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The Penticton Press Oct 9, 1909

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 TLhc   penticton   jfbrees
VOL. 4.    No. 13.
.00 Per Year In Advance
THE  CANADIAN   BANK Local and Personal
B. E. Walker, President. ! Paid-up Capital,  $10,000,000
Alexander Laird, General Manager.   Reserve Fund,    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England.
Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at
current rates.     Accounts may be opened in the names of
two or more persons and withdrawals made by
any one of them or by the survivor.
Penticton Branch     *    -    J. J. HUNTER, Manager.
1 Campbell & Kay \
Give us a call. Prices right.
Will now be carried on by the new proprietors,
Taylor & Williams
Of Summerland.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
DIGNAN and WEEKS. Proprietors.
If you ./ant a Stylish Outfit, this is the place to come. You can always
get teams just when you want them. We make a specialty of keeping
good horses, safe rigs, careful drivers and also saddle and pack horses.
We are also putting in Hay and Grain for sale, and as we buy for cash
we get the best rates and our patrons get the benefit.
Special Attention To The  Wants Of Commercial  Men.
Penticton Stage and Livery
Stage Connects with Steamer "Okanagan" at Penticton, with Great Northern
Railway at Keremeos, and with stage to Hedley and Princeton. Leaves at 6 a.m
Pianos and Furniture moved to all points,  and a general Draying
Business transacted.
Saddle and Pack Horses.
Top Buggies, Four-horse Rigs for Commercial Men.
W. E. Welby, Prop.       Penticton.
An Incandescent Kerosene Mantle Lamp
We have just received the new 1909 "Aladdin," the latest, in lamps.
It is an incandescent kerosene mantle lamp, burning coal oil and producing at the cheapest cost the most brilliant uniform light and is an ideal
illuminant for stores, offices and homes. To say we are pleased with
this beautiful lamp is to express our satisfaction very mildly. The lamp
which is of simple construction, differs little from an ordinary coal oil
lamp but the result of the mantle and generator which turns the coal oil
into a gas throwing a light of twenty-fold power at a minimum cost is a
great stride towards perfection combined with economy.
Made in Table, Store, Hanging, and Bracket Lamp styles.
C. A. C. STEWARD,    Phone 9 ]
Those having   friends  visiting them
will confer a favor by acquainting the
PRESS with the fact.    All other local
I news thankfully received.
W. H. T. Gahan spent a few-
days in Hedley this week.
Greatest lamp of the age���read
Steward's adv. on front page.
Get outside of self, pull together and boost the town.
S. C. Smith, of Vernon, spent
a day or two in town this week.
Mrs. T. Hudon's boarding
house will re-open on Monday,
the 18th inst.
There is considerable live stock
running at large contrary to the
municipal by-law.
Wm. Kearns, representative of
the Vernon News, arrived in
Penticton on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas Were returned on Monday after spending
about a week in Vancouver.
Leave your order at Steward's
for any style of lamp you want.
Different prices.
J. Fletcher Mitchell, M. P. P.,
of Winnipeg, spent Sunday in
Penticton the guest of his ^ousin,
J. R. Mitchell.
The annual Harvest Home Festival services of St. Saviour's
Church will be held next Sunday
at the usual hour.
T. M. Syer this week received
word that the home of his
parents in Thamesville, Ont,
had been destroyed by fire.
W. M. Winslow will give a
lecture before the Farmers' Institute this evening in Steward's
Hall.    Ladies especially invited.
The gasoline street lights are
giving very poor satisfaction.
On Tuesday night three out of
the six were out of commission.
The regular quarterly meeting
of the Board of Trade will be
held next Wednesday evening in
the Council Chamber. All members bear in mind.
The 'Aladdin" Kerosene-Gas
Lamp gives 66 candle power on
half the oil used in a common
Dr. J. Patin and son, of Bath,
Eng., spent a few days in Penticton recently. J. Patin, jr.,
family, and brother, intend coming here to reside next spring.
Mr. and Mrs. John Orr, Mrs.
H. L. DeBeck, Mrs. C. F. Lay-
ton, Master Max Layton and
Mr. Jas. Creighton left on Friday to visit the provincial exhi-
tion at NewWestminster.
Hon. J. H. Turner, Agent General for British Columbia in England, has ordered one hundred
books of Jos.A.Nesbitt's "Views
of Penticton." They will be
distributed in the Old Country.
The Hotel Penticton has further improved its interior by a
thorough renovation. The accommodation offered there is
now said to be equal to that of
any hotel in the Okanagan.
A. C. Samson, a brother of
Mrs. J. R. Mitchell, arrived on
Wednesday evening. Mrs. Mitchell accompanied him on his
departure for his home in Winnipeg on Friday morning. She
will visit friends in that city.
W. D. Lancaster and family
left on Friday for their former
home at Toppenish, Wash. Mr.
Lancaster has had charge of the
S. 0. Land Co's irrigation system
for the past four years, and has
proved himself thoroughly competent at the work.
The dredge on Okanagan River
passed through the swing bridge
on Fairview Road Wednesday. A
good job has been done on the
rapids above the bridge.     That
'part from the bridge down to
: Gordon Harris' place is the worst
! part now remaining.
A reception for. the Rev. G. O.
Fallis, which will take the form
of an old fashioned tea meeting,
will be held in the Methodist
church on Wednesday evening,
18th inst, beginning at 7:30
o'clock. A cordial invitation is
extended to all.    No charge.
Ladies���Get some plate-rail
for your chinaware from Steward. Makes a room look complete.
M. C. Kendall returned on
Wednesday after an absence of
a couple of weeks at Ducks and
points in the upper Okanagan.
He reports things prosperous at
all outside points, and returns
more convinced than ever that
Penticton should at once instal a
water system if it is to be up-to-
W. Curtis Hitchner, agent for
the Glencoe subdivision near
Westbank, spent Tuesday in
Penticton. Mr. Hitchner is very
sanguine over the success with
which he has met in getting
settlers upon his land, twelve
families having settled there this
summer. The subdivision, which
embraces several pre-emptions,
comprises about 2100 acres.
The Public Library is open to
give out books on Saturday evenings from 8 to 9 o'clock and on
Tuesday afternoons from 3 to 4
o'clock. Call in and examine
the selection of books. Tickets
are only two dollars per year,
and may be paid half yearly, if
desired. Here is an excellent
opportunity, at a small outlay,
to read the standard works.
The Ross map, a new publication for which orders were
solicited and taken some months
ago, was distributed this week
to about thirty disgusted subscribers in Keremeos. It is poorly designed, utterly illegible in
parts, and altogether about the
worst specimen of map-making
that could be found. A really
good map of .the province would
find a ready sale.���Keremeos
Great Northern Gets Busy.
Penticton vs. Summerland Shoot.
A match was held last Saturday at Summerland between the
Civilian Rifle Association of Penticton and that of Summerland.
Penticton lost by 34 points, which
is a very good showing in view
of the fact that the Summerland
association is considered the best
in the province. Following is
the score:
200 yds. ,r>00 yds. Total
H. Dunsden 28 30 58
W. Nelson Ill 28 59
M. Stewart 30 35 65
A. E. Nelson 32 32 64
���I. Dunsden 32 33 65
A. Mallett 34 29 63
H.Stewart 26 31 57
P. Nixon 23 29 52
Grand Total 483
200 yds. 500 yds. Total
G. F.Guernsey....24 20 44
J.K.Mitchell 24 30 54
F. H. Latimer ....24 10 34
T. B. Stark 23 24 47
A. S. Miller 20 25 45
N. Hudon 28 31 59
L. A. Rathvon ... .29 30 59
J. W. Edmonds ...31 26 57
Grand Total 399
Lady Balfour Visits Penticton.
Lady Balfour of Burleigh, who
spent last Sunday here as the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Guernsey,
was greatly impressed with Penticton and said that it was the
most charming spot she had seen
in Canada. Lady Balfour left
on Monday's boat for Victoria,
where she will spend a day or so
before rejoining Lord Balfour at
Montreal, where he has been sitting on the Royal Commission on
trade relations between Canada
and the West Indies.
(From Oroviile Weekly Gazette.)
