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The Penticton Press May 15, 1909

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Qhe   penticton
VOL. 3.   No. 44.
.00 Per Year In Advance
B. E. Walker, President. ' Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Alexander Laikd, General Manager. ; Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United- States and England.
Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at
current rates.     Accounts may be opened in the names of
two or more persons and withdrawals made by
any one of them or by the survivor.
Penticton Branch     *    ��    J. J. HUNTER, Manager.
A. B. CAMPBELL. A. E. KAY. (��
| Campbell & Kay \
Having just completed moving our Mill and remodelling it all over we are now in
!than ever to give you what you want and when you
want it. \/-
Give us a call. Prices right. )\k
fit Everything kiln dried
* i'^m**t*-^*A*t'^m��*+'*mm~t<<*��*'^m*.t*'^m~**-^m��A**-^mm'<+
A Large Variety of Seasonable Goods.
Harness, Saddles, Riding Whips, Trunks,VaIises
Gents' Belts, Etc.
Axle Grease, Axle Oil.    Harness Oil & Dressings.
Boot and Shoe Polishes.
5 AGENTS FOR Agricultural Machinery, Wagons, Carriages. ��
f Fire, Life and  Accident Insurance f
* *
'J                    Our Prices and Rates are the Lowest. *>
f Call and see for yourself.   Mail orders and enquiries solicited I
/ The Penticton Saddlery 8k*-. /
F, II. LeQuesne
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
DIGNAN and WEEKS, Proprietors.
If you /ant a Stylish Outfit, this is the place to come. You can always
get teams just when you want them. We make a specialty of keeping
good horses, safe rigs, carrful drivers and also saddle and pack horses.
We are also putting in Hay and Grain for sale, and as we buy for cash
we get the best rates and our patrons get the benefit.
Special   Attention  To The  Wonts Of  Commercial  Men.
������> AM. AM* A.
Penticton Stage and Livery
Stage Connects with Steamer "Okanagan" at Penticton, with Croat Northern
Railway at Keremeos, and with stage to Hedley and Princeton. Leaves at 6 a.m
Pianos and Furniture moved to all points,  and a general  Draying
Business transacted.
Saddle and Pack Horses.
Top Buggies, Four-horse Rigs for Commercial Men.
W. E. Welby, Prop.       Penticton.
Empire Day Rifle Competition.
The "Daily Mail" Empire Day
Rifle Contest is the out come of
a three cornered competition
which took place on Empire or
Victoria day, 1906, between the
Vancouver Rifle Association,
B. C. The Umtali Rifle Association Rhodesia, and The Suva
Rifle Association, Fiji.
The Contest was organized
through the medium of the Over-
Seas "Daily Mail" as a result of
correspondence appearing in that
journal. In 1907 it was decided
to invite several teams to take
part with the result that twelve
entries were received from clubs
in various parts of the Empire
In view of the interest occasioned by the contest, small
though it was, the Over-Seas
"Daily Mail" decided in 1908 to
invite the leading Rifle Clubs of
Greater Britain to compete. Extraordinary interest was aroused
in shooting circles in all parts of
the British Empire and as a result
612 clubs from every section of
His Majesty's over-seas dominions entered teams. For the
competitions this year over 1000
teams have entered, including
one from Penticton. The prizes
are too numerous to mention in
this article.
The great prize is a challenge
cup valued at one thousand dollars, which the winners hold for
a year. As a souvenir, The
"Daily Mail" presents the winners with another cup worth two
hundred and fiifty dollars. The
cup becomes the absolute property of the winning team.
This Imperial rifle competition
is not only a sporting contest
which has aroused interest in all
parts of the Empire but is also a
stimulus to the movement in the
direction of making all Britons
able to take their part when need
arises in the protection of their
homes and dear ones, and in the
safeguarding of their country's
All members of the rifle association are eligible for the competition. The ranges will be 200, 500,
and 600 yards. After the last
man has fired, the aggregate of
the eight highest scores will be
cabled to England.
Notice will be given later of
the time that firing will start.
The highest score in the Empire
competion wins the W. T. Shatford cup for 1909.
Municipal Council.
\ shoes   SALE   SH0ES|
We will offer our entire stock of shoes at following prices :
Men's Box Calf Bals,
regular $<i.00  for $4 OO
Ladies' Dongola, patent toe
" " plain toe
Boys' Box Calf
"     Chrome Kip
The Ladies' and Men's Furnisher,
Meeting held Thursday, 6th
inst. Present, the Reeve and
and full council. Minutes of
previous meeting read and adopted.
A deputation from the Penticton Amateur Aquatic Association
waited on the council asking for
a lease of a portion of Forbes
St. on the lake front to be used
for aquatic purposes, and for
the support of the council in
applying for a lease of the foreshore in front of said property.
Mr. Clement and Mr. Gibbons
addressed the council in support
of their application,-and were informed that the matter would
receive the consideration of the
Mr. Wilton addressed the
Council in regard to the municipality acquiring a portion of his
property for road purposes, and
the matter was laid over for future consideration. ���
A communication from Dr. C.
J. Fagan re Anti-toxin was ordered to be acknowledged, and on
motion of Power-Hatch referred
to the Health Committee.
A letter from the Superintendent of Taxes re licenses was
read, and the Clerk was instructed to inform the Supt. of taxes
that the licenses were issued
from 15th Jan. to 15th July.
The Clerk was instructed to
write the lumber companies for
quotations on various lumber to
end of year.
Power-Barnes, and carried,
that the following accounts he
passed : Penticton Hardware
Co., $19.58; H. Harlow, $27;
C. Were, rent, $6.50, salary $25 ;
Board of Works payroll $90.25 ;
Parks payroll, $34; Dignan &
Weeks $43 ; The Colonist Printing Co., $35; H. Main, $1.25; W.
H. Tapley, $2.50; W. E. Welby.
$23: W. J. Clement $10.35; J.
Partridge, $3.35; Cambell &
Kay $7.16.
The Board of Works reported
that $154.50 had been spent on
improving Ellis St.
Mr. Barnes asked if there had
been any further action taken
with regard to the Council taking over the recreation grounds.
The Reeve stated that he would
see Trustees and get some statement before the next meeting.
Mr. Power, as chairman of the
Fire Brigade, informed the
Council that a meeting of the
executive of the brigade had
been held and it had been decided to turn over to the
council the apparatus and money
on hand, and that a notification
to that effect would be forthcoming shortly. Mr. Power gave
notice that at the next meeting
he would introduce a by-law
levying a school rate.
Mr. Murk gave notice of a
street making by-law.
Meeting adjourned untill Monday 7:30 p. m.
On resuming on Monday evenr
ing, the Council went into Committee of the whole and discussed the Liquor License By-law,
which, on the Reeve resuming
the. chair, was on motion of
Barnes-Hatch, read a third time
and passed.
Mr. Barnes gave notice of a
resolution to appoint a Board of
License Commissioners.
Meeting adjourned.
Local and Personal
Those having friends visiting them
will confer a favor by acquainting the
Press with the fact. All other local
news thankfully received.
Look out for the first of July.
King's for fishing tack'e.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Lequesne
visited Summerland on Monday.
The Presbyterian church is being imroved by a coat of paint.
Born, on Friday, the 7th inst.,
to Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson, a
Norman Hill has a sale on in
shoes, with prices greatly reduced.
Jos. Lister made a business
trip to Okanagan Centre on Wednesday.
Remnants of linoleum at reduced prices at Steward's.
Mrs. W. R. King left on Wednesday to visit friends in Vancouver.
At last week's meeting, the
council passed W. H. Tapley's bill
for $2.50 (?)
Mexican straws at King's; 15c
& 20c each.
Mrs. C. F. Layton and Mrs. A
F. Baker visited Summerland on
Bert LeQuesne, left yesterday
morning to take a position with
D. Leckie, Kelowna.
Did you notice what C. A. C.
