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The Penticton Press May 30, 1908

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1908 )
VOL. 2.    N
o. 46.
^^IfSjiO^fR I.v Advance
ESTABL1SUJ li  18(17
n. E. WALKED, President
ALEX. LAIKD, General Manager
A. II. IRELAND, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest,   -   -   -       5.000,000
Total Assets, -  113,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States ar.d England
T) p wits of $1 nnd upwards received, and interest allowed al
cunvut ia.es. The depositor is subject to no delay whatever iu
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion ol the dep sit.
Penticton Branch     =    -=     J. J. HUNTER, Manager.
_jt ^*ifc ���� -*W���� *^fc ������^*t-���� -����*.���� "^. ��uw*^   J
\ TH
1      s.
So pet in your order for Lumber if you want it at
once.       First here first served.
at &
Manufacturers of <^ f   SMITH jDealcrs '"
Lumber, Sash,
Doors, Mouldings,
Mantles, Cabinets,
Store and Bar
Church Seats and
We can make you ANYTHING in the factory line
on short notice.
Flintkote Roofing,
Nysonset Roofing,
Carpet Fell,
Tar Paper,
Building Paper,
Ibex Extra.
Insulating & Build'g,
Shingles, Lath,
Sheet &. Fancy Class,
Wood Fibre   Plaster.
,1 ruipiis. �����.�������������������-*������������ vvoou rune
I We can make you ANYTHING in the factory li
I .        .        ,        on short notice.
f    ^^rnn^"^m,%v~*^.+*'^^m,+*%'^^4.f^*.tfm*m*.
5 lb. Cartoon of Royal
Crown Soap     -'    $1.00
4 large   Bottles   of
Washing Ammonia 1.00
6 boxes Toilet Soap 1.00
3 lbs Tea - 1.00
3 lbs Coffee   -     - 1.00
7 cans Tomatoes     - 1.00
A large consignment of
Single and Double
Light and Heavy HARNESS
Express and Driving
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
D1GNAN and WEEKS, Proprietors.
If you /ant a Stylish Outfit, this is the place to come. You can always
get teams just when you want them. We make a specialty of keeping
good horses, safe rigs, carrful drivers and also saddle and pack horses.
We are also putting in Hay and Grain for sale, and as we buy for cash
we set the best rates and our patrons set the benefit..
Special   Attention  To The  Wants Of  Commercial   Men.
��i          ��� - ���
Penticton Stage and Livery
Since Connects with Steamer "Okanagan" at Penticton, with Great Northern
Railway at Keremeos, and with stage to Hedley and Princeton. Leaves at ii a.m
���pianos and Furniture moved to all points,  and a general  Draying
Business transacted.
Saddle and Pack Horses.
Top Buggies, Four-horse Rigs for Commercial Men.
W. E. Welby, Prop.       Penticton.
Penticton Store
Established 40 Years.
Alfred H. Wade, Prop.
Dry Goods, Gent's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, Groceries
and General Merchandize of all Sorts
A rw*m.+ i^f      GIANT POWDER CO.
Goods delivered through the town.
Prompt attention to orders.
ttmhw, mi
Prominent Members of the Order
Visit Penticton.
f Contributed)
Last Friday evening will lonp.
bs remembered as a red or peril ips Orange letter date by the
local members of the Loyal Orange Association of British North
America, being the occasion of
the establishment of a lodge of
the Order in Penticton. The
Provincial Grand Organizer, after
spending a few days in town,
called a public meeting of citizens
and, with other prominent members of the Order, addressed
them upon the aims and objects
of the large and world-renowned
Association of Orangemen. The
spacious hall of the Woodmen of
the World was well filled by in-
1 terested citizens, and promptly
at 8 o'clock the chair was taken
by Past Master W. W. Rogers,
who in a brief address introduced
J the distinguished visitors of the
I Order to the assembled people.
Among the number of prominent
members of the Society who occupied seats upon the platform
; were Rev. Grand Chaplain Mclntyre of the Provincial Grand
Lodge of B. C; Mr. Garvin Taylor, Provincial Deputy Grand
Master: Mr. J. W. Whiteley,
Provincial Grand Organizer; Mr.
���J. Watson, Past Grand Master
of the Manitoba Grand Lodge,
and Provincial Past Grand Officers Rev. Jas. Lang, James Mel-
drum, Robert Michael, L. D. McColl and others.
The Rev. Mr. Lang, who was
the first to speak, gave a brief,
but interesting and humorous,
description of those good old
' days (or what some might think
j bad old days) of the Order in
Carleton county some fifty-seven
years ago when he was one of
the active boys of the lodge.
' The Ottawa and Carleton county
of to-day are not the same as the
Bytown and Carleton Co. of that
day so long ago. Neither, he was
pleased to say, was the Society
just the same as at that time.
Time had wrought its changes in
each���changes for the best. And
yet, he ventured to say, that the
law - abiding, empire - building.
God-fearing principles of the
Order, which had not changed
from those early days, had contributed much (more perhaps
than we credit) to make the
grand and glorious Dominion in
i which we live to-day. He wished
' God-speed to the lodge about to
be organized that evening.
Mr. Garvin Taylor, Provincial
Deputy Grand Master, would not
take up the time which he preferred to give to the Grand Organizer and Chaplain who were
billed to address them that evening. As one of the officers of
Grand Lodge he could only express the satisfaction of the
Grand Lodge in seeing the large
number of new lodges being organized in the jurisdiction and
felt confident from what he knew
of the Orangemen of the Okanagan that Penticton Lodge would
prove to be an important unit to
that number.
W. Bro. Watson, Past Grand
Master of Manitoba, expressed
his pleasure at being present on
the occasion. He had been thirty
years a member of the great Orange order, and had never had
any reason to change the good
opinion of the Society he had
formed when he joined. It was
to the great and growing West
Orangemen must look to plant
their ever-increasing membership.
Mr. J. W. Whiteley was the
next speaker,and in a half-hour's
eloquent address set forth the
aims of the Orange Order in a
very lucid manner. He held that
the guarding influence of the As
sociation was as necessary to-day
for the preservation of the liberties of the people as it ever had
been. The Orange Order had no
objection to any man's religion
or how any man chose to worship
his Maker. The Church of Rome,
or any other Church, was welcome to its prescribed form of
worship, but neither the Church
of Rome nor any other Church
must interfere with man's civil
or religious liberty. The Orange
Order was not a political party-
organization. It asked no man
to be Whig or Tory. It simply
asked its members to put principle before party and to be loyal
to British institutions. The principles of the Orange Association
appealed to all true Britishers.
At this particular time when our
country is being rapidly filled
with foreign immigrants it behoved this great loyal institution
to see that British principles
were largely diffused and the
leaven of loyalty made to permeate the whole.
Mr. Whiteley was followed by
the Rev. Grand Chaplain Mclntyre, who is a resident of Summerland in the Okanagan and
needed no introduction to a Penticton audience. He concluded
the speaking of the evening by
a ringing declamation of the
principles of the glorious Orange
Order and the necessity of its
existence, more particularly in
this our great Dominion of Can-
a la, which unfortunately opened
its doors to the Jesuit or any
other exile that might choose to
make it his home. We had lots
of room for all but we must see
to it as Britishers that the laws
of the country be obeyed and
British principles maintained.
After the public meeting had
closed Penticton Lodge was
formed, and a large number of
members initiated. The officers
who were elected and installed
W. M.,     Ohas. Houser.
D. M.,     E. W. Petterley.
K. Sec'y, J, W. Edmonds.
F. Sec'y, Thos. W. Johnston.
Chaplain, W. W. Rogers.
Treas.,     Henry Murk.
Lecturer, James Meldrum.
