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The Penticton Press Jun 6, 1908

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Array ^Sbe   flbertttcton
VOL. 2.    No. 47.
l.STAIlLJSlli.II   1807
by its members, was a silver-
mounted Master's gavel made
i from a small limb of a 3 ! year
Pro-ninznt Visitors fro n Outside.!old ('hm'v tree ""  lh" Southern
Excellent Supper. Okanagan Land Co's estate and
tnTcmvr,**. j. mwm
H. E. WALKER, President
ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager
A. H. IRELAND, Superintendent of
I Paid up Capital, $10.000,000
Rest, - - - 5.000,000
Total Assets, -  113,000,000
days in
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England
D p >sits of $1 and upwards received, iinJ interest allowed at
eumut ra.es. The depositor is subj-ct to no delay whatever in
the withdrawal of the whole or any portion of the dep hit.
Penticton Branch     *    *    J. J. HUNTER, Manager.
Main's Pharmacy
Main Street, Penticton.
We have always carried a full line of Stationery, and always
intend to.    And we can give you a better assortment and
better values than any one else in town.
r.���_ - ' a
��������������������������������������������������� Ji
5 lb. Cartoon of Royal
Crown Soap     -    $1.00
4  large  Bottles   of
Washing Ammonia 1.00
6 boxes Toilet Soap 1.00
3 lbs Tea - 1.00
3 lbs Coffee   -     -     1.00
7 cans Tomatoes     -   1.00
A large consignment of
Single and Double
Light and Heavy HARNESS
Express and Driving
Another society lodge has been
organized   in   Penticton.     Last
week we recorded the organization of a large lodge of the Loyal
Orange Association.    This  week
it is one of the Ancimt Free and
Accepted Masons, and if one  is
to judge the progressivenessof a j
community   by   the   number of,
social societies to be found in its
midst then Penticton, apart from
its other claims  to same,   could
be considered as progress itself.
The Lodge  of Masons organ-
i v d on Wednesday evening, like
the lodges of its sister societies,
started off with that vim and en-
th 1: iasm  characteristic  of  the
peo le of Penticton in any or all
of    their   undertakings.     With
seve al grand lodge members and
two of its officers among thei-
number the local members of the
Ancie t Craft were given a leter
of disp 'nsation by the Most Wor-
I shipful Grand Maste ��� of B. C,
j who delegated his Deputy in this
I district, Rt. Wor. Bro. Frel
1 Barnes, of Enderby to deliver
' the sam 3. Besides the D. D. G.
; M.  there were   present   thirty
distinguished   officers   of   other
Maso.,ic lodges.
After the secret session of the
lodge was held all adjourned with
the members of the  local  lodge
to the banquet-room where mine
host Bro. W. H. Tapley had pre-
! pared an amp'e and pleasing re-
I past. The table presented a scene
long to be- remembered by those
who sat down to paitake of the
deli:acies theraon.     Palms and
ferns intcrspor.se 1  with  garden
and hot-house flowers lent  their
fragrance to that of the flower-
; bedecked column that designated
: the Junior Warden's post, while
: epicurean fastidiousness was sat-
i isfied by the delicacies  provided j the   cannery
j popularly known as the ancient
land mark of Penticton. The
tree has a trunk circumference
of 5J feet and a spread circumference of 45 feet. The annual
I average yield of its fruit is es-
' timated at one hundred and fifty
dollars. As yet the giant tree
shows no traces of decay or failing quantity or quality of its
fruit. The gavel was presented
by Bro. L. W. Shatford, member
of the B. C. Legislative Assembly, and was accompanied by his wee'<
expressed wishes that the  vigor
���I. I'. Jec |ues,
Hardware  Co.,
H4rta.v6G<a&9*y' Co. will
play  111  PeuticTon   on  Monday,
Tuesday and   Wednesday,  8th,
!ilh and  10th  insts.    They were
two   nights   in    Keremeos   arid
sale   at according to the best authority-
gave entire satisfaction.    A com-1
of lh j Penticton l^ny could scarcely  play:. three
returned    last m#hts m succession in the same
Jas.   Hood   spent, a
Kelowna this week.
's   pumps    for
wtvk from Denver, Col., where
he spent the past, winter for his
tiwn unless it were all right.
Admission 75cts., children 25cts.
Steward's Hall. '.,;���..'������%...���
DlGNAN & WEEK3 will deliver
you dry or green wood.
Mrs. Wm. Garnett, of Summerland, was a guest of Mrs.
Jas.   Hood  for a  few days la; t
Big Alberta Orchard.
Fifteen thousand apple trees
are in blossom in Red Deer, Alta.,
in an orchard owned: ,by Mr..
Sharpe, a fruit grower from the
and longevity of the ancient tree J^Z K^' ^^  ��� 1    AS ^ ?*f "*��� ff*��pMC*"
together with its  reputation  for ' at KING S> : t.vely young, however, it is  not
good fruit-bearing dualities might     W- Kirker, a brother-in-law of | probable   that  they vw,ll   bear
be taken bv the brethren as svm- Jas- Blance. arrived from 0lltario j much of a croP thls ^ar"
bolical of the marked greatness last week-    He iri w<?" PleaH    Mr" SharPe has **> the^Past
which he trusted would be cha>-: with the country  and  will prob-1 two years been engaged hran
the    new    lodge's
ibly remain.
Leave   your    order   now   for
with  their scab- special lengths of  wjjd at Dic-
actenstic ot
Two swords
bards were also presented by
Bro. W. M. Jermyn. They were
relics of the Penninsular Wars
and together with the unique
gavel will, it is needless to say,
be regarded and treasured as fitting ornaments of the new lodge
nan & Week's.
Those having promised
1 effort to produce a vartety of
apple that will weather successfully the hard climate of Alberta:
and he has almost succeeded in
his enterprise. His big' orchard
is  planted   with  trees   of11'the
Cannery Mealing.
scriptions toward the purchase Wealthy variety, and Mr.^Sharpe
I of recreation grounds will kindly k confident that this vartety will
i leave them at the PRESS office grow successfully J there. \Slhe
! before the 15th of this month.      trees have survive(j the wiriter
The committee, of the Tennis | well.
Club intend  opening the courts j '    '  ���-���  '      ::' '
on Saturday afternoon. Tea and
ice cream will be served by the
ladies. All members and prospective members are cordially
i Kino's, including the celebrated
BBB and Loene makes
A public meeting called by the
Soutnern Okanagan Canning Co.
was held on Thursday night in
J. R. Mitchell's office, fne purpose of the meeting was t > re
port the prcgress  that has been
made   and   solicit   further ftib-l    The Choral Class, of Okanagan
scriptions to stock  in the com- Cd'lege,  comprising the  united
pany.    So far $4,300 have been classes of Peachland and Sum-
subscribed, but nearly ten thou - j mei .and, will render the oratorio,
and is required in ordet that 501 "'The Holy City" in Empire Hall|
percent, may be held in reserve.
It has been decided to purchase
the   building    of   Percy   Mark,
formerly occupied by the Pcntic-
A very heavy fall of rain took
place on Saturday night.   Hunters report  deep   snow   on,,the
A good assortment of pipes at mountains at the same .-.date.'..'   ,
  . . ���  11   . ^(is ���������
Mr.' Allan Brooks, the $yjell-
known naturalist, made a short
stay in Okanagan Falls lately. ���
It is expected that work-will
begin very soon on a new����� road
from the Falls to Green'Lake.
Messrs. Young and Srirvth'eare
on Tuesday, June 9, at 8 p. m. jvery busy among their fruit
General  admission   50   cts,   re-:trees
served seats 75 cts. .,    0,    ,        , ���������'��� ���,      .,,.
Mr. Stephens has bought some
Frank  McClure arrived  from j lake frontage from  Mr.'W.'--1
> *^> <���> *���> V9V *���> *���> <���> W> *^V *^> w *���> kwa> ^> v^�� <V> <V> W> *���> vw* vF> v^ v
k Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
\ DIGNAN and WEEKS, Proprietors.
k If you vant a Stylish Outfit, this is the place to come.    You car, always
I? get teams just when you want them.    We make a specialty  of  keeping
tt good horses, safe rigs, carrful drivers and also saddle and pack   horses.
o We are also putting in Hay and Grain for sale, and as we buy   for  cash
we get the best rates and our patrons get the benefit.
