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The Penticton Press May 1, 1909

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enttcton   pie$e
VOL. 3.   No. 42.
$1.00 Per Year In Advance
B. E. Walker, President. Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Alexander Laird, General Manager.   Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England.
Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and  interest allowed al
current rates.     Accounts may be opened in the names of
two or more persons and withdrawals made by
any one of them or by the survivor.
Penticton Branch
J. J. HUNTER, Manager.
^.      A. B. Campbell. A. E. Kay.
B Campbell & Kay
 ��������� ���- (JJ1
Call and see us before buying. ��5
/ 1859 Our Semicentennial 1909 /
Unbroken record of 50 years business.
The Old Reliable
Mondon Mutual Insurance Co. ^
Always settles its losses promptly.
Call and see our records of assets and don't be mislead
by jealous misstatements. Absolutely the Lowest Rates.
Reserve of Unearned Premiums $325,289,G4
Capital Stock paid and unpaid   100,000 00
Surplus  505,664.47
Also the ANGLO-AMERICAN and other reliable Companies.
��P ^fc, ��.* "mm, tt<*>A*^mm-**'^mM
J-', il. J.oQuosne
Municipal Council.
Meeting1 held in council room,
Thursday, Apr. 22. All members of the council present.
Minutes of the previous meeting
read and adopted. An account
from the provincial government
for $52.30, and pay sheet for
work done on the recreation
grounds, amounting to $18, were
i read.
Power-Murk, that the accounts
be paid.   Carried.
The Board of Works reported
on grading Ellis St., and recommended that further work on
this street be postponed for the
present. The works committee
further reported that the sidewalk on Main St. to the lake
front was completed, and recommended that some surplus lumber be utilized for public seats
o l the lake front.
The committee appointed select
a location for a pound reported
that Messrs. Dignan & Weeks
had consented to take charge of
the pound and to act as pound-
The Recreation Grounds committee reported that nothing
further had been done with regard to the council taking over
the grounds as no meeting of the
Turf Club had been held, and no
returns submitted to the council
as to what monies were in hand.
Murk-Hatch, that the clerk be
instructed to communicate with
regard to the jurisdiction of the
council on that portion of the
school district without the
municipality.   Carried.
Murk-Hatch, that the clerk
be instructed to write the Surveyor of Taxes with regard to
liquor licenses already collected
by the government for the first
half of 1909.    Carried.
II. Murk gave notice that at
the next meeting he would introduce an assessment by-law.
Meeting adjourned.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
DIGNAN and WEEKS, Proprietors.
Board of Trade.
If you   /ant a Stylish Outfit, this is the place to come.    You can always ^
|? get teams just when you want them.    We make a specialty  oi'  keeping *4
hi good horses, safe rigs, carrful drivers and also saddle and pack   horses, u
ki We are also putting in Hay and Grain for sale, and as we buy   for  cash 7a
K                   we get the best rates and our patrons get the benefit. JJ
K              Special  Attention  To The  Wants Of  Commercial  Men. *
fi &
Penticton Stage and Livery
Stage Connects with Steamer "Okanagan" at Penticton, with Great Northern
Railway at Keremeos, and with stage to Hedley and Princeton. Leaves at 6 a.m
Pianos and Furniture moved to all points,  and a general Draying
Business transacted.
Saddle and Pack Horses.
Top Buggies* Four-horse Rigs for Commercial Men.
W. E. Welby, Prop.       Penticton.
Ladies' White Summer Waists,  75c. to $3.75 {4
$1.25 to 5.00 N
Ladies' Wash Skirts, from
Children's Wash Suits, from
75c. to 2.75
We have many other lines to show you at prices
to suit anyone.
The Ladies' and Mens Furnished
The regular quarterly meeting
of the Board of Trade was held
in Steward's Hall on Wednesday
evening. The attendance was
rather small, but some important
business was put through, the
first item being to confirm the
appointment of M. C. Kendall as
secretary of the Board.
The question of the bad impression given visitors by the inferior class of fruit displayed on
the hotel tables was fully discussed and the Secretary was instructed to write requesting that
better fruit be supplied, and that
| hotel accommodation be in other
i respects improved. It was stated
that travellers and prospective
j settlers had frequently exhibited
j fi uit taken from hotel  tables in
| this vicinity, and had spoken of
the false impression it was giving of Penticton as a fruit grow-
|ing section.     The   matter   was
i then referred to the Executive
| who shall deal with the question
further if necessary.
As a considerable number of
1 the members of the Board have
not yet paid their subscriptions,
j the Secretary was instructed to
j draw upon them for the amounts
| in arrears.     If  this   does   not
prove effective, legal means will
be employed to make collections.
The following resolution addressed to the general passenger
agent of the C. P. R. at Winnipeg was next passed and ordered
to be transmitted :
"Whereas it has been learned
that excursion tickets were sold
by the C. P. R. in Winnipeg during the month of March to Midway, B. C, and to the coast
cities for $25 while $32.20 was
charged to Penticton, this Board
deems it an unfair discrimination
against the Okanagan Valley,
and requests that on future occasions Okanagan points be accord
ed the same advantages as other-
points in the province."
E. W. Mutch, who had recently visited Vancouver in connection with marketing the local cannery products stated that he had
found it impossible for the cannery at this point to compete
with the eastern canneries in
the coast market on account of
the unfair freight rates. In cat-
lots, by the all rail route from
Ontario to Vancouver, the rate
was $1.05 per hundred pounds
and by the lake and rail route
$1.00 per hundred, while 71 cts.
per hundred was charged from
Penticton. A resolution was
then introduced and passed re
questing the Vancouver Board
of Trade to co-operate with this
Board in securing a fair freight
rate from this point.
The final resolution passed
was addressed to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, and
requested that a provincial constable be re-established at Penticton. Several reasons were
cited for the request.
Local and Personal
Those having friends visiting them
will confer a favor by acquainting the
Pkess with the fact. All other local
news thankfully received.
An interesting ceremony took
place at 8 o'clock Monday evening when, in the Methodist
church, Penticton, Mr. Richard
Baxter Bassett and Miss Margaret Allison McLellan, two of
the popular young people of Okanagan Falls, were united in
marriage by Rev. R. W. Hibbert,
B. D. The bride was accompanied by her sister, Miss
Florence McLellan and the
groom by his brother, Frederick
Bassett. Only the immediate
friends of the bride and groom
were present.
After spending a while in the
upper Okanagan towns, the
happy couple will take up their
residence at the Falls.
I. O. O. P. Notice.
In commemoration of the 90th
anniverary of the order, the
members of the I. O. O. F. will
attend divine service in the
Presbyterian Church on Sunday
morning at 11 o'clock. All mem-
besrs of the local lodge, and all
sojourning brethern are requested to meet at the Oddfellow's
Hall, Main Street at 10:30 a. m.
sharp.        R. Wilton, N. G.
A. S. Smith, Sec'y.
General News.
London, April 24.��� Before an
enormous crowd and after one
of the most closely fought games
in the history of the contest,
Manchester United won the final
of the English Association cup
today, by defeating Bristol City
one goal to nil at the Crystal
The Vancouver Board of Trade
has under consideration what
should prove a practical daylight
saving scheme. It is to begin
work an hour earlier and to
knock off an hour earlier. By
this plan there would be no
necessity of tampering with the
hands of the clock as has been
The hotels in Prince Rupert
are all crowded with prospective
investors and settlers. Some
three miles of plank walk has
been laid of the total seven miles
provided for in the plans. Better
advancement in the sewer work
is being made than formerly.