D. of C, Wm. Weir.
Committee : ��� J. Tooth, H. M. McNeill, P. R. Pickering, John Mathison,
J. Nichols.
At the conclusion of lodge work
the brethren adjourned to the
banquet hall and ended, by partaking of refreshments, one of
the pleasantest evenings had in
Messrs. Rathvon, Wilton, Smith.
Gibbons and Tapley ; whilt
Messrs. Delong, Houser. McKenzie, Galarneau, Pomeroy an<
Huycke will have charge of th(
i nances.
The money collected will be
apportioned as follows: two-fifths
ii the amount for the races, two-
fifths for the aquatic sports am.
one-fifth for the athletic sports.
There will be no money prize.1
this year, with the exception ol
those for the horse races, it having been decided to run the other
sports purely upon amateur lines.
The committee on finance are
to make a canvass for funds and
report at a full meeting of the
Executive on the 10th of June,
at which meeting complete and
final arrangements will be made.
Excursion rates will be applied
for from the C. P. R. so that as
many as possible from up-lake
points may attend. If unity and
harmony continue to prevail, and
we have no doubt but that they
will, this year's sports should be
the most successful yet on record.
July First a Big Day in Penticton!
The large number who turned
out to the meeting of the Athletic
Association last Tuesday evening,
and the enthusiasm displayed
thereat, augur well for the success of the First of July celebration.
The first question which came
up related to the character of the
sports. There had been consid- j
erable dissatisfaction expressed
relative to the horse races both
last year and the year before,
and many were of the opinion
that they were merely a waste
of the funds of the Association.
However, those in favor of races;
this season appeared solid, so the
opposing party did not press
their views, and a show of hands
decided that races should be
held. A committee comprising
Messrs. Huycke, Weeks and Lister was then appointed to secure
suitable grounds for a race
course. The next procedure was
the appointment of four committees, one for the management of
the races, one for the aquatic
sports, one for athletics and one
to finance the affair. The committee on races comprises Messrs.
Partridge Lister, Welby, Mason
and Dignan; that on aquatic
sports, Messrs. Leir. Rowe,
Munro, Swinton and Thomas;
and   that   on   athletic   sports, |
It Pays to Raise Good Fruit.
In reading the above headline,
please put the accent on the
word "good." Perhaps there
has never been a season when
the difference between good fruit
and that of poor or ordinary
quality has been as market! as
the season of 1906. This refers
particularly to conditions in the
Middle West, and to the peach
and apple crops. In this section
the peach crop was larger than
it had ever been, perhaps, and
prices had a wide range. We
saw peaches selling at 40 cents a
bushel, and others at $1.50 a
bushel at the same time. What
was the difference? Simply in
the quality of the fruit. And by
"quality" we do not mean that
quality which is distinguished uy
the taste. We mean simply the
appearance of the fruit.
The difference was in the size
and color of the fruit. The cheap
fruit was borne on neglected
trees carrying about three crops.
The choice fruit was produced
on well-pruned trees, thinned to
a normal crop. And we suspect
that the latter trees bore as great
a quantity of fruit by measure,
as did the overloaded trees.
Customers were justified in
paying the high prices for the
choice fruit, rather than the low
prices for the inferior stuff, simply for the reason that there was
less waste. The seeds in the
smaller peaches were as large as
those in the larger ones���consequently there was a greater per
centage of waste. And the flavor
was better, too. Have you not
noticed how a peach loses flavor
as the tree is overloaded? It
seems as though the tree has not
enough sweetness to go around,
and it is divided among the
greater number of fruits.
The color, ion, on an overloaded tree is not what it should be,
and the fruit ripens unevenly on
an overloaded tree. All these
things tend to lower the quality.
Persons who had the choice
peaches made money on the fru t
this year but the other kind 01
fruit was .unprofitable. Fruit
Grower, St. Joseph, Mo.
Those having surveys to be
made kindly advise ('. de B.
Green P. L. S.. Penticton. who
expects to be in town shortly.
A full   line  of  household   furniture:
1 new Range; 1 Cook Stove; 2 Heaters;
2 Bedroom Suites; 1 Sideboard; Mason
& Risch Piano; New Singer Sewing
Machine; Dishes and Conking Utensils;
and numerous other articles.   Apply,
Chas. E. Houser
Local and Personal
Chas. Burtch, of Summerland,
vas in town Tuesday evening.
Schubert's closing sale wi'l
!  nd June 6th.
Ripe strawberries have already
been reported by local growers.
Poker's "King Cutter" Razors
-tt King's.
Miss Evarts returned last week
from Fairview where she spent
the winter.
Specially low prices at Schubert's until June 6th.
Miss E. Yuill returned Tuesday evening from visiting friends
i l Summerland.
If you are going fishing try
King's for your tackle.
C.  E.   Pomeroy  has  added a
! new soda fountain to his confectionery business.
Djn't forget your time is short
I > get your summer supply at
' Schubert's.
Miss Rowe gave a very enjoyable party to a number of friends
on Monday evening.
If you have lost your pocket
knife the best place  to procure
��� another is at King's.
Ollie   Smith,   of    Vernon    is
; spending a few days  in   town
visiting his brother.
H. Murk has removed his barber  shop   to   Mr,   Claughton's
i building   on   the  south  side of
Smith St.
There will be a meeting of the
I Quadrille Club at eight o'clock
j on Saturday  evening at   Chas.
Were's house.
E. Curtis is out again after
; being confined to his room for
'about  six   weeks   with   pleuro-
; pneumonia.
Quassia chips, 12c. per lb.;
whale oil soap, 5c. per lb.; Paris
green, 50c. per lb., for spraying,
at Main's Pharmacy.
R. B. White, M. D��� and Mrs.
JC. A. R.  Lambly were  married
| at 6:30 p.   m.,   May 24,   at the
residence of the bride.
Dr. McGregor, late of Winni-
ipeg General Hospital,  will  take
charge of   Dr.   R.   B.   White's
; practice during his absence.
W. J. Bowser, Attorney-General of B. O, arrived in  Pentic-
��� ton on Friday of last week, leav-
i ing for Greenwood on the follow-
i ng day.
The buckets and ladders or-
j dered by the fire committee have
i arrived.    A meeting should now
be held to organize some kind of
lire brigade.
Robert Anderson, who last
week purchased the Murk block,
is having some inside work done
on the building preparatory to
opening an ice cream parlor.
Joseph Martin, barrister of
Vancouver, was in town on Friday the 22nd and part of the
following day, passing through
to attend the assizes at Greenwood.
J. J. Hunter, local manager of
the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
last week took a trip through the
1 >wor Okanagan and Similkameen, embracing Okanagan
'alis, Fairview, Osoyoos, Oroviile and Keremeos.
Empire Day was a quiet day
in Penticton. A large number
of the people took in the celebration at Summerland, while nearly all the remainder formed
private picnic parties to various
points in the vicinity.
Subscribe for
The Penticton Press
Having sold mir building on Smith
Street, we shall continue our business
in the Claughton Block (opposite P. t'.
Hot 'D anil shall lie   pleased   to receive
our numerous customers.
\Y. .1. CLEMENT.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in
Advertising Rates:
Transient Advertisements Not exceeding one inch, one insertion, 50c;
for each additional insertion, 25c.
Lodge Notices, Professional Cards, &c.
���:'l.'in per inch, per monlh.
Land and Timber Notices 30 days, $5;
60 days, $7.
Legal Advertising first insertion. 10
'.���''ii!:- per hue; each subsequent falser-
I ion, 5c. per line.
Reading Notices in Local News Column
15c. per line, first insertion; 10c. pel
line, each subsequent insertion.
Contract Advertisements Rates ar
ranged according to space taken.
All changes   in   contract   advertise'
in,Mils must lie in Ihe hands ol' ilu
printer by Tuesday evening to ensure
publication in ihe next issue.