Special  Attention  To The  Wants Of  Commercial   Men.
A ?** fA.S t^A f*\ f^\ ft^A\^*\ /A^ ,A\ SA.\ fA\ fA, ^A> AA.^ t^&l f.
in Bro. Taplcy's inimitable style.
Wor. Bro. Captain Estabrooks
of the SS. Okanagan superintended the first part of the toast
"The King an 1 the Craft' was
responded to by the brethren
joining in the National  Anthem.
'The Grand Lodge of B. C
brought spirited addresses from
Rt. Wor. and Wor. Bros. Barnes,
Cleland, Burne, and Rigers.
'The Grand Lodge of Mani-
I toba' from R. W. Bro. W. A.
Lang and H. Lang,
ton  Feed Store,  to be used for Kelowna  on   Tuesday   to   take j Waterman.     The property   lie's
Cans   and labels | charge of Crowley & Co's butcher j on the east side of Dog Lake,
arge acre-, business, Chas. E, Houser having
have been orderec
age of tomatoes  been  plante I,
and   now  comes  the essential
more capital.
One thing which caused some
comment at the meeting was
the absence of the business men
of the town, there being only
one merchant present. The very
men who should   stand at the
resigned. Mr. and Mrs. Houser
will leave shortly for Barkerville
where Mr. Houser formerly resided and where he still nas considerable property interests.
A. Stumer, of Edmonton,
Alta., representing a number of
pejple in that city spent from
Saturday to Tuesday in Penticton
Penticton Stage and Livery
Stage Connects with Steamer "Okanngsin" at P(niict<n, with Great Northern
Railway at Keremeos, and with stage to Hedley and Princeton. Leaves at 6 a.m
Pianos and Furniture moved to all points,  and a general Draying
Business transacted.
Saddle and Pack Horses.
Top Buggies, Four-horse Rigs for Commercial Men.
IT. E. Welby, Prop.       Penticton.
back of the canning enterprise
have since it was  first mooted j erottiiiB prices  for various fruit
shjwn merely a passive interest. !lots- He 1S wel1 Pl3ased with
Tney are willing to share in the l the Place aml wil1 ��'ve a ^ood
advantages of a cannery but are j reP��rt uPon  hls  retui'n-   which
'The Grand Lodge of Alberta' j willing to do very little towards; wUl doubtless result in a number
from W. Bio. Binns. j financing it.    A great deal  of iot' PeoPle removing hither.
'The Grand Lodge of New! complaint is heard about people W. Krankenhagen, represent-
Brunswick'from Bro. Rourke.     sending their money to mail or- jn-r the Alberta Herald    on a
'The Grand Lodge of England'; der stores,   but who can blame trip through  British Columbia,
them when the merchants areispent from Friday to Tuesday
doing practically nothing to help ! looking over the Penticton coun-
the people out?   Every merch-; try with
Mr. Barker, of Penticton, paid
a visit to the Falls lately to inspect his fruit lot.
Quite a menagerie .is now to
be seen at the Alexandra Hotel
three coyotes, an owl. and
sundry snakes.       . .
from Bro. W. D. Hardman.
'The Grand Lodge of Scotland'
from Bro. John D. MacDonald.
The Senior Warden's toast list
provided an hour's entertainment bristling with speech and
'Canada Our Country' elicited
an eloquent oration from Tev.
Bro. R. J. Bowen, of Ladysmith.
a Canadian missionary agent of
The young people of the Ep-
worth League held a social in the
Methodist Church, May 2'7th.; X
large number attended and a
very enjoyable evening was
spent. Refreshments were serVe'd
before the crowd bfdkg "up for
the night.
Rev. Dr. Chown, of Toronto,
save addresses in the Methodist
his utmost to assist the farmer pressions he  formed while here,
in turning his produce into cash
There is an element sadly lacking in Penticton, and that is
public spirit. Our business men
are enterprising in their own
business- will   chase   a   nickel
Church on May 24th.     He ably
a view to giving it a j discussed the temperance topic,
ant and l.us.ness   man should do   VV1���, U|).    Judging   by  the   im.|givmg  &  c]ear  Jg^   Q. ^
work from east to west.
A surprise party called at the
home of Mr. John Dilworth on
the evening of June 1st, in order
A. Wilson,   recently from the I to present Miss Pearl Dilworth
boundary country, has bought a j with an address and a purse of
the Church of England in Can-1 with the enthusiasm that a dog|k,tPn Ellis St. from E. 0. Delongjgjld.   Miss Dilworth,   who has
ada. I chases a rabbit,    but   when  it a,ul !" ha���.? an offlCe bmlt upon I bcen or��anist in the  Methodist
the write-up will be a good one.
Mr. Krankenhagen drove from
here to Grand Forks.
Penticton Store
Established 40 Years.
Alfred H. Wade, Prop.
Dry Goods, Gent's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes, Groceries
and General Merchandize of all Sorts
Agent for
Goods delivered through the town.
Prompt attention to orders.
wtraaw-^rrr'v.:m\,.~A. ��� ���*-.***%
'British Columbia our Home' a comes to anything for the public
patriotic address by R. W. Bro. i good they grow suddenly tired.
C. S. Stevens. They will fall over one another
The toasts to the Ladies, the to attend a concert, a ball, or the
Visiting Brethren, the Profes- organization of a secret society,
sions, and to the Baby Lodge, but are too busy to attend a
were responded to by Bros, meeting or lend their assistance
Sutherland, Bird, Costerton, | to an enterprise upon which the
Meikle and officers of the loca
The Junior Warden's toast with get cemented together and rea
Auld Lang Syne and God Save jze their individual responsibility
the King brought a very pleasing to the town Penticton will never
evening to a close.   . , amount to a hill of beans.
it. Mr. Wilson is a contractor [ Church, is soon to go to the
and bail ler, and will carry on COast for her health, and the con-
building operations throughout,gregation selected this pleasant
the surrounding district. He ��� way of showing its appreciation
has don j considerable build- of her work,
ing for the C. P. R. and expects Miss L story has returned
to do work for that company at fro
this   point   when    the   railway
very existence of the community
depends.     Unless   our  citizens
During the opening ceremonies
reaches here. He believes that
construction will begin in the
near future. Prior to coming to
Penticton he was in the Nicola
and says that the C. P. R. has
at present a full force of surveyors locating a line between that
point and Penticton. Both at
Nicola   and   in    the   Boundary
Whale oil soap  lOcts per lb
of the new Masonic lodge, among at Main's Pharmacy,   not 5cts district    people    are   sanguine
the   several    hundred    dollars'! per lb, as advertised by mistake regarding the early construction
worth of presents to the  lodge , last week.
, of th
c line.
���om a lengthy visit in several
of the coast citje.s.
Mr. Brown, formerly a farmer
at Black Mountain, is back on a
visit. .
Mr. Wm. McLean has recovered sufficiently from An attack of typhoid fever to leave
the hospital.
Mr. Sam Munson is suffering
from appendicitis.
J. P. Clement has sold his store
to Mr. Hewetson.
i ���
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in
Advertising Rates:
Transient Advertisements���Not exceeding one inch, one insertion, 50c.;
for each additional insertion, 25c.
Lodge Notices, Professional Cards, &c.
$1,00 per inch, per month.
Land and Timber Notices���30 Hays, $5;
00 days, $7.
Legal Advertising���First insertion, 10
cents per line; each subsequent insertion, 5c. per line.
Reading Notices in Local News Column
15c. per line, first insertion; 10c. per
line, each subsequent insertion.
Contract Advertisements���Rates arranged according to space taken.
All changes in contract advertisements must be in the hands of the
printer by Tuesday evening to ensure
publication in the next issue.
The Northwest Crop.