Steward has to say in his ad. this
Miss Irene Hudon left Thursday morning for a visit with
her sister in Edmonton.
Dr.  L.   N.   MacKechnie,    of
Vancouver, arrived on Tuesday's
boat to spend a few weeks with;
his family on the beach. j
Get your straw hat at King's.
A big drive in dollar watches
and alarm clocks at King's.
. Don't miss this chance.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Coleman,
of Keremeos, were in town the
first part of the week.
Next Sunday being Conference
i Sunday, there will be no service
��� in the Methodist church.
Miss V. Sutherlan 1 and Fred
i Sutherland visited Keremeos last
i week, making the trip on horse-
: back.
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Wales
jand family, of Port Fells, B. C,
I spent several days in Penticton
I this weeks.
Views of Penticton and vicinity, in book form, published by
J.   A.   Nesbitt,   now on sale at
W. H. T. Gahan left on Thursday's stage for Hedley, where
he will remain for few days on
legal business.
It is estimated that there will
be 7,500,000 acres in wheat this
season in Manitoba Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Dr. C. A. Jackson left this
week on a business trip to Fair-
view and the Similkameen. He
will be away several weeks.
J. F. Tupper, agent and collector, reports that the B. C.
Permanant Loan Co. is placing a
number of loans in this locality.
W. H. Todd of High River,
Alta., came in on Wednesday's
b,pat, with his family, and will
reside on his bench lot in future.
Mr. Wade has the latest particulars about "Dreadnoughts".
He is wiling to impart the'information if you are all interested.
Messrs. Campbell & Kay have
completed the operation of
moving their saw mill, etc., to a
n 3W location, and are ready to
handle all orders coming their
Mrs. Duhamel and daughter,
Irene, left on Thursday's stage
for Midway, where they will reside in future. Mr. Duhamel is
at present in Edmonton, but will
join his family in the fall.
W. E. Robinson, who has resided here for some time, left on
Thursday for Dawson, Y. T.,
where he will try his luck prospecting and mining. His many
friends here wish him good luck
in his new adventure.
The Summerland Choral Society are giving their closing concert of the season next Monday
and Tuesday evenings in Empire
Hall, Summerland. The programme on these occasions will
be "In a Persian City".
VV. H. Tapley has thoroughly
renovated the dining room in the
B. C. Hotel, with paper, paint
and linoleum, and is about to
have the hallway improved in
the same manner. Painters are
now brightening up the exterior
of the building.
G. H. E. Hudson, on behalf of
the Kelowna Board of Trade,
this week placed a large frame
of magnificent Kelowna views in
the hallway of the C. P. R. hotel
at Sicamous. A similar proposition might be considered by the
Penticton Board of Trade.
Mr. J. W. Hudson, who has
been teller of the Bank of Commerce branch here, has been promoted to the Vancouver branch.
He left on Friday morning to
take up his new duties. Mr. E.
H. Woods will occupy Mr Hudson's position in the bank here.
The Conservative Association
should waken up and ascertain:
what is going to be done about!
the Okanagan River bridge th;s
season.    It is now time that con-!
struction was in operation, as it.
doubtless would have been had
the matter been pushed.
.In the case of Young v. Smythe
tried at the County Court, Fair-
view, this week judgment with
costs was awarded the plaintiff.
W. H. T. Gahan for the plaintiff.
Will the gentleman who borrowed my wheel-barrow about
three weeks ago kindly return
same as I have use for it? If
the person who loaned from me,
without permission, fifty feet of
hose, about a year ago, will return it he will oblige. L. C.
The silver plate won by J. R.
Mitchell in the Penticton Rifle
Association competitions last
year is now on exhibition in
Harris' jewelry store. It should
serve as a stimulus to the members during the present season's
operations, as it is certainly a
handsome trophy.
Rev. R. W. Hibbert left on
Wednesday's boat to attend the
Conference of the Methodist
church which is being held this
W2ek and next in New Westminster. He was accompanied
by W. J. Clement who, as lay delegate, will represent the Quarterly Board of the Penticton congregation.
Arrangements have been made
by which County Court Judge, J.
R. Brown, will hold sittings in
Penticton from time to time, the
dates of which will be announced
later. This will be a great convenience to residents of this locality. Mr. Jas. R. Brown of
Fairview will act as registrar for
M. C. Kendall, secretary of
the Board of Trade has received
a letter from the Northern Fruit
Co. Ltd., of Saskatoon, asking
for the names of those in the
vicinity of Penticton who grow
and ship either green vegetables
or fruit. Growers who are interested will kindly hand in their
names to Mr. Kendall as soon as
The Str. Aberdeen will lea\e
Kelowna at 8 p. m. on Empire
Day, 24th inst. for all points
south, thus enabling all the
guests from this end of the lake
to return to their homes the
same day. Visitors to Kelowna
will go by the Okanagan and return by the Aberdeen. Kelowna
welcomes all residents of Penticton that day.
The Council is having a trial
made of a street lamp supplied
by the Moore lighting Company
of Vancouver. It is being installed in front of Jas. Edmond's
place on Ellis St. It is to be hoped that it will prove more satisfactory than the last light they
experimented with, and that we
will soon have our principal
streets lit up on dark nights.
Notice is hereby given that, thirty
days after date, I intend to apply to
the Penticton License Commissioners
for renewal of a retail liquor license
for the Hotel Penticton, located at
Penticton, B. C.
Penticton, B. C, May 8th, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that, thirty
days after date, I intend to apply to
the Penticton License Commissioners
for renewal of a retail liquor license
for the B. C. Hotel, located at Penticton, B. C.
Penticton, B. C, May 8th, 1909.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that all persons using the irrigation
water in such a manner as to allow the
waste water to run on the public roads
will be held responsible for all damage
which may occur through their negligence.       By order.
41-4 Clerk of the Municipality.
Dat:J this 24th April, 1939. THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C. MAY 15, 1909.
���MMMWMiMMaBM>MMi rt^A&l��mtmi*m*-%lSVr.n'UtK. 'UKOHS
Rev. J. Nixon spsnt Friday
Miss Essie Brown,   of Kelow-
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in' ni, is visiting her friend,  Miss
Advance.   Foreign, $1.5).       Delia Robinson.
Mr. and Mrs. J.  H.   Ashdown
Advertising Rates:       aiMj   family   are   comfortably
Transient   Advertisements-Not   ex- : settled in their cosy cottage over-
ceeding one ;nch, one insertion, 50c.;.,    , .       .,     ,
for each additional insertion, 25c. l0 >K'nR Uie town-
Lodge Notices, Professional Cards, &c.       Mrs. R. H. RobertsDn, who has
*LO0 per inch, per month t] . hg      ^
Land and Timber Notices-30 ''ays, $5;    V   . T. ,     -^    . .
GO days, $7. : relatives in  Portage  la Prairie,
Legal Advertising-First insertion, 10 returned to  her home  here on
cents per line-; each subsequent inser
tion, 5c. per line.
Reading Notices in Local News Column
15c. per line, first insertion; i0c. per
line, each subsequent insertion.
Contract Advertisements���Rates arranged according to space taken.
All chtmgcs in contract advertisements. Blast be in the hand* of the
printer by Tuesday evening l<> ensure
publication in th. next issue.
Save the Trees.
Penticton   is universally pro
nounced a most beautiful town-   ,,
site, and what makes it specially ; Needham an ebony toilet set in
Wednesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kirkby
were visitors to Kelowna last
Mrs. Hood and Miss Urquhart
spont Monday in Kelowna.
Mrs. H. P��. Cossar spent the
\V3ek end in Summerland with
hsr friend Miss Lane.
