rain aud snow hud swelled the
thick boards of which It was built
But through the narrow cracks between these he saw that the transverse
pieces on the Inside, like the four with
out, were only slender battens, "ir I
can git some of tbem cleats off," he
said, "I cau bust iu."
With a born haudle knife he pried
up the eud of a batten until be could
get bis fingers beneath it. Then be
pulled, and it came away. A light
Btrip from side lo side marked where
It had been. Three times more he
pried and pulled, and the outer transverse pieces lay on the snow. For the
rest of bis job Matthews bad to depend on his shoulders.
1'utting his knife in his pocket, he
backed to tlie top of the nearest drift
There he gathered himself together
and, with a defiant grunt, hurled himself headlong at the door. As it bent
with (lie force of the impact a shriek
rung out. Well satisfied, Matthews ro-
treated and flung himself forward a
second lime. The door cracked ominously. The inside bolt rattled in its
sockets. Anticipating a speedy entrance, Matthews wanned to Ills task.
And each time he fell upon tbe harrier a weak moan from within swelled
(o a cry of mortal terror.
And then- a few feet behind hi in a
voice   interrupted���a   well   modulated
Artistically Fitted Rimless
Correctly Fitted Lenses. Correctly Fitted Frames.
HARRIS. The Jeweler
i %^ff
"Sorry,"  he   snld  dryly,   "but   it's  rny
voice   in   an   amused,   ironical   tone.
"Well," it said slowly, "1 hope you're
enjoying yourself."
Matthews whirled and reached for
a weapon. lie was too late. As he
swung it forward (he single eye of tt
revolver held liis. Beyond was Lounsbury.
A queer tremor ran around the storekeeper's mouth. His nostrils swelled,
und he wrinkled his forehead. "Sorry," he said dryly, "but it's my bead."
Sheer surprise, together with a lack
of breath, made tlie other dumb.
"Drop your gun," bade Lounsbury. ,
Matthews' right hand loosed its hold.
His revolver fell nnd slid, spinning, to
the bottom of tho drift.
"Now, 1 know all you want to say,"
said Lounsbury: "that this claim Is
yours, that your six months ain't up,
.Hint Lancaster's jumped it, and so ou.
But that won't excuse what you've
tried to do���break into this house while
these young women are alone. Besides, you haven't the ghost of a right
tn this land. So you'll oblige me bj.
keeping off it from now on."
Matthews found his tongue. "Who
in hell are you?" he demanded coolly.
"Who am IV" repeated tlie storekeeper, smiling down the revolver barrel,
"why, I'm St. George, and you're the
dragon." lie raised liis voice. "Miss
Lancaster!" he called. "Miss Lancaster!"
A face appeared at a window, then a
second. There were more cries, but
not of fear. Tlie sash was pushed
open. Dallas and Marylyn, the younger girl still clinging to the elder, looked out.
"It's all right," saitl the storekeeper,
not taking his eyes  from  the enemy, j
"I'm here."
Dallas could not answer.    But Marylyn, though exhausted, was fully alive !
to their  rescue     Her eyes,  wide and
tearful, were lixed iij-.pu Lounsbury.
"Oil, we're afraid!" she cried plaintively.    "I'a's gone, and we're afraid!"
"You needn't he any more," he said
Matthews under his breath was cursing the self contained UIUII in Hie saddle. Enraged al ihe storekeeper's interference, hot wiih disappointment,
he saw himself stood up like a tenderfoot But his CllUtlon prevailed. A
certain expression In Lounsbury's eyes,
a certain square set to his jaw, the
very cues that guided the cattle camp,
made him cautions.
"Look a-here," he said to Lounsbury, assuming a conciliatory manner.
"Let's talk as one gent to another.
These ladies is your friends. So far
so good. But I lias my rights, an' 1
can prove that I slop' on this quarter
section three (imes and"-
I.ounsliiiry's face darkened. He was
lightly ironical no longer. He urged
his mount forward. "Don't argue with
me, you Infernal blackguard," lie said.
"You can prove anything you want to j
by a lot of perjuring, thieving hind
grabbers. Don't I know 'em! If you
bled ou this claim yon were hired to j
do it. You hadn't an idea of settling
or building a home. You tlid it for
speculating purposes���nothing else.
And (he law, I happen to know. Is
dead against that You're a shark.
But your game won't work. These
folks are going to stay in this shack
mid on this bend. And you be mighty
careful you don't make 'em any trouble!"
"I'll git a Bismarck lawyer," declared Matthews.