According to all reports obtainable from the prairie provinces
the crop outlook is exceedingly
bright. Rains have been frequent and the wheat crop is well
advanced, while seeding of both
barley and oats has been completed. The season is yet early
and the danger from fall frosts
is therefore, eliminated. This is
in marked contrast to the conditions existing at this period last
year. A year ago seeding did
not begin until May 15, the latest for twenty-four years. Th's
year it was in full swing by
Apiil 12, there being only six
earlier seasons during the past
2) years, and those merely by a
f sw days. Experience has shown
that in the seasons when seeding
began early the crops invariably
escaped frost.
Last year the total acreage in
grain amounted to 4,707,483
acres, while this season it reaches
naarly six million acres. From
those facts the farmers and grain
(1 'alers have confidence that this
year's crop will be by a big margin the largest and best in the
history of the west.
C jupled with the prospects of
a good crop, come reports of the
loosening up of the money market, and it is evident that the
high rates of interest that have
been obtained for the past few
years will not prevail much longer. The prospects for the future
are, therefore, bright for the
entire west and we believe especially so for British Columbia,
for another good wheat crop in
the prairie provinces will so
placi the farmers upon their feet
that large numbers, who have
been looking to the mild climate
and the fertile valleys of British
Columbia, will be able with advantage to make the change of
residence. Many of those have
already acquired fruit lands in
the Okanagan and would have
moved here last fall but for the
partial failure of crops and the
general financial depression.
The coming fall will in all probability see the largest immigration on record.
Manager May, of the local
branch of the Bank of Montreal,
is having a house built on his
bench lot just above the town.
When it is finished Mr. May will
be able to look down the chimneys of the down town folk.
Chas. E. Shaw, who for the
past few weeks has been connected with the Review Publishing Co. here, left on Monday for
Armstrong where he and his
tingle, E. V. Chamber?, will take
charge of a newspaper.
Ben Bentlay left this week for
Vancouver to receive treatment
,i i a,hospital there.
Master Cyril and Miss Muriel
Huntley, who have been in attendance at The Okanagan College here, returned on Monday
morning to Ladner, B. C, where
they will join their parents in a
trip to the Old Country, to remain indefinately.
On display in the window of
the Summerland Supply Co. may
be seen the trophies won by the
good shots of the Summerland
Civilian Rifle Association last
year, and which were contested
for the second time on Thursday
and Friday of this week at the
Second Annual Meeting of the
Association. The results of the
contest will be seen later.
Some might think that in a
place like Summerland, where
the sale of intoxicating liquors
never has been, is not now, nor
ever will he, the people would
have little interest in the great
Local Option campaign being
waged in B. C. at the present
time; but the heartiest interest
was shown by the large audiences
which gathered in Empire Hall
on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings of this wee!;.
While the crowd was assembling on the wharf to view the
sports on the 25th there was an
exciting scene enacted. Messrs.
Wallace and Fulton were driving
a younj and spirited horse; some
Indians had copied the Summer-
land merchants and had placed
their goods so as to obstruct the
street; the horse got frightened,
shied to one side and overturned
the rig, throwing the occupants
out. Mr. Wallace was quite badly hurt. The Indians should be
taught a lesson, not to copy the
Summerland merchants; and we
expect our High Chief Constable
to give them to understand that
our merchants have a monopoly
of the streets < and that others
are debarred from obstructing
the highway. With his sanction, however, they can fence up
the street.
Miss I. L. Murcutt, who some
weeks ago delighted Summer-
land people in lectures here on
her travels, was introduced to us
again on Sunday evening last by
Rev. Jas. Ho id, chairman of the
meeting. On this occasion her
subject was 'National Righteousness,' and while she furnished
her listeners with interesting information regarding the British
empire along rightous lines, she
punctuated hei- discourse by
many a well-aimed blow at her
sworn enemy, the liiuor traffic.
A duet by Miss C. Tate and Alex
Smith, and a solo by Ward Dan-
can, helped to make the evening
entertaining. The address on
Monday evening was even more
largely attended than that of the
evening before. Tho subject,
'White Slaves of G.-ent Britain,'
was well dealt with by the speaker. She depicted scenes from
the slums of the city of London,
explaining the sweating system,
the cheapness of labor and the
horrible state of sanitation in
which those folk live. The lecturer then turned the tables ana
gave us a view of life as seen
among the classes, many of
whom know less about the conditions in the east end of their
own city than we are permitted
to know through listening to
Miss Murcutt, who has seen them
as they really exist. From Tuesday night's discourse we learned
more about that portion of the
British empire to which all eyes
are now turning: New Zealand.
the home of democracy. It- was
indeed refreshing to hear of a
place where the relations between the rich and the poor are
so well handled as they are in
that island dominion. The work
being done by Miss Murcutt in
our province cannot be too highly commended. We believe thai
when the testing tima comes and
the loed option petition shad
have been circulate I throughout
the whole of B C. the value of
this lady's effortsw 11 be realized
more, perhaps, than they are
To the fact that you don't always need SPECIAL
LENSES -which, in many cases, are simply ordinary
lenses with a special price ���and that fifty years' experience is not necessary for a person to get a thorough
knowledge of the eye and its uses ? And yet people
will pay a fancy price to travelling mechanics, when
they can have their eyes examined and corrections
made with the best appliances known to optical science,
here in Penticton.
My stock of optical goods is of the best quality on
the market and very complete. 1 guarantee every
The Jeweler
h. 1 Manitoba Hard Wheat flour |
Makes better bread and more of it than flour made from
any other wheat. So much so is this the fact that it sells in
preference all over the world. One trial will convince you of
this. If you have never tried Ogilvie's flour order a sack
to-day.    Car just in.
Roval Household,   50s $1.95
100s 3.80
Mount Royal         50s 1.85
loos 3.60
Glenora                 50s 1.75
100s a. 40
Mill Feed to hand:-
Shorts 100 lbs. $1.75
Bran "        1.65
Barley chop "        1.85
Barley-oat chop   "        2.00
xh ���**:���,'.... '���.- -wTff w <T3**M!ii7^!*r^.m-vtmw>>nrm <nm-j.m,<
W. R. KING & CO.
Call and get prices at the
and other Ornamental Shrubs, Trees, and Climbing Vines.
Ready for immediate delivery.
Penticton, British Goiumbia.
Capital Stock $50,000
R. 11. ROBERTSON, President
THOS. TODHUNTER, Vice-Pres. E. CURTIS, Manager.
W. P. H. SWINTON, Sec-Treas.
Saws, Axes, Wedges, Striking Hammers, Table and
Pocket Cutlery.
Real Estate Snaps     / j Star
Penticton, June G, I9G8.
For this week we have some
New California Onions
4 lbs. for 25 cents.
Rovvat's Worcestershire Sauce
f, pint bottle 10 cents.
Comox Creamery Butter
35 cents per pound.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public.
PGNTICTON,      -       -      BC.
'Phone  17.
j S. O.  Land Company's   Block
Accountant & Auditor,
Notary Public
SINGLE  71GRES In the choicest residential part *
of Penticton, worth $1,000 ;  for sale for a few days at I
$500 Gash. f
Also some choice 50 foot lots at a bargain. *
Apply |
P. O. BOX 234,           =          Pentictcn, B. C.
s. ���j ��mtmWm0k < - ammWk.
FRIDAY,   MAY   1st,   1908.
This Stock is complete in every
line carried and will be sold at
C03T until cleared.
Come early while the stock is
Acre Lot on Beach Avenue,
Penticton. The best location a-
vailable on the most beautiful
beach on Okanagan Lake ; price
Two One-Half Acre Lots commanding beautiful view of Okanagan Lake ; good soil; available
water supply ; 93J x 280 ft. in
dimension; planted in peach trees
this spring. Price, corner lot,
f600 ; inside lot, $500.
Corner Building Lot in residential  section ; pleasant surroundings; a good buy.    Price, $500.
Seven Roomed House, well
finished ; lawn seeded down ;
corner lot; excellent location,
good view, and very pleasing
surroundings. Price, $2,500.
Eighteen Acres on Main Street
3 miles from town, $1,800.
J. R. Mitchell,
Penticton,   -   B. C.
Notary Public.
KELOWNA,        - - B. C.
Pull Line of
C.   E.   POMEROY.
All are invited to take advantage
of this sale.   What we say we mean.