The Girls' Handicraft Club met
Mrs. II. McCall's home Thursday
afternoon   to   present   to   Miss
attractive is the timber growth
a morocco case, on the eve of her
which meets the en e in every departure for Vancouver, where
direction " is.ie will join the General Hospit-
We  have   frequently pointed j aLnu���J1K..st���a(Y;i. J���6���^11
out the desirability of protecting
the trees, both from the scenic
standpoint and that of utility.
Cut the trees down and the wine's
reveal how much Miss Needham
will be missed. She was one of
the Club organizers and was its
president during the  past year.
will have full sweep from lake j N��t only the Club members but
to lake, not only making iife Peachland in general wish Miss
miserable but proving a serious Ne 'Jham, every su,cc,essJn ?er
detriment to the fruit grower. Inew work- ,_She left Tuesday
Tne Council are taking steps to mornin^ for the coast
compel the cutting of all inflammable underbrush in certain sections, which is quite right, but
this does not apply to standing
green timber. The Council have
observed the desirability of pre-
Rev. Mr. Nixon and Mr. Douglass left Tuesday morning for
Vancouver to attend the Methodist Conference.
Prof. Winslow, of Guelph Agricultural College,  and Govern-
serving the living timber,  and I mant Fruit Inspector,  spent  a
we trust that they will carry out
the idea in ail their street clearing operations Even a neat
clump of willows adds beauty to
tbe landscape, and should be lei
stand when possible. It does
not mattei whether trees on the
streets grow just v.nere they
would have been plamod or not.
If they do not come in line, so
much the better, so long as they
do not impede the passage, they
break the monotony, which i; I
the secret of true art. The cut-1
ting off of the tops of the cotton- ���
woods will mike them crow'
mora bushy and ornamental a?
well as remove the danger ol
blowing ovei'. It would take a
hundred years to grow many oi
the fees now on the townsite.
If they are cut down there arc-
couple of days in this vicinity,
looking over the orchards and
giving timely advice as to fruit
Angus J. Smith had a pleasant
surprise last week, when his
brother, Mr. Dan Smith, of Rainy
River District, Ont, dropped in
on him. The brothers have not
met for many years.
Mrs. J. S. McDonald, of Penticton, is spending a few weeks
I here, the guest of  Mrs.   R.   L.
Allen, of Fruitland Farm.
Thos. Armstrong has a gang
of men  at work  repairing the
road through Maroon Valley.
Miss Edith Farleigh, of Pentic-
not mt ny of us who will wait to jto". sP��nt last week at her home
to see .similar ones grown  from j here.
planting.   Therefore, if a pine,      This vicinity was blessed with
Cottonwood, alder or birch growrs j a good rain on Sunday.
at the side of the road or on a     Numerous flocks of wild geese
corner of your fruit lot,  so long and cranes have gone north of
as it is not seriously in your way, j late
let it remain there;   it will idd|; 	
beauty and value to your property, and will thus prove as valuable an asset as your best
peach or apple tree.
If nature has not planted shade
or ornamental trees on your
place, plant some yourself with
the least possible delay. The
owner of every fruit and residential lot should do this. Manitoba maples grow fast and will
gro,v in bunches if allowed.
They are clean and should make
exco!!r-.��� windbreaks. If the
own?" of eaci: acre, or ten acre,
lot ./ould plant a row of these,
or similar trees, around his prop-1
erty. in a few years there would
be no high winds in Penticton.
Earl Grey, when in Penticton,
ramarked on the beauty of the
place. Don't lessen that beauty,
but increase it. Plant trees is
the cse rot.
No trouble with Sunlight Soap.
Just follow the directions on the
wrapper and Sunlight does the
I rest.  Costs little���does much
I   never injures hands or clothes.
W. R. King & Co.
The fishing season is here and this is the place
to buy your Tackle. A good assortment just arrived.
Pearl baits of all descriptions ; Trolling lines ; Fly
rods, a nice steel rod, "The Luckie," at $2.25. Our
prices on Tackle are the lowest.
Overalls���Men's black drill, full 8 oz.,
overalls, with or without bib, cut in
good full sizes ; all seams double
sewn; copper riveted patch pockets;
our price $1.00, which cannot be
Dust Coats���Men's satin-finished drill
dusters, at $1.50 each.
Lustre Coats ��� Men's black lustre
coats with fine hairline stripe ; just
the thing for hot weather, $1.75 each.
Summer Clothing���Men's two-piece
flannel and tweed suits at $5.50 to
$8.50 per suit, the latter priced made
of Hewson's Amherst Tweed, none
better for wear.
. . SPECIAL ...
American made, guaranteed
Watches and Clocks at $1.00 each.
These won't last long at that price.
Secure one before they are all gone.
Population, K0O. Area, 7,041 acres. Maximum
temperature liH)H, 96V�� F.; minimum temperature
litOS, ���H p. Inc trporatad into a District Municipality Jan. 1, l��li9. Located at south end of Okanagan Lake. Cummunieattun by C. P. K. steamers <,n Okanajran Lake. Wagon read connects
with Summerland on west side of lake and all
points to the north ; also with Naramata on east
side of lake, Okanagan Falls, Fairview and Boundary country to the south, and all Similkameen
points to the southwest. The mildest climate in
Canada east of the coast. Public school with four
departments. Nursing Home. Cannery. Two
nurseries. Chief industry, the gruwing of fruit,
more particularly peaches and other tender kinds.
Twelve hundred acres planted. Excellent boating
and bathing in the summer. Beautiful scenery,
A sunny climate. An ideal place to spend either
the summer or winter months.
For business places see our advertising columns.
Meets Thursday eveninprs in Council Room, Smith
street. A. H. Wade. Reeve. Chas. Were,
meets 1st Monday in each month at 8 p. m. R.
Wilton, Sec'y-Trcaa.
Annual general meeting. 2nd Wednesday in January nf each year. General quarterly meetings. 2nd Wednesdays in January, April. July
and October at 8 p.m. Affiliated with Okanagan Boards of Trade. J. J. Hunter, Pres.;
M. C. Kendall. Sec'y.
St. Saviour's Church. Fairview Avenue ; Vicar.
Kev. J. A. Cleland. Celebration of Holy Communion the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
after 11 o'clock matins; the 2nd Sunday at 8 a.
m. Morning prayer at 11 a.m. Evensong at
7:30 p.m.
Presbyterian services each Sunday in church at
11 a.m. or 7:30 p.m.    Rev. Jas. Hood, pastor.
Baptist services each Sunday in church, at 11 a.
m. or 7:30 p. RI.    Rev. A. P. Raker, pastor.
Presbyterian and Baptist services alternate,
morning and evening.
Methodist services in church each Sunday at 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday School 2:46 p.m.
Prayer meetings 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Rev,
R. W. Hibbert. pastor.
Young Peoples' Christian Union meets in the
Methodist church every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
We carry the largest and most complete stock in town, and can supply you
with everything in General Merchandise.   Pay us a visit.
Phone 25.
Ellis Street.
�� r. ww
fi C 3 ft
B��B*P S
�����     i
a <3 fa
" toS"1
�� Sf M C 3
S;o a " a
rj2.B sf*
U fr<t �� 5-
S;   to < ��
a    to ���< j?
I ��� ��
3 a.-
a 8.5.
A reliable party to act an
and surroundinit district for the Hale of
H��rdy Ontarlo-Orown Fruit
���nd    Ornamental   Treei.
Good pay wookdy. Exclusive territory. As
we miurunUw delivery of lirst (Trade stock in
iro d condition our aitents have every chance
of doinit a splendid business.   Write now.
Toronto, Ont.
N. B.-Salesmen book orderB for fall delivery
from now on. 41-10
M, AM* am* AM* am*. Am* Am* Am* Am* am* ^ am* Am* am* a* am* Am* am\* ^<fc> 'M** <A> fA> <A> *A> <A> <^ 'MJ> 4.
