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The Penticton Press Aug 21, 1909

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 ��<C   j^J^tiAy   rf  ���'   * y2-*-.t<r,s'/AHKAf  Z4
m       �� *r       /
^Ibe   penticton   press
VOL. 4.    No. G.
$1.00 Per Year In Advance
High School Examinations.
REGATTA NO. THREE.       Local and Personal
Peachland  Peaches  for   Nelson
B. E. Walker, President. ! PaifJ-Up Capital,  $10,000,000
Alexander Laird, General Manager.  Reserve Fund,    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in the United Slates and England.
Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at
current rates.     Accounts may be opened in the names of
two or more persons and withdrawals made by
any one of them or by the survivor.
Penticton Branch
J. J. HUNTER, Manager.
1 Campbell & Kay |
^^H        SHINGLES
Give us a call. Prices right.
/The Penticton Saddlery �����. j
Large assorted stock of
Best value in town in
Fire, Life and Accident  Insurance f
Get our rates before renewing or placing t
fresh insurance.     Our rates are absolute- I
ly the lowest. J
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable ?
DIGNAN and WEEKS. Proprietors. $
R   If you  /ant a Stylish Outfit, this is the place to come.   You can always $
K    get teams just when you want them.    We make a specialty  of  keeping <|
V    good horses, safe rigs, careful drivers and also saddle and pack  horses. U
K    We are also putting in Hay and Grain for sale, and as we buy  for  cash ^
K .   we get the best rates and our patrons get the benefit. J
R Special  Attention To The Wants Of Commercial Men. *
Penticton Stage and Livery
Stage Connects with Steamer "Okanagan" at Penticton, with Great Northern
Railway at Keremeos, and with stage to Hedley and Princeton. Leaves at (i a.m
Pianos and Furniture moved to all points,  and a general Drayinp,
Business transacted.
Saddle and Pack Horses.
Top Buggies, Four-horse Rigs for Commercial Men.
W. E. Welby, Prop.       Penticton.
>t     ON  SALE     *j
A line of
Strictly New Ladies' Waists
In White Muslin, Organdie and Vestings
we purpose to clear out, and will offer GREAT SNAPS.
So come and get a choice before they are all gone.
Phone 9
g     NORMAN HILL Phone y     *
W  The Up-to-Date Ladies' and Gents' furnishing House $|
N Main Street, Penticton. b
"Canada," a magazine published in London, Eng., in its issue
I of Jnly 24, fills one page with
two fine half tone engravings,
The one is a cut of the city of
Nelson, B. C, and the other
view has as its title. "Packing
apples in Nelson, B. C." Strange
to say, this latter is a view of a
Peachland orchard in which two
| packers are engaged in wrapping
and packing peaches in peach
crates. On the end of each box
may, by the aid of a magnifying
glass, be read "Peachland Trading Co." and "Peachland
This magazine is sent throughout the British Isles purporting
to give correct information to intending emigrants to Canada.
Probably the blame should not
be attached to the publishers, for,
living at the distance they do
from this country, they cannot
be expected to trace the authenticity of every photograph submitted to them for application.
One would imagine, however,
that even the average individual
in the Old Country, where
peaches are not grown, would
have at least known that the
trees represented in the picture
and the fruit being packed were
not apples.
However, the true culprit is
not to be sought in the Britiah
Isles but right here in British
Columbia. The same person, or
persons, who furnished the
photograph of the city of Nelson
also furnished the cut of the
Peachland orchard, and was responsible for applying it to Nelson rather than to Peachland to
which it belonged. This is not
the first attempt of Nelson land
boosters to sail under false colors, or to build up the reputation
of Nelson as a fruit growing district, at the expense of the Okanagan. Such actions must be
backed by a most contemptible
spirit, and should no longer be
tolerated. It is also the duty of
"Canada" to rectify the error.
Kelowna Regatta.
The regatta held under the
auspices of the Kelowna Canoe
Club on the 11th and 12th was
certainly a brilliaut success. We
must congratulate the committee
who by their untiring energy
have proved that it is possible to
keep three or four thousand
people amused and interested for
two days in water sports only.
- The chief items on the programmes of interest to outsiders
were, of course the war canoe
races. - In the two senior events
for the Knowles and Megaw
cups and medals, Kelowna won
two very hard races, Summer-
land making a good second in
the first event and Peachland in
the secend. Kelowna being the
only entry in the junior race, the
crew paddled over the course in
good style.
Some of the ladies' races were
exceedingly good, there being
some very close finishes.
Professor Wilkinson gave some
very interesting exhibitions of
diving, life saving, etc.
The rest of the events on the
programme, too numerous to
mention in detail, were all run
off in good style.
The new promenade and club
house were decorated very prettily with bunting, Chinese lanterns
and various colored electric
lights, and at night looked like a
scene from Faryland.
Last year we were pleased to
take our hats  off   to   Kelowna
when   that  town was awarded
nearly all the prizes for fruit at
I the Spokane Fair.    This year we
; have to do bo again as Kelowna
! certainly leads in sports.
Intermediate Grade: maximum
j marks, 1,200; number of candidates, 1: passed 0.
Advanced Course, Junior
grade: maximum marks, 1,000;
i number of candidates, 1; passed,
1. - Chester W. Latimer, 608.
Full Course, Junior Grade:
maximum marks, 1,200; number
of candidates, 8; passed, 5. -
Pearl W. Raymer, 763; John Reginald Fuller, (589; Mary E. E.
Haug, 667; Albert Ernest Hill,
655; Olive May Young, 652.
Preliminary Course, Junior
Grade: maximum marks. 900;
number of candidates, 22; passed, 11.���Harold A. Renwick, 606;
John McLaughlin, 579; Helen E.
Shanks, 569; Laura E. DeBeck,
560; Alice A. Renwick, 523; Rae
G. Ritchie, 512; Roy L. Rogers,
509; Francis C. Kearns, 471;
Olive J. Ferguson, 463; Gertrude
V. B. Gummow, 460; Bessie P.
Seaton, 459.
Good Grade for V. V. & E.
An erroneous impression that
the ronte of the V., V. & E. railway over the Hope mountains between the Similkameen district
and the Fraser river valley constitutes a veritable toboggan
shute involving heavy operating
expenses was dispelled today by
Mr. A. H. Hogeland of St. Paul,
chief engineer of the Great
Northern railway.
"Changes in the location of the
unbuilt portion of the V., V. & E.
route are now under consideration. Two survey parties are
now at work in the Hope range,"
said Mr. Hogeland to The Province at the Hotel Vancouver.
"We feel quite confident that in
the revised survey we will be
able to secure a grade one per
cent, on westbound and a two per
cent, grade on eastbound traffic.
From the inf> rmation now in our
possession we have every reason
to believe that the mountains do
not constitute the insurmountable
barrier people suppose them to
"The route of the proposed line
across the mountains was completed and filed with the government nearly two years ago. Going west it follows the Tulameen
and Otter rivers to the summit
and descends the- western slope
via the Coquihalla river to that
river's confluence with the Fraser river near Hope. From that
point it will extend to Abbotts-
ford at the international boundary, where connection will be
made with the completed section
into Vancouver.
"Our road will be completed into Princeton from the east early
this fall. Princeton is just east
of the Hope mountains. The
eastern section of the Hill line in
Canada is built and in operation
from Laurier, a point on the international boundary, to Keremeos in the Similkameen district,
a distance of over 160 miles. At
Laurier the line connects with
another Hill road extending to
the main line at Spokane. At
several points between Laurier
and Keremeos the line dips into
United States territory in order
to secure the necessary gradients.