Galarneau &
When   you   think   of   Building-
Look us up.
C P. R.
Choice fruit, lols, improved t.r.d
don, Eng., and Queen.    Why not in.sure
in the host; they cost no mure.
Apply to
Subscription $1.00 Year.
Penticton Bakery
Good Wholesome Breed,
Cakes and Paitry.
give us a trial and we
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"Wo will  settle the conditions  when
we reach the Cntskllls," said Dorothy,
8 lulling.
0VPTAIN and Mb Kempt, with
Sablna, had resided a week in
the Matterbnrn hotel liefore
the two girls nrrlved there.
They had cone direct to New York,
and It required the seven davs to tind
a flat that suited them, nf which they
Were to take possession on the lsi ot
October. Then there were the lawyers
to see. II (treat many business details to
settle and an architect tn consult After leaving New York the girls spent n
day at Haverstock. where Dorothj
Amhurst bought h piece of land as
shrewdly as if she bud been In the
real estate business all her life. Aftel
this transaction the girls drove to the
station on tbe line connecting with the
Inclined railway and so. ns Katherine
remarked, were "wafted to the skies
on flowery lieds of ease," which she
explained to her shocked companion
was all right because It was a i]notation from a hymn. When nt last they
reached their hotel. Katherine v. ns in
"Isn't this heavenly''" she cried
"And. Indeed. It ought to be. tor I understand we are 3.00H feel higher than
we were In New York, and even Ihe
skyscrapers can't compete with such
an altitude."
The broad valley nf the Hudson lay
spread beneath them, stretching ns fa
as tho eye could see. shltntnerbvi In
the thin, bluish veil of a suir.uici
������-���eiV.ig. and miles away the river itself could lie traced like a silver ribbon.
The gallant captain, who had been
energetically browbeaten by his younger daughter and threatened with divers
pains and penalties should he fall to
pay attention antl take heed to instructions, had acquitted himself with eclal
In the selection of rooms for Dorothy
and ills daughter, 'i lie suit wns situated In one corner of the huge caravansary, a large parlor occupying the
angle, with windows nn one sldo looking into the forest and on the other
giving an extended view across the
valley. The front room adjoining the
parlor was to be Dorothy's very owu,
and Ihe end room belonged to Katherine, be said, as long as she behaved
herself. If Dorothy ever wished to
evii t her strenuous neighbor, all she
had to do was to call upon the captain,
and he would lend Ills aid. at which
proffer of assistance Katherine tossed
her head and said slit- would try Ihe
room for n week und If she didn't like
it out Dorothy would have to go.
There followed days ami nights of
revelry���hops, concerts, entertainments
of all sorts, with n more pretentious
hull on Saturday night, when the
week-tired man from New York arrived in the afternoon to find temperature 20 degrees lower and the altitude very much higher than wns the
case in his busy otlice in the city.
Katherine reveled lu this round of excitement, and. Indeed, so, in a milder
Way, did Dorothy. After the functions were over the girls enjoyed a
comforting chat with one another In
their drawing room, all windows open,
aud the moon tt-s'dning down over the
luminous valley, which it seemed to
fill with mother of pearl dust.
Young .1. K. Henderson cf New
York, having danced rep'iitedly with
Katherine on Saturday night, unexpectedly turned up for the hop on the
following Wednesday, when he Again
danced repeatedly with the same joyous girl, it being somewhat unusual
for a keen business man to take a
four hours' journey during an afternoon in the middle of the week and as
n consequence arrive late at his office
next morning. Dorothy began to wonder If a concrete fo"matlon, associated
with the nam!' of Prince Ivan Lermon-
toff of Russia, was strong enough to
stand an energetic assault of this nature, supposing it were t > be constantly repeated, It was nfter midnight on
Wednesday when the two reached the
corner parlor. Dorothy sat III II 011:10
armchair,  while Kutherlne threw her-
I'ii Hit" ./. 1,'. LlclulC'Wiii ihnt: d ri/i,ii,-
Cf/7,7 tGifcii Kit hai'hif.
self int > a rocking chair, laced her lln-
gers behind her head au 1 gaze I through
the open window at the misty Inlinlty
"Well," sighed Kntherlno, "this has
be:1!! the most enjoyable evening I ever
"Are you quite sure?'' inquired her
"Certainly.   Shouldn't I know?''
"lie dances well, theuV"
"Hotter than Jack Lamont?"
"Well, now you mention him, I mint
confess .lack danced very creditably."
"I didn't know but yon might have
forgotten the prince."
i    ������? o, I haven't exactly forgotten him,
��� but-  I do think ho might have written
lo  1110."
"Oh, that's it. Is il? 'I'd lie ask your
permission t<> write?"
"Good gracious, no! Wo never talked of writing. Old red snudstone, rather, was our topic of conversation. Still
he might have acknowledged receipt of
the book."
"Put the bonk wa i given to hi'.n in
return for the one ho piv.'.eniej tn
"\"cs. 1 suppose It was. l hadn't
thought of that."
"Thou again. Kate. Russian no'lom
regarding wrl.iug to young ladles ma..
differ from ours, o: he may hava fallen
overboard or touche 1 a li. ��� wire.''
"Y'es. there are many p isslbilitles,"
murmured Katherine dreamily.
"It seems rather strange that Mr
Henderson should bivo time to come
up here In tha mi Idle o' fie wee'.;.''
"Why Is it s! nnjreV" asked Katherine, "Mr. lien lemon is u t n clerk
bound down lo o.liee hours, lie's an
official high up i:i one of the big iu
surance companies and get.; a simply
tremendous salary."
"Really? Does he talk as well as
Jack Lamont did?"
"lie talks less li';e the Troy Tech
nlcnl In titi'^e and more like the Home
Journal Ihnn poor Prince Jack did. i
and. then, he has a much greater sense i
of humor. When 1 told him that the
oath of an insurance man should be
���bet your life!' he liui'died. Now, Jack
would never hnve seen the point of
' ��� ' uyh'vr,   the  hour  Is  too  latt i
too sleepy to worry ubon'
���ti   or   .bkes   either.    Gone
Next morning's mail brought Dorothy a bulky letter decora led with Eng-
lish stamps. She locked the door, lore
open the envelope and found many
sheets of thin paper bonrin; the heading of the Bluewater club. Pall Mall.
"1 am remlnde I of an old a.Inge,"
she rend, "t-> the elect that one should
never cross n b.tdge before arriving
nl ii. Since I hade goo '.by to yon up
to this very eveuiug I hare been plodding over n bridge that didn't exist,
mill h lo my own ill comfort. You
were vsith me when 1 receired the message ordering me bou.e to England,
and I don't know whether or n t ['succeeded In suppressing nil signs of my
owu pertur. ,'i.ion. Im' we have in the
navy now n man who doei no hesitate
to overturn n court tnu.'tial. und so 1
feared a reopeuiu v of the Rock In the
Baltic question, which might hnve
meant the wrecking of my career. I
had quite made u:> my mud. If the
worst came I > the worst, to go out
west and become a cowboy, but a passenger wirh whom 1 boiivo acquainted OU the Knthuskinu I'lformc.l me. to
my regret, that the cowboy i; largely
a being of the past, to be met with
only I::. the writing! of Stewart Edward White. Owen Wl tor and several
other famous men whom he named.
So yon see I went across the ocean
tolerably depressed, fin ing my present
occupation threateue I and my future
"When I arrived in London, 1 took n
room nt tills club, of which I have been
n member for some years, nnd reported
immediately at the admiralty. But
there, in spite of all diligence on my
part, I was quite unaide to learn what
was wanted of me. Of course 1 could
have gone t i my uncle, who Is iu the
government, and perhaps he might
have enlightened me, although he has
nothing to do with the navy, but I
rather like to avoid fjucle Metgurne,
lie brought me Up since I \v,\:< a siniill
li>..- and seems uuuece.isnrily ashamed
of the result. It i; Ills son who Is the
attache lu St. Petersburg thai I spoke
to you about."
Dorothy ceased reading for a moment.
".Metgurne. Metgnrnp." she said to
herself.    "Surely  I  kll >W that inline."