I   Main's Pharmacy
jj Phone 10.     ^L.     Main Street
We have of late
and can give you
prhe3 than
increased our stock
better service and
ever before.
We carry a full stock of Patent and Proprietory
'.">.. Medicines.
We will fill your Prescriptions with care and prompt-
Watch for garden pests.     We carry a large stock of Paris
Green, Arsenate of Lead, Chicken Sprays and Powders.
l.cvor Protrirrs, Tnrontn, will Fend von
free a cake of their famous Plant ol
toilet  suap, if you meution  this paper.
Acr" lot on Winnipeg St., cleared,
fenced and irrigated; well, pump and
lots of water ; houue 20 x 20 ; stable,
buggy sheds, chicken house and yard ;
price $1,350. Two \ acre lots on Win-
countant. intends to apply foT'permis-1 ni>eS,St- ir��^t<'d; price $350 each,
sion to purchase the following described i For 'h,rty da>'s un]?- . A,"P.Ly���
lands:- I A' J' BEARD,
Similkameen Division of Yale District.
Take Notice  that  Alexander  Henry
Steven, of Summerland, in the province
of   British  Columbia,   occupation   Ac^
1 43-tf
Penticton, B. C.
Commencing at a post planted at tbe
southwest corner of  lot number 10'. S, |
thence west 20 chains; thence north  40 _,
chains;    thence east 20 chains;  thence TO   LET
south 40 chains to the point of com- ' 	
mencement, and containing one hundred
and sixty acres, more or less. |    Furnished  house  to  let.     Apply  at
Sam norland, 21th March, 1009. 43-tf
for the Spring Trade
5ttL'5 Garden, Lawn,
or for the Conservatory.
Tested stock
From the best growers in England,   France,   Holland,   United
States and Canada. ���
Fruit and Ornamental Tre*>s,
Small Fruits,       English Hollies,
Grown in the only part of the
Americiin continent not infested
with  the  San Jose scale.     Our
trees do not have to be fumigated
and consequently damaged.
Greenhouses  and Seedhouses--
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, B. C.
( The B. C. Permanent Loan f
* ��� a
f  and Savings Co., of Vancouver f
j JAS. f. TUPPER,      Agent and Collector. i
PAID UP CAPITAL, $SOO,000; RESERVE FUND, $280,000; ASSETS, $2,284,832.33.
Dors not loan on farm property unimproved lots, hotels, factories or
other speculative properties.
Its business is confined to improved residential property in growing
cities and towns, thus affording tne best possible security to its patrons.
Notice also the following advantages : ���
(a) Interest and principal re-payable monthly, as rent;
(b) Interest stopped on each $lu0 of principal returned ;
(c) Borrowers at liberty to make payment on principal up to $100
any month;
(d) Borrowers at liberty to repay whole of loan, without bonus, on
giving 60 days' written notice.
jDO you want
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San Francisco Fire      4.500.000.00.
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Kendall & Mason,
Fire, Life, Accident, and Live Stock Insurance.
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W. O. W. meet in Woodmena' Hall, Ellis St, 2nd
and 4th Saturday in each month at 8 p.m.
I. O. O. F. meet in Odd  Fellows' Hall,  Main St,
every Monday at 8 p.m.
L. O. L.  meet in Woodmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Friday in each month at 8 p. m.
Stage leaves for Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton, at 6 a. m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Stage leaves for Fairview and Oroviile on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:30 a. m. Returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays %X
6 p. m.
Hours 9 a. m. to 5 p, m.
Registered Letter and Money Order wicket
closes 5 p. m.
Wicket opened for half an hour after mall la
Arrivals���Per Str. Okanagan: Daily except
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The Spoilers.
Copyright.       1D05.     by      Rex      E.      Beach.
Olenister was carelessly sarcastic, although he kept his right arm free,
while beneath his sangfroid was a
thoroughly trained alertness.
McNamara directed thp search with
a manner wholly lacking In his former
mock courtesy. It was as though he
had been soured by the gill of defeat.
The ninsk had fallen off now, and his
character showed--insistent, overbearing, cruel. Toward the partners he
preserved a contemptuous silence.
The Invaders ransacked thoroughly,
while n dozen times the hearts of
Cherry Malotte and her two oonipnn-
lons stopped, then lunged onward, as
McNamara or Voorhees approached,
then passed the stove. At last Voorhees
lifted the I Id and peered Into its dark
Interior. At the same instant the girl
cried ont sharply, flinging herself from
her position while the marshal Jerked
his head back in time to see her dash
upon Dextry.
"Don't! Don't!" She cried her r.p
peal to the old man. "Keep cool.
You'll be sorry, Dex���they're almost
Tbe officer had not seen any movement on Dextry's part, but doubtless
her quick eye had detected signs of
violence. McNamara emerged, glowering, from the "back room at that moment.
"Let them hunt." the g!rl was saying,
while Dextry stared dazedly over her
head. "They won't find anything.
Keep cool and don't act rash."
Voorhees duties sat uncomfortably
upon him at the best, and, looking at
tlie smoldering eyes of the two men,
he became averse to further search
lu a powdery household whose members itched to shoot him In the back.
"It Isn't here." he reported, but the
politician only scowled, then spoke for
the first time directly to the partners:
"I've got warrants for both of you,
and I'm tempted to take you in. but I
won't. I'm not through yet���not by
nny means. I'll get you���get you
both." He turned out of tho door, followed by the marshal, who called off
his guards, and the group filed back
along the walk.
"Say. you're a jewel. Cherry. You've
saved us twice. You caught Voorhees
just lu time. My heart hit my palate
when he looked into that stove, but
the next instant I wuuted to laugh at
Dextry's expression."
Impulsively Olenlster laid his hands
upon her shoulders. At his look and
touch her throat swelled, her bosom
heaved and the silkeu lids fluttered
until she seemed choked by a very
flood of pweet womanliness. She
blushed like a little maid aud laughed
a timid, broken laugh. Then, pulling
herself together, the merry careless
tone came into her voice, and her
cheeks grew eool and clear.
"You wouldn't trust me nt first, eh?
Some day you'll find that your old
friends are the best after all."
And as she left them she added
'Say. you're a pair of 'shine' desperadoes.    You need u governess."
A RAW, gray day.  wltb a driving
drizzle   from   '..-award   and   a
leaden rack of clouds drifting
k   low, matched the sullen, fitful
mood of Olenlster.
During the la it month he had chafed
and fretted like an animal in leash
for wor 1 of Wheaton. This uncertainty,
this Impotent waiting with folded
hands, was maddening to one of his
spirit. Me could apply himself to no
fixed duty, for the sense of his wrong
preyed o:i him fiercely, and he found
himself haunting the V-inity of the
Midas, gazing at It from afar, grasping hungrily for such scraps of news
as chanced to reach him. McNamara
allowed access to none but his minions, so the partners knew but vaguely of what happened on their property, even tho-gh. under fiction of the
law, It was being worked for their
No steps regarding a speedy hearing
of the case were a'loved, and Ihe collusion between .fudge Stlllman and tlie
receiver had become so generally recognized that thet'P were uneasy inn!-
tcrlngs nnd threats In many quarters.
Yet. although the politician had by
now virtually absorbed all the richest
properties in the district and worked
them through his hirelings, the people
of Nome, ns n whole, did not grasp the
full turpitude of the scheme nor the
system's perfect working.
Strange to say. Dextry. the fire cater.
had assumed an oriental patience quite
foreign to his pepiery disposition and
spent much of his time In the hills
���On  this  day,   as   the  clouds   broke
about noou. close down on tho ang-y
horizon   n   drift   of   smoke   appeared.
shortly resolving Itself Into a steamer.
She lay to In the oding. and through
his glasses Glenlster saw that it was
the Roanoke.   As the hours passed and
no boat put off, he tried to hire a crow,
hut the longshoremen >pat atsely nnd
shook their hen is as they watched the
"There's  the devil  of nn  undertow
ettin*   nlong   this   bench."   they   told
dm.   "and   the   water's   too   cold   t>
Irownd In comfortable."    So he laid
Inn hands upon his Impatience.