Our Day o. Sport
Good working committees have
been appointed to have charge
of the various departments of
sport for the First of July, ant!
indications are that the celebration will be an exceptionally good
one. This year greater attention will be paitl to the watei
sports sailing, rowing, swimming, diving, etc.��� than last
year, and a greater proportion oi
the funds will be devoted to that
en I. Aquatic contests are this
year to be placed on an equal
footing with the horse races as-
regards the outlay for prizes.
This is decidedly encouraging as-
it is an indication that the public are awakening to the rare
a Wantages enjoyed by Pentictor
as a place for the holding of
e [uatic sports.
We look forward to the time
when the annual celebration al
Penticton will be considered
the leading annual event anions
all the Lake towns, and, if this
be the case, the public of Penticton must look to the water, at
most of the other towns possess
advantages equal to Pentictor
for all land sports. The one
thing which this point possesses,
and others do not, is a long line
of sandy beach open to the public and it is up to our citizens to
make the best use of the advan-
Again, Penticton is to be a
residential town. The lake is
one of the principal attractions to
settlers; so the emphacizing of
that attraction in our celebration
will do much to draw the place
to people's attention.
That no money prizes will be
given this year, except for horse
races, is an important innovation.
The contests will, thus be purely
amateur, and this should do
much towards encouraging the
highest class of sports along
athletic and aquatic lines.
Misses Keyes and McDougald ^'
sang a duet, accompanied by
Rev. Mr. Jones, at the close.
Rev. Mr. Whyte proposed that a
committee be appointed and that
other rallys be held in the near
Mr. Aitkens, sr., who arrived
fr >m England a month ago to
visit his son here, left Tuesday
morning, and will stay a time at
Melitia, Man., before returning
The Summerland and Peachland Choral Classes combined
gave a concert Friday of last
week in the Presbyterian church.
The following was the program : hk.
1. "The Heavens are Telling," Class. I *������
2. S< lo, Mrs. .1. L. Elliott.
3. Solo,   "A   little    Dutch    Garden,"
Miss 1.. Brown.
I.  Violin solo, Mr. Shaw.
5, Solo, "Spring has come," Mrs.  O.
11. Pollard.
6, "The Miller's Wooing," Class.
7. "My Love is Like,"   Miss   A.   Mc
8. Piano solo. Miss Haines.
!).  Solo, Miss Davison.
10.  Violin solo, Mr, Shaw,
tl. "Goodnight Beloved," Class.
God Save the King.
The proceeds went to the piano
Mr. Aitken, a Winnipeg architect, has in hand the planning of
Mr. Neeuhain's cottage, which
will be erected on the old Bennett place immediately.
Jas. Ritch'e,   of Summerland, I
bought Dave Watson's house on j
Beach Ave.    It will be occupied
this   summer   by   Rev.   T.    N.
Mrs. Johnson, who has been
very ill, is improving slowly.
Mrs. Spofford, Prov. Supt.  of
the VV. C.  T.   U.,   was  here on j
! business, Tuesday, and was the j
guest of Mrs. Dorland.
Mr. and Mrs. Philipes, of Kel- \
owna, were visiting at Mr.  and
[Mrs. Eddie's home  from Saturday until Wednesday.
Rev. Mr. Mclntyre returned
from conference Saturday and
reports, much to the regret of
j his congregation, that he will no
longer be pastor here, but his
| field of work will be Summerland
and Naramata. He will, however, be a few more Sabbaths
with us.
With private picnic parties,
and the excursions to Kelowna
and Summerland, on the 25th,
the town had the appearance of
the Deserted Village all day.
Everyone reported having a good
time between the showers. The
celebrations should have been
held here.    It was an ideal day.
Monday, at noon, little Edith,
daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Hood
of Summerland, interfered with
theii- dog when it was eating
meat and was bitten badly. She
was taken to Summerland on the
evening's steamer to the doctor,
and is progressing as well as
could be expected.
Mr, and Mrs. Morrin, are occupying one of Mr. Cossar's cottages for the summer.
Main's Pharmacy
Main Street, Penticton.
Sisfimq SfacftCe
We have always carried a full line of Stationery, and always
intend to.    And we can give you a better assortment and
better values than any one else in town.
w.  a
K ,    'A
A well-assorted stock of Rods, including Rainbow Steel,
Split Bamboo, and Green-heart, at prices ranging from $2.00
to $4.00.       Silk Braided and Oiled Linen lines. '     All kinds
of Bait, Reels and Flies, Spears and Gaffs.
Pcc&Qi Knives cmfl Razors
We have a well-assorted stock of Geo. Wostenholm's
1 XL and Poker's Pocket Knives. Boker's King Cutter,
Giffon and "Carbo Magnetic" Razors.
When wanting anything  in  Fishing Tackle  or  Pocket
Cutlery don't fail to inspect our stock.
All sizes of Tents on hand.
W. R. KING & CO.
'y�����vsaGSEzsT" yx.
*m #!
I J. A. NESBITT, | j 21RE you blind
The celebrated V2 Spray.
Sprays, assorted.
Planet Jr. Cultivators.
The newly patented Orchard Whiffletreo.
Harrows, Plows, Democrats, Cultivators, etc.
Fine Stock of First Class Harness.
1 Bell Organ.
1 Gerhard Heintzman Piano.
1 Sail and Row Boat with Sails.
1 Large Tent, 14 x 16 feet.
3 Houses to Rent.
Fresh Milk.
DeLaval Cream Separators.
100 Apple Trees, 600 Grapes and a few Peaches.
-��v^���� tf
To the fact that you don't always need SPECIAL
LENSES which, in many cases, are simply ordinary
lenses with a special price and thai fifty years' experience is nol necessary for a person to get a thorough
knowledge of the eye and its uses '.' And yet people
will pay ;t fancy price to travelling mechanics, when
I hey can have their eyes examined and corrections
made with the best appliances known to optical science,
here in Penticton.
My stock of optical goods is of the best quality on
the market and very complete, I guarantee every
The Jev/eler
s^sr: j?.:ia&!L%.7?.:fi23ffiexr;
J. A. Schubert's
FRIDAY,   MAY   1st,
This Stock is complete in every
line carried and will be sold at
COST until cleared.
Come early while the stock is
j FLOWERS,  FOLIAGE and other }
j       Plants for Spring planting.       1
Call and see my Stock.
j JAMES DENNISTON,      Ellis Street, j
r, wA^TXTrnwAT', 7K.ssroOT;ss;��5 3155 jk :w;?z-fr,m3zm wto^jwji
Call and get prices at the
and other Ornamental Shrubs, Trees, and Climbing Vines.
Ready for immediate delivery.
Penticton, British Qolumhia.
Capital Stock $50,000
R. H. ROBERTSON, President
THOS. TODHUNTER, Vice-Pres. E. CURTIS, Manager.
W. F. H. SWINTON, Sec-Treas.
TERMS Strictly @ASH
All are invited to take advantage
of this sale.   What we say we mean.
Miss McKie, of the New Westminster Hospital nursing staff,
who is spending her vacation in
t ie Valley, was the guest of Miss
Miller, Thursday.
The Girl's Handicraft Club met
at Miss Calendar's home Thursday, and preparations are being
made for an Al Home to be given
in the Presbyterian church the
evening of June 4th.
Mr. Geo. Powell, who has been
at Vancouver for seme months
past, returned hist week.
A Young People's rally, the
first of its kind ever held here,
proved to he a helpful and bene-
lijial success in every way Wed-
n isday evening. The Baptist
nvnister, Rev. Mr. Jones occupied the chair in his ever efficient
manner, The evening's discussion was "The Life of the Young
Christian." The subject was
divided into three parts : Home
a id social side of life, Church
1 l"e, and the Prayer life; and was
ably taken up by C, G. Elliott,
A. W. Angus, and Ensign Hall
of .Medicine Hat, respectively.
Between each part the meeting
was open for general discussion..