"I am unable to state when
the link binding Vancouver with
the Kootenays will be finished,
but it is certain that the work
will be prosecuted with energy
and dispatch," said Mr. Hogeland in conclusion.
Strawberry Plants,  Senator  Dunlap
variety, Kellogg strain.   Apply
6-8 Penticton.
At Naramata, Thursday, Aug. 26
Regatta No. Three of the 1909
series, will be held at Naramata,
under the auspices of the Naramata Amateur Athletic and
Aquatic Association, on Thursday, afternoon Aug. 26, 1909,
commencing with a band concert
from 1:30 to 2:0 given bv the
Summerland Brass and Reed
The great success of the last
regatta has spurred the management to greater efforts and everything points to one of the
most exciting and spectacular
events of the season. Arrangements for handling the crowd are
greatly improved, the capacity of
the grandstand has been nearly
doubled and the arrangements
are complete in every way for
providing the brightest and snappiest five hours sport ever offered to the public in the Okanagan.
On the enlarged grandstand
there are 20 boxes, seating 8 persons each. Box seats, 50c, full
boxes, $3. Grand stand seats
25c. Those desiring boxes should
fyle application early with Mr.
George Wolstencroft. Naramata.
The following is a list of events
for which valuable prizes will be
Sailing race, handicap;
Men's double sculls;
Greasy pole;
War canoe race, 15 paddles,
for the Robinson cup and medals,
Mixed double sculls;
Single canoe race;
Swimming and diving;
Junior war canoe race, 9
paddles, boys under 20, for the
Price Ellison silver medals. This
is the final race for these medals;
Mixed double and men's double
canoe races;
Senior war canoe race, 9
paddles, for the S. C. Smith
Lumber Co. silver medals;
Baseball match���Kelowna vs.
Summerland���for the Price Ellison cup. This promises to be
the most exciting baseball match
of the season. Each club stands
with one game to its credit. The
winner of this match takes Mr.
Ellison's beautiful trophy.
Arrangements have been made
for the S.S. Aberdeen to leave
Kelowna at 12:15, calling at
Peachland and Summerland. Returning will leave Naramata at
8:30 p. m. Excursion rates. The
Maud Moore will make a special
trip from Penticton to Naramata
Regatta at 12:30 p. m. with the
scow. Return fare 75c. Leaving
Naramata at 8:30 p. m.
Souvenir programmes containing a sketch of Naramata as a
summer resort by Rev. A. T.
Robinson, M. A., a poem "Naramata" by Mrs. Anna L. Gillespie,
cuts showing the opening ceremony by His Honor Dr. G. H.
Bulyea and Premier McBride;
also the chief races, start and
finish, in the last regattas, together with the programme of
the three regattas of the series,
will be on sale at 10 cents each.
A big line of school stationery
just to hand at King's.
There were 30,000,000 less cigarettes smoked in Canada last
year than in 1907. The decline
was due entirely to the restrictive legislation put through parli-
ment by the government during
1908. It is believed that the law
actually prevented smoking of
some 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 cigarettes by the boys of the country, as the consumption was an1
creasing until the law was put into force. The total consumption
of cigarettes last year was about
360,000,000, compared with 400,
000,000 the previons year.���Gazette, Grand Forks.
Those having friends visiting them
will confer a favor by acquainting the
Press with the fact. All other local
news thankfully received.
The public school will open on
��� Monday.
No. 1 Dairy Butter in small
tubs, 28cts a pound at King's.
Tracklaying on the V.. V. & E.
has been completed as far as
Hon. Sidney Fisher, Minister
of Agriculture, will be in Penticton on Sunday.
E. W. Fetterley has opened a
barber shop in the Zimmerman
building on Main St.
Gerald Latimer left on Friday
morning for the Royal Military
College, Kingston, Ontario.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Smith
arrived on Tuesday to spend a
couple of weeks in Penticton.
Men's Straw Hats at half
price to clear, at King's.
The Rev. Jas. Hood of Summerland will preach in the Presbyterian church on Sunday morning.
Rev. Dr. Osterhout, of Vernon,
will occupy the pulpit in the
Methodist church on Sunday
Louis J. Ball, Mgr. of the Vernon News, spent Wednesday in
Penticton. Mr. Ball has a fine
young orchard on the bench.
Mrs. Jno. H. Partridge and
daughter, Mrs. E. G. Brown, of
High River, Alta., are guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jno.
The Penticton Water Supply
Co. Ltd., is applying for a charter to purchase from the S. O.
Land Co., Ltd., its irrigation system and water rights at Penticton.
A. Claughton is having his
building on Smith St. raised
three feet and a store front put
in it. Report says that another
butcher shop may be opened
Mr. Wilton Alhousen, son and
daughter, of Lime .Regis, Eng.,
and Mr. Ward, of Cadogen Place,
Eng., arrived in Penticton last
Friday. Mr. Alhousen owns considerable property here.
F. S. Wilson sowed some rye
last Friday. By Thursday, the
time of writing, or six days after
planting, there are blades over
four inches high. This is a
The Maud Moore and scow will
make a special trip from Penticton to the Naramata regatta next
Thursday, leaving here at 12:30
p. m. and leaving Naramata for
this point at 8:30 p. m. Return
fare 75cts. Don't miss the outing.
Don't forget that Prof. Craig,
of Cornell University, and Martin
Burrell, M. P., of Grand Forks,
will lecture to the fruit growers
next Wednesday evening in
Steward's Hall. All, and especially the ladies, are invited to
The organization of a branch
of the Provincial Farmers' Institute at Penticton is gazetted for
Wed. Sept. 22. The organization meeting will be held in the
council chamber at 8:30. Everybody get in and work for this
important institution.
C. H. Manahan and sister, of
Winnipeg, Man, - arrived last
week to spend a short time in
Penticton. Mr Manahan is delighted with the appearance
and prospeets of Penticton. His
father, E. C. Manahan, also of
Winnipeg, owns a fruit lot on
Fairview Road.
T'oT'UIation. 800, Area, 7.mi acres. Maximum
temperature 1908, 95'������ F.; minimum temperature
1U.')S. ��� \�� F. Incorporated Into a District Municipality Jan. 1, lit^y. Uhzuitxi at south enu of Ok-
a uuran Lake. Communication by C. P. It. steamer* on Okanagan Lake. Wagon road connects
with Summerland on west side of lake and all
points to the north ; also with Naramata on easl
-kJc of lake, Okftnagan Falls, Fairview and Boundary country to tlie south, and all Similkameen
points lh tlie southwest. The mildest climate in
i lanada east <��f th** coast. Public school with four
departments. Nursing Home. Cannery. Two
nurseries. Chief industry, the growing <>f fruit,
more particularly peaches and other tender kinds,
Twelve hundred acres planted. Excel leal ousting
and bathing1 in tin' summer. Beautiful scenery,
A sunny climate. An ideal [-lac (.. sp<-nd <-ithti
the lurumer or wintei months.
i '���"!' husineRN n)ac*f*N see our advertising columns.
Mi'ris Thursday evening!* in Council Boom, Smith
-,lrivl. A. 11. W ml.-. Uuuvu. Chun. Wire.
meets 1st Monday in each month ol S p. m, R.