Every  day   meant  many   dollars  to
'ie  watcher,  and  yet  it seemed  thnt
nature was resolute i:i thwart-its him,
for that night the wind freshened, and
daylight saw the "hip hngging the lee
of Sledge Inland, mile- to the westward, while fie serf, v. bite as lulling
illk.  bootne'l  an-1  thundered against
V.'. nl   ' .. r'ie  street
that Hill Wheaton wns aboard wirn a
writ or a subpoena or an alibi or whatever was necessary to put tbe "kibosh"'
on McNamara, so public excitement
grew. McNamara boarded bis gold in
the Alaska bank, and it was taken for
granted that there would lie the scene
Of the struggle. No one supposed for
an instant thnt the usurper would part
with the treasure peaceably.
On the third morning the ship lay
abreast of the town again, nnd a lifeboat was seen to make off from her,
whereupon the Idle population streamed toward the beach.
"She'll make It to the surf all right,
but theu watch out."
"We'd better make ready to haul 'era
out," said another. "It's mighty dangerous." And, sure enough, as the
skiff came rushing in through the
breakers she was caught.
She had made It past the flrgt line,
soaring over the bar ou a foamy roller
crest like a storm driven gull winging
in toward the land. The wiry figure
of Bill Wheaton crouched in the stern,
while two sailors fought with their
oars. As they gathered for their rush
through the last zone of froth a great
comber rose out of the sea behind
them, rearing high above their heads.
The crowd on the surf's edge shouted.
The boat wavered, sucked back into
the ocean's angry maw, and with a
crash the deluge engulfed them. There
remnlned nothing but a swirling flood
through which the lifeboat emerged
lH)ttora up, amid a tangle of oars, gratings and gear.
Men rushed into the water, and the
next roller pounded them back upon
the marble hard sand. There came the
sound of splitting wood, and then a
group swarmed iu waist deep and bore
out a dripping figure. It was a hempen headed seaman, who shook the water from his mane and grinned when
his breath had come.
A step farther down the beach the
bystanders seized a limp torm which
the tide rolled to them. It was the
second sailor, his scalp, split from a
blow of the gunwale. Nowhere was
Glenlster had plunged to the rescue
first, a heaving line about his middle,
and, although buffeted about, he had
reached the wreck, only to miss sight
of the lawyer utterly. He had time
for but a glance when he was drawn
outward by the undertow till the line
at his waist grew taut, then the water
surged over him and he was hurled
high up on the beach again. He staggered dizzily back to the struggle,
when suddenly a wave lifted the capsized cutter and ri?hted it, and out
from beneath shot the form of Wheaton. grimly clutching the life ropes.
They brought him in choking and
"I got It." he said, slapping his
streaming breast. "It's all right. Olenlster. I knew whnt delay meant, so I
took a long chance with the surf." The
terrific ordenl he hnd undergone hr.d
blanched him to the lips, his leg* wolv.
bled uncertainly, and he would have
fallen but for the young mnn, who
thrust nn arm about his waist and led
him up into the town.
"I went before the circuit conrt of
appeals in 'Frisco." he explained later,
"and they Issued orders allowing an
appeal from this court and gave me a
writ of supersedeas directed ngninst
old Judge Stlllman. That takes the
litigation out of his hands altogether
nnd directs McNamara tu turn over
the Midas and nil the gold he's got
What do you think of that? I did better than I expected."
Olenlster wrung his hand silently,
while a great satisfaction came upon
hhu. At last this waiting was over
and his peaceful yielding to Injustice
had borne fruit���had proved the better
course after all, as the girl hnd prophesied. He could go to her now with
clonn hands. The mine was his again.
He would lay It nt her feet, telling her
once more of his love and the change
It was working In him. He would
make her see It���make her see thnt be-
nenth the harshness his years in the
wild hnd given him his love for her
wns gentle and true and all absorbing.
He would bid her be patient till she
saw he had mastered himself, till he
could come with his soul In harness.
"1 am glad I didn't fight when they
Jumped us." he snld. "Now we'll get
our property back and all the money
they took out���that Is, If McNamara
hasn t sailed It."
"Yes; nil that's necessary is to file
fhe documents, then serve the Judge
aud McNamara. You'll be back ou
Anvil creek tomorrow."
Having placed their documents on
record at the courthouse, the two men
continued to McNamara's office. ,He
met them with courtesy.
"I heard you had a narrow escape
this morning, Mr. Wheaton. Too bad!
Whnt can I do for you?"
The lawyer rapidly outlined his position and staled in conclusion:
"I filed certified copies of these orders with the clerk of tho court ten
uluutos ago, and now I make formal
demand upon you to turn over the
Midas to Messrs. Olenlster and D����:
Ivy au 1 also to return all the gold dust
in your safe deposit boxes in a-cord-
cce with this writ." He banded nil
locuuienta to McNamara, who tossed
ihem on his desk without examination.
"Well," said the politician quietly, "I
won't do it."
Had he been Slapped in the face tbe
attorney would hot have been more astonished.
"I won't do It, I said!" McNamara
repeated sharply. "Don't think for a
minute that I haven't gone into this
fight armed for everything. Writs of
supersedeas! Bah!" He snapped his
"We'll see whether you'll obey or
not." said Wheaton. and when he aud
Glenlster were outside he continued:
"Let's get to t}ie judge quick."
As thoy nenred the Oolden Gate hotel they spied MbNamara entering. It
was evident that he had slipped from
tie ret'r door of Ills office and beaten
tbem to tbe Judicial ear.
"I dou't like that." said Olenlster.
"He's up to something."
So- it appeared, lor they were fifteen
minutes in gaining access to the magistrate and then found McNamara
with him. Both uien were astounded
nt the change In Htillmau's appearance.
During tbe last inoalh his weak face
bad shrunk and altered until vacillation was betrayed In every line, and
he bad acquired the hub!I of furtively
watching McNullhint's slightest movement. It seeuiedjthat the part be played sat heavily Upon him.
The Judge examined the papers perfunctorily, and. although bis air was
deliberate, his Angara made clumsy
work of It.   At last lie said:
"I regret that I am forced to doubt
the authenticity* bf these documents."
"My henvens. man!" Wheaton cried.
"They're certified copies of orders
from your superior court. They grant
the. appeal thill you have denied us
and take the Wise out of your hands
altogether. Yes, and they order this
man to surrender the mine and everything connected With It. Now. sir. we
want you to enforce these orders."
Stlllman glanced at the silent man
In Ihe window hnd replied:
"You will, of course, proceed regularly and make application In court
in the proper Way. but 1 tell you now
tho* I won't do anything In the matter."
Wheaton stared at hhn fixedly until
the old mnn snapped out:
"You say they are certified copies.
How do I know they are? The signatures may all be false. Maybe you
signed them yourself."
The lawyer grew very white at this
nnd stammered until Olenister drew
him out of the room.
"Come, come." he said: "we'll carry
this thing through In open court. Maybe], his nerve will go back on him thnn.
McNamara has him hypnotized, but be
won't dare refuse to obey the orders
of the circuit court of appeals."
"He won't, eh? Well, what do you
think he's doing right now?", sold
Wheaton. "I must think. This Is the
boldest game I ever played In. They
tokl me things while I was In 'Frisco
which I couldn't believe, but I guess
they're true. Judges don't disobey the
orders of their courts of appeal unless
there is power back of them."
They proceeded to the attorney's office, but had not been there long before Slapjack Simms burst In upon
"Hell to pay!" he panted. "McNamara's taking your dust out of the
������What's thnt?" they cried.