"Yes, and we'll tar and feather the I
shyster. What's more. I'll head n
bunch of Clark's boys, ami we'll wipe
Shanty Town off the face of the earth:"
Matthews raised his sbooldera and
put his tongue in liis che��w "You're
mighty interested in in������ ladies,
seems I' me," he said insinuatingly.
Tlie slur did not escape tlie storekeeper, it determined him to parley
no further, "Hoist your bands!" he
Matthews obeyed. His fingers were
Tlie next command was curt "Mosey !"
The other moved away. When he
was beyond pistol range he produced
his second revolver and waved it above
liis bead. "You jus' wait!" lie shouted.
"Y'ou jus' wail!    I'll lix y'!"
Lounsbury returned bim a mocking
S Matthews ceased his threatening nnd strode on a new
fear came over Dallas. She
leaned toward Lounsbury
from the window. "What does he
mean by 'fixing you?'" she asked
The storekeeper was still watching
riverward, antl he answered without
turning liis head. "He means it's a
case of shoot on sight," he said.
"Thou you mustn't go near him���you
must go back to Clark's. Promise me
you will! I enn (tike care of Marylyu
till dad comes.    If you got hurt"���
Lounsbury threw one leg over the
pommel and sat sideways for awhile,
buckling antl unbuckling his reins.
When lie spoke it wns very gently, and
again he did not look at her. "Hadn't
you better wrap up a little?" he suggested.    "It's Colli."
She put a coal about Marylyn. "It
ain't right for you lo make our quarrel
yours. You mustn't. I wouldn't hav*
you hurt on our account for anything."
Her eyes heseeclied  bim.
He glanced at her. "It's worth a
lot to kuow you feel that way," he
said slowly. "But���I'm afraid 1 can't
,do what you want. It's your safety
Ithat counts witli me."
Marylyn's face had been hidden to
shut out the dread sight of Matthews.
Now she lifted it. She said nothing.
But as if suddenly smitten by n painful thought she turned from Dallas to
Lounsbury, from Lounsbury to Dal-
'las, questioningly. doubtful. She drew
to one side a few steps and stood
The movement escaped the others.
The storekeeper had slipped from his
lsaddle to pick up Matthews' revolver.
IAud Hie elder girl, against whom was
Isetting In a tide of reaction, was strug-
'gllng for. composure. She put out a
|trembling hand for tbe weapon.
I "Got a rifle, too, haven't you?" he
{   "No.   Dad took it."
"Good heavens! I'm glad I didn't
know that coming down!"
"How'd you happen to come?"
"I saw the sleigh go by and was
sure something had scared your father
j nbout tlie claim. So I didn't wait to
'black my boots."
i   "Oh, it was a comfort to hear you,"
she said.
j "Was it?" eagerly. He stepped toward her, then drew back. "Well,"
I With a feeble attempt at humor, "I'd
I rather be a comfort than a wet blnn-
ket." He hail remembered that evil
i*yes were watching, thnt his least
'move might subject Lancaster's daughters to the coarse comment of Shanty
Town. He da rod uol even remain out
of his saddle    lie mounted.
"Oil. you're going to leave us!" exclaimed Marylyn. She began to cry
"But I'll be on the lookout every sec-
mid." lie declined. "Miss Dallas "���he
urged his horse up to the window���
"don't think I'm Idiot enough to try to
do up thai saloon gang down there single handed, If I g<> to Shanty Town
It 'II be because I have to. 1 won't go
alone if 1 can help it. First of all, 1
Intend to see the colonel over there
and lay litis matter before hiin."
"Bui dad"- she begun.
"Got lo do It, whether your father
likes it or not. We're dealing with a
cutthroat. He knows Ibis land's worth
"And you can't tell whnt he'll de."
He bent to her. "That scoundrel scared
you," lie said regretfully. "You're
ready to drop. Oh. yes, yon are. And
it's my fault. I knew he might come
any day���that he'd make trouble. But
1 didn't believe he'd get here so soon.
"I'd given Ii I in up," she said.
"Y'ou!   You did know, then!"
"Quite awhile ago."
"Knew what?" asked Marylyn, stopping her tears. Then, certain that
there was some awful secret behind It
all and that it was being kept from
her, she began to cry again,
Dallas soothed her and explained.
"Do you know  when  Matthews' six
At reasonable figures for cash or tip-
proved notes:- 1 Work Team, 2,800 lbs.;
I 8-year-old Filly, about 1,100 lbs.;
Wagon and Rack, Disk and Tooth Harrows, Cultivator and sundry agricultural tools and implements.