The Young Turks army comprising about 15,000 men, on
April 24 attacked the garrison
of Yildiz Kiosk, the Sultan's
palace at Constantinople, capturing the place. From two to
three thousand were killed in
the battle and countless thousands wounded. Sultan Abdul
Hamid is reported dead.
E. W. Mutch returned from
Vancouver on Monday.
Japanese reversible mats only
00c. at Steward's.
A. S. Smith spent from Satui -
day to Wednesday in Peachland.
When does the Fire by-law relative to the cutting of scrub
come into force?
Read Steward's ad. about go-
carts,  and carriages.
C. II. Wilson, of Victoria is at
present in Penticton looking
after his fruit lots.
Look for Kendall & Mason's
weekly chance for investment
with quick turnover.
Mrs. Fred Richardson, of Vancouver, was a guest at the Hotel
Penticton for the past week.
Aleck Beatty left on Tuesday
for the Northwest. His family
will follow in about a week.
A. J. Henderson, eye specialist,
of Toronto, will be at H. W.
Main's drug store on May 8 and
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McDougal1,
of Peachland, spent a number of
days with friends in Penticton
this week.
Get your bamboo veranda
shades from Steward's ; all
There will be a wind-up meeting of the Penticton football
team over Wade's Store on Monday evening.
Mrs. C. B. Macneill, of Vancouver, arrived on Monday tc
spend a week with her daughter,
Mrs. J. J. Hunter.
Views of Penticton and vicinity, in book form, published by
J. A. Nesbitt, now on sale at
Nesbitt's, Ellis St.
Just arrived, cherries, plumr,
peaches, and spitzenberg trees.
Good stock.   Harris Nursery
P. D. McTavish passed
through Penticton on Monday
evening from Keremeos en route
to his home in Calgary.
John McKay, of Armstrong,
and J. N. Lee, of Cobalt, Ont.,
spent the past week in Penticton
with a view to purchasing property.
A postoffice has been opened
at Marron Lake with Wm. Smythe Parker as postmaster. Mail
will be delivered three times a
The Council have laid a cement
pipe across Ellis St. near Armstrong's store to the creek in
order to drain the spring at the
foot of the hill.
Ralph Bell, representing the
Great West Life Insurance Co.,
came in from Summerland on
Wednesday, and left for the
south on Saturday.
The Methodist, Presbyterian
'. and Baptist evening services will
: begin at 7:30 next Sunday and
thereafter during the summer instead of at 7 o'clock as in the
Mr. and Mrs. P. Samon, of
Winnipeg, arrived on Monday to
spend a while in Penticton, Mr.
Samon having two fruit lots
here. They expect to come here
to reside next spring.
No. 1, vol. 2 of The Missionary
Arena has appeared, somewhat
reduced in size, but still bright
and cheery. Mrs. A. T. Robinson, as associate editor, will in
future assist her husband in the
publication of the Arena, which
will in future appear quarterly
instead of monthly. Success to
the Arena!
Mrs. J. Hood will move her
store to Summerland next week.
The report is again current
that railway construction to Penticton will be in full swing during the present year.
The sports of Summerland are
arranging for a gigantic field
day on the 24th of May. For
further information see small
bills, or a later edition of this
H. H. Millie, of Kelowna, has
extended his local telephone system to embrace the Bellevue
Hotel twelve miles from towr.
Those in Penticton or elsewhere
on the long line will thus be enabled to speak with that point.
W. H. T. Gahan, of Penticton,
and Miss Gwyndelen Clegg, of
Ulverston, Lancashire, England,
were married at the latter place
on the 14th of April. They set
sail for Canada on the 23rd, and
tre expected to arrive in Penticton about the 8th inst.
F. Fraser, of the Canning Co.
of Fraser & Whitehead, of Kelowna, was in Penticon for a few
days last week. Mr. Fraser
states that his company has already sold twenty thousand dollars worth of the coming season's
product of canned goods.
Several members of the coun-
2il, and the municipal clerk turn-
ad out Wednesday to fight a fire
that had crossed the river from
the Indian reserve in the vicinity of Miss Fowler's place and
threatened to do damage in that
quarter. They fortunately succeeded in getting it under control.
Mrs. Chas. Were, Mrs. C. I.
Carless and Miss Ferris all left
for the east on Thursday morning. Mrs. Were goes to visit
her mother in England, Mrs.
Carless to visit her parents in
Dresden, Ont., and Miss Ferris
to Boston. Mesdames Were and
Carless will be absent several
months. Mrs. Carless lately re-
2eived word that her father was
ill. Mr. Were accompanied tie
party as far as Vernon.
As a result of the recent competition, the new Ritchie town-
site on Dog Lake receives the
name "Kaleden." This name,
which in Greek signifies the
beautiful Eden, was submitted
by Rev. Walter Russell, of Toronto, to whom will be awarded
the town lot. The name is
euphonious and should prove a
suitable appelation for the beautiful locality. Surveyors will be
at work on the new townsite in
a week or two.
W. R. C. Morris, of Vernon,
representing the Shuswap Falls
Power Co., of Vernon, visited
Penticton last week and interviewed the council with a view
to supplying electric power for
lighting and industrial purposes. Mr. Ricardo, manager of
the Coldstream ranch at Vernon,
is the chief promoter of the enterprise to harness the Shuswap
falls for the operation of electric
cars, electric lighting etc,
throughout the Okanagan Valley. The funds are said to be
now in the Bank of Montreal,
Vernon, for the carrying out of
the scheme of developing the
Falls, and it is proposed to carry
it to completion during the present summer. The council here
informed Mr. Morris that they
were ready to " consider any
reasonable offer to supply power.
MISS A. K. LOOMER,  Fashionable
Dressmaking and Ladies' Tailoring.
���10-3 Martin Street, Pentictor.
Get your name on the voters' list. It
will cost you nothing. Applv at the
Press office.      W. J. CLEMENT,
THE PENTICTON PRESS;paper included him in its criticism if it were not propelled by
ISSUED    EVERY    SATURDAY   AT jraercenaiy motives?    I,, not such
PENTICTON, B.C. BY I an action remarkable   when Mr.
W. J. CLEMENT. ; Shatford, who is quite as ment-
Subscription $1.00 Per Year fa I ally acute as the average individ-
Advance.    Foreign, $1.50. ua'. not to mention our clever
  contemporary,   took  no  offence
Advertising Rates:        at our article;  and is St not
_.                                       ���            further remarkable    that the
Transient   Advertisements���Not    ex- ,   . ,
ceeding one inch, one insertion, 50c;  Gazette should   spread   its de-
for each additional insertion, 25c. fensive wings over Mr. Shatford,
Lodge Notices, Professional Cards, Ac.,.., unsolicited ?        Mr
$1.00 per inch, per month. aitogetntr     unsoticiicu .        ivir.