*'I goes Into the bank just now for
nn assay on some quartz samples. The
assayer Is busy, and I walk bnck Into
his room, and while I'm there in trots
McNamara in a hurry. He don't sec
tne. ns I'm Inside the private office,
nnd I overhear him tell them to get
his dust out of the vault quick."
"We've got to stop that." said Olenlster. "jf he takes ours, he'll take the
Swedes', too. Simms. you run up to
the Pioneer company uud tell them
about It. If he gets that gold out of
there, nolmdy knows what II become
of It.   Come on. Bill."
He snatched his hat nnd ran out of
the roonj. followed by the others. That
the loose jointed Slapjack did his work
with expedition was evidenced by the
fact that the Swedes were close upon
their heels as the two entered the bunk.
Others bud followed, seuslug something unusual, and the space within
the doors filled rapidly. At the disturbance the clerks suspended their
work, the barred doors of the safe deposit vault clanged to, und the cashier
laid hand upon the navy Colt's nt his
elbow.  "What's tlie matter?" he cried.
"We want Alec McNamara," said
The manager of the bank appeared.
and Olenlster spoke to bim through
the heavy wire netting.
"Is McNamara lu there?"
No one bud ever known Morehouse
to He. "Yes, sir." He spoke hesitatingly. It) a voice full of the slow music
of Virginlu. "Ue is In here. What of
"We hear he's trying to move that
dust of ours, and we won't stand for
it. Tell bim to come out and not hide
In there like a dog."
At these words the politician appeared beside the southerner, aud the two
conversed softly au instant, while the
Impatience of the crowd grew to
anger,   pome one cried:
"Let's go In and drag him out," and
the rumble at this was uot pleasant.
Morehouse raised his hand.
"Gentlemen, Mr. McNamara says he
doesn't Intend to take any of the gold
"Then he's taken It already.'"
"No. he hasn't."
The receiver's course had been
quickly chosen at the Interruption. It
was not wise to anger these men too
much. Although he had planned to
get the money livo his own possession,
he now though) It best to leave It here
for the present. lie could come back
at any time when they were off guard
and get It Beyon 1 the door against
which he stood lay JOOO.OOO-wQighed.
sacked, sealed nr.O rea y to more out
of the custody o" this Virginian who��e
ronfldeuce be ha l tried bo fruitlessly
to g .in.
As McNamarn looked Into thr- amiy
eyes of the lean faced men beyond the
grating he feit that the game was
growing close, nnd bia blood tin -led a*
the thought lie bad not planned 0:1 a
resistance so strom and swift, but be
would meet it. He knew lhat they
hungered for his destruction and Unit
Olenister was their leader. He snw
further that the man's hatred uow
stared at him openly for the first time.
He knew that back of it was something more than love for the dull
metal over which they wrangled, and
then a thought came to him.
"Some of your work eh. Olenister?''
he mocked. "Were you afraid to come
alone,  or did   vju  wail  till  you  savr
" with a lady?"
Al the same Install! he opened a doo(
oehind bim. revealin,- Ueleu Chester.
"You'd better not walk oul wilh me.
Miss Chester. This man might���well,
you're safer here, you know. You'll
pardon me for leaving you." lie hoped
\e could incite the young man to some
rasli act or word in tbe presence <d'
the girl and counted on the conspicu
ous heroism of his own position, lining the mob single handed, one against
"Come out." said Ills enemy hoarsely, upon whom tlie insult anil thi' sight
of the girl iu the receivers company
had acted powerfully.
"Of course I'll come ont. but I don't
want this young lady to suffer any violence from your friends." said McNamara, "1 am not armed, but I have
the right to leave here unmolested���
the right of an American cltlwu."
With thut he raised .his arms above
bis bead. "Out of my way!" he cried.
Morehouse opened the gale, and McNamara strode through the mob.
It is u peculiar thing lhat. although
under fury of passion, a man may lire
even  upon  the back  of a  defenseless
We have several short ends from 6 feet to 14
feet in length, that you may be able to use, at
reduced prices.
Our stock of Linoleums is complete, to fit any
sized room.
I NOTE���We will duplicate the prices of any responsible mail order
j house, or do better, if possible.
Phone No. 9.
M. C. Kli.MDAL'.,
Notary Public.
2 lots with house.   House cost $400.00
Land, Financial and Insurance Agents.
jaws and frowning laces an,,' yellow
haired Scandinavians lu whose b!ue
eyes danced the Maine of battle. These
had been baffled at every turn, goaded
by repeated failure, and now stood
shoulder to shoulder iu their resistance to a cruel law. Suddenly Helen
heard a command from the street and
the quick tramp of men, while over
the heads before her she saw the glint
of rifle barrels. A file of soldiers witl>
fixed bayonets thrust themselves rough
ly through the crowd at Ihe entrance.
"Clear the room!" commanded the
"What does this mean?" shouted
"It means that Judge Stlllman has
called upon the military to guard this
gold, that's all. Come, now, move
quick!" The men hesitated, then snl-
.culv oheved, for resistance to the blue
if I.'ucle Sam comes only at the cost
if much considr-r.'i::..
"They're robbing us with our own
soldieri." said Wheaton when they
were outside,
"Aye," said Clenister darkly. "We
have tried the law. lint they're forcing
ns buck to tirst principles. There's go
!ng to be luu-.lor here."
"Out of mu way I" lie cried.
foe. yet uo one can ofier violence lo a
man whose arms are raised on high
and In whose glance is tbe level li.;hl
of fearlessness. Moreover, it is safer
to face a crowd thus than a single adversary.
McNamara had seen this psychological trick tried before and now took advantage of it to walk through the press
slowly, eye to eye. lie did it theatrically, for the beuefit of the girl, and; u>
he foresaw, the men fell away bel'oiv
him���all but Olenister, who blocked
him, gun in baud. It was plain that
the persecuted miner was beside himself with passion. MoXumiii'tt came
within an arm's length before pausing.
Then he stopped, and the two stared
malignantly at each other, while the
girl behind the railing heard her heart
pounding In the stillness. Olenister
raised his hand uncertainly, then let ii
fall. He shook bis bead and stepped
aside, so that the other brushed past
and out trit r> the street.
Wheaton addressed the banker:
"Mr. Morehouse, we've got orders
and writs of one kind or another from
the circuit court of appeals at 'Frisco
directing that this money be turned
over to ns." lie shoved the papers to
ward the oilier. "We're not hi tt mood
to trifle. That god belongs to us. and
we want It."
Morehouse looked carefully at the
"I can't help you." he said. "These
documents are not directed to me.
They're Issued to Mr. McNamara and
Judge Stillnian If tlie circuit conrt of
appeals commands me to deliver It to
you. I'll do II. but otherwise I'll have to
keep this dust here till It's drawn oul
by order of the court that gave it to
me. That's the way It was put In here,
and that's the way It'll be taken out."
"We want It now."
"Well. I can't let my sympathies Influence me."
"Then we'll take It out anyway."
cried Olenlster. "We've bad the worst
of it everywhere el e. and we're sick of
it.   Come on. men!"
"Stand back, all of you!" cried
Morehouse. "Don't lay a hand on that
gate.    Boys, pick yonr men."
He called this last to bis clerks, ut
the same instant whipping from behind
the counter a carbine, which he cocked.'
The assayer brought into view a shotgun, while the cashier and clerks
armed themselves. It was evident that
the deposits of the Alaska bank were
abundantly safeguarded,
"I don't aim ti have any trouble wilh
ybu-ull," couth] e.l the southerner.
"but that money stays here till It's
drawn out right."
The crowd paused at this show of
resistance, but Olenlster railed ut
"Come on! Come on! What's the
matter with you?" An 1 from the light
In Ills eye It was evident that he woulo
not be balked.