13-2 Penticton.
Notice is hereby f?iven that GO days
after date 1 intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a lease of the following foreshore, viz : ���Commencing at the N. W.
corner of Lot 4, Block 119, Penticton,
Yale District, thence northerly 881 feet;
thence east 12(1 feet; thence southerly
.'140 feet; thence west 120 feet; containing .9 acres, more or less.
September 3rd, 1908. 9-9
Notice is hereby given that we will
prosecute any person or persons found
trespassing or hunting without permission upon our properties at Three Mile
Creek. C. W. JOHNSON,
Penticton, Sept. 17, 1908.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Henry Murk, of Pen-
ticton, barber, and owner of Lot 1, Block 39, according lo registered map 518 deposited in Land
Registry Office in Kamloops, B.C., intend to apply
for permission to lease the foreshore and submerged land in front of Bald lot only, described as
Commencing at a post planted at, northwest
corner of Lot 1, Block 89, Map 613, Osoyoos Division, Yale District, deposited in the Land Kepis-
try Office in Kamloops, B.C.; thence northwest 364
feet to a post planted in 4 feet of water in front
of above lot, in Okanagan Lake; thence northeast
111.7 feet to a post, planted in 4 feet of water, Okanagan Luke; thence southeast 345 feet to the
northeast post of Lot 1, Block 39, Map 513, Penticton ; thence southwest 65 /eet 4 inches to post of
Dated at Penticton. B.C., August 17, 1908. 8-9
nursery co.,
Beautify your lot with some
of our shade trees.
We have Elm, Ash, Maple,
Catalpa, Mulberry, Black Walnut, and Ash Leaved Maple.
Some perennial shrubs and
apple trees left.
months is up?" Lounsbury impure...
"Tonight at 12."
"Tonight! Well, we've got to keep
him off. lie may try to establish resl-
dence In a wickiup."
"But hasn't lie a right?   Can't be"���
"lie hasn't, and he can't. And if h"H
conies this way after midnight I'll (i��
him for trespassing!"    He laughed.
"I wish you wouldn't go to Ihe fort,
though. You've heard dad���you know
how he feels."
"1 wouldn't go If 1 didn't hnve to.
P��u( (lie temperature's falling. Fly rundown they'll begin changing the sen
Iries at Rriiuuou every hour. No one
man could slay out even half tbe
night. And this shack hns lo lie guarded till moriilug. I must get some one
to relieve inc."
"I suppose you're right," she said
lie brought the horse about. "Is
there anything I can do before I go?"
he asked.
"No. We've got everything but
wood, and Charley brings us lhat."
"Charley," repeated Lounsbury.
"Who's Charley?"
She told bim.
lie seemed relieved. "I'll look that
Indian up," he said, and raised his
hand to liis cup.
From the road he looked around
Despite tlie distance he could see thai
the girls were where lie hail left them,
and Marylyn's head was once more
pressed against her sister. The sight
made him writhe in his saddle and
wish lie were as old as tlie river bluffs
themselves, that lie might go back
aud protect them. As lie descended to
the ice their two faces rose liefore hint.
One, pretty and pale, witli tlie soft
roundness of a child's, the blue eyes
filled with all a child's terror and entreaty; the other, pale. too. though
upon it there Btlll lingered the brown
of the summer sun. but linn of outline, its crown a heavy coil of braids,
Its center, eyes that were brave, steadfast, compelling.
The first picture blurred in remembering the second.    "God  bless  her!"
he  murmured.    "To  think  she  knew
all the time and never cheencd!'1
tTo be continued,) THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C., OCTOBER 17, 1908.
ews in
Ottawa, Oct. 12.-The total
production of wheat in Canada
this year was 116,000,000 bushels; oats 268.000,000 ; barley 51,-
000,000; rye 1,750,000. These
figures were issued Saturday by
the census and statistics office.
London, Oct. 12.-With the
customary observances in both
houses, parliament opened its
sessions to-day. Measures of utmost importance, in view of social and industrial strife, and the
troubles in the Near East, will
occupy the attention of the legislators. The entire ten weeks'
sitting will be occupied by government measures, the most important of which is the Licensing
Durban, Natal, Oct. 12.-The
first step towards the formation
of a commonwealth of South
Africa was taken to-day when
delegates from Natal, the Transvaal, Cape Colony and the territories ruled by the Chartered
Company, met here to plan a federation of their various governments.
Divergent interests and differences of opinions concerning the
most desirable form of union
threatened at one time to prevent any agreement whatever,
but preliminary exchanges of
ideas and numerous compromises
have removed what looked like
the most serious obstacles and
present indications are for the
adjustment of minor difficulties
that still are outstanding.