V\ tit.in. Scc'y-Treas.
Annuel tfoneral meotinff. -r��l V/edneaday in January uf cinch yoar. Genera) quarterly meet.
inn.-. 2ml VVucinuBdayti in January, April, July
iiml Ortoberal 8 ti.m. Afllllatecl with Okann-
ivni HuurclN of Trade. J, .1. UunUu', I'm.;
M. 0. Kendall, Soc'y.
Si. Saviour's Church, Fairview Avenue; Vicar
Hev .r. A. Cleland    C-elebration of Holy Com
inn n tin- 1st and 3rd Sunday* of the month
after II o'clock matiru : the Und Sunday nt H ��
m. Morning prayer al il mn. Bvensong at
7i80 p.m.
rri'sbyterlan services each Sunday in church at
11 a.m. or 7:30 p.m,   Kev,      Fisher, pastor,
Baptistservicei oach Sun.lay in church, al   II a.
in. or 7:.'!" p. m.
t'reshyteriun   and    Baptist   services   ulternate,
moming and evening,
Metliodist services in church each Sunday nt 7::t'j
p.m.!   Sunday School 3:46 p.m.     "i--\   W, I.
Dradk-y. It. A.. imiMi',
Yoi i rn-   Peoples'   Chi isltan   I hi ion   meets   in   tin
Metllodisl churcli every Tuesday at 8 p.m.
A. F. & A. M. meet In -Mason's Hall. Main St.. 1st
Wednesday In each month at H p.m.
W. O. W. meet in Woodmens' Mull. Ellis St.. 2nd
und 'lth Sutimluy in each month ut s p.m.
I. 0. O. K meet in Odd   Fellows' Mall.  Main St..
every Monday at s p.m.
L. O; L. meet in Woodmen's Hall 2nd and 4 th
Friday in each nionl h at S p, m.
Stage leaves for Keremeos, Medley and Princeton, at li a. in. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Returns on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays,
Stage leaves fur Fairview and Oroviile on Tucs
days. Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:30 a. m. Re
turns on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at
G p. tn.
Hours 1) u. m. to 5 p, m.
Registered Letter and Money Order wickc-i
closes 5 p. m.
Wicket opened fur half an hour after mail it
Arrivals���Per Str. Okunagan: Daily except
Sunday *> p. m.; Per stage from II. dPy. Keremeos. Olalla, Allen (irove, Oroviile, Fairview,
and White Luke; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ut ti p. m.
Closing���For boat and stages: 8 p. m. daily.
Daily both ways during summer except  Sundaj.
Sir. Okanagan leaves Penticton "( a. ui.
Train at lives at Sicamous ti. 16 p, m.
Train leaves Sicamous 9.26 a. m.
Stiv Okanagan arrives at Penticton <> p. m.
11< )Ti:i.   PEXTK T< >N.
First-Class Accommodation For Tourists or Commercial Men.
A. Barnes        - -       Prop.
PENTICTON,      -      -      B.C.
,;} (   r Notary I'uhlL.
K FLOWN A, - - B.C.
S. O. Land Company's   Block
'Phone II.
Accountant & Auditor,
Notary Public
Harris   Nursery
Co., Ltd.
Beautify your lot with some
of our shade trees.
We have Elm, Ash, Maple,
Catalpa, Mulberry, Black Walnut,' and Ash Leaved Maple.
Some perennial shrubs and
apple trees left.
Goods delivered to any part
of the town daily.
Phone 21. P. 0. Box 203.
Subscription $1.00 Per Year in
Advance.    Foreign, $1.50.
Advertising Rates:
Transient Advertisements���Not exceeding one inch, one insertion, 50c;
(or ''acrh additional insertion, 25c.
Lodge Notices, Professional Cards, &c.
$1.ihi per inch, per month.
Land and Timber Notices- HO days, ?5;
���ill clays, $7.
Legal Advertising First insertion, 10
cents per line; each subsequent insertion. 5c. per line.
Keadini! Notices in Local News Column
15c per line, lirst insertion; 10c. per
line, each subsequent insertion.
Contract Advertisements Rates arranged according to spuce taken.
All changes in Jontract advertisements must lie in the hands of the
printer hy Tuesday evening lo ensure
publication in the next issue.
Local Option.
Premier McBride has repeated
the intention of the government
lo take a plebiscite to ascertain
whether the province wants a
local option law or not. He has
informed Dr. Spencer that ample time will be given between
the announcement and the taking
of the plebiscite. It is probable
that the plebiscite will be taken
at the next general election
which must of necessity take
place within a year and may possibly, but not probably, take
place this fall. At the general'
provincial election, would be the
most opportune time for taking
tlie plebiscite as at lhat time a
more representative vote would
be obtained than if the plebiscite
1 were taken at any other time.
It should be borne in mind that
the carrying of the plebiscite  in
! favor of local option does not, as
as some imagine, institute prohi-
l bition,     It   is   merely   an   ex-
: nression   on   the   part   of   the
voters as to whether they desire
I to have the prerogative regard-
ling the sale or prohibition of the
liquor traffic.    If this plebiscite
i carries, the Legislature will pass
a local option act giving the cit-
j ies and municipalities power, by
| vote of the electors  to prohibit
the sale of   intoxicants  within
their   own   limits.     Whether a
I mere majority or a two thirds
vote  will  be required to carry,
j wil], of course, be determined by
;the act passed by the Legislature.    The taking of the  forthcoming plebiscite may seem like
taking a plebiscite for the privilege of taking a plebiscite, but
1 the temperance element of the
1 province are disposed to take the
j government at its offer'and will
be content to abide by the decis- <
ion of the polls.
We   cannot   understand   why
any elector should desire, by vot- ���
ing against a local option act, to j
curtail his own electoral powers, |
but that many will do so is quite I
certain   and    the   local    option I
people should not lose  sight of
the  fact.    A lot ol' good,  vigor
ous, edjeative campaigning will
be necessary to  convince  many;
that the people, and not merely
a handful of licence commission-
ers,  who are not responsible  to'
the people, should have  the say j
as to the sale or exclusion of
liquor  from  their communities, j
Dr. Spenser is conducting a cam-
paign on behalf of the Local Option   League,   but   Dr.   Spenser j
cannot reach the whole province,
much less do the through systematic work necessary to arouse the
required intelligent interest  in
the   work.    Every   local   option
league in the province should get!
Similkameen Land District.    District
of Yale.
Take notice that 1, John Mahoney, of
Penticton, occupation, farmer, intend
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands: ���
Commencing at the North East corner of J. Davies' pre-emption; thence
east 2(1 chains; thence south 20 chains;
tNence west 20 chains; thence north 20
chains; comprising forty acres.
Dated Aug. 7, 1909. 5-9
Ui.J.;l..��� *J- *.* *���
We are Busy
Opening up
New Goods
Many lines of rai! Goods are coming to hand.
Watch this Space
next week
of clean, sweet-smelling
linen Is obtained with half
the toil and half the time
if Sunlight Soap is used.
Sunlight shorte. s the
day's work, but lengthens
the Uf^of vour clothes.
Follow  directions.
lever Prothcrs, Toronto, will send you
free a cake of their famous Plant ol
toilet  suau, if you  mention  this paper.
G. T.
P. and V. V. & E. Through
Hope Mountains.
For descriptions and prices on new fall line of
& Co.