Frank P. Howard and wife
Hedley, called on friends in
neighborhood last week.
L. J. Goodchap, road foreman,
has a crew of men at work repairing the road in the neighborhood of Fish Lake.
Messrs. Clark, Farleigh and
Allen were all in Penticton on
Saturday last.
Refreshing showers still continue to fall.
Efforts are being made to open
a new post office up Shingle
Creek near Brent's or Armstrong's place.
Basil F. Farleigh held a birthday party on Victoria Day, to
which he invited the children of
the neighborhood. All spent a
pleasant time, with a feast of
good things thrown in.
Or exchange for suitable brood mare,
a genera] purpose horse (1200 lbs.)'
gentle in double or single harness, suitable for delivery rig, or other work
where reliable horse is needed. Apply
20 oz. size 30c.
This week we have some
Nice Canned Pears
2\ lb. size 2Cc.
Golden Crown Lobsters
1 lb. tin 40c.
Australian Mutton
20c. per can.
Red Star
Acre Lot on Beach Avenue,
Penticton. The best location a-
vailable on the most beautiful
beach on Okanagan Lake ; price
Two One-Hall Acre Lots commanding beautiful view of Okanagan Lake ; good soil; available
water supply ; 93>, x 280 ft. in
dimension; planted in peach trees
this spring. Price, corner lot,
$o00 ; inside lot, $300.
Corner Building Lot in residential section ; pleasant surroundings; a good buy.    Price, $500.
Seven Roomed House, well
finished ; lawn seeded down ;
corner lot; excellent location,
good view, and very pleasing
surroundings. Price, $2,500.
Eighteen Acres on Main Street
3 miles from town, $1,800.
J. R. Mitchell,
Penticton,   =   B. C.
Saws, Axes, Wedges, Striking Hammers, Table and
Pocket Cutlery.
.#��-^B*ta-*.�� ���""*��.����-����"
\     Real Estate Snaps     jj
*   SINGLE  ZHBRES In the choicest  residential  part  8
| of Penticton, worth $1,000 ;   for sale for a few days at        a
I S5Q0 Gash. I
t    SINGLE  AGRE& ����� the choicest  residential  part  tj
of Penticton, worth $1,000 ;  for sale for a few days at
$500 Gash. ^
Also some choice 50 foot lots tit a bargain. ��
I Apply ' I
f D    (,    RHY  914 = D^ntirtntt    R    C I
*       P. O. BOX 2.14,
Penticton, B. C.      *
To [iorse-ta
Suffolk Stolon
" BentCey   Comrade,"
No. 2981, Vol. XIII.
This 1800 lb. horse will stand for  the j
season at homo, and will serve a limited '
number of mares at reasonable figures. |
Last season !)() per cent, ol  the  marcs
bred to him conceived,
For   further   particulars    apply    to
owner, 11-1
Plans,   Specifications   and   listimates   *
Furnished for all Kinds of Work.
'Plume White 1
���Phone White 2
John M. Thomas,
Orianagan Falls,
B. C.
Painter, Paperhanger
and Sign Writer
Picture Framing a Specialty.
WALL PAPER Carried in Stock.
Box 196.        Main St. THE PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C. MAY 30, 1908.
Mabel Rowe
of Piano, Organ and
'PENTICTON          -      - '        ��. C.
S. O. Land Company's   Block
'Phone II.
Accountant & Auditor,
Notary Public
Notary Public.
KELOWNA,        - - B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public.
PENTICTON,      -      -      B.C.
'Phone 17.
Full Line of
Kierstead & Steele
Builders and Contractors
.   A Card Will Find Us.    .
M. T. Kierstead - R. Steele
nursery co.,
Beautify your lot with some
of our shade trees.
We have Elm, Ash, Maple,
Catalpa, Mulberry, Black Walnut, and Ash Leaved Maple.
Some perennial shrubs and
apple trees left.
D. W. Crowley
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Goods Delivered to any part of the
C. E. HOUSER, Manager.
Dwellings ��� Individual Line . .$2.00 per month.
-Party Line ...       1.50
Business ���Individual Line   . 2.50
-Party Line  2.00
"Free installation within three-quarters mile
of office, when one year contract jriven.
Outside three-quarters mile, add cost of
labour to install.
When no contract, or contract for less than
one year (riven, cost of labour to install is
charged at time of installation.
C. F. LAYTON,     -      Local Agent.
Lakeshore Telephone Co.
ock In tiae Baltic
/1u:!>o-   of
"Tre Triumphs of Eugene Valrrvonf." "Tekla." "In Ihe Midst of
Alarms,"   "Speculations of John Steele,"   "The Victors,"   Etc.
Copyright,   1D00.   by   Robert   Bsr��.
Ey Arrangement with The Authors and Newspapers Association of New York.
mil i��ii ii m~    - ������ i ii  ��������� i n������������������
"Coree i;w:i t'i particulars, Dorothy.
uki !"t mt1 judge.   Von are so Inexpi
C. P. R.
Choice fruit lots, improved and
FIRE INSURANCE-The Sun of London, Eng., and Queen.   Why not insure
in the best; they cost no more.
Apply to
Via Fairview
Leaves Penticton Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdt-ys at 6:30 a.m., arriving at Oroviile the same day at 6 p. m.
Through Fare - $6.00
W. HINE and S. M. SNOW
"The prince Ikik conic."
rieuced, you know, that  it is well to
lake counsel with a more sophisticated
"I don't just remember"���
"No, I thought you wouldn't. Did lie
tall; of himself or of you'/"
"Of himself, of course    lie told uio
why lie was going to Rti 'sia aud spoke
of some checks ho had met In his pro
, fesslou."
"Ah!   Did be cash them?"
"Obstacles���difficulties that wore In
1 his way. which be hoped to overcome'
"Oh, I see. Aud did you extend that
sympathy v.-bich"-
There was a knock at the door, and
the maid came In. bearing a card.
"Good gracious me!" cried Knther
hie, jumping to her feet. "The prince
has come. What a stupid thing that
we have no mirror in this room, and
It's a sewing and sitting room too. Do
I look all right. DorothyV"
"To me you seem perfection."
"Ah. well. I can glance at a glass on
the next floor. Won't you come down
aud see him trampled on'.'"
"No. thank you. I shall most likely
drop off to sleep and enjoy forty winks
iu this very comfortable chair. Don't
he too harsh with the young man. Kate.
You are quite wrong in your surmises
about him. The lieutenant never made
any such arrangement a.< you suggest.
because he talked of nothing but the
most commonplace subjects all the
time I was with him. as I wils just
about to tell you. only yon seem in
such a hurry to get Owny "
"Oh, that doesn't deceive mo in the
least. I'll be back shortly, with the
young man's scalp dangling at my belt.
Now we .'han't be long." aud with that
Katherine went skipping downstairs.
Dorothy picked up a mngnrlne thit
lay on the table nnd for a few moments turned its leaves from one story
to another, trying to Interest herself,
hut failing. Then idle lifted the newspaper that lay at her feet, but It also
was soon cast aside, and she lenn��d
back In ln*r chair, with half closed
eyes, looking out at the cruiser lu the
bay. A slight haze anise between bur
and the ship, thickening and thickening Until Ot  last  it obscured the vessel.
Dorothy was oppressed by a sense of
something forgotten, and she strove in
! vain to remember what It was It was
! of the utmost Importance she was cer-
I tain, and this knowledge made her
j mental anxiety the g'eater
At last out ot tin gloom she saw
Sabina approach, clothed In nigs, and
then a Hash of Intuition enabled he' to
grasp the difficulty Through her remissness the ball dress was unfinished,
and the girl, springing to her f-et.
turned Intuitively to the sewing machine, when the ringing laugh of Katherine dissolved the fig
"Why, you poor girl, what's the matter will) yon? Are yon silting down to
drudgery again? You've forgotten the
"Are���are you bark already?" cried
Dorothy, soniev.hal  wildly
"Already! Why Mess me. I've been
away an hour and a ipmi'ter! You
dear girl, you've been asleep and In
slavery again!"