She laid down the letter, pressed the
electric button and unlocked the door.
When the servant caiue, she said:
"Will you ask at the office if they
have any biographical book of refer
oac ��� relating to Ureal Britain and, if
so, please bring il to me?"
'J lie servant tippaare I shortly after
Willi n red hook which proved lo be nn
English "Wh.is V. ho ' dutcd two years
hack. Turning Ihe page*, she came to
"Metgurne, twelfth Duke of. created
1.031, Herbert George Alan." Here followed a number of oilier titles, Ihe Information Unit the sou and heir was
Mlirqllis of Thnxled and belonged to
llic diplomatic service; mat Lord Met-
guru*! was II. M. secretary of stale for
royal dependencies; dually a hst of
residences und clubs. She put down
ihe Look an.i rcjuiuej the letter,
��� 1 t ti.uk I mi .in l i have told you
that   when   I   run li   St.   Petersburg  1
.,.   I  i .��� . .1 l   .V ',c. U ,. .'(>.il  i   y '��� IU llu
umxieu as l am to steer clear or ms
miner in London. So I sut in my club
aud ivnd til-.- papers. Dear me, this
.s e. i..c..!Iy going to be a very long
letter. 1 b^.u j -u wuu't miud. 1
.u.ii.; perhaps you may b.i Interested
in learning bow they U;> thljgs over
"After two or three days of anxious
waiting there etnas ' crushing communication from the admiralty which
continued my worst fears and set uie
at crossing the bridge again, 1 was ordered to report next morning at 11 at
committee room 3 in the admiralty aud
bring with me full particulars pertaining to the tiring of gun number so-and-
so of the Consternation's equipment on
such a dale. 1 wonder since that 1 did
not take to drink. We have every facility for tbat sort of thing in this club.
"However, at 11 next day I presented myself at the committee room aud
found in session the grimmest looking
live men I have ever yet been culled
upon lo face. Collectively tbey were
about ten times worse lu appearance
than the courtmartial I bad previously
encountered, Four of the men I did
not know, but the fifth 1 recognized at
once, having often seen ids portrait.
He is Admiral Sir .lohn I'endergest,
popularly known in tbe service as
'Old Grouch,' a blue terror who knows
absolutely nothing of mercy. Tbe lads
in the service say be looks so disagreeable because lie Is sorry be was uot
born u hanging judge. Picture u face
us cleanly cut as that of some severe
old Uouian senator, a face as hard as
marble, quite as cold and nearly as
white, rescued from the uppearance of
n death mask by a pair of piercing
eyes that glitter like steel. When looking nt him it is quite impossible to
believe that such u personage has ever
been u boy who played pranks on b's
masters. Indeed, Admiral Sir ,lobu
i'endergest seems to have sprung, fully
uniformed and forbidding, from the
earth, like those soldiers of mythology.
1 was so taken aback at confronting
such a man that I never noticed my
old friend. Billy Richardson, seated at
the table as one of the minor officials
Of the committee. Billy tells me I
looked rather white about the lips
when I realized what was ahead of
me. and 1 dare say he wns right. My
consolation Is that 1 didn't get red. as
is my disconcerting habit. 1 was accommodated with a chair, and then a
ferrety faced little mnn began asking
me questions, consulting every now
and then n foolscap sheet of paper
which was before him. Others were
ready to note down the answers.
" 'When did you fire the new gun
from the Consternation in the Baltic?*
"Dear Miss Amhurst. I have confess-
on to yon thnt I am not brilliant, and.
indeed, such confession was quite unnecessary, for yon must speedily have
recognized the fact, but here Irt me
boast for a line or two of my one accomplishment, which Is mathematical
accuracy. When I make experiments
I don't note the result by rule of
thumb. My uuswer to tbe ferret faced
man was prompt and complete.
" 'At twenty-three minutes, seventeen seconds past in a. m��� on May
the 3d of this year.' wan my reply.
"The five high officials remalued perfectly impassive, but the two stenographers seemed somewhat taken by
surpiise. and one of them whispered,
'Did you say fifteen seconds, sir?"
"Tie said seventeen.' growled Sir
John I'endergest in a voice that seemed to come out of a sepulcher.
������ 'Who sighted the gun?'
" 'I did. sir.'
" 'Why did not the regular gunner
do that':'
" 'He did, sir. but 1 also took observations aud raised the muzzle .001)327
of an inch.'
" 'Was your gunner Inaccurate, then.
to that extent?'
" 'No, sir; but I had weighed the *nj-
muiilllon and found it short by two
ounces nnd thirty-seven grains.'
"I must uot bore you with all the
questions and answers. I merely give
these us samples. They questioned me
about the recoil, the action of the guu.
tin' stale of this, that und tbe other
after firing, and luckily I was able to
answer to a dot every query put to
me. At the finish oue of the judges
asked me to give in my own words my
opinion of the gun. Admiral Sir John
glal'ed nt him as be put this question,
for of course to any expert the answers
I had furnished, nil taken together,
gave nn accurate verdict on the gun.
assuming my statements to have been
correct, which I maintained tbey were.
However, as Sir John made no verbal
comment I offered my opinion as tersely ns I could.
" 'Thank you. Lieutenant Drummond.'
rumbled Sir John iu his deep voice,
as if lie were pronouncing sentence,
and. my testimony completed, the committee rose.
"I was out in the street liefore Billy
Richardson overtook me. and then he
culled himself to my attention by a
resounding ship on the shoulder.
" 'AInn. my boy.' he cried, 'you have
done yourself proud. Your fortune's
"As how?' I asked, shaking him by
the hand.
" 'Why, we've been for weeks holding an inquiry on this blessed gun. and
the question is whether or not a lot
more of them are to he made. Y'ou
ku >w what an opinionated beast Old
Grouch i-. Well, my boy. you have corroborated his opinion of Ihe gun in
every detail. He is such a brow beating, tyrannical brute that the rest of
the committee would rather like to go
against him if they dared, but you have
pill a snoke in their wheel. Why, Sir
John never said "thank you" to a human Icing since lie was born until
twenty-seven minutes and fifteen seconds nfter 11 tills morning, as you
wool I put il.' and nl Ihe time of writing tills letter tills surmise of Billy's
appears to be justified, for tbe tape in
the dub just  now announced that the
committee lias unanimously decided In
r iv ir of the gun. nnd adds tbat this is
regarded as a trinmpd tor me cnair-
man.   Admiral   Sir   John   Pendergest,
with various letters after his name.
"Dear Miss Amhurst, this letter, as I
feared, has turned out intolerably long,
and, like our first conversation, it is all
about myself. But then, you see, you
are the only one on the other side of
the water to whom I have confided my
selfish worries, and I believe you to lie
so kind hearted that I am sure you
will not censure me for this once exceeding the limits of friendly correspondence. Having been deeply depressed during all tile previous long
days, the sudden reaction urges me to
go out into I'all Mall, fling my cap in
the air and whoop, which action is
quite evidently n remnant of my former cowboy nspirntions. Truth to tell,
the llussinn business seems already
forgotten except by my stout old captain on tbe Consternation or my uncle. The strenuous Sir John has had
me haled across the ocean merely to
give testimony, lusting about thirty-
five minutes, when, with a little patience, lie might have waited till the
Consternation herself arrived or else
have cabled for us to try the gun at
Bar Harbor. 1 suppose, however, that
after my unfortunate contretemps with
Russia our government was ufraid I'd
chip a corner off tbe United States and
that they'd have to pay for it. So perhaps, nfter all. it was greater economy
to bring me across on tbe liner Enthti-
"By   the   way,   I   learned   yesterday
that  tbe  Consternation   has  been   ordered  home,  and  so  I   expect  to  see
Jack  Lamont  before  many  ilnys  are
past    Tbe ship   will   be paid   off  at
i Portsmouth, and then I suppose he nnd
I will have our freedom for six mouths.
! 1 am rather looking forward to Jack's
��� cooking  me  some  weird  but  tasteful
' llussinn   dishes   when    we   reach   his
blacksmith's shop  in   St.   Petersburg.