Division Superintendent R. C.
| Morgan came in Tuesday evening
! in his private car, and A.Guthrie.
[the successful bidder for the contract of building the Oroville-
; Brewster branch, was his guest.
Mr. Guthrie expected to meet
Engineer A. F. Whitcomb at this
point, but that gentleman was
delayed at Spokane, and did not
get in until Wednesday evening.
Wednesday, Superintendent Morgan, accompanied by Mr. Guthrie, continued on to Keremeos,
where Mr. Guthrie met and conferred with Chief Engineer
Hogeland. They returned Wednesday evening, and according
to program a party consisting of
Messrs. Guthrie, Whitcomb and
others left here Thursday morning in vehicles to drive south over
the line of the proposed new
The reporter found Mr. Guthrie a courteous, approachable and
communicative gentleman. He
is a man of ripe age, bearing his
years with ease, with a geniality
of manner that makes it a
pleasure to meet him. He is one
of the oldest and largest contractors in the west, and has
done much and heavy construction work on the Great Northern
system in past years. He conversed freely upon the subject of
the prospective railroad construction. He stated that crews would
work from both ends, and progress made as speedily as possible. Locations for camps would
be selected on his trip down the
valley, and he expected grading
would commence in a very short
time. He stated that outfits were
now on their way in from both
Minnesota and North Dakota,
due to arrive almost any day.
He inquired especially regarding
the winters, and expressed the
belief that work could be continued uninteruptedly throughout
the winter. His presence here
was for the purpose of familiarizing himself with the country
and conditions, and he was rather
pleased than otherwise that his
plans for meeting Mr. Whitcomb
had gone awry, as it gave him
an opportunity to make the run
to the front. The actual work
of construction will be done by
sub-contractors and Mr. Guthrie
will spend little of his time in
the county.
During the week Messrs. Whitcomb and Andrews, the engineers who with their assistants
will have supervision of the work
of construction, with headquarters in Oroviile, secured the residence in the west part of town
formerly occupied by Dr. Webb
to be used as an office.
The Herald states that material
for the use of the contractors is
already arriving at Brewster by
boat from Wenatchee.
The activity that is being manifested in the engineer department and among contractors is
evidence sufficient to indicate
that the long anticipated building
of the branch is to commence.
Construction of the line is no
longer shrouded in mystery. It
can be truly said it is a thing of
the present.
The Standard's Souvenir Number
The Montreal Standard's Special Number has come to hand,
and is a most creditable production. It has a magnificent cover
in colors, painted by one of
America's best known artists.
The Number contains nearly 150
half-tone plates devoted to subjects of general interest, and has
two superb panoramic views of
Montreal suitable for framing.
The printing is first class, and
we understand that many thousands of the issue have been sent
to friends abroad.
Wilfrid Small's Recital.
Master Wilfrid Small is an ait-
ist. Such was the unanimous
verdict of those who heard him
at the violin recital given on
Friday evening of last week.
For an hour and a half the audience were held as by a spell.
This applied not merely to the
musically gifted but to all present. Tne average individual
does not as a rule appreciate
classical music, but this is not
the case when Master Small
plays. He loses himself in his
playing, and the most difficult
pieces are interpreted as if he
had caught the very spirit and
impulses that prompted the authors when they first gave them
Mr. Percy S. Hook, pianist,
who played the accompaniments,
is a musician of no mean ability,
and he contributed very materially to the evening's entertainment.
The recital, which was given
under the auspices of the Penticton Public Reading Room and
Library, had only been advertised for about a week; but should
Master Small and Mr. Hook again
appear before a Penticton audience, they will doubtles be greeted by a full house.
Railway Rumbles.
(From Similkameen Star.)
The survey party under C. F.
Russell which went up to Dan
McKay's place last week are revising the V., V. & E. from that
point toward Princeton. This is
not taken to indicate abandonment of the tunnel route. It
may mean anything in the range
of a million probabilities which
Uncle Jim is not telling to everyone just now. What the public
want is quick construction of the
railway to the coast. It matters
not to them whether the road
goes through Mac's backyard,
the tunnel, the air, or down
some old turnpike. The road is
wanted quickly and badly. If it
is not forthcoming the people
must know why.
The tracklayers are expected
to arrive at Princeton in about a
week and are now about a mile
west of Bromley's. It is about
12 miles from here to Bromley's.
Work on the spur to the V. F.
M. Co's coal tipple is being
pushed with all speed so that the
arrival of the locomotive will find
splendid steaming coal in the
bunkers ready for its use.
There is no indication of an
advance being made in construction beyond Princeton. The
grading will be all done in about
three weeks.
The first week in December is
said to be the time set for regular trains to arrive in Princeton
and the beginning of a new order
of mail, express, passenger and
freight service.
Stringing the telegraph wire,
building fences, freight sheds
and stations are all now in progress and the long looked for
and sighed for railway will soon
be a reality and a blessing forever if a square deal is given on
First-class Wood. Any length stove
requires. Pine or Fir. Piled, and
measure guaranteed.
Similkameen Land District.   District
of Yale.
Take notice that I, John Mahoney, of
Penticton, occupation, farmer, intend
to apply for permission to purchase tlie
following described lands:���
Commencing at the North East corner of J. Davies' pre'-emption; thence
east 20 chains; thtfnoc south 20 chains;
thence west 20 chains'; thence north 20
chains; comprising forty acres.
Dated Aug. 7, 1909. 5-9 THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C. OCTOBER 9, 1909.
Population, 600. Area, 7,011 acres. Maximum
temperature 1908, B6t�� F.; minimum temperature
\M6, ��� WW. IneorpuraU'd into a District Municipality Jan. 1, 19.)9. Located at south end of Ok-
mwicaii Lake, Communication by C, P. K. steamer*.da Okanusan Lake. Walton road connects
with Summerland on weal side of lake and all
points to the north; atao with Naramata on east
. M"of lake, Okanagan F'alK Fairview and Boundary country to the so'.tn, aid all Similkameen
point* to the muthwctft. The mildest climate in
tCanada east of the coast. Public school \\ ith four
departments. Nursing Home. Cannery. Two
nurseries. Chief industry, the growing of fruit,
mora particularly peaches and other tender kinds.
Twelve hundred acres planted. Excellent boating
uttd bathing in the summer. Beautiful scenery.
A Bunny climate. An ideal place tu spend either
the summer or winter months.
For businesM njace* see our advertising columns.
Moeta Thursday evening in Council Boom. Smith
Bbiwt. A. B. Wide, Rocve. Chan. Were
inn't^ lsi Monday In each month at 8 p. in. K.
Wilton, Bcc'y-Treas.
Annual ireiioral me&tinjri 2nd Wednesday In January ,.( each year. General quarterly meeting,, 2nd yVednet'dayH in January, April. July
and October nl 8 p.m. Affiliated i>iih Okans
van Hoard, ol Trade, .1. .1. Hunter, I'rea.;
.VI. C Kendall Bec'y.
ft. Kavi-iur's Church, I'airvtfw Avenue : Vicar
K<-v J. A. Clrtond. Celebration of Holy Com
nt union the 1st and Brd Sundays of the inonil
after II o'clock matins; the 2nd Sunday nl H u
m. Morning prayer at 11 a.m. Evensong ai
7:80 p.m.
Prt-Hhyteri;in services aaeb Sunday in church al
11 a.m. or 7:80 p.m.   Kev.     Kiaher. pastor,
Jjautist services each Sunday In church, al 11 a.
m. or 7:30 p. in.
Presbyterian and Baptist services alternate
morning and evening.
Muthndisi services in church each Sunday at 7:80
p.m.; Sunday School 2:46 p.m. Ilov. W. L.
Bradley, B, A., pastor.
Young Peoples' Christian Union meets in lh<
Methodist church every Tuesday at i�� p.m.
A. F. ��. A. M. meet in Masons Hall, Main St., lsi
Wednesday in *'ach month at i p.m.
W. O. W. meetin Woodmena' Hull, Ellis St.. 2nd
und Ith Saturday in rach month at. N p.m.
1.1). O. F. meet in Odd  Fellows' Hall, Main St.
every Monday at 8 p.m.
I.. O. L. m��'l  in Woodmen's  Hall 2nd and   ltl
Friday in each month at H p. m.