Ellis Street.
Phone 25.
3     2
0   3
ir. a 3
h>5<P 3
�� n    t
v. ?_��������<
u.      H
T-I  '  rt
?> 5 <?
5-   ft
r.l? a
Za_   (H..,a,C  -
��   Q
ft' rr n ft
< ft
V ft- -^
V.  -.  W*
3 h SL
���C 'Z �����>
K'AVA&'Ali:-/*: 'AMAZ'M^'*.
We will carefully fill
your   Prescriptions
That the Grand Trunk Pacific
J railway will not build through,
the   Fraser canyon   when  constructing its branch line south to
j Vancouver, but will strike south
j from Kamloops into the Nicola
valley and thence proceed to the
1 Coldwater river, where a junc-
i tion will be effected with the V.
V. & E. railway, which line will
be used to reach Vancouver, is
the opinion to-day expressed by
a railwayman of long experience
in the west.
"I base my conclusion in this
matter not merely on the well
known friendliness of the Grand
Trunk and Grand Trunk Pacific
railways with the controlling
forces of the Great Northern, of
which the V. V. & E. is a subsidiary corporation, but upon the
fact that the route from Kamloops south and through the Hope
mountains will be the shortest
possible to obtain," said this man
in discussing his opinions. "Of
course the fact that the Grand
Trunk Pacific and the Great
Northern have established relations for the joint use of terminals at Vancouver and Winnipeg
���and may do so with respect to
Seattle���shows that a traffic arrangement between the two,
giving the former running rights
into Vancouver over the line of
the latter from the Coldwater
river, is not by any means an
Railwaymen who have followed
For School Opening ���;
We have placed in stock everything your children 5
may be requiring. W
Scribblers and rulers free to all purchases over $1.00. g
Agents for Eastman's Kodak Supplies. k
aJWs.^'a&Z Wt^Wa ^A'WA^WA^A~WAWAZ,*WA**WA*m^^W,'yW,*^Z^Pf$P,WA<WA\WA&A'A
f. j closely the construction of the
BULBS from Lhehi
Jttpan m*
r-t    Kill'
HOVE GROWN fruit and ornamental
trees grown on upland soil without Irrigation hi the only pari of the American
aontlnent not infested wltrr Sen Joae scale.
Garden, Field, and Flower Sued a
tested stock from the best Errowers in the
Wire Fencing and Gates.    Spray Pomps,
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,  Cul   Flowei s,
Spraying  Materials,   Etc.
Wliiti! labor only.
New 157 page Catalogue free.
Greenhouses  and  Seedhouses--
3010 Westminster koad,
Vancouver, B. C.
Branch Nursery   S. Vancouver.
ROCKERS    -New Lines-     MORRIS f
The lonj? evenings will soon show you
the necessity of a few new easy chairs.
Lovely Designs;   Prices Right; *
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The following six companies lead in Fire Insurance business
done in Canada for year 1908.    In order as follows :
1. Liverpool, London & Globe,
2. Royal Fibe Insurance Co.,
:!. Phoenix Assurance Co., of London, Eng.,
���1. North British & Mkkcantile,
6. Guardian Assurance Co.,
(>. Commercial Union.
Kendall & MasoN
V. V. & E. from the boundary
country westward towards the
coast, declare they are not at all
surprised that the road has not
been rushed to completion by
pushing it through the Hope
mountains to the Fraser valley,
expressing the opinion that to
date there had been no demand
which calls for the building of
this costly section of the line.
Now, howover, they say there
would be adequate reason for
construction through the mountains as the country to be traversed west of Keremeos has been
cansiderably developed during
the past few years. A possible
traffic arrangement with the
Grand Trunk Pacific whereby it
would be given running rights
over the line would be, say railwaymen, a powerful incentive to
the completion of the V. V. & E.
at an earlier date than _ would
otherwise be the case.
That the Grand Trunk Pacific
branch for Vancouver will not
laave the main line anywhere in
the vicinity of Fort George is
also a foregone conclusion, say
railwaymen. They express the
opinion .that construction will
proceed in a direct line from the
Yellowhead pass to the North
Thompson river which will be
followed to Kamloops. It is
argued that Fort George is altogether too far north to be considered as a possible point of
junction of the Vancouver branch
with the main line.
Good house and two lota on corner of
Fairview  Ave.   and   Van   Home   St.
Will sell on easy terms or trade for unimproved property.
The Spoilers.
Copyrliht.  1005.  by  Rex  E.  Beach.
"It Biiii|M><'(l ni the sh.mliler." the
other continued dnlly, ".inst like a
shovel bundle. I fell It���Mil he tried
to kill ine. nnd I bad tu do IL"'
The attorney took Roy In his cabin
nnd dressed his wounds, talking in-
cessiimly the while, lint the boy wus
like n sleep wnlker. displaying uo el.-i-
tion. nn excitement, no joy of victory.
At lust Wheiitoii broke out:
"Cheer up! Wli.". man. you act like
a loser! Don't you realize thut we've
won? Don'l von understand thnt the
Mldns Is yours? And the whole world
with It?"
"Won?" echoed the miner. "What
do you know nl-mit 11. Bill? The
Mldns���the world���whnt ironil are they?
You're wTonB. I've losl-yes- I've losl
everything she tnuirbl me, and l>y
some da in lied trlelt of fate she win
there to see ine <'���> It. Now, so awny:
1  wnnt to sleep."
He Bank upon the he'l with Its tangle
lof blanket! mil w:is unconscious be
fore the b'we" ''"1 covered him ovr
There he lay like a dead man till
Inte iu the afternoon, when Dextry
and Slapjack came in from the hills,
answering WheutOll'8 call, and fell
upon hlin hungrily. They shook Koy
Into consciousness with Joyous riot.
pommeling bim with affectionate
roughness till he rose and joined with
them stiflly. He bathed and rubbed
the soreness from his muscles, emerging physically tit. They made hhn
recount his adventures to the tiniest
detail, following his description of the
fight with absorbed interest till Dextry
broke into mournful complaint!
"I'd have given my half of the Mi-bi��
to see you bust him. Lord, I'd have
screeched with soopreine delight at
"Why didn't you gouge his eyes ont
when you hnd him crippled?" questioned. Slapjack vindictively.. "I'd 'a' doue
Dextry continued: "They tell me that
when he was arrested he swore In
eig'uteeu different languages, each one
more refresliin'ly repulsive an' vlg'rous
than the precedin'. Oh. I have sure
missed a-plenty today, partie'lar because my own diction is gcttiu' run
down an' skim milky of late, showiu'
sad lack of new Idecs, which I might
have assim'lated somethin' robustly
original an' expressive if I'd been here.
No, sir; a nose bag full of nuggets
wouldn't have kept me away."
"Uow did it sound when she busted?" Insisted the morbid Sinims. but
Olenister refused to discuss the combat.
"Come on, Slap," said the old pros,
peetor; "let's go downtown. I'm so
het up I can't set still, an', besides,
mebbe wc can get tlie story the way it
really happened from somebody who
nin't bound an'.gagged an' chloroform,
ed. by such unbecoinin' modesties.