Land and Timber Nolices-30 days, $5;: Shatford   IS   quite   able   to   de-
60 days, $7. ; fend  himself  when   necessary,
L^^n^:K��^��Z'J. but the Gazette must insist upon
running to  his relief and then   j
to   Penticton    hoggin
cents per line; each subsequent inser
tion, 5c. per line.
Reading Notices in Local News Column coming
15c. per line, (iist insertion;   10c. per , , ,
line, each subsequent insertion. bread as the price oi its services
Contract Advertisements-Rates   ar- Let the Gazette   explain   why   it I j
.contained little or no reference
ranged according to space taken.
Loose Again.
The Hedley Gazette in its last
edition took another spason somewhat resembling a catfit. In a
column and a half of frothings it
viciously clawed the air in a vain
effort to fasten its claws into
someone. A few weeks ago we
made the remark that it was a
reflection upon the brains of the
province that an irresposible
such as the one occupying the
editorial sanctum of the Gazette I imbecility. The Gazette is flood-
should be permitted to run at;ing Penticton with free copies
large; and the last maniacal rav- j in order to gain a little free ad-
ings of that journal fully corro- vertising. Go to it; they will do
borate our statement. i the wrok.
We   were   fully aware as to j	
which   magistrate  the  Grzettej pfathi anh
had   reference,   but to deny a] rtACnLAIND.
charge that had not been directly'
made was out of the question. |    Mrs- James Hayward, of Nara-
The editor of the Gazette,  asa!mata>  sPent the week  end   in
magistrate, evidently would not town with her daughter,  Mrs.
require a direct charge in order j J��nri Wright.
to imagine that he had a case. |    T. E.  Coleman,  of Kelowna,
An  intimation,   or  a  wild   un-' is spending a couple of days  in
founded rumor would be good j town on business.
enough for him.   We demanded j    Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McDougall
the name of that magistrate, and I were visitors down the lake the
the Gazette yielded to our de- early part of this week.
' to Mr, Shatford during the re-
ments must be in the hands of the! cent session of the Legislature,
printer by Tuesday evening to ensure ! Qur contemporary may lay claim
publication in the next issue. .   . .. ,     ��� .        ,
to doing a noble work ol love, but
its hypocrisy is too transparent
to cover the motive behind its
acts. The Hedley rock eater in
his angry malice has overstepped
the bounds of discretion and
must pay the penalty. No a-
mount of his foul vituperations
dished up for argument can
serve to deceive an intelligent
public. Let the editor tear his
hair, spit his venom and pen his
mental ravings he will but amuse
the   nublic   and   advertise   his
g:aBjrjET7   ���VT-TT
'.:*p,'*,���������.'! .'-g-TTr^
We have been adding considerably to our stock
the past few weeks, and are better prepared than
ever to supply your wants. Look over this list and
see if there is not something: here that you have
been wanting.
Kitchen Furnishings      Confectionery and Fruit
Double Roasters. If you have not
grot one you will surely buy one of these.
Extra large size, 13x19, each $1.00.
Cake tins, the kind with the knife attachment. No trouble about getting
your cake out of the tin with one of
_ Food choppers, raisin seeders, flour
sifters, "Electric" egg beaters, paring
knives, extension strainers, and an endless variety of other useful kitchen
Ginger Snaps, 2 lbs. for 25c.
Fancy Mixed Teas, per lb. 15c.
Arrowroot, social tea, zoo jokers,
cocoanut bars, wine, macaroons.
A big line of Huntley & Palmer's
biscuits in half pound packages at 15c.    pads, exercise books, drawing crayons,
and 20c. a package. etc.
Pay our store a visit and note
:.   the values we are offering.
Chocolates of class���Cadbury's, Low-
ney's, Smith's, and Victoria Cross���we
carry a big line of these goods.
Oranges, Bananas and Lemoms, arriving every week.
Bulk Teas
Have you tried our bulk tea ? 30c,
40c, 50c and 60c per lb. You save from
10 to 20c per lb. and get the same quality as package tea.
Men's Furnishings
Straw hats, duster coats, neglige
shirts, duck pants. All lines of Men's
Furnishings have been added to.
We have a nice line of box goods, also
envelopes,  linen paper by the   quire,
Population, 800. Area, 7.044 acres. Maximum
temperature liM*, 05)6 F.; minimum temperature
1908. ���'uF. Incorporated into a District Municipality Jan. 1, 19 9. Located at south end of Ok-
anagao Lake. Communication by C. P. R. steamers on Okanagan Lake. Wagon road connects
with Bununerland on west side of lake and all
points to the north; also with Naramata on east
side of lake. Okanagan Falls. Fairview and Boundary country to the south, and all Similkameen
points to the southwest. The mildest climate in
Canada east of the coast Public school with four
departments. Nursing Home. Two nurseries.
Chief industry, the growing uf fruit, more particularly peaches and other under kinds. Twelve
hundred acres planted. Excellent boatinK and
bathing in the Bummer. Beautiful scenery. A
sunny climate. An ideal place to spend either the
summer or winter months.
For business places see uur advertising columns.
Meets Thursday evenings in Council Room, Smith
slreet.    A.  H.  Wade.  Reeve.    Chas.  Were,
meets 1st Monday in each month at 8 p. m. R.
Wilton, Sec'y-Treas.
Annual general meeting. 2nd Wednesday in January of each year. General quarterly meetings, '2nd Wednesdays in January, April, July
and October at X p.m. Affiliated with Okanagan Boards of Trade. J. J. Hunter, Pres.;
W. F. H. Swinton. Sec'y.
St. Snviour'H Church, Fairview Avenue : Vicar.
Kev. J. A. Cleland. Celebration of Holy Communion the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
after 11 o'clock matins; the 2nd Sunday at Ma.
m. Morning prayer at 11 a.m. Evensong at
7:30 p.m.
Presbyterian services each Sunday in church at
11 a.m. or7::H) p.m.    Rev. Jas  Hood, pastor.
Baptist services each Sunday in church, at II a.
in. or 7:80 p. m.    Rev. A. F. Baker, pastor.
Presbyterian and Baptist services alternate,
morning and evening.
Methodist services in church each Sunday nt 11 a.
m. and 7:30 p.m.; Sunday School 2:46 p.m.
Prayer meetings H p.m. on Wednesday. Rev.
R. W. Hibbert. pastor.
Young Peoples' Christian Union meets .in the
Methodist church every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
mand. As a matter of fact, we
have been leading the editor of
that paper on to see how big a
fool he would make of himself
and his filthy rag.
That the editor in question has
been reduced to such a subterfuge as to deal in trivial personal charges is evidence of the
direful straits in which he finds
himself. Any person capable of
descending to such depths is unworthy the appellation of either
journalist nor man.
Suppose we submit that the
charge of the Gazette were true,
would the instance be so rare or
wrong as to deserve mention?
What are a number of magistrates appointed at each town for
but that one should sit on a case
when another does not wish to
do so? A juror is refused on
the slightest grounds of personal
interest, and even a judge may
decline to sit on a case for
similar reasons.
Aa a matter of fact, the editor
of the Press, since his appointment to the position of magistrate has, along with Mr. Wade,
sat on nearly every case tried in
Penticton,  and   has   never yet
Mr. Harry Cossar and Miss
Marion spent Thursday and Friday of last week in Kelowna.