Ottawa, Oct. 10.���The financial
statement of the Dominion for
the first half of the current fiscal
year shows a revenue of $40,727,-
522 and an expenditure on ordinary account of $32,662,728 and
on capital account of $14,015,645.
There has been a shrinking of
over eight millions in customs
collections as compared with the
corresponding period a year ago.
Other sources of public revenue
also show a decline, with the exception of that from the post
office, which shows an increase
of $200,000 over last year, despite
the reduction in postal rates.
The total revenue from all
sources for the six months to the
end of September shows a decrease of $9,307,176, whilst the
total expenditures on consolidated fund account increased by
$3,931,210 and the expenditures
on capital account by $4,000,741.
Notices are being posted up
through the riding of Yale-Cariboo, naming November 12th as
election day. Nominations will
be held in Ravan's hall, Kamloops, on Saturday, Oct. 24.
NOTICE i.�� hereby given that in pursuance of an order made herein in the
Supreme Court of British Columbia, on
the 24t,h day of September. 1908, Edward Thomas Day of Penticton, B. C,
was appointed administrator of the estate antl effects of John Day, deceased,
who died at Penticton, B. C, on the
tenth day of August, 1908.
NOTICE is also hereby given that all
parties having any claims against the said
estate of the saitl deceased must send
in their claims duly verified, on or before the lirst day of November, 1908,
to the said Edward Thomas Day, of
Penticton, B. C, after which date the
said estate will be dealt with by the
said Edward Thomas Day in due course
of administration, having regard only
to the claims sent in prior to the said
first day of November, 1908.
Dated this 28th day of September,
A. D. 1908.
Solicitor for the said Administrator
12-tf Penticton, B. C.
The Southern Okanagan Land
Company, Limited
Our Irrigation system having been completed for
the Lake Skaha benches we are now offering under this
water system some 300 acres in five and ten acre tracts,
at $100.00 to $150.00 per acre.
On the Penticton benches we still have for sale
irrigated about 160 acres, at from $100. oo to $125. oo per
acre. All our bench lands are admirably adapted for
On the Penticton flats we have open clean meadow
suitable for small fruits, vegetable and hay, at $150. oo
per acre.
Uncleared land suitable for fruit (but stoney and
wooded) $5o.oo to $loo.oo per acre.
Uncleared land quite free of stone, suitable for
hay or garden stuff, $loo.oo per acre.
Terms on all the above one quarter down, one
quarter each year with interest at 6 per cent, on deferred
In Penticton and on Okanagan Lake Beach $3oo.oo
to $15o.oo.       On Lake Skaha Beach $4oo.oo.
We have a great many excellent buys in town
property (business and residential). Anything we show
you will advance in value 5o per cent, within a year.
Get in now, you can make money and take no chances by
purchasing our lands.
J. R.
10 Acres, 1 1=2 Miles from Town, about 3 acres planted in spring
1907, trees two years old.    Price, only $1,600.    Fenced.
10 Acres, 1 mile from town; over 300 trees in third year, will be
in bearing next year; peaches, cherries, apples, plums, &c.
Price, only $2,200.   Fenced.
18 Acres, 10 below main ditch ; 8 acres planted, in 3rd year; a
very choice property.   Only $3,800.   Fenced.
18 Acres, 10 below main ditch; 9 under good cultivation. Only
$3,ooo.   Fenced.
14 Acres, 10 below main ditch; 5 1=2 acres planted, 232 peaches,
6o apricots, 226 cherries, 17 apples, one year. A choice lot.
Only $3,5oo.
40 Acres in block or lot, for hay or small fruits ; very central
at very low price.
10 Acres on Main Street, good hay land, only $2,100.
Spray Mixtures!!
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a lease of the following foreshore, viz.:���Commencing at the N. W.
corner of Lot 2, Block 39, Penticton,
Yale District, thence northerly 846 feet;
thence east 00 feet; thence southerly
'Ml feet; thence west 00 feet; containing .4!l acres, more or less.
September 4th, 1!I0K. 9-9
��� Nil ��������)
As recommended by the Provincial Fruit Inspector, in concentrated form, in 1, \, and ��
gallon cans, with full directions
for use. These mixtures are
put up by the B. C. Soap
Works Co., Victoria, in conformity with the formulas recommended by the Provincial
Fruit Inspector. .The undersigned has been appointed soli;
agent for these goods in the
Penticton district and will
have a full supply of Winter
Spray and Whale Oil Soap in
stock in time for winter spraying.