Roy, don't never go Into vaWdyvllle
with them personal episodes. been ine
they read about as thrillin' as a cook-
book. Why. si|y. I've had the story of
that fight from' four different fellers
already, none of which was within
four blocks of the scrimmage, an'
they're all different au' all bet ter'U yuiif
Now that t!l'e;ilster's mind had recovered some of its poise be realized
Whnt Ire had il'onei:
"I was a beast, liii animal," he groaned, "and tbat after all my striving. I
wanted to leave that part behind. I
wanted to bo worthy of her l-tve-a.nl
trust even though I never won It. hut
at the first test I am found lucking. I
have, lost -her confidence. Yes. nnd
what4is ,worse. Infinitely worse, I (litre
lost my own. She's always seen ine at
my worst." he went on. "but I'm nn!
that kind at bottom���not that kind. I
waul to ro what's right, and if I have
another chance I will - I know I will.
I've been tried loo hard,   I .'it's all."
Scene one knocked, aid he opened
tbe door to admit the Bronco K 1 mil
"Walt a minute, old mun," said 11.��
Kid. "I'm here as a friend." The
g.unbler handled himself with difficulty, offering In explanation:
"I'm all sewed up in blindages of
one kind or another."
"lit' ought to be In lied now. but he
wouldn't let me come alone, and I
could not wait." the girl supplemented,
while ber eyes avoided Olenister's iu
strange hesitation.
"He wouldn't let you. I dou't under
"I'm her brother." announced the
Broncu Kid, "I've known it for a long
time but I- I��� well, yon understand. 1
couldn't let her know. All I can say Is,
I've gambled square till the night I
played you, and I was as mud as a
dervish then, blaming you for the talk
I'd heard. Last Ulght I learned by
chance about Struve uud Helen and git
t.i the madhouse .in time to save ber.
I'm socnj; 1 didn't kill him." His long
while lingers writhed about the arm
o.'' liis chair at the memory.
"Isn't he dead?" (Jleuister inquired.
"No. The doctors have brought bill!
iii-. and he'll get well. He's like half
the men in Alaska-here because thi
. sheriffs buck home couldn't shoot
straight. There's something else. I'm
nut a good talker, bul give me time
and I'll manage II so you'll understand.
I ll'led to keep Helen from coming on
I liis errand, but sh& said It- was the
sipnire thing and she knows belter
than t. It's about (hose papers she
brought in lust spring. She was afraid
you might consider lier u oail.v to tho
deal, but you don'l, do von?" He glared belligerently, nnd Itoy replied with
"Cerluinly not. 'Jo on."
"Well, she learned the other day that
those documents told the whole story
and contained enough proof to break
up this conspiracy nnd convict the
judge and McNamara and all the rest
imt Struve kept tbe bundle in his safe
and wouldn't give it up without a price.
That's why she went away with bin.
She thought it was right, nnd���that's
all. But It seems Wheaton hnd succeeded Iu another way. Now. I'm coming to the point. The iudge nnd McNamarn nre arrested for contempt of
court nnd they're as good as convicted;
yon have recovered yonr mine, nnd
these men are disgraced. They will go
to lad"
"Yes. for six months, perbips," broke
in the other belly, "but what does tbat
amount to?   There novr was :i bolder
crime   consummated    nor   one    mere
cruelly unjust.    They robbed n realm
and pillaged ils people, they defiled n
court nnd mnde justice a wnntou. they
Jailed  good   men  and   sent  others  to
ruin; and for this they are to suffer���
how?   By a paltry line or n short Imprisonment, perhaps, by nn ephemeral
disgrace and  the loss of  their stolen
goods.    Contempt of court  is the accusation,  bnt you  might as well c n-
j . vlct   a   murderer   for   breach   of   de
peace.     We've   thrown   then;   off.   it's
I true, and they won't trouble ns ngnln.
I   but they'll  never have to answer for
]  their real  infamy.    That  will go  un-
I | punished  while their lawyers quibble
i over technicalities nnd rules of nr.irt.
I gness It's true that there isn't any
law of (tod or man north of tlfi.i-turee,
but  if  there  is justice  south  of that
1 mark,   those   people   will   answer   for
conspiracy and go to the penitentiary."
"You   make   It  hard   for  me  lo  say
what  I  want to.    1 am almost sorry
we came, for I am uot cunning with
words, and   I  don't  know  that you'll
understand."    suld    the    Bronco    Kid
gravely.    "We looked nt it this way:
yon hnve hnd your victory, you have
beaten your enemies against odds, yon
have  recovered  your  mine,  and  they
lire disgraced.    To men like them that
Inst will outlive and outweigh nil the
rest; but  the judge Is our uncle and
our blood runs In his veins.    He took
Helen when she was a baby and was
ii fnther to her In Ids selfish way. loving her ns  best  he  knew  how.    And
she loves bim."
"I don't quite understand you." snid
And then Helen spoke for the first
time eagerly, inking n packet from her
bosom ns she begun:
"This will till the whole wretched
story. Mr. <Jleuister. nud show the plot
In nil Its vlleness. It's hard for ine to
betray my illicit, but this proof Is
yours by right to use as you see fit.
sad I can't keep It."
"Do you mean that this evidence will
show nil thnt? And you're going to
give it to ine because you think It Is
your duty?"
"It belongs to you. 1 hn>e no choice.
But whnt I came for wns to plead nnd
nsk a little mercy for my uncle, who
Is nn old. edd man. and very weak.
This will kill hlin."
He snw thnt her eyes were swim
tiling, while the little chin quivered
ever so slightly nnd her pule cheeks
were Hushed. There rose in him the
old wild desire tu tnke her iu his arms,
s yearning to pillow her hend ou his
shoulder und kiss awny tlie tears, to
kinooth wltb lender caress the wavy
hair and bnry his face deep iu it I III
be grew drunk with the mildness, of
her. But he knew ut last for whom
she really pleaded,
So In wns tu forswear ihis veuge
nuee. which wus no veugenuce nfter
nil. but in verity u just punlshmeiil
They nsked hlin- u man a man's man
���a northmiin to do this, und for what':
For no rewurd, but on the contrary lo
Insure himself lusting bitterness, lie
strove to look ut the proposition culm
ly. clearly, but It was difficult, tf only
by freeing this other villain as well as
her uncle he would do n good lo her.
then he would not hesitate.    Love was
mil the only thing. He marveled ut
bis own attitude. This could not be
his old self debuting thus. He hnd
nsked for another chance to show
TTint he was not the old Boy Olenlster.
Well. It hud c ���oie. und he wus ready,
Itoy (lured ������' look at Helen any
more, for this wns the hardest moment
lie hud ever lived.
"Yon nsk this for your uncle, but
whit of���of Ihe other fellow? You
must know thut If one goes free so
will they both. They can't be separated.''
"It's almost too much to nsk." the
Kid took up. uncertainly. "Bnt don'l
you Ihlllk Ihe work Is done? I can't
help but admire McNamara, nnd nol-
��� er can yon���lie's been toj good an
enemy to you for that���and���und -he
'rei Helen."
;'l know���I know," said (Jleuister
hnsiily. nf the same time stopping an
iMillitelilglllle protest from Ihe girl.
���You've said enough." He straightened his sl'ghtly stooping shoulders
and looked at the un ipeued package
wearily, then slipped the rubber bund
���'nn  it nnd. separating  the contents,
ire  them  up- one  by. one-lore them
1 i line b'ts without hurry or oslen-
lilllon and tossed the fragments awny,
vvlille Ihe wo|l!illl began to sob softly.
I..c sound of her relief uloue disturb'
ing me silence.    Ana so ne gave ber
. bis enemy,   making  his offer gamely.