Stage leaven for Keremeos, Hedley and Prince
ton. at fi a. m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Iteturnsitfi Mondays. Wednesdaya and Fridays.
Staire leaves for Fairview and Oroviile on Tues
days, Thursdays anil Saturdays at fi:;iu u. m. Rt
turns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ai
ti p. m..
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in
Advance.   Foreign, $1.50.
W. R. King & Co.
Hours !) a. m. to 5 p. m.
Registered Letter and Money Order wickei
closes 5 p. m.
Wicket opened for half an hour after mail it
Arrivals���Per Str, Okanagan: Daily except
Sunday (> p. m.; Per stage from Hedley, Kere
meos. Olalla, Allen Grove, Oroviile, Fairview.
and White Lake: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at ti p. m.
Closing- For boat and stapes: 8 p. m. daily.
Dally w*th ways during summer except Sunday.
Str. Okanagan leaves Penticton ft a. m.
Train arrives al Sicamous 6.15 n. m.
Train leaves Sicamous 8.26 a. in.
Str. Okanntfan arrives at Penticlon li p. m.
11< >TKL,   1*KNTK Tt >N.
First-Class Accommodation For Tourists or Commercial Men.
A. Barnes       - -       Prop.
PENTICTON,       -       -       B.C.
Advertising Rates:
Transient Advertisements���Not exceeding one inch, one insertion, 50c;
for each additional insertion, 25c.
Lodge Notices, Professional Cards, &c.
$1.00 per inch, per month.
Land and Timber Notices���30 days, $5;
60 days, $7.
Legal Advertising���First insertion. 10
cents per line; each subsequent insertion. 5c. per line.
Reading Notices in Local News Column
16c. per line, lirst insertion; 10c. per
line, each subsequent insertion.
Contract Advertisements ���Rates arranged according to space taken.
All changes in joatract advertisements must be in the hands of the
printer by Tuesday evening to ensure
publication in the next issue. '
The Mail Order House.
Notwithstanding the scarcity
j of money, there is still a large
I mail order business being done
in this vicinity. Thousands of
dollars are leaving the place
never to return. Merchant and
citizen alike agree that the practice is ruinous, but, as to the
reason for its existence, there is
a wide disagreement.
The merchant believes that the
person who sends his money to a
mail order house is, to say the
least, unpatriotic. On the other
hand, the buyer maintains that,
much as he dislikes to send his
money away, he cannot pay the
prices asked by the local merchant and support his family.
He says that he does not object
to paying a somewhat higher
figure than he would to the mail
order stores, but, as he usually
terms it, he is "not going to be
held up."
We are not going to make any
comment upon the subject, but
merely state the two viewpoints
in the hope that it may afford
foad for careful reflection. If this
m >ney could possibly be retained
ii town, it seems a pity to let it
g\ as the amount being sent out,
W3 are informed, is equal to a
g od cash business.
Cool Weather Comforts
Now that the cool weather is here we are reminded that
winter is close at hand, and of the needs that the season demands. We are well stocked in winter necessities.   Take a look at our showing.
Do you know the difference
between working and having
the wo. k doiie fur you ?
Sunlight Soap actually makes
the dirt drop   out���saves  you
time  mm money���bat   injures
neither hands nor
clothes. That
���s   just   the
be tween
Sunlight Soap
and ordinary
We purchased our Blankets direct from the mill this
season, thus saving on freight charges and middlemen's profits. We are showing some splendid values.
Our "Angola," "Cashmere," and "Llama" brands are
all pure wool and the price is no more than usually
charged for union blankets.
Men's, Ladies', Misses', Boys', and Children's Rubbers
to hand. A big line of Ladies' and Misses' Cashmere
Hose;   also Ribbed Worsted Hose for Boys.
Wrapperettes, Flannelettes, Domets, Flannelette
Blankets���in fact everything in the Dry Goods line.
Fancy Vests, Natural Wool Underwear, Sox,
and a big line of Gloves.
Don't overlook us for that new fall suit. We carry
the Broadway brand, which insures good fit, value and
In both stiff and soft styles. Our stock is now all in
and you can have a good range of styles to choose
The newest things in all the new colors, in plain and
stripes.    The celebrated "Crescent" and Tooke shirts.
Lifebuoy Soap i��dclightfully refreshing: for Bath
or Toilet in. For washing underclothing it is
unequalled.   CleanseB and purities.
Weather Report.
Observations at Dominion Government Meteorological Station
I at Penticton for  the month of
1! September 1909 :
Ellis Street.
Phone 25.
Notary Public.
kelg.wna'      -       -      B.C.
S; O. Land Company's  Block
Phone It,
Accountant & Auditor,
Notary Public
Harris Nursery Co., Ltd.
Deserving of particular mention
are our CHERRIES, antl
all the best varieties.
We also have Shade Trees, Shrubbery, Climbing Vines and Roses.
Goods delivered to any part
of the town daily.
Prompt attention given to mail
Phone 21. P. 0. Box 203.
(Wi? do not hold ourselves responsible for the
opinions of correspondents.)
To i'x' Editor i'f Tub Penticton Press:
Dear Sir:-There will be a
L)cal Option Convention at Ver-
n m on Tuesday, Oct. 26th, when
i nportant subjects in relation to
tlie great moral question now
agitating the province will be
discussed. A strong programme
is being arranged. Prominent
speakers will be present. The
plebiscite vote at thi next elea-
tion will come in for consideration. It is important, therefore,
that every Local Option elector
should try to be there. Rates
have been arranged with the C.
P. R., so that anyone attending
the Convention should purchase
a one-way ticket and obtain a!
standard   certificate   from   the
'agent on starting and present
the same at the Convention,
when the return fare will be
either small or nothing at all.
The Local Option Leagues, W. '
C. T. Unions, all Ministers of the
Gospel and persons interested in
I the   Local Option question  are
| urgently   invited   to  attend   in
I large numbers. There will be
no billeting so far as we are
aware and the Convention will
commence at 2 p. m. on October
2(ith and last one day. The
committee of arrangements are
, Rev. S. J. Thompson, chairman;
! Mrs. A. T. Robinson, Mr.  C.  S.
1 Stevens, Dr. Osterhout and
others to whom reference can be
made. Yours very truly,
D. Spencer,
Supt. of Local Option.
- >
��� n
3    2
<*>   3.
-     ���     B
S    0
�� T. WW
3 3 2-5.
to a a i*
m>3'w g
oo c 52
"1 Ol        -!
as w��-.<t
pan    a 3 rt -l"��
Mi     -bO O 3 2
�� < -
S'-a 31
O    *<    Hf
0> Hid
�� .^ &" < <t _ *
ww y*
The Domestic Water Question solved at
Laid on to each 5 acre lot by next spring.       No expense of clearing either stumps or rocks.       Lake front property.
Choices now available.
wl Quality Hardware
HAVE -Keen Kutter Brand-
BULBS from the bent Kuropetin and
Japan K^iwura.
HOME   GROWN   fruit  and   ornamental
trceH mown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part of the American
continent not infested with San Johc male.
Garden, Field,.and Flower Seeds���
tented Btock from the bent jrrowern in the
**-, world.       . ���
Wire Fencing and Gatea.    Spray Pumps,
Fertilizers, Bee  Supplies,   Cut   Flowers,
Spraying   Materials,   Etc.
White labor only.
New 157 page Catalogue free.
Qreenhouses and Seedhouses--
3010 Westminster Road,
Vancouver, B. C.
Branch Nursery���S. Vancouver.
For   levelling   and  clearing    School
(Ir.iunds.    All parties wishing to tender I
on the above work   are  requested  to!
meet   the  Trustees  on   Monday,  11th
inst., at 0 p. m. sharp, on the grounds i
13-1 Secretary. |
Motor Launches
Repairs,        Batteries,
Spark Plugs,
Gasoline, Oil, Grease, Etc.
NARAMATA,   -   B.C.
The Brown Brothers Company
Nurserymen,   -   of Ontario
Are extensive growers of all kinds of Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Roses, and Ornamental Trees, and
the members of the linn are all pn-jctical nurrieryn.en of 25 years experience, and have built up
the most successful and extensive business of the kind in Canada.