Mrs. Callendar and daughter,
Hazel, returned from Kelowna
on Friday night, after spending
a few days with friends there.
Mr. Jones, of Kelowna, spent
the week end with his old time
friend, J. B. Robinson, of this
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Clement,
of Penticton, passed through,
Monday night, on their way
home from visiting up the lake.
The cottage prayer meeting
which was held at the home of
Mrs. J. Seaton on Tuesday night
was conducted by the Rev. Jas.
On Saturday last our baseball |
boys met the Okanagan  College
team here and had a fine game
which resulted in a score of 12-
10 in favor of the home team.
Messrs. Buchanan and Robertson were visitors to Kelowna
last week.
Phone 25.
Ellis Street.
A. F. & A. M. meet in Mason's Hall. Main St., 1st
Wednesday in each month at 8 p.m.
W. O. W. meet in Woodmens' Hall, Ellis St., 2nd
and 4th Saturday in each month at 8 p.m.
I. O. O. F. meet in Odd Fellows' Hall,  Main St.,
every Monday at 8 p.m.
L. O. L. meet in Woodmen's Hall 2nd and 4th
Friday in each month at 8 p. m.
Stage leaves for Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton, at 6 u. ni. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Stage leaves for Fairview and Oroviile on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:30 a. m. Returns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at
l> p. m.
Hours 9 a. m. to 6. p, m.
Registered Letter and Money Order wicket
closes 5 p. in.
Wicket opened for half an hour after mail is
Arrivals���Per Str, Okanagan: Daily except
Sunday (i p. m.; Per stage from Hedley, Keremeos, Olalla, Allen Grove, Oroviile, Fairview,
and White Lake: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 p. m,
Closing���For boat and stages: 8 p. m. daily except Friday and Saturday. On Friday 9 p. m..and
for Monday's boat and stages: 8.45 p. m. Sundays.
Daily both ways during summer except Sunday.
Str. Okanagan leaves Penticton 6 a. m.
Train arrives at Sicamous li.15 p. in.
Train leaves Sicamous 9.25 a. m.
Str. Okanagan arrives at Penticton 6 p. m.
��MMB3 i Via^mMmj\}
��IWWWK������i��H������ '*>-
era- E
as w^"
c2 �� _, <:
�� 8*8 s"|
Oui      M  <  <t
o     tc a U.
^^     rA ���
Phone 10.
Main Street
We have of late increased our stock and can give
you better service and prices than ever before.
We carry a full stock of Patent and Proprietory
We will fill your Prescriptions with care and promptness.
Watch for garden pests.     We carry a lar;2:e stock of Paris
Green, Arsenate of Lead, Chicken Spraj s and Powders.
I The B. C. Permanent Loan (
^ MM.,- ���     ,.���.,,  ._��������,,_,,��� _    ,    ,, , ���      ... ,   . .. ���
/  and Savings Co., of Vancouver /
Angus Smith spent Sunday  in |
his   sister   who
refused  to   take  an   evidence.
Any paper or man who says he Vernon, seeing
did is, to use a mild English ex-lwas lluite '"���
pression, a liar.   The editor of!    Paul Smith anc
the Gazette might find a better
field for exploitation in his own
record as a justice of the peace.
At any rate it is up to him to
apologize, if he has manhood
enough left to do so.
The paper or the individual
who is ever ready to attribute
mercenary notives to the actions
of another is worthy of nothing
but contempt, and the Gazette
in its last issue has rendered itself doubly contemptible from
the fact that its own attitude is,
ever has been, that of the
grovelling serf. We are averse
to dragging the names of uninterested persons into a controversy as the Gazette has done
that of Mr. L. W. Shatford, M.
P. P., tut why should the
Gazette hasten to jump with
both feet upon another paper
when it merely imagines that that
Chas. Wells
were callers at Fruitland Farm
this week.
Mr. Marshall, of Westbank,
has been looking over Thomas
Armstrong's place with a view
to purchasing it.
Miss E. Manning is quite ill at
the present time.
A good rain would be a welcome visitor here now.
Died, on Wednesday night, the
14th inst, Florence Zoe, infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
Clark, of Green Mt. Ranch. The
funeral took place on Saturday
to Okanagan Falls, the Rev. R.
W. Hibbert officiating. We voice
the sympathy of the community
to the parents and relatives in'
their sore bereavement.
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T^e Spoilers
Copyright.       1D0 5.      by      Rex      E.      II each.
big cash lu. ;unl Lord have mercy ou
nny iran that blocks our game to-
"We'll need another band to he!))
OP." said Dextry.   "Who can we get'/"
At that moment ��r though iu answer, the do ��:��� opened with the scant
".'������i:"l ("ml them Iwth." ��ni<l Olenlster "for McNamara rode into town
behind me."
Ihe <!d prospector prowe/ed to the
Golden (late hotel and in<inlred for
.'"dire Siillmnn's room. A hoy attempted to take his name, but be seized
hi.n by Hie scruff of the neck and sat
lllm li hi* P">t. preceding unannounced to the nt.it to which he had
been directed. Hearing voices, be
knocked and then, without awaiting a
summons, walked in.
The room was lifted like an office.
'���!'!i desk, table, typewriter and law
books. Other rooms opened from It on
both shies. Two men were talking
earnestly���one gray haired, smooth
shaven and clerical, the other toll, picturesque nud masterful. With his first
glance the miner knew that before him
were fhe two he had come to fee and
that In reality he had to deal with but
one. the big man who shot ut hhu the
level glances.
"We are engaged." said the judge;
"very busily engaged, sir. Will yon
call again in half an hour?"
Dextry looked him over onrefull"
from head to foot, then turned his
back on him and regarded the other.
Neither he nor McNamara spoke, but
their eyes were busy, and each Instinctively knew that here was a foe.
"What do yon want?" McNamara Inquired finally.
"1 Just dropped In to get acquainted
My name is Dextry���loe Dextry���from
everywhere west of the Missouri. An'
your name Is McNamara. ain't it? This
here. I reckon, is yonr little Trench
poodle-eh?" indicating Stillnian.
"What do you mean?" said Mc.Na
mara. while the Judge murmured in
"Just what I say. However, that
ain't what I w'aht to talk about. I
don't take no stock In such truck a��
judges an' lawyers an' orders of conr'
They ain't intended to be look serious
They're all r'ght for children an' easterners an' non compos mentis people.
I s'pose. but I've always beeu my own
judge, jury an' hangman, an' I aim to
continue workln' my legislatlf. excou
tif an' judicial duties to the end of the
string. You look out! My pardner is
young an' seems to like the Idee of
lettin' somebody else run his business,
so I'm goin' to give him rein aud lot
him amuse himself for awhile with
your dinky little writs au' receiverships. But don't go too far. You can
rob the Swedes, 'cause Swedes ain't
entitled to have no money, an' some
other crook would get it if you didn't,
but dou't play me an' Glenlster for
Scandinavians. It's a mistake. We're
white men. an' I'm apt to come ro-
mancln' up here with oue of these an'
bust you so you won't hold together
durin' the ceremonies."