Helen felt that a crisis was come
and braced herself. These men were
in deadly earnest���the white haired
banker, his pale helpers and those
trim, <mlct ones outside, There stood
brawny,  sun   browned   men  with  sot
LEXISTEK  had said that the
judge would uot dare to (lis
4 1 obey the mandates of the clr-
^���r cult court of appeuls, but he
was wrong. Application was male tor
orders directing Ihe enforcement of
fhe writs, steps which would have re
stored possession of the Midas to it-s
owners as well as possession of tie
treasure In bank, but Stillnian refused
to granl them.
Wheaton called a meeting of the
Swedes and their attorneys, advising a
junction of forces. Dextry, who bad
returned from ihe mountains, was
present. When they had finished their
discussion, be said:
"It seems like I can always tight better when I know what the other fel
ler's gune is. I'm going to spy on
that outfit."
"We've hid detectives at work for
weeks," said the lawyer for llie Scandinavians, "but they can't find out
anything we don't know already."
Dextry said no core, but that night
found bin busied in the building ad-
ioini,:g Ihe one wherein McNamara had
his oliice. He bad rented a back room
on the top floor, and with the help of
Ills partner sawed through the cellhg
into the lo"t and found his way thence
to the roof through a hatchway Kor
tunali-ly. there was bill little space between the two buildings, aud furthermore (.nh boasted the square fronts
common in mining camps, which prelected h'g'i enough to prevent observation from across tbe way Thus lu-
was enabled, without discovery, toga III
(lie roof adjoining anil to cut through
Into Ihe I.il't. He crept cautiously In
through the openl: g and out upon a
floor of joists sealed on the lower side,
tlie.i III a candle, and locating McNamara's oilice, cut a peephole so that
by lying Hit on the timbers he could
observe a considerable portion of llie
������mm beneath. Here, early Ihe following morning, be camped with the patience of an Indian, emerging in tlie
still of that light still, hungry and
atrocious'}- cross. Meanwhile, there
had been another meeting of the mine
owners, and it had been decided to
lend Wheaton. properly armed with
affidavits and transcripts of certain
court records, back to San Francisco
on the return trip of the Santa Maria.
which had arrived in port. He was tc
institute proceedings for contempt of
court, and it was hoped that by extraordinary effort he could gain quick
At daybreak Dextry returned to his
post, and it was midnight before be
crawled from Ills hiding place to see
the lawyer and Clenister.
"They have had a spy on yon all
day, Wheaton." he began, "and tbey
know you're going out to the States.
You'll be arrested tomorrow morning
before breakfast."
"Arrested!    What for?"
"I don't just remember what the
crime Is���bigamy, or mayhem, or attainder of treason, or something. Anyway, they'll get you In jail, and that's
all they want. They think you're the
only lawyer that's wise enough to
cause trouble and the only one they
can't bribe."
"Lord!   What'll 1 do!   They'll wutih
every lighter that leaves the beach,
and If they don't cat.'h ine that way
they'll search the ship."
"I've thought it all out." said the old
man. to whom obstruction acted as a
"Ves; but bow?"
"Leave it to me. Get your things
together nnd be ready to duck in two
"I tell you they'll search the Santa
Maria from stem to stem," protested
the lawyer, but Dextry hud gone.
"Better do as he says. His schemes
are good oues," recommended Olenister. nnd accordingly the lawyer made
Iu the meantime the old prospector
had begun at the end of Front street
to make u systematic search of the
gambling houses. Although it was
very lute, they were running noisily,
and at last he found the man lie wanted playing black jack, the smell of tar
lu his clothes, the lilt of the .-tea in his
boisterous laughter, Dextry drew him
"Mac. there's only two thiugs about
yon that's any good���your silence and
yot:.r seamanship Otherwise you're a
dlsreppifable. drunken bisect."
The sailor grinned.
"What is it you want now? If it's
concerning money or business or the
growed up slue of life, run uloug and
don't disturb the carousals of a sailor-
man. If it's a (i.-jht. lemmo get my
"I want you to wake up your fireman
and have steam on the tug in an hour,
then wait for n-.e below- the bridge.
You're chartered for twenty-four hours,
aud, remember, not a word."
"I'm on! Compared to me the spinks
of Egyp' is ns talkative as a phonograph."
The old man turned his steps to the
Northern theater. The performance
was still in progress, an 1 lie located
the man be was hunting without difficulty.
Ascending the stairs, he knocked at
the door of one of the boxes and called
for Captain Stephens.
'I'm glad I found you. cap." said ho.
"It saved me a trip cut to your ship
in tlie dark."
"What's tbe matter?"
Dextr;. drew him to an Isolated corner. "Me an' my partner want to send
a man to the States with you."
"All right."
"Well���er���here's the point." hesitated the mini r, who rebelled ut asking
favors. "He's our law sharp, an' Ihe
McNamara outfit is tryin' to put tho
steel on hlin."
"I don'l understand."
"Why. they've swore out a warrant
���iu' aim to guard the shore tomorrow.
We want you to" ���
"Mr. Dextry, I'm not looking for trouble. I get enough In my own business."
"But. sec- here." argued the other,
���'we've got to send him so he can make
a powwow to the big legal smoke In
'Frisco. We've been cold decked wilh
a bum Judge. They've got us Into a
corner an' over the ropes."
"I'm sorry I can't help yon. Dextry.
but I got mixed up lu one of your
scrapes and that's plenty."
"Tills ain't no stowaway. There's no
danger to you." began Dextry, but the
officer Interrupted hlin:
"There's no need of arguing.   I won't
"Oh. you won't, eh?" snld the old
man. beginning to lose his temper.
"Well, you listen to me for a minute.
Everybody In camp knows that me on'
the kid is on the square an' that we're
gettln' the bunk passed to us. Now,
this lawyer party must get away tonight or these grafters will hitch the
horses to him mi some phony charge so
he can't get to the upper court. It'll bo
hhn to the bird Vage for ninety days,
lie's goin' to tbe States, though, an'
he's goin'-in���your���wngon! I'm talk-
in' to you���man to man. If you don't
take him. I'll go to the health Inspector
-he's a friend of mine-pan' I'll put a
crimp in you an' yonr 'steamboat. I
don'l want to do that ���It ain't my reg-
lar graft by no means���but this bet
goes through as she lays. I never
belched lip a secret before. No, sir. I
am the human huntln' case watch, an'
I won't open my face unless you press
me. but if I should, you'll see thai it's
time for you to hunt a new job. Now,
here's my scheme." lie outlined his directions to Ihe sailor, who bad fallen
silent during Ihe warning. When he
had done, Stephens suld: THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C., MAY 15, 19C9.
Additional Locals
The Penticton Athletic Association will hold a meeting on the
evening of Saturday, the 22nd
inst. over Wade's store. The
purpose of the meeting will be to
lay plans for the First of July
sports. Members of the Aquatic
Association and the Turf Club
are invited to attend in order to
see whether mutual arrangements may be arrived at.
The Government pile driver
did a good half day's work last
Saturday for the Aquatic Association, driving a line of piles neai
the foot of Forbes St. where r
breakwater for the protection oi
of boats is to be built. The
Association purpose erecting a
boathouse as soon as they art
financially able. Penticton will
one day lead all others towns oi
the Okanagan in water sports.
Beautiful as is the natural
rcenery of the coast section o1
the province, there are at least
two points upon which it is eclipsed by that of the Okanagan Valley. Here the cloud effect dur
ing the late afternoons, especially at the southern end of the
lake, cannot be surpassed anywhere, while the general bright
ness and varity of shade ant
coloring in the landscape contrasts sharpely with the sombn
aspect of the coast section.
Weather Report.
Observations at Dominion Government Meteorological Statior
at Penticton for the month of
April 1909:
1 59 .
2 53 .
3 57 .
4 60 .
5 61 .
6 5CJ.
7 58 .
8 66 .
9 59 .
11 60
12 61
13 56
14 57
15 62
16 58
17 57
18 54
19 58
.62 .