The growing of the stock, as well as every othe** detail in connection with the work, is
personally superintended by the individual members *rl the tirm, and they work on the plan .that
the hest is none too good for their customers.
We have made lur^e shipments of trees into the Okanagan Valley apd can give the names
of the largest planters in that district, who have plant* "i our stock successfully, if desired.
Our trees are grown in the famous Niagara district, in Ontario, in a climate very similar
to that of the Okanagan Valley, and our tree* are conse |uently better suited to the needs of
planters there, than art tbe Coast stock, being more hartfy in the wood, with a more abundant
supply of libruus roots, which count tfyr much in making in investment in an orchard a safe and
permanent one.
We shall be pleased to hear from prospective planters, with a view to supplying them with
the best grade of treeB, true to name.
We wish to secure tlie services of a go(��d reliable man to represent us at Penticton and
vicinity, and will make liberal terms to the right party, for n\U or a part of his time.
Write for te rms, prices, etc., to-
CHAS. L. TROTTER, Manager,
Brown Brothers Company, Nurserymen, Ltd.,
1125 8th Ave., Vancouver, B. C.
You will soon be using more stoves in your home and other buildings���thie
means more chance of fire. Have your buildings and furniture properly covered
by a policy in one of the following companies. They afford protection, and have
records unequalled for prompt and  liberal settlements.
Liverpool, London & Glopv, . Soyal Firk Insurance Co.,
Phoenix Assurance Co., London, Atlas,
British America, North British & Mercantile,
Commercial Union. Guardian Assurance Co.,
1 80 	
2 79 	
3 80J	
4 78 	
5 78 	
6 77 	
7 80 	
8 78 	
9 78 	
10 70 	
11 71 	
12 79$	
13 72J	
14 80J	
15 72 	
16 83J	
17 644	
18 69 	
19 62}	
20 67J	
21.... 674	
22 67 	
23 774	
24 804	
26 62 	
26 65 	
27 64 	
28 63 	
29 584	
30 55 	
Average  72 45.1
The total rainfall was 1.58 inches.
Telephones and Fires.
The earliest implication of the telephone in oOmiectlon with a switchboard was made at Bridgeport. Conn.,
in .limp. 1878. where in the eagerness
of various tire companies to arrive tlrst
at fires, the men of company No. 5.
which was next t:> the telephone otlieo,
told the telephone operator to request
his twenty-one patrons to give the lu-
forniutloi) over tlie telephone of any
five and to report the fact at the engine house. This engine was uot only
the first at several fires, but iu some
mysterious manner was frequently on
its way before the alarm struck.
This reached a climax on the occasion of a small lire in a dwelling, which
the lire company attended with muffled bell, in response to a telephone
message, and no fire alarm was [lulled.
On their return, the engine was driven
by the house of a rival company wilh
bell ringing, and when the meu rushed
out with inquiries they were told that
the lire- bad been extinguished.
After this occurrence, the chief of
the (ire department gave orders that
companies should not respond to a fire
alarm received over a telephone, but
the insurance agents of the city appealed to the city council, who ordered
that all tire engine houses should be
equipped with telephones.��� Brooklyn
The Feast of Yule.
It was Pope Telesphorus, who died
before the year ISO A. I>., who Instituted Christllllis as a festival, though
far some time It was Irregularly held
in December, April and May. But
for centuries before there had beeu a
least of Vule among the northern nu-
tioDK, whose great enjoyment was iu
drinking lhe wassail b;>wl or cup.
Nothing gave them so much delight as
Indulgence iu "carousing ale," especially at the season of short days, wheu
lighting was ended. It wus likewise
tlie custom at all their feasts "for the
master of the house to (111 a large bowl
or pitcher, to drink out of It first himself aud then give to him that sat
next. 111111' 8o it went around." This
may have been the origin of that popular American custom kuowu as "treating."
Flattered Him.
"Ton ought to have been more tactful.  You should have flattered him."
"I did Hatter him."
"Flattered hhu'/ Why, you told him
he was half a fool!"
"Well, wasn't that flattering him?"
TAKE NOTICE that I, Findlay
Munro, of Summerland, B. C, occupation fruit grower, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
North-east corner of E. W. Leir's lot
189, thence West 40 chains; thence
North 40 chains; thence East40 chains;
thence South 40 chains along lake, to
point of commencement, containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated 25th Sept. 19 )P. 12-9 LU
Author  of   "Cherry."  "Monsieur   Besucaire."   Etc.
THE t>;issing of Joseph from
Canaan was complete. It was
an evauishment for which there
was neither sackcloth nor surprise, and. though there came no news
of him. it eanuol be said that Canaan
did uoi bear of him. for surely it'
could hear itself talk. Tbe denth of
Jouas Tabor and young Louden's crime
and flight incited high doings in the
National House windows. Many days
tbe sages lingered with tbe broken
meats of morsels left over Irom the
banquet of gossip. I
Very little of Joseph's adventures
and occupations during the time of his
wandering is revealed lo us; lie always
had nn unwilling memory for pain and
���was not afterward wont to speak of
those years which cut the hard lines
lu his face. The lirst account of him
to reach Canaan came as directly to
the windows of the Notional House as
Mr. Arp, hastening thithci' from the
station, satchel in hand, could bring it.
This was on n September morning
two years lifter the !!i;cht. and Eskew.
It appears, had been to ihe state fair
and had beheld many thiugs strangely
affirming Ids constant testimony that
this unhappy world Inereasetb in siu:
strangest of all. bis meeliug with our
vagrant scalawag of Canaan. "Not n
biame bit of doubt about ii." declared
Eskew to the Incredulous conclave.
"There was tbat Joe, and nobody else,
stuck up in a little box outside a tent
at the fair grounds aud sellin' tickets
"There wus tluit Joe, nnd nobody else,
stuck tip in a little box outside a tent."
to see tbe Spotted Wild Boy!" Yes, it
was Joe Louden! Think you Mr. Arp
could forget that face, those crooked
eyebrows'/ Had Eskew tested the ree
ognition'/ Had he spoken with the
outcast? Had he uot! Aye. but with
such peculiar result that the battle ol
words among the sages began with a
true onset of the regulars, for. accord
ing tP Eskew's narrative, wheu he bad
delivered grimly at the boy this charge.
"1 know you���you're Joe Louden!" the
extraordinary reply had_ been made
promptly and without change of coun
ten dice. "Positively no free seats!"
"What's the matter with you?" Mr
Arp whirled upon tlncle Joe Davey,
who was enjoying himself by repeating
at Intervals the unreasonable words,
"Couldn't of be'n Joe," without any
explanation. "Why couldn't It?" shouted Eskew. "It was! Do you think my
eyes are as fur g ine as yours? I saw
him. I tell you. What's more, that boy
Joe Ml turn up here again some day.
You'll see if he don't. He's a seed of
trouble and Iniquity, and anything of
that kind is sure to come back to Canaan!"
Mr. Arp stuck to his prediction for
several months, Then he began to
waver and evade. By the end of the
second year following its first utterance lie had formed the habit of denying that In' bad ever made It at all and,
finally having come to believe With all
his heart that the prophecy had been
deliberately foisted upon him and put
in his mouth by Scpiiie Buekalew, became so sore upon the subject that
even the hardiest dared not refer to it
in h:s presence.
Bnkew's story of the ticket seller win
the only news of Joe Louden that came
to Canaan during seven years. Another citizen of the town encountered the
wan erer. however, but uuder circumstances so su a-cpiib'e to misconception
thnt in a moment of i biniination he decided to I d the ma tier rest in a golden
silence. Tills was Mr. Bantry, and the
cause of his silence was tlie fact that
bis meeting with Joe occurred in the
"Straw Cellar!," a tough New York resort, in wh . h neither of them should
have been.
EUOKN'R did Uot Inform Canaan
or any inhabitant of his adventure of the "Straw Cellar,"
nor did any bear of his meeting
with his stepbrother, and after Mr.
Arp's adventure live years passed into
the Imperishable before the towu heard
of  tlie   wanderer again,  and  then  It
neard at tirst hand. Mr. Arp's prophecy fell true, and he took it hack to h's
bosom again, claimed it as his own the
morning of its fulfillment Joe Louden
bad come back to Canaan.