With his last words he made the
slightest shlftiug movement, ouly a
lifting shrug of the shoulder, yet lu
hi') palm lay a six shooter. He had
slipped It from bis trousers hand with
tbe ease of long practice and absolut
surety. Judge Stilhiian gasped and
backed against the desk, but McNamara idly swung his leg as he sat side-
wise ou tbe table. His only sigu of interest was a quickening of the eyes, a
fact of which Dextry made mental
"Yes." said the miner, disregarding
the alarm of the lawyer, "you can wear
this court in your vest pocket like a
Waterbtiry. If you want to. but If you
dou't let me alone, I'll uncoil its mainspring.    That's all."
He replaced his weapon and, turning,
walked out tbe door.
"\       7"  lm,st nave  money." said
1 ��� /    Glenlster u few days later.
|/y "Wbm McNamara jumped
�� �� our safe, he put ns down
and out. There's no use fighting In
tills court any longer, for the Judge
won't let us work the ground ourselves,
even If we give bond, and be won't
grant sn appeal. He says his orders
aren't appealable. Wo ought to send
Wheaton out to 'Frisco and have him
take the case to the higher courts.
Maybe be can get a writ of supersedeas."
"I don'l rcc'nize the name, but If it's
as had as It sounds It's sure horrible.
Ain't there no cure for it?"
"It simply means that the upper
court would take the case away from
this one."
"Well, let's send him out quick. Every day means $10,000 to us. It'll take
htm a month to make tbe round trip,
so I s'pose he ought to leave tomorrow
on the Hoanoke."
"Yes. hut Where's the money to do
It with? McNamara has ours. My
God! What a moss we're in! What
fools we've lieen. Dex! There's a conspiracy here. I'm beginning to see it
now that It's too late. This man is
looting our country under color of law
and figures on putting all Ihe mines
before we can throw him off. That's
his game. He'll work them as hard
ond as long as he enn, rtnd heaven
only knows whut will become of the
money. He must have big men behind
him lu order to lix a United Slates
judge this way. Maybe be has the
'Frisco courts corrupted, too."
"If he has. I'm goin' to kilf him."
said Dextry. "I've worked like a
dog all my life, aud now that I've
struck pay I don't aim to lose it. If
Bill  Wheaton can't win out neeordln'
to law. I'm goin' to proceed accord Iu
to Justice."
During the part two dnys the part
ners hnd haunted the courtroom where
their lawyer, together with tlie counsel
for the Scandinavians, had argued and
pleaded, trying e���������>;���>��� possible professional and unpiWsslonnl artifice in
search of relief from the arbitrary rul-
in.'S of t':e court, while hourly they
hod become more strongly suspicious
of some sinister plot some hidden,
powerful understanding lack of the
judge and the entire mechanism of justice. They bad fought with the fury
of men who battle for life an I hnd
grown to hate the lines of Stillman's
vacillating lace, the bluster of the district attorney and the smirking confidence of the clerks, for it seemed that
they all worked mechanically, like
toys, at the dictates of Alec McNamara. At Inst when they had ceased.
beaten and exhausted, they were ton
confused witli technical phrases to
grasp anything except tlie fact that
relief was denied tbem. that their
claims were to be worked by the receiver and. as a crowning defeat, they
learned that the judge would move hit
court to St. Michael's and hear no
cases until he returned, a month later.
Meanwhile. McNamara hired every
Idle man he could lay hand upon ami
ripped tlie placers open witli double
shifts. Every day a stream of yellow
dust poured info the bank and was
locked hi liis vanlt<. while those mine
owners who attempted to witness tb"
cleanups were ejected from their
claims. The politician hud worked
with incredible swiftness and system.
nnd a fortnight after lauding he had
made good Ids boast to Struve and
was In charge of every good claim in
the district, (he owners were ousted.
their appeals argued and denied and
the court gone for thirty days, leaving bim a clear field for his operations.
He felt a contempt for most of his victims, who wore slow wltted Swedes.
grasping neither the purport nor the
magnitude of liis operation, and to
those litigants who were discerning
enough to see its enormity he trusted
lo his organization to thwart them.
The two partners had come to feel
that they were beating against a wall
and hnd also come squarely to face the
proposition that they were without
funds wherewith to continue their battle. It was maddening for them fo
think of the daily robbery that they
suffered, for the Midas turned out
many ounces of gold at every shift
and more maddening fo realize the receiver's shrewdness in crippling them
by his theft of tlie gold In their safe.
That had been his crowning stroke.
"We must get money quick," said
Glenlster. "Do you think we can borrow?"
"Borrow?" sniffed Dextry. "Folks
don't lend money iu Alaska."
They relapsed into a moody silence.
"I met a feller this moruin' that's
workln' on the Midas." the old man
resumed. "He enme iu town fer a
pair of gum boots, an' he says they've
run into awful rich ground���so rich
that they have to clean up every mornin' when the night shift goes off cause
the riffles clog with gold."
"Think of il!" Glenlster growled. "If
we had even a part of one of those
cleanups we could send Wheaton outside."
In the midst of his bitterness a
thought struck him. He made as
though to speak, then closed his mouth,
But his partner's eyes were on him.
filled with a suppressed hut growing
fire. Dextry lowered his voice cautiously:
"There'll be $2n.nno in Ihem sluices
tonight at midnight."
Glenlster stared hack, while bis pulse
pounded nt something thai lay in the
other's words.
"It belongs to us." the young man
snld. "There wouldn't he anything
Wrong about It. would there'.'"
Dextry sneered. "Wrong! Right!
Them is fine an' soundin' titles in a
luess like this. " hill do they mean?
I tell you at midnight tonight Alec
McNamara will have $20,000 of our
"God! What would happen If Ihey
caught us?" whispered tlie younger,
following out liis thought. "They'd
never let ns get i ff Hie claim alive. He
couldn't find a better excuse to shoot
us down and get rid of us. If we came
iqi liefore this judge fer tidal, we'd go
to Sitka for twenty years."
-Sure! Hut it's our only chance. I'd
ruther die on the Midas iu a lair fight
thnn ::et here hltln' my hnngnnils. I'm
growln" old. an' 1 won't never make
another strike. As to belli' caught���
them's our chances. I won't lie took
alive. I promise you that, and liefore I
go I'll get my satisfy, fast in' tilings
up. flint's nbout all a man gets in tills
vale of tears. Jest satisfaction (if one
kind or ni.other, it'll be a tg'it in the
open, under the stars, with tbe clean,
wet moss to lie down ou, and not a
scrappin' inn tell of freak phrases and
law books Inside of a stlnkiu' courtroom. The cards Is shuffled and in the
box. pardner, and the game is started.
If we're due to will, we'll win. If
we're O.v.e lo lore, we'll lose. These
things is all figxored out a thousand
years back. Come on. boy! Are you
"Am I game?" Glenlster's nostrils
dllnted. and his voice rose a tone.
"Am  I game'.'    I'm  wilh  yon till  the
The watchman wink wilh n Inint cry
ceremony that friends of the frontier
are v.o.t i > observe, admitting tlie attenuated, flapping, dome crowned figure of Slapjack Sltnms. and Dextry fell
upon htm with tlie hunger of a wolf.
if wns midnight, and over tlie dark
walls of the vall.y peered a multitude
of stars, while n va.v on llie .southern
horizon tusre glowed a subdued effulgence ai though from hidden (ires beneath the Gold God's caldron or ns
th nigh ihe phosphorescence of r.eriir:
hnd spread upward into tlie sides. Although each night grew longer, it wns
nit yet necessary to light tlie ineu at
work in tlie cuts. There were perhaps
two hours In which it wns difficult to
sec at a distance, hut the dawn came
early: hence nn provision had been
made for torches.