"I think 1 was." admitted Dorothy,
with a sigh
mllKKE days Infer Hie north Atlantic siiundrnti of the Krlrlsl'
navy sailed down the coast
from Halifax did not even
pause at Bar Hnrbor, but senl a wireless telegram to the Consternation,
which pulled up nm !ior and joined the
fleet outside and so the warship- departed for another port
Katherine stood liy the bl'OB'1 win
(low In the sewing room li her iav rite
attitude, her heal sideways against
the pane, her eyes languidly gazing upon the hay Augers drumming this dnie
a very slow march on the window sill.
Dorothy sat In a rocking chilli reading
a letter for the second time There
had lieen silence in the room for some
minutes, accentuated rather than broken by Ihe i|tlie! druinmiii". of the
gill's fingers on the window sll . Pinal
ly Katherine breathed a deep sigh an I
murmured to herself:
"Fur called our navy fnd.'S away;
On dune and headland *"inl;s the ire.
I.o. nil our pomp of yesterday
Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!
I wonder if I've got the lines right,"
she whispered to herself. She bad for
gotten there was any one else iu the
rootu and was quite startled when
Dorothy spoke.
"Kate, that's a solemn chang��. from
(lllbert to Kipling. I always judge
your mood by your quotation!. Has
life suddenly become too serious for
���Pinafore' or tbe Mikado?'"
"Oh. I don't know." said Katherine.
without turning round. "They are hit
morons all. and so each furnishes
something suitable for the saddened
mind Wisdom comex through under
standing your alphahet properly. Kor
Instance, first tbere w��s Gilbert, and
that gave us O: then came ���< fj il intr
and he rave ns K: thus we get an age
brale formula. ('��� K. which are the
Initials of Chesterton, a still inter ar
rival, and as the mind Increases In de
spin leucy it sinks lower and lower
down the alphabet until it comes to
S. and thus we have Barn-yard Shaw,
nn Improvement on the Kailyard
school, who takes the O pshaw view
of life. And relaxing hold of him 1
sink deeper until I conic to W ���W. W.
Jacobs. How I wish he wrote poetry1
He should be the humorist of all sail
ors. and perhaps some time he will de
sert barges for battleships Then !
shall rend bini with increased enjoyment."
"1 wouldn't give Mark TwsLn for the
lot." commented Dorothy, with de
"Mark Twain Isn't yours to give, my
dear. He belongs to me also. You've
forgotten that comparisons are odious
Our metier is not to compare, hut to
take what pleases us from each!
"How doth ihe little busy b-'e
Improve each  shining hour
And gather honey all the day
From every opening flower.
Watts. You see. I'm still dowu anion;:
the NY's. Oh. Dorothy, lion can you
sll there so placidly when th.* Couster
nation has just fa led from Bight?
Sellish creature!
"Oh, give me tears for others' woes
And  patience  for mine own'
I don't know who wrote that, but you
have no tears for others' woes, merely
greeting 'them with ribald laughter,
for Dorothy, with the well read lettei
in her band, was making tbe rafters
ring with her merriment, something
that had never before happened dur
lug her. long tenancy of that room
Kate turned her head slowly round,
and the expression on ber face was
half iudig.iant. half humorous, while
her eyes were uncertain weather
prophets and give equal indication of
sunshine or ram.
"Why.. Katherine. you look like a
trageuy queen, rather than the spirit
of comedy! Is it really a case of 'Tit-
will (W. tit-willow, tit-willow?' You
see, I'm u-re.u'U.ug you from the bottom of the alph tbet and bringing you
up lo tile Oiiie't plane, where i am
more accustomed to you, and understand you bettei Is this despondency
due to .the depa 'ture of the Consternation aud the fact that she carries
away with her Jack ham ont, black
The long sigh terminated in a woe
ful "Yes."
"The ship that bns gone out with
him we call she. If he had eloped
with a real she. then wearing the wil
low or singing it, however futile,
might he understandable. As it Is I
see nothing in toe situation to call for
a sigh."
"That Is because you are a hardened
sinner. Dorothy You bare no heart,
or at least if you have If Is untouched
and therefore yon cannot understand
If that note In your hand were a love
missive instead of a letter from your
lawyers, yon would he more human
'ihe hand which held the paper crum
nled it up slightly as Katherine spoke
'Business letters are q I e neccssiir.i
and belong to the world we live in.'
said Dorothy, a glow of hid hto" eolol
suffusing her cheeks, 'Surely your
acquaintance  wlili  Mr   Lamont is of
the shortest "
"He ha" "nlled upon me every day
since the night of the ball " maintained
Kafheilne stoutly
"Well, that's <>td'- three times."
"Only three! flow you talk! One
would think von had never been
schooled In miltheini*ties Why three
is a magli Hgnre Von can do plenty
of nniiisdnu tilings with it Don't you
know that tin  Is a numeral of love?"
"! thought two was the number."
chimed Dorothy   with heartless mirth.
"Three" said Katherine taking one
last look at the Pinnty 'lorlzon then
seating ber elf In front or her friend���
"three Is a recurring decimal it goes
en and on and on forever and if you
wrl'e it for a thousand years you-arc
"till as far from the end as when you
���'Cgnn It will enr'v you round the
world ami back ngnln and nevpt dl-
tilnlsii it Is the mathematical emblem of the nature of true lovp."
"Is It so serious as all thnt, Kate, or
are you Just fooling again?" nsked
Dorothy, more soberly r'tin heretofore
"Has he sp"'"ti to yni   "
"Spolen? lie has r1nn�� nothing but
spenk ami I hnve listened���ob, so In-
���eiitly and with such deep understanding lie hns ne'er before met such ��
woman as I and has frankly told me
��o "
���I am very glad he appreciates yon.
"Yes. yon see. Dorothv. I am realh
much riei'iier thnn the ordinary wo
man Wh" for Instance, con Id Hnd
-ocb a beautiful love simile from a
hook of arithmetic costing 2"> cents as
I have unearthed from decimal frac-
'Ions? V'lth that exnmp'e In mind,
how can you doulit that other volumes
of coPece learning reveal to me their
inner meaning' John presented to me
as he said goodby a beautifully hound
cpy of that celebrated text book.
'Saunders' Analytical Chemistry.* with
particularly tender passages marked in
pencil by his own dear hand."
Bather   bewildered,   for   Kate's   expression was one of pathos, unrelieved
by any gleam of humor. Dorothy nev
ertbeless laughed, although the laugh
I brought no echo from  Katherine.
"And did roll give him a volume of
Browning in return?"
"No.   I  didn't,     'low can you  he so
, unsympathetic?    !s  it   Impossible  for
j you   to   comprehend   the   unseen   link
! that binds John and me?    I rummaged
the book store until  I   found a charm
i in;: little edition of 'Marshall's fjeolo
I gist's Pocket Companion' covered will'
henutiful brown limp Itussia leather���i
thought tin* Russia binding was so In
��� splrarlonnl���with  n  sweet  little clasp
i that   keeps   it   closed- typical   of   oiii
hands   at   parting.     On   the   flyleaf   I
( wrote.  To .1    I... In  remembrance of
many   Interesting  conversations   with
; ills friend   K   K.'    It only needed an
| other K to he emblem tic and political
J a   reminiscence   of   the   olden   times.
i  when you people of the south. Dorothy,
were  making  It  hot   for  us deserving
i folks in the north.    I hadn't time to go
through the book very thoroughly, but
1 found ninny refereu.es lo limestone
; which   I  marked, ami one pdrticubtt'l;
choice bit of [English relating to the
dissolution and reconsolldntlon of various minerals  I drew a  parallelogram
! around  in red  Ink     A   friend of mini'
.  In a motor launch wns go id enough tn
!  take the little parcel direct to the Con
: sterna tion. an I I have no doubt that at
this  moil cut  .lack   is  perusing it  and
! perhaps thinking of the giver.    I hope
j It's  ti)i  to  date and  that  he had   not
j previously bought a copy."