The elder Louden was the lirst tr>
know of1 his prodigal's return. lie was
alone in the oliice of the wooden butter dish factory, of which he was tho
superintendent, when the young man
came lu unannounced. He was still
pale and thin. His eyebrows had tlie
same crook, one corner of his mouth
tbe snme droop. He was ouly an inch
or so taller, not enough to be thought
a tall man. and yet for a few moments
the father did not recognize his son.
but stared at him. inquiring his business. During those few seconds of un-
recognition Mr. Louden was somewhat
favorably Impressed with the strau-
ger's appearance.
"You don't know me," said Joe. smiling cheerfully. "Perhaps I've changed
in seveu years." And he held out bis
Then Mr. Louden knew. He tilted
back In his desk chair, his mouth falling open. "Good Cod!" he said, not
noticing the outstretched hand. "Have
you come back?"
Joe's hand fell.
"Yes. I've come back to Canaan."
Mr. Ix>uden plainly received this as
no pleasant surprise. "What for?" be
nsked slowly.
"To practice law, father."
"Y'es." said the young man. "There
ought to be an opening bere for me.
I'm a graduate of as good a law school
as there Is in the country."
Mr. Louden leaned forward, a hand
on each knee, his brow deeply corrugated.
"Who do you think In Canaan would
put a case in your hands?"
"Oh, I dou't expect to get anything
important at the start but after
"With your reputation?"
"But that's seven years ago, and I
suppose the town's forgotten all about
it and forgotten me too. So. you see. I
can make a fresh start That's what
I came back for."
"1 don't believe." said Mr. Louden,
with marked uneasiness, "that Mrs.
Louden would be willing to let you
live wilh us."
"No," said Joe gently. "1 didn't expect It. Well, I won't keep you from
your work. 1 suppose you're pretty
"Yes, I am." responded his father
promptly. "But I'll sec you again be-
lore you go. 1 want to give you some
"I'm not going." stud Joe. "Not go-
!ug to leave Canaan, I menu. Where
will I Bud Eugene?"
"At the Tocsin ofBce: he's the assistant editor. Judge Pike bought the
Tocsin last year, and he thinks a good
deal of EUgenc. Don't forget I said
to come to see me a^aiu before you
Joe came over to the older man and
held out his hand. "Shake hands, father,' he said. Mr. Louden looked at
him out of small Implacable eyes, the
steady hostility of which ouly his wife
or the imperious Martin I'ike, his cm
ployer, could quell. He shook his
"I don't see any use in It" he answered! "It wouldu't mean anything.
All my'life I've been a hard working
man and an abiding man. Before you
got lu trouble you never did anything
you ought to. You ran with the low
est people lu town, and 1 and all your
folks were ashamed of you. I don't
see that we've got a call lo he any
different uow." He swung round to
his desk emphatically oil the last
word, and Joe turned awny and went
out quietly.
But It was a bright morning to
which he emerged from the outer doors
of the factory, and he made his way
toward Main street lit a lively gttit
As he turned the corner opposite the
National House he walked into Mr
Eskew Arp. Tlie old man drew back
"Lord n' mercy!" cried Joe heartily
"It's Mr. Arpl 1 almost run you
flown"' Then, as Mi. AH' made uo
response, but stood stock still iu the
way. Muring Ut him liercely: "Don't
you kuow me. Mr. Arp?" the young
man asked.    "I'm Joe Louden."
Eskew abruptly thrust his face close
to tbe other's. "No free seats!" he
hissed savagely and swept across to
the hotel to set his world afire.
Joe looked alter the Irate receding
figure and watched It disappear into
the Main street door of tlie National
House. As tbe door closed he became
awure of a mighty shadow upon tbe
pavement and. turning, beheld a fat
young man wearing upon his forehead
u scar similar to ids own waddling by.
with eyes llxed upon him.
"How are you. Norbert?" Joe began.
"Don't yon remember me? I"- He
came to a full stop as the fat one.
thrusting out an under lip as his only
token of recognition, passed hatefully
Joe proceeded slowly until he came
to the Tocsin building. At tlie foot of
the stairway leading up to the ollices
be hesitated for a few moments. Then
he turned away and walked toward
the quieter part of Main street. Most
of the neonle he met took no notice of
him. only two or three giving him second glances of half cognizance, as
ttjOUgb he reminded tbem of some one
they could n d place, and it was not
until lie had come near Ihe Pike mansion tbat he saw ������ lull recognition in
the eyes of one of the many whom he
knew and who bad known bim in his
boyhood in the town. A lady, turning
a corner, looked up carelessly and then
half stopped within a few feet of him
as if startled. Joe's cheeks went a
sudden crimson, for it was the lady of
his old dreams.
As she came to her half stop of sur
prise, startled, he took his courage in
two hands and. lifting his bat, stepped
I to her side.
"You���you remember me?" he stammered.
"Yes." she answered, a little breath
"Ah. that's kind of you!" he cried
and began to walk on with lier union
scinusly. "I feel like a returned ghosi
wandering about invisible and unrecognized. So few people seem to re
member me!"
"I think jou are wrong. I think
you'll (ind everybody remembers you."
she responded uneasily.
"No: I'm afraid not." he began. "1"-
Slie intornipieil him. They were no��
far from her gate, and she saw her fa
Iher stand ng in the yard directing a
painter who was al work on one of tb''
cast Iron deer. The judge was uppar
cully in giod spirits, laughing with tin
workman over some jest between
them, but that did not lessen Mamie's
"Mr. Loiid-M," she said in as kindly
a tone as she could. "I shall have to ask
you not lo walk with uie. My fathci
would not like It."
Joe stopped with a jerk.
"Why. 1���1 thought I'd go In
shake hands with him���and' tell
1 "-
Astonishment thnt partook of terror
and of awe spread itself instantly upon
her face.
"Good gracious!" sbe cried.   "No!"
"Very well," said Joe humbly. "Good
1- "
gat him meditatively back to
Si..in street and to the Tocsin building
This time be did not hesitate, but
mounted the stairs and knocked upon
tbe door of the ussistnnt edj��or,
"Oil," said Eugene. "You've turned
up, have you?"
"I've come back to stay. Gene," said
Bantry dropped bis book. "Exceedingly Interesting." he ?aid. "I suppose
you'll try to rim! something to do. I
don't think you could get a piacc here
Judge Pike owns the Tocsin, and I
greatly fear be has a prejudice agaiust
"I expect he has," Joe chuckled.
somewhat sadly. "But I don't want
newspaper work. I'm going to practice
"By jove, yni have courage, my fest
lye prolgil!   Vraimeut!"
Joe cocked his head to one side with
his old look of the friendly puppy
"You always did like to talk that novelet ty way. Gene, didn't you?" he said
Eugene's color rose. "Have you
saved up anything to starve on?" he
asked crisply.
"Oh, I'm not so badly off. I've had a
salary lu an oliice for a year, and I had
one pretty g >od day at the races"���
"You'd better go back and have another*" said his stepbrother. "You don't
seem to comprehend your standing in
"I'm beginning to." Joe turned to
the door. "It's funny, too. in a way.
Well. I won't keep you any longer. I
just stopped in to say good day." He
paused, fullering.
"All right, all right." Eugene said
briskly. "And, by the way. I haven't
mentioned tbat I saw you in New
"Oh, I didn't suppose that you
"And you needn't say anything about
It. I fancy."
"I don't think." said Joe���"I dou't
think that you need be afraid I'll do
that   Goodby."
"Be sure to shut the door, please. It's
rather noisy with It open. Goodby."
Eugene waved his hand and sank bnck
upon the divan.
Joe went across the street to fhe National House. The sages fell as silent
as If he had been Martin Pike. Joe
had begun to write his name in the
register. "My trunk is still at the
station." he said. "I'll give you my
check to send down for It."
"Excuse me," said the clerk. "We
have no rooms."
"What"'" cried Joe Innocently. He
looked up Into the condensed eyes of
Mr. Brown,    "(lh." he said. "I see."
Deathly silence followed him lo the
door,  but as  it closed  behind him bl
pn will come when they hear yer-
wick in Canaan! We'll all hope ye're
gotu' 'o slay awhile!"