Five minutes liefore the hour the
night shift boss lowered the gates in
the dam. and as the nish from the
sluices subsided ids men quit work
and (dimlied tbe bluff to the mess tent.
The dwelling! of the Mi-!as. as has already been explained, sat back from
the creek nt a distance of a city block.
the working-; being thus partially bidden under the brow of the steep bank.
It i< customary to leave a watchman
in the pit during the noon and midnight
hours, not only to see lhat strangers
preserve a neutral attitude, but also to
watch fhe waste gates and water .supply. The night man of (be Midas had
bee:j warned of liis responsibility and,
knowing that much gold lay in his
keeping, was disposed to gaze ou the
curious minded with the sourness of
suspicion. Therefore, as a man lead
lug a pnekhorse approached out of the
gloom of the creek trail, his eyes were
on bim from the moment he appeared
The road wound along the gravel of
fhe bars and pnased in proximity to
the Humes. However, the wayfarer paid
no attention to (hem. and the watchman detected an explanatory weariness iu his slow gait.
"Some prospector getting In from a
trip," he thought.
The stranger stopped, scratched a
match, and as he undertook to light
his pipe, the observer caught the mahogany shine of a negro's face. The
match sputtered out and then came impatient blasphemy as he searched for
a not he:-.
"Eveuin', sah! Yon-all oblige me with
a match?" lie addressed the watcher
on the hank above and, without waiting a reply, began lo climb upward.
No smoker ou fhe trail will deny the
luxury of n light to the most humble,
so ns the negro gained his level the
man readied forth to accommodate
him. Without warning the black man
leaped forward with the ferocity of an
.animal and struck the other a fearful
blow. The watchman sank with a
faint, startled cry. and the African
dragged him out of sight over the
brow of tho hank, where he rapidly
tied him hand anil foot, stuffing a gag
Into tils month. At the same moment
two other figures rounded the bend
below and approached. They were
mounted nnd leading a third saddl*
horse as well as other pack onlmals.
Reaching the workings, they dismount
ed. Theu begun a strange procedure,
for one man clambered upon the
sluices aud. wilh a pick, ripped out
tho riffles. This was a matter of only
n few seconds: then, seizing a shovel.
lie transferred the concentrates which
lay In Ihe bottom of 'he boxes into
canvas sacks which his companion
held. As each bag was filled It was
tied and dumped Into the cut. They
treated but four boxes In this way,
leaving (he lower two-thirds of the
Hume untouched, for Anvil creek gold
Is coarse aud the heart of the cleanup lies where it Is thrown in. Gathering the sacks together, they lashed
I hem upon the pack animals, then
mounted tlie second string of sluices
nnd began as liefore. Throughout it
all they worked with feverish haste
and ia unbroken silence, every moment Hashing quick glances nt the figure of' the lookout who stood on the
.-rest above, half dimmed iu the shadow of a willow clump. Judging by
their rapidity and sureness, they were
expert miners.
From the tent came the voices of the
night shift at table and the faint rattle
of dishes, while the canvas walls glowed from the lights within like great
fireflies hidden In the grass. The foreman, finishing his meal, appeared at
the door of the mess tent and, pausing
to accustom his eyes to the gloom,
peered perfunctorily toward the creek.
The watchman detached himself from
the   shadow,   moving   out   Into   plain
i'lit. and the boss turned back. The
two men below were now working on
file sluices which lay close under the
bind; and wore thus hidden from tho
McNamara's description of Anvil
creek's riches had fired Helen Cheater
with the desire to wituess a cleanup,
so they bad ridden out from town In
time for supper at the claim. She bad
not known whither he led her. only
understanding thnt provision for her
entertainment would be made wis li
the superintendent's wife. Upon recognizing the Midas she bad endeavored to question him as to why her
friends had been dispossessed, nud he
had answered, as it seemed, straight
and true.
'Ihe ground was In dispute, lie said���
another man claimed it���and while the
litigation pended be wns in charge for
the court, to see that neither party received injury. He spoke adroitly, and
it satisfied ber to hnve the proposition
resolved into such simplicity.
She had come [Vepared to spend the
night aud witness the early morning
operation, so tlie receiver made the
most of his opportunity. He showed
ber over tbe workings, explaining tlie
many things that were strange to her.
Not only was he in himself a fascinating figure to any woman, but, wherever
he went men regarded him deferentially, and nothing ects a woman's
Judgment move promptly than this obvious sign of power. lie spent the
evening with her. talking of Ids early
days nnd the things he had done In Iho
west, his story matching the plotnr-
esqueaess of her canvas walled quarters with their rough furnishings of
nk'ns nnd blankets. Being a keen observer ns well as a finished raconteur,
he had woven a spell of words about
tho girl, leaving her In a state of tumult and Indecision when at last, toward midnight, he retired to Ids own
te-t. Phe knew to what end oil this
was working and yet knew not what
her nnswer would be when Ihe question came which lay behind it all. At
moments rhe felt the wonderful attraction of the mnn. and still there
wns some distrust of him which sho
could not fathom. Again her thoughts
reverted to Glenlster, the impetuous,
and sho compared the two. so similar
In some ways, so utterly opposed In
It was when rh" heard the night shift
nt the'.r menl that she threw a silken
shawl about her head, stepped Into tho
cool night and picked her way dowu
toward the roar of the creek. "A
breath of air and then to bed." she
thought. She snw the tall figure.of
tlie watchman and made for hhn. He
seemed oddly interested In her approach, watching her very closely, almost as though alarmed. It was doubtless because there were so few women
out here, or possibly on account of the
lateness of the hour. Away with conventions! This wus the land of instinct nnd Impulse. She would talk to
him. The man drew his hat more
closely about his face and moved off
as she came up. Glenlster had been
In her thoughts a moment since, nnd
she now noted that here was another
with the same great, square shoulders
and erect head. Then she saw with a
start that this one was a negro, lie
carried n Winchester and seemed to
watch her carefully, yet with inde-
To express her Interest and to break
the silence, she questioned him. but at
the sound of her voice he stepped toward her and spoke roughly:
Then he paused and stammered In a
strangely altered and unnatural voice;
"Yass'm.    I'm the watchman."
She noted two other darkies at work
below and was vaguely surprised, not
so much at their presence, as at the
mauuer in which they moved, for they
seemed under stress of some great
haste, running hither and yon. She
saw horses standing in the trail and
sensed something indefinably odd and
alarming In the air. Turning to the
man she opened her mouth to speak,
when from the rank grass under her
feet enme a noise which set her a-
tlngle and at wh.ch her suspicious
leaped full to the solution. It was tho
groan of n mnn. Again he gave voice
to his pain, and she knew that sho
stood face to face with something sinister. Tales of sluice robbers had come
to her and rumors of the daring raids
iuto which men were lured by the yellow siieen, ana yet tins was iiiereUlUlt
A hundred men lay within sound of her
voice. She could hoar their laughter.