"You don't mean  to say.  Kate, that
j your conversation  was entirely about
"Certainly not. How could you have
become Imbued with an Idea so absurd? We had many delightful dalliances down th" romantic groves of
"heinidry. heart to heart talks on
metallurgy, and once���nb, shall I ever
forget It?���while the dusk gently infold
r*d us nnd I gazed into those bright.
���ipcnkliig. Intelligent eyes of his as he
bent nearer antl nearer, while his low.
sonor.us voice In well chosen words
pictured to me the promise which for
tilied cement holds out to the world-
that Is, Ignorant per on. portland ce
ment strengthened by ribs of steel-
and I sat listening breathless as his
glowing phrases prophesied the future
of this combination."
Katherine closed her eves, rocked
gently back and forth and crooned,
almost Inaudilily:
"When  you  (*nnR  nwa.  Jimmle.
Fnnr across ��hp spr.  Inriflfc. '
When ye Bang to  Russian lands.
What  will ye send  to me.  laddie?
I know what I shall get.    il will prob
Hilly be a  newly discovered recipe for
Hie compounding of cement which will
do away   with  the  necessity  of steel
"Kate. dear, you nre overdoing it
It Is quite right that woman should
lip a mystery to man. hut Rile should
uot aspire to become a mystery to her
sister woman. Are you just making
fun or is there something in all Ibis
more serious than your words Imply?"
"Like the steel strengthening In the
cement. It may be there., hut you can't
see It. and yon can't touch it. but it
makes���ob, such a difference to the slab!
Helgho. Dorothy, let us forsake these
lianl bended subjects and turn to
something human! What have your
lawyers been bothering von about?
\'o trouble over the money, is there?"    ,
Dorothy shook her head.
"No. Of course there are various
'natters they have to consult me about
mil get my consent to this project or
tlie other"
"Head the letter Perhaps my math
���matical mind cuu be of assistance to
.on "
Dorothy had concealed tbe litter i.nd
did not now produce il.
"Il is with reference to your assistance, ami your continued assistance, that I wish to speak to you.
Let us follow tile example of the co- ���
ment and the steel aud form a compact. In one respect I am going to
Imitate the Consternation, I leave Bar
Harbor next week."
Katherine sat up in her chair, and
her eyes opened wide.
"What's the matter with Bar Harbor?" sho asked.
"You can answer that question better than I. Kate. The Kempt family
are not visitors, hut live here all Ihe
year round. What do you think Is the
matter with Bar Harbor?"
"I confess It's a Utile dull In tin
winter time, and In all seasons it is
situated a considerable distance from
New York Where do you Intend to
go. Dorothy?"
"That will depend largely on where
my friend Kate advises mc to go, because I shall take her with mc If she
will come."
"Companion, lady's maid, parlor
nnild, maid of nil work. cook, governess, typewriter girl���which have I to
be? Shall I get one afternoon a week
off, and may my young man come
nnd see me. if | happen' to secure one.
nnd, extremely important, what are
the wages?"
"You shall fix your own salary.
Knte. nnd my lawyer men will nr-
range thnt the chosen sum Is settled
upon yon so that if we full out we can
quarrel on equal terms."
"Oh. I see. It's au adopted daughter
I am to be, then."
"An adopted sister rather."
"Do you think I am going to take
advantage of  my  friend: hip  with  nn
I,cress and so pension  myself of)?"
"Il Is I who am taking the advantage." said Dorothy, "and I beg you
to take compassion rather than a.Ivan
tage upon a lime creature woo has no
kith or kin in the world."
"Do you really mean it. Dot'"
"Of course I do Should I propose it
if I d'dn't?"
"Well, this is the first proposal I've
ever bad. and I believe It Is customary to say on those occasions that it is
so sudden or so unexpected, and time
is required for consideration."
"How so in can you make up your
mind. Kate?"
"Oh.   my   mind's   already   made   U|>.
I'm going to jump at your offer, lint I
think   it    more   ladylike   to   pretend   a
��� mild  reluctance.    What are you goin-'
to do. Dorothy?"
"I don t know. I've settled on only
one tiling- I intend to build a little
stone and tilp chnrch, very quaint and
old fashioned, if I gel Ihe right kind of
architect to draw a plan for it. and this
church is to lie situated in Haver-
"Where's Haverstook?"
"It is a village near the Hudson rivet, on the plain that stretches toward
the OntSKllls."
"It was there yon lived wifh your
father, was it not?"
"Yes. antl mv church is to he called
the Dr   Amhurst Memorial church."
"Ami do you propose to live nt [lav-
erst ock?"
"1 was thinking of that."
"Wouldn't it li�� just a little dull?"
"Yes. I sttppo'e it would, but It seems
to me a suitable place where two young
Women may meditate on what they are
going to do "ith their lives."
"Yes. that's an Important question
for th" two. 1 say. Dorothy, let's take
the other side of (he river and enter
Vnssnr eolleie. Then we should nt
least have some fun and there would
be some reasonably well educated people to sppnk t" "
"Oh. yon wish to use your lately acquired scientific knowledge In order to
pass the examinations. But. you see.
I have bad no tutor to school me in
the mysteries of lime burning and thp
mixing of cement Now, yon have
scorned my side of the river, nnd 1
have objected to your side of the river.
Thnt Is the bad beginning which, let
us hope, makes the good ending. Who
! Is to arbitrate In our dispute?"
"Why, we'll split  the difference, of
I course."
"How  can   we do  that?     live In  a
j houseboat   on   Hie   river   like   Frank
Stockton's 'Iluddcr Orange?" "
"No: settle in the city of New York.
I which is practically an  Island In the
I Hudson."
"Would   you   like   to   live   In   New
;  York?"
"Wouldn't I!   Imagine any one hnv-
: Ing the chance living anywhere else!"
"Ill a hotel. I suppose���the Ilalldorf
for choice."
"Yes: we could live In a hotel until
we found the Ideal flat, high up in a
nice apartment house, with a view like
Hint from the top of Mount Washing-
! ton or from the top of the Washington
"But you forget I made one proviso
; In the beginning, and that Is thnt 1 am
! going to build a church, and the church
j Is to tie situated not In the city of New
j  York,   but   in   the   village   of   Havel'-
j stock."
"New   York   Is Just the place from
which   to   construct   such   an   edifice.
Haverstock   will   lie   somewhere  near
the   West   Shore  railway.     Very   well.
We can  take a  trip up there once a
week  or oftener.  if you  like, and see
how  the  work   Is  progressing.    Then
I the people of Haverstock  will  respect
us.     As   we   drive   from   the   station
they'll say:
" 'There's the two young ladles from i
i New    York    who   are    building   the i
church '
"But    if    we    settle    down    among
I hem they'll think we're only ordinary
villagers  Instead of  the distinguished I
! persons we nre.   Or. while our flat is j
'. l.eltlg   made   ready   we could   live nt I
one of the big hotels in the Cntskllls i
i nil come down as often as we like on \
the Inclined railway     Indeed, until the
ventiter gets colder tbe Cotskills is the
Ami.   lo.   Ihe  Oilskins  print   the  distant
Ami o'er their airy tops the faint clouds
Bn softly  blonrilm* that  Ihe cheated eye
Forgets or  which  Is  earth  or  whlct.  is   I
Ilea ven."
"That ought to carry tbe day for the
Cntskllls. Kale. What sort of habitation shall we choose, a big bold or a
(select private hoarding house?"