If 1 get on  iu  Russia, us  I hope and
sxpect,  I shall spend tbe rest of my
leave over in tbe States.    I saw very
i little indeed of tbat great couutry aud
am  extremely   anxious   to   see   more.
I Wheu oue is on duty aboard ship one
| can   only   take   very   short  excursions
I ashore.   I should like to visit Niagara.
I It   seems   ridiculous   tbat   one  should
I have been all along the American coast
! from Canada to New York aud never
i have got far enough inland to view tbe
\ great falls.
"Itussia is rather dilatory In her
methods, but 1 surely should know
within two or three weeks whether I
am going to succeed or not. If not.
then there is no use in waiting there.
I shnll try to persuade the prince to accompany me to America. During the
weeks I nm waiting In St. Petersburg
I shnll continually Impress upon lihu
the utter futility of a life which hns
not Investigated the great electricn'
power plant at Niagara Falls. And
theu be is interested in tbe educational
system of tbe United States. While
we were going to the station early that
uiorniug be told me that the United
Slates educational system must be the
most wonderful in tbe world, because
he found that your friend, Miss Katherine Kempt, knew more about electricity, metallurgy, natural philosophy
and a great number of other things he
Is iuterested lu than all the ladies lie
hns met In Europe put together. He
thinks that's the right sort of education for girls, and all this rather astonished me. because, although your
friend was most charming, she said
nothing during my very short acquaintance with her to lend me to suspect
that she had received a scientific training.
"Dear Miss Amhurst. I nm looking
every day for n letter from you. but
none has yet beeu received by the ad
mlralty. who when tbey get one will
forward It to whatever part of the
world I happen to be in."
H SUMMER hotel that boasts ,i
thousand acres of forest, more
or less, which serve the purposes of a back yard, affords
its guests, even if all Its multitude of
rooms are occupied, at least oue spot
for each visitor to regard as bis or
her favorite nook. So large an extent
of woodland successfully delies landscape gardening. It Insists ou being
left alone, und Its very Immensity
rulses a io.ancial barrier against trimly kept gravel walks. There were
plenty of landscape garden walks in
the immediate vicinity of tbe hotel,
and some of them ambitiously penetrated Into tlie woods, relapsing from
the civilization of lienten gravel Into
a primitive thicket trull, which, bow-
ever, always led to some celebrated
bit of plcturesqueness���a waterfall, or a
pulpit rook outstanding like a tower, oi
the fancied resemblance of a human
face carved by nature from the cliff,
or a vlew|Kilnt jutting out over the
deep chasm of the valley, which usually supported a rustic summer house or
pavilion where uukuowu names were
carved ou the woodwork���the last resort of the undistinguished to achieve
immortality by means of a Jackknlfe.
Dorothy discovered n little E.len of
ber own. to which no discernible covert way led. for it was n >t conspicuous
enough to obtain mention In the little
gratis guide which the hotel furnished,
a pamphlet on coated paper filed with
hnlf tone engravings aud half extravagant eulogies of what it proclaimed to
be, un earthly paradise, with the rates
by tbe day or week given on the cover
page to show on wbut terms this paradise might be enjoyed.
Dorothy's bower was green and cool
and crystal, the ruggeduess of the
rocks softened by the wealth Of foliage.
A very limpid spring, high up and out
of sight among the leaves, sent Its
waters tinkling down the face of the
cliiT. ever filling a crystal clear lakelet
lit the foot, which yet wns never full.
Velvety nnd beautiful as was the moss
surrounding this pond it was nevertheless too damp to form an acceptable
couch for a liuniin being unions that
human being were brave enough lo risk
the rheumatic Inconveuiences which followed Rip Van Winkle's lorn sleep In
these very regions, so Dorothy always
carried    with   her   from   the   hotel   a
featherweight spider's web hammock.
which she deftly slung between two
saplings, their li;ht suppleness glviir
an-almost   pneumatic  effect   to   thi-
fairy net spread in a fairy glen, and
here the young woman swayed luxuriously in the relaxing dell bfs of nn
Indolence still too new to have become
commonplace or wearisome.
She always expected to road a great
deal in tbe hammock, but often the
book slipped unnoticed to the moss
and she lay looking upward nt the little disks of blue sky visible through
the checkering maze of green leaves,
cue afteruo-'ii, deserte.1 by the hitesj
piece of fictional lite:a'ure. marked in
plain figures on tbe paper cover that
protected the cloth binding one dollar
and a half, but sold at the department
store for $1.08, Dorothy lay half hypnotized by tho twinkling of (lie green
leaves above her. when she heard n
sweet voice singing a rollicking song
of the civil war and so knew that
Katherine was thus heralding her approach.
"Winn  johnny  comes marching  home
Hurrah!    Hurrah!
We'll give him n hearty welcome then.
Hurrah!    Hurrah!
The men will cheer, the hoys will shout.
The ladies they will nil turn out,
And we'll all feel guy
When Johnny pomes marching home."
Dorothy went slid further back into
tile history of her country antl gave a
faint imitation of an Indian war
whoop to let the oucomer know she
was welcome, and presently Katherine
burst impetuously through the dense
"So here you are, Miss Laziness,"
she cried.
"Here I inn. Miss Energy, or shall I
call you Miss-npplied energy? [Catherine, yon have walked so last that
you are quite red iu the face."
"It isn't exertion; it's vexation.
Dorothy, I've had a perfectly terrible
time. It is the anxiety regarding the
proper discipline of parents that is
spoiling the nervous system of American children, Train them up In the
way they should go, and when they
are old they do depart from it. There
Is nothing more awful than to own
purents who think tbey possess n sense
of humor. Thank goodness, mother has
"Then it Is your father who hns been
"Of course It Is. lie treats the most
Important problem of a woman's life
as if it were the latest thing in Life."
Dorothy snt up In the hammock.
"Tbe most important problem? Thnt
means n nrnnosnl. Goodness gracious
Kate, Is that insurance man back here
"What insurance man?"
"Oh. heartless and heartbreaking
Katherine, is there nnother? Sit here
in the hammock beside me, and tell
me all about tt."
"No, thank you," refused Katherine.
"I weigh more than you. nnd I cannot:
risk my neck through the collapse of
thnt bit of gossamer. I must take enre
of myself for his sake."
"Then It is the life insurance man
whose interests you are consulting?
Have you taken out n policy with
"Dear me, you are nearly ns bnd ns
father, but not quite so funny. Y'ou
are referring to Mr. Henderson, I presume. A most delightful companion
for a dunce; but. my dear Dorothy, life
is not nil glided out to the measures of
n Strauss waltz."
"True. Quite Indisputable. Kate, and
those sentiments do you credit. Who
is the man?"
"The human soul." continued Kath
erine seriously, "aspires to higher
tilings than tlie society columns of the
New York Sunday papers and the
frivolous chatter of an overheated ballroom."
"Again you score. Kate, nnd are rising higher and higher in my estimation,    1  see it all now.    Those solemn
"So here you. (in, Miss Lnzlncsn," slid I
t'l it'll.
utterances of yours po'nt directly to j
ward Hugh Miller's 'OKI lied Sand- j
stone' nud works of that sort, nnd now
I remember your singing 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home.' I therefore take it that Jack Lament has arrived."
"Tie lias not."
"Then he has written to you?"
"He bus uot."
"Oh, well, 1 give it up. Tell me the
tragedy iu your owu way."
For answer Kutherine withdrew her
hands from behind her and offered to
her friend a sheet of paper she had
been holding. Dorothy saw blazoned
on the top of il u coiii-of-urms and underneath 11 written in words of the
most formal nature was the Information that Prince Ivan Lermotttoff pre
sented his warmest regards to ('.iptaiii
Kempt, Ll. S. N.. retired, and bugged
permission lo pay his addresses to the
captain's daughter Katherine.   Dorothy
, looked up from the document, aud her
friend said calmly:
"You see, they need another Katherine iu Russia."
"1 hope she won't lie like a  former
one, if all I've read of her is true.  This
letter was sent to your father, then?"