.72 .
.74 .
.71 .
.70 .
.85 .
.55 .
The total rainfall was .05 inches.
Goods delivered to any part
of the town daily.
Prompt attention given to mail
Phone 21. P. O. Box 203.
Daily delivery of Fresh Milk fo
all parts of the town.
H. M. McNeill,    .     Prop
Write to-day for catalogue.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.,
30tf Vancouver, 15. C
Eight Roomed House,   well  finished
With acre of land.    Will rent at reason
able figure to right party.
43-tf REV. A. F. BAKER.
111 acres of land with house and stal le,
01 Winnipeg St. and Fairview A\e.;
horses, wagons, buggv, harness,
stumping machine, sawing machine,etc.
Apply       II. J. HUYCKE,
44-2 on the premises.
Young man wants situation on ranch.
: tock ranch prefei red.    Can butcher if
; equired.      Apply
ern Okanagan Land
Company, Limite
Our Irrigation system having been completed for
the Lake Skaha benches we are now offering under this
water system some 300 acres in five and ten acre tracts,
at $100.00 to $150.00 per acre.
On the Penticton benches we still have for sale
irrigated about 160 acres, at from $100. oo to $125. oo per
acre. All our bench lands are admirably adapted for
On the Penticton flats we have open clean meadow
suitable for small fruits, vegetable and hay, at $150.oo
per acre.
Uncleared land suitable for fruit [but stoney and'
wooded] $5o.oo to $loo.oo per acre.
Uncleared land quite free of stone,  suitable for
hay or garden stuff, $loo.oo per acre.
".'. . Terms on all the above one quarter down, one
quarter each year with interest at 6 per cent, on deferred
In Penticton and on Okanagan Lake Beach $3oo.oo
to$15o.oo.       On Lake Skaha Beach $4oo. oo.
We have a great many excellent buys in town
property (business and residential). Anything we show
you will advance in value 5o per cent, within a year.
Get in now, you can make money and take no chances by
purchasing our lands.
The Brown Brothers Company
Nurserymen,   -   of Ontario
Are extensive growers of all kinds of Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Roses, and Ornamental Trres. and
the members of the firm are all practical nurserymen of 25 years experience, and have built up
the moat successful and extensive business uf the kind in Canada.
The growing of the stock, as well as every other detail in connection with the work, is
personally superintended by the individual members of the firm, and they work on the plan that
the best is none too pood fur their customers,
We have made large shipments of trees into th" Okanagan Valley and can give the names
of the largest planters in that district, who have planted our stock Successfully, if desired.
Our trees are grown in the fanuus Niagara district, in Ontario, in a climate very similar
to that of the Okanagan Valley, and our trees are consequently better suited to the needs of
planters there, than are the Coast stock, being more hardy in the wood, with a more abundant
supply uf fibrous roots, which count fur much io tn tking an investment in an orchard a safe and
permanent one.
We shall be pleased to hear from prospective planters, with a view to supplying them with
the best grade pf trees, true tu name.
We wish to secure the services of a go d reliable man to represent us at Penticton and
vicinity, and will make liberal terms to tae rt^nt party, for all, or a part of his time.
Write fur terms, prices, etc., to
CHAS. L. TROTTER, Manager,
Brown Brothers Company, Nurserymen, Ltd.,
1125 8th Ave., Vancouver, B. C.
Trees Trees Trees
layritz Nurseries,
Victoria, B.C.
We have a fine stock of all the leading
varieties on hand.
All stock! is propagated  from  fruiting
trees rendering practically no risk
' v' regarding untrueness to name.
i Write for catalogue
and price list to; our local representative
KKlXnVNA,        -        B. C.
a���i   i ���i i �������� a������������^t
Lawn Sprinklers.
Rubber Hose.
Sheet Packing.
White Lead, Oil, Mixed Paints, Agate Wall Finish.
Many people dread the approach of hot weather
on account of the discomfort it brings, when there
is really very little necessity for it. We do notbe=
lieve the people of this town require to be told what
are the proper and coolest things to wear, so we
have laid in a supply of some of the things they
are sure to ask for:
Something Original���that's the
cry of every buyer of printing.
<I If every print e hop could or would work character
into their product there would'nt be so much common
place pnnting.
���J We'll be glad of an opportunity to prove to you
that when your printing is placed with us there will be '
character to it.
CJ Our new type faces will do that alone, but
there'll be more than up to dateness in type faces.
There will be care taken in the arrangement of the type
���good-ink will be used���the pioper class of paper for.
the work will be selected, and if it requires illustrating
we'll see that suitable cuts are used.
Canvas Footwear
Lidies' White Canvas Oxfords -   -   $1.50
Misses'          "              "        . -        1.25
Children's      "              "        - -   -     LOO
Men's            "              " -   ���    2.00
Linen and Felt Hats
Men's Light Felt Hats     "   -      -      $1.00
"   Linen Hats     -   ...  -       -       -      .75
Boys' " -���    -      - ,.;     L60
1 i.
Men's Summer Clothing
Two Piece Flannel Suits1'-' ..    '���- '$7.25
Flannel Trousers - $1.75 to 4.25
White Duck Trousers      - - 1.-75
��� i-y
General Merchant.
Phone 6.
.   Another car of
McLaughlin    Carriages
Aiso a
Car of  Cockshutt   Goods
', Comprising- the following :���
Adams' - Log   Trucks,   Adams'
Teaming-   Trucks,   Adams'  one-
horse    Wagons    (low   wheels),
Adams' Lorries and Drays.
Cockshutt 3, 2, and 1-horse
Cockshutt Drag and Lever and
Spring-Tooth Harrows.
Cockshutt Wheel Scrapers and
Drag Scrapers.
Cockshutt 1-horse Cultivators.
Cockshutt Potato Diggers.
Also Bolster Springs, Light and
Heavy Harness, Sharpies Cream
Separators, I. H. C. Gas Engines,
Ideal Pumping Plants, etc.
Call and Inspect our Stock.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that all persons owning lots within and
adjoining the hereinafter described
area, that is to say:
From Okanagan Lake south on Ellis
street to Eckhardt Avenue, thence
west to Winnipeg Street, thence north
to Okanagan Lake, are required within
thirty days from date of this notice to
cut, cleafi up, and burn or remove all
underbrush up to one inch in diameter,
and all inflammable matter upon the
said lots to the satisfaction of the Municipal Council, and in the event of such
clearing not being done, the Council
will have ihe said work done, and it
shall be charged as a special assessment against the said lots.
This notice is given under the terms
of the "Fire Protection Hy-Law."
By order.
Municipal Clerk.
Dated May 8th, 1909.
Painter, Paperhanger
and Sign Writer
Picture Framing a Specialty.
WALL PAPER Carried in Stock.
Two Hundred and Sixty-Three Acres;
about 30 acres can be cultivated -and
watered ; over J mile lake frontage ;
2 acres six year old bearing orchard; 5
additional acres cleared for crop ; 2
springs at house ; wharf 170 ft. long ;
good iog house; 6 chicken houses; good
stable 16x16 with hay loft and swingled
roof ; lean-to 16x16 ; good corral ; good
root cellar where nothing froze this
winter; first water right on1 Shoot
Creek for 100 inches ; unlimited range
for stock ; 5 miles from Naramata ;
wagon road will be built this year or
next; one of the most delightful locations in the Okanagan. Last year the
owner was asking ten thousand for
place but as he has something else in
sight now, he will sell for six thousand.
This is a bargain. ��.
Applv for particulars at the PRESS
office, or to F. G. ANDERSON,
Summerland, B. C
Business block on Main Street; two
storey with two compartments downstairs and hall upstairs, $2,500. Lot 63,
seven and one-half acres on Fairview
Road, $2,200. J. D. McDonald,
12-tf Potlatch, Idaho.


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