"(Hi.  a  big hotel, of course���the big.
test  there  is,  whatever Ms inline may   !
bo���one of   those whose  rales  are so
high thai (lie proprietor daren't advertise  iliem,  but  says in his announcement, Tor  terms apply  to  'be uiau- ;
ager.'     Il   must   have   aniple  grounds.
support  an excellent   band  mid silver-  j
tisc  a   renowned   cuisine.     Your  room  I
al least should have a private balcony, '
on   which   you   can   place   a   lei,'scope i
ami winch the budding of your church
down  below.     I,   being  a   humble  person   iu  a   subordinate position,  should
have a   balcony   also  to  make  up lor
those deficiencies "
"Very well, Kale: that's settled    But. !
although  two lone  women may set  up
housekeeping ill a  New   York  lint    llley
ciilinol   very   well  go alone  lo  a   fasti,
billable hotel "
"Ob, yes. we can.    Best of references j
given and required."
"I was going to suggest." pursued
Dorothy, not noticing the Interruption.
"Hint we invite your father and mother to accompany us. They might enjoy
a chnuge from sea air to mountain,'
Katherine frowned a little nnd demurred.
"Are you going to be fearfully conventional,  Dorothy?"
"We must pay some attention to the
conventions, don't you think?"
"I bad hoped not. I yearn to be a
bachelor girl una own a latchkey."        j
Osoyoos Land District. District of
TAKE NOTICE that Frederick Richard Gartrell, of Summerland, in the
province of British Columbia, farmer,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described  land :
Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of lot 2555, thence
east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thence west 20 chains, thence south 20
chains, to place of beginning, containing
40 acres.
Located on the 28th day of May, 1908.
46-5     Frederick Richard Gartrell
Wholesale and Retail
Orders by mail promptly attended
j BOX 166   -   KELOWNA, B. C.
Daily delivery of Fresh Milk to
all parts of the Town.
H. M. McNeill,    .    Prop.
Plus the Express
Penticton Bakery
Good Wholesome Bread,
Cakes and Pastry.
Galarneau &
When  you   think  of   Building
Look us up.
"We shall  each   possess  a   latchkey
when we settle down  lu   New   Yoi k.
| Our  flat will   be our castle,   and.  al-
I though our latchkey will let us In. our
Vale lock  will keep other people o t.
A uoted summer resort calls for dif-
! fererit   treatment,   because   there   we
lead a semipublic life.    Besides. I am
; selfish enough to wish my coming out
| to be under the auspices of so  well
; known a man as Captain Kempt."
"All  right:   I'll  see  what  they   say-
about it.    You dou't want Sablna,   I
1 take it."
"Yes, If she will consent to come."
"I doubt if she will, but I'll see. Be��
sides, now that I come to thltik about
it, it's only fair I should ullow my doting parents to know that I am about
to desert them."
With that Katherine quitted tbe room
and went down the stairs liippety-bop.
Dorothy drew the letter from its
place of concealment and read It for
the third time, ill though one not interested might have termed It a most
commonplace document. It begau,
"Pear .Miss Amhurst." and ended.
"Yours most sincerely, Alan Drummond." 11 gave some account of his
linings since he bade goodby to her.
A sailor, he Informed her, needs little
time for packing his belongings, and
on the occasion lu question the prince
had been of great assistance. They
set out together for the curly morning
train and said 'an revolr" at tho station. Drummond had Intended to soil
from New York, but a friendly person
whom he met on the train Informed
him that the Liverpool liner Enthusi-
nnn set out from Boston next day. se
he bad abandoned the New York Idea
nnd had taken passage on the iluer
mimed, on whose note iinpr; ue wrote
the teller, which pplstle was onco
more concealed as Dorothy heard Kaiii-
erlne's light step on the stair.
Thai  impulsive young woman  burst
Into Ihe sewing room.
"We're all going." she cried���"father,
mother and Sablna. It seems father
has had ail excellent offer to let the
house furnished till the end ol September, and he says thai as he likes liiiru
life he will put in the time on the lop
of the <!atskills. He abandons me and
says that if he can borrow a shilling
he Is going to cut me o.T with It lu hi*
will. lie regrets the departure of the
British Meet, because he tltluks he
might have been able to ralsej'a real
I'nrlish shilling a lion I'd, hnd only insists on one condition���namely" thnt
he Is to pay for himself, mother and
Stlblnil, so lie does not want a room
with n balcony, I said that in spite of
his disinheritance I'd help the family
ont of my salary, nnd so lie Is going to
reconsider the changing of his will." ,
(To bo continued,) THE PENTICTON PRESS. PENTICTON, R. C. MAY 30, 1908.
By a coincidence of dates this
year the 24th of May came on
Sunday, but Monday, the 25th,
was the day set apart for the
celebration of the birthday of
Victoria. Summerland, in keeping with her annual custom,
made this day hers. A full day's
program was arranged and the
sports began at an early hour.
Numbers arrived from Penticton
on the "Okanagan" in the morning. The forenoon was spent in
water sports, swimming contests,
canoe races, etc., but owing to
the lack of wind the sailing races
had to be dispensed with, though
numerous white winged crafts
stood idly on the bay waiting for
a breeze. On the arrival at Crescent Beach of the Str. Aberdeen,
which had been chartered for the
occasion, the crowds were conveyed to the new centre of attraction by means of the three
launches and a barge fitted un
with seats, all of which made
hourly trips between Crescent
Beach and Summerland wharf
during the afternoon. The baseball match between Penticton
and Summerland teams was the
chief event of the afternoon, although counter attractions had
their charms for some. The game
began at one o'clock sharp and a
very formidable looking nine did
those Penticton fellows appear.
In the first inning Penticton got
a run. This was of course very
encouraging to Kelly, Pentic-
ton's star pitcher, and he chewed
his gum with intense satisfaction. As the play proceeded two
things became evident: first that
Summerland pitcher and catcher
thoroughly understood one another, and secondly that Penticton should have used their new
man a little more to avoid having
him appear as a " gala - day
special." At about the seventh
inning our boys had entirely
shut out their opponents, and
when the latter learned that the
extent of their runs was four,
Kelly of Penticton chewed his
gum hard and with aching jaws,
while our pitcher, Steenson, only
smiled and kept on pounding the
balls into Blewett's mit in a manner that made Penticton sigh.
By this time the spectators began
to lose interest in the game.
Some forsook it in favor of the
horse races; others got dry and
' patronized Arnott & Steenson's
booth; several from Penticton
amused themselves by railing at
the umpire, but a few sports of
a more rare kind stayed by the
field and saw it out to the finish.
At the close of the game the
S2ore stood 4 to 24 in favor of
the boys in blue and grey, yet
each team was able to indulge in
a hearty cheer for the other. K.
Hogg acted as umpire of the
game to the satisfaction of the
players. The close of the day's
sport was accompanied by a
slight shower of rain which hampered but little the carrying out
of the running and jumping con-
tasts. Withal the day may be
put down as a successful event.
The Southern
Company, L
Our Irrigation system having been completed for
the Lake Skaha benches we are now offering under this
water system some 300 acres in five and ten acre tracts,
at $100.00 to $150.00 per acre.
On the Penticton benches we still have for sale
irrigated about 160 acres, at from $100. oo to $125. oo per
acre. All our bench lands are admirably adapted for
On the Penticton flats we have open clean meadow
suitable for small fruits, vegetable and hay, at $150. oo
per acre.
Uncleared land suitable for fruit (but stoney and
wooded) $5o.oo to $loo.oo per acre.
Uncleared land quite free of stone, suitable for
hay or garden stuff, $loo.oo per acre.
Terms on all the above one quarter down,  one
quarter each year with interest at 6 per cent, on deferred
In Penticton and on Okanagan Lake Beach $3oo.oo
to $45o.oo.       On Lake Skaha Beach $4oo.oo.