For particulars apply to
Ellis Street,      Penticton, B.C.
/ The Fraser Valley Nurseries /
One dozen Aylesbury Ducks.   Apply,
Box li. Penticton.
Take notice that H. Harlow, of Penticton, mason, sixty days after dpte
intends to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a lease of the following foreshore viz ���
Commencing at Northwest corner of
lot 8, block ,'i!), Penticton, Yale District
thence Northerly 340 feet; thence East
210 feet; thence Southerly 471 f0^.
containing 1.7 of an acre, more or less'
tor a cement factory. '   '
W'9  , H. HARLOW
September 12, 1908.
L seal Agent:
.tt ^mtm tt -^ tzt 'mm. t**mm*.tt ���^�����*�����m*-t A
Comprising 52 Acres. Capital $100,000.
��� We have all kinds of Fruit Trees for sale as follows:
2 Year Old :   5,500 Cherries; 1,700 Apricots; 3,500 Plums; 5,850 Peaches;
800 Crabs ; 7,825 Apples ; 950 Pears.
1 Year Old :-l,600 Crabs; 112,000 Apples ; 2,550 Pears.    100,000 Small
of all' '
Fruits i
We never substitute.
We invite inspection
Home-Grown Stock.    No more danger of trees being destroyed at Port
of Entry. Prices quoted on application. All trees planted in the
Fall which die are replaced free, and in Spring at half price.
j". J. JONES, President.
C. F. SPROTT, Vice-President.
F. E. JONES, Secretary-Treasurer.
G. E. CLAYTON, Director.
F.   J. HART,
Sale   of   Mineral   Claims for Unpaid Taxes in the
Kettle River Assessment District, British Columbia.
I hereby give notice that on Monday, the 2nd day of November, 1908, at
the Court House, Fairview, B. C, at the hour of ten o'clock, in the forenoon, I
shall sell by Public Auction, the Crown Granted Mineral Claims hereinafter set
out, for the delinquent taxes thereon, as set out in the list herein, being unpaid
at this date, together with the costs and expenses of advertising, unless the
amount due is sooner paid :
Name of perron
Name of Claim
Tuxch Due
F, Hurrah, ot al 	
E, H. Thurston	
E. H. Thurston	
J. 1). Breeze	
J. D. Breeze	
Lemon Gold Mining Co	
Owen Mellon	
Payette Harris	
.1. li. Devlin	
British Lion Gold Mining Co
British Lion Gold Mining Co
A. B. Asherof t. et al	
W. Elsen 	
J. P. Kelly, ctal 	
H. W. Yates	
W. H. Thomas	
.S. M. Johnson, etal	
S. M. Johnson, et al	
Chas. Philips, et al	
William Kintz. et al	
B, A. Fraction ���
Independence.  ...
Oro Kino	
Highland Chief...
War V.a,:\v	
British Lion	
Jumbo Fraction ..
Mt. Adams	
Queen of Sheba ..
$ 8 0(1
1 50
13 00
12 75
12 75
13 00
9 0(1
13 00
12 75
13 00
10 50
12 25
9 90
1 76
4 75
13 00
12 00
12 75
12 50
1 75
$2 00
2 09
2 01)
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
$10 00
3 50
15 00
14 75
14 75
15 00
11 00
15 00
14 75
15 00
12 ro
14 5
11 ID
3 75
6 75
15 00
14 10
14 75
14 50
3 75
P. O. Box 33, Summerland, B. C.
Pain ter, Paperhan��er
and Si$n Writer
Picture Framing a Specialty.
WAUL PAPER Carried in Stock.
Box 196.       Main St.
Subscribe for
The Penticton Press
Penticton Dairy
Daily delivery of Fresh Milk to
all parts of the Town.
12 quarts for $1.00, cash monthly in advance.
Tickets, 11 quarts for $1.00, cash in advance.
If accounts are run, 10 quarts for .$1.00.
H. M. McNeill,
Fairview, B. C, October 2nd, 1908.
Deputy Assessor and Collector,
Kettle River Assessment District
FALL OOODS *-&��?*��?*
TO  HAND General     -     Hardware
Notice i3 hereby given that we will prosecute
nny person or persons found hunting or trespassing upon our properties.
Business block on Main Street; two
storey with two compartments downstairs and hall upstairs, $2,500. Lot 63,
seven and one-half acres on Fairview
Road, $2,200. J. D. McDonald,
12-tf Potlatch, Idaho.


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