IF any echo of doubt concerning bis
undesirable couspleuousness sound
ed faintly in Joe's mind, it was si
lei iced eftsouns. Canaan had not
forgotten him. Ear from it. so far thai
il began poiutiug him out to strangers
i on the street the very day of bis return. His course of action, likewise
that ol bis friends, permitted bim little
Obscurity, and when the rumors of bis
Dually obtaining lodging at Beaver
Bench and of tbe celebration of liis in
stallutioil there were presently con
tinned he stood lu the lime light in
I'eed. as a Mophistopheles upspruug
through tlie trap door.
The welcoming festivities had nut
beeu bo discreetly conducted as to ac
Cord with the general policy of P.eaver
lieach. All unfortunate incident caused
tlie arrest of one of tlie celebrators and
the ambulant-.ug to the hospital of an
oilier on the homeward way. the ensu
ing pro-eedings in court bringing tn
llie whole utTair a publicity devoutly
unsought for. Mr. Happy Pear (such
was the habitual uame of Ihe imprison
ed gentleman) had to bear a great
amount of harsh criticism for Injuring
a companion within the city limits aft
cr daylight and for falling to observe
that three policemen were uot too dls
taut from the scene of operations to
engage therein.
"Happy, if lie had It In mind to harm
hlin." said the red bearded man to Mr
Kear upon the latter's return to socle
ly. "why didn't ye do it out here at the
beach 1"
"Because," returned the Indiscreet,
"he didn't say what he was goin' to
say till we got In town."
Extraordinary probing on the part of
the prosecutor had developed at tbe
trial that the obnoxious speech had re
lerred to the guest of the evening
Tlie assaulted party, one "Nashville'
Cory, was uot of Canaan, but a bit of
driftwood haply touching shore lor the
moment at Beaver Beach, and���strange
is this world���be had been Introduced
to the coterie of Mike's Place by Hap
py Eear himself, who had enjoyed a
brief acquaintance with him on a day
when both bad chanced to travel incognito by the same freight. Natural
ly Happy had felt responsible for tbe
proper behavior of his protege���was,
in fact, bound to enforce It; additionally, Happy had once been saved from
a term of imprisonment (at a time
when it would have been more than
ordinarily inconvenient) by help and
advice from Joe. aud he was not one
to forget. Therefore he was grieved
lo observe that his owu guest seemed
lo be somewhat jealous of the hero of
Ihe occasion and disposed to look coldly upon him. The stranger, however,
contented himself with Innuendo
i mere expressions of the face and other manner of things for which oue
Amid not squurely lay hands upon
him I until such time as he and I
sponsor had come to Main street ni
the clear dawn ou their way to Happy's apartment, a variable abode. It
may be that the stranger perceived
what Happy did not���the three blue-
coats in the perspective. At all
events, he now put Into words of simple strength the unfavorable conception be had formed of Joe. The result wns medlaevnlly Immediate, and
the period of Mr. Cory's convnlescence
<n the hospital was almost hub that of
tils sponsor's detention In tbe county
heard the outbreak of the sages like a
tidal wave striking a dump heap of
tin cans.
Two hours later he descended from
au evil ark of a cab at the corral attached to Beaver Beach and followed
the path through the marsb to the
crumbling pier. A red bearded man
wns seated on a plank by the water
edge fishing.
"Mike." said Joe. "have you got room
I'or me? Can you take me in for n few
lays, until 1 find a place in town where
they'll let me stay?"
The red bearded man rose slowly,
dished back his hat and stared hard
nt the wanderer! then he uttered a
howl of joy and seized the other's
hands in Ills and shook them wildly.
"Glory be on-high!" he shouted. "It's
loe Louden come back! We never
;;new how we missed ye till ye'd gone!
I'nce for yei Can I Hnd it? There ain't
i imp o' perdition In town. Includin'
liyaelf, that wouldn't kill me it' 1
oilhln't! Ye'll have old Maggie's room,
ay own limit's, Ye remember how she
lsed to dame? Ha. ha! She's been
liruln' below these four years! And
we'll have the celebration of yer return this uight.   There'll be maiiv of
Were you ever met at the kitchen door with the command
to step lightly or there would be trouble? You have, and you
knew instinctively, almost, that there was a cake in the oven
that would "go flat" at the slightest jar. Those terrorizing
days are past to those who use the right baking powder.
That one is
- Cofcdykcs Baking Powder -
You can't keep it down. It is chemically correct. The manufacturers will give $1,000 to anyone who finds any substance
injurious to health in its ingredients.
Full weight 16 oz. tins 35 cents.
A. H. WADE,   General Merchant
Phone 6. Agent for Giant Powder Co.
self to oiler his amends The cracked
planter of tlie walls was bare, sine for
dust There were no shelves 'lhe fat
lirown   volumes,   moxl   of   Ihem   fairly
new.   were  piled   in   regular columns
upon a cheap pine table. There wus
but one window, small pancd and
shadeless. An inner dour of this sad
chamber stood half ajar, permitting;
the visitor unreserved acquaintance
with the dome tic economy of the ten
ant for it disclosed a second room
smaller than the oliice and dependent
upon the window of the latter for air
ind light. Behind a canvas camp cot
dimly visible iu the obscurity of the
inner apartment, stood a small gas
stove surmounted hy a stewpan. from
which projected the handle of a big
tin spoou. so that it needed no ghost
from the dead to whisper that Joseph
Louden, attorney at law. did ids own
cooking.    Indeed, he looked it!
I'pon tlie threshold of the second
room reposed a small, worn, light
hrown scrub brush of a dog. so cosmopolitan in ancestry that his species wns
almost ns undeterminable as the cast
iron dogs of the I'ike mansion. He
greeted Mr Fenr hospitably, having
been so lately an offcast of the streets
himself that his adoption had taught
him to lose only his old tremors, not
his hopefulness. At the same time Joe
rose quickly from the deal table, where
he hnd been working, with oue hand in
his hair, tlie other splattering ink from
a bad pen.
"tiood for you. Happy!" be cried
cheerfully. "1 hoped you'd come to
see me today. I've beeu thinking about
a job for you."
"I don't wnnt n job. nohow!" said
Mr. Fear, going to tlie door. "I don't
want to work. There's plenty ways fer
me to g't along without that. But I'll
say one thing more, Don't you worry
about glttiu' law practice. Mike says
you're goin' to git all y >u want, and If
there ain't uo other way. why. a few
of us'll go out and make same fer ye!"
These prophecies and promises, over
which Joe chuckled nt first, wilh his
head cocked to one side, grew very
soon, to his amazement, to wear u sn
pernatural similarity to actual fulfill
ment. His friends brought bim theii
own friends such as had sinned against
the laws of Canaan, those under the
ban   of   the   sheriff,   those   who   had
(To be continued.)
Artistic liair Cut.
Easy Shave.
Hot Baths.
One acre more or less, corner lot,
part planted; cabin on it. Also disk
and piougK   Easy terms.
Apply E. IVES.
13-4 Penticton.
Four Roomed House, nicely arranged
large shed and lot.        Apply
 ~  3H
'K.iense ine," snid tin: clerk. "We linvi
nn .'trims ''
When Happy Fear had suffered,
with a give uud take simplicity of patience, bis allotment of months in
durance and was released and sent
into the streets and sunshine once
more, he knew that his tirst duty lay
In the direction of a general apology ta
Joe. But the young man was no longer at Beaver Beach; the red headed
proprietor dwelt alone there aud, receiving Happy with scorn and pity.
directed him to retrace bis footsteps
lo the town.
"Ye must have been In the black hole
of incarceration Indeed If ye haven't
heard that Mr. Louden has his law office on tlie square and his llvln' room
behind the olflce. It's In that little
brick huildin' straight acrost from the
sheriff's door o' the jail. Ye've been
neighbors this long time. A hard time
the boy had persuadlu' any one to rent
to him. but by pay In' double tho price
he got a place at last. He's a praetlc-
ln' lawyer now, and all the boys and
girls of our acquaintance go to ulni
with their troubles. Ye'll see hlui
with a murder wise to try before long
as sure as ye're not worth yer salt!