We have a great many excellent buys in town
property (business and residential). Anything we show
you will advance in value 5o per cent, within a year.
Get in now, you can make money and take no chances by
purchasing our lands.
then pa took me out in the woodshed and he licked me awful
hard. If the editor makes mistakes, folks say he ought to be
��� hung, but if a doctor makes mistakes he buries them and people
dassent say nothing because doctors can read or. write Latin.
When the editors make mistakes
there is lawsuits, and swearing
and- a great fus; but if a doctor
makes one there is a funeral,
cut flowers, and perfect silence.
A doctor can use a word a yard
long without him or anyone
1 knowing what it means; but if
the editor uses one he has to
spell it. When the doctor gets
drunk it's a case of being overcome with the heat, and if he
dies it's a case of heart trouble.
When an editor gets drunk it's a
case of too much boose, and if
he dies it's the jim-jams. Any
college can make a doctor but an
editor has to be born.
i..Ti ��� r, ,i   fc;,i
A Boy's Cssav on Editors
The following composition was
prepared by a school boy who
had been instructed by his teacher to write an essay on editors:
"I don't know how the newspapers come to be in the world,
and I don't think God does, for
he's got nothing to say about
them in the bible. I think the
editor is one of the missing links
we read about and stayed in the
bushes until after the flood and
then came out and wrote the
thing up and has been here ever
since. I don't think he ever died.
I never saw a dead one and never heard of one getting licked.
Our paper is a mighty good one;
but the editor goes without underclothes all winter and don't
wear any socks and pa ain't paid
his-subscription since the paper
started. I asked pa if that was
why the editor had to suck the
juse out of snowballs in winter
and go to bed when he had a
shirt washed in summer.    About
Mowers, Rakes,
Tedders and Binders
(Don't delay, sr,nd in your orders
The two best makes on Earth.
For sale bv
Pacific Coast Grown
Seeds, Trees,
1 Acre Lots, planted with 2=year=old trees, all cultivated  ready for
garden.   $800.00;  terms;  reduction for cash.    In residential section.
i\ acre in town for $400; terms. J acre adjoining town for $300;
1 acre on Eckhardt Ave., good terms,
soil for $450; terms. 6 room house with 133 feet
3 acres for $1,500; near beach, frontage for $1,030.
6 room house in town with :{
acre for $2,333;  terms.
Many good buys in town lots.
Houses to rent.
Real Estate Agent and Notary Public,
Fire Insurance ��� the best
Companies. Liverpool & London & Globe has just paid over
$100,000.0!) in the Chelsea fire.
What are you going to do with your CULL FRUIT ?
and with fruit TOO RIPE FOR SHIPMENT ?
Solves that problem for you.     What is usually
A loss may be turned into a profit.
The process is simple and all the family can assist.
When buying a canner get the best���a
Raney ofEE Modern Canner.
Prices from $10 to $90.
For further particulars and catalogues write to the
Summerland, B. C.
This beautiful art can be easily and
quickly learned. Are you a lover oi
nature, and do you want to adorn your
home with the most attractive forms ol'
art? If you are a sportsman, you can
soon have a line collection, of your own
specimens, which will be a source of
great pride to you ; and ever reminding
you of some pleasant time that has
If your boy is Interested in birds, or
out-uoor life, you will make no mistake
in letting him learn this branch of taxidermy, n will always be a source of
great pleasure to him throughout his
whole life, and will ever increase his
interest in nature.
This course consists of ten lessons,
one each Saturday, of from three to
four hours in length.
As there are only one or two schools
of taxidermy in America, and to attend
one of these is far beyond the means of
an average person, you will readily see
what an opportunity this affords.
1 solicit your trade in taxidermy ���
reptiles, birds, large game heads and
animals mounted. First diss work
guaranteed. For further information
Okai agan College,
41-1 Summenand, B. C,
w. o. w.
Okanagan Camp No. 261.
Meets  2nd  and  4th  Saturday  in   tbe
month at 8 p. m. in Woodmen's Hali,
Ellis St.
Visiting Sovereigns always welcome.
IK )TKL.   P13NTK T< )N.
First-Class Accommodation For Tourists or Commercial Men.
FREE-Golden West Soap and
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn, or
Consei vatory.
Reliable, approved  varieties,   at
reasonable prices.
No Borers.    No Scale.    No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy  direct   and   get   trees   and
seeds that GROW.
Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material and
Cut Flowers.
Catalogue Free.
OREBNHOUSES-.3010 Westminster Rd
limn, Ii nurserieS"S, Vnncouver.
Golden West Washing Powder.
FRUIT TUFFS   Well-grown  stock.
I Large quantity of apple trees for sale,
only few choice varieties grown : also
small stock of ornamental trees. Apply
I for  varieties   and   price   to   Manager,
16-tf Vernon, 11 C.
Hay horse, white hind feet, one white
front foot, weight 900, brand K on left
Bhoulder. Had heavy cow bell. Reward.
43-4 I lacksmith, Peachland, B. C.
To obtain this Silverware, all you have to do is to purchase 50c.
worth of Golden West Soap (2 cartons) or Washing Powder; or
25c. worth of each, AND ASK YOUR GROCER for a Silver
Plated Teaspoon FREE (which is worth at least 25c), then cut out
the coupon off the two cartons and send them to the Manufacturers
including 2c. for postage, and obtain another Silver Plated Teaspoon FREE.
In this way your
Golden West Soap and Golden West
Washing Powder costs you
Address:   Premium Department,
Standard Soap Company, Limited,
Calgary, Alberta.
MOT1CE is hereby given that the reserve, notice
** of which appeared In the British Columbia
Gazette, dated February 21st, 19.7, respecting a
parcel nt land reserved for Cemetery purposes
and comprisii k ton acres' adj inii u Lots J.*_l
and 277. Os^yoi.s Division of Vale, has boon cancelled so far as il relates 1 i lard lying to the south
of the northern boundary nf l.ol l,0i.1 is.i Similkameen Im-isi iii nf Yale District.
Deputy Commistdom r  of   Lands  and   Works,
Lards and Works Department.
Victoria. B, ('.. Till May. ni 8. 44-3m ,
Pedigreed  Fox Terrier Pups
By champion "Financier" and "Queen
ol Spades;" bluest of blue blood, pluckiest, most companii naile. I)jgs !j2f>.U0,
bitches $15:00.
45-4 Salmon Arm, B.C.
I Subscription $1.00 Year.
A. Barnes
Stage leaves for Keremeos ot 6 a. m. ��n Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays. Retui ns i>n Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays.
Stage leaves for Princeton every Tuesday at
7 a. m.
Stage leaves for Fairview and Oroviile on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 0;3O a. m. Returns on  Mondays,   Wednesdays and   Fridays at
n p. m.
Hours 9 a. tn. to ('��, p, ni.
Registered Letter and Money Order wicket
closes f> p. in.
Wicket opened for half an hour after mail in
Arrivals-Per Str. Okanagan: Daily except
Sunday 6 p. m.; Per stage^'rom Medley, Keremeos, Olalla, Green Mountain, Oroviile, Fairview,
aud White Lake: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 p. in,
Closing���For boal and Btagesi !> p. in. datlj ax-
cepl Saturday. For Monday's boat ami stages!
8,46 |i. in. Sundays.
Daily both ways except. Sand
7.30 a
. 4.48
.. Enderby..
.Armstrong .
.. 4.0X
... Vernon...
.. u.no
'    ....lv..
... Vernon...
.. ar..
.. 2.30
Ok, Landing
.. 2.16
10.00 p
in.... Iv ..
Ok. Landing
..11.00 a
.. Kelowna..
. H.20
. Peachland .
.  7.2.1
. 6.30
. Penticton..
. 6.00
Now is the Time
Get a Motor for
your Boat or Launch
I handle the goods.    Write for Catalogue and prices on the size you require.
(ias Engine Expert,


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