One was whistling a popular refrain.
A quarter mile away on every hand
were other camps A scream from her
would bring them all. Nonsense, this
was uo sluice robbery, and then the
man hi the bushes below moaned for
the third time.
"What Is tbntV" she said.
Without reply the negro lowered the
muzzle of his rifle till it covered her
breast, and nt the same time she heard
the double dick of the hammer.
"Keep still and don't move." he
warned. "We're desperate, and we
can't take any chances, miss."
"Oh, you are stealing the gold"���
She wns wildly frightened, yet stood
still while the I i! nut anxiously divided Ids iitten'len between her nnd
the tents above i ntil his companions
signaled him that they were through
and the horses were loaded. Then he
"I don't know what to do with you,
but i guess I'll tie you up."
"Whnt?" she said.
"I'm going to tie nnd gag you so you
can't holler."
"Oh. den't yon c! ire!" she cried fiercely. "I'll stand right here till you've
gone, and I won't icroain. I promise."
She looked lip at him appealingly, at
Which lie dipped Ids bead, so that she
caught only n glimpse of his face, and
then hacked it   v
"All right! Don't try It because I'll
be hidden in tlio.se bushes yonder at
the hend, and I'll iieep you covered till
the others are gone." He leaped down
the hank, run to the cavalcade, mounted quickly, and the three lashed their
horses Into a run, disappearing up the
trail nround the sharp curve. She
heard the blows of their quirts as they
Whipped the pack horses.
CARRIAGE-?!  inch  tires $21.85
"      "        i      "       "       14.85
"     "        i     "       "       11.25
GO-CART-!     "       "     $24.30
"      "        J      "       "       23.20
"      "        I     "       "      14.40
NOTE-We will duplicate the prices of any responsible mail order
house, or do better, if possible.
C. A. C. STEWARD, Phone No. 9.
Notary Public.
0. R. MASON.
100 ft. fronta?��. Near centre of business.
Land, Financial and Insurance Agents.
'Ihey were hug out of sight before
the girl moved er made sound, although she knew that none of the three
had paused ul the bend. She only
stood nud gased, for nn they galloped
off she hnd heard the scrap of a broken
sentence. II was but one e.'cite 1
word sounding through the rattle of
hoofs her nv.n name���"Helen!" and
yet because of il she did not voice the
nhirni, bul ruiher began to piece together lill by bit tlie strange points of
this adventure. She recalled the outlines of her captor with a wrinkle of
perplexity. Her fright di mppenred entirely, giving phlie to Intense excitement. "Xo, nc; li can't be! And yel I
wonder If if is!" she cried. "Oh. I
wonder If it could be!"
She opened hat' lips to cry aloud, then
hesitated. Sho started toward the
tents, then paused, in..I for many moments nfter the hoof heats had' died
out she stayed undecided. Surely i-he
wished t i give the signal, t.i force the
tierce pursuit, Whnl meant ibis rob:
bery, this defiance of the law. of her
uncle's edicts and of McNamara? They
were common thieves, criminals, oat-
laws, these men. deserving punishment, anil yet she recalled a darker
idght. when she herself had sobbed
and quivered with the terrors of pursuit nud two men had shielded her
wilh their bodies.
She turned nnd sped toward the
tents, bursting In through the canvas
door. Instantly every man rose to his
feet at sight of her pallid face, her
Hashing eyes and rumpled hair.
"Sluice robbers!" she cried breath
lessly. "Quick! A holdup! The watch
man is hurt!"
A roar shook the night air, and thi.
men poured out punt her. while the
day shift enme tumbling forth from
every quarter in various stages of undress.
"Where? Who did it? Where did
they go?"
McNamara appeared among them,
fierce and commanding, seeming to
grasp the situation Intuitively without
explanation from her.
"Come on, men. We'll run 'em down.
Get out the horses.   Quick!"
He wns mounted even as he spoke
nnd other joined hhu. Then, turning,
he waved his long arm up tho valley
toward the mountains. "Divide Into
squads of five nnd cover the hills!
1'nn down to Discovery, one of you,
and telephone to town for Voorhees
and a posse."
As they made ready to ride nway
tlie girl cried:
"Stop! Not that way. They went
down the gulch -three negroes."
She pointed out of the valley toward
the dim glow on tho southern horizon,
nnd the cavalcade rode away Into the
UT creek the three negroes fled.
past other camps, to where the
stream branched. Here tbev
took to the right nnd urged
their burses nlong a forsaken trail to
the headwaters of the little tributary
nnd over the low saddle. They had endeavored to reach unfrequented paths
as soon as possible In order thnt they
might puss unnoticed. Hefore quitting
the valley they balled their heaving
horses and, selecting a stngnnnt pool,
scoured the grease paint from their
features ns best they could. Their
ears were strained for sounds of pursuit, bnt ns the moments passed and
none came the tension eased somewhat, and they conversed guardedly.
As the morning light spread they
crossed the moss capped summit of fhe
range, but paused again, and. removing two saddles, hid them nmong the
rocks. Slapjack left the others here
and rode southward down tlie Dry
Creek trail toward town, while the
partners shifted part of the weight
from the overloaded pack mules to the
remaining saddle animals and continued eastward nlong the barren
comb of hills on foot, lending the five
"It don't seem like we'll get nwny
this easy." said Dextry. scanning the
bnck trail. "If we do. I'll be tempted
to foller the lurlness reg'lar. This
grease pain! nn my face makes me
"tiiell like a minstrel man- I list we'll
get some bulh press notices tomorrow."
(To be continued.)
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that all persons using; the irrigation
water in such a manner as to allow the
waste water to run on the public roads
will be held responsible for all damage
which may occur through their negligence.       By order.
41-4 Clerk of the Municipality.
Dated this 24th April, 1909.
Business block on Main Street; two
storey with two compartments downstairs and hall upstairs, $2,500. Lot 63,
seven and one-half acres on Fairview
Road, $2,200. J. D. McDonald,
12-tf Potlatch, Idaho.
The office, shed, stable and cold storage
buildings of the Okanagan Nursery Co.,
Main St.   Apply
40- Assignee.
A lot on Eckhardt Ave.,  cleared and
fenced ;   with kitchen and good frostproof cellar, and tent attached.    A bargain at $275.03.   Apply owner,
40-3 J. BASHAM.
Two Hundred and Sixty-Three Acres;
about 30 acres can be cultivated and
watered ; over J mile lake frontage ;
2 acres six year old bearing orchard; 5
additional acres cleared for crop ; 2
springs at house ; wharf 170 ft. long ;
good log house; 6 chicken houses; good
stable l(ixl6 with hay loft and shingled
roof; lean-to 16x16 ; good corral ; good
root cellar where nothing froze this
winter; first water right on Shoot
Creek for 100 inches ; unlimited range
for stock ; 5 miles from Naramata ;
wagon road will be built this year or
next; one of the most delightful locations in the Okanagan. Last year the
owner was asking ten thousand for
place but as he has something else in
sight now, he will sell for six thousand.
This is a bargain.
Apply for particulars at the PRESS
office, or to F. G. ANDERSON,
Summerland, B. C.
Similkameen Division of Yale District.