But I expect ye can still call bim by
Ills name of Joe, all the same!"
It was a bleak and meager little office into which Mr. Fear ushered him-
Business block on Main Street; two
storey with two compartments downstairs and hall upstairs, $2,500. Lot G3,
seven and one-half acres on Fairview
Road, $2,200. J. U. McDonald,
12-tf Potlatch. Idaho.
r.t ��n��s. t* mm, t* mm. t* *Mm* *8
j Canadian Pacific j
(Railway Comp'y (
m\* -sssfc t* ���s��fc t* 'mmm t* -SJjfc tA
Attend the
Provincial Exhibition
-   At   -
New Westminster
OCTOBER 12th to 16th, '09
ONLY" $14.45  ONLY"
Similkameen Division of Yale District.
TAKE NOTICE that Alexander
Henry Steven, of Summerland, B. C,
accountant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post
Planted at the south-cast corner post of
,0t No. 10ti (S) ; thence south 40
chains; thence west 20 chains; thenco
north 40 chains; thence east 20 chains
to the point of commencement, and
containing 80 acres, more, or less.
Dated at Summerland, B. C., 18th of
August, 1909. 10-9
Two Hundred and Sixty-Three Acres;
about 30 acres can be cultivated and
watered ; over J mile lake frontage ;
2 acres six year old bearing orchard; 5
additional acres cleared for crop ; 2
springs at house ; wharf 170 ft. long ;
good log house; 6 chicken houses; good
stable 16x16 with hay loft and shingled
roof; lean-to 16x16 ; good corral ; good
root cellar where nothing froze this
winter; first water right on Shoot
Creek for 100 inches ; unlimited range
for stock ; 5 miles from Naramata ;
wagon road will be built this year or
next; one of the most delightful locations in the Okanagan. Last year the
owner was asking ten thousand for
place but as he has something else in
sight now, he will sell for six thousand.
This is a bargain.
Apply for particulars at the PRESS
office, or to F. G. ANDERSON,
Summerland, B. C.
Similkameen Division.  District of Yale.
Take notice that Arthur Seaman
Hatfield, of Kaleden, B. C. occupation,
merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:���
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-east corner of the north-west
quarter of Section 14, thence south
40chains; thence west 20chains; thence
north 40 chains; and thence east 20
chains to the point of commencement,
and containing 80 acres more or less.
Kaleden, B. C,
24th September, 1909. 13-9
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1909," to obtain a
license in the Similkameen Division of
Yale District.
The name, address and occupation of
the applicant is Wilton Allhusen, of
Penticton, horticulturist.
The name of the lake, stream or
source is spring in S. W. corner of Lot
120 S. D. Lot 672.
The point of diversion: S. W. corner
of Lot 120 S. D. Lot 672.
The quantity of water applied for (in
cubic feet uer second): Two (2).
The character of the proposed works:
Pumping by windmill or gasoline engine, flume and pipe.
The premises on which the water is
to be used: Lots 120 S. D. Lot 672.
ill A and 112A S. D. Lot 672, 111 and
112 S. D. Lot 199.
The purposes for which the water is
to be used is domestic.
This notice was posted on the 27th
day of September, 1909, and application will be made to the Commissioner
on the 28th day of October, 1909.
13-1 Penticton, B. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Clauses Act, 1909," to obtain a license in the Similkameen Division of Yale District.
The name and occupation of the applicant : Wilto.h Allhusen, of Penticton, B. C, horticulturist.
The name of the lake, stream or
source : Stream and spring at the N.
E. corner of Lot 121A S. D. Lot 369.
The point of diversion: N. E.  corner
of Lot 121a S. D. Lot 369. ^
The quantity of water applied for (in
cubic feet per second): Two (2).
The character of the proposed works:
Small basin, flume and ditch.
The premises on which the water is
to be used: Lots 120, 120B, 121, 12lA,
S. D. Lots 672 and 121a S. D. Lot  369.
The purposes for which the water is
to be used:    Irrigation.
If for irrigation describe the land intended to be irrigated, giving acreage :
Lots 120, 120b, 121, 121a, S. D. Lot 672
and 121a S. D. Lot 369; acreage about
20 acres. ���',
This notice was posted on the 27th
day of September, lfflft, and application will be made to tne Commissioner
on the 28th day of October, 1909.
13-1 Penticton, B. C.
Tickets on sale October 8th to
15th.     Good   for   return   until If Pai/Q   lA   AflVPITKP
October 20th, 1909. I11 ' aP  lv  HUYCl U3C THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C.. OCTOBER 9, 1909.
WHEREAS the Southern Oksijaoar Power
Coin i nm v. Limited, hs* applied to His
Honour the Lieutenant-Governor in Council under
*.<������ tk>o ST oi' the .aid Act, to enable t lie said Com*
fcany tn proceed with it<s undertaking :
And whereas the Company lias filed with 'ho
Clerk of the Executive Council the documents
^���quired by section 85 of the said Act. ami the
plans showing Lhe situation of the proposed undertaking and the works of the Company :
This is to certify that the said Southern Okan-
(i;:aii l'owor Company, Limited, was duly incorporated Ibc 21st,day of August, 1905, as a power
ami lighting company antl thai the present works
and undertaking of th<* pompany, as submitted.
Iiavi been upproved, and the ramp are a-  follows:
1. The cuiib'triiction of a dam or diversion wall
������hi a point at theoutlel <>f Dog Lake, in the Sim-
Itkameeu Division of Yah-. British Columbia, ai
that point on Lhe Okanagan River known as Ok-
anagan Kail-, the said walltto be buill from a
Spointohnsmall island known as ll"i rock, and
front tuenuo easterl) tpthe eastern hank of the
i aid Oknnngari River, and from a point on the said
reoh iiortiieiiy uinety-nino (99) feet or thereabouts
ta a point in the centre "f the stream.
2. The eunstruction of a canal, flume or ditch,
or canals, flumes and ditches from the said point
of diversion easterly and southerly following the
line approximately ����f the sold Okanugan River t<i
a point one quarter I * >' uf a mile or thereabouts
southerly from the said poinl of diversion ��n the
.���a. .tern bank nf ihe -aid river, and all roads,
hriiiges and other works necessary therefor.
8. The construction and erection of a powerhouse and power plant, sufficient for Lhn generation o^ electricity for tho purposes sel uui herein.
onjjortionof Lot ton (19) in tho said District, i"
he acquired from the Southern Okanagan Lund
Company. Limited, and all necessary work;; Incidental thereto, or In connection therewith.
���t. Thecnnstructioni operation and maintenance
of h systuni for inigation of land.; within a radius
of one hundred 0.90) miles Inun the Company's
proposed wul'ks, and the supply of water to
fm mers, owners of land, development companies,
or any ether persons, as the Company shall deem
meet, for the Irrigation of land-; the laying '>f
mains, flumes, cupula along (he public highways,
or, if necessary, on private property, with the
right Lu cross and re-cross the said highways, provided, however, thai the Company restore Lhe
surface of any such highways lo a proper condition
ns speedily as possible,and that tbe < lompuny take
due and proper precaution for the protection of
the public travelling along and ou the said highways,
5. The construction, operation and maintenance
of n complete lighting and telephone system in
and throughout tha said district, beings radius ef
one hundred (190) miles from the said Company's
powerhouse; the erection of telephone or light
M<i]es along the sides of the said highways with
the right to cross, and c'-cross the said highways,
and the ereethm of telephone poles where necessary on private property; the wires to l>e securely
strung along the said poles not less than  twenty
<-.-*> feet from the ground.
And this 'm to certify that the Southern
Okanagan Power Company, Limited, shall have
subscribed before it commences the construction
of lhat portion of the undertaking and works
specified in clauses one and two herein the sum of
I .venty thousand (20,009) dollars, and such capital
shall be subscribed within twelve months from the
date hereof.
And the times within which the works and undertakings set forth in paragraphs one and two
herein are to be commenced and completed are
twelve months und two years respectively, from
the date hereof.