,  uccordin--   lo bis code.
"You're r'gbt tl e work is done. And
Ii iw I'm ver..   lired."
ihey   left   bim   standing   there,   the
' glorj   of the dying day  illumining his
lean,  brown  features, tbe vision of a
great loneliness in his weary eyes.
He did n il  rouse himself till ihe sky
i before him was unl.i a curtain oi steel.
penciled with siivuks of soot that lay
, close clown above ihe darker sea. Theu
; lie sighed mid sulci aloud:
"So ibis is the end. and  1  give him
' to   her   wilh   these   ban Is."    lie   held
- them oul before him curiously, becoming conscious for llie lirsl time that ihe
i left   one   was   swollen   an I   discolored
! und   fearfully   painful,    lie   noted   it
j with  Impersonal  Interest,  realizing Its
! need of medical attention- so lei'i  the
I cabin and  walked down Into the city
lie encountered Dextry nnd Slinnis on
i the wny. und Ihey went with him. both
flowing with the gossip of the camp.
"Lord,   but  you're  the  tnlk  of  the
town."  they  begin.   "The curio hunters hnve commenced  to pull Struve's
office   apart    for   souvenirs,   and   the
, Swedes  want   lo run you  for congress
1 ns soon lis ever we gel admilted as tl
j state. They sav thai at collar an' elbow
holts you could  lick any of them east
era senators and thereby rustle out a
i lot  of gimd   legislation   for  us  cripples
lip here."
"Speakin'  of  laws  g ies  to show   me
that  Ibis  hero  country   Is  gettlu'  too
! blamed civilized fir a while man." sain
t Sinims pessimistically, "and  new lhai
i (his fight is ended up if don't look like
i there would  be anything doln'  fit to
claim Ihe Interest of n grnwed up per
son for n long while.   I'm gain' west."
"West!  Why. you can throw n sioiic
Into Bering strait from here." snld Boy
"Oh, well, the world's round. There's
n schooner outlittln' fur Si beery���two
years' cruise. Me an' Dex is ligrerin'
on gettlu' out toward the frontier fer
B spell."
"Sure!" snid Dextry. "I'm beginnin'
to feel nil cramped up hereabouts owlli'
to these Bllymontircb orchestras nn'
French restiirnwutS nnd such dlscrep
sneies of scenery. They're purlin' n
pavement on Front street, and there'---
i snoe shlnln' parlor opered up Why,
I like lu get where I could stretch no'
i liter without distui'bin' the pensive
ness of some dude In u dress suit. Bet
'er come nlong. Boy; we can sel. out
ihe Midas."
"I'll think it over." said the young
The  night   was  bright  with  n  full
moon when they left the doctor's office.
Itoy. in no mood for the exuberance of
ids companions, parted from them, nut
'ind not gone fur before he met Cherry
Malotte.    Ills head wns low.  nnd he
lid not see her till she spoke.
"Well. boy. so it's over nt Inst."
Her words chimed so perfectly with
his thoughts thnt he replied, "Y'es; It's
all over, little girl."
"You don't mind my congratulations
-you know ine too well for that.   How
does it feel (o be a winner?"
"I don't know.    I've lost."
"Lod what?"
"Everything���except the gold mine."
"Everything except���I see! You
menu that she���lhat you have asked
her. anil she won't?" Me never knew
the cost at wblcb she held her voice so
"More thnn that. It's so new tbat It
hurts yet. and it will continue to hurt
for u long time. I suppose. But tomorrow I am going buck to my hills
and my valleys, buck to the Mldns and
my work, and try to begin all over.
For u time I've wandered in strange
paths, seeking new gods, ns it were,
but the dazzle bus died out of my eyes
nud I cun see true ngiiu. She isn't
for me. although I shnll always love
her. I'm sorry I can't forget easily, as
some do. It's bard to look ahead and
take an interest in things. But what
about you?    Where shall you go?"
"I don't know. It doesn't really
matter���now." The dusk bid lier white,
set face, and she spoke monotonously.
"I nm going to see the Bronco Kid. He
sent lor me.    He's ill."
"He's not n bud sort." snid Itoy.
"And I suppose he'll make a new
slnrl too."
"Perhaps." said she, gn/.ing f'nr oul
over llle gloomy ocenn. "If nil depends." After n moment she added,
"What n pity that we can't nil sponge
off llie slate nnd begin nfresh nnd-
"It's part of (lie game," said he. "I
don't know why it's so. but it is. I'll
see ybu sometimes, won't I?"
"No. boy; I think not."
"I believe I understand," he murmured, "and perhaps it's belter so."
He to >k her fwn soft bunds In his one
g mil right and kissed tbem. "Cod
bless yui and keep you, dear, brnve little Cherry."
She stood straight nnd still ns he
melted Into the shadows, und only tin.1
moonlight heard her pitiful sob and
her h ipeless whisper:
"(iimdliy, my boy. my boy."
He wandered down beside the sea,
fur his buttle wus not yet won. und
until he wns surer of himself he could
not endure the ribaldry und rejoicing
of his fellows. A welcome lay waiting
for him In every public place, but no
one there could know the mockery of
il. no one could gauge the desolation
lhat was his.
'ine sand, wet, packed nnd hurd as n
pavement, gave no sound to his cure
less steps, nnd thus It wus thut he
came sllent'y upon the one woinuti us
she stood beside the silver surf. Had
he seen her first he would bnve slunk
past In the landward shadows, but.
recognizing his tall form, she culled
and he came, while it seemed that bis
lung* grew suddenly constricted, us
though hound nbout with steel hoops.
The very pleasure of her sight pained
liini. lie advanced eagerly, nnd yet
wilh hesitation, standing stiflly alool
while Ills heart IIuttered nnd his tongue
grew dumb. Al last she snw his
bandages   and   her   maimer   changed
a'inipt'y.    Coming closer she louche
Ibeni w'.'b caressing lingers.
"I 's n ith'ng n iihing nt nil." beaaii
v'l: e l:!�� vV ��� ��� ji'inped out of all con
!rol     "Whey nre you- going nway?"
"1 do nn know���uof for some time.'
He had supposed she would gi to
m htow with b r ui le and���the other
t i he with f en through their travail
Willi   warm  Impetuosity  she  began
"It was a nob e ill ug yon did to
day.   ( li. I au g'id a. id proud."
- I prof- :��� ym i ��� fhlnk of me iii thai
w'y. i-'liei- i nm as ihe wild beast yon
saw lh'< ni inf'ig. fir I was mad. per
i'e-.i!v mini with haired nnd revenge
:",:. every win i: pulse th.lt comes ti
:������ defeated man. Yon see. I had played
mid losl played ami losl. again and
again, till there was nothing left
What mischance brought you I here i
Il was a terribly brutal thing, bu'
you can't understand."
"Bin I ei ii understand. I do. i
know all about ii now. I know tin
��ild rnge of desivntlon: I know the
exultation of victory; I kuow wlin:
bate und fear nre now. You told mi
once Hint Ihe wilderness hnd mnde yon
a savage, ant i laughed nt it Just u��
I did when you snid thnt my contact
with big Ihing-i would tench me tin
truth, that we're nil alike, nud thnt
thosp motives nre in ns nil. I sep now
I ha I you were right nnd I wus ver
simple. I learned a great deal his
"I have learned much also," said lie
"I  wish yon might tench ine inure."