"It  was, and be seems to regard  it
I ns n huge joke.    Snid lie was going to
cable his consent, and as the Consternation  has  sailed  away  be  would  try
to pick ber up by wireless telegraphy
and secure the young man  that  way.
i Suggests that I shall have a lot of new
| photographs taken, so that lie can hand
I them out to the  reporters  when  they
I call for particulars.   Sees in bis mind's
; eye,   he   says,   u   huge   black   lettered
I heading in tlie evening papers,   A Itus-
; sinn Prince Captures-line of Our I'air-
j est   Daughters,"   and   theu   insultingly
hinted  that  perhaps,  after all. it  was
, better   not   to  use  my   picture,  as  it
i might not bear, out .the 'fair daughter*
'  fiction of the'heading."
i     "Y'es, Kate. I cnu see that sucb treatment of n vital subject must have been
I very provoking."
"Provoking?    I1 should  say  it was!
He pretended   he   was  going  to  tuck
Ibis letter up on the notice liourd iu tbe
hall  of   tbe   hotel,  so  that   every  one
might know what guests of distinction
the Matterhorn House held.    But the
most dxuspeniting  feature of  the situation is Hint this loiter has boon lying
I for days and .days at iCur cottage iu
Bar Harbor.    I am quite certain that
I left instructions for letters lo he for-
: warded,  but. as nothing came.  I  telegraphed  yesterday ii to 'tkj  people  who
hnve thkeu our bouse, nnd now a whole
; heap of belated correspondence has ar-
I rived, with a-note from our tenant sny-
l ing lie did not know our nddress.    You
will see at thevbottotn of the note that
] the prince asks my father to communicate  with  him  by  sending a   reply to
the  Consternation  at   New'' York,  but
, now tbe Consternation'bits sailed for
| England,   and   poor  John   must  hnve
I waited nnd waited in vain."
"Write care of the Consternation in
England." ��,     ,��:
"But .lack fold mev thnt the Consternation paid off tis soon as she arrived, and probably he will have gone
to Russia."
"If you address him at the admiralty
In London. Ihe letter will be forwarded wherever be happens to be."
"How do you know?"
"I have beard that sucb Is the case."
"But you're not sure, and I want to
he certain."
"Are  you  really   in  love  with  hhn,
"Of course  I   nm.     You  know  lint
verv wet!  i-"1 I -'-m-'*  ��>*  ���-���,��� .itmitii
unsapprenenslon to arise at tlie beginning, sucb as allows a silly author to
carry ou his story ty tlie four hundredth page of sucb trash as this."
And she gently touched with her toe
the unoffending volume which lay on
the ground beneath the hummock.
"Then why not adopt your father's
suggestion and cable? It isn't you who
nre cabling, you know."
"I couldn't consent to that.   It would
look as if we were In a hurry, wouldn't
It?"    '     ���
"Then let me cable."
"Y'ou?   To whom?"
"Hand   me   up   that  despised   book,
Kate, and I'll write my cablegram on
the  fly   leaf.     If you  approve  of  the
message, I'll go to the hotel nnd send
It nt once."
Katherine gave her the book nnd
lent the.little silver pencil which hung
jingling with other trinkets on the
chain nt her be't. Dorothy scribbled a
note, tore out the fly lenf nnd presented It to Katherine, who rend:
Alan   Drummond,   Bluewater   Cluh.   Tall
Mall.   London:
Tell Lament lhat his letter lo Captain
Kempt was delayed and did not reach
the captain until today. Captain Kempl's
reply will he sent under cover to you at
your club. Arrange for forwarding If
you leave England.
When Kutherlne finished rending she
looked up at her friend nnd exclaimed,
"Weill" giving that one word n inclining deep ns the clear pool on whose
borders she stood. .
Dorothy's fuee reddened ns If tlie
sinking western sun was shining full
upon it.
"Y'ou write to one another, then?"    ���
"And Is It a case of���
"No; friendship."
"Sure it Is nothing more than that?"
Dorothy shook liei'^beatl,    ,
"Dorothy, you are a brick; that's
what you are. You will do anything
to help a friend In trouble."
Dorothy smiled.
"I have so few friends thnt whutever
1 can do for them will not greatly tux
nny capabilities I may possess."
"Nevertheless. Dorothy. I thoroughly
appreciate what you have done. Y'ou
ditl not wish any one to know you were
corresponding with him, nnd yet you
never hositnted n moment when you
saw I was anxious."
"Indeed, Kate, there wns nothing to
conceal. Ours is a very oi'dfutiry exchange of letters. I huVe" only hud two
-one at Bar Harbor n'fCw* days nfter
he left and ���another'''longer one since
we came to the hotel, written from
"Did tbe last one go to Bar Harbor
too? How came yon to reoetoe.'it when
we did not get o!irs':"ii"'-
"It did not go to Bar Harbor. I gave
hlin tbe address of my lawyers In New
York, and tbey forwarded it to me
here. Lieutenant Drumniond was ordered home by some one who bad authority to do so and received (lie message while he was sitting with me ou
tlie night of the ball. He biid'got into
trouble with Itussia. There had hi en
nu investigation, and he wus acquitted.
I saw Hint he was rather worried over
the order home, and I expressed hit
sympathy as well as 1 could, hoping
everything would turn out for the host.
He asked If he might write and let
me know the outcome, and. being interested. I quite willingly gave hiiu,,,pcr-
missiOU llild '"v adib'eis Tbe let't"i' I
(Tu be continued,)
Mr. Bagley of Sunnyside,
Wash., and his son, of Pheonix,
B. C. are visiting at L. A.
A very heavy rain fell here on
Friday night.
Beaver Creek is quite high at
the present time.
The crops are looking well,
May having been a wet month,
so to speak.
Hereafter the news from this
part of Similkameen will appear
under the heading Allen Grove.
(We do not hold ourselves responsible for the
opinions of correspondents.)
To the Editor of Tbe Penticton Press:
Dear SIR,���I beg to submit
financial statement of the Penticton Quadrille Club, season
1907-8, and shall be much obliged
if you will be good enough to
give it a small space in your
columns for the benefit of those
members who did not attend the
meeting called for last Saturday
To members' subscriptions $134 00
" door receipts (4 dances and
concert)   173 50
" sale of spoons      1 60
$309 00
By rent of hall (4 dances and
concert)  $ 76 00
" breakages  1 65
" Kelowna Orchestra 13 dances 102 50
" refreshments  42 10
" printing, floor wax,  spoons,
ribbons, and expenses of
concert  61 60
" L. II.  Plummer���refund on
costumes  12 50
" cp.rpenter work on tables ... 1 50
" prizes for fancy dress ball .. 9 00
" postage and telegrams   95
" cash in hand  120
$309 00
I am, sir,
Yours truly.
Chas. Were,
The Southern Okanagan Land
Company, Limited
Our Irrigation system having been completed for
the Lake Skaha benches we are now offering under this
water system some 3 JO acres in five and ten acre tracts,
at $100.00 to $150.00 per acre.
On the Penticton benches we still have for sale
irrigated about 160 acres, at from $100.oo to $125. oo per
acre. All our bench lands are admirably adapted for
On the Penticton flats wo have open clean meadow
suitable for small fruits, vegetable and hay, >at $150.oo
per acre. >���
Uncleared land suitable for fruit (but stoney and
wooded) $5o.oo to $loo.oo per acre.
Uncleared land quite free of stone,  suitable for
hay or garden stuff, Sloo.oo per a2re.
Terms on all the above one quarter down, one
quarter each year with interest at G per cent, on deferred
In Penticton and on Okanagan Lake Beach $3oo.oo
to $45o.oo.       On Lake Skaha Beach $4oo.oo.
We have a great many excellent buys in town
property (business and residential). Anything we show
you will advance in value 5o per cent, within a year.
Get in now, you can make money and take no chances by
purchasing our lands.
Some Investments Worth Considering
sasssasBsa���ass���       ,...���.. ami���aaaa    ���-������- ��� msaBB^Bm ""-"n���"\ f/i t-'���" '"'������*
3 acres in a block, ready to
cut up into 32 lots, for$1,600
3 acres on the flat, for . . 1,500
1 acre, cultivated, on Fair-
view Road, for . . . 800
fj acre, on Fairview Road, 400
Beach acre (2 weeks only) 650
Town Lots
Two lots, cleared, fenced, $ 300
Two lots, Ellis Street, for 265
Lot on Winnipeg Street (\
acre) for 400
2�� acres, situated on beach
(terms) for     .      .      .$1,250
Ten acre lots, planted and unimproved.