The Company shall have subscribed before it
commences th- construction of that portion of the
Company's undertaking and works set forth in
paragraph three (3) herein the sum of thirty
thousand (AJ.O0O) dollars, and such capital shall be
subscribed within twelve months from the completion of Lhat portion of the Company's undertaking set f.irth in paragraphs one and two
And the times within which that portion of the
Company's Works and undertaking set forth in
paragraph three herein are to be commenced and
Completed are three und four years, respectively,
from the date hereof.
The Company shall have subscribed before it
commences the construction of that portion of the
undertaking and works set forth in paragraphs
f iiiv and live herein the sum of fifty thousand
(���"���ii,(M)i)l dollars, and such capital shall be sub- I
scribed within twelve months from the completion
of the work set forth in paragraphs three and four
And the times within which that portion of the
Company's works and undertaking set forth in
paragraphs four and five herein is to be commenced is five yenra from the date hereof.
And subject, as aforesaid, such application is
hereby approved. 10-5
Dated Ihis LOth day of August, A.D. lSHlit.
Gold Dollars at Half-Price.
'Tis a Fact
Lot 43,
Lot 127,
10 Acres,
8 Acres,
It will take twice as much legal tender to buy as good ground elsewhere in the Southern
Okanagan.     Buy within thirty days at our regular terms.
The Southern Okanagan Land Company,
District of
O.soyons Land District.
TAKE notice that we, Warwick
Arnott and W. B. Hine. of Okanagan
Lake, occupation hotel proprietors, intend to apply for permission to purchase
the fallowing described lands: ���
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of the Island situated
id tlie southeast end of the Lower Ok-
unagiui Lake (Dog Lake); the land
applied for includes the whole of the
island which is one acre, more or less.
Dated July 19th, 1900.
We have in our yards an assortment
of all kinds of Dependable Lumber.
White and Yellow Pine, Fir, etc. All
good and clean, and at prices that are
right for real good material. Careful
builders are always satisfied with Our
Lumber and our service generally. We
have shingles, doors, sashes, blinds,
etc., etc. ;
For Lumber Come to Us.
NOTICE is hereby given thai s:xty
days after date, I, V. C. Kitley, of
Okanagan Kails, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-east corner ol  the Indian Reservation al Okanagan Palls;   thence west
20 chains';   thence   north   20   chains;!
thence east 20 chains;   thence south   20 i
'���bains to point of commencement and
containing 1(1 acres, mora or less.
7-9 Y. C. KITLEY,
Dated at Okanagan Kails, B. C,
August 27, l!l0!l.
Trees Trees Trees
Layritz Nurseries.
Victoria, B. C.
We have a fine stock of all the leading
varieties on hand.
All stock is propagated   from  fruiting
trees rendering practically no risk
regarding untrueness to name.
Write for catalogue
and price list to our local representative
a. e. itovKit,
KELOWNA.      -       13. c.
Osoyoos Division of Yale Land District.
TAKE NOTICE that William Edward Emmons, of the City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia, occupation, dentist, intends to apply for
permission to lease the following described land:���
Commencing at a post planted about
sixty (60) feet distant and in an easterly direction from the South-East corner
of lot Fifteen (lf>) of sub-division of lot
Six Hundred and Seventy-live (ti7.r>) in
Osoyoos Division of Yale District;
thence North 2t> degrees 42 minutes
East I .15 chains along the Municipal
road; thence East one (1) chain to the
shores of Okanagan Lake; thence South
2(i degrees 12 minutes West 4.-15 chains
along the said shore line; thence West j
one (1) chain to the point of commence-
ment and containing two-fifths (2-5) :
acres, more or less. 12-11
Datod this llih day of September, 1909, i
Painter, Paperhan&er
and Sign Writer
i Picture Framing a Specialty.
WALL PAPER Carried in Stock.
Daily delivery of Fresh Milk to
all parts of the town.
H. M. McNeill.    .     Prop.
Martin Sired.
Terras Cash.
Miss Chisholm spent the weekend visiting friends in Summer-
W. Robinson, jr., who recently resumed his studies at Okanagan College, was a visitor in
town on Saturday last.
J. M. Stock, having completed
the season's duties as gardener
on Mr. Robinson's property in
i Summerland, has removed for
I the fall and winter to Naramata,
where he assumed charge of the
: ranch belonging to the Summer*
I land Trust Co.
C. A.  Muttlebury,  of Winnipeg, was in town a few days last
week, the'guest-of his friend and
business partner, J. Somerset
W. J. Robinson was one of the
registered hotel guests over Sunday.
W. S. Wilmott, assessor from
Vernon, spent a few hours here
on Wednesday last.
The new store on Robinson
Ave. has been recently plastered
throughout, adding very much to
the appearance of the interior.
Messrs. W. Nuttall and A.
Dawson after a sojourn down
south have returned to town.
After a pleasant holiday camping in their tent on the lake
beach, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Well-
band and family have removed
to their fine dwelling on Robinson Avenue.
The Unity Club held another
of their pleasant meetings last
Friday (Oct. 1), at the summer
cottage of the secretary, Mrs. J.
M. Robinson. There was a large
number present In the course
of the proceedings the treasurer,
Mrs. W. S. Miller, read a report,
which showed that this organization is not only doing good work
but is prepared todomore. The
ladies are evidently performing
the work both of a Hospital
Board- and a Dorcas.
What about a PubJic Library
for Naramata? Just rfalk as yet,
but���just wait for further news.
You may not have long to wait.
F. H. Rounds is making preparations for further building
operations on his fruit Jot, east
of town.
Mrs. W. Weaver returned recently from a trip to Vancouver.
T. R. Wellband was a /passenger on Thursday last far the
coast on business in connection
with the Summerland Trust Co.
R. H. Giboney, formerly of
Naramata, but now a resident of
Kaleden, was in town on Monday
on business.
Rev. G. O. Fallis, the new
Methodist pastor, preached in
the Opera House at the usual
hour, 10 o'clock, on Sunday
What about a Hallowe'en party.
See if the Unity Club don't announce something special in next
Prof. Hook was in town on
Monday for a few hours on business.
Mrs. F. W. Law and daughter,
Kathleen, left on Thursday morning for Victoria where they will
John Cameron and James Kay-
ward were both thrown out of a
rig and more or less seriously
hurt on Wednesday morning during a runaway accident.     The,
former had two ribs broken but
the latter escaped with a few
painful bruises.
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian Church met at the home
of Mrs. (Dr.) Robertson this
Mrs. Bevin, of Winnipeg, arrived on Wednesday evening to
spend a couple of weeks with
Mrs. 0. H. Pollard.
Mrs. J. W. Ashdown spent
Sunday in Sicamous with her
Miss E. Silver was a passenger
to Naramata on Tuesday evening.
Jas. Silver and his son William
returned to Vernon on Monday
morning. They stayed here with
the family over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Needham,
who have been attending the
coast fairs, came home on Thursday evening.
Mrs. C. W. Whyte and her son
Bryson returned Thursday after
spending a fortnight at the
Mrs. 0. H. Pollard and children
returned Thursday night after
spending the summer in Winnipeg and Toronto.
Miss Lane, of Summerland, is
the guest of Mrs. H. B. Cossar
this week.
Miss Leone Morrison, with her
uncle, left for Vanceuver this
Wilfrid Small, the boy violinist,
entertained a large crowd of
people in the church on Saturday
The Athletic Association held
a concert in the Orange hall last
Thursday. The programme was
very good.
Mrs. Marsch and Miss M. Robinson left on Wednesday for
Naramata where they will remain some time.
W. A. Lang made a business
trip to the coast last week.
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of the oven door, and the
cooking* fumes carried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in
show method^
"of ventilation.)
lThe air in the
oven is always
kept pure. The
natural flavor
of   every
article is
tastes most
. on request.
G. A. Clark has moved into
tho house he has just erected.
R. L. Allen and wife spent
Sunday last with Hiram Inglee,
of White Lake.
T. G. McAlpine has a crew of
men at work putting in a dam
on Shingle Creek and also doing
some flume work on Ritchie's
Mrs. W. J. Forbes, of Hedley,
spent a few days here recently
with friends.
Mr. Featherstonehaugh, of
Westbank, is spending a week
For sale by the Penticton Hardware Co.
The Best Typewriter
on the Market
Easy Payments.
$5.00   per   month.


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