"I I don't llilnk I could tench yon
any more." she hcltated.
He moved us though to speak, hill
held hack and tore his eyes nwnv from
"Well?" she inquired, gnzlug nt hb
"Once, n long time ago. I read ��
lover's petition, nnd ever since know
big yon I hnve mnde the constnn'
prayer that I might be given th<
purity to be worthy the good in .round that you might be grunted th
patience tu reach the good in me. bul
It's no use. But ut least I'm glnd we
have met on common ground, as it
were, and thnt von understand. In a
measure The prayer could not be an
swerod;  but  tin-,   gh  it  I  have  fniinJ
myself and I have known you. That
Inst is worth more thnn a king's ran
soil] to me. It is n holy thing which I
shall reverence always, und when you
go you will leave ine lonely except for
iti remembrance."
"But I am not going," she said
'That is���unless"���
Something iu her voice swept his
gaze buck from the shimmering cause
wny Hint rippled seaward to tlie rising
moon. It brought the breath Into his
throat, and he shook ns though seized
by ti great fear.
"Unless yon wnnt me to."
"Oh. (!od! limit piny witli me!" He
flung out bis hand ns though to stop
lier while his voice died out fu n sup
pllchttng hoarseness. "I enn't stand
"Don't you see? Won't you see?"
she asked.    "I   wns  waiting  here for
Summer Drinks
It is said that a camel can go eight days without taking
a drink. For lots of people eight minutes is about the limit
unless something is mixed with the water. Here are some
of the best mixers :
Montserrat Lime Juice, pts., 50c.      Morton's Sherbet in bottles, ,?5c.
" "       "      qts.. 85c.      Henderson's Sherdet,  tins,   25c.
Eiffel Tower Lemonade Powder, >5c
A. H. WADE,   General Merchant
Phone 6. Agent for Giant Powder Co.
wl Quality Hardware
HAVE -Keen Kutter Brand-
The mnn who has been provoked well-nigh to
desperation when trying to squeeze fuel through the
ridiculously small opening provided on common* furnaces
will appreciate to the greatest extent the advantages of
the generous feed-door of the "Magnet."
It's the entire width of the fire-box, and very deep.
Large enough to easily ; dmit big, rough chunks of wood,
that would otherwise either have to be chopped up or wasted.
, And this   feature   is only one of
the many possessed by the "Magnet"
���the   furnace   built   on   sound,
sensible lines.
Built for
wood, but
will also
burn coal.
Sold by
ever) n here
Local Agents,
'Don't   i/iiu   nee?    Won't  yon   see.   mi/
Ihe ccnirnge to gi> to .vim since yen
have made It so very hurd for me.
iny litlgnn." With which she clinic
close to hlin. looking upward Into bis
face, smiling a little, shrinking a Utile,
yielding yet withholding, while the
moonlight made of her eyes two bottomless, boundless pools, dark with
love, and brimming with the promise
of his dreams.
the Exn.
Two Hundred and Sixty-Three Acres;
about 30 acres can be cultivated and
watered ; over J mile lake frontage ;
2 acres six year old bearing orchard; 5
additional acres cleared for crop ; 2
springs at house ; wharf 170 ft. long ;
good log house; 6 chicken houses; good
stable 16x16 with hay loft and shingled
roof; lean-to 16x16 ; good corral ; good
root cellar where nothing froze this
winter; first water right on Shoot
Creek for 100 inches ; unlimited range
for stock ; 5 miles from Naramata ;
wagon road will be built this year or
next; one of the most delightful locations in the Okanagan. Last year the
owner was asking ten thousand for
place but as he has something else in
sight now, he will sell for six thousand.
This is a bargain.
Apply for particulars at the PRESS
office, or to F. G. ANDERSON,
Summerland, B. C.
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia and
Kootenay and Columbia and
Western Railway Companies'
Land Grants. These Farm Lands
are eminently suited for the
raising of
and may be purchased on these EASY TERMS
who are looking for   settlers   for  this   part.
Timber Lands of the highest character, situated in these Grants, are offered for sale in blocks
of from 640 acres upwards.
Artistic Hair Cut 25c
Easy Shave 15c.
Hot Baths 35c.
Apply to the address as shown on the attached coupon
for Maps, Application forms, Regulations and Literature.
Assistant to 2nd Vice President,
Desk No. 11. Calgary, Alberta.
Please send me all facts pertaining to your lands in B. C. THE PENTICTON PRESS. PENTICTON. B.C., AUGUST 21. 1909.
Forestry Association.
Upon invitation of the Regina
City Council and the Board of
Trade of that city it has been de-j
cided lo hold a special meeting'
���of the Canadian Forestry Assocai-;
tion there on Sept. 3rd and 4th |
A good programme of  papers;
.and addresses is being arranged,
.dealing   particularly   with   the
western conditions.    Tree plant-
���ing for shelter and fuel  will  be:
discussed by experts, and many
practical men will be on hand to j
. relate  and  discuss their actual
experiences   in   this   line.    The
management of the forest reser-
ve8 will be treated and the relation ol* the management of the
forest reserves to the   preserva-
lion of the game in them will be
discussed by some leading sports- l
The railways have promised a
single fare rate to delegates and
<m the second day of the convention an excursion will be run to
Indian Head to inspect the Dominion Government's forest nursery and plantations there.
Tlie secretary of the Canadian
Forestry Association is Mr. Law-
ler, II Queen's Park, Toronto,
Ont, who will be pleased to
furnish programmes and further
The office, shed, stable and cold storage
buildings of the Okanagan Nursery Co.,
Main St.   Apply
40- Assignee.
On Okanagan Lake between Martin and Forbes Streets
At $10.00 per foot front.
We have very few water lots left; they will be big money makers for you at price quoted.
It is safe to predict that in three years this property will sell at $25.00 and in a few more
years at $50.00 per foot. Invest your dollars at home, they will make more for you here than
if put into boom propositions hundreds of miles away.
The Southern Okanagan Land Company,
Limited.   .
Business block on Main Street; two
storey with two compartments downstairs and hall upstairs, $2,500. Lot 63,
seven and one-half acres on Fairview
Koad, $2,200. J. D. McDonald,
12-tf Potlatch. Idaho.
In the matter of the' Estate of Patrick Gallagher, late of Vasseau Lake,
Hritish Columbia, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given that all persons having any claim or demand
against the estate of the late Patrick
Gallagher, who died on or about the 25th
day of March 1909, are required to send
by post, prepaid, or to deliver to the
undersigned, their names and addresses* and full particulars of their
claims and particulars of the nature of
Ihe Securities, if any, held by them,
duly varined, on or before the 15th day
of September. 1909.
that after such last mentioned date the
executors wiil proceed to distribute the
said estate among the parties entitled
I hereto, having regard only to the
claims of which they shall then
have had notice, and they will not bi
liable for the proceeds of the estate, or
any part therefor, so distributed, to
any person of whose claim they had not
noiiee al Ihe time of distribution thereof.
I ��ated at Penticton,   Bi Ol   this  14th
day of August A. 1). JHI9.
Penticton, 15. C
Solicitor for tho executors,
Penticton, B, 0.
Daily delivery of Fresh Milk to
all parts of the town.
H. M. McNeill,    .     Prop. |
Another car of
McLaughlin    Carriages
Aiso a
Car of Cockshutt   Goods
Comprising the following :���
Adams'   Log   Trucks,   Adams'
Teaming  Trucks,   Adams' one-
horse   Wagons    (low   wheels),
Adams' Lorries and Drays.