Many nice ranches with good
water rights.
Or exchange for suitable brood mare,
a general purpose horse (1200 lbs.),
gentle in double or single harness, suitable for delivery rig, or other work
where reliable horse is needed. Apply
Having sold our building on Smith
Street, we shall continue our business
in the Claughton Block (opposite B. C.
Hotel) and shall be pleased to receive
air numerous customers.
One bay mare ; weight about 1,100
lbs.; little mane ; brand K on right
shoulder; $10.00 reward.
47-tf. White Lake, B. C.
In the matter of the Land Registry
' Act and in the mattei  of the title to
Lots 26 and 27,  Block 14  (Map 269),
Town of Penticton.
WHEREAS the Certificate of Title
of William Guynup being Certificate of
Title No. 1148a to the above hereditaments has been lost or destroyed and
application has been made to mc for a
duplicate thereof.
NOTICE is hereby given that a duplicate Certificate of Title to the tbovp
hereditaments will be issued at the expiration of one month from the date of
the first publication hereof unless in
the meantime valid objection to the j
contrary is made to me in writing.
District Registrar of Titles.
Land Registry Office, Kamloops, B. ('.,
May 27th, 1908.
Wc can supply you with  good  pine
and fir.   Leave your orders at the Commercial Stables.
47-tf D1GNAN & WEEKS.
Mowers, Rakes,
Tedders and Binders
(Don't delay, send in your orders
The two best rrekes on Earth.
For sale by
Real Estate Agent and Notary Public,
Fire Insurance
Phoenix of London
Liverpool & London & Globe
British America
Atlas Guardian
(Pacific Coast Grown
Seeds, Trees,
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn, or
Reliable, approved  varieties,   at
reasonable prices.
No Borers.    No Scale.    No fumigation to damage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy  direct  and  get   trees   and
seeds that GROW.
Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material and
Cut Flowers.
Catalogue Free.
OREENHOUSES--30I0 Westminster Rd
Branch nuraeries--S. Vancouver.
What are you going to do with your CULL FRUIT ?
and with fruit TOO RIPE FOR SHIPMENT ?
S alvas that problem for you.     What is usually
A loss may be turned into a profit.
'  The process is simple and all the family can assist.
When buying a canaeKget the best���a
Modern Canner.
FRUIT TREES-Well-grown stock.
j Large quantity of apple trees for sale,
I only few choice varieties grown : also
small stock of ornamental trees. Apply
for varieties and price to Manager,
15-tf Vernon, B. C.
aney or_^a
Trices from $10 to $90.
For further particulars and catalogues write to the
Summerland, B. C.
n .    FREg-Goljden West Soap and
PentlCtOn Dairy Golden West Washing Powder.
Daily delivery of Fresh Milk lo | F"fpTY .'CENTS'  WORTH   OF   SILVERWARE   FREE
all parts of the Town.
TVIOTJCE is hereby given that the reserve, notice
** of which appeared in the British Columbia
Gazette, dated February 21st, 19 7, respecting a
parcel of land reserved for Cemetery purport' a
and comprising ten acres adjoining Lots 2,821
and 277, Osoyoos Division of Yale, has been cancelled so far as it relates to land lying to the south
of the northern boundary of Lot 1,004 (S.) Similkameen Division of Yale District.
Deputy Commissioner  of   Lands   and   Works.
Lands and Works Department.
Victoria, B. C. 7th May. 1��j8. 44-3m
Pedigreed  Fox Terrier Pups
By champion "Financier" nnd "Queen
of Spades;" bluest of blue blood, pluckiest, most companii nuble. Dogs $25.00,
bitches $15.00.
45-4 Salmon Arm, B.C.
District rf
60   YEARS'
Tmm Marks
Copvriohts Ac
AOf"n����.ndln�� ��.ketch mid description mnr
dWiMtlr UMtuIn our opinion free whether an
alTltaUon t�� probably patentable.   Communion.
mmtrletlyconndentfal. HANDBOOK on Patent!
���ant free. Oldest agency for securing patents,
i tnrouah Munn ��� Co. recetre
Patent! taken tfirouprh Munn A _
���prelal ntitici. without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A handioim.lr llluitrated weekly. Lament clr-
enlatlon of any aolentlflo Journal. Terms, ��� 3 a
fear, tour month.. II. Sold brail newsdealer*.
MUNN &Co.,6IB���1"' New York
Branch Offloe, Of F SU Washington. D. C.
12  Quarts  for $1.00.
Special pi ices "or (tiantitiesg'vf n
(n appli :ation.
Bu"c-, Fresh Cream, BuViermil!,
SI im n< d Milk,  o order.
H. M. McNeill,     .    Pror-
Via Fairview
Leaves Penticton Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:80 a.m., arriving at Oroviile the same day at (> p. m.
Through Fare - $6.00
W. HINE and S. M. SNOW
j To obtain this Silverware, all you have to do is to purchase 50c.
worth of Golden West Soap (2 cartons) or Washing Powder; or
125c. worth of each, AND ASK YOUR GROCER for a Silver
j Plated Teaspoon FREE (which is worth at least 25c), then cut out
I the coupon off t ie two; cartons and send them to' the Manufacturers
| including 2c. for postage, ��� and obtain, another Silver Plated Teaspoon FREE. ,''' ':,;,.:
��� i>-i ���   In this way your
Golden West Soap and Golden  West
Washing Powder costs you
Address:   Premium Department,
Standard Soap Company, Limited,
Calgary, Alberta.
Osoyios  Land   District
TAKE NOTICE that Frederick Richard Gartrell, of Summerland, in the
province of British Columbia, farmer,
intends to apply for permission lo
purchase the following described   land :
Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of lot 2555. thence
east 20 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thence west 20 chain-i, thence south 20
chains, to place of beginning.eontaining
40 acres.
Located on the 28th day of May, 1908. j ��-f
46-5     Frederick Richard Gartrell j ^
w. o. w.
Okanagan Camp No. 261.
Meets  2nd  and  4th  Saturday in   the
month at 8 p. m. in Woodmen's Hall,
Ellis St.
Visiting Sovereigns always welcome.
First-Class Accommodation For Tourists or Commercial Men.
A. Barnes       - -       Prop.
StaR-o loaves for Keremeos at 6 a. m. ��n Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Stajfe leaves for Princeton every Tuesday at
7 a. m.
Stage leaves for Fiijrview and Oroviile on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:30 a. m. Returns on Mondays,  Wednesdays and  Fridays at
Up. m.
Hours 9 u. m. to 6. p. m.
Registered   Letter  and  Money  Order wicket
rlusi sup. in.
Wicket opened for half an hour after mail is
Arrivals-Per Str. Oknnauan: Daily except
Sunday 6 p. in.; Per stage from Hedley, Keremeos, Olalla, Green Mountain. Oroviile. Fairview,
and White Luke: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at ii p. m,
Closing���For bout und.8tnges: 9 p.m. daily except Saturday. For Monday's bout und stages:
8.45 p. m. Sundays.
Daily both ways except Sunday.
Just received at
An assortment of
Democrats. Buggies
Carts, Etc.
Subscribe for
The Penticton Press
7.3U a, m Sicumous  6.00 p.m.
6.21    "      Enderby  4.48   "
. .��� Armstrong  4.08   "
...ar Vernon Iv  3.30   "
...Iv Vernon ur  2.30   "
9.45 ....ur...Ok. Landing ...lv.... 2.15   "
| lO.UOp. m....lv... Uk. Lanuing.    ar.... 11.00 a.m.
I "1"   Kelowna  8.20   "
800   M     Peuchlund  7.25   "
4.46         Summerland  0.30   "
I   O.OJ   Penticton  6.00   "
Now is the Time
Get a Motor for
your Boat or Launch
I handle the goods.    Write for Catalogue and prices on the size you require.
Gas Engine Expert,


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