Take Notice that Alexander Henry
Steven, of Summerland, in the province
of British Columbia, occupation Accountant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at tho
southwest corner of lot number 104 S,
thence west 20 chains; thenee north 4'd
chains; thenee east 20 chains; thence
south 40 chains to the point of commencement, and containing one hundred
and sixty acres, more or less.
Summarland, 24th March, 1909.
EGOS!      EGOS!
From pure-bred White Leghorn, S. S.
Hamburg, Buff Orpington, P. Barred
Rock, White Wyandottes, Buff Cochins,
$1.50 per setting. Also baby chicks at
25 cents apiece.
41-3 Box 239.       Penticton.
Pure-bred White Leghorn ;   $1.50  per
setting.      Apply
Write to-day for catalogue.
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.,
30tf Vancouver, B. C.
T.ever Brothers, Toronto, will send you
free a cake of their1 famous PIan to 1
toilet  soap, if you  mention  this paper. THE.PENTICTON PRESS, PENTICTON, B.C., MAY 1, 1909.
Weather Report.
Observations at Dominion Government Meteorological Station
at Penticton for the month of
March, 1909 :
.. 35
5   .
...43 ..
.. 20
7 .   .
43 .
.. 20
. .. 4154	
.. 51*	
��� --514	
.. 27
The total
rainfall was
.38 inches.
5000 APPLE Trees
I am selling out my entire
Nursery Stock.
Send in your want list for
A. J. Henderson
Eye Specialist
Refracting   Oculist,   Doctor of
Optics and
Scientific Optician
Saturday, May 8th
at MAIN'S DRUG  STORE,   for  twc
days only, Saturday and Monday.
Now do not miss this opportunity
to have your eyes examined and at
tended to by one who has had manj
years practical experience with Johr
Wanless & Co., the leading Optica)
Parlors of Toronto, besides foui
years study of medicine. Nothing
but the  highest  class  of work  done.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
A reliable party to act as
und Hiirroun'Jiritf cJisti ict fur the sale cif
Hardy  Ontario-drown  Prult
and    Ornamental   Trees.
OorMl pay weekly. Exclusive territory. Ah
wc Kuarantee delivery ol* lirst grade stork in
kwckJ condition our adonis have every chance
of doing a splendid businesH.   Write now.
Toronto, Ont.
N. B.-Salenmon book orders for fall delivery
from now on. -11-JU
Daily delivery of Fresh Milk to
all parts of the town.
H. M. McNeill,    .     Prop.
ELLIS street.
5 vols. New Encyclopedic Dictionary ;
15 vols. Dicken's Works, complete ;
15 vols. Shakespere's Works,
Above are all new and are offered at less than cost.
2 Milk Cows.
1 Petaluma Incubator, 120 egg
capacity; 2nd hand.
Now is the time to spray your chicken
houses and stables. Pendray's Liquid
Spray is non-poisonous, and applied
1 to 5 is a sure killer of all lice, mites
and vermin. Keep your fowls ckan
and healthy and increase egg-production.
f  ^
The Southern Okanagan Land
Company, Limited
Our Irrigation system having been completed for
the Lake Skaha benches we are now offering under this
water system some 300 acres in five and ten acre tracts,
at $100.00 to $150.00 per acre.
On the Penticton benches we still have for sale
irrigated about 160 acres, at from $100.oo to $125. oo per
acre. All our bench lands are admirably adapted for
��� On the Penticton flats we have open clean meadow
suitable for small fruits, vegetable and hay, at $150. oo
per acre.
Uncleared land suitable for fruit [but stoney and
wooded] $5o.oo to $loo.oo per acre.
Uncleared land quite free of stone, suitable for
hay or garden stuff, $loo.oo per acre.
Terms on all the above one quarter down, one
quarter each year with interest at 6 per cent, on deferred
In Penticton and on Okanagan Lake Beach $3oo.oo
to $15o.oo.       On Lake Skaha Beach $4oo.oo.
We have a great many excellent buys in town
property (business and residential). Anything we show
you will advance in value 5o per cent, within a year.
Get in now, you can make money and take no chances by
purchasing our lands.
Wishes to announce that he is opening a
Photographic Studio
In the Rowcliffe Block
-ABOUT MAY 1st.���
Twenty-five years' experience in Portraiture has enabled him to attain success in this branch.    The
latest styles in mounts will be kept in stock.
Eggs for Hatching
From Northup's Prize
Winning Laying Strain
This Pen, that is headed bv a prize-
winning male, imported, from the
above strain, is not any experiment, but have proven their egg-
producing qualities in size and
$2.00    -    3 for $5.00.
Be Satisfied with only the Best
" The best laid schemes o' mice and men
Gang aft agley."
If you don't know what that means ask some Scotchman,
but it amounts to this : If a man has not planned his summer
clothing to include a "Sovereign Brand" suit and a pair of "K" boots
he is going to be disappointed.
as we have already told you, and we wish to emphasize the fact,
Is up=to=date in every particular.
The styles are correct, the materials are the
finest, and the workmanship the best.
There are other brands of clothing, good brands too, but ours is the
"Sovereign" of them all.
"K" Boots
have been so thoroughly tested as to come fully up to all that the
makers claim for them, that they
Are the strongest and best Boot made.
Their first cost is a little more than the average but they more than
repay their cost from ths wear and satisfaction given.
Lawn Sprinklers.
Rubber Hose.        Sheet Packing.
White Lead, Oil, Mixed Paints, Agate Wall Finish.
Place Your Insurance With
The Very Best Companies.      It Pays.
You cannot afford to take any chances.
Liverpool & London & Globe.
Guardian Assurance Co., Ltd.
Atlas Assurance Co., Limited.
Union Assurance Society, Ltd.
Canadian Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
Royal Insurance Co., Ltd.
Phoenix Assurance Co., of London.
North British & Mercantile.
British America.
General Merchant.
Phone 6.
Ellis Street.
Agricultural   Implements,   Buggies,
and Harness.
Pendray's Improved  Liquid Spray.
House and Spray Pumps.
Bicycle Repairs. Roof Paint.
&c, &c.
Another car of
McLaughlin    Carriages
ja\sq a
Car of  Cockshutt   Goods
Comprising the following :���
Adams'   Lotf   Trucks,   Adams'
Teaming  Trucks,   Adams' one-
horse    Wagons    (low   wheels),
Adams' Lorries and Drays.
Cockshutt 3, !l, and 1-horse
Plow s.
Cockshutt Drag and Lever and
Spring-Tooth Harrows.
Cockshutt Wheel Scrapers and
Dra g Scrapi :rs.
Cockshutc 1-horse Cultivators.
Cockshutt Potato Diggers.
Also Bolster Springs, Light and
Heavy Han less, Sharpies Cream
Separators, I. H. C. Gas Engines,
Ideal Pump ing Plants, etc.
Call and Inspect our Stock.
Trees Trees Trees
Layritz Nurseries,
Victoria, B. C.
We have a fine stock of all the leading
varieties on hand.
All stock is propagated from  fruiting
trees rendering practically no risk
regarding untrueness to name.
Write for catalogue
and price list to our local representative
KELCKWNA,       -        B. C.
Goods delivered to any part
of the town daily.
Prompt attention given to mail
Phone 21. P. O. Box 203.


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