Cockshutt 3, 2, and 1-horse
. Cockshutt Drag and Lever and
Spring-Tooth Harrows.
Cockshutt Wheel Scrapers and
Drag Scrapers.
Cockshutt 1-horse Cultivators.
Cockshutt Potato Diggers.
Also Bolster Springs, Light and
Heavy Harness, Sharpies Cream
Separators, I. H. C. Gas Engines,
Ideal Pumping Plants, etc.
Call and Inspect our Stock.
load of
is as perfect in seasoning, smoothness,
irain and building-value as the bottom
ulank. Our well-equipped Lumber
Yards offer u bi(? seduction of Pine and
Fir at prices thar mean a saving on the
final bill Our books show the names
of conservative builders who deal only
where good Lumber at fair prices is offered. We're caterers to this reliable
class <>f customers, even if it keeps us
eternally "on the jump."
W. ^. Cfement,
Penticton, B. C.
Trees Trees Trees
Layritz Nurseries,
Victoria, B. C.
We have a fine stock of all the leading
varieties on hand.
All stock is propagated   from   fruiting
trees rendering practically no risk
regarding untrueness to name.
Write for catalogue
and price list to our local representative
Mrs. T. H. Boothe returned on
Monday evening from a visit
with Peachland friends.
T. R. Wellband, our energetic
real estate man, spent Sunday
with his family in "Rosebud"
camp, their summer cottage on
the lake shore.
Mr, and Mrs. J. S. Gillespie
returned from Spokane on Thursday.
The school board report having
secured for the coming year the
services of a competent and experienced teacher in the person
of miss Chisin, of Winnipeg. It
is expected that Miss Chisin will
enter upon her new duties next
Monday, 23rd inst.
Preparatory to the opening of
school a thorough renovating of
the school and grounds is being
effected. The building has been
thoroughly cleaned and kalso-
mined, while the grounds are
being enlarged by the addition of
another lot, and the whole is
being neatly fenced.
Hon. F. T. Brentnall, member
of the Executive Council, Queensland, Australia, with his wife
and daughter, Mrs. Harris, are
in town, the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. A. T. Robinson.
Roy Robertson, of Vernon,
formerly music teacher here, is
renewing acquaintances in Naramata.
Howard T. Rounds, formerly
stenographer in the office of the
general superintendent of the
Michigan Central R. R., Battle
Creek, has arrived in town to
accept a position with the Summerland Trust Co.
Extensive preparations are in
progress for our next regatta,
which is billed for next Thursday
afternoon. For full particulars
parties interested should look
elsewhere in this issue and also
consult the bills.
R. H. Giboney has accepted a
position with the Summerland
Trust Co. He will have charge
of the ranch.
W. Nuttall and A. I. Dawson
have removed to Penticton.
H. Endacott has been busy for
some days hay-making on the
Robinson ranch, some distance
up in the mountains. He has
secured several tons of the
precious article.
and daughter of Mrs. Morrin, returned to their home in Walla
Walla, Wash., on Monday morning. They were accompanied to
the Landing by Mrs. Morrin,
Mr. Wm. Freele left for Seattle
on Tuesday morning to attend
I the A. Y. P. Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lang returned from Seattle on Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Lang, who
have been spending the summer
here, returned to their home in
Winnipeg on Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Little, of
Wenatchee, Wash., spent from
Friday until Monday in town renewing old acquaintances.
Mr. W. Campbell, of Campbell
& McCall, nurserymen, Pentic-
t)n, was in town on Monday.
Rev. Mr. Estabrooke, of Okanagan College, Summerland,
spent part of this week in town
with friends.
Mr. Chas. Somerville left on
Thursday morning for Manitoba,
where he will superintend the
harvest and threshing on his extensive farm.
Miss Olive Young left on Friday night for Summerland,
where she will teach the Trout
Creek school.
The Royal Medicated Stock Food Co.,
The Cures and Remedies listed as follows are registered in Britain, the United States and Canada, and are
all guaranteed to do their work :���
Condition Powders.   Stock Food.
Hoof Ointment.
Heave Remedy.
Poultry Food.
Corn Cure.
Cough & Cold Cure.   Gall Cure.
Blister Finish.
Miss M. Blythe, of Summer-
land, spent a few days recently
with friends here,
T. G. McAlpine has been quite
i ill this week with la grippe.
i Mrs. M. Babbitt and daughter,
l Kathleen, of Summerland, are
'staying with Mrs. T. G. McAl-
Jpine at present.
W. J. Farleigh and wife spent
Sunday last at Green Mountain
Carl A. Nelson was a caller at
Fruitland Farm on Wednesday.
Osoyoos   Land   District.      District  cf
TAKE   notice   that   we,    Warwick!
Arnott and W. B, Mine,   of  Okanagan i
Lake, occupation hotel proprietors,   in-1
tend to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands:��� |
Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of the Island situated
at the south-east end of the Lower Okanagan Lake (Dog Lake); the land
applied for includes the whole of the
island which is one acre, more or less. '
Dated July 19th, 1009.
Liniment for Man and Beast.  Wash.
Dr.  Moody's   great   discovery,   the
Spavin Cure.
Local Agent for the above Remedies and Cures,
The Royal Medicated Stock Food Co.,
The Brown Brothers Company
Nurserymen,   -   of Ontario
Are extensive growers nf all kinds of Fruit Trees, Shrubs. Roses, and Ornamental Trees, and
the members of the firm are all practical nurserymen of 2f> Vears experience, and have built up
the most successful anil extensive business of the kind in Canada.
The growing <>f the stock, as well as every other detail in connection wiUi the work, is
personally superintended by the individual members of the firm, and they work on the plan that
the best is none too good for their customers.
We have made large shipments of trees into the Okanagan Valley and can give the names
of the largest planters in that district, who have planted our stock successfully, if desired.
Our trees are grown iu the famous Niagara district, in Ontario, in a climate very similar
to that of the Okanagan Valley, and our trees are consequently' better suited to the needs of
planters there, than are the Coast stock, being more hardy in the wood, with a more abundant
supply of fibrous roots, which count for much in making an investment in an orchard a safe and
permanent one.
We shall be pleased to hear from prospective planters, with a view to supplying them with
the best grade of trees, true to name.
We wish to secure the services of a good reliable man to represent us at Penticton and
vicinity, and will make liberal terms to the right party, for all, or a part of his time.
Write for terms, prices, etc., to
CHAS. L. TROTTER, Manager,
Brown Brothers Company, Nurserymen, Ltd.,
1125 8th Ave., Vancouver, B. C.
Painter, Paperhanger
and Sign Writer
Picture Framing a Specialty.
WAtt PAPER Carried in Stock.
Mr. Angus Ferguson, wi fe and
child, of Winnipeg, who are going to the Seattle Fair, stopped
oh" at Peachland to spend a few
days with Mr. Alex. Ferguson.
Mrs. and Miss Russell,  sister
Notice is hereby given that the partnership existing heretofore between
Adolphus Galarneau and W. A. McKenzie is dissolved by mutual consent.
6-3 W. A. McKENZIE.
It Pays to Advertise
The Domestic Water Question solved at
Laid on to each 5 acre lot by next spring.       No expense of clearing either stumps or rocks.       Lake front property.
Choices now available.


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